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A Beautiful Nightmare by ForeverAFan

Format: Novel
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 8,462
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Hermione, Shacklebolt, Ginny, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC
Pairings: James/OC, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius, Other Pairing

First Published: 12/19/2009
Last Chapter: 01/28/2011
Last Updated: 04/21/2014

Do you see what I see? Do you feel what I feel? Do you fear what I fear? Probably not because what I see is James Potter. What I feel could change the world and what I fear is love.

Chapter 1: Relocation
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My name is Spencer Clark and I am a genius. Honestly I am. I would be a model student if I didn’t get into so much trouble. “The two of you are in so much trouble.” See I don’t make this stuff up. “And I’m sorry but I can’t take anymore.”









My best friend Mia Hill and I were both sitting in Headmaster Tilley’s office. We had been sent here after we accidently on purpose mixed muggle itching powder with Carson Hoffmen’s failure at an antidote. The sludge that was in his cauldron mixed with the itching powder and disintegrated his cauldron, the desk he was working at and part of the floor. On the plus side our intended target hopped around scratching uncontrollably for the next five minutes.    









“Sir, I don’t get why you are upset. It wasn’t like we destroyed the school. Granted we didn’t expect that to happen but now we know not to do that.”









“And the magical community thanks you, Miss. Clark. But these experiments as you will, cannot continue. No the two if you did not destroy the school, but next time you could.”









“Okay sir, so if we apologise and promise not to blow up the school, can we go?”









“I’m afraid it is not that easy Miss. Hill. The two of you together are very destructive. I warned you both that after the incident last year this would be your last chance.”









“You’re not expelling us are you?”









“Miss. Hill you and Miss. Clark have extremely capable and talented minds, I will not be the one who wastes that. So no I will not be expelling you, however action must be taken.”









“You’re sending me away.” It wasn’t a question, I knew it was true. Professor Tilley looked taken back and he stared at me for several moments before saying.









“Yes, you are going to a different school of magic.”









“What school?” Mia had gone very white and she looked to be on the verge of hyperventilating.









“Miss. Hill you will continue your education here at Sky’s Academy of Magic, while Miss. Clark will be attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” I found my voice.









“But that’s in Britain.” I couldn’t understand how he expected me to just leave Mia behind and start a new life.









“Yes I have been in touch with the deputy Headmistress Professor Weasley. She tells me they are only in their second day, so you will be able to catch up in no time. You will be taking all the same classes so there is not much of a change.” Not much of a change, I was moving out of the country. How could he think this was okay to do? “Let’s see it is eight-thirty now, which means you’ve set a new record for rule breakers, so it would be three-thirty there. I would like you packed and ready to go in the next half-hour.”









“Half an hour? You’re giving me half an hour to say goodbye to my life. Yeah that’s fair.”









“Spencer you are a very talented student and you are going to do great things in this world. But you’ve made mistakes and you need to take responsibility for those mistakes. So yes I would like you back in this office in a half hour, understood?” I got up out of the chair and moved towards the door.









“Sir, why Spencer and not me?” Mia asked. Professor Tilley looked extremely sad but he answered Mia’s question.









“Both of your parents were consulted at the end of last year. Miss. Hill your parents objected of your transfer, while...”









“...My parents encouraged it?” What it must be like to have parents who care I wouldn’t know. Professor Tilley paused for a moment.









“I’m sorry Spencer.”









“Don’t be I’m used to it. Besides Hogwarts is supposed to be the best magic school, I should be honoured, right?” Professor Tilley nodded once. “I’ll be ready in half an hour.” I walked out of his office and waited for Mia to leave. A few minutes later Mia walked out trying hard not to cry. She didn’t see me, I walked up to her and put my arm through hers and lead her back to our dorm room.   









Mia put her head on my shoulder and said, “this is sooo unfair.”






“Not really Mi, he gave us fair warning. But it would be easier to understand if it wasn’t happening to us.”









“Okay so he gave us a warning but he definitely forgot to mention that one of us would be going to another school, in another country across the ocean.” We made it to our room, Mia when and sat on her bed. She put her head in her hands. I looked at my closet and decided it could wait, I crossed to Mia’s bed and put my arm around her.









“Mi, it’s not the end of the world.” She leaned her head against my shoulder.









“It’s the end of a life. Yeah my social life is ruined. You were the only person here worth talking too.”









“You’ll still be able to talk to me. You can send me an owl any time and we still have our cell phones.” She lifted her head and looked into my eyes.









“Are you going to tell me how you got those to work with all the magic in the air?”


















“Why not?”









“Because I don’t know how I did it.”









Mia smiled and said, “For a genius you sure are dumb.”









“I know,” I said laughing.



“Okay,” Mia wiped her tears away and stood up. “I’m okay, come on I’ll help you pack.” I followed her over to my closet and together we packed all my muggle clothing into a duffle bag. I sat on the floor and opened the foot locker at the end of my bed. I proceeded with removing the objects within and checking that I had everything. I pulled out my textbooks, cauldron, and potion ingredients. The ‘gifts’ my parents so graciously gave me and my broomstick. Mia had sat back on her bed but she jumped up the moment she saw my broomstick.









