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The Golden Game by hermioneism

Format: Short story
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 16,158

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Scorpius, Albus, Hugo, Rose
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 01/25/2009
Last Chapter: 05/11/2011
Last Updated: 05/11/2011

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Rose Nymphadora Weasley is Head Girl. She is smart, beautiful and determined to end her Hogwarts career with the best NEWT scores possible. After all, she is the daughter of "the brightest witch of the age."

What Rose does not count on is the Head Boy teaching her there is more to life than books.

A Rose/Scorpius story.

Chapter 1: High Hopes
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Disclaimer: I am not JKR; anything recognizable belongs to her, lucky woman!

Chapter 1: High Hopes

Scorpius Malfoy hurried around his Head Boy dorm, tossing things here and there aimlessly and muttering to himself. The two other boys in the room glanced at each other, snickering to themselves.

Scorpius sat down on his rumpled bed in a huff; after a mere moment his eyes suddenly lit up as though he remembered something important. He jammed his hands into the pockets of yesterday’s discarded robe, searching for something that he was certain he had felt in there earlier… “aha!”  Scorpius pulled his lucky snitch out, holding it up for his two best mates to see.

Granted, it was not a real snitch, just a simple gold-plated replica, but he had never won a game without it and he was not about to start now. “How about we head down to the Great Hall for breakfast before the game, eh?” He stood up quickly, leaving his room to resemble a disaster area, and muttered something under his breath as he headed into his common room, “not that I care if she will be there or not.”

His friends again exchanged a look and mumbled, “riiiiight,” as they followed him out of the room and closed the door behind them. They were certain she was the only reason he hurried down to the Great Hall on game days in time for breakfast, because he certainly never put a morsel of food in his mouth before a game for fear of it worsening his already queasy stomach.

The she he was referring to was none other than Rose Weasley, the gorgeous yet unattainable redhead whom Scorpius had been not-so-secretly lusting after for the past four years.

He tried unsuccessfully to convince his friends that his attraction to her was simple, and that he only wanted what he couldn’t have; like any other healthy, natural man, he was acting on a primal instinct.

His best friend, Brayden Zabini, knew better because former party-boy Scorpius had been turning down dates left and right since the middle of last year. Something had changed, and that change was only partially due to Scorpius being made Head Boy this term.

This position did have its benefits, of course; he was, after all, in the same dorm as the Head Girl, Rose. That meant he had dozens of opportunities to stare at her when she was not looking each day, much more than he had been able to in the past. There was something about those beautiful hazel eyes that seemed to make all of his worries simply disappear.  

He could not even step into the double bathroom that was nestled between their bedrooms without breathing in the scent of her floral shampoo, imagining that he was holding her in his arms...

If only she didn’t hate him, his life would be perfect.

As he turned the corner and was about to open the large opulent wooden doors to the Great Hall, Scorpius was suddenly knocked backwards. The air wooshed out of his lungs as he unceremoniously hit the hard stone wall. He quickly drew a breath, and instantly realized that none other than the love of his life was in his arms – ahhhhhh, that perfect smell of gardenias. Has there ever been a more potent scent than my Rose?

The petite young lady in question was currently struggling to get free of his embrace, grimacing up at him as he felt a smirk pull at his lips. I may be able to use this to my advantage…

“I am NOT a delicate flower, you can kindly release me now, Malfoy!” Rose exclaimed, her brilliant hazel eyes flashing.

“What’s the rush, Weasley? I’m rather comfortable myself. But, if you insist on being released… I think I can arrange that for a small fee; I don’t know, a kiss perhaps?” Scorpius heard his friends snickering, and he caught Vince Nott’s eye. Vince winked, and his two friends left Scorpius to his own devices as they went in search of breakfast.

“Please unhand me this instant, or, Merlin help you, I will hex your insufferable arse,” the redhead in his arms seethed, her eyes locked on Scorpius’ own. He felt himself melt.

“No sense bringing Merlin into it, all you had to do was ask nicely. Now, you sure you don’t want to give me a kiss for good luck? The fate of the game may just depend on you, Rosie,” Scorpius smirked as he carefully detangled her from his arms.

She glowered up at him, gathering her books and storming down the hall without another word. Scorpius watched after her, sighing in contentment as he breathed in her lingering scent. I will have to remember to never allow the elves to wash these robes. Whistling happily to himself, he entered the Great Hall and sought out his friends.

Brayden was easy to spot. He was grinning, standing up on the bench at the Ravenclaw table and taking a bow for some prank or another that had those at the Slytherin table, particularly Albus Potter, glaring daggers in his direction. 

Scorpius walked over and sat next to Vince. “Well, Mates, it is a beautiful day to fly. My heart is already soaring… and it is only the first game of the season! Hufflepuff does not stand a chance,” he grinned, playing absentmindedly with the snitch from his pocket.

“Right you are, Score,” Brayden said as he slid into the seat across from Vince. He turned to James Patil-Thomas at his right, “Jamsie, what did I tell you, our team is unbeatable this year with Scorpius here on the prowl!”

The boys hurried through their breakfast, bidding Scorpius adieu as he left for the Quidditch pitch to ready himself for the game.

“See you lot at the victory party!” he called over his shoulder to his friends, smirking as he caught the eye of the Hufflepuff captain.

*** Heads’ Common Room, some hours later ***

Rose Weasley was sitting on the plush wine-coloured sofa, her legs curled under her as she read through her Transfiguration notes for the third time that evening, trying to commit everything to memory. It was early in the year, yet with NEWTS approaching she could not afford to get behind on any of her assignments. She pulled out the trusty homework planner that had been a gift from her mother.

She rolled her eyes as she heard laughter coming from the other side of the portrait hole. The boys were back, and obviously the game had either gone well, or they had drunken themselves into a stupor to drown their woes.

Deciding that she deserved a welcome break from her books, she approached the portrait hole with a smirk. This ought to be good, she thought as the portrait finally swung open after several attempts at the correct password by Malfoy.

She stood back as Malfoy staggered in with a huge smile on his face. Yup. Drunk. Merlin’s beard, he reeks, Rose thought crinkling her nose delicately.

“Flower! My Rose! We won! It was glorious, did you see our victory?,” Malfoy asked elated.

And with that, Scorpius seemed to catch his foot on an invisible obstacle and trip forward in slow motion. Rose saw it coming, but could do nothing but brace herself for impact.

The next thing she knew, Malfoy’s lips were pressed against hers.

And… Drat! No! This cannot be happening! I am doomed. My dad will reserve a place in Azkaban with my name on it for sure.

Merlin help her now.

Rose LIKED it.

A/N: Hello! I know, I know, I have not finished "Confessions" yet, but this little plot has been bouncing around in my head and demanding to be put on virtual paper... so here you go! I think it shall be fairly short, perhaps 5-7 chapters. Hope you enjoyed it! Do please let me know your thoughts. Happy reading, as always!

Chapter 2: Head Games
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Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter, Aragog would not be dead, the sorting hat would have a feather plume, and Hermione would have ended up with Draco... so I guess we are all glad JKR is JKR and I am me... except for the Hermione and Draco thing. I would not have minded that. :)

Chapter 2: Head Games

Rose sat up groggily in her bed, pulling back the curtains and wondering why exactly she already felt like this was going to be one of those days. It was only 6:00 AM!

She sighed. Images of last night suddenly poured into her mind. Her sigh became a groan.

I cannot believe I did that. I… I kissed him back. Scorpius friggin’ Malfoy! I am so stupid! I cannot face him today. Thank Merlin it is Sunday.

Deciding to hide out in her room all day, she let herself fall back down onto her bed and promptly pulled her pillow over her head. Maybe if I suffocate, I will never have to deal with this… I wonder if I was sorted into the wrong house? I certainly don’t feel very Gryffindor!

She groaned again, the sound muffled by layers of fluffy Down.

“Knock, knock! Rosie-Posie-Button-Nosey! It’s me! I need to talk to you. You will never believe what Albus said to me last night…” a cheerful feminine voice trilled lightly.

Rose heard her door creak open and quickly pretended to be asleep.

Not even bothering to acknowledge the fact that Rose’s face was hidden by a Holyhead Harpies pillow, Rose’s best girlfriend Brianna Zabini sprawled on the bed next to her and giggled.

Drat. She knows I’m awake. And now I’m curious.

Rose sighed and pulled the pillow away from her face to gaze into the ecstatic midnight-blue eyes staring back at her.

“Good morning to you, too, Bree. Do you realize that it is 6:00 AM? On a Sunday? I knew I was going to regret giving you my password…” Rose stated with as much stern disapproval as she could manage. Think McGonagall. Think McGonagall. Think McGonagall… she chanted to herself.

Bree chose to ignore her friend’s sour demeanor and instead squeeled, “Oh, Rose, he finally did it! He asked me to Hogsmeade! Your favorite cousin, the gorgeous Albus Potter, Slytherin Hottie-That-Now-I’ve-Gottie, asked me to Hogsmeade!”

Rose could not help the smile that crept up on her face. She was truly happy for her friend, and knew that Bree and Albus would make a wonderful couple. They were after all both charming, devious, fun, energetic, smart and proudly Slytherin.

“That’s brilliant, Bree! I am so happy for you! When did this happen?” Rose asked, now sitting up and hugging her friend.

“Oh, it was during the Ravenclaw victory party – which I missed you at, by the way, but we’ll get to your lack of a social life later – oh! he was so charming! He asked me in front of loads of people, everyone was there! He blushed and everything! And I think he actually asked Brayden’s permission first, if you can believe it!” Bree was positively beaming.

