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Found Again by marauder lady

Format: Novel
Chapters: 56
Word Count: 60,441

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC

First Published: 11/22/2008
Last Chapter: 03/04/2010
Last Updated: 08/20/2015


A slightly different AU sequel to To Have and to Lose
If Wormtail had been caught instead of escaping at the end of PoA... what would happen?

Thanks to Leent for the fantabulously stunning banner and chapter images!

Chapter 1: One Summer's Evening
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This is pretty much taken from JKR


Chapter 1


It had been quite a hot day, not really affected by the sea breeze.  Terese Jones lay on her bed, not bothering to get under the covers.  She had a feeling that she wouldn’t sleep.  The light from the full moon shone in through the window; the curtains were left open so that the night air could get into the Brighton flat.  Perhaps it was the full moon that made her feel uneasy.  Even though it was nearly a year since she had ended her relationship with Remus, she still cared for him deeply and worried that he would suffer, despite the wolfsbane potion he took.  She also questioned the wisdom of allowing Snape to make it for him as well.  She wondered whether he would be able to put his old vendettas far enough behind him to resist a little ‘mistake’. 


Not that Remus would appreciate her worrying about him.  Not anymore.  He had maintained a stony silence since he had begun teaching at Hogwarts, despite her letters begging his forgiveness.  This stung her, although she knew it was because she had hurt him a lot. 


They had lived together for three years.  And for that time she had genuinely believed that she was happy.  She was the happiest she had been since James and Lily had died.  Since Sirius had been imprisoned in Azkaban; since she had miscarried their child a month before she was due to give birth.


She had been happy until the morning she picked up The Daily Prophet and seen Sirius’ face on the front page.  He had escaped.  She had absolutely no idea how.  Surely his powers would be too weak for him to be able to transform.  She had gone to work that day.  Dumbledore had found her work in a muggle office, which suited her fine although it was beyond dull.  The daily papers were always laid out on the coffee table in the staff room and every one had a picture of her husband with ‘Dangerous Criminal’, or words to that effect, emblazoned across his chest.  Had it just been the Prophet, she may have been able to cope with it but he was everywhere.  It had proved too much for her and the feelings she had suppressed for twelve years had come rushing to the fore.  No matter what he had done, she still couldn’t help the way she still felt about him. 


The strong sense of loyalty she shared with James, her cousin, wouldn’t allow her to stay with Remus when she knew she was in love with someone else.


And how could she possibly still be in love with him?  James and Lily were her family and by all accounts it was Sirius who was responsible for their deaths.  She knew that if they had stayed as they were it would be unfair to Remus.  She could even almost hear James’ voice in her head telling her off for using him. 


Of course Remus had stated she had been using him for the whole time; he had insinuated that she had been stringing him along until there was a chance of a better prospect.   That was the thanks she got for her honesty she thought moodily, rolling over to the other side of the bed to cool down. 


Eventually she sat up, guessing she wouldn’t sleep.  She padded through to the kitchen and poured herself some orange juice.  She thought longingly of the jugs of ice cold pumpkin juice they used to drink at Hogwarts.


All of a sudden, a gold feather appeared in front of her, with a note attached.  The last time she had seen this happen, she had just announced her pregnancy and the note had told them that the Prewitt twins had been killed. 


She opened the note nervously.  A polite request from Dumbledore to go to his office at Hogwarts as soon as she possibly could.


Harry.  What had happened to him?  One of her greatest regrets was the fact that she had not been allowed to see her Godson since he had been left with Lily’s sister the night after she and James had been killed.  And now something had happened to him without her ever having the chance to see him again and let him know of her existence. 


She ran back to the bedroom and threw some clothes on.  She deliberated the best way of getting there. She could apparate to Hogsmeade and walk to the castle, create an illegal portkey or floo there.  As much as she disliked using the floo network, it was the quickest and safest way.  She went into the front room, retrieving the floo powder from the dresser drawer.


A couple of minutes later, she landed in the fireplace of Dumbledore’s office.  She stood up and was immediately aware of a group of people looking at her.  She saw a figure with long, matted hair, waxen skin and sunken eyes. But she would know him anywhere. 


Without pausing to think why he would be casually standing in Dumbledore’s office, she flew at him in a rage- a red mist forming in front of her.


“YOU…James… dead…” she screamed.  Before she could reach him, she felt herself being pulled back.  She pulled away and spun round to get away from whoever it was.  She saw a flash of light from a pair of glasses and a shock of messy black hair.  She froze. “Harry!  Dumbledore what’s…” she looked up at her old headmaster who merely indicated to another part of the room.  She recognised the Minister for Magic and a couple of other wizards she vaguely registered as being aurors.  On the floor between them was what looked liked a pile of filthy old clothes, but on closer inspection, she saw it was moving and realised that there was a disgusting snivelling sound coming from that direction. She walked over as near as she dared.  She nearly fainted from shock.  What was going on?  Sirius and Harry were standing there as if this were normal and the man on the floor in front of her was supposed to be dead. Sirius was supposed to have killed him.  “Would someone please tell me what the bloody hell is going on?  Or get me a drink or pinch me or something.”  Sirius stepped forward.


“I’m innocent, Tess.  It was him”

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Chapter 2: Explaination
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Chapter 2


“Peter… You’re… You…” he looked up at her with his watery eyes.


“Terese.  You of all people know what he’s like.  How manipulative… I’ve been hiding from him.”  He reached out to clutch at her trouser leg.  She kicked his hand away and stepped back hurriedly.


“It was you.  You were the spy.  You came to our flat that morning… I knew there was something I’d forgotten” She turned to Sirius “I’m sorry.  I should’ve known…” he shrugged.  At that point, Fudge signalled to his companions and Wormtail was dragged away.


“Terese?”  Her godson’s voice brought her back to reality.


“Harry. How did you…?”


“Sirius told me about you.”


“I would have taken you when…  But I wasn’t in a fit state” she looked over at Dumbledore, who looked back wistfully. 


“What happens now?” Harry asked.  Sirius glanced at Terese, then at Dumbledore.


“We’re you’re godparents, Harry.  Your legal guardians.  If you wanted another home, at least with me…  I don’t know whether Terese wants to…”


“I do.” She said quickly.


“You’re asking me to leave the Dursleys?”


“If you don’t want to…” Sirius began.


“When can I move in?  Where are we going to live?”


“Dumbledore…” Terese began.


“It’s entirely up to Harry; although cutting ties with the Dursleys is not wise.  If Harry goes back for a few days in the summer I don’t see a problem.”  For the first time since she arrived, the three of them smiled at each other.


“I have a place.  In Brighton.  It’s small, but we could manage for a little while…”


“I think it’s time for Harry to rest. He’s had a long night” Dumbledore said, quietly.  As Harry protested, Dumbledore shook his head.  “They’ll be here tomorrow, Harry” Harry looked over at Sirius who nodded.  The two embraced.  Harry walked over to his godmother.  She looked at him with tears in her eyes.  He was so like James.


“Goodnight, sweetheart.” She said softly.  He left reluctantly.


“Perhaps you would like to have some time alone to discuss things” Dumbledore suggested.



“I can’t believe we’re in here again.” Terese said as she and Sirius walked into the Room of Requirement.  Instead of the huge double bed that would always appear when they went in there, there were two slightly smaller four poster beds, similar to those in the Gryffindor dormitories. 


“Funny how these things work out” he said, throwing himself on the nearest bed. 


“Do you think this is going to work?”




“You, me and Harry?”


“Why wouldn’t it?”


“Because nothing is ever that simple.  I learnt that the hard way.”


“It’s what James and Lily wanted.”


“I know. But it’s…it’s a big change.  For all of us”




“I can’t believe this is happening.  I mean I always hoped that, maybe, there was something I’d missed, and that you were innocent but I couldn’t see it.  I couldn’t work out how.”


“You didn’t remember anything?”

“If I had you know I would have done something about it.  I was unconscious for about a week after it happened I think and then I was drunk for most of the next year.  I was in a state to say the least.  So, what exactly happened tonight?”  He explained to her how he had got Harry and his best friends, Ron and Hermione, into the Shrieking Shack and persuaded them that Ron’s rat was Wormtail, with help from Remus.


“Where’s Remus now…oh no, the full moon” Terese was horrified.  “Did he take his potion?”


“Yes.  He was safe.  He ran into the forest.”


“What made him believe you?”


“He saw Wormtail on the Marauders Map.”


“Merlin!  Any minute now, I’m going to wake up”


“I know what you mean.  I never thought I would be free.”


“Sirius…I…I’m sorry…”


“What for?”


“For not fighting for you”


“It’s understandable” he said.


“Is it?  I should have been stronger”


“Can I ask you something?”



“Are you seeing anyone?”




“Oh.  Good” He lay down with a smile.  In the past twelve years he had missed her more than he could say.  And spending this time with her made her realise that he felt the same for her as he always had.


“Sirius.  I’m not ruling…us…out by any means.  But it’s all a bit much for me at the moment.  I think we should concentrate on Harry…”


“Ok, Tess.  I agree.  See how it goes.”  He had been without her for twelve years.  A few more weeks wouldn’t hurt.  He knew her well enough to know that she felt the same.  He also knew that there was something she wasn’t telling him. 

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Chapter 3: Breakfast Confessions
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Chapter 3


Terese sat bolt upright in bed.  What a bizarre dream she had had.  As her eyes adjusted, she realised that she wasn’t in her bedroom.  And she heard breathing coming from not too far away.  Her mind reeled as it went over the possibility that maybe…just maybe… she hadn’t been dreaming.  Sirius was innocent.  She looked over at the other bed, and saw a sleeping figure.  Oh Merlin. Sirius grunted and rolled over; rubbing his eyes.  He looked over at her and grinned sleepily.




“Morning.  How does it feel to wake up a free man?”


“Strange.  I’m starving actually.  Do you think they’ll feed us if we go to the Great Hall?”


“It would cause uproar- I don’t suppose anyone’s read the prophet yet.” She laughed; his stomach always had been one of his first thoughts when he woke up.


“Maybe we should go to Dumbledore’s office?”


“Maybe you should take a shower first?” She teased, indicating his matted hair.


“Where?” he asked as another door appeared.  He grumbled as he disappeared through it, and the sound of running water that followed proved her theory. 


When they were ready, they made their way to Dumbledore’s office in awkward silence.  When they walked in they saw that the headmaster was not alone.  Remus and Snape were standing near the desk.  Remus, as usual after a full moon, looked ill.  Terese, not thinking, ran over to him.


“Remus, are you alright?” She grabbed hold of his arm.  He immediately pulled it away.


“I’m fine, Terese” he said coldly.  He couldn’t help it- just seeing her walk in with Sirius hurt.  He couldn’t hold it against his best friend, but he couldn’t help still being angry with her.  She stepped back as if he had hit her.  She quietly walked back to Sirius, and stood staring at the ground.


Sirius watched the exchange silently.  He had a feeling that she wasn’t telling him something.  Perhaps this was a clue as to what.


“Black” Snape snarled.




“Still strutting around like you own the place, I see!”


“We didn’t think that it would be a good idea if I walked in to the Great Hall.”


“You surprise me.  I would have thought you’d like the attention”


“You would like some breakfast I believe?” Dumbledore interrupted as if the conversation hadn’t happened.


“Please” Terese said.  “Do we get to see Harry today?”  


“I don’t suppose for a minute he’d have it any other way” Dumbledore replied jovially.


“Even if he wasn’t allowed, I doubt it would make any difference.” Snape sneered.  “He’s like his father enough to believe that he is above the rules of us mere mortals”


Over the years, Terese had mellowed.  She wasn’t as quick to fly off the handle as she had been when she was at school- she tended to just get in bad moods and act snappish.  However, there was still one thing that could send her in to a blind rage in less than a second.  That was any criticism, however slight, James.  And she didn’t consider Snape good enough to even mention her cousin’s name. 


“Who do you think you are, Snivellous? Nobody talks about James like that?”  Without even pulling her wand out she lunged at their old adversary, ready to punch him hard enough to send him flying.  Before she could get there, however, a pair of arms clamped around her.


“Not now Tess” Sirius whispered in her ear.  “Don’t give the slimy git the satisfaction.  And Harry may walk in at any minute.”  She stopped struggling against him, as Snape smirked.  She twisted round in his arms to try and free herself.  She stared up at him for a second; confused that being held by him felt exactly the same as it used to.


“Breakfast” Dumbledore said decisively, waving his wand.  A table laden with bacon, eggs, sausages, waffles, hash brown and all sorts appeared in the middle of the room. 


“If you’ll excuse me, Headmaster, I must go and attend to my house” Snape said and left without another word.


“I’m afraid I must leave too.  If you would like to wait in here, we can talk about living arrangements when I return.”  When Dumbledore was gone, the three of them stood looking at each other for a minute.


“I’m starving!” Sirius exclaimed finally to break the silence.  He sat down and began to eat.


“Look, I… I have to sort some stuff out at the flat.  I’ll be back in a couple of hours…”  Terese began.


“You don’t have to leave on my account Terese” Remus said somewhat acerbically.




“What?  I handed in my resignation earlier so I have to pack up my office”


“You resigned Moony? Why?” Sirius asked.


“Last night was too much of a near miss.  I can’t risk being loose in the grounds on a full moon.”


“But you’d taken your potion” Terese said.


“I know.  But it’s still too risky.  I’ll see you soon, Padfoot” Sirius stood up and the two embraced. 


“You don’t have to do this, Moony”


“It’s only a matter of time until Snape snaps over you being free and ‘accidentally’ lets my condition slip.  I’ll be in touch when you’re sorted.  Bye, Terese” he said and, without looking back, left the room. 


Terese and Sirius sat down, the awkward silence descending again. 


“So are you going to tell me what that was all about?”  Sirius asked eventually.  She stared at him, trying to work out what to say.  She eventually looked down at the table, shifting uncomfortably in her seat and playing with the chain around her neck, from which, he suddenly realised, hung her wedding and engagement rings.     


“What do you mean?”


“Look, Tess.  Maybe it’s not my business.  But something’s been going on between you and Remus and if it’s going to make things awkward…”


“Ok.  I’ll tell you.” She sighed, trying to phrase it properly.  “We were together.  For about three years we lived together”


“And then?”


“And then you escaped” she said in a barely audible whisper.  “And you were everywhere and I realised I couldn’t lie to myself or him anymore”




“About my feelings for you” he grinned widely.  He couldn’t help it.


“So you ended it with him.”


“Yes.  Obviously he still isn’t taking it that well.”  They sat in silence again, lost in thought. 


“Why didn’t you tell me last night?”


“I don’t know.  There was a lot to talk about and to be honest I did know how you’d take it, Sirius.  You’re not going to let this get between you and Remus again are you?  Not like when we were at school?”  He sighed.  He knew if he said the wrong thing here it could jeopardise his chances of getting her back.


“Honestly?  Part of me wants to go and beat the shit of him.  But the other part thinks that I don’t have any right to say anything.  I never expected you to wait for me Tess. Neither of us thought that I’d ever come back.  And I’m glad that you had someone to look after you.”


“Look after me?  I’m not a child, Sirius”


“I know.  I meant, after everything…” she looked at him, regretting her sharpness.


“Sorry.  I’m still a bit…I suppose I’m still in shock”


“I don’t blame you.  It’s a lot to take in.”


“He did though.”


“Did what?”


“Look after me.  He made sure I didn’t crash and burn.  And he stood buy me when everyone else was avoiding me like the plague.”



“Because I’m married to you.” 


“Oh” there was a self-conscious silence. “Tess…”


Before he could continue the conversation, the door opened and Harry walked in.


“Dumbledore said I could have breakfast with you” he grinned.  Terese stood up and they hugged briefly before he sat next to Sirius, who, in between mouthfuls, clapped him on the shoulder.  Harry helped himself to food and began devouring it.  Terese sat back and watched them, taking pleasure in the fact that this should be the first of many breakfasts that they would share together.  She wondered whether James and Lily could see them now.  She was sure this is what they would have wanted.

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Chapter 4: Getting Sorted
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Chapter 4


As the front door of the new house opened, Terese gasped.  The hall was bright and welcoming, with doors leading off it, and a staircase opposite the front door. 


“How in the name of Merlin did Dumbledore manage to get us a place like this in Brighton?” she murmured incredulously. Sirius shrugged.


“It’s Dumbledore.  He wants Harry to have a nice place.  Shall we explore?” she nodded.  They opened the nearest door to reveal a huge family room, stretching from the front of the house to the back.  French windows at the back lead out on to a patio overlooking a huge lawn where Harry could play Quidditch. 


“Wow. This is amazing!” Terese exclaimed, running out to look at the kitchen.  Sirius smiled to himself as he followed.  She had been like this when they moved in together after their graduation.  The kitchen was just as lovely.  There was a breakfast bar overlooking another set of French windows.  The units were white.


“White units.  Is that a good idea?” Sirius asked, remembering his wife’s cooking ability. 


“Why not?”


“Well, if anything…explodes…”


“I don’t blow things up anymore! Ask…ask Remus” she finished quietly.


“Shall we look upstairs?” he said to cover the awkwardness.


“Ok” she said and ran out.  They got upstairs and looked around the bedrooms.  There were four, all about the same size. 


“Four bedrooms.” He commented.








“What do you think? You and Me…”


“Oh! Ummm… Would you mind if we had separate rooms?  Just for a little while.”


“If that’s what you want”


“It all feels its going really fast and I think if Harry’s going to be here we need to be sure its going to work before we share and room and…” the words tumbled out of her mouth in an attempt to explain herself.


“Terese.  I understand.  It’s fine.  I’ve waited for you before, I can do it again”



A few days later, after Harry had spent a couple of days at the Dursleys’, Dumbledore said that they could go and collect him.  They decided that, despite the Dursleys’ aversion to all things magical, it would be easiest to apparate there.  This would be complicated by the fact that neither of them had been there before, but they would take their chances.  They managed to apparate into the hall cupboard, which was very cramped.


“Sirius; that had better be your wand” she hissed as she tried to extricate herself. 


“Terese?” they heard a voice from outside the cupboard.


“Harry. Can you open the door?”  The door opened and they tumbled out. 


“What are you two doing in the cupboard?” Harry laughed quietly.


“Our apparating went a bit wrong” Sirius grinned.  “Anyway. Fancy coming to stay?”


“Boy? What’s going on?” A voice called from what appeared to be the dining room.


“Boy?” Sirius repeated angrily.


“Shhh.  It’s fine.  I’ll just go and talk to them…”


“I quite fancy seeing Petunia again…” Terese said with a mischievous smile.


“Terese…” Harry followed her through.


“Hello, Petunia, remember me?” She addressed the skinny woman at the table, ignoring the three other large people sitting there. 


“What…how?” Petunia stuttered, horrified.


“Oh I just arrived, come to see how Harry is”


“And you are?”  The fat woman at the table asked, the ugly old bulldog by her feet snapping and growling.


“His godmother.”


“And if you care so much about him, why didn’t you take him in?” the woman snarled.


“Who are you?” Terese snapped, not feeling the need to explain herself to an unpleasant stranger.


“Vernon’s sister.  I’ve watched for twelve years whilst this boy has taken for granted…”


“Taken for granted?  Didn’t you used to sleep in the cupboard, Harry?”  He mumbled a reply.


“Just take the boy and go” Petunia said angrily.


“Hospitable as ever, I see Petunia” Terese commented dryly.


“Want me to set the dog on her, Petunia?”


“Marge…” Petunia said, trying to keep her sister-in-law out of it.  Terese laughed. 


“That’s not a dog.  This is a dog… Snuffles” she called into the hall.  Harry looked at her, alarmed.  A big black dog walked into the room, is hackles rising at the snapping bulldog.  The bulldog immediately whined and hid.  “Told you” Terese said, smugly. “Harry, hun, do you need any help packing?”


“No thanks.  I won’t be long” he said, running upstairs.  Terese leant against the sideboard, thoroughly enjoying the discomfort on the faces of her hosts.  Sirius, or ‘Snuffles’ sat on the floor next to her. 


“This is outrageous!” Marge said.  “Not only was he left to be a burden on his decent, hard working relatives, but we’re now subjected to this” Terese began to get angry. Sirius whined quietly at her feet, warning her to calm down.  “Left by an irresponsible mother and father, no doubt drunk when they were driving…”


“I beg your pardon?”  This was getting too much for Terese.


“When they got themselves killed in a car accident, I’ve no doubt that they had been drinking.”


“How dare you?  You didn’t know James or Lily… Petunia, are you really happy to listen to your sister being slandered like that?  She was my best friend.  He was my cousin.  I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself because I don’t think Petunia or Vernon want me to get too angry” She began to pull her wand out of her pocket.  Petunia and Vernon both went pale.


“No.  No, of course not!” Petunia mumbled.


“I’m ready” Harry walked back into the room.


“Good. Lets go” Terese said, shooting the Dursleys a filthy look.  She marched into the hall, followed by Harry and Sirius.  She tapped Harry’s trunk, shrinking it, and he put it in his pocket” He also had an empty birdcage which he carried.  Sirius transformed back, got hold of Harry and apparated to the house.


“That was fun!” Terese said and grinned at her godson.

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Chapter 5: Coming to terms
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Chapter 5


“So what do you think?”  Terese asked Harry as she and Sirius showed him around the new house.


“It’s great. Really great”


“We thought you could have your mates over to decorate your room.” Sirius suggested.  “We weren’t sure what you’d want to do with it.”


“I can have it how I want?” Harry was incredulous.


“Of course.  Harry, this is what should have happened when you were one years old.  You can make up for the fact that it didn’t now.”  Terese told him, giving him a quick hug.


“So which one is my room?”


“We thought the one at the front.  It’s the nicest.”


“Which one are you in?”  Terese looked over at Sirius.


“I’m in the one next to yours and Tess is in the one at the back.”


“Oh” Harry looked surprised but said nothing.


“Right, what shall we do for dinner?”  Terese asked, just to change the subject.



Later that night, Terese was in her room, unpacking some of the boxes she had brought from her flat.  There was a knock at the door and Sirius walked in carrying a couple of mugs.


“Hot chocolate” he said.


“Thanks.  I was just thinking about getting a drink”


“How much stuff do you have?”


“A normal amount” she said, throwing a pillow at him.  He sat on the bed, laughing.  She continued walking around putting things away. 


“What’s this?” he asked, picking up a battered old box. 


“Oh it…” he had opened it before she could finish.


“Oh” he saw the scrap book James had made for her and added to every Christmas until he died.  There were lots of photos and a white wool blanket.  He pulled the blanket out.


“Isn’t this what Remus gave us when…” she nodded.




“What happened to the rest of it?” she didn’t have to ask what he was talking about.


“Remus got rid of it when I was still in St Mungos.  I think he sealed one of the rooms of the flat off with it all.  He knew I wouldn’t want to see it.”


“Except this?”


“We didn’t leave it with all the other baby stuff for some reason.  I found it when I moved and I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away.”


“Have you ever talked to anyone about it?” he asked her gently, being all too familiar with the closed expression on her face.


“No.  Who would I talk to?  I could hardly tell the girls in the muggle office I’ve been working in.  And there wasn’t really anyone else… Andy kept in touch, but we reminded each other too much of you, I think”




“What Sirius?” she snapped.  “What do you want me to say?  I lost our baby because I was stupid enough to let Wormtail into the flat that morning and I was too weak to fight Bellatrix.”


“It wasn’t your fault, babe.  If anything it was mine.  I shouldn’t have left you when you asked me to stay.”


“Does it really matter?  It happened and there’s nothing we can do about it now.”  She couldn’t stop a tear spilling down her cheek.


“Did you know it was a girl?” she looked at him in surprise.  She hadn’t known he had known that.


“Yes.  They told me.  Why are you doing this Sirius?”


“Don’t you think we should talk about it?  It was my baby too.”


“I know.  It’s just…hard you know?  I lost everything”


“It’s not been easy for you, has it?”  He said quietly.  He was desperate to hold her but he didn’t know whether she would let him.     


“No.  Not really.  Remus helped.” 


“And you didn’t want to have children with him?”


“I can’t.”




“Don’t Sirius.” She said turning away from him.  She was desperately trying to stop herself from crying.  He ignored her and walked over to her.  He put his arms around her and, for a minute, she tried to resist him.  Eventually she sank against him. Her head tucked under his chin like it used to and she began to sob, thinking about the life they should have had together.  Listening to her, Sirius couldn’t stop his own tears from falling.  He felt her cling to his t shirt. 


This was the first time in years that she had let herself think about this. About the daughter they had lost.  She felt his arms wrap tighter round her as her tears eventually subsided, and she felt his tears drip down onto her head. She looked up at him.


“What are we like eh?” she joked weakly.


“Tess.  I love you.  You know that?  I always have.”


“I love you too” she whispered, hardly daring to speak the words out loud.  He leant his head down and kissed her so tenderly her legs nearly gave way.  She had been worried that it would be different.  That they wouldn’t have the spark they used to have.  She had been wrong. Oh so wrong.  Nobody, not even Remus, had ever made her feel like this.  Why had she put it off for so long?  Without any spoken agreement, they moved over to the bed.


They didn’t have sex on that first night, but there was an unspoken agreement that they were back together.  She lay in his arms, curled up with her head nuzzled into his neck.  As she drifted off to sleep, feeling safer than she had dome for twelve years, she murmured into his ear.


“I love you Sirius Black”.  He had waited twelve years to hear her say those words again.


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Chapter 6: Birthday
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Chapter 6


“Mmmm. Do I smell bacon?”  Sirius walked into the kitchen and saw his wife standing by the stove. 


“You do.  I thought I’d do Harry a proper birthday breakfast.”


“Excellent idea.  I’m starving” he wrapped his arm around her waist and planted a kiss on the side of her head.


“It’s not for you” she teased.  “It’s not your birthday.”


“Yeah but it’s my wedding anniversary tomorrow” he pointed out.


“Funny that, because it’s mine as well” she said, tapping him gently with the wooden spoon in her hand in an attempt to free herself.


“Morning” Harry was standing in the doorway, yawning.  He was getting used to seeing them messing around like this.


“Happy Birthday!” his godparents chorused.  Terese ran over to him and threw her arms around him.


“Let him breath Tess.” Sirius laughed.


“What?  Am I not allowed to wish my godson happy birthday?”  She hugged him again before rushing back over to the stove to rescue the bacon.


“Happy birthday mate” Sirius hugged Harry quickly.  “Right presents”


“Oi. I haven’t slaved away over the breakfast for it to get cold” Terese said indignantly.  Sirius rolled his eyes.



As Harry finished opening his presents, the doorbell rang.


“I’ll get it, shall I?” Terese asked, amused as Harry and Sirius were absorbed in the Quidditch book they had got him.  She rolled her eyes, although she didn’t really mind.  She was pleased that they were getting on so well.  She opened the front door, thinking it would be one of Harry’s friends.




“I came round to wish Harry happy birthday” he said uneasily.  She stood aside.


“Come in.  They’re in the kitchen.  Through there.”


“How’ve you been?” he asked.


“Fine.  Good.  It’s good having Harry here. You?”


“I’m ok.  Look, Terese…”


“Who is it Tess?”  Sirius called from the kitchen.  He walked out and grinned when he saw his best friend.  “Moony!” Sirius hugged his best friend.


“I thought I’d visit the birthday boy”


 “He’s just looking at all his presents.  He’s got some mates coming over.  Oh come and have a look at the quidditch pitch we’ve got out the back…”

“Its not a quidditch pitch, it’s a large lawn.”  Terese pointed out.  “I’m going to have a shower.”  She went upstairs as Sirius showed Remus round and took him to see Harry.


“So are you going to stick around?”


“I don’t think Harry and his mates want their old teacher hanging around”


“You’re not their teacher Moony.  You’re our friend.  And Harry would want you to…”


“I don’t know, Padfoot… Terese…”


“She wants you around Remus.  She misses you.”


“Really?”  Remus was sceptical.


“She does.  Look, Moony, she told me how you looked after her these past few years.”


“Yeah, well, she didn’t have anyone else”


“I’m grateful, Moony.”


“Really?  I thought you’d be furious”


“I was a bit at first.  But I don’t have any right to be do I? I couldn’t expect her to wait on the off chance I’d be proven innocent or be the first person to escape Azkaban.  I’m glad it was you rather than some bloke that wouldn’t understand everything…”


“Glad to be of service” Remus replied slightly sarcastically.


“I didn’t mean it like that.”


“I know.  Sorry.” there was a brief silence.  “So, show me the garden.” 



“This is Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Fred and George” Harry introduced his friends to Terese.


“Nice to meet you.  Come through, there’s food and drink in the kitchen.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll order pizza in a bit” Sirius joked.


“Shut up Sirius.”  She pretended to glare at him.  They filed through to the kitchen, and Terese threw open the French windows letting the warm sunshine in.  Harry and his friends all went outside and sprawled on the grass.  The Weasley Twins, Fred and George, soon revealed themselves to be the resident trouble makers.  As soon as Harry told them that Sirius and Remus had helped write the Marauders’ Map the four were soon engrossed in a conversation about all the tricks and pranks they had pulled.  Harry and Ron were taking it in turns to fly Harry’s Firebolt.  Terese was busying herself clearing up and making sure everyone had food and drinks.  She still didn’t feel comfortable being around Sirius and Remus.  As she was clearing up in the kitchen, Hermione and Ginny came in.


“Can we do anything to help?”  Hermione asked.


“No thanks, hun.  I think I’ve got it covered.  I just have to remember where everything goes” she joked. 


“This is a really lovely house” Ginny said.

“Isn’t it?  Dumbledore found it for us.  It was quicker than trying to find somewhere ourselves before Harry could leave the Dursleys’. 


“He told us what you did when you went to collect him” Hermione said, clearly unsure whether to be amused or disapproving.  Terese grinned.


“Oh yeah.  That was funny.  Serve’s them right if you ask me.”  The girls

giggled as Sirius walked in.


“What’s funny?” he asked.


“I am.  Well, I was at the Dursleys’”


“Yeah, that wasn’t bad” he teased.  “Do you think it’s time for the cake?”


“I suppose so.  Have Harry and Ron finished on the broomstick yet?”


“I think so.  I’ll go and distract him.”


“Umm I think you should maybe light the candles.  Just in case” Terese

said sheepishly.  Sirius grinned at her.


“Ok” He said, leaning over and kissing her briefly on the lips.  He lit the

candles and wandered back on into the garden, and sat next to Harry.

Hermione and Ginny followed. After a minute or so, Terese carried the

cake out and everyone began to sing ‘Happy Birthday’. Harry tried not to look too embarrassed, as he had never had anything like this done for him since his first birthday. 


Once the cake had been cut and distributed, Terese disappeared into the kitchen again.  Remus followed her in, carrying some cups and plates.


“Terese.  I’ll do this.  Go and sit down, spend some time with Harry’s friends.”


“It’s fine.  You’re a guest Remus.  I won’t be long anyway.”


“Is it because I’m here?”




“You running around like a blue arsed fly.”


“No” she replied, slightly shiftily.




“Ok.  Yes.  I don’t want things to be weird between you and Sirius.  It’s difficult enough for him without James.  I don’t want your friendship to be strained.” 


Remus watched her as she moved around the kitchen clearing up.  He realised she was running purely on nervous energy- the fact that it was the first time she had met Harry’s friend and the first birthday she had spent with him in twelve years made it a big thing for her.  And he knew that she had been hurt by the way he acted the last time he saw her. 




“Don’t, Remus”


“Don’t what?”

“I know I hurt you, and I’m truly sorry for that.  But its Harry’s birthday and I can’t deal with hearing…”


“I wasn’t going to lecture you, or give you a guilt trip.  I was going to say that there’s no need to try and stay out of my way.  I know you were trying to be fair.”


“I was, but…”


“Terese.  It’s done.  There’s no point dwelling on it anymore.”  In truth, he had still been dwelling on it when he arrived that morning.  But he had seen her with Sirius and Harry during the day and realised how happy she was- he had seen through the way Sirius had kissed her when they were preparing the cake and he had realised that she hadn’t looked like that since she had been with Sirius before.  He wasn’t about to spoil it for her anymore.  And he didn’t want to jeopardise his friendship with Sirius, which he had missed a lot more than he had let on. 


“Really?  I miss you Remus.  We were always good friends weren’t we?”  He smiled wanly at her.


“We were.”          



Terese felt better knowing Remus was trying to move on.  She hadn’t

stopped feeling guilty about hurting him but now he was coming terms

with it she could perhaps let go of some of it and they could all eventually be friends.  She was thinking about this as she finally sat in the garden.  Hermione and Remus had left leaving just her, Sirius, Harry and the Weasleys. Sirius was sitting on the floor propping himself up on his elbows and she was leaning against him.  Harry walked over to them.


“Terese, Sirius.  I thought I might go over to the Weasleys’ tomorrow, as it’s your anniversary.” He said.


“Harry, mate, you don’t have to…” Sirius began.


“Well, you two should have the day together.  Mrs Weasley doesn’t mind”


“Sweetie, please don’t feel like you have to get out of our way.” Terese told him, not wanting him to feel like he had at the Dursleys’.


“I don’t.  But it would be good for you.”   Terese tried not to let her eyes fill with tears.


“Thank you, hun.” She hugged him.  She couldn’t believe how like James he was.  Harry shrugged and, grinning, walked back to his friends.  Sirius put his arm around his wife.


“Looks like we have to celebrate our anniversary then” he said in her ear.


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Chapter 7: Anniversary
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Chapter 7


The following morning, Terese went downstairs for breakfast.  She had mixed feelings about the day.  She was happy, more than happy, that she had Sirius back in her life, but she couldn’t help remembering the only anniversary they had spent together.  She had been pregnant, and they had spent the day in bed.  She walked in to the kitchen; Sirius and Harry were there laughing and joking.  She smiled as she watched them. 


“What are you two up to in my kitchen?” She said, making them jump.


“Morning Babe!” Sirius said, grabbing hold of her and pulling her to him.  “Happy Anniversary.”  She slid her arms around his neck.


“Happy Anniversary” she said softly, giving him a quick kiss.  “Morning Harry”


“Morning” He replied, trying not to intrude on his godparents’ greeting.  “I’ve got something for your anniversary.” He continued, and left the room.  He returned a minute later with a present.  “It’s not much…”


“Harry sweetie, you didn’t have to get us anything” Terese told him as he handed it to her. Sirius looked over her shoulder as she opened it.  It was a framed photo of the three of them on the day after Sirius was found out to be innocent.  Ron had taken it at Hogwarts down by the lake.  The three of them were laughing; Terese had her arm around Harry and Sirius had his hand resting on his shoulder.  Terese’s eyes filled with tears.


“Thank you Harry mate” Sirius said eventually.  “When did you do this?”


“When I went out with Ron and Hermione the other day.  I wanted to do something, you two have been really good to me.”  Terese hugged him.


“It’s lovely Harry.” she said trying to not to cry.


“Well I’m going to the Weasleys’.  Have a good day” Harry said, hugging them both again.



Later on, Sirius and Terese were walking along the seafront.  It being august, it was hot, but they had got a bus out of Brighton to one of the smaller towns nearby so that it wouldn’t be as busy.  Terese looked at a group of children playing in the surf.


“Look at them!  Don’t you wish you were a kid again sometimes?” she asked. 


“No.” Sirius replied, sharply.




“You think I got taken to the beach like that when I was a kid?” 




“What?  I didn’t have a childhood like you and James” 


“I know that Sirius.  I was talking hypothetically.  Having that…I don’t know…that freedom”


“I suppose.  They don’t know how lucky they are” he said, bitterly. 


“They’re kids, Sirius”


“I know.  They haven’t lost twelve years of their lives” 


“Jesus, Sirius. Do you really want to go into this now? Today?  What’s brought this on?”  He shrugged.


“I don’t know.  I suppose I was thinking about our wedding and our first anniversary.”


“I know it’s hard…”


“Do you?”


“Yes.  I lost everything as well you know.  My husband. My child. My family.”


“You had your freedom.”


“I had a year of nothing, where I was drunk or unconscious because that was the only way I could get from one minute to the next.  Then I drifted for the next eleven, pushing everything down.  I know its nothing like being in Azkaban but please don’t assume that it was easy for me.”


“I don’t.”


“Then what?  What is this about?  Why do we have to do this now on our anniversary, Sirius?”


“It just made me think, that’s all.  It’s all been such a waste.  When I think of all those years we could have had if it hadn’t been for that… Everything we could have had if we hadn’t trusted him.  James and Lily would be alive.  We would have…”


“Babe” Terese interrupted him, taking his hands.  “Are we going to waste time thinking ‘What if’ now you’re here and we’re together and we’ve got Harry?”


“Fine, Tess. Let’s just brush it under the carpet shall we?” he replied sarcastically.  She started to walk away.


“I’m going home.  I can’t take this.  Thank you for ruining the first anniversary we’ve had in twelve years”



Hours later, she was lying on her bed staring at the ceiling, trying to work out what had happened.  She had known it wasn’t necessarily going to be easy, but she hadn’t bargained on one of his legendary mood swings.  She was beginning to wonder whether this was a mistake.  Should they just have stayed as they were- living there with Harry but not as a couple?  Her mind was whirling.


“Tess?” his voice echoed around the empty house.  She heard him run upstairs and the door opened.  “I’m sorry.”


“Sirius, if this is how it’s going to be every time we have an anniversary or something reminds you of James, I don’t think I can do this.”


“I’m trying Tess.  After twelve years stuck in a confined space with Dementors I don’t think I’m doing too badly.”


“No.  I suppose not” she mumbled, ashamed.


“I’m trying not to let all this…stuff go round my head.  I don’t want you or Harry to have to deal with it.  But it’s not always easy.  I had all that time in there knowing I was innocent and you were out there living a life without me, and Harry was growing up.  For all I knew the pair of you were together and you didn’t need me.  And when I wasn’t thinking that, I had that healer in my head telling me we’d lost the baby, then I would hear you screaming in…despair when I had to tell you.  I heard my father shouting at me and my mother laughing.  Dumbledore telling me Regulus had been murdered…”  He suddenly couldn’t stop talking- everything he felt came tumbling out of his mouth. 


“Babe, I’m sorry” she said quietly when he had eventually finished.  She looked at him as he sat on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands.  She knelt in front of him, gently pulling his hands away.  “Sirius, I’m sorry.  I never thought…”


“It’s ok.  I’m sorry I let it get to me today” 


Without another word- she reached up and kissed him.  He buried his hands in her hair and pulled her up on to his lap. 


“Sirius…” she murmured.  “Is this is a good idea?”  He carried on kissing her.  He lay her down on the bed.                

Chapter 8: Unexpected surprises
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Chapter 8


“No! No!  Stop!” Sirius shouted out in his sleep.  Terese moved out of the way just in time as he threw his arm out.


“Sirius.  Babe. Wake up!” She got as close to him as she could and shook him gently.  He woke up suddenly in a cold sweat.  He sat bolt upright, gasping for breath.


“Tess?” He said eventually.


“Yeah, babe.  You were dreaming again.”


“Oh.  My parents, I think.”  She ran her fingers through his hair sympathetically. 


“It was just a dream babe.  They can’t hurt you anymore.”  He rested his head on her shoulder.


“I know”


“Anyway, Merry Christmas”


“Oh yeah, I’d forgotten.  Merry Christmas.”  He kissed her.  “When do we get to go and see Harry?”


“I guess lunchtime.  Then maybe we’ll be able to hang around and see him in his dress robes.”


