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Beat It. by twitchy_little

Format: Novella
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 4,165
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire, OC/OC

First Published: 03/15/2010
Last Chapter: 04/29/2010
Last Updated: 04/29/2010


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Let's get something straight I, Annora Moore, did not want to try out of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I was only there for moral support. And I certainly didnt plan on making the "best shot" James Potter has ever seen from a beater. Now Potter won't stop begging me to join his stupid team. Well, one thing is for sure: I wont be joining. 

Chapter 1: Tryouts.
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A/n: I’ve wanted to write a next gen. fic for awhile now, so this is my go at it! Hope you all enjoy my story. 





Now, before I get straight into my story, I think you should know how it came to happen. I mean, it was more of an odd twist fate if anything that caused James Potter to want me, Annora Moore, to be the starting beater for the Gryffindor quidditch team. 

Because honestly none of this would have ever even happened if it weren’t for my best friend, Kiana Jones.  My life would still be as normal as it ever was if she hadn’t of insisted that I come with her to the tryouts. She didn’t even like quidditch all that much; she was just trying to prove a point, a stupid point, not to mention. 

So like I said, let me take you back to the morning of tryouts which is when my story really starts, in the Gryffindor 6th years girl’s dormitory. 




I smushed my pillow closer into my face, refusing to wake up. 

Nora! Wake up!”

Nope. Sorry, you’ll just have to wait. 

Annora! It’s an emergency!” 

I let one eye take a peek open to see Kiana leaning close my face with a panicked look on hers. Her dirty blonde hair was pulled into a hasty bun and was still in her sleep clothes. She let out a relieved sigh, “Oh thank god. I thought you would never wake up.” 

I stifled a yawn and sat up in my bed, “What time is it?” 

Across the room, Ellen Jordan answered, “7 o’clock in the bloody morning! On a Saturday! I hope you have woken the entire dorm for a good reason Jones.” 

I looked around and sure enough everyone else was starting to pull back their curtains. 

Kiana nodded and then turned back to me, “Nora, there is a spider on my make-up bag. I need you to get rid of it.” 

Well. I was woken up for a spider. No big deal or anything. 

“That’s what you woke me up for? A spider? You couldn’t just get it yourself?” 

Sometimes I fear that Kiana has grown too dependent on me. 

Kiana squinted and gave me a ‘duh’ look, “No, obviously. Or I wouldn’t have woken you, now would I?” 

Ellen got up and made her way over to us, “I swear, Jones, you give us girls a bad name.” 

Kiana argued, “I do not. I just happen not to like spiders. Loads of people don’t like spiders.” 

Ellen walked over to Kiana’s make up bag and daintily picked up the spider, then brought him over to the open window and let him crawl out, “You definitely do. I bet you’ve never even played a sport in your entire life.” 

I sat in my bed watching the two go back and forth. It was rather interesting since everyone knew Kiana was Gryffindor’s resident girly girl and Ellen was a tough tom boy, a chaser on our quidditch team. 

Kiana scoffed and sat down on her bed, “Not true. Why, just this summer Nora and I played a few games of quidditch.” 

Ellen and I raised our eyebrows at the same time. ‘played a few games’ was a loose term I suppose for the one game we played at my house. And to be fair it was only because my older brothers harassed us into it. 

Kiana continued, “…and I was pretty good if I do say so myself. I bet I could even make the team here at school if I really wanted to.” 

Kiana’s pride would bite me in the arse when Ellen smiled broadly and said, “Well, that’s great. Quidditch Tryouts are this morning.” 

The smile drooped a little on Kiana’s face and she gave me a scared look, “But, like I said. If I wanted too, and I don’t.” 

I kicked my covers off and got up, “You guys have fun arguing. I’ll be in the lavatory.” 

The stone floors chilled my feet as I walked over to the bathroom. I went through my morning routine of showering, brushing my teeth and washing my face. I paused looking at the mirror before heading back in. I tried searching for something distinguishing about my face but couldn’t find anything. Medium shade of brown hair, straight, with medium shade brown eyes. I sighed, wrinkling my nose and then went back to the dormitory. 

