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Wolfsbane by loopyluna

Format: Novel
Chapters: 34
Word Count: 180,660

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers

Genres: General, Romance, Angst
Characters: Harry, Ginny, Blaise (M), Teddy, Scorpius, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OC
Pairings: James/OC, Harry/Ginny, Rose/Scorpius

First Published: 06/08/2009
Last Chapter: 08/05/2011
Last Updated: 08/05/2011

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Everyone’s heard of James Potter the second, Quidditch captain, prankster, son of the most famous man in the Wizarding World. Then there's Charisma Price, his best friend of six years, part werewolf, fellow Quidditch extraordinaire, giggly, as sweet as sugar, and completely head over heels in love with him.

Chapter 1: It's all about Teddy
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Disclaimer: It's all Jo's, wish it was mine, but's obviousily not. 


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Charisma Price :)


 Tying my hair at a knot at the back of my neck, I sorted my red, woollen scarf. It was almost cold enough for gloves, but not quite. People spoke animatedly around me, friends seeing each other for the first time in weeks, young children in stiff uniforms climbing on to the Express.  


Grinning, I turned at the recognisable sound of Teddy Lupin’s deep voice. “Your trunk is on the train, love; bloody nightmare to get it on though.”


“Thank you.” I hugged him lightly and he placed his arm around my shoulders.


“Don’t thank me,” he ordered mockingly. “I am simply doing my job; you know, being this handsome, many and strong isn’t just a right; it’s a responsibility.” 


He smiled like a child and put his tongue between his teeth. His hair turned the colour of unwashed pearls as he caught sight of the front of the train. He spoke fondly of his Hogwarts days; yet I was sure it was because they mostly included Victoire. 


Though I’m not sure how he enjoys her female company due to the fact that last week she made him go shopping. They ended up in an argument; Teddy had gotten lost and found himself wandered around in the panty department with his hand in the cup of a bra. She saw it as an insecurity, that he didn’t like her assets and wanted another woman. 


“What are you going to do without me?” I asked in a quiet voice. 


Teddy stepped over an uneven cobble stone and thought for a moment. “Well, be incredibly bored will be one thing, and probably a lot of moping around. I’m very good at that.”


“You could practise making tea,” I suggested. “You’re not very good at that.”


“Bite your tongue,” he said deeply. “I believe it was me who taught you to make tea in the first place, Miss Price.”


I widened my eyes. “I guess it is time for the teacher to become the student.”


“You may look like a rather tall fairy, but that still doesn’t stop me from wanting to push you over; behave.”


In a flash, Teddy jumped away from me as if I were on fire. After a moment I realised why; a raven haired boy darted towards me, his musky scent smothering me as he enveloped me in to a hug. 


It was an understatement to say that people were shocked when they realised who James Potter, the son of the saviour of the Wizarding world, had chosen for friends; no one had expected the brooding, boy-genius, Quidditch extraordinaire to befriend the daughter of two History writers with a talent for being a little short sighted. 


James and I skipped the formalities and dove straight in to abbreviated stories of the past week, in which we hadn’t seen the other. He looked to Teddy and they both nodded to the other; no words were spoken, just a single nod. 


“I still don’t understand that,” I admitted. “Just say hello to one another.”


“That’s beside the point,” James replied, sharing a similar expression with his God-brother, one of which, I assume he had been taught. “It’s not about the words spoken; it’s about what’s implied.”


Teddy agreed. “If I nod to James, it’s me saying ‘I am a man, and I am saying hello, and I acknowledge that you, too, are a man, and are greeting me in the same way’.”


“It’s true.”


“The two of you will never make sense to me.” I settled for, turning away from the two boys to wave back to one of my roommates. “Besides, I prefer talking.”


“Circe, we know that.” Teddy said. “It’s always bloody conversation with you.”


I raised a brow. “I’m sorry; I’ll shut up from now on.”


“Please don’t,” James begged dramatically. “I will be left to talk to Freddy all the time; you can’t leave me with him.”


“And speaking of being alone with Freddy,” Teddy said, pointing to James, “Don’t leave Charisma alone with him; I know what he’s like.”


“I’m a big girl now, Daddy;” I interrupted. “I can take care of myself.”


Teddy laughed haughtily. “I seriously doubt that; keep an eye on her James, yeah?”


“Will do,” he agreed. “I will be strict. Wolfy, no fun for you this year!”


Teddy had called me ‘Wolfy’ once as a passing joke, but it stuck. Only those who knew of the incident could call me that, those who knew why. Yet I like my name, Charisma Price, it’s unique, unusual. It seemed that for once, my parents managed to get something right. 


They had dedicated their lives to researching the Goblin Wars and how they affect society, somehow managing to earn a small fortune. However, I was simply their daughter, another mouth to feed. After arriving at Hogwarts I realised that there was more to the relationship of parent and child than I had ever been introduced to. 


I stepped on to the Hogwarts Express as a meek eleven year old, determined to make friends. I tripped on the loose carpet in the train corridor and knocked over the emerald eyed boy who would react by laughing and pulling down his own cousin to join us on the floor. I soon found out that this was simply James Potter; he didn’t shout, never raised his voice in an angry manner and took life in his stride. We were sorted in to the same house, thrown in to the same classes, and fell in to a crowd with the same people; it was inevitable that we would become friends. 


He invited me back for two weeks during the Summer Holidays, after noticing how I spent the others at Hogwarts. After staying for two weeks I began to notice changes in his god-brother Teddy. He became snappier, angrier, and colder than the kind and gentle man I had first met. I hadn’t realised; no one had told me. 


It was my own fault; I should have stayed indoors. Everyone in the wizarding world with any sense knows to stay indoors on the night of a full moon, but me, being the clueless twelve year old didn’t know any better. 


I ran through the woods and sat near the lake that was outback of the Potter’s property. It was a strange thing to do, buy a property with a large forest outback; most people would avoid a property because of it. However James said it was a main selling point. It was the early hours of the morning before I was interrupted. 


Interrupted? When being disturbed in amongst a tight area of the woods, most would expect a horror movie type situation, the mummy, the zombie, the werewolf – and that’s exactly what it was. It was the growls that got me first.  


I was only scratched, James’s dad rescued me. The brave and noble Harry Potter, really was a saviour. In a single sentence; I’m not a werewolf. But like Teddy and his father before him, I like my meat reasonably raw, I have a strange connection to the moon and I am able to heighten my senses around certain periods of the month. I terrify myself. My main fallback; the night of the full moon, that one night a month that I loose all control, the night that I can never remember anything about yet somehow seem to cause so much havoc. 


We realized what was going on after the first moon after the attack, when I woke up to find James pinning me to the floor and his cousin Freddy scrunched up in the corner in shock. 


I don’t want to believe that these nights are true – James always say’s that I’m fine, but I know to believe otherwise. 


Not that I draw attention to them, nor do I notice them, but the three claw lines that were un-healable still remain down my right side, my mid-stomach to my lower thigh; red looking and painful. They will never fade, not like the rest. 


Teddy is forever sorry, but it doesn’t bother me one bit, if anything, I believe it makes me special. Since then he has taken on the roll of my protector, but it’s sweet; if I ignore the constant badgering and boy-yelling that goes on. 


Teddy Lupin has been somewhat of an older brother to me for the past 5 or so years. I tend to stay with him, to sleep in his spare room and to live off of tea and stale biscuits. 


“Mum and Dad want to see you; they don’t think that you’ve been over enough lately.” James said suddenly, his friendly expression could warm even the coldest of people. 


We followed him towards the large crowd of red heads that stood near the front of the train. It wasn’t unusual for bystanders to stop and stare at the bunch, yet it was unusual for any of the Weasley’s to notice. 


Ginny Weasley pulled me in for a welcoming hug. “Charisma, darling; where have you been? I haven’t seen you in a while.”


From beside me, Teddy looked sheepish; he had spent enough time around the swatting hand of Ginny Weasley to know to keep his mouth shut at this moment. His hair changed its shade to match his Godmothers, while she took hold of either side of my face and gave me a once over. 


“Ginny, love, let her go.” Harry said from beside his wife. He was a kind man, much like James; yet he lacked the mischievous flare that his son so happily paraded. James insisted he inherited that from his Uncle George, Harry insisted that it was from his father, before him. “Did you have a good summer?”


“Yes I did thank you,” I replied. “And yo-“


“Thank bloody Circe, you’re here, Chic.” Lily Potter interrupted, practically pushing her father out of the way and pulling me in to a quick hug. At first, she had trouble saying my name, and so she settled with ‘Chic’, which was what came out instead. “I swear on the name of Merlin that if Albus had spent one more minute telling me about the uses of dragon dung, I would have died of boredom and slight disgust.”


It seemed that Harry and Ginny had moved to speak with Teddy; their conversation seemed serious, once where they all bore solemn expression. James pulled lightly on his little sister’s hair. “Calm down, Lily. And stop acting like you’re eighteen, you’re not.”


The fifteen year old glared daggers at her uncaring older brother before smiling sweetly at me, “I like your skirt by the way; it’s really pretty.” 


My eyes cast down to the old floral print flippy skirt, in to which I had tucked an old dress shirt. “Thank you, Lily.”


When I grew out of my clothes, I tended to offer them to Lily, or her cousin, Rose. While Lily accepted in an instant, Rose always politely refused. I tended to wear things that no one else had; money was the only thing that my parents could give me. Due to the growth spurt I had last year, Lily was in luck. 


The loud whistle blew before I could get in another sentence. James kissed his mother on the cheek, gesturing for Albus to do the same, and hugged his father. He took hold of his sister’s shoulder, ready to guide her through the crowd, only for her to pull away and mutter about not being five years old.


James and I were starting our sixth year, falling excitedly head first in to uncharted territory. Our head of house, Professor Longbottom, was a personal friend of the Potters; they have been close since the Great War. When I spent two weeks with James over the summer, Professor told us in confidence that the fire place in our common room is actually a registered in the Floo network, but they don’t tell the students and parents as they might start using it. We laughed at this; I couldn’t help but wonder what scheme Mr James Potter was coming up with at that moment. 


He had a smirk on his face as he searched the carriages for a free compartment. 


With a defeated sigh I took hold of James’ collar. “I don’t think that there are any free.”


“You know, I didn’t actually realise that Wolfy.” He shot back sarcastically. 


“Look, let’s go sit with the guys.” He said, pointing to a compartment that seemed to contain most of our Quidditch team. 


I had joined the team in third year as a chaser, James was our Captain, and had been for over a year. With the exception of the seeker, Elle Jones, the gentlest girl in the world, I was the only girl on the team. Two two of us band together; being surrounded my rowdy boys tends to take its toll. 


After pushing open the old compartment door, it noticed the lack of space in the carriage. Elle was sat on Kyle’s knee. Kyle Sanford was my fellow chaser, a kind boy who seemed to have the undivided attention of Elle. I knew she liked him. 


James took the remaining seat, leaving me to sit on the floor and lean back in between his legs. I pulled my hair over my shoulder and began to twist the ends, while greeting the others.  


I felt a hand on my knee. I looked upwards to see Andrew Wood, known as Drew to the outside world and to the team members. 


He had placed his hand on my knee, as if absentmindedly. I took no notice; he probably didn’t mean too. Ever since we had met in my first year he had developed an incredibly unserious crush on me, he always made it as obvious as possible. 


He was a loud and large boy, sixth year like James and I and was a beater along with Fred Weasley. If you were able to withstand the cheekiness he displayed, he honestly was a genuinely sweet boy. Unlike his father, his accent was English – his mother, Katie Bell had raised him in Southern England while his father toured with Puddlemere. I know this as he tells me constantly. 


I ignored the questioning look from Elle and shrugged, she smiled an obvious smile, knowingly something that I didn’t. 


We listened to James boss around our team for the next hour as Drew mocked his actions but in a way that James couldn’t see. 


Again, we would all have to attend try outs to make the team, a new year and all, which was something that I would certainly not be looking forward too; they are boring beyond description. Our keeper graduated last year, so there was one opening spot.


After changing in to our uniforms, slacking on the smartness this year, we got off of the train. Elle smirked as she looked at the first years uniforms and then at ours. While I wore thick black tights beneath my skirt, Elle didn’t. Her tanned legs were obvious from her trip to Cuba this summer. While she displayed her assets, I covered mine up in slight fear of judgement that someone would see my scars. 


While Elle fiddled with make-up, meeting up with some of her other girlfriends and attacking me with mascara, the boys pulled their robes over their jeans and were done with it. 


“So, recite your summer.” I said to Elle, while bumping her in the side. 


She frowned. “Boring, I actually obtain less brain functions than before.”


“Is that even possible?”


“Don’t be cheeky Miss. Price.” She teased. “I believe that you, unlike boring old me, didn’t have to stay with your parents, you got to stay with Teddy and his lovelygirlfriend.”




She dodged a muddy puddle and stopped from straying from the large path to the school carriages. “Don’t hold back on me. I need to know all about Mr Lupin.”


“Ellie, love.” I said comfortingly. “As you just said, Teddy is taken. And I’m pretty sure that Victoire could take you down in a heart beat.” 


She blinked. “I hate you sometimes Chic.” Always a pleasure Elle. I thought as I brushed a little mud from my fold-down boots and watched her climb in to the carriage infront of us.  


Laughing, she reached out a hand to pull me in. I was taller than other girls in my year, leaving me able to climb in to the carriages easily, yet my ability to stay stood upright was somewhat lacking. A pair of strong hands reached around my waist and hoisted me up from the floor. 


“You could grow at some point Wolfy.” 


I giggled. “And you Mr. Potter could buy a hair brush – at some point.”


“Point taken Miss. Cheeky.” He teased in his recognizable deep voice. It caused a generally large (mostly) female population of our school to melt and shudder; priding myself as one of the few who seem immune. 


Reaching out, I brushed the lower back of one of the thestrals as they carriages headed towards the school. At the age of seven, I was staying with my Grandparents while my parents were away for a week or so. Granny was at a prime age of seventy six and suffered from heart attacks. My Grandfather had locked himself in the kitchen for days on end after her passing.  


As the carriages pulled to a stop, the boys wasted no time in jumping out of them and heading towards the school; they didn’t slow down in speed as we approached the Great Hall. 


Kyle and James hopped over the table and took their places, helping themselves to tea and hot water, while Ellie sat across from them daintily. I leant on the large, stone door frame, watching as the hall filled up. James twisted the ring on his finger – the one his Grandmother gave him for Christmas five years ago; it never comes off of his fingers. 


Drew ran in shortly with Fred, I watched as they pitifully dodged small children and nearly killed younger ones. But then it came; the resounding smack. 


“Oh shit, don’t cry!”


I did a double take. “Andrew! Language!” 


Pulling the short second year in to a tight hug, I noticed he was red in the face; a Hufflepuff with large teary eyes. I rubbed his back caringly as he cried in to my chest. Quickly the sobs died out and the guilt expression on Drew’s face faded. 


“Alright kid.” He scolded, yanking him from my grip. “You’re obviously enjoying that hug a little too much!” 


I blinked in shock and then realized that the Hufflepuff was giggling naughtily. “I swear those children used to be sweet.”


After taking our places at the tables, Kyle began talking about how we should be proud to be Gryffindor’s and shun any person not placed in our house. The red hand print on his face should last; Elle packs a slap. 


Lily sat down on the other side of me and looked slightly panicked. 


“Is that Zack guy following you around again?” I asked her quietly. 


A dark haired boy boy had noticed Lily during their first year, he was a Hufflepuff and was so sweet, however he didn’t seem to be able to take the word no for an answer, or the words ‘stay away from me or I will be forced to get a magical restraining order.’


“He followed me from the carriages, through the main hall and only began to back off when I sat down here. He’s afraid of Louis and James.” She said indicating to her cousin and brother. 


How anyone could be afraid of sweet innocent little Louis Weasley I will never know. Hugo, Rose and Albus were stifling laughs from across the table; they always seemed to find Lily’s misery a hilarity.  


I took another bite of my chocolate cookie and laughed as the boys devoured them quicker than any normal person should be able to. Hogwarts serves small treats before the first years, to allow them to get themselves together – a new policy brought in by McGonagall when she was placed as Headmistress. 


“Slow down James.” I said quietly. “Breathing helps digestion.” 


He blinked, as if he hadn’t listened in the slightest. “Yeah, thanks for that tip, Wolfy.” 


Ten minutes or so had passed before Professor Longbottom came through the doors followed by the usual gang of obedient first years. As always the first thing that they noticed was the ceiling. 


The sorting hat was looking as shabby as always, placed on to its usual stool that looked like it was going to break under any amount of weight. The cookies disappeared and were replaced by table ornaments. 


“Bloody-“ Fred shouted, throwing his fists on to the table in aggravation, the chocolate smudged around his mouth did no favours in hiding what he was upset about. I smiled and waved the cookie in my hand, gesturing that I still had one. 


Professor Longbottom ignored his language, clearly used to it after five years, and began to quietly talk to the first years. The cookie was ripped from my grasp by none other than James Potter. I kicked him under the table and pouted. He looked genuinely sorry; he never could resist my ‘upset’ face. 


“When I call your name you are to sit on the stool and place the hat on your head.” Professor Longbottom announced to the group of confused looking first years. 


He unrolled the scroll of parchment and read out the first name. 


“Adelaide, Rebecca.” He spoke loudly, so the entire hall could hear. 


Rebecca approached the stool slowly, obviously nervous about being called first. The hat sat still for only a moment before crying. She made her way to the Hufflepuff house as a grateful cheer erupted from the yellow house. 


The rest of the evening went a little similarly; of course Gryffindor was the loudest to shout. They normally were. When Lucy Weasley was sorted in to Gryffindor, Fred actually stood upon the table and did some pathetic attempt at a happy dance, which is hence the reason that Professor Longbottom is now squished in between two of the lads – to make sure another stunt wasn’t pulled during dinner. 


During the name calling, I paid attention with James, listening to him give a running commentary on what was happening, he quietly laughed at the sound of my suppressed giggles. However he stopped at one and listened carefully as she approached the stool, she wasn’t a Weasley or a Potter. I wouldn’t be able to name many of the new first years.  


“Oh looks who’s here.” Kyle muttered from the other side of the table, stabbing his fork repeatedly in to the table. 


“Yay, Queen of Mean.” Elle said in the most sarcastic voice that I have possibly ever heard. 


Evie Lewis was an evil, back stabbing, gossiping girly girl who had the biggest crush on James. Although to my happiness he never once paid attention to her as she was evil to me, every chance that she got she would try to drag me down. Probably because of my closeness with James; he would usually never make any important decisions without consulting me first, it’s quite sweet actually. 


“What Kyle?” I asked quietly. “You just expected her to not return to Hogwarts or something?” 


He resentfully folded his arms and spoke gruffly. “I was kinda hoping.”


“Kyle.” I scolded. “Even though she’s a year below us, she’s still a student!”


Elle shot daggers at Evie. How she ended up in Gryffindor I will never know, the talking hat is going crazy.


“But she is a bit of a skank though isn’t she?” I dropped my fork at the sound of Professor Longbottom. 



James rose from the table when the sorting feast was over; he took my hand and walked with me to the common room. After chatting with the people we hadn’t had the chance to we went to James’ dorm, and simply spoke. Kyle was already asleep, so I sat on the opposite end of James’s bed quietly as he sat up by his pillow and rested his head in to his arms. 


Before a decent conversation began Drew burst in to the room, flinging the door open and waking up a whiney Kyle. He stood there in nothing more than a pair of white boxers, checked with red flicks. 


“Come on, you know you want a piece of me!” He shouted excitedly, gesturing to his stomach to a girl that had followed him upstairs. “Chic, what are you doing here?” He asked laughing, walking up to me he asked, “Do you know what these are called?” He said gesturing to his muscles. I shrugged. “I name each of them.”


James rolled his eyes and looked annoyed. 


“I’m just going to … go.” I said quietly gesturing to the door. “Night lads, and … girl.” 


Kyle’s voice was muffled by his pillow as he murmured, “Don’t let the bed bug’s bite.”


Drew ignored the protests of his roommates as his lips fought against the pretty girls. I closed the door behind me as his hand tangled in her hair. Kyle’s quietened cry could be heard as he swore loudly towards his friend – even at the bottom of the staircase. 


AN: So...what did you think? This is my first fan fiction and it might take a little while to get going, but I'm happy with the final product. It's all pre-written, so once tests are over, updates shouldn't take too long. (I've so jinxed that now :D)
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Chapter 2: Meet Dixie
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Disclaimer: It all belongs to Jo. If I owned these characters. Remus would not have died, as well as Tonks - and I could tell you that I would have nabbed one of the twins before anyone else would have had the chance! 


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James Potter



Dear little Evie Lewis and her long golden hair had decided to share her love of me to my room mate and best girlfriend ever, Dixie Pruitt - and every body else in the common room last night for that matter - about what she thought of me. 


Well announced it actually, to a friend of hers, but just loud enough for the entire room to overhear. Apparently it turned a few heads. 


Dixie rolled over in her bed this morning, her white night gown spotless and her usually puffball head of short brunette hair certainly in the running for the number one rosette of ‘bed heads untied’. Elle took out an old camera from her trunk. It was a present from her grandfather, a Christmas present to be precise, one that I’m sure, at point, Dixie would very much like the smash in to a million little pieces. 


This is one of those times. 


The camera flashed brightly as Ellie snapped the picture of the just-waking-up Dixie. I looked at the portrait as Elle wafted the fresh picture of our roommate, caught at exactly the wrong moment, Dixie looked gorgeous.  


She snatched the developing picture from Elle’s grasp. “You know,” she said straightening out her night gown. “I actually like my hair.” We all laughed as she ran her fingers through it. 


“So, how’s your brothers Dix?” I asked her while French plating my own hair in to two tight braids. 


Dixie had grown up with four brothers, all like the Weasley’s and Potters, way too over protective of the girls. They had all graduated years ago, and Dixie was their little baby. She disliked this title, unlike Elle, who was the oldest. She had two little sisters one in fourth year, and the other in second. Even by my tolerate standards they were annoying. 


Dix looked up from her gown. “Do I even need to answer that or should I just glare?”


“Just a question.” I protested, raising my arms as if to surrender. 


I carefully pulled on my shoes, hopping around like a jack-in-the-box until they were tightly on, pulled on the bows a little and walked down to the common room, finding James waiting there for me as always. 


“Morning, Wolfy.” He greeted smiling, not removing his back from the wall that he was leaning on. 


I grinned. “Are you trying to look cool this morning?”


“Is it working?”


“Nope,” I said. “But you’ll always be the naughty dork to me.” I shoved him from his position on the wall and ran towards the portrait. 


Attempting to learn on the first week back is rather pointless. People are continuously late because of their new time tables; they’re also sleep deprived, high on coffee or chocolate and homesick. Then you throw in the basic analogy that no one actually wants’ to do the work – with the exception for Rose – and you have Hogy-Hog-Hogwarts. 


I looked at my time table and grinned at the free spaces. I had two free periods on a Friday after noon, one first thing on a Monday morning and another half way through Wednesday, a nice mixture. I turned to James and noticed that he hadn’t even glanced at his timetable, the reason being he hadn’t decided to even pick it up yet. What can I say? There must have been something increasingly interesting in his coco-pops. 


So instead I did the honours. Our timetables were rather similar, bar the one free on Friday he had and not two. James had taken runes instead of divination. He had a knack for the subject where as I just looked at them and saw swirly patterns. He always laughed at me for this; but then I could do the same for divination.  


I smiled at the timetables realising that apart from that one lesson, we had the same. He noticed my grin and looked at me. 


“What, Chic?” He asked me. 


He took the timetables out of my grip and looked at them. 


“Awesome.” He said, gesturing to them. “I get a lie in on a Monday morning.” 


I took the parchment from his hand and lightly smacked him around the head with it. He rubbed his hair dramatically and placed his spoon on the table, making a little clattering noise before embracing the opportunity of blaming it on someone else. 


You’d be surprised what I can handle, being part wolf and all. I can resist urges beyond your imagination; I have better hearing than average around the time of the moon, and better eye sight. 


But one thing that I cannot seem to handle is the bi-polar fifth year, Evie Lewis. Waking up to the sound of her voice down the hall, having to listen to her rattle on about James ‘beyond belief’ body and having to watch her walk around in those outfits that Dixie dubbed ‘tyranny clothes’. I found that a bit too mean, so I keep away from calling her that myself and tried to convince Ellie not to as well, although when it comes to her, sweet little Elle seems to have a mind of her own.


I have to admit it, Evie is pretty. As much as I wish that she wasn’t, she is, and boys seem to fall over her. They can’t see the mean antics that she does to us girls. If only they had to deal with her stealing their make up and throwing it from the Tower every Saturday, hence the reason I hide mine. However in our 4th year, Dixie decided to hang Evie’s underwear from a signpost in Hogsmeade; I made sure that Elle and myself had nothing to do with it. I can’t say the same for Fred. 


Last year Evie attempted to cut off Lilly’s hair while she was sleeping. That was something that she would never even think about again. Lilly woke up as she entered the room, cast a defence charm and Evie ended up in the hospital wing with broken nails, knotted hair and teeth too big for her face, all things that she classed as major offences in her book, being the, shallow, manipulative person that she is. 


I walked towards divination, Dixie and Elle at either of my sides. I was hand in hand with Dixie, the tiny honey blonde, when a hiss like giggle came from the wall.


Dixie blinked. “Did the wall just screech?”


I shook my head. “No.” I denied. “But the corridor did.” 


“Huh?” Elle huffed too loudly. “Chic, what are you doing?” She asked, once again at a raised volume. I shushed her and stood by the side of the tapestry that the corridor was hidden behind. You gotta love Fred Weasley. 


“So, then what?” One sickly sweet voice questioned. 


“Well, he ran his hand through my hair and told me that I looked fabulous.” Another answered that I didn’t recognize. 


Another voice cackled in the witch like tone that it was. “Obviously, you always look gorgeous.”


“Shhh, I wasn’t finished talking,” the whiney one gabbed. Her tone was bossy and controlling. “Did I look like I was finished talking?”


“I would know that voice anywhere.” Elle whispered in between me and Dix. 


“Evie Lewis.” Dixie finished for her in a type of voice that had the phrase ‘insert creepy horror music here’ stamped all over it. 


I turned my head to face them. “How do you two know that?”


“Unlike you Charisma, we actually talk to the Queen of Mean sometimes, you’re polite. You avoid her.” Dixie pointed out, still whispering. 


“Dix, don’t call her that. No matter what she does she doesn’t deserve to be called names, no one does.” I said, surprisingly sounding sad at the end. 


“Chic, you’re too soft on people. She deserves to be punched.” Elle finished turning away from the tapestry. “Now shush, I wanna hear what prat called her fabulous.” 


“Well, he commented on my make-up; well, I mean why shouldn’t he; it was a master piece yesterday.” Evie commented; Dixie was doing mimics of her to the side.


Elle snorted, causing my elbow to involuntarily land lightly in her side. Dixie huffed. “Master piece? Master piece my arse, who your master? A trowl?” 


“If my dog had a face like hers I’d shave its arse and walk it backwards!” 


I shushed them both and put my ear to the tapestry. “And then … he kissed me.” Evie said, pausing for dramatic effect, trying to create a mood that wasn’t there. 


Elle made an immature pukey face to my left and a crowd of students that I hadn’t realized had gathered around the tapestry began smirking. 


“Did you hear something?” Said a follower that was probably one of her Ravenclaw clones.  


Eive waved it away. “Ignore it; this is a secret corridor and I am not finished with my story.”


Bitch,” Dixie coughed, once again causing a few students to snigger. 


A girly squeal erupted from one of the harpies. “So, what was kissing the infamous James Potter really like?” 


I choked on my own spit somewhat violently before processing the sentence fully. Ellie’s hand rubbed against my back, patting lightly until I stopped coughing. 


Elle’s eyes were large and startled; a deer caught in headlights. “Charisma are you all right; you look a little sick.” 


“Yeah I’m fine; I think that I just threw up in my mouth a little bit there.” I replied, forgetting to keep track of my volume.  


The gathering student burst in to fits of laughter and interrupted the secret meeting in the secret corridor. Evie and her follower who I recognized to be Felicity Straight from Ravenclaw ripped the tapestry to the side and stormed out, causing, Dixie, Elle and I to fall over, she wasn’t the least embarrassed about being over heard, if anything she was fuming with anger. 


We scrambled up from the floor and did the most mature thing that we could think of. 


Dixie pulled us up from the floor, and the three of us ran away.  


“How the hell could he do that?” Elle complained, sitting down in our usual booth in Div. “Is he on steroids or something?”


“I doubt that.” Dixie defended. “If he was, he would have told Charisma.” 


“That’s what I don’t get.” I said, off their blank looks I elaborated. “Why didn’t he tell me?”


“Didn’t tell you what?” Kyle said, hopping over the back of our booth and squishing in between Elle and me. 


“Maybe because he knew that you would react this way, or maybe he hasn’t seen you since it happened, she didn’t mention when it had gone down?” Dixie carried on, ignoring Kyle’s presence. 


“Uhh hello? I am sitting here.” Kyle said, pointing to the floor. 


“Maybe he didn’t want to upset you; he knows how close you two are.” Elle said, still slightly star struck by Kyle’s hand on her leg.  


“No, it’s not that; remember he dated Mary Thomas last year, that didn’t change anything.” I couldn’t help but laugh at the memory of when he asked out Lavender Brown and Dean Thomas’s only daughter, his mum was furious. 


“Will someone please tell me what is going on?” Kyle insisted impatiently. 


“James Potter made out with the Queen of Evil.” Dixie said, in a tone that was an attempt to shut him up. 


“Are you talking about Evie Lewis; that girl gives me the creeps.” He admitted truthfully, he was probably the only boy in the entire school that thought so. 


“You’re not the only one.” I said holding up my tea cup. We did the ‘cheers’ action as Professor Crazy walked in. 


Everyone turned their attention towards her as she explained that we would be looking in to each others tea cups to determine how each others years will turn out. 


“Don’t we do this at the beginning of each year?” Kyle asked me.


“Apparently.” I answered, still upset about the whole James incident. 


It wasn’t the kiss that bothered me; it was why I felt bothered by the kiss that got to me. I had no reason to feel like this; like I wanted to punish Evie. Maybe I should do a Dixie and find her underwear? 


“It’s okay Charisma; you won’t be forgotten when he’s married to Evie - and they have six children.” Kyle said playfully.


I drunk the hot tea and then looked at Elle. “What I don’t understand.” She began. “Was why he would want to kiss her?” she said as if Evie was a plastic doll. “After the way that he looked like he was about to rip off Drew’s head on the train when he told you that he wanted to be the father of your babies, I thought that James may like you a little, Chic.”


“Oh yeah, that was funny.” Kyle jumped in, spilling his tea a little on the floor. “Bugger it!” 


“Is that what you two were laughing about? He probably had every right to look like that, I don’t want to know the dirty thought that were going around in Drew’s head at that precise moment, or at any moment actually.” I defended. 


“Not by the way that he looks at you.” Elle said in an ‘I know something that you don’t’ type voice. I shook my head and sighed, deciding to ignore them, they were just pulling my leg as usual. They would always joke that me and James fancied each other, but this wasn’t true. 


We drank the tea and I swapped with Kyle. I read his cup and laughed. 


“It says that you’re going to fail in two of you’re exams and that you’re going to find unrequited love.” He looked shocked, but really I was sure that this love was going to be fine. You don’t need to see in the future to know that your love is going to be strong, just look at Elle practically drooling on to the table. 


“Ok, yours, well you have a picture of something resembling a camel and something that looks like an acorn.” Kyle replied to me completely confused. 


“Again, I ask, why the fuck are you even taking this class, you suck at Divination?” Dixie snapped. 


“Why thank you Dix, I love you too.” Kyle said pretending to be hurt. 


“This was one of the only classes that he could take; he failed all of the others.” I said quietly. Dixie broke in to a hysterical laugh and Kyle looked annoyed. 


'Sorry' I mouthed at him, he just smiled and shook his head. 


I was almost about to leave the common room and go up to bed. I was so tired of hearing about James Sirius Potter’s kissing skills were; fabulous, dreamy – and then a lot of moaning noises and squeaky giggling.


Slamming my book shut, I noticed that the portrait hold swung open and the boy of the hour himself walked through.


“Ladies.” He acknowledged, strolling past a group of third years and over to me, he probably made their year. 


To Evie’s annoyance, – my delight - he completely blanked her. I decided to go with the theory that she could have lied, James was most defiantly a ladies man, but I am sure that he isn’t that desperate (Dixie’s choice of words).


“Charisma.” He said greeting me happily. I sat crossed legged as he sat down next to me on the sofa. He sunk down in to the cushions and flopped his hand down on to my leg. “Did you have fun in divination?” He asked me, happier than usual. 


“Yes thank you,” I said curiously. “Well as much fun as you could have with a crazy lady teaching the class and Kyle as your partner.” I said smiling. 


“Harsh.” He said patting my leg and still smiling. 


“Hey, what’s up with you?” I asked concerned. Not that I wasn’t happy he wasn’t complaining, but he’s never this happy. 


“Me? Nothin’, the first day is nearly over and done with, I have had great lessons and that little Malfoy kid is in detention, he so deserves to be in Slytherin.” 


“James what did you do?” I said annoyed. He really hated poor Scorpius -  a boy I considered dear to my heart - however the child had been nothing but nice to him. It seemed that simply by being friends with Albus and Rose was enough to put him in James’ bad books. 


“Me? Why do you instantly jump to the conclusion that it was my fault? He got himself in detention, Rosie told me about it. You know I am hurt, Wolfy.” He retaliated placing his hand on his heart. He couldn’t have been too hurt as he had called me Wolfy; he never did that unless he was joking around. 


“Sorry, James.” I answered shrugging. “It was just a natural reaction.” He opened his mouth in fake dismay and then smacked my leg with his Runes textbook.  


“You’re temporarily forgiven.” He said laughing. I didn’t ask him what it meant, however knowing James there was probably a reason behind it. 


There was a moment of comfortable silence before he broke it. 


“Charisma?” He began thoughtfully. “If I tell you something, you have to promise not to get upset.” 


“Okay, scouts honour.” I said happily swearing with my three middle three fingers. 

He took a second before thinking about it and then looked at me. 


“I think that I am going to ask someone else to the Halloween Ball.” He stated quickly and then looked at me like I was going to hit him or something. 


The Halloween Ball was something that took place every year; it was a new tradition but a fun one. Everyone gets to dress up as something their not and not get judged for it. 


I stared at him with disbelief that he thought that I was going to be mad. 


“You’re, you’re breaking up with me?” 


He sighed, a little aggravated. “Circe, Wolfy – so you’re not cross?”


“James you can go to The Halloween Ball with anyone that you want to, you know of all people that I usually just end up dancing with Dix or Lilly anyway.”


He smiled and nodded his head. 


He was right I wasn’t mad, but I can safely say that the word ‘hurt’ defiantly did not cover it. We always go together. Yet I couldn’t help but ask myself, why was I feeling so jealous? It wasn’t a usual feeling that I would have towards James.


I was going to throttle the keeper of fate. 

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Chapter 3: The Ravenclaw in the Owlery
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Lily Potter

The knowledge that I should have worn a coat lingered; I climbed the steps to the owlery. 


It was six in the morning on a Saturday and somehow, the weather had managed to magically – no pun intended - drop to around three degrees. I pulled uggs on over my pyjama bottoms and grabbed one of Dixie’s many jackets that happened to be lying carelessly over a chair by the door. Dixie wouldn’t mind, yet the temperature happened to disagree by freezing my toes off. I was walking on blocks of ice. 


I rubbed my arms, warming them with friction and entered the eerie tower. Walking over the Hedwig the second, I noticed a little scroll tied to her leg. Hedwig, despite being decrepit, always wanted to do the job intended. She is much better than Errol or Pigwideon; that one bites. 


I raised my eyebrows in confusion as I fingered the letter, it read Charisma. The letter was for me. Stroking Hedwig’s head, I allowed her to perch on my arm. I held it out to one side, bent slightly and sat on the water fountain that was strangely placed inside the tower. 




Teddy’s handwriting was loud and clear – pretty much illegible. 


Dear Wolfy,


You’ll never guess … Victoire and I are getting married. Blunt? A little. Mind-blowingly awesome? Completely! I proposed last night, around eleven, and she agreed. Apart from my poor and lowly grandmother, you are the only person who knows – you are the only person I wanted to know, besides the aforementioned poor and lowly Grandmother. I’m still stunned that she accepted, more so than the fact that she even agreed to go out with me in the first place. Let’s face it; I could be a better boyfriend. 


I know that out of all the sinners and hooligans that the Weasley family creates as offspring, you will be happy for us, and not poke fun – that is not an invitation to do so. Uncle Harry has already organised the Wotter Christmas bash, so the usual heck of a group will be attending. That is when we think we shall tell everyone. Yes, we are waiting until Christmas; do you think you can keep your pretty little lips shut until then? 


Don’t mention anything to anyone; we want it to be a big surprise. Well, Vic does, I would be perfectly happy with letting everyone realize on their own, or just sending around poor Hedwig with a post-it. Still, don’t tell the kiddies, Harry wouldn’t want them to know anything before their Dad does, you know how he gets. Poor old soul, he’s past his prime, you know?


Any who’s, three days until the full moon, fun eh – don’t forget? 

Love the one and only Teddy. X


After realizing that it was signed Teddy and not Tokky, I squealed for joy. The empty owlery rang out with my squeals. Teddy and Victoire, after many years of dating, they finally agreed to marriage. It’s unbelievable. I think that I let out a little squeal of joy to myself in the empty owlery. Teddy and Victoire were getting married. And it was about bloody time. 


They’ve been in love since they could both breathe. The thought of the two of them hiding this made me laugh; it would entail a very fed up Victoire and a somewhat childish Teddy. Laughing outloud, I realised that to the helpless person who entered the library, they would encounter the mad Gryffindor talking to herself, wearing nothing but her pyjamas.  


And that’s exactly what happened. 


A gentle voice spoke from the arch that was the entrance. “Are you ok?” 


“Huh?” I said, cursing my stupidity in my head and turning to the presence in the doorway. 


I stopped when I saw his face; anyone else would have. His dark blonde hair was ruffled; a beautiful contrast to his eyes. Pink lips, and flushed cheeks – both gained from climbing the steps to the tower, I could gather. His blue tinted robes were obvious against the wind; a Ravenclaw. 


Recognising him instantly, I wanted to laugh once again. This is the man that Dixie has fancied teasingly for many a moon; the Ravenclaw Captain, known to our dorm as ‘James Bond’. 


“You were giggling to yourself; I wondered if you were coherent.” He replied.


I fought the urge to shout, ‘No! Take me to the Hospital Wing – Oh, and carry me!’ Instead, I settled with. “Oh, I’m fine thank you.”


“And the giggling?” 


I held up my parchment from Teddy, tattered from the indecent amount of over-folding. “I got a letter from my friend.” 


“And obviously a good one at that.”  He said, showing off a rather brilliant set of white teeth. 


“It really depends on the angle that you look at it.” I said, tilting my head to the side and allowing my uncontrollable curls to fall from the bun and topple off of my head. 


He smiled and walked in to the owlery. Hedwig flew from my arm and back over to her perch. She wasn’t a ‘people’ owl. He gazed towards her.


I followed suit and smiled at the snowy owl. “She’s beautiful isn’t she?” 


“You have no idea.” His voice was almost inaudible, he simply stared at me.  


“I have to … send a letter.” I stuttered, folding one of my arms over my stomach and shoving Teddy’s letter in to my pocket. I stood up and ended the slight awkwardness.


I took my pre-written letter from my pocket; the reason of my trip to the owlery. It was written to Victoire, she would know what to do with the ‘James Situation’; apparently I was the only one of the two feeling this way, and I need it to stop! I snatched one of the school pens from its stand and scribbled messily on the bottom. ‘You! + Teddy! Explain!’


Why I was so jealous of James’s secret date to the Halloween Ball, and why I felt the urgent need to track down who this person is – is all a mystery to me. Victoire will have the answer, she always does. She is the all knowing, yet she failed Divination. I still stick by my statement. Telling Professor T that your crystal ball says she is lying is not the way to go about things. 


If I told Dixie, Ellie or Lily about my sudden change of opinion about James, they would tell me the simple answer. ‘You fancy him’. That is not what I wish to hear as it is blatantly untrue. James Sirius Potter is my best friend. He has been since joining this school six years ago. I can’t like him as anything more than that; it’s unreasonable, let alone impossible. 


I am simply going through a phase – an impractical one that needs to end.


“Another time then chaser,” He said to me, walking from the owlery, grasping my attention away from my scribbles for Vic. As he reached the door he stopped, attached a small shed parchment to an owl and turned back to me. “I like the PJ’s by the way. I don’t know if I mentioned that?” 


I pouted as he left and looked down at my attire - scarlet trousers, the only red suitable for Gryffindor’s, and an embarrassing black shirt that read ‘Sweet Dreams’. I zipped up Dixie’s jacket and smiled sheepishly. He laughed good-naturedly before waving and leaving me alone once more. 


“Shitting hell!” Ellie cursed, sitting back in to the sink of the bathroom. I had told them of James’s decision not to go to the ball with me. I was being selfish and childish, yet somehow I felt tell them was right. We go together every dance, this was breaking tradition. “I bet he’s taking the Queen of Mean!” 


“Elle, we don’t know that for sure.” I said, attempting to reconcile for the large and ‘in your face’ type blunder that I could have caused. “He never actually said who he was taking.” 


Dixie looked astonished. “You didn’t ask?”


“No,” I said defensively. “I didn’t wanna sound clingy.” 


Dixie attempted a sweet voice. “Oh, James. It’s okay that you’re not going to the ball with me, but who are you taking instead? Just out of curiosity of course! Cheerio. How on earth does that sound clingy?” 


“I wouldn’t have said ‘cheerio’!” 


She huffed and leant back against the brick work. “Well you would have said something similar; you’re bloody bat-crazy at times.” 


Wiping the hurt look from my pouted features I set my mind away from the matter at hand; Quidditch try-outs are in less than an hour. Still, my mind wandered back to this morning’s run-in in the owlery. I knew who he was, but no names came to mind when I thought of him; I could ask Dixie, but I was sure she would batter me. 


Lily had been with Ellie when I run in to them and Dixie was already in the girls bathroom when I told them I needed to vent. The area that Myrtle haunts is always abandoned. 


Myrtle disliked us at first; we were alive. But after pointing out that Lily was Harry Potter’s daughter, she allowed us in to her bathroom without trouble. Dixie found it all somewhat funny; Myrtle is a tyrant.


For that main reason, people tend to avoid this said bathroom. If we want alone time, we know we shall get it here – sad, we realize. 


“You would have sounded anything but clingy, Wolfy.” Lily defended purposely.


Only the Potters and Weasley’s know about the incident five years ago, and the odd exception outside the family. I was still yet to tell my roommates, any of them – or James’. I couldn’t bring myself to do it; the usual reaction was for them to run. I don’t want to lose them. 


“Thanks Lillers,” I said, sliding down the wall and sitting on the floor. “But there’s nothing too it, I’m being selfish.” 


Lily jumped off the edge of the sink and joined me on the floor. “How are you being selfish? If anyone is, it’s him, not telling you who he’s going with. I’ll hex him; I will honestly put him under an unforgivable curse and kill him.” We all wanted to laugh; Lily was known for her outbursts. “I’ll tell you what Charisma; I’ll be your date.”  


Dixie smiled. “I love the way that you offered that so proudly Lily.” 


“Well why wouldn’t I?” she asked. “I would be honoured to be my partner.” 


I smiled at their sillyness and spoke to break the upcoming bicker. “Okay, us girls.” I looked away from the group. “If I can’t go with James, I will go with Lily; we’ll be the balls favourite couple.” 


Lily smiled, “Defo.” 


“I love the way that you’re working your way through the Potter family.” Dixie teased. “Next on the agenda will be Albus.” 


I looked up and gave her a smug smile. “Then I’m working on Fred.” 


Elle laughed at her expression, shock, horror and fury. It was no secret that Dixie has a thing for Freddy Weasley. She speaks of liking other people, yet she will never adore anyone the way she does Fred. At the age of eleven, he pushed her in to the black lake, and she shoved a sherbet lemon up his left nostril. It was love at first sight.


“Girlies!” Drew cried from outside the door. “Yoo-hoo!”


A deeper voice sighed from the other side. “Bugger it. We’re coming in!”


Dixie’s face lit up at Freddy’s entrance. Within moment’s the two of them had strolled in to the bathroom and made themselves comfortable. 


“Fred,” Lily said slowly, he looked down to our level on the floor. “Did it, for a second, occur to you, that this is a girl’s bathroom?”


He ignored her curious demeanour and answered smugly. “Yes, and I thought that I would fit the profile,” Drew took a step back while I raised my eyebrow. “You called me a big fat girl all summer, so I thought that it wouldn’t matter too much.” 


Fred was always the one who could shut her up. Drew stepped towards me and parked his bum next to mine. “Our James was lookin’ for you.” 


“Why didn’t he come down here and tell me that himself?” 


He shrugged and put his arm around me, hugging me in close. “I don’t know.”


“Yeah,” Fred agreed. “We’re not his personal messengers.” 


Dixie snorted. “I bet you just wanted to come in to the girls’ bathroom.” 


Elle, alike me sensed the upcoming argument and jumped from the sinks, landing delicately on her feet. “This is my cue to leave.” She stopped past me and pulled me up from the floor, from Drew’s embrace. “He’s being a twat Chic, one more thing and I will hex him myself.” 


The boys were obviously curious. “Who’s this?” Fred questioned. “A secret boyfriend perhaps?” 


“Well, we can’t have that? You are mine of course.” Drew added, pulling me back down on to the floor.  


Fred laughed and grabbed Dixie’s arm. “Charisma and Andrew Wood, I actually think that name fits together rather well.” 


“Shut it Fred.” Drew tried, tickling me a little. “That was supposed to be a secret.” If I actually thought of Drew as anything beside a brother, he would be a lovely boyfriend to have. “My question is, why is he being an arse to you?” I rolled my eyes. “Do you need to get us – the intelligent and attractive boys – to sort him out?” 


This happened to be rather amusing. Fred, although good looking, shared a similar body mass to a bear. He apparently inherited it from his Grandfather, looking more like his mother than a Weasley. He packed the hardest punch I had ever witnessed; last year Caleb Sacks was sent to the hospital wing after telling Dixie he wanted to be her ‘baby daddy’. Fred and Dixie were two peas in a pod, a rather argumentative pod, I will grant that. 


While Drew was the opposite of Fred in personality, similar in body mass; the two prided themselves on being the largest beaters in the school, and worked to get the title – through a mixture of eating the castle in to poverty and lifting anything they could find. Yet Drew was gentle; he wouldn’t fight even if the situation called for it, he joked about it, yes – but he would never hurt another human being. 


“No thank you.” I answered, fast and polite. Surprisingly they actually looked somewhat disappointed. I laughed, causing Drew to smile. “You ladies man, you.” 


“You love it!” 


“Hey! Did you guys forget about tryouts?” Kyle asked, freely wondering in to the bathroom, without a care in the world, and shoving his hands in to his pockets. He stood next to Elle, I think she internally squealed – I saw it in her eyes. 


A somewhat aggravated Lily Potter stood up, stomping her foot on the floor. “Does the term ‘girl’s bathroom’ mean anything to anyone any more?” 



Being carried to the Quidditch pitch by the best beater in the school in a fireman’s lift, was defiantly the way to attract attention. Upon bursting through the doors to the pitch, we saw the crowd. James was stood in the centre, looking somewhat amused before quickly turning his attention to the group of students that were all trying out for one place; Keeper. 


So far, our entire team happened to be made up of us sixth years, James wanted to vary it up a little. Luckily, no one else from our year happened to be trying out. 


The group – that resembled a rabble – stared casually at my screams. Fred decided to create his own form in entertainment, to play pat-a-cake on my bum cheeks. Drew turned around, leading me to almost kick Kyle in the head. He ducked and knocked over a box of bats. Mixed with anger, James’s expression suddenly became something I didn’t recognise, probably stress, he had been under a lot of it lately. 


“Are you lot done?” James asked professionally, throwing a bat towards Drew. “I was just about to begin the tryouts, would you, the Gryffindor team, like to help? Or would you like to play pat-a-cake on my bum next?” It was surprisingly amusing that he was serious. The youngens in the crows chuckled, but they were silenced by a glaring Captain. 


“Do you really want me to answer that sexy?” Drew called, his usually jokey demeanour this time being his downfall. I naturally burst in to laughter with Fred. We received a glared from James that said behave. Fred stopped, but I was unable too; James didn’t seem to mind all that much. 


We had tried out earlier in the week, regaining our positions on the team. 


While quickly glancing around the stands, I noticed one thing that stopped me laughing immediately. Evie Lewis was sat three rows back while her woo tang clan sat idly by. She shot me a glare, one that was cold enough to make your heart stop. Like a flash, her smug expression went from mocking to livid. I followed the direction of her gaze and noticed four people giving her the finger. 


Fred, Drew, Kyle and Ellie. 


I looked Drew in the eye and bit my lip. “What are you, five?” 


“Actually, I’m six.”


They put their fingers down and muttered something that was incoherent. “Thank you.” I said happily.


This was James’s day; no inter-house-civil-wars would begin. I strolled over to the wooden benches within the pitch and sat on the wooden bench at the side of the arena. 


“Zack, bloody hell!” Lily shouted. “Can’t you just leave me alone for five bloodyminutes?” Past her shouting, there really was a lovely fourteen year old girl. I stood up from the bench, climbed up five behind me, grabbed her arm and pulled her down to the seat. “I swear, that bloody boy has a bloody death wish” 


I ignored the desperation to tell her off for her cursing and instead decided to help. “He’s just trying to be nice. He likes you a lot.” I didn’t want to look at her expression. Cutting her off I spoke again, “What did he do anyway?”


We watched a poor second year take a blow to the stomach from the Quaffle. He regained the balance on his broom and prepared himself for the next shot. 


“He cleaned all my Quidditch equipment.” She explained. I bit my tongue and failed to point out how some would see that as a good thing. She answered my unspoken question. “I don’t know how he got a hold of it; it was in my dorm room. Either one of my room mates thought it would be a funny joke, or he’s a pervert. He polished my snitch so much, it got to the point that all the magic has been rubbed off.” 

I walked over and took a seat on the wooden bench at the side of the arena. 


I appreciated how sourly she admitted it. “Maybe, a little too nice?” 


“You’re too bloody kind, you know that Charisma?” Lily said, looking me in the eye. She didn’t laugh. “It’s not always a good thing. One day someone is going to take advantage of that fact.” 


I got up from the bench after a period of silence. Lily really did know how to create them. James called us to the middle as a team, we had to help the younger ones with their form and stamina before the final selection is made. Elle was my favorite when it came to the sport. She lost all of her sweet demeanor and became blunt and brutally honest; probably tearing their hopes and dreams of ever being a Quidditch player. One third year girl was on the verge of tears, that was when Fred ran in and saved the day. He gave her a lollypop. 


Garry Hammond; fourth year, total pretty boy, always asked me to help. He was just a little scared of the rest of the team, they were rather intimidating. Drew would make kissy noises every time he walked past the pour soul. 


Leaving Gary in the overly-capable hands of Kyle, I walked over to a flustered looking James. “You still wanna be in charge Captain?” I asked. 


Ignoring his glare I skipped over and linked my arm with his. “All the way,” he admitted. “I just wish that I had the privilege to slap a few of those little children.” He spoke menacingly. 




He pulled me really close and slid his arm from mine, taking my hand instead. “You’re right, sorry; I don’t want to smack children.” He seized either side of my arms and pulled me to his face. He nuzzled my nose against his in an Eskimo kiss. ”Can you ever forgive me?” he tilted his head side to side and began to sing “Charisma, please forgive me. Charisma!” 


Laughing, I nodded, and then mentally cursed myself for the second time that day. James Potter always knew how to make me happy, that’s the problem. That boy had a ‘Get out of Jail Free Pass’ with me. He could only perform well in my books, he could do nothing wrong. Anything he did say or do that I didn’t like; I would forgive him right away. 


“Good!” he approved, slipping his hand in to the back pocket of my jeans and dragging me along. His hand was under my Quidditch Robes. I pushed him away and muttered about person space. “We need to shower and change.”


“Are you implying that I smell Mr. Potter?” I slid out of his grasp begrudgingly. “Cause I know that you do!” 


I left him and ran forward, towards the changing rooms. When he actually grasped the concept of me poking fun, he chased after me. Much to Evie’s annoyance, we ran back through the pitch, disrupting many of the packing up jobs that the rest of the team were doing. Freddy wolf whistled, gathering much more attention that thought. As we reached the doors of the CR, he caught me, spun me around and then licked my forehead playfully. 


An interrupting cough made us break apart. It was always the Ravenclaw’s that spoiled the fun. This particular one really cleared up well, or it’s possibly just my eyesight becoming more aware as the day goes on. 


The Ravenclaw who liked my Pj’s spoke. “I’ll just, go.” 


I answered sweetly, grabbing his arm and pulling him back. “No, it’s okay. We just came to pack up.” I was trying so hard not to blush and giggle like an idiot. “Do the ‘Claws have the field next?”


He nodded. “Not for another twenty minutes or so.”


James pulled me back to his level, so that we stood side by side. “So what are you doing here now?” 


I stared, confused, at his rudeness. “James, be nice!” I hissed in his ear before turning back to the Ravenclaw. “Sorry.”


“No, don’t apologize.” James said smugly. “Allow me.” 


“No!” I practically shouted, shoving my hand over his mouth. I had no idea what would come from it if I took it away. “Good luck trying out the rascals.” 


Much to James’s annoyance, he took another step forward. “I like the uniform by the way,” he said. “But I prefer the pajamas.” 


My hand slipped from James’s mouth, more out of the fact that I had just lost major bodily functions, aka, the ability to more or speak. 


“What the bloody hell is he talking about?” James demanded. I ignored him, trying desperately not to fall over with embarrassment. “Wolfy, when in Merlin’s fucking name did he see you in-“


James’s panicked voice broke the spell. “Don’t swear.” 


“Potter, it’s not nice to cuss.” 


“Shut the f-“ James stopped in his tracks. “I would prefer it if you, didn’t talk to me.” 


“Wait,” ‘claw said, “Why did he call you Wolfy?”


“Inside joke.” James snapped. The Ravenclaw could have been incredibly petty at this point, but he wasn’t. 


Instead he said. “Well, I have to go and set up the arena, for the ‘Claws, but I’ll see you later.”


James blinked. “Excuse me?”


“Oh, sorry.” He said, brushing the hair from his eyes. “I’ll see you later, girls.” 


Now that was a comment that was deemed unforgivable by James. 

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Chapter 4: Evie and the Hidden Tapestry
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Evie Lewis


As soon as he had left, James wasted no time showing his friendly feelings towards this guy. He complained about him all the way through our showers, shouting through the door, he carried on all the way down the corridor and all the way back to the common room. Half way there I had conjured up an ice-cream and was still licking it to death ten minutes later, only half listening to what James was saying. 


“And did you hear his tone, and you still haven’t told me when he saw you in his pajamas, and did you see the way he looked at you, seriously, if I wasn’t there I was sure that he was going to do something that he would regret. He is such an arse.” He moaned. 


“Oh and don’t forget he called you a girl.” I said happily, not really interested. 


While he was moping, walking fast and sort of like Hitler, I was skipping next to him happily. I’m usually happy. He stopped walking so I stopped skipping. 


James just glared at me. I smiled cheekily. “Your not taking a word of this seriously are you?” He asked me shaking his head. 


“Nope,” I said shaking my head back. 


“You’re enjoying my pain!” He accused. I nodded briefly. “Gimme a lick.” He said playfully, suddenly dropping his harsh mood, attempting to lick my ice cream but instead getting my hand. 


I screamed and smudged it in to his face. We mucked about like five year olds, shouting at each other, running across the grounds and down the corridors. It wasn’t until we literally fell through The Fat Lady’s portrait anyone objected. 


I didn’t jump as high as I needed to and fell flat on my face, taking James down with me. We rolled on to our backs and laughed so hard I didn’t think that it was possible. I rolled over and tried to get up, only for him to grab my leg and pull me back down. I tried to crawl away but he was still attacked to my leg, for the fact that he is heavy and strong, moving anywhere was practically impossible. 


Half the common room was laughing at us, even the portraits. After a minute of hysterical laughter Evie Lewis came down discreetly from her dorm room to see what all the fuss was about and saw an ice-cream covered James lying on top of my legs. I don’t think that I have anyone react the way that she did. If I had known any better, I would swear that she was crying. 


I felt a pang of guilt overtake me, I attempted to get up off the floor once more only for James to pin me down harder. 


“No seriously James.” I said, not playing anymore. 


“Come on Charisma, it’s only a bit of fun.” He said back causing people to laugh once more. 


I tried to pull free from him pinning my legs. “You’ve had you fun now let go.” 


“And why would I do that?” He asked not budging an inch. 


“James.” I moaned, no longer laughing. 


He retaliated laughing. “Wolfy.”


“LET GO!” I shouted, causing silence throughout the room. He released me instantly, slightly shocked. I never stopped the fun; it was usually Albus, Rose or a teacher. 


The silence was still when I got up off of the floor and ran through the crowd of students in the direction that Evie was headed. I knew that I would regret my decision to see if she was ok later. I recalled a time in my second year. 


She had shouted down the corridor towards me, when I didn’t reply she had insulted me horribly. I stood still as she knocked my books out of my hand, her words still echoed in my head today ‘You’d better pick them up,’ she had sneered ‘Before someone worthy of this school notices you and does something worse’.  


It wasn’t until the year after that my girlfriends had noticed that something wasn’t quite right. She had followed me through the grounds, when I was on my way to visit Hagrid. She had asked about James, and when I couldn’t answer she had begun to circle me and then pulled my hair. Kyle and Dixie had followed me out in to the grounds, Kyle told her off before Dixie hexed her hair green. 


Since then, our relationship seems to have gone completely downhill; the petty bullying had turned simply in to words. Every year she got worse, and she would never get caught by James, he always refused to believe anything unless he had seen an ounce of it himself, and he has never seen a mean Evie. 


I ran out of the common room and down the corridors, I had nearly given up looking for her until I heard a quiet sob coming from behind the tapestry that hides the secret hallway. 


I was so going to regret this. 


I pulled back the tapestry and tried to look apologetically in to Evie’s eyes, she sat with her head in her hands, her thick, black lashes pouring mascara down her smooth cheeks. 


“What the fuck do you want Price?” She asked coolly. 


“I came to see if you were ok.” I said calmly. “You seemed pretty upset.” 


“Why do you care; I have friends that care.” 


Sliding down the wall opposite her, I tried to ignore the disgusted look that took over her features as she realised that I wasn’t leaving. “I don’t see them in here with you though, Evie.”


She looked at the floor and let out another sob. “You know, sometimes I hate you so much.”


“Thank you?”


“You see there you go.” Frustration drowned her cries. “I am never nice to you, ever, and all you are to me is sweet. I can to anything to you and you will take it and be kind to me.” She looked up and me through puffy eyes, tears streaming down her face. “There’s no wonder James likes you and not me.” She added quietly. 


“James doesn’t like me, like me. He considers me a sister.” I replied. She looked up at me desperately hopeful. 




“Yeah.” I settled for uneasily. “Though probably not at the moment, considering that I just shouted at him.”


“Yeah whatever,” she dismissed, jumping up from the floor. “Are you saying that there is a chance that James doesn’t fancy you but me.”


She didn’t leave a second for me to answer before she had run from the corridor, pushing the tapestry aside, almost pulling it from the wall. 


“Bye Lewis.” I said quietly to the still tapestry. What the hell have I just done?


I sat there until at least early Sunday morning before leaving the corridor and sneaking back up to the common room. As I opened the portrait I saw James sitting on the couch, crossed legged and fast asleep. 


I was so tempted to draw on his face, but I resisted the temptation, just. I walked over to him, an apologetic look on my features and gently woke him up while sitting down next to him. 


“Hi,” I said lamely. 


“Ditto.” He replied, turning to look at me. 


“I’m sorry for earlier.” I said attempting to give him an apologetic, yet sad smile. When he didn’t answer I nudged him in the shoulder. “This is where you turn around and hug me and say, it’s ok, no harm done Charisma, we were only fooling around.” 


“I wouldn’t say that. I’d say ‘Wolfy’ and I don’t sound like that.” He said, pretending to take offence. I knew I was forgiven. 


He put his arm around me and hugged me tight. “No harm no foul, and I saw who you went after. I’m proud of you.” He said speaking quietly and brushing my hair with his fingers. 


“Yeah, you should be.” I muttered.


He chuckled darkly and pulled his hands away from my hair, settling them in to his lap. He turned to face me, and I knew what was coming next would be serious. 


“I’ve done something that you’ll consider really bad.” He said to me, sounding sorry. 


“You haven’t robbed a bank have you?” I asked jokingly. “As long as you haven’t killed anyone I’ll be okay with whatever you come out with.”


He bit down on to his bottom lip. “I asked out Evie Lewis.” 


Except that.


“Is that boy out of his mind, its like he’s oblivious of all the crap that she’s done to you, did his mother drop him on his head as a baby?” Kyle screeched, pacing the length of the Quidditch changing rooms. 


“Hey don’t insult his mother.” I snapped. 


“Yeah, blame the plastic tart with a bloody huge ego that got him in to this mess.” 


“Kyle, are you talking about me?” I asked him, a slight expression of hurt flashing across my features.


“No, Chic I’m talking about Evie Lewis. I want to bloody slap her. Seriously if I was a girl I would.” He retorted. 


“Then go and slap her.” Drew said laughing from my side. “You wanna know the thing that interests me the most?” 


“Not really.” Fred said from the bench.


Ignoring Fred’s comment, Drew carried on. “How could a girl like Evie Lewis, ignore a Turbo-Hottie-Horny-as-Hell-Sexy-Love-Muscle-Machine such as me and crush on Potter?” 


We all rolled our eyes at his words. Apart from Elle who had a detention, and James who was out with the new love of his life. The rest of us were in the changing rooms. James had left us three people to choose out of to make the team as Keeper. He narrowed it down and left the final choice up to us, as long as he agreed with our reasons first off. 


“Forget it guys.” I ordered, trying to adapt to as much of a leaders persona that I could muster. “We found out earlier that he was taking someone ‘special’ to the Halloween Ball, and them to Hogsmeade, I just thought that it would be someone that was in lovetype special not … stop eating the glue type special.” Drew began to laugh. “So let’s just pick a keeper and then we can all go and enjoy the rest of our Sunday not stuck in a smelly changing room.” I finished off. 


“Chic, you’d make a better Captain then our current not-here one.” I smiled at Fred’s sweetness and then picked up the photos and written records of the three students. I handed one to Fred, the other to Kyle and I kept the final one. 


“Don’t I get one?” Drew asked hopefully. 


“No” the three of us chorused together. 


“Ok, so I have Phillip Broman. He’s a fourth year, immaculate school record, good grades. He blocked all of the goals like the other two; he had great technique but tended to tilt the broom a little when flying fast.” I read professionally. 


“I have your crazy stalker boy, Chic.” Fred said. “You know the boy who had a crush on you and followed you around all day. He did bloody well in the try outs and all, but do we really want this, Garry Hammond following you around, and catching flies with his mouth every time you enter the pitch?” Fred asked honestly. He didn’t wait for an answer before taking Garry’s profile and throwing it across the locker room. 


“Oh, Fred was there really any need for that?” I asked sweetly shaking my head. 

He shrugged and laughed. 


“And I’ve got, Polly Toon.” Kyle said smiling. “I like her, she fly’s faster than me and youalready, she has a small reputation for being a little rebel and she has amazing technique. To be honest Charisma, she’s like a mini you.” Kyle finished off shrugging. 


“Well that’s comforting.” I said smiling. “So, I say we accept Polly and get the hell outta here.” My attitude suddenly changed. The full moon was in two days and I felt extra twitchy this time around. I keep flinching at the slightest movement and every sound keeps echoing in my head. 


The extra reactions began this morning. I could hear a couple of first years talking about a test that they had in potions tomorrow and then I came across James and Evie talking about ‘us’. You know the speech. I was so close to marching down there and splitting them up. 


I got up from the bench, placed the file down on to the bench and skipped out of the changing rooms, the undone laces from my fold-down boots clattered against the stone floor.


I went straight passed the Great Hall and stopped to tie them, pushing the newly tied bows to the inside of the boot. Looking up, I noticed that a shadow had blocked the winter sun from shining on me.  


“Boo.” I said happily, trying to get my mind off of the throbbing in my head. 


Ravenclaw grinned back, his Prefect badge reflecting the light.“Boo, yourself Miss. Chaser.” 


“Ok for future reference, seeing as we keep on meeting for some reason my name is Charisma Price.” I said smiling. 


He took my offered hand and shook it. “Nate Harper.”


“Nice name, Ravenclaw.” I settled for. “What brings you to this neck of the woods?”


Nate’s brow raised a little as he folded his arms over his chest. “I’ve got the early patrol – I would usually have the late one, but I switched with my roommates girlfriend, so they can … well you can guess.”


“That’s wonderful prefect behaviour on your behalf, Nate. Well done.” 


“Do I detect sarcasm in your tone, Miss Price?” he replied. 


With a smile I simply shrugged and fixed my crooked tie. “Maybe a smidge; it’s not been the best of days.”


“You do look a little pale, exhausted, even.”


“I feel fine; there is nothing wrong with my health.” I responded quickly. 


His eyes widened as he stumbled over words, trying to take back the fact that he had seemingly insulted my appearance. When he noticed my smile he realised that I was kidding and visibly took a sigh of relief. “Don’t do that to me; that’s not funny when girls do things like that!”


“It’s a little bit funny,” I corrected. “Besides, you’re right; I’m not feeling great; I just need some sleep.”


“Well, if you wait for me to deal with this last problem; I will be honoured if you would let me walk you back to your Common Room.”


I pouted. “Is this a ploy so you can figure out where the Gryffindor Common Room is?”


“You caught me,” he replied dryly. “I am planning to sneak in tonight and dungbomb the place.”


A sly smile appeared in my eyes. “Woah, overload on the sarcasm, Harper. Fine, I would love you to walk me back. What’s the ‘last problem’?”


“I believe it should be phrased, ‘Who’s the last problem’.”


I followed his tired gaze to a blonde and a brunette. Stifling a slight smile, I tutted and ran my tongue over my bottom lip. “How long have Scorpius and Blaise been giving you trouble for?”


“Scorpius and Blaise?” he echoed. “You’re the first person that I’ve ever met who’s on a first name basis. They’re both nightmares.”


Fixing the length of my skirt I raised a brow. “You can’t judge people like that until you’ve properly met; they’re both lovely.”


Scorpius was one of the few people outside of the Potter’s family to know of my condition; he spent a week of the summer with Albus this year and he figured it out himself. Blaise wasn’t much different to his roommate; they were both heavy on Slytherin pride, yet wouldn’t hurt a fly. Once past the expressions of stone they both wore, they were both vulnerable little boys. 


I knew for a fact that Rose liked Scorpius, but would never consider making a move, or even would be willing to receive one. Her father dispised anything that came under the name ‘Malfoy’ – the look he gave Harry for allowing the blonde through his doorway this summer was enough to kill children. 


“Malfoy and Zabini?” Nate said again, a little slower, as if I needed time to process just quite who I had associated with the term ‘lovely’. “They have no respect; they’re the most awful fifth years that I have ever encountered. They give all the prefect’s hell; even the Slytherin ones want to hex them.”


“What have they done wrong?”


Nate shrugged. “What haven’t they done wrong? They just generally piss me off; they act like they own the place, and is it really that difficult for Zabini to do up his top button on his shirt? I know he’s lacking in brain function but honeslty, it’s not that difficult.”


I blinked. “Well, now you’re just being nasty.”


For a moment Nate simply stared at me, wondering if I was being serious. “You’re right, I’m sorry,” he settled for. “They’re skipping Transfiguration right now; I’m supposed to send them to their lessons, but it’s proving a bit difficult.”


“Scorpius,” I called, swiftly moving through the crowded corridor and towards the blonde, whacking him on the arm with my Charms textbook. “Are you supposed to be in class?”


He laughed deeply for a moment. “Good afternoon Charisma, it’s nice to see you too.”


“Don’t play sweet-heart with me,” I ordered. “I’m pulling out the parental face right now.”


“She is as well,” Blaise commented, backing up a little. “Shit, mate, look; she’s working for Harper.”


Scorpius sucked in a sharp breath. “Traitor.”


“Hey,” I gasped, flicking him on the cheek. “I’m playing by the books here; it’s you who’s skipping class.”


“Like you never have,” Blaise said. 


I widened my eyes and looked around sadly. “Nathan Harper honestly is lovely, and I’ve just told him that the two of you are. I’m not trying to play good-cop, bad-cop, honestly. I just don’t want him to prove me wrong.”


“You’re trying to get him to ask you out, aren’t you?” Scorpius summerised. 


“Yes,” I lied. 


Blaise sighed. “Fine, we’re going.”


Scorpius simply blinked at me, fixing my tie for me, a feat I had been unable to achieve earlier. “We’re doing this for you, love; if we don’t come back from McGonagall’s lesson alive, you know where we were last seen.”


“You two are sweet.” I finalised before slipping back through the crowd over to Nate.


He was gaping like a fish. “Why am I the one wearing the Prefect badge? I’ve never seen anyone get them to listen like that; what’s your secret?”


“I’m nice to them,” I settled for, as if it were obvious. 


“I’m nice too.”


“Ok, answer me this, did you ask him to do something or tell him to do it?” 


“Well I told him obviously, I’m prefects.” Nate said. 


“Well maybe you should try asking.” I said shrugging before turning around. “Walk me back?”


He thought for a moment before holding his arm out for me to take. “Take my arm.” I tilted my head and look at him expectantly. “Take my arm, please.” 


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Chapter 5: Scorpius and the Wolf
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Scorpius Malfoy



Scorpius Malfoy


Blaise and I walked to Transfiguration, dragging our feet along the floor and taking on a speed that could be considered ‘snail pace’. I listened as Blaise whined, taking on the persona of an eight year old girl and fiddled with the flap on his bag. 


I twisted my wand between my fingers and resisted the urge to roll my eyes as Blaise winked at a passing seventh year. I let my thoughts drift to other things that fought to preoccupy my mind. 


I remembered about the pile of homework papers that lay scattered on the floor by my bed, staring at me form weeks of neglect, and then to Quidditch. It wasn’t until a while later, as we reached the fourth floor that I thought of Charisma; she looked so sick. 


She was one of the few students outside the Weasley family that didn’t consider me to be evil reincarnated. No matter how much I tried to reassure others that I am in fact not my father, they didn’t take. I quickly fell in to the act of the person that they expect me to be; it’s easier than trying to get them to like you. But Charisma saw straight through me. 


Today she looked tired, as if she were breakable. Despite looking delicate usually, there was always a hard persona behind her frail looks; today it was missing. She used to skip, skip everywhere, yet today the jump was lost from her step. It took only moments to remember it was approaching the moon. 


Sadly, I recalled the day that she told me of the curse. I had refused to believe her at all until she showed me the scars; I had thought she was telling me a disgusting joke. Rosie spent days trying to reassure me that it was, in fact, true. 


“-And then I took off all of your mothers clothes and hit your father with the apron.” Blaise finished. “But he wasn’t actually shocked until he realised that I was having intercourse with your aunt, and that we had broken the toaster.”




He laughed, only laughed. It bombed down the empty corridor and echoed back. “Bloody hell, mate. I wondered when you would start listening to me again; I’ve been rambling on about absolute shit for at least ten minutes.”


“Makes a change then,” I replied dryly. “It’s hard to concentrate and listen to you when you’re boring me.”


“Such beautiful vocabulary you obtain, Scorp.” He snorted. “What were you think about this time? Quidditch, food or Rose?”


I raised a light brow and glared. 


Rose Weasley. She is the complete opposite of her other family members, possibly resembling Al in the ways of intelligence, but nothing more. Rosie isn’t loud or mischievous, she’s gentle and reliable. It took me years to fight through her bossy exterior to realise the delicate girl that she was. 


She buries her nose in books and knowledge, using intelligence as a cover to stop herself from being hurt. Her hair is always in a loose plait, her large eyes constantly seeming surprised at the world.


“I was thinking about Charisma, actually.”


Blaise nodded, as if he understood. “Yeah, I can’t believe that she’s siding with the enemy.”


Or not. 


“Actually I was thinking about how sick she looked.”


“Well, James is dating Lewis now, isn’t he?” Blaise said. “That would be enough to wear anyone out.”


“I still can’t believe that he’d do that to Charisma,” I voiced honestly. “Even I wouldn’t hurt my enemies that much.”


We shared an ironic glance and laughed haughtily. It was a known fact that either of us would be willing to burn someone at the stake if we didn’t like them. I had lost count of the occasions that Father had been called in to the Headmistresses office to deal with a problem we had caused simply because we didn’t like the opposing party. 


The fact that added the hilarity to the situation was that our fathers didn’t see anything wrong with our actions. 


But Rose always looked down on them. I had tried to get Blaise to stop last year, in a vain attempt to impress her; it didn’t last long. 


Blaise looked at me knowingly; he always knew what I was thinking about. And as per usual, the red head had invaded my thought once again. 



Charisma Price


I sat in the Library, fidgeting as if there were no tomorrow. I wiped the impending sweat from my brow and looked around anxiously. My eyes caught hold of the clock; there were seven house until the full moon rose, and I was alone. 


“I can’t believe that James abandoned you.” Rose hissed, licking her lips. 


I sighed. “He has a date with the Queen of Mean; I couldn’t exactly tell him that he couldn’t go.” 


James had a broke the news to me earlier; he couldn’t stay with me tonight as he thought that the full moon would be a romantic thing to see with Evie. It would be the first one that I would have without him. Due to my strange actions with the moon, he was always protective and even better; he was the only one that I could guarantee that I wouldn’t hurt. 


I hate to admit it, but I can become violent, I can’t always control what I do, it drives me insane. We figured that out 3 years ago when James and Fred were looking after me. I ended up pining Fred to the ground and breaking his arm rather badly. How I did that I will never know. Surprisingly, Fred doesn’t’ look after me anymore. I always say sorry for it, even now, but he never really took offence. 


James would always tell me that I was fine, that I did nothing wrong. After that incident however, I beg to differ. But he would never tell me. 


“Yes you can.” Rose said standing up from the floor. “No … see, I said it. It’s not hard!” She shouted her last three words slowly. 


“What do you think, Al?” Lily said throwing a paper ball at him from across the room. 


Albus pushed his glasses further up his nose and shrugged. “I think that it’s his choice, and no offence to Wolfy, but he has done it every single moon, maybe it is someone else turn.” 


“Thank you, Albus.” I said. “But what am I going to do? I can’t be sure that I won’t escape from the Room of Requirement if no one else is there with me, or that I won’t hurt myself.”


“Maybe you’ll be all right on your own this month,” Albus tried. 


I wanted to laugh in hysteria. “Albus, I don’t know what I do; I can’t be left alone. I’m a danger to myself, and I realise that its better I hurt myself than anyone else, but I don’t know what I do; James never tells me!”


“I’m trying to run through the family in my head,” Lily announced. “I can only come up with Fred – he’s the only one who won’t hold back in pushing you over.”


Stupidly, I had told James to carry on with his night and that I would be all right. I hadn’t heard what he had said lastly; I was only half listening, the blood had pulsed in my ears and I was sure, that if I were a cartoon, I would be exploding steam. But I kept a cool exterior. 


The fact that the Weasley’s and the Potters were all undoubtedly lovely was a downfall at the moment. I needed someone who would be willing to push me, to hold me back. I know that on a matter of occasions I had managed to hurt James, and still he came back, every month. 


We had assured the teachers that we could deal with the situation. They were always worried around the time of the moon, but who could blame them? I had run through the options, even going as far as calling Teddy and asking to floo to his home, where I could be in the forest with him. For some reason, during the moon, neither of us acknowledged the other. 


“As if Fred’s going to come near me with a barge pole,” I snapped, but then apologised to the group. “I’m just scared.”


Lily sighed in defeat. “I hate to be the one to say it, but we need to find a teacher; hopefully they’ll know what to do.”


“I don’t want to tell anyone,” I said in a panic, electric shocks piercing through my veins. “I don’t want to.”


Albus laid a kind hand on to my shoulder. “It will be all right love; even if I have to do it.”


Looking up at the boy through teary eyes I shook my head. “I can’t ask you to do that.”


“Yes you can,” he said after swallowing what I was sure was a mouthful of fear. “I admit, I won’t be able to help much in the way of holding you back, but I will do my best if the situation requires it.”


“Hagrid!” Lily interrupted with slight excitement. “He’d do it, and he loves anima- wait, he’s in London or something, dealing with this escaped Hippogriff in Diagon Alley, quite funny really.”


With a scowl I looked to the red head. “I’m going to ignore the fact that you almost insinuated that I was an animal and try remember why I love you.”


“Scorpius,” Rose gasped with a grin. She waited for a moment for us to catch on to her idea, but no one did. She elaborated. “He knows all about it, he’s hard to hurt – bloody boy of stone, emotions and all – and Circe knows; he will have no trouble in putting you in your place.”


I hated to admit that he was our best option, and of course he would listen to Rose. 



As I lifted my head up the next morning, I instantly regretted it. I felt my head fall back against the hard, stone floor. It took me only moments to realise where I was; lying on the floor of the Room of Requirement. Scorpius sat across from me, a tried gaze upon me. 


For a moment he simply stared, his eyes wide, before softening. “Morning, Charisma.”


Squinting I smiled. “Morning.” I tried looking for cuts, for bruises, anything out of the ordinary. “Are you all right?” 


One of my legs had gone to sleep, as I sat up straighter I began to try and move it around. 


Scorpius nodded without comment. 


“Honestly?” I elaborated. 


“I’m fine,” he dismissed, but I could hear the undertone, the lie. “I am, however, worried for the welfare of Evie Lewis. 


“What did I say?” I asked quickly, my words forming in to one big one. 


I was surprised that he had understood, yet he only laughed. It was a dark, ionic sound. “Something about giving her 20 Galleons for a decent pair of clothes and that you would tell her where to stick her wand.” I knew that he was lying. He was being polite.


My ears pulsated, I was sure that I could feel my head wanting to pop. I placed my hands on either side of my head and held on tightly. Scorpius was at my side in an instant. 


“I’m okay,” I replied as he pulled me up. 


He looked at me, an honest expression upon his features as he dusted me down. “I didn’t realise that you changed so much. Rose had said-” he laughed nervously. “She had said that you weren’t really yourself, but … shit.”


I wanted to hug him, to throw my arms around him and to hold on for dear life, like I did with James. I wasn’t sure whether it would be for his comfort this time, or my own. Yet I kept my arms firmly pinned at my sides. 


“I can’t form words to express how sincerely grateful I truly am.” I whispered. 


Scorpius shook his head. “You don’t have to thank me.”


“Yes, I do.” I replied. “I know that I am very different, but I don’t know what I do. I am so sorry, for everything, anything that I may have said, everything that I did.”


“Again, don’t apologise.” He repeated. “I should have known what I agreed to, I guess I just didn’t want to believe it. But, there’s a reason why James doesn’t tell you what you do.”


I swallowed through a dry mouth. “What is it?”


“Because if he told you what you did, you would never forgive yourself.”


It was then that I noticed his expression. “I didn’t hurt you did I?”


“No of course not.” He reassured kindly, and I realised in that moment that he wouldn’t tell me how I behaved – for possibly the first and last time in his life, he agreed with James. “You did smash a few pieces of furniture though, that was a little … absolutely terrifying. I am now realising why I wasn’t sorted in to Gryffindor.”


“Don’t joke,” I grumbled. “You’re so brave. Even the great Fredrick Weasley the second wouldn’t help me tonight.”


As he laughed, I felt the sound echo in my head, but I didn’t tell him to stop; I couldn’t’ ask him to stop laughing. “He was supposed to.”


“He what?”


“James asked Fred to help you before he told you that he couldn’t stay,” Scorpius told me bluntly. “Weasley wasn’t really listening and agreed without really knowing what he was saying ‘okay’ to. Lily found out and told us just before we came in here yesterday. You were almost asleep. I thought it was going to be an easy night.”


I wanted to apologise again, but I could see he was getting annoyed with it. Instead I looked out of a small window that had appeared in the wall of the room. “If that’s real light, it’s about five am.”


“Good guess,” Scorpius replied, looking at his pocket watch. I caught sight of the cracked screen. He told me that it wasn’t my fault, but I couldn’t help but think he was lying to me. “Let’s go clean up and we can meet in the Great Hall, yeah? We can get some toast.”


I didn’t like being babied; James always treated me as if I were normal after the moon, as if it were a normal day. But I couldn’t deny that the care in his voice was nice to hear. I just had to ignore the pity. 


As the door appeared in the wall, he opened it for me.


“What do you mean, go and get cleaned up?” I asked, suddenly a little apprehensive. I knew that I needed a shower, but it was an odd way to phrase it. 


He wasted no time in trying to sugar coat the situation. “You threw some sort of supernatural tantrum last night, rolled around in the floor and punched a hole in the wall, the wall healed itself, but your fist –“ 


I looked down and flexed my fingers, my knuckles were bloodied and bruising, the scrapes deeper than I would have thought them to be.


“-you also managed to cut your head a little bit. You might do best going to see Madam Brandon about that one.”


My clean hand shot to my forehead and ran over what I assumed was dried blood. I could only picture myself as an absolute state. I was sure that I looked pathetic, childlike and dirty. 


I only sighed and blew my lips together in a puff as he looked at me with astonishment. “Can you not feel pain?”


“Of course I can feel pain, don’t be silly.” I replied. “I’m just not really coherent right now; the only thing that I can feel is the pounding in my head – and that’s usual, it’s not because of the cut. I am sure that I will get a wave of it tomorrow, though.”


“Right, well can I trust you to make your own way up to your Common Room? I need to go and take a shower.”


I nodded. “Of course; you don’t smell though, if it’s any consolation.” 


“I never said that I was as bright as a daisy.” He replied. “But no matter how bad I look, I’m sure that you look worse. I’ll be here, waiting for you, when you come out.”


My mind skipped over the insult and settled for something else instead. Did Scorpius Malfoy just compare himself to a daisy?


I walked in to the common room, hobbled more like, about ten minutes later, only to find a sleeping James on the couch. I laughed and wondered if I should shake him awake. I decided not too and not give him the worry of the cut on my head. I crept up to my dorm, attempting to not wake up my roommates, and failed. I needed to get to the bathroom and when I was halfway there, I ran in to Dixie. Literally. 


“Blimey, Chic.” She whispered as I helped her up from the floor, we had created quite a racket. I was saying a silent prayer that we didn’t wake anyone else up.


“Oh god, I’m sorry Dixie.” I said quickly before attempting to run past her and get to the bathrooms, but she grabbed the back of my cloak and pulled me back. 


“Where the hell are you going at this time, and why are you dressed?” She looked at my face, her voice rose to panic. “And why the hell is half your face covered in blood?”


“Covered?” I asked I thought that it was just a scratch. We usually use the excuse on a full moon that James and I are staying with Hagrid. We thought this up when they noticed our absence. 


“Honey, come here.” She said lovingly and then pulled me by my hand in to the bathroom. 


She handed me a damp towel and dabbed my face clean for me, the heat of the water stinging as it was pressed to my skin. 


“Do I want to know?” she asked kindly. This was a good thing about Dixie, she knew when to stop prying. 


“Probably not.” I said truthfully. 


“What happened this time? Don’t you usually stay with Hagrid with James; did you just stay with Hagrid yourself this time?” She asked, giving me the perfect opportunity for an alibi. 


“Yeah, it was really just my clumsiness; you know the implements that Hagrid keeps in his hut. Then on the account that I am dim beyond belief, I went for a walk in the forest.” She nodded in agreement and then rolled her eyes in shock. I was surprised at how easily the lies came. 


“Be more careful next time.” She said smiling. “And you know that I don’t believe a word of that. You would never go to Hagrid’s on your own, not without James, you hate that damn dog. But I’ll take it, until your ready to tell me what really happened.” I smiled thankfully at her. 


“Thank you, you won’t regret this.” I said taking the towel off my head and washing it in the sink. 


“Just change your clothes Chic, they’re really dirty.” I smiled and nodded. 


Ten minutes later, clean clothes and all, I climbed out of the portrait hole and found Scorp sitting on the steps. 


“Told you I’d wait.” I smiled at him as he got up. He had changed too; he probably cast a charm or something. James uses it all of the time. 


“Thanks Scorp.” 


“Come on, I hear a piece of toast calling my name.” 



“How did he take it?” Albus asked, sitting down next to me. 


I was sitting under an old tree next to the lake, thinking. I had gone to go and see Madam Brandon, the school nurse, in the hospital wing about my cut after breakfast yesterday. 