“Pity he had to stay at Hogwarts.   But being a Triwizard Champion…”  Sirius commented.


“I still don’t like it Sirius.  Who put his name in the cup?  And Karkaroff is there…”


“I don’t know who did it Babe.  Don’t forget Moody’s there though.”

“But still…”


“I don’t like it either, Tess.  But Dumbledore’s keeping an eye on everything, and we can be there in minutes if he needs us”


“That’s true.”  She lay down again, although her doubts were by no means alleviated.  He lay down next to her, running his fingers through her hair and spreading it across the pillow. 


“You don’t know how much I’ve dreamt of this over the past twelve years.” He whispered.  “Waking up next to you on Christmas morning.”


“I didn’t think it would happen again”


“Me neither.”  He kissed her neck softly, sending a shiver down her spine.  It amazed her how quickly her body responded to him after all this time.


“Do I get my Christmas present then?”  She asked.  His fingers traced the soft curves of her breasts and hips.


“What Christmas present?”  He teased.  She smacked him lightly and he caught her wrist, kissing it.  He slowly moved his way up her arm and moved so that he was leaning over her.  He stared down at her.  When they started seeing each other at school, he had known she was different.  When he had told James that she wasn’t like all the other girls, not just another notch on his bedpost and other clichés, he had meant every word.  And, years later, when they were married and expecting a baby, he still felt the same way about her.  In his years in Azkaban, thoughts of her had tormented him- thinking, wondering about her.  And when the Dementors came near he had heard her screaming and crying over both her miscarriages:


“You BASTARD.  You selfish, unfeeling Bastard!”  


Finishing with him when she caught him with his ex.  And now he had her back.  It wasn’t just about the sex.  He loved her sense of humour; the way the corners of her mouth twitched when she was trying not to laugh at him.  The way she put on a tough face when in reality she was still vulnerable.  He loved her.


She reached up and rested his hand on his cheek, brushing his hair out of his face.  He leant down and kissed her.  She responded passionately, parting her lips so his tongue could explore her mouth.  She shifted underneath him so that he was lying between her legs.  She ran her hands up and down his back as he pulled at her nightdress.  She raised her arms, allowing him to pull it over her head and throw it on the floor.  He pulled her legs around his waist and pushed into her.  She moaned softly.


“I love you Sirius”



“Sirius.  Terese.”  Harry was surprised to say the least when his godparents tumbled out of the fire in the Gryffindor common room. 


“Surprise” Sirius grinned.


“What are you doing here?” 


“Dumbledore said we could have Christmas dinner here.”  Terese told him.  They sat laughing and joking until it was time to go down to lunch.  (They had already sent him his presents so that the surprise wouldn’t be given away)


They sat together at the Gryffindor table, all wearing hats from the Christmas crackers.  Harry watched his Godparents together and could only remember feeling this happy once, when he had seen his parents in the Mirror of Erised.  Except Sirius and Terese were real.  He watched Terese roll her eyes and imitate Hermione’s look of disapproval as Sirius and the Weasley twins continued exchanging prank stories.


“Is that the Malfoy boy?”  Terese asked Harry, indicating a fair-haired pale boy glancing over maliciously from the Slytherin table.  Harry nodded.  Terese raised an eyebrow, smiling.


“Ask him if his dad still likes the Rocky Horror Show” She said, making Sirius laugh at the memory of their best prank at school.


The meal eventually finished and people began to drift away to prepare for the Yule Ball.  Terese and Sirius walked into the hall with Harry, milling around as Hermione and Ginny rushed away.  Terese began to feel very weak suddenly.  She leaned against Sirius as her head started to spin. 


Suddenly she was on the floor, looking up as Sirius and Harry hovering over her with worried expressions.


“I’m going to take her to the hospital wing.”  Sirius said.


“I’m fine Sirius.  Just hot” 


“Shut up and do as you’re told, woman.”  He said, picking her up. 


“Don’t ‘Woman’ me Sirius Black.  Put me down”


“Stop arguing Tess.  If there’s nothing wrong we won’t be in there long.”  He turned back to Harry.  “Go and get ready, mate.  I’ll let you know”



“Congratulations, Mrs Black.  You’re pregnant.”  Terese stared at Madam Pomfrey in disbelief.  Next to her Sirius was frowning, confused.


“There must be some mistake.  I can’t have children.  They told me years ago at St Mungos that there was very little chance of me conceiving again”


“There’s no mistake.”  Madam Pomfrey smiled at her and bustled away.  They sat in silence.


“Pregnant!”  Sirius said eventually.  “We’re having a baby”


“I don’t understand.  I mean, Remus and I didn’t always…” her voice tailed off, knowing he wouldn’t want to hear about it.


“Just lucky I guess.  We’re having a baby, Tess” he grinned at her.  She shook her head.


“I don’t think I’m going to believe it until I’ve given birth”



“Sirius, I was eight months last time.  We thought everything was going to be ok and look what happened.  I can’t go through anything like that again.  I just…can’t…”  Her voice started to get slightly hysterical.


“Tess, I’m not going to…”


“Let anything happen?  You said that before.  I know it wasn’t your fault, but you couldn’t stop it.  What if…”


“Babe.  Calm down.  I swear to you, I’ll do everything I can to make sure its ok.”  He put his arms around her and she buried her face in his chest.  He could tell she was still agitated but he couldn’t help grinning over her head.  Could it really be possible that they could regain some of what they had lost twelve years ago?


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Chapter 9: Telling the news
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Chapter 9


Terese sat on the bed with her legs drawn up to her stomach.  She stared in front of her in shock.  Pregnant.  How on earth…?  She really hadn’t expected that.  And she had never had such mixed feelings over anything in her life.  On the one hand- it was their chance to get back more of what they had lost.  A baby would certainly make everything perfect.  But she had thought everything would be alright the last time.  She had only been a couple of weeks from her due date when Bellatrix had murdered her unborn child.  Could they really be sure nothing would happen this time?  She knew if it went wrong…


She decided that, first thing in the morning she was going to go to St Mungos to find out where they stood and make sure everything was ok. 


“Tess.”  She looked up at her husband.  “Harry’s here” Harry walked over to the bed, looking more like James than ever in his dress robes. 


“Harry!  You look great” she said, smiling properly for the first time since she found out the news.


“Thanks.  Are you ok?  What’s wrong?”  Terese glanced up at Sirius who grinned and nodded.  She took a deep breath.


“I’m pregnant, Harry.”  She suddenly realised that she had no idea how her godson would react to the news. 


“Wow! Really?  That’s great.  Congratulations.”  He hugged her.


“Really?  You don’t mind?”


“No.  Why would I mind?  I always wanted a little brother or sister” Tears filled her eyes again as she realised the implications of what he said.


“You think of us as parents?” she asked tentatively. 


“You’re the nearest I’ve ever had.  I love you two” he mumbled.  Sirius was clearly trying not to show his emotions too much, but pulled Harry towards him roughly and hugged him.    


“Cheers mate” he said. 


“You should go if you want to be in time for the ball” Terese pointed out eventually.


“Oh, yeah.  Though if you want me to stay…”


“No hun, its fine. I’m just going home to bed I think. You shouldn’t miss your Yule Ball” She told him.


“Er Babe.  Don’t forget Remus is coming over” Sirius reminded her.


“Oh yeah.  But he won’t mind if I fall asleep.”  She stretched her arms up. 


“I don’t think he’ll have much of a choice will he?”  Sirius teased her gently.  Harry said goodbye and left, and Sirius and Terese flooed back to their house. 



When they arrived home, Sirius insisted Terese lie on the sofa while he got her tea and toast.


“Do I get this the whole time?”  She asked him.


“I think so” He grinned at her as there was a knock on the door.  He ran to open it. She rolled her eyes; she knew he was trying to dampen his enthusiasm a little so that she wouldn’t start freaking out but he was finding it difficult.


“Moony!”  He exclaimed as he opened the door.  Remus walked through a minute later.


“Merry Christmas” he said, trying to hide his surprise at Terese lying on the sofa like an invalid.  “Are you ok sweetheart?  Are you sick?”  He asked.  Sirius looked at his wife pleadingly over Remus’ shoulder.  She hesitated slightly then nodded. 


“We’re having a baby Moony!” he exclaimed.  Remus couldn’t conceal his surprise.


“Oh! Congratulations!”  He said.


“Thanks.” Sirius replied.  “We should celebrate.  Fancy a glass of wine?” he asked. 


“Great” Remus replied.


“No thanks babe” Terese said quietly.  Sirius left the room.  Remus sat down.


“So you lied to me” he said eventually.  Terese looked at him, nonplussed.




“You told me you couldn’t have children.  Why was that? Was it the werewolf thing or just me?”


“Tess?  We haven’t got much wine, will the cornershop be open?”  Sirius called from the kitchen.


“I… don’t know babe” she called back.


“I’ll run round and see” he called back as the front door slammed.  Terese turned back to Remus.


“How dare you, Remus Lupin? Do you really think I would have lied about something like that?”


“Well you told me for years that you couldn’t have kids; you’re back together with Sirius for six months and you’re pregnant.”


“Yeah and I have no idea how!”  He raised an eyebrow at her.


“You know what I mean.  I really thought I couldn’t get pregnant.  I’m completely freaked out to be honest with you and I could really do without you doing…this.”  He sat in silence for a minute while he digested her words.


“Really?  It was a complete surprise?”


“Yes Remus it was.  You know what, I’m going to bed.  Tell Sirius I was too tired to stay up”


“I’m sorry Terese.  Look, if it’s easier I’ll go.”


“No. Sirius wants to celebrate and I’m not in the mood.”  She stood up and walked into the hall just as Sirius returned.


“It wasn’t open.  Are you ok?  You look pale babe” he said, concerned.


“I’m just tired.  It’s been a long day.  I’m going up to bed” She kissed him softly “Night babe.  I love you”


“I love you too.”  She went upstairs and Sirius went back into the sitting room.


“Alright Moony?”

“Yeah, just surprised that’s all”


“Me too, to be honest.  Who’d have thought this time last year that I would be back with the love of my life and expecting a baby?”  Remus felt even guiltier for his outburst, realising how much Sirius needed this; realising how happy his best friend was.


“It’s great news Padfoot”


“Tess is a bit freaked out, though.  She’s worried something bad is going to happen”


“Like before you mean?”


“Yeah.  I’ve told her that I’m going to stay with her the whole time.  I’m going to do my best to make sure everything’s ok.  She can’t go through another miscarriage again.”


“No.  It took her a long time to be able to start moving on” Remus said quietly.


“Still. All being well, it’s the best thing that could happen”  Sirius sat back in his chair, looking very pleased with himself.  



Chapter 10: Afternoon nap
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Chapter 10


Terese lay on the bed, her hands resting on the bump of her stomach.  She had barely left the house since Christmas, and was uncomfortable if people, except perhaps Remus, visited. 


Sirius walked in to the room carrying a tray. He put it down next to her and lay on the other side of the bed. 


“I’m not hungry babe” she said, trying not to feel nauseated by the smell of the food.  She didn’t remember having morning sickness like this before.  She was pretty sure it hadn’t gone on into the afternoon!


“Tess, try and eat. Please.”


“I can’t babe.  I’ll be sick.”  He picked up a spoonful of scrambled eggs and waved it in front of her.


“Come on babe.  You haven’t eaten since last night.  Would it help if I made train noises?” She laughed, as he did indeed made train noises and moved the spoon in time, towards her mouth.  She pushed his hand away.


“No.  No train noises.  I promise I’ll eat something later.  I don’t think I could keep anything down.” He sighed and put the tray on the dressing table.  He lay back down next to her and rested his hand on her stomach. 


“Do you fancy going out for a walk later?” he asked her, already knowing what she would say.


“No thanks, it looks really cold out there.”


“But you need fresh air”


“I don’t want to go out Sirius. What if something happens…?”


“I’ll be with you.”


“I know, but…” he put his arm around her and gently pulled her to him so that her head was resting on his chest.  


“You need to get some fresh air.  You need to stay healthy.  You’ll get cabin fever if you stay in here.”


“If I go out I’ll get anxious and stressed.  That can’t be good, can it?”


“Alright, alright.  You win.  Again.”


“I should think so, seeing as I’m carrying your child” she grinned at him.


“You never needed that excuse!”


“That’s true.  You know what we should do though.  We need to start sorting out baby stuff.  Although, if anything happens…”


“You have to leave the house to do that babe”  


“Smart arse.” She snuggled up to him.  This was when she felt the safest.  He wrapped his arms around her, holding her like she was Dresden china. Sometimes being this close to her was difficult.  Although the healers at St Mungo’s had told her it would be ok for them to sleep together (as long as it was in moderation) she wasn’t taking any chances and he knew better than to try and change her mind.  She yawned sleepily, her hand making a loose fist and gripping his t- shirt.  He looked down at her as she dozed off.  He had dreamt of moments like this when he was in prison.  She had been like this when she was pregnant before.  He smiled to himself wistfully, remembering how excited they had been then.  He had been so anxious that the baby would know him he had spent hours talking to her stomach…




“…And then I smacked the bludger so hard it went right the way across the quidditch pitch.  Which meant your Uncle Prongs could catch the snitch and win Gryffindor the cup”


“Sirius Black, please don’t tell me you’re giving a blow by blow account of a quidditch match to our unborn child.”  Terese said sleepily, as she woke up to see Sirius leaning over her, his hand stroking her stomach.


“Well it has to learn these things if it’s going to be a world class player in its spare time” he said, almost primly.


“In its spare time?  And what about the rest of the time?” she asked, amused despite herself.


“Minister for Magic, of course”.


“I hate to disappoint you babe, but I think James and Lily already have that job pegged for Harry”


“Hmmm…we’ll see”


“Oh merlin, I can just see you and James getting all competitive now.”


“Competitive? Us?  I don’t know what you mean” he tried to look and sound innocent, unsuccessfully.  She rolled her eyes. 


“Go and make a cuppa, babe!”


End flashback


After half an hour she woke up. 


“Afternoon, sleepyhead.” He teased.


“Is it only afternoon? I thought I’d made it through til the morning” she joked.  “Anyway, I have to keep my strength up if we’re going to watch Harry in the second task tomorrow”


“A gentle walk on the beech she won’t do, but ask her to go and stand in a crowd of rowdy school children and she’s right there” Sirius said sarcastically.


“Harry needs some support Sirius.  He is our godson…”


“I know that.  I was going to ask Remus if he would come and sit with you here while I went, that’s all”


“You’ve been on at me to leave the house all day babe.  And I want to stay with you anyway.”


“I know, but…”

“Sirius.  I’m going.  Dumbledore will be there so I won’t be panicking.  I want to go, babe…” she said, pouting.  He rolled his eyes at her


“Only if you eat something now”    


“That’s unfair!”  She exclaimed.


“That’s the deal babe.  Take it or leave it.”


“Sirius…” he grinned at her.  “Oh alright.  But just some toast or something.” She sulked.  He got off the bed and stood at the door, watching for a minute as she snuggled back down and closed her eyes.  He smiled to himself as he wondered how she always managed to get her own way.  It had always been the same.  He had always given in to her on the whole, mainly (at first) because he knew James would’ve killed him if he’d made her unhappy.  But she had always been able to get round him.  He sighed.  If it made her happy… and, as she said, she was carrying his baby!  


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Chapter 11: Waiting...
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Chapter 11


“Tess, are you warm enough?”  Sirius asked her for what seemed like the millionth time since they had arrived at the lake in the Hogwarts grounds. 


“I’m wearing two jumpers, three scarves and this huge coat.  I’m a giant melting marshmallow.” She told him dryly. 


“I don’t want you to get cold!” He exclaimed.  “Do you want to sit down somewhere?”  She nodded.  They walked over to the edge of the crowd and he conjured her up a chair.  As she made herself comfortable, Ginny Weasley came over.


“Hi Ginny.” Terese greeted her.  “What’s going on?”


“He’s got to rescue Ron from the bottom of the lake.” Ginny told her, her voice shaking slightly.


“The lake?  Oh merlin…” Terese began to panic.  Sirius put his hand on her shoulder and stared over at the contestants. 


“Babe, Dumbledore isn’t going to let anything happen to him.  If it looks like he’s getting into trouble they’ll get him out.”


“But the lake, Sirius…”


“He’s going in” Ginny said.


“How?” Terese asked frantically.


“Gillyweed I think.  How in the name of merlin did he get hold of that?”


“I don’t think I can watch” Terese despaired.  They waited in silence.  Sirius was pacing backwards and forwards, occasionally walking to other parts of the lake to see if he could see anymore.  After what seemed like an age, the first contestant, from Beauxbatons, returned without her hostage.  It was not long after that there was announcement that the allotted time was up and Cedric Diggory, the other Hogwarts champion returned with his hostage.  They carried on waiting.  The Durmstrang contestant returned.  “Oh god, Sirius, where is he?”  Terese was seriously panicking at this point, her hand unconsciously clutching her stomach.  Ginny was looking very pale. 


“Babe, calm down…”


“Don’t tell me to calm down Sirius.” She snapped.  Then, eventually, Harry returned with Ron and the remaining hostage. Terese burst in to tears.  Ginny rushed away to see her brother.  Sirius went over to Harry, to let him know they were there.  Terese stayed where she was; too emotional to listen to Ludo Bagman’s announcement.  She desperately tried to regulate her breathing, knowing that getting so worked up wasn’t going to help the baby.  Eventually, Sirius returned, grinning.


“He’s fine babe.  He was helping the Beauxbatons hostage as well.  They gave him forty points.  He’s being tended to by Madam Pomfrey.”  She struggled up out of the chair. 


“Can we see him?”


“He’ll be out soon…”


“Sirius…” she cajoled.  He rolled his eyes.


“Ok.  I suppose it might be an idea if she took a look at you as well” he teased. 


“I’m fine” she said, walking towards the tents as fast as she could. 


“Terese!” Harry exclaimed when he saw his godmother.  He hadn’t seen her since Christmas, and couldn’t believe how big she was.  She went over to him and hugged him awkwardly. 


“Harry.  I was so worried…”


“Let the boy breathe babe.”  Sirius said walking in behind her.


“Shut up Sirius.  I’m allowed to make a fuss of him.  I’m his godmother.” She replied, gently smacking his arm.  “What were you doing sweetheart?  You were so long…”


“I couldn’t just leave Gabrielle down there, could I?   What if something went wrong?  She’s only a kid!”


“Harry, Dumbledore…” Terese began.


“I know, I know.  But I wasn’t thinking that at the time.  I just thought I couldn’t leave her there”   Terese stared at her godson with fresh tears in her eyes.  She held her hand out to him. 


“You know, that could be James talking.” She said, glancing over at her husband, who smiled and nodded.  Harry flushed.


“How is…everything?”  He asked, looking at her bump.


“Fine.  Good” she said.


“I can’t believe how big you’ve got!” he said, making Sirius shake his head behind her.    


“I know.  I’ve still got about four months to go.”  All of a sudden, the baby started kicking. 


“Oh wow, Harry.  It likes your voice” she said, excitedly.  


“Does it?”


“I think so.  It only usually kicks like that when it hears Sirius”


“It must know it has a big brother” Sirius commented.  Madam Pomfrey walked over to them and told them that they were ready to pack up the tents.  They slowly made their way out.  Terese was hanging on to Sirius.  She noticed an extremely tall woman looking at her.


“Who’s that?” she asked Harry.


“Madam Maxime.  She’s here with Beauxbatons”    


“Oh! Of course.  She was a teacher there when I was.”


“I think she recognises you babe.”  Sirius grinned as the teacher nodded a greeting.


“I suppose I should go and say hello.  It’s only ‘ladylike’ after all.”  She said.  She slowly made her way over.


“How is she really?”  Harry asked Sirius.


“What makes you ask?”


“I don’t know.  You said she wasn’t leaving the house much”


“She’s not.  This is the first time in a couple of weeks”


“Why?”  Sirius sighed.


“She’s just nervous.  She was pregnant before… and at eight months she lost it”


“Oh…I’m sorry…I didn’t know…”


“It’s alright mate.  She’s just paranoid something’s going to happen.  It’s complicated.  It was just before your parents…” his voice trailed off. 


“But she’s ok?  There’s nothing wrong?”


“Yeah.  She’ll go to St Mungos, and they’re keeping a close eye on her.  I don’t push her too much because she’ll only get stressed.”


“Urgh. Bloody cheek.  She was so obviously checking that I was wearing a ring!”  Terese returned, huffily.


“She remembered you then?”  Sirius asked, laughing.  They began to walk up to the school.


“She did.  That’s probably why she was checking for a ring” she joked.  She stifled a yawn.


“You ok babe?”  Sirius asked her gently.


“Yeah I’m ok.”


“C’mon.  Let’s go home.”


“I’m ok Sirius” she said pleadingly.


“Tess, Harry wants to celebrate with his mates.  And you need to get some rest”


“Ok ok.”  She replied sulkily.  She turned to Harry.  “Well done, sweetie.  I’m so proud of you.”  She hugged him.  Sirius did the same, then headed to Professor McGonagall’s office to floo home.


Harry watched them walk away.  It was still a completely alien feeling to have parental pride and concern.  It still surprised him a bit whenever Terese hugged him, or Sirius spoke openly about his parents.  And he was going to have a little brother or sister.  A tiny part of him worried that he would be sidelined after it was born, but on the whole he was pleased.  After all, didn’t they deserve some happiness?   

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Chapter 12: Worries
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Chapter 12


Remus watched Terese as she lay awkwardly on the sofa.  She couldn’t get comfortable but, true to form, wouldn’t ask for help. 


“You alright, Sweetheart?” he asked.  He was there keeping an eye on her whilst Sirius went out to get food and baby things.  She had finally agreed to let him start buying things because Sirius had pointed out that they wouldn’t want to be shopping for anything after the baby had been born.  She had refused to go with him, still too nervous to leave the house, even with him.  Remus was the only other person she would allow to sit with her.  He had agreed although it was difficult for him seeing her like this.  He was happy for her though; he knew she had wanted a baby for years and he had never been keen purely because of the risk of passing on his lycanthropy.  He wondered how he would have felt, though, if she had come home and told him she was going to have his child.  He had always said to her that it wasn’t a good idea; but somehow he thought that part of him would have been ecstatic if they had started a family.


“Yeah I’m fine.  It’s difficult getting comfortable that’s all.  I think this sofa’s smaller than the one we had at the old flat.” She replied.


“Its nothing to do with the fact you might be bigger.” He teased.


“Cheeky.  You’re as bad as Sirius.”


“Some things never change I suppose”


“Except I haven’t got James here winding me up as well.” 


“Or Lily fussing” They laughed.


“You know I wish my child could know them.  I hate the idea of raising a baby without James being around.”  She looked down at her bump, biting her lip.


“But you’ve got Harry.  And Sirius.  And me” he said the last sentence quietly.  She smiled at him weakly and held out her hand.


“I know.  And I don’t deserve to have you Remus, not after the way I treated you.”


“Forget about it sweetheart.  You don’t need to be worrying about it now.”  She looked at him, still feeling the pang of guilt although it was much more subdued these days.  If she hadn’t left Remus she wouldn’t be having Sirius’ baby.  She was pleased that he appeared to have forgiven her, as he had always been a good friend and she had missed him in the year that he had frozen her out.


“I’m scared, Remus” she said in a small, shaky voice.




“What if something happens?  Like last time?  I thought it was all going to be ok and then it all disappeared just like that.  How can I be sure that won’t happen again?  I can’t lose any more Remus.”


“Sweetheart.  You know Sirius isn’t going to let anything happen.  He’s not going to leave you on your own.  There’s no need to be scared.” 


“I can’t help it.  I keep having these visions that it’s all going to go wrong.  And the morning it all happened I remember I dreamt about my parents being killed…!”  She was beginning to get agitated.


“Terese.  Calm down.  Have you dreamt about that recently?”

“No.  But…”


“I think you’re being paranoid sweetheart.  You’re just worrying…”


“I know I’m worrying.  But can you seriously tell me that nothing can happen?”


“Have you talked to Sirius about this?”


“Not really.  He’s so excited about it and he’s got a lot to deal with.”


“If you’re that worried…”


“I think he probably knows.  He’s just trying to make sure I don’t get more worried by talking about it.  And it’s hard for him, he really misses James and I don’t want to remind him of everything.  He’s really trying to sort his head out.”


“You should talk to him.”


“And say what?”


“What you said to me.”



“How was she?” Sirius asked Remus when he arrived home.  Terese had gone upstairs to have a sleep.


“Sirius, she’s scared”


“I know.”


“She said she hadn’t told you.  She didn’t want to spoil it for you, or upset you”


“I’m doing what I can to reassure her Moony.  It’s not easy.”  Sirius sat down heavily on the sofa, abandoning all the shopping.


“I know, I just thought I should tell you what she told me.”


“She knows she could have talked to me”


“She worries about you as well, Padfoot.  She knows you’re still trying to get your head around everything.  James not being here.  Everything that was in your head in Azkaban…”


“She still could have told me” Sirius said quietly.


“Don’t blame her Sirius.”


“I’m not blaming her Moony.” He said tetchily.  “I just think it’s a fucked up situation when my wife feels she can’t talk to me about it”


“Padfoot, just be patient…”


“I don’t need you telling me how to treat my wife, Remus”


“I’m just trying to help Sirius.  But that’s fine.  Tell Terese I said goodbye.”  He grabbed his jacket and left.  Sirius sat thinking, irritated.


“Did Remus leave?” Terese was standing in the doorway, yawning.


“Yeah.  He told me what you said to him.”  She looked annoyed.


“He shouldn’t have.”


“Tess, talk to me.”


“There’s not much to say, babe.  I just keep thinking its going to happen again.  I can’t help it.  I know it’s probably irrational, so I didn’t want to worry you with it.”  He put his arms around her, and led her over to the sofa. 


“Babe.  Listen to me.  No matter what’s going on, you need to tell me about stuff like this.  And you know I’m going to make sure you’re ok.”




“I just am.  I promised James”

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Chapter 13: Changes
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Chapter 13


“You saw James and Lily?”  Terese asked her godson, her voice shaking.  The third Triwizard challenge had gone wrong.  Tragically so; resulting on the death of the other Hogwarts champion, Cedric Diggory and the return of Lord Voldemort.  Terese, Sirius and Remus had gone along to see him, and were now sitting in the hospital wing with Harry.  He had told them everything that had happened.  Ministry worker Bertha Jorkins had been put under the imperious curse and nursed Voldemort back to strength and Barty Crouch Jr had been at Hogwarts, disguised as Mad Eye Moody.  They had just found out about the Priori Incantatem effect that had taken place when his wand had connected with Voldemort’s. 


Harry nodded at his godmother, not wanting to alarm her by going too far into it.  She bit her lip and kept her hands down so that no one would see that they were shaking. 


“Oh Harry.” she said, her voice still shaking.  She moved over and sat next to him, putting her arm around him. 


“I can’t believe Fudge is being so stupid” Sirius commented. 


“It’s easier than admitting it and causing panic I suppose.”  Remus commented.


“But what is there really achieved by burying it?”


“I don’t know Padfoot.” 


“I mean, he’s only going to get stronger, and Fudge is happy to just sit in his office ignoring it…”


“Sirius, calm down babe.  This isn’t helping.”  Terese said quietly, her arms still around Harry. 


“I’m sorry.  It just makes me so fucking angry.  After everything…”  As Sirius continued ranting, Terese suddenly felt a sharp pain in her stomach.  She managed to stop herself from crying out, and was able to keep her breathing steady.  She told herself it was just indigestion.  The baby wasn’t due for another couple of weeks.  The pain subsided and she was able to focus on the conversation slightly.  After a while, she had another pain, and this time she was unable to keep from grimacing. 


“Are you ok, sweetheart?”  Remus, who was sitting opposite her, asked.


“I’m fine”


“Babe…”  Sirius said, immediately. 


“I’m ok…” she began but stopped as another pain gripped her.


“Terese.  How many of those have you had?”  Sirius asked.


“A couple.  But it’s indigestion.  The baby isn’t due for a couple of weeks.”  Another pain hit, and she doubled over, clutching at her stomach. 


“That’s it.  Where’s Madam Pomfrey?”


“I’ll go and find her.” Remus said.


“No, I’m fine.  It’s nothing, I’m not leaving Harry”


“Terese.  I’ll be ok, I’ll go to sleep.”


“I said I’m ok” she snapped, biting her lip again.


“You’re not, Terese, look at you” Remus said as she clutched at the blankets.   


“For fucks sake…” she began as Madam Pomfrey bustled in.


“I will NOT have this commotion… Mrs Black, is everything ok?”




“She’s going into labour, Poppy, but she won’t admit it” Remus said. 


“Snitch” Terese said immediately, through gritted teeth.


“Well onto the bed.  Let me have a look at you” Madam Pomfrey said, brusquely.  Terese began to protest but Sirius and Remus took her by an arm each and got her on to the next bed.  Remus walked back to Harry as Sirius pulled the curtain round.  A couple of minutes later the curtain was pulled back.


“I don’t think there’s time to get to St Mungo’s. Flooing wouldn’t be safe, neither would a portkey.”  Madam Pomfrey said.  “We’ll have to use the antechamber and get to the hospital later”


“But…” Terese began, and Madam Pomfrey magically levitated the bed and moved it into the antechamber. 



The next morning, after a night under a dreamless sleep potion, Harry knocked on the door of the antechamber.


“Come in” Terese’s voice sounded tired and croaky.  He pushed the door open and peeked round.




“Harry, hi” she smiled at him.   He walked over, and looked at the tiny bundle in her arms.  “It’s a boy” Harry stared at his little brother, amazed at how similar to Terese he was.  “Madam Pomfrey said he’s a proper Potter”


“He’s so small”


“I know.  You wouldn’t think it was him doing all that kicking would you?  Do you want to hold him?”


“Can I?”  Harry was dubious.


“Of course.”  He sat next to her and she gently put the baby in his arms.


“Where’s Sirius?”


“I sent him home for a rest and to get some stuff.” 


Harry couldn’t take his eyes of the baby in his arms.  What a difference this was from what he was feeling last night.  He knew the threat of Voldemort was still very real, but this new baby had no idea what was happening.  All that mattered to him was that he was warm, dry and fed.  He glanced up and looked at his godmother’s face.  He had never seen her look so happy.  She was glowing with it.


“How are you today hun?”  She asked him eventually.


“I’m ok.  I had a dreamless sleep potion.  I still keep seeing…” his voice trailed off.


“Harry, if you want to talk about it, ever, you know Sirius and I are here…”


“I know.  Thanks” he said, handing the baby back as Sirius walked in.  He stood looking at the scene for a minute.  His wife and sons.  They looked up and saw him, and Terese’s face lit up again.


“Hey. Everything alright?”  He asked, going to sit on the other side of her.


“Fine.  They’ve been getting to know each other” Terese told him, her voice full of pride.  He kissed the top of her head, and tenderly took his son from her for a cuddle.


“Have you thought of a name yet?”  Harry asked. They looked at each other.


“We thought Anthony James.  AJ for short.”  Sirius said.  “Tess’ dad was called Anthony, and…well…”


“I like it.  It suits him” Harry interrupted, trying not to chock up.  He stood up.  “If you don’t mind, I might go and see Ron and Hermione.  Madam Pomfrey said I could go”


“Of course you can hun.  We’ll let you know when we’re going.”  Terese

said. Harry hugged them both, and left.


“How is he?”  Sirius asked. 


“I’m not sure.”  She said.  “He slept, but he said he keeps seeing everything that happened.”


“That’s understandable.”


“I told him he could talk to us whenever he needs to…”


“He won’t though; he won’t want to worry us.  You know how like James he is…” 


“What’s going to happen, Sirius?”  She said quietly, looking at her son sleeping in his father’s arms.


“I don’t know babe”


“You know, I never thought I would have this.  I never thought I would be holding your child in my arms with you and Harry either side of me.  And now this has happened.  We’ve brought our child into another war…”


“We got this far babe.”


“I know Sirius.  And I’m so happy that we did.  But now everything’s going to be like it was before.”


“We’re better prepared this time.  Harry wasn’t supposed to get away.  He wasn’t prepared for us knowing as soon as he returned.”


“I know.”  She said quietly.


“We can go into hiding if we need to, Dumbledore will be our secret keeper.  Harry will be at the school…”


“Why can’t we just be happy?” she said, her voice trembling.


“We will be.”  He told her.  

Chapter 14: Parenthood
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Chapter 14


“Have you tried feeding him?”


“Yes Sirius.  I’ve tried feeding him.  I’ve tried changing him.  Nothing works” Terese told her husband through gritted teeth as she tried to get AJ to stop crying.


“Let me try” Sirius suggested, watching his wife unsuccessfully rock their son.


“I’m his mother, Sirius.  I should be able to settle him”


“Babe, I’m his father…”


“I know that.”   


“So let me try” he said, exasperated.   She was very wary about letting anyone else look after AJ, even Sirius.  If anyone else was holding him she would hover over their shoulder, ready to snatch him back if he so much as whimpered.  She reluctantly handed AJ over to him.  Sirius held his son over his shoulder.  AJ immediately burped and started to calm down.  “There we are.  That’s better, isn’t it mate?”


“I get it Sirius.  You’re so much better at this than me” she said, on the verge of tears.


“I didn’t mean…” he sighed as she walked out the room.  He waited for AJ to fall asleep in his arms before he put him in his cot and went to find Terese.  She was sitting out in the garden.


“Is he asleep?” she asked him eventually.






“Tess, I didn’t mean to make you feel like you’re a bad mother.”


“I know.  It’s just… he’d been crying for hours.  And last night he wouldn’t settle”


“No one ever said having a baby would be easy babe”


“I just thought I would be able to do this.” She said, unable to keep the tears from flowing.  He put his arm around her.


“You can do this.  He adores you already”


“You think so?”


“Of course”


“Lily made it look so easy.”


“Babe, you know she didn’t find it easy.  Neither did James”




“You know that as well as I do babe.”


“Maybe I’m looking at it through rose tinted glasses.  But…I don’t know Sirius. I can’t cope…”


“Babe, come on.  You’ve been brilliant with Harry and his mates.  They all adore you.  And you know how difficult teenagers are.”


“This is different…”


“It’s not going to be easy.  It’s a big change.  All this has happened in just over a year.  You’re bound to need some time to adjust.”


“You think so?”


“Potter’s aren’t the only ones that are always right you know.” He grinned at her.


“If you say so Black.” She leaned her head against his shoulder.


“You know Harry and AJ aren’t the only ones who adore you” he whispered in her ear.


“Oh yeah?”


“Yeah.  Now that it the two of us are together again I feel like I could take on the world.”


“You always could Babe.”  He continued as if she hadn’t spoken.


“But the one thing I’m scared of is the thought of you letting go.  Not Voldemort, or his Death Eaters…”




“Tess.  I’ve lost you one already.  I’m not prepared to do it again.”


“I’m not letting go of anything, Sirius.  You know that.”


“I know you won’t.  I’m going to make sure we’re all safe and stay together, Tess, I swear”


“I love you Sirius.  Did I tell you that recently?”


“Hmmm I’m not sure. But I love you too.”  He kissed her, gently running his fingers through her hair.  He then flicked his wand and strains of Otis Redding’s These arms of mine filled the air.  “Dance with me Mrs Black.”   He pulled her up and wrapped his arms around her again.  She snuggled up to him, resting her head in the same spot on his shoulder she always had.  As he rubbed her back she felt herself go weak at the knees.  How on earth did he manage that still after all these years?  It was exactly the same as she had felt the first time he kissed her. She smiled to herself as she remembered- him following her out of the common room, teasing her, then the change of mood as he leant in…  James’ interruption and subsequent sulk.


“What are you thinking about?” he asked eventually.


“When we first got together.” He chuckled softly into her hair.


“James didn’t know what to do, did he?”


“Bless him.  He was still trying to woo Lily then.”


“He nearly managed it before the Rocky Horror prank.”  Terese giggled.


“Oh yeah.  That was funny.”


“It was one of the better ones.  And I remember cheering you up after your fight with Lily!”  He grinned at her.  To her horror, she blushed.    


“Well that was pretty good…” she said, hiding her face on his shoulder.  He gently pulled her hair from her neck and kissed the bare skin softly.




“He’s asleep.  We’ve got a couple of hours!”  She was torn; she didn’t want to miss her son if he woke up but the feel of his lips on her skin was fogging her brain.  They hadn’t slept together since they discovered she was pregnant.  She had been too worried when she had been pregnant and too tired once AJ had been born.  As he worked his way along her jaw and towards her mouth she knew she was going to give in.  She put her arms around his neck and allowed him to pick her up and carry her inside.  

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Chapter 15: Grimmauld Place
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Chapter 15


“How much longer are they going to be?”  Terese asked, agitated. 


“They’re flying Tess.  With Mad Eye.  They’re going to be a while.”  Sirius tried to reassure her. 


“There must have been a better way to get him here…”


“We shouldn’t even be here.  We’d be safe enough in Brighton…” Sirius said, grumpily.


“You want to take that risk with Harry and AJ do you?  You know this is the safest possible place after everything your father did to it?”


“It because of what my father did that I don’t want either of them to be here.”  He said, pacing around the bedroom as she sat on the bed, cradling their son.  They had gone to stay at Sirius’ childhood home after Voldemort had come back, on Dumbledore’s suggestion.  Harry had gone back to Little Whinging- but a dementor attack had finally meant that Dumbledore had agreed that he could join them, Remus, the Weasleys and Hermione at Grimmauld Place. 


“Sirius, if we weren’t responsible for Harry and AJ, I wouldn’t ask you to do this.  I couldn’t bear it if anything happened…”  Her voice began to break.    He looked at her slightly guiltily.


“I know, babe.  I just don’t want my boys to have to be here” 


Before he could answer, there was a knock on the door. 


“Come in” Terese called.  Ginny Weasley put her head round the door. 

“Mum said the meeting’s about to start.” 

“Thanks hun” Terese said, standing up. 

“Are you going to put AJ down?”  Sirius asked.

“No.  I won’t hear him if he wakes up.  I can hold him.”

“He won’t ever settle properly if you insist on carrying him all the time.”

“You just said you didn’t want him to be here at all, now you want to leave him on his own upstairs with that crazy house elf wandering around?”


“Kreacher wouldn’t hurt him.  He can’t.  He’s a Black.”


“Whatever, I’m carrying him” she walked out the door and headed downstairs.  Sirius followed, sighing in frustration.



The meeting dragged on, the discussion went round and round in circles.  Terese’s back was aching from holding AJ for so long and he wasn’t really settling.  Not that she was going to admit it.  She was aware of a commotion in the hall not long after the meeting started, and Harry’s rescue party joined them, meaning he was upstairs was Ron and Hermione and she was desperate to see him. 


Eventually, it was dispersed.  She rushed out of the kitchen, still holding AJ.  Tonks had gone out before her however and caused the portrait of her mother in law to start screaming and wake AJ up. 


“Shit” she said under her breath.  “Sirius” she called into the kitchen.  She headed to the stairs and saw her godson.  “Harry! I’m so pleased you’re here!” she leant over and kissed his cheek.  “I’ll talk to you in a minute hun, I have to try and settle AJ” She hurried upstairs to the bedroom and sat on the bed, rocking him.  “Come on sweetheart, let mummy go and have some dinner…”    


When he still wouldn’t settle, she gave in and tried feeding him, leaning against the pillows.  She must have dozed off because there was a knock at the door.  She saw AJ had finally gone back to sleep so she covered herself up.


