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All the Pretty Faces by ClearCutDiamonds

Format: Novel
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 5,345
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Regulus, Pettigrew
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily

First Published: 12/05/2008
Last Chapter: 10/20/2009
Last Updated: 10/20/2009


absolutely beautiful bannerLa Déesse Verte

The clash of the notorious: The Golden boy, James Potter. The inexplicably beautiful Lily Evans. The infallible Sirius Black. The unattainable Marlene McKinnon. The guarded Remus Lupin. The striking Mary McDonald. The outcast Peter Pettigrew. The reserved beauty Alice Prewitt. All the Pretty Faces.

Chapter 1: I. Prologue
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All the Pretty Faces─ Prologue

chapter image by Ande

"What do you say?
Just take the fall
you're one of us
The spotlight is on."

The clash of the notorious
Gryffindor's golden boy, James Potter
The infallible Sirius Black
The guarded werewolf, Remus Lupin
The outcast Peter Pettigrew
The beautiful Head Girl, Lily Evans
The unattainable Marlene McKinnon
The striking, yet cautious Mary Mcdonald
The reserved beauty Alice Prewitt
All the pretty faces.

Postioned in the barrier of Platform 9¾, hidden between Platforms 9&10, open only to those who were magically capable, stood a vast scarlet train waiting patiently, smoke emitting from its front. The immense grandfather clock positioned on the brick wall chimed loudly alerting the students that it was five to eleven.

Through the barriers of 9 and 10 came four boys emerging from the smoke. Silently, everyone person on the platform turned to stare. Some glancing in what they thought was subtlety, others gazed adoringly at them and others… just gawked at them in amazement.

The Marauders. Four illustrious boys, all perfectly aware of the attention that was drawn to them every time they stepped into a room.

The first walked in with a lazy swagger, his long lean body moving swiftly. James Potter’s dishevelled black hair stuck up in all places, his round spectacles perched crookedly on the bridge of his nose, and his shining hazel eyes searching for the obvious ─ Lily Evans.

The second walked confidently, his aura was one of pride. His long black hair fell in elegant curls about his perfect face, but not covering his penetrating grey eyes. His grey eyes trailed over every female in the room, but none of them held his attention for long. The ever illustrious Sirius Black was infallible.

The third boy, although he was just as good-looking as his friends walked with an indefinite amount of uncertainty. Remus Lupin's visage held an expression of hesitation; his golden eyes were guarded as he ran his fingers through his already tousled bronze hair.

The fourth was disappointing compared to his friends. Peter Pettigrew looked nervous. With his wide blue eyes and light blond hair, he wasn't nearly as endearing as his friends. He glanced uncertainly at his friends, trying to imitate their relaxed demeanours, and failing horribly.

Lily Evans’ emerald eyes didn’t even spare a glance in the four boys’ direction, let alone to her admirer. Her robes clung loosely to her tall lean body and her Head Girls’ badge shone brightly at the front of her robes. Her attention was focused on instructing the young first years into compartments. She ran her fingers through her bright auburn hair exasperatedly and checked her watch.

Marlene McKinnon lay comfortably on one of the benches on the platform unaware of the attention that she drew to herself. Her dirty blonde hair was messily tied into a bun and her ice blue eyes staring up at the ceiling patiently waiting for Lily Evans to finish her instruction of the first years.

Alice Prewitt and Mary Mcdonald sat side by side on a nearby bench also waiting for Lily Evans to finish so that the foursome could find a compartment. Alice Prewitt’s straight brown hair was tied up in a conservative ponytail, her bright hazel eyes focused on her book. Mary Mcdonald sat cross-legged, her celery-coloured eyes staring off into space and her angelically curly blonde hair fastened into a low ponytail.

The four boys who were not drawing much more attention considering the platform was nearly empty now, walked along the outside of the train searching through the windows for a compartment. Although the train was due to leave in two minutes, the four boys made no haste to find a compartment. As if the train would wait for them, which it probably would. James Potter fumbled in his pockets to produce a shiny badge similar to the one Lily Evans had adorning her robes. Peter Pettigrew looked longingly at the four girls. Remus Lupin’s eyes trailed through the windows, it seemed that he was the only one actually looking for a compartment. Sirius Black walked, looking about the platform aimlessly, averting his eyes from the blonde who lay provocatively on the bench before ducking into one of the compartments after his friends.

