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Quarantine by Marauder Stalker

Format: Short story
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 16,312
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Crossover, Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Pansy, Fred, George, Ginny, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Draco/OC

First Published: 01/12/2010
Last Chapter: 02/07/2011
Last Updated: 02/07/2011

"There is something of a virus going around and the Ministry is trying to prevent it from spreading. So they are going to have to check everybody's blood to see if anyone has this virus." His blue eyes landed on me in particularly before he looked over at Potter and his pals. "I would rather you all cooperated nicely with the people taking your sample, if you do not like needles, they can place a charm on you to make sure you do not feel a thing."

Chapter 1: Beginnings
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It was the first day back to Hogwarts and it was the last day back to Hogwarts at the same time. I was just about to start my sixth year of school, and I was ready to do the task that Voldemort had planned for me to do. Yes I had become a Death Eater, and it freaked the hell out of me, but clearly I was not going to go around and blab my mouth off about that. Plus, this whole "Death Eater" business was to be kept to myself. Not even Blaise or Pansy was allowed to know. Or Crabbe and Goyle, and their fathers were Death Eaters as well.

I had a small feeling that Potter had seen me in Diagon Alley earlier that week, and that was probably why he was hiding in my compartment under the "protection" of his invisibility cloak. Breaking his nose was something of a delight for me. I had always wanted to cause physical pain to that Scar-faced prat for awhile now and hearing and feeling that crunch of his breaking nose was like music to my ears. I was just pissed to see him back in the Great Hall after that although. I still wonder how somebody had found him, and who had this person been?

The first day of term is when things seemed to have taken an unpleasant turn. As I walked into the Great Hall for breakfast, Dumbledore was standing at his podium and he was waiting for everybody to fall silent. Myself, Pansy and Blaise took our usual seats at the Slytherin table, and I caught Granger giving me the stink eye from her own table. I glared right back and we held each other's gazes until she finally looked away. Of course she'd be the first to remove those filthy eyes from my face; I practiced this face in the mirror. Plus, I wore the expression every time I saw a stupid Gryffindor. This was quite often. I wondered why she was even glaring at me in the first place. Perhaps Potter had whined about me breaking his nose last night. What a baby.

Everybody eventually fell silent and Dumbledore seemed to make that his cue, so he opened his mouth and his loud voice filled the empty silence. "Good morning everybody, I hope you all slept well." I know I didn't. The stress was already started to come into effect for me. "Today we're going to be having a few of our Ministry friends poking in and out of classes to take a blood sample from each of you." A few people started to chat quietly, asking each other why they would be doing such a thing. I rolled my eyes as Pansy asked me. "How should I know? I know about as much as you do."

Dumbledore smiled politely and waited patiently for everybody to settle down before continuing to speak. "There is something of a virus going around and the Ministry is trying to prevent it from spreading. So they are going to have to check everybody's blood to see if anyone has this virus." His blue eyes landed on me in particularly before he looked over at Potter and his pals. "I would rather you all cooperated nicely with the people taking your sample, if you do not like needles, they can place a charm on you to make sure you do not feel a thing."

Dumbledore stopped it at that and everybody broke out into chatter once more. Pansy seemed utterly disgusted and a tad nervous. I felt fine as I ate my bacon and scrambled eggs. Even Blaise looked a little disgruntled as he slipped a piece of toast between his teeth. "Draco, how can you sit there and act all fine? I thought you didn't like needles." I shrugged. Of course I didn't. "If they have that charm thing going on, it's fine."

Slughorn came around and handed us our timetables. I saw that we had potions first with the Gryffindors. Perfect. To start off the year, we had class with Potter. With a groan of indulgence, I got to my feet and we started to head off to our first class back down in the dungeons. I sat down at my desk, next to Blaise. Pansy seemed a bit annoyed that I was not sitting beside her. I leaned my head against my hand as I put my elbow propped up onto the desk in front of me, and as everybody started to pile into the room, Slughorn began the class.

He was just about to start us off to make our first potion of the year, but before the name of the potion could escape through his pink lips, a knock emerged from the wooden door, and then two Ministry workers stepped over the threshold. One was a short female with blonde hair and green eyes. Her face was round, and her hair was cut short into a bob. She was wearing way too much make-up and it just did not compliment her features at all. The other was a tall chubby man with shaggy brown hair and a scruffy brown beard. He had brown eyes and a very rounded nose which looked too round for his fat face. My lips immediately quivered into something of a grimace as I stared down the two. They weren’t serious. These two greasy people were going to take our blood samples?

I gave a small huff as Professor Slughorn welcomed the two Ministry people into the class. They marched up to the front of the class acting like professionals like they were supposed to appear to be. I examined the small witch’s robes and I felt my lips twitch into a sneer once I saw that they looked like something that had been pulled out of a rubbish bin. She was fairly short and the robes looked much too large to fit her small frame. And then when you looked at the chubby male, it was another story. He was dressed rather nicely. The robes fit his “frame” and even complimented his features. It was a rather odd pair to stare at. I looked sideways at Blaise who was looking rather bored and his hand was taping impatiently on our desk.

“Class this is Madame Forester and Mister Secsmirth and they are here to take your blood samples. I know most of you are not all for the fact of having a needle stuck into your arm, but there is a charm that we can use that will make you feel no pain.”

I rolled my eyes for about the millionth time. Had we not just discussed this in the Great Hall a few minutes ago? Really… I hated it when people decided to repeat themselves over and over. “Alright everybody, I am going to start in alphabetical order. When I call your name I would like you to step outside with Mister Secsmirth and myself and we will proceed to taking your blood sample.” The female spoke and her voice reminded me of a frog. She sounded sick or something which was positively disgusting. They were going to let a sick person tend to us? Really? How professional.

“Adrienne Alcott and Marie Anderson.”

Two girls, one from Gryffindor and the other from Slytherin, stood up from opposite ends of the room and followed the two Ministry workers outside. I was a little annoyed. So were we still going to work? Or were we going to just sit here and wait for the class to get their blood drained from their veins? I looked up and waited intently for Slughorn to speak. “Alright class, I guess I will let you talk amongst yourselves for today. There’s no point in starting a new lesson if most of you might be passing out on me.” Damn. I had forgotten about that part. But didn’t they have potions to fix that kind of dilemma?

I looked over at Blaise again and as I did so, Pansy, my little lost annoying puppy, came from her desk, which was directly behind ours, holding her own stool and placed it directly in-between myself and Blaise. I was seriously starting to get very annoyed with this over-obsessed girl. She looked side-ways at me as if expecting me to say or do something interesting. I pretended as if she had not existed and kept my head pointed in the opposite direction.

Madame Forester and Mister Secsmirth, or the Oaf and the Oafette, re-entered the classroom with the two girls, both of whom were sucking on lollipops. They looked fine… they walked fine… They seemed rather un-touched. They both bounced back into their seats and then the Oafette took out her parchment and called two more kids back out into the hall. After seeing the two girls and their results of giving the blood sample, these two, this time it was two Gryffindor’s a boy and a girl, both looked fine and un-troubled as they marched out the door after the two Ministry workers.

After awhile of sitting there in my own sheer boredom, hearing more and more kids’ names meant that my name was getting closer within each call. And my last name started with an “M”, which came before a “P” and a “Z”. So that meant that I would be giving the sample before either Pansy or Blaise. But that didn’t mean that Granger had to take it after me as well. As soon as I heard her name, a smirk came across my face. She looked a tad nervous, but she still exited the room with her bushy head held high; there was even a slight bounce in her step. I sighed.

Each time two kids left, they would come back with a lollipop. Was it mandatory to take one? I mean, I wouldn’t mind one or anything. But I was just curious if we didn’t take one then would we have some kind of reaction or something? The questions kept coming more frequently after that. What if they stuck the needle in the wrong part of my arm? What if they used a dirty needle? What if they forgot to put the charm on so that I couldn’t feel a thing and I felt everything? But they were professionals. If they screwed up, then my father would have their heads hanging on our wall. Although I don’t know if I’d get to see them hanging up there… I might’ve died if that was what their only option came down to.

Finally, they walked back into the room with two Slytherin boys; both of them were sucking on lollipops. The female pulled out the parchment and I knew what was coming up next. “Draco Malfoy and Stephanie Manchester.” Luckily this girl was also in Slytherin because having a Gryffindor walk out there with me would’ve been just humiliating. I slowly got to my feet; Pansy patted my back and whispered good luck. I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t going out for my death sentence; I was going to give a blood sample. I was not going to die.