When I got back in, everyone else had left for breakfast besides Kiana who was sitting on my bed, kicking her feet back forth. 

I grabbed a hairbrush from my trunk and quickly ran it through my hair, “Thanks for waiting. Ready to go down? I just have to get changed real quickly.” 

“Yep.” She popped her ‘p’. 

I glanced over her outfit, “What’s with the outfit?” 

As opposed to her usual weekend skirts she was wearing a loose fitted t-shirt with sweatpants. 

“Well, Ellen didn’t believe that I can play quidditch.” 

I knelt down to my trunk again and began to pull out some jeans to change into, “So? You can’t play quidditch.” 

Hmm. Pink or blue striped sweater? 

“I signed us up for tryouts, Nora.” 

I paused, “You signed up for quidditch tryouts?” I couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out of me, “That’s hilarious. What would you like me to say at your funeral?” 

She didn’t respond. 

Wait a minute. 

“WE!?” I shouted. 

Kiana stood up, “I know, Nora. But blame Ellen, she was baiting me and I just had to prove her wrong. I didn’t want to do it alone. You’re my best friend; surely you won’t make me do this alone?” 

She shook my shoulders as she said that last bit. 

“No, no, no and a thousand times NO.” 

She gave me a look, “Oh come on. I’m not asking you to actually make the team. Nora, please, just show up to tryouts with me. You can try out for something stupid, like beater.” 

“Beater? Are you kidding me, Kiana, those guys are huge. I’m not doing it. Besides, I think this will teach you a good lesson in humility.” I crossed my arms. It’s final when the arms get crossed. 

She glared at me and then a slow smile stretched across her lips, “If you tryout with me, I’ll tell you if Finn likes you or not.” 

My arms uncrossed, I mean nothing is ever really final anyway, right? The Finn that she was talking about was Finn Jacobs, 7th year Ravenclaw and my current crush as of the last two years. He was gorgeous and tall, with light blonde hair and sunbursting hazel eyes. 

“How do you know if he likes me or not?” 

“Because I asked him yesterday during my free period. So if you want to know the answer, I would suggest you get dressed. Tryouts start at 9.” 

I hesitated, and then pictured Finn’s smiling face in my head. Where had I put those old sweatpants of mine? 


Kiana had to hold onto my arm, pulling me, all the way down to the pitch. Ellen was walking with us and was currently talking but I had a hard time focusing. All I could think about was the multitude of hot boys who would be at tryouts as well, along with making a complete fool of myself. 

“So like I said when we get down to the pitch I’ll get you guys some pads, oh and a club for you of course, Nora. I wouldn’t really worry if I were you Jones, I mean after hearing about how good you are, I’m sure you’ll definitely make the chaser spot. Then we would be working together all time. How lovely does that sound?” 

Ellen’s voice didn’t indicate that it would actually be lovely at all. 

We got down into the pitch and Ellen led us towards a door marked ‘Girls Change Room’ which I had never known existed. 

“Most of us get changed before we head down for games,” Ellen explained as she pushed the door open, “Since no one wants to get dressed with the opposing team you know?”

Kiana and I stood awkwardly in the entrance while Ellen went to a closet in the back and rummaged through it. She pulled out two sets of pads, which she tossed over to us. Neither of us caught them. Ellen then got a club and walked over with it, setting it against the wall by me, “Your weapon of choice,” she laughed. 

All three of us pulled on our pads and then we followed Ellen out to the field. The beater’s club felt heavy and rough in my hand as I dragged it behind me on the ground. I looked around at everyone else who had shown up to tryouts. I recognized pretty much everyone except a few second years that had shown up. We all gathered in a group as the caption, James Potter walked out onto the field.


Everyone chuckled as he did a few pirouettes before standing in front of us all, “Well I sure hope this sorry crowd isn’t the potentials for my quidditch team!” 

