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Albus Severus, Be Mine? by RedHeadedLady

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 13,189
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, Victoire, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 02/15/2010
Last Chapter: 05/07/2010
Last Updated: 05/07/2010

Heidi Clemmet is in her fifth year at Hogwarts. Her boyfriend is Albus Severus Potter. Her best friend Bridget is against this pairing, as is James Potter... Can her and Albus change their minds? Can they be together happily? But, what happens if they are not meant to be at all? A story with quidditch, love, disaster and tears... Please read!! 

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Chapter 1: Almost A First Kiss
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 A/N: I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters or settings. I have rights to my original characters, but not to the Harry Potter characters.

Heidi walked down the corridor towards the Gryffindor tower. She should have started her astronomy homework but she couldn't think straight. She had just been walking around the lake with Albus. Her best friend Bridget was the only one left in the common room. It was well past one in the morning.

“Where have you been? I've been worried sick,” Bridget chastised her.

“I was out with Albus,” Heidi replied simply.

“Where is he then?”

“Came back in his invisibility cloak of course. He should have been back before me.”

“Heidi, you didn't come back in an invisibility cloak, you could have gotten caught!”

“God, you're not my mother, get off my back Bridge.”

“Fine. Sorry that I cared.” Bridget got out of her chair and walked up to the girls dormitory.

“Didn't want you to care...” whispered Heidi before sitting down on one of the seats.

To her left Albus Potter suddenly appeared. She jumped and fell off her chair. He ran to help her up.

“Little warning next time please,” she said between breaths.

“Sorry,” he chuckled, looking into her eyes.

“I really should be going to bed.”

“You're not going to get your astronomy homework done and it's due tomorrow.”

“How do you know? Your not even in my year.”

“Well, before you got here Bridget was telling Gabriella that you hadn't even started it. I've already done all the work, so I might as well help you.”

Heidi smiled and let Albus help her. He was in the year above in sixth year. She really liked him and he seemed to like her. Albus was amazing. Messy jet black hair and the greenest eyes imaginable. Many girls swooned over him and he was partially famous. But he had chosen Heidi over all of them, even over Arista Leon who was easily the best looking and meanest girl of her year.

“Are you paying attention?” Albus asked her.

Pulling herself out of a daydream of kissing him she answered, “Yeah, sorry, just a little tired.”

“It's almost done, all you have to do is put a finishing paragraph. You don't want to mess up this year, you'll be sitting your OWL's in a few months.”

“Come on, it isn't even Christmas yet.”

“You wouldn't believe how much easier it is if you start now. What do you want to be when you finish here?”

“Not really sure. How about you?”

“That's easy. An Auror like my Dad. There's always someone out there to catch.”

“That would be amazing and risky, but that's half the fun isn't it?”

“You bet.” Albus looked into Heidi's face again giving her his best smile.

Heidi blushed and looked away, somehow his smile was making her feel very weak. He put his hand to her face brushing some strays hairs away so he could look into her rich chocolate brown eyes.

“But nowhere near as amazing as you,” he gazed deeper and Heidi felt as if her skin was burning where he touched her and she didn't want it to ever stop.

Albus leaned towards her, still looking into her eyes. She became very nervous, this was going to be her first kiss. His lips were almost at hers. Then he stopped and pulled away suddenly.

“Someone's coming, you should go to bed. Hurry.”

Heidi quickly and silently made her way to the girls dormitory and into the room she shared with four other girls. Arista and Bridget being two of them. She sat down on her bed stunned. Albus Severus Potter had almost given her her very first kiss. So close... Heidi settled down on her pillow clutching her finished astrology homework and fell asleep fully clothed.

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Chapter 2: He is dreamy though...
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  A/N: I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters or settings. I have rights to my original characters, but not to the Harry Potter characters.
The Christmas holidays were only a week away and Heidi found herself studying in a secluded corner of the library with Albus. Yet again he was helping her with her astronomy homework, which she always seemed to leave until last minute.

“With the homework they're piling on I won't have any time to open my presents!” Heidi exclaimed, throwing down her quill once her essay was completed.

“You wait until Easter, chocolate eggs will be the last thing on your mind. It won't be so bad though. Are you staying for Christmas?” Albus looked at her tenderly.

“Yeah, I really don't feel like going back home this Christmas, plus the food is way better here.”

Albus chuckled. “I'll be staying as well. Dad needs a break, plus Mum is organising a wedding. Teddy and Victoire are getting married after Christmas. Dad is like Teddy's father and Mum is helping Aunt Fleur get Victoire fitted for her dress and everything. It's insane. Lily's going back with Rose so they can get dresses, but the rest of us are staying.” He pulled a face at the last remark.

Heidi saw his face and looked at him questioningly.

“James has been giving me a hard time. Don't worry about it.”

“He likes me about as much as Bridget loves you, huh?”

Albus sighed and nodded. Ever since Albus had started holding hands with Heidi in public James had been trying to get him to leave her. James seemed to hate Heidi. She had an older brother who had gone to Azkaban and their father had caught him. Because of her brother, James seemed to think that Heidi would go down the same path and just drag Albus down with her.

Bridget didn't like Albus because his father had put Heidi's older brother and her own older brother in Azkaban. A lot of the fights that Heidi and Bridget had had recently were about Heidi's loyalty to her brother.

“It's because of Nathaniel and Josiah isn't it? I have the same problem with Bridget. Josiah is her brother, as you know. But what has that got to do with us being happy?” Heidi asked, taking Albus's hand.

“A lot, because my brother and your best friend don't seem to want us to be together at all. The fact that we haven't been interrupted yet is a miracle.”

“Is your Dad upset about it at all?”

“We haven't really talked about it, and I'm not going home for Christmas. He'll probably know by then and talk to me about it at the wedding.”

“Do you think he will be angry?”

“Not really. He's pretty good about that sort of stuff. I mean Lily is going out with Scorpius and he's meant to be an enemy practically. Well, not really.”

“What's the problem then? What they think doesn't matter. Your father was the one who caught them and if he doesn't have a problem with it,there shouldn't be an issue.”

“But there is.” Albus stood up. “Bridget is coming and I should leave before she gets really angry.”

Albus disappeared under his cloak, just as Bridget walked up to Heidi. Bridget seemed in high spirits for the first time since she told off Heidi in the common room. Smiling brightly she motioned for Heidi to follow her, telling her to be quiet when she went to protest. Shrugging, Heidi grabbed her notes and shoved them in her bag. The walk might be interesting.

They were halfway up the astronomy tower when Bridget stopped and turned to Heidi.

“Alright, we're almost there, we just have to turn into the next corridor. Whatever you do, don't speak.”

“But-” Heidi started.

“What did I say?”

Heidi mimed zipping her lips and remained quiet. The walk was short and soon they stood outside a classroom door. It was dark and seemed empty. Bridget opened the door and pushed Heidi inside roughly.
Heidi feel and landed on some cushions. It wasn't an empty, dusty classroom like she thought it would be. Lights lit up all around and it was suddenly warm, inviting and very pink.

“We set it up ourselves!” said Bridget happily, swinging her arms around the huge room full of all of Heidi's friends.

Ailee, Cameron, Denise, Ellen, Frannie and Geraldine were all sitting in a circle, the whole floor was covered in cushions.

“We want to have a girls night in, but we didn't want it in the girls dorm, since we're not all from the same house,” Frannie explained.

