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Got My Baby Back by zoeylewxox

Format: Novella
Chapters: 15
Word Count: 57,350

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Young Adult
Characters: McGonagall, Ginny, Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC
Pairings: James/OC, Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire, OC/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 02/26/2010
Last Chapter: 05/05/2010
Last Updated: 05/05/2010

She had spent most of her life thinking she was one person, but when she and her mother suddenly move to London things start to change. She finds out that everything she had once known to be true was all actually a lie - that the people she had trusted the most had never told her the truth. Now she has to adjust to not only a new school, but a new life, and even a new family.

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Chapter 1: First Impressions
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I can’t believe I’m actually going through with this. I’m doing it. Whoa. I’m moving from France to England. From Beauxbeatons to Hogwarts. Cosa that one man. The man who made me. Played with my moms heart. Who nearly caused moms death. So we do the rational thing. We move to his country!

I know that is really messed up. But mom has her reasons. She thinks that he’ll go back to our mansion in France expecting to find us there, so he can ‘fuck her for some more fun’ - she said that not me! Anyways, apparently dad won’t think that Mom and me would ever move to England. To Hogwarts.

So we’re doing it. We’re buying a flat in London, and we’ve got an appointment with Auntie Minnie. For like ten minutes. I’m still kinda in shock. Its my first proper day here. Its gorgeous. I know that so off key and everything. And apparently France is supposed to be prettier. But here was so modern, so upbeat, so classy. France is just fields after fields. Not a gorgeous as here.

I should introduce myself before we leave. Laurie McGonagall, nice to meet you. My Aunties Minerva McGonagall is the Headmistress of Hogwarts- my new school, and she is ages older than my mom. Apparently my mom - Matilda McGonagall- had been a mistake at and old age. She was born when Minnie first started Hogwarts, and everyone knows that was AGES ago. You don’t want to know about my father. Even I don’t want to know about him. All I know is his name - your not knowing-, he had a wife - your not knowing her name-, a kid - your not knowing his name-, and apparently he has a grandchild now to - I don’t actually know his name!- and he was involved in very Dark activity. that’s why he’s in Azkaban. And he’s supposed to be getting out soon. Shiz I know.

My father is scary. He thought he could control mom. He made he keep quiet about the affair. Mom said he went over every couple of weeks for a shag and then he’d go back to his ‘loving’ family, his ‘loving’ master.

So anyways, im sitting at the breakfast bar in our now kitchen. Its nice, being close together I mean. back at the mansion it was so far apart, we were hardly ever in the same room on accident. But this was nice.

Mom was already in their attempting to make waffles for breakfast. I laughed at her. She did not know how to cook. She turned around to look at me. She smiled lovingly.

“You know what… fuck it!” She said laughing and walking over to the cupboard pulling out a bag of choclate chip cookies. “Breakfast doll?” She asked smiling angelically. I had to laugh I had no choice. We were having cookies for breakfast on the first day back to school.

“Come on mom, Minnie will be waiting,” I told her. I felt like the grown-up in this relashionship sometimes. But I didn’t mind. She was my best friend. Back at Beauxbeatons I didn’t have many friends. I wasn’t like them. Apparently I was cocky! I mean everyone knows that all the girls there are part-veela! And I’m cocky! that’s why most of my friends are boys. They love me more!

Me and mom made our way over to the fire place grabbed some green floo powder. And shouted into the fire place ‘McGonagall’s office, Hogwarts!’

When we got there it was quiet funny, mom and I had managed to tangle ourselves up in a ball… so we ended up rolling out of the fireplace, into the middle of Aunties office floor. The carpet was nice. Comfy! Red!

“Morning, Mad, Laur’!” Minerva McGonagall said smirking at our bodies on the floor. I don’t know why but Minnie always seemed to call my mom Mad. Its weird but hell I’ve learnt to not question her anymore. Her headmistresses has inherited some traits from the amazing Albus Dumbledore. She’s mad.

“Little help Min!” Mom shouted from somewhere down the bottom end of my body. I laughed. My mother was also mad. But a nice mad. The kinda mad where you don’t trust her to be in a room alone, because she would wreck something. And that’s a weird thought considering she’s my mom!

Suddenly we were standing up at the side of my aunties desk. She was smiling fondly at me and mom, who were now in fits of laughter, holding onto each other for support. Minnie beckoned us to sit down on the chairs to help with our laughter. I’ve always thought it strange that Minnie liked mom. Because Minnie was at the age were when her mom said she was pregnant, she would almost certainly get an unwanted image in her head. And automatically despise the baby. Well that’s what my mate Robbie did. Kinda nasty actually. However Min loved mom so much. Its like Min is mom’s mom not sister!

Actually that’s not that unbelievable. They look the spitting image of each other. They had different eyes. Both of them had long dirty brown hair - Minnie’s in a nice neat bun, mom’s down with not much care give to it - slim faces, slim bodies - mom’s toned, Min’s just small,- noses. They both have identical noses. Except mom’s eyes are wide and beautiful blue. Thankfully I inherited her eyes. Minnie’s eyes are brown. Dark and loving.

“So Laurie you know you’ve got a place right, I wouldn’t deny my only g-neice a place in my school,” Minnie smiled at me. It was a warm smile. But I knew that it wasn’t used much. She didn’t smile to student! No, that would just be a crime! Ha-ha!

“Well I hoped!” I told her. I always loved her so much more than my grand-parents. They were so disapproving. And they hated mom living in France with me. They dislike me. A lot. Probably because of dad. They could tell that mom was falling for him, and they knew he was using her. And I’ a product. Therefore they hate me as much. Course I never told mom or Min that, they’d just get angry.

“So you got us up extra early for nothing!” Mom whined. I had to laugh. She sounded so much like a child. Like me on some days!

“Am I not allowed to see my little sister and favourite niece. And I thought Laur’ would wanna get Sorted now, instead of in front of the school on Tuesday,” Minnie smiled pulling her tongue at mom. Sometimes those two could be such kids.

I smiled and just let the sisters continue playfully arguing. It was funny. Like it wasn’t enjoyable at all. But hilarious to watch. Kind of like a mother/daughter banter. Not like me and mom though. We never argued. Period.

I looked around the Headmistress office. It was full of all of Min’s possessions, magical and none magical. Also their were photo’s of mom, Min and me. We look cute. Like an adorable family. On the walls of course where portraits of the past Headmasters/mistresses of Hogwarts. They were all staring at mom and Min laughing. I looked at Albus Dumbledore, he was starring adoringly at Minnie, and mom. They obviously had a relationship! That’s so cute. Dumbledore and McGonagall. Albus and Minnie. Minnie and Albus. It so suits. Suddenly Albus looked at me, and he smiled proudly at me. I swear I saw tears trickle in his eyes.

There was another portrait starring at me… Severus Snape. I’d learned that he was the man in charge of Hogwarts during the end of the war. And apparently Harry Potter had named one of his kids after him. But he was starring at me. Like he recognised me. His probably did recognise little bit. I looked a lot like my father. And of course they knew each other.

I have long platinum blonde hair, and large beautiful blue eyes. I’m quite tall, but not lanky. Kinda the right height for a girl my age. I’ve got the same nose as Min and mom. And I’m proud of that. It shows that I am a McGonagall not a…. I’m not even going to say it. My other half is shameful.

“So how bouts it Laur’? Time to get Sorted!” Min asked me, breaking off her argument with mom. I heard mom growl. Min soo won that fight. And mom, she hates to lose.

“Yeah, sure that’ll be awesome,” I smiled and patted my mommy’s arm. She was so dramatic sometimes. I smiled as Aunt Minnie stood up and walked towards her bed chambers. Before she got to the door she picked up an old beaten hat. Smiled fondly and tickled it slightly. My Aunties going mad. She brought the hat back over to us. I saw mom smirk at the sight of the hat.

Of course, this is the famous sorting hat. This hat has sat on many famous people’s head, Hermione Weasley, Ron Weasley, Ginny Potter, Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, Albus Dumbledore, Auntie Minnie. Minnie walked over to the chair on which I was sat and placed the hat upon my head.

Ah! A new head. A booming voice came from the hat. I flinched, I wasn’t used to such loud noises o early on in the morning.

Ah a mix of two brilliant Slytherin familys. Hmm…. Both in the same house, completely different. But you my dear, are strong, loyal brave. All traits of Gryffindor. Yet you are cunning, sly, pureblood. All traits of Slytherin.
I held my breath not knowing where this amazing hat was going to put me. Yes. I was scared.

But it seems you are best placed in... GRYFFINDOR!

The hat finished, Minnie removed it from my head beaming and Mom jumped onto my lap and was now squealing and squeezing the life outa me. I’ve got to admit, I’m happy I got into Gryffindor. Slytherin would have just been darn right scary. But Gryffindor’s the happier place, and that’s we I’ll be for the next year. Gryffindor is were I’ll belong.

“Can I take MY daughter to London now Min?” Mom said climbing outa my lap, standing by the side of my chair, hands on hips tapping her foot. She always made a show. I mean everywhere we went, she would make people look at us. She would flirt shamelessly with teenage boys - I joined in too! She would skip around the street hand in hand with me, and she would sing Barney the Dinosaur theme tune at the top of her voice. that’s moms favourite thing to do. Make a show.

“Ha ha, very funny. See you two soon yeah?” Minnie said tightly hugging mom and me, which we hugged back too. As much as mom and Min argued, every time they left each others side they shared a big embrace. They’d both grown up threw the Second War. And Minnie threw both of them. They know how easy it is to lose people you love.

Me and mom walked over to the fireplace, and grabbed the green power. Mom went first ‘McGonnagal Flat, London’ she said into the fire place. So we were going home first. Before I went into the fireplace I took one last look around my aunties office. The headmistress’ office at my new school. The portraits were smiling at me, like they know my life story. Then I looked to Albus Dumbledore, he looked proud. Like a proud grandfather. Oh it would be SO cool to meet his grandkid! I smiled at Min and stepped into the fire place saying my address as I went.

I stumbled out of the fireplace and walked over to the kitchen, were I could smell the burnt pancakes. My mom was so irrational. Its quite funny because she’s a mom, she’s supposed to cook, clean, shout at me, be old and be ugly. But my mom isn’t any of that. It’s like she’s not really a mom. But she is. She’s mine. I have no doubt about that. But she can’t cook to save her life, she hates cleaning with a passion, never shouted at me ever in my life, is not old what-so-ever and is one of the prettiest people I have laid eyes on. She’s cute. And she’s all mine.

“Here’s my little Gryffindor,” She said smiling at me as I sat at the breakfast bar. I knew that even if I was in any other house, she wouldn’t have minded. She doesn’t mind about things like that though. She’s never cared about blood-status’, or house rivalries. that’s proved seeing who my dad is.

“Hey mom, why are you cooking?” I asked her grinning from ear to ear, I was happy with my new placement. No I was thrilled. Gryffindor was one of the most worthy houses to be in. and me being put their was saying something about my character. I’m blooming bonkers. But so is my mommy dearest, and as long as she shared it with mommy, then I’d be okay.

“Because I feel like pancakes!” She said laughing slightly as she tried to crack an egg into the steaming hot frying pan. The oil in the pan made a weird fizzing noise and mom jumped back in fright. Squealing. I laughed. I laughed a lot. Well everyone would. It was so funny. Mom was nearly hyperventilating. “That was shit scary,” She said, turning to me her eyes wide in horror. I just continued to laugh at her … awesomeness.

“No any decent pubs?” I asked her grinning, when I’d stopped my laughing. I saw the grin spread across her face then. We were obviously going to one of her favourite places in the world. And I liked knowing that mom had lived somewhere other than France. I liked knowing that she has had some involvement in the city. I don’t know why that was important to me, but it was.

“Leaky Cauldron!” she squealed again. I smiled at her excited-ness. It magical and that as good. Maybe mom would let me have a Fire whiskey or a Vodka. I feel like alcohol. Even if it is only midday.

“Lets go then,” I smiled as she led us to the front door. So we were walking. I held my hand out for her, knowing she liked to clutch onto something when she walked. Yeah my moms weird. She happily took it as we started skipping through Muggle London.

We were swinging our hands backwards and forwards at the same pace that we were skipping. We were also singing. And probably getting a lot of weird looks. But that’s one thing I’ve learned about being a McGonagall, yo get the weirdest of looks.

Suddenly mom stopped dead, nearly sending me to the floor. I knew she didn’t mean it and I found it amusing as she stood there and starred at the sign with such longing, it actually made me laugh out loud. That snapped her out of her trance. She led me into the pub, whistling a familiar tune- it wasn’t Barney! She was smiling so wide, her eyes were glazed. She was reminiscing. She’d had awesome memories in this place. I could tell.

“MADDIE! IS THAT YOU!” a red-haired women shouted looking at our direction. I was confused. Who was Maddie? I felt mom’s hand squeeze around hers.

“GIN GIN!” she shouted back and ran at who I assumed was her friend. I watched them as the screamed and hugged over and over again. I lent on the back of the booth with amazement. I knew my mom had lots of energy, but someone who had the same amount as her was hard to come by. And here this lady was.

I watched as ‘Gin Gin’ led my mom over to a raven-haired man who I swear I recognised. Mom leapt on him, giving him a big hug too. So these were her school friends. Now wasn’t a time for me to interrupt.

I looked behind mom, ‘Gin Gin’ and the man. There were four children sitting their, looking amused at who I assumed were there parents. I was that the red-headed lady was introducing mom to her kids. And then I saw mom turn to look in my direction. For a second I thought she was gunna come and get me. But I knew her better than that.

“Laurieee!!!! Get your ass over here babe!” Of course. She shouted me and pointed in my direction, so that any eavesdroppers would know exactly who I am. I laughed at my mom and started to walk over to my mom and the rest of the huddle of people.

“Hey mom, having fun?” I winked at her, she shoved me to the side playfully. I laughed and so the rest of the table.

“Shut it you! Babe, this is Ginny, Harry, Teddy, James, Albus and Lilly. Gin and Harry are my friends from school. And them are they’re kids! How cute is that!” Mom said. I laughed sharing some of her enthusiasm. “Guy’s this is my gorgeous little girl Laurie. She’s starting Hogwarts in September.” She said proudly patting my head. I hate it when she does that, so I tapped her head. And I started a mini-war between mother and daughter.

When it had finished the man (Harry) told us to sit down and we could eat with them. And of course, us being the polite family we are, sat down. I could feel a pair of eyes starring at me. But I ignored it.

After about ten minutes I discovered that Harry, Ginny, James, Albus and Lily were the famous Potter’s. Teddy was their god-son so naturally their other son. About half an hour into lunch I discovered that the Potter’s were some of the nicest people to have ever walked this earth. All they were was considerate and nice.

I turned around to the kid boys and Lily, adult conversation can get boring. I listened to the conversation, without letting on that I was listening. Of course James noticed me. He had blue eyes, like his moms’, and raven black hair that stuck u everywhere, like his dads. He had a cheeky smirk that seemed etched on his face since I first saw him. I don’t know were he had inherited that. But I gotta say his face was fit. I mean like a million times better than they make them in France.

“I’m proposing when she’s put Dom and Louis on the train I think. I’ll bring her to the lake and do it there I think,” Teddy was telling everyone. Both brothers smirked and so did Teddy, yet he looked somewhat embarrassed. Lily looked like it was so cute. And indeed it was.

Teddy turned around to me, he smiled. His smile was an actual smile. It was cute and he had dimples. He had blue hair that was as scruffy as James’ and brownie/black eyes. He also had a lot of scars over his face, and probably over her body. But it suited him.

“Hey, we’re just talking about my girlfriend Victorie. I think I’m going to propose.” he said his cheeks turning a little red.

“You think? It’s a bit late for thinking mate we’ve got the ring,” James said from beside him, nudging his brother. Even though the four weren’t blood relations, you could tell that from just by looking at them. “And I don’t think I’ve introduced myself properly, James Potter the second!” He said holding his hand out for me to take. I had to smirk at this. He was a gentlemen. A flirty, cheating (I’m guessing) gentlemen.

“Laurie,” I said smiling at his shaking his hand quickly. He was funny. He made me laugh, “And proposing’s good if you love her? Do you?” I asked Teddy, but this time it was Lily who answered.

“He’s loved her since second year, and he’s been out of Hogwarts was 2 years?” She asked with an innocent smile she pulled off so well. She smirked. She had a Potter smirk, obvious that she was no innocent puppy. She had bright red hair and emerald eyes - her moms hair , dads eyes. She didn’t wear glasses, and you could tell she is a free flame. You can tell no-one owns her. She does her own thing. And that’s good. Kinda like me. But not. If you get me.

“Then marriage is definitely good.” I smiled laughing at the group.

“I like you. Your like a Potter. But your not. Your cool. Your hot.” Albus said from next to his little sister. I smiled.

“Why thank you Albus,” I winked at the younger Potter boy. Teddy and Lily howled with laughter and James starred menacingly at his brother. Albus was a mini version of James. They were exactly alike. I would have thought that they were twins but, James had experience. I don’t know at what or how I could tell. I just could.

The group of us kids and Teddy chatted as much as the ‘adults’, James, Albus and Teddy telling me about Hogwarts and how great it is. Lily telling me how good they make the lads. I laughed at this. Her brothers glared at her. Ah. They were the protective type. that’s sweet.

“Come on munch kin, time to go.” Mom said after like five hours sitting together. She hugged Harry, Ginny and the kids too. I did the same. Albus held onto me for longer, causing Teddy and Lily to laugh a lot. When I looked at him he looked embarrassed. I winked at him. I was shocked when James pulled me into another hug before we left.

“Sit with me on the train?” He whispered into my cheek. I nodded my head and hugged him back. I felt him breathe out with relief. I giggled slightly at him and messed his hair. Ignoring his protests. Teddy, Albus and Lily laughed at their brothers disgruntled look on his face. I laughed. It was funny.

We turned and left them. Today truly was a good day. The whole getting into Gryffindor, and then meeting the Potters back their. Mom told me stories about her, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Harry and another lady called Luna, and what they got up to in school. Honestly I was excited for Hogwarts. It sounded so loved. So homely. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life. I was eager for it to hurry up and come along.

Mom turned the lock on the door and we both walked in and slumped onto the breakfast bar with a loud sigh. Yeah we’re famous for being so dramatic. It was fun. Then there was a bang. Not like a gun-shot. More like something being dropped in the front room. Someone was there. I looked at mom. She was scared through and through. I could tell. I thought it was dad. It’s definitely dad. He’s come for us. He’s going to ruin the day. No. no. no. 

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Chapter 2: Whoa.
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We were in a posh dining room it looked like. A very wealthy family this was. It was stuck up and formal. It was strange to be in the place. It was unnatural to me. And I don’t like it. We’d been in the room all night so I’d memorised most things on the walls. The photographs. The family emblems. I didn’t recognise anything. I didn’t recognise anyone. I think mom did. Because she stiffened at the picture of a couple on their wedding day.

The lady last night had told us she was extremely sorry but it was for our own good. Wtf is that all about? She brought us food and left us. It wasn’t like we had been captured or anything. It was like she was trying to make us comfortable before she explained. It sure as hell wasn’t working. I still felt as our of place as I did last night.

Mom was slouching on the sofa, she slept last night. I couldn’t. I had too many things going around in my head. Why were we here? What did they want us for? Why was the woman waiting to talk to us? Why did mom stiffen at the photo?

I went back over to look at the photo. It was a wedding one. Of a man with my platinum blonde hair and a amazing smile, standing on his right was a beautiful woman. She had blonde hair too, but it was more a dirty blonde than a platinum blonde. They both looked extremely happy. They were smiling and swinging around on each others arms. I smiled. It was nice to know that something like that could happen. I wonder if it lasted?

The door creaked open.
“Oh I’m sorry I’ll come back” it was that woman again. She wasn’t going to walk away, I really want to know what the fuck I’m doing in this rich house.

“No. wait. Why are we here?” I asked her, I tried not to sneer. It wasn’t attractive and she was being nice for someone who just kidnapped us.

“it’s best to wait till your mother is awake child,” She didn’t say child in the harsh way that teachers say it. It was more like a loving way. I noticed that the woman was starring at me smiling. Like she’d missed me or something. She was familiar. I don’t know why but I recognised her. I did. I don’t know were from but I’ve seen her face before. I know I have.

“Wait. I’ll get her.” I stopped her from walking out of the door, and I turned to my mom. I shook her lightly, “Mom get up,” I told her… slowly her eyes opened and she smiled sheepishly at me. My mom was so cute. “the woman wants to speak now,” I told her and the woman from the door came and sat on the chair opposite to the sofa. She was smiling. Like she was proud of something.

“You wanna talk now? What the fuck we doing here?” Mom said rubbing her eyes. Glaring at the woman. I don’t know why she was being so harsh, but something was obvious. She didn’t like this woman one bit.

“Matilda. We did it for you and you know that!” The woman answered exasperatedly.

“I know. I thank you for it Narcissa. But look were the fuck we are! Your trying to get her back! You promised you wouldn’t do that!” mom shouted back at her. Next thing I know the two women are screaming at each other. I don’t know what the fuck is going on.

A man walked into the room.
“A hem. Come with me miss. Leave these two to it.” He said smiling kindly at me. I was familiar too. He had my hair. He was the same man in that wedding photograph. Me and him looked similar, except he was like my mom’s age. But we looked more related than me and mom did. I don’t know whether that was wrong or right.
“I’m sorry about them, they haven’t liked each other for a long time. What’s your name sweetie,” He cooed me.

“Laurie, what about you?” I answered him, his face lit up. And he started smiling like and idiot. It was refreshing to see that same smile on his face. He was obviously still with his wife.

“Draco. Would you like to meet my kids and wife?” He said smiling. I nodded my head and he led me into a more homely room. This had a woman sitting on the sofa starring at her teenage son who was rushing around stuffing stuff into the bag. This woman was the same from the photograph. He got his happy ending.

“Ast, Scorp this is Laurie. She’s one of the guests mom brought last night,” Draco said rolling his eyes whilst he was talking about his mother. Ast’s eyes lit up in relocation.

“Hello dear, I’m Asteria. This is Draco and mine son Scorpios. He’s a little excitable. Staying at a friends tonight.” Asteria said to me ushering me over to the sofa. She was nice. Friendly. Adorable.

“Hey, Scorp Malfoy! Mom where’s my legs open yes please tee?” the boy asked his mom. I laughed slightly. He had dirty blonde hair and caramel eyes. He was well built and muscley, he was so a beater. He was quiet tall.

“I don’t know sweetie ask your sister,” Asteria answered Scorpios, he suddenly looked quiet annoyed. He walked out of the room and stormed up the stairs shouting.

“I SWEAR MAY IF YOUR WEARING MY CLOTHES AGAIN!” I giggled. I’ve always wanted a sibling to fight with. Always. I hated growing up on my own. Yeah mom is like a sister to me. But she’s not. She is my mom. I want a sister. I want a brother. I want a sibling so darn much.

“Don’t mind them. May likes Scorp’s clothes better than she likes her own,” Asteria said smiling at me and laughing also at her children’s argument. Asteria was familiar too. Not only from the photograph. But I knew her. I did. I’d met her before. But where from?

“Why though? She has the most expensive things she could pick?” Draco muttered as he moved over to sit by me. Asteria hit him playfully. They loved each other so much. You could tell by just by the way they looked at each other. I smiled.

Scorpios and another girl walked into the room… Scorp looking slightly less angry and the girl thoroughly laughing at her brothers reaction. I looked at the girl, obviously May. She looked similar. She looked like me. I mean exactly like me. Her smile was mine. Her big eyes were mine. Her wavy platinum blonde hair was mine. Her curvy slim figure was mine. She was exactly like me. I saw her look at me. Obviously checking me out.

“Whoa you look like me,” She said confused. Scorpios looked at us both. Looking us over.

“Shit you do?” He concluded. Draco spoke up then. Sounding slightly worried.

“now now don’t be silly. You better go Scorp, Al will be waiting. See you tomorrow son.” He said changing the subject quickly. I shot a confused glance at May and she returned it. Whoa. It was like looking in a mirror.

“What ever dad. Bye babe. Bye mom, dad, Laurie” He said kissing his sister and mother on the cheek, sending me a small smile and giving his dad a slap on the shoulder. And he went off into the fireplace without another glance at us.

May sat by her mom and we all just sat their in silence. Their was too many similarities between her and I for it to be a coincidence. And I’m sure she’s thinking the same thing. There is some bond between us. Its like were related. But we can’t be. Ah. But even then its very distant. No way would these similarities be so distant.

“May doll, why don’t you take Laurie up to your room and give her some clothes, merlin can see she needs some,” Asteria said smiling at me and her daughter. She can see the similarities between us too. She wants us to talk. To share clothes. To become friends. I could do that.

“Sure whatever,” May smiled and stood up. I followed her lead and thanked Asteria for suggesting it. I heard May smirk my smirk from behind me. I smirked to. Together and still smirking we walked up the stairs and into a room on the left. It was decorated in red and gold with a Gryffindor banner across the ceiling. She looked my age so possibly she was a fellow class mate?

“You a Gryffindor then?” I asked grinning.

“Course, first Malfoy to become one. Then that little rotter had to join me,” she smiled why talking about her brother, “I don’t think I introduced myself properly. Mayella Malfoy. Seventh Year Gryffindor through and through!” She said smiling. I returned it.

“Laurie McGonagall. Seventh Year Gryffindor transfer.” I smiled as a saw a wide smile flash across her face.

“You’ll have to meet Dom! And the boys! Fuck me you are going to fit in with us so well!” She screeched as she looked into her wardrobe for something for me to wear. I just sat back on her bed and waited. I agreed with her. Me and here are so alike its unreal. Not just in looks either. The way she acted is the way I act to. There’s something special- different about me and her.

Mayella or Ella -she made me promise to call her- picked me some baggy jeans and a white vest top with grey pumps out and I quickly changed. we were now sitting downstairs with Asteria waiting for Narcissa to come and speak to me separately. She was still screaming with mom apparently.

I never knew that two people could be so stubborn. Nothings worth fighting like this over. But something in the back of my mind is telling me that its me. They’re arguing over me. I don’t know why, but that is in the back of my head.

It’s your fault

It not

it is and you know it.

It can’t be

Your family life is screwed.
What? Seriously that voice in my head is screwed. My families not fucked. I’ve got mom. Minnie. that’s all I need. They’re my family. They’d never lie to me. And if they did. I don’t think I could ever forgive them. Lying is a bad thing. It ruin lives. It runs lives to much.

“Laurie? Did your mother ever tell you about you dad?” Asteria asked suddenly. I froze. I didn’t want to talk about him. There is reminders of him in this house. And I do not want to talk about him. Well…. Maybe I will…

“Yeah, he stayed with us a lot. But apparently he had a wife, son and grandkids.” I answered looking up at her. Suddenly her face got very angry. Like she had realised something. I was quiet scared and shocked by the expression. Its something new to me. I rarely see people annoyed. Actually I only do when father is in France with us.

I heard her mutter something like ‘stupid bastard’ under her voice. And then Ella snigger next to her. Oh. So speaking under her breath wasn’t a skill she’d mastered at all. Explains a lot really.

Narcissa walked through the sitting room door then. We all looked up simultaneously. Narcissa smiled happily at us. Her smile was so genuine and happy, it made me smile and want to hug her so much. She looked like her son a lot. And me and Ella to think of it. For just a step parent we sure as hell look a like. But I don’t doubt my mom. She’d tell me if I wasn’t hers. Right? She would? Wouldn’t she?

“Laurie darling, please come through to this room I have a story to tell you,” She smiled again, but this time it was sad. Filled with emotion. She looked like she was about to cry. I don’t want that. She looks to innocent and sweet to cry. Like it would be a sin to make her upset. She s a sweet old lady. She’s adorable.

“Sure,” I said smiling at the lady who I loved so much already. It was nearly as instant love I felt for Draco, Asteria, Ella and Scorp. They were find and loving just like Narcissa. I followed her into the second living room. This was obviously the formal room- it was far too neat to be normal. We sat on the sofa, both next to each other slightly tilted so we were facing each other.

“Sweetie, I would appreciate it if I could tell you this story with no interruptions,” she paused and I just nodded me head, yes I’d be nice, “well my friend and her husband had a son. He had been out of school a couple of years fallen in love and got married. To an amazing girl let me tell you. Not long after their wedding, she got pregnant. With twins. Twin girls. But my friends husband didn’t want to girls as his first grandchildren, so when the girls were born he took one of them to France. He bullied a younger girl to look after her and raise her as her own. And of course she did. He went back to her every couple of months to check that the little girl wasn’t being told anything about her real family. And then he got sent to prison. And the girl continued to grow up under a false name not knowing anything about her real family,” She stopped. I had a strange feeling that this wasn’t a story about her friend. This was about her family. Her friend is her- Narcissa. Her friends husband- father. Her friends son - Draco. Her friends son’s new wife- Asteria. The twins - Mayella and I. the girl growing up in France- Me. The younger girl - mom.

“Laurie, this is your life story,” She concluded.

Chapter 3: I love my new family
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Crap. Whoa. I’d been lied too? She was telling the truth. That’s for sure. Their was sincerity was laced in her voice. Damn. I was too stunned to say anything. My mom had lied to me. Minnie had lied to me. I’ve been raised as a McGonagall - but I’m a Malfoy. Oh my gosh. But the nose? Minnie, Matilda and I have the same nose.

“I believe you. But the nose. We have the same nose.” I said confused. Narcissa stroked my arm gently. Comforting me.

“Magic deary. She transfigured your nose to mimic her families.” Narcissa waved her wand and I felt the parts of my face shrink slightly. I no that I’ll look the spitting image of Ella now. I didn’t even need the mirror that Narcissa handed me. But I took it and looked anyway. I was different. It was weird how a simple moving of my nose made me look so new. So different.

“You said false name. what’s my name?” I asked her. Wanting to no the name I was going to be called now. Now that I knew my parentage, I was prepared to live up too it. Starting with my proper birth name.

“I can’t tell you that. That is a conversation with your parents. Yes Draco and Asteria.” She answered smiling. She swiftly stood up and left the room. Leaving me to contemplate on what I’ve just been told. I should have grown up with my twin as a best friend and a baby brother to look after. I should have had siblings to argue with. I should have had two parents looking after me loving me with all of their heart. But I didn’t and it was all her fault. She lied to me. She did the one thing that I would never be able to forgive her for.

I hate liars. And she lied. I can’t forgive her. Ever. She’s ruined the closest relationship she’ll ever had. And she can’t make it any better. So much for my wonder mom who’ll never hurt me. But she hurt me. In the worst way anybody could. She lied about my family. I can’t honestly believe she kept all of that stuff from me. She let me believe that that scum was my dad. She never told me that my real family misses me. That my real family loves me. If she had told me all of this. I’d be with her now. I’d stay with her - stay a McGonagall. But she didn’t and now I’m a Malfoy.

The door opened and two people came in. Asteria and Draco. Mom and Dad. It sounded right. It fit. It worked. They were hand in hand. Mom had tears running down her face and dad was starring at me, taking in every bit of my appearance. They knew it was me. They knew I was their long-lost baby girl. And I was home. Back in the place I’m supposed to be.

“Baby?” Mom asked wiping her eyes looking at me. I felt my eyes begin to water. I nodded my head and moved towards her. She ran at me and embraced me in the strongest most loving hug I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Her head was pressed against my hair, she was taking in my sent kissing my hair. I sniffed. She smelled of something exotic. It was lovely. I felt another strong on my waist. Dad’s. I turned to face him. He was crying now, his eyes filled with pride. I reached and wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face in his shoulder as he hugged me closely. We fit. He was my dad. He was the one who was supposed to teach me right from wrong. He’s my dad. For real.

“It’s you isn’t it. My little Maizey-kins?” Daddy asked me smiling. We were sitting on the couch now. I was in-between mom and dad. Mom was clutching onto me for dear life, stroking my arm. It felt right. She’s my mom. For real.

“Maizey. That my name before I went to France? Right?” I looked at dad. He new that that was his answer. Maizey did seem familiar to me. I remember someone saying Maizey, but I’d always assumed that it was one of Matilda’s friends kids. Obviously not. It was me.

“Yes doll,” Mom answered, “My gorgeous girls, Maizey and Mayella.” she continued. And then of course she remembered Ella. She called her into the front room. I was slightly scared. How would she treat me now? Did she still think that we’d get on brilliantly. I heard footsteps coming towards the door. Quick ones. She was running! This was either amazing or really bad.

