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Fall For Me. by NickiForDraco

Format: Novella
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 16,423
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, OC
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Hermione, Other Pairing

First Published: 05/28/2009
Last Chapter: 12/14/2009
Last Updated: 12/14/2009


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‘Get it off me! Get it off! Granger, what have you done? I'm dying! Help!’ Draco started to cry. No one had ever seen Draco Malfoy cry. ‘Hagrid? What’s happening to him?’ Hermione screamed at the top of her lungs and she stood there too pretrified to move...

Something has changed about Draco this year...

WARNING: Contains same-sex pairing, extremely sensitive topic!

Chapter 1: Gryffindors and Slugs.
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Draco was running at full speed, he looked back to see his father hot on his heels with Voldemort next to him laughing hysterically. Draco turned a corner and tripped over his own feet and face planted the ground. He looked up at his father and the Dark Lord with blood gushing out of areas on his face.


 ‘Pitiful.’ Lucius spat at Draco’s scared and mangled form. ‘You are no son of mine.’


‘Father, please… I’m your flesh and blood.’ Draco choked back tears of pain and fear.


‘Poor little Draco. So weak, so useless it is your time to die now, and in whose hand you may ask? Well, it only seems fair that the person, who brought you into this world, takes you out.’ Lord Voldemort’s shrill voice boomed through Draco’s mind like an atomic bomb.


Draco woke up screaming. ‘Draco! You alright mate? You were screaming in your sleep.’ Draco’s best mate Blaise Zabini had his hands on Draco’s shaking shoulders.


‘Yeah, fine… bad dream is all.’ Draco whispered more to himself than anyone. ‘Just a dream I’m still alive.’ He said under his breath. He was finally away from his home and on the Hogwarts Express, heading back to the school he loved deep inside. He stared blankly out the window for the rest of the trip, making sure he didn’t fall back asleep.


When the train stopped, he was one of the last students off, and ended up sharing a carriage with a very strange third year girl. ‘You have beautiful eyes. I wish my parents had beautiful eyes, and then I would have inherited them.’ The brunette girl said to Draco when they were almost half way to the Castle.


‘Um… Thank you?’ Draco replied making sure he didn’t make eye contact with her for the rest of the ride. “I bet she is a mudblood, she looks like a mudblood” Draco thought to himself.


‘How many people in the world have beautiful eyes? I bet it’s over half the population.’ She said to herself. ‘What year are you in?’ She then turned to Draco and asked.


‘5th year’ Draco replied impatiently. The last thing he wanted at the moment was to be stuck with a weird girl talking about eyes.


When the carriage pulled up to the Castle Draco didn’t hesitate, he jumped out of the carriage grabbed his trunk and sped off towards the castle. He was almost at the doors when he heard the girl call out ‘Bye boy with pretty eyes!’ He pretended he didn’t hear her and kept moving at a fast pace.


‘Hey there you are mate!’ Blaise called over a whole heap of second years to Draco. ‘Not you, tiny!’ he said to a second year that turned around and looked at him.


The scared second year ran off and disappeared into the crowd. Blaise was a very intimidating person.


Draco turned and waited for Blaise to shove his way through the students, he was a lot taller than most kids his age so he wasn’t hard to spot through the mass of children trying to squeeze into the Great Hall.


‘Yeah, I took my time getting off the train, hoping I wouldn’t get caught up in the crowds. Obviously my plan failed.’ Draco laughed. Blaise and Draco shoved and pushed their way to the Great Hall without difficulty, most students moved out of their way before either of the intimidating boys had a chance to push them over.


Blaise let out a laugh. ‘I love being tall for my age.’


Draco nodded in agreement and said ‘I love being in Slytherin, that alone scares most of them.’ They found a seat at the Slytherin table and started to chat about their holidays… Well, Blaise told Draco about his holidays, Draco didn’t speak much of the horrors that went down at the Malfoy Manner in the summer holidays.


The Great Hall fell quiet when Professor McGonagall barged through the oversized oak doors with a whole heap of scared and nervous first years. Draco tripped a young black haired boy with glasses as he walked past. The first year got up and ran to a friend he obviously made on the Hogwarts Express.


‘He reminded me of Potter.’ Draco whispered to Blaise. They laughed and joked until Professor McGonagall started reading out names. After Jackson Xafama was sorted into Ravenclaw and seated the elderly Head Master, Dumbledore stood to make his welcome back speech. Draco hoped it wouldn’t go for too long, he was starving.


‘Students, Welcome back to another wonderful year at Hogwarts! First years, I would like to tell you, and other students, remind you, that the Forbidden Forest, is well… forbidden. Our caretaker Mr. Filch would also like me to remind you all, that magic in the hallways is not allowed, anyone who is found doing magic in the halls will serve detention. Now, I mustn’t keep you all from dinner. Enjoy!’ With that he sat back down as the food piled onto the tables.


Draco wasted no time in filling his plate with pies and sausage rolls and filling his goblet with pumpkin juice. After all the students had full bellies and were ready for bed Professor Dumbledore stood to make another speech. ‘Why does he intend on making a speech at the beginning and ending of dinner?’ Draco whined.


‘I hope everyone enjoyed that spectacular feast. Welcome once again. I hope you all have a wonderful year. Now that everyone is full and sleepy, you can now go to bed and snuggle with your favourite teddy, I know I will!’ Dumbledore laughed to himself and walked out the back door of the Great Hall.


Draco and Blaise headed down into the dungeons to their dorms. Once inside the common room it was full of excited new first year Slytherins. Draco had an idea and shoved Blaise lightly in the side and nodded his head towards the first years. Blaise nodded in response and they made their way over to the fireplace in the middle of the far wall.


‘Attention first year students!’ Draco called out; almost at once the first years all turned their heads around to look at the two tall boys standing.


‘Listen up! My name is Draco Malfoy, and this is Blaise Zabini, we are pretty much the rulers of all Slytherin people. Fellow Slytherins, I would like you all to know, that I might rule Slytherin, and the people in this house, but do NOT under any circumstances, make contact with me or Blaise at anytime, and you must refer to us as our last names, only FRIENDS call each other by first names, and we certainly are not friends.’ Draco and Blaise then went to walk off but then Draco turned around to say something more.


Most of the first years seemed petrified to even look at him and then when he spoke again they all looked as if they would get detention if they don’t. ‘Oh and also, do not go into the dungeon study under the common room, that’s where we keep the dead bodies.’ Draco then turned and left laughing to himself.


‘That was a great speech mate, especially the part about the dead bodies.’ Blaise roared with laughter.


‘That’s one way to keep the first years out of our study for about a year.’ Draco laughed.


After a few hours of swapping stories about the summer holidays and conjuring hot chocolates and marshmallows the two boys started to feel sleepy and decided to hit the hay.


Draco woke early that morning, and decided to have a shower first. The boys in Slytherin still went by the rule ‘First in, First served.’ This was much more chaotic than the girls scheduled times. Draco was happy he was the first into the bathroom so he quickly locked the door before one of his friends decided to come in and take over the shower.


Draco undress and hopped under the hot steaming water, he loved the way it would make snakes of water twirling and rushing down his chest and his body. The hot water seemed to undo any cramps or knots that had appeared in the night and took away the stress. He was washing his perfect blond hair when he heard a knock on the door.


‘Come on Draco! Hurry up!’ Blaise called from the other side of the door.


‘You can come in; if you want to be shamed cause my wand is bigger!’ Draco laughed.


‘You wish! You haven’t seen big until you’ve seen mine mate!’ Blaise laughed loudly enough to wake up the whole Slytherin house.


Draco then hurried out of the shower, got dressed and stuck his wand in his pants to make ‘it’ look abnormally huge. ‘See, mine’s bigger.’ Draco laughed when he saw Blaise had done the same thing. Draco gave Blaise a high-five and descended to the common room.


Draco sat in front of the fireplace as his hair dried slowly; he combed it so it was scruffy and messed up. He checked his reflection in the mirror on top of the fireplace. “Looking pretty good.” He thought as he checked his face for any impurities. Obviously there were none, Draco had always had perfect skin. As his hair dried fully, he used a spell to make it stay in the scruffy look.


As the fire blazed Draco stared into it and was lost in his thoughts. He was brought back to the common room when a tiny first year girl stood in front of the fire. ‘Hey!’ Draco shouted at the young blonde girl. ‘Yes?’ The girl said as she looked like she was about to wet herself. ‘What’s the time twerp?’ Draco demanded. The girl looked around trying to find a clock as quick as she could then she realized she was wearing a watch. ‘Um… it’s almost 7…’ she said and then ran off up to the girls dorm.


“Hmmm… I better head to breakfast.” Draco thought to himself. He stood up from the cozy lounge and headed out to the great hall for breakfast. Draco was having a good morning so far, joking around with Blaise in the mornings was always a good start to Draco's days. He was coming up the stairs and turned into the Great Hall when an all too familiar voice was heard.


‘Honestly Ronald, do you not know anything?’ Hermione Granger… Hermione Granger… The mud-blood of all mud-blood’s known to man. She was the Queen mud-blood. Also she was an insufferable know-it-all.


‘Unlike you Granger, not everyone knows everything, like yourself.’ Draco sneered.


‘I wasn’t asking for your input on the situation at matter, Malfoy.’ She retorted.


“For the sake of Merlin! Hermione Granger is and always has been THE most annoying, irritating, rude, nosy being on this planet!” Draco thought. ‘Honestly, I don’t care if you were asking for my input or not, you got it anyway.’ Draco smiled sarcastically then marched off to the Slytherin table.


Draco sat down and started eating his breakfast, he didn’t exactly HATE Granger, Weasley and Potter. He just didn’t like the way they treated him in first year, so he holds a grudge against them. They hate him on the other hand. For no apparent reason, probably because he is a wealthy, handsome, popular, pure-blood… if not that he definitely couldn’t think of any other reason.


