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Tempest Artemisa Nyx and the Flower of Doom (Year Six) by Tempest_Zepher_Nyx136

Format: Novel
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 42,172

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence

Genres: Drama, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Characters: Dumbledore, Snape, Bellatrix, Lucius, Narcissa, Voldemort, Draco, Oliver, OC
Pairings: Draco/OC

First Published: 11/25/2009
Last Chapter: 12/03/2009
Last Updated: 12/03/2009


Tempest, now sixteen is faced with more difficult times. As a working member of Lord Voldemort she must balance that along with school and finding Merwick and making him pay.    As their battle continues, Merwick plays with her head and mind and manipulates her into finding the evil that destroyed Camelot.  Tempest now has to find it and do what others have died trying to do, she must destroy the Flower of Doom, created by Morgan Le Fey.

Chapter 1: Broken Promise
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The light from the torches reflected off the gold stone walls lighting the way. Tempest was running with her sword and wand ready to use. Her dark mark glowed easily on the dim light. She had to find Draco. She turned the corner and looked around. There was Draco looking around. Tempest let put a breath of relief and smiled. Suddenly a girl with long red hair flew at him, spun him around and stabbed him. Tempest screamed and Astrea pulled out her sword.

"I never liked you anyway," said Astrea.


Tempest woke in a cold sweat and looked around. Draco laid next to her, asleep and well. She crept out of bed and went to the window. Tempest opened it and closed her eyes and let the cold air wash over her. She sat on the window sill and listened to Draco's heart beat. It was a beautiful sound.

"Hey cuz!" Tempest looked down. There was Maddox standing underneath a tree.

"Maddox, what are you doing here?"

"Wanted to see my favourite cousin and favourite person in the world."

Tempest jumped down and hugged her cousin.

"It's nice to see you too, now are you going to tell me what you're really doing here."

He smiled and pulled out of his pockets two orbs. "There is no one, past or present named Blake Phoebus Malfoy."

"There has to be or else this prophecy wouldn't exist."

"What if it is for someone in the future? Someone in relation to you maybe."

She gave her cousin that look again and flexed her fist. He smiled at her and she relaxed slightly. "Don't go there. We went there once, not again okay."

"You weren't supposed to have this, a prophecy can only be taken by the person

Whose name is on it? You took it, you were meant to have it."

"Whatever." She looked at it and took it. "I wonder what it says."

"You should listen to yours."


"Aren't you at least a bit curious?"


"Well why not?"

"Maddox do you think that we, people, are meant to see the future?"

"Honestly?" Tempest nodded. "Well I think that those gifted with the gift are meant to. I think those people who can see who were gifted or fated to have it, I think those people are meant for great things, Tempest." He smiled and so did she.

"You know Maddox, I thought you would say something like that." She gave him another hug and he slipped something round into her hand.

"Hey you never know; it may help you."

"I'll put it somewhere safe, but I make no promises of whether or not I'll listen to it."

"You will. It may take a while, a day, maybe even a week or two, a month or even a year, but you will look at it . . . eventually." He smiled and she laughed.

"Go home Maddox, before Silvia wakes up from one of her Nightmares."

"Yeah. I'll see you around cuz."

"Tell Silvia I say sweet dreams."

"Okie dokie. Love you, later." He hugged her.

"Love you took Maddox, now get!" He laughed as her and down the street. She stood smiling with both orbs in her hands. She levitated each and held them there, suspended.

"What secrets do you hold?"


Tempest placed the orbs in the hollow of the tree and looked at Aidan on her roof.

"Keep an eye Aidan."

"Of course Mistress, now run along to your love."

"Don't you start too."

"Consider Maddox's theory. It may be correct."

"Goodnight Aidan."

"Goodnight Mistress."
Tempest crawled back into her bedroom and there was Draco lying there. He looked at her and she walked gracefully to him.

"Hey, did I make you?"

"No, I just woke up and I didn't see you. I got worried."

"Oh, well it was nothing, Maddox just stopped by."

"It's the middle of the night?"

"He's crazy Maddox remember." She smiled and crawled back into bed. She lay on her side and stared at him. He kissed her and she returned it passionately. Suddenly their breathing became heavy and their bodies became entwined. Draco was suddenly on top of her and had his hands up her shirt. Tempest kissed his more and suddenly a knock came at her door.

"Hey Zeph, we've got to go, Voldy is calling."

"Okay, yeah coming."

"Hurry up."

"Yeah okay, Void, I'm coming."

Draco rolled off her and stared at the ceiling. She looked at him carefully as she examined her way to her closet.


"Yeah," she said slipping into a shirt. She looked at him. He was dressed and watching her.

"You know I love you right?"

"Of course."

"You know I always will right?"

Tempest looked at him curiously as she slipped on her pants. "Yes . . . Draco, what's this about? Why are you dressed?"

He stood up. "Going for a walk, don't worry. I just wanted you to know this." He walked up to her and kissed her. "I'll see you later."

"Okay," she said warily.

Tempest walked downstairs and was surprised at whom she saw.

"Hydra? What are you doing here?"

"All the werewolves have joined the stupid dark lord. Yippie." Hydra growled and crossed her arms.

"You're kidding right?"

"Unfortunately no." She growled one more. Initiations are tonight." She growled again. "Stupid idiots."

"Hey, more time to hang out with me," said Zoltron. He went over to her and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"Can we go now?" asked Nila. "I'm in no desire to puke before seeing this other insane old fart."

Void laughed. "It's still funny." She smacked his arm lightly and he just grinned and leaned on the wall next to her.

"Come on already."

They waited on the living room in the hose of Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr. Tempest wanted so much to runaway, but she knew she couldn't. She was his seer, his yes into the future and his eyes into everything.

There as something he wanted to do for a new member of a child of a Death Eater. Great, she thought, another child brought into this evil fight.
"I would like to welcome, the child that will honour me like his father before him, the child that will do my bidding . . Draco Malfoy."

Tempest stood among the crowd of Death Eaters as Draco walked up the Lord Voldemort. Her fury grew more and more as Draco never looked at her.


"How dare you!" screamed Tempest in her rooms. He was pacing back and forth as Draco leaned against the board at the foot of her bed.

"It was my choice."

"You promised me Draco! You bloody promised me!"

"Yes and it was wrong to do that."

"No it wasn't! You knew I would react this way didn't you, that's why you told me those things before I left! You knew I wouldn't care!"

"Yes I knew! You are the most complicated girl I know! You . . . ugh!" He lunged and kissed her fiercely. Tempest pushed him away and held back from slapping him for fear of snapping his neck.

"Get out of my house."

"Fine." He walked out the room and slammed the door behind him. Tempest followed after him and stopped at the bottom of the stairs/ She wanted to make sure that he left. Everyone was suddenly crowding the doorway seeing that all the commotion was. They all looked back and forth between Tempest and Draco who was pushing on his coat. Finally Vivaldi spoke.

"Draco, what's going on?"

"She wants me gone so I'm leaving." As he lammed the door Tempest stomped to the back door, tears in her eyes.

"Tempest--" began Void.  Tempest turned and glared at him hatefully.  He knew better than to call her that.

"Don't call me that!"

"Where are you going!?" called Nila.

"I don't know!" Tempest stormed out the back door and slammed the door behind her and writing for her ready to fly was Aidan.


"Take me away Aidan," 
she said around as she climbed onto his back. "Just fly Aidan, I don't care where, just go far away

Chapter 2: Ice King
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Tempest woke on the back of Aidan. She had no idea how long they had been flying but she could tell that they were far north. She looked at the glaciers and polar bears and yawned. She was still angry, still furious. 

Aidan landed on a glacier and they walked side by side. She felt the cold, but it didn't bother her she herself was cold to the touch. Her shoes sunk deep into the ground and she walked along the ice ground. Aidan started to growl. 

“Such a long way from home Tempest. To what to I owe the pleasure.” 

Tempest stopped short, raising her eyes from the ground. Ahead at her at a great distance was a young man with snowy white hair and brilliant gold eyes. 

“Merwick,” she hissed. He was at her side in seconds, but all she did was stare at him, his vampiric speed did not impress her. 

“Yes, of course, it's me. How fare thee? See back in my day, that was how we would great fair women such as thee.” 

Tempest raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms. “You do know I hate you right?” 

He smiled at her. “Why of course, but in anger there is always room for lust.” 

“In your dreams old man.” 

“Why thank you, but you must have a feeling other than anger, after all you could have killed me those few months back, yet you did not, why is that?” 

“I was trying to be merciful.” 

“If you're dragon hadn't interfered you would have sucked me dry.” 

“And I would have destroyed myself in the process. Thank you but no thanks, I preferred to remain mentally human.” 

“You are weak.” 

“No you are, I'm just merciful.” 

“I consider that a weakness.” 

“Then you're weaker than I thought.”   Merwick drew out a long sword and placed it near her neck. 

“Oh now that's not playing fair Merwick. A long sword against Excaliber. You know you could knock it out of my hand easily.” 

“Who said Excaliber had but one form? As it can turn into a very elegant sword from a crystal dagger, it can turn into a long sword. So elegant and light, easier to handle. Just focus your thought Young Tempest.” 

“Why are you telling me thing?” 

“What use is it winning a fight against you if it isn't won fairly. No joy in it you see.” 

“Of course.” She summoned Excaliber and surprisingly enough followed his advice. Excaliber erupted in it's new form, a brilliant smooth long sword with a blade the same as merwick. 

“See, I told you, you could trust me.” 

She looked at him in mockery. “Hmm, I still don't.” She examined her sword from tip to hilt. “What's your swords name 'old man'.” She smiled serenely and held her sword down by her side as she placed her other hand on Aidan to calm him. 

He smiled back and lifted his work of art. “I call her Aurora. She's fashioned after the same metal as Excaliber of you didn't already know. You can almost hear them humming together in anticipation.” 

He was right, Tempest could hear them humming to each other. “I suspected as much.” He was behind her in seconds but she was ready for him. She blocked his attack easily and sent Aidan far into the distance. 

“Mistress, be careful. There is something that I do not like about that sword. I don not like the smell of it. Is is not entirely like that of Excaliber. Be wary.” 

“I will, don't worry.”
She allowed him to strike near her face so she could smell the metal for herself. Aidan was right, it was different, sort of burning and humming a hunt for something. 

“What have you don't to that blade Merwick,” she said swiping it away from herself with ease. 

“Why would you even suggest such a thing,” he smiled and his white hair fell into his golden eyes. His sneer revealed his vampire teeth. 

“I don't trust you. You've cast some sort of magic on it haven't you? I know you have.” 

“Then this wouldn't be a fair fight now would it.” 

She slanted her eyes. “You don't fight fairly.” 

“Oh don't be so mean to me,” he said mockingly. 

“Stop trying to kill me and I'll consider it.” 

He lunged at her, but she dodged him easily. While she was down, preparing to rise, he struck ay her head but she blocked him easily. The burning scent was there again. Whenever it hit Excaliber. What did he do to it, she asked herself. 

They fought and fought till Tempest struck flesh. It was a temporary gash on his leg that healed almost instantly. 

Tempest took that quick moment to examine her sword. Wherever his sword struck there was a scorch mark, everywhere else, the blade was undisturbed.  Suddenly Tempest was clutching her arm. It was burning. She turned around and looked at Merwick who was sneering at her. She examined her wound. The cut was not healing, it was bleeding and was burned on either side of the open flesh wound. 

“That is no ordinary blade. What have you done?” 

“What would make you think I did anything,” he said jeeringly hurt. “And I thought you trusted me.” 

“I would never trust you.” 

“Never say never Young Tempest.” He lunged at her and no longer was she just playing, she was now frightened fo her life. 

Her purple strand of hair that was braided was cut off an inch as she spun away to avoid his blade. She paused to look at it. It was burnt off and seared. She growled at him in her vampiric What and his fangs showed as she smiled. 

Again he lunged at her and she blocked him off. He was stronger because he was male but she was more agile, more dexterous. His face was close to hers as the cross point of the blades were nearing her neck. She smelt the burning of the swords, could hear the humming from Aurora. 

Tempest quickly ducked quickly before the swords would give in and her neck was chopped off. Too slowly thought was she as her sword was flung away as she jumped aside. Merwicks sword was touching the bottom of her chin. She tried to crawl away but he held her, pulled her to his chest and continued to let his sword burn her. 

“How do you feel?” he whispered into her ear. 

“Let go of me!” Tempest couldn't struggle for any movement could possible kill her. Although the pain itself was unbearable. 

“Oh come, I do enjoy when you writhe in pain.” Tears were streaming down her cheeks down to her chin. She wanted to pass out from the pain. 

“Please let go of me.” 

“Never,” he hissed hatefully in her ear. 

“You never fight fair and you never will. This is . . . this is no normal blade.” 

“Fine you caught me. True the metal is the same as Excaliber, but alas I knew that with a normal blade we would be equal. Well look around you, hidden in these glaciers are the purest metals known, and if you forge a sword in holy water, no vampire can stand a chance. Mainly you.” He pressed the blade closer to her neck, Tempest and Aidan screamed in pain, 

It started to rain and she felt his lips pass over the scar where he tried to suck her blood, where he had in hopes of killing her. 


“Shh Zephyr. Now, do you want me to kill you quickly or slowly. I'll give you a few minutes.” He pressed the blade deep into her chin. She closed her eyes and thanked god that it was raining, Tempest didn't want to give him the satisfaction of letting him see her cry. 


“Aidan . . . break the ice, burn it. Break his balance. I can take of myself, just knock him down!” 

“Of course.” 

“On my mark.”

“Times up Young Tempest, what do you choose.” 

“I choose . . . neither.” She elbowed him in the gut and rolled away grabbed Excaliber in her wake. He regained himself and struck down at her. Tempest barely made cover as she pushed his sword closer and closer to her. 

Merwick was flung aside and Tempest grabbed onto Aidan as he flew by. Aidan growled and Tempest yelped in pain as something hit her tail bone. She looked down at Aidan's tail. It was bleeding. 

“Oh Aidan,” she said aloud. 

“Do not worry about me, lets get you home.” 

“Yeah home.”
Tempest eye widened as a realization dawned upon her. “Oh my god.” 

“Selene's wedding?” 

Tempest covered her face. “I should have let Merwick finish me.”  Aidan laughed and she couldn't help but smile then she remembered who she was waling down the aisle with. Draco Malfoy.

Chapter 3: Wedding Troubles
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Tempest arrived back home at night. She knew everyone was sleep, and was hoping rather that one specific person was asleep and stayed that way.  She landed Aidan as quietly as possible and one she got off him, Tempest examined Aidan's tail thoroughly. It wasn't burned around the edges like her wounds were, her wounds that had yet to heal. She briefly touched her arm to examine her own injuries. The burns had healed somewhat but they were still bleeding. Her ears twitched when she heard someone walk around behind her.  Tempest sniffed the air to reassure herself. The smell brought a smile to her face.—"
"I've seen two paths, like always," she said attempting to reassure both him nad herself.  "Either he will kill Dumbledore or another. It would be best if the other did the grave deed."

"Do you know who the other is?" he asked staring down at her concerned.  Tempest wouldn't speak of it out loud.  Not everyone needed to know.

Tempest nodded. "I won't speak of who but this person . . is very dear to me. I'm sure he will have a reason though."

"You hope he does you mean."

"He's not a bad person, he's just . . I don't even know."


"Zephyr, what's wrong?"

"Uh, I don't know . . . it

—" Tempest jerked her head to the left. Someone just whispered her name.——"
"Oh Young Tempest, come out and play." The voice was in her head. Her eyes widened.

"Oh god no."

"What? What is it?"

"He's here." She growled and so did Aidan. "Nila, Void over here now." Quick as ever Nila and Void were at her sides.

"He's here isn't he," said Nila.

"Yes." She turned her attention back to Adrian. "Adrian if anyone asks, we are dealing with a problem." He nodded and they walked out, but not before someone grabbed Tempest arm.

"Not now Draco."


"Don't call me that!"  SHe sighed in frustration and counld barely contain her anger when she looked at him.  "Look I don't have time to deal with you, I have bigger, more important things to deal with." She knew it sounded harsh and rude, which was how she meant it to be but when she looked away, dismissing the hurt in his eyes, she felt awful because he did love her and she loved him too.

Tempest walked out to the front yard and looked at the tree with the orbs and asked Aidan if he had touched them. He hadn't . . . yet.


"You're mind is such a havoc filled place," a voice aloud. Tempest walked into the street and standing there, with his cursed sword and cursed glory, was Merwick.

"Zephyr, what does he mean by that?" asked Nila. Merwick cocked his head to one side and Tempest growled.

"You haven't told them? No, of course not, why would you tell them about our little bond."  Merwick smiled and his gold eyes twinkled with enjoyment.

"I call it an invasion of privacy."

"Of course you would." He pulled out his sword and stroked it's tip against the cobblestone street. She pulled out hers as well and looked at Merwick, no smile painted her beautiful face that growled in the moonlight.

"Zephyr---" warned Void

—"He was in her head again. With that drop if blood he had of her's he could do a great deal. Tempest thought that she could do the same, but why waste a drop of blood on such a trifle task..
"Come and play . . . Young Tempest." He didn't give her a choice. Merwick ran at her and she barely had the chance to block him. The burning smell returned again. She fought him off but not before an inch of her hair. If they kept this up she would end up being bald, which was not something she was looking forward to.

"I'm sick of you Merwick, why can't you just drop dead."

"You should have killed me when you had the chance."

"I'll get that chance again, you can bet on it."

"Hmm, the question is, will you take it?" He vanished leaving Tempest alone. Thank god, she thought but she knew it wasn't over. She looked at Nila and Void who were glaring at her.

"Stop staring, you know I hate it," she said sheathing Excaliber. 

"Why didn't you tell us," exclaimed Nila as they made their way back to the wedding.

"I wasn't aware of it until last year, and he hasn't gotten into my mind in a while, until today."

"Can you keep him out?"

"She can use Oclumency, doesn't Snape know how to do that?" asked Void.

"Yes, I'll be spending a lot of time there this year. Draco says he can figure out

"Aw, you called him Draco again," cooed Nila.

"Shut up." She walked back into the wedding ceremony and surprised her cousin with a dance. He smiled at her and she leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Maddox," she said sleepily.

"Yeah Temp?"

"You're the best."

She felt him smiled and hug her tighter. "I know." Tempest eyes became heavy and as she and Maddox danced she saw Draco watching her intently.

——" She stopped herself and rolled her eyes.

"So how long have I been gone Maddox?" she said turning her torso around hoping her long black hair would cover her wounds.  She greeting him with a charming smile that would bring anyone to their knees.

"Almost a week. Selene's going to kill you. The––" She waved her hand before him to stop his talking.

"I know, I know, the wedding is tomorrow. I should start setting things up. If I do that maybe she won't be so mean to me." She smiled hopefully at him he raised his eye brows in shock.

"Yeah, you keep thinking that. Come on Aidan, lets move you over so that she can set things up." Tempest smiled and looked around, carefully moving around him.  She didn't want any questions asked, not today.
Tempest was lucky that the Ministry really didn't monitor her use of magic outside of school. That was mainly due to the fact that they believed that Merwick was a danger, and towards the other fact that without her wand, her magic was untraceable. That made her one of the few exceptions to students who could use magic under the age of seventeen.

In no time Tempest set up the backyard for the ceremony. With Maddox's help they set up the rows and took the moment to relax beneath the lightening sky, until the fatal moment her sister came down to see her.  Tempest looked around and watched as the flowers all around began to bloom. She knew Nila was near.

"Thank you Nila," she said not even bothing to move.  Tempest continued to stare up at the heavens and the fading stars.

"Well it's about bloody time you came back."

Tempest tilted her head towards Nila and gave her an exhausted smile.  "Nice to see you too." Nila stalked over to her and crossed her arms as she stared down at her sadly.

"Selene wants to kill you."

Tempest and Maddox snorted rudely.  "Like that's a bloody surprise." Nila glared at her, brieftly looking at Maddox.  Tempest oculd read that message in her eyes scolding him for encouraging her behaviour. "I'm here now aren't I. I set everything up."  Her nose twitched unconsciously as she waved her arms around her to show her work.  Tempest calmed herself and flexed her fist.

"So, since when does Blade care," said a voice. Tempest ignored it. She had smelt him a mile away. She felt Maddox stiffen besides her and felt his fist clench just as hers unclenched. He was just a angry as she was which shouldn't have shocked her but did.  Draco had done something unforgivable and had caused her great pain.  No one was ever going to let him live this down, especially her cousin.

"Draco," hissed Nila. "Go away, can't you see she's still angry."

"It's been a . . . Tempest what the bloody hell happened to your arm, you're bleeding." Tempest heard people wake up.  Why did Draco always have to be so loud, she asked herself.

"Malfoy, don't you know how to mind your own business," stated Maddox angrily standing up.

"Didn't you even notice!" said Draco even louder.  Tempest rubbed her forehead annoyed, why did everyone always have to be so loud?

"Of course I noticed! I'm her cousin, I'm the one person she can trust and I respect her privacy! If she doesn't want to tell me what happened to her she doesn't have to!"

"Enough!" yelled a voice that made Tempest blood run cold. The sound of the voice cut through the air silencing everyone.  She felt like she was a child again, getting bullied by her older always angry sister. Ever so slowly, Tempest stood up, not scared like she once was but wary. It was her wedding day.

"Hello Blade."

Her sisters eyes widened. "You!" Selene marched up to her and slapped her sister square across the face. Tempest yelped in pain as her sisters nails cut deep into her still burnt flesh.  The wounds re-opened and blood dripped down her neck.

"My god Zephyr," began Nila, "what happened to you?"

"Nothing," growled Tempest as she clutched her face.  The pain shot through her body and she stared at her sister who took one step back from her as though seeing her for the first time.  Her clothes were torn, and all over she was bleeding, with wounds that were burned along the edges.

"Sit," ordered Selene. Tempest obeyed without question and looked towards the ground.  She kept her hand on her face until Selene yanked it away and stared at the woudn on her arm.  Tempest winced as she flet that would re-open. Selene ordered Maddox to get a wet cloth while Selene further examined her wounds.

Temepst stared at her sisters long silver nails as they held precariously over the wound on her arm.  Temepst didn't want questions to be asked.  "Selene can't . . Ow watch it!"

"Oh shut it. Now what happened the bloody hell happened to you?"

"I fought an Ice King and got burned, it's all very simple." Selene dug her nails into Tempest arm wound.

"Tell me what happened Zephyr."

"Merwick!" yelled Tempest in anguish. "He fashioned himself a sword from the same metal as Excaliber but he added holy metal and water to it! He can burn me! Let go, please just let me go!"  Tears fell down her cheeks as the blood ran down her arm.

"Fine." Selene pulled out her wad and healed her little sisters before giving her a hug. "Don't you ever run away like that again Temp, all right," she whispered so low only she could hear. Tempest just nodded and hugged her sister back.  Maddox returned and wiped at the blood taking a seat next to her, placing a comforting arm around her.

"Okay enough you two," said a voice. Tempest jumped up. It was her soon to be brother in law.

"Oliver!" She ran and gave him a hug.

"Hey there future sis, how are you?"

"All right considering everything else." She smiled and walked back to her seat next to Maddox who was still glaring at Draco who returned his gaze intently.


Tempest drank her vial down as she sat in her room with the rest of the bridesmaids bouncing a very hyper Silvia on her lap.  Nila took a picture and was happy and gave her a child like smile. She was enjoying being the photographer far too much. Someone knocked on the door and caught Tempest attention.

"Hey we need the bridesmaids now," said Void peeking in. Tempest waved him in and he came in followed by Maddox, Jason, Draco and Adrian. He smiled at her and she gave him a hug. He was walking down the aisle with Edana who had put up such a fit about not being a bridesmaid so he volunteered, to Void great disapproval.

"Well go on you guys," said Selene putting on her earring.

Tempest looked at Draco. "I'm not walking down the aisle with him."

Selene glared at her. "You are not going to ruin this day for me Zephyr!"

"Hey breath you two, she'll walk down the aisle with me and he can walk down the aisle with Nila." said Void. "Is she doesn't mind."

Nila shook her head and grabbed Draco's arm.  "I don't. Come on Draco, lets get you out of here before the blood bath starts shall we." Nila ushered him out of the room and Tempest set Silvia down and walked with Void followed by Isolde and Jason, Edana and Adrian and Silvia and Maddox.

"You've got to get over this Zeph," whispered Void.

"Shut up," she whispered back offering a graceful smile.

"Look, he loves you, he's sorry."

"He agreed to kill his headmaster. What the hell am I suppose to say to that?"  Tempest held her smile in place which was beginning to make her face hurt.

"Just relax, I know it's horrid what he's agreed to do but what was he suppose to say, no, you know what would have happened."

"I know but still. Why did he have to become a Death eater? He promised me he wouldn't, and if he had kept his promise we woudln't be in this stipud predicament."

"Yeah I know. Everyone yelled at him. Nila, Edana, Maddox, and even Adrian. Well Maddox and I hit him, you missed one a hell of a fight."  He laughed and so did she.  Real smiles didn't make her face hurt.

"Well thats nice."

"Yeah; hey what did Voldemort pull you aside for that night?"

She gave up on the smile.  "He wants Severus and I to keep an eye on him."

"Are you?"

"You know I am. Hopefully Severus has talked to Dumbledore."

"You're not riding the train with us are you?"

Temepst shook her head.  "No."

"Thought as much. I'll grab your schedule. Hey can you promise me something?"

