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Hiding behind Books by cathyyy

Format: Novel
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 27,620
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Ron, Hermione, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing

First Published: 05/23/2009
Last Chapter: 08/17/2010
Last Updated: 08/17/2010


Rose Weasley is a loner, a bookworm, prude and cold. At least that's what everyone thinks. She found that the moment you let someone get close, that's when you get hurt, so she shut people out and hid behind her books. But what happens when a person comes along and show her that she doesn't need to hide? A person named Scorpius Malfoy. | amazing banner by lollipop. @ TDA |

Chapter 1: Don't Let the World Catch You Crying
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[I don't own anything other than the plot, and a few original characters. Everything you recognize belongs to JK Rowling. Enjoy!]


I was making my way out of the Great Hall after having dinner, it was in the middle of my sixth year at the wizarding school and we had all just gotten back from the Christmas Holidays. There were only so many months left of the school year, five months and six days to be exact, but then again who was counting?


Hugo Weasley, my younger brother, was still sitting with my cousins, my very annoying cousins James and Albus Potter, eating as if he had never seen food before. Lily Potter, my other cousin, was sitting with her fellow house mates by the Hufflepuff table. She was the only one of the Weasleys and the Potters who had ended up in another house than Gryffindor.

Not that I minded one girl less in our dorm, I was so fed up with everyone trying to make me one in the 'gang'. I would never be that, nor would I ever want to be that. I guess you could call me a loner, what I loved the most was to sit in the library with a good book, reading for hours, losing all sense of reality; I wasn't very fond of reality any more. I simply liked the company of books more than annoying people, who more or less always ranted on about their own lives. I turned my head to the left and caught his eyes, Lucas Wilson, one of the few persons I had actually let in to my life, something that had proved to be one of my biggest mistakes; possibly even the biggest.


We had been a couple for a few months when I had caught him with his pants down, together with none other than Melinda Chang, not many people knew about this fact, it was just the three of us actually. It had been around that time that I had realised that I love you was only an empty phrase that people said to reassure each other that they were there for you, they tried to put their feelings in to words, stupid people. Love always ended up with someone getting hurt, love always make people leave. The only person you could trust was yourself, and books. I knew that I could always trust books.


I sighed sadly and walked through the doors alone, like I had done so many times before, with my bag hanging casually over my shoulder, making my way towards the library. I passed many people who gave me odd looks and in return; I glared at them.

I didn't really like the people at Hogwarts, most of them were okay but then there were the gits, the backstabbing bastards and the bullies, which I simply hated.


I held one of my books close to my chest as I walked, often running in to people because I wasn't paying attention, but never excusing myself.

“Hey, Rosie,” smiled Leona as she almost ran in to me, smiling widely. I offered a small smile and a nod. “How are you?”

I was really not up for some light conversation, but answered her that I was just fine. “How about you?”

Leona Crawford was a Ravenclaw, she was fairly nice and I got a long with her just fine, but she could be too pushy, too... up, close and personal. I didn't like that, in fact; I strongly disliked when people invaded my private space. It was mine and mine alone; fine, they could ask questions, but they better not hope for an answer.


“Oh, I am really good. Where is Lucas?” She still smiled brightly, and I felt bile rise in my throat, swallowing I forced a smile up on my lips.

“I don't know. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go.” I really did, I had to get away from her as fast as I could, I couldn't stand the smiles, the happiness coming out of her with every word she said. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to concentrate in the library, I walked the other direction, not knowing where I was going and I didn't care either.

I finally found an empty storage room, which was quite large and sat down in there, behind a small shelf where the light was shining in, maybe I would be able to get some reading done.


Pulling out another book out of my bag, I leaned back against the wall and took a deep breath before I opened the book and let my eyes trace the sentences, loving every letter, every word, every sentence. The soft pages of the old book felt amazing underneath my fingers and I sat there for quite some time, then I heard the sound of two voices, hissing at each other, right outside the door. I was unable to contain myself, but walked up to the door and pressed my ear against it.

“Stay the hell away from me, is that really too much to ask?” I recognized the first voice clearly, even in this furious hiss. It was without a doubt Malfoy. There had been quite some time since I had heard him speak to someone in that tone, the furious drawl that only a Malfoy possessed.

“As if I would take orders from the son of a Death Eater.” 

That mocking voice could only belong to one person, Andrew Thomas, a Gryffindor who had, from first day at school, been a jerk.

“Oh, shut up, Thomas.”
I, personally, found Scorpius Malfoy quite intimidating and I always had, there had never been much reason to, though. Since we barely looked at each other, let alone spoke.

I had heard from other students that he was a cruel bastard, following the footsteps of his father; Draco Malfoy. Andrew laughed at Malfoy, I stood with my ear pressed against the wall, and I actually felt sorry for him. How could people say that he was the cruel one?

It was Andrew who was the bastard. Though, of course I knew that. I had experienced it first hand, I was the bookworm, the prude one. The redheaded, prude bookworm. I clenched my jaw as I thought about the countless times he had mocked me, often it had ended up with him getting punched by James, but anyway. Usually when James, or any other person stood up for me, I got pissed, mainly because I felt as if I could take care of myself. But I allowed it from time to time.

I wished I could see them, I hardly ever saw Malfoy outside the library; he spent a lot of time there, just like me, but to see him like this... having a heated argument with someone was something I had never seen, and really wanted to.

I grew furious when Andrew started to rant on about how filthy the Malfoy name had become, how was that Scorpius fault? He had no right. It seemed as if something snapped inside of Malfoy as I heard a low moan and then someone was thrown in to the door. I almost let out a shriek in shock, but managed to keep it down.

“I rather have a filthy name, than filthy blood," spat Malfoy and then I heard footsteps walking away; it seemed to go both ways. They had probably both left the scene. I took a shaky breath as I gathered my books and then I walked out.

As I had taken two steps outside the door, however, I looked up just in time to see him, as he took a hold of my arm. “Eavesdropping, are we, Weasley?”

I was faced with Scorpius Malfoys quite furious face and I then saw clearly how his blonde, close to white, messy hair framed his face, his eyes were hard but not as cold as everyone said they were. I found them quite enchanting.

“I... No! I wasn't eavesdropping, Malfoy. I was simply...” I trailed off, suddenly wondering why I should explain myself to him. “Actually, it's none of your damn business what I was doing. Now, if you would be kind enough to give me back my arm,” I said looking down at the bruising hold he had of my arm. For a moment I thought he wasn't going to let me go, but then he did; as if I had burned him. But he didn't leave, he just stood there and looked at me, very close. I started to get annoyed, this was really an invasion of my privacy. “Would you mind getting out of my way?”

“You know, I bet you loved that, didn't you? Hearing someone mock me, a Malfoy," his voice was cold, but also accusing, I looked at him sternly. He was accusing me of being like them.

“You really have no idea what you're talking about. Why would I enjoy something like that? It was uncalled for, I mean... You're not your father.” I watched as his eyes widened slightly and wondered if I had said too much, if I had invaded his privacy now. I wasn't good with that, knowing when to shut up and when to speak. The few seconds he was in slight shock, I chose to leave. As I walked away from there, I could feel his eyes on me, burning me as I walked.

I ended up in the library after all, sitting on my usual seat by the window in the corner, hid away behind a huge bookshelf, everyone who knew me, knew that I was to be found there. The book I was reading was about a boy called Alexander, who ached to be with Caroline, but they could never be. They both seemed to know it, but that didn't stop them from longing after each other. I had a feeling that it was going to be another happy ending, but kept on reading. I kept torturing myself with the love filled books despite my thoughts of love, but it was books after all. They could be loved.


“Hey, Rose. What are you reading?”

I was startled as James sat down next to me, I hadn't seen him coming. He was probably just going to be a pain in the arse. I showed him the cover of the book and he nodded approvingly. Then he fell in to a silence that grew louder and louder by the second.

“What do you want, dear cousin?” I mumbled after a while and closed the book to look at him.

“Ehm... Just wanted some company.” He smiled, but he wasn't fooling me. James wouldn't just suddenly come and seek me up just to have some company.

“Who are you hiding from?” I sighed and picked up the book again, he sighed too before he sunk down and rested his head on the table. “James?”

“Melinda Chang...” He had to be joking, but as I dropped my book he looked up again, looking lost. “What?”

Melinda Chang?” I echoed silently, in shock. “Why would you hide from Chang?” I feared that I didn't want to know the answer, but still kept my eyes on his.

“Word has it that she wants me, but God knows that I wouldn't look her way. So, she is stalking me.”

I was still shocked, as I shook my head. “Not you too... Is that girl really that desperate for male attention? She goes around the grounds flirting with everything she sees, and she's not even pretty.” I finished with a snort.

“Woah!” James furrowed his eyebrows. “What'd she ever do to you?”

Before I could answer him, Malfoy walked in to the library, sent me an odd look before he sat down by the table next to us.

“James, I really don't think this is the time or place to talk about that. Now, go hide somewhere else. I was reading before, and this is a library; you're not allowed to talk here.”

“Fine. I'll see you up in the common room later, we can talk then?” Softly he put his hand on my shoulder and I nodded, just wishing that he would go. Great, I thought, now Lucas is on my mind again.

I couldn't concentrate on reading so I just sat there and stared at the words, without taking them in. For the first time in my life, I wished that I had someone to talk to, some company other than books; someone who wouldn't judge me and who would listen. Who would understand.

I looked up as I heard a feminine laugh and saw that the person I had been dreading to see had just walked in, Melinda, instead of feeling ashamed of what she had done, like normal people would, she smiled cheerfully at me and waved.

Images of her and Lucas flashed in my mind. Their bodies as close to each others as two people could me, their loud moans and the sound of their kisses. The way his hands had roamed her body.

I had to swallow the bile that was rising in my throat again and blink away the tears, she sat down by a table close to mine and the library suddenly felt very small, too small for the both of us. I gathered my things and stormed out of there. I thought that it would be easier to breathe once I got out, but I was wrong. I usually wasn't a person who cried, but as I stood there, alone in the corridor, with the books held close to my chest; several tears fell down my cheeks, like a bittersweet proof that my relationship was over. Completely and utterly over.

I felt someone's eyes on me, but I didn't stay behind to see who it was, instead I escaped up to the common room and hoped that James would leave me alone and I really, really hoped that he wouldn't bring Melinda up, 'cause I was afraid that I might break if someone mentioned her or Lucas name at the moment. How would I survive five months and six days when I barely made it through the first day back at school? I thought as I wiped away the tears that traced my cheeks. 

[First chapter and my first attempt on a Rose/Scorpius story, I would really love to hear what you think of it! And the book which Rose is reading isn't a real book, I just came up with it for the story.  I really, really need to hear what you think of it, should I continue it? Is is good? What do you think of my Rose? Thanks! - Cathyyy- ]


Chapter 2: Play Along
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[So, I don't own anything apart from the plot and a few original characters, everything else belongs, as you all know, to JK Rowling! Enjoy!]


The following days it seemed as if he was everywhere I looked, Lucas I mean. There was no way that I could avoid him, not only was he in the same house as I, but he was also quite good friends with Albus and James, perhaps they had first become friends while being on the same Quidditch team for as long as they could remember, or maybe they had become friends because they were all in Gryffindor. Lucas was also in the same classes as I was. His dark blonde hair was in the corner of my eye in Potions, his dark blue eyes occasionally met mine in Transfiguration and I hurried to look away, now and then we bumped in to each other and I felt his toned body against mine for less than a second. He was literally everywhere I looked, apart from the library, no, Lucas would never set foot inside the library. Something I was forever thankful for. It was my hiding place; I was there more than I had ever been.

I walked away from the Great Hall after a long day of studying, and I knew that if I were to go back up to the tower then Lucas would be there, and I really couldn't stand being in the same room as him, I didn't know if I would ever. Not only because he constantly reminded me of what I had found him doing, not that he made me want to throw up just by looking at me, no.. Because I was still hopelessly in love with him. Those feeling aren't something that goes away all that easy.

He had been my first, in so many ways. My first kiss, my first love, and my first lover, my only lover. Those things made my feelings towards him so much stronger, and the worst part about it was that no one even seemed to notice that we were no longer a couple.

Melinda, however, was flirting openly with both Lucas and James, but James was true to his word and kept avoiding her, somehow I felt that Lucas was doing anything but avoiding her. I was really glad that she was a Ravenclaw and not a Gryffindor, I'm not sure that I would stand being around her at all times.

I rounded a corner and walked in to the library, walked towards my regular place while thinking about all the things I wanted to do to Melinda. But I was snapped back to reality as I reached my table, I couldn't sit down there seeing as someone else had taken my bloody seat. There was no question about who it was as I saw the platinum blonde hair that could only belong to one person in Hogwarts. He and Lucas was about the same length, but Malfoy was slightly more muscular. Probably from playing Quidditch, he played chaser on the Slytherin team. I shook my head to stop thinking about his looks and put my hand on my hip.

“Malfoy, what are you doing?” I asked in a hiss and stared at him, he sure didn't rush his movements as he slowly tilted his head up to look at me. His eyes, so different from Lucas' dark blue ones, were silver grey, and held a depth that no other eyes I had looked in to held.

“What does it look like I'm doing?” He replied and held up his book. “It's called reading, if you couldn't guess.”

He went back to reading and left me standing there, staring at him like a fool. “I can see that you're reading.” I snapped at him, getting annoyed. “What I meant was, what are you doing, sitting by my table?”

“Yours, Weasley?” He didn't look up from his book. “I didn't know this was Weasley property.”

“Oh, you know what I mean. I've been sitting on the same spot for the last six years!”

He turned the page in the book and replied lazily. “Really? Must have missed that. Well, now I'm sitting here. So, go find another table or sit down and shut up. I am trying to read.”

“Missed it?” I echoed, ignoring the last part. “How the hell could you have missed it? You've been sitting right behind me all those years! You know what...” I was trying to find something really smart to say but my brain failed me. “Fine.” I sighed as I knew that he wasn't going to move. I clenched my jaw as I walked to sit by another table.


Arrogant idiot, that was what he was, nothing more and nothing less. He annoyed me to no end, but yet I was glad that he did; it gave me something to think about other than that jerk of an ex boyfriend of mine.

I shook my head as I found that I had been staring at Malfoys back for the last ten minutes, if I had been looking any longer then there would be two burning holes in his back, that's how intense I had been looking at him.

Why I had been, I had no idea. I opened my book and began to read. Alexander had just confessed his love for Caroline, but she refused to believe him... In a matter of seconds, I was lost within the book. 


Making my way up to the tower was always stressful, as I always sat in the library until just a few minutes before curfew. Malfoy had been the one reminding me that I had to leave unless I wanted detention.

