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In The Midst of An Affair by pinwheelgoddess

Format: Novel
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 10,375
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Characters: Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Snape, Fred, George, Oliver, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 09/04/2009
Last Chapter: 02/07/2011
Last Updated: 02/07/2011


STORY CURRENTLY BEING RENOVATED! I did not know why he proclaimed his love in the library to me on that one fated witching hour, nor would I know why I was so magically smitten with him, and that  I'd go out of my way to betray my boyfriend to melt into the embrace of his closest friend. . Thanks Phoenixflame  @ TDA for the incredible banner

Chapter 1: Sweat, Stress, and Screaming of the Lungs
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Hiya! I'm PinwheelGoddess and I've finally gotten my first fanfic written..EVER! Today, in the spark of my second period, an idea of a story developed into my head as I stared a the back of one of my significant other's friends. The idea sprouted roots, then a stem, and finally popped up from the ground to create a short piece (or maybe even longer.) Remember to read this through and if you're a beta reader, I would really like it if you'd give me a message sometime soon.

My eyes clung wearily to the tiny ink words of the paper. The transfiguration review was pushing me, pushing me up against a wall and about to crush me to my own fate. I had been studying for hour upon hour every text, note, and letter that Professor McGonagall instructed my class to study. I was slowly burning up from the painful torture that was igniting my stress to get the perfect grade on the NEWTS, and I needed something to relieve my tension. Something. Something I just didn't know what. Suddenly, the movement of a smooth hand brushed against my skin.

The silky palm had glided against my skin, causing me to prick up at the reaction. A cool feeling spread over my overheated skin and made me tingle with wonder. Who was this person who had distracted me from Transfiguration review? I had to know. I turned my head around to see my flirt's best mate looking at me.

This was odd, out of all people, why was this fellow here? He would never be the type of person to stay within a library at this hour. After all, he never seemed to care much for school, only for his guitar and friends.

"Heather," he said softly, "you are aware that you are beyond curfew?"

I grouchily retorted back at his face, "Well,if I'm out of curfew, then why are you also here?"

He answered cooly, "Head duty, it's patrol night for me."

I rolled my eyes, stupid bloke was interrupting my cram time and had practical answers. I grumbled back at him, "And how come you're in the library?"

He replied again, "I would've predicted that a nerd like you would be in here; you weren't at any of the usual places you and Chris usually hang out together. I needed to pester someone anyways."

I rolled my eyes up to the ceiling, which was blocked at the moment by the tower of books threatening to fall over me.
"And why did you come?"

He softly whispered, he did not want to disturb the bushy-haired girl in the next row over, who was snoring insanely loud a the moment,"You're frightening everyone Heather. You've been studying like crazy and spending most of your time at the quidditch pitch."

i snapped, "Well, I can't! I need to cram and get the perfect score on this exam. Good bye!"

I expected him to trot off and let my brain burn into the Transfiguration notes, but his body stayed stationed in the same place.

"You will."

"I won't."

"You will."

"I certainly will not."

He replied the third time with the same answer, "You will."

"I refuse and the only way you'll get me out of my chair is to lift me out."

He ignored me, "On my watch, you'll go to bed."

"You don't have a watch, so I'm not going."

He lifted his black sweater slightly, and revealed a golden Rolex resting on his wrist.

"Bastard," I hissed under my breath.

"I heard that," he replied.

"You were supposed to."

I fumed at him for a few seconds, glaring into his brown eyes. I suddenly blurted out,"Why do you even care, Harrison? You never even acknowledge my existence whenever you're talking to Chris and I'm with him."

A pause smacked right into the argument. Had I gone too far?

"Heather," He put that silk, smooth hand of his to rest on my pale, measly hand, "it was too late before I realized that....i was falling for you."

Those words pierced through my heart. I was now frustrated and angry. Tears poured with rage out of my eyes, "WHY THE HELL DID YOU HAVE TO TELL ME THAT NOW? I"VE GOt TO STUDY FOR THE HARDEST TRANSFIG TEST OF THE YEAR! YOU MAKE ME SICK YOU SON OF A-"

"What on earth is going on here? Whose screaming?," The bushy haired whim had remarked, rubbing her eyes as she peeped into our row.

I glared at her in response, and she shivered at my look. The second year girl shot out of the library at a surprisingly faster than Hermes himself.

I whipped my head around to see Harrison still there, shocked at how upset I had gotten. His face had gone white, from his usual light hispanic brown and he looked nervous. He deserved it too.


I began again as I started to wrench my hands around to put on my hips, "YOU ARE SOO STUPID YOU BRAINLESS PRAT. I HOPE YOU-"

"Heather, you're about to-"









My hand whacked the tower of books, and they crashed to the floor. I sighed frustratingly, and dropped to the ground to pick them up. Why was the world getting so flustery?

"Here, let me help you, Heather," he kneeled down to the ground near me.

"No, no," I told him in a hoarse voice,"it's okay. You need to go to patrol duty anyways."

"Let me help. It's one in the morning, and you need a little assistance once in a while. You push you self so hard. That's why I love you so much."

My cheeks burnt crimson at his last few words. Nevertheless, I ignored the comment and for a few moments,our eyes darted elsewhere besides our countenances. It was becoming too awkward to talk to him anyways; after all, I'd really frightened the crikeys out of him. He needn't deal with that much more. The pile of texts were almost stacked, except for one more book. It was the shiny, rose-colored one, my favorite.

My hands touched the cover of the book, so did Harrison's.

"Harrison-," I gazed into his brown eyes.

"Heather-" He gazed right back into mine. Our hands still were on top of one another; warmth blazing in between them.

My face was an inch or two away from his. The entire library was empty of people and spirits, except for us that is.

Harrison leaned in and kissed me. His lips were like the wings of a swan, they glided smoothly on to mine with their silky exterior. He drew me in with his seducing intrigue and made me feel like I'd never felt like around Chris. I ran my hands through his dark, curly hair, while he comfortably nestled his hands on to my lower waist.

We slowly explored each other's mouths for what seemed like days, hours, minutes, or maybe for just a few seconds.

