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Things Unforeseen by Ginny_RED_Potter

Format: Novel
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 11,657
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Spoilers

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/OC, Rose/Scorpius, Lily/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 08/04/2009
Last Chapter: 03/02/2011
Last Updated: 03/02/2011


I, Avaira Riley, am a Seer. I'm one of those rare individuals that are privy to occasional glances into the future. When I was two, I saw that my mum was pregnant with my little sister.I saw my first kiss when I was six. And a year before I went to Hogwarts, I knew who I was going to one day marry. But, of course, at the time, the name James Sirius Potter meant nothing to me.

Chapter 1: The Seer
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Disclaimer: It's J.K. Rowling's world. I just write about it. 
(So, if you're a reader of one of my other stories you're probably throwing rocks at your computer screen right now and shouting at it. But, I hit a little bit of writer's block. and when I hit writer's block on my posted stories I sometimes go back to my unposted ones and try to work it out of my system there. So that's what I did and while I was working on this I just got the overwhelming urge to post the first chapter up! And I'm in that "Life is short" mood this week so I've been following impulses and not sweatign this small stuff (like losing my class ring in a lake =[ ) I even found a few banners at TDA that would be perfect so I should have one of them up in a few days or so. 
Anyway, I'm out of writer's block I think so I'm back to working on new chapters for Return of Egraina Emerson, Coming Back a Swan, The Complicated Life of Mirabelle Rose and Fire and Ice. 
For now I hope you enjoy this story, I've seen one or two on here about Seers but not many an dI just thought I'd take a whack at it. READ AND REVIEW! =P

<3 RED)

Chapter 1 ~ The Seer

I, Avaira Riley, am a Seer.

I'm one of those rare individuals that are privy to occasional glances into the future. I see snippets of what will happen and am left to do what I will with that information. It's not all it's cracked up to be. Because I can't control my visions nor do I always understand them when they come to me. But they definitely come and then come true, exactly as I see them.

Ironically enough, I was horrid at Divination (as my visions don't come on command like Professor Trelawney seemed to think they should). I stared into that crystal ball for hours seeing nothing but fog and tea leaves remained brown lumps to me. No hidden messages or omens came about in all my time wasted in that tower. And, unfortunately, I only ever had one vision during those all classes. But I certainly wasn't about to share with the class when and where I'd be losing my virginity (or who I'd be losing it to).

Occasionally- like that one mortifying Divination class- the visions are about me. And sometimes they're even about life-changing things, though those aren't always very pleasant. Actually, they are almost never pleasant, now that I think about it.

When I was two, I saw that my mum was pregnant with my little sister, Marta. I got so upset- thinking I was going to be replaced- that I threw a huge tantrum and made the entire house shake (by magic, of course). My mother had no idea and when I told her, in my tearful baby drawl that I didn't want her to have another baby girl, she laughed and assured me she wasn't having another one. Seven months later, Marta Louise Riley was born and monopolizing all the attention that had once belonged to me.

At four, I predicted my beloved Aunt Genevive's death. I told my mother that Auntie Gen wasn't coming home from her vacation in South America- her plane was going 'swimming' in the ocean. I didn't understand, but my mother did. And having, on numerous occasions, seen my fretted predictions come true (and being the clever woman she is she figured out, sort of, what I was), she warned Gen but it happened anyway. She, thinking her sister was just being her frazzled, worry wart self, boarded the flight. The plane had a malfunction and crashed into the Atlantic.

By the time I was six, I knew exactly where my first real kiss would take place. Eight years later, I locked lips with Thomas Fletcher. It was awkward and messy but, thankfully the snog session didn't last long before my older brother walked in and nearly had a coniption (I- unfortunately- hadn't foreseen that part).

On my eighth birthday, I vaguely saw the lives of my three future children flash before my eyes. I knew I was having a boy first and then two lovely little girls- one with billowing raven curls and the other with cascading red locks. They would be beloved by everyone they met (save a few- but they wouldn't be respectable enough to count) and charm their teachers with top marks and right answers to all the questions. The boy would be mischievious and very athletic. The oldest girl would be very intelligent and girly. And the youngest would be strong-willed, fiesty and slightly tomboyish. I knew what house they'd be in at Hogwarts (though, at the time I didn't have a clue what Hogwarts was), who they'd marry and what their occupations would be (though, again, I had no clue what the hell being a Quidditch Player, the Head of the Department of Magical Law or an Auror entailed exactly). I even knew how many grandchildren they would give me (eleven, in case you were wondering).

And a year before I went to Hogwarts, I knew who I was going to fall madly in love with and one day, eventually, marry.

At the time, the name James Sirius Potter II meant nothing to me.

All I knew that I'd fall hopelessly in love with him when I was seventeen, marry him three years later and have the trio of charming children I'd 'known' since I was eight.

It wasn't until a year later- after I found out I was a witch and that I'd been accepted to the best magical school in the world, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry- that I met my future husband...

"Mummy, hurry up! The train leaves at eleven!" I called frustratedly.

My mother was seeing me off to Hogwarts today while my father carted my brother, Will and my sister, Marta to football and ballet practices. But, contrary to our plan, she seemed to be having a hard time leaving dad to do the jobs she normally did. She was fawning over my sister's new ballet slippers when I yelled in annoyance. What could possibly be so amusing about slippers?

"Alright, sweetheart. I'm coming," she assured me.

I scoffed and began to drag my trunk out to the car. As I tried to heave it into the trunk of our car, my dad came to help.

"Is she coming yet?" I growled, concentrating on my task.

"Yes," he laughed, "she just went upstairs to get her keys."

"Urrrgha," I groaned. If she didn't hurry up, I was going to miss the train.

Last night, I'd been so nervous I almost had told my parents to forget the whole thing. I almost made them sign me back up for the football team I'd been on and re-register me at Rothford High, where Will went.

But this morning, I woke up knowing exactly what house I was going to be sorted into (Gryffindor- the brave one) and the names and personalities of my three future best friends. Now, I was anxious to get there, meet them and become like sisters- as I'd seen in my vision. And my family was just not moving fast enough.

"Listen, Vair," dad said. "I want you to know that I'm proud of you. You're an extroidinary girl. So, just be yourself and everyone will love you, yeah?"

I flashed my dad a grin.

He was worried, it was written all over his face. He didn't like sending his baby off to a magical school. He didn't like the idea of not seeing or hearing from me for months on end (the reason he'd insisted I get an owl who I'd promptly named Agrippa).

"Don't worry, daddy. I'll be fine, promise."

Before he could say anything, my mother was ready and he hoisted my trunk into the car. He kissed me goodbye and waved as we drove away.