Lily Evans finished ushering all the first years onto the train. She rushed over to her friends, her predictably long and thin legs nearly clattering from beneath her. Marlene McKinnon grinned at her tense friend before standing up gracefully and brushing off her robes. Alice Prewitt closed her thick book and Mary Mcdonald shook herself from her reverie to follow suit. And all four disappeared into a compartment.

The train emitted its final departure whistle and hustled out of the platform leaving a cloud of smoke in its midst.

Author's Note
So, this is my new story, the idea just popped into my head and I really liked it, so I've been trying to make it as good as possible. It gets better, I promise, this is only the beginning. And the lyrics are from: Spotlight by MuteMath. Thanks for reading and please review!

Chapter 2: II. Absolute
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All the Pretty Faces ─ II. Absolute

chapter image by Ande!


"I"ve seen this one before,
the girl she gets away
Everybody knows it
but no one tries to stop it"

Her definite perfection troubled James, it bothered him to no end that he could have anyone he wanted, but the one person he did want was the one person who never even spared a glance in his direction. This was not easy for James to accept; he was after all adored by many, and his ego was easily bruised, he did not take well to rejection.

Her auburn hair, gently waving at the middle of her back shone brightly and her large, almond-shaped, emerald green eyes sparkled ridiculously tauntingly whenever she spoke to him. Her red, full lips were always set into a smile besides when she was addressing James. Amazingly, James always felt entranced by her presence.

James felt a rather sharp nudge from his side and turned towards Remus Lupin inquisitorially. Remus shook his head and rolled his golden eyes, returning to his notes. He then realized his mistake: he had been staring again; it had come to the point where he didn’t even notice anymore. He looked up to meet the annoyed eyes of Lily Evans. James sighed.

‘Mister Potter? Would you be so kind as to tell me why you have been neglecting your notes and staring at the back of Miss Evans’ head?’ inquired Professor McGonagall.

James looked from Professor McGonagall to Lily Evans who had one eyebrow arched as if to daring him to say something.

‘I’m terribly sorry, Professor. It is just that Miss Evans’ very being entrances me, so much so that I could not keep from staring at her.’ replied James; he after all had his Head Boy position to uphold. This earned a snicker from his best mate and fellow Marauder, Sirius Black.

Lily Evans looked positively flustered. And James smiled in her direction. He loved it when she got mad.


‘Honestly, how do you lot expect to beat Ravenclaw? Wood, your swings are too weak, you’ll need to hit harder. Andrews, I don’t want to see you laying low, you need to focus more on the game,’ said James, addressing his team. He glanced at his team and his gaze stopped short on his best mate. ‘For god’s sake, Sirius, will you stop fixing your hair? You’re worse than Malfoy.’

Sirius Black looked up, startled. ‘Merlin, James, your almost as bad as Evans,’ replied the devilishly handsome boy. He was of course referring to the fiery redhead’s temper. He returned a high-five from his teammate and grinned at James.

James rolled his eyes, ‘All right, Gryffindor, practice is over.’

The team separated and started towards the dressing rooms. James ran a hand through his untidy raven-coloured hair and sighed, picking up his broom. He turned to his left to see Sirius lying lazily on the grass. He kicked him lightly. ‘C’mon, mate.’ Sirius groaned and got up slowly. ‘So, how’s being Head Boy, captain of the amazing Gryffindor Quidditch team and second best-looking boy in the school, Golden Boy?’ asked Sirius, smirking.

‘Fantastic,’ replied James. This was of course a lie. It was the hardest thing he had ever gone through. He had always been used to being at ease, getting what he wanted. Never had he ever needed to set a good example for an entire school or have so much responsibility.

Sirius snorted. ‘My arse, you look like shit, mate.’

‘Probably because I haven’t slept in days,’ replied James.

‘Why? Has someone been thinking a little too much about a certain redhead?’ laughed Sirius, punching James on the arm.

