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Mistakes Worth Making by Eridanus

Format: Novella
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 20,237
Status: Abandoned

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Teddy, Victoire, OtherCanon
Pairings: Teddy/Victoire, Other Pairing

First Published: 02/16/2009
Last Chapter: 09/30/2009
Last Updated: 09/30/2009


Dominique's sister, Victoire, has recently developed a fancy for their long time friend Teddy and it's driving Dom up the wall. It's not as if she's in denial; she can admit why. It's because she's jealous. But it isn't like she fancies Teddy or anything, she's just sick of it. Honestly.

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Chapter 1: One.
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A/N: This is a Victoire/Teddy/Dominique fic written for thetofuu_beaver's Jane Austen challenge. It's based on Louisa Musgrove's false ideas that Frederick Wentworth likes her because he's agreeable towards her, but none of the other characters are based on Anne Eliot or anyone else in the book.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the plot for Persuasion in any way

Chapter One

Dominique Weasley was buzzing as the Hogwarts Express pulled into the station; it had been a long term that involved a lot of cramming for her OWLs and copious amounts of caffeinated drinks just to keep her up to do the actual tests. Coming home for the summer was exactly what she needed. As she bade her friends and roommates goodbye with promises of letters and hugs all around, her mind was already on seeing her family and being back home at Shell Cottage. Despite their expanding family her parents had been loath to leave their first home together and so a few necessary additions had had to be constructed in order to house the family comfortably. Needless to say, it was growing to be more and more like The Burrow every day.

When the train screeched to a stop Dominique was one of the first passengers to bound onto the platform. In her exuberance to get to her family she weaved quickly through the throngs of people with a practiced expertise, and it wasn’t long before she was wrapped in her mother’s arms.

‘Ah, ma chérie, Eet ees wonderful to see you.’

‘And you mum,’ she said as she bounded over to her father. He enveloped her in his arms, grateful to have his little girl back.

‘How are you, my beautiful girl? Those bloody OWLs didn’t take too much out of you, did they?’

‘Nope. You know I wouldn’t let them,’ Dominique said with laughter in her voice. ‘Oh look, It’s Teddy and Victoire!’

She had turned round just in time to see her sister and their family friend disembark from the train in a more leisurely, but no less eager manner than herself. Victoire waved over at her parents excitedly and Teddy acknowledged all three of them with a nod, before parting ways with Victoire to go and say hello to his godfather. Dominique spotted where he was headed and jogged through the growing throng to join him. Teddy arrived just ahead of Dominique and soon they were both being enveloped in embraces from various family members.

‘So, how are our two workers?’ Harry questioned, because whilst Dominique had been doing her OWLs, Teddy had been completing his education with a rather testing round of NEWTs.

‘Considerably worse for wear than Victoire was this time last year, but I suppose we can’t all love the library like the Ravenclaws do,’ Dominique grinned teasingly. Teddy’s only response was to smirk and tinge his face a very ill-looking shade of green. This was received with a bout of laughter from their good-natured relatives.

‘Not unless you’re your Aunt Hermione, Dom, I’ve never seen anyone more attached to “Hogwarts a History”,’ this quip came from Uncle Harry and from what Dominique could gather it happened to be very true, although if Aunt Hermione had been here Dominique doubted that it would’ve been said. She was very touchy when it came to “Hogwarts a History”.

‘I’ll see you all tonight then at Grandma Weasley’s?’

‘Of course, Dom, you know how we all love a good Weasley-potter-lupin reunion.’ Aunt Ginny said somewhat sarcastically, because as she knew well nothing particularly wonderful ever came from a reunion involving the entire family. It was usually Uncle Percy’s fault, not that he could help it, the rubbish that came out of his mouth didn’t seem to register with his brain. To be honest he was just a bit cringey, your stereotypical dancing dad with two left feet.

‘Don’t I know it.’

‘You coming too, Teddy?’

‘Would I ever miss a chance to see you, Dom?’

‘Oh, I don’t think anyone would,’ she teased back and with that Dominique made her way back across the platform to where Louis, Victoire and her parents were waiting and chatting about the events at home and at Hogwarts.

‘Everyone’s going to be there tonight.’

‘Even Teddy?’ Bill and Fleur shared a knowing glance at Victoire’s question; she seemed to be growing particularly attached to Teddy Lupin lately. It was only a matter of time.

‘Yeah, everyone, although come to think about it I’m not so sure about Uncle Charlie, nobody mentioned anything.’

‘I’d put money on it that nobody will have any idea what Charlie’s doing until he apparates into the middle of the living room,’ Bill Weasley spoke fondly of his favourite brother.

‘We must be going, everyone ees leaving now and you three have to get unpacked before this evening.’ This was the unfortunate reality of having a mother who was a stickler for keeping the house tidy; sometimes you just had to be jealous of the organised chaos that was Grandma Weasley’s house.

Dominique sat downstairs waiting alongside Louis and her mum and dad for Victoire to appear. Merlin knows why the only one of Bill and Fleur’s children who seemed to have inherited any trace of Veela blood needed so long to get ready. Dominique on the other hand, who insisted that her lack of the Veela gene was evident due to her Weasley red hair and freckles, was always on time, as were the Bill and Louis, which was probably what led to Louis’ outburst.

‘Victoire! If you don’t hurry up we’re apparating without you!’

‘I think you’re forgetting that Victoire can legally apparate herself now; that’s not much of a threat Louis,’ Dominique laughed at her brother’s attempt to get them going. A few minutes later Victoire entered the living room with all the grace and fluidity that Dom swore had to be another one of those flipping Veela traits.

‘I do love parties,’ Victoire said, sighing as she did so.

‘We all do, but if it was down to you we’d never get to any. You’re so slow.’

‘You always were a moaner, Louis,’ Victoire remarked sticking her tongue out at him playfully, ‘but I’m ready to go now, so don’t hold us back any longer.’

‘Eef you are finished,’ Fleur said glaring at her warring children, ‘Victoire can apparate to the Burrow herself and I will take Dominique. Louis you can go with your father.’

‘But mum I wanted to take Dom, she hasn't apparated with me at all yet. Can't Dom and I go together?’

Fleur looked over at Dominique who was already making her way towards her sister,’ Well, eef either of you end up getting splinched, do not come crying to me.’

And with that they were off. Dominique held her breath, apparating always made her feel queasy, although she would be surprised if Victoire’s apparition skills were anything less than perfect. The journey went faultlessly and the family soon found themselves scurrying up the higgledy-piggledy path that led to the back garden of the Burrow.

‘Look who it is, the French Weasley clan.’ This was what they were greeted with as they rounded the corner to the unusually tidy back garden; Uncle Percy was still guffawing at his own “joke” as Bill greeted him. He truly was a hopeless case Dominique thought, shaking her head.

Dominique looked on at the scene in front of her, it may have been an end of term party, but Teddy Lupin was the man of the hour. He was sitting jauntily at the table wearing a ridiculous party hat and enjoying himself immensely. At least he was still showing some Gryffindor pride with his hair colour, not that the maroon and gold stripes he was sporting were in any way attractive. Victoire swanned off to join Teddy, and Dominique decided it was time to track down her favourite cousin Molly, who despite having been raised by Uncle Percy had managed to avoid turning out like him and found him even more embarrassing than the rest of the family, as is often the case with daughters and their fathers.

‘Merlin save me! My dad needs to be committed to Saint Mungo’s.’ It looked like Molly had found Dominique first.

‘All I’m saying is at least you had Aunt Audrey.’ This reduced the two girls to giggles. Even though Molly was two years Dominique’s junior and Uncle Percy’s daughter the two of them were great friends. She was the relative closest in age to Dom apart from her sister and although she loved Victoire, well what could you say, she was Victoire.

‘Victoire looks like she’s getting a bit carried away with herself over there,’ Molly said gesturing over towards the other side of the garden.

Dom looked over in the direction Molly was indicating only to see her sister literally draped over Teddy and he looked to be a little more than uncomfortable. Whether this was because Victoire was throwing herself at him in front of the whole family or because she was doing it at all had yet to be determined, but either way Dominique had to say it was practically incestuous.

‘Oh my word, she's sitting on him! Why in the name of Godric is she sitting on him?’ Molly said just when Victoire didn’t think it could get any worse.

‘How am I supposed to know, Molly? To draw attention to herself?’

‘Maybe, she's high. Yes, Dom, that's probably it! Your sister is a druggie! Thank Merlin for that, I thought she was a man eater, but I was wrong. She's just high. All you need to do is send her to rehab.’

‘Somehow, I don't think that's the problem Molly...’

‘How do you explain it then?’ Molly asked sullenly. She had been quite set on her own explanation.

‘Maybe, just maybe, she fancies Teddy.’

‘No! She can't! Victoire and Teddy. Teddy and Victoire. It doesn't even sound right!’

‘Well, if it doesn't sound right then there's no chance she fancies him. That must be a hallucination sitting on top of Teddy and whispering in his ear as he tries to nudge her off. It's very nice of Teddy to play along.’ Dominique once again pointed over in the direction of Teddy and Victoire.

‘Ok, you've made your point! What should we do?’

‘Don't ask me!’

‘But you're her sister, it's your duty to save her from total public humiliation.’

‘She won't listen to me!’

‘Then we could just pour a bucket of water over her and solve the problem immediately. She needs a bit of cooling off.’

‘If we did that that would be our death warrant signed, sealed and delivered.’

‘That's a chance we'll have to take, Dom. If you aren't prepared to do it for Vic, then think of Teddy. Look at him, the poor bloke! He's just sitting there rigid as a board as your sister strokes his arm. He's flipping terrified.’

‘Go on then, we're going to have to do something, she's managed to attract the whole family's attention and she'll be more embarrassed if it's mum wrenching her off Teddy than us.’

‘Exactly, at least this way she'll be able to stay in a state of blissful ignorance. We'll just be two conniving little bitches after her man, not doing anything so far fetched as looking out for her welfare.’

‘God forbid we did that. Well hurry up Molly, the sooner we do it the better.’

It was a delicate situation, at this point everyone was trying desperately to avert their eyes from what was going on at the dining table. Sadly most were failing and the last thing that was needed was Victoire making a scene whilst Molly and Dom tried to salvage what was left of her dignity. Teddy looked like he was trying to coax Victoire off him gently, but this girl needed a firm hand. Somebody with ambition like hers really belonged in Slytherin. Scratch that, nobody deserved to be in Slytherin, that lot had a terrible reputation.

‘You can do the talking, because you know if I do it I’ll end up being the worst thing since Voldemort.’ Molly laughed at this declaration; she completely understood sisterly affection, or rivalry, depending on what way you looked at it.

Victoire didn’t notice Molly and Dom approaching her from across the garden, and so when they arrived she was sitting on the edge of Teddy’s garden chair and running her fingers through his newly stripy hair.

‘Alright, Victoire? Teddy?’ At Molly’s words Victoire jumped up from where she had been perched, evidently she had thought she was being subtle. This was getting worse by the second.

‘Oh, right, yep, I’m fine Molly… Did you want something?’

‘Lily’s been asking after you for ages, do you want to come and see her with me?’ Victoire's embarrassment was working to their advantage and everything was going smoother than expected.

‘I suppose I could, I haven’t seen her in ages.’ Victoire was obviously mortified at being caught out and left swiftly with Molly when she suggested it, leaving Dom to try and get the story out of Teddy.

‘Merlin,’ Teddy ran his fingers through his own hair to fix the mess Victoire had made, ‘what brought that on?’

A/N: Alright, so I've taken a few liberties with ages and such just to make the story run a bit smoother and I though this would be a good opportunity to give you a run-down of everyone's ages;
Teddy has just finished Hogwarts age 19, Victoire is 18 and the year below and Dominique is 16 and the year below that - her birthday is on the way this summer.
Molly is 15 and just finished her third year along with Louis.
Lucy and Fred completed first year in June, James has just finished his second year and Albus, Scorpius and Rose will start Hogwarts this September.

Again, I know that my ages aren't exactly right for the age groups I've put them in, but it's what I need for the story ^_^.

Chapter 2: Two.
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or the plot for Persuasion in any way.

Chapter Two

Dominique lay in bed reflecting on the events of the previous day; it hadn’t been completely awful apart from Uncle Percy being a prat, which was an everyday occurrence. Uncle Charlie had shown up, much to everyone’s surprise, which was a cause of great celebration for all (except, perhaps, Grandma Weasley, who couldn’t get over the fact that he had turned up once again without a partner to speak of).
From what Dom could gather from Teddy, Victoire had been acting rather bunny boiler-esque for the past week, but her advances had reached their peak last night. Up until that point he had thought that she was just messing about. Apparently not.

