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A Time for Change by Riders_Momma

Format: Novel
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 6,981
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Fluff, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 04/17/2010
Last Chapter: 05/05/2010
Last Updated: 05/05/2010

We start out with Lily telling the story about how her life changed at the beginning of her Seventh Year at Hogwarts.  Lily finds out all too quickly that Professor Dumbledore has decided to not only make her Head Girl but the one and only James Potter is Head Boy and they will have to work very closely this year.  Soon dislike turns to friendship, but could it possibly turn to more?  There are some spoilers from DH, so don't read this if you haven't read it yet!

Chapter 1: Reflection
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A Time for Change

Chapter 1 - Reflection

I never thought I would owe my entire life nor my son’s life to Severus Snape, especially not after what happened our fifth year. I met Severus just months before my first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; in fact he helped me make my final decision to go. Severus taught me all about his world, the magical world that I would soon enter. The world that I would eventually love and the world that would one day truly change not only my life but change the lives for everyone I loved and held dear. The one thing I do still regret about entering the wizarding world, my world, was losing my close relationship with Petunia. For ten years we had been inseparable, for ten years she had been my best friend and my rock. She never truly got over Albus Dumbledore telling her that unfortunately she could not attend Hogwarts with me.

If Severus had not convinced me how wonderful this new world was, when I got my letter I most likely would have turned down my opportunity to attend Hogwarts. If it had not been for Severus, I would have never met the wonderful friends Amelia, Alice, Remus, Sirius, and Peter. If it was not for Severus, I would have never met the one and only James Potter. I would have never hated him nor fell in love with him, and married him. It is so funny how close the lines are when it comes to hate and love. If it was not for Severus, I would have never met the most important person in my life, my son Harry.

I remember like it was yesterday, the many hours that Severus and I talked about Hogwarts before that first September 1st. I can remember playing around with that twig like it was a wand and just wishing that it wasn’t all a dream, that this was the real thing that I was really a witch.

For five years Severus and I stayed very close friends, true we never spent as much time together during school as we did on vacation. It was very difficult to spend much time with Severus during our times at school as he was a Slytherin and me a Gryffindor, and well the rivalry between the two houses are nothing but legendary. For years all my Amelia and Alice could never understand how I could be friends with Severus Snape, but they never knew me before I knew I was a witch.

I can still remember the day that Severus broke my heart. It was the last day of O.W.L.s in our fifth year, the day that James had hung Severus upside down. The day that I defended Severus, like I always did, but this time he turned on me just like Petunia. It is wasn’t like anyone had never called me a mudblood and it’s not like Severus had never called another muggleborn a mudblood. In fact I use to lecture him on how ugly that name was and how I wish he would not use it anymore. To hear him call me that name, well it was nothing but unforgivable.

That was the day that I ended my friendship with Severus Snape.

Author's Note:  Hey guys, I know this chapter is really short but it's only because this just getting inside of Lily's head.  The rest of the chapters will be a whole lot longer, please leave some reviews let me know if you like the story or not.  Thanks!

Chapter 2: September 1st
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Chapter 2 - September 1st

“I wish I could have convinced Petunia to come with us,” my mum, Elizabeth Evans, sighed across the barrier between platform nine and ten.

“It’s okay Mum,” I shrugged.

“No it is not, I can not believe she is still jealous of you after all of these years.”


“No it is true,” my mother went on. “She acts now as if you are some kind of…”

“Freak?” I offered.

My mother sighed again, “I hate when she calls you that.”

“I have gotten use to it now, but I don’t care.”

“Yes you do.”

“Let’s not talk about her Mum.”

“Fine,” she smiled at me.

When I looked into her eyes, the very same eyes that I have, I smiled. “I will miss you.”

“Oh,” my mother gave me a bone crushing hug. “I will miss you too, please send Bella often.”

My mom was talking about my owl, “I will write at least twice a week.”

“Good,” she kissed me on my forehead. “I love you so much.”

“I love you,” I hugged her tightly. The one thing I hated about going back to Hogwarts every year, was saying good bye to my mom. This year happened to be even harder then ever.

