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Secrets, Lies and Happiness by Miss Haggan

Format: Novella
Chapters: 13
Word Count: 23,477
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Romance, Angst
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, James, Sirius, OC
Pairings: Harry/Hermione

First Published: 05/26/2009
Last Chapter: 12/14/2013
Last Updated: 12/14/2013


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Sequel to Padfoot and Prongs. Harry is in his seventh year of Hogwarts and is on a mission to destroy Voldemort, only two things stand in his way. His father and his Girlfriend Hermione. Slightly Angsty, a bit Dark. Occasional strong language.

Chapter 1: Prologue: The Plan
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September 15th 1997

Harry took a deep breath as he walked into Dumbledore's office, he was there for their third meeting in the space of two weeks. Harry has just started his seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was on a mission with Dumbledore, a mission to destroy the darkest lord that ever graced the wizarding world, Lord Voldemort. Voldemort is the beast whom is responsible for killing his mum, and is responsible for the attempted murder of his father. He is the reason Harry suffered many years of misery, when he was living at the Dursley's. He is the reason the wizarding world is going through the most darkest of time in history.

"Ah, Harry, I have been waiting for you." Dumbledore said, as Harry entered the room.

"Sorry I'm late Sir, I was finishing my homework." Harry replied. Dumbledore walked down from his office and sat behind his desk, he offered Harry a seat in front of his desk. Harry excepted it with a smile.

"Sherbet Lemon?" Dumbledore offered.

"No thanks, Sir." Harry replied.

"I suppose you are wondering why I asked you here tonight, Harry."

"Yes, Sir." Harry replied.

"Well, Harry, you see the time has come for us to destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes. I have tied up a few loose ends, and Professor McGonagall is happy to take over the school for a few months..." at this Harry interrupted.

"Pardon me Sir" he said. "But, did you say a few months?" Harry asked surprised.

"Indeed I did, Harry. As you know there are seven Horcruxes to destroy, and we have only found six of them so far, what we need to do is go to their locations and devise a plan, so that we can acquire and destroy each one, then replace them with replicas, hoping that he won't suspect a thing. The first one is easy, as you know Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem, is hidden within this very castle, and we shall destroy it before we leave. But the others would be harder to acquire and would take a lot more planing and skill, which is why we shall leave for a couple of months. Now as for the seventh one, I have a couple of ideas as to what and where it is, but I shall do more research before I put my ideas to you. Once we find and destroy all of the Horcruxes, all we then have to do is wait, wait for Voldemort to come looking for you." Dumbledore explained.

"But Sir, what about my family? My dad, Sirius, Remus, Hermione and there's Ron. I would have to leave them behind. I already feel guilty for keeping these meetings from my dad, but when I just disappear like that, he will be crushed. I can't even imagine how hurt he would be. Then there's Hermione, would she forgive me for just abandoning her like that. I doubt she would even want to know me, let alone date me when I come back." Harry ranted, he realised that he had become sweaty and breathless, so he took a few deep breathes to steady himself.

"Harry, I do realize that I am putting you in a difficult position, but this could mean the end of the horror that is terrorizing the wizarding world."

"I know, Sir. I just don't know if I could leave my Dad and Hermione." H arry said.

"Harry, this is important, If we do this we could kill Voldemort and end the terror, I implore you Harry, to reconsider."

"OK, I'll think about it, I'll give you my decision tomorrow." Harry said, he got up and walked out of the room, without so much as a goodbye.


Harry wandered, he wandered the halls of the castle which had been his first real home, it held many memories for him. With the final battle nearing he was becoming increasingly certain that it would take place here, within the very grounds of Hogwarts. The reason he was so certain was, last year, as well as studying magic he also studied Voldemort, or as Harry no knew him as Tom Marvolo Riddle. Harry spent the majority of the year studying the life of Tom and going into his very mind. Harry had now acquired an in depth detailed version of Riddles life, and was certain that Hogwarts, would be the place Voldemort would want to conquer the world, or as Harry is hoping the place he would die. It seemed very fitting to Harry, that Voldemort would choose this place to hide a Horcrux. It was like his own, Voldemort's very first real home, a place were he could stay, feel free and fit in.

Now though, Harry was going to have to make a very difficult decision. Harry knew this had to be done, he knew that he was put on this planet to free it from the evil, that resided in it. Harry also knew that he and only he could kill Voldemort, he always knew that he would have to give up a lot in order to save the world, now though he just didn't know whether he could give it all up. He now had his father back, and then there was Sirius and Remus, they had been there for him just like his Father, they were like uncles to him. Then there was Hermione, they had grown close over the years, and started to date at the end of their fifth year, he never thought that it would make much difference, he did care a lot about Hermione, but thought that at a moments notice he was sure he would be able to leave, but now, he was in love with her, she meant the world to him and he was sure he wanted to spend the rest of his life together.

He knew that she loved him, she had told him so on the day of their first Christmas together, but for some reason he couldn't say it back, he did feel the same way, and she knew that, but he never said it. Something always pulled him back from committing properly, Hermione believed it was down to his poor childhood, but Harry knew that it was down to Voldemort. Harry didn't want to commit to Hermione in case Voldemort killed him, he didn't want Hermione to go though the same pain he went through, the pain of loosing a loved one. But now it was too late, they were in too deep.

Sighing, Harry said the password to the Gryffindor common room, he crawled through the portrait hole and stopped dead. The most beautiful sight he'd ever saw met his eyes. Hermione was curled up into a tight ball, her hair was fanned over the arm of the couch, on which she was sleeping, some of her tight curls had fallen on her beautiful face, which was lit in a warm glow by the dyeing embers of the fire. Clutched in her hands was a small old book, he tilted his head slightly, and read the title Pride and Prejudice, he smiled. It was her favourite book, and she was on her fifth copy, because she had read it that much. He was positive she could recite it word for word. He crept over to her and so as not to wake her, gently prised the book from her hands, but it didn't work, she moved slightly and opened her beautiful deep brown eyes. She looked around confused for a second, until she laid a bleary eye on Harry. Upon seeing who is was that awoke her, she smiled.

"Hey, darling." she smiled sweetly.

"Hi, how long have you been there?" He asked concerned.

"A couple of hours, but I've only been sleeping for a short while." She replied.

She sat up a bit, and lifted the blanket that had been covering her, Harry sat beside her, and let her snuggle into him.

"Comfy?" He asked.

"Yes, thank you." She giggled. So what took you so long?" She asked.

"Nothing really, just Dumbledore talking of his plans on how we kill Voldemort, then I went for a walk".

"OK, well I'm going to bed." She sighed. He knew she was disappointed, that he didn't tell her more, and he also knew she could tell that he was lying.

"Hermione..." he said, as she put her foot on the first step.

"Yes?" She asked, without turning around. He took a deep breath to steady himself and opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. "Goodnight, Harry." She sighed and began to climb the stairs again.

"I love you..." he blurted out. She stopped dead.

"What?" She asked, as she slowly turned on the step.

"I love you." He repeated.

"You, you love me?" She repeated

"Yes." He replied, despite the situation he couldn't help but smiling, at the shocked expression on her face. Once she had processed what Harry had said, she smiled the biggest smile she had ever seen.

"Oh, my, Merlin. I love you to!" She shouted, she ran down the stairs and dived on top of him. She planted a kiss on his lips and hugged his torso.

"Hermione, I can't breath." Harry gasped.

"Sorry, but I just can't believe it, you said that you love me." She said as she released him.

"You knew I did." He said, with a laugh.

"I know, but I've never heard you say it before, I'm just shocked."

"Well, I always knew that I loved you, I just wouldn't let myself believe it, I wouldn't commit, but now I am committing."

"I love you so much, Harry James Potter."

"I love you to, Hermione Jane Granger." He replied. She smiled the sweet smile, that always melted his heart. He leaned over and gave he a kiss, the kiss was long deep and meaningful. Hermione got up from the couch, and grabbed Harry's hand and led him up the stairs and to the girls dormitories.

"Umm, what about your room mates?" Harry asked nervously.

"There's a little thing called, the silencing charm." She cheekily said.

"Cheeky." He laughed.

"And you could use, your invisibility cloak..." She added, with a wink.

"I'll go and get it, what bed is yours?" He asked.

"The one on the left hand side, right beside the window."

"OK, and what about the stairs?" He inquired.

"Human levitation charm, the incantation, is wingardium leviosa maximum." She smiled, and walked up the stairs, making sure she swung her hips from side to side as she did so. When she reached the top, she turned and winked at Harry, before opening her door and walking in. Smiling Harry turned and went to his room to get his cloak.

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Chapter 2: Chapter 1: The decision
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Harry woke early to the sweet smell of vanilla, smiling he looked to his left to find the love of his life sleeping on his arm, he couldn't believe what they had done last night, it was still a blissful blur to him. Suddenly he remembered where he was, and strained to cover himself, he relaxed a bit when he remembered that the curtains had been pulled over. He sighed and tried to think of a way he could get his arm from underneath Hermione, he knew that she will be disappointed to wake up and find him gone, but he really didn't want to be here when the other girl's woke, besides he could leave her a note. Then it hit him, he could use his wand and levitate her off his arm, hopefully she was a heavy sleeper and didn't wake when her body lifted from the bed. He picked up his wand, which always laid under his pillow and performed the simple levitation charm on Hermione, she was only lifted three inches of the bed, just enough for Harry to remove is arm, and thankfully she didn't wake, so knowing that she was a heavy sleeper, he decided to write her a note. He summoned a quill, a piece of parchment, and a bottle of ink and began writing her a small letter explaining why he left. Twenty minutes later, when he was happy with the note, he grabbed his cloak and broom and flew out of the room. He arrived in his own room ten seconds later and fell into a peaceful slumber.

Hermione woke at 7:30 and realised immediately that someone was missing. She sighed, she knew that Harry wouldn't be able to stay the night and was silly for expecting him to be there when she woke. She dragged herself out of her bed and into the shower, she spent ten minutes in there before climbing out and dressing, she lifted out her toiletry bag and brushed her teeth and applied her favourite fruity perfume. She magically dried her hair, which she now loved doing, since it was much tamer these days. Sighing in disappointment she shuffled to her bed, and packed her books, it was then that she saw a little note on her side table, she smiled when she recognised the hand writing, so he didn't totally abandon me she thought. She set down her books, picked up the little note and read it.

My dearest Hermione,
I'm sorry that you have woken without me there beside you, but I was too nervous about waking up in a room full of girls, even though, the curtains were drawn and a silencing charm was placed, I still didn't feel comfortable waking up there.

Anyway, last night was amazing, it truly was. It felt so right being with the woman that I love... It still feels weird writing that, but it's true. I just hope that your not too disappointed that I wasn't there when you woke and I hope that you'll forgive me.
Love you lots, Harry xxx.

Hermione had to smile, Harry had to be the most cheesiest, yet adorable person she had ever dated. She thought that she'd play on it for a while and pretend that she was upset, but decided not to, he hated it when she was angry at him, it upset him a lot. So, instead she decided to let him know that she was upset at fist but decided to forgive him, when she found the note. Smiling to herself she bid good morning to the other girls who had woke, and headed down to breakfast.

Ten Minutes later she entered the great hall, and made a beeline or the Gryffindor table, Harry who was eating scrambled eggs and bacon, smiled at her when he saw her. She reached the seat beside him and gave him a kiss.

“Good morning, gorgeous.” She greeted

“'Morning, beautiful.” He replied. They leaned in to give each other a hug, and a small kiss.

“Oh please, gag me.” Ginny snapped, she was sitting beside her brother, who was disgustingly inhaling his food. Ginny always had a tendency to be nasty when she saw Harry and Hermione together, though she was always nice to Harry, she never was to Hermione. Harry figured that she hadn't got over her school girl crush and was still a tad jealous.

“Sorry Ginny.” Harry apologised, as usual.

“Oh, sowy didn't see you 'ere 'ermione.” Ron said through a mouthful of toast.

“Oh, really Ronald did you have to do that?” Hermione said repulsed.

“Sorry...” he said gulping down the toast he had in his mouth, he then picked up his goblet of pumpkin juice and gulped down several mouthfuls.

“Better?” Hermione asked, still with a disgusted look on her face. He only nodded and went back to inhaling his food.

“So did you get my note?” Harry asked Hermione quietly.

“Yes, I have to say, I was very disappointed when I woke up and you weren't there, I didn't find your note until I was ready to leave. I was still slightly disappointed that you weren't there but I understand that it was difficult for you. I hope you don't regret it?”

“Merlin, no!” Harry exclaimed, making everyone at the table look at him. “Of course I don't, Hermione I do love you. Last night was the best thing I've ever done and I certainly don't regret it.” He whispered. Everyone had went back to their breakfast, with the exception of Ginny, who was watching them with narrowed eyes.

