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Happy New Year In Malfoy Manor by silvergreen

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,349

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance
Characters: Hermione, Crabbe Jr., Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 01/05/2009
Last Chapter: 10/14/2010
Last Updated: 10/14/2010


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’But… I remember that you kissed me…’ she said slowly and threw Malfoy an accusing glance.

’Granger, it was YOU, who kissed me. And let me tell you something. If you had had me for a night you would definitely remember that.’ With a meaningful look and sneering smile he stormed out of the room.


Chapter 1: Happy New Year In Malfoy Manor
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’If Malfoy was MY husband, I’d climb into his bed each night.’ Parvati’s statement was echoing in Hermione’s head. She was staring at the green marble steps in Malfoy Manor, holding the silver banisters tightly, afraid to lose balance, slightly drunk, in her high heeled shoes. 

 ’I shouldn’t have had so much firewhisky’, she thought dizzily. The New Year’s Eve party at Harry’s somewhat reduced her depression she’d been suffering from since her marriage to Malfoy, a contract that freed him from Azkaban and made her the rich mistress of both Malfoy Manor and the library of her dreams. When Ron proposed to Lavender, Hermione jumped at the opportunity offered by the Ministry and the Malfoy family. She was sure she was never going to fall in love again. If she couldn’t be Ron’s wife it didn’t make any difference anymore who she would marry.

Hermione went straight to the living room and saw Malfoy at once, sitting in the biggest armchair in front of the fireplace, reading the special new year’s eve edition of the Daily Prophet. 

’Yes, he looks gorgeous’, she thought. Since the wedding her hatred towards Malfoy has been replaced first by cold indifference, then by slight attraction. Though the contract forbade any ’sexual intercourse’ between the two of them (Hermione insisted on it) she felt lonelier and lonelier in the Manor and craved for kindness, craved to be cuddled. But Malfoy behaved in a respectful way as if she had been his grandmother and not his wife.

Hermione took off her shoes and tiptoed behind Malfoy. She felt strangely brave and mischievous. The firewhisky liberated her body and soul and arose her sleeping sexuality. She was about to cover his eyes and whisper something in his ears when suddenly Malfoy grabbed her wrist pulling her body violently, both of them landing on the thick carpet near the fire.

’You?!’ asked Malfoy surprised, looking at Hermione’s shocked face, lying on top of her.

’Ouch, it hurt, Malfoy!’ The girl winced. Malfoy let go of her wrist slowly but couldn’t help glancing over the girl’s curves. The short black dress revealed her long thighs.

’Who did you expect?’ asked Hermione seductively.

’Definitely not you. A burglar or something like that,’ Malfoy answered coldly.

’I just wanted to wish Happy New Year…’ She stammered.

It was very hot, their faces were lit by the flames of the fire. Malfoy looked into Hermione’s eyes. He was taken aback. He saw something he had never seen there before: lust and invitation. Her wet lips parted.

’Make love to me’, she whispered unexpectedly.

He couldn’t believe his ears. But there was no time to wonder. Hermione raised her head from the carpet and kissed him. It was clumsy and short, but definitely a kiss.

’Gosh, Granger, you reek of firewhisky’, Malfoy drew away from her. ’You are drunk, you know that?’

’I have always wanted to have sex in front of the fireplace’ she whispered smiling and started to unbutton her top.

Malfoy had the sudden desire to tear off the girl’s dress and kiss her all night long. But he didn’t move. ’I could do it’ he thought. ’She’s my wife legally… I could do to her whatever I wanted’, he tried to convince himself. ’Nevertheless’, he continued the train of thought, ’she’s just Granger. And we have a business deal. And she’s totally drunk. And… I don’t want to go back to Azkaban.’

He made up his mind. He stood up quickly, took the girl in his arms and carried her to her bedroom. He put her carefully on top of the bed and wanted to leave, but Hermione didn’t let him go, holding desperately to him. ’Sleep with me.’ She whispered and then she closed her eyes. A moment later she was asleep.

Malfoy was looking at her for a while, then sighed, put the blanket on the girl, switched off the light and left. He really needed a cold shower.


As Malfoy was pouring pumpkin juice in his mug, Hermione appeared in the door of the kitchen. She was in her pink bathrobe, the fresh smell of her shower gel filled the room. Her chestnut locks were pinned up in a small bun. She yawned and sat at the table.

’I feel terrible’.