“OH MY GOD MAIZE!!” Ella shouted jumping on my knocking me back so I was lying on the sofa with her on top of me. She hugged me tightly and I hugged back. I had a family. For once in my life, I belonged in a proper family.

After a while dad pulled Ella off of me, claiming she was crushing me. We all laughed. Dad decided we should go into the other room- it was more suitable apparently. Ella interlocked our fingers and we started swinging our arms as we walked down the corridor to the other room. Mom and dad both behind us, smiling at the new family.

We sat and talked for hours. Narcissa joined us after a couple of hours. We were talking about me. What interested me. What I liked to do. How did other people treat me. What I’d been like as a baby. If I remembered anything. To no surprise what-so-ever Ella and I were so alike! Sitting their with my family was amazing, we all loved each other so much, you could feel the love radiating off of us. It was - no pun intended- magical.

“I best go tell Scorp we found his big sister,” Daddy said at about 9 o’clock. Yeah of course Scorp needed to know about me. It was just lucky that I didn’t really no anyone to tell the story to. Ah. that’s when it hit me. I had a train date with James. I’d have to tell him. He still knew me as Laurie McGonagall. I’ll tell Ella once the parental’s are gone. She’d no what to do.

Mom sent us upstairs to get to know my room. It was on the kids floor. So Ells, Scorp and I have a floor to ourselves. My room was a light pink and had lots of fluffy animals on the floor and walls. Of course it hasn’t changed since I was a kid. I smiled. I did faintly remember this room. It was familiar. I wanted to feel the fluffy carpet on my feet so I took a step forward. However before my feet could even reach the floor Ell put her hand out to stop me.

“As soon as you step inside, it’ll recognise you as it’s owner. Therefore it’ll change into you.” She said smiling at my amused look. So that’s why her room fit her personality perfectly. I was glad she warned me though. It would have just been heartbreaking for all of this perfect stuff to disappear in front of my eyes with no warning.

I stepped in, closing my eyes, holding my breath. I was scared. What if it didn’t change? What If I’m not this Maizey I love already? What If I’m not a Malfoy at all? Damn. I heard Ella exhale and sigh ‘oh my god’ I heard her whisper. I didn’t know whether this was a good thing or not. So because I’m a Gryffindor and I’m supposed to be brave, I opened my eyes and peered into my bedroom.

Oh my god. It was beautiful. It was me. It was taunting. It was sexy. It was courageous. It had black and dark purple walls, but it didn’t drain any light from the room. If anything it added more. It had a large disco ball in the middle of the room, as the light! So when the light switched on the room would glow. There was a massive stereo in the corner, I knew as soon as I turned it on then it would be very loud and the room would be like a club. There was also three metal poles in front of the big glass doors that led onto a balcony. For my pole dancing. Not many people know that I do that. But Beauxbeatons girls can be down right rebellious! My bed was by the door, it was a double with deep purple hangings and it looked very comfortable. I knew I’d fall asleep immediately after my head had touched the pillow. It looked amazing. And of course to top it all off, a Gryffindor banner across the ceiling.

“No offence Maize, but I’m stealing your room.” Ell said from beside me, sitting on my bed to admire the view even more. I smiled.

“Just have different colours yeah,” I replied not minding her have the same room as mine. It was a hot room. I saw her nod. I flipped off my shoes and got on a pole. I pulled my self up it and sun around landing at the bottom on my feet again. It felt so good. I hadn’t danced like that since the end of term party with me and the boys. The girls at Beauxbeatons don’t like parties. Stupid idiots.

“You pole dance?” Ella asked me, starring at the pole with wide eyes. She wanted to try it. I laughed. She was like me. She’d LOVE teasing lads with our routines.

“I’ll teach you sometime okay, Ell can I ask you something?” I said walking over and plonking myself onto the bed next to her. I felt her lay down next to me.

“Corse sis, anything for my twinny.” I smiled slightly, I loved the way that sounded. I hesitated for a moment. I had no idea how this was going to sound. But I really need help on it. I remembered his face. His smile. His scowl. His eyes. His cheeks. His voice. Our train date!

“What’s up Maize?” She said again, now propping herself up onto her elbows so she could see my facial expression. I did the same.

“I meet someone. And I can’t stop thinking about him. And I don’t know whether that’s good or bad. But its annoying me so much.” I told her slowly, not giving anything away. She would no him. She was in the same year and house as him. And judging by the personalities, they would be friends.

“Who is it babe? Someone in France?” she said, the fire in her eyes disappearing. They were worried now. She was scared that I’d leave her and go back to France with my hot boys. “Is it one of them?” She asked pointing to a picture on the wall, right next to my bed. I had to look back. I didn’t even notice that that was there.

It was a picture of me and the three boys that I fell in love with at Beauxbeatons. I mean like friendship love by the way. Bobby P, Kieran and Jase. They were mine. And everyone knew that. We broke every rule there is at that school. We through parties for the boys - girls didn’t lie to party (sad bitches)- I entertained teachers. This picture was the four of us before the big end of term party we always through. The boys in simple jeans and white shirts. They still looked hot. And me, in the little black dress and heels. Hair normal and straight. I didn’t look to bad, but not as good as the boys. I felt a tear come to my eye. I missed them. They are the only things I’ll miss. I swear to god - they were my life. They were the only people I could be me around - the only people I could be a Malfoy around. That night was a good one, all I remember is drinking a lot!

“No, their by best friends.” I said simply not tearing my eyes away from those boys. The ones which my whole life revolved around. Shit what am I going to do without them.
“It’s someone else but I don’t wanna tell you because you probably know him,” I told her, I think she recognised the croakiness of my voice. I did feel like I was going to burst out crying.

“I think I get it, he knows you as Laurie and you really like him. And you don’t want him to think your lying to him. He’s the only one who’s on your mind, even when you’ve had really dramatic days. When your upset you want to be in his arms. With him comforting you. You want him to care as much as you do,” She paused, that dazed look in her eyes disappeared. I nodded silently, I knew she was talking about her now. Not me. I lay back again, I felt Ell do the same. “Tell him. Explain everything,” That was it. It was simple. Easy. True. My sister is an angel.

“I love you Ell. And don’t worry, we’ll get you your guy first” I smiled slightly moving closer to her. I think I fell asleep because I don’t remember anything from then.

I drifted off into a dreamless sleep. Which was surprising, especially after the day I’d just had. I was asleep on my bed with my gorgeous sister lying next to me. Her head on my shoulder. My arms wrapped around her. Like we’d known each other for years not days. But in some way, I always knew that she was there with me. Keeping me a true Malfoy at heart.

“Girls,” I heard mom’s voice next to me, slowly I opened my eyes to see her beautiful face at the side of me. Yes. It hadn’t been just a dream. “Morning, I’m going to get Scorp, wanna come. I know he wants to meet his sister properly,” Mom said, I looked over to Ella, she was slowly waking herself up too. I wanted to go. I want to hug my little brother.

“Yeah, I wanna come” I answered, mom swept down and kissed my cheek sweetly.

“Let us get ready mom, half an hour?” Ella said from beside me rubbing her eyes and stretching. I stifled a laugh, she looked hilarious.

“Sure, half an hour girls. Oh an I love your room Maize,” Mom said winking at me. I laughed and kicked Ella outa my room. I need to get ready. Clothes from Ella’s room had magically duplicated themselves into my wardrobe. So we both had the same stuff now. I got a pair of jeggings and a purple hoodie. I really can’t be bothered today. I found a bobble in my separate bathroom and threw my hair up into a bun, only leaving my sidey’s down. I took pride in them. I washed my face and brushed my teeth and did some silent magic to put my make-up on for me. I was ready. I looked in the mirror, I don’t look like as much as a tramp any more.

I walked downstairs and into the kitchen, mom was sitting their with the news paper. She was laughing at something on the paper, she looked at me and grinned. I sat opposite her and smiled. She pushed the paper over to me. At the bottom of the page was a small article:

Last night the famous Potter household was thought to be under attack. Several girly screams and were coming from Albus Potters bedroom. Just a not to readers, Ginny and Lily were out with friends. So what was Mr. Potter doing up in his room, causing him to shriek so loud? Is the famous Harry Potters youngest son not so straight and narrow after all?

Ha. Ha. I laughed. Albus didn’t seem gay when I met him. What was he doing!?

“Albus is Scorp’s best mate. He was their last night with him,” Mom explained. I laughed some more. Understanding. It was probably my fault they were accusing Al of being gay! Ha.

After ten more minutes we were ready to go. Ella had had a good ole laugh at the article, apparently he’s a player in school. So he’s everything but gay. Oh I wonder what this’ll do to his reputation. Bless. We all flooed to the Potter Manor. Mom had warned them I was coming to it wasn’t a shock for them to see me!

“Girls!” Ginny Potter shouted from behind the cooker coming up to give mom a big hug, and then one to me and Ella, “Nice to see you May, Maizey. “ She smiled and winked at me. “James is in his room go on.” She bobbed her head to the door leading to the stairs.

“Thanks Gin!” Ella screamed grabbing my hand and pulled me with her up the stairs to the top floor and into the room. James was sitting on the bed with just a pair of jeans on. It looked like he was inspecting which top to wear. Ha! And the media said Al was the gay one.

“Hey gay boy,” Ell said raising her eyebrows at her friend who turned around and starred at us. He lingered on me, he was looking me u and down inspecting me. His mouth was a wide ‘O’ so I’m guessing he was liking what he was seeing. “Stop checking out my sister and give me a hug!” she said swatting his head. That got him outa his daze. He stood up and hugged Ella before saying anything. He had such a good body. Better than Kei’s and his was the best in France!

“Hey Ell’s whatchoo doing here, and who’s this?” he said in his extremely sexy voice, he smirked and me and winked. Oh so he wasn’t going to tell anyone he knows me as Laurie, not Maizey. His hand stayed on Ell’s waist and I felt kinda jealous. I looked at my nails and starting examining them, god I need a manicure.

“This Mr Potter, is my gorgeous, sexy, POLE-DANCING twin sister. Maizey Malfoy,” she smirked at me, knowing the pole dancing part would catch his attention more than my name.

“You pole dance?” He asked looking shocked. What do I look like some kind of virgin saint. Unlikely mate.

“Yeah pretty fun if you get my drift, good exercise. Got some poles in my room actually, I’ll give you a show if you like,” I raised my eyebrows playfully at him, Ella chuckled. My true Malfoy was coming out. I was new to it, but I loved it. I’ve always wanted to be this outspoken.

“Yeah, sure-” He was cut off as his bedroom door was nearly thrown of his hinges. Next thing I know I’ve got a massive strong body wrapped around me. I recognise the sent, it was my baby brother. We just stood there hugging each other, and after about two minutes, Ella butted in and joined us. So we were standing in Sexy James Potters room, having a good old family reunion.

I love my NEW family. 

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Chapter 4: Party - Part 1
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A/N : btw this is in Ella's POV. Like the whole thing, thanks :)

So were having dinner, and dads talking about going to the press about Maize being back. Apparently he doesn’t like that idea, but I know for a fact he’s lying. He loves knowing that if Scorp or I do any crazy, rash things he’ll find out because it’ll be in the news. And of course he wants the same for Maizey.

I looked over at Scorp, he’s beating himself up. You can tell by the look on his face. Not only did he miss the first day with his sister, but he made his best friend seem gay! I mean the media know what Al’s like in school, and they still print that he ‘is not as straight and narrow as we thought!’ the media have got some nerd. Oh how I’d have loved to seen Harry’s face when he read that. Of course we ‘famous’ people don’t believe a word the papers say, but it’s still a laugh to see what they print.

“May, maybe you can take your sister out tomorrow day-time so they’ll be expecting a conference?” Mom asked knowing that I was best to include me in the conversation, other wise I’d be very zoned out for the rest of the meal. I smiled at her and she nodded in understandment.

“Sure, Maize will have to meet Dom too… so I’ll text her in a bit and make some plans,” I answered sending a smirk at my twin sister. She smirked back. Oh good. She got the message, tomorrow is going to be one hell of a day. I think dad caught the message too because he frowned at the two of us and then shook his head. He knew even if he didn’t allow it we’d still go!

“I was thinking maybe a party before you go back to school. So that Maizey can meet all of your friends, and so the press can see her finally, when there supposed to be?” Dad asked.

“SHOPPING!” I shouted and to not much of my surprise so did Maizey. Did I mention we’re more alike than we look. Scorp laughed a hearty laughed and mom smiled. Dad frowned again. He obviously didn’t like Maizey being out in public. But he’s gotta get over it. She’s 17, not 7. She’s not a baby. And neither am I. but even though we know he knows that, he’s babying us girls more than he ever has.

The next morning I ran from my room - which was the same as Maizeys except it’s pink and black not purple - and down the stairs into the front room. Sitting their on my sofa was a gorgeous blonde, how was very tall and skinny. She had a gorgeous complexion and you could tell she had Veela blood. This was my best friend in the whole entire world. Dominique Weasley. She was munching on toast. Raising and eyebrow at me she said,

“Morning doll,” I laughed and jumped on her for a hug, not caring that my mini-skirt was probably by my waist right now. But so. This is my girl. And no-ones taking me away from her. Except Lorcan. When he gets his hands on her I’ll hardly see her!

“DOMMIE!” I said squeezing her, I felt her giggle against my chest and she replies ‘ELLIE!’ I love this girl I really do. Together me and her keep Hogwarts in check. And no obviously Maizey will help us. She will need to know what she can and cant do around school. But shes a Malfoy and shes my twin, and by the look of the photo on her wall shes a bit of a minx too - therefore she can do anything she wants.

“Right missy, I wanna meet your sister. I need to get to know my new best friend now don’t I!?” She asked raising her eyebrow again. I swear she practices that in front of the mirror. Omg I’ve so gotta ask Victorie or Louis! Haha! Imagine that.

“Come on then she should be ready by now,” I interlocked our fingers- like usual and towed her u the stairs. I barged into Maizey’s room who was standing at the mirror doing her make-up. She turned to look at me and smirked the Malfoy smirk.

“Fucking hell Ells, don’t knock you know.” She said feigning annoyance, I smiled and jumped onto her bed, which of course was unmade. I mean come on if we made our bed what would House-Elves do.

“Shut it you. This is Dom your new best friend,” I introduced smiling at Dom who was now studying Maizey, it would take her approximately two more seconds to realise that we’re exactly the same. Maizey looked stunned that she didn’t say anything. So of course I signalled for her to lay on the Malfoy charm. And I mean girl she has got a lot of it.

“Hey Dom, I’m Maizey” She smiled looking confident as usual.

“SHit you’re the same. Sorry hey best friend ready to shop?” And from that moment then I forgot any worry I had about those two. We were going to be the best of friends. Like ever! So we’re just so damn awesome!

We went down stairs kissed moms cheek - even Dom did- and kissed Scorp - even Dom- he shrugged us off, but everyone knows he loves having the hottest blonds kiss him. Even if we are his sisters! Yeah he’s slightly perverted. But when it comes to one Miss Rose Weasley, he is the perfect gentleman. Bless his heart.

We apparated to Liverpool, Dom and mine favourite shopping place. And of course they’re were Paparazzi waiting for us. I swear they stalk us. Dom and I are a well-known. Because 1) our parents were main parts in the second war in Hogwarts (Dom’s dad got attacked) and 2) we’re James Potter II best friends, and as he’s Harry Potter’s son everything we do gets publicised. I did explain this to Maizey so she wouldn’t seem shocked, but hell it can be scary. I looked at her she seemed calm, confident, determined. She looked like a Malfoy, and this I smiled eve wider at.

‘Mayella who’s that? She looks like your sister? Dominique why you in muggle Liverpool? What’s the occasion girls!?’ reporters left right and centre asked us. So me being me did the most stupid thing I could think of. The one thing dad told us not to do.

“MAIZEY’S HOME! But shush I weren’t supposed to say anything,” I laughed and ran away, knowing that I had both the girls behind me. We entered CULT - our fave shop- and collapsed in laughter. We heard the snaps clicking so we just browsed for dresses. A really annoying thing about hosting the party was we had to be at the formal for at least ten minutes. And we had to look like ’ladies’ not ’sluts’ as daddy so politely called us once. Mom slapped him. It was funny.

Anyway we searched for our normal party stuff in the end we got the same things. All in different colours, I can just see now that’s how we three are going to roll. Oh yes its gonna be a gooden. It was a short boob-tube dress that has netting at the bottom so it goes out slightly with a big black bow around the waist. Mine was pink, Maizey’s purple and Dom’s blue. We all bought necklaces, bangles and earrings to match our selective colours. Before we bought everything we tried it all on, and dang we looked good. I’d see Fred tonight. Maybe have a dance. Tonight I want to make him want to ask me out. Please make that night be tonight.

Next we went to another shop called T K Maxx and each of us picked out ball gowns. Dom had to because her parents -Bill and Fleur - were going to be at the adult party, so they needed to arrive all together. So she’d be at the formal with u for about ten minutes. Along with the rest of her cousins, or how I like to call them, the Wotters. Weasley and Potters get it? Yeah I’m sad. You soo love it!

“Daddy loves me the most you know,” I said on the way back to the apparating spot, we ignored the press - like we’d being doing I don’t know all our fucking lives.

“No he doesn’t I’m his favourite,” Dom said winking, I looked to Maizey to see hif her expression had changed, only slightly. She was smirking now. She obviously expected Dom to say something like that.

“Well everyone knows I’m his favourite, since I’m the one he’s just got back,” She said smartly grinning widely.

“whatever, he loves me the most,” I stuck my toungue out before apparating back home. And daddy was in the sitting room smiling at me. I bounded over and jumped into his lap. “Daddy I’m your favourite aren’t I?” The girls arrived as I jumped on his knee.

“No! Daddy I am!” Dom came and sat on dads other side, gripping onto his arm lovingly.

“Daddy, I thought you loved me!” Maizey said hugging his legs tightly. He laughed. I mean really laughed. We all shook. It was funny. I laughed.

“Now now girls, I love you all equally,” He said still grinning widely at his girls. Even though Dom isn’t his daughter, I know daddy thinks her as one of the family. She looks a bit like us, and acts like us. She’s like the third twin! The third triplet!

“okay, but I know mommy loves me more!” Maizey got up and ran from the room as quick as she could. Probably to get to mommy. Today we were feeling kiddyish, so we went after her and chased her into the kitchen.

“HEADS UP” Dom shouted as she dived for Maizey’s legs, bringing her down to the floor. I burst into a fit of laughter at my two best friends on the floor. Mom and Scorp looked at us like we were mad. But they love us. So they laugh. I would have gone and sat next to mommy and bragged about how much she loved me more than the others. But that was too darn funny. I heard footsteps behind me, and dad walked in looked at the girls - shook his head and chuckled to himself.

Yeah he loves me the most!

Yeah I’m the most normal.

Yeah I’m the prettiest.

Yeah I lied about that last one.

Right now Maize and I are sitting on my bed in my room, slobbing out with chocolate. Dom left like an hour ago - she needed to act surprised by the party tonight. But of coure her family knew we would have told her so there was really no point - yeah she still insisted on going. Ah well it’s Dom for ya. Over-dramatic moron, kinda like her whole bloody family - The Wotters.

I mean it the Wotters are the most over-dramatic people in the world, and I’m not just talking about the many cousins that make up the Hogwarts population. I mean the dads, the moms - even nanny and granddad Weasley are really dramatic. Every time I’m over there with Dom and …… Freddie, nanny Weasley shouts at Freddie and his dad, saying something about times repeated. It’s very funny. We find it hard not to laugh. But we stop ourselves. I swear nanny W can be bloody scary. She scares Freddie and he doesn’t get scared at anything - well maybe something but I don’t know. I’m not in his gorgeous head.

Anyways Maize and I are sitting on my bed munching chocolate - because we’re hungry and chocolate is the best thing in the whole ENTIRE world. It makes everything seem so much nicer. I swear there must be a Stimulant in there because nothing legal can make you feel so good. Except maybe weed - and that was once by the way!

“Ah babe I’m stuffed, I’m so going to look fat tonight,” Maizey moaned clutching her stomach and rolling on my bed, all through the Chocolate Frog wrappers. I laughed she was as dramatic as Dom.

“Shush up, no you wont. But if you do I’m sure we can find a human-friendly shrinking spell!” I joked poking her stomach. It was no bigger than it was before. I placed my head on it “Any way you can dance it all off,” I replied sighing. I could hear her heart beat and it made me think - was Maizey the only person who’s heart beat I’ll ever hear? Because this year if I don’t get the boy I want , I wont have anyone.

I’ve been after him for ages. Always dropping hints. Always flirting. And he winks and goes to kiss another girl. So I try to make him jealous. I get boyfriends. I snog random lads in the corridor - daring him to say something. But no. he has every single girl in the school- that’s above third year and not a relative - in his bed. He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get how much I actually need him. Because when I’m not trying to make him jealous; and he’s not with another slut, he’s my best friend. He’s Freddie Weasley. And I really really want him.

“Babe?” Maizey asked propping herself up onto her elbows. I turned my head so that I was looking at her, I slightly tilted my head - motioning her to carry on, “Do I get to meet this boy tonight?” She said starting to smirk. What?

“What boy?” I asked, my face blank. I have no clue what boy she wants to meet - as long as it’s not Freddie.

“You know, the one your pinning after - the one you think about when we’re not talking.” She answered, grinning widely. Stupid bint. I didn’t want to tell her. Dom nos the basics. But she doesn’t actually know how much I like him.

“Its Freddie Weasley - and when he’s not shagging some girl and I’m not snogging some boy; he’s my best friend. The bestest ever. He treats me with respect. Hugs me for the sake of it. Walks around with his arm around my shoulder - just so he’s sure he won’t get lost. Waits up for me at night - just to wish me a good night. He makes sure I’m alright everyday. He throws my birthday party for me at school. He makes sure no lad takes advantage. And he’s fucking gorgeous,” I told her smiling to myself. Just thinking about him makes my heart beat faster. My whole life revolves around him. And I’ve honestly just realised that.

I felt Maizeys hand reach down into my hair. I sighed as I felt her fingers run through my hair. I knew she wasn’t going to breathe a word to anyone - and I know she’s not going to try to comfort me. Because it wont work. To be perfectly honest, the only thing that’ll make me feel more alive than I do now would be him. Freddie Weasley. Hogwarts resident man-whore. I think, think I’m in love with him. Fucking hell.

Maizey didn’t wait for an answer to the question- I think she knows he’ll be here. And that’s scary. He’ll be in my house. I’ll be drinking - possible high. So what the hell might I say. I might pill everything so the anyone who’s important will know I fancy Freddie Weasley - my best friends cousin. That part bothers me too - him being Dom’s cousin. I know she says she doesn’t mind, but I know if she liked my cousins I wouldn’t be so cool with it. But I don’t know. In some ways Dom is more mature than me. I know what your thinking the girl who just floored your twin - more mature than you ( who stood there laughing). Yes she is. She’s more grown up - more happier with herself. Me? I’m nothing. Sometimes I cry all day and all night because I’m not as perfect as the other girls in the frigging school. But I know they all think I’m perfect. But I’m not! They treat me like I’m some sort of queen. But I’m not! I’m just a girl who has been accepted into an extremely wealthy crowd. Of course it helps that I’m rich. But just because i have money - it doesn’t mean there’s not a thing wrong with me. Look at it this way - my granddad is a Death Eater and he kidnapped my twin sister. My dad he got the Dark Mark when he was still at school. Its not a good thing. To be a Malfoy. Yeah our reputations changed - but I can’t ever forget that practically half of my family have been involved with the Darkest Arts. And that, is not a good feeling.

“Babe? Wanna get ready?” Maizey said slightly smirking. She was excited for tonight - I was too on my first party night. Of course I was about 2 but its still nervous. Everything has to be perfect - as tonight is the key to Maizey Malfoy reputation. And Marlin knows that’s important.

“Yeah! Lets do this!” I said with much more enthusiasm than I felt. I felt hopeless - dirty - raw- ugly. Tonight though I’m going to forget about Freddie fucking Weasley. I’m going to have the time of my life with my adoring sister nxt to me. Yeah. I’m not going to ay any noticed to the freaking slut. Tonight is about Maizey and I promise I will not take the lime light away from her. This was going to be one of the best nights of her life - and school tomorrow!

I told Maize to go to her room to get ready I wanted to right a letter. If this was going to be the best party ever we needed those French Party Boys - the one’s on Maize’s wall. Princess will find them - definitely. I took a piece of parchment from my bedside table and started to scribble the letter:

Bobby P, Kieran and Jase

Hey my name is Ella Malfoy - I’m Maizey’s (Lauries) sister. I was wondering if tonight you could possibly come to Malfoy Mannor for a part we are holding in honour of my sister being home. I know that Maizey would love for you guys to be there and hopefully you can surprise her? Write back quickly please,
Love Ella x

I called Princess up to my room and told my gorgeous tawny owl to find them quickly. And of course she soared out of the window taking off towards France. I hope this party will be good - the formal will introduce Maize to the fame side of us all and the teen party will introduce her to life at Hogwarts. Hopefully it’ll be good.

Right so were standing in the doorway of Scorp’s room. Waiting to be called down. I think its Charlie Bagman doing the commentating. She usually does.

“at the door is the lovely Weasley’s! Bill, Fleur, Dominique and Louis, I have been informed the Victorie will be arriving later on in the night,” She said I turned to Maizey and took her hand. Dom was here, that was comforting right?

“Heavily pregnant Hermione Weasley and family are here now. Ron, Rose and Hugo Weasley, and look at that Mr George, Angelina, Freddie and Roxanne Weasley are right behind them,” My heart fluttered at Freddie’s name. stop. I need to get over it. I can’t think about that tonight. I imagined George run over to Charlie and high-five her. Of course they played on the same Quidditch team.

“Luna, Rolf, Lorcan and Lysander Scamnder next people, and the Potters. Harry, Ginny, James, Albus and Lily! Of corse Teddy will be arriving with Miss Weasley. And that’s it folks all the guests here! Time for the hosts!” Charlie shouted. I felt Maize stiffen at James’ name. oh I think my little sister has a crush on Jamey Potter!

“Draco and Astoria!” Charlie shouted. I moved closer to the stairs knowing it was nearly time. Dad and mom walked down then stairs and waved to the cheers - James, Freddie, Scottie, Hugo, Albus and George.

“Mr Scorpios Malfoy,” Scorp kissed our cheeks and squoze Maizey’s amr comfortingly before making his own way down the stairs. And of course Scorp winked at the boys. And Al being Al winked back - he’s so not helping his gay charges.

“Miss Mayella Malfoy,” Charlie shouted me next, I smiled at Maize and let go of her hand and started making my way down the stairs. I smiled and put one hand on the bar and giggled as more people were cheering now - Dom the loudest. I looked at Freddie and he was laughing with his dad. Merlin he knows how to make a girl feel good about herself. I reached the bottom of the stairs with Scorp, mom and dad and waited for a Charlie to reveal a nervous twin of mine.

“And introducing Miss Maizey Malfoy!” Charlie said just as loud, I knew that the walk felt long - but I knew my sister. She’d milk it. And then I saw it, her dark purple heel step out… all went quiet everyone was watching the foot. Her leg and waist came next…. Still silence. Then her chest and proud face. She was smirking. The did the long walk starring at all the boys. Mainly James. Awh, my sister likes James. I looked over to where him, Freddie and Scottie were standing. His eyes were wide and his face focused on hers. That was good Scottie was focused on her chest. Typical boy… Freddie snapped his head around to Maize the second I looked at them. He was just grinning stupidly at her. Maize got half way down the stairs and still no-one was clapping, she looked a tad nervous now. I looked at Dom she nodded. We cheered as loudly as we could - the other girl Weasley’s and Scorp joined in too. The boys were too busy checking her out. Bless.

“Whoa, she well fits in with the family don’t she guys?” Charlie said as she stood next to us, the crowd cheered again, Scottie and James making whooping noises. “Now if Draco could come up here and he can take the presses statements, I’m guessing the kids wanna go next door - Have a pleasant night, don’t do anything I wouldn’t,” Charlie said flirtatiously to us, making several adults groan - each of them knowing that theres nothing Charlie Bagman wouldn’t do. And of course we whooped!

I leaded the teens through the door and out through the courtyard to get to our club - dad had one built for us cos he loves us. Whilst I was leading us, a familiar arm crept around my shoulders. It was the person I didn’t particularly want to spend time with tonight.

“You look hot Ellie,” He whispered in his ear. I shivered unwillingly at the closeness of our faces. I could hear his slow breathes, feel the warmth on my cheek. I stopped, turning to look at him.

“Thanks Freddie, but what about now?” I flicked my want and I had my short dress with accessories on. I raised my eyebrow waiting for an answer, but he just starred at me. Great. “Gee Freds you sure do no how to make a girl feel special,” I said walking off in front of him again. He didn’t answer. He didn’t follow. He watched me walk away. And I swear to god I hated doing it. Like really hated it. It felt like I was standing on my heart - with heels on.

I opened the door to my very own club and smiled. It smelled of my favourite - fire whiskey and hardcore dance. The speakers were booming and the rrom was practically shaking. Just the way I like it. I felt Dom slide her arm through mine and I smiled.

“What you do to my favourite cousin sexy - looked like you killed him?” Dom asked raising an eyebrow.

“I changed in front of him and he starred and thanked him and walked away,” I told her, slightly confused by the situation myself.

“He likes you,” She said simply and walked off to dance with her other cousin - Scottie. She was lying definitely. If he liked me he would have talked to me then not just ignored me. If he liked me …. He wouldn’t be over there dancing with Katrina Halfhat. But of course he doesn’t, and of course he is. My heart sank a little.

I looked around to find my sister - she was with James and she was grinning like an idiot. They were dancing in the middle already - to one of my old favourites Castles in the Sky. When I say old I mean like really old! But it’s amazing and I love it. So my gorgeous sister and one of the best friends I can have are dancing to my song. The boy I like/best friendis of dancing with another girl - to busy to look at me. My best (girl) friend is dancing with her cousin (another best friend). And I’m the only one left. Great. So I do what I do best. I get fucking hammered.

So I’m over at the bar having Fire whiskey after Fire whiskey. I’ve been here for like 2 hours. And I was gone. I can’t even feel myself anymore. Freddie walks over and noticed my dazed look.

“You okay gorgeous?” He asked concerned. He strokes my face, but I brush it off.

“Come dance Freds!” I shouted over the music and pulled him to the dance floor. He didn’t want to let go he knew as well as I did I’d fall to the ground! He danced with me. We danced and grooved everywhere. I put my back to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and danced more. I felt him carefully put his hands on my hips. Careful not to spill his whiskey. I took it out of his hand and swigged it. I gave it back to him with a smirk.

“Oh no you didn’t!” He said grinning, he put me on his shoulders. I screamed and shouted but couldn’t help but laugh. Finally I had his attention,. He was so gorgeous and yummy. I’d frigging do him right here if I could. And damn if I can I will.

Freddie took me over to the corner and sat down, pulling me onto his lap. He looked me straight in the eyes seriously. It was quiet frightening. I sobered slightly but not much. I didn’t want to think tonight - I wanted to forget about my worries and my strife!

“What?” I said slowly, examining myself to make sure I hadn’t spilt anything.

“What’s going on with you, you’ve been smashed since this thing started,” He said. I scoffed.

“It’s called a good time Freds.” I told him rolling my eyes.

“You don’t need to drink to have fun, you know that Ells,” He said.

“What ever Freddie I really can’t be assed with this crap. I think I’ll go find a lad,” I tried to get out of his grip but he held me tightly.

“No your fucking not, your staying with me until your completely sober, and your going no-where with a lad.” He said menacingly.

“Oh yeah, get off me right now Frederick Weasley, or I’ll make you wish you weren’t even born,” I said into his face - and he let go. He knows I wasn’t blushing. I took his whiskey with me. I didn’t give a fuck to be quiet honest. I just wanna have a good time.

Little Jordie Longbottom was standing in the corner with a smile and a bottle of whiskey. He was a seventh year so that was good. I walked over and leant next to him.

“Hey Jord,” I slurred slightly.

“Hey Ells,” He slurred - we were both pissed. Great. Pissed make-outs were so much better than sober ones.

“Wanna kiss?” I asked hopefully.