“Come in” she called softly, and Harry put his head around the door.


“Harry, how are you hun?”  She asked, pleased to see him.  He shrugged.


“Alright I suppose.  How are you?  How’s AJ?”


“Fine, fine.  He’s finally gone to sleep properly I think.  He keeps faking us out, crying when we try and leave the room”


Harry sat on the bed next to her. 


“He’s really grown” he said, looking down at AJ.


“I know.  He’s getting quite heavy now”


“But he’s ok?”


“Seems to be.  We take him to St Mungos for check ups and everything.”  She stood up slowly and gently put AJ in his cot.  “So how are you sweetheart?” she asked her godson gently.  He shrugged.


“Ok, I suppose.  I haven’t really done much since the dementor attack.”


“How are you coping with…everything?”


“I don’t know.  How are you supposed to cope when…?” his voice tailed off.


“Have you spoken to anyone about it all?”


“Not really?  The Dursleys’ aren’t interested.  And Ron and Hermione, well, I don’t want to freak them out.”


“Harry, you shouldn’t underestimate them, sweetheart.”


“I know, but I don’t want to land it all on them”




“I’ll be fine.”


“Will you?”


“I don’t think he felt anything.  Cedric, I mean”  Terese looked non-plussed.


“No, I… don’t suppose he did.  The Avada Kedevra is instant.”


“Terese.  Do you think my mum and dad would’ve…”


“I hope not.” She said slowly, her voice trembling slowly.


“That was the nearest I’ve got to meeting them since I was a baby, when the wands connected.”


“They would be so proud of you, you know.”




“Of course.  Everything you’ve been through.  Everything you’ve done”


“But he wouldn’t be back if it wasn’t for me…”


“He would have found a way, sweetheart.  But you beat him.  You made sure Dumbledore knew immediately and that was the one thing he didn’t want to happen.” 


“Yeah but…”


“Let me tell you something sweetheart.  Seeing you with your friends, how loyal you are to each other.  James would have been so proud of that.  Both of them would.”


“I wish none of this had happened.  I wish they were still here.  Cedric too”


“I know sweetheart.  I wish you and AJ could know them properly.  But I don’t think they’re gone completely.”


“You don’t?”


“Not at all.  Your patronus is a stag isn’t it?”  He nodded.  “There you are.  James is obviously somewhere if you can do that.”  She put her arm around him.  All of a sudden he realised just how much he had missed having a mother and desperately tried to fight back tears.  She pulled him closer to her and they hugged tightly until he calmed himself down.


“Come on sweetheart. We’d better go for dinner before Sirius sends a search party.”


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Chapter 16: Trial
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Chapter 16


“Could someone please explain to me why I shouldn’t go with my godson to his trial?”  Terese said, tetchily.


“Sweetheart, you won’t be able to go in there…” Remus said. 


“And what about AJ? You haven’t left him before.” Sirius added.


“I can take him with me…”


“No.  Sorry babe, but you’re not taking him to the ministry the way things are at the moment.”


“Are you saying I wouldn’t be able to look after my son?” she snapped. “Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do like that, Sirius”


“I’m saying that there may be some death eaters, like Lucius Malfoy hanging around and I don’t think it’s a good idea for the pair of you to be hanging around in the corridors.”


“And what’s wrong with you coming as well?”


“Tess.  Arthur’s taking him.  Dumbledore doesn’t think it’s a good idea for all of us to go.”


“Ok, I agree maybe AJ shouldn’t go, but why shouldn’t at least one of us go? He’s our godson…”


“I know that Tess.”


“Sirius, please…” she said, her voice beginning to tremble slightly.


“It’s fine, really” They turned to see Harry standing in the doorway.  “You don’t have to come with me.  It’s less pressure if you don’t”


“Harry, sweetheart, you don’t have to go on your own.” Terese told him gently.


“Mr Weasley’s taking me.  Honestly, Terese, that’s fine.”


“See, Tess.” Sirius said.


“Shut up Sirius.” She snapped.


“Sirius is right, Terese.  You wouldn’t be comfortable leaving AJ yet and you wouldn’t really be happy if Sirius left you to go to the ministry.”


“He’s right sweetheart.” Remus said, softly. 


“I guess I’m outnumbered again” she said sulkily.  Sirius rolled his eyes at Harry. 


“Don’t sulk, Tess” he said softly, rubbing her shoulder.  She tried to ignore him, but was clearly beginning to give in.



“It’s going to be alright, isn’t it?” Terese said to her husband later in their bedroom, after Harry had left.


“They should be fair.  Amelia Bones is overseeing…”


“But they’ve got a vendetta against him.  Fudge wants him out of Hogwarts.”


“They’ve got to explain why the dementors were in Little Whinging in the first place”


“Do you think the ministry sent them?” She speculated.


“Who knows?  They could have defected to…”  She let out a dry sob.


“Oh, God, Sirius.  This is going to be as bad as last time isn’t it?”  He grabbed her arms.


“Stop it, Tess.  We can’t start thinking like that.  We have to be strong and positive for Harry and for AJ.”  She took a deep breath and tried to compose herself.


“I know.  I know that Sirius.  But the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was get over losing James and Lily.  And the baby.  And you! I don’t think I can go through anything like that again.  Especially now I’ve got you and Harry back, and AJ…”


“That’s why we’re here!  Babe, you know we’re all doing the best we can to keep everyone safe.”


“Can you blame me for worrying?”  He slid his arms around her waist.


“Of course not.  You always did enjoy worrying” he teased her.


“Enjoy it?  I…” she said, before looking at his expression.  “Sirius, that isn’t funny!” She exclaimed.


“I beg to differ.”  He grinned at her.  “Come on babe.  I know it’s difficult but we need to chill out.  Dumbledore knows what he’s doing.”


“I know he does.  But he knew what he was doing last time and look what happened.”   




“What Sirius?  What?  Don’t worry about the fact that You-know-who is going to go after Harry, not caring who gets hurt on the way? Remus, Tonks, you, AJ.  He’s not going to care if any of us get killed as long as he gets what he wants.  How can I possibly not worry?”  He put his arms around her.


“Alright, alright.” He said soothingly, as she hid her face in his chest.


“What if Harry gets expelled?  What can we do then?  Send him to Durmstrang?  I don’t think so…”


“We’ll cross that bridge if and when we come to it babe.”


“When did you get so calm and grown up?”  She asked him.


“Well I am a family man, now you know” he grinned.


“I love you.”


“I love you too.  Always have, always will.  Love of my life, mother of my son, godmother of my godson.”


“You charmer.  That’s one other thing that hasn’t changed.  You always did know how to sweet talk me.”


“Well that ability has come in useful over the years.”  She smacked his arm and he grabbed hold of her wrist.  “No need to get violent Mrs Black!”  He leant his head down and kissed her.


“Sirius…” she murmured.



Later on, they sat waiting in the kitchen.  Sirius was holding AJ while Terese was sitting at the table with Harry’s friends.  Molly Weasley was bustling around trying to distract everyone.  The kitchen door opened and Harry stood on the threshold.  They all looked at him.  He grinned.


“Cleared!”  There was chaos as everyone began to cheer and do victory dances around the kitchen.  AJ began to cry.  Terese had thrown her arms around her godson.


“Oh sweetheart, that’s wonderful.”


“Anyone would think you want to get rid of me” he said to her.


“Harry James Potter, don’t even joke about thinks like that.” She said, briefly resting her hand on his cheek.  She hurried over to Sirius who was trying to calm AJ down.  She wordlessly took her son in her arms and put him over her shoulder, and he immediately began to calm down.  She looked at Sirius smugly and he rolled his eyes.  It quietened down in time for them to hear Harry say that he had seen Lucius Malfoy talking to Cornelius Fudge.  Terese went pale, and looked at Sirius in alarm.  He told Harry, grimly, that he would tell Dumbledore.


Terese stood holding her son, rocking him, subconsciously convincing herself that this was the only way to keep him safe.  Because, no matter what Sirius said and no matter what he said to placate her, there was a very real threat and it was become stronger by the day.


Chapter 17: Home for Christmas
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Chapter 17


Harry appeared in the kitchen, looking tired and drawn, but a lot happier than he had since he had returned to Grimmauld Place for Christmas.  He had saved the life of Arthur Weasley; he had dreamt that he had seen a snake attacking him in the ministry and had raised the alarm. 


But Hermione had spoken to Terese the previous night, and said she was sure Harry had thought he was possessed by Voldemort.  Terese and Sirius had been up most of the night talking about it.  Now they were sitting in the kitchen.  AJ, unusually, was asleep in his basket in the corner. 


“Alright, Harry mate?”  Sirius asked.


“Yeah, I think so.” He replied. 


“Are you sure?”  Terese asked, concerned.  Harry guessed immediately that someone had told her their suspicions about his thoughts. 


“Yeah, Terese.  I’m… ok”


“You don’t think that you’re… that he…”  Harry shook his head.


“No.  Ginny said… well… No, I don’t” he concluded awkwardly.  Terese continued looking at him searchingly. 


“Are you sure?”


“Tess, let him have his breakfast” Sirius said as Harry sat down at the table and helped himself to the sausages, eggs and bacon that was left on there. 


“Alright, I’m just making sure” she said huffily. 


“He said he’s ok, babe.  Now would you sit down and eat something?” 


“I’m going to have a shower first” she said.  “Can you keep an eye on AJ?”


“I think I can manage” he said, rolling his eyes at his godson.  She clipped him round the ear and left the room.  “So, before you had to come here, how was your term?” he asked Harry.


“It was ok.  Umbridge…” Sirius pulled a face.


“Old bag.” He said. “You’re still doing that DA thing, though?”


“Yeah we have been.  There’s loads of members now” he said.  He debated whether to talk to his godfather about what had happened before he had the dream.  Now he wasn’t convinced that he was possessed, he could think about it again.


“That’s good.”


“Sirius…” he began. 




“Before I… at the last meeting there were all these Christmas decorations and stuff up in the room.  Mistletoe…”


“Uh huh” Sirius grinned.  “Come in handy, did it?”  Harry looked at the table, and nodded.


“Anyone I know?”


“A Ravenclaw. Cho Chang.”




“She cried.”


“She cried?”


“Yeah.  Well she was going out with Cedric Diggory.”


“Oh!”  Sirius said, nonplussed.  “Do you like her though?”  Harry nodded again.


“Since last year.  I wanted to ask her to the Yule Ball but Cedric asked her first.”    


“But she likes you now?” 


“I think so, yeah.”  Sirius grinned at his godson. 


“Nice one” he held up his hand which Harry, slightly reluctantly, hi-fived.


“But it can’t be a good thing that she cried.”


“If her boyfriend…” Sirius began, stopping as he tried to work out how to finish the sentence tactfully.


“So you don’t think it was because of me then?”


“Harry mate, it’s not always that simple.  Tess still has the ability to completely bewilder me.  But I will say that there’s no point in forcing it.  Just let it happen.”  Sirius replied as the door opened and Terese walked in.  Sirius grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto his lap, tipped her back and kissed her.  Harry, once over his initial embarrassment, was sure that she was going to be irritated and cross with him for it.  Instead, she slipped her arms around his neck until he swung her upright.  They pulled apart and she flushed, giggling slightly.  Harry thought she wasn’t unlike the girls at school had been over the Yule Ball.


“Sirius…” she said eventually, smacking him lightly on the shoulder.  “What was that in aid of?”  Sirius shrugged.


“Does there have to be a reason?” he asked, winking at Harry as she stood up.  She walked over to look at AJ, who had begun to stir.  She put her hand on him to try and sooth him back to sleep for a bit longer.  Harry walked over and stood next to her.


“He’s grown so much again”


“I know.  You did as well”


“Did I?” he asked.  He was still unused to being around people willing to talk about his early years and his parents.  He rested his hand on the side of the basket.  Terese saw the scar on there.  The I must not tell lies


“What’s this?” she asked, in a voice that made Sirius look up in alarm, ready to pacify her when her temper inevitably snapped.


“It’s nothing” Harry mumbled, pulling his hand away from her and yanking his sleeve down over it.


“Harry, don’t!”  She said softly.  “What is that on your hand?”


“What? What’s on his hand?” Sirius asked.


“A scar.  That says I must not tell lies.


“Eh?”  Sirius frowned.


“I had detention.  With Umbridge. And I had to write lines…”  Harry couldn’t finish his explanation; Terese let out an angry hiss, which would have been louder had she not been aware of her son still asleep. She spun round and, grabbing her pashmina and heading to the fireplace.


“Tess. Where are you going?”  Sirius said.


“I’m going to kick that evil old cowbag into the middle of next week” she hissed again.  Sirius quickly moved after her and grabbed her around the waist.  She struggled in his grasp, her legs flailing and kicking out hopelessly.  Harry watched, guiltily.  Minutes ago he had witnessed such a happy, domesticated family scene; now because of him his godmother was about to try and attack a ministry official.


“Tess, listen to me.  Listen…” Sirius said as she began to calm down.  “If you go over there shouting the odds, it’s going to make it worse.  She’ll go after Harry worse than ever, and the ministry are desperate to disgrace anyone they think is friendly with Dumbledore.  You’ll be playing right into her hands.  They want to get something on us more than anyone.  Do you want them to have an excuse to put you in Azkaban, or take AJ away…”  She froze.


“They can’t.  They can’t take any of you away” she whispered fearfully.


“Terese, look.  It’ll be fine.  Honestly.  I’m not going to let her get to me.”


“Have you told Dumbledore?”  Sirius asked.


“No.  He’s got enough to deal with.  So have you two.  I promise, it’s ok.  She’s not going to win.”




Chapter 18: Festive Surprises
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Chapter 18


“Dora, I don’t have to wear the dress now!” Terese protested as Tonks, Ginny and Hermione dragged her into her bedroom to get dressed on Christmas morning. Sirius had given her red dress- insisting she opened it as soon as they had seen to AJ that morning.  It had a fitted bodice with silver embroidery, and the skirt flared out at her waist, stopping at her knee. 


“Yes you do.” Ginny said decisively.  “It’s Christmas. We’re all dressing up.”


“I don’t want AJ to be sick on it or anything.  And it’s 10.30 in morning.”


“Stop arguing Terese.” Tonks said.


“What’s going on?”  Terese asked suspiciously.


“Why would anything be going on?”  Ginny asked, wide eyed as Hermione came in carrying an armful of beauty products.


“Because there is absolutely no reason for all three of you to be so interested in my appearance.”


“Sirius said he wanted to you to look and feel special today.  Now would you please stop arguing” Hermione said brusquely.  Terese bristled slightly at being told what to do by a fifteen year old but grudgingly acquiesced. She sat down at the dressing table and allowed them to fix her hair and make up.  She only tried to get up once, saying that she was going to check on AJ but Tonks assured her he was with his father and that Andy would be arriving at any minute so there was nothing to worry about.  To allay her suspicion a bit, Ginny, Hermione and Tonks made a show of getting themselves dressed up as well. When they were ready, they managed to distract Terese until a red spark shot passed the window. 


“Shall we go downstairs?” Hermione said.


“I still think we’re overdressed” Terese grumbled, trying to find her balance on the sky high silver stilettos that had miraculously appeared. 


“Stop moaning!”  Tonks grinned at her.  Terese narrowed her eyes suspiciously.  She knew something was going on, that possibly Sirius was up to something.  They all disappeared into the kitchen as Terese stood in the hall adjusting her bodice.  She suddenly felt self conscious. She could only imagine what Molly Weasley would have to say about her coming downstairs wearing this dress at this time of day.  She pushed the door open.  The kitchen was completely empty apart from Remus, who was standing in the middle of the room in his dress robes. 


“Remus. What’s going on?”  Terese asked, shocked.  “Where is everyone? Why…?”  He offered her his arm and kissed her on the cheek.


“You look beautiful, sweetheart.  Come on” he said, motioning to the back door.


“I’ll freeze if I go out there in this.”


“You’ll be fine.  I promise.” He said, as she finally took his arm.  He led her outside.


As the door opened they were greeted by the sound of clapping.  Terese stared amazed as she saw all the Order members, all also dressed up, sitting facing an alter.  They were surrounded by snow but it didn’t feel cold; someone must have charmed the garden so that it would stay warm.  Sirius was standing at the front, next to Harry and holding AJ.  When the clapping stopped, he turned at looked at her, his face splitting into a huge smile.


“What…?” Terese said again, weakly.  She stared at the scene in front of her and it suddenly dawned on her what was going on.  He had been saying since they had reconciled that they should renew their wedding vows.  Dumbledore suddenly appeared in front of the alter and stood patiently, smiling.  Terese glanced over at Remus and took a deep breath.  “Lets go, then” she said as music began to drift over them.  They walked down the aisle, with Terese clinging on to Remus’ arm.  Partly because of her shoes and partly because of the tears in her eyes. 


They got to the front and she turned to Remus.  She couldn’t believe he would do this for her again, especially after what had happened between them.  She reached up and kissed his cheek as he squeezed her arm reassuringly.  She turned to Sirius, who took a step towards her, still holding AJ.  She reached out and took his hand, unable to speak.  Harry was standing behind him, with the biggest smile she had seen on his face since he was a toddler watching Sirius, James and Remus mess around.


Dumbledore began to speak, but she couldn’t really listen to what he was saying.  She presumed it was the normal wedding speech.  Then Sirius had to speak.  He turned and gave AJ to Harry and then took both her hands in his.


“Terese” He began.  “I can’t begin to describe what I feel for you.  I fell in love with you when we were sixteen, perhaps when you managed to get us all detention in your second week at school” she laughed softly.  “But I never, ever stopped.  Not even when I was in Azkaban, I couldn’t let the Dementors take that from me.  We’ve been through so much together and I can’t believe that you’re standing in front of me here today.  I was almost convinced you’d walk away.  I’m so proud that you and I can do this in front of Harry and AJ, our boys, and I promise that, as much as I am able, I will keep you all safe and keep our family together.  I love you, Tess” he finished softly.  She stared at him until she realised it was her turn to speak.


“I…I don’t really know what to say.  This is the most wonderful thing anyone has ever done for me.”  She paused as he gently wiped a tear from her cheek.  “There have been times in my life when I thought, beyond any doubt, that I would never be happy again.  But standing here now with all the people I love, you’ve managed yet again to prove me wrong.”  She had to stop speaking then as she was too emotional.  Dumbledore waved his wand over their joined hands and a gold thread wove itself across them, before slowly disappearing.


At the end of the ceremony, Sirius gently took her face in his hands and kissed her as everyone cheered.  Everything suddenly faded away; she felt like they were the only two people in existence.  That there had always been the two of them together and there always would be.


“I love you, Sirius Black” she said as he put an arm around her waist.


“I love you, Terese Black” he replied, before putting his other arm across Harry’s shoulders and the four of them walked back down the aisle together.   

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Chapter 19: Christmas
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Chapter 19


“I can’t believe you did this, Sirius.”  Terese said as they walked into the garden from the marquee that had been set up.  They ignored the sound of chairs and tables being magically moved around inside.


“Good Christmas surprise?” he grinned at her.


“Told you she’d like it.” Harry said.  “He was worried you would think it was too much.”


“No. It’s…it’s amazing.” She was still speechless.  Sirius pulled her to him. 


“I wanted to do something special for you, and I wanted to make some happy memories in this house.  And we always said we would renew our vows.”


“And everyone knew about this?”


“Pretty much” Harry grinned, as he pulled faces at AJ, making him laugh.  Terese reached over impulsively and hugged her godson.


“You know, James would be so proud of you.”


“I reckon he’d be proud of you too” Harry replied.  “I’ll take AJ in and help set everything up for Christmas dinner.”  He went back into the marquee, leaving his godparents alone.


“I love you, Tess” Sirius said, sliding his arms around her. 


“You said that” she teased.


“I mean it.”  She reached up and kissed him.


“I love you too.”

“Shall we go in and see our well wishers, Mrs Black?” he let her go and offered her his arm.   


“I suppose we should.” She sighed.  “Just one more thing.”




“The dress.  Did you choose it?”


“Andy helped.  But yeah.  I always did like you in low necklines” he winked at her.  She smacked him playfully.


“Thank you.  I love it.”


“You look amazing.  Now come on and let me show you off!”  He led her into the marquee again.  It was now set up with tables and chairs, all ready for Christmas dinner.  The first person they saw was Remus, who was standing near the entrance.  He walked towards them as they entered.  Terese walked over to him and hugged him.


“Thank you, Remus.  You didn’t have to do this” she said quietly.


“I couldn’t not help with anything that makes you look this happy now, could I?”


“Thanks, Moony” Sirius said, as they hugged.


“Congratulations” Remus said as he walked away to sit down.  They went over to the table where Harry and AJ were sitting, along with Andromeda, her husband Ted and Tonks.


“Got over the shock yet?”  Tonks asked, grinning at Terese. 


“Not yet.  I think that will take a while” she replied as Sirius draped an arm across the back of her chair, pulling faces at AJ as he did so.  AJ began to squeal with laughter, especially when Harry joined in.  Terese smiled fondly at them.  “He only ever laughs like that at those two.” 


“Quite the double act” Andromeda commented, laughing at her cousin. 


“Of course.  Harry’s too like James for them to be anything else.”  Terese commented as Remus sat down in the empty seat next to Tonks.


“I’m starving” Tonks said.  “How long until the food is served?”


“I think you say that every time I see you!” Remus said to her. 


“I don’t!” She exclaimed, pretending to be scandalised.  They continued bickering as Terese watched them with a raised eyebrow.


“Wonder what’s going on there?” Terese said quietly to Sirius, as Remus threw back his head in laughter at a joke Tonks had made.


“What do you mean?” he asked.


“When was the last time you saw him laugh like that?”


“I don’t know.”


“Not for a while, not since we were together” she said, glancing at Sirius.  He wasn’t concerned, however.  He knew that it was in the past and that they were just friends now.


Once Christmas dinner was over (with most people wearing hats from the magical crackers), all the separate families slowly left- the Weasleys all going to visit Arthur in St Mungos.  Sirius, Terese, Harry, AJ and Remus all settled in the kitchen.  AJ was put in his basket to sleep and Sirius pulled Terese on to his lap.


“My dress will get creased” she giggled.


“I’ll buy you a new one”


“Shall we open our other presents now?” Harry said, throwing himself across the sofa.


“Go on then.”  Terese smiled.  “I have to say that’s one respect where you’re not like James.  He would have ripped them all open as soon as he woke up.”  Harry shrugged, embarrassed.


“Dudley got all the presents when we were growing up.  Christmas wasn’t ever a big deal until I went to Hogwarts.”


“Lets get all these open” Remus said, distributing the smaller Christmas tree presents around. 


A couple of hours later, after they had all gorged on Christmas cake and cheese and nibbles, Sirius and Harry fell asleep, leaving Terese and remus to clear up.


“You shouldn’t be doing this today.”  Remus told her.


“I don’t mind.  It’s not much.”  She paused.  “So, have you had a good Christmas?”


“Of course”


“Especially the dinner”


“What about the dinner?” he asked.


“You and Tonks…”

“What about me and Tonks?”


“Is there a little spark there?”


“Terese, she’s Sirius’ little cousin.”




“And I’m a werewolf”


“She knows that.”



“And you looked happy.”  She said, giving him a kiss on the cheek as she walked out.



“Sirius…AJ…” Terese began as Sirius began to lead her upstairs.


“Andy’s having him in her room”




“Tess, it’s our wedding night.”  Sirius told her gently.  “He’ll still be in the house.”  She bit her lip doubtfully.  He slipped his arm around her waist and gently kissed her neck.  “He’ll be fine Tess.  He’s already asleep, he’s been fed.  He should sleep through”


“I know, but…”


“You don’t have to feel guilty babe.  We’re allowed to have a life other than being parents you know”


“He’s only a few months old Sirius…” she began.


“Tess” he said, continuing to kiss her neck.  His hand slid down and began to play with the hem of her dress.  “He’ll be fine, trust me” he murmured.  She tried to concentrate on her concerns but, as usual, he was doing a good job of distracting her.  She supposed AJ would be ok really, after all he would only be in another room and she knew she could trust Andy. 


As they shut their bedroom door behind them, Sirius slid his arms around her.  She looped her fingers around his and leaned back into him, nuzzling into his neck.  It was times like this when he almost felt that his years in Azkaban hadn’t happened.  The way she felt in his arms; the way she made him feel- it was no different to how it felt when they were in Hogwarts, and to when they lived together and eventually got married the first time. 


She twisted round so that she was facing him, and kissed him.  He gently unzipped her dress and carried her to the bed.




Chapter 20: Parents Evening
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Chapter 20


“Are you really going to the parents evening?”  Remus asked Sirius and Terese as they finished dinner. 


“And why not? Molly’s going.” Terese pointed out.


“Is it really a good idea?”


“I think it’s an excellent idea, Moony.”  Sirius grinned



“I didn’t think you two would be here” Harry said as he saw his godparents arrive in the Great Hall. 


“Why is everyone so surprised?”  Terese asked indignantly.  “We are your guardians, Harry”


“I know, but I didn’t think you’d leave AJ.”


“Remus is keeping an eye on him for a couple of hours.  He’s already asleep” Sirius explained.  “So, who are we seeing first?”


“Er… Professor Flitwick?”   Terese said, looking at the letter they had been sent.  They walked over and sat in front of the tiny charms teacher, who looked slightly non-plussed to see his ex pupils but pleased nonetheless. 


“Pretty good, mate.”  Sirius said afterwards. 


“Maybe work on your time management though” Terese said, grinning.  “Who now?” 




“Excellent.  Minnie” Sirius smirked.


“Sirius, behave.” Terese warned.  Again the report was pretty good; McGonagall said he could do well if he applied himself more. 


“Could be James she’s talking about.”  Terese commented.  “Next?”  Harry was dreading the next appointment.


“Um…Snape.”  A slow grin spread over Sirius’ face.




“Sirius.  Maybe I should do this one by myself…”  Terese said.


“Not a chance.  And you know you’ll lose your temper if he says something about James”


“I’m not sure either of you should go.  Maybe Mrs Weasley…” Harry began.  But Sirius had already walked over to where Snape was sitting, sneering at them.


“Well, well, well.” He began as they sat in front of him.  “Come to find out why Potter is failing so abysmally?”


“All his other teachers seem happy with him.  It couldn’t be anything to do with your teaching, could it?”  Sirius replied.


“Sirius, please.”  Terese put a hand on his knee.  “So…professor.” She continued with difficulty.  “What is the problem?”


“Potter is failing because is arrogant, lazy, and too sure of his own importance.”  Terese raised an eyebrow, determined not to lose her temper.


“So you’re telling me Lily Potter’s son is no good at potions?” she said subtly emphasising her friend’s married name.


“It would seem he takes after his father”


“You say that like it’s a bad thing” Sirius said to his old nemesis between gritted teeth.


“How astute of you”


“And does Dumbledore know you pick on students just because of who their parents were?” Terese asked.


“Dumbledore shouldn’t trust him at all.”  Sirius snarled.


“Sirius…” Harry had appeared behind them.  “Umbridge”.  Terese glanced over at the ‘High Inquisitor’ of Hogwarts.  She did indeed look interested in what was going on at their table.


“He’s right babe.”


“I’m not sitting here listening to this greasy git talk about Harry and James like that.”


“Fine, come on. We’ll move on.” Terese hissed at her husband. 


“Just listen to me, Snivellus, if I here you’ve been giving him any more grief you’ll be sorry.”  Sirius stood up and marched away, followed by Terese and Harry.


“Babe.”  Terese took Sirius’ arm as they pretended to look at the list.  “Look, she must suspect something’s going on…”


“And if I start getting on with Snivellus they’re going to get proof that there is.” He stated.


“You know we can’t give them an excuse to get anything on us.”


“Alright, alright Tess.  Don’t nag” he grumbled.  “Let’s just get it over with.” He said as they headed over to the toadlike Dolores Umbridge.  As they walked back passed Professor McGonagall’s table, Terese saw her raise an eyebrow ever so slightly and said something about tempers under her breath. Harry, Ron and Hermione were standing watching.


“This ought to be good.” Ron commented.


 Sirius and Terese sat down at Umbridge’s table where she was sitting with an air of great self importance.  She looked them up and down.  They were both wearing robes, expensive but not showy.  


“Mr and Mrs Black.” She greeted them.  “I understand that you are here to discuss Harry Potter.”


“We are” Terese replied in what James used to describe as her ‘I’ll-be-civil-to-you-but-don’t-fuck-with-me’ voice.


“And you are his legal guardians?”


“James and Lily appointed us his godparents.” Sirius told her. 


“So obviously you have his best interests at heart?”  Umbridge simpered.


“Oh yes.”  Terese replied determinedly. 


“So…forgive me…so silly…I don’t understand why you would allow him to carry on with his silly tales”


“What ‘silly tales’ would they be?”  Sirius replied politely.


“Oh I think you know, Mr Black” she said, smugly.


“I’ve heard some very interesting things about you, Professor” Terese responded.  Umbridge ignored her.


“Mr Potter has made a great deal of trouble for himself with these… stories.  Perhaps he felt that he wasn’t getting enough…attention…”


“I don’t think he asked for any of this to happen to him.” Terese said through gritted teeth.  “But unfortunately he had no choice.  It’s not always easy to control a portkey, you see”


“I would have thought, Mrs Black, given your father’s friendship with Cornelius, that is to say, the minister, I would have thought your loyalty should be with the ministry.”  Sirius looked at his wife in surprise.  She had never mentioned this before.  He would have thought that she would have used that to their advantage.


“My father’s friendship with Fudge?”  Terese was gobsmacked.  “This is the first I’ve heard of it”


“He informed me only this morning how highly he regarded your father and yourself, consequently.”


“Is that so?” Terese asked smoothly.  Sirius recognised it as a warning sign and tried to catch her eye to calm her down.  “He said that?” 


“Only this morning.  I informed him that you might be here.”


“If, as you say, he ‘regarded my father and myself highly’, might I enquire why he wasn’t at my father’s funeral?  And might I ask where he was when I lost my child, my husband, my cousin, my best friend and my godson, all while I was unconscious?  And why didn’t he say anything the night Sirius was cleared?”


“You must understand that the minister is a busy man.  That is why he needs people like myself to support him.”


“How very convenient that he suddenly remembers this when he wants to discredit my godson.”


“I would have thought that your father…”


“My father would have expected me to support my family”


“Can we talk about how Harry is doing?”  Sirius said in an attempt to divert his wife.


“Ah yes.  Mr Potter’s academic achievement.”  Umbridge said smugly.  “I have to say I am highly disappointed.”


“How so?”  Sirius asked.


“Mr Potter shows no enthusiasm for the subject.  His work is lacklustre.”


“Is that so?  Do you happen to have his file there by any chance?”  Terese asked, almost excessively politely.  Umbridge waved her wand and a file appeared on the table.  Terese, without bothering to ask permission, opened it and began to flick through.  “Year one…not bad but perhaps not the best teacher.  Year two, Gilderoy Lockhart. Enough said.  Ah-huh. Year three.  A competent teacher who knows the subject. See, all very good.” Terese said triumphantly.


“If you view a dangerous half breed as a competent teacher.”  Umbridge replied.  The look on her face told Terese that she was being goaded and she struggled to keep her temper.  Beside her, she heard a low growl emanating from her husband.


“Remus Lupin is nowhere near as dangerous as someone who uses cruel, twisted archaic methods of punishment.” Terese snapped. 


“It is not your place to question my teaching methods, Mrs Black.”


“As I was appointed Harry’s guardian by his parents, I think it is in their stead.”


“But as you are neither parent nor school governor…” 


The self-satisfied look on the woman’s amphibious face was enough to push Terese’s temper over the edge.  She banged her hand down on the table.


“We are as good as Harry’s parents.  I promised James I would look after him and I am not going to sit here and let you make me break that promise.”


“Tess.” Sirius warned.


“I see you possess a similar temper.”


“Except I’m not going to do lines”


“I would warn you to keep you temper, Mrs Black.”


“Clearly, we’re not getting anywhere.  Tess, you didn’t want to leave AJ for too long…” Sirius intervened.  Only the mention of her son would calm Terese down.


“Fine.  But if I hear you’ve been treating Harry like this anymore then I will take advantage of the supposed friendship between my father and the minister.”


She stood up and marched out, beckoning Harry to follow.



“So how did it go?”  Remus asked as Terese stormed into the kitchen.


“That… that woman!” she exclaimed.


“After all those warnings… ‘Sirius, you have to keep your temper’” Sirius teased.  She scowled at him. 


“She was goading me.  Anyway, you lost it with Snape”


“I knew you two shouldn’t have gone.” Remus said.


“Nothing to be done about it now” Sirius commented, sitting down.


“How’s AJ?”  Terese asked.


“Fine.  I checked on him about ten minutes ago.”


“Thanks Remus” She said, leaving the room.  If she couldn’t completely ensure Harry was ok all the time, she most certainly could with AJ.

Chapter 21: Valentines day
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Chapter 21


“Happy Valentines Day, babe” Terese said as she lowered Sirius’ breakfast tray on the bed.  She was levitating it as she was also carrying AJ.  Sirius groaned and rolled over. 


“I only just went to sleep.  It can’t be morning yet.” He said.


“Hey.  I’ve been up with his lordship for an hour and a half.” Terese pretended to be annoyed.  Sirius sat up and took his tray.


“Aw thanks babe.” He said when he saw she had cooked all his favourites.


“You’re welcome” she said, sitting next to him and propping AJ up against the pillows.


“So what do you want to do today?” he asked, knowing full well she wouldn’t want to go out.  Since the death eaters, especially Bellatrix Lestrange, escaped from Azkaban, she more or less refused to leave the house.  And there was no way she would leave AJ.


“I don’t know.  We could have a nice lunch.”


“We could go out somewhere.” He suggested.


“You want to take our son out there when that psycho bitch is on the loose?”


“They’re all lying low babe.  They’re not just going to walk into Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade are they?  Believe me, I know” he finished, slightly bitterly.




“And you know that the school will have a trip there today…”


“Sirius, I’m not sure…” she began.  He picked AJ up and held him up in front of him.


“Please Mummy.  I want to go out” he said in a high voice.  Terese bit her lip trying not to laugh.  She reached out and took her son, cuddling him to her.


“I don’t know.  What if…” she began.


“Tess, come on.  It’s not good for any of us to be stuck in here all the time.”


“Eat your breakfast and I’ll think about it.”



When Terese and Sirius went downstairs to the kitchen, Remus and Tonks were sitting at the kitchen table.  Remus looked at his watched pointedly.


“What time do you call this?” he asked jokingly. 


“It is valentines day, Moony” Sirius said, grinning.  Remus raised an eyebrow.  Terese rolled her eyes.


“We had AJ with us.  We were well behaved”


“Aren’t we always?”  Sirius asked, sliding his arm around her waist.  She scowled at him.  Tonks laughed.


“Romantic valentines morning then.”


“You got anything planned for today?” Terese asked.  Tonks shrugged.


“I’m waiting to hear from Dumbledore about a job he wants done.”


“What about you Remus?” Terese looked at him innocently.


“I have some things to write up.” He replied.  Terese raised her eyebrow slightly at Sirius.


“We’re going out for lunch, aren’t we babe?”  Sirius looked momentarily surprised.


“We are?  Oh, yeah we are.  We thought we’d go to Hogsmeade.”


“Yeah.  And it’s probably going to be busy so we’d better get going” she said, dragging Sirius out of the kitchen.


“What are you up to?” he asked her.  She looked at him with wide eyes.


“What do you mean?”


“You didn’t want to go out earlier.  Now all of a sudden we have to hurry up.”


“You made a convincing argument.”


“Tess…” Sirius knew she was up to something.




“Why did a conversation with Remus and Tonks make you change your…Tess! Don’t start matchmaking”


“Matchmaking? Who’s matchmaking?” she replied, still feigning innocence.  He slid his arms around her waist.


“Mrs Black, don’t think I don’t know when you’re up to something”


“Just because you’re usually up to something, babe doesn’t mean everyone else is.”



“So what do you want to do?”  Sirius asked as they strolled down the road in Hogsmeade, surrounded by Hogsmeade students.  He was carrying AJ in a carrier on his chest.  He and Terese were holding hands.


“I don’t know.  We can’t really take AJ into the pub, can we?”


“Rosmerta won’t mind.”  Sirius grinned, remembering how he and James used to have the barmaid wrapped around their little fingers. 


“I’m not taking my son in to a smoky pub.”  Terese said.


“Where then? Zonko’s?”  Terese gave her husband a scathing look. 




“Well what do you suggest then, babe?”


“No surprise picnics then?”


“Sorry babe” he grinned ruefully.  Suddenly AJ began to squeal and bounce up and down in his sling.  He was reaching out towards the Three Broomsticks.  Terese looked to see what had excited her son.  Harry was standing outside the pub, looking utterly bemused.  He turned and looked in their direction on hearing AJ.  He hurried over to them.


“What are you lot doing here?” He asked after greeting them.


“Just having a day out.  Seeing as it’s valentines day.”  Sirius told him.  “What about you? Where are Ron and Hermione?” 


“Ron’s at quidditch practise” he said grumpily, his banishment still rankling.  “And I’m just about to go and meet Hermione.”


“Did you not go together?”  Terese asked.


“No.  I… I went with Cho Chang.” He mumbled.  Sirius grinned.


“Nice one, mate” he said.  “Hear that, AJ?  Harry’s got a girlfriend.”


“Not exactly.  We had a row and she ran off”


“Ah, that could be a problem.” Sirius said, the corner of his mouth twitching. 


“What did you have a row about?”  Terese asked, elbowing Sirius in the stomach. 


“I said I’d meet Hermione in the pub…” he began.


“Oh, Harry!” Terese exclaimed.  “No wonder she stormed out”


“What?” he asked.


“Think about it Harry.” she replied.


“It’s alright for you two” Harry told them grumpily.  “You two have a perfect relationship.”  At this, Sirius and Terese laughed uproariously, making AJ squeal in surprise. 


“Oh sweetheart.  Believe me, its not always easy…” Terese began.




 “Oh god Sirius” Terese moaned as he moved his hand up her leg under her skirt.  She couldn’t believe it was finally about to happen.  It was unbelievable how much she wanted him. She reached down and begun to pull at his belt.  He pulled her bra off.


Very soon they were very nearly naked.  Terese began to moan softly as he kissed her neck and moved his hand between her legs.


“Oh for fucks sake!”  James’ voice emanated around the room.  They froze. James and Remus were standing at the door. Remus was looking embarrassed, James was furious.  “It’s fucking weird enough that you two are together, without having to see you at it.”


“Prongs…” Sirius began, pulling the blankets over them both.  James marched over to his bed and yanked the curtains closed.  Remus walked over to his bed, eyes resolutely on the floor.


They began to grab their clothes without making too much noise.


“Where’s my bra?” Terese mouthed silently at Sirius.  As Sirius shrugged and indicated that he didn’t know, an arm reached between the curtains of James’ bed and Terese’s bra landed at her feet.  Sirius covered his mouth and began to shake with silent laughter.  She picked it up, mortified.  She dragged her clothes on and, kissing him goodbye, hurried out.


End flashback


“It was never always easy, sweetheart, especially at the beginning.  Believe me” She said, exchanging a smile with Sirius as they inevitably remembered the same thing.


“What should I do though?” Harry asked hopelessly.


“Give her a chance to calm down.”  Sirius suggested.