Rose could believe it. It was well-known that Brayden Zabini was fiercely protective of his twin sister. Sharing his exotic looks of soft, licorice-colored hair and almost-purple eyes (the twins thankfully had few of Pansy’s features), Bree was considered a hot commodity among the Hogwarts’ males. If anyone wanted to actually stand a chance of dating Brianna long-term, they knew they would first have to go through Brayden. Albus was no exception, regardless of the fact that he and Brayden got on better than most guys Bree dated.

“Really, Bree, this is terrific. Al has liked you for ages, I’ve told you that. It’s not my fault both of you have been too chicken to do anything about it. Its truly no wonder neither of you ended up as Gryffindors!,” Rose teased.

Rose stood and pulled her trunk open, looking for her bath essentials. Finding the small charmed carry-all (a smart hand-me-down from her mother which could literally carry the kitchen sink), she turned to Bree who was staring dreamily up at the stars painted on the ceiling.

“I’m fancying a lazy dip in the tub. Feel free to stay here if you’d like, or else I will see you in the Great Hall at 8:00 AM?” Without waiting for a reply, Rose pulled at the hem of her black babydoll pyjama (a gift from Victoire on her seventeenth birthday) and walked over to the door that connected her room to the spacious bathroom she shared with Scorpius.

She let herself into the bathroom and absentmindedly willed her feet to carry her over to the tub, her eyes down and hands sifting through the various toiletries in the cosmetics bag she was carrying. Am I out of my favorite Gardenia shampoo? I could have sworn I just put a new bottle in here!

Her thoughts were abruptly cut off as she walked straight into something hard.

“Ooof!” She gasped.

She quickly jerked her head up, dropping her cosmetics bag in the process. She found herself staring into the smoke-colored eyes of a freshly-showered Scorpius Malfoy, clad in nothing but dark blue silk pyjama pants.

Scorpius had an amused expression on his face. He had grasped her forearms to prevent her from falling backward, and was now leaning forward.

Merlin! Not again!

Rose held her breath.

His voice was husky, perhaps on purpose or perhaps due to the early hour. He whispered next to her left ear, “What a fetching outfit. Can’t say I’d mind terribly waking up to you wearing that every morning, Flower.” And with a smirk and a delicate kiss to her cheek, he released Rose’s arms and sauntered out of the room, chuckling softly as he pulled his door shut.

Rose silently counted to twelve. When she was sure she could no longer hear any sounds coming from the direction of Scorpius’ bedroom, she let out the breath she had been holding.

And then she fainted.

Yup. Definitely going to be one of those days.

*** The Quidditch Pitch ***

It had been one hour since Scorpius had last touched her soft bed-warmed skin, and he could still feel Rose at his fingertips. Man, I have to control myself. I will end up looking like a smarmy git if all I can do is drool at her. But, ahhhhh…

As he sat on his Firebolt Series Seven flying lazy circles around the Quidditch pitch while most of the castle slept the day away, Scorpius let his thoughts wander to the best moment of his life: kissing Rose.

Though he admittedly was a bit tipsy from the Firewhiskey someone snuck in to the Ravenclaw Common room for the victory party (Scorpius suspected Vince, but as Head Boy he would be required to dock points from his own house if he knew this, so he did not ask), Scorpius would never, not in a thousand lifetimes, forget the feel of Rose Weasley’s lips on his own.

They were delicate. Like flower petals. It was poetic, really: his Rose had rose-petal lips.

He smirked the infamous Malfoy-smirk. And her sleep attire does not leave much to the imagination, either. Who knew the petite Gryffindor bookworm had it in her?

Scorpius’ thoughts were interrupted by someone from the ground calling up to him. He looked down. Brayden was trying to get his attention and looking rather put-out.

Feeling somewhat guilty and wondering how long Brayden had been there, Scorpius sighed and angled the broom lower for landing.

“What is it, Zabini? I have a lot on my mind,” Scorpius asked briskly as he dismounted from his broom and walked over to his best mate.

“What happened last night, mate? You kinda fell into your portrait hole and let it slam in Vince’s face! We were going to continue our own party in the Heads’ dorm, remember? We called after you, but you just left us out in the hall. We got caught, too, by that blasted Kneazle! Two whole weeks of detention for us both, with Longbottom! He’ll probably make us re-pot those disgusting, screaming little Kewpie-doll-like plants!” Brayden said all this in a huff, sending Scorpius a menacing glare.

Scorpius thought fast. Should he tell him? If he told Zabini, Nott would have to be informed as well. Did he want his mates to know, or did he want to decide his next steps on his own first?

Bugger that, he would likely need their help if he intended to win Rose over.

Brayden was still staring at him expectedly. Scorpius let out a breath and then felt a genuine smile overtake his entire face – he could not stop it. If that made him a pansy, so be it.

“I am sorry if you poor sods have to suffer the wrath of re-potting Longbottom’s nude man-plants, but frankly, I don’t remember agreeing to continue our party… because last night, IT happened. With Rose.”

He waited for his friend’s reaction. As he suspected, the mess of emotions flashing over his face showed that Zabini was jumping to all the wrong conclusions.

Scorpius smirked. “Well, not IT exactly. You know she is not like that, and I would not have her any other way. But, we DID – brace yourself – kiss.”

If Zabini was disappointed to not have juicier topics to discuss, he did not show it. He was a good friend, the best Scorpius had ever had. “Wow, mate. You kissed her? And you’re still with us? I would have thought for sure that if the Fair Lady Rose did not kill you with her mad wand-waving, you would have done yourself in by forgetting to breathe!”

“I will ignore your words of ill-humor, Zabini, if you vow to help me decide what to do about this,” Scorpius became quite serious all of a sudden, “because this morning in the Head’s bathroom Rose walked in after I had showered and I swear to Merlin that I had to summon every single ounce of self-control I had not to ravish her right there. I settled for leaning in and kissing her on the cheek like a gentleman, but mate, if you had seen what she wears to sleep in…”

Scorpius saw that Zabini had stopped paying attention to his rambling and was instead looking over his shoulder with a half-amused, half-horrified look on his face.

He slowly turned.

There on the Quidditch pitch, frozen on her feet about three feet behind him and clad in her Gryffindor practice Quidditch robes, was none other than Rose. She looked breathtaking.

And her cheeks were the color of her uniform.

Yup. She heard that alright.

His day had just gotten quite a bit more awkward.

But, no matter. He suddenly remembered that he was a Malfoy. Malfoys were supposed to make girls blush scarlet.

Scorpius turned back to Brayden and motioned that he should follow him off of the pitch. As they turned and walked past Rose, who was still seemingly glued to the spot, Scorpius reached out and grabbed the hand not clutching her broom and placed a feather-light kiss on her palm. He saw her shock register out of the corner of his eye.

With a smirk, he caught up to Zabini and the two men headed off of the pitch, leaving a dazed Rose staring after them.

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Chapter 3: Happy Trails
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Disclaimer: My passport will confirm: I am not JKR. *sigh*

Chapter 3: Happy Trails

Rose sat at her usual seat in her favorite class, transfixed on Professor Longbottom’s impassioned lecture about the possible medical benefits of Polytrichum juniperinum, otherwise known as common garden moss. Herbology had always held a special place in Rose’s heart, ever since Uncle Nevvie (she had accidentally called him that once in the greenhouse first year, and the look on his face had been priceless) had given her a copy of the Encyclopedia of Magical and Common Greenery: The Healing Edition for her 7th birthday.

Professor Longbottom brought his class to a close with a small smile, waving them out with a cheery “remember, bring your earmuffs next time!” Rose packed up her books and as she headed up to the castle for lunch she found her mind wandering to the familiar subject of her future, and another subject it did not often come upon: her family.

Rose’s own life post-Hogwarts was seemingly set in stone. With her Mum as the acting Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic and her Dad as Harry Potter's right-hand Auror, Rose would be the first in her immediate family to pursue a career outside of the Ministry walls; she was truly excited for the chance to make a name for herself.

She had chosen a Healer’s track for her NEWTS, earning “Outstanding” OWLs in all of the necessary courses: Potions, Herbology, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Charms, Transfiguration, and Defense against the Dark Arts. Hermione hadn’t stopped beaming for a full 30 minutes when shown Rose’s examination scores. Rose secretly thought that her mother was simply thrilled to relate to at least one of her children.

Rose’s brother seemed to adhere to the Muggle “don’t worry, be happy” philosophy and as such, was not as serious of a student as Hermione would have preferred. Fifteen year old Hugo seemed determined to do exactly the opposite of what was expected of him. Of course, he was the first Weasley ever sorted into Hufflepuff. As of yet undecided as to what career to pursue (much to his professors’ and parents’ chagrin) he scraped by in the classes that were required for OWLS, and put actual effort into only those which interested him: Astronomy, Divination, Care of Magical Creatures, History of Magic and Muggle Studies.

Rose was not certain, but she felt that her happy-go-lucky little brother was content with being out of the unavoidable Weasley/Potter limelight, and therefore simply took life less seriously than the rest of the family.

As Rose continued her walk from the greenhouses, she was suddenly struck by the realization that there was one thing which all of the Weasley and Potter children had in common: a pure, passionate, unbridled love of Quidditch.

She smiled. Quidditch was surely in their blood. Rose’s own father swore his veins ran orange, in honor of his favourite team. Even her bookish thirteen year old cousin Molly (the only one in the family more studious than Rose) played for the Ravenclaw team as a chaser.

Ah. That did it.

Rose suddenly found her mind wandering to another Ravenclaw Quidditch player, one who was quite a prominent figure in her recent daydreams. Merlin’s Beard, and I thought I was doing so well, too! I have managed to avoid him nearly all day!

She felt the heat rise on her cheeks as she recalled the incident on the Quidditch pitch two weeks prior, the ghostly feel of Malfoy’s lips even now present on her palm. Of course, it had all begun when her plans for a lengthy soak in the bath had been thwarted that fated day after Malfoy had left the washroom.

