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W.E.I.R.D by Amelia_Iris_Ize

Format: Novella
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 828
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Crossover
Characters: OC

First Published: 03/15/2009
Last Chapter: 04/07/2009
Last Updated: 04/07/2009


Hi. This is the story of me, Niccolas Ea Donatello, and my twin sister, Wednesday Emmalina Irelynn Raelene Donatello. Before now my sister was considered to small and fragile to attend Hogwarts with me. Now she's finally over that and entering my third year at Hogwarts with me. That's great except most people see my sister as a little...different. That's putting it nicely.

Chapter 1: Prologue
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Hi. My name is Niccolas Ea Donatello. This is my way of starting an introduction. I'm sorry if I come out unclear. My skills in this type of thing are almost non existent. I am no good at introductions. I'm no good at talking to people or making friends either, which is probably why I don't have any.

There are two things in my life that I live for, school and family. I currently attend Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Yes. I am a wizard.

Hogwarts is undoubtedly absolutely amazing and you should know that I don't give praise like that out left and right. It is the largest castle in existence. Probably because it's put together by and layered with magic. As for my life there, well, teachers just don't like me. Maybe I give off a bad vibe or something. Most of them blame me for every little thing that goes wrong. Actually, me or the Marauders. I spend most of my spare time at Hogwarts exploring the castle and it's grounds, reading in the restricted section of the library, or down by the lake sketching.

My family are...a little different from most people. The Donatello's are an ancient wizarding family that goes back centuries and centuries though you've probably never heard of them. We keep out of public affairs and live in remote locations that usually have a certain degree of fear and suspicion surrounding them so no one will stick their noses in our business. My family also has a nasty habit of only marrying immediate relatives, a tradition that has been repeated for generations. I live in the Donatello mansion located deep within a supposedly haunted wood. There are a countless amount of my family members living in that household. I'll just mention a few.

The oldest member would be my great great great grandfather Elwood Donatello. The Great L, as we call him, only managed to stay alive this long because he spends most of his time as a tree. He's a shape shifter so that sort of thing is natural for him.

Living down in the basement there's Grandmother Enyo Donatello. We have to keep her locked up down there because she's taken to killing and eating any sort of meat that gets in her way. She always was a bit cannibalistic.

Then there's her husband grandfather Glyndwr Ophrah Donatello. He's the chief of merpeople in a lake near the mansion. When I do something really bad mum always sends me to have tea with him. You can't imagine the noise.

Then there's dad. He's nocturnal and prefers stargazing and archery to anything else. Helios Akio Donatello is his name. Oh, he's a centaur in case you were wondering.

Masami Yelizaveta Nefertiti Adannaya Rosabella Ilithyia Donatello is my mothers name. My mum is full veela with raven black hair, flawless ivory colored skin, and dark blood red lips. Her eyes are a shining sparkling golden hue. That's when she's pleased. When she's is angered her eyes darken, her hair becomes wild and tangled, her finger and toe nails lengthen and turn black like vicious claws, her nose and mouth leap from her face and harden into a razor sharp, jet black, and wickedly curved beak, large devilish wings grow rapidly from her back, and she is suddenly armed with handfuls of lighting. It's nasty. Trust me. If you think you're mum is hard on you, you've never seen anything like mine.

Finally, the last member of my family, Wednesday Emmalina Irelynn Raelene Donatello. Wednesday and I are twins. We were born at the exact same time, literally, which was most likely an enormous stress on our mother. When Wednesday was born she weighed 7oz while I weighed 7lb. Despite her small size she didn't seem to be suffering at all. She looked like a happy and energetic miniature baby. She was always very different from normal babies. She didn't talk at all until she was seven years old and when she finally did we discovered that she possessed an incredibly advanced vocabulary. Still, despite her intelligence, Wednesday is a little...challenged. That's what most people think. I know that she just sees things differently than other people. I've always protected her from peoples scathing remarks and taunts. Mum tells me that I was born with my eyes closed and that the first thing I saw when I opened them was Wednesday. Since that moment I have been her guardian.

Before I left home for Hogwarts I had been at Wednesdays side at every moment. I practically begged my parents to let her come, I couldn't leave her alone with no one to watch out for her, but my parents refused. They believed her to small and fragile to be going to any kind of school. But this year, my third year, Wednesday has finally been declared healthy enough to come with me. So, this is were our story starts.