“I don’t know, maybe…” Harry replied.  “Anyway, I’d better go and meet Hermione.”  He said.  “Are you coming?”


“No thanks sweetheart.  I don’t want to sit in there with AJ.  You go and have a nice time.”  Terese said.  They said goodbye, with Harry still looking very forlorn.



Later on, Sirius, Terese and AJ arrived at Grimmauld Place.  Terese immediately put AJ to bed for a nap before going to the kitchen, where Sirius was stretched out on the sofa.


“Where is everyone?” she asked, meaning Remus and Tonks.  Sirius shrugged.


“No idea.  I’m not complaining though.” He grinned, pulling her onto his lap.


“Sirius…” she said, not really resisting.  Some things never changed.

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Chapter 22: Punishment
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Chapter 22


Mr and Mrs Black

The Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Senior Under Secretary to the Minister of Magic and Hogwarts High Inquisitor, Dolores Umbridge desires your presence for a meeting as soon as possible.  Your charge, Harry Potter, has been caught participating in an illegal group.

Please report to the front hall as soon as possible where you will be met and escorted to the Headmistresses’ office.


Dolores Umbridge.

Headmistress, Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Hogwarts High Inquisitor

Senior Under Secretary to the Ministry of Magic.


“They’ve made that hideous, toadfaced old pygmy Headmistress?” Terese exclaimed, outraged, as she read the letter that had just arrived.  “What the bloody hell happened to Dumbledore?”


“We’ll find out when we get there” Sirius replied grimly, as they heard Molly Weasley being to shout upstairs.


“I guess they got a similar letter” Terese retorted.  “What are we going to do about AJ?”


“Take him with us?”


“Near that old…old…” she stuttered as she ran out of suitable adjectives.  “I don’t know.”


“What’s all the shouting about?” Tonks asked as she and Remus walked into the kitchen.


“Harry’s defence against the dark arts group was discovered.” Sirius handed the note to Remus.  His expression darkened.


“What’s happened to Dumbledore?”


“Don’t know.  We’re just trying to figure out what to do with AJ and then we’ll go and find out”


“You two couldn’t sit with him could you?” Terese asked, innocently.


“Tess.” Sirius warned, in her ear. 


“I’m sure we could” Tonks replied.  Remus looked uncomfortable.


“Well, um… I’ve never babysat… not since Harry was a baby…”


“He’s asleep.  He shouldn’t wake up before we get back!”  Terese said, getting ready to go.  “Look, we have to go as soon as we can, or she’ll be even worse to Harry.”  She grabbed Sirius’ hand and pulled him towards the fire.


“Er, Babe, shouldn’t we wait for Molly and Arthur?”


“Then they’ll know we’re all here together.”  Terese pointed out.  “Sirius, come on.”



“As you all know, you have been summoned here on a very serious matter” Umbridge began.


“If you’re now the headmistress, why aren’t we in the head’s office?” Terese asked, smugly.  Umbridge choose to ignore her.


“Albus Dumbledore has been forming an illegal army to work against the ministry of magic.  Your children have been caught at their apparent first meeting.”


“Where’s Harry?”  Terese asked.  “I want to here what he has to say.”


“Mr Potter and the other culprits have gone to bed.  They will be punished accordingly tomorrow.”


“Punished?” Molly Weasley asked.


“Have you not heard about these punishments, Molly?  Writing lines with their own blood until their hands are scars.  I saw them on Harry’s hand at Christmas.”  Terese said, glaring at Umbridge.


“I’m afraid, Mrs Black, that you have no jurisdiction to criticise how the pupils of my school are dealt with.” 


“No jurisdiction?” Terese spat, losing control of her temper.  Sirius put a hand on her shoulder to calm her. “Get off, Sirius!  He is my son!”


“No he isn’t.”  Umbridge looked at her with a self satisfied smile.  “His parents are dead” Terese looked as she had been slapped.  Umbridge looked, if possible, even smugger. 


“I think, what Mrs Black is trying to say is that it would be reassuring to see them and hear their explanations.”  Arthur said calmly.  The other parents present nodded their agreement. 


“I would like to see Ron.” Molly stated.  Umbridge pursed her lips, then walked to the door.  She opened it.


“Draco.”  A tall thin boy with white blond hair and a thin face walked in.  He looked at the room and smirked.


“Yes, Headmistress?”


“I wish you to go to the Heads of Houses and get them to inform those we caught earlier out of bed and to bring them here.”


“Looks as snidey as his father” Terese muttered to Sirius. “If you’ll excuse me for a moment, I need some fresh air.” She stood up, pausing for a minute to look at Draco Malfoy and left the room.  Sirius stood up to follow her.


“Tess” He said as he caught up with her at the other end of the corridor.  “You have to calm down”


“Sirius Black is telling me to calm down” she scoffed.


“You know she’s looking for any excuse…” he took a deep breath, knowing it wouldn’t do to be overheard.  “Look, please just try and keep a lid on it.  It’s only because of Dumbledore that Harry is allowed to stay with us at all.  Now he’s gone…”  Terese paled.


“They’re not taking Harry away.  Over my de…” she began.  They heard footsteps approaching and the heads of houses appeared with their charges, followed by Draco Malfoy.


“That will do, Malfoy.” McGonagall said.  Malfoy scowled and skulked away to his common room.  As they all wordlessly headed back to Umbridge’s office, Terese put a reassuring hand on Harry’s shoulder and Sirius winked at him. 


As they settled back down in the office Umbridge stood up and looked round.  Harry sat between Terese and Sirius, an expression of defiance on his face that was similar to both James and Lily’s.  Ron, Fred, George and Ginny Weasley sat in a row between their parents.  Hermione Granger sat between Terese and Molly Weasley.  Various other members of the DA, and their parents, were seated in the room as well.


“As you are aware, these children have been caught in an illegal group- Albus Dumbledore gathered them together in attempt to act against the Ministry…”


“Where is Dumbledore?” Sirius interrupted.


“He got away” Harry told him.  Terese and Sirius smirked at each other.  Umbridge ignored them.


“As Headmistress it falls upon me to give them suitable punishments.”


“Punishments?”  Molly asked.


“Naughty children ought to be punished.” Umbridge stated.  Sirius grabbed his wife’s hand to stop her from getting angry again.



“That…that…hag” Terese exclaimed as she and Sirius walked through the corridors, not having been able to making Harry’s punishment any lighter. “And don’t tell me to calm down, Black” she snarled before Sirius could comment.


“Well, well. It’s the old married couple” said a familiar, sneering voice behind them.


“What do you want, Snivellous?”  Sirius asked, exasperated.


“I just thought you’d be interested to know what I’ve just…viewed.” He retorted.


“Not really. Bugger off” Sirius snapped, not in the mood for Snape’s jibes.


“Pity.  I think you would have found it interesting.” He sneered.  “After all, Potter always did like to be the centre of attention.”


“What?” Terese asked, her voice shaking slightly.  Any slight jibe at James would be more than enough to send her temper over the edge.


“I’ve been viewing Wormtail’s memories, left to me by Dumbledore before…his departure.”


“Not interested, Snivelly” Sirius adopted a bored tone.  Snape turned and began to walk away.


“Wait.” Terese said.  He stopped.  “I want to know what he remembers… about James” her voice was shaking.  The corner of Snape’s lip curled.  He continued walking down the corridor.  Terese followed. Sirius knew it would be pointless trying to dissuade her.  He just hoped he could limit the damage it could possibly cause.













Chapter 23: The pensieve
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Chapter 23


They followed Snape into the dark potions dungeon.  On the desk was Dumbledore’s pensieve.  Before either Sirius or Snape could say anything, Terese had walked over to it and immersed herself in the swirling silvery liquid.  She landed in a room that she hadn’t seen for nearly fifteen years.  Before she could take it in anymore, Sirius landed beside her; tight lipped.  Sitting on the sofa was a young woman with long red hair.  She looked anxious.  In a nearby armchair was Wormtail.  He was fidgeting and looking uncomfortable with his obvious role as Lily’s proverbial babysitter.


“Do you think he’ll be long?” Lily asked eventually.  Wormtail shrugged.


“I don’t know.  It depends how she is I suppose.”


“I hope she’s ok.”  Lily was tearful now.  “They were so happy…” 


“Tess” Sirius begun, realising exactly when this memory was.  Terese shook her head, determined to finish it, no matter how painful it was.

As Lily’s voice trailed off, a pop sounded in the other room and, a minute later, James appeared.  His face was grey and drawn.  He sat down wordlessly and pulled his glasses off, rubbing his eyes.


“How is she?”  Lily asked eventually.


“She lost it.” He said simply.  Terese let out a sob at the same time as Lily.  She knew this was when James had returned from visiting her at St Mungo’s.  That was the last time he had ever spoken to her, and the last time Sirius had seen him alive.


Sirius was furious that Snape had manipulated his wife into seeing this.  He knew how distraught she would be; she had been hanging on by a thread as it was.


“Oh no.” Lily’s voice interrupted his thoughts.  “Oh no.  How is she taking it?”  Sirius also noticed how Wormtail was staring at his hands and looking even more uncomfortable. 


“She’s unconscious again.  She woke up and Sirius told her, but a few hours later what ever fucked up curse Bellatrix used on her took hold again.”  He wiped away a tear.  Lily moved next to him and he put his arm around her.  “She might not wake up, Lils” Terese watched with tears streaming down her face as Lily comforted him, the pair of them appearing to forget Wormtail’s presence.


“She will, James.  She’s strong.”


“What if she… what if she dies while we’re in hiding?”




“When I said goodbye to her the other day, I had this horrible feeling it would be the last time.”  Lily sat quietly for a minute trying to work out how to reply.


“Sirius will get her through.”


“He promised me he’d look after her.  She looked so… breakable, Lils.  Like a discarded doll.  Just lying there in the bed, completely lifeless.”


“James, sweetie, Sirius is with her.  He won’t let her give up.”


“I know.  I know he won’t.  But…” he faltered.


“What?” Lily asked, falteringly.  “He doesn’t want to be Secret Keeper.  He knows Voldemort will go after him immediately and they can’t go into hiding.  He doesn’t want to put her at any more risk…”  Lily nodded,


“What are we going to do?” she asked him quietly.  Terese knew she wanted Remus to take Sirius’ place. She would have felt the same.  James looked over at Wormtail.  Lily faltered.  It was obvious she was debating with herself; trust her own judgement or James’.  Her own was unfounded.


She eventually nodded.


“Wormtail…” James began.


Terese felt herself being pulled out of the pensieve and struggled, not wanting to leave the house where she had many happy memories.  All of a sudden, she was on the floor of the dungeon, panting and crying.  She drew her knees up to her chest.


“What the fuck are you playing at, you greasy little…” Sirius began.  Snape had his wand out in an instant.  Sirius responded likewise.  Terese jumped up and stood between them.


“Stop it” she shrieked. “You’re supposed to be on the same side.”


“He was deliberately trying to hurt you Tess.  Dumbledore wouldn’t have shown you that.  Don’t think he won’t find out about it.”


“Telling tales, Black?” Snape sneered.


“Try anything like that again, Snivellous, and you will regret it” Sirius threatened.




“Tess, he was only showing you that to hurt you.”  Terese looked over at Snape’s face, and thought she saw a flash of vicious triumph in his eyes. 


“Sirius, let’s go.  I want to check on AJ.”  She said, suddenly exhausted.  They walked to the door.  She turned back after Sirius had left the room.


“She never wanted you, you know.  It was always him.” she said in a quiet voice.  The expression that flashed across Snape’s face was now very different.



They apparated onto the front doorstep of Grimmauld Place, and Terese stumbled towards the stairs.


“Tess, go and tell Remus and Tonks we’re back and rest.  I’ll go and check on AJ.”




“Tess.  You look like shit.  Go and sit down.”  He pushed her towards the kitchen.  She walked through the door to see Remus and Tonks sitting at either end of the sofa, facing each other and deep in conversation.  They looked up when they heard her walk in.


“How did it…” Remus began.  He stopped when he saw her face.  She was grey and he could see that her breathing was becoming laboured.  He jumped up and ran to her.  She fell forward and he managed to catch her around the waist, her torso was slumped over his arm.  Tonks watched in horror as Terese collapsed, but a part of her couldn’t help feeling jealous.


“Sirius!  SIRIUS!!” Remus bellowed.  Sirius came running downstairs.  He stood in the doorway, horrified.


“What happened?”


“She collapsed. It happened a lot after James and Lily… It’s the curse Bellatrix put on her.  Help me get her on the sofa.” 


Sirius scooped her up and carried her to the sofa.


“Why did no one tell me this could happen?”  He asked, glaring accusations at Remus.


“It hasn’t happened for years.  What happened at the school?”


“Umbridge upset her, then we ran in to Snivellous…”


“Don’t tell me you had a fight”


“Moony, can we focus on getting her better before throwing accusations”

He couldn’t believe this was happening.  How could he lose her now?  How could Harry be bereft again?  How could AJ be left motherless?


What would they do if she couldn’t wake up?


Chapter 24: Choices
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Chapter 24


Terese was floating.  She didn’t know where she was. 


She heard a voice.


“Raesey!”  She hadn’t heard that voice for fifteen years before today.  He was running around the garden in Italy, looking for her.  There was a laugh.  Aurelia was joining in as well.   She remembered games when James was trying to find the both of them; Terese running one way and Aurelia going the other.


More laughter.  Lily and Athena were there too? 


All she had to do was move towards them and she would be with them.  She missed them all so much and this was her chance to be with them again. 


Just as she was about to go, she heard another noise.  Crying.  She knew that cry, it was almost a part of her. Could she leave it just yet?


She knew she had a choice.  Parts of her old life or her present.  She had had to choose between James and Sirius before. She had chosen James but he had seen how miserable she was and got her and Sirius back together.  What choice should she make now?  Could she leave AJ, Sirius and Harry?


She couldn’t. 


She moved away from the laughter.  She needed her son.  She heard another voice now.


“Tess.  Tess, come on, please.  Babe…”


“I think she’s coming round.”


“Tess.  Tess. Please.”  She felt someone holding her hand.  She felt hair brushing against her arm and a mouth pressing against her fingers.


“Sirius, calm down.  She needs you to be calm.”


“Sirius?”  Her voice was weak and shaking.  She opened her eyes.  She saw Sirius and Remus standing over her.  She was in bed.  She didn’t remember getting there.


“Take it easy sweetheart.” Remus told her.  Sirius was too emotional to talk; he was clinging on to her hand.


“What happened?”  She asked.  The details were hazy now.


“We went into the pensieve at Hogwarts…” Sirius began.  It came flooding back to her.  She shook her head, remembering why she came back.


“AJ… Harry…”


“Harry’s at school babe, and AJ’s with Tonks.”


“I want to see him”


“You can babe, just rest a bit first…” Sirius tried to reason with her.  She struggled to sit up.


“I’ll go and get him myself.” She threatened, pushing the covers off her legs.


“Alright, sweetheart.  I’ll go and get him” Remus said, knowing that Sirius wouldn’t want to leave her.  Terese settled back on the pillows as Remus left the room.


“What happened babe?” he asked.


“I don’t know. It was something to do with that curse.  It hasn’t been that bad since it first all happened.” She said quietly.


“It was seeing that memory wasn’t it?”


“I don’t know.  It’s never been like it was before.”  She said.  “I always heard James and Aurelia and Lily and Athena.  But I couldn’t get to them.  This time I felt like I could.  If I just moved over, I could be with them.  I couldn’t before.”


“So why didn’t you?”


“I heard AJ crying”


“Babe, AJ wasn’t anywhere near.”


“But I heard him.  I knew I had to come back to him, and you, and Harry…”  He put his arm around her.


“I was terrified I was going to lose you again.”  Before she could reply, the door opened and Remus walked in with AJ.  Terese immediately held her arms out and AJ squirmed towards his mother.  She took him in her arms and held him tightly, burying her face in the top of his head.  Sirius sat watching her.  He noticed that she started to look slightly better on contact with AJ. 


“Hello sweetheart.  Mummy’s not going to leave you again.” She murmured.  AJ gurgled happily and wrapped her hair around his fingers.


“mumma” he said suddenly.  There was silence as they all looked at him in surprise.


“He said mumma” Terese said tearfully.


“See, Tess.  Our son’s a genius.” Sirius grinned at her.  He slid an arm around his wife as she stood their son on her lap.  AJ’s feet began a tiny tap dance on his mother’s lap.  He smiled as his father pulled faces at him.


Remus watched the scene with mixed emotions.  He was relieved that she had come round.  Despite everything, he had still not quite banished his feelings for her.  So it was still difficult for him to witness scenes such as this sometimes.  He was just about to retreat when there was a tap on the door.  Sirius and Terese being occupied, Remus opened it to find Tonks standing in the hallway.


“How is she?” she asked.


“Recovering.  She said she heard AJ cry.”


“She heard him?” Tonks asked.  “I thought I’d managed to stop the sound travelling.”


“He did actually cry, then?”  Remus was surprised.  “Sirius and I didn’t hear him”


“That’s weird” Tonks said, as AJ let out a shriek of delight as Sirius swung him up in the air.


“Sirius, be careful with him!” Terese exclaimed. 


“Tess, relax.  Don’t start getting yourself worked up again” Sirius told her, putting AJ back on the bed so that he could crawl around.  Remus and Tonks stood watching, awkwardly.


“If you’re feeling better, sweetheart, we’ll leave you to it.”  Remus said eventually.  Sirius and Terese looked u, slightly embarrassed, having forgotten they were there.


“You don’t have to go…” Terese began.


“You want some privacy.”  Remus walked over to them and kissed her on the forehead.  “I’m glad you’re feeling better, sweetheart” he ushered Tonks out and they walked downstairs.


“Are you ok, Remus?”  Tonks asked eventually.


“Hmmm?  Oh, yes, I’m fine.”


“You were worried about her.”  Tonks said; a statement, not a question.


“Yes.  She hasn’t done that for years.”


“Remus, can I ask you something?”  He shrugged, pouring two glasses of firewhiskey.  “Do you still love her?” He downed his drink and stared at the floor ponderously.  


“Honestly?  I don’t know.  I loved her since I was sixteen; it’s hard to remember how it felt not to.”  Tonks nodded.  “Even though she’s with Sirius, I don’t know what I’d do if she…” his voice trailed off and he poured himself another drink.


“You know there’s not many men who would forgive and forget like you…”


“Meaning I’m a pushover?” he replied sardonically.  Tonks blushed.


“No, not at all.  I meant that…well… you’re still friends with them…”


“They couldn’t not be together at the end of the day.” He told her, finally.  “He’s my best friend.  After everything, they deserve to be happy.” 


Back upstairs, Terese was feeling stronger and stronger.  Sirius had his arm around her, supporting her, and just being with her son helped.  She just wished Harry could be here. 


As AJ snuggled up against her to go back to sleep, and Sirius wrapped his arms around them, she knew she had made the right choice.




Chapter 25: Matchmaking
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As ever, its JKRs


Chapter 25


Remus sat in the kitchen, absent mindedly stirring a cold cup of coffee.  He was feeling unsettled, but couldn’t quite pinpoint why.  He had long resigned himself to the war.  He was used to living with his best friend and ex girlfriend. 


He sat trying to work it out as the door opened and Terese walked in, flopping down on the sofa.


“AJ asleep?” He asked.


“Finally.” She yawned.  “He’s like Sirius.  Doesn’t want to miss anything.” Remus smiled.


“Sounds about right.”


“You ok?” she asked, looking at his expression.


“Yeah I’m fine” she looked at him sceptically but knew better than to push it. 


“Tonks said she might pop in later” she said, attempting to sound casual.


“I know what you’re up to, Terese.” he said.  Her eyes widened in faked innocence.




“The matchmaking.”


“I don’t know what you mean”


“Yes you do.  I don’t need you to set me up” he snapped.


“Remus…” she began.


“It’s not as if we don’t have enough things to worry about…”




“And Tonks is just… it wouldn’t work” he finished.  He didn’t know why he was getting so worked up.  Surely it would be a good thing to be able to move on.  And he had, sort of.  He was fully aware of the fact that she was with Sirius forever now.  So why didn’t he want to let go?  He supposed it was pure habit.  He had loved her since he was sixteen, and didn’t remember what it was like to not.  It was too frightening to let go.  The feelings were too familiar in a time of fear and uncertainty.  The thought of letting go of them, even though they were nowhere near as strong as they had been, was unnerving.  They had become so much a part of him he didn’t know what would be left without them.


“Why wouldn’t it work Remus?” Terese asked, moving to sit down opposite him.


“She’s a lot younger than me.”


“Not that much.”


“Thirteen years. I remember Sirius telling us she’d been born”


“Does that really matter?”


“You think her family are going to like it?”


“The Blacks or the Tonks’?”  She raised her eyebrow.  “Because I wouldn’t worry about the Blacks.  I don’t suppose they’re any happier about Sirius marrying me.”


“And what about Sirius? He wouldn’t like it.  It would be James all over again.”


“James came round because he wanted us to be happy.” Terese snapped.  “And, anyway, I can handle Sirius.”  She said, smirking suddenly.


“Look, do you remember when we first…” he paused awkwardly for a moment, unsure whether it would be appropriate to mention their relationship.  She looked down at the table, allowing her hair to fall over her face.  She nodded.  “I gave you reasons why it wouldn’t happen.  Can you remember what they were?”




“That was one.”


“But that shouldn’t matter in a proper relationship.”


“What else?”


“You couldn’t give me children” She subconsciously glanced up at the ceiling, as if looking for her son.  “I didn’t think I could have any.”


“If she wants children, I couldn’t deny her that for my sake.”




“And what was the third reason?”  She looked up and looked him in the eye.


“You’re a werewolf.”  He stared back at her.  “So why would that bother her any more than it did me?”


“She would get branded with that stigma.  And what if I couldn’t control it and she was there…”


“So you were prepared to risk that with me?” she stated.


“That was different.”




“It’s different now.  There’s more anti- werewolf feeling now…”


“And we used to sleep together the morning after a full moon.  You’re safe with the wolfsbane potion.” They sat in silence for a minute.  “Shouldn’t let her decide whether these are issues before you write the whole thing off indefinitely” she said softly.


“Why are you pushing this Terese?” he asked.


“Because I don’t see why you’re so against it.”


“Really?” he snapped.  “You’re not feeling guilty about the fact you and Sirius are playing happy families with Harry and AJ after you left me for him?”  Her eyes flashed with anger.  She stood up and, trying to keep her temper marched to the door.


“That’s all in the past Remus.  Sirius and I didn’t get back together for over a year after you and I split up, and I’d thought we’d moved on from all that.  And just for the record, I thought we were friends.  I want you to be happy.”  She shut the kitchen door as forcefully as she could without disturbing the portrait of her mother in law and risking waking AJ.


“Shit” Remus mumbled, resting his head in his hands.  He didn’t have the energy to go after her.  Not that she would listen anyway.  The door opened again.


“Moony. What the fuck has been going on?” Sirius demanded.  “Tess is getting herself in a right state upstairs!”


“I didn’t mean to shout at her, Padfoot. I’m sorry”


“Shout at her?”


“She was matchmaking again…”


“So you shouted at her? Christ Remus, she’s only just getting her strength back properly.”


“I know, Sirius.  I lost my temper. I’ll go and apologise…”


“Leave it a while.  She’s still upset, and she’s sitting in with AJ.  Let her calm down.”  Remus nodded.  “I’m not going to ask what you said to her, Moony.  But I’m not going to let it slide again” he warned.  Remus nodded again.


Sirius went back upstairs and stood in the doorway of his son’s bedroom.  AJ had just woken up and Terese was cuddling him.


“How are you doing?” Sirius asked.


“I’m ok” she replied. 


“Remus is sorry you know.  He said he didn’t mean to shout at you.”


“I know he didn’t”


“So you’re ok?”


“I’ve had enough Sirius.  I want to go back to Brighton.”

Chapter 26: Histrionics
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As ever, it’s JKR’s  And the Kinks aren't anything to do with me either.


Chapter 26


Sirius stared at his wife in surprise. She had been the one who was happy to stay here.  When he had tried to change her mind she had dug her heels in, saying it was safer for all of them at Grimmauld Place. 


“Babe, it’s safe here…”  Sirius began.


“I’m sick of it, Sirius!” She shrieked.  AJ jumped, and, not used to his mother shouting, began to cry.  Sirius took him from her and began to rock their son.  Terese sat on the bed, wrapping her arms around herself.  “I’m sick of not being able to take AJ out for a walk.  It can’t be good for him being stuck in here.”


“Tess…” he said, trying to placate her as AJ toddled around happily after Sirius put him down. “What’s brought this on?  Is it Remus?”


“Yes. No. I don’t know.  It just feels like everything’s on hold.  When I was pregnant we had all these plans to do things with Harry and AJ but now…” her voice trailed off.


“Even if we go back to Brighton we won’t be able to do anything, we’ll still have to keep a low profile.”


“But we’ll have our own space.”  She wound her arms around his neck and leant her forehead against his.  “Sirius, babe, at least think about it…”


“Terese, listen to me.  I promised you that I would do everything I can to look after you.  I’m not sure I can do that properly in Brighton.”


“If Moody and Dumbledore put some enchantments on the house…”


“It’ll still be safer here.”


“Babe” she said, tilted her head back, her mouth searching for his.


“You’re not going to get me like this Tess.” He told her, amused.


“Mumma” AJ suddenly clung to her legs.  She disentangled herself from her husband. Scooping AJ up again and hugging him to her.


“Think how much he’d love it, babe.  The garden, the beach…”


“When you were pregnant, you wouldn’t go near either…”


“I can protect him properly now.”


“Like Lily protected Harry?” Sirius snapped.  Terese went pale, and would have hit him had it not been for their son.  She turned on her heel and left the room.   “Tess…” he began.  She ignored him and hurried downstairs, in time to see Tonks walk through the front door.


“What’s going on?” she asked, surprised to see the look on Terese’s face.


“I’ve had enough” Terese told her.  “We’re going”  Terese grabbed her and AJ’s coats from the stand in the hall.


“Going?” Tonks repeated, shocked.  “What do you mean?”  Remus walked out of the kitchen.


“I can’t take this anymore.  We’re going back to Brighton.” Her tone was getting hysterical.  “I just want to forget any of its happening.”


“Terese, sweetheart. Calm down…” Remus tried to placate her.


“Don’t tell me to calm down, Remus Lupin, especially not when you were shouting at me not half an hour ago.”


“Shouting? What’s been going on?” Tonks asked even more bemused.


“Never mind, Tonks” Remus snapped.  Tonks stormed through to the kitchen.


“Don’t start on her, Remus.” Terese snarled.


“What’s going on now?” Sirius asked walking down the stairs.  He saw the coats in his wife’s hand.


“Terese is leaving, she says” Remus told him.


“Tess. You’re not leaving.”


“You can’t tell me what to do Sirius” she spat at him.


“You’re not taking my son” he told her.


Our son, Sirius.”


“Then stay.”  Before she could answer, Tonks walked back through.


“Harry’s in the fire.” She informed them.


“What?” Terese asked.


“Floo network.”  Terese handed AJ to her and she and Sirius rushed into the kitchen and knelt in front of the fire, where Harry’s head was sitting.


“What was all the shouting?” he asked.  “Were you having a fight?”  Sirius glanced over Terese.


“It’s ok, sweetheart.  Just a difference of opinion.  I lost my temper that’s all” she told him.  “What’s the matter?”  She turned to Sirius.  “Didn’t you give him the mirror?”


“Yeah, of course of I did.” Sirius replied indignantly. 


“Mirror?” Harry asked.


“That package I gave you at Christmas.  It was a two mirror.”


“Oh.” Harry was surprised.  “I just wanted to talk… about my dad” he said haltingly.  Terese and Sirius looked at each other in surprise.


“Go on, mate.” Sirius said eventually.  Harry told them about a memory he had seen of Snape’s during an occlumancy lesson.  He was clearly concerned about the light this threw on James’ character.


“I remember that.” Sirius said.


“I remember him writing to me about that.” Terese said.  “What a prat he was” she continued, fondly.  Harry looked dismayed.  “Look sweetheart. He was a fifteen year old lad…”


“So am I” Harry interrupted.


“You have to remember, mate, James spent his whole life being adored.  That did make him a bit…up himself” Sirius said.


“And Snape wasn’t exactly innocent all the time” Terese pointed out.  “It was mutual.”


“But what about my mum?  It looked like she hated him.”


“She did at that time.”  Sirius told him.  “But she changed her mind in the seventh year.”  Harry didn’t look convinced.


“Harry, darling, James had his moments, believe me.  But it was only a couple of months after that he saved my life.”


“And he was the best friend I ever had.”  Sirius said quietly.  Before Harry could reply, there was a sound of distant footsteps.


“I’d better go” he said hurriedly.


“Take care sw…” Terese began before his head disappeared.  She sat back on her heels.  “Sirius…”


“I’d forgotten about that” he said eventually.  “He really is like James isn’t he?”


“He’d be pissed at me now wouldn’t he?” Terese said quietly.


“Possibly” Sirius said, suppressing a smile.


“I’m sorry babe.  I just freaked out…”


“I know.  Look, maybe we can go to Brighton for a weekend.  I’ll speak to Dumbledore.”  She nodded.  They sat in silence for a while, staring at the fireplace.  Terese smiled, lost in her thoughts.


“What?” he asked.


“I was thinking about James and Lily.  Do you remember when he changed the lyrics to that Kinks song?”


“But Lily didn’t work quite as well as Lola!” Sirius laughed.  “Tess.” He was suddenly serious.  “What I said about Lily…”


“Lets forget it shall we?  We’ve got more important things to think about, right?”

“Of course you’re right.  You’re half Potter.” He teased.  They went back in to the hall where Remus and Tonks were waiting awkwardly.


“Alright?”  Tonks asked as Terese took AJ and put him on the floor so he could stand up clinging on to her fingers.  She glanced over at Sirius, who slung his arm across her shoulder.


“I think so” he replied.





Chapter 27: Battle
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Chapter 27


“Tess, please. Stay with AJ…” Sirius begged his wife.


“Andy’s already here, Sirius. I’m going with you” He recognised the determination in her eyes.  “Sirius…” she said again, her voice taking on a pleading tone.  “If we don’t go know, who knows what’s going to happen to Harry?”  She grabbed his hand and they ran in to the kitchen where Mad-eye Moody, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Remus and Tonks were preparing to floo to the Ministry of Magic, where Harry and his friends were currently fighting Death eaters. 


“Terese…” Remus began.


“I’m going, Remus” she said.  He glanced at Sirius, who nodded.  Sirius and Terese were the last to go and, just as she was about to step into the fire place, Sirius grabbed her arm.  She was about to protest, but he opened his mouth first.


“Tess.”  He said.  “I…I Love You!”  He said finally.  She reached up and kissed him hard on the mouth before turning and flooing out of the kitchen.



They raced frantically through the Ministry, trying to find Harry and his friends.  The Hall of Prophesies was virtually destroyed, shards of glass making the room shimmer and sparkle. 


“Not here” Moody said gruffly, hurriedly stomping out the door.  He went to the next door and stared at in.  “Here” He pointed his wand at the door and it blasted open.  They rushed in to see Harry and his friends surrounded by Death eaters.


The Death eaters turned to face them as they ran down the stairs.  They had already pulled their wands and soon a battle was in full swing.  Terese saw Sirius go over to Harry and talk to him urgently at the same time as fighting Lucius Malfoy.  She heard a cackle behind her and spun round, so she was facing Bellatrix Lestrange.


“Long time no see, Bellatrix.”  She snarled.  Bellatrix’s face twisted in to a smile.


“I do believe the last time was in an alleyway…”  She taunted.  Terese felt a jolt of anger at the memory.  Her child would be 14 now…




“I thought it was quite… fun” Bellatrix taunted.  Terese raised her wand and shot a spell at her.  Bellatrix ducked and sent one back.  “I hear you have another brat.  Now that’s a challenge.”  Terese tried to keep the flash of fear she felt at Bellatrix’s taunt show on her face. 


“You’re getting nowhere near my son, Bellatrix.”  She sent another spell at Bellatrix who cackled and whirled out of the way.


“He is a Black, he might grow up with the right ideals.”


“If he’s anything like his father he will”


Sirius looked over and saw his wife Bellatrix, and he could see how agitated he was. He couldn’t get over to help her, not that she would appreciate it.  He tried to see if there was anyone else near her.  Before he could try and attract Remus’ attention, Tonks was next to her.


Bellatrix smiled malevolently at her niece, and shot a spell at her.  While her adversary was distracted, Terese glanced around her and saw her godson watching the fighting.  She ran over to him, desperate to make him leave.


“Harry, sweetheart.  Find the others and go. Please.”


“I can’t leave you and Sirius…”


“Look, Harry, I promised your parents I’d look after you…”


“I’m not a child”


“I know your not, but please Harry, just go. Go and make sure AJ’s ok.” She pleaded with him.  They heard a thud.  Moody was unconscious on the floor, Dolohov standing not far away.  Sirius immediately took over.  Harry looked at his godmother and saw she had paled. 


“Go back and join in Terese.  I’ll be fine.  Go and help the others.”  She looked at him, in a quandary.  She wanted to look after Harry but she couldn’t just stand by and let Sirius fight without helping him… 


All of a sudden Dolohov went rigid and fell backwards. Harry’s wand was aimed at him.  Sirius grinned at his godson.


“Cheers mate”


Remus glanced around at hearing his friend’s voice.  He saw Terese standing near Harry, practically white.  He knew there was a danger that she could relapse; perhaps especially because Bellatrix was nearby.  He knew there was no way she would have stayed behind when Harry was in danger but he couldn’t help wishing she had.  He watched as she touched Harry’s arm briefly and run back to the battle, immediately fighting a still masked death eater.  Not far from her he saw a flash of pink hair.  Tonks was on the floor, unconscious.  Bellatrix gloating not far away.  His heart jumped into his throat, his thoughts of Terese virtually flying from his head for a second.  Tonks was becoming a big part of his life; he hadn’t realised how much she meant to him until he saw her get hit.


Sirius began to fight Bellatrix, as Kingsley began to fight Rookwood and Remus jumped in to fight Malfoy.  Terese was beginning to feel weak.  She thought of Bellatrix’s taunts about her son and anger surged through her.  The energy shot of her wand, throwing her opponent across the room. 


All of a sudden, there was a flash above them.  Dumbledore was standing on the dias, furious.  The relief she felt was intense.  Now Dumbledore was here they couldn’t lose.  She saw the same feelings etched across Harry’s features until they noticed something at the same time.  The fighting had stopped as death eaters floundered under Dumbledore’s ferocity.  Except one. 


Sirius and Bellatrix were still fighting fiercely, both determined to win.  The fear Terese suddenly felt almost made her ill.  She couldn’t lose him now.  She couldn’t allow Harry and AJ to be without him.   She saw the expression on Bellatrix’s face.  All of a sudden she was transported back in time.  She was pregnant, unarmed and terrified facing her husband’s cousin in an unknown alleyway.  She was had looked up in time to see a wand slash through the air.  A malevolent, intense, gleeful expression was the last thing she saw before she lost consciousness.  


She stared in horror as Bellatrix raised her wand again and took aim.

Chapter 28: After the Battle
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Chapter 28


The green light began to shoot across the space between Bellatrix and Sirius.  Terese didn’t think; all of a sudden she was hurtling across the room and her body rammed in to Bellatrix’s arm.  Sirius grabbed her and pulled her over to him as the green light shot passed, missing them by millimetres.  The light hit the stone archway in the middle of the room.  Terese expected it to be damaged in some way but, suddenly, the light reflected back and hit Bellatrix square in the chest.  She looked stunned for a minute, then fell backwards and hit the floor with a dull thud. 


The room became eerily silent for a split second, until the conscious death eaters, who were now all tied together in the centre of the room, let out cries of rage.  Terese looked down at the body in horror.  Sirius saw her face, and knew what she was thinking.




“Oh Merlin…” she whispered.


“It wasn’t your fault, babe.  She cast the spell.”




“Stopped her from killing me” he supplied.  She let out a sob and buried her face in his chest.  Sirius glanced over at Remus.  “I’m going to take her home.”  He looked around the room. “Where’s Harry?”


“What?”  Terese said.  “He’s just…” she turned, and gasped when she realised that he was gone.


“He went to find de others” Neville Longbottom told them, holding his broken nose. 


“He went off on his own?” Terese said, uneasily.  “Sirius…” she began.  The two of them raced out of the room. They found him in the main foyer, Dumbledore was already there.


They weren’t alone.  Dumbledore was fighting Voldemort.  Fiercely.   Harry was being shielded by the fountain of Magical Brethren. 


All of a sudden, Voldemort vanished.  Harry was lying, writhing on the floor, his eyes rolling.  He spoke, daring Dumbledore to kill him.  Terese ran over to him and fell to her knees, grabbing his hand.  She looked in to his eyes and was faced with pure evil. 


“Harry.” she whispered. “Harry, darling. You’re not him” she continued tearfully.  Sirius knelt next to her. 


“Come on mate.” He said softly


The part of Harry’s brain that wasn’t possessed registered his godparents’ presence.  Thoughts of them seeped into his consciousness as he tried to combat the excessive pain.  He saw them the night Sirius was proved innocent; winding the Dursleys up, the summer in Brighton, having AJ.  And AJ was like his baby brother. 


The pain intensified.  Maybe if he succumbed, it would be best.  Maybe Voldemort would leave his family alone if he wasn’t there. All of a sudden, there was a screaming sound coming from his mouth, a whooshing and then… numbness.


“Harry?” he heard a soft voice, and a gentle hand stroked his forehead.  He opened his eyes and saw his godparents kneeling next to him. 



Later on, they were sat in Grimmauld Place, speechless.  Dumbledore had told them about the prophecy.


“Harry…” Sirius begun, eventually.


“I’m ok, Sirius.” Harry told him.


“Harry.  What’s happened, what Dumbledore told you, it’s a lot to take in.”


“What, that I have to kill him or he has to kill me?  Yeah, it is a bit.” Harry mumbled.


“Look, sweetheart, you know you’re not alone, don’t you?” Terese told him, tentatively.


“Look.” Harry began.  “Maybe it’s better for you…and AJ…if I wasn’t here.”


“What do you mean?” Terese asked, worried.


“I don’t want him to target you.  He tricked me into going to the Ministry by making me think he had Sirius.”


“So you think we’ll be safer if you’re not here?” Sirius asked, quietly.


“Won’t you?”


“He goes after people who oppose him anyway. We’re members of the Order of the Phoenix, Harry.  We’re all under threat anyway, whether you’re with us or not.”


“But…” Harry began.


“There’s no need to decide anything tonight, mate” Sirius interrupted.  “Stay here, go back to Hogwarts for the end of term and then we’ll see.  Dumbledore won’t want you to make any rash decisions”   Harry nodded thoughtfully.


“Harry, what were you thinking about when he wasn’t able to keep possessing you?”  Harry didn’t speak for a minute.


“You two.  And AJ.  And how if I’d died he might leave you alone.”  Terese let out a sob and turned away.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you”  He said.  They sat in silence and, before long, Harry excused himself and went to bed.  Terese went to check on AJ and, when she went into her bedroom, Sirius was already in there.


Terese stared at her husband as he took his torn, battle-stained off.  He no longer had the toned physic he’d had before Azkaban.  He had filled out since they had got back together though and he no longer had the wasted look about him that he had had for a long time.  As she watched him, she suddenly realised that, had it not been for the fact she had run at Bellatrix, Sirius may well not be here right now.  She might be widowed; Harry and AJ would be fatherless.  He turned and saw her staring at him.  


