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Tempest Artemisa Nyx and the Betrayal of Blood (Year Seven) by Tempest_Zepher_Nyx136

Format: Novel
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 41,989

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Crossover, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Characters: Bellatrix, Lucius, Narcissa, Voldemort, Oliver, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Draco/OC

First Published: 12/01/2009
Last Chapter: 02/03/2010
Last Updated: 08/15/2012


Tempest is faced with the greatest challenge of all.  She must choose whether to betray all those she loves, all those who care about her, in the name of good. Tempest knows she doesn’t have the will power to do this on her own so she calls upon a truce between Merwick to help save Harry Potter and ensure that he lives, but Voldemort it seems senses her betrayal. But not all is what is what it seems.

Chapter 1: Bringer of Death
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Tempest dodged her attack once again. Merwick was to weak to fight for himself so he lay dormant and weak in his ice palace. Entia dove again and Tempest dodged with ease. Her movement were easy to predict. Tempest smiled and moved away she had gotten more talented and familiar with her blade. She twirled her blade then got into her fighting stance, both of her hands on her hilt. The moon lit up the gold ion Entia's eyes. Merwick was reforming the Merlin Crusaders, now called the Merwick Crusaders, hardly clever she thought. Entia snarled at her.

"Give me the antidote."

Tempest suppressed a laughter. "Bloody hell Entia, everyone is right, you are insane, I mean you must be if you actually think that I'm going to give you the antidote."

Entia glared at her. "No one thinks I'm insane."

"Wring, all your former friends think you're insane. You've lost all their pity, all their friendship."

"Because of you!"

"Wrong again darling, because of Merwick. You blame me for something I have no control over. And now you serve that cold hearted bastard! How could you?"

"He gave me the chance to avenge my brother."

"He's the one that killed your brother!"

"You could have saved him."

"He didn't want me to Entia, you should understand that!"

"I'll kill you!"

"You can try."

Entia charged and Tempest just rolled her eyes. When was Entia going to see the truth She blocked her easily and her feet from under her.

Entia had come out of nowhere, charging at her Nila and Void as they walked home from a Death Eaters meeting. She had forced Nila and Void to go home. She could deal with Entia alone.

On the floor, Tempest took the opportunity to make every punch count and knocked her out. It took some time but she had enjoyed every bit of it.

"Now," she said out of breath, "stay there and have your Master come and get you." Entia was unconscious and her bruised face was quickly healing. Tempest threw Aurora somewhere and grabbed Excaliber sheathing it.

Tempest walked home, her home which her mother had to add rooms too. Practically everyone was there. Nila from her trip in Spain, Void, Chad, Hydra, Stella, Serena, Christopher, Jonathan, Alex, Samantha Adrian and Daniel. They all stopped whatever it was they were doing and watched Tempest as she opened the door. She hung up her long black coat.

"I took care of it. I didn't kill her, but I beat the bloody shit out of her like she deserved. Knocked her unconscious."

"Well good," said Selene. Tempest looked at her older sister. She was wrapped in Oliver's arms. Neither of them were thrilled about the invasion of Hogwarts. But then again it was either follow orders or die, and since Tempest herself was hard to kill, he would kill all those she loved, even Draco.

"She lost her mind, to say the least."

"I can't believe she would blame you," said Isolde, her Romanian accent was heightened by her distress. "You loved her brother, you honoured his last wish."

"She doesn't see it as such. Anyway what's for dinner, I'm hungry."

"Vivaldi isn't back yet," said Edana. "Lord Voldy wanted a private word with her." Edana bit into her cookie. "Luckily I found cookies raiding the pantry with Adrian." Edana beamed at him and he smiled down at her. Tempest rolled her eyes. She knew that Edana liked Adrian even though he was eight years older than her, but she could approve, Adrian was decent enough and he could look after her.

"Anyway," began Void, taking a cookie. "What are we going to do about Entia? We can't keep letting her come after you for the damn antidote. I'm not suggesting that we go ahead and attack her but come on, we have a serious problem here."

"Thank you for stating the obvious Void," said Nila as she twirled her ring on her finger. Void glared at her.

"Is Draco here yet," she asked. They shook their heads.. Voldemort was staying at the Malfoys house and the Malfoys were having trouble accepting that fact. Tempest rolled up her sleeves.

"I'll cook dinner, steak tonight you guys." No one complained, they were hungry. Nila and Void followed her and placed a silencing charm on the door.

"Zephyr," began Nila. "We haven't told any of them about Voldemort plans."

"You should," she said absentmindedly taking out the steak. She turned the stove on with flick of her wrist and then her muggle stereo. Her favourite song was on.

"Zeph, I sent a Patronous to Remus about the attack on Harry at his house. They're prepared for that. It's the attach on the Ministry the one you're in charge of."

"Go tell the." She hummed to the music.

"Zephyr, come on, you know this is difficult, stop acting like it's not. You've been ordered to deal with the new minister. You've been ordered to kill him," said Nila.

"Yes, I know, thank you for reminding me." She watched the steak cook, seasoned and based. She didn't much care for Nila's worrying at this time it was annoying.

"Zephyr, you know how much we care, but frankly your dismissive tone——"

Tempest spun round and glared at Void. "This tone is not one of dismiss! It is one of reluctance acceptance. I've looked into the future his death is written in stone."

"Oh Zephyr," began Nila. "Why didn't you just tell us?"

This song always made her cry, always made her think of Gorx. "Because, something's you aren't suppose to know. Just like Gorx's death, all of your deaths. You were all suppose to die that night. You two, Astrea, Gorx and me. He killed us all. There are just something's people shouldn't know okay."

"Understood," said Void. Nila remained silent but nodded.

"Thank you. Now Void end the silencing spell."

"Yeah okay, but I bet it will still be silent considering the song." He ended the spell an d voices quickly hushed. All they heard was the song.

"Oh tell me why," sang Tempest to the music, "do we build castles in the sky? Oh tell me why, all the castles way up high please tell me why, do we build castles in the sky, oh tell me why, all the castles way up high?" She continued to sing and Void was right, the house was silent. A tear ran down her cheek and Nila hugged her. Gorx . . . his face always came to her mind. Castles in the sky were suppose to be your daydreams, not bringers of real life nightmares, bringers of death in the form of a white cloud. She dug her nails into the counter top. She hoped Merwick was rotting away slowly.

"Zephyr?" asked Void, once the song had ended. His hand took away the hair from her face. She looked at his turquoise eyes, his long beautiful lashes defines by his masculine cheek bones. No longer just charming, like he used to be in his young years, slightly goofy, but rather more mature. He was dashing she thought, almost irresistible. He was her best and oldest friends. She smiled at him, his arms pulsating, ready to comfort her.

"I'm fine Void." She stood straight, Nila pulled away from he. Nila looked at her, eye to eye in their high heels. Her long strawberry blonde hair hung over shoulder in waves. She was a brave one, a hard one to be mad at and a fun loving child like girl. But even in her something was different. She was more . . . serious.

"Are you really?"

Tempest closed her eyes and nodded. "Yes you two, I'm fine."

A door opened. Vivaldi entered. "I'm home."

Tempest went to the door and stared at the woman who had raised her. The attack would happen soon. Vivaldi gave a look as she hung up her coat.

"Hello Selene, Jason." They both stared at there mother. She smiled at them sadly. "No hugs or kisses for your dear mother." They both looked at each other and went to hug their mother awkwardly then returned back to where they were before.

"Zephyr, go get some sleep. You have a huge day coming up soon."

"You forget, I don't need sleep, only blood. Its everyone else who is going to need the rest." Tempests stormed off up her stairs and only one person followed. It was Maddox. She sat on her bed and he leaned on her dresser, his black hair hung over his purple eyes.

"You don't have to do it you know."

She laughed bitterly, her eyes turned a dark red. "Oh but sadly I do."

"Cut it with the auror studies." She rolled her eyes and they returned to their natural abnormal colouring. "Now again, you don't have to."

"If I disobey him, he'll go after everyone I love, starting with family." She gave him a look and he looked away, the dim yellow lighting from above highlighted his purple eyes.

"You should try to see your prophecy, or rather yet try looking into my future." She gave him a look and decided she would do that. She sat back confused.

"Hmm, of all things Maddox, I cannot see your future. So many flashes, nothing coherent. Its like . . . I can't explain it Maddox, I wish I could just to make myself feel better but I can't."

"Hmm, almost like I don't have one."

"Don't say that, everyone has a future, it's just that some are shorter than others."

"Hmm. Well all right I have a future and I will not be taken by Voldemort. I promise you that." He walked over to her and stroked her purple bangs out of her face. He looked at her so lovingly, a love that could never be, a love that was sick. A love that she would think about that made her sick, She loved Draco, more than anything, and she only loved Maddox like family, always would love him like that. She just wished that was all he felt.

"Just as long as you keep that promise."

"I'm not Draco, I actually keep my promises." Tempest laughed and placed her forehead against his and he laughed too. The door creaked open.

"What's so funny," came a sultry voice. Tempest looked up at Draco. She loved seeding him everyday. She loved curling up in his arms. She loved that he knew that she loved him. She loved that she knew she wold have his child, providing he did not die anytime soon. That fear was always at the edge of her mid.

"Nothing Draco." Maddox gave Tempest a warm hug goodnight. "Goodnight cousin, goodnight Draco." He left the room and as soon as she closed the door she flew on into his arms and kissed him.

"Yeah I missed you too." Tempest shut up the lights and led him to ed.


Tempest was ready. She had a a black tank top and her black shorts and black boots. The day had finally come. She wore no makeup, no nail polish. Today was one of death. She grabbed her black leather trench coat. Nila also wore no make up, juts a black turtled neck and jeans, her sworn hung by her side. No heels for her today and she wore her loosely tied up. Void entered the room next. He wore black as well, and his blue tipped hair was dishevelled. The Dark Mark would soon appear over the Ministry and she herself would dispose of the Minister. Nila and Void would be at her sides whilst everyone else she knew was going to attack from the inside. She hoped her family would be okay in the wake.

The clock struck, their arms began to throb and they were off whisked away in shadows and darkness. Today she would be the bringer of death. They crashed through the windows and materializing, Nila ran to the door and cast several charms and spells over it. No one would be getting in or out with out her say so. They Minister looked as though he would scream. Void placed his wand at his neck.

"It would suit you best if you shut your mouth."

"Void be nice." She looked at the Minister and at his desk, he had a daughter. "Hello Minister, I'm sorry to say but Voldemort had ordered me to kill you. We have little rime so please listen to all I have to say.

"Me and my friends are not part of this willingly. We plan on betraying him, we hope to beat him even if we must do horrible acts to make sure that all those that we love, all the innocents close to us remain safe. Yes I do admit to killing those Muggles last year and to being part of the raid at Hogwarts. I admit to all these crimes."

"Zephyr, hurry up," warned Nila. "Cecile says it's going quickly."

"Hold on. Look Minister, I will let you record whatever you wish, write down whatever you wish even if it is to sentence me to Azcaban. Just know that Voldemort will fall, Harry Potter will defeat him, that I swear and promise you so please write whatever you will."

She awaited judgement and Void stood at the window watchful.

"I will grant you a pardon. I know the chain reaction of what is happening." He grabbed a piece of paper and wrote with his as quick as possible. Nila gave her a worried look. Next he grabbed little bottle, his last memories. He placed them inside.

"Make sure these get to my daughter once everything is over."

"I promise. Are you ready?"

He looked at hr sadly and nodded. "Yes." She pulled out her want. Nila had her back to it, her head bowed and Void stood next to her for strength.

"Avada Kadavra." He flew back in his chair dead. Void went over and closed his eyes. Tempest took the what he left and put it into her pockets. Nila ended all her spells on the door and watched her. Tempest removed the body from the seat and sat down placing her feat on the table.

"Playing the part?" asked Void.

"Don't have a choice."

"I wish it would end soon," said Nila.

"Yeah me too."

"Mistress you cannot——"

"No Aidan, I have to ask. I can't this alone."

"You aren't alone. You have Nila and Void and the others."

"I know, but I need

"He won't——"

"He will . . . as long as I promise to give him the antidote."


"Enough Aidan, I've made my choice. He knows more about putting down dark wizards more than anything."

"As you wish."

his help. Its not a choice I'm making lightly. I've thought about it. As much as I hate to say it . . . I need Merwicks help."
"Zephyr?" asked Void.

"Huh, oh yeah sorry, was talking to Aidan."

"Lord Voldemort is coming."

She smiled arrogantly . "Let the charade continue." People were screaming, dying. But above all, she had been the ultimate bringer of death.

Aidans voice was strong in her mind. Loud, masculine and filled with worry.

Chapter 2: A Truce
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Tempest woke in Dracos' arms. She had don't her deed, her job, her task and hated thinking about it. It was the dead of night, Draco lay asleep. She could hear Divina and Chad talking a few rooms down, she was about to burst into tears. Draco opened his eyes.

"Tempy, are you all right?"

"No, I saw his face again. The face of his daughter, her bright eyes filled with joy. She's going to put me on trial."

"Shh, don't think about it." He hugged her tight and she herself cried a little like Divina. Draco kissed away her tears and she kissed him, first passionately then ferociously. He knew what she was after.

"Tempest no."

"Why not?"

"You're not thinking straight. When you're ready, neither of us is and right now——"

"Bloody hell I don't care!"

"But you will. We'll do it when we are both ready and thinking straight." He kissed her lightly then held her tightly.

"Draco I'm scared."

"Don't be. He'll help you."

"Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. I'm going to tell everyone tomorrow."

"Okay, in the mean time, lets go back to and talk of good things."

She laughed. "Good things huh, there's a tough subject not and days."

This time he laughed. "True, that is a though subject." Together they laughed and fell asleep long into the morning.


"Have you lost your bloody ,ind!" exclaimed Nila. She slammed her fork down into the table and stood up knocking her chair back. Tempest continued to calmly drink her morning cup of coffee.

"NO, I don't believe I have."

"You must have if you plan on going to Merwick for help," said Void, his fist clenched. "What the bloody hell! And promising him the antidote! What the bloody hell, do you have a death wish!"

"Not today or anytime soon. But he's been alive for a long time and betraying Voldemort, s not something I can do alone. He knows more about countering evil magic more than any of us. So enough is frankly enough, I don't plan on giving him the antidote until everything is over with, give him an incentive."

"This is both stupid and dangerous," exclaimed Nila in anguish. "You can't be serious! You just can't be!"

"I am very serious and thinking clearly. We need his help, I need his help, unfortunately. There are just something's I can't seem to see, and I hardly think my mother had this trouble. So enough is enough. Whether and of you like it or not, I am going."

"Not alone you're not," said Zoltron.

"Zoltron," hissed Hydra.

"No, I'm as quick and agile as Zeph and she'll need someone at her sides. Besides the treat of my poison will be more than enough to make her back away." His sword, like hers was kept at his wrist band. He sadly ha to wave it out like she used to.

"Will you all let me go as long as I bring Zoltron?"

Nila and Void looked at each other but it was Maddox who said something.

"Let her go. Tempy knows what she's doing and frankly I tink she's right. I'm not thrilled about this either but if she feels she needs to do this then we have to believe in her."

Everyone was silent and Tempest smiled. Nila sat back down reluctantly and looked away. She did not approve at all of any of this and by the expression on Void, neither did he.

"I'll be careful you two. I promise." They both gave her warning disapproved glances and she shrugged them off. This wasn't something she wanted to do, but it was something she had to do. The thought left a bitter taste in her mouth.

"You both better be careful," said Hydra as she ate her sausage.

Divina glowered. "I feel very uncomfortable leaving you. Bound by generation I should go."

"No, the less people there are the less he'll feel threatened."

"Old fart's a chicken," snickered Nila. Edana began making chicken noises and everyone began to laugh. The mood was finally lightening up.

"When are you going," asked Adrian.

"Tomorrow. In the mean time lets not think about it." Everyone agreed but Tempest could tell by the penetrating stares that Void and Nila were still thinking about it.


Tempest sat down on her roof and floated the prophecy orb of Blake Phoebus Malfoy in her hand. She remembered her vision. Down the black staircase her son was going, deep into danger and she saw him he had seen her. He had her eyes exactly and purple spiked hair. He looked like a younger version of Draco.

"You are thinking of him again."

"He's my son. But will he come to exist? What if I don't save Draco."

"Have faith Mistress, faith always assist."

"Hmm, yes, faith."

She stood once again at Gorx's grave, all alone. The wind blew her hair aall around as storm clouds rose from the horizon. Grey and Black clouds swirled and mixed together. She could smell the moisture in the air the thick cold air struck her from all sides. Her coat blew around her and she knew that somehow this would be a frigid summer.

"I love you Gorx. I'm doing this because I have too. I don't plan on trusting your sister, I've got nothing to hold her to my will but Merwick, well you already know about Merwick. Wish me luck love." She kissed the cold grave stone. The final battle between Voldemort and Potter was underway. She had to assure that it would be the end to all would be doomed.


Tempest and Zoltron arrived at the edge of ta glacier. They looked around. No one in sight. Zoltron blew into his gloved hands.

"So where exactly doe she live?"

"No idea. I was going to do a tracer spell."

He laughed. "That wordy charm? Can't you think of anything shorter?"

"Shut up, its the safest one. I could use his blood but that would be a waste of one single drop."

He nodded. "True."

Tempest pulled out her wand and pointed it towards the ground. "Slindeferous cartigrous." A clear map with shimmering gold lines appeared. She took a step and it moved along with her. "Okay we're set, lets get going before you freeze." He shot her a look and she grabbed his hand and pulled him along.

They made their way over the ice and snow carefully. Zoltron cast a warming charm on himself and Tempest stifled a laugh as they continued to walk. She did love to be vampire at times.

As the sun drifted below the horizon they finally came to their destination and frightening enough Tempest was baffled. They had encountered no trouble and she could see nothing. Nothing was invisible so she knew something was up. Bastard was smart, she thought. She spread her arms wide.

"Insimartae attritus." The wall of ice before them vanished revealing a cave.

"An illusion spell, very clever. Shall we enter?"

Tempest smiled. "Of course." They both unleashed their poisonous blades, each glowing their individual harmful breath.

"Oh Merwick darling! I know you're here! If you send Entia out to do your dirty work you must be here." No sound came out, they were surrounded by a deathly silence. Zoltron looked at his cousin worried. "Vertina singulara!" A strong blue ball of light flew from her hand and down the cave. He was farther down the cave than she initially thought.

"Oh come now darling Merwick! I promise not to bite! I promise not to harm you! Unless you give me reason to darling! You are making this very tedious for me darling! What's wrong, don't you love me anymore!" There was still no sound. Merwick had gained self restraint at the most inopportune time. She bit her lip.

"I went by Gorx's grave Entia! I hear from Luke and Luciana! The twins are like two pees in a pod! Always together! They look perfect together! So happy and full of life together! I kissed Gorx's gravestone! You know I think he loved me more than he loved you!" Entia stormed forth and was caught between each of their blades, she was trapped. Entia snarled at her.

"Now is that any way to treat an old friend? Merwick call off your little pet before we both poison her. I have a deal to make with you."

He appeared from the shadows looking ill, as though he was dying, which he probably was.

"Entia come here."


"Shut up before I let her poison you for your stupidity. Get over here." She glared and both Tempest and Zoltron sheathed their blades. Entia walked back to Merwicks side.

"Well, isn't this cozy," mocked Tempest.

"Get on with it."

"As you wish. The final battle with Riddle and Potter is underway——"

"Just say Vold——" began Entia agitated.

"Don't call him by that," warned Zoltron, "he placed a taboo on his name. Unless you're a Death Eater or a dark one swarms of Death Eaters will swarm us."

"He's right. Now, within I play my part but I need assistance." She finished off her sentence with bitterness and looked away from his satisfied smirk.

"You need my help, how amusing. But, pray tell Young Tempest, why the bloody hell should I help you?" This time she smiled and between tow dainty finger appeared a little vial of indigo liquid.

"Because I'll give you the antidote." Entia lunged and she simply kicked her aside and made the vial vanish. "Ah, ah, ah, not yet my darling. I need something to hold over your head don't I? I'll give you the antidote after we assure that Potter defeats Voldemort. Deal?"

"Very smart Young Tempest. I admire that but sadly I'm not much help this way." He smiled at her as he gestured his body. She simply smiled back at him.

"I'll heal you . . . Temporarily. Whenever you need it. So again, do we have a deal?" She held out her hand and he stared at it for sometime. Zoltron shifted his feet and stared at Entia hard. She returned the stare ready to pounce hopeful that Merwick would reject the offer. Merwick shook the hand and stared at her face.


"Glad we agree. Vigoratus somes!" A strong blue light emanated from her hand and flowed over his body. The life returned to his gold eyes.

"Ah," he said releasing her hand, "now that's much better. So when do we start?"

She waved her hand and the orb vanished. She jumped from her roof to the ground and made her way to the cemetery.

Chapter 3: Comrades
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Tempest made her way to her house with Merwick and Entia tailing behind her. Zoltron took off the many layers of clothing as they walked making Tempest laugh despite herself and the situation at hand. As they approached the door Tempest opened the door slowly, everybody was eating diner. Greta timing she thought to herself rolling her eyes.

"Evening everybody, I'm back." Chairs were moved, forks were dropped and people hurried on their way. Nila and Void ere the first at the hallway and they both stopped dead in their tracks, their eyes wide.

"Hello Void, Nila, pleasure to see you both again."

"You filthy—" placed one hand over Nila mouth and another around her waist to prevent her from lunging. Tempest sent him a grateful look.

"We see you agreed," said Void simply.

"Why not, I'll get the antidote when this is over, nothing sounds as satisfying and as great as that." He smiled at them all.

"Hello Serena, Stella," said Entia simply. "How are two of my best friends?"

"We stopped being friends when you joined that bastard," said Serena. "You lost your bloody mind Entia."

"That's your opinion," she said arrogantly.

"It' a fact," said Stella.

Entia shrugged her off and Tempest turned her attention back towards Merwick who was regrettablly staring ant Draco with a smug smile. Tempest felt her heart ache and her blood run cold. What didn't surprise her was that Draco returned his gaze just as intently. Tempest went over to him and took him hand, not to reassure him but rather herself.

"So this wold be the great Draco Malfoy. Oh you're always on Young Tempest minds." He leered at them both and this time she had to restrain herself but punching him square in the jaw. Her eyes lit up worried as Draco spoke.

"Yes well I would hope so. But besides that you must be the infamous Merwick. Hmm, you do look as every bit pathetic as I've heard, not worth one bit of her time. Are you that desperate for companionship that you had to manipulate Entia there into being your bloody pet?" Tempest smiled and at that moment had never loved Draco more. She saw Entia's eyes flare and her fist clench. Merwick sadly enough retained his smile.

"Well you and Tempest are one in the same aren't you, both arrogant pure bloods."

"And proud of it," muttered Tempest.

Merwicks' gold eyes flickered to her. "I'm sure you are." Everyone remained silent, there was nothing more to say. The air became thick with breathing as they all stood there staring at each other for what seemed like hours. Someone needed to talk.

"Well Merwick, well do you plan on staying?" asked Adrian. Tempest shot him a thankful look and he waved it off, apparently he was just as uncomfortable. Merwick rose his eyebrows playfully and Tempest rolled her eyes.

"Oh, I won't be staying here?" He forced a hurt expression on his face that quickly broke into a smile.

If you do," she began smiling, "someone may try to kill you, my dragon included."

"Well than, where will I be staying?"

"At my mothers house, and I swear if you defile anything, damn you to hell the deal is off."

He shot her a look of pure hatred and gripped his sword. "Yes well then, I shouldn't defile anything now should I?"

"No you shouldn't." Everyone remained silent once again. A cold wind blew and sure enough the windows sprung open. Tempest knew what was about to happen. "Get to the basement! The both of you! Now!" They did as they were told, each of them smirking at her as they past her by and just as the basement door opened shadows formed into people and Death Eaters surrounded them, Vivaldi included.

"What's going on?" asked Tempest warily, staring intently at Vivaldi.

"I'm here to bring Selene, Jason, Oliver and Isolde to trial."

"What? Why?"

"To see of they are apt supporters of Voldemort."

It took all of Tempest strength to control herself. "You're insane, they're your children!"

"I do what I must. Take them in." Selene and Jason looked at Tempest for help then at each other. What the bloody hell had happened to Vivaldi?

One they were all gone Merwick and Entia came up from the basement and Tempest punched a hole in the stairs, she could no longer contain herself.

"I see your mother has hone insane."

"She's not my mother!"


Tempest made her way with Merwick through the ministry, Merwick for once had clothes and shoes on and wavered by her side.

"So what exactly is your plan?"

"What plan? I plan on barging in and telling them to release my sibling and their partners."

"You can't do that, that will bring suspicion onto yourself."

She turned to him and shot him one simply look of desperation. "So what am I suppose to do?"

"Lie of course."

She stumbled with words and raised her arms in exasperation. "You are impossible!"

"I'm right and you know it." She ignored him and they continued to make their way to the courtroom. They were all being tried together. Tempest opened the side door and stepped in silently.

"We are hereby going to hear the case of Mr. & Mrs. Nyx and Mr. & Mrs. Wood," announced a woman Tempest knew to be Dolores Uxbridge.