Heidi smiled. She hardly got time with all her friends these days, especially with Bridget being mad at her. They all sat down and talked, while eating chocolate and chips. Conversation very quickly turned to Heidi and Albus. Everyone wanted to know everything.

“So, have you kissed yet?”Cameron asked, everyone all asking the same thing.

“Well, we almost kissed once... We're taking it slow. We hold hands all the time,” Heidi replied, blushing a little.

“They shouldn't be together at all!” Bridget protested. “What would our brothers think?”

“It's their fault they got in Azkaban, why should my happiness be taken away because of that?”

“His father put them away!”

“Bridget, just leave it.”

Everything was silent. No one even ate a chip, the tension was so thick. Then Ailee piped up.

“He is dreamy though...”

Everyone laughed and the fight was over. After more talking and a pillow fight they all went to their respective dorms before curfew. Bridget, Ellen and Heidi walked up to Gryffindor tower together. Once they were inside, Ellen and Bridget walked up to go to the girls' dorm.

“You coming?” asked Ellen to Heidi.

“In a minute, I have to finish my conclusion for astronomy first.”

They wished her a good night and went up to bed. Heidi sat down near the fire, she sighed as she took out her homework.

Albus appeared beside her suddenly.

“Thought you'd never get back. I missed you at dinner and so I thought you were up her, but I couldn't find you so I decided to wait,” he said.

Heidi just stared at him, then hit him. “Don't do that!”

“Sorry love, I was just wanted to kiss you goodnight.”

Then he leaned forward and kissed her sweetly on the lips. Heidi was shocked at first then kissed back, putting her arms around him and pulling him into the chair with her. They were kissing so passionately that they didn't hear the portrait door open.

"What are you doing!?" James yelled at them.

Heidi was startled and ran up to the girls dorm with Albus shouting after her to come back. Ignoring him she ran to her room door and slammed it shut. Lying down on her bed she touched her lips, for one minute there, everything had been perfect. And yet again someone had ruined it. Sighing Heidi punched her pillow and got comfortable, she planned to be awake for a while trying to figure how to get back at James Sirius Potter.
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Chapter 3: The Plot
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A/N: I do not own the characters or settings of Harry Potter. I do however own my own original characters, not the Harry Potter characters. 

Heidi sat on her bed writing in her diary:

James is really getting on my nerves, I just want to be happy with Albus, why should that be such a problem? If I didn't know it would hurt Albus so much I would curse James and get it over with! I really really like Albus... James is his brother... This is so complicated. There must be a way to get him off my back. And Bridge too. Wait.... I know just what to do.

Heidi stopped writing and got up, she had a plan.


Albus sat alone in the library, worrying about everything. After James had scared Heidi away, he had had to sit through a lecture. Where was the fairness in this? Albus had to be perfect and everything about Heidi was wrong to James. Albus just wanted to be with the girl he really really liked. He thought back to the lecture from the previous night.

"She's not for you Al. Why don't you go for someone else? That Arista is really pretty and everyone says she fancies you," James urged.

"Arista is the biggest bitch. She only likes me because I'm taken. Plus I was with her for a while and it screwed me up. Remember that? Dad took me away for a weekend to cool off."

"There has to be someone else, anyone else. Heidi and her friend Bridget are off limits, siblings of scum rotting where they belong."

"Can't I just live my life without you interfering!? I like Heidi, end of story, nothing you can do about it. And you are the worst person for scaring her off before. Why were you even out after curfew?"

"That's none of your business! Though it would be easier if I could have the invisibility cloak. I can't believe Dad gave it to you. He's supposed to give it to his first-born, not his second-rate second-born."

"So is that it? I can't be happy because you can't have an aide to your mischievous ways?"

"That has nothing to do with it. Heidi Clemmet is scum."

"Fuck you James."

Albus suddenly became aware of his surroundings when someone poked him in the arm. Groggily he looked up to find Heidi, he smiled, he had missed her.

"I haven't seen you all day," he said, stretching.

"I've been thinking..." she began nervously.

"What is it love?"

"There's a way we can get both Bridget and James off our backs."

"There is? But how?"

"Well, it's breaking a few rules, but it'll be worth it if it works."

"Go on."

So Heidi told him of her plan. He listened and was shocked by the end of it.

"That's pretty much illegal!" he said looking at her in shock.

"But if it works... it's not like we'll be causing them harm. Plus you don't have to decide now, it'll take at least past Christmas to have everything ready for it."

"I don't know... Heidi, why can't we just leave it be?"

"Because it won't let us be. That's why. Plus if it works, it'll be brilliant!"

"Well, you sort it out first. I'll help if you absolutely need me, but not until then."

"You're the greatest Albus!" Heidi got up, kissed him passionately then ran out of the library with the librarian yelling at her for indecent public displays of affection.

Albus quickly grabbed his things and left too, not wanting to be yelled at himself. He had a lot to think about. Heidi had just told him a plot that could save them from his brother's ridicule. But it was crazy! He still wanted to do it, to see if it could work, because if it did, they could be together without any hassle. Putting his work in his bag, he swung the bag over his shoulder and walked off to see if tea was ready.

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Chapter 4: Tis the Season to Make Potions
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Heidi stood over the cauldron in the second floor girls toilets, stirring at it's contents. The toilets were yet again out of order, because of the groaning ghost of Moaning Myrtle. To Heidi Myrtle was actually quite nice and she often had long conversations about Albus's dad with her. Although she had been tending her potion for not even a week now she had made remarkable progress, considering the time it needed to form on it's own.
"This isn't the first time this toilet has been used for a potion before," remarked Myrtle when Heidi first began.

"It's not?" asked Heidi, amused, Myrtle was usually full of it.

"No, it's not. Harry Potter and his two best friends have done it before you. And I don't doubt that you are up to as much trouble as they were. Polyjuice Potion. Tsk tsk, well they couldn't have known better, they were only second years."

"You're saying Albus potter's dad and Albus's Aunt and Uncle made an illegal batch of Polyjuice Potion in their second year?" Heidi was shocked, Myrtle sounded like she was telling the truth.

"That's what I said, wasn't it? Just because I live in a toilet doesn't mean I can't remember well."

Myrtle flew down her toilet and didn't talk to Heidi again for two days. Heidi didn't mind too much. Myrtle always came back, she was never really angry, just upset with herself for choosing to be a ghost rather than move on. Heidi joked that she was the most emo ghost you could ever meet. But she had also died very young. Heidi had met Myrtle on the day she found out about her mother's death.

Tears streaming down her face, Heidi, only in her third year, ran to the second floor toilet because no-one else ever went there. She slammed the door shut and collapsed on one of the sinks. Pain was all she felt, everywhere, nothing could be worse than this.

"Who's there?" someone called from a stall.

Heidi gasped and went to go out of the room.

"Don't go, I want to know why you are crying," and Myrtle drifted right through the wall and sat next to Heidi.

"My Mum, she was killed by Death Eaters, some of the last. She- she was an Auror and it was her job to find the last of them. And she found one, tracked him and went in to arrest him when another appeared and- and-" Heidi couldn't speak anymore, instead breaking down in more tears.

"Do you know how I died?" Myrtle asked gently.

Heidi wiped her nose on her sleeve and looked at Myrtle, "Not really."

"A snake looked me in the eyes... Your mother sounds like a very brave woman and I'm sure she knew that she was at risk everyday. She would have moved on to where all the wonderful people like her go."

"Why didn't you go?"

"I was only fifteen when I died, I wasn't ready to move on, I was scared and just wanted to stay in the place I knew. So I stayed in the bathroom where I was killed over 70 years ago now. But your mum would be brave and she would know you were well looked after, so she could move on."

