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Everybody Says Don't by Forbidden

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 21,996
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: General, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M)
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 04/08/2010
Last Chapter: 07/13/2010
Last Updated: 07/13/2010


We all know that there is a thin line between
love and hate, but nobody expected it
to be between these two.

"Now i know, don't be scared."

Chapter 1: Failing
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Everybody Says Don’t

Draco sat back in his seat, leaning backwards so that the seat was swinging on two legs. He tediously flicked his hair out of his grey eyes as he swung back and fourth. His chair creaked from underneath him, and he swung back even further. His back pressed against the wall, his legs in mid-air - alongside the chairs. He had his quill in his hands, and he pulled his arms behind his back to touch the wall.
“Mr Malfoy, do not swing on your seat! This is your final warning, or you’ll be on detention!” Professor Slughorn bellowed across the classroom. His large figure towered over Hermione Granger, who was beaming with happiness as he handed her a sheet of paper.
“Oh thank you so much, sir!” she wailed in excitement as she pulled Harry Potter in for a hug.

Draco glared at her with envious eyes, knowing that he wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much of a mark as she had. Her hair flew all around her body as she turned in her seat to face many of the other students whom where congratulating her. Draco rolled his eyes and then sunk back in his seat as he scribbled on his desk with his quill. He could hear her gloating about how much effort she had put into the exam paper, and how she had achieved from it. Several of the people surrounding her now also had their papers back, but none seemed as joyful as Hermione, so he guessed that she had top grades as per usual.

Professor Slughorn appeared at the front of Draco’s desk and frowned down at him. Draco stared up into his Professors eyes, which where twitching slightly. In one quick, swift movement, the Professor pulled from the top of the pile Draco’s paper. He laid it on Draco’s desk quietly and continued to frown at him. Draco closed his eyes, and when he opened them, he was staring at his sheet. 12/50 was his mark, and a large ‘F’ was in the right hand corner, with a circle around it.
“Yes, not a very good mark now was it, Mr Malfoy?” Professor Slughorn asked in vexation.
“No, sir.” Draco tossed his quill in the air three times, each time letting it do one flip.
“I think you need a tutor.” Professor Slughorn replied as he watched in annoyance as the quill flipped.
“Whatever.” Draco continued to flip the quill, watching as he did so. Round and round it spiralled. It was half way through the air when Professor Slughorn grabbed it and slammed it down on the desk.
“Are you listening to me, boy?!” he bellowed. Half of the class now turned round in their seats to watch, as if this was a performance at a circus.
“Yes, sir.” Draco replied, this time focusing on the professor.
“Miss Granger,” Slughorn shouted. Hermione turned in her seat, still smiling brightly, “come here.”

Hermione skipped from her seat, letting go of Ron’s hand as she did so. She walked briskly to the professor, eyes narrowing to look at Draco, who sat with a gloomy expression set upon his pale face.
“Yes sir?” she smiled brightly up at him, as if expecting him to award her with something else.
“I need you to tutor Mr Malfoy here. He’s failing, and your exceeding beyond expectations.”
Hermione’s bright smile turned to a look of aghast. Draco’s mouth dropped open, and he stared in disbelief at his Professor as he smiled between the two.
“But Professor,” Hermione said as she looked between the professor and Draco with a worried look on her face, “I can’t tutor Malfoy. We’re not friends, sir.” Hermione stared up at the Professor with pleading eyes. Draco also stared up at the professor.
“I’m sorry, but that’s my final word. Tutor and study in your own time, but make sure its being done.” Professor Slughorn said as he walked away towards the front of the class. Hermione turned to look at Draco. Their eyes locked on each others, and Hermione glared at him through her dark brown eyes.
She turned sharply on the spot, and marched back to her seat. Draco could see her hand movements as she explained her frustration to Ron and Harry, who sat looking surprised. Harry looked concerned, and Ron looked angry and worried for her also. Each of their heads turned to stare at Draco, each glaring at him. Draco was known as a notorious Death Eater now, and he doubted that Hermione’s friends would not be all to pleased with her tutoring him.

The bell rang and Draco stood up and pushed his chair in. As he stood behind his chair waiting to be dismissed, he couldn’t help but notice that Hermione Granger was glaring at him still. He rolled his eyes at her and then stuck his middle finger up at her and she looked mortified. Laughing at her, Draco then put his hands back into his pockets and felt satisfied that she was no longer staring at him.
“Okay, you may leave now. I’ve to get some stuff done,“ Slughorn declared as he used his hands to usher them out of the door. As Draco began to leave though, he said, “Oh and Mr Malfoy, Miss Granger, please stay behind for a moment.”
Draco stared at him and then let out a deep sigh before returning to his seat. Hermione stood by her seat also and stared at the man with displeasure.

“I’m sorry to keep you both here, but I must insist that we discuss this tutoring.” Professor Slughorn said as he busily sorted the exam papers into neat piles and laid them on his desk with the flick of his wand. He then coughed to clear his throat as he hobbled over to Hermione’s table, and he signalled for Draco to follow. Sighing again, Draco obeyed, and he quickly walked over to the table that the two where now sitting at. He perched himself on the side of the desk and ran his fingers through his hair.
“Okay. I know you two aren’t friends and all, but you must put that aside. You must always see the good in people, even if it seems that their blood is filthy.” Slughorn said. Hermione gasped, and Slughorn quickly remembered the mistake of saying that, but Draco stood sniggering at the comment.
“Oh Miss Granger. I didn’t mean it like that. What I mean, is that you two need to set aside your difference. See the good in each other.” Slughorn said, his face red with embarrassment.
“Sir..” Hermione still tried to plead with the professor, but he shook his head miserably.
“I’m sorry, Granger, but you have to. I always thought of you to be the nicest person in this class. To be the one who can see the good in everyone, but perhaps I was mistaken.” Slughorn said as he stared down at the desk to avoid eye contact. Draco stared at Hermione, who looked annoyed and upset, and he laughed slightly upon seeing her look defeated.
“Okay, I’ll give it a go.” she replied miserably, looking down at her feet and sighing deeply. Professor Slughorn’s head snapped up and he immediately beamed brightly at the two.
“Well then, that’s great news! Now, I want you two to stay here now and discuss when you will meet, where and for how long. I won’t be away long, and wait until I’m back or you won’t be getting a note to escape a detention.” Professor Slughorn winked as he stood up from the chair he was sitting on and he waddled out of the room, his heavy shoes causing lots of noise as he did so.

Hermione licked her lips as she rested her head in her hands, and Draco continued to lean against the table that she was sitting on.
“Well, you heard him, so sit down and lets do this thing.” Hermione said in an agitated tone.
Draco slid into the seat beside her and the two sat in silence for a moment, just staring at the desk.
“How come I get stuck with you? Why not someone like.. Like, err..” Hermione struggled to think of the name of someone clever and brighter than herself, or equally bright as herself in the class.
“You?” Draco replied. He looked up from the desk, his grey eyes shining brightly in the brightly lit room. Hermione stared into his eyes for a moment, as if she was looking for something - but found nothing. Her eyes narrowed to his left arm. The arm that held on it a tattoo like no other. He could feel the snakes body twisting against his skin as she stared hard onto his arm; It was almost as if she could see straight through his sweater.
“Stop staring at it, and like Slughorn the pathetic baboon said, lets ‘discuss’.” Draco replied as he put his arm underneath the table out of the way of Hermione’s gaze.
“Right. You know what Amortentia is, right?” Hermione asked as she pulled out her potions book.
“Of-course not.” Draco relied. Hermione slammed the book down and huffed slightly.
“It’s a love potion.” she replied hastily as she flicked through the pages of the book.
“Oh, so that’s how you got your beloved Ron to fall in love with you then?” Draco asked as he smirked at her. Hermione glared at him and then pointed to a piece of text in the book.
“Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world, and it smells differently according to what attracts you,” she read, “got it?”
“If you say so, tutor.” Draco grinned widely at her, but she merely shook her head in disappointment.

They spent half an hour trying to get the Amortentia, Babbling Beverage and Fire Protection Potion’s descriptions drummed into his head. Just as Hermione almost screamed at him for being stupid and kicking her chair, Professor Slughorn entered the room.
“Ah, still here I see? I expected that you’d have left, actually.” he said as he walked merrily to his table.
“You said we couldn’t leave, Professor, or you wouldn’t give us a note.” Hermione pointed out.
“Yes, that’s my nonsense. I wouldn’t put your studying at chance, Miss Granger, and whatever you do Mr Malfoy. You could have left, I’d still have written you both a note if you came back later.”
Hermione stared at him angrily and he quickly grabbed a piece of parchment and a quill.
“What class are you both missing?” he asked as he dabbed the quill end into the ink pot.
“Charms.” both Hermione and Draco said in unison. They both eyed each other suspiciously after they both spoke, wondering what each was thinking.
“Professor Flitwick?” Slughorn asked again as he scribbled away.
“Yeah.” Hermione replied as she stood up and walked over to him. He handed her the note, and she began to walk out of the classroom.
“Where’s my note?” Draco asked with curiosity as he watched Hermione leave.
“Well judging that you both said Charms with Professor Flitwick at the same time, I guessed that you where both in the same class and wrote out one. Go catch up, unless you want detention of course?” Slughorn joked as he picked up a piece of paper with a list of things on it. He chuckled lightly to himself and he ticked something off on the list, and then he coughed and spluttered. Draco looked at him with disgust and then quickly picked up his bag and chased on after Hermione.

He could see her picking up pace as she noticed him following behind her, and she rounded another corner and was out of sight again. Running to catch up again, Draco panted as he stopped at the corner and noticed that she was waiting for him by the door.
“Oh, th-thanks.” he panted as he walked slowly towards her. She sighed and pushed the door to Charms open and the two walked in, Draco still rather out of breath. Hermione wandered over to Professor Flitwick and handed him the note, him nodding silently in reply. Draco grabbed a seat by Pansy Parkinson, who smiled brightly upon his seating. He knew than that sitting there was a big mistake.
Hermione grabbed a seat by Ron, opposite Harry and Terry Boot, who sat quietly chatting away.

Pansy put one hand on top of Draco’s, which was resting on his lap.
“Draco, why did you miss most of class? There’s only ten minutes left, and you came in with that mudblood. Why?” Pansy asked.
Being Too afraid to admit the real reason as to why he was late, Draco said, “I had to speak with Slughorn and Granger was just there studying. Nothing important though.”
Pansy smiled and clasped his hand even tighter. Draco gulped and turned his attention to the professor.
He was blabbering on about some Growth Charm, but Draco couldn’t concentrate on him - not when Pansy was holding his hand. He wasn’t sure if he could move It without upsetting her. She had been forever liking him, and they had been a couple on and off for the past three years. But they where now in their seventh year, and he didn’t want to start anything up between them. He had his own things he wanted to do with his life, and he didn’t like her in the way she liked him.
“Draco,” she whispered. Her breath felt as warm as flames against his neck, “I really like you. I know you share these feelings, but you just don’t want to admit it. Shall we give it another go?”
He knew this moment would come. The moment that her little heart would be broken - by him.
He whispered quietly back to her, “Pansy, I-”
“I know, Draco. I’m just glad that we can finally be back together again. No need to explain how much I mean to you. I already know. Thank you for giving me another chance. I was so scared, and Blaise convinced me too ask you, after-all.” Pansy replied, not letting him finish his sentence. Blaise. Draco turned around quickly in his seat to stare at the back of the classroom. He noticed Blaise sitting beside Theodore Nott, who was sitting quietly, scribbling notes on a piece of parchment. Blaise looked up and grinned as he noticed Pansy smiling away to herself and their hands joined. Draco glared at him deeply, and Blaise’s grin vanished. He looked back down at his parchment, worried about his wellbeing after this.

The class finally finished, and Blaise pushed past several students in order to run from the room as fast as his legs would carry him. Draco smirked, feeling the slight satisfaction that Blaise was scared of him.
He stood up and pushed his chair in, Pansy still holding his hand. He shook his hand free and turned to face her, to tell her that he didn’t share the same feelings for her, but she got the wrong idea. As he turned his head to face her, her hands clasped around his cheeks and she pulled him towards her. Their lips joined together, Draco not knowing what to think. He didn’t pull away, and instead he let her kiss him. She let go and stared deep into his eyes, smiling brightly. He then put his hands on top of hers and pulled them from his face and dropped them.
“See? We’re meant to be together, Draco!” she exclaimed as she smiled brightly and kissed him again.
All he could do was just stand there and take it.
“Pansy, wait,” he said quietly as she went to leave, “I don’t want to go out with you. I don’t like you in that way, and I’m really really really sorry!”. Her expression had turned solid, and her face was red.
“W-what?” she gasped, appalled.
“I’m sorry.” Draco replied. Pansy took deep breaths and looked all around her. She then looked back up to him, with shiny eyes as if she where about to cry. Draco noticed this.
“Oh please don’t cry!” he begged as he too looked all around himself. With one swift, quick motion, Pansy’s hand flew through the air and punched him hard in the face. Draco’s hand immediately took the place of where her hand had hit and he rubbed his face as she stormed off out of the classroom.
People where staring at him as he stood by his chair with his hand tight against his cheek. It burned badly, and all he could do was hope that there was no mark.
“Dismissed.” shouted Flitwick as he moved some old books back into their shelves.
Draco walked briskly along the corridor, his hand still over the spot that pansy had hit. The pain throbbed through his whole head, and as he passed the Hospital Wing, he stopped and decided that maybe Madam Pomfrey could fix it and give him something to get rid of the pain.