When we got to the station, my mother and I got a trolley, put my trunk and owl cage on it and wheeled towards platforms nine and ten. The man- Professor Longbottom- had told me that I had to run at the wall and then I'd be on Platform nine and three quarters. My mother- being a Muggle (non-magic person) would not be able to get through so I would have to say goodbye to her before hand.

With bone-crushing hugs, tearful kisses and several reminders in between, my mother wished me luck. Finally, she let me go- because it was almost eleven- and I ran straight through a brick wall onto the noisy platform.

I sighed in relief. I hadn't been sure if it would really work or not.

I opened my eyes to see the hussel and bussel of Platform nine and three quarters. It was packed with people, trunks and animals. Little ones whined about not being old enough to go with siblings, mothers fawn over each child and teenagers tackled their friends in excitement. Cats were slinking through legs and toads tried to slip away unnoticed by their masters, while owls flapped their wings- hooting indignantly.

A large scarlett train shrieked a last warning as I boarded with my belongings and people both inside and out scrambled to the windows to say goodbyes. I found an empty compartment- knowing that my friends would be meeting me any moment- and watched out the window as it took off.

Once it began racing through the countryside, I was itching with impatience. When would I get to meet my friends? I tried not to stare too expectantly at the door as I waited, even pulling out a book to try and distract me. But it didn't work very well.

At last, the compartment door slid open. I looked up and saw three very familiar girls and, unexpectedly, three unfamiliar boys.

"Mind if we join you?" Alice Longbottom, my future best mate asked.

"Not at all," I answered eagerly.

"I'm Alice." She told me unnessescarily. "And that's Layla Wood," I grinned at the girl I'd seen in laughing in my dream. "Leo Jordan, Dominique Weasley," the breathtaking blonde who would have every boy's heart by the time we reached puberty smiled at me. I was so excited it was almost difficult to pay attention to Alice's introduction, "and her cousins, Fred Weasley and James Potter."

The name took a moment to process. It flittered around my ears like an annoying fly buzzing like mad. Then finally, it flew in and processed. I gaped at the boy acrossed from me with the spiked black hair and warm brown eyes. My future husband gave me a friendly smile and I could see where our future kids were going to get it from. I saw my daughters' long eyelashes and high-cheekbones and my sons wickedly crooked grin and notoriously messy hair. It was beyond strange. Wrong on so many levels. Down right bizzare.

My new friends noticed my gaping and chuckled.

I looked at them, confused.

And the boy called Fred answered my look with a grin. "He gets that alot."

.... I hadn't even known he was famous.

The little prince of the wizarding world, first son of the highly revered hero, Harry Potter. James, Son-Of-The-Boy-Who-Saved-The-World-At-Seventeen. All I saw was the boy I was supposedly going to fall in love with in six years and happily marry. I had no idea of the significance of my future surname or what it meant for my future spouse.

But I soon found out.

Everyone fell all over themselves to be near him. To talk to him or become his friend. He was the darling of Hogwarts. He already knew half the teachers by their first names and seemed to have a blueprint of the castle in his pocket because (unlike the rest of us) he never got lost. Ever.

I also found out fairly quickly (when he laughed at me for tripping on the third day of school and stepped on my books without bothering to help me at all) that I did NOT love James Potter. I didn't even like the git.

In all honesty, he was my worst nightmare realized. Spoiled, arrogant, self-centered and more irritating than I would've believed humanly possible.

So, in regards to my future bridegroom (ugh) I worked to become indifferent. I didn't go around yelling at him and hexing him like I wanted to but, instead, I pretended he wasn't there for the most part. I tried not to talk to him if I could possibly help it and, of course, kept my solid, unwavering vision of the future to myself.

Whatever chemical imbalance I was going to suffer when I was seventeen would be best not voiced ahead of time, in case someone sent me to St. Mungo's. And I was pretty sure they would, because I'd sound like a complete nutter rambling on about the future and how I was going to one day become Mrs. Prathead Potter. (On second thought, I'd probably just sound like one of those annoying twits who follow him around like a hord of lovesick puppies all of the time. Ew.)

That, and I was best friends with his cousin.

I'm pretty sure that if Dominique ever found out she'd be ecstatic, which is why I'd never tell her. She has a bit of a problem with keeping her mouth shut when she's excited about something. And just my luck she'd slip to Fred, who'd immediately tell Potter (as they're not only cousins but best mates as well) or worse, she'd blurt it out to James Potter himself. I don't even want to think about the ramifications of that one.

Also, if I began to advertise that I had visions of the future, no doubt the student body of Hogwarts would fly into a frenzy. They'd start asking me insipid questions and demand I tell them what their life was going to be like and if fate would be a friend or foe. Which, in most cases, they knew just as much as I did.

So, long ago, I decided that my rare ability (call it a gift or a curse, both are true) should stay a well-guarded secret. That way I could at least have a chance of being a normal teenage witch.

The only person I've ever told flat-out that I could see the future was the person I trusted most to keep my deepest darkest secret. My very best mate and surrogate sister, Alice Augusta Longbottom II.

And that's only because she guessed it.

When I asked her how she simply replied with, "Well you never seem surprised by anything."
Of course, she had about a million questions once her suspision was confirmed. One of which (after several days of knowing that I knew the future) was if I knew who I was going to fall in love with.

I was so shocked that think I asked her if she was psychic too...

She laughed, rolled her eyes and said, "No. I'm just observant, Vaira." I stood there and blinked at her, astonished. Until of course she added, "So, are you going to tell James he's your future husband?"

Yeah. Scary, I know.

Half the time I concentrated on ignoring him at all costs and yet my best friend somehow managed to form the connection in that sharp mind of hers. This leaves me wondering why the hell she's in Gryffindor rather than Ravenclaw?

"No," I answered sternly after my shock wore off a bit.

"Why not?" she pouted.

"Because I'm not a bloody idiot, that's why not! And how did you even figure that out anyway?"

She smirked, "I'm not a bloody idiot either." I shot her a disparaging look and she sighed and began ticking reasons off on her long, polished fingers. "Well, you constantly ignore him - 'cept for when you play Quidditch together and even then you don't fly near him if you can possibly help it. You tense up everytime he comes within a arm's reach of you. You hardly meet his eyes. And, yesterday, when he started to say that What's-Her-Face, his latest plaything-"

"Savanna Bishop," I murmured quietly.

"Yeah, her." She grinned as if I'd just helped her prove her point even more by knowing the latest slags name.

Everyone knew who the idiot was dating, it was as if Hogwarts could talk of nothing else.

"When he started to say she might be the one you made this really unattractive noise between a snort, laugh and scoff."

I rolled my eyes, "I still don't see how you concluded he was going to be my future husband from that."

"Well, he is, isn't he?"

"That's not the point."

"Yes, it is."