“Fuck, what are we going to do without you on the quidditch team?”









“You and the team will do just fine.”









“No we won’t, we will lose. We are going to end up in last place.” For the past four years Mia and I had been on Sky’s quidditch team together. We had never once failed to bring home the North American Division Cup. It was said that we would continue to be in first place for the next three years. But the team was only good because Mia and I were amazing together, we just worked so well together the rest of the team was able to feed off our skills. The team wouldn’t be last they just probably wouldn’t be first. But I didn’t think Mia needed me to tell her that.









“You’ll figure something out.”









“This fucking sucks,” Mia sank back down on her bed and laid her head back. I continued with my trunk, I put everything back in the trunk and closed the lid.









“I guess all I need now is Demetri.” Just as I said his name he flew in through the open window. Demetri was followed in by Felix, Mia’s owl. The two owls were so white they made the white walls look grey.









Demetri landed on top of his cage while Felix soared onto Mia’s shoulder. I held out my arm and Demetri jumped onto it, I put him in his cage and closed the door. “I guess that’s everything.” Mia started crying again but she stood up and pointed her wand at my trunk.









“Locomotor Trunk!” My trunk floated several inches above the floor. I picked up my duffle bag and hung it off my shoulder. With Demetri’s cage in my left hand I walked to the door. “Could you just shed one tear and make me feel like less of an idiot?” I turned and looked at Mia, tears were rolling down her face. I walked over to her, places Demetri on the floor and put my hands on her shoulders.









“Mia, you of all people know why I can’t cry.” I pulled her into me and hugged her. “But if I could I would be and just think you being able to cry makes you a better person than me.”









“Or just less scarred.” I let go of her and nodded my head.









“That’s probably the reason.” Mia whipped her tears away and I picked up Demetri’s cage. Together we



walked out the door.









“I am totally ready to face Armageddon.” She winked at me and put her arm through mine. The walk to Professor Tilley’s office seemed to take no time at all and before I knew it, Mia and I were standing in front of his desk.









“Are you ready Spencer?” I looked at Mia, she was crying again.









“Does it change anything if I say no?” Professor Tilley shook his head. “Then I guess so.”









“Why can’t you send us away together?” Mia asked, through her tears.









“That would defeat the purpose.”









“Who cares you wouldn’t have to deal with us.”









“I am sorry but I do believe the two of you need to be separated.”









“Why?” Mia asked.









“I think the theory is that together we are a hurricane, but apart we will be a minor wind storm.” I answered.









“Exactly,” Professor Tilley raised an eyebrow at me and I shrugged. I didn’t know how I knew that, I just did. “If you’re ready then Spencer.” He gestured towards the fore place. I went to walk towards it, but Mia jumped up and hugged me so tightly I could barley breath.









“Mia, oxygen is becoming a problem.” She let go.









“I’m sorry I’m just going to miss you so much.” I put Demetri’s cage on top of my trunk and grabbed Mia by the shoulders.









“Mia, chill it’s not...”









“...The end of the world, I know. I wish I was as strong as you.”









“And I wish I had a heart like you.” Don’t get me wrong I love Mia. She’s the only friend I’ve had since I came to Sky, okay she’s the only friend I’ve ever had. But if all you do is hold onto the past, you have no future. I gave Mia a hug and stepped up to the fire. “I’ll see you soon Mia.” Professor Tilley threw floo powder into the fire and emerald green flames erupted. I stepped into the fire and Professor Tilley handed me Demetri’s cage and my trunk. I looked back at Mia, and clearly said, “Hogwarts.” Around and around I went, I caught glimpses of other wizard dwellings as I traveled through the floo network. With one last spin I came to rest and climbed out of the fire.









“You must be Spencer.” I looked around; sitting behind a desk was a woman who looked to be in her early fifties. She had bushy brown hair, tinted with grey. On the desk there was a plaque reading, ‘Hermione Weasley Deputy Headmistress’.









“Yes Ma’am, Spencer Clark, It’s a pleasure to meet you.”









“Well Miss. Clark welcome to Hogwarts. You can set your things down and I will find your transcript, then I will take you to be sorted into your house.” I nodded and put my trunk down on the floor with Demetri’s cage on top.









“I haven’t seen an owl like that since Hedwig.” Professor Weasley said looking at Demetri.









“Who’s Hedwig?”









“Oh umm, just an owl my friend had.” She continued searching her desk. “Oh this is ridiculous.” She pulled out her wand and gave it a flick. From the bottom of a pile a piece of parchment flew into her waiting hand. She put her wand back inside her robes.









“Professor Weasley? Ma’am what did you mean by ‘sorted into your house’? She walked over to the door and held it open for me. We walked side by side down the corridor.









