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Compromises by mexprizoner

Format: Novella
Chapters: 10
Word Count: 20,797

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Humor, Romance
Characters: Hermione, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 04/06/2009
Last Chapter: 11/16/2012
Last Updated: 11/16/2012


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“We should go find Professor Slughorn, I don’t know how much time I can spend in your presence without being squashed under you enormous ego.”
“You should consider it an honor to be spending so much time in my presence Granger”
“I would rather spend the day attached to a Blastended skewert

Chapter 1: Blame
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Chapter 1: Blame

“Get-away-from-me!” I shouted, pushing him away from me with all the strength I could muster, which compared to his tall frame and broad chest was not much.


“I would gladly!” he yelled back at me, slapping my pushing hands away, “but as you very well know Granger, that’s not possible.”


I huffed, turning my back on him; I made to walk away, but three steps away from him a piercing pain tore through my chest, making my knees buckle under me a ruff curse behind me echoed my sharp yelp of pain.


“Damn it Granger, Stop doing that!” I opened my eyes as the pain began to recede, finding Draco Malfoy leaning against the wall next to where I lay, his hands massaging his chest.


“I absolutely abhor you Malfoy” I threw at him with the iciest voice I could muster once I caught my breath, and gingerly tested the strength of my weak knees.


“Nice to know the feeling is mutual” He retorted his, chest raising and falling in a normal pattern now and his eyes shooting daggers at me.


“Just to make sure you know, I am fully blaming this whole ordeal on you.”


“My fault!” he answered outraged at my words. “May I remind you that you where the one annoying the fuck out of me, if this is anyone’s fault then it’s yours” he continued pointing his long pale finger at my face.


“I did no such thing!” I replied my voice indignant as I crossed my arms to my chest, feeling my blood boil through my veins and a staggering desire to throttle his stupid blond head against the wall rising inside me like an enormous and inevitable tide.



“Oh yes, because spending three hours breathing down my neck and criticizing everything I do is a sure as hell way to help me concentrate” I saw a vein jump in his neck as he shouted, I hid a smug smile glad to know that I was at least making him feel as angry as he was making me.


“I was merely trying to show you the correct way of brewing the potion” I added simply to annoy him all the more.


“I didn’t need your help Granger!” his hands fists at his sides and a slight flush to his pale cheeks.


“Seeing as how well your stupid potion turned out I would say you did, if you had just listened to what I said we wouldn’t be in this mess.” I was getting worked up again.


“Shut up, just shut up Granger I’m sick and tired of having to listen to your ranting!” his hand pulling at his pallid hair in frustration.


The urge to throttle him returning, I turned from him, but didn’t dare move away lest the pain return again, shutting out the sound of his dark mutterings as best as I could, though I still caught the sound of a ‘stupid Granger’ coming from his lips. It was his entire fault; if he hadn’t been doing so dreadful in advanced potions then professor Slughorn would have never assigned me as his tutor, If he had listened to the direction I was giving him then the stupid potion would have never blown up on us, and now we would happily be able to walk away from each other without a piercing pain ripping through us both.


“We should go find Professor Slughorn, I don’t know how much time I can spend in your presence without being squashed under you enormous ego.” I said once I heard his heavy breathing return to its normal rhythm.


“You should consider it an honor to be spending so much time in my presence Granger, most girls would kill for the opportunity” he answered in a haughty tone.


“I would rather spend the day attached to a Blast-ended Skewert.” He threw me and irritated look and opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off before he could retort.


“Are you going to be moving any time soon Malfoy? I do have more important things to do then spend the day standing here with you.”


He pushed off the wall and began to walk along the empty hallway; I hurriedly followed him not wanting to end up on the floor withering in pain as he moved away.


I glanced out the large windows longingly, watching as other students were outside having fun and enjoying what was probably one of the last warm days of the year, except for a few passing ghost that took no heed of us, the castle hallways where mostly empty.


I felt so extremely weird to be walking so calmly next to Draco Malfoy that I kept moving away from him without noticing, a sharp throb of pain running through us both and a pointed hiss escaping him when I did this, finally fed up with me he grabbed my wrist pulling me next to him and keeping a strong hold on it so I wouldn’t be able to move away.


A shock of electricity went through my arm when he touched me, ‘stupid static electricity’ I thought bleakly, but ignored the tingle that remained. To say the truth the warmth of his touch surprised me as stupid as it sounds I had related him with snakes for such a long time that subconsciously at least I had expect his touch to be as cold as the animal its self.


When we finally reached professor Slughorn’s office he dropped my wrist and knocked sharply on the large timber door. A sudden urge to have his warm fingers return to my arm sprung inside me and I stumped it down franticly, shaking my head to rid it of the traitorous thought.


I saw Malfoy raise an eyebrow at my movement, but I ignored him, I was not going to allow him to play with my mind in a few minutes professor Slughorn would give us the antidote to the wretched potion and I would be able to finally get away from him.


When the door finally opened Slughorn stood in front of us wrapped in a red-velvet robe, his cheeks were flush, a faint scent of bourbon coming off him and I saw that the tips of his fingers where covered in sugar.


“Well, well how are those tutoring sessions going, here to show me the result of your hard work?” He smiled pointedly at me and I blushed embarrassed that I was not here to show him the result of a perfectly brewed potion, but the result of ineptitude which even if I would never ever admit it, was partly my fault.


With a shaking voice I recounted what had happened before Malfoy could blame the whole ordeal on me. I winced inwardly as the small frown on professor Slughorn’s face deepened as I spoke.


“You’re making it sound as if this is all my fault, if I could point out professor that Granger was doing nothing but criticize my work, when she should have been teaching me how to do it correctly.” Malfoy cut in before I finished speaking.


“I was trying to tell you how to do it but you wouldn’t listen, you can’t possibly blame this on me” I answered in a heated voice forgetting professor Slughorn’s presence.


“I can and I will, if you’re not going to accept your part of the blame on this I won’t take it for you.”


“Oh very mature Malfoy” I snorted, rolling my eyes at his childish comment.


“I think that is enough” I was startled by professor Slughorn’s stern voice I had forgotten he was standing in front of us. “With the two of you bickering in such a manner, I’m not surprised this happened”


“I am truly disappointed in you Miss Granger, I sincerely expected more of you, if the both of you cannot settle your differences how do you expect to be able to work together.” He continued and I felt my face flush red at his words shame settling deep in my chest.


“I’m sorry professor” I mumbled tears prickling the back of my eyes but I did my best to blink them away, like hell I was going to give Malfoy the satisfaction of seeing me cry.


“Professor if you could give us the antidote to this,” Malfoy spoke and I knew he was staring at me I turned away pretending to examine my shoes, “Then perhaps you could assign me another tutor.” He continued I bit down on my lower lip feeling like a complete failure, silently thankful that I would be able to walk away to lick my wounds in private.


“No , I don’t think so Mr. Malfoy,” My head snapped up at professor Slughorn’s voice. “I think it will be far more productive if I leave you this way until the effects wear off by themselves, maybe this way you will both learn to resolve your differences.”


My mouth dropped open at his words, spending Merlin-only-knows-how-much time attached to Malfoy was even worst then being told I was a complete failure as a tutor, I simply gaped at professor Slughorn who looked absolutely thrilled by his ‘brilliant’ idea.


“But professor I don’t think that is the best idea” Malfoy intervened and I knew he was having a hard time keeping the polite tone in his voice.


“But of course it’s a good idea my boy, one of my best if I do say so myself. Now off with the both of you, it’s a beautiful day so I dare say enjoy it!” He boomed in a voice that made it apparent that the wine and crystallized pineapples had finally made an effect on him.


“How long will it last?” I asked finally finding my voice.


“Well, I would chance a guess at around twelve hours” Slughorn answered cheerfully.


“Twelve hours!” Malfoy and I chorused.


“At best case scenario, there have been registered cases that have lasted months” He added thoughtfully.


I noticed as Malfoy’s face went milk-white his lips murmuring silently the word ‘months’ and I was sure his face was a mirror of my own shock.


“No more questions? Well then go along I’m sure you two will want to enjoy the rest of your day.”


“Bu-but…professor what are we supposed to do we can’t take five steps away from each other without physical pain, how are we supposed to go to our respective tables at dinner, what if we’re still stuck together by night how are we supposed to go to our houses.” I mumble a vast amount of embarrassing situation coming to mind. I felt my heart drop all the way down to my stomach.


“Oh well… there is the room of requirement, I’m sure you know about it Miss Granger, you can very well have everything you might need in there and I’ll have a house elf take any personal possessions you might need to you there, as for dinner well I guess you’ll just have to sit together.” Slughorn replied sounding annoyed, that we weren’t taking his idea with the necessary enthusiasm.


“If you’ll excuse me now I have a few things of my own to take care of.” With that he slammed the heavy door in our stunned faces.

A/N: Well this is my first attempt at some humor i hope i don't completly suck at it, please tell me what you think by reviewing they just make me so so so happy.

edited: 01/11/10 just polishing it up a bit now that i have more time.

Chapter 2: Cooperation
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Chapter two: Cooperation

   We made our way silently down the hall instinctually side-by-side, we where both still in shock at what had just happened. Two floors away from Slughorn’s Malfoy turned to me, the swirling silver of his eyes sending a strange quiver down my spine, I shook the feeling away. 

   “I still think this is all your fault.” The quiver was quickly replaced by an intense desire to strangulate him. 

   “Malfoy you are the most conceited, arrogant, pompous git I have had the displeasure to meet in my entire life!” I shrieked at him wanting nothing more than to turn around and run as far as I possibly could away from him, but knowing that if I took only a couple of steps away I’d end up on the floor , even that idea sounded appealing if only to watch him withering in pain as well. 

   “I’m one of a kind, glad you noticed Granger” he answered a huge smirk crossing his fair complexion. 

   “Could you stop being such a bastard for once in your life, Malfoy?” I inquired trying to control the urge to kill him. “Look, it’s obvious that professor Slughorn isn’t going to be giving us the antidote any time soon, perhaps if we pretend to ‘settle our differences’ he’ll be more willing to help.” I added before the idiot could throw some completely unnecessary comment my way. 

   “What do you mean ‘settle our differences’? I hate you, you hate me, there are no differences.” He retorted in an annoying isn’t-it-obvious tone. 

   “What I mean is that we should try to be civil towards each other, I don’t really want to spend what’s left of my seventh year attached to you.” I watched as Malfoy thought over my words, my hands on my hips, counting very slowly to a hundred. 

   “I never thought I would personally be saying this but… you may have a point there, Granger.” He answered reluctantly; I couldn’t stop a smirk from forming on my lips as I watched his tortured expression as the words spilled from his unwilling mouth. 

   “Anyways if we spend much more time together I’m going to be forced into charging you for the pleasure of my presence and I very much doubt you can afford it.” My smirk melted into a scowl as he sneered at me, I rolled my eyes but bit my tongue if we were going to make this work we would have to make some compromises. 

   “Look if we’re gonna have any chance at fooling Slughorn then we’re gonna have to cut down on the name calling and the bickering for the time being.” 

   “Where’s the fun in that?” He muttered and I gritted my teeth trying to swallow back my retort. 