Stephanie was a cute brunette. She had a small round face, rosy cheeks and a small button nose with the greenest eyes next to Potter’s. She was small and petite. She could’ve passed off as some sweet innocent child when I knew that she was not. We walked out of the classroom together, neither of us looked back. I didn’t even bother to try and shoot Potter a smirk. When we entered the hallway, I saw two chairs, both spread a bit apart, and both had two similar small round tables next to them with needles and bandages and other equipment needed for the test. Attached to the two metal chairs were empty bags, the kind you’d see in a hospital with a few galleons of blood in. So that was obviously where our blood was going to be transported to. There was a plastic wiry looking thing and it was attached to each of the two needles. Yep… it was pretty obvious what the on-coming events were going to be and when they were going to start.

“Alright, Mister… Malfoy, could you please sit in that seat, and Miss Manchester, could you sit in the opposite one.” The female spoke, and gestured to the two chairs after looking back down at the parchment to re-check for our last names. I felt a little revolted as I clambered up onto the metal chair; it felt like they were going to snap their fingers and then I would be automatically chained to the chair and taken in for questioning or to be held captive or something strange like that. Stephanie looked a tad nervous and a bit disgusted to sit in the chair as well and I was glad I was not the only one.

“Okay, I am going to need you both to take off your robes and lift up one of your sleeves.” Mister Secsmirth said. As I pulled off my Slytherin robe, both of the ministry workers went to adjust the needles. The male pulled up a stool beside me and I just felt so lucky to know that my pure-blood was in his disgusting hands. I raised my left sleeve, since that was the arm closest to him, and he pulled out his wand. “So you won’t feel a thing.” He said before flicking his wand, causing my entire arm to go numb. “This might take a minute or so.” He said and I looked over at Stephanie to see how she was holding up. As I was watching her I realized that the needle had been inserted into my skin. I shivered uncomfortably as the metal poked into my vein and started to inhale my blood. I watched the milky redness glide through the plastic tube and start to fill up the bag at the end of the tunnel.

My pure-blood was going to waste.

I faced forward again and gripped the arms of the chair rather tightly; veins were starting to pop out under my skin. I felt violated and it wasn’t making me want to give them a nice tip or something.

And then the needle was gone. Just like that. Mister I-don’t-give-a-crap-about was then shoving a green lollipop in my face. Oh how nice of them to come with different lollipop colours. I saw the bag of candies on a stick at his feet and there were red ones, green ones, golden ones, and dark-blue ones. How tacky.

I took the lollipop with haste and jumped down from the chair. “The lollipop should take any nausea or pain or discomfort away from you, so be sure to start sucking on that soon. And don’t chow down on it too fast either.” Stephanie jumped down from her chair and she already had her sucker unwrapped and the stick was hanging limply from in-between her lips. I walked back into the classroom with her following closely behind me. I replaced my empty chair with myself and tucked my legs under the desk. Pansy looked sideways at me. “So how was it?” I simply shrugged and as I did so, I suddenly felt light-headed and a tad woozy. And that is when I remembered my lollipop. Although I really despised that Mister Sec-something, I guess I had no choice but to push my stubbornness aside and eat my stupid sucker.

So I started to pick and tear at the plastic wrap until the sucker broke free. I tossed the rubbish aside and placed the green candy in-between my lips. As soon as my tongue came into contact with the lollipop, I suddenly felt better, and a strange taste of banana’s came from nowhere. A green sucker that tasted like a banana. Beautiful.

The hour dragged on at it’s own pace, and as it did so, more and more kids were called out of the classroom, and then returned with lollipops just like my own. I wondered if every lollipop tasted the same, or tasted different, but when Pansy came back with her own green sucker, I didn’t care enough to ask.

When Blaise’s name was called out, I sighed a sigh of relief because I knew that he would be the last one on the list. He was the only kid in our year that had a last name that started with a “Z”. The boy trudged out the door only to return five minutes later, again with a lollipop. Behind him, the two Ministry workers followed his steps back into the classroom once more.

“I would just like to thank each and every one of you for your patience and cooperation with this ministry approved experiment.” The female was speaking with a voice that seemed much too happy for this particular moment. “Everything has been registered nicely and we plan to get back to everyone by the end of today or the end of tomorrow at the latest.” With that being said, the two made an orderly exit out of the classroom. We waited until the classroom door had officially closed before the entire population of the classroom broke out into discussion about the entire situation.

“Did you see how much make-up that lady was wearing? It made her look greasy!” Pansy was already complaining about her appearance… I wasn’t surprised but I thought she’d start off with how poorly the needle had been inserted into her arm or something else that would stretch the truth. “Did you feel how cold her hands were too? I nearly slapped her hand away as she was pulling the needle out of my arm! Did you feel her hands too Draco?”

“No.” I replied curtly. “I had the oaf.” Pansy smirked and Blaise bowed his head. “Me too.”

“Okay class, settle down, and settle down.” Professor Slughorn spoke up while raising his hands as if praising to the gods or something. “Class is about to end, I would very much like it if you could all quiet down a bit, and since we got no work done today, I would like you to read over pages five to eight, which are the pages we will be using for our potion tomorrow.”

Granger’s hand shot up. “I already read them!”

I rolled my eyes as Pansy “sneezed” into her hands while saying “teachers pet” at the same time. A few kids laughed into their sleeves and Slughorn either didn’t actually hear Pansy say that, or he chose to ignore it. “Very well, then I guess you have no homework. Okay, you’re all dismissed.”

I picked up my book-bag and exited the classroom with Pansy and Blaise. “She’ll probably read it over a hundred times more just to be the perfect little mudblood. She’s just trying too hard because she’s jealous that she’s not really one of us.” Granger, Potter, and the Weasel walked by just as Pansy was saying that. The ginger stopped dead in his tracks and stood in front of Pansy with his ears glowing red.

“Take that back you stupid --”

“—Stupid what?” I asked, and stepped in front of Pansy as if acting all protective. Pansy adored it when I did that kind of thing. Although I knew it meant something to her, when it meant nothing to me. I could feel her beaming behind me.

“Shove off, Malfoy, this isn’t about you.” The ginger said, and Granger sighed and grabbed his sleeve. “Ron, it’s okay, I don’t care.” She whispered quickly. I chose to ignore her.

“Of course it’s about me. Yelling at my friends, eavesdropping on our conversation. Whatever happened to a little privacy? Some manners would be very nice, but that’s right, living in a dump of a house must mean that you don’t learn very many.”

He was shaking now. I saw Potter tense up as well, as if ready to pounce on Weasel if he was about to attack me. Granger tugged on his sleeve a little more fiercely. “Come on Ron; don’t let pathetic little ferrets like him intimidate you.” Okay, now my attention was on her.

“Close your trap you filthy mud-blood! Nobody ever asked you to be apart of this conversation. Run along now, and mind your own business.” And with that, I shoved on passed the Weasel, being sure to slam my shoulder into Potter’s along the way. Since he was nice enough to keep his trap shut, I thought I should return the favor.

Chapter 2: Day One
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Day one

That evening was probably the worst evening of my life. Sure I’ve had worse moments before, but I am pretty sure that this very night won of all my horrific living and breathing moments. I was sitting soundly at the Slytherin table for dinner, and now that I think of it, everything had been very clear and vivid and I remember everything that had happened in those last few moments of being free.

I was sitting in-between Pansy and Crabbe, across from Blaise and Goyle. There was a pile of whipped potatoes left on my plate, and a few left-over carrots and a splash of gravy from the roast beef that had been digesting in my stomach at that particular moment. I was holding my fork in hand and Pansy was going off about how stressed out she was going to be from all the homework the teachers were already supplying us.

There were some immature first years sitting a few people down from us, fooling around and arguing over some straw-berry tarts but I just didn’t feel the need to over-come my prefect duties to tell them to quit it and shut up. It was loud in the great hall, louder than usual, probably because people were still fussing over the whole "blood sample" business. The school ghosts were floating around, talking amongst themselves or to anyone else who was willing to listen, and the ceiling was looking very nice. The stars dotted the cloud-less night sky and the moon was half-full and shining brightly down on us. It didn’t look like it was about to rain and pour down on this… happy evening I guess you could say. I was about to open my mouth to say something, probably very important at the time, but then Dumbledore had rose to his feet and his voice had magically filled every corner of the Great Hall.

"I would like you all to settle down now, and give me your complete and utter attention." He paused, and as he did so, everyone else started to die down into nothing, sure kids were still chatting quietly here and there, but Dumbledore didn’t seem to acknowledge that. Something else seemed to be on his mind. "Your tests have come back with their results." His eyes landed on me, and then they changed over to the Gryffindor table, probably on Potter or something. I felt Pansy stiffen beside me. I nearly laughed from the ridiculous expression on her face. She was suddenly so intent on the whole thing, and it looked like she was about to grab onto something in case she needed someone’s hand to squeeze. I made sure to slide away from her so I wouldn’t be that lucky person.