"No, it isn't. Regardless of whether or not I'm going to hit my head on something hard and fall in love with Ja-"

"Oh, hiya James!" She said brightly, looking over my shoulder with a cheerful smile.

My heart stopped and I whipped around to see that no one was there. Turning on her, I glowered, "Not funny."

She smirked, "I thought it rather was." ...

Ever since then she's taken every opportunity to throw us together (not that she'd had many, but still) and every girl he dates becomes an instant enemy of Alice Longbottom, which is not something you want, believe me. I personally think it's a tad unfair for her to expect everyone to be as observant as herself and figure out my secret. But appearantly, she thinks it's rather obvious and looks at every girl who James Potter dates as a homewrecker.

She never understands why I don't hate them even more than she does- or at all for that matter. But I don't. I'd be more than happy to give up my claim if it weren't for the fact that not one of my visions has failed to come true yet (I have my fingers crossed though- hey, there's a first time for everything, right?).

In fact, because of her open hostility towards every one of James's ridiculous flings, Dominique is secretly convinced that Alice fancies the pants off of her cousin. (Yeah, I nearly laughed myself into a coma when she told me that one.)

But, this year, she's going to be so much worse because- one of the many times she was nagging me over it- I slipped and mentioned it wasn't supposed to happen until seventh year.

And she's been waiting, quite impatiently, for it to arrive ever since.

But her wait is finally over. Anytime between today- when we get to King's Cross station- and the day we graduate, could be the day.

It was finally seventh year, the year I was going to fall for James Potter.

Shoot me now.


Chapter 2: The Year
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(Okay, okay, okay I know people who read my other stories are giving their computer that "What the hell?" look but I promise I'm working on updates for all of them too! I just wanted to get this and Return of Egraina Emerson off the ground a bit- as I'm hoping to post the second chapter of Egraina today too =D.... Do you know that stories about Seers are actually almost as common as Sirius/OCs? Well, okay maybe not THAT common but they are more common than I would've thought before I actually thought serious about writing one! For those of you who like this story, you should go check out "Love Story" by Pangwin91 ... I knew I'd actually read a story before with the same general description "girl is seer and knows who she's going to marry" but I stopped reading it in December- when Avaira popped into my head. I just jotted down "Girl is seer, muggleborn, knew she'd fall in love with James Potter II before she knew who he was" in a blank document and left it for a few months so that- if I ever did get the story down, it wouldn't be too similar to Pangwin's beyond the whole "girl is seer and knows who she's going to marry" thing. But after I posted the first chapter of this, I went searching for her story again so I could reccommend you guys to her - cause you all really seem to like the general idea-and favorite it myself so that once I finish this I can read it =P ... Another one that follows the "girl is seer and knows who she's going to marry" pattern is "Coffee Cups" by Story... I've never read any chapters of this one so if you do tell me if it's good or not. I think I'm going to scribble it down with other- stories- about- Seers- I- must- read- once- I- finish- my- own. Other not-so-similar Seer stories on here that I've come by are.... well, "The Seer" by Molinari, "Seer; No good or evil just love" by Marauder Chick, "The Seer" by LilyJames Fan, (boy am I glad I didn't go with my original name for this "The Seer" by Ginny_RED_Potter ha ha ha!) "The Watchers" by Craigers, "Fire and Ice" by Dallas  (I know another title I found was very common, damn.), "And the Seer Dreamed" by crisp linen... basically all you've got to do is type in 'Seer' in the Title part of Find A Story and you'll get like five pages worth of stuff. I stopped looking around pages three because I didn't want to find that my story was even more cliche than any of us had realized. So, if you find any good ones for me to add to my list tell me! For now, enjoy my seer story! 

Chapter 2~ The Year


I was suddenly blinded by a mess of strawberry blonde curls. Dominique squealed in my ear, unconcerned about blowing my eardrums out or squeezing me to death. I guess when you're forced to spend almost the entirety of your summer in France with all your mum's relatives, you appreciate being back with your friends(even if it does mean school again) because this was how Dee always was on the first day back. I knew that by tomorrow afternoon- halfway through our first day of classes- she'd settle back into her normal self and be knackered from all the hyper-activity.

"Dee," I choked. She was seriously cutting off my air supply with this hug, arms wrapped around my neck like a cobra. "Dee...can't....breathe!"

"Oh, sorry," she let go of my neck, grinning sheepishly. "I'm just so happy to see you! It's our seventh year! Aaah!" She squealed again, in a manner that would have disgusted her, were it any other day.

My stomach rolled.

Yeah. Seventh year. Aaaaahh.

The year I'd dreaded since the first month of my very first year. Hearing it said, being here at the station- the oldest students boarding the train- made me want to vomit.

You didn't eat anything this morning, remember? So, you can't possibly throw up. A very unhelpful voice in my head reminded me.

My stomach growled resentfully, as I'd suspected it would. But there was no way I'd've been able to force myself to chew, much less swallow. I'd managed all week- as my nerves steadily built a Tower of Babel- to sporadically gulp down the various slimey substances my mother put on the table but I didn't taste anything. I ate only to make sure my parents didn't freak out and make me sit through a four hour lecture on eating disorders. And then last night and this morning I just didn't bother trying to force it down at all anymore.

I'd been too much of a wreck to think of anything but what I'd seen so many years ago, what I still saw whenever James Potter was around.

...My elegant white gown flowing around me, the giddy grins on every face around, the deep breaths I had to force myself to take so I didn't completely freak out and my groom waiting at the end of the isle beaming like he was the happiest man alive. Fred was on his left, his hand clapped on Potter's shoulder, grinning that familiarly wicked grin of his. Leo, a tall bloke with violently violet hair (that happened to match the bridesmaids' dresses) my brother and my future-brother-in-law, Albus Potter, were next to him, faces mirroring everyone else around.

Alice stood acrossed from them, in what I must say was about the least-obnoxious bridesmaid gown I'd ever seen, looking as if her dreams had all come true. My sister was holding a very small flower girl I recognized as my brother's (as of yet unborn) daughter; Dee, Layla and my future-sister-in-law, Lily Potter, were next to her all looking even more stunning than usual (if that were even possible). The atmosphere glowed with nothing but perfect happiness, yet my stomach still did this sickening flip everytime I thought about it....

It was then that Alice and Layla found us. And if I was hoping for support and subject changes from my friend it was all swiped away the second I saw her face. She radiated that pent up excitement. The wild anticipation she'd bottled up was ready to blow. It had been building since she'd found out when James and I were supposed (yes, I was still hoping it wouldn't come true) to be falling for each other. Everything about her body language said that she was going to do everything in her power to throw us together this year.

I shuddered to even think about what she was probably planning in that diabolical mind of hers. I could almost see her unfolding mental blue prints for elaborate schemes involving tweezers and Weasley products (which, admittedly, are banned, but- believe me- Alice would find a way). She'd had years to plan already and now she was going to dust off every option.

