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Open Windows by harrypotterhugefanforever

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 26,340
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Cho, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ginny/OC, Harry/OC, Ron/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 11/22/2008
Last Chapter: 06/28/2009
Last Updated: 07/01/2009


BANNER // NevillesSoulmate
A heart was never made to be broken. No one was meant to lose the one they love. Years apart – torn by new romances, betrayal and children – have brought them back together. Harry and Ginny might just have their last chance at happiness. Some windows were made to always remain open…

Chapter 1: Prologue
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Harry Potter smiled down at the woman standing in front of him. His green eyes shone with love and affection as he smiled down at his best friend and lover. His hand went to her red hair, and he began to run his finger through it. They were so much in love with each other, and anyone that saw them knew it. They fought, just like any other couple would, but he couldn’t imagine his life without her.

“I hate you for making me love you,” he whispered as he leaned down. His hand moved from Ginny’s hair to her face. He cupped it lovingly. His thumb rubbed gently along her jaw bone as he drew his face closer to hers. “But I love you for making my life seem so much brighter. I love you for saying yes; for making me the happiest man in the world.”

Ginny sighed as she felt his lips coming closer to hers. For three years she had waited for him to ask her. For three years she had longed to see the passion and desire in his eyes. She had waited for the question, the one that would make her say yes without hesitation: the question of marriage. His eyes made her swell up inside; her heart beat rapidly against her rib cage, making her short of breath. His lips kissed their way along her cheek bone, slowly descending towards her lips. He gently placed his hands on the back of her neck, pulling her head to meet his. His lips connected with Ginny’s, the heat of the moment becoming too much.

He kissed softly, applying only a little pressure.

She had given her answer almost straight away. There was no doubt she loved him; no doubt he would make her happy. But there was something that made her cautious of the marriage. She knew she would always love him and be faithful, but it made her sick. A thousand thoughts drummed against her brain, making her wonder if she regretted saying yes. Marriage was a big step; she started to think she was too young, or even too immature.

Ginny sighed against Harry’s lips. She wanted this, she was sure of it, but still it nagged at her in every possible way. She had waited years for him just to notice her, years of wanting to be with him and give herself to him completely, without hesitation. All throughout childhood, she had had a crush on Harry. During her fifth year, she started to notice Harry wanting to hang out with her more, the longing in his eyes. Then, that moment during the Quidditch after party, they kissed. He left her during Dumbledore’s funeral; he broke her heart. When the war was over, he didn’t come came back. It took months for him to return and another five for him to propose. Ginny smiled, her hands moving to Harry’s waist.

Harry intensified the kiss; his hunger showing. Although Ginny knew she wanted this moment, again her mind played images in her head. Harry, Ron, and Hermione disappearing during her sixth year, and Harry’s brief fling with Hermione years ago, just after the war. There were images of Harry, with a tall blond, who was a world-renowned model. They had dated for about year before it suddenly ended. Ginny pulled away from the kiss, her cheeks flushed.

She smiled sweetly up at Harry, her eyes betraying her thoughts. “Do you want to marry me, Ginny?” asked Harry. He wasn’t putting pressure on her; he just wanted to know.

“Yes, I do, with all my heart. I promise you. I love you.”

“Then what’s wrong?”

“Just memories.”

She placed small kisses along Harry’s jaw line, her hands weaving through his belt buckle. She pulled him closer to her body before pushing him towards the bedroom. Harry wrapped his arms around Ginny’s waist, while she hugged her legs around his hips.

Once the bedroom door was opened, Ginny moaned. Harry placed her on the bed before climbing on top of her, kissing his way along her midriff.


Ginny smiled as she wrapped her arms around the slim body lying next to her. She kissed their shoulders, her hands busy rubbing their stomach. There was a moan from the body beside her, while Ginny kissed their lips. Ginny crawled on top of them, her lips leaving kisses along their neck.

Again there was a moan, a high pitched moan that made Ginny warm between her thighs. Her bed mate kissed Ginny’s neck, as the red head played with a lock of their hair. A long finger played delicately with the small of Ginny’s back. Their bodies arched for contact, and Ginny shimmied down her lover’s body. Slowly, Ginny placed loving kisses along her lover’s stomach, knowing she was playing with her lover’s hormones. The sun broke through the clouds. A gasp of pleasure reached Ginny’s ears as she continued her work.

Shimmering lower down, Ginny hooked her fingers through her lover’s underwear and brought them down slowly, planting kisses along their thigh.

The lover moaned in pleasure as Ginny’s fingers became busy, playing with every bit of her. Ginny groaned, desperate to once again be with her lover, to feel their touch as she was doing. Ginny pulled herself on top of her lover, her legs wrapping around their waist. She swung her hair over her shoulder, causing her lover to arch her hips into Ginny’s body. Ginny giggled before using her hands to hover over the body smiling up at her. She lowered herself on top, one thigh resting between her lover’s legs. Again, she lifted herself up, before straddling her play-mate’s waist.

Moaning, the lover brought their hungry lips to Ginny’s left breast. They sucked lovingly until it became full and firm, and they moved onto its sister. Ginny cried out in pleasure, digging her nails into her play-mate’s back. As she rolled off her lover, Ginny felt a warmth between her legs again. Ginny turned and nestled her lips into her partner’s neck.

Her lover groaned in pleasure as Ginny kissed their neck. Wanting to give Ginny the same pleasure, her lover rolled them over, their legs wrapping around Ginny’s waist. They took Ginny’s breast in their hand, rubbing it gently as they shimmied down Ginny’s body. Ginny arched her body for contact as she felt her bra being released. The lover picked up the bra in their mouth and chucked it away before discarding Ginny’s underwear also. They crawled back on top of Ginny, their fingers clawing down Ginny’s back, as the darkness again hid the room. Ginny moaned their name as her lover closed the gap between them, their lips playing between Ginny’s thighs.

Ginny cried out as she bucked her hips, causing her lover to moan. She wrapped her legs around the waist of her bed-mate, begging them to continue. Slowly, her lover crawled closer to Ginny, their lips trailing kisses all over Ginny’s body. Ginny rolled them over, her lips above her lovers. As she showered her play-mate in kisses, she moaned out their name. “Oh...”