Victoire hadn’t stayed away for long, despite Molly’s best efforts, although her flirting didn’t seem to have quite as much vigour as before, even if it was just as obvious what her intent was. To Dom’s surprise, Victoire’s actions weren’t causing quite as much scandal in the family circle as she’d assumed they would. The snippets of conversation she heard between the adults, especially the females, seemed to be revolving around how Teddy and Victoire had always been “destined to be together” and how “it was written in the stars” and lots of other rubbish following along the same theme. It was ridiculous. Teddy didn’t even fancy Vic! Nobody was even remotely embarrassed for Teddy; on the contrary they seemed to think that he was enjoying it.

Thinking about the party was slowly but surely leading Dom into a foul mood that would be sure to follow her for the rest of the day. She’d always thought of Teddy as one of her best friends, certainly her oldest one, and now Victoire was trying to steal him from her like she always did. Boys always chose Vic in the end. Dom punched her pillow in vain. However, the pillow wasn’t Victoire, and so the satisfaction she longed for didn’t follow. She lay sprawled beneath a tangle of bedclothes, trying to organise her thoughts, only to have the object of her frustration burst into her room in a blaze of radiance.

‘Morning, Vic.’

‘How can you still be in bed on a morning like this?’

‘Quite easily, actually. Why are you up?’

‘When you’re in love there’s no need to lie in bed wallowing,’ Victoire perched herself on the end of Dom’s bed as Dom lay there, seemingly trying to share a bit of worldly wisdom.

Dom sat up in bed, her mouth agape. Vic couldn’t possibly be talking about Teddy. She couldn’t love Teddy, could she? Not like that anyway.

‘Sorry, when you’re what? For a second there I thought you said in love.’

‘You always were a cynic, Dominique. Why shouldn’t I be in love?’

‘Well, for a start, I don’t know who he is. You aren’t even going out with anyone.’

‘That’s where you’re wrong, he’s been right in front of me for so long and I never realised. Not until I remembered that he was finished with Hogwarts.’ Victoire was absent-mindedly playing with her hair and grinning cloyingly.

‘It’s Teddy.’

Her worst suspicions had been confirmed.

‘Right… Are you sure that you’re in love with him?’ Dominique said in a carefully measured voice.

‘Of course I’m sure I’m in love with him! Do you think I’m an absolute idiot Dom? Why can’t you just be happy for me?’

‘I am Vic, honestly, but isn’t it a bit hasty? I mean does Teddy… does he love you?’ Dominique was tentative in her reply; she didn’t want to patronise her sister, but on the other hand that was the only thing she wanted to do.

‘Of course he does! It’s quite clear to everyone except you, even Dad said so.’ For an eighteen-year-old, Victoire was remarkably petulant. She had brains and beauty, high spirits and charm, but, unfortunately, she lacked the sort of smarts which weren’t taught in books.

‘Well, has he said he loves you?

‘Not in so many words, but it was implied.’

‘What exactly did he say?’

‘I can’t remember exactly what he said, Dominique, but I know what he meant.’

Dom was becoming increasingly exasperated with her sister, and short of pulling her hair out, she didn’t know what to do to knock some sense into her. She settled for exhaling noisily.

‘You know what Dom? I’m sick of you and all of your bloody negativity. Go ahead and die a spinster for all I care, but you aren’t taking this away from me.’ Forgetting her usual Veela graces Victoire heaved herself off Dom’s bed and stormed out of the room, leaving Dominique to prepare herself for a day that she was sure would be as wonderful as her morning.

It was eleven o’clock and Dom was in the middle of preparing herself a late breakfast when the doorbell rang. Instead of going to answer it she continued to bustle around the kitchen, removing her toast from under the grill and spreading it with jam. While there was any possibility that it could be Victoire on the other side of the door, there was no chance she would be the one answering it. She was just pouring herself a glass of pumpkin juice when she heard her father make his way towards the front door muttering about the ingratitude of the youth today. She laughed quietly to herself; he really was getting old.

Ironically, Bill answered the door to about the only “youth” on the planet that he had liked since he was one himself. She could hear Teddy’s deep voice as he conversed with her dad and knew he’d be making his way into the kitchen to see her soon. She walked back over to the oven and slipped another two slices of bread under the grill, knowing that if she didn’t, Teddy would probably end up eating all of hers. She could barely wait until next week when she could legally perform simple tasks like this with magic.

Right on cue, Teddy appeared through the door and plonked himself down at the kitchen table whilst issuing her a warm greeting. Dominique couldn’t help noticing that his hair was blond today and spitefully wondered if it was Victoire that had inspired him to choose a colour so different from his usual brown. They would make quite the couple; no doubt Witch Weekly would gush over them adoringly and probably make up some sort of trivial, pointless award to give to them.

‘Dom, are you alright?’

‘Oh, yes, sorry Teddy. I was off in a bit of a daydream.’ Dominique placed the now toasted slices of bread on a plate and gave them to Teddy with a smile; she wasn’t quite sure what had come over her.

‘Not a good one by the looks of it.’

‘No, not really.’

‘Victoire not in?’

‘She went out. Calling round to see her were you?’ Dominique fought to keep the accusatory tone out of her voice.

‘Don’t be daft, Dom. D’you think I‘d be racing round to see her after last night?’ Teddy and Dom both laughed at the suggestion.

‘You’ll probably need to talk to her about it though; she’s definitely not got the hint.’

‘Has she said something?’

‘Well, sort’ve…’

‘Dom, just tell me what she said. I’m hardly going to be able to guess it and according to you we don’t have secrets, remember? I don’t think I need to remind you who the idiot was that acted upon this declaration and told you that Kevin Peters had got off with Rachel Darcy, only to find himself in a load of trouble because a certain other person, who just so happens to be in this room, had told her friend, who had then told the whole school.

‘Alright, shut up, enough guilt tripping for one day. It’s just, well… she fancies herself in love with you.’

‘What?’ Teddy’s mouth was hanging open in shock.

‘I know, but you can’t blame her! Everyone keeps telling her that you like her and she doesn’t suffer from low self esteem, our Vic.’

‘Merlin, just tell me who everyone is.’

‘Aunt Ginny, Aunt Hermione, Uncle Ron, Mum, Dad, Uncle Charlie, Grandma, Granddad, Andromeda, Uncle Harry-’

‘Wait! Harry thinks I fancy Vic?’

‘Not really, his exact words were that you seem to think she’s a goddess, Dominique grinned at Teddy’s obvious shock. ‘Don’t worry about it Ted, you’ll only have to marry her or something.’

‘Kill me now, Dom. I’m begging you.’

‘You can’t blame them all, really, it’s just what they want to happen. On the bright side, you only have to put up with it this summer and then we’re all back off to school.’ At this point Teddy had resorted to cradling his head in his hands in a feeble attempt to block out what he was hearing.

‘Ah, only all summer, that’s alright then,’ he muttered. ‘It’s going to be weird, though, not seeing all of you every day when you go back, despite all of the obvious benefits.’

‘Something tells me you’ll be able to put up with it. I, however, don’t know how I’m going to deal with seeing the rest of them every day for the next two years.’

A loud crack issued from the hall, making Dom jump, and a minute later Victoire glided into the kitchen.

‘Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey are over and Dad has conveniently made himself scarce, so Mum wants us in the living room. You know how she can’t stick being alone with them.’ Victoire’s initial reaction had been one of sulkiness, but upon seeing Teddy her face lightened.

‘Oh, hello Teddy! Nobody told me you were here.’

‘Alright, Vic?’

‘Wonderful thanks, your hair looks great by the way.’

‘Oh, right, thank you.’

‘C’mon Vic, Teddy, we better get in there before mum comes charging in.’ In Dom’s opinion, Teddy’s actions contradicted what he had told her earlier, as he hadn’t even seemed to flinch at Victoire’s flattery. She couldn’t help contemplating the idea that maybe the rest of her family was right, after all, and the minority was only made up of her and Molly.

The awkward threesome made their way out of the kitchen and into the living room, only to be greeted by another awkward atmosphere. Fleur had just been stifling a yawn as Percy droned on about how wonderfully the roses in his own garden were looking in comparison to those at Shell Cottage, whilst Audrey tried to shift the conversation to more amiable ground; her opportunity to do this came with the arrival of the three children.

‘Ah, Teddy, glad to be off?’

‘Mostly relieved, but I was just saying to Dom that it’s going to be strange not going back.’

‘That it will Teddy, that it will. I remember when I left Hogwarts (I was Head Boy too you know). It was terribly hard leaving the old place. And to think you’re the very first one of the children to leave. I’m certainly feeling my age!’ Percy guffawed as the others smiled politely. There wasn’t a single member of the extended family that wasn’t aware that Percy had been Head Boy during his seventh year at Hogwarts, and there wasn’t a single member of any family in the surrounding area that remained interested in the fact.

‘I’m going to apply for a job at St. Mungo’s as a trainee healer.’

‘Teddy zat ees wonderful; Dominique ‘as always wanted to be an ‘ealer also. Eet ees a very worthwhile profession.’

‘Yes, very worthwhile, very worthwhile,’ Percy nodded his agreement. ‘What about your girlfriend Teddy, what’s she hoping to do? Hair styling I suppose.’ That was another thing that Dom hated about her Uncle Percy- he was a complete chauvinist.

‘Actually, I don’t have a girlfriend, Percy. We decided not to continue on after Hogwarts, we both had very different plans.’ That was one way of putting it. Teddy had had a very messy break up with his ex-girlfriend Holly Reilly, the main reasons behind which were that her plans for after their seventh year involved lots of babies and Teddy’s didn’t include her. He’d spent the last month of school using his talents as a Metamorphagus to aid him in his avoidance of her.

‘Wise choice there Teddy, m’boy. What about you girls, how’s the love life?’

‘I don’t know about Vic, but I’m definitely single, Uncle Percy.’

‘Dominique, what are you talking about? You’re the one who had about twenty boyfriends this year!’ Victoire was clearly on the defensive.

‘What ees thees Dominique? I ‘eard nothing of any boyfriends.’

‘Maman, she’s completely exaggerating. I went on a couple of dates to Hogsmeade! Vic on the other hand…No boys are safe with her around.’

‘I didn’t hear about any of these guys at Hogwarts,’ Teddy blustered. Dominique couldn’t help noticing that Teddy had tensed up considerably after the conversation had turned to relationships and that the mention of any other boys around Victoire had been what prompted him to speak.

‘It seems I’ve started a bit of trouble here.’

‘Not to worry Percy, zere ‘as been no ‘arm done.’

‘Of course, of course. Well, Audrey we must be off, I’ll floo round and see you all later.’

‘I’m sure we will see you very soon, Percy. ’ There was a chorus of goodbyes that accompanied Fleur’s parting words as Audrey and Percy stepped into the fireplace to continue their rounds of visiting.

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Chapter 3: Chapter Three.
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Chapter Three

The week since Victoire had proclaimed herself to be in love with Teddy had passed rather uneventfully and in Dominique’s opinion uneventfulness was bliss, especially after the stress of OWLs. However, uneventful certainly didn’t mean boring; Dominique had in fact found herself accidentally stalking Victoire.

One may wonder how it is possible to accidentally stalk a person, but Dom didn’t realise what she was doing when she asked Victoire where she was going every time she left the house; or when she found herself analysing the handwriting on the letter that had arrived at the house for Vic, internally debating if it was from Teddy; or when she burst into Victoire’s room unannounced because she’d been up there by herself for an hour. In fact, she only realised what she was doing when she found herself following Vic down the garden path to try and find out if she was going where she said she was.

Needless to say, after that particular occasion where she had been forced to squat in a bush in case Vic saw her, she made a conscious effort not to meddle in any relationship that Teddy and Victoire may have.

Apart from her antics where Victoire was concerned, Dom had a relaxing week. She sat with Lucy whilst the others played Quidditch in Grandma Molly and Granddad Arthur’s orchard, went out with Molly, chatted with Teddy when he wasn’t at St. Mungo’s, and drew. Drawing was the one thing at which Dominique really excelled. The whole family revelled in her sketches of Hogwarts and portraits of them alike; Dom had a way of capturing magic and transferring it onto the page.

On the ninth of July, Dom was sitting under a magnolia tree in her back garden, sketching Teddy from her mind’s eye in a picture she was already calling “Before Victoire”. Her hand glided over the page, tracing his strong jaw and familiar features. His hair was most definitely brown too, not the blond that had appeared more and more often recently. The positivity that Dom had had a week earlier had almost disappeared entirely. All she was waiting for now was for Teddy to abandon her just like her fickle positivity.