Once Bree had charged in to the room to make sure her friend was alright (Rose apparently did not faint like a lady, but rather “kerplunked like a drunken hippogryff”), Rose decided to enjoy a quick (and rather cold) shower before donning her practice uniform. She had then meandered her way to the pitch in search of solitude. She had meant to distract herself from her jumbled thoughts by flying a few laps, yet… after overhearing Scorpius’ admission to Brayden Zabini, Rose was now more confused than ever.

And all those blasted flowers do not help matters, either!
Rose sighed, brought out of her reverie as she approached the Entrance Hall and the sound of chattering students met her ears.

Suddenly deciding she would rather enjoy her lunch alone in her dorm, Rose bypassed the Great Hall and made her way to the entrance of the Hogwarts Kitchen. Once there, she tickled the pear in the painting and was immediately fussed over by the house elves who handed her a bulging basket of mouth-watering delicacies.

Thanking the smiling elves profusely she set out into the halls, ducking into crevices to avoid any lingering red heads from dragging her to the Great Hall. After several near run-ins with various cousins, she finally approached the Head Dormitories and muttered her password, “Yearning,” scowling at the winking witch in the portrait.

The sight that met her eyes was even more disturbing than she remembered it from this morning – along with a large golden banner spanning the width of the ceiling proclaiming “Roses for My Rose, One for Every Thought I Have of You,” every available surface of the Common room was littered with the flower. Every few moments, another rose would pop into existence in the room. She could not quite figure out how he was managing it, but had to admit it was a rather impressive bit of magic.

There were already several vases of silk roses on the study table, dozens of delicate paper roses lined the bookshelves, rose petals covered the floor and a rather large, fresh bouquet of fragrant snow-white roses stood on the stairway leading to Rose’s room. 

Well, I must admit that he has good taste. White roses were her favorite; red roses were so bold, so common – white roses were unique, pure, a breath of fresh air.

Setting the basket down on top of a navy blue footstool, Rose sighed and slumped to the petal-strewn floor. Her emotions were going haywire. He’s a Malfoy! You’re a Weasley, Rose! It would never work, our fathers would Avada each other and come back as ghosts to torment us... and then we would be sent off to St. Mungo's and join that horrid Lockhart!

Yup. It was quite unfortunate, but they were destined to hate eachother from the start.

Grabbing an apple from the basket and absentmindedly taking a bite, Rose realized something. Though it was obvious she had her mother’s study habits, she had inherited something (in addition to the Weasley appetite) from her father as well: his general laziness. Hating Scorpius simply took too much effort!

The problem was, Rose was not all too certain whether she hated him anymore, or even if she ever truly had.

In fact, she was convinced that what she felt for the handsome blonde Ravenclaw seeker was far from hatred.

And that thought nearly scared Rose to death.

*** Head Boy Dormitory, several hours later ***

Scorpius was rather pleased with himself. He had just returned from the best Quidditch practice of his life, and it was all thanks to his newfound good luck charm: Rose.

I cannot believe how often I thought of Rose today! There must be hundreds of flowers down there!
He smiled as he lay sprawled across his four poster. He glanced around his room, absentmindedly taking in all of the Ravenclaw decor as he contemplated the past several hours.

At the beginning of practice, he had tried to focus solely on the game, determined not to let anything distract him from his brilliant captaining and claiming the snitch. This had been a fairly important practice, after all, because he had two new beaters to train. I still cannot believe both Corner and Goldstein managed to injure themselves during the last match. Thank Merlin Zabini and Nott are more than adequate replacements.

And thank Merlin they owed me a favor so they happily "volunteered" for the team. Otherwise, I would have been forced to hold more sodding "tryouts,"
Scorpius thought with a smirk.

He had, of course, been hoping to catch a glimpse of Rose all day, to see whether or not she appreciated his latest brilliant attempt to woo her.

Merlin. I am so embarrassed that I even thought the word “woo.” Must. Not. Lose. Malfoy. Cool.

When he had no longer been able to keep himself from thinking of Rose while circling the pitch (after all, the sunset complimented her beautiful hair brilliantly…), he had simply imagined that she was there, cheering him on in his pursuit of the small golden-winged ball.

Of course, that would never really happen. Rose was a rival Seeker, after all, and would forever support the Gryffindor team.

However, catch the snitch he had – and in record time. More surprising: though Scorpius had not been aware of it until he was freshly showered and walking back to his dorm after practice, he had somehow neglected to bring along his lucky snitch. It was currently buried somewhere deep in his top desk drawer amongst a handful of old quills.

That made Rose his new good luck charm. He allowed his mind to roam awhile…

Yup. He would never lose a Quidditch game again. He would lead Ravenclaw to win the Quidditch cup. Inevitably, some famous scout from the IAQ would see the final match of his Hogwarts’ career and offer him thousands of Galleons to play for the team of his choice. Of course, he would take pity and choose to play for the Cannons, and during his first game as the Cannon’s Seeker he would single-handedly earn more points than the team had ever won. In its history. After a successful career with Chudley, he would of course buy the team and he and Rose would raise up their sons – seven strapping young lads, of course, so they could form Team Malfoy and take Hogwarts by storm – on the actual Quidditch pitch where he had once proposed to their mum on a fateful August evening…


Malfoy was startled out of his daydream when he heard a familiar frustrated voice from the other side of his door.

“Malfoy, you git! Please! Make them stop! I am trying to study Arithmancy! One appeared in my mouth, for Merlin’s sake! And it had thorns!”


As he heard her footsteps travel away from his door, he sighed.

There was only one thing holding him back from his glorious future.

And without her, it just wasn’t worth it.

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Teddy had been GRYFF beater and CAPTAIN
Victoire had been GRYFF chaser
James had been GRYFF keeper and CAPTAIN
Fred had been GRYFF beater
Dominique had been GRYFF beater

Rose is GRYFF seeker (7)
Roxanne is GRYFF beater (6)
Lily is GRYFF chaser (5)
Lucy is GRYFF chaser (3)
Francis Longbottom is GRYFF keeper (5)
Alicia Longbottom is GRYFF chaser (4)
Patrick Finnegan is GRYFF beater and CAPTAIN (7)

Albus is SLYTH seeker and CAPTAIN (7)
Brianna is SLYTH chaser (7)

Louis Weasley is RAVE chaser (6)
Scorpius is RAVE seeker and CAPTAIN (7)
James Patil-Thomas is RAVE keeper (6)
Brayden Zabini is RAVE beater (7)
Vince Nott is RAVE beater (7)
Molly Weasley is RAVE chaser (3)
Lysander Scamander is RAVE chaser (2)

Hugo is HUFF keeper (5)
Lorcan Scamander is HUFF chaser (2)

Chapter 4: Hogsmeade Hopeful
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Disclaimer: Nope, still not JKR. Clicking my red heels together three times did not work. Must find a genie, I suppose. *wink*

Chapter 4: Hogsmeade Hopeful

The sun was streaking through the stained glass windows, and an owl could be heard hooting in the distance.

Rose awoke with a terrible crick in her neck. Where in Merlin’s name am I?… Oh. Blast! Rose had fallen asleep on the cold stone floor of the shared washroom, attempting to escape the bombardment of roses that had reached to her bed chambers around eleven the previous evening.

Malfoy. Will. Pay.

At that moment, the door connecting the washroom to the Head Boys’ bed chamber opened, and a rather too cheerful Malfoy walked over to his sink, whistling. If he was startled to see Rose sitting on the floor near the enormous bath, he did not show it.

“Morning, Weasley. Fine night, wasn’t it? Can’t say I have ever slept better, in fact! I rather enjoyed my dreams…” Scorpius undid the cap on his toothpaste and glanced at Rose in the mirror. “I must say, my mattress this year is infinitely more comfortable than the one I had in the Ravenclaw dorms, probably more comfortable than any of those in Gryffindor as well… in fact, seeing as your own apparently is not condusive to a good night’s sleep, I would be happy to let you test mine out…”

At this, Scorpius trailed off and looked to see Rose scowling at him, rubbing her neck and unsteadily getting to her feet.  He raised his delicate eyebrows.

“I can see your wand is in quite a twist. To what do I owe this… erm… lovely disposition?”

“Malfoy! Last night, I asked you – well, more like ordered you, but still – to STOP the blasted spell!,” Rose nearly screamed.

“Whoa, calm down, Flower. I remember the request. And I uttered the counter-spell shortly thereafter. At least, I think I did. I may have possibly been dreaming that bit… ah, yes! It was a dream. You were wearing the most delectable… erm. Right. Why don’t I just do it again now, then…”

Scorpius was visibly very flustered. He took his wand from his waistband, uttered something unintelligible under his breath, and then turned back to Rose. “There. Problem solved.”

He turned back toward his sink and once again began to wash up.

Rose gave his back one last glare and hesitantly headed for her own room.  She opened the door fully, and was surprised to see that all of the roses were gone. She turned back to Scorpius.

“Malfoy. All of my flowers are gone.”

“Well, yes, that was the idea, wasn’t it?” Now he was looking at her bemusedly.

“No, you git, I only asked that you stop the spell!” She looked down at her toes. My pedicure could use a touch-up. I am not sure if I care for this red any longer. Maybe I should pick out a new polish shade from Uncle George’s MuggleWear beauty collection in Hogsmeade today.  Quietly, she added, “I enjoyed the way they made my room smell… I just did not want any new ones to appear. I rather like roses.” At this she walked into her room and reached to close the door.

Scorpius held the door open and stepped just up to the threshold, now standing mere inches away. Rose thought of telling him to leave, but instead held her ground, waiting for him to speak. Mmmmm. He smells divine. What?!? No. He is infuriating.

