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The Gains Offset The Losses by Free_Chicken_Soup2

Format: Novella
Chapters: 15
Word Count: 21,867
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Humor, Romance, Angst
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 03/14/2010
Last Chapter: 08/15/2012
Last Updated: 08/15/2012


I can't possibly like her. I don't like her. Hermione Granger is a mudblood and I hate her... Oh crap here she comes! Quick pick up the book and pretend to read!
"Um Malfoy?"

"What do you want Granger. I'm Busy." He watched a smirk spread across her thin lips.

"Your book is upside down."  Hermione walked away chuckling as Draco Lowered his head to the tab

Chapter 1: 1. Draco
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Your mother and I feel you should remain at school over the holidays this year. To be frank we have important visitors coming and going and we would hate for you to be in the way. Inform your daft headmaster of your arrangements as soon as possible.
-L. Malfoy.

Draco crumpled up the short letter and threw it in the fire. His father didn't want him there? His father knew as well as he did that he would not be in the way. He rubbed his neck in frustration. He got up and headed out of the dungeons, being in such a dark place wouldn't lighten his mood.

"Harry, quit it!" A shrill squeal rose.

"I'll get you both!"

"No fair, you're cheating!"

Three figures rushed past him wearing gold and maroon, two of them were being chased by a boy wearing glasses holding  fists of snow.

Not these tossers again. Draco thought resentfully, Potter can't even hit a girl with a snowball,  and he missed his rangy friend's shoulder by a mile, and he call himself a quiddich player! Draco quickly made three snowballs an took aim.

One of Draco's snowballs hit Weasley in the chest. "Hey!" The Weasel complained shrilly Draco would have guessed the squeal from before would have been the Mudblood. Still, it made sense. 

"Watch it!" Right in the forearm for the frizz-head.

"Ouch!" right in his stupid face.  That'll show Potter.

"Malfoy what is your problem?!" Hermione yelled at him.

"That people like you are allowed to live, that's what my problem is." Draco walked swiftly away and down a corridor.

The great hall was decorated for the holidays, green and red streamers hung from the ceiling and there was a massive tree. He made his way to the Slytherin table where Blaise  and Pansy sat deep in discussion.

"I’m going to Paris for break. It will be boring. My parents making eyes at each other, and my twat of a little brother howling for attention that I won't give him. A nightmare."

"Blaze, don't complain. At least you don't have to stay in London. I have to go to my Grandparents' house. All they do is tell me how I can improve myself, how it was in the old days, and how they can't eat solids anymore, honestly... Oh, Draco, hi!" Pansy smiled up at him and he sat next to her not bothering to return her greeting.

"Neither of you should be complaining, my father just wrote, I have to stay here." There was a collaborative gasp of shock and disapproval from the two seventh years.

"I'm so sorry Draco, I can ask my parents if I can stay if you'd like." Pansy looked at him with adoration. Draco was aware of the love she harbored for him but couldn't return it. He just abused it, taking what he wanted when he wanted and not returning her affection.

"No." Was all he said to her.

The Hall was starting to fill with people ready for the last dinner before break started the next day. There were similar conversations about family plans and trips at the surrounding tables. All Draco could think about was why he had to stay here with Dumbledork and the other sorry saps who were left behind also.

There was a sudden burst of laughter from the entrance to the Hall. Three dripping Gryffindors walked in just as the food appeared. Figures, they didn’t even have the decency to change, I could slip on the water and break my neck.

“I’m going to Ron’s house for Christmas.” The bespectacled little hero was saying to the filthy girl. “Are you going home, then?”

Granger looked down at her shoes chewing her lip “No, they’re going to a big dental conference and children aren’t allowed. I’m staying right here.” She heaved a sigh and looked up at the ginger. His face reminded Draco of how Pansy’s looked a moment ago.

“You can come to my house if you’d like to Hermione, I’m sure mum will want to see you.” Weasley’s obvious lust for the girl went unnoticed by her and the Chosen One.

“It’ll be alright Ron, I’ll get the common room to myself, and the library! No one will be able to interrupt my studies.” They drifted up to their table and sat.

So Granger will be staying too. This just keeps getting worse.
Draco glanced at the girl again. Without her constant burden of books she was slight and had slender shoulders. Her hair long and outrageously curly. He had never noticed her figure before, all the curves were where they were supposed to be and she had long legs.

“I’m not hungry all of a sudden,” Pansy looked at him franticly checking him over with her eyes, looking for signs of fatigue and illness. “I’m just going to go to bed.” Draco walked around the two tables that stood between his and the Gryffindors’ table. As he approached Sheldon Highmore of the Ravenclaws got up and met him, their shoulders colliding. “Watch it Highmore.” He snarled. Sheldon didn’t look flustered.

The exchange had gone well, no one had noticed. Or so he thought. On his way out of the hall he heard rapid footfalls after him.

“What did he give you?” She demanded. Draco didn’t break pace. “What did he give you? I saw you slip money into his robes.” She said again when he didn’t answer.

“You must be hallucinating Granger. I would never give my money away.” She ran in front of him and blocked his path. “Granger, I don’t want to remove you by force, it would get me in trouble, so move.”

“Not until you tell me.” She pressed. Draco stepped closer to her and forced her to back up into the nearby wall.

“I don’t have to tell you a damn thing.” He growled, then turned around and headed towards the dungeons.

Chapter 2: 2. Hermione
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Okay, So the story is from both perspectives. Sorry if it gets confusing but each will be titled accordingly. I don't plan on abandoning this story.  Please review!


Hermione watched Malfoy walk away her heart beating wildly in her chest. She had definitely seen a transfer of sorts and of course he would deny it up front.

“Hey! Hermione! Why’d you run off?” Ron came galloping into view Harry close behind still munching on a finger sandwich.

“No reason really. Thought I saw Marcy, I need to confirm my Transfiguration notes.” There was a collaborative eye roll as she knew there would be. “I must be prepared for the NEWTs, you should be worrying too, its what normal people would be doing.” They headed back into the hall, Hermione less hungry than before but logic outweighed her want to follow Malfoy and see what he had bought from Sheldon. She had just exerted lots of energy wrestling the boys into the snow just minutes before and her body needed fuel. 

She gave a light shiver as a slight draft blew coolly against her sopping clothes. Ron noticed and took out his wand. “Ron- I was just going to go upstairs and change you really don’t need to do that.”

“But you’re cold.” His brow furrowed and he started twisting his wand in his hands. Hermione put her hand on his shoulder and he looked up. She kept her eyes level with his as best she could until it was too uncomfortable and then turned to Harry.

“You know what I’ve been to these things every year, night before holiday dinners I mean. I’ll go change. Do you boys think you could handle bringing me something to eat?”

They nodded together and she turned on her heal to head back into the corridor. 

Climbing the stairs was no less than awkward. Her feet slipping now and then and after slipping she had to jump over the trap stair.

“Gero Nemus” the portrait swung open and permitted her entrance into the common room.

She changed quickly and grabbed the letter from her mother  and read it over for the fifth time.

Hermione, it read

Dear, I think its unwise for you to come home for the holidays. We miss you terribly but your father is still in the intensive care unit at the hospital and I believe it would be too sad and stressful for you to come for a visit. Plus he would be asleep most of the time. I would love you to be with me sweetheart. But his mother is with us and your uncle is visiting and it would be too much work for you to keep your magic a secret from them, so it would be best for you, I think to stay at Hogwarts for break under Dumbledore’s watchful eyes.

Love always and forever,
Your mum

She hugged the letter and leaned against her bed post closing her eyes.

“Hermione?” She cracked her eyes open to see Pavarti Patil gazing down at her a slight apologetic smile on her face. “The boys sent me up, they have food for you.”

“Thanks.” She yawned and stretched. Her back was stiff from sleeping against the bed post, not the wisest place of choice to take a nap. Hermione climbed off her bed, tucking the letter into her side table drawer as she went. “See you later.” She waved to her friend and descended the stairs. Hermione sighed as she watched her friends from the bottom of the stairs, they were bickering and picking various items from, what she gathered, her dinner tray and eating them. Ron laughed at something, sending pudding all over Harry’s glasses, who immediately poured a bit of fudge on his friend’s nose. It escaladed from there. People dodging about trying to get out of their food fight’s range as Hermione surged towards them grabbing part of a minced meat pie. I love them.


Hermione walked to the great hall alone the next morning. The Weasley’s had come by floo and taken the two remaining Weasley children and Harry to the Burrow.

“You can certainly come along, dear.” Mrs. Weasley had fussed. It took fifteen minutes of reassuring the overly kind mother of Hermione’s okay-ness that finally made Molly Weasley usher the kids into the grate with her Husband at her elbow saying a jaunty farewell.

Breakfast was sure to be quiet. Hermione wondered absently how many students would be left at Hogwarts for the holidays. She knew for a fact she was going to be the only Gryffindor, but what about the other houses?

She soon found out when looked up from the floor to see that the house tables had vanished and the head table was all that was left in the giant room.

“Ahhh! Miss Granger! Good morning, Good morning!” Professor Dumbledore smiled at her warmly. “We decided that it would be more prudent, because of our numbers, to all just sit together.” Hermione did a swift head count, there were seven students (including herself) four Hufflepuffs and Two Ravenclaws. She took a seat next to Professor Flitwick and folded her hands neatly in her lap.

“I’m surprised to see you here Miss Granger, I would have thought you would have gone home for the holidays. This surely exceeds your duties of Head Girl by far.” The small man said to her.

“Actually Professor, my parents are out on a business trip.” She repeated the familiar lie quickly “I wasn’t allowed to accompany them.”

“I see.” He said simply.

“What are you waiting for? Tuck in! breakfast is the most important meal of the day you know.” Dumbledore said merrily and took a spoonful of eggs.

Hermione took some fruit and nibbled distractedly, she couldn’t help but think that this was her second year spent away from her parents during the holidays. But this time she didn't even have the excuse of spying on the slytherins, she was alone. She missed her father and wondered about his deteriorating health. The headmaster made his normal strange small talk, this time concerning a color-confused flamingo.

When plates had cleared she excused herself and headed to the library. Books always seemed to keep her mind off of troubling things. The pages filled with knowledge, Hermione wished she could learn it all. Well she sure had plenty of time for the nex two weeks.

Chapter 3: 3. Draco
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A/N: There is drug reference in this chapter and basically the rest of the story, so if you are uncomfortable with that this is the warning! Thanks for reading!

3. Draco

The dungeons were dark and humid as always. Draco sat on the couch in a hidden room behind Salazar’s statue. He was breathing deeply feeling the weight of his chest move up in down with each breath.  His whole body was relaxed, he could feel every muscle as they worked slowly to keep him from going into a coma. The green light swam around the secret room he sat in contributing to the haze he was under.

He sat like a vegetable for the next fifteen minutes. Then suddenly the drug’s last leg took effect. His pulse jumped and his adrenaline kicked in. He rose quickly and darted from the room. Pansy was coming down her staircase with her bags. “Draco. Oh, I hoped I would see you before I had to leave! you can still come home with me if-”Pansy trailed off setting her bags down slowly  when she saw his face. He looked excited and his pupils were so dilated the blue of his iris was almost completely enveloped. Draco took her hand and practically dragged her back into the secret room.


Pansy left unwillingly an hour later. Her mother would be arriving soon to take her to wherever it was she was going for the holidays. Draco was laying back on the long couch in his boxers his pulse was still more rapid then normal. He dressed quickly and headed to his dorm for a shower.

Draco wondered absently why the potion had that after effect of a sexually charged energy, not that he minded. He reminded himself that he only had three more vials to last him for the holidays and that he should take it easy.  Draco checked his watched it was about noon so he dressed and walked up out of the dungeons.

There was one table. There was one bloody table in the middle of the room. His stupid headmaster sat in the middle on the side facing the door. Dumbledore’s eyes did that menacing sparkling thing Draco hated so much as he approached. There were six students sitting already at the table, then there were the professors. He sat at the fathers right corner a seat separated himself from another student. The plate in front of him bore little gree trees with ornaments doing a dizzying little jig.  Dumbledore smiled and nodded encouragingly at the food in the center of the table.  What is wrong with this guy? Draco thought bitterly, he reached for his glass of pumpkin juice and downed the entire thing.