“Can we go somewhere more privet?” Hermione asked Harry, he nodded and the left the table, with Ginny still watching them. They strolled around the lake together for half an hour, until the bell rang for classes. They then headed back for their first class, hand in hand.

Harry spent the rest of the day wondering if sleeping with Hermione was the right thing to do. He did love her but he should be dedicated to killing Voldemort, not strengthening his relationship with Hermione. He thought about it all day and had finally come to a big decision. He was going to have to leave Hermione and go off with Dumbledore on this stupid mission. Why couldn't his life be simple? Why did Voldemort have to kill his mum and attempt to kill his dad.? Why couldn't he just be a normal boy and not the bloody boy who lived? Although, the only good thing that has happened to him in years has been Hermione becoming his girlfriend and his Dad coming back from the dead.

“I have to do it...” Harry muttered and headed for Dumbledore's office.

It took him ten minutes to arrive there, he said the password to the stone gargoyle and climbed the stairs, but stopped dead when he seen the door ajar. He quietly crept up to the door and pushed it open slightly and saw Dumbledore and Professor Trelawney.

“So you've had another vision Sybil?” Dumbledore asked her.

“Yes Sir, I know you are due to go on a mission with young Mr Potter, but I warn you that things will go horribly wrong.” she said.

“How so?” Dumbledore asked. Suddenly Trelawney's eyes glazed over, Harry had saw that look before. Trelawney was going to make a prediction. As if on Queue Trelawney shuddered and started to speak.

“He who has the power to Vanquish the dark lord, is getting stronger. His time is coming and the battle nears. But he must go it alone, only he who has the power to vanquish the dark lord, must be the one to destroy Voldemort's soul, if it is done by the hands of another, then the magical world as we know it will be forever in mortal peril. You have been warned.” Professor Trelawney's eyes went back to normal and she sat upright.

“Sorry Professor Dumbledore, did you say something?” She asked.

“No, no, Sybil. I have everything I need, you may go now” he said dismissing her.

Harry, quietly and Quickly made a swift exit, when he heard Dumbledore dismiss Trelawney, he ran down the stone steps and turned left, then right, he waited with baited breath but lucky for him, Trelawney seemed to have gone in a different direction. He slid down the cold stone wall, when he was sure that he was safe. He had heard every word of Trelawney's new prophesy and he knew what it meant.

Only he who has the power to vanquish the dark lord, must be the one to destroy Voldemort's soul, if it is done by the hands of another, then the magical world as we know it will be forever in mortal peril. He was supposed to go to destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes. He alone was supposed to go on this trip. If Dumbledore went then he would want to destroy the Horcruxes, and if he did Voldemort would somehow end up ruling the world. He couldn't let that happen. But how was he going to do this without Dumbledore? Dumbledore was the one with the plans, he had planed precisely where they would be going, how long they would be staying there and would have such powerful protections surrounding them, that even Voldemort would find it difficult to find them.

He could go and talk to Dumbledore, pretend that he didn't know a thing and he could tell Dumbledore that he was going on the trip, but Dumbledore would have to give him the detailed plan of where they were going, so that he could memorise it. Dumbledore wasn't likely to tell Harry, about the new prophesy, and there was no danger of him following Harry. Dumbledore always let Harry do his own thing and if he left a note for Dumbledore explaining that he knew of the prophesy then Dumbledore would understand and not follow him. In theory.

The only problem would be his father, if James found out that Harry had run away to do some dangerous mission, that he and Dumbledore had planed, then James would certainly go to Dumbledore and he would be able to get him to tell him everything. With his mind made up. Harry got up of the cold stone floor and headed back in the direction he had came. A minute later he was outside Dumbledore's office and knocking on his door.

“You may enter...” The wise old man croaked. Harry took a deep breath and entered the room. “Ah, Mr Potter. I take it you've made a decision” he asked offering Harry a seat, which he excepted.

“Yes Sir, I had came to see you earlier but Professor Trelawney was here...” Harry replied, hoping that Dumbledore told him the truth, but just as Harry suspected, he did not.

“Ah yes, she was just visiting for tea, she sometimes gets quite lonely on her own, in the tower.”

“Indeed...” Harry muttered.

“So, what decision have you come to?” Dumbledore eagerly asked.

“I have decided to go, one one condition...”


“I want the final detailed plan, of where we are going, including the time we need to spend there, what Horcrux we are collecting and where from.”

“You drive a hard bargain, Harry.” Dumbledore stated.

“I believe I get that from my dad, so do we have a deal?”

“I think we do, Harry. I shall owl it to you in the morning.”

“Thank you Sir.” Harry said and got up to leave.

“Just one more thing, Harry...” Dumbledore said stopping Harry in his tracks.

“Yes, Sir?”

“What made you change your mind?”

“My dad will eventually forgive me, and Hermione will move on and find someone else.” Harry explained and walked out of the room.

He walked out to the lake and sat down on one of the many benches that randomly appeared when, someone needed to rest, or to sit down and think. He looked out to the glorious lake and sighed, the water rippled with a light end of summer breeze, the sides were swamped with dead leaves and the descending sun, cast a warm glow on the water giving it a luminous effect.

He sighed, Hermione would have loved to of seen this, to sit cuddled into him, with him stroking her hair as she read her favourite book. Now though, he was going to have to write her a letter, explaining that he had to go away and that he was sorry. She would certainly hate him. Ever since he dad abandoned her and her mum, at the beginning of her fifth year, she has always been paranoid that Harry would do the same and now she was right. But he had to do it, that's the difference. Hermione's dad chose to leave her mum, Harry had to leave Hermione, it wasn't by choice and he would be coming back in a few months, she would understand. He hoped.

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Chapter 3: Chapter 2: Missing
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Harry sighed as he glanced at the note he had left for Hermione.

I am so sorry to have to do this to you, but my priority has to be killing Voldemort. I have to go away for a few months on my own to ensure I can make Voldemort mortal, I'm not going to say exactly what I'm going to do, in case this falls into the wrong hands, but your a smart girl, so I'm sure you know what I have to do.

Anyway I'm blabbing now. I want you to know that I didn't leave you because I wanted to, but because I had to. I also need you to know that I love you, I always will.... I just hope that someday you can forgive me.
Love Harry.

He felt awful, leaving her with just a note, but there was no other choice. Just three days ago, he had told Dumbledore that he was going to go on the mission with him and Dumbledore had give him a detailed plan of their mission, which Harry had now memorised. The clock chimed twelve signalling to Harry, that it was time for him to go.

He grabbed his broom and cloak and descended the stairs, he put his cloak on and walked up to the owlery. He give the letter to Hedwig, with strict instructions to give it to Hermione in the morning. He then silently crept into the grounds and into the forbidden forest, where he mounted his broom. He gave one last look to the castle, fearing that he may never see it again, he kicked off from the ground and flew into the starry night.


The next morning Hermione woke with a yawn, she had a strange dream last night, but now that she was awake, she couldn't remember it. Sighing she showered and dressed, picked up her books and went down for breakfast. She sat beside Ron and Ginny and instantly realised that something was wrong.

"Where's Harry?" She asked, remembering that she hadn't seen him since the previous night.

"Dunno, his bed was empty when I woke this morning" Ron answered.

"What?" Ginny and Hermione both exclaimed. They looked at each other and then back at Ron.

"His bed was made when I got up" he said looking at Hermione. Just then Hedwig arrived in front of Hermione, dropped a letter and then flew off. Ginny and Ron both watched Hedwig, then Hermione as she looked at the letter in front of her.

She knew the writing, but was scared to open it. A million thoughts were running through her mind, as her trembling fingers opened the letter. She slowly slid the letter out of the envelope. She opened it and read it slowly.

Ginny and Ron watched her with worried expressions, as her face went from a puzzled expression, to a frown, to a disbelief. They watched as the tears flowed thick and fast down her face and on to the parchment.

"What is it Hermione?" Ginny asked softly.

"He...He has run away, try and kill Voldemort" she managed to choke out, her sobs becoming more hysterical. Most of the hall including the staff table stopped what they were doing to watch what was going on.

"Dumbledore" Hermione suddenly blurted out, and ran out of the hall, with Ron and Ginny following behind.

"Hermione, where are you going?" Ginny shouted.

"Harry and Dumbledore have been working closely together for the past two years, he's been grooming Harry for this exact event, he's been training him up to fight Voldemort and they have been planing on going on a trip, to destroy objects called Horcruxes, but something must've happened for Harry to go of on his own." She panted as she raced towards Dumbledore's office.

"OK, for now I'm going to pretend to know what a Horcrux is, but you have got to explain later" Ginny said panting as she and Ron struggled to keep up with him.

They arrived moments later at Dumbledore's office, Hermione shouted the password at the stone gargoyle and rushed up the steps two at a time, battering the solid oak door, when she reached the top.

The door swung open to reveal a large empty room, the three stepped in and had a look around the empty room.

"Dumbledore!" Hermione screamed, making Ron and Ginny cover her ears.

"That's Professor Dumbledore, Mrs Granger." The three swung around to see Dumbledore standing at the top of the stairs leading up to his privet room.

"Where's Harry?" She snapped, forgetting the politeness she usually had for the Professors.

"Mrs Granger dear, this is a large castle, despite what you may have heard, I can not keep track of every single student." He replied.

"No, he has ran away, he sent me this letter this morning." She said waving the letter in his face "I know all about the meetings, not every single detail but I know what you were achieving, just please tell me where he is." She pleaded.

"Mrs Granger, I assure you I have no idea where Harry is, but I will make every effort to find him. Now, Mr and Miss Weasley, would you be so kind to escort Mrs Granger back to you common room and I will send Madame Pomfrey down to give her the calming draught."

They walked silently back to their common room, where they found Madame Pomfrey waiting, she gave Hermione the calming draught and went on her way. Once she was gone Hermione pulled out her parchment and began scribbling down something.

"What are you writing?" Ron asked.

"A letter to James, I'm guessing Dumbledore won't have told him and I know Dumbledore isn't telling the truth. James has always had some power over Dumbledore, so if I can get James here, tell him what I know, then James can go to Dumbledore and get him to tell the truth.” She explained in a rush as she furiously scribbled on the parchment

"Listen Hermione, we all love and care for Harry, but why is this so important to you?" Ginny asked.

"Because... Because I love Harry, he's my world, and I'm not going to let him leave me... Like my dad did." She whispered, before going back to her letter. Ginny gave her a sympathetic hug and a small kiss on her head.

They heard a tap tap on the window and turned to see Hedwig, Hermione opened the window and let the beautiful snowy owl in. Hedwig flew around the room once before landing on the table and sticking her leg out.

"That owl is freakishly smart." Ron said in awe. Hermione quickly tied the letter to Hedwig's leg, the owl gave a hoot of happiness and flew off into the sunset.

James walked into his kitchen to find Harry's owl Hedwig sitting on his window sill, he gladly opened it, the owl dropped a letter on the counter and then flew to the water dish that was always left out for her.

James looked at the letter in confusion, it wasn't Harry's writing, but Hermione's, something must be wrong, he frantically tore open the envelope and pulled out the letter.

Harry is missing, he's ran away to find these Horcruxes, they are objects with Voldemort's soul in them, he has to destroy them in order to make Voldemort mortal. I've already been to Dumbledore, but he made up this story that he doesn't know where he is, I need your help, can you come into the Gryffindor tower at midnight tonight? I will tell you everything I know

James' heart was pounding and his head was spinning, Harry was missing, and worse still Dumbledore knew where he was, there was only one thing for it and he was going to need back up.

"Sirius!" He bellowed.


"Hermione your going to wear that carpet thin." Ginny said to her anxious friend.

"Where is he?" She snapped.

"Hermione it's five to twelve, he'll be here." Ron said exasperated.

"I'm here." James said from behind them, scaring the three students.

"How did you..?" Ron asked.

"No time to explain." Sirius said. "Tell us what happened Hermione." He said. Both him and James looked tired, James his red rims around his eyes and he looked panicked.

"Harry gave me a letter, telling me in so many words that he has gone alone to hunt for these Horcruxes, I don't know why but..."

"But what?" James asked.

"Him and Dumbledore, were planing on taking a trip together." She whispered.

"What?" James bellowed. Hermione cowered back in surprise.

"James." Sirius said in warning. "Go on Hermione." He added.

"A couple of days ago, I saw Harry reading some documents, he wouldn't let me see them, but I think they were plans for the trip, so Dumbledore knows exactly where Harry is, the only thing I don't know is why Harry went on his own." She sobbed.

"OK, thanks Hermione, leave it to us for the mean time, we'll come back to you." Sirius said, and led a fuming James to the door.

"James?" She said, he turned around slowly. "I'm sorry I never told you sooner, Harry made me swear not to, he told me that he would tell you himself, but I thought Harry would be safe with Dumbledore. You know I never wanted Harry to get hurt, I love him." She muttered in a pleading voice.

"I know." He replied and stormed out of the tower.


Minutes later James was pounding on Dumbledore's door. They waited only a few seconds before a disgruntled Professor answered the door.