Petunia had graduated from her boarding school last year and moved out of our Mum’s house and was now living with her boyfriend of three years but now turned fiancé, Vernon Dursley. Over the last seven years I thought Petunia hated me, she was nothing compared to Vernon…or I had just gotten use to Petunia.

I then turned towards the barrier that turned into Platform 9 ¾ and with a look back at my Mum, I was headed back to my home away from home for the last seven years.

After I walked onto the Hogwarts Express, I headed to the Head Girl and Boy compartment. I was so excited, I had hoped from my first day at Hogwarts that I would be Head Girl in my seventh year and now here I was…

As I entered the compartment I was surprised to not see the Head Boy, I had been running late and the Hogwarts Express would be leaving in less then five minutes. I put Bella’s cage down in the compartment as well as my trunk. Of the two benches in the compartment, I fell down upon the one to the right and fell asleep almost instantly.

“Petunia, please come with us.”

“I’m sorry Mom, I can’t.”

“Of course you can.”

“No Mom, I do not agree with her lifestyle.”


Petunia sighed, “Vernon and I do not agree with her being…different.”

“Do you know how much it would mean to me if you came with me to say goodbye to her. Your father always came with me.”

“Yes he did, but you and daddy agreed with her…”

“Being a witch?” Elizabeth Evans asked with her voice getting a little in defensive.

“Yes that…”

“Your father and I accepted it.”

Petunia cackled, the obviously did not know I was at the top of the stairs listening. “You did not only accept it, you boasted about it. Besides I have better things to do.”

“Petunia dear, please do not tell me you are still jealous of her after all these years.”


“Mum,” I called from the top of the stairs. “I will be right down!”

“Okay love,” she hollered where she thought I could hear her from my bedroom.

Elizabeth Evans lowered her voice to almost a hiss at her eldest daughter, “What on earth do you have that is more important then seeing your sister off to her last year at Hogwarts as Head Girl?”

“Vernon and I are headed to London to meet with the wedding planner.”

“Oh I see, well maybe after Christmas.”

“Sure,” Petunia said dripping with sarcasm that either Elizabeth Evans did not notice or ignored.

I came down the stairs grinning at my mother from ear to ear, “I am ready to go!”

“Okay let’s go, Petunia say bye.”


“Goodbye,” I said without looking at my sister. I knew Petunia did not mean it and I was not going to wish anymore that she really did.

Mum and I drove for a while before she said anything, “I am so sorry Lily.”

I had been looking out of the window and was not paying attention but that statement grabbed my attention, “For what?”

“Petunia, I know you overheard us bickering.”

I blushed, she always knew me so well. “I am sorry.”

My mum shrugged, “Don’t be.”

“So what are you sorry about?”


“Oh,” I chuckled. “Do not apologize for her, I am use to it.”

“The thing is, you shouldn’t be.”

“Oh well, onwards and upwards.”

“You know she is just jealous.”


“No seriously.”

I just nodded and she drove the rest of the way to King’s Cross in silence.


“Lily? Lily?” The sound of my name awoke me, and once I opened my eyes I found someone I really did not have the patience right now to see.

“What the hell are you doing in here?!” I yelled

“Hang on Lily before you get mad, let me explain…”

“No I am not listening to any of your lies!”

“No Lily, wait…”

“No,” I jumped to my feet. “Get out before I throw you out!”

He smirked at me, “That would be interesting.”

“I can not believe Remus would give you the password! It specifically stated that we could not tell anyone!”

“Lily, Remus did not tell me anything.”

“You can not honestly tell me that you just guessed what the password was?!”

“No I didn’t guess, if you would listen for just once second…”

“No Potter!”

“Lily wait,” he grabbed my arms but not tightly. “I have a simple explanation.”

I huffed and rolled my eyes at him, “Spit it out then.”

“I know the password because it came in my letter when I found out that I was to be Head Boy.”

“What,” I chocked as my eyes popped out of my head. “There is no way in Dumbledore’s right mind would he make you Head Boy!”

