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Prongslet by ace37773

Format: Short story
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 5,759
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione
Pairings: Harry/Hermione, Ron/OC

First Published: 07/21/2009
Last Chapter: 09/10/2009
Last Updated: 09/10/2009


The sequal to "Padfoot and Prongs" by Miss Haggan. you need to read that story to get this one. so hop to it.

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Ireland vs Bulgaria
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Harry woke to soft chirping of birds and slow shuffling of feet. He found himself in a tent, lying face first on a bottom bunk. Groping for his glasses, he pushed them on his face. He had arrived at the Quidditch World Cup no more than a day ago with his father, James, his godfather, Sirius, and his two best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Ron snored obnoxiously on the bunk above him. Careful not to hit his head on Ron’s bunk, he exited his tent. Hermione was already awake, making breakfast, (or was it lunch? Harry hadn’t a clue what the time was) garbed in a Gryffindor nightie. She was a bushy haired, medium height 14 year old with slightly elongated front teeth. Harry could not help but notice how much she had grown, particularly around the chest…

“Morning Sleepy” she greeted him as he was shaken from his sudden staring spell. “It’s nearly noon. I thought you and Ron might’ve died in there”

“Hi Hermione. Did you sleep well?” Harry helped himself to a sandwich as he sat down. Hermione sighed heavily.

“No. Did we have to camp right next to the Ireland supporters? They were up all night. And you know how the Irish like to party…” Harry grinned. Hermione was not the kind of person to stay up in celebration of a Quidditch match. She valued sleep over supporting a team. Sirius, Harry’s shaggy, ex-prisoner-found-innocent godfather emerged from the last tent to the right. Rubbing his sunken eyes, he clasped Harry on the shoulder

“Mornin’ Prongslet. Hermione.” He said as he lumbered over to the coffee pot that sat over a dying fire. Hermione mouthed the word “Prongslet?” and Harry shrugged, causing her to giggle. Shortly after Harry finished his sandwich, his father emerged. Harry’s father looked just like Harry. Apart from there eyes, and James’ slightly longer nose, they were spitting images of each other.

“Morning Dad”

“Morning Harry” he said as he took the sandwich Hermione had offered him “Merlin that was quite a party last night. You should have stayed up for it, kid. Ron did. You can tell he’s got Irish in him” James rose as hand to his mouth and pretended to drink from an invisible bottle. Harry laughed and Hermione rolled her eyes. “Oi!” James cried suddenly. He threw a half-eaten sandwich at Sirius. It bounced off his head and he turned around. A long, dog-like tongue was unfurled out of his mouth, lapping up the coffee. This time both Harry and Hermione laughed. Inside the only occupied tent, Ron rolled over and groaned, still very hung over.

7 hours later, Harry, family, and friends headed towards the pitch where the match was to be played. Along the way, Harry saw some old friends. Ernie Macmillan, a Hufflepuff fourth year. Although pompous at times, Harry was fond of Ernie, and waved to him. Cho Chang, a pretty fifth year who waved to Harry and smiled. Harry returned the wave, but Hermione stepped in his path, obscuring her form his view. And Oliver Wood, Harry’s Quidditch captain for the past three years. Harry stopped to talk with him and found out that he had been selected to play for Puddlemere United. Harry congratulated him, and made a mental note to ask Ron who they were.
They arrived at the stadium after a short walk. Ron stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes bulging out of his head. He stammered and pointed at a large man with a long nose and short black hair. He wore Bulgarian Quidditch robes, and had an unpleasant scowl upon his face.

“It-it-its h-him” Ron said excitedly.


“Him! Viktor Krum!”

“Don’t know him”

“He’s Bulgaria’s Seeker! Best in the world too. You could learn a thing or two from him, Harry” Ron said.

“You’d show him a thing or too, son” James murmured. He took great pride in Harry being a great Seeker. He himself had been one once, but not to the caliber that Harry was. Harry gave him a famous Potter grin. They entered the pitch. Harry’s first sight of the inside took his breath away. Thousands of witches and wizards had crammed themselves into the arena. Half of the stadium was flooded in white and green, the other half filled with black and red. James led them towards the Irish ,supporters.