She didn’t ask how I had done it, by my tired, aching appearance and the placement of the moon, I was sure that she knew reason of how it had come about. 

With a few stitches and a flick of her wand, it had disappeared, well nearly, but I just style my hair over it for a while and it will be fine. 


It was bigger than I had thought, upon looking in a mirror; it had been quite a shock. It had bruised this morning too; it looks like I’ve been in the wars or something. 


“Not well.” I answered back. 


On the account that James absolutely hates Scorpius, he hadn’t taken it well that he was the one that had looked after me, and was even angrier at Fred for backing out. I thought that he had done an amazing job, but when he stroked my hair and I winced. He pulled it back and found the cut, well let’s just say that he wasn’t amused. 


I defended Scorp fully, praising the job that he did and attempting to stop James from going on a homicidal chase to find that fifth year. James felt guilty; I could see it on his face.


“I heard shouting yesterday morning.” Al added. “Well mainly James shouting, you never shout.” 


“He was so angry. I don’t even know why, he knows how I get when the moon is full. I don’t know if he was angry that I was hurt or the fact that Scorp looked after me.” 


“Ignore him, he always comes around.” Albus said smiling. I loved his smile; he resembled James so much.


“I know, thanks Al.” 


“I rock.” He stated. “Now get your arse back up to the castle and make James apologize for being such a twat.” 


Oh, he wasn’t being a twat, he’s just protective.”


“You’re too nice, Wolfy.” He retorted with a grin. “Give him until after first period; he’ll be putty in your hands.” He said in a rather sexual manner. “We all know he can’t be upset with you for too long.”


Albus began laughing, got up and left, taking his books with him. 


First period had up and gone, then second and then third; James had not said a word to me. We both had a free this period so I decided to talk to him. 


Walking over to the table in the Common Room, where he sat I took a deep breath and spoke in the most serious manner I could muster, “James, have I done something to upset you?” 


“Upset me?” he echoed. “No, Charisma … no. I was being stupid.” He said quietly. “How could I have let it hurt you?” 


He never gives in that quickly.


“Let what hurt me?” 


“I should have been there; I…if I was there wouldn’t have a bloody scar on your head.”


I realised what he was getting at, he was feeling guilty. “James, I’m not your responsibility.” I said obviously. “I asked Scorp to watch over me, as you couldn’t and I didn’t know about Freddy. It was his first time and let’s face it, I’m pretty Godzilla-ish when it gets down to it.” 


He smirked. “Godzilla-ish, Charisma, the only thing that I could compare you to is a fairy or a butterfly.” He said with a harsh undertone to his voice. “You are too sweet to hurt anyone severely … even when you’re Godzilla.” 


As he pulled me in to a hug, I couldn’t help but realise how much pulse sped up. 


“How could Fred just back out? I just should have been there.”


“Well, you can’t say that Fred doesn’t have a good reason … and no you shouldn’t, you wanted to go on a date, this is my problem not yours.” 


James shook his head. “Charisma, you mean everything to me, more than Evie-“






“Nothing.” I tried to say, but I was sure it sounded like more of a whimper. 


He looked a little weary. “Wolfy, nothing is worth missing time with you. It will never happen again, you come first.” 


I smiled, trying to stop myself from happy dancing. I seriously would have if it wasn’t too obvious. “You can’t dwell on me for the rest of your life Mr. Potter.”


“Watch me.”


He said. His voice was low, his eyes dark. I knew the look; it was the one he used to look at his old girlfriend with, after they had made up after a fight, the slightly grateful expression with a tinge of arrogance. I thought for a moment, that he was about to kiss me. 


“Jamesy-poo.” Evie’s voice rang from behind. 


The slight tension that had built shattered. While James cleared his throat and took another step back, looking anywhere by me, I lost all decency and laughed until tears came from my eyes.  


I snorted. “Jamesy poo, your lady is waiting.”


He smiled and then turned around to see a very annoyed Evie Lewis. 


“James,” she said sweetly, after taking in my presence she only blinked.  “You have no reason to be here now, scoot.” 


Noticing the way that she dropped her voice, so that James couldn’t hear, I pretended that I hadn’t. “James and I were talking Evie, you interrupted us.” 


“What is going on here?”  She asked curtly, twigging. I thought that I heard James sigh as he took the open chair at the table. 


“You don’t know?” Drew interrupted, emerging from the portrait hole with Fred by his side. “They were in the stock cupboard making babies.” 


“Very mature Andrew.” I said, attempting and failing to hide my smile; the look on Evie’s face was priceless. 


After watching James reassure Evie that we were just infact talking, they wondered off, James sending a very dirty look to his roommates, and an apologetic one to me. 


“Love you too, Jimmy!” Fred called after him. 


I waited for a moment before voicing that Evie Lewis’ expression was one that I was never going to forget. 


Drew laughed. “Now that James is taken, will you marry me, Charisma?”


“I highly doubt that she wants to marry you, dude.” Fred leered.


“Yeah, I better wait until my last divorce comes through anyways.” I bid them both a due and naively hoped that Dixie would be waiting for me in my dorm, with a large tub of ice-cream. 


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Chapter 6: The Threat of Complication
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Dixie Pruitt and Fred Weasley



James pleaded for my attention and began to laugh, “I want to be with you, Charisma. How could you not know that? It’s always been you.”


Stood in the school grounds I wondered why they were virtually empty. Icicles hung from the gutters of the school, and snow decorated the tree tops. I seemed odd, out of place, stood in the courtyard with ladybugs on the ends of my slippers; my red tassled scarf hung from my neck over what I am sure was an over-sided pillowcase for clothing. 


“You never made it obvious.” I gushed, drunk with what appeared happiness.  


James took my cheeks in to his hands, “Is this obvious enough?” 


His thumb brushed over my bottom lip lightly before his lips pressed against mine. It was a pressure that sent my heart in to overdrive, shock waves pulsing in replacement of blood. My eyes seemed to weep as I held on to the front of his shirt. 


Wake up. 


I brushed my fingers over his chest and shook my head away from his. “What?”


“Wake up.” He responded. 


“Wake UP!” Dixie’s face became clear, her hand smacking my cheek lightly as she shook me awake. I blinked away the blur that I saw until it was replaced with my dark dormitory. 


Elle sat up in her bed, her hair appeared to be battling against itself. “What’s with all the bloody noise? It can’t be past four.”


“Four?” I echoed, a recognisable state of hysteria attaching itself to my tired voice. 


Elle climbed out of bed and stood next to a fed up Dixie. “Is she ok?” 


“She was having some sort of dream-fit, tossing and turning. I came over to get her to fucking stop but … Charisma, what were you dreaming about?” Dixie said with a yawn.  


I pulled my legs away from the sheets; they were tangled in amongst the mass and made a sad attempt to stand. It was pitiful; I seemed to tumble and hit the wooden floor. Elle gasped and rushed to my side, jumping over the bed and pulling me up, Dixie pushed back the bed covers as they ushered me to sit down once more. 


Whether it was from exhaustion, or from shock, I will never know. I had never once thought of James in such a way. Ever. I wasn’t going to start now. 


Later that day, after ignoring the girl’s plea to stay go to the nurse, I bumped in to Lily and dropped my books on to the floor. She took hold of my arm and pulled me in to the nearby not-so-secret corridor. 


“What’s up with you?” she demanded. “You should be recovering from the moon not getting worse.” 


Shrugging off her haughty tone, I sighed. “I need to tell you about my dream.” 


I quietly rubbed my temples and tried to stop the throbbing. Lily narrowed her eyes. “You’re acting like a ditz and you want to tell me about your bloody dream? How about you tell me why you’re so un-coordinated instead.”


My reply was a brief shake of my head. I recited the dream, how it felt so right, how I could remember every detail, how he smelt of musk and hazelnuts, and how much it terrified me. “I just don’t understand.”


Lily replied supportively by breaking in to a fit if giggles. “Finally!”




“After six years one of you has realised it!” she took my hand and tried to act like the older sibling. “You like James, and not like you like a brother.”


I scoffed good-naturedly and laughed. “The dream was a fluke, it just had me a bit shaky, is all.”


“No, Chic,” Lily replied. “You know as well as I do, that’s not true.”


“He’s got Evie,” I finished. She knew it was the end. 


The fact that caught me out; I couldn’t even convince myself.


Days passed, and still I found myself moping through confusion. I was sat alone in my dorm, still trying to contemplate the idea that I may like James in a way that wasn’t platonic. The thought alone terrified me; James was my best friend, my shoulder to cry on when I needed a friend. But that only, just a friend. 


I noticed a jumper that I recognised to be Kyle’s. It hung from a chair near Elle’s bed - contemplated for a moment the innocent ways that it could have gotten there. Grabbing it, I recalled him mentioning to Drew earlier in the day how he was missing a jumper; assuming this was the one, I decided to be the good citizen I like to pretend I am, and bring it back. 


Racing up the stairs to the boy’s dorm, I pushed down on the handle. Half expecting Fred to be asleep in his bed I was prepared for a sight worth many therapy sessions, yet the picture that will be forever etched in to my brain is something worth much, much more. 


Evie sat curled on James’ bed, her hands embedded deeply in to his hair. James held her tightly and chuckled deeply as she squirmed under his tickling hands. I jumped back, dropping the jumper on to the floor and trying to bite back nausea. 


After taking a moment to compose myself, I realised that my breathing wasn’t going to return to normal unless I really tried to get a hold of emotions. I picked Kyle’s jumper up from the floor and made my way back down the corridor. 


James really was serious about Evie; we had hoped for a while that he was simply deluded, or maybe in need to a pity date. But James wasn’t a ladies man; he was a gentleman – a broody one at that. He didn’t chuckle in the way he did unless – in fact, I couldn’t recall a time that I had ever heard him make that noise. 


They hadn’t seen me; I hadn’t given the time to catch me. I wasn’t going to be that naïve friend, the jealous one who hangs on to the vein hope that you’ll always be first in the relationship. James may say it, and it may or may not be true, but I wasn’t going to pretend like I hadn’t seen what I had just witnessed. 


I bit back the sickness, the turning in my stomach and tried to pass off the gut-wrenching feeling of betrayal and despair as simply flu. For the first time in a long time, I had felt as if I wanted to be violent towards another human being. I wanted her to get out of the picture, I wanted to tie rocks to her tiny body and throw her in the black lake. Yet, I could also picture myself battering James with the closest implement that I could reach for even considering touching a girl like Lewis. 


Sighing, and trying to push away the dramatic feeling of curling in to a ball and dying, I ran in to the man that I wanted to see. 


“Chic?” Kyle asked, his expression falling from a smile as I looked at him through watery eyes. “Charisma, what’s wrong?”


Shoving the jumper towards him I shook my head, gaping like a fish. I tried to form words, I honestly did, but all that greeted him was tears. Large, salty tears that I was sure had grates lines in to my flushed cheeks. 


He quickly dropped the books he was holding and threw the jumper down next to them, taking a moment to assess the situation he did the best thing that he could think of; open his arms out and pull me in to them. Kyle was the kind friend, the one who always knew what to say, but he wasn’t the one to be with in situations such as these – he always came up trumps. 


“I didn’t think that he was serious about her,” I admitted with a sniff. 


Kyle didn’t ask questions; he simply knew. He looked over my head and towards the door I had come from. “No one did, Chic, no one did.”


Tearfully I began to apologise, but he shrugged it off, saying there was no need. He offered me everything he could think of, from making me hot tea, to fetching me Drew to complain to; Circe knows the boy could give the best bear hugs known to man. 


“If you need anything,” he settled with. “You know where I’ll be, just knock on my door.”


 “I’ll knock on your door.” I agreed before adding an afterthought, “I’ll always bloody knock.” 



Hours later, I was sat in the Common Room. I skipped dinner; knowing that the sight of food would probably trigger the earlier nausea. James was probably too wrapped up in Evie’s presence to even notice that I wasn’t there. 


Yet, half an hour in to dinner, the Wicked Witch herself gracefully strolled through the portrait hole, attempting to hide the dreadful amount of sex-hair she was sporting. 


A leer grew at her lips, “Price, I need to have a word with you.”


She stumbled over to where I was sat on the sofa, a pillow hugged to my chest. I wished that I had just stayed in my dormitory and dealt with the stuffy air. “I don’t feel like talking.”


“As if your opinion would matter,” she sneered. “I wasn’t asking.”


“Of course, how silly of me to think otherwise.”


As if my sarcastic attempt had gone straight over her head she grinned, “I’m glad we’re on the same page. I’m just here to tell you to back off.”


“To back off?” I echoed. 


“Yes, to back off, what are you? Foreign? Is there a language barrier here?” she made a fed up choke in the back of her throat. “Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush; you’re trying to steal James away from me, it’s not like I haven’t seen you making googly eyes at him.”


“I have done no such thing.”


She scoffed. “Well, whether you realise you’re doing it or not, you are. And if you come within ten feet of threatening the relationship we have, I will shove your ward so far up your arse you will never be able to sit down again. Capiche?” 


“Capiche,” I repeated. 


I bit back a sly smile; up until this point, the thought hadn’t even occurred to me.


Excitement for the Hogsmeade trip had lingered in the air for weeks. While Evie was in class, James and I shared a free period together. He had laughed in my face when I voiced the fact that I didn’t want to make Evie dislike me anymore than she already did by spending time with him. 


He pulled me around the castle grounds, ducking under trees and jumping through the thick snow. 


“I can’t believe that Lily has gone through another one again.” He chuckled in disbelief.


Lily had once again broken up with another boy, before long she would have gone through the entire Hogwarts population, but seeing as most of it is Weasley or Potters, it’s getting difficult to find someone that isn’t. 


“Don’t be to harsh, think of it this way; at least she broke up with him this time, so there are no tears for me to clean up and no fight that you have to start.” I added, remembering the past boyfriends, the past cuts and bruises that I have had to clean up for James’s fighting and the past hundred and one ice-cream nights that I have had, only one of them for me, the other hundred for Lily. 


He scoffed. “I don’t always resort to violence do I?”


“The important thing is that you believe that James.” I comforted after a great deal of sarcastic thought. He put on a sulk face and wrapped his arm around me.


“You know that you look like some sort of angel right, if you took off the black boots of course.” James stated shrugging. 


I had borrowed Lily’s coat, knowing that she wouldn’t mind and placed it over my dress. I wore a tatty old lace dress that reached to my knees and styled the ‘bed-head’ look this fine day. My black fold down boots were the closest shoe that I could grab. 


“Well, I’m not taking off my shoes, it’s basically snowing, and I don’t have wings” I said, gesturing to the mist of clouds above us. “But thank you for calling me an angel.” I answered sweetly. 


“No problem, Wolfy.” 


“And then you spoil it all by calling me that.” 


He laughed and then he stopped in his tracks and turned to me. “You know that it’s Hogsmeade tomorrow.”


“Yeah,” I replied slowly, dragging on the syllable for longer than necessary; I didn’t want to admit that I knew what he was getting at. 


The two of us were known for taking complete advantage of the Hogsmeade trips. Having been somewhat inseparable for the past five years, where you would find one, you tended to find the other. We would begin at Honeydukes, clearing out the chocolate stock on display before moving to the sugar quills. I would follow as James strolled around the branch of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and blag the cashier for free items. 


But we would always end up in The Three Broomsticks, a tradition. James has recently been known to return a little tipsier than he had set out. But there was one tradition we always kept to – sticking to the theme of the year. Halloween being the next holiday celebrated at school, we tended to buy costumes and then wear them around the town. I could see that he was planning to cancel on me. 


I nodded my head slowly once and wrapped my arm through his. “You want to go with Evie.”


“A little.”


Sighing a little more than necessary I couldn’t keep the hurt tone from my voice, “Well, next year – eh?”


“Charisma, don’t be like that, please.” He tried to give me one of his smiles, of which I had recently discovered made my heart melt. 


“I’ll try,” I answered sulkily. “Besides I will just meet up with your sister; she mentioned that she wanted my help finding a costume for the ball.”


Kindly he grinned, “So you’re not going to be alone?”


“Yes James, apart from you I have absolutely no friends so I have no one to hang around with.”


“Alright!” He said almost squealed with a grin. 


Now I needed to find Lily and ask her if she would go to Hogsmeade with me. I wondered how people became good at lying, because Circe knows that I can’t do it to save my pitiful excuse for a life. 


“Charisma, I just broke up with my boyfriend.” Lily admitted sadly. “I’m obviously going to wait at least a week before I go out with another.”


I nodded my head at Lily with a smile. “Well, good attempt at displaying British class.” 


“Oh shut it.” I then had a book thrown at my face. “So, we’re going to Hogsmeade together right? Dress shopping.” 


I looked up in disbelief. I hadn’t got around to asking her yet. “How did you know?” 


“James told me.” She put her feet up on to the coffee table in the Gryffindor Common Room. “It was nice to know that I’m going dress shopping with one of my best friends. But I’m guessing you were going to tell me about it sooner or later.”


I nodded. “I was getting around to it.”


“Obviously.” She admitted, acting like my superior. “At least you’re not as bad as Rose.” 


In a vain attempt to hold back laughter, I tried to ignore Lily’s look of slight anger. Rose and Scorpius had planned to spend the last Hogsmeade trip together before the summer holidays. However this had ended in James finding out, along with Freddy and Rose covering up with a terrible lie and telling them both that Lily was a lesbian. 


Albeit, this is somewhat of a normal day for the Potter and Weasley families, but Rose forgot to tell the people involved and Lil was confronted by her confused family members in the Great Hall, in front of her boyfriend at the time. 


At this moment, Lily was noticeably delighted by the idea of shopping. It involved a lot of running and jumping, grabbing Rosie by the arm and spinning her around in a circle.  


Rose wasn’t half as excited as Lily when it came to Saturday, but she was still buzzing. I wished that I could spend the day with James, and Lily, noticing my mood, nudged me and told me to cheer up. 


After an hour or so, I had wiped the look of hurt from my features and replaced it with a genuine grin. Lily took hold of my hands and pulled me up the stairs to the Glad-rags Wizard Wear. 


A busy section of the shop was filled with Halloween costumes, vampires and dragon scales hung from the ceiling, price tags from each. Rose blew one from her face and shook her head in slight disgust as Lily took hold of a feather boa. 


“Be reasonable,” Rose pleaded and was handed a glittery white angels costume by her cousin instead. 


As I followed suit and took a selection of outfits I headed towards the emptying changing rooms with the two girls. Three or four attempts later I stepped out in an orange jumpsuit and shared a knowing look with Rose. 


“It really brings out your inner community service worker,” Lily told me, bursting from behind her own door in what I was sure a dress that was designed to make you look like a nymph. 


I pulled my hair back and tied it in to a knot at the back of my neck. “I’m going to put my dress back on; I don’t think I’m going to find anything.”


“Here,” Lily said, pulling her dress overhead and handing the crumpled ball to me. “Try this; it would suit you better than me.”


She shut the door behind her and ignored as Rose looked frantically around the changing rooms to notice if anyone saw her fourth year cousin in her underwear. 


I kicked off my boots, and pulled the thin dress over my head; the green material was almost see-through, border lining on something that I would consider completely inappropriate, then again, James frequently tells me that I consider everything inappropriate. I purchased a flower along with it, one attached to a head band and strapped in on to my head. 


Rose changed in to her angel suit and Lily dressed as a stereotypical, old fashioned gypsy – a patched skirt hugging the curves of her waist and a large blouse opened at the cleavage that sported a crystal ball hanging on a chain. 


While Rose tried to reason that she had a reputation to uphold, Lily lost all dignity by pitifully trying to tell the future of a passing student. We allowed Rosie to take her wings off and keep them in the shopping bags, so that she simply wore a lacy white dress that resembled a neater version of the one I owned. 


I had picked up a rather embarrassing costume for James, trying to dress him as a failed muggle rapper – Lily, realising that I was trying to make him as unattractive to Evie as I could joined in happily. 


“And what the bloody hell are you supposed to be?” I heard Scorpius’ voice call from behind. He jogged down the steps, Blaise not too far behind and practically ran in to my back. “You look like a fucking be-“


Lily simply rolled her eyes and Scorpius’ eyes fell on Rose. It was no secret that the girl was beautiful; she was just yet to see it herself. I clicked in his face but he only mouthed words that didn’t seem to form. 


I watched as his best friend rolled his eyes, after waiting for a moment, it seemed he could wait no more. 


“You look very pretty, Rosie,” Blaise said for him. “And I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to the Ball because I have fancied you for ages and think you are beautiful,” he resumed to speak, batting away Scorpius’ flaying hands, “I myself will be going as a secret service agent and will be looking rather swave.”


Scorpius simply kicked his friend in the shin and still tried to find words to say to Rose, who had the decency to look abashed. 


“Is that true?” she asked him delicately. 


The blonde huffed. “Well, we haven’t actually picked up costumes yet, but a secret service agent is a good ide-“


“Not that you dolt,” she cut him off. “About you liking me?”


Scorpius thought for a second before turning to his friend with a murderous look; I was sure that the next move would be to push him down the stairs. “You can’t keep your fucking mouth shut for ten minutes can you?”


“It’s not my fault you’re a boneless wanker,” Blaise replied. “You should have told her ages ago. I thought that I would just speed up the process.”


While I hung my head in awkwardness, Lily seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the banter. Rose’s expression was unreadable, but I was sure she felt like Christmas had come early. 


“I would love to,” Rose interrupted, cutting Scorpius off in mid-rant as he called his best friend an array of colourful names. “Go with you, I mean. I would love to. That is, if you want to, of course.”


I took the opportunity to take hold of Lily’s arm and pull her from the steps, Blaise followed suit and joined us at the bottom, knowing that the young couple needed to sort this out themselves. Taking a seat on the bottom of the wall I looked back up to Scorpius – who had, by this time, taken hold of Rose and was kissing her like there was no tomorrow. Not that she seemed to mind. 


“Well done, Zabini,” Lily said casually. “Not only have you probably started a family war, you’ve also made two people very happy.”


My brows furrowed in to one. “Isn’t that an oxymoron?”


“If I knew what that mean, I am sure it would be.” Lily replied with a grin. “Oh, look.”


I followed her gaze towards The Three Broomsticks, which wasn’t too far from where we were stood. 


Kyle, Drew and Fred stumbled from the doors of the pub, dressed as the Three Musketeers and were greeting passers-by with a loud ‘huzzah!’ The three of us stood a little awkwardly, hoping that they wouldn’t notice us and we could pass it off that we didn’t know who they were. 


I am a great believer in being whoever you want to be – but there are limits. 


Unfortunately for us, they ran over and greeted Lily first, pulling her in to a heavy hug, one of which she tried forcefully to escape from. 


“Well, that’s certainly something that you don’t see every day.”


Tuning around back towards the steps, I saw Nate descend them, followed by a couple of which I assumed were the roommate and girlfriend he had previously spoken about.  His gaze was fixed on Rose and Scorpius as they smiled softy and spoke. 


“I guess everyone has a weak spot,” I said thoughtfully. “Scorpius’ just so happens to come in the form of small red heads.”


“I’ll remember that,” Nate replied cheekily. I didn’t ask him to elaborate. “Is your friend alright?”


Assuming he was talking about Lily, I simply nodded. “She’ll be fine, that’s Lily, and you know Blaise – and simply for your own safety, I’m not going to introduce you to the other three.”


He took a moment to accept the three boys, pushing a small red head between them, while dressed in old knights clothing and long black wigs. “Well, it’s certainly bold.”


“Considering that I think he’s forgotten about us, I’m Daniel Wilkins,” his friend introduced from behind. 


I shook his outstretched hand. “Charisma Price.”


“Nice to meet you,” he replied. “It’s good to finally see the pyjama-owl girl.”


“Pyjama-owl girl?” I echoed. 


“For a Ravenclaw, Nathan isn’t very imaginative,” the girl replied. “I’m Lois Hearson.”


With a nod it clicked in my brain. “You’re in my Charms class.”


“Yes I am,” she agreed. “But you see I am forced to hang out with the older boys.”


“Because we felt sorry for you?” Nate tried. 


She raised a brow. “Well, there’s that, but also realised that Daniel was-“


“A beautiful specimen of man?” Daniel scoffed.


His girlfriend paused for a moment and looked somewhat amused. “Sure.”


Noticing that the pair seemed madly in love, I laughed lightly. “On that note – anyone for a trip to the pub?”


The Musketeers cheered loudly, and I failed to point out that they had just come from the pub in question. 


Fred picked up his cousin and threw her over his shoulder, I watched as Drew tried to do the same with Kyle. Rose and Scorpius joined us as they noticed our leaving, but they didn’t seem too inclined to join in with any particular conversation we were having. 


“The last one to the pub has to buy drinks!” Kyle announced before jumping away from his friends and running towards the old, wooden door. 


As Lois and Dan watched the miracle that was my friends with amazement, I wanted to hide away in embarrassment. But Nate simply threw his arms around my shoulders and told me that I looked pretty as a nymph. 


So, why was the trip so eventful, I hear you ask?


We hit a complication. 


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Chapter 7: Protecting My Families Honour
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Ellie and Kyle 


Coming to an abrupt halt, I almost knocked over Nate. Freddy, who happened to be running just in front us crashed in to Kyle’s back – who had stopped at the door – and let go of Lily, who landed on the floor with a loud grunt. 


“Fred!” Lily yelled, punching the floor as her cousin lay flat on top of her. Fred, being the largest of our group, was obviously crushing his younger cousin. 


I pulled away from Nate and was careful to try and cover up the top of the dress, which was thin and had wispy on top. As Fred shouted back at Lily, his voice raised several octaves; I could image she had kicked him rather violently where he would feel it most. But I didn’t comprehend anything they said, despite their volume. 


My senses blocked out everything that wasn’t stood directly in front of me; James stood in his jeans and favourite jumper. To his right was the Devil, her hair was volume-ized to perfection and rested lightly upon her shoulders, unmoving in the light breeze of the snow. 


A loud grunt erupted from behind me; Lily had shoved Fred off of her stomach and got up from the floor, stepping over her cousin. I could see her eyes lock on Evie and words pour from her mouth, words I was still trying to stream together as Fred took hold of her ankles and pulled her back to the floor. 


Her voice became deathly low. “Fredrick, I swear; sleep with a helmet, boy. I know where you live.”


A few of the younger students surrounding them stepped back and began to sneak away. It was a known fact that the youngens were afraid of Lily - I just didn’t realize it was that much. 


“Lily, don’t scare the littelens now. You were one of them yourself once.” James said hopelessly, stepping forward and helping up his sister, but not before visibly shaking Evie off of his arm. 


“There all incompetent little-“


“Lily you are relentless.” I giggled. 


“-bints if they think that’s a scary insult!” She finished. 


“Bloody hell.” James muttered; his mouth turning in to somewhat of a smile. If something went wrong in Lily’s life at Hogwarts, it was usually blamed on the first years. “Lily control yourself!”


“You control yourself big brother!” She emphasized. “You’re dating a home bitch from the brothel.” Lily’s suddenly decided to go ghetto. 


James’s eyes narrowed and his arms folded over his chest, “Lily, what are you talking about?”


“I’m talking about you dating Malibu Barbie!” Lily snapped stepping forward. 


As if by magic, Evie’s face lit up like Christmas lights as she laughed. “Thank you.”


“Lewis, that was an insult.” Rosie said as she licked her lips. 


“But Barbie was popular.” Evie replied instantly, a smile still tugging at her lips. 


Beside me I saw Nates jaw set in to a smile and I fought the urge to elbow him. His friends, however, didn’t even have the decency to look abashed at her views on social life and laughed until they turned red. 


“Evie, If Barbie was so popular, then why the did you have to buy all of her friends?” Lily snapped. 


“Okay – cut that out.” James scolded. “Where are you even headed?” 


I took hold of the back of Lily’s blouse and pulled her so she stood in front of me. With a plastered on grin I told him, “The Three Broomsticks.”


“Without me?” James was taken back. “Since when have you gone to the pub without, James Potter?” 


I glared at James unintentionally. “Since he began speaking in the third person?” 


He smirked the famous Potter smirk. Even Albus has one, but he wouldn’t use it. “I’m not sure if I like you spending time with my sister; her sarcasm rubs off on you. You always were a little too impressionable.”


His eyes looked to Nate and to the Ravenclaws; he brushed it off, knowing this wasn’t the right moment to inquire about their presence. Instead he tried to hold back a smile at the sight of his roommates. 


“Don’t be a twit,” Rosie told him, her hands firmly by her side yet she still stood closesly to Scorpius – who seemed a little too happy at the concept. “You abandoned Charisma to go on your little pity date. Don’t even try to take the moral high ground.”


“Excuse me?” James chuckled uneasily; he wasn’t used to Rose’s lip directed towards him, other’s frequently; him, never. “I don’t remember asking your opinion, Ro.”


I tried to ignore the happiness that erupted through me when he didn’t deny it was a pity date; yet Evie, while glaring still at Lily, hadn’t seemed to notice that the term had been thrown around in the first place.


Rose narrowed her eyes. “You didn’t have to ask for it. You’re being a shitty friend. I thought that someone needed to let you know.”


Evie grabbed at his hand as James took a step forward. “Her mother should have taught her that it’s not nice to snatch,” I muttered to Lily, who replied with a belting laugh. 


I looked down at the bag that contained his Halloween costume and suddenly felt guilty; he was my friend and I had acted childishly by allowing Lily to go so far in getting her brother an embarrassing costume. I would probably just throw it on to his bed and leave it there until he found it – opting for the cowards’ way out. 


I didn’t notice as Lily made a remark towards her brother and was smacked with his shopping bags as a result, but Nate seemed to have, laughing quietly behind me. I took a step back and stood side by side with him, suddenly feeling a little uncomfortable with standing in the group. 


“Why in Circe’s name are the three of you dressed as wankers in wigs?” James asked his friends, his tone returning to its normal deep amusement as he threw his arm over Evie’s shoulder. 


From beside me I saw Lois nudge Dan with her elbow, realising that James was in fact actually dating Evie, and not just out of pity. She raised her brows towards me and I rolled my eyes. 


“It’s a fashion statement,” Fred tried hurriedly, his tone suddenly rising again – this time he sounded similar to a squeaky toy. 


His hurried movement wasn’t exactly inconspicuous as he moved to stand in front of Rose and Scorpius. I noticed that they had turned to leave, Scorpius taking her hand in his; I could see Rosie’s blush and for a moment I felt slight envy. 


James caught sight of his departing cousin and peered around the space where Freddy stood. “Are you bloody joking? Get the fuck away from her, Malfoy!”


I barged forward and placed a hand on to his shoulder, almost knocking Lily over in my wake. “James, it’s not your concern. Calm down.”


“It will be my concern when Rose is disowned.” He shouted. “Rosie! Stop!”


As if James had some sort of hold on her she stopped, much to Scorpius’ surprise and turned to face her cousin. “What?!”


“What do you mean, ‘what?’.” James sneered. “Rose he’s a Malfoy.”


“And you’re a Potter,” Rose retorted. “What difference does it make?”


James was fuming, his face turning slowly red as he looked at the way his cousin’s hand entwined with Scorpius’. 


“Be careful what you say here, Potter.” Scorpius snapped. 


Sighing I stood in front of James, “Leave them be, if Scorpius break’s Rose’s heart then I am sure that he will allow you to hex him, until then, you leave them be; they’re happy.”


“How would you feel if someone started messing on your relationship with Evie?” Drew tried to reason. “You wouldn’t like it; but you wouldn’t get to feel that way; we’re all too nicer people to even think about ruining your relationship with her – not matter how much we all don’t like her.”


As Evie tried to step forward and defend herself I couldn’t help the feeling of wanting to cry overcome me. I was the bad friend; I was the one thinking of meddling in their relationship; if James if happy, then I should leave him be.


I only pulled my gaze away from the floor to notice Nate stride over to Evie and stand in front of her. Drew had taken James aside and they seemed to be having a ‘heated discussion’. The odd finger was pointed to a rather infuriated Rosie before she marched over and joined them. 


Evie had pulled her wand on Fred and Kyle, who had stood in front of her and blocked her view of James and Drew. 


“I am a prefect, little girl.” Nate said with authority. “If you hex me there will be serious consequences. There will be no fighting.”


Noticing the dwindling crowd I began to feel slightly angered. Evie loved opportunities like this, no one to see her be the evil cow that I knew her to be. Blaise had taken hold of Scorpius’ arm and pulled him away, down the street and back towards the castle – knowing that he would say something stupid and make the situation worse for Rosie. Dan and Lois seemed to have gone too. 


Something in my mind made me walk towards Nate and stand by him. “Fucking brilliant,” Evie said snidely. “Your back up comes in the worm of a wet blanket.”


“Ouch; that really cut me deep,” I said in a voice I didn’t know that I possessed, nor knowing where the sarcasm came from. 


She snorted. “Whatever; I still have the upper hand.”




“Being that James came out with me today, not you. He left you.” 


I raised a brow and felt Nate shuffle in awkwardness; petty arguing girls were obviously not his forte. “A little desperate, don’t you think. Are you running out of insults to throw my way?”


“I’m only just getting started,” she sneered, tossing her hair over her shoulder – yet it still seemed to stay in place. “What I said to you in the Common Room the other day,Wolfy; it wasn’t a joke.”


Wolfy.” Lily echoed with distance as she ran in to my side. “What the hell did she say to you Chic, I swear if it was anything but hello and how are you today; I’ll have her head!”


James turned to hear Lillers shouting and pulled away from Drew, who was obviously attempting to calm him down. Evie stepped forward and came face to face with me; she was a little shorter, even with her heels on. 


“Everyone thinks that you’re so sweet, so perfect. But I see the truth. You’re a bitch.” She spat.


“Excuse me?” I couldn’t contain my shock, and apparently neither could Lily – Fred saw fit to throw her over his shoulder, kicking and screaming … again.


Never in my life has anyone ever called me a bitch. Never has anyone ever called me a cruel name before – until I met her. My heart was in my throat. I take the name bitch as a more personal offence than most, due to the fact that in a way, I am actually part female wolf, therefore a lady-dog. 


“You heard, you’re a stupid, little, clingy bitch.” She said the words slowly, each one piercing my heart more. I was expressionless, my face simple. Lily was still kicking behind me; I could hear Fred’s groans of struggle. Why couldn’t I be more like her in times like these?


Nate’s frustrated gaze turned to me. “And his is your best friend’s girlfriend?”


“What can I say?” I tried to reply. “James only chooses the best.”


No one seemed to move as James appeared between us. “What has gotten in to you Evie?” 


“What’s gotten in to me?” she repeated in a whiny voice. “Are you blind? She has been winding me up all month; you should see what she says about me?” 


James turned to me, his brain taking a little longer to process everything that it should. “Charisma?”


“Do you seriously believe that I would say something bad about her?” 


“Jamesy,” Evie pleaded. “Her and her horrible roommates he been following me around for weeks – there was even this one time that the mean one tripped me up. I didn’t even do anything.”


Making a mental note to thank Dixie for that one; she was the only one with the guts. I shook my head and raised my eyebrows towards James. It was a very crucial moment in his life – the friend, or the girlfriend.


“Well, that wasn’t Charisma that did that to you. But you called her a bitch. We’re leaving come on.” He demanded, striding past her without a single look back. Evie looked like she was about to protest, but James interrupted. “I don’t want to hear another word. Form any of you.” 


I couldn’t ignore the way that his gaze cast to Lily and me. 


“That’s it?” Drew shouted, stepping forward. “That’s all you’re going to say?” He was fuming. “Move over boyo it’s my turn.” Lewis actually looked terrified.  


“No Drew, it over.” I said as calmly and sweetly as I could. But even I knew that I heard the shake in my voice. “Don’t sink to her level.” She snarled at me, actually snarled, like a tiger. “Congratulations Lewis.” I said slyly. “Finally you have created a scene so mortifying that you’ve not only embarrassed yourself, but also everyone else around you.”


“Is that supposed to make me shudder?” She taunted. “Is it supposed to make me feel all sad and alone? Am I supposed to sit alone in my room of solitude and cry over what you think?”


“No.” I answered simply. “Because you don’t give a damn what I think, you don’t give a damn what anyone thinks because you have no soul.” I didn’t stop to take in the angry expression that was appearing on James’s face. “You are pretty much a dementor– you suck the life out of what ever you want to. If you honestly have nothing better to do then insult me and my friends, then go back to Hogwarts.” 




“Don’t you dare, James.” I snapped for what was possibly the first time in my life, I felt genuine anger towards him. “You know how horrid she has been to me, through all of my years at this school. You don’t get a say in how I treat her because you obviously don’t care how she treats me. And Evie, I have out up with you because you are James’ girlfriend, but I’m done. Say whatever you want to me because I’m through with taking your crap.”


Lily whooped loudly as I turned, taking hold of Nate’s arm and pulling him away from the scene. Releasing a breath that I didn’t know I was holding, I hadn’t heard Evie chase after me in the snow. 


She took hold of my arm and pulled me back. “Don’t you walk away from me; you don’t get to just say that to me and leave. You’re pathetic, you’re lonely and childish and a loser. Heck, you’re almost as bad as that whore he calls a sister.”


I felt Nate stiffen next to me; I never got in to arguments and I hated it when others did. Yet, everyone living in peace would never happen, and I didn’t fully understand why until I met this girl. I am a calm girl, a gentle girl. But the moment you insult my family …


You’re mine. 



James Potter


When I was thirteen, I jumped from the top of Hagrid’s hut and in to the pumpkin patch below. Landing wrongly, I broke two bones in my right leg and dislocated my left shoulder. Madame Brandon was literally seconds away, fixing my broken bones before I could even finish the first cry. 


Charisma had fetched her after I had first mentioned jumping off of it for a laugh. When I asked her how she knew I would do it, she answered ‘Because I know you’. Until today, I thought it was a visa-versa deal. 


You see, Charisma has been the friend that I can pride myself on the fact that I know everything about her, the way she laughs, the way she dresses and even the way she cries every time while watching this muggle films with munchkins in. Yet, today she showed a side that I didn’t know she had. 


She stood up for herself, and I was proud. I was proud that finally she showed some emotion other than happiness and faith towards someone who tried to put her down. Yet, I didn’t expect her to resort to violence. 


One moment Evie and I were walking to The Three Broomsticks, where I considered the gang would be, the next; Charisma’s fist is plunging in to Evie’s face. 


I knew that Evie had probably deserved it; after years and years of pent up anger Charisma was finally ready to let it all go, but in no way do I think that she did it in the correct manner. She’s delicate, Charisma, kind and gentle, never violent. 


As the doting boyfriend that I pride myself on being I escorted Evie back to school, blood running from her nose, down her chin and seeping in to her shirt. I listened intently as she raged about my ‘insane friend’ and ‘awful sister’ and even held her tight as she began to cry; no one deserves to be treated that way. 


Understandably, Wolfy’s been through a lot recently, but she’s not the type to get jealous, which is what Evie had told me it was all about. I know that Evie has a negative side to her, but that’s all in the past; she’s been so lovely to people in recent times, she’s turned over a new leaf and grown as a person. 


I tried to push the image from my head; Charisma’s eyes had darkened, her iris’ turning a shade that I always considered coffee with specks of honey; this only happened to her during the times of the moon, when the wolf takes over. 


It’s only been a short few days since the last moon; she still finds some emotions hard to control, which is why I try to stay calm around her when I can – but today, for a split second, she let her guard slip. She had used her werewolf strength to hit my girlfriend; she hadn’t even reached for her wand; she wanted to feel it. And that isn’t Charisma. 


“It hurt’s James!” Evie whined. “It really, really hurts!”


I rubbed her back and helped her up the stairs to the hospital wing. “I know, love. I don’t know what came over her, she’s usually so-“


“She’s a nutcase! She always has been!”


“She’s my best friend,” I said firmly. “She may have acted out of horribly and out of character, but she’s still my best friend; so be careful.”


“Careful?” she echoed astonished, her eyes narrowing. “She punched me. I am allowed a little bit of leeway.”


I snorted. “Like you haven’t done worse to her in the past, and besides, I heard what you said about my sister.”


She stopped walking, “It was in the heat of the moment, I didn’t mean it. I am so sor-“


I waved it off and pulled her up to the top of the stairs. “There’s the Hospital Wing,” I pointed forward. “I will talk to you later.”


I’m clueless, I have never seen either of them act like that before, neither one so childish. I walked back up to the portrait hole, climbed through and walked up to my empty dorm. I sat down at the desk and wrote a confused letter to Teddy; if I didn’t know what was going on with Charisma, I was sure that he would. 


I rolled up the letter and called Hedwig to my window. I tied it to her leg and let her go. She really is a beautiful bird. I sighed and sat on my bed. Hopefully I can sleep this off. I knew that I probably wouldn’t get a reply at all from Teddy; he wasn’t very good with remembering things. 


I woke up later in the day only for Fred, Drew and Kyle to walk in to our dorm. 


“Dude, today was amazing. Elle and Dixie are kicking themselves that they missed that.” Fred said in his loud voice. Kyle smiled at me and Drew ignored me completely. 


“I really don’t want to talk about it.” I snapped. 


“Someone’s a little touchy.” Fred carried on. “Maybe he needs a little of Honeydukes fudge.” He finished prodding me with a fudge stick from Honeydukes. 


“Bugger off!”


He backed off immediately and went to sit on Kyle’s bed. It was a rare feat if he actually remembered which was his. 


“You know, I just thought that I would let you know that Charisma’s really messed up over the entire thing.” He said caringly. 


“Her?” I said annoyed. “She was the one who punched my girlfriend.” 


“She had an effin good reason.” Drew mumbled. 


I sat up in my bed and pushed the covers back, narrowing my eyes. “You got something to say over there, Andrew?” 


“Yeah, actually I do.” He said getting up from his bed and walking over. Kyle stepped in front and pushed him back on to the bed. 


“Stop, you guys, this arrogance isn’t going to get anyone anywhere.” Kyle said intelligently. “Charisma came to see you the other night I think. But she was walking back from out dorm when she broke down in to tears. I think that she’s needed you lately James and you let her down. You haven’t heard half the stuff that Evie has said to her when you’re not around. If I was a girl, that punch would compare to nothing to the stuff that I would do to your pathetic excuse for a girlfriend.” 


“She was crying?” My voice suddenly softened, nothing seemed to matter anymore. All of her bad actions today seemed to fade away and mean nothing. Kyle’s protective tone didn’t register in my head, only as why it wasn’t mine.  


Kyle nodded. “Like I said, I don’t know why, but I think it-” 


With an arrogant edge to his tone, Freddy laughed. “I do.”


“Well spit it out then, Fred.” I said in slight desperation. 


Charisma was the talker, she had the words and knew the things to say, but I was the doer. I would show emotion through actions, it why we made such a good pair. If she were upset, I would be able to offer no comforting words and would most likely make the situation worse, but I can simply hug her until she stops – the was the norm.


“I can’t,” he explained. “Lily told me today in Hogsmeade, but there’s a room full of guys here that would flip if they found out. Well maybe not Kyle, but you two certainly would.” He said, pointing to Drew and me. 


He smiled to himself as I turned over in my bed and shut my eyes. 


I had to make a decision on who to forgive in this situation. It was an easy choice. 



Charisma Price



“You know, when I said that she deserved to be punched a few weeks ago, I didn’t actually mean literally, I just can’t believe that I missed it.” Dixie lectured. “I have been waiting 6 years for you to smack that bitch and when you finally do, I’m not there to see it. Couldn’t you have waited?”


“Or better yet, do it again?” Elle added. 


“Oh yes, please do that one?” Lily added laughing. 


I watched as Dixie walked from either side of the room, she spoke as she walked for what I was sure her attempt at creating an atmosphere; Dixie always liked a show. 


Shaking my head I tried to hold back a short wave of tears. “It’s not funny; I feel so guilty. Besides, Nate said ‘No fighting’, so what do I do? I … punch someone in the face?”


I was sure that they all noticed how hard it was for me to say, the way that my voice seemed to fumble over the action. 


“No, Charisma.” Lily said slowly. “I believe what he said was no duelling, and it was aimed at Evie. He never said no to any physical violence.” 


“Chic.” Elle said wrapping her arms around me caringly. I was sat on the windowsill, she joined me and I placed my head on her shoulder. “Things like this will happen. You love James; he’s the closest thing that you have to a brother. He will forgive you.” She said smiling. She always knew how to make me feel better. 


“Yeah, we don’t give a toss about the tramp that he drags around.” Rose said comfortingly, standing up from the edge of my bed. She was spending her precious time away from Scorpius. It’s very rare to see one of the without the other surgically attached to the others hip on this day. 


Pulling away from the windowsill, I grabbed my jumper from the end of my bed. “I’m going to apologise.”


Trying to ignore their protests was harder that I had first imagined, yet they knew that I was adamant about making amends. I walked down through the common room and up in to the boys dorm. 


I knocked on the door to James’s room and Kyle opened it. He gave me a hopeful smile and then hugged me tightly for a second before stepping back in to the room, letting me pass and then walking down in to the common room, I guess it was to give us privacy; Drew and Fred weren’t in there either. 


James was tucked up in bed, his gaze firmly on the ceiling. He didn’t look up as I walked in and pulled up the other end of the covers to his bed. I sat down and pulled them over my knees and tried to ignore the pounding of my heart as I noticed his lack of clothing.  


“You’ve got aim, I’ll give you that.” James said after a long pause of silence. 


I furrowed my brows. “Sorry?”


“There is no way in hell that I should be saying this but you have got bloody fantastic aim.” He smiled and sat up, resting his head on the wall behind him. “Maybe you don’t need us guys to protect you anymore.” 


“Don’t joke James, I feel awful. I am apologising to Evie the next time that I see her.”


“Thank you, I appreciate that.” He admitted, kicking me once under the duvet. 

“You’re not completely forgiven though.” He admitted. “But I know that you will put your self under a lot more punishment than I am willing to dish out.” 


“I know, and I don’t deserve to be forgiven.” He placed his hand on my knee in a comforting way, but it made my body tingle with joy. 


With a rueful smile he said, “Yes you do, she wasn’t exactly a ball of sunshine herself.”


“You’re not going to shout at me?” 


“I thought about it,” he told me truthfully. “But would I shout at you Charisma? When have I ever shouted at you?” 


I smiled and twisted my hair; he smiled and rolled his eyes. “What?” I asked. 


He just shook his head as if to say ‘nothing’ and we went down to the great hall for dinner. 


As we walked in and sat down a few people from the Gryffindor table looked at us strangely, probably because they didn’t expect James to even look at me after what I did let alone forgive me. 


“Ignore them.” James whispered in my ear as we sat down next to Fred. 


“So, do I want to know about Rose and Scorpius?” Fred asked absentmindedly as we sat down, knowing that it would annoy James. 


“Probably not, but it’s been a long time coming.” James opened his mouth to question but shut it immediately; he knew that what ever he asked he would get an answer that he didn’t want. 


“What about you and Nathan?” James said childishly. “You two were pretty pally.” 


“Jealous are we?” I asked smiling and giggling. He prodded me in the side with his finger and laughed as I squirmed, taking a piece of French bread from its basket. 


“Not jealous, just-“


“Jealous?” Fred cut in and instantly began doing a happy dance, that I presume he will creatively name; the dance of jealousy. 


I pulled him back down to the table and accidentally bashed his leg against the wood of the bench. “Christ, I’m sorry.”


“Jeez, we’re violent today.” He teased as I glared. 


“Charisma.” James said quietly from beside me, pushing his untouched food around his plate. “If you’re with Harper, I’ll be ok with it. I mean, I won’t like it, but I’ll be fine.”


I giggled. “James, I’m not with Nate, he’s just a good friend.”


His eyes lit up. “Really? Fantastic.” 


I laughed. “You’re such a hypocrite.”


He nicked my sausage. “I’m sorry; I haven’t been there for you lately. I’ll try to be better.” I shook my head. “No, Chic; it needs to be said. It just seems like I’m apologizing a lot lately. It’s just you’re my girl. I don’t want you to forget that.”


I smiled and turned my head away, attempting to hide my blush. Normally I would have slapped him and told him off, he knows full well that Evie’s his girl. Luckily, we had the harpy herself to point that out. 


“What the hell is this?” Evie asked walking towards us at a record speed. 


“Dinner.” James pointed out obviously. “You want some? There’s a seat over there.” Fred snickered. 


“Look Evie, I’m sorry, it was all in the heat of the moment.” I said gesturing towards the mark, which was now a bruise, by her right eye.


She laughed haughtily. “Heat of the moment? That is the lamest excuse that I have ever heard in history.”


“It was also the one that you used in defence of calling my baby sister a whore.” James said looking up at her and taking a bite from my piece of bred that I had put down on my plate – he looked completely nonchalant. 


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An; So, another chapter – and the answer to the cliff hanger, which actually seemed to bug people immensely. 
I own nothing, obviously, apart from my OC’s and the plot. Enjoy.
 An; So, another chapter – and the answer to the cliff hanger, which actually seemed to bug people immensely. 
I own nothing, obviously, apart from my OC’s and the plot. Enjoy.

Chapter 8: Silly Second Years
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Disclaimer; I own nothing, unfortunately; apart from the OC’s and the plot, the rest goes to JK. Enjoy!


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Nate Harper


The next week or so passed without judgement. James was still dating the tramp and I was still crushing on my best friend. 


Luckily no one from Hogsmeade had reported the incident, even the nurse had chosen to overlook it, which is slightly strange. I’m sure I saw Professor Flitwick around too; I hadn’t looked for a teacher before I smacked her. It was probably something that I should have done. 


James had forgiven us both, saying that we were all in the wrong; he threw Lily in on that one. Evie had been quite evil to me the few days after the fight, however once James told her off, she had actually attempted to be nicer. But mostly, avoidance was the key. 


I stay out of her way, she stays out of mine. 


It’s a done deal. 


After dinner in the Great Hall she apologized to Lily, saying that ‘the heat of the moment’ excuse was a bad one, but it was also the one that got us in to this entire mess. I offered to start over and she took it – she has actually been reasonably civil. Lily doesn’t think that it will last long. I on the other hand am attempting to give her a second chance. James shows no signs of dumping her, so she’ll probably be sticking around a lot more in the near future. Joy


I can be nice to her face; but I’m not stopping with the names. She deserves every one. Childish but fun. 


“Oh, I can’t believe it.” Elle said spinning around the room. It was the night of the Halloween Ball. Lily and I were already in our costumes and sitting on my bed surrounded by an array of bertie botts every flavour beans and the wrappers from many chocolate frogs. 


“Calm down Elle.” Dixie said, twisting her hair in to lots of messy curls. Kyle had finally plucked up the courage to ask Elle to the ball, and Freddy with Dixie, for what he claimed was ‘for shits and giggles’, yet I don’t think that Dixie liked to look upon it that way. Lily and I were still going together, but James had promised me a dance, when he wasn’t dancing with the street whore. 


“But I’m so excited; finally after a year of fancying the pants off of him, he has actually made a move.”


“You know that you could have made the first move right?” Lily questioned, shoving a handful of beans in to her mouth. Elle threw a hairbrush at Lily, missing by an inch and then summoned it again with the Accio charm after claiming that she was ‘an old fashioned girl’. 


Half an hour later we left for the common room, me and Lily jumping down the stairs hand in hand, I shoved chocolate frog in to my mouth as came closer to the common room and shook more glitter off of the headband. 


“Ah, always the lady.” Drew said laughing as we reached the bottom. I jumped and he caught me. “You’re a bouncy thing tonight aren’t you?” he said to me like I was five. If I didn’t have my mouth full of chocolate I would have came back at him with a sarcastic remark. I chewed and smiled like a child as he placed me on to the floor. 


Instead everyone just laughed or smiled, apart from Evie who was standing next to a smiling James. Evie was dressed as a bunny – a tiny puff of fluff was stuck to her butt. Fred wouldn’t leave it alone. Every time you saw him he was prodding or grabbing it and going ‘beep, beep’. James was of course dressed as a rapper – and shockingly, it didn’t look bad. 


“She’s my date you lonely pleb, get your own.” Lily said jokingly, taking my hand. 


“What about that Zac guy, that you were so in love with?” Drew retaliated. 


“Sod off Andrew.” Lily groaned, elongating this last name, only because he hates it. “I actually told him to go away today I’m rather proud of myself.” She turned to me and looked me in the eyes. 


“Go away? Are you sure that’s all that you said?” 


She shrugged and was obviously holding back a laugh. “Shall we go my love?” 


“Off to the ball.” I answered in a Cinderella type voice. 


“And I was so looking forward to a nice and simple evening.” Fred said, taking Dixie’s hand and running off with her at an alarming speed, but not before shoving Evie backwards and going ‘honk, honk’. 


I laughed and ran off with Lily, chasing them down to The Great Hall. Once again, like every other holiday, the decorations looked amazing, draped in spooky ornaments for this times theme, bats and ghosts roaming the ceiling. I giggled and pulled Lily back for a moment. 


“Hello, Sir Nicholas.” I chimed, stopping to say hello to the ghost of Gryffindor house.


“Charisma, how are you this fine and spooky evening?” He asked politely. 


Grinning I nodded and put my hands behind my back. “I’m very well thank you. How are you?”


“Oh, I am wonderful. Why, what are you girls up to?” His gaze cast between Lily and me. 


“I’m going to the ball with Lily.”  I stated obviously. 


“Oh well, have fun.” Sir Nicholas said, floating away muttering something about how unfair it all was and how times have changed. 


“You know, I swear that that ghost has always had a crush on you.” Lily said to me laughing. 


James had caught up and was hand in hand with Evie. “Flirting with the ghosts again Wolfy?”


“Actually yes, I am practicing my skills for when I knock all of the guys dead tonight.” I said smiling. I was sure that I heard Evie mutter something, but I ignored it. She forced a smile. 


“Well, don’t be too rash, I don’t want to have to fight the boys off you.” James added.


“My night in shining armour,” I said sarcastically. “Oh and by the way, if I am berried under a pile of boys or surrounded by them or something, please leave me be.” 


He looked annoyed and then slapped me lightly laughing. The entire banter, I was somehow enjoying the look of jealousy hidden within Evie’s eyes, and the thing that surprised me was that I didn’t feel bad about it. 


Lily and I danced together, turning the slow dance in to a muggle rave. Fred bought some sort of glowing liquid that he dipped his hands in to and drew all over people when they weren’t looking. I’m sure it was partially toxic. But when the lights went down or flickered, everybody glowed. 


Someone had let off a dung bomb in the Slytherin dungeons just before the dance, causing half of the girls from their Common Room to refuse to come out due to the smell. I’m sure that Scorpius did it actually – considering he and Blaize were the only two Slytherins at the ball … and they didn’t smell. 


James and Evie were dancing together over the other side of the hall. He would spin her around, dipping her like he used to me – laughing when ever she did. It actually looked like he was attempting to put up with her at one point. 


When I looked, I felt a small part of me die. Every time she laughed, he would smile. Every time she giggled, I wanted to vomit. Every time he twirled her, I wanted to rip them apart and smack him for dating such a tart.  


Lily placed a hand on my shoulder lovingly and dragged me over to the drinks. 


“Look who’s over there, Wolfy.” She said pointing towards the doors discreetly. I turned around and notice my favourite Ravenclaw’s walking in. 


I gave her a look and pouted, gesturing at Evie who looked like she was about to jump James right there and then. “Look, Chic, have fun with him, you two clearly get on well, and you know that it drives my brother crazy when your with Nate.” She said, giving me a hint. 


“Are you telling me to make you brother jealous?” I asked. “You know that I can’t do that.”


“You can, and you will.” She said in a faux American accent. I laughed at her. 


“No, I’m gunna go and say hi. I won’t use him, its evil.” Lily rolled her eyes. “Hey, Nathan.” I said skipping up to him. 


“Hey Chic, what’s up?” he rubbed his neck nervously. “I haven’t seen you since, well you know.” I hadn’t really had a chance to talk to him after the whole sucker punching Evie in the face thing. 


I coughed awkwardly. “Oh I’m fine, a bit rough, how about you?”


“I’ll live.” He looked around the hall briefly. “You fancy a dance?” he asked holding out his hand. I took it and he led me to the dance floor. 


My body shook with laugher as he tickled me on the dance floor during a slow song amongst the other students; we danced until the sun went down. Once I remembered about leaving Lily all on her own, I turned around to find her making out with a boy that I recognised from her year; I wouldn’t be able to put a name to him though. 


“So, how did Potter take to you punching his girlfriend?”


I laughed. “Well he actually commented on my brilliant aim and then gave me a sugar quill.”


“I’ve been hanging around you too long. Is that sarcasm?”


I shook my head. “It’s not, but I’m surprised that you’re still talking to me, I was pretty violent.”


“You don’t really know Lois yet.” He shook his head teasingly. “She’s hell.” He whispered, receiving a rather hard punch from the lady herself who was only a foot away. “That’s going to bruise.” He joked, spinning me on the dance floor. 


Dan took my hand and pulled me away from Nate. “Well now you have Charisma to look after you.”


“No I don’t.” He stated simply. “As you took her away.” Nate began to dance with Lois before throwing her over his shoulder and bowing. “Now I will steal your girlfriend.”


“This means war!” Dan teased before throwing me over his shoulder and running from the room in the footsteps of Nate and Lois. 


“HARPER!” Lois yelled from only a few feet ahead. “Put me down you SOD!”


“I think Nate is now a sod.” I said quietly to Dan. 


“Yeah.” He agreed. “So what am I?”


I laughed. “An extremely strong and tolerative person.”


Dan placed me back on to the ground and wrapped his arms around me from behind. I looked up to see Nate groaning and walking back down the corridor towards us with Lois striding towards Dan, a little infront of Nate.


“Bloody hell!” Nate cursed, still with a small smile on his face. “I want my girl back, yours is violent – ow, okay Lois; point taken.” 


We found ourselves back in the hall eventually … after dancing in the corridors and attempting to get in to the Slytherin’s smelly common room. We’ll be in trouble for that later if anyone saw us. 


By the time that we officially registered ourselves to be in the great Hall once more, it was rather empty, half of the decorations were taken down and most of the students had returned and decided to call it a night. Nate hugged me goodbye before walking back to his tower with Lois and Dan. Lilly grabbed my hand, doing a small happy dance for me and constantly asking me where the four of us disappeared to. 


I was tucked up in bed having said goodnight to everyone before realising that James didn’t give me the promised dance. I pouted for a second and then shrugged it off. I’d had a good time without him. Maybe Nate was what I needed.  


Next morning breakfast was a nightmare. I was so glad that it was the half term holidays; otherwise I don’t think that I would have been able to get up. 


James clicked his fingers infront of my face. “Where did you go last night?” He asked quietly. “I saved a dance for you?”


“Oh.” I exclaimed quietly, my head pounding a little. “I was with Nate.” 




“Nate.” I repeated quietly. “We went off to the Slytherin dungeons, ran around a little.” 


He shook his head slowly. “I don’t like him.”


“Of course.” I muttered. “You have no reason too James.” He looked up and pouted like a child. “It’s just because I spent my evening with another man and you are jealous.”


“I am not jealous.” I raised my brow at his denial. “Fine, I’m a little jealous, but what of it?” I shook my head and fiddled with my fingers on the table. He took my hand. “You’re always my number one girl, you know that right?” My smile couldn’t have been more obvious. 


Elle tapped my shoulder lightly, pulling herself away from Kyle. She glanced to James, who was nonchalantly looking away, and whispered. “You realise the dance he saved was the last one?” 




She smiled. “It wasn’t a slow one. But he made Evie go to bed so that he could have the last few dances of the night with you. Bless his cotton socks, Evie tore up the dormitory in frustration and all too.” 


My head bowed to my plate. 


I was drinking a glass of pumpkin juice - horrible stuff - when the post came. Finally a reply from Victoire, it only took her a bleeding month. 




I am sure that sorry doesn’t even begin to cover it; everything here has been so hectic. Teddy hadn’t mentioned that he’d told you about the wedding; trust him. But I am glad that you know. I’m sure that he’s told you this anyway, but we’re telling the family at the Christmas gathering. I am sure that he appreciates your moral support; you’re his prodigy, sweet. 

I’ve been trying to think of the right thing to say to you, but I just can’t. I was in a similar position when I was your age, but the only thing that I can advise you is to simply let nature run its course. Think of Teddy and myself, he was a few years older than I, but our story is similar to yours, and now I’m marring him. I am sure that you still don’t understand what I’m hinting at, but you’ll get there. 

When you realise everything, and snog James, I want to be the first to know.


I laughed at Victoire, but yet stared at the parchment in amazement, I guess that I jest needed someone to tell it to me, or write it to me, before it actually sunk in. 


See you at Christmas, I hope that I helped, but you probably would have figured most of that out by now, take care of Louis. And make sure that you give him a big, embarrassing kiss on the head in front of all of his friends from me. 


Love Victoire. X


I sat still at the table, staring at the letter. I still couldn’t decide whether or not I fancied him. He was still my best friend. Victoire always knows best, she never gets anything wrong. Worry took over me and I considered passing the letter to Lily, but realised that it contained information about the wedding. She looked concerned from across the table but I just shook my head and smiled at her. 


“A letter.” James mused, trying to whip it from my grip. 


I held it away from him. “It’s private.” 


“Since when have you ever had anything private from me, Wolfy?” He questioned with a smile.


“Since now.” I replied standing up. I felt the letter get ripped from my grasp. As I turned it was in the hands of Fred Weasley. 


“What’s all this then?” he asked in a police type voice. 


“Wolfy’s keeping secrets.” James said pathetically. 


“People keep on stealing my private letter from Victoire. She has asked personally that no one else reads it, so has Teddy.”


“Oh, well in that case then.” Fred said opening the letter and began to read. I tried to grab it back but he held it above his head. I thought that I was about to cry, if anyone found out about the contents of that letter, I don’t even want to know what would happen. He probably only got through the first line before I jumped on his back and tried to grab it that way. 


Despite Fred’s dim-witted charm, I was sure that even he could piece together all the contents of that letter.


People were cheering us on, chanting our names. If I wasn’t so scared about the letter, it would have been fun. 


I leaned forward trying once again to grab it, and failed. I covered his eyes so that he couldn’t read and then attempted once again. 


This time, Lily got involved; she grabbed hold of the letter and ran off in the direction of the huge double doors. I jumped off of Fred’s back and ran after Lily, pushing past and group of students. 


The small crowd of students followed us; still cheering (I’m sure that a teacher was in there too). I turned a corner and burst through the front doors to the school. I finally reached Lily, she was still running. A lot of people underestimate my speed and agility because of my nature. They don’t expect me to be able to run as fast as I can. I can run faster than James. 


We had just slid down the sloping ground of the school and reached the wide murky lake when I literally jumped and landed on Lily. We rolled a little before I got the letter and ripped it up in to hundreds of tiny little pieces. I jumped on it a few times just to make sure that no one could read it before throwing the tiny remains into the lake where they were officially destroyed by a large splash of a tentacle – gratitude to the giant squid. I then fell on to the ground and lay there, laughing with Lily; my laugh however was mainly with relief. 


I didn’t have a problem with Lily reading it so per say, however it did mention Victorie’s and Teddy’s wedding. 


“Price, Weasley, Potter.” It was Professor McGonagall. 


Lily and I looked up from the floor, to see and angry faced Professor, holding Fred by the collar. We got up from the ground and straightened our selves up. 


“I am not even going to ask for an explanation, detention, the three of you, report to me tonight, 7pm.” We nodded obediently, attempting to hide our smiles.


James wouldn’t stop pestering me about the contents of the letter. He asked me all the way through lunch, all the way through the day and all the way in to the changing rooms for Quidditch. 


It was the big game today, the one against Ravenclaw. I was smiling wide, one for the relief of the letter and then for the excitement. I was really excited about playing against Nate and Dan. I hadn’t really acknowledged them in Quidditch until now. I was jumping up and down, buzzing with excitement for ages until James grabbed my shoulders and held me on to the floor, like old times. He gave me a big tight hug and wished me good luck. 


A few minutes past, where James was going over last minute team adjustments in tactics and then we were called out on to the field. We were gathered in a circle and were told to mount our brooms; Nate flashed me a quick wink. Drew whistled, interrupting Madame Hooch’s speech. 


“OI, BACK OFF HARPER!” He shouted across the field and then broke down in to a fit of laughter. I blushed and James looked annoyed, actually kicking Drew a little with his foot.


Nate and I were flying against each other, both being chasers. James threw me the ball and the adrenaline rushed through me. Polly was flying around the hoops, nervous about her first match, but she was doing an amazing job.


James being one of my fellow chasers threw the ball my way, only to have it snatched away from me by Dan. I flew after him, neck and neck for the hoops, a flash of panic overtook Polly’s face, but she blocked the Quaffle as it came towards the hoop. I flew up to her and patted her on the shoulder.


Dan gave me a jokingly horrible glare, but I smiled back and caught the Quaffle as it was once again thrown my way but this time by Kyle. I flew towards the hoops at a top speed, only hanging on to my broom with one hand. 


I threw the Quaffle with as much strength as I could muster and scored. 


“Another ten points for Gryffindor!” The voice of Lee Jordan Jr echoed through the stadium. “Now if only that little second year from Ravenclaw could keep his eyes off of Price’s bum, they could score.”


I turned around embarrassed, only to notice the flushing cheeks of a second year, I smiled at him and carried on flying. I laughed as Lee carried on making fun of the game, “But Potter can’t refrain himself from glaring at Harper, I mean honestly. Do you think if we locked them both in a cupboard some hot gay sex would occu-“




“-No Professor, please don’t take the mi-“


“Let, go.” McGonagall screeched. “And Potter has the Quaffle.”


I looked to my left and noticed James zoom past me, leaning back and throwing the ball. I caught it and raced towards the hoop, diving downwards a little. With the Ravenclaw’s on my tail I dived further, performing the move that usually belonged to seekers. Unsurprisingly - they didn’t expect it. I let my feet skim the tips of the grass; the crowd’s eye’s boring in to my back. I mirrored the determination on James’s face before sharply pulling upwards after performing a sideways roll that I always forget the name of. 


In my third year James wrote it down and stuck it to my bed with the wonderful muggle invention of sticky tape. You gotta love that stuff. After allowing the dirt and myself to become aquatinted as my back hit the floor, covering my shimmering red and gold robes with wet mud that reminded me of something I would rather not mention. 


It was that moment that I felt the rain, the droplets hitting the side of my face, the wind against me. 


I flew towards the hoops only to see Drew immediately appear infront of me, blocking my line of flight and smack the bludger (that was headed my way) harder than ever before. It went straight through the wooden stands and out of the stadium. The thunder rumbled. 


He took a moment of glory, announcing his self-awesomeness as the second bludger missed his sight and caught my arm. I heard the crack before I felt it.


I screamed probably more like a girl than ever before as my broom flipped sideways. I held on with my legs and got it back to balance. 


Nate caught the Quaffle that I dropped in the process and reluctantly carried on with the game. He shot me a look of apology – what could he really do, it’s in the rules of the game. 


“Ravenclaw scores.” Lee announced, he had obviously received the microphone back from McGonagall. “Gryffindor’s still in the lead, 60:30 - thank god – we wouldn’t want those pesky, kiss arse claw’s to win now would we? - don’t give me that look Professor, I know you agree. Chrice, Price! That looks painful!” 


I looked down at my arm, holding back small tears. Considering I remember what arms are supposed to look like, I don’t think human’s arms are supposed to bend in that direction. 


“Bugger, Chic you’re arm.” Drew cried, pulling my broom down out of harms way of the flying Bludgers. “Fuck, I’m sorry.” 


“Keep Playing.” I ordered through gritted teeth, flying out of his grip and one handily catching the flying Quaffle and throwing it to Kyle. His eyes widened but luckily, he didn’t slow down. 


The first bludger had returned, Jenkins, the Second Year Ravenclaw Beater arrived. He looked at me, winked and then hit as hard as he could. All I know is that it was flying in my direction, faster than I could make my broom move with one handed control. It collided with the back end of my broom, snapping the back half. As I slipped off, grazing my inner thighs with splinters, I caught the side of the broom with right arm. My left hanging painfully and limp to one side. 


I was gripping on to the wooden handle of my broom for dear life as it slowly fell and swung out of control. The bristled end already hurdling towards the floor. My eyes were clenched shut, my knuckles white I was gripped so hard. 


I stupidly glanced down to notice a speck that I was sure was a professor. I attempted to hang on and swing one leg over my broom but I only missed because of the wet and slipped further. I wouldn’t be able to make that swing. I clenched my eyes together further, attempting to hold on for dear life. 


I was crying for help but I doubt that my cries could be hear for all of the cheering of the audience. 


I must have tried one hundred times, attempting to lower my broom towards the ground. The half that I had left was out of control, completely useless – it was slowly falling anyway. 


“JAMES!” I yelled, my voice cracked. Swinging once again, attempting to take the risk. If anyone could hear the panic in my voice. It would be him. This call came through as a sob, “JAMES!” 


That single sob was enough to grasp the attention of the rest of the stadium; most had seen the illegal hit. James, Nate and Dan all immediately forgot the game and came flying over. Drew and Fred having forgot about me and were punishing the second year; who appeared to be filled with shock.


The back half of my broom was splintered, the magic wearing off.


I was still crying out and attempting to swing my leg over when I heard the shout of James, I would recognise his voice anywhere. He looked like he had seen a ghost. My heart began to pound with panic, more than it ever has before. 


My fingers slipped a fraction, but it was enough, and I went falling down and down, I closed my eyes and it all came to an end. 


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Chapter 9: Expect the Unexpected
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Okay; I admit that there are a lot of point of view changes in this chapter (GAH I really don't like it when authors do this, but I have become a casualty to my own demise.) So I have tried to make it as un-complicated as possible. Enjoy!


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Lois and Dan


James Potter 


One minute she was flying, the next she was falling; just falling further and further in to the storm. I don’t think that I have ever flown so fast in my entire life. But I couldn’t make it.

The bristles of my broom hit Charisma only feet away from the floor. She was falling so fast, descending like a rock. I jumped forward, releasing my broom and allowing it to go array. My hands reached her waist and I pulled her in to me, shielding her from the floor. My body hit hers so fast it hurt.  


We flipped over and rolled across the muddy green, getting acquainted with the ground a little more than I would have liked. I landed on top of her and rolled off, feeling a little embarrassed, blowing a stray hair from my eyes. I rubbed my head and slowly sat up coming face to face with two complete teams.


Teachers ran over quicker than I thought possible. Nate knelt down next to me, god I hate him. He’s like a bloody Prince, always wanting to be at her rescue. He pulled me up slowly first, making sure I was straight; I brushed him off, shoving him side ways a little and grabbing my best friend’s hand.


Charisma’s body was sprawled across the floor next to me. With a cry of terror Elle wet straight on to her knees next to me, smacking me continuously and angrily before turning to Wolfy.


“Chic.” Elle cried. “Chic, Chic, come on, say something?” Elle shouted desperately. The grass was soaking through to my skin, the mud covering mine and Charisma’s clothes. Ignoring it I squeezed Charisma’s hand tighter in hope of a response; nothing.

“Wolfy, Charisma, sweetie, say something.” I dry sobbed stroking her hair, not allowing tears to fall. The day I allowed Lily to see me cry was the day… well, it wouldn’t be for a very long time I could tell you that.

“James don’t move her.” Nate said from her other side, he must have travelled. “She fell a long way; she could have hurt her back.” My heart missed a beat at that and I seemed unable to breathe. “And her arm’s broken still, through mid play.”


I went instantly as white as a sheet and had to block everything out and train myself to breathe again.


“Arm?” I asked, looking down. Her arms was twisted behind her in a position that defiantly ISN’T NATURAL! How could I have not known about that?


Madam Brandon came running out on to the pitch accompanied by Scorpius, I think I could have kissed that little prat then.

Fred and Drew marched me up to the Hospital wing after I didn’t seem to be able to make myself move form the ground. I was in totally shock. My Charisma, she wasn’t moving.


“James, she’s gunna be ok.” Fred said to me, but it sounded like he was only trying to reassure himself. I nodded mechanically and turned up the staircase and towards the tower where the Hospital wing is situated.

Madam Brandon sat me down in an uncomfortable chair, told me to wait there and then she turned and left. I instantly stood up and paced the room. Every teacher that passed Fred or myself would ask for questions.


“Her arm.” Drew said quietly. “I’ve never heard her scream like that.” My heart skipped a beat. “I’ve never heard anyone scream like that.”


“Drew.” Fred snarled. “Shut up.”


Their progressing argument was interrupted when Lily and Rose came running in.


“James.” Lily greeted sadly wrapping her arms around my neck. I held my baby sister tight as she cried. I felt empty; I stood there not being able to say any comforting words. That was Charisma’s ability. When I looked to my right, Rose was not crying, nor was she talking. Fred had his arm wrapped around her, neither of them moving at all.


I can’t explain it, I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t get there fast enough, and if I had, what would have been the difference?


I wanted to cry, show some emotion, but my body wouldn’t seem to let me. I just stood there, empty … like a statue.



Charisma Price

There is a serious amount of head rush in play here. The first thing I remembered was falling, the next I am here, lying down in a bed, staring at the ceiling. I don’t remember hitting the ground, or landing in any particular fashion, – I hope it was somewhat graceful - so I must have fainted mid fall, or just had a really bad dream. Yep that was it a bad dream.


Nope according to the screeching pain in my lower back and thighs, this was not a bad dream. I opened my eyes, revealing a hazy white blur, I let things slowly focus in to place, the Hospital Wing. Fab.


I groaned in pain as I attempted to sit up, probably a bad idea. I rolled my shoulders back, regretting it instantly. I whimpered. This was worse than waking up after the full moon and that isn’t exactly a walk in the park. My left shoulder protested every movement. My arm was in a sling, but I could move it basically, so at least it hadn’t been amputated.


I swung my legs over the side and stood up all in one fast swift movement, I gritted my teeth as I did so, airing a case of head rush. I pulled back the certain surrounding my bed and noticed that it was dark. I took another step and felt the cold tiles on the floor under my feet; I wasn’t wearing any shoes, or my own clothes for that matter. I was in a hospital gown and my hair was knotted and messy.

I groaned as I took another step, my legs felt fine, weak maybe but that’s it, it was my right arm that hurt, and my lower back. I gritted my teeth and carried on walking, placing my left hand on my lower back, not that it helped. I walked out in to the pitch black, regretting it instantly and walking in to another bed, stubbing my toe on a bucket or something.


“Miss Price.” What are you doing out of bed? A voice echoed throughout the room, momentarily the lights flickered on before going out again. I heard a mutter before someone whispered Lumos and a bright light came from a direction to my right. It was only then when the bright light flashed I realized how much my head hurt.


“Those bloody lights, they never work.” It was Madame Brandon. “I repeat, what are you doing out of bed?”


“I’m sorry miss, I don’t really know.” I answered truthfully. My voice came out as a struggled whine, it was hard to speak.


She sighed and strolled over to me, the light becoming unhelpfully brighter by the second.


“Sorry love, I forgot about the light.” She said; waving her wand and setting alight a candle in an old oil lamp that was by my bedside. She put her wand back inside her robe and took my arm.


“You were lucky, you could have died.” She helped me walk a little. “You have broken you arm in two places. They’re fixed but it will hurt for a few days. You also hurt your back rather extensively, however nothing that a few days rest and a little magic can’t fix.” I smiled and she returned my grin.


“Thank you.” I answered. She just sighed and carried on.


“You have suffered quite a fall Miss Price. You are lucky that Mr. Potter was there to save you. Haven’t quite seen a fall like that one in quite a while.” She admitted.


A sudden rush of bliss ran through my body as I realized that it was James who had saved me. Then that bliss was overtaken with panic at the worry that I knew he must have been feeling.


“James, is he ok?” I croaked out.


“He’s fine, sleeping.” She said looking flustered and pointing to a gathering of chairs where Lily, Kyle, Fred and Drew were all sitting; for once there was no sign Queen of Mean. “He’s very worried. He wouldn’t stop asking questions, wanting to see you all the time.” I smiled, bless him. He would do all of that.


“Can I?” I asked, gesturing to the group.


“Of course, but don’t stay up too late now.” She said kindly. She took her hand politely off of my shoulder and smiled kindly before handing me the lamp and walking away. I sighed and looked towards James. Seeing him sleep there, his black hair messily over his face, my pain was no longer a problem, it all washed away.


I walked over slowly, letting the cold envelop my feet. I ran my right hand through my messy hair. Stepping between the chairs and slowly sitting down on to the sofa next to James, the only seat left. I watched him as he slept for a second or two; he seemed uncomfortable in his dream. I jabbed him hard in the shoulder. I knew that I shouldn’t wake him up, but I did for the selfish reason that I wanted to, that I needed him.


His lids opened slowly and he turned his head in a tired way, when he saw it was me his mood instantly changed. He didn’t say anything; his eyes widened, he just pulled me towards him and held me tight. There wasn’t need for words, not for a while. We stayed like that, him just holding me tightly, for a while. I held back the cry of pain that his strength wanted me to scream. It hurt so much, yet it was the best feeling that I had ever felt.


I was with James, my James; we were together, something we hadn’t been for ages.


“I’m so glad you’re okay.” He whispered in to my hair, still holding tight.


“I’m dandy.” I said quietly, failing to hide the pain in my voice. He let go instantly and looked in to my eyes with his face a picture of worry. “Seriously, I’m alright.” Even I knew that that wasn’t going to be enough to calm him down. 


“When did you wake up…are you okay, I mean the fall, it was my fault I didn’t get to you in time, if I had gotten to yo-“


“Then we wouldn’t be sharing this wonderful moment right here now would we.” I said smiling. He let out a breath that I didn’t know he was holding and smiled.


“I thought for a while that I wasn’t going to be able to see that smile again.” He admitted quietly.


“What the one that you see every day.” I asked poking him annoyingly.

“Yep, that one.” He whispered so quietly it was barely audible.

I pretended that I wasn’t in pain and smiled for another half an hour, nevertheless after that, I couldn’t pretend that I wasn’t tired. I laid my head back on to the sofa while James was still talking to me and absentmindedly shut my eyes.


“Hey, Wolfy, you shouldn’t sleep, you hit your head its bad for you.” He said nervously.


“James if you give me one more direction on what to do, damn it I will tell your mother, now stop acting like her.” I said grinning with my eyes still shut. He was quiet after that, but he only took my hand. “Not that I don’t appreciate it, but really, stop.”


“Fine, fine, go ahead … but I am not taking any responsibility if something bad happens.”


“Ok, but by saying that you jinxed it.” I replied playfully, pulling my knees up to my chest and placing my head on his shoulder.


Without thinking of the consequences of his girlfriend, descended from Hitler, he wrapped his arms around me and I cuddled in to the crook of his arm.



Lily Potter 


Ok, waking up at like 4am in the morning and seeing, what I did, isn’t that great. My eyes flickered open, battling with the sun that was streaming through the windows. From the colour of the sky, it couldn’t be any later than 4:30 in the morning. 


I attempted to steady my heart beat from the worry and then blinked to revive my tired eyes, red and swollen from crying. I woke up and found Fred draped over me, so much for brotherly love. Each of the freckles on his face stan for a creative way to kill the bugger.


I attempted moving him gently but he was too heavy, I ended up just shoving him off of the sofa. He rolled on to the floor with a clatter, stayed still and then let out a rather disturbing snore. I smiled to myself and then remembered the reason of why we were all here.


I looked up and instantly noticed Charisma and James. “Thank fuck; she’s alright.” I muttered to myself before pulling my legs in to a cross legged position. It only took me a second to actually twig what was wrong with the bloody picture. 


Charisma was asleep on James. Not Evie, Charisma. GO WOLFY! 


They were wrapped up in each other, fast asleep and for the first time in months they both looked peaceful. 


Charisma; she had cuts on her face from the fall, not long till the next full moon so they’ll probably be added to. She had a serious case of sex hair and she was cuddled in to James’s chest. He had his arm around her and his head was resting on the back of the sofa, they both looked really tired. His feet were up of a foot stool in front of them both; they looked like young lovers, not best friends. 


To be perfectly honest, if I didn't love Chic so much I would rip them apart, murder them both and complete my act by river dancing on both of their graves. James is a blind twat and Charisma is too sweet to notice.


I smiled and got up slowly, sighing with relief that she wasn’t hurt. I walked down to the other end of the hospital wing, trying not to wake anyone up. I was too worried to sleep now. Instead I walked past the empty beds, until I reached Charisma’s. I took a swig out of the glass of water on her nightstand. Stretching I decided to run back to Chic’s dorm and grab her some clothes and chocolate frogs, she’s going to want a whole lot of them.


After walking through the silent halls, dodging peeves and entering the common room I ran straight in to Al and Rose, who were asleep on the couch. 


I shook them awake and sat down next to them. I knew that being away from the hospital wing for a while wouldn’t hurt, I was beginning to smell of disinfectant and Chic was in safe hands, or arms I should say.


“Lily.” Rosie said groggily. “Is Wolfy okay?” She asked suddenly, startling Albus awake by grabbing him on the arm. 


“She’s fine, she’s sleeping with James.”


“Sorry?” Albus said, immediately sitting upright.


“Okay; I have just figured out the other meaning of that sentence, I mean - my dirty minded big brother - that she is asleep on the sofa, with James next to her.” I covered with confusion.


“Good.” Rosie summarized. “At least she’s okay; we were so worried. I don’t think that Elle and Dixie are getting a wink of sleep; you should have seen Kyle and I don’t think that that Polly girl is going to want to play Quidditch again. Those Ravenclaw boys, you know the nice ones, Dan and Nate, Wolfy’s friends, they hit the roof after you guys left. I thought that they were going to explode on that second year.”


“Rose is once again, overreacting; Scorpius calmed her down earlier, seriously that boy is a life saver with Little-Miss Drama Queen here.” Albus said pointing his finger at our shocked cousin.

A lot of people think of Albus as quiet and the complete opposite of me and James, but he is actually the mastermind behind all of the pranks, the evil plans, he is the loudest and most outspoken of us all, but unless you know him really well, you would never see that side of him.


“So, what did the little shit get then?” I asked Albus.


“Lily.” Rose said shaking her head, she was like Charisma in the kindness department, always eaten away by her conscience and never likes to be mean to people. “That ‘little shit’ as you call him got two months detention and was kicked off of the team.”


“The second of the two was Nate and Dan’s idea.”


I smiled and sighed. That boy had no reason or right to get angry like that. I guess it was all in the heat of the moment. A lot of that seems to be happening lately. 


After saying goodbye to my family I half jogged up to her room and opened the door silently, crept in, not waking Dix and Elle, and grabbed her pajamas. (And Elle’s camera, I want pictures of them sleeping together, Evie would hit the roof!) Since she was twelve they have always included an item that used to belong to James. When he joined the Quidditch team in his second year, he bulked up a lot, thus causing most of his clothes to become too small. He handed most of them down to Albus, bless him, but Chic and I grabbed the hoodies.


By the time that I got back to the hospital wing, I happened to notice that James was awake. He was stroking Charisma’s hair and whispering something too her, I couldn’t understand it, he was talking too quietly. He gently kissed the top of her head in a brotherly way and then sighed.


I quietly walked over and snapped a picture. I caught the frame and the loving sigh. I raised my eye brows in innocence and he just rolled his eyes.


“Good picture this one.” I said handing it to him. He took it silently and laughed.


“Yeah it is, it looks like you love her.” Fred said from his chair.


“You’re awake?” James said confused, not answering Fred former announcement, he acted like he didn’t hear it, not even a blink.


“Yeah; the bloody camera flash woke me up, so thanks for that.” He said grudgingly.


James shushed our cousin. “Don’t wake Wolfy.


Fred mocked him, “Looks like you two are pretty chummy.” 


“Is Drew still out of it?” I asked stepping forwards and placing Chic’s pajamas on the coffee table that James once had his feet on.


Fred looked to his side and kicked his friend hard in the shin. Drew let out a groan of frustration. James looked annoyed that he had nearly woken up Chic.


“What are you doing with my girl?” Drew asked James smiling. James sent him a look that said he wasn’t in the mood for his usual games. “Okay, okay, backing off.” After the familiar ceremony of ‘is she ok?’ Fred asked James a question that I would never have had the guts to ask at that moment, or even thought about brining up.


“Do you love Evie?”


“Excuse me?” James asked confused and annoyed.


“You heard.” Fred insisted. I took a seat, this could get interesting.


James took a while to think of the answer; not the response that Fred was expecting, I’m sure. “I don’t know.”


“Well, that’s helpful.”


“Look, I thought that I did, in some form, at a point, but then I saw what she said to you lot, and now, well, I just don’t know.”


“Well how about Cha-“He was cut off at that point by groan of Wolfy, although we all knew that question that he was going to ask, the question he was aiming for.


Charisma Price

The next two weeks passed quickly full of predicted and anticipated thoughts and sayings. The next morning after waking up in James arms surrounded by my friends, who are also known as the school idiots, I was released from the hospital wing.


The three of us didn’t have to do the detention with McGonagall, she believed that my injuries covered enough punishment for Fred, Lily and I.


