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Broken by FunkyLlama

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,633

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Characters: Lily, James, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, James/OC

First Published: 10/14/2009
Last Chapter: 10/15/2009
Last Updated: 10/15/2009


She was slowly sinking, lower and lower, into the pain he had inflicted.
She remained worthless and Naive.
Her never loved her.
She was just a game, a prize.

Chapter 1: Everything is made to be broken.
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It wasn't peculiar for Lilly Evans to be out at this time of night, her head girl obligations sometimes kept her out into the early hours of the morning. It was a quarter past eleven and Lilly was struggling to hold her eyes open. She was doing patrol alone tonight; Remus Lupin had suddenly become ill and according to her sources he was bundled up in the hospital wing. Poor Remus always seemed to be getting sick, she felt absolutely awful for the guy. One minute he was being pulled home because of his mother, or his supposedly ferocious rabbit and the next he was sick himself! The rabbit part never made much sense to Lilly, why Remus even had a rabbit was beyond her.

The bright torches cast trembling shadows across her path, they played tricks on her eyes. It was quite chilly out tonight, her nose and cheeks were pink and her fingers were slowly beginning to numb. It was nights like these Lilly needed company patrolling the empty halls. The silence immersed her, and her mind began to wander to other things. Her life had changed so quickly these past few months. Her father and mother had been killed in a merciless attack and her sister had married to the fat pig of a man Vernon. She tried not to think about her parents for too long, it often wound up in her collapsing. During her mourning Lilly had gained support in the least expected places; from Remus, Peter. Sirius..and James.


No longer Potter.

In the past three months alot had happened, that was incontestable. Something nobody had expected became a reality. James Potter finally managed to catch Lilly Evans. It had been a shock to all, including James and Lilly. One night, three months prior to this exact day, James finally did it...

Lilly had almost managed to drift off to sleep when a rapping sounded from her window.

"Lilly!" a voice whispered "Lilly?".

She bolted upright and snapped her head to the window, there on his broom hovered none other but the infamous James Potter. She let out what sounded like a whimper, she had to get rid of him before any girls woke up.With one great surge of energy she was up-out of bed and at the window. She made frantic shoeing motions with her small hands, glancing back now and again to check her roomies were sleeping.

Lilly smiled as she remembered his face.

He grinned at first, thinking that Lilly was waving at him. A gesture of friendship!Then however he pouted after realizing Lilly wanted him gone, as always. Lilly carefully opened the window and stuck her head out.

"Potter, what the hell are you doing, get away from here, now" She hissed lowly, keeping her voice as quiet as she could manage.

"Lilly, Please! Come with me, I need to talk with you" He begged, his eyes brimmed with hope and excitement.

"No Potter! No, No, No! It's three in the morning!" Lilly scolded, face enraged.

"Lilly Marie Evans. If you do not come with me right now, I will wake this entire room up" He said, seriously.

Lilly's eyes widened, her breathing hitched and she looked back at her dormitory. She was going to have to do this.

"Potter, I hate you!" She said in a whispered scream.

He smiled, and grasped her arm; James pulled her onto the broom and kicked off from the wall.

Lilly remembered talking by the black lake, about everything. She had no idea James could actually listen, it was incredible what she had started to feel toward him after only a few hours down at the lake. At the end of the night he had whisked her back up to her dormitory, kissed her hand goodnight and disappeared. Lilly had stood there at the window for almost five minutes after he left. She had been dazzled.

From there things had moved steadily forward, she had attended the end of year ball with him, and over the holidays; Lilly and James saw alot of each other. James had stopped asking Lilly out, afraid of rejection, or scaring her off. One afternoon, three days before school began Lilly had asked James. That's right, after all those years of hexes, swearing and heated fights; Lilly Marie Evans had asked James to go steady. Of course he accepted straight away, and they had been ecstatic together ever since. It was now four months into the school year, Lilly had been given the position of head girl, and was made to share a common room with Remus Lupin, which was no bother at all. Remus and Lilly were very close friends, she often found her self able to confide in Remus, nobody listened the way he did, he was her best friend.