“Better let them know we’re friendly” Sirius said. He drew his wand, caused and Irish flag to protrude from the end of it, and waved it casually as they made their way to the seats. Harry sat between his father and Ron, prepared to have the greatest night he had had in fourteen years.
“I swore Lynch broke his neck, he collided with Volgov so hard…” The match had ended. Ireland had won 170-160. Despite Krum catching the Snitch, it had not been enough to pull Bulgaria through. Ron had taken to describing every detail of the match as Harry lay awake on the bottom bunk. He was only half listening, dreaming of a girl who looked suspiciously like Hermione. Reassuring himself it was not her, he drifted to sleep as Ron described one of Ireland’s more brilliant goals

Authors Note: This story takes place between Miss Haggan's "Padfoot and Prongs" and "Secrets, Lies, and Happiness"

Chapter 2: Dark Marks
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Bangs and shouts shook Harry from his sleep. He sat up quickly, this time hitting his head on the Ron’s bunk. Fumbling in the dark, he pushed his glasses onto his face and stuck his head out the tent.

“Damn those Irish, other people are tryin to sleep” Sirius had clambered out his tent. He suddenly stopped his rant against the Irish supporters. His eyes widened as he stared at the night sky. Harry turned, and was shocked at what he saw. Hundreds of bodies floated in the air, spinning and flying through the sky. Some danced like sick marionettes with no strings. Fires blazed all over the forest. Curses lit up Harry's face. Some wizards were emerging from their tents, trying to stop the oncoming attackers. They were blasted out of the way. Ron appeared at Harry’s side, gasping at what he saw. Hermione’s mouth was open, screaming silently. Dozens of men, cloaked in black with masks on marched through the campsite, reeking havoc. Sirius quickly turned into a large black dog, and charged the men.

“SIRIUS” Harry screamed. Suddenly James appeared, beckoning for Harry, Ron, and Hermione to follow him.

“We need to move. Now!” Harry nodded as Sirius was pushed back by an invisible barrier created by one of the men. Hermione grabbed a hold of Harry, and they raced into the woods, following James. They dodged panic-stricken people, gathering their belongings and loved ones and dashing into the woods. Some wizards and witches grabbed their wands and went to help Sirius battle the men. Once or twice, Harry almost lost sight of his father in the mob of people. Then, miraculously, he would reappear, nearly begging for Harry to move faster. Once they reached the woods, they became part of a stampede of people scuttling to escape. Harry caught an elbow to the face, cracking his glasses. Now with impaired vision, it became harder to see his father. Suddenly, an invisible wire caught his ankle, sending him to the ground. Hermione and Ron followed.
Ron grabbed his ankle. It had obviously been twisted a wrong way. People leapt out of the way as they fled deeper into the woods. James continued running, obviously unaware his son had been downed. Harry saw, through his cracked glasses, a skinny, pale boy with a pointed chin and blonde hair approach them, sneering.

“Tripping Jinx. Pretty handy, eh Potter?” said Draco Malfoy. Malfoy was Harry’s greatest enemy at Hogwarts, ever since they had met on the train the first day of school. “You better keep running. Their after her type” he nodded towards Hermione, who was not of completely wizard descent. “But I’m sure they’d have some fun with you. Actually, seeing as their a bit busy, I think I’ll soften you up for them” he drew his wand, aiming it at Harry’s scar. A blur of black whipped out of the trees, hitting Malfoy on the back. He yelped, and whipped around to see a large black beast baring it’s blood-covered fangs at him. “It’s t-the G-Grim” he cried, and fled into the night.

“Git” Ron murmured, massaging his ankle. Sirius emerged from where the dog had once been. He had specks of blood on his face, and seemed to be recovering from a bad curse.

“Grab hold of me” Sirius said. Harry grabbed his left arm. Sirius grimaced in pain. “Hold on” He shut his eyes. Then suddenly, Harry felt as though he was being sucked up a large vacuum. There was a brief moment of darkness and pain, and then he crashed into the living room of the Potter mansion. Sirius was lying on the table, breathing heavily. James came rushing down the stairs, a look of panic Harry had never seen of his face.