"Ah James, I was wondering when I might see you." He said and opened the door.

"Where's my son?" He snapped.

"James I know how distraught you must be but..."

"Don't mess with me!" James snapped.

"James, you know Harry's safety is my number one priority, I am doing everything I can."

"Stop lying to me, if you cared about your great grandson as much as I do, you would tell me where he is!" James bellowed.

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Chapter 4: Chapter 3: The Truth
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"James, now that's not fair, Harry is my family, you know I love that boy." Dumbledore said angrily.

"He's my son, the only thing I have left of Lily, why, if you love him so much, would you plan on taking him away from me?" James asked in a pitiful voice. "That's right, I know all about your plans on going on this dangerous mission with my son."

"James, the only reason I didn't tell you was because I knew you wouldn't let Harry do this, this is something that must be done, it is Harry's destiny. Do you think I'd let Harry do any of this otherwise."

"Albus, you know we will do anything to get him back" Sirius said "Including letting the Daily Prophet know.”

"All right" Dumbledore sighed defeated. "There was another prophecy made, saying that Harry must be the one to destroy the Horcruxes, he's the only one with the power. He knew that if I went with him, then I would destroy the Horcruxes myself. I have been building Harry up so that he now displays the same strength, and me and you, James. A couple of days ago, I gave Harry an ultimatum, to choose between fighting Voldemort or staying with Hermione. He had a tough time choosing, but in the end he choose to come on the mission, on one condition, that I gave him the detailed plan of where we were to go. On that same night, Sybil came to me with a new prophecy for Harry. Harry had said that he called to my office, when Sybil was here, naturally I didn't think anything of it, but he must've heard the prophecy. I gave him the plan trusting that he was still going with me. Three days later, Hermione came to my office hysterical, saying that Harry had run away." He explained.

"Can you give me a copy of the plan?" James asked, voice shaking.

"Yes, but I was rather hoping I could persuade him to come home."

"No. I'm going to get him, you've done enough damage for one day."

"OK, give me an hour and I'll owl it to you."

"OK, that will give us time to explain things to Hermione, she really loves Harry and is going out of her mind with worry. I expect the detailed plan sent to the Gryffindor tower in an hour, and no funny business. I know how to find you". James and Sirius headed back to the Gryffindor tower, where and anxious Hermione, Ron and Ginny were waiting.

"Well?" Hermione asked anxiously.

"He knows where Harry is, he's going to give me a copy of the plan." James said as he sat on the couch.

"But how? How can you get Dumbledore to give you the info, we needed?" Hermione asked.

"Because, Harry is Albus' Great-Grandson." James replied.

"What?" The three chorused.

"I better start from the beginning, when Albus started here, he meet a woman who was a teacher here, they quickly fell in love, but in those days relationships between two people in the same work force were not allowed, so they kept it a secret. But when Albus' girlfriend fell pregnant, he didn't want to know. So the woman left the country, nine months later she had a girl called Zecora. Zecora, was obviously a witch so she came to Hogwarts, she knew that Albus was her father but the only one she ever told was her boyfriend, whom she meet in fourth year. His name was Theodore Potter. Zecora Potter nee Earle is my mum, and Theodore is my father." James explained.

"So, your mum was Dumbledore's love child?" Hermione asked in awe. James nodded his head. "That explains why Dumbledore always lets Harry away with misbehaving. Is that why Dumbledore trained Harry up to fight?" Hermione asked.

"No" Sirius said. " Dumbledore is insisting that this is Harry's destiny, and if he could, Harry would have nothing to do with Voldemort"

"Does Dumbledore know why Harry ran away?"

"Yes, there was a new prophecy made. Dumbledore said that it revealed that Harry must be the one to destroy the Horcruxes, if anyone else done it then it wouldn't work, Harry knew that if Dumbledore went then he would destroy the Horcruxes." Sirius explained.

"How did Harry find out, did Dumbledore tell him?"

"Your kidding right? Dumbledore never tells anyone, anything. Harry overheard Trelawney telling Dumbledore the prophecy."

"So he just left." Hermione whispered quietly.

"No. Dumbledore said that he was given an option, to choose between staying with you, or saving the world and he struggled to make the choice of leaving" James explained. Suddenly there was a soft singing and Fawkes appeared in the room, carrying a large scroll on it leg. James untied the scroll and Fawkes disappeared.

James sat studying the plans for a good ten minutes before he said anything. "Harry is in the North of Scotland, searching a cave for a locket." James said.

"Can I go?" Hermione asked hopefully.

"No." James said bluntly. "Sirius will be staying with you all." He added and walked out of the portrait.


Harry shivered as a huge gust of wind hit him, he wrapped the his cloak tighter around him, holding the flame tight to his body. Merlin he wished he was back in Hogwarts with Hermione, or in his home with his dad. He missed them so much. He looked at the detailed map of the cave, that he had pinned to the cave wall using magic. He had been here for a day at least, but he still hadn't done anything. He wanted to make sure that he knew exactly what he was doing, and it was extremely complicated. Another gust of wind blew around him, this time however it was different, he knew that someone had apparated inside the cave.

He quickly whipped out his wand and started firing spells that Dumbledore had taught him, but the opponent blocked them easily. Confused, Harry started firing spells thick and fast, but his opponent still blocked them easily.

"That's enough Harry" A voice that he knew said. The intruder lit his wand to reveal his identity.

"Dad?" Harry asked weekly.

"Look at you, you look ill." James said, Harry run over to him and embraced him in a tight hug, which James gratefully returned.

"How did you find me?" He croaked, James conjured a large glass of water for his son, whilst he explained.

"Albus knew I would reveal everything, his reputation is more important than his family. Why did you do it Harry?" James asked, a tear running down his cheek.

"If Albus told you everything then you know why."

"You could've came to me Harry, I would came with you and I would of let you get rid of the Horcruxes on you own."

"I'm seventeen, I shouldn't need anyone with me." Harry snapped.

"Where Voldemort's concerned, you do." James said angrily. Have you any idea what it's like to wake up to find your son has run away? Hermione is distraught, Sirius and Remus both have been literally sick with worry. You're all I have left, if I didn't have you, then I would kill myself."

"Dad!" Harry shouted angrily.

"It's true, Harry come home, please, you can have a rest and then in a few weeks, we can come back out here and do this together."

"What if Hermione ends it?" Harry said sadly " It would be all my fault."

"I seriously doubt she would Harry, she may be angry but she'll come around."

"OK" Harry said defeated, he packed up his things and apparated with James. They landed on the outskirts of Hogsmede and walked silently up to Hogwarts.


"Do you think James has got him?" Hermione asked Sirius nervously, she had been pacing the common from ever since James left. Neither of them had gotten a wink of sleep, Remus had arrived shortly after James had left, Ron and Ginny were still up and all of them looked extremely tired.

"Yes, they're probably just having a chat." Remus reasoned. Just then the portrait door swung open and James stepped through with Harry behind him.

"Harry!" Ginny screamed and dived at him. "Oh thank goodness your OK, I've been worried sick.” Harry give her a small hug and then let go of her, she stepped aside jealousy in her eyes.

"Hermione, I'm so sorry.." He began but was interrupted by her slapping him on his cheek. He looked at her with sad eyes, she stood looking at him for a few seconds before she ran up to her room.

"I guess I deserved that." Harry said rubbing his cheek.

"What possessed you to run of like that?" Remus had asked him, when they all sat down.

"I didn't honestly think about what it would do to anybody, I had this mission to complete and it had to be on my own."

"What are you going to do now?" Remus asked.

"I'm going to have a wee break, and shortly after Christmas me and dad are going to go".

"As long as your not going on your own."

"No, I'm so glad to be back."

"Right kids, I'll go and speak to Albus so that you all can have a day off tomorrow, on the promise that Harry you'll go to Madame Pomfrey's" James said.

"I'll make sure he does." Ron promised James. They all bid goodnight to each other and left to go to their respective beds.

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Chapter 5: Chapter 4: Retaliation
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Beautiful CI by Green@TDA

Harry woke feeling irritated and tired, now that he thought about it, didn't his dad know how important doing this mission was to him? He got up, showered and went down to the common room, waiting for his arrival was Hermione and Ron, they looked tired and Hermione looked extremely angry, she glanced at him and realised that he too was annoyed, she gave him a look as if to say 'What have you got to be annoyed about?' She stood from the chair and Ron followed suit, giving Harry a sympathetic look as he followed Hermione, knowing that he too was supposed to follow he did, only for the simple fact of not wanting to receive a howler from his father.

Harry sat grumpily on the hospital bed, patiently waiting on Madame Pomfrey to finish assessing him. He looked around him whilst he waited and noticed that his father was standing outside, with an anxious look upon his face.

"You are free to go Mr Potter." Pomfrey said as she wrote down notes. "You have a minor chill, but that's nothing some nice, hot soup won't cure." Harry smiled and thanked Madame Pomfrey for her help and walked out the door, not even bothering to talk to Hermione or Ron.

"Everything OK?" James asked, noticing that his son looked a little peeved.

"Fine, she said I have a minor chill, but that it's nothing some soup won't cure." He replied not even looking at his father.

"Harry?" James said, Ron and Hermione sensed the tension that was about to appear between father and son, so they made a swift exit. "Look at me" James said sternly and he did. "I am your father, I will do absolutely anything to make sure that you stay alive and safe, even if that means stopping an important kill Voldemort mission, I don't regret coming to find you and I will not apologise, got that?"

"Fine." Harry snapped and walked away, he heard his father swear loudly before slowly following him. He followed him until he got to the Gryffindor tower and he turned a different direction and left.


Harry angrily slumped onto his bed, this mission was something of up most importance and he had to do it, the only thing was he was going to have to come up with a new plan, so his father wouldn't follow him again, so he brought out the plans that Dumbledore had given him. He went over every detail for hours, thinking of how he could do everything differently it took him a while but eventually he thought of a plan, it wasn't a very good plan, but a plan none the less. He was going to do everything on the list, but in a jumbled order from what was written, he had also planned to camp at least two miles from each destination and hide under strong wards and protection wasn't a very brilliant plan, but it was all he had. It was going to take weeks to read up on and practice the spells, but it needed to be done, Harry just hoped that in that time he could convince Hermione and his dad that he wasn't going to run away again


It had been a month since Harry's disappearance and things were still tense between the pair, Harry had convinced Hermione and his dad that he wasn't going to do it again, but Hermione still hadn't forgiven him for running of, so they still weren't speaking to each other. However, they were still together.

Today Hermione was sitting in Madame Pomfrey's office, she was panicking and had been crying, she realised a week ago that she had missed a menstrual cycle and hoped that it was down to the stress of Harry's disappearance, rather than the fact that they stupidly had unprotected sex. She had been waiting for ten minutes for Madame Pomfrey to get everything set up and with each ticking minute of the clock, she felt sicker and sicker.

"You may come through now Miss Granger." Pomfrey called, Hermione swallowed hard and slowly got up, her legs shaking with every small step she took. "I want you to know that whatever happens in here stays in here, I have a strict patient confidentiality code."

"Thanks." Hermione replied weakly and sat upon the bed, Pomfrey instructed her to lie down and she did so with no complaints. Pomfrey took out her wand and performed a spell on Hermione's stomach, a smoky mist appeared and went red, which caused Pomfrey to have a concerned look upon her face, sighing she did another spell, this time the smoky mist turned a dark blue. "I'm sorry Miss Granger but that means that you are indeed pregnant."

"Oh, no, no, no..." She repeated over and over again, trying to make it untrue.

"No guesses of who the father is." Pomfrey said knowingly.

"I'm not ready to tell him yet." Hermione said in a pleading manor.

"I won't tell young Mr Potter yet, but you will have to soon." Pomfrey said and left her alone to her thoughts.


This was it, time for Harry to yet again attempt to go on this mission alone, it was 11:55 and like last time he was planing to leave at midnight, he was pacing the empty common room waiting on the clock slowly stroke midnight, his insides were shaking and his palms were sweaty. He was giving up the relationship he had with the love of his life, and the best father, son relationship that anyone could have, all for the cause of defeating Voldemort, was he crazy? Yes. Did he have to do it? Unfortunately. He was momentarily distracted from watching the clock when he heard one of the dormitory stairs creaking beneath someone foot, he turned and his breath caught in his throat at the sight, Hermione was standing on the bottom step, her hair cascading down her pale face, and the moonlight shining upon her.

"What are you doing Harry?" She asked suspiciously, looking at him with the same anger she possessed weeks ago.

"I couldn't sleep." He replied lying easily. "You?" He countered.

"Same." She replied honestly, and he felt his annoyance slip away. "I've got something to tell you Harry.” She said nervously, she sat down on the couch closest to her, and Harry followed suit, with a worried expression upon his face. Hermione took a deep breath and looked into Harry's eyes, they were so full of concern, so full of love, she found herself missing him a lot, so instead of telling him that he was about to be a father, she choose to revel in this rare moment. "I love you and I have missed you very much." She said in a rush. Harry breathed a sigh of relief and smiled.