Ginny awoke from the dream; her face was covered in sweat, but a small smile was on her lips. The sheet rolled off her body as she felt warm moisture between her legs. Harry stirred behind her, his hand rubbing her outer thigh. “What’s wrong, Gin?” he asked sleepily, not noticing the aroused expression on Ginny’s face.

“Nothing. Go back to sleep.”

Harry fell back to sleep; his breath became slower. Ginny waited a few moments before turning her back to Harry, her heart racing.

She could still remember the dream. Every part of that damn dream. The movement, the imagery, the person. The person who made her feel as if she was flying, as if she was loved. She kept telling herself it was only a dream, that those feelings weren’t real.

Slowly, she drifted back to sleep in Harry’s arms. Her dreams were still filled with the image of the previous dream.


Ginny walked sleepily towards the breakfast table. She rested her hands on Harry’s shoulder before placing a small peck on his cheek. He grabbed her waist and brought her into a passionate kiss. “Did you sleep well after your nightmare?”

“I didn’t have a nightmare, just a weird dream.”

“Must have been some dream. I could feel you moving while you were having it. Luckily, I’m a deep sleeper.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Harry laughed from the breakfast table. Ginny pulled out a frying pan and began to cook scrambled eggs. Harry walked quietly up behind her and turned the kettle on. He turned Ginny around and wrapped his arms around her waist. He placed a kiss on her nose before kissing her on the lips. “I still don’t get why you cook the Muggle way; you’re a witch, you know.”

“I know, but why do we have to use magic for everything?”

“Fine. Since you are the future Mrs. Potter, I guess I understand. I have a thought; I think we should go tell the good news to your mother and father today.”

Ginny smiled. “Yeah,” she sighed against Harry’s kisses. She didn’t want to tell her mother yet; she knew it would make Molly worry about another wedding. Ron’s was only a couple of weeks away. “Maybe we should wait, at least until after Ron and Cho’s wedding. You know how she becomes so excited about weddings, and when the excitement has gone she goes crazy with wedding preparations. Do you remember Fleur and Bill’s wedding?”

Harry laughed. “How could I forget? Your mother did go over the top with all the cleaning and preparations. At least this time we won’t have to clean for the in-laws, since I don’t have any.”

“That’s not funny, Harry. I know your parents would have loved to be there, Sirius and Remus too.”

Harry kissed Ginny again before leaving to drink his coffee. “Speaking of Remus, Andromeda asked if we could watch Teddy for a while tomorrow; she really needs a break.”

“That’s fine,” replied Ginny as she walked back to the table with her breakfast. “Poor Ady, she really needs a holiday. Teddy isn’t a baby anymore, and he has become such a clumsy little thing. He is defiantly no average child; he has Remus’ and Tonk’s personalities.”

The couple laughed. “However, I really do think we should go talk to Molly today. If she finds out from somebody else, she will be furious.”

“How about you tell Ron and I’ll tell Hermione? My mum can wait for awhile; she’s already too stressed out.”

“Fine, let’s go soon. I need to tell someone before I explode. “

Ginny giggled. “I hear you. I’m going to go now. Hermione should be back from her holiday by now. I love you.” She placed a small peck on Harry’s lips before teasing him with her hips as she left the room. Harry groaned and tried to cover himself up.


Hermione paced the room, waiting for Ginny to arrive. She had been home from her holiday in France for only a couple of hours, and she knew Ginny would soon be there to welcome her back. Hermione felt at peace. Since the announcement of Ron and Cho’s wedding, she had been stressing out. She knew she had been jealous. Yet, what she had tried to work out was who she was jealous of.

During her sixth year at Hogwarts, she had had a brief sexual fling with Cho. Her feelings had been deepening for the black head Ravenclaw for a couple of years, but she had never acted on them, for the sake of Harry and her pride. Yet when Cho had announced her feelings for Hermione, she couldn’t stop herself, even when she knew Cho and Ron were going out. Hermione later found out that Cho wasn’t interested in her, only her body. Ron and Cho broke up when he found her with someone else... another woman who Ron never found out was Hermione.

After the war, Hermione and Ron became a couple. Then after a gigantic fight, they broke up after only a couple of months. He went back to Cho. Now they were going to get married.

There was a soft knock at her front door. Something told Hermione it was Ginny, and she was aching to see her best friend. Opening the door quickly, Hermione felt arms wrap themselves around her neck. “Hermione!”

“Slow down, Ginny.” Hermione hugged her back. Something swelled inside her.

“I’m so happy you're back; I’ve got exciting news!”

“Tell me.”

“Harry and I are getting married.”

Hermione tried to smile. She wondered why she wasn’t happy for her best friend; she knew this day would come. “That’s, umm, great, Ginny. I’m happy for you.”

“You don’t seem it, Hermione.”

“I am truly.”

Ginny took Hermione’s hand and rubbed it. Images flooded into Ginny’s mind, her body feeling the heat. She suddenly felt hot... she couldn’t breathe. Trying to speak, she was able to mumble a couple of words. “You’re lying. Tell me what’s wrong.”

Hermione turned away, wondering if the feeling would go away, as it had done once before. She was alone and here was Ginny asking her what was wrong. Suddenly, Hermione pressed her lips against Ginny’s, her hands running along her neck. She pulled the younger girl towards her. Ginny pulled away from the kiss, a puzzling look placed upon her face.

“Hermione, why did you do that?”

“I... I don’t know.”

Ginny wrapped her arms around Hermione. Again, images of her dream poured into her mind. She remembered the amazing feeling she felt when she was in that dream.

Hermione pulled out of the hug, her eyes stinging with tears. “I’m confused, Ginny. Everyone is getting married; I’m alone.”

Ginny pulled Hermione closer to her. She placed a kiss upon Hermione’s forehead. “You will never be alone, ‘Mione. I will always be there for you. I promise.”

Wrapping her arms protectively around Hermione, she steered her over to the lounge. Helping her down, she brushed a couple strands of hair out of the older girl’s face. She took a seat down next to Hermione before bringing the other girl’s head to her shoulder. She let Hermione cry until there were no more tears, until her breathing came back to normal. As soon as she was sure the tears had ceased, she made Hermione sit up. “You okay now?”