"Do you know what it's like?"

"No, but I wish I had gone there now. This death is really boring. And I'm too young to hang out with the other ghosts and Peeves picks on me. But once you've made your choice it's over, you can't change your mind. When you die, will you promise me that you'll go on and not stay because you are scared?"

"I promise."

From that day on Heidi came to visit Myrtle regularly, telling her about her life and listening about what Myrtle's life had been like. Nobody else even gave Myrtle a second glance. At times Myrtle would screech and yell and scream for the life she once had and the bad decision she made, but she was nice. Well, as nice as a ghost can be.

Myrtle drifted towards Heidi, who was sitting counting as she stirred her cauldron. The potion had become a lovely shade of violet. Reading over her shoulder, Myrtle saw fit to comment.

"Says it should be more lilac than violet," she murmured.

"It's purple, it will do. I didn't inherit any potion skills. Rose Weasley is the best potion maker in the school."

"Takes after her mother of course. Harry Potter wasn't that good with the potion making, good enough, but not brilliant, so it was Hermione Granger who did the most work on the potion in their second year."

"Do you know what it was about?"

"They were trying to find out who the heir to Slytherin was. Thought it was Draco Malfoy, he was a nice boy. They were wrong and found out soon and Hermione ended up turning herself into a cat. Halfway cat anyway. It was the most fun I had had in fifty years."

"That's amazing. Listen it's been great talking, but I have to get down to the Great Hall soon or I'll miss all of dinner. Thanks for talking to me Myrtle, seems like you're the only one who does these days except Albus of course," Heidi put the lid on the top and grabbed her bag.

"Bye Heidi, say hi to Albus for me and tell him to come by next time."

"I will."

Heidi hurried to the Great Hall. It was Christmas Eve and not many people were left behind. She had spent a good two hours in the toilet before Myrtle decided to talk to her and if she didn't hurry soon she would miss dinner. Of course she could always go to the kitchens and get a bite to eat, but she always felt so bad about the house elves being so generous. Walking through the doors she saw Albus sitting by himself at the Gryffindor table, most of the rest of the Weasley-Potter clan had gone home to prepare for the wedding, Albus had excused himself, claiming he had clothes already and he would be there on the day. His grandmother was annoyed, but still happy. One less meal and bed to worry about.

"Hey Clemmet," called out Dennis Zabini from Slytherin. He was in forth year and made it no secret that he had a huge crush on her.

"Watch out Zabini, it's a bat!" she called back, remembering how afraid he was of them.

Checking he was okay he laughed and waved at her. She waved back and walked to her boyfriend.

"What was that about love?" he asked grinning at her.

"Just Dennis being Dennis. I should make him a dose of the potion as well, would do him wonders."

"I draw the line there love, he may be a prat, but our aim is to be able to be happy. No meddling after that."

"You're right. How are we going to get them to drink it, that's the problem."

"Can you worry about that after Christmas?"

"Alright, I'll put it out of my mind. Before I forget, Myrtle wants you to be there next time I go."

"Oh come on, do I have to?"

Heidi looked at him with pleading eyes.

"Alright," he said, mocking annoyance.

Heidi kissed his cheek then got stuck into her food. Just as she finished eating her first bite of steak, the food disappeared and was replaced by desert. She groaned, swallowed her steak and reached for some apple pie.

"I prefer savoury food," she said between mouthfuls, "But I'm too hungry to care."

"Come to the kitchens with me, I promised Cedric I would go for him anyway."

"Cedric Longbottom? He's like a first year."

"And a friend of the family, I promised Dad I would look after him, James has been down in his books ever since his map was stolen."

"Alright. But then it's straight up to bed, we have to get up early to open our presents."

Albus nodded in agreement and they got up to walk to the kitchens. Cedric gave them a thumbs up and mouthed something about pork as they left. Holding hands they walked down to the kitchens.

Heidi woke up at 4am. She never slept well on Christmas, no matter how hard she tried. There was a small mountain of presents at the end of her bed. Checking the tags, she noticed there was not one from Albus. She was glad, they would have to exchange the gifts in person. Not wanting to open them up yet, she decided to get up and go for a walk. The tower was so quiet, there was only three people in it all up, including herself and Albus. The only other person being Cedric, who had stuffed himself so much the night before he had gone to the hospital wing with a stomach ache.

So Heidi walked into the common room, knowing that it was basically just her and Albus in the tower, alone. The thought excited and scared her. But she also knew that it didn't matter anyway, because Albus would be asleep in his bed like everyone else in the castle. The fire was dying down, so she went to add some more wood. She didn't hear the footsteps behind her.

"Merry Christmas love," Albus said, rubbing his eyes.

Heidi jumped a little, then turned around to see Albus with his hair messier then ever, wearing a slightly open bathrobe. She also noticed that he had not pajama top on, only the pants.

"Merry Christmas yourself," she said after drinking his appearance in.

"Don't look at me so hungrily, I'll start thinking you're a vampire," he joked as he wrapped his long arms around her.

"If you're don't stop looking so appetizing, i will have to become one," she teased back wrapping her arms around his neck.

Before she could say anything more his mouth was on hers, kissing her passionately. She melted into him and soon he pushed her onto a nearby couch, still kissing her. His hands explored her body and his tongue explored her mouth. Everything was tingling where he touched her and she loved it, wanting more. All she was wearing was a skimpy nightdress and his hands touched her thighs so gently, her skin burned. Then he stopped.

She looked up at him confused. He smiled apologetically, fixed himself and stood up.

"Not yet. If i don't stop now I'll go too far," he whispered and walked up to his dormitory.

For a moment Heidi sat stunned. Then collecting herself, she went up to her room, got changed and brought her presents downstairs to open. Albus had the same idea. So at 6am the two sat fully clothed opening their gifts.

"Would you like the present from me?" asked Heidi, blushing slightly.

Albus smiled and produced a present with her name on it. "Thought you would never ask."

They swapped their presents and opened them. Heidi had given Albus a compass/watch and a box of chocolate frogs. Albus had given her a necklace that said "love" his pet name for her and box of chocolate frogs. They both laughed. Chocolate frogs was a favourite for both of them.

"Do you like it?" asked Heidi seriously.

"I love it! It's a magical one too, much better than muggle versions. What about you?"

"I really love it. Thank you so much Albus."

They smiled at each other and cleaned up their wrapping paper. The day went quick with an amazing lunch and a brilliant dinner. At the end of the day Heidi sat on the comfiest couch in the common room watching Cedric and Albus play Wizard's Chess. She smiled and looked over at Albus, he looked up and smiled back. Right now, at this moment, she was perfectly happy, despite the morning happenings. Now all she had to worry about was getting the potion done.

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Chapter 5: Love, Lust or Bust
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Heidi dropped in the last ingredient that the potion needed, it simmered slightly and changed to a nice crimson colour, exactly the colour it was supposed to turn into. Even Myrtle was surprised at the work that she had done. Albus sat on the ground behind her going over her Astronomy homework.

"It's finished Albus, come see," she said excitedly, beckoning him to her.

He put done the work and walked over to the cauldron. He still didn't feel that right about the whole thing, but he had to admit that Heidi had made a potion to rival Rose's best work.

"It smells like you, the smell of Frangipanis," he commented, feeling slightly happier.

"It smells different to everyone. But to complete it we need a part of both of them. I have some of Bridget's hair."

"And I have James' fingernail. He chewed it and spat it at me yesterday."