By the time I reached the portrait of the Fat Lady, I was panting heavily; running while carrying books that weighted a ton wasn't very good for me, or it was. It just didn't feel like it.

“Fizzing whizbees.” I said, while still panting, trying hard to catch my breath.

“I'm sorry. Password incorrect.” the Lady said and gave me a small smile. I sighed and tried to reason with her. But she wouldn't let me in. Why the hell would they change the password in the middle of the day, anyway? It didn't make any sense.

“Fine. I guess there would be no use in knocking, either?” I groaned as she shook her head.

“They wouldn't hear you.”


I sunk down against the wall and pulled out a book, hopefully I wouldn't be caught and forced to serve detention for not getting in. Detention would be... I wouldn't know, I had never gotten detention for anything. Minutes passed and I started to get tired, the letters in the books became blurred together and then as if someone had been shaking me; I was wide awake again.

The portrait had swung open and someone stuck their head out. I realized who is was and hung my head down in the book again, pretending that I hadn't seen him.

“Rose? Why on earth are you sitting out here for? It's passed curfew.” Lucas voice was soft and caring as he spoke, but the memory of his moans was still too fresh for me to forget.

“I didn't know that there was a new password.” I said truthfully as I stood, avoiding eye contact as much as I could.

“Oh. The new password is 'Mehmet credo'.” he actually smiled. “Come on in, Rose.” He held up the portrait for me and I could hear the Fat Lady sigh. I wondered briefly if he knew what 'Mehmet credo' meant, but he probably didn't.



I accidentally brushed against him as I walked past him in to the common room, I found that Albus, James and Lucas was the only ones up. “Where's Hugo?” I asked to which they shrugged.

“Probably asleep. Now, love birds, have a seat. We'll hang out, like old times.” I glared at James, and shook my head as I turned to walk up to the girls dorm. “Oi, Rose! Where are you going?”

“I'm.. tired.” I lied, I was no longer tired, just desperate to not spend any more time close to the jerk who had not just broken my heart, he had ripped it out of my chest and jumped on it, spit on it and then left it, bleeding on the ground.

“Bullshit. Lucas, go get her.”

Lucas looked from James to me and visibly flinched back as he saw my glare up on him. None the less he came up to me and leaned down.

“Play along, will you?” His voice was still soft and low. “They don't need to know yet, we can pretend that we're still...”

“How? How can we pretend to be together when I can't even stand looking at you?” I hissed so that only he heard. “Hm? Tell me that, Lucas and I'll play along.”

His eyes darkened before he hung his head. “I'm sorry for what I did, Rose. I really am. But please, don't let them find out just yet.”

“You're actually begging me to not tell them? Have you lost your fucking mind? You know what, why don't you just as Melinda to join you, I bet she would be up for it. Seeing as you're not the only one she has the hots for of you three.” With that I left him, by the look on his face, he was furious. Whether it was because I had rejected him, or if it was because of what I had told him about Melinda; I didn't know. I just knew that I never wanted to talk to him again. It just hurt too much.


The next day started out like any other Saturday, I woke up early and brushed my teeth before I got dressed, I put my hair up in a ponytail and then I walked down to sit on the couch in the common room. It wasn't until then that the Saturday started to look different. Normally, Lucas would have come and joined me and we would have kissed and enjoyed the time alone that we had in the mornings, but this Saturday, him not being there was a fact.

Instead of sitting there and being overwhelmed by the many, horrible memories, I decided to talk a walk in the castle. It couldn't hurt, right?


I threw the bag over my shoulder and headed out. People were running around everywhere, I honestly didn't think that many people would be awake this time of day, but it was a pleasant surprise.

I could make out James face in the crowd and wondered briefly what could have made him get out of bed so early. He waved happily and I smiled at him, as I made my way through the mass of people to get to him, I bumped in to someone quite hard and turned to apologize when I saw that it was Malfoy.



We said it at the same time and I hurried to look away from him, still annoyed over how he had acted the night before. I finally got to James and he hit me playfully on the arm.

“Was that Malfoy you ran in to?” He asked while looking over my shoulder. “Real git, isn't he?”

“Yeah, sure.” I said half heartedly. “I haven't seen Hugo since dinner last night, where the heck is he?”

“Dunno. But your boyfriend is over there.” He said with a smile and pointed towards Lucas. I felt like screaming out that we weren't together any more, but I just faked a smile and tried to change the topic. “Don't try, Rose. I've noticed that you've been acting very cold towards him lately, what are you doing? Are you trying to push him away? Do you want to break up with him or what?”

I glared at him and huffed. “What is this, twenty questions?” Dear cousin, if you only knew...

James looked at me closely, as if he was trying to read my mind. “James, you're not a Legilimens. Give up.” I snapped at him and he just raised his eyebrows.

“You don't really need more rumours going around that you're a cold hearted, prude bitch?” He asked, not in any way rude, more like caring, actually. I stared at him, knowing that he was right, but then again... Did I really care? Nah.  I wanted to tell him, I really did but I couldn't. Because if I did, then it would be real. If I spoke it out loud than it would become real and I didn't want that. But, me being me, decided to do something that would definitely put a stopper to James worries and questions.

“You want me to show my lovely boyfriend that I love him?” I asked coldly.

“Yes,” James made it sound like a dare, and I desperately wished that I could back out now, but I wouldn't.

Instead I looked over at Lucas, he was sitting alone, but he was looking at Melinda, who sat one table away from the Gryffindor table. I took a deep breath before I walked over there with my head held high, and sat down next to Lucas, who tore his eyes away from Melinda to look at me wide eyed.

“I'll play along.” I said coldly and then he did something that I didn't expect, he brought his hand to the back of my head and pulled me close to him as he captured my lips in a hard and demanding kiss, making sure that most people saw. I tried to ignore the throbbing pain in my heart as Lucas pressed closer and let his tongue dance with mine as if nothing had ever gone wrong between us. I broke apart as I felt my eyes tearing up, and looked him right in the eye. “Is James looking?” I said, ignoring how broken my voice sounded. It hurt, it hurt so bad.

“Yes,” he said just after he looked over his shoulder. “As is the rest of the school. What changed your mind?”

“James. He wouldn't drop it, so I.. I have no idea what I was thinking,” I felt cold inside as I got up and brushed a tear away but I didn't get far as Lucas stood up behind me and took my hand. “What the hell was I thinking?” I mumbled to myself.

“Rose, don't go.”

“Let go of me, Lucas,” I said slowly, as I pulled my hand away from his grasp. “I need to be alone.”

“Right. Go to the fucking library again, like you always do,” Everyone looked at him, apart from me as he raised his voice. “That's what you do, you're always hiding behind books!”

“Is that so?” I said without emotion but on the inside I was breaking, one small piece at the time. I shouldn't have kissed him, it was probably the stupidest thing I had ever done. I lowered my voice even more so that he was the only one who heard. “At least I don't fucking cheat and lie.”

I could feel how the tears started falling and I knew that I had go get out of there was fast as I possibly could. I pushed my way out of there, as many people were standing there, just looking at us. They all followed me with their eyes as I forced my way through.

I brushed away the tears with the back of my hand, terribly glad that I didn't wear mascara at the time.

Concerned voices asked me if I was okay, wondered what had happened and tried to stop me in order to hug me, but I shrugged them off and all I wanted to do was scream, The cold hearted, prude bitch doesn't want your pity!

James looked at me, with a expression I had never before seen on his face as I walked past him, then I turned and looked him dead in the eye.

“Happy now, dear cousin?”

“Rose...” he said and looked at me sadly and confused, but I just waved it away and kept walking until I reached the door, and well outside; there weren't many people so I didn't have to try to hold the tears back, instead I walked directly to the library.


The library was empty, I noticed as I walked in there, apart from me and... Yes, of course Malfoy was there. Wasn't he always?

And he was sitting by my table, again. I chose to ignore him completely and went to sit by the table that I considered to be his and opened my book. My tears had stopped falling somewhere along the way and all that was left was the pain I felt inside. But that had been there for a while now, so I had grown used to it.

“I heard you in the Great Hall.” I looked up as I found that Malfoy had turned around to look at me, turning his whole torso in my direction, making sure that everyone who would have seen him could see that he was talking to me. Willingly talking to a Half-blood.

“I think most people heard us.” I muttered back and glanced down, wishing that he would just follow everyone else's lead and leave me alone.

“He is partly right. You are hiding behind books.” He said slowly and casually as if he was talking about the weather. I was about to snap at him but he held up his hand, making me hold my tongue.

“I can see why you would do it, I do it too. You might have noticed.” He gestured around in the library and I sighed in defeat and nodded.

“Yeah... But there isn't rumours going around that you're a prude, cold bitch, is there?”

“No, they settled for calling me 'son of a Deatheater'.”

I almost wanted to say: Well, at least they're right about you. But I decided against it. “Right.”

“Just so you know, I don't think there's anything wrong with books, just... Don't hide behind them, Weasley.”

I looked at him for a long moment. “I'll stop hiding behind them when you do.” He grimaced and I gave a small smirk. “Exactly. Now, would you be kind enough to let me finish the book?”

He didn't say anything else, just turned away from me and hung his head over his book and I did the same. But I kept glancing up at him, wishing that he could tell me. Tell me how to do so I wouldn't hide behind books any more. I thought about asking him, but then I reconsidered, he would probably just laugh at me anyway. Like I needed more humiliation after that scene in the Great Hall.

I almost let out a groan as I thought of the fact that I needed to face them all up in the common room later, it would be horrible. I wish I could just sleep in the library instead, and never show my face again. I smiled at the thought then I saw that Malfoy had turned to look at me, and tried to suppress my smile, but I couldn't. I was surprised as he smiled back at me.

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Chapter 3: Conversation in the Library
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[I don't own anything but the plot and a few original characters, everything else belongs to JK Rowling! Enjoy!]

For the millionth time I told James to leave me alone, he had been bugging be since I woke up, luckily he had been smart enough to leave me alone the day before.

He was being his normal self, a real pain in the ass. My head snapped up annoyed as a pillow hit it and I sent a furious glare at my younger brother.

“James made me,” he said quickly and looked nervously up at James who gave Hugo a 'gee, thanks a lot' kind of look before he turned to face me.

“Will you tell me what happened in the Great Hall, or should I make Hugo throw more pillows at you?”

“I have a suggestion to what you can do,” I said, pretending to be as serious as I could. He waited for the rest eagerly, “It's spelled mind your own freaking business.” With that I threw the pillow back, hitting James right in the face, making him groan.

The common room was empty, except for the three of us, Lucas was no where to be seen but I knew that he had woken up and left, because Hugo told me. Still, neither of them thought that we had broken up. I was trying hard to come up with the best way to tell them, but it seemed as if there weren't any good way. I wasn't sure if I was ready for the whole school to know, and I didn't want either of my cousins to hurt Lucas; not that I knew that they would, but it was likely.

But I couldn't play along as I had told Lucas I would yesterday, it just hurt to damn much. I couldn't tell anyone that we had broken up because I wasn't ready for it.

Telling someone, out loud, would make it real. It isn't that I'm stupid, I just didn't want it to be real, I didn't like the reality as it had turned in to, but what could I do? I looked around and noticed that James had left, oh great. Now he was probably upset with me, I swear sometimes he was worse than a girl with PMS with his mood swings.

“Where did James go?” I said to Hugo who stared at me as if I had gone completely mental.

“He just left...? Didn't you see him storm off?” he was giving me an odd look, and I stared right back at him as I shook my head. “Sis, look. I've noticed that something isn't right -”

“Stop,” I held my hand up and he stopped talking, “Please, Hugo, don't do this right now. I really don't want to talk about it, so please, just let it be.”

For a younger brother, he was acting very grown up as he nodded and looked at me concerned.

His brown hair, which he had gotten from mum, was framing his face as his intense, brown eyes looked at me, as if trying to figure me out.

“Okay, but... Could you try to not make a scene today? For a younger brother, that stuff is kind of embarrassing...”

“As if it was in any way my fault,” I muttered and looked away from him as he got of his chair and moved over to the couch I was sitting on, “I'm sorry for embarrassing you, okay? It's just that-”

“You and Lucas are going through a tough time right now, I get it. But, you're Lucas and Rose, you'll work it out, you know?”

He was trying really hard to cheer me up but it wasn't working, at all.

“I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you, Hugh...” it came out as a mumble but he understood what I said and put his hand on my shoulder, a brotherly gesture which made all the fences that I had built up come tumbling down and I took a deep breath as I felt myself get tears in my eyes. I hadn't cried in front of another person in forever, I didn't want to let them see me weak.

Well, I had cried in the Great Hall the day before, but that didn't count. That wasn't as personal as it was crying in front of one person and one person alone.

“Rose...” Hugo sounded as if he was in pain from seeing me in the state I was in, he tried to comfort me but he didn't know what to do or what to say. “Hey, it'll be okay, even if you two break up; you'll survive. He's just another guy, he isn't worth crying over, Sis...”

I think I may have to start giving Hugo a little more credit, he sure does know what to say when he want to. I let him embrace me for a while, as I sat in silence and let the tears softly roll down my cheeks, then I slowly sat up again and looked at him.

“I swear, if you tell anyone about this – you're as good as dead.” I wiped away the tears as I listened to his amused chuckle.

“Unbelievable, Rosie. That after you've been crying for about five minutes in my arms, you're still capable of making threats. Good ones, might I add,” his voice made me smile, he sounded almost amazed by the fact. “Your make up is a mess, just so you know. You look kinda awful.”

“Thanks for pointing that out, I'll go get myself cleaned up. Thanks for... well, you know,” I said awkwardly, we both knew that I wasn't any good when it came down to talking about things like this. I shrugged as I stood up, “See you later?”

“Uh, yeah,” Hugo smiled a bit before he picked up his wand and started to practise different spells, I hoped for all Gryffindors sake that he knew what he was doing.




A few hours later, I walked in to the library to find that my table was empty and I couldn't help but to look around in hopes of seeing Malfoy somewhere, but he wasn't there.

There was a strange disappointment that came with that but I shrugged it off and sat down, why would I even care if he was there?

I opened the book and before I started to read, I ran my fingers through my hair and seated myself more comfortably.

The book was about six hundred pages long, and I was on page two hundred something, so I had quite a bit to read. Under normal circumstances, I would have finished the book by now, but with everything that had happened lately, it just seemed impossible to sit down and relax. I had so much on my mind all the time and the fact that the library seemed to have become Melinda Changs new favourite spot in the castle wasn't exactly making things any easier.

She was there, sitting at the table furthest away from me and she was smiling happily as if there was nothing in the world that was bothering her. I wondered if she had told any of her friends what she and Lucas had done, but I doubted it. The way those girls gossiped; the whole school would have known by now.