Nodding, Hermione lent back. Ginny rubbed away the trailing tears. “I won’t tell anyone, ‘Mione. Did you want to come to the Burrow for dinner tonight? I’ll need someone to talk to, to stop me from telling anyone else until I’m ready.”

Hermione looked at Ginny before nodding her head. She sighed softly. “Will Ron be there?”

Ginny shook her head. “No. It’s only a dinner for Mum, Dad, Harry, and myself. There will be enough for you, seeing as mum always makes too much.” Hermione laughed. “Don’t worry. I’ll look after you tonight; there is no need for you to be alone... especially, after what just happened.”

“I’m really sorry about that. It was in the heat of the moment.”

“I understand.” Ginny slowly helped Hermione to her feet.

Hermione smiled at her best friend before placing a kiss on her cheek. As she walked away towards her bedroom, she thanked Ginny.

As soon as the door was closed behind Hermione, Ginny touched the spot where Hermione had kissed her. Butterflies played in her stomach, as the spot burned under the pressure of her finger tips.

When Hermione returned, she took hold of Ginny’s hand. They headed off towards the fireplace where they turned to face each other. “Thank you again, Gin. I really appreciate it.”


Chapter 2: Denying Chemistry
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Denying Chemistry

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Harry paced quietly across the living room of Ronald Weasley’s apartment. It was late afternoon(,) and the sun sent shadows crawling across the ground. He was waiting for Ron to get out of the bathroom so that he could talk to him about his engagement to Ginny. Harry was too excited to sit down and wouldn’t until he told someone his news. He’d been waiting years for this moment; this moment to tell someone he was finally going to marry Ginny.

He was sure Ron would be happy for him. Since he had gone through every heart ache possible to live through, he was sure Ron would give his blessing. He told Ron it was okay to date Cho, even after his relationship ended badly with her. Who was he to stand in the way of true love; even if that meant his best friend would be with his ex-girlfriend. Harry had even given Ron his permission - so to say - to date Hermione; he had to let him know it wouldn’t affect their relationship as friends.

There was sound of running water coming from the bathroom and then silence. Harry could suddenly hear Ron singing as he stepped out of the shower. He tried to stop himself from laughing. Ron was truly the worst singer in the world.

Ron stepped into the room, his towel hanging around his waist and his hair still dripping with water. He walked silently into the kitchen before doubling back to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. Harry smiled. “Hi.”

“Hi.” Ron smiled uncomfortable before hitching up his towel higher. Again, Harry laughed.

“Don’t look so uncomfortable. I’ve seen you naked at the Burrow and in the changing rooms at Hogwarts.”

“What are you doing here, Harry?”

“Why? Can’t a mate just drop in to say hi?”

“Yeah, but you never come over just to say hi.”

Ron smiled. He headed back into the kitchen to grab himself a drink. He threw Harry a drink and sat down. Harry continued his pacing, waiting for the right moment to tell Ron. Ron started to talk about Cho. About the way her hair curled and the way she teased Ron during dinner. Harry tried not to laugh at how love sick Ron was about Cho. “And even though she cheated on me; I’m still so in love with her.”

“Did you ever find out who she cheated on you with during Sixth Year?”

“No. I know it was a woman, but as to whom I’m not sure.”

Harry sprayed Firewhiskey all over Ron’s floorboards. “Cho was a lesbian? Boy, no wonder she never seemed all that interested in me.”

“No, you idiot. She was and probably forever will be into boys and girls. Sometimes you just can’t help it.”

Harry continued his pacing, and for the first time, Ron noticed Harry’s strange behaviour. He stared at his best friend; Harry never paced unless there was something big on his mind. Something he had to say before he sat down. Ron hoped it had nothing to do with his sister and a baby; he couldn’t handle his sister being pregnant at her age. He knew it had something to do with his sister; everything Harry did now-a-days ended with Ginny’s name.

More recently it was Harry wondering what he should get Ginny for her birthday. Before that, Harry came to tell him that Ginny thought she was pregnant. Ron had been thankful that his baby sister hadn’t been; he had been so close to hitting Harry. That night he had worn a hole into his carpet with his constant pacing. He had been angry at Ginny and had sent her letter telling her she was an idiot. When it came out she wasn’t pregnant, Ron had been relieved.

“What’s wrong mate?”

“Nothing.” Harry had tried to conceal his excitement.

“You know, I know you’re lying. Have you and Ginny had a fight?”

“No. I’m so happy Ron. Ginny has agreed to marry me.”

Ron tried to smile. It wasn’t as bad as a pregnancy, but it was still a shock. He loved Harry like a brother, but he hated the fact he was losing his little sister to another man. “Wh...what?”

He stood up and headed towards Harry. Harry tried to smile; Ron looked angry. Ron raised his right fist, and he hit Harry square in the nose; all his anger was centred behind the punch.

Harry staggered back against the fireplace, his nose stinging. His head hit some photo frames against the wall and glass cut into his skull. He could feel blood dripping down his face and head. Ron raised his arm again, but Harry pulled his wand out and shot Ron back into the couch, which toppled over against Ron’s weight. Harry raised his wand again; his face still covered with blood. Sparks shot out of his wand; a warning to Ron.

“Stay back, Ron.” Harry tried to whip off some of the blood.

“You’re marrying my baby sister. How am I supposed to act? She’s way too young.”

Harry lowered his wand slightly. “You’re meant to be happy for us.”

“I know; I just got protective again. I can’t help it. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for you and Ginny. Just don’t hurt her again, or I’ll hurt you.”

Harry offered his hand to Ron, who gratefully took it. “It’s alright.”

“Reparo!” The photo frames began to repair as Ron went out to get some ice. Neither of them knew a healing charm.

Ron called to Harry from the kitchen. “Do you need something to fix your head? I could call Cho; she’d be able to fix it.”

“Nah. Ginny will fix it tonight; after she’s killed you, of course. You know, she hates having an over protective brother. Well, brothers actually. I’m guessing you’re not the worst of the brothers; I have to face a jokester, a Minister assistant, a dragon wrestler, a half-werewolf, and not to mention Molly.”