“There are four houses at Hogwarts, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Each named after a founding member, Gordric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin. Each valued different attributes, Gryffindor preferred those who were brave, Hufflepuff preferred those who were hard workers, Ravenclaw preferred those who were clever, and Slytherin preferred those of great ambition. While they were alive they handpicked the students but now we have a sorting hat to choose.”









“So all I have to do is put on a hat and it will tell me whether or not I’m brave, a hard worker, clever, or worth of great ambition? Wow it’s so simple.” Professor Weasley was looking through my transcript and didn’t notice the slight sarcastic tone I used.









“By the looks of your transcript, you might just be in Ravenclaw.” I was on the verge of asking if that was a compliment having already forgotten what each house was based on, when a door opened ahead of us and a teenage boy walked out. To say he took my breath away would be an overstatement but he did momentarily incapacitate me. He was extremely good looking. He had the spiky messy hair that only a handful of guys in the world can pull off without looking like a tool. He wasn’t extremely tall; he was probably less than six feet. He was wearing black robes with a red and gold tie. He looked around at the sound of our footsteps. He smiled and waved at Professor Weasley and then his eyes shifted to me. The moment our eyes meet something within me recognized him. Our eyes held and for a moment neither one of us moved, his hand was still in the air.









“Miss. Clark are you coming?” I blinked and gave my head a shake.









“Ahh, yes.” I quickly caught up to her. I reached her the same time the boy did. His eyes held a question, which allowed me to believe what just happened wasn’t just in my head. I wasn’t feeling entirely like myself but the first words out of the boys mouth brought me back to myself.









“Aunt Hermione did you get me an early Christmas gift?”









“Oh, do you usually get girls as gifts?” I asked.









“No usually, I just get girls. There’s something about me that they just can’t resist. Like a moth to a flame.”









“Really? Well I don’t think it works, I personally feel like walking away, and it’s not to give you a good view.”









“Wow, Aunt Hermione where did you get this girl?”









“Canada,” Professor Weasley replied.









“I always knew I would like that country.”









“Yes, now if you will excuse us James, we have somewhere we need to be and you should be in class.” He nodded and stepped aside.









“Bye James.”









“You’ll be back, they always come back.” I followed Professor Weasley down the corridor.









“So that’s your nephew, he’s a little arrogant.”









“Yes, I don’t know where he gets it. His parents were never like that, well maybe his mother a little bit. Here we are.” We came to rest in front of a large stone gargoyle. I couldn’t see anything behind the gargoyle but I could sense concealed magic. “Nitwit.” The gargoyle leapt aside; the wall behind it slid apart, and a moving spiral stone staircase was revealed. I followed Professor Weasley onto the staircase; we were carried up in smooth circles to a door with a brass knocker.









She knocked.









“Enter,” said a deep, slow voice. She pushed open the door and I followed her inside. “Good afternoon, Professor Weasley, I see you brought our new student. It is nice to meet you Spencer.” Behind the desk sat a tall bald black wizard. He wore a single gold hoop in his ear. “I am Professor Shacklebolt and I am Headmaster of Hogwarts.









“It’s nice to meet you sir, and thank you for allowing me to attend your school.”









“As I understand it, you did not have a choice, but your manners are greatly appreciated.” He smiled and bowed his head once. I liked him he made me feel safe and secure. “Shall we see what house you belong too?”









“I guess.” He stood and on a shelf behind him he pulled a hat. This hat was patched and frayed and extremely dirty.









“Have a seat Spencer.” Professor Shacklebolt gestured to the chair in front of his desk. I took my seat and he placed the hat on my head. It slipped over past my eyes, all I could see was the black of the hat. I didn’t know what to expect, so I waited and then a small voice whispered in my ear.









“Hmm, a late arrival, let’s see where to put you. Oh stupendous talent I see. A cold exterior but a warm heart, the ability to love is there, even if you don’t want people to know it.”









I wasn’t all that comfortable with this thing looking inside my head. ‘Dude, could you hurry up?’ I thought.









“Yes, well three mighty fine choices, but where to put you. Hmm, I believe it is your heart that stands out above the rest. So it will be Gryffindor.” The last world was not spoken in my mind but rather to room at large. The sorting hat was lifted from my head and I could see again.









“Congratulations Spencer, Gryffindor is an exceptional house.”









“And they have gained an exceptional student. Miss. Clark was the top student in all her classes.”









“Were you not to, Professor the top of your classes?”









“Yes sir I was.” Professor Weasley turned slightly pink. She cleared her throat and looked at me. “It is nearly five O’clock, the last class of the day ends at five. I will introduce you to someone who can show you around.”









“But my things...”









“...Are already in your room,” said Professor Shacklebolt.









“Oh, well thank you.”









“It was a pleasure to meet you Spencer.” I followed Professor Weasley out of the office and down the spiral staircase. We went back down the corridor we had come.