"Sure what?"

"Take care of yourself okay. I don't like Merwicks new sword. You need to battle that."

"You already have a plan for that don't you."

"Poison. Coat Excaliber in it. Hey remember last year when Abigail cut Merwick, coat your nail in poison too, god knows just how many fist fights you're goign to get in with him."

"You sure that's safe?"

"There is such a thing called an antidote." He smiled and Tempest kissed him.

"You're the greatest you know that."

Void smiled charmingly at her. "Yeah I know." He kissed her back and they walked out into the ceremony. Tempest waved at Divina and Chad. They smiled back at her.

Tempest stood to the side and smiled at Oliver who looked rather nervous. He smiled back and then the music started. Out walked Selene. Tempest marvelled at her sisters beauty. She looked very happy and all of a sudden all of Olivers nervousness washed away. Tempest looked at Vivaldi. A tear fell down her cheek and Tempest felt one come up to here eyes. She pushed it away and listened to the ceremony.


Chad gave her a great big hug and pet the cat on his shoulder. Zoltron hissed playfully and jumped onto Hydra's shoulder. He was in his ninth moon cycle and it had only been seven days since. Music began and someone whistled Tempest away and for a brief moment Tempest thought it was Draco but it wasn't his scent. She looked at Adrian and smiled away as she danced.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" he asked.

"Yes . . . finally. You know just now when you pulled me away I thought you were Malfoy."

"I don't think you've called him that."

"Oh I have, but only when I'm livid with him."

"Yeah, I can't believe he would something like that and Master Dumbledore . . I just hope

Chapter 4: Lost Love
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Everyone was in such a rush. Tempest almost fell over a she avoided her little sister who was running up and down the stairs. People were packing left and right, getting everything they needed for their next school year. Tempest snatched a piece of chicken as she passed through the kitchen. There were no plates, people were eating as they were walking. No time to stop.Selene and Oliver had left the day before on their honeymoon. Selene and looked so happy. Tempest thought that she was a lucky one, for avoiding what had become of their house now.

Tempest gathered her clothes and Nilas' and packed them. It was quiet in her room. No sleeping Draco in her bed to watched her so lovingly. It was his own fault as to why she was mad at him, he broke his promise. The door opened and closed behind her. She looked at a dishevelled Nila as she lay on her bed.

"My god, this place is like a mad house. I almost tripped running all over the place."

"Hows Void?" she said as she continued to pack. Nila laughed.

"He's hungry as ususal."

"As usual." She sniffed the air. "Ah, I think I smell him coming." The door opened and in came Void, chicken in hand.

"Do you have any idea how hard it was to get this," he took a savage bite out of it and leaned against the door.

"Break any bones," laughed Nila. Tempest couldn't help but laugh a well.

"Oh ha, ha, you're very amusing."

"I thought so," said Nila sitting up seductively. Tempest saw Voids eyes linger over her body. He caught her looked and Tempest smiled slyly. He looked away and at the window and Tempest finally remembered her orbs. She flew to her window and jumped out. Tempest reached into the hollow of the tree and took out both orbs. She wouldn't listen to it, she promised herself she wouldn't, but she wouldn't leave them here where they could be discovered, where he could and would discover them. She carried them back to her bedroom and shoved them in her bag.

"Have you even listened to yours yet?" asked Void, shoving the last of the chicken into his mouth.  Tempest threw a pillow at him head and shook her head.

"You know I won't, now stop pestering me about it, or I'll have Nila beat you up." She laughed along with Void and Nila threw pillows at the both of them.

"Stop teasing me you jerks."

"Oh Nila you know we love you," said Void walking over to the bed.

She rolled her eyes. "Have you even packed yet," asked Nila laying down.

"Are you kidding me," said Tempest. "He's been packed for over a week now."

Nila looked at Void a little frightened. "Is she serious?"

He nodded, smiling his winsome smile as he banged his tongue ring against his teeth. "Yup, you know how organized I am and such."

Nila rolled her eyes again. "Oh yes, I know."

Tempest zipped up the suitcase and sat on the bed. "I'm so exhausted."

"Take a nap," suggested Void. She shook her head.

"I don't like sleeping much."

"Merwick or vision?" asked Nila propping herself up on her elbows.

"Visions, he doesn't usually come into my dreams, thank god." She stroked her hands through her hair and looked up at the ceiling. Her heart ached.

"I have to do something." She rubbed her neck and walked out of her room, avoiding the madness within and walked down the street. Walking down this street bothered her though.

Temepst climbed up the tree to his window and crawled into his window like she had done many times before. All the lights were off, no one was home, so she waited there in his bed until he came home.

Draco stared at her startled. He didn't turn on the light, just continued to walk towards her.

"Tempest—"  She shook her head and put her hand. "Don't. You broke your promise."  He looked away and wrung his hands through his hair.

"I know, I did."

"What do you see in this? What? Has your family brainwashed you that much." She was ready to cry, what happened to the Draco she loved since she was a child.

"Tempest come on, Voldemort—"

"Voldemort is insane!" She jumped off the bed and headed for the window. "Voldemort is just the same as Merwick, just as wicked, just as evil, the only difference is that Merwick isn't a snake." She looked out the window. "Voldemort has ordered both Snape and I to keep an eye on you. I'll be on your train with you." She jumped out of the window and walked back home in the rain. A cat jumped on her shoulder and licked her chim. She smiled.

"Hello Zoltron." He purred. "Yes, yes you lucky cat, you get to graduate this year." He looked at her. "Oh don't worry about it. Malfoy is just . . . I don't even know about him, I'm afraid I'm going to lose him." All of a sudden Zoltron began to hiss. "Zoltron what's wrong?"

"Zephyr look out!" It was Nila. She turned and saw it, the blade. Zoltron jumped off her and she flew to the ground. The blade barely missed her. She growled and took out Excaliber. She could hear him laugh.

"Hello there Zephyr." She swung around and matched her blade with his, their strength was equal. He laughed. "Oh don't be so mean, I just came here to tell you that you need to thank your mother——"

Tempest pressed down harder. "She's not my mother."

He sneered. "Okay then, well when she wakes up, if she wakes up——" Tempest poured all her strength into the swipe, cutting his chest.

"What did you do to her?!"

"Nothing, but to thank her for the recipies of your vials." He vanished and Tempest ran back home. Nila was in the basement with Void and Jason, surrounding Vivaldi.

"Did he bite her?" Tempest was frantic, but luckily Jason shook his head. Her breathing returned to normal.

"I'll set up her bed. Jason carry her up." He nodded and Tempest walked up to her mothers room followed closely by Void and Nila.

"How did it go," asked Void.

"How do you think," she said avoiding his gaze. She fixed the bed and ordered Nila to boil some water. Nila scampered out and Void pulled Tempest away and slammed her against her mothers closet.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!"

"What are you talking about?" She shoved him away and heard a crack, he popped his wrist back into place.

"Do you care at all about her?"

"I do. She raised me," she said unblinking.

"Is that all she is to you? Someone who raised you."

"Among other things, yes."

"Really because for fourteen years she was your mother."

She glared at him. "My mother killed herself."

"Yes I know." He pressed his body against hers and leaned. His chin against hers. "Temp—no one is changing. She's still your mother whether you want to acknowledge it or not."

She closed her eyes and wrapped her hands around his neck.. "Everything is changing Void. Whatever happened to all our sneaking, to all our fun?"

"We grew up Zephyr, it's part of life." The door opened and in walked Jason and Nila. Tempest looked at her as she placed the bowl of water down on her mothers black oak bedside and headed back to them.

"She has a wound on her hip. It's not a bite, but a gash, probabaly from that sword of his." Void took a step back and leaned against the closet.

"How bad is it," he asked.


"I'll fetch herbs for you, it's probably infected," said Tempest. "We haven't cleaned the basement floor in ages." She walked out and back towards the basement, Nila followed.

"She'll be all right Zephyr."

"I know she will. Go finish packing." Nila walked off and she gathered the herbs necessary for a healing potion.


Jason escorted them to the train station. Vivaldi wasn't fit to walk there and back. Tempest loaded her stuff on the train to the Nightmare Academy.

"I'll be on the Hogwarts Express if you need me. Aidan take care of them."

"Like we're the ones that need looking after," scoffed Void. Nila laughed and her bat perched itself on her head. Artemis purred as Tempest stroked her chin smiling.

"I'll see you later you guys." She walked off, narrowly avoiding her favourite person, Astrea. Louis gave her a genuine and smile and Astrea glared at her. Tempest simply smiled and wave before shoving her hands deep into her pockets.

Back on the platform, Tempest made her way to platform 9¾. She could already see his pasty blonde idiotic head. She rushed to him, using her vampiric speed to further herself and he barely looked at her as she appeared next to him.

"You're early."

"Of course I am." Tempest crossed her arms and could see him look at her lovingly.

"Lets get on the train before anyone sees you." She nodded and followed his lead.

The train was empty, except for them. Tempest picked a cabin and they sat there, across from each other. Tempest wanted so badly to kiss him, to move her hands through his hair. She looked away and stared out the window.

Draco came over to her and stroked her cheek. She wanted keep eyes away but she soon found herself looking into his eyes.

"Tempest, I am sorry."

"So you keep saying." She could feel his breath on her lips, could see the little specks of green in his wolfish grey eyes.

"I mean it."

"Of course you do." They sat there, heard a voice or two, but then he kissed her. She wanted to pull away but instead she found her hands going up his shirt. He leaned onto her and she willingly laid down. She missed kissing him, she missed his touch, he warmth, something her cold vampiric body lacked. She didn't know how he could stand her cold body, but he had never once flinched. More voices were heard, people were getting on the train. She could feel his heart beating faster, his breathing becoming erratic, faster and faster. She moved her hands through his soft blonde hair. He pulled away briefly and took off his shirt. She quickly attacked him and kissed him again. She couldn't stop kissing him, no matter how mad she was at him.

The door opened and someone coughed. It was dear old Crabbe and Goyle. Draco looked up at them and ordered them to get out.

"Pansy is coming," said Goyle gruffly. Draco swore under his breath and sat up shoving his arms and head back into the shirt. Tempest fixed herself up. Joy, the one person she just wanted to see more than anything.

"Well do you two think you could give Draco and me a moment alone." They quickly shut the door and she adjusted her chains and buckles on her black gothic pants.

He stood next to her and looked deeply into her multi-coloured eyes. He went to kiss her but she forced her head away. She was not going to permit him to tantalize her again.

"No, Draco, I can't, I just can't okay."

He punched the side of the cabin and stood up. "Dammit, why not?!"

"You know why not." He just looked at her then looked away. He understood, he knew what she lived through day in and day out, he was there at her first attack when they were three. He looked at her with eyes so understanding . . . hurt.

"I'll be on the ceiling, cloaked in invisibility."

"Yeah, that would be best." Tempest pulled out her wand then remembered that she wasn't suppose to be on this train, her wand use would alert the officials. She quickly put it away and concentrated her magic through her hands onto herself. She could feel Draco watching her.

"Occulto." She became invisible and walked onto the ceiling waiting and watching. Pansy and a few other Slytherin she knew came in. Draco laid his head on Pansy's lap and she stroked his head. To Tempest, relief swam over her. Draco didn't pay any attention to Pansy, just stared up at the ceiling. Some time passes and someone came in. Tempest saw the door jam and a foot appear. The door was suddenly jerked open and Tempest saw Harry Potter. She caught her breath and looked at Draco. His eyes flared, he had noticed.


Tempest had spent the entire ride watching Potter hide and wondered why he was there to begin with. The train slowed. She briefly closed her eyes.


"Yes Mistress?"

"I'm arriving at Hogwarts. From this point on converse with Lestat and Artemis. Okay?"

"Understood Mistress."  
Tempest said goodbye and watched Potter and Draco. The train stopped and Tempest heard people exit. Everyone in the cabin got out and Tempest went to the floor and waited for what she hoped would not happen. She had foreseen her visit, used her gift to her advantage, but only briefly

Harry Potter exposed himself and Draco attacked. He punched Potter, cast a spell and threw his cloak over him. Tempest was disgusted had hoped this would not have happened. She followed him out and undid her magic.

"That was a dirty rotten thing you just did Malfoy." He just stared at her and leaned against a door. They were utterly alone.

"What do you care, it's only Potter."

"Why do I care?" She was so speechless and horrified. What happened to the Draco she loved? "You're a dirty rotten good-for-nothing Death Eater bastard!"

She walked off but he ran after her and spun her around.

"Tempest—"  She jerked away. "Don't you dare even call me that again. You lost that right when you betrayed me and everything I stood for!" She walked off and went straight to Dumbledore's office. She looked around and saw Tonks hidden. Tempest looked around again before she ran to her.

"Tonks!" Tonks looked at her alarmed then relaxed.

"Hello Zephyr. What's wrong? Tempest turned around and watched Draco leave the train.  "Zephyr what's wrong?"

"You have to get on that train. Harry decided to spy on Draco for some god forsaken reason, but I saw him and I guess his cloak flapped open because Draco saw him too and then when they were alone, Harry confronted him and —— look, please just hurry." Tempest felt like she was about to cry. She hugged herself

"Zephyr, what's really bothering you? Why do you look so sad?"

"Oh lets see, maybe it because I'm cursed. Maybe it's because I lost my mother and father and than I'm being hunted by a mad man who blames me and all dark witches for his own faults. Or maybe it's because the boy I love, I seem to have lost to this madness branded on my arm!"  Tempest fell against a wall and fell into tears. Tonks hugged her. "Tonks I can't loose him, I just can't, I've already lost so much I couldn't bear to lose any more."

Tonks lifted her head up. "Zephyr, you know him better than anyone, do you really think you've lost him?"

Tempest shook her head. "I don't know." She wiped her tears. "Go get Harry. I have to talk to Dumbledore about something very important. I'll see you around." She waved goodbye and walked to Hogwarts. She walked up the castle wall up to Dumbledore's office window and waited, crying her eyes out.

Chapter 5: Turning Tables
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Tempest had stopped crying a while ago and had waited till she was alone with Dumbledore and Snape. She gave Snape a warm hug as well as Dumbledore.

"Snape, have you told him?"

He shook his head. "No, I was waiting for you."

"Hmm, okay. Well . . Okay um Draco is a Death Eater. Voldemort gave him a special task to prove himself."

Dumbledore smiled down at her. "And that would be?"

She looked up at him solemnly. "To kill you."

"Really now?"


"Young Tempest do you think that he will?"

She buried her face in her hands and shook her head. "I don't know. I've seen two paths of the future, either he kills you and destroys himself, or Snape will kill you."

"What?" said Snape angrily.

"It's what I've seen." She looked up at Dumbledore who was smiling, it angered her. "How can you be so damn calm?! Dammit Albus, you are going to die!"

"Be still young Tempest. There is something I haven't told you, neither of you." He stood up and walked around his deck towards them. "Look at my hand, do you see thing ring here?" They nodded. "This is a Horcrux, Voldemorts and I destroyed it. There is a consequence though for it's destruction." He paused and Tempest already knew it.

"You're dying aren't you," she said.

He nodded. "Yes, so Snape I believe you are going to kill me by my orders."


"You have to Snape," said Tempest standing up. "Please Snape, I know this is wrong of me to ask, but I can't lose Draco, I just can't." She burst into tears again, feeling pathetic. She felt Snape hug her.

"Don't worry Zephyr, I'll protect him."

"Thank you." She wiped away her tears. "You are a very clever man Albus, turning the table on Voldy like that, it's sad though that it's going to cost you your life."

"Yes it is. Now go on to the Slytherin dormitory."

She shook her head, remembering the fight she had on the train, remembering what he said and did. "I'd rather go to Ravenclaw, I miss my cousin."

"As you wish."

Snape led her in silence to the Ravenclaw dormitory and opened it. She gave Severus a tight hug before vanishing inside. Tempest saw Maddox by the fire reading. He looked up at her.  Nothing needed to be explained.

"He's a jerk Tempy."

"Yes I know." She sat on his lap and he hugged her tightly as she fell asleep in his arms.


"Tempest walked around school with Nila and Void. Void was grumpy as ususal, as he always was on the first morning of classes and Nila was her usual perky self.

"I'm actually looking forward to class today," said Nila eating her blueberry muffin. She wore a white lon-laced sleeve corset and shorts under her cloak.

"Wow is the world about to end," commented Void. He laughed and Tempest smiled.

"Void why do you have to be so mean to me."

"Because I fond it amusing. ' Tempest stopped walking, she knew what was about to happen. Nila hit Void and stomped on his food with her white high top sneakers before walking off. Void clutched his foot and stared at her. Tempest laughed and leaned on him.

"You know, her hitting you, never gets old."

"Yes, ha, ha, I'm glad it amuses you."

"Oh please, it's not like you feel any pain there Zombie Boy." She kissed his cheek and led him along.

"So Draco punched Potter."

"I don't want to talk about it Void."

He wrapped him arm around her waist. "Yeah okay, but I'm here for you okay."

She smiled. "Yes, I know you are. Now come on, lets get to class." They headed to poisons class and found Nila standing at the door.

"I'm bored."

Void and Tempest laughed together. "The day is just starting, how can you be bored," said Tempest.

Nila shrugged. "I just am." They walked in and Tempest found herself face to face with Astrea Sanguina.

"Astrea," she growled.

"Hello Zephyr."

"Shouldn't you be in Astronomy with the rest of your kind?"

"Shouldn't you be in the woods with your kind?"

Tempest smiled. "Oo, nice. Did you spend all summer on that?"

Astrea's smiled vanished. "I hate you."

"The feeling is mutual sweety." Astrea stalked off to the other side of the room and Louis Morte, the only Dufflebaggies she could stand followed after her. He dropped a note on the ground as he walked by and Tempest looked at Void and Nila who both gave her an encouraging glance. Tempest walked and picked it up. She sat down in a corner with Void and Nila and read it.

Dear Zeph,

How are you this fine beautiful day? Good I hope, someone as beautiful as you shouldn't be in a sour mood. Well anyway your friend Zombie Boy here told me that you need some poison, well as Void is more clever than I though, he knew that my family world in the Ministry making potions and poisons and antidotes. Later tonight sneak out beautiful and I'll invent a poison just for you and an antidote to coat that beautiful sword of yours in. See you later beautiful. Louis Morte
Tempest looked from the letter and stared at Void. Nila shared her awe and stared at Void. He smiled charmingly and moved his hands though his blue spiked hair.

"Yes, I'm brilliant I know."

"Void you . . . I can't believe . . . how did you know?"

"Like I said, I'm brilliant."  He  smiled at her arrogantly and Tempest deciede to keep her mouth shut, not use feeding into his bloated ego.

Master Vlad walked in and the room fell silent. Master Vlad wore his black suit with Red tie and looked simply drop dead gorgeous. He took every girls breath away and made every boy envy him. His looks never went away and made even Tempest want to sink her teeth into his supple neck.

"Morning class, a great way to start off the year I say. Get together now, we are going to talk about a very special poison that uses Beor Stone." Someone rose their hand. "Yes Trixie?"

"Isn't' that used as an antidote?"

"Yes it is, when it's not mixed with unicorn blood and snake venom. Now everyone get these ingredients and we will begin the lesson."


Tempest ate her lunch as she read her reading assignment for Astronomy class. Lips brushed against her neck and she sniffed the air.

"What do you want . . . Draco."

"I wanted to see you." He sat down next to her. "You didn't sleep with me last night."

"I know, I'm aware of that." He turned her head. She resisted the urge to scream, to hit, to kiss.

"Zephyr, please___"

"Draco go back to school," came a voice. Tempest looked at Zoltron who stood alongside Void and Chad.

"Make me."

Zoltron did. He picked Draco up by the gruff of his shirt collar and yanked him up. He was like her older brother.

"Draco, I like you, in face I think you are cool, but you know what, Zeph needs her space, so give it to her dammit." He shoved him into Void who stood him back up.

"Let me say one thing okay." Zoltron nodded. "Zephyr, I love you. I bought this for you when I was in Diagon Alley." He put a box wrapped n black and purple on the table and Tempest stared at it while Chad and Void escorted Draco out.

"Thank you Zoltron."

He waved it off and smiled. "Anything for you cousin." He looked at her and sat down. "Hey Tempest, I was wondering."

"What is it," she said smiling and taking the neatly wrapped purple and black box. She stared at it as she touched it tenderly.

"You know how the Lady of the Lake made Excaliber right." She nodded. "Do you think that she would make me one."

Tempest looked at her cousin curiously.

"Are you that worried about me?"

"Yes, is that so silly?"

She laughed and smiled. "You're so sweet Zoltron."

He smiled and his long sandy-blonde hair fell into his eyes. "Yes I know, now could we___"

"I'm sure the Lady of the Lake would love too, especially if it's for my safety. We'll go talk to her later."

"Greta." He kissed her on the cheek and walked off. Tempest took a few minutes to stare at the present form Draco. She opened it and inside was a necklace with a locket in it. She picked it up and on the back was an engraving. I Love You Tempest - Always & Forever. She opened the locket and inside was the picture they took together earlier that summer.

"Damn you Draco." She kissed the locket and looked at the door. Maybe she could make it. She stood up and before her stood Divina, Nila, Hydra and Edana.

"Sis no."

"Vayne, you don't understand."

"We all understand plenty," began Divina. "You can't keep doing this Zephyr. He broke his promise, betrayed it all, he has to to make a stand."

"He's lost and confused Zephyr. He needs to find out who he is," said Nila.

"And what if he destroys himself?"

"What if he doesn't? What is his love for you surpasses everything?"

"What if it doesn't?" Tempest sat down and put the necklace on. She loved Draco, she wanted to tell him that, she wanted to be with him. Tempest wanted to hug him and never let go, kiss him and never stop.

"Zephyr___" Nila touched her shoulder and Tempest clutched the locket.

"I'm going to go take a nap. Wake me when History of Horrors is getting ready to start."

Nila nodded and they let her go. Tempest fought the urge to run to Draco and walked down to the dungeon.


Tempest snuck down with Void and Nila down to the poisons classroom. Master Vlad would be there too of course to supervise. They never kept secrets from him anymore, not like they could, he had Count Stitch keep tabs on them.  

Tempest walked into the classroom and there stood Master Vlad watching Louis with admiration. Ven Tempest was impressed, she had never seen him so attentive. He grabbed jar after jar and with each, his eyebrows scrunched up in concentration. It took him a while for him to notice Tempest but when he did, his regular arrogant smirk returned and Tempest rolled her eyes.

"My, my Zephyr, don't you look lovely in you pajamas."

Tempest crossed her arms, wand in hand.  "And I didn't know you contained a brain under that blonde head of yours."

His smiled widened. "Thanks what I love about you Zephyr. You actually contain the spark and beauty that Astrea lacks."

Tempest smiled. "Wow, I like you more and more every year."

He retained his smile. "I'm just that brilliant."

"I wouldn't go that far," muttered Nila yawning. She laid her head on her knees and curled up, ready to take a nap. Void pinched her arm.

"Ow you big jerk!"

"Keep your bloody voice down and stay awake."

"Enough you two," ordered Tempest. They shut up immediately. Tempest smiled and looked back at Louis. "Can we begin now."

"Why of course beautiful." She rolled her eyes and she walked over to him and the cauldron. She watched as he grabbed some eye of newt and bat wings and crushed them with his hands.

"I'm making you your own poison. One where only you have the antidote. I'll make the antidote after. This way if you manage to cut him, he can't get the antidote anywhere else."


"I know."

The poison began to bubble and Louis mixed in more harmful ingredients. She hoped this wouldn't take too long. Finally, she saw him add a beors stone to the poison. The poison potion turned burgundy and emitted a puff of smoke. Everyone coughed and Tempest looked at Louis as she smiled proudly at his work.

"I take it's done."

"Yup and bloody hell I'm brilliant."

"So now what," asked Nila.

"Now we coat Excaliber in it." Louis grabbed a brush and stuck it in. It dissolved instantly. He looked at it perplexed. "Okay, I guess we just have to stick the sword in."

Tempest eyes widened in shock. "Have you lost your bloody mind? I'm not sticking my sword in that!"

"You don't really have a choice."

"Zephyr, it's Excaliber, made by the Lady of the Lake herself. I hardly think a slight poison will harm it," assured Void.

Tempest grimaced. "Yes, all right then." Tempest released Excaliber and looked at it gleaming white blade. Please be okay, she thought. She stuck it in all the way to the hilt. She pulled it out and let it drip.

"Young Tempest," began Master Vlad, "I think you should use your wand and bind it."


"Make the poison part of the swords touch so that it doesn't rub off or continue to drip off. That way anyone who is careful enough can handle it."

"I don't know a spell for that."


Tempest pulled out her wand. "Bindeferous." The sword glowed and Tempest stared at her sword. No longer did it glow brilliant white, it glowed a bloody burgundy.

"Wicked," said all of them in unison. Tempest carefully put it down and they all began making the antidote.

Chapter 6: Sword Class
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Edana was jumping on her bed to wake her up. She was too much like a child in the morning and Tempest was slightly annoyed. She pulled the pillow over her head and turned over. Edana continued to jump on her head, undeterred by the pillow.

"Zephyr get up."

"Go away Vayne, I had an exhausting night."

"Oh come on you're a Slimythings Prefect, you have to set good example."

"Define good."

Edana stopped jumping and sat down. Good was not a word that was used in the Nightmare Academy vocabulary.

"Okay, you've got point."

"Exactly, now go away."

"No, I'll get Void and Nila and Divina. I know they will drag you out of bed."