It was a rather interesting position we found ourselves in that morning. Well good for me but bad for James. Only because of Evie; otherwise it was amazing. He had his arms wrapped around me; it was basically the position that we fell asleep in.


It was another 4 hours before the girlfriend from hell found James, she was very needy, it was horrible. When she kissed him I thought that I was going to throw up, my insides churned and I wanted to faint, but that might have been the medication and magic talking.


He pushed her away. He actually told her to, I quote, get off!


Of course, this meant nothing to her. She kept on rubbing his bicep and clinging on to him, not once asking how I was and pushing me out of the way to talk to him. I fell backwards and was caught by Kyle. James gave me an apologetic smile before pushing away his girlfriend in another pathetic attempt before storming off in the other direction. He looked reluctant but she on the other hand looked determent.


Nate was really apologetic, especially when he saw the state that I looked like. I just laughed it off, but I could tell that he and Dan still felt bad. Even the kid himself came and apologised. Bless him. But the boys weren’t so quick to forgive him.


It was early November, the skies were blue, the clouds were white, James was still dating the girl from the brothel and I think I died during Herbology. We were handling mandrakes, seeing as the Ministry have stopped anyone below their third year from doing them, we had to repeat the action in our 6th year as well. Joy.


I smiled and skipped out of the classroom, only having had one of the students faint, I think overall that it went pretty well. I still had little scrapes from the fall but they were hardly noticeable. The last full moon went without any trouble. James looked after me again and apparently I went right to sleep, but that’s what he tells me every time.


I went from Herbology to the common room, expecting to meet Lily so we could go down to dinner together. Since Rose and Scorp have been seeing each other, she hasn’t hung around with us as much. Leaving Blaize on his own a lot and Lily alone too with Albus, so Lily and Blaize have become rather close, it’s more of a love hate relationship.


I smiled as I entered and found the common room empty. I shrugged thinking that Lily wasn’t here yet and skipped off up to James room, if he wasn’t in there then at least one of his room mates would be. I could hang out with one of them until Lily arrives. I knocked on the door and no one answered. Remembering what happened last time I turned around, shrugged it off and began to walk away.


I skipped down to Hagrid, thinking that I haven’t seen him in a while, only to find that he wasn’t opening his door. I knocked once more and then pushed down on the large door handle and watched the door swing open; Hagrid never left his door open.


“Hello?” I asked slightly afraid, this was incredibly unlike Hagrid.


“Hello?” I repeated once more. There was no answer and the kettle was still boiled on the hob. I stupidly touched the side of the kettle, not seeing the steam that it was radiating. I winced and removed the tip of my index finger from the side of the kettle and placed it in my mouth.


“Hagrid?” I shouted, once again, there was no answer. I always remembered James telling me that when his parents were at school, Hagrid had a dog called Fang, which would follow him everywhere. I loved animals; shame Fang wasn’t with us anymore; his new dog was a beast.


I stepped outside the cabin and closed the door behind me. I shrugged it off, knowing that Hagrid would come back anytime soon. I skipped off in to the forest and saw a group of Thestrals feeding near the edge of the woods. I smiled and walked over to them. James thought that I was insane at first, able to see these things that weren’t there.


It wasn’t until Fred explained that you have to have seen death before you can see them.


I walked over and stroked the head of a young Thestral. They were an animal that you have to consider texture over substance; they were quiet and misunderstood. I smiled and sat on the ground.


“Do you know the insect content in that grass?” A voice said from behind me. “You are probably sitting somewhere where thousands of little creatures have done their business.”


It was Nate.


I turned and grinned. “Care to join me on the excrement infested floor?”


“Obviously.” He said like it was a silly question. Nate joined me in the dirt before brushing his palms together. “Thestrals, interesting choice of animal.”


“You can see them?” I asked in shock.


“My mum, I was 9. She fell in the kitchen when she hit her head.” His eyes filled with sadness, but no tears threatened to spill over.


“I’m sorry. I saw my grandmother.” I said, placing my hand on his. He smiled up at me, an apologetic grin.


“Were quite a pair aren’t we?” He asked no body in particular.


I answered with a smile.


A few minutes passed, where we simply sat and watched the sky darken and the Thestrals run, before he asked, “Are you feeling better?”


“I can actually feel my limbs now.” I teased.


“Circe, don’t joke about that. You should have seen how Dan tore Jenkins apart after the game. It would have actually been funny if there wasn’t a consequence.”


“Is he ok?” I asked Nate.




I snorted. “No, Jenkins? He didn’t mean for it to happen, it was an over reaction, he was all torn up, I could see it.”


“Why do you care, after what he did to you? You are a strange person, Price.” Nate pondered.  


“Thank you, I think?” I questioned. He smiled and got up, turning around to take my hands and yank me up from the ground.


“He got taken off of the team. It’s a shame really; he was a bloody good player.” Nate said, looking sore.


“I’m sorry.”


“What the hell are you sorry for, he illegally injured you with a bludger.” Nate has always been really sweet to me. Even when I know that I was being annoying and childish.


I shrugged and decided to change the topic. We were out in the grounds till way after the sun went down; we were lying down under the big tree by the lake. We were on our backs, our arms folded behind our head and watching the stars.


“Okay, well that looks like Virgo?” I asked him pointing to a consolation of stars.


“You suck at astronomy, please tell me that you didn’t take it for NEWT.” I turned to him, shocked and then slapped him on his arm. I loved being with Nate. It was just like being with James, before he got Evie, except we behaved. If I was with James, by now we would have done at least two pranks. “It’s not actually anything. It’s just a gathering of planets, thicko.” He said prodding me in my side.


“Hey.” I complained. “I am not that thick, you should see me in the subject of eating chocolate. I am best in year at that.”


“Yeah, I bet you are.” I pushed him in his side and sat up on my side.


He smiled at me with an expression of happiness. He had become a quick friend. His expression quickly turned to something that I recognized to be concern and his hand shot out and placed itself on my upper thigh.


I realized quickly that my scars were showing. The material of my school skirt had ridden up and an unknowing hole had appeared in my thick tights. His fingers gently traced the shape of my scars in a caring way. I pushed his hand away and pulled the material over them.


“How?” He asked. “What?” He was shocked. My heart began beating the fastest that I think it ever has in this form.


“Accidents happen.” I said trying to get up from the floor in a hurry.


Nate took hold of my hand and pulled me back, sitting up himself. “That wasn’t from Quidditch; that is an old one.” He took and intake of breath. “It looks like you were attacked by a bear or … or ... a wolf?”


“It’s nothing.” I said hoping that he would get the message and drop it. Luckily he did. “I have to go.” I said, standing up once more through teary eyes and a violently beating heart.  


“No, stay.” He pleaded “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done anything. I just care that you’re safe; that you’re here. Stay.” I sat back down on to the floor and bit my lip. “I didn’t mean to be rude. Or bring back the memory of an unneeded experience. I just care about you that’s all.”


He looked at me as I turned away. I don’t know what bothered me the most, the fact that he was so cool about the scars and the fact that he didn’t freak and run away like Kyle did when he first saw them or the fact that he cared so much. The only person that I know to care about me this much was James.


“Come on Charisma, say something.” He said placing his hand on mine. “I’m sorry.”


I swallowed and tried to clear my eyes. “What for Nathan; you didn’t do anything.”


“I shouldn’t have pointed it out; I should have just not mentioned anything.”


“You didn’t know.”


“But I shouldn’t have been that stupid, I should have known that there would be a back story with scars like that.” He looked at my expression. “Okay really bad choice of words.” He looked incredibly annoyed with himself. He was sat facing me now. I took his other hand and held them both tightly. I held so tight that the ring on my finger cut in to my skin. Nevertheless neither of us noticed.


“I just care is all, actually I care so much I wish that I didn’t.”


He leaned forward and placed his lips against mine. I was sure that it would have been a good kiss, if I wasn’t somewhat shocked. His lips were warm and caring. His embrace was the same, and his cheek was rough with stubble. I pulled back shamefully quickly.


He was one of my friends. Confusion overtook me as I stared at him.


“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have. I’ll just go.” He said beginning to get up.


I stumbled over words. “No, Nate, don’t.”


“Don’t?” He asked, slightly hopeful.


I looked up at him and blinked. “I don’t want you to leave, but...” I finished on silence. What was I supposed to say?


He got up and walked away, not waiting for my answer. I think that he wanted me to go after him, however instead I sat there, shocked. I swallowed and stood up, not leaving until hours after he was gone. 



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Chapter 10: Lois, meet Honeydukes
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James Potter and Charisma Price.

I was sat quietly on the end of Lily’s bed, from which I have not moved for over an hour. I complained, “But I didn’t mean for it to happen.”


“You couldn’t help it, it was his decision.” Rose said comfortingly. She sat down opposite me and placed a caring hand on to my shoulder.


“But I should have set him straight as soon as he kissed me, I don’t like him that way. I like someone else, but Nate is my friend, I don’t think that it would be the same if I lost him.”


“Yeah, especially now that James is being a prick.” Lily announced, stepping up from the window seat.




“Well he is.” She defended. “An oblivious two faced prick.”


“I have to side with my cousin on this one, Wolfy.” Rose agreed. “He is being an idiot; he acts like Evie is the sweetest person on earth, even after he heard what she said to Lily in Hogsmeade.”


“I guess so.” I admitted, “But he fancies her, he can’t help it. He’s oblivious to all of her faults.”


“Just like you’re oblivious to all of James’s.” Elle suggested, standing in the doorway of the dorm.


I groped for an answer. “What, no.” After receiving a roomful of expressions of different degrees of disbelief, I settled for a sheepish reply. “Is it really that obvious?”


“Yes.” Dixie answered, appearing from behind Elle. “I just don’t get what all of the commotion’s about, we know it, you know it; I’m pretty sure that James is the only one who doesn’t.”


“And apparently Nate.” Lily said slyly.


Elle choked on what I suspected was her own saliva. “What?”


“He kissed me.” I said quietly. Once seeing their expressions I carried on. “It was a nice kiss actually; if I’d gotten over the shock of it all quicker, it would have been lovely. He was sweet. He had been teaching me.” I said, thinking about the stars.


“About what exactly?” Elle said but not giving me time to answer. “How to startle and kiss your traumatised friend? ‘Cause let’s face it, he’d get a bloody O!”


“Elle, that’s out of line. I think he was pretty brave.”


“Charisma, you infuriate me sometimes, you are completely oblivious to anyone’s faults, let alone Mr. I’m-better-than-everyone-else-fucking-Potter down stairs, who is sucking face with the She Bitch from hell.”


I had never heard Elle shout. She got up and marched out of Lily’s dorm room. Dixie rose from the bed opposite after hearing the door slam. After shooting a sarcastic remark towards Lily she got up and followed Ellie. I didn’t think it was worth getting that worked up over.


Rose hugged me caringly. “Well, no it’s official; we’re all messed up, even Little Miss Perfect Pants that you call a roommate.” 


“Nate likes you, Wolfy.” Lily said from the window seat, as if it were a revelation sent from heaven. “You like my brother – he seems to have taken a fall from a great height, and likes the She-Bitch from hell, and Evie likes, well, herself.”


“Is there a point to this?” Rose snapped.


Lily grinned a mischievous smile, one I recognised greatly from her brothers collection. “I think it’s about time that we did something about it.”



After my fourth attempt of trying to talk to Nathan, I had given up. Daniel had spoken to me between classes, telling me that I had upset his friend enough. Yet the apologetic smile he wore told me that he didn’t dislike me.


In my mine, the fact that Nate was in the year above me, made him seem all that more immature.


I felt a stabbing in my upper arm as James’ quill drove in to my flesh. “Wolfy.”


Professor Binn’s flew from one side of the classroom to the other; somehow papers flew off of his desk. With a loud sniff, I tried to shut out James as he propped me again with his quill. I placed my head in to my hands, rubbing my eyes with the base of my palms.


Despite Lily being a handful on normal days, it didn’t help that it was the day before the full moon. She had been planning all sorts of despicable things to do to Evie – all of which I greatly disapproved of morally, yet couldn’t help but like.


“Wolfy.” He tried again, accompanied by another prod, and then a flick, and then a shake. “Come on, love, don’t ignore me. How can you resist my beautiful face?”



With the least amount of unenthusiam that the world has ever seen, I turned to my best friend.


He placed his quill back on to the table top. As Binns turned back to face the window, he dove into a story about a Goblin War, James took the opportunity to whisper quietly. “Are you okay?”


Without tearing my eyes away from Binn’s, I replied tiredly. “I’m fine.”


“You don’t seem fine.” He said gruffly.


“Well I was before you started prodding me.” I chimed in what was an attempt to be happy.


I threw my own quill down on the table with a little more force than intended. He looked taken back for a second before turning back to face the Professor and carried on scribbling his notes. He was silent for the rest of the lesson.


He was broody when he wished to be, and I could tell that he wasn’t expecting me being stroppy as a reply to his general questions for my well-being. He pushed his dark hair out of his eye-line and drove a hold through his parchment with the tip of his quill.


Dixie gave me an apologetic grin from the other side of the room; she knew that I was on the end of my tether with everybody at the moment; I had snapped at her this morning for using the last of the toothpaste. Yet she simply believes it’s because of Evie.


No one seemed to be around at the moment, which should make this month easier than the others. Lily was always conspiring with Rose – they had a pin board and everything. While Fred and Kyle seemed to take the opportunity of the little use of the Quidditch Pitch to get in extra training, thus leaving Drew to pester me on his own.


Ellie seemed to have forgiven me for whatever I had upset her when I saw her an hour later; she gave me a sugar quill and told me to keep my ‘chin up’. Yet, her constant tales of her relationship with Kyle were doing my head in, and I consequently felt like a terribly friend.


I sighed at my own failure as a person and caught my reflection in the mirror; a feat that I tried to avoid at this time of the month. I resembled a St. Mungo’s patient, bloodshot eyes, framed by dark circles and pale skin. A pink tinge pasted itself on to my cheeks and my hair stuck to my forehead in little beads of sweat that I seemed to be showing off.


I realised, that for the first time, in a long time, I was frowning.


This morning, Dixie had pulled me out of bed and practically dressed me before pulling my hair back in to a messy plait. It was the best part of my appearance today; I was sure I could scare small children.


Yawning I caught Drew’s gaze, who returned the action.



Christmas decorations hung from all around. As I sat down in the Great Hall for lunch and stirred my tea without energy, I realised it was only a week before the Christmas holidays. Despite the beautiful décor, of which Hagrid had obviously gone all out for this year, I couldn’t help but feel a little depressed at the thought of spending the holidays with Evie.


I would always spend my Christmas’s with the Potters, on the account that my family are insane, but this year there was an addition. Lewis was invited, and of course she graciously accepted. Lily, able to read my mind, looked up at me from her plate.


“No, you are not backing out.” She hissed. “If I have to suffer the wrath of the devil so do you.” I frowned and she placed her hand on my shoulder. “Wolfy, come on.” She took my hand and we walked out of the great hall, leaving my cup of tea behind. “You need some sleep.”


I shook my head. “I’m fine.”


“You look so unhappy.”


“I’m sorry; I know that I’m dragging everyone down with me.” I apologised, licking my lips.


“Don’t apologise, numpty.” Lily snapped, slapping me on the side of the head. “You haven’t been unhappy in nearly 7 years, you’re allowed so time to grovel.”


“And you deserve it.” A voice said, approaching.


Lois’ kind smile graced me on the cold morning. Her dark hair was tied in a loose knot at the base of her neck, and her large eyes framed with dark colour.


“Hiya.” I said quietly shrugging.


“Honey, come here.” She cooed, taking hold of my shoulders and pulling me in to a tight hug. “Nate’s being such an arse; you obviously don’t need this right now.”


Unintentionally, I shot a frustrated look at Lily. The red head could never keep her mouth shut indefinitely. I wondered for a moment just quite how much Lois knew.  


“She was part of the club, she should know.” Lily said innocently.


In that moment I realised that Lois knew only of the dealing of Evie Louis. If Lois had been told of the Wolfism, I was sure she would be running in the opposite direction; that’s the usual reaction.


“I’m sorry he did that to you, he’s acting like a five year old.” She said, apologising on his behalf.  


I sighed, wanting to laugh. “I just wish that he would talk to me, lately he seemed to be the only one that I could talk too and feel normal around.”


“Ignore him; he’ll come around eventually. He’s not used to not getting what he wants’.” Lois resumed.


There was a comfortable pause where we pitifully smiled at one another.


“So how’s Daniel?” I asked, attempting to change the subject.


She looked to the floor. “Ancient History.”


“Lois.” I sighed sadly, this time it was my turn to comfort the depressed student.


“I’m just gunna … go.” Lily said quietly before walked off back towards the great hall.


“He wouldn’t hear reason; he refused to talk to me unless I agreed with Nate and wouldn’t talk to you.” She shrugged. “Childish prick.”


“Oh no.” I groaned. “You didn’t?”


“Didn’t what?”


“You … Dan, you didn’t?”


“Chic, you really have to stop talking in fragments.”


“You didn’t break up because of me did you?” I said a slight state of hysteria rising to my voice.


Thankfully, she shook her head, her large, sad eyes looking straight in to mine. “No; it had been along time coming. It just wasn’t the same anymore.” she admittedly sadly. “But I made sure that I did the breaking up; I wasn’t going to be one of those clingy girls.”


“That is the best part of a relationship.” I said sarcastically. “Boys suck.”


“One hundred percent.” She agreed, pointing to a set of staircases that I could only assume lead to the Ravenclaw Tower, she stopped, “This is my stop.”


I pulled lightly on the end of my scarf, running my worn fingers through the woolly tassels “Have fun Lois.”


“Cheer up, Chic.” She said with a teasing wink.


I watched her disappear up the staircase and felt a small bubble beat in my chest. Turning around to leave, I collided with a rather confused looking James.



“James.” I sighed, a slight frustration hammering away in my head. “Do you realise how inconvenient this is?”


Only moments after taking in my confused expression, he had grabbed hold of my wrist and practically dragged me through the corridors of the school, threatening that he would kidnap me if that was what it took. We reached a statue, of which he muttered a password and pulled me in to passages which lead to a cellar.


“Inconvenient?” He echoed.


With a slight tinge to my tone I wanted to cry. “When you want to start replying to me with more than one word, let me know. Because I have Charms homework that needs completing; actually, so do you.”


He didn’t catch on to the shortness of my tone, nor my fuse which I thought was going to blow. Instead he stopped and let go of my wrist. Ignoring the fact that I wanted to simply return to my bed, curl up under the duvet and die, I felt intrigued to know where James was taking me.


“You know that I love you, right?” He said lowly, placing a light hand on to my cheek. I couldn’t help but feel like a child as my senses tingled.


“Only because you have to.” I replied.


In a moment, he had broken in to laugher. True laughter, the kind that belongs to James Potter, and only he alone. It was a rare sound, a beautiful sound – one that shouldn’t go unappreciated. It’s the sound that makes me what to jump with utter glee when I hear it (yes, I said ‘glee’, move on).


“Can you see?” He laced his hands together and blocked my sight, pressing his hands to my face.


I knew that he was taking me further in to the decrepit cellar, but James Potter had just touched my cheek, I trusted this boy with my life, I would follow him in to hell if he asked me to.


“What do you think?”


He laughed again, a gentle one. “Two more steps,” he said, as he pushed me further up what I thought was a ladder.


I felt his hands pull away from my face, and my skin felt suddenly cold. I kept my eyes tightly knitted shut. “Can I open them yet?”


“I would love it if you would.”


For a moment I considered what would be in front of me, an animal, a person, Teddy? But I realised that James didn’t think that small, where I liked the little things in life, James only saw the big picture. I saw a country where he saw a continent.


Fluttering my eyes open, I adjusted to the light change, only to stub my toe on a box. Biting down on my lower lip, I was forced to keep the whimper within me for I saw the most wonderful thing in the world; Honeydukes Cellar.


“It’s yours.” James said casually, with a slight shrug, he sat down on to a closed box. “Well, not yours to keep, you know; the owner owes Dad a favour and as long as we don’t take anything from the boxes over there,” he pointed to a selection of crates with a red dot in the corner of each one and a padlock fixing the lid to the sides. His voice dropped to a whisper. “We can eat what we like.”


If I had moved, I would have looked like less of a loser; yet I stayed stock still. “But, why?”


“You’ve been upset lately,” he said sadly, taking hold of my arm, he pulled me back a step, so I sat on a crate one lower than his. “I know that it’s partially my fault; I keep abandoning you to spend time with my girlfriend – we’ve never really been in this situation before.”


I was trying my hardest not to cry, weep for everything; the gratitude, the sweetness, the aching feeling of loneliness that I seemed to be undergoing.


James noticed and laughed again. “Wolfy, are you mentally stable at the moment? Don’t cry, just eat!” he bit down on to his lip and I knew that there was more to come. “I realise that things haven’t been easy lately, with the moon and all, and you’re more upset than usual. I should be there for you, not leaving you when you need me most. So I’m going to cheer you up, whether it takes and hour, or a day.”


Reaching forward I took hold of a handful of chocolate bars, “With chocolate?”


“Is there any other way?” he asked dramatically, unwrapping one for himself and throwing the wrapper at me. “Are we going to waste more precious time by meaningless chatting or are we going to eat?!”


“Can we take them back to Hogwarts?” I asked, unsure.


He furrowed a brow. “Why? Other people are going to be there; is my company not good enough for you?”


I reached forward and stuffed an ice mice selection in to his mouth, biting back a grin at his startled expression. “Your company is wonderful. It’s just, don’t you have a date with Evie in an hour or two? She’s been talking about it all week.” And it’s doing poor Rose’s head in, let alone mine.


“I did,” he admitted. “But you’re more important.”




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Chapter 11: Teddy and the Cocopops
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Teddy Lupin


I walked back to Hagrid’s cabin. I had been three times since the kiss, and every time he wasn’t there. After a pathetic attempt to rival Professor McGonagall, she is still insistent on only letting me discover that he is ‘away on School business’.


It’s silly really, but I feel like I am in desperate need of a bear hug, and who better to give you a nice and caring one of those than Hagrid. I was hoping that he would be back before the winter holidays so that I would be able to wish him a Merry Christmas. If not, I would leave him a note from all of us, or something.


On the account that today was the last day of school until after the Christmas Holidays, I seriously doubt that obtaining one of these so called bear hugs I out of the question. Inside, I didn’t know whether or not I was dreading going to the Potters or looking forward to it.


I shrugged off that weird feeling and skipped back up to the castle. I was humming the tune to a song that I had heard on the Wizard Radio this morning when I smashed full pelt in to someone and went crashing to the floor.


“Oh Circe, I am so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going. Are you ok?” I asked all in one shuddery breath and quickly got up to give a hand to the person I had knocked over.


“You should be and what the hell do you think Price?” I should have known, Evie Lewis. “I bet it wasn’t even an accident.” She spat, smacking my hand out of the way and getting up herself making a mountain out of a molehill.


“If that’s what you want to believe.” I sang, shrugging it off. I would usually feel a great amount of guilt about knocking someone over, however when I knock over Evie, I feel nothing. I knew that she would never in a million years believe that it was an accident, so I decided to not even bother denying it.


“So, you just admitted it.” She stated shoving me backwards a little.


“No, I did not.” I denied and tried to find a strong voice. “And I would appreciate it if you didn’t shove me.”


She shoved me again and folded her arms. “Why the hell not; you punched me in the face.”


“Fair point.” I admitted guiltily. “But I did apologize,” I said knowingly. “And if you weren’t being such an arse towards my family, then I wouldn’t have had to do it anyway.”


I had no idea where the words were coming from. I had always been fairly civil to Evie, before I had (deservingly) smacked her.


“An arse.” She smirked, pretending to be hurt. “Listen bitch, we’ve been through this.” she hissed stepping forward and creating a gap of only a centimetre between our faces. “You are going to back off.”


With a sigh I tried to stand my ground, knowing that I couldn’t’ just walk away this time. I could hit her again, but I was sure that this time I would be consumed with guilt.


I sighed. “Elaborate.”


“James is mine, he chose me not you. He’s not your best friend anymore. He even told me that he doesn’t like you, that you are an arrogant little conniving shit and that he wishes that you would stay out of our lives.” I felt the tears prick in to my eyes. That isn’t true, that can’t be true. James would never say that even if he didn’t want to be my friend anymore. “You are only messing up what James wants. I know you like him, and so does everybody else, even James, he thinks it’s a petty little crush.”


“I don’t have a crush-“I began to defend tears coming to my eyes.


“Did I say you could interrupt; I’m talking.” She clicked her fingers in my face threateningly and stepped forward expecting me to step back. “Look Price, James is a big boy; he doesn’t need you anymore; he’s got me.”


“That’s really nice.” I said grinning at how naive she really is, shoving the emotion of despair as far away from my expressions as possible.


“Nice?” She questioned. “Are you gunna come back at me with another of your pretty little insults, maybe call me stupid?”


“No Lewis, calling you stupid would be an insult to stupid people.” Once again, word vomit, and I was beginning to like it.


“Ouch, getting better Barbie. FYI, this little chat never happened, and if I find out that you were within five feet of my boyfriend before the Christmas holidays, you have no idea what kinds of hell I am going to unleash on you.”


I made some childish mimicking noises and she sneered.


She began to turn around and walk away before she stopped and grinned. “Oh, and in case you didn’t realize, FYI means for you’re information.”


I thought that was all she was going to do, insult my intelligence, imply I was stupid, but no. Then she stabbed me harder than any knife was able to.


“Your alone Price, you always will be. James doesn’t notice you, only that Ravenclaw boy seems too, and look how much attention he’s been giving you lately. Your alone; you will always be alone and you are going to die alone. Even cats will run away from you. So I think that it would just be best if you stayed well away from my Jamesy, because he doesn’t consider you as anything more than a pity friend.”


I stood there in shock, not able to move. I have never been in an argument with anyone before. I didn’t believe a word that she said about James, as he would never say anything like that about anyone, let alone me. It must have been a few seconds before I felt a caring hand on my shoulder.


I half expected to see Ellie; she always seemed to be around when Evie was being mean, her and Dixie, but D would have run after her and beat her until she bled, being the scarily violent person that she is.


“Wolfy?” The voice asked. Scorpius’ Malfoy’s blonde hair fell over his forehead as he turned to face me. “Are you okay, love?”


“Are you having a laugh, Scorp.” Blaise added from his left. “The things that Evie said were fucking terrible. Fuck, if I was you, I would have done a lot worse than punch her in the face.”


“Thanks, Blaise.” I muttered.


Scorpius took hold of my hand and pulled me behind him. “Come on, were telling Lily.”


“No, we can’t.” I stuttered pulling him back. “Have you got any idea what she would do to Evie?”


“That’s sorta the point Charisma. We want Lewis to suffer.”


“No we don’t, I don’t want to make a bigger deal out of this than has already been made. I’ll get over it.”


“Trust you. You are too nice Chic.” Blaise groaned, turning around and walking away.


“Fine, I won’t tell Lily, but I am not letting this go, and if she does anything like that again, you are going to tell me. OK?” He said, I wanted to laugh, to ruffle his hair and call him my brother, but his eyes were hard. “I’ll murder her. Her brains will be splattered up the wall and all.” I rolled my eyes. “For you Charisma … I will momentarily turn in to my father.”


I laughed.


“This is not a laughing matter.” He said firmly. “If she does anything like that again you are to tell me okay?”


“Yes Mum.” I finned rolling my eyes and giving him a grateful smile. “I’ll see you at Christmas Malfoy.”


“You too, Price.” He said, accompanied by an intimidating look.



“Are you ready yet?” Lily’s voice echoed up the staircase to my dormitory. “Wolfy, a turtle could pack a trunk quicker than you.”


A turtle may be able to pack quicker than me, but I had only started less than a minute ago. Once returning from my lovely encounter with the she-witch, I couldn’t force myself to do much. I ended up just sitting on my bed, staring at the covers.


I grabbed my magazines, clothes, toiletries and any other belonging that I owned and threw it in to the trunk. Leaving behind the belongings that I probably wouldn’t need, I dragged my trunk down the staircase before loudly dropping it on to the floor infront of Lily and grinning.


“Record timing?” I shrugged.


“Yeah, for the slowest woman in the world, now get your arse out of the school and in to the back of that freaky carriage.” she retaliated.


Albus quietly took my trunk and placed it next to Lily’s. With a wave of his wand he set my trunk next to Lily’s and bound them together before levitating them along behind us. He’s only one year younger than us, but he’s fifteen going on fifty.


I could recall telling Albus that he was my favourite Potter years ago, yet he simply replied to me with statics of how that would be impossible due to that fact that I was closer to both of his siblings before him. It’s a tendency of everyone to plaster on a face of understanding while speaking to Al; it’s usually the opposite that is going on inside your mind.


The train ride home was somewhat infuriating; Evie spent the entire time trying to suck James’ face, he eventually walked out of the carriage after getting fed up after hours of trying to push her away. She followed him like a lost puppy. I couldn’t understand why he was with her; he obviously wasn’t enjoying himself.


After considering who else there was to sit with besides my dormmates and the boys, I came up trumps. Lois was staying at school for Christmas; the sane person in my head was telling me to double back and stay with her.


As I sank down in the seat next to Kyle he laughed. “Too much potential for saliva, I’m gathering?”


“Just a bit.” I answered giving my signature smile.


Fred was sat in the corner, a look of slight disgust on his face. “How will you manage the holidays, Wolfy?”


“I’m planning to spend the majority of the time with you, Lily and Ro.” I said pointedly. “I suppose that I could simply move back in to Teddy’s for Christmas; I’ve never spent Christmas with him before.”


Teddy Lupin and I were a tag team over the summer. He and I would stay together for most of it, cotching in his falling-apart flat. Yet for Christmas, I would stay with the Potters. It’s how it had been since I started at Hogwarts.


A short yelp of laughter erupted from Freddy. “Sure, you just keep think that I will be near the Potters while Lewis is there. However,” he differed. “You are more than welcome to hide out at my place while she is taking residence at yours.”


“Or you could just come and say with me.” Drew winked.  


I sighed. “Should I really give you an answer there or should I just glare?”


Laughing he pulled me in to a tight hug, away from a grinning Kyle. “You love me.”



“Ginny!” I shouted excitedly as I ran towards Mrs Potter, throwing my arms around her neck and in to a tight hug.


This moment was always my favourite, greeting the family and entering in to the Potter’s large country home; it was my favourite place in the world, more so than the school – if I dare say it.


“Charisma, I’ve missed you darling.” She replied.


“Yeah it’s fine, really mum, forget your own children.” Lily sauntered past us both and headed straight for her father, who was coming down the stairs.


Ginny pulled away and set me at arm’s length away, her hands still set on my shoulder, she asked “How’s your year been so far, I hope that you’re keeping my Jamesy out of trouble?”


She was the perfect mother, carefree and perfectly embarrassing towards her children. They were all tough, the younger generation; they had grown up under Ginny Weasley’s swatting hand.


“That’s not her job anymore mum.” Albus said as he tripped through the door way, levitating everyone’s trunks behind him; he had insisted he do it.


Harry said a kind ‘hello’ and went to help his son, ignoring his daughter as she laughed mechanically.


“Yes, it now belongs to the she-devil.” Lily added, pecking her mother on the cheek with a quick kiss.


“Who?” Mrs Potter asked folding her arms.


“The girlfriend.” Lily and I chorused in a horror movie type way.


Ginny furrowed her brows. “The one that’s coming to stay?” Lily and I gave her a knowing look in response to her question. “Ouch.”


As she looked out to the car that Victoire had picked us up in, she caught sight of James and Evie, as did I when I followed her gaze. Ginny seemed to look them both over for a moment and shrugged as if seeing nothing wrong.


“She’s pure evil.” Albus hissed from the kitchen.


Harry shook his head. “Now come on; she can’t be that bad. You’re bound to your brother’s first serious girlfriend.”


“Dad.” Lily said placing a hand on his shoulder. “You have yet to meet her.”


“Yeah, make sure that you stick her in a room far away from civilisation.” I murmered.


“With locks on the outside of the door.” Lily added seriously.


James and Evie both began to walk towards the house, grinning as they came.   


Ginny blinked. “Well, if Chic doesn’t like her she must be bad.”


“She can kill cats by the mere action of staring!” Lily said, mimicking her mother’s stance. They were scarily alike.


“Mum, Dad.” James introduced, walking in to the living room and shaking snow from his stare. “This is Evie Lewis, my girlfriend.”


I am sure that Lily actually gagged.



Being a kind family, the Potter’s welcomed Evie in to their home with open arms, as they had done me all of those years ago. It was something that Lily, Albus and I disliked a large amount. It unnerved me to wonder if anyone had felt this way when they had welcomed me in a similar fashion all those years ago.


It was the second day before I had to come to an encounter with Lewis, yes it was with everyone else, but still.


“Morning Lillers.” I said sliding in to the kitchen in my pyjamas, an old white T-shirt that used to belong to James, white shorts and bed socks.


I can guarantee you it was not attractive.


Lily, wearing a similar attire, but clothes previously owned by Albus smiled and handed me the box of cereal. “Morning snore-girl-2023


“I do not appreciate that,” I retorted haughtily, “my snores are happy snores, pretty snores.”


“Yeah if a pig is dainty and pretty.”


“Ladies, ladies.” Ginny said, walking in to the kitchen, wearing similar attire to Lily and I. “In Wolfy’s defence, a pig can be dainty and pretty if it wishes.”


I poured myself a bowl of coco-pops and pouted at Mrs Potter. “You did not just say that.”


“I thought that your snores were very lady like.” James said sweetly walking in to the kitchen shirtless – in the name of the lord, get a grip, self - and helped himself to the toast in the toaster that Lily had just made for herself.


“No its fine James, have my toast, I was going to make another anyway.” She said in a way that I was sure was intended to not have a reply.


“Thanks sis. So apart from snoring beauty over here, how did everyone else sleep?” He asked while sitting down next to me and stealing a spoonful of my coco-pops.


“My property, back off.” I said quietly and playfully.


He screwed up his face, “My house, go home.”


I pouted for the second time that morning and nicked his toast and turning back to Ginny. “Thanks again for letting me stay for Christmas, Gin.”


“It’s our pleasure Chic,” she smiled through sleepy morning eyes, “honestly, it’s like you live here anyway.”


I hadn’t comprehended what she said next; James had replaced my cereal with his sisters toast and was shovelling it in to his mouth as if his life depended on it.


“You know, breathing while eating helps digestion.” I said as I knotted my bushy hair at the nape of my neck.


Ginny took the spoon away from her son. “I’m so glad someone’s finally pointed that out.”


James glared at me, stole his sister’s spoon and then looked at his father, who had just entered the crowded kitchen.


“Good lord, it’s busy in here this time of the morning.” Harry said grinning and kissing his wife gently on the lips.


“There is a mentally disturbed child over here.” Lily groaned as she looked at her parents in disgust.


Harry chuckled and then turned back to his wife before kissing her once again, harder and more teenage like. Ginny wrapped her arms around his neck causing James and Lily to make horrified faces and leaving the kitchen. It was nice to see parents in love.


I followed them out and in to the living room, sitting on the sofa and putting my legs over James.


“Shh.” He said putting his finger to his lips. “Evie’s asleep upstairs.”


Yay ... note my sarcasm.” Lily said for me, thank god for the blunt little sister.


When arriving last night, I ordered huge amounts of muggle Pizza, while we all had a huge family sit in talking about the year so far. We were joined by Rose and Hugo and their parents, James’s aunt and uncle, Ron and Hermione, considering that they live next door.


Evie and James sat together on the sofa while I sat with Lily, Rose and the boys, making kissy faces at James and Evie thorough the entire evening.


Mature.’ Ginny mouthed to us when she noticed, but soon began joining in. Harry rolled his eyes and smiled at his wife.


When it came to sleeping arrangements, we were all for the usual. Me sleeping in James’s room and everyone else taking their usual beds. However, this was not up to the liking of the clinically insane foundation girl.


I ended up bunking with Lily, while Evie took James’s bed and James took the sofa. Ginny refused to let them sleep in the same room, she trusted me, not Lewis.

Thank you to Lily’s gossiping mouth about her brother’s girlfriend. We had decided to leave out the parts where I punched her in the face and she called Lily a whore, also the bullying towards the Potters and Weasley’s while James wasn’t there.


“Switch.” James said a few seconds later, handing me the cereal and gesturing for the toast. I obliged and scooped a mouthful of the chocolaty goodness in to my mouth.


“Ew.” Lily stated simply, picking up a magazine.


“Come on Lily, you know that you love us.” James mocked as the devil came down the staircase looking like a princess. Even in the morning’s she looked beautiful.


“Jamesy.” She said, slapping my feet out of the way and sitting down next to him. Lily and I gave her an evil look, which went unnoticed by James.


Instantly I stood up. “I’m going to take a shower.”


“Lord knows that you need one.” Evie said smiling, making it sound like a joke for James, but we all knew that it wasn’t intended that way.


Lily jumped up too and placed her bowl on the table in front of her; I knew that she was resisting throwing what left of the contents over Lewis. “I’m going too.”


I shut the bathroom door behind me and listened as Lily slid down the door on the other side. I slid my bottoms off, shivering as the fabric grazed my legs. After helping myself to shampoo and an assortment of shower gels, I hopped under the water and embraced the feeling of warmth.


I kicked out the gels, soaps and conditioners I did not recognize. Evie had brought along three trunks, one filled especially with beauty products. Her beloved belongings that were once placed carefully along the floor of the shower were now ‘orderly’ scattered across the floor. Heck … I’ll pick it up later, after she’s seen it of course.


I turned slowly and let the scolding water flow over my body. Between the first few minutes of luxury, a rather out-of-tune rendition of a Christina Warbeck special; trust Lily. Grandma Molly Weasley loves the wizarding superstar. For her 70th Birthday James, Al, Freddy and Hugo bought her a toaster that sings her songs when the toast pop’s up.


Not only was their grandfather fascinated beyond belief that it was muggle, but she loved to sing along.


Lily and I bought ear plugs along to the Christmas gatherings.


I turned off the water and sang along with Lily, spinning a little in a small white towel.


After pulling on clothes I opened the door and finished my last note; it sounded in tune … and loud. Lily pushed past me in to the bathroom, hysterics controlling her body. She opened the door a few minutes later, dressed and ready.


“Going smelly today are we?” I teased, shutting the door behind her.


She shook her head. “I showered last night thank you very much.” She laughed lightly, but I recognized the smile.


It was the smile of mischief. It was the same on that James wore after he bombarded the Slytherin first years with stink bombs, or when he hung Rose’s bras from the top of Ravenclaw tower.


“What did you do?” I whispered quietly, a small smile appearing on her face.


“Me?” she echoed. “I don’t believe that I am the one who carefully placed Lewis belongings across the floor of the bathroom!” I opened my mouth to contradict when she interrupted me. “I am the one whoever who disposed of them.”




“Yes, disposed.”


I blinked. “Elaborate please?”


“I can surely say that it was the happiest moment I have had in a while when I saw the mixture of tart green, hussy blue and trampy red swirling down the plug hole.” I gasped. “Oh don’t be so shocked.”


Instead of lecturing my dearest friend, I laughed along side her, hoping that she only tipped them down the sink and no tampering was involved. If not, I would have to add that in later.


We both hopped down the stairs in hope that we could avoid Evie. Lily stopped me at the top of the staircase.


“Wolfy.” She whispered. “If you like James, why don’t you just tell him?”


“Because I can’t.” I whispered back pathetically, the mood having changed instantly at those few words. “You’ve seen how he is with Evie, he like’s her, were best friends and that’s all were going to be Lillers, I should just give up. It was a stupid crush.”


“Chic.” She said comfortingly. “Lord knows that, that girl ‘aint for my brother, you two would be perfect for each other, you’re the best of friends and we just have to find a way to make James see what a horrid bitch his girlfriend is, then at least she will be out of the way.”


“Lily, you don’t understand.” I said shout whispering. “He’s happy.” I stated simply.


“Stuff his happiness, you’ve got to think of every body else here.”


“Lily, I love James, he’s happy with Evie and its gunna kill all of us, but he’s happy and that’s all that should matter.” I gave her a confused smile and then walked down the stairs.


“You know you can’t sing for shit.” A voice said from the living room.


“Teddy!” I screamed, running down the stairs, almost tripping and then running to him while we did our random happy dance.


“I told you Wolfy’s his favourite.” James said smiling to Evie.


“Circe only knows why.” She muttered so that James couldn’t hear, but I heard it. I mimicked growling at her as Teddy smudged my mouth in to the direction of the other wall. He held my face still and stuck his tongue out at me.


Evil tramp.


“How you doin’ ‘lil bit?” he asked me using the nickname that I haven’t hear in years. Lil bit; I was fourteen when he last called me that.


“Fine fine, and how are you Mr. Lupin?” I asked, incredibly giddy, pulling my face away from his grasp.


“Ditto, danke.” He replied, being the idiot that he really is.


We carried on being idiots and walked inconspicuously towards the kitchen and then slammed the door shut behind us and smiled like idiots.


There was a quick silent pause where we just smiled.


“You’re getting married.” I whisper-screeched grinning and jumped up and down.


“I’m getting married Wolfy.” He jumped up and down like a girl and then stopped; I calmed down with him and then took a breath before we both began jumping up and down like children and screaming.


“Merlin boys.” Harry said sticking his head through the kitchen door. “Lord only knows what is going on; we thought that one of you had died.”


“Boys?” I asked with a hand on my hip.


Teddy snorted. “Yeah, Uncle Harry, can’t you see that we are both full grown men?”


“Well I wouldn’t say that both of you are.” I nodded in thanks. “Teddy you’re too immature!” Mr Potter said before shutting the kitchen door and walking back through to the living room.


At that moment he wasn’t the saviour of the wizarding world, he was merely the creator of awkward and slightly embarrassing situations.


I shut the door with a quiet click and turned back to Teddy. “How are you two planning on telling everyone?”


“Well, we were thinking of putting the rings on just before we came down and waited to see if anyone noticed.”


I screwed up my face. “How old are you five? Next idea.”


“Or we were just going to tell every body on Christmas morning at the family dinner.”


“I like it, simple and cliché.”


I jumped up on to the counter and sat Indian style while he did the same on the opposite worktop.


We talked for hours, wedding plans, catching up – only interrupted occasionally for the odd person wanting a drink - and then he brought up the topic.


He looked up from the kitchen floor with slight amusement. “So what’s this I hear about you beating up James’s girlfriend?”


“She deserved it.” I said bluntly.


“Well as long as you had good aim my little prodigy.” I laughed and then he took me in to a big hug. “Has he noticed that you two are in love yet?”




He took a moment to recover from me pushing him away and rubbed his temples. “Was that too blunt?”


“Yes.” I answered in exactly the same tone. “We are not in love.” I carried on a after a brief pause. “I just hate his girlfriend.”


“And fancy the pants of your best friend?” He questioned, I was about to deny when I saw the look in his eyes.


I slid down the kitchen counter dramatically and on to the wooden panelled floor, whining. “Yes.”


“Oh, Wolfy.” He joined me.


I looked up to him, in a way that I knew only I did. “I’m screwed.”


“Well…yeah.” He said in the politest way possible.


I made a desperate attempt to straighten out the subject, grasping at straws. “But as I said to Lily earlier, he’s happy and that’s all that matters, even if it isn’t with me.”


“Don’t give me that crap woman.” Teddy dismissed in a voice that I wouldn’t consider supportive in an manner. “Due to my complete carelessness you are part were-wolf, thus making you unique.”


“And grouchy all the time.”


He ignored me without even the gracing of an expression. “You are  the sweetest girl that I have met, beautiful and genuine. You are his best friend and he deserves someone who isn’t a troll, just as you deserve someone who is going to appreciate what he’s got.”


“But he’s happy.”


“Wolfy, he’d be happier with you.” He cried with slight amusement. “If I were my decision, I would choose you in an instant.”


I bit my tongue; it wasn’t his decision. But his words were of kindness and I couldn’t throw them back in to his face. 

James Potter 

Stepping away from the kitchen door I could only gape. I was wordless, thoughtless, unable to process a single thing. When I was little, I had listened in on the elders talking and overheard what I was getting for Christmas; Mum has always told me that eaves dropping would never do me any good, using that as a prime example.


Yet this was bigger than a Chrismas gift; Charisma likes me - more than I had ever considered.


Okey Dokey. Dun dun dun….what do you guys think? Too much? Too litte?


Will they finally confess their feelings for each other? Or will they once again wean out of the situation?

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Chapter 12: Smashed Pictures
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Albus Potter



James Potter 



Dad’s always told me that I have my grandfather’s ears; a knack for trouble and apparently hearing things that will get me in to it. My hearing is perfect, yet that didn’t stop me from repeating over and over to myself that I’d heard wrongly, almost considering it my new mantra.


Turning away from the door I came face to face with Albus. He smirked and looked me up and down with a look of amusement. It was always a touch confusing to me how we looked so different, yet still so much like our father at the same time.


“Eaves dropping again, Jay?” he questioned.


I resisted the urge to hex him for his mocking tone and instead snapped at him, leaving him speechless. “Mum was right; it never does you any good.”


It worried me that having only listened for a few moments I caught something that intimate, what was the rest of their conversation like? They’ve been in there for over an hour.


Things seemed to fall in to place; we’re not as close as we were. I have known it for a while, but I’ve never wanted to admit it. Every time the thought came to me I would push it back; Charisma is the one person that I don’t want to lose. The letter she didn’t want me to see, sneaking around with fucking-Harper – the Hogsmeade piggy back rides.


How much is she keeping from me?


After storming up to my bedroom and slamming the door shut behind me, I regretted the fact that I had turned down the option of a lock on the door all of those years ago when it was offered by the contractor. Privacy wasn’t something I had craved at the age of seven.

My eye caught the picture on my bedside table. It was an old photo, taken by Elle’s camera when she was obsessed with taking pictures. I had a large cut on my arm – covered up of course - and Charisma had two scratches down the left side of her face. It was only days after the full moon and I was still in the phase of trying to figure out how to deal with her.


What she became when the moon came out was a monster; she wasn’t my best friend. But the way that she looks at you, she breaks sometimes and vulnerability shines through. She will turn back in to who she is for simply a moment and cry; and that is why is hurts so much – to see her in such dismay over something so devious.


Yet, despite it all, we stood in front of the camera, both tired, both ill and pale, with smiles on our faces and only happiness in our eyes. I knocked it from the table, letting it smash against the wall and fall to the floor.


I thought I would feel something as I watched it break. But there was nothing, no sadness, no smile, no envy. Nothing. I walking to my window and opened it. Evie’s voice became louder and louder as she approached my room; she was calling my name.


I grabbed my broom and flew.




Charisma Price 



Damn Teddy Lupin and his damn inspirational speeches. We left the kitchen and I couldn’t help but automatically look for James; he wasn’t there. I looked over at Lily who shrugged and pointed towards the stairs. I thought about going up, but Evie was sitting on the sofa, so he was on his own. I pondered the thought that it was strange, but then considered that if he had sent his dearly beloved away, he probably wanted to be alone.


Lily got up from sitting in front of Albus on the floor, handed him her girly fashion magazine and happily walked over to us.


“Hiya, Teddy.” She gave her god-brother a quick hug. I had forgotten that we had cut ourselves off from the rest of the house as quickly as we had.


With his usual cheeky grin he ruffled her hair. “Hello, Lillers.”


Jumping straight to the case she asked, “What were you talking about in the kitchen?”


Teddy and I shared a knowing look.


“Well, after planning your death,” Teddy listed off on his long fingers. “We then discussed the probability of running away together and producing many wolf-like and soddingly-poor deformed children.”


“And the probably came to?” Lily questioned. Teddy answered ‘high’ as I claimed the opposite. “Okay then, shall we discuss these ‘deformed children’ of yours? Am I godmother?”


“They’ll be deformed alright, especially with you as the godmother,” Evie muttered, yet just loud enough for us to hear. “Are you sure you want to put them through that?”


Lily retaliated by sticking her tongue out. I put my hand over her mouth and turned her back to Teddy and myself. She grinned as if she had just won the most challenging argument she was yet to face.  Evie sneered and went upstairs, for a reason that I’m sure didn’t involve jumping out of the window – much to my dismay.


“The evil girlfriend, I take it?” Teddy inquired with possibly a little too much volume.  


“Teddy Lupin.” Harry scolded, looking up from what I had counted as his third mug of tea in two hours. “Don’t talk about our guests that way.”


Ted apologised with a sheepish grin before visibly squirming. “Hold on, Wolfy, is that the one that you punched in the face?”


Lily and I visibly cringed while Albus seemed to make gestures to Teddy that read a mixture of ‘backtrack’ and ‘shut-up’.


“You didn’t tell the ‘rents that did you?” Teddy asked slowly yet he already knew the answer.  


I shook my head and placed my hand on his shoulder. "No, Ted, No we didn't."


“Sweetie, you punched her?” Ginny asked with slight disbelief as she placed a light hand on to my shoulder, quite literally shoving her godson out of the way with a force that caused him to topple over the sofa.


Albus stood up and tried to calm the look on his father’s face. “She deserved it; she called Lily a whore, Dad.”


“Thanks Al.” Lily said looking furious.


It was as if Albus had expected any other reaction that the one he got. His father’s eyes narrowed, “She did what?”


“It right after she called Wolfy things such as a conniving little bitch and a whole array of colourful names,” Lily worsened, pushing her brother back on to the couch. “I can handle myself, Dad.”


Albus kicked his sister in the shins. “She is the she-devil. You should hear the things that she says to us, especially Charisma.” Albus turned away from his rant to his parents and then turned to me. “Chic, she treats you like dirt and you let her.”


I scoffed. “Well when she’s around, James is happy, and that’s all that I care about. I can put up with the stuff that she says to me.”


“What like the stuff that she said to you on the last day of term?” Albus carried on.


“How do you know about that?” I asked, slightly astonished. “Scorpius promised he wouldn’t say anything.”


Albus shook his head, shaking his glasses that were perched on the bridge of his nose. “No. He promised you that he wouldn’t tell Lily, he never promised keeping his mouth shut to anyone else.”


“Bloody Slytherins,” I practically hissed under my breath.


“Wait what did she say?” Lily crossly asked “I’m feeling incredibly left out right now. Why and what am I not being told?”


“She was just being evil,” I said in a sorry attempt to calm her down. “You would have eaten her.”


“That’s what we want Chic, how many times do I have to tell you, we want her to leave, DEATH TO LEWIS!” She stated, stepping forward towards me like she was at ends with the world.


I stood aside and let her charge straight past me and send mocking signals of murder up the staircase towards Evie and James. “See, see what you did Teddy?”


“Lily Potter,” Ginny scolded, swatting her youngest child with her famous hand.  Never say that about anyone, I thought that I raised you better.”


Harry guided me towards the sofa and sat down next to me, forcing his godson on to the chair opposite. “Charisma, you hit her?”


“It wasn’t exactly Charisma that hit her.” Albus admitted. “She was recovering from a full moon and, well, you can guess the rest.”


“Oh, sweetie.” Ginny took me in to her arms, taking the seat on my other side.


“I felt so guilty.” I admitted as I collapsed in to the sofa cushions.


“Yeah; you even apologized for it, after all of the horrid things that she has done to you.” Lily moaned.


I pulled away from the motherly hug that I adored so much. “It was the right thing to do.”


“The right thing to do, you heard what she said to us, in front of everyone at Hogsmeade no less.”


“Lily, it wasn’t everyone at Hogsmeade. It was a handful of students.” Albus tried to reason.


“Yeah, and a bunch of first years.” Lily muttered under her breath, “and with her language.”


“You told Fred to sleep with a helmet!”


I let out a frustrated cry. “Look, the bottom line here is that James is happy with the tramp as a girlfriend, and we should be happy for him. So will everyone just suck it up and deal with it?!”


I heard Harry lightly chuckle to my left. “Wolfy, I’ve never seen you take charge before.”


“Yeah well, I bet you never thought that I would smack James’s girlfriend either.” I replied. “Can we please drop it, I already feel guilty enough as it is.”


“Of course, honey.” Ginny agrred. “I honestly can’t believe that my son’s girlfriend is like that, maybe if he saw it.”


“Oh, he’s seen it.” Albus said. “He was there when she got hit, he just keeps on missing the threats that Lewis is throwing around.”


“Threats?” Harry echoed.


“It’s nothing; please can we just move on, nothing will happen while we are here.” I said.


“It’s not here I’m worried about.” Ginny admitted begrudgingly. “I will move on if it is what you want; I know you can all handle yourselves. But I’m not being nice to her.”


Lily fell back in to the arm chair, pushing Teddy forward an inch or two. “You rock, mum.”


“I hear that you have good aim.” Teddy brought back up again.


“Teddy!” was the cry of unison, some in a groan others in a shout – and Lily’s light hearted laugh.


I couldn’t knock the feeling of absolute embarrassment; the Potters knew of the shameful antic that I had hoped I could simply forget about.


Then it came.


Evie charged down the stairs. “He’s gone!”


“What, Lewis? Who’s gone?” Albus said calmly, holding his hands to her, trying to calm her as if she were a rogue animal at the zoo.


“James, he’s gone,”


“Gone where?” I asked dimly.


“The market … in the name of Circe you really aren’t the bright crayon are you?” she let out a bitter laugh. “I don’t know where he went; he didn’t exactly leave a note. His window is open, his broom and missing and he’s smashed a picture – bloody school boy tantrum.”


Ginny’s expression was one of disapproval; she was used to James dossing off and skipping out for days on end; he always came back. But even I had to admit that it was strange that he’s smashed a picture; he loves pictures. He calls them ‘captured memories’, strangle insightful for a boy whose chosen the devil as a girlfriend.


“What picture?” I asked.


Eive scoffed. “Does it matter?”


“Yes,” I pressed.


“It’s the one of you and him, where you really need a bath; I get that you were both young at the time, but honestly, is it so hard just to wash? You look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.” At the sound of Harry clearing his throat, Evie sighed. “It’s not a moving picture; it’s a muggle one.”


The wolf picture.


Then it hit.


He’s gone. 



James Potter 



Childish, I realise.


Yet upon hearing Evie approaching, I realised that I didn’t want to speak to her, or deal with her, at all. But the factor that astounded me is how much I wanted to hike up my socks and just run away – something I’m sure that Godric Gryffindor himself would be completely ashamed of.


Throwing aside my pride I condemned myself to trouble and made my way over to Freddy’s by way of broomstick – not exactly a short trip.


It all seems so unreal; Charisma isn’t someone that I have ever considered in any other way but platonic. Anxiety will haunt me forever, I’m sure. She makes my decisions for me, sorts out the problems that I cause; she’s always the one to pull me back when I go too far. It made sense – as much as I hoped that it wouldn’t.


Ice attacked against my face, cutting against my skin; not a pleasant feeling, about as pleasant as I was feeling. The wind rapidly tore through my hair pulling it in to any direction that it felt like. Maybe I should listen to Mum; I need a haircut.


Landing on Uncle George’s front lawn I tore up the grass beneath my feet – Fred did it frequently at our house, I considered it pay back. Knocking on the front door it was quickly wrenched open by Aunt Angelina, George’s teenage crush. Behind her, Roxy, Fred’s little sister, was sat on the couch, seemingly unable to tare her face away from the television.


“James, darling; we’re we expecting you here?” despite asking she hurried me inside and pulled my wet jacket off of me and hung it over the radiator. “It’s all been a bit hectic lately; George thinks he’s made a new product for the shop, but in reality all he does it blow up the fuse box every time he turns it on.”


Angelina had encouraged her family to live in a muggle environment; hence the appliances – much to George’s demise. Still, to this day, he knew nothing of the muggle world. Despite the house being muggle in the way it’s built, it’s out of the way of the local area, allowing the home-made Quidditch Pitch in the back garden accessible at any time of the day.


“That’s Uncle George for you,” I replied dryly.


She pulled her wand from her cardigan pocket and dried my hair with a simple flick – I’m sure she’s used to doing correction spells; she lives with both Fred and George.


As if to demonstrate her point, the lights in the house went down and were instantly followed by two digital clocks, the TV and a distressed cry from Rox.


“George!” Angelina cried.


After the crash of something falling over and the opening of a door, George shouted back, “Sorry, love. It won’t happen again! I’ll just go and find the flick switch!”


With her eyes closed, and a wary expression on her face Angelina turned back to me. “He’s said that four times already, tonight. The boys are in Freddy’s room. Dinner will be ready in half an hour if you wish to stay – and if the oven still works.”



I nodded my thanks with a brave smile and charged up the stairs towards Fred’s room. Without waiting for an entry grant I pushed open the door and found the boys sitting by the light of a homemade fireball, suspended in the air of burning newspaper. It had seemed they’d given up on the electricity and turned to magic for light.


“Knock much?!” Fred bantered, throwing a non-active Quaffle in my direction.


Catching it, I threw it back and closed the door in a huff.


“What’s got your knickers in a twist?” Kyle asked nosily, shoving Drew off of the desk chair and sitting on it himself.


Pushing himself up off of the floor and sitting by the fire ball, Drew gave it a prod and looked me up and down. “Of course he’s not alright, chaps; can’t you see he’s in mid-cycle PMS?”


Ignoring their light laughter I sat down on the end of Freddy’s bed and pushed the Quaffle from his hands. “You know didn’t you? You all knew.”


“Be specific, mate.” Fred requested. “I know a lot of things, not sure about these two though. They’re not the bright crayons in the bo-“


“I resent that!” Drew replied. “I’m smarticle!”


He crossed his eyes and poked the fireball once again; embers fell down to the dirty carpet. I sighed. “About Charisma, you knew about … it.”


“It must be serious,” Drew summarised. “He used the full name.”


Kyle stradled the chair and twisted his wand between his nimble fingers. “Know what? Did she finally muster the guts to tell you about Nate?”


My brows furrowed and I felt my mind reel. “What about him?”


Running my hands over my damp jeans I felt Fred’s gaze on me, I wandered if the look read ‘don’t get my bed wet, you twat’ or something similar, but it wasn’t; it was a look of absolute confusion.


He shared a looked with both Kyle and Drew before they all went back to trying to make themselves comically busy. It was obvious they weren’t supposed to tell me, or possibly know themselves.


“What happened with Harper?” I asked again, a firmer tone to my voice.


My absolute demise for that bloke wasn’t something I hid; it was open gossip. I found him needy, annoying and somewhat pathetic. He was a prefect and stuck by every rule that was ever written about the school – I’m sure he’d even stick by Umbridges rules if they were re-instated. It wasn’t just that he was the Captain of the opposing team; there were other reasons too, perfectly valid reasons.


Coming to the end of my tether I didn’t mean for my voice to break as I begged, “Tell me.”


“Circe, no need to cry about it.” Drew teased, leaning back on to his hands. “They were out one day talking about thestrals and shit when they decided to suck face. I’m not jealous, Kyle.”


I noticed the look of absolute disbelief on Kyle’s features. “Thestrals and shit?” he echoed. “Not only should I inject a sarcastic remark here about your lack of subtlety, but also about what an interesting conversation you make it seem they were having beforehand to lead to snogging.”


They continued to argue in their usual ways while Freddy stayed remotely quiet. See, I know the fact that Chaisma has never kissed any one before, this would have been her first kiss – but I couldn’t help but wonder, if she’d kept this from me, what else has she kept? I tell her everything, but she doesn’t seem as attached to me as she used to be.


I narrowed my eyes at the two arguing boys. “What the fuck?” I practically breathed, pushing myself off of the bed and joining Drew on the floor.


“Dixie told me that Charisma was really confused about it.” He said.


Kyle shook his head. “Yeah, but after ranting about women’s rights for half an hour, Ellie told me that it was a good kiss.”


“Okay,” I replied. I wanted to feel relieved, somewhat, but I couldn’t help but feel a little screwed over.


Freddy leaned forward off of his bed and almost pushed off the duvet in the single movement. “What are you talking about?”


“Yeah, Potter we thought you’d kill the bastard. That’s why nobody told you.”


I shook my head and chewed on the inside of my cheek for a moment, trying to read the headline on the burning paper. “Yesterday I probably would have – but I overheard Charisma and Teddy talking in the kitchen today.”


“You used extendable ears didn’t you?” Freddy questions, I shook my head and so he tried again. “Then you had your ear pressed up against the door.”


“That’s beside the point,” I dismissed. “She and Ted were talking about how she liked me.”


“Obviously,” Drew sounded out. “She’s been your best friend for almost six years now; if she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t have stayed.”


“Not like that,” I rectified sharply. “I mean in a way that isn’t platonic, in the way that I like Evie.”


Fred snorted. “Honestly, I don’t think that Charisma could ever like you in the way that you like Evie.”


“Exactly,” I agreed, but he looked a little apprehensive before muttering something that sounded like ‘for a shag’. I chose to ignore it.


After a short pause, where Uncle George had apparently turned the house lights back on as Roxy’s cried to delight could be heard from the kitchen, Kyle spoke again. “And?”


“And what, man?” I questioned. “That was big news for a while, I thought Charisma was in love with me for a while there – had me bloody worried. But my heart attack has been put on hold since now I know she likes Harper, which we will have to do something about by the way. I can’t believe that you haven’t already-“


“So, you don’t like her at all, then?” Freddy interrupted. “At all in that way?”


“No,” I snorted. “I never could, it would be awkward – like me falling for Lily. A bit sick.”


It seemed that I’d said something in an alien language as the three of them once again shared looked of confusion. Drew looked as if he’d been sucking on something sour while Kyle picked at the holes in his jeans.


“At all?”


“Fred, if you ask me that again-“ I threatened with no consequence. “Seriously what’s wrong with everyone tonight?”


Sorting out his duvet, Freddy sighed. “I don’t know, I guess, we’ve just always-“


“We just thought that, well-” Kyle took over after Fred stopped blabbering. “-you would, well, like her … more.”


“We all thought that you want to father Charisma’s children.”


“Not that far, Drew.” Fred fixed in a low voice.


Kyle stood up from the desk chair and sat down next to Freddy on the bed. “I guess we’ve just always thought that the two of you would end up together in the end – the power couple.”


“Even the parent’s think it,” Freddy said before I had the chance to state my case and rectify their assumptions. “Your mum was making jokes with mine last summer about planning your wedding – Teddy offered to take her down the aisle, Dad said that you might want him as your best man, but I said that I’ve got that position. I have right?”


In the midst of the darkened room I was sure that he could see my slightly disgusted expression. “Don’t you think that, that is a little off point?”


“Actually, I think it’s dead on.” He replied. “I’m the best man right?”


Shaking my head I gave an exasperated sigh. “Think what you like; I don’t love Wolfy, and that’s all I need to know.”


“Shall we have pink napkins or blue?” Fred chimed in a voice that was raised several octaves to impersonate who I am sure was my mother.


I got up to leave but stopped at the door way. “If she likes Harper – the bastard – what was she talking about with Teddy?”


“You know her and Ted,” Freddy stated with a grin. “Last year I walked in on them discussing what would happen if a Hippogriff decided to mate with a penguin and what danger rating the Ministry would give the offspring. Then they began to role play the meeting that would have taken place.”


“They are a bit odd,” Kyle agreed. “I’ve never actually met Teddy, but he seems like a top-bloke.”


I nodded in agreement; Teddy was the older brother that I never had, a top-bloke he most certainly was. “Freddy,” I began. “What was the thing that you knew ages ago, about Charisma? Just after she punched Evie – you said-“


“Oh, yeah.” He recalled, cutting me off. A habit I hoped he wasn’t picking up. “I’m not telling you.”


“Fred, it’s really important.”


He shook his head. “No, James, it’s not. It’s her privacy. Dixie told me in confidence and I’m not letting on. You’re going to have to find out for yourself. And if you’re not going to stay for dinner, at least let Mum know.”


“To be honest, mate,” Kyle began, looking out of his bedroom towards the room where George was on the other side of the odd-shaped house. “I don’t think that she’s ever going to get the oven working; the electricity’s down again.”


“I’m ordering a pizza.” Freddy settled. “Has anyone seen the transmit-communication device?”


“You mean your phone?” Drew questioned, at Fred’s eager nod he pointed towards the windowsill. “It’s over there.”


I stood next to Kyle and leant against the window frame. “Do you think that Charisma will even remember; she’s pretty forgetful.”


“Trust me,” he pressed. “She won’t forget this one.”


“You know about it?”


He let out a short laugh. “Jay, she didn’t need to verbalise it for me to figure it out.”



Charisma Price 



It was difficult to think straight thoughts without lacing them with obscenities and rude words. James was gone, and I wanted to cry.


“Where on earth could he be?” Ginny complained. “And don’t you dare say anywhere Teddy Lupin, I’m not in the mood. It’s been hours; we should call my brothers.”


Harry laughed gently. “You don’t need to call the search party yet, Gin; telling your family he’s missing would be similar to calling out S.W.A.T; he probably just wandered off for a bit.”


“You’re right,” she settled for with a deep breath. “He’s probably just having a bad day.”


“Him, having a bad day? Mum seriously-“ Lily moaned from her casual position on the sofa. “Look at what he’s caused us; that is what I would call a bad day.”


“Lily Luna Potter-” Her mother scolded. “-you are completely correct, in the name of Circe; he is dead when he walks through that door.”


A triumphant grin grew on her features as she picked back up her magazine with an approving nod as her parents walked in to the kitchen, Harry comforting his wife.


“You’re pretty smug right now, aren’t you?”


She tried pitifully to hide her smile as I muttered the words to her. “You’re joking, right? The great James Potter is finally going to be punished. I’m loving every second and I am going to milk it for all it’s worth.”


“Well, that’s childish.” Evie mumbled from the other sofa.


Lily’s smile suddenly looked forced. ““I’m sorry Lewis, have you got something to say”


“No.” she answered shortly, filing her nails and not taking her eyes off of the tips – not even to return Lily’s grin.  


Ginny pretended that she didn’t just see her daughter pull rude gestures and faces towards their guest at that point, and Lily didn’t seem to care that her actions hadn’t gone unnoticed by her mother.


“Lily,” I warned. “Don’t be mean.”


“Listen to the hippie.” Evie said smugly. “Pull that face again and I’ll remove it.”


It seemed that she had seen Lily after all. “Make a threat like that again and I’ll toss you out on the street you tit.”


“What did you call me?”


Teddy sighed from the armchair, still not having moved from earlier in the day – ‘he’s seventeen, he’s probably just gone for a sulk over something’, his words not mine. He has refused to do anything about it – and spoke up, “She called you a tit, Circe woman, get your ears checked.”


Evie dropped her nail file and rushed to pick it back up again. “Excuse me?”


“If I have to repeat Teddy’s point then I’m only reiterating it,” Lily snapped haughtily – big words for a fourteen year old. “Or is it just that we need to slow down their argument, so someone of your intellect can handle.”


“If I wasn’t in your house right now, you wouldn’t even be able to imagine that things that I to do to you.”


“And you have the audacity to call me childish and pathetic,” I began. “Can we please drop this, all of us – Teddy you’re twenty six, it’s not alright to join forces in an argument with a fourteen year old. We need to find James. He could be in trouble.”


Lily sighed. “He’ll be alright Chic; I should have known that you were worried underneath your smile. He’s James Potter, he’s an arrogant twat, but he can handle practically anything.”


“And how exactly do you think that he’s going to react when he finds out that his little sister, God-brother and best friend were treating his girlfriend the way that they are, because as usual, Charisma you’ve joined in the back on an argument, standing tall behind your other – braver - friends.”


Teddy bit down on to his lip. “Can you punch her again please?”


“But not hit my face this time,” Evie teased. “I don’t know how good your aim is, but I want to look alright in Christmas photos.”


“She had nice aim last time,” Lily retorted spitefully. “Besides, your features are already messed up enough anyway to break the camera lens without Chic’s help.”


“And we’ve resulted to ‘ugly’ remarks,” I said to no one in particular.


Evie sneered. “You’re just jealous that my face is prettier than yours you, you, ginger ... freak!”


“You’re in a family house that is filled with gingers,” Teddy pointed out, changing his hair to the same colour of Lily’s in his metamorphic state. “Be careful what you say – because if Lily doesn’t, I may be soon forced to kick you out myself.”


“You wouldn’t do that.” She hissed confidently.


Lily giggled menacingly, reminding me of something from a horror story. “Do you want to test that theory? Something to take in to consideration, he doesn’t sleep here. I do. I can walk in to your room at any point and cast unimaginable hexes upon your sleeping figure.”


“You may be able to play on James’ naivity and convince him you’re not completely satanic.” Teddy practically growled. “I, however on the other hand am not convinced; that should worry you.”


“What are you going to talk me to death?” Evie snapped, folding her arms.


“Not quite.” Teddy laughed darkly. His eyes were darkening, and I could tell whether it was him changing them himself, or the impending wolf. “But I can certainly tell you that I am scary at certain types of the month.”


Evie scoffed. “What the hell is that supposed to mean, your menstrual cycle? Are you going to scare me with major PMS attacks?”


“Wait a week and I’ll eat you.” Teddy growled.


Lily kept her arms folded over her chest and glared at Lewis. “You wanna test that theory too?”


In slight confusion over Teddy’s words, and frustration that she wasn’t going to win this argument, or any more in the near future, she shut her arms tightly against her sides and stormed up the stairs screeching like a banshee.


There was a moment of silence before the three of us shrugged and slumped back on to the sofa.


Walking back in to the living room from the kitchen, Ginny narrowed her eyes. “What on earth was that?”


“The devil has been defeated.” Lily threw her arms up above her head in joy.  


Hours later, James strode in to the house, slamming the door behind him which caused a picture frame to shake and fall from the wall. Without a word to anyone he walked straight up to Al’s room and barricaded the door behind him – the last place that Evie would think to look.


“Looks like I’m sleeping on the couch tonight,” Albus sighed. He collected a clean duvet cover from the airing cupboard and handed me a pillow case.


I replaced the cover on the pillow that James had been using and turned to Al as he struggled with the duvet cover. “I’m sorry, Al.”


“Don’t be, it’s not your fault he’s BEING AN ARSE!” he shouted up the stairs, sure his brother could hear him.


Lily and the parents said goodnight and ignored Al’s complaining, climbing up the stairs to bed. “I just can’t help but feel like it’s my fault; it’s the picture of the two of us that he smashed.”


“Maybe he knocked it off of his bed side table when he stormed out?” Albus tried. “But honestly, what could you have done to him?”


I had tried speaking to James earlier on, knocking on the door and saying it was me, but his response was to completely ignore me. I tried telling myself that he was asleep, but I knew that he wasn’t.


Harry and Ginny are worried; he won’t tell anyone what happened, where he was, or what went wrong.


Of course, Evie blamed the entire thing on me, but I hadn’t expected anything less.

Teddy went home about an hour ago, with only a hug goodbye and a reminder of the upcoming moon – the eve of Christmas Eve.


“Are you going to be okay down here?” I asked; I know that Al has a fear of the dark. “I can take the sofa if you’d like.”


“Ask me that one more time, I’m going to smack you. Now go to bed.” He finalised with a point to the staircase.


As I reached Lily’s room, I took notice of Al’s, which is opposite.


I turned towards it and swore under my breath. The worst he could do was tell me to go away. He wasn’t asleep; James hated sleep. He always fought it, only actually closing his eyes when they fell shut from exhaustion.


Knocking on the door, I received a ‘go away’ in reply, and felt that it was a little ironic.


Pushing open the door, scraping the chair along the ground that he had used to hold it closed. “If you really wanted to keep me out, you should have used the wardrobe instead.”


“Charisma, please. I want to be alone.”


I gave him a comforting smile. “No one wants to be alone.”


“I do.” He snapped shortly.


Al’s room was much different to James’. Al’s was plain, a white wash on the walls with two large band posters pinned to the plaster. His furniture was white too, but the objects around the room stated so much about him – a microscope, picture frames filled with smiling family, two stuffed toys and too many books to count. This contrasted greatly to the state of James’ room, which rendered you unable to see the floor.


Taking a seat on the end of Al’s bed, I looked at James figure as he lay with his face flat against the pillow. “You’re not going to tell me where you went are you?”


“No,” he muttered.


“Or what’s going on?”


Again the muffled sound was a grunt, “No.”


“Will you tell me anything?”


He pushed himself up off from the pillow in a press-up position and turned his head towards me. “No, Charisma, I’m not going to tell you anything. If you’re going to stay, can you just forget it?”


I watched as he turned around and lay his head back against Al’s pillow, looking up at the ceiling. Albus had placed glow in the dark stars against it as a young boy – something to help fight against the dark. James always thought they were stupid, but I considered them pretty.


“Did I offend you, in some way?” I pressed.


He sighed and flopped his arms back against the sheets. I wanted to badly to hold his hand as he murmured, “I thought we were dropping this.”


“Is this about Evie? Because if you think that the two of us not getting along is my fault I can try harder, I promise-“


“It’s not about Evie.”


For the first time since I walked in the room, he looked at me. Through dark eyes I wasn’t sure if he was able to see anything clearly. The expression he gave me, I could barely stand it. “Just tell me what happen-“


“Did something happen, between you and Harper?”


I am sure I returned the look he gave me. Not to mention the fact that his question caught me off guard. I was sure that my reply didn’t sound as casual as I had hoped, because after I had said it I walked from the room, slamming the door behind me.


“Why should I answer your questions when you don’t answer mine?”


An; Ooh, spiteful. What did you think? Did James and Charisma deserve everything they got? Did Drew, Fred and Kyle speak honest words? Does Aunt Angelina give good advice that you should remember for reasons that I can not yet mention?

I personally thought that Teddy rocks; the fact that he threatened Evie with the full moon was a moment of slightly disturbing and totally inappropriate awesomeness on his part? Maybe? Yes? No? you tell me.

Chapter 13: Confessions of a Teenage Girl
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Ginny Weasley



Lily Potter



I took one glance at Rose’s advent calendar and let out a squeal; three days before Christmas. Tripping through the front door, Rosie on my heels, I screamed.


“People actually have to sit there,” I pointed out to my brother as he chewed off the front of his girlfriend’s face. Not that she seemed to mind.


James pulled away from her for only a moment to mutter ‘shut it’ before sticking his mouth back to hers. I watched in disgust as she bit his top lip and kissed it better.


“Nice,” Rose acknowledged before taking hold of my arm and pulling me in to the kitchen.


Due to James’ pathetic excuse for an attitude at the moment, I had been spending most of my time at Rose’s. I had tried to persuade Wolfy to come too, but she wouldn’t. The moon is tomorrow night, and she hasn’t been the easiest person to deal with – not that James seemed to notice. She didn’t want to ‘inflict herself’ (her words not mine) on to Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron.


This month the run-up to the moon seemed to have affected her more than usual; she wouldn’t speak, and if she did it was curt. Not that she knew she was doing it; if she did I was sure she would be embarrassed – Wolfy was never a handful.


Yesterday she and I were sat on the bottom step of the stairs. I had been telling her about Uncle George’s new product for the family shop when she began to get a nosebleed. I had given her a box of tissues and taken her out of the kitchen.


Evie had wandered doen the stairs and wanted past. After taking the piss out of the blood that was on Charisma’s shirt and putting it down to her clumsiness, she tried to step through the middle of us, the most awkward way of getting past before shrugging and whining.


I had told her to go back upstairs – like the polite young woman that I am - in a vain hope that she would somehow disappear and not come back.


She had settled this by climbing over Chic and stepping on her hand. Wolfy held her fingers to her chest with a light cry and asked why she had done it. I insinuated that Lewis was stupid – which, let’s face it, isn’t hard to figure out – and Wolfy had replied with ‘calling her stupid is an insult to stupid people’.


Despite being, at first a little taken back, I was proud; Charisma may be difficult to be around when it comes to the full moon, but she was most definitely entertaining. James had ruined the moment by turning up, sticking up for Evie, kissing her in front of us and leaving us sat on the stairs.


It was as if he were testing what Charisma’s reaction would be.


Rosie shut the kitchen door behind us and hopped up on to the counter, helping herself to a tea mug and boiling the kettle. This kitchen had recently become the place of secrets – I am honoured to have it here, in my house.


“You’ve been using my house as the escape lately, Lil. I’m not sure if you can do that anymore.”


I narrowed my eyes. “If you leave me here, alone with that bitch, I will murder you.”


“That may be a better fate that what I’m probably going to face,” she said dramatically. I knew that I shoulder ask her wht’s wrong, but I knew she was going to tell me anyway. “Can I stay here, with you and Wolfy, or can we pack up and stay at Auntie Angelina’s?”


“Their power is out again; George did something. They’re all staying with Percy – Freddy ducked out and I think he’s bunking with his friend Dixie.” I told her. “But if you’re willing to stay in that mad-house, you must be in deep shit. Are you willing to go to Uncle Percy’s?”


“No,” she answered quickly. “Lily, I told Dad about Scorpius this morning, just before I came to meet you.”


I waited for a moment, watching as she took the kettle off of the hob and then placed it back again, a slight shake to her movements. I walked over and threw my arms around her. “Ro, you can move in if you’d like.”


She giggled – it’s rare to come across a person who can make the sweet sound without sounding like an airhead. “I may take you up on that offer. He overturned the coffee table and broke the lawnmower.”


I wanted to ask why the coffee table and the lawn mower were in the same place, but I bit my tongue. Uncle Ron hates the Malfoy’s. He has been trying to pin Rose and Scorpius for as long as I can remember. When my first year rolled around and Hugo and I were stood on the platform with our trunks, Ron gave us a speech on how anyone under the name of ‘Malfoy’ shouldn’t be allowed an education.


He’s such a fecking drama queen – I worry to think about what he said to Rose on her first day.


“Can I ask you something?” she questioned, taking a spoon from the drawer and a teabag from the pot by the stove. “What’s up with James?”


“I’ll tell you when I find out,” I said truthfully.


“You mean you don’t know?” she questioned. At my look she carried on, “What about Wolfy? She’s got to know.”


I shrugged and focused my gaze on to the stove. “He’s blanking her the most; it’s really hurting her. She smiles and tried to laugh, but especially with the moon, I think it’s all too much for her.”


“After tomorrow night, we’re taking her away on a girls weekend – we’ll invite Dom and Vic too, she loves Victoire, and that way the parents can’t complain about not having adult supervision.”


“You want to invite Dom?” I questioned. I was hardly sure that they would let us go in the first place, let alone if we took Dommie – her presence would certainly stamp a big ‘NO’ on the case file. Dominique Weasley is worse than I am.


Rosie shrugged. “She’d been fun. Back to the point – where did he go? I think that Freddy said something about seeing him, but you know how secretive they all are.”


“It would make sense if he went to Freddy’s. He won’t tell anyone here. Mum and Dad hit the fucking roof.”


“Why is he such an idiot?”


I jumped on to the counter next to her and shrugged. “Because he’s a boy – one that I refuse to class as my own flesh and blood at this moment. Do you want to go and cheer up Chic? She’s a bit down though, and a little difficult at the moment, I have to pre-warn.”


“I don’t mind,” Rosie dismissed. “I would love to see her.”


I tried to walk back through the living room with my eyes closed, as to avoid seeing the ghastly sight on the sofa, but I walked in to almost everything. Giving in, I climbed the stairs with my eyes open to see a slightly remorseful expression on Rose’s face – I’m guessing she kept her eyes open.


Pushing open the door to my bedroom, I stood like a superhero, half expecting to find her crying once again, covered by a mish-mash of duvets. But she was nowhere to be seen.


“Where is she?” I asked Rose. “She was here an hour ago.”


Rosie shrugged. “I’ve only been here ten minutes. She might have gone for a walk, you know to clear her hea-“


She was cut off by the sound of the toilet flushing in the bathroom next door. Wolfy’s pulled open the bathroom door and stepped out, wearing James’s old dress shirt and a pair of jean shorts. Her eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as she stopped in her tracks; a deer caught in head lights.


Her hair was piled on top of her head, the large curls sticking in where they could and her nails were bitten down to the point where they had bled. “Lil-“


“What the fuck?” I asked loudly. “Sort yourself out!”


She rubbed at her nose nervously; it was red and a little swollen. It was obvious that she had, had another nose bleed – something that had been occurring a little too often for my liking this month.


“Lily!” Rose gasped. Despite the obviousness of a nose bleed, she had flushed the evidence down the toilet, I was sure that she’s probably been sick too – but Chic doesn’t want people to worry. Until now, she never gave in to weakness.


I raced back in to my small room and grabbed a bottle green jumper from my chair. “Put this on, we’re going out.”


“Like this?!” Charisma looked down at herself while Rose seemed to do the same.



“Yes, ‘like this’,” I mimicked her voice. “Suck it up, woman! My brother, the massive prick, has escaped again, so we’re taking you out … shopping.”


Rose’s shockingly thin brows furrowed together. “Shopping, you’re going to take her shopping, at a time like this?!”


Charisma pushed her hair back from her face, her pale skin slightly alarming against her flushed cheeks. “Let me find some shoes.”


Leaving the two of them to fumble around in the mess that was my room, I charged down in to the small country conservatory. “Mother!”


By passing the living room and running straight in to a hanging plant pot, I found my mother reading in the basket chair, her legs pulled up to her chest.




“We’re taking Wolfy out for the day, just us girls.” I said with pride. “She’s in a bad place, so for the love of Circe do not mention her appearance.”


As only the best mother could, Mum dropped her book on to the tiled floor and ducked under the over-grown hanging plant and raced to grab a jacket. “James,” she called. “Have you seen my sho – oh shit, sorry, carry on.”


I tried to hide behind my mother in only a fashion that the purest Gryffindor could handle but caught sight of my brother, Evie straddling his lap – very forward behaviour, especially on the family couch.


“We’re burning the sofa, right?” I whispered to Mum.


She told me off for being rude in front of my brother and his guest, but then proceeded to agree with me as we left the room.


Minutes later, after I had helped mother dearest hunt through the shoe cupboard to find her winter boots, Rose pushed Wolfy down the stairs – her jumper surpassed her hands and was pushed up to her elbows. She was wearing knee socks that had already slipped a little and a pair of worn fold-down boots that I knew to be her favourite.


Rose had obviously thrown a make-up selection at our friend to make her complexion a little less startling, but she still looked sick.


It caught James attention as I threw the tissue box at Charisma. I’m not having her bleed over my favourite jumper if she gets another nosebleed. He stared at his best friend for a moment before he was pulled back to the undivided attention of his girlfriend. But that moment of worry was real.


He still cared.


After taking a moment to come to his senses he pushed Evie away from him. “Charisma-“


“I’m fine,” she dismissed, walking over to Mum and accepting the woolly scarf she offered. “Where are we going today?”


Mum took a moment to get over the vulnerable expression on Chic’s face before shaking it off and shrugging. “Hogsmeade.”


“I’m coming too,” James announced protectively, finally seeing Charisma for the first time in possibly what was a long time.


Charisma shook her head. “No thank you; you’ve done enough.”


James’ reaction was almost hurt … almost. It was as if he hadn’t realised that way he had been acting was wrong, and as if everything would be forgotten instantly – like Wolfy would take him back.


She has never stood up to him before like this - that I knew of. Being honest, I admire her for lasting this long. He’s treating her like she isn’t worth anything; I wouldn’t still be here.


I took the floor powder offered to me and shared a look of apprehension with my cousin as I stepped in to the fireplace. 




Charisma Price.



Sucking up my pride, and trying to keep my wits about me, I hugged the jumper to me and wished for tights. My pockets were stuffed with tissues and my wand was shoved roughly in to my boot.


James is an unforgettable person, no matter how much I try, every second thought is about him, every second thought is about his movement, his words or his laugh – his stupid hair.


I held on tighter to Ginny’s arm as we got to the centre of town. I was sure that she had said this town in a moment of panic; Diagon Alley would have been much more suitable; all the shops seem out of place when they’re not full of bustling school children, but I knew for a fact that Ginny loved it here.


“Lily and Rose, why don’t you go look around at clothes.” Ginny suggested.


“We’ll take Charisma then,” Lily said with a smirk. She knew that her mother’s request was a way of saying ‘I want to talk to Charisma alone’.


Ginny sighed. “If I give you twenty galleons will you go?”


“Thirty galleons and not a knut less.” Lily settled for stroppily.


Her mother obliged and got out her purse, Rose accepted it awkwardly. “Thank you Aunt Ginny.”


We watched as they ran down the snow covered lane to a nearby dress shop, one that I was sure where we bought our Halloween costumes from. Ginny wasted no time in pulling me towards The Three Broomsticks.


Pushing open the door, I inhaled the scent of beer and wood – it stung my nose.


Ginny took a seat in a table by the corner, away from the windows and away from the bar. For a while she flirtily toyed with a wizard that was probably twice her age and sat four tables away from us, all, I’m sure, in what was a feat to make me smile.


When our tea’s arrived she handed me a packet of sugar. “Tell me everything.”


“I’m sorry,” I apologised quietly, whining slightly.


“Darling, don’t apologise; it’s been years since I’ve had the opportunity to have a teenage gossip – when you pass thirty, married couples tend to stop being so interesting.”


“You and Harry could never be un-interesting.”