"No time like the present."

She stood up. "Hello council, if I may."

The Toed-faced woman shot her a hateful look. "Who are you?"

"I am Tempest Artemisa Nyx and you would do well to know me respect. I did dispose of your previous Minister. Now, why is my family under trial?"

"Their lineage of course, their devotion to the dark lord."

"They are all pure blood and their devotion shouldn't be questioned."

"And why not Miss Nyx?" The woman's eyes flashed suspiciously and Tempest herself growled impatiently.

"Because who do you think provided me with information on the inner workings of the ministry."

"Really? Why should I believe you?"

"Because, as I said before, I am Tempest Artemisa Nyx," she leaped onto the counted, "and you would do well to show me respect."

The womans heart began to race as Tempest licked her fangs that protruded brightly.

"Yes, well, um, they are free to go."

"I thought so. Lord Voldemort wouldn't been very displeased with you. We can't have that can we?"

"N-no, most certainly not."

Tempest and leaped off backwards landing gracefully on her feet. Merwick appeared at her side and smiled at her.

"Very graceful, yet very theatrical," he said as They walked out.

"I thought so." She looked at her family. "I got here as fast as I could."

"What happened to Vivaldi," said Isolde. "Why would she take us in and arrest us? Why would we be put under scrutiny??" Her long auburn hair was tied loosely behind her and her brown eyes began to fill with tears,.

"I simply don't know," said Jason.

Selene had her arms crossed firmly over her chest. She looked far more furious than she ever was. Thunder sounded catching them all off guard. Selene's composure remained undeterred as she gripped Tempest arm tightly, her nails going through the leather material.

"You better make sure he falls Zephyr, I want my mother back."

"You're ruining my jacked and don't' worry, he will fall."

"You better be sure Zeph, I lost my father, I don't want to lose my mother."

"It may be too late Selene," said Oliver sadly. Selene gave him a horrific look and walked off. Oliver, Jason and Isolde followed leaving Merwick and Tempest alone. She collapsed against a wall and so did Merwick, unwillingly. She looked at him.


"If you wouldn't mind, I think this should be a morning ritual, unless you give me the antidote." He smiled at her charmingly and she laughed bitterly as she grabbed him hand.

"Yeah right, I don't think so."

"Can't blame me for trying."

She shrugged. "Vigoratus somes." Blue light engulfed him. He stood straight and looked at her, his fangs lon held out.

"I feel better and a little hungry. Can we go hunting?" he asked like a little child. Tempest snarled.

"Lucky for you I'm hungry too. We're going to hunt animals only. Quickly lets go before Death Eaters catch an ye on you." He nodded and followed her out.


Tempest and Merwick took off their shoes and coats in the forest. She could smell the deer running along. They had little time before the rain came and told them to hide.

Side by side they ran. Over branched and roots. Leaping over streams, catching prey and sucking them dry. Something blew in the wind, making her and Merwick stop from feeding.

"Something's wrong," said Merwick wiping blood from his lips.

"I know, but what is the proper question."

He sniffed the air and snarled. "Death Eaters. We have to hide."

"But where?"

He grabbed her in his arms and ran up the river making them both little ill. He finally put her down and told her to climb the tree. They did and poised themselves on a branch. He was right, they were Death Eaters. Vivaldi included. She sighed and focussed her hearing.

"Are you sure Zephyr came this way," asked Narcissa.

"Those were her shoes and jacket, I know she came this way. I'm just highly disappointed with her. Umbridge would have dealt with my children as she and Lord Voldemort would have seen fit."

"But Viva, they are your children you should want to protect them, form anything and anyone."

Vivaldi gave her a cold look. "I would not betray my Lord. He goes above my children." She continued on and Narcissa stared after her frightened but soon enough followed reluctantly.

"Looks like Viva finally lost her mind."

"It would seem like it, wouldn't it." She leapt to a tree. "Come on, lets go."


Tempest woke from another nightmare. First her fathers death. A sight of both the past and the future in one night. The knowledge of Astrea being a vampire frighted her, she made her deal with Merwick for more than that reason alone. Yes, she kept dreaming it, like that event was written in stone itself, and she hoped against fate that it was not.

She looked down at Draco besides her, sound asleep. His hair was dishevelled, his eyes slightly open and drool was beside his face. She pulled her knees to her chin and watched him, a smile on her face. Something pecked against her window and she jumped. Merwick sneered at her and she hissed as she headed for him.

"Haven't you ever heard of privacy?"

"No." he said simply. She rolled and crawled out her window and looked around Entia was nowhere to be seen, that made her suspicious.

"Where's Entia?"

"A little mission of my own. I have followers you know, I've rebuilt the Merlin Crusaders. Vampires and werewolves." He sneered at her.

"I have a little army too."

"Hmm, so I've noticed."

"Why did you get me out of bed."

"Oh too talk about our plans. We do need plans you know."

She rolled her eyes. "Yes, yes, I know. I'll be infiltrating and while doing so I'll let you know of all his plans. I don't' know what exactly will happen, its like my vision is blocked. I've done all I could to unblock it. That's just one of the main reason why I went t you for help. I'm not going to risk the lives of my friends."

"He shrugged and nodded. "Honourable. Now come comrade, howl at the moon, its always relieving."

"I'll do no such thing." He laughed at her then howled at the moon. She couldn't suppress a laughter as she climbed down to her room.

"You know Merwick, if you weren't trying to kill me, I think we could be great friends."

"OR more."

"You're sick old man."

"Among other things. Goodnight Young Tempest." He howled some more and she crawled into bed. Draco was still slumbering. She stroked his head and kissed him lips careful of waking him.

Chapter 4: Sense of Betrayal
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Tempest and Draco packed their bags. He packed his uniforms and she packed her cloak and clothes. She was in a good mood. Voids family hadn't been out under scrutiny and Neither had anyone else's. Only her family which made her wonder what the woman who's she used to call her said to the Dark Lord behind her back; and Narcissa's reaction made her finally realized why her mother had chosen the Malfoys as her godparents above everyone else. She cared about her children. She just wondered how much. Tempest looked at Draco.

"Draco, how much would you say your mother loves you?"

He looked at her curiously. "A lot, why?"

She looked at her baggage. "Enough to betray the Dark Lord?" He stopped what he was doing and she finally met up with his gaze. He stared at her frightened.


"While I was hunting, my mother came looking for me with Narcissa. She couldn't believe what my mother had done. She looked frightened. So again, do you think that it is possible that she would betray everyone for you?"

He sighed. "Its possible Tempest. You would actually have to talk to her about it, but that would be difficult considering Lord Voldemort has taken refuge in my house." He finished the last part ff bitterly and she knew that he hated the Dark Lord as much as she did.

She snorted and grabbed her second suitcase. "Taken over you mean."

"Anyway," he said ignoring her comment, "you'll have to be careful."

She shot him her best arrogant smile. "Please, I'm always careful."

"Hmm, sure, so that would explain why you always get into trouble and end up near death."

"No wait I just one bloody moment, that's's not my bloody fault."

He smiled at her and her face. "My mother loved I you like you were her own daughter. Just be careful with Voldemort okay."

"I promise."

He kissed her lightly. "Good, now go downstairs you brother has something for you."

She scrunched up her eyes. "What?"

"Just go downstairs."

Tempest rolled her eyes and went downstairs. Everyone seemed to be gathered in her kitchen. She smiled slightly and prepared herself. She turned the knob and opened the door.

"Surprise! Happy Birthday!" Nila ran over and gave her a hug, followed by Void then Edana. A beautiful purple cake awaited her and she smiled.

"There will be no talk of Merwick or Riddle, not today okay," said Nila. "I even had a talk with Merwick, with Void of course. He won't' be bother you today."

"Oh and another surprise." Void flashed her an envelop. "We got our O.W.L. scores today dn we, you and u of course got perfect O's all around. Nila got a few S's and E's."

Tempest took the envelop shocked. "Outstanding everything we did last year."

"You're telling me," said Nila lighting the candles. "Now come make a wish and blow out the candles."

Tempest smiled and began to think of a wish as she made her way towards the three layer cake. She finally smiled at the thought of her wish and blew out the candles. They flicked out as and arm wrapped out her. Tempest looked at Draco who smiled at her.

"Cake time?" She nodded smiling.


Tempest cast a silencing spell on herself as she climbed the tree. She looked in the window with the moons light. They were asleep. She tapped the window once with her long nails and Narcissa sat up. Maybe she hadn't been asleep at all she thought as Narcissa looked at her and smiled. Narcissa headed over to her.

"Zephyr," she said opening the window, "Happy birthday. I'm sorry I couldn't celebrate your birthday with you. I got you a present."

"Thank you Narcissa but I came here for a very specific reason. I sw you in the woods with Vivaldi. If I said Draco's life was in danger would you betray the Dark Lord?"

Narcissa gave her a look of fright. "Is his life in danger?" Tempest didn't know how to phrase anything. She herself was so confused.

"Voldemort will die and if you betray him you will get a full pardon. But long before the return of Voldemort I had vision of Draco's death, the dark mark was on his arm. I keep having these dreams."

"So his life is in danger."


Narcissa nodded. "I would betray Voldemort for my own son. He is my life." She sighed and looked over at Lucius. "What do I need to do?"

Tempest clasped her hand and looked into her future. It all appeared coherently and flowed over her vision. HS blinked away the future and stare dat Narcissa.

"Harry Potter will be at your mercy. Tell Voldemort he is dead."

Narcissa nodded and clasped Tempest hand harder. "Protect him Tempest."

The use of her name stung her but she said nothing as she nodded. "I'll do all in my power." Narcissa grabbed her and hugged her tightly.

"Wait here my darling. Your mother wanted me to give this ti you on your seventeenth birthday." She crept back into her room and pulled out a little box wrapped in silver and purple. She sat back on the branch and opened the present handed to your. Inside was a picture kept intact through the ages of her with her mother and father. She was nestled in her mothers arms and her mother and father continued to dote on her looking every so often up at the camera. Her mothers grey eyes held sadness within them. A not was there, labelled for her in her mothers handwriting as well as a beautifully intricate necklace. The band was formed of amethyst stones and peridot and in the centre in silver was a dragon over an onyx crescent moon. She put it on. It fit perfectly.

"Happy Birthday Tempest. You look so much like your mother."

"Thank you Narcissa." She gave her a hug and left ending her spells as she made her way. She opened the letter and read it slowly, ignoring the hovering Merwick.

Dear Tempest,

I'm so glad that you love Draco. Even when you were babies I saw the attraction
.You tow were meant to be together, despite what you will feel in the future please know that. I love you darling, I hope you have a great birthday, I wish I could have met my grandchildren.Love Always,

Morganna Le Fey Nyx
"Hmm, grandchildren, that's plural my dear."

She rolled her eyes. "Yes, I noticed, I'm very aware of word tenses."

"If you say so. I only ever thought there would be Blake." Tempest spun making him bump into her. He was too close for comfort.


"You're mind darling." Her breathed relaxed. He hadn't found her prophecy, either of them. Not like he would be able to hear anything though she thought.

"Okay new rules. Stay out of my head."

He laughed. "You're barrier slipped in Camelot darling. You know he looks a lot like Draco. He had your eyes thought and your hair. Nila's daughter looks like her with—"

"Enough already."

"I wonder what your son was doing there."

"Who knows darling old man. But look unless I invite you into my mind, stay out."

Merwick shrugged and ruffled his pure white hair that glistened above his gold eyes. She wanted to dig her fangs into his neck, a little vampiric blood lust. He smiled.

"Entia and I exchange blood all the time, its quite . . . intoxicating."

"Go to hell." She turned and walked away hoping to leave him behind. Merwick insisted on following her.

"You could do it with Draco, without changing him."

"He'll feel the pain."

"Only at first. Besides, as long as you don't him any of your blood, he'll be fine."

"Its too risky."

"Suit yourself. I'm going hunting."

Something bugged her and she looked at him. "How is it Entia isn't poisoned."

"Many protection spells. Although it doesn't seem to be moved through the blood. She still gets sick thought."

She smiled. "Blood is nothing to you. We tried to aim to affect the real you. Remember, this body isn't your own. An the dust and bones of your remains were at my school."

"Well are you a clever little minx."

"Yes I am. Good night Merwick."

"Good night Zephyr." He turned and ran off into the night and she continued on her way back to Draco. Clutching her present in her hand.


Tempest had her arms wrapped around Draco on the Muggle platform. His arms were wrapped tightly around her. She tangled her fingers through his hair and he in turn wrapped his fingers through the ends of her hair. She really didn't want to let him go.

"Zephyr, come on already," said Void.

"Yeah Draco, you too, we have to go before the train leaves," said Maddox.

Finally Tempest pulled away noting her cousins discomfort and looked at the both of them. "You two better take care of each other."

"We promise," said Draco kissing her again.

"Bloody hell, you two are not straying that again," said Nila yanking her away. "Sorry Draco but come on, breath already, you have been swapping spit all summer."

"Yeah, and now you and Davyn will, yay," said Void sarcastically. Tempest gave him a look and he gave her a knowing one. Dammit Void, she thought, too little, too late. Nila paid no attention to him and made her way, dragging her along, towards the train Everyone waved goodbye. Merwick stayed taped to her side but Void never left her alone.

"Oo, trouble," said Merwick in her ear she ignored the stares. No one would understand but she saw who he was talking about. Astrea slammed her against the wall.

"What the hell!"

She heard Merwick snicker besides her. Tempest ignored him. "Astrea, you have too—"

"Shut up! This thing kills! He almost killed me! Tormented me! And now . . . I can't believe it was true! The antidote!" She aimed to punch her but Tempest easily blocked her.

"Go shove off, you don't understand and you won't listen to me."

"There is nothing to understand. You've betrayed everything! I'll make you pay! I sear it!" She stalked away followed by Heather and Cassandra. Louis stayed behind.

"Tell me you have a good reason?"

"I need his help to defeat Voldemort or else everything we all know and love is doomed. I had to make the deal, I need his help. Please believe me."

His smug look appeared and he took a step towards her. "Yeah, okay, I believe you. I'll try to talk to her. Now, how about a kiss??" He tapped his and cheek and she smacked his arm.

"Go to you vicious girlfriend already."

"Yeah okay." HE walked away but she pulled him back and embraced him, giving him a light peck on the cheek. The was when she noticed his bite marks.

"Be careful with her okay," she said stroking his neck.

Louis shrugged it off. "We're careful, I'm careful. Don't worry."

"Okay, if you're sure, just be careful."

He looked at merwick. "Yeah, you too." He walked away.

"That was fun," mocked Merwick.

Tempest clenched her fist and took a deep breath, calming herself so that she didn't break his jaw.

"Get on top of the train and stay there."

"Of course darling" He jumped into the train and she continued to wonder about how Astrea found out about the deal. She needed to find Lilith and the others. She had to explain before they thought that she betrayed them too.

The train began to whistle, she saw Void jumping onto the train. She asked him the same things she had asked herself and he shrugged, bewildered, a she handed her her prefect badge.

"Well find them on the train, come on."

They searched, people staring at her, boring their eyes into her. So Astrea had spread the word about Merwick, at least now everyone would be fine. She found Lilith who was a prefect with Damien and Trixie. They all gave her cold looks, their hands on their hilts. Tempest rolled her eyes and payed attention to her belly ring. Void would take care of this.

"Hear her out," said Void simply. No he wouldn't hadn't this and once again she explained the situation. They exchanged looks but understood nonetheless.

"One slip up through," said Damien, "and I shove this blade through his skull."

"I'll gladly help you, I'll hold him down if need be."

"Glad to hear it." They walked off leaving Void and Tempest alone. She placed him under scrutiny.

"You know, its your fault , , , that Nila is dating Davyn of all people. She wanted your attention."

"I just—"

"Its not just that, I think—"

"Hey there you too are," said Nil interrupting him. She was holding hands with Davyn.

"I have to go. Later Zeph, Nila." He shot Davyn a look. "Davyn." He walkaed off and Tempest looked after him noticing the look Nila gave him.

Chapter 5: Vampire Class
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Tempest sat in Poisons Class next to Void. Today Master Vlad had made a specific announcement. Asides from Swore class, taught my Majika, he would be teaching another class specifically for vampires. Tempest knew what this was about, Merwick's presence. Headmistress Majika had asked about it, but only because she knew what Tempest was trying to prevent. The school was hoping to make all vampires the school guardians. Zoltron was a guardian, particularly keeping an eye on Luciana and Luke.

Stella and Serena hung around her classes and waited for Void and Nila. Tempest was getting annoyed and more importantly worried. Entia was not around.

"Okay, enough, I'll be fine just go be a guardian. Entia is gone and I don't know where."

"She's right Stell," said Serena. "Entia is loose somewhere and I don't trust him. Come on Stell." She walked and and Tempest waved goodbye. Where the bloody hell was Entia?

Tempest skipped out on lunch and went in search of Merwick. She found him in of the many secret passages. He sucked his teeth hungrily at her.

"Hello Zephyr, how fare thee?"

"Where's Entia?"

"At Hogwarts, I sent her there to take a look at things for me. Apparatus barrier is back up. She had to sneak in.

"I could've told you that. The Ministry made me the only exception."

"And why is that."

"In case I needed to hide away from you. I needed to be able to get there quickly than floo powder. Took me becoming a vampire to persuade them."

"You're welcome."

She rolled her eyes and leaned against him threateningly. "I wasn't thanking you."

Merwick sniffed the air around her. "I know but you should be. Anyway she says that Draco looks kind of frightened but remains calm. Pansy keeps him company."

"Of course she does." She leaned against the wall. She had forgotten about her. Merwick placed his fangs precariously on her neck.


"One little bite, I'll promise I'll behave."

Tempests' eyes fluttered, her heart raced. "Get away from me." Tempest slunk away from him and stared at him, she had almost given in to him.

"Get Entia back here, I'll go to Hogwarts ."

He smiled and bowed at her. "Of course I will."

Tempest walked off to catch whatever was left of lunch. On her way, someone punched her, sending her sprawling. She caught her breath in the time to kick away a flying Astrea. She landed on her fact. Apparently Louis hadn't worked his magic or rather it fell on deaf ears. Astrea barred her fangs that grew in rage, and was ready to pounce. She drew out her whip and Tempest wrapped around Excaliber, her fangs barred. They were equal in strength so they weren't going anywhere. She pulled with all her might and swung Excaliber into the wall, a distraction long enough to punch Astrea in the gut. She stumbled back but quickly retaliated, knocking her feet from under her. Tempest gasped as her head hit the ground and kicked Astrea in the face flipping back.

Astrea glared at her and charged. Tempest let her, she was furious. They both sent statues tumbling as they each sent each other into them again and again, landing punches. Tempest favourite shirt was torn as were her pants. Astrea's shirt was also torn and they both were about to slip off and expose their braw. Spells knocked them each against the wall. Stella and Serena came froward and held each of them down. Master Vlad came from the mass of students surrounding them and smiled genuinely at each of them.

"Girls, if you would be so kind as to follow me to Headmistress majika's office." Astrea and Tempest looked at each other and then nodded reluctantly. "Good. Stella, Serena, make sure they behave." They nodded and gripped each on the arm and led the way.


"You know, usually we love to see your little student squabbles but as it stands, two vampires cause much damage to each other, not to mention to the area surround. So again . . . what the bloody hell were you two thinking?"

"Uh, well—" began Tempest.

"She's working with that blood sucking bastard! She gets what's coming to her!"

"Tempest has a good reason for working with him."

"She has you bloody brainwashed too! Why can't any of you see it!"

"Miss Sanguina enough! You both will serve separate detentions. Ids that understood?" Astrea flexed her fist in and out and she looked bitterly at Tempest. Tempest ignored her and kept her head up high and forward.

"Yes Headmistress Majika," they both said in unison.

"Good. Dismissed." Astrea stormed out slamming the door behind her. Tempest waited a few moments before smiling at head Professor.

"Well that was highly unpleasant. Um, is it too early to ask for a favour?" She smiled at them charmingly and Master Vlad snickered while Headmistress Majika sighed.

"Yes, but ask away."

"Can I go to Hogwarts. Need to see how things are going."

"Oh very well, you my go, but I suggest you change your clothes."

"No need." She snapped her finger and her shirt was whole once again. "I'll be back soon, I promise."


Tempest walked around openly. Death Eaters had control of the Ministry and Hogwarts. Her presence was of no mater, not anymore. She looked for Draco who was edging his way form Pansy. She licked her fangs ain delight and ran into his arms.

"Draco darling."

He spun around and smiled. "Tempest?"

"In te flesh." She ran into his arms and kissed him passionately. God, she missed him.

"Get off my bloody boyfriend," Tempest heard Pansy hiss. She pulled away and smiled at her venomously.

"Your boyfriend? You must be mistaken."

Pansy's eyes wavered to Draco in pain but she still held her composure. "I'm not."

"Draco darling," said Tempest turning her head back towards Draco to stroke his face, "tell her she's mistaken." Tempest wanted her sweet revenge. Pansy had never liked her and had never even tried to give her a chance. She hated her.

Draco smiled and nuzzled her neck. "You're mistaken Pansy."


"Oh go away already. We haven't seen in each other in a week." She went back to kissing him and listened to her stalk away, her plain black shoes hit the ground hard. She smiled satisfied. Finally Draco was all hers.

"I love you Tempy. Those four little words always made her spine tingle.

"I love you too Draco."


Tempest finished up her detention of plucking poisonous weeds from the Herbology Greenhouse. Horklumps to be specific. She loved Herbology but she could do without plucking Horklumps. Now her clothes were going to need a serious wash to get the smell out.

Tempest walked across the dark grounds towards her Vampire Specialized Class. She stretched her arms into the air and flexed her fingers feeling the magic permeate through the tips of her fingers. If ever there was a class made for her, this most certainly was. Master Vlad welcomed her with a smile.

"Hello Class. I need to insist before we do anything that you all head over to this table behind me and drink as much blood as you need. The goblets are refilling so don't worry." Tempest walked towards the table followed by a very upset Astrea who nearly made her fall. They both drank their blood staring hotly at each other.

"Finished? Good." He waved his had and made the table vanish." Lets start with a simple fire spell. I want each of you to conjure up Incendio and try to focus it in your hand. Begin."

For many people, the spell flung out and hit all around. Tempest managed to secure a ball of blue flame in her hand and spun it all around her hand. She hadn't done this, never experimented with the flow of magic before. It was as though she could feel the magic deep with herself. She felt light as though she could fly. Suddenly the air around her changed. Moisture vanished and heat was vibrating through the air. She fell to the ground quickly.

"Astrea! Enough!" yelled Master Vlad. Tempest looked at Astrea, her red wavy hair leaned against her shoulders despite the wind. Her fist were clenched and at her sides and her feet were perfectly poised and ready to pound in her blue high heels that glowed next to her porcelain white skin.

"No." Her green eyes flashed. "Incendio."

"Aguamenti!" Steam surrounded the air and through it Tempest could feel Astrea lunge for her. She rolled away and felt the impact through the earth. Astrea took her fist out of the ground and snarled at her. Tempest eyes flashed and turned blood rage in anger. She could easily destroy her.


Astrea eyes widened and she fell back to the ground and screamed. It was ear splitting. Blood was everywhere. Tempest took advantage of the opportunity and punched again and again until someone was brave enough to pull her off. She saw the black hair and spun around. Entia gave her a blank look.

"Can't have you kill her Zephyr, that would be stupid, even Gorx would say so."

"Don't you dare say his name," said Serena stepping up. "You don't deserve to."

"Oh yes, I do."

"No you don't, not since you started working for his murderer."

Entia's eyes flared and she directed her hateful glare towards Tempest who ignored it. "Wrong Serena, he's not my brothers murdered." She walked off and Tempest looked around. Everyone was staring at her frightened. Her eyes turned black. Whatever, she thought, she no longer cared,. Let them fear here.

"Class dismissed," said Master Vlad. Tempest watched him walked over to Astrea's unconscious body and pick it up before she stormed off. Aidan was waiting for her.

"He is here too."

"Of course he is. He's always around."

Merwick slipped forward from the shadows and smiled. "Yes, I do smell brilliant don't I."

She rolled her eyes. "If you say so." She didn't want to admit it, but he did smell kind of sweet.

Merwick smiled and walked over to her. "Heard about your little tiff with Astrea. I thought you two were friends?"

Tempest snorted, disgusted. "We were never friends. I would on occasion help her out and she would do the same. We were never friends ans she in completely psycho." She crossed her arms and leaned against Aidan. Merwick took a step toward her and Aidan growled. She smiled. Merwick shot her dragon a hateful look.

"I see your dragon is as protective as ever," said Merwick in her head.

"Of course, why shouldn't he?"

He clicked her teeth. "Could you please come over here?"

Tempest almost laughed. "My, my the great Merwick said please." She smiled and walked away from Aidan. Regrettably enough she had to admit that he was attractive.

"No, when do you plan on Shifting on Vold—" Tempest slapped her hand over Merwicks mouth.

"Shh, you know you can't say it or he'll swarm us." She slowly removed her hand and Merwick took her in his arms. Aidan growled when she didn't pull away.

"Okay, so tell me when?"