A few people booed at him, and some people let out loud cheers. I examined James Potter a little closer while he started to give a speech. I was never one for paying attention to speeches anyway. I didn’t really know all that much about the Gryffindor captain, just that he was a year older than me and was known around school for being a trouble maker. He was fairly good looking with short cropped black hair and a tall lean build. Though, if you ask me, he should get rid of the glasses. 

I was pulled out of my thoughts by James’ voice rising to say, “SO LET’S GET STARTED! Chasers, with Ellen. Keepers, come with me. Beaters, go with Coote! And if you came for seeker, well, just go home, cause that would be me.” 

I turned to face Kiana and she put on a bright face, “Remember. You don’t have to make it, but wish me luck!” she gave me a quick hug and made her way over to Ellen. I was starting to have some doubts as to whether this would be worth it or not. 

I walked up to John Coote, “Hey John.” 

“Hey Annora,” he looked down at me and then did a double take, “Annora?” 

I could understand John’s confusion. He was the team’s beater (his partner having graduated) and he stood towering above my 5’3 with his 6’2. 

This was not going to go well. 

“Chasers are with Jordan,” he said, “Unless, you’re trying out for beater?” 

“Um, no, yeah I’m trying for beater.” 

“Oh, right. That’s cool.” 

Two other boys joined us, Rufus Highmore (also a muscled giant) and Tom Jordan (Ellen’s younger brother, slightly less tall and muscled). 

John looked at the three of us and smiled, “Looks like this is it. So, to be fair we will all be using school brooms. So come and get one,” he gestured to the pile that lay at his feet.

We all picked them up. 

“Ugh, Firebolts? This school is so outdated, honestly.” Rufus complained. 


“Tell me about it,” Tom agreed, “These things are ancient.”

“Yeah, we’re gonna be like turtles, only in the air.” As soon as the words left my mouth I regretted them from seeing the looks the three boys gave me. 

“Right, well. Let’s move on.” John said. 

We did several drills that surprisingly enough, I didn’t fail out of. When we got to the final test of being assigned a player to protect from the bludger, I was pretty nervous and I was the last to go.

I was guarding Tom as he flew around the pitch, it was a bit hard keeping up with him and I could tell he definitely wasn’t going to make it easy for me. 

I would like to interject now, to let you know, that THIS is the pretty crucial part of the story. 

Anyway, Tom had flown over to the goals that the keepers were working and pretending like he was a chaser with an invisible quaffle. Tom looped around James and I followed. That’s when the bludger came, but not at Tom. It was heading straight for the back of James Potter’s head. Throwing all of my weight into it I swung my club. 


For a moment I couldn’t tell if the sound was the bludger hitting my bat, or my arm breaking. 

James whipped around, Tom came flying back and John came over to us. All four of us watched in amazement as the bludger soared away. 

John was the first to react, grabbing my shoulder and shaking it, “That was amazing! Who would have guessed you would have that in you?”

Tom folded his arms frowning, “It wasn't that good.” 

James faced me, “Who are you? It doesn’t even matter; I’ve never seen anything like that before!” 

I was very confused (not knowing all that much about quidditch) as to what I had done that was so spectacular. 

James’ face grew very excited, making me nervous, “I've never seena shot with such power! That was bloody brilliant. What did you say your name was?”

Oh no, Oh no. Hyperventilation was starting to set in. This wasn’t supposed to happen. This wasn’t supposed to happen. 

I opened my mouth, and then closed it, to shocked for words. John answered excitedly back, “Annora Moore, 6th year!”


James leaned in, whispering in my ear, “Don’t tell anyone, Ms. Annora Moore, but if I were you I’d like my chances of making the team.”


I’m not entirely sure how long it was after he said that that I fainted.



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Chapter 2: Carbing Up
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“Coote! Ya Brute! Be careful! That arm is going to win me my house cup!”

For the second time that day I started waking up to voices and this time some jostling.