Heidi separated the potion into two goblets. Into one she put Bridget's hair and into the other she put James' fingernail. They sizzled and changed colour again.

"Says here that everyone has their own unique colour," Heidi whispered.

James' had turned more orange and Bridget's had turned a silver colour.

"Now what?" Albus asked, being a smart ass.

"Well we find a way to give it to them. And just them, if anyone else gets it as well, it won't work and we'll really be found out. I suggest put it in a chocolate, their favourite kind and offer it to them from a box of chocolates. They're bound to chose their favourite."

"Good idea. But James has been moody ever since the wedding, Dad really went off at him. That's what you get for setting off Fireworks in the middle of the ceremony, which hit the cake. I can't believe he got them at my Uncle's store too."

"Well, maybe some chocolate will cheer him up." Heidi smiled.

"I like the way you think love."

                                                                        * * *

“We won! We won!”

The shouts of several people rang out through the common room. Gryffindor had beaten Ravenclaw in Quidditch. Tonight there would be a party, tonight was the perfect time to share a little chocolate.

On one side of the room James sat drinking with his fellow Quidditch players as students gathered round to hear his account of the match, blow-by-blow.

“You see, being seeker I knew it was up to me to win the match. Ravenclaw was dominating the quaffle and we were 50 points down. But just as Ravenclaw was about to score another goal, I saw it. Right next to the chaser with the quaffle. So I dived for it. I think he shit himself when he saw me coming. But I pulled up and missed him and reached for the snitch. Then I caught it. And we won.”

James loved being the centre of attention and answered all the questions from his adoring crowd. It never mattered that they booed at him when he lost, as long as they bowed down to him when he won. Albus watched him and rolled his eyes. Although Albus was the exact double of their father, James had inherited the Quidditch ability. But now was the perfect chance to share some chocolate with James, who would get first pick.

He made his way over to James, briefly passing Heidi and winked at her. Soon he was next to James and he reached into his pocket for something.

“What you got there Al?” James asked, noticing him just as he had wanted.

“Nothing, shove off James,” Albus said, trying to put the box back in his pocket, but James was too fast and took it off him.

“It's a box of chocolates! How kind of you Al. Oh and there's only one of my favourite!”

James shoved his favourite chocolate in his mouth and shared the rest with his friends. Albus walked away, pretending to be annoyed. Everything had gone perfectly to plan. He went to sit with Heidi.

Heidi made her way to an empty two seater, to sit with Albus. She had given Bridget her favourite chocolate too, letting her friends share the rest. She didn't need to be so sneaky with giving out hers. Albus met her as she got to the seat and they sat down, waiting for the show to start.

James was talking to everyone on one side. Someone asked him what the best thing about winning was.

“Seeing Bridget smile,” he said, and started to walk to Bridget.

Bridget sat with her friends talking about chocolate.

“The best thing about chocolate is it's almost as good as James,” she said and went to meet James.

They arrived to the middle and stared at each other, with everyone else staring at them. Then they started kissing madly. Everyone cheered. Not many knew there was a family feud. Heidi and Albus hi-fived. Their plan was to make James and Bridget kiss by using a love potion, so they would be hypocrites next time they said anything.

Heidi stood up and walked to them and pushed them outside, they were starting to get a little much. Outside she decided to give them the antidote before they had sex in the corridor. She got Albus to take James one way and she took Bridget the other. First they gave them a sleeping draught and then gave them the antidote. When they woke up they would just think they had had a crazy night at the party. But no-one would let them forget they had kissed.

After they were safely back in their rooms, Albus and Heidi joined the party again, dancing to their success. 

                                                                        * * *

“I saw you! How could you!? What haven't you been telling me!?”

Heidi woke to the sound of yelling in her dormitory. She recognised the voice of Arista.

“I don't know what happened, I mean it. I don't even like him,” Bridget replied in a small voice.

Then Heidi realised her mistake as she heard more and more of the fight. She had noticed that Bridget and Arista were spending a lot of time together, but she had thought nothing of it. Now she realised that Bridget and Arista were a couple and she had ruined it for her best friend. She waited for them to leave and when she heard the door slam, she got out of bed. There was Bridget crying her eyes out.

“So you heard then?” she asked through the tears, “Arista was my girlfriend and now she's gone, it's ruined. I didn't even think I kissed him for real, I thought it was just a dream.”

“I'll fix it for you, don't you worry, I'll talk to her,” Heidi said, getting dressed.

Bridget just cried more. Heidi hurried out of the room and went searching for Arista. She found her crying in a bathroom.

“Go away!” she yelled at the door when Heidi knocked.

Heidi could hear her sobbing and knew she must be very upset.

“Arista, I need to talk to you,” she said bravely into the keyhole.

“Fuck off Heidi! I hate you!”

Heidi ignored her and unlocked the door magically. She walked in and sat next to Arista, putting her arm around her.

“Look, I know what happened. And it's my fault,” Heidi whispered to Arista.

“How is it your fault? Bridget was the one who kissed James Potter. I really like her and she's really hurt me and I don't know how I could forgive her.”

“I made a mistake and gave her some love potion. If I had realised you and her were together I never would have done it. But I did and I hurt you both.”

Arista stared at Heidi. “So it wasn't her fault, you made her? But why?”

“I was trying to protect mine and Albus' relationship. But I fucked up.”

“I should go tell her what you did.”

“Yes, you probably should,” Heidi sighed and realised she was about to lose her best friend.

“But I won't.”


“You came to me and told me everything because she was your friend and you wanted her to be happy. I think I'm mature enough to let it go and not tell her. I know what it'll do and you deserve better. Anyway, I have to go, I have to go apologise to my girlfriend.”

Heidi sat stunned as she watched Arista walk out. Things had certainly changed since the last year. Now the plan was ruined and was very close to ruining Bridget. Heidi went to go find Albus, it was time to think up a new plan. 

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Chapter 6: Turning Sixteen
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Heidi opened her eyes and surveyed the room; it was exactly the same as it had been when she went to bed that night. Everyone in it was exactly the same. Except her. Heidi was a year older and was trying very hard to forget it. Not that she didn't want to be sixteen it was just that she knew what was going to happen if anyone found out and she would not be able to handle it. The door opened and Bridget walked in fully dressed.

"Good, you're up. Get ready, quick. It's a Hogsmeade weekend. Oh by the way, Happy Birthday," Bridget smiled cheerfully.

Heidi responded with throwing a pillow at her, "You tell anyone and you're dead."

"Little moody today are we?"

"Just let me get dressed."

Bridget walked out shaking her head. She had kept Heidi's birthday secret for a very long time. Before her mother had died she had always gone home for her birthday and never celebrated it since. Bridget decided it was time she had a birthday party and ran to start organising it while Heidi dressed.

Heidi stared at herself in the mirror. She wasn't quite skinny, but she had nice curves. Her auburn hair fell into her chocolate brown eyes as she stared. She may have been a year older, but she still looked and felt like the same old, unremarkable Heidi. One thing was different now. Albus. She smiled. She did feel bad from keeping her birthday from him, but she couldn't face it. Presents, hugs, birthday wishes all equaled hell. Looking at the time Heidi hurried downstairs.

Bridget waited for her, already her plans were unfolding. Several first and second years' were eager to help and since they were staying they were setting it up. Bridget had even told Albus what was going on, under the strict instruction that he did not hint that he knew anything. Albus had agreed and even stood by her as she waited for Heidi to come down. Heidi soon ran down and they hurried to get to Hogsmeade.