“There is only about fifteen minutes left in class, I’ll pull a student out to show you around and tell you how things work around here.” I nodded as we stopped outside a class room door. Professor Weasley pulled open the door and spoke to the teacher. “May I borrow Rose for the rest of the class?” She must have been allowed to because several seconds later a girl, who looked quite a lot like Professor Weasley, joined us in the corridor.









“Spencer this is my daughter Rose, Rose this is Spencer. She is a transfer student from Canada, would you mind showing her up to Gryffindor tower?”









“Yeah no problem.” Even though it was a question I’m pretty sure she would have had to do it anyway.









“Good, I will see you both in the Great Hall for dinner.” She continued down the corridor back towards her office.









“Dude your mom’s a teacher here doesn’t that kinda suck.”









“Kind of, but sometimes it’s convenient.”









“If you don’t mind me asking but how do you make progress with guys if your mom’s always hovering.” Rose looked slightly nervous.









“Well she’s pretty good at not hovering, but umm...” Catching on I said.









“...There haven’t been that many boys?”









“None actually.” I gave her my best sympathetic look. “But there is one boy I like but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know I exist.”









“What makes you think that?”









“We’ve never spoken to each other.”









“That doesn’t mean he doesn’t know you exist, believe me he knows.”









“How do you know, you just got here?”









“I’m kind of an expert on guys. You should try talking to him, trust me he’s just shy.”









She smiled a friendly smile and said, “I hope so he is really cute.” She stopped walking in front of a picture of a fat lady. “Okay this is the entrance to Gryffindor tower all you have to do to get in is say the password. She looked back at the fat lady and said, “Phoenix.” The portrait swung forward revealing a round hole in the wall. I followed Rose through the hole into the Gryffindor common room. It was a cozy, round room full of squishy arm chairs. I followed Rose through one of two doors and up a spiral staircase and into a room with five four posters hung with deep-red velvet curtains. On one bed there was my duffle bag and at the end was my trunk and Demetri, still in his cage. Demetri hated his cage.  









“Demetri,” his look was clearly saying, ‘if you do not let me out of this cage soon, I’m going to gouge out your eyes.’ I went over and let him out he flew straight out the open window. “It was nice to see you too.”









“He’s cute; did you say his name was Demetri?” I nodded, “I like that name. Anyway this is our room we share it with two other girls Bridgett and Brittany, they’re identical twins.” Somewhere off in the distance a clock chimed. It sounded like a rather large clock. “That’s the signal for the end of class.” Rose answered my questioning look.









Rose went over the uniforms, which were black robes and a gold and red tie. I wasn’t thrilled about those, at sky we were encouraged to wear muggle clothing. Which was much more fashionable. But Rose did mention an upside which was the uniforms only needed to be worn in class. She then went over the Prefect system and she gave me a generalization of all the rules. Once she finished we went back down the stairs into the common room. It was full of people all dressed the same. I was starting to assume red and gold were the Gryffindor colours. In the common room was a wide range of ages. There was what looked like first years being bullied out of the chairs closest to the fire by what looked like sixth or seventh years. “It’s a little early but we can go down to the Great Hall now if you would like?”









“Sure,” just as we were making our way through the crowd, someone spoke in my ear.









“Told you, girls just can’t stay away from me,” I turned and faced the boy named James. Rose stopped and turned too. Again my body wanted to freeze but I wasn’t going to let him know he had had the same affect on my twice.









“Oh you’re right, it’s like a magnet.” I took a step closer to him, “it draws me closer and closer.” Our bodies were almost touching, I leaned into him like I was going to kiss him and then took a step back. “But then again I’ve always had extremely good free will.” I turned and walked away, Rose joined me laughing slightly. We made our way through the portrait hole and down the corridor.









“So you’ve meet James already?”









“Yeah I ran into him when I was with your mom earlier.”









“I think you hurt his ego.”









“Good he could use a size reduction, well in ego anyway.” Rose made a ‘huh’ noise. “What?”









“It’s just he is my cousin.”









“Oh, you know I knew that, and now this is slightly awkward.”









“But only slightly,” together we laughed and I could tell Rose and I were going to be good friends.









“Is he seeing anyone?”









“Who, James?” I nodded. “He sees a lot of girls, why are you interested?”









“He’s hot but no I’m not really into relationships.”









“Why not?”









“I have my reasons.” Rose didn’t look satisfied with my answer but we had just entered the Great Hall and my jaw dropped. There were thousands of candles floating in mid-air over four long tables. On the tables golden plates and goblets glittered. At the top of the hall was another long table. In the middle sat a large gold chair. The most amazing part was the ceiling, it was bewitched to look like the sky above.









Rose and I went and sat at the farthest table to the left. As the minutes passed more and more kids showed up. A boy with untameable hair and green eyes sat down across from us and Rose introduced him as Albus, James’ younger brother. Albus was closely followed by red head girl who was named Lily and a red haired boy with a long nose named Hugo. Lily was another of James’ siblings. Hugo was Rose’s little brother. As the hall looked to be full and the teachers were taking their sets, James sat down next to me. He winked at me and I rolled my eyes at him. Someone cleared their throat and I looked up at the head table. Headmaster Shacklebolt was standing with his hands folded in front of him.