"Tempest opened her eyes and looked into the future, she saw so many things happen but quickly jerked her eyes open when she felt his fangs on her neck.

"Merwick—" she warned as her breath quickened.

"Just one bite, one tiny bite." He kissed her neck and she sighed in pleasure. Suddenly her eyes jerked as she felt the fangs pierce into her skin.

She leaned against him. "You can come out now Merwick, I smell you anyway."

Chapter 6: Secrets Revealed
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Tempest woke up as thought she had spent the day in a pub. Aidan growled in her head ans she pushed him away. Of course he was going to scold her, that ;s what he did daily now for the past two weeks. She was a little annoyed to be frank, but then again she deserved it. She was letting Merwick feed on her, although she would rather her than anyone else around. She sat up in bed and fell on her way out.

"Tempest are you okay?" asked Nila helping her up.

"Don't call me that Nila."

"I'm sorry, look, are you all right?"

"She needs blood of course." They both looked up and Merwick stood on the window ledge.


"He's right I do." Nila helped her stand up and shot Merwick a dirty look. He simply smiled at her.

"Then come on, lest get you dressed. Merwick if you wouldn't mind leaving the room, that would be great."

"Not like I haven't her naked before."

"Impedimento!" He ran off and Nila put her wand away. "I hate him!"

"Yeah." She sat down while Nila pulled out some clothes. She gave her a pair pf jeans her usual sneakers which were new since every year they were damaged beyond repair and a simple purple tank top Tempest quickly got dressed and put on her cloak. Nila must have called for Void through Lestat because he was waiting for them.

"Come on Zeph, we've got you."

He wrapped his arm around her waist and helped her walk but Entia blocked their way.

"Entia move," said Void agitated. Entia stared at him blankly.

"She can't leave."

"And why the bloody hell not," said Tempest.

"You have to heal him."

"Can't you see she's in too weak a condition to do that!" yelled Nila. Entia smiled.

"Its all her own bloody fault."

"Entia enough," said Merwick. "It can wait till after she's had her fill of blood. Healing my like this would just drain her too much, her magic wouldn't be up to its natural standards."

Entia stared at Merwick bewildered. "But—"

"Your 'master' said we can pass Entia, so let us," said Nila mockingly. Entia growled at her and Void laughed out loud.

"Yeah right, like a harmless growl will do anything to her."

"Who said it was harmless."

Merwick stepped forward and grabbed Entia by the arm. "Come pet, let them past." Entia growled some more but moved away anyway. Nila shot her a smug look and led the way out. Void followed carrying Tempest. He was smiling admiringly at Nila who was ahead of them. Artemis brushed past her and strolled to Nila and licked her leg. Nila giggled and stumbled. Void grew pale.

"Void, is Artemis okay, she's not hungry is she?"

"Uh, no. She's just . . um." He looked at Tempest. She rolled her eyes and stumbled purposely.

"Oh my god Zeph!"

"Yeah, come on, lets hurry," said Void hoisting her up. Tempest suppressed a smile.

"Oh right, I'll run along to Master Vlad." She ran off and Lestat followed her.

"You so owe me," said Tempest regained her balance.

"Yeah I know I do."

"She does like you I hope you know."

"She's with Davyn."

"That's your fault."

"Yeah I know."

"I think Nila is the only ne who doesn't really see it. Even Davyn sees it."

Void smiled, satisfied. "Yeah, I know, I just wish she could see it, that I love her, that I've always loved her."

"Have you now?"

They trudged along and he nodded. "Remember when we found her, cradled and crying. God I wanted to run to her and hug her. And when I discovered her relationship with Adrian, god I was so down right jealous I wanted to punch him and break his jaw."

"You wouldn't stop punching the wall."

He nodded. "Yeah, I wouldn't. She saved me so long ago, I had to save her, but I was so mad that she even liked the guy. Still upsets me that she even talks to that guy."

"So why id you date Edana, just curious."

Void shrugged. "I liked her, thought she could take my mind of Nila. Didn't work, Edana saw that look I had when Nila kissed Zoltron."

Tempest giggled. "That was bloody brilliant."

"Oh shut it. I just loved her. I love Nila Cerdwin." A dreamy look fell over his face and Tempest stomped on his foot.

"Stop being such a girl and besides, she loves you too, I think she's just doing what you did with Edana."

"I guess only time will tell huh."

"Yeah I guess."

They walked in silence tell the entered Master Vlad's office. Nila wasn't around. Void sat Tempest down where she greedily drank down a pint of blood.

"Where's Nila?"

She ran off to Meet Davyn."

"Of course," snorted Void.

Tempest shot him a look and he turned away. Artemis went off, probably searching for Nila, she assessed.

"Void go, I need to have a word with Young Tempest alone please."

Void scrutinized and looked Tempest. She nodded and he left. Tempest turned to Master Vlad and prepared herself but sitting back in her chair arrogantly and placing her feet on the table.

"You may begin now Master Vlad."

"Do you know how stupid you are being."

She smiled. "I'm not sure I know what you're talking about."

"Giving him blood."

"Oh that, well I'd rather have him feed off me than anyone else." She smirked.

"Look at you, you can't even walk on your own."

"I'm used to it."

"Don't give him more blood Zephyr."

She shot him a deadly look. "I can take care of myself thank you." She drank the second pint that stood ready for her and stormed off. Void stared a t her curiously. She was refreshed.

"Lets go find darling Nila shall we."


Tempest sat on top of the Slimythings Common Room tower next to Merwick.. Days had past since Master Vlad had confronted her. He hadn't said anything to Nila to Void, but he had said that if she kept it up he would refuse to give her blood. She stared into Merwicks golden eyes.


"I don't think I should continue to give you blood."

"Oh, really?"

"I can't have them find out."

"Then take my blood."

She snorted in disgust. "Yeah, I don't think so, I don't care if I am immune."

"Fine, I will leave you to it them. I will no longer take your blood."

She stare d at him suspiciously. "You are being far too calm Merwick."

"You are promising me the antidote to the poison that ails me. I will o what you ask without question, besides, there is always Entia."

"Ah yes, your blood whore."

"Merwick laughed. "Yes, my blood whore." He laughed some more. "Oh my, I almost forgot, I heard your little conversation with Void about his love for Nila."

"So?" He was going on, he never talked without a purpose and he was always talking, drove her insane.

"Well I can't say I'm surprised. But well, I have taken an interest in Nila's boyfriend. While I was watching him one time, he was in the loving arms of someone who was not Nila. I suggest you tell Void, he wouldn't believe it if it came from my mouth."

"I hardly believe you." She sighed and pulled her hair back. "Go to sleep already. I need to speak to Void. He bowed and stepped off the tower.


"Yes Aidan?"

"Be wary."

"Always am when it comes to him and I know he's up to something, he walsy has another agenda. Not to mention the fact that Entia keeps vanishing."

"Blood kept him tame."

"Yes, it did."

"Wait till morning Mistress."

"Yes, all right. I'm tired anyway."

"Davyn gave her a present."

"I see." She thanked god she had no reflection, she didn't want Nila seeing her expression of pain. Edana sw it though as did Divina. She shook her head and kept tem silent. She wouldn't tell them, it would be all over the school soon enough anyway.

"Davyn is the greatest don't you think."

"He's bloody brilliant," she said crawling into bed.


Void punched the wall. Tempest winced when she head bones break. He swore and Tempest fixed him up. Hi's eyes were fr from gentle.

"I'm going to kill him."

"You believe him?"

"Why not? Merwick may be a bastard but he would have not reason to lie about this of all things. Besides I knew Davyn hadn't change." He raked his hands through his hair impatiently and stared at Tempest. "So what now?"

"She arched her eyebrows. "No I don't even know, you're the one with the usual clear head."

His usual charming smirk rose. "Yeah, right." He stormed off and Tempest sighed and looked down at Artemis.

"Come on, lets go make sure he doesn't do something stupid." The cat purred and followed Tempest as they trudged forward.

They arrived at the Great Hall and there sat Nila with Davyn, wrapped up in his arms. Void clenched his fist.

"Void—" warned Tempest. Void looked at her brieftly before strolling over to her. Tempest sighed again and rubbed her temples. "This isn't going to end well Artemis." The panther bobbed her head and they walked over to the wall to watch.

"Hey Davyn," said Void flexing his fist. Davyn and Nila stopped snuggling and looked at Void. Irritation fell on Davyn face as he pulled away from Nila.

"What Void?" Void smirked and punched Davyn, sending him sprawling to the ground. Before he had the chance to get up Void continued to punch and punch him. Nila stood shocked and looked at Tempest who stood idly by petting Artemis.


"He'll tire up, besides Davyn deserves it."

"Zephyr!" Tempest shrugged at her and Nila pulled out her wand. "Pertarsu!" They were separated and Void was flung to Zephyr's feet, she helped him stand and dusted him off. Nila pulled up Davyn who pulled out his want and pointed it at Void, he sneered back.

"What the bloody hell is your problem!?"

"My problem? My bloody problem is that you're cheating on Nila!" He was about to lunge again but Tempest held him back with her shaking her head.

"Subtle Void, very smooth," she muttered.

"What?" exclaimed Nila. "What the hell?"

"Nila—" began Davyn and Tempest saw the look that instantly told her that Merwick had bitterly been tell the truth.

"He is Nila," began Tempest. "Merwick told me and well I believe him." Even as the words left her mouth, she couldn't believe it herself.

"Why the bloody hell would you believe him," asked Nila.


"Because she's feeding him of course," said a familiar voice. Tempest looked over and saw Astrea. This time it was Void who had to hold her back. "I heard her and Master Vlad talking about it. Why do you think she's been so weak."

"Zephyr!" exclaimed Void and Nila.

Tempest glared at Astrea. "Yes, its true, but I stoped. The fact is, he's cheating on you Nila."

Nila growled at her and looked at Davyn. "Davyn look me in the eye." He did and was speechless. This time Nila punched him then kicked him in the crotch with her brown high heel boots. She didn't say a word but walked over to Tempest and Void and gave them both a deserved slap.

"You both are idiots. I'm a if girl, I can take care of myself and Zephyr, you better not by lying about stopping I refuse to carry you if you continue."

Tempest nodded and looked at void who gave her a stern look. She rolled her eyes and followed Nila to Class. She heard Void follow. None of them spoke.

Tempest sighed and rubbed her temples. "I need to find Void. Nila won't believe it but well we just have to sine a light."She crawled back down to her window and saw Nila dangling a new necklace for Divina to put on her. Edana saw her sister and made a puking gesture. Divina turned and looked at her.

Chapter 7: Dark Desires
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Tempest walked through the Great Hall of Hogwarts. People stared at her as she walked haughtily through to the Headmasters seat. McGonagal gave her a slight quick look before standing up. Thankfully those of the order still trusted her.

"Hello Minerva" she said swiping her fingers and nails against the wooden table as though inspecting for dust.

"Zephyr, you remind me so much of yor mother. She was taken into darkness though whereas you choose darkness."

Tempest shrugged and took up an apple. "I'm a vampire, the darkness sings to me." She barred er fangs and took a bite out of the apple.

"Sins of the father I presume. He chose to be a Death Eater."

"Yes well, soi did my step mother. Bad blood I guess." She tossed the apple down to her place and gave her a slight apologetic look.

"Zephyr!" she turned to see Bellatrix., she had that crazed expression on again. Tempest suppressed her fright and smiled. Bella hugged her and Tempest hugged her back. As much as she hated to admit it, she took comfort in her arms, the remains of her mother.

"Hello Bella."

"What are you doing away from the precious Nightmare Academy?"

"Thought I would visit this pleasure of darkness. The dark mark over Hogwarts is simply magnificent."

"Tempest," said a voice. Tempest turned and saw Draco, the real reason for her visit. He gave her a warm look but she knew that he was angry with her. Nila had told her why she had been so weak as of late. She was still mad at Void and Tempest.

"Draco—" She slipped from Bellatrix and ran into his arms. Draco swung her around and kissed her forehead than lead her away. Tempest waited for the impending doom. He finally lost control deep in the dungeons.

"You were giving him blood!"

"Yes, I was," she said calmly. She had had this conversation so many times she had lost count.


"I don't know why. I've never done it, it felt . . . exhilarating. Besides I'd rather he drink ,y blood than go and kill an innocent."

Draco kicked the wall and turned his back to her. It took him a few moments to look at her and the look on his face held what she fears. "Drink my blood."

Tempest eyes flared and so many angry thoughts raced through her mind. "I will not. I don't even drink his!"

"Tempest now is not the time to argue. Tempest quite frankly I'm afraid of him being this close to you all the time, with you acceptance. I want to know what you feel and unless I do, I can't understand it, I can't understand that part of you. He's attracted to you and you know it. It worries me."


Draco hit his fist against the wall. "Dammit Tempest just do it!"

Tempest couldn't believe it. She couldn't believe what he was asking, what she had caused. So, fighting against everything that held her back, she pulled Draco close and gently kissed his neck before biting into it. She heard a soft moan escape his mouth and she drank his blood delicately. With all her strength she forced herself to stop and licked her lips. The blood of blood given was far sweeter than that of blood taken forcibly. She caught him in her arms and lowered him gently to the ground.


She sighed and stroked his face. "Don't you ever ask that of me again."

He nodded and his eyes fluttered. She heard footsteps and looked up to see Pansy pointing her wand at her.

"You witch."


"Avada Kadavra!"

Tempest sat ready to black the spell but had no need, someone stood before her suddenly and blocked it for her. The black hair flowed down her back and she could see the gold shine in the light. Entia pointed her blade at Pansy.

"Run along little girl lost." Pansy ran fro her life and Entia looked down at Tempest and sneered.

"You should pick him up Zephyr, before people see or hear. Now know this, now we know just how weak you are and just how precious he is to you."

Tempest snarled. "You will leave him alone."

Entia laughed, and the cold dark shrill echoed down the empty hall. "Oh, I promise, I'll leave him alone." She turned to walk away.

"Thank you."

Entia shrugged. "Merwicks orders."

"Figures." Tempest stroked Draco face and healed his neck. Like nothing happened. She hefted him up and lead him to the Slytherin Dormitory. He muttered something and she smiled.

"I love you too Draco."


Tempest was running along the street. It was raining and no light of any kind were on. It was too dark and for once the darkness frightened her. Her black boots splashed water as she ran through puddles, her hair stuck to her face. Tears streaked down her face and her sword felt slippery in her bare hands. She turned and ran. She couldn't believe it, she wouldn't believe it. She stopped running and wiped her face.

"It can't be true," she mumbled through tears, "it just can't be."

"What can't be true Young Tempest." Her body shook when she registered that voice, she knew that voice. Tempest turned around slowly and couldn't believe it. Thunder struck and illuminated the familiar face. She choked back her screams.

Tempest jerked up in bed gasping for air. No one woke, no one heard her. Her visions scared her, and this on e in particular was always becoming clearer and clearer and yet when she woke she could never remember the face she saw. The face that had both infuriated her and made her fearful. The vision reminded her of one of those dreams she used to have where she could remember almost everything except one little important aspect. She pulled her hair out of her face and stepped out of her bed. Sitting on the window ledge was Merwick. He held his hand out to her with concern. Tempest didn't hesitate when she took it and jumped from the ledge with him.

They both walked in silence for a bit until she crossed her arms.

"I don't' think its you I see," said Tempest.

"Oh I know. Its not anyone you would expect apparently."

"Do you see the face?"

He shook his head. "No I don't. I can only see what your mind registers Zephyr, your mind blocks out the image and you're so focussed on yourself that you don't see it even if you think you do." He leaned against a tree and she sat by the little pool of water.

"I wish I could see the face."

"Maybe it isn't something you are meant to stop."

"That's what scares me." He knelt down to her and lifted her chin. What was wrong with me, she thought, I love Draco I know I do. So why am I staring at Merwick with such intensity, that man who was trying to kill her.

"Why do you try to kill me?"

"Because, when I found the Crescent of Merlin, it spoke ti me. Very few witches and wizards have this gift to hear magical items I am one. It called for revenge, something I ached for at that moment. I took it and chipped off a piece and drank it, like your mother did with the Philosophers stone. He drove me insane and made me kill people, dark witches and wizards that deep down I hadn't truly wanted to kill. He was angry at those of the darkness. When he sensed Morganna and the power within you he feared th power you had and wanted you dead.

"That was until you freed him anyway. He saw a light within you and joined you. With that you took away my life and power and time after time you tried to kill me. This time my vengeance was all mine. I wanted revenge against Morganna for trapped Merlin, against Merlin for entrapping me and against you for both hoarding their essences and power and for well trying to kill me." His head was lower to hers and she could feel his breath against her lips. "You know a piece of Merlin is still with me, a piece of his power and magic, hence this incredible bond we have between us."

"Merwick—" she started before he kissed her. Tempest wanted to fight back push him away slap him end the deal but she couldn't. Instead, she returned the kiss. She knew it was wrong, she knew she loved Draco and yet she was wrapping her arms around his neck like she had done countess times with Draco and was lacing her fingers through his snow white hair. She had to pull away, she had to vanish, to go away. But she couldn't, all she could to was continue to kiss him. Then suddenly, Maddox was kissing her. Tempest pulled away and Merwick stared at her.


Her eyes were wide, she knew she had to say but one word and then he would understand. "Maddox." He stared ta her confused then his eyes widened in understanding.

"I see, well that is disturbing." H looked up and stared at te moon. "You should go back to bed Zephyr." He helped her up and stared into his eyes and wanted so badly to kiss him again.

"Are we interrupting something," said a stern voice. Tempest parted from Merwick quiklcy and looked at Zoltron who stood alongside Serena and Stella. She hoped they hadn't seen the kiss she had just shared with Merwick.

"I think you were," said a sultry voice. Entia jumped down from a branch and laced a lean pale arm over Merwick. Her hair was so black when placed neck to Merwick.

"No, you weren't, I was just going back to bed." Tempest walked over towards them hoping her composure was intact. She knew Entia had seen.

"Why were you up in the first place and with him," said Serena crossly.

"I had a nightmare and I came for a walk and he happened to be around. Merwick always pops out of nowhere, you should know that by now." Serena blushed and looked away.

"If I were you I wouldn't believe her," mocked Entia. She began to laugh.

"Entia enough," said Merwick. Entia stopped laughing and growled. "Listen to nothing my little pet says, she's just . . . jealous."

"No problem there," said Stella. "I wouldn't believe anything that came out of either of your mouths."

"Come on Zeph, lets go," said Zoltron pulling her along roughly. Tempest let him and looked back briefly at Merwick. Entia was all over him and it unfortunately made her jealous.


Days had passed since her kiss with Merwick and she couldn't get it out of her mind. Every time she saw him sh e blushed and sadly her oldest and dearest friend was noticing. Void passed her a note in class and she carefully read it over. The catacombs, of course.

Tempest prepared as Void placed a series of spells on the door an looked sternly at Tempest. She tried to smile to make it go away. It didn't work.

"So are you going to tell me?"

Tempest rubbed her neck nervously. "He kissed me."

"Figures and let me guess you kissed him back?" Tempest nodded and sat down. Void sighed and sat down across from her.

"I think there may be more to him Void."

"You know the sad thing it, I believe that too."

Tempest looked at him shocked. "Really?"

"Yeah, I know scary. What's scarier is that only we see it."

"Do you think he's manipulating us?"

"He might be, that is possible, but there is something I have noticed."


"I think he's genuine falling in love with you. He wants you."

"I guessed as much. What scared me is I think he will do anything to get me."

"He probably would."

Tempest grabbed Void's hand. "Void I kissed him back." She still couldn't believe that.

Void arched his eyes. "Draco?"

Her heart fluttered at the sound of his name and she smiled. "Oh I love Draco. But there is something about Merwick that I can't resist."

"There is more to him than we thought. I think there may be some true good I him."

"One can only hope." Void nodded and stood up to remove the spells Tempest pulled him back and shook her head. She didn't want to leave. Not tonight.


Tempest was naked and not alone. Strong familiar arms were wrapped around her and their bodies moved rhythmically together against the green grass. Her neck arched back and she felt the blood drain from her body. She bit into the body above her and drank the blood insatiably. She pulled away roughly unwrapping the arms and rolled over on top of him. She kissed the face beneath her and sat back up. Merwick stared up at her.

Tempest woke with a start and woke Void. Her breathing was erratic as she shook her head disbelieving.

"Zephyr what's wrong?" she Void hugging her.


"A vision?"

"I don't know, maybe, I don't think so."

"What happened?"

Tempest shook her head. "Not now Void. I don't want to talk about it nor do I want to even think about it."

"Yeah okay, whatever you want." He pulled her close and Tempest nuzzled her head in his chest and let the tears flow. Void did his best to comfort her. If only he knew she was crying cause she hated herself, and he would agree with her hatred once he knew the reason.

Chapter 8: Black & White
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A friendly game of chess, that's all it was. She was eyeing his king but she knew his strategy. Merwick was trying to trap her, but so was she. She smiled and moved a Knight. He smiled and moved his queen. There they sat, staring at each other confused.

"Stalemate," said Void who was monitoring the game.

"I can't believe it," said Merwick.

"This isn't fair."

"Not at all." Void laughed at the both of them and pat each of them on the shoulders. Merwick and Tempest joined in th laughing. They had been getting along these past few months. So much so that Merwick had even joined in the Halloween Celebrations. Astrea though had almost ripped through the tables Louis had been accepting, had laughed in fact.

"Okay can we go back indoors, the cols is freezing my bloody ass off," shivered Void.

"Well we vampires can withstand the cold," said Merwick as he lay in the snow.

"Merwick don't be mean. I'll go back indoors with you Void."

"Oh but its such a beautiful day," said Merwick.

"Yes, but my best friend is cold therefore I am brining him in."

"Suit yourself."

"Goodbye Merwick, I'll see you later." Tempest grabbed Void by te arm and led him away. Void waved goodbye.

"Goodbye Zephyr, farewell Void."

They walked away. Void gave her a knowing look as she reluctantly walked away.

"He's changed."

"Yes, Void, I know."

"How is we are the only ones noticing it?"

Tempest shrugged. "That's just how things are. People only see what they want to see, other people see more than they thought, like us and other people—"

"Other people see what you see but refuse to accept it," interrupted stern voice.

Tempest and Void looked at Zoltron and Demenshia. She wasn't smiling.

"Tempest I know his kindness, I was at the other hand of it, remember. Do you remember what he made me do?"

"Yes, you didn't have to exactly do it thought."

"Zephyr, we just want you to be careful, there is more to his motive here," said Demenshia. "He no longer just aches for revenge, he wants you!"

"Cousin look. We see the change, I even see it, but we both know he always has an ulterior motive and frankly, I see the way he looks at you and how you blush when you think no one is looking. He loves you and you know ut and I think—" he sighed in frustration and covered his face.

"Look Zephyr, I see him in the forest. He does love you, but remember, he may have tome good within him but Merlin drove him mad and he can't help but crave vengeance. He'll do anything he can, even manipulate to get what he wants and that's either going to be you alive or dead." She walked off and sat Zoltron down. He just stared at Tempest and she had to look away.

"Cuz, look, a part of him is good, I even know that but you too are letting yourself forget what he's done. How much pain he has caused. I'm not." He walked off and narrowly avoided Entia who snarled at Tempest.

"Shove off Entia," he said as he shoved past. She bared her fangs and smiled. Tempest felt like punching her. Merwick may have a good side but she didn't, she was demented to the very end, and not in a good way like Demenshia, thought Tempest.

"Hello Zephyr, how are you?"

"I'm fine."

"Glad to hear it. Share any secret kissed with Merwick lately." Tempest held her breath and Zoltron stopped walking away misstep. He slowly turned around and Tempest stared at him frightened. The look of fury on his face scared her like no other thing could. Void gripped her hand.

"What the bloody hell!"

Entia barely looked at him over her shoulder. "Oh didn't you know. Void certainly does."



"Zephyr what the hell!"

"Calm down!" she said but Zoltron did the opposite, he lunged at her with his sword drawn and she shoved Void out of the way and blocked her cousin. She saw Maddox. She quickly blinked that away.

"Zephyr, how could you!"

"Sheath Selvine Zoltron. You aren't thinking straight! It was one kiss!"

"Zoltron let her go," said Void summoning to daggers.

"Chop of her head!" cackled Entia. Tempests hot her a look. A plum coloured light flickered between her fingers. She was casting a spell.

"Tempest," she hissed. Entia licked her fangs maliciously. Tempest swung away from Zoltron. "I won't figgt you! You're my cousin, I can't fight you!"

"Too bad." He charged once again and she was prepared to hold him off but instead Aurora did. She recognized the humming from the blade. Merwick stood before her, and Tempest heard Demenshia.

"End the spell Entia," ordered Merwick.

"No!" You have let feelings cloud your judgement! Take the antidote and kill her!"

"I made a deal. I am an honourable man. Now end your spell."

"No, I'm having fun."

"I'll do it," said Demenshia. She began tto wave her fingers in the air and her under breath muttering began. Her white clothes contrasted that of Entia's black. Entia continued to mutter as well, but Demenshia was getting help from her mother.

"Merwick don't hurt him."