‘Draco! My beautiful Draco; how I missed you so!’ Pansy Parkinson appeared out of thin air… She did that often; it made Draco feel like he was being watched 24/7.


‘Taking up poetry Pansy?’ Draco teased. He absolutely hates Pansy; she was the most annoying person on the planet… Of course after Granger, or maybe a little before her seeing as he could stand Granger’s voice.


‘Dearest Draco, no. I missed you so much, do I get a “welcome back, I missed you too, I can’t stand being away from you like that” kiss?’ She puckered her lips.


Draco almost regurgitated his half eaten breakfast. ‘Hell no’ He accidentally blurted out. Pansy looked at him as if he had been brain washed. Her face turned from shock to anger to sadness.


‘Oh… well why not?’ She said looking glum and holding back her tears. She looked like one of those dogs with the squished faces… except those dogs are pretty cute… Pansy searched his face for any sign of him joking. She didn’t find one.


‘Because Pansy, I’ve told you a thousand times… I'm never, ever, ever going to like you in that way, you just don’t see it.’ Draco then continued eating his breakfast.


His first class was Defense against the Dark Arts, with Gryffindor… Great! Draco hated having periods with Gryffindor, it meant he had to endure the “Golden Trio” why they were called golden, was beyond him.


‘Draco!’ Draco spun around and saw Blaise playing air guitar to no music. ‘Thank you, thank you Yes! You can have my autograph!’ Blaise then conjured a piece of paper with his ‘autograph’ on it.


‘You are so stupid sometimes. You can’t even play guitar… can you?’ Draco was shocked that he didn’t know if his best friend played an instrument.


‘Pfft no I wish. I want to learn how to play electric though… acoustic is for soft songs and girls.’ Blaise laughed. Draco looked confused, he wouldn’t know the difference if it slapped him in the face. His father would never let him own a muggle contraption.


‘Well, I wish I was allowed to own one.’ Draco said more to himself. ‘I would love to make music of my own.’ Draco then sat in thought, and pictured himself making sweet music and singing it to the girl of his dreams… then he stopped and thought about the girl of his dreams… he didn’t have one. If he did, she would have to be beautiful, smart, funny… kind, loving, caring, interesting… his list could go on for decades.


This got Draco thinking… he didn't know who he liked? It sure as Merlin’s hairy big toe wasn’t a Hogwarts student. If it was she would have to be Slytherin… on his fathers account, not his own… and there wasn’t much choice there.


He waltzed into the Dungeons for his DA class. Blaise could alter Draco’s moods so easily, and Blaise had no clue. Which on Draco’s behalf was good. They sat together at the back of the class as usual. Their teacher barged in the door like a rhinoceros on a mission. Now that Draco thought about it, he did look a little like a rhino. He did have a massive nose and tiny eyes… and he definitely had the figure of one too.


Class went by as usual, the teacher would ask a question and the mud-bloods hand would fly in the air before he had even finished the sentence. She was so annoying, stupid know-it-all Granger.


‘Mr. Malfoy! Would you like to share that day dream of yours with the class?’ The teacher snapped.


‘No sir.’ Draco said looking down as the class giggled at him.


‘Well, if you would be kind enough to join the discussion, that would be very helpful. What Mr. Malfoy is the missing ingredient to the Polyjuice Potion?’ The teacher pointed a fat stubby finger at the board and Draco quickly read through it… He should know this! Draco didn’t answer and looked around the room to see almost everyone staring at him besides the Golden Trio, Hermione’s hand was in the air AGAIN and she was almost jumping out of her seat.


‘Yes Miss. Granger?’ The fat lump said to Granger.


‘Lacewing Flies!’ She almost screamed it she was so eager to get the answer out.


‘Show off.’ Draco mumbled. ’10 points to Gryffindor!’ He said proudly. Of course the new DA teacher favored Gryffindor… Almost every teacher did, besides Snape of course. How many books has Granger read in her life? I bet if we locked her in the library for a month she would have read all the books by the time we opened it again… that’s if she hadn’t starved to death by then.


Draco daydreamed for the rest of the lesson, thinking about what a guitar would be like to play… He would definitely play acoustic; he wasn’t into the heavy metal and rock scene like Blaise. He was more into nice sweet soft music… Although he would never admit that to anyone, they would think he is a girl… or worse, a Gryffindor.


After DA finished, Draco hurried out of the room before the rhino called him back. He then had Care Of Magical Creatures… Even better than first period! Not. He had to endure Gryffindors, A.K.A the golden trio, and the insufferable oaf Hagrid. He walked as slow as possible to the grounds trying to take up most of the lesson, but he got there 5 minutes late.


‘Thanks for joinin’ us Malfoy.’ Hagrid said crossly. ‘A’right we can now get on with the lesson, firstly, put these on everyone!’ He said as he handed out leather gloves to everyone in the class. ‘Now get into pairs of two, but because of Professor Dumbledore’s new house unity project, the partner has to be from the other house!’ He yelled aloud and everyone in the class groaned at this information.


‘I know, I know, you all hate each other!’ He said rolling his eyes. No one moved, they didn’t know how to match up with the other house; Draco sat there refusing to do anything. ‘Well if you all aint gonna move and make pairs, ill give yer all a number and you find the other person with the same number.’ He then went around and numbered each Gryffindor up to the number 30, then started again with Slytherin. ‘Now find your pair!’ He shouted impatiently. As the ‘Obedient’ ones the Gryffindors went around asking the Slytherin their numbers.


Draco was dreading which Gryffindor had the number 12. He knew with his luck it would probably be Neville or some one stupid.


‘Whose number 12?’ Draco heard someone shout in the crowd.


‘Over here.’ Draco said unwillingly. He then saw a bushy haired Gryffindor walking towards him. NO! Anyone but her! He screamed mentally.


‘Whose number 12?’ She said as she moved closer. Draco knew that she recognized his voice, so he reluctantly told her it was he. After he had a groaning fit and Hermione stood there sulking Hagrid had told everyone to gather around him with their partner.


‘Today we are going to start raising our very own Eagle-Eyed Slug.’ Almost instantly everyone was yelling in protest.


There is no way Draco Malfoy would ever touch a disgusting, slimy slug. That was slave work. No way was he going to get his hands all covered in muck from touching an overgrown slug.


‘QUIET!’ Hagrid yelled and everyone silenced. ‘Look, this isn’t my idea, alright? It’s part of the curriculum so stop moping around!’ Hagrid looked angry… Hardly anyone had ever seen him angry…


Ten minutes later, Draco and Hermione were huddled over a tank with their slug in it, it was massive, not your everyday slug, it was the size of a small cat… and it was only a week old. Draco had had enough of this already, so he decided to start insulting Hermione for entertainment.


‘Granger, you never told me your sister was a slug. Is that a defect from inbreeding?’ Draco sneered. Hermione looked up, her hands all covered in slug juices.


‘Wow Malfoy, did you come up with that insult all by yourself?’ Hermione retorted.


‘Actually yes, I thought you might have liked a compliment once in a while.’ Draco then continued cleaning the overgrown mutated slug.

‘You’re a ferret, you know that?’ Hermione huffed and then also continued cleaning the muck off the gross creature. They stopped arguing for a while, and then the slug made a squishing sound and spurted green slime all over the glass cage it was contained in. Hermione jumped back in disgust while Draco almost squealed like a girl and jumped a meter in the air.


‘You made it do that mud-blood!’ Draco screamed.


‘I did not! It’s probably its saliva! You can’t force an Eagle-Eyed Slug to produce saliva you idiot!’ Hermione objected.


‘Whatever! You tried to make it go on me! You filthy mud-blood!’ Draco then stood over her, trying to intimidate her. It didn’t work, because a second later she had stuck her hands in the green slimy slug saliva and rubbed her hands all over Draco’s face.


‘You disgusting, filthy scummy- Oh my god!!!’ Draco started to scream… not in anger… in pain… The saliva was burning him.


‘Get it off me! Get it off! Granger, what have you done? I’m dying! Help!’ Draco started to cry. No one had ever seen Draco Malfoy cry. ‘Hagrid? What’s happening to him?’ Hermione screamed at the top of her lungs and she stood there too petrified to move.


‘Oh no! I forgot to tell you all that the saliva is excretes is highly dangerous!’ Hagrid ran over to Draco and used a spell that cleaned every inch of the slime off. Draco then stopped screaming and crying and looked up. Everyone gasped at the sight.


‘What?’ he asked nervously. No one said anything… Draco was scared… What happened to his face that no one would tell him?


‘Malfoy… Let’s go up to Madam Pomfrey.’ Hermione said taking Draco by the robe and dragging him away. Draco was looking at his feet, making sure no one could see his face, if it looked as bad as he thought it did, he was going to murder Granger.


‘I’m so, so sorry Malfoy, I didn’t mean it, I didn’t know that it was dangerous… if I did I wouldn’t of done it.’ Hermione was pleading forgiveness… but Draco was not going to give it to her that easily, sure if it had his robes maybe… but not his face… anything but his face. How didn’t she know? She knows everything else… She knows EVERYTHING.


‘Granger, you know everything about everything, how did you not know it was going to burn my face off? For the sake of Merlin!’ Draco said still looking at his feet, he wasn’t game enough to look up and face the people.


‘Because I didn’t think that this was part of the curriculum, if I had known, I would of researched it. Okay, we’re here, you can look up now.’ Hermione said pushing the hospital wing door open and yelling ‘Madam Pomfrey, quickly!’


A moment later Madam Pomfrey came scurrying out of her office and stopped mid step when she saw Draco’s face.


‘Oh my dear boy! What happened? Quickly, over here!’ She practically pushed him to the closest bed. ‘What happened? I need to know exactly so I can do the right spell to fix it.’ She said sitting down on the bed next to him.


‘Granger, go get me a mirror while I tell her what happened.’ Hermione pointed to Madam Pomfrey’s office she nodded so Hermione went in and started searching for a mirror.