Suddenly,I jerked away from his mouth, "This isn't right. I'm betraying my flirt, and destroying your friendship. We've got to-"

My next words would never come; they were halted by his lips crashing down upon his.

"Heather, shut up. It doesn't even count anyways since he hasn't asked you out yet."

I looked serenely into his auburn eyes with trust and a feeling of stability for once in my life i could just stay here forever in his warm embrace.........

This felt so right. To be in his arms was unbelievable. I never was so safe and shielded from the ice cold that invaded the castle. My eyelids were too heavy to resist, I fluttered off to sleep right in his embrace.


Tell me what you think will happen next you guys and don't be afraid to review (I don't bite!) On top of that, i hope that you'll be just as satisfied with this chapter as you hopefully will be with the next!


Chapter 2: Waking, Discovering, Sleeping, and Reality
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A sea of darkness filtered my eyes when I awoke from my rest. I could not see a single thing, not even the slightest luster of an object. The last memory I had before falling asleep was in the library in...Harrison's arms. Sodding fag, Harrison had dropped me on to the couch in the common room and didn't let me just go back on my own. I grumbled and rose myself from the velvety cushions and dragged my feet to the east of the common room where my dorm was. Uggh, this was taking forever; usually I could get to my dorm within a minute or two, but it seemed as if it was taking a longer time to get to bed.


My foot had caused a pile of something to noisily collide and crash to the cold, cobble stone floor.  Well, my roommates would be peppered up with anger about the accident and how it had halted their REM, but hey, I needed to go get some rest. I ignored it, and took a step into the corner of a wall.

Where the fucking hell was I?

I pulled my wand out of my skirt pocket and quickly whispered ,"Lumos"

The cherry-wood stick lighted up to a white hot fire at the tip. I waved it around to see that I wasn't in the Gryffindor living quarters, but  deep into the depths of an untidy apartment that had books and laundry sprawled all over the floor. I was definitely not in my own room with Sam and Roz because every single aspect of the room was kept up neat and tidy, even the used tissues were folded in the trashcan.It hit me, I was in the Head boy loft.

That bastard, I was going to make his life a living Hades. He kissed me with those unbelievably stupendous lips, carried me to his apartment, and now I was trapped in his place until morning (if that is he'd get up by then). Oh, I'd give that boy the ol' "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" regime. My feet stomped up the stairs and to his dormitory. I whapped my toes down on the ice cold floor to disturb him and waved my wand around the hallway for a wooden sheet with a golden knob in it. For a few moments, my eyes scanned grouchily for the door; I found nothing but more stone, until I reached a Mahogany board. I whipped the door open and my eyes fell on Harrison. My attitude flipped upside down from the fury I'd been building up since a few seconds ago.

 He His legs were hunched into his stomach while his arms hugged his shins.  His long eyelashes fluttered as he wandered in another realm and his face looked so peaceful that I could've sworn that my stomach dropped.

Even though almost every aspect of my boyfriend's best mate symbolized the poster boy for Utopia, he didn't have a blanket over him to shield him from the fierce cold blizzard roaring outside. I knew that I should somehow re-tuck him in without waking him up. I did not want to interrupt this beautiful sight. I tip-toed over to his bed and lifted the duvet with the pads of my fingers. I lifted the light afghan on to him and was about to tuck the blanket over him, when a hand grasped my forearm.

I froze at the touch of his grasp on me. It was that wonderful sensation that I'd felt in the library just a few hours ago.

"Gahh, you woke me up! Have you ever thought about knocking?"

"No, not since you imprisoned me in this dungeon of yours!" I hissed.

"I guess that you wouldn't use that brain of yours for once in a while for manners, you mindless git."

I winced at the comment; that insult had been thrown at me every single moment I was with my parents and they were screeching about how poor my grades were. Shriek upon shriek about how O's in every subject couldn't meet the standards in their household. I'd learnt to build a brick wall against my emotions and was easily able to block the rapid of tears from invading. However, at this time, that seawall had collapsed.

My eyes overflowed with salty-droplets that poured down on to my cheeks. The discharge stung like acid on my skin to commemorate on a moment when I spelled one word wrong on my Astronomy essay and even more unbearable moments.

I wailed for another few seconds until the feeling of palm weighed down on my shoulder.
"Heather....are you okay?"

I retorted, while sniffling, "Do I resemble a happy person?"

"Listen, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that you were very sensitive; I should think more often about what I blurt out."

"No, no," I shook my head,” it’s not you, Harrison. My life is just.... well, extremely difficult right now..."
I summarized in a few sentences of what was going on in my world.
Harrison didn't seem surprised, "You need to get some rest. You're pretty tired if you're sobbing constantly."

"Where am I going to sleep?"

"I dunno...probably, we'll have to share the same bed. It's too far from the living room downstairs and I don't think you'd want to be alone down there. Sirius Black might be lurking downstairs for all we know."

I gaped at him. How could an idiot head boy be such an airhead to what could happen in a bed?

He sensed my expression in a faint moonlight of the windowsill, "Good Merlin, no! I'm not going to do that!"

 I shrugged,” It’s a pretty weird idea if you'd ask me."

He rolled his eyes to the streak of moonlight that was creamed out on to the celing,"Just get into bed. We're not having sex. Trust me, it I love you, then I wouldn't do that."

I reluctantly scurried over to the mattress and somehow managed to pull on a pair of pajamas from my book bag before Harrison could get a glance. The flickering glow of Harrison's caramel colored skin slid beneath the warm quilts beside me.

"Night, " he mumbled, "I'll wake you up at 6:30."

I could sense that he had closed his eyes and shriveled into a ball again, like he was in before I accidentally woken him. I unclipped the barrette in my hair and dug my head into the pillow. Right now at 3 'o' clock in the morning, my life was pretty messed up and it wasn't going to get any better from this point on. I was just going to have to be flexible. Within five hours, I'd be up and ready to go and erase this from my memory. Maybe the situation would get better, I didn't know...I shook my head nevertheless and let the temptation of sleep cloud over me.