"Allieee! Laylieeee!" Dee exclaimed in that same sickeningly sweet voice.

Oh yes, tomorrow she would be exhausted from all this cheerfulness.

"I'm so glad to see you! I can't believe it's been two months! I have so much to tell you all! Can you believe that I..."

I didn't hear her words after that. I was too focused on my impending doom. Alice met my gaze with the widest grin I'd ever seen on her pixie-like face and quickly moved to link her arm with mine.

"Have you seen him yet?" she whispered excitedly with the mannerisms of a coconspirator.

"No," I bristled. I was not going to be a party to any of her schemes if I could possibly help it.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" She nudged her elbow painfully into my ribcage.

"Ouch!" I glared at her shortly, "Alice, it isn't going to happen by just seeing the sod." At least, I hoped not anyway.

"Well, it's a start!" she argued.

Ladies and gentlemen, my best friend, the eternal optimist. How a cynical, pessimistic realist like me and an always-look-for-the-silver-lining, never-stop-believing-in-fairytales, love-conquers-all sap like Alice Longbottom ever became best friends I will never know.

I was going to inform her for the eight-millionth time that I didn't want the horrible mutation to begin. That, if seeing him was going to get the ball rolling, I would rather poke my eyes out with my wand or have one of the many owls on the platform peck me blind before I let that ball deviate an inch.

But before I could spout a retort Layla said from behind us, "Let's go get compartment, yeah?"

"That sounds like a fantastic idea," I agreed hastily, relieved we'd soon be in close quarters for hours on end.

Alice glowered at me. She wouldn't dare discuss my affliction in earshot of Layla and Dominique for fear that I'd literally throttle her. Which I would.

We loaded our things onto the train and found a compartment with ease, changing into our robes and settling into comfortable positions. I curled into the seat by the window and took out a book I'd picked up in Diagon Alley the day before while shoping for supplies, Dee sat on the floor beside me (with her tie already loosened and her skirt rolled up to a border-line scandlous length) and leaned on Alice's legs as my persistant best mate kept busy by braiding her long blond hair and Layla sprawled on the empty bench acrossed from us- appearantly she'd had a late night last night.

"My stupid sister," she grumbled. "You'd think she'd at least try to be quiet or put a silencing charm on her bedroom after going through all that trouble to sneak her smarmy boy toy into the house. She's lucky our parents are deep sleepers otherwise they'd know that she's a screamer, too."

"Uaagh!" We all burst into half-disgusted giggles at the latest story of Lana Wood's sexual escapades.

"And then," she continued, "she had the nerve to come in and wake me up this morning before she went to work, bloody slag. I told her I'd come later because I had to catch up on the sleep I'd missed. And do you know what she asked me?" The pitch of her voice was rising with her outrage. She didn't wait for an answer, "That stupid bint actually asked me why I hadn't slept last night! As if I could with her and her sleeze ball shagging the living daylights out of each other IN THE NEXT ROOM!"

We laughed at her intensity. Layla put on a constatly annoyed front when it came to her sister but we knew the real reason Lana's escapades got her so worked up was because she loved her so fiercely and therefore felt protective. Even though Lana was a year older than us.

"Merlin! And I thought my brother was bad," I laughed.

"What did Will do?"

"You he's got that thing for blondes," I grimaced.

"Hey! What's wrong with blondes?" Dee exclaimed indignantly.

"Nothing." Except for the fact that he's supposed to marry a brunette. "It's just that all of these ones are real idiots." I explained, "I swear to you one of them didn't know how to tell time. I honestly don't think he's dated one girl who got into his university because of her brain. They all got in because daddy wrote the school a big check."

"Careful," Layla grinned. "One of them could be your future sister-in-law."

"Bite your tongue!" I exclaimed as Alice not-so-subtly sniggered.

She knew very well that my future sister-in-law was a very lovely, smart, curly haired brunette named Jessica Holloway. I'd already seen her in my head millions of times, only I didn't know when Will was going to meet and marry her. That's why my brother's promiscuous activities irritated me to no end. How was he ever going to get Jess if he was too busy with slags who didn't know how to tie their own shoelaces? I wanted my favorite sibling to find that mindless happiness he was destined for and give me those adorable nieces and nephews I would spoil to pieces. But he was taking FOREVER!

Maybe this is sort of how Alice feels sometimes. A curious voice in my mind mused.

Probably. Another one, that sounded considerably more like me, answered. 'Cept for the fact that Alice is waiting for something ridiculous and completely illogical to happen.
"You know, I never saw Will going for a bimbo bottle-blonde," Dee mused. She has this theory that the only reason blondes have the reputation of stupidity is because of all the bottle-blondes out there. "I always saw him as the kind of guy who would overrule his prick and go for a girl who had more than two good qualities."

"Three if you count down below," Lay corrected.

"Ew," I intervened. "Not a subject I want to go into!"

"Such a prude, Riley."

Every muscle in my body tensed at that familiar voice. 

Did I forget to mention that, despite my best efforts to ignore his existance, he seems to get a perverse thrill out of teasing me?

Alice instantly perked up next to me (causing Dominique to smirk), grinning madly in his direction but I didn't dare look.

Maybe because I was afraid, contrary to my earlier statement, that looking at him really would set the ball rolling. That when I locked eyes with the spoiled little prince of the wizarding world something in me might change and I'd lose my senses. That I'd see him in some collosally different way. I was terrified that some sort of heavenly light would envelope him and rather than seeing him as the irritating ego-centric asshole that's driven me mad for six years I'd look and see Adonis or something. That, in my delusional fog, I'd mistake every gesture he made as caring and every word for intelligent. Every smile would be tender rather than mocking. When he hexed poor first and second years, instead of satanic, I might somehow conclude that he was simply misunderstood or worse, I might actually find it funny.

The mere thought horrified me.

So I didn't look up. Instead, my eyes returned to my book, I arranged my facial features to look horribly bored and replied in a flat tone. "Better a prude than a whore like you, Potter."

"Ouch," I could practically hear the idiot grinning.

This happened literally every time I spoke to him. And, though that was rare, it was almost always some arguement or other. He enjoyed getting a rise out of me, my sharp remarks entertained him. It was like, whenever he thought his witty one liners were fading or his ability to think quick on his feet was slipping, he'd come argue with me to get back on top of his game.

"That hurt." He laughed. Yes, laughed after I'd just called him a whore. Not the brightest Snitch on the Pitch, my future hubby. "But not as much as it will when you finally pop your bloody-"

It was as he cut acrossed his cousin that I noticed the ever-cheerful Fred Weasley next to Potter (who I had yet actually look at). "Anyway, every other compartment is full or plagued with second years." He said (possibly saving his cousin from finishing a sentence that would force me to commit homicide) with a grimace.