‘Well, we were in care of magical creatures and Hermione and I were teamed up… odd I know.’ He said at her confused look. ‘Anyway, we were doing something with the Eagle-Eyed Slugs… Cleaning them… and Hermione and I were mucking around and I was laughing so much I fell into the glass container and my face got covered in the saliva.’ Draco hurried, so Granger wouldn’t hear him lying for her.


‘Oh dear… Well, I’ll just be moment there is a potion that can fix that in a jiffy.’ Madam Pomfrey rushed off to her office as Hermione came out and handed Draco the mirror.


‘Alright… One, two… THREE!’ Draco pulled the mirror up to his face, took one glance and was out cold.


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Chapter 2: Forgive and Forget.
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Draco opened his eyes, everything was blurry, and he blinked a few times so everything would come into view. He was in the hospital wing… it was dark. Draco looked around and saw a bed-side table light on.


‘Who’s that?’ he whispered, there was someone sitting there reading.


‘Oh! Draco you’re awake!’ Hermione exclaimed.


Draco was shocked that it was Granger sitting across from him.


‘What are you doing here Granger?’ Draco sneered coldly.


‘Well I was waiting till you woke up to see if you were okay, but obviously you don’t want me here so I guess I’ll just leave.’ Hermione snapped and got up switched her lamp off and walked out.


‘Stupid mud-blood’ Draco sneered to himself.


He sat there for a while in silence hoping that Madam Pomfrey had fixed his face. He thought back to before he fainted, looking in the mirror, he was hideous. Under his left eye was blistered and red, along his chin and forehead was burnt off, the right side of his face was only swollen and red… but it was still hideous.


Madam Pomfrey had said that she could fix it, he wondered if his face was back to normal. A Malfoy can’t look like he was attacked! He turned on the lamp next to him and got up and started looking around for the mirror. He whispered ‘Lumos’ and his wand lit, he scanned the tables next to all the beds, and he was the only one in there. He found the mirror on a desk near Madam Pomfrey’s office.


‘One… Two… THREE!’ He counted aloud again, hoping this time the sight of his own face won’t send him unconscious. He stood there glaring into the mirror, shocked… It wasn’t as bad as it was the day before… it still looked undeniably disgusting. The whole side of his left was scarred… including his forehead and chin. Draco was ugly… For the first time in his life, he considered himself ugly…


Draco put the mirror down and went back to his bed… He fell into a dreamless sleep… which in his case was better than dreaming about the Dark Lord… or his father.


‘Mr. Malfoy… it’s time to wake up.’ Madam Pomfrey stood next to Draco's bed.


She tapped him lightly on the shoulder.


‘No…’ He grumbled and wrinkled his nose in protest.


‘Mr. Malfoy, you will wake up this instant.’ Madam Pomfrey snapped. Draco heard in her voice how little patients she had, and sat up abruptly.


After an hour of explaining to him that his scars will have to be there for 2-4 days and she will call for him when she thinks they could be removed without ripping off his face with it he left in an extremely pissed off mood. He dragged himself to the dungeons, said the password and went to sleep on his bed… he wasn’t ready for everyone to see his scarred face. Pansy would think he looked hideous, not that she could talk, she looked like a dog in Draco’s view.


Draco woke up in the early morning. He glanced over at his silver and green alarm clock: 6:30. Breakfast would be starting soon, Draco then quickly rummaged through his trunk got out some clean robes and headed for the shower. After he was showered and dressed he left for breakfast.


The Great Hall was fairly empty, not everyone was up yet. He glanced at the Gryffindor table… Granger and Potter were holding hands, she laughed and he smiled and kissed her on the cheek.


Draco quickly walked over to the Slytherin table making sure no one saw his face.


‘Honestly, that’s the most revolting couple ever.’ Draco said to Blaise Zabini as he sat down. Trying to act like his face hadn’t been distorted in some freak accident.


‘Tell me about it mate. That’s all they have been doing since I got here at 6:30. It’s making me loose my appetite.’ Blaise winged as he scoffed down a bread roll and some warm pie.


‘Yeah, really looks like you have no appetite.’ Draco laughed.


Blaise looked at Draco and spat out the pumpkin juice he was about to drink. ‘What happened to your faced mate?’ Blaise asked as he studied Draco’s face.


‘Umm… well, I was partnered with Granger and we were cleaning Eagle Eyed Slugs… saliva got on my face… burnt it off… the scars are only temporary according to Pomfrey. I have to go back in a few days time so she can remove the scars. Then I’ll be back to my handsome old self’ He grinned.


‘Mate… it looks horrible, like your face had been shoved in a burning pot of steaming water.’ Blaise said as he pulled a face like he had sucked on a lemon.


‘Gee, thanks for the support mate.’ Draco said feeling his self-confidence falter and drop to zero.


‘I mean, it looks horrible, but not as bad as Pansy…’ Blaise said trying to laugh it off.


‘Nothing could look as bad as her.’ Draco laughed like a hyena. Most of the people turned to stare and Draco quickly put his face down so low it probably looked like he was trying to kiss his own feet.


‘Mate, don’t worry about what people are thinking! They don’t know what good looking is if it smacked them in the face!’ Blaise whispered as he noticed that Draco was embarrassed.


‘Easier said than done mate’ Draco whispered.


The day went by in a blur of harassment and stunning spells. Draco for once, was teased. Only Blaise stuck by him the whole way through… In Draco’s eyes, Blaise was his only friend, no one seemed to care.


‘Now I know what Granger, Potter and Weasley must feel like… you know? When I be a complete, and utter prat to them!’ Draco said to Blaise in the common room that night.


‘Yeah… wow… who knew it would affect people.’ Blaise whispered thoughtfully.


The next few days passed, Draco being quiet in class, not bothering the Golden Trio… Draco was so nervous the day he turned up at Pomfrey office.


‘Mr. Malfoy! It’s great to see your feeling better.’ Pomfrey said happily.


‘Yeah… better.’ Draco mumbled so quiet it was inaudible.


‘Your scars have healed nicely… yes, very nicely.’ She waddled over to a bed and called Draco over; he sat down without saying a word and let the nurse check him.


‘Well, let’s see if this is going to work.’ She then started casting some spells. ‘Sorry, this might sting’ she said as she was already half way through casting them.


She stopped after five minutes clicking her tongue. Draco instantly started to worry.


‘Does it look better?’ He whispered.


Pomfrey looked at him with the deepest sympathy. ‘Draco darling… I’m so sorry… It’s not working.’


Draco was instantly furious. ‘What do you mean it’s not working?’


Pomfrey stood her ground. She explained that it wasn’t working because of the amount of saliva that had come in contact with his skin.


‘I'm terribly sorry…’


‘So… I'm going to look like this… forever?’ Draco had tears in his eyes.


‘I'm so sorry…’ She nodded.


Draco’s head spun… what has happened? His face will be distorted for the rest of his life… he would be hideous… he will never get married… never have the perfect skin he always had… never be approached by an attractive woman. His life was ruined… he wanted to blame Granger for all this… but simply couldn’t.


‘She didn’t know.’ He stated simply to himself.


It was Saturday, the first Hogsmeade weekend. Draco woke fairly early. He ate breakfast alone, then changed into some nice clothes and headed down to Hogsmeade. He went into the Hogshead and ordered some butterbeer. It was a nice sensation Draco had been waiting for, for a long time. He sat alone for a while, students started to arrive and occupy most of the tables.


‘…Quite strange, that he hasn’t said anything to us in a while?’ Draco heard Granger saying as she walked in with Potter and Weasley.


‘Maybe it’s the scars… it made him heaps nicer…’ Potter added.


‘I still think its my-’ Granger stopped mid sentence when she spotted Draco sitting alone.


‘Maybe we should talk to him…’ Hermione said to the others.


‘But Hermione! It’s Malfoy.’ Ron objected.


But he is different now… he’s nicer.’ Hermione protested as she grabbed Ron and her butterbeers, making sure he would follow her as she walked over to Draco’s stall.


‘Hey Malfoy.’ Hermione said politely.


‘Hi.’ Harry said.


‘Humph.’ Ron nodded.


‘Hey. Why are you guys sitting with me? No one likes me anymore… remember?’ Draco said quietly.


‘We were just wondering how you were going… like, we know not many people talk to you now… but I can’t help but feel that I am the one to blame for this.’ Hermione said sipping her butterbeer.


‘You didn’t know Granger, it’s alright… I shouldn’t have provoked you. Can you possibly accept my apology?’ Draco didn’t mean to say it, but it slipped out before he could stop himself.


Of course he blamed Mud-Blood; she was the one who did it… But he couldn’t turn down friends when he needed them so badly… Even Blaise had stopped talking to him now… not completely, but he won’t spend time with him in public, now that his reputation has gone down Knockturn Alley.


‘Of course I forgive you.’ Granger smiled. Draco felt a sort of kindness towards her… she had forgiven him... Well, he was on her good side now… might as well try the other part of the Golden Trio.


‘Potter, Weasley? Will you forgive me for being such an arsehole to you two in the past?’


‘Yes Malfoy, I forgive you.’ Potter smiled.


‘Mm.’ Ron grunted.


Draco sat there with the Golden Trio for a while, talking about school and life and anything else that came up in conversation. It was good to have someone to talk to after being rejected from human contact.


Draco went to sleep that night happy, which was what he hadn’t been for the past couple of days. He was finally getting back on his feet.


‘What are you doing here?’ Potter whispered.


‘I don’t know…’ Draco replied.


Potter moved closer to Draco. Their bodies were almost touching.


‘What are you doing?’ Draco demanded.


‘I don’t know…’ Potter whispered.


Harry then crushed his lips against Draco’s… Draco didn’t object… he was… enjoying it. Everything blurred… every colour imaginable spun around them, when it faded he wasn’t kissing Harry anymore, it was Hermione… Draco pushed himself against her harder, crushing her between a wall and himself. His hands started wandering and ended up on her hips, her hands ended up on face… why where they kissing?


‘I didn’t mean too.’ Hermione whispered.