Just as he was reaching for a sandwich rapid footfalls sounded from the entrance to the hall. “Sorry Professor I was in-”

“The library, yes, yes of course, the many books of things yet to be learned are befuddling and amusing.” The old man assured her and then gestured to the seat next to Draco. The only seat left.

Hermione scowled then sat. Draco ate quickly and quietly trying to blend in with the background. I can’t believe I have to eat here again today. Maybe I’ll just starve myself. Draco smirked at his own thought before standing up, he noticed Granger had tensed briefly, He paused. Draco had accidentally brushed her leg with his.  He  dusted off his pants and then turned and left without a word of thanks or excuse. 

He was almost out of the entrance hall when he heard his name called. Then again. This situation was far too familiar to him now. “What do you want now Granger?”

“Would you stop? This isn’t a proper way to have a conversation.” She huffed.

Draco kept walking though he slowed slightly to let the girl catch up.

“You walk with purpose, that’s for sure.” Draco smirked at her half complement. He turned and raised his eyebrow urging her to get to the point. “Well, I guess you walk quickly because you actually do suck at conversations.”


“So, where were you at breakfast?” she played with her skirt and looked at her feet.

“Dungeons.” Maybe if  Draco stuck to one word answers she would get frustrated and leave.

“What were you doing?” Hermione raised her eyes to his, Draco felt his pulse rise steadily. The potion was having an unexpected second wind. He was suddenly aware that Granger was a girl, a girl standing close, a girl standing close and waiting for an answer.

“Slept. I slept in.” Draco stepped nonchalantly closer to her, he could smell her and feel the heat of her body as she walked on next to him.

She kept quiet for awhile, just walking awkwardly in silence, their footsteps echoing off the brick walls. He wondered weather she always smelled so delicious? Or if she always walked with her shoulders just about touching her earlobes.

“Malfoy…?” her tone was slightly worried and nervous.

“What?” He snapped, his body tingling all over. He had to extricate himself from this situation Or he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

“Are you alright? You seem- weird.”

“And you’re nosey!” he yelled at her coming to a stop. “Stay out of my business Granger!”

Her brown eyes met his and he knew he wouldn’t be able to leave her.  He had to stay. He had to.  “At least I care enough to be nosey.”  She said, her chin held aloft.

“Don’t!” he warned her with a growl his heart accelerating even more. Heat coursed through him, desire and need. 

“Don‘t what? Don‘t care?! I have to care! I was raised to care!”

“No you were raised to be a Mudblood!” He loved this! The fighting was so, so, so very arousing. He loved it!

“Don’t, Don’t you dare call me that you, you…Fascist!”  her tone was sharp and was rising to a higher pitch, Granger was getting feisty, Draco stopped thinking and the potion did the rest of the talking for him.

“What are you going to do Mudblood? swim to you‘re muggle mummy and daddy? You can’t even fly a broom stick, and you can‘t apperate within the grounds, pathetic!” Draco hissed. He was getting closer to her. Flames were practically bursting from her eyes; her cheeks blazing with frustration.  He advanced on her, his eyes blazing with fury and lust.

“I hate you Malfoy. The sight of you makes me sick!” She looked so passionate. Her soft pink lips forming each word with precision. “I just want to hex the hell out of you!” She backed away as he advanced on step at a time. “I want to rake my eyes out with my fingernails-”

“Yeah?” He interrupted with an almost purr, towering over her. One more step and Draco had her pinned to the wall. His smile was feral and dangerous.

“Malfoy I’ll scream, I swear, if you hex me, I’ll-” but what she’d do he would never know. At that moment  he grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her full on the mouth.

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Chapter 4: 4. Hermione
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4. Hermione

She was backed against a wall snogging Draco Malfoy. Her hands went limp at her sides. He pulled away to kiss her jaw.

“Malfoy you perv!” she yelled in his ear hoping to break his eardrum. His locked eyes with her own and she saw them flash with anger and he brought his mouth to hers again. His lips were soft but firm and demanding. For some reason beyond her she seemed to have lost her mind. She was kissing him back. Her veins had flared into a sudden fire.  She couldn’t explain it for the life of her. She would rather be snogging anyone else. Anyone! Even McClaggen! Well…maybe not McClaggen. But still!

“I hate you.” she muttered against his lips.

“Really?” he smiled and kissed her more deeply, pressing his body closer to hers. She liked the weight of his body against hers it was nice. What troubled her was that she was less repulsed than she thought she should be.

“I don’t…want…this.” She gasped unconvincingly when he came up for air again, she still fought against herself not to move in and take charge. She just squirmed a bit and he held fast.

Draco chuckled low in her ear, she shivered and  repeated how much she hated him, so quietly she suspected he didn’t hear her. His tongue plunged into her mouth probing around. Malfoy is kissing me and I might like it. No! I don’t. Hermione shoved hard against his chest and he staggered back. “Malfoy! What the bloody hell is wrong with you?!”

He leaned against the opposite wall in the narrow corridor. He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. “Granger, don’t take I personally, I would have snogged Myrtle if she weren’t transparent. You obviously like it so what’s the problem?”

“The problem, Malfoy, is that I hate you.” She strode towards him and was in his face quickly, glaring up at the blond boy. “You’ve made my life hell for years, years! And you go and snog me?” He was breathing deeply, Hermione watched his lips part. She licked her own lips and turned around too furious and confused to even look at him.

“Granger, Shouldn’t you be in the library or something?" Malfoy sneered from the shadows “Maybe you should read up on how to kiss a bloke. You suck at it.”  She turned to him slowly. He was standing in the same smarmy position he had been before but his eyes were burning into her.

Excuse me?

“Kissing, you’re bad at it.” he said with a smirk, eyes glinting in the torchlight as he approached her again.

“You think I’m a bad kisser.” Unbelievable, I’m not bad at anything. she thought incredulously to herself.

“Well you sure don’t react. You’re...a nice descriptive word, lets see..." She fumed as he 'thought'  a smirk quirked up the sides of his mouth "unenthusiastic.”

A sudden haze of rage passed over her and all she could think of was proving him wrong. She launched himself at him throwing him back into the wall and tugging his head down to her’s by his hair. She kissed him with all her might. She felt his arms go around her waist, pawing at the skin of the small of her back. Hermione heard Draco moan and then spin her so she was once again the one pressed against the wall. Her hands were all over his torso, his shoulders, his chest, his stomach. He was thin and very muscular and he was everywhere. So were his hands. When he started getting too friendly with her skirt she smacked them away. He’d recoil for a second then play with the hem and skim his hand over her thigh. After the third time she shoved him away. He was smiling seductively and breathing hard.

“You want to come to the dungeons?” he held out a hand in offering.

Hermione slapped him across the face. “That was for kissing me.” then she smacked him again. “And that” she said relishing watching him rub his red face “was for saying I’m a bad kisser.” She just walked away slowly leaving him to dwell on his actions. “Oh,” she added as a second thought over her shoulder “I still hate you.”


Hermione sat in her dorm staring at the ceiling’s bumpy texture. That was so bizarre

She had retreated to her bed after the ‘Incident’ as it was now being referred to (by herself of course) and had started to read Hogwarts: A History. However the solace the book usually brought her was lost at the time so it lay forgotten on the floor. 

All around Gryffindor house was silent. It was unnerving to Hermione. All she could do was sit and stare up at the off-white color of the ceiling then at her maroon bed curtains then back to the ceiling. She did this so she didn't have to think of the Incident.  It was on the seventh or so rotation of staring that an idea occurred to her. She produced a piece of parchment then pulled out her ink bottle and quill.  She sucked on the end of it until the words came to her.

And she wrote.

The sound of her quill scratching fresh parchment was more enjoyable than listening to a whole symphony performing Beethoven’s seventh. It was so rhythmic.

Scribble, scribble, period, dip, scribble, scribble...

When she finished the letters two hours had past and she had used more then four feet of parchment combined. She quickly scanned the letters for errors then folded them neatly, heading towards the Owlery at a swift pace.

As she reached the top of the stairs she tripped upon entering and swore loudly to herself. Owls hooted loudly around her frightened by her loud and less than coordinated entrance.

“Sorry, sorry!” she called to the room at large. Great Granger, you’re talking to birds now, next you’ll help Luna prove the existence of Wrackspurts. Hermione let out a loud snort of mirth that made some of the still anxious birds take flight. After more apologizing to the large birds she found one of the school’s owls and attached the letter.

“Take that to Ginny Weasley at the burrow, okay?” The bird gave a small hoot and plummeted out of the window. Hermione screamed. Had the bird just committed suicide to avoid delivery? She ran to the window to see that the bird was fine and was now soaring towards the east tower. What a tosser, that bird!

She tried to coerce another owl down but it seemed useless. She had just scared the bejeezums out of them for a third time of course they would be a bit reluctant.

There was a flutter from  one of the closer windows and a snowy white owl perched on her shoulder nibbling her ear gently.  “Hedwig! You fantastic bird! Will you deliver a letter to mum for me? After a rest of course!” She had no idea why she was conversing with another owl. But it seemed Hedwig understood by the way she hopped of her shoulder and stood on the center podium, her leg outstretched. Hermione tied the letter to her leg and patted her on the head. “I’ll have a nice treat for you when you come back.” she smiled at the bird as it took off out the window it had entered just moments before.

Hermione stood looking out of the window for a long time, maybe a couple hours. She only left when she found it to be five and her day (being awkward and somewhat vomit inducing) definately called for a nap.

Chapter 5: 5. Draco
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She didn’t have to hit me twice!
Draco thought sulkily to himself as he walked off towards the court yard. His cheek was still stinging as he stepped out into the chill of the bracing evening air. He strode over to one of the many benches and sat looking out across the grounds.

The cold wind eventually ebbed the throb of his cheek. Deciding he rather keep both buttocks he stood and walked to the library to warm his cold derriere. The library was one of the warmest parts of the building and smelled wonderful. It reminded Draco of his father’s study at home that was filled with books and bare parchment. His father rarely used that room anymore due to other extracurricular activities, so Draco gladly adopted the space for his own use.

He had never spent much time in the Library. The nerds always deterred him from entering. Also that Madame Pince see like the type that could potentially eviscerate a student for whatever reason with only her eyes. She was frightening, to say the very least. But seeing as Madame Pince was in fact very old and very absent from her normal station at the front of the library Draco figured he could wander the shadows cast by the bookshelves without much threat on his life.

It was dry and stuffy amongst the old spell books that were towards the very back stacks. If anyone were to light a match the air would catch fire. He licked his lips and paced forward. To his right was the restricted section and his left was another large section of old books, probably with names like ‘A Guide To Troll Behavioral Problems’ and ’How To Quiet a Banshee’. But on the opposite wall was a statue that looked out of place.

Draco started toward the statue, intrigued as to why it was there in the backmost corner of the library. However as he approached he had a sudden urge to go look for a book called “Merpeople Of The Mediterranean” so he turned on his heel and headed back down the rows of books. He searched for an hour or so through shelves of multicolored books bound in all sorts of materials, from leather to velvet to even pounded silver (Werewolf Folklore). As the minutes ticked on Draco found the need to search for “Merpeople of the Mediterranean” ebbing away.

 The Library was still deserted. The quiet was starting to get to Draco, not that he minded being alone much, he actually preferred it. But alone with nothing to do seemed just sad. He sat himself down at a table and peered around the library. Then it hit him like a sack of books dropped on his head: he was in a library. The only logical thing was to read. Draco tended to avoid reading at all costs, but when a situation presented itself…well not really present itself more like Draco wandered in with nothing else to do…But who was he to temp fate? That’s right he’s Draco Malfoy.

Draco fingered through multiple titles until his fingers stopped at the title Hogwarts: A History. He had never actually read it but he picked it up and carried it over to the table. It was a big book as far as books go and would probably last him all his break. Curiosity more or less got the better of him and he opened the cover and paged to the first chapter.

He had to admit, Bathilda Bagshot knew her stuff. He immersed himself in her writing. Losing track of time and the relevance of it.

“Ahem.” Draco’s head snapped up, too quickly for his liking for his neck was rather stiff, and his eyes were at level with the caretaker’s . “Isn‘t it about time you were off to bed?” Draco said nothing all he did was stare at the squib taking in his lowliness. Draco took his time stretching out his neck. And Filtch cleared his throat with a hacking cough once more.