He walked into the Hospital Wing and found Madam Pomfrey with Ginny Weasley, who had been injured during Quidditch practice.
“There you go, Miss Weasley, don’t go falling off that broom of yours again for some time, or it’ll be more than just a few bruises on that very frail bone of yours.” she said as Ginny hopped off the end of the bed and walked straight past Draco and out of the door, glaring at him as she left.
“Can I help you?” Madam Pomfrey asked quietly as she quickly made the bed again.
“Err, yes. I got, err, punched by accident in the face. I think there’s a bruise, and its bloody sore!” Draco said as he rubbed his cheek in pain. Madam Pomfrey walked over to him and tapped her hand on his, signalling him to move it. He moved his hand away, and she gasped.
“It’s left an awful bruise. What ever punched you like this?” she asked as she continued to look closer at the bruise.
“Just a, err, walked into something.” Draco lied. It where almost as if Madam Pomfrey could see that he was lying, but she nodded her head in agreement and walked over to the cupboard.
“Okay, I’m going to give you some Bruise-Removal Paste. This should get rid of your bruise in about an hour.” she said as she hurried back with a bottle of yellow paste. She tipped some onto her small, wrinkly hands and rubbed it neatly onto his face. Eventually, she rushed over to the sink and washed her hands free of the thick, yellow paste.
“Okay, if you just keep that on for the hour than that’ll be that. Okay, you best get back to class.”
Draco stared at her with wide eyes. Surely she didn’t think that he’d ever go out with this on his face.
She laughed lightly at his expression and then pointed to the door. Glaring at her, Draco walked off; his face coated in a thick, yellow paste.

Chapter 2: Annoyance
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Chapter Two

The following day, Hermione woke up with the most painful of headaches. She had been getting them on and off all week, but this one went right through her. As she pushed her hand through her hair and opened her eyes, she pulled herself into a upright position. She scratched her head and moaned as the light poured in through the windows and blinded her. Pushing the duvet cover off of her, she looked around her and noticed that only a few beds where still occupied. Ginny was in the bed beside hers, and she was also sitting in bed. She had her hand covering her eyes from the sun as she smiled at Hermione.
“Morning.” she said in a croaky, ‘I just got out of bed’ tone. Ginny jumped out of bed and grabbed a silky nightgown that now covered her underwear. She wandered over to the large mirror that stood at the far end of the dorm and she neatly combed her hair with the hairbrush that had been sitting by the mirror. Hermione watched in envy how straight Ginny’s hair was, and how tug free it seemed to be.

Eventually deciding to get up, she jumped out of bed quickly and grabbed her own silk nightgown. She pulled it around herself and tied the lace around it in a bow. She walked over to Ginny, who was now rubbing moisturiser onto her pale complexion. Hermione grabbed another brush and stared at herself in the mirror. Her hair was a huge and  fluffy, curly mess. She pulled the brush through it, wincing with pain as she did so. She pulled the brush through it and then when she was satisfied with her now tug-free hair, she pulled back her fringe. She picked up a clip and held it between her teeth as she fixed her fringe into the right position, and then clipped it up. Looking at herself in the mirror again, she was reminded that she wasn’t at all pretty. She actually had no idea why Ron was dating her.

She quickly got changed into her school uniform and then hurried down the stairs to the Common Room. She noticed Harry and Ginny sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace holding hands and smiling day-dreamingly at each other, whist Ron sat on the sofa with his legs outstretched and yawning.
“Hey.” she said as she flopped down onto the sofa beside Ron. He moved his legs from beneath her just before she sat on them. She laughed as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her on the forehead.
“Nice sleep?” Ron asked as his lips left her forehead and he moved back into his place on the sofa.

“Have a bit of a headache, but apart from that, yeah. You?” Hermione replied as she caressed his face.
“Well I had to face Neville talking in his sleep all night. Tellin me ‘bout some Turkish plant, so he was.” Ron stated. Hermione laughed slightly, her head still hurting. Harry suddenly burst into laughter and turned around to face them, still holding hands with Ginny.
“That’s coming from the guy who once shouted at me in his sleep that spiders where trying to get him to tap-dance.” Harry pointed out, still laughing. Ron turned a reddish colour in the face, and threw one of the pillows that was sitting on the other seat at Harry. Ron turned back to Hermione, who stared at him with a huge grin planted on her face.
“Okay! It’s true. But that was back years ago, and I was scared of spiders back then.” Ron said.
“Don’t be silly, Ron. Your still scared of spiders now!” Ginny squeaked. They all burst into a fit of laughter. Hermione was the first to break it, when she pulled Ron in for a kiss.

As their lips parted, Ron looked into her eyes and said, “What was that for?”
“Because I love you, that’s why.” Hermione replied as she kissed him again. His arms wrapped around her waist and he pulled her onto his lap, still kissing her. He kissed her down her neck, then down her arms, making her laugh uncontrollably. She pushed herself off of his lap and back down onto the sofa.
“Okay guys, I have to go do some tutoring. I agreed to meet Malfoy in the library before first period.” Hermione sighed and stood up. Ron grabbed her hand quickly and pulled her close to him.
“Don’t let him say or do anything to you, yeah?” he warned. Hermione chuckled.
“I’m not a careless little five year old, Ronald.” she replied. She then kissed him on the cheek and turned and left the Common Room.

She walked quickly to the library. As she entered, she noticed the small librarian was sitting at her desk. She smiled at her and quickly scanned the room for Malfoy. She spotted him in the bottom end of the library, away from sight almost. Rolling her eyes, she quickly walked over to the table and sat down.
“Right. Did you bring your books?” Hermione asked as she tapped her fingers on the desk. Draco was leaning back on his seat, but then brought it back down to normal before answering.
“Nope.” he replied as he yawned. Hermione smacked her fists down on the table in anger and he stared at her, seemingly startled by her sudden movement.
“Why can’t you do anything right?!” she bellowed, which earned her a disrespectful glare from the librarian. Draco stared at her with sleepy eyes still and then rubbed them.
“Can’t help it if I’m forgetful.” he replied slowly. Hermione felt as if she was going to snap any second.
“Malfoy. I did not just leave my friends to just sit here and freaking argue with you!” Hermione shouted, “I only agreed to tutoring you because your practically brain dead and Slughorn likes me and I don’t want to let him down. I don’t care about your stupid education.”

Draco stared her up and down and smirked.
“Oh what’s funny?” Hermione asked impatiently as she flicked her hair from her face.
“Your attitude. It’s always the same with the Mudblood’s. Stuck up, good for nothing, not worth living and pathetic.” Draco replied. Hermione’s straight look of anger had now changed to sadness.

Hermione stood up in her seat and pointed her finger at him. She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. Her eyes welled up with tears, and she made to walk away. As she reached the door, Slughorn entered with a huge smile set across his face.
“Oh, Miss Granger. I see you’ve taken to tutoring this early. Good. I’ll make sure to put that on your letter home. Your letter of achievement.” Slughorn announced as he waddled in. He walked straight past her and to the opposite side of the library. Sighing, she decided that it where best if she tutored him for at least she was getting the credit for it.

She wandered back over to the table that Draco was situated at and perched herself on the chair.
“Was that a little mean, Granger? Why don’t you run off and tell your blood traitor of a boyfriend?” Draco spat as he spoke, and one piece of saliva landed on her cheek. Wiping it off, she ignored his comment and instead, walked over to the bookstand. She picked out a potions book and threw it onto the desk. She then walked to the other side and grabbed three more, each time throwing them on the desk in front of Draco. She then walked back to the desk and sat down back on her seat.
“Read.” she instructed. Draco stared at her, but then picked up one of the books and began to read it.

They sat in silence as Draco scanned each page of the fist book. Hermione watched as his pale, bony fingers curved around the edge of the pages and flipped them over. She stared at his pale complexion. She had never really thought about what he had really looked like, but she studied him fully. She noticed that his hair wasn’t greasy. It was fluffy and a few shades darker blond than it had been. His eyes where grey still, but they held something in them - something that wasn’t evil. His mouth was twitching in the corners as he read, and she realised how humane he actually looked when not smirking. His face wasn’t as strange and disorientated as it once had been, in her eyes, and she studied his expression. His eyebrows where curved into a frown as he read the book, seemingly trying to remember the terms of the words. He turned the last page of the book and scanned it before shutting it slowly and then putting it back down on the table. He looked up from the book and smiled at her. He then stretched out his arms and sunk into the chair, yawning in the process.

“Well?” Hermione asked, eyebrows raised. Draco shrugged and closed his eyes. He licked his lips and then ran his fingers through his hair, then opened his eyes again. He watched as Hermione sighed and rested her head in her hands that where sitting beneath her chin. She stared at the ceiling for a moment, then her eyes rested on Draco once again.

“I think we have time for breakfast.” Draco looked up at the clock as he said this, and Hermione followed his gaze. It was twenty to nine, and lessons stared at nine.
“C’mon.” Draco instructed as he stood up and began to walk away, but Hermione stayed rooted ton the spot. She stared at him with wide eyes that flickered between him and the books.
“Fine.” Draco said as he picked up the books and shoved them back on a random shelf. Hermione shook her head and followed him out of the library. 

They walked along the long corridors, and eventually reached the Great Hall doorway. Draco turned to her and smiled at her. It wasn’t even a snigger.
“Thanks for tutoring me.” Draco said after he stood for a long moment.
“Err, your welcome?” Hermione replied, feeling curious as to why he thanked her.
“Yeah, I know. I don’t know why I said that either.” Draco said as he pushed one of the Great Hall doors open and peeked in. He noticed Pansy sitting at the Slytherin table beside Blaise, her eyes red.
“Draco?” Hermione said as she peeked around to see his expression. He hadn’t realised that he had been staring for so long at Pansy. He cleared his throat and moved out of her path.
“I think I might skip breakfast actually. Err, got things to do.” he said as he continued to peer at Pansy.
“Um, okay. Hey, Pansy looks sad, doesn’t she?” Hermione asked as she followed his gaze.
“Mhm. That was me.” Draco replied, still staring. Pansy was rubbing her eyes, having clearly been crying for what looked like ages.

“What did you do?” Hermione found herself asking. She looked up at Draco and pulled the door shut again. He looked down at Hermione’s small frame compared to his and studied her.
“She likes me, but I don’t like her. She got the wrong idea and thought I was gonna go out with her, but I wasn’t. When I told her that, she punched me and ran off. Didn’t realise she liked me that much.” Draco replied as he stared into Hermione’s eyes.
“I actually didn’t expect you to be so open with me about that. Um, why don’t you apologize?” Hermione asked. Draco smiled slightly.
“If only it where that easy with Pansy. Anyway, I better go. See you tomorrow, same time and same place.” Draco said as he walked off, leaving Hermione standing alone.

Hermione pushed the Great Hall doors open again and walked in. She wandered over to the Gryffindor table and sat down on the bench next to Ron. Sitting across from them was Harry and Ginny. Harry smiled as he drank from his goblet and she noticed Ginny was too busy eating her toast to notice that Hermione had even sat down. Ron greeted her in the same way as he did every morning; a gentle hug.
“How was tutoring?” Harry asked as he put the goblet of Pumpkin Juice back down on the table. Ron laughed manically beside her, and everyone looked at him as if he was insane.

’How was tutoring’ he says. Obviously it was horrific for her, Harry!” Ron exclaimed as he waved his arms about in the air in the same way as his mother did.
“Actually, it wasn’t all that bad. He annoyed me at first, but then I shoved some books in his arms and he shut up and read them.” Hermione explained. Ron stared at her in disbelief.
“Really?” Ginny piped in as she finished her toast.
“Yeah. It was really weird. What do you have first, Ginny?” Hermione asked as she plopped a grape in her mouth.
“Quidditch practice. You have a free period, don’t you?” Ginny asked quickly.
“Oh! Yes I do! I’ll come and watch you then.” Hermione replied as she suddenly remembered that she did have a free period. Harry nodded in agreement and Ron patted Hermione on her back.
Each finished their breakfasts and they all stood up. Ginny and Harry walked around to Ron and Hermione’s side of the table and they all walked back up and out of the hall

As they walked along the pathway outside the castle towards the Quidditch pitch, Hermione couldn’t help but wonder where Draco was hiding out. He might have been in the Slytherin Common Room, but she had heard that he wasn’t too welcome in there anymore. Not many of the Slytherins enjoyed the fact that he had been granted the position of a Death Eater, or that he had tried to murder their head teacher.
She thought back to their sixth year, when she had heard from Harry that he had been hiding out on the 6th floor and in the room of requirement. She could almost bet that she’d find him there if she looked.