“I only have a couple of things to say to you tonight. First I hope you all enjoyed your second day of classes.” There was much groaning at this. He smiled and continued on. “And second, we have a new student joining us today. She comes all the way from Canada and I want you all to make her feel at home.” Every head in the hall turned to look at me. It was easy to tell I was the new student, I was the only one not wearing black robes, I stood out like a sore thumb.









“If you’re feeling at all homesick my arms are always open.” James whispered in my ear.









“So welcome Spencer, and I hope you enjoy your fifth year at Hogwarts.”

Chapter 2: A Night Time Stroll With J.P.
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“Now everybody dig in!” I turned and looked down at the table; it was full of food, countless choices of food. Everyone was filling their plates.




“Not hungry?” Rose asked.




“I just had breakfast about two hours ago.”




“Oh right the time difference, wow you are going to be seriously jet legged tomorrow.” I nodded.




“I’d stay up all night with you.” I turned to look at James.




“You really need to stop whispering in my ear.”




“Why does it turn you on?” He gave me a crooked cocky smile, which I found very pleasing.




“You’ll never know.” Albus took my attention away from James.




“So tell me Spencer, do you have a boyfriend back in Canada?”




“Nope, no boyfriend.” I looked at James to see how he reacted to this information. Again he winked at me.




“You never told me why you decided to come to Hogwarts.” Rose said




“Well it wasn’t really my choice.”




“What do you mean?”




 My friend Mia and I got into some trouble and they decided to send me here.”




“What did you do?” asked James.




“Well there was this really big incident at the end of last year. But the final straw happened this morning. There was a guy who had the nerve to cheat on a girl and while in potions class, muggle itching powder was used. That probably wasn’t my best idea, now that I think about it.” James lowered his eyes to his food.




“I bet the girl thanked you for that.” Said Rose.




“You would think so but no she just called me a hypocrite.”




“Why would she do that?” Asked Albus.




“I’m not the most honest person either. The best relationships I find are the ‘use and lose’ relationships.




Again James leaned into me and whispered in my ear, “I understand it completely and if you are ever in need I am free to be used.”




I leaned away from him. “Why does that not surprise me?” He gave me his crooked cocky smile and I kind of forgot what we were talking about. Just then a brown haired boy came running up to the table and stopped in front of our little group. At some point in the day his hair was spiked but it had gotten messed up by what I assumed looked like someone had vigorously run their hands through it.




“How do you do mates, what did I miss?”




“We got a new student from Canada.” Said Lily, the boys eyes fell on me and he smiled.




“Oh yes we did.”




“Are you honestly standing there checking me out?”








“I appreciate your honesty, check away.” He obviously liked what he saw.




“What do you say me and you go find a broom closet?”




“A broom closet, please I have a little more dignity then that.” This caused a girl who was passing the table to glare heavily at me. “But if you want to find an empty classroom I’m all for that.”




“I like this girl.”




“Nathan mate, have a seat.” There was something rather territorial in James’ voice, I gave him a questioning look but he looked back down at his plate.




“Okay chill J.P.” Nathan sat across from James and filled his plate.




“So am I like the only person here without an accent or is it with one?”




“With, and yeah I think so,” answered Rose.




“Cool, I always liked being one of a kind.”




“You’re defiantly something.” James said this so quietly I was sure I wasn’t supposed to hear it. After a while the dinner disappeared and was replaced with dessert. There were all sorts of sweets and fruit. Rose and I both grabbed fruit while the others grabbed pudding and cake. Rose, James and I all finished our desserts at the same time and together we left the hall. We made it to the door the same time as a blond boy with a pointed chin and grey eyes. He was wearing a green and silver tie.




“That’s him,” Rose whispered in my ear. I watched as the boy gave Rose a small shy smile. Unfortunately I wasn’t the only one who saw. As we were on the marble staircase James spoke.




“Do you fancy a Malfoy Rose?” There was something very accusing in his voice.




“Ahh...” she turned pink as she tried to think of something to say.




“What’s fancy?” I asked. James kept starring at Rose as he answered me.




“It’s a word we use to describe being attracted to someone.”




“Oh so if I said you fancy me, would I be right?” That got his attention.




“Me fancy you? Please love, don’t flatter yourself. I see the way you look at me; it’s you that fancies me.”




“I can see how me ogling your body could be mistaken for fancying. But you go out of your way to talk to me, not the other way around.” This kept him quiet till we got to the common room.




“I’m just going to go grab my homework, I’ll be back.” He disappeared through the door to the boy’s dormitory.




“Thanks James would freak if he knew I fancied Scorpius.”




“Yeah I kinda got the feeling he would, why what’s the deal?”