“Potter, would you shut up and at least open the door? I’m the one carrying her!”

Potter? I felt my body being rotated and then my head knocked dully into something very heavy and very solid.


“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!”

“Just put her down on a bed before you kill her would you?”

Ah, soft. Last year the school invested in some new hospital beds, this was my first time trying them out but I approve.

I decided that maybe then would be the appropriate time to open my eyes up.

“Oh, thank Merlin, you’re okay!” James kneeled down next to me, “Coote, get Madame!”

John gave James a moody look as he turned to go get Madame Reese.

James grinned at me, “Nora, I carried you all the way up here because I care that much about you. I know we don’t know each other that well and everything, but I’m positive your arm- I mean you, you and I will be the best of friends.”

I looked at him, “What happened?”

It was all sort of jumbled; the last thing I remember was chasing Jordan around trying to protect him.

James took my hand, which I would have said was nice (him being a cute seventh year and all) except for the fact that it was extremely sweaty, dirty and I think he had a few open cuts.

“Well, here’s how it happened,” James breathed out, “I was about to die, there was a bludger heading straight for my head and then you not only saved me from an untimely death, but also managed to make one of the best shots in history! Well maybe not history, but the best I’ve seen!”

“Oh,” I struggled to get out, “Is that all?”

Madame Reese came then with John following behind her, “What happened?” she demanded.

“She fainted,” James said, “Oh no, Coote! What if that’s the secret? What if every time she makes a good shot she faints?”

Madame Reese frowned, “Leave boys, if all you care about is quidditch rather than Ms. Moore’s health.”

Coote spoke up, “But we-“


James added, “It’s not like we were-“


Coote cut back in, “We care about her, honestly-“

“What kind of people do you think we are Madame?”

“Out now.”

Her tone even scared me a bit; she had pursed her lips very tightly which caused her voice to come out deeper than usual.

She turned to me as James and John hurried out, “What caused the fainting Ms. Moore?”

“I’m guessing shock,” I answered, “But really I’m fine now.”

I have somewhat of a phobia of taking potions. They are just so bad tasting and thick and gross, so I avoid taking them at all costs.

Madame starting writing on a piece of parchment she had grabbed, “You’re very lucky. Fainting on a broom is very dangerous, good thing so many people were in the air near you.”

I looked around the hospital wing as she continued writing. There was only two other people but both were lying down so I couldn’t make out who they were.
“Do you know who caught me?” I asked.

She put down the parchment on the bedside table, “Yes, Mr. Coote said he did. Alright, do you feel dizzy? Or light headed?”

I shook my head, “I did before but now I feel fine.”

She frowned, “Hm. I still think you should perhaps take something…”

“No,” I said quickly, “May I please just go back to my common room?”

I got up and immediately paused feeling instantly dizzy.

Madame grabbed my elbow, “Lay down, dear. Rest and I’ll discharge you in time for dinner.”

I did as Madame said and lay back down on the bed but it took me a good half hour to fall asleep.


“Well, look who it is.”

“Shut up, Kiana,” I answered back as I sat down next to her on the long wooden bench at the Gryffindor table.

Ellen who was sitting across from us chimed in while picking through the large plate of vegetables before her, “Why yes, it’s the secret weapon. Congrats Nora, didn’t think you had it in you.”

Kiana scowled at Ellen and then at me, “Nora, I can’t believe you. You were only there to help me! But no, you had to go and actually make the team.”

Ellen flicked a carrot at Kiana, “She’s just bitter that her tryout was down right embarrassing.”

I looked back and forth between the two, “Wait, so it’s official? I made the team?”

Ellen grinned, “Yep, James put out the list about an hour ago. Welcome to the team.”

Stabbing her food rather viciously Kiana mumbled, “Unbelievable.”

“Kiana,” I reasoned, “Calm down. I’m not actually going to join. I don’t want to play quidditch.”

