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Why I Dance With You by Clair Clementine

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,456

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Crossover, Romance
Characters: OtherCanon
Pairings: OC/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/29/2009
Last Chapter: 09/12/2009
Last Updated: 09/12/2009

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Evelyn Cullen is back at Hogwarts visiting the love of her life, Derrick Greeley. Though with the sun out all the time and Derrick busy with his schoolwork, she's been rather alone. But Derrick has a surprise for her that will surely make it all up....

One-shot sequal to When I Became a Cullen is now up!!! :D

Chapter 1: Kissing the Rain
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A/NDisclaimer: Just so you all know, I do not own Harry Potter or Twilight. It all belongs to J.K Rowling and Stephenie Meyer. I know, it's sad, but at least I get to right fun stuff like this! Please enjoy! :D

The vivid sun shown brightly down on the Hogwarts grounds where boys and girls alike ran around enjoying the free alluring weather. The dark water in the Black Lake rippled harmoniously as it glistened brightly from the skies above. I looked out the window of my dorm in Gryffindor tower, watching it all. My back rested against the wall of the window seat, my legs curled up to my chest with my arms wrapped around them. For the first time I actually wished I could be like those kids out there; able to run around in the sunlight without a care in the world. Enjoying it.

If I went out now, though, it’d just cause a whirlwind of trouble nobody needed.

I sighed deeply, listening to the shouts and laughs issuing from the grounds below. The wall behind me cast a slight shadow to which I managed to fit my whole body in, hiding myself out of the sun. If Bronagh or any of my other roommates were to randomly walk in, I doubt it’d be a casual sight to see my chalk white skin glittering from the light through my window. For them at least.

The room was quiet and a bit eerie. Aside from Bronagh’s sleeping cat on her bed, it felt empty and almost lonesome to be here. I knew all too well, though, if I went downstairs to the Great Hall or something I’d get dragged outside by one of my hampering friends to join in with their fun. It really wasn’t worth the consequences that were sure to emit.

I looked to the door once before stroking the window with my hand, the crystals of my skin emanating from the small sunlight that reached it. I could only assume the window would’ve been hot, though I couldn’t feel it. My icy fingers simply blocked the heat and alluring warmth that anyone normal would feel. Why all the sudden now was I missing little things as this?

It was at that moment when I asked myself why I even had come back. Because of what all my family and I had done the previous year here, helping out with the now defeated war an all, we’d been personally invited back by Professor McGonagall anytime we’d like. I’d taken her up on that offer instantly once the summer was over. But ever since then I’d mainly just sulked in my room, watching everyone else enjoy the warm sun.

Suddenly there was a hard knock on the door. In and instant I snatched my hand away from the window and got down from my perch facing the door.

“Come in,” my voice rang through the room. It sounded a bit odd hearing something so clear. I’d been sitting in the utter silence for so long…

“Hey you,” sang the voice of none other than Derrick Greely. He bore a gleaming smile which took me in a second. I was easily a sucker for it. His bright copper eyes, somewhat hidden by his messy brown hair, looked at me in a content way. I returned them with a small, gracious smile. Oh yeah. This is why I’d come back.

“Hey,” I said as he strode towards me in an inhumanly manner. “What’re you doing here?”

“I figured you were lonely,” he held his smile even longer. Honestly, how did his cheeks never hurt from that?

“Oh no, me and Mr. Tickles here were getting along great,” I shook my head slightly, indicating the shabby cat still fast asleep on Bronagh’s bed.

“I’m sure,” Derrick’s smile vanished for a second as he scrunched his eyebrows at the cat, then turned to me once more.

“Shouldn’t you be studying or something?” I said playfully, sitting back down on the window seat as Derrick walked around my bed and sat with me. I hadn’t been able to see him in a while just do his schoolwork. Sure, I could go to classes with him, but he’d only get distracted. And I sure wasn’t going to be the one responsible for ruining his education, however silly it seemed to me.

“Uuuh, yeah actually, but doing something with you would be much more fun,” he said, scratching the back of his head innocently. He was one to neglect his homework quite easily.