“What?” he asked.  She suddenly flew across the room at him and wrapped herself around him.  He grabbed hold of her, surprised.  She hadn’t been like this since… since before James and Lily had died.  Her fingers buried in his hair, he carried her over to the bed.  She pulled at his trousers frantically as he lay on top of her.


Afterwards, they lay, panting and entangled, at the bottom of the bed.


“It hasn’t been like that for a long time” he said, stroking her hair.


“I know.” she replied.  “You know, If she’d… If you’d…”


“I’m still here, babe.”



Chapter 29: Late one night
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Its JKR’s


Chapter 29


There was a knock on the door, late at night.  Terese sat bolt upright, surprised.


“Who’s that?”


“I don’t know, babe” Sirius said, sleepily.  He got out of bed, pulled his dressing gown on and grabbed his wand.  “It can only be an order member babe” he said, seeing his wife’s anxious expression.  “I doubt anyone would have got the secret from Dumbledore.”  They went downstairs, Terese listening at AJ’s bedroom door on the way. 


Sirius opened the door and was surprised to see Dumbledore and Harry on the doorstep.  Terese flew passed him and enveloped her godson in a hug. 


“Harry! We weren’t expecting you until the morning”


“Forgive the lateness.” Dumbledore said, affably.  “Our business took less time than I thought”


“It’s good to see you mate.” Sirius clapped Harry on the shoulder, unable to hug him as Terese had not relinquished her hold on him. 


“Do you want anything to eat? You must be starving.”  She said, looking at Harry, making sure there were no signs of maltreatment of him by the Dursleys. 


“I must be going” Dumbledore said.  “Harry, I will let you know the time of our first lesson.  Goodnight”


“Goodnight, Sir” Harry said.  They all went in to the kitchen, and Terese fussed around getting food for Harry.


“So how have they been treating you?” Terese asked.  Harry shrugged. 


“Ignoring me mostly.  They did get a surprise when Dumbledore showed up though.” He grinned.  “How are you? How’s AJ?”


“He’s fine.  Fast asleep, Thank God. He’s nearly walking now”




“He’s a menace” Sirius grinned.


“What about you, Terese? You haven’t been ill again?”


“No.  Since Bellatrix… since the ministry, I think the curse has broken” 


Before Harry could reply, the door opened and Remus stood in the doorway, looking exhausted.  He looked on in surprise at the domesticated scene in front of him.  Harry was early.  Not for the first time he debated the wisdom of being here with them.  The night of the battle he had returned to the house late after sitting with Tonks in St Mungos.  As it was coming up to a full moon, his senses were heightened and, walking passed Sirius and Terese’s bedroom, he heard the creaking of the bed, taunting him with the intense pulse.  This combined with the feelings he had experienced when he saw Tonks unconscious at the Ministry meant that he was feeling extremely confused.


It wasn’t as if he hadn’t heard Sirius and Terese before.  He remembered one time at James’ the summer before their seventh year.  He had been walking through the hall when something moving caught his eye in the mirror.  It was reflecting the mirror opposite in the lounge.  He saw Terese’s face reflected through; her head was hanging off the edge of the sofa and was partly covered by a curtain of black hair.  They must have put a silencing charm on the room but hadn’t shut the door properly in the rush to get to the sofa.  He rushed passed and outside to the pool, grabbing one of the beers James had put in an icebox.


“Remus” she said, smiling as she noticed him.  “Do you want anything to eat?”


“No thanks, sweetheart.  Hello Harry.”


“Hi Remus.”


“Mission accomplished?” 


“Slughorn agreed to teach.” Harry replied.


“Slughorn?” Terese asked, surprised.


“Dumbledore will have his reasons, I suppose” Sirius said, yawning.


“Tired, old man?” Terese teased, ruffling his hair. 


“You’re older than me” he pointed out, putting an arm around her waist.  She batted his arm away playfully.


“Shut up, Sirius” she replied, making Harry laugh. 


“I think I’m going to go to bed, if you don’t mind.” Harry said.


“Don’t you want anything to eat?” Terese asked her godson, concerned. Harry looked at the somewhat charred bacon in the frying pan Terese was holding.


“Er…no thanks.  I’m tired.” He said.  Sirius and Remus suppressed grins, seeing Harry look at the food.


“Oh, ok. Night sweetheart. Sleep well” she said as he went upstairs.  “Either of you want this?” she asked.


“Werewolves prefer meat a little less well done, sweetheart” Remus replied.  “Sirius might though” he shot a glance at his best friend.


“I’ve eaten, babe” he said quickly.


“Yeah, yeah.” She replied, frowning as she threw the food away.  “So why does Dumbledore want to bring Slughorn out of retirement?” Remus shrugged.


“To stop him from getting caught by death eaters?”


“Surely there are other ways of doing that surely.  Without bringing him back to teach.  And Hogwarts has a potions teacher…” Sirius snorted derisively.




“So if Slughorn’s teaching potions then… shit. Surely not…”  Terese said.


“What?” Sirius asked.


“The only other available teaching position is…”


“Defence against the dark arts.”  Remus finished.


“Snivellous teaching defence? When he was one of the bastards we were defending against?”


“Dumbledore trusts him, Padfoot.  Perhaps we should too” Remus stated.


“After what he did to Tess?”  Sirius was outraged.


“I chose to go into the pensieve, babe” Terese pointed out quietly.  “He didn’t make me”


“He didn’t have to tell you about it.  He knew what could happen when you get upset.”


“That doesn’t mean he’s a death eater, Sirius” Remus pointed out.  “It just means he’s a vindictive git.  But if Dumbledore trusts him, perhaps we should”


“I don’t know, Moony.  I’m not I’m happy about him teaching dark arts” Sirius said.


“Should we say anything to Harry?” Terese asked.


“We don’t know anything for definite yet” Remus said.  “Snape and Slughorn may split potions between them.  They’ve done that with divination haven’t they?”


“True. Ok, maybe we should leave it and see what happens. And anyway, even if Snape does teach DADA, it doesn’t mean its necessarily a bad thing.”


“How do you work that out?”  Sirius asked her.


“How long has every other defence teacher lasted?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.  Sirius grinned.


“Don’t say any of this in front of Harry, will you?” Remus told them.   


“Alright, Moony. We’ll behave.” Sirius told him, with an innocent expression. Remus looked at his best friend sceptically.


“I’ll believe that when I see it.”






Chapter 30: Empathy
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As ever, its JKRs


Chapter 30


“I can’t believe you actually agreed to come here” Harry said, as his Godparents and little brother arrived at the Burrow for Christmas.


“I’m refusing to let her become a total recluse” Sirius grinned.


“Oh shut up Sirius” Terese said, trying to keep AJ from running off to the garden.  “Anyway, I didn’t want to risk ruining Christmas dinner.  I can just help Molly without peril”


“You can’t be that bad at cooking” Hermione said, appearing at Harry’s shoulder.


“Oh she is” Sirius replied. “Right Moony?” he said, as Remus walked up the path.


“I’m saying nothing, Padfoot.” He said, as Terese glared at him.


“Well you survived three years living with me so I wouldn’t complain” she said.  “NO AJ. The gnomes are not for chasing” she shot off after her son who had managed to free himself and run towards the garden.



“Have you heard Ron’s got a girlfriend?” Molly Weasley announced at dinner.


“Mum” Ron mumbled as his brothers, sister and Harry sniggered.


“Who?” Remus asked, knowing most of Harry’s classmates.


“Lavender Brown” Ron mumbled again.  Remus raised his eyebrow.


“No accounting for taste” Hermione muttered under her breath.  Terese glanced over at her in surprise but was immediately distracted by AJ throwing food on the floor.


“AJ. No.  Sorry, Molly” she apologised, waving her hand and vanishing the food.


“Did you just do wandless magic?” Harry asked in surprise.


“Yeah” Terese said proudly. “I’ve got my strength back since Bellatrix died.”  Sirius slipped an arm around her and planted a kiss on the top of her head.  



After dinner, when everything was cleared away and everyone was sitting in the lounge, Remus noticed Hermione go out to the garden.  Suspecting he knew what the matter was, he followed her.


“Hermione.” She jumped as he said her name.


“Rem… Professor…” she stammered.  He smiled.


“Remus is fine, Hermione.  Are you alright?”


“Me? Yes.  I… I wanted some fresh air.”


“I don’t suppose it will last you know”




“Ron and Lavender”


“Whether it does or doesn’t, what does it matter to me?” she replied defensively. 


“It’s not easy, is it?”




“Seeing someone you like with someone else”


“What?  I don’t…I’m not…” she protested.  He looked at her, wordlessly.  “No. It’s not easy.” She agreed eventually.


“On the bright side, the person in question isn’t with your best friend” Remus told her quietly.  Her eyes widened in surprise.


“You mean you…” she looked back at the house, where Terese was standing at the window with Sirius and AJ.  Hermione and Remus were out of their view.  Terese was pointing something in the garden out to AJ and Sirius was laughing as AJ was clearly excited by what he saw.


“Ridiculous, isn’t it?”


“No, I wouldn’t say that.  How long have you been in love with her?”


“Since I was sixteen”


“Does she know?”


“I don’t know.  I thought that she did when we were together”


“But you gave her away last Christmas”


“And when they got married the first time.”


“But how did you manage that?”


“I wanted her to be happy.”


“Why are you telling me this?”


“Sometimes it helps to know you’re not alone.” He sat looking up at the sky, the crescent moon threatening what was to come in a couple of weeks time. 


“But how have you coped, seeing them together all the time?”


“I don’t know.  I couldn’t just stop being friends with them.  And right from the start it was obvious they were made for each other.  Neither of them would have fallen out with James over anyone else.  When Lily and James got together, they were the golden couples of Hogwarts. Everyone wanted to be them or were just jealous of them.”


“So you never said anything?”


“Lily guessed and told James.  But he knew how much they need each other and there was no way he would allow anything to jeopardise that, especially not me, Sirius’ best friend.”


“But since they got back together.  That must be…”


“Look, Hermione.  If something’s meant to be it’s meant to be.”


“So Ron and Lavender…”


“Might just be a short term thing”




“I’m not an expert in divination by any means, Hermione, but I know James had loads of flings before he settled down with Lily.”


“What are you saying, Remus?”


“Just…be patient.  As I said, if it’s meant to be, it will be.”


“And if it isn’t meant to be?”


“Then you move on” he stated simply.  Hermione thought about it for a while.


“When are you going to move on, Remus?” she asked quietly.  Remus sighed, thoughtfully, almost half smiling to himself.


“I thinking about it.” He replied.


“We should go in.  Mrs Weasley will be wondering where we are.”  They stood up and ambled towards the back door.  As they got there, Remus caught Hermione’s arm.


“Hermione, what we talked about. It’s just between us. Agreed?”


“Of course” she smiled.  He had certainly given her something to think about.  Something of a cautionary tale perhaps. 


As they settled down in the lounge with the others, Remus watched Terese, Sirius, AJ and Harry together.  AJ was asleep on Terese’s lap; she was leaning on Sirius’ shoulder, half joining in the conversation and half dozing, while Harry was sitting with his friends, chatting to Sirius.  He thought about the Christmas’ he had spent with Terese when they were together.  Quiet, non eventful and she had never looked that happy and relaxed.  He thought of Tonks, who was probably with her parents.  He found that he missed her.  She was refreshing company; she made him laugh, she was sympathetic when he was preparing for the full moon- though she didn’t treat him with kid gloves, which he hated.  She was too young for him though.  His best friend’s cousin.  Not to mention the potential problems caused by subjecting her to being linked to a werewolf.  He sighed.  Despite what he intimated to Hermione, moving on wasn’t always easy.



Chapter 31: Festive discussions
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Chapter 31


“Don’t stay up too late, please” Molly Weasley said to Ron, Ginny Harry and Hermione.


“No, Mum” Ron and Ginny chorused.


“No, Mrs Weasley” Harry and Hermione chorused.  They were sitting in the living room on Christmas night, with Sirius, Terese and Remus all of whom were sleeping in there.  Molly and Arthur had offered to let them have beds but none of them would here of it.  AJ was in a little bed in the corner with a silencing charm around him so that they could hear him but so that he wouldn’t be woken.


“I’m never eating again” Terese groaned, leaning her head on Sirius’ shoulder.  “I look pregnant again” she rubbed her tummy.


“Something you’re not telling me, babe?” Sirius grinned at her.


“Don’t even think about it, Black” she said grumpily.  “I don’t think that’s going to be happening again.  Sorry babe.”  She snuggled up to him.  Hermione shot Remus a covert glance, curious as to his reaction.  He took a swig of beer and said nothing.


“I think I might go to bed.” Hermione said.  “It’s been a long day.”  She said goodnight and went upstairs.


“So, Ron” Terese said, grinning.  “Lavender Brown!”   Ron groaned.


“Oh not you as well!”  Terese, Sirius and Remus laughed.


“What’s up, Won-Won?” Ginny asked her brother, mischievously.  “I thought you two were all loved up.”


“Like you and Dean?” he shot back.


“Blimey, it’s all coming out now” Terese laughed.  Sirius looked fondly at his wife.  The look on her face was the same as she had had when she was giggling with Lily and Athena.


“What about you, mate?” Sirius asked Harry.  Harry looked uncomfortable, and Sirius could have sworn he glanced at Ginny.




“He’s the object of a fair few campaigns though” Ginny giggled.  “Romilda Vane is determined.”


“Thanks, Gin.” Harry grumbled.


“This all sounds very familiar.” Terese said grinning at Sirius and Remus.


“Doesn’t it just” Remus said dryly. 


“What do you mean?” Harry asked.


“School.” Remus told him.


“These two and your dad had all the girls desperate for them.  Lily and I weren’t very popular” Terese laughed.


“Really?” Ron asked.  “Did any of you go out with any of them?”


“I didn’t after we got together” Sirius said.  “But Moony didn’t do badly, and Prongs did well before Lily” he grinned.  Terese smiled thoughtfully.  She had a fleeting memory of a party in the Gryffindor common room.   Remus sitting on a windowsill kissing one of the girls who had been chasing after James and Sirius.  She had felt a pang of jealousy; she and Remus had even rowed about it.  Now she felt differently.  She loved him dearly and wanted him to be truly happy.


“Oh merlin, do you remember Heather?” Terese said, giggling suddenly.  Sirius and Remus laughed.


“Who could forget? She was a nightmare.”  Sirius replied.


“Who was Heather?” Ron asked.


“The girl James went out with before Lily.” Remus explained.


“Talk about a bunny boiler.” Sirius added.  “He only really wanted to make Lily jealous.”


“What happened?” Harry asked, trying not to sound too eager to get information about his father.


“Plan B” Terese said, giggling again; she had had a few glasses of wine since putting AJ to bed.


“Don’t tell that, Terese” Remus said, rolling his eyes.


“You’re not their teacher anymore Moony” Sirius told him.


“What’s Plan B?” Ginny asked.


“When James wanted to end it with someone but didn’t want to look like the bad guy, we used Plan B if she didn’t get the message.  I would have to pick a fight until she insulted me and then he would jump in and defend me then he would get dumped for not making me apologise.”


“That’s…” Ginny began.


“Brilliant!” Ron exclaimed.  “Ginny…”


“No” she exclaimed instantly.


“Oh go on…”


“See what you’ve started.” Remus said.


“Does that really work?” Ron asked thoughtfully.


“Might do mate.”  Harry replied, grinning. “I’d say Lavender’s the demanding type.”


“Hmmm” he said.  “I’m off to bed” He stood up and left quickly before he could get teased anymore. Ginny soon followed.


“You alright mate?” Sirius asked Harry, who appeared to have something on his mind.


“Yeah.  I just…I wondered…”


“What’s the matter sweetheart?” Terese asked, concerned.


“Nothing’s the matter. I just wondered whether you’d heard of any one called the Half Blood Prince when you were at school?”


“Who?” Terese asked, bemused, whilst Sirius and Remus both tried to remember.


“The Half Blood Prince” Harry repeated.


“Where did you hear that?” Sirius asked.


“Around school” was the evasive reply.


“I’ve never heard of it before. But then I was only there for two years.”

“I don’t think I’ve heard of it either.” Remus stated.  “Sirius?”  Sirius shook his head.


“I thought it might have been… my dad” Harry mumbled.


“Definitely not.  There is no way he would have got away with making us call him anything like that.” Terese said with certainty.  “And even Jimmy’s adolescent ego didn’t stretch that far.” She finished fondly. 


“I saw it written in a old potions book I’ve been using.  And it had the levicorpus spell in it, which I know my dad used.”

“That was popular when we were at school” Remus said, thoughtfully. “But anyone could have written it down in a textbook”


“Yeah, I suppose so” Harry said, obviously disappointed.


“Harry, sweetheart.  You don’t need to look for stuff like that to feel a connection to James.  All you have to do is look in the mirror.”  He smiled weakly at her.


“Or talk to you lot”


“Anytime, mate” Sirius said to him, clapping him on the shoulder.  “You’d better go to bed now though, before Molly realises you’re still up.”


“Yeah alright.  Night” he said as he left the room.  They sat in silence for a while until Remus indicated to Sirius that he should look at Terese who was leaning on him.  He looked down and saw she was fast asleep.  He gently waved his wand and a camp bed appeared.  He picked her up gently as Remus pulled the blankets on the bed back and Sirius put her down.  They then lay down on a sofa each and were soon fast asleep.



Chapter 32: Godric's Hollow
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It’s J K R’s


Chapter 32


“Are you sure about this babe?”  Sirius asked his wife.  She was wrapped in a cloak with AJ clutched close to her.


“Yeah.  I know its stupid, but I need to do this.” She said, her voice shaking with nerves.


“Sweetheart, I’m not sure it’s a good idea.  There are bound to be Death eaters watching Godric’s Hollow…” Remus began.


“I…know…” Terese faltered.  “But we used to go every year on his birthday, remember? When we…” her voice trailed off.  “I’m not saying we should stay for long.  I just want to show AJ…”


“Show AJ what, Terese?” Remus continued.  “Graves?  A statue? The place where James and Lily were murdered?”


“That’s enough Moony” Sirius snapped, seeing Terese get increasingly pale as AJ struggled to get down.


“I just don’t think it’s safe.”


“Come with us then” Terese said, in a small voice.  “They were your family too.  Come with us.”


“That’s an idea.” Sirius said.


“I…” Remus began, unsure.


“Look, I want to go soon.  AJ’s getting fractious.” Terese snapped.



They apparated to Godric’s Hollow, making sure no one had noticed.  They made their way to the grave yard, wondering round looking for the right plot.  Remus coughed loudly, the plan being that they would stay reasonably close to one another and cough if they found it. Terese was there in an instant, still struggling to keep hold of her still wilful son.  She stared at the gravestone, almost unable to relate it to her cousin and her best friend.  Both of them had been so vital and full of life.  And now they were just piles of bones under the still hard earth.  Terese felt an arm around her waist.


“You alright, babe?” Sirius asked her quietly.  She nodded.  She didn’t feel anything like she had after the incident with the pensieve; since Bellatrix’s death she had only felt stronger.


She knelt down next to the graves, sitting AJ on her lap and wrapping her cape around his shoulders.


“Jimmy, Lils.” She said quietly.  “I want you to meet someone.” She pulled the cape away from AJ’s face.  “This is Anthony James.  AJ.  Our son.” 


“Surprised?” Sirius said, grinning.


“And he adores Harry” Terese told them.  “They’re like brothers.”


“Harry’s brilliant, mate.” Sirius said.  “Star of the quidditch team…”


“Like that’s the most important thing.” Terese said.


“What?  James would be proud of that.”


“There are other things babe…”


“I know.”


“As you can see, some things don’t change” Remus said dryly.


“Yes they do.” Sirius said.  “We just collapse on the bed and sleep.”


“Shut up, Sirius.” She snapped.


“And she’s still bossing me around all the time.”


“And you wouldn’t have it any other way, Padfoot” Remus said.


“Course not” he said, squeezing his wife’s shoulder.  “I’ve always known how bossy she is” he teased.  Terese scowled at him.


“See this Lils, they’re still ganging up on me”


“Do you remember when she tried to teach James to dance for his wedding?”  Sirius grinned at Remus, who chuckled.




“I’m not sure about this, Jimmy” Terese said, doubtfully as James put his arm around her waist.  “Shouldn’t you get a proper teacher?”


“I couldn’t find one” he replied.  “You know you’re good at this” Terese rolled her eyes.


“Ok, can you remember a basic waltz at least?”


“I think so.”


“Ok, Sirius, music please” she said.  Sirius grinned and flicked his wand.  A slow waltz filled the flat, where they were practising; all the furniture had been moved to the side of the room. Sirius and Remus were sitting on the sofa, watching.  “Ok.  One…two…three…and… OWWWWWWWWWWW” she squealed as James immediately trod on her foot.  Sirius and Remus roared with laughter.


“Er, sorry Raesey.” James said sheepishly.


“I really hope you’re not going to do that to Lily during your first dance.”


“This is why I need your help, my oh so talented cousin.”


“Oh boy” she said under her breath. 


An hour later, Terese was virtually in tears due to the bruising on her toes.  James was scowling at Sirius and Remus who were laughing hysterically.  She had spent most of the time telling him off and shouting at him as he consistently got the steps wrong.


“Why are they here again?” James asked.


“Like we’d miss this!” Sirius said between laughs.  “Yet something else we can safely say I’m better at, Prongs”


“He’s right Prongs” Remus agreed.


“Sure you are.”  James snapped.  Sirius jumped up, flicked his wand so a fast salsa beat.  He grabbed Terese by the hand and swung her round into his arms.  He danced her round the room flawlessly, ending up dipping her in front James.  He glowered at them.


“You are such a show off Sirius” James said.


“You’re just jealous Prongs.” He replied, swinging Terese up again.


“Right, James. Try again.” Terese said.


“Are you going to keep shouting at me?”


“Are you going to keep getting it wrong?”


“That’s unfair…”


“What are you going to do? Tell Lily and spoil it?” She snapped.


“Right.  That’s it. I give up”


End Flashback


“Hey, it wasn’t my fault he was a horrible dancer” Terese defended herself.


“Mummy” AJ whined, trying to pull the cloak around him more.


“Shall we have a walk around?” she suggested.  Remus and Sirius pulled their wands out and they walked towards the main square.  They saw the memorial, statues of James, Lily and Harry. 


“They we go AJ.” Sirius pointed to it.  “There’s your Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Lily.  And Harry”


“Harry” AJ said excitedly, looking around.  Sirius laughed. 


“Not here mate.  Not really” AJ’s face fell, and he started to cry.


“Sirius!”  She exclaimed.  “Maybe we should take him home.” She cuddled her son to her.


“I don’t think so”  A voice drawled behind them.



Chapter 33: Repercussions
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Yeah, it’s JKR’s


Chapter 33


“Malfoy” Sirius exclaimed, his wand at the ready, with Remus standing next to him.  Terese held AJ close to her with one arm and pulled her wand out with the other.  Lucius Malfoy and a group of masked Death eaters surrounded them.


“Well well well.” Lucius said.  “The gang’s all here”


“What do you want?”  Sirius said.


“The Dark Lord isn’t very happy”


“Brilliant, Freud, did you work that out all by yourself?” Terese mumbled.


“He thinks there should be some retribution for Bellatrix” 


“Bellatrix!” Terese whispered.


“It was her own curse” Remus said.  “It rebounded on her.”


“Really!”  Lucius snarled.  “Forgive me if I don’t believe a filthy half breed!”  Sirius let a low, angry growl rip through his teeth.  Remus didn’t flinch.


“Those are the facts, whether you believe them or not.”  He continued.


“Tess, get AJ out of here” Sirius said under his breath. 


“You really think I’m going to leave you?”


“Get help.”  Malfoy laughed.


“You’ll need more than help Black” he said.  Terese attempted to apparate away.  Lucius waved his wand and she fell down in a heap on the floor.


“TESS!” Sirius cried.  He shot an angry spell at Lucius who parried it.  Soon they were fighting, Sirius and Remus trying to protect Terese’s limp form, which was still clutching a screaming AJ.  She eventually stirred, slowly sitting up and trying to comfort her son.  She tried to stand up when someone kicked her wand out of her hand.


“I don’t think so.” Lucius Malfoy sneered, stamping on her fingers.  She couldn’t do wandless magic without letting go of AJ.  She tried to twist away, but he shot a spell in her face, blacking out her vision and causing her pain in her head.  Before she could stop it, before her sight returned, she felt her son being pulled out of her arms, and heard him crying for her.


“NO! AJ!” She screamed.  “SIRIUS!”  Sirius whirled round as Remus fell to the floor, barely conscious.  He saw Lucius Malfoy apparate away with his son, followed by the other death eaters.  Terese was still screaming.



“We have to go.  We have to find him” Terese was still hysterical, pacing up and down the kitchen of Grimmauld Place.


“Dumbledore’s finding out where they’ve taken him.”  Mad Eye Moody said.  “As soon as we hear…”


“And what could they do to my son in the mean time?” She said.


“Sweetheart, you can’t think like that.” Remus said, feebly, from the sofa.


“Oh god this is all my fault.  AJ going missing, you getting hurt, Remus.  If I hadn’t insisted we go…”


“Terese, dear, there’s no point in…” Molly Weasley began.


“In what, Molly?  It’s true.”  Before anyone could reply, Sirius ran in.


“They’ve taken him to Malfoy Manor.”


“Why? Why do they want him? He’s just a baby” Terese said.


“To bargain with.  To lure us there. Could be any number of reasons.” Sirius replied.  He saw his wife prepare to leave.  “There’s no point asking you to wait here?” he asked quietly.  She shook her head.


“Good Luck” Remus said, before drifting out of consciousness again.



They stood outside Malfoy manor, Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt managing to break down the wards.


“How are we going to get in without being noticed?”  Terese whispered.


“Terese.  Sirius.” They heard a frantic voice behind them.


“Harry!” Terese exclaimed, horrified.  “What are you doing here?” she asked.


“I was going into Dumbledore’s office for a lesson.  I overheard him…”


“Oh god!” she exclaimed.  “Harry, you have to go.  Now.”


“No, AJ’s my brother” he exclaimed defiantly.


“You can’t…” she began.


“I fought Voldemort when I was eleven, and again when I was twelve.  I saw him return when I was fourteen…”


“Tess…” Sirius said, quietly. 


“I can’t have both of you in danger, sweetheart” she said, a tear running down her cheek.  Harry had never seen his Godmother look so vulnerable.


“I want to help.” He said.


“This way” Moody called, stomping down the wall.  “Hurry.  They’ll know we’re here soon enough.”  He tapped on the wall, his eye spinning in all directions.  Similar to Diagon Alley, the wall opened on itself, leading down dark and winding stairs.  They all took their wands out, Sirius making sure Terese and Harry were between himself and Kingsley, with Bill and Charlie Weasley bringing up the rear.  They went deeper and deeper for what seemed like hours until they heard a cry.  Terese’s breath caught in her throat.  She made to rush forward, but Sirius caught her.


“That’s my son in there…” she said.


“We have to be careful Tess.” He hissed.  She looked at him ready to retort.  As she looked in his eyes she saw the same fear and desperation as she was feeling.  She nodded.   They continued in the direction of the cry, Mad Eye trying to see where AJ was, and who was with him, before they got to him.  He pointed his wand at a door, which flew open.


“Go” he said gruffly. Harry suddenly felt a searing pain in his forehead.


“No, Terese…” he began.  She didn’t hear.


 Terese ran to her son, Sirius and Harry behind her. 


Suddenly they heard a high pitched laugh and a figure appeared in front of them.  They glanced back; Kingsley, Mad Eye and the Weasleys had vanished.


“Pitiful how they walk so easily into my little trap.”  Terese’s breath caught in her throat, but refused to let herself show fear.  She drew herself up to her full height and tried to stand in front of both AJ and Harry.


“What do you want with my son?”   Voldemort raised his wand.


Crucio” he hissed.  Terese fell to the floor with a scream.  Sirius let out a roar and threw himself at Voldemort, who barely moved his hand and Sirius was flying backwards and thrown against the wall.


“I want Potter”

Chapter 34: Malfoy Manor
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Its really JKRs


Chapter 34


Terese and Sirius jumped up. 


“You want Harry?” Terese repeated.


“One boy for another.  It seems fair, I think.”


“You’ll have to kill me if you want to lay a hand on either of them” Terese said, standing in front of both Harry and AJ.


“Very noble.”  Voldemort said.  “Almost like your dear mudblood friend when she stood in front of him.  His father however, was different.  He thought he could fight me.  Foolish.  He fell to the floor like a marionette.”  Terese tried not to show the effect that statement had on her.


“I mean it.  I’m not going to stand aside.”


“Terese…” Harry said softly.


“Harry. Don’t!”  Terese snapped at him.


“I grow tired of the procrastination!” Voldemort exclaimed, a cruel smile twisting his mouth. 


“So we’re just supposed to just choose?”  Sirius scoffed incredulously.  He moved next to his wife, helping her block Harry and AJ even more.


“How many people are you prepared to let suffer for you, Potter?” Voldemort said softly, tormenting him.  He raised his wand again, pointing it at AJ.  “Crucio” he said softly.  Terese threw herself in front of the cot and caught the spell, falling to the ground as it hit.  She whimpered.  Voldemort shot the curse at AJ again.  It didn’t touch him, but the wood of the cot shattered.  AJ clambered down on to his mother as Voldemort seethed with controlled rage and raised his wand again.  This time Harry was ready with his own wand standing in front of his family.  Terese managed to take AJ in her arms and began to comfort him, whilst using her body to shield him.  Sirius pulled his own wand out again and moved next to his godson.


“Sirius” Harry said quietly.  “Don’t.”


“You’re not alone Harry.”  He said, not moving.


“No.  He’s not.” Said a calm voice from the door.


“Dumbledore!”  Voldemort exclaimed.  Terese, her body still curled around her son, felt a rush of relief.  She saw a way out.


“Tom” Dumbledore stated calmly.  “Do you think you will gain by making them choose?  They would sacrifice themselves first.”


“It is of little consequence”


“After all this time, Tom.  You fail to understand.”  They were circling each other now.


“I understand Potter’s weakness for playing the hero.  And the loss of blood-traitors is of no matter to me”


“Did you not wonder Tom, why your curse didn’t hit AJ, and only made his mother whimper?” 


“You’re favourite solution, Dumbledore.” Voldemort sneered.  “But will it save you now?”  He shot a spell at Dumbledore just as there was a commotion in the hall way.  The Weasleys, Kingsley and Mad-Eye reappeared, battling Death Eaters.  Sirius raced out to join them, not before telling Terese to get AJ and Harry out.  Kingsley threw a hairbrush at Terese, which she caught as it began to glow.


“Harry, quickly!” she said, as he stood watching Sirius and Dumbledore with mounting horror.  “HARRY” she screamed, silently praying the Sirius would be safe.  Harry touched the brush just in time to feel the pulling sensation behind his navel, he heard Voldemort’s distant cry of rage.



Remus was drifting in and out of consciousness.  He was vaguely aware he was on the sofa in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place.  Someone was stroking his hair with a featherlight touch, and he seemed to have his head on their lap.  He had lain like this many a time after a full moon.  But this time it felt different, the scent was…wrong? No. That was the wrong word.  It was different.  He liked it.  He peeled his eyes open.


“Hey. How are you feeling?” a voice above him asked.  Now he knew for definite that it wasn’t Terese.






“How long have I been unconscious?”


“A few hours.”  He remembered what had happened.


“Have they got back yet?”


“No.  There’s been no word.”  He sat up. 


“Is there any point in going after them?” he pondered.  He couldn’t bare the thought of his best friends being in such danger when he couldn’t do anything.


“No.  Dumbledore’s there.”


“If anything happens to any of them.  AJ, Harry…”


“Don’t, Remus” Tonks said. 


“You didn’t have to look stay and look after me you know.  I know you’d want to be joining in…”


“Remus.  I couldn’t leave you on your own like this.”


“Why?”  She laughed softly, with little humour.


“Haven’t you worked it out yet?” 


Before he could answer, there was a flash in the middle of the room and some crouched figures appeared.  Terese was holding AJ tightly to her with one arm, and pulled Harry toward her; she was sobbing uncontrollably as she rocked them back and fourth.  Harry had his arms around her shoulders.  AJ was clinging to her, hiding in her hair, which was hanging around her face.


“Sirius…” Remus said under his breath.  Surely he hadn’t…


“Tess!  Harry!” A voice called from the hall.  They heard Molly Weasley shriek at the arrival of her sons.  Sirius ran in and, seeing his family in the middle of the kitchen, threw himself on the floor next to them and wrapped his arms around them all.


“I’m sorry.”  Terese said between sobs.  “This is all my fault, I’m sorry”


“Hey, we’re all here, and we’re ok.  We’ll take AJ to Madam Pomfrey but we’re fine!” Sirius whispered to her.  He looked up and saw his best friend and his cousin on the sofa.


“Moony, are you alright?”  Terese looked up, having completely forgotten he was there.


“Oh God, Remus…” she said.


“I’ll be fine, sweetheart” he said.  She slowly relinquished her grip on Sirius and Harry, handing AJ to his father.  She walked over to the sofa, shakily and knelt on the floor next to him.


“I’m sorry…” she began.


“It’s done, Terese” he said softly.  “Besides, it’s nice to be fussed over for a change” he said, with a grin at Tonks.


“Mummy” AJ said, holding his arms out.  She turned at looked at her son, guilt washing over her in waves.  Not only had she insisted they go to Godric’s Hollow, but she hadn’t been able to protect her son; she had been unable to stop Lucius Malfoy taking him.  Sirius read her thoughts immediately.


“Stop it Tess.  They would have gotten to us one way or another.”


“Terese, if he hadn’t been worried about reinforcing my mother’s protection when you stood in front of AJ and me, he would have killed us both straight away.”  Harry said.


“It was my fault you were both there in the first place.” She said, resting her hand on his face.


“And you helped get us out” 


Suddenly, she was too tired to argue, as AJ curled himself up on her lap.  She hadn’t been so scared for years, and now she was just relieved everyone was here and safe.  And she knew she would do her best to make sure nothing like that happened again. 

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Chapter 35: Consolation
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Chapter 35


The wind howled around the dark creaky building that was Grimmauld Place.  Lightening flashed and thunder sounded, waking Sirius from a deep sleep.  He sat up in bed, another flash of lightening confirming that the other side of the bed was empty, and had barely been slept in.  He got out of bed, shivering and closing the window.  He pulled on his dressing gown and picked up his wand.


“Lumos” he muttered, not wanting to be bothered with lighting the lamps.  He went into the hall and briefly opened the door to his son’s room.  The cot was empty.  He sighed and went downstairs. 


There was no light under the kitchen door but he had a feeling he would find what he was looking for in there.  He pushed the door open and shone his wand in.  The fire was barely alight, casting a dim glow and long shadows around the room. 


In a chair by the fire place, Terese sat with AJ in her arms; he was fast asleep, with a lock of her hair in his fist, resting against his chubby red cheek. 


Sirius looked at his wife, who hadn’t noticed that he was there.  The dim light emphasised the shadows under her eyes, showing her prominent cheekbones.  He hadn’t noticed before how thin she had got; the stress of the last year had taken its toll on her appetite.  She was barely sleeping either, since the events of James’ birthday.  She looked fragile and breakable.  He silently cursed himself.  He had promised James he would do everything he could to stop her getting like this.  He guessed this was what she was like after her miscarriage, Lily and James’ deaths and his own imprisonment.  Remus had looked after her then, and he wasn’t sure how she had got out of it.


“Tess!”  She started at the sound of his voice.


“Shhh” she replied, inclining her head towards AJ.  Sirius went an knelt in front of her. 


“Tess, what are you doing?”


“I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t want to disturb you, and then I heard AJ crying.”  He had to admit that this was progress; she had lost confidence in herself since Lucius Malfoy had taken him from her.  It was like she didn’t trust herself with him anymore and Sirius had been mostly looking after him except for the times when AJ would only settle when in his mother’s arms.  These times she would rock him, staring ahead of her as if trying to distance herself from him


“Tess, babe.  You can’t go on like this.  You’re not eating, you’re not sleeping…”


“I’m fine Sirius.”


“You’re not fine.  Don’t lie to me and tell me you are because I can see you’re not.”


“Sirius, you’ll wake AJ.”


“How long are you going to punish yourself for Terese?”


“I don’t know what you mean.”


“What happened…was unfortunate…”


“Unfortunate?” she hissed, incredulously.


“But you can’t undo it by letting yourself waste away.”


“Don’t be ridiculous.”


“Am I?  I know you Tess.  I know how your mind works.  You’re punishing yourself because you think Harry and AJ would be better off if you weren’t here.”


“That’s not true” she whispered, her voice catching.


“You know how wrong you are, babe.  Look at AJ Tess.  If he didn’t need you, would he be clinging to you like that?”


“I couldn’t protect him Sirius.  I’m his mother and I let them take him…”


“You couldn’t stop them babe.  And you saved him.  And Harry.  They both need you Terese.  I need you.” He finished quietly.


“Sirius…” she said, a tear running down her cheek.  He reached up and brushed it away.


“How many times Tess?  I can’t lose you again.  You swore to me in Brighton that you wouldn’t let go, remember?  Not long after AJ was born.”


“I…I’m trying” she whispered. 


“Talk to me Tess.”  AJ stirred in her arms, curling up against his mother; his brow furrowing as he dreamed.


“If…if anything were to happen to any of you, I couldn’t bear it.  Especially if it were my fault.  I lost our baby before because I let Wormtail in that morning.  And because of that, you decided against being Secret Keeper…”  He stood up and began to slowly pace up and down, rubbing his face.


“Tess.  You can’t… You can’t still believe that.”


“I’ve lost everything twice in my life Sirius…”


“That doesn’t mean it’ll happen again.”


“It nearly did, Sirius.”


“But it didn’t.  Harry’s upstairs, sleeping.  AJ’s here.  I’m here.  You’re here.  I don’t know what else I can say to make you snap out of it.” 


She heard the desperation in his voice.


“I’m so scared, Sirius.  I can’t believe that it isn’t going to be taken away.  I’ve lost everything twice…”  He stopped pacing, and knelt back down in front of her.


“Alright, look at it this way.  Harry’s alive against all odds, right?”  She nodded.  “When you were with Remus, you thought you couldn’t get pregnant again didn’t you?  But we get back together and we have AJ.  And who would have thought we could have another chance?  But we have.  We’ve got this far Terese, and I’m damned if I’m giving up now.”  She stared up at him through her tears.


“Do you really believe that?”  He reached out and gently stroked her hair.


“I do.  I swear to you I do.  Why would I marry you twice if I didn’t?”  He picked up her hand, which had been resting on AJ.  “If we stay strong we can get through this.  Us, and AJ, and Harry, and we can be a family.  We can watch Harry get married and start a family.  And AJ grow up and do the same.”  She looked down at her son with a small smile.


“As if any girl is going to be good enough for either of them.” She joked.  He smiled, sensing a change in her.


“I love you, Mrs Black” he said softly.  “Don’t ever forget it.”  She leaned over, taking care not to disturb their son and kissed him softly on the mouth.


“I promise.”  

Chapter 36: Easter Holidays
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It belongs to JKR


Chapter 36


Harry saw his godfather waiting him on Platform 9 ¾ as he returned home for the Easter holidays.