‘Sod off,’ said James. ‘She’s just so unbelievably frustrating!’ He sighed, running a hand through his sweaty hair.

‘Ah, yes, the one girl who can’t stand the irresistible Golden Boy, our own Romeo and Juliet,’ said Sirius, grinning.

‘Whatever, mate.’ The duo had reached the changing rooms. ‘I’m just gonna head back to the Heads’ Dorms. I’ll see you later,’ Said James.

‘All right, mate,’ replied Sirius, turning towards the changing rooms.

James walked past the changing rooms and continued past the lawn to the school doors. Upon reaching the third floor Lion painting and uttering the password, James found himself in the Heads Dorm staring at the gorgeous redhead. James forced himself to look away from her sitting form by the fire. He walked past her and up the staircase to his room.

James tiredly removed his uniform and reached for clean clothes. There was a knock on the door and before he could answer, Lily Evans herself walked in. Upon catching sight of his less than appropriate appearance both were too shocked to make any movement. Lily Evans stared soundlessly at the boy before her and James too uncomfortable to ask her to leave reached for any item of clothing, effectively covering his naked body. She squeaked and covering her hand with her mouth turned and rushed out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

James groaned, if things weren’t awkward enough, they’d definitely be now. And somehow her embarrassment would turn to anger towards him. But, he couldn’t help his thoughts: she didn’t exactly look away, had she? No, she hadn’t, she’d stared, yes, she definitely had.

James smiled, even if she didn’t like him, she was definitely attracted. He reached for a shirt and slipped it on and for good measure pulled some pants over his boxers.

He needed to tell the Marauders about this. Remus would know what to do, Sirius would encourage him and Peter would, well, follow whatever the other said. But, before any of that, he needed to speak to Lily.

He walked down the stairs and came from behind where she was standing by the fire and cleared his throat because he couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say. Hey, so, you know about before when you walked in on me and ogled my…? Yeah…

Lily spun around startled. She glanced around uncomfortably and James raised an eyebrow at her. ‘I’m sorry for walking in on you changing.’ She said quickly.

‘It’s all right.’ He said evenly.

She stood there blushing furiously, the red hue of her cheeks matching her trademark red hair. ‘Well, see you later.’ She said hurrying out of the room. A minute later he heard the portrait door slam.

Jesus, this he really hadn't expected. He sighed and ran a hand through his trademark untidy dark hair for what seemed like to umpteenth time that day.

Author's Note
So, what'd you think? I'd really appreciate feedback. And the lyrics are from absolute by the fray. (i love them!) I couldn't think of any other song for James... and I still don't think its the best choice, but... i like it :). review please!

Chapter 3: III. Little Miss Perfect
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All the Pretty Faces — III. Little Miss Perfect

chapter image by Ande!

“I’m the most responsible girl that I know
Never late, Always on time
Ask anyone around me and they’ll tell you just how I am
I try to tell the truth every chance that I get
I never let the work I’m doing get to my head
And when it came to love I thought I gave it the best I had
But somewhere I missed
Somewhere I slipped
Somewhere there’s a couple steps that I skipped
Somehow I told myself I didn’t need anyone.”

Lily Evans had never been one to get flustered. In fact, she prided herself on being confident at almost all times, of all her friends; she was always the most self-assured. This was ironic because she was currently hyperventilating. And the source of all this anxiousness was due to none other than James Potter. Lily Evans was not a hateful person, in fact, she tried to like everyone, but James Potter was the one big-headed, pompous arse that she could not put up with, as much as she tried. She hassled her thick auburn hair into a ponytail, her graceful eyebrows furrowed at the textbook set in front of her. Yes, Lily Evans was studying, one thing she could control, and the one thing she could always turn to in her time of great need. Considering her three best friends were all busy with some sort of prior commitment: Marlene was probably snogging some Hufflepuff in a broom closet, Mary was on her prefect rounds with Remus, and Alice was no doubt with Frank.