Draco woke up sweating… What had that been about?

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Chapter 3: That Girl And Her Letters
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Chapter 3 – That Girl and Her Letters


After the dream Draco had, he avoided the Golden Trio as often as he could. But he couldn’t stop the dreams coming… They were always about Harry and Hermione. In Draco’s own opinion, they weren’t dreams… they were nightmares. He wanted them to stop, but every night when he closed his eyes, Harry and Hermione appeared. It was like a rash that wouldn’t go away no matter what you did.


It was a Saturday afternoon and Draco decided he would go and sit by the lake. He found a nice spot of warm grass in the sunlight, hoping it would lighten his depressive state. The sun always seemed to make him feel like things are going to get better. Like the muggle saying ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’ it made him feel like he would soon be on the other side, but to many wizards, that statement would make him sound like a future death eater.


The warmth on his back was calming, as he stared at what usually would be black water, but the sun made it a dark green color. He moved closer to the water edge and looked down at his reflection. His left cheek and part of his nose was scarred. They weren’t normal scars; they looked more like they had been deep gashes.


The warmth on his back instantly stopped and there was a shadow of a girl flittering onto the grass and into the lake where it disappeared.


‘I still think you have fabulous eyes, the scars also give you more potential.’ A soft voice drifted to his ears.


Draco spun around and saw the girl who had sat with him on the carriage the first day back. He huffed at her comment.


‘Sure, because I didn’t have potential before, and they make my eyes stand out! The scars are barely noticeable.’ He said sarcastically.


‘Well I think they are interesting, they’re not like normal scars.’ She commented as she sat next to him.


‘I’m Tamika, Ravenclaw.’ She put her hand out for him to shake it.


‘Draco Malfoy, Slytherin.’ Draco replied, but he didn’t shake her hand.


‘Why do you talk to me?’ Draco asked after a moment in silence.


‘I find you… different, unpredictable… I like that about you.’ She looked out to the lake, just as the giant quid threw a tentacle out of the water and waved it about. ‘Kind of like the Giant Squid.’


‘Yeah, and almost as ugly as it too.’ Draco mumbled.


‘I don’t think so.’


Tamika and Draco sat in silence for a while, Draco thought why Tamika even wanted to be seen with him, according to everything he has done, he will probably be known as a blood traitor soon.


That night Draco was sitting in the common room in front of the fire. He had come to realize, the Slytherins only liked him because of his looks, and otherwise they would still talk to him.


‘Psst!’ Draco looked around wondering what had made the sound.


‘Over here.’ The voice said again, Draco then spotted an eye and pale skin peeking through what seemed to be a door behind one of the Slytherin drapes next to the fire.


Without thinking Draco got up and walked over to the drapery, pulled it back and went through the tiny door.


‘What… whose there?’ Draco whispered into the blackness


‘It’s me, Tamika.’ The girl then grabbed Draco by the robe and shoved her lips against his, Draco didn’t respond but she pushed against him harder forcing his mouth open.


‘Stop!’ Draco managed to say.


‘Why?’ Tamika let him go and backed off.


‘Tamika… I’m sorry, I barely know you… why are you kissing me?’ Draco sounded outraged and apologetic at the same time.


‘Because I like you Draco, you’re mysterious… special.’ She whispered, by the sound of her voice she didn’t take rejection too well.


‘I like someone else Tamika…’ Draco said almost rude.


Draco waited a moment in silence then he heard a quiet held back sob escape her mouth and heard her slide down the wall to the floor.


‘Lumos’ Draco’s wand light ignited and he realized they where in a passageway, if he outstretched his arms his hands would touch either side, it was long, he guessed it must lead to where she came from… probably a hallway somewhere near Ravenclaw tower.


‘Tamika…’ Draco said as he touched her shoulder.


‘Why don’t you love me?’ Tamika practically yelled.


‘Shh!’ Draco reacted instantly. ‘I don’t know… I’ve never been in love… It’s a very strong word and feeling Tam… Not everyone falls in love. I don’t think I ever will.’ Draco whispered.


‘But I’ve fallen for you.’ She sobbed louder now, harsh, dry, painful sobs. There was no stopping her from crying… Draco had never had to take care of a crying person before, Slytherins don’t cry.


‘I have to go, it’s late… I’ll see you around.’ He whispered, Draco moved towards the door when Tamika grabbed him by the arm.


‘If you ever feel anything for me, you will tell me right away won’t you?’ She said looking at Draco with her tear stained face.


Draco simply nodded and peeked through the drapery to make sure no one was there when he exited.


Over the next few days Draco stayed in the common room as often as possible, he would rather endure the Slytherins taunting and insulting him than have to have an awkward conversation with Tamika or be found by the golden trio and be asked to hang around them at lunches and free periods.


One day after Draco had finished eating lunch, he practically ran to the common room when he saw Tamika and Hermione get up from their tables to follow him. Once he was safely inside the common room, he sat in front of the fire, ignoring a bunch of fourth years that laughed at him when he passed them.


While warming himself up, an orange/brown small owl soared into the common room, and landed on the table in front of him, Draco leant forward and untied the letter from its left leg, he gave the owl a pat and opened the letter, the bird didn’t move from its spot… the letter must need a reply. He started to read…



I know you have been hiding away in your common room, why don’t you come out, we could go to Hogsmeade one weekend. Maybe even go to the hogs head and get some coffee or butterbeer. I miss you already sweetie. Come see me as soon as possible, maybe you have just had a lot of homework… Do 5th years get a lot of homework? I’m only a 4th year so I wouldn’t know. But please come and see me, I need you in my life darling.


I love you, Tamika.


Draco re-read the letter a few times… they had barely even become friends and she is already calling him ‘sweetie’ and ‘darling’ and telling him he loves her… Draco opened his backpack that he left on the floor earlier and pulled out some ink a quill, and parchment.


What do you write back to a obsessive girl that just told you that she loves you…?



Yeah… I’ve had so much homework the past couple of days, I don’t know if I’m going to pass my classes. When I get the chance, I’ll definitely come see you. I’m not sure how to react to you saying you love me. We barely know each other Tam… How can you tell you love me already? I’m not going to say it back because that would be lying, but know I’ll always be your friend if that’s what you want. Well, I have more homework to do. Sorry.


Bye, Draco.


Draco proof read the letter. “I might sound like a bit of a prat, but I guess I have to be so she knows we are strictly friends” Draco thought to himself.


He tied the letter back to onto the owl’s leg and it took off. If she was as persistent and obsessive as Draco thought, he would be getting another letter in 20 minutes or so… After all, the owl only has to fly around the school.


Draco pulled out his Transfiguration homework, realizing he really was behind on homework a fair bit. He had answered a few questions that where set, and started on his 8inch essay about how to turn a frog into an ornament without turning it’s insides into stone as well when the same orange/brown owl flew over to him again… it had only been 15 minutes. Draco groaned as he pulled it off the owl hastily and read it.



I just know these things, from the day I met you on the carriages I knew I had to be with you, and I know now that we are going to be together forever. I can’t wait until you ask me to be your girlfriend Draco. I love you so much.


All my love, Tam


Draco stared at the letter… she wants to be his girlfriend, Draco was scared for his sanity, was this girl for real or was she playing some harsh joke, no one could possibly fall in love that quickly, they had only ever spoken three time, and one of those times she tried to kiss him. Draco looked down, the owl left; it obviously didn’t want a reply. Thankful, Draco put away his homework and left for the rest of his classes.


Over the next two days, Draco was receiving more and more letters from Tamika, telling Draco she needed to see him and that she is going insane without seeing his face for this long. But Draco just sent back blank letters.


It had been around a week and a half and Draco couldn’t help but feel bad for avoiding the golden trio after all, they had tried to befriend him, but he knew something inside him had changed… and he didn’t like it one bit. He hated feeling like he LIKED the Golden Trio… But he was thankful that they hadn’t tried as hard as Tamika to be his friend, they just accepted his apology and let him go at his own speed with becoming friends.


In the back of his mind, Draco blamed Hermione for his face, but he couldn’t accuse her of purposely doing it, he knew for a fact that she hadn’t known it would burn.


‘Hey! Malfoy! Wait up!’ Draco spun to see a black-haired boy running after him. Draco stopped walking and waited for Harry Potter to catch up. Happy it wasn’t Tamika, He exhaled a breath he didn’t realize he was holding he then headed for the dungeons, hoping Harry wouldn’t follow him too far. He wasn’t in the mood for people that much anymore.


‘Where have you been lately? We haven’t seen you around.’ Harry said half out of breath.


‘I’ve been in my room.’ Draco stated.


‘Oh…’ Harry looked hurt but Draco didn’t care about being nice at the moment, he just had to get away.


‘Well, Ron, Hermione and I were about to go play some Quidditch, well… Ron and I are Hermione just wants to sit there and do her homework as usual. Care to join?’ Harry asked happily.


‘Can’t, I have homework.’ The other boy replied flatly.


Harry looked at Draco for a moment then said. ‘What’s got your wand in a knot?’


‘Nothing, I’ve just got homework I have to do.’


‘Well, it’s like your avoiding us… did we do something wrong?’


‘No.’ Draco looked around and realized that they were alone in the dungeons. Right near their potions class.


‘Well, okay. If you want to, when you finish your homework you can come out and… play some Quidditch or something yeah?’ Harry smiled.


Draco stared into Harry’s eyes… They were the perfect green with golden yellow specks near the iris. He could play with them for a little while… it wouldn’t hurt anyone would it?


‘Sure, if you want, I can… put my homework off for a bit…?’ Draco didn’t realize but he had his right hand around Harry’s shoulders, how long it had been like that, he didn’t know.


‘Sure! That would be great!’ Harry smiled happily.


‘Well, how about we go out and get changed then play some Quidditch!’ Draco said almost… flirtatious. Harry obviously didn’t notice, much to Draco’s pleasure once he re-said that statement in his head. He scolded himself for even thinking about Harry and flirtatious in the same sentence.