"I love you too, and I have missed you too." He replied, he reached over and gave her a soft kiss, then he pulled her into a long over due hug.

An hour later and Hermione had went to bed, slightly happier, but now it was time for Harry to go, and he felt sick. He had spent the best hour of his life sitting cuddling Hermione, and now he was going to leave her, but he had to, otherwise the whole world would be doomed and he could end up loosing everyone he loves forever. So it was with a very heavy heart that Harry put on his invisibility cloak and walked out the door.


The next morning Hermione woke with an uneasy feeling in her stomach, she sat up and rubbed her tummy, she looked at the clock and saw that it was 7:30, she sighed and picked up her toiletry bag, heading for the bathroom to be sick and then take a shower. Ten minutes later Hermione felt refreshed, but still had that uneasy, knotted feeling in her stomach, so after running to the bathroom to throw up again, she re-appeared five minutes later. With a heavy sigh she picked up her books and headed down to the common room and there they were, Ron, Ginny and all of the seventh year Gryffindor boys looking at her with pity upon their faces.

"He has gone again, hasn't he? She asked, well it was more than a statement rather than a question. They all looked at her and nodded their heads, pity still in their eyes. She dropped her books and cried in pain, she dropped to her knees, holding on to the rug as she continued to cry out in pain, worried Ginny went over to her and hugged her close, whilst Ron went to get Dumbledore and Neville went to get Madame Pomfrey.


James sat alone in his kitchen, he still hadn't properly patched things up with Harry and he was becoming increasingly depressed as a result, he got up to go to write Harry a letter when Fawkes, Dumbledore's bird, swooped in and dropped a letter onto his kitchen table before swooping off again. James' heart skipped a beat and his throat tightened, he knew the letter was about Harry and he felt sick, he didn't want to open it, he didn't want to know that Harry had done something else, or worse that something bad had happened to him. But he had to, so with trembling fingers, he opened the letter and read it contents.

I am sorry to say, but Harry has run off again, I promise you that I don't know where to this time, I have been looking for him, but I can not find him...I'm sorry but I need you at Hogwarts as soon as possible, we need to alert the Ministry to find him, plus Hermione has fallen quite ill she needs someone.

Without thinking James put his fist through the partition wall that separated his kitchen and dinning room, sore he removed his hand turned slid down the wall, he sat their, crying for a few hours until Sirius found him.

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Chapter 6: Chapter 5: Enduring Pain
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Lovely CI by Green@TDA

James sighed as he walked to Dumbledore’s office with Sirius, he couldn’t believe that his son had run away yet again, it was breaking his heart, even more so knowing what damage it was doing to Hermione…the poor girl was in the infirmary over it. It had taken them five short minutes to arrive, and upon arrival they found that Remus was there waiting for them.

“We think we may have located him, an Auror has contacted Dumbledore via patronus because there has been a sighting.” Remus said quickly leading them into Dumbledore’s office, James felt hopeful, but when they entered Dumbledore shook his head.

“He knew he was being followed and he has disappeared again.” He said.

“Why is he doing this? James cried out in anguish, causing them to look at him with saddened expressions. “This is your entire fault, my son is doing this because off all the stuff you’ve filled his head with and you’ve sent my son to his death!” James yelled at Dumbledore.

“No James, I did not do this, Voldemort did! I am doing all I can to bring Harry back, but he has realised that this is his destiny; he’s the chosen one, look...” He walked across to one of his many cupboards and pulled out some items. “The Philosophers Stone, that he used to destroy Voldemort in his first year, the sword that he used to kill a basilisk which in turn he used one of its fangs to destroy the first ever Horcrux in his second year, Ravenclaw's Diadem, destroyed by another basilisk fang. The list goes on, he has come to terms with his destiny, why can’t you?”

“Because he’s my son and I love him and if he dies, I will never forgive you.” James whispered and left. Sirius went to follow him, but Remus stopped him, knowing that James needed to be alone.

He took a walk around the grounds of the castle before deciding to go up and see Hermione, he was dreading seeing what state she had gotten herself into, but he knew he had to, she needed someone close to Harry and who would be better than someone who looked identical to him?


“James. Have they found Harry? Is he here? She said in a rush, he had been bombarded with these questions as soon as he stepped in, he took in the sight before him. It was awful, she had tears flowing thick and fast down her cheeks and she was breathless, her hair was a mess and she looked utterly frightened, something which he quite rarely seen in Hermione.

“Miss Granger, I really need you to relax.” Madame Pomfrey said, sternly. James walked over and hugged her, in hope that it would soothe her.

“No, not yet, but I will, I did the last time.” James replied trying to comfort her.

“But James it’s important that he needs to be found, it’s different this time, I need him to be found alive.” She howled, as she gripped tightly onto his t-shirt in a pleading manner.

“Hermione I am going to need you to calm down and tell me why it is so different this time” James said sternly and a little bit panicked. “Hermione, will you please tell me what you meant?” He said after a few minutes silence. “Is Harry is trouble? Is there something you know that we don’t?” He asked hurriedly. Hermione sighed and looked at Madame Pomfrey; she nodded in understanding and left the two of them alone for a moment.

“I need you to know that this is very hard for me right now.” She muttered standing and walking to the window.

“Hermione…” James said in a warning tone, but Hermione interrupted.

“I’m pregnant, James.” Hermione whispered.


Harry had yet again managed to escape the Aurors that were out hunting him, he was sure that his time was running out, but there was still so much left to do. He had only managed to acquire two of the Horcruxes so far, the Diadem and the Locket, he was getting tired, hungry and cold… He had purchased a small tent to sleep in but it wasn’t very warm, food was also in short supply and soon enough he would have none. He was absolutely certain that all too soon his father would come looking for him. Harry wiped a tear away from his eye as he thought of the heartache he knew that he was causing his dad and Hermione, but he had to do it, for them and for the rest of the wizarding world.

It was a cold and windy day, the wind howled fiercely through the trees, often catching his chest. He was sure that he was going to end up with the flu or something similar, he often found himself guzzling water at a fast rate in order to keep his mouth moist, his nose was runny and he was often far too cold.

Wrapped heavily in blankets and warm clothing, he leant over and switched on the radio, he smacked it a few times before he found the channel that he was looking for. It was a station that was run by the Weasley twins, after they were forced to close their shop they took to the radio to let people know the latest death toll and missing persons rates, this time however what he heard shook him up.


“You’re pregnant, and Harry knew yet he still ran away? James asked disbelievingly, now understanding the reason for her unusual, frightened behaviour.

“No, I never got the chance to tell him, I only found out myself two days ago.” She replied and begun crying again.

“What were you thinking? James said in frustration. “You’re only kids yourselves.”

“I know it was an accident he had told me he loved me for the first time in our relationship and now he’s run away again and he’s going to end up being killed.”

“No!” James shouted, surprising Hermione. “He will not die.” He said fiercely. “Especially since he now has a child to care for.”

“What are you going to do?” Hermione asked wearily.

“The Weasley twins have a radio station don’t they? One that the Death Eaters can’t here?”

“Yes, they change the waves frequently.” Hermione answered slightly confused.

“Right well I’m going to put out a plea, in hopes that Harry will hear it.”

“I don’t want him to find out over a radio.”

“He won’t” James said not able to look at her. “Sirius and I will also go looking for him, we’ll find him.”

“I’m scared James.” Hermione said, he looked into her eyes and saw the vulnerable child that she was.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find him I promise.” He said and gave her a hug. “I’ll keep in touch.” He added and left the hospital wing and walked back to Dumbledore’s office.


“What is that?” James asked, scaring everyone in Dumbledore’s office. They were huddled around his desk looking at something that once looked like it had been a gold piece of Jewellery, but it was charred black and had a large hole in it.

“It’s Riddle’s locket.” Dumbledore answered “Harry sent me it; along with a letter saying that he damaged it with Gryffindor’s sword.”

“Harry contacted you?” James asked disbelievingly.

“Yes, he explained how he found the sword at the bottom of a lake, you’re son has unknown powers to have summoned that sword.”

“He sent you a letter.” Remus said to him handing him a small thin envelope. He took it and tore it open, hoping that it said how he was.

I know that I have caused you a lot of pain, Hermione too, but I had to do this alone…It’s my destiny, I have been marked as Riddles equal, I must do this alone…please don’t hate me! I want you to know that I am safe and I will return soon.

“James?” Sirius asked uncertainly, he stepped closer to his friend and took the letter out of his hand and read it quickly.

“I have to go looking for him.” James whispered.

“James we still don’t know where he is.” Remus said.

“We can use the same plans he is, it’s clear that he’s sticking to the plan, but doing it in a different way.” He said firmly. “I need to find him he’s got responsibilities now.”

“What do you mean?” Sirius asked him confused.

“Hermione’s pregnant.” James said, the reactions of the room were similar to that of his, pure disbelief.

“I thought that kid was sensible?” Sirius asked, all James could do was nod in agreement, he didn’t know how to answer, there were a lot of things he thought his son would never do.

“Does Harry know?” Remus asked.

“No it was an accident, he had run away before Hermione had the chance to tell him.” They all sighed and sat in silence for a few minutes.

“I’ll go with you on the hunt, two pairs of eyes are better than one.” Sirius said, breaking the silence, and James nodded.

“Do you still have the plans?” Dumbledore asked and once again James nodded. “Keep in touch.” He added.

“I will, I am going to go and see the Weasley twins and do a plea on the radio and see if that will get him to get in contact again.”

“I will send Fawkes to you every time he contacts me, apparate here every time you see her.”

“Thank you.” James said and left with Sirius following behind him.


“Right don’t forget what we talked about, we all want Harry to know that his safety is the most important thing in the world, you must not let him know how angry you are.” Fred said handing James the microphone that he was to speak into.

“I’m not angry at him…I just want him home.” James said, he seemed tired and weary, as if he couldn’t go on without Harry.

“We know, just make sure you let him know that.” George said, and turned the microphone on.

“Harry… It’s your dad, James…” James began, but felt himself well up so he took a few deep steadying breaths before continuing… “If you’re listening to this I…I just want you to know that I’m not angry with you, nor could I ever hate you…I just want you home, where you belong, safe with me. Hermione is breaking her heart, she’s in the Hospital wing and she’s not showing signs of getting better. Just please come home, please I am begging you… I need you.” At this James broke down crying and handed the microphone back to Fred before running out of their hiding place.

“Harry, this is Fred…we all want you home and safe, you don’t always need to be the strong one, the one to go it alone…we are all here to help.” He set the microphone down, switched it off and walked out.


Harry switched off the radio, ran outside and threw up. After doing so he sat against a tree and took a few deep breaths to stop his shaking. He couldn’t believe he had put Hermione in Hogwarts Hospital wing, all because he left. He felt like a scum bag. He took the list out of his pocket and scanned it, he thought for a long while about whether he could go home, but no, he had gotten this far and he couldn’t turn back now, it was too late…wasn’t it?

He ran into his tent and got his quill along with some parchment, if he couldn’t speak to Hermione then he would compose her, a long heartfelt letter and he hoped that it would be enough for now. He had spent hours of valuable hunting time, but he didn’t care, all he wanted to do was give Hermione some comfort and let her know that he won’t be gone forever and as he sent off the long letter with Hedwig, he hoped that he had done that.

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Chapter 7: Chapter 6: The Letter
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Another Fab CI by Green @TDA

Hermione sighed as she stared out of one of windows that littered the hospital wing, it was a cold and blustery day, students were walking in a huddle, fighting against the strong Winter wind. Their scarves that were wrapped tightly around their necks blew open as a particularly strong gust of wind swept over them. It was the middle of December and Harry was still missing, out in the cold, all alone.

“Are you ready to go Hermione?” He friend Ginny asked, it had been two weeks since Hermione had been admitted to the Hospital wing, only her and a select few knew why. It was too monitor her baby, as she had become so distraught that her baby was at risk, even Ginny her best friend didn’t know that she was pregnant, she just thought that Hermione had had a mental breakdown. It was better this way though, because being pregnant with Harry Potter’s baby in the midst of the most dangerous war, was very dangerous.

“Yes.” Was her short, sharp reply, she really didn’t feel like she needed an escort, but Ginny wouldn’t take no for an answer. After the second time that Harry ran away, Ginny finally got it, she finally understood what Harry meant to Hermione and vice versa. Although right now, Hermione didn’t feel as important to Harry as she used to. Maybe she was more important than what she ever used to be, and maybe that’s why he done this, to protect her…but she didn’t know what his reason was, she was so confused.

“Hermione!” Her other best friend called, waking her out of her revere, she looked up at him, confused to see him running towards her with a thick letter in hand. “Hermione, this came for you this morning, Hedwig brought it.” He panted, he handed her the letter and then leaned against the wall outside the Gryffindor common room.