“I grabbed a Portkey. By the time I realized you had fallen behind, it was too late. I-I thought…”

“I’m fine Dad” Harry reassured his father. Hermione was helping Ron stand. James eyes fell upon Sirius. He suddenly panicked and cried “Remus! Remus, come quickly!” Lupin rushed down the stairs. Harry looked at Sirius, and then saw what caused his dad’s panic. There was a gash, about an inch wide, running all the way down his left forearm. Harry looked down at the hand that had grabbed Sirius’s arm, and saw blood. He wiped it off on his jeans. Lupin inspected the gash, then took out his wand, and muttered an incantation that sounded like a song to Harry. Sirius screamed in pain as the wound began to stitch itself. Harry wanted to stop him, but he had to trust what Lupin was doing. After all, he was the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Lupin was going to come to the World Cup, but had been recovering from a particularly rough full moon, and decided to stay home.

“He should be alright, James. He just needs bed rest” he pointed his wand at him again and said “Mobilicorpus” Sirius rose, floating in the air like the people had at the World Cup, except an inch or two in the air. Lupin lead him upstairs. James, obviously distressed, sat down in an armchair, rubbing his temple with his thumb. Harry beckoned for Hermione and Ron to leave. They obliged, slowly exiting. Harry sat down on the couch across from his father.

“Who were those people, Dad?” Harry asked. James looked up. He took a slow breath, and then said

“They call themselves Death Eaters. They are the followers of Lord Voldemort. Dark wizards who obey his command. Even after his defeat” his eyes flicked momentarily to Harry’s scar “they continued to do what they believed he would have them do. You saw the people in the sky?” Harry shuddered at the memory of them, but nodded. “They were Muggle-borns. Voldemort believed in a pure-blooded world, Harry. He made it a sport to torture and kill Muggle-borns and Squibs. That’s why we needed to run. Your girlfr-friend, then, has Muggle parents.” He sighed. “I feared, Harry that they would return in your lifetime. Now that they have made their presence known, these attacks will become more…customary.” He gave Harry a famous Potter grin, though harry could tell it was fake “All you need to worry about is this coming year. I expect top grades, y’understand” Harry grinned quickly.

“G’night Dad” he said to his father as he left the room. He walked upstairs, opened the door to his room, and found Ron and Hermione waiting for him. Ron was sitting on his bed, his foot propped up on several pillows. Hermione rose from the chair she was sitting in, pointed her wand at Harry, and said “Reparo” Harry’s cracked glasses instantly were fixed. Harry closed the door, sat down next to Ron, and revealed what he had learned from his father to his two best friends.

Chapter 3: The "Tri"wizard Tournament
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The next few weeks went by rather quietly. Ron was allowed to stay as the Weasley’s were going to visit their Aunt Gertrude, whom Ron exceptionally disliked. He would continually thank Harry or James for allowing him to stay. Hermione left the next day after the World Cup. Harry was sad to see her go, but had other things on his mind. The Death Eaters, tortured Muggle-Borns and Voldemort often invaded his dreams. It wasn’t uncommon for Harry to wake in a cold sweat, and find Ron or his father or Sirius telling him he had had a nightmare. His father was becoming increasingly worried and spent most of his time in his study. The study had a special enchantment over it so only someone with Potter blood could go through the doors. However, he had closed and sealed the doors so Harry was as barred as anyone else. Sirius recovered fine from his wounds, but still received a good amount of attention afterwards. Lupin said that the effects of the curse he had received may cause some unusual behavior. Ron wasn’t pleased about this.

“What about me, eh? I’ve got a bloody dislocated ankle! Sirius hasn’t got a scratch on him!” he complained. To this James turned on Ron and flicked his wand rather violently. Ron’s ankle made a popping noise. He collapsed clutching his ankle and moaning. James had forced it back into place.

“I wanted to let it heal properly, but you wouldn’t stop whining, so…” he smirked as he turned back to helping Lupin check Sirius for signs of the curse. Ron left about a week later, walking properly, but also careful about his words around James.