To my surprise he laughed, “That is what I said. In fact my mum, Sirius, Remus, and Peter all agreed with me.”

I frowned, “You laugh because you do not want the responsibility?”

“No,” James then frowned at me. “I laughed because I could not believe it was me and not Remus.”

I threw my hands to my mouth, “Oh Merlin! Poor Remus, how did he take it?”

James looked at me oddly, I would later find out that he could not believe we were actually having a civil conversation. “He was okay with it.”

“He was?”

“Lily,” he said changing the subject. “We really need to go.”

I frowned at him with confusion, “Go where?”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “You are being very nice to me.”

“Oh,” my face dropped. “Well…you are not being you’re normal annoying self.”

Surprisingly he laughed again, “We have got to get to the Prefect meeting.”


“Wow,” Alice McKinney gasped. “I can not believe James Potter is Head Boy! I for sure thought it was between Severus Snape and Remus Lupin.”

“I did too,” I sighed.

“I think it is hilarious,” Amelia Bones laughed.

“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes and continued to eat my dinner in the Great Hall for the Start of Term dinner.

“You do realize you have to work very closely with him all year, right?” Alice asked.

“Of course I know that,” I snapped at one of my very best friends.

“You do remember that Head Boy and Girl share a common room,” Amelia spoke up.

“Duh,” I rolled my eyes again. “Gryffindor Common Room.”

“No,” Amelia cackled and I really thought she might have an accident. “Head Boy and Girl share a common room and a bathroom but separate bedrooms.”

“Oh Merlin,” I gasped as I felt all the air being sucked out of my body. “I forgot!”

Amelia roared with laughter, but Alice looked sympathetic. I sat at the Gryffindor table and brooded until Professor Dumbledore released us from dinner.


 I was lounging on one of the two fluffy couches in the common room I would be sharing with James Potter for the next nine months, when James came walking in through the portrait hole.

He walked over and sat in the arm chair next to me and watched me as I read my new Potions book for our seventh year.

“Studying already?” He asked with a killer grin as he sat in a red wingback chair beside the couch I was laying on.

“Yup,” I stated without looking away from my book.

“Look Lily, I promise I will not mess this Head Boy thing up.”

That was it, he had already blown my nerves. I dropped my book on the floor and glared at him, “Head Boy thing? Are you kidding me?! My dream since the first day I came to Hogwarts was to be Head Girl my seventh year. I busted my butt for six years straight and am I honored that Dumbledore chose me to be Head Girl!”


“There is so much to do and so much responsibility and I will not let you slide by doing nothing!”

He stood up and I stoop up as well, then I realized how much he had grown over the summer. “I know it is an honor! I know how much I did not deserve this! I know it should have been Remus or Snape in front of me to get Head Boy. Hell I was just as dumbstruck as you are! They were the ones who were always studying and always making the grades, while I goofed off with Sirius and won Quidditch game after game for Gryffindor. So if you really think I am going to mess this up, go complain to Dumbledore because otherwise you are stuck with me!”

“What do you expect me to think?! You really think that I think you are just going to be good out of no where and quit causing havoc with your friends?!”

“I thought Remus was your friend as well?” He yelled at me.

“He is!” I yelled back, “You know what I do not have the time for you!” I grabbed my book and stormed off to my room.


The next day in Herbology, the first class of the day, I was seated with Alice. Amelia was still laughing across the room and she was partnered with Remus.

“So how was last night?” Alice asked.

“Promise not to tell Amelia next class?”

Alice smiled at me, “I am suppose to fill her in but I can forget and blame it on my blonde hair.”

“Good,” I smiled back at her. “Oh Merlin it was horrible.”

“Was he blowing stuff up?”

I frowned at her, why would be blowing stuff up? “No, I think I hurt his feelings.”

“So,” she shrugged her shoulders. “You hurt James Potter’s feelings every time he asks you out and you say no. How many times has that been now?”

“Nine hundred eighty-three.”

“Oh Merlin,” she giggled. “That was a rhetorical question, but oh my you have actually kept track?”

“He came in and asked if I was studying already. I told him yes and unlike him I take being Head Girl serious.”