Mr. Filtch was a scrawny man, skin and bones. He possessed nothing or magical talent except his superior knowledge of the secret passageways and his possible psychic link to his cat, Mrs. Noris.

“Mr. Filtch may I ask why you have disturbed me? It is break and I have an extra hour before bed than during regular school days.” Draco thought he was being quite rational, not to mention slightly condescending, but still reasonable.

“Why would I let mouth breathers like you roam about at night breaking things? I could be at a country home with the Mrs. And I-”

“You vacation with your cat?” Draco smirked and rolled his eyes when the caretaker just continued ranting.

“But no, I have to run around after you lot and Peeves!”  Draco stood, pushed in his chair, then dog-eared the page he was on before closing the book and walking away calmly from a still foaming Filtch, who was now screaming profanities at him for walking away.

“Good night Mr. Filtch!” Draco yelled over his shoulder.

As soon as Draco stepped into the cold dark corridor did he really get an idea of how long he had been in the library.

What? Like seven hours or something? he thought. I’m surprised that Granger didn’t show up there. With her track record it would have been a eighty-nine percent chance of her barging in and sticking her nose into a book.

His hollow footsteps echoed through the halls as he made his way to the dungeons. Draco had missed dinner and quite presumably the chance to fly his nimbus. He had been planning on training earlier that evening but he had gotten side tracked…

Why did that bludgeoned ghoul make that stuff so strong! I mean Highmore is nothing if not consistent.  The potion should have had a second wind like that. This was Highmore's fault.
“Young whippersnappers prowling the halls at such an hour! Ghastly behavior I would have never allowed that!” Whispered a portrait of a portly woman as he passed. Draco felt like apperating to the Highmore residence and giving Sheldon a piece of his mind. But then he probably should go around ranting and raving about dodgy illegal potions.

Draco pushed his fair hair from his eyes as he continued to walk on. H really did need a hair cut. Random. He thought to himself. The word ‘random’ hit on something of a focal point of his mind. He had discovered something else random in the library. 

What was it? Mermaids… Merpeople. A book! No. um… A Book!. Wait, no. he remembered walking into the library and proceeded to walk to the very back. There was something out of place, it was on the tip of his tongue.

The statue. The weird statue that made no sense.
Why was that there? What purpose does it serve? Why had he wanted to read Merpeople Of The Mediterranean? A nonexistent book.

I will find out what it is. I will uncover its secrets. Because I am a Malfoy and I am the best of the best.

Draco descended the stairs and walked past a few potions class rooms. He descended again and took a long passageway to the common room door. He had to make a plan. After he slept, of course.

Chapter 6: 6. Hermione
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6. Hermione

It had been a few days and she still hadn’t heard back from Ginny. Her mother however had sent three letters and two care packages. The poor owl she had used looked bedraggled and half-dead after baring the weight of a basket of chocolates meant for seventy people through a blizzard.  For a dentist her mom sure played it loose with chocolate. Hermione picked up a chocolate nut bar and flipped it over in its package. She read: This product does not contain sugar. She knew it had been too good to be true.

For the past few days Hermione had done all her homework, written to Ron and Harry, and then proceeded to reread Hogwarts: A History for the thirty seventh time. This frustrated her quite a lot. She was stuck in a castle, a magical, marvelous, and even whimsical castle and the only thing she could do was go to the library?

She laid back on her bed and closed her eyes, maybe I could hibernate until Ginny comes back to save me from my boring self.

“I am so boring” She groaned loudly.

“I wouldn’t give yourself that much credit.”

Hermione sat bolt upright and screamed. A hand came down on her mouth and she looked up to the person’s face. Hermione relaxed slightly when she saw the brown hair and hazel eyes staring at her.

“If I take my hand away will you not scream again?” She said with a grin. Hermione rolled her eyes and the girl’s hand left her mouth.

Hermione bunched up on her bed so she could sit comfortably with her guest. “So, Helen, how’d you get up here?” Helen ignored this gesture and paced the room in a keyed up sort of way. Hermione watched the tall brunette with interest. Did it make Helen nervous just to be in Hermione’s dorm? Was she comparing the cleanliness and how efficiently her clothes were displayed in her wardrobe? Hermione smirked and waited for an explanation.

Helen shrugged “I’m in Ravenclaw, I’m naturally clever.” Hermione suppressed a scoff. Helen was not fooled and narrowed her eyes. “Fine, Dumbledore decided to change everyone’s passwords to the names of the seven fictional reindeer. It was basically trial and error from there. Of course it did take al of my impressive deductive skills and the better part of ten minutes to remember the names… Apparently Old Dumby can get quite…whimsical…when he’s inebriated.”

Hermione nodded. It was just like Helen to figure out a way to outsmart Hermione. She had basically been the soul provider of competition for the past three or so years, taking her time to ease into the position for second smartest and first conceited. She had never been what some people call friends with Helen, they just recognized the fact that they were the best.

“Did you miss me kicking your arse up and down the proverbial hall of education, Marks?” Hermione asked with a chuckle. Helen whipped around and stared at her. Then she laughed. A tinkling little laugh Hermione would have never expected from someone so tall and elegant. She was so sure Helen would have a throaty movie star laugh, this made Hermione wary.

“Yeah like that would ever happen, Granger, but I came here,” She plopped down on Hermione’s bed “to ask you if you wanted to do something. I’m bored, you’re bored, lets be bored together and see if we can think of something to do.”

After a few seconds when Hermione had not spoken Helen raised her eyebrow as if indicating that Hermione should speak.

“Well, you never asked properly.”

Helen threw her hands in the air “The question was implied!” She whined.

“I still would like to hear it Marks, or if you just want to be bored and rotting away all alone…?”

She let out a frustrated sigh and looked Hermione right in the eyes. “Hermione Granger, Will you please keep me from killing myself by joining me in activities of fun and destruction?”

Hermione mimed thinking, even stroked a fake beard, before answering “Sure why not?” then mumbled to herself “At least you  are reliable.”


“Nothing. I said nothing. Okay what do you want to do?” Hermione asked reclining onto her back board.

Helen cocked an eyebrow and plastered that smirk she get when she was about to outsmart Hermione on her face. “Oh I have and excellent idea.”


Hermione was scampering down the stairs behind Helen, keeping up a steady stream of worries and doubts. It was eleven at night and they had been up for three hours trying to figure out how to execute Helen’s plan. Well Helen was, Hermione was just voicing her opinions on the subject. The plan mostly consisted of four shots of Fire Whiskey and the false sense of courage that it creates then immediately followed by regret. Helen believed this was going to be a hoot.

“Helen! This is the stupidest plan ever concocted by a Ravenclaw! You should be ashamed!”

“Don’t get you knickers in a twist Alice!” Helen giggled and continued forward as she leapt over the last stair. Hermione reluctantly followed suit.

Hermione had done some pretty questionable stuff but Helen was off her rocker, she had assured Hermione it wasn‘t dangerous but it sure as hell sounded like it could be. And why was she calling her Alice? “What if they catch us? Its not like we can say ‘oh we’re out for a mid morning stroll’ in a freaking BLIZZARD!”

Helen turned around with lightning speed, which was an amazing feat considering her long legs Hermione was surprised she hadn’t tangled them together and fallen to the stone floor. “If someone would shut up about it we might have a chance!”

“Might?!” Hermione squeaked hiccoughing.


“Okay.” Hermione mumbled. Helen turned and began towards the giant doors again. “This is so stupid, why are you going along? You’re stupid. This, this is stupid. Almost as stupid as when Ron decided he wanted to learn to play the bagpipes stupid.” Hermione muttered to herself.

Helen signaled for her to stay put while she surveyed the area and disappeared into the Great Hall to investigate. Hermione stood there in the eerie silence waiting for her rival.

Suddenly she heard a faint taping noise, like shoe on stone. Hermione froze and her eyes widened and she began to tremble. Its just Helen, I has to be. But the Great Hall is giant. Plus she had to be silent to pull it off. Please please be Helen!

The footsteps grew louder by the second. Then Hermione could see a form emerging from the shadows, features illuminated by the moonlight that was filtering in from the grounds. She wanted to scream but couldn’t.

“Granger, wondering the castle all alone at night. Never thought you had it in you.” Sh would know that sneering voice anywhere, it was the unmistakeable voice of Draco Malfoy.

She let out the breath she had been holding and relaxed a bit. “Malfoy you’d be surprised if I told you-” He held up a hand effectively silencing her.

“Save it for someone who gives a rat’s arse.” he came slightly closer and smirked at her “Why are you alone, and are you pissed? You smell like a brewery.”

“I’m not.” She supplied as an answer to both questions simply, gaining courage.

“Then what’s this emptiness all around you called? Your best friend?”

“Malfoy. What are you doing here?” Helen had shown up and went directly to Malfoy, getting in his face, sizing him up.

His smirk faltered as he extricated himself from the situation. “I was just leaving Marks, no need to get snippy.” And he just left. Hermione didn’t know who she thought was a bigger git, Malfoy just because he was one by nature, or Helen for making her do this.

Helen waited until she couldn’t hear his footsteps to turn back to Hermione with a grin on her face and a maniacal gleam in her eyes. “All clear Alice. Ready to go down the rabbit hole?”

Hermione finally caught on to the joke of calling her Alice and replied, “That sounds just wrong Helen.”

“Whatever Alice.”

“If I have to be Alice you have to be The Mad Hatter, Hatter for short, or Hattie.” Hermione grinned.

Helen stared into space and grinned “Codename accepted!” and sped off to the doors.  “Okay next problem. How do we get out?”

“Move.” Hermione had learned this from the twins back I fourth year, Harry and Ron had begged her to tell them but it was the only leverage she had to make them take her along. She waved her wand in a weird way and rust colored sparks hit the door in four places. The sliding of the internal bolts told her it was now unlocked.


“As I’ll ever be.”

“So no?”

“Ha ha. Lets just go.”



Hermione was pretty sure she would regret this.

“Helen I can’t even fly a broom! How do you expect me to do it when I‘ve had more alcohol than I can ever remember having?!” she yelled over the wind.

“I thought we had agreed you’d call me Mad Hatter, or Hatter.”

“You must be mad, you Ravenclaws are never like this, you usually think things through! Hatter, this is a dumb idea and its cold as feck!”

“We were bored and I came up with a solution. Its not hard and its super fun, don’t be a baby, Alice.” Helen had come to stand in front of her. They both had winter jackets and many layers on, they needed them.

“Fine but don’t expect me to like it.” and with that the two girls trudged their way to the quiddich pitch. The snow had stopped blowing when they reached the field, it now drifted lazily to the harddened ground.

“You get the brooms, I’ll make a pile.” Hermione turned to the shed and unlocked the door then took out two school brooms. When she turned back towards the pitch Helen was standing in the middle making a huge pile of snow almost a third of the size of the field.  Hermione made her way over and handed ‘Hatter’ a broom.

“You ready?”

“I still hate flying.” Hermione grumbled.

“I’ll help you.” Helen told Hermione to straddle the broom and hang on tight then got on the back of it herself. Hermione barely had time to process what was happening when Helen shot the broom upwards with a kick. “Steer!” Helen commanded. Hermione pulled the broom to the right but it looked as though she were going to crash into the stands and screamed. She heard Helen sigh and take control. “You really do suck at this.”

After a few more minutes Hermione learned all she needed to in order to fulfill the plan.

Helen went first, she drew the strings of her hood tight and the took off into the sky. When she was about fifty feet in the air the swung her legs off the broom so she was gripping it with her hands. Then she fell.

Hermione watched as Helen fell into the powdery snow then emerge laughing and grinning like a goon.

“Your turn!”

Hermione was hesitant but she didn’t want Helen to be the brave one. She was in Gryffindor, faced Death Eaters, and she and Ron were going to help Harry defeat Voldemort in a just few months. If she could face those things, she could do a bit of flying and falling without flinching.

She mounted her broom and kicked off like she was taught. Soon she was thirty, forty, fifty feet in the air.  At about fifty five feet she stopped and after a few breaths she swung her leg over the broom and dangled.

“Don’t look dow, just don’t look down…” she looked down, got surprised and her grip slipped so she was hanging on with one, very wet, very weak, hand.