"I have a list of student’s right here that I would like to call upon. If you hear your name, could you please get up and proceed to the hospital wing." He definitely was not asking; he was telling. He didn’t take his time to call out everyone either. There was a look in his eye, and he seemed rather frightened. Was this a bad thing? Or a good thing? The entire Great Hall had gone so silent that you could’ve heard a pin drop on the floor. "Harry Potter," Of course, that stupid prat always was on the top of his list. "Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley," And his side-kicks, really? "Carter Johnson, Ginerva Weasley, Hannah Abbott, Cho Chang," So far most of the Gryffindors were in for hell. And that was when he said, "Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, and Stephanie Manchester." Pansy was suddenly chewing on her lip and shaking violently. "What if I am going to die?"

"Calm down Pans." Blaise assured her. "You’re not going to die."

"Astoria Greengrass and Draco Malfoy." Of course, I was at the bottom of the list. And that was when I realized what he had called my name for. So what was it now? Was my pure blood not good enough for them?

All of the people who had been called got to their feet and started to head for the doors. Pansy was still shaking as she walked alongside me and I felt the need to punch Potter in the back of his head as he was walking in front of me by this point.

The entire walk to the hospital wing was very silent. The entire group of us didn’t say a word, or look at one another. They were probably all thinking the same thing as me. What the hell was going to happen? Did they need to redo our tests? Did something bad occur? Or was this a good thing? Maybe they needed to tell us that out of all the people in the school our blood was clean… Then again we had Granger walking with us. And that was definitely not possible. Plus the entire school compared to a small group of kids. We were obviously the damned.

When we got to the hospital wing, the doors were already pushed wide open and all of us were a little hesitant to go in. We looked at one another and I rolled my eyes when Potter glanced briefly at me. "Well, since you’re the super-hero, Potter, go on, ladies first." The boy glared at me, but held his tongue. I wasn’t impressed when he decided to "show me up" by walking through into the next room. Granger and the Weasel posse followed. I entered the room and was a tad surprised to see about fifteen Ministry workers standing in a group. It was only them too. No funky looking machines or wires, or needles. Just them. A few were holding clip-boards, others weren’t.

"Hello children." Children? Did I honestly look like a child? The fourteen of us clumped together, I made sure to be as far away from Potter and his pals as possible and watched as the large female who had spoken a moment ago, take a step forward to address us differently. She was holding a clip-board in one hand and a pen in the other. Her hair was cut short, and it was shaggy looking. You could tell that she had once been a ginger, but the orange colour of her hair had started to fade slightly at the roots to a light shade of grey. Her face was fat, and full of rolls, and her eyes were small and beady. It truly was a horrible sight to see.

"So you all are here for a reason. And that reason is, yes, if you are wondering, because of the blood tests." We all knew this already. Dumbledore did not hesitate to make it obvious in the Great Hall. Pansy looked like she was about to die. "Well you see, we’ve come back with some results, and-"

"-yes, we know all of this already." I blurted out. I was starting to lose my already little patience and I just wanted to know what she was going to say already. I wasn’t going to sit around here all night when I could’ve been working on more… "important" matters. "Just get on with it."

The lady looked a tad stunned at my outburst, and she hesitated before continuing. Of course she wouldn’t fight back; she knew who my father was. "W-well, the results weren’t… good." The room, which was already fairly silent, fell even more into silence after the woman spoke. It seemed like half of the people who were called into the hospital wing just stopped breathing. When the lady didn’t say anything more, I glared at her and opened my mouth to speak.

"Well? What does that mean! Do we have the virus or not?" Granger had cut me off. It looked like I wasn’t the only one annoyed with this whole situation.

As the woman sighed, I don’t know if it was just me or not, but I am pretty sure her rolls had jiggled around a bit. I felt sick just by looking at her. "What it means is, yes, you all have the same disease, and it is not a good one. To prevent it from spreading… we need to take you all under our control and confine you to a building where you will be safe, and hopefully we can find something to cure it."

I stared blankly at her. What did she mean by all of this? Was she implying that I had the same disease as Potter and his friends? So what…? Did I get this because of him? "I knew being around a mud-blood would cause this to happen!" I sneered and looked side-ways at Granger. She bit her lip as it trembled slightly, but did not look back at me.

"You’re going to confine us? Where? And what do we have exactly?" As Ginny Weasley asked the question, I looked around at everyone’s faces. They were all blank, or shocked, or scared, or just … speechless. A part of me twitched inside. Apparently I just hadn’t processed this all yet. It had to be some sort of sick and twisted joke.

"We need to take you far away to a building which is full of our most educated and un-passable security. So we cannot give you the location because only ministry advisors are allowed to know the information of its whereabouts." She spoke with such an intelligent tone of voice that part of me wouldn’t have minded smacking her. "So could you all cooperate with us, and just let us inject you with this needle, and do not worry, it will only make you unconscious for a few hours. And when you wake up, we will have gotten you transported safely and unharmed to the facility." I didn’t like how she used the word "facility". I also didn’t like how she just thought that we would just let her take us like that.

"You have got to be joking." I said in my loudest voice. "I am not going to let you stick me with another damned needle. And I sure as hell am most definitely not going to just let you take me like that! My father will not allow this at all! Has he been informed of this information?! Because I swear-"

"Malfoy, shut up!" Potter out-did my loudest of tones and I actually stopped and glared at him.

I glared off at the git but for once, I kept my mouth shut. Mainly because a raven haired lady came up to me as a few other of the ministry officers walked up to other members of the school. They were all holding their each individual needle.

"I need you to cooperate now." She said and I probably looked more horrified than I felt.

"Are you kidding me?" I yelled in her face and she flinched, but held her ground. "Mister Malfoy, you’re going to have to cooperate whether you want to or not." I don’t know if what she did was allowed but without my permission, or even a warning, she stuck the needle into my neck and injected me with the clear liquid inside of it. I felt everything.

It hurt... a lot.

It was as if liquid fire was running through my neck, spreading to every vein in my body. My vision became suddenly blurry and my head was spinning intensely. I felt sick to my stomach; I was going to vomit.

"Mister Malfoy, you’ll be okay." The lady’s voice sounded like a distant echo in my head as I plunged into darkness.


My head was pounding, my body felt weak and ached all over. I was lying against something cool and hard. Events of what had previously happened dawned on me and I let out a disgruntled groan of pain; the effects from that needle caused my body to protest every time I inhaled a sharp breath. I was still angry with those people... that they had the very nerve to take me without my permission... Wait until my father found out!

Drowsiness was still upon me, but instead of rolling over and going back to sleep like I would’ve liked to do, I followed my instincts and peeled one eye open.

The room I was in was darkly tinted. The dark green wallpaper was peeling along the walls, and there was a musky mothball scent filling the air. There was a table on the other side of the room with something on it that looked a lot like supplies needed to perform some kind of surgery. I was still in the magical world... Right?

I opened my other eye, and felt somebody shift a few feet away from me. Looking over I saw Astoria Greengrass next to me, and beside her was everyone else from school including a few other people I did not recognize, all scattered around this disgusting place. I realized I was lying on the floor.

I got to my feet very slowly, wincing as every move I made caused the muscles inside of me clench and tighten painfully, and brushed down my designer robes. As I did so I examined the rest of the filthy room. There was a settlement of burgundy comfy looking chairs, which clashed horribly with the peeling green wallpaper. An old battered table was positioned in the middle of the chairs, with newspaper articles and magazines sitting atop it. I thought that if you ignored the other table with surgery items on it, you would’ve thought that this was an extremely welfare looking wait-room.

The floor was made out of stone, and there was a labeled poster of the human body structure hanging on the wall by the door. I suddenly wondered where that door led. Slowly, I approached the door, very intent on the fact that I was suddenly aware of my surroundings.

I outstretched my hand towards the doorhandle, my fingertips just barely touched it when a voice cut through the silence, causing every muscle in my body to freeze.

“The door won’t open.”

I turned, dropping my arm loosely by my side, and saw Astoria standing in the spot where she had been lying down. Her expression was unreadable, and I had to admire her for not looking frightened like I had felt. We stared at each other for a brief moment before my thoughts trailed to my wand. I shoved my hand hastily into my robes pocket, groping the fabric in the place where my wand should have been. I hadn’t expected it to be there.

“Do you know where we are?” My voice sounded alien, even to me. How long had it been since I had last spoken? What time and day was it? More importantly, where were we?

Astoria slowly shook her head. I also hadn’t expected her to know.

“They’re watching us.” She said quietly and raised her arm to point at the security camera in the left corner closest to the door. I had been told of these types of objects before; muggles used them. Once I had finished glaring at the camera, others started to stir.