“Yes, mum is pretty terrifying when she is organizing a wedding. Trust me; I have to go see her later today to decide where Aunt Muriel will be sleeping.”

Harry laughed. “Why does she need to talk to you about that?”

“I don’t know. I don’t even live there; no one does.”

The memory played over and over again in Ginny’s mind, as she drunk her fifth shot of Firewhiskey. Her heart raced over time, as she felt the intense memory of kissing Hermione.
No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t forget the amazing feeling of having Hermione touch her... kiss her. She knew it was wrong to be feeling this way towards her best friend, but no matter how much she told herself that, she couldn’t forget.

As she downed down her sixth shot, she heard a knock at the door of her bedroom. She knew it wasn’t Harry because he had sent an owl to tell her he was having dinner at Ron’s. Her hands shook as she took another shot. The door opened slightly; a wave of light flooded into the room. A hand reached through the door to switch on the light.

Hermione stepped into the room. A small gasp escaped her lips as she saw Ginny with a glass and Firewhiskey in her hand. Hermione walked quietly towards Ginny and took the glass away from her. “Oh Ginny.”

She pushed a piece of hair out of Ginny’s face.

Ginny hiccupped; her heart beating fast as she recognized Hermione. She noticed the low cut dress Hermione had on, which covered only a small bit of her thighs. She noticed Hermione’s newly straightened hair and her amazing torso. Ginny giggled at the thought of herself ripping off those clothes.

Hermione stared down at her friend. She could tell her friend was drinking away her sorrows, drinking away the pain that she had caused her friend. “Come on, we’re going dancing. Go pick out some clothes; I’ll start the shower for you.”

She helped Ginny into the bathroom before leaving to wait downstairs.


Hermione held Ginny’s hand as they walked through the snow to the Wizard Dance Club not far from Hermione’s place. Ginny was still a little drunk, but the sobering potion was starting to take effect on her. Hermione, too, felt a little light headed; those couple of drinks she had had before Ginny got out of the shower were a bit too much for the sensible, bushy haired woman.

Ginny knew Hermione was only holding her hand to stop her falling over, but it still made Ginny swell inside. She was walking beside a hot, single woman, whom she was starting to have feelings for. They both wore low cut dresses, Ginny’s perhaps a bit more revealing. Coats were worn over their clothes, but Ginny felt she didn’t need a coat. The air was chilly, but it didn’t mean anything to the two walking down the street.

Once they arrived outside the dance club, Hermione was able to get them in with a little persuasion. They soon discarded their coats at the door and joined the crowd before finding a table hidden from view. It was a small table, but it was large enough for the two. Only just. A white table cloth covered the surface of the table and a bottle of water was already there.

A waiter came up and took their drink orders; Hermione took a glass of white wine, while Ginny took something a bit heavier: Firewhiskey.

“I think you’ve had enough,” whispered Hermione.

“No one can ever have enough Firewhiskey,” joked Ginny, as she rubbed her leg against Hermione’s. Ginny was having fun already; she knew she was teasing Hermione.

Hermione squirmed a little. Before today, she had never thought of Ginny in a sexual way; at least not as much as this. The waiter returned with their drinks, which Ginny drank in a couple of seconds. Hermione noticed Ginny licking her lips. Ginny took Hermione’s olive and placed it between her parted lips; she knew it would tease her. Her leg brushed up against Hermione’s again; her hand squeezing her friend's.

“What do you want, Hermione?”


Ginny leaned across the table, her lips not far from Hermione’s ear. She licked it gently before whispering, “I want you.”

She placed her hand on the inside of Hermione’s thigh. Hermione, unintentionally, opened her legs a little for Ginny. Ginny rubbed it, while kissing her best friend’s neck. Hermione moaned quietly, opening her legs a little more to Ginny’s busy hand. “I want you too,” she sighed, wrapping her arms around the younger girl’s waist.

No one was interested in them, and they weren’t interest in anyone else either.

Suddenly, Ginny grabbed Hermione’s hand and pulled her towards the dance floor, where couples were already dancing. “Come dancing, ‘Mione,” Ginny pleaded, her eyes begging.

The atmosphere on the dance floor was intense. There were many couples and many groups swaying to the music, their feet keeping beat. With all the people dancing, Hermione and Ginny were forced to dance close to each other.

Ginny grabbed Hermione’s waist and swung her to the music. She placed her hands on the small of her back, making the older woman gasp. Ginny swung around so that Hermione’s hands were on her waist; she placed her hands on Hermione’s, the touch electrifying both. She rubbed her bottom against her front, both feeling turned on by the dancing and the music. “Ginny...”

Hermione turned Ginny around, so that their torsos rested against each other. Slowly, she brought her hand to Ginny’s thigh and rubbed it. Ginny smiled in response. Hermione kissed Ginny’s neck, lost in the moment. Ginny responded with a moan before grabbing Hermione’s hand and leading her out of the dance floor.

Hermione took them to her apartment. Ginny pushed Hermione up against the wall, kissing her neck. Hermione fumbled with the keys before finally letting them both in. Ginny hooked her legs around Hermione, who walked them both towards her bedroom. Ginny stopped suddenly and pulled away from Hermione. She stared into her eyes before attempting a smile.

“Hermione... I can’t.” She rested upon the bed, looking up into her friend’s eyes. Tears filled her eyes as an image of Harry popped into her head. Harry had his arm wrapped around her waist, while the other was on Ron’s shoulder, trying to stop him from falling over in his fits of laughter.

Ginny stared at her friend. Although she had taken the sobering potion, her head was still clouded. She took Hermione into her arms and kissed her upon the forehead. “I’m sorry, ‘Mione. I just can’t betray him like that. It just isn’t right; he’s the love of my life.”


“No it isn’t right.”

“If it isn’t right, then tell me this doesn’t mean anything to you.”

Hermione kissed Ginny tenderly on the lips. She was soft and tender, only using a small bit of force. Ginny shivered under Hermione’s touch. Slowly, she was pushed down onto the bed, their lips never parting. Hermione crawled on top of her, pulling her own dress over her head. As she discarded it onto the floor, she began to weave Ginny’s off of her body. Once that was discarded as well, she returned to Ginny’s lips. Her hand was rested on Ginny’s inner thigh, stroking it.