The two boys walked out into the afternoon light and headed towards the Quidditch pitch. When they arrived they both went into their separate change rooms where their Quidditch robes were kept and changed. Draco then removed his Nimbus 2001 from his cupboard and exited the change rooms, Harry was already there holding his Firebolt; and Ron was already dressed and ready and talking to Hermione.


‘Let’s play! How about me and Ron verse you Harry?’ Draco suggested.


‘Yeah, that’s fair considering that you’re like the youngest seeker in a century!’ Ron exclaimed.


The three boys played Quidditch for a while, Ron and Draco verse Harry, and Harry was still winning by a few points. Draco had the quaffle and was heading straight for Harry’s goal when he heard a voice…


‘Go Draco! I love you!’ Draco looked over and saw Tamika in the stands jumping up and down, he didn’t realize how fast he was going and he ran straight into Harry, causing them to tumble towards the ground.


Draco hit the ground with a hard thump, then felt a body slam into his back, he rolled over causing the other boy to slide onto the ground. Harry was unconscious, before Draco knew it, Hermione and Ron where by his side staring at Harry.


Hermione screamed when she saw Harry wasn’t breathing. Ron started yelling saying it was some skank in the stands fault. Draco mentally laughed at his insults towards her.


‘Someone do mouth to mouth!’ Hermione yelled.


‘You do it!’ Draco yelled over Ron’s shouting about Tamika.


‘I don’t know how! You do it!’ She screamed, Draco looked around frantically and saw Tamika running over.


With that Draco shoved his mouth onto Harry’s and blew a deep breath into his mouth, after two breaths Harry opened his eyes and gasped for breath, Hermione rudely pushed Draco off and helped Harry up.


Draco was instantly ignored by Ron and Hermione as they started telling Harry how scared they were, they were honestly so scared they still hadn’t lowered their voices, so it seemed they were yelling at him.


Draco glanced over to where Tamika had been running towards them and saw that she had stopped and had her jaw hanging wide open like a fly catcher. Draco was interrupted when Harry hugged him and thanked him.


Hermione had calmed down and said that dinner was going to be ready in around an hour and they best get ready.


Draco had forgotten that he was supposed to be ignoring the 3 Gryffindors and didn’t care that he forgot. He had been having a great time until he almost killed Harry.


‘Well, I’ll see you at dinner guys!’ Draco called as he walked off towards the school once he was showered, dressed and ready for dinner. He thought it would be best to leave them alone for a while.


Draco sat in his common room before dinner, staring blankly out the window; he couldn’t see much, considering the dungeons were almost under-ground. He could hear the strong wind howling like a werewolf and the fire quietly crackling. Draco liked it better when it was quiet… he hated loud crowds and such, it was too unorganized and too much shoving to make your way through the crowd.


‘Draco? If you’re down there could you come here a moment please?’ Draco was snapped out of his trance as Pansy Parkinson’s voice came ringing down the girls staircase. She hadn’t bothered talking to him for the past few weeks, why start now? He thought to himself. Choosing to ignore her, he quickly scrambled to his feet and headed to the great hall for dinner, just before he went through the portrait he turned and saw Pansy’s shadow emerging.


Once in the great hall, Draco decided that he would sit at the Gryffindor table. He sat next to Hermione who greeted him with a hug.


‘Anyway, I think it would be stupid for them to do that, I thought is was against the law, so why bother learning it, if we can’t use it.’ Ron said after swallowing a mouthful of food. Draco looked confused, and then realized they were probably having a conversation earlier. He was glad they weren’t talking about how Harry almost died.


‘What are you guys talking about?’ Draco asked.


‘We’re talking about how Dumbledore thinks that in Transfiguration, we should learn how to change our appearance, kind of like the Polyjuice potion, but changes you to what you want to look like by using certain spells, it also works a lot quicker.’ Harry explained.


‘Ronald, it’s so that if we ever need protection for some reason, we can quickly make the changes!’ Hermione said, obviously irritated. Probably because she has explained it to him numerous times before.


‘Well, I think it would be good to learn it.’ Draco put in.


‘Thank you Draco, finally someone who agrees. You could be my partner seeing as Harry and Ron think it’s a stupid waste of time.’ Hermione glared at her boyfriend and the red head.


‘If that’s okay with Harry…’


‘Yeah mate, of course it’s alright. Just don’t blow her face off!’ they laughed. Draco and the golden trio ate in light conversation, and much to Draco’s pleasure the earlier incident didn’t come up as a subject.


Later when the golden trio, and their newest member had finished eating and hustled off to the main entrance so they could say their goodbye’s and go to bed they just started a new subject of conversation when a dog-faced looking girl stepped in front of them.


‘Draco, honestly, you are still hanging out with these Gryffindorks, you could have chosen any house and anyone but you chose them and Gryffindor. Don’t worry though, everyone already hates you, and by the looks of things… you must hate us too, seeing as your now a blood traitor. Well hey, that’s life I guess. We all thought you were going to be strong, rich and have a good name for yourself. But you threw all that away when you befriended these people’ Pansy Parkinson drawled in the same cold voice Draco would usually use when he spoke to the Gryffindors.


‘Get lost Pansy you dog!’ Harry spat at her.


‘Oh I was all but planning too. Being seen with TWO blood traitors, a mud-blood and the golden boy, is hardly on my curriculum today.’ With that Pansy stalked off towards the dungeons.


‘Draco, just forget her, she’s a skank anyway.’ Hermione said glaring at where Pansy was moments ago.


All three boys gasped at Hermione’s statement. Ron burst into laughter and Harry and Draco looked lost for words.


‘What? I can be mean when I want too!’ Hermione defended herself.


‘I know that from first hand experience, but Hermione Granger insulting someone to that extent… is just hilarious!’ Draco said as he stifled back laughter.


They insulted Pansy for a while then finally said goodbye and went separate ways. Draco got into the dungeons and went straight to his bedroom, hoping for a good nights sleep but when he opened his bedroom door there on his table was the same familiar orange/brown owl with a letter attached to its leg…


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Chapter 4: Choas and Realisation
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Chapter Four


Draco didn’t want to read the letter the owl was holding… he saw her reaction in the Quidditch pitch, she was shocked, but about what stumped him.


Draco got changed into his dark green silk pajamas and flopped down onto his bed with the intention of falling asleep and answering the letter tomorrow morning. But just as he closed his eyes, the owl swooped over to his bed and started hooting. Extremely agitated Draco snatched the letter and threw the owl out the window and shut it so it couldn’t get back in. He then sat down on his bed and opened the letter.


I can’t believe you kissed Potter, you should have told me you where gay Draco, then I wouldn’t have bothered talking to you!

That Granger girl and the Weasley boy didn’t seem too pleased about it, but Potter looked like he was happy. Are you two a couple now? I can’t believe you would do that to me! I thought you loved me too Draco, I don’t want to stop loving you even though you broke my heart! Can we meet up somewhere and I’ll change your mind, I promise! I'm just asking for one chance, and if you really are gay then… we can sort out an agreement.




Draco just threw the letter onto the floor not bothering to re-read it or reply, he was thankful she thought he was gay, now she won’t bother him. Thinking about it now, Draco realized it probably did look like they were kissing! He definitely didn’t want to have to meet up with her; how she would change his mind was beyond him. Draco had a slim idea what she meant by it, but wasn’t too sure if his mind was getting out of control and thinking crazy, so he changed the thoughts to something more interesting… Potter.


Draco thought about Harry for a while, and what it would be like to kiss his soft lips, he was too worried earlier to think of their texture… he then wondered what Hermione's would be like… her lips always looked so smooth and kissable. He often found himself thinking of what it would be like to kiss them. He knew they were a couple… but he couldn’t help himself, and seeing as he had been thinking about it so often, he had forgotten he shouldn’t be thinking about them at all.


When Draco woke up the next morning he had a massive headache and started rolling around like a 5 year old having a temper tantrum because their parent wouldn’t buy them candy. He then got up slowly, making sure he wasn’t going to make it worse. He peeked around the room; the fat lumps in the blankets told him that Crabbe and Goyle were still dead to the world in their beds. Crabbe and Goyle were so massive that their beds looked more like baby cots. Draco hurried down to the bathrooms with a pair of clean robes and his special towel that had a silver “D” sewn into the green fabric, he turned on the water and adjusted it to be hot, but not so it burned, just right to make it relaxing and hopefully make his headache disappear.


After Draco showered and dressed he examined himself in the mirror. He didn’t get the same confidence he used to when he stared at himself, although he was happy that the scars were fading, still very purple and visible, but faded. He touched the scar under his left eye, and watched the colour drain out of it as he applied pressure, you could barely see it when it blended back into his normal pale tone, he lifted his finger and the purple colour came rushing back. Draco then went downstairs; through the common room full of chatting students already awaken. It seemed these days, every time Draco walked into a room; everything went quiet, like they were talking about him. It was either that, or they didn’t want him listening to what they were saying… or maybe both. He ignored the usual silence and went straight to the Great Hall for breakfast.


‘Come on mate, just for a little while!’ Harry begged Draco at lunch.


‘Mate, I’m not feeling up for it.’ Draco replied.


‘Please Draco!’ Hermione chimed in.


‘Alright One game and that’s it!’ Draco surrendered.


The three of them headed out to the Quidditch pitch where Ron was already waiting and in his Quidditch robes. Draco went and into the Slytherin change-rooms and started to undress, he stared into the mirror at his deranged face again, it looked almost fake. Draco stared into the mirror, he had being doing it a lot lately, trying to think of ways to make himself not look so scary.


As Draco slid off his pants he noticed a face in the mirror other than his own. He jumped and spun around.


‘Who’s there?’ The blond boy demanded.


No body answered so he quickly finished dressing. After Draco fixed his hair he scrunched up his face and let out a deep sigh.


‘No better today…’ he whispered and walked out into the light.


