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Format: Novel
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Word Count: 3,831
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Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, James (II), OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 04/27/2009
Last Chapter: 05/05/2009
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To some of us, chasing butterflies are like a gift, giving us a sense of wonder and amusement. But there are those butterflies that lead you to damning secrets and hushed whispers that will follow in your footsteps for the rest of your life.

Story abandoned til furthur notice due to personal reasons with co-writer (Skylar), sorry!

Chapter 1: The Promise
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Disclaimer: We do not own anything you see. Anything you recognize, belongs to JK Rowling. However, if you don't recognize something, it's ours!

This is a collab written by Skylar_Novuelle ((Skylar)) and myself ((Tinkerbell01))

Beta'd by the wonderful WeasleyTwins

The sun's ray was beating through the glass trying to seep through the curtain, aiming to reflect the prisms on the wall. It had reached a tiny bed, which held the contents of a small child. As the small figure winced at the sun's glow, she covered her head with the thick blankets that already surrounded her small body. She tried to go back to sleep, but the sudden feel of someone sitting on the bed had made her look up from the blankets.

The tiny girl stirred as she turned to see who had sat on her bed. As she opened her eyes she saw that it was her father. The man that was always there when she woke. A small curve had come to her lips as she smiled up at him. "Good morning, precious," the man said as he pulled the blankets down. As he scooted the tired girl in his arms, her stuffed bear clutched tightly in her hand, they both headed downstairs.

Sleeping in her father's arms as they reached the bottom step, the sweet smell of eggs, bacon, and toast overwhelmed her senses. As her father set her in the chair closest to him, Kayla, the small but petite girl, slowly moved her arms from her fathers shoulders, to the table, without waking.

The tiny sound of rain being dripped on the window sill could be heard. Looking up from the counter, Priscilla saw dark clouds covering the sky in a think blanket, blocking the sun. A crack of thunder could be heard from the distance as it made the tiny girl jump and wake. Hearing her whimper, Priscilla told William to keep an eye on the eggs, while she went over to Kayla.

"Oh, it's alright little one," Priscilla said comfortingly as she scooped Kayla up in her arms and sat down in the chair, "Remember what I said about the storms?" Priscilla tilted her head down towards Kayla who had her head in her mother's chest.

"The angels are fighting?" Kayla piped.

"That's right," Priscilla smiled, "Now come on sweetie, why don't we eat, so we can go to Nana's, eh?"

While Kayla was nodding with excitement, William came to the table, carefully putting down the plates for Priscilla and Kayla to eat.

As the storm started to fade away, the sun's glow seeped through the clouds. Looking up at the window sill, Kayla spotted a butterfly gently flapping its wings and climbed up to the counter and took a peak at it. As she tapped on the window, scaring the insect away, she climbed back down and waddled outside.

Birds started chirping happily as the sun came into view, while pecking at the ground for food. Crickets could be herd playing soft music. Feeling the warmth of the sun, Kayla walked through the damp grass and followed the butterfly. A gentle breeze was brushing against her face. It was a warm breeze, much feeling like a hot summer day. Lifting one foot in front of the other, Kayla skipped along, trying to catch the small insect. "Butter, butter, butterfly," she sang.

The butterfly flapped its wings once, twice, and then let them relax. The colours now exposed, the vivid oranges and yellows would easily allow the insect to hide within the overgrown, wilting grass.

A rustling in the grass caused the butterfly to stir and leave its comfortable perch. Kayla emerged from the grass and ran around the flower perch. The butterfly flew above her head, weaving slightly in the wind.

The girl wore a pink dress with white flowers that flared out from her waist and reached her mid-calf. Her thin ankles were concealed by thick socks, which then disappeared into white sandals. The toes of her socks were stained with dirt and grass. She paid it no heed.

She stopped running amongst the flowers and looked up. Thick groups of clouds floated across the deep blue sky, but she seemed oblivious to their presence. She may have seen objects of a bird, or a bunny, but she paid no mind. Her eyes focused upon the butterfly flying above her head, however still struggling in the wind.

A loose strand of her hair flew into her face, as she took a her hand and brushed it away.

"Butterfly," she said cheerfully, pointing at the delicate insect. Bringing her arm down, she giggled. She began to jump and down in excitement. The butterfly regained control and began flying towards the next patch.

The child immediately noticed the insect's actions and stopped jumping. Following the butterfly's movement, she began skipping and singing, "Butter, butter, butterfly!" repeatedly. Her voice was high in pitch and loud, yet clear. The only thing breaking the sound was her laborious breathing. The energy of skipping and singing made her voice sound winded. She didn't stop.