Before Harry knew it, September 1st had arrived. His father and Lupin escorted him to Platform 9 ¾. He met Ron and Hermione there, as well as Draco Malfoy. Malfoy approached Harry to make some kind of nasty comment, when James said rather loudly “Oh where is that dog?” Draco stopped suddenly, and left. Harry gave his dad a hug, and then went to join Lupin on the train. Saying good-bye to Harry was one of the hardest things James had ever had to do. He gripped his son hard on the shoulders before releasing him. He teared up a little, but held himself together as Harry disappeared on the train. Harry didn’t like saying goodbye to his father either. He had spent the summer with him, but it wasn’t enough. James and Harry had 12 years to make up for. One summer wouldn’t do it. Harry would have to return to his home for Christmas, and maybe Easter, something he had never done before. He waved at his father as clouds of smoke blocked his view. Lupin went to a teacher compartment, and he found a place to sit with Ron and Hermione.

“Looking forward to the year ahead?” Ron asked, making conversation.

“I just hope it's quiet” Harry replied.

“Well it will be for me this year, as I am taking fewer classes, but for you, Harry, I doubt that it would be. Trouble usually follows you”. Hermione said.

“Well, I am hoping that trouble will stay away form me this year. I want to have a nice normal year”.

“Wouldn't count on that mate, there's always something bad happening at Hogwarts, and I overheard my dad, telling my mum, that there was going to be a Triwizard tournament, where they winner gets a thousand galleons”

“A what?” Harry asked.

“A Triwizard tournament, is a tournament that was popular years ago, there are three tournaments and three champions. There are also three different wizarding schools that are involved, it was designed to bring the wizarding world together, but the tasks started getting more and more dangerous, and eventually a student was killed. So they stopped doing it and the wizarding community grew apart. I'm actually surprised that Dumbledore has allowed such a dangerous event”. Hermione explained.

“You never know Harry, your name could come out of the cup” Ron joked.

“Don’t you dare say that” Hermione screeched. “Promise me that you will not get your name in that cup” she said to Harry. She looked on the verge of tears, and was literally pleading with him.

“OK, I won't” Harry said. She gave him a small smile and went back to the book she was reading.

“She's mental” Ron mouthed at Harry. Harry just gave a small smile, and stared out the window, for the remainder of the journey.


The next few weeks at school were quite normal. Harry was pleased to be back at school. Hogwarts was the first place he had truly called home. All his classes were particularly fun. Hagrid had brought nifflers, treasure finding creatures, as a project for Care of Magical Creatures. The Summoning Charm was the focus of Charms. Professor Flitwick, the little teacher, squeaked out new instructions and tips each day on the spell. Harry’s was decent, but the object he was summoning had a tendency to overshoot his hand, and hit him on the forehead. Ron noted that he would have another scar by the time he had mastered it, to which Harry threatened to break both his ankles. Professor Dumbledore mentioned (just as Ron had predicted) at the start-of-year feast that Hogwarts would be home to the Triwizard Tournament, a Tournament in which young wizards displayed their skills in a series of contests. Two other schools arrived on Halloween. Beauxbatons, a French school for girls only, and Durmstrang, a Nordic school that focused on the Dark Arts. A champion from each school would be selected from the Goblet of Fire. The champion had to be of age though, a decision made by the Ministry officials running the tournament that caused an uproar among younger students. Harry hadn’t planned on entering anyway. He wanted to try and go another year without being killed, and he had made a promise to Hermione. Near the middle of November, the selection of the champions would take place. Cedric Diggory, a handsome Hufflepuff seventh year was chosen as the Hogwarts champion. Harry had no objection. Cedric was a fantastic Quidditch player, skills that would be invaluable to his succeeding. Fluer Delacour, a gorgeous girl with shining blonde hair was the Beauxbatons champion. Ever since she had entered the castle, Ron swore she was his soul mate. Viktor Krum was the Durmstrang Champion. Harry had been shocked to learn he was still in school after seeing him at the World Cup. He would give Hermione some affectionate looks, something Harry wasn’t fond of. With the three champions chosen, the feast would begin. As soon has Harry had filled his plate, it happened.