“You are infuriating, you know that, Weasley?” Scorpius echoed her thoughts. He took the tiniest step closer. Now their toes were touching. Rose was startled when he reached lightly for her chin and pulled it up so that his stormy grey eyes met her hazel. 

He spoke softly, his voice a bit huskier than it had been previously. “Rose. Today is the first Hogsmeade trip of the year. What do you say we go together?”

Rose could see the vulnerability in his eyes. Mmmm, even his breath smells heavenly... I cannot deny him this. It’s only Hogsmeade. She knew she would likely regret it later, but for the first time in her life, Rose answered with her heart and not her head. 


His eyes were now swirling pools of liquid silver. He grinned, grasped her shoulders lightly and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. “Okay.”

He spun and walked across the washroom, opening the door opposite hers. When he turned to look at Rose, she appeared frozen, touching her forehead lightly. He smirked and stepped through the door, heading into his own room. She caught a tiny glimpse of bare skin as he pulled his silk sleep-shirt over his tousled blonde hair... 


She squeezed her eyes shut, ignoring the faint chuckle that drifted across the washroom.

Rose heard his door close. She suddenly sank to the floor, her knees giving out. “Did I just agree to go to Hogsmeade? With Malfoy?,” she asked no one in particular. 

She felt a small smile grace her lips. She stood and bounded lightly over to her wardrobe. Well. If I am going to go, purely as friends of course, I might as well knock his socks off.

*** One hour later, Heads’ Common Room ***

Scorpius paced in front of the fireplace absentmindedly. Where is she? Maybe she changed her mind. Maybe she only said yes so that I would leave her room? No, my Flower is not that conniving. She would never manipulate a situation like that... would she? She is the niece of the Boy-Who-Lived-Twice… they say he was almost sorted into Slytherin…

Scorpius' increasingly-panicked thoughts were interrupted by a loud knock on the portrait hole. “Score! It’s us! Are you planning on coming out of there at all today, Mate? You missed breakfast! Come on, we want to hit Hogsmeade before Honeydukes is sold out of licorice wands.”

Scorpius groaned. He had forgotten that he had planned on spending the day with Vince and Brayden.

He opened the portrait and gestured for them to enter. “Zabini. Nott. Change of plans. You lot head out alone. I… have a date.” He smirked as Brayden’s jaw fell open.

“A date? SERIOUSLY? Who is she? What are you hiding from your best mates? Is she pretty? What about Rose?,” Zabini asked in a rush.

Nothing more needed to be said, however, for at that moment the lady in question descended the staircase and stood in front of the three gobsmacked young men.

“Wow. Erm. Alright then, Score. We will catch up with you later, yeah?” The double meaning in Vince’s voice was evident as the two non-Heads quickly backed up and shuffled out of the portrait. They were certainly going to pry for details at the first chance they were given.

Scorpius turned to the vision in front of him. “Please ignore those two miserable excuses for gentlemen – I do. Now, Miss Weasley, I believe we have a date?,” he asked after recovering the use of his voice.

He held out his arm toward Rose and the two of them stepped into the hallway to make their way into the mob of students heading toward the village.

Rose smiled to herself. She had obviously accomplished her goal. After trying on nearly every single solitary item of clothing she owned, she had found the perfect “first-non-date” ensemble. Best of all? She looked nothing like the usually-studious Rose Weasley. 

She was wearing chocolate-coloured skin-tight leggings with lace at the cuffs, a short dark-denim miniskirt that her Aunt Fleur had given her as a birthday gift last year, and an off-the-shoulder chiffon tunic patterned in chocolate and navy geometric shapes that cinched in a knot at her left hip. To top off her bold attire, she donned a pair of chocolate-coloured chunky-heeled pumps Aunt Ginny had insisted she buy, and tucked a white silk rose behind her right ear.  Navy and chocolate-coulored geometric shapes dangled from silver hoops in her lobes, and a silver “R” hung on a delicate chain around her neck, a gift from Bree. Her fine red hair fell loosely in waves framing her face, brushed to a silken sheen and spritzed with her signature scent of Gardenias.

“You know, Malfoy, the crowd is moving. We can head to the village now,” Rose stated when several moments had passed in silence.

“What? Erm, right. Of course,” he replied while leading her toward the sound of giggling students and scrumptious smells.

They entered the quaint wizarding village a few moments later, and Scorpius turned to Rose with a grin. “Well, Flower? Where to first?”

“I know you will be wanting to go to Quality Quidditch Supplies, so why don’t we start there, and after you are done, maybe we can visit my Uncle George in his shop? He should be in town today, he makes it a point to visit this particular branch of Wheezes on Hogwarts’ Hogsmeade days,” Rose replied, smiling at the look of anticipation on Scorpius’s face at the mention of his favourite Quidditch shop.

"Certainly, if that is what you wish to do. That sounds grand! I am so happy they opened a Hogsmeade QQS branch! Come on, Flower, there is a new broom I have been begging Father to purchase for me..." Scorpius pulled on Rose's hand gently as they made their way to the bustling shop.

Rose looked down at their clasped hands and felt a warmth spread through her entire being. Why does this feel so... right? He's Malfoy, smarmy Ravenclaw git extraordinaire! I cannot be attracted to him. He and his so-called friends have made my life miserable ever since we were forced to share a train compartment in first year! Yet...

"Rosie!," a startled voice interrupted Rose's musings, "Merlin, I hardly recognized you! We have been looking all over for you, have you seen Bray -- oh! Hello, Scorpius!" Bree and Albus walked toward them. Bree glanced at the pair still holding hands and shot Rose a look that clearly stated, I WANT DETAILS.

"Hello, Bree. Did you find those new lightning bolt earrings you have been looking for? If not, you know Al or I can always have Uncle Harry send us a pair to give to you. His press agent should still know where to find them." Rose pointedly ignored Bree's inquisitive gaze.

Albus was oddly quiet. Not a good sign, Rose inwardly groaned.

"Ummm... no, not yet. I may take you up on that offer, though, I really want those earrings to go with that funky muggle necklace you got me for my birthday! But, anyway, I can see that you are busy so I will just catch up with you later," Brianna stated with a smirk, "I think I just spotted my lesser half anyway. We need to pool our meager resources and come up with a suitable gift for Mother's birthday. You would think that we are responsible enough to have access to our trust fund, but no, we have to wait until we graduate...Have fun, you two!" With that, she tugged on Albus' arm and the two of them disappeared around a corner.

Scorpius let out a laugh. "She really is something, isn't she? My Mum once envisioned a match between Brianna and I, but honestly I don't know how Albus can handle that much ambition and energy. Just listening to her is exhausting... luckily she and Brayden can communicate without speaking very much. It is quite odd to listen to those two have a conversation, Flower, don't you agree?"

Trying to ignore the feeling of relief that washed over her knowing that Scorpius was not interested in her exotic-looking best friend, Rose quickly said "Yes, twins are a fascinating subject in general. My Uncle George and his late brother Fred were said to finish each others' sentences constantly. My cousins Molly and Lucy are so sensitive to each other that they can be miles apart and know what the other is feeling. The Scamander twins -- friends of the family -- are the same way, and are so identical that there is not even any difference in their voices or mannerisms."

Realizing that they were now in front of the Quidditch shop, Rose turned to Scorpius. "Well? Don't you have a broom to show me? Or would you rather stand out in the cold and discuss the mysteries of multiples all day?"

"No, my dear Flower, I do believe we have exhausted that subject. Come now, look at this broom," Scorpius pointed to the latest racing model on display in the window, "it's the first in the new Firebolt line of professional racing brooms, the Lightning Bolt 001!"

Rose had to admit the green-toned broom was amazing. It was specifically designed with the Seeker in mind. In fact, her Uncle Harry endorsed this broom and he had promised to send her and Albus each one before their next Quidditch match. She made a mental note to ask for one for Scorpius as well. I won't say it is for a Malfoy, I will say it is for a friend. That way, I can prevent my family from hearing about this... whatever it is between us... for a short while longer at least.

And then suddenly, with a sick feeling in her stomache, she remembered the expression on Al's face. She recognized that look. He had always felt protective of her! He would likely wander to WWW and tell her Uncle George that Rose was dating a Malfoy!

Nononono... this is not good. Uncle George cannot tell Dad! Dad will remove me from Hogwarts and send me to a nunnery!

Rose thought quickly. The jokeshop was on the other end of Hogsmeade, they would never beat Al there by walking. She had no other option. Grabbing firmly onto Scorpius's arm and shouting, "Hold on!," praying they didn't splinch anything, Rose apparated them directly in front of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes and after letting go of a spluttering Scorpius, flung open the brightly-painted door, scaring several third years as she rushed to the front counter.

There, behind the counter of the packed store and dressed in the trademark magenta robes was her one-eared prankster of an Uncle.

And standing next to him, a smirk on his face and not meeting her eyes, was her cousin Albus.

A/N: Roughly four more chapters to go! Hope you enjoyed this one, and I am sincerely sorry for the delay. I have been under the weather and wound up in the ER with a serious case of Strep, a rash and a high fever. When you work with young children on a daily basis, getting ill tends to happen occasionally. Enough of this now - Happy Reading!


Chapter 5: Hiding Away
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Chapter 5: Hiding Away

“Albus Severus Potter! What have you done?,” Rose burst out, wasting no time before lunging over the counter at her smirking cousin. She clutched at his neck with her small hands, attempting to strangle the traitorous git.

George Weasley started to laugh loudly. He nodded to his business partner, Lee Jordan, to man the counter for a bit and, after magically binding his niece’s hands behind her back, ushered a furious Rose and a sulking Albus up the small stairs to his Hogsmeade office.