“Hedwig, are you sure?” She asked and Ron looked at her confused. “Ronald are you sure? She snapped.

“Of course I’m sure; it’s a pretty distinct bird.” He snapped back.

“Are you going to open it?” Ginny asked gingerly.

“Yes, but I want to do it alone.” She replied, they nodded in understanding and Ron gave the fat lady the password. Hermione climbed through first and ran up to her dorm, she bolted the door and drew the curtains around her bed, she put the silencing charm up and took a deep steadying breath, she performed a charm on the letter and it came to life, she so desperately wanted to hear his voice again.

“Dear Hermione,” it read in his sweet voice, immediately a tear escaped from her eye, she wiped it away hastily and listened to the letter. “I don’t know a word in the English language, or any other language, that will tell you how deeply sorry I am I’m not expecting you to believe me but I am very, very, very sorry. I’m not expecting you to forgive me either but I have to this I can only hope that you’ll be waiting for me because I am coming back one day, I just don’t know when… I do realize that I am at risk of getting myself killed but too me it’s worth it if it means you’ll be safe forever. I just hope that one day you’ll forgive me. I’m missing you very much, it’s cold here. I have the flu and my food and water are in short supply.

I think that I am very close to finding the remaining Horcruxes and then I will be home soon. Will you please tell my dad that I miss him so much and I never meant to hurt him like that? I wish things were different and that I didn’t have to do this, but they’re not and this is my destiny that is what I was born to do. You’ve got to understand. Please believe me! All my love and I mean that, Harry.”

The letter stopped speaking and flopped onto the bed. Hermione didn’t know what to do, so she done the thing that she had been doing for weeks and she cried.

After a while she pulled herself together and went to Dumbledore’s office, James and the rest needed to hear this. She was in turmoil and didn’t know what to do, she was constantly being hurt by someone she thought would never hurt her, yet she was tied down to him because she was having his baby. It was defiantly far too much drama for a seventeen year old but this was her life, she choose to be friends with Harry and knew that it wouldn’t be easy, but was it supposed to be this hard? Putting her many questions to the back of her mind, she knocked on the Professors door and awaited an answer.

“You may enter.” Came the croaky voice of her very old headmaster.

“Harry has been in contact with me.” She stated when she’d entered, he immediately sent a patronus to James and Sirius and they were there almost instantly.

“What’s happened?” James asked hopeful.

“Harry sent me a letter.” She said stiffly handing him the letter; he read it and passed it to Sirius.

“He’s sick we’ve got to find him.” James said panicked.

“James that has been very hard to do so far, how do you propose we do that?” Dumbledore asked him.

“I don’t know, Sirius and I can go to all the places he’s going to and see if we can spot him, we have got to try.”

“James he doesn’t want to be found.” Hermione said clearly depressed. They all looked at her in surprise. “I love your stupid son, but this is far too painful I can’t do it any more as far as I’m concerned it’s over between me and him.”

“But what about the baby?” James asked in disbelief.

“He can see it as much as he wants, you both can, but I need to walk away now whilst I still have my sanity.” She said and walked out without looking back, she’d done it she broke free. Was she happy? No, but she needed to do it for the sake of her and her unborn baby, she quickly walked back to her room she could feel the tears threatening to break free. Her heart pounded in her throat and she felt she couldn’t breathe, she had let the love of her life go and it was the most painful and hardest decision she had ever made.


On a particularly cold day Harry shivered once again and wrapped the blanket closer to him, he had just sent Riddle’s ring to Dumbledore destroyed and Hufflepuff’s cup, which he had broken into the Lestrange vault to steal, no easy feat and he was sure he’s end up in the papers for it. But, that was one less piece of soul for Voldemort so that made him happy, he had also destroyed it and sent it to Dumbledore along with the ring. His body was shaking with the cold yet he was dripping with sweat, he had managed to find a place near a very clean river and went out to fill up his water bottle for the tenth time that afternoon. Only as he approached the river, he heard and two people that made him freeze to the spot and his breath catch his throat.

“Do you think he’s here?” One of the men asked in a rough voice.

“Yes, but he’s probably hid himself with some charms” The other man said. Harry stepped back and ran to his tent where he paced the floor. His father and Sirius were out here to find him, he wanted so badly to go and see them, but he couldn’t he was so stupid why did he have to keep in regular contact? He kicked the side of his tent which caused it to collapse making some noise. He heard the two men rush towards the sound of the noise so he stood very still. “Harry?” His dad called. “Harry are you here?” He asked desperately. He stood for another minute before the men returned to their tent; he magically put his own tent back up and breathed a sigh of relief. Feeling guilty he decided to change into his animagus for that he had recently learned and walked down to where they were staying.


“James.” Sirius whispered nudging his friend, he looked up to where his friend was pointing and his heart constricted, not it couldn’t be yet it had to be, a stag was slowly walking towards them and stopped in front of him.

“Harry?” James asked uncertainly as he stared into the stags piercing green eyes that were so like his sons and his mothers. The stag rested its head into his slightly outstretched hand. “Sirius it's Harry” James said delighted and he too started stroaking the stag. “Will you transform please?” James asked, the stag pulled back and shook its head before galloping off. James immediately started to follow it but Sirius stopped him.

“He’s safe and we know where he is” Sirius said and James nodded in understanding.


Two days later and he was still in the same forest and so were his dad and Sirius, they had bought the newspaper that contained the story that he was dreaded.

“Undesirable Number One breaks into Gringotts and the Lestrange’s vault, 10,000 galleons have been offered to capture the boy alive!”
It was followed by a five hundred word text and a picture of him in his fourth year. He suspected that his father was keeping the newspaper because of the picture.

He had also found out that his dad and Dumbledore were keeping regular contact as he often seen Fawkes flying around. Today he had been down by the lake quietly getting water when it appeared suddenly. He listened intently but he wasn’t prepared for what he heard.

“James, Sirius its Hermione she’s very ill you need to come back immediately.” Dumbledore’s voice said before the phoenix disappeared. Harry’s heart constricted in his chest and he felt he couldn’t breathe as his father and Sirius packed up and apparated. Panicking he paced about wondering what to do, Hermione was very ill and needed him, but he hadn’t finished this mission yet. After half an hour of pacing he decided that Hermione was more important to him and he packed up his tent and belongings and he followed his father home.

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Chapter 8: Chapter 7: The Truth Hurts...
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Lovely CI by UnderPolyJuice@TDA

Harry reached the gates of Hogwarts in no time at all and rushed in, he rushed past the students and friends not really seeing or hearing anybody, the only thing that was on his mind right now was Hermione. As he reached the infirmary he could hear Sirius, and Professor Dumbledore talking, he took a minute to steady his breathing before walking through the double doors.

“Harry?” Sirius asked in a dumbfounded manner, he pulled Harry in to a tight hug. “What are you doing here?”

“I heard Professor Dumbledore’s phoenix saying that Hermione was ill so I came back. Where is she? Where is dad?

“Harry?” Someone croaked from behind them, Sirius stepped back to reveal a tired looking James who had a look of pure disbelief on his face. He stood looking and his son taking in his shabby appearance, he had gotten skinny and looked pasty, finally James snapped out of his trance and hugged his son whom accepted it gratefully.

“James he heard Hermione was ill” Sirius supplied.

“It survived” He said knowing full well that Sirius and Dumbledore knew what he meant.

“What survived?” Harry asked confused.

“Harry, Hermione was in an accident” He began explaining “She was in Hogsmede when there was a Death Eater attack; Bellatrix used the cruciatus curse on her.” James paused there letting the news sink into his son before he gave him the life changing news. “Harry before you left the second time Hermione found out that she was pregnant, she was trying to get up the courage to tell you before you left.” James paused again; Harry was shaking his head saying no over and over again. “Luckily enough Hermione and the baby both survived, he’s quite a fighter.” He finished and Harry stared dumbly at him.

“He, it’s a boy?” Sirius asked and James nodded smiling slightly

“Harry” James said cautiously after two minutes of silence.

“I’m going to be a father? We’re having a baby boy?” He asked as if he hadn’t heard what his father said correctly. James only nodded and watched his son closely; he had a very pale complexion. “Oh my merlin, I need to sit down.” He said and sat on the floor against the wall looking shocked.

“Are you OK son?” James asked uncertainly.

“I…um I” He stuttered then shook his head. “How far gone is she?” He finally asked.

“Six months” James replied.

“Six months?” Harry repeated and James nodded his head slowly, then Harry has a look of realization on his face and jumped up scaring James. “Oh my merlin, I left!” He stated. “She’s six months pregnant and I left, I am such an ass hole.” He ranted.

“Harry you didn’t know, I know and she knows that if you knew about the baby you wouldn’t have left, you are not an ass hole.” James said more sternly.

“She’s going to hate me.”

“I’m sure she’ll come around.” Sirius said.

“No!” He suddenly exclaimed making the others jump, he was acting rather oddly. “She’ll have to go into hiding, they both will when he’s born, Voldemort will kill them.” He said clearly panicked.

“Harry we can think of something.” James said worriedly, he never seen his son like this.

“No it has to be this way, I’m not going to let them die, I have to protect them. Can I see her?” He asked.

“She says she wants no visitors, she may not want to see you.” James replied.

“Please I need to see her” Harry begged. James nodded and opened the door for him.


“I said I didn’t want any visitors James” Hermione yelled when she heard the door click, she then turned around and saw who it was. She stared at him for a few minutes, taking in his ill appearance. “You’re back…” She stated.

“I heard you were very ill I came back because I was scared I might lose you, dad just told me everything.” He said looking at her neat bump and she cradled it instinctively. “Can I come closer please?” He asked and she nodded, he walked over to her and bent down to her belly, he gently reached out and touched her stomach he smiled at the feeling of it and then felt something move making his jump back in surprise. “What was that?” He asked.

“Just him kicking at you’re touch, it’s OK, it’s perfectly normal for him to do that.” She replied still looking at him shocked, he nodded and touched the bump again.

“Can I talk to him?” He asked again and she nodded. “Hello son, I’m your daddy.” He began nervously, he looked at Hermione again and he realised that her features had softened. “I’ve only just found out about you and I want to say how very sorry I am that I left you and your mother, I’m a complete jerk. I want you to know that I’m going to do everything that I can to protect you and your mother, I swear.” He finished and kissed the bump making Hermione close her eyes at the touch. He stood up and wiped the tear away that had escaped her eye and kissed every single cut that was on her face and brushed against her lips, she looked at him and then threw her arms around him surprising him at first but he quickly recovered. He pulled away then kissed her again this time it was deeper and lasted longer however she soon pushed him away.

“No Harry.” She shouted.

“Sorry” He muttered back.

“You can’t just come in her with an apology and a kiss and think you can make it all better.”

“I know I’m sorry” He repeated.

“I went through hell these last three months, wondering if you had died or if you were sick. It’s too painful for me Harry; I can’t let myself fall into this again.”

“Please don’t Hermione, I did it for you I did it to protect you.” He cried in a frustrated manner.

“I’m sorry Harry.” She whispered as the tears flowed down her cheeks. “It’s over.”

“No, please I love you.” He said grabbing onto her.

“I love you too but I just can’t do it any more, I’m not strong enough.”

“What about my son? I want to be in his life” He asked.

“You can see him whenever you like.” She responded and gently pushed him off her. “I think you should go.” She whispered.

“No please.” He begged.

“Go Harry” She said more firmly. He sighed defeated and got up and left, leaving her to cry alone.


“Harry what happened?” James asked his crying son, when he had appeared they had decided to wait outside the infirmary after they heard shouting.

“She left me.” He whimpered before breaking into another fit of sobs. James immediately rushed forward and hugged him close. “What am I going to do without her, I can’t live without her.” He cried into his dads shoulder.

“You’ll learn to in time but you’ve got to think about your son now, you can’t give up you’ve got to do this for him.” James said, he sat holding his son for ages contently, he had waited so long for this and he never wanted to let go.

“I’m sorry dad, for all I put you through.” Harry said softly.

“It’s OK son, I know why you did it, it broke my heart when you left, I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.”

“You’re not going to lose me, because I made a promise to my son that I am going to do everything to protect him and his mother and that’s starts by bringing Voldemort down.” He said standing up. James and Sirius were just about to protest when Harry spoke again. “And I want you two to help me.”

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Chapter 9: Chapter 8: The final plan
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 Lovely CI by UnderPolyJuice@TDA

A.N Just so you know there has been a lapse in time, I don’t know how I managed that one, and it’s actually early spring.