Teddy walked the same garden path to Shell Cottage that he had many times before, but he still managed to stumble slightly over the paving stones. Many people told him that this was a trait that he had inherited from his mother, and apparently she had been much more prone to it than he was. Somehow he couldn’t believe it. The door to the cottage was opened before he even had time to knock on it. It was Louis.

‘Saw you falling up the path again, Ted,’ Louis said with laughter in his voice.

‘Old habits die hard.’

‘Clearly,’ Louis opened the door fully and Teddy followed him into the house. ‘Vic’s out at the minute, actually.’

‘I was calling to see Dom, is she about?’

‘Oh right,’ a frown clouded Louis’ previously smiling face. ‘I think she’s round the back.’

Louis wasn’t amused by the thought that Teddy was messing with both of his sisters, no matter how much he liked him, and Teddy himself most definitely didn’t enjoy the fact that everyone was reading into his friendship with Vic to a disturbing extent.

‘I’ll talk to you later, Louis.’

Teddy made his way along the narrow hallway and into the kitchen, where the door to the back garden was. The kitchen was by no means small, but it was packed with objects. There was a plate rack covered with Fleur’s family china that ran right round the room, a pine dining table that was large enough to comfortably sit six people, numerous cupboards, and other assorted bits of crockery. There was also a large window overlooking the garden and as Teddy passed it he couldn’t help but stop and absorb the view. Dom was stretched out languorously beneath a large tree, and looking completely at peace as she drew; her hair was messily thrown up with a pencil keeping it in place, and her hand was sweeping over the page urgently.

The day was hot and the kitchen quickly became stifling, so Teddy made his way out to the back garden. The click of the door closing jolted Victoire from her work and upon seeing Teddy she quickly closed over her sketchbook, which was something she wouldn’t normally do, but for some reason she felt guilty for drawing him.

‘I always knew you’d come crawling back, Lupin.’

Teddy was still slightly puzzled at Dominique’s urgency in closing her sketchbook, but replied all the same, ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about, Weasley.’

‘Oh, I think you do. I’ve hardly seen you at all this week; I’ve been abandoned for real life,’ Dominique grinned broadly.

‘That you have Dom, I didn’t mean to, though. I have a better chance at being accepted at St. Mungo’s if I volunteer this summer and if I don’t get accepted we won’t be able to work together, will we?’

‘Well, when you’re a world renowned healer, don’t forget about me.’

‘I think it’s more likely that you’ll be world renowned than me.’

‘I’m not so sure. You’ve already managed to get yourself into The Prophet’s gossip column.’ Dominique laughed at the look on Teddy’s face; he obviously hadn’t seen Patrella Poversi’s latest piece of world changing journalism. It had only come out this morning, after all.

‘What are you talking about?’ He quizzed.

‘Merlin, Ted, keep your knickers on, it’s nothing bad. God forbid.’ Dominique smirked as she said this; Teddy was a bit of a goody-goody. At Hogwarts it would’ve taken a fire to get him out after his set “bed time”.

‘It mainly focused on how Patrella, quote, “likes a man in uniform,” unquote, and then another two hundred thousand words in which she described you as scrumptious and pondered the meaning of the universe, i.e. where you’d been hiding. Hogwarts was clearly too simple an explanation.’

‘Right…’ Teddy was blushing, he wasn’t used to the thought of himself as being so attractive. After all, he could make himself look however he chose. The press weren’t allowed to print any stories featuring any of the Weasley, Potter, or Lupin children until they left Hogwarts. However, the embargo on Teddy seemed to have finally been lifted.

‘Don’t worry about it, Ted. It was hardly front page news.’

‘I s’pose,’ he said doubtfully. ‘Well, anyway, I’ve come to take you out for your birthday.’

‘Serious?’ Dominique was excited at the prospect, she hadn’t been to Diagon Alley in ages and if Teddy was with her, well, then he wasn’t off gallivanting with Victoire.

‘Completely,’ he grinned.

‘But my birthday isn’t until next week.’

‘Yeah, but I’ve got a lot of shifts down at St. Mungo’s and this is the only time I have free until then, well, the only free time I’ve got when there’s a possibility of me having any energy.’

‘Alright, let’s go.’

Dominique didn’t think her day could get any better.

Dominique stumbled slightly as she exited one of the floo stations in Diagon Alley, but she had to quickly get herself out of the way as people flew out of fireplaces all around her.

‘Careful there, Dom. You’re getting as bad as me.’

‘Nobody could ever be as clumsy as you,’ Dominique said, sticking her tongue out.

‘Okay, I admit it, but you’re still the worst singer ever born.’ Dominique just raised her eyebrow playfully at Teddy in response. ‘Hungry?’ he queried.

‘Starving, Teddy, starving, and here I was thinking you’d never ask.’

Teddy slung his arm around Dom’s shoulders and they made their way out of the Diagon Alley Floo Station, into the alley itself. They didn’t need to question where they were going, Fortescue’s ice-cream parlour was an old favourite of theirs. Teddy and Dominique wound their way through the throngs of holiday shoppers and people out to enjoy the sunshine, managing to snag themselves a table on the cobbled pavement just outside the ice-cream shop.

‘What are you having, Dom?’

‘Same as always, a strawberry surprise,’ she said as she took a seat at the table.

‘I should’ve guessed,’ Teddy smiled, ‘although, it stopped being a surprise a long time ago’.

Teddy put his jacket on the back of the chair and left Dom at the table to go inside and order for them.

Dominique sat people watching for a while and made up stories about the people around her. That witch with the perfectly straight teeth was the ringleader of the Rotfang conspiracy that Luna was always going on about; that warlock with the eye patch who was carrying a cabbage was on his way to throw it at his ex-wife’s head, because she’d had an affair with a goblin. However, there were limits to Dominique’s imagination, and it was then that she realised she had a pencil in her hair, so she tugged it free, before drawing on a napkin. She was still in this state when a woman who had short, dark hair and looked to be in her mid thirties approached her from the street.

‘I’m sorry for disturbing you, but you aren’t one of the Weasley children, are you?’ This didn’t surprise Dominique too much; she’d been approached by strangers a few times because of her family, although it usually happened when they were out in larger numbers.

‘Oh, don’t worry about it and yes, yes I am.’

‘Excuse me if I’m wrong, but you’re Dominique. Am I correct?’

‘Yes, you’re right…Did you maybe want something?’ Dominique was a little more disconcerted that the woman knew her name.

‘I just wanted to say that your family are all heroes and you should be very proud of them. Pass on my regards, will you?’ the woman smiled cloyingly.

‘Thank you very much, I’ll be sure to tell them,’ Dom replied. For some reason she found the woman strangely disconcerting.

‘You really are a sweetheart. Goodbye dear,’ the woman said as she departed.

‘Goodbye,’ Dominique said as politely as she could. She was about to go back to her drawing when Teddy appeared, carrying two large glass dishes of ice cream, one of which he set in front of her.

‘Who was that?’ He inquired.

‘Just some woman wanting to thank me for having such a brilliant family.’

‘Ah, right, and you took your hair down for her because…?’

‘I didn’t take my hair down for her you bloody idiot, I took it down because I needed the pencil keeping it up to draw.’ She waved the napkin with the sketch of him ordering the ice creams at his face.

‘If that’s your story…,’ Dom laughed at Teddy’s teasing. ‘Any chance I can taste a bit of your strawberry ice cream?’ He asked.

‘Only, and I mean it, only if I can have a bit of your chocolate.’

‘Done,’ Dominique and Teddy both reached over the table and scooped a bit of ice cream out of each others’ bowls, locked eyes and laughed. This was another old tradition of theirs.

‘So, how’s the volunteering going?’

‘It’s brilliant, but Merlin, it’s tiring,’ he smiled.
Looking at Teddy more closely, Dom noticed how heavy his eyelids seemed and the dark shadows that were forming under his eyes. She doubted that he would appreciate her commenting on them, but she was thrilled that despite his fatigue he had made the time to take her out.

‘Worse than NEWTs? I mean, those things are nastily exhausting.’

‘One million times worse than NEWTs, something I never thought possible. Although, this is actually worth it in.’

‘And I have to wait another two flipping years,’ Dominique said exasperatedly.

‘It’ll fly in; before you know it you’ll be married with eighteen children.’

‘You really know how to charm a girl, Ted,’ Dominique smiled at Teddy’s, hopefully inaccurate, attempt at telling her future.

‘I do my best. Where do you want to go next?’

‘How about Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes to see Uncle George?’

‘Sounds good to me.’

They finished their ice creams and Teddy straightened himself up, removed his jacket from the back of his chair and shrugged it on, while Dominique stuffed her napkin sketch into her pocket. The two then left Fortescue’s and turned left onto the street. It was hard to tell when so many people were packed into such a small space, but Dominique couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched. She tried to ignore it, but couldn’t help glancing over her shoulder more than a few times as she walked down the street. Teddy and Dominique wove their way through the masses until they reached the brightest, most garish shop front on the entire street. The shop was also the most packed on the entire street.

They fought their way into their Uncle George’s shop and since they didn’t see him immediately they began to browse. Dominique floated over to the section especially for girls and Teddy drifted after her, only to find himself in a gaggle of giggling girls, all at least half a foot shorter than him and chattering as if it was going out of style.

‘Dreaming of someone, Dom?’

‘What?’ Teddy indicated the object in her hand.

Dominique looked down at the patented daydream charm she was clasping and realised Teddy’s meaning. ‘No, I just always wondered how these things worked,’ she couldn’t stop herself from turning a bright shade of red, and Teddy laughed as Dominique set the box back down.

‘How is my favourite niece? And Teddy of course.’

‘Hello, Uncle George. We thought we’d pop in and see you,’ Dom said.

‘Splendid, just splendid! I hope you’ve both been behaving yourselves.’ George was currently partaking in his favourite activity; imitating his brother, Percy.

‘Of course we have, Perce, you know us,’ Teddy grinned.

‘Now that I’ve been called his name I know that I’ve gone too far, Teddy,’ George laughed good-naturedly. ‘What brings the two of you down here?’

‘Well, since it’s my birthday next week Teddy’s taking me out,’ said Dominique.

‘And why, may I ask, is he taking you out so prematurely?’

‘Because I’m volunteering at the hospital and Godric’s Ghost only knows when I’ll next be off for a day.’

‘Fair enough. Anything you’re particularly interested in Dom? I need all the help I can get for your birthday present.’ George casually rested his elbow on a large pile of extendable ears, managing to appear perfectly relaxed in the chaos that was his joke shop.

‘I’m sure it’ll be as fantastic as always, Uncle George.’

‘Ah yes, but seventeen is a big one; it requires extra effort.’

‘Don’t be daft,’ Dom said.

‘I can’t help it,’ George smiled. ‘I’ve got to get back to work, but browse away and if there’s anything you want just give me a shout.’

‘Bye, George,’ Teddy said.

‘See you soon, Uncle George.’ But George had already disappeared off into the madness of the shop before they had a chance to say goodbye properly.

Teddy and Dominique were examining a mountain of fake, but semi-permanent, moustaches and Teddy was modelling them using his metamorphagus skills for a delighted Dominique, when they were interrupted by a voice.

‘Dom, is that you?’ Dominique glanced round and was soon caught up in greeting a familiar face.

‘Adam! It’s great to see you. Been having a good summer?’ She smiled widely at the handsome boy who had worked hard to catch her attention in the packed shop.

‘Oh, you know, it’s been alright.’ Teddy was observing this exchange rather moodily and put a protective arm around Dominique’s shoulder.

‘Adam, this is my friend Teddy Lupin. I’m sure you know him?’ Dominique sniggered slightly as she introduced him; Teddy was still sporting a ridiculous handlebar moustache and he seemed to be completely unaware of it.

‘Yeah, you’d have to be pretty slow to not know the Head Boy.’

‘How do you know me then?’ Teddy was being inexplicably rude and Dominique gave him a swift elbow in the ribcage.

‘Teddy, this is my friend Adam. He sits with me in Charms.’

‘Nice to meet you, Teddy.’ Adam extended his hand in greeting and Teddy responded by removing his arm from around Dom’s shoulders and his shaking it coldly.

‘You too,’ Teddy said without a very convincing tone. It was quite for a few seconds before Adam spoke up again.

‘Dominique, d’you think I could speak to you for a second?’

‘Yeah, of course, go ahead,’ Dominique said, nodding enthusiastically.

‘Erm… I meant in private.’

‘Don’t worry. You can say it in front of me. I don’t mind.’ Teddy was disconcerted by the idea of this boy asking to speak to Dominique privately, and he knew she would give into this Adam character if he didn’t take charge.

