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I Wish ... by meganbabyyxxx

Format: Novel
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 1,671
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: General, AU
Characters: Harry, Snape
Pairings: Harry/OC, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Luna

First Published: 05/16/2010
Last Chapter: 06/28/2010
Last Updated: 06/28/2010

Locked inside his musty cupboard wasn’t exactly how Harry Potter wanted his tenth birthday to be spent.

So with just himself for company he writes down a list of all the things he wants in life. But he never imagined that they would come true …

Chapter 1: Chapter One: The List
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This is my first ever story on HPFF so I understand that it isn't very good. It will get better though. The chapters in this story will short at about 500 words but I hope you enjoy it regardless.

Chapter One: The List

“Your to stay in your cupboard,” Vernon Dursley growled, shaking his fist in his nephews face. “Understood?”


“Yes, Uncle,” Harry said quietly, trying not to cower away from his Uncle’s beefy red fist. Vernon scowled at Harry before slamming the door of the cupboard in his face, leaving him in complete darkness. He heard the sound of the key turning in the lock and bolts being slid against the door before he heard his Uncle stomping away, opening up the front door.


Harry stayed silent, not daring to breathe in case his Uncle came back and shouted at him for breathing too heavily, or making too much noise. He only relaxed when he heard the rumble of the car engine as it slid down the drive, and onto the road, where it was on it’s way to the restaurant.


Then Harry scrambled around in the small, dark space for the flashlight which he had sneaked out of the kitchen drawer. When he found it he switched it on quickly, breathing a sigh of relief. He had hated the dark ever since he was little and he thought that had been the reason that his Uncle had put him in the cupboard in the first place.


Vernon was a sick, twisted man who hated making over peoples lives a misery, especially Harry’s. The only two people in the world that he felt no hatred towards were his wife, Petunia, and his son, Dursley.


Thinking about his relatives Harry sighed again. Why did they despise him so much? Well, Aunt Petunia was alright some of the time. Whenever Vernon wasn’t around she sometimes relived him of his chores, fed him a bit more than usual. She was a kind woman underneath the walls she put up when she was around Vernon. She had even sneaked a pen and some old napkins into his cupboard for him to doodle and write on.


Thinking about these he shone his torch onto them where they lay in the corner. He placed the torch on the small shelf, directing the light onto a spot on the floor. Then he grabbed the napkins and placed them where the light shone onto the floor. He picked up the pen and chewed the end of the pen thoughtfully, wondering what he should write on the napkins.


Finally he wrote a title on the napkin.


‘I Wish …’


He chewed on his pen for a while more, and then started making a list. Just over ten minutes later he had finished.


‘I Wish …


To be free from this cupboard, from this house, forever.

To find somebody who cares for me, who can be the Dad / Mum I’ve never had.

To have a friend, who I can play and joke with.

To be able to talk about my Mum and Dad with somebody without getting shouted at.’


Harry stared at the napkin, still chewing the pen, before he hesitantly wrote down:


‘To find somewhere where I belong.’


Harry could feel the tears welling up in his eyes, threatening to spill. Eventually they did, and he hugged himself, sobbing silently. When he finally fell asleep he was still crying.


The last thought that ran through his mind was ‘Some tenth birthday this is turning out to be’.

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Chapter 2: Chapter Two: The Dream
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Chapter Two: The Dream
Wind whipped through the castle corridors, tousling the dark shock of hair atop Harry’s head. There was a glint of cheekiness in his emerald green eyes as he strode over to the window.

The sight the met his eyes was beautiful. A dark river winded, twisted and rippled as the strong sunlight shone onto it. A wooden cabin stood at the edge of a forest, where a very large man was bent over what looked like a pumpkin patch. And something which resembled a pitch, towered into the sky, with large hoops that stood tall and grand.

Then his sharp eyes caught a figure striding towards the lake. The figure was clad in black robes and wolked with an air of pride and dignity. Harry smiled, gazing at the figure for a few minutes, watching as the man made his way to the river. The man sat down a couple of metres away from the river before his head swivelled in the direction of Harry. The man smiled and with his hand beckoned Harry towards him.