“Bloody hell” and with that she dropped, screaming through the air. 


Well that wasn’t so bad, it was actually pretty fun! Hermione thought to herself as she climbed out of the powder-like snow.

“So?” she heard Helen ask.

“So…I want to do that again.” She smiled at her new friend and stumbled out of the snow.

For another hour the two of them soared high into the night sky then dropped into the snow.


Hermione and Helen made their way into the castle at about twelve thirty they were laughing quietly and singing old song like Cauldron Full Of Love. She was stumbling over the threshold (Helen had thought to bring a hip flask)Gryffindor common room, having dropped off the Mad Hatter at her own common room door, when she noticed an owl tapping on the window.

She opened it and it fluttered onto the back of one of the big red chairs. The owl hooted and held out its leg. Hermione took the letter recognizing the girly yet rushed looking scrawl of Ginny. The patted the owl and fished around her pockets until she produced a biscuit she had been saving and gave it to the owl who took it graciously and flew back out the window towards the Owlery.

Hermione ran up the stairs and threw herself on her bed. But by the time she slit open the letter her eyelids were drooping and she could not resist the nice feeling of drowsiness as she started slipped into a drunken slumber, the letter still clutched in her hand.

“Tomorrow.” was all she managed to slur as her eyes shut and she succumbed to sleep.


"He only showed up to  meals if he couldn’t avoid it or if he couldn’t make it to the kitchens. Whenever Draco ran into Granger he sneered and tried desperately not to remember the drug induced sucking of her face. He was still repulsed by it. Sometimes at meal times he would look over and see her sitting rigidly and wonder idly if it was  because of him or because a conversation about candle making with Dumbledore was as annoying to her as it was to him. Sometimes she would see him glance at her ad she would blush and frown then turn a great deal of focus onto her carrots.

The incident was nothing more to Draco than what it was. A mistake and a bit of bad potion.

At the moment he was testing the statue. With a palm full of pebbles from Zabini’s Zen Rock Garden, Blaze has to be gay. Has to be, he has a bloody rock garden for Salazar’s sake.  and was taking aim.

Draco lobbed the first rock at the book stack next to the statue. It sailed past the statue and made a left into the books. Could rocks be confounded? "

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Chapter 7: 7. Draco
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7. Draco

It had been an unsuccessful few days of research I the library. He had put off reading the end of Hogwarts: A History  in order to figure out what the statue was, well he still had about seven chapters to go but , that was beside the point...

It had even come down to the point where Draco had even looked for evidence of it in the book, but all he found was this: Some of the states and paintings are there for concealment. They have spells and charms, such as Confundus, on them to divert passers by or to convince them they need to go brush their teeth etc.

Draco had resorted to looking for diversion spells that would make someone want to search for a specific thing, like how he had needed to look for Mermaids Of The Mediterranean for more than two hours.

He spent all his free time in the library and when he wasn’t in the library he was in his dorm trying to resist the temptation of taking the potion until he could no longer bare it. Though he had to endure the physical pain that much longer he had to remain self-disciplined. He had about two weeks before everyone showed up again and he wasn’t about to waste all the potion in a just a few days.

He only showed up to  meals if he couldn’t avoid it or if he couldn’t make it to the kitchens. Whenever Draco ran into Granger he sneered and tried desperately not to remember the drug induced sucking of her face. He was still repulsed by it. Sometimes at meal times he would look over and see her sitting rigidly and wonder idly if it was  because of him or because a conversation about candle making with Dumbledore was as annoying to her as it was to him. Sometimes she would see him glance at her ad she would blush and frown then turn a great deal of focus onto h er carrots.

The incident was nothing more to Draco than what it was. A mistake and a bit of bad potion.

At the moment he was testing the statue. With a palm full of pebbles from Zabini’s Zen Rock Garden, Blaze has to be gay. Has to be, he has a bloody rock garden for Salazar’s sake.  and was taking aim.

Draco lobbed the first rock at the book stack next to the statue. It sailed past the statue and made a left into the books. Could rocks be confounded?

He aimed the second one directly over the statue. It took a nose dive when it was about the bust like it was attracted to it and met the state with the sound of stone hitting stone.

The third one was on its course to the statue of the bearded duck, at least that’s what it looked like to Draco, and it made contact with its…bill?…maybe?

When the last rock was thrown it slipped off of his finger and was sent crookedly back towards the statue. Thankfully it diverted into the wall. But when it connected with the wall it had made a hollow sound. The back wall of the library was stone so he had no idea as to why the wall would suddenly think it was wooden. It appeared to be stone as well. Draco sank against one of the book shelves confused.

It was nearing eleven at night and he had to get back to his common room. It had been a long day and he was tired. If he stayed there much longer he would fall asleep against a shelve of self help spell books and be eaten by Filch most likely.  He headed towards the front of the library quickly and quietly so as not to alert the lurking vermin or his cat. Near the doors he head hushed voices.

“- you’re knickers in a twist Alice.”

“What if they catch us? Its not like we can say ‘oh we’re out for a mid morning stroll’ in a freaking BLIZZARD!”  A familiar voice said. Her name was not Alice. Draco didn’t understand. The girls were getting closer to the doors so Draco hid within the shadow of a bust of William Shakespeare and listened. The foot steps stopped right before the doors and Draco peered out at the girls. The taller one, who was not Granger, turned around gracefully to glare at her associate. 

“If someone would shut up about it we might have a chance!”

“Might?” Granger hiccoughed. So she’s pissed! I never would have thought good ol’ Granger would be drunk. The girls kept walking and their conversation was indecipherable until it halted altogether as they made their way towards the Great Hall. Draco, without much thought started out of the library and followed them.

Why was that girl…Marks...yeah…why was she calling Gaudy Granger, Alice? Makes no sense. When the girls turned a corner Draco stopped, he needed an alibi.  He though on it for a few minutes coming up short. He realized something: He was Draco Malfoy, he owed no explanation to anyone! He smiled slightly then continued down the hall and took the corner.

He could see Granger, standing alone by a wall waiting for the other girl to come back. He could also see her worried expression and he fragile frame shaking with obvious fear of being alone. Not that he cared.

When Draco stepped into a shaft of moonlight he could see her face relax a bit. What was this? He should be instilling more fear than causing relief! How could such an insignificant creature not be afraid of his regal superiority? Absurd!

“Granger, wondering the castle all alone at night. Never thought you had it in you.“ He sneered still trying to make this drunken girl fear him. He watched her exhale soothing herself and focusing her brown eyes on him.

“Malfoy you’d be surprised if I told you-” Draco, dominating the situation, held up his hand effectively silencing her.

“Save it for someone who gives a rat’s arse.” He stepped closer to her, she smelled like she swam in Fire Whiskey. He saw her eyes flash with anger she didn‘t want to give away. Draco wondered if she even knew she was angry. “Why are you alone, and are you pissed? You smell like a brewery.”

“I’m not.” She replied indignantly. What a pain. Its like trying to get information from a turtle. Considering turtles don’t speak. Much.

“Then what’s this emptiness all around you called? Your best friend?” He smirked at his wit. Draco knew he was agitating her, he liked to do it. Draco loved the control. But he did have a strange sort of…fear. Was Granger alone in this dark hallway? Did her friend leave this poor fragile looking drunk but otherwise rational Gryffindor to fend for herself?

Then Draco remembered he shouldn’t, didn’t, care. He would have proceeded with more smart remarks if it hadn’t been for Marks’ sudden arrival.

“Malfoy. What are you doing here?” Her tone lead him to believe she was an angry drunk, if she hadn‘t have shown up he could have and more fun but as three was a crowd Draco decided to leave

“I was just leaving Marks, no need to get snippy.” Then he left before Marks’ could manage a response or, more likely, a crack across his face. He walked towards the dungeons but before he was out of ear shot he heard Marks’ say something odd.

“All clear Alice. Ready to go down the rabbit hole?”

Draco didn’t understand the reference but assumed it wasn’t anything creepily sexual. Or at least he hoped it was not. Not that he wouldn’t have paid to see that, or join in for that matter…

Draco had always been curious as to why his common room filtered green light through its windows. Or at least he was until he saw the eye of the giant squid peering through his dormitory window in second year.

It had been two days since his run-in/ stalking episode with Granger and Marks. He would be the first to admit he was curious as to what they were doing out in a snow storm, well he wouldn‘t admit it so much as ask in a scathing and sarcastic tone.

Draco was lying down on his bed trying to ignore the pain in his chest. The pain that etched into his ribs and caused him constant discomfort and sometimes vomit inducing pain. He absently messaged his chest while he stared at the vial closest to him. He wanted to take it, to alleviate the pain he felt. His fingers itched to grasp the tube and drain its contents. The thing he knew would make him feel better, but the thing that made things difficult for him.

Against his better judgment Draco leaned over a bit and grasped the cold vial that contained the blue liquid. He carefully uncorked it and brought it to his lips. The deceptively cool potion spread heat through his body. Draco felt his heart rate slow and his chest pains ebb away.

“I will not leave this bed until the potion wears off.”  Draco promised aloud for better effect. He thought this to be a very good idea, logical and whatnot.  But as the minutes dragged on and the soporific effect started to wear off he found it increasingly difficult to stay in his bed.

Draco felt itchy. Not actually itchy, but as if he didn’t move he would scratch himself until his skin turned raw and bled. He decided to get up, already breaking his promise to himself, to pace. His fist were tight to his sides as he felt his pulse start to escalate.

Think of something to distract yourself, Draco. He pounded his head to try to knock some thought into his skull. Then it came in a rush.

Yesterday at dinner. He had graced the table with his presence for the first time in three days. He sat in an isolated seat one away from everyone else at the end, his back ached and he hadn‘t wanted to take the time to get to the kitchens. He piled food onto his plate and ignored McGonagall and Dumby’s conversation on something called physics…

Draco heard soft, unrushed, footfalls from behind him. Suddenly the situation mirrored one from about five days ago. Hermione sat down next to him a smile plastered on her face.

This time Draco watched her from the corners of his eyes. She chatted amiably with the headmaster and the other students, her pink lips formed each word with precision. She would eat, cutting her chicken, skewering  potatoes, and sipping her juice. Her big brown eyes would flicker around the table, glinting in the candle light. And when she laughed, Draco noticed everyone was always also smiling, she had such an endearing laugh…For a muggle born that is….

 She would play with her hands, pinching her finger, twisting and untwisting them, twiddling her thumbs. He seemed to not be able to look away from her joy radiating figure… but why? His emotions were in check, though his lust was a bit off the charts, but Pansy would be back in another week and a half…he’d take care of it then. Hopefully.

“What do you think Draco?” He was brought out of his slightly stalker-like trance by the sound of What’s-Her-Face Marks asking his opinion on something.

“About what?” he said lamely.

“About the Quiddich tournament?” She prompted. His eyes flickered around and met Hermione’s, she blushed slightly and coughed.

“Well, which one Marks? Hogwarts Cup? Or the National Cup?” Draco sneered his best sneer.

“No need to get pissy, the Hogwarts cup.”

“Obviously Slytherin has a very large chance of winning, first slot over-all.  Gryffindor don’t deserve it, and the others don’t know a Wronski Feint from a Dredridge Dive.” He smirked as Marks made an offended noise and turned away from him.

Draco was inspecting his hands when he heard a gasp. The girl next to Hermione had bumped into her and Hermione was teetering in her seat. Draco stood and grabbed her arm before she fell then righted her. He let go immediately, not stopping to think about how soft her skin was or how her hair had tickled him a bit as it swept over his cheek.

“Thank you.” She said quietly. Draco had nodded and left the table…

Draco groaned at this memory. Hermione was annoying but he had to admit she had…uh…grown up a bit since he’d met her, since last year even.

Draco its perfectly natural to think of her that way! He thought to himself.

“Yes but she’s Granger, Buck Tooth Gaudy Granger.”

Well she is female and you are male, his brain argued, you may be sexually attracted to her body and not her mind. Its very possible. Plus her teeth seemed to have been fixed…
“I guess that’s logical.” Draco let out a sigh and heaved himself back on his bed where he began to immediately fantasize about Granger’s exceptional body.