My eyes were torn away from Melinda as a familiar face stepped through the doors to the library and Malfoy walked in and started to make his way over towards me.

“You've taken my seat now,” he spoke softly and rather friendly.

“I've simply taken my seat back,” was my reply and he shrugged and a smile played on his lips as he pulled out a chair and sat down next to me. My eyes widened as I realized what he had just done, it seemed so natural for him to sit there, so I decided to not say anything. He could sit there all he wanted, I didn't mind as long as he didn't annoy me.

“So, if you don't mind me asking, why are you looking at Chang as if you wanna rip her apart and burn the pieces?”

“Hmm..?” I looked up as his words sunk in, “Oh.. I don't really wanna talk about it,” I kept looking at him and he raised an eyebrow before he picked up his book and started to read. I bit my lower lip as I looked at him. He wasn't annoying me with that question, and I wondered if it was the way he didn't force me to tell him that made me want to tell him?

“Is it really that obvious?” I asked in a low voice and he nodded, even though he didn't take his eyes off the book. “I thought I was hiding it well.”

Malfoy half-smiled and shook his head. “You're not even close to hiding it well,” he said.

I glanced over at Melinda and she was looking right at me, with a strange expression on her face, a mixture of shock and satisfaction. She glanced between Malfoy and me and smiled sweetly. My eyed widened as I realized how it could look; we were sitting rather close to each other and we were talking and he was even smiling. Something that he was rarely seen doing. It might have looked as if we were actually friends and I knew that if she started to tell people about us, then she could make it sound as if we were sitting here snogging. She always did exaggerate everything.

“Well, she deserves to be glared at,” I told him and it was probably more my tone than my words that made him look up from his book.

“Does it have anything to do with your argument with your boyfriend yesterday?”

How was it that he seemed to know everything? I bit my lower lip and gave a short nod as I closed my eyes, then I opened them and grabbed my book again. I hoped that he would take the hint and not speak again.

He kept quiet and read his book, but now and then he would glance up and look at me, how did I know that? Because I would do the same.


Minutes passes, maybe even hours, I didn't know and I didn't care. It was Melinda's laughter that made me look up after I had been reading for a while, I saw how she flipped her long, black hair over her shoulders in a soft, feminine way which made me furrow my eyebrows, there was two girls at her table and one boy, and the boy looked at her longingly as if she was the sweetest candy, slowly I reached up to touch my own hair, which wasn't as long as hers or as shiny as hers and I knew that I would go around flipping my hair to look cute then I would just end up looking ridiculous.

One of the girls, the blonde one who's name I had forgotten, leaned in and whispered something in Melinda's ear. She turned around with a smile on her lips, her hair falling perfectly down her back, and she looked at me.

My hand dropped down from touching my hair to fall down on the table, but I wasn't going to break eye contact. Not even as she smiled wider and waved, instead I swallowed hard and waved back. Then she turned away and whispered something back to the people around her and they all laughed. Did they... know?

“Malfoy,” I said slowly and tore my eyes away from her to look at him, “H-”

“Scorpius,” he said, cutting me off mid sentence, “My name is Scorpius,” He looked up as he spoke and I stared right back at him and gave him a look of annoyance.

“Fine, Scorpius,” his name sounded so foreign on my lips, but I rather liked it, “How exactly am I hiding behind books?”

He made a dog ear on the page of his book before he closed it and I found that terribly annoying, instead of making a dog ear, I closed my book but kept my right hand on the page I was on so that it wouldn't close completely.

“Well, you're hiding in the sense that you're always running away from things when it gets to be too much for you, like yesterday in the Great Hall, or one of the times where someone has said something offensive to you, you always go off to read, to hide away. You walk with your books pressed tightly to your chest as if they'll protect you. You cut yourself off from everyone else when you're in this room and lately you've been spending more time here.”

I stared at him wide eyed, I had to give him credit for being observant, that was for sure. He was also so very right, in every sentence he had said.

“But...” I began and he raised his eyebrows, “That's not hiding! So, I happen to like books, I don't see what's wrong about that.”

He took a deep sigh and leaned his arms on the table but he didn't break eye contact. “Okay, let's say that you were having a big fight with me, and-”

“Why would I fight with you?” I asked and furrowed my eyebrows.

“Hypothetically, Weasley!” he groaned, “Hypothetically you had a big fight with me, in the Great Hall. What would you do, and why?”

“I would...” I saw then what he was getting at, “I would run off to the library and open a book, any book.”

“And why would you do that?”

“Because I would want to escape reality, and by doing that I would be hiding from you, behind my books,” I said sadly and nodded, “I see what you mean.”

I glanced over at Melinda, to who's table another person had joined, another boy who's name I believed to be Adam, he wasn't paying much attention to Melinda though. She seemed rather upset by the fact but then again she seemed pleased that her blonde friend got some attention, was her name Cassandra? It didn't matter, I knew that neither Melinda or... Cassandra were hiding behind books, that was only me. Was that what it would say on my gravestone when that time came? In loving memory of Rose Weasley, who were always hiding behind books.

Was that really how I wanted people to remember me? Not that I planned to die any time soon, but still.

“So, what do I do to stop hiding?” I asked him suddenly, eagerly but I still held my distance from him.

“You could start by doing something for fun, and reading doesn't count,” he added with a small smirk.

“What's considered as fun, then?” I asked with a grimace and Scorpius sighed deeply.

“Go to the Three Broomsticks with your boyfriend and have a firewhiskey or two, I don't know. Hang out with people. There'll be a few people I know there next weekend, you and that Wilson guy could come along, I'm sure they would be fine with it,” he finished with a shrug.

“Lucas wouldn't be joining,” I said sourly and looked away from him before I confessed it all in one breath, “We're not together anymore.”

“Oh,” he said but he didn't seem all that surprised, “Why not?”

“It's none of your business!” I snapped at him and he flinched back and held his hands up, “Sorry.”

He shrugged it off and then I saw how he slowly looked over at Melinda and a sudden realization seemed to hit him before he turned back to face me.

“Well, you could start by telling your friends that you and Wilson broke up, I assume that no one know? You've been here more than usual, so I guess you're hiding either from your friends or from Wilson,”

“Yeah...” I admitted, knowing that he was right, “Why do you care anyway? What is it to you if I'm hiding or not?”

“Up until recently, I thought you were like the rest of the people here at Hogwarts, but then you told me that I wasn't my father, remember? It changed my view of you and I just don't think it's fair that someone like you should be treated like that. You know, talked about behind your back, laughed at from time to time, being called names and such. Most times you don't seem to care, but every now and then I can see a flicker of hurt in your eyes and I don't think that you deserve that." 

He took a deep breath and then he continued. 

 "What is it to me? Well, it would certainly shut people up, and hopefully they would stop being so judging if they saw how wrong they could be. I just think that if you came out from your hiding place, then you could really shut them up. I'd like to see that happen. We're not who they say we are, you know? I'm not the same cold hearted bastard who thinks less of the people around me because of their blood status as my father was when he went to this school, and I know – I think- that you're not what they say you are,”
He took a small pause in his speech, I sensed that there was something that he wasn't telling me, he gave me a long look before he continued.

“Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that one of the reasons to why you're hiding is because you're afraid that they won't like who you really are?”

“Let's assume that you're right,” I said, shocked that he was right in so many ways and stunned that he had been paying to much attention to me, “What if I don't want to change?”

“We both know you do, or else you wouldn't have brought it up.”

“Fine,” I said with a deep sigh, “You're right.”

“I know,” he grinned before he glanced down at his watch, “Well, I really should get going, Nott will kill me if I don't meet her when I said I would, we'll finish this conversation some other time,”

He got up and he took my book and closed it, so that I wouldn't know which page I was on, “Stop hiding, Weasley,” and with that, he just left.

I stared at his back as he made his way out of the library, leaving me there to think over what he had told me.




He's right, though, why don't I show them how wrong they are? I asked myself as I made my way up to the Gryffindor common room, the many portraits followed me with their eyes, whispering things which I couldn't make out all while I tried to come up with how I would tell my brother and Al and James about Lucas. As I reached the Fat Lady, I mumbled the password and froze momentarily as I remembered the meaning of the password, 'Mehmet Credo' meant 'I believe in myself' and that was just what I needed to do. I needed to believe in myself just a little bit more. I took a deep breath and swallowed all my fears as I walked in to the common room, which was filled with people, and they all looked up when they saw me. I guessed I was back way earlier than I normally were.

Nervously I looked around until I found the messy, brown, short hair that belonged to my brother and made my way over to him.

“Hey,” I said as I stood awkwardly by his side, “Where's James and Al? I have something I want to talk to you guys about.”

“Uh... I think they're outside, their Quidditch practise just ended, I think. Should we search them up, or can it wait?”

“It can w-” I was so close to saying that it could wait, but then I saw the sandy dark blonde hair that entered the room, “It really can't wait any longer, let's go.”

Hugo gave me an odd stare, like he almost always did, but shrugged and walked ahead of me out of there, Lucas looked at me as if trying to figure out where I was going, but I ignored him completely and I believe that it annoyed him to no end.

I could feel not only his eyes on me, it was as if everyone's head turned to look at us as we walked out of there. I rolled my eyes when they couldn't see and then pushed it out of my mind. What I was about to do required all my attention. I couldn't just blurt it out, could I? No, definitely not.




I wondered about what time it was, since it had darkened outside; although, it was in the middle of January, so it would darken fast.

“How long until dinner is served?” I asked casually as I tried my hardest to keep up with Hugo, who walked a lot faster than me.

“Uhm, about an hour, I think,” was his reply, “I'm already starving, so I hope it's sooner.”

“Gods, you're always hungry, Hugh.”

He turned to me and raised his eyebrow as if asking me what I meant with that, but turned away from me as we both heard the roaring laugh that belonged to James, behind him followed Albus, who looked like he had fallen of his broom.

“Hey guys, Rose wants to talk to us!” shouted Hugo and they seemed to hurry up, Hugo motioned for us to follow him.

We stopped outside a closed door that led to a classroom which weren't being used, Hugo glanced over his shoulder before he muttered a simple Alohomora and motioned for us to follow him inside. I looked behind me nervously and expected to see a teacher standing right behind us watching, but there was no one there. In silence we all stepped inside and I closed the door behind us.

I turned around to see them all stand with their arms crossed over their chests and they waited. I realized that they waited for me to speak, so I cleared my voice. Just as I was about to chicken out and make a run for it, Scorpius voice echoed in my head, well, you could start by telling your friends that you and Wilson broke up...

“So... I've been acting a bit weird lately, I mean, more weird than usual. I s'pose you've noticed?” They all nodded but none of them spoke up, “It's because, well, you see...” It all happened so fast and even though I had told myself not to do it, I still just blurted it out, “Lucas and I broke up.”

The silence that followed my words grew louder, and louder... and louder.

“Isn't anyone going to say anything?” I mumbled after a while.

“Why did you break up?”

“Who broke up with who?”

“When did you break up?”

They asked their questions at the same time and I swallowed before answering them, one at the time. Starting with my brothers question.

“We broke up just a few days ago, about an hour after we returned from the holidays, I broke up with him,” I looked at them for a long moment before I finished the sentence, “Because he cheated on me,” I said in a low voice and then I waited for their reaction.

Albus cursed out loud while Hugo took a deep breath. But I focused on James, who stood completely still and I couldn't even tell if he was breathing or not. His mouth was a thin line and his eyes hard, I glanced down to see that his fists were clenched and as Al and Hugh started to say comforting things, he just looked even more furious and I knew what was about to happen before it had even happened. It was in moment like these that I wished that he wasn't so overprotective of me.

“James, don't!” I said and moved to stand in his way, “It's not worth it.”

Something that sounded awfully a lot like a growl came from the back of his throat and he moved forward and then he kindly moved me out of his way before he literally threw the door open and ran back up to the common room to find Lucas.

“James Sirius Potter, do not do it!” I shouted after him as I set out after him, but I knew it was useless, James was about to get himself yet another detention.

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Chapter 4: Lies told in a Cupboard
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To sit in the Great Hall and eat dinner that day was awkward, the few students in my house which had seen James confront Lucas had of course told their friends, but none of them knew the real reason to the fight, but they figured that it had something to do with me and Lucas. Point being; they all stared at me.

No teacher had seen the confrontation, so James wouldn't be given detention. Which was good, it meant that he would be able to play in the Quidditch game which was being held the following Saturday.

I sat alone until my brother and Albus came and joined me, bringing Lily with them. They had obviously told her and I guessed that she wanted to do something comforting, she was Lily after all. It was over pretty quickly, she came, she hugged me, she left. I loved her for it.

She didn't waste her time saying things that she knew wouldn't make a difference, instead she just showed me that she was there if I needed her and that was it. When she had left, I looked over at my cousin and brother, it was rather obvious that neither of them knew what to say.

“So,” I began, “Where's James?”

“Up in the kitchen, getting some ice for his knuckles. He punched a stone wall after all. Probably not he smartest thing to do, but you know... Better than him hitting Lucas and been given detention.” It was true, even though I would have allowed him to beat him up really good, because at first; Lucas had tried to deny everything but then he had, when I came in to the room, admitted to cheating on me.

“I agree,” I said and my eyes snapped towards the door and I saw Lucas walk in, his eyes locked on mine from the second he saw me, he looked quite upset. I felt anger rush through me as he tore his eyes away from mine to look at Melinda, then back at me.

"If you are trying to murder that chicken, I've got some bad news for you.." James said as he sat down next to me, I looked at him.


"It's already dead," He said while grinning.

I couldn't suppress the smile which crept up on my lips as I realized I had been stabbing my chicken with my fork. I blushed and hit him on his arm. I guess I had imagined that Lucas or Melinda was the chicken.

“How's the hand?” I changed the topic and made a motion with my head towards his hand and he held it up.

“Well...” he stretched his fingers out and winced, “It hurts like shit.”

“I tried to stop you,” I said and raised my eyebrows at him and he sent me a small glare in return, obviously I had said the wrong thing in his ears.

“I'm hurt here because I was standing up for you, how about a little sympathy?” When I didn't do anything else but to stare at him, he sighed, “Fine, it's my own fault, yadda yadda, spare me the- Oh, no, he isn't!”

I looked behind me as I saw James eyes glare over my shoulder. Lucas was walking towards me and he avoided James and looked just at me.

“Rosie, could I speak to you for a second?” He said as he stood next to me.

“No,” James answered for me with disgust dripping off his voice.

“James...” I said warningly and sent him a pointed look before I looked back at Lucas, “Sure, let's get this over with.”

