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Drink With Me by marauder lady

Format: Song fic
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,045

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Angst
Characters: Sirius, James

First Published: 12/05/2009
Last Chapter: 12/05/2009
Last Updated: 08/29/2010


James and Sirius share a drink.

Song from the wonderful Les Miserables

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Chapter 1: Drink With Me
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Lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer. Music by Claude Michel Schonberg.


Drink With Me


“It’s bloody cold in here” Sirius moaned as he and James lay in sleeping bags in a seemingly deserted house.  They were on a mission for the Order of the Phoenix.  Both were missing home.  James hated missing out on his son growing up; every time he came home from a mission he had missed out on a new word or something else Harry had managed to do.  Sirius was constantly worried that his pregnant wife was going to go into labour whilst he was away.


“We’re going home tomorrow Padfoot. Stop whining” James mumbled from under a few layers of blankets.


“We are?”  Sirius was surprised.  “Since when?”  James looked shifty.


“I spoke to Dumbledore earlier.”


“Yeah? What did he say?”


“He thinks Lily and I will have to go into hiding.”


“Accio firewhiskey” Sirius exclaimed, and a couple of bottles flew to them.  “I think we need a drink” he said.


Drink with me to days gone by
Sing with me the songs we knew


Sirius sat in stunned silence as his best friend told him that the most evil wizard of recent years was trying to kill his family.

“Shit” he said, when James had finished.




“What are you gonna do?”


“Dumbledore said we should use the Fidelius Charm”




“We need a Secret Keeper.”






“Like you had to ask.”


“Really? You’ll do it?”


“Of course. Tess would kill me if I said no!”  James laughed.


“Good girl, that one” he joked.

Here's to pretty girls who went to our heads.

Here's to witty girls who went to out beds.
Here's to them and here's to you!

Sirius smiled and sunk into a reverie about his wife.  She was eight months pregnant, and staying with Lily whilst they were away.  He worried about her, and constantly had to reassure himself.  He couldn’t wait to become a father.  Couldn’t wait to see his child grow up alongside Harry, and any others they had.  And if the child was like its mother, so much the better.  He adored Terese as much as James adored Lily.  He smiled again.  If anyone had put money on the pair of them being so settled when they were at school, he would have laughed at them.  Until he met Terese.  His best friend’s favourite cousin.  
Drink with me to days gone by
Can it be you fear to die?
Will the world remember you
When you fall?
Could it be your death
Means nothing at all?
Is your life just one more lie?

They lay in the dark, lost in their own thoughts.  James was worrying about his wife and son, and his pregnant cousin who was with them.  He was hoping against hope that Voldemort wouldn’t attack while he and Sirius weren’t there.  While they couldn’t protect their families.  He didn’t care what happened to himself as long as his family, his cousin and best friend included, were ok.  If he didn’t have any of them then there was nothing for him.  He had been fighting all these years for nothing.  Could that really all be taken away, wasted, just like that?

Sirius was thinking similar thoughts.  Since his blood relatives had rejected him, thrown him out, Terese and James were the only close family he had.  He couldn’t contemplate life without them.

Suddenly the darkness seemed suffocating. 

“I’m scared Padfoot.” James said eventually. Sirius didn’t have to say anything for James to know he was listening.  “What if he gets them?”

“I don’t know what to say to you Prongs.  I’m scared too.”  They both knew they couldn’t have this conversation in the daylight.  It wouldn’t be ‘manly’.  “I have everything I ever wanted.  I can’t believe it won’t be ripped away.” 

“You know Dumbledore would tell us to have faith.”  Sirius’ bark of a laugh filled the darkness.

“Yeah, I suppose he would.  I know I’m not giving up without a fight though.”
Drink with me to days gone by
To the life that used to be

“When did it all get so complicated?”  James asked a bit later.  “When we were at school all we had to worry about really was staying out of detention.”  He took another swig of firewhiskey, telling himself it was to keep warm.

“Lily was the one that put us in detention the most.” Sirius teased.  

“Ah well, if it wasn’t for Moony, we would have had so many more.”  James felt Sirius’ mood darken at the mention of their friend, whom they suspected of being the spy.  And Sirius had, in his mind, further reason to doubt him.  “Sirius…” James began, reading the silence.

“What?” he snapped.

“He wouldn’t, you know.  And neither would she.”

“I know she wouldn’t.” Sirius growled.  “She’s carrying my baby.”

“You really think Remus would?  Remus, Sirius?  How long have we known him?”

“If he could betray us by spying, why wouldn’t he?”

“I think you should stop drinking, mate.  You’re getting paranoid.”


 "I don’t know, Sirius.  Why would Remus be the spy?”

“I don’t know” Sirius replied, realising they would probably end up talking in the same circles in which they had gone round thousands of times.  

“He’s a werewolf.  I can’t see Voldemort making deals with a werewolf.”

“Who is it then Prongs?”

“I don’t know.”  James said, defeated.  

“Did you tell Lily we’re coming home?” Sirius asked after a while.

“No. I want to surprise her. And its difficult getting in contact too much, you know that.”

“Just wondered if you know how Tess is doing.”

“Dumbledore would have said if there was anything serious.”



“If anything happens to me, you’ll look after her won’t you?”

“Of course I will.  Even if she wasn’t like a sister to me, I would.”

“You know I’d do the same for you, don’t you? I’d make sure Lily and Harry were safe.”

“I wouldn’t trust anyone else, mate” James replied gruffly.  

“Cheers, Prongs.” Sirius raised his bottle.  James, even in the dark, clinked his against it.

“Cheers Padfoot”

 The deal was sealed. 

At the shrine of friendship, never say die
Let the wine of friendship never run dry

 Here's to you and here's to me