As if reason suddenly returned to Ginny, she rolled away from Hermione. Getting up quickly, she grabbed her clothes and headed for the door. “I’m sorry, ‘Mione. I have to leave. You... you don’t mean anything to me,” she stuttered out as she quickly fled the room.

Chapter 3: Without Realizing
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Without Realizing

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Ginny smiled as she wrapped her arms around the body lying next to her. She kissed their shoulders, her hands busy rubbing their stomach. There was a moan from the body beside her while Ginny kissed their lips. Ginny crawled on top of them, her lips leaving kisses along their neck.

Again, a high pitched moan made Ginny groan in pleasure. The other body kissed Ginny’s neck, as the red head played with a lock of their hair. The afternoon light illuminated fingers touching... searching. Their bodies arched for contact. Slowly, Ginny placed loving kisses along her lover’s stomach, knowing that with each touch, she created fire with her lover’s hormones.

Shimmering lower down, Ginny hooked her fingers through her lover’s underwear and brought them down slowly, planting kisses along their thigh.

The lover moaned in pleasure as Ginny’s fingers became busy. Ginny groaned, desperate to once again be with her lover, to feel their touch as she was doing. Once again, Ginny pulled herself on top of her lover. Her lover panted in pleasure as Ginny kissed their neck. Wanting to give Ginny the same pleasure, her lover rolled them over. They took Ginny’s breast in their hand, rubbing it gently as they shimmied down Ginny’s body. Ginny arched her body for contact, as she felt her bra being released. The lover picked up the bra in their mouth and chucked it away before discarding Ginny’s underwear.

They crawled back on top of Ginny.

Ginny moaned their name. “Oh Harry.” It fell from her lips before she could stop herself.

Her lover suddenly bolted up; the bed cloth falling from their body. Their bare breasts exposed themselves to Ginny. “Harry?”

“Hermione?” whispered Ginny, her eyes staring straight out Hermione’s exposed breasts. Her heart thumped louder against her rib cage.

Hermione realized that the sheet had fallen off her body. She quickly pulled them around her and climb out of the Queen sized bed. Ginny did the same and followed Hermione. She wrapped her arms around her best friend, resting her head of her shoulders. She kissed Hermione’s neck, who responded by rolling her head to the other side. “I’m sorry, Hermione.”

Ginny un-wrapped her arms from Hermione’s body and grabbed her clothes. She quickly dressed and left, leaving Hermione heartbroken. Once again, the person she thought loved her and wanted her, left through that door, barely realizing what they had done.
It always ended the same for Hermione. Throughout her life, she had only one serious relationship. He had walked out and now Ginny had too.

A tear fell onto the pillow. The clouds rolled across the rising sun, blocking out the warmth. Hermione pulled her knees to her chest and rested her head upon it. Ron had left her for Cho. He chose Cho over her, once again. Even in Hogwarts he’d chosen her, even if that meant Ron got less time with Hermione.

When he chose Cho over her, Hermione was angry. She had been in love with Ron before all the hurt and pain. She knew she had wanted to be with him; she knew it even when he was with Cho. So when it suddenly happened...when the affair with Cho began, Hermione felt guilty. She wanted Ron back, but she didn’t want to hurt him.


Hermione walked three times in front of the Room of Requirement. Her heart beat faster every time she thought about what would be waiting for her.

She’d sent the letter, asking for them to join her in the Room in Requirement. All she wanted to do was talk, but something played in the back of her mind. Her heart beat faster as she imaged Cho standing in front of her with her long, raven black hair. Quickly, she pushed those thoughts out of her mind; she may hate Cho for taking away Ron, but she was sure she wasn’t a lesbian. At least she thought she wasn’t.

As she entered the room, Hermione knew instantly something wasn’t right. She asked the room exactly what Cho told her to say: “I need a place to meet Cho.”

In the right-hand corner there was a King sized bed, already made up with candles hanging around. There was a fire already lit left of the door and a rug in front of it. A few metres away a small couch sat, its pink leather a real temptation.

Hermione headed towards the lounge, the room making her feel slightly uncomfortable. She had expected it to be a plain room with a couple of lounges. She’d also expected Cho to be here, waiting to talk.

Silently, Hermione sat down upon the lounge, just as a door across the room opened. It was a different door from where Hermione just entered, larger and more inviting. Cho poked her head out of the door, the light shinning across her smile. She looked quickly down, before she wrapped something around her and walked out. She headed straight for Hermione, where she wrapped her arms around the younger girl and kissed her neck gingerly. Hermione rolled her neck against Cho’s touch before she realised what was happening.

She quickly moved off the couch and looked at Cho, standing with only a dressing-gown.

“Cho? What are you doing?”

“I thought you wanted this?”

“No. I wanted to talk.”

Cho looked at her for a moment. She took in all of Hermione’s features, from her awkwardness, the blush upon her cheeks, and the way she wouldn’t look directly at Cho. Slowly, Cho unravelled her dressing-gown, her delicate features revealed to Hermione. Hermione gasped as her heart beat faster with each step Cho took towards her. Her legs wouldn’t move. Cho held Hermione’s hand and rubbed it, as her other hand reached for Hermione’s hip. She pulled the younger girl closer, so that her lips were aligned with Hermione’s ear. “No, you don’t. I can see it in your eyes.”

Carefully, Cho stroked Hermione’s hip. Hermione moaned softly against the touch. Cho licked Hermione’s earlobe tenderly before grinding her hips against the younger girl. She wrapped her arms around Hermione and began to play with the small of the other girl’s back, as Hermione stood there.

Cho kissed her way along Hermione’s cheek, the darkness shadowing the moment. Suddenly, Hermione turned her head and took Cho's face with her hands. Quite as sudden, she kissed Cho, her tongue asking for entrance, which Cho granted with passion. Cho leaned closer towards Hermione as their tongues danced in each other’s mouth. Rubbing against each other, Hermione pushed Cho towards the bed on the other side. She finally understood why the room was like it was.


