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the babbling confessions of Hermoine Granger by gregory taylor

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 946

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, Tonks, Fred, George, Ginny
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 06/08/2009
Last Chapter: 06/27/2009
Last Updated: 06/27/2009

Hermione is dared by her friends to admit feelings for the two men she likes more than anything in the world. and this is the story of how it went down.


Chapter 1: the entire story!
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"Just go tell them now Hermione they're sitting in the kitchen!" Tonks said rolling her eyes. Hermione shook her head clining to the last door frame between her and the kitchen. Harry Potter, Ginny,Ron,Freg,George and Tonks were all pulling at Hermione Granger attempting to pry her from the doorway she was clinging to.
"I don't want to." She said desperatly. Harry let out a grunt of annoyance. 
"Your objectoin is noted now" Fred huffed. 

  "Let GO" George shouted managing to get her fingers up for a mili-second. But apparently that was long enough for the group of tugging people flew backwards Hermione tumbling into the kitchen and Harry locking the door as soon as possible. Hermione kicked at the door with her slipper clad feet. 

 "Guys I dont' want to!" She shouted hitting the door which groaned slightly at the force hermione was putting on it. 

 "Just do it!" Ginny shouted leaning against the door on the other side.

 "But I dont' want to!" She shouted pushing back. The door groaned in protest again. 

 "If you don't do it then your not a real Gryphendoor!" Ron shouted. The girl in her Pjs stopped hitting the door and hissed at it instead. 

 "What?" She spat. on the otherside Ron gulped audibly. 

 "Tell them or your not a true Gryphendoor." Ron said. Conflict was evedint in the honey eyes of the curly haired girl. On the one hand she looked ready to kill Ron for stabbing at her Gryphendoor pride on the other she was ready to just get the whole thing over with and quit the game. 

 "Don't fight this one out with yourself Hermione." Fred said. 

 "Yeah just grow a pair and do it." George said. Hermione scowled. 

 "Well considering what I'm being blackmailed into doing I doubt that growing a pair would be very helpful right now." She said crossing her arms and talking to the door. 

 "Well they go at it all the time so would it really matter?" Harry asked. 

 "Oi!" She shouted kicking the door in indignation. "Could we please not disguss at any point in my life weather having a pair would affect this situation." She said testily. 

 "Just do it!" The group shouted. Hermoine winced and turned to see a stunned Sirius Black and Remus Lupin watching her. Hermione turned pink. 

 "Well you see" She started then paused unsure of herself. "The thing is." She tried again. Then she suddenly thought, what the heck they were marauders they'd understand right? She gulped and summoned her Gryphendoor courage.

  She walked forward and took a seat between them. 

  "I've been dragged here kicking and screaming on a dare of epic preportions." She began nodding as she talked. Sirius seemed a little more relaxed gone was the angry witch who'd been kicking the door and here sat the brave quester of dares potentily embarrassing. Remus lifted his eye brow a little interested as to what dare could have made the cute witch so upset. 

 "Go on." Remus prompted. Hermione bit her lip. 

 "The dare set henceforth by Misters Fred George Ron and Harry and Misses Tonks and Ginny," She siad indicating the door. 

 "Stop stalling and just do it!" Someone shouted from behind the door. 

 "Jerk off you plonker! This isn't easy ok?" She shouted and threw a slipper at the door. 

 "Stupid wanker." She muttered. 

 "Well?" Sirius said. Sirius Black was many things patient was not one of them. 

 "To tell you sirs," She said pulling abesntly at the hem of her tank top. "That I am" She gasped for breath. This wasn't going to be easy to say to them. 

 "I am " She paused again. "horribly and undeniable head over heels for the both of you." She said quickly. "And I as well as anyone else know that you two are together but the thought only makes me hot and bothered and yeah well there I said it" She said. 

 She silence was horrible so Hermione talked into it. 

 "Did you know the muggles have a band named after you Remus?" She said hurridly. 
"It's called Remus and the Lupins they are ok but they have a really annoying song about Harry's third year with the bogart/dementor (A.N does anyone know what i'm talking about?) I dont' remember what it's called but if one more person walks by singing it at work I'll kill them" She said.

  "Do you know what else?" She asked and kept talking. "I read somewhere that if you have the hiccups you can hold your hands above your head for a few seconds and they leave I dont' think it works but I haven't had the hiccup in a while so I wouldn't know." She babbled. 

  Sirius watched the young witch talk away her nerves and had to smile at her. Remus's mind was asulted with images of the three of them together and he felt himself get excited. 

 "And guess what?" She babbled on. "Harry has his own books." She siad. "Some of it's right and some of it has been taken for a joy ride in some muggles mind." She said untill she felt a hand on her shoulder. She stopped talking and looked up to see Sirius grinning at her. 

 "My little Gryphendoor," He said affectionatly. "Shut up" He said and kissed her. Remus jumped a little and swooped to join the make out session. 

 When Hermione came up for air she called loudly.

 "I am so a Gryphendoor and I'm sitting the rest of the game out thank you very much" she siad. 

  On the other side of the door four read heads, Harry, and Tonks grinned.