She wondered if he had company, considering that he was hiding from Pansy. Blaise was probably with him, either that or Crabbe or Goyle.
“Hermione?” Ginny asked. Hermione snapped out of her daydream and realised that she had walked meters ahead of them and hadn’t stopped at the gates. Blushing slightly, she jogged back to her friends.
“What where you thinking about?” Ron asked as he put his arm around her waist.
“Not much.” Hermione replied and the four started walking again.

They walked through the gates and into the grounds. Ron let go of Hermione’s waist and instead he took her hand. He lead her up the stairs; right up to the top. The view was great from there. You could see right over the other side of the pitch, and had excellent view of the players. Ron sat down, and she gracefully sat down beside him. He smiled as she sat down, and he put one arm around her shoulders.
Hermione noticed Harry and Ginny standing at the side of the pitch, each with a broomstick in their hands. She then noticed several other players behind them. They all jumped onto their brooms at the blow of a whistle from someone in the seats below them, and they soared into the air. Harry zoomed through the air and hovered high above the ground. Ginny was lower down and Hermione noticed her wave up at Harry, who returned the gesture with blowing her a kiss. Hermione grinned as she noticed Ginny grow redder and redder by the minute as other team members imitated Harry and wolf whistled to her.

The Quaffle, Bludgers and the Golden Snitch where released and the practice game began. Ginny flew through the air with the Quaffle in her hand. She flew up to the hoop that stood and through the ball through the hoop. Everyone cheered and Harry sat on his broom grinning widely.
“Want to spend the night in the Room of Requirement tonight?” Ron suddenly asked gingerly. Hermione snapped her head to his face and stared at him in shock.
“Wh-what?” she stuttered as she continued to stare in shock.
“I’m sorry to just spring it on you like that, but you know, and we have been going out for more than seven months now.” Ron replied quietly.
“Well yeah, but that’s no reason to just expect me to sleep with you! How can you be so insensitive, Ron?!” Hermione shouted as she stormed from her seat and marched back down the stairs.

Huffing and puffing, she made her way back into the castle. How could he be so insensitive towards her feelings about that. He knew how she felt about the whole ‘next level’ of their relationship. She wasn’t ready, and he was. She wandered back into the castle, thinking about their relationship, and just as she rounded the corner to head up the stairs, she bumped straight into Malfoy.
“Malfoy? Oh. I didn’t expect to see you here at this time. Where are you going?” Hermione asked.
“I just wanted to know if you where busy, cause I wanted to do some more studying with you. I have nothing else to do, and I’m still hiding from Pansy.” he replied.
“Err, sure.” Hermione replied in confusion. He wanted to do some studying.
“Lets go to the library.” Draco said as he walked forward. They walked in silence to the library, each busy with their own thoughts to care what people who passed by thought about them being together.

Chapter 3: Accidental Kisses
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Chapter Three

Draco woke up the following morning with Pansy standing over his bedside. He jumped up with shock and pulled the duvet cover over his shirtless chest.

“Pansy? What’re you doing here?” he asked as he looked around the room and noticed several other boys still in bed, their duvets too pulled up to their chests.

“What where you doing with that Mudblood Granger yesterday?” she asked sternly.
“It was just studying. She’s tutoring me, remember?” Draco replied. She stared down at him, her eyes full of rage and annoyance.

“That’s a lie! You where sitting really close to her in the library. Yeah, I followed you. You both stare at each other as if your bloody love birds!” Pansy exclaimed, her arms flying around everywhere.

“What? Oh get a grip, Pansy.” Draco spat as he shoved the duvet off of himself and jumped out of bed.

“So your telling me to get a grip, when you’re the one who’s hanging out with the Mudblood? Everyone‘s noticed, Draco.” Pansy asked in spite. Draco turned to face her as he grabbed a shirt from his bedside and pulled it on.

“You know what Pansy? Your just a pathetic, jealous and obnoxious little girl. You always have been and you always will be. I never really loved you, and I hope that hurts, because telling me that I’m ‘hanging out’ with a Mudblood really offends me.” Draco replied.

His face was just inches from hers, and tears filled up in her eyes. She bit them back, and instead just ran from the room. Draco stood breathing heavily, his shirt half buttoned up, half undone. Everyone in the dorm was staring at him, some with disgust and some with gratitude. He spun round to face them all.

“What?!” he shouted and every face that had been staring at him was now staring hard at the ground.

Draco dressed quickly and then hopped down into the Common Room. He received glares from Blaise and Pansy, who where sitting on the sofa in the centre of the room as he walked straight past them and left through the doors. He walked aimlessly along the corridor of the dungeons and then walked up the stairs. He arrived outside the Great Hall and pushed open the doors. He marched along and sat down at the very end of the table away from everyone else. He picked up an apple and quietly munched away on it. He thought about what Pansy had said. Everyone had noticed him with Granger. There was no reason for him to feel conscious about that, though. She was only tutoring him. They talked sometimes, but that didn’t make them friends. He checked his watch almost every five minutes, and he realised that it was only eight o’clock. Pansy had woke him up beyond average time for almost everyone. Not many people where sitting in the hall, he suddenly realised. He looked around and noticed three people sitting at the top of the Ravenclaw table, two at the Hufflepuff, six at his own and only one on the Gryffindor.

He could have recognized the curly brown hair from anywhere. The person sitting at the table was Granger. She was sitting alone, with a piece of toast in her hand and a book sitting open. He watched her turn each page carefully, and then take a bite out of her toast. She must have realised that he was staring at her, as she looked up and stared at him back for a short moment before she smiled slightly and got back to reading her book and eating. Draco turned back to face the right way round and grabbed an apple. He munched away, letting the juice ooze around his mouth before swallowing.

He glanced at his watch again, only to discover that it was only ten past eight. He sighed deeply and suddenly got a horrible chill. The hairs on his arms stood on end, and goose-bumps appeared. He wondered if perhaps a ghost had passed straight through him, but no ghost was there when he spun around. Rubbing his bare arms, he shivered slightly and moved around in his seat slightly.

He noticed the doors to the Great Hall swing open, and Potter and Weasley walked in. He watched as they walked over to Hermione, who was still reading, and sit down beside her. Harry sat down on one side of her and Ron on the other. He planted a kiss on her forehead as he sat down, but she didn’t bat an eyelid. He could see Ron’s arm wrapped around her waist, but Hermione didn’t seem fussed. Draco found himself staring so badly in curiosity, that they had all noticed. He snapped out of his stare as quick as he could, and realised too soon that they where staring back, each with a confused expression set upon their faces. He spun round on the bench too quickly and fell flat on the floor with a bang. People stared from the tables, wondering what the commotion was about. Cringing slightly, he pulled himself back onto the bench and stuck his head down so that nobody could see his face. Once he noted that nobody was staring anymore, he sat up and groomed his hair down flatter and fixed his shirt and tie. The doors swung open again and this time Pansy entered. She was alone, and looked fixated on him.

She marched straight down the hall and stopped as she reached him. She stood before him; arms folded over her chest and a stern look on her face.

“What now?” Draco asked as he picked up a piece of toast, spread some butter over it and bit a chunk out of it. Pansy continued to stare at him, giving him an evil glare as usual.

“Are you over me yet?” Pansy asked.

Draco looked around himself and then chuckled lightly.

“Pansy, I was never under you.” he replied.

“Right. Whatever. I don’t care.” she said as she spun on her heel and walked back over to the top end of the table and sat down.

Draco stared at her aimlessly. She was so stupid, it was un-real. Draco turned to face Hermione, who had her toast mid-way to her mouth and was talking to Harry. Ron wasn’t saying a word, and instead was just eating bacon in silence. He scoffed away, and the sound Hermione’s laugher rang around the hall. She bit down on her toast, and she pulled a horrible expression. She pulled the toast back out of her mouth, and blood was covered all over it. She stood up, and covered her hand over her mouth. Blood dripped through the gaps between her fingers, and she ran from the hall, blood dripping down her shirt and onto the floor as she did so.

Draco stared at the door even after it had closed behind her, wondering if she would come back. He looked back over to see Harry holding the piece of toast by the corner and examining it, while Ron sat back away from it, obviously being squeamish over the blood. Draco stood up and jumped over the bench, and then he walked briskly passed Pansy, and all of the other Slytherins at the table, and left the hall. He walked up the stairs and noticed the Prefects Bathroom door was wide open. He walked passed, not caring in the slightest, but he did care about who he noticed was inside. He stepped back and looked in once again, only to see that it was Hermione that was leaning over the sink. He walked through the door and closed it quietly behind himself. Hermione didn’t turn round, but she jumped.

“Who’s there?” she asked through spits as she spat the blood out of her mouth and into the sink.

“It’s me. Err, are you ok?” Draco asked. Hermione shook her head and continued spitting.

“Do I look okay? The blood just won’t stop.” Hermione replied within a second.

“What actually happened?” Draco asked as he walked over to her and stood beside
her by the sink.

“I lost my tooth when eating toast. What do you want?” Hermione asked. She turned to face him. Her face was covered with blood. It had stained her clear chin, and her lips where dyed blood red also.

“Just wanted to ask you if you where okay. Just thought I’d try and be genuine.” Draco replied.

Hermione tried to laugh, but she ended up choking on her own blood. She spluttered,
but continued to choke. She flapped her arms around, and Draco stood back and watched her in worry.

“He-help!” Hermione screeched. Draco patted her on the back three times, but he failed at helping her.

He quickly put one hand on her stomach, pushed her head down slightly and pressed his other hand on her back. He then counted to three out-loud and then with one quick, swift movement, he pushed against her stomach and her back, and she stopped
choking. She spat out the remaining blood and turned to face him, tears in her eyes.

“Thanks, Malfoy.” she managed to say, her throat still dry and sore from choking. They stared at each other, and Draco found himself moving his hand up to her chin and wiping away some blood. He then pulled his hand away when he realised how weird he looked, and stared at the floor in silence.

“How are you and Pansy? I couldn’t help but notice her rage earlier, at breakfast.”

Hermione asked to break the silence that hung around them.

“Not too great, to be honest with you. What about you an Weasley?” Draco replied.

“What do you mean?” Hermione asked curiously.

“I’ve noticed you and him together. Usually your all over each other, but today you seemed as if you hated him or something. What happened?” Draco asked. Hermione stared up at him.

“That’s - That’s nothing to do with you, Draco.” Hermione replied, looking away from him. Draco smirked at her brightly and laughed lightly.

“What?” she asked as she brought herself to look back up at him.

“You called me Draco, not Malfoy.” he replied, still smirking.

“Don’t you think that we’re getting a bit too old for that nonsense?” Hermione asked, smiling.

“Okay then. I agree, Hermione.” Draco said.

The two burst into laughter at the sound of their own voices saying each others names, and Hermione collapsed against the sink clutching her stomach. She finally stopped laughing and looked up at Draco’s tall figure, who was still laughing. He stopped a moment after her, and walked over to her and stood a few inches away from her. She could feel his deep breathing against her forehead, and warm vibes floated from his body and rested against her skin. He leaned forwards once more, close enough now to hear the beating of her pounding heart, and he allowed his lips to lock against hers. His whole body tingled as his tongue entered her mouth, and he closed his eyes. His hands slid up her back and into her hair, and hers rested around his waist. He pulled away from her, gently un-locking their lips. He opened his eyes as he stood, still just an inch or two away from her, and looked into her dark brown eyes, that had opened just as his had. He licked his lips, and sweat poured down him like he had just been in the shower. He lifted his hands from her hair and caressed her cheek gently before he let go of her.

Draco backed away from her, not knowing now what to. Hermione continued to lean against the skin, obviously shocked at their sudden movements, and just stared hard at the floor.

“I, err, I don’t know what just happened, and I’d be grateful if you didn’t mention this to Ron, err, yeah, you know. I better go now. Bye, err, Draco.” Hermione muttered as she pushed past him and flew from the room quickly, leaving Draco to stand alone. He slid down the side of the wall and sat on the hard, damp and cold floor. He thought about what had just happened, and how it had felt so right, but had been so wrong all the same. Draco looked around himself, as if hoping that this had been a dream, but it hadn’t. The room was the same, yet he felt as if he wasn’t. New feelings had aroused inside of him, and he wondered if he now had feelings for someone of whom he had hated for years. Eventually, giving up, he finally decided that he would go to class.