No one in the school could stand second years (sometimes not even fellow second years) because every year without fail they all thought they were the shit. Seeing as they were no longer in first year and at the very bottom of the Hogwarts food chain. Morons.

"You girls mind if we share yours?"

Alice was the first to answer, as my cool expression froze in place and my stomach convulsed with horror. 

Yes, I minded! I minded VERY much!

"That'd be fantastic!" She replied a bit too eagerly to be subtle.

At Fred's answering grin my intuition flickered -I suddenly knew that, while I'd been so wrapped up in my own drama, something had occured- and it wasn't because of a vision. No, I knew this because boys don't grin at a girl that way unless something else is there. I suddenly wondered if throwing Potter and me together wasn't the only reason for her enthusiastic ascent. And then I wondered, as Dee smirked to herself smugly, if the reason I hadn't noticed before was because Dominique was normally more romance savvy and she didn't pay attention because she was still convinced Alice had a thing for James.

"Cool," Leo said and he very quickly lifted Layla's feet and sat them on his lap. She didn't seem to have enough energy to care at the moment, however, having already put so much effort into the Lana-rant. Fred sat between myself and Alice and, as my legs were crossed on the seat, James sat right below me on the floor next to Dominique, leaning against the bench.

I glowered down at the back of his head wondering- between the homicidal thoughts- how on Earth I was possibly going to fall for this constant annoyance in front of me.

I was intensly glad that Alice could not see me over Fred because I'm positive her grin would have widened substantially and I wasn't sure I could handle that. My stomach was in a horrid jumble of knots, my heart was pumping so fast you'd think I was running a bloody marathon and I was so close to throwing up I almost felt bad for the oblivious boy sitting directly in the line of would-be fire.

I aggressively shoved all thoughts of my wedding and nonexistant love out of my mind and forced it into my book. I wasn't going to let James Potter get to me, I wasn't going to let Alice pressure me into talking to him and I certainly wasn't going to fall in love with him of my own free will!

I was buried deep in the memoir of a pureblood witch who'd fallen in unrequited love with her muggleborn classmate during the war. She'd been forced to join the Death Eaters once she graduated from Hogwarts, while he went into hiding and became a part of the Order. Longing to be on the right side of the war and yearning for the man she'd loved since she was eleven (even though those feelings were as of yet unreturned), she escaped from her family and the marriage they were setting up for her and started life as a fugitive. Eventually she found the Order and joined the ranks of the good guys. I was just to the part where she was seeing her lost love for the first time since they'd graduated and-

"Anything from the trolley, dears?" The kindly old witch stuck her head in brandishing a trolley full of delicious wizarding candies and treats, as usual broke my concentration. The boys all stood up at once, as did Layla- who'd appearantly been using Leo as a pillow now rather than a footrest. Dee, Alice and I got up more slowly and joined them by the cart of delights.

A group of sixth year girls from the next compartment had joined us and were giggling and whispering to each other rather than looking at the sweets on the trolley. I highly doubted any of them would be willing to take in that many calories in a week much less a single day, judging from their borderline-anorexic figures. So why the hell were they even out here looking?
I realized, a second too late, that they were looking for another kind of candy. Eye candy.

The tallest bottle-blonde eyed James more boldly than the rest but it was still abundantly clear that each and every one of them was currently undressing my future husband with their eyes.


I saw Alice, unsurprisingly, glowering at these girls and Dee smirking amusedly from the corner of my eyes but I refused to look at any of them. Instead, though my nausea had returned, I bought the first thing I saw- a licorice wand- and returned to the compartment. Layla, Dominique and Alice returned after the trolley had disappeared but, much to their dismay, James, Fred and Leo stayed out in the corridor flirting with a steadily growing pack of girls.

I tried to get back into my book but my head felt too light and my eyes couldn't focus on the words in front of me. My brain refused to shove thoughts of my vision away again. Instead, the wedding I seriously doubted would ever take place played in my head once more- for the eight billionth time. Most little girls dreamed of their wedding day for years, but I didn't have to dream because I could play the whole bloody ordeal in my head already.

I supressed a groan, not wanting Alice to think I was upset over James flirting and kept pretending to be engrossed in my book. I stared at the page seeing nothing or reading the same sentence at least twenty times without an ounce of comprehension.

I have absolutely no idea when I fell asleep but it seemed like mere seconds later that Alice was shaking me awake while the others filed out of our compartment.

"We're here," she informed me unnessecarily.

"How long was I asleep for?" I croaked.

"About three and a half hours."

I groaned out loud this time.

"Nice drool spot, Riley." James mocked, nudging his head at my book. Sure enough, there was a big spot on the page.

I swore loudly and he chuckled.

I'm not sure if it was the freedom of a sleepy stupor or if I was just that fed up with thoughts and antics of James Potter but, without thinking, I stuck my tongue out at the bloke TeenWitch had just named 2021's Sexiest Young Wizard.

He blinked at me then laughed, winked cheekily and exited the compartment.

Alice sighed wearily. "You know, you could at least try to be nice to him."

"Why should I?" I challenged, futily wiping the drool off of my book.

"Oh, I don't know," she replied facetiously. "Maybe because you're going to have his son in a five and a half years."

"Sssshh! Don't say that out loud!"

"Why not? Not mentioning it doesn't make it any less true. You are going to have his son. And his daughters."

"Yes, but if someone were to hear you..."

She huffed in frustration. "Vee! C'mon! It's THE YEAR! Aren't you excited at all? Even a little?"

"No. Why should I be?"

"Because you have a garentee!" she stressed as we made our way off the train, trying to be reasonably quiet. "You're going to fall in love! You've already found the one! You know what's going to happen already!"

I shrugged with distaste. "Where's the fun in that?"

My best friend made a noise of frustration. "The fun is, you don't have to worry about the future!"

"Like hell I don't!" I exclaimed, "I'm going to suffer a major brain injury!"

Alice's face changed from frustrated to confused."When did you see that?"

"I didn't."

She looked even more baffled. "Than how do you know?"

"Well, if I'm going to be falling in love with that idiot," I nudged my head in the direction James Potter had just gone, "then I must be in for some major head trauma."

Alice rolled her eyes at this. But I was impressed that she refrained from scoffing and going into yet another rampage about the whole discombobulated situation. Instead she gave me one last disparaging look before saying, "You forgot to put your badge on."

"Oh right," I rifled through my magically deep pocket, as we caught up to Layla and Dominique at the carriages, until I found my shiny silver Prefect badge.

"I can't believe you weren't made Head Girl," my part veela friend scoffed shaking her head as we got into the horseless carriage in front of us. All of my friends had been utterly outraged to know that I was still just a lowly Prefect.