“It’s this old feud that’s been on since before the war, he just doesn’t trust the Malfoy’s.” I remember learning about the war at Sky, it happened more than three decades ago.




“Isn’t it kind of ridiculous to hold onto a grudge that wasn’t yours in the first place?”




“Exactly, I know he would get over it if her knew Scorpius.”




“Do you know him?” That came out sounding a lot harsher than I intended it to.




“I guess I don’t, it feels like I do though, but I could be completely wrong.” James came back into the room and sat at a table and pulled put a roll of parchment. Rose went and got her homework. I starred at James, not really seeing him but remembering the way I felt when I saw him for the first time. I felt like I had known him my whole life at the time I thought it was absurd. But if Rose could feel like that towards Scorpius maybe it wasn’t so absurd, maybe it was possible. Maybe James and I were meant too...




“What are you starring at?” James’ voice broke apart my thoughts. I blinked and focused on his eyes.




“You” I replied.




“That’s understandable; I am easy to look at.” He had his crooked cocky smile back on. I couldn’t help but to notice how that smile lit up his eyes.




“Will your head ever stop growing?” I knew as soon as I said it, those were the wrong words to say. The light in his eyes seemed to get brighter.




“I don’t know why don’t you come and find out?”




“I walked right into that.” I went and sat across from him as he laughed. “For the record I meant the one above your belt.”




“Uh-huh sure, whatever helps you sleep at night.” I rolled my eyes as Rose returned with her books and sat at the table. 




“What are you guys talking about?”




“Rosie you don’t want to know.” Said James.




“Why not?” She asked.




“Because of the immature boy that he is, we are talking about his penis. Is penis to vulgar? Should I have used a special word? Oh like doodle.” The tree of us were laughing as Albus came up to the table and stood behind Rose.




“What’s so funny?” He asked.




“Trust me little bro, you’re better off not knowing.”




“It’s no big, we’re just laughing at his doodle.” This made Rose laugh even harder, she put her head down on the table to muffle the sound. She knocked a piece of her parchment on the floor, Albus bent to pick it up. While James and I starred at each other, well I starred James was kind of glaring.  




“Rose, didn’t you already finish your homework?” Albus asked as he handed back her fallen parchment. Hiccupping slightly Rose answered him.




“I am just double checking it.”




“It’s got to be perfect, right Rosie?” James was still looking at me as he said this.




“Not perfect, just very good.”




“Perfectionist” said James.




“Man whore” replied Rose. I watched as she pulled from her bag a quill and a bottle of ink. “What are you looking at?”




“That old-fashioned get up you got going on.”




“What get up?” She asked.




“Ink, quills and parchment, isn’t that so seventeen hundreds?”




“It’s what has always been used. What do you use?”




“Pens, paper, oh and my computer.” Rose’s eyes got big and bright.




“You have a computer?” I nodded, “can I see it?” she asked.




“Umm yeah, it’s upstairs I’ll show you sometime.”




“I could redo my whole Muggle Studies essay with a firsthand experience.”




“Rose breath, that’s unnecessary work, you will get an A anyway.” said Albus.




“Right unnecessary,” she went back to crossing out sentences and rewriting them. I was starring transfixed at her that was the most bizarre reaction I had ever seen.




“Hey Spencer, do you want to play a game of exploding snap?”




“Yeah sure,” Albus and I went and sat at the next table and began our game. “What’s with Rose?” I asked.




“She tends to get a little over excited when it comes to homework. But don’t think that she is just some weird nerd, she is capable of having a typical teenage good time.”




“And the never having a boyfriend is why?”




“In short her dad and James, they’re both overly protective. It wouldn’t matter so much if it was just Uncle Ron but with James too it makes it kind of difficult.”




“Why does James care so much?”




“Rose’s knowledge comes from books she’s not what the Muggles would say, street smart. While James knows exactly what kind of guys are out there, he should seeing how he is kind of the worst type. He doesn’t want her hurt and he wants the best for her. He’s the same way with our sister Lilly, just not as bad seeing how she is only twelve.” That was really sweet of James, I didn’t think he was the type to care about his family. Maybe he deserved more credit than I gave him. Albus and I played in silence for a few minutes until I noticed James starring at me.




“So besides the fact that he cares about his family, what’s the deal with James?”




“What do you mean?”




“Well since the moment I met him all he’s done his hit on me, I’m guessing he does that all the time. You’re his brother right? You must know all about him, so tell me his story.” Albus took a moment before saying.




“James’ ego is the right size for how people treat him. All the guys look up to him because he’s amazing at quidditch and the girls they want him to notice them, even if it’s just for a moment, they will do anything. So he takes advantage of that.”




“Do you look up to him?”




“James is my older brother. To me he is the guy who all summer long  we practise quidditch together. When I need it he will give me advice on girls, school, anything. He is a good brother, but he’s not really a good guy.” I starred at James for a second then asked.




“Why don’t you get the same attention?” Albus snorted.