   “Could you just try to make an effort Malfoy?” I demanded exasperated. 

   “Ok, ok Granger don’t get your knickers in a twist.” I closed my eyes massaging my temples as a small pounding pain appeared on my head. 

   “So… what are we supposed to do now?” I ignored his question concentrating on my breathing. 

   “Granger, I asked you a question, what are we supposed to do now?” he persisted. 

   “I don’t know, I guess we should head down to dinner, it’s almost time for it anyhow.” I answered dropping my hands from my face and gazing at my watch. 

   He shrugged his hands tucked in his trouser pockets and made his way down the hall pausing only for me to begin walking next to him. 

   Many other students were also making their way down to dinner , all of them staring at us as we walked calmly next to one another, many with shock and astonishment, others with simple curiosity, a small group of first year Hufflepuffs stood wide eyed and open mouthed as we passed by. 

   “Ten points from Hufflepuff for blocking the hallways now move before I make it twenty.” Malfoy barked at them, they jumped and practically ran down the hall, cheeks flaming red. 

   I could have scorned him, but I was actually glad he did, as it made many others turn away pretending they hadn’t been starring lest they cost their house any points. 

   “Think you’ll be able to sit at the Slytherin table.” He asked rather casually as we reached the great hall. 

   I stopped in my tracks so abruptly that a ripping pain tore through my chest as Malfoy continued to walk a few feet along without me. 

   “Damn it Granger!” he exclaimed as he staggered back to where I stood, leaning against the stone wall taking sharp breaths as I waited for the pain to recede. “I thought we’d already talked about that; if I walk you walk, if you stop, you warn me.” 

   “I am not about to sit at the Slytherin table” I breathed out with a shaky voice. 

   “So, what where you expecting? That I would sit with your lot?” he asked sarcastically. 

   “Well, yes actually I did.” It was the truth; I was a bit worried about having to explain to the Gryffindors why Draco freaking Malfoy would be sitting with me, but it had never crossed my mind that he actually expected me to sit in a table full of people that thought I was no better than the scum on their shoes. 

   “There is no way in hell that I’ll be sitting with those bloody Gryffindors” He laughed humorlessly straightening his robes and running a rather shaky hand across his blond hair. 

   “Well the day you see me sitting at the Slytherin table will be the day you become a decent human being.” I threw back at him. 

   “It was your brilliant idea that we come down to dinner, what would you suggest we do now?” he asked leaning nonchalantly against the wall next to me. 

   “Why don’t we listen to one of your excellent ideas for a change, I seem to be the one doing all the work here why don’t you give it a try.” I answered irked with his poor attitude. 

   “Ok then.” He replied taking a hold of my wrist and pulling me along with him. 

   “Where are you taking me Malfoy?” I tried to pull my arm from his strong grip, as that strange tingle from the last time he had touched me reappeared only to huff in frustration as he tightened his grip. 

   “You wanted one of my brilliant ideas Granger; I’m giving it to you.” I followed grudgingly but without an argument I was tired of fighting with him. 

   He stopped in front of a large portrait of a pear; reaching out and tickling the fruit, the portrait swinging open at his touch, his long fingers still wrapped around my wrist as he pulled me inside the kitchens to be met with the scene of humongous trays of food floating around the place, upon farther inspection one could make out the tiny house elves under the laden trays. 

   Malfoy turned to me his lips pulled slightly at the corners; it wasn’t a smile but it wasn’t his usual arrogant smirk either, I felt my heart stop for the smallest part of a second as I noticed how much his face changed without it. 

   “Is my idea brilliant enough for you?” he asked and I noticed that his eyes sparkled with mischief and not malice. 

   “Not bad, I guess.” I answered nonchalantly, furiously wiping the thoughts invading my mind. “Would you mind returning my arm anytime soon, Malfoy?” I asked as I became aware of his hand still wrapped securely around my wrist. 

   He looked down at our joined hands, before dropping mine as if it had burned him, I noticed a confused frown cross his face as he turned from me and took a sit at one of long marble counters, I immediately followed him. 

   “You, elf bring me something to eat.” He snapped at a passing house elf that was carrying a large pitcher of pumpkin juice. 

   “Don’t talk to them like that” I scowled him taking a seat next to him and turning to the elf that taken by surprise had dropped the pitcher. 

   “Could you please bring us something to eat” I asked him in a polite tone watching from the corner of my eye as Malfoy rolled his eyes at my action. 

   The elf nodded and with a snap of his fingers cleared the mess of juice. Pretty soon the counter was overloaded with all kinds of food, bread and drink. 

   “So you think this idea of yours is actually gonna work?” Malfoy asked spooning potatoes onto his plate. 

   “Either that or it wears off in the next twelve hours I can’t picture myself spending more time than that with you and hopefully will sleep through half of them.” I answered my head bent so that my hair fell over my face to hide the blush that rose to my cheeks at the thought. 

   “Well spending the day with you isn’t a walk in the park either” he muttered to himself, but I could hear him none the less. 

   “Wait, did you just say we’ll be sleeping through half of them? Sorry to break it to you Granger but I’m not that type of guy, you’ll have to seduce me first.” He added in a haughty voice. 

   I snorted into my pumpkin juice causing it to stream down the front of my blouse. I reached for my napkin wiping it away with a murmured ‘fuck’. 

   “Such indecorous propositions from the head girl, I never thought I’d live to see the day.” He added in a teasing tone that took me by surprise. 

   “Don’t worry I promise I won’t bite” I answered having no idea why only knowing that if he was willing to try for civil conversation then so could I, even if said conversation was filled with sexual innuendoes at the moment. 

A/N: So there you have it, sorry if it's not as funny as many of you hoped it would be, but humor is soo not my forte anyways i want to make this a short fluffy story i hope you like it and wait for chapter three it's the best so far, please please review.

Chapter 3: Sweet dreams
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Chapter three: Sweet Dreams. 

The rest of the meal was spent with sarcastic comments thrown back and forth between us, but there was no animosity in them anymore, it was more like two old bickering friends having a banter. 

This left me in an entirely confused state as we made our way out of the kitchens, after having thanked the house elves, well only I did Malfoy simply rolled his eyes at me again. 

“So…Now what?” He asked starring expectantly at me. 

“I guess we take Slughorn’s advice and head for the room of requirement, at least there won’t be anyone starring at us there.” I answered, giving him a curious gaze as he fidgeted with his hair, running his hand through it over and over again, it surprised me that I had spent only a couple of hours stuck with him and I already knew when he was nervous. 

“What is it, what’s wrong?” I asked annoyed as he messed with his hair, because I suddenly had an urge to touch it just to see if it felt as silky as it looked. 

He turned away from me murmuring something inaudioable. 


“Ieedtootothbatrom.” He mumbled. 

“Just say it I can’t be that bad.” I snapped irritated with his childish attitude. 

“I need to go to the bathroom!” he barked and I saw a rosy flush spread against his pale cheeks. 

“Oh” was all I could say, embarrassing situation number one coming up, I thought sarcastically. “Well… I guess we should… go.” 

He nodded and I noticed his blush grow darker. 

“You know I don’t think I’ve ever seen you blush before Malfoy” I commented trying to lighten the mood as we made our way to the nearest bathroom. 

“Yeah well, don’t get used to it I’m just not too comfortable with the idea of you being there while I piss.” He answered the flush receding slightly. 

“Check if it’s empty” I urged once we reached the boys bathroom; he stuck his head in then motioned for me to follow him. 

He stepped into a cubicle and I stood as close to the door as I could, a sore tug on my chest even with that short distance. 

“Could you hurry up” I demanded feeling very uncomfortable. 

“Shut up Granger” he retorted brusquely. 

A couple of minutes later, I heard the flush of water through the ancient pluming of the castle and Malfoy stepped out of the cubicle a dignified look on his face that made me giggle. 

“What’s so funny?” he asked raising one of his perfectly arched eyebrows. 

I shook my head trying to stifle another giggle. 

“You sure you don’t want to go?” he asked smirking. 

“Here?” My laughter suddenly gone. 

“Might as well get it over with now that we’re here.” His stupid smirk growing wider. 

I thought about it for a second I did want to go but then the idea of Malfoy standing outside the door as I did was not too appealing. 

“Anytime in this century Granger” 

“Fine” I answered pulling open one of the cubicle doors and stepping inside. 

I wriggled on the toilet seat, I simply couldn’t go I felt the urge but knowing that Malfoy was standing outside made me nervous. 

“I don’t have all day Granger!” Malfoy scowled pounding lightly on the door. 

“Shut up Malfoy, I can’t concentrate.” I called back only to hear his deep laugh in response, that wasn’t much help as it gave me a strange sensation in the pit of my stomach almost like a fluttering. 

“Would you like me to sing to you I’ve heard it helps” he added in a mocking voice. 

“Just shut up” I repeated. 

“Fin-” his retort was cut off by the sound of the heavy bathroom door creaking open, I felt my shoulders grow rigid as I heard Malfoy’s soft hiss through the thin wooded door of my cubicle. 

“Malfoy?” a very, very familiar voice questioned and I felt my heart miss a couple of beats as it flew to my throat. 

“Weasley” I heard Malfoy drawl. 

“Who were you talking to?” Ron’s frosty voice spread through the room. 

“None of your business Weasel.” 

“I could have sworn I heard Hermione’s voice in here” Ron persisted. 

“Unless you haven’t noticed this is a boys bathroom, I very much doubt you little girlfriend would come in here Weasel.” 

Ron didn’t answer and I breathed a sigh of relief thinking he had gone. 

“I know I’m incredibly attractive Weasley but you’re not my type, now either you use the bathroom or get out, your polluting my atmosphere.” Malfoy said condescendingly. 

“Shut the fuck up, ferret face.” I heard Ron growl at him before the sound of the slamming door echoed against the ancient stone walls. 

I allowed a sigh of relief to flow through my lips as I hurriedly stood up fixing my skirt before throwing the door open. 

“About time.” Malfoy grunted following me to the sinks. 

“Thanks” I mumbled over the rush of water through the pipes. 

“For what?” he asked feigning ignorance. 

“For not telling Ron anything.” I answered as I reached for a towel to dry my dripping hands. 

“Whatever, we wouldn’t want your boyfriend weasel to think you where cheating on him with me.” He peered out the door to make sure no one was in the hall. 

“He’s not my boyfriend.” I muttered as we walked side-by-side towards the room of requirement. 

“Whatever, Granger” he brush off my comment his hand reaching for my wrist and pulling me closer. 

I raised an eyebrow at him and he shrugged, “Don’t get too excited, it’s called self-preservation.” He mumbled as we made our way down the quiet hallway.

The room that appeared after we walked the required three paces in front of the room of requirement, was a mixture of what I was sure were left over’s from the common rooms of all four houses, there was a large overstuffed red couch I recognized from a couple of years back at my own Gryffindor common room, two elegant, green velvet arm chairs, yellow and black embroidered throw rugs, midnight blue curtains. Along with other pieces of mismatched furniture an ancient looking coffee table with a scrubbed surface, large sturdy book cases overflowing with books of all possible sizes. Tall intriquette lamps and a warm blazing fire giving it the over-all look of hominess. 