He wandered aimlessly around the castle, peering around corners every minute, hoping not to bump into Hermione. Draco crossed the hallway and opened the doors to the main entrance to the castle. The air drove straight through him like knives, and he shuddered at the coldness. He wrapped his arms around himself and crossed the yard. He walked briskly to the other side, and stopped as he reached the doors to Professor Flitwick’s classroom. He breathed slowly and deeply as the coldness entered him, and he shivered and trembled. The door flew open a moment later, and the small professor looked up at him, his dark hair covering his eyes,

“Malfoy. Get in the class, I can see you’ve been toasty in the castle. Your late.”


Chapter 4: Secrets Almost Out
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Chapter Four

Hermione rounded the corner and then rested against the wall. She stared at the roof as she leaned, and she was breathing heavily. She wondered if this was a dream that she needed to wake up from. Had she just kissed Draco? Yes. Had she enjoyed it? Yes. Did she feel guilty? Yes.

“Hermione?” Ginny’s voice came high pitched and squeaky from behind her.

Hermione jumped from the wall in shock, and then suddenly realised who was speaking and breathed deeply.

“Gosh, Ginny. You scared the hell out of me!” Hermione said as she held her hand on her chest.

“You seem on edge, Hermione. What’s up?” Ginny asked, seeing that Hermione was clearly shaken up.

Hermione took a deep breath and looked her best friend in the eye. She could tell Ginny everything, and that included this. She walked over to Ginny and rested one hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t tell Ron, please.” she muttered quietly. Ginny pulled a cautious expression.

“Okay?” she asked curiously.

“Malfoy kissed me,” Hermione mumbled quickly. Ginny’s eyes grew wider and wider, and her mouth hung open in shock as the words escaped Hermione’s lips.

“Hermione! You have to tell Ron, or Harry! They can get him sorted! Wait, but why!?” she cried hysterically. Hermione shook her head miserably.

“And I kissed him back.” she muttered. Ginny was now also breathing deeply, and she looked around.

“I don’t know what to say, Hermione, apart from why?”

“I don’t know either, Ginny! That’s why I need you to understand, and not tell Ron. Please, just drop the subject while we can and not speak of it again. It was an honest mistake, and I can assure you that it won’t happen again. I love your brother. I love Ron. He’s the one I’ll always love, even if he is an ignorant twat at times.” Hermione replied, tears in her eyes. Ginny sighed deeply and looked up into her best friends eyes and nodded silently.

“Thank-you. Lets go, or we’ll be late for class.” Hermione said as she exhaled a breath and pulled Ginny by the jumper in the opposite direction.

The two walked along corridor after corridor, each with their eyes wide and peering around every corner. It was as if they wanted to bump into Draco, but scared to all the same. They reached the door to Arithmancy and they stopped at the door. Hermione pulled Ginny in for a hug, and the two stood for a long moment in the embrace of each other. Ginny pulled away at last, and smiled kindly at Hermione, who returned the gesture before entering the class. She grabbed her usual seat at the front of the class - to be seen first when answering a question - and pulled her books out of her bag.

“Miss Granger?” the Professor called across the class in her strict manor.

“Here.” Hermione replied brightly. Arithmancy had always been her favourite subject in school, and still was. She enjoyed being the best in the class, the only Gryffindor, and that she had no distractions.

She sat with her book open on page thirteen and was reading away as the professor went through the list of names and ticked them off on the register as she did so.

“Mr Malfoy?” she shouted. Hermione’s gaze shot up from her book and landed on the tall figure standing in the doorway. Her mouth was hanging open as she saw him.

“Sorry I’m late, Professor. See, I was kept behind last class.” Draco said as he walked through the door.

“Well, it is your first time in this class, so I’ll let you off with it this once. Take a seat.” the Professor replied. Draco looked around the class and then landed on the spare seat beside Hermione, who noticed his gaze and shook her head. He ignored her and instead, took the seat and sat down softly beside her.

The professor continued to go through the list of names, and the class was morally silent apart from the odd few at the back who where giggling and talking quietly. Hermione could feel Draco’s stare on her hands, that wouldn’t stop twitching on the edge of the book. She looked out of the corner of her eye at him, and she knew that he was doing the same. The professor cleared her throat and stood up. Hermione shifted her gaze to look at her, and Draco done the same.

“QUIET!” she bellowed across the classroom.

Hermione hadn’t noticed until the moment before she yelled that the classroom had been so loud and noisy. The class went silent almost immediately and the professor rolled her eyes and stepped onto the platform by the blackboard. She rambled away as per usual throughout lessons, and Hermione couldn’t help but turn her attention onto Draco, who was tapping his fingers on the table irritably.

“Could you not do that?” she found herself asking him. He moved his hand and rested it on his lap.

“Yeah.” he replied quickly. She turned her attention back onto the professor, but then noticed that his feet where tapping against the floor also. She turned to face him once again and stared angrily.

“Draco!” she shouted, but not too loud. Heads of those who sat close turned to face them, and the professor looked at them with her eyebrows raised and a suspicious look on her bony face.

“What’s going on with you two love birds then?” she asked sternly. Laughter filled the room and Hermione put her head down and stared at the floor in embarrassment.

“Nothings going on, Professor, and we aren’t love birds.” Draco replied angrily.

“Is that so? You sure about that, Mr Malfoy? You seem the type to fall for the beautiful, elegant brain box. The type that wouldn‘t get her, also.” Professor Vector asked, smirking like a loon. She had always enjoyed picking on the new people in the class, and picking on those who really annoyed her.

“I’m positive, Professor Vector. Your right. I would never get the chance to be with Hermione. She’s intelligent, bright, elegant and beautiful.” Draco replied, clearly not embarrassed. Hermione looked back up at him in shock. He had just stood up for her, and made a fool out of himself by admitting that she would never go for him. Professor Vector was staring viciously at him, and she then turned back to the blackboard and mumbled something quickly before writing a formula on the board.

“You didn’t need to do that.” Hermione whispered, eyes focused on the professor this time.

“Yes I did.” Draco replied, also whispering.

“Why?” asked Hermione as she played with the page holder. Draco ignored her, and Hermione eventually gave up and focused on her professor.

The lesson finally finished, and the professor stood by her desk, leaning against it. She peered around the class, studying each student, who too stood behind their chairs that where neatly pushed underneath their desks. She glanced at her watch and sighed heavily.

“Dismissed.” she said slowly. The students all flew out of the door in one huge flock, but Hermione toddled along slowly at the back. She walked quickly past her professor with her head down.

“Hermione,” she said. Hermione stopped in her tracks and rolled her eyes before turning around.

“You know you are my brightest pupil, correct?” she asked as she sipped from her mug of coffee.

“Um, I guess.” Hermione replied with curiosity.

“Don’t let that Malfoy get in your way, then. He’s up to no good, and I know a player when I see one. He’s up to something.” her professor said between sips.

“What are you saying, Professor?” Hermione asked.

“All I’m saying is don’t let him woo you. Don’t let what happened to our beloved Professor Dumbledore happen to you. He’s cold, that boy, very cold. He’s the exact same as his father, Lucius.” the professor replied, sitting her mug back down on the table.

“I, err, yes professor. Thank you.” Hermione replied. Professor Vector ushered her away, and Hermione scurried from the room and shut the door behind her, unaware that Draco had been listening.

She walked back down the stairs slowly, thinking about Draco. He hadn’t left her mind since they had kissed. She noticed Ron standing alone at the bottom of the staircase as she approached the first floor. He always waited for her after classes. He looked up and smiled brightly at her. She finally reached the bottom step and he held out his hand for her. She took his hand in hers and pulled him towards her and kissed him lightly on the lips. She then pulled away and they began to walk.

“Lets go to the Prefects bathroom.” Ron said suddenly as they walked.

“Why?” Hermione asked curiously.

“We’re meeting Harry and Ginny there. Don’t ask me why, cause I have no idea.” Ron replied.

They walked back up the stairs and arrived outside the bathroom in no time. Ron pushed the door open and they walked into the bathroom. Hermione noticed Ginny and Harry standing side by side beside the bathroom sink; Harry pointing to the tap and Ginny looking amazed as she nodded her head. They noticed Hermione and Ron enter and both looked up, smiling and waving.

“So why are we meeting in here?” Hermione asked as she looked around. She had kissed him here.

“Well, actually, we’re not meeting here. I need a favour.” Harry replied with a cheesy grin on his face.

Hermione stared at him, a frown on her face, “What kind of favour?” she asked.

“We need Polyjuice potion.” Ginny said quickly, earning a disappointed look from Harry.

“Why?” Hermione asked as she stared at her friends.

“You’ll find out, but please, Hermione.” Harry begged as he took her hand in his and smiled kindly.

“Oh alright then.” Hermione said finally. Harry’s face lit up and he pulled her for a hug. She couldn’t help but smile back.

“Oh, it’s you. I wondered when I’d be seeing you again, Granger.” came a voice from one of the toilets. They all looked for where and whom the voice had came from, and Moaning Myrtle suddenly flew from the toilet block and floated a few meters away from them.

“When where you here, Hermione?” Ron asked after he realised what was said.

“Oh, just this morning when I was bleeding.” Hermione replied coolly.

“She got more action in her mouth as well as her tooth bleeding, believe me.” Myrtle said. Hermione stared at her with wide eyes in disbelief. Myrtle had seen her and Malfoy.

“What’s she talking ‘bout, Hermione?” Ron asked slowly.

“I have, err, no idea.” Hermione replied quickly as she pushed her hair behind her ears.

“What you blabbing about, Myrtle?” Ron asked as he frowned at Myrtle.

“Oh, just Granger. Like I said, she got more action than just a bleeding tooth. More action from a male, if I’m correct in speaking.” Myrtle replied in her squeaky, high-pitched voice before she flew around the room in a fit of giggles.

“What? Hermione?” Harry suddenly asked.

“I don’t know what she’s talking about, seriously!” Hermione shouted back before she stormed from the bathroom.  

She stomped round the corner and crashed into the boy himself. As he pushed himself off her and flattened out his uniform again, he cursed to himself. Hermione quickly realised that it was him and immediately pulled him into the corner beside her.

“Myrtle saw us!” she whispered into his ear. Draco pulled back and stared at her, with the pleading look of hoping she was joking on his face.

“Your kidding?” he asked. Hermione shook her head miserably and stared at their feet. She heard him sigh loudly and move closer to her.

“What are we gonna do then?” he asked. She could feel his warm breath on her neck, and it made her shiver slightly. She bit her lip and looked up into his grey, cold eyes.

“I don’t know,” she replied in a whisper, “but I know that Harry’s not happy.”

Draco looked at her in confusion and she shook her head in dismissal of the subject. He lifted his hand and lightly traced his fingertips along her cheek. She too raised her hand and swatted his away, then pushed him off of herself.

“I can’t do this, Draco. I thought that it’d be okay, being friends, but clearly it isn’t going to work.” she said quickly as she moved so that he was pushed back against the wall and that she was looking at him.

“Hermione, you don’t understand me at all, do you?” he asked, a smile perched in the corner of his lips.


“No, Hermione. For once in your life, listen to someone other than yourself. Your not always right, and nor am I. Nor is anyone, but just listen. We could give this a shot, because sometimes what is bad, can turn out to be something amazing. We connected when we kissed, Hermione. Surely you felt it?” he asked as Hermione stood staring at him. She scratched her head and he noticed the quick look in her eyes as she looked from the floor to the roof and then back at him. It was a look of panic.

“Draco,” she said in a hushed tone as she checked around the hallways to make sure that nobody was around, “I felt it. And right now, I’m feeling it all over again.”

She lunged herself at him, pushing him against the wall. She wrapped her arms around him and their lips connected, his tongue inside her mouth, gently massaging her own. They stood for a long moment in each others embrace before Hermione let go of him and stood close to him, her head resting against his torso. He gently massaged her shoulders as she laid against him, and she allowed him too.

“Hermione?” came Harry’s voice from around the corner.

Hermione’s eyes widened, and she pulled herself from Draco and gave him a look that said ‘shut up’. She smiled awkwardly at Harry, who was alone, and walked towards him, clearly trying to keep him from seeing Draco.

“What where you doing?” he asked curiously, trying to get a peek round the corner. Hermione chuckled awkwardly and pulled him towards her and started walking in the opposite direction.

“I was just cooling down. I have no idea what Myrtle was talking about,” she said as they walked.

“I know, Hermione, she was as Ron would say, ‘bang outa order’, and I don’t think for a second that you would ever cheat on him.” Harry replied as he laughed. Hermione’s smile faded. She hadn’t thought about cheating.

