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An Early Bird’s Encounter by NoLifeKing

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,155

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: General, Romance
Characters: Hermione, Oliver

First Published: 03/08/2010
Last Chapter: 03/11/2010
Last Updated: 03/11/2010

Depicting a brief encounter between Hermione and Oliver Wood. Will there be more? Please read and review! I want to know if i am any good.

Chapter 1: An Early Bird’s Encounter
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Author's note: Nothing belongs to me. Everything is JK Rowlings. This is my first fanfiction. I just wanted to know if this is any good. If enough people like it, i might add more. I was just wondering if anyone thought this was any good. So PLEASE read AND review.

After a long nights game of tossing and turning, Oliver Wood was relieved, but nonetheless annoyed, when he looked at his watch for the millionth time early that morning and realized that it was six o’clock. He concluded that this might actually be a reasonable enough time to finally get up.


He was torn between being thankful and bothered by the end of his battle for relaxation. He definitely wanted to be freed from his restlessness, but he did not want to leave his warm bed only to be confronted with the stress he had dealt with for the past days or even months.


He was captain of the Gryffindor’s quidditch team. Of course, he had been for the past few years, but it seemed as if this year was even more important. Oliver Wood was in his final year at Hogwarts and he was determined to finally get his hands on the Quidditch Cup. Oliver was convinced that he had the best team of all at school, but what he did not understand is why it had not worked out the last two years. Now that he had Potter, the cup should have had their name on it, but unfortunately things had gotten in the way—things such as an awful beating against Slytherin in his fifth year and the total abandonment of last year’s tournament. But not this year; this year Oliver was determined to lead his team to victory, but this did not come without the price of much worrying.


The reason why he was so worried was because of the upcoming match against Hufflepuff that day, but he was even more displeased, when he opened the drapes of his bed and spotted the awful weather outside. Why must there be bad weather on the day of a match, he complained, while placing his bare feet on the cold floor and tiptoeing out of the room, trying not to wake anyone. He decided to take a cold shower to help him wake up. He walked down the staircase to the common room which led to the showers. I wonder why someone would not just build bathrooms in our dormitories, he thought while descending the stairs. When he arrived at the bottom, he caught glimpse of what looked like a brown mop hanging over one of the armchairs. Oliver diverted from his path to inspect only to discover that in reality “the mop” was a girl’s bushy brown hair. He smiled to himself, when he recognized this girl to be none other than Hermione Granger, the bookworm everyone knew in Gryffindor. She was the brightest of all witches Hogwarts had ever seen, or at least that is what he had heard from all his professors and even Dumbledore himself.


Why is she asleep on this chair? It’s not like they are more comfortable than the beds, he thought inquisitively. That is when he noticed a book laying on the floor close to the chair. He bent down to grab it, when she stirred.

He retrieved the book and read the title on the cover: “The Keeper, who caught my heart. By Katherine Billows” He laughed slightly, because he had heard about this novel from Katie and Angelina so many times. Supposedly it was about a Quidditch player and girl who fall in love. Complete rubbish, he thought to himself.


“So, Hermione, you enjoy the occasional love stories in between your light reading of millions of books in the school library?” he asked mockingly after he noticed that she had woken up.


Hermione rubbed the sleep from her eyes and arched her back stretching to rid of her terrible back pains, which she most of gotten from falling asleep on the common room chair. She realized Wood was standing over her with the book in his hands, which she had read until she drifted to sleep and dreamed about a Quidditch Keeper sweeping her off her feet. She vaguely remembered the guy, but he was drop dead gorgeous, but what guy wouldn’t be in a dream created in the depth of one’s brain.


It took her a second to understand the word’s Wood had just spoken, but when she finally absorbed the whole situation, she became furious.

She got up abruptly and began to grab for the novel, while yelling at him: “Wood, shut up! Don’t be a brat and give me my book right now!”


Of course, Oliver would not let her have it. That would be taking all the fun out of this, he thought maliciously. He held it over his head, laughing as he watched the fairly shorter Hermione jump up and down trying to get a hold of her book. “Granger, what is so important about these few pages that you are getting so wound up about. Or do you just love every book because that is all you have in life? Or maybe, you are just obscenely obsessed with this story hoping that you were the girl, who would be swept of her feet by that dashing quidditch player,” he teased with a smirk playing on his lips. He knew he had taken this act too far, when he caught the death glare from her dark brown eyes.


Fortunately, his punishment for such an insult followed shortly after. Hermione had mounted the chair she had fallen asleep on, snatched her book out of the hands of a surprised Oliver Wood and smacked him over the head with the novel. “That is what you get for messing with me, Wood!” He watched her dumbfounded holding his head, where she had hit him, as she stomped off to the staircase and up to the girl’s dormitories.


“Can’t anyone take a joke around her anymore? Stupid girls with their bloody tempers, they drive me crazy. I can’t believe she hit me over the head with that damn book. She’s only like 13 and 4 foot tall or something, stupid little girl,” he cursed her under his breath as he headed to his original destination. He entered the shower room and went to the last shower at the end as he had done for the past 6 years and turned the faucet on. He took off his clothes quickly and stepped in the shower. He made sure that the water was the right temperature. He enjoyed a nice and cold shower early in the morning to waken his senses, not to say that Hermione hadn’t taken care of that with her sudden assault to his head. He pushed his thoughts of the fellow Gryffindor aside in order to take up worrying about quidditch again.