“Well I guess it could have been worse.”Malfoy remarked after he finished inspecting the large room, pulling me inside until we were both sitting on the couch, were we found both of our school bags. 

I was feeling more than slightly nervous, at the sudden camaraderie that had developed in the few short hours that had passed, how could it be possible that once we both made an effort to put aside our differences we got along so well, sure there was still a slight undercurrent of hostility, but I was sure it was due more to the fact that neither of us knew where we stood at the moment than to any particular bone-deep bête-noir. 

We had suddenly been pushed from our own save havens of having to hate each other, into an unstable and unfamiliar ground where we were faced with the fact that maybe, just maybe under very different circumstances of fate and chance we could have been friends…or maybe more a tiny little voice piped up in the back of my mind but I allowed it no room to grow. 

"I think I’ll work on some of my due work for next week.” I informed him pulling some of my heavier books out of my bag. 

“Do you do anything other than study, Granger?” he asked lounging on the couch as I settled on the floor immediately beneath him, using my wand to move the heavy coffee table closer. 

“I unlike you like to keep up with my required work for classes Malfoy.” I replied arranging several books on the scrubbed surface of the table. 

“Who says I don’t like school work, all I’m saying is that you should try having some fun once in a while, it wouldn’t hurt.”I watched him from the corner of my eye as he folded his hands behind his head, closing his eyes and settling lower into the couch. 

I allowed my eyes to run over his features for a second, seeing for the first time, how smooth his skin truly was and so fair that it actually looked like porcelain, I noticed that he had the longest eye lashes I had ever seen in a guy even if they were only a shade darker than his pale blond hair, his nose was straight and aristocratic, his chin elegantly pointed and his lips rosy and full. 

He sighed as if in deep sleep and I immediately turned back to my work. 

“Oh yes because doing nothing but criticize and torment kids younger than myself is so incredibly fun.” I answered allowing a sarcastic edge to my voice. 

“You have no I idea how much.” He chuckled; a deep throaty sound that made an inappropriate blush to rush across my cheeks. 

What in the name of Merlin’s baggy trousers was wrong with me? I was supposed to be immune to the supposed Malfoy charm all the other girls gossiped so much about. 

He couldn’t possibly be making me feel so inadequate with myself and inadequate I felt for suddenly I found myself noticing that my skirt was much too long, my hair was a mess of uncontrollable curls, my hands were smudged with ink as per usual and for the life of me I couldn’t even remember if I owned such a thing as lip gloss. 

As I mentally scowled myself for allowing such frivolous thoughts into my head, I began to think that he had fallen asleep for I could hear the steady rhythm of his breathing. 

“But seriously Granger don’t you do anything else; like, I don’t know sneak out with your boyfriend and break a couple of rules just for the sake of fun?” he inquired making me jump slightly and I immediately began to scribble on my scroll of parchment least I allow him to see how flustered he was making me without even trying. 

“I’m head girl Malfoy; I’m supposed to uphold the rules not break them.” I answered trying for an offhand tone. 

“Come on Granger…I could teach you if want.” I could hear the concealed laughter in his voice; I turned around to tell him where exactly he could stuff his unnecessary help only to find his face inches away from my own, he was so close that I could feel the warm puffs of his breath against my skin making small rivulets of heat travel along my skin and settle deep below in my abdomen. I could see the light gray twinkle of mischief in his eyes darken and change into something completely different, something I didn’t dare try and distinguish. 

I sensed more than saw as he began to lean towards me, I was unable to tear my eyes from his and I felt my body stiffen. 

His eyes of molten silver stared into mine for what could have been hours, I could feel the heat of his body seep into mine as I watched transfixed, how his pink tongue brushed against his lower lip before he parted them. 

“Has anyone ever told you…that your eyes…” he began to ask, the huskiness in his voice making my chest tighten in a very pleasant way, “are way to too big for your face?” 

I stared at him blankly trying to take in his words through the haze of my mind his lips pulling into a huge smirk as he watched my expression change from one of awe, to blinding fury. 

“YOU ARE SUCH A BASTARD!” I screamed punching him on the chest, as he rolled on the couch with laughter. 

I could feel my face burning red, furious at the fact that I had actually fallen for such a stupid joke. 

Livid I jumped on the couch pounding every inch of him I could reach until he finally stopped laughing, he grabbed both my arms by the wrist as I aimed a couple more punches to his shoulder, with the agility only a seeker could be capable of he turned me around so that he had me pinned against the couch his body on top of mine, his long fingered hands tight on my wrist as he held them over my head. 

I squirmed and kicked under him, until he was using his whole body to press me against the couch keeping me immobile. 

“What is your fucking problem, Granger?” he grunted, his face inches from my own. 

“You are my problem Malfoy, now get off me!” I bit back trying to push him off me even though I knew it was useless, since he was heavier and stronger them me. 

“Stop it!” he barked. 

“Urrgg!” I exclaimed frustrated but finally stopped moving, I was breathing heavily my chest rising and falling rapidly against his. 

“That’s better.” He laughed I only huffed but didn’t move I concentrated on my breathing trying to regain the logic and calmness that had so blatantly escaped me. 

When I finally felt as if I could compose a coherent sentence without screaming I opened my eyes, to find him still on top of me. 

“Get off me Malfoy” I snarled slightly more calm this time. 

“Tsk tsk Granger what sort of manners are those.” He clicked his tongue at me his body still pressed against mine; he seemed very comfortable as if our current position was an everyday thing. 

“Get the fuck off of me, Malfoy.” I answered I was not going to give him the pleasure of making me plea. 

“Not until you say the magic word.” he taunted. 

I shrugged indifferently I was not about to stand down for him after his stupid joke. 

“Come on Granger I’m sure you know the word” he urged his hot breath hitting my neck I tried to ignore the Goosebumps that rose where his breath touched my skin. 

I kept my mouth close turning my face from his, I was not going to give him the pleasure I was sure he would get bored soon enough without me uttering a single word. 

I felt as he heaved a sigh his firm chest pressing against mine with the action. 

“If that’s what you want” he muttered and before I had a chance to ask what he was talking about he rested his head on my chest his legs still intertwined with mine his hand still holding my wrists. 

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I asked bewildered, I felt my as my heart sped up at the contact and I was sure he could feel it beating against his cheek. 

“I’m not getting off of you until you ask for it nicely, and since you seem determine to be utterly rude tonight, I guess will just have stay this way all night.” He answered without lifting his head from its current position. 

“Malfoy get off me!” I shrieked trying to push him away. 

“I will just as soon as you ask for it nicely.” He answered calmly, not moving even an inch from his position on top of me. 

“This is bloody ridiculous” I mumbled to myself yet still determined to not yield to his stupid request. 

“And your bloody stubborn” was his only reply. 

An idea came to me as I lay underneath him, feeling his chest move along with the steady rhythm of his breathing; he would fall asleep sooner or later if I waited I would then be able to get away from the idiot without surrendering. 

“Fine” I sighed relaxing my body, some of his hair fell across my face and I was able to smell the clean scent of his shampoo something like peppermint clean and rather spicy at the same time, the smell filled my lungs as my breathing began to match his, sometime later I felt as my eyelids began to grow heavy the soft sound of his breathing like a gentle lullaby in my ear and far off I heard the sound of his voice. 

“Sweet dreams, Granger.”

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Chapter 4: Of vanilla and chocolate.
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Chapter four: Of vanilla and chocolate.

Intoxicating, yes that was the word, the scent that surrounded him as light began to filter through the delicate skin of his eye lids was intoxicating, something he had smell before but never in this way, it was the sweet scent of vanilla that wrapped around him and warmed him as nothing ever had before. 

He kept his eyes closed but allowed all his other senses to expand and absorb that enthralling fragrance, he felt a warm body next to him, his hands moving over soft cotton fabric and onto velvety skin beneath, perfume a new perfume he’d have to tell 
Pansy to buy the same brand from now on, it was absolutely divine. 

He pulled the warm body closer burring his nose into a mass of long hair where the fragrance was most concentrated, maybe it was a new shampoo. It was definitely a nice change from the nauseating overly floral scents she tended to use. 

He allowed his fingers to wander over the soft skin along her waist, over more fabric on onto long and smooth legs. He caressed the soft skin until he felt her stir, a sleepy hum escaping her throat before she sighed pressing her back against the length of his chest. 

He slowly opened his eyes a large mass of brown curly hair obscuring his vision. So, it wasn’t Pansy he closed his eyes trying to remember who had followed him back to his bedroom the night before. But he didn’t remember even going into his bedroom. 

The girl next to him turned around her small arms wrapping around him her eyes remained closed as he took in her features, her long black lashes caressing the milky skin of her cheeks, unruly hair framing a heart shaped face with full pink lips, the bridge of her small slightly upturned nose littered with freckles, she sighed her warm breath puffing against his lips, he watched as she opened her too large brown eyes, watched as a sleepy smile graced her mouth before confusion clouded her brown eyes as she stared at him. 



Three and… 

“What is your freaking problem?”She shrieked pushing him away as she made to get as far away as possible. 

He simply lay shocked at his own thoughts and watched as she disappeared over the edge of the couch a piercing pain ripped through him and he instinctively moved to the edge of the couch landing on top of her with an ‘oomph’ from the both of them. 

“Ge- get- of-get off.” She gasped he quickly rolled off of her noticing that he had knocked the air from her lungs. 

He lay next to her, trying to control his breathing as the sharp pain dissipated. 

“You seem to be making it a habit to be on top of me.” She snapped once she caught her breath again. 

“I should have guessed you’d be the dominant type, Granger I’ll make sure you’re on top next time.” He answered turning to look at her with a sassy smirk on his lips. 

She rolled her eyes and sat up running slender fingers through the mess of curls that was her hair, “I guess this means the spell hasn’t worn off” 

“Apparently” he chocked for he suddenly noticed that her skirt had ridden up with the fall exposing the long, smooth legs he had been caressing moments before. 

He felt is mouth go dry as he allowed his eyes to wander over her, from the wild mess of curls that fell across her shoulders, to the rumpled blouse that had been untucked from her skirt by a night’s sleep exposing the milky white skin of her waist, back to her legs and he wondered how it was possible for someone to look that good after having spent the night in a couch. 

“What are you starring at, Malfoy?” she snapped noticing how his eyes moved to her legs she stood up pulling her skirt down to cover as much exposed flesh as possible. 

“You are such a creep” 

“You wish, Granger.” He mocked shaking his head slightly to rid it of such ridiculous thoughts; thinking of Granger in such a way was absurd. 

“So apparently where still stuck together, what are we supposed to do know?” she demanded sitting back on the couch her arms crossed at her chest and her cheeks lightly flushed at the attention he had been paying her. 

“How am I supposed to know? You’re supposed to be the genius here.” He muttered as he tried to keep his eyes from wandering to her legs. 

They were both silent as she tried to think of a way to break the effect of the potion and he mentally scowled himself for letting a pair of pretty legs get to him especially when those legs belonged to a certain annoying now-it-all bookworm. 

“Yes, of course, how stupid could I be?” Hermione exclaimed jumping off the couch an enthusiastic gleam in her eyes. 

He jumped in his place on the floor having been startled out of particular daydream where last night’s events ended in a completely different way preferably with those long legs wrapped around him. 