‘Oh, right, well… I was just wondering if you would like to do something next week. You know, just the two of us?’ Adam was blushing profusely. Teddy’s presence had thrown him off considerably.

‘Oh Adam, I’d love to, but I’m so busy right now.’ Adam looked extremely downtrodden and Dominique couldn’t help but feel bad for him, she really did like him. ‘It’s my birthday next Sunday and we’re having a party, I’d love it if you came.’

‘That’d be great,’ Adam grinned boyishly. ‘I have to go now, but I’ll owl you about it.’

‘Alright, bye,’ Dominique was beaming radiantly, however, Teddy was looking distinctly less pleased.

As they left Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, Teddy was rather cold in his manner towards her, but Dom was too pleased to notice.

‘You’ve still got that ridiculous moustache on, by the way, Ted.’

‘Oh, right.’ Teddy looked at his reflection in the window and upon seeing it was true, morphed himself back. He was still too sore from the encounter with Dom’s friend to laugh about it.

‘What did you think of him, Ted? Isn’t he lovely?’ Dominique was asking in the hope that Teddy’s approval would protect her from the embarrassment that was her family, but the reply she got was very cold.

‘I didn’t like him very much. He was coming on a bit strong.’ Teddy definitely wasn’t in the mood for shopping anymore.

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Chapter 4: Four.
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Chapter Four

Teddy had not had a good morning. He had woken up late and spilt his bowl of cereal down himself, forcing him to get changed. He had then proceeded to apparate in a rush, resulting in him leaving the fingernail on his baby finger behind. After he went back home to get it he had had to report to Healer Connell and explain why he was late and finally, he had to go and get his fingernail sorted out; it had been the epitome of stressful.

Teddy had just got his fingernail firmly reattached when he bumped into his friend, Cassie, another volunteer.

‘I don’t suppose you’ve seen Witch Weekly this morning, Ted?’

‘Nope, it isn’t really my choice read. Why? Anything good in there?’

‘Depends what you’d call good darling. Going out on a limb, I’d say that you aren’t going to love it.’ She chucked the paper that she’d been carrying at Teddy and he scanned the front page quickly.

‘Try page seven.’ Teddy flicked through until he got to page seven and was shocked to see a photograph of himself and Dominique. He glanced up at Cassie.

‘What the hell is it about?’

‘Read it, but whatever you do don’t shoot the messenger. It would only cause me unnecessary bother and I can’t afford to spend even more time in this place to get a bullet wound healed.’ Teddy gathered his senses and began reading the article.

Teddy Takes the Town
We’ve all been seeing the best looking bachelor of the minute out and about recently, but who was the mystery girl on his arm three days ago? As the pictures show, they were looking very cosy over a romantic ice cream, even eating from each others’ bowls. He seemed very familiar with the red head and he clearly doesn’t have a problem with his relationship being public, but we here at Witch Weekly couldn’t help thinking that he could do a lot better... The girl was obviously attractive, but her ratty clothing and misshapen nose didn’t fare well when compared to Teddy Lupin’s classic good looks. However, there was obviously something that we missed because when they were later photographed in Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes (see left), Teddy’s nose was looking distinctly out of joint while his ‘friend’ was chatting with a boy she clearly knew well. What is this girl’s secret?

‘Is she the famous Dominique, then?’ Cassie asked.

Dominique wasn’t legally allowed to be mentioned by name and her face had been blurred, but she was still recognisable to those who knew her and Teddy would bet twenty galleons that the magazine knew exactly who she was too. He was consumed by rage and didn’t bother to answer the question.

‘How dare they talk about her like that? Is that even allowed?’ Teddy was so livid that he was crumpling up the magazine viciously as he spoke.

‘Oh, it’s allowed, Teddy,’ Cassie said.

‘But, why the fuck are they even interested?’ Teddy questioned as he threw the, now unrecognisable, magazine at the floor in disgust.

‘Because Patrella Poversi fancies the pants off you Teddy, my dear. Don’t tell me you didn’t see The Prophet on Thursday!’

‘I did, but what does this have to do with this bloody article?’ Teddy’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

‘She wrote it too, Teddy. She’s just trying to get some sly little digs in.’

‘She’s a bloody bitch is what she is. She’s calling Dom ugly… There are a lot of things you could call her, but that definitely isn’t one of them! Why would you do that to someone, especially when it’s quite clearly a load of crap?’

‘Jealousy, Teddy,’ Cassie said as she reached out and took Teddy’s hand in an attempt to comfort him. ‘She’s gorgeous and she’s your girlfriend and- ’

‘Wait a second! Dom isn’t my girlfriend, Cassie.’

‘Oh God, sorry! I just assumed from the way you talk about her.’

‘No, no, I just grew up with Dom and we’ve known each other forever. She’s one of my best friends,’ Teddy smiled at the thought of Dominique, but this only left Cassie more confused; if Teddy felt this strongly about the girl, then why wasn’t she his girlfriend?

‘Well, stay strong Teddy and just ignore it. I’ve got to go and help Healer Kelly up in Spell Damage, but I’ll see you later.’

‘Talk to you later, Cassie.’ Cassie blew Teddy a flirtatious kiss and strolled off down the corridor; Teddy just laughed.

As soon as Teddy had finished his shift at St. Mungo’s, he took advantage of one of the nearby fireplaces and flooed straight to Shell Cottage.

‘Careful there, Ted,’ said Bill. Teddy was sprawled messily on the living room floor of Shell Cottage.

‘Sorry, Bill. I was just in a bit of a rush. Is Dom about?’ Bill and Fleur were sitting in the front room and Teddy quickly got himself up off their floor.

‘She eez in ‘er room, Teddy.’

‘She hasn’t… I mean has she seen Witch Weekly? She doesn’t read it does she?’

‘She ‘as seen it Teddy.’

‘Ugh, shit. How’d she take it?’

‘Don’t worry about it Teddy, mate, it’s not your fault.’ Bill had avoided the question, indicating that she had taken it pretty badly.

‘But it is, Bill. If I hadn’t been finished at bloody Hogwarts they wouldn’t be able to print anything.’

‘Teddy, eet ees out of your control, but I am sure zat Dominique would love to see you.’

‘Can I go on up?’

‘Of course.’

Teddy walked calmly out of the living room and then thundered up the stairs to Dominique’s room. He hadn’t missed the worried look that Bill and Fleur had exchanged when he asked about Dom. He was debating whether or not to knock on the door when Dominique’s muffled voice called out to him.

‘If you must come in, then hurry up.’

She knew him too well. Teddy opened the door carefully, but he wasn’t greeted with a pleasant sight. Dominique was lying on her bed, facing away from him and clutching a pillow to her chest. Teddy sat on the edge of her bed and Dominique thought, resentfully, of how ironic it was that this was practically the exact same positions she and Victoire had been in when she told Dominique she loved Teddy. How fitting it would be if Teddy’s love for Victoire suddenly overwhelmed him and he had to declare it to Dominique too.

‘So you’ve seen it then?’


‘That woman is a complete bitch, Dom. She’s just a sad old woman who has nothing better to do with her time than to slag off everyone who’s better than her or prettier than her or smarter than her. She deserves to be Avada Kedavra’d off the face of this bloody plane-’

‘Teddy, I’m not mad at her.’

Dominique’s words stopped Teddy mid rant because they puzzled him so much. How could she not be mad at her? She was publicly criticising Dominique and trying to make a fool out of her. Dominique hadn’t yet made any effort to turn around and face Teddy, so he took it upon himself to get up and sit down at the side of the bed where she was facing.

‘I’m sorry, Dom.’

‘What for, Teddy?’ Dominique wasn’t crying, but her eyes were red and swollen with sorrow and her voice was a monotone.

‘Well, I assume if you’re not mad at her, you’re mad at me. I know that I should have been more careful, I mean I’ve already been in the paper once, but I wasn’t expecting it again, Dom.’

‘Ted, you’re an idiot. I’m not angry at anyone.’ Nobody but myself, she thought.

He brushed a strand of hair from her face and said to her, ‘Then, tell me what’s wrong, Dom, because I can’t stand this.’

‘It’s nothing.’

‘Merlin, Dominique! It quite clearly isn’t nothing.’ He didn’t want to ask it, but if it wasn’t about the article then this was the most likely cause of her distress, ‘Is it… Adam?’

‘No, everything’s fine with Adam.’

Teddy swallowed, ‘…Another boy?’

‘No, Teddy. I’m fine. Just leave me alone, go and talk to Vic or something.’

‘Ah, yes, you just stay here digging yourself further and further into a depression and I’ll go and talk to Victoire about unicorns or something. That’s a logical suggestion. You, Dominique Weasley, are an idiot.’

‘I know.’

‘Dom, that was a joke.’

‘Well, then you clearly don’t know me that well. I’m a stupid, thick idiot.’

‘Where is all of this self loathing coming from?’

‘Since I realised what a fucking idiot I am.’ She clasped the pillow tighter to her.

‘Is this about your OWL results? I’m sure you’ll do fine.’ Teddy was running out of suggestions as to what was wrong and was clutching at straws desperately.

‘You want to know what’s wrong, Teddy? If it was Vic you had been out with they wouldn’t have written any of that shit.’ As she said this Dominique looked directly at Teddy for the first time since he had walked into the room. She was daring him to contradict her.

‘Dom, they would have written it about anyone.’

‘Not Victoire, because they couldn’t say that Victoire wore ratty clothes, or had a hideous, crooked nose or that she was overshadowed by anyone because she was a minger. Victoire would have been gorgeous and immaculate and perfect.’

‘Dominique, can you wise up for one second? Your nose is not bloody deformed, you have a little bump, which just so happens to be very cute; your clothes aren’t ratty, you were in your art stuff, and I love it more than anything else you own because it’s the real you and Dom, if you’re a minger then nobody has any hope. Adam doesn’t seem to think so either…’ Teddy thought that confirmation of Adam’s adoration might do her more good than he could. ‘Victoire may be perfect, but you are perfectly imperfect; you’re real.’

‘It wouldn’t happen to Victoire.’
Teddy looked at the pitiful sight Dom made as she curled up in her bed and threw caution to the wind. ‘Move over.’


‘Go on, budge over.’

Dominique shuffled over slightly in the bed, not knowing what Teddy intended to do. He then clambered in beside her, shifted her over another little bit and put his arm round her. Dominique was stiff for a second and then moulded herself into his shoulder.

‘And, Dominique?’


‘Get rid of that bloody pillow before you rip it to shreds.’ Dominique laughed softly, chucked the pillow across the room and snuggled up beside Teddy.

It was seven o’clock the following night and Teddy was getting ready to go to the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade with Harry, George, Bill and Ron; sadly Percy hadn’t been able to accompany them. The men had decided that if their better halves were having a bit of fun there was no need for them to sit inside alone and so, their little outing had come to be.

Victoire was still refusing to speak to Dominique after the whole Witch Weekly fiasco; apparently it was a “betrayal of the worst kind”. No matter how many times Dominique had explained that she and Teddy were just out as friends, Victoire declared that the pictures “told a different story”.

Teddy was already feeling nostalgic about going to Hogsmeade and catching a glimpse of Hogwarts, it may have been this feeling of nostalgia that was causing him to be late, or it might have been his rubbish time keeping skills, but either way he knew that he wasn’t on time. Teddy stepped outside and was about to call goodbye to his grandmother when he realised that she was already at The Burrow, (she was never late), so he apparated directly to Harry’s garden gate; it was the closest he could get, what with Harry being a celebrity hero and everything. Apparently, it was much less of a security risk if you couldn’t apparate directly to the front door.

The others had obviously heard him apparate and Harry appeared at the front door to meet him.

‘Alright, Teddy?’

‘Wotcher, Harry, yeah, fine thanks.’

‘C’mon in.’ Teddy followed Harry into his hallway and then turned right into his front living room, where everyone else was waiting.

‘Okay, is this some sort of conspiracy?’

‘What are you on about, Ted?’ Harry asked.

‘How did Ron manage to get here before me?’ Everyone laughed.

‘Hermione quite literally threw me into the fireplace when she was leaving, meaning I was here a quarter of an hour early.’

‘Well, Fleur convinced me that we were meeting at half six to make sure I’d be on time, so I was here at ten to.’

‘And Angelina apparated me here herself at seven o’clock on the dot,’ George said. Teddy then looked to Harry for an explanation.

‘I live here, Ted,’ Harry said smiling.

‘Right enough, but if it was anywhere else Ginny would’ve had you there on time. What is it with this family and domineering wives? Am I the only man left?’

