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He's Taken Me by Phoenix_Embers

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 670

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild violence, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: General, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Draco, OC

First Published: 02/19/2010
Last Chapter: 03/19/2010
Last Updated: 03/19/2010


Their paths had crossed, a bond was formed, and their hearts had at one time, beat as one. They were doomed from the beginning. And now she runs, and he will follow. But, what will happen when he finds her? Will she end it for good, or will she be back?

Chapter 1: He's Taken Me
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**NOTE** Phoenix_Embers and ForeverEvangelia are the same person, ForeverEvangelia was my old penname, just so that there are no plagiarism issues or mix-ups!

Although the characters are not actually mentioned by name or anything, I would just like to say that I Do Not own the character of Draco Malfoy, J. K. Rowling does.
I only own the plot and the other [female] character.

Tears streamed down her face as her feet hit the pavement.

She was running. Running from life, and running from Him.

His eyes haunted her, His touch lingering; She was lost in him.

Tripping over an uprooted tree, she fell to her hands and knees scraping palms and tearing flesh.

Leaning against a tree she cried into her hands, her tears stinging at the cuts on her palms.

In the distance she heard twigs snapping; He was coming.

She got slowly to her feet, her breathing shallow; She could see Him through the trees.

Stepping over the tree she started running, arms pumping at her sides, hair flying wildly behind her.

She came into a clearing, surrounded by trees, a lake glistening in the center.

Approaching the lake she sat by the side, her tear streaked face staring back at her.

The footsteps neared, she didn't move but she tensed.

It all came down to this; me and Her.

I watched her silently as she sat by the lake, still as the water.

Somehow her hair fell gracefully over her pale shoulders despite just having run through the woods.

I approached her slowly, she tensed.

I stood over her, she didn't seem to notice me but I knew she had.

Her eyes moved slowly to my reflection, she didn't say anything, just looked.

I watched his reflection, his piercing gaze staring me down.

He sat down beside me, I moved away; He continued to watch me while I continued to stare as just his reflection.

He reached out to touch me, I drew away but he continued forward.

He held my hands in his own, I winced at the pain from the scraps; He opened my hands looking them over, running his thumbs over my palms.

I pulled away and lowered them into the lake, the fresh water stung as it lapped over the still open cuts.

We stayed silent as we sat there by the lake, both of us just thinking.

I didn't know why he'd come after me, and I suppose I was glad...but what’s done is done.

He stood suddenly, pulling me with him; I didn't resist.

Finally I looked away from his reflection and looked into his eyes, a mistake I often made; The pain in his eyes unbearable.

The pain that he had caused, that we had both caused each other was evident, but in the end, we had hurt ourselves the most.

As I continued to look into his eyes a single tear rolled down my cheek.

He wiped it away and kissed my forehead.

I allowed myself to be pulled into his arms, I cried for my own stupidity.

As we stood there he whispered meaningless words in my ear; words that I once believed, words that had ensnared me.

I said them back, though I knew I shouldn't and that it was what got me here in the first place.

He lifted my chin placing a soft and passionate, but unwelcomed, kiss on my lips; More tears fell down my face.

It was true and I regretted it, but in a way, so did he.

I couldn't change, He wouldn't change.

I couldn't resist and I was weak for it. It was true...

He had taken me...

...and I was His...


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