Once inside the entirely magenta-and-orange room, George sat with his feet propped up on the desk and turned toward the fiery young witch who reminded him so much of her mother.  “Rose, I do not think Albus deserves to be strangled… at least not until I hear what all of this is about. Now, tell me what it is you think that he has done, and I may just change my mind and join you – No one messes with my Rosie.”

“Hey! Uncle George! That is not fair, you cannot play favorites!,” Albus spluttered, backing as far away from Rose as the small room would allow.

“Oh, yes I can. Sorry, Al, but its as simple as that messy mop of yours, really. Those of us who have to survive every 'Ginger' joke known to man day after day stick together, eh Rosie?,” George retorted with a wink.

“Even if do-no-wrong Rose Red here is dating a Malfoy?”

“Even if she… wait, WHAT? Rose Nymphadora Weasley, I am shocked! How could you dirty the Weasley name like that? I cannot believe you! I think I am going to have to discuss this with your parents when I see them for dinner tomorrow night. In the mean time, I think I speak for everyone in the family when I say you are forbidden to date the Malfoy brat!” George’s face was now quite red.

Rose bit her tongue to mask her fury. It would win her no points with her family if she behaved as a spoiled child would. She would speak calmly and rationally.

And if that did not work, she would revisit the idea of hexing her cousin. And possibly her uncle, just for good measure.

“Uncle George, I am sorry, but I do not believe that you – or anyone else in the family, for that matter – have the authority to tell me whom I can or cannot be involved with. Scorpius is nothing like his father. He has actually become a wonderful friend and is quite lovely to spend time with. I have decided to give him a chance, and I would appreciate it if the rest of the family would as well,” Rose said firmly, looking her uncle directly in the eyes.

“Well, Rose Red… I must say I am rather surprised by your attitude. You finally put poor old Scorpius out of his misery and you neglected to immediately inform your favorite Uncle George?,” George said with a mock-stern expression.

Rose opened her mouth to say something in her defense, but as she registered what George had said she closed it again promptly. She stared at her uncle, who was watching her bemusedly. What did he mean by that? He knew Scorpius and I would eventually start something? How is that possible!? I thought he was angry with me! The Weasleys have always made it clear that they abhor the Malfoys!

Rose glanced to her cousin. Albus' face held an expression of shock. He spluttered unintelligible sounds at George, who was clearly struggling not to laugh. Albus then turned to Rose, his features taking on a quite Slytherin sneer.

Poor Rosie looks catatonic,
he thought. It was quite amusing actually.

Albus could not hold it in any longer. He fell back into an old plaid armchair and laughed.

After several side-splitting guffaws, he turned to a now purple-faced Rose. “And that, dear cousin, is why I am always going to best your boy-toy Malfoy when it comes to pranks,” he said, with as much grace as he could muster.

Rose simply stared at the two men, both of whom were now laughing like hyenas all about the room and congratulating each other on a prank well-done. Her eyes narrowed. How dare they decide to play with my emotions and insecurities like this! I cannot believe Uncle George would do this! Albus, well, he is a Slytherin, so I should not be so surprised… though I think I ought to talk to Aunt Ginny about his lack of familial loyalty… and maybe I should have a word with Aunt Angie as well…

After I channel Aunt Ginny and bat-bogey both these gits, of course.

*** Two hours later, The Great Hall ***

“Tell me again, Rose, why you had to nearly splinch my perfect face by dragging me to your Uncle’s shop?,” Scorpius asked, coming up behind Rose at the Gryffindor table as the evening meal was underway.

“Malfoy, I have already apologized profusely for this afternoon’s misadventures. I’m terribly sorry for placing your vain and egotistical self in any imaginary danger. And I will say it again: I’m sorry. What more would you have me do?”

“Oh, I am sure you can think of a few things…” Scorpius said in a low, husky voice.

Rose eyed him with a small smile as he swung one leg over the bench to sit beside her, grabbing an apple from the gilded fruit basket nestled between two heaping platters of sandwiches in the center of the table. Taking a large bite with a satisfying crunch, he turned to Rose and raised one delicate blonde eyebrow at her.

She narrowed her eyes in a glare that was known to instantly put all of the Weasley and Potter men in their place.

Rose had been about to reprimand him for not sitting with his own house and for disturbing her much-needed quiet time. However, she was suddenly quite distracted by a small drop of juice rolling toward his chin. Why must he be so intelligent AND visually appealing? It’s a wonder I managed to ignore my obvious attraction to him for so long. Blast it all, I really am falling for a Malfoy. Pity that Dad does not handle stress well.

Absentmindedly and without hesitation, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, she smiled and reached one hand to his face to gently brush his chin, capturing the errant drop.

Scorpius let out a quick breath and dropped his apple onto his lap. Rose was drawn immediately back to reality. She quickly folded both her hands in her lap and stared at the potatoes on her nearly empty plate.

Oh no, oh no, oh NO! What was that? Rose Weasley, you are flirting with him! Shamelessly! And yet…

In an instant, Rose realized that she did not care any more about hiding her feelings for her fellow Head. Albus and her Uncle George knew, which meant the rest of her family would be informed soon enough.

I think this is an opportune moment to prove I do belong in my House. Might as well have a bit of fun with it and get the inevitable confrontations over with. I’d rather all of the howlers came at once anyway.

Raising her head and meeting Scorpius’ still-startled expression with fire in her eyes, Rose leaned toward him and captured his lips in a soft kiss.

Mmmmmmm. I could get used to this…

Rose broke the kiss after only a few seconds, with a satisfied smirk now appearing on her lips. “You had a bit of juice there as well,” she said while turning back to her plate.

“I believe you missed some, Flower.”

And with that, Scorpius turned Rose’s chin to face him and crushed his lips to hers, both hands tangling in her hair at the nape of her neck.

Loud cheering and declarations of, “I knew it! Pay up!” and “Finally!” could suddenly be heard around them, particularly from the Ravenclaw table.

The two broke apart and smiled at each other, hands now entwined. Scorpius suddenly smirked, wiggling his eyebrows at her.

“You know, Rose… don’t think this means I will look the other way and let you catch the Snitch in the upcoming match. I do have my ‘Star Seeker’ reputation to uphold, I will have you know.” And with a wink and quick kiss to her cheek, he leapt from the bench and headed toward his cheering mates.

Rose sighed. Some things never change, it seems. Note to self: Write to Vic to learn the art of seduction while on a broom. I will have him so distracted, he won’t know the difference between a Quaffle and a Snitch.

A/N: Thank you for your patience! I am terribly sorry for not updating in forever. Real life has been insanely busy as of late, and I am still not in the best of health. I will try to not let it happen again! Only 2 more chapters, and then the epilogue! Happy reading. *smiles*

Chapter 6: Hearts Afloat
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Chapter 6: Hearts Afloat

Rose awoke to an obnoxiously bright light streaming onto her pillow. Odd. She never fell asleep without drawing the curtains around her four poster. She cracked one eye open cautiously, and noticed a smirking Bree leaning toward her. Ugh. It’s too early to be assaulted. What’s going on?

“Rose! You have a game in like, twenty minutes. You weren’t at breakfast. Malfoy – who looks particularly drool-worthy today, might I add – stormed over to the Slytherin table, insisting I attempt to rouse you… apparently, he is not Ravenclaw enough to figure out the new password you set over your door…I, however, only needed all of two seconds to guess where your mind has been this past week.” At this, she snickered.

Rose groaned and sat up.  “I know, I know. I'm pathetic. Please get all of your merciless teasing out now, I do not want to risk being overheard.”

Rose jumped out of bed and reached over Bree to gather her Quidditch uniform, which she had carefully laid out over her trunk the previous night. Slipping out of her flannel pyjamas, she hurriedly threw her Quidditch gear on and hastened to the bathroom to wash her face.

Bree, of course, followed. Rose fastened her bed-mussed hair in a high ponytail and braced herself for her best mate’s taunts.

“Well, Rose, I guess he would never think that you would use his own name as your password. I mean, honestly, “Scorpius” is not a common word to cross his lips, I am sure. However, as your best friend and someone who is concerned for your privacy, I do recommend changing it shortly. Otherwise, any time my darling twin or one of his other  mates shouts out Malfoy’s name, your chambers will stand un-protected from prying male eyes,” Bree drawled lazily, inspecting her nail polish for non-existent chips.

“Bree, hon, I would love to stay here and listen to your sage advice. However, I am obviously running a tad bit late. I am going to jump on my broom now and fly out this window to the pitch, okay? Otherwise Finnegan will sell my starting Seeker position to the highest bidder,” Rose stated while grabbing her newly aqcuired Lightning Bolt from its esteemed corner.

“Alright, Seeker-girl, I will let you off the proverbial hook… for now. Al and I will be rooting for you from the Gryff stands, as usual, but if Bray asks, I wanted him to win,” Bree laughed as she headed for the door.

Rose sighed and headed for the window, opening it to reveal a rarely-seen Scottish blue sky, free of clouds. As she mounted her broom and leaned out of the window, she smiled to herself. Well, luck seems to be on my side. No wind. Now I just need to remember what Vic told me about flirting from my broom, because I obviously had no time to follow her first command: dress to impress.

Oh well. Ravenclaw versus Gryffindor. This was bound to be a game Rose would remember for quite awhile, regardless of the outcome.

*** Roughly 3 Hours later, Quidditch Stands ***

“’Mione. What is Rosie doing up there?,” Ron Weasley asked his wife for the third time.

Hermione sighed, set down her book and glanced at her agitated husband. His ears were taking on a rather red tint. “Oh, honestly, Ronald. As I stated the first two times you asked, I am not certain what our daughter is doing. I would imagine she is Seeking, as that is her job at this point.”