“Hell yes,” He leant over me and placed his lips gently on mine. I pulled him closer and crashed our lips together, our tongues tossed and turned in each other, it was amazing. He was an amazing kisser. I put my fingers through his hair and ran them through. I felt his hands go to the back of my legs and up my dress. I groaned. This is what I need right now. I bit of sexual fun. And seeings though I wasn’t getting it from who I wanted it off - I took what ever I could got. 

Authors Note: hey:) i love this chapter tbh - i think that Ella's absolutely amazing! and i love her. so please r+r and the next chapter is Dom's:) so e will know her more. merci ;]

Chapter 5: Party - Part 2
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A/N - this chapter has drug use and alcohol use. just a warning :)

I smiled as I felt the alcohol run through my veins. It was my thing. Well our thing to do at parties. But seeings though I can’t seem to find my best mate any where - I’ll make do with her awesome twin sister who is already like a best friend to me. So Maizey and I are sitting at the bar after like two hours of non-stop dancing. We’re not talking just sitting here in this comfortable silence. We’ve been dancing with Scottie and James. James likes Maize, it’s kinda obvious. His hands were roaming why we were dancing - and she wasn’t stopping him. So either she likes him or she did stuff like this all the time in France. I know how much she’s like Ell’s, so probably both.

I looked over into the corner, you know just a sneak peak and Freddie’s sitting there looking devastated.

“Maize! I’m just gunna see Fred,” I tell her she nods an mouths something about the boys. I nod my head and make my way over to my cousin. I sat down next to him and put my head on his large shoulders. “What’s up buddy?” I ask him. He shrugs and my head falls. I giggle a little and he does to. It’s good to see him smile. He’s got an amazing smile.

“ Ell’s is smashed,” he says seeming more and more depressed. Well dip wad, it’s a party I’d be scared if she wasn’t to be honest. He nods his head in the direction of a boy and a girl on the wall. I recognise the boys as Jordie Longbottom. Go mate. As the girl pulls her head back - forcing Jord to kiss her neck I notice it’s our very own Mayella.

“Babe,” I say not really knowing what to say - he likes her a lot. He told me last year and he’s been trying to get her attention since then. And she likes him. But I swore under GirlCode I wouldn’t say anything. And I haven’t told Ell about Freddie either. I guess I could call it BoyCode?

“I kinda shouted at her. And now she’s with that bastard.” He says his voice lined with guilt. I rubbed his shoulder not knowing what to say. “Go have fun babe, I’m going to get royally pissed and get laid,” He says knowingly. I giggle and kissed his cheek and walked back to the dance floor were Maizey was grinding with Scottie and James.

I started dancing with them, smiling and laughing. I looked over to Fred to check he was okay - he was snorting our stuff. Bless him. The next thing I know I’ve got some teeny arms around me and running them up and down my body. I turn and its fucking Lorcan Scamander all over me. This boy had been stalking me ever since he started the bloody school. And he really pisses me off. I don’t like him. I never fucking will. Get the fuck over it!

“GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!” I scream and Scottie punches him the jaw. Gosh I could kiss Scottie - but he’s Uncle Ron and Auntie Hermione’s son so it’d be extremely weird. Plus I don’t like him like that. I’m not an inbred thank you very much.

“I love you Scott!” I tell him as I throw my arms around his neck and hug him tightly. He’s still slightly worked up from my ‘attack’ but he’s backed of now - he’s with his twin Lysander. I went out with him once. He’s a good kisser. And I never want to try out his brother. I feeel a tapping on my back and my best friend is standing there looking through ally smashed.

“Babe! I need to tell you something!” She slurs drunkenly, the only way I actually understood her was because I was as just as outa my head. I nod my head grab my ciggies and walked to the courtyard with her. Hand-in-hand.

I pass her a cigarette and light it - along with mine. We sit there in silence inhaling the beautiful inventions. The moon is just going down. I smile - it’s my favourite part of the day. It makes everything seem so much better. Even when I’m in a state like I am, I always appreciate the sunset. It makes me think - is Vic in danger? I know Teddy isn’t a full werewolf - but I can’t help worry about my sister. She’s always been there for me and I can’t imagine life without her. She’s always their to guide me in things I can’t do.

I dropped my head on Ell’s shoulder and breathed deeply. People think that Ell and I are friends for convenience but were not. I truly love being in her company. I always have. At first I was slightly intimidated by her - because she was a Malfoy and all but when I got to know her, I realised me and her are exactly alike. And now we’ve got someone else to share the trend with it doesn’t mean she won’t be my best friend. Because she will be. She’s the best anyone can have. She’s mine.

“I kinda invited some of Maize’s mates from France - hot lads. There supposed to be here now and I’m slightly scared about meeting them. And I knew you’d come with me. That’s alright yeah?” She spoke up. That was sweet. it’s the sweetest thing she’s ever done for any one. I hug her tightly and tell her I’ll stay with her. I wasn’t going to leave her side for the rest of the night.

Still hand in hand we made our way around the edges of her house - to make sure no adult see’s us. We no we look smashed. And we’re not that bad anymore - well I sobered up I know what Ell’s like so she’s probably not. So we’ve reached the front of the house. And there stood three boys. Not let me re-phrase, ther stood three fucking hot boys. I starred.

The first one was tall and well-built, very muscley and tanned. He’s got dark eyes and brown hair spiking up, he had a cheeky grin - I immediately knew he was Maize’s friend. The second one was the most gorgeous one there. He had black hair down to his ears amd is was slightly wavy. He had bluey-grey eyes that I would possible be able of tread water in. his smiled was perplexed and simple - but he had a fit smirk. He was tanned and quite tall extremely muscley. The one on the end was blond with pin straight hair - I wasn’t as muscley as the others but he was just as cocky. He had pure blue eyes and da lovely complexion. I couldn’t say anything - neither could Ell. Damn they made Frenchies good.

“I’m Ella, this is my best friend Dom. I would take you through the house but I’m dying for another ciggie and well… daddy.” She finished lamely I laughed as I lit up another ciggie. I had a long drag and gave it to Ella so she could have some.

“Hey, I’m Bobby P. This is Jase and Kieran.” The first boy said pointing to the others. My eyes were focused on the middle one. Jase. I was looking him up and down. Checking out every part of him. So far so good. He was nice. I know a fair few girls who would go for him - myself included. His eyes locked with mine and he smirked. I threw him the Weasley smirk and turned around going back to the club. Ella was telling the boys about the plan and I could feel eyes burning into my back - it was uncomfortable but I love knowing I’ve caught lad’s attention.

“Hey I’m Jase,” The fittie came up to me starring at me. I raised one eyebrow and nodded - always the best way to keep them interested. “So you a friend of Maizey’s?” He asked trying to make conversation. I just swigged the whiskey. “Oh kay,” He said looking confused.

“Wait here I’ll go speak with Chase,” I said to the others. Chase was Teddy’s best friend and our favourite DJ of all time. He was fit and I kinda shagged him why he was at ours with Teddy and Vic. Dad went mental. Vic and Louis laughed. Mom looked disapprovingly at me. I’ve always been the disappointment but she loves me.

“Okay, don’t get side-tracked babe,” Ell winked at me. I rolled my eyes. Just because every time I see Chase we end up in a full on make-out session. He’s hot and something draws me too him. I don’t know what it was but I like him so much. More than anyone really.

“I wouldn’t count on that,” I winked back - I know I’m getting a kiss but how long we go for I don’t know. She laughed and the boys looked amused.

“SHAG HIM LATER BABE!” Ell shouted as I opened the door to the club I flung my middle finger back at her and I heard a lot of laughs. I walked down the dance floor and all the way up to my favourite DJ.

Chase was a looker - like real hot. He had long blonde hair and the sexiest smirk ever. He was well toned body. He was to die for. I climbed up the stage and sat on his CD boxes - waiting for him to notice me. I smirked and leaned back. I watched his ass - it was so nice and yummy. It looked good with the pants to. He turned around and walked towards me, a smile on his lips. He bent down so he was in front of my face,

“Your not supposed to be up here Miss Weasley,” He said in a teasing tone. We were inches away, I just wanted a kiss.

“Okay I’ll just go,” I got up an made my way to the steps. I smirked knowing that he’d pull me back. He grabbed my waist and spun me back to him. I could feel his heavy pants on my body. I could feel his racing heartbeat. He placed his forehead on mine, his nose brushing mine.

“I shouldn’t do this, we can’t” He said sighing, I growled slightly in frustration, he’s been saying that for years. He always makes some excuse about me not being able to kiss him. All the time.

“Whatever then, I just came to tell you something,” I backed away from him, not wanting to stand any more rejection. He pulled me back and wrapped his hands on either side of my face lovingly and kissed it passionately. I laced my fingers through his hair and ran my fingers up and down. I smiled as he ran his tongue over my lips - granting permission I opened my mouth and allowed my tongue to dance with his. I felt his hand move down the top of my leg and pull me closer to him. I wanted to stay like this, with Chase for always. I honestly think that he’s the one I want. But he won’t let me! He says he’s too old for me. But I don’t care I just want him. I broke apart so I could breathe. Frigging oxygen. I hate you.

I smiled at his flustered face and ran my fingers down his blushing face. He always blushed when he was in front of me. It was cute and sexy. He pulled me close again, but this time for a hug. I told him about the boys and he nodded his head and walked over to the DJ station again, leaving me. I walked down the step to Scottie. He smiled at me and took my hand. I didn’t want to cry but I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. No I can’t this is a fucking party. I can’t cry.

“Hey folks. Well the gorgeous Dom Weasley and Ella Malfoy have got a surprise for our one and only Maizey Malfoy people. Maize and Dom come up here.” His sexy voice rang through the place. I can’t believe he was going to make me go up there. Maizey was instantly by my side raising her eyebrows. I put on a happy face and winked at her.

I took Maize’s hand and pulled her up the stairs laughing with her. I caught Chase’s gaze and he looked away. Great. Thanks babe I love you too.

“Ella Malfoy come in and bring with you Bobby P, Jase and Kieran!” his sexy voice shouted as Ella and the boys walked through the door. I felt Maizey cut of the cirulation in my hand. She screamed and sprinted to the boys. She lept on all of them and once and they held her like they were never going to let go. I felt a hand on the small of my back, I flinched slightly as I felt the warm breathe on my ear,

“Meet me in ten minuets out back please babe,” Chase said into my ear. I nodded my head and walked down the stairs and straight into the arms of Vic… she hugged me and brushed my hair with her hand. I felt a tear run down my face. I can’t cry. It’s a fucking party.

“Come on baby,” Victorie took my hand and pulled me to the courtyard. away from the noise. We sat by the trees. My head was on her shoulder and she was comforting me. Or attempting to. I think I really want Chase. Not because he’s hot. But because he knows what I’m like, he respects me, he can have a laugh, he loves his friends and doesn’t give a shit what people thing of him. I really want him. Like really.

“Dommy, you really like Chase don’t you?” Vic asked me. She is the only one in the world allowed to call me Dommy. She gave me the name - therefore the only one who has the right to call me that. I nodded my head feeling the tears run down my face. Great now I look a mess.

“Then listen to me, go out back and be determined. Don’t let him say no. tell him if he can’t have all of you he can’t have any of you ever. He won’t say no. I no him Dommy, he likes you a lot. And surprisingly I’m okay with it. Go get him babe,” Vic kissed my shoulder and pushed me up.

I stood up and desperately tried not to fall. I succeeded. I smiled heartedly at my sister, before wiping my eyes and getting my swagger back. I walked back in the club. My eyes sub-consciously darted to Chase, he was starring at me. I looked away, Ell’s was sitting on James’ knee with Scottie and Freddie close by. I smiled and walked in the opposite direction. Out back.

I walked past Chase’s eye line and waited for him in the small yard at the back. Hardly anyone knew about this place, so it was perfect for a meeting place. I leant against the wall and thought about what I’m going to say. I really like him? But I can’t handle him in bits? I don’t know. It all sounds so corny. So rehearsed. I’ll just say what comes outa my mouth - yeah that’ll do.

I heard footsteps from the stage. I held my breath and sighed as he walked into the yard. He stood opposite me -starring. I didn’t know what to say so I looked up into those eyes - the ones that always make my vulnerable.

“Dom… me and you… it’s just -” He started saying. I cut him off.

“Chase I really like you, and seeings though we make-out every time we see each other, you like me to. But I can’t just keep having make-out sessions. I want you. All of you.” I said moving closer and putting my hands on his chest. He was sweaty. With anyone else I would have backed off - but I don’t want to. I want him so much.

“Dom I can’t your 17, I’m 19. We can’t. I’m sorry babe,” he answered trying to pull me into a hug. But I didn’t let him. I can’t believe he just said that. I pulled away with him. I can’t believe it. I felt hot tears prick my eyes once again. So I did something simple. I ran. I ran to my friends.

Ell and the boys were still sitting down thankfully, so I sat on Freddie’s knee and cryed. Ella got onto it was Chase and told the boys to just stay with me. Ella stroked my back and kissed my head. I fucking hate ruining the night.

I’m lying on what feels like the velvet cushions in the club. Ah I don’t even want to open my eyes. I probably look as shit as I fell. But oh well I’ve gotta. It’s school today. I opened my eyes and expected to see the blue of my room. Shit I’m still in the club. So is everyone. I look at the clock on the wall. Fuck!

“EVERYONE UP! THE TRAIN LEAVES IN TWO HOURS!” I scream so everyone wakes up. Well so far so good. Btw I’m Head Girl. Everyones suddenly running around collecting their belongings and siblings. I grab my shoes, give Scottie, James, Freddie, Ella and Maizey a kiss before running to find Louis. We were going to be in some pretty deep shit.

“Dom! Over here we’re next,” I ran over to the fireplace were my darling little brother was standing in line. Bless his cute little heart. I ran up to him and placed several sloppy kisses on his face before it was our time. I grabbed his arm and he shouted out address. ‘Shell Cottage.’

After a few stumbles we landed in our front room. In front of a very angry looking dad, and a very tired looking mom.

“Hey?” I say unsure, that’s when dad looks at me. His mouth drops in horror. I look down. Shit I took my dress of last night and didn’t put it back on.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN YOUR UNDERWEAR!” He screams and I groan. He is doing no favours for my headache. And apparently not for Louis either, he dropped to the floor and clutched his head. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

“Dad I took it off to sleep, it was uncomfy!” I sai praying to Merlin he didn’t shout again.

“YOU SLEPT WITH NO FUCKING CLOTHES ON!” He shouted again. My head throbbed again and I swear Louis nearly cried. Mom just sat in the corner. Oh yeah I love you too mom. And you Merlin.

“Scottie and Freddie where with me. I was okay. Dad I’ve gotta get changed and freshened up - school in like an hour,” I smiled brightly and made my way up the stairs, supporting Louis. He was such a god brother - but no-one can cope with a hang-over. It’s like impossible.

I put Louis in his room and he told he would be alright to getting changed. he threw up in the toilet. I heard him so I went to rub his back. But of course I put a pair of pants on first. I cooed him and rubbed his back comfortingly. I thought about last night. Chase. He was gone. I’d never see him again. I felt a tear run down my face.

“You’d make a fabulous mother darling,” my mom said from the door. I turned to see her and smiled. I quickly wiped the tear from my eye. But it was too late she’d seen it. I took Louis to his room and got him changed again. Mom gave him some blue potion - Sobbering Soloution. She then came with me to get changed. I smiled as she gave me some of the sickly potion, but I did feel better.

I got a pair of baggy jeans and a vest top out of my wardrobe. They were the only things there any way - everything else was in my trunk.

“Baby, what happened last night?” Mom asked me, she was a loving mother and a good friend too.

“Chase… he said he’s leave me alone now… not play me around,” I began to cry again harder than I did last night. I still couldn’t believe it. It still hadn’t sunk in. the first boy I might have loved wanted to just leave me. Mom got of the bed and hugged and cooed me. Just like Ell and Vic had done last night.

I quickly composed myself and put my make-up on. Mom kept looking at me like I was going to break down. I probably would tonight in my own bed. I can’t let him go. I just can’t. 

So I’m in the Head’s Compartment and you’ll never guess who’s Head Boy, Jason fucking Derulo. Slytherin. Hates my whole fucking family. What the fuck is McGonagall playing at putting us as heads. He keeps sneering at me. Like I’m easy. And easy fuck. Of course he’d think that. He’s a sweaty Slytherin!

“I’m Dom Weasley, new Head Girl. I’ve got one hell of a hangover so let him do the talking,” I said after Jason had interduced himself. My little cousin Lucy was prefect so I sat with her and put my head on her shoulder. She was hungover to. Wait why the fuck was she drinking?

Anyway the Slytherin was going on about the rules, patrols, the normal shit. An then he dismissed everyone.

“Weasley wait,” He said, Luce and I stopped. We giggled. He swore at Luce I slapped him and warned him about messing with my family. Or friends. Family and friends. Once Luce had gone and I’d finished my ‘fuck off away from my family’ conversation. “Do you know where the Heads Dorms are. I’m supposed to show you,” He sneered. Oh fuck of you muckrake. Just cos you live In Hogsmede. But unlucky you bastard. I know where they are!

“Yeah I do actually. Bye,” I said and walked out. I didn’t give a shit about that little bastard. He does my head in seriously! I walk all the way down the corridor and into our compartment. Which consisted of Scottie, James, Freddie, Maizey, a pissed of Ella and Hugo - Scotties little brother. I sat down next to Ells.

“What’s up babe?” I asked her. She threw daggers at Freddie and I looked at him, he looked pissed of too.

“That fucking bastard took my alcohol.” She said starring at Freddie some more. I smiled slightly. But inside I was scare - these two never argued much.

“Ey what your language.” Maizey said from beside James. Everyone laughed. “What I’m not having her swearing why Hugo’s in here, its not right,” Ella cracked a smile to this.

Well I would love to say that the ride was enjoyable. But it wasn’t. it was awful. It was very awkward and I couldn’t take my mind of Chase. I need him. I really do. I need Chase.

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Chapter 6: Hogsmede
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So it’s been like two weeks at Hogwarts and it’s the first Hogsmede tomorrow. We’ve decided to make it an all-girl one because it’s my first time and all, and next time we’ll get dates!

All in all Hogwarts is amazing. James and I have become close, he’s my best boy friend here and he looks after me. It’s really sweet - and I absolutely love being close to him. I no Its really corny and stalkerish, but being close to him makes me feel more alive. It’s electrifying. I haven’t told Dom, but I think she knows. Because Ella is known around here for not keeping secrets.

She and Freddie aren’t any better. She always shouts at him now. Everything that goes round is now his fault. He shouldn’t be such a dick she says. But he’s honestly not doing anything wrong. Apparently he’s not meeting girls any more - James and Scottie said that was a really big step. Dom’s been trying to help Ell get through this, but she has got more worries herself.

Not only had our favourite Weasley have to work with the Slimly Slytherin everyday, she’s dealing with major boy issues. She can’t stop thinking on the DJ from the party. Chase I think? Scottie told me that they were really close and Dom nearly fell in love with him … and apparently at the party he said he couldn’t do anything with her anymore. She’s been bloody heartbroken since then. And it’s obvious. She isn’t walking around with the same swagger she usually has. Its scaring the fuck outa the boys.

The boys have been like brothers to me. Seriously Freddie and Scottie are so alike, I was actually surprised when I found out that they’re only cousins. But of course there Wotters. Wotters are like half the population of the school. And I would know, I swear everyone in the school knows us. The girls want to be us. The boys want to be with us. It’s rather funny because all of the lads get protective over us - like every time we come into contact with a boys.

And for Freds its not a good thing, he’s supposed to be trying to make things better with them, not worse. But he’s Freddie Weasley and I am starting to get the feeling that he’s likes our Ella, a lot. Because seriously, that’s the only rational reason I can think of why he’s doing this. He wants her to be normal so he can be with her. I know she’s different now, but he still likes her - I was gunna say love but that word confused everything so you know!

We’re in Dom’s room right now - she’s Head Girl she gets her own common room to share with the Slytherin. But he stays outa the way which is good. We don’t want our sexy Weasley getting contaminated.

“We still on for tomorrow right?” Dom asks not looking up from her homework, she was just checking. She needed her friends right now. And we were going to be there for her. No matter how much Ell may have changed, her, Dom and I are still as close as ever. Nothing in the world is going to change that.

“Sure I’m in, Maize?” Ella said from the sofa. She wasn’t doing homework, she was just slobbing out. Doing her nails I think. Looks like a French Manicure from over here.

“Certainly, I want my girls to take me around town.” I said with a smile, hoping to bring everyone’s hopes up a bit.

“Hell we need a party,” Dom mutters quietly. She’s right. We do. But I know the only reason she’s saying that is because she wants to see Chase. Wait no she needs Chase. I looked at her… her beautiful blonde hair was tied back and looked completely uncared for, her eyes were misty and never as bright. Her face still had the remains of last weeks make-up on there. And tear stains were etched on her face. She was thinner too. Very very thinner. Like uber-skinny. It was scary. It was like she’s going to snap.

“I’m going to bed, you coming Maize?” Ella said kissing Dom’s cheek and smiling reassuringly at her. She was going to go up to her room not and cry for Chase to go back to her. She needed him. Desparatly. Honestly, its heart-breaking for me to watch. She’s wearing away.

“Yeah I’ll come,” I kissed Dom and told he to meet us in the morning. As we were walking back through the gorgeous castle I noticed Ella had a gleam in her eye. She was planning something and I am certain that it has something to make Dom a whole lot better. Well I’m hoping and praying to Merlin it will. Because she can’t go much longer like this. She could die!

We got in the common room and the boys were still there, Ella and I went over to them and sat down straight away. Silencing the conversation. Freddie starred at Ella, and she smiled. She actually smiled at Freddie. He seemed chuffed with himself. Ah bless.

“Scottie?” Ella asked in her angel voice,

“Ellie?” He answered returning the voice, I sniggered. It was funny

“Can I use your phone?” She asked. Oh my god, I’ve got it. I understand her plan. Oh my sister is a clever clogs.

“Why?” Scottie asked wearily, I heard James snigger a bit. I hit his arm.

“I have an important phone call to make - and I believe it will change dear Dom’s life!” Ella said in a hushed whisper. She obviously didn’t want anyone to tell Dom what she was planning.

“Here are Ell,” Freddie threw her his phone, as Scottie still looked weary.

“Thanks Freds.” Ella said smiling again. She was grinning like a rabbit now! She looked hilarious. I giggle. She pushed me. I fell. She laughed. It was funny! Ella concentrated and dialled a number, she held the phone to her ear and I scooted next to her so I could hear what was going on.

“Freddie?” A familiar female voice answered the phone, “What’s up?” she asked

“Hey Vic, it’s me Ella. I was wondering if you’ve got Chase’s number?” Ella asked sweetly. Of course. Teddy’s Vic. Dom’s Vic. Victorie.

“Why? Is Dom alright?” She sounded worried. Hell I’d be worried if I was in her situation.

“She’s taking the rejection real real bad,” Ella explained, “I just wanna talk to him,” She added on the end, using her persuasive voice. The very same one that I discovered when I got out of Detention with Binns. It was funny. I laughed.

“I’ll put you through, text me and tell me she’s alright though please. I love you Ell,” Victorie said as the phone went onto another load of ringings. I was slightly scared then, what would we say to the bastard who broke our best friends heart. Because she did love him. And I’d say she still does. And he hurt her.

“Hello? Who’s this?” the voice asked. It didn’t same like the same happy person I met a few weeks ago. He was depressed - it was definitely the same person though.

“I’m Ella Malfoy, you did my party a couple of weeks back. You fucking broke my best friends heart,” Ella said menacingly down the phone.

“Please just leave it, its for the best,” He said… bad move mate.

“For the fucking best! I swear to god she’s a mess with out you. Seriously you’re a self-centred bastard!” Ella said down the phone, I took the phone of her and continued.

“Its Maizey now. You love Dom right?” I asked him, daring him to say yes.

“I think I do.” He answered with a sad sigh.

“Then get your ass to Hogsmede tomorrow and prove it. And if you don’t I’m coming to find you at Christmas mate and your gunna die. No-one fucks with my best friends,” I said to him, he sounded like he was crying now.

“I need to see her. I need to be with her” he cried, I could hear the tears rolling down his face now. Ah.

“Why did you reject her?” I said in a slightly lighter tone.

“I’m too old for her - I’ll ruin her child-hood.” I laughed.

“She can do a good job of that by herself. Your coming tomorrow right, 1 at the Three Broomsticks.” I told him

“I’ll be there, thanks girls,” he said smiling a bit more.

“Your welcome,” We said in unison. The boys starred at us as we put the phone down. They told us that they were proud out us. Bless them. We went to bed and got ready for a long day.

It’s like 10 o’clock and we’re leaving the castle - we’re made up. We look like were on a bloody date. Dom has a real, genuine smile on her face - so the day is already amazing.

So we’re hand in hand walking to the town close by. The scenery was stunning. It was hills and hills. Not like the smooth ones in France - they were more ragged, more used. It was picture perfect. The town was also picture perfect. It was old and fairy-tale like. It was so cute and adorable. I couldn’t believe it was real. It didn’t look it at all. My mouth opened in shock as I saw it. I was expecting some top-of-the-arts shops. With designer labels on everything. But this was a nice surprise.

I heard the girls laughed as my eyes nearly fell outa my head. They could have warned me. This was beautiful. I have never seen anything like this. This is one of those times were I wish I was raised a Malfoy - I would have been here years and years ago.

It was like half past / quarter to by the time we got to the village, so we went for chocolate. I think the place I called - it was cottagey an homely and smelled of the fittest chocolate ever. Inside the aroma of honey wafted up from the cellar. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. The girls went of to find their favourites and I wondered around, smelling the different treats. Looking at the ones I’ve never heard off. Tasting the free samples. They we’re sweet, loving, heart-melting. I swear I’m in heaven.

I picked up some fudge, chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts. I saw the others standing at the till waiting for me. They smirked - it was so obvious I was in heaven. I shot them a finger and the elderly lady smiled.

“Like chocolate lovie?” The woman asked,

“Yeah adore it,” I answered smiling.

“You know James Potter?” She said again,

“Yeah…” I said, I was confused.

“Tell him Renee said bring you down,” She winked and gave me the bag with my gorgeous in. I was confused but I walked with the girls anyway. And then we went to see Dom’s uncle George. Freddie’s dad. He owned Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.

“Now guys, he’s like Freddie. An idiot so… yeah” Dom said before we entered the shop. He was her favourite Uncle - her eyes lit up when Ella suggested we come here. Its cute. Dom loves George!

When we walked into the shop I didn’t expect it to be as mad as they described. I expected them to be over-dramatic like usual but no. I think they didn’t exaggarate enough. There was things flying everywhere and lots of explosions. The place was packed. Dom however, took us by the hand and pulled us to the counter.

“UNCLE GEORGE!” Dom shouted and she wrapped her legs around him. I smiled Ella grinned at the man. He looked like Scottie - he had the same skin and hair and eyes. But they were different builds, Scott was taller - well was going to be. I know you must be thinking why the fuck am I saying Scottie, but Freddie has his mom’s dark skin. So they look hardly alike at all.

“Dommy baby, Ella!” He said hugging Dom back and racing over to hug Ell’s to. He looked at me and grinned Freddie’s grin. “Maizey get here!” I laughed and hugged him too. I hardly knew this man yet I already thought of him like and uncle - or over-protective older brother. He led us out back and slobbed in one of the chairs and lit a ciggarette. I breathed in, not making it obvious how desparately I needed one. He laughed and offered on to us all. We all took them.

Just as I was litting up my little beauty - we heard footsteps coming this way.

“Dad so you bring the girls back here and not me, your own son!” Freddie says slinging an arm around Ella’s shoulder. She shrugs it off. She’s not getting over him - she’s trying to.

“Sorry son, you know how much I love my girls,” George says back t his son, grinning at James, Scottie and Paddy Finnegan who had just came through behind Fredster. James walked over to me and flicked my nose. I poked him in the chest. It was hilarious. I laughed.

“Whatever, give us a ciggie dad” Freddie said holding out his hand expectantly.

“Do you want me to be killed. It’s one thing your mom allowing you to smoke at all, but me giving you the goods. I’d be frigging murdered.” Freddie says, it was funny everyone except Freddie and George sniggered. “Here are boys,” he then passed them around James, Scottie and Paddy. Freddie looked scandalised.

“DAD! I’ve gone like a week and a half!” he says, but to shut up his moaning Paddy stuffs his ciggie in Freddie’s mouth. He’s not that keen on them. God knows why, there gods gift to man-kind. Along with the boozy stuff that make us forget! George rolled his eyes and laughed at the way his son savoured every take.

Right now I’m scared. Its 1 and we’re going to the Three Broomsticks. Chase is supposed to be waiting outside. I’m bloody petrified. What if he doesn’t show? - then he’s ruined his last chance of having Dom. What if he shows and she ignore him? - then it’s her own fault she’s unhappy. What I he shows and she goes mental? - therefore hurting me. So yeah you can see why I’m stressing out about this.

James is walking beside me, brushing his fingers against mine. I just want to grab him and kiss him. that’s my sensitive spot - one that always makes me cringe. And he’s brushing past it - it’s enough to set me off. Were all walking slightly away from Dom, like we’re scared she’ll blow up. We all are actually scared she’ll blow up. It’s a damn scary thing to be honest - she is part Veela.

Anyway were by the pub and I think I’m the first one to notice a familiar looking boy, with longish brown hair and amazing body leaning across the wall, looking at the floor. He was broken. You could tell. He needed our Dom-Dom as much as she needed him. I elbowed James and nodded my head in his direction. He smirked and elbowed the boys, I elbowed Ella and nodded my head too.

“Dom, isn’t that Chase?” Ella said after she knew all of us knew he was there (if that makes sense)

“What?” Dom said, the genuine smile fading a bit. It was replaced with a worried one.

“Yeah I think I see him, CHASE!” James yelled to his brothers best mate. Chase raised his head and looked at James, he waved slightly and then his eyes caught Dom. She put her head down.

“Come on, I don’t wanna talk to him,” She said starting to walk away, Scottie caught her in a hug.

“Babe this is ridiculous, your starting to get ill without him. And from the looks of it, so is he. Go and speak to him,” Scottie said nudging her slightly in the direction. She sighed and walked over. I watched the couple with a smile - they exchanged a few words and hugged. I saw Chase bit her ear playfully - and she pulled away. Oh gosh.

“Come on babe, lets get outa here” James’ voice said into my ear. His breath made me melt. It was oh so lovely. I felt his fingers enclose around mine, and hi warm hand pull me away from the group. I followed him. His touch made me so entranced.

I really need to start getting over this crush.

James led us to the Shrieking Shack, and we sat under the tree there. It was a comfortable silence, but I felt the need to break it. And there’s not harm in a little flirting now is there?

“So Jamie, I know you love me babe. But why we alone again.” I said poking his ribs.

“Am I not allowed to spend some alone time with my best friend out-side the castle?” He answer pushing me sideways. And because I’m a klutz I fell and I was lying on the hill. I heard James laugh and I did do. His laugh was so intoxicating. James moved on top of me - with one leg on each side of my body - and he began tickling my sides. I started wriggling and screaming.

“James! Jamie!! I’m gonna die!” I shreaked, my sides hurt. He stopped and looked into my eyes. A real smile spread across his face - I mean a real one, not a sarcastic one, not a smirk, not a grin a real one. It was lovely. A nice change. He his hand reached down and brushed my cheek. I smiled. His hand was going from rough to gentle so quickly. I reached my hands up and put them on the tops of his ears. I love holding people’s ears I just think it relaxing. He smirked a little and bent his head closer to mine, so it wasn’t as far for me to reach. I started to draw little patterns on his ears and he started chuckling. My eyes were glued on his lips. I just wanted to reach and kiss them. Just the once. Just to make me feel better. So I did.

I moved my head of the ground and up to his face, with one look at his eyes I placed a small kiss on his mouth and lay back down again. He raised both eyebrows questioningly.

“Am I not allowed to give my best friend a little kiss?” I asked mockingly. He bent down and pecked my lips too. Even though it was like a fraction of a second - I could feel our lips fit together perfectly. I raised my eyebrows this time.

