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Format: Novella
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Word Count: 26,386
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Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Bellatrix, Narcissa, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Draco/Ginny, Harry/Hermione, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/11/2010
Last Chapter: 08/22/2011
Last Updated: 08/22/2011

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“Take off the mask,” Voldemort said. Red curls flew free and framed a beautiful face with soft brown eyes and carefully applied make-up.

Draco stared at her uncomprehendingly for a moment, then his breath caught in his throat. The same name was tumbling from the lips of the other Death Eaters in disbelief as he spoke it out loud. “Ginny Weasley?"

Chapter 1: Traitoress
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Era: This story starts just after Ron returns to Harry and Hermione and their quest for the horcruxes in Book 7... it goes on from the day after Ron is back in camp. After that it goes completely off plot.

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Chapter One


The Dark Lord twirled his wand between his fingers, watching sparks trail out of it and narrowed his red eyes. Only then did he appear to notice the many masked figures surrounding him, and he smiled and stood up.


“My Death Eaters…all of you are here at last to witness the branding of a new member of our…family,” he spoke softly but there was no trouble hearing his words.


“This young person has been a follower for many years, since their first…eventful year at Hogwarts, and is already proving to be a useful tool in our fight against the Ministry. They have decided now to ‘disappear’ and join our cause properly.”

One Death Eater slipped off her mask and nudged the blond boy in front of her. When he turned to glare at her, she simply gave him a confused look, and he shrugged impatiently at his mother, wishing she would leave him alone.


Voldemort stepped into the middle of the circle of Death Eaters and his cold smile made each person shiver as he looked around them. Then he stretched out an arm to a female figure and she stepped forwards. A few Death Eaters looked at each other, but stayed silent. No one argued with the Dark Lord.


Draco frowned at the strange female. He was the only one not wearing a mask, and his pale face stood out in the gloomy surrounding of the Manor’s ballroom. She noticed his surprised stare and he saw through the eyes of her hood a brown eye wink at him.


“Take off the mask,” Voldemort said, and every single person in the room had their eyes fixed on the new-comer  as she slowly pulled back her hood. Red curls flew free and framed a beautiful face with soft brown eyes and carefully applied make-up.


Draco stared at her uncomprehendingly for a moment, then his breath caught in his throat. The same name was tumbling from the lips of the other Death Eaters in disbelief as he spoke it out loud. “Ginny Weasley?


- - - -


Fred Weasley woke up in the Burrow, with early morning sunlight breaking through the window. He groaned once, and heard George doing the same thing in the twin bed next to him.


They turned to grin at each other, before looking at their room. What was once a messy experiment area had been filled with boxes for their shop, but then it had had Ginny’s stuff everywhere. Since Fleur and Bill had taken her room whilst they settled into Shell Cottage, Ginny had moved in with her brothers, and across every available surface there had been her make-up, clothes and other accessories, but now the surfaces were clear and her things were gone.


Curiosity aroused, the twins climbed out of their beds and left the room, trying to figure out where Ginny had gone with her stuff.


“Mum!” they chorused as they got into the kitchen. “Have you seen Ginny?”


The kitchen was cluttered, as always, the clock showing the time in the corner almost hidden entirely from view. The twins knocked various items to the floor as they crossed the room to the counter and sat down.


“What’s that, dears?” Mrs Weasley replied. “Hmm…no I haven’t…”


George touched the space where his ear had once been. “All of her things have gone and we can’t find her.”


“Yeah,” Fred added. “We can’t find any trace of us. We put a tracker in her coat the other day and we can’t trace it. It’s like she’s - ”


“ARTHUR!” Mrs Weasley screamed. “WHERE’S GINNY?”


- - - -


The Death Eaters recognised Ginny almost immediately and they began murmuring among themselves, eventually pulling off their hoods to mutter to their neighbour. Lucius, Snape, Bellatrix and eventually the rest began to show their faces.


Lord Voldemort hissed in displeasure and they became silent. “Ginny Weasley has been feeding me information on Potter for six years now. She has been a most faithful servant to the Dark Lord, more faithful than any of you, I daresay.”


Lucius Malfoy stepped forward and bowed, before saying, “With all due respect, my Lord, she’s a blood traitor and a Weasley brat to boot.”


“She is no traitor to her wizard blood,” Voldemort hissed and Lucius retreated back into his place in the circle, head bowed. Bellatrix, however was not so satisfied.


“My Lord, she fought against us in the Ministry, and again in Hogwarts in July,” Bellatrix struggled to keep the tone of annoyance from seeping into her voice.


“She did not fight against you in the Ministry,” Voldemort’s fury was barely audible. “Under my orders did she injure herself so she could not fight against us without causing the others to suspect. And in July she was forced to fight for her life against you.” Most of the Death Eaters accepted Voldemort’s explanation. However, the Malfoys and Bellatrix did not look convinced. A look of understanding suddenly crossed Snape’s face, however, and he gave a rare smile at Ginny.


Ginny saw their looks of disbelief and stepped towards them. “Do you believe that the Dark Lord would allow me to stand among you as I am if I was not one of you? How is it you can accept Snape, Dumbledore’s most trusted advisor, but not me?”


Lucius and Narcissa’s faces cleared and they accepted the Dark Lord’s statement. Bellatrix and Draco, however, continued to look unhappy. But the Dark Lord showed no interest in them, as he held his wand lightly in his hands and beckoned Ginny to kneel at his feet. With a flick of his wand, her sleeve tore and bared the inside of her forearm. He looked around the room at his followers, a triumphant smile on his face as he grabbed her wrist with lightning speed and held his wand above it, only a few centimetres from her arm.


“Ginny Weasley…” he breathed and touched his wand to her skin. A harsh crack sounded through the room and a black cloud sprouted from the tip of Voldemort’s wand, and spread across the room, obscuring everyone’s vision.


Everyone waited for the cry of pain that came with acquiring a Dark Mark, but nothing was heard. Only Draco heard the small whimper that escaped Ginny’s lips but even he only half-believed he had heard it.

- - - - -

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Chapter 2: Unanswered Questions
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- - - - -

Harry Potter watched the snow beginning to fall as he sat on watch in the night. Ron had arrived back yesterday, they had found the sword and destroyed the locket…but he wasn’t happy, not at all. Ginny Weasley had disappeared, and  there was no trace of her anywhere.  He’d broken up with Ginny several months ago, and although he knew she’d moved on, he hadn’t had a chance to.


“Harry?” Hermione’s voice sounded behind him and he heard her open the flap of the tent with her wand. A hot jealousy rose within him as he clenched his fist around the blackthorn wood he hated so much. 


“What is it?” he said irritably.


“I know you must be upset about Ginny…” she said, “but we need to get on with finding the other horcruxes.”


He sighed. “Yes, I know…” he did not move from the spot, and Hermione smiled and sat down beside him, leaning her head on his arm. They sat there contentedly for a while, before Harry noticed Hermione seemed to have something on her mind.


“What is it?” he said again, but this time he was gentler.


“You know when you told me about when Ron destroyed the horcrux?” she said hesitantly, before sighing and saying, “You know what? It doesn’t matter.”


“Yes it does!” Harry grinned. “I want to know.”


“You said you loved me as a sister…” Hermione wasn’t looking at him and her

face was bright red. “I was wondering…just as a sister?”


Harry froze as he thought about what she’d just said. This was Hermione he was thinking about. How could he and Hermione date? But then, he reasoned, we both need a rebound relationship, me and Ginny, her and Ron - although they never really took off - and where else are we going to get one?


He smiled at her and put his gloved hand on her cheek and she smiled hopefully. “What are you thinking?” she asked.


“I’m thinking…let’s give us a try,” Harry leant in and kissed her very softly. He was about to pull away when she slid her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss, winding her hands into his hair. He didn’t think and responded automatically; he put a hand on her back and another on her breast, and the two of them fell over in the snow.


He pulled away for an instant. “Ron?” he asked her, knowing she had sent him to scout the woods and find food.


“He shouldn’t be back for about two hours,” she breathed and pulled him back towards her. He resisted. “Harry?”


“If we’ve only got two hours…” he grinned, and he pulled her into the tent and sat down on the bed. She looked taken aback for a minute, then threw herself onto the bed next to him, already fiddling at her top.


- - - - -


Draco glared at Ginny as he showed her along a majestic corridor in Malfoy Manor towards her room. Finally, he said, “I don’t trust you, Weasley.”


“It’s Ginny,” she answered, “And I wouldn’t trust me in your position either.”


“Is that some kind of threat?” Malfoy hissed, his grey eyes glowering at her as she walked beside him.


“No,” she said, unfazed by his hostility, “I’m just saying it’s difficult to trust me when I look from your perspective.”


They walked on down the corridor in silence for a few minutes.


“You’re right,” Malfoy conceded. “I don’t trust you, and I don’t think I ever will.”


“And why’s that?” Ginny asked, sounding like she couldn’t care less.


“You’re a Gryffindor!” he shouted. “Worse than that, you’re a Weasley! And you’re dating POTTER!”


Ginny didn’t even seem to notice he was yelling, but instead just replied, “I’m not a Gryffindor, I’m not a Weasley, and I’m not dating Harry Potter.”


Malfoy stared at her for a minute, before swearing. “What the fuck are you talking about?”


“I’m talking about the Chamber of Secrets,” she answered matter-of-factly. “You can only enter the Chamber if you can speak Parseltongue. And who are the only people who can speak Parseltongue? The descendants of Salazar Slytherin.”


“But you’re a…you’re a WEASLEY!” they had stopped in the deserted corridor now, and were face-to-face.


“No, I’m not,” she answered. “I’m adopted.”


Malfoy stared at her for a minute. Then he asked, “Does the Dark Lord know?”


“Yes, he does,” she answered. “I’m not a pure-blood. I’m a tri-blood. My great-Grandfather was called Marvolo Riddle. His son, Morfin, had a little boy who he called Korin, who was my father, and a pure-blood.”


“Shit!” Malfoy exclaimed. “You’re related to the Dark Lord!” Then he regained his icy cool. “A tri-blood - as in one pure-blood parent and one half-blood parent?” he asked. “Those are rare…pure-bloods don’t tend to marry anyone but other pure-bloods.”


“Yes. My mother was Sikliana Fyra, a half-blood,” Ginny said. “She died trying to make herself a pure-blood. My father went to Azkaban for kidnapping several muggles for her to test her theories on, and died there about ten months later. My mother died when I was only a year old. From there the Weasleys took me in on Dumbledore’s orders.”


“If you are related to the Dark Lord, then why aren’t you in Slytherin?” Malfoy asked, curious to know more.


“I am,” she answered. “But Dumbledore and Mrs Weasley didn’t want anyone else knowing about my real family, so they tampered with the Sorting. When I went to Dumbledore’s office after the Chamber of Secrets in my first year, I tried the Sorting Hat again while he spoke to my ‘parents’. It said Slytherin.”


He said nothing after she revealed this, and after a moment she began to walk down the corridor again.  He overtook her and stood in front of her. “How do I know you’re telling the truth?”


“Trust me, and trust the Dark Lord,” she replied. “I won’t lie to you, you can believe that much.”


- - - - -


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Chapter 3: Thawing Of The Ice
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- - - - -

Ginny stepped into the bedroom. Like everything else at Malfoy Manor, it was majestic and richly decorated. Malfoy followed her in.

“You know your way back to the main wing of the house, Weasley?” he asked.

She turned on him and, her eyes spitting fire, hissed, “One, I’m not a Weasley, and two, it’s GINNY. Yes, I think I can find my way!”

He backed off, raising his eyebrows. “Whatever you say, Weasley.”

She whipped out her wand, shouted a curse that he couldn’t hear and he found himself flying through the air, out of the door just as it slammed shut. He hit the wall of the corridor, and jumped to his feet, rubbing the back of his head. He walked up to the door and knocked. There was no reply.

“You do know it’s extremely rude to use a curse on your host, Weasley?” he asked and he heard a small laugh from inside. He shook his head and walked off down the corridor.

 - - - - -

“He’s coming,” Harry hissed and Hermione pointed her wand at the bed, neatening up the sheets and pillows.

Ron opened the tent flap and came inside, brushing the snow off his arms and stamping his feet. “Alright, Harry?” he asked. He looked at Hermione, blushed furiously, and backed away, clearly remembering the scene when he’d returned yesterday. He whispered in a tiny voice, “Alright, Hermione?”

She gave him a scathing look. “Did you hear something, Harry?”

Harry looked between his two friends, and felt sick to his stomach as he realised how much he’d complicated things by sleeping with Hermione. More importantly, he realised he was going to have to tell Ron about it at some point. He swore mentally, then replied, “Um…I think Ron might have said something…” he met her gaze, desperately trying to tell her to keep quiet about the two of them.

Evidently, she got the message, as she grabbed her beaded bag, withdrew a book from it and curled up on the bed they’d both lain on together only an hour ago.

“Night, Harry,” Ron said, and as he walked past Harry towards the bathroom, he added quietly, “Thanks for sticking up for me, mate.”

Swearing silently again, Harry replied, “No problem.” Oh, shit.

- - - - -

Ginny entered the dining room at Malfoy Manor, and all conversation ceased for a moment as she walked in. It was restarted very quickly but she could still see Death Eaters staring at her awkwardly and putting bags on chairs next to them.

Suddenly there was a tight hand on her shoulder and foul breath in her face, and a voice growled, “You smell delicious, Weasley…”

“Get off me, Greyback,” she hissed. The hand didn’t move and he moved his other hand onto her cheek.

“You would be a wonderful meal…”

“I said, GET OFF!” she shouted and pulled her wand out and in the next second Greyback lay on the floor, writhing in agony. “What am I?” she asked him.

“Not food,” he moaned and then yelped as she gave him a short dose of the cruciatus curse.

“Very good,” she replied, and released him. She looked up and down the table, and saw Malfoy sitting at one end by himself. He looked up at her and jerked his head at the seat opposite him.

She slid into the seat, and he looked up and smiled. “That’s a surprising welcome,” she commented. “I got a smile - the first ever, probably.”

He smiled again. “I’ve been thinking about what you said - about your family and that - and I realised that you never answered my question - about why you dated Potter?”

She laughed. “It wasn’t on the Dark Lord’s orders; he only told me to get close to Potter. But he didn’t notice me until I started to make out that I liked him, so I did what I had to do.”

Malfoy was studying her with his fingertips pressed against each other and biting his lip. “What?” she asked, a small smile playing around her lips.

“It’s nothing.”

“Go on!” she said playfully, in a good mood.

“I…I don’t know what to think about you,” he confessed. “Just last summer, you were dating my enemy and were a Weasley…now you’re blasting werewolves out of your way and a Death Eater.”

She shrugged. “I’ve always been a Death Eater, just not a Dark Mark. How stupid would you have to be to give me a Dark Mark with Mrs Weasley watching you?” she asked, then added as an afterthought, “Oh, and Dumbledore.”

He spluttered with laughter and she joined in. A few Death Eaters looked at them oddly, but no one spoke to them and they continued with their meal.

“So, how did you find out you were adopted?” Malfoy asked conversationally, scooping up some ravioli as he noticed Ginny freeze. “Weasley?” he asked, but she didn’t move. “Ginny?”

She blinked and shook herself at the sound of her name, but she knew he had noticed her lapse. She reached for her drink of wine and he noticed she was shaking. “Ginny?” he asked again. “Do you really think you should be drinking? You look awful.” She was deadly pale and was swaying slightly in her chair.

“I’m fine!” she snapped and downed the glass quickly. She shuddered and said quickly, “You used my name, Malfoy.”

He had noticed her change of the subject, but he moved on and said, “Sure, but you should do the same for me.”

“Whatever, Draco,” she laughed and he almost missed the tremor in her voice.

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Chapter 4: Strange Magic
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- - - - -

The first night in Malfoy Manor had passed and it was still dark outside as Ginny entered the ballroom, Draco at her side.

“My Lord,” Ginny curtseyed, her black cloak revealing a dusty silver miniskirt and a black tank top, while Draco stood on her left, trying not to look at her for too long in case she read something into his glances.