I shrugged noncommitally, "I'm not cut up about it."

"You should be," Layla snorted. "Bloody robbed, you were."

"She's right. Minnie must be off her bloody rocker," Alice added. Alice, as daughter to the Herbology Professor is a member of the very elite group at Hogwarts that call the Headmistress and Professors by their first names outside of school, and get away with it. Among her in this little club are Dominique, all of her many cousins (yes, Potter included), Leo Jordan, the Scamander twins and Layla. I, however, have never been brave enough to try it, especially not with our no-nonsense Headmistress. Even though, while at all of their houses, I've seen my teachers loads of time outside of school.

"She is not. She just reckoned there was someone better for the job." 

Someone who probably could tolerate the Head Boy better most likely,
I thought with a mental snort.
There was not a doubt in my mind that that goody-goody Gregory Smith was Head Boy this year. He had no life so it left him more time to kiss every single professor's ass around the castle. It was sickening really. I was kind of happy that I wouldn't have to listen to his arrogant droning speeches about what to do all this year. What I was curious about was why our Prefect meeting had been scheduled for tomorrow night rather than on the train like usually. Stupid Smith, already thinking he's above tradition.

"Like who?" Layla sniffed skeptically

"Missy Corner."

"Slut," Dom shook her head. "And she's not even a Prefect."

"Yes, but she's a Ravenclaw. And you don't have to be a Prefect to make Head Girl."

"She'd never be Head Girl in a million years, " Alice laughed.

"What about Kaitlin Bones? Or Shelly Pomroy? Or Jenna Quicksilver? And Cecilia Harrington?" I ticked off on my fingers, "Oh and there's Mauree Lo-"

"You're still the most qualified," Layla insisted.

I rolled my eyes and chose to change the subject. "So, Dominique, how many times did your cousin, Gable's friend Henri try to hit on you this summer?"

My devastatingly beautiful friend had been crushing hearts (as I'd seen in my vision so many years ago) since we hit puberty. But one heart that absolutely refused to be crushed was Henri Benoit's. He'd been persistantly persuing her since we were twelve and she'd been rejecting him for just as long. But the bloke refused to give up and it had become a perverse game we -as her best friends- had been enjoying since the summer after third year when we all got to visit her in France and met her unwanted suitor.

"Fifty-two," she answered dryly.

"Disappointing," Layla sighed.

"Yeah, what's the deal?" I agreed quickly. Glad we'd moved on successfully to a new topic that had nothing to do with me. "He's been lagging behind lately."

Dominique shrugged indifferently. "Whatever it is I hope things stay that way."

Layla scoffed, "I doubt it."

... "Oh c'mon, Vee! You know you'll always be the girl for me," James Potter grinned at me, his face entirely too close for my liking.

It was dark and I could feel the cold stone wall against my back. His had rested next to my head and was pinning a small strand or two of my hair to it. I didn't want to side step him because I knew it would pull out those hairs and that would hurt. My scalp had always been sensitive.

James started to lean in dark eyes very serious, the light of the torches flickering acrossed his face and I held my breath as I felt his on my own face. His hand touched my arm sending a spasm of electricty through my veins. He kept getting closer and closer but I wasn't pushing him away. I couldn't. It was like I was paralyzed. My muscles were tense and frozen in his wake. I was helpless, a deer caught in extra bright headlights...

I was snapped back into the present by and eager looking Alice. The carriage had stopped and Dominique and Layla no longer occupied it. No doubt, Alice had told them to go ahead before bringing me back down to Earth.

"What did you see?" she asked instantly. Appearantly, over the years, Alice had come to recognize what she liked to call my "star-gazing" look (because Astrologers look at the stars to tell them the future). So it was no surprise that this was the first thing out of her mouth. It always was.

I contemplated my vision for a moment, feeling more sick to my stomach than before, and quickly concluded that telling the truth in this case would be a mistake. Sometime the best course of action was to lie. And this was one such occasion. If I didn't lie Alice would get even more smug and giddy about this whole marrying-James-Potter thing and she was already bad enough as it was.

So instead of describing that dark corridor for her, I shrugged and told her another less significant vision I'd had last week. "Nothing. Fred's just going to turn your hair purple on Thursday."



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Chapter 3: Everywhere
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Chapter 3~ Everywhere





          "I told you to lay off the Acid Pops..."




          “…and the Pasties. The Sugar Quills probably didn’t help either…”




          "But you didn't listen."




          "You know, maybe I should just make a recording of my voice telling you not to do these things. Then I could really save my energy. Use it for less futile causes."




          I looked down at Dominique in her pitiful state; head slumped into her arms on the breakfast table. I tried to get her to eat but she just groaned. Was it possible to get a hangover from Magical sweets? Apparently.


          "I'm going to take that as a vote in favor of the recording."


          Layla snickered, "I vote yes."


          "What about you, Allie? What's your vote?" I looked over at my best friend cheekily and found her glowering. But, thankfully, not at me (believe me; you do NOT want to get on the other end of Alice Longbottom’s glares). I followed her eye line and came upon exactly what I'd expected.


          Fred Weasley a few people down, laughing and talking with his cousin and friends. Entirely unaware that a Seer had just informed his soon-to-be-victim of his impending evil plot.


          “Alice,” I tried again to get her attention.


No response.


I sighed, “Alice, your pants are on fire.”




“Alice, you’re on the cover of TeenWitch again…”




“…In your knickers...”

All that that entails.


Layla giggled but Alice showed no signs of hearing me.


“…Straddling Braxton Zambini.”


She didn’t even flinch.


I pursed my lips and pondered how else to get her attention. A devious suggestion popped in my head and, despite the possibility of a colossal backfire, I smiled inwardly at the idea. On the outside however, I made my face very serious and exhaled in a determined way. “Alice, I think it’s time. I think it’s finally happened. I think I’m in love with-“ I stopped short with astonishment.


She didn’t even hear THAT!!! I was positive that would get her but she showed no signs of life other than her steady unwavering glower.


"Earth to Alice! Alice Augusta Longbottom!" I waved my hands manically in front of her disgruntle face, attracting several curious looks from surrounding people. But, at last, I got her attention, so I didn't care.


She looked at me sourly.


I looked to see that Layla wasn’t paying attention to us anymore (she was trying to get Dominique to drink some Pumpkin juice) then said quietly, "Alice, it won't happen until Thursday night. And you can't stop it, so quit fretting. You'll beat the counter curse out of him afterwards, anyway."


          "Will I give him bruises?" she asked, bloodlust saturating her voice.




          "Fine," she said perking up a little. Then, speaking at her normal volume again, "I vote for the recording. It'll save me some breath too."


          "Alright, recording it is," I touched my glass of Pumpkin Juice to her Orange Juice with a soft clink. "As soon as I get back home."