“Your right, yes. Um, Harry, I have to go to the library.” Hermione said the final words loud enough for Draco to hear, and Harry gave her a puzzled look as to her change in volume.

“Okay. Your alright though?” Harry asked. It was true, he was her best friend, and she felt the guilt rising to the top of her lungs. She wanted to scream out the truth. The truth that she had kissed Draco Malfoy twice now, and knew that she was to develop feelings for him. She wanted so badly to scream at him, but knew that it’d break his already so small heart. Instead, she just looked at him.

“I’m fine thank you Harry. I’ll see you later?” Hermione asked. Harry nodded and the two smiled before walking away in opposite directions. Hermione walked back towards Draco, and Harry back to where he had appeared from.

Chapter 5: Time Well Spent
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Draco watched as Hermione walked past him briskly, and he waited until Potter had gone before rushing after her. He caught hold of her hand and spun her to face him on the staircase and pouted. Hermione kissed him lightly before rushing off down the stairs again, still hand in hand with Draco.

He allowed her to pull him along the floors of the castle, and then down another set of stairs. They soon reached the library, still hand in hand as they stood by the door. Hermione turned to face him.

“I’m can’t let them see us,” she quietly said.

“I understand, but you’re still my tutor.” Draco stated smartly.

Hermione bared a grin at him and pushed open the doors. She let go of his hand as they entered, and stopped as she reached the centre of the library. It was crowded by a lot of first years, of whom where probably studying for their classes. Hermione then wandered over to a small table by the large windows of the library and sat down. Draco stood by the table, only to realise that she has stolen the one seat available. He crumpled his face up in an attempt to look angry, and walked over to another table and grabbed another chair. Draco sat down beside Hermione and received disgusted looks from some younger students who where sitting beside him.

Draco glared at them and then said, “What the hell is their-”

“-Problem? Maybe the fact that you’re a Death Eater?” Hermione replied as she grabbed a book from inside her bag and began to read.

She followed the lines with her finger, reading quietly.

Draco slowly moved his hand under the book cover and lifted it, purposely annoying Hermione.

“Draco, stop it. Put it down.” said Hermione. Draco sighed and dropped the book cover back down onto the desk which made a rather loud bang. He then sat back in the chair and started swinging whilst he kicked the table every time he swung. He grinned as he noticed Hermione start to get annoyed, as he noticed her eyes narrow to his feet each time he kicked the table. Eventually, she snapped her head to face him and glared at him in anger.

“Draco!” she yelled. Some of the first years that where sitting close to her jumped, which made Draco laugh loudly as he continued to swing.

Grabbing his foot, Hermione forced Draco backwards; he threw his arms in the air and started trying to regain balance, but Hermione merely pushed him back. He landed on the floor in a heap, coughing and choking. He was clearly winded, but Hermione just smirked back at him before turning back to her book. Draco just seemed to lay there with the chair on top of him, his eyes closed and breathing deeply.

Turning to him, Hermione said, “Are you going to grow up now?”

“Uh-huh,” Draco replied wearily. Hermione closed her book and turned in her seat and held her hand out to him after she pushed the chair off his chest. Draco grabbed her hand and allowed her to pull him up, and he held his hand to the back of his head, which was beginning to throb.

Hermione looked him up and down as he stood beside her at the desk, and watched as he pulled almost the exact same worrying expressions that Harry would pull when his scar prickled in pain. He turned to face her and slowly brought his hand back down and leaned against the table lightly.

“How’s your head?” said Hermione gently.

“Fine.” said Draco in reply as he picked up the chair that Hermione had pushed off of him. He placed it down again, back in its normal place, and sat down.


Both of their heads turned to see who the body of whom the voice had appeared from, and noticed that it was Vincent Crabbe who was standing before them, his fat physique bobbling around as he turned on the spot and called for Goyle.

“Oi, Goyle! Wait till yah see this!”

Goyle appeared just a moment later and he too gaped at the sight of the odd pair being together. He smirked and crossed his arms in front of his chest as he looked between the two.

“What d’you want Crabbe, Goyle?” asked Draco as he bit his lip.

“Disturbing your private lesson, are we?” Crabbe mocked as he licked his lips, which Hermione found simply repulsive. Goyle rocked back and forth on his heels, all the time glaring at Hermione.

“I’d shut up if I where you.” said Draco, mouthing something else afterwards that Hermione couldn’t make out as she watched him in confusion.

“Oooh! I’m so scared! Mummy help me, the stupid death eater is going to get me!” said Crabbe before he and Goyle then burst into a fit of laughter and jumped around like idiots in front of the desk. Draco clenched his fists and Hermione noticed his lip twitching slightly.

Crabbe and Goyle stared at him with their faces twisted into abnormal looks and Goyle seemed to tap Crabbe on the shoulder. Hermione tilted her head to the left slightly, and noticed Goyle kicking him also.

“Leave.” said Draco through gritted teeth. Both of them obeyed him and quickly hurried away.

“What happened?” said Hermione as she turned her attention back to Draco, who shook his head.

“They know what I’m capable of.” said Draco as he tuned to Hermione and looked sadly at her.

“Just ignore them, Draco. Their not as intelligent as you are, and your definitely better looking than either of them.” said Hermione soothingly. Draco lightly put his hand on her thigh and smiled at her.

“Thanks,” Draco whispered, “I’m going to find some books.”

Draco stood up and walked away from the desk and Hermione lost sight of him as he walked away, only to appear just a few moments later with a book in his hand.

“Thought I’d get this one.” Draco said as he held up the book for Hermione to see. She gaped as she noticed that he has picked up Hogwarts: A History. She gaped at him in shock.

“I’ve read that over twelve times!” she beamed, half expecting him to say he had too.

“Wow, I haven’t read it once.” said Draco as he opened the book and began reading. Hermione continued to gape at him, as if she’d thought that everyone had read the book at least five times.

“I can’t believe this is your first time. I’d read it twice before we’d finished first year!” said Hermione excitably. Draco smirked as he continued to read the book and he could hear Hermione hunting around in her bag for a book no doubt.

Draco yawned as he turned yet another page of the book and rested his head in his arms.

“You don’t have to finish reading you know.” said Hermione quietly.

“Great!” said Draco as he flipped the book over and relaxed back into his seat, stretching. Hermione smiled at him and stood up, pushed her chair in and stood behind it.

“I’m going to go find Harry and Ron. I’ll meet you somewhere later?” said Hermione.

“Why?” asked Draco with a frown upon his face.

“Because he’s my boyfriend, and I’ve hardly seen them since the incident with Myrtle.” said Hermione.

Draco sighed before nodding quietly and watching as Hermione left the library.

Hermione walked the busy corridor’s quickly, pushing past people, excusing herself if she stood on any feet or bumped into anybody. She peered over heads and shoulders, trying to see if she could spot Harry or Ron, but they where nowhere to be seen. She shoved past two girls, one being Lavender Brown, who glared at Hermione as she tried to squeeze past the third year girl that Lavender was with. Squeezing by the wall, as she pushed past Lavender, she stood on Hermione’s foot. Letting out a gasp of pain and tears flowing in her eyes, she hopped a little and then leaned against the all, holding her foot in her hand.

She saw Lavender smirking as she looked between her friend and Hermione. Blinking back the tears she desperately wanted to let loose, Hermione stood up straight and began walking again.

“Hermione!” shouted Ron from somewhere in the crowd of people. She searched round for him, but he was nowhere to be seen. As Hermione pushed past more people, she noticed Harry, who noticed her at almost the exact same time. He rushed towards her, being pushed and shoved by first and second years who where wandering around aimlessly with maps.

“RON! SHE’S HERE!” Harry bellowed. He took hold of her hand and gently pulled her along side him as he tried to find Ron’s voice, who was calling out names at random from somewhere in the corridor.

They stood to the side of the corridor, pressed up against the wall again, straining their eyes searching madly for Ron’s tall complexion and red hair. Hermione noticed him just as her eyes flickered across the corridor, and she pointed at him. Harry pushed past the first years and grabbed Ron, quickly pulling him back towards Hermione a moment later. As they all huddled together, they silently moved amongst
the first years and second years together, making their way out of the busy corridor and onto the stairs.

“Merlin’s beard!” gasped Ron as they walked slowly down the stairs, “recon their gonna find their classes by lunch?”

Harry snorted and both fell into laughter, but Hermione’s thoughts where no longer on them. She was too busy thinking about Draco.

“Hermione?” said Harry. Hermione snapped round to face him and he stared back at her with wide eyes and his eyebrows raised up, also tapping his foot on the ground.

“What?” asked Hermione in annoyance after several moments of staring.

“I just asked you a question, but your too busy off in a different land to even care! But, I asked where you where earlier, before I found you.” replied Harry, who kept exchanging looks with Ron to which Hermione guessed was about her growing relationship with Draco.

“I was at the library as I told you when I last saw you.” said Hermione. Harry and Ron yet again exchanged a look of which Hermione no longer knew the meaning of.

“Um, so where are we going now?” Ron asked quickly to break the tension.

“We could go watch whoever’s playing Quidditch,” suggested Harry.

“As long as its not Slytherin!” Ron piped in. Harry grinned and turned back to Hermione, who was incredibly bored. She was beginning to wonder if she should have even left Draco, for at least she’d get decent conversation from him.

They where half way to the Quidditch pitch, the three of them, just walking along. Harry was leading the way, and Ron was walking beside Hermione behind him. She could see from the corner of her eye his hand which was desperately searching for hers. He took her hand in his a moment later, and she took in a deep breath. It felt different. They soon reached the gates to the grounds, with the stairs that ran up to the seating areas. Harry held open the gate wide for Hermione to go first followed by Ron.


Chapter 6: Hurt
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Hermione sat down on the bench and Ron sat down beside her, gently massaging her hand with his. His hands were as cold as ice as he touched her.

“Oh, it’s Ravenclaw. I guess we could stay and watch them. That’s if you want to, though?” said Harry.

“Sure.” replied Hermione quietly. She was racking her brain for ideas on what could get her out of this.

“So..” whispered Ron, “are we okay?”

“What do you mean, ‘are we okay'?” snapped Hermione accidentally.

“Well, you’ve sort of been really distant with me. It’s like you don’t want to be with me anymore.” said Ron stiffly. Hermione  could tell that it pained him to tell her this sort of thing, but as she opened her mouth to disagree, she found herself unable to speak. She stared at him with her mouth open, just waiting for the words to fall out, but it didn’t happen. 

“Oh, well then, err, okay.” said Ron as he stood up. He stopped in front of Hermione and he too opened his mouth to speak, but instead just took in a deep breath, stared sadly and then walked away. Guilt mounted its way into her throat, already, and she noticed Harry spin round and give her a strange look.

Hermione stood up and walked past Harry, but she knew fine well that he’d question her, and so he did.

“Wait, what just happened?” he asked as he grabbed hold of her by the shirt.

“Ask him that.” said Hermione, scowling as she tried to pull away from him. His face hardened.

“Hermione..” he repeated.

“Harry, let go. He walked away, I don’t know why, I didn’t say anything.. Literally.”

As she finally forced herself out of his grip, she walked backwards, looking at him sadly, before turning and running back down the stairs to the Quidditch gates.

As she finally reached the castle again, she crossed the old crooked bridge and stopped as she reached the centre. Wiping tears from her eyes, she noticed Ron up ahead, but he was not alone. She noticed who he was just moments later, only to realise that it was Lavender Brown. Her hair hung long and curly down her back as she smiled sweetly up at him. She stood very still as she watched him turn and look at her. His eyes narrowed back to Lavender, and then he leaned forward. Her heart racing, Hermione flew back over the bridge, back the way she came. She ran down a little path that she was sure would lead her to the lake, and stopped as she reached the forest. It wasn’t quite as big as the Forbidden Forest, but was about half the size.
Tree’s towered over her as she wandered aimlessly down the path, tears flowing down her cheeks and her eyes bloodshot and red. She noticed the darkness overhead, and knew that rain was sure to fall if not soon, then later that night. She noticed the lake before her, and walked a little faster towards it. She collapsed down, then, onto a log that was lying close to the waters edge. Lying down, she rolled onto her back and wrapped her arms around her in attempt to keep herself warm. She lay and thought about how guilty she now felt, about Lavender and Ron, and finally about Draco. She wondered what he would be doing, and if he’d even bother looking for her like Harry and Ron would have in the past years. Ron. He’d be, at that moment, with Lavender, probably making out with her on the bridge, or back in the warm castle, sitting in the Great Hall enjoying yet another feast.


It was the drop of rain that landed on her forehead that awoke her from her sleep. She jumped up from the log that she’d slept on and realised that darkness had fallen all around her. It was dark blue, the sky, and the forest now had shadows falling from it in all places. Perched on the edge of the log, her eyes shifting to every place that a tree swayed in the wind, or a helpless creature wandered around making the slightest noise. She slowly stood up and walked as quietly as she could towards the forest. She now wished that she’d just went back to the castle, or not walked as far down as to here, where she was now sure to get lost. There was a crunch from the trees close by, and she froze to the spot in which she stood.