An orange hue burnt into my pupils when I woke. I crinkled my nose at the sight of it, and opened my eyes. The sun had shaken me awake and poured the memory right on to me.
The kisses, the embrace, and me crawling in to bed with Harrison. I was in the head boy's apartment, and still luckily- a virgin. His arms were wrapped around my stomach. How did that happen? Harrison was snoozing away like a narcoleptic puppy, unaware of the awkward embrace we were in.

I suddenly wondered what the time was, so I glanced at the red digital clock. Reality broke upon me-

"Harrison," I tried to coo him (reluctantly against my feminist will), and slightly turned around, "we've got forty minutes until the Potions exam. Snape would kill us if he found out we came in late."

That didn't work, he groaned in his realm (or if he really was still dreaming) and I pinched him to see if he'd react. No sign yet, or he was just ignoring me.

I slapped his face, "And Chris would wonder why we were coming in late...together."

He popped his pupils immediately open and unhooked his arms around me, leaving me frigid in the ice-cold temperature of the room. I sighed, now it was actually reality and I had...EXAMS!!!!!!

"Oh my Merlin! I didn't realize we overslept! I just woke up when you, gave me that painful hit! Why'd you have to do that?" Harrison said, hopping out of the bed. He was wearing nothing but boxers and a wife beater that clung tightly to his skin. It's a miracle that I wasn't able to see that. I'd have thrown my Chastity ring right out the window if I'd spotted him in that.

"You needed to wake up, that was all."

He rolled his eyes and swung the wife beater off of his torso. I glanced quickly at the stone wall and took sudden interest in it.

He slammed the door quickly while I changed into my day-old garb: a black skirt accompanied by a pair of knee-high stockings. I pulled off my shirt, and was situated in just my bra. I was just about ready to snatch up my ivory button down when the door flew open.

"Could you give me......oh? Wrong time!"

He slammed the door shut, while his skin turned as red as. I erupted into a fit of laughter and continued to get dressed

I began to perform a few spells on my hair to make it look like it wasn't a disaster. My hair didn't need much, of course. I had long blonde hair that often didn't need much. . My blonde locks always looked fairly half-reasonable, if not to mention fantastic. I got a compliment or two every week or so. 

I sighed, waiting for Chris's best friend to come leaping out of that bathroom.

 Meanwhile Harrison was in the shower, desperately trying to ooze my scent off of him in all of three minutes, so Chris wasn't wondering why my apple-cherry scented perfume was smothered from head-to-toe on him. I cringed of idea of Chris asking him why Harrison smelled "relatively familiar."
Harrison came back into the bedroom just as I finished tying the laces of my shoes. He gazed at me and asked, "Are you ready?"

I nodded and walked out of the bedroom with him.

A world of complex lies were to come. I couldn't think of how I'd explain to my friends about me wearing the same exact outfit as yesterday.




Chapter 3: Sneaking, Writing, and Casting Spells
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"Harrison, get on the other side of the hallway. NOW!" I cried.

He shot on to the left side of the brick archway and wrenched his head towards some stupid brunette Ravenclaw who was waving him down. Thank Merlin for that chickadee, whoever she was; the girl was saving my life from being ruined over one very awkward night.

Meanwhile, I trudged down the passageway between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables, fumbling through my bag for a textbook to study for the last thirty minutes.

"Heather! HEather! HEATHER!" A voice shrilled from behind me. I turned around to see my best friend, Samantha Hewlett glaring at me. Her black-frizzy hair was bundled into a polka-dot scrunchie and those furious olive eyes didn't match up to the craziness of her updo.

"Gee, can you get any louder?" I complained, clutching my Charms notes with the strap of my bag slung over my shoulder.

She retorted back, "Who cares? You have the ears of a two-hundred year old ninny."

"Nope, three hundred," I joked.

She groaned, and then hissed,"Where were you last night? The entire student body of Gryffindor was freaking out about you!"

"I was in the library," I lied," I must've fallen asleep on that bloody long text about warthogs' mating for Care of Magical Creatures."

"Oh like you were ever in Care of Magical Creatures! Your nose is growing by the minute with the snot full of lies that you're telling me! Give me the truth!" Sam bellowed, her hazel eyes darkening with anger by the minute and the orange circles on her hair tie started to shrivel into rusty little ovals.

I gulped, how could I manage another fib to one of the best lie detectors in the wizarding world? Even so, how could I lie to my best friend? It just didn’t seem right. I would have to somehow come up with a fib that could fool her in a nanosecond-

"Okay, okay. I'll tell you the truth. I stayed over in the Hufflepuff common room to study with Livvi."

She seemed to believe the answer,” Fine, just please...please don't do that again. I was worried that Black's nose got a good whiff of you and stomped you out into the textbooks."

"Luckily, I'm not a Flat Stanley, so I think I'm fairing well."

She grinned at my comment, "It's good to have you back this morning."

"In what state was Frendel found after the attack of Rensdale?"

"He appeared in a comatose state with severe burns and scars."

“Who was the attacker?"

"Knox Barnard."

Sam and I conversed rapidly on the History of Magic review for the hundredth time. The clock was ticking away and slowly diminishing the cram time, and we both drank in the information with gratefulness; for me, however, I was distracting myself from Harrison’s stare that was making my stomach turn into a net full of butterflies.

"Achooo!" a sneeze roared from behind Sam and me like a lion, "Morning, you two!"

Who was that? I wrenched my pupils away from my papers and discovered a coffee bean-skinned girl whose face was hidden by a hankcheif. It was Waverly Bhutto, the person who could make you laugh like maniac any time of the day.

"Wave, you resemble a victim of the Influenza Epidemic of 1918. Are you sure that you'll be able to manage during the NEWTS?”

She sniffled,” I think I'll survive. I just came back from the clinic a few minutes ago. Madame Pomfrey forced me to swallow this bloody elixir. Supposedly, this crap is going to cure me of this rubbish I've suffered for the past week or two."

That would be a miracle. Wave had been violently ill with a mild form of influenza. Her entire complexion transformed this week completely. Her nose was no longer the color of a dark-chocolate, but a raging shade of scarlet; while her eyes remained bloodshot behind her spectacles.

"Wave, look at who came along this morning," Sam pointed out about my presence.