Potter slowly staggered to his feet, followed by Granger and Weasley. Then Crabbe and Goyle. Slowly one by one everybody started to get up, and suddenly the room seemed a lot smaller than it had looked when everybody had been lying on the floor. Teenagers I had not seen before were starting to awake, and, with Blaise, Pansy, Astoria, Stephanie, Crabbe and Goyle by my side, we examined them as everybody started to rush into havoc and confusion about where we were and what was happening. So Hogwarts wasn’t the only “infected” school.

“Do you know who they are?” Pansy whispered to Blaise as a chocolate brown haired girl was helped to her feet by a raven haired boy. There was about ten of them, increasing our number of fourteen to twenty-four. The room was starting to feel smaller by the second.

“Children! Children calm down, calm down!” A loud female voice that I had recognized said. Everybody slowly died down, as we all looked for the source of the voice and noticed that the locked door had been opened and five people, four dressed in white suits with gas masks, and the fifth was that stupid fat woman who I argued with who knows how many hours ago back at the school, were standing in the doorway. The fat woman closed the door as they entered and proceeded to the center of the room. “No need to panic!” She exclaimed as she stood there, holding her clipboard with a huge fake smile on her face. She reminded me of that awful Umbridge woman. “You all understand that you are very sick. And keeping you all together in this room is a very bad idea. We had to place you here on short notice, hoping that the operating rooms were free when we arrived and received terrible news that they weren’t.

“Well, now they are, so we need to transport you all into surgery, to see what we’re dealing with, and how to put a stop to it.”

“What exactly do you think we have?!” Shouted a voice that I loathed. Potter was glaring heavily at the woman, obviously appalled that they were going to have to play around with our insides just to see what it was that we had. “Wasn’t our blood enough to tell you?”

“Unfortunately, Mr Potter, no it wasn’t. That was just to tell us who out there in the Wizarding World was infected. You see what you have is very contagious. We aren’t sure what it is you have, but whatever it is, it’s not good. So I need you all to cooperate with these kind gentlemen and follow them into surgery.” She was looking around at all of us, not with pity or reassurance, but with a hint of disgust. It wasn’t obvious on her features but I wore that look more than the average human. “We’re going to split you into four groups, six each, and you will follow these surgeons into the operating rooms. And no worries children, after your done you won’t feel any pain, and the scar will barely be visible.” Scar?! There was going to be a scar?! I didn’t want to be like Potter over there, wearing a scar like a crown! There were cries of protest as the woman started to select people forming a group. She raised her voice to its highest when she spoke again, “You have no choice; it must be done.”

When she came over to my group she split us into two’s and sent us into different groups, except for Stephanie, who was thrown with the Weasley girl. Me and Astoria were put in a group with four of the kids from the other schools. When all the groups were settled, we set off out of the room, and I was strangely calm. They would cut me open, destroying my perfect flawless skin, and figure out that they were spilling my pureblood and ruining my perfect organs. Then they wouldn’t find anything wrong with me and I would get to go home, and my father would be having their heads on our mantlepiece. I knew my whining and bitching wasn’t going to stop anything, although that was my usual answer to everything because I am a Malfoy, and Malfoy’s get what they want. I just wanted to go home and to get my wand back.

As we walked down bleach white hallways, everything here was very white, it was like a heart-attack on the eyes, I glanced over at Astoria, and she still did not look frightened one bit. She looked confused. When she saw me looking at her she glanced backwards at the raven-haired boy that we were looking at before, and beside him was that brunette girl he had helped off the ground. They were whispering urgently to each other, along with the other two in another language that I had never heard before and I wondered if they were actually sick. I didn’t feel sick... just sick of all the ministry bull crap.

We were lead into a room that looked like it belonged in St. Mungo’s and for a fraction of a second I thought that was where we were, until I remembered that the fat lady had said that we were being taken to a place where only ministry advisors knew entry. There were surgical beds and tools. I wondered if they were going to perform surgery on all of us at once; there were six beds lined up in a long row, with curtains pushed back surrounding the areas, the curtains were the walls when closed, and it reminded me of the four poster beds at Hogwarts. There were five more surgeons in the room, six including the fellow who lead us here.

“Well children, I guess we’d better get started. We’re going to need you to change into these surgical gowns, and to wash your bellies with this disinfectant soap and come lay on these beds here so we can perform your surgeries. And don’t worry, you’ll all be safe and unharmed, and it won’t hurt at all when you wake up.” One of the surgeons explained as two of them walked up and handed us each a pair of gowns and some disinfectant. “You can change in there.”


I awoke for the second time that day, or morning, whichever time it was, to somebodies loud screaming and a crashing sound that exploded through the room. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust to my surroundings and I realized that I was lying on the surgical bed, with the curtains closed around me. The surgeon who had sliced open my perfect skin was gone, and the strange sounds that I had woken up to had stopped. Confused, I slowly got up, not surprised that I wasn’t hurting from the surgery. I looked over to the bin on a metal table where I had to place my robes in a plastic bag and store them inside the bin and slowly walked over to them, still light-headed from the anesthetic they used to put me to sleep. I took off the gown, looking down to see a very faded white scar that wasn’t all that noticeable. It looked years old. I wasn’t too impressed with the scar, but I was glad it wasn’t huge. I pulled on my robes before poking my head out of the curtains to see what the source of the screaming and crashing was.

The first thing I noticed was blood. It was everywhere. It was on the walls and the floor, giving the white room some colour. It smelt horrible, and looked even worse. Feeling nauseous, I threw myself backwards, appalled, and confused, and as I was throwing myself, my body collided with the table in which the tools were supposed to be, but luckily the surgeon had removed them, and the table toppled over with a loud crash as it hit the floor. I heard a growl. It sounded human too.

“D-Draco?” A female voice whispered from the other side of my curtain towards the left side. I slowly walked towards the source, everything seemed so much more real as I approached the voice. “Astoria?” I whispered back. She had actually sounded frightened this time. “D-Draco... S-something’s h-here. I-it killed f-five of the s-surgeons.” I could tell that she was trembling with fear even though I couldn’t see her. I slowly pulled back the curtain and she grabbed my arm and pulled me out towards her, clutching at my robes, her hands shaking. I noticed that she had also changed back into her robes.

“How do you know this?” Surprisingly, I sounded very calm despite the fact that I had just seen blood everywhere, and knew that she was telling the truth.

“I saw it.” She choked out. “I-I think i-it was one o-of the other k-kids.” She swallowed before continuing, tears forming in her eyes. “I think they’re a-actually s-sick.”

I knew it was crazy, but I actually believed her. Mainly because at that precise moment the growl I heard earlier became louder and then a cry, sounding like a sick dog ready to attack, came seconds later and I felt something slam into me and I slammed into Astoria and we were thrown across the room, landing in a pool of the surgeon’s blood. Astoria screamed as my head slowly stopped spinning and I fought to remain conscience. We were both covered in blood when I kicked the table I had knocked over minutes ago off of us, and pulled Astoria to her feet. Whatever it was, didn’t seem to like us and enjoyed throwing a metal table at us.

“It’s there! She’s there!” Astoria shouted, pointing a finger covered in blood that wasn’t hers at a demented looking figure standing in the far corner of the room, growling and hissing and staring hungrily at us. You could tell that it had once been a girl, with her long hair, matted with blood, and her face was that of a human, but it was turning a sickly green, and foam was producing out of her mouth. It looked like that brunette girl who was walking behind us...


The girl charged, shrieking and growling, with her hands in front of her, fingers curled like claws. I don’t know what was happening but I was finding myself throwing the metal table at her. It hit her squarely in the chest and she fell backwards with it on top of her. That was enough time for me.


Astoria didn’t need to be told even once. We both ran for the exit, hearing a clang of the metal table as it fell to the ground as we fled down the hall, leaving a trail of bloodied footprints behind us. I didn’t look back as we ran, praying to merlin that whatever that girl had turned into was not following us.

“In here!”

Astoria pushed open the first door she had found, and we both were relieved that it was unlocked as we shuffled inside. She closed the door shut behind me.

“Who’s there?!” Came a voice I knew but didn’t like, but felt relieved to hear. It was dark in the room Astoria had picked out, but whatever room it was, it had to be safe if she was still alive.

“Astoria and Draco.” She said before I could answer. “Who’re you?”

“Oh.” The voice was annoyed, but sounded a little relieved. “Ginny, Hermione and Ron.” The Weasel girl replied. “What happened to you? You stink... is that blood?” Granger asked.

“Yes.” Astoria replied. Despite the fact that we hated each other, others were still alive, and I could live with being in this room with the mud-blood... maybe. “Five of the surgeons that operated on us are dead. Those kids from the other school...” She trailed off.

“We know. They killed our surgeon’s too.” The Weasley girl spoke once more. “They got Cho Chang. They bit her and tried to eat her arm but she got away... Now Chang’s acting like them.”