With one agile leap Harry pulled himself onto the stone window ledge. He closed his eyes, feeling the wind try to drag him off the ledge. A small smile played upon his face. Then he jumped …

He spun down quickly, his eyes still clenched shut, the smile on his face growing. When he sensed he was nearly at the ground his eyes shot open. The wind tore at his eyes, making them water. This should have felt unpleasant but to Harry it felt like the most comfortable and natural thing in the world.

When he was just a couple of hundred metres from the ground, Harry suddenly soared back up again. He felt his black, feathery wings unfold, catching a breeze. He could feel the rest of his body changing. His under parts were brown and the rest of his body was a light grey. He had eye patches of black around his eyes. He was an Osprey.

Harry tilted his wing to one side to change to the direction of the river. Spotting a fish swimming fast through the currents he swooped down, catching it in his large black bill. He swallowed it and then quickly landed by the side of the river next to the man.

Harry quickly changed back into his human form and immediately a large smile lit up his whole face. The man smiled too and held his arms out towards Harry. He glanced at them hesitantly and then ran to them. He buried his head in the mans chest, inhaling the smell of both familiar and unfamiliar spices. The mans billowing black robes hid the smile which the young boy had on his face. The man had a smile on his face as well. A smile filled with warmth and love …though tinged with sadness. In the mans eyes tears formed, when suddenly there was the sound of a large bang.


Harry woke suddenly. Searching around for the sound of the banging noise Harry’s eyes flipped in the direction of the cupboard door. It lay wide open.

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20.05.10: Just corrected some of the mispelled words. Nothing major.

Chapter 3: Chapter Three: The Osprey
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Harry felt confused. How had the door opened? Were the Dursley’s home already?

He tiptoed towards the door, and peered round it cautiously. When he found there was nobody in sight he crept out of his cupboard and made his way over to the front door. He grabbed the key from a hook beside the door, and inserted into the lock, his hands shaking. He turned it and the door clicked open.

He pushed the door open, and stepped outside, breathing in the fresh air and the smell of freshly mown grass.

He had just reached the end of the drive when the Dursley’s sleek silver car appeared at the end of street. Harry froze, caught in the headlights of their car. The car shrieked to a stop just in front of him, and he finally regained his senses and started to run.

Vernon rolled the window down and screamed, “Get back here boy!”

Dudley, using any excuse to get at Harry said proudly, “I’ll get him for you Daddy.”

With that, Dudley swung the car door open, and jumped out of it. He began a light jog towards Harry and within seconds he was panting like he had just run a marathon. And although he was far away from Harry, Harry was still worried about what would happen when he Dursley’s eventually got hold of him.

He felt the tears cluster in his eyes, and he clenched his fists, determined not to let the tears drop again for the second time that day.

At that moment the Osprey that Harry had become in his dream entered his mind, and how fast he had swooped and flown about that mysterious castle. How much he would give to become that Osprey right then…

Harry suddenly found that the more he thought about the Osprey, the more he felt his shape blurring. At times he suddenly felt as though feet stop touching the ground, and instead wings beat the air, but then it died and he was running again.

He clenched his eyes shut, and thought about the Osprey with all his might, not thinking for a moment how strange this seemed. But the next thing Harry knew he was soaring upon a drift, his black wings a wings a blur, his sleek body cutting through the sky, leaving Privet Drive and the Dursley’s far behind…


Harry did not know how long he flew, only that he tired quickly, unaccustomed to being in this shape. As soon as he was far enough away he found a tree and settled into it. He tucked his head into his chest, and soon the little Osprey was soon asleep.

When he awoke he found the sun rising and the sky a lovely pink colour. Harry stretched, his muscles groaning it protest, and he let out a squawk of pain. He toppled backwards out of the tree, and tried flapping his wings to get back up, but this just caused him more pain, so he fell into the little garden below him, straight in front of someone.

Someone with black hair, and black robes that smelt of spices.

It was the person from his dream.