 Several hours later he made his way down to the library.  He picked out Hogwarts: A History and started where he had last left off.  He was still keyed up from his potion tryst and had read through three chapters when he heard the library doors being opened. This was the first time anyone else had occupied the library at the same time as him since he had started becoming a regular.

He dropped his book and folded his hands behind his head, closing his eyes. Super, he thought, I’d bet anything that its-

Chapter 8: 8. Hermione
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See that was painless. More or less.

What's your favorite candy? Mine is either Pez or Snickers...

Hermione had been trying to avoid Helen all week. She somehow got the impression that Hermione actually wanted to go out into the Forbidden Forrest with her and try to ride the centaurs. So Hermione had taken to dodging behind statues, creeping along in the shadows, and staying cooped up in her dorm for as long as she could handle.

Hermione was descending the stairs from Gryffindor tower to go to the library when she heard he name called then proceeded in making the mistake of turning around. She found it was Helen trying to get her attention by waving something in the air from the top of the stairs…

Is that an hunter’s bow? Are those arrows? By Merlin! What or who is she hunting? And she didn’t want to find out. Hermione looked all around the hall pretending not to see Helen, feign confusion, and keep walking to the next floor.

“Hermione! Been looking all over! Where have you been, girl?”  Hermione looked around for Helen. She was taking aggressive strides towards her on the fourth floor.

“Helen? Is that you? I can’t see you? Where have you gone?” Hermione plastered a worried look on her face and flung her hands out in front of her waving them about “searching” for Helen.

Helen smiled nervously at her. “What are you talking about? I’m right here.” Hermione made her hand brush Helen’s face.

“Oh there you are!” She exclaimed and grabbed Helen’s face looking at her forehead, “I can’t see you, kind of obvious but true. It worries me, Helen. But don’t worry, go to Dumbledore. I’ll go to the library and look for some sort of cure!” With that Hermione let go of Helen and turned on her heel and practically flew down the stairs. Leaving a scared an confused Ravenclaw standing alone in a corridor with a hunting bow and a sad face.

I’m such a clever Gryffindor. Hermione complemented herself.

Hermione didn’t stop running until she reached the doors to the library and calmly, yet somewhat out of breath, walked into her sanctuary. But she saw something that made her pause and reassess her decision to go there in the first place.

Malfoy? In a library? Weird.

Hermione had to admit, being in a large library with a silent Malfoy was better than playing dangerous lawsuit games with Helen the Destroyer.

So she, somewhat reluctantly, made a bee line for the shelves about counter curses and defensive spells ignoring the admittedly handsome git seated at one of the tables.

She took her time picking out a couple books and found her own table more hidden in the book stacks. Hermione’s thinking was that she should learn as many useful spells as she could before going after the darkest and most evil wizard known to the whole Wizarding world… A good plan was all they needed.

She was armed with a quill and a roll of parchment for notes on how to execute the spells and what they would do. She worked for about a half hour before she took a small break, stretching her arms over her head and rolling her neck to loosen it.  But as she was about to dive back into it she found herself face to…abdomen…with Malfoy.

She let her eyes travel up to meet his. She cocked an eyebrow at his grimace.

“May I help you, Malfoy?”

“Why are you in here?” He ground out angrily. What has his knickers in a twist?

“Well Malfoy, this place is called a library. I generally come here to read,” she mimed opening a book “learn, and do homework. Or as you have aptly put it at some point, I basically live here because I married a large reference book.” She patted the large book on patronesses fondly. “Oh Donald Wrenchough! you are just so handsome!” She rolled her eyes at Draco and went back to her reading.

“Well, Granger didn’t know you had the ‘ol funny fang!” Hermione thought it was a bit much to call her that boring so she didn’t dignify the comment with an answer. “Come now Granger, why are you here? You’re not usually here except on Mondays, Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, and Sunday evenings.”

“Stalking me now are you Draco?”  She stood up from her seat and taunted. “Couldn’t get enough of little old me?”

“No I-” Malfoy looked twitchy and uncomfortable and Hermione knew she was hitting a nerve.

“That snog in the corridor not enough for you?” She smirked and crossed her arms over he chest and took a step towards him slowly, watching with pleasure as he took a step away from her, a shocked expression on his face.

She walked forward, advancing on him, he kept taking steps backward. Hermione had him up against the stack of books on Things That Go Pop Then Go Whizz,  and put her hands on either side of his head. She put her body up very close to his.

“ I just, I‘m in here a lot, and-” Malfoy growled.

“Shhh-“ She put a finger on his lips “Come on Draco,” She purred “don’t cha wanna play?”

Malfoy just took a ragged breath in response. Hermione drew close to his face with her own and stopped as his eyes slid closed.  She stood on her tip toes and whispered in his ear.

“Malfoy, I loathe you, go back to your table and leave me be.” She backed away and went back to her table and picked up her book. Malfoy still had his eyes closed and a scowl on his pallid face. Hermione just lifted her book and read where she left off.

She found it hard to concentrate. She couldn’t believe she had just done that. Hermione Granger does not do things like that! She blushed and looked up from behind her book. Draco had disappeared.

A few hours later of research she found that food was something she couldn’t go without. She packed up her things and put the books back on their respective shelves.

Hermione strolled down the stacks towards the exit. She once again hesitated out of surprise as she looked up to find Malfoy was still at his table. Then Hermione looked at what he was reading and smirked. She marched over to him and waited for him to look up.

“Um, Malfoy?” She asked quietly.

“What do you want Granger? I’m busy,” he growled.

Hermione smiled smarmily. “Your book is upside down.” With that she walked out of the library.

Chapter 9: 9. Draco
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Granger. Of course. Who else could it possibly be?

Draco watched Hermione walk into the library and pause upon seeing him. It was momentary but she paused. Draco took that as an invitation to take the Mickey out of her. So he did the only rational thing and followed her after a minute.

But his plan was thwarted as when he approached Granger had an angry look to her and proceeded to come on him. “May I help you, Malfoy?”

“Why are you in here?” He asked fairly. Draco hadn’t seen her in here while he was here before.

“Well Malfoy, this place is called a library. I generally come here to read,” she continued to condescendingly mime opening a book. Draco couldn‘t believe how sarcastic she was being nor how endearing he found it. He found himself staring at her rather than listening. Watching her mouth quirk up in a smirk. That evil little smirk! Oh my. It was fairly adorable, kind of like a… well Draco didn’t think much of anything was cute. Except maybe Granger right now. Wait. He hates Granger! Upon realizing this Draco blinked rapidly and listened.

 “-Oh Donald Wrenchough! you are just so handsome!” Hermione finished off, He had no idea what it was that made her profess her love to a book but she was quite mad in the first place… Oh she was being sarcastic!

“Well, Granger didn’t know you had the ‘ol funny fang!” Draco stated quite plainly, it was a shock after all. Draco, remembering his point started again, “Come now Granger, why are you here? You’re not usually here except on Mondays, Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, and Sunday evenings.”

“Stalking me now, are you Draco?”

What? NO! he thought desperately trying to get the words out of his mouth, but he was in shock.

“Couldn’t get enough of little old me?” Hermione practically purred standing up and coming close.

“No I-” This was getting a bit too weird…  Why did she have to be a vixen!?

“That snog in the corridor not enough for you?”

Whoa. Saying something snide and intimidating would be nice about now! he thought, scrambling for off putting words. He took a step back as she advanced towards him.

She was very close to him now. Draco could feel the heat of her body radiating off her in this cold climate. He had been taking steps back each time she took one forward and had seemed to find himself suddenly up against a shelf.

“ I just, I‘m in here a lot, and-” he growled trying to composed himself and scare her away. Her body was totally up against his and he could smell her sweet scent, like raspberry jam and lemons… interesting.

“Shhh-“ Hermione put a finger on his lips “Come on Draco,” She purred making him shiver a bit, he hoped she wouldn‘t notice, “don’t cha wanna play?” It was almost too much to bare.

Draco took a ragged breath in response. Hermione drew close to his face and he had decided. He had to kiss her again. He felt it would…ease his longing or something. Plus her face was right there. His eyes slid closed. He waited, but nothing. But then something. Draco felt her hot breath on his face, or the side of his face and her lips at his ear.

“Malfoy,” She said “I loathe you, go back to your table and leave me be.” He didn’t dare open his eyes but he plastered a scowl on his face.

He waited until he heard Hermione’s stool scrape on the stone floor, and a few seconds after, to slip away back to his table.

At his table Draco did nothing to further his investigation of the statue, he just concentrated on not exploding. Hermione Granger had gotten right up to him, or on him rather, and he had not been repulsed. Something was very wrong here.

Or something very right. Draco thought to himself. Granger was an odd girl, she was kind and sweet and all the things he detested, even muggleborn. But sometimes like mere minutes ago she had transformed into some sort of sex-driven demon and he had loved it. Sure it was unexpected and slightly out of character for her, but it suited her somehow.

Maybe it was those untamable curls or her clever wit. But Draco couldn’t get her out of her head for almost two hours. He sat day dreaming. Her in pansy’s place from several days ago, when they kissed in the hall. When he found her, drunk and with the crazy woman.

I can’t possibly like her. Hermione Granger is a Mudblood and I hate her… Oh Crap! Here she comes! Pick up the book and pretend to read!
“Um, Malfoy?” She asked quietly.  Draco barely lifted his head from the unreadable text.

“What do you want Granger? I’m busy,”  He growled.

She leaned over on his table and he was forced to look her in her eyes. He watched a smirk spread over her thin lips.

“Your book is upside down.” Hermione walked away chuckling as Draco brought his head to the table and commenced in banging it on its surface repeatedly, thinking Stupid,  stupid , you are so stupid with each time it connected.

Draco finished punishing himself, slightly reminiscent of what his old house elf used to do when he displeased his father. He got up slowly and closed the book he had been reading then swept his way out of the library and towards the grounds. He had to clear his head. The whole “he might like Hermione Granger” thing was a bit much for him to handle.

The lake was frozen over and the snow was sticky and deep. Draco didn’t care a bit, he just made his way towards the popular tree to sit under, melted a circle and conjured a blanket. There he sat until the sun started setting.

Draco had come to the conclusion that he found one particular side of Hermione attractive. The confident, smarmy, sex goddess side. And just maybe he wanted to see more of her. But even if he did, she would probably rather puncture her eyes…

The chill of the air, although he found it slightly calming, was still a chill. When Draco found himself beginning to shiver he vanished the blanket and trekked into the Great Hall. The holiday break would be over by the third of January. It was the…Draco slapped himself and stumbled to a halt in the middle of the corridor. It was the twenty fourth of December. He had yet to buy his mother a present and his dad would be expecting something from him.

I’ll go into the village tomorrow. Maybe I’ll find a necklace for mother. But what could I get father?
Draco had givin his father many things yet he still didn’t know what he’d want. Nothing was ever good enough for his father, not the diamond cufflinks, the new cane with a compartment for poison and even a way to inject it through a small needle in the tip. He didn’t even like the owl he had gotten him, he just said it was a waste of his money and gave it to Draco’s mother.

As he turned the corner to the corridor that would take him to the library Draco had another thought.

What if somehow they found out I kissed a Mudblood? Fear shot through him. His father would beat him senseless. He would disown him, or worse, kill him. Like a runt. His mother was young they could get another heir, what was he to them?

Then, strangely, anger coursed through his veins. Hermione was more than a Mudblood, she was a clever witch, a girl, a beautiful girl who is more than the sum of her parts. If his father knew his son was head over arse for this girl…Draco growled, if his father touched even a hair on Hermione’s head he would kill him. Death Eater scum.

His feet brought him to the library before he knew that’s where he wanted to go. Draco pushed open the doors with force. Thinking of his father’s disapproval and prejudice  gave him the fuel he needed. He strolled angrily to the back stacks and then cast a Confundus charm on the statue by instinct. He walked right past it without the slightest urge to search for a reference book on Mermaids, just the feeling of ebbing anger and new curiosity and triumph. To his left were books but on the right was a door, barely visible against the stone.

This was what the statue was placed here for, he knew it when he saw the glyphs carved into the stone. Draco went to put his hand on the door only to fall through it, into darkness and the unknown.

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Chapter 10: 10. Hermione
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Squab is like an edible pigeon!
- Free_Chicken_Soup2

Hermione tossed and turned under the covers of her warm bed. It had to be half twelve or later, but she couldn’t coax sleep to come to her. She had been so restless, thinking about her actions earlier that day. Why had she been so mean to Draco? It wasn’t as if he had been in her way, it just didn’t seem right to have manipulated him that way.

She pushed the covers off, frustrated, and drew her robes around her. Hermione had decided it was better to be awake and productive than to be awake and doing nothing. She let her feet carry her to the ground floor and on towards the library.

She didn’t realize how tired she actually was until she was there and tried to pull one of the doors aside and couldn't. Hermione gave up, weak from exhuastion, and leaned against the doors too tired to even care she was sitting on the cold, not to mention dirty, floor.
Something out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. A candle was giving off faint light in the library. The flickering light hit something, casting a long lean shadow. Hermione took a deep breath and gathered herself from the floor. She knew the doors were unlocked, she just had to try harder. When she tried again she found little force was neccessary,


lingering on that odd fact she pushed the door quietly aside, then quietly back into place. The stone cold stone floor met the warm carpet, for which she was grateful having forgotten her shoes, as she crept along the entryway into the stacks.

She stopped a few shelves from where the candle was burning brightly and where the, from what she could tell, young man sat at a table. He was pouring over a large volume of something. Well, obviously it was a library… but to do so in the dead of night? Hermione moved forward, she needed to find out who this mystery person was. To see his face a report him.

Or that had been the plan, before her foot caught on the large Creature’s of the German Countryside encyclopedia. Hermione let out a small gasp and stumbled forward. She heard papers rustle from the table as her hand shot out to the nearest shelf for balance. She lowered herself to the ground and pressed against the shelf, hoping beyond hope that the person wouldn’t find her and hurt her.

“I know you’re there.” He said slowly. “Olli Olli oxen fried…” he called. Hermione held her breath and grasped her foot which was throbbing with pain so severe she felt the need to throw up. She heard him moving around, searching, presumably for her. Hermione could feel him getting closer, his footsteps vibrating through the floor. Why had she come here in the first place? Where was her Gryffindor sense of bravery?




Desperately she crawled further into the shadows. Looking for somewhere to hide. She couldn’t get her feet under her and there was no where to go. His wand light was approaching so she decided to draw her own and be prepared for a fight. He was right in front of her. Light shining in her eyes made it impossible for Hermione to see her not-yet assailant.

“Granger?” he asked surprised. She squinted up at him. His white blond hair was sticking  up in all sorts of directions.

“Malfoy.” she breathed a sigh of relief. Hermione made to move towards him, but she faltered, a shot of pain shot through her foot. “Sod!” she hissed through her teeth, eyes watering and jaw clenched. Malfoy just stood there watching her.

“What happened?” he took the few paces to her and knelt down.

“Do you care?”

Malfoy ignored her question and lightly touched Hermione’s foot. The touch was brief and gentle, that didn’t make it hurt any less however. She tried to draw away form him but couldn’t manage it. So Hermione sighed and looked back at Malfoy, who met her eyes with a steady stare of indifference.

Suddenly his smirk was back and he was lookinga little more than arrogant. “You ought to be more careful Granger.”

“I-You,” HJermione tried to think of a come back but had to use the old standby. “ Shut up Malfoy!” Pathetic.

Silence was all that followed. She had done it. Hermione had finally made Draco Malfoy shut his gob! But the revelry in her accomplishment didn’t last long, Hermione was starting to feel uneasy about it. The dark silence, the stare he was giving her, it was all unsettling. Then her foot and ankle gave a horrible throb and she let out a small whimper. At any moment tears would roll down her face. Hermione turned from Malfoy to hide her face.

“Hermione?” Malfoy said faintly. “Are-” he cleared his throat “Um, are you alright?”

Hermione couldn’t keep the pain from her voice as she answered him “Malfoy, does it look like I’m alright?”

“Sorry for asking.” She heard him mutter.

Is Draco Malfoy trying to be nice to me?

There was silence again. Hermione dragged her sleeve across her face before turning back to him. When their eyes met Draco stared at her. And as she stared back she saw his expression change from indifferent to determined.

The move was so swift she almost missed it. Malfoy quickly scooped her up in his arms and began walking.

“What are you doing?! Put me down!” She demanded.

He ignored her and kept walking towards the library doors. Hermione crossed her arms and huffed indignantly. But as they walked through the doors her eyes began to travel. His sturdy chest, his broad shoulders, his fine silky hair. Over his shoulder fading into the distance, Hermione saw the light from the candle’s flame bouncing around the corridor.

“Where are you taking me?”

“Hospital, I thought that was obvious, I mean you are hurt right?” The arrogant tone of voice was back and Hermione found she had missed it a bit. It was normal. But this, caring for her when she was hurt, was absolutely not normal and it made her uncomfortable.

“Yes, alright, but why?” Draco paused momentarily and looked into the darkness.

“I-I uh-” Hermione cocked an eyebrow and waited. Draco sighed. “I felt sorry for you.”

Her jaw dropped. He felt sorry for her! That was ridiculous! Hermione ground her teeth in frustration, something her mother would have yelled at her for, and began ignoring the boy who was carrying her. It didn’t make that much of a difference because he wasn’t speaking to her either.

After he climbed the marble stairs Hermione found herself more impressed than angry.

He carried me up a flight of steps, he didn’t even falter or stagger, plus the distance from the library… Does this mean we’re friends? I don’t know if I could handle that…
While she thought she failed to notice Draco pushing open the hospital doors and was barely aware of  her surroundings until he called to the Matron.

“Madam Pomfry?” When he, more or less, shout these words he moved involuntarily and pain echoed throughout her foot and ankle making her tear up and yelp. “fuck, sorry Granger. Er- I’ll just set you down I suppose.”

Draco carried her to the nearest bed and set her on it, Staring at her evenly. Hermione could help but stare back. She found that she got somewhat lost in his eyes. Draco straightened up  as he did the Matron came swooping in.

“What’s all this ruckus about?” Hermione swiveled her head towards the Matron.

“I tripped…over books.”

“Again?!” Madam Pomfry exclaimed. Hermione heard Draco cough, obviously disguising his laughter. She grimaced and nodded, feeling heat rise to her cheeks. Madam Pomfry sighed and began examining Hermione’s foot-ankle area. Hermione turned to say thank you to Draco and found that he had gone. Confused and slightly disappointed she focused on what the Matron was doing.

“Um, Madam Pomfry?” Hermione sat up, Madam Pomfry was examining the wrong foot with her eyes half closed and her wand facing the wrong way.


“Why don’t you just look at it in the morning, but do you have some pain potion or something?” Madam Pomfry perked up and went to her cabinets then coming back with a bottle labeled Pain Potion. Hermione quickly took it and sent the Matron back to her bed before lying back and staring at the ceiling.

Minutes later she fell asleep thinking of ways she could thank Malfoy without it being awkward and weird. She had come up with nothing.

Chapter 11: 11. Draco
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Save a thestrel, ride a warlock!

--Free_Chicken Soup2


Draco had falling forwards into the door for what seemed like minutes when in reality was only a few short seconds. He hit the ground hard, his hands catching the blunt of the blow. Dust flew all around him, causing him to cough and sneeze uncontrollably, unable to see much of anything but caught a glimpse of something shiny out of the corner of his eye. Draco waited for the filth to settle before standing and brushing himself off, never one for being dirty,  then reaching for his wand to light up the chamber.

It was a stone room with a single table with a few unlit candles on it. All around the room were volumes and volumes of books he assumed were “Lost” or never cataloged. Besides the books and the ever swelling darkness, the room was unremarkable. 

“What a waste of my bloody time.” he muttered to himself reaching for a book on one of the dusty shelves. He opened it and much to his surprise, after paging through the book, he found that it contained nothing but a long list of spells, some he had never even heard of.  He closed the book to look at the spine. He brushed off some of the dust and there it was a title, faded gold on its brown binding.

A Long List Of Spells Well that was a bloody convenient name.

 Draco placed the book on the table and went around to the other shelves. He plucked out a sea green book and wiped the dust off again. It had a golden mermaid emblazoned on the cover that swam around in black seaweed that framed the bottom. He looked at the spine and a sense of relief spread over him quickly followed by annoyance.

Merpeople of the Mediterranean

It does exist. So that must mean this room actually wanted to be found
. He smiled a bit to himself at the thought. Then scowled, this room was obviously more than met his keen eyes.

Draco lit the candles on the table with his wand tip, deciding to stay and read instead of the alternative: sleep, dream, think about a certain fuzz-ball fondly. Shivers of self-loathing passed through him as they had when he came  to the realization of his…like of Hermione Granger. Draco shook himself internally to clear his head.

The candles were burning bright as he glanced around. Then gaped. He had thought it was just the one chamber of books. But it was more than that, the shear volume of the room was enough to make Draco rethink his previous description of the chamber. It was more remarkable now that he could see properly. He stood and walked along the nearest wall of books. When he reached a particular part of the wall a small door shaped bookcase was pulled open slightly, barely noticeable to anyone who, in Draco‘s opinion, didn‘t have as observant a gaze as he had. A draft from the concealed bit of the chamber was make the flames flicker and dance, casting uneven light about the room.

Inhaling calmly, Draco stepped forward and pulled the bookcase/door aside. What was inside was less than shocking yet startling at the same time.

Inside the wall was a smaller room. On each wall of the room was a single shelf with books encased in different gleaming metals. He moved forward to touch them but faced a barrier when he tried to place a hand on one of the Gold books’ binding. Draco scowled. How was he supposed to find out what was in them if he couldn’t even touch them? What good was a book if you couldn’t even read it? He searched the room further and while examining he found a round golden keyhole embedded in the door frame.

That key could have been anywhere and after about five minutes of uneventful searching  Draco gave up. He ducked his way out of the secret room and into the main one. He paced. And thought. And paced and thought.

Draco leaned against the nearest wall and sank to the ground. Twirling his wand in his hands as he glanced around the room. Then he saw it. He had seen it before, as he was falling, but he never considered…

The key was on a hook near the ceiling on the wall opposite from where he sat. A brief feeling of excitement fluttered through him. But it was doused as soon as it had ignited. How was he supposed to get to the ceiling to get the key? There wasn’t a ladder or stairs or anything of the like.

Draco looked down at his hands. He continued to twirl his wand absently, watching it as it spun in his hand, for a minute until it hit him. He clapped his hand to his forehead and chuckled at his momentary idiocy.

This is what it must feel like to be Weasley. He thought with a smirk.

He pulled out his wand and tried to summon the key. Nothing happened. He tried again, first trying Finite Incantatem to remove a possible jinx or hex, but still it remained on that hook like a  shiny physical symbol of his failure. He tried a few more things, even an unsticking charm before he grabbed the nearest book and stomped out of the room.

His candle was still lit as he emerged from the room. He quickly made his way over to the table, his shadow cast along the walls, against the doors, and the stacks of books as he made hi way to his chair. He felt a slight breeze but thought nothing about it.

Draco had become used to staying up late, lingering on his musings and fantasies and puzzling over the statue kept him from lingering on a particular thought. But now that he had discovered it’s secrets his mind was left to wander.

The Book he had taken before he left the secret library frustrated and about to pull his hair out was called Legend of the Lost Thread.

What a load of bullocks.

Nevertheless he opened the book to chapter one: The Legend, and began reading the loose pages. However he was interrupted by an almost inaudible intake of breath. Draco Sprang from his chair and headed in the general direction of the noise, his wand lit and held aloft. He heart beat was accelerating with each step forward.

“I know you’re there.” He called, trying to keep his voice from betraying his nerves. It was probably some Hufflepuff getting lost or something so he decided to call out.

“Olli, Olli oxen fried.” He said with a slight smirk, his fear ebbing away.

There was scuffling and a sound of someone squeaking quietly. He turned the corner, into the stacks and eld his wand above his head. When his eyes adjusted to the light he saw the subject of his recent dreams, thoughts, fantasies, crawling on the floor trying to escape him.

“Granger?” he asked surprised.

“Malfoy.” She said but when she tried to move she winced and moaned “Sod!” He didn’t know what he should do. Help her or taunt her. Call her a Mudblood and tell her she was finally where she belonged, at his feet.  When he saw she was crying he made up his mind and knelt beside her trying with all his self restraint to resist the urge to cradle her against his chest.

“What happened?”

“Do you care?” She hissed at him through gritted teeth.

He did care, he cared that if he tried to he wouldn’t be able to fit both of his hands combined around her ankle and make his fingers meet, the swelling was immense. Carefully, after a moment’s hesitation he reached out a finger and touched the black and blue hot skin of her ankle. He heard her gasp but ignored it.

Draco decided he was being far too kind at the moment. So he said, in a scathing tone “You ought to be more careful Granger.”

“I-You… Shut up Malfoy!” She struggled, Draco just thought it was endearing.

He stared at her. Not creepily, but just wanted to look at her with a calm straight face. Her face was glowing and hard with held back emotion, he hair fell to her shoulders and curved around her back. Her lips were as pink as his mother’s roses and looked twice as sweet. Draco only noticed the silence that had passed when Hermione let out another whimper. 

“Hermione?” Malfoy said faintly. “Are-” he cleared his throat “Um, are you alright?”

“Malfoy, does it look like I’m alright?” she said in a stage whisper.

He looked momentarily away from the girl before him. “Sorry for asking.” Draco said mostly to himself.

He noticed the silence this time. But unlike the last, Draco had to really look at her, she was in a right state, her hair slightly askew, sweat beading on her forehead, eyes wild and pain filled. And her ankle, it looked like He imagined a Boa constrictor would look after eating a particularly large grouse. Without much thought Draco slid her into his arms and picked her up.

“What are you doing?! Put me down!” She squealed indignantly.
Draco didn’t have an answer so he remained silent.

“Where are you taking me?”

“Hospital, I thought that was obvious, I mean you are hurt right?” He glanced at her, Draco liking seeing her in his arms, safe.

“Yes, alright, but why?” Draco paused. The corridor ahead of him was dark, illuminated only by a single candle and the moonlight filtering in from the windows.

“I-I uh-I felt sorry for you.” he said mostly to the corridor than Hermione. He continued walking, not risking looking at her and loosing his footing.

Hermione proved to be lighter than Draco had thought, easily carrying her up the flights of stairs and into the infirmary.

“Madam Pomfry?” Draco all but bellowed. The movement f his chest must have jostled Hermione for she let out a yelp of pain. “Fuck, sorry Granger. Er- I’ll just set you down I suppose.”

Draco carried her to the nearest bed and set her down. Hermione was looking him straight in the eyes and he felt no inclination to look away form her unwavering gaze.

“What’s all this ruckus about?” Hermione swiveled her head towards the Matron who was in her dressing gown.

“I tripped…over books.”

“Again?!” Draco disguised his snort of laughter as a cough and thought there was no time like the present to take his leave. So that’s hat he did, taking silent and long strides until he came to the top of the stairs.

He descended them, thinking all the way to the dungeons about Hermione, having her small body against his, the skin of her legs warm on his arms. Tonight he would not need the potion, tonight he would let the thoughts of Hermione Granger ease his pain and lull him into a deep sleep.

Chapter 12: 12. Hermione
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Check your curtains for doxy nests, avoid being bitten!


Hermione Granger was currently lounging on a hospital bed. She had tried to convince herself that last night was a dream, a weird surreal dream. But his smell lingered on her clothes. Every time she took a deep breath his face would pop, however uninvited, into her head. Draco Malfoy had not been himself, she had concluded, possibly even had been on some sort of drugs last night.

The Matron had come to her at first light, her wand twitching in her hand like a metronome and a half amused smirk on her face. She had told Hermione her ankle was fractured in two places, one from the contact with the book and one from her fall. She had healed them quickly but didn’t like the look of the swelling and bruising. Promptly put some foul balm on it and told her to sit for an hour and a half. It had been ten minutes before Hermione remembered it was Christmas.

She asked the matron for some parchment and a quill. With precision and deliberation she wrote to her friends, her parents, and grandmother that one would be sent to the special branch of the post office to send to her through normal means.

When she finished Hermione fidgeted, fighting the heaviness of her eyes still tired from the early awakening. She slumped against her pillows, dizziness overtaking her, and closed her eyes taking a short nap her hand splattered with ink that smudged her neck as she cradled her face.

Hermione had been released from the hospital wing as soon as she woke. The matron said that she should take it easy and come back later if her pain returned or she tripped over something else. Hermione said something dismissive and then proceeded to hurry to every place she could think of, looking for Draco so she could thank him and ask him why he was in the library so late. But he was nowhere to be found. She even checked the library and got a ghost to check the Slytherin common room.

“I’m sorry miss Granger. There is nobody home.”

Hermione sighed. “Thanks anyways Nick.” Nearly Headless Nick gave a curt nod which caused his nearly severed neck to pop open slightly. She waved and watched the ghost drift off.

The halls were alight with mid-afternoon sunlight and a crisp chill to the air that gave her a sense of longing. Her family, her grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, would be sitting down to a nice light brunch of some sort as the oven and stove tops simmered with sauces and roasts. Her stomach growled and Hermione put a hand to it as if to quiet it. She continued to walk down the corridor ignoring her stomach’s protests and stopped when she heard familiar voices from a unused class room.

“…But Professor, it’s been months. Why hasn’t it gone away?”

“It will ebb. Give it more time Mr. Malfoy. I cannot make the potion for you myself, nor can you continue to buy it from that halfwit.” Hermione moved towards their voices the door was slightly ajar and she could vaguely make out Malfoy’s white blonde hair and Snape’s long black hair as well.

“But I need-” Malfoy tried to interject.

“What you need is a healer. A healer and some time.”

“I don’t have time. I have, it would seem, a bit of a snoop on my trail. Sooner or later she’ll know."

Was he talking about me? Why would Malfoy need a healer? Are they talking about the stuff he bought from Sheldon?

“Then I suggest you be extra cautious.” Snape said with biting finality.

Sensing the departure Hermione rushed from the door and towards the nearest corner. She waited there, catching her breath. Her breathing had lessened just as Malfoy rounded the corner and spotted her.

“Granger.” His expression was cold and uncaring, dismissive, almost.

Hermione took a deep breath and smiled weakly, “been looking for you actually.” She stated suddenly feeling nervous.

Draco smirked “Is that right?” Her eyes dropped to her feet, unable to meet his gaze.

“I just wanted to thank you. For last night. For helping me.” She looked up at him. His expression was the same cool mask of disinterest.


“Um, thanks Malfoy. I owe you one.” There was a pause, a beat, before Malfoy's face was smiling at her. Not smirking, smiling.

“I’ll hold you to that Granger.” Then he walked away from her slowly strolling towards the dungeons.

Why is he the only one who can execute the perfect exit? was the only thought Hermione had as he sauntered away.

At least now she could go to her second task having finished her first one. She mentally crossed off "Thank Malfoy" from her list of things to do. Hermione reched into the inside of her robes and made sure the letters were still there, neatly fold and crisp, ready to be sent. With one last glimpse of the receding back of Malfoy Hermione set off to the Owlery.

Chapter 13: 13. Draco
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He would be lying if he said that the sight of Hermione, out of breath, just around the corner from Snape’s, didn’t make him suspicious. She had seemed twitchy. Draco wondered whether she had overheard his conversation between the potions master and himself. Draco shook his head, paranoia ran in the family.

The dull pain in his back throbbed, he tried to ignore it. Draco decided to pay a visit to the room of hidden things. Of course this meant climbing several stair cases at the peril of his back.  Draco has restrained himself from drinking the last vial that same morning. After carrying Granger the night before he woke to his back screaming in protest when he tried to sit up in bed. He had even purged whatever had been in his stomach into his garbage can. Draco, through the haze of pain, Remembered a spell from one of the secret books, preformed it, and it dulled substantially.

There was five days left of break. He had time. The library had proven useful this morning but reading for hours upon hours became quite monotonous. So he mounted the stairs, each step sent a small shiver of spasms up his back, they weren’t as painful as they would have been if not for that spell, but they were hard to ignore.  Draco continued up after a small rest on the third floor. When he was close to the top of the last, and seventh, flight of stairs he felt it.  Not only did it seem that the spell was wearing off but the stairs vibrated. They lurched towards the left, a low grinding sound emitted from the base of the stairs. They swung around slowly, attaching to a platform and jerking to a halt.

“My life.” Draco announced to no one in particular, stating the unfairness of it all with those two words. Now he was in a pickle, somewhat. He could either go back the way he came, down almost and entire flight of stairs, or continue going upwards only having a few left. In the end Draco used his laziness as an excuse, also his back was truly throbbing now, hot pain like a venom, spread.

So he climbed. The hallway beyond was easy enough to recognize. The Gryffindor common room was just around the right bend and towards the other stairs. That was the chief reason Draco chose to turn to his left. The dimly lit corridor seemed to go on forever and seemed as if his twenty paces were twenty miles. Sweat poured from his forehead, Draco had never had the pains this badly except for when he got injured. The fiery pain engulfed him and Draco fell. He was able to throw his arms out just in time but when he reached the floor he was unable to get back up.  Stupidly, he had forgotten his wand in his dorm room. All he could do was lay there. Spasms of pain would come and go.  He closed his eyes preparing to wait it out.

He heard a woman’s voice, low almost masculine and another, much more feminine. Draco laid there making no sound as he had been taught to do whenever in pain.

“Oh my God!” he heard from his general right direction. “Draco!” there were soft pounding footfalls as the person, who may very well be his savior, neared him. There was the distinct sound of knees thunking against the ground next to him and the odd sensation of warm breath on his face.

“Draco?” He cracked his eyes open to find Hermione kneeling next to him, hands on either side of his body and her worried face close to his. Somehow the sight of her neither surprised him nor discomforted him.

“Hello.” He said in a strained but controlled voice. He watched her face as it brightened with pink as if she had become aware of their proximity and just whom she was leaning over. She withdrew herself from her position, sitting back on her legs.

Draco sighed painfully and closed his eyes again.

“So, why are you laying on the ground?”

“Oh, you know, love the melodic singing of the Fat Lady.”  Weirdly the pain was receding slightly, but too slightly.

He watched as she tried to hide her smile and fail altogether. “I thought only us Gryffindors knew about that.”

“let’s just say her voice carries…”

Hermione’s eyes traveled the length of his body and he knew it was coming, the second round of questions.

“So… Are you hurt or something? Because let’s face it the Fat Lady isn’t all she cracks herself up to be.”

Draco, unable to think of a good excuse, decided to tell her the truth. “My back… Hurt would be an understatement-” Hermione promptly got out her wand and  moved to lean back over him. She was planning on taking him to the hospital wing, he could see it in her face, serious and determined.

“I’ll just levitate-” she was raising her wand as she said this. A shock of fear shot through Draco and his hand reached out automatically to grab her wrist. He bit back a his as a new pain hit him.

“Don’t. Just please, get me to your commons.” It was logical but Hermione looked skeptical still. “I can’t explain to Poppy.”

“Will you explain it to me?”

“Not likely.” He sneered. Hermione made to get up, yanking her arm free of his grasp as she did so. “Please!” He tried to sit up but only got a sixth of the way. “Please Granger, Hermione. Please help me, it will recede fully in about two hours. Just two hours and I’ll be gone.” He needed her help, as much as he hated to admit it. He could see her hesitate then stand up. She raised her wand and levitated him silently down the corridor towards her house.

They were within a few yards of the portrait, and without breaking her gate Hermione called out “Sleigh Bells”.

“This isn’t dignified, I’m not letting you in with that young man, all by yourselves! Scandal!”

“Sleigh Bells.”

“Alright but I’ll be listening!” And the portrait swung open.

Draco was slowly let down on the big sofa by the fire and Hermione settled into a chair close by with a book that looked like she had been reading before she found him. Content with the situation, besides the pain, Draco lay there silently.

Out of the blue he heard the snap of Hermione's book close and her throat clear audibly.

"Considered my debt repaid, Malfoy." And he heard, because he couldn't have moved if he wanted to, her walk out of the room and up some stairs.

Draco rolled his eyes, "women."


Chapter 14: 14. Hermione
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“Ahem.” The distinct sound of an annoying blond male clearing his throat echoed about the common room. Hermione ignored it.


“Aaahhahahahemmm!” Hermione quirked a challenging eyebrow and looked over the top of her book. Draco met her gaze with his cool one. She shrugged an went back to reading.

“Ahem! Ahem!”

“OH MY DEAR MERLIN! WHAT?” She exploded, flinging her book at him. Too bad it wasn’t a hard cover…

Draco looked frightened, she smirked then sighed and calmly restated her question “What’s the matter Draco?”

She watched his face turn from unfriendly and deliberate to filled with anger to a look of composure. “I was just going to ask for some water.” He said earnestly, looking pale, small beads of sweat lining his brow. Hermione almost forgot she hated him then. His shallow breathing made him look more vulnerable than she’d ever seen him. But as she examined his features there, next to him mouth, was the line etched into his skin from his damn smirk. Hermione remembered why she disliked him so much.

“You know you can do magic, right?” she demonstrated by summoning her book and then bringing the it up to her face so she couldn’t see his suffering. It made the snake seem more human.

“Lacking a wand.” He said with pain audible in his voice. She closed her eyes against the urge to comfort him and ease his pain. When she opened them again she glared over at him. He still hadn’t explained how he had come to be in such a great amount of pain, which seemed to have lessened since she had deposited him on the couch.

“Alright then.” Hermione, without setting her book down, picked a chess piece from the small table in front of the fire, transfigured it into a glass and used Augamenti to fill it. She got up and after finishing her sentence, set her book down and carried the water and placed it close to him. She started to retreat back to her chair to wait out the next hour and fifty five minutes.


“What?” She asked exasperated.

“Well, I need your help sitting up, if it isn’t too much trouble.”

Hermione stifled a groan and turned to help him. She slid her hands behind his back to lift him. His muscles were taut and heat rolled off of them. She could tell Draco was trying to make it easier, trying to hold his weight more than what would be considered normal for his condition. Hermione placed one of the big cushions behind him, he immediately sagged into it, his muscle quivering.  She lifted the glass, offering it to him. But one look at him made her realize he wasn’t about to reach for that glass anytime soon. 

She sighed and kneeled. “Mouth open.” He did as she commanded, only hesitating once. She lifted the glass to his lips and slowly allowed him to drink. His eyes were closed as he gulped. From the angle she could monitor how fast she was pouring. However, she never thought of how close it brought her face to his. Hermione quickly disengaged herself from her position and after setting the glass back down she returned to her chair and picked her book back up.

“Ahem.” Hermione threw her book at him.

“WHAT NOW?!” She screamed, her eyes widening and her nostril flaring. Hermione could honestly not think of anything more annoying than Draco Malfoy. Nothing in the world, nothing that is or ever was could compare.

“I just wanted to thank you. But I suppose if you don’t want it then I won’t contribute it.” he smirked and turned away from her slightly.

“Oh.” Hermione blushed. How could she have been so rude when he was only trying to thank her? “Um, so…”

“Spit it out Granger we haven’t got a century.” He sneered.

“Right-” she drew out the syllables. Hermione trained her eyes on Draco. “Why does your back hurt so much anyway?” She asked bluntly.

A dark shadow passed over Draco’s face. Hermione cringed internally. His face turned to indifferent as he addressed her.

“Things happen.”

“Well that’s not vague.”  Draco looked right at Hermione and gazed levelly at her with his icy blue eyes.

“Some things happen, things you can’t control- It’s complicated.” His face contorted. He turned from her. “It doesn’t matter.”

Hermione felt sick. The look on Draco’s face, a mixture of horror and grief so tangible is physically hurt Hermione. Not ever did she once think she would feel sorry for an enemy. “Obviously it does if you could just tell me then maybe I could-”

Draco exploded. He propped himself onto one elbow and yelled, “could what, Granger?! Fix everything?! Like always? Try to make the most of a situation?! This is one thing even the marvelous Hermione Granger can’t fix!”

Draco turned over, facing the back of the couch. His breathing was the only sound that took up the silence in the room, but soon even that calmed.

There was a lifetime of stillness that seemed to pass before Hermione overcame her shock.

“I- I’m sorry.” She said quietly.

Draco turned his head a fraction to her direction. “Whatever, I should be able to leave on an hour. You’ll be rid of me then and your life will be back to perfect.” He said bitterly. He faced the back of the couch again.

“That’s not fair.”

Draco stayed silent.

“How would you know? My life isn’t perfect.” Draco scoffed. “No, it isn’t. My parents didn’t go to a convention. They went to a specialist for my mum. She’s sick. Dying, really. And Ron,” Hermione laughed ruefully through her newly formed tears.

“Weasley… He loves you.”

“Yes, I know. And I have to watch him love me. I know I hurt him by not returning it. It’s killing me. I’m not sadistic. I don’t get my jollies off of watching him suffer. But I don’t love him. I hate myself for it. For other reasons as well but let‘s not get into my issues with self image…”

Draco stayed silent.

“My life isn’t perfect.”

“Sorry about your mum.”

“Yeah. Thanks.”

Hermione, now emotionally and physically drained curled up in her chair with a blanket. Her tears dried on her face and somewhere between when the snow started to fall lazily again and midnight she fell asleep.


Yawing with her eyes closed and stretching a move, she belatedly thought, that should have thrown her to the ground. Instead Hermione found she was rather comfortable. Opening her eyes she found herself on a bed, not her bed, but a bed nonetheless. She sat up abruptly. Where was…?


Ah. Hermione decided not to question why he was still in her house’s dorms because he was carrying what looked suspiciously like breakfast.  Draco sat down on the edge of her bed and set a plate of food in front of her.

“Thanks, Malfoy.” She said and dug into her food.

“Thought you might be hungry.”

Hermione looked around her. All around there were quiddich posters with moving players in multicolored kits supporting a name on their backs. There were rudimentary spell books on the floor and divination maps of the brain.

“Why am I in the third year dorms?” She asked after wolfing down some eggs.

“I was going to bring you to Potter’s room but I only made it this far…” Hermione was almost offended but then Draco inched closer to her, his face so close that his breath tickled her cheeks. He smirked  at her unhappy expression and added “My back started to ache something fierce.”

He hadn’t taken the opportunity to tease her, mock her, and annihilate her self esteem. Hermione couldn’t help but smile slightly at his  playful tone. His eyes held hers for a moment, that unreadable face devoid of emotion, then in a second there was something.  she didn’t know what but Hermione saw a flicker of feeling in his eyes. Like the determination he had in the library, and it was nice.

But just like that, it ended. Malfoy made a face and swiftly moved away from her so he stood to the left of the bed. “Right, I’m going to leave before I catch some frizzy hair disease. Later, Granger. Or, hopefully, not."

He left in a hurry and loudly closed the door after him. Hermione sighed. 

“I was never meant to last.” With that she resumed eating her breakfast alone. 


Chapter 15: 15. Draco
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Draco paced in the Gryffindor common room. His back was all better and he was now debating whether or not he should have left Hermione in the chair she had fallen asleep in. It was stupid, one of his greatest enemy’s best friends, who also was on his ‘people I despise’ list had been asleep in a chair and he had actually worried over it.

Why was that descision so difficult?! It should have been obvious: leave her there to suffer the pain of a aching back! But then again she had helped him…

He reflected on the few minutes that it took him to decide. Her tiny frame almost fit entirely into the chair, only her legs had hung off one of the arms while her head had propped against the cushioned back of the chair. Draco had stopped pacing and went, with a defeated sigh, over to her chair.

“You’re far much too much trouble for someone your size” he had muttered under his breath. Draco carefully slid an arm beneath her legs and one behind her back under her arms and lifted her with ease. Hermione stirred in his arms which made him he freeze. But all she did was settle against his chest and smile. That weird warm feeling had then whooshed into his stomach (and made him smile too). He grimaced as he remembered trying to get her to her own bed. He had set off to the girls dormitory with a slow pace so as not to jostle the sleeping girl in his arms too much. But once his foot was on the first stair a loud noise emitted from them, like stone grating against each other, and it turned into an enormous chute.

“I wonder why that doesn’t happen in the dungeons?” he mused aloud. He was fidgeting wondering if this moment in time, choosing to be… nice… to Granger had made him, momentarily, a kind person.

Hermione had scrunched up her face against the noise and curled into Draco‘s chest as if that would block out the noise that had already ended. Draco smiled slightly at this thought, it made his mouth hurt a bit so he stopped immediately.

For being a know-it-all Gryffindor Braveheart Hermione was the picture of innocence while she slept and he found it remarkable that with everything she had to deal with she could still be vulnerable in some way. That this girl could still sleep with all of those things weighing on her mind.

Draco, having figured out where to put her, made his way to the boy’s dorms. Soon after he had started climbing his back began to ache again and he settled for the third year room and gently set Hermione in one of the clean beds carefully pulling a blanket over her. Without thinking he bent his head and kissed Hermione’s forehead. She smiled a whisper of a smile in her sleep, it made Draco’s heart speed as if he had just finished running a race.

“Goodnight, Granger” he mumbled quietly and brushed a strand of hair from her face.

He left the room as silently as he could in the pursuit of his own dormitory where he could sleep in his own bed. But he never made it that far. Thoughts of Hermione plagued his mind. What if something happened while he was away? What if she woke up and found him gone and was kept up by the thought of his absence? What if she found out he kissed her forehead, tenderly, in the dark? Curling his lip in distaste about fantasizing about Hermione Granger’s thoughts and needs he convinced himself it was unnecessary to worry . He got up from the floor and made his way to the portrait hole. He climbed through and set aside his idiotic worry for the time being. But instead of making his way to his dormitory he found himself restless. He kept wandering the corridors as quiet and thoughtlessly as a ghost. His feet carried him on.

Why had I kissed her?

There was no reason for it, at the time it was like an impulse, something he had to do. Compulsory, involuntary, automatic. He had never been that way before, with anyone. Never. It had to have been some sort of primal instinct. The innocent draws his affections because there simply is no way something like that could survive without his attention and care.

Yeah… Instincts…

He continued through the castle seemingly aimlessly. The sound of his footsteps drowned out his thoughts of Granger.

Draco soon found himself at the library’s doors. He took out his wand and lit it. The sudden light blinded him for a moment before his eyes adjusted.

Without uttering one word he unlocked the doors and proceeded into the empty library. Now that he thought about it, the library was quiet eerie at night. No one was there studying, the librarian was gone, and the snow covered windows diminished the amount of light that could have possibly been cast in by the moon. Instead, the glass around him reflected his wand light. He looked like a ghost traveling amongst the stacks; moving silently and swiftly. His pale skin and hair only added to the affect.  If there were to be a passerby they might wonder if Draco were an apparition or just a hallucination from their tired mind.

He moved through the seemingly endless shelves of books with his wand held aloft. Being among the things the girl loved most, Draco Malfoy idly wondered, out of pure curiosity, what time Hermione Granger woke up in the morning. She might be surprised to find him gone, plus he might have to explain why she was in a boy’s dormitory.  If she wakes up early and find him missing she’ll probably be relieved. But what if she isn’t? what if she worried? He might have to go back to the Gryffindor dormitories just to put her mind at ease, not because he wanted to, of course.

But for now he moved to the secret library in hopes to better his understanding of magic as well as the world and ultimately, himself.

Maybe they’d have a user friendly guidebook to women.

Draco lit his wand and entered the room, the dull ache in his back was a contrast to a light feeling that had settled over him in the past hour or so. Among the old books and scrolls with beautiful depictions of wand motions one would have to be blind not to appreciate, he found a calm. It continually rolled over him akin to a cool refreshing breeze taking all harsh feelings with it and only leaving contentment and pleasure.

Meticulously picking through the shelves of dusky tomes looking for what he needed but unhurriedly as if he had all the time in the world. This seemingly endless amount of time made his suffering bearable. The pain reduced.  Though it had come to question whether ir was the books and new bits of information that were making him feel this way or the slumbering girl in the tower.

Draco glanced at his watch. He had spent nearly the entire night in the depths of this place and reasoned that it was about time to get some sleep himself. Closing the last and most promising of the books and folding it under his arm he climbed from the chair and left the room. Draco smiled. The couch in Gryffindor Tower wasn’t such a bad place to sleep and this way he’d be able to see Granger in the morning in order to ease her panic. And maybe he would bring her some food, just as a thank you, he wouldn’t owe her anything.

He mounted the stairs and silently planned out the breakfast he would deliver to her.