“Uh oh.”

“What?” I asked.

“Well,” Alice bit her lip. “You know that our families are close friends and I know that both of James’s parents were Head Boy and Girl in their time…”


“His father died over the summer vacation…”

“What?!” I yelled.

It was enough to startle the teacher, “That is enough Miss Evans and Miss McKinney.”

I frowned, now I would have to wait to find out more. How strange that both James Potter and I had both lost our fathers over summer vacation.


 At lunch I passed James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter to sit with Alice and Amelia. As I passed by them James still looked upset about our argument, not that it really meant anything to me at that time. What made me upset that day was that Alice had decided to eat lunch with her boyfriend of a year now, Frank Longbottom, at the Ravenclaw table. So I was stuck with Amelia and her twenty questions.

“So?” She asked me.

“So what?” I asked as I acted as if I had no idea what she was talking about.

“Come on Lily!” She groaned, “I know Alice played stupid because you asked her to.”

“I am afraid I have no idea what you are talking about, you know Alice does have her blonde moments.”

“Lily,” she whined.

“Fine,” I snapped. “No laughing at me our I will hex you into next month.”

“Okay,” she agreed looking like an eager child awaiting its much anticipated candy.

“Everything was fine until he showed up in the common room.”

“Of course,” she laughed at me.

“I thought I told you not to laugh at me?” I glared at her.

“I wasn’t laughing at you, but with you.”

“I’m not laughing,” I pointed out.

“Mark my words, one day you will marry that boy.”

“Ek,” I gagged. “You do realize you sound more and more like Black everyday.”

“You know I am telling the truth,” she said in a sing song voice.

I rolled my eyes, “Not likely. Anyways, I was reading my potions book…”

“Always studying.”

I kept on as if she had not interrupted me, “He asked if I was studying already and I told him that unlike he, I do take being Head Girl an honor…”

“Oh Lily, you didn’t!”

“Yes I did.”

“You shouldn’t have! His dad was Head Boy at his time here at Hogwarts.”

“Yeah, Alice told me that…” I shrugged my shoulders.

“No,” Amelia shook her head. “You don’t understand, you don’t know the Potters. James’s father was an Auror, one of the best, his dream was for James to be Head Boy like he had been. Now with all the goofing off that he does up here with Black no one ever thought that he would get Head Boy. James being Head Boy had been his father’s dying wish and then a month later James got the letter.”

“Oh Merlin,” I sighed. “I have to apologize.”

“Whoa, wait…you are actually going to apologize to James Potter?!”

“Amelia I have to! I had no idea, I feel awful!”

“Well of course you had no idea and I know that James knows that too.”


In my third class of the day, Potions, I was partnered up with Remus Lupin. I had seen Severus eyeball me and want me to be his partner as most of our class had dropped Potions this year unless they really wanted to take the class or they needed it to go on with their careers once they left Hogwarts. I still refused to speak to him, of course I missed him. Severus had been my rock for so many years but he had betrayed my trust and he still hung out with those horrible friends of his that I knew were all Death Eaters. As long as he kept up with that crowd, we could not be friends. He knew all of this, I had stated this to him over a year and a half ago.

“Are you alright Miss Evans?” Professor Slughorn asked me as he was making his rounds through the classroom.

“Yes,” I smiled at him. “I promise I am fine, just daydreaming.”

He nodded and went on to the other students. “I was just about to ask you the same,” Remus spoke to me.

“Sorry, I am just kind of out there…”

“What is on your mind?”

“I am assuming Potter told you about our argument last night in the common room.”

Remus nodded, “Yes he did.”

“You think I am an awful person.”

“Of course you aren’t,” he smiled at me. “You have been such a wonderful friend to me and kept my secret a secret.”

“That has nothing to do with what we are talking about here.”

“I realize that,” he nodded as he added ingredients into the potion. “You had no idea about Harry’s wishes, how could you?”

“I still should apologize.”

“Yes you should. James knows you did not know about Harry but it still hurts that he lost his father just recently and you know that as well. How proud would Paul be?”