She snorted. “I’m not talking about me, if we ever stop being interesting, kill me. I’m talking about the likes of Percy and Aubrey, Bill and Fleur – Circe, their lives are repetitive. However I happened to give birth to a son who finds evil attractive.”


“Did you check for the mark of the devil when he was born?” I asked.


“It wasn’t the first thing that I did no,” she replied with a slight smile. “Charisma, what has he done now?”


I took a sip of my tea and held the warm mug between my hands. “He’s just been a bit off lately.”


“Don’t be nice about it,” she said. “From what I’ve heard from Lily, he’s been awful to you – and don’t get upset at Lily for telling me; she only did what she thought was right ... and would possibly cause a fight.”


I choked a little on my tea as I laughed lightly – my first non-ironic laugh in days. “It’s just that he doesn’t need me anymore, he’s got Evie now.”


“Honestly, you couldn’t be more wrong, Chic.” Ginny tried to calm me down; she placed a light hand on to mine. “He needs you more than he needs me and Harry; he’s just being a sulky teenage boy.”


Attempting to give her a slight convinced smile I nodded, but she could see right through me. “I just miss him, is all.”


“Of course you do; I don’t know what is going on in his mind, but you need to tell him how horrid he’s being.” She told me, stirring her hot tea with a small spoon. “I know that you don’t want to upset him, and that you only want to see him happy, but that girl is driving me insane.”


“Go on,” I said; it was her time to complain. I am sure that she hasn’t had the chance to; Harry wouldn’t want to hear someone speak ill of the guests they had in the house.


She dropped the spoon in to her tea and looked at me in despair. “I keep walking in on them; I mean, they could at least be a little more discreet. It’s like he doesn’t even like kissing her; he doesn’t smile, he doesn’t laugh – I can’t tell you what it’s like to kiss the one that you love, but it certainly doesn’t leave you with an expression like his. I’ve heard the way that she speaks to you, it’s horrid. But it upsets me more to know that he lets her do it. And don’t think that we missed that argument between her, Lily and Teddy.”


“He deserves so much better.” I said quietly.


Ginny drank a little more of her tea. “You deserve so much better.”


For a while we sat there in complete silence, the only sound was the people around us and as we placed our mugs back on to the table. It was at that moment when I admitted something, something that I was yet to tell myself.


“I think I’m falling in love with him.”



An; Duh, Duh, Duh … what do you all think? How will Ginny react? Good? Bad? Ugly?

So, totally off topic, but I’m just totally wondering and incredibly curious. How do you all imagine Charisma, like if you could give her a make over – taller, shorter, different hair, different style? Or how you imagine her now, is it different to how I’ve described or the same, cause I imagine her a little different to how I originally wrote. She just grew as a character in my head.

There will be a quick update as I’m desperate to show you what happens next, so, here’s a little preview. (They seem to get such a rise). XD

She sobbed. “HELP ME PLEASE!” her eyes were not black, but her usual shocking shade of blue.

That wasn’t the wolf. That was Charisma.

I ran to her, taking her hands. “Charisma, I’m here, love it’s alright, I’m here. I love you, I do love you.”

Then it came again, the laughter, the sound only fit for horror movies, only suitable for people who have no heart. For I had a heart, and it had broken.

Yes, that’s right. You finally get to see what happens on the full moon. So it's your last chances to get your say in what happens. XD

Chapter 14: Pre-Moon Cycle
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An; So here it is, the chapter many of you have been waiting for. It all belongs to JK Rowling. Oh and another thing – the scariest thing that you can imagine is exactly that … your imagination. So I haven’t included everything that goes on during the full moon. Some is left for you to imagine. 


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Charisma Price



Ginny Weasley dribbled her tea back in to the mug. “You … him, love him?”


I handed her a napkin so she could dry her chin, she took it but didn’t make any advance towards her face. “I think so.”


“Well-” she said in a slightly delirious manner, dabbing at her lips. “-thank fuck for that.”


I politely intervened her pathetic attempt at a happy dance. “Excuse me?”


Pushing aside my confusion she laughed. “Sweetie, after five years, I’m just glad that you’ve finally come to your senses.”


“I … don’t get it?” I said stupidly. “You’re not upset that I am falling in love with your son?”


Her expression went to a twist of confusion and shock. “Wolfy, upset is the last emotion that I would feel. I have been waiting for this day for so long.”


I continued to stare at her like she was insane. “Did you order vodka in your tea?”


“Charisma Price, you and James are so close, you two could start dating and there would be a difference in how close you are, with the exception of kissing and sex, it would make no difference.”


I was taken back. “Mrs Potter, did you just imply that you want me to have sex with your son?”


“Well, not exactly,” she backtracked, but the look on her face didn’t exactly say that she meant it. “I love you like my daughter, you’d be a daughter-in-law that I would be grateful to have; you and James would be very happy together.”


Only a few seconds had passed and she was already not-very-subtly hinting at marriage. “I’m not so sure he’d see it like that.”


“Yes, well; he’s not the brightest is he?” she said through gritted teeth. “How did this all happen, anyway? The last time I saw you both together you were as you always have been, and now – James and you aren’t speaking, he’s dating a bitch and you’re both utterly miserable.”


I wanted to deny the fact that we were both miserable; I don’t want to be and I’m sure that James is anything but. Yet I couldn’t stop the story that came tumbling from my mouth.


Ginny leant over the table like a young girl eager for gossip while I showed no signs of stopping. It began a few weeks before the Halloween Ball, I spoke about everything from Scorpius’ inputs to my kiss with Nathan. I was a machine with a broken ‘off’ switch.


“I got so jealous, all of the time,” I whined, my head falling in to my hands in slight despair. A pounding began again; it felt like someone was kicking me from the inside of my head. “Every time I saw the- them,” I stammered, rubbing at my forehead. “I just wanted to cry or to throw up. It wasn’t what I was used to.”


Placing her mug back on to the table, she placed her hand over mine and looked at my forehead. “Are you alright? We can go home if you’d like; I forgot what time of the month it was.”


“I’m okay, thank you. If I’m being honest, I feel calmer here than I do back at the house.” I admitted and she nodded understandingly. “I didn’t even realise that I liked James in the way that I do until Lily told me, and she wasn’t very subtle about it either.”


“That’s my daughter,” Ginny chuckled. “I’m not the type of mother to throw my kids in to the spotlight; they do that themselves, but James is a very good looking boy – I’m not sure which of us as parents he got that from,” she winked. “I always adored the fact that you’ve never seemed to notice the way that he looks.”


I snorted. “I guess things change.”


“You don’t feel the way you do because he’s got a mischievous smile or a brooding personality that makes me want to batter him; you love him because he’s thoughtful, if not a little bit naïve. You’re the perfect balance to his outgoing nature.”


“He’s being an idiot,” I said slowly. “I don’t see how I can balance that out.”


Ginny sighed. “The way that I see it, James needs to hear all of this; he’ll understand.”


“No he won’t!” I exclaimed, slamming my feet on to the floor and bolting upright in my seat. “He’ll run away screaming; Fred told me back in November that, that would be his reaction?”


“Fred still thinks that babies are brought by stalks,” Ginny told me, “You’re honestly going to listen to him?”


I nodded enthusiastically. “Freddy knows everything; he may not be the brightest pixie in the pack, but he’s brilliant at reading people. He said early last year that Rosie and Scorpius would get together, and look at them now – unfortunately he still seems oddly ignorant towards Dixie’s feelings-“


“Rose and Scorpius?” Ginny questioned through wide eyes. “I’ll be making sure to make fun of that one.”


“I’ll help,” I offered though a forced smile and bit down on to my tongue.


Ginny pushed her hair from her face and handed me a napkin. “Charisma, your nose.”


I took it gratefully and pressed the papery napkin to my skin; it came away with a red splodge. I closed my eyes and sighed deeply, trying to keep myself calm. “Can we please go?”


“Of course,” she agreed, pushing her chair back and standing out. “These nosebleeds are new – do you think they’re caused by stress? I mean, I’ve never seen you so distressed around the time of a full moon before.”


Swallowing and resisting the urge to sniff I shrugged. “I’m not sure, just consider it part of my pre-moon cycle, I guess.”


Despite trying my best to hide it, as Ginny opened the door I am sure she saw me biting back tears.



“I love this area!” Lily exclaimed, diving on to the snow covered floor of the main Hogsmeade road. She rolled over and began to make a snow angel.


Ginny rolled her eyes at her daughter and pulled her up from the snow. “You’re going to catch a cold.”


“Aren’t you going to ask why I love it?” Lily questioned.


“Does it involve a boy?” her mother asked in a way that heavily suggested that she didn’t care.


Lily shook her head. “No, well unless you’re counting the by standers.” She pointed to the floor. “I was stood right here when Evie got punched in the face by the one and only Charisma Price!”


“This is where you smacked her?” Ginny questioned and brushed off my guilty expression. “Can I please just point out that the people living in that house would have had a really good view of it all?”


I followed the point of her finger to a large window that overlooked the street and Rose rolled her eyes. “Very mature, Aunt Ginny.”


“Rosie, darling, I didn’t have an easy childhood-“


“Oh no,” Lily moaned. “Mum, please spare me; if you tell another war story, or anything that includes growing up with your brothers, I may be forced to run and throw myself off of that steep hill over there.”


Ginny raised a brow and turned to me and Rose. “Am I boring? Is this what it has come to? I’m the boring Mum. I am the boring Mother, the ones their children are embarrassed of.”


“I love you,” Rose tried to rectify. “I don’t think you’re boring.”


“Don’t try to suck up, Ro.” Ginny told her niece. “But Lily, to add to your point, if you’re going to be that dramatic – if James doesn’t break up with the she-devil (yes, we have encouraged Ginny to call her that too) and one of you three don’t do anything, I will be forced to commit murder.”


“Mum, are you saying that you want us three to break them up?” Lily asked with a mischievous grin plastered across her face. “Because that is something that I will be willing to do.”


Her mother nodded her head. “That is bad parenting, I would never directly suggest something like that.”


“Mum you’re nodding your head, you’re completely contradicting yourself,” Lily said earning a smack from Rose as a result.


“Besides,” Ginny winked at me. “I can only hope that he’s bringing someone else home for Christmas next year.”


Lily groaned as Rosie stepped in to the fireplace as we reached the front of the queue. “You told Mum?”


Soot fell from the roof of the fireplace on to Rose’s shoulder at the pitch of Lily’s voice, “You know that Aunt Ginny can’t keep a secret to save her life.”


“I will have you know that I kept secrets against Voldermort, during the war. I was one of the best!”


“Again with the war stories,” Lily sighed.


The wizard behind us in the queue interrupted our conversation to complain about us taking our time; there was a large queue behind us. He was tapping his foot impatiently until he realised that the woman in front of him was in fact Ginny Potter. At this point he seemed to lose all bodily movement and looked as if he had been given all his Christmas presents at once.


I knew for a fact that Ginny dislike the attention she got, almost as much as Harry. But there were perks – like this moment, when we were left alone without so much as a single complaint.


Ginny laid her hand on to my shoulder as Rose returned home, “I won’t tell a soul, I promise.”


“I know that you won’t,” I said as Lily took a handful of floo powder. “I’m simply going to try and ignore him; see how he likes it.”


“I don’t know whether to congratulate you on staning up to him, or roll my eyes at your immaturity.” She admitted before pushing me in to the fireplace next and handing me the bowl of powder. “Now, hurry up; with no offence intended, I want to get you, Teddy and James as far away from the house as possible before the moon comes up.”



Albus had bee-lined for the stairs, anticipating the upcoming argument. Not long after Harry had followed his sons lead. Lily sat, perched on the arm of the sofa, her mother’s fingers through her unused belt loops, holding her back.


“You what?” she screeched in a pitch that could call all nearby dogs to the house.


“Lily, the neighbours!” Standing up, still with her hand holding down her erratic daughter, Ginny turned to look at her son. “James, you cannot be serious?”


James sighed and let his head fall in to his hands, looking slightly hopeless. “Please don’t get at me; Evie and I have a date – that’s all. Charisma can handle this one on her own, she’s got Teddy, and she’s not a baby!”


“She has no control, James-Sirius! Grow a backbone and admit that she needs you; we don’t know what she might do, or where she might end up!” Ginny argued, her anger subsided into slight embarrassment as she realised that I was in fact stood nearby; she was used to speaking about me like I wasn’t here, considering the antics of late.


A slight guilty expression flashed across his face, but only for a moment. “I don’t own her Mum, she’s not my job.”


“James Potter, you could have at least told us before. Blimey if I ev-“Ginny shouted, talking a step towards her son.


My hands felt limp in my pockets as I came to stand behind James, “He’s right; he doesn’t own me; I’m not his to protect. We can’t make him do anything.”


“Thank you.” James sighed, his slightly pleading look met with my blank one. “At least Charisma understands.”


Ron and Hermione took that moment to enter through the door, possibly having held back having heard the shouting; I wouldn’t have come in if it were me out there. Rose and Hugo followed through, the latter seemingly unaware of the tension in the room and walking up the stairs. I noticed that Al and Harry were sat at the top, Albus slightly annoyed at his cousin for blowing their cover.


Evie was waiting outside; she was having none of it. Selfish bint.


Rose ran straight over to Lily and pounced on her, not allowing any movement. I am unsure whether she had sussed that her cousin may need to be held down and did the honours, or simply through a welcoming greeting.


I shook my head and lowered my voice, making sure that it was only James that my words would grasp the attention of. “But I don’t understand. I’m being a good friend as it blindingly obvious that you don’t want to be around me, be it this time of the month or any other. I don’t know what has gotten in to your head lately but I will stand by you, heck knows that you don’t deserve it!”


“Wolfy, wait,” he called out to me as I walked towards the front door. I took the knob in my hand twisted it in its loose lock, unable to open it for a moment. “Just wait for sec-“


“Charisma, where are you going?” Rose asked, sitting up with her hand firmly on Lily’s shoulder.


I opened the backdoor and pointed out to the sky in the garden, at the moon. “It’s that time of the month.”


I loved the moon, but I hate what it does to me. The moon is so free, but it makes me so trapped. Rose raced from the nearby sofa and grabbed my arm, as if to tell me to stay, but she then noticed the proximity of my 2nd worst enemy.


From how height of it, I would guess that I had about an hour or so before it rises and I loose all memory. I never want to find out what happens when I change.


Lily nodded her head before racing over to tackle her brother to the floor and Rose released my arm, letting me go.


I waited until I was a few minutes away from the house, before letting the tears fall, but there were none. Lately, he was not worth my tears. 



Albus Potter 



It’s still uncertain to me how my brother can be such a massive dick. He would twist around the words in that sentence to make it atomically egotistical, but still my sentence stays the same.


He’s always been a little self-centred, but this is taking the micky. Charisma needs him, it may not be what he wanted it to be, but she still needs him to stand by her side. He can’t simply walk away from that, and behind honest, I didn’t ever think that he would.


As soon as she left, he stormed over to the front door and slammed it behind him, pushing Lily off of him and leaving her on the floor. I knew she spoke to him; she had her ‘serious’ face on as the others were arguing.


“Charisma has courage, I’ll give her that.” Dad told me and Hugh in an undertone.


Hugo snorted, “Courage doesn’t even cover it, Uncle Harry.”


I heard Mum trying to sort out Lily, telling her to get up off of the floor, followed by Rose’s demanding voice, trying to get out of my little sister her version of what’s gone on – Lily’s versions are always the best to hear. They’re completely biased, exaggerated and usually shine James in a terrible light, which at the moment, he didn’t need any assistance in obtaining.


“Have we come at a bad time, Ginny?” Aunt Hermione asked, turning to glare at Uncle Ron; he probably made a stupid remark, one that would have him told of later. He’s quite famous for them.


Exhaustedly, Mum sighed. “Not at all, Hermione. What are the three of you sat up there for?”


Dad shot up in to standing like a rocket upon realising that she was in fact, speaking to us. Slight fear overcame his features; still, after all these years, Mum wears the pants in this relationship.


“Nothing, dear.” He rectified, pulling both Hugo and I up from the carpeted stairs and gesturing us down in to the living room.


Brushing it off, Mum gave Dad a ‘we’ll talk about this later’ look before turning to me. “Al, owl your cousin Fred; I guess he’s looking after Charisma tonight, bless her; she must be so mortified.”


“He won’t do it,” I told her, hoping that the anger that flooded through her wouldn’t overflow to me. Her face was almost as red as her hair. “Fred’s terrified.”


“Oh, he’s terrified is he?” she inquired. “He’s not afraid of anything, that boy is a bloody trooper. He’s too bloody stupid and courageous for his own good-“


“He looked after Charisma one year, joint duty with James; Wolfy broke his arm. It’s a long story; it involved blood and something to do with an appearing window and cutlery set-“ Lily explained, completely misinterpreting Mum’s look of horror for one of interest. “-I can tell you if you want; Fred gave me every detail.”


Rose practically laughed. “We’re fine, thank you. I’ll owl Scorpius.”


“You bloody well wont,” Uncle Rob told his daughter, an unusual air of authority in his tone, yet completely laced with childish grudges.


“He’s done it before, Uncle Ron.” I informed him. “The last time that James buggered off; plus he’s probably closer to Charisma than anyone in this room; don’t rectify it Lily, you know it’s true.”


Harry rose from the couch, expression ready to kill. “James has missed the moon before?”


“Yeah, another date with the ice-princess.” Hugo joined in. Hugo knew everything about everyone, it’s oddly fascinating.


The look that grew upon Uncle Ron’s face was a mix of emotions that I couldn’t recognise. He still held a grudge against the Malfoys, but I knew for a fact that Aunt Hermione often went for after-work drinks with Scorpius’ Mum; they work in the same building. Dad has explained to me before that Uncle Ron can’t help but think that a leopard can’t change its spots, and that Scorpius is exactly like his father. Besides, Ron would never look after Charisma himself; he thinks it’s a tad inappropriate for him to jump in when there are people more suited to the job; like James.


“Please, Daddy,” Rosie begged, her eyes popping to the size of dinner plates; a move I knew from her well. I know for a fact that it makes James oddly proud of her when she uses it. “He’s the only one who can. Al is too short, plus there’s nothing of him, Lily won’t know what she’s doing and I’m hardly capable. Plus, having done it before, Scorpius is experienced in it and it’s hardly appropriate for one of you to do it; Charisma would be absolutely humiliated if she found out that she had lost it in front of one of you.”


James would always refuse to tell us what happens. The only thing he will say is that it gets violent sometimes and that she says what she thinks of everyone - on that note it’s probably best that James doesn’t look after her this time round.


“So, am I getting Scorp or does anyone have any better ideas?” Rose asked, knowing that this would result with a trip to her boyfriend. 



Scorpius Malfoy 



“Charisma!” I called, slowly making my way through the forest, making sure my feet didn’t crack any twigs. “Chic!”


A cynical laugh came from behind the trees, like an awoken creature in the middle of the night. I smacked a branch from my line of vision and tripped over a root; so much for being quiet. Charisma soundlessly moved throughout the trees, her only give away; her hair. Her eyes are black, a slight amber addition. It’s like she’s possessed.


I pushed myself up from the floor and tip-toed through the wood a little more, a pathetic attempt to keep up with Charisma.


The moment that James approached me near to the beginning of the year and asked me to do this; I knew that it would be a mistake. He actually proposed to beg. He gave me a warning; but I guess if he had told me the full extent of what Charisma did, I would have never agreed. Then Rose asked me as well – I’m guessing that James didn’t tell them. But he’d never leave Charisma on her own without protection for the moon. He wouldn’t dream of it.


I guess he knew that they would ask me this time too; especially considering that he called and asked what I was doing tonight. I though he was trying to ask me out at first; he then scoffed when I told him that I was proudly with Rose.


“Charisma.” I whispered. “Chic, love?”


A low growl came from behind me; my groan louder than expected when she tackled me to the floor. She carried quite a force around this time of the month. Then I suppose; so does Lily, but hers is just found in her gob. What the hell is wrong with these Potter women?


I rolled over and held her arms still. She struggled out of my grip, screeching like she was pleading for insanity. A tear fell from her eye and she began laughing hysterically. So many emotions in one person, is it even possible?


She wrapped her legs around my waist and leant over my head grabbing handfuls of dirt within her hands.


My breath caught. “Love? What are you doing?”


She sat bolt upright before shooting off in to the other direction towards something in the trees. Her long hair rugged in the cool, crisp wind. It was somewhat cold tonight, hence my jacket and gloves, Charisma, on the other hand, found it fit weather for the attire of her under top and boxers. She had managed to loose her clothes a while back; but I picked them up, as instructed by James, and had to put them back on when she finally passed out.


I swiftly ran through the forest, following the short lived tracks of my charge. I didn’t worry for a second of what might be in said forest, only worrying to find Charisma.


I’ve already lost her once; she came running back over an hour later draped with mud and leaves. For the next twenty minutes I had been thinking of a suitable lie to cover it is anyone asked. I stopped running when I came to an opening in the trees before making a noise, as if calling a cat, at the blonde figure infront of me.


Her top was ripped a little and her hair a mess, I’m pretty sure she had ripped some out at a point; there was a patch at the base of her hair line where the skin was raw and dotted with blood. The right cheek of her pants had ridden up a little. She turned around slowly.


“Such a shame.” She chimed, staring me down with dark eyes. Her soft, bell like voice suddenly the type that would haunt my dreams. “A boy of such proportion and blood shouldn’t be here, not in a forest.”


I stayed silent.


Her tone turned from patronising to wonder. She walked around slowly in the opening, her step light. “But of course I’m not in a forest, ‘I’m never in a forest. I’m in heaven, aren’t I James?”


I bit my tongue.


“Because to be feeling this, I must be dead, obviously dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead!” She screamed before laughing. It was then I realised. I all made sense, the screaming, the laughing. She was in pain. “But you’re not James. You’re never James. I call for him but he never comes. He doesn’t love me; he hasn’t loved me for a while. He left me here, with you. You love me?”


I nodded slowly. “Yes Charisma, I love you.”


She ran to me quickly, quicker than I could have imagined. “You can not possibly, for I am human, only human.” She continued to speak something; I’m sure from what I understood a manner of it was indeed in Latin.


She mentioned love, she mentioned loneliness, she mentioned pain and then I’m sure she mentioned spoons. But I may have the wrong translation. But one thing is for sure. She is Charisma Price. The only person that she is able to communicate through to this monster is James. It is the only person that thing recognises. She mentions him constantly; calling me James, saying she loves me.


Blood began to slowly fall from her right ear. I squinted a little as I noticed a change. Her body language. She was suddenly terrified.


“SCORPIUS! SCORP!” She screamed, sinking down to the floor, blood pored from her ears and she clawed the side of her face. “SCORPIUS PLEASE!” She sobbed. “HELP ME PLEASE!” her eyes were not black, but her usual shocking shade of blue.


That wasn’t the wolf. That was Charisma.


 I ran to her, taking her hands. “Charisma, I’m here, love it’s alright, I’m here. I love you, I do love you.”


Then it came again, the laughter, the sound only fit for horror movies, only suitable for people who have no heart. For I had a heart, and it had broken. 



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Chapter 15: Saved by Harry Potter
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Charisma and Harry

Groaning, I squinted, opening my eyes in to slits the following morning. “I’m sorry.”


“Wolfy, it’s fine,” Scorpius tried to reassure. “Look, no blood this time.”


Ignoring him as he pushed his hands in to my face so I could so, I got up from the forest floor. When away from Hogwarts, where there is no Room of Requirement, I am left with a simple forest – the forest behind the Potters house always did a fitting job.


“But you got roped in to it, again,” I amended, taking a seat next to him and attempting to ignore the pounding headache that took over my mind. “I am so sorry for what ever you had to endure last night. I have no idea what I did but I’m sorry.”


He laughed, out of all reactions, laughing was not one that I was expecting. “Wolfy, seriously, I’m fine. You didn’t do anything too bad, but once again I fear for the life of Evie Lewis, maybe even more so this time.”


I placed my head in my hands and groaned. “Please don’t repeat anything that I might have said.” Knowing that something about James would have defiantly come out of my mouth, Scorp was just too polite to say anything or he didn’t want in to fear that I would eat him alive.


“I wont, I pinkie swear.”


We pinkie swore just in time to be joined by a boxer wearing Teddy. He trampled over a nice patch of flowers and tripped. He didn’t look good.


Teddy and I share the same wood on holidays when I return home. However Teddy is placed in to an equivalent of the schools Streaking Shack, the doors are controlled magically and open at exactly 4am in the morning, when the sun comes up.


“Top of the morning,” he greeted, stumbling around and looking horrible.


Rolling my eyes, I got up and help Teddy over to where we were sitting and dropped him in time for him to land on the floor. “You look lovely.”


“Not so bad yourself, love.”


Muttering, I embraced the pounding in my head. “We could be models.”


Teddy seemed to be suffering from the same pains as he reached for his head and took a moment to massage his temples. “Morning, Scorpius; how rude of Charisma not to introduce us.”


“Morning Ted,” he replied, knowing full well that I wasn’t in the mood to answer myself. Scorpius and Teddy were cousins, somehow related by the long twisted tree of the pureblood families – second cousins, or something along those lines. I am sure that Teddy used to babysit said cousin when he was younger for extra cash.


I thought that Scorpius was taking this incredibly well, on the account that it’s not every day that you see an injured man stumble around a private forest in his boxers at something like 6 in the morning after having spent the night with a clinically insane girl.


“How was the moon?” I asked him slowly.


“Hell.” He answered, still lying on the floor. “You?”


“Great, Scorp here did the honours on the account that James made an escape.”


“Nice.” Teddy said again, itching a cut he had on his lower back. “Does he bunk a lot lately?” Scorpius nodded. “I’m guessing it’s because of Satins daughter?”


“Ferula.” Scorpius whispered after a second or so, pointing his wand at his hand. A set of bandages appeared out of the end of his wand. I smiled a genuine smile, not something that I’ve done of late.


“Where did you learn how to do that?” I asked with curiosity.


“Malfoy?” he stated, pointing to himself. “My parents have books full of spells, rooms full of books full of spells; I thought that this one might come in handy one day.” He shrugged. I laughed as he wrapped them around Teddy’s middle.


“You’re a werewolf, aren’t you Ted?” He asked tensely.


Teddy nodded unsurely, but Scorpius only stopped for a second before he shrugged and carried on.


“You’re not running away screaming, why isn’t he running away screaming?” Teddy asked, his voice tired and slightly muffled due to him lying down face first on to the floor.


“Rose told me already, she warned me that she had a family of freaks and that I should watch out. I guess after spending time with Wolfy and Co for a while, things just aren’t that shocking anymore.” Scorp said sweetly. “Plus, I’m sure that my parents wouldn’t have let you near me as a kid if they didn’t trust you; I remember when you used to babysit me. You used to trick the house elves in to giving you more food than me.”


“I love you, Malfoy. But you were a horrid child.” Teddy stated. “Where the hell does Rosie find them?” he asked, shaking his head a little, too tired to move any more than that.


“I don’t know, but she picks the good ones.” I stated, being incredibly mushy and hugged Scorp by his side.


Scorpius stopped. “Hang on a moment.” He said. “Who is them, that Rosie seems to find?”


I shrugged. “Eh, you’re better than bloody Wood, or McLaggen, or-”


He took the left over bandages and wrapped them around my mouth so that I was unable to speak.


“Thank fuck.” He said, before wrapping the rest of them around my arms like a child. “You know, this is kinda fun.”


We stumbled in to the kitchen half an hour later, Scorpius and I helping Teddy and me with bandages still wrapped around my head. We placed him on the sofa, that James was supposed to be sleeping on, and left him there.


“Will he be ok?” Scorpius asked kindly.


I shrugged, unable to speak and knowing that Harry would be down soon and help Teddy in to the bathtub or something. However, I am not willing to go that far.


I hugged Scorp lightly before taking the bandages off of my head. He however had magically made them stay.


As Ginny came down the stairs, tripping over the bottoms of her pyjama bottoms she raced over to me. “Oh, dear, Charisma what’s happened?”


“I love the way you ignored your godchild,” Teddy groaned, speaking for the first time in a while. His exhaustion was always greater than mine. I pulled away from Ginny and tucked a pillow under Teddy’s head.


Scorpius placed a caring hand on to Ginny’s shoulder, one she seemed a little shocked at. “She’s fine; she just wouldn’t stop talking and at 6 in the morning, it’s very annoying.”


Ginny sighed and then laughed. “Bless, well it wouldn’t hurt if we left her like that for a bit longer.”


“I think that might be against child rights, Mum.” Albus announced, bounding down the stairs with a volume I would have loved to throttle him for. “I like the new look Wolfy, it’s very ‘eco-friendly-hipster’ type thing.”


Punching him in the arm I watched as he stumbled back, horror suddenly filled me as I realised just quite how hard I had hit him. “Sorry, Al – I’m so sorry; I forgot!”


I tried to pull away and rush over to Albus but Scorpius reached for the bandages on my head and took them off for me with the counteracting charm. I watched as Ginny moved her son so he could sit down and rub his arm with a sulky expression.


“You always conveniently forget you have big surges of strength at this time of the month,” he complained. “Oh, and by the way; Lewis is awake, you might want to die down the whole ‘flower-child’ thing before she sees you; I would hate to think the damage the two of you may cause to the furniture if she makes fun of you and you kill her.”


“Her blood might stain my carpet!” Ginny acknowledged worriedly.


Snorting I sat on the arm of the sofa, gently running my hands through Teddy’s hair, trying to undo the knots as he slept. He had simply closed his eyes and hadn’t opened them again.


“Where’s James?” I asked.


Ginny took Al’s place in the chair as he stood up and headed for the kitchen, muttering something about a cup of tea. “He’s in Lily’s room; after you left Lily went to stay at Hermione’s and so he took advantage of the empty space.”


Nodding in acknowledgement I stood up and walked over to the mirror, having caught my fingers in a knot in my hair. “Scorpius!” I cried in horror.


There was a daisy chain wrapped around my neck and another two of them woven through my hair. There were two leaves, obviously callously ripped from trees knotted in amongst my thick locks alongside dirt and balls of mud. The scratches on my face were something that I was used to, even the slight bruising on my chin, however the pretty patterns drawn in to the dried mud on my skin were new.


“You just lay down and went to sleep after a while, much quicker than the last time and I got bored. I couldn’t exactly sleep and leave you alone,” he told me. Despite the tone to his voice, as if this were an everyday occurrence, I heard the waver, but also the mischief.


I turned away from the mirror; partially out of disgust and also to look him in the eye. Wrapping my arms around him, I wasn’t fussed that he made no attempt to hug back. He hadn’t slept, and knowing him, he probably hadn’t switched off at all – he would have been alert all night.


Instead I narrowed my eyes and pushed him away. “You got bored? You got bored, so you decided to use me as a dolly?”


“In a nutshell, m’love.”


Without hesitation, I raced across the living room to catch him; the thought of murder had crossed my mind, but was quickly followed by adoration for the blonde.


He pulled his wand from his pocket and said, “Locomotor Mortis.”


My leg’s locked together as if they were attracted my magnets. I fell to the floor with a crash and dragged myself towards the cover of the sofa before reaching for my own wand. “Rictusempra!”


Scorpius wavered for a moment before collapsing to the floor and falling in to a state of uncontrollable laughter; the boy was very ticklish – especially by magic tickles. By the time that the laughter had attracted the people from upstairs, Albus had wandered back in to the living room with two mugs of tea, one for him and one for his Mum.


“Good morning, nutty family.” James groaned, stepping over Scorpius and making his way through to the kitchen. He stopped in the doorway and turned back to us all, ignoring the cried of his girlfriend as Scorpius went to grab her legs like the little creep he his, and look at me. “Why is Charisma on the floor?”


Lily burst through the doorway and dropped her bag on the floor. “Why do you care? Oh, Chic; you look so pretty. Malfoy you should really think of taking up art for a career, Malfoy are you listening to m- oh.”


Scorpius rolled sideways, almost taking out the Christmas tree in the process. Ginny, slightly terrified that we would ruin her living room, took out her wand and muttered the counter spells for us both. I stretched out my legs and watched as Scorpius sat up straight.


“Charisma, you’re so mean.” He muttered, throwing a pillow at me, one that Teddy had knocked on to the floor.


“You two are so immature,” Lily muttered, stepping over us both and heading up towards her bedroom, her sleepover bag still in the doorway of her house.


As Harry passed his daughter on the staircase, she gave him a warm smile; she was a Daddy’s girl through and through. Harry carried the usual warm - and slightly damp towel - which he always used to clean up Teddy. Having been faced away from the stair case, Lewis had seemingly missed him on her trip to the kitchen.


I let out a quiet groan as Scorpius leapt forward and lay sideways over my stomach, pinning me to the floor, just out of the way of the settee. James’ glare toward the both of us didn’t go unnoticed by me.


“I’m not even going to ask,” Harry commented, moving past us both to attempt to his godson. Scorpius ahd used the element of surprise and taken to opportunity where my attention wasn’t focused on him, but on Harry and Teddy. “James, my son, grab Teddy’s other side will you, he’s so irresponsible, all this partying.”


It seemed that Evie wasn’t evening listening, too entranced by her cup of tea to take notice of Teddy; lying for her sake wasn’t needed. Together, the father and son hauled the tall boy up the stairs.


“Evie would you mind giving me some help in the kitchen?” Ginny asked politely, on the consideration that Lewis has not done anything since she arrived here, it would have been a nice gesture.


“I would Mrs Potter, but I’ve just done, and it would completely ruin the paint.” She said, admiring her non-painted nails. How bloody stupid can you get?


Harry rolled his eyes and left the room, leaving an annoyed Ginny to fend for herself, the usual. He knew that she could.


“It’s alright I’ll do it.” I said, attempting to stand up slowly, pushing off Scorp, trying to get my balance back - and failing.


“No, no. Chic it’s ok. I can do it.” That pretty much translated in to I was actually going to make up a job so that I could talk to Evie girl to girl. But it failed. 


Lily took that moment to call down the stairs, “Wolfy, were goin’ to Uncle George’s to knock out the boys at Quidditch, you coming?”


“Yes!” I squealed in happiness, Quidditch was exactly what I needed. I would take a quick hangover potion (which worked surprisingly well for my symptoms) and head over, possibly taking a nap at Freddy’s.


“Well come on, go get changed.” Albus called from upstairs. “We wanna go.”


“I’m going as quickly as I can. Thank Scorpius for my speed.” I cried grinning. I got halfway up the stairs and tripped. Being the good friends that I have, instead of helping they laughed.


“Well your not going to get very far by doing that now are you?” Scorp called from the sofa.


“Go home!” I retaliated, still lying down. I army crawled up the stairs and in to Lily’s room. “Lily, how much make-up did you buy at Hogsmeade?” I asked, getting up and picking up a bottle of foundation.


“It’s not mine. I only bought shoes.” She called from Albus’s room.


I heard a snotty groan come from the doorway of Lily’s room and my hand was smacked away from the make-up selection. “Don’t touch my stuff, it’s already contaminated just by being in this room, it doesn’t need your little finger marks all over it.”


“No one’s asking you to be here, Lewis the front door’s downstairs, go and do us all a favour and shut it behind you.” I said back at the end of my tether.


She let out a tiny squealing noise, as if she had been prodded with a hot poker, “Price you’re finally getting a backbone I see. Too bad it doesn’t affect me. James wants me here, so just deal with it.”


I watched with slight distain as she slapped the make-up on to her face with one-too-many layers, “Be careful, put much more of that on your cheeks and it will be a health hazard; you won’t be able to breathe.”


As I walked over to grab my clothes – still unpacked – from my trunk, I accidentally bumped in to her on my way out. I balled my jumper up in my arms and was halfway down the hallways when I heard her calling my name.


“Price, bloody stop – Price!” She took hold of the back of my ripped jacket but let go immediately, as if I had a disease. “You can just say that and walk away.”


“I just did, I don’t want an argument with you Lewis, I want to go and meet with my friends.”


“Yeah that’s it, once again back away from any potential argument and go and play with your little nerd herd. You’re nothing but a gigantic freak Price. You and that Lupin guy, I have no idea what his problem is.” She said in a classic bitch pose. Hand on hip, knee bent, one leg out. “You come in this morning looking you’ve spent the night rolling around in the mud; you look like a tamp.


“The first time that I saw you, I thought that you were ‘just a bit special’. I bet the only reason that the Potters are friends with you is because they feel sorry for you; everyone knows that they are big on charity cases.”


I was ready to hex her, scratch that; I was ready to kill her. I was inches away from the girl; all I needed to do was drop my clean clothes, reach out and I could murder her with my bare hands. But I wasn’t given time to.


Harry pushed open the bathroom door and set his sights on Evie, “Lewis, how dare you come in to my home and treat anyone with such distain. Get downstairs, now!”


She furrowed her brows, genuinely confused by what she had done wrong. “Excuse me?”


Teddy coughed from the bathroom, leaning around the door holding an ice-pack held to his cheek. “He’s kicking you out, bitch.”


“Teddy,” Harry warned, shutting the bathroom door to separate him off; his godson probably wouldn’t have the best level-headed opinion in this situation. “I’m not kicking you out, Evie; you can still say. You said it yourself; we’re big on charity cases. But here you me, you treat anyone in the same manner and you will never be welcome back, do you understand?”


Evie didn’t seem at all fazed that she was being told off by Harry Potter, the saviour of the Wizarding world and shook her head. “You didn’t hear the things that she said to m-“


“IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT YOU!”  Lily shouted, practically tripping over as she raced down the corridor in a tattered pair of jeans; she pulled her shirt over her head as she ran. “Can you think of someone that isn’t you for a millisecond of your life?”


“Go downstairs Lewis, I don’t want to see your face for the remainder of the holiday.” Harry said in the most parental like voice that I have ever heard.


Lily jumped for joy and shot insults at Lewis as she passed, heading towards the stair case. She turned to me, as if I was to join in, but I wasn’t focused on the situation; James had heard it all. I knew that he was watching; the bathroom door clicked shut and I knew that he had been the one to do it.


A hand attentively placed itself on to my shoulder. I turned and looked Harry in the eyes.


“Thank you.” I whispered. He nodded slowly and winked at me.


He turned towards the staircase and stopped at the top, laughing a little; as if on an inside joke. “Charisma, if anything like this ever happens again – hex her and I’ll deal with the consequences!”


Oh, look.” I said lamely at the sudden buzz. “Doorbell.”


Harry smiled and turned back to the stairs, but stopped half way down. Within seconds Albus was at my side, having shoved his father from the stairs and skipping the last few. He bashed his knee from slipping forward and appeared in front of my face.


“Charisma!” he said in a very solemn voice; imitating his fathers. “You need to get to the door, now!”


I followed him through his house, jumping over a chair in the living room. Albus walked straight. Ginny was standing in the door way, her expression filled with worry. Two Aurors stood at the door.


“What’s this about?” I asked, attempting to pick the last of the leaves from my hair; not particularly sure if I wanted to know the answer.


“Are you Charisma Bustle-Price?” The tallest Auror asked, looking as patronizing as ever. I nodded, shuddering at my mothers name that was forced on to the end of mine. “I think that you better sit down.”


They un-invitedly stepped in to the house, walking through to the living room. Harry appeared at the table. “Kingsley, Samuel. What can I do for you this dandy morning?” He greeted; a smile upon his tired face.


The one I assumed with Kingsley shook his head. “I’m afraid we’re here for Miss Price.”


Harry shook his head. “What have I told you about robbing those liquor stores Charisma, it doesn’t look good on ministry applications.”


“It’s not good Harry.” Ginny stammered, tears threatening to spill over as she pushed away her husband’s sudden burst of affection towards her.


He blinked. Samuel stepped forward and leant to make eye contact with me. “Miss Price. I’m afraid we have some bad news.” I nodded while he paused. “It’s your parents.”

Considering they haven’t spoken to me in four years and haven’t even made an attempt at contact, I didn’t see what the huge problem-ao was. I had recently expressed to James how I would have liked to spend Christmas with them, as a normal family. But I then expressed the reality of that happening.

I wondered briefly is they had managed to loose themselves in a mountain of paperwork at their offices. Maybe they were missing and were actually just lost under their desks, in that place where you put your feet, burning paper to stay alive.

“Miss Price-“


“Charisma, call me Charisma.”


He sighed. “Ok then, Charisma. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this.” Ginny sobbed quietly in the corner, my heart exploded, not for me, but for her. “They’re dead – They were staying in a hostel down the street while visiting someone by the name of, James Potter, when they were killed … by a werewolf.”



An; This was such a difficult chapter to write, but not because of the deaths, or the pain of Teddy (although they were added difficulties) but because of the frame of mind that I was in while writing the previous chapter. I had to switch back to nice-nice Charisma after writing her in such a horrid way.

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Chapter 16: He Lost Me
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Charisma Price



I was nine when my father brought me to the park. He sat me on the swings and went to read a book. When he looked up I had gone; in reality I was sitting on the roundabout, spinning in circles with the other kids, wishing so hard if only this thing could go faster. It soon span so fast one child threw up, another flew off of it and then the bolts broke, causing it to fly from its hold and slide across the park.


Dad didn’t look up from his book; he simply read and read until the last page was complete. He stood up from the bench and gazed across the park lightly for any sign of me. I had hidden beneath the slide with a cut knee; crying in hope that he would come to find me.


He didn’t come to find me; he went home.


He couldn’t find me. So he walked home, just assuming that I would turn up soon.


You see, most have family arguments. It takes many divorces and lies to screw up a family. But if you’re a Price, like me, it only takes a family, to screw up a family.


This story is one that would usually turn a person to tears, snot running from their nose and sobs erupting from inside them. Brushing my shaking hands over my thighs, I took in a shuddered breath.  


I did not cry.


I did not sob.


I did not blink.


I looked up at Harry. His eyes filled with sympathy. I straightened my back. “Where is he?” I asked boldly. Not one single emotion to my voice. “James Potter wanted to meet with my parents. I should go and tell him of their unfortunate cancelation.”


“Charisma, darling.” Harry said, breaking free from his wives hold and striding towards me. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”


“Well if someone doesn’t tell him he’s going to wonder why they didn’t turn up.” I said bitterly. Harry took hold of my arm, knowing that I wasn’t going to take no for an answer. “It only seems fitting after all; the daughter get’s attacked by a werewolf, what a perfect way to finish off the parents.”


“Charisma, you don’t mean that.” He sat me down on to the couch. Albus ushered the Aurors from the room, in to the kitchen.

I sighed. “Yes, I do. Although, which wolf was it? I don’t know of any in this area.”

Ginny sniffed lightly and sat down on the other side of my. Not once in my life had I felt smothered by her presence, but at this moment, there seemed to be a first time for everything. “I don’t think you understand. They were only staying down the road. In the old hostel, the white cottage, with the Bed and Breakfast sign out the front.”


I scoffed. “It’s just like them, not to say Hi I mean. Although I guess it would be a little awkward after four years.”


Harry closed his eyes. “Charisma, the white cottage backs on to the forest outback, the one that you and Teddy use on full moons.”


“Yeah, so?”


Ginny bit back a sob. “Honey; you and Teddy are the only Werewolves in the area.”


I laughed crossly. “You mean, you can’t actually think … you, mean … I … Teddy?” With a gentle nod Harry stood beside his wife. She tried to place a loving hand on to my shoulder; I shrugged it off. “I didn’t do anything.”


Albus appeared back at the door, the quiet conversation of the aurors’ could be heard if I listened carefully. What was pounding in my head turned in to banging and I prayed that the nose bleeds wouldn’t begin again. I felt my ears pop and the room come in to focus once more.


“We can’t be sure.” Harry admitted with a solemn look upon his features.  


I furrowed my brows and practically hissed, “Excuse me?”


“We can’t be sure Charisma.” He repeated slowly and clearly. “None of us were with you.”


“Scorpius was with me.”


Harry sighed. “He didn’t know the procedure. James should have gone.” He punched the sofa. “I should have gone.”


“You,” I growled in a patronizing tone. “Shouldn’t have done anything, I am not a child, I am not a baby. Now I may not be able to control what happens to me sometimes-” a crack tore through my voice as it raised an octave or two “-but I am not a killer!”


“I am not suggesting you are Charisma.” He said politely. “I am only suggesting, that maybe Scorpius let yo-“


“Scorpius!” I screeched with an extra addition – a cry, a crack in my voice. I had been strong till now. I couldn’t break. I can’t break. I don’t break. Marching over to the stairs I almost ripped my nails off, not realizing I had gripped on to the sofa cushions with such a force. “Scorpius Malfoy!”


Harry stepped towards me, trying to take hold of my arm. “Charisma, maybe you should sit down, calm down a littl-?”


“NO!” I screamed, jumping from the stair and shoving him backwards. “No! No! NO!”


I couldn’t stop repeating myself.


I overturned the coffee table, sending it in to the fire. Ginny walked in to the kitchen while Harry stepped back and let me sink to the floor in shame.


I couldn’t have done it.


I couldn’t have killed my parents.


I gripped my hand in to a fist and let my nails cut in to my palms, if I could feel shock I would be sure that it would be over the fact that I felt nothing. I let myself cry, tears soaking in to the carpet as I pounded my fist against the carpet, my legs out beside me.  


Scorpius appeared at the bottom of the stairs, Evie and James shortly behind. “Chic!” Scorp shouted, jumping over the broken wood and running to my side. He wrapped his arms around me and rocked me backwards and forth.


“Oh, look-” A haughty voice sneered. “-it appears that someone isn’t so perfect after all.”


With a growl to my tone, I told her where she could go, with an obscenity that I wish I had never learnt.  


A tear fell.


I could practically hear her expression of disgust, “What did you just say to me?”


Scorpius rocked me, covering my ears with his hands. My cries had unintentionally reached an abnormal pitch as he tried to whisper calming words in to my ear. I reached out and pushed him away, wiping my dirty hand down his face, he simply took hold of my fingers and tried to keep me still.


“Charisma,” James breathed, leaping from the stairs and wrenching Scorpius off of me. I had no chance to rationalize my thoughts as my blurry vision was covered by James’ shoulder. “I’m sorry,” he pleaded. “I’m so, so sorry.”


I scraped my nails down his skin and tried to push him away, “You did this!” I cried, “This is your fault!”


“It wasn’t supposed to be like this!”


But my ears refused to hear any of it. I switched off and tried to rip whatever I could, my jumper, the buttons from his shirt, the carpet. “They’re dead,” I whimpered, “They’re bloody dead.”


I felt his lips press against my head, my skin burning and my hair itching beneath his touch. In that singular moment, all the anger, the frustration and the pain, it evaporated from his body and he simply felt pity. I could feel it from his gaze.


People moved around us, Harry ushering the others upstairs and sending people to different places in the house with an authoritative tone. Yet any action seemed lost on me; I pounded my fists against James’ chest, lashing out against my best friend.


My punches soon turned to slaps, pitiful effortless slaps. And he took every single one.


“I didn’t do it,” I sobbed quietly, a single breath became a word. “I couldn’t have done it.”

James took hold of my fists in the silent order to stop, “I know Charisma. I know that you didn’t.”


“I didn’t do it.” I told him, a blurry face through teary vision. “I didn’t kill them.”


I’m not dangerous.


I didn’t kill them.


I didn’t kill them. 



James Potter



The household was silent. For the first time since the war, Dad said, the household was silent. It was uneasy, horrid. A single step seemed to loud, and so people settled for staying still. Albus perched on the staircase, holding Lily tightly in his arms as she fumbled with the ends of her jumper.


Mum and Dad were in the kitchen, discussing with Kingsley and Sam what to do; they wanted to take Chic and Teddy away; they’re possible threats to the community. As a response, Dad has pointed to Charisma as she shook in my arms on the floor of our living room.


They wanted to take Charisma away.


They couldn’t do that, they just couldn’t.


I wouldn’t allow it, and I’m sure that a large part of me would be willing to throw myself in front of the aurors to make sure of that.


Charisma’s head lay in my lap, her hands balled around fist-full’s of the material of my trousers. The tears had stopped running from her eyes as she stopped moving. She hadn’t moved in over five hours, she simply lay there, staring, staring at my ceiling.


It wasn’t interesting, there were no patterns, no paintings or chips; it was simply a ceiling. Yet I’m sure that it’s a better picture than the life around her at this moment; Charisma was always one for wanting to escape – at this moment she needed it more than ever.


As days passed, no one mentioned her outburst, not a single word. Not in six years, through all of the shit, had Charisma Price ever broken, and in a single moment, her entire world crashed down around her and it all became too much. She just fell to the floor.

Her parents had passed and she could think of nothing else. She was easy to read, like a coloring book, one with crayons and chalk pastels.

I felt lost, she was alone, and I was lost. She was empty, her eyes emotionless, visions just replaying in her mind. No one could break her, no one could break it. She was like a rock, an eternal rock unable to move from nature. But this was the work of Mother Nature; this isn’t natural at all … this is the work of the Dark Lord.


Only he would put someone so sweet under so much pain.


That amount of pain in unreal, it can’t be real.

I don’t think that I can believe it.


I don’t want to believe it.


I’m not going to believe it.


Never, will I believe it.


When Lily came bounding up the stairs and in to the bathroom to tell me of their passing, banging on the door, her voice without emotion, I was unable to reply with much more. Her face had been drained of all colours, her eyes red and her lips swollen.


I couldn’t understand the words that poured from her mouth next, they seemed foreign to me, and Lily seemed to understand. I didn’t need to understand; I knew it was bad. Everything slowed down; not because of their death, not even because it was my fault, but because it was Charisma. Not one person deserved this any less than her.


Dad had mouthed to me from across the living room later that night. “Give her time.”


Time is the one thing I don’t have.

I know Charisma, better than anyone, but even I don’t know what to say to her. She’s an emotional wreck, a time bomb just waiting to be set off. And if anyone, I want to be the one to do it. I deserve this. I deserve this more than anyone.


I just want to grab her, hold her tight; tell her it’s okay and that this isn’t real. That we are still the childish twelve year olds that swung from trees and played in the old broken tree-house in my back garden, to tell her that I’ll be there for her, to look after her.


I wanted to hold her tight, to make sure she never left, and to make sure that I don’t lose her too. But I can’t; she doesn’t want me. She just keeps pushing me away.


She stirred in my lap; the first movement in over an hour. I stroked her hair and watched her eyes, not one blink. Not a movement, not a sound. We had been in the front room, sitting here for hours. The second movement, a sad smile. The third, a sniffle. The forth, a tear.


“Malfoy!” I hissed at the blonde child later that night, dragging him down the staircase by the sleeve of his t-shirt. “What the fuck happened that night?”


He furrowed his brows. “I don’t underst-“


“You!” I spat, “tell me now!”


He blinked and ruffled his T-shirt. “Tell you what Potter?”


I blinked. “I need a play-by-play account of the full moon.” I coughed a little, mainly out of nerves. “I should have been there. I can’t trust any one else to do that job - no offence.”


“None taken,” He admitted, taking a seat on the bottom step. I sat on the one above. “I’ve said it before but, tt’s unbelievable to think that Charisma can be that bad.”


I only nodded. “In our third year-” I began “-she scaled the side of the wall and attempted smashing a glass window that had appeared in the Room of Requirement. A boy in the year above, Richard Peirce, had decided to throw a potion over her the day before, she didn’t take it too well. She pushed me to the floor and punched me repeatedly; she kept shouting that she wanted me to die.”


Scorpius swallowed. “It’s so difficult, to see her like that.”


Nodding I patted his shoulder awkwardly. “How did she really get covered in mud – got bored and decorated her face, really?”


“She kinda mounted me later in to the morning. I rolled her off and she went mental, slamming her face in to the floor, crying and screeching.”


“I’m sorry, Malfoy,” I apologized. “I never thought that she’d ask you to…”


But I couldn’t finish. Fred was supposed to do it, the one who had done it before. He would have kept a hold of her. Scorpius said nothing, only stared at the floor. “Is she always that … sexual?”


I scoffed. “She can be – sometimes she’s more violent than … frisky.”


“It’s bloody terrifying.” He whispered. “I’m so afraid that if I blink she’ll run away and I’ll lose her.”


“Did you?”


With a shaky breath he let out a bitter laugh, “Only for a second, but I guess that was all it took.”


“We all make mistakes.” I tried to reason.


He punched the floor. “Yes, but most people’s mistakes don’t lead to the death of two people!”


“It was my mistake too.” I couldn’t admit to much more; the two of us – the two men that cared about her possibly more than any other people in the world, and we were actually discussing the reality that Charisma Price had actually murdered two people.


‘They were her parent’s’; Dad has tried to explain to me, ‘she would have been drawn to them’. I refused to believe him and knocked the tea pot off of the table.


Scorpius looked up at me, a pained expression on his face. “Then why weren’t you there?”


I blinked, I recognized the look he wore, the downward pull at the mouth, the creasing of the skin around the eyes, the disbelief – the inability to understand. “You went to her didn’t you?” I asked, ignoring his question, I couldn’t answer it. I just couldn’t. “She turned back, to Charisma.”


He nodded slowly, a little shock on his face. “For a matter of seconds, she was screaming; there was blood and she was crying. I just couldn’t take it.”


There was a long pause of silence where he picked at the carpet and I simply stared in to space. I wandered if he would pick a hold through the carpet, if I would be able to stare through the brick if I looked hard enough. Speaking with Malfoy under normal terms was hard enough; even looking at him now seemed to form a dull ache in my gut.


“Why does it happen?” he asked.


“Charisma’s strong.” I explained. “It’s gotten worse with age. She’s a fighter that little blonde; she can scrape through the first layers of the wolf’s dominance. Speak, control certain things – but she can’t remember any of it, the next day, she just-”


Scorpius sniffed. “She was sobbing, there was so much screaming.” He looked in to my eyes. “It hurts her so much to even gain that split second of control; so much pain for that tiny amount of self pity.”


I nodded slowly, making sure I showed no weakness. I refuse to cry in front of a Malfoy, in front of anybody. “Do you see why I need to get out?”


“Of the moon?” he asked. I noddedand tried to ignore the look of anger that grew upon his features. “All she mentioned was you - all night. When’s James coming back? I want James. I love James. James doesn’t love me. He’s not here.”


“She doesn’t know what she’s sayin-“


He bit his lip in frustration. “I don’t care what she does to you, how much you hate the moon, whether or not you’re even on talking terms at the next one. But you’re going to be there; you’re going to be the one that holds her while she sobs, or attempts to grab you. You’re going to be the one that picks up her clothes when she throws them about, to carry her back. It’s got to be you; because I’m out. I can’t do it again.”


That little shit thinks that I want to, he honestly thinks that I can stand to see her like that – to see my best friend scream for mercy, battle with herself so hard that blood streams from her eyes in the form of tears. He thinks that I can deal with that?


It’s the reason I miss the moons.


Because I can’t take it.



Charisma told Evie to leave; having simply had enough of everything and everyone around her, she went after the first person that she knew she could. I was sure that if we hadn’t held her back, she would have mauled my girlfriend.

“They were my parents.” Charisma replied bitterly “Don’t you dare talk to me...ever again actually.” 

Evie laughed out loud.  “Oh, ok. I’m sorry to have bothered you your highness.”

Charisma smirked; it was a smirk fit only for a Slytherin. “You should be. Now leave.” She opened the door, swinging it open with a simply flick of her wand.


“Excuse me?”


“Are you deaf now?” Charisma challenged, her eyes turning to slits. “I said leave. The door is behind you.” Evie blinked in shock. “You’re no longer welcome here.”


“J…James?” She stammered her eyed widened in shock, her tone pleading.


I simply left the room; if she wished to stay she could walk up stairs and stay out of the way of Charisma; it was obvious she wasn’t in the mood to be spoken to. Being around her was like stepping on cracking glass; you knew it was going to break, but you didn’t know when and then when it did … it would scar you for life.

“Get out.” Charisma hissed; she twisted her wand in her grip.  Evie missed the movement, I didn’t. “Or I’ll throw you out.”


Let’s just say she nearly did.

Evie has been my girlfriend for a few months. Charisma is my priority. Charisma is my need.  

She refused to attend the funeral. Only Mum and Albus went. Dad stayed here, just watching Charisma as she stared in to the fire’s flames, humming to herslef. I think he’s afraid that she’s going to jump in; one minute she’s smiling softly, a remenance of the smile she once had - but with no emotion behind it; a creepy reminder of what once was. But the next minute her world seems to crumble around her and she is left with nothing, it was always simple movements that set her off, the inability to open a jam jar, the frustration with the jammy door or the bathroom.  


I always hated her parents; the pain that they put Charisma through, the loneliness. The sight of my best friend sobbing in my arms is enough to fire anyone’s hate. But then came Chic’s Christmas wish. She asked for her parents. She mentioned it in Charms a while back. So that’s what I did. They were coming for Christmas. They were going to arrive on Christmas morning and take her out for the day.


It was all planned.


And then one of them killed her.


But which one.


Which one did it?


Charisma rose from the fire, standing up straight with a blank expression. She didn’t move for a moment … and then she turned. Looking me right in the eye. I was curled up on the sofa, my legs touching my chest and my knee lying off the couch; an awkward position, but a comfy one. Alike my Dad, I had been watching her, refusing to close my eyes incase when I opened them; she was no longer there.


I only stared back, attempting to ignore the fear in her eyes. She was scared. I thought that she would be, paranoid, angry, devastated. Not scared - never scared, not my Charisma.


She ran to me from a few feet away, diving herself in to my arms, lying down on the couch next to me, her posture now in a ball. We were curled up, tight. I pulled a blanket over her and looked out to the snow covered window.


“I’m done.” She muttered in to my shoulder.


I looked down to her with worried eyes. This was the first time she had spoken in days. “Charisma?”


“I’m done.” She echoed. “I’m done moping. I’m a Gryffindor; I have the heart of a lion.”


I chuckled. “And the modesty of Malfoy.”



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Chapter 17: I Need You
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Andrew Wood
This chapter is dedicated to all who cried at the last.



“Charisma!” Ellie was hovered, hanging upside down from her broom. “Are you in or out?”


Nodding furiously in agreement, I gave her the thumbs up and flew across the pitch to meet her.


I have been avoiding James like the plague. I sobbed, I cried and I embarrassed myself more than ever thought imaginable – and still there was no change. He was nicer; I’ll give him that, just back to how he was before. But still when I looked in to his eyes, I saw pain.


And it kills me because I don’t know why.


“Ok!” Fred shouted across his Europe-sized garden. “On the account that our Captain isn’t here, I am now in charge.”


“WHO SAYS?” Drew demanded. He happens to have a very loud yell. I know this as he just shouted in my ear. I am now half deaf.


“I DO!” Fred screamed, desperate for the position.


Dixie sat on the side lines and tried to make herself heard from the ground. “Guys, Fred can do it this time, Drew the next!” She always was a surprisingly good peace keeper for her persistently anger-filled little body. Dixie only was considerably smaller than the rest of us, something Drew found great pleasure in constantly pointing out.


Oh, and also because of his absence, Lily shall be taking his place as chaser and Rose as keeper, because Polly is staying in America with her Gran for Christmas!” Kyle announced and gestured to Lily who was helping herself to a broom from the trunk.


We had arrived at the Weasley’s an hour ago. Our first decision was simple, dump our belongings on Freddy’s bed and peg it in to the garden. We began by simply flying – something I needed to do. I needed to escape, to not return. A part of me wanted to fly towards the trees and to loose myself, to not come back.


The Ministry has allowed Teddy to return home to Victoire, and me to remain with the Potters. Teddy being more messed up than me was unable to face me before he left. I don’t believe for one moment that one of us did it. Not for a second.


Well, maybe a millisecond.


My friends are acting awkwardly. At first they didn’t know what to say to me, what to say at all, so they said nothing. But they soon lightened up – it was now mostly normal. My family was never mentioned before hand; so our topics of conversation aren’t all too different now.


Teddy hasn’t left the house; Victoire says it’s because of guilt. I went to their place yesterday morning, I stood outside the front gate and stared, I couldn’t seem to make myself push the latch and force it open. My body wouldn’t allow me. I wanted to see Teddy, but I couldn’t face it. I didn’t know, I just don’t know! James stood with me, watched me for a while before allowing me to turn around and just walk away.


“Come on Price; GET YOUR SEXY ARSE OVER HERE!” Drew called to me; bringing a lot of attention to the situation. He fiddled a little with his grey hat, the woollen t-cosy that he never removed.


I nodded slowly, still no sound able to make itself from my mouth. I swiftly flew over to where my friends were beginning to huddle.


“Charisma, forget my brother.” Lily said to me before I reached the group. I nodded and tightly gripped my broom. She knew it wasn’t the biggest reason for my depressive state, but it was the only one that she was willing to mention.


Fred whistled, sadly attempting to re-create the whistle that would have been blown by Madame Hooch, the decrepit Quidditch teacher. He waited for Dix to release the balls from the trunk; she stared at him a little confused. We followed suit and looked towards our friend.


Fred unnecessarily yelled towards Dixie. “Just fucking open the trunk!”


She stared back at him for a moment, her eyes looking like they were about to spit fire. Her arms folded and she was sat in a classic Dixie pose that simply read ‘excuse me?’.


Fred rolled his eyes. “Just fucking open the trunk … please?”


It still astounded me the way that Dixie reacted to him; he was the only one who ever dared speak to her in that manner; anyone else would have run for the hills. She unfolded her arms and flicked the lock on the trunk. The Quaffle, Bludgers and snitch flew out at their own accord and began do their jobs.


Lily played like never before, swerving and diving with such professionalism she could easily rival her brother. She flat out refused to try out for the team though, something about not wanting to be under James’s authority. Rose shuddered in the hoop, she attempted to avoid Quidditch if she could, Roxy, Fred’s baby sister, would have played, but as our resident Ravenclaw she decided to stay and watch from her room instead. She accused us of only wanting to steal her tricks.


I caught the Quaffle with great persistence Lily she threw it in my direction, diving and ducking. I flew towards the circles that George had conjured up when he and Angelina first bought this house 20 years ago. They insist that we all call them Aunt and Uncle, due to the fact that I am an honouree family member. I love the Weasley and Potters; they are more of a family than I have. The only family I have.  


“Better luck next time!” someone called to Rosie as the Quaffle flew straight past her and through the ring on her right.


She glared in response, pulling a little on her jeans with a tight expression. I knew it well; she was trying incredibly hard not to fall from her broom. It wore itself out on my face for many years.


“Come on, people!” Fred groaned, stopping and waving his hands around animatedly. “PULL YOURSELVES TOGETHER, YOU’RE PLAYING LIKE GIRLS!”


Excuse me?” Elle screeched from the other side of the pitch; release the wrath of Ellie, congrats Fred.


Fred snorted and held out his beaters bat, trying to keep her at least that length away. “I just mean that you can play better, alright?”


“Right then,” Kyle agreed dryly, flying up behind me and knocking the Quaffle from my grasp upwards with his fist and catching it easily with a subtle wink and a kiss to my cheek.


“In that case, come on women!” Drew encouraged, knocking Kyle’s shoulder with his bat. “Let’s do this!” He just upped the game.


It was incredibly intense for a back garden game of Quidditch. Play fights turned in to mock punch ups and for some reason Drew’s bat ended up down the back of Fred’s T-shirt and Kyle was wrapped around the trunk of a tree. The weather steadied, the snow storm drifted a little, meaning the once teeth-grinding wind became slow and small light snowflakes fell gently from the sky.


Drew stood up on his broom, showing off a rather spectacular amount of balance. He removed his shirt and threw it at me with a bow. Elle’s face glowed as Kyle joined Drew and let his shirt fall to the ground.


Boys are stupid.


“Fucking hell, Ellie. What are you doing?” Fred shouted at our seeker who was coincidently watching Kyle instead of the snitch that had just flown past her face. “Keep your eyes on the balls in this game, not the ones that belong to your boyfriend.”


Drew frowned and came to fly next to me. He balanced his bat in his grip. “You know, I’ve always hated James as a captain, but now … I love him.”


I rubbed my arms to warmth and blew hot air on to my fingers. I decided to rectify this problem by placing Andrew’s long-sleeved-shirt over my head and cuddled in to its long sleeves that I was forced to push back so the smallest amount of my fingers could be seen.


Its smell was intoxicating, in a good way. Drew always smelt nice; he only bought the best aftershave, making sure that he always wore it. I knew that I would smell like Drew for a week now.


Oh, look!” he taunted, pointing at me with a cheeky grin. “Look! Charisma is mine! She is wearing my clothes! Up yours, Harper!”


Dixie laughed; I could hear it from 20 feet in to the sky. Ellie joined her, flying to the ground for a moment. “Calm down Drew; she was probably just cold!”


They both looked at me expectantly, waiting for an answer, each wanting a different one. I shrugged and smiled, obviously I wasn’t believable. Drew placed a hand on my shoulder.


“Are you alright, Charisma?” he asked, he used his real voice. Not the once that he put’s on for the ladies; the real voice that belonged to Andrew Wood.


I nodded a sniffed a little because of the cold.


“No you’re not.” He argued, refusing to take my nod as a proper answer. “You haven’t spoken since you got here. You haven’t spoken for days.”


I looked down towards the floor. “I have nothing to say.” I voice came out a choked whisper, it was unused, it sounded strangely rusty, as if the words didn’t come from me.


Drew shockingly lifted me from my broom and placed me on to his. He held mine in his left hand and wrapped his right arm around me. “Yes, you do. You’re like Fred; you always have a comment about something, even if it makes no sense.” I laughed, for the first time is a few days I generally laughed. I knew he was being careful not to mention James, Drew is no fool, he knew something was wrong between us.


“That’s it!” he stated, using his ‘player’ voice. “Laugh at the Drew-my-ster!” I shook my head in disbelief and sat around on his broom so I could lean back in to his chest. He wrapped his arm around me tightly so that I would not fall.


“Drew, Charisma,” Fred shouted from a few feet away. “I seriously doubt that the Quidditch Handbook includes broom sex, you can check if you wish.”


“Fred?” Lily questioned from behind us both. “You look as disappointed and angry as you did when we told you that it is impossible to have a Dalek as a Patronus.”


He coughed and denied it completely. It was a known fact between us that Fred had a thing for this Muggle Show Doctor Who, whereas when I went around Ellie’s we basically lived off of a show called Friends. “KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME PEOPLE, HEAD IN THE GA- oomph!” Fred was cut off by begin smacked in the back of the head, full pelt by a bludger.


“Oops … sorry.” Kyle announced, obviously, the abuse of sarcasm in that sentence should be made illegal. He handed Drew back his beaters bat.


“I’ll give you sorry!” Fred retorted flying forward on his broom towards Kyle who had just sped off in the other direction.


“Guys,” Dixie called up from 20 feet below us. “Do you think he could have a concussion? Kyle hit that kind of hard!”


“Nope; this is Fred were talking about.” Drew joked.


Ellie screwed up her pretty face. “Yeah, he’s probably had more Bludgers to the head than any other player in history.”


“Is that what’s wrong with him? I always thought that it was a birth deficiency.” Rosie said, flying over to us as we landed on the ground.


“Or his parents dropped him on his head a lot when he was a baby.” Lily added shrugging.


“Hey!” Uncle George shouted, jogging out of the house. “Do not question my parenting skills, woman!”


Lily shrugged and laughed, causing others to join in. She always had that ability, the contagious laugh. It was rare, and helpful in a traumatic or sad situation.


“Oi, Dad!” Roxy called from her bedroom window three floors up, the curtains blew out of the frame.


“What?” Uncle George replied.


She pulled her hair over her shoulder and pointed out in to the trees. “Fred just fell from his broom and Kyle’s trying to pick him up.”


“He what?” George’s voice suddenly hired an octave or two.


“Yeah they’re in the kitchen now, just thought …. that I’d mention it.” Roxy said as her Dad began walking back in towards the house. Immediately, we all dropped our belongings and ran in to the kitchen, pushing Uncle George out of the way as we went.


There was a moment where everyone spoke over the other, asking if he were okay. It was consideration mixed with curse words. A mixture of sound and voice could be heard as we all ran in to the warm kitchen from the freezing snow.


Then everything went silent.




Everyone turned to stare at Kyle. “I didn’t mean to hit him that hard.” Everyone stared at him in disbelief. “Okay, well I did but I didn’t think he would react like this, his head is as hard as rock! He’s got a bloody concrete skull!”


Uncle George pushed through the crowd. “Just be glad that his mother isn’t home.”


“Yeah, she’d replace you with the chicken in the Sunday roast.” Lily added. I walked over to the countertop where my wand was. I could have used that bandage spell that I nicked from Scorp, but there were no cuts.


“Try the freezer love.” Drew shouted from across the room.


Fred moaned from the sofa. “Not so loud, wanker.”


I reached in to the freezer and get out an ice-pack that is always placed at the front. We would usually use magic, but due to the fact that none of us were trained nor did we trust ourselves enough to charm his head, an ice pack would do.


It usually worked too, the amount of injuries that we have hidden from Aunt Angelina with the help of a good old muggle ice-pack. It saves a lot of trips to St Mungo’s too.


I handed the pack to Rose. “There you go, Captain.” She said, placing the pack on the back of his head. “Still feel in charge now?”


“I may be concussed, but I am still your honouree captain, now go clean up the back garden.” He said pointing outside. Uncle George’s laughter really complemented the groans from anyone under the age of eighteen.


He muttered in my ear, “He’s defiantly my son.”


Drew threw his arm over my shoulder and nestled his cheek in to my wild hair. “What are you going to do, George?”


Dixie rolled her eyes and continued to play nurse over Freddy, it was beginning to be one of those rare times where you witness a true budding romance coming together – okay, scrap that, he made a comment about her bum and she slapped him.


“I’ll tell you what I’m going to do!” Fred retaliated, doing a pathetic attempted to kick Kyle in the shin. “When I no longer see two of you Kyle, I will eat you.”


“And on the note.” I muttered turning around. “I’m gunna go clean up the back garden, Captain!” I added saluting to Drew who followed me loyally, still his hand in my pocket.


Fred raised his arm and pointed to me with a smile, “my favourite player.”


I walked outside and begun summoning the brooms around me. Drew let me go and I tossed him a broom. He went up to catch the Quaffle. I’m sure that Lily had the snitch in her pocket and the Bludgers flew freely around the pitch. I ducked one that came flying rather close to my feet.


Drew landed closely to me and strapped the biggest ball in to the biggest dip in the box. He grinned at me while picking up his bat and tapped the box tauntingly. I smiled, knowing this procedure already. James would never allow me to help with it, he always said that it was too dangerous. Drew tapped the trunk again loudly as the two Bludgers quickly flew towards the two of us. I held on to the lid of the trunk as drew dropped his bat and lifted it to his chest, helping me slam down the lid and capture the balls.


We rolled back on to the floor in defeat and allowed the trunk to jump up and down in annoyance. My eyes drifted to the aforementioned hat. “Charisma,” Drew asked. “Do you think that Fred’s going to be fine?” 


“Drew, sweetie, he’s going to be fine. It’s Fred were talking about.” I reassured, placing my hand on his shoulder. I began to crunch the snow with my other, I sat up straight and he followed suit.


He chucked. “You know, I don’t ever think that he matured from that boy in third year that decided that the rule of gravity was above him and jumped off the top of Hagrid’s cabin and landed face first in the Pumpkin Patch.”


“That was so worth the injuries he obtained.” I teased, flicking the side of his face with some wet snow.


The front door swung open and Kyle strolled out. “You guys alright?” He called, walking over.


I nodded while Drew smiled. Once again it was a natural smile, not the fake one. He was really showing himself today. I liked it, this was Drew, I missed him. He disappeared one day in forth year, around the same time that James realized that girls did indeed have breasts.


He sat down with us. Kyle looked up towards the door. “So look who finally decided to join.”




There was no girlfriend in sight as he strolled over towards us. He was in desperate need of a haircut, and his eyes were tired. I tugged nervously at the hem of Drew’s shirt and wished for nothing more than to simply disappear.


“Hi.” James said.


Kyle stepped forward, cherily jogging over to man-punch James. The others had no idea of the non-really-speaking-terms between James and me at the moment, for some reason only Drew had managed to sense it. I turned around and casually strolled back in to the house, ignoring the look I received from both the lads. Drew caught up with me quickly; I guess he had taken on the role of my protector, one that James should have had from the beginning.  


Drew put his arms over my shoulder while standing behind me, and rubbed his nose playfully in to the back of my head. Dixie and Fred had moved to the sofa in the attached living room, she held the ice-pack to his head.


“What’s up, Chic?” Rosie asked me cheerily as I entered the kitchen, a slight look of suspicion appearing on her face as her eyes wandered to Drew.


Lamely I let my lips pout. “James is here.”


“And why are you not jumping for joy, you always jump for joy when Jamesy-poo arrives.” Fred called from the sofa in the living room.


Lily jumped down from the kitchen counter. “They’re not really on talking terms right now.”


“But I thought that you lov-“ Rose began.


“I do.” I said quickly.


Ellie shrugged and helped herself to a crisp from the packet that Drew had gotten from the kitchen cupboard. “I don’t understand why you guys aren’t talking.”


“There’s nothing to say.” I breathed.


“He has been a bit off lately.” Rose admitted, a little too loudly. I’m pretty sure that it was intentional.


“Yeah, he was off that day he came here.” Drew announced. “You remember that time he came for dinner and was really annoyed about that fact that he was eavesdropping.”


“WHAT?” Lily, Rose and I screamed in unison.


Drew looked taken back. “Well he was eavesdropping on you and Teddy in the kitchen-“


“Oh, fuck!” I screamed, the loudest I had for days.


Ellie dropped her crisp. “You just swore.”


“I believe that it’s an appropriate time,” Lily deadpanned. “Right, so what you said to Teddy couldn’t have been that literal. He probably misheard.”


“She announced her undying love for him.” Fred called from the sofa.


Rosie looked shocked. “I doubt that she would do that.”


“No, that’s pretty much what happened.” I was rooted to the spot as I tried to control my breathing; there was none.


“Okay, I can now see a reason to panic.” Lily said. “But on the upside we at least know where he went now.”


Questions flooded in to my mind, erasing any rational thought that I once had. How could he eavesdrop? How could he do that to me, why would he do that to me? He’s my best friend, doesn’t he trust me? But why didn’t he just ask me about it? Is that why he went AWOL? Is that why he was ignoring me before?


“I think she’s having a seizure.” Drew stated. I snapped out of my trance and noticed Drew and Dixie standing infront of me incredibly worried.


“I’m fine.” I said quietly even though any particularly happy emotion had vacated from my body. “Well, alongside the disappearing act, we also know why he was avoiding me before the whole; I might have killed my parent’s thing.”


Kyle said. “Hang on, what this about you murdering you parents?”


Lily sucker punched him in the stomach. “Yes, Kyle, because that was caring.”


“It’s fine.” I said sharply.


All my friends knew that was my parents were killed, they had no idea who, or what by. A lot like us still, the incompetence at the Ministry still left us with nothing. “I shouldn’t have brought it up.” It was then that I realized that they didn’t know about Teddy nor myself either. They really should know these things for times like these.


“Erm, the Aurora’s are loosing it.” Lily stated, covering up the mess that I had just created. “They believe that any of us in our street are a suspect, Charisma is just taking it a little harder, because of, well, isn’t it obvious. She’s, well … somebody please shut me up?”


Drew walked over to me and Rose stuffed a napkin in to her cousin’s mouth. The redhead hit back. I ignored the miniature fight that broke out and focused on Drew’s face. “You couldn’t have done anything Charisma.” He stated simply. “It’s not you; you’re unable to be dangerous, evil - any kind of bad really. You’re an angel, you need to rebel up!”


I snorted and looked over to Dixie she raised a brow. “Any who’s, back to this whole, James came to your house thing.”


“Yeah we covered it up. We told him about you and that Nate guy, cause you like that Harper, prick … please woman you gotta like that Harper guy.” When Drew noticed my look. “Fuck you don’t like Harper; you like Jamesy-poo.”


It had finally dawned on him.


I turned to check that he wasn’t eavesdropping again and then turned back to the guys. I thought that I was about to break down and cry.


“Oh, love.” Fred comforted, getting up from the couch and stumbling over to me, enveloping me in one of his gigantic Fred-hugs.


“We’re all screwed.” Lily stated from the sofa with her arms folded. Everyone turned to look at her like she was insane. “You guys are so stupid, thinking that you are so smart and quick thinking about leading him on to a trail about Nate Harper. Fuck, now Jamesy-poo feels betrayed that Chic wouldn’t mention any of this to him before you lot.”


Oh, I see why that could be a problem.” Drew stated obviously, before tipping the packet of crisps in to his mouth and putting the wrapper in the bin.


“Yeah, but he didn’t tell her about Evie Lewis until the deed was done.” Rosie pointed out from the corner of the room.


I shook my head. “But that’s just childish; at least he mentioned it to me. I didn’t tell him about Nate because he would have been rude about him, and I didn’t want that.”


Wandering over I collapsed on the sofa between Lily and Dix, the latter placing her hand on to my shoulder and muttering possible curses that she could use on James. I pulled a pillow to my chest and buried my face in it.


“I don’t want to interrupt a moment here, but they’re coming inside.” Drew was looking out the back window.


He knows, he knows everything. The why didn’t he say anything? I still feel like crap from the moon and my body has now betrayed me again. I feel like my insides have back flipped and gone in to panic overdrive. I need my old James back. My James, my best friend. The James that I love.


“Honey,” Lily said quietly in my ear. “I really doubt that this would matter due to – recent events. But, go easy on him. He’s trying his best.”


When he came in to the room everything was normal. They were good at covering up awkward situations, my friends. Kyle walked in and took Ellie’s hand, and James thrust his thumbs in to the pockets of his jeans.  


Elle and Kyle went to talk to Drew while Dixie and Lily left me on the couch to go over to Fred and Rosie, leaving me totally alone. James slowly walked over to me and sat down.


He didn’t speak for a minute or two, and we both knew that Lily was obviously watching, not making the slightest attempt to cover it up.


“Hello,” he said. When I didn’t reply he leant his head back, resting his neck on to the back of the sofa.  “Are you ok?” he asked in slight desperation of the situation, before realising that it was a stupid question.  


“I’m fine.” I answered shortly, not looking at him, desperately trying not to look. Don’t look.


He nodded and murmured something that sounded like, ‘that’s good’.


It was quiet once more. He looked at my clothing and noticed Drew’s jumper he blinked twice and looked away.


Refusing to look away from the bookcase in front of me I asked him, “Where’s Lewis?”


“We both decided that it was better if she spent the rest of the holidays at her own house.” He answered, still looking at me. Why oh why is he looking at me, it’s really not helping on my part. “Especially due to the fact that she’s a bit scared of you right now.”


I laughed, I sounded rather cynical, like a maniac in training. James ignored it.


“So … do you wanna come back to my room?” he ventured, sounding hopeful but somehow still doubtful.


My eyes drifted over the titles of the book as I told him, “I’m fine in Lily’s thanks.”


Once again … silence.


“Charisma, love - please say something?” He pleaded.


“What is there to say?”


He pulled at his hair, looking as if he were trying to pull it out. “Charisma, please.”


I still refused to look at him, but I didn’t need to see him to know the look he wore in his eye. It would break my heart. He always knows how to weave back in, no matter how many mistakes he makes he can always squirm his way back on to my good side all with a look.


“Please talk to m-“


“What is there to say James?” I snapped. “You heard the stuff she said to me; she’s been saying that to me all throughout the year and you just let her. I let her do it because you were happy. And then you change, you just changed, YOU WEREN’T YOU ANYMORE.”


He heard the crack, the way my voice seemed to spit the words out, as if they were on fire. They burnt my mouth as they left them, my tongue betraying me in a manner I considered entirely unfair. I clung on to all of my Gryffindor strength as he took hold of my arms and wrestled me off of the sofa and out in to the garden.


Being the good friends that they were, they all let him as I screamed for him to put me down. He lifted my feet off of the ground, holding on to me under my arms, carrying me as you would a struggling child.


I resisted the urge to kick him in the shins and simply begged him to stop, saying his name over and over again.


“Charisma, please listen to me.”


“What make you think that you’ve deserve my attention?”


 For a moment he seemed to falter, trying and failing to take my hands in his he simply begged again, “please.”  


“Please?” I mocked. “Liar, cheat, deceiver, Judas, wanker.”


“Charisma.” His eyes flamed.


“I can’t believe.” I continued ignoring him. “That you could be so egotistical, conceited, arrogant, self centred-”




“haughty, big-headed, deceitful-




“dishonest, disturbed, blind-


“CHARISMA!” He bellowed, the mere volume of his voice making me stop in my tracks. He took this to his advantage, pulling me further down the snow covered garden. I stood there, like an idiot, my jumper too long for my arms and bare foot. “This is just because your emotions aren’t in check right now; you’re angry because of your parents.” He said. “Take a moment to calm down. But I deserve everything you shout at me.”


I shook my head. “This has nothing to do with my parents.” I hissed. “How dare you bring them up.”


“What is going on inside your head?”


“Me?” I asked, feeling slightly drunk but with the absence of alcohol. “Me? What has been going on with me?” My temper flared and I stamped my foot on to the crisp ground. “WHAT THE HECK HAS BEEN GOING THROUGH YOUR MIND THE PAST TWO AND A HALF MONTHS?”


James shook his head and gave me a look that was similar to one as if I had grown another head.


“I can’t take it anymore.” It had only been a week and I could already feel my heart dying. It was obvious that my voice was breaking.


“You probably hate me right now don’t you?” He asked. I inhaled sharply in a gasp of shock.


“James, I could never hate you.” I vowed. “I don’t like you when you’re an arse to me and I don’t enjoy it when you decide to go out with the daughter of Satin.” I went on, reaching out for his hand in the cold air, suddenly feeling the need to know he was there. “But never could I hate you.”


Noticing that he didn’t correct my awful name for his girlfriend, he only swallowed a mouthful of air. “Then you might consider talking to me again.”


“I might.”


“And you might consider being alone with me.”


“I think that I’ve already proved that haven’t I?”


I looked up in to his eyes; his expression was the worst that I have ever seen. It looked like he had broken in to pieces. James Potter looked hurt, broken.


A small tear trickled from my eyes as the rush of hurt and guilt rushed through me.


“I can’t see you cry.” He said slowly, his voice breaking itself. “I want to hurt the people that hurt you and to know that I am to blame for your tears … It’s enough to kill me.” 


“You won’t die James.” I muttered. “You won’t leave me too.”


He wasn’t crying, but he was on the verge of breaking down. He was hurt, I could see that, he was so easily upset but he would never show it. I felt slightly smug, to know that my silent treatment and tears were enough to make him sad.  


“I’m sorry.” He begged. “I’m such an idiot; I just can’t see you like this Charisma. It breaks my heart.” There was a brief pause. “I need you.”


I blinked and ran a trembling hand through my hair. I didn’t have time to answer before he took and other step towards me and pulled me in to him in a loving hug. He held me for what seemed like hours. I was stood on my tip-toes and I tightly wrapped my arms neck. His hand held me tightly as if he would never let me go. He kissed me on the head, through my hair, but it still felt like heaven. I knew that he would never intentionally hurt me. But I also knew that he couldn’t help what he does.


And when he lets go, I will feel empty once again as he returns to Evie Lewis.


This is one of my favourite chapters. I have re-written it so many times, some as I have enjoyed it so much, but mainly as I find it so perfectly fitting, that I wanted it to be that perfect. I don’t know if many of you will enjoy it as much as I, but I would like to know. This is a 13 paged chapter, you proud of me?

Finally, I thought that Charisma should be beginning to deal with the problems in her life. She is a strong person; she’s learning. Don’t forget to leave a review. 

Chapter 18: A Christmas Annoyance
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Here it is! This chapter is dedicated to erin - who left me two amazing reviews, and even had the best idea for a songfic to fit this story – and also to many others. The last chapter got the best reviews! They all made me laugh. XD

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Victoire Weasley

James padded down the landing, repeatedly creaking the floorboards as he ran from one end to the other, and then back again. “WAKE UP!” He flung open Lily’s bedroom door and slammed it behind him.

He tugged lightly on the bottom of my sheets. “It’s Christmas!”

Lily groaned and rolled off of her bed, landing on a sleeping little me on the floor. I shoved her back, groaning in response. I grudgingly sat up and looked at the time.

“5:04?” I moaned. “James Sirius Potter, go back to sleep!”

“Never!” he retaliated, pulling harder on my duvet. I clung on, rolling on to my front and d holding on to the sheets like they were my prize possession.

I opened my eyes fully only to see darkness and a teenage boy jumping up and down. It was too early for light to come through the gaps in the curtains, so in its place was a sort of murky green light from the forest.

“Fantastic, I have woken up in Lord of the Rings.” Lily grumbled quietly.

“UP UP UP!” James shouted again, I was surprised that he didn’t wake the whole house up. The tugging stopped, I relaxed.

“I don’t care how, just make him stop.” Lily muttered in my ear.

“He’s your brother.”

“He’s your best friend - I'm stuck with him by blood, you're not!”