“Ginevra…” he breathed and glided towards her, placing a cold finger on her cheek. “I assume your Dark Mark is healing at a healthy pace?”

“Yes, My Lord,” she replied, and vanished the bandage around her arm, showing him the red skin where he had put the mark the day before. Ginny knew nothing of the healing of a Dark Mark but assumed everything was proceeding as it should.

“Woah!” Draco gasped as he saw her arm and she looked at her arm again. Instead of a thick black skull, it was a glittering deep green skull which glowed silver as the Dark Lord’s hand passed over the air above it.

“Interesting…” Voldemort hissed as he held her wrist to keep her arm in place. 

“May I ask why it is interesting, My Lord?” she asked politely, and flinched as his long fingers suddenly gripped her wrist far too tightly.

He suddenly withdrew his hand, pulled out his wand and glided to about five metres away. Confused, she held her own wand at the ready, prepared to practise her duelling. She was yet more bewildered as he gestured for her to put her wand away.

“My Lord - ” Draco began, but was silenced by Voldemort’s hand.

“Prepare yourself, Miss Riddle,” he hissed and she adopted a fighting stance, looking at Draco, who had a wry smile on his face as he heard her real name being used. He raised an eyebrow at her and shrugged subtly.

Voldemort flicked his wand lazily and said, “Crucio!” 

The red jet of light sped towards Ginny and she leapt to the side as it hit the statue right behind her. A stone shard lodged itself in her cheek and her blood flowed down her face like tears.

Crucio!” Another curse was aimed at her and this time she was too slow to get out of the way. She raised her hands and flinched away from the red light. There was a colossal bang and she found herself flying through the air, and only vaguely registered the stone wall before she hit it and passed out.

 - - - - -

“Is there any news on Ginny?” Harry asked Ron quietly as the red-head put aside the Daily Prophet and stared moodily out into space.

“What do you bloody think?” Ron replied bitterly.

Harry patted Ron’s shoulder. “I’m dead sorry, mate,” he said. “I wish we knew what happened to her.”

“Well, I’m going to find out,” Ron growled. “I’m gonna hunt down the stinking Death  Eater who took her and tear their eyes out.”

“Woah, mate,” Harry put his hands up and continued, “there’s no evidence that Ginny was kidnapped…”

“She disappeared in the night!” Ron argued. “How could she not have been kidnapped?”

“There was no Dark Mark over the house, her things had all been packed and there was absolutely no sign of a break-in, Ron!” Harry pointed out.

“HER BLOOD WAS ON THE WALL!” Ron roared, and Harry shrugged, as it was true. They had discovered a splash of blood on the wall in the hallway of the Burrow and it had taken next to no time at all to identify it as her blood.

“I was just saying, she could have gone by herself,” Harry said after a minute. Hermione was scouting out the nearby village, and he was grateful for the peace it gave him to talk to Ron. “There wasn’t a trace of her left, Ron! Everything that she owned was taken! Does that sound like a kidnapping to you?”

“YES!” Ron yelled, and glared at Harry, who took the hint and shut up.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, then Ron sighed and asked, “What do you reckon about Hermione?”

Harry’s breath caught in his throat for a minute, then he said breezily, “What are you talking about?”

“Do you reckon she’s ever going to forgive me?” Ron asked. “I mean, what can I do?”

“Look, mate, I don’t know how to say this, but I…I think she doesn’t like you in that way anymore.”

Ron’s face fell but he quickly covered it up and had a fake smile on his face as he said, “How do you know that?”

Harry bit his lip, then decided to play the safe card. “You remember when you walked out?” Ron shifted uncomfortably and started to say something, but Harry spoke over the top, “She cried herself to sleep for months, and I don’t think she wants to get hurt in that way again. She’s over you.”

There was an uncomfortable silence in the tent, then Ron got up and slowly walked out of the tent.

- - - - -

Ginny opened her eyes to see her new room. There was no fresh bleeding on her face but she could feel the dried bloodstains and she lifted her arm to touch her cheek. She hissed and drew in a breath, and everything went hazy for a minute. The next thing she was aware of was Draco pinching her unhurt arm and saying her name over and over again.

“For Godric’s Sake, Ginny, wake up!” he growled and she sat up and slapped his fingers away from her arm with her painful arm. She ignored the pain and slid out of the bed, noticing she was still wearing the clothes she had been before. Looking up, she saw Draco’s raised eyebrow and she realised that he was surprised at her use of her arm.

“It doesn’t hurt that much,” she lied, and headed towards her wardrobe where she had begun to put her clothes yesterday.

“Sure it doesn’t,” he said sarcastically. “You broke it only half an hour ago.”

“It doesn’t hurt,” she tried confidently, but her voice wavered at the end as she stumbled and jerked her arm. She swore silently, and he laughed.

“What was that, Ginny?”

“Get out of my head!” she glared at him. “And since when have you known Legilimency?”

“A while,” he said evasively.

“How long?” she tapped her foot on the floor and stared at him.

“Last year at Hogwarts.”

“Fair enough,” she said, and used Occlumency to hide her thoughts from him. She leant into the wardrobe and picked out a pair of black leggings and red dress that plunged daringly low, then siphoned off the blood on her face. Taking her time in the bathroom, it took her only a few minutes to dress in clean clothes and she picked up the dirty ones. He took them from her and they disappeared. She looked inquiringly at him and he shrugged and muttered, “House elves.”

She shook her head slightly at that, then asked, “What happened?”

“With you and the Dark Lord?” Draco asked, and she nodded. “I’m not going to tell you,” he said and when she opened her mouth to protest, he said quickly, “Not that I’m trying to keep you in the dark, but what you did…it’s best you know as little as possible about that when you go to see the Dark Lord.”

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Chapter 5: Assassination & Realisation
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- - - - -

Ginny walked through the mansion, Draco leading the way by a few metres, and although the rooms were at a reasonable temperature, she shivered.

“You should eat something,” Draco held out a white bread roll and she took it gratefully.

“Why?” she asked, sensing a connection to the incident earlier. She remembered a jet of light, a colossal sound and flying through the air into a wall, but little else.

“No reason,” he said annoyingly, and grinned slightly as she gritted her teeth. They arrived at the large door into the ballroom, and Ginny knocked on it smartly. 

The Dark Lord hissed, “Enter, Ginevra, Draco.”

The room was brighter than before, and the grey light from the cloudy afternoon filtered through the windows. The Dark Lord sat in a spot of grey light, twirling his wand.

“My Lord,” the two teenagers both murmured and bowed.

“I have a job for the two of you,” the Dark Lord gripped his wand and his piercing red eyes stared at Ginny. Her world tilted to the side suddenly and she was aware of Draco catching her as she fell, feeling the brutal attack on her mind by the Dark Lord. She scrambled back onto her feet, and stood rigidly as he searched her mind.

He finally halted his search and sat back in his chair, smiling contentedly. “You do not know yet why you are a puzzle to me, Miss Riddle.”

Ginny glanced at Draco who was fighting a smile at her name, then looked back and replied, “No, My Lord, but I am eager to find out.”

The Dark Lord rose out of his chair and swept towards her, his black robes rustling across the floor behind him. He took her chin in his fingers and his red eyes bored into her brown eyes. With his other hand he held up her wrist and spoke.

“My blood runs in your veins, Miss Riddle, and you are aware of the fact we are second-cousins, but you do not yet know our family history. Strange gifts run in our family. You are a parselmouth, I know - ” at this Draco shot her a surprised look and she shrugged “ - and you are unaware of your other gift.”

“With respect, My Lord, I do not know what you speak of,” she confessed.

He let her wrist fall and stepped backwards. “Miss Riddle, when I cast the Cruciatus Curse on you earlier this morning, I was expecting some kind of small magical power to reveal itself. However, I was wrong. A gift of immense power showed itself. When you dodged my first curse, were you not worried for your safety? And then, when you could not escape my second curse, you revealed your power.

“Miss Riddle, you do not need a wand to perform magic.” There was an almighty silence in the room as Voldemort grabbed her wrist again and hissed, “Our blood…”

“There must be some mistake, My Lord,” she said. “I can’t perform magic without a wand!”

“If I may, My Lord,” Draco stepped forward, and said, “I saw you deflect a curse with your bare hands. You had no magical weapon or shield, but the curse rebounded off you.”

“Draco, it couldn’t have been me!” she cried. “That’s impossible!”

“The force of the spell and your shield was so strong that it resulted in flinging you into the wall, and it is possible. I’ve studied such possibilities,” Draco said.

The Dark Lord had been watching them for a minute, then he laughed his high, cold laugh. “The truth is, cousin, you are the most powerful witch in the history of the world, and you are sworn to serve me. I want you and Draco to search down Harry Potter and his friends and bring them to me.”

There was a silence in which Draco watched Ginny’s reaction closely. She shrugged and curtseyed, murmuring, “Of course, My Lord.”

- - - - -

“Harry!” Hermione hissed at him as he sat on watch. He turned around and she stood their, holding a mobile phone.

“Yes, Hermione?” he asked, as she sat down beside him, leaning her head on his shoulder.

“I have something really important to tell you,” she said, “and it isn’t going to be easy.”

“Then shouldn’t Ron be here?”

“I suppose,” she sighed and he called Ron from inside the tent.

“Alright!” Ron grunted. “What is it?”

“I just received a call from our Death Eater. She says You-Know-Who is deploying a team of two young people to hunt us down.”

“Only two?” Ron asked. “I wish them luck.” He snorted in derision. “Was that your important news, Hermione?”

“She says we shouldn’t under-estimate these two,” Hermione looked miserable.

“What is it, Hermione?” Harry asked. “Who are these two people?”

“One is Draco Malfoy,” she whispered, “and the other is Ginny Weasley.”

A short pause filled the tent, then Harry and Ron started to laugh until tears rolled down their faces.

“I’m serious!” Hermione said indignantly, then she began to see the funny side of the star-Gryffindor being a Death Eater. “I suppose our contact might be a bit confused.”

Harry suddenly stopped laughing. “How do the Death Eaters know about Ginny going missing? For all they know, she’s with the rest of her family in hiding!”

Ron stopped laughing as well. “Shit!”

The three of them stared at each other, all arguments between Ron and Hermione forgotten as Harry whispered, “You-Know-Who’s got Ginny.”

- - - - -

Ginny was watching Draco closely as they left the manor. It was getting dark and only the light of their wands showed them the way to the front gate.

They walked on in silence, Ginny staring at him, until Draco couldn’t contain himself.

“What is it?” he snapped.

“Why do you trust me?” she asked abruptly.

He was floored for a minute, then said, “Legilimency.”

She snorted with laughter. “You’ve been going through my head?”

“You didn’t notice?” Draco laughed as well. “And there I was thinking you were the most powerful witch in history.”

She elbowed him. “I’ve been kind of distracted.”

“With what?”

“Like you don’t already know.” She seemed unsure of whether to be amused or annoyed at his annoying attitude, and eventually settled for being irritated.

Draco smiled gleefully. “I want to hear you say it.”

She glared at him and he dodged her elbow as she tried to hit him again. “I’ve been distracted by you, okay?”

He laughed.

“What’s so funny?” she demanded and stopped in the driveway, hands on hips.

“Nothing,” he replied, and flashed her a dazzling smile.


 - - - - -


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Chapter 6: Half-Made Plans and Misunderstandings
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- - - - -

Draco placed a mug of steaming Butterbeer in front of Ginny and sipped his own slowly. The Leaky Cauldron was almost empty at this time of night, and the two of them were in a secluded corner of the pub where no one could see or hear them without being seen or heard themselves.


“So…” Draco drawled and placed his mug on the table. “Any ideas on finding Potter?”


“He’s searching for something to defeat the Dark Lord, I know that much,” Ginny replied. “He took a tent from Mr Weasley so I assume he’s in the countryside, avoiding built-up areas where there could be wizards or Snatchers.”


“Well, that narrows it down then, doesn’t it?” Draco rolled his eyes.


She shot him a scowl then stirred her Butterbeer thoughtfully. “If he’s searching for something to defeat the Dark Lord, then perhaps he is looking for something of the Dark Lord’s.”


Draco looked confused. “What do you mean?”


“I mean, who is the most powerful wizard of all time? Voldemort. Harry Potter is just an ordinary wizard. He needs something to rival the Dark Lord’s power, so he must need something belonging to the Dark Lord. So - ”


“If we want to find Potter, we must look for an item belong to the Dark Lord!” Draco breathed. “That’s pretty clever.”


She grinned. “It’s what I do.”


- - - - -

“So, where will You-Know-Who be based?” Hermione asked as she paced up and down the tent.


“Department of Mysteries?” Ron suggested. “He has control of the Ministry, after all.”


“Let’s face it, he could be anywhere!” Harry said in frustration. “And Ginny could be anywhere…”


“Not just anywhere!” Ron exclaimed suddenly, his eyes alight with excitement. “Malfoy Manor!


Harry and Hermione exchanged a glance. “It could work,” Hermione admitted. “But the security there is crazy! No one can get in or out without the permission of the Malfoys.”


“So we get the permission of a Malfoy,” Harry’s eyes gleamed sinisterly, and the other two immediately knew which Malfoy Harry planned on capturing.


“How do we get to a Malfoy?” Hermione fretted. “They’ll be surrounded by Death Eater friends at all times.”


“We’ll work it out once we get there,” Harry replied and began to pack things up. He couldn’t wait to do something at last, even if it didn’t help with his quest for the Horcruxes.


- - - - -

Draco and Ginny had been forced to take their talk of strategies up to Ginny’s bedroom after the bartender began to clear up. They had a bottle of champagne each that they swigged from irregularly as they sat on the bed, and several shot glasses were scattered across the tables and shelves of her room.


“My idea is,” Draco hiccupped and then continued, oblivious to Ginny’s laughing fit, “we get Potter by getting the woman he loves as bait.”


Ginny stopped laughing to consider this possibility, then choked out, “That’s me!” and collapsed into laughter again, Draco joining in.


“You’re funny,” Draco hiccupped again and swigged more champagne.


“No, you’re funny,” Ginny argued.


You are!”


You are!” Ginny leant over to poke his shoulder and fell over on the bed. Suddenly all laughter stopped as they looked into each other’s eyes.


“You make me laugh more than anyone else,” Ginny whispered.


“You let me be myself,” Draco whispered in reply, and leant down and kissed her.


Her arm crept around his neck and pulled him down next to her, and he wound his hands into her red hair.


She pulled away after a few minutes and curled up against his chest. “Thank you,” she murmured, already half asleep.


“For what?” he smiled.


“For making me feel as if you care.”


He froze in surprise, and finally replied, “I do care.” But her gentle breathing as she lay in his arms told him she hadn’t heard his last sentence.


The moonlight filtered in through the window and illuminated the room as Draco sighed and tightened his arms around her and tried to sleep.


- - - - -

The pitter-patter of rain on the window woke Ginny the next morning, as it got inside her head and made her wince in pain.


Only then did she notice the arms around her. She rolled over and saw Draco’s sleeping face. Remembering nothing of the night before, she pulled herself out of his embrace and crossed to where she’d left her bag, swearing to herself under her breath.


“Oh my God, please don’t say I slept with Draco Malfoy,” she prayed.


“What?” Draco was sitting up and stretching. Her sentence registered in his head suddenly and he started to grin.


“Stop it!” she glared. “It’s not funny!”


“You think I slept with you!” he grinned, raising an eyebrow in amusement.


“So…we didn’t?” she asked, and couldn’t stop a smile of relief spreading across her face.


“There’s no need to look so relieved!” he said, looking hurt. “I’m not bad…”


“Says who?” she teased.


“All the women I’ve slept with!” he defended himself.


She raised an eyebrow. “Not that I‘ve spoken to them about it,” he admitted



“Shit,” Ginny laughed. “Seriously? How many?”


He refused to look at her, then decided to himself, screw her, he was proud of his conquests. “About twenty.”


She laughed again. “And I was expecting more. Some Slytherin sex-god you are.”


He glared at her, then asked, “And how many men have you slept with?”


She blushed deeply. “None,” she said far too quickly to be believable.