She sighed to herself. The library was eerily quite. Normally, Lily Evans enjoyed silence. But, due to all her anxiety, the silence was deafening. It was bothering her. She cringed every time she thought of walking in on James changing, seeing his surprised expression, being all flustered and at a loss of words, which was totally unlike her. Something about James Potter always left her from being calm and confident to furious and unsure. But, most of all, Lily Evans was trying to distract herself because she couldn’t stop thinking about how attracted she was to James. No, her mind urged her, only to his body. Every time she closed her eyes, all she could see was his perfect, — Enough! Her mind shouted at her.

She groaned. She was hiding in the library, because she had walked in on James Potter naked. She was in the process of banging her head on her thick Charms textbook when James Potter himself walked into the secluded area of the library.

He looked at her confusedly, than realization crept over him and he smirked knowingly. ‘Erm… Lily? What is it exactly that you are trying to do?’

Lily froze at the sound of his voice. Her cheeks flushed a deep crimson and she looked up in surprise and embarrassment.

‘Oh, no,’ she groaned. She looked down again and knocked her head on the desk, harder than she meant to. ‘Ow,’ she whispered softly, not meeting his eyes, rubbing her sore spot.

‘It’s okay if you were scared by the big monster, hey, it scares me sometimes,’ He said, winking at her and grinning broadly.

Arse. Lily’s embarrassment faded and her temper flared. ‘Please, Potter, just because your head is big, doesn’t mean your other body parts are big. Believe me, I’ve seen them.’

James opened and closed his mouth several times. ‘Whatever, you’re just jealous you can’t have me,’ he said indignantly.

Lily arched and eyebrow, her emerald eyes sparkling. ‘You’re the one that wants me so bad. I, however, have no want for you, as I have told you several times,’ she said, gathering her books. She tucked them all into her satchel and lifted it onto her shoulder.

‘Anyways,’ she said, shaking her hair free from her ponytail, ‘Not that this hasn’t been fun, but, I have better things to do than talk about your practically non-existent manhood.’ And with that Lily strode out of the library leaving a scowling James Potter in her midst.


The Great Hall was a vast chamber with an enchanted ceiling that mirrored the sky outside, alight with hovering candles. Lily walked slowly through the Great Hall, All the students sat at their respective house tables: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Lively conversation filled the Hall, and Lily walked towards the far end of the Gryffindor table where she could see her three best friends had saved her a seat.

‘What took you so long?’ asked Marlene, eyeing Lily’s hassled appearance.

‘I was studying in the library, I lost track of time,’ said Lily.

‘You really need to get out more,’ said Marlene, jokingly. ‘Anyways, we waited because Mary has something she most desperately needs to tell us, but wouldn’t speak until you got here,’ she said, sending Mary an exasperated glance.

‘All right,’ said Mary, smiling in return at Marlene, and then letting out a heavy sigh, her smile faded. ‘Timothy Wood broke it off with me.’

‘What?’ shouted Marlene, attracting the attention of some students. ‘That insolent little… I’m going to pop him. Show him no one messes with...’ Marlene twisted in her seat, her eyes zeroing in on Timothy Wood, who was sitting further down at the Gryffindor table. He stood up with Frank Longbottom and Marlene shouted a, ‘See you later,’ and went off after him.

‘No, don’t!’ whispered Mary, but Marlene was already gone.

‘Shit,’ muttered Alice. She turned her attention towards Mary, her eyes softening, ‘What happened?’ she asked.

‘I caught him making out with a Hufflepuff during my prefect rounds,’ said Mary, shrugging. ‘When I confronted him, he said he was breaking it off with me because I was a “prude,” she said angrily on the last word. ‘Remus was really nice about it, though,’ she said as an afterthought.

‘Oh,’ Lily sighed, ‘Mary… You’re a much better person than him anyway. Besides, he wasn’t even nice.’

‘Or good-looking,’ added Mary.

‘Yeah,’ said Mary. ‘Whatever, it’s over now.’

‘Oh, Mary, I hate to say “I told you so” but, really —’

Lily was interrupted by the Marauders who had decided to grace the three girls with their presence. James Potter slid into the seat on Lily’s left and to her right Sirius Black had plunked himself down. Remus Lupin sat next to Mary and Peter Pettigrew sat a few seats down, looking horribly out of place.

‘Ah, the “I told you so,” said James, winking in Lily’s direction, ‘Always a classy move.’