“But, ‘Mione! All she and that Malfoy boy do is keep on circling each other! We have been sitting here on these blasted bleachers watching her circle the pitch for an eternity! This is uncomfortable – I am certain these ruddy benches were not this narrow when we went to school in this place. They are gnome-sized! I reckon we pop on over to the Burrow for a bite, and then head back here to finish the game. At this rate, they will still be playing in the morning!,” Ron whined.

“Ronald Weasley, we will do no such thing. And the seats have not shrunk, dear – you have grown. Obviously. Now, Rosie must have her reasons for doing what she is doing. I have never really understood this family’s obsession with the game, but I do know some form of strategy is typically involved. Oh, here come Ginny and Harry. They must have had enough fun embarrassing Al and his new girlfriend.” Hermione turned to wave at the Potters as they made their way across the stands.

“Harry! Ginny! Please tell Ronald that his daughter is more important than his stomache,” Hermione said as the couple sat directly behind them.

Ginny, her long red hair tied back in an emerald ribbon, rolled her eyes. Harry merely snickered and pulled something out of the rucksack slung over his shoulder.

“Here, Ron, catch,” Harry said, tossing his mate what looked to be a mountainous sandwich and handing another to Hermione, “Your Mum must be a Seer. She knew you would be beyond all point of reasoning at some point today unless we kept your system clogged with good old-fashioned Molly-Fuel.”

Hermione ignored the men’s easy chatter, which had now turned to the finer points of the game at hand. She turned to Ginny after taking a delicate bite of her own lunch. “So? What is she like? Do she and Albus appear serious?”

“The Zabini girl seems a rather sharp match for our Albie, I must admit. True Slytherins, the both of them. They are quite a striking pair. Their children would be gorgeous, I imagine, what with Brianna’s hair and Al’s eyes,” Ginny giggled.

“Don’t go planning a wedding so soon. You know Al is more like Harry than he’d care to admit – it may take him years to even consider popping the question, when the right girl does strike his fancy,” Hermione warned with a laugh.

“Don’t remind me. Honestly, men can be so blind, eh? I mean, it is obvious that poor Victoire is waiting on pins and needles for Teddy to ask for her hand, yet he is off gallivanting around in the States,” Ginny replied with a grimace.

“Gallivanting around? Gin, I would hardly call studying under one of the most gifted Herbologists in the world as “gallivanting.” It was an honor for Ted to even be considered for that prestigious internship, and Vic is quite aware of that. Besides, Teddy is yet another man raised by your Harry, and therefore is likely weighing his decisions very carefully in regards to becoming an “official Weasley” – I am telling you, he may not be a Potter by name, but he has more Potter in him than one would imagine,” Hermione mused.

“I suppose you are right. Maybe I will have a talk with Al, though, just in case. I want him to know that we will support any decision he makes in regard to his choice of bride when that time—HEY! What is Rose thinking? She almost lost Gryffindor the game just then! The Snitch was in view! I am certain she saw it… in fact, I would have to say that Scorpius saw it as well, yet neither of them reached for it… it almost seems as though they are both trying to prolong the game for some reason…” Ginny trailed off as Scorpius suddenly dashed over to the right of the field, heading straight toward the commentator’s stand.

“Hey, Mum, Dad. Aunt Ginny, Uncle Harry,” Hugo suddenly appeared behind the foursome with a rather sour expression on his face. He slumped to the bench beside Ginny.

“Darling, what’s the matter?,” Hermione asked concernedly, instantly in Mother-Mode.

“Nothing, Mum. At least, I hope its nothing. Its just… well, I am sure you will find out soon enough,” Hugo stated in an uncharacteristically bothered manner.

“Hugh, have you any idea what game your sister has been playing up there? ‘Cause it sure as Merlin doesn’t seem like its Quidditch to me,” Ron turned to question his son.

“Dad, uhm… I am staying out of this one. Catch you all later,” Hugo said as he quickly pulled himself to his feet and made his way over to Lorcan Scamander, who was seated several rows behind and to the left of the group.

“Odd. I wonder what that was about,” Harry murmured, his Auror-instincts swinging into high-gear.

At that moment, everyone’s attention was drawn back to the game as an unidentifiable  voice suddenly rang loud and clear over the pitch, “Erm… can I have your attention, folks?” A hush fell over the crowd, the game momentarily halted in surprise.

“Ron, look, its Scorpius! And he is smiling… at Rose!,” Hermione breathed.

Hermione watched as Rose quickly looked over at Scorpius in apparent shock, obviously unsure of what was about to occur. What is going on there, Hermione wondered.

“I wanted to take a moment, while everyone was still gathered together – I mean, where else would you be, right? Yours truly has yet to claim the Snitch! – to make an announcement. A rather significant announcement. But before I do, I just want to let certain more hot-tempered members of the audience know that if any howlers are to be sent in response to my news, I hope that they are directed at me. Now, as I am about to lose my nerve, not to mention my mic as I see ol’ Longbottom making his way up here, I will just go ahead and say it. Rose Weasley – I am sure it is no surprise to you, but I am in love with you. I would be honored if you would consent to be my girlfriend. Officially, I mean. You can think about it if you want to. There. I have said what I needed to say. Now, the game can commence.”

And with that, Scorpius handed the microphone to a spluttering, slack-jawed Neville and flew nervously over to the center of the pitch, where Rose was clearly hanging on to her broom with a stronger-than-necessary grip. The audience was still stunned into silence.

And then several things happened at once.

In the Ravenclaw stands, a man’s voice was heard, “Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, you will be hearing from your mother and I later this evening, you can bet on it!”

In the Gryffindor stands, several red-heads were whispering among themselves and shooting furious glances at the center of the Quidditch pitch. One man in particular leapt unsteadily to his feet, and then promptly fainted in disbelief as his wife rolled her eyes.

And high above the arena, the game long forgotten, one red-headed girl had eyes only for the blonde boy in front of her. Acting on instinct, she flew as close as her precision-accurate broom would allow and angled toward him. As she did so, she noticed something glinting in the sunlight near his right ear. She leaned over and clasped it in her fist as a grin spread across her face, and she pressed her lips to his.

As she pulled back several heated moments later, she opened her fist and smirked at her breathless boyfriend. “I guess you may need to relinquish the title of ‘Star Seeker.’ But don’t worry – I still love you,” Rose said with a cheeky smile.

And the crowd cheered.

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Chapter 7: Hopping Hippogriffs
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Chapter 7: Hopping Hippogriffs

Rose was standing in a whirlwind of clothes, parchment and various odds and ends. She had spent the morning busily shuffling through her belongings, packing her trunk for the Easter Holidays. She was taking the opportunity to do some much-needed Spring cleaning, and was sorting things into three mostly-tidy piles on her bed: “rubbish,” “stays at school,” and “pack.”

Just as she was tossing a handful of broken quills into the “rubbish” pile, Scorpius’ voice carried over to her from the doorway of the bath chamber. The Head Girls’ bed chamber was protected with a privacy charm – which they had discovered late one Friday night, much to Scorpius’ chagrin. The closest the Head Boy could come to entering her room was to stand at either of the doorways.

“Rosie-Flower, you were absolutely brilliant up there today – Hufflepuff did not stand a chance. All you have left is Slytherin after the Spring Hols, and you have the Quidditch Cup in the bag! Of course, if I had not been made to sit the game out in the Hospital wing after that Valentine’s prank gone wild in February, dear Albie would not be quite so smug right about now.”

Rose smiled at the look of pride on her boyfriend’s face. She could not believe that she and Scorpius had already been “officially” together for nearly six months. Two strong, alpha personalities – and yet, they had only had minor disagreements.

The same could not be said about their fathers, however. While Hermione and Astoria were kind and courteous, inviting each other for tea and the occasional ‘spa day,’ Ron and Draco were behaving like sulking, sour prats.

Rose remembered her father’s reaction after the Gryffindor victory back in early November. He most definitely possessed the classic Weasley temper.


After Rose and Scorpius had finally parted and landed their brooms, she had been in complete bliss, yet still shocked at the rather sudden turn of events. Her teammates had swarmed around her, clapping her on the back and loudly cheering, proclaiming their victory at a deafening volume to the world.

Then her father had pushed his way through the crowd, effectively bringing Rose back down to Earth. Her mum was closely on his heels. A red-faced Ron grabbed Rose by the sleeve and pulled her away from her teammates before he exploded.

“A MALFOY, Rose?!? You might as well be snogging a snake! They are Death Eaters! Vile, evil, manipulative and…” At this he sharply trailed off when he caught his wife’s eyes and Hermione suddenly gave him the apologize-or-sleep-alone look.

Seeing as her husband was unable to think without his emotions getting in the way when it came to his daughter, Hermione interjected “AND, Rose, we are thrilled that you have found someone who appears to make you very happy. Scorpius seems like a nice boy, and we would love to have the opportunity to get to know him a bit better. He has an open invitation to visit during the Holiday Break if he would like.” At this, Hermione stepped forward, wrapping her daughter in her arms.

“Thanks Mum. I will ask him about it,” Rose said with a genuine smile lighting her features. “And Dad,” she continued, turning to her still red-faced father, “he really is a good guy. I did not plan this, it just happened. Please, let us enjoy getting to know each other better, and do not make things more difficult with talk of ‘Death Eaters.’ His dad has changed, too, from what I know of him. He works at St. Mungos with Aunt Audrey, for Merlin’s sake!”

Ron shuffled his feet and cleared his throat. “Yeah, well, Rosie, you know I love you and want you to be happy… I just have a hard time thinking about Mal… Scorpius… without remembering what a git his father was to all of us when we were in school. You are my little girl. If he hurts you, ever, believe me, he will have to answer to my wand.”