He laughed. “I was honest with you; you could do the same for me,” he said. “Or do I have to find out for myself?”


“You are not going in my head!” she hissed. “Six, okay?”


“Holy crap!” Draco looked shocked. “Six? You’re a year younger than me!”


“You want to know who?” she asked, and knew immediately that he did. “Dean Thomas, Michael Corner, Roger Davies, Blaise Zabini, my neighbour Henry Tomlins and Harry Potter.”


You slept with Zabini?” Draco exclaimed. “He swore he’d never touched you!”


She grinned. “Jealous, are we?”


“No!” he argued. “Just annoyed Blaise lied to me.” A wicked glint suddenly entered his eye. “How many did you sleep with when you were dating Potter?”


She glared at him. “That’s my business.”


He raised an eyebrow.


“Stop doing that!” she said, annoyed.


“Tell me!” he retorted.


“Fine!” she looked at her feet, and muttered, “Three of them.”


Draco was enjoying himself. “You slept with three other guys while you were seeing Potter?”


“Oh, fuck off,” she said and gave him the finger, which made him laugh even more.


- - - - -

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Chapter 7: Bloody Defeat
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- - - - -

“Did Potter know you cheated on him?” Draco asked, his mischievous smile only serving to annoy Ginny even more.

“No, he doesn’t,” she hissed, and turned her back on him.

Neither of them had mentioned the drunken kiss the night before since that morning, and neither was planning on bringing it up.

“What do you think it would do to him if he found out about it now?” Draco continued, a glint in his eyes that succeeded in winding Ginny past common sense.

She drew her wand and said menacingly, “Merlin help me, Malfoy, I’m about this close to hexing you ‘til you don’t know which way’s up and which is down.”

He laughed, and she noticed how much more relaxed he was out of the Manor, and allowed herself to smile a little.

“Would he cry, do you reckon?”

“For Christ’s sake!” she cried and aimed a hex at him. He ducked and almost collapsed with laughter onto the pavement of Diagon Alley.

She left him trailing behind and walked into the Apothecary, wand still out. “Mr Forbes,” she called out and paced slowly up to the till.

A curse shattered a glass of dragon’s blood above her head and it stained her black robes. Another curse cut across her arm, opening up a deep cut that began to bleed as well. She ducked and began to shoot curses in the general direction of the attacker.

Draco entered the shop, still laughing slightly, only to be thrown off balance by the shield charm Ginny had cast deflecting a hex. He drew his wand and ran towards where she was crouching, clutching her arm.

“What’s going - Flaming Heck!” he exclaimed as he saw her bloodstained robes.

“It’s nothing, Draco, it’s dragon blood,” she explained, not bothering to mention the wound on her arm that had cut into the muscle and that she couldn’t move her hand without a crippling pain seizing her.

“You stay here and watch my back,” he said, and began to move towards the back of the shop, the source of the curses.

“Okay…” she whispered, and struggled to keep herself steady as she brushed a hair out of her face with fingers stained with her own blood. She leant against the wall, her vision shaking, and slid down it, a dark stain of human and dragon blood painting it dark red.

Draco hadn’t noticed Ginny fading away and was almost in the back of the shop. No curses had been fired off since he entered the shop, so he entered the storeroom.

It smelt musty and was dark and chilly. Peering into the shadows, Draco couldn’t see anyone, but there was no way out.

Petrificus Totalus!” Hermione Granger cried, leaping out from behind a barrel of dissected frog eyes, and Draco deflected it easily, sending the spell rebounding into a glass jar that shattered and showered her with shards of glass.

Harry and Ron leapt  out of hiding as well, and, outnumbered, Draco shouted, “Back-up! BACK-UP!”

“You aren’t going to get any back-up,” Ron sneered, and Draco finally recognised him.

“Weasley,” he sneered. “Where’ve you been hiding out, then?”

“I could tell you, because you probably won’t live long enough to do anything with the information,” Ron smirked.

“We Malfoys are notoriously tricky to kill.”

“I’ll bear that in mind, scumbag.”

“Mind, Weasley? You mean you have one?” while exchanging insults with the Golden Trio, Draco edged into position to see what was happening in the shop front. To his horror, he saw Ginny was lying unconscious in a pool of blood. He flicked his wand and several glass jars shattered across Harry, Ron and Hermione, and he immediately then aimed several spells at Ginny, to change her appearance. Her hair went black and although he couldn’t see it, her eyes had gone blue. Her face was stained in blood so it was difficult enough to recognise her without the quick changes Draco had made to her appearance.

The three Gryffindors had sheltered themselves from the glass and had now got their wands trained on him. He saw Ginny stirring in the front of the shop, and prayed she would wake up in time.

“Don’t bother fighting, Malfoy,” Harry snarled. “It’s three against one.”

Ginny pulled herself to her feet, looked around in a daze, picked up her wand and met Draco’s eyes. In an instant she understood she was to go for the ambush.

“Numbers don’t win a fight, Potter,” Draco stated calmly. “Although I don’t remember you taking on anyone without your little crew for back-up.”

Ginny crept closer to the room, biting her lip so hard she drew blood to keep herself quiet as she jolted her arm. Her vision was spinning again but she forced herself to stay awake.

“One curse, Malfoy, and we take you down, dead or alive,” Harry growled.

“I hardly believe you’ll kill me, Potter,” Draco drawled. “You obviously want me for some reason, and I’d be much more useful alive for that.”

Ginny trained her wand on Harry’s chest.

Harry struggled for words for a minute, before coming out with “There’s no reason to leave you alive for any longer than necessary.”

Hermione glared at Draco. “And there’s no ruling out torture.”

“Did you say something, mudblood?” Draco asked. Ron let loose a stunning spell that Draco deflected easily. 

“Where’s Ginny?” Hermione asked furiously, pushing a strand of hair out of her face.

Draco’s face was icy calm. “The blood traitor brat? No idea.”

“We know you have her!” Ron roared. “Give me my sister back!”

“Is she the slutty one who looks a bit like you?” Draco shot at him.

Harry and Ron both shouted in anger but before they could curse him, a jet of light flew from the doorway and hit Harry in the chest. He was thrown backwards into a pile of wooden crates, while another hex immobilised Ron.

Hermione grabbed hold of the two boys, looked up at Ginny and frowned, and disapparated with a loud crack, leaving Draco standing alone in the room, while Ginny leant against the doorframe, her vision blurring and her arm aching in agony.

Her legs gave way and she felt Draco’s arms grab at her healthy arm as she fell.

“Get off…M’okay,” she muttered, but it came out garbled and almost impossible to understand.

“Ginny, listen to me,” his voice seemed to be coming from far away. “Where are you hurt? I can’t see through all the blood.”

“My arm…my forearm,” she whispered, but it came out incoherent and she tried again desperately. “My forearm…”

She felt his hands on her arm and a ripping noise as he murmured, “Oh, shit.”

“Is it bad?” she managed to say, and caught sight of him holding strips of his shirt and folding them for a bandage.

“I won’t lie to you,” he said, then paused for a minute. “It’s pretty crap.”

“Shite,” she croaked.

Tergeo!” he used his wand to siphon off some of the dried blood, but the wound kept gushing. “We need a Healer,” he admitted.

“No!” she said clearly. “We’re secret…no, job’s secret…Dark Lord’s secret…no he’s not…”she lost track of what she was saying, trailing into silence.

“Ginny, I’ve bandaged your arm, and I’ll get you to the hotel, just hold on, okay?”

“Hotel?” she asked, before losing her grip on consciousness and watching everything fade into black, hearing him repeat her name several times until that too faded away.


- - - - -

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Chapter 8: Healthy Curiousity
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- - - - -

Ginny shuffled into the warmth, wanting to sleep for longer, but knowing she was close to waking up to the agony she’d been in before she’d lost consciousness. 

She felt a hand draped over her waist and the light breathing of someone else, and knew before she looked that it was Draco.

She opened her eyes and stretched her uninjured arm, yawning. He was still asleep next to her, and she watched him, fascinated by how relaxed and innocent he looked in his dreams.

As if he’d felt her watching him, he stirred and sat up, rubbing his eyes. When he opened them properly, he saw Ginny looking at him pointedly. It took him a moment to understand why, then he caught on. “It wasn’t my choice to share a bed, Riddle,” he smirked, and raised an eyebrow at his use of her name.

“Sure,” she drawled. “Then who’s choice was it?”

“Yours,” he replied.

That took her aback. “Mine?”

“You were sleep-talking. You kept calling my name and asking for help. When I held your hand you went quiet, and I fell asleep like that.”

It was an innocent explanation and he seemed to be telling the truth, so Ginny left it for the time being, and asked instead, “My arm?”

“I got a Wizard First-Aider at the hotel to look you over and sort you out. I paid her to keep her mouth shut. We’re fine,” he grinned.

“Hotel? Where are we?” she asked, looking around the luxurious suite. Annoyed at how stupid she sounded with all the questions, she noticed too late the petulant tone in her voice, and cursed silently as he smirked yet again.

“London,” he answered, suppressing his amusement. “The White Unicorn Hotel, near the Tower of London.”

“Right,” she said tersely and went over to where her little black bag lay. She pulled out red leggings and a v-neck black jumper, noticing how her injured arm was only slightly stiffer than her healthy one.

She walked into the bathroom, pulled on her clothes after a hot shower, and started applying her make-up when she noticed her hair and eyes. “Draco?” she called.

“Yes?” came the reply from the other room.

“Was it you who did something to my hair?”

There was a slight pause, then he said shiftily, “If I say yes, will you hex me?”

She laughed. “No, I love it!” she brushed her new black hair, then frowned. She murmured a spell and scarlet highlights appeared and she gave her reflection a big grin. However, she frowned at her blue eyes, and decided that the Dark Lord’s second cousin should have something more unusual. A complicated little spell later changed them to a sparkling purple.

A pleased smile on her face, she finished her make up and curled her hair with her wand.

Draco looked up as she walked back into the room, and laughed quietly at her appearance. She looked hurt. “Don’t you like it?”

“It’s the perfect look for a teenage Death Eater,” he grinned, “but aren’t the eyes a bit too much?”

“Shut up!” she said and threw a pillow at him.

He laughed again, and turned it into a little bird that chirped in confusion. “So, are we going to talk about how we’re going to get Potter?”

“I suppose,” she sighed, and sat down upon the bed, which she made quickly with her wand. He sat down in front of her.

“If only we’d caught them yesterday,” he said, “but I guess you can’t win everything.”

“That doesn’t sound like you,” Ginny teased. “And I have a plan, anyway.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yesterday, the mudblood asked where I was. They obviously think I’ve been kidnapped by the Dark Lord. They must have assumed I’m being kept in Malfoy Manor, so they need a Malfoy to get in there - that’s why they wanted you,” she explained.

“So, what are you saying?” Draco asked, frowning.

“I’m saying, if we go back to the Manor, they’ll show up with a rescue mission for me. Then we just cast a few spells to trap them there.”

“That could work,” he breathed. “And we’d have Death Eater back-up as well as some Slytherins from my year.”

“Who?” Ginny asked, as if she couldn’t care less.

“Theodore Nott, Damien Sepentis and Blaise Zabini,” Draco watched Ginny’s reaction to the last name, a smile on his face.

“Oh, crap,” she muttered. “This could be awkward.”

“Why would that be?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

“I slept with him, remember?” she hissed, and slapped his shoulder when he started laughing.

Once he’d recovered from his laughing fit, he said, “It’s a good plan.”

She glared at him. 

“I swear I won’t talk about it anymore,” he held up his hands.

“Good,” she said shortly. “Because if you do, I won’t be responsible for my actions.”


- - - - -

“Who was that girl?” Hermione asked, annoyed. “I’m sure I’ve seen her before.”

“Probably just some scummy Slytherin you saw a few times in Hogwarts,” Ron said, adding essence of dittany to some of his wounds.

“No, I’m sure she isn’t,” she said, frustrated. “I can’t remember who it was.”

“Whoever it was, we injured her pretty badly,” Harry said, looking and feeling a bit guilty.

“Why do you look so upset, Harry?” Ron asked. “It was only a Slytherin, or a Death Eater.”

“She could have just been some passer-by who thought we were attacking her as well as Malfoy,” he said, unable to look either of them in the eye. “If she died from that wound, I…”

“It’s okay, Harry,” Hermione touched his shoulder, and he smiled at her, grateful for their relationship, even if it was a secret from his best mate. Behind them, Ron failed to notice anything different between his friends. Maybe his obliviousness was for the best.

- - - - -


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Chapter 9: Drunken Dares
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- - - - -

The gates opened at Draco’s touch and Ginny followed him into the grounds of Malfoy Manor. The day was cold and grey and it was getting dark quickly.

“Do you think the Dark Lord will approve of our plan?” Draco asked as they walked across the frozen grounds to the mansion,

“He’s not in the mansion,” Ginny said. “He’s abroad, looking for Grindelward.”

Draco was silent for a moment, then asked, “How on earth do you know this?”

“Legilimency,” she said. “Duh.”

“You can see into the Dark Lord’s mind without him knowing?”

“No!” she said defensively. “Just see what he’s thinking at that moment, otherwise he notices.”

“Can you see what I’m thinking?” he asked, and she concentrated on his mind.

Zabini’s gonna love this he thought, and she shoved him in the shoulder.

“Can’t you keep your mind out of my love life?” she growled and sped up.

“Sorry.” He used Occlumency to shield his mind, but from his wicked grin she could still guess what he was thinking about.

She groaned and said, “I would slap you, but my fingers are too cold to bother.”

His grey eyes went round and innocent. “Prove that I’m thinking what you think I’m thinking.”

She laughed. “Now you’re thinking what I thought you were thinking because you guessed what I thought you were thinking and thought about it.”

They were still laughing as they reached the mansion.


- - - - -

It could have been much worse, Ginny reflected as she sipped her white wine, looking at the four boys surrounding her laugh and talk.

Zabini had been a bit frosty towards her at first, no doubt remembering that their relationship had ended after she had hooked up Harry Potter for the mission, but after a few drinks, he had thawed out and was teasing her like the other three.

There were four fit guys sitting with her, and Ginny was more comfortable with them then she had been with anyone in Gryffindor.

“Go on, Ginny,” Damien grinned and pushed a tray with about five shot glasses on it towards her as they sat around a coffee table. “I dare you.”

“Truth or Dare, is it?” she bit her lip and pretended to think about it. “I’m in.” She picked up the first glass and downed it, quickly followed by the second and third. Zabini and Theo Nott whooped, while Damien and Draco laughed. The fourth and fifth were finished and as she put the last glass down they erupted into cheers and laughter.

“Truth or Dare, Theo?” she asked, and the other boys all turned to look at him.


“I dare you to run around the inner courtyard naked,” Zabini spoke up, and he exchanged a wink with Draco, and they both turned to look at Ginny, who looked totally innocent.

The five made their way to the inner courtyard, bantering easily and teasing Ginny.

“Looking forward to seeing Theo naked?”

“Can’t wait to feast your eyes on him, I bet.”

“Can you trust your self-control when you see him strip?”

The boys were laughing hilariously, while she played along. “I can’t wait…someone hold me back…”

The air was chilly, and Draco put his arm around Ginny to keep her warm in her short sleeved figure-hugging top. Suddenly Zabini had closed in on her other side to keep her warm and Damien had his arms around her waist.

“I’m not that cold, boys,” she teased, but none of them removed themselves. 

Theo began to strip, and Damien wolf-whistled, making all of them laugh. As Theo pulled off his shirt, he passed it to Ginny, who put it on, grateful for the warmth. She noted his perfectly toned body, as well as those of the other three.

“You checking me out, Ginny?” Damien grinned, and she smiled.

“Maybe…I just noticed you guys all keep in shape,” she said with a sparkle in her eyes. “Don’t you have girlfriends and a life besides the gym?”

“Nah…Slytherin girls don’t tend to be good-looking,” Draco said, earning himself a thump in the ribs from Ginny. “And no good girl wants to date a Slytherin.”

Theo pulled down his trousers and pants and stood stark naked in the dark, the other four pissing themselves with laughter. “Don’t laugh at me guys,” he joked. “If you ain’t like me, you ain’t a normal guy.”