“Oh it’s on,” I winked and pulled his head closer to mine - me also sitting up again - I kissed him again, my lips lingering for a bit now. I lay back down, but in hardly any time at all, his lips were on mine again. I could feel the electricity spark between us. He pulled away and smiled lovingly at me. I reached up and kissed him again - I ran my tongue over his lip and waited for and entrance. He granted and I moaned at our tongues danced perfectly in-sync with each other. This wasn’t the game anymore. This was for real.

I felt his warm hands run up the side of my legs, my body, my face. Not breaking connection with his lips I sat up more so I could run my fingers along those beautiful abs. I felt him groan against my lips and I smirked, kissing harder and more ferociously.

“He told me he loved me and couldn’t live without knowing I’ll be waiting for him. And he kissed me.” Dom told us squealing in excitement as we sat on her bed slobbing out from munch with our chocolate. She was really happy again. So everything had worked out with the couple. I was please. I just wish I could say the same thing about me.

Turns out the kisses - notice the plural - we shared, you know the ones I thought wasn’t a game. Turns out they were. They didn’t mean anything what so ever to him. To be perfectly honest I’m absolutely crushed. I thought that the way his lips connected with mine was special. The way he ran his fingers up and down my body, maybe I wasn’t special enough? Maybe it was me? Maybe it was my fault he didn’t like me? Maybe I’m just not in Potter’s league? Fuck him.

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Chapter 7: Madness
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We go home for Christmas next week. And things in Hogwarts haven’t been the usual Happy-go-lucky self they’ve usually been. Yes Dom’s happy. Yes Scottie’s found the girl he thinks he may actually love.

But me, I’m trying to get over the one person who I ever loved. And the hardest thing is, he won’t leave me alone. I can’t get over him, he’s always so close to me. So touchy-feely. But I can’t carry on liking him. I can’t have my heart broken again when he decieds he wants to go shag some girl. I can’t deal with that.

And there’s issues with James and Maizey too. I don’t know what’s going on with them two - but all I know is ever since that Hogwarts weekend, something has been wrong with my twin sister. She used to love sending time with James - but now she makes up and excuse just so she wont have to speak to him alone. He’s devastated. Truly.

So yeah, Hogwarts isn’t the happy sanctuary we all used to know an love. Except for Dom - who love middle of the night phone calls from Chase. And except for Scottie - who is totally in love with Sixth Year Keiliey Jones. Its cute - she’s started hanging around with us. She’s not the same as us girls - but I think that’s why Scottie loves her. I’m happy to see that my favorite playboy has got his girl. I don’t know how he’s going to cope after Graduation.

I’m kinda worried about Graduation too… I don’t know where I’m going to live or what I’m going to do. But I know that after June, I can’t stay with mom and dad anymore. I’ve out grew my time there and I know that dad would no like me coming in at all times in the morning. I haven’t a clue about what I want to do. Because really to be honest there’s nothing I’m remotely good at. At all. Auror, can’t do Potion’s at all. Curse Breaker - stress me out to much. Healer - I’m not clever enough. Working with animals - animals hate me. There is nothing out there for me too do. And I can’t just sit around and act pretty.

I know that none of the others have realised it - I doubt even the adults have - but things on the outside world is changing. Creatures becoming more and more rebellious. The creatures who have fun in hurting humans - we need to prepare for that. I only know of this because Sleazy Derulo cornered me and offered me a place in the army - to purify my family’s blood he said. I hit him. I cursed him. He’s still in the hospital wing. He fucking deserved it.

So I’m scared. Like majorly scared. More for my dad really. I know he got involved the wrong things back in the second war, and his dad in the first. So what the hell would happen to us in the third. I’m worried. Every thing is changing so fast. For no reason. Because stupid people dream up stupid things and decide to make them happen. It’s pathetic and scary.

Anyways I’m sitting in the Common Room - completely bored outa my mind. Maize is sitting with Dom - to keep her happy and so she can stay away from James. I’m worried about her. She’s not her same spunky self.

This is supposed to be seventh year. Every thing was supposed to be hunky dory. Especially with my sister back - but it’s messed up and I honestly don’t like it. This is supposed to be the year where I realise who my true friends are. This is supposed to be the year where us six are inseparable. But look at us. All hiding in different parts of the castle. The boys haven’t even pranked in weeks.

Things are going to get worse after the holidays I can feel it. They’re going to get even more tense. Even more unimaginable. New year too. I have a feeling that’s not going to be good - party at the Potters. Maizey best pull. It’s her first new year as a Malfoy she has gotta pull. I know that I’m planning on too… but I’ve gotta hook her up first. Get her familiar with people the parents don’t know that well. Lemme tell you… that’s not many people at all!

“Hey sweetie,” Scottie says to me, as him and Keiliey come through the portrait hole. I don’t bother to move my feet of the sofa - I know they’ll go for the seats.

“Hey Scottie, hey Keiliey,” I smile, attempting to sund happy. But there is so much on my mind at the moment - it is hard to keep my emotions outa my voice. But I try. I know that most of the time I fail but ah hell.

“What’s up Ell?” Keiliey says from beside Scottie - like I said before she’s not like us girls shes unqiue. She can tell when someone’s unhappy. She’s perfect for Scottie.

“Need a ciggie. Fancy coming the lake?” I lie quickly. Scottie nods his head and Keiliey walks over to her friends. She doesn’t smoke - but tobacco is one thing he won’t stop for anything. Me and him walked down through the castle and outside towards the lake. Scottie’s got his arm around me and he’s pulling me close to him. It keeps us both warm.

Scottie gives me a cigarette and a lighter first. I light up and take a long drag. I reached down behind the tree and pulled out the bottle of Fire Whiskey I’ve had hiding there for ages. Scottie rolls his eyes at me - he knows how much I’ve been drinking lately and he’s really the only one who doesn’t seem to stop me. And I’m thankful for that.

I don’t know why I do it. Its just a thrill to me. I want to do it. I need to do it. It makes me forget what’s going on. It makes me forget what shit my whole life is in. it’s a get-a-way. I get-a-way from real life. Its my safe place. Its my thing I need to calm down. Its safe for me.

I can’t explain that to anyone else because they wont understand. I’ve tried not drinking for a couple of days, but its hell. I get headaches, become irritable, and very violent. I need it now. It makes me happy.

“tell me what’s wrong Ells, because it’s not just you need a ciggie,” Scottie says from beside me- he’s observant. He’s kind and thoughtless. (if that even makes sense?)

“life. This is seventh year and its fucked up. Its not supposed to be like this. Its just not.” I tell him - not wanting to go into details about anything any more.

“Life’s good Ell. Nothings fucked up,” Scottie says rubbing my back in comfort. I scoff. Nothings fucked up my arse.

“Maizey is hiding from James and Freddie is and unobservant bastard who hurts me every single day! How is this not fucked up babe!?” I ask him. He sits and thinks about it.

“You like Freds. Maize likes James,” He states. Ohh well done Sherlock.

“Ohh shock horror!” I reply sarcastically. He laughs. I’ve gotta admit it was pretty funny.

“Tell him, get Maize to do the same with James. Cos they both like you’s you know,” He says wisely, trying to make himself sound smarter. Yeah it doesn’t work!

“How do you know?” I asked in a small voice, leaning onto Scottie’s shoulder. I needed to sleep now - get ready for the last day of lessons.

“We tell each other everything Ellie,” Scottie answered

“Miss Malfoy is there a reason your not paying attention in my class?” Professor Dingleton said during Muggle Studies. I really couldn’t be bothered today.

“Yes miss,” I replied quickly, putting my head back on the table and trying to fall asleep again. I heard snickers from behind be so I sent them my middle finger. I really can’t be assed.

“And what is that?” The Professor screeched again, getting annoyed with me. I have no clue why the fuck she is though. I’m only trying to sleep.

“I can’t be bothered miss,” I answered dropping my eyelids again. I thought she was going to leave me be. But no. this is Hogwarts - every teacher tries to make every student do the best they can. Therefore it is impossible to sleep through any lesson - except History but yeah that don’t count.

“MAYELLA MALFOY GET TO PROFESSOR LONGBOTTOM IMMEDIATELY!” she screamed at me. I opened my eyes and smiled at the fuing teacher and skipped out of the room - instead of heading to Professor Longbottoms office, I went straight to the common room. Or attempted to.

“Come on Ells, you really expect her to let you go on your own.” The voice sniggers from behind me as I am half way up the stairs. Fucking Freddie.

“What you want Weasley I wanna sleep,” I moaned - not in the mood for especially him. He was the reason I’m so tired. He is the reason I was up all night. Scottie shouldn’t have said that. Its fucked me up bad -style.

“Weasley ey? Well I can play that game to Mayella,” I growled and attempted to push him down the stairs. Needless to say I failed. He flung one arm around my arm and looked into my eyes. “I’m not letting go of you Ell,” He said softly, moving an hand down to brush my fringe outa my face.

I ducked from him contact,
“Don’t. Please don’t,” I said and slid myself from beneath him. Even though I had confused him - it still wasn’t enough to make him forget about not letting go of me. Freddie lunged forward and through me over his shoulder and marched out to the lake. Where me and Scottie were last night.

I threw my under the tree and scooted up right next to me. He put his arm around me shoulder and pulled me to his chest. I allowed him - not wanting to admit that it felt so right.


I felt him place his head on my hair. I felt hi breath in the sent and exhale it. It was strange. He just physically attacked me and brought me to the grounds - however he was not saying a word.

“Mayella Pansy Malfoy,” He said my name slowly, lovingly. He was my best friend. And that’s the only way he loves me. Yeah. Lets think that.

“Frederick George Weasley,” I said mimicking him. He pushed me away slightly but then pulled me back.

“I’m not gonna lose you Ell, an if it means saying this right here right now I will,” He said strocking my hair.

“Your not gonna lose me yet Freds.”

“But I am. Your going away from me. Your leaving me.”

“We were never together!”


“Why what?”

“WHy can’t we be together,” my heart stopped. He did not just say that

“Because,” Yeah I played cool

“Because what?” Stupid boy

“Because we just can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t like you like that Freds!” I said lying through my teeth.

“Liar,” Apparently he could tell.

“What the fuck?”

“You do. I can tell. You want me as much as I want you,”

“You don’t want me that much then ey,”

“I do. Babe come on!”

“The world does not revolve around you! This isn’t just about you its about me too! Its up to me too!”

“Your not perfect Ella! Stop acting like it!” He screamed. I slapped him and walked away. Did he seriously just say that? Did he seriously just do that?


For sure. For good. He’s just tried to presure me into being with him. And makes out that everything in the world about him. that’s not the Freddie I know and love. that’s alien. I don’t know that thing. Tbh I don’t want to.

“Don’tcha think you were a bit hard on him Ells,” Maizey is saying to me in our dorm. Dom decieded to visit so I spilled on what happened.

“Say’s the girl who’s hiding from the boy she likes,” I rasied my eyebrows as the others laughed.

“Touché,” I laughed too. That girl always knows how to make me feel tons better. I love her.

“This years not going particularly right is it?” Dom asked her face showing her amusement. That is exactly what I think. But before we can answer she-bitch Bethen is storming into our room with someone attached to her lips. Feeling her body. Groaning against it. Ew.

It was Freddie.

We’re in the compartment - the one we’re usually in and its awkward. You can feel the tension in the room. James keeps starring at Maizey in a really creepy, stalkerish way. Its scary. Keiliey is sitting on Scottie’s knee playing with his hair. Freddie is looking down, but he constantly seems to glance at me. An I’m sitting their leaning against Dom with a really bad hang-over.

All us girls have hang-over’s. courtesy of last night. We joined in the Slytherin ‘sleepover’ as we called him. They were drinking. We robbed most of it. Got hammered. Think. THINK. I nearly shagged on of Durulo’s fifth year mates. Whoops. Oh yeah, right not Dom’s on the phone to Chase.

She giggles really loudly. Damn Chase.

“OWW!” Maizey and I moan at the exact same time. Scottie and James grins.

“Have fun last night girls?” Scottie asks with a wink in my direction. Fred looks suddenly sick. What had gotten around. Dom sniggered again - but I figured that was Chase’s fault.

“Why? What’ve you heard?” I asked wearily - being not to sure what actually happened last night does not help in these situations. Whoops.

“Oh you know just the usual,” Scottie teased winking even more. Oh no. the usual mean me doing things with lads. Oh no.

“You fucked Damien Fortune. Fifth year Slytherin.” Freddie said voice full of venom.

“Damien Fortune. Which one was that Maize?” I asked, not to sure wich of the two boys it was.

“I think the one you went into Durulo’s room with. But I can’t be sure. Who was it I was with Dom’s?” Maize answered.

“Ah I went that far.” I said sighing. Whoops.

“YOU SLEPT WITH FORTUNE AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW HIS NAME!” Freddie roared at me. Me, Maizey and Dom whimpered. Ouch.

“1. Stop fucking shouting, 2. You slept with Bethen. So shut your mouth right now, 3. Its u to me who I sleep with - if I know their name or not.” I told him turning back to Scottie.

“That’s really slutty babe,” he says cracking a smile. Keiliey does too. She knows I’m right. Every one knows I’m right.

“ah the more the merrier,” I smile shooting a wink at Maizey.

“Fucking hell I can’t stand this. I need sobering solution!” Dom finally joins our conversation. She missed the best bits though. Bless her. We all laughed. It was funny. Then we clutched our heads. It hurt.

We sat for like twenty minutes in near silence. Scottie trying to make forced conversation between all of us. Yeah it wasn’t working. Then the compartment door slid open. It was those Slytherins from last night.

“Hey, Maizey, Ella. Want to come hang with us. We’ve got a free compartment,” I think it was the one Maize was with but hell I can’t be sure. Freddie, James and Scottie looked murderous.

“Hey…. Dude. Su-” Maize started to stay before James interrupted.

“NO YOU FUCKING WONT!” Ouch. Boys are such dicks.

“Says who?” Maizey asked eyebrows raised.


“And what the fuck are you to me?”


Say what?

‘you can’t fucking KISS me’

What the fuck was going on?

Why didn’t I know about this?

“JAMES SIRIUS POTTER YOU ABSOLUTE DICKHEAD!” And with that Maizey ran from the compartment and down through the length of the train. I attempted to stand up but my legs buckled. Shit.

“It’s alright I’ll go,” Keiliey stood up and ran after my sister. I like that girl. She’s cool.

“Sit down mate, what the fuck is going on?” Scottie asked

“Why the fuck was my best mate getting off with my cousin and why wasn’t I informed?” That was Dom.

“You got a Malfoy. Whoa that’s hard,” Freddie.

“Did you fuck her?” That was me! Ha ha I couldn’t help it. I just had to. Had to. Every one looked at me and shrugged.

“In Hogsmede, we kissed. a lot. I thought she would have told you Dom. Stop being a bastard Fred. And no Ell.” he answered us all backing back down into his seat. He put his head in his hand and he looked extremely devastated. Curse the Malfoy looks.

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Chapter 8: The Hoildays
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“Babe I miss you so much,” I say into my phone, on the other line is the boy who captured my heart, stomped on it and then held it in him own. My Chase.

“A week then I’ll be with you. I wish you’d tell your dad so I can actually hold you in my arms and protect you,” He sighed. He was right, I should tell my dad. But he scares the hell outa me. Real bad.

“I will, before you come. Promise. I love you.” I answer. I don’t know wether I’m lying or telling the truth. Time will tell. Dad walks into the room. Damn I gotta go,

“Okay gorgeous. I love you too baby,” He says back, I can hear the smile and the happiness in his voice. Its mesmerising.

“I’ve gotta go babe. I love you more than anything - see you soon,” I say unwilling to hang up.

“Alright, tell him Doms. I love you so frigging much it hurts. I miss you so bad baby, I love you,” He added again onto the end. And we both hung up. I was smiling so wide. I wasn’t surprised. He did really love me. It wasn’t pretend love. It was actual. In all honesty it hurt being away from him. But we couldn’t be together. Dad wouldn’t allow it.

I couldn’t even sneak out to be with him. With all the attacks dad doesn’t let Louis or me even go and play Quidditch. It’s got him scare. Mega-scared. He’s unwilling to let mom outa his grip and us outa his sights. Vic is so lucky. Dad trusts Teds so she can carry on living with him. But not us. I’m not even allowed to Ella and Maizey’s! apparently there stuff going on with them too. I hope they’re alright.

To be honest I haven’t heard a word of either of them since we got off the train three days ago. And we left it in all awkwardness. Maize didn’t come back to the compartment, she sat with Keiliey and her friends. That girl is cool and loving and special and kind and gentle and well-spoken for. She’s everything that Scottie needs and I’m so glad he’s got her. They’re perfect together.

I don’t mean this to sound ultra-bitchy on Keiliey - cos like I said she’s my friend - Scottie will end up getting her pregnant by next September. I can actually imagine a little baby Weasley-Jones running around Uncle Percy’s house. Scottie loves her. Like Chase and me love. It was special. And unforgettable. And unbreakable.

“Okay baby?” Daddy asks me from over on the sofa with mom on his knee. Of corse his arms are wrapped around mom and she is grinning like and idiot - just like me.

“Corse. I just miss Ell and Maize and the boys, and Keiliey,” I added the last few. Because I did miss them. So much. I thought that this year I’d be with at least the boys. We’re all family of course. But no. dad doesn’t want us to leave the house. We’ll be too much of a target. We can’t even Floo!

“il vous faut les voir, ne pas vous poupée?” Mom asked. I nodded. Because I do. They’re my life. They always have been and always will be.

“il vous faut les voir, ne pas vous poupée” I told my mom wiping a tear from my eye. I was so grateful dad didn’t know French.

“quand on va dire à papa?”

“Je ne sais pas, il me veut aussi, mais j'ai peur.”

“il va comprendre bébé, dis-lui dès ouais,”

“merci maman”

“Back to English now yeah? I heard Papa in there what you gotta tell me baby!” Dad said smiling at me lovingly. I couldn’t fall for that though. I know he’ll scream and shout when I tell him.

“I’m in love with Chase Daniels. I’ve been with him since September,” I said and ran up the stairs not wanting to see my dads face. I heard shouting from downstairs. My name. and then I heard mom screaming back at him. I caused this massive argument. It was all my fault.

I burst into tears on my bed and cried and cried. But still not managing to drown out the screaming from my parents down stairs. I felt a bump on my bed. Louis is sitting there looking shocked and sad. I pulled him towards me and gripped him tightly. My Louis. My baby.

I got out my phone and text Scottie:

Can me and Louis come to yours please. Told dad bout Chase he’s not happy. I miss you Scott. I love you xx

I sent the message and gripped my little brother. What had I done? I’ve torn the family apart. It was my fault dad was in a rampage. And mom had probably exploded by now. This hasn’t happened since Victorie was little. I wasn’t even born. Oh my god. What have I done?

You window five minutes. You’s okay? Love you xoxox
Scottie had text back I didn’t reply. He’d see me. I told Lou to go and get a clean pair of clothes and to put them in a bag. He was old enough to realise that we were going. And he knew me well enough to not ask questions. I packed like him and started to get worried. The voices from downstairs were getting louder more ferocious. What if he hurt mom? It’d be my fault? It don’t want to start a war. that’s not what I want. I just want to be happy. I just want my daddy to approve. To let me be in love. But he’s not. And now he’s hurting mom.

There was a tap on the window and there was Scottie in the blue Ford Anglia that they usually kept at the Burrow. He looked furious. He didn’t say anything he just helped us into the car. He sat Louis on his knee, not wanting to be parted from his cousin. He pulled me close and held me. He didn’t talk. He just let me cry onto his shoulder. He concentrated on the sky. Making sure we wouldn’t be seen. Scottie was an expert…. As kids we’d all sneak out into the Burrow’s shed and escape in the car. Of course we got blocked for. And that’s were our flare for pranks started up.

I’ve got good memories in this car. Mostly with Scottie, Freddie and James. Occasionally with Roxie and Albus… they were a laugh too. Lily was as well but she’s scared of heights bless her heart. I started to smile through my sobs. I was going to my family. The ones I can’t live with out. I always knew there was a reason Scottie was my favourite cousin.

Louis climbed over and sat on the shotgun seat with me whilst Scottie landed the care. Waiting at the garage door was Molly and Aunty Audrey. Scottie’s little sister and mom. Moll hugged Louis tightly as we stepped out of the car - they were close. Audrey pulled me into a warm loving hug.

“Don’t worry Dom, Percy and Charlie have gone to see your mom and dad,” She whispered into my ear. I sighed a breath of releif, at least mom would be okay.

“Mom I’m taking Dom up okay,” Scottie said taking my hand and pulling me into his room. We sat on the bed and I continued to cry into his shirt. He just kept brushing my hair and hushing me. I love Scottie Weasley. He’s the best cousin any one could ask for.

“Bill didn’t hurt you did he babe?” He asked after I’d calmed down a bit. I shook my head.

“What have I done Scott. Why couldn’t I have kept my big mouth shut. I’m such a bitch,” I said tears coming to my eyes now.

“Babe you wanted to be happy, theres nothing wrong with that. I just wish the others would see that!” He said smiling.

Did I mention I love Scottie Weasley.

The week had passed. It was new year. Today oh my god! I’m still at Scottie’s. dad come a couple of days ago and took Louis home, he didn’t want to look at me. Mom stayed with us. She says that she’s going to leave him if he doesn’t stop being a bastard.

I’m scared. I don’t want two unmarried parents. I don’t want it to be my fault. No matter how many times she says it - I know that I am the reason my mom wants a divorce.

Vic was here yesterday - Chase is a mess. He’s so worried about me and he’s blaming himself. He’s so cute. I really love him. But I didn’t know me being happy had a price - especially my parents marriage. It made me think. If I knew this was going to happen would I still have fallen for Chase? Without a doubt. Would I have gotten with him? I don’t know.

Keiliey arrived before, we’re leaving in like two hours and I still cannot find my cousin and his girlfriend. But then again I am not a shady cow and I didn’t actually go looking for them. Luce and I just pretended! Luce and Molly are amazing - molly’s like Percy and dead sensible like that. But Luce is like Scottie and Audrey. REBEL! I’m going to spend some of my party time tonight with her. I imagine she’d be an amazing drunk! Not that I’m going to give drink to my little cousin - of course not! Ha ha!

We’re here! And of course, this being a ’famous people’ party Charlie Bagman is commentating on us all coming in. there’s mutters around the crowd as she says mom and my name. everyone noticed dad and Louis aren’t here with us. But I hold my head up high. I’ve gotta get through this. I mean come on it’s New Year for crying out loud!

“ça va ma fleur?” mom asks me, looking slightly nervous.

“Mom, I’m sorry for everything I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m sorry for you and dad I really didn’t mean it. I love you. And know I am off to get smashed outa my brain!” I laugh at the end… mom nods her head and chuckles at me. There’s no teens my age around. Apart from Scottie and Keiliey but press want pictures.

“Party time Dom?” Lucy smiles cunningly at me. I laugh out loud.

“Course Luce. Lets go party!” I pulled her through the Potter living room and out to the back building for the party. I open the door and grin at the familiar surroundings. Of course they got stripper poles. And of course my girls are up there.

I look at the decks and raise my eyebrows at the gorgeous fair haired DJ who just happens to be starring at me hungrily. He licks his lips and Lucy giggles. I look at her.

“He’s hot.” She says simply.

“Eyes off my fella missy!” I hip bounce her slightly, but she recovers.

“That’s Chase. Whoa, Dom I approve,” She pats me on the back and continues checking out my boyf.

“Hey people. Here’s a classic now. I will be right back I want to be the first on to kiss my gorgeous girlfriend!” Chase says over the current track. He’s then bounding towards me with such a huge grin on his face. When he gets close he grabs my waist and twirls me around the room. He’s such an idiot. I love him. I laugh, and finally he puts me down.

“Hey sexy,” He says and leans in for a kiss. I let him - merlin knows I’ve needed him so much lately. I laced my fingers through his hair and pulled his head closer to mine. I smiled as our tounges danced perfectly together, exploring each others mouth. He pulls away and looks into my eyes.

“Fuck I love you,” He kisses my nose and continues to stare into my eyes.

“So I told him, didn’t go well,” I laughed at my mega understatement.

“You okay babe. I honestly did not mean for this to happen!” He said more panicked and pulled me into a long hug.

“I’m fine, and we need music. Go I need to see my girls.” I kissed him again and sent him on his way.

“DOMINIQUE!” Two identical voices screamed and tackled me to the ground. I squealed with them. I missed them so much. I looked to Luce who was still standing at the entrance smirking at me. A lad walks up to her - one I don’t know and she goes and dances with her.

“DRINK!” Maize shouts over everything and pulls us over to the bar. Where a familiar messy, raven haired boy is standing there eyeing up my best friend. So I do the kindest thing possible to snap him outa it. I pour Whiskey over him and order Maize to lick it off. The surprising thing is she actually does. I swear how long has she been drinking?

With my drink and a boy who I think is Longbottom I start dancing near Luce. And then she does an amazing thing. She pulls! My baby cousin pulls. Ah I need a kiss. I turn around forgetting its not Chase.

“Whoops sorry Jordiee!” I tell him and kiss his check. He laughs and shakes his head. So I walk up to the stage and wrap my arms around my man.

“Hello gorgeous,” I say flicking his nose.

“Babe I gotta work,” he replies.

“Come on I just want a kiss!” I pout putting on my eyes. He leans in and kisses me passionately, he starts to push me against the wall - and of course I don’t object. Our tongues dancing I put my hand up his shirt and felt up his abs. hmm. He’s hot. His hands go on my hips and the top of my legs. I know where he’s going and I so want to. I reach down for his belt buckle but he pulls away.

“Not now babe, please go dance,” He looks in my eyes and I see the pleading in them.

“Okay, later?” I ask, eager for something. It has been WAY too long.

“Later. I love you Doms,” He pecks my lips again and smiles.

“I love you Chase,” He turns around and mouth drops open. Shit.

Standing at the front of the crowd watching our little ‘façade’ was the one and only Bill Weasley. My dad. Shit.

I’m fucked.

Chase I love you

Ella I love you

Maizey I love you

Boys you are my world

Adrianna Johnson you are a slut who don’t desrve to be in Ravenclaw.

I am going to die.

“Daddy!” I shout and run down to him. I stop about a couple of inches away from him. I look to Chase he’s starring at us still. But theres concern in his eyes. Ahh… he’s worried about me. “Daddy?” I ask not sure what I’m going to say.

“You love him?” He asks nodding to Chase.

“Yeah… with everything I have,” I say

“He loves you, I can tell. Not many boys would have stopped then. He loves you,”

“I know.” silence. Well no theres music - but I mean we don’t talk.

“I’m sorry. For being a bastard, but please not in your room!” He laughs and hugs me tightly! I sigh. I’ve got my daddy back!

James Sirius Potter 

We’re smashed. The whole lot of us. I see what I think is little Luce pulling the fifth boy for the night. its crazy. Of course it is. It’s a Wotter party. There are a lot of fine things at the party but the only one I can’t stop thinking about or looking at is the one girl who’s extremely pissed off with me.


She’s up there on the pole with Ella. Doing their routine. It is awesome to watch, they’ve got little dresses on and they are go into it. I know that a little too many boys are ogling my girl. I mean Maize. Probably even half of my cousins. We’re all like that.

I look around for the people I wanna share this night with. Freds, Scottie and Paddy. Paddy’s cool. Of course Scottie is with Keiliey. Nice girl. Perfect for him of course. Freds is over at the bar starring at Ell. Paddy is there. Ah!

“PADS! FREDS!” I call them over and they make they’re way over. We look a right case all of us smashed outa our heads. Ah I love parties. Freds hands me a ciggie and I light up. I don’t particularly like them but hell they’re addictive.

“Lovers its five to midnight so I’d go grab that special someone if I were you, Dom here please gorgeous,” Chase says from the decks. There’s a little rush. A lot of girls come for us, and of course Paddy allows all of them to take a piece of him. Freddie and me however walk over to the pole where the Malfoy girls still are.

“ELLA!” Freddie shouts and makes to grab her hand. And she jumps down and pulls him somewhere. Maizey is standing next to me. Not like she’s forgiven me - like she’s waiting for someone to take her.

“Maize, I’m sorry I didn’t know you didn’t tell them, I really am” I said to her sincerely. She has gotta believe me.

“It’s okay James, just a little game anyway yeah,” She smiles.

My heart breaks of course. Its just a fucking game. Nothings real here. Nothing what so ever.

“5-4-3-” the countdown starts. I grab Maizey’s shoulders and pull her to face me.


“What if I don’t want it just be a game?” I ask and lean in for a kiss, pressing my lips against hers. Feels like heaven. But - there we go, her tongue is playing with mine. I put my hands on her hips and pull her closer to me, I make my tongue explore every place in her mouth - whilst my hands explore her body.

I feel her fingers untangle themselves from my hair, I pull her closer - scared she’ll pull me off. However they travel down my body and up my shirt. I groaned on her lips. Her touch was electrifying. It was so gentle, so hungry.

My lungs then started to scream. Shit I need oxygen. I pulled away and took a breath, I kissed her chin and worked my way down her neck. This is how it’s supposed to be. Me and my girl on New Year.

“James stop,” Maize says in my ears. Shit I’ve gone to far.

I lean back and look guilty, but I’m not taking my hands off of her hips.

“Sorry Maize it’s just-”

“I really like you James and I don’t know why I was being a bitch. But I’m sorry,” She interrupted me. The next thing I know her perfect lis are crashing down on mine. I hold on to her tightly as I kiss her back hungrily. She is the only thing I want. Now. And forever.

“stay with me Maize?” I ask her when I draw away for a breath. I look her in the eyes and tears start to fall…

“I can’t,” She pulls away and runs away from me.

What’s that supposed to mean?

She cant?

Why not?

She’s just told me she likes me?

Was she lying?

No Maizey doesn’t lie?

Why did she run away?

Why is my life so fucked up?

All the questions were spinning around in my head. I was so confused. It was awful. I’d just got like three New Year’s kisses from the girl I’m falling for and she runs away. I wish the guys Happy New Year - you know not wanting to be a bad sport and get myself to the bar. Three bottles of Firewhiskey, yeah that’ll be alright for now.

I take my bottles out side and I lie on the grass by the house. Looking up at the stars I though. What would Grandpa James say? Would Gradma Lily tell me to go after her? Would Uncle Sirius mock me? What would Uncle Remus say? Would Aunt Tonks help me out? Why are so many people in my life dead. I need them. All of them. I need my granddad, my nanny, my uncles, my auntie. But no. I can’t have them. Kinda like someone else I know.


What had I done wrong? Why was she saying these things? Why was she acting this way? I’m not going to give up. I cant give up. I need Maizey. She’s the only one I do actually need.

Ever since that first day I met her, when she was standing there examining her nails, I knew she was something special. I couldn’t get her outa my mind. And now I know her. She’s constantly there. Around me or in my head. She’s the girl I need. The one I’m going to live with. The one who I’ll die with.

I just wish she’d realise that.

Something’s happened at home. Its obvious. Something’s been said to her - something bad. Because nothing usually stops her from getting what she wants. And she wants me. But she’s rejecting me. Yeah this is damn serious.

I just hope she’s okay. I just hope she’s not hurt. every time she’s in pain - I feel like I need to hurt the person who did that. Every time she cries - I want to be the one she cuddles up to. I want to be the one who she comes home at night for. I want to be the one she can’t live without. Merlin knows I can’t live without her.

I hear sobs coming from behind me. I turn and see the most beautiful being ever to cross the earth. With tears tumbling down her cheek. Mascara smudged. Face screwed up. Someone hurt her. He needs to be fucking murdered. I patted the floor next to me and let her sit down. She was so tense. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her too my chest. She gave in and cried on my shirt. What’s happened to her?

“Maize? What happened?” I ask her, in the softest voice I can manage.

“I’m sorry James,” She said. Repeating it over and over again. She was seriously scared. That much was obvious.

“Sorry for what babe?” I ask pushing her hair lightly out of her eyes.

“Leading you on like that. I didn’t mean it. But so much is happening an you’ll be in so much danger,” She rambled out. I’ll be in danger?

“Shhhh….. Why me babe? Please just tell me. It’s me. It’s James. Please?” I asked smoothing her hair out.

She sucked in a deep breath and explained everything from the first day back. I cringed. It was awful. She had to go through all of this. Her whole family had to. She’s had no-one. She’s been alone.

“You’ve got me. No-one but me is getting you,” I cooed.