“And you’re asking me?” he muttered once again scolding himself for such thoughts. 

“Oh do shut up and listen” she snapped as she pulled her long curls into a pony tail, “Slughorn said that there were registered cases that have lasted months.” She continued as if that sentence was absolutely self explanatory. 

“Yeah sooo…” he urged having no idea what she was talking about. 

“For Merlin’s sake must I explain everything to you? Registered Malfoy as in it must be written down in some book, if we find it we could make the antidote ourselves.” She was practically jumping with excitement as she explained. “We should head down to the library immediately.” 

“Sounds good but could I clean up first maybe grab some breakfast before you drag me to spend my Sunday locked up in the library with you, or would that be too much to ask.” He inquired with a sarcastic tone. 

“This is for you benefit as well as mine, so I expect you to help me with the research, but yes we should eat something before.” 

After having breakfast in the kitchens and washing up as well as we could without actually undressing in front of one another, (as if I was going to undress with him anywhere near after the way I caught him starring at me in the morning), we made our way to the deserted library to begin with our research. 

Sometime past midday as we sat at one of the far tables of the library surrounded by as many potion books as we could find. I looked up from a particular promising volume only to have my heart jump to my throat as I watched Harry and Ron making their way towards us looking more than slightly distraught. 

“Here you are, where have you been? We’ve been going mad with worry looking for you.” Harry demanded as they neared the table. 

“And what are you doing with him?” Ron interjected once he caught sight of Draco sitting beside me. 

“I’ve been here all morning we’re working on an assignment for professor Slughorn.” From the corner of my eye I caught sight of Malfoy’s raised eyebrow at my quick lie but 
I ignored him, it was not a lie it was a modified truth. 

“On a Sunday?” Harry asked skeptically eyeing Draco. 

“Yeah we thought that we should get a head start, the sooner we finish the less time we have to see each other.” I answered trying to hide the smirk that pulled at the edge of my lips at the truth of my words. 

“Well why don’t you leave it for tomorrow we were gonna go down to Hagrid’s and we wanted you to come.” Ron asked placing a warm hand on my shoulder giving Draco a cold glare who had been listening quietly to the whole conversation pretending to be immersed in his book, Draco only snorted at Ron possessive gesture.
He rolled his eyes at me as I threw him a warning glare before turning back to Ron. 

“I wish I could go but we really have to get this finish I’ll catch up with you both after we’re done ok.” I apologized trying to sound sorrier then I actually felt. 

“Mione come on, you actually prefer to spend the day with this git then go with us?” Ron whined 

“There are lots of things she’d rather do with me than with you Weasley.” Draco snarled and I felt blood rush to my check as I remember the events of the previous night. 

“What is that supposed to mean, Malfoy?” Ron practically barked at him. 

“Whatever you want it to mean Weasley” Draco answered and the idiot had the nerve to wink at me a saucy smile plastered on his face. 

“Keep your unnecessary comments to yourself, Malfoy.” I snapped while placing a restraining hand on Ron’s arm. “And you two go to Hagrid’s will talk about this later.” 

“But-“ Ron tried to protest, but I cut him off. 

“Malfoy is nothing but an immature git, Ronald, now try to act your age for once and go I’ll catch up as soon as I can.” I was really starting to get annoyed with their childish attitudes. 

Grudgingly they obeyed but not before throwing Malfoy dirty looks and an obscene hand gesture courtesy of Ron. 

“What is your freaking problem Malfoy?” I turned to him once I was sure Harry and Ron were well out of ear shot. He only raised one of his perfectly groomed eyebrows giving me an innocently perplexed look. 

“Don’t act stupid with me, why did you say that, I’d rather they don’t find out about this particular situation.” He was silent his eyes running slowly over my face I notice him pause a couple of times at my lips and I felt my cheeks flush once more. 

“They have no possible way of knowing what’s actually going on Granger so just relax and keep searching I want to get this over with as soon as possible.” He responded in a rather rough voice before turning back to his book. 

I blinked at him confused at the fact that he had no sarcastic remark to my heated demands, I too turned back to my books but was unable to concentrate I soon found myself stealing quick glances at him. 

I watched him as he pored over old textbooks, a slight wrinkle of concentration on his forehead partly cover by the pale blond of his hair that fell across his eyes, I once again found myself starring at his soft lips and felt my heart accelerate as I remember our almost kiss of the night before. 

I scolded myself as I gave into the memory of his body covering mine. I shook my head slightly at the thought; stupid that’s what it was, the idea that I would ever want to kiss him was even more preposterous than the idea that he would actually kiss me. 

The rest of the afternoon was spend only with the sound of old pages being turned, finally a sigh and the sound of a wrapper being ripped of a chocolate frog distracted me from the paragraph I had been trying to read for the past five minutes. 

“What are you doing?” I asked turning from the book to see Draco breaking a piece of the chocolate and slipping it into his mouth. 

“What does it look like Granger; I’m eating chocolate, unless you haven’t noticed we’ve been here all day, lunch passed hours ago.” He answered; I rolled my eyes at him and turned back to my book the sweet smell of the chocolate making my stomach grumble softly. 

My eyes wondered over the paragraph trying to take in the words in front of me. 

“I found it, I found the potion!” I exclaimed excitement bursting forth inside of me as I finally processed the words only to find the exact potion we had been searching for. 

His head snapped to look at her only to be thrown off balance by the full-blown smile gracing her lips as she ran her eyes rapidly over the page in front of her, he watched as the smile began to fade as she neared the end of the page before it completely turned into the grimace he was more accustomed to. 

“What? What’s wrong?” he asked as I slammed the book shut and threw it onto the other side of the table. 

“We’ll need at least four months to make the stupid potion that is if we can somehow find all the ingredients and then will have to wait for a full moon to be able to drink it.” I replied wondering why I didn’t feel more disappointed with the information. 

“Well, that was a right waste of a perfectly good Sunday.” He answered sarcastically, leaning back on his chair and resting his hands on the back of his head. 

I turned to him not really aware of what he was doing my mind was trying to think of another way to end the effects of the potion gone wrong. 

I don’t know why I did it, I really hadn’t even been thinking about it, it was more a reflex than anything else, my eyes were on his face but my mind was farther away wondering how much time I would have to spend with him, I didn’t really want to think about it, I had spent less than two days in his presence and the effect he was having on me was something I was not comfortable with. 

Unconsciously my eyes concentrated in his features wondering what it was about him that had me in such a state and I noticed a small smudge of chocolate on the corner of his lip. I did it all the time with Harry and Ron; especially Ron who somehow always ended up with food on his face after every meal. 

I reached over, my fingers under his chin and my thumb running over the corner of his lip taking with it the remains of the chocolate. 

He stiffen under my instinctive gesture his reaction startling me from my reverie, my 
eyes flew to his and embarrassed I immediately made to retrieve my hand, but with those seeker reflexes that where only rivaled by Harry’s he held onto my hand wrapping his long fingers around my wrist. 

My heart beat quicken as his eyes remained locked with mine a tremble ran along my back as I watched transfixed as he parted his lips and gently pulled my finger towards them, I nearly moaned when his moist lips wrapped around my thumb, his warm tongue licking the chocolate off. 

My heart was beating wildly against my throat, I was afraid that if I opened my mouth it would find its way out of my chest. As I watched him straighten each fingers placing a moist kiss on the tips of each one of them; rivulets of heat travel down my overheated body settling deep beneath my navel as his hand traveled along the length of the exposed flesh of my arm, pulling me softly towards him, his eyes locked with mine. 

There hadn’t been much distance between us to begin with now; we both sat on the edge of our seats, knees touching, breaths mingling my hand still wrapped in his warm one. 

I heard voices screaming in my head, something like a warnin, I couldn’t be bother, I felt truly dizzy at his closeness; his smoky grey eyes were running along my features, his sharp breathing puffing against my slightly parted lips. I was frozen in place, his sweet scent making my thoughts hazy and muddled. 

“What are you doing?” the words a mere whisper that slipped between my lips, he was still moving closer, his nose touching the tip of my own a lose strand of his hair brushing against my cheek. 

“I don’t know” he whispered back, with that his lips pressed against my own, I felt the tensed muscles of my body melt, his velvety lips moving against mine leisurely as if tasting, the sweetness of his breath intoxicating me and I felt time stop, my thoughts became superfluous and inconsequential. 

His hand slipped to caress my cheek his touch igniting an innate fire inside of me, I returned his kiss, his hand slipping from my arm to my neck pulling me towards him, I yielded moving my body closer to his, the intensity of our shared desire growing as he continued to pull me towards him until I was practically sitting on his lap. 

His lips ravishing mine, the heat of his mouth making me moan as his tongue stroked the inside of my lower lip, my fingers lost themselves in the silkiness of his hair and I felt his long fingered hand run along my thigh making me tremble at his touch. His lips abandoned my mouth only to move along the line of my jaw finding a sensitive area below my ear that I didn’t know I possessed but that made me arch my back against him pulling lightly on his hair making a low groan escape his throat. 

I was lost beyond myself; I no longer knew who I was, my mind no longer held thoughts and ideas but was a mere receptor for the multitude of sensation running through my body. The heat that ran through me didn’t diminish simply settled and wound down our feverish kisses turning into delicate brushes of skin upon skin. 

The loud echoing bang of the library door slamming shut startled us both; making me practically jump off him, I would have ran from him if it hadn’t been from the pain the action would have caused. 

We both stood, starring at the other as if for the very first time, his eyes were darkened with lust, lips swollen and hair disheveled where my hands had ran through it, I was sure I looked no different.

"It’s getting late we should get going.” He muttered in a voice that held an edge of huskiness that made me want to throw myself at him. 

“I-yeah… yeah we should…go.” I mumbled hurriedly stuffing my books into my bag, before following him out of the library and into the dark hallway, my heart racing and my body aching for his touch. 

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Chapter 5: Broom closets.
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Chapter five: Broom closets.


The horrid smell of brimstone forever intoxicating my lungs; the eternal thirst burning my throat and scorching hot flames licking at my skin for perpetuity.

Yes, I could already feel it, see it in my minds eyes.


That’s where my soul will forever burn and no I am not being over dramatic for Merlin’s sake I had just kissed Draco-freaking-Malfoy, if snogging your best friend’s worst-enemy-supposed-death-eater-in-the-making; is not enough reason to burn in the fiery pits of hell then maybe the fact that, yes I actually enjoyed it might just be the cherry on top of the sodding cake.

How? How the hell did I let him get to me again? Why didn’t I just pull away? It couldn’t be because you actually wanted to kiss him, now would it. That stupid annoying voice inside my head that had been badgering me for the last couple of days, sniggered.

Maybe if I could just run away from him things wouldn’t be that bad, but nooo it just had to be my stupid luck to be magically glued to the guy that had made my existence in this school a right pain in the behind.

Don’t forget that you just kissed him too. Stupid annoying voiced piped up.

Could you shut up just for a second, I snapped at it as I walked behind Draco. My mouth sealed shut but my mind running an internal turmoil.

There has got to be an explanation to such behavior, there is no way I could possibly behave in such a way under normal circumstances. I bit anxiously on my lower lip; studying Draco’s broad back as I walked behind him, silently envying the graceful way in which he moved. Yet I could make out by his posture that he held his shoulders rigid and tensed, his hand running repeatedly across his silky blond locks.