Then a voice spoke from behind Ron, “And answer to your Uncle Harry. And to your brother and cousins. And most certainly your grandfather, though I have never met the man.” Scorpius walked over and stood in front of Rose, taking her hand in his as his eyes twinkled. “I realize you have a lot of bodyguards, Flower, but I am not worried. I love you, and it feels wonderful to be able to finally say that.”

Rose felt a sudden rush of emotion as she looked into his silver-blue eyes. How could I have been so ridiculous to deny this attraction for so long? She reached toward him to pull his head down for a kiss. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her mum drag her spluttering husband toward Rose’s brother, who was standing at the entrance of the pitch with Albus and Bree, looking thoroughly disgusted.

After kissing Scorpius soundly for several blissful moments, Rose pulled back and said with a smirk, “So. You think you can handle my family for the Winter Hols?”

Matching her smirk, Scorpius laughed, “spending Christmas with a bunch of aurors, quidditch celebrities, war heroes, and the Minister himself? Sure. No problem. Malfoys are bred to have thick skin.”


Rose smiled, her thoughts bringing her back to reality. She glanced at Scorpius, still standing in the doorway, and walked over to him, placing her arms around his neck. “I love you. I cannot wait to spend a whole week with you in rooms that are not charmed to segregate the sexes,” she winked.

“I would not put it past Father, Rose, to install some sort of ‘purity charm’ on my bedroom, you heard what the howler he sent last week said” Scorpius groaned with a look of longing.

“Yes, but the Manor is huge. He cannot possibly charm every room! We will just have to get creative,” she winked.

Scorpius hugged her to him and raised one blonde eyebrow. “My, my! Flower, I never knew you could be such a little minx! Maybe I do not want you to be quite so brazen; after all, I am an only an innocent schoolboy, too easily swayed by a gorgeous woman’s charms…” Scorpius laughed as Rose pulled out of his arms and glared at him.

“Innocent, are you now? Hmmm. I seem to remember differently, especially since you and I were caught by Grandpa Weasley in a rather compromising position on Christmas Eve, Mr. Malfoy,” Rose said, a smile flickering across her features as Scorpius’ face flushed with embarrassment at the memory. “But, if you would rather I keep my distance while at Malfoy Manor, I think that can be arranged as well. I would not want to be responsible for you losing your innocence.”

“Rosie, that is not fair. It is not my fault that your family’s precious Burrow has no privacy! I know, I know, the pantry was not the best idea for ‘alone time.’ But honestly! You would think that your grandfather would expand that place, or something. I mean, he is the Minister! He can surely afford to at least add a few coat closets or other appropriately-sized snogging areas…”

Choosing to ignore her boyfriend’s suggestive tone, Rose stated “Oh, believe me, Score, the Burrow has been quite significantly remodeled since my Dad was a child. My Grandmum’s kitchen is quite a bit larger, as is the sitting room. And there used to only be one bathroom, can you imagine?,” Rose laughed at the look of horror on his face.

“One bathroom?! But… there were nine of them! NINE! Plus your mum and Uncle Harry during the summers! That is utter madness!” Scorpius was positively shocked.

“Now, now, Malfoy, don’t get your wand in a knot. We will be spending this Holiday at your sprawling, insanely pompous and aristocratic manor. I am sure there are loos aplenty. In fact, I rather recall you mentioning your parents’ room having quite the spacious shower… I am certain it is at least large enough for two…”

And with that, Rose smirked and closed the door on poor Scorpius’ gobsmacked face. Rose was proud of herself – she was getting the hang of this intricate flirting business. I must remember to thank Vic when I see her next. She really should write a book. I almost feel sorry for Teddy. Almost.

Rose was hopeful that she and Scorpius would be closer than ever after the upcoming Holidays. I really do love him so much. I cannot imagine being with anyone else. I’m sorry, Daddy, but I do believe that the Malfoys and Weasleys will have to set aside their differences permanently. I’m not letting him go.

Rose looked out of her window, absentmindedly folding a jumper to be packed. Now to get Scorpius to realize that his life without Rose Weasley in it is unfathomable.

Rose had a plan.

This would certainly be a Spring Holiday to remember.

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Chapter 8: Hopelessly Devoted
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Disclaimer and A/N: Not JKR; Sorry for the wait with this chapter, I wanted to do it justice! Happy reading. ☺

Chapter 8: Epilogue – Hopelessly Devoted

“Scorpius! We are going to be late! Our families are already waiting for us in the Great Hall. They want to have breakfast together and then walk with us down to the White Tomb,” Rose shouted up the stairs as she adjusted her new silver-blue robes.

After the Second Great Wizarding War, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry adopted somewhat of a Muggle tradition – the students of the graduating class now participated in a “commencement ceremony” of sorts. It was more symbolic than anything, but it did allow the students to feel a bit of closure on their lives at Hogwarts.

Getting to that point today, however, was proving to be much more difficult than Rose imagined. As Head Students, Rose and Scorpius were to meet with the other prefects, who were organizing the attendees and guests, in exactly forty minutes in front of Dumbledore’s tomb where the ceremony was to be held.

“Rose, relax. This ceremony thing cannot very well start without us, eh? Our parents can wait twenty more seconds while I do this one last time in this room,” Scorpius sauntered over to his flustered girlfriend and captured her lips in a fiery kiss.

Suddenly, he pulled back and held her face delicately between his hands. Rose noticed his palms were sweaty and his hands were trembling slightly. But my, his new bottle-green robes are truly a work of art. The color looks exquisite, and the fabric… He is absolutely gorgeous, as I am sure he very well knows. Git. Trying to upstage me.

Not breaking eye contact, Scorpius removed his hands, caressing her cheek as he did, and reached into a hidden pocket.

“Scorpius, what…?” Rose trailed off as she saw what looked to be a small baby-blue box adorned with a white silk ribbon.

Oh, Merlin.

It was a jeweler’s box. Rose gasped, covering her mouth with her right hand as Scorpius slowly sank to one knee.

“I adore you, Seeker Girl. I am insanely in love with you. I do not deserve to be in your life, having you smile like that at me every day – believe me, your father has made that abundantly clear – but I am hoping that you will allow the craziness to go on just a bit longer.” He elegantly dropped to one knee. “Rose Nymphadora Weasley, will you join me in insanity? Will you be my wife?”

A long silence followed, as Rose simply stood there with her mouth hanging open. She blinked, and looked at Scorpius. Merlin. I am pretty sure that I need to say something now. That is, if I can remember how to speak.

Rose took a deep breath, thoughts swirling every which way in her head. “Wow. Um, Scorpius, you know that I love you. I do want to be with you, I want to share my life with you… but, don’t you think we are too young? We are only 18 and just graduating! I mean, I have at least two – possibly three – years at the Healer Academy before I do my internship at St. Mungo’s, and you are going to have a lot to learn, what with you wanting to train with your grandfather to take over the family business, not to mention you are on the reserves for Chudley…” she said in a rush.

Scorpius frowned. This was not going at all how he had planned. He had assumed that she would say the magical word of agreement, throw her arms around his neck, and then they would snog for a bit before rushing off to meet with their families before the graduation commenced.

But now – It almost sounds like she is going to say ‘no.’ I am not sure exactly how I feel about that. She says she loves me. This does not sound like a break-up… not that I would know, I was always fortunate to be on the other side of those conversations. Oh man, I bloody messed this up. I cannot lose her. What if –

Scorpius broke out of his suddenly depressing thoughts and realized Rose had finished speaking; she was now looking tearfully up at him to gage his reaction. “Score? Would that be alright? I mean, I know that would be a rather lengthy period to wait, and if you do not want to I completely understand. You – you can of course hold on to the ring, unless for some reason it would make you more comfortable if I wore it around my neck or on the other hand or something…”

“Rosie. Calm down. I only ever want to make you happy. I am sorry if this feels rushed. I know we are young, I just did not see the point in waiting to ask you this, because I have always known that you and I would grow old together. Today is the first day of our adult lives, and I guess I wanted to start it on the right foot. Officially. But, if you are not ready for this, I will wait as long as you need,” Scorpius finally said sincerely, taking her trembling hands in his once again.

Rose was quiet. Looking deep into his beautiful eyes, she saw love, joy, kindness… and then, though he was trying to mask it from her, she saw disappointment and pain.

Feeling as though her heart was somehow caught in her throat, Rose realized something.

She never wanted to be the cause of his pain.

Suddenly, Rose realized she wanted to be with him more than she wanted to breathe. She could not lose this man who had taught her the most important thing she had ever learned at Hogwarts – how to love, and how to be loved in return.

He was her life now. Her future, all of those carefully-laid plans she had made for herself, none of it could happen without him by her side.

Scorpius was carefully tucking the box back into his robes now, shoulders slightly hunched as he gently tugged on her hand to lead them to the portrait hole and then to their families.

She stopped him. He turned to look at her, one perfectly blonde eyebrow raised. “Flower, you are right. We are running a bit late. Our parents have been alone, stuck together in a room for far too long; I would not be surprised if our fathers are engaging in some old-fashioned Muggle sparring. We should go…” he gestured toward the portrait hole.

Rose pulled him closer to her and tenderly brushed the hair away from his eyes, speaking softly. “They can wait. They are my past, they will always be there for me – you are my future. I love you, Scorpius. I know these next few years will be chaotic and we may not ever have a moment alone, but… I want to marry you. It will be a long engagement, because I do want to be through with the Academy before we get married, but I want everyone to know that I belong to you, heart, mind, body and soul. So, if it is alright with you, I think I would very much like for you to place what I assume is a rather large rock on my finger now, Mr. Malfoy,” she said with a wink.

