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Wrong Directions by twitchy_little

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,687

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing, Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire

First Published: 05/16/2010
Last Chapter: 05/22/2010
Last Updated: 05/22/2010

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Acting on the not so amazing advice of her best friend Rose's boyfriend Scorpius Dom Weasley decides to take the plunge to get Lysander Scamander to finally notice her. How? By what will go down as one of the most fateful kisses in history. 

"Dom! That wasnt Lysander, that was Lorcan!" 

Chapter 1: Wrong Directions
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A/n: WARNING: EXTREME FLUFF AHEAD! Actually not really but I wanted to say that.  xD yeah so this sort of fluffy romance mishap story just sort of came to my mind and I figured I’d write it.







“This is the biggest load of stupid I have ever seen in my entire life.”


Louis! Get out of here!”


I dramatically threw my body to cover the scattered pieces of parchment which lay on the table I was working at. This is the type of thing that happens when you’re me, Dom Weasley. Now if I were my sister, Victoire, these things would never happen but I got stuck with all the bad karma.


From across the carved wooden table in the Ravenclaw common room Rose spoke up, “Louis, saying ‘biggest load of stupid’ is the biggest load of stupid I have ever heard.”


Good. Rose should stick up for me, after all this was her idea. Writing out letters to send to Lysander, which I should have known could never end well.


Louis scrunched his nose like the little brat he is and said, “Maybe if you weren’t so ugly you could actually get a boyfriend, instead writing weirdo poems!”


“Louis,” Rose used her classic prefect voice, “Go away or I’ll take house points off for harassment. Don’t think I won’t!”


That sent the creature running. Once Louis was sorted into the same house as me he made a vow to upstage me in every possible aspect of life. Sadly enough I think he is winning, since he got a date for last Hogsmeade weekend.


“Well,” I said, “We should just give up now Rose. If Lysander hasn’t noticed me by now, he never will.”


Because believe me, I have done everything to get him to notice me. My attempts have ranged from sitting down smack next to him in the library to sending him a candy gram from Honeydukes. Rose says that last one doesn’t count because I never signed my name, but honestly he knew it was from me. He must have. Maybe.


Rose began to neatly stack the parchment, “Have you considered that possibly it just wasn’t supposed to work out?”


“Rose! You’re not supposed to say that you know, as a best friend.”


Sometimes I have to say Rose can be quite lacking in some of the qualities one looks for in a best friend but I’ve known her since birth so I figure its too late to get ride of her now.


She shrugged, “I’m just saying there are plenty of other people out there and maybe you shouldn’t let these things affect you so much.”


I pulled out one of those totally exaggerated fake gasps, “No! Who else is there?”


Rose smirked, “Well there was John at the beginning of this year, Sam, Joel, Bartholomew and Gerard last year. Not to mention Nicolas and Rodger over the summer…”


“Right, I get the point thanks.”


Now that only seems like a lot of boys because Rose has only really liked two people in her life and now one is her boyfriend, which to me seems drastically unfair. Mostly because she didn’t even try, Scorpius just walked right up and asked her, she didn’t need the ridiculous schemes that I do.


“There has to be something,” I groaned out, “Okay. Wait no; I said I’ve done everything so no use in harping on it.”


Even though my plans are to harp on it for quite some time.


Rose handed me the stack of parchment, “Here, and if it’s really this important to you I’m sure you’ll find a way. You need to think of something out of the box, you know? Original.”


“You know Rose,” I admitted, “You just may be on to something.”


This statement produced no visible reaction from Rose who just continued to pack up her things.


“And may I ask where you are going?” I inquired.


I could tell the response wasn’t one I was going to like since she slowed her motions and avoided eye contact, all the signs of guilt in about 10 seconds.


She paused for about another minute and then said, “I’m going to go meet up with Scorpius and before you say anything yes, I feel extremely bad for leaving you in a sate of emotional distress. So good luck with that!”


She gave a quick wave and just bounced right on out of the common room which let just me to ponder on the matters of my love life.


I thought about what she said. I definitely did need something original. This would be one of the many times when my Ravenclaw traits fail me. But then again these things weren’t really a matter of intelligence, more a matter of wit and cunning.