Harry and Ron where on their broomsticks zooming around the pitch when Draco emerged from his change room. Harry had the quaffle in his hands, and threw it to the zooming red haired blob that caught it and almost fell off his broom.


‘Hurry up Draco! We thought we might just practice,’ Ron yelled. Even though Draco knew Ron was still angry about having him in their little group, he was happy that Ron was warming to him, even though it’s taken so long.


Hermione sat watching while the three boys zoomed around throwing the quaffle and hitting bludgers. Harry and Draco were talking about something then Draco suddenly zoomed down to Hermione and jumped off his broom right in front of her. ‘Ta-Da!’ Draco yelled as he put his hands in the air. ‘Impressive’ Hermione said smiling. ‘Hermione?’ Draco asked as he sat next to her on the bench. ‘Yes?’ she said looking at Draco suspiciously. ‘Want to have a ride of my broom?’ Draco offered. Hermione looked shocked. ‘Pardon…?’ she glanced at Draco's broom then at Draco nervously. ‘Have a ride, its fun… really. It’s not that hard.’ Hermione was quiet for a few moments ‘can you ride it with me?’ she asked nervously. ‘Sure!’


Draco stood up and put his left leg over the broom, moved back so Hermione could get on the front if it and then tapped his broom for her to come over. ‘Jump on!’ Draco exclaimed. Hermione put her book down and walked to Draco, hesitantly she got on the front of the broom. ‘What now?’ she asked nervously. ‘Okay, first we push off, and you’re at the front, which means your controlling the broom okay? Once we are in the air, you lean forward to go, but only a little bit or we will go straight back down, and not gracefully… then once your moving, you just tilt the broom ever so slightly to the way you want to go. Got all that?’ Draco said confidently. Hermione was shaking, ‘yeah… got it, don’t let go of me though okay?’ she said as she grabbed Draco’s arms and put them on her waist. ‘I promise.’ Draco said sweetly.


‘One, two… three… push!’ Draco counted. Hermione pushed off at the right time and they flew up into the air. ‘Oh my god Draco, we are too high, go down, go down! You didn’t tell me how to go back down. Draco please don’t let me go!’ Hermione squealed. ‘Hermione! RELAX!’ Draco yelled over the top of her. Hermione was almost hyperventilating she was that scared. ‘Relax Hermione, I’ve got you… I’m not letting you go, I promised didn’t I?’ Draco whispered. ‘Okay… I trust you Draco.’ After Hermione was breathing a normal pace, Draco started instructing her.


‘Okay, lean forward, only a tiny bit.’ Draco was holding her waist tightly and was pushed against her back. Hermione slightly moved forward and they started moving. ‘Good, you’re doing fine.’ Draco encouraged. ‘Turn right,’ Draco moved his hands from her waist to the front of the broom so she was locked in between his arms. Hermione tilted the broom right and they gracefully moved around, they were now facing Ron and Harry who were watching in amazement, they had been trying to get Hermione on a broom for years, and Draco did it in seconds.


‘Okay, lean forward a bit more and we will go a bit faster.’ Draco whispered, trying to keep her calm. After a while Hermione was flying it all by herself, but every time Draco tried to move his hands away Hermione would yell for him to put them back. Draco enjoyed being pressed against Hermione… she was so slim; her hair brushing against his face was so soft and smooth. Over the years her hair had been tamed and was in soft curls and a lot longer. Not her old fuzzy sheep-like hair.


‘I'm going to move my hands away now okay? You can do this Hermione’ Draco slowly moved his hands away from in front of her and put then behind himself to keep himself balanced. Hermione wasn’t screaming just yet so Draco didn’t put his arms back. ‘Go a little faster Hermione, you can do it.’ Hermione was starting to get a lot of confidence and picked up the pace, in no time they were flying around the pitch with Harry and Ron now down on the bench watching in awe.


‘Draco! Watch this!’ Hermione said confidently, she pushed forward on the broom and they shot off going way too fast. Hermione was screaming in confidence not fear. Draco held on tighter than he had before, he was scared that Hermione would crash into something.


‘Hermione! Slow down!’ Harry yelled from the benches. He had jumped onto his broom and was flying to catch up. ‘Stop Hermione you’re going to crash!’ he screamed over the wind. Draco looked at Harry, he looked fearful for his girlfriend… Harry looked so loveable when he was scared… Draco then heard several things at once, Ron screaming, Harry falling to the ground and a loud thud, then felt the worst pain in his right leg he had ever felt.


Draco looked up, Hermione was crying and holding her arm, Harry was screaming in pain and Ron was running over to them. ‘What the hell where you thinking Hermione? Going that fast! Where you trying to kill yourself, and Draco? You stupid, stupid girl!’ Ron bellowed at Hermione. ‘Oh shut the hell up Ronald, you stupid prat! Can’t you see we are all hurt? Go get Madam Pomfrey before I hex you to look like a troll!’ She screamed. Ron didn’t need telling twice, he jumped on his broom and flew away towards the castle.


‘Hermione, Harry, are you okay?’ Draco sat up… way too quickly, his leg burned with pain and he started to cry.


‘I think I broke my arm!’ Hermione cried.


‘I think it’s my ribs that are broken!’ Harry screamed in pain.


‘I think my leg is broken!’ Draco cried.


The three of them looked around and started to laugh, not and entertained kind of laugh. But a stupid situation where everyone ends up getting hurt kind of laugh. They were all laughing and crying when Madam Pomfrey turned up with Ron.


‘I find nothing amusing about this situation you three!’ Madam Pomfrey snapped. The three stopped laughing at once, and cringed in pain instead. Madam Pomfrey tended to Hermione first, fixed her arm quickly… then to Harry where she fixed his ribs, apparently he had broken four of them, she then tended to Draco, who had broken his lower right leg, which she fixed in a jiffy.


‘You three better get up to Headmaster Dumbledore’s office right away. He wants to know how this happened!’ she then stalked back off to the castle.


Draco, Hermione and Harry looked at each other for a moment, and then started laughing uncontrollably. ‘Have I missed something?’ Ron said confused. The three just looked at him and laughed harder. ‘No Ron, you haven’t’ Draco laughed. After they finished having their laughing fits, they giggled their way to Dumbledore’s office.


‘So you three are saying, Miss. Granger and yourself  where riding your broom, when you two went out of control, Mr. Potter then tried telling Miss. Granger to slow down, you weren’t looking where you where going, and crashed into the stands?’ Dumbledore looked at the three like they were crazy.


‘Yes sir, that’s the story.’ Hermione giggled. ‘Okay… well, be more careful next time, you three should know better than to fly around so fast.’ With that Dumbledore dismissed the three from his office. Ron was waiting for them in the Great Hall, seeing as they were all in Dumbledore’s office they had missed morning classes, so they went to the great hall to start eating lunch.


On the way to the Great Hall Hermione and Draco were wrapped in conversation about how fun it was riding together like that.


‘Draco, we so have to do it again, it was so much fun!’ Hermione grabbed Draco’s arm and was hanging off him. ‘I know we will do it on the weekend, tomorrow. Maybe we could stay here instead of going to Hogsmeade!’ Draco offered.


‘Yeah! Instead of hanging in the hogshead all day maybe we could go there for a while then come back and fly around the Quidditch pitch?’ Hermione exclaimed as she grabbed Draco’s hand and started walking casually to the Great Hall with Harry dragging behind extremely annoyed.


‘Sounds like a date!’ Draco said happily, at that moment Harry cleared his throat and the two swung around. ‘Not literally…’ Draco said awkwardly as Harry glared at him ‘Oh Harry we are just mucking around, settle down.’ Hermione said as she kissed Harry on the cheek. Draco’s insides burned when he saw this.


‘Well I’m quite hungry, I’ll leave you two alone.’ Draco said as he stalked off to the Gryffindor table and sat with Ron. When Harry and Hermione arrived Draco was halfway through his meal, he tried eating as fast as he could. When all four of them finished eating they slowly walked to class, for Draco the rest of the day was a giant blur of frustration and jealousy, he wasn’t too sure which one he was jealous of, Hermione for having Harry… or Harry for having Hermione. He was one messed up teenager.


That night, once in the safe surroundings of his bed, he cast a silencing charm and a barrier charm so no one could hear him or get inside the drapes of his green silk bed. ‘What the hell was that about? Flirting with Hermione, she’s Harry’s girlfriend Draco! You don’t even like her!’ he screamed at the top of his lungs. He was breathing heavily when he heard an owl hoot he undid the spells and open the drapery. There sat that stupid, ugly, annoying orange brown owl! He groaned in frustration. ‘What this time?’ he snatched the letter from the owl and read;



I’m confused, I thought you were with Golden Boy… now you’re flying around with that Hermione girl, and is your leg okay? I'm sure Madam Pomfrey did a good job; I tried talking to you earlier but you got scared… I was hiding in your change room, cause I over heard Hermione and Harry asking you to play Quidditch with them. Draco, I’m truly sorry if I seem to be obsessing over you, I know I’ve been unreasonable, but I believe in love at first sight, and when I first ever looked into your eyes, I was in love, can you just give me a chance to see if you can love me back?




Draco looked at the letter with awe, so she knew she was being unreasonable. Maybe Draco could spend a little bit of time with Tamika to distance himself from Hermione for a while… give time for Harry to cool off… but he does look awfully sexy when he’s angry…


‘I’m only here because I need a little bit of time away from Harry and Hermione, so don’t think I’m here because I love you or anything okay?’ Draco stated rudely. Draco and Tamika where sitting on the grass by the black lake.


‘Okay, okay, I got it. Geez,’ Tam huffed.


They were sitting out by the lake, it was Saturday, the day Draco and Hermione were meant to go into Hogsmeade then come back and go flying. Draco was looking forward to it, but seeing as Harry got angry about it they decided to put it off for a little while.


‘So what’s all this stuff about you being able to change my mind Tam?’ Draco asked.


‘Well, I know your gay and well-’


‘I'm not-’


‘Don’t interrupt me, I know your gay and well, I think I can change your mind.’ Tam concluded.