He gave her a side long charming smile. "I'll try my best Zephyr." He went back to fighting Zoltron who was as quick as a cat. Tempest looked ta Void and nodded int Entia's distracted. They both ran to her. Entia saw Void and dodged him, keeping her concentration. Luckily Tempest caught her off guard and kicked her jaw in with her boots. That broke her concentration on Zoltron, and spun it onto herself. Entia's long black nails were outstretched and Tempest own green and purples were as well. They lunged at each other but where quickly separated. Merwick used Aurora on the both of them and they both fell to the ground in agony. Merwick placed it precariously on Entia's arm and she screamed. Even Tempest winced, she knew what that pain was like.

"Show some honour Entia." He removed the blade and healed her wound. Merwick turned his back to Entia who was still groaning and Tempest stand up, letting his arm linger a little too long on her waist.

"Thank you Merwick," she said giving Entia a look of pity. She wondered how Merwick could use it so easily on one of his own.

"My pleasure Young Tempest." He pulled away and bowed. Tempest watched him walk away then looked at her cousin who was uninjured on the ground. Demenshia seemed to be un-weaving some magic around him.


"She's been given lessons in the ancient ways by Her Dark Majesty." Her childlike innocence looked up at her. "Good thing I was here eh." She giggled and Tempest smiled at her.

"You told Merwick to come." It wasn't a question, but an observation, only moments before sh e had been trying to warn Tempest about Merwick.

"Indeed I did. I knew he would help you without question." She closed he honey eyes and the plum light showed and glowed bristly before bursting into gold speckles and vanishing into the wind. "Good, I'm done. Zoltron?"

He looked up at her and Tempest. "Sorry Zephyr. Thank yo Demenshia."

Demenshia smiled and kissed his head. "Oh don't mention it. Just go get some sleep." She herself yawned. "Ancient magic always drains me." She yawned again and almost fell. Merwick caught her. "Oh silly me, thank you Merwick."

"Merwick can you carry her home."

"Of course." He lifted Demenshia into his arms and carried her away. Tempest looked down at her cousin.

"Zoltron are you all right?"

"Yeah fine." He shot her a look. "So is it true."

"Depends, are you going to try to chop my head off again."

He gave her a sly smile. "I'll do my best."

"Then yes."

"Figures. How could you?"

"I'm not talking about this with you."

"What about Draco."

Tempest was becoming very annoyed. "Shut up Zoltron. I could easily kick your ass, don't make me."


"Shove it," said Void making is daggers vanish as he stood next to Tempest.

"What are you kissing him too?"

"That's too far Zoltron!" said Tempest holding back Void. If they fought ti would go on for hours.

"You see,, its a ploy, he wants you all to himself." Zoltron stood and walked away. "Try to keep your pants on."

Void almost ran after him, but with no effort at all, Tempest held him back.

"Leave it alone Void." Void looked at her then quickly took her in an embrace. Tempest hugged him back and buried her head in his chest.


Tempest walked through the forest towards the swamp. She needed instruction from Demenshia. Entia and Merwick shouldn't be the only ones to use ancient magic. She passed the arm way and walked into the swamp. She wasn't too fond of the swamp fairies as she quickly evaded them, but they could be helpful, they had after all led her too Demenshia, but so had the pixies. Tempest made her way to the camp and nearly stumbled on th e wet ground. Demenshia smiled at her.

"Hello Zephyr, how are you this fine day?"

"Can you teach me some ancient magic?"

Demenshia giggled. "Right to it huh? Well I could teach you some but you should really go to the Lady of the Lake. In fact I would have to insist on it."

Tempest gave her a slight weak smile. "Never seen you so serious."

Demenshia shrugged and stood up. "Times are no longer simple for me sadly. No, no, they've grown far more series since I met you."

"Should I say I'm sorry?"

"Oh heavens now!" Demenshia laughed. "I rather like the change of pace. No w come follow me, We should begin the lessons as quickly as possible. Merwick may have honour but Entia does not. What's more, her hatred for you is almost unfathomable."

"Yes, I know."

Some distace away Demenshia sat down and Tempest followed suit. Demenshia tie back her brown hair and looked at Tempest calmly.

"The basics are you have to tap into magic world, into the pureness of magic, not just the spells you know, that comes form within you." She drew runes in the air and they sparkled briefly and vanished. ?"That came from around us. Meditation is always the best way to do it." She smiled and Tempest tied her hair back and began to meditate.

"Concentrate on the magic within you. For you it should be easy . . . Morgan Le Fey."

Tempest jerked her eyes open and it began to rain. Demenshia began to laugh and fell to the ground. Her honey eyes where white.


"Demenshia isn't here at the moment." She craled to Tempest who jumped back frightened. "You are a seer, gifted with the gift to see." She laughed. "You are inherently the child of ancient magi. The essence of Merlin and Morgan strengthen this you silly girl." She laughed and pulled at her hair as she continued to crawl towards Tempest who crawled away. "Dark magic runs think within you. You are a daughter of Her Dark Majesty. And yet magic of light runs deep within you making you a daughter of the Lady of the Lake. You are a sister to the Mystics. You are the Mystic of Magic. Black magic and white magic can be controlled bu you, changed by you." Tempest backed into a tree and looked for an escape. Demenshia crawled up her legs and her white eyes bore into her own. "You were lost to the ages as the old texts will say but now you are back, Yet still you're—" she collapsed into her arms and Tempest laid her onto the ground. Her breathing was erratic her head was covered in sweat. This was new, thought Tempest frighteningly.


She mumbled so low Tempest could hardly believe it. "Death comes and goes."

Chapter 9: Rune Magic
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"The Mystic of Magic?" asked Nila. "Apparently. I've never seen her like that before. To say the least, it crept the bloody shit out of me."

Tempest nodded.

"That's a hard feat," said Void as he stuffed his face with pancakes and bacon. Tempest saw Nila roll her eyes yet smile.

"My god Void, do you ever stop eating?"

"When the occasion calls for it." He gave her his best charming smile and Tempest swore she saw Nila blush. It quickly faded and her eyes grew furious. Tempest and Void both turned around and saw Davyn with his new girlfriend. Divina came up and snorted, patting Nila on her shoulder.

"Forget him, he's worthless." Her white hair sparkled.

"Oh, I'm over him, I just can't believe he cheated on mer, I mean come on, I'm bloody gorgeous."

"Conceited much," said Chad taking up a seat next to Void. He almost spilled the drink in his hand and Tempest laughed. She had almost forgotten how clumsy he could be.

"Says the one man show stopper," said Nila taking a bite of her breakfast.

"Oh calm down. Look everyone has their true match, maybe you just haven't noticed him yet." Tempest almost chocked on her drink as she tried her hardest to stifle a laugh. Void was actually blushing and his neck was dark red. She was amazed, in all her years of knowing Void, not one had he ever blushed.

"Zephyr, are you okay?" exclaimed Divina.

Tempest nodded and waved her concern away. "Yes—don't worry, I'm fine." She caughed again. "I'm perfectly fine." She pat her chest down and looked at Void through the corner of her eye. He was so lucky he had her for a friend, she took all attention off of him without even meaning too. Someone ruffled her hair and she groaned. Her hair was going to smell like cat . . . again.

"Hey there cousin." She glared at him as she fixed her hair. Thankfully he had let the whole thing with merwick go . . . somewhat.

"Just because you're my cousin don't mean you can mess with my hair."

"Says you. Anyway thought I'd inform you that Stela and Serena can't keep tabs on her. She vanished without the sue of apparatus."

"Ancient magic," remarked Nila. Tempest met her concerned face with her won.

"Maybe, I should have just let her out."

"Oh don't' say that, who knows what she would have done," said Nila fixing her hair. Void of course was watching her intently. The Great Hall fell silent and Tempest looked and saw Entia with a very handsome young man. Even from afar Tempest could see the gold in his eyes.

"He's a Merwick Crusader," whispered Tempest.

"Figures," said Nila sighing. "All the good looking one are either to evil or taken." She sighed again and Void looked away from her upset. Tempest sighed.

"You're an idiot Nila."

"And why is that?"

"Because you don't' see what's right in front of your face and you only pay attention to the outside."

"I do not! If I did I would have kissed Void by now." Void's smile returned slightly.

"You forget you already have," said Edana snatching up a strawberry from Nila's plate. "You two kissed on the train while I was dating him, remember?"

"Oh that doesn't count. It was a kiss of friendship, not love. Right Void," she looked at him and her eyes were hopeful. Tempest remembered how she looked that day too. Void simply smiled at her mischievously.

"Of course."

"See. Now if you don't mind, the air is sickening." She grabbed her books and left. Tempest hugged Void and Chad pat him on the back.

"Oh don't worry about it, she'll notice . . . eventually."

"Yeah, we'll oh forget it. When I get the nerve, I'm just going to kiss her, or I don't know."

"Oh Void, shut up already," said Edana giggling. Tempest laughed with her sister and watched Void turn bright red. Their laughter grew.


Tempest grabbed her wand and left for class. She was taking an advanced class of magic this year. It was only allowed to sixth years and older. She didn't take the course last year. It hadn't realty interested her. This year though, it had sparked her interest.

"Hey Zeph," said Void.

"Hey Void." She took a seat and opened up her book. Someone nudged her shoulder and she looked up. Louis Morte was tasking a sat next to her.

"Hey there Zephyr. How fare thee?"

"Louis? What are you doing here?"

"Ancient runes is a good class that looks great to the Ministry."

"Uh huh," said Tempest warily.

"Second semester, I needed a class to preoccupy me. At least until Christmas break."

She laughed. "So you needed a class to keep you entertained for a week."

"Sounds about right."

"You are insane. We have enough classes."

"You d," said Void.

"Zombie boy's right. You've got Vampire class among all the other classes. We've only got the extra one taught by Majika. Frankly though I'm glad."

"Why? Astrea being a handful, well too mush of a handful."

"Sadly yes. I know you didn't mean harm but she's kind of bloody lost it."

"That seems to be going around lately." Void laughed and Tempest glared at him.

"Sorry, I know, insensitive."

"How about you shut it Zombie Boy," said Louis hotly. Tempest put a comforting hand on his arm.

"Calm down. I'll hit him back if you want."

Louis smiled.

"Yeah, that would be great." He smiled his brilliant smile and Tempest his his shoulder. There was the Louis who annoyed her.

Mistress Carwin came into the room. Her feet stomping onto the ground and her mismatched eyes drawing in a cold atmosphere, intimidating all the students, Tempest included. Her face was scared, but even that didn't mar her beauty. One of her eyes was greenn while the other was blue. Her hair hung loosely on her shoulders bu a black ribbon.

"Welcome students. This is Runes I only for sixth years and high. If you have the wrong class I insist you get out now." Everyone looked at each other and she smiled. "Good, no idiots this class period I hope. So let us begin. Just so you know, you won't be learning any runes today, or any day soon. Today we are going to begin with the beginning of runes. Now will everyone please turn to page ten of your books and let us begin the lesson."

The class was tedious and boring. Tempest paid attention tentatively as did Louis and Void, but still that didn't stop of from almost falling asleep and hitting her head on the desk. Still, thought Tempest as she clutched her necklace, she knew this class was important somehow.


Void banged his head against the table. Tempest laughed. He really didn't' want to go to Ancient Runes.

"Oh come on Void, stop being a baby. This is the last class before winter break. You ca handle just one more class can't you." He nodded and Nila let out a childlike giggle.

"Wow Void, I never thought I would see the day that you actually disliked a class."

He smiled up at her. "There's a first for everything. Besides all we do is discuss the runes, we've never actually tried anything."

"Hmm, well I guess there is a first time for everything." She sat next to him and kissed him lightly on the cheek, bringing back some colour to his cheeks. "Try not to die of boredom."

"I'll try Nila." She smiled and walked off carrying her books.

"You should have just kissed her you idiot."

"That would require me to work up the bloody nerve to."

Tempest burst into laughter, her hair spilling over her shoulders. Her laughter stopped abruptly as she sensed the presence. Tempest flexed her fingers and looked around. "Void, go to class."


She pulled out her sword. "Just go." Void quickly walked from the room, unwillingly, and Tempest looked around. "You're the one who was with Entia aren't you."

A young man jumped ont the table. He had brown hair and blue eyes that were circled by gold. She always wondered how Merwick did that.


"Pleasure to me you. What's your name?" The young man stood as still as a statue, unmoving like a stature although far harder to break. His nose twitched and Tempest simply tilted her head, he was a curious and wary as a new born pup.

"Charles," answered the young man after a few moments. He walked off the table and stared at her coldly. Tempest resisted the urge to laugh at him.

"Fairly normal. You're American aren't you?"


"Thought so. Now tell me, why the hell are you watching me. That what Merwick usually does." She felt a pang of bitterness.

"He's taking a slight vacation with Entia. I'm here to watch you."

"Hmm," she said thinking it over. "Very well, I'm sure you're aware that you are to cause no harm to me or my friends." He nodded. "Good. You're not so silent by the way. Merwick hasn't trained you well enough." She smiled and walked off into the direction of class.

Tempest sat there bored waiting for the teacher to come. Mistress Carwin finally arrived, twenty minutes into the class.

"Afternoon class. Today I want to talk about a particular rune set. There are a certain kind of runes that aren't talked about in your book. Those runes could counter that of life itself. These runes could heal any type malady, whether it be physical, emotional, or mental." That caught Tempest attention. She thought of her little sister, she thought of what the mirror had said to her all those years ago.

The class pass quickly for Tempest and the assignment for winter break was to use and test runes, something both she and Void were looking forward to.


Tempest said she would meet Draco and the others at Hogsmeade, First she wanted to test a little protection rune on a vase. She drew the rune into the air and traced it onto the vase. Tempest pulled out her wand and watched the run engrave itself loosely onto the vase, She hoped that she had done this correctly.

"Bombarda!" Tempest heard the spell dance thought the air and closed her eyes were for the impending shatter, the shatter that never came. Tempest jumped for joy when she saw that it was indeed untouched.

"Congratulations Young Tempest." Tempest spun around and saw Merwick standing by the window sill in all his deceitful glory. As much as it pained her to admit it, she had missed him and his darling protege Charles was nothing compared to Merwick or Entia.

"Merwick, where the bloody hell have you been?"

"Away, visiting Tempest."

A pang of jealousy struck her. "I see. Well I have to go. I have to go meet Draco and the others."

"Oh, I see. Well to say the least, I missed you." She turned and he was by her side. It was their stupid bond that drew her to him and sadly she liked it.

"Oh, well, I missed you too." Tempest turned to leave but he wrapped his arm around her waist. She turned to him and smiled. "Merwick, you can't keep doing this."

"Why not?" He tilted his head down.

"Because you know why. I love Draco, and you know that."

"True, but somewhere inside you, you really want me to kiss you, ad I know it." Tempest was taken aback by the forcefulness of this kiss but let herself be drawn in nonetheless. He took off her jacket and carried her to the bed and Tempest feared what would happen next, but nothing did. He continued to kiss her and hold her tight. Tempest felt a slight stink in her shoulder and pulled her. Merwick had that same insane smile on his face whenever he did something unpleasant to her.

"It's an ancient rune Young Tempest, one of love. Love can be a dangerous think don't you think? The fall of Troy was because of love, or lust, whichever you choose. Love is both a gift and a curse."

"So what, you cursed me?"

"In a way, yes. The rune of love is a strong thing. It goes deep into your heart, pulls at it, makes you feel even what you don't want to feel, what you reject."

"So that's what this is all about. Because you want me and think that I'll love you! You son of a bitch, I will never love you, no matter what you mark me with."

"Never say never darling," he said stroking her face. Tempest slapped his hand away.

"I don't care what you've seen in my head, I will never love you." She tried to pull away but once agin he kissed her and as much as she struggled and tried to resist, she couldn't. Damn, the rune, she thought. Finally, he pulled away leaving her breathless.

"Say hello to Draco for me Zephyr dear," he said hatefully. Tempest walked him walk off as she wiped at her lips. Damn him, she thought. She would need a counter rune, which would be hard to do. Runes couldn't be taken off or removed, they had to be countered. Right now though, that wasn't her concern. Her concern was her little sister who she knew would need runes for protection against the darkness. The very darkness she saw wrapping around her sister and turning her soul.

Chapter 10: Confusion
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Tempest practised drawing her runes. Her studies were going along fine and she was learning faster than should have been able to. Louis and Void applauded her, although she scared herself. She knew she should be grateful but she wasn't. Tempest had other things on her mind. One was the future, another was the stupid rune on her shoulder, while another was the stupid bond she shared with Merwick, not to mention Demenshia's madness about the fifth Mystic, something both she and Merwick were. The thought sickened her . . . somewhat. Entia stood across form her at all times f=giving her an evil eye and yet within her face she held a smile that was sinister. That bothered her the most out of everything.

Tempest crossed the threshold into Hogwarts. She looked around at all the Death Eaters. Pansy saw her and stalked over to her. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms in joyful yet annoyed anticipation. She watched as Pansy's hair bounced up and down as her steps quickened.

"Yes?" asked Tempest mockingly.

"I saw what you did to him. I told your precious Death Eaters. They'll make you pay." Tempest made a loud snorting noise as she flipped her hair back arrogantly. Her picture perfect smile made Pansy take a few steps back from her.

"Oh how pathetic Pansy. You forget, I'm precious to all of them. They all love. There is nothing you could tell them that they would believe. I'm beloved."

Tempest pushed her aside and once again headed inside. No Death Eaters hounded her and before the doors closed behind her, she shot Pansy a brilliant smile and licked her fangs. Draco appeared suddenly, surprisingly enough sneaking up on her and swung her around in his arms. The rune on her shoulder burned her deeply almost making it unbearable, but she would suffer it.

"Tempy, are you all right? You look like you're in pain."

"Its nothing Draco. Believe me, it nothing to worry about."

He rose his eyebrows and smiled at her. "You sure."

"Trust me. Its just . . . I love you so much." She suffered through the ache in her shoulder and kissed him again. Tempest let his lead her through where she saw her cousin eating with Crabbe and Goyle of all people. Crabbe had grown more confident in the passage of time. Tempest looked into his future and sw fire and death. Her breath caught and she stoped slightly. Maddox looked up at her and waved.

"He sits with us to stay safe. The Death Eaters know that he's your cousin but being a pure blood is no longer protection by itself. If you have the potential to betray, they take you to the ministry.

Tempest nodded. "I know. Trust me, I know." Her own mother had sent her own children to the ministry for questioning.

"I still can't believe Vivaldi would do that." Draco sat down, far from everyone and rustled his pasty blonde hair that cascaded over his grey eyes. Her shoulder ached as she watched him and she winced in pain. Draco noticed.

"What's wrong Tempest," he said sternly.

"Nothing." She turned to leave but he grabbed her hand.

"Tell me what's wrong . . . now." H looked at her seriously and she was forced to look away.

"Not here Draco. I'll tell you anywhere but here." Draco grabbed her hand and led her away to the Slytherin common room that was completely silent and empty. Tempest found it eerily disturbing that not one Slytherin student was in there.

"Its disgusting," she said as she sat down.

"Don't change the subject, now what's wrong? Did Merwick or Entia injure you?" Tempest saw the hate in his eyes.

"No, no, no! Look Void and I were practicing runes on various objects, Then we decided to draw one on ourselves. I preferred it to be me." Tempest smiled sweetly but he seemed to grow more upset.

"What rune Tempest?"

Her face fell hot and she knew she was blushing, so she forced herself to look away towards the black lake outside the window. "The rune of love." It sounded completely cheesy as it came from her mouth. She looked up at Draco who was beaming.

"So your love for me pains you?"

"Oh shut up," she said falling victim to his smile.

"Le me see it." Tempest took off her jacket and unbuttoned the top of her blouse to lower it just enough to show the back of her shoulder. "Its glowing."

"Yeah, runes do that. It grows and stings whenever I'm with someone I love. It tends to burn when I think about you." She heard him laugh and kiss the rune. He was enjoying this far to much for her delight. "You are such an ass Malfoy."

"True, but you now you love me." The rune glowed and ached and she smacked him lightly.

"Damn you Malfoy, you are such an ass." She pulled up her shirt and buttoned it back up. Crap, she thought, she was going to have to tell Void when she got back to school. That simply thrilled her.


Tempest sat next to Void who was examining her shoulder. It wasn't glowing and didn't sting at all.

"It looks fine. Runes should rally be sued on objects, not living beings but I'm sure it'll be fine. It was said king Arthur was branded by the protection rune."

"And yet his bastard son managed to kill him."

"His son was also branded. I'm sure Morgan did something." He pulled up her shirt. "You know I've been looking into the Mystics of Magic. Demenshia said two existed at once and tent to be irrevocably drawn to one another. I think Morgana dn Merlin were mystics followed by their descendants."

"So my mother and father—"

"Yes and no." He looked at her. "Remember Merwick was born a Mystic,, as you were. That means that it abandoned your fathers line at some point. Then Merwick took—"

"Okay enough, I get the picture, don't' make my head hurt." Tempest clutched her head and Void laughed.

"I'm sorry that I'm just so bloody brilliant." Tempest smacked him then they both turned their heads. They saw Nila coming their way.

"There you two are. I've barely seen either of you two nowadays." She sat down next to Void. "SO what are you two talking about?"

"Demenshia's madness," said Void simply. Nila giggle and tossed her hair back to reveal her skin.

"She's not completely mad, she does have some moments of sanity," said Nila staring at Void. Tempest was tempted to shove Voids head into Nila's protruding bosom.

"Well, I've got to go so something."

"Okay," they said in unison. Tempest rolled her eyes and headed on her way. She thought it was hilarious how neither of them acknowledged the fact that she was leaving.

Tempest made her way to the catacombs. The bones in the walls didn't bother her. Death was a natural part of human life. She smiled wistfully as she searched in her mind for the Apparatus charm. She was going to Camelot to see if Void was right.


Tempest looked at Camelot with a graceful smile painted on her delicate features. The sun was shining as the walls, although crumbling shimmered in the air. She knew that with some magic the place would look beautiful again. In the mean time thought, the reconstruction would have to wait, she had some research to do.

Tempest walked thought the gate repairing it as she touched it. It fixed bac, but the rusting still kept. She sighed to herself, Rome wasn't built in a day she told herself as she walked won the streets. She kicked aside carts and wagons as she made her way towards the castle. She would look for anything she could. Diaries, notes papers, anything that would allow her to see if Void was right, even though he was hardly ever wrong. She could go to the Lady of the Lake, but her relationship was more towards Merlin so she wouldn't be able to get an object view. Besides, Tempest was upset with her.

Tempest fixed the great palace doors and opened them easily. No, shouldn't be twisting her body to squeeze through the door this time. She fixed the pillars as best she could and looked at the rotting staircase. She may be the Mystic of Magic but she wasn't the Mystic of Earth. It was a good thing that she was going downstairs for now.

Tempest made her way down the cold stone steps till she reached their adjoined study. She needed to know the truth, not just myths about Merlin and Morgan le Fey. So She began her studies. Merlins notes included various ideas of magic that she herself could perform. He could make it rain, start fires from his hand and could even do magic with just a thought. He could make people young again, make people beautiful make people well. As Tempest rifled through all his note and private journals, she had no doubt in her mind that he had been a Mystic. She clutched her head. All the knowledge and confusion was making her head hurt.

Footsteps came from the stairwell and she sniffed the air and growled. Merwick appeared and her shoulder tingled. She highly doubted that Morgan did this to Merlin or vice versa. Merwick as usual barred his fangs at her as she smiled.

"Hello Young Tempest, I hardly see you nowadays since that fateful day I placed that on you," he said pointing to her shoulder.

"I know, there is a reason for that Merwick." She closed the book and stacked the papers. She knew Merwick was completely evil whereas Morgan was just power driven and a bit mad.

"Trying to figure out if you are a Mystic?" He went to her side and sniffed her neck.. A deep growl formed in the back of her throat. He ignored her. "You should just listen to Demenshia."

Tempest shoved past him. "Maybe I do, its you I'm trying to figure out." She gave him a side long smile. "Technically by all accounts I should be a mystic, but you were born one as well and only two can exist at a time." He went to her face and brushed her face his fingers.

"Makes your head hurt doesn't it/" He laughed and she pushed his hand away and stalked up the stairs.

"Oh shut up Merwick. My sight had been off and the damn rune on my shoulder aches if I just think of Draco," she shot him a look. "Yes Draco, not you, you just make it tingle . . . and now this mystic shit! Ugh, it's all driving me nuts!"

"Then take a break and focus on our main objective. Vold—" She placed her hand on his mouth then swore as he wrapped his arm around her.

"You did that on purpose," she said removing her hand.

"Of course. Now how goes things?"

Tempest growled and crossed her arms. "Voldemort is on the search or Potter. Potter in on the move and from my knowledge he's searching for the Horcrux's. He has to find them all so that he can kill Voldy."

"So you're keeping an eye on him?"

"Of course. Voldemort is also looking for the Elder wand. He thinks that with that he will be able to kill Potter." She laughed. "He's so silly."

"Why is theta?"

Tempest lifted herself so that her mouth was y his ear. "Potter has the elder wand and he doesn't know it." She giggled and headed up the stairs pulling Merwick along. Her shoulder stung.