I stood up and we walked out together, but as I did; I couldn't help but to send a nervous glance to the Slytherin table and Scorpius. He looked encouraging at me, as if telling me that it needed to be done. I looked away from him and swallowed the nervous feeling I had.



We walked in to an empty, rather large cupboard and he closed the door behind him before he faced me, it was rather dark in there, which helped me. Because then I wouldn't have to see his face.

What was I supposed to say now? I hated this, I wanted to run off to the library, I wanted to hide. But no, that wasn't an option any more.

“Yes?” I said and was rather surprised at how strong my voice were. He moved closer to me so that I could see him more clearly, I could see how he looked really deep in to my eyes as he spoke.

“I'm so sorry, Rose. You know that right? I never meant to hurt you... I made a mistake,” he ran his fingers through his hair, “I made a big mistake.”

I held my position, I wasn't going to let him see how much it hurt to hear him say this.

“I still love you, Rose, I still want you. I want you back, ” his voice was soft and he reached out to take my hand, but as soon as he made contact with it, I flinched back. Lies, lies, lies...

I bet that he had believed that he held such control over me because I had been so in love with him that I would overlook every mistake he did and come running back in to his arms as soon as he said those words, but I would not accept cheating or lying in a relationship, ever. Lies...

“No...” I pulled my arm towards my chest as I spoke, “It's too late for that and to say that you love me, who are you trying to fool here, Luke?” I clenched my fist as I thought about the pain he had made me feel, “You wouldn't do something like that to someone you love, I honestly can't believe that I actually believed you when you said that you loved me in the first place. I wish I would have figured it out sooner, maybe it wouldn't have hurt as bad, but I won't let you drag me down that road again just to hurt me again-”

“I would never hurt you again, I promise...” His words made my heart ache, but I knew he didn't mean it. I wished it was true, but it wasn't...

“Just like you promised me that you would never hurt me the first time around? Hey, maybe I'm not the most popular girl in the school, I might not be the prettiest or the most confident, but I deserve a lot more than to be treated like this. How could I have believed in you the first time? Well, call me naïve, but I'm not going to forgive you now. You don't deserve it,” by the time I was finished, I had tears in my eyes, but they were from anger not sadness. My finger was pointed at him, and I was shaking somewhat. It felt so good to have finally stood up for myself against him. He looked at me for a long moment before he opened his mouth to speak again.

“So... We're really over?”

“We are most definitely over,” I said calmly and matter-of-factly as I watched him closely to see his eyes turned a bit colder, a bit harder and a bit darker.

“Then why would you agree to go talk to me now? Why did you kiss me back in the Great Hall yesterday?” I ignored his first question, because I didn't know the answer to it.

“Because I loved you, I think a part of me always will, but right now all I want to do it find a way to tell you-”

“Tell me what?” He cut me off in a mocking tone and I was once again on the verge of shaking of anger.

“I want to find a way to tell you what an unbelievable little piece of shit you are for cheating on me, for thinking that you could get away with it, and most of all for thinking that I would just take you back. How can you even think that?” I said and then I pushed him out of the way and headed for the door. He looked rather furious, actually. He followed me outside and he didn't seem to care that there were students and teachers present as he continued the conversation out there.

“And there she goes again, back to library, I assume?” He mocked and I saw in the corner of my eye how he sped up to walk behind me, but that was it for me. I wasn't going to take more crap from him, he had hurt me enough.

I turned around at the spot, and without thinking about who was watching, or what the consequences might be, I raised my clenched fist and aimed it at his nose. I hit the target, and I was surprised at how much my hand hurt; I had never hit someone before and I never thought that the person who hit would hurt too. I hoped he hurt worse, though.

“Ouch,” I mumbled to myself and rubbed my knuckles.

My guess was that he did hurt more than me, seeing as he started to bleed from his nose and he backed away from me while holding it.

“Are you insane?!” he screamed at me, and then I heard the whispers around me and I wanted to do something that would silence them. So I decided to tell all of them.

“That's what you get for cheating on me,” I said before I turned around to walk, but was faced with my Head of House, which happened to be a close friend of the family, as well.

“Miss Weasley!” the Professor sounded shocked as he looked at me, I hung my head, “50 points from Gryffindor for fighting in the corridor. Miss Weasley, this is not acceptable and if I find you doing this ever again, I will have to give you detention.”

“I understand, sir. It won't happen again,” I said, somewhat ashamed. Professor Longbottom then leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear.

“I hope you hit him hard for doing that to you, Rose,” I suppressed a smile as I nodded and he have a short nod and walked away. I was relieved that I hadn't gotten detention as I made my way through the crowd of people who had gathered around.




I refused to go to the library. I just wouldn't do it, instead I wanted to do something for fun and that didn't include books this time. The sun was shining outside and it was the perfect weather to go out, so I decided to do just that. Leaving my bag of books in the common room, I made my way down the castle and people turned their heads to look at me as I walked past them. I just wore a warm sweater and a pair of jeans, but it was warm despite it being in the middle of January so I wasn't cold.

I wondered if I would go down to Hagrid's, but decided against it. Instead I walked down to the lake and stood there and leaned against a three. The lake wasn't covered in ice as it should have been, but the dark, close to black water looked freezing cold anyway.

“Look who isn't in the library...” I heard an amused voice behind me and I didn't need to turn around to know who it was.

“Scorpius,” I acknowledged with a smile before I turned to face him, “Thought you'd be in the


“Nah, it was no fun in there without you,” he winked and I burst out laughing, knowing he was joking. He was joking, right? My laughter died out slowly and I looked at him, he was smiling and I had to admit that he didn't look bad. He didn't look bad at all, to be honest.

“Very funny,” I said, just a bit nervously, “Seriously, though? You're always there...”

“Seriously?” He grinned and put his hands in his pockets before answering me, “I'm going to meet up with Nott and we'll probably head back to the common room in a while, for some Wizards Chess, or something. Much more fun than to spend the evening in the library, don't you think?”

I nodded and looked back at the lake. I could hardly remember the last time I played Wizards Chess with my friends and felt a stab of jealousy. I wanted a friend to do that kind of things with, actually... I wanted to be a part of the group of friends which I had been a part of before. Before they all started to consider me a weirdo, that is.

“So, why do you keep calling her Nott? Aren't you two quite close?” I asked after a while and I heard him chuckle behind me.

“Nott is just way easier to say than Desideria. Yeah, we're quite close, I guess,” I could almost see him finish that sentence off with a shrug.

I turned to face him again and furrowed my eyebrows, “I thought she was you're girlfriend...?”

“Nott?!” he laughed and shook his head, “No way! She's like a sister to me. I don't think of her that way, and I never will,” somehow it sounded as if he was trying to reassure me of this, but why? Then again, I might have imagined it.

“Oh,” I couldn't help but to blush at my own silliness and I ran my fingers through my hair.

He looked over his shoulder and I followed his eyes and say the small girl standing there, she was about my height and had long, dark brown hair. Even longer than Melinda's and it hung in soft curls down her back and chest, as she waited for him with one of her hands on her hip.

“There she is, wanna come say hi? I could introduce the two of you...?”

“I... I don't know...” I said and looked from him to her and back again, “Another time, perhaps.”

“Another time it is,” He smiled and then he nodded goodbye, “See you tomorrow,” he turned and walked away and I looked at his back, just like I had done the day before, but just as I was about to look away he turned around, “Oh, by the way,” he called as he grinned sheepishly, “Nice punch, Weasley!”

I blushed even though he didn't see it and just shook my head before I turned away from him and whispered a 'thanks'. Then I glanced over my shoulder again, to see him hit the Nott girl on her shoulder, playfully, with a laugh she hit back. As they began to walk he hung his arm around her shoulder and they made their way back up to the castle. I sighed, turned away from them and ran my fingers through my hair before I decided that a visit to Hagrid's might not be such a bad idea after all.

I sat next to James and Hugo in the common room that evening, going over some homework, a foot long Potions essay which was due the next day, I had written it days ago, but I was looking through it to see if I had made any mistakes. I couldn't quite concentrate on that, however, as James was being the lovely, annoying cousin that he normally was and kept hitting me in the head with his quill, and my patience was wearing thin. If he would have hit me with it one more time, I might have hexed him in to oblivion. I sighed and decided to think about something other than the essay for a few seconds. I thought about the fact that the secret was out, everybody knew and surprisingly enough; it didn't feel as bad as I thought it would. James was upset that I hadn't been given detention because if he would have punched Lucas; he would have been. Other than that, he thought that it had been brilliant and he thought I seemed fairly good at hitting people. When he had said that, I had simply rolled my eyes at him.

“Hey, Weasley!” someone called across the room and both me and Hugo looked up, “Rose,” he corrected himself but we both kept staring at him. “Heard from Melinda that you and Malfoy are very good friends now? I guess you're over Wilson then, huh?”

Of course it was Andrew Thomas, and of course Melinda had told him what she had seen in the library. I groaned and tried to ignore him, turning my eyes back to my essay but he kept calling my name and he demanded my full attention.

“Rosie, Rosie, Rooosie?” he called in a sugar sweet voice and his friends laughed as I glared at him.

“What?” I snapped and he smirked at me, “I'm not very good friends with Scorpius, we talk to each other, sure,” I said the word 'very' the same way he had, “But I talk to you too, that doesn't make us very good friends, does it?”

He made a gagging sound and again, his friends laughed. “Gods, you are so immature!” I groaned again before I turned my head to look at James, he was ignoring Thomas as much as he could.

“You and Malfoy talk to each other?” He asked somewhat shocked, “When did that happen?”

“I don't know. I mean, we've both spent a lot of time in the library and he isn't that bad of a guy but there isn't anything between us, not like what Thomas is implying,” I sent a glare over my shoulder before I looked back at my cousin, “We've talked a bit lately but that's it. I just broke up with Luke, why would I even think about other guys this soon?”

James looked as if he was in deep thought, but then he shrugged, “I don't know Malfoy, so I shouldn't be judging him, I guess. But I've heard that he is a real jerk, so... Be careful around him, Rose.”

“Yeah... I will,” I promised and gave him a small smile and then I felt a pillow hit my head and knew that it had been Thomas who had thrown it, “I swear to Merlin, if murder wasn't illegal, then he would be dead by now...” I muttered and only James heard me, “And so would Melinda.”

James eyes widened at the last part and he slowly sat himself up from his lying position on the couch to look at me more closely.

“What is your problem with Chang?” He asked, “And be honest, would you?”

“You really want to know?” I raised an eyebrow as I studied his face, he nodded slowly and I sighed, knowing that I would tell him sooner or later, “Melinda was the girl which Lucas cheated-” I didn't have a chance to finish that sentence before James interrupted.

“Shut up! Really?” He silenced as he realized how he had reacted “I mean, what was he thinking? What is she thinking? She is always so nice towards you, she always wave and smile at you... She even greeted you today despite the fact that she... He slept with her?”

I nodded sadly and then I let out a deep sigh and leaned my head back on the sofa, telling myself that I wouldn't waste any more tears over him. It took a great effort to hold the stinging tears back but somehow I managed to do it.

“You know, James, he was right that day in the Great Hall, you know when he said that I was hiding... But I'm not going to do it any longer, no more hiding.”

“What do you mean?” he asked curiously and moved even closer to me to be able to hear what I was saying, since I was whispering. I didn't give him a real answer, I just smiled and said that he would be seeing me around a lot more.


As I went to bed that night, I laid there and thought over what we had talked about, were Scorpius and I friends?

Well, I said to myself in my head, you two speak, you two joke and you two do spend some time together willingly, and you are going to meet him at The Three Broomsticks this Friday, so...

Wait, what? When did I make my mind up on that?

The moment Scorpius mentioned it, I answered myself.

Oh, fine, I snapped at myself, I'll put him under the 'friends' category, and with that, I pulled the covers over my head and inhaled the scent of my pillow before I closed my eyes and felt myself fall asleep almost immediately.

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Chapter 5: Gone For Too Long
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I was completely and utterly bored as I sat in the staircase outside the Gryffindor common room, reading for the first time in days, but somehow I couldn't concentrate on it. I was stuck on a sentence and reread it over a billion times, but I couldn't get past it.  With a loud sigh, I closed the book and leaned my head back to stare up at the ceiling.

I knew why it was so hard for me to concentrate; I was nervous about tomorrow – Friday.  The only one I would know at The Three Broomsticks was Scorpius, and we hadn't talked about it since that time he brought it up, I didn't even know if he was still going.

Brilliant, I thought, what do I do if he's not going? I just have to ask him – I refuse to go alone. I stood up and shoved my book back in to my bag before walking down the stairs.

 “Hello, sir Nicolas,” I greeted as the nearly headless ghost past me on the way down, he gave a wide, friendly smile. 

“Hello, Rose, out for a walk?” 

I nodded and then I grimaced when he didn't look. One of the few friends I have in school is dead... Well, doesn't that sound nice?

I hurried away from there, and within minutes I found myself walking around amongst the many students in the hallways.

I did my best not to bump in to anyone, but it was impossible to do so, however, most people ignored it or just gave me a small glare as I mumbled a 'sorry'. 

It had been my intention to simply walk past my cousin, but I stopped at the sound of his voice, “Hello there, little Rosie,” he said teasingly, knowing how much I detested that nickname. Now, there was no denying that James was the cousin which I was closest to, and usually we got along just fine. Yeah, usually. 

“Well, hello to you too, Jamie,” I greeted friendly to which he snorted. I knew that he hated to be called by that name, but if he called me 'Rosie', then he really shouldn't expect anything less. 

However, he simply ignored it at the moment and his eyes fell on my hands, my book free hands which hung by my sides and his eyebrows furrowed as he crossed his arms over his chest and locked eyes with me. 

“Where are you heading?” he asked suspiciously to which I shrugged.

 “Dunno, just thought I'd come down here for a while, you know... I was, uhm,” I tried to find the right word for it, but ended up with a simple, “Bored.” 

James eyes widened and he gave a short nod. 

“Okay,” was all he said, no questions asked. Behind him I saw the face of Desideria Nott, and I figured that Scorpius would most likely be around her somewhere. 

“Excuse me, James, I'll be right back,” and with that I walked past him to make my way towards the black haired girl and as I has suspected, Scorpius stood next to her. He was leaning towards the wall behind him and he laughed at something she had said, however, he couldn't see me. But she could, and she caught my eye and made a nod towards me; making Scorpius look my way.

Nervously I pushed some hair out of my face and put it behind my ear, and walked up to him. By the time I stood in front of him a few strays of hair had escaped and yet again hung in my face. Why am I even nervous? I thought to myself, it's not like me and I didn't have a reason to be, did I? 

“Hi,” I said and it made him smile, probably because I sounded so awkward. 