Lily stood up angrily. ‘Potter!’ she whispered furiously, ‘you persistent, manipulative arse!’ Her anger from before was arising once more.

‘Well,’ continued James, ‘generally they go for, “Potter! You gorgeous, talented boy!” said James, smirking at her.

Lily huffed, her hair was falling out from its ponytail and she pushed it aside impatiently. She glared at the bespectacled boy and stormed out of the Hall. Mary and Alice followed behind confusedly.

Only upon exiting the Great Hall did Lily’s anger finally recede. ‘Insolent —’

‘Lily, what was that?’ asked Mary.

‘Yeah,’ said Alice, ‘You really lost it with him back there.’

Realization dawned on Lily; she had exploded in front of everyone in the Great Hall. Why did Potter always make her look like the idiot? While he always looked cool and collected. Stupid Prat, Lily thought to herself.

A low whistle sounded and Marlene came forward. ‘What happened between you and Potter?’ she asked, eyes twinkling, as if she already knew the answer. ‘I saw a little bit of your confrontation. Is it just me or does it seem like there’s some major sexual tension?’

Lily huffed, ‘No, I am not attracted to Potter!’ she snapped.

Marlene raised an eyebrow. ‘You just told me everything I wanted to know. You definitely have feelings for Potter.’ Lily was ready to cut her off but, Marlene just ploughed on. ‘I didn’t even ask if you liked him and you were already defending yourself,’ she said, a mischievous smirk playing on her lips.

Alice and Mary were also smiling. ‘So, Lily,’ said Mary, ‘what happened between you and our dear Mister Potter?’

Lily could feel the blush creeping itself onto her cheeks. The worst part of the whole situation was that unknowingly, she found herself falling hard for James Potter. ‘Fine, I’ll tell you everything,’ she said, her crimson cheeks exposing her again.

Author’s Note I’m so sorry this took so long to get out! I had half this chapter written for ages, but I was having a major writer’s block. I actually found it hard to write Lily because I was trying as much as possible not to depict her as everyone else does. The lyrics were from Little Miss Prefect by Claude Kelly. I’ve never actually listened to the song, but, the lyrics fit. I'll update the next chapter faster becaue it's from Sirius' POV, and he's my favourite character, so I've alreay gotten it written. Anyways, tell me what you think! Thank you for reading!

edit chapter images by the wonderful Ande @ TDA.

Chapter 4: IV. When You Were Young
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All the Pretty Faces — IV. When You Were Young

“You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy to
To save you from your old ways
You play forgiveness
Watch it now
Here he comes

He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus
But he talks like a gentleman
Like you imagined
When you were young.”

To say Sirius Black was irresistible was a definite understatement. He was carelessly handsome, to which he was acutely aware. His devastatingly good looks granted him whichever girl he desired at any moment. Sirius Black’s ability to charm girls, boys and teacher’s alike was his most dominant quality. His dark curls were always perfectly disheveled, his smoky gray eyes were always alight with mischief, and his strong jaw completed his angelic face. Behind his practiced killer smile, easy good looks and popularity, Sirius Black hid many secrets.

His confidant was James Potter. Although both boys were part of the legendary Marauder circle, Sirius was closest to James.

Sirius never questioned his ability to get whatever he wanted when he wanted. He was manipulative and due to his attractiveness, he was also slightly arrogant. Every girl in Hogwarts — whether they were in Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, wanted him. But, that’s what made them all so unattractive to him. Sirius liked the thrill of the chase. That’s why he liked Marlene. Marlene McKinnon paid no attention to him. They were very much alike, Sirius and Marlene. Both undeniably good-looking, they were both used to the opposite sexes succumbing to their charm — and easily. Except, Marlene understood Sirius because she was the same. She hated arrogance, yet she was arrogant herself. It was all so frustrating to Sirius. Yet, he couldn’t deny his attraction to her. The fact that she so often and rudely rejected him made him question himself. And he did not like being insecure. Marlene was the one person who could do that to him. And he hated it. That only made him more determined, though. Being a Marauder and being so egotistical was a way for Sirius to mask his feelings.