Amid whoops and mocking wolf-whistles, Theo set off around the courtyard. While he ran around it, Draco said to Ginny, “So, would you consider yourself a good girl?”

She laughed. “Hell, no! If I was a good girl, I wouldn’t be here with you guys, would I?”

Her words set off a round of laughter as Theo rounded the final corner and headed towards them. He skidded to a halt and pulled on his clothes again, but went topless. They went inside to Draco’s magnificent bedroom, and hung about the end of it.

“Your turn to choose, Theo,” Damien grinned.

Theo surveyed the circle, then his eyes alighted upon Ginny, and he smiled slowly. “Ginny…truth or dare?”


The dares continued for the next hour, as they got more progressively more outrageous as they got drunker.

“Ginny…” the four boys were looking at her again, and she sighed.

“I’ll have a dare.”

“We dare you to make out with…Draco,” Zabini smirked.

She crawled over to Draco and kissed him on the lips, and he responded with a passion, and she fell on top of him. The other boys whooped and there was a  “Good on ya, Draco!”

They completed the dare and eventually Ginny fell asleep at about four o’clock the next morning, while they’d been holding drinking competitions.

Draco sighed and picked her up, placing her in his bed, nearly dropping her as he clumsily crashed into the bed post. The other boys left slowly, heading for their own rooms.

“Draco?” Ginny asked sleepily, and he looked up from where he stood with his wand, cleaning up the carpet.

“Yes, Ginny?”

“Where are you going to sleep?”

He laughed quietly. “I have a sofa.”

“Now I feel bad,” she complained. “The bed is big enough for both of us, and we’ve shared a bed before, right?”

There was a short silence, before he said, “Okay then,” and she felt the bed creak as he sat down and pulled off his shirt, climbing into the bed.

She sighed drowsily and shuffled closer to him, already half asleep. She felt him hesitantly put an arm around her, and she snuggled closer, unaware of the fact they were both in their underwear.

“You’re a good guy, Draco,” she murmured. “Or should I say, bad guy.”

“Thanks,” he whispered in reply. “Now go to sleep, bad girl.”


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Chapter 10: Getting Personal
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- - - - -

Ginny woke up as some feeble rays of sunlight made their way through a crack in the curtains.

“Ow…” she moaned and clutched her head, sitting up. The room was empty. “Draco?”

There was no reply, so she climbed out of the bed, stumbling over to her little black bag, pulling out a white tank top and black cardigan, with a dusty silver miniskirt. 

After dressing and applying her make-up, she made her way carefully along the corridors of the manor, wincing as every little sound got inside her head. She eventually arrived in the dining room, where toast and the full English breakfast was laid out and Theo, Damien, Zabini and Draco were sitting.

“Here’s the little sleeping beauty!” Damien grinned, and gestured to the seat between him and Draco. She sat down, wincing.

“I swear to God, I’m never drinking that much alcohol again,” she moaned, head in hands.

The boys laughed. “We brewed up our cure to a hangover,” Theo held out a glass of a frothy blue potion. “Don’t ask what’s in it.”

She downed it, and almost immediately her headache began to clear. “Thanks…I would ask what the hell that was, but I don’t really want to know…”


- - - - -

“Any luck on finding the blueprints of Malfoy Manor?” Harry asked as he discussed tactics with Ron.

Hermione sighed. “No luck at all,” she groaned. “Tonks won’t give away anything in case they suspect involvement with the Order, and the Ministry’s copies of the blueprints all mysteriously disappeared during You-Know-Who’s first rise to power.”

“We’re just going to have to wing it, mate,” Ron said.

Harry let his fist thump onto the table, making the other two jump. “Okay…our only chance is getting in and out as quickly as we can, and praying You-Know-Who’s not in the Manor when we try.”

There was a moment of total quiet, then Hermione said hesitantly, “You don’t think this is exactly what You-Know-Who wants us to do? I mean, attempt to break into a stronghold of his followers.”

“Trap or not, Hermione, we have to rescue Ginny, or die trying,” Harry sighed.

“Yeah,” Ron agreed. “Because if we fail, my mother will kill us anyway.”

“So, tonight, we go, okay?” Harry asked, putting his hand in the middle of the table.

“Tonight,” Ron thumped his hand on top of Harry’s.

Hermione put her hand on top of both of theirs. “Tonight at Malfoy Manor.”


- - - - -

It had snowed overnight, and Ginny spent the day throwing snowballs at the other four, who seemed to make her their key target.

They came inside eventually, at about three o’clock, and everyone except Draco and Ginny left to eat and change their clothes, leaving the two of them in the kitchen with the house-elves.

Dreeio!” she waved her wand and her clothes were warm and dry, and then repeated it for Draco.

“Thanks,” he said, and handed her a hot chocolate a house-elf had just given him. She smiled gratefully.

She jumped up and sat on the island counter, sipping her drink. “What’s the date today?” she asked, frowning.

“February 14th,” he answered.

“Oh,” she said, and then said something under her breath that he didn’t quite hear.

“What was that?” 

“I said, it’s Valentine’s Day.”


They were silent for a few minutes, sipping their drinks and staring out of the window.

Draco cleared his throat and she looked at him. “My friends seem to get on well with you,” he said.

“They’re nice guys,” she replied. 

“Anyone you want to make your seventh victim?” he grinned.

“Shut up!” she hit him with one of her wet gloves as she stripped off her winter clothing. “Can’t you keep your mind out of my love life for anytime at all?”

“It’s hardly a love life,” he disagreed. “More of a sex life.”

“You can talk!” she said indignantly.

“How many did you have a proper relationship with?” he asked, a wicked smile on his face.

She blushed and muttered something under her breath.

“What did you say?” he grinned, enjoying himself.

“Prick,” she glared at him. “And I said, three.”

“Which three?”

“Dean Thomas, Michael Corner and Harry Potter,” she said, then blushing even redder, muttered, “Technically, Michael wasn’t really a relationship - he was just about the sex.”

Draco was laughing so hard by this point, he could barely stand. He finally got his breath back and asked, “So you planning on seducing any of my mates, so I can let the others down gently?” As an afterthought, he added, “Although I guess you won’t be picking Zabini.”

“Because I so want to get with an ex-boyfriend,” she said sarcastically.

“He still likes you!”

“He should get over me!”

“Said like a true Slytherin,” Draco grinned. “So, Damien or Theo?”

“Damien’s too cocky and loud,” she said. “I’d say Theo’s the best out of the three, but he’s too quiet to stand out from the group.”

“So none of them?”

Ginny blushed. “Yes. None of them.” But she didn’t sound convinced.


- - - - -

Ginny leant against the banister of the stairs, yawning. It was about 11:30pm and she’d been sitting alone here on watch for Harry, Ron and Hermione for about four hours. It was cold, but she’d wrapped herself in a warm blanket and she kept herself awake by talking to Draco through Legilimency.

He would think something that she would see, guarding the rest of his mind with Occlumency, and she would do the same with him. He was on guard in the main hall of the Manor, while she was guarding the West Entrance Hall. Damien was guarding the South, Theo had taken the East and Zabini was in the central courtyard ready as back-up should he hear any disturbance.

You can’t keep your mind off of my friends, Draco complained.

I’m just running through our guard arrangements, that’s all, she replied, And you should know that - you’re reading my mind.

She could tell he was grinning as he replied, All I’ve learnt is that you like my hair.

Ginny groaned out loud. That may be true, but there’s no need to get a big head about it.

He was enjoying himself, that much was evident in his thoughts. You so do think I’m good-looking.

So? she was defensive. That doesn’t mean anything.

Tell me, Ginny - how long to you tend to wait in a relationship until letting a guy read your mind? 

She blocked her mind entirely from him for a minute, letting him know she wasn’t amused, before allowing him to make contact with her again.

We are on guard against attack, Draco,  she reminded him. Don’t let your ego distract you.

Ego! he scoffed.

She laughed out loud. You have the biggest ego of anyone I’ve ever met.

There was almost complete silence over their mental link as his thoughts raced through his mind, then a clear thought came through. Is that a good thing?

Smiling to herself, she replied, It depends. I happen to quite like it, but some people think you look overconfident and snobby.

You like it? He was grinning to himself, then suddenly without warning, he shut off some of his thoughts, all laughter gone. Ginny…there’s been something I’ve wanted to ask you about for a while now…

What was that? her thought cut across him, sharp and crystal clear. A shuffle of footsteps was audible, and for a moment he wasn’t sure if it was him or her hearing it for real, due to the closeness of their mental bond.

It’s at my end, she clarified. Tell the others to gather in the main hall with you. If it’s Potter then I’ll try and lead them there.

She needed no affirmative and severed the link between their minds.

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Chapter 11: Stalemate
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Harry’s wand was trained on the strange girl’s chest, as he struggled to remember if he’d seen her before, and if she was an enemy.

She had black hair with red highlights and had a strange resemblance to Ginny Weasley, but before he could pursue this thought any further, she had fired a curse at the statue he was crouched behind.

“Shit!” he exclaimed, and he and Ron leapt for cover. The statue exploded and a quick spell shielded the two of them from the shards of stone. The girl looked at them, smiling, lifted her arm and showed them her glittering green Dark Mark, and then began to walk down a corridor to their left, not bothering to guard her back.

Stupefy!” Ron shouted and the jet of red light flew at the pretty Death Eater, who spun on the spot and deflected it easily, then began to run, disappearing from sight.

Harry leapt out of his defensive position. “Get after her!” he hissed. “If she alerts the other Death Eaters, we’re dead!”

The two of them jumped to their feet and ran after her, just sighting her cloak disappear around another corner.

Following her through several long passages, firing curses at her back which she deflected back at them, they skidded into the main hall of Malfoy Manor. She was stood with her back to them.

“Put your wand down,” Ron said fiercely. “We won’t hurt you.”

“You think I’m scared of you?” her voice was muffled. “You should be scared.”

Harry was curious. “Why?”

We are why you should be scared, Potter,” Draco’s cold voice echoed around the dark hall, as three other guys stepped out from their hiding places around the room, wands out and Dark Marks on their arms.

“It’s a trap…” Ron gasped.

“Well done, Weasley,” Draco rolled his eyes. “Now put down your wands and we may consider not torturing you.”

“Never!” Harry spat, then fired a curse at Draco that hit him in the shoulder, throwing him into the wall.

“Draco!” the strange girl cried out, and Ron pointed his wand at her.

The entire hall suddenly lit up as curses began to fly between people, hitting shimmering shields. Suddenly, one of the Slytherin boys, Zabini, Disapparated and the numbers were slightly more even, three against two.

Harry and Ron were fighting back-to-back, as one of the curses was fired at them and Harry deflected it with a cry of “Protego!”

It flew towards the Death Eater girl, who had placed her hood over her face. She had no time to cast a counter-spell. She raised her hands and with a colossal bang it rebounded off them, but the effort made her weak and Harry took the opportunity to leap forward and grab her, locking his arm around her neck and holding his wand ready to curse her.

Draco was sitting against the wall, coughing up blood, but he muttered a spell which seemed to heal him for the time being, and got to his feet, calling a halt his friends. Silence fell.

“The Boy Who Lived, using a hostage to escape,” he hissed, his eyes gleaming. “That’s not what Mummy and Daddy would have wanted, is it?”

The girl in Harry’s arms laughed, and he tightened his grip around her neck. Zabini apparated back into the hall, holding a bushy-haired girl in an arm lock, and Theo Nott also aimed his wand at her. “Look who I found snooping near the dungeons…”

“Stalemate,” Ron said grimly. “Give Hermione back.”

“Give my friend back,” Draco countered, as the girl in Harry’s arms kicked at his legs and attempted to bite his arm. Harry tightened his arm again and she gasped for air, her breaths loud and agonising in the silence.

“Give Hermione back, and let us leave the mansion unharmed, and you get your friend back,” Harry grinned. “Fancy you having a girlfriend, Malfoy.”

The girl pushed at his arms, then choked out, “Girlfriend? Where did you get that idea, Potter? Since when did you know anything about girls?”

The Slytherins grinned, while Ron spluttered indignantly and Harry went red. “Do you agree to our terms or not, Malfoy?” he strengthened his grip on her throat and she gasped for breath, while he noted the expression of distress flicker on Draco’s face.

“I don’t believe you’ll kill her, Potter,” he grinned, but his eyes were worried.

“Try me!” Harry snarled.

“Slytherin scum!” Ron growled, his eyes fixed on Hermione.

“Because Slytherin is so much worse than Gryffindor, you pompous pricks,” the girl in Harry’s grip said scathingly.

“What would you know about it, Slytherin?” Harry dug his wand into her neck.

“A lot, actually, seeing as I was in Gryffindor.”

There was a silence, while the Slytherins caught each others’ eyes, a mixture of amusement and surprise in their faces.

“Who the hell are you?” Harry asked incredulously, and yanked down her hood. All he could see was a mass of black and red hair, but Ron gasped and stared at her face.

“Is that really you?” he asked, and she shoved Harry’s arm off her throat, unaware of Draco’s sigh of relief as she released herself.

“Yes, it’s me, Ron,” she said.

Hermione let loose a torrent of swearwords, and Zabini twisted her arm harder until she shut up.

Ron slapped the girl’s face so hard that her neck cricked to the side. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?”

Her hand flew to her cheek, as she replied calmly, “I’ve always been here, Ronald. I’ve always served the Dark Lord.”

Harry put his hand on her shoulder, turning her roughly around so he could see her face. He stepped back from the sparkling purple eyes in shock.


Ginny turned as Ron aimed a punch at her, and with a flick of her finger, she sent him flying into a pillar.

“Neat trick,” Harry said weakly.

“You like it?” she asked. “The Dark Lord showed me that I could cast magic without a wand.” Saying so, she slapped his face very hard, and drew her wand, stepping up close and poking it into his chest.

“Get out of here, Potter,” she hissed. “And remember, I’m hunting you down from now on.”

He made a move towards Hermione, but she drove him back. “We’ll be keeping her…if you don’t get the fuck out of here, we’ll kill her right now.”

Harry grabbed Ron’s sleeve and they apparated with a loud crack, leaving Hermione in the grasp of the five Death Eaters.

“Nice work, guys,” Ginny slapped hands with all of them, taking Hermione’s wand from Zabini to high-five him too.

“Not so bad yourself, Ginny,” Draco grinned at her. “But why did you let them go?”

She smiled at him, her eyes alight. “We‘ll find out more if we interrogate this one first.” She jerked her head at Hermione, then continued, “And they’ll be disorganised, desperate…easy to pick off. And we might get to track down some Order members.”

“I can’t believe you’re such a bitch,” the bookworm hissed, her eyes expressing a burning desire to kill the other girl.

“And I can’t believe you couldn’t see it coming,” Ginny said sweetly. “Enjoy the dungeons.” She turned her back on her old friend and walked up the staircase, Draco right behind her, leaving the other three to put Hermione in her cell.

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Chapter 12: Dreaming
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Harry cursed, his mind reeling. He and Ron both sat in silence in the tent, and he could see his best friend’s heartbreak on his face.

Hermione, Hermione, he sighed internally. You’re killing both of us. Yet the sight of Ron’s obvious pain at their loss of Hermione did not make him feel guilty. He was far too busy dealing with his guilt himself.

If he’d known…if only he’d worked out that Ginny wasn’t who he’d thought her to be…then Hermione would never be in this situation. She would be with him, in the tent. And he could go back to feeling guilty about stealing the girl Ron wanted, rather than this crushing pain he felt at losing her.

Across from him, Ron stirred from his frozen position, then croaked, “I can’t believe it.”

Harry said nothing, not trusting himself to be able to speak.

“Ginny…” So that’s who Ron was thinking about. His sister, his beautiful, clever, funny baby sister who had turned her back on them and betrayed them. Who was out to kill them. But worst of all: she had Hermione. Harry’s thoughts couldn’t stop returning to her - her relaxed expression as she read a good book, her mane of bushy hair that seemed to have a life of its own. And he’d lost that, because he’d been as stupid as to trust the girl who’d been so heavily influenced by the Dark Arts at eleven.