“Hey,” He said and his smile grew wider, “Weasley, this is Desideria Nott – Nott, this is Weasley.” 

“Rose,” I corrected him before I turned my attention towards Nott, who politely held her hand out for me to shake. As I did, I gave her a small smile which she returned. 

“The girl from the library?” she asked Scorpius as we stopped shaking hands, and he nodded, I saw a faint flush spread on his cheeks. He had told her about me?

I wondered why, and what he had told her, but decided not to think about it at the moment.

“Scorpius, I was wondering if I could, uh, talk to you...” I don't think it was what he had expected me to say, but nonetheless, he nodded. 

“Sure,” he said hesitantly before he glanced over at Nott, who grinned at him, and he excused himself to which she rolled her eyes and urged him on. 

He told me to follow him, and I did so. Many students turned their heads to look at us, but I was used to being looked at, so I easily ignored it, however, Scorpius got defensive as they all glared at him. Must be the Malfoy name that makes them look at him like that, I thought sadly and somehow I ended up walking closer to him.

As we walked around a corner, we passed Andrew Thomas and Melinda Chang, who both looked at us with strange expressions, Thomas looked at me and gave a cold sneer before whispering something to Chang, and she looked awfully pleased when she saw us. I gritted my teeth and looked away from them, I simply couldn't stand the sight of them. 

“Oh, the spawn of a Deatheater and a prude bookworm, lovely couple, those two,” snickered Thomas and I almost turned around at the spot to show him what the prude bookworm could do to his face, but Scorpius amused sigh made me reconsider. 

“That amuses you?” I asked him, to which he shrugged. 

“You can't take people like them seriously, or it'd drive you mad.” 

“No, I mean, I'm not offended, but what they're always saying about you... I...” I trailed off as he broke eye contact and stared straight ahead instead, and as he picked up his pace – I knew I had crossed some sort of line with him. “Sorry.” 

“It's okay,” was all he said, and I was surprised at how genuine he sounded while saying it. I didn't say anything else while I followed him. 


We had walked away from all students, and it was just him and me as he stopped in front of a door. Slowly he put his finger to his mouth to tell me to keep quiet, and I did as he said, not that I had planned on saying anything anyway, but still, he looked over his shoulder to make sure that no one was near by. 

 He pulled his wand out and muttered a low Alohomora, to which the door unlocked and Scorpius could open it. He held it open for me and I walked in to a classroom which was never used. All this just because I wanted to ask him about tomorrow?

I heard the door close behind me, and then there was just silence. 

 “I assume you wanted to talk in private?” Scorpius voice came so sudden and so close behind me that I jumped and let out a startled shriek. He chuckled lightly, but when I turned to face him; he tried to hide it behind his hand, “Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.” 

 “It's okay,” I tried to smile, and he gave an amused nod.  

“So, what's on your mind, Weasley?” 

 “What's with you and calling people by their last names?” I hadn't meant to ask it out loud, and blushed slightly as I did so, but his smile only grew wider. 

 “You dragged me in here to ask me about why I address people by their surnames?” 

 “I didn't drag you in here, Scorpius, if I do recall right, then you dragged me-” He held up his hand to stop me for continuing. 

 “Relax, Weasley,” he said, still sounding very amused, “Hm, then what could you want? D'you just miss my company?” his voice was low and teasing. His eyes twinkled as I hesitated,but then I let out a snort. 

 “Don't flatter yourself,” I said. It wasn't that I missed his company when I wasn't around him – because I hadn't been around him that much, but... I wouldn't mind spending more time with him. “I wanted to talk to you about tomorrow.” 

 Scorpius looked at me for a while, before he understood what I meant and it was as if a light bulb appeared above his head. 

 “The Three Broomsticks,” he stated and I have a nod, “Are you coming?” When I once again nodded, he raised both eyebrows and stared at me. 

 “Yes, I thought I'd come along, if... I mean, uh, are you going to be there? I don't know anyone else there but you.” 

Scorpius gave a nod and smiled at me, “I'll be there. If you want we could go there together?”

I bit my lip as I felt a jolt of excitement rush through me for some unknown reason, and nodded. “Great, I'll come by the Tower tomorrow, at seven.” 

 “Will you come alone?” I blurted out, I have absolutely no idea where that question came from. It just seemed to force it's way out of my mouth. 



Silence fell up on us, but it wasn't an awkward silence, it was a normal silence but it lasted rather long. My eyes had dropped to the floor a while ago, so when I started to get bored I tried to find something to talk about, but I couldn't think of anything. 

 My eyes fell on his feet, he wore black shoes, I noticed, and then I let my eyes take in his body until I found myself looking in to his, and I found that he was staring at me intensely, his grey eyes which everyone found so cold were twinkling with curiosity as his blonde hair hung in front of them. However, I tore my eyes from his as he gave a playful wink. 

 “So,” I said, and stared at my feet before looking up at him again, “Funny thing happened last night in the common room...” I said sarcastically.


 “Thomas was being a jerk, apparently Melinda Chang had seen us in the library and has been going around telling everyone that you and I are 'very good friends',” I tried to make my voice sound like Melinda's, and by the look on this face, I had done just that – he tried to hold back a grin, “It was a bit awkward trying to explain to them, that we're, you know... I... Are we? Friends, I mean.” 

 Smooth, Weasley, I said to myself as I felt my cheeks redden, oh, how stupid I had sounded. He seemed to think so, as well, and we both began to laugh silently, but I stopped doing so as Scorpius rolled his eyes. 

 “I'd like to be friends,” he said, “If you want to, I understand if you don't, given what people say about me-”

 I held up my hand to stop him from continuing, and he lowered his eyes at my stare.

“Scorpius, you should know by now that I don't care what they say, I've got my own opinion of you and that's what matters to me. However, I would like to get to know you better, you know? I hardly know anything about you, apart from your name.” 

 “Thanks, Weasley,” as he looked up, I had expected a grin, or a smile, but he was very serious looking. I knew he was grateful and glad that I had said that I didn't care about all the others. 

 So, instead, I gave him a smile, just as he held his hand out, “Friends?” 

 I shook his hand without hesitation and found that he was rather warm, “Friends.” 

 We stayed in the empty classroom for quite some time and talked. Mostly about school and Quidditch. Since he was a Chaser and I was very interested in Quidditch, even though I didn't play, Quidditch was what we ended up talking about the most. He even made me promise that I would come and cheer on him when the next game was held. I promised on one condition, and that was that he'd help me with a long Transfiguration essay that we had coming up. 

It was nicer than I would have thought to just be alone with him and talk. It was as if all the hurt and mean words disappeared. He was just like me in a way, we both had a side to us that not many others were allowed to see. I hoped that he felt the way I did when it come to being comfortable around each other. 

 When he offered to walk me back to the Gryffindor Tower, I know I should have told him that he didn't have to. I knew that there was a possibility that he might run in to James or some other Gryffindor who didn't like him. But I was having so much fun with him that I dared to take the risk. 

 Thankfully there was no one there when we reached the portrait, I thanked Merlin silently before I looked at Scorpius. He was smiling a bit. 

“I'll see you tomorrow then, Weasley.” 

“Yeah,” I said and bit my lower lip, “See you, Scorpius.” 

 I turned to the portrait and mumbled the password before I glanced over my shoulder. Scorpius was looking back at me, winked, and then he walked away. I rolled my eyes at him before I walked inside to find that there were a few fourth years there. They looked at me as if a ghost had just entered the room. I sent them a filthy glare before I looked ahead to see my brother and Albus sitting on a sofa further in the room. 

 “Hey, guys,” I said cheerfully – perhaps a bit too cheerfully because at first they looked at me as if I'd grown an extra head. 

 “Rose!” Hugo sighed heavily and looked awfully relieved. “You're here, finally. James has been looking all over for you since you went for a little walk with Malfoy,” he said. The way he said 'Malfoy' didn't go unnoticed by me. 

 “His name is Scorpius,” I corrected and Hugo sent me a very annoyed look. “Where is James, anyway? Oh, he shouldn't have been worried, I just lost track of time. We talked for so long, and-” 

 “Rose?” James voice made me turn around to see him rush over to me. “Where the heck have you been? You said that you'd be right back, and then... I was worried sick.”

 “Sorry, James,” I said as he threw himself on the sofa, making Hugo jump out of the way in order to not get crushed. Hugo glared at James, but he ignored him. I continued, “But I'm a grown girl, I don't have to tell you where I am every second of every day. I was with a friend, okay? No need to get worried.” 

 “It's not the fact that you were with a... friend that is the problem, Rose. It's the fact that you said that you'd be right back but were gone for way over an hour. We were all worried and we looked all over for you,” said Albus and gave me a pointed look. He sure could look serious when he wanted to. He sounded a lot like Uncle Harry when he spoke like that. I forced back a snort. 

 “Where's everywhere?” I asked. 

The three of them looked at each other before Albus answered, “Well, in the library, down at Hagrid's, the Great Hall... and then the library again. That's where James just got back from.” 

 I sighed, knowing that I couldn't be upset with them for being worried about me. They could disappear for hours without anyone caring, but when it came to me... It was annoying. Itty bitty Rose wasn't supposed to disappear to be with friends. 

 “Look,” I said and they all looked at me, “I should have told you where I was and I'm sorry for worrying you. But I'm not a child.”  

They sighed in unison and then James pulled me down on the sofa and hung his arm over my shoulders in a half hug and pulled me closer to him. It wasn't uncomfortable as much as it was just weird. It was James. He wasn't the hugging kind of guy. 

 “Just don't do it again,” he said strictly and I snorted. 

 “Yes, dad,” I joked and he groaned and his head fell back. I suppose he realized how much he sounded like my dad in that moment. “Stop treating me like a child.” 

 “Oh, but you will always be a little girl in my eyes, dear cousin.” 

I was going to object, but he shut me up by covering my mouth with his hand. I thought about biting him, but I wasn't too fond of the taste of blood. 

 The rest of the evening went by quickly. Hugo was the first to go to bed, and as soon as he had – James has suggested that we'd play some Wizards Chess. And so we had. We had played for hours, when I decided that I needed to sleep. I wasn't the kind of person who could stay up late at night, or I'd have a nosebleed. 

I felt more exhausted than I had done in years as I crawled in to my bed and turned the lights out. I think I was asleep before my head met the pillow. 

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Chapter 6: Alone We're All Small
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I let out a strangled cry and sat straight up in bed while breathing heavily. I thought those things only happened in films – but apparently not. Pushing the covers of my warm body, I glanced at my clock, it was five am. I considered getting out of bed and get ready, but I remembered that we didn't have any classes this Friday, I guessed that was one of the reasons why people were going out later. To celebrate a class-free Friday. I could use all the sleep I could get if I would be going to the Three Broomsticks with Scorpius later. Who knew how long we'd be out? 

I rolled over in bed and tried to remember my dream. It must have been a nightmare, I thought and based that on the way I had woken up. My eyes fluttered closed as I tried to force myself to remember. Glimpses passed before my eyes. I had been flying, on a broom, and then I had... fallen? It seemed impossible to remember more than that, so I settled for the one short glimpse I had been able to remember. I rolled over once more and willed myself to fall asleep once more, even though I was wide awake by then. 

Around eleven, when I had planned to have finished reading Magical History: 3rd Edition, I woke up. It was a rare thing for me to sleep that long, but I'm not going to deny that it felt amazing. And it wasn't as if I needed to read up on the second wizarding war, either. I knew all about it, I was a Weasley after all. If you were a Weasley, then there was no way you could have lack of knowledge about the war. 

With a yawn, I untangled the covers from my body and made my way to the bathroom where I took a quick shower. I was terribly happy to see that there were no stressful girls fighting to get a glimpse of themselves in the mirror or trying to get in to the bathroom the fastest. It was just me, and me alone. No stress or mean looks. It was quite relaxing, actually. 

I was ready just in time for lunch – or breakfast in my case - , so I hurried down to the Great Hall and saw that Albus waved for me to come sit by him and James. I smiled and walked up to them and sat down next to Al. No one asked where I'd been or what I'd been doing, which was a good thing. They would've probably gotten a heart attack if I had told them that I had forgot to study – which I'd told them that I was going to do. 

“So, what's going down tonight?” asked someone further down the table and I looked up at James, to see what his answer would be. James was like a leader of his small group of friends, and it seemed to me as if he was the one that always decided what they were going to do. “Hogsmeade?” 

“I don't think so. I heard that the Slytherins were going to be there tonight, with some Ravenclaws. I'm really not in the mood to get in to any arguments with them, so it seems as if we'll just have to hang out in the common room.” 

I rolled my eyes at James' answer. He just assumed that he'd have to get in to an argument with them. And why, because they were Slytherins? Apparently there'd be some Ravenclaws there, too. I'd never really seen a Ravenclaw and a Slytherin hang out, so tonight would definitely be interesting. 

“I guess you'll have some company for tonight then, Rose,” said Albus and nudged me with his elbow. I almost groaned as he said those words and looked at him and saw him smile widely. I then looked over at James who was apparently waiting for me to say something. 

I knew I couldn't tell him that I was going to hang out with a bunch of Slytherins at the Three Broomsticks. If he knew that, then he'd definitely go there just to check up on me. He could be embarrassing like that. I let my eyes roam the room while I tried to come up with a small, white lie. As if Merlin had felt my desperation in that moment, Desideria Nott walked past me and my words just blurted out, “I'm actually going to hang out with Desideria.” 

Nott stopped at the sound of her name and turned to look at me. She looked rather pissed off, until she saw my pleading eyes. Please, oh, Merlin, please play along...

I guess she remembered that I was Scorpius friend, or something, because her expression softened and she gave a small nod. 

“Who the heck is Desi-Des-whatever?” 

“Desideria,” said Nott fiercely. “Most people call me Nott, though. I've heard that it's easier.” 

James turned to look at her, not expecting her to be standing there. He was definitely liking what he saw, I could tell by the way he was looking at her. If he'd looked at her any longer, he would've most likely started to drool, so he looked away. “A Slytherin?” 

“Is that a problem?” Nott asked softly, but this time, James didn't turn to look at her. 

“Not a problem,” he replied and brought his fork to his mouth, making sure she understood that he was done talking to her. She glared at the back of his head before she turned to me and gave me a knowing look. 

“I'll just see you at seven, then.” 

I understood that Scorpius had told her that he was going to come to the Tower at seven to get me. The fact that he'd done that made me blush. Was I really something that they talked about? Wow, they must have really boring conversations. I followed Nott with my eyes as she walked to the Slytherin table and sat down next to Scorpius. With a smile, she began to talk to him. He began to laugh, and I couldn't help but to smile a bit myself. His laugh did that to you - it was contagious, really. It wasn't until he looked directly at me and gave me a short nod that I understood that she'd been telling him about what'd happened over here. 