“Harry Potter” Harry looked up. The Goblet of Fire had called its name. He had been chosen. But how? Dumbledore collected Harry, brought him to his office with the Ministry officials, and discussed the matter with them. Apparently Harry had been chosen as the fourth champion. After about an hour of raised voices and possible loopholes, the Ministry officials decided to allow Harry to compete. Dumbledore allowed him to leave, but has he was exiting he asked Harry

“Harry, did you or anyone else that you know of put your name in the goblet” he asked. Harry shook his head. “You may go” he said, but not without giving Harry that sensation of being x-rayed with his electric blue eyes. Harry crawled back into the Gryffindor common room. It was packed, hundreds of eyes fixed on Harry. He walked slowly to the dormitories. Before entering he turned and said

“I bet you probably think I cheated and put my name in that goblet. Well, I didn’t. Happy?” he entered the dorm. All of his roommates were waiting for him. “I suppose you think I’m lying then” he said

“No. I believe you mate” Ron said after a long and awkward silence. “Those champions have got to go through hell. There’s no way you would want to sign up for that”

“I believe you too Harry” said Neville Longbottom, a misfortunate boy whom Harry was friends with.

“Me too” piped up Dean Thomas. Seamus Finnegan, Harry’s other roommate didn’t say anything. He stood, looking threateningly at Harry.

“I don’t. This is exactly the kind of thing you’d do Potter. You heard Dumbledore talk about winning. Eternal glory, he said. This is just another one of you stupid publicity stunts.”

“Like beating Voldemort when I was a baby that was another stunt to eh? How thick are you Seamus” Harry retorted. Seamus dived at him, thankfully stopped by Dean. He was red with fury

“How……leggo Dean!” Harry stormed into his bed, and drew the curtains so hard he nearly ripped them. He was frustrated as he tried to get some sleep, wondering how his name had popped out of the goblet.

Chapter 4: The Task at Hand
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For the next week, Harry spent his time convincing people he did not have anything to do with his name coming out of the Goblet of Fire. It seemed the only people he had convinced were the Gryffindor and Hagrid. The Hufflepuffs were unsupportive because of Cedric. The Slytherins hated Harry to begin with. The Ravenclaws were too suspicious about Harry. Talk of Harry being a Dark wizard rose once again, something Harry resented.

“Why is it so hard to believe I had nothing to do with it? They know those tasks are dangerous” Harry said at dinner one night when a group of Hufflepuffs gave him a wide berth while passing him. Ron shrugged, wolfing down his food at top speed. Hermione looked at him in disgust, then said to Harry

“Seamus was right Harry. You do have a…thing for publicity. It’s not a bad thing” she said when Harry shot her a dirty look “ always tend to make sure you’re the center of attention”

“I'm just sick” Harry started as a several young Ravenclaws pointed and gawked at him. He raised his voice so they could hear “of other people treating me like I’m a freak!”

BANG. A loud noise and voices carried into the Great Hall. Students rushed out into the Entrance Hall to see what had caused the noise. Harry saw the Ministry officials in charge of the tournament trying to calm down a deranged looking man with his wand drawn and untidy black hair. James Potter had returned to Hogwarts.

“….know damn well what the tournament rules are seeing as you’ve explained them to me a million times, and frankly I don’t care I will not allow my son to compete in such a dangerous tournament!” He was shrieking at a portly, frightened-looking wizard in a pinstripe suit. His counterpart, just as fat but with wizards robes in shock purple on, drew himself to full height and calmly said,

“We have already adjusted the tournament so that your son can compete, Mr. Potter. Our word is final” At this remark James sent two jets of light at each of the men. One of them grew a toucan beak the size of a young elephant’s trunk and the other covered his eyes, apparently blinded. More wizards rushed onto the scene. James saw he was outnumbered, gave the onlookers a famous Potter grin, and went quietly with the wizards. Sirius, who had been watching with Dumbledore at the entrance to his office, preformed the countercurse on both men.

“Sorry, sorry. He’s not well in the head, thinks with his wand, not his brain. Ta ta” he turned into a black dog and vanished out the front door, following James. Professors McGonagall and Sprout shooed the students off to their dormitories. Harry heard whispers as he walked.

“He just snapped”

“I thought it was cool…”

“It was Potter’s father, he’s barking mad”

“Runs in the family I suppose...”