Her red-eyes lit up, "Oh yeah! How was the library last night? Was that girl there again? You know....... the bookworm?"

Sam shot her an infamous death glare, and Wave flipped back into her role-model mode,"Oh, I mean...Heather, where in the bleedin' Tom Riddle were you last night? You stole time into my sleep and I need that you know...cuz as you obviously know, 'I'm dying’.”

For one reason or another, Sam sometimes acted like this and to be quite frank, it was pretty awkward. Maybe she acted like this because she had two younger (and viciously annoying) siblings to look after or the fact that Sam was Sam.

"Harrison, over here! You flamboyant nancy, don't you ignore me!" Wave was calling out to the person I least wanted to talk to on this fine blizzarding morning. He glanced back at us and concluded his conversation with whoever that girl was. Harrison and Waverly seemed to get along, even though Wave was still under the impression that we were sworn enemies.

"Oh, whatever! He's never vamoosing down here for us! Anyways, did yeh hear that wench snoring last night on the next aisle over?"

I chuckled, "Yep, she was. I was studying and she snored like crazy until I got in a row with-"

I stopped myself; I never realized that it was that hard to keep a secret.

"Got in a row with whom?" Wave implied.

"The book keeper," Sam chimed in, “that hag tried to kick Heath out of the place because she was in there beyond closing hours.Oh those librarians, don't they understand how hard we students work?"

"Wow, its official that the prissy book keeper really does want to mess with our GPAS."

Sam was lying for me?
Why in the name of fucking Merlin was she doing this? I fibbed to her about I had no idea as this event spanned over quickly in my mind. The bell luckily rang just before the conversation became awkward and Harrison would not be able to dip into our talkfest. Thank goodness!

Now all I needed to do was find the real man of my dreams, Chris McFaddin. My nectarine-gel haired beau, where are you?
The frigid air spun around in the room, spiraling from desk to desk to nettling every Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. Girls were twirling their ringlets around their pinkies as tight as they could until their finger hadn't any circulation left and was the color of fuchsia. Almost everyone in the class shared the same expression of getting kicked in the stomach. Fingernails were no longer present in the outside world, due to the fact that everyone was biting them off and spitting them out on the floor-much to McGonagall's disgust. I swear that I even saw kids beginning to weep because they were so nervous about the early NEWTS. As soon as I probably would lay my eyes on that exam, I was going to go into cardiac arrest; which was what every other student was thinking in the classroom.

While everyone was halting the vomit in their throat, Sam's elbow had managed to continuously jab into my arm as we listened to McGonagall lecture the class on how to take the test.

"Ouch, Sam! Is there anyone else you torture?"

"Gee, I'm sorry, okay? It's just a bad habit," she declared.

"Yep, I hear ya...," I sarcastically commented, and stretched my arms into another corner of the lab table.

Professor McGonagall had heard us bickering, oh crap; she was going to throw us out of the room. She hurried over to us,” Pardon my interruption, but is there a problem, ladies?"

We both cried in unison,” No, ma'am."

"Good, now, as I was saying.....," the professor's evergreen cloak flew by as she headed to the front of the class to furthermore explain how to circle an answer and write with ink on the paper.

Quills screeched to the point of eardrums bursting as the essay portion of the History of Magic exam started. My throat was parched from lack of water and no restroom breaks whatsoever because the Ministry of Curriculum had passed a law against it. Nevertheless, I was fine because my mind wasn't fading into daydreams-yet.

For about the past eight hours, my class had been through multiple visits from government workers specialized in certain subjects and about one hundred sixty-eight pages of questions total. We'd have a break-well, sort of- where each student would go behind a curtain and perform what ever was required to do for the Ministry guest. Within a few minutes, we'd return to the agonizing pain of our desks and resume to scribbling on to our scrolls.

There was one activity that I had to demonstrate where I was required to transfigure a muggle pencil into a bear, and then, the bear into an embroidered cravat. That was just the least random of the requirements I had to do. One test required that I extract a single strand of a live, biting freezle nit and feed it to a vegetarian plant, squeeze the excess from the plant- eating organism, and stir it into a medicinal antidote for some ancient ailment that was no longer present on the surface of the Wizarding world. If anything, the potion was probably for Wave, and the hundreds of viruses she caught throughout the fall.

Overall, my exams were extremely facile (because I crammed for five weeks up until last night.) Nothing was mentally challenging or vexing and I often ended up checking my answers over for two times minimum because I'd bring my tests to a close quite early. Sam also had the same problem, along with Wave, Viviana, and Roz also.

Once in a while, Chris and I would ruffle each other's hair or run our fingers along the side of our desks when we'd pass by one or the other. It would have been nice to smile at him after I executed my Potions task extremely well; however, most of the professors had a limited list of things we were allowed to do besides taking the exams. Sadly, grinning with sincerity at your significant other to try to ignore the pain of that you betrayed him last night was one of the top no-no's on most lists. Ugggh, how bloody awful!

Even though I couldn't smile at my beloved, there were so many times when something would occur and we'd try to muffle our laughter. If anyone isn't aware of the famous Fred and George Weasleys' pranks, then he or she obviously doesn't know how hilarious they are. At one point during the Defense Against Dark Arts exam, George purposely popped a piece of gum in his mouth and when he began to chew it, he omitted several long belches. McGonagall even shook a tad bit with laughter when this occurred.

By the time the last kid checked over his answers for the fourth time, and George was chomping on his final stick of burping gum, the whole student body was anticipating for the bell to ring. Fingers were tapping impatiently at Allen Huang to hurry up and Viviana's saddle shoes were resting on the back legs of my desk and were successfully pushing our row up to the chalkboard. It was pretty amusing with the exception that the Transfiguration professor kept hissing at us to knock it off.

So when the bell sung that glorious anthem of liberation, we sprung like bats out of hell through the doorway. Christmas break had officially begun.

And Harrison came sprawling towards Chris.

Chapter 4: From One to The Next
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She was beautiful. Purely radiant. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her silky sheet of golden hair or her emerald eyes that sparkled with laughter every time one of the Weasley twins cracked a joke. I could just detect the witty comments that she'd say in the high-rhythmic melody of her voice and see tiny flashes of a bright grin that could overpower the sun in light.