“Point taken.” I grumbled. “Come on love.” I sat, opening the covers on my bed, gesturing for him to climb in.

The mattress sank a little, mainly due to the Chaser that lay down never to me. My heart rate to increased a worrying amount. He paused, my heart slowed, the covers were then ripped from my grasp and the cold winter air hit my bare arms and legs.

“No.” Lily stated, crawling away on all fours. “I will not just lay here while the two of you have a bed … snog fest!” She challenged, slightly lost for words before getting up and stumbling to what I thought would probably be James’s room.

“Ignore her; we’ll have a fantastic snog fest.”

“Yes, you have fun.” I stated. “While I sleep.” I added, grabbing the pillow and putting it over my head in a sad attempt to hide my blush. If only he was serious about having a snog fest.

“No.” He wailed, “You can’t do this to me.”

“Let go, of the pillow.” I ordered, grumbling from under the pillow. It was rather threatening.

“You know you were never a morning person Wolfy.” He mumbled like a child. He gave up at tugging as I only tugged harder from my end before lying down next to me and placing the covers over us both. “Sleep.” He finished quietly.

“What?” I asked confused. “You usually keep this up for half an hour before even you even begin to calm down.” I said, removing the pillow from the top of my head to under it.

“Yeah well, now that you’re older, I believe that you need your sleep, those aching bones and all.”

“You make me sound like I’m 90.” I whispered. Opening my eyes lazily and staring at James’s muscles. Damn Quidditch and the excessive training. He looked good, wait ….. Better than good. He looked amazing. His muscles were defined, perfect in every way. A defined line of hair below his belly button – eyes up!

Of course I had seen this before, but I had never really looked at them. I had only seen James, I had never judged on his looks, but now that I noticed them … Merlin, save me.

“You’re not 90, just older than you were five years ago.” He stated, like it was an equation that he had spent years figuring out.

“Obviously.” I stated giggling. I shut my mouth instantly and flushed a delicate shade of pink. I have never before in my life giggled like a gangly girl.

“Charisma Imogen Price.” He said laughing quietly. “Did you just giggle?”

“Would this entire situation go away if I answered no?”

“No.” He said, elongating the one syllable word. “Now sleep, because I don’t want you grumpy on Christmas morning, you’ll just depress everyone.” I didn’t want to answer that I was probably doing that anyway.

“You’re infuriating you know that?” I mumbled.

“I do try.”

“The question was rhetorical.”

I soon drifted off. When my eyes fluttered open, daylight was streaming through the closed curtains. I prepared to scream something like ‘I’m melting.’ And do a direct acting scene of the Witch from Wizard of Oz, but refrained when I felt a weight on my hip.

A toned muscled arm rested protectively around my waist. I blinked in surprise as I realized its owner. I uttered a giddy prayer to god before snuggling back down in to the covers. I pulled the mass of purple over my head, causing James’s face to be covered too and his toes to stick out fro the end.

I hadn’t realized the proximity of him to me until I elbowed him in the chest, causing a low snore to erupt from his throat. We were no more than a millimetre apart. His breaths lightly tickled my neck, a shiver shot down my spine and his am tightened.

He pressed his body tightly to the back of mine, before beginning to snore. I stifled a laugh as the door burst open.

“GUYS IT’S- oh” Lily shouted in shock. She stood rooted to the spot as she noticed our position. “Oooooh, total bad timing.” She muttered, closing the door behind her.

Damn Lily. James groaned and came to his senses. “Wha-?” He asked, in a half form of what?

He retracted his arm in one fast movement. In that one motion, he pulled away, taking my heart with him.

“I’m sorry.” He muttered, obviously embarrassed.

“It’s ok.” I whispered shrugging. “If it’s any consolation, you’re really pretty when you sleep.” I said without thinking.

Jesus, please tell me I did not just say that out loud.

He smiled and rubbed his eyes lazily, rolling on to his back. “Thank you Wolfy.” He said smiling. “And you’re always beautiful to me.” He added grinning. “Even when your hair looks like a nest.”

“Where else would I keep my pets?” I asked innocently, before we both broke out in to hordes of laughter.

“James?” I asked, after a momentary silence.

“Mmm-hm.” He murmured.

“It’s Christmas.”

That awoke him, he didn’t need another second before he was up and pulling me down the stairs, in to the living room.

We got to the step where the staircase changes direction when I jumped on James’s back. He grabbed my legs and piggy backed me in to the living room before collapsing on to the sofa and rolling on to the floor, pulling me down on top of him.

Harry hugged Ginny close to him as they watched the two of us in laughter.

“PRESENTS!” I exclaimed and began to crawl away, under the coffee table towards the Christmas tree.

James quickly retaliated and pulled me back. “Oh no you don’t, not before me!”

“Never!” I vowed, jumping on to his back and then crawling over him. My knees were stinging from carpet burn.

“They’re worse than the kids.” Ginny mumbled.

“It’s getting worse with age.” Harry stated, loudly, so that we would over hear. Lily and Albus sat down crossed legged at the base of the gigantic green tree with such pace that the delicate silver decorations rattled and shook.

“Kids, be careful.” Harry asked, sitting down on the sofa with his wife.

“Sorry Mr. Potter.” I said smiling sweetly.

Ginny smiled back, as if she hadn’t seen my smile in a long time. I laughed quietly and turned around to join Albus and Lily, only to be rugby tackled to the floor by my Quidditch Captain.

When the extreme sports eventually came to an end, Lily began lobbing presents to their rightful owners. I did all of our shopping on the girly day out that we had a few days ago, and spent as much as I felt like. I guess that was the upside of having access to unwilling parents bank accounts – but I guess they’re mine now.

I did my usual for Lily, Al, Rosie and Hugo. I always give them something between 80 and 100 Galleons so they can spend it on what they want.

Ginny and Harry, this year I had let Ginny pick out her own gift. She always refuses to spend much and always insists that I buy them nothing, but what can I say, they are like my parents. They are getting a Muggle device called a television, I had to escape to refrain myself from death0by-laughter as Albus stroked the screen in a pathetic attempt to turn it on.

I ran back up to Lily’s room and grabbed my scarf; James’s present will need the garden and probably a whole lot of cheeky retorts. I yanked open Lily’s sock drawer and rooted around for a pair of fluffy socks, something scrunched in the back. I reached in and pulled out two identical presents. I recognized them immediately.

Mum and Dad
Merry Christmas

Simple, the tag alone took me half an hour to write, the constant unknowing of what to say. A small tear threatened to fall over, I wiped it away before it had the chance and stuffed the packages angrily in to the dresser. Lily was going to get rid of them, she said that she did.

The two talking diaries, they talked your day back to you and told you when to leave, taking in the account of time for traffic systems at the Ministry and the weather. I stared at the before slamming the sock drawer closed.

I slammed my fist down. The glass bottles on the top of the chest of drawers rattled.

I brought my foot back, let it swing forward and kick the dresser violently.

“-ldy mother, no I will not sing Christina Warbeck for Grandma.” Lily muttered, walking through the doorway. I looked up and deeply breathed out, the broken sound was jumpy, even as it came from my mouth. She looked from the socks to the dresser, to the half open draw. The unruly overflow of socks disallowed it to shut properly. She knew.

She stuttered. “I…I, you weren’t supposed to kno-“

“When I ask you to do something Lily, I expect you to do it.”

I stormed past her in a sulkiest fashion and pulled on the socks at the top of the stairs. This wasn’t going to ruin Christmas.

James was always a tricky buy. The cheeky beggar pointed out his long lasting love for his gift list October, It took a while. But I found one.

A loud form of grunting came from the living room. “How do you turn the bloody thing on?” Albus asked, smacking the side of the television that was currently levitating in the middle of the room.

“The on button.” I stated simply, picking up and flicking through the manual in one hand and a box of chocolates (a gift from Lily) in the other. Chocolate being my usual favourite gift in the world, it shocked me, when I placed it back down on to the table and sat down next to Harry. It was just sitting there, the best gift in the world.

Well … this year it could be rivalled with a little kiss from a certain black haired boy?

“You really are stupid sometimes you know that kids.” Harry said grinning from the sofa. “You need electricity to get a TV to work, something that we don’t have. I’ll get it set up later today.”

“Wait, don’t you have a toaster?” I asked absentmindedly.

“Yeah, it’s run by magic though, but the spell won’t work for the TV.”

I smiled. “And for all these years I thought that you were electricity crazy.”

I laughed and smiled at Ginny who was throwing pieces of festive pop-corn at the TV screen, probably not what you’re supposed to do with it, but still, its fun.

I had tinsel plaited in to our hair, Ginny had hers done shortly after. “Mum,” Albus said from the floor. “I’m not going out with you today if you still have that in your hair. You look like a right twat.” Did he think that about me too?

“Albus!” Harry scolded.

“You look fine.” James whispered in my ear, reading my mind. “I stick by what I said earlier.” You’re always beautiful to me, even when your hair looks like a nest.

My stomach flipped a little at the memory. I pierced my lips together and smiled, hunching my shoulders up. “Thank you, can I do your hair now?” I whispered back.

“Like I would let you touch my perfect hair Miss. Price.” He answered tickling me. Attempting to suppress squeals of laughter, and failing, we attracted the attention of the room.

“What are you whispering about over there?” Ginny asked, still practicing her popcorn aim on the television screen.

“Don’t say, I don’t want to know.” Harry stated, covering his wife’s mouth and pulling her off the sofa to join him on the floor.

I loved it when they acted like me and James sometimes, like they were teenagers once more. I guess, when you consider it, Harry and Ginny didn’t get childhoods, they were fighting the ‘big bad’.

“Oh ha ha dad.” James said sarcastically. “Secretly you do want to know.”

“No, James, I really don’t.”

“Oooooh, burned.” I said in to his ear.

“No, not burned, owned.” James corrected me.

“That’s really nice, congratulations.” I said grinning my sweet smile. “Come on, I wanna give you your present.”

I blinked and ran out in to the garden, unable to find my shoes. I shook my head, causing a little of my hair to fall in to my face and yawned, waiting for James to catch up.

“You got me a … garden?” he asked spinning around in a circle.

I caught him and made him stand still. “Wow.” He spelled out. “Head rush!”

“You’re weird.”

“Say’s wolf girl.”

“Point taken, but just close your eyes, ok?” I asked placing my hand over his face. He attempted to put his hand over mine, missed and placed it on my shoulder instead. I guess so we could match – badly. I pulled my wand from pyjama bottoms and pointed it to the sky.

“Accio Broom.” I whispered, so low that he couldn’t understand and pointed my wand towards the middle of the forest, where I had hidden it late last night with Albus.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?” He shouted, like I was deaf.

“Why are you shouting?” I asked quickly, not taking my hand away from his eyes.

“I don’t know, spur of the moment thing.”

It flew in from afar, well, the outskirts of the nearby woods, so maybe 20 feet. I caught the broom and smiled at James. He must have felt the rush of wind as he opened his eyes, pulled my hand from his face and his from my shoulder. She stood there, shell shocked.

His face froze when he saw the Firebolt. Pure joy. He used his fathers Firebolt until third year, when a Quidditch accident caused the Whomping Willow to take charge. McGoogles muttered ‘like father like son’ before leaving a crying James and the pieces of broom on the end of his Hospital Wing bed.

“Is this … is this for me?”

I handed him the broom. “Well now that you mention it, I got it for myself and I just thought that I would wave it in your face. In fact I actually got you the garden.”

He took it from my grip gently, still in shock. Firebolts are one of the rarest things to get a hold of. The last of the makers was killed off during the First Wizarding World War.

There was a Man in Romania who was selling one. I asked Charlie Weasley, James’s Uncle, if he would be willing to lend his assistance. He was happy enough to oblige. Uncle Charlie was more than happy his help ‘his little C’. Apparently this poor Romanian man had a fear of dragons, helpful no?

James mounted his broom and turned to face me.

“Get on.” He stated simply, pulling on an old pair of worn Quidditch gloves that he had in his Pyjama pocket (I would have to ask him about that later).


“Come on, the first ride on this Firebolt in the Potter’s possession,” James smiled my favourite smile. “Come with me?” He whispered. I bit my lip, shoved my wand in to my boot and climbed on in front of him. He wrapped one his left arm around my waist, holding on to me tightly and held on to the broom with his right.

We pushed off the ground and flew up over the forest. 

The cold air rushed through my body. James pressed firmly against my back; he would never let me fall. We leaned forward, increasing the speed of the Firebolt. My pyjama top tight against my chest as the broom sped up.

“WHOOOOOOOO!” James screamed loudly, practically deafening me in the process. He pulled the broom to a halt. We were so far off the ground; the trees were in miniature.

“So what do you think?” I asked him innocently.

“What do I think?” A cheeky grin drawn over his face, his wind swept hair looked gorgeous; god only knows what mine resembled. “Best present … ever!” he shouted, pushing the broom to an amazing speed.

Laughing, we fell through the doorway to the Potters country home.

“There you are.” Ginny said smiling at us.

“We thought that you’d disappeared.” Harry added worriedly.

“Unfortunately, you came back.” Lily finished.

“Thanks lil sis!” James greeted happily. “I love you with all of my heart you know that?” he asked, enveloping her in to a gigantic bear hug.

“What the hell did you get him for Christmas Chic, crack?” Ginny asked while watching her daughter being smothered to death.

“No.” James answered dismissively. “Dad, she got me a Firebolt. Look.” He added thrusting the broom to his father. Harry smiled and looked down at the gift.

“Now, this brings back memories.” Harry added, running his hand over the stick of the broom.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah Dad, we don’t wanna hear about the good old days.” Lily said, swiping the Firebolt from her father’s grip. “Now this is beautiful.”

“A work of art.” James agreed. I smiled and leant back in to the sofa.

“You know that he won’t shut up about that thing now don’t you Wolfy.” Albus asked, collapsing on to the seat next to me.

“Yeppo!” I answered simply. Grinning like a child who was just given an ice-cream for the first time.

“It’s good to have you back Chic.” He said turning back to the television. “Seriously, what possessed you to buy this.” He asked, throwing his hand up in a gesture.

I smirked. “To know that you have to enter my mind.” I answered grinning.

“That is unwanted territory.” Al answered. “I remember your answer to the question, in your second year, why can’t you finish your Potions essay Wolfy?”

“Ahh, yeah.” I remembered laughing.

I pulled the book further in to my grip before throwing it across the room.

“Calm down love, you’ll get it finished.” James answered comfortingly. He took a seat next to me and read over the two lines that I had written of the supposed to be Potions essay on a bezoar root.

“Well I think that it’s an amazing start.” He said hugging me tightly. “You always finish it in the end Wolfy.”

“So why can’t you finish it now?” Albus asked me from across the common room.

“She lost her muse.” James answered smiling.

“I did not loose my muse James. It’s because my mind is a wild labyrinth of scary gibberish.” I answered turning to Al.

“Scary gibberish?” He asked confused. James muttered something along the lines of oh god before burrowing his head in to his folded arms.

“Scary gibberish.” I stated. “I’m doing potions homework…I can’t do potions homework…why can’t I do potions homework?...I’m in my school robes…I wish I was in my pyjamas…Dixie’s borrowed my pyjamas…Albus Dumbledore wore pyjamas…You wear pyjamas…I wear pyjamas…We Willy Winky…We Willy Winky…such a good tale…We Willy Winky…Durmstrag…Hogsmeade…Butterbear…Why don’t I own a Firebolt…I should really own a Firebolt…Bicycle…We should play Quidditch on bicycle’s…bicycle…unicycle…unitard…golden snitch…beazors…beazor root, Potions essay, aww man…potions…danger…Slytherin…snake….snake, snake, knickers!”

A moment of confused silence enveloped the common room.

“Yeah forget that I asked.” Albus announced slightly worried. I shrugged and went to retrieve my book. 

I laughed. “I totally remember that.” He smirked and looked up at me. “Snake, snake, knickers.” I added, grinning down at him.

“Seriously, where did you get that from?”

“That question takes us back to the beginning of this conversation, you wanna loop it again?” I babbled happily.

“You got that right.” He muttered as he picked up the TV control and began running his fingers over the buttons.

Lily looked up from running her fingers over the broom; she blinked apologetically in my direction. I could see in her face that she was upset. It’s Christmas, no one deserves to be upset. I smiled at her and she knew that she was forgiven.

“KIDS!” Ginny shouted from the top of the stairs. “We’ve got half an hour before we have to be at, Mum’s for Christmas Lunch, so go and make yourselves look presentable.”

Al rolled his eyes. “Or?”

His mother’s eye roll could be hypothetically heard throughout the country. “Or, Albus Potter, I will hunt you down and kick your arse to Timbuktu! Get up here you last sod!”

Albus grudgingly stomped up the stairs, followed by James, he skipped the first step, as always and ran his rough hand up the banister. Lily looked to me with a contrasted look to mine, mine was pure excitement.

The Burrow; the headquarters for the Wotter Christmas Celebrations. An entire family, that reproduce quicker than rabbits, cram themselves in to the old house of where the Weasley children were raised. Uncle Percy and the kids moved back in to the house last year. Molly and Arthur refuse to admit that they are actually incapable of doing some chores. Percy moved back in purely for the reason of assisting their safety.

During my first year with the Potters, Ginny would tuck me in to bed and tell me tales of her childhood. James and Lily would be on the outside of the duvet and listening intensly. They would consist of the the torturing her brothers would make her endure, they haw she would retaliate and wound up in more trouble than it was worth. Then the whole thing would be brought crashing down by Harry who would spoil the excitement by admitting the sections that were indeed, pure exaggeration. By fifth year, I had heard the tale of James’s father many times, it was my favourite. How the Death Eaters attacked The Burrow and Ginny ran to chase Bellatrix Lestrange, only to be saved by Harry. As I got older, she added romance to the tales, the bits that the world doesn’t know about. They were the best.

I pulled the red dress from its coat hanger. Lily had picked it out. The fabric clung to my figure immensely, leaving me no room for the art of breathing. The prefect red hem seized at my knees and flared freely. A tight corset hugged at my chest, while a red ribbon tied at the waist.

“You know, I’m seriously considering going in the Halloween costume.” I announced to Lily as she sat on the bed in a beautiful black and white dress.

“Well, I would join you, but I would have to dress as a gypsy, that according to James makes me look like a homeless person.”

“Sweetie.” I said, placing a hand delicately on her shoulder. “You always look like a homeless person.”

She looked at me, open mouthed before getting a tube of red lipstick and smudging it across my face.

“Oh no you didn’t.”

“Chic … I just did.” She said dramatically.

“Ok.” I answered shrugging and turning away, wiping it off with magic. This would annoy her the most, not giving her a reaction.

“I know that you’re doing this purposely.” She muttered, practically singing.

“Doing what?” I asked innocently.

“Oh just go home Wolfy.” She finished annoyed, storming out of the room and going downstairs. She’d forgive me later.

“What up with her?” James asked, standing in the doorway.

“Well, she smudged lipst-“ I began, turning around to face him. I stopped dead in my tracks. He looked so different, good different. I was so used to seeing him in old ripped sweats and school uniform. This…this was a total transformation. He cleaned up really well.
Not that I hadn’t seen him before like this, I had just never looked at him in this way before either. Jesus, what the hell am I thinking?

“What, too much?” He asked, looking down at his smart trousers and shoes, he had a purple shirt that wasn’t tucked in and was buttoned only half way.

“No, just right.” I answered walking towards him.

“I prefer you in pyjamas.” He stated, causing me to blush furiously, seriously, why he had this affect on me now, after all of these years, I will never know. Luckily he didn’t notice my embarrassment. Then I realised that this was the exact same thing that Nate had said to me all those months ago. Why did Nate just come in to my head?

I stepped forward and began to do the buttons up on his shirt.

“Hey, Wolfy, what are you doing?” He asked taking my hands.

“I’m doing up your shirt boy, you can’t go to your families celebration with you looking like a prostitute now can we?” I replied cheekily.

“And why not?”

“That doesn’t even need to be dignified with an answer James.” I answered laughing. My spine sagged in relief as he released my hands. I delicately fastened the buttons of his shirt and fixed his lopsided tie.

“Why can’t you just let me be a professional playboy.” It took me a moment to work out whether or not he was joking.

“I’m kidding love.” He told me, grinning at my stupidity. “You looked beautiful.” I grinned and looked up at him, patting him on the chest.

My hair was ringleted, Lily did it. I had no say. It fell down to my lower back, the crazy curls now tight and perfect. A red bow was fastened in to the right side of my hair.

“Yeah, well you don’t look to bad yourself Potter.” He nodded his head and grinned.

“I do try.”

“Come on, I bet you 20 Galleons that something out of the ordinary will happen today.” He raised his eyebrows to an inhuman extent. “I mean out of the ordinary for your family, if that’s even possible.”

“Fine, you’re on. I will take that bet and up it to 30 because nothing ever happens at these things. Out of the ordinary, I mean. Fred smashing windows and Dom throwing up over Lucy’s bed doesn’t count.”

If only he knew.

“She just walked out; seriously after all of the crap that she put others through, she just went home?”

“Yep, apparently.” I answered little Louis Weasley. “And don’t say crap, you’re too young.”

“I’m twelve.” He differed.

“Yeah, and I’m nearly seventeen. Respect your elders Lou.” I told him, mocking someone that could probably pass as McGonagall.

He burst in to hordes of laughter. “You could give Minnie a run for her money.”

“I’m not that bad am I?” I asked quietly.

“Not yet.” Molly answered on my left. Molly was Percy Weasley’s oldest daughter, a year younger than Lucy Weasley. They couldn’t be more different. Molly was like Lily, probably from spending too much time with the two of us, where as Lucy was very quiet but a closet Evie Lewis twin.

They should do some serious CSI shit on those two, because one of them has to be adopted.

“Why thank you Molly, and when you start Hogwarts in September, and I am in my final year, I will remember this conversation and pass messages on to all of your teachers about how horrible and uncontrollable you are.” I said, mussing up her hair. She scowled Lily’s scowl and then smirked.

“Oh and remember, you give them full permission to beat her if she doesn’t behave.” Louis added thoroughly enjoying the conversation.

“Obviously, I can’t forget that one.”

“You two are evil.” She muttered, but you could see the amusement in her eye.

“And proud.” Lou and I announced in unison, we high fived and laughed.

“Louie sweetie.” Dominique, his older sister, asked from beside him. “Congrats you are well on the way to being gay.”

She shoved a pile of mash potatoes on to her fork and then giggled. She was fun to be around, she was sarcastic, but not mean. Her conversations were incredibly interesting.

I looked down the table towards Victoire and Teddy, who were engrossed in a conversation with Ginny and her father Arthur Weasley. Today they would announce their engagement. Teddy still hadn’t looked me in the eye. I was wondering if he would do it. Either of them.

Teddy rose from the table and banged a glass with his knife. It smashed in his hand. Anyone under the age of 25 sniggered. Victoire sent me a worried smile, knowing it had more than one meaning. I returned something similar, I missed Teddy. He was my rock. My partially-adult-rock. His face was torn, his expression happy, but still pained. A light scar ran down the right side of his face, his mark, one he received from fighting a pack of untamed wolves last year. They thought that he would be best for the job.

The he sighed and swallowed, his voice was horse, as if unused. He had probably reacted similarly to me in the past few weeks.

“Merry Christmas everyone.” He began, placing the smashed glass on to the table and letting the little shards fall. “How is everybody?”

“Get on with it.”

“Shut up Fred.”

Victoire put her head in her hands, knowing that the sentence would never come out. The simple little sentence would never make its way from her fiancé’s mouth.

“-No you suck!”

“Back. Off!”

“I’m more mature than you two!”

“Louis don’t get involved.” I said, placing my hand on to his.

Dom laughed. “No let him, it’s a show right?”

“I’m with Charisma on this one. Your poor brother.”

I smiled. “Thank you Lysander.” He smiled, and kissed his girlfriend on the head. He and Dom were me and James at school best friends and inseparable. I guess it worked out better for them than it will for me.

“Oh my god! I hate you!”

James sniggered while Aunt Angelina stood up and smacked her son around the head. “Fred, put the chair down!”

“I’m hungry.” Lucy moaned, folding her arms and twisting her nail file between her fingers.

“Get lost, you ungrateful cow.” Molly scolded, her eyes unusually thin.

“MOLLY!” Uncle Percy was shocked at his 10 year old daughter’s language. She giggled and high fived me under the table. I wouldn’t usually condone the language of Molly, but I seem to have a small and sudden dislike for Lucy Weasley.

“Were getting married!” Victoire exclaimed, pushing her chair back with such a force as she stood up it ended toppled over in the kitchen.

“Well finally.” Uncle Bill said, nearly smashing his head on to the table infront of him.

“Took ya long enough guys.” Ron stated sitting opposite them, shovelling the last of his mashed potatoes in to his mouth.

“Fred! Chair!”

Teddy held her hand supportively, he knew that she was embarrassed, and didn’t want to be the one to say it. He would apologize later, they would argue then he would kiss her lips lightly and all would be forgiven. I have seen it many times before, it has worked in his favour every time.

“You knew.” Ginny mouthed to me from the other end of the table. I nodded inconspicuously before smiling and clapping along with everyone else to show their support.

“AND IF YOU HURT HER I’LL RIP YOUR HEAD OFF!” Louie shouted from beside me. Molly and I sucked in a breath to hold back the laughter that was about to burst. Albus, once again, being the tactful boy that he is, had no trouble showing it.

“I’d like to see you try boy!” Teddy retaliated from across the room, thus earning a playful slap from Victoire.

“Hurt my little brother and I’ll take you on.” She said, causing the room to laugh. He instantly backed off. It was a well known fact that Victoire could probably take down anyone, even Teddy in Werewolf form.

I looked over to a shocked James and smiled. He returned it, making my heart leap. I broke the loving moment easily.

30 Galleons I mouthed.

It was that moment that the door bell rang. Molly Weasley stood up from the table with a motherly elegance that only she possessed. “Who could that be?”

Arthur shrugged. “Everyone’s here.”

“Did anyone invite anyone else?”

The table was silent. “Uh, mum.” Percy said, retracting the curtains from the window. “It’s the ministry.”

Teddy and I looked up, shoving the chairs out from beneath us and running towards the door, leaving a trail of chaos behind us both. “Lil’ bit.” Teddy said. “I am so sorry, none of this was meant to happen.”

“Don’t ruin this; you’ve just announced your wedding!”

“Please Charisma, I need to say this.”

I blinked. “Teddy it wasn’t you, it couldn’t have been you.”

“Oh, so it was you was it?” A tear fell from my eye, it went un-noticed by Teddy. “Wolfsbane is so hard to get a-hold of now a days, the moment I can, I use it. But … Urrgh!” he smacked his head against the wall in frustration.

His sentence wasn’t finished and he showed no intention of doing so. He walked around me and went straight to the door.

I ignored the childish comment that I had in my mind and joined him in his quizzical look. I leant on the door frame as he stood straight, rigid with fear.

A tall man with dark blonde hair looked down at me with apologetic eyes, while his colleague large and dumpy twiddled his fingers; but his harsh gaze didn’t leave mine. It was filled with hate.

“Teddy.” The blonde said caringly. “You alright mate?”

He nodded slowly and placed a hand on to my shoulder. “This is Charisma Price.”

“I’m Dean.” Blondie said quietly. “Dean Finnegan; went to school with our Teddy ‘ere.”

I shook his hand with an attempted smile. “Hi.”

The other man didn’t move an inch, only replied with a curt nod. “Can we talk in private?”

“This will do.” Teddy intervened sharply.

“Lupin,” the other warned. “It’s better if we talk insi-“

Teddy scoffed. “I know the procedure Holmes; you don’t have to recite it to me. I have worked under your command for over four years.” I squeezed his arm as a signal to calm down. He sighed deeply. “Just bloody tell me what happened so I can sleep at night.”

Dean punched his friend on the arm teasingly. “As far was we can tell, neither of you did it.” Teddy and I shared a confused and somewhat relieved glance. It was as if we had been set up for a cruel joke. His tone was playful.

“Excuse me?”

“Well, as you know, or Ted knows, I doubt you would Charisma, but Fenrir Greyback was killed shortly after the second Wizarding War. He left a small group of followers in the North countries.”

Teddy blinked as if he understood. “Charisma, alike a new legion of Death eaters, an attempt is being made of a similar kind, but between werewolves. The ministry has been trying to track them down for years.”

“We’re so close.” Dean said apologetically. “This used to be Teddy’s department.”

“Now it’s mine.” Holmes said shortly.

“Yes, I could guess that.” I snapped. I knew I was being rude, but I had no patience. “So, neither Teddy nor I killed my parents.”

Dean shook his head. “No, fortunately not. A new army has been rebuilt; they have been attempting to recruit Teddy for months now. They tracked him down while he was in hiding, and things just went a bit wrong from there.”

I blinked. “So you’re saying that my parents were killed because a Ministry procedure went wrong?”

Dean looked a little flustered. “I’m afraid so. Greyback’s followers were here a few nights ago. They’re in ministry custody now. Every time they come face to face with Ted, he always turns them down and then kicks their arses.” Teddy flushed a little with pride.

“They were here for you?” I practically spat, tears attempting to re-emerge.

The short one cut in. “It’s a possibility that they heard about another werewolf in the area, a slightly different one to their kind; and that they wanted a look.”

“So you’re blaming this on me now?”

Teddy took my hand. “No, love. No one’s blaming you. They’re just saying that it’s more likely they were here for you. It was your parents that they went to after all, maybe they were hoping for blackmail.”

“So how did my parents get involved?”

Dean shrugged. “We talked to the house manager, she said that they were openly speaking about visiting a werewolf of some sort – someone must have overheard them.”

I stayed silent.

Dean spoke again, breaking the heart wrenching silence. “As we said, we’ve caught them; they’re all in Ministry custody, its just getting them to talk that’s the problem.”

“Yes, well thank you.” Teddy announced in his voice that was reserved only for the ministry. “Especially for coming over here, on Christmas and all. But we’ll continue this conversation on Monday?”

Dean nodded. “Of course. We’re sorry to have disturbed you.”

Teddy shut the door and turned to me, slowly sinking down it. “We didn’t do it Chic.” He said quietly. “We didn’t do it.”

I still couldn’t help but think that somehow it wasn’t my fault, but his.

“You know, I still haven’t given you your Christmas present.” James announced, while we walked hand in hand towards his front door.

“Am I getting one?”

We swung our hands high, to and fro as he pulled out a little jewellery box from his other pocket.

“It’s not much, but, I’m sure that you’ll like it.” He handed it too me as I smiled, drunk with happiness. I stopped and opened the box.

It was a small sliver ring that matched his.

“It’s the same as yours.” I said quietly.

He shook his head. “No … it is mine.”

“James.” I stuttered speechless. “How? Why?”

“Grandma Molly gave it to me, as you know, for Christmas many years ago. MY fingers are too bloody fat for it now. They fit yours perfectly … and I know that you have had your eye on it for years Missy.” I smiled sheepishly. “I wanted to do something special with it – it is my favourite possession, apart from my newly acquired Firebolt, after all. You deserve it Charisma; my most special possession for the most special person.”

I instantly hugged him, practically squealing in to his ear.

“Yes James, I will marry you!” I vowed.

“Oh, I’m so glad” He paused for a second, before carrying on with added sarcasm. “I thought that you were going to turn me down for a minute there.” 

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He grabbed hold of my practise robes and pulled me towards him, my body dragging in the mud. I squealed like a little girl before he pushed my shoulders, shoving me forcefully towards the ground. In a creepy way – in one that I should be locked away – I rather enjoyed it. My blonde hair had streaks of mud, and my left side was doused in it. Before I could ask, excuse me, kind sir, but what are you doing? He hitched up one leg, flung himself over my waist and sat down.

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Chapter 19: Hug on the Quidditch Pitch
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Dixie Pruitt


I opened the lid to my trunk and laughed at the realization. It was packed to the brim with makeup, Lily’s makeup. As usual, she had run out of room in her own bags and done the annual fallback of shoving the remainder of her things in to mine. I walked through to James’s room and shoved my jeans in to his trunk.

It was all over, tomorrow we go back to Hogwarts. Usually I would be jumping for joy, obviously still upset at the concept of leaving behind Ginny, Harry and the family. We have a Quidditch match against Hufflepuff in three weeks, then Slytherin in four after that. I get to see my friends again, full time, the messing around will commence. We can sneak down to the kitchens, capture first years and have miniature food fights in the great hall. We can use magic. But this time it has all been majorly affected, Evie Lewis.

Usually, I would be fine with it all. I would let it all blow over and allow her to attack me as she wished; then let Dixie and Ellie deal with the repercussions, but this year it was different, she was out for blood, and it was mine.

My sixth year leaving the Potters Christmas celebrations and they have never failed to disappoint. Every year there is a new celebration, or the addition of a new family member. Apparently 6 years ago, the new celebration, was me. There’s always something.

Take the year that Uncle Percy brought Aunt Aubrey for the first time. She was shocked at the childish manner of the group. I personally think that she is a great woman, just a little misunderstood. She is organized and strict, but she always means well, she only wants the best for everybody. When organized by her it’s usually a good day. According to Ginny that Christmas and New Year ended with a drunken George, a hyper toddler Teddy, running around with green and blue hair, Angelina bent over the garden fence in an attempt to control her at-the-time-just-best-friend and Bill sleeping in a pool of Charlie’s vomit. That’s just the basics; there was also the house fire, objects coming alive, the smashed window and the pregnancy that turned out to be Victoire. I guess that year was a pretty good one for Teddy.

I walked down to the kitchen, sat at the counter next to Albus and hung my head in to my hands.

I closed my eyes and sighed in realization that nothing would be easy. Everything in the holidays seemed a breeze to what I would have to endure upon walking the walls of Hogwarts once more. Nate. I didn’t dare bring him up with James, or any one for that matter.

Lily offered that in all the excitement of Christmas, James had forgotten about his dislike for Nathan – he’s like that. But it was obvious, from previous experiences, that one small reminder of the subject and James would loose it. No one had bothered to mention to James that it was a two-way-kiss, but to James it was still the same. He hated Nate, like Nate hated him, nothing would change that. It was all the same.

It seemed weird that James hadn’t called me Wolfy for a while, not since the death of my parents. It felt easier saying it now, easier than before. They weren’t a large part of my life, but I still felt like there was a gaping hole punctured in my chest. Nobody had called me Wolfy, not from The Wotter clan; I don’t think anybody had the heart.

Albus smacked me on the head with a serving spoon. “Charisma.”


“You haven’t been listening to a word that I have said have you?”

I shrugged and bit my lip. “Not really.”

“Never mind, what’s bothering you?” he kindly asked, jabbing my arm with the same spoon he was using to eat his cereal with.

“Nothing’s wrong Al, I’m just a little tired. Can you repeat your story, this time I promise to listen?”

“Nahh, it wasn’t all that interesting you know.” He shrugged and gave me a loving smile. “You’re sure your ok?”

“I’m amazing.”

“You know that I don’t believe a word that you are saying, but oh well. I’m going to go to bed. Maybe I’ll write a letter to Blaize, see how his holidays have been.” Albus finished, giving me a light hug and striding up the stairs.

Then it hit me.

“Albus you are brilliant!” I exclaimed, jumping up from the sofa and practically jumping over him on the staircase.

I got to Lily’s room, knocked and swung open the door.

“Charisma? what’s up?”

“The ceiling.” I said laughing, while rummaging to look for a quill.

“Oh hardy ha.” Lily answered sarcastically. “What are you looking for anyway?”


“There in James room.”

“Really?” I stopped my eternal search for a quill for a moment. Lily nodded. “I’ll remember that, but really Lily, I’m looking for something to write with.”

“What exactly are you going to do with this implement of writing?”

I shut the draw to the desk and turned to her, hands on hips and all, copying her typical ‘Lily pose’.

“That came out slightly dirtier than expected, sorry Chic.” We both broke out in to hysterical laughter. Trust her to turn a normal sentence in to a dirty one. She leaned over to her bedside table and pulled a quill from the draw. Struggling to shut it after wards due to the overload of unpacked clothing.

“I’m going to write a letter to Nate.” I stated simply. Lily pulled back the quill.

“What?” She said shaking her head. “No you’re not. Not after the awkwardness between the two of you.”

“That’s exactly why I’m writing the letter Lillers. To stop it, he has to move on, and so do I,”

“On to my brother.” She whispered, mainly to herself.

“No, away, from your brother.”

“Ok double what!” She flung her hair over her shoulders in surprise, jumping up from the bed. “The two of you would be perfect for each other.”

“Yes, but he doesn’t like me like that, so what ever. It’s just a teenage crush.” I admitted, hoping that it would convince Lily more than I convinced myself. She stomped to the door and stood there, this time it was her turn to hold the pose.

“Fine then, write your stupid letter, to your stupid perverted boyfriend, with my stupid quill, and send it on the stupid owl, to his stupid house, where you two can have stupid make up sex and stupidly marry each other.”


“I just hope you know what your doing!” She called as she walked away. I really hoped that I did. There was just one question, what was I going to write.

I wanted to stop the awkwardness, so that when we both came back to Hogwarts, everything would be normal. I wished so hard that it would happen.

30 minutes later

Four scraps of parchment were screwed in to a ball and thrown on to the floor.

1 hour later

The is a swimming pool of parchment now. My mind is blank, but I’m on a roll, my letter so far…

Dear Nate

It was dinner time before I had got anything that even resembled a letter, and knowing me, it would have to do.

Dear Nate

Merry Christmas/New Year, it’s a late one.

To be honest, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you like that, and I didn’t want anything to turn out this way.
I am such a plonk (however if you wish to use harsher wording, I shall not object).

Awkwardness is not something that I am used to, and not something that I seem to really like, but who really does? Please can we put this behind us? Just go back to normal? You were the person that I could talk to, tell you everything, and then you just weren’t there. How cliché is that huh? I’m not guilt tripping you, no guilt trips,, but I just wanted to say that I am sorry.


I then realised that, which was the first thing that I had really signed with Charisma (with the exception of my school work). I had to quickly stop myself from writing Wolfy down on to the page. Wolfy would never be used again. That thing that I become isn’t something that should be embraced, not something to joke about. It’s a killer; I am in no way proud of having a nickname that associates me with a killer.

I rolled up the letter and attached it to Hedwig Junior’s leg. Damn I loved that bird.

James took my hand and walked me to the Hogwarts Express that morning. We squeezed between the crowds of people and hoped over the smaller children. I was wearing trousers, jeans to be precise. I didn’t feel like a dress, I didn’t feel like skipping either. It is a new year, and I am more mature. My usually uncontrollable hair was indeed at its best. My white cuffs popped out from the ends of my blue pullover and bracelets and rings covered my fingers and wrists.

I took to the new me as an improvement. I am to be more independent, to not rely on James as much. I need to get over my school girl crush – because that is all that it is; a school girl’s crush.

I noticed from the corner of my eye, a group of Ravenclaw’s. Lois stood the closest to me, two girls that I recognized as her dorm mates stood to her either side. Dan, only a few steps away was blinking every time his head moved to her direction. He hated it, I could see. Their break up had hit him hard. It was obvious he didn’t expect it. He looked at her how I look at James, like Scorpius looked at Rose. The way that I’m sure Harry would stare at Ginny when she isn’t looking. As if, they are still the children they once were at heart.

James tugged on my sleeved. “Will you get on the train?” He begged, yanking me closer towards the doors. He snapped me from my daydream and pulled me through the crowd.

I looked away from the Ravenclaw’s, no Nate in sight.

The whistle blew, and all at once, there was a psychotic scramble to get on to the train. James used his elbows and pushed through the crowd.

“Charisma, please cheer up.” James asked, placing me up a step on the train. His eyesight was directly in line with mine. A first. “I realize this Christmas wasn’t what you expected, what any of us expected really. But I need you Chic. I can’t do this year if you don’t smile.”

I couldn’t help it. At first I blinked, but then it came. My little grin, the one that seems to make James oh so happy.

“It’s not the Christmas, any of us expected!” he resumed.

I rolled my eyes, smirking. “James, grow up.” I pulled his glasses from his jeans pocket.

Ginny brought him to the Ministry to get his eyes tested. His eye sight had become suddenly incredibly poor. He walked in, James Potter, black haired Quidditch Captain. He walked out, James Potter, ‘four eyes’. Fred hasn’t called him James since that incident. It’s really knocked his self esteem. He was always the one without glasses, Albus has them, and so did his father. He liked being different.

I placed them on his face and pushed them up his nose, flicking the thick black frames. “Very handsome.” James smiled, looking to the floor.

I felt a pair of arms quickly snake around my waist and pulled me from my gaze with him. “Drew!” I cried. “Put me down!”

He winked at me and I laughed. Ignoring the confused look from James, Andrew kept his grip of my waist, lifted me a foot from the floor and carried me down the train.

“Drew, couldn’t you not do this?” I asked scathingly. He flashed me the famous Wood family grin.

The smile stayed on his face as he searched for an apartment. I sighed, knowing that he was not going to release me; neither would he find a compartment of the specifications that he was looking for, aka, free. “Now, if I let you go, where would the fun in that be?”

“I don’t think there is any free carriages.” I offered as he huffed in annoyance.

I raised my eyebrows as his knitted in amusement. His Scottish accent took over as he spoke, “I’m not looking for a free one.”

“Well then what are you looking for?” I pierced my lips together. He placed me on to the floor, finally. I could once again feel the wonders of the ground.

“I am looking fo…” At the moment, he stopped and said ahh, as if he had just spotted a leprechaun with a pot of gold. “That!” He said. “That is what I am looking for.”

He pointed towards a small carriage, one with four young Slytherins sat inside. I blinked. “Errm, Drew?” I questioned. “There are people in that.”

“Oh I know. That’s the carriage we came here in, it’s important to stay consistent. So I’m going to steal it, unless you think that is unsuitable?”

“Drew!” I scolded, a little smile on my face. The cheek! “Of course, I think that’s unsuitable behaviour.” His face fell a little. “But since when has that ever stopped you.”

He joyfully smiled and cried his way through a brief happy dance that vaguely reminded me of James. I held his arms still, worried that someone we knew would come past and we would both be labeled forever as ‘the freaks who dance on trains’. I pointed towards the compartment where the four Slytherins sat, they were third year at most, possibly second. Not too much trouble for the six foot beater.

red took this moment to jog around the corner and join his friend in the ‘ridding of the snakes’ as they called it. My conscience wanted to go with them, stop them from hurting the young children and just allow them to sit where they like. We could find another compartment. But Elle held my arm.

“I know what you’re thinking.” She said with an eye roll as drew pushed open the compartment door. “Just let him have his way.” I blinked. “You can have first choice of seating?” she offered.

“I do like the seat in the middle.”

“Well then.” She laughed. “Problem solved.”

A quick exchange of words could be heard from the nearby carriage and a quick threat of violence. “What d’you want Wood?” A swear or tow later and the four blonde Slytherins came marching from the compartment, looking ready to kill.

Drew followed and leant against the frame of the door as I walked over to the carriage. Fred merely stuck his head out. “You know.” He offered, his dark eyes shining with mischief. “I think those kids need to learn some manners.”

“I agree Weasley.” Kyle said, walking up, having watched the scene from afar with Dixie.

“Right then ladies. Drew.” said Fred, bowing his head a little. “We’ll see you later then.” Kyle gave a mock salute before kissing Elle on the cheek and running after Freddy, who might I say, was already half way down the carriage.

I walked in and sat down in my promised seat and was quickly joined by Drew, who kicked off his shoes and leant his head back on to the seat. I smiled. “Are you going to take your hat off?”

He opened one eye and smirked. “Charisma, love, you’ve known me long enough to know that this hat, never comes off.”

“So that’s what smells?”

“Dixie, you’re such a twat, leave me alone!” He whined, causing Ellie to laugh as she sat down on the opposite seats.

Dixie stuck her tongue out at Drew before sitting crossed legged on the seat. “So where’s James?”

I shrugged. “Drew and I ran off at the whistle, we left him at the doors.” I trailed off as I finished my sentence. It was strange that James hadn’t come too; I had expected him to follow behind the two of us.

Elle and Dixie dove in to conversation about hair and make up, shortly joined by Lily of whom was running away from Zac, he seems to have taken a liking to her once more of the Christmas Holidays. I could see why, she was beautiful. Drew grabbed my legs and placed them over his own. I rested my head on his shoulder, closed my eyes and slept.

When I opened my eyes the train was in full speed and shooting through the country side. To most it was just a blur, to me it was beautiful. I watched it for a while, my eyes barley open. Drew’s hat had fallen over his face, covering his eyes as if blocking them from the light. James was sat quietly to my left; the only other empty seat in the compartment was across, next to the girls. When he had arrived was a mystery to me. I moved my arms a little and realized that I was covered with a jumper. A rather large jumper. Someone must have tucked me in.

“Merlin James,” Dixie said in a happy tone. “Don’t be like that.” I closed my eyes once more, listening while I attempted to drift off.

“Look at them!” he ordered. “It’s indecent exposure.”

Someone snorted. “It’s called sleeping.” Elle. “They’re just friends James, don’t get jealous.”

“I’m not jealous.” He answered a little too quickly.


“Yes, Dixie, really.” He said. “I just think that they could have kept themselves to themselves.

Someone smacked his arm. I believe it was Ellie. “Well, from what I hear from Lily, you didn’t have a problem being all pally in bed with Charisma on Christmas morning, Jamey-poo.”

“Oh bugger o-“

He was interrupted by the door being shoved open at such a force, it rattled in its frame. “Hi Lily.” Elle said politely. “Drew! I see you have finally graced the waking world with your presence.”

He moved beside me and pushed his hat back up from his eyes, making the grey beanie sit right on the top of his head once more. “Oh hardy, har.” He mumbled. “Hey, I didn’t mean to wake you up.” He said to me, blowing my cover of the amazing sleeping woman.

James stiffened beside me. “How long have you been awake?”

I blinked in confusion. “Only a few seconds.” I lied, giving him the answer I could see that he wanted to hear. I sat up straight and folded the jumper I realized was Drew’s. “Little Miss ‘Slam the Door’ woke me up.”

Lily cheekily smiled at me before launching in to a chat about nail varnish with Dixie; I could see Elle physically dying between the two. “Where are Freddy and Kyle?”

James shrugged. “They went after a group of Slytherins and accidentally blew up one of the back train carriages – our belongings will be arriving at Hogwarts a little later than expected.”

I sniggered and swung my legs back from Drew’s lap so they crossed infront of me. He folded his arms across his chest. “I’m surprised it didn’t wake you up – it shook the train.”

“Yeah,” James said snidely. “It woke up sleeping beauty next to you.” Drew laughed well naturedly; I don’t think it was meant to go down like that though.

Elle jumped up from her seat and squidged herself in between Drew and I. “He only blinked a couple of times and tucked you in with his jumper before pulling his hat over his face and falling back to sleep.”

James huffed. “Yes, yes, he’s a real man.”

I laughed and rubbed his arm. “It’s okay; you’ll have the chance to prove your manliness soon.”

He glared, actually glared. Elle put her hands jokily infront of my eyes to escape his fearsome wrath. He was in a really bad mood. A scarily bad mood. I don’t know where he had gone in between kicking the Slytherins from the compartment to me waking up, but he was sad. Very snippy.

“Drew, Fred and Kyle are in confinement in the Heads Compartment at the front of the train.” James said. Drew nodded, as if this wasn’t news to him. It was news to me. “Go and get them.”

“Excuse me?”

“Go and get them.”

Drew rose from the seat with a sour expression. “Aye, Aye Captain.”

“James what on earth is wrong with you?” I asked as Drew had left the room. The girls were sat in silence; I was not used to this side of James. I don’t think they were either.

“Me, nothing. I’m fine, fine and dandy, but I want a Quidditch meeting so Lily go and get Polly.”

His sister could have owned him, taking him out with her wit, but instead she stood up and walked out of the room. She was muttering something about being anywhere but here.

“You’re lucky that you’re the captain of the Quidditch Team and control who’s on it.” I said once it was only James, myself and the girls.

“Why does that matter?” he asked.

“Because if you couldn’t take their spots away, I don’t think any of this team would do anything for you, if you keep on at them like that.”

“Well, it’s a good thing I’m in charge then isn’t it?”

Drew’s hat was on the seat, it must have fallen as he stood up. I picked it up and threw it at him.

We sat in silence for a while, the only sound being Ellie’s wrapper to her lollypop, it made me giggle at the thought of her trying to open it quietly. Dixie laughed at my giggle and soon Elle joined in. James only looked confused. Fifteen minutes passed before drew returned with the two trouble makers. Their robes were black with soot and grins covered their faces. They were loving it.

Polly ran it a little after. “Sorry I’m late.” She apologized, her voice tinkering a little like bells. “Lily couldn’t find me.” That so translates to, Lily and I were sitting around and talking for as long as possible before I really had to go.

I smiled, knowing the story that hid behind her eyes as she sat down infront of Elle. She began running her fingers through Polly’s hair, plating it as James spoke.

Fred snorted as James mentioned the possibility of injury. “Remember what happened to Charisma?” He said with a smug look on his face. “That was when we played against Ravenclaw, were playing against the ickle puffies and then the snakes. Of course we’re going to get bloody hurt!”

“Thanks for the reminder Fred.” I said, rubbing my arm a little.

James blinked unemotionally. “Yes, thank you Fred. But, you know it seems to me that you aren’t taking the Hufflepuffs seriously.”

“Christ!” he exclaimed. “Sorry, James. I’m taking the Hufflepuffs very seriously. We will just place a little honey hive at their own end of the pitch and then the silly little bees will be attracted to it.” He finished with a maniacal laugh.

“If you have nothing serious to say, please just leave.”

Fred smiled. “Really? Really is that an option? Cause I will happily head back to solitary confinement to get away from this!”

“Sit down!”

“Yes sir.”

A few people sniggered as Fred sat back down on to the floor, he leant back in between my legs and I began twisting little bits of his dark hair.

“Anyway,” Elle said in an attempt to resume the meeting. Hopefully ending it as soon as possible. “We need new tactics.”

“Way for sarcasm Elle.” James added, with a little sarcasm of his own. “What do you mean, new tactics, the ones we have are fine?”

“Our next game is against Slytherin.” I stated.

Kyle patted me on the back gruffly. “And they have memorized our every move.”

“So we need to be ready.”

“Thank you Dixie for that statement of the obvious.” James finished. “You don’t think that I have this covered.”

“Oh lord!”


“You can’t be serious.”


We all new that this meant one thing: he had figured out all new moves, and a new training schedule. A very early and painful training schedule!

“No, Sirius is my middle name.” James stated laughing; he would never let that joke go. I wonder if his great-godfather used that joke much.

“Oh hardy ha ha!” Fred said, slapping his younger cousin across the back of his head.

“I know, I’m funny. Anyways, the new training starts at 5am tomorrow morning, I was going to announce it at dinner, but seeing as you brought it up already-“

“I’m not going.” Elle stated simply.

“Excuse me?”

“James, I’m not doing it, its 5am you talking about, the sun isn’t even awake then!” She snorted. “My rule, I don’t get up until the sun does.”

“Well, my rule,” he said mockingly. “Do it or you’re off the team.” Sheesh Ellie, I’m joking. I knew you were a girl, but this is just pushing the mark, do you need to do your hair in the morning or something?”

She leapt from her chair, nearly taking the head of poor little Polly. Elle tackled James to the floor, and is now the reason for the rather large-slap-shaped-bruise on his chest, and the two punches on his arm. Good old Elle and her amazing punching abilities.

And thus here I am standing on the Quidditch pitch, on the day that I died.

A slight exaggeration maybe.

James had us running around the Quidditch pitch for the 12 time. Each of the 12 rounds consisted of 5 laps. I currently lack the brain power to work out the exact number. My amazing mathematical abilities can not figure out the calculation.

Elle had given up being annoyed at James and was out here for 5:05. She had packed up her anger but found the missing flare in the 5th lap around the pitch. It was only within the past few minutes that she has stopped the cuss words flowing from her mouth. What ever happened to sweet little Ellie?

Fred was lying dramatically on the floor, giving the appearance of death. Drew threw a beaters bat at his chest, causing his to squirm and roll on to his side. Polly had pegged it with Elle only moments ago. The only thing my brain could calculate was that James Potter had not run one single lap himself.

“I…will…kill him.” Kyle said through breaths, he was completely exhausted. Only he and I were left running.

“Death...sounds…good to…to…me.” I agreed, in lesser shape than Kyle.

James’s cries of protest could be heard from across the pitch. “SUCK IT UP!” He shouted, as Kyle and myself has slowed down a little.

“That’s it!” Kyle exclaimed, changing direction and running full speed towards James. He rugby tackled him to the floor and then lay there next to a rather disgruntled looking James before crawling away.

Kyle would have done more, but due to his lack of oxygen, lay there instead. I think he did a bloody good job of what he managed to achieve, it was more than I could have done.

I gave up and sat crossed legged on the floor, breathing in and out slowly. I shut my eyes and fell back, lying down on the pitch.

I was shortly joined by James, who lay down next to me on his side and looked in to my eyes.

“Am I being too harsh?” He asked oblivious. My eyes opened wide and I gaped at him, my mouth dropping to my knees.

“Yes…Potter, I believe…that you are.”

“Potter?” he asked offended.

“Yes, that is all I will call you from now on.”

“WHAT? Why?”

I gestured down to my dead-ish posture and then looked back in to his eyes.

Big mistake.

He was so gorgeous, his black hair fell lazily in to his emerald green eyes, his cheeks a little red from shouting. He had an innocent look on his face that just made me want to hug him. So that’s exactly what I did. There’s no way that I’m moving on anytime soon.

I pulled him in to an awkward-lying down hug. He laughed and held me tight. Just the way I like it.

“So am I still Potter?” He asked mischievously.

“Is the Pope a Vicar?”

“No...He’s not.” James answered.

“Oh, well my answers…still yes!” I finished, still a little out of breath. My voice was muffled by his chest as I breathed in his musky sent.

Dear lord, I really am sad.

“Charisma-“ He taunted. “I know that you really want to call me James.”

“I’ll call you what ever I want to call you, I might call you small boy, or big boy-“ He opened his mouth to speak. “And don’t you say dirty, it’s too easy.”

He glared at me and laughed. “Well now what am I supposed to say?”

“How about ‘Hey guys, it’s ok, you can stop working out now, I was waaaaaaaay to harsh and I am a horrible Captain, I shall revoke my duties and now Charisma can take my position as she will be forever nice to you’!”

I looked up with a hopeful expression.

“Yeah, good try.”

“It was wasn’t it?”

He grabbed hold of my practise robes and pulled me towards him, my body dragging in the mud. I squealed like a little girl before he pushed my shoulders, shoving me forcefully towards the ground. In a creepy way – in one that I should be locked away – I rather enjoyed it. My blonde hair had streaks of mud, and my left side was doused in mud. Before I could ask, excuse me, kind sir, but what are you doing? He hitched up one leg, flung himself over my waist and sat down.

I took a moment to consider that James Potter was straddling me on the Quidditch pitch. Once that moment was over, I dipped my fingers in the mud and swiped it across his cheek. He drew a love heart on my top while I smacked a handprint on to his.

“I love hearing you squeal.” He teased. “I haven’t heard it for a while.”

I gave up struggling and lay still on the floor. “Are you alright James?” He looked at me, he was in a daze. “You seem rather strange.”

“Why, what ever do you mean?”

I placed my hand on to the print I hand just made. “Well, you like hearing innocent girls squeal for one thing. That is the act of a paedophile.”

“Call me that if you must.” he insisted. “But I am rather enjoying myself.”




Dixie Pruitt 



I leant back on to the wooden bleacher, sending my gaze towards the sky. I wore Fred’s Quidditch jumper, partnered with dark skin tight jeans and a pair of high heeled boots. Was it appropriate for 5am Quidditch Practise - probably about as appropriate as it was for me to be at this retched thing? Sitting on the wooden benches, watching the team run around aimlessly wasn’t my activity of choice for this time of the morning. Sleep was, and sleep was something that I am seriously deprived of, of late.

There are people in life who I occasionally would like to hex to Timbuktu. But I won’t, instead I save all of my hatred for specific times.

It could just be a consideration, or it could even run to moments where stupid little fifth year girls think it okay to ruin your friend’s life. However, I am seriously considering using it now ; when the Quidditch Captain, who happens to think that he is God, makes your friends run 100 times up and down the school bleacher, bench thingies, bare foot, because ‘it will strengthen your soles’. I am not upset on my behalf; I am pissed at the fact that I will now be surrounded by constant complaints. My stored hatred for times like these, it’s what keeps me going.

James Potter. Occupation, Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, nothing less, nothing more, however, he finds that incredibly hard to accept. Ever school has an obligatory psychotic jackass. At the moment, he’s ours.

The way he spoke to us that day on the train, Merlin. I thought that someone has confiscated his toy-fecking-broom.

Second hour, as the team pushed themselves around yet another lap, the wind attacked my eyes and made them water. I blinked, a tear falling down my face and pushed my long, thin locks from my eyes.

“Pruitt!” I turned to the shout of my name. If it were James, I may have flinched. But it wasn’t.

“Weasley!” I shouted back, with matched enthusiasm.

As the rounds were first being run, the team had suffered, after only two runs; they were hot, bothered and sweaty. It took only one more lap for the lads to loose their shirts. For another 12 laps, I watched Freddy and the boys run in only shorts and shoes. It made my morning.

Fred jumped over the last bench and landed next to me, only an inch apart. He lent back and put his arms behind his head, unintentionally flexing his muscles. His dark hair matched his eyes and his caramel skin stood out in the dark January morning.


I happily looked to Fred, pushing back the sleeve to the jacket. The red leather and gold lettering on the jacket was something that we had to fight for. It was a partition started by the Quidditch Team, suitable jackets to represent our house spirit. Only the team got them, and just like the movies, the boys gave their jackets to their girls. Fred gave me his old one, the one he grew out of in forth year. Surprisingly, he off handed it to me; as his ‘favourite girl’. It’s unfortunate that he was on a Russell Brand worthy one night mission. He’s still on it.

“You alright there, love?” he asked, his deep tones shuddering through me down to my toes.

I nodded. “Fine thank you, a little tired.”

“Tired?” he scoffed. “Have you seen what the Quidditch Nazi is doing to me?”

Personally, I couldn’t see anything wrong, so I blinked and bit my lip cautiously. “I bet you love it really.”

“Yeah, destroying my mental stability is working like a charm.” Always the charmer. “Don’t mock me,” he added when I laughed. It cut off in to a big smile. I put my feet up on to the bench below me and lent forward, resting my elbows on to my knees. My small white under shirt rode up a little at the back; Fred pulled it down for me. “Bloody, Potter.” He said, glaring at James, who happened to be dragging Kyle across the pitch by his wrists. “He thinks he’s, God … or something.”

“On the account that you have just spent the last 10 minutes yelling at him, I think that he gets the picture.” I said cutely.

I took another glance towards the pitch and saw the tables had turned, Kyle was stood up and tackling James to the floor before punching him once in the face; the bugga deserved it. I let out a snort.

“Oh so lady like,” Fred teased, pulling me back in to his sweaty chest, I couldn’t find the words to complain.

I kicked over the packet of chocolate biscuits on the bench infront of me. “Don’t make fun of me. I believe that I control the Mr. Ellie Harris-I-like-to-kiss-my-girlfriends-lipstick-right-off-her-face, aka, Kyle Sanford that just took down your Quidditch captain.”

“Oh you think that you control him?”

I pulled a stray hair from my lips; it had gotten stuck to my lip gloss. “I know I do. With a single word I can make Ellie treat him like a dog.” Freddy only nodded once, not taking his eyes off of the pitch. “And then I can make him punch you.”

He didn’t take the bait; still he looked at the battleground. “Yeah, I’d like to see that, look down there.” I followed the line of his finger and mentally tuck my tongue out at the schmuck.

“Ok,” I stated. “I am on hundred percent poo-pooing that.”

Fred shoved his hands in to my pockets, his fingers were surprisingly cold. “Despite the fact that your logic and literature are worthy of getting attacked by the resurrection of Shakespeare himself, I have to agree with you.”

“I’m sure that you would protect me from the raging lunatic of literature.” I didn’t add the fact that, I am always right. I didn’t need to hear him dignify it. But it did feel nice to hear.

James had just crawled over to Charisma, tripping over Kyles un-moving body. It appeared that they boy was dead. Shame. “James is such a pathetic suck up,” Fred muttered.

“I think they’re cute.”

Fred answered it with a simple glare, and then he found words. “If I stuck a bow on it, you’d think my arse is cute.”

“I think your arse is cute anyway.” I redeemed with a shrug.

He raised his eyebrows and growled in a sexual fashion. Leaning forward he bit my ear, and, ignoring my ‘protesting’ screams he jumped over my legs and straddled me. His strong legs kept me from moving a great deal, all I could do was squirm as I kicked and rebelled as he tickled me gently.

“SEXUAL BUNNIES!” I flinched at the sound of the English intonation that had reached my ears. Never in my life would I give that Quidditch Nazi the satisfaction of my giving up. I looked in to Fred’s eyes, all brave like, and lent forward, preparing to capture his lips with mine.

Fred had a different idea. Instead, he climbed off, kissed my forehead and headed back down towards the pitch. I pulled out a lolly pop from my pocket and pouted.

Charisma’s attempts at perusing James were become more apparent. In the beginning, they were little pushes in the ‘relationship’ direction, now they are full blown plans. Lily actually has them drawn out and pinned to her wall. I believe the work was designed by Rose-the-family-genius-Weasley, but considering the fact that The She-bitch shares the same dorm, it seemed stupid to do all that work and just make that silly mistake.

I don’t know how Rose manages; I would have attacked that bitch and screamed bloody murder.

If I were in Chic’s position, I would just walk right up there and kiss that sucker on the lips and then face the consequences. But she has no balls. She’s too bloody nice. I met her parents once, before they croaked and kicked the bucket. I realize that could have been phrased better. Fred’s always told me that I’m not one for tact. In one, her parents are dicks. There is no way in hell that those two managed Charisma as their offspring.

I know that, that silly little blonde fairy had secrets. Part of me wanted to pin her down and batter them out of her. But I know that she would tell me when she is ready. Every time I see her little innocent face, I see the resemblance to Bruce Willis – Die Hard addition. Since that night, back in October, when she stumbled in, blood dripping from her forehead. I have made many considerations as to what could be wrong. I actually have a list.

I remember that night well. Until that moment, it had been one of my favourites. Fred and I had been on the Astronomy Tower. It had been a full moon, the clearest in a while, so I went to observe it. I hadn’t been planning to take anyone. But Fred was insistent that he came. ‘You don’t know what can jump out at you on a full moon’ he said, ‘it might shock you’. I had two options,

A) Point out his insane demeanour and claim him as a psychopath.
B) Love him to death and allow him to join me on my nightly antics – it beats making him come.

Let’s face it; it’s Fred. I would have followed that boy to the ends of the Earth if he had asked me. He wanted to ‘escort’ me to the Astronomy Tower. Why the frick would I say no?

Chic was different, more mature since Christmas. She isn’t her usually bouncy self. When I nicked the chocolate biscuits from her trunk, she merely nodded. Usually it would be a glare match to the end. In this case, the end actually stands for when Charisma has had enough and starts giggling like an effing loon.

The reason behind James’s blindness to Chic is a complete mystery to me. Together, they make the perfect pair; she has the brains, he has the wit and balls, they both have the looks and the mischievous streaks. My nieces and nephews are going to be gorgeous. It doesn’t matter whether or not she’s going for Harper, or for Potter. Either way, I’m getting a good looking family member. Nothing like Dexter – silly freak.

I am the youngest of four siblings. It wasn’t until two years ago, when my oldest brother, Josiah, decided to shack up with an effing maid that he made offspring, aka, Dexter. The glasses wearing, whiney, spoilt little assclown that parades around like Hercules. I swear that kid is going to be the death of me.

I looked back up towards the pitch, the green from the grass turning my stomach. The thing looks like a swamp, sue me? It wasn’t until the second that I noticed Charisma smack James’s hands away that I noticed he had shoved her chest area. I seriously wonder if he remembers that she is a girl sometimes. Last year, he told Ellie that she was ‘one of the lads’. That resulted in a night of sobbing and snotty noses. Charisma dealt with that, getting tears all over my jumper was certainly not my deal.

I remember the colours of her throw pillows, they were the same colour as Ellie’s duvet cover; a light pink. It made me want to puke. If you’re going to go for a bold colour, make it red. At least that way when people call you a vivacious tramp, they have an actual reason.

Chic isn’t the small, first year that she once was, with the tight corkscrew curls in her hair or the little bounce in her step. She’s a tall, sophisticated woman, who might just have a small obsession with her best friend. I’m sure that, in time, she will get her bounce back. Until then, we just have to put up with the blonde nerd with the ever-expanding chest size; something I am sure James has noticed.

It’s a shame that he’s dating a devil. After the Christmas antics, I was sure that they would be over - but no. Charisma once again had to do the ‘nice’ thing and make sure Evie was alright, thus, offering her an apology and they ‘forgot’ the whole situation. I am actually sure that it wasn’t intentional. Lewis can twist words…and Charisma is a bit of a sucker.

I leant forward and kicked the biscuits off of the bench; they rolled forward and fell down another three. Two of the top ones fell from the packet and attracted a big black bird. Shoo, I ushered, pushing myself up two benches further away from the beast. I sucked viciously on my lolly, using the taste of strawberries to calm me down. There is something deeply satisfying about watching other people exercise while sucking on sugar and eating junk food.

I always did ponder the reason behind the amount of chocolate Charisma consumed. I know for a fact that she always has a Honeydukes bar beneath her pillow. Fat cow. If she hadn’t chosen this particular moment to look in my direction, I would have dashed my theories about her secret-superman-powers.

She has always had intrudingly good hearing; the ears and eyes of a hawk, she would tease. There’s nothing to worry, I slipped kryptonite in to her toothpaste this morning.

I watched Drew get up from the ground and pull James and Charisma apart; they really were the meaning being the word ‘inseparable’. Drew followed Chic around like a lost puppy. I’m sure that she likes it really. I’d take Drew over Barnabas the Barmy. That lovely fella takes his precious time to pull away from his troll-ballet training to come and visit me in the Common Room. It’s a well known fact that St Barnabas may have a small infatuation with me. Now, if only Fred would show the same amount of appreciation. 

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"I always knew she was a bitch," She said with fear. "But I never meant it literally."

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Chapter 20: Mistake doesn't cover it
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Beautiful Chapter Image by FIND! @ tda. 
James Potter, Evie Lewis and Charisma Price.



James and I went our separate ways after practice, he ran off to Arithmacy, while Elle was carried by Kyle - such love. I was supported by Dixie, one arm over the shoulder.

My legs were killing me, they could amputate them and it would make the pain a whole lot better. Tiredness took over; crawling up in to a ball seems like a pretty good idea right now. I could buy a blue dressing gown, loose my front teeth and hit little children with a news paper, all the while complaining about the ‘Youth of Today’. Yeah, that seemed like a pretty decent career move.

“I can’t walk anymore, just leave me here!” I cried, falling on to the floor dramatically, pulling Dixie down with me and also part of the curtain.

“Merlin’s socks!” She cried, sitting back up and smacking me over the head with her bag.

“Well, that’s another way to deal with it.” Kyle muttered, walking off towards the main door, Elle still in his arms.

“Fine, leave us here!” Dixie shouted after them.

Rolling over on to my front I pathetically threw the lifeless Quaffle after him. “On the COLD HARD FLOOR!” A smile of happiness spreading across my face.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Well Dix, the floor is actually pretty comfy.” I mumbled, closing my eyes, falling asleep. I laid my head on to the tassels of the curtain.

“Oh lord.” She muttered.

A recognizably deep voice came from behind. “Is she ok?”

I turned quicker than ever thought possible, whipping my hair in to my line of sight. I twisted my clothes as I rolled, my padding actually hurting more than protecting. The sides of the shin guards dug in to my calves and the stomach vest only pulled in my tummy, working like a corset. Breathing suddenly became a chore rather than an instinct.

“Nate?” I asked breathlessly, lifting my head, shocked that he was even talking to me. I guess he got my letter.

“Hi.” He replied lamely, his hands were shoved in to his pockets roughly. He smiled gently.

I replied, still on the floor. “Hi.”

Dixie decided to interrupt the silence; it was beginning to get a little awkward. “Sorry Nate, Chic’s a little crabby this morning; James had them up at 5am, doing drills.” Dixie explained one hand on her hip.

“I am not crabby!” I defended. “I am very ill.”

“Oh, very, very ill.” Dix added sarcastically.

“On the verge of dying.” I finished, taking Nate’s offered hand as he pulled me up. I pinched his arm playfully.

“Oh, sorry Charisma, I didn’t mean to minimise your condition.” Dixie grouched sarcastically. “Shall Nate and I make the funeral arrangement’s now?”

“I want white Lily’s in the honour of Lily and I want lots of loud music played at all times.”

Dixie took a deep breath and tossed her honey blonde hair over her shoulder. Still she wore Freddy’s old Quidditch jumper, it was as if it were her necessity. “Can we go to class now?”

“In a minute.” I said, turning to Nate.

“No, don’t stop cause of me, I’ve got to go to Muggle Studies anyways.” He said, finally letting go of my arm and running his hand through his hair. “I just wanted to say…hi.” He added quietly, but I was sure that hi was not the thing that he had come to say.

“Ok, well. I’ll see you later.” I said, smiling a little embarrassed and waving lamely.

He lifted his hand as if to say goodbye before turning and leaving.

“Ok now if I weren’t so set on you and my homeboy James making babies, he is defiantly the one.” Dixie announced, maybe a little too loudly.

“Your homeboy?”

“Don’t ask.” She added grabbing my hand and dragging me down the corridor. “God that Nate is hot.”

“Does it matter if he’s hot?”

“Sweetie.” She started, turning to me. “Of course it does, I don’t’ want ugly nieces’ and nephews’.”

She spoke again after a second or two. “So when did you two make up?”

“Apparently now.” I answered truthfully, shrugging it off and linking our arms.

“I can’t believe that you set my alarm for 6am! AGAIN!” Albus called to his mischievous blonde haired room mate Josh Harding.

“I know.” Josh admitted grinning and sitting down next to me on the sofa in the common room. “I did it for purely practical reasons.”

Lily straightened up, smiling cheekily. “Which are?”

“My alarm is just not as reliable as his scream.” The entire common room burst in to laughter. A small brunette third year snorted before burying her head back in to her book.

“Lily, take note of that one, I have to use it on James one day.” I asked laughing. “You are amazing you know that Josh?” I said through giggles, although Albus’s glare only made me laugh harder.

“Oh very funny, you do make me chuckle, Harding.” Albus said sourly.

“Good to know Potter.” Josh answered, he emphasized the last syllable perfectly, getting a rise out of Albus was easy. Getting him to make a scene is the opposite. Josh seemed to be doing a pretty good job. He was practised in the art of Albus-teasing.

“Ok ladies, break it up.” I announced, standing up from the sofa. “Josh, as my idol, will you do me the honour of escorting me down to dinner?”

“Of course my lady.” He answered, linking his arm through mine.

“This is not fair!” Albus exclaimed as we reached the portrait hole. “Charisma, you are MINE!” Lily rolled her eyes and Kyle and Elle, laughed. They got up from the opposite sofa and joined us at the painting of the Fat Lady.

“Josh, I thought YOU WERE MY FRIEND!” Albus shouted dramatically.

Elle stopped by me, leaning her head briefly on my shoulder. “Well, he’s defiantly James’s little brother.”

“YOU WILL NEVER EAT MY COCO POPS AGAIN CHARISMA!” Albus shouted, probably embarrassing himself more than anyone else in the situation. Lily would sort him out.

I laughed and Josh helped me through the portrait hole, which is a good thing due to the fact that I probably would have fallen flat on my face because of the hurry to get out of there. I never want to be around for one of Albus’s strops, he’s worse than Lily and James put together.

“Has he always been that cranky?” Josh asked me, still half laughing as we entered the Great Hall.

We sat down in between Drew, Fred and Dixie, who had already, began tucking in to dinner. “Only when he’s not had a good night’s sleep, so I blame you for this.”

Drew winked at me and then made a kissy face. I winked back.

“Oooooh, the blame game, what has James done now.” Dixie asked excitedly.

“Not James, Albus.” I stated, helping myself to a bread roll that was infront of me. Fred and Drew stopped eating and looked intrigued. “Josh here is my new idol; he did the best prank that you can pull on baby-boy-Potter.”

“He affected his sleep somehow didn’t he?” Fred asked, knuckle crunching Josh.

“Alarm clock tampering, it took no magic what so ever.” Josh admitted, shrugging.

“I love this kid.” I stated loudly, throwing my arms around him. Josh laughed along with Drew and Fred. Fred stopped laughing as Dixie hugged Josh from the other side.

“Josh, my man, I believe that you are now the new popular of Hogwarts School!” Fred said smirking. He gestured towards a group of glaring fifth year boys, from what I could gather, they were in his year.

“What did you do to them Josh?” I asked in to his hair.

“Me, I did nothing to them; they’re my group of friends.”

“There jealous Charisma, they want a hug from you as well.” Drew stated. “And on that note, so would I.”

“Hey, back off man, she’s my girl.” Josh said, the sound was slightly muffled due to mine and Dixie’s smothering.

Drew playfully glared and spoke before returning to his dinner. “This battle is not over.”

Elle stormed down the isle between the tables and shoved a tiny first year from her war-path. “Merlin, I can’t believe it!” She shouted, sitting down and attracting most of the attention of the Gryffindor table, including some nearby Ravenclaw’s. She rudely stuck up two fingers; they instantly went back to their dinner.

“Ok. Hi to you too.” Dixie said smiling and releasing Josh. Elle growled at the poor boy – actually growled – before stabbing Fred with a fork when he laughed.

Elle was panicked. “Chic, you need to get out of here.”

“Why exactly do I need to get out of here?”

“Because the devil is coming!” Kyle stage whispered, taking a seat next to me and pushing Drew out of the way. Elle looked seriously worried, where as Kyle just looked amused.

I raised my eyes brows and smiled at Elle. “Honey, we’re in the great Hall, she’s not exactly going to do anything.”

Dixie glared. “Charisma.” She argued. “You and Evie got in to a screeching match at the Potter’s home and you physically attempted to throw her out. Ginny had to stop you … and this is Ginny we’re talking about here; she hates that girl.” Fred snorted, as if to signify an understatement. “When Hog-Hoggy-Hogwarts rolled back around, she got down on to her knees and begged for his forgiveness. Alike you begged for hers.”

“I didn’t beg! I simply asked to start over!”

“Who?” Josh asked curiously.

“Only the SHE-BITCH of Hogwarts.” Dixie said, once again WAY to loudly!

“Ignore her, no one is a bitch and don’t use that language Josh. Dixie is a bad influence.” I said, even though he was a fifth year and was probably out of the question of training in to not swearing.

“Are you talking about Evie Lewis?”

“How did you know?” Elle asked, dropping her fork. “Are you like a mind reader?”

“No.” He stated simply. “I just listen. People hate her … a lot.”

“And do you?” Dixie asked.

“Don’t answer that boy.” I said, pointing my index finger at him. He shrugged a little and nodded at Dix.

“Once again. MY FAVOURITE KID IN THE UNIVERSE!” Merlin, this was going to be along night.

Freddy leant over and took my hand. “He only took her back out of pity.” He whispered. “He said so himself. Drew pushed him from his bed when he told us.” I looked up at him slowly, although he was looking apologetically at me, his gaze quickly shifted to the doors. I followed his sight.

Evie walked in to the Great Hall, accompanied by none other than James Potter.

“What the hell is he doing?” Lily asked, sitting down angrily, across the table from me. Her arms folded angrily across her chest – argumentative mode switched on and her wit at the ready.

“Is he on crack?”

“What is he doing with her?”

“He’s mental!”

“James has finally lost it!” Fred added, finishing off the lovely little gathering of haters seminar.

“He has not lost it.” I defended. “They are dating after all.” Stupid James, how can I feel like this, still? It feels like he ripped my heart out of my chest and jumped on it repeatedly. Actually, that would probably hurt less.

He shot it?

He Avada Kedavra-ed it?

He spat on it?

He hurt my feelings?

Yes, that’s the one. I covered the hurt look on my face to a blank one, hopefully it wasn’t noticeable.

“But I thought that they had broken up.” Elle said comfortingly.

“We’ve just covered this.” Drew said, shovelling food in to his mouth.

“He never said that they were over in the first place, I just assumed.” I trailed off, shrugging and hugging Josh tighter. But you know the saying, when you assume, it makes an ass out of you and me! A big stupid arse is right.

“Should I go?” Josh asked to me quietly.

“Never, I will make you stay Mr. Harding.” I said quietly, resting my head on his. He was a cuddly boy, especially for a fifth year. His hair was soft and he was caring and fun to talk to.

He smirked as he and Drew began a staring contest. Andrew pouted his lips and stuck his tongue out immaturely.

“Yeah, well, if that boy had any common sense, then he would break up with her, she’s evil.”

“Dixie, don’t say that.” I ran my free hand through my hair as the other was tucked around Josh’s shoulders. “Maybe if we gave her a chance she would be alright?”

“Are you saying apologize?”

“No, no way am I apologizing again.” I said. “It was way to humiliating the first time.”

“Yeah,” Fred whispered. “Cause you shouldn’t have done it.”

I ignored him and rolled my eyes. “I was just suggesting that maybe, if we lay off the name calling and petty arguments, maybe we would get along a little better.”

“No way am I getting along with her.” Dixie sneered, glaring in Evie’s direction. “I will get along with her when sluts’ don’t shag.”

I covered Josh’s ears in an attempt to save the last of his dignity, although he seemed rather dedicated to hear ever word. Lewis ran her hand through James’s hair as they both took a seat amongst Evie’s friends at the other end of the table. He didn’t look over – not once.

“Oh, so he’s going to abandon us now! Well that’s just great!”

“Fred, don’t over react.” Elle said, jumping to James’s rescue. “I say we go and join him.”

“Yeah!” Lily said, getting up from her seat and already marching down the hall towards her brother. The crowd arose from the table and followed Lily’s lead.

“Are we going to join them?” Josh asked me.

“Do you still want your limbs in the morning?” He nodded. “Well then, I suggest that we leave while we can.”

We got up from the table and literally ran out of the hall. “James Potter is watching you.” Josh said to me as we reached the doors.

“Ignore him.” I whispered, a small smile enveloped my face. We walked out of the Great Hall and down the corridor a little.

“Charisma!” I turned around to see Lois, about to enter for dinner.

Her brown hair seemed curlier than usual, bigger. Obviously more care had gone in to her appearance today than normal. Her school skirt was pressed evenly, unlike her shirt, which was unusually crinkled. She wore thick framed black glasses, her contacts must have broken.

“Hey!” I said happily, letting go of Josh’s hand and hugging her tightly. “How are you, did you have a good Christmas?”

“The best, you?” She asked sweetly as her group of friends walked on in to the hall.

“It was defiantly up there.” I lied. She didn’t need to know details.

“So I heard that you and Nate made up.” Lois asked attentively, fiddling with the ends of her hair.

Nate appeared from behind her and shoved her lightly with her palm. “Yeah we did, I was an arse. I finally realised that.”

“Don’t you dare use that language infront of the children Nathanial!” I angrily placed my hands over Josh’s ears.

“I’m taller than you.” He said, pulling my hands from his face and placing them by my sides. He gave them a little pat.

Nate and Lois were grinning. “Yeah, well …shut up!” I said pettily, smiling a little.

“I’m Josh Harding.” He said, shaking hands with them. “Gryffindor.”

“They can see that from you robes stupid.” I said laughing. He shoved me a little

“I was being polite.” He retaliated, shoving his hands in to his pockets.

“It’s ok, Charisma’s seriously slow occasionally.” Nate said. “You are a hell of a lot more polite than Potter.” He added turning to Josh.

“I have to agree with you on that one.” I admitted truthfully, especially upon considering how polite James was to Nate the first time they had met.

“So this is Lois and Nate, guys this is my boyfriend Josh!” I said smiling. Lois smirked, acknowledging my sarcasm.

“You want a kiss to prove that statement?” Josh asked cheekily.

“Ok, correction, this is my totally perverted boyfriend.” I took one look at Nate’s confused face and carried on. “Final correction, I was being sarcastic, this is Josh, Albus’s roomie?”

“So you lied to me?” Josh asked, faking a shocked impression.

“Go home.” I said quickly. “So Nate, good Christmas?”

“It improved when it got to the end.” He said smiling.

“School excitement?” I asked. “Typical Ravenclaw’s.” I muttered to Josh, just loud enough for them to hear.

Lois laughed and Nate rolled his eyes. “Sure, that’s why.”

“I’ve got to get to dinner, but I’ll see you round Chic.” Lois said smiling, before hugging me and running off in to the hall to catch up with her friends.

“I better be off too.” Nate said, before copying Lois’s actions and strolling towards the Ravenclaw table.

“Wait!” Nate stopped and popped his head back around the corner. “If the ‘Claws are talking about a rude Gryffindor that swore at them – defend Ellie?”

He snorted unconvincingly and smiled. “Will do, love.”

I watched his disappear and take a seat in amongst a group of seventh years at that ‘Claws table. He picked up his Goblet and smacked his friend around the back of the head. I could only assume it was Elle’s doing, especially as I heard her name shouted around. But it wasn’t from the Ravenclaw’s table.

“You wanna head back to the common room?” Josh asked sweetly.

“Sure, why not?” I stole one last glance behind me at James before linking arms with Josh.

“Lily, are you trying to get yourself expelled?” I questioned angrily that night in the common room.

“No, why would I do that Charisma seriously?” She took my hands and pulled me down on to the sofas, crossed legged, I was sitting on my feet. “She just pushed my buttons a little too far this time.” She added, making the figure of an inch between her index finger and thumb.

“You should have bit your tongue and walked away Lily, not hex her!”

“Yeah well I couldn’t exactly help it, you should have heard what she said about how you acted over Christmas, Drew was livid.” She genially looked upset.

“What about James? What did he say?”

Lily collapsed back in to the nearest couch, placing her feet up on to the coffee table. “In all fairness Wolfy, I don’t think that he heard, he wasn’t listening to Evie for once, he was too busy staring off in to space.”

The fact that James wasn’t staring at Evie’s massive basoomas at dinner was a fact that I found oddly unconvincing. Nothing that I know of could cause him to not do … well …that.

“It’s James; he doesn’t stare in to space.”

The moment that Josh and I had left the hall, leaving the rest of the gang to join Lewis and her army of skanks (excluding James obviously, but he’s certainly on his way) all hell broke loose, just as expected.

Lewis was the only one who refused to accept it, her ‘friends’ were fine with it, probably just because they got to it with the Quidditch team. But the next thing I know, almost a quarter of Gryffindor is being pulled in to two weeks detention for duelling in the Great Hall. Professor Longbottom found it amusing.

Apparently there was a lot of screaming.
Apparently Evie’s hair was turned blue.
Apparently Evie was dissing me.
Apparently Drew had to go to the Hospital Wing.
Apparently Dixie and Elle accidently stripped Fred and Kyle of their clothes (somehow I don’t think that one was an accident)

Apparently James fought for Evie.

That was the one that killed me. To know that he fought for her, but I wasn’t there and I know how Lily exaggerates, so I don’t know the full story. But I will be expecting a full report from Drew later (who finds it completely impossible to lie to me).

Lily pulled me down next to her and hugged my arm. “Well, something made him.”

I pulled my arm back, brushing her off. “So he just sat there?”

“No Wolfy, we’ve been over this, he fought on her side.” Lily stated, slowly and clearly. “But he wasn’t throwing his best hexes. It was more like him and Fred were only participating as a joke.”

“But once again, why couldn’t you just talk it out?”

Lily folded her arms. “Do you really need an answer for that?”

I sighed and let go of her hands. “He really likes her doesn’t he?”

“Yeah, dunno why though.” She admitted openly. “What happened to”

“I…I…I’m getting there.” I stuttered. “Just, not as fast as I hoped.”

“My brother isn’t really helping either is he?”

“Not really, he’s actually making it incredibly hard.” I closed my eyes and let my head fall back lazily on to the sofa. “It’s never going to go away is it?”


“This feeling, it’s never going to leave.” I didn’t need to open my eyes to see Lily’s apologetic look. “I love him Lillers, that’s never going to change, we’re too close for that.”

“Don’t say that Wolfy.” She laid her head on my shoulder. This time, I didn’t pull away. “I don’t want to admit this, but I think that you could do better than my brother right now, especially now he’s dating Malibu Barbie.”

“For once Lily, I think that I actually agree with you.” We looked at each other and laughed without meaning for while.

“Charisma, I don’t want to scare you,” she said; suddenly the charismatic atmosphere was shockingly serious. “But it’s going to come down to a choice.”

“What choice?”

She shook her head. “It’s obvious.” She exclaimed, using her hands for emphasis. “James is going to have to choose between you, the true friend, and his fake, big boobed, bitch of a girlfriend.” I shook my head, but she resumed. “Why does she have the bloody façade? Why does she feel that she can’t be herself, around anyone?”