I smiled as I thought about how my dad would have probably jumped up and down when he found out I had made Head Girl, “Ecstatic.”



 I had taken my time at dinner that night, just trying to think of a way to apologize without sounding like a sap. I truly did feel horrible about our argument the night before, if I had only known.

You have never given him the time of day to know you.’ I heard inside my head but I ignored it.

“You alright Lily?” Sirius asked as he came to sit by me, when I looked up I noticed I was one of the last people still in the Great Hall.

“Yeah,” I shook my head to get myself out of the daze I was in. “Where did Alice and Frank go?”

He gave me a sad kind of smile, “They left ages ago. They told you they were leaving and you never responded back.”

“So you came to check on me?”

“I am a little worried about you.”

I laughed at this, “Why in Merlin’s name would you be worried about me? We have never been friends…”

“That is only because you never gave any of us the time of day except for Remus.”


“Truth hurts.”

“Obviously,” I laughed and I could tell he was surprised to hear me laugh. “I know what I said to James was wrong and now that I know the story I feel horrible.”

“If you had not heard about Harry though you would have never been sorry. You really do not know him Lily. Yeah James has a good time, we pull a few tricks here and there…”

“Just here and there?”

“Okay,” he laughed a bark like laugh. “A lot…well it won’t be so much this year….”

“Why wouldn’t it be?”

“Isn’t it obvious? We will all be busy with N.E.W.T.s and James is going to be so busy with Head Boy duties and Remus doing the Prefect thing. I am left with Peter and to tell you the truth he is not so good with the tricks and treats.”

“So is this your way to tell me to go apologize to Potter?”

“No,” his answer surprised me. “Do not tell him you are sorry because you feel bad about his dad and you know that Harry wanted James to be Head Boy. Only tell him you are sorry if you really are. I know back in the day all we were was tricks and treats but all of us have grown up. You could really give him a chance, James is not as bad as you put him out there to be.”

Chapter 3: Apologies
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Chapter 3 - Apologies


Sirius left on that note and then I really was the last person in the Great Hall. I never thought Sirius was the insightful type; then again like he had said I had never given Sirius, James, nor Peter the time to get to really know them. I had a pretty good excuse for it though. About a month after starting our first year James had asked me to be his girlfriend in front of basically the entire school, the bashful little girl I had been then had turned him down. I had always knew that Severus had a crush on me but when James asked me to be his girlfriend Severus did the unthinkable.

“No she does not want to date you Potter,” Severus spat. “Lily is my girlfriend.”

“I am not!” I yelled at him looking at him like he was crazy, “I am not dating you.”

“Then you are free to date me?” James asked with excitement.

Severus threw the jelly leg curse at James.

“You wait!” James yelled and threw the boogey curse on him.

“Stop it!” I yelled.

“What is it to you?” James asked, “You don’t like him anyways. Long greasy hair and that horrible nose; why do you even give him the time of day Evans?”

All the kids around us started laughing at him and Severus turn bright red and ran away.

“Sev wait up!” I yelled running after him.

“Sev!” James laughed, “She even has a pet name for him! Snivellus and Lily sitting in a tree….”

I shook myself, how could I forget that memory. The fact of the matter was that I had thought James was cute all those years ago, and that I had wanted to be his girlfriend. In face I had been honored that he asked. The only thing was at that point in time Severus was my best friend and I knew how much he liked me. If James would have just been mature and walked off I would have found him later and told him that I would have loved to be his girlfriend. He humiliated Severus and me, and for that I loathed James Potter all those years.

I finally got up and headed to the common room I shared with James Potter. As I walked into the portrait hole I almost ran face first into the one and only James Potter.

“Whoa, watch it!” James said as he fell backwards so that he would not fall on top of me.

“Sorry,” I said lending my hand out to help him up. He looked at me surprised but took my hand. “Where were you off to, Quidditch practice?”

“Not this late, I was actually going to check on you.”


“Yeah I was worried…” He looked down I could have sworn I saw his cheeks tint a pink shade.

“Oh, well thanks.” I smiled at him and when he looked up to see I was not mad about him worrying about me and that I was smiling, well he smiled back. “I was okay, just daydreaming in the Great Hall.”