After that night, Hermione knew she would never be able to look Ron in the eye again. She had satisfied her best friend’s girlfriend. Girlfriend!

It had been forbidden... even lacking love. Neither of them loved each other; they were just not satisfied with someone else. They need difference... change. Together they had broken the one man they ever truly loved, for a moment of passion... a moment of lust.


Hermione laid her head against the pillow, her breath fast. Cho rested her head beside Hermione, her chest rising heavily. Sweat played with the light upon both of their bodies, as Cho’s mouth continued to kiss Hermione’s neck. Hermione pulled away and wrapped the bed sheet around her exposed body. She sat with her back to Cho, who moaned softly


“I can’t do this.”

“You already have.”

Cho wrapped her arms around Hermione and continued kissing her. “Please don’t leave.”


Hermione remembered the begging in Cho’s voice. Ron and Cho had just broken up, and Cho had come to Hermione for comfort. It had been like before, only without the guilt.

Cho had begged her to stay; she had needed someone.

As Hermione turned on the tap for the shower, those words echoed around in her mind. She felt now just as Cho had felt back then: broken. Yet unlike Cho, Hermione had no one. Hermione had been there for Cho, and last time, Ginny had been there for Hermione.

Slowly, she walked into the shower. As the dirt of guilt rubbed off with each stroke, the realization of what had happened and what was to come increased. Tears fell and mixed with the soapy water. Each stroke against her body brought memories of herself and Ginny. Light played with darkness across the room as Hermione exited the warm shower. As the towel was wrapped around her body, she sunk to the ground.

More tears fell as the darkness completely blocked out the sun.

Chapter 4: Secrets Will Remain Secrets
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Secrets Will Remain Secrets

chapter image by annihilation

Beta'd by tomfeltonisdeadsexy

The rain fell upon the lonely soul wandering through the weather-worn graveyard. The late moon shielded itself from the looming clouds, holding them away for barely a second. The young body was thrown into darkness...a shadow of fear. Trees blew on either side of the graveyard, casting long shadows upon the old grave stones. Leaves rolled across the grass grown path.

The young woman took off her cloak as she approached one of the graves. A monument of an angel, weather-worn and cracked in places, stood behind the grave. The woman placed the cloak upon the monument, before falling to the ground in front of the grave. Tears wielded from her eyes. She placed a wet hand upon the grave as the rain continued to poor down upon her. She brought her face to the grave. With a sob she cried out, “Why did you leave? Why did you have to leave?”

A shadow cast itself upon the grave as the young woman wrapped her arms around her knees and fell upon the stone. She shook as she continued to cry. She looked upon the old moon as it too broke through the clouds. It shone with amazing strength, casting away all the shadows, before hiding behind another cloud. A nearby clock tower echoed around the graveyard, telling the young woman it was midnight. Laying her head against her knees, she poured out everything to the cold stone. Her mistakes, heart break, her affair...the loving.

Tears mingled with rain, neither stopping for the other. “I really need you, mum. Everything has changed; I don’t know who I am anymore. Life has change for me and for everyone around me. Ginny and Harry are getting married. Ron is getting married, and I have no-one. I truly thought Ginny loved me when we made love the other night. She repeated it over and over again. She’s with Harry, and I’ve betrayed my best friend for a fling. Ron’s wedding has thrown me off, but I’m not sure why. I don’t know if I like Ron, or if I like Cho.”

Slowly the rain ceased; the last shadow pushed away by the moon pressing through the clouds. The young woman pulled herself up, whipping away the last of her tears. “I really need you, mum. I wish that you could have stayed; you would know what to do about my feelings. You would know why I am so confused.”

She took a quick look at the stone, before kissing her hand and placing it upon the stone. “Goodbye, mum.”

The young woman headed out of the graveyard, each step taking a great effort. Without taking a look back at her mother’s grave, the young woman disapparated out of the graveyard.

Cho took a drink of hot chocolate. It was late at night and the rain had been pouring down for hours. It was a miserable night; a night for those alone to feel afraid. The fireplace, rarely used, was blaring with a fire. Cho was alone, seeing as Ron was away on a field assignment somewhere in Northern Scotland. On nights such as these, Cho would wrap a blanket around her slender body and sit in front of the fire and read.

These nights came around a couple of times a year. Ron was away for sometimes months at a time, but it rarely rained during that time, so Cho would entertain herself by attending a dance club with one of her female or male friends.

Absorbed in her book, Cho didn’t hear the door bell ring.

It wasn’t until the door was banged upon before Cho realised someone was outside. Cho hurried towards the door and opened it, expecting to see Ron or one of her other friends. She was surprised when a wet Hermione smiled at her. “Hi Cho.”

“Hermione, why are you here?”

“Could I come in before we talk?” sobbed Hermione. She shook from head to toe.

“Oh yeah, come in.”

Cho ran to her bedroom and pulled out another blanket for Hermione. Once she gave it to her, she headed into the kitchen and put on a pot of boiling water. “Are you alright?”

“Yes...actually, no, not really. I just went to my mum’s grave; I really needed someone to talk to. I thought she would help, but I guess not. Then I remembered Ron was away, so I came here to talk, like when we talked when you and Ron broke up.”

Cho walked into the room with two cups of tea. She placed one in Hermione’s hands before taking a seat next to her. “Hermione, we didn’t talk then. We slept together.”

“I know, but you did have me to talk to while we were sleeping together.”

“What happened?” Cho asked, placing her hand upon Hermione’s knee. Hermione squirmed under the touch; this was how it had happened last time. How it happened when Cho told her that Ron had broken up with her.

Cho ran to meet Hermione, who was walking in the opposite direction towards the Gryffindor Common Room. She quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her into the nearest corridor, where she looked to see if anyone was around. She kissed Hermione’s neck, her hands busily pushing Hermione’s top out of her skirt, while Hermione pushed Cho up against the wall. Between the kisses, Cho moaned out that she and Ron had broken up.

As soon as it escaped her lips, Cho grabbed Hermione’s hand again and headed towards the Room of Requirement.

Once inside, Hermione pulled her hand out of Cho’s and sat upon the couch, her legs crossed over the other. Cho, who had wanted to head to the bed, stopped in her tracks. “We need to talk.”