Harry had been back for two weeks now and he was very glad that he was. He had got over the flu he had picked up and loved looking at the new bright weather. He had started to get used to the fact that he was going to be a father. However, he still hadn’t gotten over his feelings for Hermione every time he seen her, his heart skipped a beat and he got a swooping feeling in his stomach. Not that he got to see her much for his own safety he had been confined to living in the Room of Requirement, very few people knew that he was back and that’s the way it had to stay. So, for now he his father and Sirius were living in the room. Dobby the house elf, whom was sworn to secrecy, brought their daily meals up to them dutifully. Harry was so appreciative of Dobby’s efforts that along with the wages that Dumbledore gave him, he made his dad pay the house elf as well.

Today his dad, Sirius and he were sitting down discussing the last known Horcrux that had to be killed; it was going to be very hard considering it was Voldemort’s snake Nagini and it was taking a lot of careful planning to make sure it would be done properly. They were also awaiting a visit from Dumbledore to discuss the option of a possible seventh Horcrux; they were just talking about the subject when there was knocking upon the door. They all looked at each other before James decided to go and answer it.

“What’s the password?” He asked

“Godric Gryffindor” A soft voice replied, confused James slowly opened the door.

“Oh hello Hermione” James said surprised. Harry upon hearing that it was Hermione jumped up from his seat and attempted to tidy his appearance which made Sirius chuckle.

“Were you expecting someone else?” She asked as she looked at the papers and pictures that littered the coffee table in the centre of the room.

“Professor Dumbledore is coming to discuss the possibility of a seventh Horcrux.” Harry said answering her question before James got a chance to. “Is everything alright?” He asked remembering that Hermione rarely spoke to him unless it was important.

“Yes, I’m going for my final baby scan today and I was wondering if you would like to come with me? You haven’t seen the baby yet.” She said in a rush. She was blushing and finding it very hard to turn away from Harry’s bright green eyes.

“Yes of course” Harry replied somewhat eagerly. “Is that ok dad?” He asked.

“Certainly, Sirius and I can entertain Dumbledore until you get back.” Harry nodded and grabbed his jacket and headed out the door after Hermione.


They walked to the infirmary in a very uncomfortable silence. Harry desperately wanted to say something but nothing came to mind. After ten short minutes Harry and Hermione had arrived, they had managed to speak even if it was only for Hermione to tell him off for being out without his invisibility cloak, to which he apologised for and dashed back to the Room of Requirement to get it. After that total silence descended over them once again. Hermione spoke to Madame Pomfrey, who re directed her to a bed and drew some curtains around her. Harry joined them and took his cloak off to reveal his top half and made sure it covered his feet and legs. He sat on a chair beside Hermione in yet another uncomfortable silence.

“OK, Miss Granger let’s get started oh…” Madame Pomfrey said startled. She had just entered the sectioned off bit that Hermione and Harry were staying in and was surprised to find Harry sitting there, as he had not been there before. “When did you arrive?” She asked still somewhat startled.

“I arrived with Hermione, but my invisibility cloak was covering me.” He replied sheepishly.

“Are you OK with him being here Miss Granger?” She asked.

“Yes, I asked him to come.” Hermione replied.

“OK, well let’s begin then shall we? For Harry’s sake I will explain a few things, since it’s your first time. She said smiling brightly. “OK, now I am going to pour some of this clear potion upon Hermione’s stomach, it smokes a little but it helps us to get a clearer picture of the baby.” She explained as she poured the stuff onto Hermione’s belly, Harry listened intently nodding as Madame Pomfrey spoke. “Next, I am going to say the incantation Foetus Revellio and as you can see Mr Potter here is a nice clear image of your son along with his heart beat.” Madame Pomfrey finished and she crept outside of the curtain to give them a moment alone.

“What do you think Harry?” Hermione asked him he had been sitting open mouthed at the image of his son for a full minute without saying a word.

“He’s beautiful.” Harry breathed not noticing that he was crying a little. “He’s tiny.”

“Yeah his last weight was 4lb 7oz I am hoping he has grown a bit since then.” She replied and gently set her hand on top of his. He looked at her for a second and smiled and then went back to staring at the tiny floating image of his son.


Ten minutes later Harry was walking back to the Room of Requirement, he had found out that his son now weight a healthy 5lb 8oz and had grown by three inches to nineteen inches. A good start but, now it was even more real to Harry, he was about to become a father and now had the added worry of keeping his son safe. He had a plan but it was going to be hard to convince Hermione to go along with it. He arrived at the room and knocked the door.

“What’s the password?” He heard Sirius’ voice ask.

“Godric Gryffindor” Harry replied and Sirius opened the door. He walked in to find his father and Dumbledore sitting on the couch, Harry muttered hello and walked over to their kitchenette to pour a glass of water.

“Harry, are you OK?” James asked his son worriedly.

“I saw the baby.” He whispered to his dad and Sirius. “It made all of this even more real, I’m going to be a father, my son is going to be born soon and his life is going to depend on me. Which is why I have to take the most drastic measures to make sure he doesn’t become a victim, I have to make Hermione leave with the baby.” He sipped the last of his water and walked over to where Professor Dumbledore was sitting, before his dad and Sirius had the chance to protest.

“Right Harry no time for formalities we need to get on this as soon as possible.” Dumbledore began as soon as Harry sat down with James and Sirius following suit. “I assume you all have come up with a plan to kill Nagini?” He asked.

“Yes Sir, our plan is to wait until the final fight where we are sure Riddle will use Nagini as a weapon, now we are not sure of the final details yet on how it will be done, but we’re all in understanding that I am the one who has to kill the snake.” Harry replied.

“Good, now Harry can you remind me what a Horcrux is?” Dumbledore asked him, Harry looked at him oddly but answered anyway.

“It is an object that has a piece of a dark wizard soul hidden within it for the purpose of being immortal.” Harry replied.

“Yes indeed, and can you Harry think of anything else that may have a piece of Riddle’s soul in it?”

“No sir.” Harry answered truthfully.

“Well I have found out some rather interesting information. A Horcrux can also be a living creature, as we know from Nagini, but I believe the last Horcrux to be a human being.” Dumbledore said staring at Harry, his deep blue eyes penetrating Harry’s soul, he thought for a second and then became wide eyed. It all made sense.

“Harry you are the only one to have survived the killing curse, your mothers sacrifice for you protect you and destroyed Voldemort, leaving you with that scar.” Harry’s hand automatically reached up to touch his scar, his father and Sirius was watching him intently, with worried expressions on their faces.

“Horcruxes can be human beings.” Harry stated slowly. “The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have powers the Dark Lord knows not…And either must die at the hands of the other for neither can live while the other survives” He quoted. Professor Dumbledore nodded. “Thank you for coming Professor.” Harry said showing him the door, Professor Dumbledore complied despite James and Sirius’ arguments. Just as he was about to leave Dumbledore turned to Harry.

“Protect your son, he is not safe here.” He whispered and walked off.

“Harry will you tell me what’s going on” James snapped.

“I have to get Hermione and the baby out of here they’re not safe here.” Harry said distractedly.

“Why not?” James asked his son.

“It’s happening soon dad, I’m the seventh Horcrux.”

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Chapter 10: Chapter 9: Safety is Key
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Gorgeous banner by Marzipan@TDA

Harry’s heart pounded as he rushed to find Hermione, he raced through the corridors without his invisibility cloak, a mistake that he would later pay for. He was so worried about the safety of Hermione and his son that he forgot to lift his cloak. Now though, as he neared the Gryffindor common room, his mistake became apparent.

“There’s Harry” A few people shouted out. He had been running so fast that no one had recognised him until he had slowed down that is. Unfortunately for him, Malfoy and his goonies, Crabbe and Goyle were there. Immediately Harry and Malfoy’s wands were drawn and a fierce battle was under way. Crabbe and Goyle soon departed, presumably to tell Voldemort that Harry was back at Hogwarts. Malfoy had been given some training, which became apparent when he tried to use the cruciatus curse on Harry. Harry had been hit and went down; he writhed about in agony for a few minutes before the curse was lifted. He could tell that someone had hit Malfoy due to the loud ouch that had come from him. Harry lifted his head to see that Ron had intervened; he gave a grateful nod to his best friend as he stretched out his hand to help Harry up.

“Where’s Hermione?” He asked once inside the safety of the common room. Ron pointed the stairs and Harry immediately sprinted up them. He used the human levitation charm that Dumbledore had taught him to get to the girls rooms, not bothering to knock he burst in. Luckily for him Hermione was the only one in her room.

“Harry, what’s going on?” She asked clearly shocked.

“You need to leave.” He said bluntly, clearly out of breath.

“Pardon me?”

“It’s no longer safe for you and our son here.”

“Harry slow down; since when has Hogwarts not been safe?”

“Malfoy seen me, I came here without my cloak. Hermione, Voldemort will try to kill you, since you were once my girlfriend. He will kill you to get back at me and I dread to think what he’d do to our baby.”

“But Harry, I’m safe here.” She protested. He had somehow managed to pack all of her things and was now levitating them down the stairs. He had forgotten about the charm set upon the girl’s stairs and ended up sliding down them as a result. Once he got to the bottom he found his dad and Sirius there with confused and worried expressions upon their faces. “Harry, you know I am fine here. I have you protecting us.”

“No.” He yelled, stunning her into silence. “I can no longer protect you.”

“Harry, what’s going on?” She asked suddenly very suspicious.

“I can no longer protect you both because Nagini isn’t the last Horcrux, I am.”

“No, you can’t be.” She whispered shakily.

“It happened when he attacked me when I was one. My mother’s love protected me and acted as a shield; the curse rebounded and hit him. Since he was nothing but a shattered soul, the curse destroyed his body but not him. His soul was split again, part went with him and part fled into the nearest living thing, me. The only way to defeat him is by destroying the Horcruxes, this time when he hit’s me with the killing curse nothing will be protecting me and I’ll die.”

“No you can’t” She screamed. She was terrified and her body was shuddering with her heart breaking sobs.

“There must be another way.” Sirius pleaded. James was standing beside him, his colour had drained from his face and he was sobbing heavily.

“There is no other way.” Harry snapped. “The only way to kill Voldemort is by destroying the Horcruxes, they only way to destroying a living Horcrux is by killing it, you know that.” He replied angrily.

“What about your son?” James asked him still sobbing.

“He is the exact reason I’m doing this. If I don’t die then they do.”

“Who kills Voldemort then?” Ron asked.

“Whoever gets to him first.” He replied pointing to his dad and Sirius. “I doubt that they will let him get away with killing me.”

“You’re my only son, I can’t lose you. What will I do without you?” James wept.

“You’ll look after my son.”

“I won’t do it” Hermione said stubbornly.

“You have no choice. You stay he’ll torture our son to death, and then he’ll torture you. I have arranged with Dumbledore to have a port-key take you to my house where there is a very secure underground shelter, with food, water and a bed. You will stay there until my dad comes to get you.” Harry said sternly. He levitated Hermione’s things and walked to Dumbledore’s office, leaving the others trail behind him unwillingly.

“All ready to go?” Dumbledore asked when they had traipsed into his office. Harry nodded and set Hermione’s things down. He looked at her expectantly and she stepped forward.

“I can’t go, knowing this is the last time I will ever see you.” She wept and Harry hugged her close. James, Sirius and Dumbledore all stepped out of the room to give them a moment to say goodbye.

“You have to.” Harry said stubbornly.

“How can I raise him without you?”

“You’ll do brilliantly.”

“You know he does somersault’s every time you are near?” She smiled a sad smile and he nodded. “I can’t let you go, I know I’m the one who ended things but I love you so much Harry, you can’t die.”

“Please don’t do this.” He wept.

“I need you, please.” She begged, she grabbed onto his shirt and sobbed. He wrapped his arms around her and held her for a moment.

“I love you too, so very much, both of you.” He said and he kissed her stomach, then her lips. “That’s why I have to do this.” He said he gently pushed her off and shoved the activated port-key into her hand.

“Harry, No!” She screamed. This made Sirius, James and Dumbledore rush in, just as she was disappearing.

“Harry?” His dad whispered as he stood staring at the spot she had been in moments ago.

“He’s coming” Harry stated matter of fact.

“How do you know?” James asked him worried.

“He has just shown me that he's here.” Harry said, his eyes unfocused. James went to ask Harry what he meant but was cut of by a loud explosion that rocked the room in which they were standing.

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Chapter 11: Chapter 10: The Battle.
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Spectacular CI by Marzipan@TDA 

The battle was long and fierce. They had all fought relentlessly and lost many of their own. Harry had still to give himself up to Voldemort but his dad, Sirius and Remus weren’t making it easy for him. Throughout the battle they somehow managed to keep a close eye on Harry, no matter who they were fighting, and if Harry wasn’t fighting a Death Eater then he was being followed by one of the three.

The battle had been going on for hours and now they were having a break to gather the dead. Thankfully, everyone important to him was still alive, but then again innocent blood was spilt and now Harry had to end it. The only person that seemed to be on his side was Dumbledore, Harry’s great-grandfather. He seemed to encourage Harry to go when the other three weren’t looking but as always, just as Harry was about to escape, someone caught him. Now though it was his chance. Remus, Sirius and his dad were helping the injured and laying the dead to rest. So with a wink of good luck from Dumbledore, Harry, quietly crept out of the great hall and into the entrance hall where he through on his cloak and crept out of the castle.