Harry sighed heavily, feeling that his father’s show was not going to help his reputation. He was right. People now avoided him because they were afraid Harry would either hex them or spit venom at them. It did not help that the first task of the Triwizard Tournament was quickly approaching and Harry didn’t have a clue what it was all about. Snape, Harry’s least favorite teacher, sensed Harry’s weakness and bullied him even more than usual. Even Ron hung out with Harry less. Hermione tried to make him feel better, but her efforts, though appreciated, seemed pointless. Nothing could make Harry feel better. He received a letter one morning from his father.

Dear Harry,

I apologize for my behavior last Thursday. I didn’t exactly do much for the Potter name did I? I was just so outraged when they announced you would be allowed to compete. The more important thing is about the next task. Sirius spotted it on the way out of the castle. It’s dragons. You’ll have to get past them or something I don’t know. I just thought you’d like the help after the trouble I caused you.


PS: Play to your strengths.

Harry read it over several times. Play to his strengths? His greatest strength was flying. But he wasn’t allowed a broomstick, only his wand. He needed a way to get his Firebolt down to the grounds. He was stumped up until he saw Fred Weasley, Ron’s brother, pickpocket a Slytherin boy using a Summoning Charm. A Summoning Charm…

“Hermione!” Harry said loudly. Ron jumped, spilling sausages all over his lap.

“She just left to-” he started, but Harry was already out the door. He looked around wildly, and saw Hermione going into a room; he ran after her, pushed the door open, and found himself in the middle of a bathroom. The girl’s bathroom. A girl shrieked, startling Harry, he slipped on something, felt his head crack against the floor, and then black.

Harry’s eyes fluttered open about 15 minutes later. His head was throbbing. Ron and several other Gryffindors surrounded him, looks of exasperation. His eyes sought Hermione. She was pink. He smiled at her. Ron patted him. After a quick conversation with everyone, they all filed out. Hermione stayed behind.

“Why is it always you in the hospital bed, Harry?” she said exasperated. He shrugged, and she giggled. “Ron said you said my name before you hit your head. Were you looking for me?” Harry racked his brains trying to remember why he had gone looking for Hermione in the first place. Then he remembered.

“Hermione, can you teach me a Summoning Charm?”

“You already know a Summoning Charm. Accio. Of course, it isn’t very good, but-”

“It needs to be perfect. Can you help me?”

“Yeah, but, why?”

“It’s for the first task. I’ll explain everything tomorrow”

“Sure” She squeezed his arm, and then left.

The next day was Saturday. Harry and Hermione spent the entire day in an empty Transfiguration classroom, practicing. Harry’s brain hurt from all the concentrating. He slumped down into his favorite armchair, exhausted. Ron returned from dinner shortly after.

“Where were you two? You missed lunch, and dinner. Oliver Hornburn back talked Lupin and got his spoon shoved up his-”

“We were practicing Ron” Hermione answered, looking disgusted at Ron. Ron’s eyes widened.

“For the first task?” Harry nodded. “So you reckon you got a plan, then?”

“Yeah, why?” Ron grinned and turned red

“I-uh-I bet George my life-savings you’d get through it alright” Harry laughed, while Hermione began berating Ron, telling about the dangers of betting. Unable to stand the bickering, Harry slowly climbed the stairs to his dorm. Tomorrow he would have to battle a dragon. Harry thought about what Dumbledore had said to the students at the start of term. Champions had died in the Triwizard Tournament. Harry prayed he was not going to join them.

Chapter 5: The Horntail
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Sunday morning was one of the worst in Harry’s entire Hogwarts career. Early in the morning, his sleepiness prevented the massive wave of fear from hitting Harry. Once he had breakfast, it was in full effect. He felt sick, and a large lump had appeared in his throat, stopping him from speaking. He had felt this nervous once before. Only seconds before his first Quidditch match, the same nausea and lump had appeared. However, it had gone away after the adrenaline of flying had kicked in. Harry doubted that would happen with the dragon. He changed into a comfortable sweatshirt and jeans, and as he was leaving the common room, someone called his name.