All I wanted to do was snatch her away from the crowded common room and snuggle into some hidden corridor where nobody would see us. I'd enwrap my arms around her and lean in to kiss her. She'd gaze into my eyes-

"HARRI! Quit daydreaming, and listen to me for once in while," Anita, my girlfriend snapped, and slapped my wrist.

"Sorry love," I apologized and slid my hand on to her knee. She lowered her voice immediately and smiled with satisfaction. I glanced around the living room of the Christmas party to see if anyone noticed the racket.

These were the type of girls that I'd been dating for the past three years of my life. Women who caked their faces with that icky powdery stuff to hide zits, glotted their lips with head aching bright cardinal lipstick, and heightened their eyelashes to frighteningly high lengths. Most of them didn't even have the slightest clue to who Cornelius Fudge was or that You-Know-Who actually had a name other than "You-Know-Who". Boys that resembled rockers and possessed some other ethnicity other than white easily turned them on. 

Heather, on the other hand, was different. She was the Chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, a genius, and didn't even know what eyeliner was. I'd resented her at first because Heather was barging in the way of Chris and my conversations with her annoying little antics about Muggle world affairs, all that African poverty and such. Suddenly, after a year or two, she was a tiny princess perched on a stool, listening intently to lectures in Professor Flitwick's classes. And it started; I fell for her charm, and never admitted it until the night of the exams.

"Harri, what was I saying?"

"I dunno, some thing about Paulo and Nikki getting married?" I lied.

She hissed, "No, I was mentioning that Gertrude and Liam hooked up on Saturday! You never listen!"

I spat out at her,” For once in a while, maybe I'd perch an ear to your voice if you'd talk about something interesting for once in a blue moon!"

"Oh really," she retorted, "I could careless, because all you do is drum your guitar, read the paper, do your homework, pray the Rosy, and...stare at that dork in the corner!"

"Please, she's far more intriguing then you'll ever be!"

"Excuse me?" 

"Yeh, you're not deaf, you heard what I said!"

"Fine. All I really wanted was to de-virginize you anyways," She rolled off of her tongue. 

I shouted back at Anita as she tripped out of the Portrait Hole in those orange high heels, "It’s a Rosary by the way!"

"I DON'T CARE!" She sung out and slammed the Fat Lady.

I flushed with crimson at her stupid adhocracy. Anita was the ninth flame I'd plowed through and it was nothing to brag about, number wise that is. She was a Quidditch Groupie I was set up with on a Hogsmeade expedition with Oliver Wood. He needed to double date because he was finally in a relationship with some Ravenclaws he'd laid eyes on for several months and Oliver was jumpy about being alone with Marigold Davis. Anita Malanera apparently thought that we were actually in a relationship, so it hit off for a couple of weeks.

"Great," I avoided her annoying little gaze and continued to burn a hole into the wall until she stalked out of the room. 

Meanwhile Heather was laughing hysterically and pointing her finger in my direction. Fred and Wave joined in with her guffawing. I groaned, those four were such cynics, they found such joy in my misery. Maybe the Weasleys, Wave and Heather should've been classified a new case of cynicism, Harrison cynics. There I went.

"Will you all knock it off?"

"Pssh, why should we? It's fun to spike your girlfriends drink with the twins' new experiments!" Wave cried.

I was speechless," wouldn't..."

"Oh yes, we would!" They chimed in unison.

"God, you guys! I broke up with another girl." 

"Oh," Heather suddenly ripped through the banter," like a little Tizzy Clicker would endanger your sex life!" 

"My sex life? Like I ever had one!"

"Sure, and I hear that Jimmy Hendrix wasn't black."

"Way to insult the rocker expert, Heath Ledger," I bounced out of my chair.

"Shut your trap, I ain't looking like the Joker!" She leaped a tiny step towards me.

"Ain't? Wow,'re a hick?"

"Why, excuse yourself. The Spanish aren't too great themselves. Such low-class!" 

"Doubt that, you're blonde."

"We'll see about that, hijo de punta."

I flung towards her and now, our faces were just inches apart from one another.

"Just you wait Hea-"

"Break apart the catfight ladies," Wave intervened, snatching my arm.

"Yeh, you lot should take this outside and work it out WITHOUT getting in a violent row," Oliver was suddenly in the picture. How'd he get here?

Fred and George yanked our shoulders and pushed us out of the Portrait Hole. 

"Good luck! Don't kill each other!"

The red headed duo vanished as soon as the Fat Lady forcefully clamped the place shut.

"Here, we are again. You pollock." Heather scoffed with her arms crossed. I'd done it again, we weren't on good terms and I was in love with her. She'd never forgive me for calling her a hick. What did I get myself into?


"You are so mean and cruel sometimes," Heather choked on her tears, “I don't think you're aware of that though, are you?"

I frowned. Blimey, she could really get bitter; I'd never foresee Heather going Midol on me. Most people in the Houses thought she was too virginal, saintly, and a poster-girl for a goody-two shoes. Apparently, Heather had a dark side. Maybe it had cookies.

"Yes, I am," I snapped,” you’re just too blatant to notice."

"Is that another reference to me being yellow?"

"Yellow, more like Ice Queen."

She took the comment with astonishment. Her brain was thinking hard to spit back an insult back at me. Her nose and forehead wrinkled a little, while her lips disappeared into a white line.

"Why don't you just say sorry?"

"Because you insulted me first!"

"Well, I can't help it!"

I snorted quite obnoxiously," Help what? Being an idiot?"

"Pssh, well excuse me. You're the one whose head can't even handle the mental capacity to screw a girl's mind around by telling her that you lo-"

She halted in midsentence, knowing exactly what she was going to say.

I retorted,” Come again, twit? In love with whom?" 

"I-i-i-i," she stuttered. 

I spat out," With some little brat named Heather. Why yes, she's quite the bitch right now."

My ear reacted to the sound of a wail. Oh Merlin, I'd made her cry, again like last night. What had I done? Even more so, how'd that harsh language roll off my tongue to the apple of my eye?