Those scum will be caught. Those scum will be killed. Torturing innocent people is unacceptable. Especially when it’s my Maizey Malfoy. 

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Chapter 9: Oopps
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Mayella Malfoy 

Look it’s not a crime to be happy! It’s not. I know it can’t last. Especially with all of the rubbish going on in my life. But for once, I am happy. I’ve got the one thing I don’t want to leave. I’m going to leave him. I am. I’ve got no choice. He’s in too much danger all ready - being with me won’t help.

These MONSTERS are ruining my family. Maize, Scorp and I may be back at school already - but that is not immuning us from the family. They’ve got insiders in the Daily Prophet, because a lot of not nice things are being printed about us. And everyone believes them. Every ones thinking ‘Malfoy back to their old tricks again!’ but were not! it’s a load of my ass.

Freds has tried calming me down. But it doesn’t work! They’re trying to disgrace my family. And that is not okay with me. Is it not enough to torture us with every weapon they have for what…. 3 days?

No. of course that’s not enough. They know our family. To truly hurt us - our pride has to be dented.

Freddie doesn’t know what happened over Christmas. I don’t want him to. I don’t want him to pity me. I don’t want him to know how much pain I actually went through.

Its unbearable being here. In school. With so many good, kind things going on. No-one can actually see the pain and the suffering that the regular graduates are going through. No-one can see it. No-one can feel it. No families gone through a loss yet. I honestly don’t want them too.

I need someone to confide in. to tell what I’m feeling. But I can’t. I’ve got no-one. Scorp is off getting in as much troble as possible, so that maybe he can go back and be with mom and dad. Maize is crying. That’s all she does any more. It hit her hard. The whole torture thing. I don’t know why. But it has. She won’t talk to me. Or even let me help. She won’t let no-one in.

Dom? She’s too wrapped up in her own life. Not that I blame her. I honestly don’t. I am so glad she’s got her love. Its just that she’s oblivious to the obvious pain her two ‘best friends’ are in. it doesn’t piss me off. It just annoys me. We were there when she needed us. And now she’s nowhere to be found.

I’ve got no homework to do, so I think that tonight I’ll just chill, relax. Be with my boyfriend. The person who makes me happy in this awful time of need.

I’m walking down the stairs to the common room and I scan the room. James is over by the fire-place. Alone. He’s kinda depressed lately too now. Probably something to do with Maizey. She’s the only thing on his mind lately. Not that I blame him. He deserves to be happy. So does my sister.

Sitting on the sofa opposite him I smile and give him a reassuring look. I don’t know if this is even going to make a conversation… so I lie back and get comfortable.

“I know Ells,” He says calmly. Not looking away from the fire. He knows what?

“What Jay man?” I ask trying to lighten the mood - it has suddenly gone really depressing.

“I know what those bastards did to you. I’m going to kill them Ells. If it’s the last thing I do.” He said, his voice full of venom. Shit. He knows. He’s going to tell Freddie. Freddie can’t know! I whiser back the only thing that I can think off.

“Please don’t tell Freddie,”

Freddie Weasley 

I’m in the library with Scottie. We’re revising. Its not going all that good. My mind keeps wondering to the lovely girl I’ve got waiting for me back in the common room.

It’s a lovely thought, that is. Knowing that the woman your possibly falling for is waiting for you to return. I imagine her long soft blonde hair, her shining blue eyes. And that little freckle on the tip of her nose - telling her apart from her sister.

Mayella. Ella.

She’s mine you know. I’m never going to let her go. She’s honestly the only person I can imagine myself being with. I’m going to marry her someday. Honestly I am. I’m going to watch her walk down the aisle - in my grandma’s back yard - say the vows in front of everyone I now and kiss the most important person in my life.

Yeah, you can see I get distracted.

“Psstt. Dude?” I hear Scottie mutter from beside me. I smirk, I’m liking the way this conversation is going.


“Wanna get outa this joint!” He’s such an idiot when we’re talking in whispers.

“Lets go!” I say - returning his accent. Simultaneously we roll on the floor out of the library. Doing a ‘James Bond roll’. we’ve seen them on Aunt Mione’s films.

I can hear that mad Librarian calling for us to come back. We probably knocked over some books or something. Well looks like were banned outa there for a while!

Scottie starts walking the opposite way to the common room. Guess were not going home just yet then.

“Dude we’re we off?”

“Keilie’s and CeCe are in the Room of Requirements, come on.” Oh yes. We’re going to see his marvellous girlfriend. Keiliey is awesome, truly like amazing. And I haven’t meet that CeCe yet. She transferred from somewhere or other.

We walked along the seventh corridor and found the door. The room was how it usually is when there’s a group in their. A small common room type thing. Of course Scottie darling bounded up to his gorgeous girlfriend and swept her off her feet. Bless him.

I looked at the other girl -CeCe- she was blonde, blue eyed. She had the same aura as Ells. She was pretty. Not as nice as my girl like but pretty okay. She’ll do well with boys here. That is for sure.

I sat on the chair opposite her spoke.

“Looks like were not getting an intraduction, I’m Freddie,” I smirked.

“Yeah, I’m CeCe. Nice to meet you Freddie,” She smiled flirtatiously and I looked over what she was wearing. The white school shirt first three buttons un done, giving me a nice view of her chest. D/E I’d say very nice. She had a black cardigan hanging on her shoulders not covering anything up. She had a short black skirt on it was very high up her legs. If I tilted my head back slightly I could see the lace of her knickers.

“Of course it is,” I said back raising my eyebrows. Scottie and Keiliey broke apart and smiled at us. Scott conjured up a sound proof wall and led Keiliey in there. I’m guessing there were up excising apparatus in their for them. If ya get my drift.

“Well that’s lovely,” She replied and patted the sofa next to her with a smile. I moved next to her and put my hand on the top of her skirt with ease. My mind went blank. Her smell of honey-flower was intoxicating.
“If ya wanna see me without my clothes on, then you coulda just asked Fredster,” She said slipping her skirt of slowly.

I pulled her onto my knee and kissed her lustfully. Putting my hand up her top and getting a squeeze of them completely natural chest of hers. She smiled and undid my school shirt. I let it slide of my shoulders as I unbuttoned the rest of her buttons and started kissing her whole body. My pants were off already - Merlin she was good. A whole rush of… something went through my body I groaned in satisfaction and pulled her closer to me.

She stepped away from my and tugged down at my boxers. I undid the buckle of her bra with ease and slipped her knickers off her body. She stepped out of them and wrapped her legs around my waist. I held onto her as I backed us onto the sofa. For comfort.

I kissed her lips. Her nose. Her chin. Her neck. Her chest. Her hips. Her ‘lady part’. I heard her groan and I did the deed. Ramming myself up and down the body felt absolutely magical. I felt her nails dig into my back but it didn’t hurt as much as does with other girls. I felt her push me closer to her.

I was going for a long time. A real long time. Its been about ten minutes and we’re still at it strong. The sensation is filling through my body and all I can think about is her CeCe. I’ve just met her and yet I’m making love to her. Because this. This is not just a shag. This is fucking love.

Maizey Malfoy 

I can’t believe that I’m so stupid. I told him. I told him the one thing me and Ell promise we wouldn’t tell. And I just let it slip. I feel like I’ve betrayed my family. I know that its mad. But something inside me is killing. Me.

So I’ve done the thing I hope is best. I’ve stayed away from James Potter. And anyone who know him, knows how bloody hard it is. But I’ve done it. I’ve actually succeeded.

I’m sitting on my bed, desperate to not go to tears again. that’s all I’ve been doing recently. Dwelling on the past. Christmas. New Year. Over and over again. The pain was unbearable. That potion was revolting. The memories. The sadness. The tears. The cries. The yells for forgiveness. that’s what bothered me the most. The effects.

I hear an owl tapping at the window. Its Matilda’s. I could recognise it from anywhere and everywhere. I open the window and allow Tinkerbelle to sit on my bed why I unwrap the letter.

I don’t know what I’m expecting. I don’t know what its going to be about. But the one this I know is that I’m damn glad to hear from her. I haven’t seen her in like 5 months. Once I found out who I was she vanished disappeared. No-one has a clue where she is.

I tore the envelope and unfolded the letter. It was carefully folded - so she had taken lots of time to write it. And she didn’t know whether to send it or not. I smiled despite myself - I know her so well it hurts.

Dear Maizey (Laurie had been scribbled out next to it!)
I don’t know whether you’ll be happy or sad to get this from me. But I had to write to you. I had to explain things. As well as ask for advice.
I’m sorry I didn’t stick around at the Malfoys, but I knew you’d chose them instead of me. And I don’t think I could handle that realisation. I know your generally happy in the situation though.
I don’t know whether or not I lied to you for all those years - I am truly sorry by the way. But it was because Lucius Malfoy threatened me. Told me that if I didn’t raise you as my own, he’d murder anyone I was close to. So I did.
I planned on telling you your real name and birth parents once you turned 11, however you had already formed an idea of a liar. And I didn’t want you to hate me. I am so sorry. I did
not mean for any of this to work out this way.
I don’t know whether you hate me or not … but I’m in need for some desperate help. And you’re the perfect person to give it too me.
Recently I found out that my parents where also lying to me. I’m not their daughter. I’m their Granddaughter. Yeah. Minnie’s my mom. And she let my parents raise me. She insisted in being in my life. I don’t know who my dad is. But I have a hunch. But I’m not quite sure.
What should I do? Forgive Minnie? Find my dad? Stay as just the youngest daughter of the McGonagall’s? I don’t know?
I miss you baby, I know you were never actually mine - but you were my best friend. And I miss you. I am hoping and praying to Merlin your alright, I’m sorry for not keeping in touch baby. I love you. Always remember that. Please write back, when your ready of course.
Love Always

Maddie xx (Mom had been crossed out. )

I don’t know what to say? I don’t know what to do? Oh my gosh? We’ve both been in the same position. And she wants help. She needs help. She’s gotta go through this alone. I didn’t have to. I had Ella. I had Scorp. But she hasn’t. she’s alone.

I stare at the words disbelievingly.

Minnie’s my mom.

Oh my god.

Minnie’s her mom.

Oh my Merlin.

What should I do? Should I leave her? Should I write back? Should ihelp her? Should I meet her?


Its dangerous for anyone a talk to now-a-days. I don’t want to inflict that danger on Maddie. Even though she lied to me for my whole life - she’s still close to my heart. I don’t want her to be. Merlin knows I don’t want her to be.

But she is.

And I can’t change that. I’m starting to need her too. She’s always been there for me. And now. Just when I was starting to need her again - I get her owl.

I scratch Tinkerbelle’s ear and think. I’ll write back in the morning. I can’t think straight now. But I can’t sleep. I’ll go the common room.

“Maize I think there’s a way to keep everyone safe. I’m going to do it,” Ella’s telling me in our dorm. She’s in my bed, and she cast a spell so no-one can actually hear out conversation. She’s been crying for most of the night. Freds cheated on her. She’s thankful - because it makes it easier for her. She’s got an excuse.

“What you mean?” I ask her confused - this is the first bit of clear sentences she’s said in a while. So yeah I’m scared.

“I’m joining them. The Killers,” She states. No she can’t. “Come on Maize think about it. We can talk to who we like and they’ll be safe. We’ll have unlimited duelling time - with ANYONE we want, and we’ll get rewarded. And they’ll stop hurting us,” She smiles, thinking that she’s just came up with the greatest plan in the world.

What the fuck is up with her?

“Ella, think about this. You’ll have to kill people. Possibly kids! Can you handle that!” I tell her looking into her eyes. She’s stubborn. She’s not going to give in.

“Yes I can. Because I don’t believe I have a heart any more you know. I did yes. But it’s just been broken,” She says and walks over to her bed.


I can’t lose my sister.

I don’t think I’ll be able to handle that.

Oh my lord.

I’m losing my sister. 

Authors Note: hey:) i'm sorry about the Freddie bit - if anyone didn't like it. i don't know what the hell came over me. but i'm thinking it fits with the story. and i THINK i'm going to devolpe CeCe into a likeable charachter.. buh i'm not sure yet. i hope that some of the things in Maddie's letter explains some things... and all the other answers your wanting are coming soon. 
btw- the Killers are like an updated cleverer version of the Death Eaters. so yeah. What do you's think of Ella's sudden change in character? good? bad? do you think the other Malfoy's will go the same way? 
r+r cos you love me;]
i love you :))
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p.s - sorry for the lenght promise the next one will be longerr :))

Chapter 10: Questions
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Dominique Weasley

I’m such a bad friend. I don’t even deserve them anymore. I should be a loner. Yeah. I should be the first ever loner Head Girl. Imagine trying to get people to follow me having no friends. It’d be fucking hard mate.

I’m so selfish. I didn’t even see my two best friends breaking down and not talking to each other until - wait for it.

I see Freddie with another blonde girl - that is NOT Ella! So I do what the normal best friend thing and slap and he tells me him and Ella broke up like last week and now her and Maize weren’t even talking! I mean come on! How the fuck do I miss a thing like that!

But on a good note Freds looks madly happy with that new girl he’s got. And Scottie and Keiliey are still as close as ever. But they’re kinda the only good things going on as us girls are in the middle of a fucking crisis!

So yeah once I saw Freddie last week I ran to the girls room and apologized over and over again. that’s when I realised it was Maizey I was talking to not Ell. And now a week later Maize is getting all tense and worried at any mention of her sister. Its kinda odd. I’ve never seen anyone act like this ever. And well lets just say Maizey is not being exactly helpful when I wanna know things.

We haven’t seen Ella much recently. She’s started hanging around with Mia Cortez - Slytherin. She’s changed so much. Of what I’ve seen - her eyes are hard and she’s bullying little kids. And she’s not making it subtle. I don’t know that the fuck is going on with her - but I seriously don’t like it.

Maizeys different too - she’s more enclosed. More personal. She doesn’t talk about things important to her anymore. We just gossip like mad ladies. We share my bed now. She doesn’t want to be alone with Ell. I don’t know what happened with them too but I know that it’s something bad.

We’re in our bed now. Just sitting around throwing sweeties. Luce is in here too - we’ve kinda took her in as our project. She’s so much like how we used to be when we were her age. It’s relaxing to know that a life with no drama actually exists in the world.

“Goosy! I swear you are jut like me! When I was a fourth years me and the boys used to run around the grounds topless! Amazing time!” Maizey says laughing at the memory. I laugh too because I can actually imagine her doing that. She’s so sweet and innocent when you look at her - however once you meet her you discover the wild side of her. And you can’t help but love that.

“OH MY GOD! We have so gotta try that!” Lucy screams out loud and we all bounce up and down on the bed squealing with excitement. I can’t believe us sometimes. I haven’t had this much girly time in a while. And I know that that is partly my fault. I’m always on the phone with Chase. But I can’t help thinking … what would it be like with Ella here? It’d be different that’s for sure. I don’t know why but I feel like I’m betraying her - I mean having fun without her. I know its stupid and all but I can’t help it. She’s my best friend!

I don’t think she is any more.

“I need to sleep!” I announced and dropped down onto my bed. I smiled at the two people who had dropped down next to me. “Class in the morning, let us walk you back Luce,” I continued and hesitantly pulled myself and my friends off of my bed.

We all smiling despite our tiredness and made our way to Gryffindor Common Room. All the boys were still up, so we kissed Luce night and went to it with them. We slobbed out all over them.

“Frigging hell we just got rid of two now we got two more,” James says flicking me on the nose. He’s quieter now-a-days too. Probably Maizey.

“Shurrup Jamie, you know you love us,” I said plopping my head on his shoulder and trying so damn hard not to fall asleep.

“We sure do munchkin,” Freddie ruffled Maizeys hair. She was asleep on him. Gosh how am I getting her back to our dorm? Fuck knows. I didn’t want to turn into a living replica of Maizey so I brought up and interesting conversation - Freddie and his girlfriend!

“So Fredster - I ain’t met your girl yet?” I asked raising my eyebrows. His face suddenly went soft and he bit his lip, stroking Maizey’s hair.

“She’s. Awesome,” He said simply not looking at me. Awh bless him.

“He lurves her!” James sang playfully.

“At lease I have the guts to tell her,” Freddie snapped back.

“Whoa, what the fuck mate?”

“You, are being pathetic you know that right?” He said is voice very angry.

“Freddie. Just leave it. She doesn’t want anything to do with me. I’ll just leave her be,” Jamey replied. Looking slightly put out. I stroked Jamie’s face and smiled warmly at him.

“You know people, you can tell me things” I said raising my eyebrows - definitely not impressed by the way that lately a lot of people have been hiding things from me.

“Guys lets take the girls up and tell Dommy exactly what she wants to know yeah? I’m just gonna tell Keiliey and CeCe.” Scottie said sprinting up the girls staircases. He had a knack for that - he was so quick that by the time the slide had appeared he was already at the top. I stood up and took Freddie’s hand lovingly. He rolled his eyes and took me up his stairs. James picked a sleeping Maizey up and brought her too. 

So yeah that night I had learnt a lot of things. A couple that shocked me. A couple that I knew. What phased me mostly however was that Scottie wasn’t sharing anything! So much for favourite cousin. His excuse? ‘I don’t kiss and tell,’!

I mean come on! I went up their for deatials and I got that off him. You wanna know what I found out?

1. Jamie loves Maizey
2. Maizey love Jamie
3. Maizey wants Jamie to back off because she’s not safe (yeah no-one understands that one)
4. Freddie did indeed cheat on Ella
5. Freddie’s new girlfriend is CeCe - and she’s special
6. Freddie has already shagged CeCe
7. Ella’s been acting weird since the break-up (personally I think her weird new behavouir is something to do with that)

So yeah a the Freddie one were shocking. Weren’t expecting them. I really thought he liked Ell. He did. But not for long - ah he wanted something he couldn’t have and when he got it he didn’t want it. Of course.

I’m slightly annoyed with Scottie though. He won’t even give one single detail on his and Keiliey’s sex life! I know! I’ll go talk to her. I run from my dorm to the common room and plonk myself next to Maizey who is doing her homework with Jamey.

“I have had a brain wave!” I tell them both. James laughs slightly and rolls her eyes. Maizey’s eyes spark up with mischief - she’s more lively now. I don’t know what happened but I’m not complaining.

“What!” She says nearly squealing.

“about knowing that little extra on Scottie’s sex life!” I told them with a smirk. James scoffed.

“Babe if you spike him - he won’t drink it,” He laughed. Damn he has some good ideas.

“No, but if this one might worl we’ll try that!” I say grinning macically at Maizey.

“Tell me the plan already!” She shouted. The whole common room looked at us weirdly. Scottie - who was sitting with Keiliey and CeCe and their friends, Freds in detention- shook his head at us and continued talking with the others.

“Shush up you! Anyway. We go over there and introduce ourselves to CeCe. Tell her we want to know her a little better because her and Fredster are getting closer - and we invite her and Keiliey to a girls night in my dorm - say Saturday and we bring the conversation to sex! Therefore we get info off Keiliey!” I sang the last part quietly as Maizey starts screaming how that an amazing plan! I laugh oh I love her.

So yeah we walk over to Scottie and of course we jump onto off him, we’re so lucky we’re family. I kissed his cheek

“Hey hottie,” I smile and Maizey laughs out loud!

“Hottie, Scottie! Ah haha I get it!” She’s in a fit of laughter. Scottie rolls his eyes and pats Maizey’s head. Yeah she’s mental.

“Calm down Maize. Any way guys this is Dom and Maizey. Yeah there strange, girls this is -”

“Sixth years,” Me and Maizey interrupted him with a raise of our eyebrows. Some of the girls looked slightly scared by us. Keiliey rolled her eyes and laughed.

“You alright Maize? You were screaming like a manic before,” Keiliey laughed. She knew something was up.

“Oh yeah, Dom just came up with an awesome idea!” She gushed! Gushed! Ha ha!

“Oh yeah? What was it?” She smiled,

“Well, I was thinking because I’m a VERY loving cousin,” I kissed Scotties head for good measure, “I wanna get to know Fredsters new girl, and I’ve heard its you missy?” I raised my eyebrows and the usually confident looked suddenly petrified.

“Yeah, that’s me. I’m CeCe,” She said trying to smile.

“Oh we know,” Maizey says in a creepy voice. Keiliey laughs out loud.

“So we’re having a girls night, just us four! We’re going to get to know every one. Heads Dorm around 8 on Saturday. Traaa! Scottie bring us some food later please. Love you!” I said walking back over to James who was laughing at us.

“LOVE YOU HOTTIE SCOTTIE!” Maizey shouted as she sat next to James, up close if I do say. “Well that went well!”

Scottie Weasley 

The girls have gone mental. I swear it. Ever since the other night Dom and Maize have been trying to get me to admit how far I’ve gone with Keiliey. And its my business and I don’t think that Keil’s will want the two most loudest, gossiping people in the school knowing our business. Even if they are family. Actually. Especially if they’re family.

And know they’ve just been over here to tell the Keiliey and CeCe - notice how I said tell not ask - them to go to a girls night in Dom’s Head Dorm. CeCe looked fucking petrified. And that does not happen regularly. They’ve just wondered back over to James, oh not after Maizey shouting ‘I LOVE YOU HOTTIE SCOTTIE!’ she’s so dumb I can’t help but love her.

Anyways CeCe is looking petrified and Keiliey extremely amused. She’s trying to calm her down.

“Don’t worry Cec’s, they’re nice girls. Just rather strange,” I smiled at the fact that CeCe Ackerson is scared of Dom and Maizey. Oh yeah I forgot - Dom’s a Wotter, and Maizey is a Malfoy. Ah. That must have something to do with it.

“Yeah, Maizey has been through a lot, and this her is such an improvement,” Keiliey said looking over to Maizey who was now dancing on the sofa with Dom singing some Taylor Swift.

“SHE’S WEARS SHORT SKIRTS! I WEAR TEE SHIRTS! SHE’S CHEER CAPTAIN AND I’M ON THE BLEACHERS!” She screams at the top of her voice holding Dom’s hand and raving. James is trying to get them down it isn’t working.

“Don’t worry about them hun,” I smile.

“Come on, lets go sit with them. Help James,” Keiliey laughed and pulled me along to sit with my cousins and Maize.

Okay so we couldn’t get Maizey of the sofa- and because she was so loud Professor Longbottom and Freddie came into the Common room to see what the fuss was. Longbottom went mental at Maizey. And she just stood there and looked at her nails.

Freddie ran to Cec’s, because she was so terrified. He hugged her and told her they were messing. He took her up to our dorm. Bastard. I was hoping that would be empty all afternoon.

So yeah its Saturday and Dom’s organized it to be a Hogsmede weekend - I swear we’ve had more this year than we ever have.

So anyway, Freds, James, Paddy and I are waiting on the sofa’s for the girls to come down. Dom and Maize are in Keil and Cec’s room helping them get ready. Over the week Cec’s has learned to deal with their mad outbursts.

Freds is taking CeCe off somewhere, but me being a genius has booked the Shrieking Shack so yeah! Dom will be with Chase obviously. He owled us the other day and told us all to meet him and Doms’ in the Three Broomsticks at three. Dunno why though, but yeah Keil said that was alright.

So James, Pads and Maize are hanging out. Yeah James is devved. Who knows what could happen if Pad weren’t gunna be there. But when James told him to get a date, Maizey went mad saying that she loved spending time with some of the hottest guys or something. And then something like - I’m not just having one.

I was already in stitches on the floor by then so its no wonder I weren’t particularly listening.

Finally the girls came down the stairs. Well Dom and Maizey practically flew down the stairs, Maizey jumped and hitched her legs around James’ waist, he was a little disorientated but he managed to catch her before they both ended up on the floor. We smirked. Then Dom did the exact same to Paddy, he just laughed and played along with it - he knows she’s got Chase.

Maize and Dom simultaneously whispered something to the boys. Who both sniggered. What the hell?

I looked back to the stairs, halfway down the stairs was the most gorgeous girl in the whole earth. She’s been Domirized. But she looks gorgeous. She just wearing lose skinny jeans (not sure how they work) a simple white vest top and grey pumps. But she looks hot. Her skin is glowing and her hair is perfectly striaght.

Freddie barged past me and made out with CeCe immediately, he was putting her leg around his waist before I turned my attention back to Keil.

“Keil. Whoa,” I said to her grabbing her hand and squeezing. A smile came to her face,

“Dom and Maize got to us,” She giggled slightly, not one of those annoying flirty giggle, but a sweet humorous giggle. I smiled and kissed her slowly and passionately. I felt her hands go up to my neck so I pulled her closer to me. I don’t want to ever let go off her. Like ever.

Suddenly Keiliey is being pulled away from me with such force I’m honestly scared for her safety. Then I hear that voice - you know the one who loves to tease me. EVEN THOUGH I’m her favourite cousin.

“Come on lovers, time to get to town!” Dominique!

Chase Daniels 

My feet keep tapping up and down. I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this. But I am. I need my Dominique. I keep fidgeting. I can’t believe I’m going to do this. Why am I doing it again? Oh yeah, I love Dominique.

Honestly can’t believe her dad is allowing me to though. Of course I’m doing this the proper way. Asking permission and all. But I’m not sure about the whole one-knee thing. It’s kinda cliché. And Dom and me are definitely not cliché.

I mean come one, falling in love with your best girl mates baby sister - why your best boy mate I falling in love with best girl mate! Our life was so complicated back then. And now. Well it’s not much better.

Some students are coming outa the school. I notice a blonde figure that I know from any were.


She walked straight past me and ignored my every move. Ah yes, I forgot they weren’t talking. I don’t know why not, with all of the things going on at the moment they need each other.

Any way I’m scanning the whole place for my girl. Then I see the group. James, Paddy, Maizey, Freddie, some blonde, Scottie, Keiliey, my Dom. And the complete wrong one runs at me.

Yeah Maizey is running towards me like a mad man screaming my name. I look behind me to check its me. And she wraps her leg around my waist and gives me a big hug.

“Hey Chasey!” she sang. I don’t have a chance to answer because someone is pulling her off of me.

“Come on Maize, let Dom have her man. Sorry mate,” James smiled at me and pulled Maizey back to the group. I laughed as I watched them. Yeah those girls are absolutely amazing.

Then my baby has me. Her lips connect with mine and she wraps herself into me. I kiss her back just as passionately and hold her tightly in my arms. I have missed her so much. Just having her in my arms makes me feel so much better. I stroked her hair slowly as we came for breath. She put her forehead on mine and sighed. I smiled as her hot breath made me feel amazing.

“I’ve missed you babe,” She says with a smile. This is why I’m doing this. So that I don’t have to miss her when she’s outa school.

“I love you,” I replied. Smiling.

She grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers and swung our arms backwards and forwards as we walked in sync. I let her explain all the new things that I had missed. James and Maizey admitting likening each other. Fredsters new girl. And mostly Scottie not telling her about his sex life.

I took her to our usual spot - in one of the gardens away from the shops. I sat her on my knee and smiled into her neck as she rambled on.

“I mean come on! I thought I was supposed to be his favourite!” She said still outraged at the fact she didn’t know the details.

“You’re my favourite babe,” I smile and kiss her neck slowly and carefully.

“I’m sorry, I’m ignoring you!” She says and turns to face me. Her legs are around my waist now, her hands around my neck. Her beautiful blue eyes shining into mine. it’s a wonder I’m not blind yet.

“Don’t worry babe, you have the most gorgeous, sexy, relaxing voice. Like ever!” I imitated her at the end and she stuck her tongue out. I lunged forward and caught it in a kiss. I no she was surprised but I don’t like seeing that tongue in public. Other lads may take advantage. And nothing can hurt my baby.

I pulled away and smiled at her flustered look. It was perfect.

“What was that for?” She asked, the wonder staying in her voice. I smiled. Know seems right. Right? Ahh my hearts starts beating so fast. Ah hell lets do it.

“Marry me Dom?”

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Chapter 11: Good things
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James Potter 

Dom and Chase are getting married. And I couldn’t be happier for them. Apparently he did it the old fashion way - you know asking the parents permission first. Honestly if he did I’m surprised Uncle Bill said yeah, especially with that fit he threw at Christmas. But they deserve each other and I’m really glad they’re together.

Maize want to talk tonight. Some things have been on her mind recently and she wants to talk to me about it. I honestly don’t mind - I love hearing her talk. I love knowing that I’m one of the first people she comes to about anything. Anyway I’m going. Its another excuse to spend time with her.

Ella is starting to scare me a bit as well you know. I wrote to my dad and asked him about the Killers, you know to get some background information - so I know what I’m dealing with once I leave. And Ell is acting exactly like them and she’s hanging around with people I’d be willing to bet are wanna be’s. so I’m scared for her. What’s she gotten herself into.

I’m in my dorm room with Freds, Cec’s in detention. She’s sitting with us a lot more recently. Even when Keils isn’t their. She never managed to make many friends before she got with Freds. She’s cool an we all like her, so its not much of a problem. Only I have a feeling that she is keeping Ella away from us - or its Maizey. I don’t actually know anymore.

My head is so fucked up. This year isn’t supposed to be like this. Ell wasn’t supposed to leave us. She was supposed to be the one who stood up against these dickheads causing another war - not fighting with them. All the pairings I figured out in fourth year have not happened. This year is definitely not how I pictured it.

“Bored mate?” I ask Freds who’s starring into space - bless he’s lost without his girl!

“Whoa, what?” He says turning back to me, I chuckle and shake my head. Poor bastard. I envy him. He actually loves Cec’s. when he introduced us too her, I didn’t believe him. But he does. He can actually be with the girl he loves. I so wish I can be like that.

I get out Which Broomstick magazine and I flick through that. I’m not really paying attention… but I’m bored and it’s the only thing I can think off doing. That’s actually staying in this room. Because I am not going into that common room to see my baby sister making out with some jerk. Roxie pulled me up here before I got a chance to hex that bastard who was touching my baby sister.

“Why don’t you lot look like a bunch of girls,” Scottie says from the door as he walks in from his night with Keiliey - on a high like he usually is when he‘s bin with him. I raise my eyebrows at him questioningly. “Oh come on, your flipping through a magazine and Freddie is examining his nails - that’s a little creepy by the way mate,” he laughs. I turn to Freddie.

“Why the fuck you examining your nails for?” I ask him bewildered.

“Hey boys,” Cec’s made a good timing then as she charged through the room and sat on Freds bed next to him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him.

“Shut the fuck up Potter,” he says warningly. I snigger and CeCe looks between the two of us.

“Maizey said get your ass downstairs James. Oh an leave my baby alone,” She turned around and kissed him on the lips. I looked at Scottie who was already halfway down the stairs. I was behind him too. I so did not want to witness what the fuck is going to happen in here.

I run down into the common room an plop myself on the sofa next to Maizey. I smiled crookedly at her and put my arm around her. I scan the room looking for Lils or that jerk. Lil is sitting in the corner of the room with Roxie - both talking animatedly. But she seems happy. I go to get up to go and speak to her. But no. I’ve got a date with Malfoy.

“Oh no you don’t. meet you in bed later Doms,” Maize says holding my hand and leading the way. I can’t help but smile at the way her smooth skin is holding mine, our hands fit. She’s taking us to the Room of Requirements.

When the door appears she pulls me through and goes to sit on the closest chair, but I sit in it before her. She goes to sit on the other one - but I grab her hand and pull her onto my lap. I smile at her confused smiling face.

“Hey beautiful,” I smile - flicking her nose.

“I need to talk to you James,” She says seriously - I assume that its about Ella or those dickheads that hurt her. Boy was I wrong.

She reached up to my face and kissed me softly. I responded immediately cupping her face lightly with my hand and allowing her tongue to explore my mouth whilst mine was exploring hers. It was a loving and gentle kiss.

Maizey pulled away from me.

“Shit, I’m sorry James. It’s just…” she paused and looked at me.

“I’m falling hard for you Maize, nothing can stop that. I just need you.” I say looking deep into her beautiful blue eyes - showing her that I meant every word I said.

“I’m sorry James. I’m sorry that your in so much danger. If anything ever happens to you - I know it’ll be my fault,” She started sobbing into my shirt

“Babe, I’ll be careful. I promise. I won’t leave you. Ever.” I whisper into her hair - knowing full well that she’ll be able to hear me.

“Thanks James,” She says kissing my lips.