Crunch. Crunch.

She took in a cold, sharp breath and stared, tears stinging her eyes just begging to fall, and stared into the place where the noise was coming from. Her whole body shook violently, and she suddenly had the fear of passing out and dying from hyperthermia right then. Just as she felt herself weaken to the bone, another crunch came, and the shadow of a tall male appeared on the ground. She could see his silhouette between the trees, but did not want to say a word. She couldn’t say a word.
“Hermione?” came the mans voice. She croaked with happiness as his figure submerged from the darkness and came rushing towards her, his arms open and ready to embrace her.

Draco pulled her into his arms, and she shuddered as his warmth attacked her violently.

You must be freezing! Here, take this.” said Draco as he let go to take of his Slytherin embroidered cloak and pulled it around her. It hardly made any difference at all, but she felt her muscles relax as he buttoned it up for her. He wrapped his arms around her and led her through the forest, every so often being smacked in the face by a branch from a tree which made him swear at it rather loudly.

“What were you thinking?!” he said just as he half tripped over a twig on the floor.

“I-I don’t know. I’m so-sorry!” muttered Hermione as she burst into tears yet again.

Draco shushed her and planted a light kiss on her forehead. She could make out the opening to the path just outside the forest, and she walked faster, despite how painful it was, and the rain that soaked her from head to foot.
They walked along the pathway up to the bridge, Draco pulling her alongside him all the way across. As they reached the end of the bridge, the castle in view, all Hermione wanted to do was run. She pushed Draco’s arms from her and ran as fast as she could towards the castle, only stopping to get her breath back outside the castle doors. Draco caught up soon enough, also, and he took her by the hand and walked into the castle with her. She inhaled a deep breath of the warm air that burned her skin as she entered the castle, and every muscle in her body tingled and twitched. She rubbed her sore, stingy and red eyes as they walked across the corridor.

“Are you hungry?” asked Draco as he put his arms on her shoulders and looked her in the eye.

“Quite, actually.” she replied. He smiled down at her and put his arm around her shoulders. They walked over to the Great Hall, where he let go and held open the door.

Hermione quickly took off the cloak and handed it back to Draco before taking a peek into the hall and noticed Harry, Ron and Ginny automatically, at the table they always sat at. The only change was Lavender Brown sitting across from Ron, beside Harry.
She pulled the door shut behind her and stepped back out into the corridor.

“I can’t go in. He hates me.” she mumbled. Draco seemed to know what she meant, because he nodded silently and entered the Great Hall himself, the door slamming shut behind him.

Hermione stood there wondering if he had just left her to sit on her own, but ignored that thought as he appeared back moments later. He had a plate in one hand with two huge slices of what looked like pizza, a bowl of ice-cream in his free hand and one apple in his mouth.

He pushed the bowl into her hand and handed her the apple. They began walking up the stairs. Draco was just leading her somewhere, but Hermione wasn’t going to stray from the path any time soon. They soon reached The Room Of Requirement, and the door appeared from nowhere as they approached.

Draco, being the gentleman that he was, held open the door and allowed Hermione to enter.

It had changed since the last time she had been in the room. She knew that it changed into whatever you needed it to be, but she hadn’t expected it to change as much as it had. There where two mattresses lying by the wall of the room, a small fireplace, a rug on the floor by the fireplace and bed sheets folded up and laying on top of a small stool.

“Draco.. This is.. Wow.” Hermione mumbled as she entered and put the bowl and apple down on the stool beside the folded up sheets.

“This should do for the night, I guess.” she heard Draco mutter to himself.

“For the night? You mean to say that we’re going to sleep here? Together?” Hermione repeated in shock. Draco laughed lightly as he walked over to one of the mattresses and put down the plate with the pizza’s on and walked over to Hermione.

“Yes, for the night, yes, sleep here and yes, together. If that’s alright, of course?” he asked politely. Hermione looked taken aback, but nodded and smiled up at him in silence.

“Great then,” said Draco, “lets eat this before it gets cold.”

Draco jumped onto the mattress and picked up one slice of Pizza and took a bite from it whilst stretching. Hermione wandered over quietly and picked up the other slice and sat down on the floor beside the fireplace. She stared into the flames and thought of Ron, again. Was he with Lavender now?

“Hermione,” Draco sat down beside her, still eating his pizza and snuggled up close to her, “just stop worrying. He’ll be fine in a few days, just trust me. You have me for now, anyway.”

“I know I have you, and I want to have you, but he’s with Lavender.” Hermione replied with a sigh.

Draco finished off his piece of pizza and pulled himself towards her some more and took her hand and rested it on his lap with his on top.

“Listen. I’m here. Just forget about it, please?” he said, fluttering eyelashes that shielded his crazy silver eyes at her.

“Oh, alright then. What are we going to do now?” she asked before she took the last bite of her pizza.

“Whatever you want. We can sit here and talk, or we could go to sleep, just whatever.” he replied.

“Lets talk.” Hermione replied, but her words ended in a sudden kiss from Draco.


Chapter 7: Love
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She found herself lying on the mattress, the following morning, bare down to her underwear and lying with the sheets only covering her bottom half. She stretched, unaware that Draco was in her company, and yawned. She suddenly remembered who was with her, and snapped up to see Draco sitting on the floor, staring at her, a gentle smile across his face. He was sitting in his underwear as well. Hermione snatched the duvet cover back up over her body and smiled awkwardly at him.

“Did we-” she began, deliberately not finished the sentence off.


“But how?” she asked, confused as to not being able to remember.

“I won’t go into the detail, but it all started with one kiss, and then you sort of sprung yourself on me.” Draco replied, chuckling as he ate the ice cream from the past night.

He’d cast a spell on it to keep it cold through the night. Hermione cringed under the duvet cover as she replayed what he had just said.

“What time is it?” asked Hermione, desperately wanting to change the subject.

“About time for breakfast. Hungry?” Draco replied.

“Very.” said Hermione, clutching her stomach that was growling uncontrollably.

Hermione climbed off the mattress and cowardly and awkwardly crossed the room towards the stool where she noticed her clothes where hanging off. Draco’s eyes weren’t on her, but she knew that he kept sneaking a peek as she, as quick as she could, put her clothes on. Looking in the mirror that hung on the wall beside the fireplace, Hermione fixed her hair and pulled it back into a hair band.

As she put her hair clip in her mouth and pulled back her hair, Draco appeared behind her. He put his arms around her waist and his head on her shoulder. He smiled at himself in the mirror, which made Hermione laugh furiously.

“Do you ‘want to know a secret, Hermione?” Draco whispered in her ear, which tickled.

“Yeah.” replied Hermione as she pushed the hair clip into her hair and clipped it down.

“I love you.” he muttered quietly in her ear. Hermione shoved her final clip into her hair and turned to face him, taking his hands in her own.

“I love you too, and only you.” said Hermione as she kissed him on the chin.

Draco grinned down at her, and Hermione pushed past him. She paused for a moment, as if dawdling on something, before turning back to face him.

“Lets go to breakfast, then you can walk me to Potions.” said Hermione. Draco walked past her and grabbed his coat. He pulled it on as they walked towards the door and it closed behind them, disappearing as they walked along the corridor.

Draco skipped a few steps ahead and pushed open the Great Hall door, holding it open like a gentleman. She spotted Harry sitting with Ginny. He gave her an odd look, and signalled her over.

“I’ll be one second. Go grab a seat.” Hermione told Draco, who nodded silently and both parted.

It took just seconds to reach Harry and Ginny, and she leaned forward to give Ginny a hug before sitting down on the bench opposite.

“So what’s going on with stuff?” asked Hermione as she picked up a slice of toast and began buttering.

“Well, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, Ron and Lavender are an item. But I’ve notice you and -”

“-Draco, yes. I know you don’t approve, but I’m seeing a softer, nicer side of him, Harry.

Surely you can understand my feelings for him?” Hermione butted in. Harry let out a long, dull sigh.

“I try to, really, I do. I just don’t know how you can find him.. good.” replied Harry after a moment.

“Like I said, I’m seeing a totally different side of him. Anyway, has Ron mentioned me?” she asked, but she had no idea why, really. She was over him. Plus, he had moved on for sure anyway.

“No, he hasn’t actually. He’s been too busy with Lavender, I guess. We don’t see him much, but when we do, it’s usually between classes and he’s snogging her face off, most of the time, isn’t he Ginny?” Harry said, nudging a very sleepy Ginny, who was wearing her Quidditch uniform.

She gave a little nod and went back to nibbling on her own slice of toast. His words pained her deeply. It was like a stab in the heart. How could Ron do this to her?

“Do you want to, err, meet up some time? We could go into Hogsmeade or something.” asked Harry.

“That’d be lovely. I’m gonna go see.. yeah, bye.” said Hermione as she stood up, hugged Harry and kissed him lightly on the forehead.

She wandered over to Draco, who had sat down at the Slytherin table at the end, about four seats from the boy whom Hermione known to be called Theodore Knott. As she approached, the boy, who sat patient, dark and quiet, looked up from his stare on the table and eyed her up and down. She slowed down slightly, watching the watcher.

“Hermione?” came Draco’s angelic, calm voice from a few seats down. Hermione grudgingly let her gaze of the boy go and walked over. She had no real clue why she was feeling so reluctant to keep staring. Perhaps it was because he was watching her still, from the other side of the table.

Draco stared at her and as she stared back into his twinkling crystal eyes, and suddenly she felt all tingly inside, as if he was her first crush all over again. She became engaged with staring into his eyes and found it hard to break away when she heard Pansy Parkinson’s little snort from her left.

“Why are you sitting here?” she asked cruelly, emphasising the ‘you’. Hermione glanced at Draco.

“And why is it of your concern, Pansy?” he asked. Hermione, who was looking up at Pansy, noticed that she got all flushed. It was so obvious that she still had feelings for him.

“It’s my concern if there’s a mudblood sitting at my table!” Pansy exclaimed. She was still a red colour.

Draco seemed to focus on her for a moment before he mumbled, “Go away”.

Pansy stared at him for a few moments, her eyes full of rage and her lip twitching, desperate for argument. She opened her mouth to speak, but then closed it slowly and backed away.

Hermione’s gaze shifted from Pansy to Theodore, again, and she noticed his glare. His head was tiled slightly to the right, his long black hair hanging across his eyes sleek and beautiful. He had the perfect face shape; his cheekbones not to high, nor too low. He had the clear, I-Want-To-Touch-It skin. His eyes where dark, but not evil and his body wasn’t tense at all. It was just still.

She watched him as he slowly stood up and walked over to Draco. He leaned down, whispered something in his ear and then left. Hermione, confused and wary of the boy now, turned back to Draco. He was sitting normally.

“What did he say?” she asked.

“He said that he was concerned about why I chose you, of all the people to choose.”

“Choose?” Hermione repeated, unsure on the meaning all of a sudden.

“Why I had to pick the smart, mudblood and On-The-Wrong-Side girl.” he mumbled. He looked down, and Hermione too looked down.

Was he going to bail on her? Was he about to give up?
“Don’t worry though, because I know I made the right choice, and that’s if you call love a choice.” he replied genuinely. Hermione looked back up at him and smiled.

Later on, during Potions, she found herself in a daydream. She could barely concentrate on anything but Draco’s words at breakfast. Because I know I made the right choice, and that’s if you call love a choice. The words that had came from his mouth.

She had never expected it, infact, she’d half expected him to tell her that he hated her or something. She had no real idea, either, that he was also staring back at her, also enhanced in a daydream.

He was staring, watching her as she stared back at him, but he had no real sense of this fact. He only knew that he loved this girl, and that staring at her could make all of his worries flee from his body. Her long, blond-brunette hair lay in neat curls on her slightly arched back as she leaned forward and rested her head in her hands on the desk. He wanted to rush to her side and caress her and feel the magic, that was far different to the usual magic performed in the classroom, that he had felt just the previous night with her.

His mind switched on to what Slughorn was saying. He spotted the pile of paper in his hands, as the old professor shook them and shuffled them around, and he felt a violent shiver, and then he remembered. Today was his test.

Chapter 8: It's Over
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He slid down in his seat, hoping not to be noticed, perhaps. Slughorn walked over to his desk, half of the pile of paper gone as he’d already handed it out to most people. He stopped in front of Draco’s desk and stared down at him, a frown set upon his face.

“How’s that tutoring going, Mr Malfoy?” he asked politely.

“Fine, sir.” Draco replied. He glanced over at Hermione, who was scribbling on the paper already.