"Heather," I frantically tried to apologize,” I’m so sorry! I didn't mean it! Really I didn't!"

She glared at me from under those long fluttering eyelashes. Even though she was sobbing like crazy and wasn't clad with any hint of cosmetic, she looked stunning. I positioned myself comfortably in that position for sometime until her sniffling began to soften. 

"Just leave me alone, you home-wrecking fool!" She shoved me off and began to scamper away. I caught her right before she could turn the corner.

Her warm hand was nestled into the interlock of our hands. Her back was leaned up against a wall and shivering from the light cotton long sleeve shirt she was wearing. 

I didn't know what to say except her name,” Heather, honey." 

She didn't utter a sound.

I saw the tears on her face, my lips crashed down on to each tear, sucking each one on the soft surface of each cheek. They were salty with a reminder of Heather's love and hope of a much sweeter maiden beneath it all. She relaxed with each touch of my lip upon her skin; in fact I think she was enjoying it. Finally, I came to the last tear, which was on her lip......

Chapter 5: Kitty Cocktails and Broom Closets
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"You really had to do this to her this time, didn't you Fred?" Wave hissed with her hands clenching the skin on her hips.

"Do what?" I asked her while trying to tie a cherry stem around my tongue.

She grimaced at my tongue sticking out with the cherry stem soaking up in my saliva on the ledge of my curled taste palate. Wave grumbled in disgust,” You know what!"

I looked at her cluelessly,"What? Honest to Merlin, this some sort of Pakistani custom to perplex blokes like me?"

Wave slouched closer to me, “You convinced me to push Heather to work things out with Harrison. You know that's going beyond her will."

I looked perplexed with the angst drag-queen loving girl (yes Wave is absolutely smitten with men who look very feminine). Her eyebrow had knotted into a sharp 45 degree angle and her breath became very huffy. I honestly still didn't know what the heck she was gabbing about.

Suddenly it clicked into the key hole of my mind and the door to this mystery was comprehended,"Oh, you mean with Harrison and Heather arguing? Nahhh, it'll be over in matter of minutes. There might be a few scratched here and there, but no dead people."

She moaned, "No, you don't even remember do you...”

Wave snatched my hand and wrenched me off to the abandoned broom closet that we'd constructed into a makeshift gossip corner, which not a soul knew about in Hoggy-warts. She pushed me into the closet and locked the door.

I mumbled,"Lumos."

Wave snatched my wand and mumbled,"nox.'

I frowned in the darkness (Wave thankfully couldn't see that) and noticed her striking a candle. Oh that's why.

She sat down in the flickering light on an antiquated wooden crate shoved up against the wall. In the mean time, I performed a few silence and lock spells on the closet so no one could hear us.

As I sat down, Wave began to become impatient. I plopped myself down on a wooden crate opposite of her wall, “Okay, okay. I'm ready to gossip.'

"We aren't chatting this time around. This is serious," She corrected me and rolled her eyes to the ceiling. Honest, I never quite understood why she did that. There was nothing interesting to look up at over there.



This was going to be the most difficult secret to squeeze out of my throat to Fred. I'd kept this bottled up and didn't want to reveal something that a friend wouldn't ever want to leak out.

"Remember back when Harrison got all Midol on us last March and went all emo?”

Fred squinted his eyes at me with an inquisitive interest. Wow, finally he was going to listen to what I actually had to say. This wasn't like the time he forgot that it was my birthday and I had to remind him. We won't be getting into that disaster though sadly enough (not!)


"Well, that was around the time when Heather and Chris began to date."

"I can remember that, and how pissed off Harrison was. I felt bad for the kid to be frank. Heather stole his mate's heart."

"Errrm.....there's a side to the story, Fred. That's why we're here, so the rumors don't spread about it, okay?"

"I get it, now go on. I want to know!"

"Harrison wasn't mad at Heather when she and Chris were dating, he was devastated. He was in love with her."

"Bloody murder, you've got to be kidding me right? Every single time I sit at the table in the Dining Hall with him, Harrison makes a face when Heather sits next to me and complains constantly about her when she's not around."

I shook my head, “Harrison complains about Heather because that's his way of talking about Heather and a method to retrieve details of her day's progress. The disgusted face is really just a cover-up for a smile. Harrison's gone psycho on whether or not his best mate could findout just by the way he acts around Heather. He doesn't want her to know that he likes her."

He slapped his forehead in realization, "That explains the reason why I sometimes will run into the Head Boy dormitory and find him grimacing at a photo of Heather. He's trying to prevent himself from smiling at her like what you would do if you were near someone you were going crazy for."

"Yep," was all I could remark on the epiphany that Fred had. I wasn't in the mood to say much else; I had known about the dilemma even before Harrison confessed to me about his crush. It just clicked in my mind somehow/

I strummed my hands nervously through the splintery wood, oh boy, I don't even know how I'd even tell this one, “Harrison always told me that it was when she came back in her sixth year. She'd apparently grown up in his sense. Grown up? For Heather, I know right? But I just don't think that was the time he fell for her. I think he's been lying."

Fred rested his feet on my crate, causing it to push right into the wall, “That explains it!"

"Ouch, what explains what?"

"Sorry Wave, the reason why Harrison was asking what Heather's favorite stone was. He was going to get an article of jewelry for her of some sort. He claimed it was for secret Santa and he was reluctant to do so."

My stomach turned wayside at the remark, "Oh my Lord, we have to prevent this from happening.


In the bit of flickering light from that bloody candle that Wave lit, I could see that her cheeks were about to turn to the color of Honey duke’s Cookies and Crème with the atomic bomb I planted on her. Was this too much for her?

Nahh, not for Wave.

She was speechless and her mouth tightly shut to indicate that she wasn't up for talking a whole bunch.

She managed to open her mouth again, "And I hate to tell you this, but he's been hiding the secret since the day he met her. Third year of Hogwarts, remember? He used to taunt heather to get her attention and she'd end up running to her chamber bawling her eyes out. Those tricks weren't to torture her. They were to catch her attention. He, of course, eventually stopped and ignored her because McGonagall told him to. When he found out in sixth year about it, again, Harrison almost died from shock. I've been comforting him and pretty much using the broom closet as a temporary shrink office."