Tempest groaned. She knew Edana was right. Tempest got up and rubbed her eyes. She grabbed her vials and drank one after another. They seemed to revitalize her as she stretched. Tempet grabbed grabbed a corset and long black shorts and her high top sneakers.

Tempest snatched on her cloak and grabbed her wand before her sword. It still mesmerized her. The crystal glass dagger was no longer clear but a deep burgundy. She loved it. She put in her wrist band before clasping it on.

Tempest sat on class yawning, she was far too tired to do anything. She played with her sword in it's little dagger form and traced it against the black wooded desk. Ash was left behind from her tracing. She touched the faint traces of ash and smelled the poison. It left a flowery sweet scent behind.

Class finally ended to Temepst great delight and she hung off Divina and Nila.

"You look too tired," commented Divina, her sea blue hair cascading behind her.

"I know, I don't know why, I actually got enough sleep last night. No dreams, no visions."

"Really," remarked Nila.

Tempest nodded. "A great relief really but I don't particularly like it. Even considering the trace of my blood he has."

"Do you think he's up to something." Tempest looked at Divina a bemused expression on her face and would have said something had Nila not spoke up before her.

"He's an old fart, of course he's up to something, the question is what."

"Took the words write out of my mouth, only I don't say old fart," said Tempest. Someone laughed behind them and they turned around. It was Void who along with his laugh, smiled his charming smile.

"You know," he began placing his elbow on Nila's shoulder, "that still doesn't get old." Nila rolled her eyes and slid from under him causing him to stumble.

"I'm glad I amuse you."

His grin widened. "Yeah well as am I. Now Zeph, hop on my back, you look way to tired to walk.

"I am." He bent down and Tempest jumped on his back. "Can we go eat?"

"Thank god you said that, I'm starving."

"You're always starving," remarked Nila turn in her ring over and over on her finger. During the summer she had been able to hear Cecile. Tempest wondered if she still could.

"Can you hear her?" asked Tempest.

"Sometimes. It's faint sometimes, like a whisper, and then other times it's as clear as though she's right here next to me.  It's not pleasant when she gets angry though, she gives me migranes."  Nila suddenly winced yet was able to form a smile.  "Like now."

"At least she's alive."

"Yes at least she is. I talk to her often, even in my dreams." Nila smiled.

Tempest rejoiced. "You're bonding with her."

"Yes I am."

"Well then that's good. That meant that Demenshia can hear her mother, Exodus can hear Abigail and that Serena can hear Veronica," said Void.

Tempest squirmed at the sound of her name. The thought of Gorx came back.  Gorx. He would have been twenty this year and working at the Ministry of Magic. The thought of Gorx made her heart ache. She had loved him even thought she wasn't in love with him but rather Draco. She always paid a visit to his grave, remembering his autumn eyes and piquant smile. She missed Gorx. Then there was Serena, who had been in love with Gorx, who had taken advantage of a weak moment. She resented her, and having to hear it from Merwick had been revolting.

"Zephyr, are you okay," asked Void.

"I'll be fine."

They entered the great hall. It was a beautiful mockery of Hogwarts, a beautiful cloudy day with no sun in the sky. Something she loved. Being vampiric had it's joys. She was stronger, faster and could almost anything she wanted. She was almost invincible, which meant that so was Merwick.

Void set her down and Tempest looked around. She saw some sandwiches and apples and water and rum cakes. She picked up a rum cake and sat down. She smelled the blood before she saw it. Master Vlad stood before her with a Goblet of pure human blood.

"I won't drink it."

"You know how you get Zephyr, you faint, grow weak."

"That's why I have my blood pops." She smiled and took a bite out of her rum cake.

"Drink it Zephyr."

Tempest swallowed and regrettably put down her rum cake. "I don't have a choice do I?"

"No." Tempest took the goblet and drank it down. The blood was salty and sweet and she savoured it. It ran down her throat softer and ticker than water. Languidly it flowed both bitter and sweet. She could her body strengthen, grow awake. It was her lack of blood that had made her tired.

Her senses were heightened, objects were clearer, brighter. She finished the pint withing seconds. She licked her lips tastefully as she put down the goblet. She hated the fact that she loved blood.

"Fell better Young Tempest?"

She nodded. "Much better in fact."

"Good, I thought so. Have a nice day Young Tempest." He vanished out of the Great Hall and Tempest looked at her Goblet, she wanted more blood.

"Zephyr?" asked Void.

"I have to go hunting."

"Not now Zeph, we have classes," said Nila.

"Since when do you care?" snarled Tempest. She was hungry.

"I don't, but come on, not this early, please." She ruffled through her pockets and pulled out a Blood Pop. "Have a Blood Pop Zephyr."

Tempest could see the concern in her fuchsia eyes and she took the Blood Pop. "Yes, okay." Tempest took it and saw the relief come over both her eyes and Voids. An arm suddenly drape over her.

"Hello Zoltron."

"Hey there cousin. How are you?"

"Fine. How are you?" She looked at him. "Why do you look so happy?"

"No reason." His grin widened.

"Well stop it, you're frightening me." He hugged her spun her around. Tempest slowly took steps away from him and stared at him genuinely frightened. "Zoltron, seriously, stop it, you're freaking the bloody shit out to me."

"I'm sorry Temp, but I'm just so happy."

"Okay why?"

"No reason in particular."

"Okay . . . so stop bloody smiling!" He didn't but no longer did he carry a frightful abnormal stupid grin on his face. Void and Nila laughed.

"Calm down Zeph," said Chad from behind her. "He's just so happy because Hydra agreed to live with him, or rather with you guys."

Tempest looked back at Zoltron rather annoyed, though she couldn't suppress her her smile.

"So that's why you had that stupid grin on your face?"

He nodded. "I asked her this summer and she freaked out on me. I almost thought I lost her but today, she kissed me and agreed. I was so relieved."

"Hmph, well good luck with Mistress Scrub," said Void.

"I don't think I have to worry about her."

"Oh really." Tempest tried to contain her smiled. Mistress Scrub had been behind Zoltron, her arms crossed in a frightful stance. Zoltron turned and froze. Like the werewolf she was she grabbed his ear before he could. Her iron grip made his struggle feeble.

"Come Zoltron, we have a lot to talk about." She dragged him away and Zoltron shot Tempest a pleading look. Tempest laughed and shrugged. Poor Zoltron, she thought.


The day had pretty much come and gone. Tempest checked the owlry for any sigh of Draco's owl. Nothing. No letter, no note, nothing. She wanted to see him again, to hear from him.

Tempest say between Void and Nila across from Chad, Divina and Edana picking at her food. Nila hugged her.

"Eat something."

"Not so hungry."

"Eat Zeph," ordered Void wh, as usual, was stuffing her face. His look of unyielding hunger caused her to roll her eyes. His turquoise eyes rolled back at her playfully. He had his dads eyes, his dad who gave up his life for his wife and son.

"Stop thinking about him," said Chad a bit flustered. She looked at him, avoiding Divina's glance. They both knew that Chad still very much cared for her. He had been in love with her and those feeling didn't just vanish and go away, she knew from experience.

"I can't Chad, anymore than you can whenever you and Divina get into an argument."

"That's different."

"No it's not," uttered Edana. She winked at her older sister. Tempest smiled and looked back at Chad who opened his mouth to say something but was stopped short.

"Attention," called Headmistress Majika, waking Tempest from her sadness. The Great Hall fell silent and stared at her as she rose from her seat. "Everyone who is a fifth year and above is to stay here. Head Boy and Head Girl will escort their house to their dormitory then return back here promptly." She clapped her hand and the food vanished. "You're dismissed." Her blood red hair fell over her shoulders as she took her seat. It was graceful, and her beauty was vampiric.

Tempest and Void looked at each other uncertain bit got up nonetheless and lead everyone who was not a fifth year back to the dormitory. Upon their return, Tempest noted that the tables were gone.

"Look up," said a distance voice that Tempest recognized as Hydra. Tempest found Hydra at the edge of the crowd, her finger pointed up and finally Tempest did. All the tables were floating up above their heads. Void and Tempest joined their group of friends.

"Has Majika said anything," asked Void.

"Nothing, she's waiting for everyone," said Zoltron draping his arm over Hydra.

"This worries me,"said Tempest crossed her arms.

"Cecile finds this annoying," said Nila picking at her nails. Tempest looed at her relieved. Cecile was talking to Nila when at first Cecile had challenged Nila's right to control the power of the ring.

"I share her annoyance," said Divina. "I want to go to bed."

Chad draped his arm around her waist and kissed her neck. "Can I join you?"

"Oh please, don't make us gag," said Nila indicating herself and Cecile.

"I'll join that," said Void and Tempest in unison, completely serious. The room was silent again. Headmistress Majika walked to the centre of the room and looked around. Her cold friendly eyes settled on Tempest whose skin began to crawl. She pointed at her and called her forward and walked back to her chair on the higher platform. Tempest sighed and reluctant followed. People began to stare, annoying her once again. She hated the stares.

On the platform Tempest stood behind to the right of Headmistress Majika and next to Master Vlad whose eyes sparkled.

"Well students, it is a pleasure to see you again, but there ss a reason as to why I called you and it is not a pleasant one.

"Two years ago we lost a student, and we would have lost three more had Young Tempest not gone up to try to save them all. But as we should all know, even something's are cast in stone.

"Last year Merwick began a merciless hunt for the four mystics that governed, govern magic and made him self a new body. Although even a body that appears real can be just a shell." She looked at Tempest. She looked away. Majika continued. "Now he is a vampire with a sword that is equal to Excaliber which Young Tempest here wields.

"So this year we are beginning a new practice, for Merwicks hatred for our kind runs thick in his blood. This year, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we will train you in swordsmanship. So," she said smiling, "welcome to your new class taught especially by me. Welcome to Sword Class."

Chapter 7: Mind Games
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Tempest lay in bed, tossing and turning. Merwick was playing with her. She was back in the castle in the sky, running through his sick maze. She wanted to stand and fight him, but her legs kept pushing farther, faster.

"Oh Young Tempest, do stop running," he chimed. Tempest didn't look back but kept running. She soon found herself in the circle in the centre of the maze. There lay Gorx, dead and cold. Tears welled up inside her as she ran to his fallen body.

"Oh Gorx," she said stroking his hair. "I'm sorry I failed you." She kissed him lightly and his eyes fluttered open. Tempest stumbled back.


Gorx sat up and Tempest felt herself hit the wall. "You failed me." He stood up his autumn eyes glistening like his sisters. He grabbed a nearby sword that had never been there before. He lunged at her and Tempest unleashed Excaliber power and quickly and protected herself. What the hell, she thought. She could imagine Entia coming after er, trying to kill her, in fact she had had those dreams of such actions.

"Gorx kept pounding his sword against hers, She knew that she could easily defeat him, kill him, but looking at him made her want to cry. Merwick laughed. This wasn't Gorx she reminded her self, this was just another on of Merwicks sick jokes. Tempest unleashed her strength and swiped Gorx sword out of his group before thrusting her sword through him. Gorx slid off the blade and fell to the ground. Tempest felt her knees collapse.

"Oh Young Tempest that was amusing." Tempest stared up at him her fangs barred at him in pure hatred as he stood smuggle against the wall his gold eyes wide in joy.

"You sick bastard." She stood up and clenched her fist, blood seeped from where her nails dug into her skin. "Did you enjoy that!? Did you enjoy watching me kill him?!"

He stared at her confused and shocked. "Why, of course I did, didn't you?"

"You're a sick old man!"

His smile broadened. "I'm not old anymore."

"Inside you are. Inside you're a feeble weak old man." He came at her and she let him. She let him grab her throat and lift her up into the air. Tempest began to laugh.

"You little brat."

"Oh what's wrong Merwick, have I gotten a rise out of you?" He tightened his grip and her laughter rang all though the maze. He dropped her ans she leaned against the wall. He walked up to her and pressed his body against hers. She hid her disgust behind her smile.

"And what if you did get a rise out of me Zephyr? What would that accomplish?"

"Nothing, but it would make me happy if I did. Did I?"

He gripped her neck and sniffed her hair. "Remember when I bit you?" Tempest stiffened. "You're neck was so soft, you tasted to sweet, like a flower. Oh how I would like to taste you again. How did I taste?"

"Vile, nothing like a flower." She felt his lips brush against the scars he left her two years ago. Enough was enough. Tempest punched him in the gut making him stumble. She took that opportunity to kick him across the face, knocking him back.

"Aidan!" Her voice rang through the maze.
"Zephyr wake up!"
Tempest jolted her eyes up. Everyone was over her. She looked at Void and Nila who were practically on top of her. They looked frightened like something had happened. She sat up and wiped the cold sweat that had built up on her brow. What was going on?

"What is going on?"

"Well you were laughing hysterically for one and ten you started kicking alla round. Nearly broke Voids jaw," said Nila rubbing her shoulder

"Nearly, but didn't . Although you did hit Nila pretty good," said Void.

"Oh Nila, I'm sorry."

"Yes, I know you are." She smiled serenely. "What happened?"

"Merwick decided to pay a visit to me, in y dreams. At least I didn't have any visions this time." She smiled and sat up fully. She touched her neck where he bit her. She had bit him in the same place. Like a flower he had said. Why a flower?"

"Zephyr, what's wrong?" asked Void.

Tempest could feel the magic from her necklace. "He said I tasted like a flower."

"So," said Edana yawning.

"A flower pf all things why a flower?"

"Void I'm lost," said Nila crossing her arms.

"Flowers don't have a taste sensory depiction only a scented one. He's up to something."

"Isn't he always," said Divina braiding her hair. Tempest shared a suspicious look with Void and Nila. This was the most frightful aspect of Merwicks intrusion. He never said anything lightly.


"You have to talk to Severus," said Nila as they walked form the Great Hall to Defence Against the Good Arts.

"I will."

"By which of course means later rather than sooner," commented Void as he ate his sandwich. Tempest rolled her eyes despite the fact that he was right. She would get to it eventually.

"Well I think you should do it now rather than later. I mean for heavens sake Zephyr, the bloody bastard is screwing around with your mind!"

"I'll get around to it Nila, I promise I will."

They walked into class and Mistress Jacquilina sat on her desk waiting for everyone to be seated. Her eyes passed over her class, briefly stopping on Tempest.

"Hello class, I hop you did last weeks homework, I would hate to deduct points already seeing as how we are barely a month into the school year." She smiled. "Well what are you all waiting for, pass it in." Eveyo0ne hurriedly turned it in and Mistress Jacquilina smiled.

"Good. Now today lets learn to battle the Protection Charm Protego shall we. Who can tell me what that it is . . . someone besides Void Young Tempest and Astrea." Nila rose her hand. Void and Tempest exchanged a worried glance, Mistress Jacquilina's eyes widened.

"Miss Cerdwin pleas enlighten us."

"Protege is s shield charm. It temporarily puts up a shield to protect from out dark magic not to mention the fact that it bounces back out spell which isn't good if we want to use one of the Forbidden Curses."

"Very good Miss Cerdwin, fifteen points to SLimythings." Nila smiled ger arrogant pure blood smile.

"Now we already know one way to block this please someone, a vampire perhaps." Her eyes settle on Tempest. She rose her hand. "Ah, Miss Nyx, please."

"One could use Orbis."

"Good, five points to Slimythings. Now only a vampire can do this. You see using that spell with just a want and mortal strength is draining and sometime fatal. Only a vampire can do what they want let me demonstrate." She pointed her wand at Tempest. "Avada Kadavra!"

"Orbis!" The spell required the most perfect timing. The evil green light swarmed to her hand forming a perfect ball of magic. Tempest slammed it into her desk, blackening the wood.

"You see class, only a vampire can do such things. Now everyone, vampire included, get your wands out. Today you are going to learn the spell Endefferous. It works like Orbis but taking the form of shield and sends the spell towards the ground. Now everyone get into pairs."

"Work with Astrea Young Tempest," said a familiar voice in her head. Merwick she swore. "It's not nice to swear Young Tempest."
"You bastard."

"Lets work with Astrea, lets see if I should even bother possessing her."
Tempest knew that he was close, someone in the school. "Very perceptive of you. Come and get me for I spy with my little eye three delicious three years."
Tempest bolted from the room, leaving the shouts of everyone behind. She took off her cloak leaving it behind in her wake, she couldn't fight with it on. That bastard she thought. She stopped at the stairs, the school was the too big, she needed help.

"Zephyr?" Tempest turned around, before her stood Alex, Christopher, Selene and Stella.

"What are you guys doing here?"

"Merwick was hunting is this summer, or rather we were hunting each other," said Stella.

"Majika called us in to help with the sword fighting, she knew about our summer. What's going on?" asked Alex.

"Merwick, he's somewhere, he's' stalking three third years." She gave them a hard look. She knew that they wanted revenge for Gorx, she knew they knew he would be here's and she that Majika had called them in for help, extra security.

"He's what," exclaimed Serena. Tempest hated the sight of her.

"Can you please just help me."

"Of course," said Christopher. Tempest that for the first time they all wore swords.

"You encountered Aurora I see."

"It burns out skin," said Stella.

"He nearly chopped off our heads," said Serena. They heard a scream. Merwick, she thought. Tempest raced down the stairs. No one was on the third floor, but there were people on the second floor. There stood Merwick with his fangs placed precariously on a young girls neck. Tempest gripped her wand and sword.

"Ah, young Tempest, how fare thee?"

"Let the girl go."

"No, I don't think so."

"Let her go!" screamed Serena. Fire filled the are surrounding him. Fire was an pleasant thing to Vampires. Only she and Merwick were immune to it's harsh burning and that was only due to her potions.

"Serena that won't hurt him," said Tempest calmly.

"How can you be so calm! He killed Gorx!"

Tempest hated how she said that. "I know that! I was there! I held his dying body! I feel more than you ever will so don't you dare chastise me on my behaviour you slut!" She regained her composure. "That fat is that fire will harm that innocent girl, now cease your fire. Veronica stop it!" The ruby stone glowed and the fire vanished.

Tempest took a step towards Merwick whose are only tightened around the girl, she whimpered. He held out Aurora, it hummed.

"You know Young Tempest, you're sp very beautiful, just like this girl here. You're so soft, like a petal. Flowers, flowers everywhere I can see into your mind to bad you can't see mine."

"Let her go Merwick, please."


"Don't worry, I'll save you."  The girl gave her a look of understanding and nodded.  Temepst ripped open her wrist and placed it at the girls throat.  The girl was at first reluctant but then the hunger began to take, the turning began.  The girl frank hungrily and Tempest could feel hersekf becoming weaker and weaker.  Back to the infirmary she thought.
"You know Young Tempest," said a voice in her head, "you are very fun play with."
"I hate you."

"Good, where would the fun be if you loved me."

"Tempest!" The voice shook Tempest awake. She looked up and saw Maddox. She smiled faintly, growing weaker and weaker."Hello cousin, nice to see you." Then everything went black and now she was stuck playing games with Merwick."You love you cousin don't you?" His voice echoed off the black walls that surrounded her. She unleashed her sword."Leave him alone."

"I find it so tender. Is it because when looks like your father."

"Shut up."

"You're father wouldn't have died had your mother not killed herself. She damned you both."

"I said shut up."

"You're cousin looks presentable. I ca tell he cares for you immensely. It's like he loves you."

Tempest closed her eyes and smiled annoyed. "Don't you ever shut up."

"I wonder how he feels about Draco. I can tell he hates him, but he knows you love him."

"Merwick dammit shut up."

"I can't blame him, you are beautiful. You could win all means hearts if you tried."

"What do you want from me Merwick."

"If you join me and help me destroy your kind I would be content."

She put her swore down and sneered. "And what do you mean by 'my kind'?"

"Dark witches and wizard."

She laughed. "I would rather die before I partner with you."

"As you wish." He swung his sword.

Tempest jerked awake. It was night and she was one again in the Infirmary. She looked around, almost everyone was there. Nila was, with a cut on her delicate chin. Void was there with a busted lip. Chad had his arm in a sling, Zoltron was curled up at her feet with a gash on his little par and close at her side were Maddox and Draco, sleeping soundly, both equally beat up. They got into another fight of course and of course everyone got involved.

Zoltron lifted his head and walked up to her face. She pet him softly.

"Maddox and Draco got into another fight huh."

He nodded. Tempest heard footsteps and looked up. Divina walked into the room.

"Maddox loves you Zephyr."

"I know."

"No you don't." Her eyes were cold. "He loves you, like Draco loves you. He loves you and he knows you can't be because of your relations, but he can't deny how he feels. He loves you."

"So Merwick has told me."

"Zephyr, when you are better, rejuvenated, you are going to Hogwarts and you are talking to Snape, even if I have to force you." She walked out of the room and Hydra, who had been hiding at the door followed, shutting the door once more. Tempest knew that were guarding her, protecting her. She looked across the room at the girl she had saved, at a terrible price.  Damn you Merwick.

Chapter 8: Search for the Metal
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It took Tempest a few days to get better but then again, she hadn't wanted to, having Draco there was pleasant considering she missed having him around. There was something thought that she had to see for herself.——" She didn't know what to say, couldn't thing of anything to say. He took a step back and ruffled his hair frustrated.——"
"But you live him."

"Yeah." Tempest looked up at the sky. "It's going to rain, we better get going."

His face lit up. "Lady of the Lake?"

She smiled and winked at him. "Yup."


Nila, Void and Divina, and all of them were upset. Zoltron would get another Excaliber and Louis was coming with them. The Lady of the Lake had come to Tempest once again, while she was in the Infirmary. She liked Excaliber and gracefully told them to come, apparently there was much to talk about.

"Why does he get a sword," said Nila.

"Because Merwick is and old ass," said Tempest. Suddenly Nila jumped on her and latched onto her leg. "Nila get off me!"


"I will pry you off."

"Go ahead, you know I'm scared of you." She looked at Void who was laughing hysterically.

"Void get her off me."

"No. We need swords just like you and frankly he'll come after us like he did them," he said indicating at Serena and the others.

"He's right," said the ever so out spoken Serena. "Our swords practically broke when we fought."

"He was toying with us," said Christopher. "He could have broken the swords but he didn't."

Tempest slumped over defeated. "Fine, Zoltron go get Demenshia, she's going to need a sword too."

"Why her," said Hydra hotly.

"Because She's Laila's daughter and will need a sword as well."

"I'll go get her, meet us at the Lake." He ran off and Tempest noticed that Nila was still on her leg.

"Uh, Nila, I actually gave up fro once, you can let go."

"Oh right sorry." She stood up and Louis snickered as he followed Tempest out to the school grounds.

"If only you were in Dufflebaggies."

She looked at him and thought back to the mirror. "Yeah, if only."


The journey had been long as always. They were all soaking drenched. Tempest had given some potions to Stella and Serena just in case they saw the sun. They stood at the edge of the lake. Tempest looked at Divina.

"Divina are you sure you want to come down? It makes you suck."

She smiled weakly. ""I'll manage."

"Take my hand," said Demenshia. "My birthright should protect you." She offered her hand and Divina took it.

"Thank you."

Demenshia smiled innocently at her. "Don't mention it." She dragged Divina along. "Time to dive in."

Everyone laughed and dived in after them. They swam down to the bottom of the unnaturally deep lake. Soon enough they saw the Crystal dome like palace.

Tempest let the way with Void and Nila at her sides. They lead the way to the throne room that looked just like her sisters, only naught.

"Hello Young Tempest, Void, Nila. I see you brought friends and

"Hello grandmother."

"Hello Demenshia. I take it you are going to need a sword for you as well?"

She nodded. "I will."

"It is as though war comes to quickly." She sighed. "Young Tempest let me see your sword." Tempest took it out and unleashed it's power. The Lady of the Lake took the sword.

"And the poison, it's creator?"

Louis stepped forward and bowed. "That would be me."

"Very good work you did. If you want something from my treasury you may take one thing."

He smiled. "Thank you but being here, in your presence is more than enough." Tempest stared ta Louis. This was not the Louis from school that hung from Astrea kike a fly on the wall. This Louis was far more humble.

"I take it the rest of you need swords." They all nodded. "Hmm, normal swords made form the same metal would be formidable but as he did not play fair neither than we." She gave Tempest her sword back and returned to her throne. "The metal lies to the north, where you fought him the first time this year. He'll be guarding it."

Tempest, Void and Nila all exchanged confused glances. "Can't you show us?" asked Tempest.

The Lady of the Lake shook her head sadly. "As she is bound, so am I. A penance for my betrayal, for locking up my sister."

"I understand. We will find the metal and bring it back."

"And I will forge it, like I did Excaliber. I must say to displeases me that he discovered the magic to this particular forging, I find it most unnerving."

"It is. We will be back Queen of Light Magic." Tempest bowed and walked to of the room. The Veriserite came and led them to the exit. The Queen of Light had a snake and the Guess on Dark had a panther.


Back at school Tempest lay on the ceiling and yawned. No way were they going to the Ice Lands this early, they needed time ti prepare, for the cold ad for him.

"I say we leave next weekend," said Serena.

"We're not," said Tempest.

"AND WHY THE HELL NOT?! He killed Gorx!"

Tempest eyes flared and she heard Stella sigh. "I know he killed Gorx, stop acting like I don't. I was there, I had to see it. So get off your bloody soapbox and sit down. Because my patience with you beginning to run thin Serena. How about we say this, maybe his will get you to shut up. He didn't love he loved me, and he didn't want to be like either of us. Now again sit down and shut up." Serena sat down and looked at her sister who blatantly ignored her. "Now look, we don't know where the metal is, nor do we know how long we're going to be searching nor do we know how much we need." She looked at Demenshia. "Demenshia, you need to find Exodus and Verdina, inform them of everything." She headed for the stairs. "We're leaving on Winter Break, understood? Good!" She turned and went to her dormitory and no one followed. She could hear Stella begin to scold her sister through the closed door.