‘Don’t speak so soon, Teddy, I come bearing messages,’ Bill said. ‘Dominique told me to tell you not to drink too much, because “it isn’t worth it”. She seemed quite amused actually, anything you would like to share?’

Teddy blushed, Gryffindor had won the Quidditch cup this year and despite the fact that Teddy didn’t play on the team, he’d gotten rather carried away with the celebrations. Usually this would be enough in itself to worry Teddy, but he had also managed to go streaking round the castle. Thankfully he hadn’t been caught because that would have damaged his position as Head Boy, but it had been altogether too embarrassing to mention.

‘Nope, nothing at all,’ he said sheepishly.

‘If you’re sure,’ said George.

‘Right, we’d better be off. We’re just going to apparate ourselves up individually and hopefully Rosmerta will let us floo back.’

At Harry’s words the men all gathered themselves and left the house, in order to apparate. Sometimes apparition guards really were a bother. Teddy reached the gate, turned on the spot and the next thing he knew he was outside The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade; Harry and George were already there and Bill and Ron appeared not long after.

‘You lost again, mate.’ Ron always managed to be the last one to reach a destination through apparition and George was rubbing his nose in it, they were like little kids.

‘I wasn’t even trying, actually.’

‘Whatever you say, Ronnikins...’

Teddy, Harry, Bill and George chuckled at a rather disgruntled Ron and made their way into The Three Broomsticks, where they took a seat at the only remaining booth. Madam Rosmerta appeared at the table a few minutes later.

‘What are you boys having?’

‘I think we should start off strong, we won’t be able to handle it in about half an hour.’

‘Go for it, Harry.’

‘I’ll just have a butterbeer, thanks,’ Teddy said.

‘That coming from the boy who said we could be bossed about by women.’

‘Whatever happened last time must’ve been a bad one.’

‘Alright, Rosmerta, two butterbeers and three firewhiskeys, please,’ said Harry.

‘Wait, who’s the other butterbeer for?’ asked Ron.

‘Me,’ said Harry.

‘Hold on a second, I’ll take one too then,’ Bill added.

‘Well, if Bill’s having one so will I,’ said George.

‘You’re all so boring,’ Ron muttered under his breath.

‘Five butterbeers is it, then?’

‘Yes, thanks Rosmerta.’ Rosmerta took their order from Harry and then left the table. ‘We’re getting old.’

‘Speak for yourselves.’

‘You’ll be old and decrepit soon, Teddy.’

‘Hopefully not too soon, Harry.’

‘Here are your drinks, lads.’ Rosmerta had already appeared back at their booth.

‘Thanks Rosmerta.’

‘Not a problem,’ the friendly owner of The Three Broomsticks handed over their mugs and departed.

‘Teddy, I was meaning to say, thanks for cheering Dom up yesterday; you’re a miracle worker.’

‘No problem, Bill. The woman who wrote that should be ashamed of herself.’

‘I must say, Mr Lupin, you’ve got enough female admirers to rival Harry back in the day,’ said George.

‘But I only had eyes for Ginny.’

‘Shut up, mate. She’s our sister.’

‘Sorry,’ Harry laughed.

‘The difference between you and Teddy is that Teddy has an air of mystery about him, you were just that bloke who saved the world,’ Ron declared.

‘Oh yes, Harry, you were meaningless in comparison to me and my… charm or whatever it is,’ Teddy said sarcastically.

‘It’s your scrumptiously classic good looks and celebrity status.’

‘George, if you say that ever again I will be forced to kill you. I feel bad for Dom though, that woman was a right bitch.’

‘She’ll be alright thanks to you and Hermione. It was looking pretty shaky before you turned up, Ted.’ Bill was looking genuinely grateful.

‘What did Hermione say to her?’

‘That’s right, you don’t know… It’s a bit of a sore subject for our little Ron,’ Bill said whilst laughing. ‘Harry should do the honours.’

‘Why? What happened, Harry?’

‘Well, in our fourth year Hermione was getting a bit of stick from Rita Skeeter for being my supposed girlfriend.’

‘Which she wasn’t.’

‘Yes, Ron, we all know that. But it was a pretty tough time for her.’

‘And she talked to Dom?’ Teddy asked Bill.

‘Yeah, it seemed to cheer her up a bit, but she’s back on form now.’

‘Probably because of Adam.’

‘Who?’ All four men chorused together.

‘The guy in the photograph, she invited him to her birthday party. Apparently they sit together in Charms.’

‘I haven’t heard a word about this! Nobody tells me anything in that house.’

‘I only just met him in Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.’

‘What’s he like?’

‘Honestly? I don’t like him. I think he’s a bit smarmy.’

‘Oh Merlin,’ Bill muttered as he held his head in his hands and the others laughed. ‘Oh you can laugh, but don’t forget you’ve got it all coming. There’ll be smarmy lads after Lily and Rose and Roxanne and there won’t be a Teddy looking out for them.’ That sobered the others up.

‘What did he say to her?’ Harry asked, suddenly interested.

‘It wasn’t what he said, just the way he said it. He was very slimy, but she couldn’t be stopped. He said he wanted to talk to her in private.’

‘You didn’t let him, did you?’

‘Of course not!’

‘That girl has no sense.’ Bill was very distressed.

‘I know that,’ Teddy said as he drained the last of his butterbeer from the mug. ‘I’d better be off now actually.’

‘Already?’ Bill asked.

‘I have a six o’clock shift at St. Mungo’s in the morning.’

‘Alright, Ted, see you soon.’

‘Bye.’ The men were silent as they watched Teddy leave, but as soon as he was out the door he became the main topic of conversation.

‘And here I was thinking he fancied Victoire,’ said Ron.

‘I know. It was Dom all along!’ George was just as shocked as Ron.

‘What are you two talking about? He doesn’t fancy either of my daughters! You’re being ridiculous. Aren’t they Harry?’

‘Sorry, mate,’ Harry said apologetically. ‘It’s a bad situation, Victoire likes him and he likes Dominique and by the sounds of it Dom likes this Adam bloke.’

‘Why do they have to grow up?’ Bill once again slumped down into his seat as the others looked on sympathetically.

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Chapter 5: Five
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Chapter Five

‘Alright then ladies, down to business,’ Molly Weasley said as she set another tray of food on top of the already full kitchen table. In fact, the table, actually seemed to be bowing slightly under the weight of the huge amount of food and drink.

‘Everyone is here, aren’t they?’ Hermione fretted.

‘Of course we are Hermione, I think we’d realise it if we weren’t,’ Ginny smiled at her friend’s worrying. ‘I’m here, what about the rest of you?’

There was a chorus of ‘yes’s and a few groans from the younger members of the party. Adults always thought they were so funny.

‘Well, that’s us ready to start then, Molly.’

‘Wonderful, Andromeda. Let’s get the bothersome bits out of the way first. You’re happy enough with having it in the garden, aren’t you sweetheart?’

‘Of course, Gran.’ Dominique was sitting near the end of the crowded table beside her cousin Molly and if she was honest, she was wondering why she was even here. She didn’t mind that much about the aesthetics of the party and all she was going to be used for tonight was to settle an argument over whether purple streamers would look better than blue.

She observed the table, it was quite clear that the adults had it under control. Her grandmothers were sat at the top of the table along with Teddy’s granny fussing like mother hens; Aunt Hermione was nodding along to all that was said and writing it down in a little notebook; Aunt Ginny kept suggesting a disco, something which had already been shot down for both Victoire and Teddy’s seventeenth birthdays; Aunt Audrey was fretting over Percy and his head cold, dear love that woman; and her mum was listening to the family’s plans trying to feign delight. Whilst they did this Molly was tucking into a selection of buns, Victoire was sitting sullenly in the corner and Dominique was trying to pay attention to what was going on. They really were in for the night of their lives.

‘Well, I think we should ask Dominique, after all it is her party and I’m sure she would love it. Dom, what do you think of a disco?’ Dominique laughed inwardly. There was no doubt about it, James’ seventeenth was definitely going to involve a disco.

‘I’m not much of a dancer, Aunt Ginny. I’d prefer something a bit quieter.’

‘I told you so, Ginny! I told you she wouldn’t want a disco.’

‘Well, I would’ve killed for a disco at my seventeenth, mum!’ Ginny said.

‘Don’t get shirty with me, madam. Hermione never caused such a fuss about any of her birthdays did she? And Fleur never complained once when her wedding was hijacked by Death Eaters! You were just too demanding.’

Nobody was paying very much attention to the argument Ginny and Grandma Molly were having, but Fleur felt the need to intervene just so that they could get something done.

‘I am sure zat a disco would be wonderful, Ginny, but since eet ees not what Dominique wants I do not theenk that it would work. What do you theenk of these napkins?’ She said waving a few green and pink polka dot napkins in the air.

‘Ooh, they’re lovely Fleur.’

‘Zat ees what I thought, ‘ermione,’ Fleur said smiling graciously at Hermione for assisting her in changing the subject.

‘And do you know what else I think would be gorgeous…’ Andromeda said. Dominique couldn’t face the chatter any longer and so she tuned out, not that she didn’t like Andromeda, because she loved her; she just didn’t want to discuss the finer points of paper lanterns.

She looked up and saw Victoire watching her, so she chanced her luck by sending her a smile. She could tell that her attempt had fallen disappointingly flat when Vic stared her down and turned to look in the opposite direction. She could understand why she was upset, but really, enough was enough. Molly nudged Dominique in the ribs to try and draw her attention back to the table.

‘They’re talking about what they think you like, meaning they’re going to drag an opinion out of you soon,’ she whispered.

Dominique was about to reply when Aunt Audrey called down the table to her as the others looked on expectantly.

‘Guests, Dominique! What about guests?’

‘Sorry, what about them?’

‘Who’s coming? Have you invited any of your friends?’ Audrey returned.

‘Obviously, we know that everyone ‘ere ees coming with their cheeldren and such, but who else, ma chérie?’

‘Well grand-mère, Callum and his sister and parents are coming an-’

‘Ah, of course! How did we forget Oliver and Katie Wood?’ Hermione laughed.

‘And my friends Clara and Sophie. Oh, and Luna too. And Adam.’ The mention of Adam wasn’t an afterthought; she was just trying to put off the reactions to his name that she knew were inevitable.

‘Who’s Adam?’ Said almost everyone gathered in the kitchen of The Burrow. Molly just sat there knowingly as Dom tried to fight the blush gathering on her cheeks. Victoire was trying and failing to look uninterested, but she would have known about Adam too if she hadn’t been so pissy.

‘He’s just a friend of mine. I sit beside him in charms.’ The heat of the kitchen wasn’t helping Dominique in her quest to conceal her embarrassment.

‘A friend who’s a boy? Like a boyfriend?’

‘No, Aunt Ginny. He isn’t her boyfriend, he’s just a friend who happens to be a boy,’ Molly said disdainfully..

‘Molly Weasley, don’t talk to your aunt like that!’

‘Sorry, Aunty Ginny. Sorry, mum.’ Molly mumbled her response before pulling a face at her mother when she looked at Ginny to apologise for her tearaway of a daughter.

‘Anyway, about this boy that ees a friend or a boyfriend or a pen pal or whatever ‘e is-’

‘I’m going to have to barge in here, because it’s perfectly possible just to be friends with a boy. Look at me and Harry.’

‘Yes, but look at you and Ron.’ Dominique loved her Aunt Hermione for trying, but her grandmother had an answer for everything.

‘Well, when did you eenvite this Adam character?’ Her other grandmother asked. They were like some sort of unstoppable force of evil. They were bloody Voldemort, but before Harry.

‘On Thursday.’

‘And ‘ow did you manage to do zat? You were out with Teddy,’ her mother joined in.

‘Oh goodness, wait. He’s not that boy that was in the picture with you is he?’

‘Yeah…’ Dominique had quite literally turned puce.

‘He was gorgeous! His clothes were very trendy too.’ Ginny said.

During the fuss Victoire’s chair had gradually edged closer to the table and at the appearance of the word “trendy” she smiled and caught Dominique’s eye. It was a peace offering of sorts. She and Dominique always laughed at adult’s use of the word trendy in an attempt to be cool, when it only made them even more their age. Dominique couldn’t help herself as she grudgingly returned the smile. After all, they had been fighting for awhile and if they couldn’t make up in the warm atmosphere of Granny Molly’s kitchen and over as ridiculous a word as “trendy”, well, they were a lost cause.

‘Teddy didn’t seem too fond of him,’ Audrey added.

‘That was a stupid misunderstanding. Teddy does like him.’