Granger let out a sob. “What’re we going to do?! We don’t even know where we are! And what about Harry? A-and the others! H-how are we going to ge-get out of here?”

As she was finishing her sentence, there was a loud shrieking sound and some growling. Then there was banging on the door. I felt somebody collide into my side, and we all started to shuffle backwards deeper into the room. “Is there a light switch?” I hissed.

“If we knew where it was, it’d already be on!” Ginny hissed back.

“No! Leave it off! If it’s one of them it can’t see us! Hide somewhere!” Weasley whispered urgently.

“How’re we supposed to hide if we can’t see!”

“Figure it out!”

“Draco!” Astoria was the one who had collided into me, and she wouldn’t leave my side now. “Please don’t leave me...” She was whispering, and it sounded like she was about to cry. Although I probably would’ve risked all of my friends necks to save my own, I found myself swearing I wouldn’t. “Just stay close.” I was saying and we felt ourselves around the room as the banging on the door became more intense. We felt a large object that seemed big enough to hide behind, until Astoria said that it was a cabinet and she opened it. We both squeezed inside and I silently hoped that it was a working vanishing cabinet, which it obviously wasn’t. It felt like a cabinet where you would hang your jacket.

She closed the doors just as the door being banged on burst open.

Chapter 3: The Map
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I heard Astoria muffle a sob as we heard the thing, whatever it was, enter the room. It’s breathing was loud and sounded constricted, as if it was trying to pant. It wasn’t trying to be quiet either. It’s footsteps were also loud and dragging on the linoleum, kicking away anything in it’s path. I looked sideways at Astoria, even though it was dark in the room, the light from the hallway lit up the room, and squeezed it’s way through the crack in the door of the cabinet. She was holding her hand over her mouth, her eyes wide as she stared back at me.

I, with very much effort to not make a sound, moved my body a couple inches so I could look out through the crack in between the two doors. The thing, or boy, as it appeared to once be, was crouched on the ground, holding something between it’s hands. It looked like a leg of a chair or a table. It was sniffing it, or licking it, I couldn’t tell. It suddenly looked up, straight at the cabinet as I watched it, and I froze, holding my breath as it stared. I knew he couldn’t see me, but it didn’t make me feel anymore safe.

He threw the object in his hand away, slowly got to his feet, his back still hunched over, and started to make his way over to the cabinet. I backed up, shooting my arm in front of Astoria, slowly forcing her backwards too. I saw the panic in her eyes once she saw the panic in mine. We huddled together in the back right corner, hiding behind a cluster of jackets and robes, probably belonging to the surgeons.

He started banging on the cabinet.

Astoria let out a tiny squeak, loud enough for the thing to hear, and it roared with hunger as it started pounding on the cabinet harder. I didn’t know what to do; it was all happening so fast. Knowing that our deaths could be approaching rapidly, even if we made it out alive from this guy, there must’ve still been more of them. What did that Weasley girl mean? "Got Cho Chang"? Did That mean if this thing bit us anywhere, we’d become one of them as well?

It growled and hissed louder than it had done before and it smashed a fist through one of the doors. Astoria screamed.

I was not going to die.

Scared out of my mind, I closed the step between the broken door and the robes and with all my force, I stood there until the monster saw me through the hole in the door and launched itself at me. At the same time I shoved my body towards the door and it flung open, smashing the boy in the head. He flew backwards, landed with a loud thud on the ground and was still. I wished for my wand at that moment.
I stepped out of the cabinet and slowly approached the boy, examining it. It looked like that girl did, green skin, white foam producing from the corners of it’s mouth. I noticed that his eyes were pure white as well. There was no colour, just white with black pupils.

"I-is it dead?"

Astoria had slowly followed me out of the cabinet, and was hugging herself, trembling from head to toe. Granger, and the Weasley’s slowly came out of their hiding spots too. The mud-blood had tear stains all down her face, and the Weasley boy looked like he had swallowed his stomach.

"I don’t know." I answered honestly. The red-headed girl walked over to the lifeless body and nudged it with her shoe. Everyone in the room went tense, as if the boy was going to jump up at her touch. Instead it didn’t react. "We should get out of here." She said. "In case it wakes up."

"Isn’t it dead?" Astoria asked, staring directly at Ginny.

"I don’t know... and I’m not willing to get close enough to check."

Everybody went silent again as we heard a loud growl and shortly after a scream of terror just down the hall.

"Hannah!" Ginny screamed and dashed out of the room. I had to admit; that girl had brass balls.


For some reason I found myself running right after her, my curiosity burning, and the thought of leaving others made me feel a tad afraid. Not for their deaths, but for mine. I just liked the thought of being together with other people who weren’t suffering from the case of cannibalism.

I heard footsteps behind me, and Ginny was up further ahead. She turned the corner of the hallway, and I pushed my legs harder to get closer to her. When I turned the corner, I realized I didn’t have to push myself faster at all.

The next thing I knew I was lying on the ground, on top of the Weasley girl. She was struggling underneath me, her elbows flying everywhere, probably thinking that one of them had jumped her.

"Calm down!" I choked out after her elbow collided with my stomach. "I don’t fancy eating blood-traitor meat."

She elbowed me once more, but something told me that she already believed that it was me. I got up to my feet just as Astoria, the Mud-blood and the Weasel caught up to us.


"Hermione!" The voice sounded strained and had a hard time choking out the mud-bloods name.

We all wheeled around and saw Hannah Abbott trapped behind what looked like a locker... with one of "them" shoving it against her as if trying to turn her into a human pancake. It was Cho Chang; and she was nuts.

"So that’s what girls do when Harry breaks up with them." The Weasley boy said.

Nobody seemed to have heard him, except for Chang. She looked down towards us, her eyes flashing at the sight of fresh meat... and a whole group of it too. She stopped slamming the locker against Hannah.

"Where’s saint Potter now?" I spat as the Chinese girl charged.

"Draco!" Astoria was tugging on my sleeve.

As Chang got closer, the group of us ran separate ways. I don’t understand why Ginny, Hermione and Ron ran towards the once schoolmate of us all, but that didn’t matter to me. I took Astoria’s hand and ran in the opposite direction. We turned the corner of the white hallway, which was starting to look more and more like trash. There were desks and their drawers all over the ground, and blood splatter was all over the walls. Some doors were kicked in to reveal destroyed hospital rooms and office rooms. I wondered what room would hold all of our wands?

As we turned another corner, we heard another scream, and I saw the back of Crabbe’s head. I felt relieved until he turned around with a human arm stuck between his foamy teeth. I cursed under my breath as he dropped the arm from his mouth and roared with hunger. "I always had a feeling he didn’t like me." Astoria gave me a quizzical look as I turned around and pulled her back towards the way we came.

I felt Astoria’s hand yank out of my grip, and she screamed at the same time. I slid to a stop and threw my body around to see her on the ground, trying to kick Crabbe in the face as he tried to take a bite out of her ankle. I guessed that he must’ve dived for her leg and succeeded with his diabolical plan. I started to think fast. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the legs of a desk chair; they had wheels on the bottom. I picked up the legs, my body bursting with even more adrenaline as I charged towards Crabbe and swung the legs like a baseball bat. They collided with Crabbe’s head and he flipped backwards, his face now smashed and demented. I grabbed Astoria by the hand, pulling her to her feet. She was sobbing and shaking more than I had ever seen someone physically shake. I placed my hands gently on either side of her head, my fingers tangling themselves in her blond hair.

She was still sobbing, tears spilling uncontrollably from her eyes, which she had squeezed shut.

"Are you alright? Did he bite you?"

She didn’t seem able to talk so she sucked in a shaky breath, which came out with more sobs before shaking her head.

"I need you to calm down." I was surprised I was calm. Usually I was scared more than she was right now. "It’s okay," I knew they were lies, but I really had no idea what else to say. "We have to keep moving before more of them come. We need to find our wands! I know we’ll be safe with them." Once we got our wands, I knew we’d survive... It was just a game. Once we got our wands we’d win. "You just need to keep strong Astoria. C’mon." She was nodding her head by this time, her eyes finally open, tears slowly coming to a halt.

I took her hand reassuringly once more, and we started to walk more slowly back to where we came. Staying silent was now our only option. They could be anywhere by now. I had a feeling that if Crabbe was now useless, then Goyle probably wasn’t that far behind. I thought about Pansy and Blaise, and silently hoped that they were okay.

"Malfoy!" That voice always caused my blood to boil.

I turned my head to the left, stopping at the sound of my name. Potter’s head was sticking out of the dark doorway. There was a blood stain from a cut on his cheek, and his glasses had been smashed on the left side. I found myself smirking.

"Potter." I spat with disgust. "What do you want?"

"It’s safe in here..."

"I don’t need help from the likes of you!"