"I'm fine Aidan it's just Serena. All that love for Gorx, all that revenge she wants for him makes me feel

"I know

"I know


"Young Tempest how fare thee?"

"Well I would fare far better if you would die." She smiled bitterly at him.

"I won't let you find the metal."

"You wish."


Months past and soon it was Christmas ti me, but there was no room for joy. Tempest, Serena, Stella and Master Vlad awaited the others in Drip Drop, the vampire bar. She was awaiting Aidans roar, everyone had to fly there, and if they flew nonstop it would take a week to get where they needed to be. Aidan roared. Tempest exchanged looked with the others and went out side. A pack at each of their sides.

"Are you ready," she asked as she climbed aboard Aidan. "I've got room for you, climb up," he said indicating Nila and Void. Void climbed up followed by Nila. Aidan was larger than he had been before.

"Well what are you guys waiting for," said Tempest annoyed, they needed that metal not. Aidan laughed in her head and they rose into the air, quickly followed by everyone else.

Night came and went, no one talked and kept silent. Crossing over water made her sick, a small minor vampire side effect. Void hugged her tighter she wanted to juts reach his domain already, fought him once again and win this time.

They few nonstop, and as fast as they could with spells to help.

"Mistress, in the distance, look."

"Void, we'll be there by nightfall."

"Good, I'm tired." He yawned, his hot breath on the nape of her neck.

"As am I," said Nila.

Tempest dismounted Aidan. She wore only boots for the snow, a pair of purple jeans and a black fishnet blouse with just her bra. She couldn't freeze, she wasn't cold. Besides her and her fellow vampires everyone was buddled warmly.

"Now what?" asked Divina.

Tempest looked at her. "Now we search. Veronica could you please light the place on fire." The place lit up, melting the surrounding area.

Serena walked towards her. "You could have just asked me."

Tempest gave her a cold stare. "I know. Exodus, could you ask Abigail is she senses anything, the same goes for you Nila." They nodded. Demenshia and Verdina stood together apart from the other. Demenshia nodded her over, a worried expression over her usually placid and playful face.

"Aidan go on ahead, search on your own but stay close."

He bowed and nudged her face making her smile, a ruthless dragon to others, but kind to her. "Of course."
He flew off and she went over to Demenshia. "What is it?"

"He's on his way," said Demenshia.

"I figured." She summoned her sword to her hand and kept her wand in the other. Sword class was perfecting her one handed use of swordsmanship. Void summoned two dagger and she could hear them sizzle in the air. Demenshia's necklace glowed and so did the others. They knew he was here, their murdered.

Tempest saw him walk through the fire. His smug arrogant look on his docile face. His white hair and gold eyes shimmering.



"I need you to stick by my side okay. I think I know where the metal is, or rather I have a general idea. Go get Nila." He ran off and Tempest clutched her necklace, hopeful.

Nila arrived at her side and everyone had their wands ready. They needed to be the distraction.

"You two go on ahead, I'll catch up."

"Nila?" question Void.

"Don't worry about it." She smiled. "Besides reinforcements are coming via Majika. I can handle him okay." She took off Cecile. "Here, Cecile will help you find the metal." Sparks sprouted forth. "Go! Now!" Tempest and Void ran.

"Hello again Young Tempest."

Tempest smiled at the sound of her voice. "Hello Cecile. Direct please."They had run some distance away from Merwick and everyone when Cecile screamed for them to stop. Tempest was taken back, her head rang.

"Straight, just keep going straight, I'll tell you when to stop."

"You need to dig. I brought up the metal as high as I could but the ice is to thick, you need to dig!"

Tempest got on her knees and began to dig. Void stood over her protecting her, two daggers in hand. She heard him running.

"Void look out!" He did. Merwick caught Merwicks sword between his daggers and kicked. She saw smoke from the sword. Merwick was knocked back.

"And you want a sword?" she asked incredulously. He smiled his winsome smile down at her.

"I never said I wanted one." Merwick came back with a vengeance, pounding back, not letting the power of the daggers strike him twice. He managed to get a few cuts in, but Void felt no pain.

She heard Nila sliding down. Void got out of her away and Nila tripped Merwick. She slid up and kicked him square across the jaw. Tempest tossed her back Cecile. Nila caught it and kicked Merwick again as she evaded a swipe from his blade. He wiped his face.

"You're going to regret that."

"I hardly think so, you see I'm pretty much fearless." She gave him her best smug smile. Tempest smiled as she melted the ice around her with her wand and sword. Hopefully it would fall from under him. She looked at Nila who handled herself with ease. She didn't even need a sword, her body was a weapon in that of itself.

Suddenly light erupted all around them, momentarily blinding Tempest.

"And here's the calvary," said Nila. Tempest took the opportunity to punch dep into the ice. She reached the metal. Pounds of it lay there.

"Zephyr!" screamed Void and Nila. Tempest turned her head and blocked Merwick rolling over and knocking him back. They stood on their hells, cat like across from each other.

"You're out numbered Merwick."

"So I've noticed." He stood up. "Tis isn't over."

"I hope not." He vanished and Tempest stood up and looked at the calvary. "Hello Blade, hello Thorn, Oliver, Isolde. And hello Adrian." She looked at Nila. "Impressive calvary."

"I thought so."

Everyone ran to Tempest. Void went over to Nila's side. Everyone was laughing, they had won this time.

Tempest lifted her head. Her enhanced eyesight better than that of any vampire, enhanced by Aidan. Void and Nila also possessed their abilities, but even they didn't compare to her.
Mistress." He growled. "He's here." I smelt him." She walked into the girls dormitory. There he was on her window sill.——" Her eyes settle on Demenshia.——"

Tempest walked up to the Astronomy tower hoping he would be there. Low and behold there he was.

Maddox stood with his back to her, out of his Hogwarts uniform wearing a tight black shirt and jeans. She could tell he was lost in thought.

"Penny for you're thought Maddox,." She couldn't remember the last time she called him by his name, she usually just called him cousin. He turned and looked at her and took his hands out of his pockets.

"Are you sure you are fit to be walking around?"

She looked at him amused. "I'm a vamper remember, I heal fast, besides I went hunting last night with Master Vlad and Lucia."


"The girl . . . the girl I turned." Tempest looked off into the distance, that concept bothered her. He came over to her and wrapped his arms around her.

"Are you okay?"

She shook her head. "I took away that girls mortality."

He pulled away like she had slapped him and stared at her angrily. He looked like her father all that love and anger in his purple eyes.

"Don't you ever say that Tempest. You didn't take away anything, Merwick did this. You saved that girl."


"I think you should be in bed."

"You should be in school."

He smiled. "I can afford to miss school, I'm a genius."

Tempest smiled back. "Just like the rets of our family."

He looked down at her and stared at her, his smile faltering. "Yes, just like our family." He turned away from her. "I'm glad your school Is doing something, like sword class, very ingenious."

"Yes we are. The Ministry can't do much but allow me and my friends to use magic outside school. Something they finally saw was fit."

"That's good."

"Yeah." He looked back down at her, lovingly, and she wished he would stop. She heard someone coming, she smelt him and turned around Draco walked towards her, escorted by Zoltron she never knew how much he and Maddox looked strangely alike. Suddenly she remembered last year, when she had almost killed Merwick. Only three voices had been able to reach her: Draco's, Zoltron's and Maddox's.

"Hello Zoltron. Malfoy." He looked at her sadly.

"Are you sure you're better," asked Draco.

"She's find," said Maddox walking up front. Zoltron sighed.

"Come off it already, the both of you. Mistress Majika is waiting for you guys to leave whish at this point would be ideal . . . for everyone." He looked at Tempest. "Don't kill each other on your way out."

Draco and Maddox left, glaring at each other and giving her loving looks as they walked away. Tempest sat on the edge of precipice and looked at Zoltron.

"I hope they don't kill each other."

Zoltron shrugged. "At this point, who cares. They're both a pair of bloody idiots. One can never happen and the other, well Draco is just a bloody moron."

Tempest smiled. "Yes he is but

Chapter 9: Forging Secrets
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Tempest, Serena and Stella were carrying the pounds of metal, light in their arms. They took more than needed as a safety precaution. Verdina was nervous about meeting her grandmother, Exodus was calm, having met her centuries ago. Demenshia was different than her cousin. She was more soft faces, ore relaxed and cheerful, as well as a bit insane, but growing up in a swamp could do that to someone. Verdina was hard faced, stiff and serious, unlike her mother. Tempest watched as Mistress Starlet strolled behind them. Master Vlad had dragged her like a child, the Lady of the Lade had requested her and Vlad to be here as they were the closest thing they had to their children. Everyone walked into her throne room, their swords needed to be made.

"Hello, it is a pleasure to see you all again." Her eyes passed over the remnants of her daughters then settled on Tempest. "Young Tempest, I have news as to how he found out the secret to my forging. It was my beloved sister. She is bitter that you did not set her free. As always she regrets nothing."

"No, she does not. Here is the metal."

"Good, follow me."

She led Tempest and the others to a forging room. A fire was already burning brightly. Tempest put the metal down and tied back her hair, everyone took off layers of the clothing, sweating bristly.

"Here is were I forged Excaliber, where I poured my magic into it. Here is where I'll make it's brethren." She looked around. "He broke your swords I see. Only Young Tempest and Void stood a chance. I take it you don't want a sword Void."

He smiled ad bowed. "Thank you but no, this is quite enough."

"I'm pleases to hear. Step forth the family of Nyx." Selene, Jason, Edana and Zoltron stepped forth. The Lady of the Lake winked at Tempest. "That is not all of you." Isolde and Oliver looked at each other and stepped forward. "I thought so. Merwick is sure to come after you as you are her family, and a wound struck in family, never heals; therefore you will get shield swords. Zoltron though, since you are nimble as Tempest, have Louis make a poison for you, be warned that is be different though, he may notice something from bot." He nodded in understanding, his blue-grey eyes beaming in joy. "Let us begin then."

The Lady of the Lake took a sheet of metal and began her work. Tempest couldn't believe that such a fair and beautiful women was doing such tedious work.

The Lady of the Lake pounded on the metal, making and magical, pouring white magic into it. She folded layers with layers, pouring in more good magic as she did so. With each blade, she marked the sharp edge with a sleek black tint made from onyx and unicorn horn. With each blade, she formed the hilt from the same onyx and the same unicorn horn. The hilt shimmered, the sharp edge shimmered. Tempest heard the hum of magic from each, a beautiful song, far different from that Aurora. Each blade was handed out.

"The magic will help how you handle it. Lets see how Zephyr will use her sword." She paused a moment in thought then snapped her fingers. "Vayne, please demonstrate."

Edana smiled and looked at her older sister. She stepped forth and pulled out her wand and sighed.

"Well Voldy Baldy does want me to practice." Tempest held Excaliber at her side, her left hand on her wait as she waited expectantly with a smile. Voldy Baldy, she thought, Nila was rubbing off on her. "Avada Kadavra!" Magic flowed from her want and flew to Tempest. Being a vampire had it's uses, a spell hardly ever touched her. She swung Excaliber. She knew she must have looked like a blur to all her friends but it was worth it. She broker the spell, slicing it in half.

"Yong Tempest here can do that. The rest of you however cannot. The enchantment I cast on the blade will work as a shield. No spell will be able to touch you just so long as you are holding the hilt of the sword. Young Tempest please demonstrate.

Tempest pulled out her wand. "Brace yourselves." They all pulled out their swords. "Avada Kadavra!" The spell spun out and hit their swords vanishing. Tempest placed her wand back in her belt buckle.

"Brilliant," she said.

The Lady of the Lake smiled at her and turned back. "Will the carried of my daughters step forward." Nila, Demenshia, Exodus and Serena stepped forward. "Each of you will receive a sword that will also be imbued with magic, like that of your items, they will contain the same magic. I need the items please." Nila took off her ring, Demenshia unclipped her choker, Exodus took off his wrist band and Serena unclasped her ruby garter. The Lady of the Lake took each and smiled and momentarily smiled as each glowed. She put all of them down except for Cecile.

The blade was fashioned like the other, her magic of light pouring into each fold. At the edge, she laced the blade with emerald stone and eye of newt, making the green look poisonous yet strangely innocent, much like Nila herself. She fashioned the hilt from emerald stone but then, clasping Cecile in one hand and the sword in the other, she whispered an incantation and both the ring and the sword glowed green. She opened her eyes and handed it to Nila.

"You have the same abilities as before, Cecile will be able to channel the power of earth that I put into the blade as will you." Nila bowed and took the blade and ring. Tempest noticed the ring line she had from never taking it off and Nila smiled at her and looked at Tempest. Tempest smiled at her and noticed how the edge of the blade seemed to move like vines across the blade, alive.

The Lady of the Lake moved onto Veronica next. She looked at Serena who forever looked seventeen. She forged them like the others and Tempest heard a new different unique hum and she almost laughed. Every blade had it's own unique song. The Lady of the Lake grabbed some ruby and crushed fire seeds. With her magic she laced the edge of the blade. Flames danced on the blade, the deadly edge shimmered. She said the same incantation, smiling as she did so, her daughter singing in her ear. It glowed and she handed the sword and garter back with out explanation. Serena bowed and thanks.

Exodus gave the mother if his love and apologetic look and Tempest saw the warmth return to her eyes. She forged the sword and took some sapphire and monkshood and forged the edge. It looked as though an ocean had ripped a whole onto the sword. It looked like waves and raindrops danced onto the blade, like dew in the spring morning, shining and shimmering. After the incantation Exodus took the blade and wrist band and kissed her hand as he bowed. The Lady of the Lake looked as though she would cry. Someone came and held Tempest hand. She looked at Zoltron. He looked down at her and then they both returned their eyes forward.

Demenshia held a smile on her hardly ever sombre face. Her eyes were so lively, so childish even though she was centuries older than the rest of them. She looked so much like her mother, and she was the one, besides Verdina, who The Lady of the Lake cherished above all others. She used diamond and peals to form the edge and wisps of air danced along the edge. She hilt was remarkable, looking like wind. The Lady of the Lake handed back the sword and Demenshia took her grandmother in a hug surprising her before winking at Tempest.

"Everyone grab onto something," warned Tempest bracing herself against Zoltron. Demenshia swung the sword and a strong wind blew everything around, then quickly stopped.

"I love you mother," was all she said and hands crossed over, regal.

The Lady of the lake looked at her sadly then looked at the rest of the people who had gathered, regaining herself.

"Now for the rest of you." The Lady of the Lake stood and pondered. Her long white hair glistened like the stones and jewels around her. She picked up some amber and looked at her reflection and smiled. "That's it now, reflection." She counted the remaining people and grabbed some metal, as she did, she coated each blade with liquid amber, melting it in, making the sharp edge glisten all over the blade. She made the hilt from pure amber and muttered another spell, before handing each out.

"These will work much the same way as Young Tempest family. You have to be holding at least the hilt for it to work. The spell I placed will reflect the spell back at them, back at him." She looked them over and glanced at Tempest. "Quite a magnificent army you've got here Young Tempest."

Tempest bowed. "I pride myself in perfection." Nila and Void both laughed behind her.


Back at school Tempest yawned. It was time for sword class. Zoltron's blade had been coated with a special poison, a blue one and he tapped his against Excaliber. His locket was closed, only opened for special moments. He named his sword Selvina, after the woman who had raised him on the streets.

Nila and the others named their blades after the mystics. Everyone had named their swords as was customary, for a name gave power. Aurora would fight either Selvina or Excaliber, he would face them, he would be poisoned. She stared up at the illusion of the night sky. In the end, he would face Excaliber, in the end he would die by her blade. She would defeat him, she had no choice, she had to, to save everyone she cared about.

Chapter 10: Pretty Little Flowers
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Tempest opened her eyes. He had been here once again. She picked the covers off her bed. He got under the covers. Rose petals were everywhere. Tempest jumped out of bed, disgusted. He got in again. Because he couldn't sneak into her mind anymore her snuck into her room. Tempest wanted to take a scolding shower, to sanitize any place he many have touched.
"He got in again?" asked Nila popping up at her side.


"How does he keep getting in," she began. "You don't hear him, I don't hear him, Aidan doesn't see him, Cecile doesn't sense him. How the hell does he keep getting in?"

"I don't know." Tempest grabbed Excaliber and headed for the door. I'll be taking a scolding shower."

"Zephyr, you can't go alone, what if he--"

"Fine, I'll grab Stella nad Serene, they can keep me safe if he gets past my charms and jinxs.  Clean up my bed Nila please . . . I can't take looking at those damn petals anymore."

Nila nodded and began cleaning up. Divina followed suit giving Tempest an apologetic look. Edana though followed her sister.
"Go back to bed Vayne."
"What's going on Zephyr? First it was dreams, comparing you to flowers and now it's petals in your bed. Zephyr I'm scared."
Tempest looked at her little sister. She reminded her of Selene when she was thirteen. The same chestnut hair, the same purple eyes. Tempest sighed and placed her hands on her sisters shoulders.
"Vayne . . . I'm scared too. I don't know what he wants but he wants something, he always wants something. I'll figure out what okay, just go back to bed Vayne."
She didn't budge. "Tempest . . . Zephyr, please be careful."
Tempest gave her sister her trademark arrogant don't worry smile. "Don't worry Vayne, I'll be fine." She waved goodbye to her sister and walked out the dormitory. Stella and Serena had been waiting for her. The twin sisters, only nineteen, children by vampire standards, had declared themselves as her bodyguards. Although she liked both, she hated the company of the one, the one whose eyes filled with love with just he thought of Gorx. It annoyed Tempest, angered her.
"So he got in again?" asked Stella.
Tempest nodded. "Yes, rose petals again. Blood red this time."
"I wonder what he's up to," remarked Serena hatefully. Tempest clenched her fist and kept her eyes cast down. They arrived at the shower room. They took post outside the door and Tempest stripped off her clothes, turned on the water with a wave of her hand. She set it ablaze. Fire couldn't hurt her, not while she took her vials, her antidote to life.
Tempest sunk deep into the water, immersing herself in it. It was hot, scolding, she could not fathom as to what Merwick was trying to get at. He was being his usual bastard self. He turned a girl, and he had helped to save her life. She wondered what would happen to the girl, what she would do. She wondered who the girl would live. Would she still hang out with her current friends who would age where she did not? She wondered if the girl would come to her for the potions, she wondered if she would take part with new vampires. She wondered if she would be able to continue going to school. Most vampires who did, came from packs with their own friends and stopped ageing at a time between sixteen and eighteen. An age old ritual. She wondered what would happen, she wondered how things would change. Someone screamed and Tempest opened her eyes. Petals floated in the pool of water she was bathing in. Tempest jerked up, disgusted. Her long black hair floated over her shoulders and over her breast. He was at the window hanging upside down like a bat. She clenched her fist. How dare he . . . 
"How beautiful you are, almost like a flower." He beamed at her and let himself fall into the water. Selene and Stella were at her sides in seconds, protecting her, both swords brandished.
"Merwick you sick bastard." She was naked before him. He invaded her privacy. She wanted to kill him, slash his throat and let him slowly deteriorate them chop off his head . . . again and again and again.
He waved his hand in dismissal. "Like I haven't seen you bathe before." He leered at her. Tempest hugged herself, disgusted, violated. She couldn't hide anything with her auros studies, she wasn't that practised yet.
"Oh what's wrong Young Tempest? Scared?"
Tempest eyes flared open, she summoned Excaliber to her hands and lunged. Fire erupted to separate her from Merwick. She growled and looked back at Stella and Serena.
"Come Zephyr." It was Serena. Tempest shot her a hateful glance. Who was she to tell her what to do?
"Zephyr quickly." Stella wrapped a towel over Tempest who began to run for the door. She had to get out. She knew Merwick would walk through the fire just like her, but she had to get out.
Outside the door Tempest noticed that petals clung to her towel, clung to her legs and arms and hair. She wiped them off viciously, making herself bleed in some part. She wanted to shed her skin, she had to get away, even if only for a day. She ran.
Tempest grabbed a few shirts, a few clothes. She knew where she could hide, a place known only to a group. She could hide there with another. Two places she could hide, just two places she thought as she watched Edana kick her feet back and forth as she sat on the edge of her bed.
"Are you sure you're okay?" she asked again.
"Yeah, don't worry about me."
"Where are you going?"
"It's best if you don't know Vayne."
"How long will you be gone?"
"A few days, a week maybe, no longer."
"You promise?"
"Of course." She zipped up her back pack and slung it over her shoulder. She pulled out her wand. "I'll come back Vayne." She hugged her little sister and looked and Nila and Void. "Keep an eye on her okay." They nodded and Tempest cast her Apparatus Charm and smiled her trademark smile before vanishing.
It was her mothers room. Pictures laced the walls. Her mother and all her friends. Her mother and Narcissa, Bellatrix, Lucius, Vivaldi, Michael, Casca, Severus, Remus, Regulus ad her father. They were all there, and her mother and never looked happier. She dumped her bag on the bed. She was alone, so very alone.
She walked around the dusty abandoned house, the house where her mother grew up.
Pictures of her mother with family. Tempest lay on the sofa and stared at the black wood table. She could see something scratched under the table. Tempest flipped it over and saw a carving.

I love you Morganna. ~Aidan Nyx 23/7/1990
Tempest examined the day. That was her mothers eighteenth birthday. A rose was also etched there and sighed: Vivaldi, and dated the next day. She had seen and still . . . 
"I hoped you would come here." Tempest looked up slowly. He winked at her. "You forgot your Oclumency lessons. Tut, tut, tut, shame on you, Severus would be highly disappointed in his young prodigy."
Tempest slowly stood up, her hands on both of her weapons. He smiled down at her, wore pants and only pants, no shoes, no shirt. He looked like a hunter, ready for anything. He walked gracefully toward her, golden eyes glistening with malice, anger and lust.

"What do you know of flowers?"She slanted her eyes. "I know very little. Vivaldi on the other hand---"
"Ah yes, your 'mother'."
Tempest clenched her fist. "Do not call her my mother."
He sneered at her. "All right then, Vivaldi,. I watch her a lot, she knows much about flowers. She uses them, a certain seed, to make that delicious sun repellent potion. Correction, our sun repellent potion."
"You're a bastard."
"I could have turned her, made you watch her wrestle in pain, but I was on a mission and your precious Nila's damned Sevratis nearly paralysed me, so I had to run and then I saw you. Walking all alone, so sad. How is Draco? Whenever I see him he seems torn with himself.
Tempest caught her breath. Draco, he was trying to fight the impending darkness within himself. The darkness that threatened to take his soul, threatened to turn him against her, into something horrible. She wouldn't kill him, she would rather run down the golden corridor, let Astrea stab him and hope to save him.
"So pick a path Zephyr. Kill him yourself or let him die. Which do you choose?"
Tempest looked him dead in the eye. "I will save him."
"Astrea has a beautiful body but a mind I'm not so sure. I need a drop of her blood to see into it. Maybe later." Tempest snatched his neck with lightning speed and he placed his blade on her hip. Tempest winced but she would suffer through it, she had to.
"What do you know of pretty little flower?"
"I know nothing."
"Of flowers past and present? What a pity." He put him blade into her. "You should learn something, flowers have such——" He was interrupted by a crash. He pulled away without regard to her sharp nails in his neck that pulled away skin and blood. Tempest fell to the ground but someone was quick enough to catch her.
"Hello Void."
"Zephyr dammit, we came as fast as possible. Are you okay?"
She shook her head. "Look at my hip." Nila bent down and lifted the shirt, she was burnt and bleeding.
"Dammit." Void pulled out his wand. "This is the only bad side of your vials. You don't heal as fast as you should." He cast a healing spell and Nila thrust a blood pop into her mouth. Tempest sucked on it like she was a baby.
"You forgot your Oclumency Lesson," remarked Nila looking at the coffee table. "You father and Vivaldi were here. Vivaldi knew, how strange."
"Isn't it." Tempest sat up and stared at the engraved rose. "Did you notice that alla round the house, black roses grow, like on the graves."
Void nodded and helped her stand. "Yeah."
"Well my . . . Vivaldi, she knows a lot about flowers and right before Merwick fled he said something about flowers past and present."
"He's toying with you."
"He wants something, and you're the key," said Nila. "Whatever it is, he can't find it, but he won't tell you. He's toying with you."
Tempest headed to the door. "Come on, we have to go home."
"Why," asked Nila.
"I need to have a look at my mothers memories. But first——" Tempest stood between the dark black roses and her mothers house and shut her eyes. Time to make Severus proud. Her lessons flooded back, his face flooded back, then she pushed and he was out . . . for now. She opened her eyes, she would make Severus proud.
They walked down the street. Vivaldi didn't live too far, Probably and half a days walk, but it was a beautiful cloudy day, perfectly gloomy. It was this very street she realized that her mother had run down after killing Zoltron's family. It was down the street Tempest herself ran crying in her vision. This street haunted her dreams.
It was late at night when they arrived at Tempest home. The door was locked, and Tempest didn't have her key. They placed her hand on the door and cast a silencing spell over the door and Ahlohamora on the lock itself.
Up the stairs they walked. Tempest cast silencing spell on all the steps, on the hallway floor on the door and steps to the attic.
Only Void had been here, to discover his own family secrets. Nila took one hand and Void took the other. Tempest took a deep breath.
"Pretty little flowers," was all she said before sticking her head in. They fell down together, landing on their feet gracefully. They were in her mothers living room. Her mother was there on the sofa, leaning on a guy known to her as Remus Lupin.
"Thanks for spending my birthday with me Remus."
Remus hugged her and kissed her head. "What are best friends for."
"Hmm yeah." She took a swing of something. "I'm a horrible best friends. Aidan and Vivaldi, what things I'm going to have to do, all the innocent people I'm going to have to kill."
Remus laughed. "What are you talking about Morganna."
"I can see the future. Please promise you'll stop trusting Pettigrew." She grabbed the collar of his shirt and sat on his lap. "Promise me, please."
He placed his hands on her bare shoulders. "Morganna, calm down. Of course I promise you." Morganna fell down on him crying. "Shh, don't cry."