Kiana’s face instantly brightened, “Oh, of course!”
Ellen put down her fork, “What? Nora! You can’t just back out of it like that! James has already bragged about you to the other teams.”

“Okay now,” I said, “How much has happened since I’ve been in the hospital wing?”

Kiana patted my shoulder, “Not that much. I mean you definitely don’t have to join if you don’t want to.”

Ellen interjected, “Nora! People dream of being on our house team and you’re just going to not join?”

I nodded, “Seems about right.”

I began to scoop some salad onto my plate as Ellen shook here head at me, “Have fun telling James.”

“I’m not scared of telling him anything, he’ll just have to deal with it.”

“Who will have to deal with what?”

I saw the look on Ellen’s face and turned around in my seat to see who had spoken, sure enough James was standing behind me with Coote alongside.

I felt myself deflate a little, “Oh, um, nothing.”

James then proceeded to sit down, pushing Kiana out of the way. Coote sat on the other side of me.

“Well, I don’t know if you have heard the news-“

Ellen cut in, “I told her already James.”

James pouted, “Thanks for taking the fun out of it, Jordan. Please tell me you’re not angry that your brother didn’t manage to get the spot?”

Ellen rolled her eyes, “I could care less. Though, he might actually end up getting it after all.”

James seemed not to notice the last part of what Ellen said. I’m guessing it was because he was stuffing an entire roll into his mouth.

I decided to start eating in case the issue of me actually not joining the team came up. My fork was about an inch from my face when I felt a hand grab it, making me pause.

My eyebrow rose, “May I help you, John?”

John blushed and let go of my hand, “Sorry, but Nora I think you need to carb up a little. You know, for quidditch.”

James took my plate, “I concur, Coote. Here,” James placed the salad in front of Kiana, “You look like you eat this type of thing.”

Kiana seemed highly offended and pushed the plate away sending me a glare.

“Carb up?” I questioned.

John nodded, “Well, when I was carrying you to the hospital wing-“

“For the record it was I who carried you the majority of the way. After Coote tired out of course,” James added while taking another roll.

Coote continued, “As I was saying, while I was carrying you, I noticed you were a bit…you know,” he faltered a bit, stumbling over his words.

“A bit what, exactly?” I didn’t like the sound of where he was going.

John looked to James who seemed to give a nod which urged him on.

“Well, you know. You were, um…soft? I just think we should get you a little more bulked up…muscley.”

“I’m soft?”

I could her Kiana and Ellen let out snickers.

James grabbed a new plate for me and loaded on mashed potatoes, chicken and three rolls, “Try this.”

Kiana scoffed, “It’s all the same color.”

I was still stuck on being called ‘soft’ by two seventh year boys.

“Go ahead,” James passed me a napkin, “Eat up.”

“I’m not joining.”

I didn’t particularly mean to say it just at that moment but it all sort of popped out very quickly. Everyone who was sitting in our group froze, except for Kiana who gave me thumbs up behind James’ back.

Coote ended up being the first to speak, “I don’t understand.”

I almost felt bad for him, because he genuinely sounded very confused.

Ellen acted like I hadn’t told her already, “Nora! How could you do this to us? To your house?”

I gave her an extremely dirty look, which she disregarded looking at me smugly.

“James?” I asked, while looking over at him. He hadn’t moved since I had spoken and his eyes were starting to glass over.

“You mean you don’t want to be on the team?” He said faintly.

“Okay,” I stood up from my seat, “Everybody listen up! I, Nora Moore, will not be joining the quidditch team. Because I don’t like quidditch.”

James stood up to, angrily and did something I didn’t expect. He raised his voice loudly so many people in our part of the great hall looked over to him.

“Let’s get something straight here Ms. ‘I’m too good for school level quidditch’, nobody and I mean nobody refuses to join the quidditch team. So strap up your boots and get your club because I’ll put your dead body on a broom if that’s what it takes!”

He then turned sharply and stormed out of the hall.

Ellen smiled, “I think he took it well.”

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