I wonder what he’s thinking, is he as completely freaked out as I am? Or am I the only one over reacting here, maybe it’s not such a big deal, yeah sure we kissed but it’s not as if we’re gonna tell anyone. I’m sure he’d rather rip off his right arm then admit to anyone that he kissed Hermione-harry-potter’s-bestfriend-and-muggle-born-now-it-all-Granger. His parents would probably disown him if they ever found out.

Now that I think about it it’s not as if I’m jumping up and down in anticipation to tell the first person that crosses my path. The only close friends I have are Harry and Ron and I’d rather spend a day in bathtub full of angry blast-ended-skewers than so much as insinuate that I kissed Draco Malfoy. There is always Ginny but our relationship has always been more brothers’ best friend and bestfriends sister than anything entirely intimate.

Anyways, I guess that if anyone ever found out we could pass it off as potion induced dementia.

Draco stopped in his tracks and turned around so fast that I actually slammed into his chest. Jumping away from him and the electrical shock that ran through my body from the contact with his.

“We don’t have to tell anyone about this, it was just a stupid mistake and in case anyone found out we could say it was provoked by the potion there was nothing we could have done about it.”  He spoke rapidly, his eyes where running over my face, his lips still darker than normal, a smirk waiting in the corner of his mouth for me to agree.

How dare he? Stupid annoying voice gasped.

I blame stupid voice for what happens next because seriously hadn’t I just been thinking the exact same thing he said?

“You are such an ass!” I practically screamed at him as I raised my hand and slapped him hard across his perfectly pale face.

I then moved to a door at my immediate left opened it and slammed it shut on his shocked face, I had to lean against the door to catch my breath as I felt him move closer to the door to prevent farther pain.

I ran my hands through my hair pulling on it, I had to get away from him, he was having a stranger and stranger effects on me the longer we where together. I let my body slide along the wall until I was sitting on the floor, the tip of my shoes bumped against a carton box and I noticed that I had just locked myself in a broom closet.

I must really be going crazy, because I felt salty tears trail down my cheeks and it simply couldn’t be; for heaven sake I could not be crying over Draco Malfoy it just wasn’t possible.

“Why the hell are you laughing Granger there is nothing funny about this” Draco’s accusatory tone made me cry harder.

“I’m not laughing you idiot I’m crying!” I snapped back at him between sobs.

“Crying? Why the hell are crying then?” he pounded on the door.

“None of you fucking business now leave me alone!” I screamed back.

“Fuck, Granger you know I can’t move any farther than this door, now get out of there!”

“No!” I yelled back too caught up in my hormonal drama to worry about our screaming; attracting attention. A frustrated grunt and a couple more punches to the unforgiving wood of the ancient door, then silence before the door was pulled away from my back and I landed on the floor Draco’s blond head watching me with angry eyes.

“How the hell did you do that?” I demanded his smug face blurred by my tears.

“I’m a freaking wizard Granger” he answered waving his wand over my face to emphasize the point, I simply swallowed my sobs a soft “oh” escaping me.

“Sit up” he ordered rolling his eyes at me before turning to the end of the hall where the sound of multitude feet heading our way sounded.

I obeyed silently knowing that it was probably the Ravenclaws on their way to diner. He stepped into the cupboard and closed the door muttering a charm to lock the door, before sitting next to me both our backs resting against the door.

“Why are you crying?” his voice was soft and I turned to him to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.


“I asked, why are you crying?” ok, so I wasn’t going mad, the world must be coming to a horrific end then.

“Why would you care?” I snapped back icily, the idiot was already having strange effects without trying if he started being nice there was no telling what would happen, he’d probably send me around the twist.

“I don’t, it just seemed the like the right thing to ask.” He answered, the cupboard was dark but I could feel his shoulders rise and fall against mine.

“Well forgive me if I don’t believe you but I haven’t reached that chapter of my ‘what-to-say-after awkward-situations manual.’ I snapped, trying hard to control the furious storm of emotions going on inside me.

“Fine! Have it your way then.” Draco answered coldly allowing an uncomfortable silence to fall between us.

“I don’t know” I finally mumbled knowing ii was acting like a bitch, I examined my nails or at least pretended to since I could hardly make them out in the darkness.

“That must be a first” he said and I was again surprised by his conservatory tone and light chuckle.

“This feels strange” I blurted.

“Yes, yes it does.” His tone turned to his usual calm and collected tone of voice though it didn’t sound as cold and haughty as it usually did.

I sighed, “What are we going to do know”

“Dunno, haven’t gotten that far along in my book” He mumbled I tried to resist but a small giggle slipped over my lips.

Maybe, it was the darkness engulfing us like a protective blanket, but I felt my shoulders relax and I allowed my bent knee to rest against his. Here in this dusty broom closet I felt that I was no more but Hermione I allowed my mind to push aside thoughts of betrayal and fire licking at my skin in the same manner for the first time since I had met him, I allowed myself to think of the boy sitting next to me as nothing more than Draco.

“I’m sorry about the outburst, I guess this is just a bit too much for me” I whispered glad that he couldn’t see the blush creeping up my face.

I felt his body relax next to mine his knee resting against mine less tense.

“Yeah well, I guess I can understand where you’re coming from, it’s not exactly a ride in a broom for me either.” He answered.

I nodded my thoughts wondering back to the reason why we were both sitting here.

“Do you really think that what happened back there and this, whatever this is, is being induced by the potion?” I felt the heat in my face grow as I remembered the kiss.

“It’s possible chamomile has been known for its tendency to heighten emotions” We were both silent each pondering the implications of such a situation.

“This might sound a load more than weird,” I finally broke our musings, “but…I’m actually glad I got stuck with you” I allowed the darkness to swallow the soft words.

“Why?” He asked surprise clearly evident in his voice.

“Well the thing is that, I’m also tutoring Jacob McKenssie and if this ‘situation’ had occurred with him, well I would highly consider asking for a dementeor kiss”

“Isn’t he that Hufflepuff who always has his finger up his nose?” he asked laughter choking his words.

“Yes, that one, call me crazy but I’m almost positive he collects whatever it is he finds up there.” I answered shuddering at the thought.

Draco burst out into loud laughter at my comment, I laughed along with him feeling any traces of stress and fear leave my body as I have never felt before and the fact that it was caused from sitting in a dark and musty broom closet with Draco Malfoy made me laugh all the harder. 

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Chapter 6: Of Desire and Rage
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Chapter six: Of Desire and Rage.

We exited the closet a bit later and made our way towards the kitchens no more words spoken outside of the safety blanket that was darkness, but something had changed; I felt it. 

It was as if the entire universe had rearranged its self as if we had stepped out of the closet and into an alternate reality where everything was the same and yet irrevocably different, I noticed as we sat eating in silence, that we were sitting incredibly close, the length of our legs touching under the table. 

In the same manner, as we made our way back to the room of requirement our arms brushing together with every step I became aware that now that my mind wasn’t intent on throttling him, I felt a strange and unexplainable pull towards him and I find myself once again wondering what would have been of us under different circumstances. I can’t seem to help myself from starring at him from the corner of my eye. 

We found the halls of the castle pretty much empty a quick glance at my watch told me the reason; thirty minutes after curfew, no wonder. We continued in the strange silence that had fallen, the events off the day wedging themselves between us, I allowed my thoughts to wonder, trying to chance a guess as to what he’s thinking. 

“Run, run, run as fast as you can, you’ll never catch Peevsy, I know that you can’t” 

We both froze at the sound of loud guffaws of laughter coming from the hall ahead of us. 

“COME BACK HERE YOU BLOODY THIEF!” Filch’s angry voice followed the school’s poltergeist laughter. 

I felt panic as their voices drew nearer, I am a prefect and there for I know I wouldn’t get into much trouble but I simply don’t think I can face such a situation in my current state of mental instability, I might end up turning Filch into a maggot or a spider just for the satisfaction of hearing him crunch when I step on him. 

But before I can properly panic and start running around the hall like a headless chicken, Draco’s warm hand wraps around my wrist, pulling me with him towards a rather large and ugly tapestry we had just passed, he pulls it back to reveal a small alcove into which he pushes me following closely behind and letting the tapestry fall back to hide us. 

“If you want your pants back you’ll have to run faster than that!” Peeves’ voice rang loud and mocking as he neared our hiding place. 

I hold my breath and close my eyes tight as if that would somehow help, like I said I’ve became mentally unstable, I’ll be lucky if I end up rooming with Gilderoy Lockhart in St. Mungo’s. I’ve always thought he has a nice smile, so maybe it won’t be that bad, I could help him hand out autographed photos and then maybe became Mrs. Gilderoy Lockhart. 

Ok, it’s official; I am demented. 

Filch’s crude replies to Peeves’ taunts rang loudly along the hall followed closely by the sound of his shuffling feet. 

“Well that was disturbing.” Draco’s voice rings in my ear once the sounds of quarreling dies away. 

I only laugh and nod slightly, because I suddenly find that I can’t speak since my beating heart has suddenly decided to lodge it’s self in my throat, as I open my eyes to find Draco’s face inches away from mine and I realize that we’re standing incredibly close to each other, since there isn’t much room in this stupid niche to begin with. 

More than that, it’s the look in his eyes; it’s the exact same one he was giving me when I wiped the chocolate from his lips. 

The same look that makes my blood boil in my veins and drives my mind into the edge of insanity; not that I’m that far away anyway. 

I rest my hands on his chest feeling slightly light headed and experience an electric shock like needles piercing into my finger tips and running all along my body making me tremble against him. He moans and I assume he just felt the same thing, this time I don’t even notice how it happens but suddenly his lips are on mine and I’m pressed against the wall of the alcove. 

Somewhere in the back of my mind I hear myself shouting that this is wrong and that I should pull away, but I simply can bring myself to care anymore. His warm mouth is on mine, his hands are on my body and I suddenly realize how much I actually want this, how much I want him. 

His touch is like fire running along my skin as his fingers slip under the thin fabric of my blouse, I press my body closer to him, my hands pulling lightly on his silky hair, the force of his kiss bruising my lips and yet I find my need growing. 

His hands caress the side off my body until his thumbs run along the bottom of my breasts; through the delicate fabric of my bra, I moan against his mouth arching my back into him. He nibbles on my lower lip before moving his mouth along my jaw and onto my neck. I now realize that I’m panting as his tongue teases the skin below my ear. 

One of his hands leaves the skin underneath my blouse and I’m about to protest, when he runs it down to my thigh flicking the fabric of my skirt away, running tantalizing fingers across the skin before pulling it up around his waist. I oblige eagerly. 

“We should get out of here.” He whispers into my ear as he nibbles on my lobe. 

“Yes, we should.” I murmur back, before pulling his mouth back to mine. 

He pulls away slightly resting his forehead against mine, I groan and tilt my head to kiss him again. He chuckles and pulls farther away. 

“Come on.” He says untangling my leg from his waist and pulling the tapestry away so that I can follow, I sigh and step out with him. 