"Kayla McKinnon!" a woman called out, "Kayla, come on sweetheart, it's time to come in!"

But the child didn't hear her mother's cries. She was too enthralled by the butterfly. Her singing blocked out any noise, save for the rustling of her dress against the golden grass.

The butterfly suddenly dropped from the sky and gracefully fell onto another flower. Kayla stopped her singing and skipping to watch the insect. She walked slowly into the patch.

All thoughts of her mother's retribution was immediately forgotten, however, when the butterfly flew off of the flower. Kayla giggled once more and ran towards the insect. She jumped after it as it flew higher. Her childlike soprano voice rang out as she resumed singing, "Butter, butter, butterfly!"

The butterfly flew high into the air, over the hedge and out of reach of her hands that longed to touch the silky wings. Giggling, she continued to chase in its wake, skipping backwards and forwards as she followed its dance through the sky, until she too approached the hedge and could go no further.

The hedge, covered with a scattering of deep green leaves and white flowers, blocked her movements and as she watched the butterfly dance just out of reach, she couldn't help but sigh. Now what was she to do? Placing her small hands against her hips in childish defiance, she stuck out her bottom lip and pouted at the fact her fun had just been ruined. Hmm…perhaps if she could get through the hedge she'd be able ton follow the butterfly and catch it.

Laughing at her plan and the adventure she was about to go on, she dropped to her knees and began crawling, shushing herself to make sure the butterfly wouldn't hear her coming.

Jerking back suddenly, she felt a twinge of fear overwhelm her as she saw a man a few feet from her. Would this man tell her mother that she'd disobeyed and strayed away from where she was supposed to? She swallowed slightly and decided she'd stay there until he'd gone away. He looked all mean and scary, not a happy grown up like her father, and he was doing that smoking thing that her mother had told her was what only very bad people did. This man was a bad man.

The man drew heavily on a cigarette, his thin lips wrapping round the end and puffing deeply in the manner of a desperate man. His very body twitched with the nerves he was trying hard to suppress and one hand, yellowed with age and cigarettes, kept running through his long black hair. The hands on his watch ticked slowly through the minutes and he mentally cursed every second he was kept waiting. Every second lost was a second wasted and a second that could cost him his life if he didn't keep looking over his shoulder.

The butterfly danced around him, causing him to swat at it with an annoyed hand, little noticing the small cry of shock such an action drew from the little girl hidden in the bushes, watching him with wide eyes.

Dressed in a long black cape, that skimmed the floor and covered his tall, yet weedy frame, he cut an impressive figure that to a small girl made him look powerful and scary. Kayla couldn't help but let her mouth drop in awe a little as she studied his frame. He looked like those magical people in that book she liked, with those capes and pointy hats. She wondered if he was a good magic person or a bad one like the witch in Sleeping Beauty. Kneeling down on the soft grass, she maneuvered herself until she could easily peek through the scattering of green leaves and watch what he did next.

A loud pop in the air made her jump, sounding like the thunder that had just come before. Glancing up fearfully at the sky, her heart hammering in her chest, she saw only blue sky and white fluffy clouds that looked like cotton candy. Wide eyed, she tried to remember what her mother had said about being brave, so she swallowed the fear that bubbled up into her throat and turned back to look at the funny man again.

A new man had appeared next to the old one, making Kayla scrunch up her face in confusion. Where had that strange man come from? He hadn't been there last time she looked. Her small brow furrowing in confusion she scowled at the scene before her now, feeling as though she had just been left out of a secret. She didn't like being left out of secrets, like when the grown ups talked in grown up language so she couldn't understand them. But she could, she nodded happily to herself, she knew exactly what they were talking about.

The two men seemed like they knew each other. The first man had spun round to see the new arrival and had felt under his cloak, but seeing who it was he had relaxed his stance and just spat bitterly on the floor.

"I wondered when the hell you were planning on showing up," the first man hissed menacingly, taking a frantic draw on his cigarette as he surveyed, "Ten minutes late and I'm left to squander in this field while you get your act together."

"I'm here now aren't I," the new man straightened his black clothes and looked sour, "I just had a bit of business to straighten out first."

"You're bit of business is usually short skirts and the girls that wear them," the first man laughed bitterly.

"I don't think you'll be as sarcastic when you hear what I have to say," his companion said coolly, through thin lips, a pink tinge staining his white cheeks at the comment he'd just heard, "Just be thankful I managed to turn up at all."