“Yeah you looked as if something was on your mind at dinner.”

“I need to talk to you.”

James gestured towards the couches away from the portrait hole and I followed him. I sat down on the couch I had been upon last night and he sat beside me. “I need to apologize for last night.”


“I had no idea…”

“No idea to what?” James asked confused.

“About your father’s dying wish.”

“Wait,” James looked at me for a moment with disbelief in his eyes. “Are you only apologizing to me because my dad is dead?”

“Well, no but…”

“No thanks Lily,” he said getting up. “I do not need your pity,” and he left me stunned as he went up to his room for the night.



“So,” came Sirius behind me in a sing song voice. I was about to walk into Defense Against the Dark Arts but I turned around to see the known ladies man.

“So what?”

“What has your knickers in a bunch?”

“Your buddy.”

“My what?” He laughed, “Oh James.”

“Yeah him.”

“What now? I swear you two will be married one day.”

“Not likely, anyways I tried to apologize last night…”


“He told me that he did not need my pity.”

Sirius growled almost dog like, “What the hell is wrong with him? You are actually being nice to him…”

“What do you mean actually being nice to him?”

“Come off it Lily,” he laughed. “You never give James the time of day. I mean I know back in the day I know we were annoying.”


“Have I annoyed you the last two days?”

He had a point, “No but I have not been around you much.”

“Okay point taken,” he nodded. “Other then the two of you bickering has James been annoying?”

Now that he mentioned it James was being everything but annoying.

“So let me get this straight,” he went on. “You admitted to him that you apologized because of his dad dying?”

“Not exactly…”

“He figured it out then…”

“I sure did,” a voice came from behind the both of us. “Thanks for talking about me behind my back though and by the way bell is about to ring.” He walked into the class room and I turned to see Sirius with his mouth hanging wide open.

“What?” I asked.

“You really pissed him the hell off,” he said shaking his head and walked into the classroom with me on his feet right as the bell rang.



“What the hell did you do?!” Amelia hissed at me at lunch.

“I have never seen that look on his face,” Alice commented.

“He figured out that I apologized after I found out about his dad.”

“Moron,” Amelia snorted.

“Oh Lily,” Alice sighed.

“Then he overheard Sirius and I talking about it.”

“You are smart,” Amelia said sarcastically.

“You know what Amelia are getting on my nerves, piss off.” I grabbed my books and stormed out of the great hall.



I was doing my Charms homework when he walked into the common room, he sat in the couch across from me but did not say a word to me as he was working on something. We went on like this for about a good two hours when I finally got sick of it and decided to break the silence.

“What is your problem?”

“Not now Lily,” he said not looking up from what he was doing.

I walked toward him and ripped it out of his hand and threw it to the floor, “I want to talk now.”

He stood up and was a good seven inches taller then me, “What makes you think you have the right to make me talk to you? What makes you think that you can be a total bitch to me twenty four seven but I am suppose to do whatever you want me to at the drop of a dime?!”

“Excuse me?! What the hell did you just call me?!” I said as I felt my face turning as red as my hair.

“I do not have the time for you petty games,” he said picking up whatever he had been doing off the floor and handing it to me. “Now leave me the hell alone.” For the second time in two nights he stormed out on me.

I looked down and read what he gave me,


Look, I have no idea what is going on. I am sorry that you hate that I am Head Boy and that now for the rest of term we will have to share living quarters and work closely together. I know how much you hate me and I have accepted that, but we are just going to have to suck it up and do it for the sake of our graduating class. Next time you want to know what is going on in my head ask me, don’t go talk to Sirius.



Wow, he really knew how to make me feel like a total and complete bitch. I threw the paper down on the floor for the second time that night and stormed up stairs towards his bedroom. I went for the door handle and of course it was locked. I took my wand out of my pocket and raised it to the door knob and said, “Alahomora!” I heard the lock click and from the other side of the door there was, “What the hell?”

I threw the door open and got as much in his face as I could at my height, “How dare you!”

“What now?!” He yelled back.