“Hermione, normally we don’t talk.”

“Why did you break up with Ron?”

Cho walked towards Hermione. Tears rolled down her pink cheeks as she tried to hold back her feelings. She sat down next to Hermione and stared into the younger girl’s face.

“He said he saw me with someone else... a woman. He saw me with you.”

“Cho...” Hermione placed her hand upon Cho’s knee. Cho turned her head and kissed Hermione full upon the lips. She nibbled slightly at the younger girls lips, before pushing her down. She climbed upon Hermione and pulled her shirt fully out of her skirt.

“He doesn’t know it was you.”


“Make love to me, Hermione. Ease this pain we created.”

Hermione pulled Cho’s hand off of her knee. Cho stared at her before smiling. She took a piece of Hermione’s damp hair and played with it. “You think it will happen again. I can assure you, it won’t happen.”

“You said that last time.”

“Do you want it to happen again?”

Hermione tried to get up, but Cho placed a hand upon her shoulder. Cho smiled again and kissed Hermione on the lips. Hermione began to respond, her lips moving at their own accord. Looking at the younger girl in the eye, Cho got the answer you needed. “I can see you do. I’ve always seen it, even when you were with Ron.”

“But I don’t.”

“You love her don’t you?”

Hermione’s face betrayed her secret for a brief secret. “Who?”


“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Don’t you?”

Cho smiled her teeth glittering in the shine from the fire. She cupped Hermione’s cheek and brought her lips tenderly over the younger girl’s.

She placed kisses upon Hermione’s neck, while her hands brought Hermione’s wet top over her head. Hermione sat in front of her, half naked. Cho stared at Hermione, the hunger in her eyes showing. Hermione took the move this time and pressed her lips against Cho’s. She didn’t ask for entrance, she forced it. After the mistake that had happened with Ginny, Hermione wasn’t thinking right. Cho pushed Hermione down and climbed on top of her. She pulled Hermione’s wet jeans off her legs and discarded them.

Suddenly, she sat up. The hunger showed again...lust hidden behind every motive. Ron was away, and somehow he could never satisfy her like Hermione once did.

“If you want it, I’ll meet you in five minutes. Come to my bedroom.”

Cho moved away from Hermione and headed towards her bedroom. Hermione stared after her, the kiss still burning on her cheery lips. She touched the spot, staring into the fire. Images danced between the sparks; memories past forgotten; images of Cho, standing in front of her with nothing on.

Hermione sat up and wrapped the blanket around her half naked body. She thought deeply about what she wanted...what she knew would happen if she took one step towards the bedroom. Once again she would betray her best friend if she did walk. Cho had left barely two minutes before.

Slowly, Hermione made her decision. She would conquer her pain...sadness. She took a step towards her clothes; each one showing how hard it was to say no to another woman. Another step. She was inches away from her clothes. Quickly, she grabbed them and pulled them over her body. Looking around, the clock hand struck one. Her heart beat faster as she opened the front door. She took another look around the room, before opening the door and quickly leaving. Leaning against the wall, Hermione took a deep breath, her heart slowing a little.

As she disapparated, she caught sight of Cho staring at her from the lounge room window. Tears fell from her eyes, displaying the heart ache she was enduring with Ron’s absence, not only in missions, but in life.

Ginny sat down in front of the fireplace, a glass of champagne in her hand and a bridal magazine in the other. Harry sat beside her, his feet resting against the coffee table, his mind completely lost in the show on the television. Ginny groaned in frustration as she turned another page of a bridal magazine. Barely a week had passed since Harry had proposed, and already Ginny was finding it hard to find a wedding dress.

Harry stared at her. A small smile crept onto his face. “Gin, why are you already looking at wedding dresses? The wedding isn’t for another couple of months. We haven’t even told your parents yet.”

Ginny glared at him. Harry shrugged, but continued to look at her. His green eyes showed love and concern. For a couple of days, ever since he proposed, he could see a difference in Ginny. She seemed distant...troubled. Ginny noticed Harry staring at her; it made her feel awkward.


“Nothing, but may I suggest you seek help from Molly or someone else. Your mum loves weddings, and I think it is time to tell her about ours. She would be a great help.”

“Harry, we can’t tell her. Ron’s wedding is a couple days away, and she is flat out busy.”

“Then take Hermione. You guys are really close; you tell her everything. You told me she was happy for us, that she’ll help out.”

Ginny shifted her eyes away from Harry for a second. She was scared they would reveal her secret...her lust. Harry didn’t seem to notice anything; his mind had already wandered back to the television. “Harry?”

Harry turned back to Ginny. “How about I ring Hermione, and she’ll go take you shopping tomorrow for a wedding gown? If you don’t find anything, you could go with Molly next week, after the wedding. If you still can’t find anything, we will go over to France, and we will get one designed to your interest.” He played with a bit of Ginny’s hair and pulled her into his arms. He kissed the top of her head, before turning back to the television. Ginny stared at his kind face wondering why she ever started an affair when she had everything she wanted...almost everything.



Ginny pulled Harry’s head towards hers and kissed him. Harry deepened the kiss. His large frame brought Ginny’s small frame towards him more. Ginny wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck and pulled him off the lounge. He hovered over her before taking her in his arms.

A small part in Ginny’s mind remembered the way Hermione kissed her...touched her. Harry made her feel good, but Hermione made her feel complete. Yet Ginny continued to kiss Harry, her mind still making it seem like Hermione was holding her. Harry took them into the bedroom, his hand fumbling to unclasp Ginny’s bra. He laid Ginny on the bed and climbed on top of her, his hands pulling her bra of her body.

“Ginny...are you alright?”

Ginny had pulled away from Harry, her eyes shining with tears. “I’m sorry Harry; I really am. I’m just thinking too much. People always said Hermione and I were always alike; I guess they were right.”

“Ginny...I love you.”

“I...I you too, Harry.”

Harry brought his lips upon Ginny’s again, never hearing the sudden stop in Ginny’s voice. He never heard the forcedness behind it.