I nodded back before a giggle caught my attention and I snapped my head to look over at Melinda. She was sitting next to Lucas and she had her hand on his. It was so obvious to me that she was flirting with him. I saw how he grinned, seemingly pleased with the fact that he'd made her giggle. Could he honestly not tell that she was faking it? I completely lost my appetite as he leaned in and whispered something in her ear, making her blush. 

“How do you know her?” muttered James beside me. I was confused for a second until I remembered who he was talking about. 

“She's Scorpius friend,” I shrugged. I hadn't lied, really, I was going to hang out with her tonight. Well, I assumed that she was going to the Three Broomsticks, anyway. 

“And why haven't I noticed her before?” he mumbled to himself as if he hadn't even heard me. I rolled my eyes. “She's hot.” 

“You approve then?” I said sarcastically and that made James roll his eyes at me. All I got as a response was a 'hm'. 


I spent the rest of the day with Albus. Because he needed help with an essay that he'd completely forgotten about. Since I was the only relative he had that was in the same year as him, I was the one that helped him. Not that I minded, I mean, doing the same homework twice just made me learn more. After one hour of trying to get Albus to understand what I was talking about, I sighed and buried my face in my hands. Trying desperately not to pull my hair in frustration. 

“What can I say,” said Albus with a small sigh, “Charms just isn't my thing.” 

“Clearly,” I mumbled and picked up the book again. With a small shake of my head, I begun to explain once more. 

Albus and I got along very well. The fact that he wasn't as annoying as his brother was a huge plus. They were so much alike, but yet so different. James was all about joking and breaking rules. He was also over protecting and stubborn and he could honestly be a real git. Albus, on the other hand, was like a toned down version of James. 

Though he was funny, he didn't really measure up to James. That could have something to do with the fact that he was younger. He was very protective, as well, but not like James, at all. Unlike James, Albus usually followed the rules. Except when he was with James – James just seemed to bring out the worst in Albus. 

Albus was doing good in school, he just didn't like to study – that was something he had in common with James, actually. They were both just as lazy. But when it came down to it, they weren't stupid. 

Albus sighed and grabbed the book from my hands. I looked over him confused and he just closed his eyes and said that he'd had enough. I gave him a pointed look and he rolled his eyes at me. 

“Didn't you have somewhere to be soon, anyway?” he said and glanced down at his watch. “It's almost seven, weren't you-” 

“Crap!” I interrupted him and got out of the chair I'd been sitting in and rushed in to the girls dorm to grab my jacket. I decided against wearing a scarf, knowing that I'd look absolutely horrible in it. Then I was on a mission to find the nearest mirror – I was going out after all. 

It didn't take me too long to find one. I stared at my reflection and grimaced. I needed to change clothes. I applied a small amount of lipgloss and ran a brush through my hair a few times, before I decided that it'd do. I already had some mascara on, and I wasn't a fan of wearing too much make up. I went back to my trunk and pulled out some clothes that didn't look too boring and hurried while I changed in to them. Deciding that I looked semi-decent, I put the jacket under my arm and grabbed my handbag, then I made my way towards the portrait. 

Albus looked up as I walked past him, and the way he cleared his throat made me turn around to look at him. 

“So,” he grinned and crossed his arms across his chest, “You're going to hang out with Nott?” 

I swallowed hard and nodded. He glanced at my clothes, and I cursed for myself. I was wearing black Muggle jeans and a dark blue top, which probably showed a bit more than Albus liked. On me, that is. Any other girl, and he would've been drooling. When he saw my outfit, it looked as if he wanted to yell at me to go back in there and change in to something more 'appropriate'. I didn't go out all that often, so when I did; it wasn't that weird that I wanted to dress up a bit, was it? 

“Dressed like that?” he asked doubtingly and stood up. I bit my lower lip and tilted my head to the side as he made his way towards me. “You're lying, aren't you?” 

“Not really,” I admitted and looked in to his eyes, “I mean, she will be there.” 

“There?” He asked and furrowed his eyebrows, then realization seemed to hit him. “Oh. Oh, you're not serious, are you?” When I didn't say anything, he groaned. “You're going to Hogsmeade. With the Slytherins.” 

It wasn't a question, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to lie to him when he put it like that. So I nodded and he let his head fall back. He began to laugh, and I raised my eyebrow as I just stood there and looked at him. He's lost it, I thought, this time – he's truly lost it. 

“Good luck with James,” snickered Albus and I slapped his arm.

“Don't tell him anything, Al!” I threatened and looked sternly at him. “He'll overreact, you know he will. C'mon, just don't tell him?” 

“Say 'please',” teased Albus and I gritted my teeth and sent him the most filthy glare I could muster. 

“Please,” I gritted out, and he smirked before he gave me a small nod.

I mouthed a 'thank you' before I continued to make my way towards the portrait. I heard him sigh before muttering something about me. I couldn't really make out the words, but it sounded as if he didn't think I was right in the head. I snorted to myself before I walked out. 

Scorpius was already there, he was leaning against the wall. He looked disappointed and slightly bored. I grimaced as I walked up to him. “I'm so sorry that I'm late!” 

He looked up, flashed a smile and then he stood up straight. “Thought you'd gotten cold feet.” 

“And stood you up?” I raised an eyebrow. “Not my style, Scorpius.” 

After half an hour at the Three Broomsticks, I knew that there was only three other people I liked besides Scorpius and Nott. Liam Zabini was one of them, and his girlfriend Alexandra Mallen. Leona Crawford was there as well, and I guess she was okay. I wasn't too happy to find that she'd brought along her boyfriend, Charlie, though. Charlie was a rather good friend to Lucas, and to hang out with him now that Lucas and I were over was just awkward. 

There was one person I found that I really didn't like, too. His name was Marcus. He had this way of looking down at all the people around him. It annoyed me and reminded me or Andrew Thomas, the Gryffindor git who was rude to everyone around him. Marcus was a Slytherin, though - but I from what I'd seen, he seemed quite rude. I took a sip of my Butterbeer and turned my attention back to Nott, who was sitting opposite of me. She had obviously caught me staring at Marcus. 

“Real git, that one is,” she said bitterly and nodded in his direction. She took a sip of her Butterbeer. Most of us was of age, so it was all good. 

“He looks like it, “ I said truthfully. Nott looked surprised for a moment, but then she laughed. 

“I like your honesty,” she smiled. “That git used to be my boyfriend.”

I raised my eyebrows. Nott had been together with Marcus? It seemed so unlikely – she was so far out of his league. Nott continued. “We dated for five months and then one day he suddenly told me that he didn't love me anymore.”

I gasped, “What did you do?” 

“What do you think I did? I told him to piss off.” 

I laughed even though it wasn't funny at all. I laughed because it made my own behaviour seem so stupid. Hell, I was a mess because of what had happened between Lucas and I, and Nott had simply told Marcus to piss off. I glanced over at him. He had brown hair and dark green eyes, he was as pale as one could be and had a very annoying smirk on his lips. He reminded me strongly of Lucas in that moment, and I had to look away. I noticed that Nott's lips were moving. 

“ have another girl here. Don't get me wrong, the guys are awesome but sometimes it's nice to take a break from all the Quidditch talk.” 

It didn't take me very long to figure out what she was talking about. “What about Leona?” 

“Have you met Leona?” said Nott and raised an eyebrow. I knew what she was getting at. Leona was basically little Miss Sunshine. I grimaced and nodded. Nott glanced down at her hands and when she looked up again, I almost groaned. I knew that look. It was the 'I hope it's okay if I ask something personal now'-look. “So, I haven't really seen you out and about so much...” 

“I guess we don't hang around the same people,” I said and managed to sound very casual about it. I impressed myself. 

“I know we don't. But seriously, I've never seen you like this before. Hanging out, drinking Butterbeer, having a good time...” 

I sighed. “It's not really my thing. I'm just... socially awkward.” Those were Hugo's words, and not my own. Nott laughed and raised her glass. 

“To awkwardness,” she said, but our toast was interrupted as we both looked to the side. Scorpius had talked up to the table we were sitting by. With a Butterbeer in his hand and a smile on his lips, he asked us if we were ready. Nott grinned and got up, whereas I just stared at Scorpius, confused. 

“We're just going to go somewhere else, it's getting crowded here,” he said. When I didn't answer right away, he added, “But if you'd rather go back to Hogwarts, then I'll take you back...”

I considered it, but then I shook my head. Nott had been right – I was having fun. I got up and told Scorpius that I'd join them. He flashed a smile before he placed a hand on my back and led me towards the exit where the rest of his friends were. Marcus glanced around, seemingly bored. He glanced at us and rolled his eyes a bit before he looked at Liam. 

“You or me?” 

Liam glanced over at his girlfriend who looked very disapproving. He bit his lip a little before he nodded at Marcus. “You.” 

“Fine,” Marcus drawled, “but then it's your turn next time. I've done it three times in a row now.” 

“Yes, yes. I'll do it next time,” Liam said quietly and avoided looking at his girlfriend(who really looked quite angry...) Marcus shrugged and told us that he'd join us in a bit and that we could just go ahead. I didn't understand anything. 

Scorpius led me outside and I shivered from the sudden cold. It was freezing, and it was snowing like crazy. I asked Scorpius for how long we'd have to walk to get wherever and as he looked at me – his eyes twinkled with mischief. Now, that was a look I knew all too well. 

“Not very long,” he promised. 


My head snapped to the side and I found myself staring right at Lucas. He seemed quite surprised to see me. I opened my mouth to say something, but not a word came out. I wasn't able to make a sound. Beside him stood Melinda and as I glanced down I noticed that they were actually holding hands. I gritted my teeth. Lucas had never been the kind of guy who liked to show affection in public. A kiss from time to time, yeah, but holding hands was something that didn't happen often. As much as I tried to fight it, I felt a small stab in my heart. Well, I thought, I guess he's changed. 

I became very aware of the hand that Scorpius still had on my lower back as Lucas glared at him. 

“Malfoy,” he greeted, but he made it sound more like an insult. 

“Wilson,” Scorpius greeted casually, not allowing himself to sink to Lucas' level. If I had been Scorpius, then I would've lost it by now. For as long as he'd gone to Hogwarts, he'd been taunted because of his name – but yet, he was still proud of it. I guess he'd just grown used to it by now, all the taunting and hating. 

Lucas looked at me again. “Does James know that you're here?” 


Of all the things he could've said or asked, he chose to ask me if my cousin knew that I was out. 

“Does he know that you're here? With that?” He said and glared at Scorpius. I clenched my fist and took a deep breath. Marcus stormed through the door just as I was going to reply and looked at us as if we were completely stupid for still being there. 

“Are you insane?” he hissed and Liam and his girlfriend took off, as did Nott. Scorpius glanced at me nervously and mumbled something about how I should wrap up the conversation and get a move on. 

Lucas gaped, “You've got to be joking!”

Scorpius glanced over his shoulder, and just as I was going to do the same, he grabbed my arm and began to drag me with him. I heard Lucas shouting at me that he was going to tell James. 

“Oh, piss off!” I screamed over my shoulder and then Scorpius and I picked up our speed. I had absolutely no idea why we were in such a hurry, so I just went along with it. 

Scorpius chuckled as we ran and I wondered what'd gotten in to him. When I asked he said something about red-heads and a fierce temperament. I rolled my eyes and ran after him.

It was terribly cold and I was glad when we seemed to reach our destination. 

It was then I noticed where we were, and as I did – I began to laugh. I have absolutely no idea how I managed to laugh as hard as I did considering that I was panting so heavily. 

“Lame, I know,” said Scorpius with a boyish grin, “but you've got to admit that it's a little bit genius?” 

“Throwing a party in the Shrieking Shack? Oh, it's brilliant,” I said as I calmed down.

“Yeah. I wish I could say that it was my idea, but it was actually your cousin who thought of it first,” Scorpius said as he opened the old door for me. “Don't worry,” he said, as I hesitated, “We've cleaned it up.” 

I walked inside, and the first thing I noticed was that it was just as cold on the inside as it was outside. Looking around, I was amazed at how clean it all looked. I had only been in here once before, and that was in my third year when I'd gone here with Albus. It had looked a lot worse back then, and it had looked a lot more creepy. 

I shivered and turned to face Scorpius. “Typical James to come up with something like that.”

Scorpius shrugged, and motioned for me to walk further in. There were people speaking on the second floor. Scorpius and I both froze as we heard what they were talking about.

'I just don't understand why he had to bring her along. Not only is she annoyingly boring and quiet, she almost got us caught, too!'

'Oh, please! You don't even know her.' 

'And you do? I don't understand what he wants with her – she's not even that pretty. I don't understand what he's thinking. Who'd want Wilson's leftovers anyway?'


I tried not to let Marcus' words get to me, and I would have been able to ignore it all if he hadn't brought Lucas up. Wilson's leftovers. My eyes dropped to the floor and I took a deep breath. Nott had stood up for me, at least. Not that it made me feel any better at the moment, but it was sweet of her. I felt Scorpius hand on my shoulder, but I shrugged it off. I didn't want to be touched when I felt like that, it made my skin crawl. Suck it up, Weasley, I told myself and gave myself a mental slap. As I looked up, I saw that Scorpius was biting his lip. 

Had he been offended when I had shrugged his hand off my shoulder? 

“Sorry,” I mumbled, not wanting to have made yet another person dislike me. 

“Are you crazy?” he asked and shook his head a bit. 

“Probably,” I admitted and Scorpius chuckled. 

“You don't have anything to apologize for, it's me who should apologize. Marcus is a jerk.” 

I sighed and nodded. Scorpius glanced up the stairs and when he looked back at me he gave a nod towards the door. “Wanna get out of here?” 

I was about to say no, but then I heard Marcus begin to talk again and with a grimace I nodded. “You can stay, though-”

“Let's go,” Scorpius interrupted me and I turned and followed him out the door. 


It was crazy cold, and after many minutes of walking, I was sure that my lips had turned dark blue and I was cold to the bone. Scorpius offered me his jacket, but I didn't take it. I knew he'd be cold if I did. We were walking in the middle of nowhere, towards the castle. I didn't know how far we'd walked or how far it was left, but I couldn't see Hogwarts yet. I asked Scorpius if we were even going in the right direction, and he assured me that we were. We just had to walk up that small hill and we'd see Hogwarts. 

I glanced up at the sky, it was a clear night. I could see the stars better than I ever had, and just as I was looking up, it began to snow. Bloody brilliant, I thought to myself. 

“Sorry 'bout Marcus,” said Scorpius again, and slowed down so that we were walking side by side. “He's always been a jerk.” 