"Why did you ask to meet here of all places?" the first man hissed, throwing his cigarette to the floor and stamping on it, "This place, the very epitome of Mudbloods. My lungs feel congested with having to breathe the same air as these foul loathsome creatures."

"I would believe my friend," the other man looked down at the cigarette, now a crushed mound of red ash, "that it is more likely that it is the Muggle contraption you place between your lips at regular intervals that is the cause of your laboured breaths."

"Humorous, Mulciber, humorous," the first man's voice indicated that it was anything but, "Yet you still have not answered my question. Why did you ask to meet me here?"

The man stood opposite him gave him a look. From where she was, Kayla could only see part of his face, the leaves and twigs obscuring the more detailed features. She could tell he was smaller and thinner than the other man, his cloak and black dress like clothes hanging off him. He had brown hair that looked unwashed, but he was too far away for her to get any more details on his appearance.

"It's over," he said frowning, sighing as he glanced at the muddy ground in front of him, "They've rounded up the last of them, well the last they know of anyway. Life sentences in Azkaban, a few died trying to escape the Aurors and now we're reduced in number again and on the run."

"So the mission failed again," the first man said hollowly, "All that hard work and now we're back where we started; absolutely nowhere, with no plan and nothing to show for it."

"It may have failed but we have to look to the future," Mulciber said calmly, "It was only a minor setback that we'll be prepared for next time."

"I live in caves Mulciber; I'm past the point of no return now! I hide in shadows, I can no longer show my face in public and I must pretend that I no longer exist. That night he went I lost everything except my beliefs and my faith that what we were doing was right!" the first man, shouted heatedly, his face turning red, "I signed my life over to the Dark Lord and when he went I lost everything! That plan was the last hope I had in this world so do not talk to me of next times!"

"But he says that there is still hope," Mulciber tried to calm him down.

"Who says?"

"He says…" Mulciber said slowly and pointedly, fixing the man with a look. Judging by the look he received in return the man had understood.

"He says he knows a way," Mulciber muttered frantically, "He says he's got the answer we've been waiting for."

"But how do we know if he's trustworthy?"

"In our circle of friends there is no one trustworthy anymore, there never was. We are the liars and cheaters of this world," Mulciber laughed hollowly, "But at the moment he is the only one who is talking any sense and I am willing to go along with him if he can restore me back to my former glory."

"So you think with your prestige and social position," the first man nodded smiled silkily, "Isn't that what let you down last time?"

"But this time we have a leader," Mulciber ignored the last comment, refusing to rise to his companions bait, "He says he knows how to harm the boy; he's got a plan that's guaranteed to make him pay for what he did to us!"

"He deserves to do more that pay," the man hissed, "He needs to know what pain and misery truly are without being hidden behind other cotton wool protection. He needs to come out and play with the real boys."

"He will," Mulciber explained, "If the plan works our dear little friend will wish he'd died that night. He's about to pay for what he did to the Dark Lord."

"Well what is this plan? When does it occur? Is it soon?" the man asked, excitement evident in the spring his step now had.

"First we must wait," Mulciber explained.

"Wait!" his companion cried, his manner changing fast, now quivering with anger, "I have waited long enough. I want my justice now!"

"If we wait we can plan better," Mulciber ran a weary hand over his features, "He says we must wait and wait we shall do."

"But-" the other man started to say, but suddenly stopped, when he heard a rustle in the grass.

Kayla looked up and noticed the butterfly fluttering above her head and not realizing that she would attract the two men's attention, she jumped out of the grass and giggled as she reached for it.

The first man spotted Kayla and his anger building up inside for the mere fact that there was a child spying on them. Making a step towards the girl, the second man lifted his hand and put it on the others' shoulders.

"What are you going to do?" he tensed.

"She must be silenced," the first man drew a twig like object from beneath the cape and held it in front of him. He began advancing towards her, eyes bulging from their sockets, almost aching with madness.

Kayla stopped when she heard footsteps walking in the grass next to her and turned to see who was coming for her. She saw that it was one of the men that she was listening to their conversation to. By the look on his face, he didn't look happy. Not at all.

Kayla gulping deeply, scurried back on her legs, mindless of the nettles and the thorns that littered the ground next to her. This man was a very, very bad man and she wanted to run away and escape. He was going to tell her mother that she'd gone somewhere she shouldn't; she was going to be in big big trouble.