“Sirius!” He exclaimed, hugging his godfather.  “I didn’t know you would be here.  I was planning on getting a lift with Ron, Hermione and Ginny.”


“Thought I’d surprise you.”  Sirius replied as he tapped Harry’s trunk with his wand and put it in his pocket.


“You did” Harry grinned. 


“Got another one as well” Sirius grinned.  He led his godson to the car park, and stopped at a motorbike and sidecar.  Harry looked incredulously.


“Is this…?”  Sirius grinned again, and nodded.  “Got it back off Hagrid.  Don’t tell Tess I brought it to pick you up, though.  She’ll kill me.”


“How is she? And AJ?”


“They’re ok.  Tess wasn’t for a while after… But she seems to be doing better now.  Not blaming herself so much.”


“Did she really think it was all her fault?” Harry asked as he and Sirius climbed on to the bike.


“She really did.  It took a lot to persuade her that the Death Eaters were at fault as well”


Sirius revved the bike before Harry could reply.



“Remind me why you’re doing this again?”  Tonks asked Terese as she sat pouring over a cookery book in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place.  AJ was in his highchair banging a wooden spoon on a saucepan.


“Because I want to do something for Harry.” 


“Do you know how many people you’re actually cooking for?”  Tonks asked, dubiously.


“Yeah, lots of them, I know.”


“So what are you going to cook?”


“Er… how does spaghetti and meatballs sound?”


“Want some help?”


“I think so!” Terese grinned.  “What do you think, AJ?  Should Mummy and Auntie Dora make spaghetti for Harry?”  AJ started squealing excitedly.


“Sketty fo Ha-eee” He cried, making Terese and Tonks laugh. 


“Spaghetti it is then.” Terese raided the pantry while Tonks turned the radio on. They began to prepare the food, laughing as they managed to get more tomato juice on the floor than in the saucepan. 


“Whose idea was this?” Terese asked, laughing, as she looked down at her ruined shirt.


“It’s a good look.  I can see it catching on” Tonks laughed.


“Look at Mummy” Terese said to her son, who chattered away and laughed, delighted that his mother was happy.


Terese was indeed feeling happier than she had for a while.  She was excited about Harry being home for the holidays; pleased that they would all be together, even if it was only for a couple of weeks, a lot of which he would spend doing his homework.


Tonks continued fiddling with the radio, in the end tapping it with her wand, enabling it to pick up muggle stations.


“Excellent” Tonks said, as Love Rollercoaster by the Red Hot Chili Peppers filled the room.  She started dancing around and bumped her hips against Terese’s, who laughed at her friend’s enthusiasm.  They began to dance around the kitchen, to AJ’s delight, who shrieked with delight, demanding to be taken out of his highchair.


“Out Mummy! Out!” He cried.  Terese scooped her son out and put him on the floor, holding his hands.  He began stamping his feet in his own version of dancing, as Tonks danced around them.  Terese then swung AJ up in the air as the song finished. 


“More Mummy” he demanded.  He wasn’t used to his mother being like this, and was thoroughly enjoying it. 


Terese and Tonks cheered and laughed as the Macarena by Los del Rio came on, and immediately began doing the dance moves, although Terese was still holding AJ.


“Dancin mummy” AJ giggled as he waved his arms around.  When the song ended, there was a burst of applause from the doorway.  Sirius, Harry and Remus were standing in the doorway.


“Didn’t expect a floor show, babe” Sirius teased, amazed to see his wife so relaxed.  She blushed, but was saved by AJ seeing his brother and getting even more excited.


“Ha-eee”  He cried, holding his arms out to him.


“I didn’t think he’d remember me” Harry said, taking AJ from Terese.


“We’ve been talking about you and showed him pictures.”  Terese told him, as Sirius went and put his arm around her.


“So how’s the dinner coming along?”  Remus asked, smiling at the piles of ingredients and the tomato sauce that covered both Terese and Tonks.


“Um, not very far.”  Terese said.


“She was making a right mess.” Tonks said.


“So were you” Terese defended herself. 


“Maybe I should go and get takeaway.” Remus suggested.


“I’ll come with you” Tonks said immediately, already prepared to give the excuse that she wanted to give Terese and Sirius time alone with Harry. 


Once Remus and Tonks had gone and they were settled round the table, AJ happily banging the saucepan with the wooden spoon again.


“So how was your term?” Terese asked her godson.


“Fine.  Good”


“And the lessons with Dumbledore?”


“Very informative.”  Terese glanced at her husband, who shook his head slightly at her.


“Harry, listen, you know you still have a choice.  You don’t have to do anything you don’t want…”  Terese’s voice took on an urgent, desperate tone.


“I know, Terese.  I don’t want to do nothing” Harry replied, sounding so like James that Terese realised she was beaten.  Sirius smiled weakly. 


“I knew you’d say that.”


“He killed my parents.  He wanted to kill my brother, and he would have killed you two as well.”


“Daddy. Out” AJ said, fed up and wanting some attention.  Sirius stood up and got his son out of the highchair.   


“Lets talk about this another time, babe” He said to his wife, before throwing his son up in the air.  Terese opened her mouth to protest but stopped when she realised she was fighting a losing battle for the time being.


“Remus and Tonks have been a while” she said, to change the subject.  Sirius grinned at her.  “Tess, behave.”

Chapter 37: Relations
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Its JKR’s more or less


Chapter 37


“Ha-ee. Fly” AJ held his arms out to Harry as they sat in the kitchen.


“Again?” Harry asked, laughing.  He was keeping an eye on AJ while his parents were at an Order meeting.




“You know I’m supposed to be doing homework”


“Fly again Ha-ee” AJ repeated.  Harry laughed again, and picked his brother up, swinging him up n the air above his head.  AJ squealed in delight. 


“Again Ha-eee”


“What are you doing up there, Mr?” Terese and Sirius were standing in the doorway.  They were both grinning at the sight, pleased to see Harry appear like a normal teenager.


“He wanted to fly” Harry explained, as Terese took her son.


“What are you up to, mister?”  She said to her son who grinned excitedly.


“Ha-eee fly.  I go eeeeee” He said, holding his arms and throwing himself from side to side.


“You are a little trouble maker, aren’t you mate?”  Sirius said.


“Again, Ha-eee” AJ demanded.


“No more, sweetheart.  It’s nearly time for bed” Terese told him. 


“No Mummy!” he said, trying to struggle out of his mother’s arms.

“Daddy.” He appealed.


“Sorry mate.  Time for bed!”  Sirius ruffled AJ’s hair as he sulked. 


“Say goodnight to Daddy and Harry.”  Terese took her son up to bed as

Sirius and Harry lounged at the kitchen table. 


“You alright, mate?” Sirius asked eventually, as Harry was obviously



“Yeah, I’m fine”  Harry sat playing with the quill he had left on the table.

“Sirius…” he began.  “When you started seeing Terese, how did my dad



“Not well.”  Sirius replied. “Why?”


“Just curious.” He mumbled.


“Curious about what?”  Terese asked as she returned from putting AJ to

sleep. She sat down next to Sirius.


“About James’ reaction to us getting together.”  Sirius told her.  She



“He was furious for ages.  But he came round eventually.”


“What’s up hun?”  Terese asked.


“Nothing, it’s fine.”  Harry mumbled.  He was starting to wish that he

hadn’t asked.


“Sure?”  Terese asked, her eyes narrowed.  “It wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain sister of a certain best friend of yours now, would it?”  Harry flushed.


“Why would it?”


“Well you’re blushing for a start.  And you were asking about James…”


“Leave him alone Tess.”  Sirius grinned.


“It’s alright” Harry said, eventually.  He knew he had to talk to someone, and it couldn’t exactly be Ron.  “I dunno, she’s just Ginny, you know?  But I saw her with Dean Thomas…”


“Ah.  Say no more” Sirius said.  “Your Dad used to go mad if Lily went out with another boy, although mostly they were too afraid because James would hex them.”


“Really?” Harry was always fascinated by these glimpses into his parents’ lives.  “Though Dean’s a mate.  I can’t exactly hex him.  And Ron’s my best friend.”


“You Potter men do like your red heads, don’t you?”  Terese teased.  “She always had a crush on you though didn’t she? It’ll happen eventually if it’s meant to.” 


Before Harry could reply, the door opened and Remus and Tonks walked in.


“Where have you two been?” Sirius asked.


“No where.” Tonks replied, a little too quickly.  Terese raised an eyebrow.


“Of course not” She said mischievously. 


“Would you behave yourself!” Sirius said down her ear as he slid his arm around her waist.


“What?  I am.  They’re the ones that snuck off for the afternoon.” She replied.  Tonks giggled.  Remus rolled his eyes.


“I have to go and see Dumbledore.”  Remus mumbled, quickly leaving the kitchen, Sirius followed saying he should go as well and Harry said he had to get on with some work, just in case Terese and Tonks both started interrogating him about Ginny.


“So… tell me…” Terese said as soon as the door was shut.


“There’s nothing to tell.” Tonks replied, blushing slightly.


“So why are you blushing?” 


“I’m not!”


“Oh come on Dora.  Tell me.  Pleaaassse” Terese said, pouting comically.


“Ok, ok.”  Tonks said, grinning.  “We kissed.”  Terese squealed with excitement.


“I knew it!!!”


“It doesn’t mean anything.  In fact, I think he regrets it.”




“He couldn’t get out of here fast enough, could he?”


“Remus’ problem is that he thinks about things to much.  He’s probably worrying about how his furry little problem would affect you.”


“So what should I do?” 


“Just be patient.  He has a real stubborn streak; give him time and he’ll come round, I’m sure.”


“Well he seemed to enjoy it at the time” Tonks grinned weakly.


“If I know Remus, he’ll come round” Terese said, decisively.



“So, Remus and Tonks.”  Terese said to Sirius, later.


“What about them?”


“Did Remus say anything to you?”


“What, about shagging the cousin I used to babysit for? No”


“Sirius, come on…”




“Well, they haven’t shagged.  And I think they could be happy.”


“What about Harry and Ginny then, miss matchmaker?”


“I hope they get together.  Harry deserves someone he really likes.”


“And what about you?” Sirius asked, pulling her to him.


“What about me?”


“Have you got someone you really like?”  She slid her arms around his neck.  For the first time since James’ birthday, she didn’t push him away.


“He’s alright, I suppose” She grinned, gently running her fingers through his hair.


“Yeah?” He leant down and kissed her.


“Yeah, he’s a good kisser.”  He kissed his way along her jaw and down her neck, untying her dressing gown.


“Among other things” he murmured as they moved towards the bed.  Terese visibly relaxed as he worked his way down her body.  She was slowly realising that if there was fear and uncertainty amongst them all, Voldemort and his Death Eaters had partially won.  She wasn’t about to let that happen.







Chapter 38: babysitting...
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Chapter 38


A few days later, the Weasleys and Hermione arrived at Grimmauld Place as there was an Order meeting.  Harry tried to avoid his godmother’s eye when Ginny walked in.  Terese did no more than slightly raise an eyebrow at him.   


“Could someone watch AJ while I go to the meeting?” She asked Harry, Ron, Ginny, Hermione and the twins who were all sitting in the lounge.


“Of course.” Hermione said.  Molly Weasley looked over Terese’s shoulder and shot a look at the twins.


“Behave, you two” Fred and George looked affronted.


“She doesn’t trust us at all does she?” Fred said, as George shook his head.


“Do you want to go to Harry, AJ?” Terese asked her son, whom she was helping stand up.  AJ looked and saw all the unfamiliar faces, and immediately hid behind his mother’s legs.


“No, wiv mummy” he said.  Harry knelt on the floor in front of his little brother.


“Come on, mate.  We can show everyone how you fly.”


“No” AJ said in a small voice, clinging to his mother even more.  Terese managed to prise him off and picked him up, and he immediately hid in her hair.


“Sweetheart, mummy and daddy will only be in the kitchen for a little while. Can’t you go with Harry for mummy?”  AJ shook his head.  Ginny saw a bag of AJ’s toys in the corner.  She pulled a book and a teddy out of it and went over to them.


“Look, AJ. Why don’t you come and read a book with me?” she said softly, holding out the teddy to him.  He gradually emerged from under his mother’s hair and reached for the teddy.  “Does teddy want to read?”  Ginny asked him.  He nodded.


“Ha-ee too” he said, allowing Harry to carry him. 


“Come on then mate” He said, as he and Ginny walked over to the sofa, and sat down.  The others sat quietly, and Terese snuck out, as Harry began to read, and AJ gradually began to lean on Ginny and fall asleep.  By the time the story had finished, AJ was curled up, hugging his teddy.  They sat quietly until the door opened and Terese walked in. 


“Everything ok?” she whispered. 


“He’s been asleep most of the time.” Harry whispered. 


“I might put him to bed.” Terese said. “He’s had his dinner.  He should sleep through.”


“Do you want some help?” Ginny asked.


“Thanks hun”


Ginny helped Terese get AJ into his sleep suit and they put him in his cot.  Terese stood and looked down at her sleeping son, as ever unable to look at him enough.


“He’s so cute.” Ginny said.


“Thanks.  I think so.”  Terese smiled.


“It must be amazing to have him and Sirius now…”


“And Harry.”  Terese shot a sly look at Ginny.  “I wouldn’t be without any of them.  Goes to show some things are worth not giving up on”  


“I know Harry thinks the world of all of you” 


“Has he said that?”


“Not exactly, but it’s obvious.”


“He’s his parents’ son most definitely.”


“Is Harry really like…like James?”


“He is.  So like him.  James would have been unbelievably proud of him.”


“It is amazing how much he’s been through, but he’s still so…” Ginny’s voice faltered.




“So normal”


“He is isn’t he?”


“I mean, when all those stupid girls like Romilda Vane keep making plays for him, he gets all embarrassed.”


“Bless him” Terese said, as they moved towards the door.  “So he’s had lots of girls after him, has he?”  Ginny nodded.


“Because of all this ‘chosen one’ stuff.  Last year, no one wanted to know or thought he was a mad liar.”  Terese looked at Ginny thoughtfully and realised, not for the first time, that she was not unlike Lily.


“That’s why I’m glad he has all of you.  Its good that he has loyal friends that like him for him, and not who he is.  That’s another way he’s like James.  Loyalty is important.”


“That’s why he and Sirius were so close?”


“One of the reasons; James would have been devastated by the thought that Wormtail betrayed us all.”


“Not unlike Percy…” Ginny began bitterly.


“I think he was more…misguided.”  Ginny scowled.


“So.  You and Dean…”


“What about me and Dean?”


“How’s that going?” Ginny shrugged.


“I don’t know, we seem to argue more than anything else.”  She sighed.  “Maybe it’s fizzling out.”  Terese tried to hide her smile.


“I’m sorry hun” she said, instead.


“It’s alright.  These things happen I guess.”


“They happen for a reason as well” Terese couldn’t resist saying, with the ghost of a wink.  Ginny flushed slightly. 


“Tess, everything ok?” Sirius appeared behind them.


“Yeah, fine” she replied, putting her arm around his waist.  “We were just having a chat.”  Sirius rolled his eyes.


“Women!”  Terese smacked his arm.


“Oi! You’d better not go teaching our son things like that”   


They carried on bickering as they went downstairs.  Ginny watched them.  She couldn’t imagine ever having that kind of relationship with Dean.  She couldn’t imagine ever being that comfortable with him.  When she had first met Harry she had had a crush on him, although she had been embarrassed every time she saw him, especially after he had rescued her from the Chamber of Secrets.  But now he was just…Harry.  And she couldn’t help feeling jealous when all these girls kept making passes at him.  She couldn’t help feeling ever so slightly smug when she saw Cho Chang, Harry’s ex girlfriend.  And she couldn’t help wishing Dean wasn’t around sometimes.  But he was her brother’s best friend.  Surely it couldn’t…


But when Sirius and Terese had got together, he had been best friends with her cousin…


She sighed again.  She had to admit to herself that she still liked Harry, for himself and not in that tongue tied way she had liked famous-Harry-Potter.  And she had a feeling Terese had worked out how she felt as well.

Chapter 39: Sectumsempra
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Chapter 39


“What curse did he use again?” Terese asked shakily, as she and Sirius stood outside Dumbledore’s office.


“Sectumsempra” Sirius responded grimly. 


“Where… where… did he learn that?  Surely not in Defence…” her voice trailed off suspiciously.  The gargoyle that guarded the office suddenly moved.


“Mr and Mrs Black” Professor McGonagall’s voice came down the stairs.  They went upstairs without another word.  Professors Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall were standing by the desk, looking grave. Harry was sitting on a chair in front of them, staring blankly at the floor.


“Harry…” Terese began, but was stopped by Sirius gripping her arm.  She looked at him furiously. He gave her a look warning her about Snape.  She pursed her lips but kept quiet.


“What’s going on, exactly?”


“Mr Potter is responsible for nearly killing Draco Malfoy” Snape said, with barely concealed glee at his most despised pupil’s predicament. “With the sectumsempra curse.”


“And where did he learn that?”  Terese snapped.


“That is what I am keen to find out” Snape said smoothly, his black eyes boring into the teenager in front of him.


“I didn’t know what it would do” Harry mumbled.


“Where did you hear it, Mr Potter?” McGonagall asked, her voice as cold as ice.


“I… I don’t remember.”  Dumbledore fixed him with his piercing gaze but didn’t say anything.  The door suddenly burst open and Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy burst in. Terese automatically tensed.  The last time she had had contact with Lucius, he her prised her son from her arms. 


“My Son.” Lucius hissed.  “I want an explanation.  And I want Potter punished!” Sirius and Terese moved round to stand behind their godson.


“Appropriate action will be taken, Lucius” Dumbledore said, levelly. 


“What…” Sirius began.


“I think it’s up to the staff to determine the punishment, Black.” Snape sneered.


“Expulsion at the very least” Narcissa hissed. 


“I don’t believe Harry did this entirely in unprovoked spite.” Dumbledore stated.


“Of course, his father never did” Snape muttered.


“Severus.  James’ youthful misdemeanours are not the subject”


“And forgive me if I don’t leave treatment of my son with a bunch of Death Eaters.” Terese snapped.


“Tess” Sirius warned under his breath.


“Perhaps Mr and Mrs Black would like a moment with Mr Potter” Professor McGonagall interceded. 


“Thank you, Professor”   Terese said, reining in her anger and forcing her voice to remain steady.  Harry stood up and they were shown to an anti-chamber where, years ago, they had all retired to discuss their invitation to join the Order of the Phoenix.  As soon as the door shut, Terese turned to Harry, her face blazing with fury.


“Harry!! What on earth were you thinking?  You could be expelled! Then what…?” 


“Terese” Sirius said harshly.  She stopped in surprise.  He hadn’t spoken to her like that for a long time.  “He doesn’t need you going off at him.” 


“I didn’t know… I didn’t mean…” Harry began.


“Harry, where did you get that spell?”  Sirius asked him.


“I read it.”


“Where?”  Harry stared at the ground, obviously having some kind of internal conflict.


“Harry.” Terese tried again.  “Look, we can’t just let this go.  We need to know where you’re getting this stuff.”


“From my potions book.” Harry said, still mumbling.


“Your potions book?”  Sirius was bemused.


“I borrowed an old book at the beginning of the year and it had all this writing and instructions in it.”


“So that’s why you’ve been doing so well” Terese said.  Harry nodded.


“Whose book was it?” Sirius asked.


“It just said ‘The Half Blood Prince’”


“That’s why you were asking at Christmas!” Terese exclaimed.  “Where is the book now?”


“In the Room of Requirement.”


“Are you going to get it back?”  Sirius asked wearily.


“No.  I’m not” Harry replied after a minutes thought.


“Promise?”  Terese sat next to her godson.  “Swear to me you won’t look for it again.  We should be able to do some damage control if you leave it where it is.” He nodded.


“Yeah. I promise.”  Terese hugged him.  “It was horrible, seeing what that spell did…”  She hugged him again.  “Will Malfoy be ok?”


“Did anyone do the countercurse on him?” Sirius asked.


“I think Snape might have.”


“Then he’ll probably be alright.” 


“Ok. Good”


“Another thing, mate.” Sirius began.  “Don’t be try curses you don’t know on someone again, will you?”


“Definitely not.”


They stood up and went back into the office.


“Well?” Malfoy hissed.


“It was an accident.  He didn’t know what the curse would do.  He knows it was a stupid thing to do…” Sirius told them.


“I don’t see that that makes any difference” Narcissa said haughtily.  “My son is in the hospital wing due to an unprovoked attack.”


“I don’t suppose for a minute it was unprovoked” Terese said, glaring.


“It wasn’t, he had his wand out as well.  He was about to curse me”


“I think, then, that suspension is unnecessary” Dumbledore said.  “I leave it to Professor Snape to give Harry his punishment.  I daresay a few detentions would suffice.  Now, Harry, I believe it’s time for dinner.  Sirius, Terese, you must be anxious to get back. And Lucius and Narcissa, you must want to go back to Draco.”


“As long as I know Snape won’t abuse his power and mistreat Harry” Terese said, glaring at him,


“He won’t” Dumbledore assured her. 


“Come on Tess.”  Sirius guided her out into the hall.


“Who do you suppose the Half Blood Prince was?” He asked her as they headed off the Hogwarts grounds to apparate.


“I don’t know.  I definitely don’t remember it from the two years I was here.”


“And Moony hadn’t heard of it.  Maybe it was a Slytherin thing.”


“Maybe.  I think it’s just lucky Dumbledore wasn’t forced to expel him.”  Terese sighed.  She linked her arm through his as they apparated to Grimmauld Place, hoping that the whole unpleasant episode was done with.


Chapter 40: Lunch
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Chapter 40


“You alright Tess?” Sirius asked as they got ready to go to Hogsmeade.  She still didn’t want to go out much since James’ birthday but she was getting better.  They had decided to go and surprise Harry on his Hogsmeade trip.


“Yeah. I’ll be fine” She said, with a smile. Sirius, however, knew that it was her false smile; the one she put on when she was scared or anxious. “I want to see Harry. I’m just glad Dumbledore’s got Harry’s detention moved.”


“I’ll bet old Snivelly’s pissed.” Sirius grinned.


“Behave, you” Terese teased. “I don’t want you setting our son a bad example.”


“I don’t know what you mean!” He exclaimed, feigning innocence.  Terese rolled her eyes and kissed his cheek.


“Sure you don’t.” She teased.  “Now let’s go before I change my mind.”  Sirius scooped AJ up as he ran passed. 


“Come on mate.  Lets go and find Harry”


“Ha- eeee” AJ said excitedly.


“Now he’ll be upset if we don’t find him” Terese pointed out.


“Course we will. It’s only Hogsmeade.” He led the way to the front doorstep and they apparated away.     



“Ha-ee” AJ squealed as they walked down the high street. 


“Calm down mate, we’ll find him” Sirius said, as AJ pulled against his reins to run ahead.


“Ha-ee” He shouted again, pointed down the road.  Outside Honeydukes sweetshop was Harry, with his arm around someone with vivid red hair.  He was laughing and looked as carefree as any teenager.  AJ called out again, and Harry’s head snapped up and looked in the direction of his godparents and brother.  The red head turned as well, and Ginny smiled as she saw them heading towards them.


“Hi Mate” Harry said, swinging AJ up into the air.  AJ was burbling incoherently with excitement as Terese grinned at Ginny with a raised eyebrow.


“So, this is new!” Terese exclaimed.  Harry reddened slightly, and Ginny grinned back. 


“Yeah” Harry replied.  Terese beamed.  Sirius saw the look and rolled his eyes.


“Calm down, Tess.”


“What?” she exclaimed, replicating his earlier look of feigned innocent.  She turned back to Harry and Ginny.  “Have you two eaten?  If you wanted to come with us for lunch you’d be more than welcome, unless you wanted to have lunch by yourselves?” she finished hurriedly.  Harry and Ginny glanced at each other then nodded.


“Yeah, great.  Thanks.” Harry said.  “Where shall we go? Please not Madam Puddifoots…”


“Oh god no” Sirius said, appalled at the thought.  “There’s a nice place round the corner.”  They headed off after Sirius and were soon seated around a table in a little tucked away restaurant.  AJ was in a high chair, absorbed in playing with the pile of breadsticks the waiter had left for him.


“So, tell me…” Terese said, unable to keep from interrogating Harry and Ginny anymore.  Harry looked at Sirius, who shrugged as if to say ‘there’s no way of avoiding this one mate!’


“What?” Harry asked eventually.


“How? When?”


“After the last quidditch match.  We won and I got back from detention…” Harry began.


“Then I walked over to him and he kissed me.”


“Awww” Terese said, getting misty eyed.


“Here we go!” Sirius mumbled.  Terese shot him a look and he pretended to be distracted by AJ.  “How did Ron take it?”  He asked eventually.


“Not much he could do really.” Ginny said.


“I think he’s ok with it.”   Harry said, and smiled at Ginny.  Terese looked at them, and was suddenly transported back twenty years.


Despite Harry having a scar on his forehead, and Lily’s eyes rather than James’, he was still so like his father. And Ginny, red haired and feisty was not unlike Lily.


“Would you excuse me for a minute?” she said, and hurried to the ladies room.  She couldn’t explain why she suddenly felt a little shaken.  She liked Ginny so she didn’t have a problem with them being together.


She suddenly realised that it was the sense of déjà vu.  Harry’s look of amazed happiness, and Ginny’s, was so reminiscent of her cousin and best friend when they had got together.  Terese splashed her face with cold water in an attempt to bring herself back to reality.


The door opened behind her and Ginny appeared behind her in the mirror.  She stood still for a second, and Terese knew she was trying to decide whether to act as if she was going to the toilet.  She evidently decided against it.


“Are you ok Terese?  You ran in here quickly.” She asked awkwardly.


“Yeah I’m fine.  I came over a bit faint, and I didn’t want AJ to see me”


“Oh right.  I think Sirius was worried.”


“Sirius is always worried. He just does a better job of hiding it then I do.”


“Terese…” Ginny’s voice faltered.


“You don’t mind…about me and Harry…”   Ginny knew it wouldn’t make her end the relationship with Harry, but she knew his godparents’ opinion mattered to him.  And she liked them.


“No, hun, of course not.  I think it’s great.  I’m pleased, I was worried that he wasn’t having a normal teenage… life, I guess.  With everything that’s going on, it’s not easy for him.”


“Do you think Harry’s mum would have been pleased about it?”  Terese thought about it for a minute, a small smile on her face.


“I think she would have, after a while.  She would have spent a long time convinced that no one was good enough for her son.  She would have come round when she saw how happy you make him.”


“You think so?”


“Yeah of course.”


“I mean… you think he’s happy?”


“Hun, I haven’t known Harry properly for as long as you, but it’s clear he likes you.”  Ginny grinned.


“I really like him.”  Terese grinned back.


“Good.” She said, and walked back to the table.


“Alright babe?”  Sirius asked cautiously.


“Yeah fine.  Just needed to cool down.” She turned to AJ.  “And what about you, Mr?  You alright?”  AJ burbled away happily. She sat back and glanced at Sirius as they watched Harry and Ginny, and he winked at her.  He felt the same way she did.  It was good to see him have a little piece of happiness.

Chapter 41: Devastation
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Chapter 41


“Dumbledore’s gone?” Terese repeated in disbelief.  Sirius nodded.  They were standing in Dumbledore’s office.  Sirius and Remus had both been guarding Hogwarts when Death Eaters got in and a battle ensued.  Many members of the Order of the Phoenix and members of Hogwarts staff had been injured.  Bill Weasley had been the worst, having been attacked by Fenrir Greyback.  However, because he had been in human form it was uncertain what the effects would be. 


“How?” she murmured, still not taking it in.  AJ was curled up asleep in one of the armchairs.  Sirius glanced over at Harry who was staring into space.  He had been there.  Ron, Hermione and Ginny were sitting with him.  Ginny was holding his hand.


“Snape.  Snape killed him” He replied, in a toneless voice.




“Dirty, stinking traitor!” Sirius barked.  “I knew it.  I knew we couldn’t trust him.”


“But why?  Why did Dumbledore trust him?”


“Snape was the one who heard Trelawny’s premonition, then went to Dumbledore when he realised Voldemort wanted us dead.”


“Snivellous hated James” Sirius stated.  “There’s no reason he would want to protect him.”


Terese’s memory was suddenly jolted slightly.  Walking down the corridor at school with Lily; Snape stepping out slightly to get her attention.  Lily walking stoically passed as if he wasn’t there, so Terese hadn’t acknowledged him either except to glance back and see him with a wistful yet bitter expression.  She remembered the jibe she had left Snape with on the night of the pensieve, and how she had thought it had hit home. 


Perhaps Snape had played upon the fact he and Lily had been friends since childhood in front of Dumbledore, who had always been a believer in the power of love.


“He sent Voldemort after James!” she said eventually, following Sirius’ previous train of thought.  “I should have guessed.  And all this time he acted so fucking superior.” Her voice was taking on the hysterical tone that seemed so habitual to it recently.


“He tried to.” Harry said, dragging her mind back to the present.  She looked at her godson, who was greyfaced and resolutely emotionless.


“Oh merlin.  Harry…” she said, putting her hands on his shoulders.  He remained rigid and unyielding.  She looked at Sirius helplessly; he shook his head, indicating he didn’t know the best thing to do.


“Snape was the half blood prince you know.” Harry said, as if they hadn’t moved.  Hermione gasped, and Ginny tightened her grip on his hand.


“Harry.  Harry, sweetheart…” Terese began uncertainly.  “Where did you go tonight?”  Harry shook his head.


“Dumbledore didn’t want me to tell.  He’s set me a mission.”


“But Harry, you’re not even seventeen yet…”  Terese was alarmed.


“You can’t just…”


“I have to Terese.  Otherwise it was all wasted.”




“Tess…” Sirius intervened.  “Tess, not now.”  She took a deep breath and stepped back.  “He’s been through enough this evening.” 


“I think I’m going to go to bed” Harry said and stood up.  He said goodnight and left with his friends.  Terese and Sirius sat in silence for a while.  Terese sat by AJ, making sure he was asleep, gently stroking his soft hair.


“Sirius, he can’t go off and just…”


“He won’t be dissuaded easily Tess, you know that.”


The door swung open.


“I told you Dora.  It’s not a good idea” Remus’ voice resounded through the office.  He and Tonks obviously didn’t realise they were all there.

“Why? Why would I be any different to Fleur? For god’s sake Remus, if you feel anything for me there’s no reason to not be together.”


“This is really not the best time to discuss this…”


“Isn’t it?  It seems to me we need to be showing a united front!” Tonks exclaimed.  Sirius coughed, waking AJ up. 


“Mummy” AJ cried when he realised he didn’t recognise where he was.  Terese scooped him up and began to rock him.


“Sorry, sweetheart.” Remus said.


“How’s Bill?” Sirius asked.


“We don’t know yet.  Who knows what effect it could have.”  Remus replied.


“Where is everyone? I thought we were all meeting here.” Terese said. 


“They’re on their way.  A few people had to go to St Mungos.” Remus told her.


“What are we going to do without Dumbledore?” Terese said eventually.


“We keep going.” A voice behind them said.  Mad Eye Moody was standing in the doorway.


“That’s would Albus would have wanted” Professor McGonagall said, appearing beside him.  As other members of the Order began to appear, the feeling of despair lessened slightly.  There was still a general consensus that they weren’t really sure what their next move should be.  But they were sure that they couldn’t just stop fighting.


“What about Grimmauld Place?”  Terese asked eventually.  “Will it still be safe now Dumbledore…”


“All the people he told will be secret keepers.” Arthur Weasley said. 


“I’m not taking AJ back there if it’s going to be targeted.”


“You can stay at Hogwarts tonight.” McGonagall said.  Terese looked down at her son, who was asleep again.


“Thanks Minerva.” Sirius said.  My father’s spells might be enough but there’s a chance Narcissa will…” He stopped, seeing his wife blanch.


“And Severus knows where it is.” Kingsley Shacklebolt pointed out.


“Harry’s seventeenth” Remus said suddenly, to change the subject.  “Lily’s protective spell will be broken.  We have to get him to safety.”

“He can come to Brighton with us” Terese said immediately.


“We don’t know where it’s safe to go yet Tess.” Sirius told her quietly.  She took a deep breath and stood up.


“I think I want to put AJ in a bed now.” She said, suddenly desperate to get away.  Minerva nodded. She stood up and headed to the door.  Sirius followed. They headed silently to the Room of Requirement, where they found a double bed and a cot similar to AJ’s own.  They found nightclothes as well and, after putting their son down, got into bed.


“I’m scared Sirius.”


“I know.” He replied.  For once, he couldn’t reassure her.


Chapter 42: Shock
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Chapter 42



Terese and Sirius, who was carrying AJ, filed out of the seating area at the end of Dumbledore’s funeral.  Sirius put his hand on his wife’s shoulder.


“At least there’s one nice thing today.” He said quietly.


“What?” She asked.  He indicated Remus and Tonks, who were hand in hand.  Terese smiled.  Under more normal circumstances she would have been squealing with excitement at the development, as well as waiting for the earliest opportunity to interrogate Tonks, whom she was fast becoming to regard as her new best friend.  No one could ever replace Lily, but it was nice to have someone again.  Before she could go over, however, she saw Ginny go past with tears in her eyes, obviously trying not to cry in front of everyone.


“Ginny. Are you ok?”  Terese asked softly, assuming the tears were for Dumbledore. 


“He’s leaving.” She said.  “He’s going, and he’s ended it.”


“What do you mean, going?”  Sirius asked, bemused.  AJ was leaning over and holding his arms out to Ginny, and getting cross when he realised his father wasn’t letting him.


“Harry’s going, after the summer.  To do this job for Dumbledore.  He said you knew.”  Terese looked at Sirius with real fear.  After the summer, he would be of age. 


By this point, many of the mourners had gone, apart from a few Order members and some ministry officials, including Dolores Umbridge.  Harry walked by with Ron and Hermione.  Terese hurried over to him and caught his arm, Sirius was close behind.


“Harry.  What’s going on?” She said in an undertone. 


“Terese…” Harry began.  He truly loved his godmother- she was the only mother figure he had ever had that he could remember- but he couldn’t put off what he had to do.  He knew it was better in the long run.  He wanted his family to be safe.  He was worried enough already that the danger of Voldemort going after them to get to him, now that Dumbledore was dead, had increased.  He had finished with Ginny in an attempt to keep her safe.  He couldn’t just do that with his godparents and his little brother.  He saw the ministry officials trying to listen, and an idea formed.


“Harry, you’re only sixteen…”  Terese continued, urgently.


“I’ll be seventeen in July.  I’ll be of age.”


“But still, Harry.  You can’t just…”


“I can, and I have to.”


“And what about your family, and friends? What about AJ?” 


“I have to.  End of story.”


“Harry” Sirius warned.


“I’m going” Harry said in a low tone. 


“Not before you’re seventeen, you’re not” Terese hissed, losing her temper with her godson for the first time in her life.  He was reminding her of James at his most difficult and stubborn.  Harry took a breath before he said the next phrase came to mind.  He knew it would hurt her but he also knew he had to start cutting his ties, at least for the time being.


“You’re not my mother, Terese.” he said, raising his voice so that the ministry officials could hear him.  Terese reeled back as if she had been punched.  All of the colour drained from her face.


“Harry!” Hermione exclaimed.  Ron, who realised what Harry was doing, elbowed her sharply.


“What did you say?”  Terese hissed, trying desperately to keep her temper, and to keep the intense hurt from her voice.


“You’re not my mother.  My parents died sixteen years ago.  And do did…” He stopped as Terese’s hand sliced through the air towards his cheek.  Sirius grabbed her wrist just in time and pulled her back whilst trying to stop AJ from seeing.


“Tess.  Come on.  Not here.”  Sirius had half guessed what Harry was up to.  But he didn’t agree with it, and he was furious that Harry was hurt Terese that much, even if it was for a good reason.  He pulled her away towards Hogsmeade.  As soon as they were out of sight and hearing of everyone, Terese stopped, trying to catch her breath.  She covered her face.  It was two painful to even cry. She began to gasp for breath.  She didn’t like to think what James would have said if he had been there.


“Mummy cry?” AJ said, leaning over Sirius’ arms.  Terese automatically reached out and took him, cuddling him.  Sirius put his arm around them, and rocked them slowly.  He honestly didn’t know what to say to make her feel better.


“What’s going on?  Terese, are you ok?”  Remus and Tonks appeared behind them.  Sirius shook his head.


“Dora, would you mind taking Terese and AJ home?” he asked his cousin.


“Of couse.” Tonks said, walking over to take Terese’s arm.  Terese looked at her husband with panic.


“Where are you going?” 


“I won’t be long, I promise babe.”  He stroked her hair briefly and kissed the top of AJ’s head.  “Moony…” he said. Remus nodded.  Tonks took Terese’s arm and they apparated away.


“What’s up Padfoot?”  Sirius filled Remus in on what had just happened.


“He didn’t mean it, surely…”  Remus said eventually.


“If he has to go, he’s probably worried that Voldemort will come after us again to get to him.  He’s trying to make it look like we’ve fallen out.  And he knows Terese wouldn’t make it easy for him to go.”


“You think that’s what he was doing?”


“That’s what James would have done.  He would have left us if he thought it would keep us safe.”


“Are you going to say this to Terese?”


“No. I’m going to talk to Harry first.” Sirius replied grimly.  He hoped he was right.  He knew Terese would be heartbroken if he had meant it, but she would be just as heartbroken if he hadn’t and had still left. 




Chapter 43: Resolve
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Chapter 43


“Harry!” Sirius and Remus caught up with Harry outside the Gryffindor common room. 


“Sirius.  I have to pack”


“You have to listen to me.” He said firmly.  “In private.”  He turned and marched towards an empty classroom.  Remus and Harry followed.  When Sirius had cast a silencing charm on the door, he rounded on Harry.  “What the FUCK was that all about?”


“I could do without a lecture Sirius.” 


“And Tess could do without you acting like that.”


“She can’t keep me wrapped in cotton wool. It’s better this way.”


“You wouldn’t say that if you saw her, Harry.” Remus said quietly.


“She’s not ill again is she?”


“No, but she’s in a state.” Sirius said.  “You know your dad would be kicking your arse right about now”


“Wouldn’t my dad want what’s best for her?” Harry exclaimed.


“How is that what’s best for her?”  Remus asked, incredulous.  Despite his new relationship with Tonks, he still cared for Terese a lot, and hated to see her how she was earlier.


“He’s already gone after AJ to get to me.  If he thinks we’ve fallen out he might leave you alone.”   Sirius and Remus exchanged glances.


“It might actually occur to him that that’s exactly what you’re doing!” Remus pointed out.


“I… He wouldn’t think that way would he?”


“Who knows, Harry?  But would you want him to go after me and Tess and AJ when Tess thinks you hate her?”  Sirius pointed out.


“I don’t hate her.  She’s the only mother I’ve known, which I why I’m doing what I have to do.  I’m the only one that can stop him, Sirius, and then you two and AJ can be happy.”  Sirius rubbed his temples as if he were trying to ward off a headache.


“But you’re going to go off and let her think that anyway.”


“I can’t go thinking that I haven’t done everything I can to keep you all safe.”


“Harry, Lily and James didn’t make us your godparents for you to keep us safe.” Sirius rested his hand on Harry’s shoulder.


“My dad wouldn’t have left without doing something.”