“Stay with me Maize,”

Mayella Malfoy 

I can’ believe I’m doing this you know. But surprisingly its easy for me to go through with. I thought me signing up for them would be one of the hardest things in my life. But its not. Its triggered a whole new side of me. One that doesn’t mind hurting people. One that loves being chased by Aurors. To be perfectly honest I can’t wait till I get out of school and I do this full time.

I thought leaving behind my family and friends would be hard too. But surprisingly it wasn’t. yeah I get a bit tearful when I need Dom. But she can’t be there for me ever again - and I’m starting to get used to that fact.

Anyways why would I wanna be around the slut and Freddie. Its not that I still like Freddie or anything. It’s just I can’t actually believe how slutty his new girlfriend is. I hear Scottie and Maize saying how lovely she is. But I honestly can’t take her seriously. To me she’ll always be that little slut who changed my life - for the good.

I’ve found new friends. New people to confide in. new people to have a laugh with. New people who won’t judge me. And I love it. Knowing that these people around me are going all of this because we want to. Because we’ve realised that it is the best thing for the world. Not just wizarding world - the whole world. Both races.

For my whole Hogwarts experience I’ve always thought that Mia and Jolene were bitches who were still hung up on the second war. But now I know them, and know what kind of people they are - I’ve realised that they’re not. There people who realise that this world is becoming extremely cramped - and that it is indeed easier to get rid of the non-magic as magic will always be useful.

When I’m around them it kinda makes me ashamed that it took me so long to figure it out. But with them and the other girls and boys I have gotten to know - it isn’t all about the war that is inevitably going to happen.

They’re fun, loving, kind, jokey, aggressive, protective all at the same time. And there is never any awkwardness between us - like ever. Not even after Jolene jumped on Big pinning him to the floor her lips glued to his. Never awkward. And oh yeah no-one in my new group holds back on anything. What so ever. And that is kinda strange for me.

Well I best introduce the group now - because they are definitely like Dom Maize and the boys. Nothing at all alike about them. Except the looks. They’re all hot. There’s Mia and Jolene obviously - I’ve gotten dead close to them and I’ve realised that the fake act isn’t actually an act. And they aren’t at all fake.

The rest of the girls are the dorm mates - I’ve kinda moved into their dorm. Belle, Avery and Daisy, they’re sweet and loving and caring. But they are some of the bitchyest people I know. But I love them for it already.

The boys, Big, Evan, Brad, Luke, Jason, Reggie and Tom. They were awesome boys and sporty and brainy at the same time. They loved to have a laugh and their favourite thing to do was sit with us girls of a night and talk about shit. These boys weren’t sex orientated. They weren’t perverted bastards. But they still liked girls. Jo and Big’s display proved that!

I have come to realise that Mia, Jo, Avery, Belle, Daisy, Big, Evan, Luke, Brad, Jason, Tom and Reggie are everything of friends that I have never had. And it makes me feel better. Because even though I have just lost my best friends after six years - I can still have the best friends I’ve always wanted. Btw I have no idea if that makes sense to you. These guys are what I’ve wanted for a long time now. Not them individually, but personality wise. Not I have them. 

Luke, Brad, Mia and I were bored. Like seriously bored. Everyone else is in bed and no-one interesting is in the common-room (the other Slytherins’ have kinda accepted me now.)

“I’m bored” Mia starts to sing. She only does it cos she knows it pisses Luke off and then he thinks of something for us to do

“I’m bored,” I sing trying my hardest to keep a straight face. Brad smirks at me.

“I’m bored,” He sings winking at me. Ha! Luke was going to murder us. You can tell by that look on his face. It’s going red very fast.

“I’m bored,” We all sing starring intentally at Luke.

“Fucking hell, come on lets go for a walk,” He says dying to shut us up. We all smile in brilliance and Mia links her arm around mine and lowers her shoulders slightly (Luke put his arm around her). I smiled as Brad threw his arm around me and started playing with my hair. He’s an idiot. Like seriously.

Luke leads us through the dungeons and up through to the main part of school. We walk slowly in and out of corridors. Laughing at Brads random remarks. There’s no fear of us being caught - we’re Slytherins we’re snakes - snakes are hard to see.

We walk along the seventh floor corridor and hear loud music and drunken whoops. Of course it’s the annual Gryffindor party tonight. The first ever one where I won’t be there. I silently sighed thinking of all the good times I’ve had in that room.

“You okay babe?” Mia asks me we’re all leaning against the walls now. We can’t be assed walking for much longer.

“Yeah, yeah I’ll be alright.” I smile and her and raises her eyebrows and laughs slightly at me. She knows I’m not. She knows that deep down I do miss my sister. But hell she hates me now.

Ah, talk of the devil.

“DOMMY! DOMMY! LETS GO GET SOME DRINK OFF MINNIE!” She shouts, I smile she’s never been to good with her drink.

“Babe you’ve gotta hush up. Minnie doesn’t like people knowing we drink babe,” James stumbles outa the door and right on top of Maizey. He kisses her and wraps his hands around her and she laces her fingers through her hair affectionately. Their together. Finally. Good girl.

Brad scoffs an pretend gags at their antics. We don’t say anything. We just watch the encounter. Dom walks out now and covers her eyes.

“GUYYSS! Don’t! I want my fiancée!” She screeches. Wait fiancée? she’s getting married. Whoa. Go Weasley.

“Sorry Dommy,” James ruffled her hair and walked - stumbled - back into the room. Maizey grabbed Doms arm and started skipping down the hall towards us. She froze when she saw us.

We were standing in a kind of threatening stance so I am not surprised she sobered up bloody quickly.

“Mayella,” She said stiffly.

“Maizey,” I returned her tone.

“Dominique,” Mia said grinning at the scowl on Dom’s face. I had to laugh to.

“Mia,” She relied.

“Ohh first name basis, come on Ellie! Lets go have a shag!” Brad picked me up and ran down the corridor. I heard Mia and Luke’s laughs. We were always like this.

“SLAG,” Maizey shouted at me. Mia slapped her and rode away on Luke’s back. All four of us laughing like manic’s.

We’re so gonna get caught.

CeCe Jackson 

Ugh. I’m feeling so ill all the time recently. And its really not having any good effects on me or my life. There’s this tingly feeling inside of me and it is honestly knocking me sick. I know the rest of the girls in our dorm hate it to. Because I’m usually up most of the night throwing up in the basin. And of course Keils is the only one who’ll help me. The others are stuck up jealous bitches.

I don’t know why the girls in our dorm are being so cold-hearted and bitchy. Oh wait course I do. They’re jealous of me and Freddie. I could tell at first that they thought it’d be just a fling. And it’s not. It’s so much more than that. And the girls… jealous. Jealous that I’ve got the boy they’ve been pining after for six years.

They hate Keiliey too… because she’s with Scottie. I mean you can tell how perfect they are by just looking at them together - yet those two-faced bitches are saying that she’s using him for her own ‘sexual pleasure’ I mean how pervish is that. Its not like she’s some kinda whore! And another thing that really annoys me with them girls - is they pretend to be Keils best mates… and I’m like fucking cows!

But I’m thinking Keiliey is starting to see through their little act. Because every night they’ve told me to ‘shut the fuck up’ not ‘Cec’s you okay?’ no rubbing my back and holding my hair - even though their half asleep too. No that’s just Keils doing that. She’s a good person and the girls around her are fake idiots… the only ones who are genuinely happy for her and Scott is me, Maize and Dom. And the boys course but yeah they don’t count when I’m bitchen about girls.

Right now I’m running to the quidditch pitch with Maizey and Keiliey - our boys are at practise. They should be coming back any time now. But we don’t mind running hand in hand down to the pitch. Maize is squeaking like and idiot and we are getting strange looks. But because were us - no-one can or is saying shit about it. I’ve gotta admit when I first meet Maize and Dom they scared the shit outa me with their big attitudes and personalities. But now I know them more - and spend practically everyday with them. I love them as much as I love Keil. A blooming lot.

So yeah were running through the ground to get to the pitch. We see it now its there. I can see Doms’ hair running to the locker rooms. No doubly to get a shower so she can look normal again. I see the dark frame of my boyfriend walking slowly to the locker rooms, laughing as Scottie and James carried the quidditch stuff. I smiled at the sight and tried not to sqeal in fright as Maizey pulled Keil to their boys.

Both boys nearly fainted in shock to have two of the most gorgeous girls ever jumping ontop of them. They both fell the the ground and let their girls kiss them. I usually would have done the same. But I am feeling so ill. Even now. My tummy has that curning sensation. Ew.

So anyway Freds turns to look at me and raises his eyebrows, I smile a little and start to walk over to that beautiful face. But then my stomach churned and I started throwing up all over the grass. Great. Just what I need. I’ve been doing so well keeping my illness away from Freds and now this happens.

I hear him shout for one of the girls as he is rubbing my back telling me I’m alright. Well I bloody well know that. I’ve been throwing up for the last seven days in a row. Ever since that bloody party. I know I should stop going to them.

I felt Keiliey take hold of my hair and Maize rub my side comfortingly.

“Freds let go of her… bring her into the locker rooms, she’s alright,” I heard Dom’s comanding voice. But still Freds didn’t let go of me.

“What the fuck’s wrong with her?” He asked pulling me ever so closer into his arms.

“Let go and you can ask her yourself,” he still didn’t let go. Maizey wiped my face and smiled lovingly at me.

“Come on gorge, let get you sorted out,” She knew about my sickness as well. I shook my head. I know I’ll be alright now. At least till later.

“No it’s okay I’ll be alright. Got any chewys?” I asked her knowing my breath must smell as awful as it taste’s.

“What the fuck d’you mean your okay? You’ve just been bloody throwing up! Were going to the hospital wing.” Freddie shouts getting all protective over me now. I roll my eyes and his face gets redder with anger.

“I’m okay. Listen.” I put my hands on his face and smiled lovingly at him, “I’m good. Just a spur of the moment thing,” I smile and he sighs gently and leans in for a kiss. “Oh no you don’t,” I smile at his shocked face. “Not with this breath,” I smile and walk away with the girls laughing and my boys mocking Fred as they went for a shower.

It was a casual walk like we usually do. But something was more tense about it. I don’t like it. Probably because the hospital was mentioned. I don’t like that place. Not since - well lets just say Christmas time. I don’t trust the Healers. Any of them. Their all lying scum-bags.

I looked at Keiliey and she took my hand - so I wasn’t the only one feeling this tense atmosphere. Maizey noticed my and Keils hand so soon we were all clutching onto each other hands skipping rocking them back and forwards until we made it to Doms room. Jason, Mia, Ella and Brad were all sitting in their in the common room. We sat down on the sofa opposite them. I was squeezing Maize’s hand. She has a strong dislike for her sister.

“Jasonn” Dom sang as she sat on their sofa next to Ella. Not even paying her a blind bit of notice. She was glaring at me. I put my middle finger up and smiled innocently. She growled but that Brad dude distracted her.

“Dom?” He asked back smiling. They’ve created a strange kind of friendship - it’s dead cute he does whatever she says.

“Cec’s isn’t feeling too well so I was wondering wether you could leave so that she can slob out an we all have room,” Dom batted her eyelashes and pouted, all three of tried so hard not to laugh as Derulo nodded his head dumbly and stood up and trying to grab Mia’s hand. Dom beamed.

“Thanks hun!” She kissed his cheek and threw her legs on the couch showing too much skin on purpose and kicking Ella off of the sofa. “Whoops sorry,” Dom raised her eyebrows daring her to say something.

“Jase why do we have to go!” Mia whined on the was to the door.

“Jackson’s ill,” He replied and I waven innocently at the group.

“Well thank fuck for that,” Maize said from beside me and we collapsed into a fit of laughter and we didn’t even stop until the boys and Pads’ were up with us. Freddie leant down by my face and kissed my nose.

“I love you CeCe,” He said directly into my eyes. My heart skipped a beat and my whole body started glowing. He loves me.

“I love you Freds,” I replied. I heard a chorus of aws from behind me so I gave them the finger in the most poliet way and Maizey look offended.

“Cec’s! you did that to my slag of a sister - please give me an original,” She laughed. We all laughed. The boys looked confused. But we waved them off and started munching on the chocolate that they’d bought us.

So at around nine thirty that night I had to run up to Dom’s bathroom throwing up some more. I told the girls to not led Freds up. So I’m sat her head over the toilet throwing up time after time. Dom rubbing my back Keiliey holding my hair and Maizey not letting Freddie in.

They were all concerned now. And I could hear Maize telling Fred that its probably just the chocolate. And I could hear him screaming at her saying he needed to see me. Then James having a go at Fred for having ago at Maize.

And then I was done.

I sat up and immediately brushed my teeth. I could feel Dom and Keiliey’s eyes burning into the back of my body. I looked up at them and smiled.

“Cec’s I think your pregnant,” Dom told me. Shit what?


Did she seriously just say that?

The look in her and Keils eye showed me that they weren’t actually messing.


“W-what?” I stuttered a little.

“Think about it. Being sick all the time. Craving choclate more than ever. Feeling tired all the time. Their symptoms babe,” Keiliey said looking quiet shocked herself.

“Lets go the nurse and check,” Dom said.

“NO! No nurse,” I said and Dom nodded her head and headed out of the room. Presumably to get a Pregnancy test of the nurse.

Oh my fucking god.

Freddie has his arms around me. I haven’t told him about the possible pregnancy, I wanna make sure this is right first. And then I’ll tell him. But he’s holding onto me so tightly because he’s noticed I’ve been trying to avoid him and he doesn’t want to let me go. I think he’s scared of losing me. But I don’t like being around him when I’m spewing up everywhere. It makes me think he’ll want to leave me.

I won’t leave him though. Not ever.

Here’s Dom.

“Babe I gotta go upstairs with Dom,” I tell him giving him a quick kiss.

“No.” He simply says.

“Freds. Its like life-changinly important.” I tell him looking into his deep eyes.

“Your leaving me,” He whispers so that just I can hear him. I chuckle and kiss his lips and let the electricity flow through us. I place my hands on him face lvingly. And I can feel his hands on my stomach. My belly flipped. What if there is a mini- Weasley in their. Will Freds mind,

“No I’m not. I’ll be back in like ten mins. I love you Fredster,” I giggle and kiss him again. He reluctantly lets his hands drop off of me and I walk up the stairs with Maize gripping my hand. We’re all fucking petrified.

What if I’m pregnant?


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Chapter 12: Meetings with the Wotters
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Freddie Weasley 

I honestly feel like I’m wasting away. I feel like I’m dying. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I can’t concentrate. I can’t even fly! It’s so hard. I can’t live. I’m dying.

Wanna no why?

Because the one girl that I am in love with, the one I know I’ll grow old with, the one I don’t want to let out of my grip, she’s avoiding me.

I swear on m dad’s life I have done nothing wrong. Ever since the other day when she was sick all day - when the girls took her upstairs. She’s been avoiding me. I haven’t had her in my arms for a week and a half. I haven’t told her I love her in a week. I haven’t had a kiss in a week and a half. I haven’t spent the night just holding her … in forever.

She walked past me the other day. She smiled and walked on with Keils. She’s not seeing Scottie as much either. She’s always with her. Now I think about it all the girls are always with Cec’s. just Maize makes time for James, just like Keils does for Scottie.

She’s pale. And she looks tired. Whatever’s wrong with her - she’s not coping. And its breaking my heart. I can see her hurting but she won’t let me close enough to help her. Dom, Maize and Keils aren’t even helping me. They won’t tell me what’s wrong with her. They won’t tell me what I’ve done wrong. They won’t tell me why she won’t even let me hug her anymore.

I can’t live without her.

I’m sitting in the dorm room with James and Maize. They’re ‘studying‘. They know I’m here so they’re not going too far. I don’t know what to say or do. I look down at my fingernails and take the dirt out of them. I faintly hear the pausing of the sound - you know when people are making out.

I’m not going to look up because I can faintly hear the sounds of muttering between the love birds on the bed. I want my CeCe.

“You okay Fredster?” Maizey says coming to sit on my bed. A very disgruntled James behind her frowning. I grin at him and I receive the finger.

“Yeah Maize, I just miss Cec’s,” I tell her trying my best not to sound like a sap. I think it worked pretty well.

“Sap” James says grinning at me. So that didn’t work. Great.

“Shut it you,” Maize hits his stomach playfully and smirks as her hand drops a little lower. I coughed slightly not wanting to see the next thing that happens. James winks at me as she turns back to me, “She’ll tell you soon I promise. And if not then everything should go back to how it was before,” she smiles.

“I’m going to go for a walk round school. You two have fun now,” I tell them standing up and walking towards the door. I hear James mutter ‘Finally’ but I shrug it off smiling. I know he just wants some quality time with his girl.

As I’m walking down the stairs to the common room I hear a squeal from my dorm and a bit of laughter. Safe sex my friends.

Like I said I would I wonder out of the portrait hole and walk around the halls. To nowhere in particular. Just thinking. What have I done that is so wrong to keep her away from me? I must have done something? She’s avoiding me like I’m gunna hurt her. I’m not going to hurt her. I will never hurt her. I won’t let her be hurt. I’ll KILL anyone who hurts her. She knows that. What the frig have I done?

“Look at the Gryffindor all on his lonesome,” A cold voice bragged. Fucking Slytherins. It’s Ella’s new little group of friends. Derulo, and the others. I can see Ell in the back ground sneering like an idiot. Why did I even like her?

“Fuck of Derulo I’m busy,” I tell him an start to walk past. But no fucking Slytherins just have to pick a fight when I’m not in the best of moods. Stupid idiots. I can see why Ell fits in with them so well now.

“Scared Weasley?” That fat one says, Big I think. Ha!

“You wish fatty,” He snarls I grin. Everyone throws me daggers.

“Anyway seen much of your girlfriend recently Weasley, she’s constantly in my room,” Derulo continues looking at me sneering. I freeze up. He knows for a fact we haven’t been …. Seeing much of each other, “By the look on your face I’ve been seeing her more than you have. And in those little tops she wears … oh I can see why you fuck her mate,” He sneers even more. My fists clench and teeth grind against each other.

“HEYY JASEEEE!” I hear Dom’s unusually happy voice call for him from behind him. She pushes past the girls not giving them a second glance. “oh you’re here,” she looks at me.

“Oh I love you to cuz,” I say sarcastically.

“She’s going to fucking kill me,” She muttered and dragged me up to her dorm.

She starts running making me have to run into stride to keep up with her. What the fuck is going on? We’re heading towards her room.

“Dom! What the fuck?” I shout to her who’s not miles ahead and getting more and more panic able. Were soon at her door we enter the common room and I find out exactly what is wrong.

CeCe is lying on the floor collapsed. I run over to he and brush her hair. She’s completely out of it. Fainted. Gone. Oh my god. I kiss her forehead and keep her close to my body. I’m never letting go off her ever again.

“Hospital Freds now,” Dom says demandingly. I wrap my arms carefully around her waist and pull her body so that she’ll leaning against me. Then I begin to run.

She’s just lying there. Helpless. She’s breathing. She’s holding her stomach. She’s smiling in her sleep.

I don’t know if she wants me here but I can’t bear to be away from her. Poppy panicked loads when I brought her down. Something’s definitely dodgy. And I ain’t liking it.

“Freds?” she mumbles. I grab her hand an kiss it gently.

“I’m here baby, I’m not leaving you,” I tell her kissing her hand softly over and over again. She’s okay.

“I love you Fred,” She says again I look up into those beautiful brown eyes I have missed so much. I kissed her nose affectionately.

“Why you been avoiding me babe?” I asked her keeping a tight grip on her hand.

“I… it… it’s complicated,” She says looking away, I tilt her head towards mine with a finger.

“Babe just tell me, I can’t live without you,” I tell her,

“I’m Pregnant,”


Whatever I was expecting wasn’t that.

But I’m going to have a kid.
With the girl I’m in love with.

I’m going to have a kid.

With my CeCe.

That’s good.

that’s awesome

I leant down and kissed her lips slowly and passionately. Letting my happiness and love show threw the kiss. I put my tongue in her mouth willed it to dance slowly with hers. I placed my hand on her stomach.

My kids there.

My baby.

Maizey Malfoy 

Cec’s finally told him. Finally. And I’m so glad because he doesn’t look like a zombie and doesn’t stare when I make out with James. And she’s happier. Like much more herself. She also rite to her dad and little brother and told them too. I was honestly surprised she didn’t get a howler. She makes her dad seem dead strict. Freds rite to his mom and dad and they passed the letter around. From what I’ve made of the situation all of the Wotters are coming to the next Hogsmede weekend to see them and meet Cec’s. She’s shitting herself!

Well to be honest I would be too. If I was dating a Wotter. Oh yeah I am. And here I was thinking that this weekend would just be me and James. But no. we gotta go meet him family. But we won’t be too long. And we all know we’ll brake away. Chase is coming up so Dom’ll give everyone a kiss and run off with him somewhere. Scottie and Keils will say hey and hang around for a bit before they make an excuse and get off somewhere. And me an Jay will probably do the same. But I do feel extremely sorry for Cec’s and Freds. Whole day in family company. Bless them.

Our whole groups happier you know. We’re all back into our pairs. Paddy Finnegan has joined our group now too. As a replacement of Mayella. Him and Dom always pair up - but he knows she’s engaged and he’s just a best mate to her. I’m getting the feeling that he doesn’t like Dom in that way anyway so that makes everything a lot less complicated.

Dom, Keil, Cec’s and I are in the sixth years girls dorms. Their easier to get ready in- you know more clothes. Cec’s is freaking out. About what if none of the family like her. Then Dom pointed out that she was family and she adored her. That kinda made her feel better. Keil and I were laughing. Her face is priceless.

“I mean what if his dad doesn’t like me? What if his mom thinks I’m a slut!” CeCe explained. I giggled slightly - I mean come on she’s over reacting like a lot.

“They won’t babe, your cool. And his parents are the coolest parents I’ve met. I mean you’ve only got to look at Fred and Roxy to even guess that!” Keiliey said, she was sitting beside me, attempting to put her masacara on with on nudging herself - she’s not doing to good.

“I would be scared about Grandma though. Not even sure how she’ll react!” Dom said from over my Keils wardrobe. She was wearing skinny jeans and was trying to decide between a low cut white vest top, or a round neck full sleeved one. I mean she’s gotta think this through. Her whole family is coming today.

I was wearing baggy jeans, my white and black converse and a white top. I think I’m gunna rob Cec’s black hoodie as well. But I think its best if we calmed her down a bit now. She’s kinda hyperventilating about meeting Grandma Weasley. I heard Keil snicker slightly from beside me. She had a purple vest top and jeans. She had her purple trainer-type converse on to.

“Frigging hell Dom, we’re supposed to calm her down,” I laugh and Cec’s sent me daggers I put y hands up in surrender and turned back to the mirror on the vanity table and finished doing my hair. I was putting half of it up and letting the other half curl slightly. It looked good.

“I wouldn’t worry about it babe, no-one will shout. I mean your pregnant,” Keil said. I grinned slightly. She had a point. I knew enough about the Wotters to know that they would never shout or abuse a pregnant woman - or in this case 17 year old!

We managed to calm down Cec’s and we picked her out some clothes. They didn’t hang to her so you couldn’t see the slight bump that was forming on her belly. She had of course jeans, white converse and a yellow and white cammy top. Looking at her I couldn’t see how ay family could hate her. She looked so innocent and likeable. We all did to be honest.

At about quarter past 11 when we were 15 minutes late for the boys we headed down to the common room to see three very disgruntled boys. Freddie leaning on the armchair with a frown on his face. Scottie leaning against the sofa his eyes drifting closed for a couple of seconds before he would open them again and pretned he wasn’t tired. And James was sitting on the floor between the two boys playing with some fluff on the carpet. I couldn’t help but laugh as we were halfway down the stairs. The whole scene was absolutely hilarious.

“Where’ve you been! We’ve been waiting forever!” Freddie exclaimed when he saw us. He crossed his arms impatiently and starred at us all.

“We had to calm Cec’s down she was hyperventilating. Quiet funny actually,” Dom said pausing and smirking at Cec’s who had turned red with emabressment. Keil and I cooed and pinched her cheeks playfully. She swatted us off laughing.

“Why? You okay babe?” Freddie said going into the whole protective boyfriend stage,

“Same reason your shitting yourself Fredsters. She scared to meet the family!” Dom said skipping outa the portrait hole. She’s probably already at the gates. She wants to see her Chase.

I look and see the most handsome dark haired boy standing in front of me with his hands over his chest smirking. I look up at him and raise my eyebrows. I move my hands to his neck as he moves his to my waist.

“Hey,” I say smiling

“Hey,” He says still smirking. He’s bloody scary sometimes, with that bloody smirk. He looks to hot to be real.

“Scared?” he says again.

“Why? What for?” I say, why have I gotta be scared?

“Because your meeting my family. As the love of my life,” He whispers and leans down and kisses my lips slowly and passionately. I smile and kiss him back. He is the love of my life.

Here we are sitting in the Three Broomsticks. Would you like me to refine we for you? Yes. Okay lets see….

Grandma and Granpa Weasley, Bill and Fleur, Charlie, Percy and Audrey, George and Angelina, Ron and Hermione, Ginny and Harry, Victorie and Teddy, Dom and Chase, Louis, Scottie and Keiliey, Molly, Lucy, Freddie and CeCe, Roxy, Rose, Hugo, James and Me, Albus and Lily.

The whole Wotter clan. We’ve just sat down and Grandma Weasley has just insisted Dom and Chase stay for at least two drinks. Dom’s devasted. You can tell.

Anyways were all sitting around the round table, all the parents on one side smirking and all the kids on the other side - really nervous. I get the feeling that family conferences aren’t good things in this family. Grandma and Grandpa are sitting in between us smirking with the parents. Yeah I’m scared.

“So Freds, I see you’ve knocked her up. Well done, didn’t think you had it in you mate,” Charlie chuckled. And Dom, Keil, the cousins and I snorted in laughed. Cec’s and the boys frowned at us. But I swear I could feel James laugh.

“Shut up Charlie, I always knew my baby had it in him,” Angelina smiled lovingly at her son. He was a violent shade of red. I so wanna laugh.

“Yeah he got them from me,” George winked. Oh how I wanna laugh so badly.

“I’m glad he didn’t get the frigging sperm from Ange otherwise I’d be bloody worried,” Ginny said laughing.

“CAN WE PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT MY SPERM, PLEASE!” Freddie said and the whole family bust out into fits of laughter why Freds sat their un-amused. I love this family. I’m so glad I know them!

I looked at Freds from the corner or my watery eye and saw Cec’s rubbing his shoulder and him pouting. POUTING! That made me laugh even harder and I felt James’ hand on my back… I scooted closer, loving being close to him.

“Anyways, we’re here to meet the lovely new ladies, man and little baby joining our ranks.” Grandma says. I look at Keil and Chase. Since when was we getting introduced. James chuckled and kissed the top of my head. Oh my god. He knew!

I can absolutely understand why Cec’s was freaking out before. This was going to be a scary experience.

“I wanna start!” George shouted and raised his hand like a kid. Everyone but Percy and Grandma and Grandpa laughed at his childish behaviour.

“Okay baby,” Angelina said and kissed his lips passionately. Freddie and Roxy squealed and looked away… Freds swearing under his breath. Bless.

“Okay CeCe, what that stand for?” He asked getting back to business, not taking his arm from around Angelina. I smiled and leant into James. Who put his arm around em shoulder too. I was prepared for this.

“Catherine-Carla. But I really hate them names together,” Cec’s answered.

I smiled and leant back as she got questioned. Most of the things that George was asking were personal and most of them I didn’t know the answer to so I was a good thing. I was learning more about my best friend. a lot were over the mark that we’d ask. Like what happened to her mom. Why she transferred and that stuff. Freddie was getting a bit pissed at his dad, but she kept on answering as truthful as possible and trying not to bring up a tear. She did thought when she was talking about her mom. I did to. I think everyone did to be honest.

“Lastly what did you do to Freds when you first met him,” George smiled. I caught Dom and Keils eyes and burst out laughing, both Freds and Cec’s had gone bright red. This reply was going to be good. I looked at James and he was grinning. He knew too then. All the adults were starring at us like we were mad.

“I just talked to him for a bit,” she said blushing some more! Ah I love this family! 

George, Dom and I went for a little cigarette outside… before Keil got integrated. Freds was gunna come with us but his mom kinda went sick and said that him and Cec’s weren’t aloud to smoke no more since they were expecting a baby. Maybe Cec’s could do it… but Freds defo couldn’t.

I listened to Keil get interrogated. Freaking hilarious if I do say so myself. Ginny Potter (James’ mom) kept asking her is Scottie was a good kisser. And Hermione Weasley (Rose and Hugo’s mom) kept asking if he was a good shag. Keil just blushed and put her head down. I’m kinda scared for mine now.

“So Maizey darling, James ey?” Ginny said winking at me. I smirked

“Yeah, he’s awesome isn’t he,” I looked up at him and I knew for a fact I had just boosted his ego.

Keiliey Jones 

Oh that lunch was hilarious and embarrassing at the same time. I knew the Wotters loved each other and I knew there were tonnes of them. But they’re all interested in everyone business! Like every part of it.

One of Scottie’s uncles - Charlie or George - actually tried to get CeCe to explain how she got pregnant! Its Freds family! And then I get his aunties asking me if Scotties a good shag or a good kisser. I mean what do you say to the family. I just put y head down and Scott got me outa the question.

I think Maize was the only one who wasn’t actually embarrassed by it all. She just grinned and laughed all the questions of. When Fleur I think it was asked her if James was a good kisser she just said ‘sweetie I’ll tell you when his parents aren’t around’ and winked at everyone. I think they like her the most. She’s as arrogant and confident as each of them.

But I think Cec’s and I went down pretty well. I think the only part that Grandma Weasley disapproved of was Cec’s already being pregnant. And of course she’d never say that out loud to a pregnant woman. I thought it was funny the way all the Uncles questioned Chase about Dom. They were all extremely protective of her. Especially George and Bill. Well yeah Bill was her dad.

Any way it was a good after noon. I found out that Roxy hates being shadowed by Freds and she can’t wait till he leaves. To be honest her and Lily together are pretty manic. Its weird. Well of course look at their family - I don’t mean any disrespect in any way by that.

“Dad me and Keil have to go get some …. Chocolate!” Scottie said suddenly grabbed my hand and ran out of the pub before any of his family could protest. He kept hold of my hand and I inwardly smiled at the perfect feeling of the touch.

Scottie was running fast pulling me to keep up with him. I was laughing he was doing this a lot recently. Pulling me out of conversations and making me run with him so we could have some me and him time. I only think he started that because Cec’s didn’t wanna see Freds when she found out about the baby. And I couldn’t leave her. She’s much more real than the other girls I call friends.

We got to the big oak tree I always admired from school. And we sat down. I rested my head on Scottie’s chest and he brushed my hair. We sat their just enjoying each others company for like ten minutes. I didn’t mind. I just loved being with him. I just loved knowing that he wanted me and much as I wanted him. And I’m so happy his family has accepted me. Because I know for a fact that if they didn’t, then me and him would be over.

“Babe, I’m graduating after Easter,” He said finally. I held my breath, easter break starts next week.

“I don’t want you to go,” I said quietly. I don’t want him too. It’ll be so weird without him. He’s been mine for most of this year and I’ve learnt to depend on him. And the others. Next year it’ll just be me. Cec’s is moving in with Freds and not coming back to school until a couple of months after the babies born. So probably after Christmas again.

“I don’t wanna go either baby,” He said and rested his head on mine. I felt tears come to me eyes. “Promise me something?”

“Anything,” as a few tears fell from my eyes. I clung my hands to his shirt. Not wanting to let go ever.

“We’ll always be you an me. We’ll always stay together,” He said huskily. I turned my head to his and saw tears run down his face. He smiled and wiped away my tears with light kisses.

“I promise. I love you Scottie,” I said and kissed his lips slowly.

I really do love him. I really don’t want to leave him ever. Next year is going to be so hard without him. D’ya think my mom will let me move into his house for summer? Because I know I won’t be able to stand being away from him.

We’re all sitting in the common room. McGonagall let Chase come in for the night but he’s gotta go at 11. It’s only 9 so we’ve got him for another couple of hours. Apparently Bill came up the castle and asked Minnie if she could do it. And of course they’re old family friends so she let him.

