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The Pack Leader. by Ginger

Format: Short story
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 1,389
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Mystery
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, Neville, OC
Pairings: Harry/OC, Hermione/OC

First Published: 06/04/2009
Last Chapter: 12/14/2010
Last Updated: 12/14/2010

Harry, Ron and Hermione have a new friend, Charlie. Charlie is cool, funny, artsy and and disappears every full moon. They think that it's obvious what he is. But when people start dying around the school. They realize how wrong they were.

Chapter 1: First day back.
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"Hey! Over Here!" A short boy with dirty blond hair yelled waving towards Harry, Ron and Hermione from a table in the dinning hall.

They all smiled and headed towards him. It was their friend Charlie Cape. They had met him last year just before they finished their 5th year and had become a good friend of theirs; keeping in touch through letters during the summer.

He was short and thin. Thinner than they remembered and he looked shabbier and more mature the jovial, light-hearted boy they had met last year. He smiled as they approached and he looked the same as he used to for the split second that it lasted. He had large brown eye's and a pointy nose. His normally rosy cheeks were pale and sallow.

"How was the end of your summer?" Hermione asked. "You stopped writting the last month."

Charlie laughed.

"Yeah. My mom likes to get me ready for pretty early on. It tends to get pretty busy. New robes, new books, Pre-studying....she still thinks I'm some sort of genius." He looked around anxious for the first years to arrive. "How about you guys?"

"About the same." Hermione answered, "Pre-studying. I mean, we haven't even started and already I feel like I'm behind!"

The red head sitting next to her snorted.

"YOU feel behind. Ha! I've been sitting around de-gnoming the garden. That's it. No studying just louging around and throwing gnomes around." He leaned back casually, obviously forgetting that there was no back to the benches and had to cling on to the table for support.

Charlie laughed.

"What about you Harry?" he asked.
"I went to visit my aunt and uncle." Harry answered.

They all made disgusted faces.

"And how did that go?" Charlie inquired.
"Swell." Harry smirked. "Dudley just about wet himself the second I stepped in the door and then they just treated me like I didn't exist. It was relaxing!"

The four of them laughed just as the first years filed through the front door. Charlie looked around expectantly, bouncing in his seat to get a better look at the incoming students.

"Why are you so fidgety?" Ron asked looking at him curiously.
"Erin's in there. My sister Erin. I can't see her though." He stood up to look.

The four of them stood to look and search. None of them , aside from Charlie, having any clue what they were looking for.

"I see her!" Harry shouted and pointed to the front of the group on the far side.

Erin was easy to spot. Her and Charlie could have been twins. She was short, barely five feet with long blond hair passng her shoulders. She had the same brown eye's and pointy nose. She looked around nervously fidgeting with her robes. She found Charlie's face in he crowd and gave a faint smile and a small wave. He gave her the thumbs up sign and she smiled again before turning back to listen to proffesor McGonagall calling out names.

"Do you think she'll be in Gryffindor?" Ron asked, staring intently.
"I'm not sure. I want her to be. But she's really smart so maybe Ravenclaw. But she'd fit in in Huffelpuff as well." Charlie stared as McGonagall hurried Kyle Byron to the Slytherin table.

"Cape, Erin." She called and held up the sorting hat.

Charlie's sister hurried up the steps, nearly tripping herself and sat on the stool. Charlie held his breath. The sorting hat seemed to take ages deciding where she should go.

The Sorting Hat opened it's mouth to call out her house and then flew off her head. The entire crowd gasped as a loud laugh pierced the hall.

"EEEEE!! HEEE HEEE HEEE!" Peeves hovered near the floating chandelieres holding the hat above his head. "What house will I be in? What house will I Be in?"

"PEEVES!" Proffesor McGonall called. "Or so help me, I'll bring in an exorcist!"

Peeves stuck his tongue out at her and swooped around abouve the students heads to a loud round of applause. He flew past the teachers table and dropped the hat, which fell on Erin's head and slipped over her eye's.

"GRYFFINDOR!" The hat shouted as Peeves did a back flip and passed through the heavy wooden doors leading out of the hall.

The gryffindor table erupted in applause and Erin hurried over and hugged Charlie.

"Congradulations baby sister!" Charlie said to her hugging her with one arm.

She smiled and shrugged.

"Best house there is." She gave a lopsided grin and droppped into the seat next to her brother. "I'm starved."

Chapter 2: Secret Adventures.
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It was nearing the end of the first month of classes and the students were finally getting used to their school schedules. Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting in the common room finishing up some last minute Herbology homework.


“If you had finished this the day it was assigned, the two of you wouldn’t be scrambling to finish right now,” Hermione huffed. “And I wouldn’t have to sit here to talk you through it!”


Ron sighed, not looking up for his parchment.



“If you’re just going to sit there and annoy me, you might as well leave,” he said.


“If I leave you’ll never finish your assignment. It’s not like you know the answers!” She snapped.
“You’re not even helping!” he finally looked up. “Every time I ask you for an answer you tell me to look it up!”

Harry laughed and Hermione glared.

“It’s true Hermione. You might as well go do something more entertaining. Maybe go visit Dobby? I’ll make sure we get the homework done in time.” He promised.

He could tell that his suggestion to go visit Dobby had struck a chord with Hermione. Even though she wasn’t as vocal, she was still a big supporter of House Elf rights. She thought for a moment and clapped her hands on her knees.


“Alright, I’ll go. I’ll go find Erin and see if she wants to come. I’ve been talking to her a lot about the cause and she seems interested,” She decided.


“The last I saw her she was talking with Charlie,” Ron piped up.



Hermione took a look around the common room but didn’t see Erin or Charlie anywhere. She went up to the girls’ dormitory and checked Erin’s room. She wasn’t there either. She returned downstairs and reached into Harry’ backpack. She pulled out the Marauders Map, whispered something and tapped it with her wand. After studying it for several moments, she frowned and placed it firmly down on the table.


“Oy! You’re on top of my work,” Ron protested.

She gave him a steely glare and turned back to the map with a concentrated look on her face.

“Is it just me....or is neither Charlie nor Erin on the map?” She asked.

The two boys looked up from their work and moved closer to the map. All three studied the map for several minutes.

“They’re definitely not on there,” Hermione concluded. “I’m not the only one who can’t see them right?”
“No they aren’t. They must have left school grounds.” Ron said.
“Without telling us?” asked Harry. “We didn’t even teach them any secret passage ways yet. How did they get out?”




The three were quiet once more.

“Well, I’m sure they’ll tell us all about it when they get back. I’m going to visit the elves.” Hermione closed the map and stuffed it back in Harry’s bag.


She got up to leave and was nearly run over by Neville. He had several vials of different potion ingredients and various plants in his arms. He turned only briefly to apologize and hurried out of the common room. Hermione looked back a Ron and Harry with questions in her eyes and then carried on her ways


“I wonder what’s gotten in to him.” Ron asked.


“Let me just finish these last few sentences and we’ll check the map,” Harry answered without paying much attention.


After they had finished their reports Harry took the map back out.



“That’s odd.” Harry whispered under his breath.
“What’s that?” Ron tried peeking over at the map.
“It’s Neville....he’s not on the map. He’s off school grounds as well.”
“I can’t find him anywhere.”

Ron looked upset for a moment.

“I hate when people don’t invite us on adventures.”