The corridor is empty most of the lights extinguished for the night. He grabs my hand and pulls me against his chest his lips falling onto mine. We make our way to the seventh floor corridor pausing along the way to le to press our bodies against one another. He, teasing my senses and making desire throb throughout my whole body. 

Just before we turn into the hallway with the tapestry of trolls in tutus, someone calls my name from the end of the hall. 

My head snaps around dropping Draco’s hand as if burnt. 

“What the hell are you still doing with that git?” Ron demands as he makes his way toward us. 

“I-I ‘m-I” I stutter as I feel the blood drain from my face. 

“Don’t tell me you’ve spend the whole day with him.” I can see how red his ears have became as he stops in front of us. 

I’m still unable to form a coherent sentence and I’m gaping at him like a fish out of water. 

“So what if she has?”Draco’s voice responds from behind me. 

I see Ron throw him a hate filled gaze, before he grabs my arm in a vice like grip and pulls me along the hall. The pain of his hand cutting off the circulation to the rest of my arm makes me find my voice. 

“Ouch, Ron you’re hurting me” I cry out trying to pull my hand free but he ignores me. 

“Ron let go!” I cry louder this time tears of pain appearing in my eyes. 

“Oi, Weasley let her go!” Draco demands following us. 

“Mind your own fucking business, Malfoy.” Ron spits at him throwing him a murdering gaze while his hand tightens its hold on me. 

I can’t help but to cry out, the force of his grip bringing me to my knees, through the tears in my eyes, I see him stare down at me shocked before quickly letting go of my arm. I sigh relived; there is rustling of fabric that rushes by me as the blood rushes painfully fast back to my arm, the next thing I know Ron is laying sprawled on the floor sporting a bloody nose. 

I look up at Draco who is now massaging his knuckles, he gives me a strange look but before I can decipher it, Ron scrambles to his feet blood dripping onto his robes his wand pointing at Draco. 

“I told you to mind your own fucking business!” Ron snarls his face twisted with anger, I jump to my feet and stand between them facing Ron. 

“Stop it! Stop it this instant Ronald.” I throw my arms wide in front of him as he tries to shoot around me. 

“Get out of the way Hermione” He demands but I stand my ground knowing that if I relent we might all regret it. 

“No, I won’t now put your wand down.” 

“Hermione listen to him you’re gonna end up getting hurt.” This time it’s Draco, the way in which he pronounces my name catching me off guard and making me turn to stare at him. He stares back giving me a tender expression before adding, “Please.” 

“What the fuck is going on here.” Ron demands and I turn back to him as he stares at us shocked at our exchange; he then looks at me as if he has never seen me before. 

“Ron I…” I begin as he takes a step back and I see realization cross his eyes as he stares from me to Draco and back. I reach out to him but he pulls back disgusted. 

“Stay away from me.” He spits at me and turns his back on me hurrying along the hallway, I try to follow him, tears streaming down my face but when I reach the end of the hallway he’s gone. 

I fall to my knees once more sobbing as I remember the disgust in his face as he looked at me. 


How…how can I ever explain to him, how can I possibly make him understand when I don’t understand myself. 


He’s probably gonna tell Harry and Ginny as well… 

“Hermione” I turned annoyed; to find Draco starring at me from…from across the hall, clearly fifteen feet away. I gape at him as I realize that the potion has finally worn off, we merely stare at each other. 

Then I stand up and run away from him.

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Chapter 7: Denying the undeniable
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Chapter Seven: Denying the undeniable

Blood ran from the broken skin of my knuckles, the gray stone wall smeared red from where my fist had been smashing against it. Rage boiling up inside, it’s taste bitter in my mouth as the same image repeated itself over and over again in my mind, the image of her running after that stupid, red-headed weasel. 

But why should I care? I’m not supposed to care. 

I should be happy and relieved that I can finally get away from that dirty-blooded Gryffindor. I should not be thinking about velvety soft lips, silky tresses of curly hair and the scent of vanilla on smooth skin. 

Yet, these thoughts keep swirling in my mind adding to the fuel of my wrath. How she could affect me in such away in such a short time, snare me in such a way that I seriously feared I would go mad. 

She isn’t worth it! 

I know she isn’t, there must be a reason for this, lust. Yes, lust still ran thorough my veins. It had nothing to do with her per say, only her body. Something I could easily get from any other girl, a much worthier girl. 

With this thought in mind I make my way to the dungeons trying hard to push her from my mind. By the time I arrived the common room was nearly empty except for two fourth years playing a round of chess watched closely by a minute first year. 

Pansy and Daphne Greengrass sitting near the fire place, apparently finishing homework that is probably due tomorrow, I walk over to Pansy, she looks up and smiles at me. 

“Hey there where have you been hiding” I ignore her question and Daphne’s shy smile kneeling next to her and pulling her mouth towards mine, fighting for oblivion to forget to get rid of all the memories overwhelming my brain. 

“Well, I’m glad to see you too.” Pansy laughs and pulls slightly away. 

I place my hand on the back of her neck and slam her mouth back to mine, I can feel my lips bruising as I’m sure hers are. She doesn’t seem to mind as she presses her body against mine apparently liking the roughness of my kiss. 

I hear Daphne slam her book shut and the sound of hurrying feet tell me she left for her dormitory. The rest follow shortly after with mumbled growls of ‘get a room’ left behind. I continue to kiss Pansy allowing all my frustrated need to show by pushing her back onto the rough cushion of the embroidered carpet. I fought for release from the overwhelming desire burning me from with in. 

I allowed my body to take control, concentrating on nothing but the heat of her mouth, her fingers pulling on my hair and her hips grinding against me. The sound of her moans filled my ears as a soft growl escaped my throat when her lips fell on my neck.
She pulled back suddenly starring at me in confusion. 

“What did you just call me?” she asked her voice aggressive. 

“Nothing” I answered bewildered, yet I pulled her back insistently didn’t she understand how much I need this. 

“You just called me Hermione!” she exclaimed pushing me away with a disgusted expression on her face. 

“No, I didn’t” did I? 

It couldn’t be, I hadn’t been thinking about her. I hadn’t! 

“Yes, you did I heard you clearly Draco, you just called me Hermione!” She shrieked jumping to her feet and away from me. 

“Pansy, you better go get some sleep you’re delirious” I commanded pulling my self onto the green velvet couch avoiding her scrutinizing gaze by running a slightly trembling hand through my hair. 

She didn’t move only stared at me though narrowed eyes, hands at her hips. 

“I said go!” I roared needing more than anything to be alone now. My injured hand was now throbbing, the blood dried yet I welcomed the pain, it was a small distraction. 

With one last disgusted look Pansy grabbed her books and made her ways towards her dormitory. 

It couldn’t be it wasn’t possible I had not been thinking about her. What the fuck is wrong with me? 

Maybe some sleep would help, it could be; I hadn’t really slept properly the night before what with… I stopped that particular train of thought in its track as I headed of for my solitary bed. 

My dreams where plagued with images of the last two days unbidden by me but by the time I awoke the next morning my head was considerably clearer than the night before. I was able to make it through most of the morning keeping unwanted thoughts at bay. Pansy had already forgiven my slip from the previous night sitting next to me at breakfast to my annoyance. 

But mid-afternoon though my hard work went to hell with the sight of her, just as I exited the transfiguration classroom I saw her hurry along pass me following a furious looking Ron Weasley. It was like pouring lemon juice on a wound I didn’t know I had. 

I wasn’t aware of making a decision to follow her, but the next thing I know I’m heading after the tantalizing scent of vanilla left after her. I stop when I hear the sound of raised voices, hidden behind the bust of a sickly looking wizard; I’m able to make out the sight of her tear stained face, Weasley too far ahead for me to see. 

“I’ve already told you what happened, what else do you want from me?” I could see her hair was a wild mess and her eyes red rimmed as she cried out to her supposed best friend. 

“I want the truth! You can’t possibly pretend for me to believe that load of bullshit” Weasley shouted the only thing I could see was his hand gesturing furiously in her face. 

I felt a mad urge to punch him again. 

“It’s the truth! I’ve told you to ask Slughorn if you don’t believe me” She insisted choking back a sob. 

“If it’s true then why are you here why isn’t he here with you?” 

“The effect wore of last night, I’m not exactly sure we only realized it after you left; as soon as I knew I went to find you.” Her frantic explanations echoed in my ears a strange pang throbbing in m chest. 

“Ron I’m your bestfriend, please, please believe me. I need you and I hate having you mad at this way.”She finished tears flowing freely down her cheeks. 

Weasley took a step closer to her and I could see the internal turmoil reflected on his freckled features. Finally with a heavy sigh he gently wiped her tears away from her eyes. 

“I’m sorry Hermione, I know that you wouldn’t lie to me, it’s just that seeing you with that git really got to me. I’m sorry ok.” I had to strain my ears to hear what he was saying his voice had dropped to a near whisper, Hermione let out one last sob before throwing her arms around him. 

“You can be such an idiot sometimes Ronald Weasley.” She said a teasing tone to her voice. 

“I know but you know you love me for it.” He chuckled; with a playful slap Hermione led him away. 

I sat back in my hiding place only to realize I had been holding my hand in tight fists, small white half moons marking the skin where my nails had been digging into it.
I would have to do my best from now on to ignore what ever it was that happened yesterday, I would erase all thought of her, to think of them would only be unnecessary torture. 

Was it really worth it?

I don't think so, not really.

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Chapter 8: Chapter eight: Encounters
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Chapter eight: Encounters

Two weeks, two whole weeks since the last time we touched and I can’t seem to deny the fact that I want him any longer. As far as I’ve seen he seems to be avoiding me like the plague, in the two weeks that have passed, I’ve seen nothing but brief glimpses of him when he exits any room I enter.

I know that it’s probably for the best, that no possible good can come from any contact between us. Yet my subconscious doesn’t seem to accept this fact. I have dreamed of nothing but him in this past two weeks. In those rare moments in which my mind is free of all other thought and I let my guard down; my skin trembles at the memories of his fingers on my hair, my body and this undeniable thoughts invading my mind scare me.

I’m scared of everything I’m feeling, I’m scared of wanting him and of needing at least a small glance of his pale features and blond hair to be able to get through my day.

But most of all I’m scared at the fact that I find myself wanting to know more and more about him, the notion that I don’t just want his body anymore frightens me. I want to know him. I’ve come to realize that through the years I have allowed myself to think of others opinions as my own, where it concerns him. Seeing him as nothing more than an evil, conceit and arrogant Slytherin.

I won’t fool myself into believing that he isn’t any of those things, because I know that he is. I simply refuse to believe that those things are the true essence of Draco Malfoy. Thereis much more to him, I felt it in the way he kissed me. The passion and tenderness I experienced could not possibly be faked.

They couldn’t be…

However, is it even worth trying? How could I possibly know if there is something inside of him worth knowing? All this thoughts are entirely useless in the end. They hold no benefit. It’s not as if we’re suddenly going to start dating, to sashay around the castle holding hands in front of the world.

“I’m being stupid.” I murmured, hitching my loaded bag higher onto my shoulder, as I navigate the empty hallways of the castle towards the library.

“Ms. Granger?” I turn around at the sound of my name to see a flustered looking Professor Vector heading towards me.

“Yes, professor?”