Sirius was always the favourite. He was the first-born, his mother loved him best and he knew it. Regulus knew it, too. Regulus worshiped him. He was always better looking and more talented than Regulus. And then he got sorted into Gryffindor. His father was ashamed. His mother masked her disappointment by hating him. Regulus, who was always second-best became the favourite, the only hope for Walburga and Orion. Sirius was spurned by his family. The only Black to be sorted into Gryffindor. But, that only made Sirius stronger. He went against everything his parents said. And then he was a Black no more. Burned off the Black family tree tapestry. As if he never existed to them.


‘—for years Wizards boasted that their wands were bigger and better than other Wizards', although there was only one wand that was superior; the Elder Wand, the Deathstick,’ James read aloud from the History of Magic textbook. He cleared his throat and Marlene laughed derisively.

‘Sounds like something else Wizards have boasted about over the centuries,’ she said drily.

‘You’re hilarious, really,’ said James.

‘That’s what they tell me,’ said Marlene, smirking.

‘I don’t get it,’ said Dorcas Meadowes confusedly. James, Marlene, Dorcas and Sirius were sitting in History of Magic, doing the homework Binns had assigned.

‘Never mind,’ said James, hastily. Dorcas shrugged.

‘We have to really work,’ said James loudly, eyeing Lily Evans two rows down.

Marlene rolled her eyes. ‘She doesn’t even look at you, James, she’s not listening. Stop being such a bore.’

James blushed slightly. ‘I wasn’t saying it because of her,’ said James, casting a sideways glance to Lily, who was surrounded by books and taking notes; without the slightest knowledge that she was being talked about.

Marlene kicked Sirius, who was sleeping behind his stack of books. ‘Oi, wake up.’

Sirius stirred. ‘Why, did you miss me?’ he asked, running a hand through his hair.

Marlene snorted. ‘You have an,’ she said pointing to her forehead, ‘ink stain all over your forehead.’

‘Bullocks,’ he said and James laughed.

The bell rang and the previously lifeless class began to stir. Everyone began to gather their books, parchment, quills and ink pots.

Sirius and James picked up their belongings and walked side-by-side out of the tower. Sirius was trying in vain to cover the ink stain with his hair.

‘What are we doing tonight?’ asked Sirius.

‘I’ve got patrolling with Lily,’ said James, happily.

‘Lovely,’ said Sirius. ‘Moony’s got to go to the library to study and Wormtail’s got detention. That leaves me… alone on a Friday night.’

‘Find something to do,’ said James, shrugging. ‘I’m sure you could get a Hufflepuff to help you occupy your time.’

‘Ha-ha. I’ll find something to do.’


‘I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,’ whispered Sirius, head bent over a wad of parchment his wand alight. Mysteriously, the parchment began to reveal a map of Hogwarts. Sirius spotted some people he knew and his trailing wand stopped on the dot of Marlene McKinnon. ‘Perfect,’ he whispered.

Sirius walked slowly down the corridor, his eyes trailing the various portraits. He stopped at a broom closet, muttered ‘Alohomora’ and the broom closet opened with a click.

The broom closet revealed a couple, Marlene McKinnon and a Hufflepuff Sirius knew as Amos Diggory in a passionate embrace. They broke apart upon hearing disruption and Amos eyed Sirius coolly, arranged his clothing and was off.

‘Charming lad,’ said Sirius idly.

Marlene crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at him with her ice blue eyes. ‘Why is it that you always ruin everything?’ she asked.

‘Good timing?’ answered Sirius, smirking.

Marlene huffed. ‘You’re so infuriating.’

‘I’m glad you think so,’ said Sirius.

‘You’re a prat.’

‘Thanks,’ Sirius said, grinning.

With a toss of her long dirty blonde hair, Marlene was off, walking quickly up the staircase.

Sirius followed her. He loved infuriating her.

Just as Marlene jumped on the next staircase, it lurched, changing its course.

‘Just so you know, love, you’re not getting away from me that easily,’ called Sirius from the lower staircase, watching Marlene’s staircase change to the opposite side.

‘Bye, Sirius,’ said Marlene, tauntingly. And then she was out of sight.