Shrugging, I spoke. “Cause she’s insecure – and clinically insane?”

“Kinda,” Lily nodded approvingly. “But mainly because she is threatened by you.”


Evie was talented, extremely talented. Her intelligence is far superior to mine, even with the gap of a year in our ages. She is beautiful and has opportunities to go far in life, opportunities that others would kill for. Yet, she knows all this. That is what makes her so stuck up, and in my mind, it is also what holds her back. Why she would be jealous of little old me? I am strange, I am not pretty, I have eyes that are a little too big for my head for crying out loud! Evie could do anything that she set her mind to.

Lily answered almost instantly. “Because you’re closer to James.” I blinked. “If it came down to it, she knows deep down inside, that James will choose you if it became a choice.” she sighed. “You know it too. You know it as well as I want to smack Professor McGonagall’s effing bird.”

She was referring to John, the self titled tweety bird that our Headmistress bought when she was first promoted, the thing just won’t seem to pass on. Lily hates it.

“I’m not so sure anymore.” Admitting it felt wrong. It broke me to say the words out loud. It was, as if for months, they had lingered in my head, and I, only, had the power to say them. Once said, I couldn’t take them back, and that is what scared me.

Because when I said them, the reality of the situation became true.

“Are you talking about James, or the bir-“


“Uhh, MERLIN BOY!” Lily cried while I covered my ears. “You didn’t have to shout that in my ear.”

“I’m sorry, I…I didn’t mean to.” It was Zac, Lily’s little stalker. He had backed off a while ago, after she had shouted at him, however lately, he seemed to be taking a liking again.

She stopped looking angry for a second and put on a sweet smile. “It’s ok, do you think that maybe you could run up to the boys dorms and tell my brother Albus that I need to speak to him.” Lily asked, sickeningly sweet.

“Of course, anything for you Lily.” Zac replied, instantly running off towards the boys’ dorms. Her smiled quickly faded as she turned to me, took one look at my face and jumped up.



James Potter 


“Will, you please just let it go?” I groaned.

“Me, let it go? LET IT GO?” Evie screamed, kicking my wardrobe door. “They completely embarrassed me, turned my hair blue and all!” She screeched, gesturing to her hair. That had now turned back to its original colour – I knew Lily too well, all it needed was a little shampoo.

Lily was never really good at those spells. She should have made it last bloody longer.

“Yes let it go.” I said, getting up from the bed and pulling her away from the poor wardrobe. “Evie, they were just trying to get a reaction out for you, and when you react like … well … this. Then they have won.”

I was going to kill my friends later, Lily most of all. They knew exactly what to say to get a rise out of my girlfriend, and they took the chance, they were childish. Thank god Charisma had walked out, not wanting to take any part in this. That would have just pushed Evie over the edge.

“But you didn’t even attempt to stop them.” She queried.

“Evie they’re my friends, I fought on your side, I think that’s enough.” I said innocently.

“Fought doesn’t really cover it.” She disagreed. Putting on a mocking fairy voice and pretending to flap her wings about she spoke, “All you and Fred did was playfully hex each other.”

The truth was I was thinking heavily through out dinner. Charisma had left the hall as soon as I entered, with Al’s bloody roommate. Due to his visit last summer, I can easily tell what he’s like. He is a miniature Harper – of who she next talked to – aka, twat. Evie mocking demeanour was something I wasn’t used to. Until this Christmas, she had always been so nice to Charisma. I have no idea what came over her.

I can’t see Charisma hurt again, I just can’t.

She sat down on my bed, by my pillow. “I bet Price put them up to this.” She sneered.

“Now hang on Evie.” I growled no trace of a joke or lie in my voice. “Charisma wasn’t even there, its one thing to blame my friends and family for your little strop here, but it’s another to blame my best friend for something she wasn’t even involved in. I thought we had talked about this.”

“Yes, we have, and I apologized for being such a jerk at Christmas, I was way out of line. You know that I even apologized to Price the second I stepped back on to Hogwarts grounds.” Liar. She stamped her foot. “And this is not a strop.”

She did have point there. We had talked out our issues after breakfast this morning, she had admitted to being a bitch. Which to be fair, she was. She even went off to apologize to Charisma; she really wants to make amends. They could be really good friends if they wanted to be.

I decided to ignore her last contradiction.

“I know, and I appreciate that, but you can’t just go around blaming my friends whenever you feel like it.”

“You make it sound like everything is my fault!”

“Well Evie, in a way it sort of is.” I knew from the moment these words left my mouth that they were the wrong ones. Yes I was telling the truth, so I had no reason to take them back. Registering from the look on her face, I probably should have stopped there…but no. “If you wouldn’t torment my family, then they would have no reason to hex you.”

Surly enough, her eyes took on a dark glare, her voice was piercing somewhat. “Then tell that to them.” She spat.

“I have, on many an occasion.” I retaliated truthfully. I have lost count on the amount of times that I have asked them to leave Evie alone.

“Well they obviously took notice.”

“Please don’t talk about them like that Evie, they actually say nice things about you when your not there.” Well Charisma does, but I don’t need words to know Lily and Albus’s opinions.

“Yeah sure.” She answered sarcastically. “And I’m a man.”


“JAMES! This isn’t the time for JOKING!” She shouted. “I can’t even say how angry I am!” Her words were rough.

“YOU! ANGRY?” I shouted. My voice suddenly repelled a natural charm and hissed at my girlfriend. “Evie if anyone should have the right to be angry it should be me NOT you.” I huffed, folding my arms. “Maybe even my friends more than us.”

“Oh yeah, cause they’re really the victim in all this.”

“What the hell did I just say Evie, don’t talk about my friends like that. You think that you are above everyone else all of the time, but take a hint Evie YOU’RE NOT PERFECT!”

“Me?” She choked out, an ironic grin on her face. “YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE BETTER THEN EVERYONE JAMES POTTER!” She sighed, retreating back in to herself, tears threatening to fell over. “Nothing that I do is good enough James; nothing can beat bloody Charisma, not in your eyes.”

All anger disappeared from my body. I sat down on the bed next to her, attempting to put my arms around her but she pulled away. “Hey, hey, hey.” I soothed. “Where the hell did that come from?”

She looked up in to my eyes and laid her head on my shoulder. “I don’t know.” I stroked her hair lightly. “You and her are just so close. I get jealous sometimes.”

“Jealous?” I smirked. “Evie, you are the girl for me. You should know that.”

She sat up and looked in to my eyes, she was so beautiful, her golden blonde hair was carefully messed to perfection, her dainty hands held mine. Her eyes were a deep chocolate brown, not crystal blue like Charisma’s.

Wait! Where the heck did that thought come from?


“Really?” She chimed. I shook my head, trying to think of what I was agreeing too. My head span in a panic. When did charisma enter this equation? Since when was Charisma anything but my best friend? Since when did her eye colour register in my mind?

“Really.” I answered, not thinking about it. She smiled a new smile, not one that she’s grinned before.

She didn’t say anything, she just hugged me tight. It was unusual coming from Evie.

We sat there in silence for a moment. I can’t believe I just admitted to that. Of course Evie was up there with my top priorities, but if it came down to choosing, Charisma would come first every time.

No question. Stupid spur of the moment.

“But you and Price are so close, always going off together, spending nights at Hagrid’s.”

I rolled my eyes. “Evie, don’t push it.”

“I’m not pushing it, I just want to know where you to are all the tim-“

“EVIE!” I shouted. “Merlin, something’s are private, ok? There are something’s that I can’t tell you.”

“But I thought that we agreed on no secrets James. I’ve told you everything.”

I threw my head back and laughed. Yeah she’s told me a hell of a lot more than I needed to know, literally everything.

“What the hell is so funny? I tell you what I feel for us. I do everything I do for us.”

I didn’t answer for a moment; I just sat there thinking of what to say. Everything that she did was obviously in our best interests. “Look, this isn’t my secret to tell alright, so let’s just drop it.”

“No I will not drop this!”

“YES, YOU WILL!” I said firmly and particularly loudly.

“Don’t you dare shout at me JAMES POTTER!”

“I AM NO-“ I sighed and then resumed, scowling. “I am not shouting.”

“Good.” She folded her arms in a huff. “Charisma wouldn’t have got shouted at.”

“MERLIN! You are so petty.” I ran my fingers through my hair. “Please, get over it or leave.” I said abruptly.

I knew that it was the right response. It was the opposite of what I was expecting to come from my mouth, yet it felt right. Her argumentative demeanour faded instantly, she fell to realize the cold truth. She is anything but innocent.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, Evie, if you can’t accept the fact that Charisma and I are friends then leave.”

“So you’re picking her over me? So when you said I was the only girl for you, you lied?” Her eyes built up with water, once again, she danced on the verge of tears. “Some boyfriend you are.”

“No Evie I did not lie.” I lied. Wow, I’m really quite good at this.

“Then prove it, don’t talk to Charisma anymore.”

Suddenly, it was my turn to become speechless. “What?”

“You heard me, James.” She threw my own words back in my face, doing a rather pitiful and immature impression of me, rolling her sleeves up as she spoke; putting on an incredibly good impression of Cousin Lucy.

“I am not going to ignore my best friend because of your wishes, you are so selfish.”

“Me, I’m selfish?” She laughed un-humorously. “What about YOU!”

“How am I selfish? All I ever do is put you first. You have no idea the amount of arguments that I have got in to with my friends because of you.”

Her jaw dropped to her knees. “So what are you saying?”

“I’m saying, if you can’t accept my friendships then…. then.” I took a deep breath. “Maybe we shouldn’t be together anymore.”

She froze, not a word left her mouth. She looked me directly in the eyes as a single tear fell from her eye. She would not guilt trip me out of this! She brushed it away heartlessly and let her hands fall limp by her sides. I in no way wanted to leave her, but, it’s come down to this and I stick by what I said. Charisma comes first. Best friend of 6 years – Girlfriend of 4 months. The balance weighs itself out.

I pushed past her and went for the door but she grabbed my wrist, pulling me back. “Please James, no, we can work this out.” She sobbed.

“Evie, I want to, believe me I really do.”

“Then do, James, do believe me.”

I listened to her take a deep breath of dry air. “I don’t know if I can.”

“It’s her, it’s always her.”

“Evie, it has nothing to do with her!” I reassured. “I don’t fancy her, I don’t think of her in that way. She is my best friend.”

“YEAH SOME BEST FRIEND!” She yelled. I never knew her yell was really that loud. “She always puts herself before you James. Do you know the stuff that her and Lily say about you and Albus?”

They talk about me? Well this is Charisma and Lily we’re talking about, what ever they said we probably deserved. Well if it came from a certain blonde. My sister’s words could most likely be left from the equation.

“Evie, I have to be with Charisma, I have to protect he-“ Oh shit.

“Protect her?” Evie questioned, putting the crying on hold. “Protect her from whom? The bogey man?”

“No one.” Merlin, crappy answer there James.

“James you have always been a shit liar, now tell me the truth.” My plans had failed. My hopes of being a professional liar had been dashed. I threw them aside and pulled her up from my bed.

“I can’t Evie,” I growled in frustration. “You know I can’t.” getting myself in to messes that I couldn’t control had always been a talent of mine. Charisma was always there to bail me out, this time I was on my own. “This is what I have been trying to tell you. It’s not my secret to tell.”

Evie stood up and walked over to me, taking my hands in to hers. Her tone mirrored mine. An attempt to be subtle and calm, but annoyance and irritation shined through. “You can tell me anything.”

She ran a hand through my hair, and another along the top of my arm. I pulled away from her willing grasp. “No I can’t.”

“Yes you can, Merlin this is a pathetic argument.” Her glare outweighed any other I had seen before.

“It’s not pathetic Evie, please understand this.” I sighed and said my words slowly. “I. Can’t. Tell. You.”

“Why the hell not?”

“We’ve covered this;” I breathed, my hands grasping on to my hair for support. “It’s not my secret to tell! Jesus! You’re really not getting this are you?”

Her expression didn’t clear. “James, once again, it’s time to choose me or Price.” I ran my hand through my hair. She said Charisma’s name like it was dirt. It was clear.

“Fine.” I said sternly. “GET OUT!” I yelled, pointing to the door. Her expression changed for what must have been the seventy fifth time in the last 10 minutes.

She rose from the bed and stood still. “So you’re picking her?”

“YES.” I stood up to meet her, overtaking her by at least a foot. “I pick Charisma.”


“Because she doesn’t make me choose!” I spat, accompanied with what must have been the most horrifying expression I have ever managed to muster. “You’ve been a complete bitch to her for months and she never once complained.” I added, messing up my hair, a confidence booster I inherited from my dad.













“JAMES POTTER!” She bellowed. The sheer amplitude of her voice caused me to stop in my tracks. She took that opportunity to grab my arm and push me back on to the bed. Now considering that I am a hell of a lot heavier than she, it must have been bloody hard.

Hang on, what the hell have I just said?

Her eyes widened and she took a step back. “Full moon?” She asked quietly. I was taken back. My temper flared and I punched the post of my bed with all of the force I could muster.

“Oh my-!” I growled, mainly at myself, how could I have been so stupid?

I could see the whites of her eyes and they still grew bigger, even in the dark that had begun to envelop the window due to the setting of the sun.

“Wolfy? Wolfy? Wolfy?” She muttered to herself, obviously having made the connection.

“Evie!” I begged, holding her hands tightly between mine. “I WAS KIDDING!”


“You can never say anything?”

“But, she…she’s….a thing!” She announced with disgust.

“No, no she’s not. Evie, she isn’t fully one of them, she just is part, of…one of them!” I exclaimed, attempting to sound believable, but knowing that I wasn’t.

She pulled her hands away from mine. “I...I...I have to go.” She stuttered, walking towards the door and opening it.

The figures of Drew, Fred and Kyle fell through the door; they had obviously had their ears pressed against it. Kyle stayed on the floor, staring at it intensely. Drew, poor Drew, the youngest of the lot of us, stood to the floor, eyes wide. Fred jumped, up. His expression was filled with intense anger. Suddenly, he was the superior one in this room.

“Well, now THAT’S ALL OUT IN THE OPEN!” Fred exclaimed angrily, standing up from the floor where he had fallen, impending on the door that Evie had just opened before punching me in the face. I didn’t flinch; I just let the blood run from my nose instead. What I deserved was worse.

What the hell have I done? 

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“Why don’t you want us talking to James?” Lily asked, leaning over the table in an interested sort of fashion. We stared at each other in silence before her eyes opened wide in realization. “You think he’s gay!” She shouted as I disagreed and unintentionally gaining the entire libraries attention.

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Chapter 21: Why?
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Charisma Price and Lily Potter


“Remind me why my stalker likes me?” Lily complained, kicking off her shoes and putting her feet on to my knees.

“Because you’re smarticle?” I offered, turning my Divination text book upside down, attempting to make something of the constellation that Professor Crazy had told us to learn.

We had run from the common room, taken ourselves down a few floors and stopped at the library. Let face it, it’s the last place that anyone would think to look for the young Lily Potter, Rose maybe, but not Lily.

“Is that even a word?” She asked, making another magically animated dove with what was the pages of my Charms homework.

I shut my book. “I don’t know look it up.” I smiled. “I’ll go and get the dictionary.”

Lily looked up from her text book. “You can’t be serious.” She asked astonished. “Smarticle, is not a real word. It is one of the many that has originated from your mind.”

I smiled smiled. “Along with you’re the cooliest.”

“That should never be repeated.” I looked up at Lily and burst into laughter. When in a library, it’s not the best idea.

We hid our faces in our books, attempting to avoid the gaze of the crazed librarian. Her name’s Madam Pince or something. She has a lazy eye and I’m pretty sure that she also has a moustache. I tend to look away you see. Her library rules; no eating, no laughing and no smiling, I am sure that she would enforce no breathing if she could.

“Charisma.” Lily said quietly once we had calmed down slightly. “Are you feeling alright?”

I looked up from my book. “Fine, why?”

“No reason.” She said with a shrug.

Having run from the common room no more than ten minutes ago, I was already puffed. The moon was up soon, my energy was shot. James has promised that he will be back this time, but I feel as if he’s lying. He doesn’t want to be there. I don’t blame him. Who would want to be with a monster like me?

My face suddenly faltered as I thought of it deeply. I had never put the situation to much thought. Last full moon, my parents had died by the hands of a cult of werewolves, who knows what could happen this time.

Taking my head out of my book, I looked to the left and caught my reflection in the library window.

To me all I could see was a boring old me. A tired looking girl with huge circles under her bloodshot eyes, a small bruise formed on her forehead from where she had fallen from her bed the night before. It was unlikely that I would ever sleep properly again. I keep running possible scenarios through my head. How the werewolves got in and out, why they attacked no one but my parents, it was as if they knew what they were doing.

It was my hair that finished it off; it was huge, un-brushed and looked as if I was wearing the hat on my head, aka, the dead animal. Lily saw my gaze. She took her own hair from its band and pulled my locks back in to a bun, folding it over so it stayed remotely put.

“Charisma, you’re so deep in thought you look like you’re having a stroke.” I just stared blankly.

“I’m thinking about boys,” I lied.

“Boys!” Lily said, slamming her hands on the table. “What do you have to worry about boys? You have one of the hottest in the school after you and the rest as your friends. You may like the one who’s a bit of a tosser, but he’ll come around.”

I felt a little taken back, Lily had never been that blunt before. “I guess you’re right.”

“Honey, I’m Lily Luna Potter, I’m always right.” I screwed up a page from my text book, ripping it from its hold and throwing it at my friend. “I you want, I’ll talk to James for you? Do the simple thing?”

“NO!” I shouted, standing up instantly, knocking my chair back and getting an amazing amount of glares and shh’s directed my way from surrounding tables. I’m startled at the reaction myself. “Don’t talk to him; you’re right, things will come around.”

“Why don’t you want us talking to him?” Lily asked, leaning over the table in an interested sort of fashion. We stared at each other in silence before her eyes opened wide in realization. “You think he’s gay!” She shouted as I disagreed and unintentionally gaining the entire libraries attention.

Everything was silent for the first time since the moment we entered the library….well … that was until the moment that Lily decided to pick up the gigantic Astronomy book that she was using and throw it full pelt across the table, scattering the books that were once on it and heading straight for me. Using my chaser skills, I dived from my chair, unfortunately allowing a little second year Hufflepuff to be smacked by the book as my replacement.

Was looked horrified, my eyes full of disproval. Where as Lily was attempting that look but was momentarily over taken by amusement, her eyes glistening and her mouth twisting in to a smile.

The librarian lady stormed over, crinkly hands on hips. “I will not tolerate behaviour like that in my library.” She practically hissed. “Never in all my years has a student ever used physical movements to express their emotions.” She paused. “Never.” With all of this hissing I was worried that she was on the verge of exploding.

We hid our smiles and slowly stood up carefree while she continued to shout. “How dare you–place of study –terrible behaviour-“ She lectured as I zoned out. I didn’t seem able to concentrate, my attention was any where but where it should be. Would James really stick by me? The next thing I realize I am being dragged out of the library by Lily.

“Did you just hit a second year,” I asked, “With a text book?”

Lily shrugged. “It was only a Hufflepuff.”

“Hang on-“ Dixie had arrived. “What’s this about Lily attacking a Hufflepuff?”

Kyle and Drew ran after her, Kyle grabbed her shoulder as she reached the two of us and pulled her back. He stood in front of her. “Dixie, leave.”

She snorted. “Excuse me?”

Lily and I were stood, mouths hanging open, shocked. Lily had a hand on her hip; I stood with my hands shoved in to the front pockets of my dress. Two buttons were just below my shoulders, pinning the shoulder straps to the rest of the material. I had on a pair of clear tights, simply for the reason of warmth. “Did he just tell her what to do?” I muttered to my red head companion and she nodded, shocked.

“I’m thinking we should go and get some popcorn.” Lily whispered back, resting her head on my shoulder. We giggled and I put my head on top of hers, our hairs colour merging in to one.

“No,” Kyle stated simply, pulling Lily away from me. “Lily, what are you doing?”

“Being me.” She dismissed. “We’re running to escape my stalker – and James, he’s being a twat.”

Dixie snorted once more. “You can say that again. Kyle, get out of the way.” She tried to push the bulky boy from her path. He didn’t budge. “Okay, all I can see right now if your back,” no answer. “It’s going to be a painful back after I jab my wand in to it.”

He did nothing. Only one action, glare at me. I took a step forward, trying to prize a struggling Lily from his grasp. She groaned and bit his wrist; he only shook her off a little. “Let go of me you big poof!” She exclaimed, returning to gnaw at his wrist. He pulled back, letting Lily go. She sucker punched him in the stomach and he hunched over with a gasp.

“MERLIN!” Dixie exclaimed. “Kyle, are you ok?”

“Yes.” He dismissed.

“Lily, what’s come over you?” She asked, her eyes wide with shock.

“Me?” She countered. The two of them continued to bicker, Kyle not taking his eyes from the floor. Drew stood alone, leaning against the wall behind them the group.

His hair was flipped over his eyes in its usual manner, his grey hat still in place. His arms were folded, alike Kyle, his eyes were on the floor. I didn’t dare look back to the guys behind me, I could still hear their bickering. Kyle’s voice was absent.

“Drew?” I said quietly, in my softest voice. He didn’t even flinch. “Andrew, are you alright?”

He ignored my question and answered it with one of his own. “Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Tell you what?”

“You know,” He said with a shrug. His eyes full of emotion, one I did not recognize. “I just don’t understand.”

“Under stand what?” I demanded. “Why is Kyle being like that? If you tell me, I can help you.”

I placed a hand delicately on his shoulder; he shrugged it off and moved away from the wall. “Why you?” He asked, the cryptic aura of his words was really starting to upset me. “Why? Why out of everyone in the world did they choose you?”

“Drew.” I consoled, my eyes welling up with tears. I could feel Kyle’s gaze boring in to my back. He stepped away from my touch once more. “Did I do something wrong?”

He couldn’t answer; it was as if his eyes spoke for him. He was hurt, upset, angry. I couldn’t place my finger on anything. Why did they dislike me so?

He slid off his hat and with a shaky hand; he pushed it down on to my head. “It’s yours.”

“Drew,” I called as he walked away. “Drew!” He was un-reactive as he walked away. I turned to the others. Dixie looked as confused as I. “What did I do?”

Lily shook her head. “Kyle, you wanna explain?”

“There’s nothing to say.” He growled, his voice suddenly became something from a horror film. “I may not be perfect, but at least I’m not a monster.” His eyes turned to me and my breath caught.

“Kyle.” I gasped, a tear falling from my face.

I bravely took a step forward, using every ounce of my Gryffindor courage. I suddenly had an inkling of why they seemed so off. The question was, how did they find out? I reached out a hand to touch him, lord knows why I wanted to, but I was sure this was the last time I would ever be able to.

I walked towards him. “Kyle, listen to me, pl-“ 

"Get away from me!"

"Kyle, you're being unreasonabl-"

Pulling his wand from his robes he pointed it directly to me. “Stupefly.” 


What did Kyle just do? :D I am a horrible, horrible person.

Here a little of Chapter 23…

“Charisma, do you have any idea what you do on that night.”

I shook my head for what seemed like the thousandth time. I stuttered out my answer. “James doesn’t tell me, he says tha-“

“That you don’t need to know? That you’re not that bad.” He looked like he was in pain. “Sweetheart, you have no idea what you do. You are so much worse than the average wolf. They just ravage and kill things. You, you –“ 

Could this get any worse? Not only has her secret gotten out, she has been hexed by her friend (or did he miss, or aim for something else? It’s Kyle, could he really do this?) and now she is being told this? Or am I teasing you?


Chapter 22: If I Could Only Run
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Beautiful Chapter Image by Marit @ tda. 
Charisma Price and Daniel Wilkins


“Charisma!” I opened my eyes, blinking away the blurry figures. I lifted my head from the floor and gasped. Placing my fingers to my head, I felt blood. A small wet cut was there above my eye. “Charisma can you hear me?”

“Nate?” I whispered.

A hand stroked hair from my eyes. “Yeah, it’s me. I’m here.”

I blinked another time and the blurred figures began to come in to view. Dixie sat beside me, her legs tucked under her as she sat with stammered breath. Lily was stood behind the group, smacking a stunned Kyle with all the strength that she could muster. He took every blow without flinching. Lois was stood to the left, holding the arm of Dan, who looked unfazed.

“Kyle.” I stammered in a sob. “Why?”

He shook his head, shaking; it was as if he actually felt remorse. He couldn’t. He has no emotion. He isn’t Kyle. “I don’t know.”

“You’re not Kyle,” I dismissed. “Kyle wouldn’t do that to me – Kyle wouldn’t do that to anyone.”

Dixie stood up, speechless. “And you had the indecency to call her a monster.” She growled. “Charisma is anything but, the complete opposite.”

He stood, still taking the blows from Lily. “Do you think that Ellie is still going to be with you after that?!” She screeched. “You’ve just lost everything.”

He simply shook his head and walked away, with only one simple line. “Just stay away – don’t hurt Evie.”

“Ex…excuse me?” Lily breathed.

“You heard, stay away from her. She may be bad, but she doesn’t deserve what ever you’re thinking of doing to her.” My jaw dropped to the floor as I watched him walk away in silence.

I would have laughed if I thought the situation demanded it, but I seemed unable to produce sound. I realized that he had been looking at my thighs, which were uncovered and showing off a trio of lovely scars. Nate leant over and pulled down the hem of my dress.

When Kyle didn’t turn around and laugh too, claiming the entire thing to be a hilarious joke set up by James I seemed to loose the ability to breathe too. I turned to see Dixie mirroring my expression, but not my emotion.

She turned to me, totally shocked. “What. The. Hell?”

“When I find out, I’ll tell you.” Lily said quietly. Did he honestly think that I would hurt anyone, let alone capable? He could only see the outside of me, the side that produced a growling wolf with teeth – not that I had ever had the ability to do any of that.

“If your Evie bashing can I help too?” Dixie asked, still slightly taken back, trying to lighten the mood.

I had just been stunned by someone I assumed was my best friend. You know the saying about what happens when you assume, I have said it before. It seems I should feel the need to repeat it. The only people that knew were the people that I could trust with my life. Could I trust anyone?

“The both of them are so different. I don’t know what happened.” She said, resuming the panicked tone in her voice. “Neither said a word through dinner, Drew looked at the floor and Kyle – well he’s just bloody lost it!”

“Do you think that they’ve heard something, a rumour maybe?” Lois asked. Speaking for the first time.

I shook my head; words still a hard thing to accomplish. I felt something slide off my head a little; taking the mess I call hair with it, Drew’s hat. It was at that moment I realised why he had given it to me - a parting gift.

He knew, and he couldn’t take it. I didn’t expect any of them too; it’s why they don’t know. He gave me his most beloved possession as a goodbye. A tear fell down my cheek. Drew, I’ve lost Drew. I can’t loose him – my rock.

I felt a pair of hands take hold of mine and pull me up roughly; an ache was pulsing through my shoulders. Instead of carrying me like a pretty princess like Nate would have done, I was made to walk. Dan.

I could hear the shouts behind me; they didn’t understand why he carried me off, neither did I.

“Dan,” Nate asked, taking a few steps to catch up with us. “What are you doing?”

He stopped the both of us, resting his hands on my waist, holding me up straight. I was being a child, but I couldn’t seem to find the strength to accomplish anything. He spoke demandingly, causing Nathan to back off instantly. “Let me talk to her – alone.”

He stepped aside and allowed us to walk. Every now and again, Dan would pick me up and carry me for a few steps before placing me back down. “Charisma,” he growled. “You are not incapable – you are strong. You are not weak. Now run.”

He took hold of my hand and dragged me. I subconsciously listened to his words without realising. My legs carried themselves and through blurred vision, I ran. Down the corridor, we took a right, not stopping for a moment. Ignoring the cries of disturbed teachers, Dan just ran. He took me out to the grounds, through the rain.

The droplet’s hit my face. The scene seemed to travel in slow motion. Not a word was said, but every weightless drop that touched my skin felt like a weight crashing down. Every step I took felt like one more step away from reality. The reality I have to face when I return. I couldn’t take it. The weight was more than I could bear, I fell to the ground, letting go of Dan’s hand. He bore no expression as he turned. His grip was more than enough for me as he dragged me for no more than a second.

“Charisma!” He shouted. “You are not weak! Get up!”

“I can’t!” I cried, digging my knees in to the mud. “I can’t.”

He bent down, looking around the empty grounds quickly before touching my skin lightly. “You are the strongest one I know. I brought you out here so the rain can clear your mind. Don’t do this to me.”

I looked to his determined expression with one of my own, despair. “You know.” I accused.

“I’ve always known.” He amended, pulling me up and guiding me to a tree. I found the ability to move my limbs. “Charisma, you’re a Gryffindor for a reason. You wouldn’t have been placed there if you couldn’t handle this.” I took a deep breath and sat down under the old oak – the water evaded this certain spot.

He ran a shaking hand through his hair; an attempt to keep it together. For me. For him. He crossed his legs and faced me slowly.

“I was seven when my brother was attacked.” He explained. Dan looked for an expression on my face; there wasn’t one, not to see. “A new era of werewolves is rising. A group of followers for Fenrir Greyback had been watching my brother, Simon. They attacked him on the way home from Kings Cross.”

I had nothing to say, so I simply looked up at him through my eyes. They were no longer teary, but they hurt, stung. He sat down on to the floor, and mirrored my position but a little to the right. The rain poured around us, our little sheltered patch from the rain was only damp. I sniffed. He resumed.

“For months, my parents locked him in the basement, but it didn’t work. He grew too big. The Ministry wouldn’t put us under protection, at this time; they didn’t know about the group, they simply thought that it was an attack gone wrong. Simon fought the urges, but the transformations were harsh.” He couldn’t look me in the eye, so instead he looked at my scars. They were on display, but I didn’t feel the need to cover them up. “I saw it once, Dad put him in the shed outback – they had reinforced it, made the wood stronger – I was only nine, I thought it would be cool, seeing my brother turn in to a mythological beast, so I ran out to the shed and looked through the window.”

“What happened?” I asked, a little louder than usual to be heard over the rain.

He took a deep breath and licked his lips. “Dad found me,” Three words, so simple, and yet, so unexpected. “I didn’t know what to do, the second the moon came up, I regretted it. Simon was making the shed wobble, it began to rain and then a lightening storm hit. It was like a scene from a horror movie.” There was a long pause of silence. I looked at my bare feet, I had, had no time to put on shoes when Lily and I ran from the Common Room. I had thought no need for them. That seemed like days ago, not simply hours. “Dad brought me back in to the house and sat me in the kitchen. He explained everything. I hadn’t a clue until then what was really happening.”

“I remember a few weeks later when the flashing lights shone through the window. The muggle police had been called. A few of the neighbours had heard the growls and the screaming and the crashes, they were scared. A week later, Dad moved us across the country, about four months after that, the same thing happened again.” Dan ripped up a fist full of grass. “I spent all my time looking for a cure; the only thing I wanted was for us to be a normal family again. Mum couldn’t take it after a year or so – she left.” My mouth was open a little, my breathing so quiet it was barely inaudible.

“Dad acted like he didn’t care, but he did. Simon and I could see it. He’s never been the same since, he’s never dated another woman, he’s never said the words ‘I love you’, not to anyone. I thought for a long time that I was a disappointment to him, that he didn’t want either Simon or me as sons. It was then that I found Wolfsbane, a reference to it anyway.” A small smile appeared on to his face. “I showed the potion to my brother, it’s tricky. It took us forever to master it, but after months of trying, it finally worked.”

I was speechless; I finally was hearing something that actually made sense. “You have Wolfsbane?”

He reached in to his pocket and pulled out a small vile, it was a dark blue, it looked dangerous. “The Potions teacher lets me use his office once a month to make it; I send it off to Simon, and now. I give it to you.”

He looked to me, I didn’t blink. My eyes welled up with tears. “Dan, you’ve just saved me.” He nodded once. “You have just saved my life.”

“No I haven’t.” he disagreed. “You had the power to do that yourself all along.”

I swallowed. “No, I was drowning. I could feel myself slipping under, all the time. But I feel as if I’ve come up for air, as if I can finally breathe again.” I laughed through the tears, letting my feet squelch in the mud through my holey tights. “How can I ever repay you?”

“Consider it an apology gift.”

“What for?” I realise that he may not have been as nice as he could all the time, but it was nothing to be apologetic for.

He shrugged. “I knew that you were a wolf – or at least partly. When you know what you’re looking for, werewolves very easy to spot. When you needed someone to look after you on the full moon, when James wouldn’t, you ended up asking Malfoy for help. I could have offered my services.”

I shook my head. “How did you know about that?”

“Charisma, love, you and the others were practically shouting it around the library.” I closed my eyes and bit my lip. “It’s okay; nobody knew what you were talking about.” I nodded once in thanks. “You got Stupefy-ed?” he asked, looking at my scars. “When my brothers friends found out, they were split. Half of them tortured him, tied him to one of the flag poles by the Quidditch Pitch and left him there – the other half got him down. He was hexed, cursed, yelled at. He had a girlfriend; she was one of the few who didn’t judge him.”

“What happened?” I asked. “Are they still together?”

He shook his head. “She realized that she didn’t love him in that way. I believe that she is, many years later, still with her best friend. But she and Simon never had an argument. They realized that they were more like brother and sister.” I laughed ironically, he did too. “Charisma, the good ones will stay with you, they’re the ones worth keeping.”

“Nate?” I asked. “Does he know?”

Dan nodded and I scoffed. “Don’t be upset, Chic, he doesn’t care. He figured it out before Christmas and asked me. I didn’t breathe a word. But he knows, and he couldn’t care less.”

“Dan, I’m not a full werewolf. Just part.”

“And sometimes that makes it worse.” He said, moving a little closer. “There are different degrees of the attack. If the werewolf is young, their attack will always be more painful. If they are old, it will take more to turn you, it will be long and slow, but if they are born with the curse. That is the one to watch out for; it will always end in pain.” I sighed with my eyes closed; I couldn’t look at him right now. I couldn’t face anyone. “Which one were you?” At my silence his eyes widened. “Oh god.”

“It’s okay,” I amended. “I stay in human form.”

“But you loose your mind.” He stated, his voice strong. “Charisma, do you have any idea what you do on that night.”

I shook my head for what seemed like the thousandth time. I stuttered out my answer. “James doesn’t tell me, he says tha-“

“That you don’t need to know? That you’re not that bad.” He looked like he was in pain. “Sweetheart, you have no idea what you do. You are so much worse than the average wolf. They just ravage and kill things. You, you –“

My voice turned to a nervous whisper, I need this. After years of not knowing, I need this. “What do I do? Dan, I need to know!”

He sighed and opened his mouth. Anything he was about to say was interrupted by Fred. “CHARISMA!” He called, running through the rain, tripping over once as he did. He reached us under the tree, pulled me up and pulled me in to his arms.

“I’m glad I found you, before Kyle and Drew could.” He said, his breath was ragged. “I’ve been running around for over an hour.”

“It’s too late.” Dan said, getting up too. “Kyle stunned her with Stupefy; I took her out here to get her away.”

Fred looked as if he were about to cry. “Fred,” I whined quietly. “What’s going on?”

“It’s James.” He said. His tone was as quiet and as serious as mine. I felt my heart stop as he spoke his name. James was who I needed; I needed to be with the one that I trust, the one that I love. “He let it slip. It’s out.”

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I have to make a small apology for the Stupefy spell. I copied the spelling off of an internet site because I didn’t have time to find it in the books. But you can’t trust the internet…as I have so learned. However, most of you found it pretty funny. So instead, I give you comedy. XD

A small snippet of chapter 23;

I entered this school skipping, with my hair tied neatly with a bow, a lollypop in my mouth and a smile. I never looked back.

The next chapter is possibly the longest yet. The one after that is pretty long too, so in short. I hope they make up for the last few incredibly short chapters that I have posted. Over and Out.

Chapter 23: Drowning
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Beautiful Chapter Image by Mistletoe @ tda.

Even in the pouring rain Fred could see my tears, they were clearer than the droplets, purer. This rain was dirty; it came on a bad day.

People say that the weather represents feeling. A wedding, a birthday, a friendship – here comes the sun. Yet, when ever an event happens in your life that doesn’t play out how you wish it to, the rain pours and tends to make the feeling worse. Until now, I never realised why. The water represents my insides, my emotions, my feelings. They’ve gone, washed away, fallen.

The day my father left me in the park, hiding under the climbing frame, the day that James and Evie kissed. These days were plagued by rain. The day that I was told of my parent’s murder – murder, it sounds strange to actually admit it to anyone, let alone myself – that day was not only rain, the thunder came too. I guess it didn’t want to be left out. The lightening didn’t arrive until later, just when I thought everything was lost, I was awoken, by a flash of light.

Rather alike this moment.

“Charisma,” Fred whispered. “Charisma, did you hear anything I just said?”

I was shaken back in to reality by a worried looking set of boys, of who both towered over me with demise. I could merely manage a whisper. “How could he do that to me?”

A tree fell in the distance, struck by lightening. Dan wrapped his arm around my shoulders and picked me up like a princess, running with me towards the castle, Fred not too far behind. In all the moments I wanted to be carried away like I was royalty, now, when I felt nothing, was not the time I wished for it.

I wished for them to leave me in the rain, in the mud, by the lake. So I could get taken in by the weather. So the lightening could strike me, so the thunder could deafen me, so the rain could drown me.

For the first time in my life, I felt nothing. When I lost my parents, at least I felt confusion, remorse. Now, I am numb. I am an embodiment of empty ness, the poster child for freaks. My face will be over the school.

I have known Kyle since I was eleven years old. He has been one of my brothers since I was twelve, and since I was thirteen, he has been the only one of the boys to see me cry, he has been the only one that was true. This year, all has changed. James has seen me cry, I have lost all hope of really having a brother, and he has shown me that he is anything but true.

In our forth year when Drew and I had an argument, Kyle brought us together. When I fell off a wall in second year and scraped my knee, Kyle brought me to the Hospital Wing. When I saw the boy that I love kissing the girl that I strongly dislike, Kyle held me while I cried. When all hell breaks loose and I feel as if I am falling apart, Kyle was the one to curse me and cut my forehead. It hurts.

Daniel placed me on to the floor, letting me land lightly, like a fairy. I pulled down the bottom on my dress, the mud from my hands making to difference to the mud caked on to the cotton. I sniffed and looked up strongly. I wasn’t weak. I’m not weak. I’m a Gryffindor. I turned to Dan.

“You’re right.” I said.

He looked in to my eyes and wiped a trickle of dried blood from my eye. “I usually am.”

“I am not weak.” I stated, more determination in my voice than I had ever heard before. “I am not alone in this. I have people who will like me despite my condition, people who won’t ridicule me. People like Kyle mean nothing if they can not accept it.”

“Are you telling that to me, or are you telling that to yourself?”

I blinked. “Does it matter?”

Fred placed a hand on to my shoulder and pulled a leaf from my wet hair. A drop of rain trickled down his forehead; I leaned forward and wiped it with my thumb. “No, Charisma, it doesn’t matter.”

Even I could see the lie.

“She has to go to the Hospital Wing.” Dan said, knowing it was the Ravenclaw thing to do.

Fred rolled his eyes, blowing a strand of dark hair from his eyes. “Oh yeah, great idea Sherlock.” Dan snorted; he and Fred were never on the good-boy-pals-lists. “What do we say when Madame B asks how she did it?”

“She fell?” Dan offered with a shrug. “You’ve seen the weather; she could have been out helping Hagrid and got caught by the rain on the way back.”

I felt the need to point out the fact that she is here. She is an emotionally scarred and bleeding blonde girl, but she is standing between the two of them. But I held back, I couldn’t find words. I couldn’t find sound of any kind.

Fred shook his head. “Mr Ravenclaw, this cut is obviously from a hex.” He exhaled. “And I thought Ravenclaw’s were supposed to be the smart ones – if they’re all making suggestions like that then we’re all screwed.”

“Mr Gryffindor, what is that on your face? Is it facial hair?” Dan smirked. “No, it couldn’t be; you haven’t hit puberty yet.”

“You know, ‘Claw, I’m just trying to imagine you with a personality.”

Dan feigned a shock look. “Oh, Merlin. That was a good one; take me to the burns unit.”

“Oh!” Fred questioned sceptically, “We’ve got sarcasm now?” he draped his jacket around my shoulder. It was warm, and blue. It clashed horribly with the blue on my dress, but being the least of my worries at this moment, I didn’t give two tosses. “You know the difference between Ravenclaw and a Cactus plant is that the plant has pricks on the outside.”

Dan grinned ironically; a small haughty noise guffawed from the back of his throat. “I’m sorry, how many times did your parents drop you as a baby?”

Considering that particular line was a formerly used joke between us as friends, I doubt Fred took it in the correct way when it was said by an enemy. “You know, here’s a hint Wilkins.” Fred sneered. “When your girlfriend dumps you the first time, what makes you think she’s going to want to go back out with you for a second time?”

“She did, Weasley.”

Fred shrugged nonchalantly. “Pity date,” he chuckled. Knowing this was the exact line to get to Dan, he used it. But he had more, “Bantering with you is as much fun as playing leapfrog with unicorns, but we really must press on. I have duties to fulfil, cousins to murder.”

“You know, I always wondered why people would bang their heads repeatedly against brick walls,” Dan said. “And then I met you.”

The otherwise silent hallway was awoken by the stamp of Fred’s foot and the laughter or Daniel. They continued to argue as I disappeared down the hallways behind me. Their snide comments and insults soon became a distant bicker that could barley be heard. I took a left at the end of the corridor and knew that I had slipped away unseen.

The school truly was beautiful at night, the sky was darker, the moon was out, and the only sounds were of creatures socializing or the crickets chirping. I knew that tomorrow, I would never view this place in the same way again. It would be a place of hell, of bulling, of torture. It would no longer be my sanctuary, but my wake. I could guarantee that by this time, Lewis had already told the majority of the students of my condition. I just knew it.

It was nearing eight o’clock, the last of the students would be returning to their common rooms. All that would be left is the prefects, the teachers and those few that liked to break the rules, aka, James.

I was prepared to see my best friend once more, to tell him what I thought of him, his girlfriend and his whole damn idea of what friendship means. In the back of my head, I already had a speech, it was all planned. It was as if it had been there for years. I guess, subconsciously, I had always expected this to happen.

I expected students to return straight to their common rooms, for only the naughtier ones to be out at this time. Which is why, I wasn’t initially surprised when I came face to face with a blonde Slytherin, my head height, and a look of concern on his face.

“Charisma!” Scorpius enveloped me in to a hug, trapping my arms against my body. “Everyone’s gone mental about you love, Rosie wouldn’t tell me why.” I simply sniffed and wrapped my arms around his neck. “What’s happened?”

I knew that James would never intentionally hurt me, but I also knew that Scorpius wouldn’t see it like that. In his eyes, James would be the causer of pain, and I would be the victim. I was always the innocent one in his eyes, the one in need of a friend. To state the obvious, the majority of the time, I was.

He pushed me away to arms length. His eyes widened at the small cut above my eye, the one that would most likely linger - just what I needed; another scar. He licked his thumb and wiped around the cut lightly. “Charisma?”

“James,” I whispered. Thinking up a reasonable sounding excuse wasn’t an ability I obtained at this moment. My entire mind could muster…

Death = Bad
Flower = Pretty

It stopped at that. Thinking anything whatsoever was something I lacked. I could feel the buzz that circulated my brain. It was as if tiny fairies were in my head, playing ring-around-the-roses at 70mph. I may puke.

Scorpius was instantly furious, cutting of any chance I had at redemption. “Potter? He did this to you?” His voice touched a pitch so low I released any hold I had on the boy. “I’ll kill him.”

“It wasn’t James.” I whispered; the loudest sound I could muster. “He told people, about …” I stopped there, finding the word that I could say seemed hard. I couldn’t be blunt; neither could I say the truth out loud. I just can’t. Instead, I said this, “The moon.”

“He did what?”

A tear fell, trickling a line of dew, rosy dew. I let it fall. “He told Evie that I am a wolf.”

Scorpius struggle to find words, he struggled to do anything. He and James were the two few that had seen my antics. Fred had, and he could not defend me. He had no reason. This is why he is arguing with my friend, having left me in a corridor. I don’t know what I did, and I am sure if Fred hadn’t interrupted, I would have found out too.

“And he said what?”

I pouted my lips. “I don’t know.”

“Why not?”

“I didn’t ask.”

“Was there a particular reason why?” he asked.

“I couldn’t find the words.” My voice turned to a sob, my breath became ragged. “I still can’t find words.”

Scorpius’s hand found my cheek, he brushed aside my hair. “Sweetheart,” He breathed, one again taking me in to his arms. He shhh-ed me quietly, as I let tears silently fall. Not a sound made its way from my lips. No more than two trickled down my cheek and made its way to my chin, they fell and Scorpius stopped breathing.

“Charisma,” he muttered. “I want you to walk past me, towards the Slytherin Common room, the trap door on the right down to the dungeons. Blaize is waiting there, stay with him.”


He planted a kiss on my forehead. “Just don’t look behind you.”

My breath caught as I recognised the voice, a boy crying my name. The deep voice rang through the corridor, seemingly louder than I remembered it ever being before. I could only envision the black hair and worried expression that was plastered over his face as he ran. Possibly glasses on his face, probably not. His shirt would be un-tucked, as always, his sleeves rolled up on his sweater vest and his tie loosened to reveal a single button undone at the top. This was James Potter. The way I want to remember him. My friend, not a traitor.

“Charisma,” Scorpius warned. I recognised the tone. It was the same one that James used before an argument, his ‘protective’ voice. Scorpius thought James was going to hurt me. I couldn’t make my self defend him. Did I think he was going to hurt me too? “We will talk about the cut on your head when I return, now go.”

I blinked once, my teeth brushing my bottom lip as I chewed it nervously. “Thank you.”

“Charisma.” The desperation didn’t come from Scorpius. This corridor seemed eternally long as I walked past Scorpius – a hand on my back in the form of a helpful push – and listened to James cry. I took two simple steps and stopped. I couldn’t move from the spot. I turned my head momentarily to see the boys. Scorpius had pushed himself infront of James, pushing him back with difficulty.

He took a single look at my face and stopped, all attempts at the struggle they had both created had stopped to a halt. He fell a little limp in Scorpius’s arms. His expression crumpled in to something I didn’t recognise, devastation perhaps, maybe guilt. All I knew is that his eyes were red. He wanted to be strong. But he was breaking.

He raised his hand, trying to reach my cheek, I didn’t move forward, nor did I move away. Scorpius grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back. “I just want to hold her.” James yelled, his voice certainly louder than before, it dropped to nothing more than a whisper. “Please.”

The dramatic change in noise sent a flock of bats flying from the clock tower above us and in to the night sky. Their squeaks and disturbance could be heard for miles. He had seen my cut, my face, my expression. All I could manage was pain, hurt, misery. Not a smile. For the first time in my life. It was James who had ripped me of my smile. And that killed me a little inside.

“Did I do that?”

I shook my head, Scorpius’s grip was slipping. “Kyle did.” I couldn’t retain my voice from wavering. It broke at the end, but no more tears fell. Never again would they fall. Never again. “Some people are still a little prejudiced.”

I took his silence as the moment to run. Once again, accepting what I shall be doing for eternity, I went as fast as I could. Ignoring his cries, I yanked open the small wooden door and climbed down the stairs at such a pace, ‘fell’ might have been a more appropriate word.

I was caught at the bottom by a pair of strong arms. “Charisma?” I reacted to my name that seemed to have been said more today than in any other.

I looked up at Blaize, his dark eyes bore in to mine as he placed me on to the floor. Unlike Scorpius, Blaize was the same height as me, most of the boys towered over me, looking down on me, where I belong. Zabini was ridiculed by most. He was loudmouthed and misunderstood. He wasn’t scary like Scorpius; neither did he have the guts that the Potters obtained. He was the child of a death eater, the son of a traitor. He looked me in the eye and smiled. He didn’t feel pity, he didn’t feel amusement, nor did he feel sympathy. He wouldn’t treat me like a patient that needed protecting. He would treat me as an equal.

“Scorpius say’s ‘hi’.” I mumbled.

He smirked and nudged me in the side. Pointing to a nearby tapestry, he asked, “Scorp said this might happen, Common Room?” I closed my eyes, nodded, and attempted to block the shouting that could be heard from above. Blaize poked my cheek. “It’s easier if you don’t listen.” He said. “It doesn’t hurt as much.”

“I will go to the Common Room now please.” I said, my gaze not lifting from the floor. He linked his arm with mine and walked me down the corridor. The fumes from the Potion classrooms ridiculed one another in my head. They battled, with every other feeling for the main possession of my mind. I felt light headed as he pulled me along.

Our lonely stroll was interrupted by the door in the stone ceiling once more being opened. It was a bigger bang than before, more strength than I could have mustered. Scorpius jumped down, avoiding every step and landing gracefully on the floor before running towards the two of us. Blaize took this as a sign to run; pulling me along with him he said “Basilisk” and slipped behind the painting, tugging me with him. I turned to take one last look behind me and saw James, running towards the tapestry.

I was running from him. And he wouldn’t catch me. Not this time.

I opened my eyes, letting the small gap above me be my only lifeline to the world as the stinging in my iris’s occurred. The bubbles above me closed off, my breath stopped and panicked. I sat up in the water, sending sloshes of it over the rims of the bath. The bubbles surrounded me, enveloping my aching body, soothing it, caring for it, caring for me. I considered momentarily lying back down, letting the water take me as I am. Not coming back up for air. Taking my last breath now and never coming back up.

But then I realised I was over reacting; so people will find out that I was attacked by a werewolf, so they will know I have no idea that I do on one night a month. They will no longer think that I have a really bad period that affects me in so many ways, but they will instead think that I am a monster. I will still have friends that will not betray me. Lily, she will never leave my side. Nate, Daniel, Lois, they will not turn away. The Potters; they have stuck with me through thick and thin. I will not be alone.

I couldn’t face seeing James. What would I say, what would I do? How could I look him in the eye ever again? His handsome face obscured my thoughts, allowing me to think only one thing. Him. I want to live him, breathe him, be him. But at this moment, besides all that, I want to kill him, claw out parts of his flesh and feed them to Hippogriffs.

I knew that when people figured out my secret, it would only be a hop, skip and a jump away before they figured out Teddy. He has the same symptoms as I, the same reactions. We are identical. I suddenly realised how hard it is to be him. People at Hogwarts knew of his lycanthropy. It must have been his living hell, yet he talks of his Hogwarts days fondly, the best of his life. However, they all include Victoire, every story.

I guess all it takes is love. But mine isn’t requited. That’s quite an important factor.

I shuddered and stood up from the bubbles, grabbing a green towel from the rack by the bath. I wrapped it tightly around my bust, it reached from my chest to my thighs. It wasn’t exactly the most modest of all towels, although neither was it completely obscene. I took another, a smaller one, and dried my face. I pulled on underwear soundlessly, running my fingers over the waistband of Scorpius’s trousers. I happen to recognise them as the pyjamas Rose wore last summer, a fact that I would surly keep to myself. Unlike some of the Potters, I can keep my mouth shut.

I swiftly pulled a yellow T-shirt over my head. I’m sure this was from many years ago; a small hole was torn under the arm as it pulled tightly across my chest. Catching my reflection in the mirror was the hardest part, a year ago; I wouldn’t have believed that I was looking at me.

I took a cautious step closer to my reflection, rubbing the condensation from the mirror. My handprint left behind a circular, swirly pattern. I raised my left brow, considering that my right was currently unmovable without re-opening the cut. Bags surrounded my eyes, while my cheeks were flushed pink. My hair fell, wet and limp, lifeless. I saw tattered skin as my face, swollen pink lips and expressionless eyes. I chewed on my lip nervously, ignoring the snide voices I could hear in my head. I turned from the mirror with a sniff, I felt as if my wind pipe had closed, as if breathing was impossible. I was choking, drowning.

Never before had I had trouble meeting my reflection, now seemed to be a different story. It was silly, stupid, but it seemed an impossible task.

Throughout the past few months, Evie has tortured me. She calls me ugly, helpless, friendless. She would smack me, pull my hair and laugh when I entered a room. For to long have I dealt with her insults and her criticism, and, let’s face it, her bullying. It’s going to end now.

She knows that I have wolf’s blood in my veins. She knows that I am upset. But what she doesn’t know is that I am willing to stop at nothing to get my own way. It’s the full moon is in two days, and I’m done.

I walked the halls of the castle, my warm feet contrasting with the cold spark of the concrete floor. I lightly pulled on the grey the sweatpants that Scorpius had leant me, they were a little too big, but they hitched in just below the knee. A small green snake logo was just below the pocket, on the right leg. The yellow t-shirt was snug; it tightened over my chest and reached just below my belly button. I wished right now more than anything that I had my blue pyjamas, the ones with the teddy bears on them.

I past a painting, one of the few that happened to be awake at this ungodly hour, like me; I couldn’t sleep.

I had tossed and turned for hour upon hour before giving up. Scorpius had rolled over in the bed and stolen what little amount of the covers that I had. I had sat up instantly and realized that the reality of me sleeping at this hour was unrealistic at best. So I walked away.

Disappearing seemed to be working well for me at the moment; just walking off without a trace. It seemed to make James worry. But I couldn’t help but ponder if that was a good thing. I wanted him to worry, to know what he had done to me. But then, guilt would consume me; tell me that I am in the wrong.

I shook that feeling aside and resumed to walk through the darkness. The Prefects have gone to bed, this only proved how alone I really was. I wasn’t even important enough to be caught by one of them.

I slowed my pace, skimming the soles of my feet along the floor as I shoved my hands in to the pockets of the trousers. To my self I murmured;

Ring-a-Ring o’Rosies
A pocket full of Posies
A-tishoo! A-tishoo! 

My favourite nursery rhyme; I always ignored its ethnic meaning, yet somehow, the dark demeanour of this particular rhyme seemed to fit the situation. I was plagued by a curse. If I hadn’t been humming myself off to my own world, a place of clouds and fairies, a place of happiness and joy, I may have heard the approaching footsteps.

“Miss Price?”

We all fall down.

Rose Weasley 

I sat down between Dixie and Lily; collapsing myself in to the thick cushions of the Gryffindor sofas. Dixie was twiddling her fingers while Lily greeted me with a glare. A pile of books were on the table infront of me, everything from DADA textbooks to Twelfth Night by Shakespeare. I heaved a sigh and joined Dixie in knocking my thumbs repeatedly together.

“So,” I said in a pitiful attempt to break the silence. “Who is that designed for?” I asked Lily, gesturing to the spell she was writing. She would never put that much effort in to one unless it was designed for a specific reason. Spell writing wasn’t as complex as it sounded. It took a lot of chain-thought. It was a rarity if it worked, but Lily seemed to have a knack for them.

“This spell is going to make Kyle Sanford feel a little … uncomfortable.” She muttered, a mischievous glint in her eyes, her cheeks a little paler than normal.

I twisted the bracelet on my wrist. “Should I be scared?”

“Not unless your name is Kyle Sanford.”

I resisted the urge to ask what it did. I knew her strength and love for the bogey bat hex and only feared what this spell could be (the last one that she made gave you the ability to turn people in to goats just by the simple art of blinking). I also pondered the reason as to why the sudden dislike of Kyle, why they wanted his blood instead of Lewis’s. Speaking of Lewis, she hasn’t left the bathroom; she has locked herself in it; which was typical, because I really needed to use to loo.

Suddenly, a quill was thrown to the other end of the room with desirable force. “What the buggar-y are we doing?” Lily cussed, throwing a pillow towards the fire, it hit the guard, crashing it in to the flames, and landed on the floor with a thump. “We shouldn’t be sitting here, literally twiddling our thumbs; we should be out there, looking for her!”

Dixie scoffed. “You heard James; she’s in the Slytherin Common Room.” She turned towards me. “It’s your boyfriend who kidnapped her, why don’t you go and get her back?”

“Don’t you blame Scorpius,” I hissed menacingly. She could blame who ever the hell she wanted to, but the fact that it was his name that came from her mouth really ticked me off.

“Well then who do I blame?” She asked, a slight crack to her voice, “James for not running fast enough?”

“No,” Lily said, throwing her parchment on to the table. “Blame, James for not keeping his bloody mouth shut.”

Dixie stopped tracing the circles on the sofa momentarily. “While we’re on this subject, does someone want to tell me what he said?”

“No,” we answered in unison. Fred was asleep in the nearby arm chair; a little drewl came from his mouth, down his chin. Dixie got up from the sofa and walked to him. With a swish from her wand, the saliva was gone.

She tucked her wand back in to her boot and sat on the arm of the chair. “I get that its Charisma’s secret and such, but I feel as her best friend I should know.”

“It’s not that we don’t want to tell you,” I tried. It was a sad attempt to ease her obvious hurt. She felt betrayed that Charisma wouldn’t tell her something this big, after six years. “It’s just that-“

“-We don’t want to tell you.”

I rolled my eyes. “Lily, you’re not helping.” Dixie had looked back to the floor. “Dix, it’s just. Charisma is so embarrassed by this. It took her years to be able to say it out loud.” Dixie’s warm brown eyes met mine. “I think that if you find out, Charisma should have the right to tell you herself.”

She nodded once, “Thanks Rosie. That explanation had a lot more tact than Little Miss Potter over there.”

The look on Lily’s face said it all, her eyes glinted with anger. “Have you got something to say to me Pruitt?”

I tugged on Lily’s jeans, pulling her back on to the sofa. “Lily, let’s not do this now.”

“Why not?” She begged. “James did!”

“And James is currently in the Hospital Wing!” I cried. The answer would have been perfect, if my voice had not cracked on the last syllable. Lily stopped struggling against me and sat still instead. She showed no affection, nor did she show anger.

Between the three of us, not too much emotion was being displayed.

Upon staggering back from the Slytherin Common Room, to say that James was angry was an understatement. He stormed through the portrait hole, taking down a tapestry as he did; it still lay limp in the corner of the room. No one had the energy, or the desire, to re-hang it. When I put myself between him and the boys’ dormitories in an attempt to clam him down, he only roughly pushed me aside. The attempt seemed somewhat of a joke at this point.

There was shouting, a lot of shouting, then some crying, and then a lot of crashing. I sat on the bottom step, held by Elle as she rubbed my back. The throw of punches could be heard from above. The seventh year boys’ dorms seemed a dangerous place. Between the fire of curses and spells, the punches seemed meaningless. I am sure that, at a point, James had used one or two that were Dark Magic. But that I wouldn’t repeat.

Before long Kyle tumbled down the stairs. ‘Tumbled’ didn’t really cover it. He fell, hitting every step on the way down, before getting his leg caught in the trick step and smacking the back of his head on the wall behind him.

Ellie pulled me up abruptly, dragging us both a few steps back from the stairs and screaming a little. She ran towards Kyle, afraid to touch him. When she did, he gasped a little, spewing out a little blood from his jaw.

Considering that besides a selective few, dis-including me, knew what was actually going on. All that I viewed was an act of brutal force being pursued by my favourite cousin. James staggered down the stairs, his shoulder un-naturally bent forward. He lifted his wand to Kyle and sneered something. Something that was harsh enough to send tears down Elle’s pale cheeks.

I knew that I should have walked forward, stepped in. but I knew that if something was bad enough to send James in to this state, Kyle probably deserved the pain he was going through. So I did nothing, I merely watched James threaten his friend, speak words that seemed in-human to me.

It was only when Elle let out a loud sob that James blinked. His eyes shot from Kyle to Ellie, changing from furious to helpless in a millisecond. Elle was alike Charisma, sweet and somewhat innocent. He knew that if that were he lying on the floor, for the sake of Charisma, he would want that person to stop. You could see it in his expression.

James lowered his wand and shook his head violently, stepping over a distraught Kyle, walked through the Common Room and through the portrait hole, but not before muttering an apology to me. ‘Sorry for pushing you Rosie’ he had said, as if that was the most important thing to apologize for at that moment. From where James had stood, in his place was Drew; the youngest of their group, though he was anything but a baby. He and Kyle were the closest, so to see an expression of that hatred on his face shocked not only me, but most likely anyone with feelings.

He sighed and stepped over Elle, using Kyle’s leg as leverage for the trick step. “I’ll make sure that he gets to the Hospital Wing.” It was only as he left that I noticed a forming bruise on his left cheek. It was at that moment that I had gone to get Lily from her dorm. She was shaky, pale; the opposite of her mocking and strong demeanour that she usually paraded around. Dixie sat on the end of her bed, her form not much of an improvement.

Within a few minutes, Fred had pulled Kyle from the step and brought him to the Hospital Wing. He didn’t want to stay with Kyle, I could see that. He, besides James, was the only one of us to have seen Charisma since Kyle’s attack. I could only imagine how she was.

It’s not a secret that she is easily hurt. A simple word is all it takes to put her down. This year, everything’s gone to pot. First there was Evie, then Nate, then her parents, then James and now this. Although when I asked her how she deals with it, she said eight words. Those eight words have stuck with me for months. I can’t get them out of my head.

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

For Charisma to say such words; things must be bad. A small suspicion at the back of my head said that she wasn’t going to take this in the manner that we all expected her to, a little crying here and there and then she would move on, forgive James and things would go back to normal. That’s what’s happened so far.

This time something was different. I know it. This time she isn’t going to give up easily. She’s a Gryffindor for a reason – and I think that Evie Lewis is going to find out why she was placed in to the House of Red and Gold.


I turned to the sound of my name. Lily was sat next to me while Dixie was on the table infront. “Rosie, darling, are you ok?” Dixie asked. “You blanked out for a minute there.”

I shook my head in realization, shaking all bad thoughts from my mind. “I’m fine thank you.” I said. “There’s just something that I need to do.”

I walked towards the boys dormitories. Taking two steps at a time I headed for James’s dorm. It was empty, he and Kyle were in the Hospital Wing, Fred in the chair downstairs – Drew had never come back. I assumed he was either still with James, making sure that neither one of them committed murder during the night with Ellie. That or he was wondering the castle aimlessly. Drew could be rather sentimental when he tried.

I went straight to James’s trunk, flicked open the latch and pulled open the lid. I rummaged through the crap, pushing aside clothes and pieces of old parchment. Finally I found what I was looking for; the invisibility cloak.

Charisma Price 

“Take a seat Charisma,” Professor McGonagall said, gesturing to one of the two that were placed perfectly infront of her desk. I stared at them for a moment, deciding which to take. The one closest to me would give me a full view of the window over the grounds, the one furthest away would keep me trapped in a corner. Somehow, I felt safer in the corner. “Miss Price?”

It took me no more than a moment to realize that I had been standing still, staring at chairs. I blinked and sent her a fake smile. She knew it wasn’t real; she knew as well as me. I nodded once, taking my smile back, replacing it by chewing nervously on my lip. I stepped forward, pushing the first chair back carefully and taking the one in the corner. It was a hard chair, wooden and with an emerald coloured cover.

I considered, as I obeyed the Professor’s suggestion, the reasons that I might be brought here. Surly the rumour couldn’t have reached the teachers by now.
I took the pause of silence to scope the room; its unusual circular walls were intriguing. Tall windows were instead of the right wall, thin black lines made smaller squares on the glass. I recognised the portrait of Albus Dumbledore, the greatest Wizard of all time. James spent his third year referring to his as much as possible. 'He’s too great to be forgotten', he would say. Of course, even he knew that Albus Dumbledore would never be forgotten. Not even if the man himself wanted it.

McGonagall raised a brow quizzically before shrugging. “Miss Price,” she sighed, her serious face suddenly seeming a little less harsh, nonchalant even. “After the horrific incident during your first year, you and Mr Potter assured me that you would be able to take care of this ‘condition’ yourselves.” I nodded, she spoke as if questioning me. I resisted the urge to cry out, to over turn the desk and walk out.

Instead I said “yes.” I took a deep breath. “And we can. I can.”

McGonagall’s thin lips slid in to a smile. “Everyone needs somebody.”

“I don’t.”

“You’re lying.” She said. Leaning forward, she leant her elbows on to her desk. “I would like to know the reason behind the sudden brush off of Mr Potter.”

“I was sure that you already knew.” I whispered, my voice barley audible.

Her glasses fell forward on her nose. “I do,” she admitted. I crinkled my nose, a little taken back by her abruptness. “I just wondered if you would be willing to tell me.”

I didn’t answer.

“Charisma,” I quickly realised that the nonchalant expression on her face wasn’t nonchalant in the slightest, it was actually pity.

I blew my hair from my eyes, it was in a messy pile, set on the top of my head in a bun; set with a hair band. “I don’t need you to feel sorry for me Professor.”

“It’s a good thing that I don’t then isn’t it.” My feet slid from underneath me and hit the floor; this was not the reaction that I was expecting from a teacher, let alone out Headmistress, my head of house. “I know you Miss Price, you may think that I don’t, but I do.” A grey hair fell from beneath her lopsided hat. “You are a strong minded, courageous sixteen year old girl. You also happen to be a Gryffindor.” I looked down to the Slytherin bottoms that I was wearing and quickly averted my gaze. “It’s completely out of the question to think that for a single moment that you can’t handle it.”

At this moment, I would have worried that I was loosing it. I was loosing all grips to reality. The wolf was a monster, it was hard to control and would surly consume me; if not now, then later.

“And why do you think that I would even consider that?”

With a small smirk she spoke, “Do you refer to that fact that you are lying through your teeth now, or due to the incidents that happened earlier today?” I looked to the floor. “If something is going on Miss Price, I wish for you to tell me now.”

Her voice was caring, an annoyance if anything. I longed for her voice to be demanding, mean. At least in that scenario, I would have a reason to be upset with her. The kindness in her voice sent me back in to reality. I have no reason to be upset at her, nor to my friends. They have done nothing but be there for me. I have done nothing but hurt them and run away, like a coward. I’m not a coward.

Despite the early hour, the curtains to the windows were draw far, giving the occupants of the room the perfect view of the grounds. In the shadows, two students ran across the green. McGonagall watched them carefully before turning her attention back to me. She knew that there were students out; she also knew that they would be safe. I wasn’t let loose until tomorrow night.

The light in the room came from an array of candles, a few lanterns and a few lights that were pinned to the wall, not to mention the blazing fire. However, the main source of light came from outside. The moon was especially bright tonight; it would draw me in. Every time I threatened to look towards the sky, I would feel its pull. So instead I stared to the floor. I met the Professors gaze with a sense of acknowledgement.

My hands fell to the arms of the chair in a mixture of desperation and anger. I felt it was time to answer. I didn’t speak with desperation, but with a cool monotone. “But you’ve just admitted that you already know what’s wrong.”

“Well I would like to hear it from you.”

I sniffed unintentionally. “I sincerely doubt that you want to hear what I have to say.”

She pushed her glasses back up to her nose, as I let my fringe fall in to my eyes. “I’m listening aren’t I?”

I looked around the room sadly. My eyes stopped when I held a gaze with professor Dumbledore. It was as if he looked at me with curiosity, courage. He showed no pity. He understood. He looked, almost serene. I met eyes with McGonagall once again before sighing and sheepishly dropping my gaze to the floor. I couldn’t show that even the simple art of thinking hurt me, let alone thinking of him.

This entire situation seemed unreal, and yet, at the same time, so true.

I looked down to my hands that were clasped together in my lap. In my mind, the speech was planned. I would say everything from how I made the mistake of trusting James, to how I am leaving Hogwarts to go and live in a hole. Instead, I swallowed. The words were too hard to find.

“He betrayed me.”

She didn’t flinch when I shivered, neither did she comfort me. She sat back in her chair and magically conjured a tissue before sending it flying towards me with a flick of her wand. She sighed and tapped her fingers on the edge of her chair. Once again leaning forward; she could never stay in one place for too long.

I took a slow breath, calming myself. My tear ducts were empty. You were only allowed so many tears per boy, per situation. Let’s face it; I had used mine up many months ago.

I couldn’t tell what the Professor was thinking. Her eyes were narrow, but that was usual. I was sure that she could tell if I lied. So I decided there was no point. Her stare has a little to much intrigue to be normal.

I bit my lip as McGonagall smiled an unusually gentle smile. “I’m sure that betraying you wasn’t Mr Potter’s intention.”

“He told his trollop of a girlfriend that I am a werewolf.” I sneered, a snarl appearing on my lips. This was the first time I had admitted it out loud.

“Were you there?” She replied, stopping for a moment of thoughtful pause. She took my silence as the correct ‘no’. “Then I am sure that you do not have the full story.”

The truthful edge to her voice cut like a knife. I knew that my line of defence wasn’t working. She was right; I didn’t have the full story. I only knew what Fred had told me, a few simple words.

I took another breath and tried to stop it from shaking. “I may not have the full story,” I said. “But I don’t need to know what is going to be over the school tomorrow.”

“And what might that be?” Her voice sounded intrigued.

“Rumours,” I suggested with a shrug. “The fact that I am a monster.”

For a moment I thought the pity from the Professors face had disappeared, but I was mistaken. It had returned. Her brows furrowed as she looked me up and down, taking in my posture. I felt discouraged, abandoned. Nothing is going to make this right. Not unless we meddle with time; since the war, it’s been forbidden.

McGonagall looked up with a thoughtful glare. “Miss Price, I feel no need to correct you on that statement.” I felt my heart drop. The least she could do was try to convince me otherwise. “If you, in any way, consider yourself a monster, then you are. You are only what you make of yourself.” My eyes found nothing but the thick rug beneath my chair. “In my opinion, you’re the complete opposite.”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion.”

“Then you can forget my last comment.” For a moment, I was sure I saw a flicker of humour creep its way on to her features. While I had been listening to her comments, I hadn’t forgotten the consequences, the words that were being spoken outside of these walls. The moment the door opened; there would be crowds of students waiting with pitch forks. I know it. But, McGonagall took this moment of silence to speak up once more, asking me a question that I had never once considered. “Why do you think you were placed in Gryffindor, Charisma?”
I took too long to reply. So she spoke again. “If you honestly don’t have the faintest idea, then you certainly aren’t the girl that I thought you were.”

“Then tell me.” I demanded, anger parading itself on the tip of my tongue. “Tell me why I am all great and powerful. Why you think that I deserve to be in the house of lions.”

A small smile of McGonagall’s triumph faded. “It’s not my place to say.” Doubt filled my mind, unpleasantly mixing with fear. If she didn’t know the reason, how could anyone. “If you would excuse me for a moment,” she said. She screeched back her chair and walked towards the stairs, my eyes followed her up until she descended the last one. She was going to leave me here?

Minutes passed, not even a creak came from the floor above, not a stir in the castle. I looked back to the eerie grounds, hoping to catch sight of the two students that had run in to the Forbidden Forest merely ten minutes ago. As no sign of them returned, I began to get impatient.

Under different circumstances, patience was always at the top of my list, but today I had, had enough. Patience could screw itself. It’s not worth it. I stood up from the chair, my bare feet feeling the roughness of the rug. The red and gold patterns were mildly faded, the edges frayed. If Professor McGonagall thought it polite to leave me on my own, brooding, in an empty room of the castle, I shall find it polite to walk out. My destination is still unknown; I pondered walking to the grounds, seeing if I could locate the young students. That was until something caught my eye.

On the top shelf, to my left, was the Sorting Hat. It was clean, compared to the dusty shelf it sat upon. Small singes were seared in to its edges from the Battle of Hogwarts back in 1997, along side crinkles that would easily be fixed with a simple spell, or an iron. I remembered its kindness, its ability to be annoyingly cryptic, but then again, somehow still understanding. 

At age eleven, I was small, undeveloped and a little mental, more so than now. My blonde locks were tightly curled, tighter than ever seen before. They did not lie unruly; they spun tightly, like corkscrews and reached my shoulders. My robes were a little too long. “You’ll grow in to them” my father said, the typical words of a typical parent. It was that morning that he had dropped me off at the station and handed me my ticket. With a small wave and a light kiss on the cheek, he was off, and I was on my own. Little did I know, that was the last kiss that I would ever receive from that man.

I walked through the platforms, ignoring the
aww’s and ‘how adorable’s’ that I received from the older generations. I tried even harder to block out the ‘where are her parents’. It was a question that, even I, would have liked to know the answer.

When I reached Platform nine and three quarters, I was loosing control of the trolley, I was hardly taller than the silver handlebars itself, no more than a head height. It wasn’t until my third year that I had a growing spurt. It resulted in me ramming the wheels in to the back of a tall boy’s legs. His dark skin and teasing smile was what greeted me, after he had peeled himself from the front of my luggage. He introduced himself as ‘Freddy’ and called over his father. I was a little startled at first to the tall man with one ear, but it was merely minutes before he had picked up my luggage, put it on the train and introduced me to his wife, Angelina. Their daughter Roxy was holding on to her mother tightly and refusing to say goodbye to her brother. Oh, how things changed.

Only minutes after that, Fred had tried to push me on the train, literally shoving me against the step. I held on to the handle bars of the door, stepped up and tripped, landing on the raven haired boy who would, within seconds, turn out to be my best friend.

A train ride later, having been stuffed with sweets, discussed everything possible about ourselves and possibly insulted a group of third year Slytherins, we were at Hogwarts, riding in boats across the Black Lake. While they discussed the Gryffindor House, I stroked a tentacle of the Giant Squid. I’m pretty sure, after I named it Derrick, was the moment when James decided that we would forever be inseparable. Until sixth year, that is.

I entered this school skipping, with my hair tied neatly with a bow, a lollypop in my mouth and a smile. I never looked back.

My name was called to be sorted soon after. Professor Longbottom – funny man – had just sorted James, Freddy stood happily behind me. Leaning back and forth rhythmically from the soles to the tips of his shoes. Like he wished, James Potter had been sorted in to Gryffindor. Freddy was sure to follow him. Me, I wanted to be a Hufflepuff. I was desperate to be a loyal, patient, caring Puffie.

“Charisma Price.” Professor Longbottom called, giving me a caring smile as I hesitantly approached the three legged stool. I jumped up on to the wooden seat, swinging my legs back and forth as my toes wouldn’t touch the ground.

“Hmmm, what do we have here?” The Sorting Hat pondered. “A Price? I haven’t seen one of you in a few generations.”

‘My father went to Durmstrang’ I silently thought. The hat chuckled quietly.

“Durmstrang,” the Hat muttered. “Terribly associated with blood status over there. Nothing like Hogwarts.”

‘Do you speak with irony?’ I asked, only to hear its laugh once again.

“Smart, I see. But not Ravenclaw material.” I frowned a little; I was a little disgruntled in wonder. Had the hat just called me dumb? “Do trust me when I say, on your behalf, it is a compliment. It means that your competitive drive isn’t as high as others, easy to get along with. You’re kind,” it said. “But not sly, nor too cunning. But you will make sacrifices.”

I looked to the floor. I had only lost Granny a few years previously, she was my everything. I would spend my days with her, when Mum and Dad were too busy with something else, aka, everyday. “Strong willed.” It said again. “You deal with your emotions privately; you’re not one to share your problems unless the situation demands it.”

‘I … I guess not’ I stammered. I felt cold, as he still hadn’t even mentioned a possible house I could fit in to. Only one that I would be rejected from. What if I wouldn’t fit in, what if there had been a mistake and I had to leave and go home … to that!

The Sorting Hat assured me that I was entirely wrong and went on with a speech. He quickly eliminated Slytherin, quicker than he had crossed out Ravenclaw. This left only two Houses. Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. Huffelpuff, Huffelpuff, Huffelpuff. I chanted in my head quietly.

“I wonder which house you wish to choose.” It teased, a small jolliness to his voice. “I think that you will fit perfectly. So on that note, HUF-“

‘What’s wrong?’ I asked, concerned. ‘Are you alright, Mr. Hat? Why did you stop?’

It drew a deep breath, “That, was … unexpected.” It said, a small amount of disappointment consuming its demeanour.

My head swam; he couldn’t be insinuating that Hufflepuff was no more. ‘You can’t take Huffelpuff away from me’ I said quietly, in a sad voice. I couldn’t loose another thing.

“You’ll thank me for this one day, Miss Price.” It said in a monotone. “You’re strong, independent, it’s just so upsetting that it has to happen to you.”

‘What?’ I questioned. ‘What has to happen to me?’

“GRYFFINDOR!” It shouted, and life as I knew it, began. 

I felt cold, sitting in McGonagall’s office and staring at the Sorting hat. It had been almost six years since I had seen it. Not once did I even consider why it hadn’t placed me in Huffelpuff. It was this moment I realised. The wolf, once again, this monster inside of me has ripped me from another decision. It changed my life in more than once way.

I walked towards it slowly. Unlike me, it slept soundlessly, only occasionally releasing the odd snore. It guffawed as I made my last step and awoke, “Charisma,” it questioned sleepily. “You’ve grown.”

I gave a solemn nod, “Yes. It has been over six years; I would assume that I have.”

“You’ve also accumulated an attitude, I see.” It muttered. “You were always a surprising one.” Giving a single blink, it carried on. “Almost a Hufflepuff, if I remember correctly. But I made the switch just in time. Never before have I had to do that to a student.”


“Because, no other student has given me the characteristics, or prospects that you did. I have never felt a need to.”

With a sigh I shook my head. “I mean, why you made the switch. You saw something,” I remembered, “And you changed your mind.” The hat looked confused. “I could have dealt with my ‘condition’ in Hufflepuff.”

My throat was dry, making my voice hoarse. Yet, the hat seemed of perfect health. “Miss Price, do you think that I put you in Gryffindor because of your curse?”

So even the hat saw it as a curse. “Yes, why else?”

“I thought that you would have figured it out by now.”

I looked up, my forehead furrowed painfully. “You can’t be insinuating this.”

“Oh but child,” it said as I struggled to make connections in my mind. “I am.”

It couldn’t be; another thing that he has managed to ruin. “You moved my house because of James Potter. Because you saw him and I making friends, a house wouldn’t have separated that, we were friends already!”

I felt cold, as if there was nothing else this boy could do. “I didn’t change your house because of that, Miss Price.” He said, looking sympathetic as I blinked away hot, dry tears that threatened to spill from my eyes. “When I looked in to your mind, I saw more than a friendship.” I swallowed. Was he about to speak the words that I have been waiting to hear? “You and James aren’t just friends. You’re bound together with a bond that is stronger than you could have ever imagined.”

“Oh, let me guess.” I mocked. “Love. That complex emotion just makes everything so much better.”

I looked up to the hat, my brow furrowing painfully. I didn’t want to be having this conversation. “You’ve hit the nail on the head; maybe I shouldn’t have been so eager to rule out Ravenclaw.”

“So you wanted to rule it out?”

“Don’t be difficult.” It ordered, a slight annoyance to its tone. “I appreciate your circumstances are a little different than others, Miss Price, but can you honestly tell me now, that if I gave you the option. You would switch houses. Right here, right now?”

I could only give it silence.

“You couldn’t leave Mr Potter,” it stated. “As much as you hate to admit it, you need him just as much as he needs you.” Inside my mind I was beginning to get a little hysterical. “If you were placed in to Hufflepuff, you wouldn’t be the person that you are now. You may not have the curse, you may not have to deal with the moon every month, you may not have gotten so close to James, therefore, you wouldn’t have felt heartbreak-“

“-but I wouldn’t give it up for the world.” I finished. “I love him so much,” I breathed. “It’s a, practise my signature with his name kind of love, but right now all I want to do is rip out chucks of his flesh and stamp on him.”

I blinked away an empty tear and looked in to the eyes of the hat. “I may not know much,” it said “for I am merely a hat. But isn’t that was love is? Feeling every emotion so forcefully that you think your insides are going to break. As if you feel nothing but the things your partner and you to, as if you’re going to explode. Anger, lust, passion and hate; they’re all a part of love. Along with kindness, loyalty, redemption and forgiveness. Remember that young one.”

“Thank you.” I nodded.

My head swam; I turned on the rug, twisting on the ball of my foot. “You were put in to Gryffindor because you’re loyal, strong and kind. You would do anything for that damn boy. That is what makes you who you are. It’s also the reason he was placed, as he would do the same for you. For you to doubt the reason that you were place, well maybe you’re not the Gryffindor that I thought you were.”

“Maybe I’m not.” I challenged.

Our conversation was interrupted by the creak of a footstep from the floor above. “I can assure you, Miss Price that you are.” Professor McGonagall said from the balcony above. I looked up to her, locking her gaze with mine. “Maybe it’s Mr Potter that needs to be hearing this, not me, nor the Sorting Hat.”

My voice was suddenly hoarse once more, words seemed lost. “I’m scared.”

“Of what?” The professor demanded. “If anything, Mr Potter should be the one with the fear; I saw the look in your eye as the hat questioned your placement. You want to be in the house of lions more than you want anything in the world. You just haven’t justified it to yourself yet.”

It was minutes before I spoke again, I couldn’t find the words. After much thinking, I came up with something. “I think I can make it to the Tower. Thank you for your hospitality.”

“Oh, but he’s not in the Gryffindor Common Room, Charisma.” Once more, my brows knitted together. For once, James wasn’t in the tower? This was highly unlikely. “You underestimate the power of his feelings for you. Your disappearance has put much strain on your friends.” I closed my eyes and hung my head slightly in shame. I hadn’t once considered what this would be doing to them. “Mr Potter is in the Hospital Wing.”


A small smirk grew on her lips. “He and Mr Sanford, I believe.” She said. Her words were spoken with care. Each one was selected carefully. I could see the choosing chase across her eyes. “From what I can gather, there was a disagreement in the Common Room.”

I stumbled across words; the only thing coming from my mouth was the odd splutter. “I need to get to the Hospital Wing.”

“Before you leave,” The Headmistress said as I laid a hand on the knob of the door. My exit was surprisingly quick. “I would like you to tell me how you feel.”

“Is this therapy?” I asked, a slight acid to my tone. I looked to her; upon noticing her upward gaze and slight uninterested in the subject, I could see this was anything but. “I feel like I want to die in a hole.”

She blinked rapidly before reaching for a parchment and paper. “I can safely say that one, Mr Lupin would certainly disagree with you.”

I snorted. “Teddy doesn’t need to get involved.”

“I’m not saying he should.” She said as her quill rapidly scribbled over the parchment. Her writing was messier than I had expected, little scrawls lead in slanted lines, not one was straight nor neat. “It’s just a safety precaution. I would advise you to leave Hogwarts for the weekend. Come back on Monday. Just take a break from the whispers and the rumours.”

“I’m fine thank you, I wish to stay.”

“Then allow me to re-phrase.” She applied; her quill still rapidly scrawling. “You will stay with Mr Lupin for three days and arrive back at Hogwarts on Monday evening. This means that you will be away for the moon.” Was she sending me away for me, or for the other students? “If you are so eager to stay at school, you shall be ready to begin classes on Tuesday?” Ignoring my look of protest, she spoke quickly, un-allowing me to breathe in another word. “The last time a student was openly accused of being a werewolf, it’s wasn’t all sweets and rainbows.”

“Simon Wilkins?”

She stopped writing, her quill solidly still within her grip. “You know of him?”

I nodded, pulling the t-shirt down over my midriff. “He’s Dan’s brother.”

“I did wonder if Mr Wilkins would have spoken to you.” She pondered. I wasn’t entirely sure if it were to me, or to herself. My gaze averted to Dumbledore, he stirred in his painting. “I would assume that he would keep you away from the whispers. I recommend that you stick with him.”

I smiled to myself and folded my arms. “I already did.”

Her eyes looked to me above the rims of her glasses. “Then it looks like you’re on the right track.”

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“All in all, Charisma,” Lily sighed. “Evie’s yours for the tormenting.”

Dixie smiled coyly. “So many choices, so little time.”

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Chapter 24: Hogwarts is Home
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Beautiful Chapter Image by cérise @ tda. 
Victoire and Dom

“…was utter hell today, I actually got asked by a child if ‘Mr Handsome was my brother’,” Dom was saying rather accusingly that Monday morning. She was sat in the armchair next to mine, hugging a pillow to her chest. She works as a magical social worker. I found it a little hard to believe at first; its equivalent to putting Mr Weasley in to a room full of little Malfoy’s. I just couldn’t see it happening.

She was oblivious to the fact that her sister was paying her not attention, instead tracing her finger along pages of magazines before ripping out pages and setting them on to the arm of the sofa next to her. Victoire was caught up in her wedding. A pile of untouched books and catalogues sat on the coffee table infront of her, next to her untouched mug.

My focus was directed to the large pile of wedding invitations spilling across my lap; they glared at me after days of neglect. I had no excuse to put them off; I promised Vic that I would have them done by the time I go back to school. I wrote the name and address on the envelopes and charmed my wand to write the passage on the actual invite; if I had to do it myself…ergh, hand cramp.

A small cut on my foot was covered with a pink flowery plaster, the only scar from the moon. It was last night. Last night, the sky went dark and the moon rose. I didn’t change. I didn’t loose my mind. I didn’t even flinch.