“So glad I ran into you. I would like to ask you for a small favor.”

“Of course anything professor” I answered thankful for a distraction from my own perturbing thoughts.

“I’ve just left a student in my classroom, he failed to turn in the essay I assigned for homework and I’ve left him after class to finish it. But apparently professor McGonagall requires my presence in her office. Would you be so kind as to go keep an eye on him, perhaps help him if he might need it?”

“I’ll take care of it professor don’t worry.”

“Thank you so much Miss Granger he can leave the paper on my desk when he’s done and please do lock the door when you leave.” He added, hurrying down the hall toward professor McGonagall’s office.

I turned the opposite way, my mind returning to the endless circles in which it had been moving lately. Pushing the door open distractedly while searching my bag for my arithmancy notes just in case I needed them.

The sight that caught my eyes as I raised my head to see who was in the room caused my heart to skip a few beats as it lodged its self in my throat. Draco looked up in the same instant his eyes wide and his mouth falling open slightly as he stared at me.

The silence lengthening a beat too long made me uncomfortable even as a shiver of anticipation ran down my spine.

“Umm…Hi.” The word left my lips before I could stop it, but it seemed to break the trance in which we had both fallen.

I watched dejectedly as he ignored my awkward greeting and turned back to the half filled parchment in front of him. Not knowing what else to say I made my way to professor Vector’s desk, pulling the sit back and gently settling my heavy bag on top of it.

“What are you doing here?” my head snapped around to stare, at the sound of his voice. He didn’t look at me his eyes fixed on the parchment.

“I- a…professor Vector sent me to check on you, see if you needed any help.” I answered hating the hopeful ring that my voice held.

“No.” He answered curtly dipping his elegant white quill into the ink pot, his eyes still avoiding me.

“No…what?” I asked confused by his lack of dialogue.

“I don’t need help.”

“Well then, I guess I’ll just watch you.” I answered matter-of-fact, more than a bit irked at his attitude.

He gave an incomprehensible grunt still not looking towards me. I could not for the life of me understand what could possibly be wrong with him, I know we hadn’t become the best of friends but I had thought that we had at least overcome the mutual dislike we had for each other, the blush crossing my cheeks at the memory reminded me that I at least, had.

I watched him trying to ignore me, taking the opportunity to admire his features from a far my heart beat accelerating as my eyes ran over his hair, remembering the silkiness of it. The lush rosiness of his lips. My eyes running down to stare at his hands, graceful, long-fingered and pale.


He didn’t look up but his quill paused over the parchment.

“Why what?” he asked, a rather hesitant note in his voice that urged me to continue.

“Why have you been avoiding me?” This time his smoky silver eyes found my own, the contact setting my skin on fire. There was a pause in which neither of us spoke; we only stared at each other.

“Don’t be so full of yourself Granger; I have no reason to be avoiding you.” His voice was cold but that iciness didn’t reach the fire swirling in his eyes.

“You’re lying.” I stated not daring to break the eye contact.

“No, I’m not.” With that he pushed his seat back, throwing his bag onto his shoulder and moving towards me, unfinished essay in his hand.

Without another word he slammed the parchment onto the desk and headed for the open door.

“Fine, keep running away from me it’s not as if I should care.” I snapped at his back before he reached the exit.

He froze half way out and slowly turned to stare at me. I ignored his heated gaze turning my back to him my hands crossed at my chest. I didn’t care if he chose to be the git I always knew he was, I was doing nothing but fooling myself by thinking that there was any hidden depth to Draco Malfoy.

I’m the one running away.” His voice was silky and dangerous, yet sent a shiver along my spine. “You’re one to talk; you’re the one that run off as soon as you realized the potion had worn off. You’re the one chasing after that fuck-faced weasel, crying and apologizing about something that was not your fault!” he shouted grabbing my arm and turning me so I was facing him again.

“I- how- how do you know?” I was surprised that he was aware of my skirmish with Ron.

“I saw it with my own eyes Granger, so don‘t you dare come to me with your holier-than-thou bullshit!” his eyes where fiercely running over my features and I saw them pause several times at my lips.

“What did you want me to do?” I shot back, his scent wrapping around me making intoxicating fire run along my veins. “Tell me what I should have done then, tell Ron that we had spent the day snogging in the library and where on our way for a quick shag when he found us?” I held no control over my body anymore, words where spilling from my mouth, my body screaming at me to kiss him.

“Yes! No! Urgh…I don’t care!” He cried dropping his hand from my arm and running it through his unruly hair. His face was inches away from mine his eyes finding mine softened.

“What have you done to me?” his whispered words puffed against my cheek. His sweet breath making my head spin as I waited for his lips to find my own.

Suddenly his warm gaze turned cold and he stepped away from me hurrying for the door.

“Whe- where are you going?” I asked a little breathless and surprised by his action.

“None of your business and from now on stay away from me!” He didn’t even turn back to look at me as he exited the classroom the hem of his robes flapping behind him.

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Chapter 9: Madness
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                                                   Chapter nine: Madness 

I was left speechless; the soft echo of his hurrying footsteps faded away as I finally recovered my bearings. Of a million different ways my mind could have worked that particular situation that one was not one I had expected. 
He wanted to kiss me! 

I know he did I saw the way he was looking at me, desire reflected in his eyes I recognized it only because it was nothing short of what I felt myself. And-and he walks away, I’m standing here about to spontaneously combust and he walks away! 

That is a little bit more than cruel. 

I quickly pick up my bag and his abandoned essay exiting the now gloomy looking classroom and slamming the heavy door behind me. 

I hurry along the hallways ignoring everyone I pass, my mind swirling with uncompleted thoughts just words and phrases buzzing around like angry hornet, stinging my bruised ego. 

“Oi, Hermione I was wandering if you…” I twisted around at the sound of my name, to see Seamus Finnegan stop in front of me an annoying grin on his annoying face his words dying away as he caught the murderous look on my face. 

“You were wondering?” I asked my voice venomously sweet. 

I saw a frighten glimmer cross his eyes, the prey sensing an attack. 

“Yeah… do you…know the date for the next Hogsmeade trip?” Anger was bubbling on the surface of my self-control, while the hornets kept stinging brutally in my mind, his words only barely registering. 

“Yes, it’s set for the 17th, this month.” I answered through grinted teeth, nails digging into my palms and my voice sounding slightly shrill to my own ears. 

I was trying hard to think happy thoughts but the only thing I kept seeing was the edge of Draco’s robes flapping out of sight and the echo of his footstep sounding like hammer on anvil in my ears. 

“Ok…thanks” He answered hesitantly turning to walk away and I was sure, not aware of the train wreck he’d barely avoided. 

“Hey, are you ok? You seem a bit off.” 

Stupid, stupid, tactless men. 

“Me?” the shrillness of my voice now more than evident, “I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be? 

Why wouldn’t everything be just bloody perfect? I look a bit off! Well let me tell you Mr. I-don’t-ever-have-a-bad-day” I poked his chest with my finger making him take a frightened step back, “It’s perfectly normal to not be in the mood for your big happy Irish attitude, but what would you know you’re just like all the rest of them you don’t care about anything but yourself, you don’t really care if I’m a bit off or even why, do you care why huh? Do you?” I felt tears spring in my eyes but I ignored them. 

“Ummm…I –I…” he stuttered, the look off terror on his face might have made me laugh under different circumstances, but at the moment all I wanted was to rip his head off while imagining that it was topped with pale blond hair. 

Apparently I wasn’t the only one to find it funny, a giggle made me snap my head to the right finding two fourth year girls starring at us with knowing smirks on their faces. 

“Do you think this is funny? Do I amuse you in some way?” I demanded, their faces soon mirroring Seamus’, who took the opportunity of my sudden distraction to turn and run as far away from me as possible. 

“Twenty points from Ravenclaw” I snapped at the two girls before whirling around and stalking away towards the library. They at least had the sense to stay quiet no matter the unfairness of my punishment. 

“And twenty more from Gryffindor for being a git!” I yelled after Seamus’ retreating form.
I had finally done it; I had slipped off the edge of my sanity into this mess of muddled thoughts and incongruent emotions. How was it possible for him to have made such a mess of me in such a short time, I could feel tears sliding along my cheeks, I brush them off angrily. 

Stalking across the library until I reached an empty table on the very back away from nosey prying eyes, I slammed my bag onto the very old and very much graffitied table, pulling out one of the heavy books I carried inside. 

I held on desperately to my anger, I felt no desire to analyze the raging, non-furious emotions rolling in my mind. I would not accept that someone such as Draco Malfoy has completely up turned my emotional equilibrium. So he left, what do I care? It’s not like I was trying to be his friend or anything like that. 

Not his friend but what about something more?
No, no, not again.

I am not going to listen to you! I exclaimed in my mind to that annoying voice that had settled in the back of my mind for some time now. 

Hey! I say nothing but the truth; it’s not my fault that you’re too much of a coward to accept it. 

There is nothing to accept, there is absolutely no logic behind you obnoxious arguments so why don’t you just shut up and leave me alone! 

Who said anything about logic, you want Malfoy and you know it. 
Shut up, shut up, shut up. I chanted opening my book and trying to drown out the intolerable know it all voice in my head with the familiar words of the text. 

Dear Merlin even in my subconscious I seem to be a know-it-all. 

Reaching into my pocket for my wand to light the lamp on the table, the feel of parchment caught my attention. 

I pulled it out, wondering where I had gotten it. 

The unfamiliar writing on the half-filled parchment made me frown but as soon as the written words registered in my mind I recognized the essay for arithmancy that Draco had been writing. My eyes ran over the elegant script drinking every single detail in from the graceful curves of the M’s to the slightly lopsided E’s. 

I felt my anger subside as I contemplated the parchment, the sight of his name atop of the page bringing me a small sense of comfort, which I immediately stomped on. 

More for something to do to distract my unstable over-emotional mind than because I really wanted to, I started to work on the unfinished essay, one I had personally finished and turned in on time the day before. 

The sound of my quill scratching against the parchment, the sweet scent of the fresh ink rising and soothing away the anger and confusion in my mind, I allowed myself to become lost in the words spilling forth, the warm light emitting from the lamp casting everything else into shadows. 

The frigid wind blowing across the grounds, gliding over the smooth black waters of the lake pierced my thick cloak, the first icy kiss of winter chilling my skin. 


Nothing seemed to be able to cool the heat inside of me as memories rushed across my minds eyes, from that first kiss meant only to scare her, to annoy her, to make her as uncomfortable as I felt. I was trapped, maybe even before that as I remember waking up to her scent, the sweet scent of vanilla wrapping around my senses, even now the memory made my heart speed up its pace slightly. 

It wasn’t like she cared; it wasn’t like it mattered that I was going mad remembering the sweet taste of her lips, that it had taken every ounce of will power that I possessed to walk away from her when her dark eyes were so alluring, beckoning me to follow her to the end of the world. 

“Malfoy!” I turned around to find Ron Weasley standing behind me, his arms crossed at his chest, a murdering look in his eyes as he stared down at me the git was about a head taller than I was. 

I pulled myself to my fullest height, gritting my teeth; the sight of him making unwanted memories of her running after him wash over my mind. 

“What?” I snapped returning the murderous look with as much vehemence as he. 