          Layla laughed, tuning back into the conversation just in time. She touched her glass to mine. "Which only mean we'll have to keep lecturing her for about four more months."


          “You won’t be able to use it at school anyway so don’t waste your time.” Dominique reminded us, finally raising her head.


          It was right about then that Alice's dad came around with our schedules (as Professor Hagrid kept forgetting to do it). Layla groaned because our first class was her least favorite-Transfiguration, Dominique grimaced at hers attractively and Alice grinned like a maniac upon hearing Potter and Weasley exclaiming they had Transfiguration as well.


          I wasn't even sure which direction to glower. Should I send withering death glares at my friend or alleged future husband and cousin? It had been such a pleasant morning up until four seconds ago.


          Why me? What did I do to deserve this kind of sick punishment?


          My only comfort was that I would not be partnered with anyone. Fate would have no chance to test my bad luck on that front. And I was covered in the seating arrangement department as well. Alice would purposely sit by someone else (most likely Fred) to try and force me into sitting next to James Potter. But I could easily pull Layla or Dominique next to me.


          I was too busy glaring in no particular direction to notice that the cousins had risen from their seats and were passing us.


          "Looks like we'll be seeing a lot of each other," Fred grinned cheekily as he looked over Alice's shoulder at her schedule. He looked at me, winked, and followed his cousin out of the Hall.


          I groaned as Dominique had been doing moments before and pushed my plate away. Suddenly, I wasn’t hungry anymore.




          Walking into Transfiguration class, I sighed in relief.


          Fred and James were already sitting together, chatting up the two Ravenclaw girls in front of them. No way could Alice force us together this time.


          We sat down and she returned to glaring at Fred, murderous eye daggers. I couldn’t help but smile, she was so wrapped up in my nonexistent love life that she’d become oblivious to her own.


          Professor Perks swept into the room, her green robes and dark hair billowing behind her. “Don’t get too comfortable, ladies and gentlemen. You won’t be in those seats for long.”


          My heart sank immediately, my face flushed with dread. Mentally, I began calculating and I guess Alice had too because her face immediately brightened, lips spreading slowly into a mischievous grin.


          “I am assigning your seats by alphabetical order. “


 No, no, no. This could not be happening. That was EXACTLY what I’d been afraid she’d say.


          She began calling out the names and I prayed that I was wrong. “Adams and Ackerman…” I begged to be wrong as the list continued. Closer and closer she came to calling my name. “McCall and Moon…”


          Please, please, please let there be someone with a Q name. Isn’t Evan Quicksilver in this class? Or Anna Quinn? I looked around frantically.


          Finally, as she reached the P’s came the moment of truth. “Potter and Quill.”


          I sighed with huge relief as something tight in my chest released. (Yes, two seconds later she did assign me to the seat behind him but that just meant that, should I have the inclination, I could kick him for the entire class.)


           Ian Quill took the seat next to his new desk partner and I blessed him silently, Alice pouted at me from her seat next to David Locke but I smiled brightly. Fate was on my side today, at least.


Still, with such a close call, I felt like a ticking time bomb.


Any second now and the person I’d always been could explode and a new Avaira would rise from the ashes. Some sick twisted version, who wanted to marry James Potter II, party prince of the magical world and have his three children.


The explosion felt close. Too close.


The vision I’d had yesterday had made that all too clear. I could still see James leaning closer and closer towards me in my head. I hadn’t pushed him away though. I hadn’t even wanted to. That was the scariest part.


Why hadn’t I wanted to push him away?


I was so busy wrestling with the implications of this that I could barely pay attention to Professor Perks’ lecture (on how to change your desk into a pair of trousers). I missed most of the notes and didn’t bother getting out my wand to try the spell out on my unfortunate desk.


Not that I really would’ve had the chance to try it out anyway. My partner, Vanessa Rimmsworth, was having quite a bit of trouble with the incantation herself. Had this been any normal day, I would have helped her or shown her how to do it. But this was the first day of the first year that I was going to have questionable mental health. So one could understand why I let her continue to turn our desk into a teapot, a feather boa, a boomerang and various other things that did not even begin to resemble the pair of trousers we’d been commissioned to produce.




I was snapped out of my reverie by none other that James Potter himself giving me a severely annoyed look, not unlike the ones I usually saved for him. He was rubbing the back of his head like someone had smacked him.


A little belatedly, I realized that Vanessa had accidentally changed the desk into a pair of nun chucks that had- naturally- hit Potter right in the back of his skull (well, it isn’t as if it wasn’t thick enough to take it).


“Watch it, Riley! You’re s’posed to turn it into trousers, not weapons!”


“I didn’t do anything,” I tried not to smile. I really tried, but the expression on his face was priceless.


“Like hell you didn’t!” He exclaimed, I noticed that Professor Perks had left the room (when had that happened?) and therefore missed the swearing. Damn. “The blasted things hit my head!”


“Well, it isn’t as if you were using that one for anything,” I heard myself say confidently rather than trying to deny my involvement in his cranial injury and thus end the conversation. Why? I have no idea.


He seemed to be torn between shock and amusement at my innuendo. I didn’t usually vocalize my annoyances with him more than once a month. He wasn’t used to getting much of a response from me because I normally tried to avoid contact with him as much as possible. Our verbal sparing matches were usually spread out over long periods of time. It usually happened when I couldn’t take his teasing anymore and burst with insults on his character. Most of the time, though, I kept pretty good control of myself, biting my tongue until it was swollen.


Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Alice grin.


          Oh, for the love of Merlin! Having one conversation with him would not result in marriage. Insulting him was even less likely to do so. So, why the bloody hell was she smiling like that? I swear that she is on drugs. There is just no other explanation.



It was beyond irritating to walk into my second class, Charms, and see James Potter sitting on top of a desk flirting with a blonde Ravenclaw. Contrary to Alice’s dearest wish, however, my irritation had nothing to do with the fact that he was flirting with another girl. It had everything to do with the fact that I had two classes in a row with the idiot.


          Two classes. That was at least three hours every Monday that Alice would have the chance to cough suggestively and try to make me interact with James Potter. Three hours.


I let out a huff of annoyance and pointedly went to sit at the other end of the room. Alice followed, pouting the whole way. I knew that she only sat down next to me because there was an empty desk on my other side. However, Dominique soon fixed this by plopping down in the vacated desk as Layla snagged the empty seat next to sulky Alice.


To my chagrin, Fred Weasley entered a moment later and, rather than going to take the desk next to the one his cousin sat on top of, he came to sit in front of Alice. Her face darkened for a split second before she realized that James was making his way over to sit next to his cousin. It was my turn to pout.


My only hope was that Professor Flitwick would have us be doing some sort of advanced levitation charms today so I could make heavy objects fly at his head without getting in trouble for it.