I jolted in surprise,” You’ve revealed the secret club house? What's wrong with you?"

Waverly grinned, "Everything."

"He's going so crazy, that he's becoming impatient with her long-lasting relationship with Chris. He claimed he's just going to tell her one of these days."

Wave approached the door and summoned me out of the staircase. I cringed in the burning light that I'd taken a break from for the past ten minutes. Just as Wave seemed to suffer from the same effects I had, those stupid fourth years began to giggle and point at my pants. I shot a dirty-death glare at them and the troupe of pre-pubescent nimrods ran off to the common room. Idiots.

"Fred, you might want to zip up those jeans."

Oh darn.


His lips sweetly embraced my own and kissed me like the moment in the library. Live memories cam vividly back into the depths of my mind of the towering shelves of texts and the swan-feather smooth lips that were painted on to Harrison's face. Now was the time to relive it all.

I slid my hand yet again into his curly locks and enjoyed the silky springs of black hair like I'd done in the library after our hands trembled on the preface of the muggle novel, "The Scarlet Pimpernel". Just as I began to travel through his head, Harrison grabbed my hand gently away from his head.

Was I doing something wrong?

He interlaced each of my wimpy hands into the strong firm weave of his own. How cute! I hadn't commited an act that caused him to feel uncomfortable. His kiss demanded much more than I was used to. He'd intensify the kiss with more passion and play than Chris had ever tried. With the relationship I was in, I hated to admit that our love was a friendship with a hug and a few stolen times for holding hands, nothing much else.

I was undeniably surrendering to his kiss; I felt so weak on that four-poster bed in his apartment. For the minutes to come, I absorbed myself into the passion and it became more intense by the second.

I found myself unzipping his jeans and Harrison fiddling with the button of my own denims.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

And I answered, "Yes."

Chapter 6: Insomnia attacks, the shrink office and a happily ever after
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The gruesome reality stung inhumanely on to the skin of my forehead as I recognized the painful tragedy I'd created in my own path of paranormal destruction.




On the night filled with excitement, too much eggnog or more over too much vodka in the eggnog, I happened to be drunk enough to spark a row between my best girl mate and the boy who happened to be completely head over heels for the brainy whim.




That little row arose into such a commotion so quickly that my guy mate, Fred, and I had to dismiss the lick between the two as fast as the time could make it and throw Harrison Fernandez and the blonde headed stick into the farthest corner from the Portrait Hole possible.




And now as I lay restless in bed, staring into the midst of the open dark ceiling, I wondered where my friend was. Heather was extremely punctual. She always arrived on the dot and never was too early or too late. However, right at this moment, she had passed the twenty minute span. The blonde perfectionist wasn't a hint in sight within the dark dorm room where three other girls seemed to have worried looks clouding over their faces.




I ran my hands along the silky ribbon of my Lolita doll's dress hem. Could she have engaged in sex-?




No, I swung my unveiled head from side to side on the fluffy pillow; she wouldn't do such a thing.




Everyday, Heather's left forefinger sported a silver purity ring with an obnoxious cross carved into the middle. It was the chastity ring of purity jewelry. I honestly didn't get the ring because every kid I'd ever known who wore one of those lost their cherries before they got married and those who didn't wear the circular finger accessory, were the ones who stayed virgins until after the sacred ceremony.




However, Heather lived up to the oath of the Christian symbol. She wore it no matter how many times I lectured her on the fact that the ring was just going to cause her the fate of doing the deed anyways. When those boys darted their pupils upon the ring, well, boys being boys, they will become tempted monsters. Fred views the chastity ring as if it were the sexiest thing ever.




"If a girl wears one of those, I swear I won't be able to control myself from actually trying to make her unpure out of marriage."




Of course, Fred found out that Heather wore the ring and he immediately regretted his comment the moment he saw his ninety-five pound friend wearing the ring the year she turned fifteen.




Now, drifting back from the momentary thought, I was interrupted by the clang of a heel colliding into the tip of the door.




"Shit!" I heard the familiar high-pitch tone curse. Heather Glencoe had arrived back home and boy was I going to beat the wankers out of her.




I clamped my eyes shut and pretended to snore the infamous vibrating sound Viviana complained so bitterly about. My ears froze at the rhythm of her clickety heels dropping to the clack of the wooden floor.




It troubled my mind that Heather swore. She never ever curse, not even if Voldemort had taken over the castle and was about to massacre all the muggleborns. Never, she was the staunchest Catholic I'd ever met in my entire Muslim career. Something seemed awfully fishy right at the moment.




"Wow," Heather's voice whispered into my ear,” someone sure doesn't know how to fake sleep."




I surrendered my cover-up plan to her, “Where the fuck were you? I was worried sick about you- and so was the entire population in this dorm room."




Heather extracted her wand from her denim pocket,"Oh you know..."




I snarled, “Don’t give me that. I know it way too well from my brothers and sisters."




She lit the candle in the room, causing a sudden jolt within the bedroom. Three of the living occupants groaned in disgust at her appearance, not that they despised her, the sleeping dogs just despised the fact that she walked in and interrupted them sleeping.




"What happened?" I demanded.




Her temples started to sweat profusely. Those delicate hands that remained so creamy white were darkening to rouge.




"I was at a m-meeting with Dumbledore..."




Allah, help me....




"Heather, have I ever told you that you're unskilled in lying? Where were you?"




"I-it's none of your business, so shove off."




I had to keep my temper down or let it implode within while not permit it to explode on the outside,” I’m not shoving off. If you're hanging with Sirius Black, I need to know. All of this room-I went down to a whisper-could have slashed throats by that convict.."




"Fine," Heather hissed at me, “I’ll tell you!"




I was suddenly whipped out of the room into the bright light...without my veil on. She quickly grabbed me and took me into the secret closet that was where Fred and I chatted just a few hours ago.




'What are you playing at?" I asked her.




"I was with Harrison." She looked down to the ground.




"So....what's the problem there? You two were working out the fight and trying to get along-"




"It went beyond that."




"You're friends?"




She didn't answer back.




"More than friends?"