"Draco..." Astoria’s voice sounded pleading. "He’s not the only one in there."

Sure enough, she was right. I looked past Potter and saw Pansy, Blaise, Stephanie, Carter Johnson, Hannah Abbott, the Mud-blood and the Weasley’s. Feeling disgusted with myself, I allowed Astoria to pull me into the room and Potter closed the door behind us with a silent click. Then he turned on the lights.

"Draco!" Pansy sobbed, her face covered with tears. Her arms reached for me when I approached herself and Blaise, but I didn’t go to her.

"Where’s Goyle?" I found myself asking.

"Gone. One of the other students from the other schools jumped on Crabbe and bit his neck. Goyle punched the boy off of him, but it was too late. We had to run." Blaise answered. He had a hint of fear in his tone, and Pansy sobbed harder into her hands. Astoria sat down on the floor next to her and put an arm around her shoulders.

I looked around for Potter, who was sitting against a large wooden object which was perched up against the door. I felt annoyance as I walked up to him, my eyes glistening with disgust. "What’s going on?" I had already gotten the gist of it; don’t get bitten by those "things". What I wanted to know was more, and Potter always seemed to have the answers.

He stared up at me, his eyes equally filled with disgust, but neither of us seemed to want to jump at each other’s throats since other more dangerous creatures wanted to do the same thing to us. "I don’t know... That lady... that fat ministry lady who was at the school... she said that they had discovered something... she didn’t go into detail about what... but it was contagious and there had been stories about people catching it from that something she didn’t mention... so they had to search all schools and all wizarding people. She wouldn’t go into full detail. I tried to get more... but then... Well she’s just crazy now. Like all of the others outside this room." We stared at each other for a long moment.

"If we get bitten then we turn into one of them." I didn’t ask it as a question, but apparently the Mud-blood thought it was one.

"It’s not just if we get bitten. If their saliva gets into our eyes, or under our nails or in our mouth, or in a wound, then it’ll happen just the same. It goes for blood too."

"So what is this? Some sort of Zombie apocalypse?" Carter asked. She happened to be a Mud-blood too, so the term "zombie" confused me.

"What’s ‘Zombie’?" The Weasel boy asked before I could.

"There’s lots of stories actually. Basically it’s when a human get’s bitten by something that has rabies or something of the sort, they go insane and suddenly are interested in eating basically anything. Mostly other humans. They’ll go for animals too, but there’s no animals in this building... I hope."

"Well is there a cure for this ‘rabbies’?" The ginger asked once more.

"It’s ‘rabies’." Carter replied.

"And no." Granger said.

"So what? They have rabies?" I asked, sounding appalled. "Muggles gave us rabies?"

"We don’t know." Granger said. "They don’t look like they’d have rabies... but it sure seems like they could be something a little more realistic than a ‘Zombie’." Carter shot her a nasty look.

"Okay, I don’t care what they have." I found myself saying. "I just want to get the hell out of here. Where do you think we could find our wands?"

"In an office maybe." Weasley replied.

"No..." Potter said. "I think they’d put them in the basement."

We all looked at him with looks of confusion. "What makes you say that?" The Weasley girl asked for us.

"Well, I over-heard that stupid woman talking before I was put to sleep for that surgery." He began. "She was saying something to someone about checking our wands in case something bad was inside of them. She seemed thoroughly convinced that our wands could get sick too or something..." He swallowed before continuing. "So the guy she was talking to said he’d go to the basement."

"Okay... that helps... now where is the basement exactly?" I snapped. "Now we’re going to have to find it without being eaten by our ‘friends’."

Potter sighed. He locked eyes with me for a brief moment before speaking. "We’re either going to have to find a map... or find it on our own."

"We could split up into groups maybe? Cover more ground to find the map?" Weasley suggested.

"No, Ron. We should never split up. What if something happened to somebody?" The mud-blood said, fear took over her tone completely.

"We wouldn’t be going alone Hermione." Potter said. "I think it’d be best to go in groups. Whoever’s willing to go that is." He looked around, and I did too, noticing that basically everyone in the small room was listening to our conversation. Astoria was looking at me with an expression that I didn’t like seeing on her face, so I looked away. Nobody volunteered.

I didn’t know why I was doing it, or where my sudden bravery had jumped out of, but, "I’ll do it."

Lots of people looked shocked, and I felt stupid.

"Alright... so I’ll go with Ron, and...?" Potter asked, looking around hopefully.

"Harry, do you really have to ask?" Granger was staring at him with a hint of annoyance. It seemed like as soon as everybody was wandless, they were all too frightened to take on things where magic was greatly needed. I knew I was scared too, hell a wizard without a wand was basically a muggle...

"I’ll go." Ginny piped up.

"Me too." Astoria looked at me. We both knew that we weren’t about to be separated from each other.

"Okay so... how about Ron, Hermione and I, and you Astoria and Malfoy?"

"Why do I have to-?"

"Ginny... please?" She glared daggers at scar-head but didn’t say anything more.

"Alright... so... I’m positive that a map would be in a janitor’s room or something. Maybe an office even. Just stay together. Find a weapon, or something to defend yourself with." Potter gestured over to the pile of furniture that was all flipped over and destroyed.

I was annoyed that we were taking orders from Potter. I walked over to the pile of furniture with the others and took a leg off of a table. It looked like it could be a smaller version of a baseball bat... it’d also be very dense as well. As I was pulling the leg out of it’s socket, Blaise came over and picked up what looked to be a pointed piece of metal from a metal desk or chair. "I’m coming with you." I smiled for the first time in hours.

The seven of us gathered by the door, each holding our weapon of choice. Astoria had what looked like the sitting part on a metal fold out chair and Ginny was also holding a leg of a table or chair, except her was more pointed like a knife.

"If something happens to anyone, I guess you’ll have no choice but to leave them, that is if they get bitten or anything related to turning into one of those infected people. Otherwise, try to protect each other. If you find a map, then come back here. If you don’t then meet back here in an hour... Ginny I know you have a watch and Hermione has one too."

Potter and the Weasel then proceeded to move the oak desk from in front of the door and they cut the light before opening the door. "Okay, close the door behind us and don’t let anyone in unless they use the words ‘Dumbledore’s Army’."

We all shuffled out and Pansy was the one to close the door, but not before saying, "Good luck."

"I guess we’ll go this way..." I said before anyone else did, and I lead my group off to the left. I could tell that we were all scared out of our wits, knowing that our deaths could be approaching at any given moment. It was the way that we all walked, holding our weapons at the ready, our steps slow and steady, our breathing as silent as it could be. It was almost like nobody was walking down the hallway. I strained my ears to hear as much as I could, and I felt more aware to my surroundings than I ever had in my entire life.

I thought about my mother and father who must’ve heard the news that their son had basically fallen off of the face of the Earth. They were probably demanding information, and searching frantically for me. I wished that this had never happened. Clearly those "scientists" had not gotten the correct information about our tests, otherwise we’d all be those monsters as well by now... without being bitten.

"Should we try in here?" Astoria whispered in the quietest voice that I hardly heard her. We all stopped to look at where she was pointing, and I noticed that it was the only closed door in the hallway. It said the words "Jan- ice". A bunch of letters had been ripped off but I guessed that it had said the words "Janitor’s Office". "Open it." I whispered just as quietly back.

Astoria stretched out one hand towards the door handle before a loud gurgling sound emitted from around the closest corner. Ginny’s and Blaise’s eyes locked together, opened wide. "It’s locked!" Astoria mouthed to me, and we all exchanged looks of fear.

Crabbe, Chang and one other student, a girl, came around the corner, Crabbe was spitting out so much foam, but you couldn’t tell where his mouth was from when I bashed his face in. I was shocked that he was still alive. Chang’s nose was smashed so it looked like some alienated nose was in the place where a normal nose should've been. I wondered if the mud-blood and the Weasley’s did that to her earlier. The girl was one I hadn’t seen before. Once they saw us, they went nuts.

The unknown girl jumped at Astoria, but I couldn’t get to her in time for Crabbe had went to scratch me. I wondered how he could even see. You couldn’t tell left from right from his face... I hadn’t realized I had did so much damage. I jumped back and took the table leg and smashed the side of his face with it, then jabbed it into his stomach, forcing him back. Ginny and Blaise were cutting up Chang pretty badly. I looked at Astoria, who was on the ground, trying to slam the girl away from her face with the chair seat, because the girl had tackled her down and was trying to bite her neck. I went to tackle the girl on Astoria, but then I felt something slam into me and I flew down, stomach first onto the linoleum. I felt my nose break, and blood poured out from the wound and all down my face. Something was on top of me.