"She's just a child, leave her be," his companion muttered, eyeing him with his withered look, "What harm can a mere child do to our plans?"

"Unless you forgot Mulciber," the other man hissed, body tensing with anger and fear, "It was a 'mere child' that got us into this position in the first place. It was a 'mere child' that destroyed the dark lord and is now the very reason I live in fear and hiding and unless you have forgotten it is a 'mere child' we are plotting to destroy."

"Porthos my friend," Mulciber tried to calm him down, "The child is no harm to us; it is merely an ignorant Mudblood. No harm can come from this child and it would be wise not to do anything that would draw attention to yourself at such a time as this."

The man named Porthos, sighed heavily before lowering his wand and casting the child one last look. The eyes were a deep blue and though they belonged to a face that was young, the intelligence he saw behind them belied a person of much older capabilities.

"Kayla McKinnon! Baby, where are you?" the girl heard her mother cry. She turned towards the house, where her mother was could be seen very vaguely trying to search for her.

"Mummy!" Kayla whispered.

"Kayla? Is that your name?" the man asked.

Not knowing that it was a mistake in answering the man's question, she hesitated, but nodded slightly.

"You'd better go to her," he spoke softly, but in an eerie way as Kayla eyed him for a few minutes, before deciding to run towards the house.

"Mummy!" Kayla cried as she made her way to Priscilla. Priscilla had her back turned looking off in another direction when she heard her daughters cries. She turned her body and saw her daughter running towards her as Kayla hugged her mother's legs.

"Mummy, Mummy I'm here!" Kayla happily said as she tugged her mother tightly.

"Kayla!" Priscilla sighed in relief to see her daughter, "Where on earth have you been? I've been so worried!" she told her daughter as she pulled Prudence off her legs and bent down and started planting kisses on her forehead and cheeks.

"Sorry, Mummy," she looked down towards the ground, "I was in the flowers. I was chasing a butterfly."

"A butterfly you say?" Priscilla smiled, "Was it pretty?"

Kayla nodded.

"I was trying to catch it, but it went to high," she told her mother as she pointed into the sky.

"Kayla, did you go by the fence?" Kayla tensed; her mother could feel it as tears started to seep from her eyes, "Kayla McKinnon, did you go by the fence?"

Tears were now streaming down Kayla's face. "I'm sorry Mummy. I tried to catch it, but I couldn't reach. It went over the fence and a man was there. He--"

"A man?" her mother's voice now shaking in fear, "What man?"

Kayla pointed towards the fence where the two men that she pointed out, waved their hands. Priscilla eyed them for a moment. Who were they? What were they doing by the fence? Priscilla nodded towards them as she picked up Prue and spoke, "Promise me something, angel?"

"Yes, Mummy?" Mummy questioned, eyeing her mother with worry.

"Promise me you'll never go by the fence or talk to those men again?" Priscilla eyed her daughter carefully. The fence was there to protect her daughter from evil beings, such as those two men. Or at least, that's what she thought.

"Why Mummy?" Kayla questioned.

"They are bad men," she told her daughter warningly as she picked her up and carried her into the house, "Men that can't be trusted. They are men that don't understand our kind. Promise me, angel?"

"Yes, Mummy. I promise," Kayla smiled weakly.

Priscilla kissed her daughter on the forehead and put her down in the chair next to the table. Almost instantly as her mother sat her down, Kayla scurried off the chair and walked towards the window that was by the door and climbed up on the box which lay in front of it where she usually looked to watch for her father to come home.

The men were still talking, but as Kayla tried to make out what they were saying, she wondered what could be so bad about these men? Sure, the one scared her a bit when he pointed a stick at her, but it was only a stick. Wasn't it?

"Mummy?" Kayla asked as she continued to watch the men.

"Yes, darling?" Priscilla asked as she stirred the noodles she was preparing for supper.

"Why don't they like us?" she peered her big blue eyes out the window.

"That, precious, is something you'll have to ask your Father."

Continuing to watch the men, the one that had scared her, patted his companion on the shoulder as they both had disappeared out of thin air. Where did they go? How did they do that? Why were they by the fence? And the final question: What was that stick that the man pointed at me? Kayla wondered. More questions were bubbling up in her mind now more than ever.

"Does he know?" Kayla asked as she climbed down from the box and climbed up onto the chair she previously sat on.

"Yes, Kayla. Your Father should know."

As she played with a piece of wood that was sticking out from the table, she wondered if her Father would really know why those two men despised them so.

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