“Naturally,” I agreed, pretending to act all that. We both laughed quietly.

“Well, what’d you have in mind to do if I’m so lonely,” I asked him, cocking my head to one side.

“Well, if you can hold off to actually having fun till say….tonight, I’ve got something pretty cool planned,” Derrick replied trying  to act mysterious.

“Fine then. It’ll give you some time to get your homework done,” I said defiantly, crossing my arms in front of my chest.

“Why? You don’t do yours,” he said as though he were testing me.

“It’s hard to concentrate doing my boring muggle schoolwork when I‘m in England. Things are just so beautiful, why waste the time I have here doing homework?” I replied in a smart-alecky way .

“Sure, sure. Whatever you say,” Derrick sighed as he’d easily just lost the battle. “But meet me out on the Quidditch field at eleven, k?”

“Eleven tonight?”

“Eleven-thirty if you want,” he replied, cocking his head to one side and shrugging.

“What’re planning Greeley?” I asked skeptically as he started to leave the dorm. He smiled then walked back over to me.

“You’ll see soon enough,” he said quietly before kissing me on the cheek and disappeared behind the door of the room.

His kiss sent butterflies through my stomach as it always did. How could I possibly wait for the special night he was planning?


It was eleven-eighteen at night. I was sitting up in my bed with the sheets off simply waiting. My roommates were all fast asleep in their own beds from their fun and tiresome day. Their heavy breathing punctured the night’s quiet air. The large stunning moon was the only light to be seen other than the neighboring stars. I looked at my alarm clock next to my bed impatiently. Eleven-twenty-one. Ugh.

Anticipation filled me from head to foot. After a dull, and dragging day I was so ready for this night that Derrick and I’d planned on. One question that soared my mind though was why so late?

I looked at my clock again. Eleven-twenty-four. That was is. Whether he was ready or not I was going down to the Quidditch field. I quickly changed from my pajamas (having to put them on in the first place as to not have my roommates suspicious of my going out) into some warm outdoors clothes then headed out of the dorm.

It took me a quick twenty seconds or so to get out of the castle. The clean, dark night was even more fascinating than it looked from my dorm window. There were only a few lights issuing from the oversized, paranormal castle which made the act of not being seen easier.

The Quidditch field stood off to the side of the great Hogwarts’ grounds. Little to no light could deflect towards it. It’s deceased, lonely look was a bit unwelcoming, but knowing Derrick would be there, I was more than determined.

The fields were dead empty and quiet. Distant, woodsy noises could be heard from the Forbidden Forest, but other than that nothing. The cool, fresh breeze blew my hair in several directions as I walked close to the center of the field. Soft, dry grass made the slightest sound under my feet with every step I took. The atmosphere was rather eerie and cool. Much to me satisfaction.

I crossed my arms in front of my chest, as if to block the shuddering cold, which naturally didn’t faze me. I paced my steps in a small circle, listening to the musical wind. Closing my eyes for a split second, I took in the wondrous nature. Even if it was dark and ghostlike now rather than sunny and alive as it‘d been earlier, I still felt a slightly exhilarating feeling that completely overwhelmed me.


The voice made me jump out of my wits. I turned to see Derrick emerging from behind one of the spectator stands just as willingly and carefree as ever.

“Don’t do that,” I sighed as he got closer to where I stood. He bore the same gleaming smile on his face that he’d left me with earlier today.

“Sorry,” he laughed freely. I smiled.

“So did you come out here to give me a flying lesson or what?” I asked.

“I’m going to go with the ‘or what’,” he continued.

“Seriously. Are you going to continue acting all mysterious and scheming or are you going to tell me what you brought me here for,” I said, pretending to be annoyed.

“I thought a nice little date would suffice,” Derrick replied calmly and collectively. “I brought some music, some snacks and drinks.”

“You did not waste your time sneaking to the kitchens did you?”

“Well, I did what you told me to do and did my studies, making me miss dinner, so no, I didn’t waste going to the kitchens,” he said.

I smiled at him once again. How could I not?