The truth was Audrey had hit on a bit of a touchy subject. Teddy had been rude to Adam and the whole meeting had dampened his mood, meaning that they had returned home not long after. He was overprotective of Dominique to an extent that made her want to slap him. Well, that or send him a very nasty howler. Yes, a very nasty howler whilst he was out with a girl.

‘Leave her be, mum.’ Fleur was so shocked at Victoire’s defence of her sister that whatever she had been about to say flew right out of her head.

‘I think we’re all done here,’ Hermione declared just as the clock struck nine. If Dom was honest it had all gone faster than she’d imagined it would.

‘Too right, Hermione. I’m shattered,’ Andromeda said.

Everyone then rose from their chairs and began retrieving their belongings, most of which were in a quite different places to where they had been left. Goodbyes were shared, and just before Dominique flooed home, Molly called across the room to her, yelling that Dominique had to come to her house at one o’clock on Tuesday. Dominique called back asking why, but Molly had already disappeared out the back door. She’d have to remember to owl her about it.

At five to one on Tuesday, Dominique flooed to Molly’s house, despite the hatred she felt towards that method of transport. Her choices had been either flooing or being brought by side-along apparition, and as the latter was a rather embarrassing prospect for a witch nearing seventeen, flooing it was. She almost missed the right house, but luckily was spat straight out of the fireplace into the stately-looking living room that was Uncle Percy and Aunt Audreys’. There was no one around and so she decided to take some time to straighten up before going to hunt for Molly; unfortunately, Uncle Percy was the first to find her.

‘Well, look who it is! My favourite second oldest, half-French niece!’ he guffawed while Dom smiled back at him politely. ‘Been enjoying your little dalliance in the spotlight have you?’

‘Not really, Uncle Percy. It wasn’t exactly the most complimentary piece.’

‘Nonsense, nonsense, what a load of balderdash! Any press is good press, that’s what I say.’

‘That’s one way to look at it.’ She replied doubtfully.

‘Sit down, sit down, Dominique. I expect you’re here for my Molly, she’ll be along in two shakes of a cat’s tail.’

‘Have you got any idea what she has planned?’ Dominique asked as she perched herself on the edge of a stiff-backed contraption that was meant to pass as a chair.

‘Who knows what that girl has up her sleeve, she’s always planning something. She’s definitely prefect material that girl. Most definitely. It was a bit of a farce that you didn’t get prefect wasn’t it, Dominique?’

‘There were plenty of girls who deserved it too, Uncle Perce.’

‘Ah, yes, yes, but you were the first one of the children not to get it. Must’ve taken that one hard, did you?’

‘Well, it has been a year. I think I’ve gotten over it by this point.’

‘That’s the spirit, chin up.’

The door to the living room opened for a second time and Molly bounced in not a moment too soon, to save Dominique from the clutches of her father.

‘Dad, we’d better be off now.’

‘Of course, Petal, of course. Have a good time now and don’t go getting yourself in any papers, Miss Weasley! That could apply to either of you, you know…’ Percy chuckled once again at a wonderful “joke” of his own making and waved to them as he trotted out of the room.

‘Merlin, are you all right? I didn’t even know you were here until I heard Dad laughing through the door.’

‘Don’t worry about it, Molls, I managed to escape unscathed.’

‘What was he saying?’

‘Just how terrible it was that I hadn’t managed to get prefect.’

‘Oh God, again?’

‘Again,’ Dominique laughed and Molly joined in, thinking about her father’s foolishness.

‘I may have been trying to get rid of him there, but I was serious. We need to get going.’

‘To where exactly?’

‘Madame Malkins! I thought you’d have worked that one out.’

‘How in the name of Salazar was I supposed to work that out? Do you need new robes or something?’

‘You can’t really be that daft, Dom, what were you planning on wearing to your party?’

‘I don’t know, my green dress robes, I suppose.’

‘Merlin help us! It’s your seventeenth, Dom, you have to look half way presentable.’

‘There’s nothing wrong with my dress robes,’ Dominique said defensively. She had bought them in her fourth year and they fit her just fine.

‘You’re hopeless… Come on, we’re flooing over there now.’

‘Get out of those bloody changing rooms now, Dominique Weasley!’

‘I can’t! I look utterly ridiculous,’ Dominique hissed back at Molly from behind the curtain in Madame Malkins. They’d been there for an hour already and Molly had just made her try on the most hideous set of dress robes ever.

‘Dominique, you have no style. Let me be the judge of whether they’re ridiculous or not.’

‘I’m not coming out.’

‘Then I’m coming in.’

Having given Dom what she considered fair warning, Molly yanked back the curtain and waltzed into the changing room. Unfortunately, in her haste Molly entered the wrong changing room and found herself confronted with an old hag, who promptly beat her back out of it.

‘Sorry,’ she called, before gathering her wits and entering Dominique’s changing room. ‘I got a bit of a treat there.’

‘I know, I heard,’ Dominique laughed. ‘So, honestly these robes are not going to work.’

‘Aaah, I can see that now,’ Molly said as she surveyed Dom’s current outfit. It was hot pink, with ruffles, a high neck and a flowing skirt. ‘I think it’s a bit too catwalk.’

‘You don’t say, Molly.’ Dominique said swishing the ruffled skirt around wildly and dissolving the two girls into a fit of giggles.

‘I’ve got one more set out there for you to try on.’

‘No, Molly, please don’t make me… I feel like I’ve tried on the whole shop already.’

‘That’s probably because it’s very likely that you have. I swear they’re the last ones.’

‘You said that for the last twenty sets. I’m not likely to believe you now, am I?’

‘You’re trying them on, Dom,’ Molly said, shoving yet another set of dress robes at her and exiting the changing rooms.

‘Are you done yet?’ she yelled a few minutes later.



‘I’m not sure.’

‘Thank Merlin, I think that’s the most positive response I’ve gotten all day.’

‘Ha, bloody, ha.’

‘Come and show me the damn things.’

Molly only needed to glance at the robes before she nodded affirmatively. The shade of blue complimented Dominique’s eyes perfectly and they were pretty without being over the top.

‘You’re getting them, love.’

‘Am I?’

‘Yes! They’re flipping perfect, so hurry up, get changed, and buy them before I faint from exhaustion.’

‘Alright,’ Dominique smiled. She was delirious with joy that they had actually managed to find something suitable.

Dominique got changed quickly and purchased the robes, meaning that merely minutes later they had exited the shop and were on there way to a café for something to drink. As they ambled down the street they were quite suddenly assaulted by Teddy’s smiling face, in the form of the front page of The Quibbler.

‘Don’t look now, Dom, but Mr Handsome has nabbed himself his first front page.’

‘Merlin, he’ll love that,’ she grinned.

‘Want to see what it says?’

‘Always, Molly,’ Dom returned playfully.

The two girls approached the magazine stand outside Flourish and Blotts and picked up the magazine. The Headline read “Head Boy or Playboy?”
‘More like headcase,’ Molly muttered as she began to flick through the magazine to the pages where Teddy was featured.

‘Girls, this is a bookshop, not a library, so if you aren’t going to buy that magazine you’d better do your swooning elsewhere,’ a grumpy sales assistant said.

‘Keep your knickers on, we’ll buy the bloody thing,’ Molly said, handing over ten sickles and five knuts.

‘Come on, we’ll read it in the café.’

‘Fine, but hurry up.’

Molly and Dominique squeezed through the crowded alley and into a small café on a corner beside the Magical Menagerie. They ordered a couple of drinks from a busy waitress and resumed their inspection of the magazine. Inside it were five pictures of Teddy with different girls; two of them were with him and Dominique and Victoire, another was of him in St. Mungo’s chatting exuberantly to a gorgeous blonde, one was of him smiling at a waitress and the last was a rather old one of him with his previous girlfriend.

‘Do you want to play spot the girlfriend?’ Molly grinned.

‘There’s only a couple of options, but go on.’

‘I knew you’d come round, you always do. We can rule out Holly because that photo is ancient and she most likely sent it in herself.’

‘And me,’ Dominique laughed.

‘No, I’m not ruling you out just yet.’

‘What are you talking about? I’m quite clearly not Teddy’s girlfriend! I mean, I don’t even want to be Teddy’s girlfriend.’

‘Tough luck, ’cause I’m ruling out Victoire next.’

‘Victoire’s probably the most likely to be going out with him!’

‘Oh, wise up. I think we both know that she’d have broadcasted it on the Wizarding Wireless Network by now if she was.’

‘Alright, fine. I’m ruling myself out now, though.’

‘You can do that straight after I rule this waitress out. He’s just ordering something off her, he clearly doesn’t know her.’

‘He’s much more likely to be going out with her, considering that we know for a fact that I’m not going out with him.’

‘That’s absolutely irrelevant,’ Molly dismissed. ‘So, he’s either going out with you or this blonde girl.’

‘Well then, he must be going out with her.’

‘I’m not so sure…’

‘Jesus, then maybe he isn’t going out with anyone.’

‘Now that’s a theory.’

‘I wonder who she is though.’

‘I know! I haven’t even heard him talking about her.’

‘She’s probably just a friend of his, although she is very pretty.’

‘Hmm, why do you think he hasn’t mentioned her?’

‘Maybe it’s because he fancies her.’

‘That would be like him…’ Molly said thoughtfully. The resulting silence was comfortable, but it also made it very easy to listen to the conversations of others. In fact, the girls at the next table seemed to be discussing the exact same topic that they had been.

‘That Teddy Lupin is absolutely dreamy.’

‘And to think, in school I never really took any notice of him because he was the year below.’

‘He’s even more gorgeous now though.’

‘Oh Merlin, I know! He could ravage me any day.’

Molly and Dominique looked at each other and burst into fits of laughter.

‘Had enough?’ Molly choked out.

‘Yes!’ Dominique spluttered. ‘Let’s get out of here.’

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Chapter 6: Chapter Six
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Chapter Six

The back garden of The Burrow was currently aglow with the light of hundreds of multi-coloured fireflies that illuminated everything they flew past in the gathering darkness. Dominique’s party had, so far, gone off without a hitch and the merry sound of her family and friends having a good time, mingled with the music of that retro band ‘The Weird Sisters’ that her parents seemed so keen on.

Everyone was having a great time; Molly was flirting with Callum Wood, who was far too old her, Victoire was dancing the night away, Hugo was smuggling cake into Aunt Hermione’s never ending handbag and Dom herself was sitting on a bench with Adam, attempting to immerse herself in the conversation. But, if Dom was to be brutally honest with herself, she had to admit that there was something nagging her at the back of her mind. Well, actually, it was at the forefront of her mind.

Teddy hadn’t even bothered to make an appearance.

His absence was glaringly obvious and, aside from Uncle Percy’s brief attempt to ascertain where he was (the elbow in his ribcage that he had received from Audrey was the reason for the brevity), a tactful silence had been maintained. The whole family knew how disappointed Dominique would be, but she seemed to be paving the way forward by not mentioning it.

‘Dom? Dom!’

Dominique was jolted back to reality, rather abruptly, by Adam’s hand waving to and fro in front of her face as he tried to recapture her attention.

‘Oh, Merlin, sorry! My head’s in the clouds tonight.’

‘Because of Teddy?’

The look on Adam’s face was one of complete sympathy, verging on pity, and although she knew that he meant well Dom’s jaw tightened involuntarily.

‘No! No, it’s nothing to do with him. They’ve probably given him another shift at the hospital or something. And he’s been really stressed lately.’

‘Ah, alright, you just seemed miles off,’ he said softly.

‘Yes, well…’

Out of the apparently empty house came a loud crashing noise, which sounded uncannily like the smashing of plates; however, nobody was close enough to hear apart from Dom and Adam. They looked at each other quizzically, however little could be done before Louis came charging out of the house. He looked around rather frantically for a few seconds, scanning over Dom and Adam in his quest for whomever he was looking for, before snapping his head back to where Dominique sat. She raised an eyebrow at him, but it was probably lost on him, as he was already racing straight for the couple.

‘Dom, you’ve… you’ve got to come… inside,’ he panted, wiping the back of his hand across his brow.

‘Have you broken something? I’ll fix it for you if you want, but only because turning seventeen is a novelty.’

‘No,’ his breathing hitched once more, ‘you’ll see.’

Dom was less than impressed at being dragged away from her friend on her birthday, but was too interested in the mystery of what was going on to stay glued to the bench. She stood up, smoothing her robes as she went, and addressed the boy still sitting.

‘I’ll not be a minute, okay? Just grab something to eat and I’ll be back.’

‘Yeah, that’s fine,’ Adam said with an encouraging smile.