“If you have something to say, you need to man up and say it to my face!”

“Fine, I was trying to be nice.”

“Yeah that is likely.”

“You are a hotheaded, now-it-all!”

“Oh yeah,” I yelled at him. “You are an insufferable, male chauvinist pig!”

“How would you know, you have never given me the time of day?!”

“How could I, when you change girlfriends as often as I change socks!”

“Wait,” James face and attitude changed. “You would have actually given me a chance?”

My face fell and my eyes bugged out, “I never said that!”

He stepped closer to me, “You didn’t have to it was implied.”

I went to storm off but he grabbed my wrist and twirled me back around towards him. He turned me so fast that I fell into his chest and when I looked up his face was inches away from mine. We both looked at one another for a moment too long and I pulled back and then stomped on his foot.

“See a male chauvinist pig! You think every woman on God’s green earth pines for you!”

He did not say anything, James Potter just stared at me in awe. I ran out of the room and threw myself on my bed after slamming the door. I expected him to come in after me, but he never did.



“Has things gotten any better?” Alice asked me about a week later.

“Yeah,” I smiled. “I just ignore him like I did before he became Head Boy.”

“Lily,” Alice sighed. “That is not going to solve anything, how are the two of you suppose to get anything done?”

“Like what?” Amelia asked, we were at dinner.

“They have to plan when we go on Hogsmeade trips, decorations for Halloween, Christmas, Seventh Year ball, and end of term feast.”

“Hogsmeade trips?!” Amelia smiled looking at me, she loved getting away from school and going into the little town of Hogsmeade.

“Yes,” I nodded as I ate some lasagna.

“You better get over this not talking to James Potter thing and plan woman!”

“So you would put my happiness over a Hogsmeade trip?” I asked Amelia knowing the answer before I even finished the question.

“Hell yes!”

I felt someone tap me on the back and by the look on Alice’s face I had an idea who it was.

“Yes?” I asked without turning around.

“We need to talk,” he stated.

“Talk then.”


I turned around to glare at him, “I have had enough alone time with you to last a lifetime.”

“Lily I am serious…”

“Mr. Potter, Miss Evans?” It was Professor McGonagall.

“Yes?” I asked thrilled to have my attention taken away from James.

“Professor Dumbledore would like to speak with the both of you in his office, Miss Evans I think he is in the mood for Lemon Drops.”

“Lemon what?” James asked totally clueless.

I looked up to indeed see that our Headmaster was not at the teacher’s table anymore. “He wants to see us now?”

“Yes, the sooner the better.”

I nodded and got up to leave, I then turned around to see that James had not moved at all. “Are you coming?”

James nodded and followed me, “What does the Headmaster want?”

“That is the password to his office, it is always some kind of treat.”

“How do you know that?”

“From being a Prefect the last two years.”



“Thank you for meeting with me in such short notice,” Professor Dumbledore grinned as I walked in two steps ahead of James.

“No problem,” I smiled as I took a seat across from his desk.

“None at all,” James said as he took the seat next to mine.

“I have had some teachers asking when the first trip to Hogsmeade will be, it is about time to put bulletins up in the common rooms so that the third year and older students can start to get ready for the trip.”

“Oh,” I dropped my eyes to the floor.

“We have not exactly sat down and planned that out yet,” James spoke before I could muster anything out of my mouth.

“Oh, I see.” Dumbledore the put his hands together, “Maybe I made a mistake.”

“Mistake?” I asked.

“Yes,” he nodded. “I knew that you and Mr. Potter had some differences but I never thought that the two of you would put your differences ahead of your Head Boy and Girl duties.”

“Professor,” I tried.

“No,” he shook his head. “I need the two of you to be able to work together or for the first time ever in Hogwarts history I will have to replace the Head Boy and Girl.”

“We will work this out,” James spoke again before I could muster anything out of my mouth.

“Good,” he nodded. “I except an answer from the two of you within three days. Same place and time.”

He then turned his chair towards the wall of portraits of previous Headmasters and we both knew it was time to leave.