Chapter 11: Sneaking
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Ron looked furious and Nila gave him some tea. Void shared a look with Tempest who was rubbing her forehead incessantly. She was so glad that it was still winter break. She looked at Ron and noticed that he looked so tired. Merwick sat precariously on the sofa and stared at Ron.

"Okay, so again, you got into a fight so you came to me," said Tempest. Void snickered and muttered something under his breath. Both Nila and Tempest shot his deadly glares. He put his hands up in defence.

"I couldn't go home, I can't go to school, this was the only place left I could think of and I knew eventually you would be here." He ruffled his red hair and rubbed his eyes. Nila placed a consoling arm over his shoulder and Tempest saw Void glare.

"So okay, ugh, I think my head is starting to hurt again," muttered Tempest.

"I can't go back, they hate me."

Tempest rolled her eyes. "Hardly, you're his best friend and you two are just being a pair of stubborn idiots." She tied back her long black hair. "How many has he destroyed?"

"Three I think. Vold—" Nila place her hand on his mouth and Tempest shushed him.

"Seriously, I would think that the order would know."

"Voldemort placed a taboo on his name," said Nila removing her hand. "If anyone besides a Death Eater mutters his name, Death Eaters are immediately at the said place, no pun intended. You can't use his name."

The though crossed Tempest mind and she kicked the wall. A stone fell out of place and Void fixed it with his wand as usual. He shared her look of concern.

"Merwick come with me."

"Where are we going?"

"To make sure that the damn Order of the Pheonix is still intact. I haven't heard a word from any of them on so long I'm beginning to worry." She grabbed Merwicks arm and cast apparatus without saying goodbye to any of her friends.

In no time Tempest was on the porch of Number 12 Grimwald Place. Te place was quiet, the windows were black and broken. The Death Eaters had already been here and were long gone. But still, maybe they had returned, she hoped. Tempest ordered Merwick to hide just in case something was lurking in the shadows. She released Excaliber and headed inside.

The floorboards creaked beneath the weight of her feet ans she lessoned it. Dumbledore appeared and she answered the question honestly. She did not kill him, he had killed himself, she thought sadly. Tempest looed all around the first floor, there was no one around. She looked around the second floor, not even a Dementor was lurking around. Maybe the order had left. Tempest looked around the desolate place with her sword outstretched for protection, hoping that maybe they left a note. She was worried about them and slightly scared that they had all been caught. She needed the to be safe. They were her friends, some even her family and part of her past. Tempest sighed and sheathed Excaliber when she reached the top floor.

"You can come Merwick, we're alone." He came through a window and dropped ont a bed.

"They're not here?" Tempest shook her head and rummaged through the among paper. "Do you have any idea where they would be?"

"That's what I'm trying to figure out. Their other meeting place is the Burrow. Death Eaters attacked there too." Tempest sniffed the air when she heard something from beneath her. Her hair spun around and a flitter of hope glowed within her. "Kreacher are you around? Please Kreacher I need your help!" The shuffling started up again and Tempest ran down the stairs and stopped just a few feet from the House Elf. She smiled relieved and gave him a hug. Tempest pulled back slightly and bent down keeping her hands on his shoulders as though he were a child. "Kreacher, what happened?"

"Death Eaters came and some people escaped, not all thought. They left poor Kreacher alone."

"Do you know where the others are? The one who escaped?"

Kreacher shook his head. "No mistress. They left and haven't returned." He turned and headed back towards the kitchen grumbling along as he went by. Tempest looked at Merwick.

"No what?"

"Now we go to Azcaban." She walked out of the house and gripped his hand. Azcaban was almost impregnable and she had no idea where they would start. Hopefully someone shared something at the Ministry or maybe someone was at the Burrow.

"That's risky."

"I know but first I need to try to find someone of the order. We're going to the Ministry, and then hopefully we're going to the Burrow. Someone has to know something." Tempest cast apparatus and soon stood in her brothers cubicle. Jason jumped and swore under his breath. He glanced at her briefly before narrowing his gaze onto Merwick.

"Dammit Zephyr, don't do that." He spun his chair around fully and rubbed the bridge of his nose. Tempest could see the gathering bags under his eyes. "Why are you even sneaking around, technically you're in charge?"

"Death Eaters attacked Grimwald Place. Some were captured."

Jason nodded. "I heard. They're on the run here and there. They're all scattered."

"Do you know where?"

He nodded again and when through his drawer. "They send me encoded notes. Right now they're somewhere near the Burrow. They're trying to see if its okay to go back. You should hurry."

Tempest nodded. "Yeah I know. I'll be back." She sighed and wiped at her face. "Do you know if they are keeping any records?" He nodded and that knowledge lifted up her heart.

"They enjoy flaunting about their recent captures."

"Okay thank Thorn." Tempest hugged and kissed her brother on the cheek and felt him hug her tighter than ever before. When she finally pulled away she noticed that he was staring hatefully at Merwick.

"Be careful Zeph." Tempest knew he wasn't talking about the Dementors.


Merwick and Tempest walked through the murky waters that surrounded the Burrow. She called out but no one called back. She wondered if they doubted her, she wondered if she was too late and they all were captured. She had killed the Minister and everyone knew it. She wondered if they thought that she doble crossed them.

"About time," called a voice. Tempest spun around and saw Tonks and Lupin appear through the marshes. They both smiled at her sand she ran to them relieved. They were her family.

"I'm so glad you two are here, I was so worried that the Death Eaters found you."

"They almost did," said Remus. "We don't understand it."

"They placed a taboo on his name," muttered Merwick. Remus and Tonks stared at him as they finally his presence. They looked back at Tempest alarmed and Tonks hair temporarily turned black before fading into a deep red.

"Meet Merwick and he's right. Voldemort is practically forcing you to fear his name. Now don't say it anymore please and one more thing, I need the names of those who were captured."

"Zeph," began Tonks, her eyes wide.

"I have to get them out Tonks. I need to. Now please, give me the names." Tonks and Remus exchanged looks and finally nodded/ Tempest crossed he arms. There was no way they were going to changer her mind.


Tempest searched the file room with Merwick. She knew they were at Azcaban, the question was which floor, which hallway, which cell.

"Young Tempest, are you sure that they are keeping records. Maybe your brother was mistaken." Although he doubted that they kept records he continued to shuffle through the stacks of paper. Tempest looked at him and smiled.

"I'm hopeful. Its better than risking out lives searching around there."

"It's not exactly safer sneaked around here."

Tempest grabbed another stack of paper and sat on the desk next to him. "True, but this is safer." She smiled up at him and he grabbed the papers from her hand and ruffled his way through them.

"All these records are from before you took you over. I don't think your fellow Death Eaters are as efficient as the ministry."

"I think I'm beginning to see that. Well at least they gloat, but I'm sure that that is much help." She stood up and waved her wand, putting everything back into it place. Her ears twitched and Merwick pulled her close and whispered in her ear.

"Time to go now Zephyr, darling." She nodded and whisked them away.


It was cold and dark. Dementors surround from above and hadn't sensed her yet, but it was only a matter of time. The sun didn't show, not even through the dark clouds that mimicked twilight. Tempest was surprisingly cold and attempted to rub her arms to warm herself. Her touch didn't warm her. Merwick grabbed her shoulder, shaking her from her thought/

"We don't have much time Zephyr. We should hurry." She nodded and opened the door. The cold stell stung her hand. The coldness of the Dementors took all the life out of the place. As she creaked the door open she saw everything as though it were happening again.

The door broke open and she saw her father spin towards it. The green light hit him in the chest before he had the chance to do anything. His lifeless eyes stared at her and Tempest couldn't breath. Her heart ached, her shoulder burned. Tempest collapsed against the ground, her hand on the silver door. She could hear Merwicks voice. It was faint but she could still make out the words. The Dementors were coming.

"Zephyr, get up and move."

Tempest looked up at hi. She could see the fear in his eyes. She wondered what he saw. Tempest pulled out Excaliber and it glowed. They would know she was here now. The Dementors flew away and she opened the door and pulled him in. She looked at his gold eyes, the hatred brewed in her heart. He looked away from you.

"We should get looking." She ran off.


Several floors up Tempest looked at Merwick. They hadn't said a word to each other since entering this dreaded place.

"You saw you fathers death didn't you?"

Tempest snorted. "Now you care? That's rich."


Tempest spun, placing Excaliber on his neck. "Don't, you know nothing. And frankly I'm lucky that's all I saw." HE snarled at her.

"You think. You know I know more than you can understand." He grabbed her wrist and gripped it so tightly she was forced to drop Excaliber. "My daughter was killed, murdered. My wife died soon after. My son and I sought out the damnable Crescent of Merlin. I killed innocents Tempest! I murdered people and I tried to kill you when you were too powerful!

"You're still trying to kill me! You still kill innocents! You killed Gorx! You killed my father!"

"You carry Merlins essence. I want him destroyed, even if that means destroying and killing you."

"Even if that means killing the people I care about?

"Yes. Don't forget, you killed me time and time again. You poisoned me remembered. You destroyed my body tine and time again. You're a bloody little witch Tempest Artemisa Nyx and damn the bond between us. When this is over I will kill you." He snarled at her and pulled her close. Tempest snarled back at him and punched him with her free hand before flinging him against the wall. Merwick managed to kick her in her gut and slammed her face to the ground. Tempest managed to trip him and the stone cracked beneath her feet. His face hit the ground with a crack and Tempest crawled onto him and dug her nails into his neck. He ripped them from his neck scrapping along skin as he did so. Merwick slammed her onto the ground and pinned her down and they growled at each other. Tempest moved her knees just enough to knee him in the crotch. Merwick let her go and she grawled away towards her blade. Merwick grabbed her anle and draped her back inches away from Excaliber. Tempest kicked him in the jaw.

"Zephyr!" Merwick and Tempest looked up and saw a hand stick out from a cell door. Temps and Merwick stumbled to their feet. She ran to the door and smiled.

"Corbin! Are you alone in there?" He shook his head and moved aside. There were four other people. "Move back." Tempest tried Ahlohamora but the spell discharged. Merwick laughed at her and she resisted the urge to hit him again.

"Did you really think that that spell would work in a prison.

Tempest pouted and the logic. "I was hopeful." She sighed. "Okay then stand back. Bombarda!" The door smashed open and Tempest grabbed three people while Merwick grabbed the other to. She felt the chill as shit climbed up her spine. The Dementors were coming. She whisked them away to the Burrow and collapsed into the muddy water. Merwick helped her up and she pulled away, slapping him.

"That's for slamming my face into the floor you bloodthirsting bastard."

Merwick laughed. "Your kick was far more painful." He continued to laugh and she looed away. She knew that using that spell would have alerted the Death Eaters. Voldemort would know of a traitor in his midst.

Chapter 12: Blood Lust
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Tempest was thirsty. She sat in bed clutching her wrist to her mouth. It didn't help anymore. Her blood potions weren't helping anymore and now that Voldemort was aware of a traitor in his midst, Tempest had to be on her feet more than ever. What bothered her the most was the fact the Lord Voldemort did nothing. Being to lost and out of the loop, she was finally informed of the deaths. They had all hurt her but the one that stung the most was the death of Dobby the House Elf. She had paid a visit ti his grave and had wept for her dear little friend. She hoped that he was at peace.

Tempest smelt him and growled. Merwick pulled back the curtain and sat on the bed. She continued to snarl at him when he pulled a bag of something think and red from under his shirt.

"Are you going to behave," he said dangleling the bag from his fingers.

Tempest leaned back and smiled "I'll behave Merwick."

"Do I have your word?"

"Give me the blood or die," she said retaining her brilliant smile.

Merwick laughed and tossed her the little bag of blood. Tempest saw the label and her breath caught. It was a donation to the blood bank from seventeen year old girl named Cynthia A. Her blood was a delicious O+. Tempest wondered how it tasted from a bag, if it was as sweet. Her fangs sunk deeply into the bag and she knew, it was as sweet.

"You broke into a blood bank?" Blood dripped down her chin and she absent mindedly let it. The fact that he didn't forcefully take it was shocking.

Merwick smiled and wiped the blood off with his index finger. "Of course, why not? Would you have preferred I kill the girl?"

"No, I prefer the robbing of blood banks." She sucked the last of the blood out of the bag and laid back down on the bed refreshed,

"Well you look refreshed."

"I am."

"How are things with Riddle?"

"Frightening. He knows someone under his command betrayed him. He does nothing though. He had us attempt a trace but considering that we took control and are busy interrogating pure bloods, half bloods and mudblood, it doesn't work. Besides the mudblood rarely love that long outside Azcaban. When he finds out that of was none of the then he'll attention will switch to his dearly beloved Death Eaters."

"Then will be screwed, for a alack of a better word."

She nodded. "We're running out of time Merwick."

"Well of course, I thought that was obvious."

Tempest rolled her eyes and kicked him. "You're a bloody ass Merwick."

"I'm simply stating the obvious. Its been over three months, innocents have died—"

Tempest snorted. "Amazing, you care about innocents."

Merwick growled. "It would seen that your behaviour has degraded once again."

"Don't be smart Merwick, now continue."

"You're saying I'm smart? You're the child here!" He stormed from the bed and she followed.


"I'm the child?! You're the son of a bitch who had killed many innocents over the centuries! You're the child!"

Merwick spun and faced her. "You are the one who began this argument! What the bloody hell, you can't go one day without mentioning it!"

"Hey, I've gone without mentioning it!"

"You are a child Tempest Artemisa Nyx."

Tempest punched him. "Don't use my name Merwick! You've got no right—" Merwick grabbed her by the throat and slammed her into the wall, knocking down charts and stone. Tempest formed the growl deep in the back of her throat.

"Wrong Young Tempest. I've got the right remember, I kill him." He snarled at her with pained eyes and Tempest couldn't help but pity him. Merlin had twisted his mind , his essence drove him crazy. Still thought, that was no excuse.

"You're a bastard Merwick."

"Oh trust me, I don't dispute that." He continued to hold her throat as he kissed her. Tempest tried to struggle but er shoulder throbbed. She gave in and wrapped her arms around his neck. His hands fell down to her waist. Their eyes jerked open and met briefly before they pulled apart and Void entered alongside Zoltron. Nile appeared soon after and Void rubbed his eyes while Zoltron averted his gaze. Nila stared at Merwick.

"What's going on," hissed Nila.

"We were jus arguing, as usual," hissed Tempest shoving past a newly sneering Merwick.

"Of course, muttered Void. Zoltron and Nila looked at him and he quickly went towards Tempest and pulled her along.

"Come on Zeph, lets get you away from Merwick."

"Agreed," said Zoltron following after them. Only Nila remained, staring hatefully at Merwick. Tempest and Void shared worried looks.

"Nila—" began Void, lightly touching her shoulder. Nila continued to ignore her.

"Stay away from her Merwick, or I'll mkae sure you suffer." Her voice wasn't just here but Cecile's as well. Both the sword and the ring glowed brightly. She finally turned and stormed past them, grabbing Tempest along the way and dragging her along. Tempest could have easily pulled away but at the moment she was curious to see where this went. Void wand Zoltron followed quickly behind.

Outside in a clearing, near the forest, in the ever surrounding mist Nila swung her against a trees. Nila may be there but Tempest knew she was facing Cecile.

"Cousin, have you lost your mind?" exclaimed Cecile.

"Hello to you to Cecile. Tell me, how long have ou known?"

"I know many things Young Tempest. The earth speaks to me whenever I need. So I've known you were the Mystic of Magic the moment I set eyes on you, as well as Merwick. The first kiss you shared and every kiss since then. I've been aware of. I see and know everything."

Tempest smirked. "And yet you have said nothing, why?"

"The Mystics fo Magic are always meant to do at least one great thing together, as your mother did when she stole the Philosophers Stone with Merwick, or has he neglected to inform you of that? The Mystics are always drawn to one another, always meant to do at least one great thing, I should know, I've been watching each and every one since the beginning. My mother requested it."

"So that's why you kept your mouth shut? So that we could battle Voldemort together?"

"Yes, until now. You two are unlike any Mystic I've ever seen. He should be dead, and you should be mortal and not contain the essence of Merlin. You both are far more powerful and this that makes the attraction greater . . . dangerously greater."

Tempest began to sneer, she hated being told what to do. Tempest leaned against the tree and with one hand she pulled herself up. She sat there perched like an arrogant cat, her eyes flaring red.

"Now, now Cecile, I dare you to stop me." Both the ring and the sword glowed and the earth trembled beneath their feet and the deep roots and vines shot up at Tempest. At this point, she really did hope that she was who they keep saying she was. Tempest focussed her energy on the oncoming vines stopping them in mid air. Nila took a hurt step back.

"As you said, I'm more powerful than you thought." She pushed them away and Nila fell to the ground defeated. Tempest sighed as Void ran to her and jumped down form the tree. "Nila, tell Cecile to mind her own business."

Nila shook her head as she let Void pull her up to her feet. "No . . . No Zephyr, I will not. We've kept silent, waiting, hoping that you would talk to me and yet you have not so I am saying this for the first and last time. Stop whatever you have with Merwick before you destroy yourself. Don't you love Draco?"

Tempest spun around angrily and the earth trembled, reminding herself that she was still tapped into it. "Of course I love Draco, I love him with al my heart, but I can't control anything Nila, you heard Cecile, this attraction can't be fought, it never has." Tempest turned on her heel and left, not looking back once. The use of energy made her hungry again.


Tempest sat in the Shrieking Shack. She was so happy it was spring the floor boards were no longer cold and creaky and the windows allowed int the light. The place was no longer so creepy, but then again it was always creepy.

Tempest sat upstairs on the bed, she had been here for two days, no one had come to look for her. She was going to have a lot of homework to do. She sighed, she was passing her classes easily anyway. Besides she was happy to be away from a highly volatile Astrea. She was officially annoyed with fighting with the girl. Especially considering all they had been through and all they had seen.

Tempest took off her clothes as she made her way down the stairs. She was going to take a little swim in the little pond out there. She peeked out the window and ran out diving into the water. She swam in delicately, bathing in it. She let all the little fishes and tadpoles brush against her flesh, tickling her as they went by. Her nails changed blue with her Auror talents. She couldn't thank Tonks anymore than she already had, going against the Ministry to teach her the talents that she now acquired.

Tempest dove up and wiped her hair back then turned covering her bare bosom. Draco stood there smiling. Tempest blushed.

"Hello Draco, how are you?"

"Nila and Void are worried about you. They said you stormed off." He knelt down holding out his hand. She dove under the water and swam to him quickly. He held out his cloak that she wrapped around herself.

"So you came and found me?" She asked walking back to the Shrieking Shak.

"I know you'd be someplace that you hoped no one would really look for you."

Tempest opened the door smiling. "You know me so well don't you."

"I like to think so. I've known you since you were three." Tempest headed inside and up the stairs, collecting her clothes as she went along.

"Why did you run away?"

"Because Merwick was being a pest and because they were all being pest. Not to mention the fact that, well, I was hungry."

"You're very temperamental lately aren't you?"

Tempest flashed him a smile. "You have no idea." She opened the door to the bedroom and son on the bed with the cloak covering her body. Draco sat next to her and pushed some of the hair out from his face, she blushed.

"You'll be nice to be thought right?"

"As long as you don't become an ass, yes." She smiled and laid down, exposing her are legs.

"How can you bare to be in such a filthy place?"

"I don't mind the filth, especially when it allows for an escape form the pest who are my friends."

Draco laughed. "Bloody hell Temp, you can be so very vicious."

Tempest laughed. "Oh, I know."

Draco laid down next to her and she snuggled up next to him.

"They think that Merwick loves you."

"Hmm, so they say."

"They also told me that the two of you have a bond."

"Disturbing isn't it."

"Very." She felt his body stiffen beneath her and Tempest knew he was uncomfortable. She was going to kill her friends.

"How about we not talk about it huh."


"Draco," sh said pulling his face towards her, "thank you for coming for me, I appreciate it."

He smiled at her and pulled her close. "Well you know how much I love you. I worry about you."

"I know, I worry about you all the time."

"So I guess you're shoulder always throbs huh."

Tempest smacked him lightly on the shoulder. "Draco Malfoy, don't be an ass."

"Its part of my nature Tempy." He kissed her lightly and held her close but Tempest for some reason couldn't contain herself She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Tempest cold feel the heat of his body close. She unbuttoned the shirt and quickly thought of her vision, maybe she had mistaken Draco for Merwick. She felt a hand go up her leg and open the cloak she was bare in. Suddenly Draco stopped and sat up and Tempest sat up pulling her arms free from the cloak and pulled her legs up to er chin. Draco looked at her pained before looking away. Maybe I've gone too far, she thought.

"Tempest . . . I don't know."

"Don't know what?"

"If I can do this. Us."

"So what, are you breaking up with me?"

"Bloody hell no Tempy. I just don't think I'm ready for . . . that."

Tempest smiled and turned around reaching for the cloak. As she did though Draco stopped her, smiling arrogantly. She rolled her eyes.

"You're an ass Malfoy."

"I know." H pulled her into his arms and she blushed as he held her close. Draco kissed her and she wrapped herself around him as he laid down. Once again she could fell the heat of their bodies as he kicked off his shoes and laid her down. Tempest stopped hi and smiled sweetly.

"Didn't we just have a talk about this."

"I know, I changed my mind."

"You're a bloody ass."

"I'm aware." He kissed her again.


So this was it, she thought as Dracos' breath danced along the nape of her neck. Her legs were wrapped around him as he moved rhythmically back and forth. Her shoulder stung, was almost unbearable but she didn't care, she felt alive again and she loved him more than anything. Her breathing got harder and her eyes shot open as her fangs found Draco's neck. Tempest tried to fight it, the growing hunger from the passion but she couldn't. His blood tasted so sweet and he moaned in pleasure, she didn't need to stop. But Tempest knew she had to stop. Her eyes looked at the setting sun and she forced herself to stop when Draco's nails dug into her. Blood dripped down his neck and down her chin.

"Draco . . . Draco, you need to . . . you need to stop." Her back arched and with the fresh smell of blood and the passion they shared, her hunger was growing. She was beginning to fear for his life.

Draco finally slowed and sighed pleasurably. Tempest quickly took advantage to roll on top of him. His eyes were fluttering, she had taken too much blood.

Tempest examined the wound and his eyes opened briefly enough with love before he passed out. Tempest heart stopped and she listened for his heart beat. It was there, it was slow and it was faint. She got up from the bed and stared down at him. She could have killed him, almost did. She couldn't stay here and grabbed the first thing she could before she ran out. Tempest needed air, room to breath in that wasn't filled with the smell of him sweat and blood.

Tempest hid in the trees and hugged herself as she cried. She could smell him, but that was her fault, she had grabbed his shirt without thinking. Her shoulder still throbbed as she thought of him and the taste of his blood. Her hunger had never been so strong before. Tempest pulled and grabbed at her air. She wanted to be someone else. A twig broke and Tempest jumped down. Merwick appeared, unarmed and looked at her sadly. She wiped at her etas roughly.

"What do you want Merwick

"Are you all right?"

"Do I look bloody all right! I almost killed him!" Her knees buckled beneath her weight but he caught her and lowered her to the ground as she sobbed.

"But you didn't," he said hugging her.

"But I couldn't dammit. I almost did." Tempest continued to cry but he lifted her chin and wiped away some of her tears.

"You didn't Zephyr, he'll be fine in the morning. All you have to do is take care of hi. Now stop crying, I know you love him and care for him deeply and I promise you, he'll be all right."

Tempest wiped away her tears with Draco's shirt. His scent was overwhelming.

"But what if he and I aren't meant to be together?"

"It all depends on you."

"What if I actually kill him? What if I can't stop?"

"You shouldn't think like that, besides, vampires can always marry humans."

"How would you know."

"My wife and daughter. A vampire saved her life when she gave birth to my son and several years later when the plague came and struck my daughter. Bounty hunter burned our house down—" He stopped and looked away and Tempest was shocked by what she Chad just discovered.

"That's what you saw, isn't it, at Azcaban."

"Yes." Tempest looked at him and for once fully understood him. She wiped away a stray tear.

"Merwick—" She kissed him and her vision flashed behind her eyes. Merwick pulled away.

"Zephyr, no, you're hurting and so am I—"

She kissed him again. "That was a vision Merwick."

He stared at her shocked then finally kissed her back and began unbuttoning her shirt.

"Are you sure," he asked as they both laid bare in the green grass. Tempest nodded and Merwick kissed her on the neck as she gasped. His body rocked against her as she stared up. Her shoulder throbbed.

Chapter 13: Glass Future
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Tempest stroked Draco's pasty blonde hair. He was still unconscious. All she kept wondering what if she was meant to be with him. Maybe Cecile was wrong. Maybe she and Merwick were meant to do more than just stop Voldemort. Her fingers touched the choker her mother had wrapped seventeen years ago. Her mothers letter had said that she was meant onto be with Draco, despite what would happen. Tempest quickly went through her pockets. Not there, of course, but of course her mother had known this would all happen. Tempest swore, she knew that the note was on her bed stand back at the Nightmare Academy. Tempest sat back at the foot of the bed and looked down at Draco. Her heart ached for him, not Merwick.