"I'm going to hang at the Three Broomsticks with Arista," Bridget said casually leaving Heidi alone with Albus.

"What do you feel like doing?" Heidi asked trying to act like it was just another day.

"I haven't been to Honeydukes in a while, we should go there. But no Cockroach Clusters," he laughed taking her hand.

Heidi bought some Drooble's gum and Albus bought some chocolate frogs, sharing them with her as they walked to the Three Broomsticks to see if Bridget and Arista were still there. When they got there, that found most of the students had already left to go back to Hogwarts. Not wanting to leave yet, they ordered a butterbeer each and sat in a booth.

"I used to go out with her you know," Albus said quietly.

"Who?" Heidi asked, interested.


"What happened?"

"I think she was figuring out that she didn't like guys and I wasn't being told anything. I thought I really liked her, despite her being mean to people, but she kept pushing me away whenever I got a little close. Drove me a little crazy and I finally broke it off and had some time off school. Dad understood and was very good about the whole thing."

"I remember what I saw of you two and when we were first starting off I thought you would be better off with her."

"Why? You're perfect."

"I hate that word. And I'm not, no-one is."

"In my eyes you are."

"You do have very nice eyes."

"Hey, don't change the subject."

Heidi laughed and smiled at him. She was happy and it really surprised her. Maybe she should tell him what today was. She went to open her mouth.

"We should probably get back up to the castle,' Albus said, checking his watch.

The moment was gone; she wasn't going to tell him. She let him lead her back up to the castle, telling her lame muggle jokes. It made her laugh, but her happiness was evaporating. Only a few more hours and she could go to sleep and forget that it ever happened. She might tell Albus tomorrow and he would forgive her.

"Watch your step," Albus said, helping her through the portrait.

"Thanks, it's really dark," Heidi climbed out and went to light her wand.

"SURPRISE!" the common room lit up and every Gryffindor stood there, throwing her a surprise birthday party.

She stared at them and looked over at Albus, "Did you know?"

"Yes, but Bridget made me promise I wouldn't say anything."

Heidi put on a fake smile. She couldn't go off when they were all there, but she wasn't going to let it go. They had a cake and sang Happy Birthday. They gave her presents. With everything that happened, Heidi forced herself not to cry. Soon it got too hard and she went up to her room, despite the protests of the party-goers.

She threw herself on her bed and sobbed until her throat hurt. The door opened and Bridget was at her side. Heidi started to get angry.

"Are you okay? I saw you leave. Everyone wants you to come back to the party."

Something inside Heidi cracked slightly as she took it all in. She took a deep breath.

"I am going to leave now. Do not follow me. I will not be back for a while. Next time, do not even think of throwing me a birthday party," the last part she hissed as she left the room.

Down the stairs she went, just dodging the common room and climbed out the portrait hole. No-one really noticed she left except for Albus. He decided to follow her. He heard her running to his left, slipping on his invisibility cloak he followed.

"Heidi wait," he called.

"Leave me alone Albus," she screeched back.

Albus caught up with her and put the cloak over her as well and pushed her into an empty classroom. It was way past curfew and he didn't want her to get into trouble. Tears streamed down her face and he tried to wipe them away but more came.

"Why did she throw me a party? I didn't even want anyone knowing it was my birthday," Heidi cried into Albus' shoulder.

"She was just trying to make you happy. You're her friend and I guess she didn't understand why you didn't want a birthday at all." 

"You're too nice to me Albus."

"I've always been like this; James sees it as a major flaw."

Heidi smiled, giggled a little and stopped crying.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Albus asked gently.

"Because I really didn't want you to get me any presents or make any kind of fuss over me."

"You could have told me that and I would have respected your wishes."

"Well, you're the only one."

"Probably true, why do you despise your birthday so much?"

"Because I used to celebrate it with my Mum and now she's gone. Ever since she died I've tried to avoid that day. Bridget just doesn't seem to get it."

"Well, I promise you we won't celebrate your birthday unless you want to."

"You mean it?"

"Cross my heart."

"You know what this mean though, don't you?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around her.

"No, what does it mean?"

"You're sixteen now, I don't have to worry about stopping."

Heidi kissed him and he kissed back urgently. He pushed her up against the wall and cupped her face in his hands. She responded by pulling him closer to her. She pulled at his shirt and soon it was on the ground, she admired his well muscled chest, kissing it gently. He squirmed and looked like he was really enjoying it. She started to unbutton her top, when they heard a noise. They stopped and hurriedly Albus out his shirt back on, they were still safe under the invisibility cloak.

"I thought I heard something in here!" Someone yelled as they flew through the wall.

Peeves surveyed the room, trying to see if anything was hiding. Heidi and Albus put their hands over their mouths, they were still breathing heavily. Suddenly deciding he was hearing things Peeves left, overturing the bin as he went. Albus and Heidi waited ten minutes before deeming it safe enough to talk.

"Let's go back up to the common room, I have to apologise to Bridget," Heidi said, not really wanting to leave but being afraid of someone actually finding them.

"Okay,' Albus sighed, he too wanted to stay.

So under the invisibility cloak they walked hand in hand back up to Gryffindor Tower.

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Chapter 7: Beater
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The common room was hectic, everywhere people complained to each other about the news. Jackson Hastings, one of the Gryffindor beaters had been made to drop quidditch until his grades improved. The next game for Gryffindor was a month away and a suitable replacement would be hard to find. Heidi tried to do her homework, ignoring the mass of angry teenagers. Before she knew it, Bridget had found her.

"Can you believe that about Hastings?" she asked, looking over Heidi's work.

"It's horrible. I wouldn't be able to stand being made to drop out of the team if it was me," Heidi said, taking her work back once Bridget nodded at it.

"Hey, I know what! The try outs are tomorrow night, you should go."

"Me? Are you serious? I haven't even been on a broomstick since third year."

"Yeah, but you're a natural. And in our mock games you were always the best beater.

"Hitting away a bludger is a completely different thing. And James wouldn't let me on the team if I begged and promised to be his personal slave for the rest of the year. Which I really don't want to do."

"It wouldn't hurt to try out."

"What wouldn't hurt?" Albus asked, pulling up a seat next to Heidi.

"Heidi's going to try out for replacement beater," Bridget announced.

"Ignore her, I really don't plan on doing it. Plus, James wouldn't let me on the team," Heidi said, rolling her eyes at Bridget.

"You should go for it," Albus said.

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah. I mean, maybe this is your big chance to get James to stop thinking of you as someone's sister. Plus, I really want to see what you can do on a broom."

Bridget stood up, "I'll leave you two lovebirds to it, I promised Arista I would help her with Potions."

Heidi waved her goodbye and looked back at Albus, "She's really changed her tune about you. I think that maybe she's grown up a bit, but don't hold your breath over it."

Albus laughed, "Now we just have to get James to like you. The potion didn't work, he's going around telling everyone how drunk he was and how she threw herself at him. Only a few people knew what really happened. But, he is standing firm. I wish he could see what a great girl you are."

"I'm not that great. Alright, I'll go to the try outs, but you have to come too."

"I wouldn't miss it for the world."

                                                                      * * *

Heidi screamed internally. She could not believe she had let herself get talked into trying out for beater. Despite what Bridget said, she wasn't the best on a broom and she had never played in a real game, the thought of a bludger flying at her terrified the life out of her. Looking up at the stands she saw Bridget, Arista and Albus sitting together waving at her. Shakily she waved back and walked onto the pitch, it was her turn.