I was in my room on my bed, crying my eyes out. James and I had walked back to the common room in silence and I went up to my bedroom without saying a word to him.

There was a knock at the door, I knew exactly who it was but I was really not in the mood for him right now.

“Come in,” I barely spoke.

I had my back turned to the door and I was under the covers curled up to one of my pillows.

James sat down beside me on the side where my face was turned, “Please look at me.”

I sat up and looked straight into the hazel eyes that would soon melt my heart, “What?”

“You have been crying?” He asked me, “But why?”

“Why? Are you really asking me that question,” I could feel that my face was all blotchy but at that moment I could really care less. “I have never wanted anything more in my life then being Head Girl and now I am going to lose it.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I can not work with you, we argue to much.”

“Lily, I am going to resign.”

“What?! What about your father’s wish?”

“Well he got his wish, I was Head Boy.”

“For a little over a week?”

He shrugged, “You win some and you lose some.”

“I can not let you resign,” I shook my head. “You realize how horrible I would feel that you gave up being Head Boy because all we do is bicker?”

“Then we need to come to an agreement.”


“I know you hate me…”

“I don’t…”

“Don’t lie Lily. We will have to just get along enough to do our Head Boy and Girl duties.”

“Okay,” I nodded. “So let’s start.”

He shook his head, “Not tonight. I am tired and I have to hold Quidditch tryouts bright and early tomorrow.”


“Yes,” he nodded at me. “You know Saturday.”

“Oh okay.”

“Tomorrow after tryouts?”

“Sure,” I nodded and he left my room without another word while closing my bedroom door behind him.



“So what did Dumbledore want last night?” Amelia asked butting in as usual.

“Want to know if we had planned the Hogsmeade trips and all that.”


“We told him no.”

“Oh,” Alice said feeling the worst coming. “What did he say?”

“That if we did not put our bickering aside for our responsibilities that he would have to replace us.”

“Oh wow,” Amelia bit her lip. “So what are you going to do?”

“What I have to, be civil with James Potter.”

“Is that even possible?” Alice asked, “I mean you have never had any patience for him.”

“I will have to make room for it or else I have to resign Head Girl.”




Sorry its been over a week since I have written home, school has been so crazy busy. I knew being a Prefect was a lot of work but it was nothing compared to be Head Girl. I miss you so much, I hate being so far away. Yes, I am still planning on coming home during Christmas break. No I haven’t forgotten about Christmas and of course Petunia’s wedding. Hope you are well.

Love you,


I reread the letter before I attached it to Bella’s leg, “Bring it straight to Mum and don’t let Petunia intercept it.”

Bella hooted and in a way I knew that she knew what I was telling her.

It was Saturday and I knew James would be at Quidditch tryouts, I did not want to see him anyways.

“Lily?” I turned around to see Barty Crouch Jr.

“Oh hey Barty.”

“So congrats on getting Head Girl.”

“Thank you,” I blushed.

“Any idea when the first Hogsmeade trip will be.”

To my great disgust the idea of working with James later on today hit me, “We will be discussing that today and telling Professor Dumbledore in the next few days. Then he will tell the teachers and everyone should know.”

“Awesome,” he smiled at me. “Well whenever the Hogsmeade trip is, you will have to meet me at the Three Broomsticks for some butterbeer on me.”

“Sure.” I nodded and I headed towards the grounds to see Amelia, Alice, and Frank.

“What took you so long?” Amelia groaned, “I have had to sit here with these two while they snog all day!”

“You just got here,” Alice pointed out.

“Lily!” I turned around to see Remus.

“Hey, you want to join us?” I asked him.

“What are you all doing?” He asked as we were all laying around the lake.

“A whole lot of nothing,” Amelia sighed as she was about to take a nap.

“Sounds great,” he said laying between Amelia and me.

“So where is the rest of the pack?” Alice asked.

“Oh,” Remus nodded as he sat up to look at Alice and Frank. “Sirius and James are at Quidditch tryouts and Peter is watching in the stands. I got bored so I thought I would come hang out with Lily.”

For most of the day the five of us hung out, laughing, talking, and just having a good time.