Her ears twitched as she heard the downstairs door open. The footsteps headed up the creaky steps and Tempest knew who it was. She quickly kissed Draco lightly on the lips and stood across from the door with her arms crossed. Nila and Void opened the door and she smiled at them.

"What took you so long?"

They bothy looked at her sternly and then at Draco. He hadn't woken up yet and she herded them outside.

"Lets take this outside shall we." Void nodded and then pulled a gaping Nila long after them.

Tempest walked over towards the pond and pulled a silencing spell over then, just in case Draco woke. Nila gave Tempest a well deserved slap across her face. Tempest smiled lightly.

"Okay, I deserve that, but Cecile you really must learn to respect someone's privacy."

""You drank his blood! Then you ran towards Merwick! What the bloody hell is wrong with you! How could you?!"

Tempest eyes flared and Void pulled Nila back.

"You're getting your facts wrong dearest Nila darling. In the heat of passion," began Tempest blushing, "I bit him, I tried to control myself but I couldn't! You have no idea how hard it was for me to stop Nila, no idea! Nila took another fearful step back. "And concerning Merwick, I didn't go running to him. I came running out here to cry and to get away, he just happened to find me while I was crying because of how much I hate myself. He comforted me and for once I saw something human within him! I saw who he used to be once upon a time. Something you'll never see because you choose not to! And don't' say I couldn't stopped, I saw the future, it was going to happen either now or later, even my mother knew it! So don't give my and bloody shit!" She looked at Void. "Remember that night in the catacombs where I woke up crying? That was the vision I saw. So again Nila, you want to bloody slap me, then go ahead. It was going to happen, all of it."

Nila stared at her shocked and Void hugged Tempest tightly.

"Its going to be okay Zeph, we'll help you sort things out."

"No it won't, I almost killed the man I love. It won't be okay Void, and what's more is I don't even understand the feelings I have for Merwick." Tempest broke down into tears once more and fell into Void's arms. She felt Nila, gingerly, stroke her hair and hug her.

"Don't worry Zeph, it'll be okay. Don't worry." Tempest continued to sob until she heard a waking sigh. HS pulled away from them both.

"Draco's awake." Tempest ran to to his side and he looked at her strangely as he sat up.

"Morning Tempy." He ruffled his pasty blonde hair and Tempest smothered him with kissed. He hugged her tightly. God, she thought as her shoulder stung, I love you so much Draco.

"I'm so glad you're awake. I thought—"

""What? That you may have killed me? You could never kill me." He smiled down at her and she smiled back. Astrea's bloody blade cam before her sight. It was Aurora.

"No, I couldn't could I, I love you too much." She hugged him tightly. "I'm just so glad I didn't drink too much. I was so scared."

Draco made her face him. "I know you Tempete. You have much more willpower than you give yourself credit for. Besides, I enjoyed it."

Tempest smiled faintly. "Don't say that again."

"I'm trying to make you feel better Tempy."

"I know, I know." She kissed him again before she handed him his shot grabbed hers and tossed him his pants and briefs.


"Nila and void are waiting for mer, but I—"

"I'll make it back to school on my own." He kissed her forehead. "You go through the back door and I'll go through the front once you're gone."

Tempest nodded and they walked down the stairs. He said his hellos to Nila and Void and they waved back at hi. Tempest took one last look at Draco and he gave her a reassuring smile, if only it had reassured her.


Tempest, Void and Nila headed back to school in silence. Merwick was waiting for her, with blades pointed at his neck. Entia was by his side, her fingers outstretched by her side ready to claw, her face in a snarling mass distorting her beauty. Her knees were bent ready to pounce at any moment.

"What the hell!"

Eyes turned on her equally fierce. No one put their blades down.

"Void, Nila did I miss something?"

"Obviously we did to," said Nila.

"Finally you're back," said Demenshia skipping towards her. "Cecile said very nasty things, but I believe Merwick." She winked secretly at her and placed her arm through hers leading her to the circle of blades.

"U, huh, well Cecile's facts are mistaken, right Nila."

"Yeah, everybody can put their blades down."

"Yeah, we all promised to adhere to their agreement," continued Void.

"Veronica says we should listen to Cecile," said Serena.

"Cecile was mistaken, as her yourself." Both green and red glowed alike and Tempest waited apprehensively. Finally Serena, looking confused, put her blade down. Tempest breathed a secretive sigh of relief. Merwick smiled at her.

"Be careful Mistress."

"I will Aidan."

"A pleasure Zephyr dear."

"Isn't it always," said Tempest annoyed. She was going to have t teach Cecile a thing or two about privacy and getting her facts straight. She just hoped to god that Astrea didn't get wind of this situation or else she would be royally screwed.

"Okay everyone go, now. Do some damage control and make sure that Astrea heard nothing and continues to hear nothing. She'll actually believe this." She sighed as they all ran off, all except Void, Nila and Entia.

"Entia it would be best if you left," said Merwick.

Entia shot Tempest a jealous hateful loo before standing straight and brushing her hairs back. "Of course." She ran off and Merwick stared at both Nila and Void amused.

"Hello Void, Nila, always a pleasure."

"Hey Merwick," said Void rather friends which made Nila confused. Tempest smiled and shook her while Nila remained silent and crossed her arms. It wasn't until Void pinched her that she muttered a faint hello.

"Cecile has a bit of a mouth," said Merwick.

"So I've notices," said Tempest giving Nila astern look. She quickly looked away and turned a bright res as she began to mumble to herself. Void let out a little laugh.

"We're sorry," said Void.

"They aren't but I know you are. Thank you for the apology."

"Yeah well . . . I feel awkward." He looked between Tempest and Merwick who were both averting their glances from each other and blushing.

"Cecile! Ugh you're being difficult we'll continue this late." Nila let out an exasperated sigh and looked at Merwick. "She says she's sorry, as am I. Zeph, you should heal him. Void did yesterday afternoon but he looks to be paling."

Tempest eyes widened and she quickly grabbed his hand and cast the spell. Nila had been right, he did need that. Merwick cracked his neck, her back was straighter and a bit of colour returned to his highly defined face. He licked his fangs delicately. Looking at him, a thought crossed her mind.

"You all stay here I have to do something."

"What?" asked Nila.

"Just trust me okay, I have a mirror to bicker with."


Tempest crept into Headmistress Majika's office and removed the covering over the window. No reflection greeted her , as always. She placed her hands on the cold glass and asked the mirror the ill fated question. Hands gripped hers and pulled her in. The cold glass swam over her skin, sending both tingles and prickles over her skin.


"I need to speak with my mother."

The reflected sighed and rubbed what would be the bridge of her nose. Today she was sporting the sight of Vivaldi as it last saw her, as eleven.

"Can't you ever just drop bye to say hi? No, I guess not. Very well, follow me."

"Thank you."

'Vivaldi' sighed again. "Don't mention it, really. Hmm, I get no visitors, no one just wants to talk with me. It's all so very depressing. People only ever want something. Noone chit chats anymore."

"Well I'm sorry but, a talking mirror, what kind of a conversation is that?"

"I used to be fascinating I'll have you know."

Tempest smiled. "Oh, I'm sure you were."

Mock Vivaldi gave her a slight smile. "You know Young Tempest just because you're having trouble seeing into the future doesn't mean you have to go to your mother. You could always just ask me. I have a sister, so to speak, who helps people see into the future."

The mist grew. "Really well, this gives me an excuse to see my loved ones."

"True, well this is as far as I go Young Tempest. Good luck."

Tempest ventured in. The mist swirled and grew around her. Three forms appeared. Her father, her mother and Gorx. Each one smiled at her. Tempest did not smile back.

"Did you know?"

Her mother nodded sadly. "Yes, I knew. The first instant I met him I knew. Quite disturbing for a mother to see such a thing, but yes I knew."

"So what, nothing would have changed it?"

"No, nothing. What happened with you and Merwick was going to happen. Just I like your fathers death, as well as Gorx's. They were going to happen, they are the certain things that make you see."

"But why?"

"Because you bring out the human in him," said another voice. Tempest turned around and saw two vampires, both angelic and beautiful. One with grey eyes, the other with gold.

"Zephyr, I would like you too meet Merwicks wife and daughter Celeste and Rose."


"Tempest," said Gorx. "They're right. You bring out what's human in him."

"And—look, I can't see into the future. Why is it when I try to look—"

"You don't accept it," said Morganna. "You look at is as though it were a curse."

"It is a curse."

"No, it is both a gift and a curse. You only see little things but until you accept it, part of your sight will be blocked completely. Do you understand? You're sight will be blocked. Understand?"

"I can't accept that."

"Then embrace this."

"No! I can't do that either!"

Morgana closed her eyes and shook her head sadly. "Than for you this is a curse my dearest daughter." She hugged her and kissed her head before Gorx and Aidan did the same.

"Please," said Celeste. "Save my husband, at whatever cost."

Tempest nodded. "I will try my best." Tempest left and took one last look at the two women. His daughter smiled at her and waved before vanishing into the mist.

Chapter 14: Mysticism
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Demenshia I need you to tell me about the Mystics of Magic," said Tempest as she lay on the swampy ground.

"Oh must we talk of such dismal things?"

"Yes, we must. Look Merwick is a Mystic, as am I, I end to know as much as possible."

Demenshia sighed. And handed her a plate of eggs before taking a seat herself. "Oh, very well. How shall I begin?"

"With the beginning seems most prudent," said Tempest smartly.

"Hmm, okay. Well wheen magic was brought into the world, the queens grew up and then finally when they realized everything was on their shoulders, they both created four daughters. Then as time passed they thought to create another, but that ended quite badly. She had too much power you see so they all had to combine their powers and kill her. Both the queens had to start over. They knew they had to make the Mystic mortal, and that they had to split it. So together they did, one male and one female to create the bond. Cecile was ordered to keep track of them."

"But Merlin was a Mystic, as was Morgan, how is it, it stayed within her blood line but not with his?"

Demenshia shrugged. "That I wouldn't know. You would have to ask Her Dark Majesty or the Lady of the Lake."

Tempest sighed in exasperation. "And what about the Elemental Mystics?"

A sly smile crept over Demenshia's face and she drank some swamp water. "On is now mortal , one is immortal yet mortal and two are immortal."

Tempest almost choked on her food. "Nila and Serena! That's insane! Well okay the thought of Nila being one isn't insane but the idea of Serena, that's insane! And wait hold on you and Verdina are immortal now!"

Demenshia nodded exaggeratedly. "Bloody brilliant isn't it."

"Does Verdina know?"

"I should hope so. She many just be in denial though."

"Of course she would be," Tempest sighed again. "What else can you tell me."

"Nothing more, I'm afraid. You should ask my grandmother, or grandmothers."

"I highly doubt one will help me."

"True, she resents you at the moment."

"Ugh, okay before I do anything, I need to have a few words with Merwick."

"Oh, why?"

"I met his wife and daughter in the mist and shadows."


Tempest waited for Merwick in the woods. She had sent him a message over two hours ago and he still hasn't arrived. She wondered he was.

"Sorry, I'm late Zephyr, Entia was holding me up with news."

A little jealously grew in the pit of her stomach. "Okay, now?"

His gold eyes twinkled. "Oh what's this? A little jealously here." He smiled at her.

"Oh shut it Merwick."

"My pleasure." Her took he by surprise and enveloped her in a kiss. Tempest sadly succumbed to it and wrapped her arms around him.

"Now, what did you want to talk about?"

"Oh right." She blushed and laughed at herself. "Merwick, how long have you know you were a Mystic of Magic?"

"Since I was sixteen, why?"

Tempest pulled away shocked. "Since you were sixteen." He nodded and sat down pulling her down with him.

"How did you know?"

"Wise man where I lived. He told me that I was a Mystic like that of Merlin himself. He said that Magic came to me. He couldn't tell me why though. He didn't even know."

"Was that all he told you?"


Tempest looked into his eyes before she kissed him again. He wrapped his arms around her. "What else did he tel you."

"He told me I would meet the other Mystics had he told me that I would hate you but not by my own will at first and then he told me that I would fall in love with you. I never believed him."

His look was distant and Tempest thought back. "Do you believe him now."

"Do you remember that time I kissed you two years ago? I believe him then, I believe everything he said because most of what he has said has . . . been accurate."

"Merwick what did he tell you?"

"He said I would fall in love with the other Mystic and bring about her doom as she brings about mine. He said I would kill the innocents that were not truly innocents, he said that I would cause unbelievable pain and suffering to those close to her and kill many in her life. He told me I could bring death onto her but would not die.

"I thought he meant my wife, she fit almost every detail he set out, but when she does, was murdered I knew. He told me not to venture down the path towards Merlin, he warned me that Merlin would drive insane, that I would let all the vengeance between us both consume my heart. He told me that I would die but be reborn ad he told me my other half, you, would kill me again and again and that my heat would grow black. He said we would bring about each others doom."

Tempest looked at him sadly. "Maybe so, maybe not. Not everything is set in stone Merwick."

"You don't know that. This man was a seer and so far, for me everything he told me has come to pass. What else am I suppose to believe Young Tempest," he said bitterly as he stood up.

Tempest stared ta him and reached for his hand. Merwick stared at her angrily but not once did he pull away form her gentle touch. His wife was right, she did bring out the humanity within him.

"Merwick, you can't let yourself be trapped by something an old wise man said five hundred years ago."

"Six hundred and seventy two actually." He smiled down at her and she returned it.

"Yes, well, you know what I mean. You can't let your life be define by one thing alone." Merwick bent down quickly and took her in his arms. Tempest eyes widened as she stood slightly stunned as well as a bit uncomfortable. But then she looked up at him ad her shoulder stung a bit. Merwick gently stroked her face and kissed her lightly. Tempest almost marvelled at how soft his lips were and how strong and tall he was, even in her high heels, he stood over her.

"You are going to need to speak to the Lady of the Lake and Her Dark Majesty."

"How do I manage that?"

"You'll come with me, I'll ask whatever questions are in your head, provided you open your mind and you'll hide in the secret passageway."

"That's brilliant Merwick."

"I have my moments." His eyes twinkled mischievously.


Tempest grabbed her wand and pulled back her hair securing it. Nila and Void were upset for two reason. One she was going alone with Merwick and two she was going to miss Quidditch practise.

"Come on, the final match between us and that witch is in two weeks, we have to practise," pouted Nila.

"Says you, besides you ca practise without me."

"Ugh, you're simply infuriating."

"Oh you know you love me."

"Yeah, as though you were my sister."

Tempest snorted. "Yeah, just keep your hands off Draco."

"No problem there . . . her hat was uncalled for!"

"But deserved," said Void. Nila snacked him and he simply took her in his arms and smiled.

"Well I'll be leaving now. Merwick is waiting for me and you guys have practise, or whatever else you have on your minds, to do." They each gave her a stern glance and she playfully waved goodbye, snapped her fingers and vanished with a bright smile on her face. Merwick greeted her at the entrance.

"Why are you all smiles?"

"Void is beginning to let on his stupid lovey dovey feelings for Nila. I'm proud of him."

"Hmm, well go towards the secret passage, I'll go the direct way and bide my time." Tempest nodded and ran towards the secret passage way and enter in. She remembered which passages to take from her memories. She loved her cousin, both of them, but back then Zoltron had been quite the arse. Remembering her cousins made her think of Maddox and she hoped that he was okay and that he and Draco were looking after each other.

Tempest reached the old wood door and hoped to god that the Queen did not sense her. She peaked through a whole in the oak door and saw hat Her Dark Majesty looked the same. She still sat poised on her throne, motionless except for the rising and falling of her chest. A bit of colour had returned to her face and that made Tempest heart quicker.

Merwick entered and a sly manipulative smile dangerously fell across her stone like face.

"Ah Merwick, always a pleasure."

Merwick smiled and bowed. "Hello Tempest, you look beautiful, as always."

"Such a charming little fellow. Now to what do I owe such a visit?"

"You know I'm a Mystic of Magic don't you?"

"Why of course."

"What happed to Merlins blood line? Why did it leave his line and pas to me?"

"Such a curious little old ma." She laughed and her laughter echoes around the room. "A part of Merlins mysticism was trapped in the Crescent but since in a What he died yet did not, it left to his children. They were good for a time, so it stayed within the bloodline as did Morgans. Its likely to stay within her bloodline it would seem, and it would have stayed in his had his descendants not become currupted at a pint and became more . . . like Morgan. So the power sought another. As luck and fate would have ti it found you."

A confused looked came across Merwick and Tempest shared his confusion. "But that doesn't explain me."

Her Dark Majesty pursed her lips and began tapping her long black nails against her obsidian throne. It echoed through the empty halls and a strong wind blew.

"Yes, you are an . . . anomaly but fate works in mysterious ways." Tempest took a steps back but was then shaken by her thoughts by her Dark Majesty. "Have I answered your questions Young Tempest? You can come out now." Tempest stood against the cold stone wall and stared at the door knob. She forcefully lifted her hand over it, slowing lacing her fingers over the cold rusted metal. Merwick gave her a reassure look.

Tempest closed the door behind her. As she walked her high heeled boots echoes across the black marble floor that gave her no reflection. Beneath Merwick there was just empty space as well. Tempest forced herself too look at the Queen as she took her place next to Merwick. The Queen gave her ,malevolent smile, a smile that was far from the gentle one the graced her sisters face.

"Hello your Majesty."

"Hello Young Tempest, please call me Tempest."

Tempest gave her a micking smile. "I'd rather not."

Her Dark Majesty's face became livid and her hands clutched the arms of her throne so tight that her knuckled turned pure white. Merwick reached for her hand and pulled her back a safe distance but Tempest held her ground and held her head up defiantly. Her Dark Majesty was powerless.

"You are lucky you're my daughter by inheritance," a sly smile played on her lips, "but even that, in due tine will not save you."

It took Tempest a moment to understand her meaning but at once she quickly understood and prepared to lunge when Merwick grabbed her. She struggled feebly in his arm sand continue to rant on.

"You evil witch! They were your daughters! And you hand—" She was abruptly stopped as Merwick placed his hand over her mouth. Tempest wanted to bite it, make him go away but he bent down to her ear.

"Hold your tongue Zephyr, this is her domain." Tempest sopped struggling and her clumsily bowed with her in his arms. "We bid you farewell Tempest, Lady of the Night."

"Farewell Merwick. See you soon Tempest."

Tempest held her tongue and allowed Merwick to carry her out. "I'll let you go only if you promise not to do something stupid." Tempest rolled her eyes and mumbled something that could only be understood as a yes.

"Good." Tempest licked her lips and slapped him. He shook it off nonchalant. "Okay that was deserved I will say that but now come on, we need to speak to the Lady of the Lake. Now I need to be discreet.

Tempest fixed her clothes that were ruffled trough the motion of being held by Merwick. "Grab on." He held her hand and they were wicked away by her spell and stood at the edge of the Lake. The was glistened beneath the shining sun.

Tempest dove in, head first, followed by Merwick. She lead and he followed her to the depths of the lake. Tempest hoped that the Veriserite did not harm him.

As they neared the bottom, she explained her worried to Merwick who agreed to keep his eyes shut. Tempest cast a spell on him just to reinforce it. Curiosities tended to get the better of them.

They stepped into dryness and Tempest held his hand as she led him along the crystal like hallway. She entered the throne room that contrasted her sisters by every detail of structure.

"It would seem that the future has come to pass," she sighed and Tempest knew what she meant by that intently. "How sad to know the future don't you think Young Tempest."

"I would love to agree. Now tell me, why did Merlins Mysticism not leave his body when I killed him the first time." Merwick stifled his laughter.

"Because of Merlin, Young Tempest. He stell retained a bit of his Mysticism therefore it called to him, sought him out. Indirectly killed his wife and daughter. And the life written for Merwick, his fate was sealed the day he chose to go hunting foe the fabled Crescent of Merlin. Merwick a victim of fate as are you. As his essence still lives the Mysticism will remain his as with your bloodline. Is that all."

Tempest opened her mouth ro answer but Merwick did fr=or her and all his love, all his anger and vengeance was revealed in that one word. Tempest stared at him sadly and held his hand until they reached the land again. Tempest had reversed the spell.

She watched as Merwick punched at the ground with all is might until his knuckled began to bleed teeming. Tempest felt his pain. His wife and daughter were dead, just like her father. She hugged him while he cried through the day.

Chapter 15: Gathering Armies
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Merwick hardly spoke anymore. Not since the revelation of his wife and daughters death. Tempest cornered him a few times but he responded one of two lays. Lovingly or very hostile. Most of the time he apologized for both reactions. Tempest understood his temper fully. She shared his feelings although she expressed it differently. Luckt for her Quidditch finals were up. Her against Astrea, ah yes, that would release much help back anger.

Tempest donned on her silver and indigo Slimythings uniform and grabbed her Firebolt. Being a pure blood had its advantages. She had to admit. Another plus was that now that Astrea was a vampire meant that she no longer had to hold back. Edana, Void and Nila each gave her warning looks but she never prmised to behave. Nila as team captain had no other chopice but to accept that. Void twirled his beater bat in his hand and gave her a stern look as they all lined. Tempest gave him her mischievous wink that made him groan and Nila giggle.

"Come on," said Nila placing her broom beneath her. "Lets go kick some Dufflebaggie arse." The doors opened and they flew out and got into position. Mistress Fanato explained the rules and as she looked at Atsra, she knew htis would be a far from friendly game. She and Asrea would thrash each othe rot no end.

The whistle blew, the shrill high note blew trough the spring air and the Quaffle was easily caught by Nila. She wisked by Hetah and jumped over Cassandra's head and scored a point. Fearless to no end she was bloody brilliant thought Tempeets as she watched the game from above and caught sigh of the snitch. As Tempest flew on she could the enmity flow towards her. At the last [possible minute, she dove ten rounded about as Astrea snarled at her, her fangs flaring. Tempest gave her a cunning smile and waved a s she chased after the snitch flanked closely by Astrea. Her rboom jerked and she looked behind her. Tempest knew that Atrea was doing some sort of spell. Tempest knew she could quickly undo it and tap into her inheritance, but she barely understood how mysticism worked and Void explanations made her head ache. Her broom jerked again and her temper was using. She temporarily clutched her necklace that was given to her by the Lady of the lake and knew what to do. Tempest muttered a few ancient words avoiding the questions of where they came from and how she knew them. Once the jerking stoped Tempest balanced herself on herherbroom locking them on with magic and stood facing Astrea. Astrea in all he grace and ingenuity did the same.

"Astrea darling," began Tempest jeeringly, "its not nice to use underhanded tricks like nonverbal spells."

Astrea caried a contemptuous smile on her face as she circled Tempest on her broom. "Oh I know, but its not nice to sleep with the enemy either. Especially one who had killed and tormented those around you. Me in particular!" Astrea charged but Tempest was quicker and in more ocnrtrol. She swung to the sude and kicked Astrea off her broom, relishing in the fact the Astrea didn't use a charm to lock her feet onto the broom. Tempest took the opening to fly away dn search for the snitche. She didn't have much time until Astrea regained herself, so she searched and searched and caught sight of the little golden ball. Tempest smiled ro herself and dove.

Just as her hand wrapped around the ball ans she heard the horn blaring her winning, Astrea crashed into her and brought her into the ground. This was no longer about the game but rather about the anger and sense of betrayal. Her wind was struck from her, her face was swung to the side and Tempest felt the pain as Astrea landed a punch in her gut. Tempest was officially livid. She caught Astrea 's foot and twisted it. She heard the bone snap but it would heel and the scream that came from Astrea's lips made a smile come to Tempest. She cut the shrill in half with a punch to Astrea's face. Astrea used her good foot and kicked her int the face, knocking Tempest down. Astrea's foot healed and Tempest licked the blood frm her face and charged at the oncoming Astrea. As they met they greeted each other with punched and kickd. Bones broke, blood was spilt. A single wave of magic was the only thing that could separate them and it did. Void helped Tempest standt and she looked across the field and watched Louis stand back as Heather and Cassandra helped Astrea up. He walked away from her but Astrea paid him no notice as she herself left. Tempest pitied them both.

"It would seem that I am not your only enemy," whispered Entia. Tempest glowered at her and wonderd when she had shown up.

"Yes, so it would seem you evil wench."

"Oo, so mean to me."

"Entia pet, behave and go get the others," said Merwick. Tempest had smelt him a mile away and stared at him. Not once did he look at her, not even when he adressed her.

"Tempest we have to talk."

Void gaver her an unsure look as he let her go. Tempest folloed Merwick to a safe distance. Merwick finally turned to her.

"I have to leave Zephyr. I have to prepare my army fpr the coming battle all right? Good. Look just keep me on about Lord Vold— about Riddle okay. I'll leave Entia here, if she does anything harmful to you let me know okay." His eyes were pleading, sad, fearful.

"Of course Merwick."

"Thank you." He turned to leave and she let him.


"So he left her here?" asked Nila bewildered. "Her? Unsupervised?"

"Yeah, pretty much, but Serena and Stella are going to keep an eye on her." Tempest slumped on her bed. Between her vampire lessons and her sword lessons, she was exhausted.

"So we don't' have a choice do we," said Void. Tempest shook her head.

"No, he just up and left. Bit annoying if you ask me."

"But Entia? Why not one of his other minions?" questioned Nila as she began brushing her frazzled hair.