"You don't understand. To see the future, to see it all. All the horrible things I have to do, the people I'm going to kill."

Tempest watched her mother pull something out of her bra. "Here, fore you. Promise me you'll look at it."
Remus cupped her face. "I promise, I also promise you that I will never hate you." Morganna hugged him. "What the hell have you seen Morganna?" A faint smile crept on her tear streaked face.
"I'm going to have a daughter, the fairest of them all. She's going to be the daughter of me and Aidan. She's going to be a dark witch with such a pure heart. She's going to destroy the Merlin Crusaders and suffer so much."
Remus smiled. "You and Aidan, you two belong to each other. You two are meant to be."
"Yeah." The door bell rang and they looked up shocked. "Who the bloody hell---"
The door swung open and people starting storming in. She saw her father take in the sight of her mother on Remus, half naked. Bellatrix stepped forward taking in the sight and smiled, winking at Morgana.
"So this is why you wanted to be alone on your birthday. I don't say I approve but at this point who cares it's your birthday." She looked at Remus and sneered at him. "Hello Remus."
He shot her a look of disgust. "I'll leave now."
"No, don't," said Aidan. He had pulled away from Vivaldi and was leaning against the wall, staring at Morganna. "It's her birthday, we all love her here, we can tolerate each to her just for one night."
"Hmm I guess." He gave Morganna an unsure look and she smiled slightly before standing up. Vivaldi came over and gave Morganna a warm hug.
"Happy eighteenth birthday. Here, something I invented just for you."
Morganna took the wrapped narrow present. Inside lay a black rose, perfectly real.
"Viva how?"
"I did some research on something called Morgans Flower. I made this with so many potions. Happy birthday." Morganna gave her a warm hug.
"Great," said Lucius, his arm draped over Narcissa. "Now lets have a party. Michael, Remus, help me in the kitchen."
Everything suddenly became murky and cloudy. "Zephyr," began Nila, "is that what you needed to hear, that flower?"
"So why aren't we leaving?" asked Void.
"You saw the coffee table, I need to see something. I need to see my parents, them together, alive. I need too."
The scene formed from a grey cloudy mist. Morganna was in her back garden. She was standing there alone, cold but with a pristine happy expression on her face. Her eyes were wide in joy, her smile perfectly placed.
"Hey Morganna." She looked at her father, they both did.
"Aidan—" She looked at him confused yet happy and Tempest saw her look out of the corner of her eye as though she saw Tempest. Maybe she did, maybe all she saw was knowledge of what would happen.
"So what, are you and Remus and item? Have to say I'm not surprised." He looked upset, but put up a calm front.
Morganna laughed. "How could you think that? He's my best friends. I don't love him. I don't move on as fast as you."
His eyes widened in anger and his fist clenched in his blue sweater jacket. "You think I moved on?!"
"We could have stayed together! You chose to end it, you choose to and then you chose to date Vivaldi, my best friend. You broke my heart Aidan, I could never move in. I love you Aidan. I always will." She turned away from him but he spun her around and held her.
"Morganna, you were leaving, I was angry, I though . . . I was stupid."
"Aidan——" He kissed her, embraced her tightly. Tempest smiled. Morgans blood and Merlins blood had fallen in love. He pulled away briefly and stared down at her, stroking her face.
"I'll always love you, just look under your coffee table. I wrote that I do, just for you, that way, no matter what, you know that you will always have my heart. Tempest watched her mother stare at him in awe and lean into him. Everything was blurry, meshed together once again and it took Tempest a minute to realize that she was back in her attic.
"Zephyr," said Nila. "Are you all right?"
She nodded. "More than all right Nila." She clenched her fist, but now she knew what he wanted. "He want what people call Morgans flower, and I bet he wants me to find it for him."
"Plan?" said Void, leaning against a beam.
She smiled, a glint of fire in her grey-blue eyes. "I'll find whatever it is, but I will not let him have it."

Chapter 11: Thorn Whip
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Something to cut Merwick and make him bleed. She needed something that would make her bleed but what made vampires bleed, besides their swords. Tempest bit down on her lip and sucked her blood. She was so confused, felt so lost, once again. She bit down on her lip even harder, blood dripped down her chin and she licked her lips.——" He stopped and Tempest stared at him hopefully. He looked torn, sad, ragged. She loved him but she knew he wouldn't say it. She sighed and stood up and walked over to him.——"
"Zephyr, please, I can't do this alone." He looked so lost, so unlike the arrogant ass he knew he was.

"Draco even if I wanted to help you Lord Voldemort has instructed me not to help in any way, he wants you to prove yourself. Not please go back to school."

"At least try."

Tempest sighed and cupped his face, she knew exactly how he had to get in his good graces.

"You have to find a way to get the Death Eaters into Hogwarts." She stepped forward close to his face. She couldn't restrain herself. "Try the Room of Requirement." She kissed him and he wrapped his arms around her, tightly. They were alone. Suddenly Tempests' arm began to throb and she pulled away. Draco stared at her concerned. She clutched it.

"Tempy are you all right."

"He's summoning me, I must go." She kissed and once more. "Go back to school Draco." And with that she vanished.

She arrived bowing before the Dark Lord. Her head was bowed and her hands were folded across on another.

"Yes my lord." Hot pain from her cheek raced over her face as he backhanded her. She stumbled back a few paced and held her cheek. There was no injury, but her cheek was tender icy and hot. How dare this half breed slap her, she thought.

"I forbade you to help him in any way."

"I am sorry my Lord Voldemort. He was desperate, lost. I simply pushed him into the right direction. I am sorry forgive my disobedience." She hated grovelling to such a worthless twisted person.

"Forgive the precious gem my lory, she meant no harm." Tempest looked at Bellatrix, her mothers childhood friend, until she had become so demented.

Lord Voldemort looked at her then back at Tempest. Tempest kept her gaze centred on the floor pattern before her. The sickly green and black meshed together from diamonds.

"I will forgive you, but never again, daughter of Morganna, will you disobey me, understood?"

Tempest nodded. "Yes, my lord." She waited until her gave her permission to dismiss her.

"You may go now Tempest."

"Of course my lord." Tempest once again was home. She sat on her bed and laid down. Edana jumped in and curled next to her older sister.

"Hey there Vayne."

"I saw Draco. Is something wrong?"

"He just needed some help."

"Hmm. Have you found that flower yet?"

Tempest laughed. "No, and Merwick hasn't found it yet, he can wait a while longer or find it himself."

"But what if he does find it?"

"I'll find it quicker. In the mean time I have to find something deadly for a vampire."

"Oh, hmm okay, well anyway are you all right, Draco looked

"We didn't fight . . . not today anyway."

Edana sat up and looked down at her sister. "I'm glad. You two shouldn't fight, it's not healthy for you."

"Yes, yes, I know."

She looked away. "Did Void ever tell either you or Nila why I broke up with him?"

Tempest raised herself on her elbows and stared at her little sister curiously. "No, why?"

"Because of the way he looks at Nila. He looks at her lovingly, tenderly, like Draco looks at you, and I noticed, but he's oblivious to his own feelings since he's always fighting with her. You should have a talk with him, he'll listen to you."

"Yeah, okay." Edana stood up and walked from the room almost bumping into an eating nila and a trailing Divina. Nila looked at her confused.

"I thought you were in the library?"

Tempest waved her left hand up. "I was pulled away."

"He's a bastard," said Divina. "Just like Erasmus."

"Is he still putting up a fit that you're dating Chad," said Tempest propelling herself up.

She nodded. "Yeah he is, such a baby. He only wants the throne my mother sits on. But I don't care, my mother approves of Chad." She smiled.

"Hmm, well I guess this is a good time as any to say that I have a date tonight." Tempest stared at Nila shocked.

"With who?"

"Davyn from Crowingraves."

"Oh him," began Divina. "Yeah I know him, I've also heard bit of nasty things about him." She winked at Nila and laughed. Tempest couldn't suppress a snicker.

"Yes, yes, we've all heard things, but people change. Oh and uh please don't say a word to Void, after the whole Adrian thing he's more than over protective."

Tempest and Divina said nothing but looked at each other than=en at Void at the doorway. He looked angry.

"Nila——" began Divina.

"No, look I haven't been a relationship for three years. Void is just going to have to deal with the fact that I'm a big girl."

Tempest smiled and shook her head. "You need to start using your batty hearing more often mean for heavens sake shut up already."

Nila's eyes widened and she grimaced. "He's right behind me isn't he."

"Yeah I am." Nila turned around and smiled sweetly. "You have a date with Davyn. Of all people, Davyn!"

"Oh leave it alone. I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself Void." He opened his mouth to speak but Tempest quickly cut him enough before her two best friends started another feud.

"Okay enough Void come with me, we have to find someone." She got up and made her way to him.


"No buts, come on." She dragged him out and once out of the dormitory Tempest laughed. Void stared at her dumbfounded and angry.

"What the bloody hell is so funny?"

"You. My god, Nila may be oblivious to her self but come on you aren't. I would expect more from you."

"What are you talking about."

She gave him a look, her delicate eyebrows arched up in disbelief. "Edana told me why she really broke up with you."

His face tensed. "Oh."

Tempest suppressed another bit of laughter. "Yes, oh, and I believe her. I see you Void, I know who you look at her. You know its your own fault she's dating. Maybe if you just came to terms with your feelings instead of pushing her away and acting like her brother, everything would be all right." She smacked his head. "You're an idiot."

He ignored her slap and stared at her unwaveringly and simply said, "I don't like Nila like that."

Tempest rolled her eyes. "Oh right, yeah sure, and I'm the bloody Queen of Magic. Bloody hell you're a moron."

"Whatever, what do you want?"

She headed for the door, ignoring his bitter stare. "We need to find Astrea."


"Because I'm pretty sure Merwick has his eyes set on her He's been in my head, he's seen my vision."

"So he thinks

—" he stuttered. Tempest gripped his arm tightly and began to drag him along.——"
"We have to warn her. She needs some sort of protection."

He finally caught up to her side, the bitterness gone. "So that why you've been looking for something that can harm vampires."

"Precisely smart one." She gave him a playful smile and he fought hard to suppress it. In the end she won and they ran off looking for Astrea. They spent the entire day looking for that blasted girl and came up with nothing. Tempest thought that she was probably in her dormitory doing her nails. Astrea did however have reason to fear Merwick. He kidnapped her, toyed with her and almost would have killed her. Then with the attack on the third years, Astrea only left the dormitory for classes, and even that was becoming rare. So after searching the entire school for her, she formed a new plan. She found Zoltron.

"Hey there cousin. I need a favour."

"Yeah," he said with his mouth full. At least she hoped it was a yeah, he had so much food stuffed in his mouth she couldn't tell. But she worked with whatever went in her favour.

She pulled a note from her pocket. "I end to attach this to your collar and I end you to go into the Dufflebaggies common room."

Zoltron almost chocked on his food as it came coughing out. She was suddenly afraid that she would need to take him to the Infirmary. When he finally regained himself he looked at her like she had lost her mind.

"Hey, look Temp, I would do anything for you but Dufflebaggies. Slimythings people don't mind me because I'm your cousin, Crowingraves people don't mind me because I'm dating Hydra. Dufflebaggies students hate everyone and I don't know anyone."

"Except Astrea. I need you to get this to her then escort her to Master Vlads' room. Me and Void will meet you there."

He sighed and took the note. "Mistress Starlet will have your head not to mention mine as well."

Tempest smiled serenely. "Doesn't she always." She kissed him on the cheek and ran off with Void.


Void and Tempest made their way to Master Vlads office. If he knew where the Black Fire was he obviously knew more than he was letting on. He looked up at her visit as one of no surprise.

"Young Tempest how are you? How can I assist you today?"

"What harms vampires. I need to know what harms vampires besides holy water and sun and fire."

He stared at her frightened and sighed. "Zephyr, I know you hate being a vampire but kill

Tempest was taken back. "Master Vlad! Merwick! I need something against Merwick! Not for me but for Astrea I might mention. She needs protection.

"Yeah, being toyed with isn't something I would enjoy twice." Tempest and Void turned around. Zoltron stood against the door frame and Astrea stood before him, her arms crossed.

"You should thank me I might add. They all wanted to skin him alive for intruding in Dufflebaggies. But even I know that's cruel."


She walked up to her and pointed at Void, her face contorted with various emotions. "I get why he would take him, but why me? What doe she spy on me like he does you? Does he?! Is there someone in particular he likes about me?! What the bloody hell does he want?!!"

"Astrea calm down, I'm trying you find something to protect to protect you with."

"There may be something," said Master Vlad at last. They both looked at him. "In the Maze of Darkness, the third task of the Triwizard Tournament. That was but a piece of it. In the real maze, you must go together, face the darkness, many have died doing. There lies the Thorn Whip."

"What's the Thorn Whip?" asked Astrea.

"A silver whip, with blood red thorns. A wizard of light died making it for protection against everything and anything."

"So we have to go there?" asked Tempest.

Master Vlad nodded. "Both of you, no on else." He looked at Void and Zoltron. "Miss Sanguina I assume you have your wand." She nodded. "Good." He waved his hand and a portal opened up. "Step through please."

Tempest and Astrea looked at each other uncertainly and stepped through. This was it.


Tempest landed on her feet and caught Astrea. They were right there, in the maze. She put Astrea down and pulled out her sword and wand. The wind bristled around, blowing their hair all around.

"Is he here?"

"No, he's somewhere back at school." She took a deep breath. "Come on."

They walked through the maze cautiously and carefully as they could so as not to disturb the maze. To late they already had. Tempest heard then before she saw them. The earth trembled beneath her feet. Vines attacked from each direction. Tempest and Astrea fought off some but they were too fast, too vicious. Astrea screamed and Tempest turned to see her being dragged away. Her red nails were digging into the ground, filling with dirt, shipping and breaking. Tempest ran through her attacked and dove to catch her hand.

"Astrea!" Tempest was sure her grip wouldn't slip, she wouldn't let go. Unfortunately since snatched her up and began pulling her into the ground. They were being pulled apart.


"Sparks! Astrea send out sparks so I can find you!" Then there was nothing but dirt in her mouth.

Tempest woke in darkness. She saw up slowly and looked around. She couldn't tell where she was. She scrambled around on her hands and knees. He hands settled on both her weapons. She stood up ad looked around, gripping her necklace tightly. Her necklace helped her get through, but soon she was becoming wary, she was becoming hungry. Suddenly everything started moving and she ran. The maze began collapsing all around her as she ran, she barely made it out of the pathway. She turned and caught herself, barely avoiding the blast. Astrea was staring at her maleficently.

"Hello Tempest."

"Astrea this has gotten into you! Snap out of it!" Astrea kept her wand pointing at her as she took slow steps toward her. Her face was cut, her body bruised, her nails chips, but none of this bothered her as she stared at Tempest calmly. A twisted smile grew on her face.

"Avada Kadavra!" The spell struck Tempest square in the chest. She stood stunned. She should be dead, the killing curse should have killed her. She smiled wickedly and licked her lips. I guess vampire can't die by ordinary ways, she thought before she charged.

Astrea was for her life. Tempest may be weak but that wasn't something a little bloody couldn't fix. She ran and caught hold of Astrea's arm, but she slipped away. Everything was chaotic again os they ran. Tempest pulled her food along, trying to escape the maze. They tripped and stumbled and Tempest could smell the blood slip form Astreas wounds. Anticipation boiled in her blood. She ran faster, dragging her food along.

They were out, the pathway collapsing behind them. She let Astrea catch her breath. And licked her lips and she stared at her delicious neck, her viens pulsing.

"Zephyr thank you. I don't know what got into me. I woke up and then I just had this need to survive, to kill

"Oh shut up already. You, little darling, took away some of my strength, and I'm hungry so Merwick may not have killed you but I will."

Astrea stared at her eyes wide open in fright and she attempted to crawl and stumble away. Tempest sneered at her and snatched up her arm. Astrea tried to escape from her iron grip but could not. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Zephyr, please, nap out of it! Please come out of it."

Tempest sneered at her and gripped her harder, digging her nails into her pale ivory skin. Astrea cried out in pain. Suddenly something flashed in front of her eyes. Astrea was a vampire. Tempest dropped her and stumbled back.

"My god, I'm so sorry Astrea."

Astrea wiped her tears away and sat down whilst pulling her knees up to her chin.

"I know you are. It's this damn maze. Master Vlad warned us about this." She wiped her face again n, cleaning the dirty scraped face with her tears. "We have to leave, screw the damn whip."

"No, we need the whip, you need the whip. I can't be there all the time to protect you." She could still sniff the blood. "I have to heal you."

"Astrea looked at her. "Ou really are weak aren't you?"

Tempest nodded and walked over to her , wand in hand. "We're heading in the right direction." She cast the healing spell on Astrea nd all her wounds healed. She held out her hands. "Come on, we're close, lets just walk calmly." She nodded and gripped her hand tightly. They walked the rest of the way like that.


It took a while, but they finally reached it. Vines moved across it, trapping it, encasing it and Tempest sighed.

"What is it?"

"It's a trap. Any movement we make and the whole maze will encase us."

"So what's new."

"I'll cast the Apparatus charm." She unleashed Excaliber. "Here take it, strike it and snatch."

"I can't. I'm not fast enough."

"You are, you have to be, you need to be the one to touch it."

"Why me."

"Because you're in Dufflebaggies and he turned to light. On the count of three strike it and grab. I'll snatch you before anything happens, I promise."

She took a deep frazzled breath and nodded. "Okay."

"One . . . two . . . three!" Astrea sliced down and as everything began caving in she snatched it up but Tempest kept her promise and snatched her away took them both back to the Nightmare Academy. They landed in the Dufflebaggies common room.

"Astrea!" cried two female voice. Heather and Cassandra almost trampled Tempest who was helped up by Louis, one of the few guy who only looked at her with admiration.

"Thank you."

Tempest was breathing heavily as eh wiped the dirt off her face. "Yeah, don't mention it." Tempest walked out of the common room with hateful stared and only two thankful looks.

——" Tempest backhanded her, knocking her down.

"You shouldn't do that," came a voice. She didn't react to Draco being there, but she was very annoyed with it.

"Go away Malfoy, go back to you girlfriend, so back to your damned task."

"I am with my girlfriend and I don't have to do my task now, I don't' want

"I'm not your girlfriend, Pansy is, I'm just the girl you say you love, who you cheat on your girlfriend with." She walked past him and her pulled her back and faced her.

"Zephyr, please listen to me, yes I am with Pansy, she adores me and yes I guess you could call her my girlfriend, but I don't love her, I love you."

"Draco, go back to school."

"I can't. I came here to talk to you about my task.

Tempest eyes flared and she pulled her arm away from him repulsed. "I want nothing to do you your task! How dare

Chapter 12: Morgans Flower
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Astrea came out more often, her whip was always curled up at her side. Tempest herself was wary of Merwick, and she had strength and agility equal to his. She walked around school looking for Nila. She had another date with Davy. Tempest had made Void wait in the Slimythings coming room., he had turned into quite the stalker as of layed. She bit into her apple and looked around almost bumping into Louis. She rolled her eyes in amusement.——"
"It's none of her business Stella," interrupted Entia. "My reasons are Gorx, that's enough to say. Besides, I wanted to see the girl Tempest Artemisa Nyx was to gracious enough to give life to." She sneered at her and Tempest growled.

"Entia that's enough!" said Serena.

"Oh now you're standing up for her."

"I always have. The life of a vampire is a cursed one. We cannot venture into light, we have to drink blood from the living, we don't age. Gorx choose death rather than a cursed life. He was ready, prepared. Besides if he were turned you would still feel the same if not worse. And anyway that girl was only thirteen, she didn't want to die. Tempest did a deed only few have the courage enough to do. Not to mention Gorx would have died anyway, he didn't have enough blood for the change."

Entia glared at her hatefully. "And I thought you were my friends."

Serena sighed and gave Tempest a heartfelt look. "We are your friends, I am your friend, but you forget, we loved Gorx as well, you are not the only person who has suffered his loss.''

"O, but I am the only one who has felt a part of herself missing." She stormed out and Tempest felt herself collapse. Someone caught her. Nila carried her to the sofa and stroked her hair.

"Thank you Serena."

"It was nothing, really. Entia has been

"Something is wrong with her. She hasn't been the same in ages. Ever since his death. We fear that she has become insane."

"She probably has," said a subtle voice. Tempest and Nila turned around. Three fuchsia eyed people stood behind near Void at the bottom of the stairs.

"Jonathan! Daniel! Samantha!" Nila ran to her other siblings. Each gave her a warm hug.

Stella smiled. "That was suppose to be a surprise."

"We couldn't resist," said Daniel.

"Why did I see Adrian here," asked Samantha. Void shot Tempest a warning look. She coughed and stood up. Samantha could never know about Adrian and Nila.

"He's helping s," said Nila casually.

"Oh, well I assumed so but come on, Adrian? Bloody bastard dumped me."

"Enough Sam, Zephyr needs all the help she can muster," said Jonathan.

"Yes, I know, but he's got a cool sword. I want a sword." Tempest and Void laughed. She was so much like her sister.

"Oh Samantha, you are so like a child," said Tempest. "I'm sure Nila wouldn't mind taking you three to meet the Lady of the Lake. Besides we need an army. Now, Void, Nila, library . . . now." Nila and Void followed her close at her heels. It was time to stop toying with th old man.


Tempest walked onto the top of the shelves looing for something, anything in reference to Morgans flower. They found nothing.

"Are you sure we should be here and not in the catacombs?" asked Nila.

"I already checked the catacombs. Morgan wouldn't have kept her dark research in Avalon. Probably at her Dark Majesties palace or at Camelot. One of which I don't think I'll be welcomed in, the other well, that location has been lost to the ages. She here is out last chance."

Tempest flipped her hair out of her face and tapped her blue and black nails against the bookshelves. She needed to the book.

"Maybe we are looking in the wrong section," said Void.

"I hardly doubt it. We know it's a flower so it had to be here."

Void shrugged. "Not everything is where it's suppose to be." He gave her a knowing glance that she bitterly ignored.

"Whatever." She jumped down and walked past them. It should be here. But maybe . . . "I'm going to talk to my mother, see if she has any answers she can give. She'll probably just give me a bunch of riddles though."

"Can you go alone?" asked Nila.

"No. Zoltron will come with me."

"She looked at Void. "You can come Void, if you want. Nila in the mean time, take your family to the Lay of the Lake."

"I'll go," said Void. Tempest saw Nila shoot him a worried look that he ignored. He walked past her towards Tempest but she spun him around and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Please be careful Void."

He hugged her back. "Yeah, I promise."

He took a step back and followed. Tempest to Head mistress Majika's office. Tempest let the way dragging Zoltron away form Hydra in the process. Headmistress Majika never changed her password, she trusted her students . . . to a certain degree.

At the wooden door at the top of the stairs, she knocked on the door three times. It slowly creaked open and Majika remained seated elegantly behind her black desk. Her creamy porcelain skin formed a smiled and her blood red hair glowed over her shoulders.

"Hello Young Tempest, How are you? I hope your studies for your OWL's are going well."

"I need the mirror."

Majika's face fell and her eyes became cold. Tempest could heard her heard begin to race. Her chest fell up and down faster and faster.

"Do you have any idea how dangerous it is going to the land of the dead, to the world in between where the dead come to seek life? You risk much going there."

"I'll be fine."

Majika slanted her eyes and finally noticed Void and Zoltron.

"The will be at risk.

"No they won't. Zoltrons family will protect him and Void's father will protect him. We know the risks." Majika glowered at her but she wasn't going to back down. She would go, and even attack Majika if the need arose.

Majika sighed. "Fine, you may go." She gave her warm look. 'You are so much like your mother."

"Which one," said Void. Tempest shot him a hateful glare. How dare he, she thought.

Majika laughed. "Both in fact. Those two were almost like sisters."

"Enough please." Tempest headed towards the mirror and pulled off the velvet cloth over it. No reflection appeared as she placed her hands over the glass.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Tempest saw her mother at her age. A purple streak danced on her hair and a sinister smile crept forward. She pulled Void and Zoltron in and they looked at Tempest who waited patiently.

"Well, well isn't this a surprise. It was been a while Young Tempest, so nice of you to pay a visit."

"Always a pleasure."

"Isn't it." She looked at Void. "Ha had better have someone to look after him."

"He does. Now please, I am in kind of a rush."

The reflection smiled. "Yes, of course, Merwick. Well come along and be quick about it."

They hurried and walked till they saw the fog. It rose higher and higher as they walked on. First it flowed over their feet then danced on their knees and after some time it settled on their waist. At that point the reflection was barred from further passage. She let them go and those that they needed were there, awaiting them.