“Not your fault,” I shrugged. “Besides, most people at Hogwarts are jerks.” 

Scorpius chuckled, “You know, for such a small person you hold a lot of anger. Can't be healthy.” 

I raised my eyebrows at him. “You're not angry at people, then?” 

“Sure I am, but I'm bigger than you.”

I rolled my eyes at him before bumping in to him. I would've smacked his arm, but I didn't want to take my hand out of my pockets – it was too cold for that. He bumped in to me in return, and I nearly fell over. Scorpius laughed at me, before apologizing with a grin. I couldn't help but to smile. This was fun. Just hanging out with a friend. Someone who didn't judge, someone who didn't care that I was somewhat crazy. 

“So, that Wilson guy. What's his problem?” Scorpius asked. Ah, and now fun is over, I sighed to myself. 

“How should I know? He's probably mad at me for hitting him,” I shrugged, not wanting to talk about him. “Why?” 

“Touchy topic?” 

“You think?” I muttered. He mumbled a 'sorry' and looked away. I sighed. “It's okay, it's just – he's a jerk. He probably hate that I'm -”

“Hanging out with other guys? And me, of all people?” It wasn't what I had planned to say, but he was probably right. Lucas didn't want to be with me, but he didn't want anyone else to be with me either. Which made no sense at all, but Lucas rarely made sense, I guess. “Well, sucks to be him.” 

I looked at him. He turned his head to the side and his eyes met mine. Their depth seemed to pull me in, and I had to clear my throat and look away before I could think again. 

“You know,” I began, “you could go back to your friends, I bet they're more fun.” 

Scorpius, who was still staring at me, smiled. “You're... fun.” 

I bumped in to him once more, and he laughed. 

“What was that for?” He asked. I glanced at him. 

“For hesitating,” I said. “I can be fun.” 

“Really?” Scorpius teased. “And when am I gonna meet that fun side of yours?” 

I hesitated for a brief second. “Well. Take me to a place without rude, judging or downright cruel people and I'll be... fun.” 

Scorpius stopped and I did the same. Somehow, it felt as if the wind blew stronger once one stood still. Scorpius hair was a mess, and he looked sickly pale – I have a feeling that it was the lack of light that made him look so pale. Nonetheless, he managed to pull that look off. 

“So be fun.” I raised an eyebrow at his words. “No people like that here. I'm not very rude, I don't like to judge, and I definitely don't fit in to the category 'downright cruel people'.” 

I swallowed hard and glanced around, why I did that doesn't make sense to me – it was only us there. We were in the middle of freaking nowhere and no other people could even be heard.

When I looked back at Scorpius, I wished that I hadn't. He was glancing at my lips, and he was inching closer. If he was about to do what I thought he would... 

I looked away from him and cleared my throat once more. “Go figure,” I said slowly and shivered. “I've lost my ability to be fun.” 

Scorpius sobered up and eased back. He grinned, “I bet it's only momentarily.” 

We began to walk again, in silence this time, and I kept playing the scene over and over. I couldn't have let him kiss me, it would've ruined everything. I liked being friends with him. I liked that, it was a normality that I had missed. To get other feelings involved could only lead to disaster. Feelings, I snorted inwardly, maybe he was just trying to get lucky.

I didn't want to believe that Scorpius was that kind of a guy, but on the other hand – who knew? I didn't know him well at all. For all I knew, he could be just that kind of guy. Nah, it was better without those extra feelings. I was sure. 

“Are you terribly cold?” Scorpius asked and I nodded. I felt cold and my toes and fingers were becoming numb. We'd reached the top of the hill, and like he said – there was Hogwarts. He grinned as he glanced at me. “Told you.” 

We were back at Hogwarts before I knew it. He insisted to walk me up to the Gryffindor Tower, even though it really wasn't necessary. I briefly wondered what we'd be doing if we'd stayed with the others at the Shrieking Shack. 

Things got far less awkward between Scorpius and I after a little while and as we reached the portrait, we were laughing and teasing again. We stopped right outside and I glanced nervously up at him. 

“Will Nott be mad that you left?” 

“Furious,” whispered Scorpius dramatically. “But I can handle it.” 

“Tell her that I'm sorry for being-” I stopped as Scorpius rolled his eyes at me. “What?”

“Nothing,” Scorpius held his hands up in surrender. “Well, I guess this is goodnight, then.” 

“Yeah,” I chewed in my lip. “Well, goodnight, then.” 

There was an awkward pause, before Scorpius closed the gap between us and hugged me. I was rather shocked but slowly let my arms go around his body and I hugged him back. Despite everything, I'd had fun. I inhaled and was almost overwhelmed by how good he smelled. We parted rather quickly. I was surprised to feel the need to hug him a little while longer, it was a rare thing for me – I wasn't really a hug-person. 

He flashed me a grin and said 'night' before he turned and made his way to the dungeons. I stared at him until he was out of sight. I turned around and shook my head. Mumbling the password, the Fat Lady gave me a non-approving look before she let me in. I guess she wasn't too happy to see that I was out late. 

Once inside, I was met by James; who was giving me his most angry glare, and Albus; who held his hands up as if to tell me that he hadn't said a word. In that very moment, I could've killed Lucas.

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Chapter 7: You Enjoy the Breaking, Don't You?
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“You're denying that you were out with Malfoy?” James glared at me, and I shook my head – of course I didn't deny it. What was the point, anyway? “And you're not denying that you were stealing Firewhiskey from the Three Broomsticks?”

“That's different,” I said with a groan. “I didn't know that they were stealing.”

I yawned, which made James stop his interrogation for a moment. For a second it looked as if he wanted to tell me to go to bed. Albus had gone to bed a while ago, and it was just me and James up – which was extremely rare for a Friday night.

“Are you done being mad at me?” I said with a tired voice when it became clear to me that he wasn't speaking up again.

“No,” James replied stubbornly. “You lied to me.”

Yeah, right. Like that was the reason for him being angry. Not bloody likely. I raised an eyebrow and he huffed. I leaned back against the couch and closed my eyes. I could've fallen asleep right there. That was how tired I was, which was weird given how long I had slept.

“I didn't lie,” I said slowly, “I just didn't tell the whole truth.”


“Nott was there. I did hang out with her.”

I opened one of my eyes to see his reaction. He looked at me as soon as I mentioned her name and I had to keep from laughing at his expression. He looked as if he would've given anything to have been there.
He noticed how I looked at him and threw a pillow at me. Hard.

“Ouch,” I moaned and sat up straight. “You're such a jerk.”

James just flashed a grin – he'd been called worse. I asked him what time it was, and he answered that it was close to 1 am, and mentioned that we really should be in bed by now.

“You mean we're done now?” I said hopefully and he grimaced. It was obvious that he wanted to continue the conversation – he was dying to know what was going on between Scorpius and I. After tonight, I wasn't so sure myself, to be honest.

“Fine, off to bed with you, Rosie,” he said and smiled widely at my reaction to the name – a low groan. I hated it. “But first, we hug it out.”

“Excuse me?” I gaped when I was in the middle of getting up of the couch. Had I just heard him right? I looked at him shocked. He must've heard that from my mother. James and I, hugging. Now, that was a pretty rare thing.

“You heard me. Come give your cousin a hug.”

Reluctantly, I walked over to him – half expecting him to burst out in laughter and tell me that he's just pulling my leg. But, no. He was actually serious, and when I got close enough – he gave me a real bear hug. I just kind of stand there and wait for him to be done with it.

“Now, now, Rosie. It's only a real hug if both people are actually -”

I interrupted him by putting my arms around his waist and hugging him as hard as I could – he hissed. I hated to be called Rosie. I squeezed a bit harder and he began to chuckle.

“There you go,” he managed to say and I relaxed a bit. He moved his mouth to my ear and whispered, “You know, you deserve better than Malfoy.”

It was probably so that no one would overhear him that he whispered, even though we were all alone. I ended the hug quickly and stared at him.

“It's not like that!” I hurried to say. “I mean, we're not... it's not. We're friends.”

James seemed to relax somewhat as I said that, and soon after that, he headed towards the boys dormitory.
With a small shake of my head, I went to the girls.


Breakfast the next day was awkward by the Gryffindor table. Lucas, who had ratted me out the previous night, had walked up to James and expected that he'd be welcomed back by his friend now that he'd done something 'right'. James had simply stared at him as if he was completely mad. No completely unlike a dog with his tail between his legs, he'd walked to sit somewhere else. If I hadn't been so angry with him, then I might've felt a bit bad for him because of how miserable he looked in that moment – but I was angry at him. So I didn't feel bad.

I took another bite of my half-eaten bread and swallowed hard as Hugo asked me if I'd had fun last night. James, Albus and Lucas all looked up at his question and looked at me. All of them wanting to hear my answer.

“Uh...” I began and took a small sip of my Pumpkin juice before I continued, “Yeah, I had fun.”

“So... You're, well, back?”

“Back?” I raised one eyebrow at his question. Leave it to the brother to ask the stupid questions.

“Back to, you know, normal. You've been kinda weird lately. You know, more weird than usual.”

Albus cleared his throat and Hugo hissed. Albus had apparently kicked his leg under the table. I glanced over at Lucas. He was looking at me, I noticed. I snorted inwardly as I looked away, and I wondered why he wasn't drooling over Melinda instead. Then I sighed as I thought about Hugos question. Did even my little brother find me abnormal? Seriously? Had it gone that far?

“I thought I was,” I mumbled and Hugos eyes widened slightly. I waved my hand. “Sure, I haven't been around as much as I used to. But I've still been me.”

“Nah,” Hugo said without much thought. “You've been more bitter than usual. You've become such a pessimist.”

“Do you even know what that mean?” James drawled at Hugo and Hugo glared at him. “What? You're so little.”

“Am not.”

Was that what I was? A bitter pessimist? Well, Hugo was right – I had been less bitter, and less of a pessimist. When I'd been a kid I'd believed in the fairytales and I had believed in everlasting love and all that stuff. I had believed that anything was possible with the right attitude. Now, it didn't seem like I was even possible of moving on.

I sent a small glare in Lucas' direction but he wasn't looking when I did so. I felt so weak and that wasn't a feeling that I liked. Lucas looked up just as I was about to look away from him and our eyes met. He'd caught me staring at him. I could only imagine how good that made the jerk feel. I was completely unable to look away from him.

It felt as if someone had placed a rock on my chest. That's when I remembered that I had to breathe. With a shaky breath I became able to think again and broke eye contact.

I wasn't in the mood for breakfast anymore, so I pushed the plate away from me. I got a very strong desire to take the plate and crash it to the floor, but I restrained myself. Why did I allow Lucas to get to me? I hated feeling like this. So powerless. It was awful.

I could feel that he was still looking at me – and finally I couldn't take it any longer, so I stood up and began to walk away as I heard James curse at Hugo.

“What? What'd I do?”

I rolled my eyes, poor little oblivious Hugo. Though, I wasn't upset with him for asking me. If it was him, then I would've wanted to know as well. So I guess I understood where he was coming from. In the corner of my eye, I saw how Lucas got up from his seat and I prayed to Merlin that he wouldn't follow me. Then again, why would he?

I walked out of the Great Hall and began to make my way to the Gryffindor common room. Which, in hindsight, might've been a bad idea – since Lucas was a Gryffindor, too. He followed me all the way up there, and walked right behind me through the portrait. I could've easily fled in to the girls dormitory, but that would've been as if to let him win and I wasn't about to let him.

Instead, I turned around and faced him. He still had that miserable expression going on, but I wasn't about to fall for it. He could look every bit as much as a little puppy, but he wouldn't get any sympathy from me. Nuh-uh. I avoided looking directly in to his eyes, though. Just to be safe.

“You're mad at me,” Lucas mumbled.

“Gee, you think?” I blurted out and then I closed my mouth after I realized that I'd spoken.


I began to laugh. Yeah, my mental health had surely gone out the window. He was sorry. He had said it again. I found it absolutely hilarious in that moment. Lucas just seemed to wait for me to calm down. I wiped a tear away, a result of me laughing too hard.

“Oh, that's a good one. You being sorry,” I said as I had calmed down somewhat. Lucas rolled his eyes.

“What, you don't think I'm capable of being that? Really?” He seemed almost offended. “Hugo is right you know, you're just not normal anymore.”

I wanted to slap him. Because it felt as if I'd just been slapped myself. I turned and began to walk away, but Lucas grabbed my arm and turned me to face him again.

“Is it because of me?” Lucas whispered softly and my chest clenched. “I mean, you need get over it.”

“I can't just shut my feelings off!” I just about screamed and pulled out of his grip. “Believe me, I've tried.”

Something seemed to enlighten in Lucas' eyes and he closed the gap between us. He put his hand on my face and my skin felt as if it was burning where he was touching. I became still. His hand went from my cheek to my hair and then he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. His lips were just as soft as always, they felt the same. It all did. It felt like it used to feel. It was so wrong. I placed my hands on his chest and I pushed as hard as I could, then I did slap him.

Why did he do that? Did he really enjoy my suffering that much? Who did he think he was? He said one thing and then he did another. 'Rose, you have to move on', 'Rose, I still want you', 'Rose, leave me alone,' 'Rose, come here'. Like I was a doll for him to play with and then toss aside when he became bored. Besides, I'd told him that we were most definitely over. Couldn't he just accept that?

His head had snapped to the side and a burning red handprint was to be seen on his cheek. His eyes were closed and his jaw clenched.

“Don't you ever touch me again,” I hissed before I left. I'd forgotten why I went to the common room in the first place. I just knew I couldn't stay. I didn't even look over my shoulder to see if he was looking.

His words from a few days ago played in my head 'I want you back', 'I still love you, Rose'. I could feel the kiss on my lips. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and felt anger boil inside of me. His kiss had felt like an insult. He had no right! I was just as angry as I was hurt and I didn't know how to deal with what had just happened. There was a part of me who wanted to shut down and escape somewhere else. Another part of me needed company. I ran down the stairs and headed towards the Great Hall. Slowing down as I walked in there, I saw James look at me and he looked worried. I glanced over at the Slytherin table and noticed, to my disappointment that Scorpius wasn't there. Nott, however, was.

Deciding not to care what people said, I made my way towards her and she seemed genuinely surprised to see me walk up to her. I cleared my throat before I spoke, not being sure if my voice would shake or not.

“You wouldn't know where Scorpius is, would you?” I asked her, and my voice was just a whisper. I was surprised at how small I sounded. Like a little girl who had gotten lost. Scared and sad. Perhaps I was scared, of how I was feeling about everything. Yeah, I guess you could say that I was afraid of what I was feeling.

“You left yesterday,” Nott said matter-of-factly and raised her eyebrows as if to show that she wasn't happy about it. She didn't answer my question, and I got annoyed. I wasn't in the mood for this, at all.