Ignoring the pain, I struggled to turn my body around, trying to do to it what Ginny had done to me earlier when I fell on her. I felt my elbow sink into something warm and sticky, and grossed out, I pulled my elbow away and tried to drag myself out from under it. Then I felt it’s body vibrate and it fell off of me. I hastily got to my feet and saw Blaise repeatedly stabbing Crabbe’s demented body a few inches from me while Chang’s body was limp a few more inches away.

Ginny was helping Astoria, trying to get the girl off of her. I took my desk leg and smashed the girl in the back of the head, then grabbed a fist full of her blood washed hair and yanked backwards. Her thrashing body followed her head and I smashed her in the face with the leg and Ginny helped me throw her away, after her body stopped moving. I don’t know how but we somehow survived that... I thought.

Astoria was screaming, and sobbing and having some kind of a melt down. She was suddenly on her knees, balled up, clutching at her chest, screaming that she had gotten bitten. I could see her entire body shaking, as if it was on vibrate, and she was thrashing herself around violently. I didn’t know if she really had gotten bitten or not, but I had a feeling that she was just far too sketched out. I knelt down beside her and grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her until she looked at me.

"Astoria! As-Astoria! You have not been bitten!"

"Y-ye-yes I-I ha-ha-have! I-I’m goin-going to d-die!" She sobbed louder. "She b-b-bit m-me! I’m dead!"

"Astoria!" I shook her harder. "Look at me!" She did. "You. Are. Not. Dead. Nothing bit you! You’re fine! If you were bitten you wouldn’t be able to talk would you?"

“I-I s-suppose you’re r-right.” Her hysterics calmed down a bit, and although she was still shaking, she shrugged out from under my hands and slowly got to her feet, holding onto her weapon as if it was her life. I made sure to look her up and down just in case she really did get bitten. When I didn’t see any blood, or scratched or chunks bitten out of her, I got to my feet too.

I lead the others down the next hallway, after giving a good kick to Cho Chang’s head to make sure she was dead. “We’re going to have to find the keys to the Janitor’s closet.” I said, and suddenly wondered why there would be a Janitor in a magical facility. I guessed that somebody needed to clean everything up, but if they had magic, what was the point? Perhaps it had been a squib janitor.

“Maybe the keys would be with the janitor? Don’t they usually stay here all night, or all day or whatever? I couldn’t tell you what time it was though.” Ginny said thoughtfully, as she stepped over a fallen over chair.

“Then wouldn’t that mean that he or she would be... well... one of them?” Blaise asked, looking directly at me when he spoke.

“It makes sense... how do we find these things anyways? And in order to actually grasp it’s attention, wouldn’t that mean grasping other thing’s attention as well?” I stopped walking when I finished speaking and the others did as well.

Astoria shivered. “... Well wouldn’t we have to be loud? And maybe we could all attack it at once?”

“Well that would make sense, but what if more came? Wouldn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of attacking the same guy when others are trying to eat us at the same time?” Ginny looked at Astoria, who just stared back.

“Makes sense.” Blaise said.

“So, what do we do?” I found myself asking before a loud crash was heard ahead, causing us all to jump.

“Ron! Ron! No! Don’t! RON!”

There was a loud yell of pure agony and Ginny gasped as she recognized her brother’s yelp of pain.

Granger came running around the corner, followed closely by Potter, and after them came the Weasel. He looked fine... minus that giant bite causing a chunk of his shoulder to be missing. Behind the Weasel, a man came tearing around the corner dressed in a navy full body suit that looked like a janitor would wear. There was blood dripping down his face, and onto his suit, and his eyes were pure white. His face was scrunched up into an evil glare, as he made to jump onto his victim. Lucky for him, Potter slammed him out of the way with a wooden board and he fell over backwards.

Weasley vomited.

“RON!” Ginny screamed. His skin was already starting to turn a sickly green and foam was starting to produce out of the corner of his mouth. He wiped it away.

“Harry! Kill me! Do it! Do it before I do something!” He quickly said.

“No! Ron I can’t! There’s got to be a cure! I can find one! I can save you!”

“No you can’t! You know you can’t! Just do it Harry! If I live the rest of my life eating people I once knew, then I’d rather die!”

It was like watching, instead of reading, a scene out of a cheesy novel. Granger burst into tears.

“Ron! I c-can’t believe-”

“Hermione, I know it’s-” But whatever he was going to say, never came out of his mouth. The Janitor had gotten to his feet and pounced on Potter. Ginny rushed forwards before it could bite Potter, and kicked him in the face before stabbing him in the neck. It’s blood squirted out and hit the Weasley boy right in the face. He yelled out and threw himself backwards, clutching at his eyes.

“RON!” The mudblood squealed and made to go to his aid, but held herself back. It looked like it was causing her all the pain in the world to not be able to help him.

“I think it’s time to get the hell out of here!” I yelled and grabbed Astoria’s hand before the Weasel finally got to his feet again. He wasn’t the same. The mudblood ran with Potter and Ginny behind her back the way that we had come. I ran after them with Astoria, but Blaise was unfortunate. Ron pounced on him and attacked him with his teeth. Blaise was screaming my name as we headed after the others. I didn’t look back.

“In here! In here!” Ginny was yelling as she fumbled with a pair of keys. There was about ten of them, and none of them seemed to be fitting in the key hole. Ron and the Janitor were right around the corner. “Hurry up! Hurry up! Ginny for merlin’s sake HURRY UP!” Potter was screaming in her ear.

“I’m trying okay!” She screamed back as another key failed at the lock.

“They’re coming!” Astoria yelled even louder as Ron and the Janitor came around the corner, Blaise’s cries of agony behind them.


“It’s open!”

We all shoved into the room, making no delays at slamming the door shut behind Granger. Ginny locked the door behind her and someone flicked on the light switch. The room was filled with broomsticks and mops and buckets, and cleaning supplies. There were metal shelves filled with objects such as cleaning rags and books, along with buckets and cleaning substances.

There was a map hanging on the wall surrounded in what looked like a plastic casing. Ron and his friends were banging on the door.

“How are we going to get the map down? It’s stuck to the wall, and it’s covered in plastic!” I said as I tried to rip the thing down.

“Why not try this?” Potter said as he pulled something out of a tool box. It looked like a crowbar. He walked over to where I was standing, and placed the end of it in the small space behind the map and pulled. It half-ripped off of the wall. He moved around to the other side, I had to step out of the way, and did the same thing. It fell to the floor and Ginny picked it up.

“It looks like the basement is downwards.” She said sarcastically and Potter decided to keep the crowbar as a weapon, and went over to stand beside the red-head. “It looks like we’ll have to take the west wing, and go through that room there. I don’t know what it is, but it’s on the other side of this damn facility place, wherever we are.”

“So we’re going to go get the others now right?” Granger asked. She stood hugging herself by the door. Ron’s banging had stopped, so we all assumed that he had found something more interesting to occupy himself with.

“Yeah, that seems to be the plan. Then we’ll all make our way to the basement and get our wands. If that’s where they really are.” Potter said.

I walked over to the door and unlocked it. “I’m assuming that we’re rushing now.”

For about the hundredth time that day somebody screamed.


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Chapter 4: Old Friends
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I whirled around, looking at Astoria. Her face was filled with fear. "That was Pansy!" She said loudly.

"Then that must mean..."

"They were stupid and opened the door." Potter finished off Granger’s sentence, in his own words.

"You don’t know that! What if R-Blaise and the others broke down the door!" It sounded like Granger was about to say Weasley’s name, but then seemed to be too pained to say it.

So much adrenaline had coursed through my body, and now it had started to die down. I suddenly felt a throbbing pain in my nose and reached up to feel it with my fingertips. I winced as felt the cartilage. It felt distorted and hurt with every slight touch. I couldn’t remember how I had broken it. I continued to feel down my face as Potter and Granger started to come up with a plan to get back to the others. There was something sticky and half dry just under my nose and around the outline of my lips. Blood I guessed. I desperately wished for a mirror. "I’d love to find our wands and fast. My nose hurts like hell. Who cares what we do, we just need to get to the basement."

"I agree. How about you guys go check on the others and Draco and I can head downstairs. The faster we get the wands the better." Astoria said.

"But how would we come and find you then? There’s only one map." Granger replied. "And It’s better to stick together."

I wasn’t looking for a debate, or an argument. I didn’t want to plan out anything. All I needed was my wand. Without waiting for anyone to speak, I walked over to Ginny, removed the map from her hands and went to open the door. I stepped out into the hallway. "I don’t know what you guys are doing, but I’m going to go find the entrance to the basement."

"But Malfoy! What about the others?!" Granger followed me out the door.

"I don’t care. This is life or death here. Do you want to live or do you want to die?"

"But they’re our friends!"

"I don’t consider anyone who wants to eat my flesh a ‘friend’." I started to walk down the hallway, ignoring her protests.