“Harry!” It was Seamus. Harry looked at him. He took a deep breath and continued “I’ve only just heard. About the dragons. I reckon you didn’t want to sign up for that. So…I guess I’m saying I’m sorry I didn’t believe you” Harry nodded, and then left. On the way to the Entrance Hall, Harry heard a mix of “Good luck Harry!” and “You know, third-degree burns prevent acne. At least something good’ll come from that dragon roasting you alive”. He ignored all comments, keeping his head down. He met Ron and Hermione downstairs. Ron tried to encourage him by telling him that his brother Charlie worked with dragons every day. Harry had seen Charlie recently and he had looked alright, which lightened his spirits. Hermione pointed out that Charlie was trained to work with dragons, which made harry feel a lot worse, since the only experience he had with dragons was when Hagrid owned a baby dragon in his first year. Hermione tried to give him bits and pieces of advice about dragons and his plan. They arrived at the Quidditch pitch, which had been turned into a dragon holding cell. Ron patted Harry on the shoulder and wished him luck. Hermione stared at Harry for a moment, and then threw her arms around his neck.

“Remember to concentrate. And be careful” she said before releasing him and going to join Ron. Harry made his way down to a tent near the stadium. Inside were the Ministry wizards running the tournament and the other champions. Cedric was pacing around the tent, looking extremely nervous. Fleur was a nasty shade of green, and Krum was staring blankly at his wand.

“Ah Mr. Potter” said one of the wizards as Harry entered the tent. “We had begun to wonder where you had gotten off to. I have already explained to the other champions the purpose of this task. You must collect the golden egg, alright. By any means necessary. Oh, we have already selected dragons and you are stuck with the Hungarian Horntail. You will be going last” He looked rather anxious as he said the name of Harry’s dragon. “Mr. Diggory, you are up first.” Cedric nodded curtly, took a long breath, and exited the tent.

Harry did not like waiting for his turn to face the dragon to arrive. He ran every possible situation in his head, making himself more nervous by the second. The commentary of each champions attempt of to collect the golden egg. Vivid and disturbing pictures were painted in Harry’s mind as dragon and wizard went at it in a seesaw battle. He tried to distract himself by thinking about his plan. So much could go wrong. And he the Horntail was one of the nastiest beasts on the planet. His nerves increased dramatically. Finally, Harry’s name was called. Scattered cheers came from the stands. Harry grinned weakly as he heard Hermione shout “Go Harry!” He stepped out into the sunlight.

The pitch has been filled with rocks to look like the dragons habitat. Thousands of pairs of eyes were fixed on harry as he drew his wand. To his left, a loud grunt came. He turned and saw a large, black, scaly dragon. Its claws were the size of Harry himself. It’s tail was covered in thick black spikes. Smoke emitted from it’s nostrils. Its beady eyes saw Harry. Apparently threatened Harry's presence, (Harry wasn’t sure how threatening a 14 year old boy who was so scared he was on the verge of crapping himself could be) it roared and took a swipe at Harry’s head with one of it’s gigantic claws. He ducked, and began running. The Horntails claws missed him a by inches, getting closer each time. Finally it connected, sending Harry flying across the pitch. He heard screams before crashing into the wall. The Horntail roared in triumph. Harry, fighting to remain conscious, raised his wand and cried “Accio Firebolt!” He kept his arm outstretched, praying with every fiber of his being that the charm worked. The Horntail sensed he was still alive, and turned. It raised it’s tail preparing to crush Harry. At the last possible second, a sleek, speeding broomstick raced towards Harry. He leapt onto it as the Horntail’s tail came crashing down. Shocked that it missed, the Horntail looked wildly around for Harry. Harry was speeding along the wall of the pitch. He felt white-hot flames burning behind him, getting closer. He saw a glint of gold between the dragon’s legs. He turned sharply, the dragon’s flame barely missing him. She shot out towards the egg, and scooped it up with both arms. It was lighter than he expected, almost hollow. He rolled out from behind the Horntail into the air. He had done it. He had successfully completed the first task of the Triwizard Tournament. He had proved everyone wrong. Cheers rang out as the emcee announced Harry had the fastest time, putting him in first place. Harry felt a swooping sensation he had felt when he won the Quidditch Cup last year. He raised the golden egg above his head, relived, in high spirits and exhausted.

AN: I know this chapter was wicked short sorry :(. the coming ones are a bit longer. BIG STUFF on the way, so stay tuned.