“She betrayed us, Ron,” Harry said quietly, and Ron gave a quick intake of breath to hear the truth so baldly stated. “She fought us, lead us into a trap, and took Hermione. You saw her. She is a Slytherin.” He could say no more - once again, his mind returned to Hermione and they lapsed into silence again.

The night drew on endlessly. As Harry closed his eyes in an attempt to sleep, He imagined he could hear a third person’s breathing in the tent, the quiet snores Hermione would give as she slept. And all through that night, he could almost feel her presence with them.

- - - - -

She touched his cheek, smiling that smile she always had on her face. He hated it when she was upset. She noticed his change of expression.

“What is it, Draco?” she asked, a spark of concern in her purple eyes.

“It’s nothing,” he smiled, fixing his eyes on her. “Don’t worry about it, okay?”

“Sure,” she shrugged, and he put his arms around her.

He chuckled quietly and she tilted her head back and looked up at him. “What’s so funny?”

“I’m just thinking about how lucky I am to have you in my life,” he said, kissing the top of her head.

“I love you, Draco,” a small smile was on her face as she spoke.

“I love you, too,” he replied.

Their lips met and the feeling jolted through him like electricity.

“Ginny…” he breathed and she laughed as he spoke her name aloud, and he kissed her forehead.

Draco jerked upright in bed. For a moment, all he could hear was his heavy breathing, then he heard the soft breaths of another person. Looking around, he saw Ginny was asleep on the sofa in the far corner of the room. The moonlight was bright outside and he could clearly see her face. He noticed that her face in his dream had been identical, and he was spooked by how much he’d noticed about her without consciously realising it.

He reached out towards her mind with Legilimency, and watched her dreams for a while.

She was in the Chamber of Secrets, and she was afraid.

“Tom?” she called, her fear audible in her voice. “Tom, where are you?” Her voice echoed off the walls, and she spun around, looking for him.

“I did what you wanted, Tom,” she said quietly. “I wrote what you wanted me to on the wall.”

“Her skeleton will lie in the Chamber forever.” The harsh voice came from a dark-haired boy who had appeared about ten metres behind Ginny.

“Yes…” she whispered. She stepped hesitantly towards him, and when he showed no intention of stopping her, she walked slowly closer, trying to hide her terror. “Is it here?” she asked. “Where is the basilisk?”

He looked down at the frightened redhead who was huddled close to him, and smiled, although it didn’t quite reach his eyes. “You don’t need to be afraid of it, Ginny,” he said softly. “It will obey you ‘til it dies.”

“But I don’t want to be the heir…” she sobbed.

“You are an heir to Slytherin,” Tom Riddle said, his eyes flashing red for a moment, then continuing, “You have Slytherin blood. Call the basilisk.”

She took a deep breath, then hissed in Parselmouth, “Come…”

“I come, mistress…” a reply echoed around the Chamber.

Draco listened to her translation of Parselmouth, shocked at her clear memory of the event. He remembered that time, when she had disappeared and been feared dead. Of course, Potter had come out on top then, as her saviour. He continued to watch her dream.

The Basilisk slithered from the mouth of Slytherin’s statue, and Ginny cringed away from it, only for Tom’s hand on shoulder to hold her in place.

“Give it your instruction,” he hissed.

She held her body stiffly, then said clearly, “I want you to slay every Mudblood in the castle, except for an over-riding instruction from myself or Tom.” The basilisk hissed and slithered back into the statue.

“Good…” Tom smiled coldly. A sudden noise from the entrance to the Chamber made them spin around.

Potter’s voice was clearly audible as he said, “Open!” in parselmouth.

“Oh my Godric...” Ginny whispered, as the gate began to open.

Tom grabbed her shoulder, and hissed, “Play dead and follow my lead!” She obediently dropped to the floor, her wand clattering quietly on the floor.

Tom leant down to pick it up, muttering, “I need you on the inside if this fails, so whatever happens, play innocent.” She murmured affirmative and he straightened up and flickered out of sight as Potter gasped Ginny’s name and ran towards her, dropping his own wand…

Draco watched Ginny’s facial expressions as she dreamt of her first-year in Hogwarts. They flickered between fear and shock, and as she dreamt on and the basilisk began to fight against Potter, it turned to worry and terror as the great snake slithered close to her head. Draco climbed out of his bed, and walked over to the sofa where she lay. He sat down on the floor, leaning back and watching her.

Potter was fighting against the basilisk as Tom bent down to whisper to Ginny, “Get close to Potter and stay close. That‘s an order, if this all fails.”

“Yes, Tom,” she murmured, keeping as still as she could.

“Remember, Ginny,” he said, “my older self is not so kind as I. This is me under the influence of Dumbledore and countless other ‘nice’ students. Do not try my patience and never show any emotion. And never make mistakes.”

“But Tom - “ she protested from her position on the floor.

“If Potter defeats me, go with my story and don’t let Dumbledore into your head,” he said. “And remember, I am not your friend. I used you to get what I wanted, and that’s all. The Dark Lord rewards loyalty, so be the most loyal servant he has.”

“Yes, Tom.”

Ginny stirred and Draco leapt to his feet and hurried back to his bed.

“Draco?” she murmured.

Remembering his dream from earlier, his pale face was tinted red as he replied, “Yes, Ginny?”

“Why am I here?” she groaned, stretching her neck and rubbing her eyes.

“You fell asleep on the sofa after we defeated Potter, so I decided to leave you there.”

“Sure…” she murmured, and sat up. “What time is it?”

“Um…half past three,” he replied.

“You wanted to talk to me about something?” she said suddenly.

“What?” he asked, then remembered when they were talking telepathically before the fight. “Oh, right…”

“Well?” she asked, and used her wand to change the colour of her tank top from white to red and pulled on some black leggings underneath her grey miniskirt.

“Look…” he started, then stopped and pulled a shirt on, not bothering with any buttons, then walked out onto the moonlit balcony. “You remember the night in the Leaky Cauldron?”

She had followed him onto the balcony, but now her eyes suddenly became wary and he felt Occlumency barriers crash down around her mind. “Yes?”

“And the night we all played Truth or Dare?”


“We kissed,” he said bluntly.


“We’ve been getting on so well over the last week; I don’t want to ruin any friendship, but I’ve wondered if it’s just me who want to be more than friends?” he looked away from her, freaked out by how he’d opened himself up to insult and hurt.

All he could hear was their breathing in the night air. Then he looked up and saw her smiling. She leant towards him and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes,” she smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist, shivering in the cool early morning air.

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Chapter 13: Haunted Memories
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- - - - -

“Ginny…” her name was hissed through the air and she cried out, her arms caught in the bed sheets.

“Leave me alone!” she sobbed, trying to extricate herself from the sheets. “It’s in the past now…”

The red eyes of Voldemort loomed over her and she screamed. “Let me go…for Godric’s sake, let me go!”

“Ginny!” Draco’s voice shattered the dream and she fully woke up, gasping and tears on her cheeks. “Ginny, what’s wrong?” he asked, and she heard the worry in his voice. She looked out of the window. It was still dark outside.

“Crap,” she muttered. “I spoke out loud, didn’t I?”

“Spoke?” he said incredulously. “You were screaming!”

She glared at him. “So what?”

“I want to know what’s wrong, Ginny,” he said, rolling his eyes. “People don’t scream in their sleep for no reason.”

“Nothing is wrong,” she insisted. “At least, not anymore.”

Draco eyed her doubtfully. He could tell she was telling mostly the truth, but whatever it was, she was being haunted by the memory of it. He sighed. “Are you planning to tell me what this is all about?”

She stared at him mutinously for a minute, then breathed out shakily. “Let me get dressed, ‘kay?”

“Sure,” he murmured and he watched her pull skinny jeans and a grey and white strapped t-shirt out of her bag, and retreat into the shower.

- - - - -

“What the fuck are we going to do?” Harry stormed up and down the tent, his mind racing, while Ron stared glumly into a cup of tea. “We need to get Hermione…and kill the bitch.” He glared at nothing in particular, clenching his fists as he thought of Ginny. His guilt had vanished overnight, it seemed. All he could feel was a coldhearted rage towards the girl he had used to care for, the one who had betrayed them all.

“I want to kill her,” Ron said quietly. “She used to be my sister, I want to do it.” Surprise filled Harry at that moment, and he glanced at Ron. The redheaded man didn’t look up from his cup of tea, but there was a quiet determination in his voice that Harry didn’t doubt. He gave a terse nod.

Harry flopped into the seat beside Ron at the table, and finally muttered, “I can’t believe she would do this to us.”

“We need to go speak to my mother,” Ron said firmly. “We need to tell her about Ginny and warn her.”

“Okay,” Harry said grudgingly. “But then we get back to rescuing Hermione.”

- - - - -

“Okay, so spill,” Draco was sat on the bed, watching Ginny. She swore under her breath and finished putting her earring in slowly, in no hurry to tell her story.

She flopped onto the bed next to him and swivelled to face him, legs crossed. He mirrored her.

“It’ll be easier for me to show you my memories,” she said softly, flinching as she began to remember some of her past.

She placed her fingertips lightly on his temples and the memories flooded his mind.

It was the summer between third- and fourth-year, and Ginny was at home. She had declined the opportunity to visit Romania for two weeks, and was alone in the house. A neighbour was supposed to be checking in on her twice a day, but they had been called away on urgent business and the Weasleys weren’t expecting any news for the next week.

Ginny poured herself a glass of water, sipping it as she watched the wind blowing the trees in the garden. It was sunny outside, but there was a hint of a chill; it hung in the air ominously, like a forewarning of something evil.

There was a knock at the door and she got up to answer it.

“Hello?” she opened the front door. Five hooded figures stood there, and the front one pulled her wand out. Bellatrix Lestrange smiled coldly.

“This is the one the Dark Lord wants.”

Ginny pulled her wand out and took out a Death Eater immediately with a stunner spell and hexed another’s wand hand, making him howl in pain, before the Death Eaters realised she had begun to attack. She turned and ran through the house, four Death Eaters after her.

Expelliarmus!” she cried and a Death Eater’s wand was blasted from their hand as they were flipped backwards into a stone wall, crumpling as they hit the floor.

Various shouts of “Crucio!” and “Stupefy!” came from behind her as she ran into the back garden, gasping in fear. She spun around, and picked off the two Death Eaters behind Bellatrix as they entered the garden.

Bellatrix smiled, her teeth bared, and delicately aimed her wand at Ginny’s chest.

“Give it up, Weasley.”

“Never!” Ginny snarled, and flashes of light erupted between the two women.

Fear had sharpened Ginny’s senses and she remembered a spell she had picked up in the Chamber Of Secrets from Tom Riddle. She said it in her head, flicked her wand, and a black horse erupted from her wand, charging through Bellatrix’s protective shields as if they were no more than mist. It lowered its head and a gleaming horn appeared on it’s forehead. “NO!” Ginny yelled and the horn disappeared as the horse’s head connected with Bellatrix’s chest, knocking the other woman flying.

Ginny ran towards Bellatrix, picked up her wand and pointed both wands at the Death Eater. “Give up.”

“She is good, isn’t she?” Voldemort’s cold voice came from behind Ginny and she spun around, the wands aimed at him.

“Stay away from me!” she gasped.

“You will do as I say, Ginny,” Voldemort said calmly, a smile on his face as he regarded the girl in front of him. “It has been a while since we last met.”

“Tom…” she breathed, and a childish longing for the friend she had made in her first-year flashed through her.

“You have three years of information on Potter for me, I presume,” Voldemort said coldly, ignoring her reaction. “You will come with me.”

He fastened his bony hand around her wrist, and tightened his grip so her fingers relaxed and he took the wands from her hand. He apparated, still gripping her wrist tightly.

Ginny withdrew her fingers from Draco’s head, shutting off the memory, a small cry erupting from her lips. “I can’t do it…” she muttered, her eyes closed, head in her hands.

He put his arms around her, and pulled her closer to him. “You’re okay, Ginny,” he whispered. “It’s just a memory.”

She laughed shakily, then straightened up and put her hands back on his face.

Crucio!” Voldemort shrieked and unimaginable pain spread through her body, burning through her limbs as she cried out for relief. She could feel her blood boiling in her veins and whimpered as breathing was putting her in too much agony. She held her breath in an attempt to escape the pain, and the world began to blur before her eyes in what seemed like forever. Spots of colour danced across her vision and she felt herself fading away from the pain, and she smiled gratefully, still not breathing.

She could hear Death Eaters laughing in the background as she fell into a swirling void of colour.

Draco shook his head, disgust at the Death Eaters’ behaviour on his face, shock as he once again recalled the pain that had flooded her body.

“Do you want me to stop?” Ginny asked, her eyes full of concern.

“No,” he gritted his teeth. “I want to know.”

The cell was dark, cold, wet; it hurt to breathe and it was agony to cough. Twice a day, the Dark Lord would take her out of her cell, torture her until she nearly went out of her mind with the pain, then leave her crumpled on the floor. Never did she scream for relief.

The week had passed so slowly, but Ginny began to realise that she had little chance of escaping. Then, on the eighth day of her captivity, five days before her family were due back, the Dark Lord sent for her.

It physically hurt Draco to see how she had been treated. She had become acceptant of her torture, but this feeling revolted him. How could anyone accept torture as part of their life?

“Ginny Riddle,” he hissed, and she jerked her head up, exhausted but surprised.

“I don’t understand, my Lord,” she whispered, trying to keep her voice steady.

“What is it you don’t understand?” he asked coldly.

“W - why you are hurting me. Why you called me Riddle. Why I’m even here.”

“I have tested your loyalty, and you have passed. And I require you as an integral part of my plan to kill Harry Potter.”

“Yes, Tom,” she muttered, too tired from her sleepless nights to care too much about anything anymore.

Draco listened as Voldemort explained how Ginny was related to him, but nothing could conceal the absolute disgust he felt at her ordeal.

“Draco, breathe,” she murmured, withdrawing her hands from his face. “Trust me, breathing is good - I should know.”

“How could he do that to you?” Draco whispered, his voice heavy with shock.

“He is our master, Draco, and he must do what he sees fit. He returned me to the Weasley household in time, and they never knew.” She sounded mechanical, as if she was saying something she had been ordered to say.

“Ginny, that isn’t how you feel,” he said.

“That’s true,” she whispered, and then let the tears fall. “I - I dream about it…I can still feel the flames when he set my clothes and hair on fire…”

“That wasn’t in the memory…!” Draco exclaimed.

“I didn’t show you all of it, Draco,” she sighed. “Some things no one else should go through.”

“Some things you shouldn’t keep hidden away.”

She cried until she had no more tears left in his arms.

- - - - -

“Sit down, Mrs Weasley,” Harry said quietly, and pulled out a chair for her. Mr Weasley stood behind her, their faces worried.

“What is it, Harry?” Mrs Weasley asked. “Where’s Hermione?”

Harry ignored her last question. “It’s about Ginny.”

Mrs Weasley’s face fell. “She’s not…?”

“No! No, no,” Harry exclaimed. “She’s perfectly alive…” he glared at the floor, as if resenting this fact. The stab of rage was poorly concealed, and he noticed Ron’s parents sharing a glance of confusion.

“Then what is it, dear?” Mrs Weasley looked perplexed. “Where is she?”

“She…is at Malfoy Manor.”

“What?” Mr Weasley asked, shock written all over his face. “Is she okay? Did they hurt her? Where is she? Did you get her out?”

“Dad!” Ron shut him up. “She’s fine. Totally fine.” Ron too looked annoyed at this fact.

“I don’t understand,” Mrs Weasley pursed her lips. “Ginny is fine, but she’s at Malfoy Manor.”

“Ginny…is a Death Eater.”

There was a long silence in the kitchen, then Mrs Weasley sighed. “I knew it.”

Ron and Harry shared a look of surprise, then Harry prompted her, “Well? How did you know?”

“We never told anybody, boys,” Mr Weasley said, his eyes sad. “But your sister, Ron, is not your sister after all.”

“What the - ”

Harry nudged Ron in the ribs before he could start swearing, then asked, “Whose child is she then?”