"So, Clemmet, you think you can play quidditch?" James asked laughing as she mounted her broom.

"You better believe it Potter," Heidi shot back, shooting into the air.

Her handling was better than she remembered. James stopped talking and released the bludgers. They were enchanted to follow the beater around so they could hit them away. Heidi readied herself for the first bludger that flew at her. Raising her bat she sent it flying just past James' head. The next one came up behind her, she heard it, ducked and caught it on her bat, sending it to the ground. Both bludgers came at her together, she hit them both away with ease. After ten minutes of it, James locked up the bludgers again. Heidi flew to the ground to wait with everyone else for the results.

"You all did very well today," James said, "But only one of you were able to stay on your broom the whole time and not get hit by the bludgers. Which is why our new beater is Heidi Clemmet."

Everyone cheered for her, knowing she must have gotten it fair and square. It was no secret that James Potter hated Heidi Clemmet. Heidi stood shocked and was caught in a group hug by Bridget, Arista and Albus as they came to congratulate her. James walked over to Heidi and passed hr some quidditch robes.

"You're first practice is tomorrow night. Be there by seven at the latest," and with that he walked off.

Heidi smiled as she walked up with everyone to the common room, she would not be going to sleep early tonight.

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Chapter 8: Nathaniel Clemmet
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Heidi sat at the Gryffindor table in the great hall, trying to ignore the jeering from Ravenclaw. It was the day of the Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw match and she felt more like vomiting up a lung than playing. Bridget sat beside her reading out sentences from Quidditch Through The Ages, obviously trying to be helpful. Albus sat on her other side eating bacon and sausages happily oblivious to how his girlfriend was feeling.

Everything was riding on this match, Gryffindor was leading with Ravenclaw not far behind. If they lost they would have to win every other match by a fair margin if they hoped to win the cup. But not only that, this was the match where Heidi had to prove her worth to James. She sat staring at her plate, involuntarily shaking. Someone came up to her, it was James.

“Clemmet I want you in the changing rooms in twenty minutes. Team meeting before the game. Try to be a reasonable colour before you get there, don't forget our colour is not green,” he sneered as he walked away.

Albus looked at Heidi and saw she had turned a delicate shade of green.

“Ignore him, he seems to forget he threw up several times before and during his first game. You'll be fine. Just try eating something quickly and I'll walk you down,” he said gently.

Heidi nodded and bit into some toast that tasted like cardboard. Bridget left to find Arista and find a good seat. After choking down half a piece of toast Heidi was lead by Albus to the quidditch pitch. He walked with her all the way to the Gryffindor changing rooms, before leaving to find his own seat.

Stepping in Heidi sat next to her fellow beater Hugo Weasley, a year younger than her and Albus' cousin. Lily Potter, Albus' little sister sat with the chaser's. A lot of the team was made up of their family. Even the keeper, a third year, was another Weasley. Little Fred was the youngest on the team, son of George Weasley who was a legend among beater's and troublemaker's alike. Fred was named after George's twin brother who had died during the battle at Hogwarts.

Everyone was there so James launched into his speech about the moves they had been taught and how they would help against the Ravenclaw team and specific players. Heidi sat attentive and tried to pretend it was just another practice game. Before she knew it, they were walking onto the pitch. Clouds were forming and it looked like it was going to rain. James puled her aside.

“Alright Clemmet, time to prove your worth. If it starts raining, try to protect Fred more than anyone from the bludgers. I want him to focus on the quaffle and he always performs worse during the rain. You are good, don't disappoint me.”

He walked to the centre to shake hands with Ravenclaw's captain. Madam Hooch called the game and it started. Heidi flew over to the three hoops that Fred now flew in front of. On her way she aimed a bludger at Ravenclaw's best chaser, causing her to drop the quaffle into Lily's hands. Heidi smiled, all nervousness lost, she knew what she was doing.

James passed her on his search for the snitch and she stopped a bludger hit from Ravenclaw aimed at him. He smiled shortly by way of thanks, then flew off to the other side of the pitch. Heidi hit away her third bludger when the heavens opened up. Grimacing she made her way over to Fred again, to do as James instructed. She watched as Hugo hit Ravenclaw's keeper with a bludger, Gryffindor cheered, without a keeper Ravenclaw's chances just went way down.

“30 100 to Gryffindor,” the commentator yelled from the stands.

Everything was going perfectly, all that was left was to rely on James to catch the Snitch before Ravenclaw could try anything fancy. Heidi watched as the Ravenclaw seeker found the snitch and raced after it, James at his heels. James wasn't going to be able to get it first, they were going to lose. Then Heidi saw a bludger heading right for her, she braced herself and aimed it straight for the Ravenclaw seeker. Everyone yelled with surprise as the Ravenclaw seeker was hit off his broom just before he reached the snitch and James Potter caught it.

Gryffindor cheered loudly and the team went to great their captain. Someone yelled there would be a party in the common room that night. More Cheering as James emerged from his team. He looked over to Heidi who had just landed next to him.

“Thank you Heidi, I wouldn't have caught that if you hadn't hit that bludger at Ryans,” he said to her, smiling.

Before she knew it, she too was suffocating in people telling her how well she did. It took a while but she edged out of the crowd and found Albus.

“You did fantastically!” he said, beaming at her.

She smiled back and headed up to the castle with him, until someone stopped her. It was Scorpius Malfoy.

“I was told to tell you that the Headmistress wants to see you in her office. Password is Percival. I'll go find Rose,” and he left her standing there shocked.

“Why would McGonagall want to see me?” she asked Albus, all triumph from winning leaving her.

“I'm sure it's nothing bad. Want me to walk up with you?” he asked nicely.

“No, I'll do it by myself. I'll change quickly then I'll go.”

Heidi made off for the change rooms, changed then set off to the castle. A few people were still hanging around the pitch, slowly making their way up to lunch. Heidi hurried, she wanted to get this over and done with. Before she knew it she was outside the headmistress's office.

“Percival,” she said, before being admitted up the moving staircase.

Shaking a little she knocked on the door. A voice within told her to enter.

“Ah, Heidi Clemmet. You did a brilliant job today with that Quidditch match. Well done,” Professor McGonagall smiled at her.

Heidi smiled weakly and took the seat offered to her in front of the desk.

“I was warned by owl this morning and thought it best to tell you about it now. It's about your brother Nathaniel.”

“Is Nat okay?” she asked in a small voice.

“He's fine, simply fine. Actually he's been released from Azkaban. But there is more. As you know Professor Flitwick is getting quite old and is thinking about going into retirement. I saw fit to offer your brother the position, knowing that he wasn't likely to obtain any other suitable job under the circumstances. He always did well at the job and had confided in me that he wanted to teach after a few years out of school. So, Your brother will become apart of the staff from next week onwards. Nathaniel will be teaching Charms.”

Heidi stared openly. Nathaniel was a run away who had been dealing with some very bad wizards. How could McGonagall trust him to teach Charms?

“I see it comes a surprise. Well, I thought I would prepare you for the shock, so you did not just see him on the staff table next Monday. I have work to do now, so close the door on your way out.”

Heidi left and walked slowly to Gryffindor tower, no longer in the mood for partying. Nathaniel was going to be her teacher, he would be Professor Clemmet. Heidi burst into tears, she hated him. Nathaniel Clemmet was a horrible person and a worse brother. She walked on, wiping her tears away, dreading telling Albus, especially after how things had looked so good with James. Sometimes life just sucked.