“Yes. Do you know where he is or not?”

Hearing the edge to my voice, she shrugged. “Probably in the library, what do I know...”

With a nod, I began to make my way towards the library. I passed James, and just shook my head as he reached for me as I walked by. I really wasn't in the mood for talking to him. Not now, not about what this.
I didn't even know if I wanted to talk to Scorpius about it. I just wanted to talk to him, because he made me feel better. Somehow.

The library was quiet and empty, apart from Scorpius. I noticed that he was sitting by my table. I would've found it funny if I had been in my right mind. His silver eyes found mine as he looked up. He smiled widely, but it quickly faded as I didn't return his smile. I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Sighing, I sat down on a chair next to him and looked down on my hands which rested on the table.

“Hi?” Scorpius said uncertainly.

“Hi,” I replied in a whisper. “Did you know that boys are bloody idiots?”

Apparently, I did want to talk to him about it. Scorpius put his book down, and made a dog ear on it. I reached for the book and straightened the page out and told him that I found it annoying.

“All boys? Or a boy?”

“A boy. I hope,” I added. “If all boys are like him, then I pity every girl out there.”

“And by him, you mean Wilson?” Scorpius asked and furrowed his eyebrows. I nodded slowly.

“Yup.” I swallowed hard. “He's... I...”

“What's he done?”

Scorpius put his hand on my shoulder. Normally warning bells would've been ringing by now. Warning, private space invaded! But it actually felt better. It took away the burning from the kiss on my lips. It made it burn where he was touching instead. But it was a nice burn, not a horrible one.

“He kissed me,” I whispered and wiped my mouth again without thinking. “And insulted me. At the same time.”

Scorpius seemed to want to say something, to make it better. He didn't know how to. I didn't either, for that matter. He squeezed my shoulder and it made the slow burn spread all over my back. I shivered slightly, but he didn't notice. Maybe it sounded stupid. 'I'm sad because he kissed me', but he seemed to understand how I meant.

“You still love him, don't you?” Scorpius whispered, he didn't seem to want to raise his voice more than I had.

“No. Yes. I don't know. I'm confused,” I admitted. I thought it over, did I still love Lucas? I guess I did. In that 'first love' kind of way. It wasn't the same love as I had felt for him before all of this, not even close. I turned my head and looked at Scorpius. “I don't love him.”

It felt right to say it. I didn't love him. I didn't want to love Lucas. I hated him, and I wanted to hate him. Hate was easier than love, anyway.

“I hate him,” I said and felt something wet running down my cheeks and realized that I was actually crying. I quickly wiped away the tears and a flush spread on my cheeks. I didn't want to cry in front of Scorpius. He didn't seem to mind, though, as he took a hold of my arm and pulled me closer to him. I let him embrace me and I allowed myself to relax. “I really, really hate him.”

“I know,” Scorpius said calmly and rested his head on top of mine. His voice sounded different. “You know, it's okay to cry.”

His words surprised me, but then I caught myself trying to keep from crying. I was mentally trying to stop the tears from escaping, trying to stop myself from sobbing. I nodded against his chest. It was okay to cry. Only, it wasn't. I didn't like it, the feeling of weakness. That was the feeling I got when I cried. I felt so weak.

I calmed down a lot just by hearing Scorpius breathe above me, and I just sat there and listened to him breathe, and I felt his heart beat. It was incredibly calming. It felt as if all the anger I had felt just got washed away. Taking a deep breath, I sat up and Scorpius let me go.

“Are you okay?” he asked and then he looked as if he thought it was the most stupid question ever.

“I am,” I replied. I was surprised to find that I actually was okay. “Thank you.”

None of us was really sure what I was thanking him for, but I still did it. I felt rather stupid. And I felt embarrassed. He must think that I'm the most emotional girl ever. It just wasn't normal to act like this. One wasn't supposed to cry so much because of something like this. Right? I had to get a grip and stop caring about Lucas so much. Maybe Lucas was right. Maybe I needed to get over it. Or else, it'd ruin my life – and it really wasn't worth it.

“Sure,” Scorpius replied and offered a small smile. I managed to smile back. “That's better.”

“Would you teach me?” I asked and he looked confused. “Teach me how to not let what people say get to me.”

“I can't,” Scorpius shook his head. “I wouldn't know how to. It's not something you can just do. What, you think that what people say to me don't get to me? Of course it gets to me. I'm just really, really good at pretending that it doesn't. Sometimes I even manage to convince myself that it doesn't.”

“But it does?” I asked softly. Scorpius nodded. “It's not fair. You don't deserve it.”

“You don't deserve it either.”

Scorpius glanced at me through his hair, and he looked down at my lips quickly before looking back at my eyes. In that moment, I wouldn't have stopped him if he wanted to kiss me. Not that I thought that he wanted to, but if. If he had wanted to, I would've let him. I would've kissed him back. I searched his eyes for something – an answer. What did he want? I couldn't read his eyes. It was as if they spoke, they screamed something – but in a foreign language and I didn't understand. I didn't know him well enough to be able to look in to his eyes and know what he wanted to say, or do.

People walked in to the library, and the moment we'd shared was over. I was almost a bit shocked over how much I'd wanted him to kiss me. Why did I want that? It would complicate things and more complication was the last thing I needed. More feelings was the last thing I needed, actually. I was confused enough as it was. I glanced to my side and sighed as I caught him was looking back at me. As I looked away again, I knew that it had already become complicated. Hadn't it?

I asked Scorpius what he was reading, just to get something else to think about. With a smile, Scorpius began to tell me about the book. Apparently he was reading up on Potions and wizards who had invented them. Potions was kind of his thing, he said.

“Really?” I said and he nodded. “I'm terrible at Potions. I think they're kind of boring.”

Scorpius laughed softly, “I used to find them boring, too. But then I began to understand it. It became a lot more fun then. My mum is very interested in Potions, so she taught me some of her tricks before my third year.”

I didn't know much about Scorpius mother. I'd seen her a couple of times, at King's Cross, but that was about it. I also knew that her name was Astoria, and I thought it was a beautiful name.

“Yeah? My mum has taught me a thing or two, too. But I tend to want to do things myself, without her help, you know?”

“Because she is who she is?” Scorpius asked carefully. I guess he didn't want to ask something too personal.

“Yeah, she's pretty known for being, well, smart and all. I don't want people to compare me with her just because of how much I study, or how well I do in class. Because that's all me, and not her.”

Scorpius nodded understanding. “I should know about comparisons. It seems that all people do when they meet me is compare me with my father.”

“I know the feeling,” I said with a sigh. I knew it was a lot harder for him, of course. Because of who his father was. I knew much more about his father than I did about his mother. My father loathed his father, and thus everything he said about him was bad things. I was sure there was something good in Draco Malfoy, too. How could he have raised Scorpius to be so good if he was as bad as Dad made him out to be?

“You've got a pretty big family, huh?” Scorpius asked on a lighter note and I nodded.

“Yeah. Counting all the cousins and uncles and aunts and stuff, I've got quite the family. Can you imagine my grandmothers house on Christmas? It's crazy.”

Scorpius laughed, and when he spoke he sounded a bit jealous. “That sounds great, actually. I'm the only kid in my family, you know. And while my parents and grandparents love to spoil me, Christmas is pretty boring for me. It's just my parents and my grandparents and I.”

“Oh,” I said and tilted my head to the side. “That sounds nice to me. I would like to spend a Christmas with just the closest family. I'd love to spend a Christmas without annoying cousins,” I joked and smiled. My timing was amazing; when I looked up I saw James walking in to the library. He headed right towards me and I sighed inwardly. What now?

James glanced between Scorpius and I and shook his head slightly, I guess he wasn't able to wrap his head around the fact that we got along as well as we did. Stopping in front of our table, James furrowed his eyebrows and looked at us. Then he pulled a chair out and sat down beside me. I looked at Scorpius who had raised his eyebrows in pure surprise.

Time passed without anyone saying anything, then James looked up at Scorpius.

“I don't like you,” he said very awkwardly. “I don't know why, but there's something about you that annoys me.”

“Okay...?” Scorpius seemed just as confused as I felt. I wanted the floor to open up and suck me down. This was extremely embarrassing.

“But Rosie smiles around you.” Merlin, I wanted to groan as he called me Rosie. “So, I'll try to not be annoyed with you.”

Seriously? He was giving his approval. Like he was my freaking father. I huffed and Scorpius forced back a laugh, I could tell. James turned to face me and took a deep breath.

“Did you hit him again?”

A cold feeling spread in my chest before I nodded. I knew what he was talking about right away, of course. “I slapped him.”

Scorpius grinned and James shot him a glare before looking at me again. I shrugged, “He deserved it.”

James sighed and laid his head down on the table and mumbled something about how I was acting like him. Not that he went around and hit people all the time, but he'd been in more than a few fights. He was like that, James. He didn't bother to think before he acted. But he was wrong, I was not acting like him. At all.

“What're you doing here, James?” I asked after a little while.

“I went to find you, but when I got up to the common room, you'd already gone. Lucas told me that you'd gone crazy and hit him and run away. I figured I'd find you here.”

“I'm not in here all the time, you know,” I mumbled. “And I didn't go crazy and hit him. That little liar.”

“So what did happen?”

“Don't wanna talk about it,” I replied and looked away from him. I didn't want him to get involved with this, he'd just overreact and it just wouldn't end well. As he began to protest, I sighed. “Just drop it, okay?”

“Fine,” James huffed. He looked over at Scorpius. “Did you tell him?”

I glared at James, he sounded so rude. “Yes, I did. Got a problem with that?”

Once again, he huffed. Scorpius seemed to like this, as he was sitting next to me with a small smile playing on his lips. James shook his head. He still seemed confused about my friendship with Scorpius.

“I guess I'm glad you've got someone to talk to,” he mumbled and glanced over his shoulder. “Crap! does she have be everywhere?”

I followed his glance and saw Melinda. I had to agree with him. Did she really have to be everywhere? And the library of all places. It used to be a place where I could just be myself and be alone, now it seemed as if everyone came there, just to annoy me. Scorpius shifted in his seat and sent her a glare, too. It felt good to see him do that.

“Well, I have to go before she sees me,” James said and stood up. “Later, Rose.” He have Scorpius a small nod before he hurried away. Luckily for him, Melinda was too busy talking to her friend to notice him.

Scorpius turned to face me and I tore my eyes away from her. “Well, that was interesting.”

“James is a bit weird,” I told him. He nodded with a smile.

“He's friends with Wilson, right?”

“Yes, or well, he used to be at least. I don't know if they're still considered friends. James was furious enough to kill him when he found out what Luke had done.”

“Must be nice to have someone like that, eh?” Scorpius asked in a whisper. “Someone who sticks up for you like that?”

“Sure it is, but it can be annoying, too.”

Scorpius nodded understandingly. “I always wanted to have a brother when I was younger. Someone who was older than me. I was convinced that that the others wouldn't pick on me so much if I'd had one.”

“Oh,” I replied. I didn't really know what to say to that. I cleared my throat. “Well, you have Nott. You said she was like a sister. Probably not the same thing, but still. You two have always been close, haven't you?”

“True. But you're right, it's not the same thing,” Scorpius gave me a small smile. “I get what you mean, though. I've had great friends instead. Few, but they're great.” He held up three fingers. “I only have three people that I consider friends.”


“Yeah. Nott, Liam and you,” he smiled as I flushed. “Even if I haven't known you for long. Not long at all. It's just easy to talk to you.”

“Thanks,” I said. What else could I say? He'd put me under the friends category. It seemed like a pretty rare thing for him. “Who knows, maybe some day you'll consider James a friend, too.”

“Oh, yeah. He'll be my best friend ever,” Scorpius said and we both laughed. The thought of them being best friends was hilarious considering how James had acted just now. Melinda and her friends glared at us. We tried to keep quiet, we were in the library after all. It was just impossible. It was one of those moments where you start to laugh and you just can't stop.

“Do you mind?” asked Melinda rudely and sent me the filthiest glare she could muster. “We're trying to read over here.”

“Still haven't learned how to read?” Scorpius asked mockingly and I laughed even harder. As Melinda looked at him offended he continued, “What? You said you were trying.”

Scorpius looked at Melinda's furious expression and began to laugh again. I couldn't breathe, and it wasn't even funny any more. Yet, I couldn't stop.

“How witty, Malfoy,” Melinda said icily and raised one of her eyebrows. “Rose's sarcasm is contagious, then?”

“Nah,” Scorpius had calmed down and was staring her down. “I've got plenty of sarcasm myself, actually.”

I managed to calm down as well, and wiped away a few tears. I loved to laugh until I cried, it felt so good.

“Good for you, then,” Melinda said and turned to her friends again. Say what you will about her, but she wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. I don't think she could come up with anything insulting to say in that moment, so she gave up.

“I'm surprised you get sarcasm at all, actually,” Scorpius said to her back and I could see how she took a deep breath before she turned to look at him again. “Sarcasm isn't something that everyone gets, you know. I always thought that people with low intelligence was incapable to grasp sarcasm.”

“What?” Melinda looked confused and I almost broke down in laughter again before she understood what Scorpius had said. As she realized how he'd insulted her a flush spread on her cheeks and even one of her friends seemed amused by Scorpius words. She hissed, “You're calling me stupid?”

“If the wand fits,” Scorpius grinned. My mother used to say the same thing, only she'd use the word shoe instead of wand. “Come on, Weasley. Perhaps her stupidity is contagious.”

Scorpius grabbed my hand and began to drag me out of there, I gladly followed him. I smirked a bit at Melinda as I walked past her, and I could almost hear her growl as I walked by her hand in hand with Scorpius. It was the most fun I had had in days, and I almost forgot about how sad I'd been just an hour ago.

That was the best thing about Scorpius, I think. That he was able to make me feel better. I glanced down at our still intertwined hands and smiled. Everyone should have a Scorpius in their life, someone to make them feel a bit better every moment they're around you. I looked up at Scorpius who was grinning – he'd had fun in there.

“You're really good at insulting people,” I said. Scorpius chuckled at my words and I smiled a bit myself.

“Thanks, I guess,” he said and bumped in to me, just like he had done the day before. Only not as hard. He leaned closer to me and whispered, “People are staring, you know.”

I glanced around. He was right, people were really staring at us. Not just looking at us, but actually staring.

I whispered back, “I think it might have something to do with the fact that we're holding hands, you know.”

“Do you mind?” Scorpius squeezed my hand a little, and I thought about it for just a second before making my mind up. To hell with complicated. To hell with hiding. I was going to take Lucas' advice and try to get over it.
“Let them stare,” I replied and squeezed back.

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