Mr Weasley took a deep breath, his knuckles white where he clutched the chair, and said quickly, “Ginny is related to You-Know-Who.”

“What the fu - ”

“You didn’t think to tell us?” Ron elbowed Harry to keep him from swearing, and asked his question in a shaking voice.

“She is his second-cousin, through her father. We took her in on Dumbledore’s orders. It is in her genes, I suppose, to fight on his side,” Mrs Weasley seemed resigned to her adopted daughter’s choice. “We failed as parents.”

“Boys, it’s a long story,” Mr Weasley gestured to the seats, a sad look upon his face. “We’ll tell you about it now, if you have the time?” The boys nodded.

Arthur touched the still little body. He felt no disgust for the dead baby, only sadness that threatened to suffocate him. It was another little girl. The second since Ron was born. His two year old son had no idea about the still-births; neither did any of the other boys. Maybe that was how it was meant to be. Maybe he and Molly couldn’t have a daughter.

The fire crackled emerald green and Dumbledore appeared there, holding a small bundle of rags in one arm, brushing soot off his robes with the other. “Good day, Arthur,” the older man said, then noticed the darkness outside. “Or should I say, good night.”

Arthur stared at him mutely, his arms tightening protectively around the white little body he cradled in his arms. Dumbledore sighed. “I am so sorry to hear of your loss, Arthur,” he said sadly. “And I’m also sorry that I must be the one to do this to you.”

He held out the bundle of blankets to Arthur. In the warm cocoon, a baby girl stared up at them with startling green eyes, which she blinked as Arthur approached. “Whose is she?” he asked.

“She’s a Riddle,” Dumbledore said softly. “Ginevra Cassandra Riddle, one year old. The Dark Lord’s second cousin. Her mother and father are dead. It’s pure luck that we got to her before the Dark Lord’s followers did.”

“Why is You-Know-Who interested in a baby girl?” Arthur drank in her appearance, including the red hair that framed her face. It was the wrong shade of red for a Weasley; it was a beautiful dark red with streaks of bright red, easily distinguishable from the trademark Weasley ginger.

“Her parents, Korin and Sikliana, have been his servants for years. This baby has been taken to Death Eater meetings since the day she was born. The Dark Lord has a special interest in her; her magical powers showed themselves when she was two weeks old.”

Despite his gathering depression, Arthur still felt shocked as he took in that piece of information. “Two WEEKS? Normal children - You-Know-Who included - don’t normally reveal themselves to be magical until they’re at least eight years old - ten is the normal!”

“Arthur.” Dumbledore’s voice pulled him out of his state of awe and back into the future. “I know this might seem insensitive, but I must ask you to take in this child. People will hunt her down, but they will never find her here.” His blue eyes bored into Arthur’s and he found himself nodding.

“Thank you, my friend. I shall take care of your sons’ memories, modify them so that they remember the birth of their new sister. Oh, and Arthur,” Dumbledore placed the young Ginny on the coffee table, where she lay almost as still as the dead baby in Arthur’s arms. “I truly am sorry for your loss.”

The old wizard disappeared in a flash of green flames. Arthur placed the dead child on the table beside the one-year-old with the glittering green eyes. “Those will have to go, if you’re staying with us,” he muttered to her, and pointed his wand at them. As the green eyes faded into a less recognisable brown, Ginny Riddle was no more. In her place was Ginny Weasley, the newest member of the family.

“Shit…” Harry muttered, memories of the Chamber of Secrets flooding his mind, and he only vaguely registered Mrs Weasley crying. “He had her from an early stage…her first year at Hogwarts…”

Ron looked bemused for a moment, then gasped, “The Chamber of Secrets! He had contact with her ever since she was eleven…”

- - - - -

Ginny had cleaned herself up, spent forever on her hair and make-up, but eventually she had to leave her bedroom and face Draco. She was embarrassed about earlier, crying on his shoulder, and hoped he’d forget it.

“Are you okay?” he asked, leaning against the wall outside her room.

No such luck. “I’m fine,” she said, carefully averting her eyes from him.

He laughed. “You don’t have to be embarrassed, Ginny. I saw those memories, remember? You had plenty to cry about.”

“How are Theo, Blaise and Damien going to take the news about…us?” she asked, changing the subject.

“Probably going to curse me to hell,” Draco chuckled, then slung his arm around her waist, “but seeing as I’m going to hell anyway…” he kissed her softly.

She kissed him back for a while, then pulled away, leaning her head on his shoulder. “You aren’t one of the jealous types?” she asked.

“I might be,” he gave her a small smile.

“Then be prepared…I don’t think those three will give up that easily,” she laughed and took his hand, pulling him towards the dining room.

- - - - -

The tent felt even colder than usual after they left the Burrow. There was no Hermione to cast the pretty blue flames they used to keep warm, and it was only the middle of February. Huddled in cloaks, Harry and Ron sat at the dining table, thinking in silence.

Time was ticking past slowly, as Harry thought of Hermione. He remembered her pretty brown eyes that held so much knowledge, her hands with little paper cuts from the books she read, her boring dress sense that he loved. Maybe that was why he had never gone for Ginny until sixth-year; she was too conscious of her appearance. She had always had careful make-up, impeccable taste and beautiful clothes that always looked good on her.

He knew looks could be deceiving; he never really realised how deceiving they really were.

- - - - -

“A party?” she repeated, horrified.

It had been nearly a month since she and Draco had become an item, and they were still together. He stood by and helped her get through the sessions in which she tortured Hermione for information, which always left her drained and exhausted, while she was his confidant - he told her everything, while she kept him from sinking into depression with her gentle teasing and sunny laugh, distracting him from stressing over his fraught relationship with his parents and her safety as a Death Eater.

Draco laughed at the expression on her face, as did the other three boys. They had yet to tell Theo, Blaise and Damien that they were a couple, and as a result, Draco could tell from their thoughts they were all planning on being Ginny’s escort to the party.

“Yes, a party,” Theo confirmed, smiling. “As in the ones you have to dress up for.”

“Oh.” She was subdued. “What do I wear?”

Damien laughed, as did Blaise, who was looking at Ginny appraisingly. “You wear whatever you feel like, sweetie,” Damien grinned. “But people will judge you.”

Ginny was silent, staring at her lap with vacant eyes. Draco reached out to her mind, and she barely acknowledged him as she thought.

Oh, shit, she thought. This is just my luck. A party. A PARTY. Like I don’t have enough to deal with in the Potter case, I have to get involved in the stupid upper-class politics thing.

Draco snorted with laughter, getting a strange look from the other boys.

Don’t laugh! she complained. It actually isn’t funny. I have nothing to wear…!

No panicking, he instructed her. We have loads of old clothes you can borrow.

You think I should wear old clothes? she asked, doubtful.

Not that kind of old clothes, he sighed inwardly at the picture of dirty overalls in her head. My mother has some last season gowns that would fit you perfectly.

Great, she moaned. I’m the same size as Draco Malfoy’s mum.

“So, Ginny,” Damien said nervously, having lost some of the cocky attitude. “You got an escort to the party?”

She gave him a sweet smile. “Actually, Draco’s agreed to show me the ropes this time, so I’ll be fine, thanks. But it’s really nice of you to offer.”

He smiled proudly, unsure of whether to be annoyed Draco had beaten him to it or happy she’d complimented him.

“Stupid upper-class politics,” she muttered under her breath. “Why’s it so damn complicated?” Her words were heard by the Slytherin boys who thought she was hilarious.

Sorry about them. Draco was looking at her from across the table, his blue eyes staring into her purple ones.

Look, don’t worry about it, ‘kay? she said absentmindedly, still panicking about what she was going to wear.

She could see him rolling his eyes. For Merlin’s sake, woman, he groaned silently. Leave the clothes to me.

That’ll be the day, she retorted. I am not letting you choose my clothes. End of.

- - - - -

She screamed for release, the agony crushing her thoughts for dignity and silence, encouraging the thoughts of desperation, and above all, the wish for death.

“Tell me, mudblood!” Bellatrix hissed, and the cruciatus curse hit her again. Hermione shrieked in agony. “Where is Potter?”

“I don’t know…not anymore…” she breathed, cowering on the floor of her cell.

“Aunt Bella…” the cold voice that Hermione remembered from six years at Hogwarts echoed across the dungeons.

“Draco,” Bellatrix acknowledged, then turned her wand on Hermione again. “I will only ask so many times, mudblood, then you will truly feel pain…”

Hermione gasped, feeling blood run from her nose, wondering vaguely how anything could be more painful.

“Bellatrix.” Hermione knew that voice too, and it evoked such a powerful anger in her, she managed to pull herself to her feet, gripping the bars tightly.

“You!” she hissed, as she did every time Ginny came down to the dungeons, nearly everyday.

Ginny looked at Hermione in disgust. “Good Godric, mudblood,” she smirked. “And I used to think you could look no worse.”

Draco laughed.

“Weasley!” Bellatrix growled. “I’m interrogating the prisoner!”

“Wrong, Bella,” Ginny said easily. “One, I’m not a Weasley, and two, you aren’t interrogating her. I am.”

Bellatrix swelled in rage. “How very dare you!”

“The Dark Lord put me in control of the Potter case, did he not?” Ginny asked, an eyebrow raised. “Then therefore, I will interrogate the mudblood. And you know as well as I that you should not speak to the Dark Lord’s second-cousin like that.”

Hermione gave a quiet gasp, as Bellatrix reluctantly bowed to Ginny and left the dungeons, her eyes flashing furiously.

The torch light in the dungeons glittered in Ginny’s eyes as she leant towards the bars of Hermione’s cell. “Do you have a problem about my connections to the Dark Lord?” she hissed.

“No,” Hermione whispered. “But Ginny, I don’t understand why…”

“What is it, mudblood?”

“Why you hate me so much.”

Ginny laughed. “Do you have no pride?” she hissed, malice in her eyes. “I was tortured by the Dark Lord himself for a week when I was thirteen. I stood my ordeal in silence, never once crying out for help. But you, filthy mudblood, have the audacity to believe that you can be as good as an eternity of magic and better than someone whose blood is the very essence of magic!”

Her face was twisted in fury as she continued, “Yet when we have you here, enduring the pain that we have all withstood before, we soon find out what you are made of… muggle.”

Hermione was speechless and slid down the bars to the floor. “I’m so sorry, Ginny…” she breathed. “I’m sorry you had to endure that.”

“You think I want your pity?” Ginny cried. “That’s why I hated Gryffindor…they believed us Slytherins to be cowards, yet here I stand, risking my life for my beliefs. They believed us to be liars, yet here I stand, fighting for my right to tell the truth. All those years, I endured them belittling my true house, my true nature, unable to speak up, while Potter cowardly hid behind Dumbledore, Sirius Black, his parents…and yet I am forever doomed to be a weak coward.”

Draco had stood by Ginny as she spoke, and he put his arms around her waist as she finished, brushing a lock of red and black hair from her face. Ginny leant her head back against his chest, whispered a few words that only he could hear.

Hermione watched their display of affection. All she could think of at first was that Ginny and Draco were a couple, that Ginny was truly a Slytherin, that Ginny truly hated her.

Then as a shadow fell against Draco’s hair as he whispered back to the girl in his arms, Hermione remembered the black-haired boy she had been separated from. She closed her eyes and saw only his green ones staring back at her.

- - - - -

“Am I doing okay, Draco?” Ginny whispered as she settled into his arms, after screaming at the mudblood.

“You’re fine, Ginny,” he breathed in her ear. “She’s scared of you.”

“I don’t want to kill her, Draco,” Ginny’s voice was almost inaudible, but he could still hear the tremor of fear.

“See if she speaks without using torture, first,” he whispered.

“Mudblood!” Ginny said authoritatively, stepping out of Draco’s embrace. “What is Potter’s plan to defeat the Dark Lord?”

Hermione looked up, broken from her daydreams of Harry. She smiled slightly. “You thought I would be that easy?” she bowed her head, waiting for the first curse to hit her.

“No, but that’s what Potter thought, I think,” Ginny’s voice was full of mocking.

“Get out of my head!” Hermione shrieked, realising that Ginny was looking through her memories; specifically, the memory of the first time she and Harry had made love.

“What will the Weasleys think, Hermione?” Ginny said quietly, a sly smile on her face. “Hurting Ron like that…”

“Shut up!” Hermione shouted, her mind racing as she tried to remember Harry’s descriptions of Occlumency. This was worse than the usual torture, much worse. She could feel Ginny in her head, poking at her memories and ridiculing her emotions, and it disgusted her.

“You know as well as I do, Hermione, that you’ve lost,” Ginny was right up against the bars now, a smirk on her pretty face. “Why not just spare yourself the pain?”

“I won’t let Harry down!”

“You mean the boy who slept with you and has pretended nothing has happened since? Who won’t even tell his best friend about you? Who hasn’t attempted to rescue you? Who was using you to get over me?” Ginny’s voice was just a hiss, but in the silent dungeons, it was easily heard over Hermione’s panicked breathing.

Despite everything, Hermione managed a tiny smile. “When I get you alone, Ginny, I swear, you will regret the day you were born.”

Ginny and Draco’s laughter echoed through the dungeons, combining with Hermione’s screams.

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Chapter 14: Preparation
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The room was lit only by a roaring fire in the fireplace, where the blond boy sat reading a book. The door clattered open, blowing pages of his book and making him lose his place. He looked up to see a blond woman standing in the doorway, watching him.


“You and the Dark Lord’s cousin?” Narcissa Malfoy’s voice was cool and calm as she watched her son wince.


“Second-cousin, to be accurate,” he said, “and how did you know?”


“I won’t have it,” she hissed, her blue eyes igniting in fury as she crossed the room and sat in the chair opposite him beside the fire.


“Mother - ”


“It’s time you stopped messing about, Draco,” she said vehemently. “I won’t allow you to marry a girl like that.”


“A girl like what?”


“A filthy blood traitor! She was the adopted child of the Weasley Blood-Traitors!”


“She is no traitor to her blood!” he spat, anger lacing his voice. “And I don’t care who adopted her, she is a tri-blood, the Dark Lord’s second-cousin, and she makes me happy. That should be enough for you.” He rose out of his chair by the fire and stormed out of the room.


“I’m afraid it isn’t,” she whispered quietly, noting the depth of his feelings and considering the only option she had left.


- - - - -

Ginny touched the beautiful silk gown that Draco held out, awe written on her face. It was a lovely sea green, with a low cut neckline and a flowing skirt. It was a simple design that she loved on sight.


“Well? Do you like it?” he asked impatiently, tapping his foot.


“It’s so pretty…” she breathed. “This is your mother’s last season outfit?” He shifted uncomfortably, and she rounded on him. “Are you saying this is new?”


“No! Of course it isn‘t!” he lied flawlessly, and he would have gotten away with it if she hadn’t read his thoughts at that particular moment.


“Draco, you know…” she was flushed red with anger and discomfort. “You know I don’t want your charity!”


“Yes, I know - ”


“Take the stupid dress and get out!” she fumed, her hot temper overruling everything else. “And screw your stupid party too!”


He sprinted from the room, clutching the dress, ducking as she threw an ornament at his head.


She ran to the door and slammed it shut, leaning against it. She sighed. Money was a touchy subject for her, and she knew he hadn’t meant to offend her, but the thought of how much that dress was worth made her groan. She opened the door.


“Draco?” she looked up and down the corridor. It was empty. She sighed and leant against the doorway. Then she noticed the dress hanging from the spear of a suit of armour. There was a quick note attached to it.


Ginny, it read. Take the stupid dress and don’t be so damn stubborn. She smiled slightly. I’ll see you about 5 o’clock tonight. Don’t be late. His name was signed with a flourish. She touched where he had scribbled the words in a hurry and unhooked the dress from the statue, walking into her room.


“Having fun?” Narcissa Malfoy was sat on Ginny’s bed, her cold blue eyes staring at the girl.


“Lady Malfoy,” Ginny curtseyed, wondering what the Malfoy matriarch wanted with her.