“Besides the physical differences, we have different values in life.” Again I looked at James, I could tell he had a good body. He had muscles but it wasn’t over the top. Okay in my opinion he was all around drool-worthy but Albus definitely had drool potential. He wore glasses but they worked for him. He was taller than James but he wasn’t gangly, and his hair stuck up in the back. I could see how people would throw a shadow over him in comparison to James but he really was good looking.




“I’m going to need you to stop looking at me like that, it’s kind of creepy?”




“Sorry. So how do you have different life values?”




“I guess it’s not so much as life but love.” Albus replied.




“What do you mean?” I asked.




“Well James likes anything...”




“...With boobs?” Albus smiled.




“That’s a crude way to put it. A nicer way would be that he likes to keep his options open.”




“He likes to keep his options open I kinda figured it was just girl’s legs he liked to keep open.”




“You sound bitter.”




“Shut up.” Albus chuckled. “So what’s your opinion?” He took a moment to answer.




“There is one girl for me, who I will love forever.”




“Have you me her yet?”




“No, not yet.” I thought about what he had said while we played. I didn’t know if his theroy worked for me but someday he was going to make a girl extremely happy.




“So what about you, what are your opinions on love?” I looked into his green eyes, he seemed honestly curious.




“If I said I had parental issues would that answer your question?”








“Good, then I have parental issues.”




“Hey, you guys mind if I watch?” Rose asked.




“No have a seat.” I said. Albus and I played while Rose watched, we joked and talked the three of us creating a friendship.




“Okay that’s it I can only lose so many time in a row and ten is my limit.”




“I probably should have mentioned I’m really good at exploding snap.”




“Yeah you could have, would have saved me the embarrassment.” Albus smiled at me, “I’m going to bed, goodnight to both of you.” Albus got up and left the table. Rose stood up and stretched.




“I’m going to, are you coming?”



“No I’m not tired.




“Okay I’ll see you tomorrow.”




“Night,” the door to the girls dorm closed and I looked around the room. The only people left in the common room were James and I. I acknowledged that something inside me wanted him. Normally I would act on that impulse but something was different this time. But if it want different I knew exactly what I would do. I’d sit in his lap, caress his chest, grab his tie, pull him towards me and kiss him. As we kissed passionately he’d pick me up and lay me on the table. He would climb on top of me and we would take each others close off...




I blinked and forced myself out of my daydream. I moved over to the couch and stretched out in front of the fire. I needed a personal therapy session. What the fuck was wrong with me? I Just needed to focus on something else, simple and easy.




I pulled out my wand and began twirling it in front of me. Instantly snow began to fall around me, disappearing the moment it touched me. But the snow didn’t melt it was just simply falling into nothingness. “How are you doing that?” James’ head appeared above mine. I shrugged concentrating on the magic. “How come it disappears when it touches you and not me?” I looked up at him; his hair was covered in white flakes.




“Because I’m amazing, come here.” He leaned down closer to me and I brushed out his hair. Then hesitated realizing just how close we were.




“You’re going to snog me now aren’t you?” I dropped my hands from his hair and sat up laughing.




“What the hell is snog?” He looked at me with disbelief all over his face.




“It’s kissing.”




“Seriously? That makes it sound vaguely disgusting. I think of a pig when I hear snog. Probably because it sounds like hog but the point is eww.” I realized I was rambling and was thankful when James cut across me.




“Okay, before you continue making fun of my language can I show you something?” I nodded trying not to smile at the cute hurt look on his face. He sat down beside me and held out something fluid and silvery-grey. I reached out and touched it; it was like water woven into material.




“What is it?”




“An invisibility cloak, and there is something else to.” This time he held out a very old looking piece of parchment. I took it from him and he tapped it with his wand. “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” I watched as lines spread across the surface of the parchment from the point of his wand, within seconds a map had formed. I felt my mouth open but I had nothing to say. “It’s The Marauder’s Map, my dad gave me both of these when I started at Hogwarts. Apparently my Grandfather was Prongs.”




“This is seriously a map of Hogwarts?” He nodded, I looked back at the map and there sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room was, James Potter and Spencer Clark. I couldn’t look away, it was an incredible piece of magic and I could feel it. “Why are you showing me this?” I looked into his brown eyes and he looked into mine.




“I don’t know I just figured you of all people would appreciate it.”




“But you don’t know me.”




“Call it a hunch.” Still I looked into his eyes trying to figure out just exactly what he meant. “Do you want to go for a walk?”




“I’d like that.” I watched as James stood up, draped the cloak around himself and disappeared. I just sat there amazed. His head reappeared.




“Are you coming?” I stood and moved to his side. I hesitated before moving under the cloak with him.




“Is this just a way to get close to me?”








“Okay, I can live with that.” I joined him under the cloak and we left through the portrait hole. He put his arm around me and leaned closer, looking at the map.




“Looks like all the teachers and the Heads are on the lower floors, so to be safe we will stick to the top floors.” He pulled away but didn’t remove his arm. Any other guy and I would have shrugged away but I really didn’t mind his arm around me, I actually kind of liked it. This notion unnerved me and I couldn’t stop the shiver that went down my spine.