“So, shall we turn on some music or just continue to stand out here in the restful night?” he continued.

“Music,” I nodded once.

“Right then. Any requests?” he said, getting his wand out of his pocket and tapping it against the palm of his hand.

“Hmm, well, for jamming out there’s…..Livin’ On A Prayer,” I suggested thoughtfully.

He looked at me in a funny way as if he had no clue what I was talking about.

“By Bon Jovi,” I clarified.

“Is that an illness?” he asked, still with a mingled look.

“Ok, well there’s…..I Love Rock N’ Roll: The Blackheads.”

This time he raised his eyebrows.

“Well, for a fun one there’s Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

“There’s a bloody song about mountains?” Derrick said in a perplexed tone.

“Dude, those were great songs….in my….time,” I said uncertainly. I sounded a like a grandma. In my time. Gosh.

“I’ve never heard of those,” Derrick laughed.

“Ok, I know they’re mainly American songs, and they’re a bit out of date, but come on, you’ve got to of heard of one of them,” I said in a strained voice. He shook his head defiantly.

“You’re killing me here, Derrick,” I rubbed my forehead with the palm of my hand as if I were trying to get rid of a bad headache. Derrick continued to laugh.

“I was born and raised pretty away from the Muggle world,” he noted.

“Yeah, you wizards have no taste in music,” I shook my head.

“That’s not true,” he said, pointing his wand at me as if I’d just done something bad. He then muttered something under his breath, which I could plainly hear but the word was too complicated to repeat. It sounded like a spell, but I wasn’t certain. But immediately as if upon command, a certain melodious tone issued from the wand as if it were iPod speakers.

“It’s our song,” I said slowly, recognizing the harmony in an instant. It was the very song I’d composed on the piano for endless hours, hoping to get just the write tune to dub it Derrick and mine’s song. I’d played it for him only once in the one given opportunity in the Room of Requirement last year. How’d he get it on his wand?

“Yes,” he nodded once, a small alluring smile spreading across his face.

“But, how’d you-”

“I kind of liked it when you were playing it for me, and thought I’d like to listen to it again,” he explained.

I smiled a little as well. He actually liked it.

“I…played it a lot when you were gone over the summer. After you and your family left at the end of the school year,” Derrick said somewhat solemnly.

We stood in utter silence for awhile. Just the two of us, the song playing in it’s soft tune continuously. It felt so surreal. I…couldn’t quite put my mind to it.

“May I have this dance, Miss Cullen?” Derrick suddenly said. He bowed like a gentlemen, and held his hand for mine.

“You may,” I cocked my head to one side, curtsying a little, then smiled. He gently took me by the waist and hand, I by his hand and shoulder. We danced.

In almost perfect harmony to the song, we waltzed around the field. The once strange, peculiar night suddenly turned into a rather magical one. The stars, our only light. The swift rustle of the trees in the forest, guiding us along with the music. The free and open air. Yes. Very magical.

We let our feet guide us along the grass. Neither of us spoke. As for me, I had nothing to say. I didn’t want to penetrate the moment. I wanted it to last forever. Never leave his strong, assuring arms ever. Not for the millions of years I could live for.

The music tenderly slowed it’s pace as did we until we were at a complete stop. I now placed both my hands on his shoulders and gazed into his soft brown eyes. The music continued to slow down more, but no matter. We had it on a loop. Still though, neither of us moved. Until he placed his forehead to mine and kissed me straight on the lips.

It was only the second real time since that one night, so distant now, that one night that the world seemed to have went into a complete battle. It’d been so sudden and surprising, his kiss. I hadn’t even had time to kiss him back. I did now though.

He pulled away, so gently, followed by the words, “I love you.”

Was this real?

Author's note: Well, there you have it folks! The one-shot sequel to When I Became a Cullen! Well, actually I should say A one-shot sequel as there will be more :) I couldn't really convert it all into a full on novel as I would've liked, but I love Evelyn and Derrick so much that I really just wanted to continue, this being the reason for this one-shot! :D Thank you guys for taking time to read this! Keep checking for another one-shot hopefully coming soon! <3

Clair :D