Narcissa got to her feet and walked over to Ginny, her eyes glittering with malice. She stopped a few feet away from the younger woman, and hissed, “Stay away from my son.”


Ginny looked surprised, and struggled to conceal it. “My Lady?”


“I don’t want you corrupting my son with your muggle-loving ways,” Narcissa stepped even closer to her and stared her down.


“But, My Lady…”


“Enough!” she snapped. “If you do not relinquish your hold on Draco, I will be forced to take actions I would not have considered before. Good day.”


Lady Malfoy swept from Ginny’s room, leaving the girl confused and upset.


- - - - -

Her hair back to the beautiful red it had been previously, neatly curled, and the charm on her purple eyes faded back to brown, Ginny had carefully applied her make-up and looked stunning in her dress.


Draco looked at her with a small, triumphant smirk as she shut her bedroom door, whisking the skirt of the green dress out of the door before it shut. She took a moment to breathe, her finger toying with a red curl absent-mindedly, before she felt his eyes on her face.


She looked up and met his grey gaze, and lost herself temporarily as she pondered how his eyes caught the light, how the flecks of blue only showed up when his face was in shadow, and how it made her stomach do backflips when he looked at her intensely.


She noticed his amused smirk, and frowned slightly. “What’s so funny?”


“Nothing,” he said quickly. “You…are wearing the dress, that’s all.” And you’re bloody gorgeous, he added in his head.




They began to walk along the corridor, towards one of the main ballrooms of the manor. She was uncharacteristically silent, he noticed, and when he reached towards her mind with his own, he caught only a brief glimpse of confusion and true fear before she employed Occlumency against him.


“Ginny, is something wrong?” he said suspiciously, and he reached out and caught her elbow, jerking her to a stop and turning her to face him.


She refused to look at him again. “Nothing…” she repeated what he had said earlier, but failed to elaborate.


She tried to start walking again, but he held onto her arm. “Ginny, I’m not stupid,” he said in frustration. “What’s the matter?”


“Nothing, okay?” she said, a hint of desperation in her voice as she tried to conceal her thoughts about his mother from him. “I don’t want to talk about it.”


He sighed in defeat, although she noticed his eyes were still sharp and curious as he began to walk again. “Are you nervous about tonight?” he said casually, watching her reaction carefully.


She shrugged indifferently, and replied, “No. Should I be?”


He laughed quietly. “I suppose not, although some might think you should.”


She gave only the quickest of small smiles, and he yelled in silent frustration inside his head that he hadn’t found the reason for her odd behaviour yet.


But this feeling was overwhelmed by his urge to protect her and make her happy, and he had a feeling he was failing at these as he saw her biting her lip anxiously. Her brown eyes flicked upwards and met his again, and he saw a mixture of confusion, alarm, nervousness, before they softened with a happier expression when he smiled at her.


Draco put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him as they walked, and she sighed happily as she leant into his shoulder.


He could feel her shaking, and both of them knew it wasn’t from the cold.


- - - - -

“Can we get the Order Of The Phoenix to help us with Hermione’s rescue?” Ron asked, his face screwed up in confusion.


The two boys had had this conversation many times before, and both knew what Harry would say next. “We could,” Harry replied, but his expression was full of loathing at the idea. “I don’t want them to risk their lives on a dangerous mission into the Death Eater stronghold. And would they really fight, knowing that one of the masked enemy was Ginny?”


The two boys fell silent for a while, both silently acknowledging that Ron’s family made up a large part of the Order; they would not agree to killing or harming a family member.


Ron sighed, and Harry looked at him as he spoke hesitantly. “Harry…do you intend to kill her?”


The question was difficult, and Harry thought it over for several minutes before replying, “If I can avoid it…”


Ron smiled gratefully in reply. “Thank you…I don’t want to see you kill her…she might be an evil bitch, but she was my sister for so many years…”


Harry nodded, unable to control the Voldemort-like lust for revenge that rose in him when he heard her name.


- - - - -

Ginny slipped into the dark corridor, breathing a sigh of relief. The party was full of Slytherins from school and their influential parents, and she felt totally inadequate in her simple dress and little jewellery. Jewellery, she scoffed to herself. It was only a small silver charm bracelet she had had since she was born.


She hurried along the corridor, until she could no longer hear the sounds of the party behind her - the violins playing and the chatting of the many guests.

The party was worse than she had anticipated, she thought, wincing at the expression on people’s faces when she was introduced with Draco. Pansy Parkinson, garbed in a ridiculous gown that was supposedly the latest fashion, had looked scandalised and screeched loudly, “Draco, what in the name of Merlin is she doing here?”


The news of her defection to the Dark Lord had been a rumour among the upper-class that the Malfoys associated with, but few had truly believed that a ‘Weasley’ would betray her family for the Dark Lord, leaving her distrusted and ostracised.


The evening had gotten worse as it continued, she thought, leaning against the wall of the corridor and slipping down it to sit on the floor. She had been eyed up by all the males in the room, young and old, and as such, had been blushing furiously throughout the night. Parkinson and the other girls her age, used to ruling the roost at these parties, had noticed her fiery cheeks, and promptly begun to spread rumours among the guests - namely, that she was a dirt-poor prostitute and slept with men to pay for her school supplies.


Ginny flinched as she remembered a middle-aged man walking up to her where she sat alone in a corner, offering her money for ‘a quick one’. She had pushed him away from her in disgust, hiding in the bathroom for fifteen minutes trying not to cry.


She had left the bathroom and returned to the ballroom, unable to meet anyone’s gaze, going a fiery red every time someone so much as moved near her, wishing the evening to end. Draco was her sole comfort of the night, but he was forced, due to his position as the heir to the Malfoy estate, to dance with several possible suitors, and talk with many men eager to go into business with him. He had touched her mind with Legilimency a few times, and she was careful to hide her feelings from him, including the encounter with his mother from earlier. She had pretended to be enjoying herself, but she did not know if he had believed her lies…after all, he had been inside her head as she lied.


Four hours of being ignored, or worse, noticed, had made her snap, and she had quietly left the room while Draco danced with Parkinson, wishing she had never agreed to this stupid party.


She smiled ruefully to herself as she sat against the wall, knowing it was her own stupid fault. She had agreed to come, Draco had not forced her at all, and therefore she was entirely to blame for her predicament now.


Nevertheless, she was relieved to have escaped the party, and decided to herself that staying here in the corridor was preferable to returning to the ballroom. Her thoughts turned to Draco again, and tried to squash the feeling of jealousy as she thought of all the women he had danced with and entertained. Was she really that special? He had only said a few words to her the entire evening, always being distracted by something else, leaving her to her own devices.


But nothing could destroy the deep sense of gratitude she felt at escaping the party. “Thank you, Merlin,” she whispered to herself.


“For what, exactly?” a voice asked quietly and she looked around, startled, already climbing to her feet as she searched for an excuse to explain why she had left the party.


“I…I was just…” she stammered, focusing on her feet. “I was just feeling a bit ill, that’s all.”


The person sighed in amusement. “You really are the most terrible liar, Ginny.”


She looked up and found Draco’s grey eyes staring into hers. He was closer than she had expected, and she stepped back in surprise. “Draco…” she breathed, panicking as she tried to think of something positive to say about the party.


“Stop worrying,” he said exasperatedly, rolling his eyes. “I hate these things as much as you do.”


“Impossible,” she muttered, and he laughed quietly in amusement. “I’m serious, Draco,” she continued. “I hate it. At least people want to know who you are!”


“Maybe that’s not such a good thing,” he replied quietly.


“It’s better than being known as a common whore!” she cried out, and his eyes darted to her face, darkening with anger.


“Who said that?” he demanded, and she took another step away from him, suddenly fearful at his flare of anger.


“Nobody…” she whispered, deciding not to upset the upper-class society anymore than she had already by telling on Parkinson. “Forget I said anything.”


“It was Parkinson, wasn’t it?” he said furiously. “That stupid bitch…she doesn’t know anything about you!”


She didn’t respond to his accusation, refusing to confirm his thoughts.


“For Merlin’s Sake, Ginny!” he said impatiently. “Don’t be so damn noble…anyone would think you weren’t a Slytherin.”


She laughed despite herself. “It was Pansy, okay? But don’t do anything stupid, or I’ll kill you.”


He laughed as well. “I’m terrified,” he teased, and took a step nearer to her, holding out his hands. She sighed and allowed him to take hold of her, closing her eyes as he pulled her to his chest. She was so wound up with annoyance at herself, for agreeing to come to this stupid party, wearing the goddamn dress…


“What’s wrong with the dress?” Draco said, sounding hurt.


“Get out of my thoughts!” she buried her face in his shirt to hide the blush creeping up her face. “And there’s nothing wrong with it,” she admitted. “Except…never mind.”


“Tell me!” he insisted, tightening his arms around her.


“I…I just don’t feel worthy of you,” she confessed, glad her face was hidden in his shirt. “And no amount of fancy clothing is going to change that.”


He chuckled at her words, and she began to protest that she was deadly serious, but he ignored her and released his grip on her, pushing her against the wall of the corridor. “Worthy?” he asked. “You are the only person I have ever met who has been worthy of me.”


He heard her mutter, “Bloody Malfoys and their egos,” and smiled disarmingly at her, watching the red blush creeping across her neck. He slipped his arms around her back and kissed her neck softly, hearing her moan quietly in his ear. He kissed her shoulder, her collarbone slowly, then she put her hand on his cheek and their lips found each other in the half-darkness. Draco had a hand in her pretty red curly hair, his other arm around her waist, while she had her hands on his back, pulling them closer together.


They broke apart, breathless, and Ginny saw the moonlight shining on his face as his dark eyes flickered over her. Unable to stand the intensity of his gaze for too long, she rested her head on his chest again, her shaky breaths mixing with his in the moonlit corridor.


“We should get back,” she finally whispered when she had gained control of her voice, but she couldn’t stop the note of loathing in her voice as she continued, “No doubt Parkinson and her followers are missing you.”


He laughed and pulled her closer to him. “What if I don’t care?”


“You should care,” she said bitterly. “Your parents do.” Shit…his mother, she thought, panicking to herself as she tried to think logically.


“Ginny?” he asked her, noticing her suddenly closed mind, wondering why she would not allow him to see her thoughts.


“You are going back,” she insisted, wondering if Narcissa had noticed Draco’s absence yet, and tried to break his grip on her, frightened of the repercussions if the Malfoy matriarch had noticed their combined disappearance. He held her tighter.


“Not without you.”


She glared at him furiously. “I already confessed to hating this event…don’t make me go back.”


“That’s the whole point,” Draco replied, enjoying himself enormously. “We don’t go back at all.”


“Then you underestimate me,” she replied, breaking his hold on her and taking his hand instead. “We are going back, and I want you to know that it is all your fault when I break your heart in an attempt to escape.”


“Not funny,” he muttered, and allowed her to pull him back towards the party.

- - - - -

“Did Charlie send a reply?” Harry asked Mrs Weasley as the Order filled the tiny kitchen of the Burrow, murmuring excitedly among themselves at the sight of the Boy Who Lived.


The only person noticeably absent was Percy, and he had shown no sign of admitting he was wrong about the Ministry and rejoining his family.


“I don’t know, Harry…” Mrs Weasley fretted, wringing her hands. “It’s been so chaotic…there he is!” she pointed out of the window and he turned to see Charlie, Bill and Fleur walking across the moonlit lawn towards them.


“Good…quiet everyone!” Harry yelled as the three newcomers were greeted loudly on their entrance. They fell silent, listening to their ‘mascot’ speak.


“Thank you for coming…” he nodded to Tonks, Lupin and Hagrid, who was sat on the floor at the back. “As you all know, a…misfortune befell us on our travels and You-Know-Who has managed to capture Hermione Granger.”


There was a small murmur of people offering condolences, but Harry silenced them with a look. “There are several complications, however, meaning this is not a straightforward raid. First off, she is being held in the dungeons of Malfoy Manor, which as you all know, is the centre for Death Eater activity, and is You-Know-Who’s base in England.” He hesitated, unsure of how to phrase Ginny’s betrayal. Only he, Ron and Mr and Mrs Weasley knew the truth about her disappearance.


“Get on with it, Harry,” George grinned. “It can’t be that bad, this second point.”


“It is bad,” Harry said, removing emotion from his voice. “We know for a fact that one of the Death Eaters stationed at Malfoy Manor is Ginny Weasley.” He felt sick as he thought of her betrayal…he remembered how she used to respond to his touch, the first night they had made love, and compared it to the vicious witch who had threatened him at the manor a month ago.


“Is this a joke?” Fred asked incredulously, staring at Harry. “Because, mate, that isn’t funny.”


“It isn’t a joke,” Harry said tiredly. “She was the one who caught Hermione. We saw her.”








The names echoed in Harry’s head as slowly, Ginny’s old family began to join in with the name-calling, abandoning their only sister. Harry could only feel the burning hatred within him as he added “Cheating skank” to the list.


- - - - -

Ginny smiled wryly to herself as she sat in the corner, watching Draco talking with several older men looking to invest in his father’s businesses.


He had wanted to stay with her, not leave her on her own, but she had taken her hand away from his and re-entered the ballroom before him, mingling with the crowd and disappearing before he could see where she had gone. She accepted she didn’t fit in with this crowd and was determined he shouldn’t be dragged down by association.


He hadn’t seen her since then, she had made sure of that. She had used her power of using magic without a wand to create an illusion of an empty seat where she was sat in her corner. However, it was only hiding her from him, and not from any other person seeking her out, as she found out in the next minute.


“Ahem.” Ginny turned away from watching Draco to see Pansy Parkinson and her little gang of hangers-on standing right next to her.


“What a…pleasant surprise,” Ginny said sarcastically, allowing the illusion to fade, hoping that even if Draco did see her, he wouldn’t come over while she was talking to Pansy.


The other girl already looked infuriated. “Ginevra Weasley, is that right?” she hissed.


“No,” Ginny replied. “Ginny Riddle, if we’re being honest.”


Pansy and her gang evidently didn’t understand the link between Ginny’s name and the Dark Lord’s old name, as Pansy continued, “I don’t give a shit what your name is, if we’re being honest, you whore, but I want you to get Draco Malfoy out of your head. I’ve seen you staring at him like a stupid little girl with a crush, and he’s mine.”


Ginny faked surprise. “He’s yours? Like, you’re getting married and everything?”


Pansy shifted uncomfortably. “We probably will, in the future…”


“So it isn’t even definitely going to happen?” Ginny questioned, her look of total innocence ruined by a small smile flashing across her face at the look of rage on Pansy’s.


“Nobody speaks to me like that,” the older girl hissed and threw her drink over Ginny. Some of the champagne went in Ginny’s eye but she smiled anyway and picked up the jug of water from the table she sat out, and without a moment’s hesitation, poured it over Pansy’s head.


Ginny was fumbling for a napkin to dab at her smarting eye when she heard Draco’s amused voice behind her. “Is something the matter, ladies?”


Ginny held the napkin to her eye and turned to face him. Blaise, Theo and Damien were standing with Draco and all four boys were trying to contain their mirth at the sight of Pansy dripping wet.


“Everything’s fine - ” Ginny began, but Pansy rushed towards Draco, interrupting her.


“Draco, you must throw that awful girl out!” she was ordering, stopping very close to him and pushing her sopping hair out of her eyes to look up at him.


Draco leant down and whispered in Pansy’s ear. “If you ever call Ginny a whore again, I will kill you.” Pansy stood, dumbstruck, for a moment, then stormed off.

Ginny winced as the napkin did little to stop the smarting of the champagne in her eye.


“Here…” Draco stepped closer to her and whispered, “Occoilus Tergeo.” Her eye was suddenly clean and she noticed he didn’t have his wand out. She looked at him in surprise.


I thought I was the only one who could do magic without a wand, she complained.


Evidently not, he replied teasingly. He then drew his wand for the sake of his watching friends and cleaned the rest of the champagne off her dress magically.


Damien, Theo and Blaise were still laughing at how Pansy had looked when Ginny poured the water over her when he whispered in her ear, “I’ve been looking for you.” She sensed his hurt at the way she had abandoned him after their kiss in the corridor, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell him that she was terrified of his mother finding out she hadn’t broken up with him yet.