“You – are you saying yes?” Scorpius could barely breathe. He had to make sure he was hearing her correctly.

“Yes, Scorpius. If you are okay with a long engagement, I am saying YES!” Rose flung her arms around his neck and pulled his head down for a quick kiss. “Now, do I get to see my ring? Or is the fancy Tiffany’s box only for show?” she teased.

*** Some time later, Great Hall ***

“Where are those two? This blasted ceremony starts in fifteen minutes, and we did not even get to eat a proper breakfast!,” Ron complained from his seat at the Ravenclaw table around a mouth full of cranberry muffin.

“I see your manners have not improved with age, Weasel. Pity not even Granger could civilize you a bit. It is a wonder your daughter has turned out half as well as she has,” Draco drawled from his seat at the opposite end of the lengthy table.

“Boys! This is your children’s graduation day. You will both behave! Don’t give me that look, Malfoy, Astoria agrees with me that you two have acted impossibly childish about the entire situation. Our children are in love. No matter what the future brings, we need to support them,” Hermione glared first at Ron and then at Draco.

Just then, the doors to the Great Hall flew open and a whirlwind of blonde hair and the scent of vanilla ran toward them. “Tante Hermione! Oncle Ron! You must come, please! I think Papa is going to murder my sweet Teddy!”

“Victoire. Calm down, sweetie. Breathe. Bill loves Teddy, I am sure it is only a misunderstanding; he would never want to harm him. Now tell me, what is going on?,” Hermione asked, her niece trembling in her embrace.

Victoire pulled away and looked in Hermione’s eyes. “Well, you see, my patience became quite thin waiting for Teddy to ask for my hand. So I told myself, ‘Victoire, you are a modern woman, you can do this just as well as he could’ – and so I asked him when he returned from America two days ago, and he agreed. We did not want a fuss, and so, well, yesterday… we got married at a small Muggle chapel in France. Of course, when we arrived here together this morning, Maman and Papa saw the rings…”

Hermione stared at her, and then exclaimed, “You got married?!? Without your family there?... Oh, Vic, I am sure your father is only hurt that he was deprived of the chance to walk his firstborn down the aisle. He has nothing against Teddy, we all knew you two would one day be married, but don’t you see? While every father feels like he has lost his little girl when she decides to marry, most of them have time to process their feelings during the months leading up to the wedding. Bill did not have that time, so I would imagine he feels as though you were ripped away from him.”

Victoire blinked back tears, kissed her aunt swiftly on the cheek said, “I did not think of things from his perspective. Poor Papa. Thank you. I need to go to him now and apologize, and perhaps Teddy and I can plan a wizarding ceremony to take place at the Burrow, or at least a large party where friends and family can gather in celebration.”

She turned and walked away. As she was exiting the Great Hall, Rose and Scorpius rushed through the doors hand-in-hand and beaming. Rose stared after her cousin who was now running through the halls, shrugged at Scorpius, and the pair made their way over to their scowling fathers.

Ron mumbled to Hermione, “At least our Rosie would never run off with that Malfoy boy; better Bill than me, that’s all I’m saying.”

Scorpius released Rose’s hand and addressed the group, “Did you all enjoy breakfast? Sorry to have kept you waiting, we had some things to discuss. Shall we head outside, then?”

“That would be lovely, Scorpius. My, you do look quite like your father. So handsome,” Astoria gushed, taking her son’s proffered arm. “And Rose, dear, those robes are stunning on you. They really bring out your lovely eyes.”

Rose smiled at Scorpius’ parents, surprised when she received a nod from Draco in return. “Thank you. Well, we should head outside, Score and I have to talk with the prefects for a moment.”

As Scorpius and his parents walked out of the Hall, Rose linked both of her arms through her parents’ and sighed, a happy smile lighting her features. Hermione looked fondly at the hand she clasped in her own, and her jaw dropped slightly. Is this what I think it is? Oh, my! She quickly glanced at Rose, who had seen her Mother’s gaze drop to her hand. Rose gave her Mum a little grin. Hermione’s eyebrows rose. Oh, dear. I will have to prepare Ron for this. At least they did not elope.

The six made their way over to a large tent near the tomb of the former Headmaster. Rose turned to her parents, giving them each a huge hug and a somewhat watery grin. “I have to tend to the prefects now, I will see you and the rest of the family after the ceremony, okay?”

When Ron left to go find the rest of the Weasley/Potter clan, Hermione kissed her daughter’s cheek, leaning over to whisper in her ear, “Congratulations, darling. I am so very happy for you.” Rose smiled at the double meaning she knew her Mum meant to convey with those words.

“Thank you, Mum. We will talk more after the ceremony. I love you.” Rose saw Scorpius making his way over to them after seating his parents and she beamed at him. He returned the smile, saying gently, “Well, Flower? Are you ready? The prefects await our final instructions.”

Hermione could not help the enormous joy that she felt welling up inside as she gazed at the look of adoration on her daughter’s face, a look which was mirrored on this fine young man standing before her. She leaned over and kissed Rose’s cheek before turning to Scorpius and giving his arm a light squeeze. “Scorpius, congratulations. I cannot tell you how happy I am for you both. Now, go, you two! The Heads can not be late for their own graduation!”

Rose and Scorpius smiled as Hermione walked over to the gathered group of red-heads in the audience. Scorpius pulled Rose to him for a quick kiss.

“Rosie! There you are! We have been looking everywhere for you two! I hate to ruin your fun, but we need to start seating guests and attending to all these other mundane tasks… OH. MERLIN. Rose Weasley! YOUR HAND! There’s a ROCK on it!”

Rose quickly turned toward her flustered, energetic best friend. Bree was clutching an astonished Al’s hand, but her eyes were trained on Rose’s engagement ring. Rose’s eyes narrowed, her Weasley temper preparing for battle. “Sshh! Bree, we have not told anyone yet! You two had better not say anything, or Merlin help you, I will tell everyone just how close Harry Potter came to becoming a grandfather this year!”

Scorpius was looking on with his trademark Malfoy smirk, amused by Rose’s threat. Albus had paled visibly, and Brianna had now met Rose’s gaze. “Rosie, that is low. It was one little false alarm! Honestly, I would never spoil your fun like that! In fact, I plan on being out of the country on whichever day you choose to tell Ronald Weasley that Draco Malfoy is now his in-law. So please, do remember to floo me before you share your big news, darling!” Bree smirked, clearly relishing her Slytherin moment.

Scorpius decided to intervene for the sake of peace. “Come now, you three, we have work to do before we can truly relish our freedom.”

*** Three hours later, Hogsmeade ***

The ceremony had been beautiful. After Rose and Scorpius’ joint speech to end the commencement exercises, there had not been a dry eye left in the tent as the gatherers shuffled into Hogsmeade for a celebratory lunch.

Amongst a crowd of rowdy graduates and their emotionally-drained families, Hermione Weasley sat at her stool in Rosmerta’s pub, watching her daughter and nephew with their significant others. How is it that they are already so grown up? I remember Rose learning to walk like it was just yesterday. Her first word. Her first accident while flying on her father’s broom with Al. Her excitement when her Hogwarts letter finally came. I remember Ron’s reaction when he found out his little girl would be sharing living quarters with Draco’s son… and  now here she is, on her way to becoming a Healer and a wife. Not just any wife – a MALFOY wife.

Hermione’s eyes watered for what felt like the hundredth time that day. She nearly jumped out of her seat when she felt a hand on her arm. “Mum? Are you alright?”

“Oh, Hugo, darling, yes I am fine. Just thinking about how fast time flows. Did you need something, dear?,” Hermione smiled at her son. At least we have two more years with Hugo. I could not bear it if both my babies left the nest so soon.

“Oh. Um, yeah. I thought you might like to know that I think I know what I want to do after my own graduation.”

“Really?! That is wonderful, darling! Go on, I am listening,” Hermione stated, giving her son her full attention.

“I have decided I want to work in the Muggle world. I want to study Muggle history, maybe work in a research lab or be one of those archaeologists. And then, after a while, I think that I want to teach Muggle Studies, either here at Hogwarts or another magical school somewhere,” Hugo said in a rush.

Hermione was not shocked by this revelation; she had raised her children to respect Muggle culture and had immersed them in it from the day they were born – after all, their grandparents were Muggles. “Hugo, that is a wonderful decision. You would make a fantastic Muggle Studies professor. I am so proud of you.”

“I am just relieved to have a goal, honestly, Mum. I think I will be happy. I mean, I love magic, but Muggles can do so much without it! It is fascinating, you know? Anyway, this is Rose and Al’s day – and kind of Vic and Ted’s too, I guess – so I will just go hang with Lily and Francis, okay? See you at home tomorrow, I am spending the night at the Longbottoms.’”

Hermione watched her son fight his way through the crowd to his friends. Her children were going to be just fine. Ron, on the other hand…

“ROSE NYMPHADORA WEASLEY! What is THAT doing on YOUR hand?!”

Hermione rolled her eyes as she finished the last of her Butterbeer and joined her red-eared husband at the far side of the pub.

At that moment, mother and daughter locked eyes and smiled identical smiles, the same thought flitting in both of their minds: Some things will just never change.

A/N: There you have it! I hope that you enjoyed the story, it was far fluffier than any I have written previously. I certainly had fun with it! Rose’s reaction to the proposal is partially based on my own reaction when my husband proposed. I was seventeen. Yet, here we are nearly a decade later… ☺ Oh, and for those who have asked, yes there will be a sequel of sorts to this story. I will be working on it during the summer, so keep an eye out for that if you are interested! It will be from Hugo’s POV, mostly, but Rose and Scorpius will also play a large role! There may even be some cameo appearances by our favorite Slytherin couple. ☺ Thank you to all who read and review! You make my day!


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