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Vers La Mer by Raven Snape

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,411

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Contains Spoilers

Genres: General
Characters: Harry, Ginny, OtherCanon

First Published: 03/24/2009
Last Chapter: 04/03/2009
Last Updated: 04/03/2009

Two days after the Second Wizarding War, Harry finds himself at Shell Cottage, reminiscing. . . Response to Spanish & French Title Raffle Challenge by tell_me_what_the_truth_is

Chapter 1: Vers La Mer
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A/N: This is un-beta'ed, just for fair warning.

The Second Wizarding War was finally over. Two days after the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry found himself sitting on the coast near Shell Cottage. As he sat there, he felt a breeze. Harry shivered and looked up, surprised to find that it was nighttime. I have been sitting here longer than I thought! Harry thought numbly.

Harry looked up at the sky, taking note of various stars and constellations he was familiar with thanks to Astronomy. His eyes eventually fell on the Dog Star, Sirius. Harry smiled slightly, remembering the first time he had met his godfather of the same name. He remembered how close he had been to getting away from the Durselys forever, only to have it taken away. . . .

They had been walking down the secret tunnel which led from the Shrieking Shack to the grounds on Hogwarts. Sirius informed him that his parents, James and Lily Potter had assigned Sirius as Harry’s guardian. This meant that if anything were to happen to them, Sirius would take custody. Unfortunately, he had been imprisoned in Azkaban shortly after Harry’s parents had been murdered, so this had not had much effect. But Sirius had offered to let Harry come live with him, once his name had been cleared, of course.

When Harry gladly accepted the offer, Sirius had given a genuine smile, which, to Harry, made him look at least ten years younger. They were silent until everyone had exited the tunnel and had entered the safety of the Hogwarts grounds. Harry thought of how the Dursleys would react when he told them he was going to stay with the convict they had seen on television! At the time, the only light had been from the windows of Hogwarts, but shortly after they began to head back to the castle, a cloud shifted, revealing the full moon. They had had to run for their lives, because Lupin had not taken his Potion which would make him safe around people. Sirius had saved his life that night, and Harry had later saved Sirius’s life.

Harry also remembered Sirius’s death like it was yesterday. . .

He and Neville had been trying to leave the battle in the Department of Mysteries, an attempt to get to safety from the battle. Neville accidentally kicked the ball containing the prophecy, and it broke as a result. Shortly after it broke, Dumbledore arrived and began to round up the Death Eaters near the entrance. Sirius and his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange, were the only ones who failed to notice Dumbledore, and Sirius was taunting Bellatrix. Then, she hit him squarely in the chest with a spell, and he fell through the veil behind him, his laughter not quite gone from his face.

Harry had been heading down the staircase and towards the veil, and began to shout Sirius’s name. Lupin grabbed Harry from behind, and had had to restrain him until he calmed down. . . .

Harry was abruptly brought back to the present, out of his reveries, by moisture on his cheeks. He realized that he was crying, and he wiped his eyes on his sleeve. This reminded him of his first kiss. He had been alone in the Room of Requirement with Cho Chang, the Seeker at the time for Ravenclaw. They had been chatting about Cedric, which caused her to begin crying. She then complemented him on his teaching skills, and then pointed out that Harry had been standing under mistletoe without realizing it. Then, before Harry had really realized it, Cho had moved closer to him and they kissed under the mistletoe. Harry returned to Gryffindor Tower not long after, to be laughed at by Ron and sympathized by Hermione.

His first kiss had been alright for a first kiss. A little wet, true, but still. . .But now his affections were directed at Ginny, and only Ginny. The wind began to blow very hard and cold, blowing from the sea and towards Harry, chilling him. Then he vaguely heard someone calling his name.

“Harry!” the voice called. “Harry, where are you?”

The voice was faint at first, but it was getting louder as the person got closer.

“Harry, you over here?” called the voice.

It was then that Harry recognized the voice.

“Yeah, I’m by the cliff, Ginny,” Harry finally called.

A moment or two later, Ginny sat down next to him on the cliff.

“Why are you here, all alone?” Ginny asked.

“I was thinking,” Harry replied simply.

“There is a lot to think about,” Ginny admitted thoughtfully.

“Yeah there is,” Harry agreed softly.

There were a few moments of silence. It was a comfortable silence, with Harry and Ginny both gazing at the sky, lost in their own thoughts. Dark storm clouds were coming from overseas, covering the skies along the way.

“Could you tell me again how Fred died, Harry? Every detail?” Ginny asked, glancing at Harry.

“Are you sure you want to?” he asked in return. “I know it’s hard for you to hear.”

“It is hard hearing it, but I’ll recover. Eventually,” Ginny admitted. “Please tell me, Harry.”

“Okay,” Harry sighed. He had never been able to refuse Ginny. “Well, Ron, Hermione and I had barely escaped the Fiendfyre in the Room of Requirement, which had destroyed the next to last Horcrux. . . .Only Nagini was left, at least that we knew of at the time. We heard the unmistakable sounds of yelling, shouting, and dueling just down the corridor. . .”

With that, Harry told Ginny every detail he could remember. From when Percy and Fred first backed into view dueling masked and hooded men to when the corridor exploded.

“. . .and after I realized what had happened, I heard a terrible cry. It was horrible, and tore my insides like nothing else could have done, or ever will. It frightened me like nothing had ever scared me in my whole life, and I knew, deep down, that something horrible had just happened, and that it was related to the exploded corridor. Hermione had also been wounded, and after she stumbled to her feet, we approached Fred, Ron, and Percy. Percy was shouting ‘No! Fred! No!’ over and over and shaking him as he shouted, and then I saw Fred, really saw him, and realized the truth. He was dead, his last laugh still visible on his face.”

When Harry finished, he gazed at Ginny. Both of them were crying silently, and Harry put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer in sympathy. She let him do it, and she put an arm around his waist. They sat like that for several moments, silent and comforting each other with their presence.

“At least he died painlessly,” Harry murmured in her ear.

When Ginny nodded wordlessly, still crying, Harry sighed.

“I should not have told you,” Harry said gently. “I knew it would upset you like this.”

“No, it’s okay,” Ginny said. “I wanted to hear it.”

Ginny wiped her eyes dry and gazed at Harry. They smiled sadly at each other.

“You know, I feel like Swiss cheese,” Harry commented in an attempt to cheer Ginny.

She choked out a laugh, then gazed at him curiously.

“How so?” she asked.

“Well, I’ve lost a lot of people whom I care deeply about,” Harry explained. “It seems that every time I lose someone I love, a hole is cut into my soul, and I have so many holes in my soul now I’m like Swiss cheese.”

“I can’t help but feel like that, too,” Ginny admitted, her voice a whisper.

She looked out across the sea, and there was a crack of distant thunder. Harry looked at her, lifted his hand to her face, and turned it so she was looking at him.

“At least we have each other,” Harry said gently, “and the rest of your family.”

“Yes,” Ginny said, leaning closer to him.

A second later, the two shared a passionate kiss. They only separated when they heard a particularly loud clap of thunder. Both Harry and Ginny looked up at the thundercloud-dark skies.

“We’d better get inside before it begins to storm,” Harry said.

He stood up, and helped Ginny to stand before they headed towards Shell Cottage, hand-in-hand. They were ready to bury the past and embrace the future to the best of their abilities, whatever may come. . .