"She knows the school of course. But I'm sur ethat there is more to this. He's become very . . . different since we spoke to the sisters."

Void ruffled his hair and hismuschles flexed as they did do. Tempest saw Nila's cheeks turn red. All Void ever slept and worked out in were his boxers. Even Tempest noticed that he worked out . . a lot." Tempest nudged his butt secretly and he looked at the very red Nila and smiled.

"Why are you os red Nila?"

Nila slamed down her hairbrush and looked at him flustered. "Because its very bot in here and . . I'm going for a walk. Lestat come." She stalked from the room and Void smiled His blue tiopped hair hung down.

"You know she's gorgeous when she gets all flustered. She's even more gorgeous when she's fearlessly—"

"Oh my god , enough Vpid. I get it you love her." She threw a pillow at his head. "Try telling her that."

"She's the fearless one Zeph, not me."

"You're such a butt Void."

"Yeah, I know." He got up and looked down at her." Get some sleep Zeph."

"Yeah, you too."

Tempest curled up in bed and willed herself to sleep. Her hands ached slightly, her bpdy ached slightly. Her fight with Astrea had taken a lot out of her even id all her wounds had healed.

I her sleep, the nightmares greeted her. It took her some time to finally waken and when she did Merwick was by her side, within the drapes that surrounded her bed. He had his bare back to her and was twirling a faded blue stone in her hands.

"I found this ins the forest. Its the last remnant of wheat was once the Crescent of Merlin."


"I have a handful approaching. They are the most talented and they are only travelling by night. I'll be leaving as I have already told you. I shouldn't be gone long so don't worry too much about me." A delicat e smiled played on the very fringes of his lips.


"Can you come with me please. Before I leave. Things will change soon."


"Please?" He looked at her, his eyes treaful. Merwick knew more than he was letting on. What did that old man tell him?"

"Yeah, okay." Tempest grabbed his hand and together they left.


Tempest woke to the throbbing in her arms. She pulled the blanket up wityh her as she sat up and looked down at the waking Merwick.

"Ou have to go?"

"Yeah and in my pajamas, great." Tempest pulled on her tank top and grabbed her shorts and undergarments. She brushed though her hair with her fingers and again looked down at Merwick who sat up.

"You look fine Zephyr, get going."

Tempest smiled down at him and sat back down briefly kissing him again.

"Don't stray too far Merwick." He snorted and grabbed his pants.

"That same to you Zephyr." Tempest wanted to question him again buut her arm throbbed again reminding her off her duties.

Tempest arrived last bowing to the Dark Lord. She hated the psycho half-blooded wizard. She could feel few eyes on her instantly she knew whose they were. Neither Nila or Void gave her disapproving looks as she made her way towards them. She stood behind them as both Narcissa and Vivaldi gave her different looks. One was fearful, the other was blank.

Potter bhad been located in the direction near Hogwarts. Students were ralling up and becoming more of a pest to the Detah Eaters. Tempest wouldn't be abblet o go back to school. Everyone was ordered to stay at the school. Tempest hated how she missed so much school sometimes. Tempest was going to need her clothes. Luckily Nila had speedily packed fro her and she change din the shadows.

"So we're basically stuck here,"said Tempest as she tied her choe laces.

"Pretty much. Look at the bright side, you will get to spend time with Draco," said Nila with a hopeful stare. Draco's name alwasy made her heart flutter.

"True, now come on lets go find my cousin and try to avoid as muuch trouble as possible. I've no desire to put myself in the epicentre of more trouble than this is worth. Void contact Merwick tell him to bring his Meriwkc Crusaders here."

As Tempest entered Hogwarts she noticed that the place wasn't just in an uproar, It was chaotic.

"Bloody hell," muttered Void.

"Find Dumbledore's Army, find Maddox and I'll find Draco," she whispered running off. There was one thing that made Tempest fell better as she looked around. As the seconds past, she could almost taste Voldemort's Death.

Chapter 16: Edana's Taking
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Tempest sat ontop of one of the many arches in the Great Hall. She had been ordered by her 'mother' no less, to watch from above and punish any student that acted out of order. Tempest hardly even had time to spend with DRACO AND Maddox. They way Vivaldi ordered her around made it seem as though she weren't evern around. She looked down at Edana who was seated with Maddox. Vivaldi had been paying a little too much attention to her daughter . . . As was Riddle. Tempest didn't likfe that one bit. She saw Neville Long bottom and a few other members of Dumbledor'es Army sitting under scrutiny. Bellatrix was paying an awful lot of attention to Veville which really bothered her considering what she had donet o his family.

"Everything will be fine Mistress,"

"I hope so. Vivaldi and Voldemort have been awfully secretive as of late. Makes me wonder what she's telling him . . .if he knows I'm the one who set the prisoners free."

"How could she? She didn't even know."

"No, but she's highly perceptive. She probable would have guessed."

"Something more is going on."

"I know. At first Vivaldi pitied me and now she's as crazy as Bellatrix. She's up to something, the question is hwat."

"Do you think you should discuss withi with the others?"

"I know I should but Vivaldi keeps me under

Tempest made her way to Draco. She knew that her mother was heading towards her. Tempest picked up the pace. SH ereached Draco and wraped her arms around him. Draco hugged her tightly and she began draggon from from the Great Hall and wawy from her 'mother'.

"I've hardly seen you. Why is Vivaldi ordering you around so much?"

Tempest shrugged, cautious. "She's been losing her mind quite simplu. Vivaldi had also become very secretive wth Lord Voildemor."

"That's not comforting."

Tempest shook her head. "No its not."

"So what are you going to do?"

"I don't know." Draco opened his mouth but with a distant voice, Tempest hushed him. Edana came running looking for her. She was out of breath.

"Vayne what's wrong?"

"Horcrux's. Its just been confirmed that they're destroying them."

"How furious is he?"

"That's the thing, he's not upset at all. He say's he's got something up his sleeve."

Tempest kicked the wall and shared a looked with Draco. "Now I really don't like where thi sis going. I've got a very bad feeling."

"Can you look into the future,." asked Draco.

"No," said Tempest a little more than agitated. "My sight has been off."

"What does this mean exactly," asked Edana.

"I don't' know, but Ednan I feel like I have to tell you, warn you rather, to stay away from Vivaldi."

Edana stared at her shadow. "Zephyr, she's my mother—"

"Vayne, please, just be careful asround her. You've already seen what she's capable of. Look at what she did to Blade and Thorn."

"You save them though," Edana smiled at her sweetly, innocently. "I know you'll save me like you save them."


"I have faith in you Zephyr. Lokk, I've gotta get back. Tink of something Zephyr, please." Edna ran off and Draco took her in his arms.

"It'll be all right Tempy, I promise you."

Tempest snorted. "Don't make promised you can't keep Draco." She smiled and he hugged her tighter and although he was trying to be comforting all she could feel was the foreboding that seemed to surround her sister.


Tempest slept a lot during the next few days. She wanted to hide from whatever threat was coming. In fact moe than anything she wished she could see what was going to happen. Tempest traced over the bedshets until she decide to take a walk. Death Eaters were everywhere standing along on the way here and there to th epint that even unnerved her. These people were her family and although she knew she had to beray them, she regretted to. Theye were her family, however insane they were, they were her family.

Tempest headed to the Headmistress office and said the password. She walked up the stairs and placed her hands along the walls. When she reached the stop her hand hesitated on the door knob. It had been so long sisce she had set foot in the offcie. The last time had been when they had discussed his death. Tempest shook her hea dnad finally her delicate fingers claspsed the cold metal and tuned it. She stepped into the empty office and took her usual seat and stared at the sleeping portrait of Dumbledore.

"Albus?" The figure remained sleeping and she smiled. "I though you would remain as thus. I just hope you here what I'm about to tell you. Ppotter is safe the school though is not and I fear that Neither is my sister. Vivaldi had completely lost her mind. I feel so lots and confused if yu were here none of this would be happening." She sighed. "I guess that's why you had to die huh? Other than the fatc that you were already dying to say the least." Tempest looked up from her hands and looked up at the slepping man. "I wish you were here and I know I'm not the only one. I hope yo're having sweet dreams Dumbledore." Tempest stood up ad walked from the office. A sick feeling spun in the pit of her stomach.


Tempest sat on the beam with Zoltron and Hydra fa raway form ears.

"He's insane," said Hydra.

"That's a given but what the hell does he have up his sleeve? Bastard is a psychopath, he'll do anything to assure his life." Suddenly she saw Edana crying. Her eyes held a green tint withing her deep purple eyes. Tempest gasped and her breathing faltered. Zoltron clutched her.

"Zeph, what's wrong? What did you see?"

"Edana. . . I have to go talk to Vivaldi."

"Temp—" Tempest shot him a look and he shut up. Tempest looked for Vivaldi and found her in the woods with Voldemort. She climbed a tree and listened.

"I have a traitor in my midst Vivaldi."

"I am aware. Do you suspect anyone?" Her eyes gave ntohign away.

"I suspect a few." His snakelike speech made her blood run cold. "But no one has showed their true colours yet. In the mean time, is everything ready for tonight."

Vivaldi nodded. "I have prepared everything for tonight my Lord. Have eno worried." Vivaldi bowed and walked off. Tempest wanted to nsap her neck. She knew that whatever was planned involved Adnan. Tempest wonderd thought what would haooen tonight. SH eclitched her necklace and knew that soemthign bad was going to happen. Tempest had the faibt feeling that she wouldn't be able to stop what was going to happen.


As the day neared darkness most of the Death Eaters had left. Tempest watched as her sister had been ushered out ther first. Nila and Void had been close to her side and as Vivaldi began to leave Tempest held her back.

"Viva, what's going on?"

Vivaldi gave her a cold look. "Lord Voldemrost is going to make a knew Horcrux."

"How? And more importantly with what?" As Tempest waited for the answer she feare that she already knew. Vivaldi pulled out her wand and turned to her.

"With Edana dof c ourse. Avada Kadavra!" Tempest hadn't seen that coming so she didn't think of her blade when her shock overwhelmed her. She stumbled back weaker and in that moment Vivaldi cast the spell again making her fell to her knees. Tempest began to cough up blood. SH felt so weak and hungry.

"You are to stay here Tempest."

"D-dopn't you dare . . call m-me that you witch," she stuttered. She felt cold.

"Stay here, oor I'll cast the spell agains. Lets not have the precious daughter of Morganna die now shall we," she said hatefully as she walked away. Her blue eyes stared down at her disgusted.

When she was gone, Tempest got up only to falll back down. Her whole body ached. She felt so weak as thogyuh she were dead. She tried to crawl, she tried to mve but she couldn't.

"Tempest!" Her eyes shot open. She knew that voice. It was Merwick. He rushed to her side and helped her stand. Entia was even confused and helped her stand and walk.

"Get Void and Nila . . . Lord Voldemort plans on turning Edana into a Horcrux." She slumped onto Merwick as she was no longer able to stand. Entia rann off and Merwick hefted Tempest into his arms and carried her off to the forest. Tempest had to stop. She could almost hear Edana screaming for her help. Her eyes shot open. Ceile was right about the ancient magic, she already felt as though she were losing her mind. Her sister was screaming for her help in her thoughts, doing her best not to struggle to give herself waywa. Edana was frightened.

Entia finally eturned with Nila and Void and they reached for her and tried to carry her to Edana but she was too weak. She flel to the ground and tried to fight the overwhelming pain.

"Edana—" Tempest knew nothing more than blackness.


Tempest wope in the Slytherin dormitory. She was still too weak, too thirsty. Someone helped her sit up. It was Draco. Tempest looked up and around. Adrian was holding a crying Edana. Merwick stood far away fro all the others. He didn't look at her, his arms were crossed and his gold eyes were fixated on Draco.

"Edana? Edana are you—"

"I should have listened to you sis." She buried her head into Adiras chest. "Mum— she just handed me over. I wanted to fight but I kew that would give you away."

"Edana come here, I may know what to do." Tempest crawlied to the end of the be and pulled out her dagger fearfully.


"I'm going to etch a protective rune on you back okay. It'll hurt but—"

"Just do Zephyr, I trust you."

"Okay. I'll try to mark the area around your back.

"Just do it Zeph."

The room fell silent as Edana took off her shirt. Tempest motioned for Adrian to step forward and he did. Edna wrapped her arms around him and he did the sae to her. Tempest tried to numb the are o her left shoulder. She placed her dagge ron her shoulder and dug it in deeply. She could see the tears fall down her little ssters face as she dug into the skin. She watched the blood drip down her back and fought her urges as she frew threw protection rune. When she was done he the wound healed up on its own wihch let Tempest know it was working.

"Zoltron, Merwick, takle Edana to the Lady of the Lake and have her see what else she can do." They both nodded and left the room. Tempest tried to get up but fell to the ground. Someone tried to help her uip but she pushed whoever it was away roughly.

"She needs to feed,"came Entia's voice. Tempest looked up at her and let her help her up. "She technically should be dead and if she doesn't feed soon she just might." Entia helped her out. No one stood in her way.

orders. Its upsetting me greatly." She stood up and looked down beneath her. She was through standing up there on the beam. She tooka step off and landed on her feet. Popel stared at her, some as a friend, others a s afoe. Thet all stared at her thoigh, in awe.
said Aidan.

Chapter 17: Entia's Undertakings
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Tempest hugged her little sister as she slept. Two nights now she slept like that. Edana was so frightened of being aay from her sister at night. For two nights now she woke up screaming with nightmares that she was Lord Voldemort. Tempest assured her that tha wold never happen. Nevertheless the fear remained. When she finally, woke Tempest looked down at her like a nurturing mother.

"Good morning sis, what's up?"

"Nothing, I'm hungry."

"All right. Welll get dressed and we'll go catch some breakfast." Edana smiled at her and Tempest shuffled in the bad at her side for her three daily vials. Her head shot up and she growled. Vivaldi was standing in her doorway. Edana stood closely against the wall far away from her.

"Everyone leave, I need a word with the insightful daughter of Morganna le Fey Lennox." She said that all bitterly and everyone looked at Tempest awaiting her orders. Tempest nodded at them all and stood up with her arms crossed. Tempest wanted a world woth her herself.

Vivaldi closed the door and Tempest stood her ground.

"Well?" said Vivaldi.

"Well? Well what?"

"Have you nothing to say for yourself?"

Tempest eyes flares. "Excuse me? You're asking me if I have anything to say for myself? Have you lost your bloody mind! You sold out your own daughter!"

"I did what was best for the dark lord."

"You have lost your mind. To think I used to call you my moher. How insame I was."

"Learn some respect Tempest Artemisa Nyx. I came here to tell you to end you plans at betrayal this instant, or else."

Tempest scoffed at her. "Or else what? You'll hand me over to Voldemort? Please I could kill him in my slepp if I wanted to."

A smile crossed Vivaldi's lips. "Not before he hurts your friends . . .or Draco."

Tempest stopped smiling and took frightened dtep back. "Narcissa would never let you do ahythgin ti harm him and I'll kill you before you ever got te chance."

"If you say so Zephyr. Now end this stupid little charade. I'm done protecting you."

"You were simply protecting you own bloody arse Vivaldi."

Vivaldi simply smiled and head back to the door. "Behave Zephy." As she left the roon , it filled up again. She knew that Nila android had heard. Tempest gave them all a sardonic smile before she punched a whole in the wall.

"I hate that woman."

"Oh Zeph," said Nila.

"No I really hate her. More and more each day."

"Calm down Zeph," said Void as she fixed the wall. Everything is going to be okay."

"Say's you." Tempest brushed her hair out of her face and held out her hand to her little sister. To think, she used to do this in search of her mother who was alwasy at their fathers grave. Suddenly, she saw Vivaldi giving her a sad smile before a green light enveloped her.

zeph?" asked Edana.

Tempest looked down at Ednanad nfeighned a smile. "Yeah, I'm fine. Look Vayne, and I have to go see Blade and Thorn. We have to tell them what happened."

"Zeph, I don't want to."

"Vayne, we have to, they're out siblings. They have to know what eh did."

Edna wring her hands togather. "But what happens if they don't lve me anymore."

"Oh Vayne. They're your brother and sister, they could never stopp loving you."

"I can't—"

Tempest hugged her sister. "Okay, you tsay here, but I'll go tell them at least." She nodded and Tempest disapparated.


Tempest sat in Jason's cubicle waiting fo rhi to return from whatever he was doing. Her prescene had startled Isolde who was always a little on edge these days. She had told her as little as possible as she sent a memo to her sister and Oliver. Hopefully they would arrive soon.

"You look paler than usual Zeph," commented Isolde.

"I had a near death experience a few days ago."


"It's part of what happned , I'll tell you when they all get here." Isolde nodded and leaned back against the wall of the cubicle. They sat there and continued to wait. The shuffling of feet appeared along with the familiar stomp of Selene's anger. She greeted all with her legs up on the desk and a smile on her face.

"Hello family, gald you got my memos."

"What the bloody hell happened Zephyr," began Blade. "Is mum okay."

Tempest rolled her eyes. "Oh yeah she's just swell.  Physically anyway. Mentally, not so much."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"It meants that she used the Killing Curse on me . . . twice, so that I would b to weak to sto her from handing over our little sister to Lord Voldemort to be a Horcrux."

"Yo're insane," said Selene.

"Maybe, but I'm serious."

"Zephy you can't be," said Isolde.

"Well I am."

"Then that means our little sister had a bit of him within her," stammered Jason taking a step back.

"Yes it does, but the Lady of the Lake and I did some magic to . . . block him."

"That doesn't change anything, she's a piece of him now."

Tempest had had enough. Edana was their little sister, her little sister who had appeared to be correct. In her anger, Tempest broke the desk and kicked her hair away.

"You know what, the reason Edana isn't here is because she thought you all wouldn't love her anymore. I thought that was just her fear speaking, I didn't think she would be right. You are truly the children of Vivaldi." She vanished and punched the wall in the Slimythings Common Room. She coudln't face her sister, after what she just heard. She looked at Stella and Serena who were staring at her concerned. She hadn't expected them to be there.

"You all right Zephyr," asked Stella.

"No, but its a long story, I would prefer not to tell again." She sighed na fixed the wall with a wave of her hand. "How are thigs here." Stella and Serena exchanged looks of worry. Tempest saw Serena buite her lip.

"What trhe hell you two? What's going on?"

"It's Entia. She's been . . . watching Astrea. And Astrea got so violent she attacked her own friends. We think that maybe she's affecting her mind like she did to Zoltron."

"No, it's not magic," said Serens. "She's manipulating her, she using simple manipulation. She's feeding into her anger. Zephyr Astrea hates you and Entia is simply playing her hate. I think we—"

"That's Merwicks other motive." Tempest snarled and sat down on the closets thing to her. Her worst nightmare . . . that bastard, she thought. Tempest clutched her fist and grabbed the woodedn table neaths her. She had to go find Astrea, she had to try to fix and unto the future.

"I have to go."


"Don't Stella, I have to go alone."

Tempest walked form the rrom and calmly went on her way to fiding Astrea Sanguina. She hoped that Astrea would be with Louis Morte. She followed his scent and followed it closely. To her surprise, he was alone. H esat there reading and looking forelorn.


He looked up and greet her wih a sad version of his arrogant smile.

"Why hello there Zephyr, I thought you were at Hogwarts?"

"I was but see I heard that Entia—"

"You heard correctly. Entia's actually been tormenting her. Astrea hasn't gotten good nights rest in months."


Louis looked away. "Since the summer Zeph. I though you working with Merwick would giver her a break. It tok me a hile to see that is was Entia." He closed the book he was reading."

"No Louis. It was all Merwick." She sat down nect ti him. Confession time, she thought. "Look only Merwick, Nila, Void and possibly Entia know this but a hwile ago I had a vision of Astrea stabbing Draco with Merwick's sword. I've done everything in my power to prevent it. She was also a vampire. Merwick promised me he would make my worst nightmare come true. It would seem he's keeping his promise despite everything."

"Zephyr . . . why didn't you say anything?"

"I thought I could change it. Turns out I may be chaning nothing."

Louis clenched his fist. "Astrea has been sneaking out at night. Ever since you left. She thinks she's quiet but she's not."

Tempest stared at him shocked. "Why are you telling me this?"

Louis grabbed his book and stood up flashing yet another sad version of his arrogant smile. "Because Zeph, both of us shouldn't lose the person we love." Tempest stared at him shocked and kissed him. Louis was taken back.

"Louis thank you."

"Don't mention it Zephyr." Tempest hugged him and began to walk away but stopped and stared at him.

"You know Louis when I first met you I thought you were an obnoxious arrgoan arse. You're not anymore."

"Come on Zeph, don't get all soft on me. It's far to eeire."

"I make no promises Morte." She walked off and tried to hope that Astrea was being manipulated, but deep down the feeling was too strong, she knew Astrea wasn't.

Chapter 18: Vivaldi's Memories
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"What about a magical chicken?" said Nila. Tempest and Void exchanged looked. Nila had a loveofanimal magic. But sometimes hher ideas were a far stretched.

"And what would this magical chicken do exactly," asked Void. He sat next to her causing her to blush under his scrutiny. Tempest almost laughed.

"Well I don't know stare away garden gnomes. Those things are pests."

"Nila sometimes you can be ridiculous," said Tempest standing up. Void followed her.

"Hey! You know I think its a good idea!"

"We know," said Tempest and Void in unison sparing looks the the catching up Nila.

"You guys are so bloody mean to me."

Both Tempest and Void snickered. "We know." Nila rolled her etes and stepped next to tmpest.

"How long do you think we have?" asked Void.

"Until the sun sets."

"Your sights working again," asked Nila.

Tempest shook her head. "No, only enough for me to look mere hours into he day."

"That's not much," commented Void.

"Ia;m aware. The Order is gathers itself together. As the suns sets, the battle will begin."

"The final battle," said Nila in a relished tone. Tempest sighed.

"Not for me dear Nila."

"So when does Young Nila plan to expose herself as a traitor," said a male voice from above. Tempest, Nila and Void stopped walked in and craned their necks towards Merwick.

"Merwick please, keep your voice down," said Tempest looking from side to side.

"How long have you bee listening?"

"A while." Merwick jumped down. "By the way, I like the magical chicken idea."

Nila beamed. "Really? Well at least someone does. Thank you Merwick."

"Hey! I never said I didn't like it," stammered Void.

"No," said Nila walking away, "but you never said you liked it either." Nila flipped her long blonde and black hair back over her shoulder and continued to walk away.

"Nila! Oh come on, that's not fiar!" said Void chasing after her. Tempest shook her head in disbelief and Merwick laughed.

"They are like children," said Merwick.

"That they are," said Tempest. In a flash they were both very serious.

"So I gather my . . . minions should attack."

Tempest nodded. "Yes, but you have to stay close. There is a foreboding in the future that I feel that if you're not there, we'll all die."

"Death is inevitable Young Tempest."

"Death is coming this night. So many people I know are going to die."

"Those people are your family. Do you feel any remorse for your betrayal?"

Tempest gave him a look filled with accusation. "Do you?"

Merwick's eyes dilated but his compuser remained intact. "That was not the question but what I do or what I've done is of no concern to you."

"It is when it concerns me."

"Don't worry then." He stepped up to her side, allowing her to take lead. As all the Death Eaters stormed the halls to make sure that everyone was behaving, Tempest took extra care in wondering the hall with the Room of Requirement. Nothing yet.


Tempest, Nila and Void sat staring at the clock. The sun was setting and the time was approaching seven o'clokc. The clock truck and Tempest pulled out her wand.

"One—" Nothing happened, the dormitory was silent, still in anticipation.

"Two—" Tempest voice echoed against the wall and she looked around. Divina looked back form the windows. Only she could see through the water as though ti were clear. She shook her head. Tempest looked at Nila, her ears were against the dorm door and she also shook her head.

"Three—" Tempest dissapparated and sppearinright on the beam above the Great Hall.

"Four—" Glass shattered and Tempest disapparated again. Void and Nila looked at her

"Follow me and be bready." Everyone nodded and pulled out their wands. The battle had begun. Tempest ran towards the forest. She wanted to be as far away from the battle as possible until she was needed. She already knew she would sheed blood, she already had, but she wanted to delay it as much as possible. Besides she knew that Voldemort would want her close by and she would lie. One thing she knew for certain was that Harry Potter would live and Lord Voldemort would finally die.

The place was chaotic, and theyall had to block many spells that were thrown their way. The forets was the only safe pace and that was a dismal thought. Tempest looked back to see the colours of diffrenent spells being cast.

They approached Lord Voldemort and far off Vivaldi was speaking to Severus is urgent hushed tones. As she approached, Severus looked at her and stopped talking. Viva's hair flew around as her head spun. Her crystal blue eyes were filled with sadness and anger and yet filled with resignation. Vivaldi turned away and walked closely towards Voldemort. Severus took er before walking toward Tempest.

"What's going on?" he asked reading into the concern writen on Severus' face.

"You must follow me Zephyr." His voice was stern. Tempest followed him even deeper into the forest.

After a long walk they stopped at a pool of water and Tempest stared ta him questionably as he pulled a vial of milky white liquid from his cloak. Tempest knew exactly what was going on.

"Snape, can't these memories wait?"