Maize is sitting on James’ knee laughing with Freds. Cec’s on Freds knee sharing the sofa, laughing and joking. Scottie and me are on the arm chair. He’s twirling my hair around his finger. Dom and Chase on the floor. They look so perfect next to each other. Paddy was sitting on the other sofa throwing his arms and legs out in all directions.

I looked around the group. We’re going to stay like this forever. Together forever. I’m starting to think that Paddy’s gay, so hopefully he’ll settle down with a lovely bloke who can control his tantrums and outbursts and maybe adopt a couple of kids called Loraine and Johnny. Don’t ask why them names… they just suit.

“have you ever jumped off a bridge with just your underwear on!” Maize said to Freds. They were kinda having this war. Everyone laughed.

“I’ve skinny dipped in the Black Lake at Christmas!” He resorted… ah I remember that Christmas. Funny times.

“Not the question Weasley,” Maizey sneered playfully at Freddie.

“Babe have you seriously done that?” He said seriously.

“Course - fourth year. Bobby P dared me and Jase so we stripped and jumped. And only a month of detentions!” She said proudly.

“Babe that’s fucked up,” I say to her smiling. It can’t be normal for something like that to happen.

“I know, if we did that here we’d have like the rest of our career in detention!” Dom said worriedly! How she got Head Girl I have no clue. She must have the most detentions in the history of Head’s. except maybe James Potter I heard he got a loads.

“yeah well we were only innocent fourth years,” She said winking.

“You? Innocent?” Scottie snorted and everyone laughed. He was right. I don’t think Maize has ever been innocent.

We sat their in a comfortable silence. With the ghosts of that laugh still in the atmosphere. I was going to miss this. Were its so peaceful and we’re with the people we wanna be with.

“I’m going to miss this you know,” I said after a couple more minutes.

“Yeah same. This year has been so good for me,” Maizey says.

“I’ve grew up without realising it. Keil and Cec’s and Maize and Chase you’re the best things that have ever happened to me,” Dom says.

“I can’t believe I’ve nearly been here four months. And I won’t be back till like February next year.” CeCe says.

“I didn’t plan this year this way. But I couldn’t be happier that this is the way its turned out,” Scottie says. Kissing me hair.

“this has been the best year of my life, I’ve gained so many things.” James says, wrapping an arm around Maize.

“I’ve been a dick. But I’ve made up for it. And this year has been good,” Chase says pulling Dom onto his knee and cuddling her closely.

“You guys are the best friends I’ve ever had,” Paddy says kicking his legs trying not to his Dom.

“I’m gunna be a sexy daddy,” Freds says laughing.

And theres that relaxing atmosphere gone! Bless Freddie’s heart. 

"Yes baby," Cec's answered very amused,

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Chapter 13: Exam Week
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James Potter
The next few months past quickly. Its now June - Graduation next week. I can’t believe we made it. I can’t believe Freddie made it! Cec’s is getting big now. Like massive. Most girls I know would use a Concealment Charm - but not Cec’s she’s not ashamed. I think inside her having this baby will be one of the best things for her. I mean you can noticeably see how much she has grown up whilst being pregnant. She doesn’t put u with Freddie’s crap any more that’s for sure.

Things with Maize and me have never been better. We’re not like all over each other like we used to be. We’re better more mature. I think that’s my fault too. I understand that I don’t need to be with her every second of every day. I just wanna be. So I’ve loosen up a bit more; and with that I think she loves me more. I’m so happy I’ve got her. No matter what messed up things are going on with her. Or how much I’m in danger. I don’t give a rabbit. I’ve got Maizey and that’s all I need.

She’s writing to someone a lot though. And she won’t tell me who. Whenever I go and sit with her whilst she’s writing - she either gets annoyed or puts it away. Its driving me crazy. I know its stupid; it’s just that I can’t stand the thought of loosing her. It’s too painful just to think about. I don’t wanna ask her either; I don’t want her to think I’m some overprotective idiot. I may be that; I just don’t want her knowing that.

Scottie and Keils are quite sickening to be honest. They’re always all over each other. Every moment that they’re not it looks like Keils is going to start crying. Its kinda cute becase I think I know a bit about why they’re like this. Keiliey is the only one out of al of us coming back to school next year - and she wont be with Scottie. So of course she’s trying to make the most of each others company.

At first Freds and I thought that it was Scottie being all over her, but then we looked closer and found out that it was Keils. We tried not to laugh; but face it, if you found out your best mate/cousin was being forced to make out with his girlfriend for most of his Hogwarts career, you would so laugh?!

Dom’s just Dom. Little bundle of Head Girlish fun. And I thought that with her being with Chase and him not being in the school; that maybe she’d be on the phone to him all the time. But she’s not. Of course she speaks to him every night; but she makes time for us too. And she’s really protective over CeCe and the baby. All the girls are really. I think it’s because not many people in her year or our year actually liker her or the fact she’s carrying Freds baby.

Maize and I are sitting on the sofa just relaxing. Well no were studying. With NEWTS next week I haven’t got time to just chill with my girlfriend any more. Its kinda annoying but I know that if I stop studying and try and hang out with her she’ll come up with some excuse about me wanting her to fail or something. She reminds me of Aunt Hermione sometimes, constantly worried about exams. I know she’ll pass though. And she knows she’ll pass. I just think that she thinks she’s gotta make it look like she’s studying in case others only think she passes because of her surname. That of course is a load of bull. If anyone should be doing that its me. But I’m not going to argue with her.

“Maizey, can we go to sleep now” I whined in her ear, it’s like two in the morning and I need to sleep.

“We’ve got to study!” Maizey said back.

“Its two o’clock. And we can study tomorrow,” I kissed the top of her ear and then her cheek coming closer to her mouth.

“Jay… I wanna do well” She replied tiredly.

“You will baby, you will,” I muttered kissing the side of her lips quickly - allowing the electric feeling to pace throughout my body.

“Jay…” She moaned and moved her head slightly so I could catch her lips properly. I kissed her passionately and kept a tight grip on her. I loved knowing that I had her all to myself. Without disconnecting our lips Maize turned around and wrapped her legs around my waist. I slid my tongue into her mouth and danced with it tightly. I felt her hands lock into my hair and I slid my hands up her top - just to her stomach and rested them their and continued kissing the greatest girl that has liven. My Maizey Malfoy.

It’s the last day of exams today. I have got to admit this week has been extremely stressful. Dom and Maize have been having a go at us for no reasons. And I could swear that Maize hasn’t slept in a week. The pressure on them is starting to worry me. But I can relax I know. it’s the last one today. And it’s DADA practical.

“I can’t wait for these bloody exams to be over. I feel like I’m missing my kids life!” Freddie’s bin referring to his unborn kid a lot lately. Apparently the pregnancy is part of it’s life - therefore he’s missing the life. No matter how many times everyone has told him that is not true; he will not believe us.

“I’m not even gunna say it you know,” Cec’s laughed and shook her head at Fredster.

“Shut the hell up Freds we need to revise!” Dom shouted and threw a pillow at Freds head. Maize was sitting with her and looking just as much annoyed. I sighed. Freds was right - I can’t wait for these bloody exams to be over!

“Potter, come eat!” Freds shouted and pulled me off the seat. I grinned and linked my arms in his and skipped down to the kitchens. Everyone laughed - I swear I saw Maize and Dom crack a smile. And that is a hard thing to do recently.

We stopped skipping once we got to the bottom of the stairs. If we didn’t our reputations would be in tatters. I pulled out the Marauders Map - my granddad and his ‘cronies’ made it when they were at school! We were safe for now, Filch and any other teachers were far away from the kitchens. Except Neville - Professor Longbottom- he was in the hallway by the kitchens. But he loves us so he wont mind us being their. He was friends with my mum and dad as well as Aunt ‘Mione and Uncle Ron. They were close apparently.

“No offence mate but I would hate to be you at the moment,” Fred laughed as we walked past the Great Hall.

“Why? What’s up with me?” I tried not to pout. It failed - what can I say all Weasley boys have always pouted!

“With a girl that insistent on revision - must be hell!” Freddie laughed, I sighed he was right. Maize was always with Dom revising. And even if I was their she still wouldn’t take much notice. She wanted to do well. And that is understandable. If Maize doesn’t get at least two O’s than I won’t be happy. She deserves it.

Maizey Malfoy

I feel so guilty. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been abandoning James. I know I am. I don’t mean to. The only thing I want is for him to be happy. And I’ve bee studying. I just want to prove I point. I know that my whole family is known to be clever idiots. But I grew up away from all of them and I’m not sure if I got the clever gene. I just want to prove I am a true Malfoy. I know its stupid but I wanna make my mum an dad proud.

But exams are over now and I still with just Dom in her room. I’m avoiding James. I don’t know why its just become natural for me to sit with Dom and talk and study hard. She’s been trying to prove herself a Weasley of course.

I miss James. Loads I know where still together and everything - but we might not be. I haven’t properly been with him since last week and its been hell for me. Don’t know about him but I sure have hated it.

“Dom pass my phone will ya?” I said to Dom who was slobbed out next to the side table of our bed.

“I need a date Maize!” Dom squealed as she passed my phone. She’s been trying so hard to get a head start on this wedding. But with NEWTS and everything she just hasn’t had time. Its really cute because last night she got dead upset about it bless her.

“You’ll have to talk to Chase babe, dates something he has gotta be involved in,” I laughed as I unlocked my phone and went onto the messaging part off it. No new messages. Great.

“I know but I don’t think he cares to be honest!” Dom moaned, I laughed. This was the stupidest thing she could ever say. Chase has been attempting to organize it with her aunties. That is sheer braveness.

“Okay Doms,” I smiled as I started texting a message to my boyfriend.

James, we need to talk. Ily x

I pressed send before I realised that that sounded so awful and that he was expecting bad news.

I think the emotion showed on my face because Dom snatched up my phone and read the sent message.

“Your not gunna leave him are ya Maize?” She asked shocked.

“I …. do….don’t think ….. So,” I paused. Was I gunna brake up with him? I don’t know. I love him so much. No I can’t. “No, sorry doubted me for a second,” I smiled and it convinced Dom temporarily. My phone vibrated in Doms hand and she passed the phone back to me. For once not reading the message first.

Don’t do this Maize. Please, I love you x x x

He thought he was gunna end it with him. I lay back on the bed. This conversation was getting worse and worse. Oh lord. Dom picked the phone and read the message. She lay next to me and put her head on my shoulder.

“PLEASE TELL ME YOUR NOT GUNNA LEAVE HIM!” A pregnant CeCe and Keiliey ran through the door panting. Cec’s sat on the edge of the bed catching her breath.

“Cec’s you can’t run your pregnant!” Dom moaned putting her head in her hands.

“Whatever, Maize he’s in bits don’t do it!” She replied looking at me. I smiled and shook my head.

“I didn’t plan for it to sound like that,” Dom passed me the phone and I typed back into it quickly

Baby, I didn’t mean for it to sound like that. Sorry for scaring you babe. Ilu xox

I said the sent text out loud and all the girls grinned before slobbing back out on the bed. We didn’t say anything. All to nervous for the reply. Never the less it was a long wait. What if he wanted to end it with me now? What if I’ve lost my chance? What if I’ve lost my James?

What’s up Maizey? Meet me on the seventh floor now? Love James, x

Something was wrong. I could tell by the simple context of the text. I’ve done it I’ve blew my chance. I lay back on the bed and let the tears fall from my eyes. I didn’t meant to say that. Honestly. I just wanted to say sorry for being such a bastard. Keiliey looked at the text and knew what was wrong with me.

“Maize, lets get you prettied up so you can go see him.” She waved her wand over my face and muttered a glamour charm so that I looked my usual self. Not this broken hearted depressed girl I felt like. Everyone heaved me up and we all walked hand in hand to the seventh floor.

I saw James leaning backwards on the wall with his head down and hands in his pockets. He looked so good. So handsome. I felt the tears come to my eyes as I knew where this conversation would probably end. I sniffed and wiped away the tears - this seemed to catch his attention.

James turned his head and looked into my eyes. His beautiful green burned into mine with something I didn’t recognise. I stumbled back afraid of the glance. Keils and Dom held me up and rested me against the wall. I slid down and put my head in my knees. This was horrible. This was going to be the end of the bliss that I’ve had here in this place.

I think I’ll go back to France. I might not be as pretty as England but I’ve got three boys that will never leave my side. And surely that’s something.

The girls walked away. I heard them. Leaving me with James. The boy who was about to brake my heart. I could feel it coming. My heart was already starting to tear apart. It was so painful. I started to cry out. This was pure hell.

James Potter

She just sat there against the wall. Crying into her knees. I didn’t know what was wrong with her. It took all of my might not to just run over there and scoop her up into my arms and hold her for the whole of etirnty.

But I somehow knew that she wouldn’t let me. She wouldn’t let me touch her. She was about to brake my heart. I could feel it. My heart was almost reading to rip out of my body and be thrown in a trash can.

She sobbed again louder this time. I couldn’t take it. I ran u to her and put my arms around her. Telling her everything was going to be alright. She leaned onto my chest and sobbed into my school shirt. I rubbed her back and kissed her head.

“Its gunna be alright baby, I’m here. We’re gunna be alright,” I muttered into her hair kissing with blondeness every now and again. She sounded in so much pain. She looked in so much pain.

“I’m never gunna leave you baby, even if you want me too. I’m not going anywhere,” I said more confident this time. I honestly wasn’t going to leave her ever again. Not even if she wanted me gone. I would stay by her side every moment of every day - just to make sure she was okay. Because I am in love. And that is what love does to you.

“Promise me?” she said - that was not the answer I was looking for.

authors note: soo soo soo sorry that this is such an uneventful chapter. and i'm so sorry you've had to wait so long for it. i've had really bad writers block and cannot think of what else to go in the story - and i know that i can't just leave it as the end. i'm so sorry. anyways yeah leave ideas for me in the reveiw boxes please! thanks. and i'm sorry again. 
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Chapter 14: Graduation
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Dominique Weasley

I really can’t wait to be out of school! Yeah there’s no more classes for Seventh and Fifth years but I miss Chase! And I have to start planning my wedding soon. I hate knowing that my big sister, aunties and mum is doing it! I mean its my wedding, I should get to organize it! Vic’s excited for the wedding. I think she’s always thought of Chase as a brother. And now its going to be final.

It’s hard being in school still. All my friends and acquaintances are coupled up. It’s hard for me because I know that there’s no way that I’ll have a school romance. I know my parents didn’t have that but my sister did. And I can see Louis is beginning one. I dunno; but its hard. I’ve always wanted to cuddle up to Chase in the boys dormitories and listen to his calming heart beat whilst telling him I love him.

that’s never happened. I was in fifth year when he was seventh. So it was weird because he was my sisters best friend to. But I have been with him in the boys dormitories in his bed. But it wasn’t the loving experience I so frequently imagine now. It was the start of it all. It was the first step of me falling for him. And when I think back to it. I honestly wouldn’t have it any different. I’m not even sure I’d like Ella to be friends with us still. Because she’s isn’t acting like a Gryffindor. When I look at her - even in the Gryffindor robes - she looks and acts like a born and bred SLYTHERIN. Her ‘gang’ have even been picking on Scorp. I mean what sick sibling would pick on their little brother. She’s lost all of my respect. And I’m sorry for that.

Maizey and James are closer than ever now. They’ve gotten over the phase where Maize didn’t want to be around him. I’m not even sure why that was happening but I didn’t like it. I could see what it was doing to my cousin and best friend and it scared me. They are perfect for each other. And I think that week made them both realise it.

Freds and Cec’s are so cute its sickening. Freddie is always poking her belly and pretending to have starring competitions with the baby. Its really funny and Cec’s loves it. He’s going to make such a good dad. You can tell by the way he looks after Cec’s and pretends the baby is already been born but he/she is hibernating inside CeCe. We were all surprised when he knew what that word meant. It was such an occasion - we write to Uncle George and Auntie Angelina to tell them. Lily and Roy jumped for joy when we told them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Roxy as proud of her brother. It was cute.

Keils and Scottie are all over each other - and when they’re just sitting their it is obvious that Keil is only just going to survive without Scott next year. I get her though I miss Chase so much. If it weren’t for Maize and the others I wouldn’t be able to last this year. It’s definitely going to be hard on her. Not even Cec’s is coming back in September. Just her. I do feel for her because we have all become ridiculously close. And we’re all going to be related. Some day we will be.

We’re all sitting around the Black Lake soaking up as much sun as possibly. I really want a good tan for the wedding. Freddie and Paddy are making funny faces at Cec’s tummy trying to make the baby laugh. We were all laughing. Freddie even licked her and then poked her playfully.

“Freds stopp!” Cec’s giggled as he started tickling her tummy again.

“I’m not doing anything to you baby,” He reached up and kissed her slowly and passionately. I sighed. I really missed Chase.

“Okay Doms?” Maize asked from the other side of the couple, I nodded and grinned at her. She wasn’t fooled but she knew what was up - I know she won’t push it.

“Can we sit with you?” a familiar voice said from behind me; blocking my sun. I turned around and found one of my favourite people standing behind me - standing hand in hand with my innocent cousin. I heard Freddie, Scottie and James snarl at the touch. She was their favourite.

“SCORPY!” I jumped up and wrapped my arms and legs around him. He smiled and hugged me back. Scorpios and I have gotten close because of the amount of time I’ve spent at their house.

“Hey Dommy,” He smiled and put me down

“Sit down hun,” Maize smiled from behind James. Scorp and Rosie sat next to me - furthest away from the boys. I could tell he was intimidated. Well the boys could be scary. “So what’s up?” Maize continued smirking at his hand Rosie’s interlocked hands. I smirked too. It was good to see that this boy was finally making a move on my cousin.

“Just wanted to come and see you,” He grinned sheepishly at his sister. I smiled and looked around for my little brother. He was flirting with one of Luce’s friends over my the walls. I smiled he really knew how to flaunt our Veela blood.

“Me and Scorp are dating,” Rosie rushed out in one breath and made to stand up. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back down and hugged her.

“You did good Rosie,” I whispered into her hair as all the boys stood up and shouted

“WHAT!” They looked fuming and now it was the girls turn to but in.

“Jay you can see their good together,” Maize said snaking her hands around his waist and reaching up to his lips. He didn’t say anything just continued to stare at Scorp.

“She’s 17. She can date.” Keils said rubbing Scotties back - he too was starring at Scorpios.

“Leave her alone, your not her dad.” Cec’s said laughing. Running her hands through Freds hair.

“Look at them they’re cute,” I smiled and ruffled Scorp’s hair and winked at my baby cousin who was smiling at us appreciated.

“You hurt my baby and you will no know what hit you Malfoy,” James snarled and Scorp grabbed Rose’s hand and ran quickly. Maizey reached up and captured James’ lips and kissed him for quite a while. I smirked knowing that this calmed him down.

“Stop making threats to my brother yeah,” She smiled and us girls walked away grinning in the shocked state we’d just left the boys!

Cec’s and Keils’ were grinning at us as Maize and I got changed into our Graduation stuff. Because Graduation was today. And I cannot wait. I finally have done my seven years in school and I don’t have to come back again. Of course I definitely will come back. There is no questions asked I won’t stay away.

I mean what kind of auntie or mother or friend would I be if I didn’t return for Quidditch Games and Graduations. I laughed at the possibility. Grandma Weasley wouldn’t even let me miss anything. I had a good family. And whoopee I get to see them all today. All of them. The whole lot. Joy.

“You scared girls,” Keils asked leaning back looking into my Vanity Mirror.

“Definitely.” Maizey laughed as we finished applying our make up. I smiled we looked respectable. I interlocked my fingers with Maizey and CeCe and Maizey got Keiliey. We all looked in the full length mirror I have my the door and grinned. Even though Keil and Cec’s were graduating they looked very mature. Well course Cec’s did she’s pregnant.

We walked out of the heads dorms smiling at Derulo - I well and truly had him under my spell. He would do what I wanted for nothing. Bless. I winked for good measure. I saw him blush and Maizey chuckled into my ear. We walked out into the grounds and all the was to the Marquee for us Seventh Years. I got nervous now. I bet you I fall over just before my speech.

“Oh my Dominique!” My mum flew and dragged me into a massive hug. “I am so proud of ma cherie,” she smiled and I swear there were already tears coming down her face.

“I’m going to dad. See you up there superstar,” Maize said into my ear and walked in direction of her father. Ella was with them. God help Maize.

My father and rest of the family came to hug me including the boys. James of course wondering where Maizey is. I warned him to stay away until after Graduation at the party. I knew Draco Malfoy had some really big protectiveness over both girls. He laughed and we all sat with our family until it was time for us to go up to the podium. 

Sitting in the front couple of rows as students was very nerve racking.

“Now can I introduce this years’ Head Girl to say a few words to this years Graduating Seventh Year. Miss Dominique Weasley!” McGonagall shouted out and as I stood I nearly got blew over with the amount of cheers coming my way. All of Gryffindor cheered - I’m loved thought out the house what can I say? My family. My Friends. Chase. And two of the other houses.

I stood in front of them all and grinned gingerly at them. Maizey was whooping and everyone was laughing. Even Ella. She seemed proud of me.

“This year, things have gone right for us all. And this year things have gone wrong. But this has been like this since the very first day we stepped on board the Hogwarts Express when we were 11. I remember my experience fondly and vividly. I was with my three annoying cousins and their families to. Of course we were famous! So all eyes kept diverting to us. I was scared then - I thought I’d always be known as Bill and Fleur Weasley’s middle child. But me and my cousins got a name for us. Because of who we were not our families. I know that this is true for most of us sititng here waiting to graduate. All of us were scared. We’ve all heard stories of how it used to be. And we appreacitate that its better. I don’t know about you people but these ast seven years have been the best of my life. The ups the downs. The parties and the hangovers. The nights in the girls dorm and the nights in the boys,” I paused and grinned at the whole of our year hollered at that statement. “You people here are my family. My extended family. And I will never forget a single face. No matter how many fights we’ve gotten into. No matter how many times you’ve landed me a detention. No matter how bitchy I think you are. I will never forget this year. As everyone has been there for me. And I’ve loved it so much. I don’t know how I’m going to live with out the Slytherins sneering faces at breakfast. The Ravenclaw’s smart comments in class. The Hufflepuff bubbly personality when I’m feeling down. The Gryffindor’s sheer stupidity that I have grown to love. Thanks. LETS GRADUATE!” I hollered the last part
smiling. As I said out the part about each of the houses there wasn’t one unhappy face. Even the Slytherins were smiling at me. I have formed a bound with everyone in my year group. And I don’t know how I’m going to live without them all.

I sat down on the front row next to Derulo and he was smiling appreciate at me. I had agreed to just let me do a speech not him. I listened to the rest of graduation smiling the whole way through. Of course tears frequently flowed down my face. But it was a happy occasion. It marks the start of a new life like Minnie had told us.

I cheered when each of my friends and acquaints went up to get there diploma’s. Then came us the Weasleys. I was first being a ’D’.

“Dominique Weasley’’ Professor Longbottom called out and I rose up to him again smiling at the amount of applause I was receiving. I took my diploma smiling and sighed with relief. I’ve done it. I’ve graduated.

“Frederick Weasley,” Neville called out next. I cheered loudly for my cousin along with the rest of the year as he strutted up to Neville and took his diploma. I laughed at him. Even with a little one on the way he was still such a flirt.

“Scott Weasley,” He walked up biting his lip obviously proud of himself. I smiled and cheered as he got his diploma and slung his arm around Freddie who put his arm around me. We’ve done it!

“Congratulations Class of ’35! You’ve graduated!” Minnie and Neville called out grinning. We all jumped u and down cheering I’ve done it! 

Mayella Malfoy
I did it. I actually did it. I’m no longer a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I’ve done it! I jumped for joy and looked to my left. To my sister. She was in a strong loving embrace with James Potter. I smiled. I am truly glad for them.

Nervously and reluctantly I taped her shoulders. I really needed to tell her what I had been dreaming up; thinking up over the past couple of weeks. She turned and glared at me; probably for interrupting her private time with her boyfriend. I smiled as James put his arms around her waist and kept her close.

“What do you want Mayella?” She snarled. She really does hate me.

“I need to talk to you. Its really important and it’ll work. Tonight?” I asked hopefully. I really wanted out in this new life I’ve gotten. Ever since Mia and the others started attacking Scorp I have been feeling wary about this situation.

“Why should I?” She growled.

“Because I want out,” I did and I looked her in the eyes. I saw a grin spread across her face and she slung her arms around my neck.

“Thank Merlin,” she whispered.

The party was in full swing when I arrived. McGonagall has allowed all of the seventh years and a selection of the sixth years of Hogwarts site for a party at the Potters. I arrived with Maizey, Dom, Keiliey and that CeCe girl Freds is with now. To be honest I was over him completely. I realized my problem with him was just a little crush and I did good realising that. I didn’t hold Anything against CeCe I had noticed they were good for each other. Especially now she’s pregnant.

I had explained to Maizey bits of the story and how much I realized it was a mistake even associating myself with the Slytherins. And I realized it after they started hurting Scorp. I had of course apologized greatly. Maize told the rest of the girls the story too. Dom and Keils accepted me back with big warm hugs. I swear I nearly melted into them. I missed their hugs so much. CeCe was a bit shyer. Understandable though she is with my ex.

I felt a twang of jealousy when I saw how close the four girls have become. But I knew it was I own fault it had come to that.

Anyway we walked through hand in hand with Maize. I was on the end and I didn’t mind I knew I had my twin sister back for keeps and that was definitely a good thing. Dom ran straight to the DJ who just happened to be her new fiancée Chase. I was soo thrilled for her. And I beat myself up more about it. I should have been there or at least friends with her when she found out she was going to be Mrs Chase Daniels.

Keiliey and CeCe went off to get a drink and find Freds and Scots. I was unsure how the boys were going to treat me. After all I have been a complete bitch and have messed my friendship up with everyone so much. But hopefully I can earn it back you know. I genuinely miss the days when we would all sit around the fire and joke about anything and everything. Maizey rubbed my arm before saying,

“They’ll warm up to you. Go get yourself hammered or dance or something - I’m gunna go find James,” She winked and hugged me again. I smiled. I might actually just get myself hammered tonight. Sounds like a good idea.

I walked over to the bar and got myself a stool and a drink. I downed the Fire-whiskey as fast as it came and kept ordering more and more. The Barman dude laughed as I started to sway on the seat. But I didn’t care. This was a night to forget. And I am doing my hardest to forget.

“Alright Malfoy, heard you’ve come to the good side,” the unmistakeable voice of Paddy Finnegan sways into my ears.

“Yes Finney, I have. I missed you,” I said and threw myself at him wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. Being that strong burly quidditch player he was able to keep me/us upright.

“I missed you to Ells,” he said and put me down,

“I wanna dance, come on!” I pulled him onto the dance floor and started grinding with him next to Maizey. She was laughing at me. Ah hell I don’t even care this is the night to forget!

“I see you’ve got yourself hammered,” Maizey said into my ears voice singing with glee.

“Yes baby sister, I have and I am extremely grateful for ALCOHOL!” I screamed the last part and started dancing wildly with Paddy. Pulling him closer to me and allowing his hands to roam. I’m up for a good night tonight. that is for sure.

After a good 20 minutes of dancing, Paddy led me away into an empty booth and sat me down with a bottle of Fire Whiskey.

“So Ells, what’s up?” He said looking at my body. I held my head high,

“Nuthin, so Pads, what’s up?” I mimicked winking at him

“Oh nothing much, just chilling with some hottie,” He winked back

“Oh and who would this be,” Biting my lip

“Not sure if you no her - she’s called Mayella. She’s hot,” he said smirking at me - letting his eyes roam all over me.

“Mayella, that’s a pretty name”

“Oh yeah, you have no idea what I want to do to her right now,” He smirked and I feigned shock, leaning forward

“What would you like to do to her Paddy Finnegan?” I asked confidently

“Its too mature to put into words Mayella Malfoy,”

“Wanna show me?”


He leant forward even closer and kissed me hungrily, he forced his tongue into my mouth and I replied just as willingly. I straddled him and kept a tight grip on his hair keeping us together - forcing us closer. I moaned in pleasure as he ran his hands up my dress and up into my chest.

We stayed like that for a while pleasuring each other in this wonderful night. 

Scottie Weasley
I watched as she wormed her way all over Paddy making it seem like she’s come back to us with open arms. Ha. She’s even convinced Maize and Keils. Not me though. I don’t believe her. She just cant change her mind about these things so quickly. She’s just going to get everyone hurt again. And I do not want to be around for that.

I let Keils lean back into my arm and I absentmindedly played with her hair why she talked with Rosie and a Dom wanna-be. At least she won’t be by herself next year. She was laughing and joking with my cousin and the girl. I was happy for her. I knew that most of her so called ‘friends’ were jealous of her being with me. And I know for a fact they all hate Cec’s. Cec’s and Keils are like sisters and they stick together. That is one of the many reasons I will always adore Keiliey.

“right folks I am going to introduce you to Scottie Weasley, he will be Djing for a bit why I dance with my beautiful fiancée,” Chase called out on the speaker grinning at me.

Oh no you don’t.

“Scottie! I didn’t know you’d help him out!” Keiliey shouted with a grin on her face.

“I didn’t,” I said stubbornly, shaking my head at Chase. This was my night an I didn’t want it to be ruined.

“Come on Scottie!” Chase whined.

“Yeah come on Scottie,” The blonde bit down on her bottom lip and looked me up and down; trying to hide a smile. I smirked and kissed Keils head before walking up to the stage.

“SCOTTIE WEASLEY EVERYBODY!” Chase shouted into the mic and cheered with everyone else, “Thanks mate, owe you one,” He added to me offhandedly clapping me on the back as he made his way to the bar with Dom on his arm. I smiled. He was a good bloke for my cousin.

I put some music on and lined up the next play list. I looked over at where Keils, Rosie and The Blonde were sitting with me but Keils wasn’t their. Neither was Rosie. Just that blonde biting her lip and smirking. I winked in her direction and looked around for Keiliey. She was dancing with some bloke.


I watched the pair dance for about ten minutes, him dancing with her all the time not stopping talking, not removing his eyes from his, he didn’t make and indecent moves on my girl and his hands stayed firmly but lightly on her waist.

I smiled.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I know Keils wouldn’t leave me or cheat on me. She’s my girl.

Ten minutes after I’d stopped watching Keiliey I saw that Dom wanna-be walking up onto the stage, I raised my eyebrows and watched how she swung her hips from side to side inviting people in. It was a nice sight, obviously but nothing compared to the swift, hardly noticeable walk I preferred.

“What can I do for you?” I smirked turning on the charm and I used just as well as Freds and James.

“I don’t know, what can you do… for me?” She asked bitting her bottom lip and starring at my lips, I chuckled.

“Come on sweetie, why’d you come up here?” I asked her trying my hardest not to laugh out loud at her oh so subtle hint that she wanted some.

“Wanna know my name?” She asked avoiding my question all together, I decided to play along with her little game€ - who knows it could be amusing.

“Yeah go on, I’m assuming you know mine,” I winked and looked her up and down. She did actually have a nice body. All the right curves in all the right placed and there was little clothing and I’ve never actually heard a teenager say that’s a bad thing - of course skin is the greatest.

“Your Scottie, right? I’m Tallulah,” She said coming closer to me and placing her hands on my chest.

“I’m Scottie, your Tallulah,” I said a little breathlessly, her touch was warm and I was becoming slightly turned on. Blame the alcohol.

“Yeah,” She said moving even closer and grinding her hips into mine slightly, unnoticeable to the crowd but extremely for me. I held in a little breath as I longed to have her right here right now. I winked and turned away from her and locked eyes with Keiliey. She looked at me sadly she understood exactly what I was feeling now. As she had felt it now more than two minutes ago according to the close proximity of her and that boy. But at this moment, I didn’t care I just needed someone. Keils nodded her head and gestured out back. I nodded mine and gestured towards the house. She nodded and grabbed the boys hand and led him towards the house.

I felt the hands of Tallulah coming from behind me and grab my man-parts,

“Coming?” She whispered into my ear seductively.

“Go out back, give me a minute I’ll get Freddie up here,” I said back not wanting to let her out of my sight though as right now I needed her inside me.

“Hello people, Scottie here and I would like to introduce FREDDIE WEASLEY! He’ll be taking over until Chase decides to stop feeling up my cousin,” I laughed as Freds bounded up happily, he always loved the Djing jobs.