“Cold?” he tightened his arm around my waist pulling me still closer to him. I needed to change the subject.




“You don’t strike me as the kind of guy who plays safe.”




“I guess I’m not.”




“Why tonight then?” He turned to look at me and even in the dim light I could see how strikingly brown his eyes were.




“I guess because of you.” His eyes were so innocent and filled with vulnerability. My eyes travelled over his perfect features, I hesitated on his lips.




“What gave you the idea that I wanted to kiss you?” His crooked cocky smile was back and I noticed how it made him look not only perfect but sexy.



“I saw the way you were looking at me; you were so undressing me with your eyes.”




“And if I was?” His smile faded slightly, he had been expecting me to deny it.




“Were you really, I was just fishing?”




“I’ll admit I did have a momentary lapse in judgment.” I shrugged, “but I’m over it now.” I lied easily trying to convince myself.




“I’m going to change the subject now, I feel like if we continue on this, I’m going to get insulted.”




“I can’t promise that you won’t.”




“Right, so do you play quidditch?”




“Yeah I did.”




“What position?”







“Me to, you know tryouts are on Saturday, you should come.”




“I’ll think about it.” He stopped walking and pulled me against his body. My hands were against his chest and I could feel the muscles under his shirt.




“Just so you know, I am the captain and I could think of a few things that you could do to sway my judgment.” He gave me his perfect crooked smile and I felt myself lean into him. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next but I was saved the trouble of figuring it out when I felt the presence of concealed magic.




I took a step back from him and asked, “Where are we?” James looked down at the map.




“Seventh floor.” It was a stretch of blank wall, across from it was a tapestry that showed what looked like a man trying to train trolls for the ballet. I turned back to the wall, stretched out my hand and touched it. It wasn’t cold like you would expect a stone wall to be. It was warm, like the energy within the magic was warming the wall.




“What is it?” James asked.




“There is magic concealed here.” It was like the magic that hid the headmaster’s office. Only it was a darker magic. “It’s a door.”




“A door to what?” I shook my head. I concentrated and let my instincts take over. James still had his arm around me so we moved together. Three times we walked past, all the while thinking ‘show me what you are.’ After the third time past a door appeared. I grabbed the door knob and pulled the door open.




Once we were both inside James pulled the door closed. It wasn’t a very big room but it did answer my question. On the wall opposite the door was a banner that read, ‘Welcome to the Room of Requirement.’ That’s when I understood it was only dark because people could use it for anything, whatever they needed the room to be it would become that.




“What is a room of requirement?” James asked.




“It’s a room that can turn into anything you need it to be.”




“Huh, so if we were looking for a place with some privacy were we could get intimate, what would it turn into?” I wasn’t thrilled with his example, I wasn’t sure I trusted myself to be alone with him in a room with a bed. But I was curious.




“There is only one way to find out.” We stepped back into the corridor. James closed the door and it disappeared into the wall. Again we past the wall three times, all the while I was thinking, ‘we need a place where we can be alone, together.’ The door appeared and I opened it. This room was slightly larger than the last. It featured a large four poster bed and a couch. James was starring from the couch to the bed and back again. I could almost hear him thinking, ‘why do you need both?’ Typical guy doesn’t understand fore play. I gave him an eye roll, but something about the wall caught my attention mid roll. I walked out from under the cloak and moved closer to the wall, I touched it and I dissolved into laughter.




“What is it?” I heard James ask. I turned back to him and he was laying the cloak on the arm of the couch. I took a couple breaths and then managed to say.




“The walls are padded.”




“What? No way.” James came over to where I was standing and stretched out his hand. He to laughed. He turned to look at me. “Is that really necessary?”




“Oh yes.” I grabbed the front of his shirt and pushed him up against the wall. “Things could get a little rough.” I bit my lip, our bodies were pressed together. I could feel his heart beat. His eyes never left mine. There was no doubt about it I wanted him, but I couldn’t. His eyes moved to my lips and I stepped away from him.




“I think we should leave before we get any more ideas.”




 “Okay.”James picked up the cloak and threw it over both of us. We left the room and made our way back to Gryffindor Tower. Once in the common room James pulled the off cloak. “You know I think that’s the room my dad told me about, he used to teach defence in there, he wouldn’t tell me where it was though. I can’t wait to tell him I found it.”




“And under what circumstances are you going to tell him you found it?”




“I’m going to tell him the truth, a beautiful seductress lured me from my bed.” He really needed to stop giving me that perfect crooked smile. I couldn’t stop my eyes rolling at him. “Do you think the room could be our little secret?” I wasn’t sure what his plan was or if he even had one but I’d give him a chance. I nodded.




“Sure,” I walked over to the door to the girl’s dorm.




“Good night Spencer.”




“Night James,” I pulled open the door and climbed the stairs to my room.