“I’m going to make one thing clear to you, so listen carefully, I don’t know what has been going on with you and Hermione lately and I don’t believe that whole story about a faulty potion, but I don’t care. I want you to stay well away from her from now on if you don’t want me to smash you face to a pulp.” His tone was cutting and deadly furious but I couldn’t give a damn. 

No one told a Malfoy what he could and couldn’t do, especially not a Weasley. 

“Jealous, are we Weasley?” I taunted him even though I was raging inside. 

“In your dreams Malfoy, I’m simply protecting what belongs to me.”
I couldn’t help raising a skeptical eye brow at his statement. 

“Well aren’t you just the charmer, I’m sure Granger must love that.” Knowing Granger a comment like that one would make her hit the roof. 

“I didn’t come here to ask for your opinion; I’m just here to warn you because next time I see you near her not even Dumbledore himself will be able to stop me from breaking you face.” He growled taking a menacing step in my direction. 

“Don’t you dare threaten me Weasley; you think that just because you're saint Potter’s sidekick I’ll be scared of you? I don’t give damn about what you think is going on.” I scowled stepping towards him as well. “I’ll do what I want whenever I want so why don’t you go and mind your own business.” With that I sidestepped him before I lost the last remaining shreds of my patience. 

“Stay away from her.” he repeated as I walked away. 

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Chapter 10: Forgive me.
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A/N: I know that I’ve said in other chapters that Hermione is Head girl in this story but I’m wrong this takes place in sixth years I’ll fix the other chapters and I apologize for the confusion. 

                                                   Chapter Ten: Forgive me. 

Months, it’s been months and I’m still infuriated but not at him, not anymore. I’m furious at myself for not being able to stop thinking about him. He doesn’t seem too bothered, he hardly has a glance to spare my way anymore, maybe…maybe…I was…wrong. 

For Merlin’s sake even thinking it hurts, but it’s possible I mean I’m well aware that I don’t know everything, yes so maybe I do know more than any other student at this school (Yeah I know modest, but who cares, we all know it’s true). Maybe there was nothing more to what happened between us, maybe he was just randy and I was conveniently available. 

Maybe I’m letting the romantic in me get the best of me thinking that he actually wanted to kiss me, that he still wanted me afterwards. 

Sigh…maybe…I’m really starting to hate that word. 

I’m trying hard to concentrate on my notes from history of magic, end of year exams are very near and I should have began studying weeks ago but I find that every time I try to concentrate my mind is inundated by all this disturbing thoughts that won’t let me. 

I look around the library which is full of students, a-not-so-rare occurrence at this time of the year; it’s mostly filled with fifth and seventh years studying for O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts respectably, it’s just about the most important time of the school year and yet here I am starring off into space like some love sick Hufflepuff. Mentally gagging at my inopportune use of the words “love sick”; I close my books and leave the library knowing full well that there’s no way I’ll be able to concentrate now that I’d given my musings full rein of my mind. 

I vaguely wonder where Harry and Ron have gotten off to, but decide against going to look for them, actually glad to be free of Ron at least for a bit, he hasn’t given me a moments solitude since the day Malfoy (yes, I go back to the use of his second name, not that it helps but there you have it) punched him, probably trying to keep him away from me. 

The filthy hypocrite first he goes around snogging Lavender Brown at every opportunity he has and thinks he now holds the moral high ground on me. I truly wonder what goes on in his head most of the time what does he think he’s doing protecting the sanctity of my reputation. 

An unnecessary effort, I think. I doubt my reputation has ever been safer then it is at the moment. 

I’m almost absolutely sure that Ron didn’t tell Harry or anyone else for that matter anything about what happened between Malfoy and I, but I think Harry suspects something is definitely up and as always even without actual facts he takes Ron’s side. 

Now that I think about it Harry is probably still running around trying to find out what Malfoy is supposedly up to. That boy is more stubborn than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo, ever since he took it into his head that Malfoy is a junior Death Eater or something he keeps following him around trying to figure out what he’s up to. Well at least Ginny has put a damper on that particular problem for the moment. 

I looked around the half-filled halls wondering where I should go, deciding that I would like some more time for my thoughts (call me a masochist I don’t really care), I make my way in search of privacy. Avoiding populated hallways and wandering down empty ones following wisps of promised solitude. I find my way leading me towards the astronomy tower hoping it’ll be empty as it usually is during the day. 

Pushing the heavy door of rough wood open I take a deep breath, the sky is a cloudy promise of spring rain later in the day, but the soft breeze playing through my hair is warm and sweet. I make my way towards the parapet. 

Dropping my bag on to the floor, I allowed my hand to caress the cool smooth stone, before climbing onto it. From this high up I can see far onto the school grounds, there are a couple of students playing around the lake, some studying underneath the protecting shades of a tree enjoying the warm spring air. I can see giant squid’s tentacles floating lazily on top of the water and I can also make out a couple of figures flying around the quidditch pitch, with a glint of red I think it must be Ron and Harry taking a break from their “ardent” labor of studying. 

My thoughts turn back to Ron, I finally have what I’ve always wanted; his attention. Still I can’t help wondering why I’m not as happy as I had thought I would be. 

Things have been better between us since his break up with Lavender, yeah sure I could definitely do with a bit less of the slightly suffocating over-protection, but things are better than they’ve been in months. This time I’m the problem, I can’t enjoy being with Ron as much as I used to, whenever I’m with him another face keeps filling my thoughts. 

I feel frustrated tears gathering in my eyes, I ignore them. 

I want to enjoy being with Ron, I want things to go back to the way they used to be. I hate having to think about him all the time and I hate all the more the fact that I can’t stop myself, the fact that I don’t want to stop. I hate the pain that shoots through my chest when ever his gaze sweeps over me cold and indifferent. 

The tears begging to run faster, a sob tearing in my throat. 

“You really like to choose the strangest places for crying don’t you? First broom closets and now tower tops.” My shoulders tense and I feel my heart falter at the sound of that voice, that deep voice with a slightly husky edge to it that does wonderfully torturous things to my senses. 

“Wha-what do you want?” I asked choking back a sob and turning my face away, I did not want him to see me crying…again. 

“Nothing really, I like to come up here from time to time, check up on the weather. Nice day today isn’t it?” His light hearted tone made me turn around to make sure I wasn’t confusing him with someone else. 

Nope, that’s Draco Malfoy alright. 

“What’s your problem Malfoy first you ignore me, hardly even glance at me for weeks on end and suddenly here you are wanting to talk about the weather?” I snap irate with his freakishly calm appearance. 

“I was not ignoring you.” He answered softly, turning his eyes onto the grounds so I couldn’t make out his expression. 

“Oh please, don’t make me laugh so hard, I might just fall over.” I snapped sarcastically as I brushed tears angrily away. 

He chuckled and I refused to acknowledge the effect that sound has on me. 

“It’s a long fall” He wittily points out. 

“No kidding” 

I’m beginning to think that he gets a kick out of my pain; if he can’t stand the site of me then he should just stay the hell away from me and not come to rub salt against my wounds. 

“Just spit it out Malfoy what do you want?” I find myself unable to mask the defeat on my voice. “Knowing you I would have thought you had found a new toy by now.” 

“What are you on about Hermione?” He asked stressing the use of my name. 

“I mean that if you don’t want me, if you don’t care about me, then you should have some pity for my sanity and stop playing with me.” I couldn’t help the words spilling from my mouth even if I regretted them as soon as they were out, I sounded pathetic. 

Tears continued to fall; I just couldn’t seem to stop making a fool of myself. I turned away from him cheeks flaming, definitely not needing to see his reaction to my crazy blubbering. 

“Hermione I…” He started his voice softer and huskier, the sound sending a shiver down my spine. 

“Please don’t say it; I don’t think I can take it.” I hated the supplicating ring of my voice. 

Suddenly I felt his warm hand on my cheek pulling my face so I was facing him and before I could protest his soft lips were on mine. Just as warm, as sweet as they had been on my dreams if not more, they ran lightly over my own caressing and teasing, soothing and igniting the need that has been my torment for the past few months. 

His warm hands cupped my face, fingertips tangling on my hair and as they had before his lips wiped every other thought from my mind, I forgot everything that wasn’t this feeling of wholeness of finally being complete. The time spent apart slid like water along a crack, it was almost if he had always been here with me like this. 

But he wasn’t, as soon as he bored again he would run off, leaving behind nothing but muddled thoughts and confusing emotions. 

“Draco please…” The words a whimper against his lips.

“Shhh.” He shushed his thumb running lightly over my lips. 

I hadn’t been this close to him in a while; he looked paler, sickly even dark shadows hang below his eyes giving the usual silvery gray of them a darker, haunted look. 

“Are you ok?” I asked. 

He kissed me again without answering, a quick spark of fire along my veins before he pulled away, resting his forehead against mine. 

“I want you, more then I have ever wanted anything or anyone else and because I care I have to stay away, I’m not good for you Hermione.” His whispered words burned in my mind. 

“I don’t care…not anymore.” 

“But I do. You’re meant for great things and I can’t take that away from you, you need someone like Weasley, someone who won’t hold you back, who won’t close doors for you.” 

“Who says tha-.” I began to deny his words but he cut me off. 

“I’m a death eater’s son Hermione; nothing we can say or do is ever going to change that.” I knew he was right, if Ron’s reaction was any guide to what would happen if he and everyone else found out what actually went on between us, no amount of explaining would make things right again. 

“I’m sick of it all.” I can help but imagine that things would be much different if war was not such an immediate threat. 

“Yes, so am I.” He answered, silvery eyes staring into my own. “I needed to say good bye.” 

“What? Why? Where are you going?”I asked his words shocking me, he couldn’t leave I needed him, I needed to see him at the very least, to know that he was safe, alive and breathing. 

“Nowhere for the moment, but I don’t think I’ll be coming back next year and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to see you before the year was out. So I’d rather take this opportunity to talk to you one last time.” 

Tear began to fall faster this time and I made no effort to stop them. 

“No please don’t cry Darling.” He soothed wrapping me in his arms, I buried my face on his chest trying to tattoo the memory of his scent into my mind, fresh and a bit spicy like peppermint or cinnamon. “You’ll be fine Hermione, you’ll be better off like this it’ll make things easier.” 

When my sobs died down appeased by his warm embrace he cupped my face again kissing me one last time, it tasted bitter sweet the thought that I would never savor the sweetness of his lips again pressing painfully against my chest. 

Without another word he turned away from me making his way towards the door, suddenly I felt cold but I knew it wasn’t the weather; some vital part of me had left with him.

I let the door close behind me hurrying away lest I allow the temptation to turn back and take her in my arms and never let go, win over me. 

But it was for the best it’s only a matter of time before she’ll hate me, when she finds out what I’m about to do, she’ll be repulsed by the very thought of me. I’m doing this to keep her safe; she’ll help Saint Potter do whatever it is that needs to be done and hopefully put an end to this madness. 

For now I will play my part as well as I can, keeping those that need me most save. I walk three times past the blank wall in front of tapestry of trolls in tutus, it’s only a matter of days and it’ll be fixed, a matter of days and my task will be finished. 

One day maybe she’ll forgive my lies…my betrayal.

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