I wandered out back wondering what was going to happen next, would I end up going through with this? Would I regret it later? Would I let my Keiliey got through with it? When I got into the small room named ‘Out Back’ I noticed Tallulah sitting with her dress off, with no bra and no knickers. She was lying towards me with her legs open, giving me free entry.

I walked over to her and cupped her breasts lightly and ran my fingers over them hungrily. I didn’t rush, I wanted to make sure that I was doing the right thing, being with her now. Something wasn’t right with these. They were unnatural and plastic. They were fake. She’d had plastic surgery. I couldn’t do this not with fake frigging boobs.

I ran. I ran to my Keiliey and hoped it wasn’t to late.

Authours Note: heyy! i'm sorry that it's been so so so long but i didn't even know what to right for this chapter and then i saw something which re-ignited the light inside of me! hah! anyway, i'm not sure about the end of this chapter; thought it over a lot and deceided to keep it in here. lemme know what you think about it. i'm sorry it's been so long but the next chapter is very nearly done so that shall be up soon. and because i'm kind and i love you i'm going to give you a sneak peak of the next and FINAL chapter!
I’m getting married.

In an hour.

I’m freaking out.

I’ve showered.

I’ve shaved.

I’ve been dressed.

I’ve done everything.

I still have a blooming hour.
this bit's in Chase's P.O.V so obv the next chapter is the wedding - with a seacial surprise for CeCe! who can guess what! hah! 
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Chapter 15: The Wedding
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Chase Daniels
I’m getting married next week. Like this time next week I’ll have a wife. Damn. I’m scared. Not that I’ll regret marrying her, definitely no. Dom’s my world. But someone else being in my family, that scares me. Dominique Daniels. It sounds good doesn’t it, it suits her so much. I can’t wait to have her in my arms, to hold her against my chest and know that she’s mine.

My Dom.

Asking her to marry me at first was on of the scariest things I had to do in my whole entire life. I mean of course I talked to Teds and Vic about it first but if they didn’t agree and give me some freaking tips I would have burnt down and died. Talking to Vic was scary to, because I’m her best guy mate and I wanna marry, no am marrying her baby sister. I know its mad and I honestly didn’t mean for it to happen this way. But it did. And I would change it for the world.

Right now we’re sitting in the flat. in the bedroom - not doing anything Dom’s going on about the ceremony now. She’s taken it upon herself to look over everything, Fleur, Molly, Victorie and I did whilst she was in school to make sure everything was perfect. Of course I knew it was stupid and she didn’t need to, but its her big day and its gotta be special. As long as she’s happy.

Theres sheets of paper all of the bed, the venue, the after party, the DJ, the food, the best man, the bridesmaids, the maid of honour, the braids maids dresses, the flower arrangements, the colour scheme. Every single little detail was going to be thought over and over again. I watched her as she talked to herself about the colours. I smiled the way her back hunches forward as she was thinking and how high pitched her voice went when she was worried. She didn’t ask for my opinion much, of course she cared whether I liked the look of it, but to be honest all I’ve been thinking about for years is Dom becoming part of my family - and now it was happening nothing could go wrong. Unless she says no at the alter of course. If she did that I may just die.

“Chase, do you think that this light pink will clash with nana’s, and the cousins hair?” She turned and looked at me. I was speechless, every time I look at her I am. The way her slightly greasy blonde hair was waved and sat on the top of her head. The was her warm brown eyes bore into mine lovingly. The way she turned her whole body towards me when she talks to me, just to reassure me she’s mine.

“It might do babe, but I don’t see why it should,” I smiled at her and reached for her hand, brushing her palm slowly and carefully. She sighed and laughed at the touch.

“I’ll have to talk to Maize,” She laughed still looking at me. Of course Maizey was her maid of honour, I knew it would be her though, Ella’s been to fucked up lately. I looked into her eyes, willing her to tke it easy and lie down with me. I couldn’t bear it if she over worked herself. She’s just had her NEWT’s, she deserves a rest. I told her we had it sorted, Molly, Fleur and Victorie assured her we got this. But no - she has to do it her way. Course I wouldn’t love her as much if she didn’t.

Dom gave in and lay back into my arms and rested her head perfectly on my shoulder, it still made me smile how easily she fitted their and how perfectly it felt. I stroked the odd pieces of hair falling out of her bun and smoothed them down her face. I listened to her slow breathing and smiled. I knew this chilled her out. Made this relaxing for her.

“I love you Chase,” She whispered almost inaudibly as she turned and cuddled against my chest, I smiled and wrapped a protective arm around her securely. Even though I knew that she did love me - it was still the best feeling in the world to hear it. My heart soared as she held me tightly, as if never wanting to let go. I certainly don’t want to let go of my beauty. As she’s mine. No-one else can have her.

“I love you Dom,” I kissed her top of her head and left my head there, sniffing the lovely familiar smell of Dom. It was gorgeous and well and truly my favourite smell on the earth.

Sitting in the Leaky Cauldron with four days till the wedding, I was beginning to get nervous. Dom, Maizey, Cec’s, Keiliey, Vic, Fleur, Molly, Astoria and every other Weasley aunt and female cousin was out getting Dom’s wedding dress and of course their own dresses. So us men we having a couple of pints instead of going shopping.

We were in a booth, in the corner so if the girls came into Diagon Alley they wouldn’t see us sitting here drinking. None of us told our better halves what our plans for the day were, and we all doubt it’d be pretty if they found us here. Bill and Teddy were having a starring compition, they were both pulling stupid faces trying to get the other one to blink. None of it worked. Most of the cousins cheered for Teddy as he’s their favourite cousin and everything, but Louis and uncles cheered for their dad/brother. I was torn. My best mate or my fiancée’s dad. It was tough.

I just stayed quiet and laughed as Teddy changed his nose into a pig snout and then grew fangs. Everyone was howling with laugher. It was a mixture between a pig and a vampire and I really wanted to come across one now.

“What my girl see’s in you I don’t know,” Bill laughed shaking his head giving in. everyone cheered and George slapped his brother across the back. “What the hell George!” He exclaimed looking furiously at his brother.

“Whoa, dude wolf ness back off,” Everyone laughed at that, if not out loud in their heads. See Bill Weasley was attacked by Fenir Greyback in the Second War whilst he was a human so he got some side-affects, including: 

1. Devilishly scary when annoyed
2. Extremely overprotective
3. Loves rare meat.

But their the perks of him so, he’s kinda cool. And I’m not just saying that because I wanna stay in his good books. I’m saying that because I believe it.

“And you just lost to the dude who’s gunna end up marrying your girl!” George continued once Bill looked more … human.

“I sincerely hope your talking about Victorie George, because I have no death wish and wouldn’t take a step towards Fleur, not that she’s not gorgeous but I generally like my life,” Teddy said dramatically smirking at Bill at all times. We all laughed, knowing what he means. If anyone, I mean anyone looked at Fleur that way they’d be out the country by the next morning.

Tomorrow is the day before my wedding, and because Dommy-kins doesn’t want me hung over for the actual wedding, and I don’t really want to be either. I want to remember every moment of that day, it’s going to be the best day of my life. So tonight is going to be my Stag Night. I have no clue were I’m going or what I’m doing. And the scary thing is Dom hasn’t planned it. Its all Teddy. Lord help me.

It’s not that I don’t trust Teddy, because I do with my life. Its just that I know of his plans. And I know that a couple of school chums are coming tonight and I am genrally pooing in my pants about it. The boys from school were the ‘lets go to Muggle London and party’, ‘were in Scotland?’, ‘so we’ll walk!’ type of people and because I am certain I’m going out of the country tonight. And well, I’m scared.

Its Dom’s Hen Night tonight and Maizey, Keiliey and CeCe have got it all planned out. Of course I don’t know a thing about it - I begged honest just wanting to make sure that she isn’t going to be going somewhere we’re she can change her mind about me. Keils assured me it wasn’t bad - but she had a glint in her eye and it scared the mudder-uddering hell out of me. Maizey? No help what so ever. All I got from her was a ‘eff off Chase we need to get sorted!’ with frigging what!!

Yeah Maizey was annoying sometimes, but she was amazing sometimes too.

Back to the problem now. Tonight, no like two hours I was going to be taken somewhere and forced to drink so much I’ll have a hang-over lasting till Friday. Damn the boys. I’m not sure who’s coming tonight, I think the uncles are sitting it out so it’ll be - Teddy, Jeremy, Danny, Freddie, Scottie and James I think, maybe Scorpios if his parents let him come I mean. Damn I hope, I won’t be able to handle anyone else.

So I’m sitting back on the bed - I know what your thinking ‘that’s his favourite place!’ - waiting for Dom to come out of the shower so that I can get in. the girls actually let her get ready with me not with them; for that I truly love Miss Malfoy! I heard the running water come to a halt and I lifted my head off of the pillow and starred at the door of our en-suite waiting for the love of my life to come out looking sexy, as usual.

The door creaked open and she walked out. Her tanned body slightly damp and upper body wrapped in a white towel with another small towel wrapped around her hair - it was a muggle thing and it made her look hot. I smirked at her when she caught my eye and laughed, crawling on to the bed with me. Hovering over my body.

“Admiring me Mr. Daniels?” She asked teasingly as she dipped her body onto me a bit more.

“Definitely Miss Weasley, I’m so happy your mine,” I said quietly and reached up to kiss her softly, she giggled against my touch and kissed me harder and faster. I flipped us over so that she was on her back and I was hovering over her. Her towel had fallen slightly, to revel her black lacy bra. Once again she caught my gaze and laughed.

“Go shower,” She ordered slowly.

“Yes my lover,” I vowed back and kissed her head before climbing off and swinging my hips whilst walking into the bathroom. I heard her echoing laugh and I smiled. I had honestly thought that living together was going to be awful, because we wouldn’t be the same if you understand what I mean. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to make her genuinely happy anymore. I was proved wrong - and I am so happy about that. 

Were in a cab. The eight of us. We have Fire-whiskey and all kinds of muggle alcohol beverages. I have no clue where we’re going, I have no idea where we’ve been - but I have drinks, I have music and I have the seven boys that will never leave me. And now all I need it the girl I crave. My Dominique Weasley. I’m getting married in the morning. Not the immediate morning of course - but to be honest I’m not counting tomorrow as an actual day.

“Here we are lads!” The driver shouted back to us. We all winced, did the dude have to scream down our ears. I mean god dammit he was loud. I stepped out of the car and let Danny pay, he’d been paying all night. I looked up at the building! We were at my building, and damn the sun was starting to come up. Us lads stumbled up the stairs trying to be as quiet as we could - but we still got thousands of ‘Shushs!’

“Frigging hell feels like we’re walking the halls of Hogwarts and the portraits are going mental because we have wands!” Freddie laughed as we got to my door, I fumbled around with the lock a bit and opened the door to find a completely clean flat. we all fell in and the boys passed out in random parts of my home.

Thanks guys.

I carried myself to bed, and was pleased to find the sleeping form of my wife-to-be laying in the bed eyes closed, looking completely worn out. I’m happy she had a good night.

I’m getting married. 

In an hour. 

I’m freaking out. 

I’ve showered. 

I’ve shaved. 

I’ve been dressed. 

I’ve done everything. 

I still have a blooming hour. 

The boys are funny you know. I’ve never actually realised it. I’m sitting in the lobby of the hotel I stayed in last night starring at the boys. Did you know Teddys favourite hair colour is blue, but when he’s nervous it turns pink, and when he’s stressed it turns green. And his nost wriggles when he talks. Did you know Jeremy shakes his hair around so much half the time he looks like a dog itching his head! Did you know Danny’s favourite liquor is Vodka and Coke, because… I don’t know but he’s had about 11 this morning! Did you know James runs his hand through his hair when he’s nervous and laughs manically with a high pitched laugh when he is … I don’t know! Did you know Freds ears never actually stay still, they’re always jerking up and down - but most of the time to fast to notice. Dice you know Scottie has a freckle on his eyelid! I have made many discoveries today and I’m already proud.

But right now, I wanna hurry up and get married. I really honestly do.

“Mate? We best get going,” Teddy said walking over, I giggled a bit watching his nose and then I snapped myself out of my observations and back into the days events. Getting hitched, without a hitch.

I nodded my head and downed the rest of the Butter-beer, feeling lots better as I felt the warm liquid run down my throat. I stood in the double doors and waited until my grooms-men were in place behind me: Teddy, Jeremy, Danny, James, Freddie and Scottie. I pointed my hand towards the car slowly,

“Onwards men!” I said loudly and the photographer took a couple of pictures as we slowly and dramatically walked to the black car ready to transport us to the Burrow. We looked like the blooming mafia.

Of course we were having our ceremony and reception at the Burrow, it was a family tradition and plus that house was amazing. It was were Dom and Vic’s dad grew up, and it was a haven. It was a short drive to St. Ottery’s Catchpole but it was okay, we all indulged ourselves in French wine. It was yummy.

“We’re a load of girls,” Jeremy said as we sipped the wine approaching the Burrow.

“WHy mate?” Danny asked starring at the lunatic we called our friend.

“We’re SIPPING alcohol!” He said and everyone laughed.

“Down it?” James asked. We all smirked - I knew there was a reason I kept that kid around.

“Down it!” We all raised and downed about three glasses of wine. There we go that’ll kept me going until after I marry my gorgeous little thing.

Stepping out of the car and looking into the family home, I smiled noticing Bill’s rooms curtians snapped shut and no light coming from them, my heart began to flutter. This was it. 

CeCe Jackson

Dom’s getting married! Ahh!! Dom is getting married! Today! Now! Ahh!

Dominique Weasley is going to become Dominique Daniels! Oh my gosh it sounds so good and it suits her so much. I can’t wait - but today we look gorgeous all of us. Fleur crying over the beautiful wedding dress. Victorie in the stunning maid of honour baby blue gown. Maizey in the boob-tube baby blue braids maid dress. Keiliey in the same dress as Maize. And me. Pregnant. I look fat. But Dom’s done some alterations to the dress so that it fits me perfectly and looks good.

The dress of the bride though. It was stunning. Bleach white, like seriously not one speck of dust or dirt on it, puffing out at the bottom but not for maybe ¼ of a metre, with embroidery in baby blue matching with her simple curled bright blonde hair and warm brown eyes. She looked radiant. She was practically swimming in happiness - I had no clue what she was feeling now though. I just know she looks freaking awesome.

There was a slight knock at the door and Bill walked in and starred at his daughter, you could see the tears forming in his eyes making me want to cry as well. I looked at the girls all wearing the same expressions as me. Dom didn’t move her eyes from her dad, she loved him so much and it honestly hadn’t been a year since he freaked out about them dating. Of course this would be a hard moment for her.

“Daddy?” She asked starring at her father still. “Daddy do I look pretty?” She asked him in one of the most innocent voices in the world. My heart grew for her. She was trying so hard to make this a good time for family. He didn’t answer and I felt like crying for her.

“You look stunning baby. It’s time,” Bill finally answered smiling at his little girl. I could tell she had lit up as she took her fathers arm and smiled at us. Motioning for us all to go past. I gave her quick kiss on the cheek,

“Bye Bye Dominique Weasley,” I said whilst winking she laughed and my whle bdy was in butterflied, terrified for her. What If something went wrong?

Behind Keiliey I began to walk down the short aisle in the back garden of the Weasley Grandparents. It was such a gorgeous location, surrounded my fields that you could do anything with. But they did nothing. It was perfect. I saw Freddie looking at me and I smiled as I took my seat on the opposite side of the room covered in white and blue. The couple were going to have a muggle ceremony, so there’s wouldn’t be forgetful Dom had told me. But I don’t believe her. I think its because her mom and dad had a wizarding one - they wanted to be different. 

The ceremony was beautiful, absolutely magnificent it was different yes but beautiful. Their vows were something, they basically explained their life together and how everything had gotten better, and things could only go up. And now was one of my favourite parts of the evening. Speech time.

Everything went quiet in the Burrow as Bill stood up to make his speech, as the father of the bride.

“As father of the beautiful bride, I guess its my turn to make the speech first. And for that I am truly sorry. But my baby is traditional and insisted that I go first so hear we go. I was what 27 when Fleur told me she was pregnant again, and my first thought was Holy Mother of Merlin Help Me. And I was right to think that, because from the very first moment she was born she had boys all over her! Yes they were cousins but so! I knew my baby girl would have to have me as a body guard all of her life! Well till at least 27, but look we’re that conclusion got us. She was a cute baby and would laugh for hours, mostly as her sister and her friend Teddy. Growing up she had the worst influences in the world - and for that I have to thank my brothers, George and Percy and my sister Gins, as they produced the most troublesome boys for a little girl to grow up with. I thought though once they’d all gotten to Hogwarts she’d make knew friends and stay away from her troublesome cousins. Of course she mad new friends, but of course she stuck with them. And James closeness to Teddy, and Dom’s closeness to Vic led her to meet and get to know Chase. At first I hated him. He hung around her all the time and I didn’t like it. But this Christmas I figured out he loved her. And she loved him. He was good for her. He could protect her. And now. He’s in my family. Now he’s my son. To Dominique and Chase Daniels! She‘s made me proud. She‘s made all of us proud” tears were rolling down my face. I didn’t know that she was traditional and I didn’t know boys were always all over her. But he was a good dad. He was an amazing dad.

“Oh my turn!” Teddy shot out of his seat and turned to the crowd who were all wiping away their tears or laughing at Teddy’s attempt to lighten the mood.

“I’ve known Dominique since she was 0 months old. And she was cute. And blonde, and chubby, and girly! Back then I thought she’d end up everything she’s not. I thought she’d rebel and dye her hair, become a rock hard quid ditch play and turn lesbian. But that may just be because I have Tonks blood. And Chasey. I’ve known Chase since the first day on the Hogwarts Express when we were 11. He caught me giving Victorie a hug because she was crying about leaving Dom and Louis. Chase thought we got it on in her parents bath-tub. And from that moment he was my other best friend. The one who would sneak into the great hall early in the morning just so he could see if Minnie, I mean McGonagall got a menu of any sorts. The guy who’d attempt to jump of the Astronmy Tower just to see if it killed him. We spent the whole of fourth year in detention for that. The one who would brag about being so experienced, but would get so nervous in front of Dommy. At first I wasn’t sure if Dom and Chase should be together, she didn’t need any more corruption. But once they were together, they were perfect. Everyone saw that every movement they made was surrouded by each other - for the need to just be together. And I know this may be a bit late but I have to say Chase, if you hurt a single hair on my lesbian’s head I’ll kill you, harshly,” Teddy finshed. I was crying at this one two. But not sad tears. Happy tears, funny tears. That boy was a genius, all of the guests were crying in laugher, the best thing was though no-one was caring about their make-up.

“Very funny Teddy, you know I won’t. Thanks to both you two for making speeches about we weren’t meant to be but now we are we’re perfect. I agree to be honest, when I first saw Dom I didn’t think I’d marry her. But now, I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you everyone for coming, I’m so glad you could share our day. To Dominique Daniels!” Chase toasted and everyone cheered!

“To Chase!” Dom shouted from next to him looking insanely happy hand in hand with her husband. They were truly perfect together. 

The reception was beautiful, the Burrow had been expanded since the Golden Trio Days, not the house itself just the grounds. The Weasley family now owned a large amount of land and most of it was used daily with the amount of children each member had. Dom and Chase’s wedding was held in one of the most unused fields of the Weasley Gardens. Apparently it was the one where Vic and Dom and Fleur used to sit and talk about everything one - everyone called it the Delaclour Field.

It was decorated in pale pink and pale blue ribbons and flowers. It was totally Dom. Girly with the edge of boys, if you get what I mean. it was gorgeous and unlike any wedding I’ve ever been too before. Most weddings I’ve been to have been thoroughly magical - but this was different. It was muggle. It was gorgeous.

Doms and Chase got up and danced their first dance together - to Worlds Greatest by the muggle singer R Kelly. It’s a good song and it had be swaying along to it. I felt a pair of warm hands on my waist and I let the snake around to my belly, holding it in place. I felt a warm face on my shoulder, I turned my face and saw my Freds. Grinning like and idiot as he starred into my eyes. I marvelled at the deep brown there and smiled. He leant in for a quick kiss and I gave him passion and love. I love him so much.

“Dance with me baby,” He whispered into my ear as he pulled me towards the dance floor.

Freddie Weasley

I held onto her waist and swayed with her, marvelling at her content beauty. Pregnancy suited her, it was made to fit her. She glowed, it was like her aura had become golden and allowed everyone to see it. She giggled as we twirled around the dance floor past all the other couples aka. Dom and Chase, James and Maize, Aunty Ginny and Uncle Harry, Rose and Scorpios, Hugo and some girl in his year, oh and Scottie and Keils. They were closer than usual but something must have happened to them to bring them closer. that’s good though, a sign that their definitely going to last.

I was only taking my girl around the room to show her off. She was gorgeous after all and she was all mine. And that beautiful little beast inside her sexy belly was mine too; I wanted everyone to know that because no matter what happens I’m never letting her or that baby go. She’s mine. They’re mine.

Ella was back the other week - turns out she just wanted information on how to get to McGonagall and her family. Maize was absolutely heart-broken. She actually believed that her sister missed her. I liked having her around too - I won’t deny that I missed her. But only as a friend: she was nothing more to me than a friend. Maybe once she was more but not much and then she wormed her way back and made everyone believe that she was back for good.

Theres a war coming - everyone can feel it. And Ella is part of it - the same Ella I grew u with. The one who was my best friend. She’s getting involved. Sleeping with anything that moves. Attacking her little brother. Honestly nothing can get sadder than that. She’s not the same girl any more.

So many things have changed since last year. For one we’ve got Maizey, CeCe and Keiliey. We’ve lost Ella and re-gained Chase and I’m going to come a father in the space of a month or so. I think that everything on the list here was for the best: Maizey because James would be miserable without her and her personality is enough to make anyone want to kill themselves at her immense happiness but it made you love her so much: CeCe because if not I wouldn’t have realised what love was and I’d still be sleeping around with other girls, and Keiliey wouldn’t have her ‘Soul Sister’: Keiliey because she’s Keils and she’s great and we all love her, and Scottie can’t live without her: losing Ella, because I think if we didn’t our group wouldn’t be as close as we are now: Re-gaining Chase, the obvious reason Dom would still be crying herself to sleep at night and he is a cracking bloke: and me becoming a dad. I never thought that would happen at all never mind when I’m only 18, but to be honest I am so happy that I am. It means I’ve forever got a tie to CeCe.

I wink at her and lead her over to a table that Keiliey and Maizey have obviously claimed their own; she sat down and struck up a conversation with them about how beautiful the wedding is and how drop dead gorgeous Dom looks. I have to admit I am really pleased at how Dom looks, her dress doesn’t show much skin but she has this sexy elegance about her; that I know Chase is going wild for. I watch Cec’s as she chats with her friends: her beautiful laugh that ignites something inside me and I just want to smile with her; the way her long hair ripples down her back with just the slightest movements - its mesmerising to me. Honestly it is.

Walking over to the bar where of course my trusty cousins are getting in the drinks. I slap Chase on the back.

“So my main man, welcome to the family!” he grinned and James’ face got pulled into a scowl, mate it’s a bit late for protectiveness, she’s just got married.

“Thanks man,” Chase replied passing me the pint of fire whiskey.

“I thought I was your main man!” James whined causing us all to laugh.

“And this is why I love my little brother lads,” Teddy said his hair turning blue whilst he ruffled James’ black mess. Scottie grinned and starred at us some more - he was more reserved since we left school; he didn’t like to talk about anything which involved the female race. It was slightly weird and strange - yeah something must have happened between him and Keils at graduation. But their okay, so I won’t worry just yet.

“I’m not little!” James whined again unknowingly proving Teddy’s point.

It’s getting later into the night, people are getting drunker, Roxy and Lily are getting sneakier, the boys are not even going to try and hide the fact their taking the spare booze. We’re still at the bar, chatting about random nothingness; all the girls still on the dance floor holding hands and declaring their love for each other. They were right though. In that little circle where they were all enclosed in you could see the love coming from them - and not just in their voices. In their actions, their movements, their… auras.

“Come on lads, lets go dance,” Scottie said slapping Teddy’s shoulder as he walked past them and edged into the circle, I grinned and raised my eybrows before following him to the girls, I felt James’ hand on my arm and I turned to see him standing their bowing like a gentlemen.

“Jay, what are you doing?” I asked him, fearing for his mental health. He looked that damn creepy. Everyone’s eyes were on us now - whether that was a good thing or not it was happening.

“Frederick George Weasley, you have been apart of my life from a very small age - I believe it was two months old. Anyway from the very first moment I set eyes on you I’ve loved you instantly. You are beautiful in so many ways and is the best prank partner in the world. Freddie, can I have this dance?” He said with a solemn expression only with a wink n my direction so that none of the by-standees could see it. I heard the laughter around the room, and I felt it. The room was actually shaking with laughter!

“James Sirius Potter, you will all ways be my one love!” I exclaimed and threw myself into his arms like a girl.

“A slow song my master!” James shouted to the DJ and grabbed my waist and started swaying, giggling like a girl I put my arms around his neck and sighing like and idiot. Everyone else around their rooms took their loved ones and were dancing a slow dance, James spun around so that he could see what Maizey was up to but I couldn’t see Cec’s! I spun him quickly, guessing that she was somewhere near Maize. I heard James grunt with the impact of the quick wind on his face but I could only laugh. Not just at James messed up grunt noise type things but at the sight of Maizey and Cec’s in the exact same position as James and me. I turned to face my best mate.

“Your girl best not put her hands anywhere near my girls ass,” I said menacingly.

“Your girl best not play with any of my girls hair,” He replied in the same tone of voice and we both burst out laughing and backed away from each other. Yeah we were close but dude that was just freakishly close. We both walked to the girls and offered our hands.

“Can I have this dance milady!” James said in a fake formal voice to a blushing Maizey.

“Whatever!” se replied and kissed him through ally. I smiled at the pair before turning to Cec’s, she too was smiling at the couple.


“Hey,” She said back.

Suddenly CeCe reached down and clutched her stomach and then started a high-pitched scream. I ran forwards and grabbed her unsure what else I’d be able to do. A load of water dropped out from underneath her and that’s when I really started to panic. Her waters were breaking. She was about to go in labour. She was going to have my baby!

“James! Dom! Scott! Mum!” I shouted over the racket begging for someone to see or hear me as I screamed for my family. Cec’s was hurting. She was hurting badly.

My mum and the aunties moved me out of the way and James held me in his arms; but I needed Cec’s I could hear her screams. Her pleas. I needed to be with her. I needed to soothe her - tell her everything’s going to be okay. Tell her that she wont hurt for much longer. But I couldn’t, my aunties and older cousins were all in the way. Teddy was running to the house - presumably to get a Healer.

I heard her shout for me and I moved closer to my mum, brushing off James’ arms. I just needed my Cec’s.

“Mum, please,” I whispered to my mum, she turned to look at me and noticed my tear glazed eyes before nodding.

“Freddie, stroke her hair. Reassure her!” Aunt Ginny and Audrey said to me as they were removing her kickers and cutting off half of her dress. I mean was that really necessary.

“Hey baby, its okay were going to have a little baby,” I whispered into her ear and kissed her temple as my fingers ran up and down her hair, comforting me just as much as I was comforting her. I lay my body down so I was closer to her and I felt her breathe out happily.

Three hours later CeCe was lying in a hospital bed with our gorgeous baby girl in her arms. I starred at the beauty in her arms. She was absolutely gorgeous. She was never leaving my side or my sight. I perched on the bed and lay down next to my girls. My little girl had a little tuft of light caramel hair on the top of her head already. She had pale blue eyes and they lit my world up. She was so precious. She was tiny. So fragile. I looked at CeCe you could see the adoration shining off of her, off of both of us. She was sweaty and her hair was greasy, but she was the most gorgeous thing ever - after my baby girl of course.

The nurse popped her head threw the door, ending our last moments as just a family of us.

“Your family would like to see you, is that okay?” She had a petite frame but was aged. I looked at Cec’s and she nodded. “I’ll send them in three at a time,” she left the room and I turned to CeCe.

“Their going to gush over her you know,” I told her, kissing her temple again. She sighed against me and leant into me even more.

“I know, Freds? What we going to call her?” She replied moving her arms slightly, I got my precious out of them and held her close to my chest.

“you got a good name babe? Baby, I think your going to be extremely spoiled, enjoy it sweetie,” I told my daughter and I bent down to kiss her head. I heard Cec’s snigger, and I turned to her with my eyebrows raised.

“Your going to be extremely protective aren’t you!” Cec’s laughed and before I had the chance to reply my mother, dad and sister came into the room. Mum and Roxie came straight over to the bed.

“Freddie! She’s gorgeous! Can I hold her?” Mum asked, I grinned proud of my little munch kin and I handed her over to my mother before I got of the bed and walked to the end of it. Of course getting big hugs of Roxie.

“You did good brother,” She joked into my ear. I smirked and pulled her close to me. In school Rox and me weren’t close but she’ll always be my bay who know one will be able to touch. Just like my baby girl.

“Congratulations Son,” Dad grinned at me and pulled me into a big hug.

“Congratulations Granpa!” I grinned.

“No, she’ll have to called my sexy granpa! Won’t you gorgeous,” Dad flicked the babies nose and started making cooing faces. I looked at CeCe who was smiling at the show of love from my immediate family. “Your going to be our little Princess!” Mum cooed rocking her in her arms.

“What’s her name?” Roxie asked sitting next to Cec’s on the bed, I looked at her too.

Heidi Louise Weasley, if you like that of course!” CeCe said adding the last part to me quickly. Heidi was gorgeous. My savour.

Maizey Malfoy

Everything’s going perfect in this life. I’ve been in contact with Maddie again and her and Minnie have sorted things out - they’ve got more of a mother daughter relationship now. Of course its still weird between them though. It would be if you had grown up thinking that your mum was your sister. It’d be freaky.

CeCe and Freddie are moving into their own flat with gorgeous Heidi Louise. Honestly she is the cutest baby ever, she’s got milk chocolate coloured skin and gorgeous caramel hair. Even though she’s only a couple of weeks old she got this patch on the top of her head where here hair is visible. I’m proud of Freddie for doing so well as a father. He’s honestly one of the best dads I’ve ever seen. He worships Heidi and CeCe. I don’t know how Cec’s copes though - I’m a year older and I know that I wouldn’t be able to have a baby at this age.

Keiliey and Scottie are doing their best to stay together and strong, and surprisingly their doing really well, not even taking part I activities to do with the other sex. I don’t know what’s happened between them but I know that it has made both of them extremely self-conscious about the relationship. But thankfully they were going strong.

Dom and Chase are still on their honeymoon - and I haven’t heard anything off of the lovers. I’m happy for them. They had such a good day. Now Heidi’s birthday is on their anniversary what a good wedding present.

Teddy and Victorie are getting married at Christmas, Vic wanted a full white wedding bless her heart. So plans for that are getting the go ahead as soon as Dom gets home in approximately a week.

Rose and Scorpios are like in love! They’re so cute and you can tell that my little brother worships every move she takes and keeps it in his heart. From what I learned last year - he’s always liked her so I’m just happy they’ve got it going on.

Ella is with her Killer friends. Honestly - don’t want to talk about it.

There has been no sign of Lucius since he got out of prison - Nana thinks he’s found another woman in France and started doing her up the wall. I know what your thinking - what a lovely metal image.

Paddy was - erm I’m not sure what he was up to. I think he’s been trying to get a job at the ministry. But I haven’t seen him since the wedding so maybe he’s got a job by now.

And lastly. James and I are good. Better than good. We are on top of the world. He’s determind to hunt down the idiots that did that to me at Christmas and he is so cute when he’s confused or angry. We’re moving in together next month. He doesn’t want me to go with him when he goes looking, he just wants to come home to me. And I will be up every night waiting for him.

I AM IN LOVE WITH JAMES SIRIUS POTTER. And I wouldn’t change one second of it.

No-one’s P.O.V. 

Draco Malfoy sat in the comfy sofa with his arm securely around Astoria watching as his teenage daughter was getting her stuff from the room so that she could move in with her boyfriend.

Not that he minded James, no in fact Draco could see that James adored his little Maizey. But he’d just got her back. And now he’s losing again. But not for real. She’d always be here. He’d always have his baby back. 

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