Her eyelashes flickered just a little bit to indicate a "yes".




"So you kissed"








She was as silent as a mouse, still not answering anything.




"You lost your virginity?"




A small squeak uttered out of my friend, “Yes..."








"Wave, shush, people could wake up!"




I will not stop until I knew all of it.




"I was getting super aroused, okay? I couldn't stop until it was over."




I couldn't believe my ears. Little Heather Anna Glencoe just flounced herself in one hell of a sticky situation. Golly, not even Anita Malanera achieved such stardom with the hottest guy on campus. Harrison looked like a timid Enrique Iglesias, but even sexier. He was sweet, fond of music, and loved his mother and being Catholic. First time I ever met him, he was the shortest, chubbiest kid in the class. He wore thick frames at the time and was often hidden behind a book. His ambition in life was to become a monk and move to India where looks (as he thought) were disguarded.


Before Harrison was Harrison Fernandez, he was Javier Gonzalo Fernan Guittierrez Fernandez.


We were close friends at the time. We met on the first year of our Hogwarts a compartment. He was the timid boy who didn't have a clue about social graces and had a strong dislike for quidditch. We chummed around a lot since most of the kids thought I had a bomb up my veil and that Harrison was just plain weird.




But then things changed in the summer before our fourth year at Hogwarts. I traveled with my mum to Lebanon to see Aunt Flora and Jezebel, leaving Harrison to fend himself in Madrid with his cougar of a mother. We became penpals, catching up on the details of each of our vacations..I was enjoying the rays of sunshine at the "All womens beach" where I could take off my veil and wear a skimpy bikini as I pleased while he teemed with busy activities that took up the free time meant in the summer. He wrote mostly about what occurred the newest college muggle "Mum" was dating (she was flawlessly beautiful, even her wrinkles were to die for) and how he was worried about her.




And then those two weeks were over and he was at some theater camp in London. Things suddenly took a twist.




At the 9 3/4 Express, I met up in the usual spot and looked around for the familiar chubby face beaming shiny bright green braces and those pants that were about to burst open because he was just so.....corpulent.




This year, however, I was dumbfounded and implacable. I couldn't find my best friend to save my life and quite frankly, I was a little scared. I knew few people at Hogwarts besides him.








I whipped my head around. Someone just called my name and it definitely sounded like my best friend with a crack in his voice. Still, no one was here and I couldn't find him.








By the second time, I began to become very annoyed. I looked around one more time. No one there. Just the site of beautiful girls running about in stupidity like usual.








Something thrusted me up into the air and took me up by surprise. What the heck?




I looked around for the last time. There stood a beaming




"Waverly Bhutto, do you not recognize me?"




"Hell no you creep."




This stranger laughed, “It’s me....your best friend!"








"Yes, but not any's Harrison Fernandez. I'll tell you later."




Javier or now, Harrison was totally different from what he was before. For the first time, he was bubbly. Yes, the word-bubbly. He could talk up a storm in this strange new outgoing attitude.




And oh my heavens......




Harrison blossomed into a swan. His sappy skin was so soft and tan to hug. He no longer wore those horrid glasses; now, those eyes wore contacts and underscored the deep almond hue I had never noticed before. His hair was still curly, but one could easily tell that he had gotten it tamed and took care of it. And those thick eyelashes..good heavens so long and fluttering.




He grew like a weed. He sprung from a limping five feet tall to a strapping six foot two. It was nearly impossible to achieve such a height in so little time.




His clothing resembled the typical metrosexual when he wasn't in uniform. But when he came back from the boys changing room, those clothes he wore, fit him so well and beautifully that I almost cried. He was an angel. Somehow, the theater camp cast a spell on the ugly duckling and made him into a godly swan.




Women went wild for him. Girls begged him to tell them who he really was. However, the polite gentlemen he was, Javier grinned, “Ladies, that's a secret of mine."




Then we started to see less of each other...he was accepted on to the Quidditch team and I made friends finally with the girls in my dorm and we became incredibly close.




Harrison and I always spent time in Hogsmeade...talking about what was going on in our lives. Soon Heather popped into the conversation quite frequently.




"Do you know Heather Glencoe?"




"Yes, she lives in my dorm and is my good friend."




"Could you introduce me to her?"




I sighed, so Harrison and I would no longer plan to marry...blimey.




I introduced them soon as possible (Harrison kept nagging me to do so and I even think I did it in that afternoon). Things went okay at that occurrence from my perspective but in Harrison's, he was head over heels for her.




And Heather didn't even know it.




"Is Glencoe dating anyone?"








He smiled quickly.




"How's Heather?"




"Etta's doin okay."




"Could you elaborate?"




"Well, she finally got to see the boy she liked and go out on a date with him. She came back disappointed though. He didn't kiss her and you know, she's never been kissed."




He would grin quickly again.




"Wave, I need to tell you something."








"You know Heather?"




"Of course."




"Every time she walks in a room, my heart starts racing and my hands get clammy. Even if she's a hundred meters away, I'm still a nervous wreck."






"I think you love her."




“I think I do too."




And his passionate, caring love for the then eighty-pound wonder sprouted stupendously. For the next two years, this boy would mope over the several boyfriends she had and fight with her just so he could talk to her.








I was incredulous beyond belief. Harrison achieved the proving of his love with the ultimate affection- sex. I never knew little Javier had it in him, but people change.




"Heather, did he use protect-"




"I heard him whisper the spell."




"Which one?"




"What do you think? I'm a hooker? I don't know this crass."




She snorted at me and at the same time, moaned in pain. First timers endure that pain where the sun doesn't shine and from what I know, it hurts like no other.




"Why'd you go for it? You know you have an upcoming relationship with Will."




"There was something about Harrison. I don't know, it was like every time I looked at him, I got this weird feeling like I was in love with him ..."




She groaned,"oh this nonsense, i'm talking daggers again."




"Nooo, Harrison is in love with he wants to marry you immediately after school ends."








"I'm sorry if you're creeped out-"




"I’m not frightened; I think I yearn for the same thing too."




And that was that. By July, Heather was no longer Heather Anna Glencoe. She was Sra. Javier Olon Fernandez.