I had collected another vial of Wolfsbane from Dan before leaving Hogwarts; one for me and one for Teddy. He labelled the bottles and everything, one had ‘Teddy’ scrawled across the front, the other had ‘Charisma’. Dan was a little confused about the 3am wake up call. I had run to the Ravenclaw Tower, answered the question to their Common Room and ran up to the boys’ dorm. I was guided back to McGonagall’s office by a tired looking Daniel with a jumper thrown over his boxers. He thought I had lost it and escorted me around the castle; not letting me out of his sight.

Only yesterday, Teddy and I sat in the woods behind the Potters and after a ‘cheers’ action, downed the vials in one and waited for the howl of the wolf. It didn’t come. Teddy changed, not without a fuss I may add; it’s how I get the cut. He pushed me over and I fell on a tree root. There was no heroic story, but my klutzy-ness. Upon realizing that the only thing that the only difference I could feel, was a little sick, I scratched behind Teddy’s ears and walked down the road to his little house on the corner, drank a cup of tea and fell asleep on the sofa. It was the best night of my life.

Dom leant over the arm of her chair and picked up a blank envelope, she wrinkled her nose and added it to an unkempt pile at her feet. “I agreed to take this job so that I could help children, but I don’t expect any of those trollops to be hitting on my boyfriend!”

Victoire snorted as she looked up from her catalogue, apparently she had been listening. “Dom, darling, I assume that this boy is Lysander,” the glare on her sisters face said it all. “I don’t think he’s going to go for any of those children. Especially consider that the majority are under 10. ”

I laughed. “Yeah, he’s completely hooked on you. Since your sixth year I believe.” Dom looked up to me, her eyes pleading but still angry. She was more Weasley than Delacour in attitude, but she was her mother in looks. A small red star was tattooed on to her wrist, to stand for Gryffindor I believe. “Xander wouldn’t look twice at any girl but you.”

“I’m pretty sure that there’s going to be a second wedding soon.” Victoire said, a little sourly if I heard correctly.

Dom kicked over the pile of envelopes unintentionally with her foot. “Sorry Sis, wouldn’t want to steal your limelight there.” I smiled and looked over the invitations. It was just like the sisters to argue over something so petty. “Besides, I doubt he’s ever going to ask. He was a Ravenclaw after all.”

I smiled warmly and placed another finished envelope by the charmed quill. “Right, so he’ll have the sense to ask before he looses the best thing he’s got.”

She rolled her eyes, lounging back in to the stuffed armchair and stretching out her legs. She leant her head to the side and smiled at me sleepily. “And where would I go?”

A vague memory of many a wizard ogling at her rushed in to my mind. Xander had to go through a lot to win Dom’s heart. She was a woman in demand. “Oh, I don’t know.” I teased. “There are two of them I believe.”

“Hence, Scamander twins.” Victoire heckled, dodging the pillow her sister poorly threw.

She brushed off the comment, focusing once more on the dates her envelopes read. “Bull - to the both of you.” I stared at her unblinkingly. It shocked me that I wasn’t affected by this comment. Two months ago, I would have been, but now, I merely brushed it off without a second thought. “Besides, I couldn’t leave him.” She lovingly looked to the sky. “I may want to bash his effing head in sometimes, but I love him. He’s mine.”

Victoire glance upwards, setting the catalogue down in to her lap, she scrunched up her pretty face. “And I guess I love Teddy.”

“Fuck off!” Dom cussed, aiming her last pillow at her sister. “You would die for that bloody beast!”

I stared at her unblinkingly; she managed a coy smile and threw her envelopes at me before running off to the kitchen. How she could be so blunt and not give it a second thought was beyond me. Vic noticed my shock and placed her hand on to mine. “You get used to it.” I let out a breath I didn’t know I had been holding.

It wasn’t more than two seconds before a smash was heard from the kitchen followed by a mutter of ‘effing …’ I laughed under my breath at the blonde klutz. She didn’t give two tosses about what she broke in that kitchen. “Fancy tea?” Dom shouted. Her voice was at a volume that it echoed through the house.

“Please.” Vic replied. Her voice lowered, “Charisma?”

I glared half-heartedly before my face crumpled. “Make that two!”

Victoire quirked a blonde brow, her gaze alternating between my face and the envelopes in my hand. “You don’t want to be writing my wedding invitations.” It wasn’t a question. “Charisma, I need you to answer me truthfully.” I nodded. “Do you want to talk about what happened at Hogwarts?”

My face crumpled and I dropped my head a little. “No thank you.”

Victoire’s expression was flat and disbelieving. “Charisma, you and Teddy sat at the dining room table the night that you came and discussed what happened. That’s it, you haven’t mentioned it since.”

“He gave me all the advice that I need.”

“Oh, and what would that be?” Victoire challenged.

I sighed. “If someone is giving me jip, I should stand up for myself.” She raised a brow. “If it is a girl, bitch fight and if it is a boy, kick them where it hurt – or if that is impossible, punch them in the face.”

She let out a little whinny that sounded strangely like ‘oh god’. “Are you sure that you don’t want a girl’s opinion?”

I threw her a pointed glance. “And you would know what it feels like how?” I realized I was being rude. But she had no business butting in to mine.

“More than you think.” She said quietly. “Dom won’t talk about it, but our father is part werewolf. Not as much as you, but enough to notice.” I didn’t want to express that I had seen Bill Weasley, a first sighting at age twelve. He wore scars bravely across his face and torso. I only wish I had that much courage to bare mine. “When the kids at Hogwarts found out that I was too, they weren’t too kind.”

Secretly eager to hear more, I placed my quill down on to the table and rubbed my head of the small ache that began to form. “What happened?”

“Its how Dom found Lysander too, you know?” I shook my head in disbelief. “There’s not much too it, me and Ted; Teddy and I were in an argument, things were said that shouldn’t have been. The school already knew of his condition, but they didn’t of mine, and so he told.” A sly smirk pulled at her lips, it contrasted with my look of shock. Teddy did a James? “I forgave him within a matter of hours; I couldn’t be without Teddy after all. But Dom suffered a little worse.”

My nose wrinkled I confusion as I spoke. “I’m gathering that she’s not one to ignore snide comments?”

Her smirk simply deepened at my comment. “Then you’d be correct. She got in to a fight with some children in her year; Lysander was the one that pulled her out of it.” I could imagine Xander as one who would do that. He was the brown haired hero. “He broke up with his girlfriend over Dom. She wouldn’t accept their friendship. He chose Dom over her, and Dom had nothing else, not for another year anyway.”

“A year later?” I chirped. “What happened? Did she do somethi-“

“Met someone.” Vic interjected in a charmingly Slytherin fashion. “We call it the Simon-era.”

“Simon-era?” I echoed, her voice seemed further away in memory as she delved in to them. “Was this boy called Simon perchance?”

She sighed in annoyance as Dom turned the corner with three tea mugs magically floating infront of her. Vic whispered urgently. “The Simon-era is unmentionable.” She said before Dom could notice. “Don’t say anything. If a Delacour found out that I told you, they would have my head.”

“Why the Del-“ Vic sighed in relief as Dom collapsed in the chair as the cups landed on the table, only a little tea sloshing from the top.

“Okay,” Dom muttered to herself as she sat up straight. She bit her lip accusingly. “What were you two lovely ladies chatting about?”

“Boys,” Victoire said, at the same time I said “Wedding.”

“I’ll just leave it at that then,” Dom snapped in a confused manner. “So Charisma.” Dom began slyly. “I want the low down on when you’re getting with James.”

Victoire spat her tea back in to the cup, a little drizzled down her chin; I simply placed my cup ‘calmly’ on to the coaster. Bags still plagued my eyes, along with the nausea in my tummy. “I’m sorry?”

“It’s sixth year.” Dom stated, her eyes were suddenly wider than I remembered.

I nodded uncertainly. “I do realize that, I’m not dysfunctional with dates.”

She raised her hands up in surrender to my outburst. “I’m just saying, it’s your sixth year, and you’re in love with a Potter.”

“Hang on-“

“We all know.” Victoire said. “It’s sort of a family tradition that you end up getting with your best friend.” My eyes flitted down to the rather dramatic sketch that Victoire was drawing on to her catalogue page. It involved a blonde haired squealing girl, which I could only assume was Dominique, and a beaver. “When James brought you home for Christmas, first year, we all had an assumption.”

Exhaling slightly, Dom spoke. “An assumption my arse.” She said with a giggle. “You actually pinned James to the ground in happiness.”

“Let’s face it,” Vic said, her barley-there blonde eyebrows furrowing together as she stuck her hand out in a melodramatic way, “Little Jimmy isn’t a romantic guy, he really didn’t have a hope in hell.”

I jutted out my bottom lip in irritation. “I don’t think that James and I will ever be together.” They turned towards me desperately with a duo of protests. “Just hear me out…please.” I pleaded. Dom muttered under her breath, pretending to write an invite, her quill ripped through the paper and she was now digging into the board she was ‘working’ on. “I can’t trust him. I don’t know how I will ever be able to. I know that sounds dramatic and petty, but it’s the truth. I have seen lots of the bad sides to relationships. I don’t want that to happen to us.”

Victoire sighed yet again, making her brows knit further. “The bad sides? Sweetheart, have you met our family?”

I paused for a moment as she waited for me to continue. “Have you met mine?” She frowned when I didn’t. “Your family has the best track records for relationships, mine on the other hand doesn’t.” I glanced out of the window silently, assessing the chances of jumping through it. The sun absorbed in to the curtains, subtly staining their original white colour to a tasteful brown. “My parents were married for 25 years, and they hated every second of it.”

Neither said a word, the tension was suddenly awkward. Dom frowned at me, rolling her eyes briefly at the stubborn silence. “And?”

“And?” her sister echoed, gently stirring her tea with a spoon. “What do you mean ‘and’?”

“I mean you’re not your parents.” She said; her gaze boring in to mine. I fought the urge to roll my eyes at how beautiful and angelic the pair of them looked with their blue eyes and silvery blonde hair. It was so easy for them to be optimistic about a situation.

“Ok,” I muttered, swinging my gaze back to the sisters. “So what if he does choose me over Little Miss Snooty he has now-“

“-nice, I like it.”

Vic nodded carefully, motioning for me to continue and ignore her sister. “-Why would he do it?” I asked. “I don’t think that I would let him.”

“What are you on about now?” Dom begged, her shoulders slumping slightly.

I blinked wryly, my blue eyes begging for something that I couldn’t understand. “I have baggage.”

“Don’t we all?”

“More than you,” I could see Victoire’s next reply was ‘wanna bet’. “I have a bad case of depression twice a month, twice a month I turn in to a Grumpy Puss. I’m bad enough to take on cousin Lucy!” They both inhaled sharply.

“I don’t think that’s possible.” Dom said, her gaze sardonic.

I shook my head at her skepticism. “This is serious, Dom. We have so many arguments of late it’s hard to keep track whether we’re talking or fighting. Every time I am near him I feel like I want to run away. I don’t want to be around him, never before have I felt that!” Victoire’s eyes grew wide at that comment, her concerned expression disappearing completely. “If he chooses me, he’s also picking a wolf, a rouge animal.”

Victoire shrugged somewhat stiffly. “You’re not an animal Charisma; you have this under control now. And thanks to you, so does Teddy.” I felt my eyes water, surprisingly, hers did too. “He would be choosing you because you’re everything he’s not. You, Charisma Price, are James Potters other half.”

I began to shake my head slowly, gaining more and more power as realization began to set in. “Face it, you said it yourself; James isn’t a romantic, he doesn’t like relationships that take up much emotional effort. Who is he going to choose, Little Miss Peppy-Party-Princess, or a monster?”

Victoire reared back slightly as Dom dropped the pillow from her grip, her nose wrinkling. “I’m not even dignifying that with a response.”

“Charisma,” Vic said. Her tone was barely heard over the clanking Dom was making with her spoon. “Who was it, in third year who rushed him to St Mungos when he fell off a roof?”

I looked to the floor. “You would have done the same.”

“Not…by choice.” Dom intervened, dropping her spoon on to the floor, cussing and leaning down to fetch it.

I followed her actions with my eyes while Victoire tried desperately not to rush over and deal with the tea stain on the carpet of her living room. “Chic, you’re everything James isn’t. You’re his other half.”

Dom looked at the pair of us curiously. “Yeah, and let’s face it. He doesn’t need any more peppy-party-princess in him; he can fill those shoes on his own.” She clutched her spoon like a sword and rushed it through the air. “Especially the Princess section.”

“I bet he has a tiara.”

I didn’t speak for fear of saying something extremely rude, something that I may regret deeply in days to come. I pulled at the waist band of the cotton sweat pants, pulling them up a little. I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand, sweeping away the tired state of mine.

Professor McGonagall, who had insisted on escorting me to the Hospital Wing, tugged at the bottom of her robes. “Madame B!” She said as she knocked lightly on the heavy oak doors. She sent me a look. It was obvious I wasn’t supposed to speak.

“Minevera?” The nurse asked as she approached the doors. A small clunk of the door knockers and they were pushed open a fraction.

“Brandon, I do believe that you have two sixth year boys in this facility, do you not?” The nurse looked the Professor in the eye and nodded silently. “I request to see them.”

“I’m afraid that’s not possible,” she grumbled. “They’re both asleep. Is there a way you could return in the morning?”

“I’m afraid not,” McGonagall said sternly. “I can assure you that Mr Potter shall want to be woken for this, Mr Sanford can remain asleep.”

“But, Min-“

“No buts,” Professor McGonagall intervened. “Please return to your chambers Madame, thank you for opening the doors.”

Noticing that she had been dismissed, she asked only one final question. “What, may I ask, is going on?” I looked her in the eye, she took my presence negatively. “They assured me that they fell down the stairs in the Common Room.”

“And they did,” The Headmistress assured firmly. “Miss Price here is leaving in a matter of hours on family business. She is here to say a brief goodbye to Mr Potter.”

To say I was confused would be an understatement. Considering that they ‘fell down the stairs’ didn’t account for the fist shaped bruise that lay prominent on Kyle’s face. I could see it in the dark through the miniscule crack in the door. The moon light shined upon his face, making his stern features seem suddenly a lot more ghost like.

Madame Brandon opened the door another few inches before turning around and walking back in to the darkness. It seemed that she and Professor McGonagall weren’t on the best of terms. I blew a stray hair from my eyes and looked up at the Professor in the moonlight.

“Ten minutes, Miss Price.” She said softly, before walking back towards the staircase. “I expect you back in my office with your belongings for the weekend by the end of the hour.” I felt a small pang in my chest as I realized the limited amount of time that left me with James.

I watched her descend the staircase back to the floor below before taking a deep breath and turning towards the Hospital Wing. I folded my arms across my stomach and hugged it tightly, anything to stop the butterflies.

The ‘Wing was dark, only the moonlight shone through the windows. The odd howls of creatures were heard from the Forest, not a mile away. One big growl shuddered through the trees, followed by a flock of birds soaring away and ascending in to the night sky. I could only hope that the two students in the forest would be alright. I walked past the first cot and slowed my pace; Kyle lay lifeless in the one next on my left.

Ellie sat in a chair next to his bed. Her feet were tucked up on the small wooden seat, her head lying sleepily against the wall. She wasn’t touching Kyle, hanging on for the last bit of love that she may ever have. Elle was in Gryffindor for loyalty, I knew that she would stick by me; but I couldn’t assure it, if people asked me to choose between Ellie and James…

The aforementioned bruise blackened his eye; a trail of small cuts patterned the right side of his face. He had his arm in a sling and his leg was tightly fixed in a bandage. I tore my gaze away promptly. Fell down the stairs…yeah right. I had seen this work before. Forth year, a boy had passed a sexual joke about me, when James found out, all hell broke loose. That Ravenclaw was in the Hospital Wing, pretty much like this.

I looked down the rest of the left row, nothing. Not one bed was occupied, nor was one messy. To my right, I was unable to see. The moon shone through the windows on the left and didn’t reach this half of the room, these windows were blackened out; they lead to the Quidditch Pitch. Many years ago, McGonagall realized that while in the Hospital Wing, student wouldn’t concentrate on healing, but on the match. So she blackened the windows, meaning that students couldn’t watch it. Shame really.

I walked forward and leant my hand out on to a cot on the right. My fingers met with a cold bar, the white seemed evident when I touched it. I could feel its colour. I had been in this room enough to know where things were and what they were for. I ran my hand along the cot until I reached the end of the bar, reaching around I felt an empty bed. I turned around and moved on to the next one, empty. So were the next three after that.

Stomping my foot a little I made a small crying sound in the back of my throat. I couldn’t help but feel a little helpless. Professor McGonagall had sent me in to an empty ‘Wing. It was just like James to bolt; the moment he could, he liked to get out of this place. He didn’t like this wing.

It crossed my mind that I could scare Kyle; it was the least I could do. I could act like a ghost and make him feel bad. I was probably pale enough, and it was most likely that he had a concussion. I didn’t walk to the seventh floor for nothing. I didn’t want to scare Elle, so making sure that Kyle would be freaked out without upsetting or waking my friend would be hard.

My wand was still in the Slytherin Common Room, on Scorpius’s bed side table. It sat next to a dim lamp in the shape of a snake. I glanced briefly over the other side of the room; standing in the pitch black gave me the element of surprise. I turned on my feet and crashed in to a hard object, I put my hands out in front of me to steady myself, placing my palms on to the soft material; a chest.

I looked straight infront of me; a tie was loosely hung around a neck and a button undone carelessly. The shirt wasn’t tucked in, only half way and a black cotton sweater vest was pulled on carelessly, covering the bottom of the tie. I took a deep breath, then another and another. Before I could count of three I was hyperventilating. I heard the other swallow before releasing a shuddering breath. My hands clutched their vest in to my fists, pulling them closer.

A pair of strong arms pulled me in. James held me so tightly that my breathing situation didn’t help me any less. I reached up on my tip toes and threw my arms around his neck, my fingers found his shoulders and grasped on. Lovingly, his cheek touched mine before he put his forehead in to the crease of my neck. His breath tickled my skin as I tried to steady my breathing. It was typical him to escape from the Hospital Wing the moment he could. His uniform was only on because he rushed it.

“Charisma,” he breathed. His voice was barley above a whisper.


He pulled back his head and looked me in the eye. His eyes were such a pure emerald that they seemed to shine through the darkness. They were red, without sleep. A cut lined across his cheek from the ‘tumble’ that he took down the stairs. His eyes flickered to my cut, now washed and healed, only a pale line was visible, actually, it was hardly visible. Blaize is a master mind with the healing spells. A looked back to my eyes and swallowed, our foreheads fell together.

“I…I, am so sorry.” He whispered. “I will understand if you never forgive me, if you never want to see me again. I wouldn’t blame you.”

He looked honestly worried and frightened. “Don’t apologize.”

He took his forehead off mine, his expression was still pleading. Mine was blank. “Bu-“

“Don’t apologize,” I said again. “Every time I am with you lately, I seem to get hurt. Whether it’s physically or emotionally. Some how, I always seem to leave you in pain.” I looked down to my heart unintentionally. “Don’t apologize unless you can state what you’re apologizing for.”

“What are you … you are the …. What you mean?” He said, unsure how to phrase all the questions in to one. I ignored his confused expression and reached out, tracing the outlines of he little cuts on his cheek. “I don’t mean to hurt you, you know.”

I closed my eyes and tried to will the pain away. Simply taking to him allowed a shooting ache to echo in my chest, I felt like I was suffocating. Still, he didn’t release his grip on me. He spoke again, “Did I ever hurt you that badly?”

I nodded. “Last night I felt like … I felt like there was nothing left.” We were silent for a while before I opened my eyes. “You’re ok?” He nodded quickly before sniffing. “That’s all I came to see. James I have to go.”

“What?!” He gripped me tighter, disallowing me to move. One of his hands shot from my back to my cheek. “You can’t go, not yet. You’ve been here for thirty seconds, did you come here to tell me just that?” I looked to the floor, anywhere but his face. Still I was tight in his arms. “You can’t go; I won’t let you.”

“It’s not my call.” I said softly. “I’m going to Teddy’s for a while.”

“Why?” James asked. “You can stay here. There is nothing wrong with Hogwarts.”

Silence took over as James continued to stare at me. I was trying to look anywhere else; anything that would make the pain stop. “People are mean.” I said quietly.

“What about the moon?” He asked. “The moon is one Sunda-“

“I’ll be with Teddy.” I answered as he brushed my fringe from my eyes. “Besides, Dan, from Ravenclaw,” I ignored James’s customary eye roll. “He’s fixed it, he gave me Wolfsbane.”

James was speechless; he kept opening and closing his mouth, resembling a fish. “But it takes weeks to make. They could only have found out yesterday.”

“Not if they’re smart,” I said, finally looking back at James. “He’s a Ravenclaw, he knows the signs.”

“So does Harper know too?” My silence was enough of an answer. “Shit.” He cussed, dropping me from his arms and putting his hand to his head. “How could you have let him find out? We should have been more discrete!”

“How could I have let him find out?” I echoed, my lips curling in to a snarl.

“I didn’t mean it lik-“

My expression said more than words, I obviously looked psychotic; James stepped back. “James you betrayed me, you told bloody Radio Lewis what I am.”

“I didn’t mean to!” He countered.

“Oh and that makes it all okay, I forgot.” I finally looked back at James and pushed his arm away as he reached out to comfort me. “You see this scar on my head, James?” he looked away, anywhere but me; to the ceiling. “My best friend did that to me, because he was afraid.” It would have been a good speech, had my voice not wavered. “He was scared, of me! And then you did that to him. I didn’t even know that was humanly possible to do to a person with brute force.”


I pushed him away, knocking him in to a bedside cart, incidentally knocking over bottles. “Don’t touch me!” I snarled. The look on his face made me regret it. He stood up straight, picking up the glass containers on the side that had fallen. I grabbed my hair and turned around, releasing a quiet frustrated scream.

I crouched on to the floor, the t-shirt riding up over my stomach and my feet dirty from walking on the cobbles. I felt a familiar arm surround me, wrap itself around my waist and haul me in to the air; the other one went under the crease behind my legs as he lifted me like a princess. Royalty was the opposite of how I felt.

I pulled my self away from the hard wall of his muscles and attempted to struggle away. I was a little shocked at the fact that Kyle and Ellie had not woken at the noise I was creating. James sat me down on the bed and held me there, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me in to his chest. Touching him was the last thing that I wanted to be doing.

He had turned on Kyle in an instant, betrayed my secret quicker than that; who’s to say that I wont be the next to lie in one of these cots. I had gone years believing that James would never hurt me, but the past few months have proven me wrong. I instinctively flinched away at his voice.

“Charism- Chic, stop struggling.” I stopped pulling away and sat limp on to bed, tugging at his vest with little force. “Charisma.” he whispered. His eyes widened and a crease knitted in his forehead. “Are you scared of me?”

He looked at my face; I had no idea of its expression. I didn’t think that he would hurt me, I wasn’t scared of him. I was just scared of what he can do when he wants to. He has a blatant disregard for the rules. Could he have that type of disregard for me?

“Charisma, you don’t think that I’m going to hurt you? Do you?” all traces of frustration had disappeared from his features. He looked as if he were the one suffering. “I would never hurt you, not intentionally. Please don’t be scared.”

I shook my head and attempted to move my features so I didn’t give the expression that was disturbing him so. My breathing had slowed along with my heart. Now I felt numb, there was nothing.

“Is this about Kyle?” He asked attentively. I looked away; anything but that question. “Please talk to me.”

He caught my gaze with ‘the look’. I wasn’t prepared. His features were different. I had only seen this look once before; five years ago, Christmas, the day my life changed forever. I had prepared myself for the shouting; I had prepared myself for cursing and guilt tripping. I hadn’t readied myself for the look that could break a person’s heart. I took my hands from his vest and gripped on to a nearby pillow instead.

“I don’t like it when you’re mean.”

“I don’t mea-“

“I know.” I said barely louder than a whisper. “I just…It’s not…I…” silence echoed louder than ever before. “You’re nice, James Potter. You don’t hurt people.”

He swallowed what seemed to be a gulp of air and let his arms fall. Before he could look back up and speak, I was gone.

I pulled my collar tighter as I walked quickly down the high street; my school bag was tucked under my arm. It was a cold January morning and snow was treating the north, down south it was cold enough for a coat. I blew my fringe from my eyes and looked at the straps of my bag that hung around my shoulder. Glancing around the bustling crowd, I was glad that I had Teddy. He carried my trunk.

He threw his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in to his chest. We took a left down Diagon Alley and entered a shop with a big green door. Teddy pushed it open and held it for me as I stepped in to the warmth. I brushed my feet on the welcome mat and followed Ted past the counter of the shop; it appeared to sell trinkets.

“There is a post office in the back,” Teddy said, reading my mind. “This is where all formal post headed to Hogwarts stops at before going to McGonagall, this fireplace leads straight to her office.”

I had expected to head back to Hogwarts by floo, just not in this manner. The floo system at the Potters’ was temporarily shut down due to improper use (Dom blames Uncle George for flooing over products for the shop). This was another option, it seemed practical. I had waved to the family, receiving an extra hug from Ginny, an apology from Harry and a lecture from Uncle Percy before heading down to the town with Teddy; he wanted to see me off. Ginny had threatened upon next seeing her son, she was going to wring his neck.

I love Diagon Alley. Excited faces were always on display as children ran down the cobbled street with parents following in a desperate attempt to control their offspring. Magic had that affect on people. However today, we were the only two who didn’t excerpt that fever.

Teddy checked his watch and saw it was ten to seven, outside it was dark, only the odd wizard walked by. Some were young and obviously on dates where as others were simply finishing up their daily shopping. I had been summoned back to school at seven o’clock. I had a few minutes before I had to leave.

“You’re going to be alright?” Teddy asked. I wasn’t sure if he was assuring me or himself. “You’ve got the Wotters with you; there will always be one to make sure you’re alright. It’s what I had.”

I tossed my hair over my shoulder; it seemed odd having it shorter like this. Dom insisted on having it cut before I returned to school. I was expecting a professional, not to have Dom run and fetch the kitchen scissors while I finish writing invites. With one snip my long locks were gone, and the blonde curls fell to my chest. ‘Any more and you would have been sitting on It’, Dom had said, while she stood there with 30cm of my hair in her grip. I was unsure if Victoire still had any abilities yet, the expression on her face read nothing but shock.

“But…but you can’t…do that!” She had stuttered, dropping her magazines and taking the scissors off of her sister.

While Victoire ran around the house, looking for a phone so she could muggle-call Lysander to come and talk some sense in to Dom, I had asked why she had used the scissors and not her wand. ‘Because scissors are more fun’, she had exclaimed. Suddenly, I wasn’t so sure about being in the same house as this particular Weasley.

She had already started, so my view was, ‘Why not let her finish?’ I could only sit and lamely watch pieces of my hair fall to the floor as she snipped away without a care in the world. She re-cut my fringe; it no longer ran across my eyebrows by instead swept to the side. My eyebrows themselves were now fit for Hollywood.

But my dresses were gone.

The end; they’re gone, chucked, sold (if you can call storing them away in Teddy’s loft ‘sold’). My returning trunk, instead of being filled with an array of colorful dresses was now stashed with jeans, everything from skinnies to a bootleg cut. I had recited my wardrobe to the girls, when I was settled back in, I would give all of my dresses to Lily; she loves them. Considering the ones that weren’t worthy of even letting Lily see (due to their pathetic and tattered state) was actually the majority. I would only have two or three left for me to wear personally. But this is it, a new start. It’s a new year, a new life, a new rumor, a new me.

I had grown an inch or two since September, now making me seem excessively taller than before. A black scarf was wrapped strategically around my neck with a knee-length teal coat. I wore little black lace-up fabric shoes. Dom really out did herself. She even pinned me down for make-up. Victoire said she simply loved having a doll. I felt an overwhelming amount of pity for little Louis.

“This is it,” Teddy said lamely. But not before opening his arms and pulling me in to a tight hug. “Remember, if any of those kids give you jip – just threaten to eat them. They don’t know the truth.”

I smacked him lightly in the chest and pulled away. “I’ll miss you Teddy.”

“You too Lil’ bit.” I smiled at the nickname, suddenly I felt like a child once again, a child with no prospects, no worries, and then I face the fireplace and it all came rushing back. Shrugged my coat off and folded it over my arm.

With a simple wave I stepped in to the fireplace, my small trunk in one hand and a palm full of black and sooty powder in the other.

“Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” I said clearly.

I twirled through the fireplace at top speed, gripping to my trunk for dear life. I choked on the floo powder as I cleverly inhaled it while passing what seemed like the hundredth fireplace. I hated floo travel; it made me nauseous. I allowed the colours to consume me, the twirling and the twisting in every direction. It wasn’t until I spotted the large, stone fireplace of the Professors Fire place that I stepped out a foot and jumped in to the empty room.

I couched out a mouthful of black powder in to my hands and accepted the tissue flown to me in a familiar manner. A small amount of inner happiness took over involuntarily as I remembered the reason upon my return; I could see my friends again, perform magic. However that small nagging inclining the back of my head was still there, I pushed it aside; it had no business being in my mind.

“Welcome back, Miss Price.” Professor McGonagall said, not once did she tare her gaze away from her paper. But I received a warm smile from Professor Dumbledore. His portrait always was the best. “Please wipe your feet on to the rug before you.”

I put my trunk down on to the stone beneath my feet and unfolded my coat and shook it. I wiped my hands down my jeans and put the coat roughly back on, running my hand once through my hair. I stepped on to the rug before me and scraped my shoes on the mat.

“Thank you,” the Professor said calmly. “I see you’ve enjoyed your trip,” She said with a smile and looking me up and down.

I nodded once and summoned my trunk with my wand. “Very much, thank you.” She looked back to her parchment, picking up her quill once more. “Thank you, Professor, for making me go, it was the right decision.”

She smiled knowingly. “It was the only decision; you were loosing your grip, Charisma.” My fingers found the pockets of my new coat. “I’m glad that you have found it again. Now, Mr Wilkins will meet you in the library at eight o’clock tomorrow evening. You have permission to be out past curfew. I believe that you both have some questions that need to be answered.”

Apart from wanting to bash me around the back of the head for waking him up at an ungodly hour of the morning and then making him walk me around the castle, I couldn’t imagine Dan wanting to say anything to me. Infact, because of that, I couldn’t imagine why he would want to speak to me.

“Your time table will resume as normal tomorrow morning, I expect nothing out of the ordinary from you.” she said, before dismissing me kindly and returning to her work. “Oh and one more thing,” she lifted her wand and with a simple flick, it was gone. It just disappeared in the air with a little poof noise, the noise that Albus makes when you poke him really hard.

I smiled and nodded gratefully before descending the stairs from her office and closing the door with a light bang behind me. I shoved my hands in to the pockets of my coat and suddenly wished that I was wearing one of my dresses. Jeans felt wired. Muggle clothing was a tradition here at Hogwarts, you only wore robes for school, formal dances, gatherings or if your job required it.

I walked down the familiar corridor, a light skip coming back to my step. The skip had gone; I had lost it at Christmas. Even this little bop in my step was a good sign. I missed it. It wasn’t until I reached the corner and saw a group of third year Hufflepuffs, one girl looked away while another looked to the floor. But it was the third girl, the one closest to the wall that shocked me. She looked me straight in the eye, scowled and walked away. I could already tell that the next few weeks were going to be hell. I needed to find my feet, and quick.

It didn’t help when I reached the main stair case I came face to face with the one person I didn’t think that I could see. Literally, I came face to face, I actually ran in to them while trying to hide my expression by looking at the floor.

I looked up in to the blue eyes of Kyle Sanford. He wore a similar expression to mine; absence, pity, guilt and fear. Bruises and cuts littered his shocked face; I’m assuming they are the ones that Madame Brandon couldn’t heal.

“Kyle,” I whispered, jumping one step down, one step away from him. “If you’ll excuse me,” I said politely. I stood to the right and walked past him, meeting another face.

This welcome was different. The strong-beater-trained arms of Andrew Wood enveloped me; he lifted me off of the floor and spun me around on the steps. “Charisma,” he begged. Drew placed me back on the floor; my feet landed delicately one after the other. He looked in to my eyes and ruffled my hair. It seemed off seeing him hatless. “I am so sorry.” He said each syllable like it was a lifeline. “I am such a douche. I should have listened to you, not to rumor. James is a dick, Kyle is a dick – Yes, I know that you are right there, don’t look at me like that, you are – Heck, love, I am a dick!”

I smirked a little, a small tear coming to my eye. “I have known you for six years now; you’ve been nothing but a complete angel to me, why should I care if you have webbed feet, or even a beak for crying out loud!” I suppose it was easier for him to say that rather than point out my actual faults.

“You have no idea what hearing that has done to me.” I breathed, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck.

“From the tightness of this hug,” he said melodramatically pretending to be strangled. “I am assuming it’s a good thing.”

He bopped my nose as I let go and planted a kiss upon my forehead. I smiled. “It’s a very good thing.”

“What’s gotten in to you?” The voice didn’t belong to Drew, nor was it mine. “Andy, why are you apologizing?”

Drew pushed me aside a little and stood infront of me. “My question is, why aren’t you, Kyle?”

“I have no reason to,” He spat, pointing a bruised finger at me. “How can you even talk to, that, that thing?”

This would be the time for James’s arrival. Where he would heroically ride around the corner on a white horse and bravely come to my rescue. But instead, I had something better, I had Drew. I had a pissed off, over-protective, Scottish Quidditch-Nazi standing infront of me, making sure I was ok for every second of my life.

Kyle was prepared for many things, probably even for me to attack him. Infact, I am sure that if what he was prepared for the most. It was what he had convinced himself. What he wasn’t prepared for, however, was his brother-from-another-mother to pull his wand from his jeans pocket and send him flying down the last three steps of the staircase. He landed with a loud crash on the floor. I could assume that Drew didn’t want to hurt him internally; hence he didn’t send him through the floor and on the floor beneath us. Kyle could expect a heck of a lot of violence to come his way if he kept talking to me like that.

This shut Kyle right up.

“There was an emergency assembly held in the hall at breakfast on Saturday morning,” Drew explained. “They said that we couldn’t muggle-fight, nor could we use curses. Anyone who did would be expelled from Hogwarts.” I looked to him desperately. “But they didn’t say that we couldn’t use charms and hexes.”

“What the fuc-“Kyle spat, rising from the floor slowly and rubbing the back of his head. “Drew!”

“She may be different, but you know as well as I do that she is Charisma. She always has been and always will be.” He was physically shaking with anger as he spoke to his best friend. “There is no bloody way that you get to talk about her like that.” Kyle didn’t look him in the eye. “She’s the sweetest person that we know, you know that.”

I felt a shocked smile creep up on to my face with gratitude towards Andrew. It was then that I noticed Kyle’s expression. He felt betrayed, kind of like I did. For a spilt moment, I could relate to him. Drew hired his wand once more, but I pushed it down.

“Don’t,” I whispered. “Don’t do to him what James did to me.” Drew looked thoroughly confused. “Don’t ruin your friendship over me.”

“Our friendship is already ruined.” He spat. “He did that when he decided to attack innocent people.”


I turned to the voice behind me and marched over to him, cutting off his word. “No, you don’t get to talk.” He seemed a little taken back by my speaking. He had never seen me stand up for myself. “I have never hurt a person in my life,” I thought of Evie, “Who didn’t deserve it.” I added for safe measure. “I in no way deserved what you did to me.”

“You didn’t just get hexed by your best friend!” He yelled, shaking, a little of his spit flew from his mouth and on to me as he shouted. He was at least attempting to hold his anger.

I looked in to his eyes, trying to find some sort of the Kyle that I knew nothing. “Yes I did.” He looked down to me. “Friday night, I was hexed by a person I thought was my best friend. I was wrong.”

Not one look of guilt took to his features. “I did the right thing.” I bit back a snarl. “You’re a danger to others, you’re not human you’re a mons-“

My fist came from no where. But it plunged in to his nose. My wand was in my back pocket, I wouldn’t have had time to grab it without Kyle guessing what I was doing. So I did the next best thing. I couldn’t hear that word, not again. Not spoken with distain. Not even thought. Because deep down I knew it was true.

I turned to Drew, ignoring Kyle’s cries of pain and protest behind me. Andrew looked to me with a mixture of shock and approval. “I just punched Kyle.” I said lamely.

“You just punched Kyle.” He nodded his head.

Leaning forward and grabbing my arm, he pulled me up the stairs. We didn’t stop with the running until we reach the painting of the Fat Lady. He said the password as we reached the top of their stair case and she swung open, revealing a Common Room of working students.

I hadn’t taken in my surroundings as I ran. I could have seen many students looking at me with distain, or hatred. Maybe there would have been looks of pity. Perhaps no one would have looked. Maybe no one cared. Maybe they didn’t know. But that was highly unlikely, especially considering I had been glare-owned by a third year Hufflepuff.

Drew lifted me up by wrapping his arms around my waist and hopping me over the Portrait boundary, she snapped shut. “Charisma!” Lily shouted, smacking her books from her lap and running towards me. She stopped as she saw my expression.

“I just punched Kyle.”

She looked thoroughly confused, a little like Drew’s earlier expression. Within a matter of seconds, Fred and were amount the few students gathered at the portrait hole. James wasn’t there, neither was Elle. Polly strolled over and hugged me from the side.

Drew looked to Dixie. “She just punched Kyle.”

“You just punched Kyle?”

I looked to Dixie; her honey blonde hair seemed scruffier than usual. “I just punched Kyle.”

Fred smiled. “Awesome. You punched Kyle.” He turned around and shouted to the population of the Common Room. “Oi, get this, Charisma just punched Kyle!”

An anonymous ‘Whoop’ came from over in the corner while I heard some more books drop to the floor. Lily was the next to speak.

“I can’t believe that you punched Kyle.”

“I punched Kyle.”

Polly stepped back from hugging me and stood by Lily. “I think it was brave,” she said. “Punching him; he was mean to you.”

I looked up at Drew who shrugged. “We told you when we hired her for keeper that she was a little you.”

I crouched down and looked Polly in the eye, her little brown curls were unruly and her dress reached her knees. “Do you have a best friend Polly?”

She nodded. “His name is Eddie,” she said quietly. “He is over there.” She pointed to a tall blonde boy, sat with a tiny snitch, her twirled it in his fingers and ran a hand nervously through his messy locks. Lily blinked twice.

“Did you go to his house for Christmas last year?” I asked slowly. She shook her head.

“No, my Grandmother wouldn’t let me go.”

“You live with your Grandmother?”

She nodded and looked at my confused expression. “For a few years now, my parents were never really in the picture.”

My eyes grew wide and my smiled grew big. “Polly, there is something that I want you to do.” I said sweetly. She nodded, intrigued. “In a few years, you’re going to experience some feelings towards Eddie, ones that you’re not sure about. I want you to trust them. Jump at them before you can think twice. Don’t even consider the consequences; just follow what your heart tells you.”

She looked confused. Drew laughed. “Now that you’re done confusing ‘Tiny Charisma’, you wanna go to the sofas?”

Lily laughed at the 6’3 beater skipping to the sofa’s like a show girl before falling backwards over the arm and landing on his back. I stepped towards Dixie who hugged me tighter than any girl had ever done before. She smacked me lightly on the cheek. “Don’t ever scare me like that again.” I nodded obediently. “And next time that you punch someone, I really have to be there.” She let go and turned to Fred. “I keep fricking missing it!”

“Dixie, I doubt that she actually wants people to witness this happening.” Lily said supportively, opening the magazine that was in her hand after shoving Drew’s legs off of the sofa and sitting down.

I made a face. “I’d rather you didn’t.”

Dixie narrowed her eyes. I could see that she had a reply before Freddy cut her off. “I love your hair!”

“Oh my Merlin!” Lily cried, chucking aside her magazine and dragging me over to the sofas. “It’s gone! And your legs-“

“They’re covered with material other than tights!” Fred chuckled and picked me up from the ground. “You look good Charisma.”

“Real good,” Drew said, picking his head up from a pillow.

I summoned Lily’s magazine back with my wand and pushed it roughly back in to my pocket. Sitting down, I pushed up Drew and he placed his arm along the back of the sofa behind my head. I pulled a pillow to my chest and pulled my knees up with it. My shoes were on the sofa, and for once I didn’t care, nor did anyone point it out.

“Did you let Dom get a hold of you?” Lily asked persistently.

I made a face, similar to Dixie’s hesitant stare. “She sorta just came over with the scissors.”


I nodded along with Freddy and sniggered after only a moment. I looked at Drew and noticed his missing item. I gasped and pulled my bag up from the floor. “Drew, love,” I said, stealing his word. “I have something for you…”

His face lit up as I pulled out a large grey beanie hat. He snatched it back and sniffed it in an obsessive manner. Freddy looked slightly estranged. “But…I gave it to you.” He admitted, solemnly handing it back.

“And now I’m giving it back,” I grinned cheekily, placing it in to his lap. “You know that you want it, you know you love it!”

Drew narrowed his eyes and shoved it greedily on to his head. “I knew there was a reason that I loved you.”

“And it’s not for your charm or personality either,” Fred said loudly, laughing a bit. “I think it might be because of your complete innocence or massive-” insert elbow by Dixie, “…Ow, perso…nality.” He improvised poorly.

“Good save,” I muttered.

Lily snapped her book shut. “So what happened?”

“Excuse me?”

“With the moon,” said Fred, he seemed unable to keep the noise down. “What?” he asked. “It’s not like we need to keep it down anymore.” I pondered; he did have a point. A few of the younger years went back to their studies, but I could see they were still listening. “I saw that Ravenclaw Prick hand you Wolfsbane.”

“Dan, Freddy,” Lily grumbled. “His name is Dan.”

“Right, sorry,” Fred paused, faking a striking thought. “Yeah, don’t care. What was it like? Did you still loose your mind?”

I blushed a little, expecting Drew to flinch away from me, or to have Dixie squint her eyes in slight disgust, but neither happened. I was embarrassed to be talking of my antics infront of anyone, let alone people who hardly knew of my condition; even if they were my friends. I flopped my hands in to my lap and lamely looked towards Dixie. She smiled kindly, not an expression usually worn on her face in a time like this.

“Sweetie, if it’s any consolation, what you are doesn’t bother us.” She gestured to Drew and to herself. I wondered, if it was such an easy thing to contemplate, why couldn’t she say the word? “If anything, it’s a little of a relief.”

“A relief?” I cried. “You loose your mind and attack people, and then you tell me if you still think it’s a fricking relief!”

Fred leaned back, “Oh don’t start.” He wrapped his arms around Dixie’s tiny waist and pulled her in to the chair with him. “Charisma, you know that she didn’t mean it like that.”

Lily snorted. “You of all people would know.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Can we not do this now?” asked Drew. He looked to the floor before returning his gaze to match mine. “What do you mean a relief?”

“I was scared,” Dixie admitted. “All those months ago, you came back to the common room in blood.” Lily gasped while I nodded in remembrance. “I thought that you’d gone native or something.”

“Then there was the whole, disappearing every moon thing,” Drew added. “Ellie and I thought that you and James were bonking at one point.” I snorted as Fred simply looked in the other direction, trying to hide his laughter. “What’s Wolfsbane?”

“My lifeline.” I whispered. “It’s a potion that I take before the moon and I can keep my mind. Considering that I don’t change; my mind is the only thing I loose, I am fine when it comes to the full moon.”

“Fine?” Lily asked, “So, nothing happened? You just merrily skipped along last night?”

“Pretty much,” I said with a smile. “Teddy and I sat in the forest, downed the bottles and waited for the moon to rise.” I sighed in memory. “As it did, Teddy transformed, but I only felt a little icky.”

“Increased icky-ness,” Dixie mused. “That’s a bad sign.”

Smiling, I pulled my knees tighter to my chest. “Teddy was a wolf, but I was fine, and in effect, so was he. We played fetch for a while, before I walked home, had a cup of tea and fell asleep on the sofa.” I looked Fred in the eye as he matched my smile. “It was the best night of my life.”

“You’re easily pleased.” Drew said.

Dixie nodded wholeheartedly while the other two rolled their eyes. “Sure,” Lily said. She held the syllable for longer than necessary. “You look after her for the moon and then say that again.”

“I don’t recall you ever doing it, Lily?” Fred mused, folding his arms over Dixie’s stomach.

“Me?” she cried, chucking her magazine across the room and knocking a few robes off of their hooks in the corner. “She would bloody kill me!” my heart stopped. “She broke both your arms in third year after you pulled her off of James.”

“Lily!” He growled, tugging on her hair. Her hand immediately shot to her mouth and her words ceased.

“It’s ok,” I amended. “I know that I’m a hassle.”

Freddy snorted. “It’s worth it.” I smiled while staring at the floor. “I don’t know what I would do without you ‘round Charisma.”

I twisted my thumbs as Lily went to pick back up her magazine. Freddy still had his arms wrapped around Dixie while Drew simply smiled and tapped his feet against the carpet. It was a comfortable silence. “Can I state the obvious?”

“Sure,” I shrugged. “Go ahead Dix.”

She smiled and sat up, grudgingly pulling herself away from Fred. “This is why people call you ‘Wolfy’, because you’re a wolf?”

I nodded and laughed a little bit. “Technically yes, but no one’s really called me it since Christmas.”

“We didn’t think it would be appropriate,” Lily said, collapsing back in to the sofa cushions. “You’ve grown, Charisma, when the time was right to start calling you by it again, it didn’t seem to fit.”

I nodded halfheartedly while Freddy pulled a cushion close to his chest. “After Christmas, I didn’t think that you’d recover, but you pulled through.” If completely honest, it wasn’t something that I wished to talk about. “You can pull through anything. Even this pile of crap that Jimmy-boy threw us all in to.”

“Us?” I questioned strategically.

“Yes, us!” Dixie snapped happily. “You didn’t think that you would reveal something so big, and that we would leave you to it?” I mumbled incoherently. “Well we’re not. We will be by your side ‘till the day we die.”

“You’ll never get rid of us,” added Drew. “We will be overly persistent.”

I was quickly realizing that neither of my friends was slow; they were all intelligent. Without anyone saying a word, they had managed to put the pieces of my life together and form a story that would satisfy their minds. What they wanted to believe was what I would let them. They didn’t need to know everything, they didn’t need to know every pinikity detail of my secrets. But they knew enough, and they hadn’t run.

Voicing my thoughts, I asked “Why aren’t you running away?”

“You want us to?” Dixie asked with a snort. “Cause it’s not too late. The portrait hole is just there, if you walk in with a snake, I will actually just run…no turning back.” I laughed at Dixie’s rambling. She was deathly afraid of snakes. As you could imagine, this didn’t put her on to the best of terms with the Slytherins.

Drew tugged on a strand of my hair. “We’re not running. We’ve already said, we’re ok with it. So is Ellie, despite her disappearance…” He trailed off and sent a pointed look towards Dixie.

“Oh don’t you go blaming her, Wood!” She sneered. “She’s just confused. She loves Kyle, but she doesn’t want to leave Charisma. She is loyal, you know that. She is just…stuck. She’ll come around.”

“She doesn’t have to.” I said. “Kyle may be a bit of a twat, but in a sense, he has done nothing wrong. He was just scared.” I looked up, pulling my gaze from the floor. I saw my friends sitting with open mouths and giddy expressions. “What?”


Freddy laughed. “I have never heard you swear so…”

“-Freely?” Drew offered.

“Kyle is a twat,” Lily sniggered. “I’m just glad that it was you who said it. If any of us had, it wouldn’t have been funny.”

“It wasn’t meant to be funny.” I defended.

“Oh Merlin! Don’t get me started on funny.” Freddy laughed, again, way too loudly. More heads from the corner of the dark Common Room, apart from the roaring fire, only a few lamps hung from the walls to claim leadership of our light source. “On Saturday night…the…the Great Hall…McGonagall’s face…peg…and then the Hufflepuffs…dancing…Flitch!” Only the odd word was determinable throughout his hysterics.

Dixie sighed. “On Saturday night, James decided to pull a prank. When students came in to the great hall, depending on your house depended on what happened to you.” She explained. “Let’s just say that the amount of Hufflepuffs with burns wasn’t what Madame Brandon hoped for at the feast.”

Lily sighed. “You don’t even want to know what happened to the Slytherins.”

“But,” I stammered easily. “What about Al…and Scorpius?”

Drew leaned back, leaning his head against the back of the sofa. “You know, I think that he made it worse for the Slytherins, because, of Scorpius.”

“Yes, Drew.” Dixie intervened. “We all know what you think.”

“I don’t.” I said in a confused manner. “I would like to hear this.”

Fred, still laughing made no attempt to stop Drew from his story. Dixie on the other hand, seemed persistent in keeping it a secret, “Maybe another time?”

“If she wants to hear it,” Drew insisted. I could tell he was desperate to tell his story; he reminds me of a child with his opinions. He always likes good to triumph over evil, for the Prince to save the damsel and they run away and live happily ever after.

In our second year, Drew and I would scurry away to the library when no body else was around and read Muggle fairytales, when we had memorized them we began on the Wizards, although they were a little more tricky to follow. Drew was my story buddy. You could always count on his to jazz up an awkward and possibly solemn situation. However, he is also known to exaggerate. This story might involve a death…or a plane crash.

Andrew took a deep breath before beginning to speak. His story was fast; I had to strain my ears to catch up. “James ran after you on Friday, after Kyle decided to ruin his life and I gave you my hat. Thanks for giving it back by the way. But you spent the night with the Slytherins; Scorpius stopped him in the corridor and had ‘stern words’ with him, if you catch my meaning. So he ran after you, but got locked out and couldn’t figure out the password to their Common Room.” He stopped and took a deep breath. Was he only going to tell me what I already knew? “He came back here ‘fell down the stairs’ with Kyle, and spent the night in the Hospital Wing. He was pissed off Charisma, I mean seriously pissed off, but not with you, with Malfoy, and Kyle and Dan-“

“-Wait,” I intervened, wrongly interrupting Drew’s story. “Why is James upset with Dan?”

Dixie shrugged. “We don’t know, he won’t say. Just let the poor boy resume his pathetic story with vivid hang gestures. I think he may explode otherwise.”

I waved my hand, gesturing him to return to his tale. “So, I wake up at like two in the morning to an empty dorm.” He cheekily looked to Fred who shrugged nonchalantly. “Except for James, who was trudging around the room like a mad-man and knocking stuff over. He actually tore the drapes from the bed. I calmed him down – took me over an hour mind you – and he set his anger in to pulling a long awaited prank.”

“He hasn’t pulled pranks all year,” I said, stating the obvious. James had matured beyond pranks and mischief, although he still gets that glint in his eye when he sees an opportunity. His pranks are legendary; he takes after his Grandfather. “It was about time.”

Drew laughed. “Well this one certainly made up for it. There were drapes and screaming, the Ravenclaw’s danced involuntary while their women began to strip, he got in trouble for that one.”

“How did they find out it was him?” I asked.

Dixie snorted. “Stupid mistake actually. This is where Drew’s theory comes in-“

“-then allow me to tell it Dixie-Pixie.” She rolled her eyes; genuinely hoping that nickname was not on it’s way back in to fashion. “You see, when the Slytherins had gained enough of their brain function back – don’t ask – Scorpius got up and walked over to the Gryffindor table, James met him half way and they began to argue.”

“It was more hushed tones they used.” Fred explained. “So no one could really hear what they were saying.”

Drew’s eyes turned towards me, his hair fell in to his eyes. “After about three minutes, James pulled out his wand, that’s when the teachers got involved. He got carted off to McGonagall’s office while Scorpius laughed and returned to his seat. Rose refuses to speak to James and it’s a little rocky with Scorpius lately too.”

“Is that where he is?” I asked, finally voicing the question that had been plaguing my mind since I arrived back at Hogwarts. “James? Is he in detention?”

Lily nodded. “It’s where he’s been since yesterday, he did a full Sunday job, and then he has it every night after dinner this week.”

“Let’s face it,” Dixie mused. “James Potter is the only person in Hogwarts who could plan a prank of that proportion and pull it off. It was obvious who did it.”

“I reckon you’re right.” I admitted with a smile. “He’s one of a kind.” Drew began to speak but I roughly placed a finger to his lips. With a gasp I spoke, all secret agent like, “One word?” I questioned. “Evie?”

Lily cackled like a witch, no pun. “O.V.E.R!” She spelled, shaking her legs with a giddy excitement only seem by children.

“James ended it on Friday,” Dixie explained. She seemed to be elaborating a lot for me today. “Before all the commotion I mean, she blew her lid.”

“Mental patient,” Lily mouthed as she rolled her magazine in her hands.

Fred rolled his eyes at his younger cousin. “She may have caused a bit of a scene.”

I groaned and put my hands to my face. “Go on!” I said playfully. “We’re already story telling, we may as well have the lot.”

Someone laughed, I think it was Lily. “Basically, the next morning at breakfast, people were really worried, and cautious and stuff-“

“-Yeah, you know. Cause you’re a people-eater and stuff, and you growl.”

“Fred, shut up.” I laughed, for the first time in weeks, I properly laughed. Not a sweet laugh, not a giggle nor a sigh. A belly laugh.

Apparently it was contagious. I laughed, which ticked off Lily. She giggled and her smile set off Drew. Before long Dixie was laughing, Fred’s laugh was the loudest. A few people in the corners were joining in too. Lily squealed and rolled off of the sofa, taking a seat cushion with her.

Minutes later, it had dies out but the smiles were still evident on out faces.

“I missed the show,” Dixie said. “The show being the biggest break up of the year. But I do believe the word ‘Mongrel’ and ‘Ugly slut’ was thrown around a little.”

I snorted in a lady like manner. “Ugly slut being me?”

With a nod she continued. “Basically, she believes that you and James were shagging while they were going out. She wants to kill you.”

“And claw your eyes out.”

I didn’t particularly blame her. “I hope that she kills me first,” I received an array of confused glances. “Because if she clawed my eyes out first it would hurt.”

Fred smiled. “I was there though, best show of the year that was.” I rolled my eyes, this would never be lived down. “Lewis refused to believe that he had broken up with her and that it was ‘A simple mental breakdown’,” his imitation of Evie was rather impressive, he had the hand movements down and everything. “So she walks in acting like the slag that she is and sits down next to James, who simply tells her to Fuck off.”

“It ended with James walking out of the hall with a perfect hand print imprinted on to his face and claw marks in his cheek.”

Vivid Drew, very vivid, “Then what happened?”

Lily shrugged. “She threatened that he better not be dumping her for the Mongrel or she will kill him.”

“You ugly slut.” Dixie said, receiving a pillow to the face.

“So,” Drew asked a few second later, handing me a chocolate frog from the table beside us. “Did he?”

“Did he what?”

“Dump her for a Mongrel?” Lily finished, thank god for the blunt little sister.

I frowned towards her, “Can we stop referring to me as a Mongrel please?”

“Would ugly slut be better?”

“Fred, you’re not funny.” I stated, unwrapping the delicious treat.

He grinned at the crumpled wrapper I threw at him, ducking and dodging it by a centimeter, bloody beater reflexes. “Yes I am.”

I chose to ignore his comment and stuffed the moving chocolate in to my mouth. I looked at my adoring fan’s faces, once more taking in the shocked looks. “If I waited any longer…it would have hopped away,” I added with a swallow. The first half was spoken with the accompaniment of chocolate, so I assume it came out something like ‘mpffhfumywonga’. Swallowing my last mouth full put the wrapped back in to the bowl.

“Don’t evade the question.” Lily ordered, shaking her head.

I recognized her tormenting smile, I was the one she wore when daring her brothers. She was ready for a challenge, a fight. She would wrestle this out of me if she had to. So I have her a straight answer. “No he didn’t.” If anything, she looked disappointed. “Or if he did he’s keeping it a secret.”

“Lillers, did it ever occur to you that he dumped her because she is a rotten slag?” Fred asked.

“Tactful,” I teased. “Besides, I don’t think that I will be testing her threat anytime soon.”
“What? Of her questioning his life?” Lily asked. “But you could just eat her. Now everybody knows about it, you don’t have to keep your cannibalism a secret anymore.”
It was at this moment that a group of gossiping second years climbed through the portrait hole. Their red scarves were wrapped tightly around their necks.

“You’ll never guess what I heard this morning.” A young boy said, bringing to the matter of conversation. His companions shook their heads and so he resumed. “I heard that she got ruthlessly clawing out the eyes of a group of young third years. But it was a group of Slytherins though, so I guess it’s not all that bad.”

“And she is still in school?” Another squeaked. I slumped down in to the chair a little and sent a raging Dixie a look that read Shhh. I wanted to hear this.

“I suppose it wouldn’t really make much of a difference. It’s either she’s locked up here, or she is let loose on the world.”

A tug of hurt pulled through me. “She would be better locked up in Azkaban.”

“But there has been a lot of Werewolves recently right?” The questioner asked once more. He answered his own query before giving anyone else the chance. “I was doing some research in the library-“ insert unsuspected groan from his friends “-and there have been three known Werewolves attending Hogwarts in the past ten or so years, including Charisma.”

A girl shrugged. “Well, I trust McGonagall, if she thinks that she is safe enough to have in school…then so be it.”

“You’re just saying that because you have a crush on James Potter.”

The girl blushed. “Well who doesn’t?”

“Me?” The boy questioned, one of their many companions sniggered. “Don’t laugh, it’s true, you might though.” This earned him a punch. “Oh well, I also heard that its James’s fault that she’s a … well, what she is.”

“A Werewolf, George, she is a Werewolf.”

“I heard that James is a wolf too, and that he was the one that turned her.” Another boy piped up from beside him.

“I thought that it was the other way around.” Yet another said, desperate to be a part of the conversation.

“That wouldn’t be too bad.” The girl said, she earned a chorus of looks that flickered with disbelief. “Don’t look at me like that, I mean at least she isn’t alone then. Think if they had babies; they’re both good looking, so they would have beautiful children.”

“That would unleash a new race of half-breeds to walk among us?” George questioned. “I don’t think so.”

“Well, you’ve all got it wrong – James is really in love with that Dixie girl, Charisma is just a cover, and they needed a story to cover it all up from their friends finding out. Price only went away from the weekend to get away from the rumors.” Well, at least this one was half right.

“Dixie-girl?” Dix hissed, her voice barely louder than a whisper. I could see the visible strain on her face that it took not to slaughter every one of them. She seems to have discarded the fact they assumed James was in love with her, she only heard her name.

“That’s bollocks Vicky.” Georgie said through laughter. “Stop being such a girl on us, yeah?” She blushed once more.

“I heard that she is really a fairy, that’s why she skips around all the time-”

“-something about Malfoy, apparently they’re sleeping together.”

“I thought she had killed a second year…”

“…Oh, but isn’t she dating Harper, the Ravenclaw prefect?”

“The second year’s parents are going to sue to school. They’re not happy about the death of their child.”

“Understandably, Ronald.”

“I heard that she got caught heartlessly murdering a group of small Gryffindor gossipers. She cut out their tongues and stuck them in their ears, far enough to stay in there for eternity. Then she erased their memories, fed them to the dementors and fed their fingers to a Hippogriff, while still attached to their hands.”

The group of students turned to stare at me. A few wore expressions of horror, another of concern. Vicky and George wore guilt. The one that I assume was Ronald looked a little scared. Realization hit them as they acknowledged who I was. They quickly looked away and ran up the dormitory staircase.

When they were out of sight, Fred’s dramatically enthused expression fell in to a smirk. “Heavy on the insanity there much Charisma?”

“I’m in an insane mood.” I muttered with my arms folded. The little excitement of what I had conjured for returning to Hogwarts, had been demolished completely. This day was a mean one. I had been butchered by a crazy blonde with a pare of kitchen scissors, shoved in and out of a wardrobe many times, taken a floo, got in a fight with my best friend, punched him in the face, demeaned and slandered by a group of children and already started a rumor…about myself.

“If it means much,” Fred intervened. “They don’t usually gossip in the Common Room. I let Dixie loose – they don’t talk much after that.” He earned a slap before he pulled her closer in to his lap.

“Come on, love – look on the bright side.” I looked to Drew and ignored his free hand that was nudging me. “Lewis is terrified of you, think of what you could do.”

“She doesn’t remember much of her argument.” Dixie said playfully, twisting her wand between her fingers. “Memory charms come in handy.”

I smiled. “What did you do Pruitt?”

“Little old me?” she taunted. “I did nothing. It was my pesky wand I tell you.” I rolled my eyes playfully and laughed along with Lily. “She may have just innocently have been hexed for a few days straight. It was too late to memory charm her before she could tell anyone, fast little bugger she is – I should know, it was I who chased her around the school. But we got her in time to shake her up a little.”

“All in all,” Lily sighed. “She’s yours for the tormenting.”

Dixie smiled coyly. “So many choices, so little time.” 

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Preview of the next one? It’s called Painting Talk and Butterflies.

I sighed, knowing this would quickly turn to a lecture. “Every student has troubles; they parade them on their faces. Their expressions would show all. But you…you were different.”

“Because I’m a dog and I am apparently having a secret affair with Scorpius Malfoy after feeding the fingers of student to Hippogriffs?”

A little different to the mood currently affecting the story huh?

Chapter 25: Painting Talk and Butterflies
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I decided that I have been mean enough to you guys lately. Here is a chapter that is dedicated purely to James and Charisma. Oh, plus drop by my MTA (Meet the Author) page at the forums, or just click on it on my HPFF story home page. Ask me any question and I will be happy to answer it. 

Beautiful Chapter Image by RyleeAnn @ tda.

I was walked down the forth floor corridor, when I realized something. I was walking alone; there was no one else in the corridors. There was no sound either. No howls came from the forest, no laughter came from children. It wasn’t quite curfew yet, there was at least half an hour, so why was no one out? A silent wind blew, moving trees in the distance. But still nothing could be heard.

I stopped right before a wooden door, the detention room. Behind me was the prefects bathroom, small giggles could be heard from behind the door. I didn’t particularly want to know what was going on. Next to me, I heard a sigh. It came from a painting.

“Charisma Price?” It questioned. “Am I correct?”

I nodded nonchalantly. “Yes, yes you are.”

“Quite the talk of the school you turned out to be.” If its words were meant to be reassuring, it was surly doing a terrible job. I turned to the golden frame and faced the small and plump man in the painting. A frilly white collar surrounded his neck and a long purple sheath was wrapped carelessly around his broad shoulders. “I have seen you around the school you know, you’re quite hard to miss.”

I raised a brow critically. “What do you mean by that?”

“Nothing bad, I promise.” He recognized my forlorn expression and resumed carefully. “You’re noticeable by your demeanor. You’re quite the talk between the paintings at times. ‘The blonde one is approaching’ we would say. It’s your happiness of which we notice.” I sighed, knowing this would quickly turn to a lecture. “Every student has troubles; they parade them on their faces. Their expressions would show all. But you…you were different.”

“Because I’m a dog and I am apparently having a secret affair with Scorpius Malfoy after feeding the fingers of student to Hippogriffs?” I snapped, remembering rumors.

The painting’s expression froze. “I was going to say because you smile. But if you wish for that to be your legend, then so be it.”

“Wait!” I ordered in a panicked tone. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.” I took a deep breath. “You’ve probably heard by now.”

Nonchalantly, he looked at me with a blink. “I am a painting; gossip is all that I live for.” I smiled, he returned it. “I used to be a Professor here, you know, a charms one, one of the many. I was only thirty when I died, only hours after being painted in this portrait.”

“Would I be tactless to ask how you passed?”

He gazed at me with much enthusiasm. “If anything, Miss Price, it’s welcomed.” I nodded and leant my side against the doorframe. “It was a charm gone wrong, a student had almost blown up my room and I had to correct it. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the charm I cast would react in that way with the one he had performed.” I gasped and he waved it off. “My death opened up an entirely new era of charms, people soon discovered hundred of new spells, along with fixing old ones that were possibly dangerous. My life was a small price to pay for the many new options that have been discovered.”

“What does that mean Professor?” I asked. “Does your death not sadden you?”

He shook his head with a smug grin. “Of course it does, I am dead, forever to be stuck in a painting and watch that bloody Flitwick teach the charms wrongly - stupid dwarf!” I suppressed a smile. Although Flitwick was an adorably lovely man, he had no control over students. “But I stick by what I said. My life was meaningless until I made an impact.”

I shook my head in a confuzzled manner. “So what you’re saying is that your death helped millions after it.”

“It will.” He smiled. “Eventually. When it reaches those numbers.” I looked to the date of the painting, 1701; it had probably attained those numbers already. “Miss Price,” I tore my gaze away from the shining plaque and to him. “I am only an old kook in a painting, but my story can help anyone.”

“I promise that I will try harder in charms Professor.” I said with a solemn expression.

“Although that would be good, that’s not was I was asking.” If it were me, I would have been frustrated by now, although he seemed to have kept his cool. “Life is too short not to make a difference.” I blinked. He really was an old kook in a painting. “Whether or not the difference is to yourself or to others, it doesn’t matter. But Charisma, m’dear, you have just had your biggest secret traveling around the school. We paintings look forward to your presence; it gives us something to smile about. Don’t loose yourself in this silly façade of other students. Be yourself, and work on helping yourself out before anyone else. Be selfish for a change.”

I smiled. It was similar to what Dixie and Lily had advised. “What should I do?”

“I would recommend beginning with the Potter boy.” I had a feeling that this conversation wasn’t going to end well; it might involve the Painting Hospital Wing. Does everybody know about my unhealthy infatuation with my best friend? “We have seen the way that he looks at you; he likes you, more than a friend.”

“Excuse me?”

“I knew this would be your reaction.” He said bluntly, yet still with a warming smile. “Most people think that when best friends get together, it will ruin what they have. But as I have said before, I have been here to many centuries, I have seen so many friendships been brought together over things such as this. Think about it, Miss Price. Don’t dispose of the idea straight away.”

I nodded with a small smile. The Professor had it the wrong way round, if only he spoke the truth. I smiled a goodbye and pushed down the black twisted handle on the door. Pushing it aside, I stood in the doorway, still leaning against the frame.

I saw James, more of a lazy student than anything. His black sweater vest was tightly pulled against his muscled back, while the sleeves, along with the ones to his shirt, were rolled up his forearm. He was hunched over a desk with the tops of his boxers showing as his shirt had hitched up. 60s pin up women were plastered all over them, brown and blonde models could be seen across the elastic. I tore my gaze away from his pants, knowing that I am a newly found pervert and coughed. I hated to interrupt his sleep, but moments like this were treasured.

He shot up, sitting up suddenly straight. Grabbing the rag and trophy from infront of him and began to polish. “I wasn’t sleeping.” He denied, still looking at the work.

“You should try harder, Mr Potter.” I ordered in a scarily stern tone.

A painting in the room walked from its frame and in to another. James began to deny his accusation before looking in my direction. He was lost for words. “Charisma?” he breathed, shoving back his chair and walking over to me. His hair was unbelievable messy, a small patch at the front stuck up where he had been resting his head on his arm.

His green eyes reached my blue ones as he pulled me in to the classroom and shut the door behind him. His arms wrapped tightly around me once again; pulling me in to the smell that I adored so much. His tight hold was so familiar, yet I felt as if I didn’t feel it enough. I looked up as I felt his face come towards mine. His movement stopped only a centimeter away from my face.

I could feel his breath; it was a ragged tune against my features. It tickled my nose. For a moment, I thought that he was going to kiss me. That same feeling that ran through me all those months ago in the Common Room repeated itself, only it intensified itself by a million. It was as if hundreds of Hippogriffs were trampling over my chest, crushing my lungs. While his breath jolted, mine seemed to stop altogether.

A white wash of pain stabbed through me. This jealousy that I had been feeling for months suddenly all flew back at once. Lewis had, had James for all those months, while I had to watch, and cry and experience the unnatural want to rip off her limbs and remove her hair. Dixie and I had experienced the theory that if you removed all her hair, she would look like a Swedish man. Dixie wanted to try it. I couldn’t think of an objection. It was only on the way out that Freddy caught us and sent us back to bed.

I regrettably pushed James away and stepped past him to the stools in the classroom. I picked up the dirty polishing cloth and wiped it in to the pot of polish. While rubbing it forcefully over the cup of the silver trophy, I felt James slip on to the stool next to me. He took the corner of the rag and held it still.

“Charisma,” he asked. “I’m sorry.”

I pulled the rag from his possession. “I know, you said that already.”

“It’s perfectly understandable that you’re still mad at me.” My eyes widened and flooded with sadness. I was calmer than I had been in a while. James’s gorgeous green eyes made sure of that, paired with his perfect smile that made me melt, it was ten times better than anyone else’s that I knew. The beautiful bastard, why did he have to have this effect one me? “I would actually be incredibly shocked it you weren’t.”

“Then allow the shock to commence.”

He heard my muttered, and forced my rubbing hand still on to the cold silver of the trophy. “I’m sorry?”

“I’m not mad at you James,” I said. I was so quiet; my charismatic demeanor had seemingly disappeared. “Annoyed, a little. But, not mad. I could never be mad at you…not for long anyway.”

James was one of the sweetest guys that I had ever met, despite this year being absolutely horrific; he was still James Potter, my best friend. He looked at me and cleared his throat. “But why aren’t you?”

“Mad?” I asked. “I don’t really know. If you tried to speak to me directly on Saturday, I would have clawed your eyes out.”

His hand touched mine slightly on the table, I pulled mine away. The colour of my cheeks must have burnt a scarlet colour, I could see his smirk. “So, why the change of heart, love?”

“Daniel,” I answered with a shrug. I could see his eyes sadden.

A curious look developed on his face. “The Ravenclaw assclown?”

“The Ravenclaw assclown to which I owe my life,” I echoed with irony. “Yes, James, that would be the one.”

The bright smile on his face faded in a moment and he let out a sigh. A small burst of shame. We sat for a moment; silence tore through the room before he finally said something. “What did he do now?”

I ignored the unnecessary addition of ‘now’ and the simple ignorance of his tone and picked the rag up from the table. “Daniel gave me Wolfsbane, James. Not only did he save my life, he also made me realize something.”

“How to have an attitude?”

With disbelief I threw the rag down on to the table, back to where it was. “No, James, you managed to achieve that perfectly on your own.” Once again, my response turned his face away. “I am not the same Charisma that I was last year, I have matured. I can’t skip around in a dress with a complete ignorance of the world around me. I have to grow up. I am a possible danger-“

“Now, hang on just a second…”

“-I realize that now.”

“…You’re anything but a danger Charisma.” He put his hand on my thigh for reassurance. I felt my insides jolt, blood halted in my veins and I am pretty sure minimalistic brain functions were lost. “You’re my girl; this is why I don’t like you talking to Wilkins.” I felt compelled to point out that I am in no way, in appearance to others, his girl. But if he wanted me to be, I would fully comply with no questions asked.

“Dan has a girlfriend James.” He smirked. I could tell he had an ulterior motive for his dislike, most likely a Quidditch rivalry.

He cupped his hands around my face, his right fingers gently brushing over the top of my neck. “You may have matured in dress sense and attitude – of which I happen to like, both of them – but you will always be completely ignorant to the things that you don’t want to see.”

An astonished look appeared on my face. “That’s a good thing!”

“If you wish.” He pulled his wand from his shoe and smiled. “I figured something out for you.”

I raised a brow. “Does it involve dangerous magic?”

He shook his head and smiled. “Not at all, just concentration.” From his pocket he pulled a flower. He held it in his hands and cupped them together. My eyes lit up…it couldn’t be? He blew in to his hands, closed his eyes momentarily and smiled.

The flower broke in to a mass of vibrant multicoloured butterflies that flew around us, the little ‘flits’ of their petals could be heard over the silence. I looked to James, he was smiling at me. When he looked in to my eyes, those butterflies he had just transfigured seemed to appear in my stomach.

“You learnt it.” I breathed.

With a nod his smile grew. “I learnt it.”

It was our second year, only two days after the moon and the tiredness was getting to me. James and I were in Care of Magical Creatures when we saw two students, seventh years, skipping class. Hagrid had overlooked it, and resumed to introduce different species of bark to our young and untrained class. I remember the force compelling my eyes to shut, but I kept them open, barely.

James wrapped his arm around my waist, a little muscleier than expected for a third year; he was the schools best chaser after all. I laid my head on to his shoulder and peered over at the students, they ran around the edge of the lake. I soon realized it was a boy and girl, obviously in love. The tall brunette boy fell in to the lake and jumped back out, spraying the girl with the water from his clothes and ripping a hand full of little flowers from the earth beneath them. He cupped his hands and blew in to them while running. From the small gap between his fingers, butterflies flew.

Masses of colour merged through the sky as they flitted in to the air. James could see that I loved it, it woke me right up. I continued to try it until my hands were numb and raw. It wasn’t until two days later that James showed me its trick. He could produce a butterfly with his wand, but it couldn’t fly. He joked that we should get it a broom stick. At the expression on my face, he quickly turned it back in to a flower and planted it in to the ground. What did he expect? He had shown me a butterfly with an unthinkable birth defect and he was its creator. How was I supposed to react?

For years he had continued to try it. But the butterflies would always turn out wrong. Something would be different with every go. It wasn’t until the summer that a breakthrough was made; the butterflies would be produced alive, but they would fall very quickly. It wasn’t until fourth year, that we realized the two we saw were infact Dominique and Lysander.

No matter how much James begged, Xander would not give up his secret. With a simple blow in to his hands, he could create butterflies from a flower. James was desperate to do it. I knew that he was doing it for me and that only enhanced the excitement.

Every care of magical creature’s lesson, we would wait for the two seventh years to come back out and play. We quickly realized that it was their free period. After we knew that, we waited for the boy to create butterflies. He only did it when the girl was sad.

Just like James.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

I raised a brow. “Do I like it?” Echoing his words, I threw my arms around his neck. “I love it! Thank you so much!”

He laughed. “On that note,” he caught a butterfly in his hands and held it with care. “For you.” It fell from his finger to mine and squirmed around hastily. I blew on it lightly and it flew to the ceiling and out of the open window.

“I still can’t believe that you learnt it.”

His smirk toyed with a coy smile. “What can I say…Lysander finally gave up his secret.”

Who thinks they know Lysander’s secret? I do, I do!

Here’s a bit of Chapter 26 for you. Due to a certain amount of requests (loads :P) it’s all from James’s Point of view.

“It’s a natural reaction to punch a boy if he’s shagging you against a tree. I would do the same if a boy was doing Lily or Albus – hopefully more likely Lily considering it would be incredibly awkward if a boy was having sex with Albus up against a tree.”

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Chapter 26: Astronomy Used to be Easy
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Beautiful Chapter image by bellatrixx @ tda. 
Dixie and James.

Charisma was ready to reply with wit to my playful insult. She tied back her hair. It was extensively shorter; the locks that used to reach her lower back were now barely longer than her shoulders. Small curls fell from their hold and brushed her cheeks, her fringe dangled in to her eyes. Dominique had obviously had a hand in this. She pulled a red ribbon from her pocket and tied it around her bun. She looked so innocent; so little.

Dim sunlight echoed in through the dusty windows of the Corridor, filling the almost chaotic after-dinner-dash with dimmed light. A faint smell from the Forbidden Forest lingered in the air, coupled with trophy polish from my earlier detention.

I sighed and threw my arm lazily around Charisma’s shoulders; she slumped in to me lazily. We had stayed in the trophy room for a good hour or so after she had first arrived, I had tried to refocus my mind on her return. But I couldn’t seem to fight through the guilt.

I had been foolish, and despite her constant reassurance that it didn’t matter, I couldn’t help but feel like a bit of a bint. I had been trying to get over it, put it behind me, after all, it was all in the past now. But my attempts had come with little success.

A consequence of this was our late return to the Common Room and my mood, irritable, exhausted and not in a suitable mood to relive our previous spats. I longed for Charisma to shout at me, to give me something to say that she too had been out of line. But nothing would have worked; I deserved to be beaten, beaten and killed. Anything that she did to me, I deserved. But still, she did nothing.

I knew that upon my return to the boys’ dormitories, I would be interrogated about our meeting. My friends expected blood, gore and a lot of shouting. But they didn’t know Charisma like I do, she would never shout at me, not ever. And I hate it.

I would fill them all in eventually, but for now, it was all me and Charisma. There would be no furious protests, no contradicting words of my stupidity and stubborn-ness, just me and her. She wiggled her eyebrows nonchalantly, the thin line that they now were moved a lot easier than before. Her blue eyes were framed perfectly with the obvious curve. It seemed strange to me that Charisma didn’t seem particularly irritable, although, she had been with Teddy. The two of them together brings the outcome of fairies and lollypops.

Neither Dixie nor Freddy had asked me anything since Friday. They sat with me; they talked among a group, adding me in to their conversation. However nothing, to me, was directly said. I would answer their questions politely with one worded answers, two, if the situation demanded it. They were the two that I was closest to, when Charisma isn’t there. I have no other ally’s.

My sister seemed utterly oblivious and obvious unable to realize my silence; she would simply grace me with her morning grumpiness and furious anger. She would flip her fiery red hair over her shoulder and shoot me a look that had Mum written all over it. Her eyes would narrow and what would have been our daily ‘Hello dearest sister/brother, how are you this fine morning’ had suddenly and unarguably been turned in to a match of eye wrestling.

Dixie, ever the physiologist, saw right through my silence and left me to it. This could also explain her piercing eye that had been watching me nervously for three days now. Every time I would exhale loudly, or cough a little, her eye would snap to my direction and grade me curiously. She only cared.

I hadn’t spoken for the past few days; my words were directed only to those who I have mentioned. To no one else did I say a single word. My name was ignored on the register; my peers seemed to avoid my general direction. The first years seemed too afraid to merely look at me.

I did the best thing that I could think of. I decided to play upon my creative outlet; pranking. I gathered up all the materials that I could find under my bed and drew out a plan. This year had been somewhat of a dry spell for me; I had found Evie. For a while she was my girl, the one that nobody else could look at. Then I realized who she really was.

Charisma smiled up at me. It was only a minute before I realized she was staring. “Charisma, don’t eye me up – it’s odd.” I muttered under my breath, putting my forehead against the top of her hair. She was tall for a girl, but still short for me.

Her eyes flitted down to our feet and I pulled her out of the way of a suit of armor. She looked at the suit that she nearly demolished. “Whoops.”

That was all it took. That simple word ‘Whoops’ and I was turned. It was said with the sweetest kindness, the most amount of care. How could I ever have been so selfish, so demeaning. Charisma was my best friend. With Evie, I have wasted so many months of my life that I will never get back. I could have spent them being me, pranking, joking and playing the sport that I love. I could have spent those months with Charisma. I could have spent them with the boys, with the girls. Heck, I could have spent them with my siblings.

Charisma was quick to forgive me. I knew that Lily would be a different story. She would probably never forgive me. Ever.

Someone distracted Charisma’s eye; little big-gossip, play-boy bunny Evie Lewis was at it again. It had only been days since our split, and yet, it felt like months. I felt nothing but hatred when I looked at her. Lewis and her two best friends, Felicity Kendall and Kirsty Guides were ‘swaggering’ down the hallway towards the Common Room. It was at this moment that I considered how Rosie dealt with sharing a room with the girl. A huge group of students flocked around them like lost puppies.

Lewis and her friends were gorgeous, and Merlin did they know it. Evie’s long golden hair was tied back, her eyes a smoky dark colour. They were one of the things that drew me to her. Back then when I looked in to them I saw love, care and desire. I saw opportunity. Now all I see is hate.

Her eyes flittered over to us in a rather melodramatic manner. Her light eyebrows furrowed as she snorted and pulled away from her group. They followed her somewhat manically. “Well, well, well – someone looks different.” She taunted, finally I was able to hear the mocking demeanor that Charisma has faced all these months. It seemed strange; I had always considered Evie to be fairly civil towards Charisma.

I pushed my weight on to my blonde companion and attempted to steer her away from the worst mistake of my life. She stood still, she wasn’t going anywhere.

Evie’s eyes narrowed slightly, staring at me curiously with dark eyes. My concerned expression met Charisma’s determined one, it flickered faintly. I hadn’t seen her wear it often. A slow smirk crept on to Evie’s face. “People have been asking questions,” she said to Charisma. “I have been doing my best to answer them.”

Her smirk remained casual and cool, although her eyes widened somewhat when Charisma didn’t ever seem fazed. I would have hexed her, but I don’t hex girls. Call me old fashioned. “I bet that you have.”

Her smile widened triumphantly. “Students seemed happy to have answers – some parents didn’t seem thrilled to have their children attending the same school as a monster, such as you.”

“Now, hold on-“ Charisma grabbed the collar of my shirt and trust me backwards, cutting me off in mid-sentence.

My eyes flickered slightly with irritation, for once; it seemed that Charisma didn’t need me in an argument. I was shocked that she was seemingly managing to hold on herself. I was unsure if she had ever been in a real disagreement before.

She put her hand on to my bicep, her light touch tickled. “James, she can say what she wants.”

“I thought that this little incident might have helped you grow a backbone.” Charisma still stood without emotion. “But I guess I was wrong.”

Behind Lewis stood Kirsty, she took her hand and rubbed it down the chest of a fifth year Hufflepuff. I recalled the odd time that she tried it on me; I had simply shrugged her off and moved towards my girlfriend. This boy seemed to be reacting in the opposite way. I looked down at Charisma, her jumper was folded over her arm and her shirt was too tight around her chest area. I pulled my eyes away. Since when do I notice things like that?

“You never know.” Charisma was laid back; she was in no interest to start a quarrel. “Any reason that you’re answering the desperate cries of the students?”

Evie raised a dark brow and her lips curved in to a smirk I hadn’t seen on her before today. “I did it for you,” she cooed, “from the goodness in my heart.”

“Well if that’s all sorted, why are you here?”


Charisma gave a sweet smile, not taunting, not triumphant, but a genuinely sweet smile. “Thought so – kindness my arse.”

Her gaze flattened, “What?”

Charisma shrugged noncommittally. I struggled to keep my mouth closed; she had never spoken to anyone like that before. Unlike Charisma, my emotion was evident through my eyes; it had always been like that. “Let’s go.” I whispered. If I were on my own, I would have shouted. But I wasn’t on my own, I was with Charisma. I didn’t need her to fell any different towards me than she already did. I placed my hand on to her lower back and tried to guide her past Evie. She obliged until Lewis stood infront of the two of us.

“No!” She cried. “You don’t get to walk away from me.” I tried to put in a comment, but deep down, I still wasn’t in the mood for talking, I wanted to brood, I wanted to wallow. But this was Charisma; I would do anything right now. Evie’s eyes flashed. “You want to know the most frequently asked question?”

I scoffed heatedly at her tone; Charisma merely rolled her eyes in disbelief as a smile appeared on her painted red lips. She looked like a porcelain doll: breakable, fragile. “Was it, how many people she has killed?” I looked at my best friend in disbelief. “How many has she attacked? Is it horrific? Let me guess, you told them all that you had experienced that one yourself.”

“You really are something, you know that Price?” An angry smile overcame her lips. “As much as I liked answer that. The best question happened to be your whereabouts.”

Surely enough, Charisma’s eyes finally gave way, her pupils took on a dark, angry gleam and bristled somewhat. “What was your answer? Did you tell them I was at the pound; that the animal response squad at the Ministry finally found their missing pup?”

Shit. I knew that the moment Charisma thought something like that; the thought would never leave her mind. She was too stubborn to take it back.

Evie folded her arms stubbornly across her chest and smirked. “Actually, I hadn’t thought of that – I just told everyone you were at the kennel. The odd person got a more detailed description, but that was the main brief.”

This seemed to be the wrong response; Charisma’s usually charming demeanor had toughened slightly. She wasn’t falling prey to Lewis’s cold anger. “Good to know,” she elaborated at our combined confusion. “Now I know what to stick to when people ask me.”

“Price, when you lost it on Friday, did you by any chance hit your head in the process?”

Evie stared coolly while Charisma faced the opposite. “Lewis,” she said, I had to strain my ears to hear myself. “On Friday, I was given the chance that no other student in this era has had before.”

“And what exactly would that be?” She asked, taking advantage of Charisma’s vulnerability and stepping forward. I pulled my best friend back; I didn’t want her anywhere near that tramp. “To choose the colour of your new collar?”

“Not quite,” She replied coolly. “I got to talk to the Sorting Hat.” This was news to me. I strained my ears a little harder but still didn’t remove my hand from the small of her back. “He told me the reason for my being a Gryffindor.”

“And you’re sharing this with me because…”

Charisma stared at Evie coolly as she glared with a returning stance, Charisma took a few threatening steps closer, leaving me behind so that her height became a clear advantage. “Because there are three specific reasons for being placed in to the house of Lions.” Her blue eyes darkened coldly as she muttered the last few terms with utter control. “Loyalty, courage and kindness.”

A tense silence hung in the cool air for a moment. Evie’s demeanor seemed to break. “Still, I am a Gryffindor. What does this have to do with me?” her dark eyes glared up at Charisma. After a few second I simply scoffed, turning an unneeded amount of attention. I shook my head dismissively and waited for Charisma’s response. If nothing was said, I was ready to take her and stalk off in to the approaching darkness of the corridor.