“Harry. Your father would have never, in a million years, left Terese in that state.”  Remus pointed out.  Harry looked at the floor, trying to calm his whirling head.


“I’m sorry.” He said, eventually.  “I thought it would be the best thing to do.  I thought she might try and come after us…”


“She wouldn’t.  You know she wouldn’t” Sirius pointed out.  Harry thought about it. He realised nothing would make her leave AJ.


“Where is she?” He asked eventually.


“Dora took her to Grimmauld Place.”


“Are the ministry still watching the floo network?”  Sirius and Remus nodded.  


“What about a portkey?”


“You’re going to try and get there now?” Remus asked.


“What else did you want me to do?” Harry asked, bemused


“I was thinking I’d tell her and you’d see her in a couple of days.” Sirius said.


“No need” Said a voice from the door.  Terese was standing there with a hard expression and her arms folded.


“Tess.  How did you know where we are?”


“I saw you come in here.  I thought it was a good idea to wait a minute before I came in.  I got here not long after you.  I couldn’t just leave everything as it is.”


 Where’s AJ?”  Sirius asked.


“Tonks is looking after him.”  She looked at Harry.  “I suppose that makes me a bad mother.”  Harry flinched.


“Tess” Sirius said. “Let him explain.”


“Go ahead” Terese said, the hurt in her voice still apparent.


“I’m sorry, Terese.”  Harry looked repentant.  “I thought if everyone knew we’d had a falling out they would leave you alone.”


“They’re going after Order members as a matter of course Harry.”


“But he’s already gone after AJ.”


“I know that Harry; and didn’t the fact I wouldn’t exchange you for him says something?”


“I know, and I’m sorry. Really.  I just thought it might make it easier to leave.”  Terese’s face softened.


“Look, I know perhaps I get too overprotective…”  Sirius snorted.  “Shut up Sirius.” She turned back to her godson.  “But that’s my problem.  I know that you won’t rest until you’ve done everything you can to defeat him.  You’re James’ son- I would expect nothing less.  I’m just unsure that you going off by yourself is the best way of going about it.”


“I’m not a child Terese”


“Ii know sweetheart.  But there’s only so much you can do alone.  One person against a group of Death Eaters…”


“I’ve done it before.  The night AJ was born.  Ok it was due to the Priori Incantatum that I got away, but its something.”  Terese put a hand on his shoulder.


“I know.  I don’t doubt your ability sweetheart.  I would say the same to Sirius or Remus, or anyone in the Order.  Can’t you do what you have to do…”


“I can’t Terese.  I’m sorry.” Harry told her softly.  “It’s… It’s something that can’t be done here, necessarily.  I don’t know where…”


“Harry, mate, can’t any of us help you?” Sirius asked.


“Dumbledore said no.  He said it’s got to be kept secret.” 


Terese looked at her godson with unshed tears in her eyes.


“It really goes against the grain to not try and stop you going.  Lily would kill me” she said, smiling weakly.  “But there’s nothing any of us can say to stop you, is there?”






“But I didn’t mean what I said Terese.  You are like a mother…” he didn’t finish as Terese had thrown her arms around him and, despite now being shorter than him, managed to muffle the end of the sentence as she hugged him.


“But you’ll stay for Bill and Fleur’s wedding? And your birthday?”  She didn’t mention their wedding anniversary.


“Of course.” He didn’t mention that there would be no point leaving before, as he was unable to do magic out of school without being traced.  Harry pulled away.  “I should go and pack.” He said.  “I have to clear everything from the dormitory.”


“We’ll come and get you as soon as we can” Sirius promised. 


“I know.” Harry grinned at them and left the room.


They said nothing as they walked back down to Hogsmeade, the inevitability of what was to happen weighing heavily in the air between them.  But at least there were nothing left unresolved.


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Chapter 44: Wedding
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Chapter 44


“Terese, I’m so nervous” Tonks said as she stood in the middle of her childhood bedroom.


“You don’t look it.  You look gorgeous.”  Terese told her, looking at her friend with a smile.  Tonks was wearing a simple cream shift dress, with her hair its usual shocking pink hanging around her slim shoulders.


“Do you really think so?”


“I really do.”


“Do you think he’ll like it?” Tonks asked in a burst of uncharacteristic uncertainty.


“Tonks, he’ll love it.  He loves you.”


“Yeah.  At least I think he does.”


“Dora, he does.”


“But I’m not…” her voice tailed off.  She had been going to say that she wasn’t Terese, that Remus couldn’t possibly feel the same way about her. 


“You’re not what?” Terese asked.  Before Tonks could open, there was a knock on the door and Dora’s father, Ted, came in.


“Ready, Dora?” he asked.  Dora nodded.  “You look beautiful darling.  I hope he realises how lucky he is.”


“He does.” Terese said, following Ted and Dora downstairs.



The service was being held in Ted and Andromeda’s back garden, though it was very different to Sirius and Terese’s vow renewal.  There were very few people there.  Mad Eye Moody, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Minerva McGonagall and Molly and Arthur Weasley were there from the Order, as well as a couple of Tonks’ friends from school.  Sirius was standing with Remus at the front.  Andy was sitting with AJ, who, for once, was sitting quietly.  Terese walked in first and went to sit with them, picking AJ up so that he could see.  She looked at Remus, who was staring forward, his working jaw being the only obvious sign of his nerves.  The door opened and Sirius clapped him on the shoulder.  He turned and looked at his bride. 


Tonks was glowing with happiness as she walked towards him on her father’s arm.  She had been in love with Remus since the Order had been reformed.  She knew he had always been in love with Terese, who was now her best friend, but she hoped that he now felt the same for her, even if he would never be completely over his best friend’s wife.


Remus looked at her as she stood beside him, and marvelled that he had found someone who loved him for who he was, and didn’t mind that he was a werewolf.  And wasn’t in love with his best friend.  As they stood side by side and said their vows, he pushed his misgivings about the age

gap and his lycanthropy aside and decided to try and let himself be happy.  We he’d split up with Terese, he had thought he wouldn’t be happy in the same way again.  But with Dora, he was beginning to feel that he could be.


After the ceremony, the chairs were moved and a few tables appeared. 


“So, Mrs Lupin, how do you feel?” Terese teased.


“Um… now I feel officially weird.” She said.  “Mrs.  Hmmmm.  I think I like it.”


“That’s good to know.” Remus said, putting his arm around her. 


“Mummy.  Food” AJ said suddenly, demanding his mother’s attention.


“In a minute darling.”  She said, attempting to give him a drink which he pushed away.  “AJ…”


“He’s fine babe” Sirius told her, draping his arm over the back of her chair.  “He had a drink not long ago.”


“So do you two have any tips?” Tonks asked, interrupting their bickering. 


“Sure, whatever we’re arguing about, Tess is always right.”  Sirius joked.


“You’re such a comedian, Black” Terese rolled her eyes.  “It’s true though!” she grinned.


“I never said I was joking.” Sirius said, putting his arm around her.



Later on, Terese was walking AJ round the garden, trying to tire him out while the others were inside. 


“Alright, sweetheart?”  Remus appeared beside her.


“What are you doing out here?  You should be with Tonks”


“I needed some fresh air.” 


“You alright?” she asked him suspiciously.  “AJ, come out of the bush”  she retrieved her son while Remus thought of an answer.


“Yes…” he said slowly. 


“What’s the matter?”


“Do you think I did the right thing, marrying Tonks?”


“Remus…” Terese exclaimed, shocked.


“I mean, I might have subjected her to…”


“Remus, you haven’t subjected her to anything she doesn’t already know about.”  AJ started to cling to her leg in the way he did when he was tired.  She scooped him up and began to rock him slightly in the hope he would doze off.


“She’s really ok with everything?”


“You know she is.  She told you she is.”


“Yeah she did.”


“Isn’t it a bit late to be worried about that?  Remus, she’s in love with you.  Anyone looking at her can see that.”


“I know”


“And you love her, right?”




“So what’s the problem?  You’ve got a good thing; the way things are at the moment you should go for it.”


“You’re right.”


“That’s what I’m always telling Sirius.”


“To go for it?”


“No.  That I’m right.” She joked.  He laughed.


“Come on.  Now I’ve got his lordship to sleep I can put him down somewhere”. 



Later that night, Sirius and Terese returned to the house in Brighton.  Since Dumblebore’s death they had decided it might not be wise to stay at Grimmauld Place and managed to put up some strong wards around the house.


Once AJ was settled in his room, Terese went into her and Sirius’ bedroom. 


“That was a nice day.” He said as she undressed.


“It was.  Shame Harry couldn’t be there.”


“Its better that he’s with the Dursleys for a few days at least.” Sirius reminded her.


“I know.  I suppose he can go to Bill and Fleur’s wedding.”




“Yes?” she asked suspiciously, recognising his tone.


“Do you remember Lily and James’ wedding?”


“What about it?” she said innocently, knowing exactly what he was thinking.


“You remember afterwards?” he pulled her towards him.




“I love you Mrs Black.”

Chapter 45: The Burrow
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Chapter 45


“Do you think this plan will work?” Terese whispered to her husband as she curled up against him early one morning.  This was the day that Harry was being collected from the Dursleys’ for good; therefore the day Lily’s protective charm would be broken.   


“I don’t know.  But it’s the best we’ve got.” Sirius whispered back.  “Moody’s going.  And Remus and Tonks.  Bill and Fleur…”


“I know.  There’s just so much that could go wrong though…”


“I think this is the safest way of going about it babe.”


“Yeah, I guess so.  I just worry.”

“No! Really?  That’s a surprise!” Sirius teased.


“Don’t take the piss” She exclaimed with mock indignance. 


“Would I?” he replied with equally mocking innocence.  He was pleased to be able to get a smile out of her, something that was a rarity these days except when she was with AJ.


“What time do you think you’ll be leaving?”


 “Probably about 11”


“You will be careful won’t you?”


“Of course.”


“I could leave AJ with Molly or Andy and come with you.” She said quietly.


“Tess, you don’t have to.  You should go to the Burrow and wait with Molly and Ginny.  You know how much AJ loves chasing the gnomes.”


“He’s getting as bad as you and James, you know” she said fondly.


“That’s my boy” Sirius grinned.  He became serious suddenly and looked at her intently.  “I’ll get him home, babe.  I promise.”



“AJ! No! It will hurt you if you do that!” Terese shouted as her son attempted to pull a gnome along by its arm. She jumped up to stop him. Sure enough, before she could get to him, AJ screamed and began to cry.  “See?  Listen to Mummy!” Terese said as she picked her son up to carry him inside.


“Ouch Mummy” AJ said with a pitiful voice. 


“I know sweetheart.  Be brave though.” She carried him inside.  “Sorry, Molly. Have you got something for gnome bites?”  Molly Weasley was pottering around the kitchen, anxious for the return of her family.


“Hmmm? Oh.  Of course.  The number of times the twins and Ron got bitten…”


“I bet.  This one is getting like his father.” Terese joked, as Molly dabbed some ointment on AJ’s hand.


“He looks like you though.” Molly told her.


“Do you think?”


“He is.”


“Thanks for letting us wait here, Molly.  I’d be going out of my mind on my own…”


“It’s nice to have you both here, dear.” Molly smiled.  “There’s nothing like having a child around to distract you.”


“Gi-gi” AJ demanded.  Terese laughed.


“I think he’s looking for Ginny.”


“I’m here.” Ginny said from the doorway, smiling weakly.  AJ ran over to her squealing happily.  He held his arms out so she would pick him up.


“He’s a little flirt, just like his father” Terese joked, trying to hide her growing anxiety.


“Ron and Tonks should be back soon” Molly pointed out. They waited in silence; the only noise being AJ chattering away to Ginny in his own little language.  Terese wanted to hold her son herself as a distraction but knew Ginny was just as worried as she was.  Suddenly a rusty oilcan appeared in front of them.  Molly and Ginny both let out fretful cries, and Ginny handed AJ to Terese, who began to cry.  She rocked him automatically.


“Shhh Sweetheart.  Oh, God, Dora!” She said under her breath, not wanting to accept that something could have happened to yet another one of her best friends.  First Athena, then Lily- she couldn’t bear the thought of losing Dora as well.


A dirty old plimsoll suddenly appeared next to it.


“Dad! Fred!” Ginny cried, anxiously.  “Oh, Mum…” she said, as Molly pulled her daughter to her. 


“Who should be next?” Terese asked, her voice shaking.


“Sirius and Harry.” Ginny told her.  Terese nodded, unable to speak.  She knew whatever happened, she would have to remain strong for her son.  If she had to bring him up without his father or brother then she would have to do that without falling apart.


Suddenly there was another flash, and Terese held her breath for a split second.  When two figures became apparent, her breath came out in a whoosh.  She ran towards Sirius and Harry, who were both looking quite disorientated.


“You’re ok. You’re back” she said, refusing to cry.  Sirius held his arms out to her and she ran into them.  She reached an arm out and pulled Harry into the huddle.


“I told you didn’t I, Tess?” Sirius said to her.  “I promised you.”


“But Ron and Tonks, and Arthur and Fred.  They missed their portkeys.” She said in a low voice, so Molly and Ginny wouldn’t hear.


“We were attacked.  The Death Eaters found us.  And… he did.  He’s flying.” Harry said.  Terese’s eyes widened in shock.


“Oh merlin.  And you beat them?”


“We made it through the wards.  Crashed the bike in Andy and Ted’s back garden” Sirius said crossly.  “It’s wrecked.”


“I’d rather the bike was wrecked than you babe.” Terese said softly. Molly appeared with some glasses and a bottle of brandy.  A blue light suddenly appeared in the sky and to figures appeared.  Remus was supporting George.  It soon became apparent that something was wrong; George had lost an ear, Snape had got him with the sectumsempra curse.  Once George was settled and being tended to by his mother, Remus grabbed Harry’s arm and dragged him towards the kitchen.  Terese and Sirius followed angrily.


“What creature sat in the corner, the first time Harry Potter visited my office at Hogwarts?” He shook him.  “Answer me!”


“Remus!” Terese exclaimed angrily.


“A- a grindylow in a tank wasn’t it?”  Remus turned to Sirius.


“What did James and Lily get in their Hogwarts Letters on your seventeenth birthday?”


“Their Head Boy and Girl badges?”  Sirius growled.  “What is your problem Moony?”


“Are you going to question Me and AJ as well?” Terese asked, furious.


“Someone betrayed us.  Someone told the Death Eaters the plan…”


“And you think Harry did it?” Terese scoffed.


“No, I think we have to be careful.”  He paused.  “Where’s Dora?”


“She and Ron… they missed their portkey.  We haven’t heard from them.”


Another flash of light and Hermione and Kingsley appeared.  Harry and Hermione hugged as Kingsley and Remus questioned each other.


“Ha-eee. Ouch” AJ said, showing Harry where the Gnome had bitten him.  Harry, Ginny and Hermione made a fuss of him whilst they waited for the next people to arrive.  Arthur and Fred appeared and refused to answer any questions until they had seen George.  Remus was standing next to Hermione and both were staring up at the sky anxiously. 


After a minute or two, a broom appeared above them and streaked towards the ground.  They skidded across the gravel before Tonks ran into Remus’ arms.  Ron tripped towards Harry and Hermione.  After they’d exchanged stories, they waited for Bill and Fleur, and Mad Eye and Mundungus.  Kingsley apparated back to Downing Street just before a thestral appeared carrying Bill and Fleur. 


Molly ran towards her eldest son and hugged him, but Bill addressed his father.


“Mad-Eye’s dead.”  He and Fleur recounted how they had seen the Death Eaters first attack Mad-Eye and Mundungus, expecting the ‘Harry’ with the best, most powerful Auror to be the real one.  Mundungus had panicked and apparated away as Voldemort hit Mad-Eye in the face with a curse.  He had fallen off his broom.


The conversation went on and they had firewhiskeys in Mad Eye’s honour (Sirius finding it difficult to keep his glass out of AJ’s reach.)  Fleur pointed out that someone had betrayed them.  Harry denied it.  He saw the look on Remus’ face and asked him if he thought he was a fool.


“No, I think you’re like James who would have regarded it as the height of dishonour to mistrust his friends.”


Soon after he, and Bill left to look for Mad-Eye’s body.


“I’ve got to go too” Harry said. 


“What?” Terese asked, shocked.


“You’re all in danger if I’m here.”  Molly told him all the precautions that had been taken so Bill and Fleur’s wedding could take place there.


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Chapter 46: Coming of Age
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Chapter 46


“Haapeeeee Bir-dee Ha-eee” AJ cried as Harry walked into the kitchen at the Burrow with Ron on his 17th birthday.  He ran over to him and Harry picked him up, throwing him into the air.  AJ shrieked with delight.


“Happy Birthday, sweetheart.” Terese said, hugging her godson.  She was holding back the tears.  Days like this brought Lily and James’ memories to her as clear and sharp as icicles. She took AJ from him so he could greet everyone else.


“Happy Birthday mate.” Sirius took his turn.


“Daddy, I fly.” AJ told him.


“You flew? How did you fly?”


“Ike ess” AJ said, waving his arms.


“Shall we give Harry his presents?” Terese asked her son when Harry had been around the room.


“My pes-ents?” AJ asked. 


“No mate. Harry’s presents.” Sirius said.


“I get pes-ent for Ha-eee” AJ told his father impatiently.


“You did, sweetheart.”  Terese said, as everyone gathered their gifts and put them on the table.


“My pes-ent Ha-eee” AJ demanded, looking at his brother.  Terese put the present in AJ’s hand so he could give it to Harry.  Harry took it and opened it.  It was a small double sided photo frame.  One side had a picture of Harry ‘flying’ AJ in the air; the other had a picture of Sirius and Terese.


“Oh wow!  Thanks, little Brother” Harry said, trying to keep emotion to a minimum.  “High five.” He held his hand up, and AJ began hitting it repeatedly, laughing gleefully.


“That’s a new trick.” Terese commented. 


“We taught him yesterday.” Ron grinned.  “He’s a fast learner.”


“Let Harry open his other presents sweetheart” Terese told AJ, who started sulking.  Harry opened his presents from everyone else.  When he had finished, he realised that there was no present from his godparents.  He tried not to feel too hurt as he knew they had done so much for him already, when he noticed Terese standing next to him, nervously.  She put a small box in front of him.


“I don’t know if you know it’s a tradition to give a wizard a watch when they come of age.  We discussed getting you a new one, or I have one that belonged to my father.  But then we decided that you might want this.”  Harry opened the box and took out a gold watch.  “Look at the back.”  Terese told him.  He turned it over and saw three sets of initials on the back. ‘SP’, ‘JP’, and ‘HJP’


“Is this… was this…?” Harry stuttered, chocking up.


“It was James’.” Sirius told him.


“They gave it to me after…” Terese began.  “And I thought you should have it.  He would have given it to you today.”


Harry stared at it, speechless.  He had his father’s invisibility cloak and the Marauders’ Map, but this was the most personal thing of his that he had had.


“Do… do you like it?” Terese asked nervously.


“Yes.  I do.  It’s just… I wasn’t expecting… How did you get it?”


“A few days after I came out of hospital, Kingsley brought it over to me. With your parents’ wedding and engagement rings.  I’ve got them in my vault at Gringotts for when…” Her voice tailed off.


“Thank you.” Harry said, hugging her tightly.  He knew when he went away he would miss her, and Sirius and AJ.  When he had started Hogwarts, he had never dreamed that he could have a family like this- with his parents’ best friends; people they had classed as family.  Part of him didn’t want to leave them, wanted to stay in this state of suspended happiness but the other part of him knew that to keep them safe and ensure they could have more times like this, with or without him, he had to go.


“Right, should we get the lunch ready?” Molly asked, not wanting the mood to sink.


“Mrs Weasley, I really don’t want a fuss…” Harry said.


“Nonsense.  It’s not everyday you turn seventeen.  Now, go outside while I put the finishing touches to your cake.”  Harry glanced at his godmother.


“You didn’t try and make one?” He teased.


“Harry, mate, did you see any exploded food when you came downstairs?” Sirius joked.


“Do you want your anniversary present tomorrow?” Terese asked sweetly.


“Love you babe” Sirius said, wrapped his arm around her waist.


“Hmmm.” She rolled her eyes at him.  “Do you want any help, Molly?”


“No thank you, dear.  It’s nearly done.”  They went into the garden so that they wouldn’t be in the way. 


“There he is” a voice came from behind them.  Remus and Tonks were standing there.  Remus looked fraught, but Tonks was glowing.  As they finished greeting Harry, Ginny called out of an upstairs window to him and he went inside to see her. 


“How’s married life treating you two?”  Terese asked, holding AJ on her lap as he started getting sleepy. 


“It’s great.” Tonks grinned.  “Can’t think why we didn’t do it before.”


“I never asked you before.” Remus pointed out dryly.


“What’s up with you, misery guts?” Terese asked.


“Nothing. I’m fine.”


“He’s worried.” Tonks told them. 


“Nyphadora!” Remus exclaimed. Sirius and Terese glanced at each other, raising eyebrows.


“Don’t call me that Lupin. Oh come on, it’s not like their going to tell anyone.”


“Tell anyone what?”  Sirius asked but Terese, looking at Tonks, had guessed.  She beamed at her friend.


“When are you due?” she asked.


“What? How…?” Remus stuttered.


“Oh come on.  Look at her.  She’s glowing.”  Terese said.


“Congratulations Moony.” Sirius jumped up to hug his friend and his cousin. 


“We’re not telling anyone yet, so just… keep it quiet.” Remus said, as Terese and Tonks immediately started talking babies.


Harry and his friends came downstairs, all looking slightly awkward.  The celebrations resumed in the garden with everyone sitting round the table.  Fleur’s family had arrived and were also taking part.  Molly had made a cake in the shape of a snitch.


“I bet Lily would have done that.” Sirius joked.  Terese smiled wistfully.  All of a sudden a patronus appeared in the garden from Arthur Weasley, announcing that the minister was joining him.  Remus and Tonks got up hurriedly and, making their apologies to Harry, left over the garden fence.



Later that night, Sirius and Terese were squashed into one of the bedrooms at the back of the house, with AJ in his own little cot bed.


“Why would Dumbledore leave Harry a snitch? I don’t get it.” Terese asked.


“Why would he leave Ron the deluminator and Hermione the book?  There’ll be reasons behind it all.”


“I know.” She sighed.  “I just don’t know if I want to think what they are.”



Chapter 47: Celebrations
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Chapter 47


“Ots Iss Mummy?”  AJ asked, picking up Terese’s mascara as she tried to get ready for Bill and Fleur’s wedding.


“It’s Mummy’s make up.  Can I have it back please?”  Terese tried to get it from her son, who ran away giggling.  “SIRIUS!” she called.  He came in from the bathroom, which was next door.


“You shrieked babe?”


“Can you entertain AJ for five minutes while I finish getting ready?” 


“Hey Trouble.  What have you got there?” Sirius grabbed hold of his son.


“Mummy make up.” He said, waving it around.


“I think Mummy needs that though, shall we give it back to her?”  Sirius tried to get hold of his son.


“No Daddy. I want.” 


“Anthony James! Give it to Daddy please!” Terese said, crossly.


“See Mate? You got the full name.  You’d better give it back…” Sirius grabbed his son, who started screaming.  “Come on mate. Calm down.” Sirius tried to pacify his son as there was a knock on the door.  “Come in” he called.  The door opened and Hermione peered round.


“Do you need any help?”


“Thanks, Hermione.  Would you mind looking after AJ for a few minutes?”  Sirius asked, as Terese was busy frantically searching for her earrings.


“I… er… ok.  Shall we go and see what’s going on?”


“I find Ha-eee”


“Maybe…” Hermione said, unsurely, as she led AJ out of the room.  As she left, Terese stood up, fastening her earrings.  Sirius stared at her. 


“Wow. Tess, you look beautiful!” He said.  She was wearing a floor length chiffon halter neck dress.  It was cream with dusky pink flowers and it flowed softly around her legs as she moved.  Her hair was pinned up with loose tendrils falling in soft ringlets around her face.


“Thanks.” She said, smiling.  She looked him up and down, appreciating how he looked in his dress robes.  “You don’t look so bad yourself.”  He walked over to her and pulled her to him.  “Careful!” She exclaimed, laughing.


“Happy Anniversary Mrs Black!” he said softly.


“Happy Anniversary!”  He pulled back and reached into his pocket and pulled out a box. 


“Have you been stealing from the groom?” She teased.


“Not at all.  This is especially for my gorgeous wife who outshines everyone, veela or not.”


“You charmer!” she said as she opened the box.  She gasped, seeing a beautiful white gold eternity ring.


“Sirius…” she said, tears welling in her eyes.  “You didn’t have to.”


“I know I didn’t have to.  But I wanted to.”


“It’s beautiful.”   She reached up and, sliding her arms around his neck, kissed him deeply.  He moaned softly.


“Do you think we’ve got time…?” He asked, nodding towards the bed.  She laughed.


“I don’t think time’s an issue babe.  It’s been a couple of weeks…” she teased.  


“Hey!” he exclaimed, smacking her lightly on the backside


“I’m kidding babe!  I just don’t wanna crease my dress.”  He kissed her again.


“You sure…?” He murmured into her mouth.  She instinctively gripped the lapels of his dress robes and groaned gently.  He was just about to lift her up when there was a knock on the door.  They pulled apart.


“Come in.”  Sirius called out, making sure he was standing behind his wife.  Hermione walked in, carrying AJ.


“Everyone’s arriving.” She told them


“Thanks hun.”  Terese said.  “We’ll be down.” 


“Mummy.”  AJ demanded.  He reached out to his mother.  Hermione handed him to her and went downstairs.  


“Come on then, Sweetheart.  Lets go and see everyone.”


“I’ll be down in a sec, babe.” Sirius said, sheepishly.  Terese grinned. 


“Ok, babe.  Come on AJ” she said, carrying him downstairs.  She met Remus and Tonks in the garden.  Tonks immediately started fussing over AJ, who imperiously allowed her to take him from his mother.


“Where’s Sirius?” Remus asked.


“He’s on his way…down.” Terese grinned.  Remus rolled his eyes.  They were surrounded by wedding guests, but Terese saw Sirius emerge from the house; handsome in his dress robes.  “Would you two keep an eye on AJ for a minute?” she asked her friends.


“Of course.” Tonks grinned.  Terese made her way through the crowd to her husband.


“All calm?” She asked him with a raised eyebrow.


“Yeah just about.” He said, slipping an arm around her shoulders.  “Where’s AJ?”


“With Remus and Tonks.” She replied.  “Don’t you want your anniversary present?”


“Oh, yeah. Ok.” He said excitedly.  “Where is it?”


“Well, would what you say about a little brother or sister for Harry and AJ?”  He stared at her, trying to compute what she had told him.


“What?” he said finally.


“I’m pregnant.” She said softly, looking up at him, almost shyly.  “We’re having another baby!”  He threw his arms around her, pulled her to him and picked her up, spinning her round, laughing.


From across the garden, Remus looked over at his best friend.  He saw him swing his wife, Remus’ ex-girlfriend, into the air.  They were laughing and smiling, and as the sunlight caught her, she almost shimmered.  He wondered why he could never feel so carefree with his own wife; then he realised, again, it was because of the guilt he felt.


Sirius and Terese walked over to them, smiling.


“Everything alright?” Terese asked as AJ clung to his father’s leg.


“He’s certainly his father’s son, isn’t he?” Tonks smiled.


“Definitely.”  Terese said, laughing.  “He’s a terror, aren’t you sweetheart?”  AJ wrapped his arms around his mother’s leg.


“Lub you mummy” he said.  Tears sprung to Terese’s eyes as she picked her son up.


“I love you too, darling” she said as Sirius winked at her over his head.


They decided to mingle before the ceremony, Sirius carrying AJ so that Terese wouldn’t get tired.  They eventually went to sit down and Tonks sat down next to Terese.


“So what’s with you?”   She asked, looking at her friend’s dreamy expression.


“What do you mean?” Terese asked innocently.  Tonks raised an eyebrow.  “Ok ok.” Terese lowered her voice. “You know what you told us yesterday?” Tonks nodded briefly.  “Snap.”   Tonks gasped excitedly.  “SHHHH. I’ve literally only just told Sirius.  Its early days.”


“Have you told Harry?”  Terese looked over it the red-haired boy who was Harry in disguise.


“Not yet.  I didn’t want to take away from his birthday. We’ll tell him later.” 


Remus and Sirius sat down as the ceremony started.


Sirius looked at his wife as she stood tearfully watching the ceremony.  He couldn’t believe what she had told him and he couldn’t believe her reaction to it.  She had been freaked out when she was pregnant with AJ- but he supposed she had gone through a complete pregnancy it once, she knew she could do it again.  It was amazing that they had this to look forward to in the midst of everything.  And Remus and Tonks having a child as well.  It was one ray of hope in a uncertain future. Something more to go on for.

Chapter 48: Disaster
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Chapter 48


After the ceremony, the furniture was changed to round tables and chairs.  Sirius, Terese, Remus and Tonks sat in one near the edge of the marquee and managed to put a high chair up for AJ.


“So how far gone are you?” Tonks asked as they sat down.


“A couple of months.  About the same as you I think.”


“It’s so exciting.  We’re going to be pregnant together…”


“If Tess actually gets out of bed this time.” Sirius teased.


“Do you really think AJ is going to let me stay in bed?” She looked at her son, who was concentrating on eating a bread stick.


“But we are keeping it quiet for a while.” Remus reminded them.


“Yeah, of course.”  Sirius said, grinning.


“Behave, Sirius.” Terese said, laughing.


“We should tell Harry though” he said in a low voice.


“When he’s not in disguise.” Terese said.  “Don’t you think?”


“Whatever you say babe.”


The conversation carried on and dancing began.  Sirius gently pulled Terese to her feet as a slow song started. 


“Want to dance, Mrs Black?” he asked softly.


“Mummy. Me too.” AJ demanded.  “I dance wiv you.”   Sirius rolled his eyes as Terese picked him up.  He led them to the dance floor and pulled his wife to him, one arm circling her waist, the other resting around AJ.  They danced for a couple of songs- putting AJ down and holding his hands so he could dance himself. 


All of a sudden a patronus appeared in the middle of the floor- Sirius’ arm tightened around his wife as he recognised Kingsley Shacklebolt’s lynx.


“The Ministry has fallen. Scrimgeour is dead.  They are coming.”


Panic ensued; Death Eaters began to appear amongst the wedding guests.  Remus and Tonks had both jumped up, wands out, and shouted ‘Protego’


  Terese immediately grabbed AJ, who hid his face on her shoulder.


“Tess, take AJ and go.” Sirius said.  She glanced over and saw Tonks duelling.  At that moment, Ginny appeared at her side.


“They’ve gone” she said in undertone, meaning Harry, Ron and Hermione.  Terese nodded, biting back tears. 


“Ginny, will you take AJ somewhere safe for me.  Please.” She asked, desperately.  Ginny took AJ, who began to cry.


“Go with Gin Gin, sweetheart.  Mummy and Daddy will see you soon.”  She said tearfully.  As Ginny disappeared through a flap in the side of the marquee, Terese pulled her wand out and stood next to her husband.


“Tess. I told you to go.” Sirius told her angrily as he duelled one of the Death Eaters.


“Tonks stays, I stay.” She said determinedly, as she began duelling with the nearest Death Eater.



“Ginny?  AJ?”  Terese shouted as she raced through the house in Brighton.  It had been agreed beforehand that if anything happened then the Order would apparate there as soon as they could.


“MUMMY” AJ shouted from the living room.  Terese ran in, Sirius close on her heels.  She sunk to her knees, wrapping her arms around AJ and rocking him.  Sirius looked at his wife and son.  She was pale- a deathly white, her hair falling around her face.  Her dress was grubby and ripped.  And creased. 


He looked around the room, as Terese thanked Ginny profusely for looking after AJ.  The Weasleys were huddled in the corner; Molly was crying.  Fleur’s family were with them.  Other members were also there.  Sirius grabbed Terese’s arm and pulled her up.


“OW. Sirius, you’re hurting me.”  She said angrily.


“I told you to go, you stupid woman.  Do you know what you could have happened?  You could have got yourself killed… You could have…”


“Don’t you dare…” Terese began angrily.


“Don’t you know what could have happened?”


“Sirius!”  Remus was standing behind them.


“How’s Dora?”  Terese asked.


“I’m fine.  You?”  Terese nodded.


“Tess, will you at least go to St Mungo’s?”


“Are you insane?  You don’t think St Mungo’s would be under control of the ministry?”


“She’s right Sirius.”  Remus said.


“What’s going on?” Molly asked.


“Nothing Molly.  Everything’s hunky dory.”  Terese said. 


“She’s pregnant, Molly.”  Sirius said.


“And so is Dora.”  Remus continued.


“And we had agreed to keep it quiet!” Terese exclaimed furiously.


“Tess, when you decide to put yourself and our child in danger…”


“I couldn’t leave you there, could I?  Harry’s gone, what if I lost you too?”  She replied tearfully.


“Mummy. Don Cry” AJ said, nuzzling his mother’s neck.  Sirius put his arm around her.


“Babe.  I’m fine.  See?”


“So am I.”


They all eventually managed to calm down; Sirius had pulled Terese onto his lap as they sat waiting for… anything.  Arthur sent a patronus message to Harry, Ron and Hermione.


“Do you think they’re safe?”  Terese asked quietly.


“I think so.”  Sirius tried to reassure her.


“We didn’t get to tell him about the baby.”  She said, tearful again.


“Babe, listen to me.  We have to trust that he’s ok.  Look at everything he’s done since he was eleven.  And he’s with Ron and Hermione.  If we can’t be with him, there isn’t anyone else I’d want to be.”


“I think I’m going to put AJ to bed.” She said, wiping her eyes.  She gently stood up so as not to disturb her little boy.  She carried him upstairs to his room and put him into his bed.  He looked so innocent that she couldn’t take her eyes off him for a while, at the same time resting one hand on her stomach and stroking AJ’s hair.  As far as he was concerned, as long as she and Sirius, and Harry were around, everything was ok in his little world.  She just hoped she could maintain that for him.


Chapter 49: Back to Grimmuld Place
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Chapter 49


Tonks was sitting in her mother’s living room, sobbing.  Terese and Andromeda were sitting either side of her, comforting her.  Sirius was looking on, scowling angrily as AJ was playing on the floor.


“I can’t believe he’s gone.  I can’t believe he’d do that to me.”


“I should have known this would happen.” Andy said.


“It’s not like him…” Terese began.


“So why has he gone, then?” Tonks asked. 


“I don’t know.  But I could try and talk to him…”


“I’ll talk to him” Sirius growled.


“That’ll help, I’m sure.”  Terese replied sarcastically. 


“Why wouldn’t it?”


“Because you’ll lose your temper and we’ve got enough problems with Death Eaters trying to kill us all without you two fighting.”


“What do you suggest then?” Andy asked.


“I’ll talk to him, I’ll reason with him.”


“Do you even know where he is?”  Tonks asked.


“I have a couple of ideas.”


“Terese, you can’t just wonder round looking for him”  Sirius told her.


“I’m not going to wander.  There are a few places I can think of…”

“Like where?”


“Grimmauld Place…”


“Don’t even think about going there…”


“I swear, Sirius, if you keep this up for another six months, I’m going as well!” Terese told him, hotly.


“At least let me come with you.”


“Will you promise to let me talk to him and not go off on one?”


“I can try.”  Terese sighed. 


“Sirius, please.  Just let me go on my own.  If any thing happens I’ll send you a patronus message. I promise.”



Terese arrived on the doorstep of Grimmauld Place and tapped the door with her wand.  It creaked open, and Terese crept in, not wanting to disturb the gruesome portrait of her old hag of a mother-in-law.  She quickly pondered how such a woman had given birth to someone as gorgeous as Sirius, and felt a lurch of desire for him in the pit of her stomach.  She ignored it, mentally moaning about pregnancy hormones.  As she went further into the hall, Moody’s booby trap appeared- a ghostly apparition of Dumbledore. 


“I didn’t kill you.” She told it, watching it disappear.  As she went down to the kitchen, she heard raised voices.  She pushed open the door in time to see Harry fly across the room.  Ron and Hermione were looking on, open mouthed.  Remus was standing opposite, his wand out.


“Remus!!” Terese exclaimed, angrily.  “Try anything like that again, and I’ll kill you. Regardless of the fact you’re the father of my best friend’s baby.”  Without waiting for an explanation, she rushed over to Harry, and holding out her hand, helped him up. She didn’t say anything as she examined his face.  Harry felt a rush of affection for her.  He had seen Mrs Weasley do this to each of her children on many occasion- a maternal inventory.  It had always made him feel sad and bereft until he acquired this family of his own.  Eventually she hugged him tightly.


“Harry, sweetheart, I’m so pleased to see you.” She turned to Remus.  “Remus, go and calm down in the sitting room, would you please?  I want to talk to you.”  He stomped angrily out of the room and, when they heard the sitting room door slam, she relaxed slightly.  “How are you all?”


“We’re fine.  We nearly got caught by Death Eaters on Tottenham Court Road but we got away.”


“And you’re going ahead with whatever it is Dumbledore told you to do?”  Harry nodded.


“It’s the only way to defeat him, Terese.”


“Remus wanted to come with us.”  Ron told her.  She raised an eyebrow.


“Yeah, he said he thought my dad would want him to help me; I told him he was wrong- my dad would want him to look after his family. Tonks and the baby”


“You’re right, Sweetheart.  James would be furious with him.  I’m having trouble making Sirius stay calm about it.”  She sat down wearily at the table.  “Is Kreacher still here?” Harry nodded.  “Kreacher?” she called.  The wizened old house elf appeared in front of her, mumbling his usual obscenities.  She ignored them.  “Could you please get me a drink? Something sweet; lemonade if there is any.”  Hermione shot her a reproachful glance which she again ignored.  She pulled her heavy cloak off and fanned herself.  “Merlin it’s hot in here.”  She said as Kreacher brought her a drink.  “Thank you” she said, gulping it down.  She stood up, and Hermione gasped.  Her bump, though small, was now prominent on her otherwise thin frame.


“You’re… You’re… as well?”  She stuttered.


“Yes.  I found out just before the wedding.  We didn’t have a chance to tell you.” 


“Congratulations!” Harry exclaimed, giving her another hug.


“Thank you sweetheart.” She said.  “Another little surprise.” She said with a smile.  “But I should go and talk to Remus before he decides to go.” 


She went into the sitting room to find him in an empty fireplace; his tapping fingers being the only sign of his agitation.


“Remus.” She said softly.


“He called me a coward”


“Don’t you think he may have been right?” she asked.  He looked at her angrily.  “Remus, you know full well how pissed off James would be with you at the moment.”  He hid his face in his hands.


“It’s better this way.  They’re better off without me.”


“Why do you say that?”


“You know what I am Terese.”


“And so does Dora.  She loves you.  Don’t you think that’s a great legacy for your child?  That you love each other and make it work despite everything?”


“And what about the persecution I might be subjecting it to?”


“Look, if… if we don’t win, don’t you think AJ and this baby will be under threat as well?  The closest Harry Potter has to siblings.  The children of blood traitors who were responsible for the death of his favourite supporter as far as he’s concerned.  But if we think like that, we’re just giving him power over us.  We may as well just hand him our wands and everything now.  And I have every faith that we can all get through this.  I know I’m not giving up without a fight.”


“Terese…” he began, before being interrupted by Mrs Black screaming.