And that was all Louis needed to grab hold of Dom’s arm and start dragging her towards The Burrow in the most inconspicuous manner he could manage. Needless to say, Dom did not tolerate the dragging for long and after that they looked rather less conspicuous.

‘What’s all of this about?’ Dom demanded as Louis tried his best to urge her towards the cobbled yard and through the kitchen door.

‘I’ve told you, you’ll see once you’re inside! And you’d better hurry up because we can’t leave him in there for by himself in that state.’

‘Who?’ Dominique looked at Louis inquiringly, and in doing so managed to trip over one of the uneven cobblestones in the yard.

‘Who do you think? Teddy bloody Lupin!’

Upon hearing the name of the party that Louis had incarcerated in the kitchen Dom sped up and ended up running the final few steps to the old wooden door. She attempted to open it, but it was either stuck, or Louis had purposefully locked it. The guilty look on his face spoke volumes, but Dom dismissed it with a roll of her eyes and was inside with a simple ‘Alohamora’.

The sight she was greeted with once she swung the door open was quite a surprise.

Teddy Lupin had been slumped over at the kitchen table, but their arrival jolted him awake and as he fixed the siblings with his blurred gaze he slurred a greeting at them.

‘’Ello Gorgeous… ‘ello Dom.’ The humour of his words seemed to overwhelm him and he sat at the table emitting an odd sounding mixture of laughter and coughing, whilst rocking slightly in his chair.

‘Oh Merlin,’ Dom groaned, ‘he’s absolutely pissed.’

‘I know,’ Louis said, pulling out a chair at the table and sitting down. ‘Stick the kettle on to boil and we’ll try and sober him up.’

Dom took Louis’s advice and filled the kettle with water, placed it on the stove to boil and took a seat beside Louis at the table. Teddy had recovered from his laughing fit and was questioning Louis on whether or not he thought people would realise that he was drunk. There was no diplomatic answer.


This only caused another flood of laughter to erupt from Teddy, and Louis and Dominique glanced at each other once more, the former with a look of amusement and the latter with one of irritation.

Teddy then took on a stage whisper and spoke to Louis, ‘You’ve got a very attractive sister, you know.’

‘Which one?’

‘Well… Both of ‘em, but Vic’s a bit… loopy isn’t she?’ Dominique blushed in embarrassment and Louis just coughed uncomfortably.

‘You know what, Dom? I think I’m just going to go outside and check that Adam hasn’t been eaten by the wolves,’ Louis said as he stood up and scraped his chair along the floor in an attempt to make a hasty retreat.

‘Don’t you leave me here, Louis Septimus Weasley!’ Dominique’s call was futile. Louis had already made his exit, vaulting over a chair in the process. Dominique just gazed after him and sighed.


The question could only have come from one person and when Dom turned back around he was uncomfortably close, his elbows propped on the table and his hands cradling his face.

‘Ugh, Teddy, move back a bit. You smell like a brewery!’

‘I think that you don’t wanna be sitting ‘ere with me,’ Teddy said, crossing his arms over his chest huffily.

‘You’re not wrong there, mate.’

‘Well, thas not very nice,’ Teddy pouted. ‘I came all the way ‘ere from the Hogs’s Head and you don’t wanna see me. I am very upset with you, Domineeque.’

You are upset with me? Am I the one who turned up to your birthday four hours late completely and utterly trashed?’ She paused to let him speak, but he wasn’t forthcoming with any words. ‘No, I didn’t think so.’

‘But, you see, and this is the most important bit of all, I can explain.’

Teddy was nodding his head fervently to the tune of the kettle whistling in the background, which reminded Dom that she had it on. She stood up without a word, fetched two mugs from the cupboards and poured the boiling water into them. She added teabags and milk from a small jug on the counter and slammed one of the mugs down in front of Teddy, so that it slopped all over the table, and placed one in front of herself.

‘Drink that.’

‘I will, I will, I will. But first, I’m gonna explain,’ he said it as if it were the most simple thing in the world and Dom, despite her show of anger, was more than willing to give him a chance.

‘Go on, then. But make it quick.’

‘Well, Dom, you see… The thing is, well, it’s that… I love you.’

Dominique choked on her mouthful of tea and coughed for a few seconds, as Teddy looked on, before she regained a hold on her composure.

‘Ah, I see, I bet you had that one planned. What was it? An afternoon out with the lads and you were all scrambling around for the best excuse for your sorry state?’

‘No! I wasn’t out with anyone! But I had to tell you, and I just realised it. I love you, Dom.’

‘Right I’ve had enough of this rubbish. It’s my birthday, Adam’s outside waiting for me and you’re too drunk to get any sense out of. I’ll send Vic in to apparate you home.’

Dominique exited The Burrow, slamming the back door behind her and leaving a confused and disappointed Teddy Lupin in her wake.

11 AM, Twelve Hours Earlier, Andromeda Tonks and Teddy Lupin’s House

Teddy brushed the kitchen floor with great enthusiasm, unusual for any teenager, especially one who hadn’t been guilt tripped or threatened into it. His grandmother had floo-ed to Diagon Alley an hour earlier to stock up on her cooking supplies and he had been left alone with his thoughts. Or rather, the one ridiculous, preposterous thought that kept buzzing around his head.

To take his mind off it he had thrown himself into the cleaning, but no matter how hard he scrubbed or how efficiently he dusted the thought still infiltrated his mind. In fact, its intensity seemed to be increasing so that it was more like a swarm of locusts plaguing him instead of a lone fly.

He had taken it upon himself to try and drown it out by forming a mantra that he repeated over and over in his head to try and counteract it. Every stroke of the brush across the tiled floor was another affirmation.

I can’t. I don’t. I can’t. I don’t. I can’t. I don’t. I can’t. I don’t. I can’t. I don’t. I can’t.

It was as effective as he could have hoped, but his eyelids were weary from a lack of sleep and his mind was fuzzy, resulting in flickers of unwelcome information to slip through the cracks.

I can’t. I don’t. I can- Why not? I can’t. I don’t. I can’t. I don’t. You do. I can’t. I don’t.

It was true, of course, he thought as he placed the broom back in its place in the cupboard, but admitting it to himself in the safety of his own mind was a different matter altogether than saying it out loud. He’d spent all night thinking it over and had come to the conclusion that the best way to deal with it was to deny it. That option was becoming infinitely harder as the day progressed.

He walked from the kitchen to the living room and threw himself onto the sofa in a distressed heap. It surprised him that he hadn’t realised the truth earlier and it was only going to be all the more painful spending the day with her and Adam.

I love Dominique Weasley, he thought. It was an odd feeling, but also slightly liberating. It explained a lot of jealous moments and ridiculous behaviour on his part without the answer to it being that he was a total pillock.

The real question was whether or not he should tell her. She may have been seventeen, but she still had two years of school left, her family would probably murder him and there was no doubt in his mind that she didn’t feel the same way. It couldn’t possibly benefit him.

On the other hand, he couldn’t just give up. If he left things up in the air then Adam or some other lucky bloke would sweep her off her feet, and he would be the bitter old man coughing purposefully thoughout their whole wedding ceremony in order to ruin the atmosphere.

In a move designed to illustrate his newfound maturity and resolve, he stretched himself out of the foetal position and sat on the sofa like a normal human being. He was going to tell her and he was going to do it tonight. He quivered at the thought and it soon became clear that he wasn’t quite ready.

What he wouldn’t do for his own private store of Felix Felicis. Not the most moral thing to do by any means, but it would make things a lot easier. He needed to be brave and, once he had almost given himself up as the least courageous Gryffindor ever, it occurred to him that there actually was something he could do about it.

He stood up and moved about a foot away from the sofa so that he wouldn’t fall over it in an attempt to apparate. The six times before this were more than enough. He thought hard about his destination, spun around on the spot and, after a dizzying ride, landed in Hogsmeade.

It was busy enough for mid-morning on a Thursday. He’d never really seen Hogsmeade when it wasn’t packed to the rafters with Hogwarts students. Diagon Alley was always the place to go when you were off for the summer, so seeing the Hogsmeade inhabitants in their natural habitat was somewhat of a novelty.

Teddy has apparated to Hogsmeade with only one establishment in mind. It wasn’t somewhere that he had ever frequented before, but it seemed rather appropriate for what he needed. It was only a short walk from the main street to the Hog’s Head. It was owned by an elderly wizard named Aberforth, who never seemed to abide by the law, especially not the one declaring that alcohol was not to be consumed on the premises until noon.

Teddy strode purposefully past Zonko’s, but hesitated outside Honeydukes. His grandmother had already bought Dom a present, but he wanted to get her one himself. Should he just call in and get a load of peppermint toad creams? They were her favourites.

He headed into the exuberantly decorated shop, intent on getting Dominique some sweets to go along with her yet-to-be-purchased present. The shop was relatively empty, with only a couple of employees milling about and no more than five other customers. Teddy went straight to the green stall beside the counter, which was reserved for peppermint toad creams, and scooped a large amount of them into a small paper bag. They were rather unattractive looking things, just as the toads they were modeled after were, but the fact that they were bite sized little sweets made them easier to stomach.

Teddy wound his way back to the counter and placed the bag of sweets on the counter to be weighed by the girl on the till. At least, that’s what she was supposed to be doing. She had her head buried in a magazine and he coughed loudly to try and get her attention. She remained spellbound by the glossy pages of Witch Weekly.

‘Excuse me? I’m in a bit of a rush here.’

The girl lowered her magazine with a hefty sigh, but the look on her face when she saw the face of the man standing in front of her was one of shock and disbelief. Her hand immediately went to the open magazine that she had set on the counter and flung it to the floor, but Teddy had already seen that the face emblazoned on the page was his own. He threw a galleon on the counter and picked up his sweets.

‘Em, just keep the change…’

And then he was out of the shop like a shot. He had been planning to stop at Scrivenshaft’s and buy a colour changing quill, but all he wanted now was a stiff drink. He walked straight past Scrivenshaft’s Quill Shop, cut off down a small street not too far down the road and walked swiftly towards the pub.

He reached the inconspicuous wooden door in no time at all and entered the dingy pub in search of some firewhiskey.

And some more. And some more.

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Chapter 7: Chapter Seven
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Chapter Seven

‘Lupin, there’s somebody downstairs to see you.’

The healer with the message had already left, dragging his cloud of resentment with him, before Teddy could ask him who it was. At first he was rather bewildered as to who would be visiting him at St. Mungo’s, but once he considered it, it could have been anyone. He hadn’t seen any of the Weasley’s at all in the past week and that occurrence was rare enough to warrant an impromptu visit from any of them.

Teddy brushed aside the admittance forms he had been filling in and made to leave, before quickly sitting back down and pulling the sheaf of half completed papers back towards him.

It could be Dominique there to visit him.

He was still much too mortified to face her even if it was seven days after the incident he now referred to as his reason to swear off alcohol forever. What sort of idiot told a girl they loved them, never mind doing so whilst completely smashed off their face? Teddy was now reasonably convinced that no man had ever told someone they loved them. It was a romantic fantasy dreamt up by a crowd of hormonal females used to trick men into embarrassing themselves. Real men didn’t need to say poncey things like ‘I love you’, they just had women falling at their feet anyway. It was an unnecessary evil.

Nevertheless, he had said it, but this was something he could talk his way out of. His unexplained absence was would be a little harder to talk away, but not impossible. The thought of confronting a possible very angry Dominique had already set Teddy’s muscles into erratic spasms, which he noticed when he caught himself viciously stabbing the desk in front of him with his pen.

He was just going to have to man up and deal with the crappy situation he had found himself in. For the second time, he rose from his chair, scraping it along the floor in an attempt to get out from the desk he was sitting at. He had to edge himself along the wall to make it to the door of the cupboard sized office he had been assigned to do administrating work in, but after squeezing himself past the filing cabinet and out the door, which only opened halfway due to lack of space, he made it out into the corridor.

He resolved to walk as slowly down to the reception area as possible, but that plan didn’t work out quite as well as he had hoped. Even after he walked at a snails pace, took the stairs rather than the lift and decided to talk to as many portraits as he could on the way, it didn’t take him any more than ten minutes to get to the ground floor of the hospital.

He walked straight towards the Medi-Witch’s station in the reception are in order to furtively scan the room before Dominique spotted him. He looked everywhere, but there wasn’t a single blonde in sight who had hair as bright as hers. She wasn’t here. And just as he was beginning to relax he caught the eye of a red-head who was looking directly at him.

Oh Merlin no, he thought. Not her. Anyone but her.

Unfortunately, there was no chance of escape now because she had already bolted towards him from her seat, and so Teddy gave up and let Molly yank him towards a pair of empty chairs.