‘What on earth gives you the impression that I’m gay?’ Draco said calmly.


‘Well kissing the Potter boy for one… you love your hair, you put so much product in it, you obviously use some kind of face cream seeing as your skin is flawless and you wear the sweetest cologne. That, to any girl is gay.’ Tamika stated counting the reasons on her fingers.


‘Are you serious? Just because I like to look my best and smell good does not mean that I am gay.’ Draco huffed as he crossed his arms across his chest.


Tamika took her chance and stepped forward and kissed Draco, Draco didn’t push away this time which is a good sign, for Tamika at least…


When they broke apart Draco stared at Tamika for a moment in awe, she had the most stupid grin on her face, and to Draco it looked like triumph. Draco then snapped out of his delirious state.


‘I have to go.’ With that Draco did a runner, he ran all the way to the Slytherin common room ran up the stairs and into his dorm he jumped onto his four poster bed, ignoring the giggling from the other students and shut his drapes cast the usual blocking charms and screamed at the top of his lungs… Draco had just figured out his sexuality.

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Chapter 5: Realization Gone Wrong
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Realization Gone Wrong




Draco was sleeping… the kind of sleep where you desperately need it, but don’t want it. He hated sleeping; he tended to have weird, deranged dreams… Harry, Hermione… Tamika… The worst one’s he had were definitely of Tamika. He avoided sleep as often as possible, staying up all hours of the night in front of the Slytherin fire when everyone else had gone to bed so they wouldn’t stare, he thought they would of gotten over the fact he was scarred for life by now… obviously he was wrong. When Draco awoke he noticed something different about his surroundings. He sat up and looked around.


‘Where the hell am I?’ He quietly said as he noticed he wasn’t in the Slytherin dorms. He got out of the large bed; it was exactly like the one at his own house…


‘Father?’ he called out. He then realized how stupid he must sound.


‘Draco?’ Draco stopped in his tracks… horrified. He had to think fast, somewhere he could hide. He thought of the most childish place, and headed for under the bed; but when he turned around it was gone.


‘What the…’ He stood there dumbstruck.


‘Draco, where are you?’ the voice said again. This time Draco realized it wasn’t his father’s voice. It was distorted and distant; he stood there for a moment bringing his courage to the point where he was brave enough to walk towards it.


He took a deep breath and stepped forward cautiously and peered around the corner of the room. A dark figure stood at the end of the hall blurred and out of shape.


‘Who’s that?’ Draco called unintentionally.


‘MALFOY!’ a loud voice called and Draco snapped his head up and looked around… he had fallen asleep in class…


‘Sorry sir.’ He said quietly as all the Slytherins laughed at him and Harry patted his back.


‘Mate, you were having a bad dream… you started sleep talking…’ Harry whispered into Draco's ear. Harry’s breath on Draco’s neck made shivers go down his spine… good shivers of course. After class Draco and Harry walked out into the yards for a walk by the lake, it was lunch time. Draco had thought crazily about his realization the other day when Tamika had kissed him, he had to tell someone, but he couldn’t really tell any of his friends, Harry and Hermione and Ron would think he was deranged… well probably only Ron will have that thought… not like he would actually say it, but he’d be thinking it.


‘Harry, can I tell you something?’ Draco said barely audible for human ears.


‘Of course Draco, you know you can tell me anything.’ Harry replied.


Draco could hear the curiosity in Harry’s voice.


‘You might want to sit down,’ Draco then sat down under the tree he had sat under so many times, and pulled Harry down to sit too.


‘What is it, mate?’ Harry said to tell Draco he was listening intently.


‘Well… I’ve been thinking a lot lately… about… well, my sexuality…’ Draco peered at Harry through his thick eyelashes to see his expression, it didn’t change.


‘And…?’ Harry said casually.


‘Well… I think, I may be… gay.’ Draco whispered the last word.


He peered at Harry again. He seemed to have shifted a little but other than that, no other obvious signs of running for the castle to get away… a good sign on Draco’s thought.


‘So…’ Draco pushed for a reply.


‘Well, it doesn’t matter to me Draco. You’re my friend, and I’ll take you for who you are.’ Harry said pulling Draco in for a hug.


‘Oh… that’s a lot better than what I was expecting.’ Draco said relieved. He hugged Harry back, and felt the warmth of his body on his chest, he wanted to kiss Harry right there and then, but knew that he couldn’t.


That night after everyone had finished dinner Headmaster Dumbledore stood up to speak.


‘That feast was lovely… Students! As you all know, holidays are at the end of this week, but please, don’t let it distract you from learning, they will be here soon enough. Now, everyone is full, tired and would like to snuggle up in bed and have a good night’s rest, so… scoot! Goodnight and sleep well.’


The students all stood and walked to their dorms sleepily. Except Draco.


‘Harry! Come here for a minute.’ Draco called across the hall. He saw Harry say something to Ron and Hermione then kiss Hermione on the cheek and quickly squeezed through the crowd.


Once Harry reached Draco, Draco didn’t say a word but grabbed Harry by the arm and walked out of the hall and into the first empty room he saw.


‘Whoa, what’s up Draco?’ Harry said pulling Draco off his arm.


‘I was wrong.’ Draco stated.


Harry looked at him confused. Draco thought Harry looked so cute when he was confused, but he had to do this.


‘About what?’


‘I’m not gay, I lied… I’m not.’


‘What… why?’ Harry looked at Draco like he was going insane.


‘I dunno, okay? I’m just… crazy right now.’ With that Draco walked out of the room leaving Harry to think. Draco ran down the hallway and when he was almost into the Great Hall he ran straight into Hermione.


‘Oh, Hermione… I’m sorry, are you alright?’ Draco helped Hermione up off the floor.


‘Yes Draco. I’m fine… where’s Harry? I was coming to make sure everything was fine, you looked really worried, is everything okay?’ Hermione put her hand on Draco’s face to examine his expression.


Draco felt shivers run up and down his spine when she touched him; he wanted to kiss her right there and then.


“What are you thinking Draco? You’re not attracted to girls!” Draco thought.


That didn’t stop his next actions though he leant down and placed his lips on Hermione’s he felt like everything was instantly right, that he had no hideous scars on his face, that he wasn’t hated by everyone in the school besides a select few… it was perfect.


‘What the fuck!’ Draco looked up and the entire colour had drained from his already pale face…. Harry was right in front of him.


‘Harry, it isn’t what you think-’


‘Then what is it Draco? I don’t think there is any other explanation for this situation do you?’ Harry bellowed


‘Well no not particularly but if you let me-’


‘Let you what Draco? Explain? Apologize? Beg for forgiveness? Well you fucking better start doing all three!’ Harry snarled at Draco.


‘Harry look, I’m sure there is a more civil way to explain all this, I didn’t expect him to kiss me so suddenly and I wasn’t about to kiss back! You know I would never do anything to hurt you!’ Hermione pleaded as tears welled up in her beautiful honey brown eyes.


‘Shut the fuck up Hermione!’ both boys snapped at her.


Both boys glared at her for a moment before turning back to face each other. They were inches away from each other’s face, but it wasn’t in the way Draco was really hoping.


‘Fine, I’m not talking to either of you stupid boys!’ Hermione stalked off towards the common rooms shaking her head.


‘I’m counting to 10, if you haven’t given me a reason why… well… I’m going to kick your arse so you’ll be in the hospital wing for weeks!’ Harry whispered for emphasis.




‘After I told you I wasn’t gay, I ran out here, bumped into Hermione… she was trying to comfort me, and I got carried away and kissed her, I never meant for it to happen, I’m truly sorry Harry…’ Draco blurted out before Harry had even said “2”


Silence… They stood there for what seemed hours just staring at each other… Draco’s eyes were pleading; Harry’s were burning with the fire of a thousand suns…


‘I don’t believe you.’ Harry gritted his teeth and the next thing Draco knew he was shoved back against a wall.


‘Get the fuck off me Harry!’ Draco grabbed Harry’s robe and pulled his face closer to his own ‘You have no idea who you’re fucking with Potter… I will kill you if you ever touch me like that again.’ Draco let go of Harry’s robes and pushed him away so he wasn’t against the wall.


‘Thank you Draco.’ Harry said looking down.


‘What the fuck for?’ Draco spat


‘For showing me that best friends can not be trusted, and thank you for lying to me, the friendships… the good times we had Draco… you can have them back!’ Harry then ran at Draco with all his force and knocked him to the ground.


Draco rolled over Harry and started hitting him with all his strength, he could hear Harry holding back the tears but didn’t care. Draco was then rolled back onto the floor and the next thing he felt was the back of his head hit the floor with too much force and an instant headache… then everything went silent, he could feel Harry’s body on top of his own… Draco was scared to open his eyes… to see the damage he had given his best friend. When Draco plucked up the courage to open his eyes Harry slammed his fist right into Draco’s nose, making him cry out in agony.


‘Now you’ve done it Potter!’ Draco screamed as he pushed Harry off, stood up as quick as a cheetah and started kicking Harry in the stomach repeatedly. Harry grabbed Draco’s foot and held on with all his might. Draco shook his leg trying to get this insignificant boy off. To a passer-by this scene would look quite hilarious, but for the two boys it was the complete opposite.


Harry then pulled on Draco’s leg, sending Draco crashing to the floor with a loud and most likely painful “thud” Draco curled into a ball holding his chest in pain when Harry crawled over and started hitting him, with not much strength due to getting beaten and bruised, but it still hurt. Draco then rolled onto his stomach and kicked his legs around like a baby learning to crawl; hoping at least one of his failed kicks will hit Harry and hurt.


Harry stood up slowly and grabbed Draco by the back of his robe, pulling him to his feet, and then slamming him against the wall.


Draco opened his eyes… Harry was staring at him. Draco looked at Harry trying to ignore the pounding pain in the back of his head where Harry had smashed his head at some point in their brawl.