Tempest ran into her fathers arms. He hugged her tightly and she regretfully let go and looked at her mother. She smiled at her.

"Hello Tempest."

"Hello mother. I know you've seen everything. You've seen it all so please tell me. Does Draco do what I've seen he does, what he's been ordered to do? Please tell me." She grabbed her mothers pleadingly. "I see two paths, please tell me?"

Her mother lightly stroked her face. "You know I cannot. I may alter events. Not everything is is set, but most of it is, there are some events that's cannot be changed . . . like Gorx's death." Tempest was taken back. Gorx . . .

"Hello Tempete." Tempest frose and slowly turned around. Behind her stood Gorx, eighteen and as handsome as ever. She ran into his open arms and kissed him dearly in the process.

"Gorx," she said pulling away. "I'm so sorry, for everything. I'm

——" She stopped and looked at her sister confused and helpless. Stella stepped forward.——" Colds hands slowly laced themselves with hers. "Who's the fairest of them all." Then she was pulled in.——"
He put a finger on her lips and smiled at her.

"She, don't worry about it Temp. Now come on, you didn't come here to question things about your love life. You had a true purpose remember."

Tempest nodded. "That's right." She turned back to her mother, neglecting to let go of Gorx's hand. "Mother, what can you tell me about Morgan's Flower."

"I am not the one you should be asking. I cannot tell you what I've seen, and that is all I know. You come for answers my daughter and I am sorry that I cannot deliver them to you. You have to speak to Vivaldi and hope that she will tell you."

"But you already

"Yes, I know, she will say no. but there is something you must understand about her reaction. Please do this, for me and for your father."

Tempest nodded reluctantly. She didn't want to speak to that woman. "Yes, okay, I will." She turned and gave Gorx another hug and kiss and would have left quickly but he pulled her back.

"Tempest," he said looking at Morganna, "please, look out for my sister, she's dangerous. She losing her mind, I need you to be careful."

"Of course I will." She pulled away and returned to her parents.

"You've grown so much Young Tempest. I am so proud to be your mother." Tempest gave both of her parents loving hugs and went back Void and Zoltron reluctantly. She wanted nothing more than to be with her father, know her mother. Void and Zoltron held her tightly on the way back to the reflection, they felt what she felt.

The face that greeted them frightfully was that of Nila. She chose Nila.

"We must run. Now." She ran and they ran after her. The fog was getting thicker, entangling their legs, making the trip here and there in deaths hunger.

One by one they stumbled through the mirror, the reflection quickly pushing them through taking worried glances here and there. Tempest looked back, no reflection greeted her.


Tempest made a dramatic entrance and kicked her door in leaving her boot to imprint on the white door. Vivaldi came in startled, probably thinking it was the ministry.


She poised herself, she knew Vivaldi would give her no answers but she had promised.

"What is Morgans Flower?" She watched and waited, slammed the door shut with her foot. Again she left an imprint but she didn't care.

Vivaldi's ice blue eyes widened. Fear, anxiety and anger filled her flimsily appearance. Her mouth became tighter, her heart rater faster, her breathing erratic and her posture stiffer. Tempest didn't understand what all this meant. Morgans flower . . .

"Don't you ever ask me about that


—thing again. You think it's something to be trifled with?! Do you understand?! It poisons and it taints! Leave it alone."——"
"No! Ge out now! I will not tell you anything you want to know. Get out!" Tempest was taken back. What the bloody hell was going on?

"Fine." She said finally before she punched an easily fixed whole through her door. Then she vanished, satisfied, slightly. Vivaldi knew something dangerous.


Tempest sat in her History of Horrors class. She doodled in her notebook waiting for Master Balden. Nila and Void sat on either side of her. The room was eerily quite, no one spoke, anyone hardly moved. Merwick had struck fear into everyone and the Ministry would do nothing. But she hardly blamed them, Voldemort was far more dangerous, for the time being.

Master Balden walked in and Tempest took in his appearance. His eyes were red today, his hair a dark forest green. He looked rather dirty and yet tantalizing in his ripped black jeans and black t-shirt fitted well but here tattered like he played with the manticores. He eyed her as he walked by and as he sat on his desk, crossing his arms.

"In light of things, and certain request, I have decided to talk about something you all should know about, particularly some more than others." Tempest looked away from his blood lust eyes. "Today we will be talking about Morgans Flower," her heart raced and she looked back up. "This was created as a safety measure in case Mordred should fail killing Arthur. She knew that if he should fail it would mean her death. Morgan Le Fey had help form an unknown source though, one to help her create this evil flower. She created the flower to bloom when he died. It did.

"The dark lily, blood red in colour poisoned Camelot and is still poisoning Camelot. It turned the people vile, horrid, turned them against each to her, engulfed the city leaving nothing but ruins. It's vines, it roots, spread like weeds. They wound over homes and businesses. It destroyed Camelot and left no survivors. Even the children took lives."

Tempest gripped Nila's hand as Void rose his hand. "Does anyone know where Camelot is?"

"No, all that remains are rumours." Tempest, Void and Nila exchanged glances. He wanted her to find it so that she would fall into her own doom.

"Hey Louis, have you by any chance seen nila?"

"Yeah, she's off making out with Davyn." He looked at her side. "Where's Void?"

"Not here obviously. He's been following Nila and Davyn around, particularly Davyn. You know his history."

Louis snickered. "Yes I do. He's broken many hearts. But girls love him and he says he's changed and it would seem that way. Besides Nila would probably tear him to bits. She's oblivious yes but capable."

"True. Thanks for everything Louis I've got to go."'

He smiled at her. "Anytime."

Tempest went to the school grounds and soon enough she found Nila in a passionate embrace with Davyn. She leaned against a tree and waited. Void and Nila were both oblivious idiots. She noticed how they looked at each other. How Nila would lay on her bed seductively to get his attention and how he would try huis best to ignore her when she flirted with other guys. She saw it, always had but they were so stupid, so completely oblivious that they were prefect for each other.

"Yes, yes, I think the whole school gets it, you two are into each other." Nila pulled away and Tempest looked at Davyn who had his arms wrapped tightly and protectively around her waist.

"Where's my stalker?" he asked. Nila laughed and ruffled his chestnut hair. He smiled as did Tempest. His green eyes sparkled.

"Locked in his room. Now I'm sorry but I have to pull Nila away. Don't worry I'll give her back."

"Yeah, I trust you, it's Void that I don't." His arm tightened harder on her waist. Nila;'s smiled faltered and she looked away. Tempest quickly grabbed Nila's hand and Davyn let her go, unwillingly.

"See you later Davyn," said Nila.

"Yeah, later." Davyn gave Tempest a warming look. Tempest ignored it and pulled Nila along. Davyn didn't like Void and Void shared that feeling.

"So what are we doing?"

"We are going to get Void then we are going to the library."

"Morgans flower? We're finally going to start looking for it?"

Tempest nodded. "We have to, who knows what he'll do. He's not one to toy with . . . much." She smiled but Nila didn't.

"We shouldn't toy with him Zephyr, Merwick is as ruthless as Tom, he'll kill whoever he wants, no matter the significance."

A shadow fell over their faces. The clouds were gathering. "Yes, I know."

They headed to the Slimythings common room. The dragon hissed as always and flew to the ceiling letting them pass. Tempest and Nila entered the doorways and Tempest almost collapsed. Those same autumn eyes and black hair sent her world spinning.

"Entia what are you doing here?" asked Nila taking hold of Tempest's hand.

"She was with us this summer," said Stella. "She came here after

Chapter 13: Against Her Will
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Void gave Tempest a thoughtful look. She smiled mischievously, she had led him into a trap and he wasn't even aware of it.——"
Tempest waved her hand. "They'll all believe me. They can all see that she has gone mad. Insane like Christopher said."

"Her twin brother died in his lovers arms. Murdered by the man who is hunting her–—"

Tempest looked away. "Are you saying that I should give her a break?"

"No! Quite the opposite actually," said Void shocked. "I'm trying to emphasize what Gorx told you, to be wary. You have to talk to them."

"Why?" She looked at him sadly, gripping the stone beneath her fingers angrily. "It's my fault Gorx is dead. My fault. Maybe I should let her get to me."

Void laughed at her scornfully. "Then you might as well let Merwick get you too."

"That's funny. I'm going for a walk." Tempest left Void alone and walked around the school keeping her senses open to any humming's and his scent. She caught a familiar scent, two in fact of great similarity.

"Zephyr!" Tempest spun around. Twin black hair golden eyed little kids came running to her. Luke and Luciana, Archers children, Bianca's niece and nephew. They overwhelmed her with hugs.

"Hey you two, how are you?"

"We're fine," they said in unison. Always together never apart.

"That's good."

"Hey Zephyr," said Luke. "That person who attacked the third year

"Is he really our ancestor?" finished Luciana.

Tempest bent down. Her high-top sneakers squeaked as she balance herself on her toes.

"Unfortunately, yes. Who told you?"

"Auntie Starlet," they said.

"Our father hates him," said Luciana.

"He doesn't hate anyone," said Luke, his gold eyes wide.

"He's very nice when he mentions him but

"He and Auntie Starlet, such—–"

"Anger filles their eyes."

"What did he do," finished Luke.

He killed her grandmother, thought Tempest. "That is something for your Aunt or father to tell you, not I."

"Why don't I just tell the,." Tempest jerked up and pulled Luke and Lucia at her sides. Merwick walked towards her her casually, dragging is sword along the dark marble floors.

"Leave them alone."

"Why should I? They are my descendants."

"Avada Kedava!" Green light struck him in th back and he stumbled and looked back her, a look of mock pain. She put down her wand.

"Bianca, how nice to see you."

"Zephyr, take them and go."

"Don't ignore me Bianca."

"Go to hell you bastard you murdered my mother! You cold hearted bastard! You murdered innocents!"

He sneered at her. "Hardly. Dark witches and wizards are far from innocent."

"Luke, Luciana hold on tight to me okay," said Tempest gripping the both of the as she thought of some old magic. Luke and Luciana nodded. "Cecile . . . help dammit."said a female voice in her head.

"You should ask nicely,"

"Please do something."

"You are toying with very old magic young Tempest."

"I know, but I don't have a choice, Merwick

Vines encased them. Tempest hugged the twins tighter to her.

"What is Bianca

The vines vanished, sunk back deep into the ground and Biana stood alone, her wand gripped tightly in her hand, her blood red robes blowing around her. Her knuckles where white like marble. She stared at Tempest.

"What happened?"

Tempest stood up and dusted herself off. "Cecile says hi."

Mistress Starlets gold eyes widened in shock. "How the bloody hell did you talk to Cecile?"

"Very old, very dangerous magic." She smirked.

"And you did it willingly?"

"No," her smile vanished, "I did it because I had to." She bent down and gave Luke and Luciana each hugs. "Go to your aunt you two." They nodded and Tempest walked off. She felt weak, tired, hungry but she was to weak to hunt. As he rounded the corner she felt herself falling.

"Holy hell."


two days in the infirmary. That was how long her 'visit' had been this time. The bed was officially imprinted to her body.

She wiggled out of her bed and smoothed her hair down. It was always such a mess when she go tout of bed, but always easy to fix. It's sleekness swam through her fingers. She fingered her purple strand and grabbed her clothes from the dresser besides her bed. It was her bed, always kept empty incase she had a little mishap.

Tempest got dressed quickly and tied her sneaked. Two sacks of blood awaited her in the drawer and she quickly drank both before her left arm began to throb. She swore more annoyed than angry, and went in search of Void, Nila and the others. They were already in the common room waiting her arrival, each giving her a look not filled with worry or anger or annoyance but rather readiness.

They all arrived in one instant in the living room of the Riddle house. The Dark Lords muggle father house. Half blood bastard she thought. Tempest had nothing against muggles, Mudblood or half breeds like mst pure blood families, but he was insane, killing half his blood. Ripping himself apart as he did it.

"I've called you all here because as you all know, I have control over the Dementors, they are mine, and so say the least I need it so that the Ministry is not so quick to put it together." Tempest looked at him knowing full well What he was about to ask. She clenched her fist behind her back.

"Tempest I want you and your friends to have some fun. Distract the Ministry."

Tempest forced a smile and bowed. "Of course my Lord."

He smiled his snakelike smile that made her skin crawl. "Good, dismissed." Everyone vanished and Tempest punched a brick wall upon her return to the Slimythings common room.

'I hate that half blood bastard." She pulled her hand out of the wall and fixed it with a wave of her wand.

"So now what?" asked Hydra and Nila.

"Now we report to the Order of the Phoenix."

"Good plan," said Chad.

Tempest headed for her room. "Yeah, sure it is."


Tempest sent a note to Remus to announce her visit. A spell kept number twelve Grimwald Place safe there her visit had to be announced and her had to use floo powder. She ordered everyone but Void and Nila to stay behind. They obeyed.

First Void, then Nila and lastly Tempest herself, each allowing ample time to elapse before going in themselves. Remus helped her up and smiled down at her. Remus had been her mothers oldest and best friend . . . always, like Void was to her. But there were even something's that Tempest didn't tell Void, just like her Morganna had left something's out herself.

"Hello Zephyr. You look so much like your mother."

She blushed. "Hello Remus, it's good to see you again."

"Hello there Zeph."

Tempest looked at Tonks and smiled. "Hello Tonks. Nice hair colour today." She winked and Tonks smiled broadly.

"How's your practice coming along?"

"Perfectly brilliant."

"So what is the emergency," asked Dumbledore from across the room. Every besides Tempest, Nila and Void took a seat. Tempest stood behind, across from Remus and Tonks arms crossed.

"Voldemort wants me and my friends to wreak havoc and kill some muggles." Tonks jumped up and banged her hands on the table. Drinks toppled over.

"No," exclaimed Tonks. Her hair changed colour from purple to red.

"She has to," said Dumbledore.

Tonks looked at Dumbledore astonished. "Dumbledore, you can't be serious? Why would you send her to do such a horrible thing? How can you ask that of her?"

"Because he knows, as well as I do, that I don't have a choice," said Tempest, digging her long purple nails into her arms.

"Zephyr . . . those would be innocents?"

Tempest shot her a look. "Who said they had to be innocents."


"She came to save her niece and nephew."

"I see. I seem to have frightened away Merwick, temporarily anyway. Tell Bianca that I said hello."

"Will do Cecile. Goodbye."

"Farewell for now Zephyr."

"I don't have a choice Tonks! If I don't obey him, more than one person will be tortured to death. I can't let that happen."

Tonks gave her an understanding look, filled with tears I the corners of her blue eyes. "Take care of your Zephyr. Please."

Tempest smiled and winked at her. "I plan to Tonks."


Tempest hunted alone. She hadn't allowed Void or Nila or any of the others come along, and she planned on keeping it that way. She wasn't going to make them kill, she was already having trouble doing this as it was. Humans struggled more than animals.

But was muggles like the one she was hunting now, who deserved to die. Muggles who committed horrible acts upon their own kind without any remorse or any regrets, they deserved her kind of death.

She stalked hi up in the trees, as graceful as a cat. She had attacked a group of killers already, creating the illusion that more than one attacked. That had been dangerous, their screams still rang in her ears. She tortured some, killed some blatantly and now she was going to feast on one. She wasn't going to waste the unforgivable curses on them constantly.

She looked around for any sign of life. Only the crickets greeted her. There was no one for miles in Whitechapel. This was the ideal place for murders. She jumped before he rounded the corner and he flinched when he saw her. He lit his cigarette and looked her up and down. She smiled, yes this was the guys.

"Who the bloody hell are you?"

She cocked her head. "Are you Timothy Wicker field?"

He smiled. "So what if I am, what's it to you little girl?" She took a step towards him and flexed her muscles.

"The man who murdered the family? Who ravaged the girls?"

His smile vanished and her took a puff of his cigarette. "Found not guilty little girl so beat it."

She smiled at him viciously and licked her fangs. "Not by me you weren't." She pounced, giving him to time to scream as she drained his blood.

"Knight to E5." It moved and her pon destroyed it.

"Queen to F6." It moved and she smiled. "Check mate."

"You suck."

"You could have won. I thought for a moment that you would. But then you moved your pon to the wrong place and I had the opportunity to trap you."


"You two are silly," said Nila as she blew on her turquoise nails with her feet on the wall.

"We're the silly one?" said Tempest incredulously. Nila rolled her eyes and waved her hand.

"Okay fine, we're all silly, now if you don't mind, I have a date."

"Have fun," said Void sourly as he crossed his arms.

"I plan to." Nila got up and walked out, casting a quick dry spell on her nail, her sword hung low on her slender hips. Void ignored her as she left and Nila did the same keeping her face impassive/ Tempest rolled her eyes annoyed. Her two best friends were idiots.

Tempest stood up and walked to the window. Void fixed the chess pieces.

"I saw Gorx. What did he say to you?"

Tempest looked at him, then down at the window. Entia was down there with her friends.

"He told me not to trust Entia. He told me she was losing her mind, to be careful with her." Tempest looked at Void. "She's not here to help me or to avenge Gorx. She's here for ,e, to obtain revenge against me."

"Don't tell

Chapter 14: Rampage
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Recent reports indicate muggles had been murdered not by dementors but rather by intractable magic," said Nila as she read from the Daily Prophet. "A few were even drained of blood which shows that aside from werewolves, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, has vampires working form him." Nila put down the paper. Tempest continued eating her breakfast.——"
"Oh no!" She swan forward and Tempest kept up easily. What greeted them was unpleasant.

The underwater City of Gorgon was in ruins. Tempest and Divina crept in silently, both on two legs. The streets were deserted but Tempest could hear many hearts beating and thankfully no blood filled the water. No one was dead . . . yet.

They reached the palace and walked in cautiously.

"We hoped you would come," said a male voice. Tempest and Divina looked towards the staircase. Erasmus sat on the steps, humanly dishevelled.

"Erasmus, what happened? My mother

He put up his hand. "Your mother is fine. No one was killed. Injured yes, killed no."

"What happened?" asked Tempest.

"He came," said a female voice. Divina's mother walked down the stairs. Her skin was sea tinted and her white hair flowed behind her. "The one named Merwick. He was looking for something."

Tempest shared a look with Divina. "He was looking for Morgans Flower wasn't he," asked Divina.

Her mother nodded. "Why would he think it would be here?" asked her mother.

"Because you are Morgans creation. He thinks she would have left the flower here to poison Camelot."

"It's not here," said Erasmus. "It would have poisoned us as well. Besides we do like far to distant form the city of Camelot."

"Do you know where it is?"

Divina's mother shook her head. "No one does. It was lost to the ages. No one knows."

"Divina stay here, I'm going to tell the others what has happened." Divina nodded and Tempest ran. The swim although fast as a long hard journey, and it made her sick. Water was not kind to vampires.

Two hours she's been gone and she slumped onto the land. She was hungry.

"Zephyr!" Tempest looked towards the urgent calls. Her friends were running towards her. She forced herself up.

"What is it?"

"Merwick," said Stella.

"He attacked two first years. Almost sucked them both dry," said Jonathan.

"Then he just went mad," said Nila.

"started attacking everything," said Serena who's wrist was bleeding.

"Entia went after him," said Adrian.

"She doesn't stand a chance," said Tempest.

"We know," said Chad. "Where's Divina.

"Merwick attacked the city, he was looking for Morgans Flower."


"He left everyone alive. Right now we have to make sure that Merwick doesn't kill her."

"And if he does," said Stella. "Gorx told you not to trust her. Maybe

"He said not to trust her, not to let her die."

Tempest bit her wrist and sucked some blood. It wasn't satisfying, it never was, but the taste gave herself something to think about. Serena thrust forward her wrist and Tempest looked at his astounded.


"We don't have the time to bicker. You need the strength more than me. Someone will get to the Infirmary, just drink." Tempest nodded and drank her fill. It tasted beautiful. Serena nearly collapsed into Jonathans arms and he urged her to go.

Tempest had nowhere to look so she opened her thought and used the old magic she found. It was dangerous, hearing all those thought, but she had no other choice.

"Hello Young Tempest."

Her eyes hot open. "Merwick."He sighed in her head hungrily. "It was so sweet. So delicious. Her's will be the same, I can tell by her scent. She looks like him too, running around like that."And then he was gone.

"I left the city alive, but Gorx's twin sister, I don't think I'll leave her alive. I remember what his blood tasted like."

"Merwick dammit leave her aline."

"How about . . . no."

"Merwick! Merwick! Merwick!" She ran into the school. Entia was running n around somewhere. She was someplace. The entire school was a maze, but the seventh floor itself was a maze.

Tempest ran, faster and faster, her bare feet pounding the marble floors with each step. She could feel herself weakening. She reached the seventh floor and sniffed the air. She knew were Entia was. She followed the scent then something hit her. She could on' t tell who or what. But she saw gold, before she blacked out.


Merwick had turned her. Hd also killed a student, a fourth year boy, a boy she knew. He was Adam Cutthroat, Lilith Cutthroats little brother. Hydra was comforting her friend

"This bastard needs to die," said Damien Cheltrink, Lilliths' boyfriend.

"I'm working on it Danny." He smiled at the use of his nickname.

"Yeah, I know you are."

"We want to help," said Trixie Abcynthia. She was Lilliths best friend. Her blue eyes were brimming with tears. Adam had been like her little brother too.

"At this point, I could use the help. Void will get you what you need." She walked out if the Infirmary. At least Lilith didn't blame her.

"Thank you," said a voice. Tempest turned and stared at the newly changed Entia. Her skin looked cold, she looked dead, and beautiful.

"For what?"

"Not turning Gorx. This pain, this life, he wouldn't be able to bear it. He loved the sun.'

Something was up. She didn't trust her, and her change just made her more threatening.

"Yes, I know. I have to go Entia." She walked away. Gorx had said not to trust her, so she wouldn't. And Merwick, his attacks were becoming more and more erratic. He was on the rampage.

"Got that right Young Tempest."

She gasped. She hadn't sensed him. "Merwick, why are you doing this?"

"Why I think that it's only fair that for every muggle you bite, I get a nibble."

"Damn you. I'm only doing what I have to," she snarled.

"And I'm only doing what I have to in order to get you to get looking for that flower."

"I'll kill you."

He winked at her. "You wish." She went for him but he dodged and touched his sword against the bare part of her back. She screamed in agony. "Auris tinnie." Tempest clutched her ears. The ringing wouldn't stop. "I hope your friend the princess has left home because now blood will be shed." He vanished and she screamed.


She heard people coming and smelt Void.

"Zephyr," began Void. "What

"Merwick . . . Ringing in ears. Counter spell now please."

He pulled out his wand. "Abrogo tinnie!"

Te ringing stopped and she stood up. "I need blood. Merwick is going to attack Divina and her home. We need to be quick."

"Yeah okay how much blood?"

She looked at him. "A full bodies worth. An adult animal preferably."

"Go kill an evil muggle then."

"We don't' have that kind of time!" she snapped. "You're my best rien, please go get Master Vlad."

He nodded and ran. Nila was at her side in seconds.

"I need you to get everyone ready. It will wake us all to protect the city and people." Nila nodded and turned around. Tempest wouldn't let her friend suffer, wouldn't let her down.


Astrea came too, just for the hell if it, for the joy of watching Merwick fail. Entia though wouldn't not come. Entia gave her a look and went back to reading. She wished them luck but would not come herself, just sat back and continued to read.

Tempest, Stella and Serena had their fill of blood. They were ready and strong. They reached the bottom first and stood above the palace, back to back, swords drawn. Protection spells were cast and they were waiting.

Everyone arrived soon enough and stood all around, equal distances away, all swords were drawn, ready. Lilith had been upset that she wouldn't com, but she had no sword to protect her.

"How long," asked Serena.

"Don't know."

"Inkarosa!" Tempest spun around.

"Intercessorus!" She swiped at the spell and cancelled it out quickly.

He sneered at her. "Always so quick aren't you"

"I try."

"Too bad." He swan at her, but she was ready fro him.

"Noisullio!" He wasn't quick enough and it hit him. She smiled.

"You think this stupid hallucination spell will work. Think again. Dracosec reflecta!"

She growled. This wouldn't be any normal dragon reflection, it would cause havoc and there were no spell she could use against it.


"Coming Mistress."

"Being a vampire has it's uses doesn't it."

Tempest looked at him. She wanted to kill him. His dragon was causing damage to the people, but making him weak as was the hallucination spell She cast. But that wasn't stopping him. He swam quickly and before she could get ti him, Astrea did and her whip wrapped itself around her throat.

"End your dragon you bastard."

"Ah Astrea, what a pleasant surprise. It's so nice to see you." She tightened her whip. Tempest smelt his blood.

"I should kill you."

"How can you if you can't see. Partum umbra!"

Astrea screamed and lost her grip. Tempest dove and caught a blind Astrea. Something sliced her back and screamed in agony.

"Zephyr . . . are you

"I'm fine. The spell he cast on you will end soon. He's losing strength with that dragon he created and the duel with Aidan is taking it's toll."

"Zephyr!" It was Void. "Dammit you've lost a lot of blood. Vigoratus somes!"

So that was blood I tasted," remarked a still blind Astrea.

"Yes, and thank you Void. Now get out of my way." He grabbed her protectively.

"You're too weak."

"I've already let him do his much damage. No more." She pulled away from him ad swam for the palace. Serena and Stell were already ahead of her. She swam even faster. She knew exactly which spell she would use against him.

Inside the palace, Divina was challenging him and losing.