“Well, I s’ppose this will determine if you where listening to Hermione more than myself.” he said.

“Yeah, I guess.” said Draco. The professor winked and walked away. Draco stared at him, pouting and frowning, curious as to why he winked.

“Okay, students. Quiet down, quiet down! I’m just going to hand out these booklets for you, then you may start when the bell goes.” said the professor.

He started to hand out little yellow booklets. The bell rang moments later, and half of the class began, yet most hadn’t been given their books. After the professor handed Draco his own book and walked away, Draco carelessly flipped it open to the first page. He laughed as he realised how easy the first page was, writing down the answers in his own, scrawny hand writing.

He found that by page four, he had completed every question with no confusion, complication or difficulty, and felt rather proud. He hadn’t, as he could hope, made any mistakes, and had tried his hardest to get the highest mark possible for the question. He’d answered in long sentences, too. One more page to go, he thought, and he zoomed on through.

He put his quill down and turned his aching hand round in a clockwise motion, his wrist cracking as he did so. He looked over at Hermione, who was twiddling her thumbs looking bored, her too being finished. He smiled, thinking about her, and how she’d helped him pass, probably, and how she’d helped him through this difficult time in his life, what with his father being who he was and his failing. He checked his watch, only to see that they hadn’t a lot of time left. Twenty minutes.

“Mr Malfoy,” came Slughorn’s whisper from before him, “are you stuck?”

“No, sir. I’m finished.” Draco replied. Slughorn frowned grimly, and snatched his paper up. He read it over, glared once at Draco as he finished, and walked away.


Draco woke up the following morning, in his own bed in the boys dorm. He stretched and shoved the duvet covers off of him, yawning. He opened his eyes slightly, but felt like crap, as per usual.

“Oi,” came a voice only to recognize as to be Crabbe’s. “How’s things with the mudblood?”

He was laughing ludicrously, almost enough to make him fall off the bed that was next to Draco’s, which would have really brightened up his day. He ignored Crabbe’s grunts and insane laughter and instead, he grudgingly slid from the bed and made his way down the stairs and into the Common Room. He knew that he looked a state, but he couldn’t be bothered to fix it, yet.

He’d only been sitting for about five minutes when Pansy sat down beside him. She smiled, the same smile that he’d once liked about her, and she pushed back his hair.

“You look lovely.” she said. Draco pushed her hand away and shuffled as far away as he could.

“No I don’t. I look a mess.” he replied angrily. Her hand crept back up on him and now rested on his lap, stiff and unmoving apart from the gentle stroking she was doing with her fingers.

“Pansy, what do you want?” he asked quickly, batting her hand away with his own.

“You know what I want, and I’m willing to give It to you. I know I was selfish and stubborn before, but I’ve changed, or I will, at least, and I’ll do… things, for you. Anything. I’ll do anything. I just want you back, Draco. I see a future with us, and I know you do too, deep down, In here.” she said, resting her hand on the part of his chest where his heart was.
He looked up into her dark, emerald eyes and felt something in his stomach. What was this, he wondered, for he knew he hated her now, yet at the same time, those old feelings where rushing back?

No, no way. He loved Hermione, and she was definitely the one for him.

“I’m sorry Pansy. I’ll think about it, yeah, but don’t get your hopes up. I’m with Granger now, and… you know.”

Granger? He’d just called the supposedly Love-Of-His-Life, Granger? The name he had used for years to prove his hate, apart from Mudblood. What was happening. He quickly stood up, staggering slightly feeling nauseous from standing to quickly, and made his way back up the stairs gently and quietly.

Draco collapsed back down onto the bed and lay looking up at the ceiling.

I love Hermione, I love Hermione, I love Hermione. She’s the one for me, always has and always will be. She gave herself to me, everything, and now I’m falling for my ex again? No. This isn’t for real. I’m dreaming. Wake up!

He pinched himself, but nothing happened except for wincing slightly in pain. He sighed deeply and stood up. He opened the door to the little bathroom and combed his hair before changing into a pair of faded blue jeans that where full of holes at the knee’s and around the ankles, a plain grey shirt that clung so tightly to him that you could see his muscles and some plain black socks.

He cupped some ice cold water from the tap in his hands and washed his face quickly, brushed his teeth then left the bathroom, back to his bed. He noticed two chocolates sitting on his bedside, each looking like the best treats ever. He quickly ate them without hesitation and headed back down the stairs to the Common Room.

“Draco, I need an answer now,” Pansy stepped out in front of him as he reached the bottom if the stairs, “Yes or no?”


“Draco! I’m in love with you, but a girl cant wait forever, I thought you knew that.”

“We’re not meant to be together, Pansy, we’re just… we’re just not the same-” His sentence was ended by her lips fully locked against his own. His hands crept around her waist, pulling her closer too him, and he can no control over what his tongue was now doing with hers. She pulled away first, and he felt himself gagging for more, like a vampire to blood.

“I’m sorry I ever doubted us, Pansy. I’ll, err, I’ll tell Granger.” he said between breaths.

He went to kiss her again, but she pushed him away.

“No more of this until you’ve ended it with her, naughty. I don’t want to be dating someone who’s cheating on me. I’ll meet you later, and we can go into Hogsmeade, yeah?” Pansy asked.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll see you later, Pans.” he replied, walking away.

He headed up the stairs, skipping and smiling brightly, hardly aware of anything. As he skipped around the corner to go up the stairs to the fifth floor, he smacked into someone. They both fell backwards onto the hard concrete stair that began to move, lying on top of each other. Draco was laughing, but the other was not.

“Ugh! My books!” she wailed, pushing herself up off his chest.

“Granger! Just the one I was looking for!” Draco said, pulling her towards him.

Hermione smiled brightly at him.

“Oh! I didn’t know it was you!” she said as she pushed herself up onto her tiptoes and tried to kiss him. He pushed her back, though. She gave him a strange, puzzled and confused look.

“I don’t think we can be together anymore,” he said quickly, paused for a second, then said, “sorry.”

Draco saw the tears in her eyes, but he couldn’t help but feel as if this was the right choice. He picked up the books that lay on the floor still and handed them to her. She stood there, quiet and froze in place.

She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out, again, and she closed her mouth. He skipped off, laughing manically and smiling still, back down the stairs and then he was gone.


Chapter 9: Potions Make Mess
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For a long moment Hermione just stood, tears lining her dark brown eyes, waiting for her to blink and let them fall, but she couldn’t. She felt as if someone had just came and ripped out her heart, then left, leaving her to die slowly and painfully. Her hands where trembling, but she maintained a firm grip on her books. One step at a time, Hermione, She told herself. She moved quietly and slowly down the stairs. She knew that in a moment she’d either fall, or go into a state of depression and cry.

“Hermione?” came Harry’s voice from in front of her. She looked up into his kind, blue eyes and she felt herself melting.

Here it comes
, she heard herself say before it happened.

She burst into tears and launched herself into his big, strong arms. She sobbed into his shoulder, and he had no idea what was going on, and he carefully wrapped his arms around her. They stood for a long while; Hermione crying what was left of her heart into his shoulder, and he let her. He rubbed her back, and she spluttered a little. She pushed away from him and wiped her eyes with the sleeves of the top she was wearing.

“What did he do?” Harry asked quietly. His hands where holding hers now.

“How did-”

“-I know? I’ve only ever heard you cry once like that before, and that was back when Ron was with Lavender.” Harry finished. She took a few long, deep breaths and forced herself to straighten up and look him directly in the eye.

“I need to go, Harry.” she replied quietly, with the voice that she some how conjured up.

“No, Hermione. You always run away from this kind of thing. We need to go. Lets go
into Hogsmeade or something, and we can talk about this over a pint of Butterbeer.” Harry said kindly. Hermione managed a slight smile and nodded. Harry hugged her and they both set out to Hogsmeade.


Hermione tipped back another pint of Butterbeer and wiped her mouth of the foam formed. Harry was smiling at her, elbows on the desk and hands supporting his head up.

“He just… left.” said Hermione. Harry was thinking, and she could tell, because he had one of those faces where you can totally see. His eyes where looking up, but not at anything in particular, and his mouth had a little twitch.

“I don’t get it. I thought he told you he loves you?” he replied after a few moments.

“He did, and I thought he meant it. How could I have been so stupid..” Hermione said as she looked down at the table. Harry reached over and took her hands in his and smiled at her.

“You weren’t stupid, Hermione. He loved you, I know he did. Something.. Someone changed him.” his whole face lit up as he thought some more.

“What? Harry?” she questioned, completely oblivious.

“Love Potion! Hermione! It’s so obvious! Now we just need to find out who gave him it!” Harry exclaimed a little too loudly, earning himself a disrespectful look from the bartender.

Hermione thought for a while as Harry drank from his cup, also thinking. It was true, his theory. Draco may have been under a love spell. He’d been very cheerful, and eager? But who else liked him, and who else, more importantly, was capable of such a advanced potion to make. It had to be someone in their seventh year. They didn’t teach it to anyone younger. But who?

“Hermione?” said Harry. Hermione looked up at him. He was waving his hand in her face crazily.

“I think your right, Harry. But who could it be?” she replied.

“Pansy Parkinson! Obviously! You know how annoyed she was when she found out you two were dating, and when he broke up with her she was ‘heartbroken’ wasn’t she? This is the only explanation, Hermione!” Harry once again exclaimed, with so much excitement that he almost choked.

Of course that was the explanation. She had been really, really annoyed. Of course! Revenge. She didn’t really love him. This was pay back. Just as she and Harry clapped hands in a high five, they noticed the door bang shut and in walked the two. They where hand in hand, laughing and joking, like a normal day. Hermione felt every ounce of happiness leave her body as they walked right past.

Pansy glared down at her, the corner of her mouth twisted into a evil grin. Hermione shifted her gaze to Draco, who looked wearily down at her. He no longer had a huge grin on his face, nor was he laughing. He was pale and looked… hurt. He stopped, but only for a second, for then Pansy dragged him off to the counter.

“Wow. Definitely love potion. Did you see his face, Hermione?” Harry was saying, but she wasn’t listening. She was watching Draco. He was now sitting by himself at the table by the back of the room. She looked for Pansy, and she was in the queue for being served.

“Harry, I’ll be back in a sec.” she said quickly. He tried to grab her arm, but she moved far to quickly for him, and all he could do was watch her go.

She sat down beside Draco, who didn’t look up as she did. He was, instead, just staring down at the mahogany table. She was brushed against him, slightly, and it felt good. She just wanted him to wrap his big, strong arms around her and kiss her.

“I’m.. Hermione, I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t even like Pansy, and I’m in love with you. It’s always been you.” he looked up now, his silver eyes a shade of light blue colour.

“Come with me, then. Just leave, with me, hand in hand. Forget about her.” Hermione said. She heard the plea in her voice, and she couldn’t control it. She knew that he sensed it in her eyes, too, for her shook his head miserably and looked back down.

You? What are you doing here? Here Draco, drink this.” Pansy said from behind her. She pushed a pint of Butterbeer over the table and it slowed to a stop as it reached him.

Draco raised it to his mouth and the foam touched the tip of his velvet lips, and then she remembered.

“NO! don’t drink it Draco!” she screamed, causing Draco to jump up. It went in slow motion, then.

The Butterbeer flew through the air, tipping in his direction. It landed in his mouth, most of it. And she saw him swallow it. It landed on the table with a crash, a second or two later, and rolled of the edge. She sat staring at him. He turned to face her a few minutes of silence later.

“Granger, get up and leave.” he said coldly. Had that been a love potion, or something evil?


“I said GO!” he roared. She jumped and crawled off the edge of the seat quickly and ran back to Harry.

She sat back down on her own seat, trembling again. Harry was watching her, motionless.

“He… yeah. Your right. She spiked his drink, again. What if…” Hermione couldn’t finish the sentence.

“I think we should leave, don’t you?” Harry said. He stood up and stopped by Hermione’s side of the table, holding out his hand for her. She gently took it and allowed him to pull her up.

They slowly left the room and walked around. They passed Olivanders and Hermione stopped. She peeked in the window, but it was still all rundown and messed up. She remembered back to last year, when they had entered the shop and noticed Draco and his mother up to no good. And then when she first set foot into the store at the age of only eleven. Everything seemed to add up to Draco, again.

When she had first met him, then when he’d first called her names. All the way up through until now, when he’d been her boyfriend, the one she’d given herself to truly, and then he’d left. For Pansy.

“Hermione?” whispered Harry from her left hand side. She turned to face him and smiled weakly.

“Yeah?” she replied shakily, holding back tears.

“Lets go back to school.” Harry replied.


Chapter 10: Facing Facts
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Draco sat upright in his seat and stared down at the overflowing, foamy drink that sat opposite him. He’d just dismissed Hermione, yet again, as if she was garbage. She didn’t deserve It. Why was he so head over heels for Pansy suddenly, anyway?