"Draco! Can’t we just check?! Please!" Astoria was out of the Janitors room now. I stopped walking and turned around, her pleading face was directed right towards mine. I really wanted to say no, but wherever she went… I felt like I needed to be there beside her. She took a few steps closer towards me, her eyes filling with worry and fear as she got closer.

I didn’t say anything at her as I stared back into her light blue eyes. They held little golden flecks; something I had not noticed before.

When I didn’t make a move to walk away, Astoria took that as a cue saying that I was staying with them. Potter walked over to my side and I lifted the map up so that we could both look at it. He was the one to indicate where we were at that moment. "So since we’re here, then they must be around there." His finger trailed across the map, landing on a room that seemed to be just down the next two hallways. It wasn’t that far from where we were at all.

"Wouldn’t that mean that those things are pretty damn close to us then?" I asked a little too loudly. I looked up from the map. My eyes found Granger’s, but before she could say anything, another scream emitted from somewhere close by. "Pansy." I whispered. Astoria’s eyes widened and she suddenly was running towards the direction where the scream had echoed from.

I let the map go, not bothering to see if Potter had kept hold of it and pushed my legs after Astoria. I could hear someone starting to run behind me, but kept my focused on the corner where Astoria had just veered towards. She was out of my sight for two seconds before I turned the corner and she was gone. SHIT! I thought to myself as I skidded to a halt in the middle of the hallway. There was blood splatter on the wall to the left of me, and a shoe on the floor to the right. Furniture had escape its rooms here as well, and was broken and trailed all down the hallway. I wondered how Astoria had managed to get through all of this so quickly. There were tables and chairs stacked on each other, flipped over and broken and blocking the path.

Someone came flying around the corner, but didn’t have enough time to stop. Whoever it was collided into me and we both went hurtling into the desks and chairs. An office desk leg jabbed me in the side while a wheel of a chair clipped the right side of my head. The rest of my body landed in the massive pile. Whoever was on top of me was now grabbing the back of my cloak and was lifting me up and slamming me back into the furniture, my side slamming into the desk leg each time while the rest of my body protested as it collided with other hard objects. My face met the door of an armoire, jackets spilling out of it, landing on top of myself and whoever was attacking me, their hangers finding their way into the fight as well.

I yelled in pain each time something came in contact with my body, and thrashed myself around as hard as I could, finding that it wasn’t helping at all. I managed to rip the jackets off of me and my attacker and tried to elbow whoever it was. I loud hissing sound erupted from them and I wondered where the hell the others could have gone. Were they not just right behind me?

I felt the person struggle as it tried to lift me up again, but then suddenly it’s hands were gone, and I collided into the pile of blunt objects one last time. I could feel the bruises forming, and my side was searing with pain. With a load of difficulty, I managed to push myself up and I slid myself down to the floor, my entire body aching with agony. I looked around to see what was going on and found Goyle on the floor, spitting and sputtering blood. A humongous gap was in his neck, and blood was pushing its way out of the wound. Potter stood over him with the crowbar. Both him and his weapon were drenched in Goyle’s blood. He didn’t look at me as I stared up at the boy who had just rescued me from one of the people who was supposedly my "friend".

I couldn’t find it in me to thank him, and it didn’t look like he wanted me to say it either. I looked away, clutching at my side and doubled over, feeling the urge to vomit from all the blood and all the pain that was coursing through my body. I’d rather have that stupid Buckbeak thing attack me twenty more times than to go through the pain I was enduring at this moment. My nose was bleeding again from it being bashed into whatever it hit again, and my ear was throbbing like it was some sort of ear-ache, except ten times worse. I had a feeling it was bleeding. My side felt like it was being cut open with fifty blades, and I expected to have a few broken ribs. My knee was on fire. I felt like I was just falling apart. I wouldn’t have minded at this particular moment.


Astoria’s voice was suddenly right beside me. I was in so much agony that I hadn’t realized that everybody was now at the scene of the attack. I felt someone’s hands on me, and I winced as they touched my shoulder-blade. It felt like that was on fire too, although that was where Goyle was grabbing me and shoving me into the pile. I guessed that it was from his fists when they crunched into my bones when he shoved me forward with all his strength.

"Are you alright?!" It was Pansy speaking now. I wondered where they had found her. Clearly I had gone the wrong way.

"What happened?" I managed to choke out. It hurt to breathe, and speaking was no picnic either.

"When Astoria turned the corner, she ran into the first room she found, which was right before the blockage right in front of us. Pansy was in there hiding from Goyle, who was right in front of you before you turned the corner. How did you not see him? He’s pretty huge." Ginny was speaking from somewhere behind me. "So he went berserk and jumped after you, and right behind him was Ron and Blaise, who started going at us. We managed to hold Blaise off while Harry came to your aid."

I was about to ask what happened to the Weasel, but when I slowly raised myself to look over at them, Granger was silently crying, tear streaks running down her face. I understood what had happened now. All the blood covering Potter couldn’t have just come from Goyle. I looked away from the three and turned towards Pansy.

Before I could ask, Astoria got to the question first. "What happened?! Where is everyone else?"

She looked away from everybody, looking terrified. She shook her head, her eyes filling with tears. "I don’t know..." She whispered. "One minute we were waiting for you guys to come back, and the next the door was being pounded open by at least ten of those monsters. It was as if they somehow knew we were in there! The furniture barricading the door flew in all directions, and we all scattered as the entered the room. I hid in the small crawl space I found at the back of the room..." She trailed off and a tear escaped from her eye. She hastily wiped it away before picking up where she left off. "T-they b-bit most of them." Pansy suddenly burst into tears, throwing her hands over her eyes in embarrassment of crying. Astoria removed her hand from my throbbing shoulder-blade and threw her arms around Pansy.

It was a couple of minutes before she spoke again. She was surprisingly calm again. "Goyle came back into the room, and I screamed because he startled me. But before he could find me, he heard something outside and ran back out."

"That must’ve been me." I mumbled. My breathing was insanely painful. I felt the sensation to vomit again and threw myself back over.

"Draco! Are you okay? You’re hurt! You’re ear is bleeding like crazy, and I can see bruises all down your neck!" Astoria was panicking now and she was suddenly groping towards me. "C’mon. We have to find the basement. We can heal you up with our wands!" She grabbed one of my arms, which ached as she threw it around her neck, slipped a hand around my waist and started to slowly help me up to my feet. As we slowly rose, the others made silent gasps at the sight of me. I guessed I looked pretty torn up.

“Where now?” Ginny asked, looking over Potter’s shoulder when he picked up the map from the ground and began to examine the area. He must’ve dropped it before attacking Goyle.

I watched Potter’s eyes scan over the directions a few times before he said, “The easiest way seems to be down that hall way, and then taking a left all the way over to the other side of the facility. It’s not the fastest but it’s more direct. After the end of the hallway there should be a door indicating that it leads to a stairwell. That’ll take us down to the basement.”

“The only flaw is that there are now more of them, and less of us.” Astoria said.

“It doesn’t help that Draco is also nearly in pieces.” Pansy observed, looking me over, eyes filled with worry.

“We’ll manage. But let’s not hang around much longer. I’d prefer to not kill anymore familiar faces. Regardless if they want to kill me or not.” Potter turned on his heel and started to walk down the other hallway, the one that wasn’t barricaded with furniture.

The rest of us followed silently, everyone too frightened to speak in case something came out and jumped at as. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, and I couldn’t help but wince every time I took a step. I felt bad for putting a load of my weight on Astoria, but if it wasn’t for her supporting me, I’d probably be crawling, or lying on the floor curled in a ball. This was the most pain I had ever felt in my life. It was almost numbing.

The pair of us hobbled down the not-so-white-anymore hallway, trying to keep up with the group. I hated being in the back, especially when I was in this condition. Hopefully no one would find us. Potter lead us to the left turn he had mentioned earlier and we continued walking, each of us a little more alert than before. Something was bound to happen.

It felt like forever as we walked. My feet dragged on the linoleum, my body starting to feel weaker by the second. I reeked of blood, my clothes were wet and sticky and my hair was plastered to my face because of the blood my wounds produced. I felt the sensation to vomit again, but I forced it down. I wanted to live. Throwing up more blood was not an option.

“This is strange...” Granger whispered lightly, when we were half way down the hallway. “Nobody has shown up yet...”

“Don’t let your guard slip.” Potter whispered even more quietly back.

We continued to walk. I couldn’t feel my body any more. All I felt was cold. I was shivering non-stop, and I felt absolutely exhausted...

The next thing I knew I was falling. Astoria’s voice seemed to echo after me as she called my name. My body collided into something hard and no matter how hard I tried I could make myself move. It was like my body refused to listen to me, and just couldn’t go on any longer. All sounds seemed to have disappeared, and the world had gone black.

Was I dead?

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