Harry leant down to Draco’s face… his lips were millimeters away from Draco’s. Harry looked at Draco for a moment then crushed his lips against Draco’s soft pale ones. Draco was in shock… one moment they were fighting, the next Harry was kissing him. Draco didn’t respond Harry just pushed himself harder against Draco hoping he wasn’t going to make a fool of himself.


Draco then grabbed Harry by the shoulders and switched them around so he was one pinning Harry to the wall; Draco ran his tongue along Harry lips and was in heaven. Harry slowly wrapped one hand through Draco’s soft, blonde hair and grabbed the bottom of his shirt with the other. Draco slid one hand down to Harry’s belt and slowly undid it skillfully.


Draco then ripped his shirt off, popping off all the buttons to reveal his glowing white skin every body seemed to envy. Harry did the same but with less strength and not quite getting all the buttons off, Draco giggled at Harry’s failed attempt then kissed him deeply as he undid the rest of the buttons for him. Draco then slid Harry’s pants down with his hand and ran his other hand down Harry’s stomach to his belly button forcing Harry to let out a soft moan.


‘Are you sure Harry?’ Draco whispered.


‘Yes.’ Harry moaned


Draco went on but then realized they are in the middle of the hallway, anyone could walk past and see them.


‘Wait…’ Draco moaned gently.


‘What?’ Harry stopped what he was doing. Draco then grabbed Harry by the arm, picked up their clothing and ran into an empty classroom, once inside Draco didn’t wait a second before he pushed Harry onto a table and slid on top of him. Harry wrapped his legs around Draco once he was close enough and pulled Draco harder against himself. Harry then slid Draco’s underwear off skillfully with his feet and rolled Draco over.


Harry kissed Draco’s neck, nibbling carefully on the bone making Draco moan loudly.


‘Shut up you sexy thing.’ Harry whispered as his lips slowly moved down Draco’s neck to his stomach.


Draco was trying to moan softly, but Harry seemed to have magic lips and know exactly what to do with them. As Harry moved slowly down Draco’s stomach, Draco felt like he was about to scream out in pleasure, the anticipation was excruciatingly pleasurable.


Draco was moaning so loud he was surprised someone hadn’t walked in and found them. Harry was enjoying himself, he had never done anything with another boy before this, but he was surprised at how much he actually enjoyed it.


Draco sat up, grabbed Harry by the face and kissed him deeply before jumping of the table and pushing Harry against a wall.


Both boys were moaning so loud that they could have woken up the whole of Hogwarts.


After Harry and Draco had had their way with each other the slowly put their clothing back on, avoiding eye contact as much as possible. Draco was hoping that this wouldn’t make things awkward between them… but now… only time will tell.



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Chapter 6: The Best Of Friends
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Draco, Hermione, Ron and Harry were sitting out by the lake, it was a Saturday morning and they had just finished breakfast. Draco was avoiding Harry’s eye-contact as much as possible, but couldn’t help but look at him every now and then.


‘So I was also thinking maybe us four could go down to Hogsmeade and go to the Hog’s Head and get a few butterbeers and stuff, then come back and hang around here.’ Ron concluded. Draco hadn’t listen to what he was saying before hand but was just nodding at everything.


Hermione stood up ‘Let’s go now, better than sitting around here…’ She grabbed Harry’s hand and motioned for the other boys to hurry along. Draco and the Golden Trio started to walk towards Hogsmeade when Draco was grabbed by the arm.


‘Are you going down to Hogsmeade?’ Tamika asked as she clung to Draco’s arm.


‘Yes, what’s it to you?’ Draco snapped.


‘Can I come?’ She looked at Hermione for an answer.


‘Ummm…. It’s up to Draco, you’re his friend.’ Hermione said awkwardly. Tamika looked at Draco hopefully.


‘No.’ Draco simply said as he pried her off his arm.


Ron stifled a laugh as Harry looked at Hermione with a giant grin on his face.


‘Oh, why not?’ Tamika let go of Draco’s arm and stopped walking.


‘Keep walking…’ Draco whispered to the others but just loud enough for her to hear.


After the four had reached the Hog’s Head and had their butterbeers and were seated they sat in silence for a minute when Ron broke it.


‘Who was that girl that wanted to come with us Draco?’ He laughed at the memory of her.


‘Some fourth year girl who is quite literally obsessed with me… she sends me letters and she kissed me and I just ran off… She’s strange,’ Draco said looking into his butterbeer.


‘How’d you meet her?’ Harry asked. That was the first thing Harry had said to Draco all morning. Draco looked up and made eye contact with Harry for the first time since ‘it’ happened.


‘On the train at the beginning of the year, she sat next to me in the carriage and started talking about how beautiful my eyes are.’ Draco said as his face turned a bit pink.


‘Well, I love blue eyes.’ Harry said smiling.


Hermione looked at Harry strangely as Ron yelled out ‘Harry loves Draco’s eyes!’ and started laughing uncontrollably. Draco and Harry just stared at Ron.


‘Sorry.’ He mumbled as he held back his laughter. After a while, their conversation got louder as Harry was buying all of them butterbeers.


‘So… You can honestly say that you have NEVER found another girl attractive?’ Ron said to Hermione, he had been trying for around an hour to get the answer he wanted from her.


‘Yes, I can honestly say that. Never have I thought another girl was or is attractive and never will I think that.’ She said as she took another massive mouthful of butterbeer.


‘Well, I think you’re lying! I think everyone in the whole entire universe has at least once thought someone of the same sex is attractive!’ Ron thudded his fist on the table. ‘Draco, do you not agree?’ Ron turned to Draco and put his arm on his shoulder.


‘I think I’m going to have to agree with him on this one Hermione!’ Draco laughed.


‘Okay then, if that’s how it works boys… and Hermione, then you two,’ Harry pointed to Ron and Draco, ‘must have thought someone of the same sex is attractive too! Spit it out boys, who?’ Harry slurred.


Besides the drunken state of himself, Draco instantly felt nervous, what was Harry getting too? Was he going to reveal that they felt attracted to each other?


‘I believe my answer would have to be, you boys! I think you guys are very pretty and if I was a girl I would be extremely jealous of Hermione and I would have to punch Tamika in the face for being all over Draco!’ Ron laughed so loud a few people in the bar turned to look.


‘That is quite strange Ronald Weasley but I say thank you!’ Harry said as he laughed and wrapped an arm around Hermione.


Draco felt like he should say something, but it was his turn to tell who he thinks is attractive… what if he says Harry and then something goes wrong and he just blurts out more than he is planning to say…


‘Draco! Your turn!’ Hermione demanded as she motioned the waitress over.


‘Four more butterbeers please!’ Hermione said as she handed the waitress her empty cup and motioned for the others to do the same.


‘Right away miss.’ The waitress then walked off with the cups to refill.


‘Anyway, as I was saying… Draco! C’mon Ron told his secret love now it’s your turn!’ She laughed and then quickly covered her mouth as she burped. ‘Pardon me.’ She laughed again.


‘This is a stupid game, why are we even playing?’ Harry said suddenly.


‘What’s wrong with you, you haven’t even answered any questions so why is it bothering you?’ Hermione demanded.


‘Because it’s a stupid game and maybe Draco doesn’t want to answer!’ Harry snapped back at her.


‘No, no, it’s alright Harry… I’ll answer… it’s not like it means we love that person…’ Draco said as he looked Harry in the eyes for the first time that day, Harry looked a little… broken.


‘See Harry, settle down, he doesn’t mind answering!’ Ron said as the waitress return and  handed everyone their butterbeers.


‘So… Draco, who is it?’ Hermione and Ron looked at him expectantly as Harry looked into his butterbeer.


‘My secret attraction of the same gender is… Harry.’ Draco tried to laugh it off and it half worked… Ron and Hermione cracked up laughing so hard Ron spurted butterbeer out his nose and Hermione ended up with the hiccups.


‘Why is it so hilarious?’ Harry demanded.


‘Because it’s Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy… it’s never meant to happen. Remember back in first year… Harry was ‘The Boy Who Lived’ and Draco was ‘Future Death Eater’. Now look at us, we’ve known each other for five years and we are best of friends!’ Hermione said as she leant over and kissed Ron and Draco on the cheek, she then turned back to Harry and kissed him deeply.


After another round of butterbeers and the waitress asking them to leave because they were making to much noise the four made their way back to Hogwarts. Staggering, Hermione clung to Harry and Harry clung to Draco and Ron clung to Draco, they walked up the pathway to go back to the castle. Once outside they realized it was dark… past curfew.


‘I love you guys, I don’t think I could ever be better friends with any of you!’ Ron announced as they almost fell over. ‘Even Draco, man to be honest, I never thought I could like you, but you’re a good guy! I love you mate!’ Ron then hugged Draco and instantly fell over into the snow dragging Draco down, who dragged Harry, who dragged Hermione. The four of them just sat in the snow laughing uncontrollably until Professor Snape came by and stopped in front of them.


‘What are you four doing out here, curfew started 10 minutes ago!’ He snapped at the four sitting in the snow.


‘Sorry sir…’ Hermione stifled her laughter but failed as she burst into a fit of laughter sending the other three into fits as well.


‘Detention for all four of you if you are not out of my site and back up in the castle, within 5 minutes!’ He screamed.


The four of them got up as quickly as they could and started to bolt towards the castle laughing.


‘That was so close! Imagine what kind of detention he would make us do.’ Harry laughed as they entered the great hall.


‘I know! Probably scrubbing the floors or something.’ Hermione said looking behind her to make sure Snape wasn’t in sight.


‘I don’t want tonight to end; we’ve had so much fun!’ Ron complained.


‘Looks like we are going to have to end it! Here comes Snape!’ Harry said quickly


The four of them scattered and ran into their dorms before Snape saw them.


As Draco was walking to his common room he smiled. Things definitely weren’t awkward between Harry and himself. As he reached the common room, he said the password and went straight to bed, and for the first night in a long time he slept well without any dreams although it could have been the alcohol he didn’t care.

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