To my disappointment, we weren’t levitating anything or performing any hexes. However, much to Alice’s disappointment, the class passed without incident. I didn’t speak to Potter once.


I left the class with a satisfied grin on my face while Alice muttered unintelligible complaints behind me. We had Herbology with the Hufflepuffs next and I was quite looking forward to it until…


…I was staring at Professor Slughorn with pure dread. The dungeon was cold, as usual and goose bumps had risen sneakily onto my arms. I felt the urge to bolt out of the classroom and up the stairs screaming like some girl in a horror flick.


“Potter go sit next to Riley,” Professor Slughorn chortled. “You’ll need the help this year, m’boy, and, who could hope for a prettier Potions tutor?”


I looked to my left to see Alice beaming as she gathered her books and made her way to the now empty seat next to Fred Weasley. Potter, to my horror, had gathered his things as well and was currently crossing the classroom to take the vacant seat next to me….




“Huh?” I came back to reality and saw Layla’s concerned face before me.


“You all right?”


No. No I was most certainly not alright.


“I’m fine.”

          “Well, c’mon then. We can’t be late on the first day!”


I let Layla pull me to the greenhouse where Professor Longbottom was already waiting for the class. We took our seats, Layla sitting next to Alice which (much to the latter’s delight) left me to sit on the end with an open seat next to me.


It was small relief when Leo sat next to me, rather than James (who sat on his other side) because I knew that I would be forced to sit next to him in Potions anyway. I listened half-heartedly to Professor Longbottom explain the cycle of some biting plant the name of which I had already forgotten.


The whole situation felt hopeless. I was doomed to be mindless. I knew from the visions I had already had that, when I became Mrs. Potter, I would not feel miserable at the prospect, as I did now. I would actually be ecstatic about the whole ordeal. However, any girl with half of a brain could see that James Potter II was far from being husband material. This led me to the conclusion that I would have to be mindless to marry him. Therefore, my future was very bleak indeed.


I sighed mournfully when the Herbology was over. Even though that stupid plant bit me because I hadn’t listened closely enough to Professor Longbottom’s instructions not to touch their roots, I still would rather have stayed in the greenhouses than gone back to the castle. Double Potions was next on my schedule. This day was just getting worse by the hour.


“What’s the matter, Vaira?” Dominique asked as we walked (or trudged, in my case) to Potions.


 “Nothing,” I lied pathetically.


Dominique didn’t press me further but I saw my three best friends exchange worried and confused looks with each other from the corner of my eye. I kept my head down and walked into the Potions room. It had never felt as much like a dungeon to me as it did today. I didn’t feel the least bit of satisfaction at Alice’s grimace as she sat in the seat next to mine. I didn’t bother telling her, as she sighed in resignation, that she was giving up just as she was about to get her way.


I suppressed a groan as Professor Slughorn called the class to order. Though he had lost weight in recent years, he was still a very large man. His every breath came out in a labored puff and he seemed to waddle rather than walk.


Today, he set a steaming cauldron on one of the front tables and greeted the class much in the same way that Professor Perks had done.


“I wouldn’t recommend getting to comfortable, lads and ladies. I will be pairing you up into partnerships more …” he chuckled, searching for the correct words. “Shall we say, more suitable to your individual skill sets than to your personal preferences.”


Everyone but Alice and I let out a collective groan. My best friend had perked up, bright eyed and bushy- tailed, as if she couldn’t believe her luck. She was like a dog that saw its master opening a box of treats.


Just like in my vision, I was staring at Professor Slughorn with pure dread. The dungeon was cold, as usual and goose bumps had risen sneakily onto my arms. I felt the urge to bolt out of the classroom and up the stairs screaming like some girl in a horror flick.


The professor began to pick apart pairings systematically and I waited with baited breath for the inevitable. It came too soon for my taste, as I knew it would.


“Potter.” My stomach lurched as he said the name, his tone wrapping it with the fondness of an old doting grandfather. “Go sit next to Riley. You’ll need the help this year, m’boy, and, who could hope for a prettier Potions tutor?”


I looked to my left with resignation to see Alice beaming delightedly as she gathered her books and made her way to the now empty seat next to Fred Weasley. This was her dream come true. Potter had gathered his things as well and was currently crossing the classroom to take the vacant seat next to me. I still felt horror stricken, though I’d literally seen this coming and my cheeks flushed a deep scarlet red.


I kept my curtain of hair in between us and took extensive notes as Professor Slughorn listed the properties of the steaming cauldron at the front of the class. Today, luckily, was one of those very rare days in potions that we didn’t actually have to make anything. Instead, Slughorn lectured and I was able to totally ignore my new partner.


I knew full well that it wouldn’t last. Eventually, we would be making potions and then I’d be forced to have some communication with him. However, I vowed that, even when we did start concocting various draughts, I would continue to ignore him as much as humanly possible.


It wasn’t as easy to go back to pretending he didn’t exist this time. Every year before this I hadn’t had a single problem keeping thoughts of him from my head, unless he was in plain sight of me or someone brought him up. This year, though, it had become disturbingly difficult. He seemed to be everywhere I went. Perhaps this was just because I knew that this year was the year.


I managed to forget his existence quite well during Potions, however, considering he was sitting right next to me.


When we were dismissed, I bolted from the classroom without speaking. I didn’t even bother to wait for my friends. Instead, I made a beeline for my Ancient Ruins classroom. It was the last class of the day and the only class I had without my friends.


I also knew for a fast that Potter would not be there because he’d never taken Ancient Ruins. Like my friends, I suppose he thought it was a boring waste of his valuable time. This suited me very well.


I breathed a sigh of relief upon entering the classroom. It was much like the Divination classroom, although Professor Zeller didn’t cloud the air with perfumes to choke everyone and drape everything dramatically with scarves and heavy fabrics like Trelawney.


The class went by too quickly for me and I didn’t have to be a psychic to know that it probably would do that all term. When we were dismissed, I didn’t go back to the Common Room or out to the lake, like most did before dinner.


Kaitlin Bones, a friendly Hufflepuff Prefect had informed me that our new Head Boy had called a meeting today in the Defense Against the Dark Arts room. It was an unusual place to meet but I figured that Gregory Smith just wanted to kiss Professor Zellers ass a bit more. I passed a window and saw the Lake outside, I felt a pang of longing in my chest. I wished I could go outside to the lake to lounge in the glorious, sunny weather with my friends.


So caught up in my daydreams of sunbathing was I that I was halfway into the DADA room, on my way to sit in between Kaitlin and Aidan Finnegan, before I stopped short. Standing next to Jenna Quicksilver (who, judging by the shiny new badge on her robes was our Head Girl) at the front of the room was none other than James Sirius Potter II.