“Ginny, can I have this dance?” Draco asked her, loud enough for his friends to hear. They stopped laughing, and began to look a bit jealous that he had asked her first. A waltz had begun and she looked at him with frantic eyes.


I can’t let everyone know about us, Draco, she said in her head.


Why not? he asked. Are you ashamed of me? She could sense the hurt in his thought.




Then why -


“Yes,” she said out loud, drowning out his question so she wouldn’t have to answer it. “I’d love to dance.”


He took her hand and led her to the floor. “I assume you know how to waltz?” he asked.


Ginny shook her head. “In the normal world, we didn’t need to know how to waltz.”


He put his hands on her waist and she put her arms around his neck, and they slow danced to the music instead of waltzing. This was quickly copied by several other young couples.


He was quiet for a moment, then he laughed. “Ginny, that was my toe.”


“I know,” she said, a mischievous glint in her eye.




“And again,” she looked perfectly innocent, but he winced as she deliberately stepped on his toes.


“Ouch!” he exclaimed again.


“It only stops when you apologise for making me come back to this stupid party,” she smiled sweetly at him, and caught her breath as he looked down at her with his serious grey eyes.


“I’m extremely sorry I made you return to the party,” he said solemnly, then his face spread into a wicked grin. “Even though it was your choice to return.”


“And that was going to be a perfect apology,” she sighed. “I didn’t choose to, anyway. You couldn’t go skiving your own party, so I had to make you come back.”


“Sure, whatever,” he said, and winced as she crushed his foot on purpose again.


“Draco…” she asked quietly, and he couldn’t help the feeling of elation he got when she said his name springing to the surface. “Draco, does the Dark Lord know you can perform magic without a wand, like me?”


“Yes,” he replied.


“Why didn’t you or he tell me?”


“Was there a reason to?”


She looked away from him, sounding hurt. “I thought we shared our secrets, not kept the most important hidden.”


I’m keeping secrets?” Draco asked, annoyed. “You won’t tell me what’s wrong! All I know is that we were fine until I left this morning. Now you’re suddenly trying to keep us extremely secret - not that we weren’t already secret - and you won’t say anything!”


She dared a glance at his annoyed expression. “I don’t like it when you’re angry,” she said quietly.


He took a deep breath, concentrating on swaying to the music in time, before staring at her pointedly. She took the hint and whispered, “I don’t want you to be angry at me, or anyone else, so I don’t want to tell you because I think it will make you angry.”


“Don’t be so needy!” he snapped, the music barely covering his voice.


She looked up and met his gaze with eyes full of fury. “I have no family, no friends. You’re all I have in the world, and I’m too needy?” her voice was shaking with suppressed emotion.


The song hadn’t finished but she broke away from him and broke into a brisk walk. He sighed and mentally beat himself up, cursing his hot temper, before walking after her.


She left the ballroom and had made it almost to her bedroom when he managed to catch up. “Ginny, for Merlin’s sake…”


“Shut up, okay?” she snapped at him, pushing past him and entering her large room. He followed her.


“Ginny, please…”


“Get out, Draco!” she cried, a raw, hurting sound that made him want to hold her tightly and never let go.




She tried pushing at him and gave up eventually, muttering, “Jerk.”


They were silent for a while, and she ignored him, pulling her dress off so she sat in her underwear and removed her make-up, brushing her hair.


He was about to ask her to take a walk with him when he noticed her cheeks were wet. “Ginny, are you crying?”


“No!” she said, but her voice broke and he could hear her sobbing breaths in the silent room.


He reached for her, and was surprised when she allowed him to pull her into his arms. She cried for a moment into his chest, then she went quiet, so she could only hear their breathing. Draco smiled to himself as she muttered, “You’re still a jerk.”


He put his thumb on her cheek and wiped her tears away, then kissed her.

Ginny pushed her hands into his short blond hair, barely aware of the fact she was in her underwear as she wrapped her legs around his waist and he pulled her closer, his lips soft on hers as he supported her weight.


They broke apart for air, the room full of their gasps for oxygen, as she buried her face in his neck, feeling his hot breath on her shoulder as she inhaled his scent.


“I love you,” he whispered in her ear, and she kissed his neck, resting her head on his shoulder.


“You know I love you too,” she murmured.


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Chapter 15: Misunderstandings
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Dolohov yawned, settling against the tree more comfortably and listening to the muggle speakers from which tinny voices were issuing. One of the voices belonged to Harry Potter, who seemed to be planning a raid on Malfoy Manor, and Dolohov shifted uncomfortably as he thought of the muggle listening devices he had managed to install in the Burrow. The Dark Lord would not appreciate them owing the muggles something.

So, we are aiming to incapacitate, not kill, Death Eaters? Harry was asking.

There was a general murmur of assent.

And were all clear that we want to capture Ginny?

Again, people mumbled their agreement, some of them sounding eager.

"This evening, 7 oclock, we attack Malfoy Manor!

Dolohov shook himself awake, and after making sure that the Order of the Phoenix meeting was over, apparated back to the Manor to warn of the upcoming attack.

- - - - -

Draco opened his eyes to the sunlight leaking in through a gap in the curtains, slightly disorientated that he wasn’t in his own bedroom.

Ginny rolled over, sighing in her sleep, shuffling closer to him. He smiled at her peaceful face, pushing a strand of her red hair out of her face. But his light touch on her cheek made her stir and her brown eyes looked around the room in vague confusion until they alighted on him and relaxed.

“Hey…” she breathed, and touched his face gently with her finger tips, rewarded with a drowsy smile in return.

Ouch!” Draco sat up suddenly, clutching at his Dark Mark while it burnt. Ginny sat up too, concern in her eyes.

“Who is it?” she asked. “Not the Dark Lord?”

“No…I think it’s Dolohov…” he breathed as the burning eased slightly. “I have to go…”

“It’s okay,” she gave him a smile and climbed out of bed, in her underwear, looking for her bathroom things.

He watched her for a moment, cursing Dolohov for interrupting his time with Ginny, and wished, for Dolohov’s sake, that the news was important.

- - - - -

“Tonight, 7 o’clock?” Draco asked, sitting down in the green armchair by the ashes in the fireplace.

He was inside Malfoy Corporation headquarters, in his father’s office. The lighting was dim, as the heavy blinds were drawn across the window to hide Dolohov from possible Order of the Phoenix members.

“Yes,” Dolohov confirmed.

“They’re aiming to rescue the mudblood and capture Ginny Riddle?” Draco asked, although it wasn’t really a question.

“Yes,” Dolohov bowed to Draco and drew his wand to apparate.

“I’ll see you at the manor about 5 o’clock tonight,” Draco said without looking up. “Tell Macnair and everyone else on non-essential business.”

“Yes, Draco,” Dolohov bowed again, then disapparated.

Draco sighed, already formulating battle strategies in his head. Many Death Eaters were on essential business, and he could only manage to call on Yaxley, Macnair, Dolohov, his parents, Bellatrix, his friends at the manor and about five other Death Eaters. This fight was going to be much too close for comfort, he thought, then his thoughts returned to Ginny and the danger she was in.

- - - - -

Ginny had spent the morning over a simmering cauldron, after looking at what potions the Malfoys were lacking. She was at the moment working on a healing potion that healed completely shattered bones, and she momentarily shuddered as she wondered why the store of this particular potion was so depleted.

“Scale of dragon,” she muttered, and the potion hissed and turned a vivid green as she dropped it in. “One stir clockwise, three anticlockwise…”


Ginny spun around as she heard Narcissa’s voice behind her, momentarily forgetting the potion. “Lady Malfoy,” she said curtly, bowed her head, then turned back to her cauldron.

“Riddle, when I say I want something done, I mean it,” the older woman hissed, already furious. “Why are you and my son still together?”

Ginny stayed quiet for a minute, then turned around again to meet Narcissa’s cold gaze. “I am not going to break up with Draco,” she said quietly.

“It’s what he wants!”

“No, it isn’t,” Ginny said calmly, appearing self-assured, while inside the words had her doubting her conviction. Surely his mother knows him better than I do?

“Trust me, Riddle,” Narcissa said coolly, “Draco has been brought up to take advantage of every situation, and it seems to me that he has taken advantage of you.”

NoGinny thought, her belief in Draco slowly crumbling as she thought of the Draco she knew now compared to the one at school. He had changed towards her, she knew, but she had believed it was because he loved her, not because she had become his only female companion in the manor. But that would be just like the Draco at school, her mind warned her. He always was a manipulative little prick who was out to enjoy himself, not caring about the consequences to others.

“I don’t believe you!” she managed to choke out, all the while thinking of all the women he had danced with the night before. How many of them had he slept with before? He had told her he’d slept with plenty of women, and she was the only one who mattered, but she seriously doubted it now. She mentally hit herself. Stupid, stupid, stupid she scolded herself. Of course hed say that. Its the oldest trick in the book. She brushed at her eyes angrily, furious with herself for being so easily duped. 

“He is going to get rid of you soon, but probably politely and courteously, the way he has been taught to,” Narcissa sneered. “No doubt he’ll make something up about your protection, or your safety.”

Ginny stared at Lady Malfoy for a moment, then, leaving her potion simmering, left the room as quickly as she could.

Narcissa stood there, smiling to herself. She knew the young redhead wouldn’t break up with Draco willingly, so she had used her knowledge of his plan to send her to safety to pull them apart. And she would revenge upon the foolish girl for daring to believe she could disobey her wishes.

- - - - -

Draco knocked on Ginny’s door. He knew she was in there, the house-elves had told him she had run there an hour ago and hadn’t left since. “Ginny?” he asked, and when there was no reply, he opened the door and walked in.

At first glance, she didn’t appear to be there, but he could feel the trace of powerful magic in the air and traced it to the window sill. “Ginny…I know you’re there,” he sighed.

The air before him rippled and she came into sight, sitting on the wide windowsill, looking out over the rose garden. Her eyes were red and there were dried tear tracks on her face.

“What’s the matter, Ginny?” he asked, wondering what on earth had upset her so much.

“Nothing,” she said, her voice steady, and she jumped off the windowsill and headed towards the bathroom. He followed her.

“Ginny, for Merlin’s sake,” he growled. “Why the hell can’t you just tell me what’s wrong?”

She turned on the tap, picked up her flannel and wiped her face before she answered him. “There is nothing wrong.”

“Then why is ‘nothing’ upsetting you?” he asked in frustration. “Because if everything is fine, it’s a bit strange for you to hide out in your room for an hour, crying and hiding yourself with magic!”

She glared at him in reply. “Can you stop using house-elves to check up on me?”

“Can you not change the subject?” he countered.

“It’s rude to answer a question with a question.”

“So we’ve established I’m rude,” he rolled his eyes. “Although I think you established that much about me several years ago. What’s the problem, Ginny?”

She didn’t stop glaring at him, then she clamped her mouth shut and mimed zipping it and throwing away a key.

“Mature, Ginny.”

She nodded smugly, but he wasn’t convinced by her act.

“Did anyone ever tell you how good you are at acting?” he asked. “I mean, six years of Hogwarts lying to everyone successfully is an achievement. But you must be slipping, because even I can see there’s something wrong.”

The look she shot him was full of anger, but he thought he saw a flash of insecurity and hurt as she briefly met his eyes.

They were silent for several minutes while he waited for her to answer him, but when she didn’t, he sighed and took her hand, pulling her from the bathroom and out of her bedroom. “Ginny, I’m really sorry about this, and I don’t want to do this, but…”

Ginny’s eyes suddenly went panicky and she froze in the corridor. Oh my God she thought, Narcissa’s words surfacing to the front of her mind. Hes going to get rid of you soon, politely…’

He pulled her on, taking her down a corridor she hadn’t gone down yet and entering an empty room. There was just a small wooden table with a shining goblet on it. She stepped forwards and picked it up, curious as to why he would have brought her to see this.

“I’m so sorry, Ginny, and I hope you don’t hate me for this…” he started to speak, but halted at the look on her face.

“Draco…” she breathed, pain evident on her face, and he hesitated. Was he doing the right thing?

“The goblet is a Portkey,” he said, hating himself for doing this to her. I cant let her fight the Order, especially when they want to capture her “It will take you to a safe place.”

She looked at him, her eyes full of hurt and betrayal, as she reached to put the goblet down, but it flashed blue and she was gone.

 - - - - -

The air rushing past her was disorientating, but something else was making Ginny dizzy. The portkey was pulling her in one direction, but she could feel Dark Magic pulling her in another direction, and it made her spin around, feeling ill.

Dont let go of the Portkey, Ginny

She could hear her instinct speaking to her, telling her to hold on, not to give in to the pull of Dark Magic…

Dont let go of the Portkey

But it hurts, Ginny thought, as her hands ached with holding on. Please stop it hurting

Dont let go

The spinning around her made her feel ill. The portkey was taking far too long to reach its destination.


She couldn’t hold on any longer. Draco’s face swam into her mind and she let a few tears fall. Did he really never want her? Was this his way of breaking up with her, tricking her into touching a Portkey?


I cant do this, she wept, and let go of the Portkey, falling to Earth.

- - - - -

Draco glanced at his watch. She should have landed in the safe house by now.

He replayed the moment she had disappeared in his head, and he was confused as to her reaction. He had told his mother to tell her about his plans for her safety, while he formed a plan with the Death Eaters for the defence of Malfoy Manor. Why had she agreed to go with him to the room, then seem so betrayed and try to put the Portkey down?

He forced his thoughts away from Ginny, leaving the room with a weight lifted off his shoulders at the thought of her safety, while another weighed heavily on him when he thought of her pain at being taken away.

- - - - -

She smacked into the floor, her head ringing as she tried to sit up. She became aware of a great pain in her wrist where she had hit the floor. She touched it and gasped in pain, realising it must have been dislocated.

“Riddle,” a cold voice broke through her thoughts and she looked up to see Narcissa standing over her. A cold fear broke over her.

“We broke up,” she said. “He did what you said he would.” She managed to keep the hurt note out of her voice.

“I know.” Narcissa was smirking and she signalled to two masked guards to take Ginny’s arms. Looking around, the younger woman failed to recognise the dungeon they had brought her too.

“What’s going on?” Ginny didn’t attempt to fight back against the guards. “Why am I here?”

Narcissa gave a cold laugh. “My son realised you are more useful to us as a prisoner rather than a colleague.”

“I don’t understand…”

“We tell the world you attempted to kill You-Know-Who, after realising your mistake in leaving the Order. We can use you as a ransom, or bait, or as a threat,” Narcissa was sneering. “My son has decided, for now, you are to be used as a threat. We use you to threaten the Order to stop their tactics, or to force Potter into giving himself up.”

Ginny realised the predicament she was in, and began to struggle against the guards, ignoring the pain in her wrist. “Draco wouldn’t do this…” she hissed.

“But he clearly has,” Narcissa stated, a triumphant smile on her face. “Put her in the cell at the end,” she instructed. The guards pulled Ginny, who was kicking and biting at them, to the cell and threw her into the dark, cold cell.

- - - - -

It was approximately ten minutes until the Order’s planned attack was due.

Draco was on his broom, flying around the grounds of Malfoy Manor. He was scanning the skies and the grounds for any intruders when he spotted a figure in dark robes on the floor waving at him. He shot down towards it and pulled up.

It was Macnair, who said quickly, “Ginny Riddle never arrived at the safe house.”

Draco stared at him in shock for a moment. “Was it the Order?”

“We don’t think so, but we can’t trace it…all we know is that the kidnapping took place while she was in flight with the Portkey.”

“Then I think we can rule the Order out,” Draco said, taking his eyes off the area he was supposed to be patrolling. “It would take serious Dark Magic to intercept a Portkey, and those bloody Gryffindors are too proud to stoop to Dark Magic.”

“Yes, sir,” Macnair said.

Draco looked amused for a minute. This was a minor reason he hadn’t wanted Ginny to be there during the fight; he hadn’t told her that he was in charge while the Dark Lord was absent.

Then his thoughts returned to the danger she was quite possibly in and everything else was wiped from his mind.




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