"It's not here, go away." He kicked her. Erasmus tried to help but he was trapped In a gold bubble, his fist hitting unbreakable glass. Tempest cast the invisibility spell and a stealth charm on herself. Divina had to keep him distracted.

"Oh, I know but you have bit sof information I need. So again, what do you know?"

"All I know is that she created it along with us. She used whatever blood was still human, to create the flower. That's ll I know, I swear it." He gripped her throat and lifted her up.

"Oh well then, that helps me somewhat too bad Tempest isn't here to save you."

"Think again you son of a bitch. Oculus infernum!" He screamed and looked all around. His eyes were fulll of fright.

"No . . . NO!" He swam away and Tempest knelt down to her fallen comrade.


"I could not prevent damage, but it has vanished."


She nodded. "Took you long enough."

"I lost a lot of blood," she said nonchalant.

"I thought I tasted blood. Thank you for your help."

Tempest hugged her injured friend. "What the hell are friends for."

Divina, are you okay?"

"Seems you've done your job," said Void.

"Yes, it would seem that way wouldn't it." She hated herself more than anything at the moment. Everything she had done, had been against her will. Killing had been against her will. Thankfully the Order held nothing against her, she was keeping up appearances, doing her job.

"You should at least let us come," said Nila.

"No, I'm not going to have you kill for that mad man."

"We've joined, so that choice should be ours don't you think," said Chad staring at her intently.

Tempest shot him a hateful glare that caused Divina, her guardian, to clutch his arm protectively. "Not in this you don't," said Tempest.

"She's right Chad," said Divina. She stroked her long blue hair. Tempest noted that it was fading. "We shouldn't be made to kill, we shouldn't 't even be involved. Killing rips the soul apart. I'm her guardian, I have a magical connection to whoever carries her essence. Killing would only destroy us. I know it, she knows it, why can't you all face it." She got up and Tempest did as well. She knew where they were going.

They arrived at the edge of the lake in no time. Divina ran into the water before diving in. Tempest followed suit. The swim for either of them was a quick on, a always.

"How is your mother?"

"Well as ever. You did a great thing."

"I owed you."

Divina chuckled. "Indeed you did."

They reached the floor, no guards or lights greeted them.


Chapter 15: Swampy Beginnings
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Tempest was partnered with Stella in Sword Class. She needed to practice, build up her strength and ability as well as her agility. Tempest still wasn't well acquainted with her long sword.

"You're as unsteady as us," said Stella.

"I'm not used to it. But neither is he to be fair."

"You handle it better, all you need to do is learn it's weight."

"Yeah, I know." She dazzled at her sword. "One but, that's all I need to get in to infect him."

"What do you mean?" came a voice. Tempest sheathed her sword in it's dagger form quickly and stared at Entia. Her autumn eyes glowed with a malevolence, far from friendly, intensity.

"Nothing. I'm going to bed. Goodnight."

She walked away. She was highly suspicious of Entia, wouldn't trust her, nor would she trust Astrea. Astrea hated Tempest, but right now they had a truce and she hated Merwick. But it was Astrea who stabbed Draco, who still did night after night, not Entia.

She walked down the steps and into the dungeons. She traced her fingers against the cold wet walls. Something's wasn't right. Why would Astrea join with Merwick? She thought back to her visions. Astrea's hair was long and her green eyes had a gold circlet around them. Her teeth were fanged.

Something was going to happen, and sometime soon, she could feel it in her bones. Maybe Merwick posses her, but he still had a body. If only she knew what was going to happen,. She saw too much, far too much and it was driving her crazy. She just wanted to know what was going to happen.

Camelot. She remembered, she needed to find Camelot and find out more about the flower so that she wouldn't fall to her doom like so many others had. She would have to find a way to protect herself Void and Nila was it's poisonous pollen. She needed to find it.

"Zephyr——" Tempest jerked her head. It came from the wind and she knew that playful childish voice.

"Demenshia?" She stood up and walked closer to wear the wind was coming from. She ended up in a secret passage.

"The one and only. Come to the swamp the first chance you get."


"Because silly, I have information for you that I would rather that bastard not know."


"Hush and yes. Come soon Zephyr, oh and bring Zoltron."

She smiled. "You do know that he's with Hydra right."

Demenshia giggled. "Oh I know, it's just fun to play around. I'm used to people liking me. You and Zoltron liked me."

Tempest laughed. "To be fair we were under the influence of the swamp."

"Nevertheless you still liked me."

"Play nice Demenshia."

"Oh, I will." The slight wind vanished and Tempest smiled to herself. Hydra wouldn't be happy, but then again she seldom ever smiled, unless who was up to know good.


Tempest informed Zoltron who sat on her bed and ruffled his sandy hair. He was sweaty, had been working out as Nila had been so kind enough to point out.

"I was just in the forest. Demenshia said nothing to me, just watched me work out. She tends to pop in and out of nowhere now and again."

"That maybe because she likes you."

"She thinks I'm cute I know, but other than that she doesn't think much of me. Although the fast that I'm going to live longer than normal wizards makes her adore me considering she is over two hundred years old."

"Because of her mother." She thought of Levina's anger. Laila had been more attentive. Zoltron shrugged his shoulders and whipped the sweat of with his shirt.

"True, but Demenshia, I don't know. I usually visit her on a full moon. Not because of Hydra, even before. Her visions are birth gifted, she becomes a totally different person, gives warnings and what not. Kinda creepy and weird, so yeah, next full moon."

"We're not suppose to leave the school. All the werewolves will be transforming." She smiled at her cousin who looked up at her as he laid down.

"I have my ways."

"Good, now get your sweaty butt off my bed." She reached for his arm but he was quickly and pulled her down.

"Come on, relax, you need a good breather. Voldy and Merwick have been riding you to hard. What you need to do is forget they exist."

Tempest laughed. "Yeah, right, if only it were that simple."

"One can pretend even if for a moment."

"If only." Tempest reached for her cousins hand. "Thanks for trying though, the gesture was sweet."

"Always trying to brighten up the day, that's what I do."

Tempest laughed and again and gripped her cousins hand tighter, care not to break it. "Sure it is, you keep telling yourself that." She kissed his cheek that kicked his shin. "Now get your sweaty butt out of my bed. You stench, although not retched is far to strong, I'll smell u for days."

He laughed and stood up. "Oh I know you will. Just like I smell you for days."

She kicked his butt. "Stupid cat."

"Stupid vamp." He walked off and Tempest buried her head in her pillow before jerking back and wiping her nose. She really would smell him for days. A thought crossed her mind.

"I wonder." She cast Apparatus and found herself on the Hogwarts school grounds. She went searching for her cousin. She searched quickly and quietly. She wasn't wearing her Slytherin uniform or anything considered normal for this school. She found him and he wasn't alone.

"Hey there you two, how are the both of you."

Maddox and Ron looked at each other. Maddox gave him a sharp look and he looked away avoiding Tempest penetrating gaze.

"Tempest are you all right, is everything at school okay?"

She waved away his worries. "The usual. Merwick had been attacking students, killed the little brother of a friend of mine a little over a week ago. Turned Gorx's sister and I don't' even know about that, whether it was purposeful or an accident."

"How can you be so calm?" asked Ron.

"If I wasn't I would lose my mind," she said feigning a smile.

"True," said Maddox. He looked at Ron and that single glance told her that there was something seriously wrong that could no longer be avoided.

"Okay, what's wrong."

"Harry, he knows bout Draco being involved with Lord Voldemort," said Ron hushed. Tempest looked at her cousin frightened.

"What else does he know?"

"Nothing that's it."

Tempest swallowed and looked around. "Okay, okay this is all fine. Okay Potter won't do anything stupid right." Maddox and Ron looked at each other. "Right, she said ore urgently.

"We don't know. This had been bothering him since before the school year started," said Ron. "He just won't et it go."

She leaned again the all and closed her eyes. This could not be happening. "Maddox if anything——"

"I won't let anything happen to Draco," he said a bit bitterly. "I promise okay."

"Don't make a promise you don't know you can keep."

"I'm sure I can keep this promise."

She pulled away from the wall and lunged at him hugging him tightly. "I love you Maddox. Keep him safe."

He returned the loving gesture. "Love you too Tempest. Now go get back to school." She nodded and was gone in a blink of an eye.


The full moon was upon them and Hydra's mood was a feral one. She did not want Zoltron going to the swamp. She did not want Demenshia near him. But Tempest mood wasn't that great either and everyone knew better than to tempt her patience, so Hydra dropped it.

Dusk fell and all the students were rushed inside the school. Every student of werewolf blood was there and the teachers went to the roof, that had to make sure that no one died.

Tempest and Zoltron his in the secret passage way and walked along. They needed to run once night set so they couldn't be caught during the transformation so that they wouldn't die.

"I'll turn into a cat, you can move faster if you carry me. One person I enough of a risk, two people , I think not."

"Sounds good. But wait, your clothes?"

He blushed. "Demenshia always has another pair of pants for me."

Tempest smiled. "Does he now."

"Enough already, why do you think I never transform in front of you."

"Oh but we're family, we're blood."

"Oh enough."

He took off his shirt and then it began and her favourite light brown house cat was on her shoulder.

"You're too cute cousin." She waited with him tightly in her arms and then it all started. She ran, clutching her cousin for dear life, hearing howls brought forth from a transformation. They were not pleasant and rang deeply in her ears.

She made it to the forest and looked for the archway.

"Zephyr, over here quickly." Tempest turned and there stood Demenshia dressed like a warrior in white her swore hanging from her side. Tempest followed her and soon enough they were in the green swamp.

"You know, how the bloody hell do you keep your damn white clothes so clean?"

Demenshia laughed. "Magic of course. My mother blessed most of my clothes. She loved it here. These people after all were her warriors."

"But your mother——"

"Yes she was sweet, innocent, but she did not believe that Cecile and Veronica had the right to join the battle between siblings. Then against Abigail, she didn't believe it was fair so she joined Abigail. That was so many centuries ago it tore them apart. Made everything different. Come Zoltron, her are your clothes." Zoltron jumped out of Tempest arms and ran into the swamp behind a tree. He took a few good moments before reappearing, pants on.

"Great, now let us sit. I have much to tell you before I go into on of my . . . . trances. My mother and Abigail formed an army. They were going to diverge. Abigail sent her army to Camelot. They knew where Camelot was. Laila fought against Cecile, Abigail against Veronica on a certain isl alongside Morgan. Abigail loved her dark mother for her mother of light made a great betrayal. My mothers warriors didn't go to Camelot but my aunts did."

"So I have to go to the isle. To Verdina and Exodus."

"No, you have to go to Abigail. She knows where Camelot it."

"So that's it."

"No." She looked up at the moon. "Veronica set up magical barriers against Abigails men. Like I said, Abigail wasn't the only to send her army there. You need to speak to Veronica, have her temporarily take down her magical barrier." She looked at her hands and Tempest saw her honey eyes turn white.


"Hush Temp."

Demenshia spoke, her sing song voice coarse. "Beneath the fire a curse of poison lies. Into your body it will twist and turn. Kill it will make do, poison all of you. But within the shadows lies the end. Only poison can stop poison. But beware not to venture to the shadows, into the darkness of the land of death." They all sat still and slowly Tempest could see the whiteness vanishing until finally she broke out of her statue like stance and blinked her eyes. Se shook her head and stood up.


"No, I cannot know." She looked up at the sky. "I suggest you wait till dawn."

Tempest watched her walk away and sat alone with Zoltron. "Is it——"

"Yeah, every time. Come on lets eat something."

Chapter 16: The Innocents
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A few days past and although Tempest knew that she had to go to her isle to see Verdina and Exodus, but she had to heed Demenshia's warning. She had to keep herself Void and Nila safe. They would get infected on the first instant there , it only took a matter of time till they all turned on each other, and they could easily kill each other. Tempest slammed her book shut.

"Having trouble finding it Young Tempest." Merwick jumped onto the table in front of her ad she growled.

"Why don't you find it on y0ur own if you're so bloody brilliant."

He gripped her throat. "Don't test my patience, Young Tempest." Tempest hissed and gripped his throat in turn.

"And don't test mine. I'll find it faster than you, then I'll destroy it."

"Before it destroys you?"

"And what makes you so sure that you can control it?"

He released his grip. "I have my ways.

Tempest let go of him. "I'm sure you do, but I have a way to destroy I."

"I'm sure you do. Always the destroyer."

"Ans you, always the murdered."

"Hows' Entia?"

Tempest slanted her eyes. Something was wrong. "I wouldn't know, I don't talk to her much."

"Oh, hwy not?"

"Because I don't trust her. Gorx told me not to trust her and everyone thinks she's insane anyway. No one trusts her."

Something in his face changed. E stood up, his body stiff, his usually misleading angelic face was hard and malicious. He jumped won next to her, a full half a foot taller than her. She looked him in his gold eyes.

"I'm watching you Young Tempest."

She laughed at him harshly. "You mean you weren't before? How amusing."

He slammed her against the bookshelves. "Find Camelot, or I'll make your worst nightmare come true."

"And what exactly is my worst nightmare Merwick?"

"Watching Draco die." H kissed her roughly and she pushed him off her biting his lip. He growled and vanished and she wiped her mouth in disgust. Suddenly she remembered Draco and an awful feeling grew in the pit of her stomach.



Tempest couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. Not just with Entia and Astrea but with something else. She thought of Draco and hoped that he was okay. If Merwick did anything ,she would kill him, hunt him down ad kill him.

Tempest sat in the common room by the fire place staring at it intently. Something was very wrong, she knew it.

Nila ran into the common and Tempest stared at her friend startled.

"Nila what's wrong?"

"Its Draco." Tempest ran.


Tempest ran out of Dumbledores office and straight to the Infirmary. Draco . . He was hurt, he was hurt badly. He'd done nothing, he was innocent and to make matters worse, it hadn't been Merwick, it had been Harry Potter. Maddox stood outside the infirmary waiting for her, pacing back and forth.

"You prosed me you'd keep him safe!"

"I'm human Zeph, there's just so much I can do. I tried okay. I'm sorry Zephyr." Tempest looked ta him, eyes stinging and shook her head before walking in. Draco lay unconscious. Tempest ran to him, cupped his face and stroked the hair out of his face.

"Draco . . . wake up, please wake up."

His eyes fluttered opened and she smiled. "Hello Tempete."

"Draco . . oh Draco." She kissed him. "Please tell me that you are all right."

He nodded. "I am now." He wiped away her tears. "You'll stay the night right?"

"Of course."

"Good, I'm glad,. I love you Tempest."He closed his eyes and she curled up in his arms and listened to his heart. She wouldn't leave him, not until he was better. She wouldn't not leave her Draco aline until he was better. The Draco she loved so dearly.


Before Tempest left Hogwarts she hunted for Ron. She had to forgiven Maddox, there was only so much he cold so and he had tried his best. Finally she found Ron. She was dressed as a Slytherin, her red hair and purple eyes were ferocious. When Tempest finally saw Ron she grabbed him by the dollar of his shirt not caring who saw and lefted him up above her head.


"Shut up and wait. If it weren't for the fact that Potter is who he is I would attack him, and hurt him. Why did he do what he did Ronald?"

"He had no idea, he used the spell not thinking not even knowing what the spell would do."

Tempest let go, allowing him to drop to the ground. "He attacked Draco Ron. Keep him from him, or I swear I will hurt him." She turned on her heel and headed back to the Infirmary. Upon her return, she was tricked. Pansy was there kissing Draco.

"Glad to see that you're better."

Draco pushed Pansy away and stared ta her. She hoped that he could see how hurt he was. Pansy glared at her and didn't move. Tempest was ready to snap the girls neck.

"Pansy, could you leave us alone."


"Please." Pansy unwillingly got up from the bed and walked from the room. Tempest waved the door shut behind her before walking up to him

"Temp—Zephyr, please look. She adores me and I enjoy being fawned over. I love you, you're the one I call my girlfriend not her. I love you not her."

"Hmm, and so if I'm your girlfriend and if you love me so much why kiss her?" He stared at her hurt and she stood up. "As I thought, nothing more to say." She stood up and looked at him. "Get better Malfoy." She walked off.


Tempest grabbed her sword and her wand. Nila and Void were ready and waiting for her. Once they figured out where Camelot was, they would go there. Hopefully Cecile would be able to keep them safe from the harmful pollen which meant she would not be able to assist them in finding the flower. Veronica said that once she knew they were were she would bring up her barrier again meaning they would temporarily be trapped there.

Tempest walked won the stairs and looked at her two best friends. Tempest herself wore a simply black lether corset, her fingerless lace gloves black shorts and her high-top. Nila wore a plain green tank top, blue shorts, green lace stockings and her blue sneakers. She always did like to pretty herself up. Void looked up at her and wore his usual black t-shirt and jeans.

"I take it you two are ready to go." They nodded. "Good, grab on." They each took an arm and she cast apparatus, bringing them close to the camp.


"Yes, I here you."

"Good, take care fo things at school and try to keep an eye on Entia. Lestat and Artemis will assist you with that as with the Sevratis."

"Of course Mistress. Take care."

"Don't I always."

Tempest was instantly sick pf the site of the village so she quickly went into the forest, followed closely by Nila and Void.

"This place is far too sunn," said Nila.

"Didn't used to be," said Tempest.

"Yeah, Barbie." Nila glared at Void but he ignored her and continued on. "She used to keep this place cloudy. She liked the darkness and her people ;loved her.

"Why Zephyr, what are you doing here." Tempest stopped walking and looked up. There stood Verdina in a tree a bow in hand, dressed in her hunting gear.

"I need to see Exodus."

Verdina's fa ce became dark. "Why?"

"I need to speak with Abigail." Verdina scrunched up her face in confusion and Tempest rolled her eyes. Her expressions were constantly changing, couldn't she just pick a face and stick with it, she complained to herself.

"Why?" she asked again.

"I need to find Camelot."

"Camelot is a graveyard. The Flower of Doom had destroyed it."

Tempest stared at her confused. "How did you know?"

Verdina jumped down and shrugged. "I've seen it." She walked on and Tempest followed her.

"What do you mean you've seen it?"

"I used to beg my mother to take me. She always said now and always said it was a dead place. I didn't care so finally after years she took me. She was right, it was a dead place. She wouldn't take me any closer than the great gate. She warned me and I wouldn't listen."

"Well we have to go."

"Why? To die?"

"Merwick says he had a way to harness the power, probably got it from her Dark Majesty. I need to go there and destroy it, even if I die doing it."

Verdina laughed. "Ho do you plan to do that?"

"I . . I don't have a clue, but I have to go at least to stop him."

"Hmm, Abigail will show yo the way it Cecile or the others haven't by now."

"Cecile believes that it is only Abigail who can bring us," said Nila. "She needs to save her strength for when we get there."


They approached the camp and Exodus looked up at her and smiled. "I hope you bring good news this visit."

"I need to speak with Abigail. I need to go to Camelot."

Exodus sapphire wrist band glowed and Exodus smiled. "She will speak to you." He took off the wrist band and Tempest put it on. Abigail's voice vibrated through her head, causing her to swoon. Void caught her.

"Hello Zephyr."

"Hello Abigail."

"You do know how dangerous this is don't you? That flower can poison you. Cecile can only keep you safe for so long. Even Veronica's magic is weakened by it. That flower can kill you all."

"Yes, I am aware of that but please can you just tell me where it is."

Abigail sighed. "Me and my sisters protect it by magic. Although there are those few occasions that few have ventured there, they died there. You cannot get there by rode or magic. I will bring you and your friends there by my magic. Be ready." Tempest took off the wrist and gave it back to Exodus.

"Nil, Void, you two ready?"

"As ready as ever," said Void.

"Good, brace yourselves."

Abigail glowed and Tempest Void and Nila were engulfed in magic and were sent flying.

Chapter 17: Camelot
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Tempest stood up, Abigail had to work on her landings. She looked around and what she saw was devastation. Stone walls were crumbling, falling to pieces everywhere. Vines covered the place. The gate was black as night and beyond that, evil lurked. Tempest looked at Void and Nila, they stood aghast.

"Oh my god," said Nila. "What the bloody hell. I expected this place to be bad but this is just horrible."

"Can't believe Morgan would do something like this," said Void. "I mean, I didn't think— "

"Yeah, we know Void. Come on, you two, we don't' have much time once we step through that gate. Cecile can only take care of us for so long and without her help in finding the flower, we're on our own." They nodded.

The gate was stiff as vines covered it and Nila winced. She could feel that the earth was in pan. Tempest believe that it was. They followed the rode to the centre of the city. Houses and businesses were shattered broken, and the fountain stood crumbled. The Golden City was black and bear, and not even the sun shined. Thunder echoed through the air and Tempest could feel the moisture in the air build up. A storm was coming.

They reached the palace of king Arthur himself. The door was broken, smashed, some parts burnt, other parts hanging by a thread. She walked in angling herself in impossible ways to get through. Tempest walked over pillars and carefully tiptoed up the broken rotting stairs. They diverged there.

Empest ransacked their rooms hoping to find any notes of any kind. She only found dust. One was Arthurs room and one belonged to Merlin. The drapes her ripped, the windows smashed. Nothing was salvageable in either. She sat briefly on Merlins dusty bed. His essence was within her, his power as was Morgans. Their blood ran deeply though her vein. She may be powerful, but she felt so helpless. She left the rooms and headed back to the stairs. Nila and Void were already waiting for her.

"We found nothing," said Nila.

"Yeah, you have any luck," said Void.

"No," said Tempest.

"We're running out of time," said Nila.

"Thanks for the reminder," said Tempest. They turned and Tempest felt something in the air. She took a few steps back and stared out window. Nothing was there. She looked up at the sky through the broken ceiling.

"My, my Young Tempest, you found it."

"Zephyr," asked Nila.

"He's here." She looked at Nila who was on the stairs and at Void who stood ready to run towards her. "Merwick is here."

"What do you—ah!" Nila fell down the stairs and Void barely caught her. Before Tempest was able to take one step she was knocked through the railing and hit the floor. The impact made her gasp for air but that wasn't the only thing. Something had impaled her side. It took her several moments to force herself off the broken piece of pillar. Her wound healed quickly and she looked around. Rain came down.

"Zephyr! Nila is slipping!"

"Void don't you dare drop me!"

"What the bloody hell have you been eating this year! Zephyr, get your vampire butt over here! My arm feels like its gonna pop and the wood beneath me is breaking. Blondie here had been eating to many pumpkin pasties!"

"Void Dermot I have not!"

"Zephyr!" She ran beneath them and held her arms out.

"Void I'm here just let her go, I'll catch her!" Void gave Nila his winsome smile and let go. Tempest caught her and set her down.

"You okay"

"A few scratches but I'm fine. Void's turn."

"Come on Void Nila's right, I'll catch you." Nila giggled and Void glared. "Void we don't' have time for this, would you rather Nila catch you?"

His eyes widened. "I'm coming." Void jumped down and Tempest set him.

"So here's here?"

"Yeah, somewhere. He's looking around for the flower."

Tempest walked away. "Where are we going," said Nila.

"Down stairs. To their laboratory."

Tempest led the way down the stairs and past the broken doors. These stairs were stone ad the walks were cold as ice and covered in scorch marks. Merlin and Morgan must have faugh there she assessed as she made her way down.

There were several rooms down there. Tempest examined books, many that were missing from Avalon. Void and Tempest looked through the books as Nila searched the rooms. Tempest watched her through the corner of her eyes. As Nila opened one door Tempest ran and caught her arm once she saw the staircase.


"Don't' go down there."

"Why not?"

Demenshia warning came back to her. "Death lies there. Demenshia said 'not to venture to the darkness, to the land of death'. I believe she meant that place. We can't go there." Something flashed before her eyes. A young boy who looked like Draco with black purple spiked hair stood with her eyes. He was walking into there with two other people. A girl with black hair and fuchsia eyes and a boy with blonde and black hair and turquoise eyes. They looked like Nila and Void and they were all going down the staircase.

"Blake?" she said aloud.

They boy stopped short and turned around. His eyes became watery as he seemed to seemed to see her. "Mum?"

"Zephyr," said Nila. "Are you all right?"

Tempest shook her head and the vision vanished. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"You sure?" asked Void.

"Yes, I'm fine. Just don't go down there okay, we're not meant to."

"What do you mean," asked Nila.

"Don't ask anymore questions okay. Lets just get out of here. I don't think we're going to find anything about destruction or where it lies here." They both nodded and followed her out.


Tempest sat at a ruined fountain and thought. The rain wasn't letting up and she could fell her thoughts becoming clouded. The flower was starting to take affect. And then there head been that vision. Those children, her son. She couldn't believe it, she couldn't believe it. Tempest felt sick.

"Zephyr are you all right?" asked Nila.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She looked up at her. "We have to get out. The flower is starting to affect me. How about the two of you?"

"Yeah," said Void. "We have to get out. Besides I don't think the flower is here and I don't think Morgan left any evidence here."

"Agreed," said Nila. "Lets see, if I were Morgan I wouldn't place my weapon where someone could easily find it."

"I would place it outside," finished Tempest.

"But where outside is the question," said Void. "That's also what we've been looking for.

"Its simple," said Tempest standing up. "We get outside the city gates and have Cecile lead us."

"True, once outside she won't be having to protect us, she can just lead us."

"Its brilliant. Now lets hurry before we kill each other," laughed Tempest.

"Always light on your feet Zeph," said Void.

She gave him a slight smile. "I'm vampire, I have to be."