‘I’ve been looking all over for you!’ Molly declared as she collapsed into one of the chairs, with the feigned exhaustion of a woman who had been on a trek through the desert without water.

Teddy was still rather stunned, but managed to choke out a response, ‘Where were you looking for me?’

‘Your house… Here… Everywhere!’

‘Ah, of course.’

Over exaggeration was something Molly was prone to. Teddy had just enough time to gather his wits and take the chair beside her before she attacked him with a barrage of questions.

‘Where have you been?’

‘About,’ Teddy replied defensively. ‘I’ve been busy volunteering and getting sorted with a flat and stuff for September.’

‘Too busy to come to Dominique’s birthday party, or even apologise for not showing up?’

Teddy ruffled his hair uncomfortably and stared at the ground. It was the height of humiliation to be berated like this by a fifteen year old girl. At this point he would have paid a hundred galleons to have Dominique here instead of Molly.

‘I have no idea what you’re playing at, but you’re a selfish git and you know it, Teddy.’

‘Just hang on a second! It’s not my fault I couldn’t make it to the party. They called me in to volunteer here; there was a big fire and they needed all the help they could get.’

Teddy’s attempt to take the moral high ground may have succeeded if Dom hadn’t told Molly all about the kitchen episode.

‘That is the most barefaced lie I’ve ever heard,’ she said, her voice laced with disdain. ‘I know what happened. I was just giving you a chance to explain for yourself.’

Molly had a way about her that meant she could either make you feel on top of the world or take you down about ten pegs, and being on the receiving end of the latter was not a pleasant feeling. Teddy had been reduced to counting the tiles on the floor as Molly preached about his behaviour when he was saved by some sort of miracle.

‘Is everything okay over here?’

Molly turned to face the attractive looking girl who had posed the question. She was looking at Teddy enquiringly, but Molly flashed her a sweet smile and cut off Teddy’s reply with one of her own. She thought she recognised this girl, but couldn’t quite place her.

‘Oh, yes, thank you. Everything’s perfect… Lovely hospital you have here,’ she added when the girl, who she now realised she had seen in the line up of Teddy’s potential girlfriends in The Quibbler, showed a reluctance to leave.

‘Cassie, this is my cousin Molly.’

Cassie’s face flooded with recognition and a friendly smile graced her lips; she had heard all about Molly Weasley over the summer and had learnt enough to know that the girl in front of her wasn’t one to be messed with.

‘What’s he done then?’ Cassie said, folding her arms and turning her back on Teddy to face Molly.

‘Well,’ said Molly, relishing in the opportunity to share what had happened with someone else, ‘have you noticed that Teddy has been spending rather a lot of time here recently? I mean, more than usual?’

‘Molly! Shut up for once in your life.’

Molly merely raised her eyebrow at Teddy as Cassie walked a few steps to retrieve an empty chair and dragged it over beside Molly, before turning to Teddy to deliver a reprimand of her own.

‘Don’t you try and get yourself out of trouble, Lupin. Molly and I are going to have a chat.’

Teddy groaned loudly and rubbed his hands over his face in defeat. Women were impossible. They never even considered what would happen if they didn’t tell each other everything. To them privacy was completely unnecessary, unless the issue involved them, in which case it was vital. Teddy’s distress had caused him to miss the start of the conversation, which was in mid flow when he tuned back in.

‘He turned up drunk?!’

‘Yes, I know! He’s a complete bloody prat, but that’s not the best of it.’

‘There’s more? He turned up trashed and three hours late and then made a scene?’ Cassie asked, disgusted.

‘I’m still here, you know,’ Teddy murmured to no effect.

The girls had managed to huddle even closer as they talked, although they hadn’t appeared to move at any point. Despite the fact that the conversation was about Teddy it was clear that he was excluded from it.

‘He knocked down a whole plate rack in the kitchen, mentally scarred Louis and thoroughly pissed Dominique off,’ Molly said scandalised. ‘Then, now listen to this! Victoire was told to bring him home, which she did, but turned into a two hour long job.’

‘Nothing happened between them did it?’ Cassie asked flabbergasted.

‘No!’ Teddy exclaimed.

‘I haven’t got a clue,’ Molly said ignoring Teddy’s declaration of innocence. ‘Victoire was awfully quiet on it. Wouldn’t say a word about where she’d been or what had happened.’

‘Personally, I don’t think anything happened,’ Cassie said to Molly, before proceeding to swivel round in her chair and address Teddy. ‘At least I hope it didn’t, because that would be one hell of a cock up, even from you.’

‘Oh sweet Merlin! I’ve already told you, both of you, that nothing happened.’

‘There’s no need to get so snappy with us,’ Molly remarked, scowling.

Teddy had had more than enough. He already knew that he had acted like a prat, but to have these two females feasting over all the gory details as if it was one of those cheesy muggle soaps was too much to bear.

‘I’m off.’

He rose from his seat abruptly and started off down the corridor, however, he didn’t make it very far before he felt a small, but rather determined hand clutching his arm.

‘What in the name of Merlin could you possibly want now, Molly?’

‘I swear I’m not going to wind you up again, but we’ve still got to talk. Is there somewhere we can go?’ she asked, more hesitantly than she had spoken previously.

‘No, here’ll do. I haven’t got much time.’

Teddy propped himself up against the wall, leaning heavily on his left shoulder and waited for Molly, whose hands were fidgeting tirelessly. Suddenly, as if she’d been hit with an idea, she looked up into Teddy’s face, her eyes bright.

“Hypothetically, if she was your girlfriend, what would you rate Cassie out of ten?”

“What? I haven’t got a clue.” Teddy said in exasperation.

“But hypothetically, Teddy! Come on give me a number.”

“Well… Ten I suppose,” he admitted grudgingly.

“Right, that wasn’t so hard, was it? And on what grounds would that be? ” Molly asked, inching closer as if to press Teddy into answering.

“Merlin, what is this, the Spanish Inquisition?”

“No, it’s a friendly chat between friends. You can’t keep secrets when you’re friends like you and me, Ted. Now why are you giving her a perfect score?”

“Because if she was my girlfriend I’d have to like her a lot, wouldn’t I? I’m not going to give her a flipping three.”

“So, you’re saying that if she wasn’t your girlfriend you’d give her a three? Like, right now, you’d give her a three?”

“I never said that!”

“You might as well have. But anyway, if you were going out with Vic would you give her a ten as well?”

“I’m not going out with Vic, Molly,” he sighed.

“I know, but would you give her a ten?”

“Yes, I’d give her a bloody ten, are you happy now?”

“Not really. What about Dom? She’s lovely. Would you give her a ten too?”

“In the spirit of fairness, yes, I’d give her a ten.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“What’s what supposed to mean?”

“In the spirit of fairness,” she mimicked. “Does that mean if we weren’t being fair you’d give her less than a ten or more than a ten?”

“It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a saying!”

“Do you love her, then?”

“Jesus Christ, who?!”

“So you love someone?”

“When did I say that?”

“Well, if you didn’t love anyone you’d have said no, but you asked who I was talking about. Think about it, Ted.” Teddy watched as Molly bounced off down the corridor, looking as genuinely pleased with herself as someone could look from behind. He had to admit that he’d rather she did that anyway, because she had been confusing him beyond all belief.

“Screw you, Molly Weasley,” he growled.

Teddy Lupin had no idea what he was doing here. The only explanation he could think of was that Molly had managed to possess him or put him under the Imperius Curse, or something along those lines. Why else would he be standing outside Shell Cottage at twenty to seven in the evening intent on seeing the girl he had been avoiding for a week?

He had almost definitely been possessed.

His belief that he had been only increased with each step that brought him closer to the front door. His steps were hesitant and he half turned around on more than one occasion, ready to sprint off towards the apparition barrier. But he didn’t. He just kept getting closer and closer until he stood directly opposite the house. He was just raising his hand to knock on the door when it unexpectedly swung open.

His hand was still suspended in mid-air and his heart seemed to have lurched into his throat the second Dominique threw the door open.

‘D’you want something?’

‘Uh… Umm… Yeah?’

‘Right, we’ll talk out here. You can’t come in, I’m going out soon.’

Dominique stepped out of the doorway, pulling the door shut after her and causing Teddy to take a few faltering steps backwards. She then proceeded to walk straight towards the edge of the cliff that her house was built on, whilst Teddy spluttered after her. As she got closer the cliff edge without showing any signs of slowing down Teddy was able to get enough sense out of his mouth to try and stop the obvious death wish.

‘What are you playing at?!’

‘I’m not playing at anything,’ Dominique said without turning to look at him.

‘For the love of Merlin, just stop! Throwing yourself off a cliff isn’t going to help anyone.’

At this point Teddy was running to catch up with her and was beginning to seriously panic just as Dominique began to slow her pace, lowered herself onto the ground and shimmied over so that her legs were suspended over the edge.

‘Sit down.’


Dom merely looked round at Teddy pointedly and he exhaled loudly before manoeuvring to sit beside Dom on the edge of the cliff, waves battering the rock beneath them.

‘I’m sorry, Dominique. Really, really sorry.’

‘You were a bit of a bastard, you know,’ she said.

Dominique hadn’t looked at Teddy from the moment he had sat down, but had instead kept her face looking forward, gazing out towards the seemingly endless expanse of sea in front of her.

Teddy looked at the portion of her face he could see, ‘I know. A lot more than a bit of a bastard really.’

‘Mmmm,’ Dom murmured her agreement.

‘I’ve been a complete git this past week. I just thought that if I didn’t see you it would somehow mean that none of this had happened because we didn’t have to deal with it.’

‘It’s all water under the bridge now. We can forget all about it.’

She was still gazing out towards the horizon as if it had her under some sort of hypnotic trance, and although Teddy was relieved that she wasn’t as angry as she had appeared at first he was worried by how disconnected she was. He could think of no reason other than that she was uncomfortable being with him after his hasty confessions of love, but he wasn’t quite sure how to fix it.

‘Look, about what I said to you in the kitchen…’

‘Oh, don’t worry about that either, it’s all forgotten,’ she said as she hauled herself back from the edge of the cliff and scrambled to her feet. ‘I’ve got to go back in now, I have stuff to do.’

Teddy watched Dom’s retreating figure with a mixture of confusion and determination. She obviously didn’t even want to think about his behaviour, but he couldn’t let it go. He’d made a fool of himself just to tell her how he felt, and no matter what happened he didn’t want it to go to waste. He mimicked her earlier action of rising from the spot where they were sitting and stood opposite her rapidly escaping figure.

‘Is that what you want to do? Forget about it?’ he called after her.

Dom turned to face him, a small smile forced onto her lips, but lacking somewhat at each corner. Each side of her mouth seemed to be slowly dragging downwards as if they weighed too much for her face to support. Teddy was already walking towards her as she replied.

‘Well, I don’t think rehashing the details will do any good. It’s fine. We’ll just leave it alone and get on with things.’

‘Actually, I think ignoring it will only make things harder,’ Teddy said looking into Dom’s eyes earnestly.

‘For who? I mean, I doubt you want to talk about your drunken confession of love and I certainly don’t want to.’

The pair was now only about ten metres away from Shell Cottage; Teddy appeared to be fighting a losing battle, as Dominique’s hair was expertly whipped by the wind to obscure her face.

‘We’re not children anymore, it’s not a matter of what we want and don’t want to talk about - we’ve got to talk about this.’

‘You want a discussion?’ Dominique said, flyaway strands of hair smacking her face, before she swept them away behind her ear. ‘You got drunk, you told me you loved me and then you pissed off for a week while I had the pleasure of reading articles about how drunk you had been that day. What is there to discuss?’

‘Dom, I was telling the truth.’

‘What on earth are you on about?’

‘This,’ Teddy said, inclining his head tenderly towards hers and stealing a kiss from her shocked mouth.

Dominique had been expecting anything and everything but this and she stood rooted to the spot, completely stunned. It was hard to resist him for long, and although she didn’t know why she soon found herself caught up in the moment and caught up in Teddy Lupin.

They broke apart, Dom breathing more heavily than he. She didn’t quite know what to say, but the gobsmacked look on Teddy’s face as he stared at a point a few inches to her right rendered it unnecessary. Dominique whipped her head over her shoulder to see what he was looking at and the scene couldn’t have been much worse if she’d broken a mirror and gained seven years bad luck.

Adam was standing there bristling. They’d been going out that evening, the likelihood of them doing so now seemed closer to zero than it was to ‘slim’. Dominique turned to look at Teddy once more, observing at him with eyes drowning in turmoil, before sprinting off towards the boy who seemed to be looking at her with new eyes of his own.

Nothing ever went as planned.

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