I jumped up from my seat and followed out the way Rose went. It became clear to me that the perfect person to ask advice from would be none other than Scorpius who I’m pretty sure is quite close to Lysander.


Climbing out the portrait hole I nearly knocked Rose and Scorpius right over since they were standing right in front of it.


“Oy,” I said, “Could you stand someplace more hazardous please?”


Being the Slytherin that he is Scorpius rudely replied, “Yes, how is this?” And then proceeded to step on my foot. 


“Lovely,” I answered, under normal circumstances I would have hexed him right then and there but I needed his help so I refrained, “I need you to help me with something.”


Rose appeared to pick up what I was going to ask pretty quickly and injected, “Dom! Please, not now. We’re about to go out to the lake…”


Scorpius curiously asked, “What is it?”


“I need help getting Lysander to notice me, and I don’t know what to do.”


Scorpius wasn’t impressed, “Dom, he knows who you are.”


I hedged, “Yeah, but I mean notice me. Do you know what I mean?”


He sighed, “Geez, why are you coming to me with your girl problems? You know what I think? I think you should just walk up to the bloke and plant a big one on him. That’ll get his attention.”


I thought on that for a moment, “You really think that would work?”


Scorpius shrugged, “Look, he isn’t the most present person, in the mind you know, and you’re pretty good looking so if you just do it it’d be all mysterious. It would drive the boy’s curiosity crazy.”

Rose cut in then, “Dom, you can’t seriously be considering this!”


“I’m a desperate women Rose! I’ll do what I must!”


Scorpius scoffed and Rose punched him in the arm, “You gave her this idea! She can’t just waltz up to him and kiss him!”


“Why not?” Scorpius and I said at the same time.


Rose began to do that bizarre sputtering thing she always does when she doesn’t know what to say.


“Do you have a better plan?” I questioned.


More sputtering, which I took as a no.


I turned back to Scorpius, “When should I do it?”


“Tonight before dinner, Zabini has a detention with him today which will get out right before dinner. You can do it in the main hall.”


Rose attempted again, “This is crazy! Come on, Dom!”


I looked between the two of them, “Main Hall, 5:55, be there.”




“So I’m just going to walk up and kiss him,” I confirmed.


Scorpius nodded and Rose shook her head.


The Main Hall had a decent amount of kids in it milling around waiting for dinner after their detentions. Detentions used to be held after dinner but that got changed because parents complained about keeping kids so late. My dad, an avid believer of having his kids go through what he had to, was against the change.


I got onto my tippy toes and peered around the large space, “Scorpius, are you sure he had a detention?”


“Yes I’m sure. He got caught stealing plants from the Greenhouses, what he was planning to do after that I’ve no idea.”


Rose said with a pointed tone, “Do you see? He’s in detention right now for stealing plants! Is that really the type of person you want to be with?”


“Let me think about that,” I snapped, “Yes.”

She backed off then and moodily looked away from me.


I began to mentally prepare myself. I could so do this. I’m Dom Weasley, daughter of Fleur Weasley, I’m unstoppable!


“He’s walking in,” Scorpius interrupted my thoughts.


Oh no. I thought I’d have at least another thirty seconds of self reassurance before he actually came in. But I knew what I had to do if I wanted Lysander-I had to take the plunge.


I took a deep breath, “Here I go.”


Scorpius gave me a thumbs up and Rose continued to look way from me. With that I turned on my heel and began walking. I immediately saw Lysander walking across the room. He wasn’t with Zabini, just some other Hufflepuff who I couldn’t place.


I strode right up to him and just did it. I tapped his shoulder and when he turned around I kissed him. Just like that.


The kiss only lasted maybe 2 nanoseconds before I pulled back and starting walking away as fast as I could. I was most afraid of rejection so I picked up my pace to practically a run when I reached Rose and Scorpius.


Both of their mouths were dangling almost to the ground.

I felt a surge of pride, “Didn’t think I would do it, did you?”


My pride turned quickly into slight worry when Rose’s eyes began to wildly bug right out of her head.


“What?” I asked, “What is it?”


Rose pointed horrified behind me, “Dom, that wasn’t Lysander. That was Lorcan!




A/n: Quite short I'm aware! This really felt more like a first chapter than a one shot I know...mostly because I may turn this into a story and wanted to leave that option open for me.


Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts!