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Format: Novel
Chapters: 13
Word Count: 40,240
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: General, Romance
Characters: Fred, George, Oliver, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 03/12/2010
Last Chapter: 05/28/2011
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Stunning banner by SwissMiss at TDA. Thank you (: - Seventh year was suppose to be the best one yet for Holly Williams.... being the starting Seeker for Gryffindor, especially. She wanted nothing coming between her dreams of becoming a pro. But it doesn't necessarily go as smoothly as she'd like, with many obstacles getting in the way, mostly one by the name of Oliver Wood...

Chapter 1: Feelings, Bruised Ankles, and Unwanted Dreams
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I own nothing, sadly, except my own characters that I create. 
I was writing a different story, but I lost COMPLETE inspiration for it. And I have just recently, fall in love with Oliver Wood (:


Quidditch in this school wasn’t just a sport, or a simple past time. It was life.

From the roaring screams of the crowds cheering on their House team, to the amazing and complete feeling you have after winning the toughest match of the entire season, Quidditch wasn’t something you took for granted, it was something you respected.

I always imagined myself playing Quidditch with the big boys, when I was younger. I wanted to be just like the players at the World Cup, only better. I wanted to be the best, and I made it my personal goal to be the best that there could possibly be.

Hogwarts, I always told myself, was where I was going to prove myself. It was where I wanted people to discover me. And, to tell you the truth, when I entered those try-outs in only my first year of schooling, I was pretty badass. I was flying with no effort at all; I was catching and passing as if it was my day job; and I caught the snitch, like it was just meant to be. Those moves landed me the spot as starting Seeker for the Gryffindor House Team. I wore my red and gold colors with pride.

But, as I worked through practices and learned the ropes of competitive Quidditch playing, I quickly realized that, no matter how good you thought you were, there was ALWAYS going something, or in this case, someone, in your way.

His name is Oliver Wood. Oh, how I deeply despise that boy. He made the team the same year that I did. And we both had the same thing on our minds, being the best.

And with that, we never truly got along. And if we did, it was never really considered a true “friendship”. For the most part, we were constantly yelling at one another at what we did wrong, or what we could improve on. Everyone always told me that the only reason we always fought, was because he secretly fancied me. It was just too good to be true.

But, we continued to tolerate each other as the years went by. It was mine and Oliver’s sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, when my world seemed to crumple down.

It was the year that Oliver Wood was named captain.

And it may not seem like a big deal, but to me, it was life. QUIDDITCH WAS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, MY LIFE. And having something like that, having my possible rival take something from me that I always seemed to be dreaming of, hurt. It hurt a lot, too much to even describe.

It was never mine, and I still felt like I had taken a beating to the heart. It was my goal in life to be the very best, but clearly, I was never going to be that. With our new captain, practices just kept getting harder and more painful. Now, I would never complain about anything dealing with Quidditch, because I would always just keep thinking of the big picture of me, one day, playing with the pros. But this was bloody ridiculous.

Wood pushed me harder than anyone else on the team. I was the one doing extra laps; I was the one doing twenty more suicides then everyone else; I was the one pretty much dead at every single practice because I had nothing left inside of me. I always tried to talk to Wood about it, tell him how I dreaded coming to practices these days, and how it seemed completely unfair that I was getting worked harder than anyone else. But the usual comment that came out of his awful mouth was…

 “I’m the captain. Suck it up, and deal with it.”

So, I did, continuing all through sixth year, and now coming into my seventh. This year, things just HAD to be different. On the train ride in September, all I kept thinking about was how I wasn’t going to let him push me around, and I wasn’t going to allow him to tell me what I could and couldn’t do as a member of that team.

That didn’t exactly happen.

I was limping off the Quidditch field after another painful and difficult practice. I had finished another round of suicides, and I felt as if I could collapse at any minute. My body was in so much pain. It was getting harder and harder to breathe.

Katie Bell, who just happened to be my best mate, walked along beside me, “You alright, mate? Wood put it to you seriously this time.”

I just laugh to myself, a bit. “It’s been the same since last year, Katie. It’s not fair, if you ask me. One of these days, I’m going to give that Wood kid a piece of my mind.”

“And what are you going to say to him, exactly?” She asked.

“I’m just going to walk right up to him and say…” I started, but was surprisingly interrupted.

What are you going to say ,Miss Williams?” I heard coming from behind me. It was Oliver.

I turned around to face him, almost falling to the ground, forgetting that my ankles were about to give out. I just looked at him smirking at me, and I was getting quite annoyed.

“That you’re the best captain that I have ever had the honor of being couched by,” I finished, with obvious sarcasm in my tone of voice.

“Funny, Williams, but keep it to yourself,” He said to me, and he walked away. I just shook my head.

Katie laughed again, “That went… well.”

“Shut up.” We started walking again, after Wood had disappeared in front of us.

“You’re going to be sore in the morning,” Katie told me, looking down at my legs limping along.

“Stupid Wood, he doesn’t apparently understand the fact that I’m not made of stone. I’m a girl, with bones and skin,” I started to scream, without even noticing. “He just won’t leave me alone till I’m all bruises and nothing else. Well, he sure has succeeded.”

“At least we don’t have another practice for awhile, give you some time to recover,” she told me.

“Yeah, and then once I’m feeling somewhat better, I’ll just have to go back and suffer through another one of Wood’s practices where all I do is run suicides, and fly laps,” I said to her. She just shrugged. “What?”

“Are you positive that Wood doesn’t have any type of feelings for you?” She asked.

“We have been through this multiple time before.”

“I know we have, but everyone seems to think so, besides you.”

I just moaned, “And who’s “everyone”?”

“Well, there’s Angelina, Fred, George, and me, of course…” She started.

“And what’s your point, exactly?”

“My point is… I don’t think you are seeing the big picture.” I laughed at this.

“Katie, the big picture, in my head, is the Gryffindors winning the House Cup this year, and nothings stopping me from doing so. Not even Wood, and his murderous practices and team meetings.” We continued walking, or for me, limping, to the team changing rooms. The House Cup this year was so important to me. At that game, I had to prove myself completely, that I was worthy of making a pro-team after I graduated. I wanted to go on and continue playing until I couldn’t anymore.

Everyone had finished changing and showering, but I was still moving quite slowly. Katie came up and sat down next to me, along with Angelina, “Are you coming? I’m starving!”

“I’ll catch up with you guys later, I’m still trying to finish taping my ankles up.”

Angelina laughed, “You’re boyfriend push you too hard again?” I knew she meant it as a joke, but I was always getting them.


“We’ll see you in the Great Hall,” Katie said. And with that, her and Angelina both stood up, and left. I was trying to tape up my ankles, when I bent my leg the wrong way. I rolled up my pants to look at where the pain was at, and when I did, all I saw was a cut, bigger then I have ever received before.


There was suddenly a tall shadow hovering above me, “Still can’t handle my practices, Williams?”

“Wood, leave me alone.”

“Williams, do not use that tone with your captain.” He held his position with WAY too much pride. “You should learn to respect my authority, and stop complaining.”

“And you should start treating your teammates equally.”

He just looked at me, “I treat everyone on this team with fairness and equality.” Yeah, right.

“Whatever,” I said quietly to myself, and continued taping up my ankles. He just stood there, almost hovering over me. “Is there something you want, Wood?”

“Not really, do you want some help?” He asked me, I guess he noticed me struggling with my ankles.

“I don’t need, or necessarily want, any help from you.”

He looked at me, strangely. “It seems like you do. Here,” he said. He came down to sit across from me on the bench, and gently grabbed my ankle to place it in front of him. He removed to tap that I had terribly tried to put around it, and started tapping it again. We just sat there is silence. “There.”

“Thanks,” I said, trying to stand up.

“No problem.”

I started walking away, when Oliver stopped me.

“Do you need some help there, again, Williams?” He asked.

“I’m fine, Wood. Stop trying to be nice to me,” I said while rolling my eyes.

“I’m not trying to be anything. I’m just a nice person.”

I laughed loudly to myself, “Says you.”

“You’re the one being a bitch here, Williams, not me.”

“Well, Wood,” I started, “I don’t exactly want to be your best mate right now. I just suffered through another one of your practices; I’m in pain, and… I’m not in the mood for this.” I started limping away again.

“You know what, Williams?” Oliver said. I turned around in a hurry to face him.


“Never mind, just leave,” He said.

“My pleasure.”

I finally left, and made my way up to the castle to meet up with Katie and Angelina. I couldn’t believe Oliver. He was always like that, ever since Quidditch back in the day. We’ve always hated each other, if you can even call it that. I don’t really understand how he functions. One day, we can actually get along, meaning we could a day without having thoughts about how to kill one another, and then he’s like this, arrogant and self-absorbed. I know I’m not the sweetest angel towards him. But, he’s not exactly a ray of sunshine, either.

I reached the Great Hall, finally, after limping all the way back. I spotted Katie, Ang, and George sitting together at the table.  Katie saw me first.

“Hey, Holly,” she waved me over. “How’s the boyfriend?” Angelina and George just laughed.

“Shut up, he’s not my boyfriend.” I sat down, and grabbed an apple.

“Oh, come on Holly. You know you and Oliver have some sexual tension between the two of you,” Angelina said, while smiling.

“Um, not exactly.”

George was just sitting there, cracking up laughing. “Holly, sweetheart,” he began, “We all know Wood’s like, in love with you.” I just rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, that’s the reason I get tortured at practices, and after games, even if I catch that bloody snitch for him, I still get yelled at for everything I did wrong,” I said, continuing to eat my apple.

EXACTLY!” They all said at the same time. They laughed. I didn’t. I think Katie noticed how pissed-off I was getting.

“Enough about Holly’s confusing relationships, there’s more important things in this world,” she said. This is why she’s my best friend.

“Yeah, like how our first match, this year, is against Ravenclaw,” George stated.

“I’m so thrilled for this year,” Angelina said, “I mean it’s probably going to be our last year as a team together.”

I just smiled, “I’m happy, though. I want to out of this school, and out playing with the pros.”

“Of course, you do. That’s all you talk about every single time we even mention the word ‘Quidditch’. That or you suddenly bring of Wood and his ever dying love for you,” Ang said, while smiling. I just looked away.

“Ang, shut up,” Katie said. Thank you, best friend. “Well, the party celebrating the beginning of the season should be interesting. With us being seventh years, were going to blast the ceiling off that place.” I laughed, remembering past gatherings. Something always happened during Gryffindor parties. They got pretty wild. Last year was the best though, as I remember. Fred and George decided it would be funny to get a little first year drunk on firewhiskey, and let’s just say, things didn’t true out too well for him in the morning.

“It’ll be fun,” I told her.

“I heard that this year, Wood and the rest of the captains are planning something HUGH!” Ang said.

“Where did you hear this from?” George said, popping out of nowhere.

“It’s just a rumor going around,” she said, taking another bite of whatever she was eating.

“Yeah, but knowing Wood, he’ll just chicken out. He follows ever rule in the books, not wanting to hurt his reputation as Mr. Perfection. One mark and he freaks out that no team would recruit him after Hogwarts,” George said. “He needs to liven up a bit.”

“Like you?” Angelina asked.

“Yeah, I do what makes me happy, and I just live instead of caring about getting in trouble for something bloody ridiculous, such as a prank,” he said.

“Maybe that’s what makes him happy.” WHAT WAS COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH?! There was no way I was sticking up for him.

“Speaking of the devil…” Katie said, while turning to look at me. I looked over her shoulder, and saw Wood standing at the double doors. I rolled my eyes again.

“I’m going head out,” I said, mostly to Katie than anyone else.

“Alright,” she said, while looking up at me, as I stood up. “I’ll see you later, then.”

I started walking away from the table, after I said goodbye to George and Ang. I head towards the common room, passing Wood along the way. I didn’t even bother looking at him as I walked by. There was just something about him that annoyed me so much.

The fire was on when I walked in, and it just seemed to be inviting me in. I sat down on a chair, popped my ankle up, and closed my eyes. I didn’t realize I had fallen asleep, until I started dreaming. It was me, holding my broom, as I was about to enter onto the Quidditch field. Katie and Angelina was there, along with Fred and George, and we were about to start battle of the House Cup. It was a fierce game, if I do remember clearly. And then, there I was, catching the golden snitch for the last time of my Hogwarts career, and the crowd started crying and screaming for joy. I, Holly Williams, had just won the House Cup for Gryffindor. I landed to the ground and the whole team came running over to me. They were chanting my name, and hugging me like no other. My cheeks started hurting from how much I was smiling. And then, I saw Oliver. He came over, and did something I never thought would happen, even in my dreams.

He came up to me, planted his hands gently of my waist, and pulled me into him. He kissed me for what seemed like the longest time. The kiss was perfect though.

I suddenly opened my eyes.

“Dreaming about me again, Williams?” I heard a familiar voice.

“You wish.” He smirked. “What are you doing here, Wood?”

“This is my common room, just as much as it is yours.”

“I’m going to bed,” I said, while standing up. I wasn’t exactly the most graceful, though.

“It seems like you’re trying to avoid me.”

“No! Why would I ever do that, Wood?” I asked him, very sarcastically.

“Williams, just admit it, you’re totally into me that you’re just trying to find your complicated feelings,” he said, while smiling.

“Um, no.” I started walking away.

“Hey, Williams!” I heard Oliver call after me.

“What?” I said not turning around, but still facing the steps that led the way to the girls’ dormitory.

“Dream about me,” I knew he was smiling. I just rolled my eyes, keeping my comments to myself. I walked up stairs, put on some different clothing, and slowly, but surely, climbed into my bed. I closed my eyes, and eventually drifted off again, even though it was only about six o’clock in the evening. I was tired, though, especially after practice.

And even though I was too ashamed to admit to it, and I couldn’t forgive myself for doing it, I did dream again that night. And guess who the starring role was?


Author's Note: Okay, so how was it? Should I continue this, I really want to. But, if it's not wroth reading, then what's the point, ya know? But, I love Oliver. I don't want to make him come off as completely evil, but if I must, I must. Tell me what you think he should be like. And reveiw, I really do appreciate them, the good and the bad, and I want to know if this story is even worth it ! THANKS (:

Chapter 2: Potions, Fights, And No Apologies
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That dream, of Oliver kissing me, was grossing me out. I didn’t have feelings for him, and yet, it was as if my brain was trying to convince that I did. Or maybe it was just my lame friends getting to me. As I stood up, I remembered why I didn’t have feelings for Mr. Wonderful…

Arg, my body is on fire.

Or, at least, that’s definitely what it felt like. I tried sitting up in my bed, but I had no success.

“Are you alright?” I heard Katie ask, coming from the other side of the room.

“What do you think?” I said back, trying to find my obvious pain by laughing.

“Your ankles?”

“My everything,” I stated, trying once again to sit up. Angelina had suddenly appeared from the bathroom, brushing out her wet hair.

“You know we have classes in about an hour, right?” she asked more towards me, then Katie.

“I know, but there’s no way in bloody hell I’m going to be able to survive this day,” I could just feel the pain getting worse as I placed my bare feet on the cold floor. Angelina and Katie just both laughed at me. “What?”

“Maybe if you just seduced the captain, this wouldn’t be happening,” Angelina smirked.

“Really, it’s eight in the morning, and I’m already getting those comments from you two?” I asked, fairly annoyed.

“Sorry,” Angelina said to me, “You know I’m just joking.”


I slowly got dressed in my robes, and walked down to the Great Hall to meet up with everyone. I came to the table and sat down in between George and Katie. Angelina and Fred were sitting across from us, along with Oliver, who had some spaced away from the group.

“Um, Angelina?” I questioned her.


“I’m not trying to be rude, but that’s not George’s foot…” I pointed out to her. The whole table started laughing and both, Angelina and George’s face, began to blush like crazy, to about the shade of roses. She looked down to her plate and started eating again. After everyone stopped laughing, finally, I looked to my right, and saw Oliver still sitting there, somewhat by himself. I turned to Katie.

“What’s up with him?” I whispered to her, so he couldn’t hear. She just shrugged.

Breakfast was over, and everyone started splitting up, to head to their morning classes. I had potions this morning, so I stood form the table, and bent down to grab my books, hoping not to be late my first day of classes, knowing that Snape would be furious. But, I still couldn’t do anything my slowly limp. I was limping along, when I spotted Oliver just ahead of me in the hallway.

“Hey, Wood,” I yelled to him. He didn’t stop to turn around, or even respond, he just kept walking. “Fine, don’t talk to me,” I yelled back to him. Still, no response. What’s wrong with him, I kept wondering.

I made it potions, surprisingly not late, and took a sit at a table in the very back. Oliver came and joined me later. I just looked at him while he sat there in silence, not even recognizing that I was there.

Welcome to seventh year Potions, class. There will be no fooling, messing, or rude comments in this class,” he looked at me. I rolled my eyes. Snape continued speaking, going through today’s lesson, but I wasn’t really paying attention. “So grab your partner, sitting next to you, and start. You must be finish by the end of this class,” I heard him say. I looked around and saw students collecting ingredients, and started to create their concoctions. I saw Oliver return to the table.

“You weren’t paying attention, were you, Williams?” He asked me, first thing.

“Oh, so now you’re talking to me?” I retaliated. He didn’t respond. “No, what are we making?”

“Some love potion,” he said.

Bloody fantastic.

“Just do what I say, Williams, since you couldn’t bother paying attention to what he was saying,” He looked down into the book. I was trying to think of a comeback, a sarcastic one, at that, but nothing was coming to me, so I just looked down, and followed his instructions.

We ended up finishing the potion, and Snape congratulated us, probably not out of will. We bottled to potion up, and walked out of the dungeons.  Well, for me, it was still my usual limping.

“You alright there, Williams?” I heard Oliver say, from besides me.

“Not exactly,” I said, not making eye contact with him. We continued our way through the dungeons. After a moment of awkward silence Oliver spoke again. But, what came out of his mouth, I didn’t really expect, AT ALL.

“I’m sorry, about yesterday, I mean,” he said. I think he could tell, from my facial expressions, that I didn’t understand what he was exactly talking about. “For in the changing rooms.”

“Oh, no big deal.” Oliver’s expression changed.

“This is where you are supposed to be like… “I’m sorry too, Oliver, that I didn’t respect you fully as my captain, and I’ll start respecting your authority more. I promise,” and then, we hug, or… something, and have a decent friendship again.” I laughed to myself.

“Um, Wood, I would never apologize for something that is true. And when have we ever had a ‘decent friendship’?” I asked.

“We use to be friends, back in the day.”

“Yeah, like first year, when we didn’t know each other all that well,” I said. “Wood, I’m not apologizing to you for any of that, because I’ve wanted to say something to you for a long, long time, but every single time, I just keep my mouth shut because I knew something like this would happen.” Oliver didn’t speak, and I noticed that we stopped walking. I looked up into his eyes, “Every practice has been exactly the same since the moment you were named captain last year. I’m been pushed, bruised, and shoved so much, that I end up either in the hospital wing, or I’m limping until another one of your grueling practices. And I do understand, Wood, that you push us to be the best, but I don’t see anyone else doing extra laps after and before, I don’t anyone else getting punished for their simply mistakes, and I definitely don’t see anyone else getting yelled at to do more suicides,” he just looked at me.

“Williams…” he started.

“SHUT UP! I’m not done.” I was serious about this. I never had the nerve to say any of this to him before, and now that I’m actually saying something to him, I wasn’t going to stop now!

“I hate going to practices every single day, because I know I’m just going to come out hurt, in some way. And with you having no back-up Seeker, I don’t see this being such a good idea. I love Quidditch, and I know that you are the one who knows that better than anyone else. But, I am so sick of being treated unfairly. If you did this to everyone else, then you know what, I’d be okay. But, this is ridiculous, Wood,” I finished speaking, and all we did, for what seemed like forever, was stare at each other. He finally looked away, though. And then, without saying anything…

He started walking away.

Now, THIS pissed me off. “So what?! You have nothing to say?”

He stopped.

He snapped, “How do you want me to response to something like that, Williams?” he yelled across the hall.

“Well, I would want you to say something!” I stomped back over towards me.

“How do I react kindly to someone who’s basically telling me I’m a bad captain? How do I even start to explain to you that I’m not doing any of that stuff because I’m evil, but I’m just trying to help you out? You wouldn’t listen anyway, Williams, you never do. Being captain isn’t the easiest job, you know!” I looked away, starting to get angrier. “Oh, wait! You wouldn’t know, would you? Because I was named captain, not you,” he stated. I looked up into his eyes. All I wanted to do was scream.

“Piss off, Wood.”

He laughed, loudly, “Nice comeback.” He turned to start walking away again.

I didn’t follow after him, and I didn’t say anything back, I just stood there, wishing that this moment had never happened. Now that I had pissed off Wood even more, who knows what was going to happen at the next practice. I finally made it to my next class, late of course. And it went by way too slow. And the rest of my classes, especially Charms, were the same exact way. I skipped dinner the evening, not really wanting to be sitting there, while Wood and the others talked about Quidditch and, Angelina making some more embarrassing comments about how Wood and I are a match made in heaven.

I spent my night alone, in the Common Room, doing nothing but looking into the fire. The wonderful silence was interrupted, though.

“What the hell did you do?” Katie came in, screaming at me. I sat up straight, crossing my legs. I looked at her confused.

“Wood’s holding try-outs tomorrow, for a new Seeker!” she yelled at me.


“Yeah, he said that you made an ‘interesting’ point to him, earlier today, about not having a back-up Seeker, just in case you were to, somehow, get injured. What did you say to him?” She asked, extremely upset.

I just shook my head, “I finally told him that I was sick of being treated unfairly, and how he shouldn’t keep pushing me like this, because what if I were to actually be severely hurt…”



“This is serious, like you could possibly be replaced,” she said, sitting down next to me.

“Wood wouldn’t replace me,” I told her.

“Really now, because at dinner, he sounded pretty serious about it,” she said. “He said it was ‘time for a change’.”

What a bastard.

I was just about to say something back, when Fred, George, Angelina, and Oliver walked in. “Hey guys,” I said to them. Angelina came over, and sat down next to Katie and me.

“Guess what I heard?” she asked us both. Katie and I just looked at each other, and shrugged our shoulders. “The Quidditch party’s going to be next week, I’m so excited.” I smiled.

“It should be… interesting,” I said, trying to careful pick out my words. It, suddenly, got really quiet.

Awkward silence.

“I just farted,” Fred stated. And everyone laughed.

“Thanks for letting us know, Fred,” Katie said. “Well I’m going upstairs, busy day tomorrow.”

“Yeah, me too,” Angelina said, following Katie to the stairs.

“George?” asked Fred.

“Yes, Fred?”

“How about you and I take a little scroll around the castle?”

“Why, I would love to Fred.” And off they went. It was just Oliver and me. And for some reason, I felt as if they all had this planned out.

“Williams…” Oliver started.

I interrupted him, “Yeah, Wood, I already know.” I stood up from the chair, and tried walking away from him, up towards the dormitories.

“Thanks for the idea, by the way,” he said, trying to piss me off.

“You’re welcome,” I said, while smiling at him. I continued walked up the stairs, taking one step at a time. I didn’t notice him, but Oliver was now standing right behind me. “Wood, can’t you just leave me alone?”

“Why aren’t you upset about this?” he asked me.

“Upset about what?” I asked, playing dumb.

“Stop playing dumb with me, Williams. I know you better than that,” he said. I bet he was smirking. I turned around and looked. I was right.


“There’s no reason to be upset, honestly,” I said, while continuing to make my way up the stairs. Oliver swung under my arm, and planted himself right in front of me, so I was looking straight at him.

“So, you’re telling me, that you’re not anger about the fact that I’m trying to find someone that could, possibly, replace you as Head Seeker?” he questioned me.

“I’m, how do you state it, ‘respecting your authority’? If that’s how you feel, Wood, then there is absolutely nothing stopping you,” I said. I was lying through my teeth. Of course I was completely pissed off about the fact that Oliver was trying to find a new Seeker, but I didn’t want him knowing that.

“Find, look me straight in the eye and tell me that you don’t care,” he stated. I knew I couldn’t, he knew I couldn’t. He grabbed my face, not hard, but firm enough for him to be able to make me look at him.

“Wood, let go of my face,” I said, I said, just getting angrier. He let go.

“See, I knew you couldn’t do it, you lair. I knew you still, and probably wouldn’t ever, respect my authority.”

He was right.

“Fine, I do care. But, you didn’t need me to actually say it to your face, did you? Like you said before, you knew me all too well,” I said, trying to get pass him on the steps. He wouldn’t let me.

“Williams, listen to me. I could just as easily cancel this try-out if you just apologize,” he said. He was serious too, I could tell. I was getting annoyed with this, him wanting an apology from me. He didn’t deserve one, in my opinion.

“I’m not apologizing to you, Wood.” I said, firmly. He lowered his head.

“Fine, it’s your decision. And, by the way, I don’t want you there,” he said finally passing me to walk back down the stairs. After he passed, I quickly turned around. But before I could say anything to him, I twisted my ankle the wrong way, trying not to put any more pressure on them, tripped over my own two feet, and started rolling down the stairs. I hit my head multiple times, before I finally landed flat on my back, at the bottom. I had my eyes shut.

“Holly, are you alright?” I heard Oliver ask me. I could tell me was hovering over my crippled body.

“You called me ‘Holly”,” I said after finally opening my eyes. He looked down at me.

“So?” He questioned.

“Never mind.” Oliver offered his hand. Even though I didn’t really didn’t want to, I grabbed it. He helped me up, but all I could feel was the pain coming from my legs. I stumbled again, but this time, Oliver caught me.

“Thanks,” I said, standing back on my feet again. Oliver didn’t say anything back. “Maybe you should find a new Seeker.” And with that, I walked back towards the steps.

“Williams…” Oliver started.

“Save it, Wood.”

I tried walking up the stairs again, but with struggle. “Do you want some help?” I heard him ask.

“No, thanks.” And I continued on my way.

When I entered the dorms, finally, I plopped down on my bad, and had no desire of getting up. It seemed like the safest place at the moment. I quickly fell asleep, hoping that I wouldn’t wake up for awhile. But when I woke up the next day, I would soon have to come to the realization that Oliver was actually holding Seeker try-outs. I would actually have to wait to find out if there was someone else in this school that could compare to my compassion for this. I would have to deal with the fact that Oliver Wood was the probably the biggest bastard I have ever met.

Why didn’t he want me there? I never found out the answer.

Fuck him, I kept thinking in my sleep. Fuck him.


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Chapter 3: Caring, Crying, and New Found Feelings
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My gut told me that I shouldn’t have gone, and my brain told me the same thing, that I just shouldn’t be there, but I, personally, told them both to shut up, as I continued walking down to the Quidditch Pitch. Oliver said last night that he didn’t want me there, but I didn’t necessarily understand why.

I was the current Seeker, and not to come off as cocky, but I am a damn good one, at that.

Did he really want to replace me because I was disrespecting his authority, or was he just actually trying to find a ‘reserve’ Seeker just in case something did happen to me?

I had so many questions rolling around in my head, whilst I walked. My ankles were feeling somewhat better from the last grueling practice, but I still couldn’t walk without limping. As I approached, I saw Katie and Angelina all suited up, along with the other Chasers, and I also saw Fred and George. Everyone was here, but how come I wasn’t SUPPOSE to be?

I saw Katie and Ang running over to me, “What are you doing here?” Katie asked.

“Watching the Seeker try-outs,” I simply stated.

They looked at each other confused, “Wood said that you weren’t coming today,” Angelina said, while messing with her hair.

“And why would he think that?” I asked, trying to come off as dumb.

Katie spoke, “I don’t know, that’s just what he told us this morning.”

“Well, I’m here and there’s nothing stopping me either,” I said, while smiling.

Angelina smiled back, “I’m glad you’re here though. Seriously, this try-out is bloody ridiculous, if you ask me. There’s no good point to it.”

I shrugged.

“So…” Katie started, “What are you going to do?”

“Just watch from the stands, I suppose. Wood doesn’t want me here, then he doesn’t have to know that I was,” I said. “I’ll see you guys, later.” I started walking off the field, and heading for the stands. I took my sit, making sure the Oliver couldn’t see me, at any point, and looked down at the field.

The team was gathering around Wood, probably giving another one of his famous speeches. And with that, the try-outs began. There six students trying out for the position, and Wood started explaining deals. I recognized all of them, and could easily perform them in a heartbeat. But, those six hopefuls, couldn’t do squat.

I felt sorry for them, honestly. And I began to feel some remorse for Wood, as you could tell he was getting frustrated. I saw Katie and Angelina standing off to the sides, laughing their brains out, and I couldn’t help but laugh, as well. This was kind of pathetic. What was Wood thinking?

And after three hours of watching this torture getting worse and worse, I noticed that Wood finally called everyone together, to end the day. I really wish I could hear what was being said. He was probably going off about how everyone did the best that they possibly could, or how it’s not about how good you are, it’s about how good you can become.

I laughed again.

I grabbed the jacket I had brought along with me, and started heading towards the changing rooms, hoping to talk with Katie before Wood noticed I was there. I waited by the doors, until I spotted her.

“Katie!” I yelled out her name.

She ran over to me, still laughing, “Did you watch that? I almost died out there from laughing so bloody hard,” she said. It was hard to understand her, from all the laughter coming from her throat.

“Yeah, it was definitely a sight to watch,” I said, while smiling.

“I’m going to go shower and change, I’ll meet you in the Common Rooms in an hour,” she said, while starting to walk away, slowly.

I laughed, “Okay, I’ll see you later.”

I began to walk away from the field, heading towards the castle.

Enjoy the show?” I heard, coming behind me. I turned around, and saw Wood directly behind me.

“Actually, I did. It was quite entertaining,” I said, with a wide smile. His expression, however, wasn’t as happy and excited, as mine.

“I thought I told you that I didn’t want you here today,” He said, still quite frustrated.

I just looked at him, “Well, you never gave me a good enough reason why.”

“I’m your damn captain. An order’s an order, that should be a good enough reason,” he said, getting angry.

“It’s not like I helped out or anything, I just watched,” I said, trying to lighten the mood. He was gripped his hands into fists now.

“Williams, that does not bloody matter. I gave you an order not to be here today, and you disobeyed it!” He was now yelling. I know I did come, but he was really beginning to scare me now. I have never seen him this angry before.

“Wood, why are you so upset about this?” I asked him.

He just shook his head, “Never mind, I should have just known that you wouldn’t listen to me. You never do, Williams. It’s been this way since last year.”

I just stood there, silent.

“I don’t even know what to do with you anymore, Williams. I really don’t,” He said, while looking down to the ground. I was glad he did, because I really couldn’t handle looking him in the eyes, right now. “Just leave…” He continued.

“Wood, seriously, I don’t understand…” I tried.

“JUST LEAVE!” he screamed at me. “I have absolutely nothing to explain to you anymore.”

I shook my head, realizing that walking away would probably be the best option right now, and began to walk towards the castle again. I walked into the empty Common Rooms, guessing that Angelina, Katie or any of the others hadn’t made it back yet. I sat down on one of the couches. I kept thinking about the try-outs, and wondering if Wood was actually going to pick someone to join the team. I kept questioning whether or not I should go find Oliver and apologize for watching today, or if I should just keep my thoughts to myself.

I heard someone rushing in. It was Katie, “Hey, were all going down to eat some lunch. Want to come?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said. I stood up and followed her out. “So, what did Wood say about the try-out?”  I asked her, as we were walking through the hallways.

Her eyes grew bug, “He was so disappointed and angry too, I might add.”

“He saw me,” I finally said.

She giggle, only slightly, “Well, that explains it.”

“Explains what?” I asked. She just looked at me. “What?”

“What did you say to him?” she asked, still with a smile.

“Well, he saw me, I asked why he was so damn upset that I was there, and then he just told me to leave,” I answered.

“That’s it?” she asked, confused.

“Pretty much, just leaving out unimportant details,” I said. She just shrugged.

“He’s been pretty upset with you lately, I mean, you’re not exactly on the best of terms with him right now,” he told me. I knew this, everyone knew this, it wasn’t exactly a secret.

“And your point is…?” I tried to make her continue on.

“I don’t know. I know everything between you two, but Holly, seriously, the guys having a mental breakdown, or something. Haven’t you noticed how different and quiet he’s been acting?” She asked me.

“Yeah, a little. But, it’s always been this way between us,” I said.  “Why is it just now affecting him more then it usually does?”

Shit. I shouldn’t have asked that question.

“Don’t even answer that question!” I said, interrupting her before she could make any type of comment.

“Oh, come on, Holly. What else could it possibly be?” she asked, smiling once again.

I didn’t even answer her. I didn’t want this conversation to continue any longer.

“It’s quite chilly out today, did you noticed?” I said to her. She rolled her eyes.

“Holly, stop trying to change the bloody subject,” she told me. “Listen, I think you really just need to try understanding the big picture. I’m not going to be like Angelina, and tell you to seduce him or anything of that nature, but…” she paused. I just looked at her, “Could you just try to be nicer to him?”

“I am nice, he’s the bastard,” I said. “Katie, he doesn’t like me, and I don’t like him. That’s how the universe wants it, and that’s how it’s going to stay.”

“Holly, I really don’t understand why you’re my best friend,” she said, in a joking matter.

“Because in first year, when that creepy guy named Todd wanted to kiss you, I threw a toad on him, so he wouldn’t,” I said, while laughing really loud. She began laughing again too.

“That’s right.”

We ate lunch in the Great Hall with Fred, Angelina, and George, and all the conversation, surprisingly, stayed away from Quidditch. I was quite happy about that.

“So, you guys all going to the party tomorrow night? I’m sure it’s going to be insane,” Angelina said, after taking another bite of her apple.

“Yeah, I’m going,” Katie said.

“I am too, of course. The last Quidditch season party for me, it’s kind of depressing,” I told them all.

Katie signed, “I don’t even want to think about that, my best friend leaving me.”

Angelina chuckled, “And what am I then, Katie?”

Katie stood up from the table, walked over to where Ang was sitting at the table, and hugged her tightly. Everyone started laughing and awing. I stood up myself, and limped over to them, and  joined in on the monster hug too. They looked at me.

“I felt left out,” I explained.  Everyone continued laughing.

We were having more conversations about the up-coming party tomorrow. It was going to be in the Gryffindor Common Room this year, and tons of people from the other houses were planning on coming.  This party was going to be huge. Fred and George were definitely excited for this; they’re always up for a party, and all its drama.

My friends and I were down there for a good couple of hours, and I remember I had some essay for Snape’s class that I just had to start on, especially since no homework would get accomplished tomorrow or even the day after.

I gave the password to the Fat Lady, and walked through to the Common Rooms. I was walking straight towards the dormitories, so I could go up and grab my Potions book, when I saw Oliver sitting on the floor, leaning his back against the coffee table, and from the look of it, he seemed to be crying. His eyes were puffy and red, and his face was damp. I didn’t know what to do in this situation. He wasn’t exactly happy with me right now, and even if I did go over towards him, I wouldn’t know what to say to him either. I shouldn’t bother him; I should just keep walking upstairs.

I went against my judgment.

I walked slowly, and quietly, over to him. I took a seat on floor, making sure there was space between us, and just looked at him, “What’s wrong?” I asked, as nice as I possibly could.

He didn’t move, or even look at me. “Why do you care?” He finally snapped back.

“Well, you’re sitting here, by yourself, crying. Usually when a person sees a scene like this, they feel some compassion,” I told him. He didn’t response back. I placed my head on his shoulder, “Are you going to tell me what’s up?” I asked again.

“Why would I tell you anything, Williams?”


I removed my hand from his shoulder, stood up, and walked away. I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t upset, but I wasn’t going to just stay there with him, and try to help him when he didn’t want any help in the first place. He didn’t try to stop me either. He just let me leave.

The rest of the evening went by pretty slowly. Everyone was still thinking about the party, and I had all night to complete my essays. And then, Angelina, Katie, and I spent a good time of the night picking out exactly what we were going to be wearing tomorrow. I ended up settling on black and blue dress, with a pair of black heels to go along with it.

I held the dress up in front of me and turned to Ang and Katie, “Well… how do I look?” I asked, hoping I would get a serious response.

“Some hearts are going to break tomorrow night,” Angelina said to me.

Good enough.

“Ang, if you’re talking about Oliver…” Katie started, clearly reading my mind.

“OF COURSE I AM!” She pretty much screamed for the whole word to hear. “Holly, I don’t think you understand how much chemistry there is between the two of you. You guys could have the ultimate love story.”

I just shook my head, not really knowing if I wanted to her this ‘ultimate love story’. “What is it?” I asked.

She sat down on her bed, and began talking, “Okay, here me out. It’s the story of two lovers who met when they were younger, both of them having the same goals in mind. But, they suddenly become enemies when it comes to reaching their goals. But, they realize this fight is pointless, and that their both talented. As the year goes by, the begin to understand that there is more between them, then just a friendship. They win the House Cup together, kiss on the field as it just begins to rain. And they live happily ever after. The end,” she finished, with a smile.

Katie and I looked at each and began to laugh.

“Ang, I don’t even know how to response to that,” I told her, honestly.

“You don’t have too, you can just thank me when all of this comes true,” she said to me. “You guys are at the ‘enemy’ phase in your relationship.”

Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Angelina.

“I love you to death, Angelina, but that story is ridiculous,” I said, starting to laugh really hard again.

“Whatever, Holly, you’re not taking this seriously,” Angelina said while trying to get under her covers. At that time, Katie and I were already tucked into our beds.

“How does she take something like that seriously?” Katie asked.

“I hate explaining all this to you, over and over again,” Angelina said, more towards me then Katie.

“Well… I’m not exactly the biggest fan of trying to explain to you over and over again, that Wood and I will never be anything. Even if by some miracle, we were to become friends again, there’s nothing between us that would make either of us take anything farther than a simple friendship,” I finished.

She sat up again, so she could see me, “And how do you know how Oliver feels about you?”

I gave her a look, “We fight every single day, and half of those fights, are about absolute nonsense. I think it’s pretty clear about our feelings towards each other. Katie, back me up here.” Katie didn’t say anything. “Katie?”

“I’m sorry, Holly. I’m going with Angelina on this one.” I was shocked.

“Why?” I truly wanted to know.

“Well, I mean, you guys go fight whenever you’re together, but seriously, you really don’t know how Oliver feels about you.” I was so shocked. Usually, Katie was on my side.

“I don’t know, guys.” I didn’t know what to say, really.

“Okay,” Angelina started, “Let’s start with the easy question here,  do you like Oliver?”

Whoa. Hold up a minute. But, I didn’t get a chance to speak, right away.

“Of course she doesn’t,” Katie said. Yeah, you go girl!

“Let her answer,” Angelina said, turning her attention back to me. “Well…”

I looked back and forth between Angelina’s looks of eagerness, and Katie’s looks of excitement. I knew what I wanted to say. I wanted to say no, I didn’t have feelings for Oliver. How could I really? Yes, we were friends, and since last year, he’s been the biggest bastard I have ever come to know. Who cares if his eyes were always sparkling when I saw him; who cares that he just happened to have the same passion for Quidditch as I did; who cares that he was pretty much the most gorgeous person I have ever personally got to know; who cares that he always smells amazing, except, of course, after a sweating. Who cares about all that stuff? Apparently, I did.

“Bloody hell, you do!” Katie exclaimed.

“Guys, I can explain myself…”

They started laughing so hard, that tears were running out of both of their eyes. “Holly, how come we are just now learning about this?” Angelina asked me.

I didn’t want to answer anymore of her questions, “Because… I was hoping I could just find them and they would eventually go away.”

Katie spoke first, “Well, you did an excellent job on the hiding part.”

“Shut up!”

“Holly, this is serious business. We’ve totally have to get you two together now,” Angelina said, a little too excited.


Angelina and Katie both gave me looks of confusion, “Why not?” Katie asked.

“He’s Oliver Wood, that’s why.”

“Um, so? You’re Holly Williams,” Katie said in the same tone of voice.

I looked at her, “I can’t, and he’s a bloody arse.” They laughed again.

“Yeah, he is. But, I think he treats you like that because he likes you,” Angelina stated. I didn’t believe a word coming from either of their mouths. “And honestly, Holly, Oliver would be completely crazy not to be into you. You two are like the same person…” I laughed slightly.

“Are you calling me an unfair bitch?” I asked, jokingly.

“You know what she means,” Katie said. “I don’t think I ever seen two people be so much alike.”

I was trying to really take in what they were saying, but I just couldn’t believe any of it. Oliver Wood wouldn’t ever have feeling for me, considering how were always fighting these days, or how we can never agree on anything.

“I saw Oliver crying in the Common Rooms, do you guys know what happened?” I asked. Katie shook her head to say no. So did Angelina.

“It’s probably something to do with the Seeker try-outs today,” Katie said.

“Or…” Angelina started.

Here it comes.

“It could be something about the fight you two got into this morning,” She finished.

I signed, “Why does all of his problems come back to me, Ang?”

“Well, most of his problems probably are dealing with something Quidditch related, and since the only team member he has any grief with is you, most problems could be considered your fault,” Ang stated, as if it was obvious.

“Thanks, Ang. That makes me feel so much better about myself,” I said, putting a pillow over my head.

“Stop hiding in shame,” Katie said to me. I removed the pillow to only reveal my eyes, so I could look at them.

“Holly, what are you so scared of?” Angelina asked.

“I don’t know,” I said, quietly. Why this suddenly so complicated to think about?

The conversation really didn’t go on any farther. Angelina and Katie were still trying to convince me that Oliver had feelings for me back, and how we would be perfect together. But, no matter what, I still couldn’t see it. We fight all the time, that this, or whatever these feelings were, just couldn’t go anywhere farther. I think Oliver and I have this thing where we just keep pushing each other out of our personal lives, unless it has something to do with Quidditch.

I wasn’t necessarily excited for this party tomorrow night, now. Every time I see Oliver, all I’m gonna want to do is hide, and hoping he doesn’t see me. And knowing Angelina all-to-well, she’d probably tried to get us together as much as possible. I felt guilty now, for not trying to apologizing for whatever I did to piss him off. I still don’t feel like I should have to, but now, I don’t know what to think anymore. I regret telling Katie and Ang about my thing towards Oliver. I know they’re my best friends, but this is exactly the reason why I was hiding it.

I guess things really are better left unsaid.


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Chapter 4: Mud, Cheese, and Music make for Some Great Conversations
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It was Saturday. It was the first Saturday that I remember that doesn’t involve a Quidditch practice. As long as I can remember, even when Oliver wasn’t captain, we ALWAYS had practices on Saturday mornings, and even Wood continued that tradition over…

No one thanked him for that.

But, today, there wasn’t any practice, there weren’t any meetings to attend to, and come to think of it, there wasn’t Oliver or any presence of him, at all. It got me thinking. This isn’t normal, not at all. Oliver was not the type of person to skip, reschedule, or cancel anything that dealt with his team. Lately, something’s been amiss with him. And I didn’t need Katie or Angelina to tell me that. It was quite obvious, probably to everyone else as well.

I kept thinking that it was pretty early in the year to be upset about something, I mean, what could have possibly happened within a matter of weeks that could tear someone down that much? Someone needed to talk to him… And guess who that person, no matter what the consequences, was going to be?


If someone hadn’t brought it up to him by now, then who was going to? There was no reason for me to take this matter into a professor’s hands, when no one really clearly knew what was upsetting him the most. Katie and Angelina would make up some lame excuse as to why they couldn’t be there, Fred and George, well… who even understands what goes on in their minds, and the rest of the Quidditch team didn’t really have any type of relationship with him, outside of the pitch, so guess who that leaves?

I got dressed that morning, not really caring about make-up or anything, considering that I would just have to do it all over again later that evening for the party.

I walked down the stairs into the Common Room, where Angelina and George were sitting. Angelina spotted me, “Hey, Holly.”

“Good morning. Um, have either of you two seen Wood this morning?” I asked, in a general matter. Angelina shook her head, stating no.

“He left really early this morning,” George started, “I heard him around six.” I knew I had a look of confusion on my face.

“Why? There’s no Quidditch practice this morning…”I started. George just shrugged his shoulders. “Well… if you see him, can you please tell him that I need to talk to him?”

“Of course,” Angelina said, a little too happy. “This isn’t about last night, is it?”

A fake smile formed into my expression, “No, it’s not.” She smiled back.

I left, leaving Angelina and George, and started to make my way towards the Great Hall. I was on a mission, and nothing was stopping me from completing it.

After no sign of him in the Great Hall, the Library, or in the gardens, there was only one place left that he could be, his sanctuary. And sure enough, he was there.

I should have just looked there first.

The Quidditch pitch was wet and mudding from the recent rain, and yet, there was Oliver still trying to run in the sticky, thick mud. As I got closer, I just started to watch him. He seemed so dedicated. He started to slow down, and eventually, he fell to the ground. I didn’t see that coming.

I ran over to his side, and knelt down by his side.

“Wood, are you alright?” I asked him, hoping he would response.

He opened his eyes, and I think he was surprised to see me, “Williams, what are you doing here?”

“I needed to talk to you.” He was breathing very heavily, and sweat was covering his body.

Stop checking him out, Holly.

“About what?” he asked. I shrugged my shoulders, not really knowing what to tell him. He was still lying on the ground, mud soaking through his clothes by now, and he seemed to have no intention of getting up. “Here, I’ll help you up,” I said, offering my hand. And surprisingly, he took it, graciously. He stood up quickly, probably a little too quickly, and started tumbling back down. He put his arm around my shoulder, I’m guessing so he wouldn’t fall, and tried balancing himself, once more.

His hand started grabbing my shoulder to tightly, “Are you going to be okay? You can barely stand.”

“Will… you walk me to the… changing rooms?” He asked me, with very little breath.

“Yeah,” I said. He was still hanging on to my shoulder, and it hurt like hell. But, I wasn’t going to say anything.  This was good. We were actually communicating.

Wow, that sounded really cheesy.

It took us a minute, or two, or more, to finally get over to the other side of the field. I tried placing him on one of the benches, but he just fell off, without in effort, and since his hand was still attached to my shoulder, I went down with him.

“I am so sorry, Williams.”

“It’s alright,” I said nicely.

We were both sitting together on the floor, leaning against the bench. We were closer than normal, too close for comfort, in my opinion.

“How long have you been out there?” I asked him.

“I don’t even know,” he said back quietly, still trying to manage his breathing. He finally removed his hand and arms from my shoulder, and now I was covered in mud. “Sorry about that…”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“What did you need to talk about, Williams?” He asked. I looked down, trying to avoid eye contact with him.

“Are you okay?” I asked. His facial expressions changed as he looked at me.

“Yeah, why?” He asked.

Here it goes.

“Well, I don’t know. You seem different to me, I guess,” I was still beating around the bush.

“How?” He asked. I couldn’t tell exactly how he was feeling.

“Well, first, you don’t sit with anyone in the Great Hall, or rarely ever. I saw you crying in the Common Rooms yesterday, and it seems that our arguments keep getting worse, and more useless,” I said.


He took in a deep breath, “What’s your point?” I just gave him a look.

“What do you mean; my point is I want to know what’s up. What’s bothering you this bad?” I was getting frustrated.

“Nothing is, Williams. It’s probably all just in your head. I feel fine, honestly,” He said, while trying to get up again. He succeed this time, but only slightly. He walked over to the other side of the bench.  I just remained on the floor.

 “You’re lying through your teeth, Wood. Everyone else has noticed too, but I’m the only one, apparently, who has any guts to confront you about it. I’m trying to be serious with you, if something’s up, telling me,” I told him, trying not to sound like I was begging for knowledge.

He looked me straight in the eye and spoke, “Williams, there is nothing wrong. It was just a stressful couple of days, from classes starting to holding try-outs; things can just get the best of us sometimes.”

I didn’t want to believe him. I shouldn’t believe him…

But what was the point of arguing with him? There was no reason for either of us to be pissed off again. He started wiping the semi-dried mud off of his face with a rag, and then tossed it to me.

“Here, you have mud on your face.”

“Thanks,” I said, simply.

He continued by taking his shirt off, and replacing it with a new, mud-free t-shirt, and then, he left to the bathrooms, and when he came back, he had a clean pair of pants on, as well.

Wow, was all I could think. I caught myself staring at him, and he did too.

He smiled, “Like what you see, Williams?”

“You’re an asshole.”

He laughed, “Thank you, I take pride in it.”


I rolled my eyes, but more in a joking matter. “Seriously, Williams,” He continued, “There’s nothing wrong, I promise. But, what I don’t understand is why you even care?”

“Well… you are my captain,” I stated.

He puffed out a laugh, “That’s never stopped you from being rude, and inconsiderate to me, before. What does it now suddenly matter?” I just shrugged my shoulders. He laughed again, and then looked at me, “Do you need a clean shirt?” He asked.  I looked down to see mud covering the entire half part of my torso.

“I’m okay, I have to go shower for the party, anyways,” I told him. “Thanks, though.” He nodded. But, then he started randomly laughing again, but it seemed like he was trying to find it this time.

“What’s so funny?” I couldn’t help but smiling myself. He walked back over to me, and sat down.

“Do you realize this is the first time we have talk in awhile that hasn’t involved screaming or fighting?” He asked me.

“I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed,” I said, honestly. “But, I still believe you’re lying to me about why you have been so weird, lately.” He shook his head.

“Williams, I’m fine.”

“Can I ask you another question, though?” I asked him.


I took in a deep breath myself, this time, “Are you really trying to find someone to replace me as Seeker?” He laughed again.

“Williams, you were there. There wasn’t one person who compared to the skills you have. No one could replace you,” He said to me. “Just don’t piss me off anymore.”

I started laughing at that remark, “I’m not making any promises, Wood. But, I’m glad to hear that.” I wasn’t going to lie. “It kind of made my day, and it’s only around eleven.” I smiled.

“Well… good.” He smiled too. Was it just me, or did we seem way too happy? But, he suddenly became panic, “Wait, did you say it was around eleven?”

I looked at him, “Yeah, it was about half pass ten when I got here. Why?”

“Bloody hell,” he started to get up, “I don’t mean to leave, but I have to go. I’ll see you at the party, alright?” I just nodded my head yes, and he ran out. I sat back after he left, and just let out a sign of relief. That definitely went better then what I had originally imagined.




Later that evening, after a much needed shower, and a few hours working on hair and make-up, Angelina, Katie, and I were just about ready for seasonal Quidditch party. From the dormitories, you could already here people beginning to arrive. I slipped on my dress and shoes, and I was ready for this night to start. The music was already blasting.

The three of us headed down together, and already, it seemed like there were thousands of people there. I know that’s exaggerating it, a bit, but it definitely felt that way. Katie turned to me.

“THIS IS BLOODY CRAZY!” she exclaimed.

“I KNOW!” I yelled back to her, making sure she could hear me clearly.

“I’m going to go find George,” Angelina said, then walking into the crowd. Suddenly, I felt an arm glide across my shoulder. It reminded me of early today with Oliver, but it wasn’t him. It was Fred, who had his other arm around Katie’s shoulders.

“You ladies ready to party?” He screamed. We just laughed. “You guys want a drink?”

“Sure,” Katie said.

“I’m okay for right now, maybe later,” I said to him. He smiled.

“It’s all good, whatever floats your boats,” he said, and left, dragging Katie along, to go get some drinks.

I was just standing there, alone, watching everyone else talk and dance. I suddenly felt someone grabbing and pulling on my hand. I was dragged right into Oliver. “Dance with me, NOW!” He screamed, as if he was in a panic.

“Um, okay,” I said, still holding onto his hand while being dragged to where people were dancing. I must say, Oliver was looking good in a pair of slacks, a button-down, and a skinny tie.

Shut up, stop thinking that way.

Oliver and I were just dancing, for what seemed like the longest time. No words were spoken between us, but a few glances and smiles were shared. That’s when the mood changed, and slower song came on. We both immediately stopped dancing, and I turned to start walking away, when I felt him grip his hand around my wrist to stop me. He placed his hands around my waist, and at first, it felt awkward. I’m not going to lie. And I just gently rested my hands on his shoulders as he began to lead. I smiled brightly.

“What?” he asked me, also smiling himself.

I just shook my head, “Why did you ask me to dance?” He laughed.

“You see that girl over there, standing close to Katie,” He questioned me. I turned my head in the direction he was talking about, and saw a girl with blonde hair standing sort of close to Katie. “She’s basically stalked me since first year, and she just doesn’t seem to leave me alone.”

I eyes grew nig with shock, and I started giggling, “Oh, so I’m just here for you to use so you don’t have to dance with her?”

“Something like that…” he admitted. I just shook my head, and turned my gaze away from him. “But that’s not the only reason.”

“Really now?” I started, “Then what’s the other reason?” I asked.

“Well, Miss Williams, you do look beautiful tonight.” I could feel myself blushing.

“You’re such a cheese ball,” I said, while laughing.

He laughed too. “Oh, thanks, Holly. I try to give you a compliment, and what do I get in return? You calling me a ‘cheese ball’.”

We were both laughing so hard at this; it was weird not fighting with him. “You called me Holly again.”

“Well, it is your name, if I’m not mistaken.”

“You are right about that one, but you never call me Holly,” I stated, seriously.

He just shrugged. I didn’t expect an answer either. We continued the rest of our dance in silence, until the song finished playing. We still just stood there, as another song started playing, and everyone started dancing like monkeys, around us. “I’m going to go talk to Katie, for a minute.”  He just nodded to me, and we put walked away in separate directions. I found Katie talking to some random Ravenclaws over near the drink table.

“Katie!” I yelled her name, so she could spot me. She did.

“Holly, what’s going on?” she asked.

I laughed, “What do you mean by that?”

“Well, you need to explain to me how you and Oliver are dancing together, when just yesterday, you two couldn’t bear to be in each other’s presence,” she stated, shocked as hell.

 “Long story short, I went and talked to him this morning, and it just seems like the air is finally cleared,” I she to her, “But, I have this feeling that it’s not going to last very long.”

“What makes you think that!” She said, trying to scream over the crowd.

“It’s kind of how our relationship works,” I told her, like it was obvious. It should been by now, at least.

“Speaking of the devil, who’s he dancing with over there?” She asked, randomly.

I looked over into the crowd of people, and spotted Wood dancing with the girl he pointed out earlier. I just started to laugh, “I have no idea,” I said, answering her question.

She gave me a look, “Shouldn’t you be jealous or something, that another girl is dancing with your man?”

I loved how she put obvious emphasis on the word ‘man’ in that question.

“I’m not too worried.” I could tell she simply just didn’t understand. I was okay with that.

The night continued on with more dancing, drinking, and music.  It was just, over-all, a good time. There was no drama, at least on my part, to be heard of, and surprisingly, Wood and I got along just fine. We even danced a couple more time before the night was officially over with. Everyone was gone by, I’d say, two o’clock in the early morning, and everyone in the Gryffindor House just passed out on the floor or couches, without even attempting to walk up the giant stair case. But, as for me, I was still wide awake, along with Oliver.

“How was dancing with your stalker, Wood?” I asked him.

“Oh, it was bloody brilliant. Why dance with you, when I could have her, you know?” He paused for a slight second, and suddenly started speaking again, “Or anyone else, for the matter.” I laughed a little to myself.

I hit him gently in the stomach, but my hand still hurt slightly, when it felt like I was hitting a rock, “Be nice. She could be the next supermodel, and you wouldn’t have even given her the chance.”

“I highly doubt it,” he said, right away.

“And why is that?”

“Because there are prettier people in this world,” he said. My jaw dropped.

“You are so mean, Wood. You should never call a girl ugly!” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

You really shouldn’t.

“I didn’t say that she was ugly. To some guy, she’s probably the most beautiful girl in the world, but for me... she’s just not that person,” He said.

Good save there, buddy.

“Well, then who is?” I could see him blush.

“Oh, wouldn’t you like to know.”

I laughed, “That’s kind of why I asked, idiot.”

“It’s a secret, Williams. Haven’t you ever heard that some things are just better left unsaid?” I just looked down at my hand in my lap.

“You have no idea.”

He really doesn’t.

“You’ll probably find out, one day though,” he said, breaking the silence.

I looked back up at him, “And what makes you say that?”

“All secrets are bound to be told sooner or later,” he said, not really looking in my direction.

I think I eventually passed out that evening, because I don’t remember too much after that. It was a very successful day, on my behalf. Maybe becoming friends with Oliver again would be better than nothing, in my opinion. Today was proof that it could be done, if we both tried. I liked the feeling of being able to have him to talk to again. Katie and Angelina just keep trying to convince me to Oliver’s feelings, and would prefer to have some normal conversations every once in a while, ones that don’t deal with Quidditch or relationships. We could have a discussion on trees, and I would be a happy girl.

But, there was one thing I kept thinking over and over in my mind, even after I fell asleep. I wondered if Oliver was right, about secrets eventually getting out for the whole world to hear. I was hoping he was majorly wrong, on that one.

If he only knew…


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Chapter 5: It Was All Just a Bunch of Lies
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There I was, standing next to him; breathing the same oxygen as him. His eyes were as bright as ever, and he was wearing a smile that just seemed to make my heart melt. He placed him hands gently around my waist, and he bent over so our foreheads were touching. I looked up at him, and smiled brightly.

“Holly, I need to tell you something…” Oliver started. I was struggling to breathe. There was barely any space between us, and every moment felt endless. “I think I love you.” He leaned his head into mind, and gently kissed me on the lips. My only reaction was to kiss him back.

As the kiss got more and more passionate, his hands started to wonder, and they found the caress of my lower back. It sent shivers through my shine, every time he touched me. My hands stroked the back of his neck, and eventually made their way to his head, where I started messing with his hair. He pushed me back some, and pinned me to the stone-cold wall behind us.

We continued to kiss, our mouths beginning to open.

“Oliver…” I tried to say, in between kisses, “I can’t do this.”

He just ignored my comment, and I eventually forgot about it, myself. It felt like minutes were passing by so quickly. I definitely didn’t want this to end, not just yet. We stop kissing, catching our breaths, but for only a minute. Oliver released his hand from me, lifted off his shirt and threw it to the side. He placed his hands flat against the wall, blocking me from ever escaping…

Not like I was planning on it.

“Holly...?” Oliver asked suddenly. I didn’t answer him, I just kept gazing into his eyes. I was breathing heavier now, I could tell. “Holly…?” He asked again.

I still didn’t respond.

“Wake up,” he told me. I was now confused, as he started shaking me. “Holly, wake up!” I heard again.

I opened my eyes.

It was a dream? Damn.

“Holly, are you alright?” I heard again, realizing, this time, it was Katie. I looked around to see that I lying in my bed, in the girls’ dormitories.

“Yeah, I’m fine, mate. Why do you ask?”

She just laughed, “You were talking in your sleep, quite loudly, I might add.” I was embarrassed.

“What, exactly, was I saying?” I asked, not really knowing if I want to hear the answer.

That’s when, of course, Angelina popped out of nowhere.

Oh, Oliver, I can’t do this…” she stated, trying to be overly dramatic. Both Katie and Angelina were laughing like wild animals.

“I do not sound like that.”

“Yes you do, Holly,” Angelina said, while still laughing. I threw a pillow at her. “Hey, now that was not necessary!”

I just smiled.

“Um, Holly, if you don’t mind me asking,” Katie started, trying to finally calm down, “What can’t you do?”

“I’m not telling you two, anything!” I yelled.

“Oh, come on,” Angelina pressed on. I just shook my head. “It was freaking hilarious! Just tell us.”

“No,” I simply stated.

We all laughed together now.

“Fine, but we do have Quidditch practice, so you better hurry and get up,” Katie told me.

I quickly jumped out of my bed, threw on some shorts and a long-sleeved t-shirt, put my hair up into a messy ponytail, and left with Katie and Angelina to head down towards the Quidditch pitch.

I have never been excited for a Quidditch practice in the longest time, but now that Wood and I were on good terms, I felt excited. And I couldn’t help but admitting to the fact that half of my excitement was I was going to see Oliver.

I’m completely crushing right now, and I’m not sure if I like it.

We walked onto the Quidditch pitch, all of us probably expecting the same old Oliver Wood, with the same old unfair practices, and the same yelling you hear every time.

“Okay, everyone, no suiting up today. We’re just going to work on strength and flying. So, twenty laps running around the pitch, and Williams and I will lead. Let’s go!” He finished saying. I came right up to his side, and starting running the laps.

“And why are we leading today?” I asked him.

“I don’t know, Williams. Just thought it would be fun,” he said, while trying to smile.

We were about to start our final lap, when Oliver turned and looked at me. “Williams, you want to participate in a bet?”

I tried laughing, but I was running out of breath, “Depends on what the bet is, Wood.”

“Sprinting the final lap, if I win, you have to come on a walk with me after practice,” he told him. I looked away.

“And if I win?” I questioned him. He just shrugged.

“I’ll jump in to the Black Lake naked,” He offered. I smiled, slyly.

“Deal,” I said, still looking ahead.

“Ready?” He asked.

I didn’t say anything.

“GO!” he yelled.

We started sprinting across the field, with Oliver and I, pretty much, neck-in-neck of each other. I honestly couldn’t tell who was going to finish first. I knew all the runners behind us were confused out of their minds. We were still running right besides each other. I felt the wind rushing through my hair, and whipping my face, as I ran. My eyes started watering, slightly, from the cold and musky air. Oliver was pulling ahead of me, and I was starting to feel the pain build up in my legs. I needed a plan of action.

Ah ha.

It probably wasn’t my best idea, and I would come off as a bit of a wimp, but oh well, I thought to myself. I kept on running, and slowly started to slow down, when I forced myself to fall, flat on to the muddy ground, looking as if I tripped.

“Shit,” I said, after looking up. Oliver continued running, until he noticed that I wasn’t besides him anymore. He stopped immediately, and jog over to where I was laying. We were inches away from where the so-called ‘finish line’ was.

I hope this works out.

He bent down next to me, and looked very considered. “Williams, are you alright? What happened?” He seemed to be slightly panicking.

“My ankle, I think I broke it,” I said, trying to be the best actress I could.

He looked down at my ankle, touching it gently. I felt it was necessary to add in some moans of pain when he would handle my ‘injury’. By this time, the other team members gathered around us.

“What’s going on,” Katie asked, finally catching up and retrieving her breath.

“Williams hurt her ankle,” Oliver stated.

Katie looked down at me, and without Oliver noticing me, I winked at her. A smile appeared on her face.

“Holly, are you alright?” She asked, trying to play along. I don’t really think Katie knew what game she was getting herself into, but it was definitely an enjoyment to have someone know what was going on.

“I’ll be fine,” I told her. She was still smiling.

“I’ll take you to the Hospital Wing,” Oliver started, “Here, let me help you up.” He offered me his hand, and I was more than pleased to take it. I held onto his hand, while he helped me stand back up. But, suddenly, I smiled quite slyly. He just looked at me, definitely noticed my change in facial expressions. “What are you smiling about?” He asked.

That’s when I pulled down on his arm, threw him into the ground, right where I had been sitting, and started running again for dear life. Let’s just say…

I won.

All the team, including Katie and Angelina, were dying of laughter. They started chanting my name, as well. Oliver was still on the ground, looking over to me. He didn’t seem angry, but I couldn’t say he looked happy either.

“Oh, Oliver Wood was just beaten at his own game!” George yelled across the pitch.

Everyone came over to me, and was still laughing away. Katie and Angelina just kept mentioning how brilliant my little stunt was. I just smiled. I pulled away from the crowd, and slowly walked over to Oliver.

I looked down at him, and lifted out my hand to him. He took it.

“Nice job, Williams,” he said.

I nodded. “Thanks.”

“A bet’s a bet, I suppose,” He finally said.

“After practice, it’s on,” I said back to him. And I walked away.

I thought after my little scheme, Oliver would just decide to punish me with more laps, or something along those lines, but nothing. I was quite happy.

“Good practice today, everyone,” Oliver started speaking, afterwards. Everyone was about dead from drills, and no one was really paying any attention. Oliver knew this. Everyone knew this. But, he still continued talking, “Our first game is a week from tomorrow, and I hope to see you all rested and ready. You guys are dismissed.”

Everyone, slowly but surely, made their way towards the changing rooms. Before I could move anywhere, Oliver came up beside me, and grabbed my wrist to stop me.

“Meet me here, in twenty minutes.”

And that was it. I shook my head, in a teasingly way, and walked away.

I changed pretty quickly, or at least, quicker then I usually do, and just sat there, talking to Katie and Ang. “So, we’re going to head to lunch with Fred and George. You want to come?” Angelina asked me.

“No thanks, I have other plans.” She eyed me, curiously.

“Doing what, exactly?” She asked.

“Well, I have a bet with Oliver,” I simply stated.

Katie and Angelina just looked at me, and then started smiling.

“YOU HAVE A DATE WITH OLIVER?” They both just happened to yelled together.


I signed, “It’s not a date. I made a bet with him, and that’s what the whole ankle-fake-injury thing comes into effect.”

“Whatever, it’s a date. No matter what you say,” Angelina stated. I just shook my head. “Well, I’m starving, and I don’t want to keep you any longer from your afternoon date, so I’m going to go. Katie, are you ready?” she asked.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

I followed them out, saying that I would catch up with them later.

That’s when I saw Oliver, dressed in a button-down shirt and ripped jeans, standing near the edge of the pitch. I just laughed.

“What was the point of dressing up, when you’re just going to have to dress down to jump in the lake?” I asked him, while laughing quietly.

“Shut up, you just want to see me naked, Williams.”


We were walking in the direction of the Black Lake, when Oliver started talking again.

“Nice little stunt you pulled today. That should be considered cheating,” he said.

“You never established any ‘rules’, Wood. There was no cheating here,” I smiled knowing that I was right.

“Well, that should just be an obvious thing, wouldn’t you think?” He asked.


He laughed, “Of course.”

We reached the banks of the lake, more away from the castle, so anyone couldn’t be able to see us. Oliver stopped, and took his shoes off.

“Well, Wood, I won. Don’t back down now,” I stated. I just watched him, as he took his shirt off.

Can you say ‘sexy’?

I told my brain to shut the hell up. He continued by unzipping his jeans, and slipping them down to his ankles. He turned to face me, “Williams, I know you are admiring my body here, but look away.” I laughed a very sarcastic laughed, and then turned away to another direction. I waited, until I heard a splash, and then turned back around.

I looked out into the Black Lake, but I couldn’t see Oliver anywhere.

“Oliver?” I called out.

There was no answer.

I was beginning to worry. I continued looking out at the lake. “Oliver?” I called out again. I stepped closer the edge. I felt some grab my shoulders, and squeeze me tight. The next thing I knew, I was under water. It was Oliver.

What a little bastard.

I wasn’t going to let him win this time, either.

I pulled myself to the service to breathe, but I didn’t slowly. I heard Oliver say, “I got you!”

“Oliver…” I went back under the water. “I. Can’t. Swim.” I heard him gasp. He quickly swam over to me, grabbed me around the waist, and pulled me up. I pulled my hands up, placed them on top of his head, and shoved him under. I laughed, waiting for him to come back up.


He came back up, and looked angry, “That was not funny, Williams. You really scared me.” I just kept laughing.

“Sorry but there was no way in fucking hell I was letting you get away with that move,” I told him.

“I was just trying to get back at you,” he said.

“Calm down, Wood. There is no reason to get upset about this,” I said, trying to discontinue my laughter.

We were there, wading in the freezing cold water, and my clothes started to become heavy.

“Can we get out now,” I asked.


We swam to the edge, and climbed out. Oliver was still in his boxers.

“You cheated,” I said, pointing to his boxers.

“You did too.”


He stood up, put on his dry clothes, which I was completely jealous of at the moment, and then walked over to me, helping me to my feet, “Are you alright?” he asked.

I was standing there, shivering like a maniac. “Well, I’m standing outside, in soaking wet clothes. Do you think I’m feeling alright?”

He signed. “Here,” he said, and gave me his shirt.  It didn’t really help that much, but I wasn’t going to argue with him. There just wasn’t a good reason too. And the shirt had his scent attached to it, that amazing smell that always lingered from him. “Better?”

I just shook my head.

We automatically just started walking back towards the castle, not really questioning our actions. It was silent for most of the time, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘awkward’. It was simple, I guess was a way a of stating it. Something about the silence just seemed to make up for all the arguing and fights we’ve had since the beginning of sixth year. I believe Oliver noticed as well.

“Williams, why did we ever start hating each other?” This question definitely proved my theory.

 I didn’t know how to respond. “Quidditch.” He laughed.

“Well, that I understand. But, a sport can’t come between a relationship,” he said. I was questioning his choice of words. “Actions, emotions, feelings – those things come between people.”

“Well,” I started, “I was angry, not exactly at you, at first. Mostly because I felt as if I deserved that spot just as much as you did.”

He laughed again, “So, jealously started all of that.”

“I wasn’t jealous!” I argued. He just stared me down. “Okay, fine, I was. But, you being the cocky ass you are, didn’t make it a whole lot better.”

“Can you blame a guy for being excited about something like this? I worked my whole Hogwarts career for that one moment.” I looked away.

“And you don’t think that I felt the same?” I asked. He didn’t answer me. “And you knew it too,” I suddenly said, stopping dead in my tracks.

Something was building inside me, like a fire burning faster, brighter, and higher.

“You knew all along that I would be pissed off about that fact that you nailed that captain position, because I would forever have to live it down that I wasn’t the best on the Gryffindor team. I would have to FINALLY admit to the fact the Oliver Wood was better than myself, at something that I had practice all my life,” I sprayed out.

“Williams, stop yourself before you say something stupid,” Oliver commented back.

“No, because, honestly, Wood, I think this is why I never even attempted to fix our beaten friendship again. Because deep down inside me, I knew that I would never forget any of these moments. We were best friends, Wood, remember that? And then that first practice, you brutally murdered me. You’re fucking attitude changed, and you were never the same person again,” I finished. I breathed in deeply, trying to fight off an unwanted tear.

“I’m sorry.”

I looked up at him, staring straight into his eyes.

He continued, “Everything you mentioned, for the most part, is true. I’m not going to argue with you about that, but Williams, our friendship wasn’t ruined because I became Quidditch captain. It changed because you let come between us, and let it affect us. And everyone around us, for that matter. We all split up, you turning Katie and Angelina against me, while I was there, confused as hell wondering where I went wrong. “

I signed, “I did not turn Katie and Ang against you, Wood.”

He seemed to ignore my last comment and continue on, “You were probably the greatest friend I ever had, Williams. We are so much alike, it’s too bloody ridiculous to even really realize. It hurt when you started avoiding me whenever you possibly could, or how you wouldn’t even look at me without having this expression of anger and disgust. I pushed you that one day at practice because I pissed out of my mind, and then afterward, you came up and started screaming at me. I noticed that I was the only way I could get you to even talk to me, or interact with me at all.”

I wanted to cry. I wanted to just breakdown.

But I didn’t.

“This is good, you know?” I spoke, breaking the compelling silence. He just shook his head in agreement, I supposed. I sniffed back my tears, still wanting to escape. “You’re a good captain, Wo… Oliver. Really, you are.”

“Thank you.” I smiled. “I want to be friend again.”

“Me too.”

And that’s where it ended, the conversation, at least. We continued our walk back towards the castle, where everyone was probably wondering where the both of us were. I walked into the Common Room to find Fred and Angelina playing, what looked like, an intense game of Wizard’s Chess, and Katie sitting on a near-by chair, reading a book of some sorts.

Katie looked up and spotted Oliver and I, “Where have you guys been?” she asked. “It’s been almost two hours since Quidditch practice ended.”

“Just a walk, that’s all. No worries,” I said.

Angelina stood up, making her way over towards me, “Holly, will you come upstairs with me for a moment, I need to… show you something… yeah, that works.” I laughed at how quite obvious my lovely friend always was.

Fred just looked up, “What about our game, here?” he said, pointing towards the board.

“I’ll be back down, I’m just showing her something,” she stated. “Katie, why don’t you come too?”

Katie placed her book on the table, which I noticed it to be a Potions books, forgetting we had an examination the following morning, and followed Angelina and I up the stairs, towards the dormitories. The pushed me down on the bed, and basically blocked any ways for me to escape this conversation.

“I thought you were showing me showing, Ang,” I laughed at her.

“Shut up, Holly. You know I was lying. Everyone knows I was lying. Wood’s probably down there not even knowing what to think…”

Shit.  Forgot about that.

“Well…” Angelina egged me on.

“What?” I questioned her, even though I knew exactly what she wanted to hear. She wanted to know what happened with Oliver during our little ‘walk’. She wanted to know and understand every detail, and she wanted to know every word spoken between the two of us.


I knew it.

Katie just stood there, off to the side, viewing the current situation. I just smiled at them both. They both grew more intrigued.

“What?” Katie asked.

“Oh nothing,” I simply stated.

“Oh, come on, something must have happened?” Angelina questioned me.

“Not really, it was just a walk. Honestly…” I said.

Lies. It was all just a bunch of lies.


Author's Note: Well, finally. Here you go, guys! Usually I was updating fast like crazy. I was quite proud of myself, but I just haven't been home lately. But, I'm finally done with this chapter. Enjoyed it, I hope (: Please continue reviewing. Over 300 read already, thank you ever so much. Well, what did you think? I personally like how Oliver becoming more open? How about you?

Chapter 6: Universal Destruction
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Days seemed to be going by faster and faster, as the first game of the Quidditch season approached. Practices were getting longer, classes seemed to be going slower, and the rest of the day was pretty much a daze after that. Katie, Angelina, and I were officially way too tired to accomplish anything. This was that only thing any of us despised about the Quidditch season. The only one who would disagree to that was, none other than… drum roll please… Oliver Wood.

Were still on good terms, but he was the only one who enjoyed the six hour practices, and the many impossible laps that were given to us… Every. Single. Day.

“Oliver, come on! Can we please have a break?” I asked, after running my final lap around the pitch.

He just glared at me, as if I offended him, “Williams, are you not taking this seriously?! Our first game is just around the corner, and you want to take a break? It’s not necessary.”

I just shook off his rude answer, and continued my way back onto the pitch to rejoin Katie and Angie. I couldn’t run anymore, and my breath was non-existent.

“What did Oliver have to say?” Katie asked, looking hopeful.

I rolled my eyes, “Nothing to get excited about, he’s just being his usual bloody self.”

“Yeah, well that’s not surprising, or anything…” Ang stated, with tons of sarcasm.

“Well, we’ve got all year to deal with this, and I’m still not looking forward to it,” I told them both.

Katie eyed me weirdly, “I thought you and Oliver were like okay now?”

“We are,” I answered honestly, “But, he’s still ‘him’.”

They both laughed.

“What are you guys laughing at?” I asked.

Angie spoke up, “Nothing, it’s just hilarious how everyone sees something going on between the two of you, except you and Oliver.” I rolled my eyes again.

“Ang, we don’t need to talk about this right now.”

“Holly, seriously, this is an important matter to discuss,” Angelina continued.

“Not on the Quidditch pitch, when the certain topic happens to be standing about five feet away,” I told her, starting to get a little angry.

“Yeah, she’s right, Angie,” Katie said.

Angelina walked away. “Thanks, best friend.” She nodded.

Practice continued on, and by the end, the sun was just reaching its high point of the day. I had classes the next day, along with a Potions exam for Snape, and I definitely wasn’t prepared. Mentally and physically, I was shot. Sitting in the Common Room, trying to study, wasn’t helping either. Angelina and Katie were gabbing about who-knows-what; Fred and George were also hanging out, and some little first years were blasting music so loud, that all I wanted to do was go over there and punch them in the face.

Potions definitely wasn’t my best subject. So I needed a place to study, quietly.

Walking along the grounds of the castle was probably the most relaxing thing I’ve done all day. I needed out of that stuffy Common Room so I could actually study without being distracted every five seconds. As I found a random place to sit down on the grass, I pulled out my notes and started reading.

It was peaceful, I thought to myself. The sun was out, and even thought there were people outside, it wasn’t anything like the noise and chatter coming from the Common Room. I found myself dozing off, though. I was still pretty whipped from Oliver’s latest torture, and a nap seemed more appealing then studying for something that I knew I was going to fail, anyways.

There was no dream, or anything to block me from resting. It was a quiet, and very relaxing nap.

This ended quickly…

“Williams,” someone shook me.

“Oliver, go away.”

“I need some help though.”

“Ask someone else, then. I’m studying, can’t you tell?” I said, still laying on the grass with my eyes sealed shut.

“Please, Williams?” he questioned me. I finally opened my eyes, revealing his face, and the bright sunlight. He stood up, hovering over me, and stuck out his hand, wishing for me to grab it. I stood up, without taking his hand gesture.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“Follow me.”

A simple answer, or command, I couldn’t really tell. But I followed anyways.

We kept walking along, until we were right back to where my ‘wonderful’ day had started, the Quidditch field. “Oliver, if you’re seriously going to make me do MORE bloody push-ups or something, then I’m out. I’m already tired as hell.”

“No, that’s not it. I swear.” I believed him. He grabbed my hand, but not in the romantic type of way. “Come here,” he stated, and dragged me along.

He dragged me into the changing rooms. “What’s going on?” I asked him, very confused.

“I want you to have sex with me, in the shower.”

He stated that like it was no big deal. “Um, Oliver…”

“I’m kidding.”


“Well, than what do you need help with?”

He sat me down on the bleachers, and went around the corner. When he finally came back into view, he was carrying a shit load of clothing. “What’s all that for?” I asked.

“I need you to pick out an outfit for me, please.”

“Are you serious?” I asked, laughing, while standing up, and walking over to where he was standing.

“Yes, I’m dead serious.” He meant it, I knew he did.

“For what, exactly?” I was curious.

He looked up into my eyes, “I have a dinner date with a friend of mine.” I eyes widened.

“Who?” I asked him.

“You don’t know her,” he started to say, while taking off his shirt. I watched him as he did, but I felt like I was mentally violating him, so I turned away. Even though, I really didn’t want to.

“Why do I have to pick something out for you to wear?”

“Well, you’re a girl or something close to it…” I smacked him. “I’m kidding.” He smiled. “But, seriously, you’re like my best friend here, Williams.”

When he called me his ‘best friend’, I didn’t really know what to think. I guess I never really noticed that Oliver didn’t have many close friends outside of the Quidditch team. “So, you want me to pick out an outfit for you to wear on your date tonight?”

“Yes,” he said, while smiling.

I looked at all the clothing he had put in front of us. “And is there a reason why we didn’t just go into the dormitories, and do this? I mean, you hauled your entire closet down here.”

“Girls aren’t allowed in the boys’ dormitory. And people would have talked if they had seen us…” he stated.


I observed all the choices in front of me, “So, what should I wear?”

“Is the girl pretty?” I asked.

Oliver eyed me, questionably, “What does that have to do with anything?”

I giggled, slightly, “Well, I need to know what type of girl she is so I can choose properly for you.” That was complete and utter bullshit. The real reason I asked him was because I couldn’t help feeling a sense of jealousy boiling in my stomach.

“Okay,” he started. “Yes, she is very pretty.”

“Hmmm… well…” I was still looking, taking my time.  I could feel Oliver’s eyes watching me as I did. “Wear this,” I finally told him. I pulled up a plain white button down shirt.

“Are you sure?” He asked. I nodded my head as I handed him the shirt.

He buttoned it up his lean stomach… asdfghjkl; and tucked it in into his ripped up jeans. He looked up at me with a smile.

“Well?” he questioned me. I just stared at him. He did look handsome.

“You look good.”

“Are you positive about this?” He asked, “It seems too simple.”

“It’s suppose to be.” He just looked at me. “I wouldn’t lie to you, we’re best friends, remember?” We both smiled this time.

Even though it killed me inside and out, I couldn’t help wishing I was the girl Oliver was going to be hanging out with tonight. I couldn’t help imagining him with some other girl, besides me. Katie and Angie didn’t count in my book. They had Fred and George. And honestly, I also couldn’t think about the possibilities of him liking another girl. I guess my ‘secret’ crush for Oliver was growing larger and stronger, at that.

When my little train of thought was over, I discovered Oliver sitting on the bleachers. I walked over and joined him myself, feeling all the pressure relieving from my aching legs as I did.

“So, what are you doing tonight?” He asked me.

“Studying for Potions, something that you should be doing as well…” I commented.

He laughed at me, “I will. Eventually.” I shook my head.

“So, where’s this ‘date’ of yours tonight?”

I was definitely trying to emphasize the word, ‘date’.

He looked away from me, “Over in Hogsmeade.”

“How are you getting there without any of the professors noticing you’re gone? This little stunt has detention written all over it,” I said.

“I have my ways,” he said, slyly. It was quite attractive the way he did.

Shut up.

“So, who exactly are you going out with tonight?” I asked.

He just shrugged, “I told you, you wouldn’t know her.”

I couldn’t tell why, but for some reason, I had this feeling that Oliver didn’t want to tell me.

“So just because I don’t know her, you can’t tell me her name?” I questioned him. I felt like I was snooping, which I was, but I honestly didn’t give a shit.

“Why do you want to know, anyways?” He retaliated.

“We’re best friends, and best friends tell each other everything.”

He just smiled, “You’re taking this ‘best friend’ thing way too seriously. If you must know… her name’s Elizabeth.”

“How did you meet her?”

“You sure have a lot of questions,” he commented. I gave him a look, “She and her parents have been family friends for as long as I can remember. She’s in Ravenclaw.”

“I see, well have fun. I’m glad I could help you out here…” I said, before standing up.

“Wait.” Oliver called after me. I turned around and faced him.

“Yeah?” I asked, simply.

“Never mind…” He said. “I’ll see you later.” I looked at him, wishing he would have actually told me whatever he was going to say.

I didn’t see Oliver the rest of the day. I was still up past curfew, sitting in the Common Room, wearing my baggiest pants and a tank top, and drinking a cup of tea, trying to still understand some of these stupid potion combinations. Potions just don’t come easily when you haven’t slept, and have no energy left inside your entire body. It was about midnight when I heard the door open and close. I looked up from where I was sitting, and saw Oliver walking in.

“Hey there,” I said to him.

He jumped, “Bloody hell, Williams. You scared me.”

I bit my lip. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to. You’re out late.” I was just pointing out the obvious.

“I could say the same thing about you.”


“Yeah, I’m still studying for Potions tomorrow, or today, I guess, depending on how you look at it,” I said, trying to get myself to stop talking.

“It won’t be that bad,” he said, coming to sit next to me on the couch.

“Coming from the guy who says a hundred laps at practice isn’t ‘that bad’,” I said, while laughing.

Oliver didn’t laugh.

“Any ways, Williams, if you needed help, all you had to do was ask.”

“Who said that I needed help?” I asked him. He just eyed me, curiously. And then we both began to smile. Compare to how our relationship has been for the past few years, smiling and laughing had become second nature between the two of us. I shut my book, not really caring any more, and sat up more straight. “Well, how was your date?” I felt weird asking him this. And honestly, I wish that I didn’t even have the option to ask such a question, unless, of course, it was something dealing with moi.

“It was good, I suppose.”

That was all I got. I didn’t get a descriptive answer about everything little thing they did. And after thinking about it for a little while longer, I realized that I didn’t even want to know all the details. There was only one thing I wanted to fully know…

“That’s great. I bet she really likes you.”

“Why do you say that?” He asked me. I didn’t know how to respond. Well, actually, I did. But it wasn’t something I wanted him to hear. I could have told him that she must love the way your eyes sparkle every time you smile, or how every time you speak, every word is perfected by your amazing Scottish accent. And, of course, there was no possible way of getting around without noticing your abs. But I didn’t say any of that. Instead I simply said…

“Because you’re Oliver Wood.”

Great answer, Holly.

He laughed once again, and I kept feeling this sensation of melting.

What was I getting myself into, anyways? I can’t like Oliver. It’s just not possible for us to be anything more than friends, considering the past few years. If anything like that happened, the universe would most likely come to a halt, and it would be the end to everything we know and love. It would be total destruction.

“Well, Oliver Wood is going to bed,” he started, “I’m tired as hell.”

“I should too.” I really did need to get some sleep, but there was no way my body was going to let me rest right now.

“I’ll see you in the morning?” He made it more of a question, rather than a statement. I nodded my head yes, and he continued his way to the stairs. “Night, Williams.” I heard him say from the stairwell.

I was just looking into the fire, smiling.

I did eventually find my way up the stairs myself, and plopping down onto my bed. It felt amazing to be lying down, and closing my eyes, without any distractions. Katie and Angelina were sleeping. I could hear their snoring. And there was absolutely no noises coming from outside the windows. It was a peaceful night. One that I truly and desperately needed.

I thought that sleep and dreams would come easy to me, but they didn’t. I had my mind concentrated on Oliver Wood, and how he told me nothing about his date. If he had a good time, wouldn’t he have like to tell me about it, and explain how it was amazing? Wouldn’t he want to tell me that Elizabeth looked beautiful that night? Wouldn’t he want to tell me that their conversations were simply, but filled with lots of laughs and jokes? Wouldn’t he want to tell me that the night with the amazing Ravenclaw ended with one of those kisses that just make your body fill with butterflies every time you just think about it? But I guess…

He didn’t want to tell me.

But the real question that should be asked is ‘why not’?

I wanted him to tell me EVERYTHING. And the true reason I did was because I couldn’t help feeling that maybe I wanted this. I wanted to be sneaking around the grounds just to go on a date with Oliver. I wanted to be the amazing girl that Oliver thought was beautiful. I wanted the good conversations with Oliver. I wanted a butterfly-filled kiss from Oliver. I wanted Oliver.

I wanted Oliver Wood. I LIKED OLIVER WOOD!

That’s it, the true. That’s what it was. And I couldn’t help it. This is what I’m feeling. That’s why I wanted to know more details, that’s why I wanted him to talk to me about his date with Elizabeth. But why did he ask me to pick out his outfit for the night? And how come when he walked in, he didn’t seem like he was happy, at all?

If a date goes well, shouldn’t you feel happy?

I probably did finally fall asleep that night, but I don’t quite remember. I must have been daydreaming. When I opened my eyes to the bright early morning sun, I saw Katie and Angie already getting ready for breakfast in the great hall.

I like Oliver Wood, I thought again just like I had only a couple of hours ago.

Katie and Angelina were moving around and getting ready for what they thought was going to be a normal day, as usual. But little did they know that the universe had suddenly come to a halt all because I’m a girl who has a crush… on Oliver Wood.


Author's Note: Well, I finally got another chapter validated. And I hope you enjoy this one. I loved writing this chapter mostly because it was more Oliver and Holly together and friendly, haha (: But, tell me what you think, as awlays. Review for me ! Oh and question. Do you want me to actually make Elizabeth a character or keep her in the shadows? I haven't exactly decided what I want to happen yet. I need opinions. Okay thanks everyone. Oh and the story already has 700+ reads. YAY (:

Chapter 7: Clear Water, Jealousy, and Perfect Snogging
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Breakfast at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry can definitely be an eventful time. And for me, it was. I was still trying to concentrate on getting in just a hint more of study time before I go and bomb my latest Potions exam, but there was just too much gossip being spread around from table to table. Most of the talk was the up-coming Quidditch match this weekend with Gryffindor against Ravenclaw. But other things are just not necessary to mention. I was mostly taken by surprise when Oliver came into the Great Hall.

He sat next to us as usual. But something was different…

“Hello,” I heard a sweet voice coming from my right. I turned my head to see someone new sitting beside me. She was gorgeous, with straight, blonde hair reaching the middle of her back, green eyes that just seemed to pierce right through you, and a bright smile that showed off her charming personality. I already hated her.

I looked back and forward between Angelina and Katie, who both were giving me stares of utter confusion.

“Hi,” I said back, as nicely as possible. She stuck out her hand to shake mine.

“I’m Elizabeth Clearwater, but you can call Lizzie. I prefer it, actually,” she was still smiling as bright as she possibly could.

“Oh, I’m Holly,” I said.

She smiled once more, “Trust me, I know who you are.” I couldn’t really tell if she meant that last statement as a good thing or a bad thing. Either way, I was just going to play along.

“Really?” I asked.

“Oh yes, Oliver mentions you all the time. Mostly about Quidditch stuff though…” She stated it so simply. I turned to Oliver, who immediately blushed when I did. I turned back to Elizabeth.

“Do you play Quidditch?” I asked her.

She laughed, “In my wildest dreams. I’m not talented enough to pull something like that off. I give you girls some serious props!” She looks between Angie, Katie, and I.

“Thanks,” they said in unison.

“Oh no problem,” she said while still smiling. That’s definitely a talent she has mastered quite well, if you ask me. “Well, I see you’re studying there, so I don’t want to intrude any longer. I just wanted to meet Oliver’s best mates.” She was cute, and wanted to personally know us? I was beginning to like this girl, but the thought of that scared me, considering the circumstances.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m going to fail anyways,” I told her while pushing my notes aside.

“Potions with Snape?” she questioned me.

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“Oh, I’m horrible at creating potions and all those combinations you have to memorize. It’s so complicated,” she told me.

“I know. I feel like I’m never going to use this in real life anyways…” I said. “It’s not what I want to presume.”

“What are you hoping to do?” She seemed really in to our conversation.

“I’m hoping to join some Quidditch team after this year. I’m really excited for it, to be perfectly honest,” I said, starting to daydream about everything that life would be after Hogwarts. I suddenly remember Elizabeth was there. “What are you going to do?”

“Well, I’m only in sixth year, so I haven’t exactly thought about it as much as you or Oliver,” she said to me. I didn’t know she was only a sixth year. That’s something Oliver didn’t mention to me. I guess age doesn’t necessarily matter when you look as gorgeous as her.

“You still have time though,” I said. She just nodded her head. Was it actually possible to be friends with the soon-to-be girlfriend of Oliver Wood? “Well, I really should start heading towards the dungeons. I don’t want to be late again.”

“That’s the worse, especially when it comes to Snape,” Lizzie said, agreeing with me. We both stood up, and started walking towards the double doors. I had to admit that she was pretty nice, and she seemed as sweet as can be.

No wonder Oliver was falling for her…

Well this just sucks, I kept thinking. I knew one day I was probably going to meet this famous Elizabeth. But, I had a totally different image of her. I imagined her being this ugly, toad-face girl who I could just laugh at. I know that sounds kind of evil, but I’m not going to lie, that’s what I was hoping for. I was also hoping that she would be the biggest bitch to ever enter Hogwarts, but it was the complete opposite. This girl was nothing I saw in my head. I wanted to be able to have the bragging rights when she turned out to be an ugly troll. I wanted to be able to go up to Angie and Katie and talk to them about not knowing what he’s missing, but I can’t do that. Not at all.

She’s just everything I’m not…

We continued walking together out of the Great Hall, and then she turned to me, “Well… it was nice meeting you.” She said it so sweetly that I could help thinking she was even more perfect. I just smiled and nodded my head.

I saw Oliver walking towards us, and she waved to him as he left down the other direction in the hallways. I saw her eyes sparkling as she watched him pass. She was definitely in to him, I could just tell… I’ve personally experienced those kinds of moments with him before, but my so-called “moments” were different from her’s. At least her’s meant something, mine didn’t.

She turned her attention to me once more, “I’ll be seeing you around hopefully.” She smiled and walked away.

I made it to the dungeons with seconds to spare, and saw my usual spot open next to Oliver. I dropped my books down, and took a sit. He looked up when he noticed I was there.

“So, what do you think of Elizabeth? She’s great, isn’t she?” He was beaming with happiness.

“Yeah, she’s nice. And pretty.” I hated saying that last part…

“Yeah…” he said softly to himself, while nodding his head. I couldn’t help but just stare at him. He and Lizzie would make a cute couple together. He being that tall, strong, and athletic-type and her being the cute, petite blonde girl that everyone could fall in love with, it’d be like a match made in heaven.

Potions class went by slowly, with the exam pretty much taking up the entire period. Oliver and I left the dungeons together, once we were both done, and headed to the Common Rooms, considering it was both of our free periods. We didn’t do much though. Usually we have random conversations that just seem to appear out of nowhere sometimes, but today, it was rather quiet. There was this awkward feeling brewing between the two of us, like somehow, things were different.

But why? I didn’t know.

I didn’t see Oliver the rest of the day though, and we had a night off from practice because Oliver wanted us rested for our first match this weekend. But this was not like him, calling off a practice. My guess was that Oliver spent the evening getting some snogging action from Miss Elizabeth Clearwater. It was better than what I was doing though. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Angie and Katie were hanging out with Fred and George, apparently they all have some double-dating thing going on, and I’m left here, all by myself because I’m crushing on a guy that’s already pretty occupied by someone else at the current moment. I was sitting all alone in the girls’ dormitory, just writing on some parchment. I don’t usually write in ‘diaries’ or ‘journals’, but I had nothing else better to do with my time. Surprisingly I had no homework or essays tonight, so this was the only thing I could think of to do…

Dear… whatever you consider this, I started to write.

Is it wrong that I’m missing a boy that isn’t even mine to start with?

I know I’m always over-dramatic about everything, but this is worth it.

Elizabeth is gorgeous, I’m nothing compared to her.

And Mr. Oliver Wood is absolutely ‘smitten’.

Life’s unfair sometimes, wouldn’t you say?

I now also feel like I’m completely out of my circle of friends, and it’s not a great feeling.

I want things to be like they were…

BEFORE Elizabeth Clearwater ever came into the life of Oliver.

I want those random moments of kindness him and I sometimes share.

I want my friends to all be back together.

I want Oliver…

I’m completely jealous.

Okay, now I sound pathetic.

That’s it.



As I re-read what I had just written, I felt like a jealous idiot. It didn’t make me feel any better getting my feelings out. I needed more than that, I needed closure. But how would I get such a thing if Oliver was never mine in the first place? I kept thinking about what would happen if Elizabeth and Oliver actually became a couple, I would probably die. Because even if they broke up, I am nothing compare to Lizzie, so I would automatically not have a chance to ever be with him.


I needed a new guy, someone to distract me from Oliver and get my mind off of this stupid situation. But I couldn’t think of anyone. And I wasn’t desperate enough to go after some fourth year, or lower. I have standards, not to be mean to anyone. That’s just not the way I roll. With the match coming up in a few days, I needed to stop thinking about my personal life, and start concentrating on my future. I needed to focus on Quidditch more than Oliver Wood, but that would be difficult because Oliver and Quidditch just seem to go together, like two plus two.


Maybe I should try talking to Angie and Katie about this again… but I already knew how the conversation would start and end. I would start off by saying how I felt about Oliver, and I would poor my heart and soul out to them. Katie would give me some question or remark about how I should just tell him how I feel, or something along those lines. I would than retaliate by saying I can’t do that because of Elizabeth, and then Angie would randomly come up and say some comment about how he and I are meant to be together, and how no matter what happens, we’ll be together someday in the future…

Yeah, right.  


This is all just a bunch of crap. It would be just another one of our conversations. I don’t understand how any of us ever became such close friends.

I started getting tired around midnight. Katie and Angie still weren’t back in the dormitories yet, even though it was way past curfew, but that’s just us. If I had a date tonight, I wouldn’t be sitting up here either. I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself. There was nothing I could do, and I just needed to accept that. I turned to my side, and pulled the covers up to my shoulders. I didn’t change my clothes, brush my teeth, or anything else, I just wasn’t in the mood to get up and do anything.

Maybe that’s why guys didn’t like me… because I’m so damn lazy. Along with that, I’m not a gorgeous blonde with sparkling green eyes, and a million dollar smile. I’m just a boring brunette who plays Quidditch. I don’t have a charming personality, I can’t tell a joke to save my life, and I’m not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. I’m just not datable. And well… that sucks. Finally falling asleep was probably the greatest thing that happened to me that night, because it finally let me stop over-thinking about everything going on in my life right now. The peace and calming was interrupted by another dream featuring someone in particular…

 I opened my eyes bright and early to see Angelina and Katie both still sound asleep. I was wondering what time they had finally came back up to the dormitories, because by the way they were out cold, silently sleeping, it seemed like they had a pretty late night. I didn’t bother waking them up, as I walked down the stairs, dressed and ready for classes already. I saw Oliver sitting on the couch…

“Hey,” I said walking over to him.

He looked up at me, “What’s going on?”

“Just heading downstairs, you want to come?”

“I’m okay. I’ll see you later though,” he said, promising. I smiled and began to walk away. “Williams?” I heard him calling after me. I turned around to face him. “Do you really like Elizabeth? Be honest.”

I smiled, “Yes, I like her. “ I told him. “Why are you so concerned?”

“Just because…” I looked at him, questioningly.

“Alright.” I said, and walked away.

I really do like Lizzie; I don’t have a problem with her, except one thing. She currently has the guy that I want. But, I’m won’t tell a soul that. Nope, not even my best mates.


Author's Note: Okay, here's chapter seven. Well, I decided to add in Lizzie, I just felt it was necessary. Well, do you like here? Is she too sweet, or do you think she's playing games because of Holly and Oliver's relationship? haaaa! This chapter is way shorter than what I usually publish, but I wanted to start a new chapter, so I just needed to get this one out of the way! Sorry, if it's crappy! Well, any ideas you wanna see in future chapters?! TELL ME PLEASE (: and also, review as always. Thanks readers. Oh and this story is up to about 1500+ reads. Thats amazing. Thank you everyong who is constantly looking for updates and stay a true reader to this story! Love ya guyssss!

Chapter 8: Pressure
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This is what I have been preparing for since the beginning of the year, physically and mentally preparing myself for the outcome of the first Quidditch match of the year, against Ravenclaw.

Breathe, Holly. You’re going to do fine, no pressure…

It always seemed like I used pressure as my excuse.

“Williams!” I heard Oliver scream my name, “Please, would you concentrate? You of all people should be listening, the added pressure isn’t doing you any good, you know?” I just nodded my head to show that I really was paying attention. He continued speaking, “Okay, Fred and George, I need you to make sure you hold your positions here…” I heard him say, but then I was off into another daydream.

I could hear the whistle to begin the game, the sound of the wind whirling around my ears, and I could just see that fate hint of gold glitter blinding my eyes as if it were begging me to come chase after it. I could do this, I kept telling myself over and over again. No pressure.

“WILLIAMS!” I heard my named screamed once more. I popped my head up sharply, stunned by the sudden calling of my name. I saw Oliver looking straight at me, with an expression that wasn’t exactly optimistic. “Everyone, dismiss and finish suiting up. Williams, come here.” I saw Angie and Katie’s expressions as I stood up from the blenchers, and started walking towards Oliver.

“You’re going to get shot or something…” I heard Angelina say. I just giggled.

“I’ll be fine, I’m a big girl now,” I said sarcastically. I continued walking until I finally reached where Oliver was standing. “Yes, Wood?” I didn’t want to sound mean about it, but I felt as if it came out with the wrong tone of voice.

“Williams, the first match of the season is in less than an hour, and all you can do is daydream?” He asked me. I took a deep breath in. I was about to speak, but he continued on, “You’re supposed to be concentrating fully on this match today. If you haven’t realized the amounts of pressure that is put upon you as Seeker…”

There’s that word again… pressure.

I stopped him right there, “Wood, trust me, I know the pressure. I’ve been dealing with it forever.”

“Well, than stop daydreaming, and put your best foot forward. Pay attention to the game, instead of your silly fantasies!”

“I do pay attention to the game, Wood.” I paused for a moment, “This ‘game’ is my damn life. It’s all I know, Wood.”

“That and being a total self-absorbed girl who can’t seem to keep her head in the bloody game!” Oliver screamed at me. I was completely dumbfounded.

“Where the hell is all this coming from?” I was so confused, and pissed at this, that I didn’t know exactly how to react.

“Just pay attention next time, Williams, so I don’t have to call your ass in here again.”

“Why are you acting like this?” I asked him, but he didn’t answer. He just stood there, facing the opposite direction. “Fine, I understand the feeling of not wanting to talk about something, but seriously, Wood. Get off your high horse.” I was waiting for a remark on his behalf, but nothing. Silence just filled the empty space between the two of us.

I stared at him for another couple of seconds, before turning on my heels and heading back to start getting dressed for the match. I heard noise coming from behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see Oliver sitting on the floor. I took another deep breath, and went back over to him. I sat down, leaving space between us.

“Oliver…” I started, not looking at him. Out of the corner of my eye, though, I noticed he turned his head in my direction, “Um, I mean, Wood…”


“I apologize for what random argument we just had between us, but seriously, why the bloody hell were you yelling at me like that?” I asked him simply.

“I’m just nervous.”

“So, you decide to scream at me?” I rolled my eyes.

“I’m sorry.” I nodded my head and began to stand up.

“Well, I better go and get ready,” I said while walking out. He didn’t stop me, and I didn’t turn back around that time, I just continued on my way.

I saw Katie and Angie the second I walked through the door, “So… did you guys start snogging or something, you were in there for quite some time, missy!” Angelina stated.

Thanks, Ang.

“For your information… no, we didn’t.” Ang just laughed. “It’s not funny.”

“I’m only kidding… you know I love you, mate,” we just smiled.

“Well… if you weren’t off snogging, what were you two doing then?” Katie asked, trying to be a part of this conversation.

“Just about the match, that’s pretty much it.” They just stared at me.

“Seriously?” Katie questioned. I nodded my head in agreement. “Well… that’s boring.” I laughed.

We finished suiting up, and were about to head out onto the pitch. I grabbed my broom, and started following Angelina and Fred outside, until I felt someone grab my arm.

“Williams, don’t do anything stupid out there.” I eyed Oliver, as he pulled me aside.

“And what do you mean by that?” I questioned him.

“Just be careful. Don’t do any crazy stunts out there. We need you this season,” he said.

“Um…” I didn’t know what to say, “Thanks, Wood.” We started walking outside again.

“Oh, and Holly…” I heard him say.

He called me Holly.

I turned my head in his direction again, “Break a leg out there.” I smiled.

“I thought you told me not to do anything stupid.”

“You know what I mean,” he said while laughing.

“I do.” I smiled back again.


Well, this was it. The grass smelled fresh, the weather was absolute perfection, and the PRESSURE was definitely on and ready. The first match of my seventh year… it was sure to be a good one. I could see my teammates, and the Ravenclaws soaring through the air, and I could see everyone in the stands screaming their heads off, hoping for their team to come to victory. After shaking myself from my random moment of thought, I hopped onto my broom, and flew to my position. I watched and listened as the crowd’s cheers began to settle down as the officials came out to the middle of the pitch.

They released the bludgers and the Snitch, while telling us to have a fun and clean match. I suddenly heard flickering coming from behind me. I turned my head to see the Golden Snitch just buzzing next to my ears, as if it were teasing me to just catch it already. When it finally flew away from me, I was ready.

Bring it on, Ravenclaw.

Ten seconds before this match started, ten seconds before everything around me would suddenly become a mad house… ten seconds before it was time to show everyone just what I’ve got coming this Quidditch season. Nothing was going to slow me down, or stop me, from witnessing my dream. I know what it feels like to suddenly have something taken right from my grasp, and I wasn’t going to let go again… ever.

And in those ten precious seconds, I saw Katie and Angelina watching sharply for the release of that Quaffle. I saw Fred and George pounding each others’ fists, as they do before every match, and I even turned around to see Oliver, perched on his broom next to the goal posts, looking around at his team with a very proud expression worn upon his face. I smiled at this… and I realized that I wasn’t only doing this for myself, but for Oliver Wood, in that matter. He having a winning season would most likely help him fulfill his dreams too. I smirked, thinking about this.

Those ten seconds were over in a snap. Because the Quaffle was released, and the game began!

I noticed that Katie shot out there like a pistol, soaring towards the Quaffle, and flying towards the Ravenclaw goal posts, passing it back and forth from Angelina and Alicia Spinnet time to time. I also saw Fred make a bloody amazing hit to a bludger, totally knocking a Ravenclaw Chaser from his broom.

This is one dangerous game we enjoy…

I finally caught myself just sitting there, and turned my broom around in search of the Snitch. The Ravenclaw Seeker was on the opposite side of the pitch, but I could tell that she hadn’t located the Snitch yet, or she’d be zooming at full speed.

And ten points to Gryffindor!” I heard over the speaker system.

I saw Oliver block a few goal shots, and Fred and George whipping at those Bludgers like no other, but that’s when I saw it… just like in my daydreams at the beginning of the match. I saw the fate hint of golden-colored glitter sparkling right into my eyes. I moved closer, slowly, and sure enough, it was the Snitch.

This is it, I kept thinking, no pressure.

I gently straighten up on my broomstick, and started flying at top speed. I was zooming through the air towards the Snitch. It started flying as well, and the chase had begun. I was passing through other teammates like bloody crazy, and I even had to chase it down through the stands, probably scaring some little first years along the way…


It seemed like it was never-ending. Both Fred and George had to come and stop bludgers from completely smothering me, which I very much appreciated. I was so close to it now, I could just taste the sweet victory over Ravenclaw… until she showed up, the Ravenclaw Seeker. We were inches away from each other, both trying to grab hold of the same thing. It took all my might not to just push her off her broom. We were both flying, neck-in-neck, up above to pitch now, with all the other action happening just below us. Neither of us really noticed though, since the Golden Snitch was just in front of our noses.

But things suddenly changed course, when the Snitch started heading straight down towards the ground. But I didn’t miss a thing… I saw the Snitch and started flying straight downward to follow it at a speed that was just too risky, but I was going for it. I wasn’t going to let something else slip away from my grasp. The other Seeker reached me once again, and we were both dividing down, parallel to each other. I kept my eyes on the target ahead of me, and I reached out my arm to grab it. But, she kept on hitting me, trying to lessen my amount of concentration, and to reach out for the Golden Snitch herself. But, I wasn’t going to take that from anyone… if I didn’t put up with bullshit at practices, why should matches be any different?

I kept my arm out, long and strong, feeling confident about this match. We were getting closer and closer to the hard ground, and I was starting to get nervous, but I wasn’t going to let that Snitch get away, not now when I was just in centimeters of having it in my hands. I looked out of the corner of my eye to see the nervous look upon the face of my opponent. I knew that I probably had the same expression, because I definitely knew the feeling. The Snitch was right there though, I thought. There was just no point in getting nervous now. Again, out of the corner of eye, I saw her stop diving and heading upward. Now, it was really my time to shine, my time to capture that Snitch and happily win the match for the Gryffindor team…

That’s when I heard someone yelling my name.

I couldn’t tell who it was, but I didn’t let it distract me, I reached my arm out again… but that’s when it happened. While close to the ground, almost basically crashing, I had a bludger hit at me, nailing me right into the side of my left arm. I heard the people in the stands go awe, all at the same time. I could feel the pain as I fell from my broom, and landed on my side into the ground. My head was throbbing in pain, and I couldn’t feel my arm at all. My back felt like someone had just stabbed me, over and over again.

The pressure I was feeling was just unbearable.

I heard a whistle blow to stop the match, and I had people rushing towards me. My eyes were closed, but I could hear the feet of people stomping. The crowd had gone completely silent. I had trouble breathing, probably from the shock and way I hit the ground pretty fast. I was surprised by the fact that I hadn’t fainted. I could hear everything that was going on around me.

I felt someone softly put their hands on my back, and I moaned, slightly from the pain. I could hear the words of Madam Pomfrey, “Are you alright, my dear? What hurts?” I didn’t answer. “Dear, will you please tell me so I may help you?”

 I breathed in sharply, the pain becoming worse as I did. I tried to turn a little, so I could see everyone looking down at me. I opened my eyes for a quick moment to see the all of the Gryffindor team standing there, watching me suffer, all with worried expressions plastered on to their faces. I saw Oliver step in front of everyone.

Just the person I wanted to see… and this time around, I meant it.

“Oliver…” I whispered, faintly.

“What did you say, my dear?” Madam Pomfrey asked. It took me a minute or two to respond back to her. I started feeling dizzy, and my breathing was just horribly unbalanced.

“Oliver,” I said again, trying to be a bit louder this time.

“Mr. Wood…” I heard Madam Pomfrey address him. I opened my eyes slightly again, and when I did, I saw him come towards me, kneeing down to be closer to my level. My right hand was lying flat on the ground, closed into a fist. He slowly, but surely, placed his hand upon mine. The ground was cold compared to the warmth of his skin.

“I told you not to do anything stupid,” he said, jokingly, probably just trying to ease up the mood. I noticed the crowd was still completely silent, and even the people around us were too.

“I know, but remember… I never do what you say, captain,” I tried to smile, but it hurt to even try to work up a simple laugh.  “But I need you to let go of my hand…” I told him sternly.

When he did, even though it hurt, I still sent up a smile in his direction, “What are you smiling about, Williams?” he asked.

I motioned my eyes towards the hand that he just let go of. He grabbed it softly once more, loosened my fist that I was clutching, and slowly revealed the Golden Snitch resting in my dirty and bloody hand. I saw the greatest expression of happiness and shock come to his face. He looked down at me again.

“You’re amazing, you know that?” I just closed my eyes.

“Holly Williams has caught the Snitch!” I heard over the speaker system. “GRYFFINDOR WINS!” And with that, the crowd started cheering again, but this time, even louder and more exciting than before. I had done it. I caught that damn ball... just like I had envisioned.

I still was moaning from the pain, but I didn’t want something like this to ruin my moment, but it was too late for that. The last thing I remember was feeling someone pick me up carefully, trying not to touch my bloody arm, and carrying me into the Hospital Wing, where I eventually passed out from the hit.

Gryffindor had won the first match of the season, all thanks to me. I usually don’t care about bragging, but I was feeling pretty damn good about myself, that I just couldn’t help it. Even though I was passed out from the injury, and who knows when I’ll ever be fully healed, I still felt invincible, like nothing could stop me. I flew like a butterfly and stung like a bee, and it felt amazing.

Pressure didn’t get the best of me this time, no sir. If anything, it motivated me even more so than in the past couple of years. The pressure to play my very best, the pressure to impress everyone, including all the professional teams out there, the pressure to win, or the pressure to win this match for Oliver…

Oh, Oliver Wood…

Never again will I let pressure be my excuse.


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Chapter 9: Girl, You're Amazing
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You’re amazing, you know that? The words were ringing toward my head repeatedly.

My eyes were still closed shut, but I could feel myself waking up slowly from my slumber. My body was tensing up, and as I tried to move for the first time, I felt pain shoot through my back as I attempted to stretch my muscles. I sucked in a deep breath, trying to prevent the pain.

“Miss Williams…” I heard someone say. When my eyes finally peaked through, I saw Madam Pomfrey leaning over me, staring at me straight in the eyes. “How are you feeling?” She asked.

I wanted to say something sarcastic, like… Yes, I’m feeling bloody wonderful after getting smashed by a bludger into the side of my arm and then falling off my broom to hit the ground at so many feet. But instead, I simply said… “I’m okay.” She just smiled.

Good decision, Holly.

“Well, I’m glad. But I’m afraid you’ll be in a cast for a few weeks,” she said to me. I looked down at my left arm and noticed it wrapped from my shoulder, down. And I could barely move it, as well. “Don’t try and bother with it, it’s not going to budge.” It felt tight and uncomfortable. “Take this please”

She handed me a small-sized cup filling with some thick-looking liquid. I quickly drank it, and it didn’t taste all too pleasant. Madam Pomfrey just gave me a look.

“Well I never said it tasted like pumpkin juice,” I heard her say, as I handed back the cup. She messed around a little on the bed-sized table. “You should be able to go by late this afternoon, and as for Quidditch and activities, you’re just going to have to lay low for the time being…”

That was something that I just didn’t want to hear.

“Alright,” I said.

“I’ll be back later for your check-up. No sudden movements and the pain should be bearable,” she finished before leaving the room. I laughed to myself from the last remark she made. I tried sitting up straighter, and adjusting my position, and eventually, I finally got comfortable enough.

I looked around and everything seemed white, bright, and somewhat bland. But something colorful made my head turn. On the same bedside table that Madam Pomfrey was standing besides moments before, was a vase of different types of flowers. It brought a smile to my face, thinking that Katie and Angelina were thinking about me.

My mates are brilliant.

I saw a card next to it, and even though I took my precious time to even grab it, I eventually did. I opened it, expecting to see heart-filled message from my best mates that was somewhat on the sarcastic side, thanks to Angie. But what was really inside shocked me.

Williams, what you did was incredible.

I hope you feel better soon.

And I meant what I said to you…

You really are amazing.


I reread the card over and over, still taking in every single word, and every single sentence. I was still in shock that Oliver Wood would even send me flowers in the first place; I was expecting them to be from Katie or Angelina, or for that matter, even from Fred and George before I would even consider Oliver. He has Elizabeth now.

Boredom was getting the best of me, sitting there in the Hospital Wing. The only thing I had for my personal amusement was the flowers that Oliver had sent me. I couldn’t get over the fact that they were from him… but that’s when I heard a door open and shut.

It was Katie and Angie.

“You’re awake!” Katie exclaimed, running up to the bed and places her arms around me. I struggled to hide the pain that she was causing.

Angelina also came and hugged me, “You’ve been out for like an entire day.”

“Really?” I asked them both. I didn’t realize I was passed out for that long.

“Yeah, we were all getting worried for you, mate,” Katie said. I kind of smiled at this.

“Well, what’s been happening since I’ve been asleep?” I asked.

They both shrugged their shoulders, “Nothing really,” Angie started, “We were going to have a celebration for the Quidditch match, but no one thought it would be right without you.”

“Oliver pitched the idea that we wait until you were well and out of the Hospital Wing,” Katie explained.

“Thanks, but you guys could’ve had a party without me. I wouldn’t have mind.”

“And we know that…” Katie said. “It just didn’t feel right. We all agreed.”

I smiled once more.

“I think I have the most amazing friends in the entire wizarding world.” After I said this, we all laughed together. “Oh, so look what woke up to this morning.” I reached over, slowly I might add, to grab the tiny card off the table once more, and handed it to the girls.


Angelina read it out-loud, “Williams, what you did was incredible. I hope you feel better soon. And I meant what I said to you…You really are amazing. Oliver,” she finished. She just sat there, staring at it, probably reading it to herself this time.


Good, at least I’m not the only one shocked by this.

“You’re kidding me, right?” Katie asked.

“I was just as shocked as you two are,” I said to them. “I would never expect him to send me flowers.”

“Screw the flowers, Holly!” Angie started. “He just flat out called you amazing.”

I shook it off, “The little details mean nothing…”

“You’re bloody lying,” Ang started. “You’re in love with this boy.”

“Love isn’t exactly the word I would choose.”

“Holly, listen. This is proof that there is something going on in that mentally challenged brain of his, and that something just happens to be thoughts of you,” Angelina told me, seriously.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever said this, but Angie’s right.”

“How did that feel to say, Kate?” I asked, trying to hold back a giggle.

“Horrible. I feel like vomiting,” she said, while holding her stomach. We all laughed together.

“What would I do without you girls?” I said, to no one in general. Katie took a look at the clock that was hanging near the window.

“Bloody hell, were going to be late for Charms! Angie, we have to leave now!” She said, panicking.

“That’s Katie, for you,” Ang started.

“Let’s go!” Katie exclaimed. “We’ll see you later, Holly.” I waved good-bye, as they left the Hospital Wing. And once again, I was left alone. Lying in bed all day was something I wasn’t necessarily used too. I have never been this inactive in my life, except, of course, when I’m sleeping. I’m use to Oliver Wood’s physically torturing practices, with the millions of laps, suicides, and everything in between. But never have I been put up to the challenge of being a bored and lazy teenager. This was probably going to be the death of me.

Madam Pomfrey still hadn’t given me the ‘alright’ to leave the Wing. I hadn’t seen her since this afternoon, and it was almost about to hit eleven o’clock in the evening. Katie and Angelina did stop by, not too long ago, but they didn’t stay long considering they had their homework and some studying to do. And apparently Oliver was holding a meeting tomorrow, one that I wasn’t informed of.

And as I continued sitting there, I kept thinking about something… or better yet, someone. Oliver hadn’t taken the time out of his day to come and visit me. He didn’t even stop in for a second to even make sure I was awake. I didn’t understand why I was so angry. I mean, the boy did send me flowers. But, that’s just the thing. He can take time to bring me flowers to my bedside, but not come and visit later to see if I was doing alright?

Okay, I started thinking; I have no right to be mad at Oliver.

And I really didn’t. We’re just friends, after all. I guess him and Lizzie must have been caught in something.

Ew. I didn’t necessarily want to be thinking about THAT either.

Madam Pomfrey never ended up giving me the okay to leave for the evening, so I was stuck in this dreadful place for another night, it seemed. I didn’t have anything to keep me occupied like a book or anything of that sort, and I felt like I would go insane of pure boredom. So eventually falling asleep that night was a true blessing. But dreaming about a certain BOY WONDER eliminated the effectiveness of it all together. He just kept jumping into my mine, wake and slumber. I noticed lately that whenever I thought of him, I caught myself laughing in a girlish way. Or when I woke up after having a pleasant dream that he was featured in, I was smiling. There was just something so hypnotizing about Oliver Wood, but I didn’t necessarily know what that charming factor was. I soon realized I was falling head-over-hells for this guy, and saddest part is, he would never even know.

But I guess that’s how things should stay, I thought as I woke up very bright and early the next morning, it was for the best especially since all I really needed was to be dead focused on this Quidditch season. My back was stiff when I tried to stretch it out, and my legs felt limp. Recovering wasn’t going to be easy for me. I wanted to back on the pitch with my teammates working hard to get prepared for the next match. I was impatience, and it was going to be a challenge for me not to be a part of Quidditch for a while. I already missed it… and everyone.

When I finally got myself back into a position I could deal with, my mind went blank. Thoughts of my dreams were consuming me entirely. The parts I really remembered, with any detail at all, were all about Oliver.

I was distracted momentarily when Madam Pomfrey walked in, relieving me of my depressing thoughts. I was sort of angry that she hadn’t giving me the okay to leave yesterday, but it was alright, I supposed. The faster I could heal, the faster I could get my ass right back on to that lovely field of dreams.

“How are you feeling today, Miss Williams?” she asked me politely.

“I’m doing just fine.” I answered before getting down to the serious question. “May I leave yet?” She just nodded her head up and down, signaling me a ‘yes’, and with that, I hopped right out of that uncomfortable bed, and walked slowly but surely to the door.

“But still, no Quidditch until you are completely healed and capable.” Those were her final words to me before she left back to her office. Even though that didn’t put a bright smile upon my face, I was still happy to be getting out of there. I wanted to leave there faster than when I was getting tortured by Oliver at practices… and that’s saying something. I was walking around the castle, hoping to shortly reach the Gryffindor Common Room, because my back was still in pain and it definitely wasn’t fun lugging around a fat, hard cast as I walked. When I reached the Fat Lady and gave her my password for entry, I heard commotion coming from the living area. Voices I recognized were those of Fred, George, Katie, Angelina, and of course, Oliver’s. When I walked around the corner to see them and the rest of the Quidditch team sitting by the fireplace, I suddenly remembered that Oliver was supposed to holding a Quidditch meeting this afternoon, and I had just walked right into.

“Hey, everyone,” I called to the room of people. Everyone suddenly and abruptly stopped talking, and turned to face me. All I got from people were stares of confusion, sadness, and some of complete anger. Kate and Ang were the ones to break this awkward moment. They ran up to me and hugged me tight. But, even though I had them, I could still feel myself being watched, and when I looked over the girls shoulders, I noticed that I was, and then my eyes were deadlocked with someone else’s.

Three guesses who.

“That’s it for the meeting,” Oliver started. “See you tomorrow for practice.”

Katie and Angelina let go, and started to talk me.

“We’re so happy that you’re finally out of there,” I heard one say, but I couldn’t tell who.

“We missed you so much, it’s going to be horrible not having you at practices,” I heard the other one say. But I wasn’t paying much attention to them, and I felt bad for doing so. My attention was still focused on Oliver, as I saw him break our little staring contest, pick up a jacket that was laying on a chair, and begin to walk away up stairs.

“Excuse me for a second,” I said, and left in the same direction as Oliver. I hadn’t really attempted stairs yet, but I was determined to talk to him. But, I must admit, it was a very painful experience. Not as much as my fall though.

“Oliver…” I called, before he was able to shut the doors of the guys’ dormitories. He reopened the door, and spotted me. He smiled a half, less-than-pleasant, smile.

“Oh, hey Williams,” he paused before continuing, “how are you feeling?” He asked. I was kind of getting annoyed with this particular question.

“I’m alright,” I answered. “So, how come you didn’t hold the team meeting down in the locker rooms?”

“Oh,” he started, “I don’t know, just thought it was easier to hold it here.”

I nodded my head in agreement to him.

That’s a first, I thought quietly to myself. Holly Williams actually agreeing with Oliver Wood, of all people.

“Well, I’ll see you later.” I heard him say. But I wasn’t done speaking with him yet.

“Wait,” I said. He stopped once again.”Thank you for the flowers.”

He smiled, “No problem. They were Elizabeth’s idea.”

“Oh,” I said. This didn’t surprise me one bit. “Well… I’ll have to make sure that I thank her, as well.” He started to turn away from me once more to head into the dormitories, but I had one more thing to ask… “So, since I wasn’t here, what was discussed at the meeting?” I asked.

He paused, but didn’t look at me.

“Are you going to tell me?” I asked him, trying to get an answer.

“Remember during the beginning of the year when we weren’t necessarily getting along, and I held those try-outs for a replacement Seeker?” he asked me. I was sort of confused about what was going on. I did remember, trust me… I clearly remembered that eventful day. But something down deep into my gut told me that this wasn’t a good thing. “Well, during those try-outs, the only decent one was a sixth year named Lucas Watson.”

He stopped talking, but I somehow knew the worst is yet to come. “Well… why is this so important?”

He breathed in deeply and continued, “Lucas is going to be your replacement for the team until you’re completely healed.” My eyes grew wide.

“Oliver, you can’t be serious?”

“I’m sorry, Williams, but it’s the only option we have.”

I bit my lip, “I know I’m in a cast, and a little weak at the moment, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be healed by the next match. You don’t have to have someone replace me.”

“He’s not replacing you permanently, just until you’re allowed to do anything… physical again.”

I didn’t speak. I had nothing to say.

“Williams, I know better than anyone that there is no one out there that can replace your talent. But, with you all wrapped up like that…” he said, putting to my broken arm, “it’s just not possible for you to practice and stay in shape for the next match. So, I decided and the rest of the team agreed that it would best for you heal correctly and just let Lucas handle this for the next month or so. Or, at least until you’re well enough to play.”

I just nodded my head in agreement with him, but I couldn’t look him in the eye. Mostly because, he was definitely right. I was in no condition to play or handle practice, and that just wasn’t fair to the team who was working so hard to reach the same main goal, which was the Quidditch Cup.

“Alright,” was all the said.

I suddenly felt his warm hand gently touch my chin, and lift my head so I could directly look at him, but I still refused, “Williams…” I still couldn’t look him in the eye. “Holly…” This caught my attention.  “It’s not forever, just for now.” I nodded my head again. “And Lucas is brilliant. Not as skilled as you, but he’s the best shot we have in winning the next match.”

I breathed in deeply and said, “I know. And you’re just trying to be a good captain. I understand.”


I eyed him, “What?”

He puffed out a laugh, “Not too long along, I would probably be getting some sarcastic remark about how I’m unreasonable and an inconsiderate bastard. And now, the tables have turned and I’m getting comments such as ‘you’re just trying to be a good captain’.”

I giggles slightly, “Well, that could always be changed. Old habits have a way of coming back.”

“Please don’t let them return.”

“We’ll see.” I smiled evilly.

“Good night, Williams,” He said, before turning to into his dormitories.

“See you later, stud.”

Hold up, wait a minute…

“Stud?” I heard him say behind me. I didn’t have any other comment to make to him, so I continued on walking away. I heard him laugh, “Okay, later babe.”

A smile crept onto my face.


Author's Note: Hey everyone, sorry it has been such a long time since I last pdated this story. I'm still committed to it, I promise.. but with it being summer time and all, I just really haven't had too much down time in the past couple months to really be able to write. But here ya go with a new chapter (: hope you enjoy it, and I hope it was something worth waiting for. By the way, if you read it, I'm adding a new character into this lovely mixture, Lucas Watson. What do you expect of him and how do you expect him to act towards Holly ? LET ME KNOW (: reveiw as always, and toodles.

Chapter 10: Date With The Devil
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Lucas Watson, what words were there to describe Lucas Watson?

If boys made a list, it would sound something like this… bloody idiot, show-off, arrogant, bastard, etc.

Now… if girls were to make a list, it would sound a little like this… handsome, charming, bloody amazing, all-around the greatest human being to ever grace the presence of this Earth, etc.

You can definitely tell the difference between the two. There was no denying that he was a ladies’ man, and he flaunted it around like no other.  Lucas was always a reserve for the Quidditch team, always being put next to me. After I graduated, people always knew that he would become the next Seeker in line, and everyone also knew that he was annoyed with me.

He always blamed me for putting a Quidditch career on hold for him, but it’s not like I had control over that. I was named Seeker back when he wasn’t even a student yet at Hogwarts. So, even though Lucas and I had never really spoken two words to each other, we always still had this tension between the two of us. It was like the two of us were never meant to be friends. Of course, that’s what I always thought about Mr. Oliver Wood.

I was thinking about all this while sitting in the bleachers, looking down at the Quidditch pitch, while practice took place without me. I was feeling depressed, knowing I wasn’t down there taking place in the action. I noticed Angie and Kate waving up to me. I smiled brightly and waved back. I noticed Oliver looking up at me too. I was still smiling, but he just looked away. But, when I caught the attention of Lucas, my expression instantly changed. He looked up at me with this smirk just plastered on to his face. I rolled my eyes, hoping this was all just a dreamed. And of course…

It wasn’t.

This was real. It was stupid reality that I was watching down there. Oliver planning out the next match against Hufflepuff, Katie and Angelina not paying attention and probably gossiping about Lucas and how gorgeous he is…

Shoot me, please. 

And Lucas Watson, himself, taking in all the glory about finally being a Seeker for Gryffindor, even if it was only temporary. He really was cocky and you could tell just by glancing at him. With his shaggy blonde hair blowing in the autumn winds, his blue eyes shining bright, and his toned body just standing perfectly in its current position, it was heard not to notice him.

The practice went on for a few hours, starting off with laps and suicides, and ending with a scrimmage game between all the players. This was one thing that I didn’t miss, and I laughed at the thought of it. When it was over, I walked my way onto the field to catch up with Kate and Angie.

“Hey,” I yelled to them. They both looked over.

“We’ll be right back, we’re going to change,” Kate yelled back to me. I just nodded my head, and they disappeared into the locker rooms. I was standing there by myself on the Quidditch field, and it was pretty quiet. The wind was picking up, probably from a rain rolling in soon, and my dark brown hair was just whipping across my face. I wanted to pull my hair up, out of my face, but I was having difficulty with the fact that I had only one arm to use.

“Need some help there?” I heard behind me. I turned around to meet face-to-face with Lucas Watson.

“I’m okay, thanks.” I spoke to him shortly.

“Doesn’t seem like it to me,” he started again, noticing the cast hugging around my arm. “Are you sure? I have little sisters. I think I can handle putting your hair in a ponytail.” He was smirking again.

“I wouldn’t necessarily take pride in that. People might question your sexuality.”

He chuckled out a laugh. “The girl’s got jokes. I always find humor a great quality in a girl.” I just crossed my arms in front of my chest, starting to feel the chillness of the incoming winds. My hair once again poured in front of my face. He laughed again, “Seriously, I’ll help you.” He walked over to me, pulled my messy hair all together and tied it with the rubber hand I had around my wrist. “There, now that wasn’t such a big deal… was it?”

“Thanks,” I said quietly.

He smiled, “So…” he started again. “How does it feel to be sitting from the bleachers watching someone else doing your job?” I just stared at him without speaking a word. He walked closer to me, and spoke again, “Because if I were you, Miss Princess of the Quidditch Pitch… I would be pretty pissed off.”

“And what makes you think I’m not?” I asked him.

“Oh, I have no doubt that you have some hateful feeling towards me, for replacing you…” I interrupted.

“You didn’t replace me, just filling in temporarily.”

But he continued on, like I hadn’t just talked to him, “and maybe some towards Oliver for doing it in the first place.”

“Oliver’s just being a good captain. He’s just doing what he thinks is best.” I couldn’t believe those words were coming out of my mouth.

“Sure…” he commented. I rolled my eyes.

“If you’re just going to stand there and make me feel even more horrible, than you can just back the hell off and leave me alone.”

He laughed again. “You think that’s what I’m doing? Come on, I’m not THAT heartless.”

“You’re unbelievable.”

“Thank you, I try.” I rolled my eyes again, and turned around so I could walk away. But, he started to talk anyways, “Listen, I’m not trying to make you feel worthless, idiotic, ridiculous…”

“I get it, alright! Than what are you trying to do?” I asked.

“I think you’re actually a fascinating person, Holly.” His smirking expression reappeared on his face.

 “Really now?” I questioned him.

He smiled, and laughed slightly. “Now you’re interested in what I have to say?”

I just shrugged my shoulders, “Well, after years of thinking you hated me, this piece of information just comes to me as a shock.” I was acting over-dramatic about it, hoping me would catch on.

“I never hated you, Holly…” he started. “The feelings were more, hmm… what’s the word I’m looking for?” He seemed to be asking himself, but I wanted to personally answer his question.

“Jealousy, envy…” After I said this, his emotions changed from cocky happiness to anger.

“Whatever it was…” he paused, “it was never hate.”

“Alright than,” I said, seeing Katie and Angelina walking out of the locker rooms. “But, if you will please excuse me, I’ve got better things to do than just stand here and hear you talk about how you’ve always been jealous of me.”

“Once again, I love a girl with a sense of humor.” I flashed a fake smiled, and walked away from him. “See you later, princess.”

I continued walking without turning back around.  When I reached Kate and Angie, all I got form them were looked of amazement and confusion. Angelina naturally was the first one to speak. “I thought you had feelings for Mr. Quidditch Captain, no Mr. I’m-Too-Arrogant-For-My-Own-Good.”

“Sssh…” I tried to quiet her down. “The whole world doesn’t deserve to know.”

“Holly, seriously… why were talking to that cocky bastard anyways?” Katie asked.

I shrugged, “He came up to me.”

“Really?” Katie started. “And said what?”

“I was trying to put my hair up with one arm, and he asked if I needed help with it.”

“Gay,” was all Angie said.

You just have to love her.

Katie and I both began laughing loudly, “That’s what I said.” We continued laughing, “And then he told me I was ‘fascinating’.”

“Wow, sucking-up to the starting Seeker, or what? He was doing the same thing to Oliver all day long during practice,” Angie told me.

“I guess he just wants to make a good impression,” Katie said.

“Yeah, but Oliver and I are both graduating this year. It’s not like I’ll be playing in a match with him or anything…” Both of the girls just shrugged.

“I don’t know…” Katie started. The wind was picking up again, and it was starting to get colder by the second. “We should head in.”

“Good idea,” Ang started. “It looks like it’s about the storm.”

We all began walking up the hill, towards the castle, hoping not to suddenly be soaked by the incoming rains. We reached the Great Hall, considering it was just around lunch time, and my friends were completely starving from just practicing for about three hours, and took a sit at a table, along with Oliver, and of course, of all people in this school, Lucas Watson.

“Hey Williams,” Oliver said. I took a sit next to him, and in front of Lucas. I just smiled.

“Well… hello again, princess,” Lucas said, turning his attention to me.

“Don’t call me that.” He smirked that same cocky grind he always seemed to have, and continued eating whatever was on his plate.

I noticed Oliver turned his head towards me, and he mouthed, “Princess?”

I smiled, and whispered back, “I’ll tell you later.”

He just smiled again, looking down at his plate. We suddenly heard Lucas speak, “So… practice today went pretty well, wouldn’t you think, Oliver?”

“Yeah, it was fine, I guess.” Oliver seemed annoyed.

“The next match is practically ours if we continue this up,” Lucas continued on. “It feels great to finally be playing…” he paused for a quick moment, and then looked towards me. “No offense to you, or anything.” I just signed, and rolled my eyes.

“But I think once Williams all fine and dandy, we’ll practically be unstoppable,” Oliver chimed in. I smiled very brightly at this.

“I guess so…” Lucas said. “Speaking of ‘fine’,” he continued on, turning towards me once again, “how are you feeling, Holly? I mean, it’s only polite to ask.”

I tighten my mouth, and it took me a minute to get past some anger that was boiling up inside of me. “I’m just wonderful. Why do you care anyways?”

He just chuckled, “Because I was wondering if you were feeling alright enough to maybe go out with me tonight?” Angelina dropped her fork and Katie spit some juice back into her cup. Did Lucas Watson just ask me on a date? This definitely wasn’t possible. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Oliver’s expression changed, and it was something I couldn’t necessarily read. I also watched as Lucas checked the clock. “Well, I have to run. I’ll let you think on that.” He picked up his stuff, and started walking off. “See you around, princess.”

We all just sat there in silence. Out of everything that Lucas could possibly do to me, I don’t think ANYONE ever expected him to ask me out.

Oliver broke the awkward silence, “Yeah, I need to go too.”

I watch him stand up, and hurriedly walk away from the table, and out the same doors that Lucas just exited, as well. Angelina and Katie both stared at me, not blinking or anything… it was kind of freaking me out, not going to lie.

“Holly…” Angelina started. I turned towards her.

“Yeah?” she was completely silent.  Katie stayed quiet too. “What? Just tell me.”

Katie and Angelina both stay there, still quiet.

“I think you broke Oliver’s heart,” Angelina said in a whispered tone.

I rolled my eyes, “Oh come on, mates. Seriously, it’s not like Oliver and I are a couple. I can date whoever the hell I want to.”

“You know he likes you,” Katie said.

“Actually, I really don’t. Oliver and I have our… ‘moments’, but other than that, we act just like any other group of friends would,” I stated for them clearly.

Angelina just shrugged her shoulders, “Whatever is OR isn’t going on between the two of you, please don’t tell me that you’re actually considering going out with this arrogant bastard?”

“I don’t know, I mean… he is gorgeous.”

“Looks only get you so far in life, Holly. Even you know that,” Kate said. “Unless…” she looked at me with a very suspicious expression.

“Unless… what?”

“Unless… you’re considering using this to your own personal gain, and trying to make a certain someone jealous?” Katie continued on.

I rolled my eyes, “Yeah right, Kate. I’m not smart enough to pull something like that off.”

“You’re the smartest out of the three of us,” Angie said.

“Whatever, I’m not using Lucas just to make Oliver jealous. The world doesn’t work like that, girls.” They both just continued on smiling and giggling the way they do whenever they talk about the relationship between Oliver and me.

After lunch, Katie and Angelina headed up to the Common Rooms to finish up some homework for class on Monday, while I walked outside. It was still raining from the storm that blew in from this morning, so I pulled the hood from the sweatshirt I was wearing over my head, and ran to hide under a tree nearby. The wind was very chilly, but I didn’t feel like sitting inside up in the dormitories. I feel like all I do these days are sitting and be completely lazy.

I can’t wait to get this fucking cast off my arm, I thought to myself.

It’s totally sad, but I was missing the hardcore Quidditch practices, doing laps and feeling the pain run through my body. I missed the feeling of wind blowing everywhere when I was flying, the thrill you get when playing a game of Quidditch.

The rain was falling harder now, and drops were hitting my face. It was a cold feeling, and it made my body began to shiver. The rain was falling so hard now, that it was barely impossible to see out five feet in front of your face. I brought my knees to my chest, hugging them, hoping to somehow keep me warm.

“Are you alright there, princess?” I heard from behind me. It didn’t take a genius to figure out who the voice was coming from.

“I’m fine, thanks for asking.” I threw in a hint of sarcasm.

“Are you cold?” He asked me, coming to my side.

I looked up to him and just nodded my head. He reached around his shoulders, pulled off the jacket me was wearing, and placed it gently on my back and covering my arms. “No, take it back. You’ll get cold.” I noticed he was wearing nothing but a t-shirt underneath.

He shook off my comment, “It’s no big deal.” He took a sit next to me on the ground. “So, have you considered going out with me tonight?”

I laughed, “Why would you even think I would go on a date with you?”

He smiled, “I don’t know, I think I’m pretty good looking.”

“Conceited much?”

He laughed, “AND I know deep down inside that you’re dying for Oliver to ask you out.”

I turned to look him in the eyes, “What did you just say?”

“I’ve always noticed the way you acted around him. I think everyone has, for that matter.”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” I pushed myself off the ground, and stood up on my feet. I wiped the mud off my butt. Lucas stood up, as well.

“It’s obvious you have feelings for this guy.” I just looked away from him. “Look, I know what people say behind my back… that I’m this self-absorbed little bastard who doesn’t care for anything but himself. But I’m really not that bad of a guy.”

“Sounds pretty bad to me.”

“Whatever, one date with ‘horrible’ ole me, and Mr. Oliver Wood will most likely be wrapped around your tiny little fingers. And it helps me out that someone like you goes out with someone like me,” he explained.

“What’s that suppose to mean?”

“Let’s just say that I’ve got my eyes on someone that isn’t you,” he said, innocently.

“Okay, if you only wanted to ask me out to make people jealous, why couldn’t you have just come up like we are now and talk to me about it, rather than blurt it across the table this afternoon and leave everyone completely shocked?” I asked him, quite seriously. The look I saw on Oliver’s face after Lucas left the Great Hall was priceless. I had never seen him more disappointed or upset before.

“What would have been the fun in that?” He smirked.

“Let’s say I agree to this fake date, what’s in it for me?”

He laughed, “I told you already, princess: the heart of the golden boy himself.”

“You can’t promise that, though.”

“Ah, so you do like him?” He smiled brightly.

“Don’t feel too proud of yourself there,” I said while patting him on his shoulder. He just looked at me, “Fine, I’ll do it. But this stays a secret between you and I, no one else. But, exactly who is this girl you’re trying to make jealous?”

“That’s something for me to know, and you to never find out,” the smirk appeared on his face again.

“Alright…” I said, starting to walk away. “But, it’s kind of bad weather for a date tonight. How about tomorrow?” I asked him.

He just nodded, “Sounds good, princess.”

I smiled, “And another thing…” He just looked at me, “Don’t call me princess.

“Fully noted.”

I turned my back to him once again, and began to walk back up the hill, towards the school. It was getting a little too cold for me to stand out there any longer. As I was walking, I started thinking about everything that was happening, or that was going to be happening.

Looks like I’ve got a date with the devil.


Author's Note: Hey everyone, here's another chapter. I hope how you like the direction I took with Lucas, I wasn't exactl sure about it, but I think it'll work out and I have some twists up my sleeves haha (: leave reveiws too, please.. as always!

Chapter 11: Truth
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Lucas Watson, a devil in disguise? Well, that’s what I was calling him.

And I just happen to have a date with this little demon… even though apparently it wasn’t technically real. It was a scheme all planned out. But what got to me the most was I didn’t necessarily know it was that obvious I had feelings for Oliver. We’ve become friends, not considering the past couple of years, but I didn’t think that I showed other feelings. I thought friendship was the only emotion I was sharing out loud. Angie and Katie warned me it was a tad obvious, but I thought they were just messing with me.

I was up in the girls’ dormitory, looking for something to wear on this fake date, along with my best mates, of course.

“Okay, how about this one?” I said, stepping out to show them a dress I tried on. It was a simple-looking, knee length dress that was white with some lace trimming.

They both just stared at me, “No,” they said in unison.

“Seriously, Holly… don’t wear a dress. It’s near winter time,” Angie said. “Wear something cute, but not a dress. It makes it look like you’re trying too hard.”

I shrugged, and walked back to the wardrobe to find another outfit to try on. Kate spoke, “Holly, if you’re like madly in love with Oliver, why did you even agree to go on a date with this asshole?”

“Yeah, have you suddenly gone dumb or something?” Ang asked. I love my friends, but sometimes, they can be too honest.

“I don’t know,” I screamed from behind the wardrobe, trying to put on a pair of skinny jeans. “I’m not in love with Oliver, girls, and he asked me out. It would be rude to just say no.” I could just imagine the disgusted looks upon their faces without even seeing them. I hate lying to them, and I must admit I was doing a horrible job at it. I couldn’t believe that they haven’t caught me yet…

“Oh please, that’s retarded. You’ve turned down people before,” Kate stated.

I peeked my head out to give them an evil look, “Yeah, Bradley Thompson in third year does not count.” They both starting laughing loudly, “It is not funny.”

“Yes it is,” they said, once again, in unison.

I stepped out so they could see me again, “Alright, how about this outfit?” This time I was wearing a pair of very dark and very tight skinny jeans, some boots and a tank-top with a jacket over it. “Well…”

“You look really pretty,” Katie said.

“I agree,” stated Angie.

I looked at myself in the mirror, “You really think so?” I questioned them, “Don’t lie.”

“Yes, you look good.” Katie said. “Some hearts are going to be broken tonight.”

I laughed, “You really think that Lucas will like it that much?”

She just stared at me, “You really are dumb. I wasn’t talking about Lucas…”

“Then who were…” I paused, “Oh… shut up Katie.” But at the same time, I was hoping that she was completely right. If Oliver did happen to see me, I wanted him to have a look of complete shock on his face when he sees me all dressed up. Usually, the only look Oliver sees of me is either when I’m covered head-to-toe in our Hogwarts’ robes, which aren’t exactly the most flattering things in the wizarding world, or when I’m sweaty and muddy in a t-shirt and sweatpants from after hardcore practices.

“You know it’s true...” she said quietly. I turned away from the mirror to look at them.

“We have already discussed this many times before, Oliver and I are not anything together. He’s got Elizabeth and now…” I didn’t want to say it, but this entire situation had to be convincing, “I have Lucas.”

They both just gave me a wide-eyed look, “You seriously cannot tell us that you actually have feelings for this arrogant little bastard? After all these years of thinking he hated you, and suddenly he’s your man?” Angie questioned, overreacting a slight bit.

I started refreshing my make-up, trying to still continue getting ready while also being fully apart of the conversation, “I wouldn’t necessarily put it like that, Ang. It’s just one date, it couldn’t hurt.” The lies coming from my mouth just felt like poison to me.

She rolled her eyes, “Whatever, Holly.”

I turned to her, “Are you seriously angry that I’m going on a date with Lucas?”

“I’m not angry at you,” she started.

“Then why are you all defensive about it?”

“I don’t know honestly.” She looked towards Katie. “Just something doesn’t sit right with me when it comes to Lucas. I just feel like he’s using you or something selfish like that. I’m just trying to look out for my best friend.”

I smiled at her for two reasons: one being that she was totally accurate when it came to the assumption of Lucas using me. And even though I had full knowledge of this, I didn’t want her knowing the plan behind it. And two being that it was nice hearing that from her about us being best friends. It just made me feel good. I stood up and hugged her.

“I’m fine. I’m a big girl now. I know what I’m doing,” I smiled at her, and she weakly smiled back.

“Aww, group hug!” I heard Katie exclaim. And suddenly, we were all hugging on to each other, tight. I stepped back afterwards and did a little model pose for them.

“Well, how do I look?”

They smiled, “Gorgeous.”

I was walking down the stairs to meet up with Lucas and leave for Hogsmeade, when I spotted him near the door talking to Oliver and Elizabeth. As I walked forward, I noticed how pretty Lizzie really was: tall, but not towering over anyone with a nicer figure than me, that’s for sure. Her hair was naturally shiny and long with a hint of wave, and her smile was so bright that it could have put than stars to shame. I was nothing compared to her. Yeah, I had long hair but it was dark and straighter. I wouldn’t consider myself fat beyond any means, but her body seems more proportional compared to mine. No wonder Oliver had chosen gorgeous and stunning Lizzie instead of boring and average Holly.

“Hi,” I said kind of quietly to them as I reached the door.

Lucas turned around, and smiled, “You look really pretty tonight, Holly.” I just smiled as he took my hand. If he was just trying to get Oliver to notice, than that probably would have done it, so I went along with the charade. “I was just talking to Oliver and Liz, and they’re heading down to Hogsmeade, as well.”

“Oh sounds like fun,” I simply said to no one in general.

“I asked them to join us, if that’s okay with you?” He looked at me, giving me a wink.

“Um… yeah that would be brilliant,” I said.

“Well, that’s settled than. Let’s all head down,” Lucas said, proudly. He continued to hold my hand as we made our way down to the village. The walk was sort of an awkward one, with no one saying much at all. In the occasional moment, Oliver and Lizzie would steal a kiss and giggle here or there, but nothing other than that. Lucas was even silent, constantly looking over at the couple walking besides us. Maybe I was only imagining things, but hints of jealousy were written all over his expression. I nudged him softly.

“Are you alright? You seem upset.”

“I’m okay,” was all he said.

Finally reaching Hogsmeade, Oliver turned to everyone. “You guys hungry? I could sure use a bite to eat.” Elizabeth just giggled randomly at this.

“You’re always hungry, silly.”

“Yeah, that sounds alright to me,” Lucas said quickly jumping in to interrupt Liz. “How about you, Holly?”

I just nodded as all four of us headed in the direction of the Three Broomsticks. We were quickly seated at a table when a waitress came to ask for a drink order, “Two butterbeers,” Oliver started, pointing to Elizabeth.

“And two for us, as well,” Lucas added.

“Actually, I’ll have some hot tea please.” There was no way in hell I was drinking butterbeer today. I wanted to remember all of this lovely “fake date”.

“Um yeah… same here instead,” I heard Oliver say out of nowhere.

“Alright,” the waitressed said, flipping her long bangs out of her face, “Two butterbeers and two cups of hot tea will be right out for you bunch,” she said before leaving. We all just sat there in another awkward silence, hoping someone would break it.

“So…” Elizabeth started, looking towards me, “How’s the no Quidditch thing going for you, Holly?” All I wanted to do was give her a death glare and slap her right across that perfect smile of her’s, but I remained civilized even though my thoughts were not.

“Oh well I miss it and can’t wait to play again, but Lucas is trying to keep the team going. Even though I’m not in the next match,” I paused, turning my gaze towards Oliver and then back to Lizzie, “I believe we’ll come out with another victory.” I smiled.

“Well, good,” she said, while also smiling. “And with Oliver being captain and all,” she started again while wrapping her arms around his, “Of course I agree with the fact that you guys will have another victory in your record book. Oliver’s that best there is.” She kissed him on the cheek but the only reaction from Oliver was a simple blushing forming in his cheeks.

That’s when I felt Lucas grab my hand, “Holly’s pretty good herself, you know Liz. She’s definitely got some natural talent going through her bones. And I mean, not to be show-offish, but I’m not that bad myself.” He smiled at me. My face started blushing as well. I liked the compliment but it was sort of embarrassing having Lucas and Elizabeth trying to show off in front of Oliver and I.

But eventually the moment was interrupted by the waitress bringing our drinks, “Two butterbeers and two cups of hot tea.” I took my cup and stirred in some sugar while Oliver did the same, and Lucas and Liz started chucking down the butterbeer.

Not very classy for a lady, I kept thinking.

About an hour or two passed by of mostly small talk and Lucas and Elizabeth getting totally buzzed up on a few more butterbeers. They were acting a little loony, to put lightly. And arguing more than they had when they were completely sober and knew what was going on.

Oliver turned his attention to me while Elizabeth was going off about something to Lucas, “This isn’t exactly how I planned spending my weekend.”

“Yeah me either. I wouldn’t especially call this a date anymore either.” I signed.

“You want to go take a walk or something… let them hang for awhile?” He asked me.

I nodded. We put stood up from the table, but Lucas quickly grabbed my hand and dragged me back down to me seat, “Where are you going?” he asked, kind of screaming in my face.

This guy was just so not attractive anymore, “Just for a walk. We’ll be right back, I promise.”

“Okay, but don’t leave me with this bitch for too much longer,” he said, making it obvious that he was talking about Elizabeth. I was waiting for Oliver to step in and say something, defending his girlfriend after another man just called her a bitch right in front of both of them. But he did nothing, which definitely surprised me. The only noise I remember before walking out of the Three Broomsticks was more yelling and complaints coming from both Liz and Lucas.

Outside, the wind was chilly just hinting at the arrival of winter and the sun was shining bright. “Let’s go this way,” I heard Oliver say, and I followed after him.

I felt him staring at me while we were walking, “What are you looking at?” I asked.

“Nothing, but I’m sorry your date wasn’t necessarily pleasant.”

“It’s fine. It’s not like you did anything to ruin it. That was all Lucas and Elizabeth,” I said, but suddenly wishing that I didn’t. “I’m sorry, Oliver. I didn’t mean it like that, I just meant…” But I was interrupted.

“Don’t worry about it, I understand.”

I was confused on so many levels, “You do?”

He put his hands in his pockets as another burst of wind came running through, “Yeah, I mean they were both on the verge of being completely trashed, but that’s not how a first date should go. And with Elizabeth…” he paused. “I don’t know, she’s always been like this since the moment I started dating her. But today was just flat out horrible and not to mention, inappropriate.”

I just looked at him, “Yeah well if you’re in love with someone, you have to learn their imperfections.” He just laughed. I couldn’t help but smile, “What are you laughing at?”

“I’m not in love with her,” he said, still slightly laughing.

“But you guys have been in a relationship for quite some time now…” I started.

“Yeah, about that…” he said, not looking at me and laughing again to himself.

“I don’t understand why something like this is so amusing to you,” I stated with complete seriousness.

“Our relationship is just complicated, let’s just leave it at that.”


I felt him looking at me again, while we continued walking through the village, “Are you mad at me?”

I shook my head, “No, why would I be?”

“You just seem like it.” I just shook my head again, telling him that I wasn’t. “Well even if you were, you couldn’t possibly stay mad at me forever.”

I was the one laughing this time, “And why do you say that?”

“Because one look into my eyes and a glimpse of the smile on my face, and you’re sailing into a dreamland paradise,” he said a little too proudly.

“Sure, you just keep thinking that.” Even though it probably was true, but I didn’t want him knowing that, “But if you don’t remember, I spent about six years hating you. So… don’t doubt for a second that I couldn’t stay mad at you.”

“That’s true. Honestly Williams, I keep forgetting that we were enemies at one point in our lives,” he said, looking straight ahead.

“I don’t understand how you forget something like that though.”

“Yeah me either,” he started, “maybe just because how close we are now, it just doesn’t seem like it.”

I nodded my head in agreement. “This is some deep stuff were discussing here, Oliver.”

“Shut up, Williams.” He said in a joking manner, laughing it off.

“I do have a question for you though, if you don’t mind.”

“Ask away.”

“Why do you still call me Williams even though I have moved on from calling you by your last name?” I asked, trying to be serious but at the same time, trying to be sweet about it.

He just shrugged, “I never really noticed. I guess just out of habit possibly. I’ve called you that for the past seven years now, and once you form a habit, they never seem to leave you.” He looked at me, “Does it bother you?”

“Not so much anymore, but it was just something I always thought about.” I saw a smirk come across his expression, “What’s that face for?” I asked.

“Oh nothing,” he said, teasingly.

“No, tell me now.” I said while pushing him lightly on his shoulder.

“Well if you said that it was something you were always thinking about, that means that I must always be on your mind, Williams,” he said. I just rolled my eyes and smiled. “I just caught you red headed.”

“You know what I meant, Oliver.”

“Yeah… that you are constantly thinking about me,” he said while smiling.

“Have you ever really considered how cocky and self-absorbed you are?” I asked him bluntly.

He just shrugged, and smiled a tad. “I’m just messing around with you, Williams.”

“I know, but don’t try and show off around me. I’ve know you for too long to be fooled by you,” I said.

He just laughed. We continued walking when he suddenly, but gently, grabbed me by the arms and pulled towards a random clearing near the far end of the village of Hogsmeade. “Come here.” He said, so I started following him once again. Not that I really had much of a choice, for the fact that he was basically dragging me along. I didn’t mind though because when we stopped walking again, the scenery was new and exciting. There was a view of a gorgeous valley, covered in different colors of the leaves changing in the fall. It was so beautiful.

“Wow,” were the only words that escaped my lips.

“You like it?” Oliver asked me.

“I love it. It’s so pretty,” I commented back. I continued looking out over the valley. “I’m guessing you bring Elizabeth here all the time, don’t you?” I asked him suddenly.

He gave me a confusion expression, I noticed, “Why do you say that?”

“I don’t know,” shrugging my shoulders, “It’s just one of those romantic places where you would take a girlfriend, wouldn’t you think? I mean it’s like something that just came out of a movie… a boy with the girl he truly likes, looking out over a valley like this, it’s not just an everyday thing.”

“That’s very well thought out,” Oliver started. “But for your information, I’ve never brought Lizzie here before. She’s not exactly the out-doors type of girl. She can’t just sit here and witness something as brilliant as this. She’s not you.”

I looked at him, “What’s that suppose to mean?”

He looked down into my eyes, and took a moment to answer after looking away, “You know what it means, Williams.” He just signed.

“I’m pretty sure if I knew what it meant, I wouldn’t have asked you in the first place,” I said. I was kind of getting defensive about this, and I realized it. I know I wasn’t anything like Elizabeth, all pretty and naturally amazing, but I honestly didn’t know what he meant when he said that.

“You’re just different than her. You can just stand here with a friend and look out there and appreciate everything, even the smallest of things,” he said. “I’ve always liked that about you, Williams. Your capacity to love and understand the smallest of things just amazes me sometimes.”

I smiled slightly, “That’s one of the weirdest and yet sweetest things anyone has ever said to me.”

“Anytime, Holly.”

I eyed him, “You called me by my actual name. That’s probably like the third time in your entire life.” I laughed.

“Don’t get use to it though.”

“Sure, whatever you say Oliver.”

We both just started laughing hysterically. My stomach was feeling tight, and I could barely breathe from how hard I was laughing. And Oliver was laughing right along with me. I can’t really tell you what we were laughing at because I honestly don’t know. It’s just one of those moments when suddenly everything is just hilarious no matter how stupid or immature it might be. You just can’t help but laugh your ass off. I believe we laughed for a good five minutes before finally settling down a bit.

“Oh bloody hell,” I heard Oliver say. And I started laughing a little bit more. I didn’t notice that I was walking forward a tad when I felt myself jerk and begin to fall. The wind was taken out of my lungs, scared that I was going to hit the ground hard, but I then felt arms being wrapped around me. And just like my knight in shining armor, there was Oliver Wood at my rescue.

“Gosh Williams, we don’t need you out any longer than what you already are. Remember you still have that cast on. Be more careful,” he said, trying to bring me back up to my feet. All I remember from than on was him still holding on to me, with his hands slowly making their way down to my waist, our eyes just starring into each others, and our heads getting closer and closer as the seconds passed. I could feel his breathe near my lips and knew that he was just centimeters from kissing me.

“Oliver….” I whispered.

“What in the bloody hell is going on here?” I heard a high-pitched voice coming from behind me. Oliver and I both took a second to react, until he finally and hurriedly let go of my waist and straighten ourselves up. We turned around to find Elizabeth and Lucas both just staring at us.

“Um, Holly fell and I was just trying to help her up,” Oliver said.

Lizzie rolled her eyes, and then looked at me with a death stare, “Oh you don’t fool me, you guys were about to kiss. I could definitely see it.”

Lucas decided to pop out of nowhere, “See princess,” he started at me, “I told you it would work.” His words were still a little bit slurped from the butterbeers that he drank before. Who knew how many he had consumed by the time Oliver and I had left.

Oliver looked at me, confused, “What would work?”

“Nothing,” I began, shaking it off, “Just forget about it.”

“Oh don’t lie, Miss Princess,” Lucas started up again. I was getting annoyed with his little drunken act he was playing, “You know exactly what I’m talking about. Remember… I asked you out to make Oliver jealous and at the same time, I get the reward of the beautiful Elizabeth Clearwater.”

“Elizabeth is the girl you’re after?” I bluntly asked.

“Don’t act surprise, love.” Lucas was acting like such an asshole. Katie and Angelina were definitely right about this one. How pathetic could I really get after this? I was completely embarrassed, and I felt Oliver’s eyes just glaring at me, full of disappointment, shame, and embarrassment himself.

“Listen Holly, thanks for going along with the plan though. I really do appreciate it. I owe you one,” he said. I felt disgusting in many different ways, for helping this fool and probably pissing off Oliver.

I turned to him, wanting to apologize, “Oliver, I can explain….” I started. But he didn’t let me finish. He just put his hand up to stop me from talking. I watched him as he slowly made his way over to Lucas and just stare him down.

“So this was your plan? Use Holly to your advantage, and then drunken up my girlfriend with the chances of hoping you would impress her and make her move on to you?” Lucas just shrugged. “Well good for you, but it looks like your little plan didn’t work out so well.”

Lucas just smiled, “You don’t think so… because I thought it went wonderfully especially after snogging your so-called girlfriend after you two love birds decided to take a walk.”

Oliver turned his attention to Elizabeth, than to me, than once again back to Liz, “Is that true?” he asked her. I wanted to do something… anything. But there was nothing more for me to do rather than just stand back and let things take its natural course.

Elizabeth just blushed. Oliver nodded his head slowly and looked back up at Lucas. He was just about to make another comment, probably another one about his brilliant plan working and leaving Oliver and I in the dust but right before sound could make it out of his mouth, Oliver punched him so hard in the mouth that I could almost hear his teeth shatter.

“Were done,” he said to Elizabeth before he started walking away. Elizabeth just ran to Lucas’s side, and tried to comfort him and his soon-to-be fat lip.

I ran after Oliver, leaving them behind, “Oliver, wait up…”

“Save it, Williams.”

“Oliver, just talk to me…”

He stopped, and turned around, “What?” he said, rather snappy and angry.

“I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry too… for ever believing that you were my friend.”

I wanted to cry, “Oliver, I am your friend… your best friend if you remember.”

He just shook his head, “Friends don’t keep secrets from each other.”

“Oliver, I promise I didn’t know that Lucas liked Elizabeth. If I would have known the truth, I would have told you. You know that I would. I wouldn’t keep something like that from you…” I started.

“It’s not just that.”

“Than what is it, I would like to know.”

“You were a part of this scheme, to make me jealous… of you dating Lucas Watson,” he said. “You could have just told me you liked me rather than go off with some asshole and try to plan out some ridiculous little immature plan.”

“Yeah because I was just going to come right up to your face and tell you I like you… that’s right. The boy wonder and his super perfect girlfriend wouldn’t intimidate me the tiniest little bit. You want the truth, Oliver… than listen up because I’m only going to say this once. I like you, okay? You may be the most cocky, cruel, over-powering tool bag I’ve ever come to know, but yet I have still found myself falling head over heels for you. Are you happy now? Is that the answer you wanted?” I was out of breathe and I couldn’t believe that I was actually telling him all this. I had been so scared as to what he or anyone else would think, but at the moment, I just didn’t care. Everything was out in the open.

He stepped closer to me, and for one second I thought he was going to actually kiss me this time like one of those moments I was talking about before from a cheesy romantic movie. I thought he was actually going to grab me by the waist again, pull me toward him, and kiss me passionately. It would have perfect, and an amazing story to tell one day. But I was shortly mistaken when instead of kissing me, he was walked right on by without saying a word. And he continued walking without stopping… or turning around to face me.

“So, that’s really how it’s going to be? You’re just going to turn and walk away after I just spilled all of that out to you?” I was getting very upset. And tears started rolling down my red cheeks.

He just left, without saying anything. I sat down on the ground, hoping to some how disappear.


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Chapter 12: Kiss And Make Up
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“You may be the most cocky, cruel, over-powering tool bag I’ve ever come to know, but yet I have still found myself falling head over heels for you.” The words were ringing in my ears like bells or sirens. Time passed slowly as I just continuously sat on the ground, hoping that somehow he would come back for me. He would somehow come to the conclusion that leaving me there after that was a horrible mistake and he end up being my knight and shining armor, running back and sweeping me off my feet.

But that little fantasy of mine… never happened.

I can’t believe I ever built up the guts to tell him something like that. I guess in the heat of the moment, and for how long I’ve kept those emotions just bottled up inside me, they decided to come right on out without any self control on my behalf.

Trust me when I say that there could have been loads of more damage created though, if I would have continued all yelling. I could just image getting even more carried away, more than what was necessary. But I’m thankful, well sort of, for how the conversation actually turned out, even though it left me crying on the cold ground.  No way in a million years would I have guessed to be in this position right now because of something that a guy did to me? Never have I believed to be played by a guy one day and be hurt by another in the same day. Never.

And even though I didn’t really feel the strength do to so, I picked myself up casually, and began my long walk back to the Hogwarts castle. I had a feeling that Oliver was already back, and since I didn’t see Lucas or Elizabeth when I walked through Hogsmeade, I was also assuming that Elizabeth helped Lucas to the Hospital Wing to check out the damage that punch really had done.

Even though Oliver and I weren’t on good terms right now, it seemed, I must admit that the guy had a pretty good punch. The one he threw at Lucas was bloody powerful. You could definitely tell it was from anger and hatred.

My walk was quiet, with no one to talk to and no one to just keep me company. There weren’t many sounds either; just the wind blowing the trees and the smell of the first snow falls approaching. Winter was here, I could feel it, which meant that the next Quidditch match wouldn’t be too far behind. I was wondering if he would try to find a replacement for my replacement, if that was even possible. According to Oliver the last time I spoke to him on this matter, he said that there was no one with enough skill except for Lucas. And myself of course, but that wasn’t the point.

When I finally reached the castle I immediately made my way quickly to the Common Rooms, and when I walked through the portrait of the Fat Lady, I was greeted by Kate and Angelina. But before either of them could possibly make a comment, I held my hand up to pause them and said, “Not now.”

I didn’t feel like explaining anything to them. They wanted details, and I just wasn’t in a sharing mood. I ran up the stairs, threw off my heavy coat and shoes, and plopped down on my bed. No place ever felt safer, in my opinion. And with that, I instantly fell asleep. But the events of today were just replaying over and over again, like someone having a song stuck on repeat.


Don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that the month of December was the worse month of my life. Winter was finally officially here now, and snow was covering the grounds, making everything look completely innocent and white for miles.

I would know, spending most of my free time looking out the small window in near my bed in the Common Room. Angelina and Katie, I knew were worrying about me. The heard from other people about what had happened that one night, which I knew would get around eventually. They have been trying to start conversation with me, but I wouldn’t let them. I was trying to damn hard to release all those memories away, and if I started talking about them, they would just defeat the purpose.

Oliver and I still weren’t on speaking terms. I barely have even made eye contact with him. I’m guessing he wanted it that way, or he would say something, anything to me. But no… I was still left with the cold shoulder. That’s what I hated about this whole situation. Not only did I lose a friend, but I lost something more dearly than that. I told him exactly how I felt, and he didn’t care. At least have the decency to tell me you don’t feel the same way. At least with that, I wouldn’t be constantly sitting here day-by-day wondering about it.

Guys can be so immature.

I found out that Oliver ended up not replacing Lucas on the team. He ended up playing the match, and Gryffindor won, but just barely. I heard rumors about how apparently Lucas wanted to purposely lose the match just to take some kind of revenge on Oliver for socking him in the face. But if that would have happened, I’m pretty sure more damage would happen because Oliver would be pissed if he had any chance of losing his precious chance at making it to the professionals.

I didn’t attend the match. I just didn’t care anymore. I didn’t care whether I was the best; I didn’t care whether I ended up making it to the pros anymore. I just didn’t give a damn. I was getting this cast off today, and after that, I was going to march right up to Oliver, whether he’s still pissed at me or not, and telling him I quit. I’m done. None of this is even worth it anymore. I’ll become a teacher like everyone else in this world.

Later that night, I walked out of the Hospital Wing with my newly healed arm. It felt weird not having something wrapped around it. It was about dinner time, when I ran into Kate in the hallways.

I smiled normally to her and waved, “Hello, what’s going on?”

“So you’re speaking again?” She didn’t say it rudely, but it wasn’t how we usually spoke to one another.

“I’m sorry, Katie. I just needed time to myself, I guess.”

She smiled weakly at me, “It’s alright.” And with that she hugged me. “I missed my best friend.”

“And I missed you too. But let’s go get some food, I’m starving.” She laughed and we walked to the Great Hall together. I sat by her and Angelina, and we started catching up on everything. It seemed like I missed a lot. Ang and Fred were now dating… go figure. And that’s what we spent most of the evening talking about. The thing I noticed though was that Oliver was not present.

I questioned them about it, “Where’s Oliver at?”

They stayed quiet until Angelina finally spoke up, “He hasn’t really been social for awhile, like you.” I just looked down at the now empty plate. “I heard he doesn’t come out of his room unless it’s something Quidditch related.”

I nodded. Both girls just looked at me. “What exactly happened that night?” Kate asked.

I shrugged, “You’ve heard.”

They laughed silently, “Yeah, but we’ve heard so many version of the same story, and we don’t know what to believe. We thought we would hear the official story from you right away, but that wasn’t the case.”

“Yeah, sorry about that.”

“Its fine, but seriously… what happened?” Ang questioned again.

“Short version….” I paused, not really wanting to continue. “Lucas wanted Elizabeth. Oliver got mad, thinking I was part of a scheme he had. Punched Lucas right in the face, and then I told Oliver how I felt…” they stopped me short.

“You told him?!” they asked in unison. I nodded. “Well, what happened?”

“He just left me there….” I said quietly. Their expressions were blank now. “So, I walked back to the castle by myself and now, here we are now.” They stayed quiet for awhile.

“Yeah, that’s nothing like anything we heard,” Ang said. “You should have told us.”

“I wanted to, but I just didn’t know what to do honestly.”

“We understand now,” Kate told me. I just smiled, having all those memories come back into my head. Kate continued on, “So you haven’t spoken to Oliver at all?” I just shook my head no.

“I need to find him though. I decided I’m going to quit the team.”

“WHAT?!” they said together.

“I wasn’t going to tell you guys, but I just feel more comfortable with it. I’ll still come watch you guys kick some ass though.”

Angelina stopped me, “Holly, seriously… you can’t quit. You’ll be leaving us with good-for-nothing Lucas and were done. There’s no way we’ll get near the house cup without you. Our last win was sheer luck.”

“Yeah, you can’t just quit because what had happen,” Katie said, with her sweet-toned voice. “Quidditch is your dream. Don’t give up on it.”

“I have to, girls.” I said, looking down. “It’s the only way I’m going to feel better about any of this.” They didn’t really say anything after that. So I stood up from the table. “I’m going to go and try to find Oliver. I’ll see you girls later.” And with that, I walked away. They were right. I shouldn’t quit, but I felt like it was my only option. Oliver didn’t want to be around me, neither did Lucas. And to keep my 7th year at Hogwarts a little less drama free, I needed to do something. I walked up the Common Rooms, and made my way up the stairs to the boys’ dormitory.

I suddenly felt nervous. I wanted to run away from there, and just crawl into my safe bed. But I didn’t this time. I knocked on the door gently. It took a while for someone to answer, but the door flew open and Fred appeared.

“Well, look who it is,” he said laughing. He hugged me randomly. “Hadn’t seen you in years, beautiful Miss Holly Williams.” He was so funny in his own way. “What can I do for you?”

I was hesitate to ask, “Um… is Oliver around?”

Fred’s face turned less happy all the sudden, “Yeah. He’s sleeping, I think.”

“Can I come in and talk to him?”

He nodded slowly, and let me step through. “Right through that door.” He pointed to a door off to the right side. I walked over, and knocked but there was no answer. I turned the knob slowly until the door was open enough for me to stick my head inside to take a peek.

Oliver wasn’t a sleep. He was sitting there on the edge of his bed, with only a pair of pajama pants on. He must have been cold. I walked through and closed the door behind me. Thinking he would look over to see you had enter, I was prepared to say hello. But he didn’t move. I gulped and walked over to him, slowly but surely.

“Hey stranger,” I said, quietly to him. He finally looked up and his face looked different. He seemed sleep-deprived and tired, and his eyes were puffy.

“What are you doing here?”

“I needed to talk to you.”

He suddenly focused his eyes down at my arm, “Your cast is off.”

I nodded, “Yeah. I got in removed this afternoon.”


Awkward silence crept into the room. Even though I’ve had moments of silence with him before, never were they awkward. “You can sit down, if you like.”

“Thanks, but I’ll stand.” I was happy he offered, but I was still mad at him. Seeing him for the first time since everything that went down between Lucas, Elizabeth, and him, it was awful feeling like he didn’t want to talk to me, or have anything to with me. “Um, I’ll make this quick so I can leave. But I came here to tell you I’m resigning for the Quidditch team.”

His face took on an expression of shock, “What… why?”

“Just personal reasons, that’s all.” I just shrugged it off, hoping I could leave now. But that wasn’t the case.

“Bullshit, Williams!” he stood up and started yelling.

“Excuse me?” I said, firing back anger toward him. “You have no right to yell at me.”

“You’re making a mistake!”

“Says who?”

“ME!” he yelled right in my face. “You love this just as much, if not more, than I do. And you’re just giving it up. Not only are you cheating out on yourself, but you’re being selfish.”

“How am I being selfish?”

He just rolled his eyes, “Did you ever take into consideration about what your teammates would think? How this will affect them… having our star Seeker for the past seven years just suddenly quit?”

“They’ll get over it.”

“Maybe, but deep down, you know you won’t.” He walked away from me, heading into the nearby rest room. I walked through him, pushed me, and slam the door shut behind me.

“How you do know I wouldn’t get over it? You don’t know me at all, Oliver Wood.”

“I know you better than a lot of other people.”

This time, I rolled my eyes. “Really?” he nodded. “Prove it.”

“Alright.” He said, clapping his hands together. “Let me guess… when you were little, you’re parents pressured you. A lot. You had to be perfect this, perfect that. And that included you and Quidditch. You grew up trying to be what your parents wanted, so you learned to bottle up your emotions. You couldn’t share anything with them, because you wanted to be strong. And let me tell you, you’re good at it. You’re not an easy book to read, Williams. But as I gradually got to know you, I realized that that’s just you. You don’t like showing people how you feel, and you’re afraid of getting hurt. So when you do get hurt, you feel so emotionally angry that you don’t know what to do.”

I just looked down at my feet. No one had ever said anything like that to me before.

“And then when there comes those rare moments when you actually let your guard down and share your feelings with someone… you over-think the situation and end up putting more blame onto yourself like you did something morally wrong. When in fact, you didn’t.”

At the moment, I sat down on the cold bathroom floor. I didn’t cry, I just sat there. I wanted to cry though, I wanted to cry with everything I had. “I can tell you want to cry,” Oliver suddenly said.

“Shut up, Wood.”

“This is what I mean… just cry. I was forceful and mean to you. Holly, seriously just cry.”

I looked up at him. He seemed so talk from down there, “You called me Holly.” One tear came from my eyes, and it reminded me of the day he left me sitting there in the cold, waiting for him to come back. But you know, he was right about one thing. I was strong, I wasn’t going to let anyone walk all over me like I was just a piece of scum.

I stood up straight, and looked him right in the eye. “Thank you. But you’re wrong about one thing.” I felt like I was whispering. “It’s not that I don’t always share my feelings to people, just most of them don’t care to listen.”

“What’s that suppose to mean?”

“You know what it bloody means!” I yelled. “You left me sitting there, on the ground after I told you that I liked you. A real human being would at least have the good decency to say something back, whether it meant turning the person down. But no, you left me after everything that went on that day. I never lied to you, I had no idea what the hell Lucas was doing. And you blamed me for everything. You made me feel so bad about myself that I sat in my room for three weeks because I felt no one would look at me the same way since that.”


I stopped him, “Don’t talk anymore. There’s nothing you can say that would make this any better.”

We sat there in the bathroom, once again, silence falling between us. “Holly, look…” he tried again.

“I have to go,” I suddenly said. I opened the door, and Lucas was standing right there. A smirk came to his face.

“Aw did you two kiss and make up?” he asked, talking all babyish.

I walked straight up to him, and kneed him were the sun just doesn’t shine. He plopped to the floor, moaning in pain, and I just looked down at him. “Congratulations, Lucas. You’re now the full starting Seeker. Good luck.”

I stepped over him, and walked over to the door and turned the knob. Before walking out though, I turned around. Lucas was still rolling around on the floor and Oliver just staring at me. “Goodbye, Oliver.” I made my grand exit, walked out of the boys’ dormitory, and up to the girls’ where I took my shoes off, dropped onto my bed, and snuggled up into my sheets.



Author's Note; Hi guys. So it's been a while since i updated on this story and I thought i was just going to leave it, never write it again, but I didn't want to do that. So I hope people like this chapter. Hope the title didn't confuse you, haha :)

Chapter 13: Blame And Possibly Forgiveness
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The snow was really coming down this evening, covering the whole valley of Hogwarts in a blanket of pure whiteness. It really was beautiful to look at, coming from the window by my bed in the girls’ dormitory. It was about three in the morning, and I just couldn’t get my brain to sleep. It had been a long day. From quitting my dream position on the Gryffindor Seeker to telling off both Oliver and Lucas, was enough to give you a headache. I just couldn’t help thinking about it all.


I have to tell Katie and Angelina about all of this, and I really wasn’t in the mood to hear their comments. They would either be very apologetic to me about the whole situation, telling me I did what I thought was right and they supported my decisions, or they would go completely mad, saying I shouldn’t have quit, I shouldn’t have done this or that. I couldn’t handle it. I was getting upset just thinking about it. I could feel a tear falling down my face, the first one I have felt in a while. I tried to always be strong, but at the moment, when no one could see me, I had to let it out or I would be miserable in my classes tomorrow. And I didn’t necessarily want that either.


The sun finally rose and the cloud cleared up that the light was sparkling over the fresh snow. Before any of the girls in our room woke up, I quickly dressed in my robes for the day and made my way down stairs, thinking I could miss everyone and just head down towards breakfast by myself.

I was sadly mistaken.

There he was, looking as handsome as he always does, sitting on the couch closest to the fireplace. I knew he must have heard me stomping down the stairs, so there was no point trying to running back up and hide until he left. I stepped down and started walking for the door, without giving him any of my attention. I guess that’s not how he wanted.

“You know what’s funny?” I heard him say out of the blue. I breathed in deeply, trying not to show the weak state I was in, and turned my attention to him.

“What?” I could tell I had a tone in my voice but I couldn’t seem to hide my anger.

He stood up off the couch and walked toward me, “Don’t talk to me like that. You have no one t blame your anger n besides yourself.” I just looked down at my feet, feelings my eyes water up. I looked back up at him. He suddenly handed me something. I examined it and saw that it was a picture of the team back in 1st year. It was weird seeing how different people looked and how odd it was t see students that weren’t there anymore. And then I saw it, Oliver and I, the shortest and smallest kids on the teams, smiling and happy with our arms around each other like we were best friends. “I’ve always kept that picture. It’s my favorite of you and me.” I continued looking at it.

“Why are you showing me this to me?” I asked him.

“It’s funny because back in the day, we thought we hated each other. Now look at us,” he said. I could tell he was looking directly at me, but I didn’t have the courage to look at him back. “See you in potions.” He didn’t take his picture back, he just walked out the entrance way. Suddenly I had lost my appetite. I walked over the couch where Oliver had been sitting moments ago and planted my butt down. I brought my knees up to my chest and put my chin in between them as I continued to look to at the picture. It was weird seeing us from six years ago, and being as close as we were.  I wanted this. At the moment, I would give everything I have just to be like this again. But from the looks of things, it wasn’t going to be that easy. It was going to take time.

I ended up skipping breakfast that morning and headed straight towards my first class. I sat next to Katie, while trying to pay attention to whatever lesson was being taught t us. I secretly kept the picture Oliver had handed me this morning under my parchment. I had the urge to look at it, but it didn’t want Katie asking me about it.

I suddenly had a piece of folded paper in front of me. I looked up at Katie and she nodded towards it. I opened it quietly and looked down to see what was written. It said, “Where were you at breakfast?”

I grabbed my quill, and wrote back. “I wasn’t hungry.”

I handed it back and she started writing back instantly. She handed to me again and this time, there was a question written. “I know things are bad between you and Oliver, but are you going to his house for Christmas break??” I had to read it again; I had to make sure I read it correctly.

I wrote back again. “What are you talking about?”

I handed the note back to her, and when she wrote back it simply said, “I’ll talk to you when class is over.” I nodded and slipped the folded parchment under my text book. As class ended, I gathered my stuff up and waited for everyone else to leave so Katie and I could talk in the halls.

“So what are talking about?” I asked immediately after everyone was gone.

“Oliver’s parents invited everyone on the team over to their house this Christmas break. The apparently have plenty of guest rooms, and they wanted to get to know the team that Oliver is captain of.”

“Oh,” was the only word I let out. “Well I’m not a part of the team anymore.”

Her eyes widen, “What, you actually resigned?” her voice was filled with shock.

I nodded my head yes, “Yeah. I don’t really feel like talking about it. I tell you everything later.”

“I understand,” she said. “But I mean, he invited everyone like a couple weeks ago.”

This got my head to turn, “What?” I asked her, even though I heard her perfectly the first time. I just wanted to hear her say it again before I really got upset.

“Yeah, he should have invited like two weeks ago. He didn’t mention it to you?” she asked.

“No…… he didn’t.” I didn’t know what to think.

“Oh well I’m sure he just forgot.” I knew she was trying to make me feel better. I mean, that’s what best friends do for one another. But it wasn’t helping.

“Yeah maybe. Look, I’m going to be late for Potions. I’ll see you later at lunch.” I waved to her and headed towards the dungeons. My heart felt even more broken than it did this morning. I did feel sad and upset about the fact that he didn’t invite me over to his house for Christmas break, it was everything plus that. I didn’t want to put the blame on my shoulders for how everything was these days. I wanted to blame everyone but myself, but I knew that wasn’t the truth and it wasn’t fair either.

I walked into the dungeons, and took my seat at my usual place. Oliver soon joined me, but no words were spoken. It was just silence between us. Snape walked in and started the lesson. As the class went on, we were given our assignment, and I went to the cabinet to grab the ingredients we needed. As I did, I was debating whether or not to bring up the subject to him. But it turns out I didn’t need to.

I came back to the table, placed the items down, and I heard Oliver speak, “I want to talk to you about something.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to lecture me or yell at me instead?” I open a bottle Woodworm dew and put the amount needed into the cauldron.

“I’m trying to seriously talk to you, Williams.” I continued to fix the potion. I looked up at him, and nodded. “Fine, look I know you resigned from the team yesterday, and even though I believe you’re making a mistake….”

“Who are you to tell me that I’m making a mistake? You have no idea what pressure I’m carrying on my shoulders right now. I haven’t even owled my parent to tell them everything that is going on. I just lost any shot that I had to become a professional because of this year. And I realize that, Wood. And I’m taking full blame, but for once in my life, I’m making my own decisions on what I want to do and it’s really hard not having support from people. So you have no right to tell me what’s a mistake in my life. Because honestly Oliver, I could name quite a few that involve you.”

I thought that would shut him up, but it didn’t. “And what would that be?”

“You know what I’m talking about.”

He just shrugged, “Yeah, I do. I’m just sad to hear that you think it’s a mistake.”

“I don’t think it’s a mistake, I know it’s a mistake. “

“Fine, but this isn’t what I wanted to talk t you about. Like I was saying before you went on into a huge speech, I know you’re not on the team anymore, but I wanted to invite you my house over the Christmas holiday along with the rest of the team.”

I just smirked, “And may I ask why I’m getting an invitation just days before the holiday season while everyone else was invited two weeks ago.” I didn’t look at him while I was talking. I was busy measuring the perfect amount of some bark or another to add into the pot. It was just an excuse not to look at him.

“Because I didn’t think you would come.”

At this, I finally looked at him, placed my hands on my hips and put on my greatest expression filled with attitude, “And what, Oliver Wood, makes you think I would want to go now more than two weeks ago?” Oliver was about to answer when Snape stepped up to us both.

“This is a potions class, not free time to discuss freely. Now if you two are done with your potion you may leave, other than that, be quiet.” He turned his head to look at us both and then I spoke up.

“The potion in finish, professor.” He smirked at me and than looked down into our cauldron.

“I’ll be the judge of that.” He took a sample, and proceeded to pour the sample into a plant nearby. Nothing happened. “Well the plant didn’t die, or explode.” He walked back over to us. “You two may leave now.” I picked up my books, and left quickly out of there. Oliver was following behind closely.

“Our conversation isn’t over, Williams.”

He ran in front of me to stop me in my tracks. “Please come over Christmas holiday.”

“Why do you want me there?” I asked. “Lucas is your Seeker, not me.”

“Actually no he isn’t.”

I just stared at him, “What are you talking about? I quit, which makes him my replacement.”

“He’s in the Hospital Wing for a groin injury.”

“Oh come on, I didn’t kick him that hard.”

He started laughing a little. “Hard enough to make him sore that they won’t let him play in the match that qualifies us for the Cup. We’re down a Seeker, which means we may be down for the rest of the year.” I wanted to start crying.

“Great yet another thing that’s weighing down on my shoulders.” I felt Oliver place his hand on my shoulder but I quickly moved away from him. “I wish I could just start this whole year over again.”

“I’m not going to stand here and beg you to come back to the team, but please come over during Christmas. My parents are dying to meet you.”

I let out a small giggle, “Why?”

“It’s mostly my mom,” he started, and smiled. “Don’t ask, because I honestly don’t know why.”

I nodded, “I’ll consider it. And Oliver….” I started, but didn’t get to finish.

“I know, Holly. And you’re forgiven.” I smiled again.

He started to walk away. “Oliver, wait…” I ran back to his side and reached for my bag. I pulled out the picture he had given to me early and handed it to him. “I think you should keep this.”

He smiled and walked away again. I let out a sign. I felt like I hadn’t breathed the entire time I had been talking to him. I started towards the doors to head outside. I didn’t care if it was freezing outside and I had t coat to put on. I needed some fresh air.



Author's Note; Short Chapter but i just wanted it to lead up to the Christmas Chapter. It's been awhile since i lasted posted but i never wanted to leave the story. I have just been busy lately. Thanks for reading everyone :)