"No, unfortunately. These memories are special. One you look at them you will not be able to pull out until they are done showing you what you are meant to be shown."

Tempest was confused. "Severus, the timing is impractical."

"I don't care about the timing Zephyr, you have to watch these memories whether you like the timing or not."

Tempest was taken back by the anger in his voice. Severusnever rose his voice at her. He poured the liquid into the water and Tempest was given no other choice but to comply with his wished. Whatever she was going to witness had better be good, she thought as she stuck her head into the water.

Tempest was swept away and was in the Slimythings grils dormitory. Her was mother was older than her, probably eighteen. Her hair was loose and she sat in bed writing someitng with a placid smie on her face. Vivaldi walked over to the foot of the bed and gripped the board and the end of the bed. Morganna looked at her concerned.

"Viva, are you all right?"

Viva shook her head. "No."

"What's wrong?"

"How long have you known Aidan?"

"Since we started school, why?"

"When did you start dating him?"

"When we were—" Morganna stopped short and closed whatever it was she had been writing. "How long have you known?"

"Answer the question?"

Morganna sighed. "We started dating when we were twelve."



"How?" Vivaldi insisted, her eyes flaring.

"We were in detention and he kissed me. At first only on the cheek then again on the lips. We were cleaning the trophies."

Viva snorted. "He's never been that never romantic with me. Our first kiss happened because you ran off with Remus and he was jealous. Iy wan't romantic, it was forced. Most of his kisses are . . . I can tell."


"I saw him kiss you on your brithday. I heard you two talkin. He kissed you tenderly. He loves you not me."

"Viva please, he does love you."

"Really?! So his love letters to you are nothing!!"

Morganna inhaled sharply and gripped whatever it was in her hands tightly crumbling it. "Viva you have eevery right t be angry, but he's yours and I accept that! I've let him go."

Viva shook her head. "No you haven't. You know what, I'm done trying to replace you. You can have him Morganna." Viva wiped away her tears and Morganna reached out to her, only to be shoved away. Morganna stood there, seeking something to say.

"He marry's you Vivaldi. Its you he marry's not me!" Tempest could tell Morganna was on the verge of tears. Viva slowly turned aroudn and shook her head once again.

"Maybe in one possible future Morgan, but not this one, not if you don't let him go."

"So what the bloody hell do you want me to do?! I try Viva! He—"

"Then push him away! You say he aske sme to be his wife? Then push him away, its the only way its ever going tohapeen. Goodbye." Vivaldi left and Morgan fell to the ground in tears.

Everything swirled and Tempest was next to Vivaldi watching a faraway Aidan and Morganna arguing.


"No! Bloody hell Aidan shut up! You let me go! You moved on and literally forced me to! You let me go! Viva is my best friend Aidan, I love her like a sister! Dammit! Damn you!"

"Morgan I love you!"

"No, you don't, you only love yourself. Damn you to hell Aidan. You choose my best friend over me! You broke my heart and I will not let you brake hers too."

"Morgan please—"

"Leave Aidan . . . I-I want nothing to do with you!" Morganna ran off and Aidan just stood there.

"Happy wih yourself," said a makle voice. Both Viva and Tempest spuna round an stared at Michael.

"She did it on her own, I didn't ask her to."

"No, maybe not, but yuo didn't stop it wither. They love each other more than anything—"

"She said he was—"

"I know what she bloody said! But you Viva, you had to be selfish! I'm too disgusted with you right now. I'm going to make sure she's all right." He wakled off and Viva watched him leave before making her way towards Aidan.

Again the scene flashed. Viva was walking with Aidan down a dark hallways. Leading them was Michael, with the dark mark labelled on his arm. Tempest looked at her fathers arm and Viva's. Nothing on theirs.

"Down this hallway—"

"Speak of the devil," cam a sultry voice. They all turned around to stare behind and Morganna and Casca. Morganna smiled at them both congienally, her eyes lingering on Aidan.

"You were right," said Casca smartly staring at Aidan coldly.

"I usually am. Now you two are the new recruits? How . . unsurprising. How was your wedding? My invite seemed to gotten lost but no worries, Casca told me it was a beautiful ceremony." Her eyes fell on Viva's belly. "And the baby,how is he? Oh, its a boy by the way." Morganna smiled sadly at them Aidna glowered at her.

"Care to tell us the name too?" he said rudely.

Morganna waved him off. "You already know it love." She walked off ahead na dcalled back to them. "Its nice to see you two, even after all these years." She walked off followed by a smiling Casca

"You neglected to tell us Morganna was a Death Eater," said Viva once she was gone.

Michael simply shrugged. "I didn't think it mattered Vivaldi. I thought you grew yo since school ended." He walked on ahead followed by Aidan. Viva lingered beind and stared down the Morganna had walked.

Viva was ricking a baby girl to bed whist she cried. A door openend and closed and footsteps went up the stairs. The door to the babies room creaked open. Baby Selene gurgled as a tear fell on her cheek.

"How are my—Viva, are you all right?" He put down his briefcase and knelt down wiping Vivaldi's tears away.

"No, no I'm not. You end to leave. I've already packed your stuff so you can leave." She got up and placed Selene in her cradle. Thunder struck

"Viva whar are you talking about?"

"I-I thought I would be okay replacing her but I'm not. I see the way you two look at each other, how you laugh together, how you two still love each other." She wiped away the tears and walked form the room.

"Viva what are you talking about? We're just friends. She pushed me away I—"

"No! You are not over her so stop trying to fool yourself. Everyone see's it and she . . she only pushed you away because I asked her to. I made her, I only wanted you for myself, I wanted you to love me! You never truly did Aidan. Your heart belongs to her, so go, go be with her."

Aidan stared at her again and then ran for his bags. He looked back at her once but Vivaldi turned her back to him. Love and anger filled her gaze.

Vivaldi was alone at dinner feeding Selene and Jason. The door opened and closed and Vivaldi didn't look up to greet Morganna.

"Hello old friends," said Morganna.

"We stopped being friends so long ago. My fault I know but one cannot undo the past."

Morganna sat down. "I would ask why but I already know why and I already know what you're goin to ask."

Viva smiled sadly and picked up Selene. "Jason, take your sister to bed okay." Jason nodded and took the tiny babe in his tiny amr. "Tell me the future."

"Oh Vida." MOrganna sighed. "Aidan and I are going to have a daughter. I'm goin to die and that cannot be changed. You and Aidan will get back together and when my daughter is tree, he's going to die right in front of her. You are going to rasie her as though she were your own. You are a good mother Viva but you will forfeit her trust when she is seventeen. You will give your life to Voldemort for eher protection, for her to betray him at exactly the right moment. She will call you mum again." Tempest collapsed onto her knees and Viva and Morganna began to cry.

"Can nay of that be changed? Morgan do we all have to die?! Tell me this time now, please!"

Morgan shook her head. "No."

"What's her name?"

"Her name is Tempest Artemisa Nyx and right now she is watching this memory." Morgan turned her head and seemed to be straing at Tempest. "Oh Tempy, I love you and . . I'm so sprry I have to take Viva from you."

"No!" screame tempest.

Everything changed and Tempests tood in front of her bathroom mirror next to Vivaldi.

"Oh Tempest. Its your seventeenth birthday and I'm so sprry to leave you." Viva started to cry. "Please know that everything did, did with regret. I love you Tempest as though you were my own. God I loved both of your parents with all my heart. Rasiing you had been te greatest pleasure anyone could ever ask for. I love you will all my heart. Tell Edana I'm sorry, tell her I love eher. You may not been mine by blood but you were as muhch my daughter as you were Morganna's. I love you my darling Tempest."

Tempest was released from the memories and gasped. She was about to die, she had to hurry and stop her.


"I know and I'm sorry young one. Avada Kadavra." Tempest fell to the ground and Severus summond the memories back to the vial and placed it in her hand before runnnign on ahead.

Tempest gasped and forced herself up. Her speed was slower, but maybe she hoped . . . Tempest ran. She saw Nila and Void look at her shocked as she approached. She saw Viva turn her head and mouth something to them. They nodded reluctantly and she reached them they both grabbed hold of her.


"Hold Tempest," said Voldemort. Tempest did not yield. "Your mother has been found guilty of betraying me and has confessed."

"No!" Tempest struggled against Void and Nila trears streaming down her cheeks.

"I accept my punishment Riddle," she said scornfully before spitting at his feet. He pulled out his wand. Tempest struggled harder.

"No! Mum, no! Mum—"

Vivaldi looked at her, her eyes watery. Her eyes glistening that familiar gentle look on her face.

"You've always been my daughter Tempest. I love you."

"MUM!!" The green light hit her and she lew back. Tempest stared at her cold body and looked up and Edana who had also been hled back. She was crying as much as Tempest was.

Chapter 19: Betrayal of Blood
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Nila and Void let her go and she ran to the fallen body of her mother. Tempest cried and stroked her faceas she closed her blue lifeless eyes. She looked up tosee Edana collapse onto the ground. Temnepst brushed the strnds of brown hair out of her face.

"Zephyr, she was a traitor," she heard Bellatrix say. "She confessed to everything. She betrayed us all."

Tempest shook her head and opened up her mind as she looked up. A piar of gold eyes met hers as she stood up. Tempest stood straight and held her head high as she turned and faced Voldemort.

"You're wrong. You're all wrong. Viva didn't betray you Tom Marvolo Rriddle, I did!" She combined her magic with Merwicks and mad eall her friends vanish.

"Avada Kadavra!" Tempest caught te spell and crushed it.

"You pathetic half blood! You insane sick twisted old man! You are not a pure blood! You are the son of a bewitched muggle who didn't even want you. You are a pathetic excuse for a wizard." She smirked at him. "Oh and Tom, you will die this night." Tempest snapped her fingers and disapparated. Tempest arrived with her friends and slumped against Merwick.

"Zephyr," exclaimed Nila.

"I'm fine."

"She is, she just needs some blood," said Merwick sitting Tempest down.

"He's right Nila. You guys go now. Merwick will get me some blood. Go!" Nila and Void nodded and led everyone away. When everyone was gone, Merwick ripped ipen his wrist. They both knew she had to be in the battle not him. Shre drank her fill leaving him weak.


"I'll be fine. I'll summon Entia and go hunting. Just go, I'll be all right okay. Potter needs you far more than I do. Go."

Tempest nodded and ran. Everyone was there. She looked around, noticing faces. Tempest pulled out her wand and blocked spells that came her way. Death Eaters were attacking her, family members were attacking her. Tempest saw Oliver and her sisters togther far away back to bac. SH looked around and saw a Death Eater point his want at Oliver. Tempest ran.

"Avada Kadavra!" she said she she reached Oliver. The Death Eater fell to the ground and Tempest hand shook. Iy had been Castor Milifiecnet. He had greatly admired her mother. Now helay dead on the ground.

"Zephyr?" said Oliver. Tempest slowly turne dnad faced him.

"I'm fine, don't worry."

"Thank you."

Tempest smiled at him. "Don't mention it. Selene would kill me it I let anything happen to you." Tempest ran off. She had to find Nila and Void. Finally she found them in the staircase, fighting here and there. Tempest shook her head she saw she that Nila was blocking spells left and right ion a railing. Void was close by her side on the fourth floor.

Divina and Chad foght bello them and Zoltron and Hydra fought above. The staircases were moving erratically as people ran all along the staris. Tempest ran up the stairs casting Expelliarmus at everyone. She was sikc of bloodshed.

Nila must have caught sight of her becasues he smiled and waved, momentarily losing her balance, something that never happened. Nila's foot slipped and Tempest caught her bertha, she was still recoving and on the second floor, she wouldn't be able to make it in time. Her breathing returned to normal when she saw Void catch her and pull her back. Tempest surveyed her surrounding area's and ran to them. When she reached them she stood surprised. Of all the moments fopr Void and Nila to finally kiss passionately, they had to pick when they were in the middle of a battle. Tempest wanted to smack them

"You know, I'm so bloody happy you two have finally realized your feelings for each other, but really you coudln't have opciked a more inopportune time?" They sseperated and both blushed. "You two are perfect for each other. You're both a pair of idiots."

"Hey," said Nila.

"Oih enough, just save the kisses for a less chaotic time." They stood up and both nodded blushingly. Tempest rolled her eyes and leaped onto the railing.


"Lashempus," said Tempest. She she saw Nila jump on besides her and the pair of them fought side to side. Void fought at the edge of the staircase and as things came to a slight hal. Tempest couldn't help but laugh.

"And what the bloody heel could be so funny Zephyr?" said Void as he kicked a former fellow Death Eater in the face.

"Just rememberd. Before you two were even friends. Our first of classes."

Nila began to laugh. "That's right, I threw Void's muffin over the railing."

Void scowled. "That wasn't funny."

"Oh come, you were an ass."

"I still am." He smiled and so did she.

"True you are." Tempest rolled her eyes again and he heightened senses alerted her of a disturbance on the ground floor.

"We have to get to the bottom, we have to return to the great hall now." They both nodded and Tempest jumped straight dwn, landing on her feet. Tempest hoped that Draco was all right,. She had been to preoccupied with herself that she had neversought him out. She petrified two Death Eaters and ran inside through the doors. What she saw shocked her. People she knew were dead around her. She saw Death Eaters who had known her mother, who had nurtured her and adored her. And then sthere were others, on the side of light, who were dead. Tempest stopped cold when she saw Remus and Tonks, lying on the ground. Tempest fought back the tears.

"Zephyr . . .you traitor." Tempest spuaround and saw Niv Wimbletons poiting a wand at her. Her blond hari was blowing behind her.

"I had to do what was right."

"What Lord Voldemort's doing is right."

"No, its insane Niv, and both of my mothers knew it."

"You are wrong. Avada Kadavra!"

"Lashempuis!" Niv;s big pale green eyes widened as her own spell was slung back at her. More death was spilt at her hand.

"Feel any remorse Young Tempest," whispered a cold voice. Tempest spuna nd stared at Charles. He was nothing to her, his judgement menat nothing to her. He licked his blood covered lips and she stook a step nack in disgust.

"Do you?! You stand there criticizing me while you lick the clod of eopel off your lips! Don't you dare begin to pass judgement on you you piece of scum!" Tempest turned around nadstipped cold. Lord Voldemort walked ina nd Hagdris was narrung the body of Harry Potter. Narcissa ranin search of Draco. HS smelt Nila and void appear at her side as she stared forward. Charles gave her a confused look.

"You said he would live."

"He's faking," growled Tempest as she walked through the gathering crowd. Nila and Void hung close to her side as she moved forward. Everyone stopped fighting clearly s tartled by what they saw. A smile played on her face as she appraoche dthe edge of the circle. Soon, Lord Voldemort would meet his end. As Tempest reached the edge of the circle she stopped dead, her smile fading away ass eh saw the wand he was holding.


"Zephy," said Void.

"He has Severus' wand. Severus—"

"Maybe he just gave it to him, maybe he's still playing alonf," offered Nila.

"So then why isn't he here? No, he's dead just like the rest. I can't stay here." Withoutyh their permission, she ran, sniffing out his scent like a dog. Tempest already knew the outcome, she knew that Potter had the elder want. Severus was the of the few remaining pieces lieft of her mother other than Narcissa and Lucius. She couldn't leave hima lone.

"I know where he is," said Merwick. Tempest didn't need to turn around to see him, but she did anyway.


"First are you sure that they do not need you back there?"

"I'm sure, now where is he?"

"Follow me." He walked away and she followed him. Neither of them said a word as he led her to the little house.


Tempest sat with the bodies of both vIvaldi and Severus. All she had left were her god parents. She hoped that they were okay, as she sat against he cold ground. The wind blew her hair around her face and she wondered what would happen to her now. She want to see the futre, she hated it, but maybe if she did what her mother tild her too and accepted them, her life would be better. She knew all of this would happen, sh e saw everything but simply lived in the moment. Tempest couldn't do that, she couldn't accept it, any of it.

Grass and twigs broke beneath the weight of several feet. Different scents filled the air. She could make out every scent. And looked up at the crowd. Nila and Void led them. Edana s tood with her brother and sister and Oliver and Isolde stood as their respecieve sides. Divina, Chad, Zoltron and Hydra stared at her concerned. Merwick sat high in the trees.

"Potters wand," said Nila cautiously.

"I know."

"Draco was asking for you," said Void.

"I'll go find him in a bit. I just want to stay here for a bit."

"Zephyr, you have to go now," said Selene. "You've spent too much time amongst the dead."

"So? I life spending tiome around the dead. I'm the casue for most of the death around here."

"No you're no," said Jason.

"Voldemort was—"

"Yeah so? I still helped him kill people and then I turned around and killed fellow Death Eaters. I've caused death." A smile playing on the fringes of her lips. "I am the bringer of death."

No one said a word and Merwick jumped down and pulled Tempest up, shaking her out of her daze.

"You are not the bringer of detah and Blade is right, you have spent too much time among the dead. You forget you have two people left. You have your godparents and Draco, and you are going to see him now." Merwick began to dag her along roughly, the anger plain on his face. No one stopped him. Her feet moved unconcioulsy as Merwick pulled her along back towards the school. Tempest wanted to cry but she couldn't. She simply felt to overwhelmed by everything that had happened. Tempest wasn't even aware that she had been shoved into the school. She wasn't aware of all the people who rushed by her, all she was aware of were the dead bodies being covered. Her feet stopped working.

"Enough Tempest," hissed Merwick gripping her arm.

"They were my family. Both sides and now—"

"Enough! Everyone has lost people they loved tonight and yes you have elost more than them all but you still have a family left. You have the Malfoy's." Tempest looked at his as he scornfully said that name. "Go find your damn love and stop moping around. It doesn't become you." He turned her around and Te,epst saw the Malfoys, her family. Draco cought sight of her and stood up form te table he and his family were huddled on. Tempest ran to them and flew into Draco's arms and began to sob. They al hugged her tightly.

Chapter 20: Dealings
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Tempest twirled the antidote in her fingers. She had made a deal therefore she would honour it. But things had changed. Merwick had changed. She weighed her decision. If she gave him the antidote he wouldn’t be able to possess anyone but both him he and Entia and possibly Astraea would come after her and battling one vampire was enough to handle. If she gives him the antidote then and Entia and Astraea would yet again come after her with pure hatred. Another lose situation. Then again if she gave the antidote to him as well as herself, that would possibly solve some problems, he still couldn't spend eternity with a man who had killed her father and had spent a long time trying to kill her. Then there was Draco, she couldn’t leave him, she loved him and with that knowledge he would try to kill Draco. No matter what, she was going to lose. However, she made a deal and Merwick, for all intensive purposes, had kept his end of it. She was meeting him later that night, she had to make a decision.

Tempest sat picking at her eggs and ham. She was to preoccupied at the moment.

"Hey Zeph," said Void taking a seat on her left. He grabbed a muffin.

"Hey Void."

"What's wrong?"

"Everything. I've agreed to meet Merwick tonight."

"So? You made a deal—"

"I'm aware I made a deal Void and I don't regret it, but I'm at looking at everything from every angle. I'm in a lose lose situation."

"He wants you dead or alive Zeph."

"I know."

"You've contemplated all of it haven't you?"


"You're bloody screwed."

"Don't remind me." Tempest ate a piece of ham and looked up at the forever cloudy sky. She was so close to losing her mind.

As the afternoon came she knew time was not on her side. Tempest looked up a the bright fluffy clouds that blocked out the sun and then towards the mist at the edge of the lake. Even after all this time the Mist of Avalon still existed. Things had changed. Merwick had revealed all of his true colours, keeping not one hidden away. His love for her, his resentment towards Draco, his anger and insanity. Everything had changed, and as much as she wanted to fight it a piece of her did love him. But she knew she did and would always love Draco far more, despite all that happened.

Buts he knew that had been toying with Astraea, he was still determined to make her worst nightmare come true. Not everything had changed,

Entia watched her when she thought Tempest was unaware. She had that usual sneer on her face. Tempest tried hard to contain her anger. Merwick was so determined . . . he only ever cared about himself.


Tempest paced around the girls dormitory, while everyone stared at her. She had made a deal therefore she would stand by it.

"I have to go."

"Technically you don't," said Selene.

"No I do. I made a deal, I have to stand by my word."

"When are you going," asked Nila who was wrapped tightly in Void's arms.

Tempest looked outside. "Now actually." Tempest went to the window and looked down. He scent was fresh in the air, she noticed as she leapt down the tower.

She headed towards the forest twirling her dagger in her hand. She knew exactly what she was going to do.

"Hello Zephyr," said Merwick as she approached him.

"Hello Merwick."

"You look as though you're contemplating something. Now thinking of going back on our deal are you?"

"No. I plan on giving you the antidote."

"So what are you thinking about?" He tried to wrap his arms around her but she pushed him away gently.

"I know about Entia and Astraea you bastard."

Merwick growled. "So that's it huh, well I must say took you long enough."

"I was hoping to see good in you! And for a while I thought I did. You manipulated all of us."

He shook his head and smiled at her mockingly. "No, I manipulated you."

"I thought you loved me."

"And what difference would that have made Young Tempest. You love Draco Malfoy." His smile turned into a sneer.

"You would kill him wouldn't you?"

"I plan to."

"A piece of me loved you!"

His gold eyes widened and he stared at her in understanding, "You're going to kill me aren't you?"

"If I leave you in this body, I don't know what the hell you're going to do or how you're going to hurt Draco. At least the other way, I have a clue."

"You're signing away your life Young Tempest."

"I know, but no matter what, tonight I lose." Tempest tossed him the antidote and he caught it easily and gave her a sad smile.

"I did love you, too much I fear."

"Far too much." He drank the vial and Tempest counted the seconds as she unleashed Excalibur. His skin glowed and he smiled at her revealing his bright white fangs. A tear fell down her cheek as she swung Excalibur, lopping his head off. Merwick’s essence was no longer that of an old man but rather than of the young man he had once been.

"I loved you."

"I know," sneered Merwick before he vanished.


They were on the back of Aidan flying through the air towards Hogwarts. She hoped Maddox had gotten word to Ron in time; she would not like to scare everyone. She laughed at the taught though.

"Are we really going to do this," asked Nila as her grip tightened around Tempest.

"Yeah we are."

"Why," asked Void over the wind.

"Because I did the only thing I really could have and my sight is still on the bloody frits."

"So we have no choice," said Nila.

"Nope, not really but don't worry." She smiled at them as Aidan soared high. She was beginning to see the high peaks of Hogwarts. She hoped that Ron had brought Harry Outside.

"I see them Mistress."

"Good. Make an entrance Aidan."
She giggled. "Aidan seems them you guys, get ready, he loves to make an entrance." She and Aidan laughed as he roared and swooped the closer and closer he got to them. His roar tickled her legs as she swirled in their on his back. She laughed as did Void and Nila. As they approached the landing, she saw Harry, Ron, and the mudblood Hermione, she assumed, stand up. Aidan landed and Void, jumped off and helped both Nila and Tempest off. Tempest smiled, compared to these two, she looked positively wicked.

"Why hello there Harry Potter, how are you? A beautiful day don't you think."

"Who are you," said Potter pulling out his wand. Tempest rolled her eyes and waved her hand smacking Potter's wand from him.

"Enough with the theatrics," she began walking towards him. "I am Tempest Artemisa Nyx, my friends call me Zephyr. Hello Ron."

Ron turned bright red. "Hey Zeph."

"You know here?" asked Harry.

"Oh hush, of course he does. My cousin is Maddox Perth, Ravenclaw, purple eyes, black hair? Any who," she said waving that off, "my god parents are the Malloy’s and well I'm a former Death Eater. But," she said using his speed to perch on the tree, "I've dedicated my life to protecting you and just so you know, you aren't the only famous wizard here Potter boy, and I need your help." Tempest flipped a full arms length away and stuck out her hand. "See I think you should help me considering I've helped you."

"How so Death Eater?"

Tempest eyes flared. "Don't call me that and besides, I was the one who sent Dobby to you, you blind oaf."


"Yes Dobby. So are you going to help me or not?" Harry stood there and occasionally looked towards his wand. Tempest rolled her eyes again.

"You'll have to excuse her," said Void standing next to her. "She loves theatrics. Hey Ron."

Nila ran over and gave him hug and a peck on the cheek. "Hello Ron."

"Nila," hissed Void.

Nila giggled. "He gets jealous." Nila skipped over to Void and wrapped herself around him.

"My arm is getting tired Potter please hurry and decide." Tempest feigned a smile.

"Trust her Harry," said Ron. Tempest gave him a grateful smile.

"Believe Ron," said Hermione. "She's just like you. She's been hunted relentlessly for years. You have to trust her."

Potter looked back at her hand and then finally shook it. Tempest smiled "Great, took you bloody long enough."

"You have to—"

"Oh don't sweat it Potter, I understand now let me introduce my friends. The blonde is Nila and the moody one here is Void.”

"You're calling me moody!"

"Oh hush. Now the dragon—"

"That's a Hungarian Horntail," exclaimed Harry.

"Yep. His name is Aidan and he is the exact same dragon you battled during the Tri Wizard Tournament." Tempest smiled then burst out laughing at the looks on Potter's face. Bet Merwick didn't see this one coming, she though as she stared at the twp people heading towards her. Draco and Maddox.