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Chapter 9: Charming Brother
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Heidi sat at the Gryffindor table, picking at her breakfast. Glancing up she saw James glaring at her before she quickly looked back down. She refused to look at the staff table, where her brother sat, or Professor Clemmet as she now had to call him. Bridget sat with Arista at the other end of the table, no longer talking to Heidi or Albus. Things were not looking good at all. But things could only get worse.

“You're Heidi right?” someone asked, sitting down next to her.

She looked up and instantly knew the girl beside was a Weasley. Although she smiled nicely, there was a business like air about her.

“I'm Rose, Rose Weasley. You're going out with my cousin aren't you?” she asked.

“Yeah, I am.”

“Okay, well I'm going to have to ask you to stop.”


“Stop going out with Al. You seem nice enough, but this is causing quite a few problems with him and James. Do you want to be responsible for tearing two brothers apart? I mean seriously, our family has enough problems without you or your brother butting in.”

“I have nothing to do with my brother. Leave me alone.”

Heidi got up and left the table, grabbed her bag and started walking to her first class for the day. Rose was persistent and followed her out into the grounds, towards the greenhouses.

“Will you shove off Weasley?” Heidi yelled behind her when she noticed Rose following her.

“I'm not asking you to end it with my cousin, I'm telling you to. Clemmet,” Rose shot back, catching up with her and pulling her around to face her.

“What I do with Albus is none of your business, so butt out of my life.”

“If you don't agree to break up with him, I will be forced to do something I really don't want to do.”

“What tell on me to a teacher? Oh wait, you're not above that are you? Now get out of my face,” Heidi turned back around to the greenhouses and walked faster.

“You asked for it,” Rose said raising her wand.

Expelliarmus!” Came the yell of a much deeper voice than Rose's.

Heidi turned around to see her brother disarm Rose. Nathaniel walked to Rose and gave her detention for a week for attempting to duel a student whose back was turned. He also told her to get back up to the castle because he knew she didn't have Herbology first up. He then ran to Heidi who was staring at him with her arms crossed.

“You owe me for that Heids, you are very lucky I saw that because she was so going to curse you,” he said.

Heidi looked him over then turned and continued onto the greenhouses.

“Don't you ignore me, I just saved you from getting cursed!” he yelled angrily.

“I don't need any help from you!! You're just the Slytherin of the family,” she yelled back turning around and facing him with a furious look on her face.

“Oh and you think you're so great because she were Mummy's little Gryffindor angel. Guess what Heidi, she's dead! And my father was in Slytherin, not like your deadbeat father.”

Heidi slapped him across the face, “Don't you dare say anything about Mum or my Dad. Just because your father was a Death Eater and Mum put him in Azkaban doesn't mean you can rip on my parents, especially Mum! Did you have fun in Azkaban? Bet you had a nice family reunion. Professor Clemmet.”

“Don't you dare call me that, I hate that name!!! I hate that I had to take on your father's name, I hate that I have any connection to you and your filthy bloodline, you're no better than your mudblood father!”

“Well my life would be so much easier if you weren't in it Nathaniel. I hate you and everything that you have done to the name Clemmet. You have dragged my family name through the mud. If it hadn't been for you I would never had just gone through what you stopped before. So I would be really happy if you had never existed.”

“Heidi, I have power over you now and I'm going to personally make your time at Hogwarts hell.”

With that he turned away and walked back up to the castle. Heidi stood there fuming with anger. She blamed him for everything wrong that had happened and wished her mother had never had an affair with a known Death Eater that she was supposed to be capturing. At least she had gotten him in the end, but it had resulted in Nathaniel, who was without a doubt the worst person in the world.

Heidi was going to have to keep an eye on him.

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Chapter 10: In The Owlery
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It was Sunday and Heidi was hiding out in the owlery, keeping away from Nathaniel, Bridget and Rose. The whole week had been full of detentions from her brother, being ignored by Bridget and being hounded by Rose to leave Albus. She was so over it and hadn't had the chance to tell Albus about any of it yet. A part of her was considering leaving Albus, but she really liked him and knew it wouldn't be fair on him. He was lucky that he no longer had Charms though, because Nathaniel was on a war path with everyone who had anything to do with the man who put him in Azkaban.
An owl fluttered in and landed on her shoulder, her favourite of the school owls, Venus. She nipped at Heidi's fingers until she gave her an owl treat.

“You only wanted me so I could give you that treat, didn't you? I guess everyone always wants something from me,” she mused out loud, patting the owl gently.

“That's not very nice,” said someone from the doorway.

“Who are you?” Heidi asked, not very nicely. She knew most students and had never even seen this boy, who had to be at least her age, probably older. He had shoulder length hair, a light brown colour, was quite tall, had a nice face and dark velvet green eyes.

“I'm new,” he said smiling, his lips looking very full and pink against his bright white teeth.

“That didn't answer my question,” Heidi said standing up.

“I'm Gerard Haler, but everyone just calls me Gerry. I transferred from America.”

As he said it, Heidi noticed his very strong American accent.

“I'm in fifth year,” he said when she didn't say anything, instead continuing to stare.

“Oh sorry,” she woke up from a daze, “I'm Heidi Clemmet, fifth year also. So are you just starting now?”

“Well I start tomorrow, but I got dropped off here today, I'm actually just sending my Mum a letter then I'm going to the Headmistresses office to be sorted.”

“Really? Do you know where you are going?”

“Not really.”

“Well, I would be more than happy to take you if you wanted.”

“That would be awesome.”

He smiled again at her and she felt something odd in her stomach. Choosing to ignore it she waited for him to send his letter, using Venus, then walked with him out of the owlery.

“So why did you transfer?” she asked him.

“Well, my Dad is English as is my Mum and they've been working there since I was six, so I pretty much grew up there. Anyway, Mum got a job at the Ministry here last year and Dad couldn't stand to be away from her, so as soon as he got a job here as well, they moved me. I'm really missing my friends though, especially my girlfriend Amber.”

“Well, if you get put into Gryffindor, I'll introduce you to my boyfriend, Albus Potter.”

“You mean Harry Potter's son? Wow! That's so cool.”

“You know about Harry Potter?”

“Yeah, he's in Modern History of Magic a class I took at my old school.”

“That sounds so cool, we just have boring History of Magic. Also, Charms is a nightmare with our new professor.”

“Sounds fun, ha ha. Anyway, we're here now, so I better go in. I'll hopefully talk to you again really soon.”

Heidi said goodbye then started walking towards the Gryffindor tower, smiling happily. As she was walking she thought of Gerry and suddenly thought how he was pretty cute. She pushed back the thought, because she loved Albus and nobody else. As she was walking she bumped into someone walking the opposite way, not seeing them because she was so lost in thought.

“Would you watch where you're going!?” Rose almost screamed at her.

There was books all over the floor and Heidi stooped down to help Rose pick them up, despite the fact she would have rather jumped into the lake. Heidi stood up and piled the last of the books into Rose's waiting arms.

“I'm sorry about that,” she said.

Rose ignored her and kept walking, in the direction of the Library. Heidi sighed to herself and kept walking. She had tried being nice to Rose, but nothing. Her position on the Quidditch team would have been lost instantly if James hadn't needed her so much. Something he reminded her every practice. She was on the verge of quitting, but she did love it, so she was trying to tough it out. She kept walking, thinking of everything horrible that was happening, until she got to Gryffindor tower and saw Albus waiting for her.