Tempest jerked away and Nila and Void stared at her concerned.

Chapter 18: The Flower of Doom
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Tempest followed Nila out the back gate Verdina had been right this place was dead and Tempest wanted more than anything to leave. The sadness overwhelmed her. The story made her sad and the air was poisoning to her. She couldn't believe that Morgan Le Fey had been so vengeful but she had known. Her own son had killed her, and in turn his father killed him. Merlin had been the only survivor, if you could call it surviving, being bottled up and trapped. The only true survivors had been the children.

They walked for a few hours until they stopped to take a break. Tempest continued to stand and looked around. She could see the city growing smaller.

"Don't you dare destory my darling flower Tempest!"

"Zephyr—" began Nila.


"It is my flower Tempest, I created it! I poured my sweat and blood and my vengeance into it. My darling bastard of a son who I adored betrayed me! He let himself become twisted by that woman who tricked me! My doubt grew Tempest, especially in that of my son as I began to see the light again. I was right to place my doubt in such a place, he killed me when Merlin tricked me into undoing my own youth and beauty! My son . . . I loved him and he betrayed me . . . this is my vengeance Tempest, don't you dare destroy it."


"Yes Young Tempest. It is me."

"Zephyr, what's going non," yelled Void over the rain.

"My wand is glowing!" exclaimed Nila.

"It's Morgan. She doesn't want me to destroy her flower."

"But you don't have a choice," said Void wiping his hair back. Nila hugged him tightly trying to remain calm and steady on her feet as the wind grew stronger and stronger.

"Zephyr, do something!" said Void hugged Nila tightly.

Tempest nodded and gripped her wand tightly. "Morgan, I have to destroy it! Merwick has a way to use it! He'll use it against me! He could kill me with it!" Tempest waited. Morgan remained silent but the rain and wind still blew hard and the thunder still shook the ground and air.

"She's silent but I'm not waiting. Come on." They pushed against the wind and rain. It wouldn't light up and their path began difficult. The ground beneath them turned to mush and they had to walk as softly as possible or else have their feet dragged under the mud. Nila yelped and Tempest sighed. Her foot got stuck in the mud and she couldn't pull it out herself. Tempest and Void pulled her foot out with all their might and cleaned her up. She slicked her strawberry blonde and black hair and grumpily made her way to a boulder near by.

"Okay, I don't mind getting dirty or muddy but come on, this is ridiculous!"

"And Morgan won't stop the storm correct?" asked Void. Tempest nodded. "Well that's just bloody brilliant. You know we've been through a lot. Attacked by Manticores and plants, almost getting our heads chopped off, dealing with warrior dolphins, vampires and death not to mention those stupid elemental creatures last year but this by far is the most annoyed bull we've had to deal with!"

"Well I can't do anything! We just have to push on!" Tempest ignored the irritated look Void gave her and rubbed her forehead. "Nila are we still going in the right direction?"

"Yeah we are." Nila took off the ring. "Here you leave, you'll get there faster than us." Void helped her stand and Tempest put on the ring. Tempest was getting annoyed with all the voices in her head.

"Morgan has never talked to a descendant before. You have angered her,"

Yeah, tell me something I don't know. Look I need to destroy that damn thing. I just don't' know how and as you can see I'm running out of time. Morgan though thinks I have a way to destroy it thought."

"You do."

"Bloody brilliant, just direct me please. I smell him through the wind."

"Go straight on and up the hill Young Tempest."

Tempest pushed hard against the rain and looked back behind her. Nila and Void were far behind but they all knew that she was the one that had to destroy the flower. She approached the hill Cecile spoke of and looked beneath her feet and onward. The place was covered in poisonous vines in its entirety, and up above was a little blood red flower blooming despite the wind. Tempest sighed relieved, she had finally found it. Tempest smiled and wiped the rain off her face and looked around. Her smile vanished. Merwick was at the other side and saw her. He ran and so did she. They raced to the top and with the winds pushing against their equally matched physics, there was no telling who would win.

Vince moved beneath her feet and she noticed that Merwick was having as much trouble clambering up to the top as she was. Tempest was fed up with this storm and Morgans vengeance. Morgan was dead, her essence was within her, Tempest had her power. Now if only she knew how to tap into it.

"You don't need to know,"

said Cecile. "You already have tapped into her power. All you have to do is simply use it."
Tempest clenched her fist and took a deep breath. She needed the wind to stop, enough was enough. Morgans power was hers. Morgans essence was within her. Suddenly the wind stopped and Tempest pulled out her sword and ran, she promised herself she would enjoy this little bit of triumph later, when lives weren't possibly on the line. Merwick approached it and pulled out Aurora.

"You're mine now." He struck down and Tempest blocked him. She was sling again.

"I hardly think so Merwick." Tempest lunged.

Merwick blocked and cut her leg. She ignored the pain as he stared mesmerized at her red blade.

"I see you've done something with Excaliber."

Tempest licked her lips. "Yes, I have. Don't you like it?" she asked him sarcastically.

His nose twitched and he snarled at her. "Not particularly, but still, you don't have a chance."

"We'll see about that."

Merwick lunged for her, his gold eyes filled with rage. Tempest was amused. She didn't care how many times she got herself, she had to wait for the right moment to poison him. Poison. Finally it dawned on her. She knew how to destroy the flower. Tempests laughed and that only made Merwick more furious. He pushed her back and she stumbled and fall backwards. The ran had made her footing slippery. Mud went up her nose and she coughed. Merwick came out of nowhere and shoved her face into the mud even harder. Tempest struggled feebly but he wasn't holding back one bit. Vines came forth and trapped him and she was released. She smelled Void and Nila approaching and gave her thanks to Cecile and Nila. Nila helped her up and quickly turned in time to stop Merwicks attack with her earthly blade. Void was at her side.

"Zephyr, where's your sword?" asked Void anxiously.

Tempest shook her head and coughed out some mud. "I dropped it when I slipped."

"Well summon it already, Nila can only hold him off for so long."

"Accio Excaliber." The silver hilt returned neatly back towards her hand and Nila and Void were running low on strength. Tempest ran and tripped them all, scratched in Merwick with her blade. He growled and licked his wound. It wasn't healing so fast.

"What's wrong Merwick, feeling a little sick." She laughed and ran back up the hill. He ignored Nila and Void as he ran after her, slower than before. Tempest was overwhelmed with joy. Tempest crawled up the last bit and looked back at Merwick who clambered on after her.

"Told you I'd win." She struck Excaliber deep into the ground through the flower and through its root. At first nothing happened but then the Earth came alive. The earth tremored and attacked and Tempest fell down the hill pulling Excaliber along after her. Void caught her with ease and put her down onto the shaky earth. The vines turned to ash and filled the air before vanishing completely.

The winds blew and circled them as though thanking her and she looked back at Camelot. All the poison was vanishing, all the evil was going away. Tempest heard Nila laugh over the rain and wind. Tempest smiled and handed her back Cecile. Void hugged them both and Tempest couldn't believe it. Tempest was so wrapped up in the sight before her that she didn't realize that Merwick was charging for her. The pain pierced her side and Tempest fell tp the ground. Merwick knocked Void and Nila aside. Tempest stumbled away, bleeding profusely. She gripped the hilt of her dagger and clutched her side.

"I don't' need Aurora to finish you off, I don't' even need a wand. I'll simply suck you dry." Tempest gasped at those words. She had said them to him.

"I'd like to see you try," she hissed.

"It would be my pleasure." Merwick lunged of her and Tempest let loose the power of Excaliber. He gasped above her and she kicked him roughly off her blade. His wounds took as long as hers to heal. Tempest clutched her side and stumbled away. Void caught her and healed her quickly. Merwick clutched his side and glared at her.

"I'll make your worst nightmare come true Young Tempest. I promise you that." He vanished and Tempest glared at where he once stood.

"Zephyr, was he talking about Draco."

""Yeah, he was," she said sombrely. Tempest sat on the muddy ground and stared up at the clearing. "Bright side, I succeed in poisoning him."

Nila laughed. "Old fart doesn't know what hit him." Void collapsed in laughter and Tempest looked at them and remembered her vision.

"Blake—" she muttered to herself. He looked exactly like Draco.

said Cecile.
The wind blew strong against them and Tempest hair began to whip against her face. Strom clouds grew closer together darkening the sky further making the thunder that struck the air seem brighter. The rain pounded on them harder.
hissed a voice in her head Tempest spun around. That voice had been female, seductive, not Merwick,

Chapter 19: Impending Darkness
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Tempest loved being back at school. Although she could have done without her stupid O.W.L. examine that she had barely studied for. She felt confident that she did, unlike a nervous Nila who barely studied to begin with. Void was perfectly calm about the whole thing, of course he always passed everything with flying colours without even trying. Everything seemed to be back to normal, safe. Luciana and Luke paid her a visit and asked her about Camelot. Although it was still in ruins, it looked brilliant. It only needed some magic to fix it up. They wanted to see it and she agreed to take them one day.

Tempest was happy. But it didn't last long. Her arm began to throb as she got dressed. Divina caught her just in time and soon all her friends were around her.

"Come on, lets go."


Draco had found the way. He had found the way to sneak all the Death Eaters into Hogwarts, They would al attack in the dead of night, while everyone was asleep. She had know that he was going to, he had seen, had helped. She looked outside. It was too let to warn Ron or her cousin. Severus . . . Dumbledore . . . Draco . . .

The attack would be in two nights. Draco had called Bellatrix, a few others and herself. She was in the Room of Requirement awaiting her orders.

"In two nights time I will call all of you at the perfect time to come." He handed each of them coins. And Tempest felt bothered by two things. That she was actually really doing this and that she was taking ordered from Draco. Everyone left through the closet and she would have left too, had Draco not pulled her back.

"Draco, its late and I'm tired."

"I know but please. You asked me what Pansy was and yo haven't returned any of my messages."

"I have Aidan burn them."

Draco looked at her hurt but still continued. "Temp—Zephyr, please hear me out." He gave her his puppy dog eyes and she swore.

"Oh bloody hell don't give me that look. Fine."

Draco smiled at her and she sat down on a table nearby. "Zephyr, I love you. You are the one that I want to be with, but what would people think if I were single for sic years."

Tempest laughed at his response. She couldn't believe he had just said that. "Bloody hell you are narcissistic. You know, I think your mothers name suits you better than her. I should start calling you Narcissus."

"Tempest please. Look, I love you. I mean why did you date Gorx."

Tempest eyes flared. That had really been the wrong thing to say. "I dated Gorx because I loved him. We shared secret forbidden kisses Draco, we didn't have a whole damn relationship behind his back! You and I, no longer. You say you love me, do you really? Who cares about Pansy, who cares what others think." Tempest took a deep breath and pointed her finger at him. "Don't you dare forget Draco, you forsake our friendship because of her, for her! I wouldn't do it. So now I'm saying choose. Her or me. This life or me?"

Draco shook his head sadly. "You can't ask me that."

Tempest sighed and clasped her hands. "I just did, and I think I just received my anser. See you around Malfoy." She got up and walked away.

"Tempy wait." He reached for her and she jerked away, hurt.

"No Malfoy, no. I'll await your orders." Tempest walked away and didn't look back once. He had made his choice.


"You made him choose?" snapped Void.

Tempest rolled her eyes agitated. "So he told you."

Void slammed the note on the table in front of her. "I got the message this morning. What the bloody hell Zephyr!"

Tempest stood up and slammed her hand so hard against the table that it snapped.

"Hold on right there Void. Look, you're my best friend and I love to death but come on, I had every right to. Me or Pansy, this life or me. This retched life he promised he would have nothing to do with! I had every right to ask him what I did!"

Void sighed and fixed the table. "Yeah, you did, he had it coming." He rubbed his forehead and sighed once again. Tempest waited with her arms crossed, she knew he wasn't done. "But look here, he loves you more than anything."

"Well than I gave him something to think about. And besides if he loves me so much it shouldn't have been usch a hard choice."

Tempest snatched up the letter and walked from the dormitory. As she made her way up the wet cold stone stairs, two little black haired children ran into her.


"Hey you two, what's going on?"

"We saw Merwick," said Luke.


"He did. He was staring directly at us. Auntie Starlet told us to run to you," said Luciana.

Tempest swore. "What happened."

"He was up in a tree, staring, just staring," said Luke. "He looked different though."

"He looked sickly," said Luciana.

Tempest thought that was gratifying but then she thought again.

"Come with me, the both of you." She grabbed each of their hands. She would be gone soon and she didn't know for how long. She needed someone to watched the kids.


Tempest ran for Louis and Astrea. She left the kids in the hands of Master Vlad, Headmistress Majika and Mistress Starlet. They would keep the kids safe until she found Louis and Astrea. She was growing frustrated. Those two love birds were probably making out. Finally, she found them in the catacombs.

"Enough I need you're help."

Astrea glared at her as she pulled away from Louis. He simply smiled at her. "Here to join us Zephyr."

Astrea smacked him and he winced. "What do you want?"

"Merwick is watching and spying on Luke nd Luciana. I need yo towo keep them safe."

"Why can't you?"

"Because Lord Voldemort needs my friends and me to assist in attacking Hogwarts."

Astrea smiled. "Sounds fun."

"Hardly. Look will you look after them?"

"Of course I will. Where are they?"

"Headmistress Majika's office." Tempest turned to go. "One more think,, don't trust anything from Entia."


"Because Gorx told me not to." She left closing the door behind her. Something was wrong with Entia.


There wasn't anytime to warn anyone at Hogwarts without it looking suspicious. Tempest was dressed in black. She wore her black and purple halter corset and her tight black pants with her knee high boots. She placed her wand at her belt and looked at eveyone who stood with her on the school grounds. Everyone was dressed in black. This was not a day to rejoice.

"So when is Voldy Baldy going to summon us," said Nila fixing her black bra under her black lace tank top. Tempest rolled her eyes when she caught Void watching her.

"Tempest forced a smile though remembered Nila's question. "He won't. Draco will be." She flashed the coin. "This coin with transport us to Borgin and Burkes to the vanishing cabinet so everyone get into a tight circle. Once it hits the ground we'll be gone. I unfortunately helped Draco turn the damn think into a portkey. " As everyone stepped into a circle she flipped the coin into the air. She watched it flip through the air and land onto the ground in a blinding light.

They pushed their way out of the close t and looked at each other and at Draco. Tempest noticed that he kept his gaze far away from Tempest as he made his orders. Nila and Void both held her hands reassuringly. Tempest felt her heart racing at the thought that he might actually kill Dumbledore. Draco dismissed them all and left and Tempest bolted. She headed for Ravenclaw at her fastest. She would not let her cousin get hurt. Nila and Void headed off int the direction of the Great Hall while everyone else tried to make as much noise as possible to wake Dumbledore's Army off their sleeping butts.

Tempest arrived at the Ravenclaw portrait and momentarily forgot the password in her haste and was ready to burn a hole through the portrait when she finally remembered,. She ran in screaming Maddox's name. People woke startled but he was the first one before her.

"Tempest what's wrong?"

"Hogwarts is under attack. Lord Voldemort, he got int, Death Eaters are attacking from the inside." Her dark mark was highly visible but she didn't care.

"You're one of them!" screamed a girl.

"Shut up!" yelled Maddox. "She's not like them, she's here to help."

"Just remind them that you are Maddox Perth, my cousin. They won't dare touch you."


"I have to go Maddox." She kissed him and hugged him tightly. "No matter what, I love you." She left in a rush and met up with her friends at the Grand Staircase.

"No one has come out," said Divina.

"They may now. Come on, lets head up to the seventh floor."

As they ran up the stairs they were surrounded on the fourth floor. Someone fired but Cecile protected them. Tempest growled.

"Ron!" Nila ran into the arms of a red head whom she quickly recognized.

"Hello Ron."

"Zephyr. What—""We don't have a choice."

"Nila we get it, you miss him," said Void rather hotly. Nila blushed and left Ron's arms, quickly returning to Tempest side.

"Expelliarmus!" someone cried.

"Orbis," said Tempest. She crushed the spell in her hand.

"Ron, could you please tell your friends that we actually mean no harm."

"Everyone they don't. Tempest here is actually part of the Order." Tempest flinched at the use of her name. "I read about you in the Daily Prophet, knew it was you instantly."

"Yeah well its not something I'm proud of." She shifted her feet and Void grabbed her hand.

"Look, we came to help which means you all have to get out. Harry is going to need you," said Void.

"Too late. They're here already," said Nila. Tempest spun around and met her friends gaze. "Cecile says Potter is under his cloak."

"Wait, I know you," said a bushy haired brunette next to Ron. "You're Tempest Artemisa Nyx. Descendant of Morgan Le Fey, Arthur and Merlin."

Tempest stared at her, she knew her. She was the mud-blood Hermione. "My, my, you are brilliant."

"Expelliarmus!" Tempest had enough she used Excaliber to destroy the spell.

"I said enough is enough!"

"Zephyr, Draco is out there." Tempest turned and stared at Nila alarmed. She quickly sheathed Excaliber and destroyed the nearest mirror and stood precariously on the edge. She caught sight of Draco with his wand drawn.

"Go . . . now!" she ordered.

"Zephyr—" began Ron but she shut his mouth with a glance.

"Void cast protection charms and get out, I'll meet you out there." She was prepared to jump.

"Wait you can't jump," said Hermione.

Tempest flashed her her most arrogant smile and turned her back to the outside. Apparently the girl wasn't as up to date as she was led to believe. "Actually I cam, I'm a vampire. See you soon." She jumped off the ledge and the wind blew her hair around her and caressed her body. She took a glimpse up and saw Divina and Nila staring after her worried.

Tempest landed on her feet. She crept in the bushes and used the invisibility spell. Tempest crept closer and began to mutter under her breath. Draco couldn't become a monster, he was better than that. She looked around for Snape and wished that he would hurry. Draco's inner conflict was buying them time.

Tempest watched and watched as though time were moving slower for her. Snape came forward, his eyes filled with hate and she saw, she knew what would happen. Snape would cast the deadly spell that would kill Dumbledore. Tempest ran into the forest, she had no wish to see the death she had already seen, but she couldn't stop herself from hearing it. Dumbledore had been a great man and a great wizard. Tempest wiped away some stray tears and stood in the shadows of the trees and looked up at the moon. She clutched her necklace.

Draco and Snape ran in her direction and Harry ran after them. Snape had created those spells, her mothers memories had told her that much. When they reached her she showed herself, startling them both. Severus set a very upset Draco down.

"Stay here, I'll go on ahead, make sure everything is falling into place." He walked off and Tempest mouth a thank you. He smiled back at her sadly.

Draco and Tempest remained silent until she sat next to him and held his hand.

"Its a good think, you not killing Albus."

Draco snatched his hand away. "I was suppose to do it! It was my chance to prove myself." He walked away from her ans she grew furious.

"Why do you need to prove yourself !? Why do you want to?! You—you're going to destroy yourself, What you once were! The Draco I grew up with!"

He turned to her and looked at her hatefully. "Why do you care? Why the bloody hell would you care? All you give a bloody damn about is yourself!"

"I love you dammit and I don't want to lose you, you childish blind sighted idiot! " They stared at each other. Not once in all her life had she said she loved him. He stared at her lovingly, all the hate and anger was gone between them both.

"Tempest—" he began walking towards her. Tempest put a finger to his lips.

"Why do you think I made you promise Draco? I didn't want to lose you to this madness. Frankly, you were bad enough." He laughed and she smiled. Draco cupped her face

"I'll play along like you Tempy. I just—I felt lost, but know I know . . . I know you love me and that's all that matters." Tempest stared into his wolfish grey eyes and waited. He finally kissed her and she wrapped her around her Draco Malfoy, the boy she had and would continue to love forever and always.

Chapter 20: The Turning
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Nila pinched Tempest out of her daze in class. Tempest pushed back her hair and blushed. Nila knew shy she was dazed. It was because of Draco, the one she grew up loving. She had said it, finally told him, that she loved him. What made her sad though was the fact that it had been her that had caused him to be so lost with himself. The thought also made her bitter.

"Stop daydreaming. We get it, you're happy," said nila. She wasn't even taking notes, noticed Tempest, she was writing another love filled to Davyn.

"Like you should talk."

'Hey, at least I look like I'm bloody paying attention."

Tempest opened her mouth ro say something, but them closed it. Nila did have a point. She smirked at her and tied up her strawberry blonde curled hair. Davyn like it curled and Tempest had to admit, it looked food on her. She looked at Void across the room. He wasn't paying attention either. Tempest wondered what he was thinking about. Maybe she and Edana had gotten to him or maybe Davyn had gotten to him. Void caught her stare and smiled at her uncertainly. She smiled back and thought about invading his privacy but then thought against it. He was her best friend and his thought belonged to him and him alone. Void would tell her when he was ready.

Mistress Miracledoomer dismissed the class and Tempest walked to her rendevous point with Astrea. The halls echoes with congratulations on her raiding of Hogwarts. Tempest smiled here and there accepting compliment after compliment. Although she hadn't approved, the feat itself did deserve some praise.

When she reached the twins they each gave her a giant hug. As of this moment they would be her responsibility until dinner. Through the days she had noticed one thing that unnerved her. Entia had taken a keen interest in watching the twins with much intrigue. Tempest didn't like the look in her eyes. Everything about her had changed in the past months since her turn and an ominous feeling crept up her spine.

By dinner time, Astrea and Louis took charge and something flashed before her eyes when she saw them together with the kids. There in that spot stood triplets. Two girls and one boy. The boy looked like Louis except he had auburn hair like Astrea, his blue eyes were vicious looked and he was dark and handsome. On his left was a girl who looked exactly like her mother only sadder and next to her was a strong willful girl with her fathers looks. Tempest blinked it away and swore to herself. She hated seeing the future, she missed having surprises in life. Tempest snorted though at the thought of those two having children.


Tempest sat with Aidan on the tallest tower holding an orb. It wasn't her prophecy, it was that of Blake Phoebus Malfoy, someone who didn't exist yet.


"You saw the vision Aidan, do you really think that he could be my son?"

"Yo shouldn't rule it our. Remember, what Headmistress Majika said, not everything is written ins tone."


Entia was holding Luciana and Luke, her nails poised and ready to slash their throats in an instant. Merwick was holding Astrea, his fangs inches away from her neck. Her worst nightmare . . .

"Entia why?"

Entia's expression didn't change, it was devoid of any emotion. "Do you know what its like? Losing your other half? A part of yourself? You'll find out once I take the life of one," she finally sneered, flashing her fangs. "You get to choose though, to save them both or destroy one. So young don't you think, to loose a part of one self." Her smile vanished and she cocked her head. Tempest looked at them then at Astrea who gave her a warning look.

"What do you want?"

"Its simply, give merwick the antidote."

"Zephyr, don't you dare," hissed Astrea. Merwick gripped her throat forcing her to shut up.

"Let the children go."

"Give Entia the antidote and she will." Tempest looked around for help. She saw Nila, her ring glowing and she looked to her left when she heard the slight sizzle in the air. Louis was going to have to make a new antidote.

"Fine, catch." Tempest summoned the vial and threw it forward. Entia's eyes widened and she let go of the twins who were saved by Cecile. Tempest saw the dagger fly from nowhere and strike the vial before Entia had a chance to reach it. Tempest had never loved Void more than at that moment. She smiled and ran towards Merwick who sneered at her. A familiar blade hummed before it was thrust through her side. Entia was holding Aurora.

"That was for Gorx." She took the holy blade out and Tempest collapsed to the ground in pain. She coughed up blood and wiped it off her face before looking into the autumn eyes that were so unlike Gorx's.

"You know Entia, the reason I don't trust you is because Gorx told me not to." She sneered up at her, satisfied with herself. "He said and I quote, 'Tempest, please, look out for my sister, she's dangerous. She losing her mind, I need you to be careful'. Even he knew you were insane." Entia's eyes flared so hatefully that she could have set the whole room on fire. Entia kicked her across the jaw then in her fresh wound. Tempest gasped in pain and she looked at Nila who was hugging Luciana and Luke tightly. Entia grabbed her by the hair and jerked her hair back roughly and she placed the blade near her neck. She forced her to look at Merwick.

"It seems Young Tempest that you have made your bed. Now lie in it," said merwick before he dug his fangs into Astrea's neck.

"I never liked you anyway," said Astrea as she pulled Aurora from Draco.


Tempest stood by Astrea's bed, the moon shining on both of their porcelain like skin. Tempest looked down at Astrea.

"Do you want the portions that I take?"

"I would appreciate it."

"All right. I'll have my mum send you the recipes and in the mean time I'll give you a bunch of vials to hold yo over.

"Thank you."

"Don't mention it." They remained silent. At this very moment Louis was making another antidote to her swords poison.

"Did you know he would do this to me?" asked Astrea as she pulled her hair behind her ears.

"I saw a possible future where you were a vampire yes," she said not looking at her.

"So no."

"I guess not."

"Just promise me one thing Zephyr."

"I owe you that much."

"Don't' give that bastard the antidote, no matter what."

"Don't worry I have no intention to." Astrea smiled and closed her eyes as she pulled the covered up to her neck. Tempest looked down at her neck wound that was still fresh. She looked away towards the moon. Everything was so uncertain now. Merwick, Entia and Astrea. What would happen now, she asked herself frightened.

Tempest stared at the prophecy a moment longer when the heard a familiar scream. It was Astrea. "Merwick." Tempest made the orb vanish and smashed trhough a window on the second floor from where she heard the scream. Crowds of people were around and as she shoved her way through the crowd she saw something she wished she had seen.