’Pumpkin juice?’  Malfoy asked and examined her sleepy face curiously.

’Yes, please. Thank you.’

’So… How was the party?’ Her husband inquired politely.

’Well, I don’t really remember… I drank too much firewhisky.’ Hermione sighed.

’That’s right,’ Malfoy murmured.


’Nothing… I must be leaving soon. I’m going to London to have lunch with Crabbe, Goyle, Blaise and the others.’ He stood up, finishing his breakfast. He headed to the door, but stopped halfway and turned back. No, he couldn’t help asking it. He just couldn’t.

’By the way, Granger, didn’t you have a… strange dream? Kind of… lustful? Including a handsome blonde guy…?’

Hermione put her mug slowly down the table, gazing at her plate. Her drawsy expression was replaced by a shocked one.

’How do you know?’ She didn’t dare to look into his eyes.

He didn’t answer.

Hermione pulled herself together, stood up and walked up to Malfoy. She forced herself to look into those silver-green eyes.

’Don’t tell me it wasn’t a dream,’ her voice sounded more frightened than she wanted.

’It’s ok. People do stupid things when they are drunk,’ he sneered. ’Anyway, I always knew I was irresistible, even to you’.

Hermione got so upset that she totally lost her head and slapped Malfoy in the face.

’You bastard. You took advantage of my weakness… I was drunk and couldn’t think clearly… You dirty rascal…’ She screamed histerically.

Malfoy grabbed her wrists.

’Would you just shut up for a moment, Granger? I guess you don’t remember everything. So calm down and listen to me.’

He released the girl who was still furious but kept quiet.

’Even if you think I’m a bastard, I  don’t abuse drunk girls. I put you to bed and left the room. I didn’t do anything…’ He stepped closer to Hermione and continued quietly, almost whispering in her ears. ’It wasn’t easy, though. You were… well, quite hot and heated… Your eyes inviting…Your lips parted…’

’Stop it, please’ Hermione shouted and turned away. She felt terribly ashamed.

’But… I remember that you kissed me…’ she said slowly and threw Malfoy an accusing glance.

’Granger, it was YOU, who kissed me. And let me tell you something. If you had had me for a night you would definitely remember that.’ With a meaningful look and sneering smile he stormed out of the room.


On his way to London, Malfoy decided to forget about it all. Ignorance was his policy. He did not want to feel anything. Deep inside he knew he wouldn’t be able to be indifferent towards Hermione after that night but he attributed it to some basic instinct, some carnal desire. ’I have to get a girlfriend soon’, he thought.

He wasn’t the only one haunted with unwanted longing. Hermione kept trying to get rid of daydreams and visions of Malfoy kissing her, touching her, holding her… In the afternoon she retired in the library, trying to distract her sinful thoughts by the wisdom of ancient magicians and witches. Suddenly she heard footsteps. Looking up she noticed Crabbe entering the library accompanied by a house-elf.

’Mrs Malfoy, you have a visitor. Mr Crabbe.’

’Thank you, Alfie. You can leave.’ The house-elf disappeared.

’Happy New Year, Mrs Malfoy’ Crabbe grinned. ’You like this name, don’t you? Better than ’Bookworm’ or ’Mudblood’, right?’ There was some mockery in his voice.

’Crabbe’ Hermione stood up. ’What are you doing here? You’re supposed to have lunch with Malfoy in a London restaurant.’

’Oh, I’ve completely forgotten!’ He sounded annoyed, but then he giggled. ’At least we can talk without anyone bothering us,’ he winked at the girl.

Hermione was alarmed.

’I don’t think we should talk about anything, Crabbe.’

’I do,’ Crabbe said with a threatening tone and approached Hermione trapping her between him and the bookshelves. She looked around but couldn’t see her wand anywhere. ’Damn, I left it in my bedroom!’ she recalled but tried not to panic. ’He might want just a simple chat’.

’So how is your marriage, Mrs Malfoy?’ Hermione was disgusted by the smell of garlic coming from Crabbe’s breath.

’Everything is all right, we are both fine,’ she tried to smile. ’It is kind of you to ask.’

’You know, why I am asking, don’t you?’ Crabbe raised his eyebrows.

’You are being polite, I suppose’.

’No, I hate being polite, you know it best.’ He narrowed his eyes.

’Would you like some tea? I will call the house-elf…’ Hermione asked enthusiastically, hoping to be saved by Alfie.