“Heidi! There you are, I've been looking for you everywhere,” he said smiling at her. She noticed that her stomach didn't feel funny the way it did when Gerry smiled, but she chose to ignore it again.

“Hey Albus,” she said smiling up at him.

“Let's go for a walk.”


Heidi sat at the Gryffindor table eating breakfast, smiling through her full mouth. Her and Albus had had a big talk about her brother and his cousin. Everything was okay for the moment and she was very happy. She was so happy she barely noticed the announcement that Gerry Haler had been sorted into Gryffindor. Sometimes, she thought as she chewed on her cereal, it was better just being happy with what you have, even if you might like something else a little better.

Albus sat beside her and she smiled at him, knowing that her heart only belonged to him and no-one else.

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Chapter 11: Secrets
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Albus walked out to the lake alone, wearing his father's invisibility cloak. He was nervous and knew that there would be no turning back after tonight. He remembered back to the morning when he was eating his breakfast with Heidi and Professor Clemmet had given him a detention for having his shoe laces untied. Spitting on the ground he walked further, feeling angry. Shaking himself, he tried to calm down, he did not want to be angry for this. Because now he was going to find out the answer to all his unanswered questions and regrets.

As he walked, a figure in the shadows around the edge of the lake came into view. He knew it was the person he had come to see. As he walked closer, he could see it was a girl with long hair and a shapely figure. Smiling to himself he walked right up to her a tapped on her shoulder. She screamed with fright and hit him once he took off his cloak.

“God Al, you scared me,” Arista said, turning back to look out on the lake.

He sat down next to her and looked over to where she was staring intently. If he squinted he could just make out the giant squid lazily floating on top of the lake.

“Looks like he's having fun,” he commented, looking at Arista intently.

“I guess you're wondering why I asked you out here?” she asked quietly, still not looking at him.

“Would be nice, considering it is now 2am in the morning and we're way out of the way of anybody else. I only came because you told me it was urgent.”

“It is. But you have to promise me that you won't say anything to Heidi or Bridget about it.”

“Like Bridget would even listen to a word I say. Hey how are you allowed to talk to me anyway, isn't she like your girlfriend? I'm her apparent sworn enemy and everything, seriously how are you allowed to talk to me?”

“I'm not supposed to,” she stood up at this and turned her back towards him and started walking away.

“You don't get off so easily,” he pulled her back, “Tell me what's wrong.”

“It's not that it's wrong, it's that I realised what's right and that's wrong for other people.”

“Don't talk in codes. I'm a guy, I can't read your mind and hints are lost on me.”

“Bridget told me yesterday that she loves me and I realised that I don't love her. So I didn't say anything back and I have no idea what to do... It's been how long now? And I can't give her what she wants. I feel defeated.”

“Come here,” Albus wrapped his arms around her and let her cry into his chest.

“There's more though,” she whispered into his sweater.

He looked down at her and thought to himself how beautiful she looked, staring up at him with her big brown eyes. Mentally shaking himself, he firmly said to himself that he loved Heidi and she was all that mattered.

“Tell me,” he said, trying not to think about her eyes.

“I realised when she told me she loved me, that not only did I not love her back, but I loved somebody else. Albus, I love you.”

“Arista, please don't. We broke up for a reason, you really messed me up. I did love you, but you screwed up my heart and threw it away when I gave it to you.”

“I didn't realise what I had. You are perfect for me, you are everything that I want. I love you Albus.”

She looked up at him waiting for his answer. Albus was shocked and couldn't get any words out. Just as he was about to say something, Arista leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips. They were sweet as he remembered and he kissed her back passionately.




“Al, we better get up to the castle. It's almost dawn. Can you find my shoes?”

Albus looked up at Arista from where he was laying on the ground. He smiled happily. He shut his eyes and thought back to the night he had just had. Suddenly he sat up and gasped loudly.

“Arista, please tell me I just imagined that, please,” he begged.

She looked down at him shocked, “I thought that's what you wanted. You kissed me back and said you loved me too and we... You didn't want it?”

“It's not that, but Arista, I'm Heidi's boyfriend still! What will happen if she finds out?”

Arista leaned down and kissed him gently, “She doesn't ever have to know, does she?”

He looked at her and no longer regretted it. Smiling he dressed and walked with her up to the castle under his cloak. Once they were in the common way they kissed again and he let her slip out of the cloak and walk tom the girls dormitory. He watched her and sighed happily before sneaking upstairs to get a few hours sleep before classes started.





Heidi walked up the stairs after a late night in the library, trying to complete her homework. She knew it was really late and she would get into a lot of trouble if she was caught out of bed. Checking her watch she saw that it was 2am. Who would be up at this time of night? She still stepped lightly. Listening hard, she thought she heard something and she slipped down a secret passage to the other side of the castle and came out to a wide window with a view of the lake.

She looked and saw the moon shine down on the giant squid floating on the top of the water. She smiled and went to leave. Then she saw two shadows move on the shore of the lake. Now who would be out at the lake at this time of night? But she decided to forget it and walked up to the common room.

After a lecture from the Fat Lady she walked up to her dormitory and collapsed on her bed. Just as she was about to fall asleep an old tapped on her window. Groaning, she got up and took the letter from it's leg. Getting out her wand for light she read the letter:


Dear Heidi,

You may not remember me, but you walked me to the Headmistress's office the other day and I just want to thank you. I know it's late, but I really only just remembered to send you this thank you. Also, I wanted someone to talk to. You know how I told you about my girlfriend from America? Well she sent me an owl saying she'd met someone else... I have no idea what to do. If you're awake, I'm down in the common room and could use a friend.



Heidi got up out of bed and walked out to the common room again. She knew she should probably sleep, but she didn't want to leave him alone when he must be upset. There he was sitting in the armchair closest to the fire, head in his hands. He heard her walk in and raised his head.

“I'm sorry for waking you, I just didn't know who to talk to. I haven't made any friends besides you yet.”

“It's okay,” Heidi pulled him into a hug.

They sat there for a while, just hugging. Soon they started talking about life out of Hogwarts and the subjects. Heidi soon found that Gerry was going for the same OWL's as her. They were both good at quidditch and played the same position.

“Don't let James know,” she whispered, laughing, “He'll kick me off the team if he finds someone better than me.”

“I doubt I'd be better than you,” he laughed.

“If you can stay on the broom that's all he'll care about.”

“That cannot be true. I don't believe it. You are probably the best beater Hogwarts has ever seen.”

“You're funny,” she looked at him and smiled, meaning it. He watched her as well, searching her eyes as if asking her a question.

“Wha-” she began but he stopped her with his lips. He must have found his answer, she sank into the kiss and soon was kissing him back. Then she stopped.

“I'm going out with Albus!!” she said angrily, pulling away.

“He doesn't have to know,” Gerry pulled her back and tried to kiss her again.

She slapped him and ran back up to her dormitory and started to cry. It took her a moment to realise both Arista and Bridget were missing. She ignored it, thinking they must be who she saw at the lake and she layed down to cry herself to sleep.





2am, the clock was ticking. Noone knew the truth but herself. Walking quickly down the third floor corridor, she found the classroom she was looking for. Quietly she slipped in, noone had to know, least of all Arista. Checking that she had locked the door correctly she turned around.

And there he was.

"You're late," he said, striding up to her to hug her.

"I had to make sure I wasn't followed, you know that nobody can know the truth."

He looked down at her tenderly and smiled happily, "If only I could, I would shout it to the rooftops."

Bridget chuckled.

"Yes, and then everyone would know that I was dating James Potter in secret."

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