But Charisma spoke. “I believe that past the inch of make up, and attitude, that you’re actually a very vulnerable person. You have a need to prove yourself in ways that no other has done before. You want to be remembered.” I watched heir argument though steely, anger-filled eyes. A turbo of resent built up inside me as I regretted ever taking Charisma down this corridor. Resent for ever taking her back to my home back in first year. “There are different kinds of courage Lewis.” She spat. “Unfortunately you just display the wrong kinds. But it’s still there. Not like your woo-tang-clan standing behind you.”

Kirsty dropped her make-up powder and let the peachy substance fall to the floor and scatter along the cobbled. “Hey! That’s insulting.”

“It’s very insulting.” Charisma agreed. “But it’s also true.” It was eight o’clock now. I had reason to believe that in the past few minutes of our disagreement, more staring has been done than speaking. Charisma moved a blonde lock from her eyes, brushing her fringe over her forehead. “Why would you be following another when you could be your own person?”


“Somehow, you feel no where near good enough. Don’t try to deny it.” She laughed. “If Evie told you to do something, would you do it? Even if you didn’t really want to.” I could feel that there was an apologetic compromise between Charisma and me. Back in third year, I had asked her to stay out of my arguments – I didn’t want her getting involved – this was my return to her. “Kirsty, Felicity…other boys that I don’t know the name of.”

“Justin, and Henry.” Evie supplied.

With a nod she replied. “Justin and Henry. You’re better than this.”

“Hey now-“

“Don’t interrupt me Evie,” a blue spark shot out of the end of Charisma’s wand, I had no idea she had even drew it. I wasn’t a hex, curse or a challenge. It was a warning. “I don’t’ believe that I said you could speak.” I could see the anger welling up in Evie, like a turret of water, but she held it back. “Evie, you’re better than this. Why would you demean yourself to being a bully when you could just as easily be a friend?”

“Wh…what are you trying to say?”

I looked to Charisma with amusement, never before has she owned someone like this – well me, she has me pretty whipped.

Evie turned her face to me with somewhat of a glare. “James!” She begged. I shrugged, I wasn’t one for talking now a days. Not to the likes of her.

Evie clenched her fist as Charisma sighed. “I’m just saying, Evie, that when you’ve lost everything, and you need a friend. I will be here.”

My jaw dropped. It seemed I wasn’t the only one. Charisma pulling out the most unexpected offers wasn’t a new thing; she had been doing it for years. However, this…just seemed…unorthodox.

She turned around, stepped towards me and slowly walked away in to the darkness of the corridor. I put my hand in to the back of her jean pocket and pulled her close to me. She smiled and leant her head on my shoulder. “I’m proud of you Chic.” I whispered and laid a little kiss on her head. If anything, I could say that she had blushed.

As we walked, the cries of Lewis could be heard (the rather embarrassing cries if I could say honestly). “That stupid bitch. Stupid, stupid bitch! She clearly has no idea who she is messing with. She’s a dog! How could she talk to me like that?” She would be ranting for hours about this, I know. I knew that Charisma heard it, but she put it from her mind and just hugged me tighter. It was all my fault and I would be here. I would be here.


Charisma wasn’t lying when she gave Evie that offer. She was in fact freakishly offering her friendship. On more than one occasion have I contemplated how much injuries that Charisma had suffered through injury due to Bludgers, however this was the only time I had considered numerical attacks of brain damage.

If I didn’t know Charisma, I would have assumed that I was seeing things and then waited for an overload of adrenaline and hormones to suffocate me.

It was no secret that the Potters are highly stress prone individuals. After Dad defeating Voldermort back in his seventh year, he had only begun his life of stress and hard-ship. He married a Weasley. He married, Ginny Weasley.

Last night I had slept terribly, alike the past three nights. I still had trouble believing what I have done. I knew that I should be sleeping optimistically, expecting things to mend and waiting for the blue sky to shine. And yet, I can’t seem to stop myself from mucking up everybody else’s’ lives.

I woke up and threw on my uniform. I didn’t tuck my shirt in; I didn’t tie my tie properly. I just pulled on my shoes and strolled down to breakfast. Alone. I had expected this feeling to have gone away. Or at least let up a little.

But it didn’t.

It just stabbed harder.

I am so naïve.

I made eye contact with a painting before breaking it and ducking my head, attempting to avoid a second outbreak of awkwardness. I had failed to meet proper eye contact with anyone the past few days. Either I can’t big myself up to face them, or they can’t seem to look at me. The were right to believe that I was the monster. I am.

How hard could it be to face Charisma? To apologize? I had honestly tried to mend my wrongs, honestly. I fully intended to make casual conversation with Freddy and Lily, to look Malfoy in the eye and not have to look away. I had told myself that it would be easy. It didn’t work.

I still harbored horrid feelings, as I should. I was still bombarded with emotions that weren’t mine. I had never felt them before. I was experiencing things that I didn’t even understand anymore. I, James Potter, have surpassed the boundaries of caring. I want to talk to no one, deal with no one, nor feel a thing.


The reason that I was now walking towards the astronomy tower had left my mind. I knew that Dixie was there, but her reasons for being, I had forgotten. I stood had at the bottom of the staircases and stared at the stone. I had every intention of turning back and making Charisma stay up with me, forget school tomorrow and spend the night with our bodies stuffed uncomfortably on the old window ledge of the Gryffindor Tower, like we used to.

We would take our duvets and wands and sit there until morning.

The reality of that ever happening again was nil. For one, we couldn’t fit on the ledge anymore, two, I doubt that she would want to sit with me.

“Just take the step already!” I jumped at the sound of the demanding voice. Dixie rolled her eyes, leaning against the wall behind me. She held the essence of wonder while I on the other had stood for the opposite, dithering like a moron around the bottom of the staircase. A small golden telescope was clutched tightly in her grasp. “What are you waiting for?”

“You,” I lied.

An amused smile played on her lips as she tugged at the bottom of the white top. “James,” she began. “It’s painstakingly obvious that I am possibly the last person that you are waiting for. Charisma didn’t take Astronomy; therefore she doesn’t need help completing her coursework.” So that my reason for being here. “You, on the other hand, missed the last three lessons for reasons that I don’t want to know. So I kindly offered my services.”

“Right, she didn’t take it. She didn’t take it because she is rubbish at stars and the universe. Even though she is constantly away with the fairy’s she lives in a surprisingly closed off box. Interest-“

“As I said, my kind services. I did not say my time-limitless-services. By the time that you have finished rambling and stepping back and forth on the second and third step the night will be over and this exceptionally clear night will be wasted.” I shot her a dark look. “Plus, I think that’s the most that you’ve said to anyone in the past three days.” Softened by her sudden change of tone – determined to childlike, I stopped fidgeting. “I’m glad, James.”

“It’s almost nine o’clock.”

“Nine o’clock?” she echoed. “Considering that you have spent the past six minutes dawdling around like a loon, considering I have spent six minutes watching you do it – Merlin, I need to make new friends – I think we need to make a start on your charts.”

She pushed a stray hair of hers behind her ear. Her thick honey-blonde locks were thrown loosely together at the back of her head and secured with a hairtie. To be allowed to see her like this was an honor. Dixie always looked perfect. At all times. She turned me around and put her hands on to the small of my back, pushing me up the stairs.

“As flattered as I am,” she teased. “I don’t believe that my company is as brilliant as you make out…to hang around the bottom of the stairs for six minutes.”

I heaved myself up the last step and pulled her through the doorway. “You’re right, it’s not.” With a smile she hit me with her telescope.

Two weeks in to my first year and I had already managed many awkward social situations. I was talking to a Hufflepuff girl when I had managed to embarrass her by commenting on the way her uniform makes her look like a bumblebee. It took Little Miss Pruitt no more than four seconds to have me apologizing profusely for being such a dick. Dixie may have been a little blunt, but without Charisma, she was the best thing I’ve got.

Dixie was my exception. I couldn’t look people in the eye, except Dixie. I couldn’t say much straight up, except to Dixie. I wasn’t allowed to act like a knob, except with Dixie. We blamed each other for more than thought imaginable. Yet still we remain close friends.

Despite Dixie explaining things to me from page to page my focus was directed completely elsewhere. She knew this. Dixie looked towards the massive pile of my Astronomy coursework that was spilling across the small table in the tower. It was glaring at me after weeks of neglect. She lifted up an empty star chart and wrinkled her nose.

“Jimmy, love. The only thing on this chart is an animated doodle of Professor Longbottom wrestling an alligator.” She snorted and glanced over the assignments. “Good drawing though. Could you by any chance make me one Fred doing the conga? I would love some blackmail opportunities.”

I wrinkled my nose and took it from her grip, adding it to the pile of neglect. “After I pass Astronomy.”

“That might prove a bit difficult, considering that the stars move every few weeks, plants are a little easier to predict though.”

“Really?” I furrowed my brow and picked up her telescope, staring over at the Quidditch Pitch. She took it quickly from my hands.

With a glare she said, “You don’t touch my telescope, never do you touch my telescope.”

“Alright!” I swore, throwing my hands in to the air for surrender. “Christ, I will never touch your telescope.”

“You think that’s bad?” She challenged. “You’ve taken this subject for almost six years now and you didn’t realize that the stars move.”

I brushed off the comment and tried to re-focus my attention on the work. “Shit – I don’t even know what the stars looked like a few days ago, let alone a month.”

Dixie brushed her hair back once with her fingers and let them fall in to her lap. “Jupiter and Saturn were aligned, but Saturn’s rings were in the way so the planet was un-viewable.” I knew that there was a reason Dixie was the one that brought me up here. She is an Astronomy nut. She loves anything to do with Horoscopes, Zodiac signs, stars or planets. I think it’s because she liked the universe, the idea of all that freedom; something that she didn’t get with her pureblood family.

I managed a coy smile and scribbled it down unnoticeably. “What about three weeks ago?”

“Orion was prominent. Remember, we matched it to the Sumer map? The old one, you and Freddy said it looked like moldy tea bags?”

“No, no. I don’t remember.” I muttered, scribbling down the answer. “What about two weeks ago?”

She furrowed her thin brows and swung her small feet in their tennis shoes. “Sirius was evident. Come on, you have to remember that one; you pranced around the class chanting that you were in the sk – HEY! I am not doing your work for you.” She snatched the quill from my hands. “I will help you James. I will not do it for you.”

I smiled half-heartedly and shrugged. It was a smile that she returned so I knew I was forgiven. “If you weren’t so adorable, I wouldn’t have to copy.”

“Your charm doesn’t work on me boy, I have seen you eat.” I rolled my eyes. “Besides, I know that you have your eye on a certain tall and big-busted, leggy blonde.”

I could only imagine the expression on my face at this moment; priceless. “Who?”

“Blonde.” She stated, her eyes gorwing wide. “Long legs, recently looking even more gorgeous than usual.” I shrugged. “Huge boobs – Christ Jimmy, you can’t say that you haven’t noticed this.”

“A girl with huge breasts,” I echoed. “No, not really Dixie. Not many of them get past me in this school.”

“Exactly.” She waited a moment before screwing up a scruffy chart of mine and throwing it off of the tower. “Charisma.”

“What about her?”

“You like her.”

“Yes,” I said simply. “If I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have hung around with her for almost six years.”

With a frustrated sigh, Dixie stood. Her black leggings seemed to make her legs look thinner in this light. Small black buttons lined the top of her white top that came down to her thigh. I notice everything about a girl. “You like her more than a friend.”

“Whoa,” I said, bring my hands to my chest. Dixie was entering un-trodden territory. “I don’t like Charisma that way. I love her, yes, but like I love Lily or Albus.”

“No you don’t.”

Smiling, I chuckled a little bit. “Dixie, why does it matter so much to you? Chic means the world to me, but she is just my best friend. Nothing more.”

“Are you sure about that?”

I looked at her quizzical brows with raised ones. “Yes.”

“James, love.” She put the charts down on to the top of the table and sat down on to the wall. “You didn’t like it one bit when Harper had a go with her.”

“That’s cause it’s Harper.” I admitted with a shrug. “He is the Ravenclaw Captain, my enemy.”

“I thought your enemy was Scorpius?”

“Well I made a new one.”

I realized that my argument’s side had deteriorated in to ‘absolutely pathetic’ many minutes ago. But I couldn’t seem to stop. Nathan Harper, known otherwise as simply ‘Nate’, was an assclown. To me he was rude. He didn’t deserve Charisma, not at all. However in my eyes, no one deserves Charisma. With his stupid flippy hair and famous smile, Merlin, he makes me sick. Charming girls like that coughcoughforsexcoughcough.

Dixie sighed and popped her lips together. “When they kissed you were jealous.”

“Well, yes.” I admitted begrudgingly. “But it took me a very long time to admit that to myself, so don’t tell anyone. I haven’t even told Freddy yet. He’s kill me if he found out that I told you first.”

She saluted me brownie style accompanied by a mocking smile. “Well what about Drew? You get the heeby-jeebies when he’s around her. You don’t even attempt to hide that one anymore.”

I gave up on smothering that feeling a long time ago. Andrew Wood was a womanizer. That was no secret. I didn’t mind him flirting with Charisma; after all it was a joke. But over Christmas, he took my role. No one can be me. I am Charisma’s older, overly-protective-to-the-point-of-obscene brother. Not Wood.

“I just think that Drew can lay off a little that’s all.”

“You also feel jealous.”

I snorted. “Of Drew?” I replied to her nod with a deep throated chuckle. “Dixie-Pixie, I don’t feel jealous of other guys wanting her. She is a free woman. If they want to date her, they can.”

“Like you’re going to let them.” She snapped. “They couldn’t get within five feet without being smacked away. Besides, you scared away any male action that innocent girl is getting when you told your Radio-of-a-girlfriend that she was a werewolf.”

“Radio-ex-girlfriend.” I corrected. I ran my hands through my hair, knowing that it was a habit that annoyed Dixie immensely…well, that just made it all the better. “Besides, they’re only good enough if they can get through me. Only a man willing to fight for her can take on the job.”

“You don’t want other guys to have her.”

“Yes I do.”

“No you don’t.”

“Yes I do.”

“No you don’t.”

“Yes I do.”

“No you don’t.”

“Yes I do.”

“No you don’t.”

“Ok, no I don’t. But it’s only because she is mine.” The words flew from my mouth before I could stop them. They travelled from my mind before I could stuff them back in to a draw in the corner of my mind. “I just mean that, no guy is good enough for her.” I covered, attempting to wipe the smug smile from her face.

“Except you?”

“No, even I’m not good enough for her.” I admitted rather bluntly. “She deserves a Prince.”

Dixie put her feet together and swung them back and forth as she sat still. “Yeah, because she is going to find one of those.”

“A little pessimistic aren’t we there Dix?” I asked softly. “Freddy will lighten up eventually.”

She shook her head and took a deep breath. I could hear the crack in her voice as she laughed. “No he won’t.” I was about to reassure her when a single tear rolled perfectly down her cheek. She swiped it away without a second thought. Even I could feel the pain that pulled at her heart, Dixie could hide her emotion well, but at times like these; she is an obvious wreck. “I walked in on him this morning – seventh year Ravenclaw. He had managed her before breakfast.”

I looked at Dixie, my mouth a jar slightly. “Dixie, I’m-“

“Don’t apologize.” She ordered. “You have nothing to apologize for.” Swallowing her tears she took a deep breath and stood up. “Don’t change the subject; I am not here to talk about our relationship lives. I am hear to teach you Astronomy you lousy wreck of a ma-”


“So yeah, it doesn’t matter that Freddy is shagging people.” She shrugged. “Ye-“

“Dixie?” I asked, stopping her in a mid-ramble. She had changed the topic pretty quickly. “Are you a virgin?”

Her brown eyes grew wide at the question. She didn’t consider it a simple question. She thought it as more of an accusation. “Wha…How? Why do you need to know? Why is it your business?” I shrugged. “That’s it is it? Dixie Pruitt. Blonde, loud mouthed. Slut? Is that how you consider me? Is that how you all consider me? Just because I am loud, I sleep aroun-?”

I pulled her down in to my lap and held the struggling girl in my arms, Dixie was small, easy to pin. “I didn’t mean it like that.” I said loudly, attempting to be heard over her cries. “I just assumed that you and Fred had, well … you know?”

“Had sex?”

I sighed, “Yeah!”

“Nope,” she shook her head. “We nearly did, back before the Christmas holidays. But no. He said that he didn’t want to ruin our friendship. That I wasn’t like the other girls.” She looked to the floor, her heavy eyes piercing the stones. “In a strange way I found that insulting.”

I shook my head and pulled her in to my lap; she crossed her legs and began to pick at her nails. It was moments like these that I felt like a father. “You shouldn’t.” I said quietly. “I know for a fact that Fred likes you as much as you like him. He’s just incredibly dumb. The day that he realizes how lucky he could be, will also be the best day of your life.” She looked up at me with deep eyes. “Then, when you’re both ready for that big step, it will just seem right. Giving your virginity isn’t something that you should take for granted.”

“You hypocrite.” She snapped. “You gave it away in fifth year. To that blonde bombshell of a Slytherin.”

Nervously, I scratched my chin. “No I didn’t.” I laughed a little, hoping to ease the tension. “It’s when Freddy lost his and I didn’t want to feel like the weakling of the two. I had stayed in the Slytherin dorms after a party and told Freddy that I had had sex with Gretchen Avery.”

Dixie smiled. It wasn’t her smirk, nor was it one of amusement. She simply smiled softy. “Check this here shit out, the great James Potter is actually a virgin.”

“Just don’t spread it around.” I winked. “I wouldn’t want my reputation ruined.” She elbowed me in the stomach before laying her head on to my shoulder. “The only person who I have ever told that to is Charisma. You should feel honoured Dix.”

She nodded. “I do.” She still did not smile; instead she spoke in the silence of the tower. “Answer me this,” she pleaded. “Picture this very are out in the grounds one day and you come across Charisma. She is pinned up against a tree doing the dirty with Harper. They’re really in to it, hands all over each other and the sounds are in HD.” She mimicked this by making hands movements to thin air. I sat back, leaning my head against the stone wall behind me. “What do you do?”

Without thinking I slapped her hands still. “I pull them apart and punch his lights out.”


“Because…it’s Chic, and him.” Dixie nodded. “It’s a natural reaction. I would do the same if a boy was shagging Lily, or Albus – hopefully more likely Lily considering it would be incredibly awkward if a boy was having sex with Albus up against a tree.”

“I’m being serious.” She laughed.

“So am I!”

She sighed and blew her hair from her eyes. “So, would you really do it for family honour? Or would you do it because you don’t like the idea of Harpers hands on Chic?”

“Both! Especially because it’s bloody him!” I said with a smile. “Dixie, where is this going?”

“Do you fancy Charisma, James?”

I stared at her, dumbfounded. 

A pause of silence. 

I coulnd't look anywhere but her expression. “No.” Shit.

Dixie was still smiling softly. It wasn’t triumphant nor was it smug. She knew as well as I did that I was an awful liar. 

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“Well when will you tell me?”

I bit my lip with hope of the word either being ‘Now’, or ‘Soon’. But instead he said. “When you least expect it.”

“That’s very mafia of you.” I said, eyeing him suspiciously. "But I want to"

He frowned. "That's very mafia of
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Chapter 27: Snow White and her Evil Stepmother
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Beautiful Image by Contour @ tda.

Dixie sat back in her chair; slumping her hands in to her lap. Infront of me sat a crystal ball, identical to the other 13 around me. Identical, yet so different. Each ball was purchased by their owner; therefore each one had a different perspective on life. The balls’ matched the personalities of their purchaser. They showed you what you wanted to see – the parts that you require to know.

For example, if I asked to see the outcome of the nearing Quidditch Game. I will see the best parts of my play, possibly James’s and the final score. If Dixie asked she would get snippet images of Freddy – aka, absolutely nothing to do with the actual game. Just Fred … in his uniform.

I went to tangle my fingers in my curls, only to find them gone. Still after days of not having them, it still seemed odd. My hair was up today in a tight bun at the back of my head. The many layers of my hair were wrapped around with an invisible thick hairband and tied with a white flower, charmed to stay immaculate. Instead of a skirt I bore trousers, instead of uggs, I styled small lace up flats. My black sweater vest’s sleeves were rolled up to my arms. Dixie had simply pulled hers off and thrown it on the floor the minute we stepped in to the room.

Our Professor placed her crystal ball back on to the table infront of her and paced the front of the room, making what appeared to be obscene hand gestures towards the wall. A student coughed and she turned back towards the small class.

What were once booths for the students had turned to a small wooden table with two chairs situated at each one. Dix had grabbed my hand and pulled me to a chair near the window, two sections up from the front. This particular class was on three height layers. The teacher stood in the lowest one, while Dixie and I sat one from the back. I leant back in my chair, matching my roomie’s slouched position and fingered the purple curtain behind me. Purple was once the colour of Royalty. It was a shame it had been demeaned to hang in this classroom – one of profits and dreams.

I had heard that this lesson was once taught by Firenzee, the centaur in the forest, and not the fake old kook that took over Trelawney when she left for retirement. Firenzee is sweet. He seems intimidating to some, but he had always been lovely to me and James. Even when Fred stuck the sign on his back in third year that read ‘five sickles a ride’, he didn’t loose his temper with us.

I tuned back in to the Professor as she was finishing her lecture on creatures found in Europe. “-And if you hit a Gillywock, you get punched in the face-”

“If you don’t shut up soon,” Dixie muttered. “I’m going to punch you in the face.”

“-By its tenticles.”

Dix looked alarmed but brushed it off by closing her eyes in a sleeping position. “I’m not going to hit her with my tenticles.”

“You only save them for special occasions.” I sniggered; poking my crystal ball with my finger tip and watching the white pattern underneath follow my finger.

She smiled and blew her fringe from her eyes. “You’re an unnatural soul, Charisma.”

I couldn’t help but smile. I had always known that Dixie and James were close, but it wasn’t until James had told me last night that she was there for him while I was away, that I had realized just how close. I couldn’t help but feel utterly grateful. It was obvious the amount of guys that would go for Dixie if she allowed it, but she was so hung up on Fred that it would never happen.

Her smile faltered, her lips that bore a red lipstick fell in to a frown and she looked away suddenly. I didn’t need to look backwards to see what was her downfall.


The two of them were friends before I came in to the picture of their friendship; them and another girl, Harriet Winston, who moved to Beaubaxtons in third year, were BFFL’s as they liked to scream. Harriet stole Dixie’s first boyfriend. Friendship over. It was only when she moved from our dorm that the three of us grew close.

Elle felt that she had to make a decision, me or Kyle. Of course, in all honesty, there was no decision to make. I could be easily civil around Kyle if he could. However both of them are too stubborn to ever admit that he had been wrong. She chose him. It broke Dixie.

I on the other hand, wasn’t as hurt as I had expected. James thinks that I am putting up a shield, that I will break eventually. Yet, there is no shield to be found. Lately, I am not one for hiding my emotions. I have developed Lily’s incredibly unhealthy habit of saying the first comment that comes to my lips.

“So moving on from creatures,” The Professor announced, accidentally knocking off a pile of papers rom her desk with her overly-unnecessary headdress. Yes, I said headdress. “Can you please return to your dream diaries?”

An agnostic chorus of moaning erupted from the class. I silently pulled the small diary from the pile of my books that sat on the floor beside my chair. I held a white hardback that was decorated with orange and yellow flowers. Specks of pink were dotted throughout the white background. The edges were tattered and the pages were bent; it was the same dream diary since third year. Professor had charmed our books to last us for four years, but we had the option to change at the beginning of each year if we wished. I never did.

I opened the whining hardback and flicked to the date. The book seemed bigger as you opened it. The past few days were empty for me, I had felt no need to fill them in; I had experienced dreamless sleep. I wrote down last night’s dream – an unexpected conversation with Dan, he told me that his brother was trampled by thestrals. But he seemed to be wearing my Grandmothers shoes. - I smiled. Looking over to Dixie, smiling seemed unstoppable. She pulled out a thin A4 paperback notebook, which was rolled in to a long tube, from her back pocket.

She unrolled it pathetically and flicked to the date, more pages adding themselves as she flicked. She was getting nowhere. She slammed it shut. “This is ridiculous!” She exclaimed, maybe a little too loudly.

“I’m sorry, child?” The Professor asked, stepping away from a table at the front and looked up at our table. Her stare was accompanied by the rest of the classes.

“I said that this is ridiculous,” my eyes widened. “I don’t see how recording my dreams are going to help me in life.”

“Dreams are infact very helpful.”

“No they’re not. They disrupt your sleep.” Dixie yanked at her tie and threw her arms on to the table in a sigh of defeat.

Our Professor, on the other hand, wasn’t convinced. “Dreams are premonitions, snippets of the future.” I sure as hell hope not! “They’re incredibly helpful, not just in life, but also in our careers.”

“I want to be an Astrologist or a journalist.” Dixie said coolly. Each of her words was pronounced perfectly. “Not a failure, holding on to the idea that I can see the future.”

“A failure, huh?” Professor echoed. “So what did you dream last night?”

“Why is that any of your business?”

I blocked out Dixie’s snappy tone and twiddled my thumbs underneath the desk. Ignoring the judgmental eyes that were fixated on our backs wasn’t as easy as I believed it to be. I wanted to run. But I was done with that. No more running.

A voice came from behind me, a sweet tone that I knew Dixie wanted to hear. “Just tell her! Don’t be difficult!” But just, not the words.

Dixie turned, her dark eyes filled with emotion, anger, hatred and one that I just couldn’t quite place my finger on. “Me? Difficult?”

“Yes y-!”

“LADIES!” The Professor had hit the nail on the head. She may not be able to predict much, but she could see an upcoming argument a mile away. McGonagall always gets her in on the bitchy stuff. “Argue all you want on your own time, not in my lesson!” Dixie folded her arms and slumped back in to her seat. I didn’t turn to see Elle. I couldn’t turn to see her. “How about your partner? Charisma, child, what did you dream?”

I opened my mouth unsurely, but was interrupted by a nearby Slytherin who muttered ‘mauling children?’ I pushed it aside and shrugged. Dixie struggling to fixate her glare between three separate people, decided to speak up. “No, Professor – you wanna hear about my dream?”

“Very much, Miss Pruitt.”

A coy smile grew on her baby-face. “I dreamt of fairytales.” A snigger arose from the class. “Oh no, don’t laugh at me. Especially not you Avery,” she pointed a thin finger towards the muttering Slytherin, his grin slipped. “Merlin knows that you dream about being able to keep it up for longer than three minutes.” She carried on, interrupting the Professor cries of outrage. “I dreamt I was Snow White. But instead of being out casted by a wicked step-mother, I was abandoned by my best friend. Then I took that bite of the juicy apple, the twist? It was poisoned.” It was simple to see that this story was more real than a dream. “The poison wasn’t natural though, instead of killing me, it allowed me to live. But I lived everyday with the pain in my heart, knowing that it was actually my betrayer who poisoned me. It killed me to know that the person that I had trusted for all those years actually went that far to make sure I was in pain.”

“And you’re that self-centered to think that the friend went to all that trouble just to spite you?” Ellie spat from behind. I heard a pile of books fall to the floor. “Maybe she did it because the friend wasn’t listening to her, maybe because when she needed support the friend was too busy worrying about others and herself to pay attention to her ‘best friend’.”

The words ‘best friend’ were said with such demise that I held Dixie’s hand under the table for two reasons; support, and to stop her from going over there and hexing our roommate in to oblivion. “Maybe Snow White didn’t want to know her best friend when she chose her dick-head of a boyfriend over the people who need her! No wonder she hung around with the dwarves. They were better than anyone else in the world. I guess it just goes to show that you can’t trust anyone; that you can be betrayed by anyone at anytime.”

As she slowed down her speech at the end, the class went silent. Even our Professor had no words. This was highly unusual; we were a highly opinionated class, someone always had something to say.

Dixie’s pretty hair was tied up in a similar bun to mine but her dainty features took over to portray her beauty. This was all ruined, however, by the sour expression that plagued her face. Her eyebrows knitted together and her skin wrinkled between her eyebrows. Her mouth was slightly apart as her hand clenched mine with such a force, one move and my hand would fall from my wrist. I had lost all circulation.

“You want to know what I dreamt, Prof?” A Hufflepuff asked from the other side of the classroom. His yellow tie hung loosely around his neck, letting his buttons become untied unreasonably low. His feet were kicked up on to the table infront of him and his hands carelessly stretched behind his head. Without waiting for an answer he carried on. “I dreamt that I was being viciously attacked by a wolf.” I froze. “It was actually surprisingly erotic; this wolf was a hot blond-“

His words were cut off by the smashing of a crystal ball. Upon looking around the classroom, our table was the only one seemingly missing a ball. The only one missing the ball that happened to be sliding down the wall behind the Hufflepuff, having narrowly missed his head in an awfully aimed throw. I was a chaser, I never missed.

Dixie was deep breathing, her eyes narrowed. “You sick, sick bastard!” She screeched, knocking the stand off of the table and taking the cloth with it, I caught my ball just in time. The white gloss inside took to the shape of my hands and brought in a light scene of a waving James; as usual.

“Pruitt!” Our Professor said, finally taking a limited amount of control. “What has gotten in to you?”

“Too much of Weasley is my guess,” I heard the Slytherin mutter. Ellie leant forward and stabbed him with her quill, so the feathers stuff out of his back. He yelled out in pain. “What the hell?”

“Class!” The Professor screeched, running around in a pathetic circle and attempting to gain control that wasn’t going to come to her.

“Miss! She just stabbed me!”

“You deserved it, you twat!”

I picked up my books from the floor and held them in my arms.

“Miss Pruitt, you will clean up that mess this instant!”

Dixie stood up from the table. “It’s your classroom!”

“It’s your ball!”

“Shut up Kyle! Do not even get me started on you!”

He stood up from his desk, walking over to Dixie. “You have something to say, Snow White?”

“Yes, Evil Stepmother, yes I do!”

I took this opportunity of chaos to grab my belongings and walked out of the room. I slipped between two arguing Hufflepuffs, I knocked their books off of the table as I went; he had no right to make the earlier comment. Cries and screeches could be heard from the disruptive class as I left and ran down the stair case. Two flights down and the ruckus was evident; a shout along the lines of ‘I only took this class for a doss’ along with a colorful array of swearwords was what I left behind.

My lips lifted into a small smile as I spotted Scorpius at the end of the corridor. He was sat in the arch way on the ground floor. His legs were crossed out infront of him, one foot on the wall infront, his gaze lead out to over the grounds. It was no secret that Scorpius was in need to a haircut, but it was after all, the Malfoy fashion. His blonde locks flipped carelessly in to his eyes, bloodshot eyes … that wasn’t right.

Quickening my pace I strolled towards him quietly and tucked a loose hair behind my ear. My books that were hugged to my chest were suddenly out infront of me and pushing his feet off of the ledge so I could sit down next to him. The question of his skipping class was pushed to the back of my mind as concern took over. I was aware that it was somewhere around noon; classes were not over for another twenty minutes.

“Scorpius,” I greeted with a sweet ease.

“Charisma,” he replied, eyes not leaving the quad infront of him. I could see nothing interesting about watching the grass grow.

I raised him a dark brow. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine … and you?”

I tilted my head to the side, possibly over-doing the act of worry a little unnecessarily. “The bestest ever. How’s Rosie?”

That question was meant for more than once reason. Since my arrival back to Hogwarts, the fiery older Weasley had made it a fact to avoid me. At every corner I passed she would run away. For any other student I would assume it normal behavior, since my secret was let out, I have had many a child turn and walk in the opposite direction. However this was Rose, she has known about my secret since she was ten. I seriously doubt that fear has hit her now, at fifteen.

Scorpius still looked to the floor. “When you see her let me know, will you?”

“You haven’t seen her?” I asked curiously. She and Scorpius have always been inseparable, this was highly odd.

“Have you?”

I scrunched my nose up. “Why are you doing that?”

“Doing what?”

“Answering my question with a question of your own. That’s not usually how it works.” I felt a little bad inside, ending the question run, but it needed to be done.

“A form of insecurity, is that alright with you?” I had taken it as a humorous advice, raising my hands up in the air for surrender. But I knew it wasn’t intended to be a joke. He was upset – Malfoy style.

“You did it again.”

“No I didn’t!”

“Not that time.”

He pushed my books off of the archway. “Charisma I am not playing around! I am not in the mood.”

“Okay,” I admitted in defeat, getting up from the arch. “But was there really any reason to take it out on my books?”

His eyebrows furrowed and he sighed. “I’m sorry, love.” I sat back down. “I don’t mean to be a royal arse to you. You’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time.” I slowed my breathing somewhat and leant my head against the wall. “You’re wearing trousers.”

“I’m wearing trousers.” I echoed his observation and rubbed my palms up and down my thighs in recognition. Smart, black trousers were allowed by the school uniform code. I was sticking to it.

“You never wear trousers.”

I gave no immediate reaction. “But I never go commando either.”

A smirk appeared on his face. “I am somewhat grateful that you never have – I don’t want to fight the boys off of you.”

“You wouldn’t have to.”

“But I’m you brother.” He protested. “It’s my duty!”

“Scorp – “ I interrupted, not really knowing where I was headed with this. “What’s up with the Rose brush off?”

“What brush off?” he inquired a little rhetorically. “There was no brush off.” I raised my eyebrows and kick my feet up on to the stone next to him. “She believes the rumors,” he admitted sourly, “The ones of me and you.”

I tried to say an intended ‘Oh’ but the sound never made it past my lips. Since the night of my disappearance last Friday, it was no secret that I stayed in Scorpius’s dorm. There were many rumors of what went on … many including sexual encounters. “Scorp, I’m sorry.”

“For what? You didn’t do anything – that what I tried to tell her.”

I shrugged helplessly. “Maybe if I hadn’t gone to you – I am entirely grateful that I did, by the way and I can never thank you enough – but, maybe if I hadn’t.”

“Then what?” He snapped. “You would have gone back to the Gryffindor Tower and had it out with James. Where would that have gotten you?” I looked to the floor. “Face it, love. We’re just a pair of screw-ups who can’t seem to help themselves from getting in to sticky situations.” He laughed. “On the other hand, those rumors have done wonders for my reputation.”

I leant forward and smacked him with my dream diary. He rubbed his shoulder playfully. “I’m sorry that I just walked out too…that was horrible of me.”

“I was worried when I woke up the next morning and you weren’t there, but I know that you’re not stupid.” I took his shrug as my apology. “Rose didn’t take it too well when Blaize explained the bed situation.”

“That I bunked with you?” I asked. “I didn’t think that she would mind.”

“Neither did I!” He exclaimed, throwing his hands in to the air in a way that mirrored my earlier action. “That’s what started this whole thing.”

“So basically, she thinks that we are having a raging affair?”


My expression flattened to confusion. “For being a Gryffindor, she is the dumbest smart person that I have ever met.”

“Oh yeah.” He muttered with a nod. “Couldn’t agree with you more, Price.”

I looked past his casual expression and saw the look of slight pain in his eyes, the grey rolling to the back of his head as a low groan admitted from his mouth. “Scorp,” I asked. “What happened in the great Hall between you and James?”

“While you were away?” I nodded. “After he pulled the prank on everyone, he came over to me and told me what he thought of the rumors.” I lightly kicked his arm in a playful manner and he smiled. “He said that he didn’t believe them, we were doing fine with out discussion until he said that I didn’t deserve Rose.”

“He said what?!”

“Its fine,” he reassured, “before you go all ‘Batgirl’ on the poor boy. He was just upset about you and he wanted someone to take it out on.”

I snorted at his nonchalant expression. “I don’t believe you.”

“Then don’t.”

I shook my head dismissively. “So why are you out of lesson, Malfoy?”


“I asked first.”

“I asked second!”

I smiled and sat up straight in the arch, swinging my legs over the side. “Couldn’t take the crowd in Divination. The fumes were getting too much.”

He nodded understandingly. “I had potions, Rose was on the table in front and I didn’t want to take anymore of her remarks.” I closed my eyes. “So I picked up my stuff, and left.”

I wanted to apologize for being such a bad friend, for mucking up everything that they had. But then I remembered that, that isn’t what he would want to hear. Scorpius is alike me in many ways, he would only feel guilty. I pulled my stuff in to my chest, hugging my crystal ball tightly. An image of a Quidditch Game appeared, we were playing Slytherin; our next match. Scorpius stuck out his tongue as a bludger narrowly missed his head. He rejoiced. Only to be hit by the Quaffle. I laugh out loud, earning a confused glance from my Slytherin companion. I shrugged and went back to tracing patterns on to the glass.

I walked through the corridor to the Great Hall for dinner but was interrupted by the swish of long brunette hair in my face as I was tackled in a tight hug. “Charisma Price!” Lois said releasing me from the hug only to pull me back in for one more. “You dog, you, pissing around with so many students.”

I laughed well naturedly and walked with her through the large oak doors. I had already become used to the lessen in noise as I entered a room. I knew that I had to. “What can I say?” I shrugged.

“How about, ‘Lois, I am going to get you a kitten’.” She smirked. I smiled and shoved my thumbs in to my back pockets. “But of course, you couldn’t do that, you’re a dog, you’d eat it … and I couldn’t have that.”

“Because by this time you would have become attached to this animal.” I suggested.

She pulled me over to the Ravenclaw table and swore at a staring second year. “Obviously my affections would be strong; if you killed my kitty, I would have to have to put down.”

“How long are you going to keep this up?”

“As long as possible baby,” she mimicked in a low voice. It was obvious she was teasing. Apparently she had known about Simon (Dan’s brother) since early forth year, she had no problem with wolves. “I have many, many more. Some including collars and kennels.”

I looked about as reluctant to that conclusion as she did nonchalant. “I would really rather that you kept them to yourself.”

“But I haven’t had time to tell you my tail joke yet!” I rolled my eyes. “Seriously Chic, if your friends don’t tell you this stuff then you will only hear it in a horrible manner from someone else.”

I pulled my sleeves down to my wrists, suddenly feeling the cold a little. “Fine, one more.”

“Why do dogs wag their tales?” She asked with an unusual amount of glee.

“I don’t know why do dogs wag their tales?”

She snorted. “Because no one else will do it for them!” she burst out in to an enormous amount of laughter and I couldn’t help but smile. “What happens when it rains cats and dogs – you can step in a poodle!” I poured myself a cup of tea and mopped up the droplet I spilt while blowing a raspberry. “What did the hungry Dalmatian say when he had a meal-“

“I believe that I said one more, Lois!”

“-That hit the spots!”

She snorted with miraculous laughter as the two lads approached the table. I looked up to Dan as he took the seat next to Lois. “Make her stop,” I pleaded.

“What do you do if a dog eats your pen?” She asked.

Dan sighed and looked at Nate, who had taken the empty seat next to me. Actually, apart from him, there were many empty seats around me. “I don’t know, love.”

“You use a pencil instead.”

I smiled while Nate leant forward and took a sip from my tea. I pulled it from his hands playfully as it was still in his mouth. “Get your own!” I protested as we tugged over the white china.

“Careful Harper,” a passing Slytherin called. “You could get cooties.”

The group silences and Lois looked shocked. Dan simply gave me an apologetic smile while Nate handed me back my tea. “I wouldn’t want cooties.” He said with a shrug.

My mouth hung open as Dan snorted. “It’s rabies that you get from pups, if you’re going to be a Git, get it right!”

“I didn’t know that people actually said stuff like that to you.” Lois said wryly.

“Yep,” I said simply. “It doesn’t bother me anymore – I actually had a guy ask if I performed erotic wolf fantasies in Div today.”

Nate spat out his tea back in to the cup. Dan threw him a napkin. “Do you?” This earned him a slap from his girlfriend. “Kidding…Merlin!” He leant forward over the table and whispered, “We’ll talk later.”

Lois rolled her eyes and handed me a chip. It was fish and chip Friday; the best day of the week. “What do you get if you cross a Rottweiler and a hyena?”

I sighed. “Not a clue.”

“Me either,” she shrugged. “But I’ll join in if it laughs!”

“That was terrible,” Nate said with a forced ease. He casually picked a chip from the plate infront.

I stole it from his grip. “What about this,” Dan raised a confused brow. “When does a dog go ‘moo’?” The group shrugged. “When it’s learning a new language.” I playfully stuffed a chip in to Nathans mouth before he could make a comment. He pushed his hair from his brow and chewed energetically.

“What do you call an alcoholic dog?” Dan asked. “A whinoooooooo!”

Heads turned at his howl. I threw my head on to my empty plate with a force and listened to the laughter. I could hear the head shaking around me that didn’t come from my friends. “People think that you’re a horrible friend,” I heard Lois punish only to be replied to with a laugh.

“I’ve got to give you your props, Price.” Dan offered casually. “You’ve accepted that people know about you pretty quickly, it took Simon absolutely ages; he was so depressed.”

I shrugged absently, eyeing my tea. “Depressed doesn’t suit me.”

“Shame, it would have been nice to be a hero in somebody’s life,” Dan said, earning a kiss from his girlfriend.

“You already are, babe.”

Nate cleared his throat, “Would you two be offended if I puked in my tea?”

“Shut it, Harper!” Dan shot back.

We ate in silence for a moment, only exchanging playful glares and glances. Lois stuck out her tongue at Nate who retaliated with a chip to her head, Dan pulled it form her hair, making more of a mess than to begin with. I turned my head and tried to stifle my laughter as he pulled the meshed potato through her perfect locks.

“That’s disgusting.” I heard Nate challenge as I looked over to the Gryffindor table.

Lily sat with Rose, away from the others. Kyle and Elle in the middle with Dixie, James and Freddy eating with Hugo and Albus. The factor that I had overlooked was Josh Harding sitting lazily next to Rosie, eyeing up her big red curls. It seemed odd that Scorpius and she weren’t sitting together. He instead was at the Slytherin table, one across from me with Blaize by his side. Next to James was an empty seat: mine. I would switch after a little while; staying in one place for too long hadn’t been working well for me lately. Since my arrival back at school, I would always switch between the two.

I looked back up at Dan and voiced a question that had been circling my mind for days. “Daniel, while back at the Weasley’s house, I stayed with Teddy and Vic.” He nodded knowingly. “Dom was over most of the time, and she mentioned something briefly.”

“And what would that be?”

“The Simon-era.” I said with a smile; his faltered. “You told me that Simon loved a girl, who broke up with him and is still with her best friend.” He nodded once. “Victoire spoke of Dom’s time at school. I put the pieces together.”

“They’re not hard to fit, Pup.” I scrunched up my nose in demise. “You’re spot on. Simon and Dom were together for a long time. But then she fell in love with Xander – known in our household as ‘outrageous prick’.”

“I will have to remember that.”

“Yes you will. But in a way, it’s good that she didn’t string him along.” He laughed a little. “She was always blunt, Dom Weasley. It was good for Simon; she didn’t kid around.”

“Dom’s part werewolf herself.” I added.

Lois’s eyes widened, she never was the brightest crayon in the coloring box for a Ravenclaw. Dan put his hand on top of her on the table top lovingly. “So she didn’t judge him for a second.”

“Of course, she cracked jokes.” I teased, conveying my point with a similar amount of tact as a three hundred ton bulldozer.

“Who wouldn’t?” Nate said, pulling out piece of rolled up parchment from his robes and beginning to write a letter to his father.

“Good friends?”

Lois snorted. “You’re never going to find them – the ones that you’ve got are the best ones around.” She nodded towards Dixie, Freddy and James. “Dixie Pruitt makes me want to set myself on fire, but she’s loyal, and really kind.”

“With a really nice arse – OW, Lo, was there really any need for that?”

“What do I do?” I blurted before I could think.

Dan stopped laughing. “I’m sorry?”

“You said, when we were outside, you know what I do on the full moons,” his eyes widened. “What is it?”

He subtly looked around him and leant forward across the table. “I don’t think that this is the right place to discuss this.”

I nodded once and looked back at my plate. I should be grateful he was telling me at all. Nate smiled. “I’m sure that he will tell you, when he remembers what he and Lois do on specific nights.”

I silently laughed at the pair of them, who happened to be swapping saliva, and rose from the table. “That’s my cue to leave.” They chorused ‘Awws’. “Thanks for having me.”

I hopped over the table bench and strolled over to the Gryffindor table, past the Slytherins. Few made comments, silenced instantly by Scorpius’s glare. He was popular in Hogwarts; all you needed was his glare. More people feared than liked him. I couldn’t see why; he’s adorable.

James’s ears perked up as my footsteps got closer towards the Gryffindors’. Due to the volume of the students in the hall, it was shocking that he even heard me coming. He stood up from the table and walked towards me. It wasn’t unusual for students to walk around through dinner; it wasn’t unusual for many to actually turn up on time…or at all. We didn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Until Avery smiled from behind us. “That’s it Potter, come and put the leash on your bitch.”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I had become somewhat accustomed over the past few days to ignoring this banter, James on the other hand, had not. White sparks shot from the end of his quickly drawn wand and hit Avery square in the face. He made a girlish yelp as boils burnt on his skin. He held his head in his hands as he ran from the hall.

We ignored the protesting shouts from his fellow Slytherins and the teachers. McGonagall began shouting about how much detention James was going to receive; there was only so much that he could fit in to his life at Hogwarts. I was sure that he was going to quickly fill it all.

“Can you answer me something?” I asked quietly.

“Depends what it is.”

My entire posture changed as I tried to hold back a pleading grin. “What did Lysander teach you; why did he give in?”

“No, I’m not going to tell you that.”

My grin gave way and revealed itself at the simple sound of his demanding voice. James had become recently mysterious; his reputation had shot up, if that was even thoughts anymore humanly possible. People thought he was cooler than Merlin himself. Girls were always around, whether they were glaring, or drooling. James Potter was a girl magnet. Officially. Again.

He leaned forward confidentially, eyes devious with secrets. “I am not going to tell you yet, so don’t try to break me with that cheeky little grin of yours.”

“Well when will you tell me?”

I bit my lip with hope of the word either being ‘Now’, or ‘Soon’. But instead he said. “When you least expect it.”

“That’s very mafia of you.” I said, eyeing him suspiciously. I stubbornly smiled. “Please?”


“Why not!”

“Ask Dom.” He finished, pulling me towards the Gryffindor table.

I folded my arms stubbornly and smiled at Fred and Dixie. “That I might just do.”

I watched my friends argue amongst themselves about Astronomy. James was sure that ‘Sirius’ was infact the best star, while Fred liked Orion. Dixie was speaking about Horoscopes, her obsession and proving that they are both infact wrong. I simply nursed my tea with a small sterling spoon.

The Simon-era. Could I pull through too? 

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Chapter 28 will be called Ice, Ice Baby.

I shot Evie a glare of death. “What is wrong with you?” 

“Me?” she echoed. “There is nothing wrong with me, you mongrel, you’re the dog! You’re the one that grows a tail every month and shags woodland creatures.”

And a lot of you thought that Evie was out of the picture.  I’m not sure if you will all like the next chapter, but I do. So I am posting it anyway.

Chapter 28: Ice, Ice Baby
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Beautiful chapter image by Camila @ tda.
Lois and Charisma

“I love Quidditch, I honestly do.” Freddy moaned loudly as we sat on the muddy pitch. “But I really hate Quidditch Practice!”

I snorted. “I have a T-shirt expressing my demise.”

“Can I get one?”

It was seven in the morning and I doubted the most were even awake. Being able to lie in on a Saturday morning was something that I specifically looked forward to. James had other ideas. Our Slytherin match was tomorrow, the first since we arrived back at Hogwarts and James wasn’t taking any chances. For the past week we have been up and on the pitch for 4am. I usually have nothing against the earth, the air and the wind. They’re each a natural beauty. However when the earth is actually mud in your mouth from face planting, the wind is the cause of your fall and you seem to lack the air to finish your fifth lap around the pitch – they suck.

“I hear you, Fred.” Drew moaned as he fell to the floor next to us, sticking his broom handle in to the ground – a nasty habit.

I quickly got acquainted with the aching in my sore muscles and leant my head on Freddy’s arm; he was muscleier than James, resembling more of a small bear. “Why are you complaining? Jimmy took it easy on you!”

“What are you chatting about, Weasley?” Drew snapped. “He made me work just as hard as you!”

I narrowed my eyes. “I hate to break it to you, baby. But James made you smack some Bludgers around by yourself. Freddy and I had to run the pitch…six times.”

“Charisma, ‘smacking’ Bludgers isn’t the right term. And it hurts more than you think!”

“I am your fellow Beater!” Freddy exclaimed, throwing a mud ball at Drew. “I know how much it hurts. I would have taken that any day over this!” He gestured to his legs.

“Call Dixie over,” Drew muttered. “I am sure that she’d rub them better for you.”

Freddy sent a harsh glare that was no match for mine; it never faltered. “Don’t be a dick.” He muttered darkly, shooting a sideways glance to his fellow beater.

“Lads, please.” I asked. “Language.”

“Sorry, love,” said Fred while Drew smiled in apology.

I looked up to the sky, Kyle was running pitch laps. Apart from Ellie, no one has been on speaking terms with him and to be honest, no one’s really spoken to Elle. I have tried, but she feels awkward. “So, who can we blame it on?” I asked thoughtfully.

“Kyle.” Drew said nonchalantly and wincing at the whistle that was annoyingly being repeatedly blown in the distance by our beloved Captain.

I raised a brow. “That was a Freaky Friday moment.” Freddy was always the one to jump at the chance of demeaning Kyle. He’s always thought that he was a bit of a prick. Drew, however, was as close to Kyle as I was to James, but without the whole, I love him thing. I hope. Drew simply shrugged. “James is being really harsh on him.”

“James is always being harsh on him.” Freddy rectified. “He takes ever opportunity he gets. But Kyle isn’t going to quit…we know that. So James is being a pric – errm…horrible person.”

I shrugged. Last year, I would have thought that James wasn’t the type, but I couldn’t say that now. I remembered back to third year when he absolutely decked Andrew for throwing my teddy bear from the Gryffindor Tower. He made him go and find it…and then walk around the school carrying the poor teddy. He was my, James. Always.

I patted Drew’s back sympathetically. I knew that he didn’t like all the hatred towards Kyle. Infact, neither did I. he was mean, yes. But he didn’t deserve this. I stood up and smeared the mud from my hands on to my robes. I took my broom from the ground and flew over to James. He was sat on his broom in the air, shouting drills at Kyle to complete. Ellie was over, teaching Polly some quick reactions.

“Oi!” I greeted happily, pulling his whistle from his mouth. “Cool it.”

He frowned and pulled the whistle from my grasp. “Never pull the property of James Potter.”

“Wanna try that again?”

“Never pull the property of James Potter.” He repeated. “It’s not changing.”

I rolled my eyes. “Just lay off of Kyle, yeah?” I didn’t wait for an excuse; I simply dived down and landed on the pitch. I didn’t want to hear his words. They would be mean. I was torn. I winked at Freddy and Drew as I walked towards the changing rooms. James wouldn’t stop me.

Lois looked at me with frustration in her enormous brown eyes. “You’re going to be late!” She cried, poking me in the side as we briskly walked down the corridor.

“It’ll be fine!” I mumbled attempting to slow down a little. “We have half an hour until I need to be in the Changing Rooms and the match doesn’t start for another hour and a half!”

She stopped and put her hands smartly on her hips. “Dan put me in charge of getting you to the Quidditch Match; he said that you would be late.”

“I was late by like, five seconds last time.” I moaned. “It didn’t matter.”

“I’m a Ravenclaw!” she exclaimed. “It’s in my nature to be freakishly early. Just allow it…please?”

I acknowledged her beg and allowed myself to be pulled along. She dodged a young child and narrowly missed a Professor. Smiling an apology I wiped my brow. My hair was scraped back in to a tight bun. It was getting windy outside, I wasn’t going to have it blow in my face. I have made that mistake before. I was in my uniform, not the clothing part, the under part. The robes were hung in my locker in the Changing Room. I wore a white skintight long top that was covered with something that resembled a stab-vest. Similar protection covered my legs. I wore Teddy’s old Gryffindor jumper that cam down to my mid-thigh. Teddy was a right old giant.

I chuckled as we came to a stop. “Is the exercise becoming too much for you Lois?” I teased, bending down to sort out the buckle on my black boot.

“Price, Hearsum.” The tone sounded indignant.

I snapped the buckle shut and rose to standing with my arms folded across my chest. “Lewis.”

“Tramp,” Lois greeted.

I hid a smile and tugged on the jumpers sleeve a little. “I would love to stay and chat but, we have to be going.” I stalled, taking Lois’s arm and walking past Lewis.

She grabbed hold of my jumper and pulled me back. “Hey!” Lois exclaimed. “That’s harassment!”

“No one saw, no one will care.” Evie hissed. “You listen here, you may have embarrassed me the other day infront of my friends and James, but – what’s so funny?” She ceased at my snort.

I sighed. “You still think that those people are your friends.”

“Yes, Price, actually I do.” I could tell by her tone that she wasn’t playing around. She spoke firmly and let go of the fist full of material she still held from my jumper. “I just wanted you to know that I am going to get you back.”

“For what?” I asked loosing patience. I surveyed her and grinned. “I was only trying to be nice…it’s not my fault that you’re a trollop with no prospects.”

Lois snorted and Evie shoved her to the ground. A chorus of protests came from the students stood around us, especially the group of young girls that ended up with Lois on the floor in the middle of their circle. My mouth hung open as I rushed to Lois’s side. Pulling her up I shot Evie a glare of death. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Me?” she echoed. “There is nothing wrong with me, you mongrel, you’re the dog! You’re the one that grows a tail every month and shags woodland creatures.”

Lois scoffed and wiped her hands on to her jeans, her white jumper was looking a little dusty. “Now listen here-“

“Evie,” I interrupted. “When James told you what I am did you stay for the whole explanation, or did you run away like a coward?”

“I’m not a cowar-“ she objected.

“I’m going to take that as a no.” I pulled a Kirby grip from the jumper and pulled my fringe back to pin it to my head. “When I was eleven, I was in the woods behind James’s house. I didn’t know werewolves; I thought it would be perfectly safe.”

“I don’t want to hear it.”

I was obviously irritated. “Well you’re going to.” I snapped. “You might as well know the truth behind what you’ve been spreading around.”


“No, Lois,” I said, putting my arm out behind me to stop her from walking forward. Her bouncy hair fell in to her face. “I need to do this.” I looked Evie square in the face and using my height as an obvious advantage. “I had received a message from my Grandfather in Russia; he believed that Fenrir Greyback’s followers were building an army once again. He wanted me to be careful – of course; I had no idea what he was talking about. It was simply ironic that it was later that night I heard growling in the forest.” Evie’s breath hitched. She didn’t want to listen to this. “He grabbed my feet in his mouth and pulled me back through the mud. I was thrown against trees, he rolled me in to the lake near by and I sank to the bottom. It wasn’t until later that I realized that the wolf was sanding on my stomach. Intentionally or not…I thought that I was going to drown.”

The uninvited listeners around us made no noise and Evie groaned. “Shut up!” She screeched. “No one wants to hear your sob story.”

“I don’t care if you don’t want to hear it!” I said simply, even I could hear the crack in my voice. I hadn’t told this to anyone. “You’re going to! I was eleven and I thought that I was going to die! I was saved by Harry Potter, who happened to be out looking for me that night. He carried me back to the house with minimal scars and damage. He healed my broken bones and my cuts…but there was nothing that he could do for my blood.” I paused. It may have come across for affect, but I couldn’t seem to speak. I simply opened and closed my mouth numerous times, trying to search for the words. “…it was tainted.”

“You’re still a monster.” She whispered.

I shook my head. “No I’m not. I am not evil at all. I don’t even turn in to a wolf.”


I shuddered. “I talked to James, he didn’t say out loud that I was a wolf, you simply jumped to the conclusion on your own. He never said the words out loud.” I needed to echo it, I needed to believe it. “I don’t kill people; I don’t murder, or scare. I just feel the effects…and loose my mind.”

She just shook her head and swallowed back a tear that everyone knew was there. She did have a heart. “So you’re just a mental case instead.”

“Pretty much,” I agreed with a small smile. I vulnerably folded my arms over my stomach. “But I would behave if I were you; the moon in a couple of weeks, and I tend to go after the people that piss me off.”

She just rolled her eyes. “I’m not afraid of you.”

“I wouldn’t expect you to be,” I teased. “I’m not a particularly scary person.” A small child in the small scattering of nearby students laughed.

“Yeah,” Lois agreed, “She’s a puppy.”

I chuckled and opened my mouth with a reply that sounded along the lines of ‘Buhbye now’! But I was cut off by Evie’s snide remarks. Yes, another one of them. Do they ever end?

“I thought that you were on the floor.” She sneered to Lois.

Lois looked baffled, “Lewis…” she said slowly. “You are the most astonishing person that I have ever met.”

“Mongrel,” she growled to me.

I pulled my wand from my boot and raised it immediately to Evie’s face. She was shocked. I was trained to duel by James Potter himself, if she even thought that she could trick me. She reached for her wand. “Go on, I dare you.” I challenged.

She looked in my eyes. By blues meeting with her stormy ones; for the first time in my life, I noticed that her eyes were the colour of sewage. I laughed. “What’s so funny, have you lost it Price?”

I shook my head. “It’s just strange to think that for the first time in my life, I don’t give a flying hippogriff about someone else’s feelings.”

“I like the way that you still can’t say shit.”

I saw Nate and Dan push their way past a couple of second years, the crowd was depleting quickly. Most didn’t want to stick around; two Gryffindor’s against each other is dangerous. A lot of surrounding objects get destroyed. “I have no need to.”

She snorted. “Really?”

I took a step forward and she jumped back. “I’m a werewolf, Evie it’s not contagious.”

She glared at me, flinching at the word. “I’m not scared.”

“Yes, we’ve been through this.” I said coolly as if I were talking to a child. “You have no reason to be.” Dan smirked; his scoff could be heard from two meters away. It was a pretty loud scoff. Evie seemed lost for words, a rare occurrence. “Does it make you feel better?” I asked hysterically. “To know that I feel like crap?” She actually looked a little frightened. I didn’t want to be a bully. But I felt the urge. “I could take the insults, they didn’t bother me. I could deal with all of your mean comments and your snide remarks. But what I couldn’t take was you acting superior to me just because I am a wolf.”

“Monster.” She spat on the floor infront of her. I was shocked she didn’t aim for my face. But it only took a second before Dan had his wand out, aimed in the same direction as mine.

Nate stepped forward and grabbed hold of my arm. “As a prefect, I can’t allow this.”

“As a friend?”

“Kill her,” he said with a shrug. “Unfortunately, this isn’t you, Charisma. I would expect it from Danny, Potter, or Lois, but not from you. The sad thing is that I know that you were actually going to do it.”

I looked to the floor and stared at my wand. What had I become? I was so focused on making Evie feel guilty for her deeds, I was so desperate to make her feel upset, I had let myself become the one thing that I despised. I was bully.

I handed my wand over to Nate. He smiled and put it back in my boot.

Dan on the other hand didn’t acknowledge immediately what was going on. “Hang on!” He shouted. “I can’t hex a girl.”

“I can!” Lois chimed cheerfully, pulling her wand from hr jean pocket and smiling at Evie. “Impedimenta! That was for pushing me!”

My eyes widened in horror as I watched Evie gasp. A slight crackling could be heard from her feet, simultaneously we all looked down. Her foot froze, and as quickly as it came, her body became ridged and slowly turned to ice. Ice.

“This has gone too far.” I whispered. Nate swallowed and looked at Lois.

She looked a little startled but simply shrugged it off. She pushed a lock of brown hair from her face and put it behind her ear. “It was either that one or the spell that makes your intestines fall out of your bum.” She caught up on her breath. “But I didn’t know the counter curse for the other one, so I thought that this spell would be a little safer.”

“A counter curse?” I echoed. “Do we really have to change her back?”

“We could just put her in sun…” Dan suggested trailing off towards the end with a shrug.

“If those actions weren’t classed as murder, I would have no problem with it.” Lois swallowed and smiled apologetically at me.

“I love it when you talk like that.” Dan whispered suggest towards his girlfriend who was too occupied feeling confused to blush.

A moment stood where no one spoke, I looked around. Three different groups stood around us. A small gathering of second year Hufflepuffs stood, wide eyed, staring at Evie. Not one of them pulled their eyes away. I would have helped them checked if they were alright, but they weren’t worthy; they all supported Slytherin scarves for the upcoming match. The opposite to the fourth year Ravenclaw’s, two of them, two girls, they looked a little scared. Dan looked to the Slytherins infront of him and glanced back to the other two groups.

“Any of you speak of this, and you will join her.”

“Dan!” I snarled.

“What the hell else was I supposed to say?” He muttered back, I leant my head towards him. “Run along?”

I looked towards Evie. She wasn’t melting, it was a good sign, I guess. Lois and I shared no classes, where she learnt that particular spell baffled me. “I would probably have been better than what you said, yes.”

I had just witnessed one of the strangest sights of my life. A group of petty girls arguing before one gets turned to ice. Never again will I witness that. I took a moment to take it all in. Fun.

“Nate do you have to report this?” Lois said, her voice hitched a little. She liked the thought of hexing Evie, but she was still a Ravenclaw, she didn’t want it on her record.

“No,” said Nate, calmer now he had the upper hand.

I looked straight to him, a little shocked. “No?”

He shook his head. “I saw nothing, I was running late to the match and arrived in the stands later than usual. I know nothing of a student turning to ice.” I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was holding, as did Lois. Dan simply smiled. “Considering that I know nothing…”

“…you can’t report anything!” Lois cried, flinging her arms around Nathans neck and hugging him tightly. She muttered many ‘thank you’s’ and apologies for putting him in that position before Dan pulled her off and smiled.

“You’re my girlfriend, remember?”

She glared and took a deep breath. “There’s only one thing to do now.”

“Go to the Quidditch Match?” I asked solemnly.

Dan nodded. “Head on.” He smiled and put his wand back in to his jeans pocket. “I knew that you wouldn’t be able to get her to the match on time.” He said to Lois. Her glare was unmentionable. I have no words.

I pulled my clothes fro my open locker roughly, Polly holding the door open. Elle sat in the corner quietly. “Ellie?” I asked. “Do you fancy helping?”

She looked up for a moment. “You were late,” she snapped. “It was your own fault. You sort it out.”

Polly blinked and looked to the floor. She didn’t like arguments; knowing that Elle and I weren’t on the best of terms at the moment made her feel as if she was on edge. I put my hand on her shoulder and smiled. “Can you grab my broom for me?” I asked gesturing to the wooden beauty propped up in the corner. She nodded and walked over.

I had honestly had enough of selfish girls acting snotty towards me today. I plucked up the courage to ask Elle of her problem as Freddy ran in through the doorway. His hand was set over his eyes. “Can I come in? Are you naked?”

I hobbled over while strapping on the leather insides to my leggins. “Freddy, we’re fine, love.” I said, pulling hand away from his face as I secured the strap.

“Charisma!” he yelled, pulling me awkwardly in to his arms and lifting me from the ground. “James has been going absolute nutters!” My eyes widened. “He couldn’t find you this morning, after you disappeared after breakfast; he went to catch up with you but couldn’t find you. And then when you weren’t here when we were getting changed-“

“I’m here now.” I soothed. “Is he alright?”

Freddy nodded, smacking me with his bat on my upper arm. “Get your kit on, love, and then pop your head ‘round the corner.”

“Alright,” I said casually. “But can you do me one thing?”

He shrugged.

“Tighten my straps?” With that I pointed to the pads between my thighs. “I know that you don’t usually do it, but I seriously doubt that Ellie is going to help me.”

“Well, if I have to.” He teased with a mock pout. I jumped up on to the bench and he undid the inner buckle. Within a second I felt the strap tighten around my inner thigh and the buckle dug in to my leg.

“Freddy!” I yelped. He looked up in concern. “I still want my leg to work, yeah?”

“Sorry, Charisma.” Said Fred as he loosened it a little. “It’s what you get when you request the help of a beater.” He pulled a pathetic pose that resembled Superman and took the broom that Polly had just brought over. “Alright there Chaser?” He asked, before giving me a high five and catching me as I jumped down from the bench. “We have a game to win.”

Polly laughed and we walked towards the door. “Coming slag?” Freddy asked Elle as he jogged after me with Polly at his side.

I rolled my eyes and entered the door of the boys changing room. Drew glared as I walked in. “Cutting it a little close aren’t we?” He was leant by the door; I assumed that the others were around the corner.

“I’m here aren’t I?”

“Cheek,” he pinched my check and threw his arm around my shoulder. I rolled my eyes as I stopped around the corner. James was sat on the bench, his Quidditch uniform securely on, but he was looking at the floor. I knew that expression, James Potter was feeling insecure.

I walked up and sat down next to him. He looked at me through nervous green eyes. “Where have you been?”

“Out and about,” I muttered, placing my hand on to his forearm.

“Well that’s not good enough!” he exclaimed.

I looked to the floor and pulled my hand back. “I know, I should have been here earlier.”

He nodded once, stern. “You’re a pain in the arse, you are.” He wrapped his arm around my waist and I threw my arms around his neck. “We’re going to win this, Charisma. We’ve got to.”

“We’re going to, James.” I said fervently. “Of course we are. They’re only snakes, right?” I said, throwing my arms in to the air and falling backwards to lie on the bench. The team laughed. “Yeah, yeah!” I muttered.

Freddy snorted. “Come on guys, we call all laugh at Charisma at the victory party. Until then, we’ve got a game to win!” 

AN;. That was chapter 28.

So, Evie has returned. Is she going to let this one go?
I was a little shocked at the amount of you gorgeous readers that thought Evie would just leave it at that :P. She is very stubborn, she is never going to let it go…or is she? Ok, I’m done with the cryptic crap now. 

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I hope that you liked this one; I’m on the fence as if to whether you will or now. So, the next chapter is the Quidditch match. Who will win, Gryffindor or Slytherin? What will be the injury rate? I have had many suggestions as to how Evie should be ‘dealt with’, but short of throwing her off of the astronomy tower or pushing her down a flight of stairs, many were not legal. Wait, those two aren’t either. What a bad influence you are on me :P Kidding!

The next chapter will be called ‘It was Only a Game’. What do you all think will happen? What will James’s reaction be to Evie’s little episode?

‘Kyle Sanford is a big, fat arse,
He is a big, fat arse,
Is a big, fat arse,
Kyle Sanford is a big, fat arse,
And nobody really likes him.’

I give you all one guess as to who began the chant. They are actually one of your favorite characters. I love them so much (and so do you guys, apparently) that they are in the sequel. They aren’t in every chapter. And are cool. :P Until next time

Chapter 29: It Was Only a Game
  [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter]

Beautiful Chapter Image by Mistletoe @ tda. 
Polly Toon

It was not good. It wasn’t good at all.

For the Slytherins, things were great 30 – 190 to the raging snakes. The Slytherins were cheering so vividly for their house team; one child had actually tumbled from the stands. Hufflepuffs were enjoying themselves, but didn’t take it as far as the reptiles. Gryffindor looked miserable; after all, they came here to see us win, something we were not achieving.

The snitch had been flying around for over an hour, both Elle and the Slytherin seeker, Donovan, had been trying their hardest. Although considering they have similar abilities and tactics, it wasn’t going to well. Ellie and Donovan were cousins; they knew each other inside out. They knew each others weakness, they knew each others faults. They also knew each others strong points, hence the reason they have been attempting to thwart each other throughout the entire match. It’s not working.

Draco was in the stands, watching his son. He seemed excessively pleased with Scorpius’s performance. Who wouldn’t? He was one of the best chasers in the school, better than me by a long shot.

The corners of my lips turned in to the formation of a snarl as I pushed forward, biting back the wind as I flew. Above me I felt a beater fly past, skimming my shoulder. I would be damned if I was going to get hit. Again. I dived down and caught the Quaffle spinning in to a formation with James and Kyle. I got close to the hoop and was cut off by Blaize. He winked and leant forward to grab the Quaffle from my hands. I dropped it down, allowing Kyle to snatch it from me. He flew forward. James sped along side him.

I dived under Zabini and leant forward. I was determined to win this match. If we didn’t, we would have to score at least five hundred points against Hufflepuff to win. We’re good, but I doubt we’re that good. I brief wind blew, pushing my broom faster and knocking hair from my ponytail.

Kyle was headed for a Gillyturn formation of the Slytherin Chasers and Keeper. “Kyle!” I called. “Kyle! Pass!” He looked back once before pushing further. This was how the whole game had been.

Kyle wasn’t going to share.

James leant forward and glared at Kyle as the Slytherins gained possession of the Quaffle. I went forward alone as I listened to the bleak announcements surrounding me. I veered left and overshot the turn, coincidentally knocking Baizes broom and catching the Quaffle as it dropped from his grasp. Scorpius swore, diving back and tailing me down the pitch to regain possession.

“Lookie here.” Jordan mocked in to the mic. “Malfoy is chasing Price, according to rumor, chasing isn’t the only thing they’ve been doing. I heard there has been a little bit of hanky pank – OI! Watch it Bludgers. POTTER!” I looked ahead to see James with Drew’s beaters bat in his hands, having knocked one through in to the viewers stand where Lee sat. I didn’t blame him actually. He seemed more bothered by the rumors than Scorpius and I did.

I threw myself forward and watched as my throw shot the Quaffle past the Slytherin keeper and in through the hoop. A cheer erupted from the Gryffindor stands. Lee screamed for Gryffindor while regaining his stance after dodging James bludger. I intercepted the pass-back and threw it towards the left hoop; my last shot was to the right.

“Another ten points for Gryffindor! Price is on a roll!” Lee boomed through the stadium. His voice only intensified my adrenaline. “ANOTHER TEN!” He shouted as James caught the Quaffle from behind and threw it through the hoop. “Thirty points in twenty second everybody! How, do they do it?” James roared in achievement before laughing and speeding off to the other side. Kyle had the Quaffle, he wasn’t sharing. He flew up the pitch before being intercepted by Scorpius and another Slytherin goal was shot.

It took me longer than most to slow down and look to the stands. It appeared that Lee had begun a chant that sounded a little something like this;

‘Kyle Sanford is a big, fat arse,

He is a big, fat arse,

Is a big, fat arse,

Kyle Sanford is a big, fat arse,

And nobody really likes him.’

The rhyming skills were a little off, but the gesture was there I sent a thumbs up to Lee and he laughed. “You see that folks? The gorgeous Charisma Price likes our chant – What do you mean have some discretion, Professor? Sanford is a dick. No I will not watch my language!”

“Your right turn is crap.” Scorpius drawled smugly as he flew past, upside down I might add. I leant up and grabbed hold of his robes, pulling him off of his broom. That’s what he gets for showing off. Another round of laughter was heard from the stands as I snatched the Quaffle and left Malfoy dangling in mid air. I passed it to James and made sure that Scorpius was alright. He shoved me playfully before speeding back off towards the hoops.

“I did have a few dog jokes tucked up my sleeve for this game,” Lee announced. “But I can’t whip them out now; Charisma Price is on a roll. It would be tactless, it would be terrible. She’s on fire baby!” I rolled my eyes but tried to keep them o the pitch infront of me. Being a chase meant constantly moving, it was a stamina filled position. Luckily, I was graced with the stuff. “I would mention one about an old man and a flea collar, but I have a feeling that another Bludger would just be sent my way by Potter.”

Without any warning whatsoever I dived forward and intercepted the approaching Quaffle. Drew slid infront of me and deflected a bludger towards the Slytherin stands. Unintentional or not, it was hilarious. They all squealed like little girls.

“I have tact, Professor,” Lee reasoned. “I am just winging it a little. Usually by now my dearest Minevera would have taken the microphone. Where is she today? MINNIE?!”

I smiled and bit back laughter as I graced forward determinedly. Another ten points for Gryffindor. As long as Kyle didn’t get the Quaffle, we would be fine; a harsh tactic, but reasonable.

“Oh no!” Lee cried. Never a good thing to hear at a match. “Two beautiful ladies have walked on to the pitch below. Maybe they’re competing as to who gets the victory shag. The winning team will take them and ravage them in th- No, don’t take the mic!”


The howls of the bickering came vividly through the microphone. Lee Jordan was terribly passionate about commentating. The game stood to a halt as two girls walked out on to the pitch below. They were followed by McGonagall.

“Oh look,” Lee shouted as a distant cry. “A late entry!”

Laughter had to be swallowed for the good of this situation. Madame Hooch blew on her whistle pausing the game. I sent a confused look to Drew, who was trailing behind me. We both flew down along with the rest of our team as student fidgeted impatiently in the stands. I dropped the Quaffle to the floor as I landed and held my broom by my side. James stall sat on his, his feet slightly off of the floor.

Our Headmistress took her wand and placed it to her neck. In an old fashioned style, her voice made a crackling sound before amplifying itself. I head it was what Dumbledore used to do before he passed. “Students and Teachers,” she said, her voice sounding harsh and withered. She sounded tired. “A student has been sent to the hospital wing due to an act of horrific bullying.” Crap. “The circumstances are disclosed. Until someone owns up for their travesty, this match will be temporarily cancelled.”

Cries of outrage and disappointment were heard throughout the stadium as the Professor walked away. I was half expecting her to turn around and shout ‘JOKE’, but she never did. The two girls were recognizable, half inch thick make up. They were Evie’s followers. I half expected James to be behind me, looking my way in disbelief that I had anything to do with it. But he wasn’t.

I turned to the right, and instead of seeing James, I saw the bludger, as it collided with my face. 

I internally rolled my eyes as inhaled the familiar small of the Hospital Wing. I fluttered open my eyes revealing the hazy blur that seemed to be plaguing me more than necessary. Things slowly came back in to focus as I noticed the people sitting around me. Sound came back to me before sight; I could hear their arguing before I could see where they stood.

I snapped my eyes shut before any had noticed my arrival back to consciousness. James’s voice was louder than others. This was the first time in over a week that he had spoken properly to the others; I wasn’t sure if they were glad to hear his voice or if they wished that he would loose it again. I could already visualize his posture by the tone of his voice; tall, superior, angry. But I knew that in his eyes stood mischief with a blend of nerves. It was all about the front with James Potter.

His was the first voice to register. “-with the team. You can’t play as a lone ranger in Quidditch, Sanford. You actually have to share the ball.”

“I can’t believe that you’re still blaming our loss on my playing.” Kyle retaliated. “I recon that you just can’t take the blame upon yourself for your terrible Captain-ing.” Before the words left his mouth the group knew it was a mistake. “If you hadn’t spent so much time punishing me for your mistake, and concentrated on the rest of the team then-“

“Then what?” Screeched a voice I recognized to be Dixie. “What the hell are either of you going to do?” I felt a hand grasp hold of mine. It held tighter than I hoped it would; it was crushing my hand. It wasn’t masculine. My guess, it was Lily. “Everybody in the school knows that this argument isn’t about Quidditch. Kyle, you were being a selfish bastard, and James, you’ve got to lay off the boy!”

I heard three sets of ragged breath and one snort. “You got something better to say there Ellie?”

“Don’t snap at me James.”

He laughed. “No. I will talk to you however I damn well please.”

“No you bloody won’t! Don’t you dare talk to my girlfriend like that.”

A chair threw itself back heavily against the stone flooring and the group silenced. “All of you, quiet.” Freddy. It seemed strange to hear big-bear become little bear. “If anyone has anything to say, keep it to yourself, or take it outside.” His voice resembled a hiss that I had only head once before, from James, towards Dan. “I am in here visiting my best friend, who was knocked in the face by a loose bludger.”

The hand in mine tightened and I tried to return the feeling. A small gasp.

“Lily,” James’s voice softened. “Are you alright?”

The moment of silence once again uttered itself around the room as James sat down on my bed, carefully maneuvering himself not to sit one me. I could feel Lily smile as I gripped once again. She knew I was awake. “Fine,” she murmured. “I just wish that you would all shut up.”

“I’m sorry, love.” He said, taking my other hand that was laid upon my stomach. His hand curled in mine and rested against my abdomen.

Ignoring the screeching pain in my head and back became unbearable as I tried to take a deep breath. I didn’t want them fighting. A strangled gasp cry left my throat before I could stop it. James leapt off of the bed and Lily let go of my hand. James’s stayed.



“Merlin! She’s alright.”

Many relief stricken words could be identified as I officially awoke. My eyes fluttered open accompanied by a roll as I identified the familiar ceiling. I seem to recall that I was in here for a similar reason last time … erm, the time before.

“What bastard hit me this time?” I coughed out. I was replied to by a chorus of laughs and smiles. I was surprised to see Elle near the front of my bed and Kyle not too far behind; like old times.

“Little Bludger bastard,” Freddy said, pulling my hair back from my face. I feared a nearby mirror. “Because McGonagall stopped the game early, no one got the Bludgers.”

“It was a stupid mistake,” Drew said, sitting on the end of my bed and pulling Polly on to his lap. The pair had stayed fairly silent until now. “I should have caught it. I am so sorry.”
I blinked and attempted to sit up. James leaned forward with a speed that I didn’t think was humanly possible. He caught my shoulders and held me still. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Sitting up?” I stated, it sounded more of a question. “I need to get some blood flowing around my body. I feel like an…ice block-“ I froze. Not for the reason of my temperature. But for the stern figure of Evie Lewis (iced) standing by the bed opposite. Madame Brandon was trying frantically to un-cast Lois’s hex.

“You like Evie, huh?” Drew asked, putting on a shameful attempt at an Italian accent. He pierced his lips together and said Voila.

I shook my head. “That’s French.” Dixie stated before I had the chance. “And It’s pure brilliance,” she smiled, knocking her head towards Evie. “If I ever meet the person that did it. I will actually kiss them – Oh Christ, you didn’t?”

I shook my head again. No. I didn’t do it. James glared at Dixie, annoyed that she would even suggest such a thing. He didn’t speak, but simply pulled off his Chaser’s jumper, two sizes bigger than mine – that happened to be missing - , sat me up and pulled it over my head. While pulling off his shoulder, he revealed his midriff. I smiled in thanks (for both the view and the warmth) and moved my shoulder slowly. They were stiff, but movable.

“How long has she been here?” I asked whoever would answer.

Lily made it first. She eagerly sat down in the chair next to the bed and pulled her knees up to her chest. “About two hours,” she said. “That brunette friend of hers, Felicity? -” She asked, James nodded in clarification. “– found her in a corridor on the third floor. Most were already at the match. It was a sneaky move. I guess someone finally just gave up putting up with her shit.”

I pulled the sleeved up over my hands and pushed my hair from my face. It wasn’t until I accidentally brushed my eye and felt a sharp sting of ache that I realized anything was particularly wrong with me. “Yeah, and they turned her in to a popsicle.”

“Charisma,” James whispered. “That’s awful.”

“But also pretty damn funny.” Freddy muttered. “Girls got a sense of humor. Are you sure that the bludger didn’t mess you up?”

I didn’t look back at James. I couldn’t look back at James. I could see that he was hurting. Who wouldn’t? He may not like Evie very much anymore, but the past still happened. Nothing could change that. I will have to accept it. I will have to accept it. I will accept it. Eventually.

I pressed a finger to my eye once again. “OW!”

“Don’t press it, you moron.” Drew snapped, pulling my hand away. Polly laughed. It was nice to be hugged by the teddy bear that was one of our beaters. “It’s black and blue.”

“What?!” I squealed, making a noise that I considered higher than most of the human language. “It’s can’t be, it didn’t even get hit. It’s my nose that hurts!”

“Well, there’s that too.”

“My nose?!” Another high-pitched noise fit only for dog calling erupted from my mouth. “Not my nose. I actually like my nose!”

Freddy laughed. “Calm down, love. Your precious little nose is fine, trust me. Madame Bitch fixed that up in a moment. She took down the swelling around your eye, but it will be a little sore for a week or two.” I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was holding. “Our Wood here just likes to exaggerate things.”

“What can I say?” Drew huffed. “I like drama.”

“Well you’ve come to the right school.” Lily moaned, pointing over to Evie.

She had unfrozen.

My eyes widened and I wished entirely that I was anywhere else, that Evie hadn’t been turned to ice or that I knew nothing of it. I wish that Lois or Teddy were here. I grabbed my wand from the table next to me. Madame Brandon was stood smugly next to a drenched Evie. Her hair was dripping with water and she shivered a little. Her expression was the complete opposite to the Professor, who happened to look incredibly proud of herself for undoing the hex. It made me laugh a little how many Professors were here, none, that’s how many. It’s obviously how important they considered Evie’s case to be.

“Charisma, what are you doing?” James asked, trying to pry my wand from my grip. It was only when a somewhat cold Evie took one evil look over in my direction, grabbed her own wand and pointed it to my bed, scowling and screaming like a banshee that James put any of the pieces together. “What is going on?”

She took a faltered step towards my bed and the girls whipped their wands out, shortly followed by the boys. It was only James who sat without. “You!” Evie screeched. “You did this to me!”

“No I didn’t!” I defended truthfully, my voice still a little rusty from the whole just-waking-up thing. “I just watched.”

Lily snorted while Dixie laughed in disbelief. I didn’t want to see the other reactions. I didn’t want to see his reaction. “And so that makes it all ok?”

“No, it doesn’t.” I admitted, once again, truthfully. “But it wasn’t ok for you to call me what you did. You deserved everything that you got. Infact you deserve a hell of a lot worse!”


“James, shut up.” I thanked Dixie with a nod as she pushed James down in to a chair. I stood up quickly from the bed and regretted it instantly as a rush of feeling raced through my numb body.

My boots hit the floor with a thud. “Evie. I am not a happy bunny right now. I recommend that you don’t speak to me again.”

“Or what?” she hissed. “Are you going to tell me another story? Are you going to get your Ravenclaw friend to turn me in to another inanimate object?”

“Girls,” Madame B acknowledged. “This is quite enough.”

“Caught on, have you?” James snapped from his pinned position to the chair.

Without any other warning whatsoever, Evie had wrenched her feet from the position they were in, taken a step towards me and blurted the first hex that she could think of. I easily blocked it with a shield charm. “Don’t think that you can fight a sixth year, Evie.” I snapped.

“Ladies!” Madame B interrupted again. She stood between the wands, a brave move for a nurse. “How dare you! How dare you fight like animals!”

“She has an excuse.” Evie spat.

“Yeah, haven’t you heard?” I asked. “I’m a mongrel.” Evie looked astonished that I had said such a thing. “Why are you so surprised?” I asked her. “It’s what you’ve been calling me for almost two weeks!”

“You weren’t supposed to join in!”

I rolled my eyes and leant back on to the metal of the bed. I could guarantee that I looked pretty threatening, especially with my black eye. “I’m sorry, do you want me to go and curl up in a ball in that corner over there?”

Dixie laughed from behind me and high-fived Ellie, mainly before either realized what they were doing. They pulled their hands away sheepishly. “Can you punch her now, please?” Dixie asked from behind. “I’ve never seen that before? I mean you’ve hit two people from our House, and I happen to miss both of them!”

“You’ve hit two people?” James asked from the chair. Even though he asked, I got the impression that he didn’t want to know. The chorus of ‘Kyle’ and the single ‘Me’ that was replied in a monotone didn’t seem to aid the situation.

“See!” Evie exclaimed. “She’s a monster, she should be locked away!”

James ripped himself up from his chair and shoved Dix and Fred aside. He walked over to me with a forced and took my arm. With a single head movement he glared at Evie. His expression alone would have had me in tears in an instant. “Bite your tongue.” He spat, acid tone. “You hypocrite, how dare you. I have absolutely nothing to say to you, Lewis. I honestly have no idea what you are at this moment, not the girl that I wanted to date, not at all. That girl was kind and sweet.” Evie actually looked abashed.

“James,” she whined.

“No! I don’t want to hear it!” He ordered, his hand let go of my wrist and met with the other to fold his arms over his chest. “You don’t get to whine at me anymore.” She actually looked hurt, like crying hurt. She tore her gaze away from mine and looked at the floor. “Evie, I want you to leave.”


“Leave.” His tone wasn’t angry, loud or smug. It was quiet. But she heard it. Pulling a wet strand of hair away from her eyes she walked proudly from the Hospital Wing, carting along what ever amount of dignity that she had left. James looked at me and I smiled. “I don’t know what you’re looking so smug about.” He said stepping away from me as if I were on fire. “I am so disappointed in you.”

I watched him walk from the Hospital Wing. Things were silent for a moment as our Captain walked from the room and headed down the stone staircase, by passing a teacher on the way out. Lois bashed his shoulder and uttered an apology as she passed. She grinned at me but it faltered when she noticed the pool of water, melted from where Lewis once was.

“I missed it?” She questioned. “Buggar!”

I looked to the floor and turned back to my friends. Dixie was smiling wider than anything I had seen before, the opposite to the expressions on the others faces. “If it means anything,” she said happily. “I thought that was utterly brilliant – Popsicle, Merlin you crack me up.” 

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A little of chapter 30 I hear you call - well here it is…

“Daniel,” I whispered. James took a step back. He looked a little hurt. “What did you do to the Wolfsbane?”