As he reached the halfway point between the castle and the forest, where Voldemort wanted him to meet him, he heard his dad yell his name. The sound made him stop and his heart wrenched in pain. He turned to see a few people had come out onto the grounds to look for him, so with great difficulty he turned back to the forest and walked at a faster pace.

He reached the tip of the forest and stopped to take a deep breath. He could still hear the distant yells of his father but he still trudged on regardless. This was his destiny, he knew it. After ten minutes, he reached Voldemort and pulled off his cloak, there was some taunting and jeering, Hagrid was there and Harry felt sorry that he had to watch, but before long he was drifting out of this world and into the unknown.


He didn’t know where he was, but he did know he wasn’t alive. He was aware that he was lying on his back naked, he sat up and desperately looked for some clothes and glasses, finding them a few feet away from him. Once he got dressed he looked around and realised that he was in a house. Puzzled he looked around the misty room and found furniture and pictures, pictures of him, his mum and his dad. Harry realised with a great jolt of excitement that he was in his first home, in Godric’s Hallow. He walked out of the living room and his feet seemed to immediately take him up the stairs. He stopped at the top and looked around, before deciding to go into the only room with its door ajar.

He opened the door fully and stepped in. It was misty like the rest of the house but he could faintly see that the room was painted light blue, with a dark blue carpet and white furniture and curtains. A cot, a wardrobe, a changing table and a toy chest was visible, he looked closer and they toy chest had the words Harry James Potter, carved in light blue cursive writing. He looked around in awe at the nursery that looked perfect compared to the wreck he had seen a few months ago on his travels.

Then out of the blue a mist figure began to appear in the centre of the room, growing stronger and stronger with each passing second and Harry could hardly believe his eyes. Standing before him, looking as alive as his dad, was a woman with dark red, wavy hair, bright green almond eyes and a very pretty oval shaped face…his mother.

“Mum?” He whispered, daring to believe.

“Oh my baby boy” she sobbed. “My beautiful, brave boy” she stepped forward and Harry was surprised to find that she was able to hug him, and he was able to hug back. As they hugged Harry, who had longed for this moment for years, finally let out his feelings and cried. “You are such a handsome man.” She smiled, when they had broken apart. “I am so proud of you.”

“I haven’t done a lot of things for you to be proud of.” He said ashamedly.

“I know what you’ve done.” She replied still smiling. “James will forgive you and you will have such a beautiful baby boy.” Harry smiled and then realised what she had said.

“I can go back?” He asked dumbfounded.

“You are in limbo, Harry, when Voldemort turned his wand on you, he only destroyed the part of him that resided in you. You can go back and finally be yourself. Voldemort brought his own downfall when he overlooked my love for you, and it will be your love for your son that brings him to his end.”

“But I have only just found you; I don’t want to leave you again.” Harry cried, hugging his mother tight. “I miss you and so does dad.”

“Oh I know pet, I know.” She said trying her hardest to maintain her composure. “But you have a son now who needs you and, as much as your father denies it, he needs you more than you need him.”

“Will I ever see you again?”

“You will my son, but only when you’re old and it’s your time.” She replied as she faded.
“I love you mum.” He shouted.

“I love you too.” She replied. “Tell your father I love him.” She added and was gone. Harry stood for a minute and cried before concentrating on the forest. He had one last quick look before he was pulled back into the living.


Harry was aware that he was lying on the cold forest floor and that something had happened to Voldemort, it was eerily quiet and the Death Eaters were whispering behind him. He remained still and strained his ears to hear anything. “Are you alright my lord?” He heard Bellatrix ask. “Get away from me; I don’t want your help.” Voldemort hissed in reply and Harry heard someone lose their footing. “Is he dead?” He hissed again and Harry felt someone move closer to him.

It was Draco’s mother and she seemed to hesitate as she realised that Harry was indeed alive, despite Harry’s efforts, she knew. “Is Draco alive?” She asked shocked and frightful at the same time. Harry nodded ever so slightly and she stood up, announcing that he was dead. They all cheered and cackled and Voldemort ordered Hagrid to carry his body bag to the castle. Harry made sure he had his invisibility cloak as Hagrid gently lifted his limp body, howling the whole time. In fact Hagrid was so convinced that Harry was dead that Voldemort silenced him out of aggravation. They stopped after teen minutes and Harry opened an eye just a smidgen to see that they were almost at the castle. Now came the hard part Harry thought as they trudged on.

He kept one eye open as Voldemort called them all out. One by one he could see all the ones he loved file out upset and fear clear on their faces. “Harry Potter is dead.” Voldemort announced and stepped aside revealing him in Hagrid’s arms. Harry closed his eyes and barely remained still when he heard his father scream.


They stood and painfully watched as Hagrid appeared with Harry. James screamed in pain and struggled free from the Death Eaters he rushed to Harry’s body. “Harry no, please no.” James screamed as he cradled his son’s body. “Harry, please wake up.” James pleaded. He felt like he couldn’t breathe, his heart constricted painfully in his chest as he struggled to control his breathing. Harry found it hard at this point to remain still as possible. James reluctantly let his son’s body go and Harry had the strongest feeling that Voldemort was smiling with glee.

“Ah yes, the great and noble James Potter, the one that got away. How does it feel knowing that I finally managed to murder your beloved son?” Voldemort sneered and the Death Eaters laughed. Harry was sure at that moment that James had lost his temper because he could hear a flurry of shouts as, he assumed, his father and Voldemort started duelling. Quietly as he could he slipped on his invisibility cloak and forced himself away from the fight. He ran up to Dumbledore’s office and picked up Voldemort’s destroyed Horcruxes. He was going to enjoy watching Voldemort’s fury when Harry showed him them. He crept down the stairs and ran straight in to Nagini, wishing he had the Gryffindor’s sword, he magically found it had manifest into his free hand and with great delight he chopped off his head.

The crowd gasped as Voldemort fell in pain, James looked startled and the Death Eaters looked worried. At this moment Dumbledore appeared at James’ side wand at the ready for when Voldemort got up. However, the crowd gasped and parted as Harry made his way through, visible. Harry couldn’t help but feel happy at the astonished, elated look on his father’s face along with the enraged and shocked look on Voldemort.

“Not a wise move.” Said Harry as Voldemort lifted his wand. At this James and Dumbledore turned their wands on Voldemort. “Let me explain a few things, shall I.” Harry said in a confident tone. “You see when, sixteen years ago, you decided to kill me after I became too much of a threat, you overlooked one small thing. My mother’s love for me, so powerful was her love, that despite your best efforts my mother would not step aside. So after you murdered her, you turned your wand on me, however, the love my mother had for me left me a protection and your spell rebounded and hit you. You however couldn’t die, because of course you had made Horcruxes and had spilt your soul into six pieces. However, the little soul you did have remaining felt into the only other living thing in that Room, me.” Harry stopped and smiled at the angry realisation that swept across Voldemort’s face at that time. “When you turned your wand on me in the forest, the killing curse hit me and momentarily I was dead, but I was the seventh Horcrux that you didn’t mean to make, so instead of you killing me you destroyed the piece of your soul that was living in me.” Harry stopped again and laughed as the crowd around him clapped and cheered happily. “And as for your other six… well, the diary, the ring, the locket, the cup, the diadem and Nagini” Harry held up all the destroyed items as he reeled them off. Voldemort looked absolutely furious as the crowed behind Harry went wild.

“Very good Potter, yes very good indeed” Voldemort hissed, recovering from his embarrassment. “But you’re forgetting that I am still the most powerful Dark Lord of all time. Avada Kedavra.” Voldemort screamed but Harry was quick and he yelled expelliarmus at the same time. The spells connected and Harry could see the fear in his father’s eyes as Voldemort seemed stronger but then Harry remembered what his mother had said to him. “It will be your love for your son that brings him to his end.” Hermione flashed in his mind at that particular moment, worried and heavily pregnant with his son and it was that, that made Harry push with all his strength until he finally overpowered Voldemort and he fell to the ground dead.

Harry had no time to revel in his glory, as the Death Eaters apparated, his dad swamped him in a bone crushing hug. “Thank Merlin, Harry; I thought I had lost you.” His dad said and Harry could hear the raw emotion and relief in his voice. When James released him he was pulled into another tight hug by Sirius and then Remus, both had tears in their eyes.

“Can I ask you a favour?” Harry said when they had all released him.

“Anything” they chorused.

“Take me to Hermione.” He smiled and they smiled too. So, as they led him through the cheering crowd, all of them wanting to touch him, Harry felt relieved for the first time in his life.

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Chapter 12: Chapter 11; Words from the Heart
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Spectacular CI by runaway@TDA

Hermione POV

I was still crying out Harry's name as I fell onto some cold wooden flooring, I had lost my balance upon landing; I never quite managed to conquer the art of port key travelling. I sat there in the cold and dark for ages, crying. How could he do this? How could he send me away so that he could die? My heart was breaking, I was still deeply in love with him and felt like I couldn't breathe, my whole world was collapsing around me and I was powerless to stop it. What kind of mother was I? At that moment my son gave an almighty kick, I gasped at the pain and clutched my side, it was the worst one I had ever felt and it was like he was fighting back, saying we're not going to give up.

"How can we do this without Harry?" I whispered to my bump, and I received another kick in reply. "You're a little fighter aren't you? Just like Harry" I murmured before falling into another fit of sobs.

After a while I dragged myself up from the floor and lit my wand. I was freezing cold and my baby was kicking unhappily. I saw two buttons on the wall opposite me I waddled over to them and read the labels beside them, push to ignite, they both said in doing so I found the room lit by ten bright flames and a roaring fire beside me. The room was huge, and not like the usual underground shelters I had read about in books. This one had pine hardwood flooring, cream coloured walls, and a double bed, wardrobe for clothes, and a fully function kitchenette and bathroom. One thing was for sure James Potter didn’t do things by halves. My heart gave another painful twang at the thought of what the others were going through, with a heavy sigh I walked around putting out six of the flame lamps leaving a warm glow. I rearranged the cushions on the bed and sat with my back against the wall looking at the enchanted ceiling that looked like the one at Hogwarts.


Hermione woke to the slamming of the front door and heavy footsteps walking into the kitchen, she jumped up and grabbed her wand, she slowly moved towards the door of the shelter, and tried to listen hard to the voices on the other side. The door clicked open and she lifted her wand to face level.

“Hermione it’s us don’t panic”. A voice said before entering.

“How do I know it’s you and not Death Eaters under Polyjuice potion?” She asked sternly.

“None of us would ever give your or my grandson’s whereabouts to anyone, ever.” James said tiredly. “Besides Voldemort is dead” He added and walked over to give her a hug.

“Oh” she said. “And Harry?” She asked with a tremor.

“I’m here.” He said and stepped out from behind Remus and Sirius.

“Harry, you’re alive!” She exclaimed and dived into his arms. He tightly wrapped his arms around her and buried his face into her hair. “How did this happen? I mean surely someone can’t survive the killing curse twice.” She said pulling away from him slightly.

“Apparently I can.” He smiled weakly.

“Why don’t we go and have some breakfast and we can tell you everything that happened.” James said and led them into the kitchen.

Hermione never took her eyes off Harry as he retold the night’s events, with James adding his version of when Harry had disappeared and how heartbroken he had felt when Harry came out of the woods.

“Was Harry injured?” Hermione asked curiously, not seeing any sort of life-threatening injury on Harry.

“He was dead.” James whispered, at this Hermione whipped her head around to look at James, then back at Harry, who looked like he was hiding something.

“He was…” she couldn’t bring herself to finish the rest of her question, so she looked at James for answers.

“He was brought out of the forbidden forest by Hagrid, he was limp, lifeless. I cannot describe the feeling in my heart at that moment, and I hope you will never have to experience that.” His voice sounded strained, and he was holding back his tears.

“I’m sorry to have ever have done that on you dad.” Harry whispered he looked incredibly guilty.

“Harry you have absolutely no reason to apologise.” James replied sternly.

“When did you realise he was alive?” Hermione whispered she was still staring at Harry.

“When he walked through the crowed, wand drawn, Gryffindor sword in hand” James replied in a lighter tone.

“You had left me to vent your anger out on Voldemort, I through on my invisibility cloak and ran to Dumbledore’s office.”

“I didn’t realise you were alive.” James said is brow knitted together in confusion.

“It’s a blur to me; I don’t really know when it happened.” Harry explained and Hermione looked at him suspiciously.

“Why don’t you two go for a walk in the garden and talk? We’ll clean up here.” Remus said after quietly listening to the story, there was a telling sign in his eyes, he had relived it whilst they spoke.