’No.’ He covered her mouth with his big palm. ’We need neither tea, nor house-elf. Just the two of us. Draco told me that your marriage… well, is not that traditional kind. I felt sorry for you so I decided to come and entertain this poor little girlie, alone in the library, surrounded by books… What about some fun, baby?’

Hermione tried to push him away but she didn’t have any chance against the big fat guy, towering over her. Once she managed to kick him, he laughed and said ’Babe, you want to excite me, I see. I love wild cats’. He ripped off the left strap of her top. She was frightened to death, she felt panic rising inside. Some books fell off the shelf.

All of a sudden, Hermione felt Crabbe letting her go and saw his body thrown by some unknown force at a high speed crashing into the wall. Crabbe fell off the floor unconscious.

’Clean him up and take him away,’ Hermione could hear Malfoy’s ice cold voice, addressing the house-elves. Malfoy was standing in the door with his black cape fluttering, his wand in his raised hand. She had never seen him so angry and furious. His eyes darkened, their colour was that of the stormy sea.

’Malfoy,’ the girl whispered, with tears in her eyes, embracing herself trembling. He approached her slowly, examining her body, the torn clothes and her wet face.

’Did he hurt you?’ he asked softly. He was tempted to hold her but resisted.

’No. I’m okay… Thanks to you’. She whispered. ’How come you are here? A miracle?’ She took a step and closed the gap between them. She was craving his touch so much. Or at least his breath. He didn’t draw away but didn’t touch her, either.

’Not a miracle. I had asked Alfie to be… well, to be a kind of bodyguard of yours when I’m not home. He found Crabbe’s visit suspicious and watched you two. When Crabbe started to become aggressive, he sent me a sign of emergency.’

Hermione couldn’t stand it anymore. She put her head on Malfoy’s shoulder burying her face in his cape and cuddled up to him. He was more than confused, mixed feelings of having to comfort her, kiss her or push her away filled his heart.

Softly he put his hands on her waist.

’Well, it’s over now.’ 

’Why did you tell him the truth about our marriage?’ Hermione asked quietly.

’So you want to put the blame on me?!’ Malfoy pushed away the girl.

’No, it was not accusation. Just a question…’

’It’s my business what I discuss with my true friends, Granger.’

’True friends?! This is a true friend of yours?! Congratulations!’

’Yes, he’s been a real friend. Up to now we haven’t had any conflicts.’

’I hope this was enough now not to call him a true friend anymore.’

’I will see.’

’What do you mean? What does it depend on?!’

’Your behaviour, as such.’

’My behaviour?!’

’If you behaved in such a seductive way as you had done with me last night, begging me to make love to you, then, well, I cannot blame him to be hooked on you.’

’You are out of your mind, Malfoy. How can you suppose that I wanted Crabbe?

’I don’t know. Maybe… Maybe you were drunk again…’

Hermione was in pain. Fighting against her will, she still felt the longing for Malfoy’s touch, the closeness of his body… But he had pushed her away. He accused her and blamed her… The silence was unbearable.

She glanced at his black cape covering his shoulders and the end of the blond locks softly touching the black material. She wet her lips and slowly, quietly said, ’Don’t worry, Malfoy, I am not drunk this time.’ She raised her eyes looking at Malfoy’s lips. ’And don’t worry, I am not going to beg you to kiss me.’

She looked into the silvery green eyes. Malfoy gulped and clenched his jaws. 

’Good,’ he answered also quietly. ’Because I would never do such a thing.’

The one he wanted to convince with this statement was mainly himself. He knew he wanted her. Wanted her so badly. Wanted her wet lips, her brown curls, her bare shoulders with the torn top. Wanted her there and then, in the middle of the library, leaning against the ancient bookshelves. He had to resist. He couldn’t.

Losing all self-control, he grabbed and pulled the surprised girl so close that he felt her breath, smelled her sweet perfume and saw her long eyelashes and pink lips. She was driving him crazy with her beauty and magic innocent charms.

And then it happened. Neither of them expected it but it did happen. He kissed her hungrily and she kissed him back passionately. They held each other so tight that it hurt.

Their tongues made love with each other, the world disappeared around them. Their bodies were burning and they completely lost their minds.

’Master Malfoy, task is completed,’ the house-elf announced, but not loud enough to be heard by them. Alfie smiled and added quietly, ’I think I should be calling the lawyer to modify certain points of the contract…’ And then he suddenly disappeared.


The End