Sirius sighed and got off the staircase. He walked idly along the corridor. He leant against a wall, eyes trailing over the Marauder’s Map. Marlene’s dot was safely tucked into the girl’s dormitory. He spotted James’ dot, along with Lily’s on the second floor, doing their nightly Head Boy and Girl patrols.

He spotted a cluster of dots in the dungeon. Curiosity piqued, Sirius investigated. His stomach lurched a little. The dots read: Regulus Black, Bellatrix Black, Rodolphus Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy and Evan Rosier.

Before he knew what he was doing, Sirius was running towards the dungeons. He heard their voices before he saw them. He hid behind a pillar and like all pure-bloods were trained to know how to do, eavesdropped.

‘The Dark Lord is expecting this of you, Regulus,’ said Lucius Malfoy in a harsh whisper.

Sirius heard footsteps disappear and heard Bellatrix whisper quietly, ‘Don’t put more shame on our family’s name. Remember, baby cousin, if you don’t do this, you’ll be like him—’ Sirius felt the urge to hex her. ‘Like your traitor of a brother.’ She turned and walked away.

Sirius heard someone fall to the floor and begin crying.

Making sure that Regulus was alone, Sirius stepped out from his hiding place. He walked determinedly towards his younger brother. Regulus had the same dark hair and haughty look of his brother, though he was smaller, slighter and rather less handsome than Sirius.

‘Regulus,’ whispered Sirius. Regulus had his head in his hands and was sobbing on the floor. Regulus looked up, his face tear-stained. He wiped his tears quickly and stood up.

‘Sirius,’ he replied coldly.

‘What is it they want you to do?’ Sirius asked, frowning, not making eye contact with his brother.

‘Why do you care?’ asked Regulus coldly.

‘Reg, you’re still my brother, I care about you—’ said Sirius.

‘Bullshit!’ shouted Regulus, cutting Sirius off. ‘You couldn’t give a shit less about me. All you care about is yourself. You weren’t thinking about me when you up and left, were you? Everything that you couldn’t live with was thrust upon to me. Do you know what its been like, Sirius?’

Guilt overwhelmed Sirius. He couldn’t even say anything to Regulus. What hurt the most was that everything Regulus said was true.

‘I bet none of that has ever crossed your mind. No, because all you do is sleep around and play stupid pranks with your Marauder friends.’

Sirius didn’t argue and Regulus continued.

‘They’re so much harder on me than they were on you. Their perfect Sirius. And I was just always the other son. And then everything changed. Perfect Sirius became a Gryffindor, a traitor. Mother and Father couldn’t bear to be seen as blood traitors. The bloody hypocrites forced me into this. And you know what, Sirius? I was fucking scared. And they were always harder on me. Afraid I’d become like you. But, if I didn’t hold my head up high and agree with the Dark Lord, I was punished.’

Tears threatened to pool from Regulus’ gray eyes. ‘Fuck, I used to want to be like you so much. I wanted to be praised by Mother and Father. I wanted to be perfect and loved like you were. I admired your nerve. The way you were always so strong. And now… I just think you’re a coward. You ran off because you didn’t like the shit that was going on. And now you’ve left me to pick up the pieces.’

Regulus wiped the tears that fell from his gray eyes — eyes that mirrored Sirius’. Sirius felt a tear stream down his cheek. ‘Reg, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. And, Reg, I still love you. You’re my brother.’

‘Sorry doesn’t change anything, Sirius.’ Regulus stood up to his full height. He pulled up his robes and then his shirt sleeves to reveal his forearm which was branded with the Dark Mark. A skull with a snake pouring out of its mouth. Sirius felt like he was going to be sick.

‘It’s too late, Sirius. They’ve branded me. I’m a Death Eater.’

Author's Note New chapter. I hope you guys liked it! I'm so sorry that this took forever to get out! I've re-written this chapter like, twice. And it still seems a bit weird to me. Anyways, the song lyrics are 'When you were young' by the Killers. Hopefully the next chapter won't take as long to get out. I hope you guys don't think the relationship between Marlene/Sirius is cliche. The whole Lily's friends hooking up with James' friends thing. So, if you want, tell me what you guys thought of this :) Thankyous for reading!