“I think we should spend the night together. Like I mentioned before?” Pansy said quickly as the tension built itself up through the silence that had been. Draco nodded.

“Ooh. Really?” she happily asked again, just to be clear. He nodded again, no words, but he turned to face her. She was smiling, and she had that crazy look in her eye that said ‘I’m so happy!’.

“I want to go to Honeydukes before we leave, is that alright? Oh, why am I asking. Of course it is. You love that shop. I just..” Pansy blabbered on to herself for a while, but Draco was no longer listening to her. His mind was else ware.

He wondered what his father would say, now that he was no longer with a mudblood. Seen as her father was also a.. death eater. He let out a long, deep sigh.

“..what do you think, Draco?” Pansy said. She sighed, rolled her eyes before saying,

“Doesn’t matter,” and standing up, “come on”.

They walked along the little pathway to the small, cold village. To his left he noticed the Honeydukes sign, and then realised that Pansy was already entering. She signalled for him to follow, and he pulled his jacket tighter around him. He followed her into the shop and watched from a short distance, the woman at the till eying Pansy suspiciously as she stood by the counter browsing the sweets.

“Can I help you, child?” she asked angrily after a few moments. Pansy looked up at her, placed her hands on her hips and shook her head. That crazy and annoyingly bitchy grin spread across her face.

“Oh, yeah you can, actually. By keeping your big, fat nose out of my business. Can’t you see that I’m deciding? Oh but wait, you’re too stupid too. I almost forgot.” Pansy sneered. She turned to Draco grinning like the Cheshire Cat. He just stared blankly. Obviously not the expression she expected, because she turned back to the woman at the till and pointed to the Shock-O-Chock candy that was behind the woman’s head. She grudgingly gave it to Pansy and took her money.

Pansy didn’t use her manners, not at all. She snatched it from the woman’s hands, forced the money into her hand and just stormed off, past Draco and out of the shop. Draco turned back and noticed the woman looking down, with a sad and angry expression on her face.

“Sorry,” he said kindly. The woman looked up, “and thank you.”
He noticed her nod in appreciation before he turned and paced fast after Pansy, who was half way up the path now.

He caught up with her, accidentally walking into an elderly woman who had her hands filled with big, chunky books. After he apologized and caught up once again with Pansy, he linked arms with her and slowed down her pace.

“You OK?” he found himself asking. He knew, though, that she wasn’t. Her expression explained all.

“Of course not. That thing back there had no right to be so cheeky with me!” Pansy said grumpily.

“Well, you did call her fat and stupid.” he replied quietly. She stopped, turned to face him and her face was bright red. He knew she was angry, and he automatically changed the subject.

“Anyway, err, I was thinking about what you said about staying in the Room Of Requirement tonight. I think it’s a good idea.”
Pansy smiled and jumped, squealing slightly too.

“Oh, Draco! I’m so glad! I really know that it’s about time that we move our relationship up a little. I promise you the night of you’re life will be with me. Not that pathetic Mudblood.” she replied.

They walked the rest of the way explaining times to meet and their future plans for throughout the week. It didn’t take too long to reach the castle, and as he opened the door, he noticed Hermione standing with Harry. He stopped and pulled Pansy close to his side as both Harry and Hermione turned to look at them. Hermione almost instantly turned back to Harry, hugged him and ran off up the stairs.

He half expected Harry to walk away, but he didn’t. Instead, he walked over to them, stopping only inches away from his face. They were equal in height, and in their body figures, almost. They stared into each others eyes for a long moment, and Draco felt a drop of sweat roll down his cheek.

“What do you want?” he dared himself to ask.

“You to piss off would be a start. Hmm, then maybe get my parents back, banish you and your pathetic family off into the unknown and perhaps know every answer on how to solve every single thing going on right now. I don’t need this, Malfoy. Hermione doesn’t either. You need to stop messing her around. One minute your head over heels in love with her, the next you hate her, then you love her, and now this. Get a grip, and not just on that thing standing beside you.” Harry lowered his gaze to Pansy, who was clinging to Draco’s arm, but he was also clinging to her, he suddenly realised.

Harry half strutted away and entered the Great Hall, leaving Draco and Pansy alone again. Draco sighed and wiped his sweaty forehead before letting go of Pansy.

“I’ll meet you in the common room or something later. I need to go to the bathroom.” Draco said. He pulled her close to him and wrapped his arms around her. She did the same, and then her tongue was inside his mouth. They stood for a moment snogging, and he broke from her first.
He pulled away and hopped off up the stairs quickly.

He crossed along the hallway to the 5th floor and gently pushed open the door to the Prefects Bathroom. He looked around, searching for any sign of people, but it seemed empty enough. He crossed over to the large bath and slowly stripped off his trousers and began to unbutton his shirt. He’d undone more than enough buttons to be able to see most of his torso, and almost fell over when a female voice came from inside the bath.

“Why did you do it?” she asked. He crept over to the edge and noticed that it was none other than Hermione. She was in her underwear, as far as he could see, and she had bubbles surrounding her.

“Do.. Do what?” he stuttered on his words, yet he had no real understanding of why. He wasn’t afraid of her, so why was he doing It?

“I heard what Harry said. Only slightly, and it took a lot of straining of my hearing to be able to, but yes, I heard. I know I’m not the easiest to handle at the best of times, but if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you most certainly don’t deserve me at my best, Draco. I can’t believe you’d.. I just don’t know what you mean. I still love you. Can’t you see that? Even when you’ve had numerous pints of love potion. I don’t think it’s that hard.” Hermione said.

She had a weakness to her voice. It was obvious that she was strained, vulnerable and upset.

“I, wait, what? Love potion? I don’t - nobody’s given me any love potion,” said Draco, “and I know your in love with me. And believe me, I was in love with you too.”

Was!? I’m talking about the here and now, Draco! I just-” Hermione was climbing out of the bath tub, slipping against the floor and landing half way each time. Draco held out his hand to her and pulled her out of the bath, suddenly aware of their half nakedness. They seemed to notice at the same time, for each pulled away and attempted to cover themselves up.

He couldn’t help but stare at her body. She was so - flawless. Her body sparkled with beauty, and he couldn’t control himself. He ran at her, forcing them both backwards. They both landed in the water. As they both squirmed under the water, flapping their arms like crazy, desperate to get to the surface, they didn’t noticed as Pansy entered.

Draco wondered were she got the strength from, because she successfully managed to pull him from the water. He landed flat on his back, choking, soaked to the bone, on the flat surface of the floor beside the bathtub. He coughed and spluttered, and as he finally got his breath back, he realized that Pansy was no longer beside him. He sat up and noticed her leaning over the side of the bath pushing what looked to be -

He dived up as he realised what she was doing. She wasn’t trying to drown Hermione. He grabbed her away from her, and shoved her flat on her back as he tried to grab Hermione from underneath the water.
He pulled her up onto the floor and pulled her soaking wet hair out of her face. She was pale, abnormally pale, and unconscious.. Or dead. He felt for a pulse, and after a few recovery pumps to her chest, found one. Pansy was sitting cross legged on the floor beside them, admiring her long nails.

“Pansy!” he shouted. She looked up, “Help!”

“With that? No,” she simply replied, “What ever. I’m leaving.”

Chapter 11: Close
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Her life seemed to come back to her like she’d just been smacked into oblivion. Her eyelids flew open and she sucked in a deep, desperate gasp of air. As soon as it reached her lungs she choked. Everything seemed blurry, mistaken and wrong. But she knew it was Draco at her side.

After a few minutes, she finally was able to breathe normally. She wiped water from her eyes and saw the relief in Draco’s expression as she did. She tried to sit up, but the air seemed to force her straight back down and gave her an awful headache. She closed her eyes again and breathed through her nose slowly.

“How do you feel now?” asked Draco. She didn’t open her eyes, but she nodded gently.

Draco wandered across the room, and she didn’t need her eyes open to understand the frustration and anger that he was feeling. He smashed his fists against something metal, for she heard the clang and then his violent under-breath swearing at the pain.

“I’m fine.” she mumbled. He was by her side again because she heard his deep panting, and the drips of water that was falling from his hair, nose, and any other part of his body.

“I know. But I’m not. I’m so - I’m just so angry. I can’t believe she’d do this.” he replied.

“I can.”

He was walking away again, and a moment later a towel dropped over. She felt warmth wash all over her body as she cuddled into the softness of the blanket. She pushed herself into a sitting up position and stared over at Draco, who was now about two metres away, also huddled in a towel.

“Indifference and neglect often do much more damage that outright dislike.” she said.

“What?” asked Draco. She found herself laughing, and sighed.

“It’s an old quote Professor Dumbledore used to use. Don’t you remember?” she replied. He was looking at her with such intensity and delight that it scared her a little. He didn’t speak. He just seemed to stare at her. She stared back, after a while, and he was moving closer to her. He was about two inches away from her face, each with their eyes closed and their lips damp and almost together when the door flung open.

“Hermione!” shouted Harry. She spun round, at the same time as Draco did too, and she noticed Ginny and Ron standing to his sides.

She scurried to her feet but kept the towel wrapped around her soaking body. Plus, it’d have been awkward if she’d just taken it off, considering she was partly naked under it.

“Harry? What’s-”

“-Pansy said Draco had you locked in here. She said he tried to drown you!” Ron yelled, but Harry was already racing towards Draco, his fists tightly shut together and his face scrunched up tensely.

“Harry!” she and Ginny both yelled as his fist slammed into Draco’s cheek. The next thing she knew, Draco was sprawled across the floor crying in agony while Harry laid punch after punch into his ribs.

She dived between the two as Harry lifted his fist into mid air once more, and grabbed hold of it. He was stronger than herself, obviously, but he allowed her to control his fist and bring it down to normal.

“You piece of scum, Malfoy.” he roared, and kicked him hard in the place where no boy wants to be kicked. Draco was clutching it now, bent into a half moon shape, quivering in pain.

“Harry, listen!” she shouted. She had no idea were she got the voice from, but it made even Harry jump.

“I’m listening.” he mumbled.

“Draco saved me, Harry! I was in here and he wandered in. We started to shout at each other, and then I don’t know what happened. We were in the water, because we fell in, and Pansy was there. She just yanked Draco out of the water and held my head under. I must have fell unconscious because then I couldn’t remember anything. The next thing I knew I was lying with Draco giving me CPR. Turns out he did listen in those first few years of Muggle Studies.” she stopped talking and took in a deep breath.

Harry turned to Draco and his expression was solid, tense and cold. Yet he still had those bright, blue eyes that made him seem so calm and happy.

“Is this true? You saved Hermione?” he asked coldly to Draco, who nodded helplessly.

“Come on, Hermione. Let’s leave this tosser to just lie here.” Harry said and he took her hand. She pulled away, though and looked back towards a hurt Draco who lay on the floor. His eyes were a clear silver colour, and she saw the plead in them for her to stay.

“I’m staying here.” she said. Harry looked her in the eye and opened his mouth to speak, but he closed It a moment later. He knew better than to disagree with her now.

“Promise me you’ll come and see me later.” he asked quietly, for her ears only.

“It’s almost nightfall. If you want to wait up for me in the common room then do so, but I’m not coming into the boys dorm.” she replied. He laughed, surprisingly.

“Seamus still checking you out all the time?” he asked jokingly. She couldn’t help but laugh too at the joke, and embraced him in a tight, warm hug.

She pulled away first and walked over to Ginny. She pulled her close and hugged her. It’d been a long time since she’d felt a girl by her side, other than someone who wanted to kill her.

“I’ll see you later. I’ll wait up.” Ginny said. Hermione nodded and smiled.

She faced Ron, who was much taller, and she saw regret in his eyes. Regret. She couldn’t bring herself to hug him, however much she wanted too. Instead, she held out her right hand to him. He looked down, and then back up at her with a confused expression.

“You shake it, Ron.” she laughed. He laughed too, and instead of taking her hand, gave her a little, one armed hug. It felt good to be back talking with him again, even if it was only brief.

“Well I’ll see you guys later. Bye.” she sent them off and closed the bathroom door behind her. Draco was sitting up and wiping blood from his bust lip and holding his bloody nose with his other hand.
She took off her towel and dabbed it on his lip.

He seemed to be unaware of his feelings for a moment, as he just stared at her blankly, and then reality hit him and he flushed a red colour. Hermione grinned and pulled him for a hug, but moved away as he groaned in pain.

“Broken ribs, I’m guessing.” he panted. Hermione helped him to his feet and searched for her clothes. She found them, minutes later, floating in the pool of water. Great. She was going to be walking down to the Hospital Wing in her underwear. Just plain lovely.
I'm not sure how many chapters to make for this story, as I'm finding myself growing bored already. When shall I stop? Ideas?