“SHUT UP YOU RANCID OLD BAG!” Sirius’ voice resounded through the house.  Terese walked to the door and stood glaring at her husband with her hands on her hips. 


“Sirius.  I told you I could manage this.”  She snapped.


“I thought you’d been gone for a while…”


“Oh for gods sake.  I was talking to Harry in the kitchen. We had a couple of things to catch up on funnily enough.”


“Harry’s here?” 


“Yeah.” A voice behind them said.  Harry walked forward and hugged his godfather.  “I hear congratulations are in order.”  Sirius grinned.


“Cheers.  There’s something to look forward to at any rate.” 


“Padfoot…” Remus had come into the hall.  Sirius made a noise very like a growl.


“What the fuck do you think you’re playing at, Lupin?”


“Sirius.  I told you about this…” Terese intervened.


“It’s none of your business, Black” Remus replied.


“That’s my cousin you’ve left heartbroken.  You know what she said when I asked if I could leave AJ at Andy’s while I came here?  She said that she might as well get used to looking after a child by herself.”


“Sirius, that’s enough.  This isn’t helping.”  Terese told him.   


“What’s not helping is him doing a runner on his pregnant wife.  What if I decided to do that…”


“That’s different Sirius.”




“Why do you think?”


“You know she doesn’t care.”


“Enough lecturing, please.  I don’t need any of you telling how to live my life.”  Remus turned on his heel and left, slamming the door.  Terese glared at her husband. 


“Well done, Sirius.”

Chapter 50: Reconciling?
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Chapter 50


“Do you think if I shout enough someone will make some tea?”  Tonks said, as she and Terese lay out on sofas in Terese and Sirius’ house.  Both were heavily pregnant (Terese was six months, Tonks was five) and it was about a week before Christmas.


“Sure.” Terese replied lazily.  “SIRIUS!” she shouted.  There was a sound of running footsteps and a minute later, Sirius burst into the room, with tinsel hanging around his neck, a Christmas hat askew on his head and a load of wrapping paper in his hands.


“What?  What’s wrong?”  He asked breathlessly.


“Can you get us some tea?” Terese asked innocently. 


“Tess!! I thought something was seriously wrong, the way you hollered.”


“It is serious.  We’re thirsty.”


“You realise I’ve left AJ upstairs with presents and decorations?”


“Oh, go on babe.  He’ll want lunch soon anyway.”  Terese cajoled, pouting slightly.  He rolled his eyes.


“Right.  Fine.” He said, knowing he wasn’t going to get away with it.  “Do you want any lunch?”


“I really fancy some spaghetti.”  Tonks said thoughtfully.


“Oooo good idea!” Terese exclaimed.  “Do we have any?”


“You want spaghetti now?”  Sirius was incredulous.


“DADDDDYYYY” AJ called from upstairs. “IT BROKETED”


“What did he break?”  Terese asked, concerned.


“I really don’t know, Tess.  I ran downstairs at your beck and call” Sirius snapped.


“There’s no need to snap, Sirius.  I was only asking.” Terese replied tearfully.


“Ok, Babe, I’m sorry.  I’ll go and get AJ then I’ll make some lunch.”


“Thanks babe.  Love you.” Terese smiled beatifically at him as he rolled his eyes. 


“He really would do anything for you, wouldn’t he?” Tonks said wistfully.


“I think he would.  But I would for him.” Terese replied.  Tonks looked thoughtful as she remembered what she had walked in on the other day.  Terese was sitting on the sofa, with AJ next to her; Sirius was listening to her stomach and as the baby kicked, he would fall backwards on the floor holding his head in an exaggerated way.  Every time he did this, AJ would laugh loudly- causing the baby to kick more.  This happened three or four times before they realised Tonks was there.


A couple of minutes later, Sirius came downstairs with AJ.


“It broketed Mummy.”  AJ told her.


“What broke sweetheart?” 


“Da fing.”


“What f…thing?”


“He broke one of the Christmas tree decorations.” Sirius told her.  “Come on mate.  Let’s cook some spaghetti for Mummy and Auntie Tonks.”

“And babbies.”  AJ said matter-of factly.


“Yes, and the babies.”  Sirius told him, taking his hand and walking him to the kitchen.  Terese and Tonks sat chatting for a while, until there was a crash, a bang, and Sirius shouted out.  They made their way to the kitchen, and burst out laughing.  Sirius was covered, tinsel and Christmas hat included, in spaghetti and tomato sauce.   AJ was looking at him, giggling, with not a mark on him.


“Oops” he said, running over to his mother and holding onto her leg.


“Brilliant, Sirius.  Our two year old son manages to stay clean yet you get covered.” Terese teased.


Before he could answer there was a knock on the front door.  Terese prised AJ off her leg and turned into the hall.


“I’ll go, Tess.”  Sirius said immediately.


“Like that?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.  She got to the front door and pulled out her wand.  “Who is it?”  She called.


“It’s Remus, sometimes known as Moony.  I’m a werewolf and Lily Evans and Athena Parker found out after stealing the marauders map from you while you were asleep in the Gryffindor Common.”  She opened the door.


“Long time no see.” She said, coldly. 


“Is Dora here?”


“Who is it babe?” Sirius- now minus spaghetti- came in to the hall.  “What the fuck are you doing here?”


“Sirius…” Terese said quietly.


“I’m here to see Dora.”


“You’ve got a fucking nerve…”


“It’s alright, Sirius.”  Tonks had appeared behind them, holding AJ’s hand. 


“Go and sit in the living room, Dora.” Terese told her, softly.  She took her son’s hand.


“Tess!”  Sirius exclaimed.  “He buggers off for months, leaving her pregnant, and then just expects everything to be ok?”


“I don’t expect everything to be ok.  I just want to talk to her.”


“Sirius, this isn’t our decision to make.” Terese pulled at him arm.




“Upstairs, Sirius.” She demanded.


“No.”  Tonks said.  “I want you to stay.”  Sirius shot Terese a triumphant look.


“You sure?” Terese asked.  Tonks nodded.  They all went into the lounge, Terese shooting Sirius a warning look.  Terese made AJ sit next to her on the sofa and gave him a book to play with.  Sirius stood by the fire escape.  Tonks sat in an armchair and Remus pulled up a footrest and sat at her feet.


“What do you want, Remus?”  Tonks asked eventually.


“Dora, I’m sorry.  I was wrong.  I love you, and I shouldn’t have left.”


“Its taken you four months to realise this?”



“So where have you been then?  Why haven’t you been round before?”


“I have been, Sweetheart.  You know I have!”


“I went to your mum’s house.  She told me you didn’t want to see me.”  Tonks looked shocked.


“She never said!” Tonks said softly.


“Did you want to see me?”


“Remus, you left me, pregnant.”


“I know, and I’m sorry.  I thought it was the best thing to do.”


“How was it the best thing?  Do you know how I felt, Remus?  Do you even care?”


“Of course I do…”


“Really!” Sirius growled.


“Sirius.” Terese warned.


“I thought it was best because… because what kind of life could you both have with me around?  I thought you could escape the…stigma if I left.”


“I know what I married, Remus.  I didn’t know I’d married a coward.”  Remus flinched.


“You’re right.  I was a coward.  But I know I was wrong.  I love you, Dora…”


“How do I know that you won’t do it again?”


“You have to trust me when I say it won’t.”


“Trust?”  Sirius scoffed.


“Sirius, please give it a rest.”  Terese said, exasperated.


“What do you think, Terese?” Tonks asked.


“It’s your decision, hun.  But, for what it’s worth, I think he means it.”  Terese stood up.  “But it’s time AJ went for a nap.”


“NOOOOO MUMMY! NOOOO!” AJ immediately started screaming.


“Sirius, can you help me please!” She said, indicating she couldn’t pick the screaming toddler due to her stomach.  Sirius looked torn for a second, then picked his son up.


“Come on trouble.” He said, sighing.  “Nap now, then we can decorate the tree later.”  AJ continued screaming as Sirius carried him out.  As Terese followed, she glanced back and caught her friend’s eye, and winked. 

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Chapter 51: Interrogation
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Chapter 51


“I don’t like this.” Sirius growled.  “They’re not checking other purebloods.”  He and Terese were waiting in a room in the ministry, carrying papers to prove their lineage.


“You know why, Sirius.” Terese said in an undertone.  She glanced down at her stomach, double checking that her now fairly sizable bump was concealed. 


“This is such bu…”


“Sirius, please.  Losing your temper won’t help.”


“Every time you say that, you always end up flying off the handle more than me.”  He smirked.


“Are you deliberately winding me up?” she snapped.


“I don’t need to babe.  You do a pretty good job by yourself.”


Before she could answer they were called into the room where they were being ‘assessed’.  They went in, arm in arm.  Dolores Umbridge appeared to be holding court in the centre of the room.  She was surrounded by other ministry officials, including some Terese was sure were Death Eaters.  She gasped in horror when she saw Dementors in the corner.  The baby in her stomach kicked hard, as if protesting about the situation.  A patronus in the shape of a cat was patrolling around the ministry officials.


Umbridge sat smug and toadlike, staring at them as they sat down; Terese doing her best not to let her pregnancy show. 


“So.  Sirius Black and Terese Black, born Jones.  Am I correct?”


“You know…” Sirius began.


“Yes.  That’s correct.”  Terese interrupted through gritted teeth. 


“And you are here to prove your lineage.”  Umbridge continued.  Terese nodded and pulled some papers out of her bag.


“I think you’ll find everything is in order.”  She said, handing them over.  Umbridge inspected them.


“Mrs Black.  You are related to the Potters.”


“Yes.  My mother was a Potter.  My father was a member of an old wizarding family in Italy.”


“So you’re related to Undesirable Number One.  You claim he’s like a son to you.”


“We fell out.”  She snapped.


“And you, Mr Black.”


“I’m a Black.  Son of Orion and Walburga.  Their names were on enough donation slips”


“But you have both said in front of me that you considered Potter your son.”


“Like I said, we fell out.  I believe you saw us rowing after Dumbledore’s funeral.”  Terese said.


“And you have a child.”


“Yes.  A son.  Anthony James.”


“A son on questionable lineage.”



“I don’t doubt Mr Black’s lineage.  He is after all the oldest son of Orion Black, despite being disowned.”


“And what is wrong with mine?  I think you’ll find my Father’s family, on both sides, are some of the oldest Wizarding families of the Veneto.  My mother was a pure blood.  My family…”


“Has connections with Undesirable Number One.”  Umbridge said smugly.



“And this means what for my son?”  Terese asked. 


“That remains to be seen.”  Umbridge replied.  Terese shot an alarmed look at Sirius. 


“You can’t sit there and threaten a two year old child with no apparent reason!” He exclaimed. 


“Sirius…” Terese said quietly, shifting uncomfortably in her chair as the baby kicked hard.


“Do you know where Potter is?” Umbridge asked.


“No, we have no clue.”  Terese replied, coldly. 


“Now you see, the eensy problem we have now is that I don’t believe you.”


“Oh dear.  I was so hoping you would co-operate.”  Umbridge said, motioning to the dementors.  Sirius and Terese jumped up, yanking out their wands.


As the Dementors drew near, Sirius forced a happy thought to the front of his brain, and a picture of Terese lying in bed, having just given birth, with Harry sitting next to her holding AJ sprung to his mind.


“EXPECTO PATRONUM” they shouted simultaneously.


 A huge dog shot out of the end of his wand just a shape remarkably similar came of Terese’s wand.  As the patronuses circled them, Terese gripped Sirius’ sleeve.  She was clutching her stomach with her wand hand and let out a low moan. 


“Shit!” Sirius exclaimed under his breath.  He saw the ministry officials advancing on them as well and, pulling his wife’s arm through his, managed to apparate away.



 They landed in hilly countryside.  Terese managed to sit down. 


“Sirius where are we?” she asked, unable to keep the fear out of her voice. 


“I took us as near as I could to the Weasleys’.  They’re not at the Burrow but I don’t think they’re far…”


“I don’t want to give birth on a hill side.”  She said, terrified.  He knelt next to her, taking her hand. 


“Babe, you’re not going to give birth here.  Look at me…” she did. “Do you trust me?”  She stared at her husband for a minute.  He had always done whatever necessary to keep her safe; he even refrained from being James’ secret keeper because he was trying to protect her.


“Yes.  I do, Sirius.  I trust you.”  He stood up and aimed his wand again.


The dog shot off down the hill.


“What are you doing?” she asked.  Suddenly, she grabbed hold of him as another contraction hit.  She tried to hold in a scream.  When it had finished, he explained.


“Arthur Weasley is their secret keeper.  I sent a message to him.  If they come and get us…”


“If, Sirius! What if they don’t get the message” she asked, crying.


“They will.”  He said.  He hoped they were right.  He knew they could have gone to Andy’s, where AJ was, but with Tonks due soon as well, he thought it was a bit much.  Her contractions were getting longer and closer together now.  Suddenly, he felt a wand against his back.  He whirled round, drawing his own.  Arthur Weasley and the twins were there.


“Sirius Black.  Animagus.”  He said shortly.  Arthur and the twins identified themselves.


“We’re staying at Muriel’s.” Arthur told them.


“We just have to get Tess there.”  Sirius told them.



Chapter 52: birth
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Chapter 52


Sirius was sitting in a small room upstairs in the Weasleys’ Auntie Muriel’s house.  His wife was giving birth in the next room, and he could hear her screams through the wall.  Molly and Ginny were in there, helping her.  He wished he could get a midwife or someone like that, but he didn’t know who to trust the way things were at the moment.  He had wanted to go in there and be with her, to see their child being born, but Molly had sent her into the other room.  There was a tap on the door and Arthur Weasley walked in.


“I’ve let Andromeda, Tonks and Remus know what’s happened, and told the rest of the Order what happened at the ministry.”  Sirius smiled weakly.


“Thanks, Arthur.”


“It’s awful, isn’t it? The waiting?”


“I can’t bear to hear her in pain and not be with her to help.”


“I know what you mean.  I was the same with Molly.”


“I can’t help thinking something’s going to go wrong.”


“You just have to believe it won’t.” Arthur said, putting a supportive hand on Sirius’ shoulder.  


Suddenly the door flew open and Ginny was standing in the doorway.


“She wants you, Sirius.  Mum doesn’t agree but she’s insisting…”  Before she could finish her sentence, Sirius had jumped up and run across the room.


“Thanks!” he said, to both Weasleys.  He knocked on the door and pushed it open before anyone could answer.  Terese was standing, clinging to the post of the four poster bed.  She looked up and burst into tears when she saw her husband.  Molly pursed her lips but said nothing.  He rushed over to her and put his arms around her.


“I can’t do this anymore” she sobbed.  “It’s too much..,”


“You can babe.  I’m here with you now, I’m not going anywhere.”  She gripped his hand as another pain hit.


“I have to lie down.” She whimpered.  Molly rushed forward and the two of them got Terese on the bed.  She only had a brief reprieve, however, as more pain tore through her.  She screamed.



The following day, the baby was finally born.  Terese fell back onto the pillow, as white as a sheet.  Molly picked the baby up and the room was filled with crying. 


“It’s a girl!” Molly told them.  “Congratulations.”


“A girl! Tess, we have a daughter.”  Sirius exclaimed excitedly.  He turned to look at his wife, who was still lying back on the pillows.  She forced her eyes open and smiled weakly.  Molly carried the baby over and put her in Terese’s outstretched arms.


“She’s beautiful!” Terese whispered.  Sirius sat next to her as Molly left the room to tell the others.


“She is” Sirius was mesmerised by the tiny scrunched up creature.  He knew that he was going to be besotted with her as long as he lived.


“What she we call her?”


“I don’t know Sirius.  I can’t think properly” Terese said, gazing at her daughter.


“What about Athena Lily?”  Sirius suggested.  Terese looked up at him with tears in her eyes.  She nodded.  There was a tap on the door.  Sirius stood up to answer it.  Molly and Ginny were waiting in the hall.


“How are they?” Molly asked.


“Tired I think.”  Sirius told them.  Molly walked over to the bedside.


“Thank you Molly, and Ginny.” Terese said, still whispering. 


“How are you feeling?”  Molly asked. 


“I…” she looked anxious, not wanting to worry Sirius.  “I’m tired I think.”  Molly looked at her closely.  She felt her forehead. 


“You’re getting feverish.”  Molly said quietly.  “Ginny, can you go and bring me a clean cloth?”  Ginny swiftly left the room.


“Tess? What’s wrong?”  Sirius asked, worriedly.


“I don’t know… can you take her?”  He gently took the baby from her.


“What happened at the ministry, Sirius?”  Molly asked.


“I told you, they set Dementors on us…”


“Dementors… I wonder…”




“Maybe it’s a prolonged reaction because of the birth!”


“Is that possible?”


“Who knows?  She’s clammy and feverish…”


“Mum!” Ginny exclaimed, as Terese slid down the bed, her eyes closed, and began thrashing about.


“Tess… Babe…” Sirius turned to Ginny.  “Could you take Athena please, Ginny?”  She did, awkwardly, and Sirius sat next to his wife.  He tried to get hold of her arms but he couldn’t.


“LIAR! Remus you’re lying to me!” she shouted.


“Remus?”  Ginny said, confused.


“She’s remembering.  Remus told her about James and Lily… and me…”  Sirius said quietly.  “Molly, do you think a patronus…?”


“I don’t think so.”   Sirius watched her for a minute, crying out for James and the baby they had lost.


“Will you stay with her for a bit?  I have an idea…” he asked.


“Yes, but…” Before Molly could voice any doubts, Sirius had apparated away.



“MUMMY!”  AJ’s voice reverberated through the house.  Muriel’s moaning could also be heard.  As Sirius walked his son through the house, he was stopped by George Weasley, who told him something in a low voice.  Sirius grinned, and punched the air with his fist.  He picked his son up and swung him into the air.  He ran upstairs with AJ and stopped outside the bedroom, calming himself.  He pushed the door open.  Terese was still unconscious and thrashing about, though not as much. 


“Mummy!” AJ said, as he tried to clamber onto the bed.


“Tess.” Sirius leant over her a whispered in her ear.  “Tess, Harry’s alive.  He’s at Bill and Fleur’s.  And AJ’s here.  We need to introduce him to Athena.”  The words had a slow, steady effect.  The thrashing eased, and the frown lines on her forehead smoothed out.  Her breathing regulated slowly.


“Mummy!” AJ demanded again.  “Mummy wake up!”  Her eyes flickered open, and she looked around her, confused.


“What happened?” she asked.


“We don’t know.  Molly thought some kind of delayed reaction to the Dementors.”  Terese nodded. 


“AJ!  Come here sweetheart!” She said, pulling her son to her.  “Where’s Athena?”  She asked, slightly panicked. 


“She’s here babe” Sirius had picked her up from the basket by the bed, Molly and Ginny left quietly again.  He sat next to her and moved the blanket away from her face so AJ could see.  “This is your sister Athena, mate.” He told his son.  AJ looked curiously.


“Fee-na?” he asked.


“Yes, sweetheart.”  Terese said, with a small laugh.  She was already sounding slightly stronger.  “Harry…” she looked up at Sirius.


“He’s at Bill and Fleur’s.   They got caught by snatchers but managed to get away.  They’re safe.”  Terese burst into tears.  Her baby seemed healthy and safe, sleeping peacefully in her father’s arms.  Although Molly was trying to get someone trustworthy to check them over.  Her son and husband were here, and Harry was safe for the time being.  She just hoped the strange episode she had had wasn’t linked to the curse she thought was broken.   


Chapter 53: Family time
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Chapter 52


Terese sat on the sofa, leaned her head back and shut her eyes.  It was now a rare moment that she had a moment to get her head together.  Athena, although a placid baby, wanted feeding every couple of hours and AJ was constantly trying to get her attention and cling to her.  Molly said Bill had been the same when Charlie was born (an image which, privately, just amused her.)


“MUMMY” AJ shouted from his bedroom.  She waited a minute, in the hope that he would distract himself, or doze off and have a nap while Sirius was out, so she could have five minutes to herself.


“MUMMY” he shouted again.  This time he woke Athena, who started crying.  Terese sighed wearily and stood up, and looked over at a picture of Lily and James holding baby Harry.


“How would you handle this one Lils?” she asked as she left the room.  She went in to her bedroom, where Athena was in a moses basket.  She picked her up and rocked her, carrying her into AJ’s room.  He was sitting on the middle of his bed crying.


“Mummy, no Fee-na!” He said.


“Darling, Mummy has to stop her crying.”


“I want Mummy.” 


“In a minute, darling, there’s a good boy.”  AJ continued crying. She heard a pop in the hall.  “Sirius!” she called, and her husband put his head around the door.


“Alright babe?” Terese shot him a look.


“Can you take her please?” Terese snapped.


“Come to Daddy beautiful.” He said gently, taking her from his wife.  Terese sat next to AJ on the bed.


“What’s the matter sweetheart?” she asked as AJ snuggled up to her.


“Mummy.  I cuddle” he said tearfully.  Terese pulled him on to her lap and cuddled him.  Sirius went to put Athena back down in her cot as Terese tried to settle AJ.  He eventually curled up on his bed, ready to nap.  Terese went back downstairs.  Sirius was sitting on the sofa and Terese went to sit next to him.


“How long do you reckon we’ll get?  He asked.


“About two minutes.” She replied, feebly.


“How are you feeling?” he asked.  She hadn’t quite been the same since she had given birth.


“Still tired.”  She told him.  “AJ’s been hyper all morning.  He keeps asking for Harry.”


“What have you told him?”


“That he’s away.  That’s all I can tell him.”  She said, sadly.  “Have you seen him?”  Sirius shook his head.


“No.  Not today.  I’ve spoken to Bill though.  He’s not changed his mind.”  Harry had not wanted to see his family since He, Ron, Hermione and some other school friends had taken refuge at Shell Cottage.  Sirius had seen him once and showed him pictures, but he had said it would be much harder to leave and do what he had to do if he saw his godmother and his new little sister.  Sirius had understood- he had long known Harry wouldn’t rest until he had completed the task that Dumbledore had set for him.  Terese hadn’t taken it so well.  Since Athena had been born, she had been emotional and had been upset by Harry staying away.  Terese looked away, trying not to let him see the tears in her eyes.  He put his arm around her.  “Tess, come on.  You know why he’s doing this.”


“I know, babe.  I know.  It’s just… he should be here, with us.  He’s our family; he shouldn’t have to rely on someone else to give him sanctuary…”


“He’s got to do what he’s got to do, Tess.”


“But what if anything happens to him…”


“All we can do is hope it doesn’t.”  She rested her head on his shoulder, absentmindedly rubbing his stomach.  He started to comb his fingers through her hair.  “Reckon we have time…” he began, when AJ’s voice rang through the house again.


“MUMMY!” Terese sighed and stood up. 


“I guess that answers that question.” She said, heading upstairs.  “I’ll get him before…” Athena started crying.  Sirius stood up as well. 


“Oh the joys of parenthood.” He muttered as he followed her upstairs.  He went in to pick Athena up.  As soon as he had her in his arms she stopped crying.  He walked into the hall as Terese came out of AJ’s room.  He had his face buried in Terese’s neck.


“Someone doesn’t want to sleep.”


“I not tired Daddy.” AJ exclaimed.


“I suppose it is nearly dinner time.” Sirius said.  “Shall we make mummy dinner while she feds Feena?”


“Cook sketty Daddy!”


“If you cook spaghetti, daddy will be wearing it like last time” Terese said, smiling.


“Funny, Tess.”  Sirius said as she put AJ down and took Athena downstairs to feed her.


There was a knock on the door.  As Terese sat in the lounge feeding Athena, and watching AJ listen at the door.


“Stay here sweetheart.”  Terese said. “Daddy has to see who it is.”  A minute later, the door opened.


“Look who’s here!” Sirius said, followed by Remus and Tonks, and a small bundle.


“We thought we’d visit.” Tonks grinned, sitting down next to Terese. 


“Ahhh. What colour hair does he have today?”  Terese asked.


“Purple” Tonks answered.


“Daddy.  Dinner.” AJ said.  Sirius rolled his eyes. 


“You two want dinner?” he asked Remus and Tonks.


“May as well, while we’re here.” Tonks said.


“Fancy helping with the cooking, Moony?”  Sirius asked., scooping up AJ.


“Please help them Remus.  They blow things up more than I ever did.”  Terese said.  Remus rolled his eyes.  They went down in to the kitchen.


“So how are you finding it?”  Terese asked.


“It’s… like nothing else.”


“I know, I don’t know where I’d be without these two.” Terese replied.


“How are you feeling now?”


“Better.  Not as strong as before I was pregnant.  I still have moments when…” she stopped, unsure how to continue.


“When what?”


“When I get weak.  Not as much as I did.  Never when I’m around my children.”


“Does Sirius know?”


“No.  He has enough to worry about.”




“Don’t Dora.  Please.”


“Have you heard from Harry?”


“He still won’t visit.”


“But he has his reasons.”


“He does, but that doesn’t make it easier.  It’s just… I feel like he’s my son now, and since he left I… I don’t know.  Maybe I’m wrong.”




“I’m not his mother, Dora.  I’ve got no right to want to stop him doing what he has to do.”


“You’re as good as.  No one has looked after him like you since Lily died.”  Terese went to reply but AJ came running in.


“Mummy. Dinner ready.” 


“Already?  Terese said.  They stood up and went into the kitchen.


“Fry up.”  Remus said.  “Easiest option.”  They sat round the table- AJ in a plastic booster chair, and Terese and Tonks trying to eat whilst holding the babies.


There was a feeling of uneasy truce.  None of them could shake the feeling that something was about to happen.





Chapter 54: News
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Chapter 54


“How’s AJ taking to being a big brother?”  Andy asked Sirius and Terese as they all sat in her lounge.  Athena and Teddy were asleep in baskets and AJ was being unusually quiet, colouring in.


“He’s been good.  Just gets a bit jealous now and again.”


“Give it time.  He’ll be all over protective of her before you know it.”


“Like James was with me.” Terese said with a smile.


“You like your baby sister don’t you mate?” Sirius leaned over and ruffled AJ’s hair.


“Feena borin.” He said.


“AJ…” Terese said, trying not to laugh.  “Be nice now.”


AJ looked up at his mother with a grin on his face; a grin Terese had seen thousands of times before on the face of his father.


“Such a charmer, my son.”  She exclaimed, looking at him fondly.  She looked at Sirius, who smiled back.


“What can I say? It’s a gift.”


“I think Teddy’s going to be like Remus!”   Tonks said.  Remus raised his eyebrow.


“How?” Terese asked.


“I picked him up this morning to change him and he gave me such a… Remus-y look.  You know the one…”


“The ‘Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to!’ Look?”  Terese asked.  “I know the one!”


“What? I do not have a…” Remus began.


“Oh you do, Moony!” Sirius interrupted.  “You used to give it to me and James all the time.”


“And me when we were living together.” Terese added.  Remus walked over to his son who was now awake, and picked him up.


“Do you hear that Teddy?  You’re going to be like your daddy!”


“Nothing wrong with that!” Tonks said, smiling at him.  Andy coughed, looking sceptical.  Tonks ignored her.


“Well, AJ’s like Sirius.” Terese said.  “And not unlike James either.”


“That’s why he can always get round you then babe” Sirius teased.


“Hair!” AJ said delightedly as Teddy’s hair went from red to purple.  “Dora do it!” he demanded.  Dora screwed up her face and made her hair go purple as well.  AJ clapped and giggled.  “Daddy can’t.” he said, looking slyly at his father.


“Daddy can do other things though.” Sirius told him, jumping out of his seat and snatching AJ up into his arms, tickling him.  AJ squealed. 


“Sirius!”  Terese said, giving their daughter a pointed look.


“He never changes,” Andy said, looking at her cousin fondly.  Sirius looked over at his wife with a mischievous glint in his eye.


“He really doesn’t.”  Terese said, suddenly feeling a rush of love for her husband.  She knew this is what life would have been like had Wormtail not betrayed them.


“Shall we get mummy?”


“Get Mummy! Get Mummy!” AJ squealed as Terese stood up, backing behind the sofa.


“Don’t you…” she began, as Sirius and AJ launched themselves after her.  The other’s looked on laughing, as the Sirius grabbed Terese with his free arm. He threw her gently back on the sofa and put AJ on her tummy while the pair of them tickled her.  They were interrupted by a flash of silver in the middle of the room.  A weasel appeared and spoke with Arthur Weasley’s voice.  Everyone stared at it.  AJ tried to run to it, but was grabbed by Terese.


“Harry’s at Hogwarts.  You-know who is on his way.  We’re going to fight.”


They all sat frozen with shock.


“Again.” AJ said, as the patronus disappeared, bringing them back to their senses.


“Why is Harry at Hogwarts?”  Terese asked weakly.


“He’ll have his reasons babe.”  Sirius said.  He looked at Remus.  “Hogshead?” Remus nodded.


“It’s how the DA have been getting in and out.”  Terese and Tonks stood up. 


“You two stay here with the children.”  Sirius said.


“But…” Terese began.  He gripped her shoulders.


“Tess please, do this for me.”  Terese looked up and saw Tonks kissing Remus goodbye.  She didn’t want to say goodbye to him.  She was already feeling anxious this morning- she could have sworn she had dreamt about her parents being killed again last night.  The last time she had dreamt that, the following day she had been kidnapped by Bellatrix… 


She knew it would be beyond unreasonable to expect him to stay.  She knew he wanted to be there for Harry.  After everything he had suffered in Azkaban, he deserved to be there.  Her eyes filled with tears.


“Come back to me!”  She whispered.  In other circumstances it would have sounded corny, but it was one of the most heartfelt sentences she has ever uttered.


“I’m not going down without a fight Babe.”  He said softly, kissing her. He didn’t want to leave her, but he knew he had to go and fight.  He couldn’t not.  It was because he loved his family so much that he was prepared to risk his life to help try get rid of Voldemort and keep them safe.  He pulled back so as not to prolong the goodbye. He kissed his children and his cousins as she hugged Remus.


And then they were gone.

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Chapter 55: Battle
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Chapter 55


Once they had gone, Terese was able to settle AJ in Andy’s spare room.  She came down and sat next to Tonks on the sofa.






“Do you think they’ll…?”


“I don’t know, Dora.  They’ll have to be.”  The thought of losing Sirius or Remus was way too much for her to cope with.  She looked at her daughter who was still fast asleep.  What kind of world would she and AJ have to grow up in if their father and brother were killed and Voldemort was victorious?


“I can’t lose Sirius again.” She said eventually.  “I can’t see my kids without a father.”


“I can’t lose Remus.” Tonks said softly.


“Think positively” Andy said, standing at the door.  She was carrying a tray with tea and sandwiches.  Both took a cup but left the food.  They sat in silence.  After what seemed like an age, Tonks stood up.


“I can’t bear this.  I have to know.”


“Dora!” Andy exclaimed.  “Teddy!”


“Mum, please.  I’m doing this partly for him.”


“Terese, will you talk to her?”  Andy appealed.  Terese bit her lip.


“I… I can’t” she stammered.  “I can’t stay if Dora goes.”


“Do you think…?”  Tonks looked at her anxiously.  Terese nodded slowly.


“Mum.  Mum, please stay with the kids.”


Andy looked at her daughter and her cousin’s wife.  She could understand how they were feeling.  She had just hoped it wouldn’t come to this.


“Of course I will.”  Tonks hugged her as Terese ran upstairs to AJ.  She looked at his sleeping angelically. She couldn’t bear to leave him, but she couldn’t bear to stay.  She kissed him softly on the forehead, tears streaming down her face.


“I’ll love you always, Anthony James.” She whispered.  She did the same with Athena who, against all odds, had something of her namesake about her.


After thanking Andy, they apparated into the Hogshead where the barman was sitting.


“Thought I’d see you two eventually.” He said gruffly.


“Hello Aberforth.” Terese said.  He indicated a passageway.  They followed it into a room full of hammocks and covered in the banners of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.  Ginny was sitting in there, looking furious.  Before she could say anything however, the door opened and three familiar figures appeared.  Terese felt a surge of strength she hadn’t felt in a while… since she found out she was having Athena.


“Harry!” she exclaimed, throwing her arms around him.


“Terese, you shouldn’t be… AJ, Athena…”


“Couldn’t bear not knowing.” Tonks explained.  He told them they had to leave the room.  Ginny rushed out.


“Where’s Sirius?”  Terese asked.


“He and Remus went into the grounds.”  Ron said.  Terese gave Harry another brief hug before she and Tonks ran as fast as they could to the grounds.


Chaos reigned.  Giants and Acromantula were giving the Death Eaters and even greater advantage.


Terese saw Sirius duelling Rodolphus Lestrange and Remus duelling Dolohov.  She ran forward, shouting “Protego”; deflecting a killing curse that would surely have got him.  He sent a couple of spells at his cousin’s husband, who fell to the floor in agony.


“Tess! What?... You’re supposed to be staying with the kids…”


“I couldn’t, Sirius.  I couldn’t not help, this is about our kid’s future,  Harry’s, AJ’s and Athena’s…”


“What would James say?”


“He’d roll his eyes, tell me I’m a giant pain in the arse, hug me, and tell me to be careful.”




“I’m not leaving, Babe.  It’s my fight too!” she said, brandishing her wand and sending a stunning spell at Dolohov.


After that, time seemed to disappear.  She fought an endless stream of Death Eaters, only taking note of where Sirius was.


A voice- high and cold- echoed around the grounds.  Harry, apparently, had run.  They had caught him in the forest and killed him.  It wasn’t until she saw the body in a sobbing Hagrid’s arms that she believed she had failed to protect him.


She heard an animalistic scream rip around the grounds; it wasn’t until she felt Sirius’ arms around her and felt her upper body fall forward over them that she realised the noise was coming from her.  Then she was silenced.


She felt numb.  Like when she’d found out about Lily and James.  She didn’t hear anything Voldemort said and didn’t notice when the fighting began again.


“Tess.  Reinforcements.”  Sirius whispered in her ear.  She saw arrows flying through the air, and more people appearing.  Suddenly she realised that there was noise again, No more silencing charm.  Neville Longbottom sliced the head off Voldemort’s snake.


She was filled with a murderous rage.  She wanted to kill the people who had killed her godson.  And Lily and James.  The chaos returned and everyone charged into the Great Hall.  The only people not fighting were the Malfoys.  She couldn’t see Remus or Tonks.



“It’s Harry!”


Terese and Sirius both turned and saw their godson stand facing Voldemort.  She had wondered what sent her previous opponent flying- it was Harry sending a curse from under the invisibility cloak.


“My God.  He’s still alive!” Sirius murmured in awe.


Harry and Voldemort were circling each other.  Harry was telling him how his own willingness to die to prevent the deaths of others.  Of how Snape had been in love with Lily and had been working for Dumbledore ever since Voldemort had threatened her.


Then they both raised their wands.  And it was over.  Voldemort was killed by his own rebounding spell.


There was a roar of triumph throughout the hall, and everyone surged towards Harry to congratulate him.


Eventually he was in front of them.  Terese was crying as she held Harry to her, with Sirius’ arms wrapped around the both of them.


“We’re so proud of you!” Sirius told him.


“James and Lily would be too.” Terese added.


They looked around for Remus and Tonks as Harry rejoined his friends, and others mourned loved ones.


When he crept out with Ron and Hermione, they let him go, knowing it would be safe to see him soon.

Chapter 56: Epilogue
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The sun was warm and bright but the breeze from the lake was keeping the temperature pleasant.  The place was so serene and peaceful, no one would have guessed at the horrors, tragedy, chaos and ultimate triumph that had occurred here only the previous day.


Harry stood at the main door of Hogwarts and surveyed the grounds; the place of so many landmark events of his past.  Fighting Quirrel, fighting the basilisk and Riddle, helping to free Sirius, Diggory’s death.  And Dumbledore’s.  And last night.  It was also the scene of numerous misdemeanors by his father and godfather.  Having used the resurrection stone, James felt closer, more real than ever, even the stone had been lost in the woods.


Ginny appeared beside him.  Her eyes were still red-rimmed from crying for her brother.  Harry was surprised she was there; he had thought she’d want to be with her family.  He wordlessly lifted his arm and she moved under it, resting her head on his shoulder.  He suddenly felt elated.  He never thought he would have this again.  He felt a hand on his other shoulder and turned his head to see Ron and Hermione, holding hands.  None of them felt the need to speak.


Almost in one movement all four began to walk down the path.  Ron let go of Hermione’s hand and slipped his arm around her waist.  Harry kept his around Ginny’s shoulders.  They neared Hagrid’s hut.  Harry considered knocking on the door for tea and teeth shattering rock cakes.  He smiled to himself as he remembered his friend’s attempts at cooking, comparable only to his godmother’s.  There was smoke coming out of the chimney but a gentle rumbling coming from a slightly ajar window told them that Hagrid was asleep.


They kept walking until they neared the lake.  Sitting under the beech tree were some familiar figures.  Terese was nearest to them, kneeling on the grass with AJ.  She was trying to teach him how to blow the seeds off and count them to tell the time.


Harry had never before seen Terese look like this.  Gone was the worry and tension that had plagued her since she fell pregnant with AJ.  She looked ten years younger as she laughed at her son; her long hair streaming down around her shoulders, her eyes shining.  She was radiant.  Sirius was leaning against the tree, as Harry had seen him do in memory years ago. The loping, slightly arrogant grace he had possessed then had returned.  But this time he was holding a small bundle in his arms.  Not far away, also looking younger and happier than Harry had ever seen him was Remus.  Next to him, holding a bundle with blue hair was Tonks. They were laughing and talking contentedly.


Harry almost didn’t believe the scene was real.  He thought it was too idyllic to be real.  Had they all been killed but brought back by the stone?


Suddenly AJ looked over and saw them.  His face lit and he ran towards them.


“HA-EEEEEE!”  He cried.  “Gin Gin”.  Harry let go of Ginny to be able to fly his little brother in the air.


Once AJ had consented to be handed to Ginny for a cuddle, Harry turned to his godmother and hugged her.


“Thank you” she whispered.  He moved off to see Remus and Tonks as Terese sympathised with Ron and Ginny over Fred, and greeted Hermione.


They walked over to the rest of the group as Harry turned to Sirius.  He handed Athena to Terese and they hugged.  Terese unwrapped Athena’s blanket.  Harry looked at his little sister and grinned.  He’d given up hope of ever meeting her, yesterday.


“She’s beautiful” He said, as she stared up at him with her dark eyes, identical to Terese’s.


“Like her mother.” Sirius grinned, pulling Terese to him.


“What happened to you two?”  Hermione asked Remus and Tonks.  “We thought…”


“Dora got injured and I managed to get her out” Remus explained.


They all sat down, enjoying the peace and the unmistakeable feeling of freedom.


About an hour later, a movement at the edge of the forest caught Harry’s eye.  He jerked his head over, habitually on the alert.


There were three figures; a man about Harry’s height with messy black hair and crooked glasses, a red haired woman with green eyes and a young woman with long blonde wavy hair.  All three were smiling at the scene.  Terese followed Harry’s gaze and she stared for a minute, before holding Athena up and blowing a kiss.


Sirius and Remus both looked up then and, seeing their best friend, mock-saluted.  James responded.  Then all three turned and walked back into the forest.


A bitter sweet silence followed, broken eventually by Harry.


“Who was the girl with the blonde hair?”


“Athena.” Terese replied wistfully, before leaning into Sirius at the same time as reaching over and squeezing Harry’s hand.


Now, with James and Lily’s blessing, they could get on with the rest of their lives.

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