Harry and Hermione got up without a word, Harry giving Hermione a hand out of the chair, and holding open the giant PVC doors that led out to the splendid, three acre garden. They walked the first half acre in silence, both marvelling at the wonderful day it had turned out to be. The sky was bright blue and cloudless. The morning sun already high in the sky, shone brightly upon the pair, and radiated an already powerful heat. Harry was the first to speak. “It’s a beautiful morning isn’t it?” He asked and paused for a reply. “Yesterday I realised that I take a lot of things for granted.” He paused again and waited for a reply. “Hermione are you going to talk to me?” He asked frustrated.

“You were alive, weren’t you?” She said softly.

“Huh?” He replied

“When Hagrid brought you out of the forest, you were alive, weren’t you?

“You could tell?”

“Of course I could Harry. I know you; you’re an open book to me.” She replied making him laugh.

“Yeah, I hate myself for putting my father through that, but it was the only way I could think of getting back to the castle, to kill the snake and fight Voldemort.”

“How did he manage to kill you, I mean you did die didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did die, I walked up to the spot in to forest, where he was waiting and let him perform the Avada Kedavra curse on me.”

“You mean you willingly let Voldemort Kill you, without putting up a fight?” She said, he could hear the raw emotion in her voice, and she had stopped in her tracks.

“I had to.” He replied in a whisper.

“You had to stand there and let him kill you?” She yelled

“There was no other way.”

“That’s not the point, Harry.”

“Then what is?” He yelled.

“I could have lost you forever!” She yelled back. The tears were streaming down her face, Harry done the first thing that came into his mind and hugged her close.

“What if you hadn’t have survived, what then?” She said after a few minutes.

“Then dad would’ve have killed Voldemort, and I would have served my purpose in life.”

“Your purpose in life was not to be killed by Voldemort.” She said angrily.

“Then what is it?”

“To be a father” she replied softly.

“I’ve already screwed that up. I left you, I broke your heart, and I didn’t even know he existed until a few weeks ago.”

“That’s not your fault Harry.”

“It is” he yelled. “I fell in love with you, got you pregnant and then run off in the hopes that I would keep you safe. I broke your heart and let down my child. Yeah I kept you safe from Voldemort, but not from me. I shouldn’t have let myself love you.”

“So you regret loving me?” She asked angrily. Tears had begun to stream down her face, and she wiped them away hastily.

“No” he replied softly. “I kept a distance from you, to keep you safe, I fell in love with you and I ended up hurting you deeply. I can’t forgive myself for that. Every time I look into my sons eyes, I will always be reminded of what I done, and how I let him down.”

“But look at what you’ve done for him. You sacrificed your happiness, my happiness, and your life to save him. That more than makes up for me not telling you, there is a lot of things we both should have done differently, but we have to move on for our son.”

“Do you know what happened when I died?” He asked smiling, she shook her head in response, and not sure she wanted to hear it. “I saw my mum, she was in the house in Godrics Hollow, and I assumed I was in the next life, but I guess I was in limbo, it was magical, and do you know what she said to me?” He asked and she faintly whispered ‘no’. “She said that it was her unconditional love for me, that made her and my dad brave enough to face Voldemort, and that it would be my unconditional love for my son that would make me brave enough. There was never a truer word spoken.”

“Oh Harry.” Hermione whispered and moved closer to him.

“You know it was only when I found out I was going to be a father, only then, I felt strong enough to face Voldemort. All my training and hard work, it meant nothing, not compared to the need to protect my son. It didn’t seem real enough, or urgent enough to kill Voldemort, until that day.”

“You know that I’m scared too.” She said and his brows knitted together in confusion. “I’m scared of giving birth, of holding him, looking after him; his life depends on me, what if I’m not a good mother?” Harry snorted in response. “But…” she began grabbing a hold of his hands …”I reckon he stands a good chance if we do this, step by step, together, as a couple.”

“Together?” He whispered as she inched closer to him.

“On one condition” she replied, she was now tantalisingly close to his lips.

“What’s that?” He croaked she was so close he could smell her sweet vanilla scent. He was getting dizzy.

“We have to go on a date.” She whispered into his ear, her hot breath was torture.

“A date” he gulped, confusion on his face.

“We’ve never had a proper first date, due to school and Voldemort wanting to kill you, so before our son is born, I want you to take me on a date.”

“Agreed” he whispered and closed the gap between them.

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Chapter 13: Chapter 12: The bonds that tie us.
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After Harry spent some much needed time alone with the one's he loved, James made him go back to Hogwarts to get a check up, along with Hermione, they had all been under so much stress lately that James was worried that there may be some lasting damage to all three, so to give his father some peace of mind, he agreed. Hogwarts was empty, bar a few teachers. Dumbledore explained to them that they had all either went home for rest or to St. Mungo's for treatment, and that Harry could relax because there was no one to disturb him. Harry realized that throughout the conversation Dumbledore kept trying to get his dad's attention, but his dad was ignoring him and looked rather angry, he sighed knowing that he was going to have to sort it out.

Hermione was the first to be seen, and Harry couldn't hide his elation when he saw that his son was perfectly healthy, something which cheered them all up, but Harry couldn't help but noticing that his dad's smile didn't reach his eyes, like it normally did. Harry was checked over next, and after Madame Pomfrey reassured James several times over that he was in no way seriously injured, he relaxed slightly. Harry was ordered though to stay in over night, to rest properly and so that he could be given some replenishing potions, as he was slightly under nourished. An overall effect of the last six months, Madame Pomfrey explained to an annoyed James.

After a few hours Remus, Hermione and James were heading home, whilst Sirius kept Harry company. James was only going to sort out a room for Hermione and have a quick shower and change. Harry knew that once he came back, he wouldn't leave again until Harry was being discharged. In fact, he was only going in the first place because Sirius was making him.

“I promise you James, Harry will be perfectly safe with me. Madame Pomfrey has given him the all clear, and Voldemort is dead no one can harm him.” Sirius said as James unwillingly walked to the door.

“There are still others out there that would want to kill him.” James said, his voice quivering.

“James” Sirius said sighing sympathetically. “I doubt anyone will be brave enough to come back for him. It's over, Harry won, your boy is safe.” James nodded his head in defeat and walked back over to Harry, he gave his son and extra long hug and walked out of the room with the others.

“Is he going to be alright?” Harry asked Sirius as he sat on the chair beside Harry's bed.

“I doubt he'll be alright for a very long time yet.” Sirius replied. Harry sighed and slumped into his pillows. “Harry, you died not twelve hours ago, we are all still affected by it, that sight we saw when Hagrid carried your body out of the forbidden forest, that sight will haunt us for a very long time, your father for life. I was there, he could barely catch a breath, none of us could.” Sirius explained choking up. “You both have been through a hell of a lot these past few years, it's going to take time to recover.”

“I just wish there was something I could do to make it better. I want things to be the way they were between dad and I, before I ran away and got temporarily killed.” Harry replied

“Harry I am going to say this to help you understand a we bit better, not to hurt you.” Sirius began, Harry nodded his head in understanding, yet he wasn't too sure he wanted to hear it. “Think of your son, think of the love you have for him, it overwhelms you, doesn't it?” He asked, and Harry once again nodded. “That's how your father feels about you, now try and imagine what it feels like for him to have to run away to fight the most powerful dark wizard of all time, one more powerful that Voldemort, then imagine seeing his limp body after you so desperately tried to save him, but couldn't.” Sirius could say no more because at that moment Harry screamed stop and put his hands over his ears, he was squeezing his eyes shut, as if trying to make the images go away. “Sorry Harry, I didn't mean to upset you like that, I'm just trying to help you see how your father feels.” Sirius said as he hugged Harry close until he fell into a fitful sleep.


James POV

I showered as fast as I could and got back to Hogwarts within half an hour, it was killing me being away from Harry, I was still so scared that he was going to die, and I feared that I forever would be. Just as I got to the infirmary however, I heard a loud scream coming from with in, I rushed forward with my heart pounding in my chest to see Sirius trying to comfort a shaking Harry. I ran over to his bed and Sirius jumped up quickly to let me comfort him.

“Dad, he was dead, Voldemort killed him.” He cried as he clung onto my shirt.

“He's not dead” I replied knowing what he was talking about “You killed Voldemort, Harry, your son is safe.” I said trying to sooth him.

“I can't loose him dad, if I lost him, you and Hermione I'd die.”

“Hey, come on now.” I said lifting up his head. “Voldemort is dead, your son and Hermione are perfectly safe and healthy. And I swear to you that I am never leaving you.”

“But I have caused you so much pain. I wouldn't blame you if you hated me.” He wept and I held him close to me.

“Harry, I could never hate you. You done what you had to do, I would have done the same for you. You may be 17 and are about to become a father, but you're still my boy, and I will die for you. I love you to the moon and back, a million times matter what.”

We sat like that for a half an hour until Madame Pomfrey came to administer him the calming draught and some dreamless sleep potion. I sat and watched as the potions took effect, his eyes became glassy and half closed, he looked at me and let our a little laugh. “What are you laughing about?” I asked him.

“I really hate Voldemort, you know that?” He laughed and despite the situation I laughed too.

“Me too.” I said agreeing with him.

“I hope mum burns his ass.” He muttered sleepily and my heart gave a pang of pain. “I love you, dad” he murmured, struggling to keep his eyes open.

“I love you too, son.” I said he gave a weak smile and closed his eyes.

Harry POV

I opened a bleary eye and quickly shut it again, the light was blinding, after being asleep for so long, my eyes needed to adjust to the bright light. I tried again and slowly opened my eyes inch by inch until the light no longer hurt. I blinked a few times and felt my glasses being placed on me, I blinked a few more times and my eyes finally came into focus. I looked to the left of my bed and seen my dad sitting there with a small smile on his face. I studied him for a minute and quickly realized that he hadn't been to sleep in god knows how long.

“Did you not sleep at all?” I croaked, he helped me sip some water before sitting back down and answering me.

“I tried” He replied sheepishly.

“I would've done the same” I said and propped myself into a sitting position. He gave a half smile in reply. “How long have I been out for? I asked.

“14 hours” He replied.

“You must be exhausted. How's Hermione and the baby?”

“Both are fine, she came to see you a little earlier, but got sore on the seats. She says she'll see you when you get back home.”

“Is she still with us?” I asked and he nodded in reply. “Has she not told her mum?”
Hermione's mum had moved to France to be with her sister after her husband left her, and Hermione had been living with us ever since.

“She has, she promised her mum that she will send plenty of photo's and regular updates and when she gets settled into a routine with him then you'll go and visit her.” James explained.

“How are you feeling?” I asked him, and he chuckled in response.

“I should be asking you that, son.” He said and sat on the bed beside me.

“Look, I know how your feeling dad. I hurt you a lot and I am worried things won't ever be the same between us again.” I whispered, not daring to look at him in the eye.

“Harry, things between us are completely fine. Yes, I am a little off at the minute but that is because I thought I had lost you. Harry, nothing that happened before that day matters to me, I thought I had lost you forever, after trying to protect you for so long. I am so incredibly lucky that you're alive, I can barely believe my luck.” He explained and I looked at him and could see the joy and heartache mixed into one.

“Mum is the reason I survived” I said and he smiled and gave a half hearted chuckle “No, I mean both times.” I added, at this his head snapped up and he looked at me shocked.

“What do you mean?” He asked, and I could hear him fighting back the tears.

“She was there, Dad. When I died, I went into limbo and she was there to meet me and explain a few things. I was able to hug her.”

“You got to hug her?” He asked, I could see the pain and longing in his eyes.

“I don't know how you do it dad. I couldn't imagine never seeing Hermione again.”

“It's hard, believe me it is excruciatingly hard, but having you makes it easier, makes the pain worth while.” He smiled sadly and let a few tears go. “That's why I couldn't bare to loose you, ever.”

“I know, dad. She told me that it was the love that I had for my son that would help me kill Voldemort, and it was so true.” I said and he nodded in agreement. “She asked me to tell you that she loves you.”

“I love her too, so, so much.” He cried. “You know I always knew she loved me, no matter how many times she rejected me.”

“She rejected you?” I asked

“Yeah, your mother and I had a love, hate relationship. I loved her and she hated me.” He laughed


“Because I was a prat in school, I was a prankster and a bit of a bully, and your mother was so kind hearted that it made her hate who I was.”

“Then how did you get her to date you, and marry you?” I asked bemused.

“I grew up.” He replied with a laugh. “We became heads in seventh year and she said that she realized we had more in common than she thought, she realized that I was kind, even though I hid it well from others.”

“You were head boy?” I asked totally amazed at this information.

“Don't sound so shocked.” He laughed.

“Albus is completely bonkers.” I said and he gave me a gentle shove in response. “I hope Hermione and I are as strong as you and mum, some day.” I added sadly.

“You already are, son. You and Hermione will be completely fine, she loves you too much to stay mad at you. She's just glad your alive.”

“I want to make this date really special, dad.” I gulped. “I...I want to ask her to marry me.”

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