Lilly walked on, checking every classroom for students. It was quiet tonight, usually the halls tucked away a couple of rebellious teens, who seemed fixated with snogging the faces off of each other. Lilly grinned, she couldn't say James and her were much better. Lilly brushed her hair from her face and blinked forcefully a couple of times, trying to squeeze out the tiredness in her eyes and mind. There were only a few more stops to make and check up on before she could slip into the warm sheets of her bed. Her mind drifted to possible dreams, and past dreams as she walked down the corridor. Her face glowed in the dim lighting, along with her hair. She stopped to check in the classrooms on the fourth floor.Nothing so far. Hmm, it was usually a heap busier than this. She wasn't complaining, less sign of students meant less time spent patrolling the halls. She smiled at the though of her PJs.

She walked for another five minutes before she came to her last bunch of classrooms, she peered in through the doors to the first three and found them empty. It was a twenty meter walk to the next one, she walked sluggishly. Lilly craned her neck to see inside the room. She was presented with a couple. Aha finally some excitement! Lilly frowned disgusted, these two were really going at it in there.

She recognized the girl as a fifth year ravenclaw, Beth Fortuse. She was a pretty girl, long wavy dark hair and bright green eyes. The boy on the other hand Lilly did not recognize too clearly, she suspected another Ravenclaw. With one small push Lilly managed to open the door. The couple didn't notice, the boy had Beth pinned down on a couple of desks, his shirt seemed to be open, his belt unbuckled. Beth wasn't much better,  her blouse undone and her skirt bunched up around her waist, revealing lacy panties. Lilly almost gagged. Beth grabbed the boy the shoulders and they rolled until she straddled him. Lilly leaned forward, eager to see his face, to see who this guy was.

In one moment her world was split in half. She felt her body freeze up, absolute horror ran through her, turning her cold.She clutched at shirt, grasping the soft material for comfort. Her breathing became ragged and labored. Her eyes closed shut, and her world was enfulged by darkness. All she could see was his face, and her. Pinned on the desk.His shirt undone, his belt undone. Her pinned on the desk. Then, a wave of rage coursed through her, she swayed.

All sounds of kissing had stopped, there was only Lilly's breathing now.

She opened her eyes.

Green met Hazel.

She broke.

"Lilly! Please, It's no-"

"Not what it looks like right?" She whispered, loud enough for him to hear.

He stopped, his eyes filled with horror and he pushed Beth off him.

"Lilly, Listen to m-" He said, stepping toward her.

"No. No James" She said, lifting her broken eyes to his. "Your dead to me." She whispered.

Lilly turned, her face blank. She pushed the door open and ran.

She turned left, right, left, right, right, Until she had lost track of time, of her mind.

Lilly ran until her chest screamed and her legs collapsed. Then she fell, backward and found the hard stone wall behind her. She slid down it, tears cascading freely down her face. There was no sound, just her heartbroken tears. They dripped down
her cheeks, warming them. She felt as if her heart had been ripped from her chest and cut up into tiny pieces. She felt herself slip into the darkness that welcomed her so happily, the darkness lurking in her mind. She was lost in a sea of misery, plunging, floating away out toward the horizon. Nobody saw her, heard her. She was slowly sinking, lower and deeper into the agony he had inflicted. The things he said to her, the time they spent together. All a fucking lie, he had never loved her, she was merely a game to him. A prize . He had become bored, he didn't want her any longer. She was insignificant, piteous. Invisible and useless. She had nothing, had no one. Nothing to catch her, just the stone cold floor she sat upon now.

She sat curled up against that wall, the complete weight of her troubles finally settled in and she screamed.

She screamed, and lashed out at nothing, just the air.

Lilly Marie Evans had broken.

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