Harry’s shallow breathing brought Ginny out of her dreams. She had spent a restless night staring at the ceiling, praying everything would be put right. Tears had fallen, but had remained unheard. The night had tormented her...shadows casting their doubts. The moon had been hidden; the clouds agreeing with the shadows.

Everything Ginny thought she knew had gone with Hermione’s confession. She was now unsure of herself, confused more than ever. The voice inside of her had changed, even it knew nothing of what she wanted. Doubts crept in from the corners of her mind, pressing against her conscious. Ginny closed her eyes again, feeling the emptiness inside hollow she felt at that moment. Inside, Ginny wanted Harry to know, so that he would pay her the slightest amount of attention. Ginny feared that the closer she got to Hermione, the further away Harry seemed to get. His body seemed so distant from Ginny, although he was lying next to her.

Ginny wrapped her arms around her chest, her breathing rapid. The room was closing in on darkness as the tears fell from her eyes. She looked at the photo on the bed-side table. Picture Harry stood with his arms around his female companion, his eyes never leaving the young woman in his arms. They were happy, back before all the pain and the war; back before all the confusion. Everything had seemed so clear when the photo had been taken... so perfect.


Harry’s frame stirred beside her, his eyes looking at her delicate shoulder. Ginny didn’t reply; if she did, she knew she would cry harder. Staring confused at the ceiling, Ginny whipped away the tears. Harry leaned against his elbow so that he was looking directly at her face. He ran one of his large hands over her exposed skin.

“What’s wrong(,) Ginny?” He was looking at her with interest; the most attention he had payed her in a week. He said her name like it was a melody, the words just purring off his tongue. Harry inhaled her sweet, intoxicating scent, his arm bringing her closer to his body. He laid his hand on-top of hers, letting her cry against his chest. Ginny cried into his chest, his body making her feel comfortable, like she was meant to be there. But it wasn’t Harry’s body she was imagining holding her.

Ginny closed her eyes, the pain disappearing for a moment. Harry had wrapped his arms tighter around her, not wanting to let her go. Ginny pulled out of the embrace, wrapping her arms around her chest once more.

Her eyes fluttered shut again as Harry’s hand caught hold of her hand. He squeezed it gently, telling her it would be alright. Ginny kissed Harry upon the lips, her arms wrapping around his body. She put every emotion into the kiss, every lie she held. As Harry kissed her back, she didn’t imagine him. Hermione was kissing her, not Harry. Every touch, every kiss, and every feeling she felt was from Hermione kissing her back. Ginny closed her eyes again, pictures of Hermione’s lips, teasing, playing with hers. Her stomach swelled as she felt Hermione rub her hand over her thigh, rising higher with every swish.

Harry moaned Ginny’s name, bringing her back to reality. She was kissing Harry. Harry was touching her, not Hermione. Ginny pulled away from the kiss. She placed a reassuring hand on Harry’s chest. “Nothing is wrong Harry. How could anything be wrong when I am with you?”

She knew she had emphasized the you, but Harry didn’t seem to notice. He had placed a kiss upon Ginny’s head, before getting out of the bed. Ginny stared at him as he grabbed his dressing gown. “Where are you going?” she asked as Harry dressed and took out a travel bag.

Harry stared at her, his eyes telling her that he was sorry. “I have to leave on a mission. I will hopefully be back soon.”

“Soon? You say that every time, Harry. Soon for you is two months.”

“Ginny, how can you say that? I go on these missions to capture the last of the Death Eaters. I will be back; Ron’s wedding is in a couple of days. I couldn’t do that to him.”

“But you could do that to me? You are only coming back because of the wedding.”

“Ginny, please. I don’t want to fight with you. Not now.”

“Fine, Harry.” Ginny stared at him angrily. Harry stepped towards her and placed a small kiss on the top of her head. He wrapped his arms around her small frame and held her tight. Ginny’s anger disappeared slightly with his touch.

“I promise you, these missions will end soon. I love you.”

Ginny nodded and watched Harry walked slowly into the bathroom. A part of Ginny wished it had been Hermione who had said those words. Ginny clenched the sheet; everything Harry did reminded her of Hermione. It was torture, knowing the one you wanted to love wasn’t the one you did. Love? Ginny knew she loved Harry; she believed she did. But Hermione’s face continued to play in her mind. The feeling of being held by the older woman, being told she would never leave. Ginny loved Hermione; but was it love that Hermione deserved...that Hermione needed. Ginny turned her head towards the bathroom.


“Yeah.” The water was running in the bathroom already. Ginny wrapped the sheet around her body and ran into the bathroom. She wrapped her arms around Harry’s waist and placed a kiss on his broad shoulder.

“Don’t go yet, please. Don’t go anywhere.”

Harry turned around and stared into the love of his life eyes. The words purred out of his throat; a mere taunt to Ginny. “I won’t. I promise.”

Ginny still stared at him, her eyes showing her doubt. Harry scanned her face, wondering when he lost Ginny...when she became so distant. Hey eyes seemed vague and her taste different. They had known each other for years, been friends for years. As Ginny leaned in, she brushed her nose playfully over Harry’s. Harry continued to scan her face, taking in all her features. One thing he had always loved about Ginny was that she was playful and made him smile whenever he wasn’t in the mood for smiling. Ginny was beautiful, lovely, and so sweet. Harry knew he didn’t deserve her; she was kind-hearted and so full of life.

“What’s wrong, Harry?”

“Nothing. Just thinking about us; how I would never betray you.”

Ginny shuffled back a bit, but Harry didn’t notice. She began to feel uncomfortable, wondering if her secret was remaining a secret.

Chapter 5: Working Past Lust
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Working Past Lust

Beta'd by tomfeltonisdeadsexy

Hermione walked slowly down the narrow corridor, her heart beating against her rib cage. Every part of her body was urging her to turn back, to leave while she could. As she approached the door, everything she thought she had conquered returned.

Once at the door, Hermione didn’t know if she wanted to go through with the day. She wasn’t ready to enter; instead, she leaned against the opposite wall and looked up at the ceiling, the very ceiling she had kissed Ginny goodnight under a year ago. It happened before all the confusion, an innocent kiss upon the cheek to say goodnight, a kiss between two good friends. Back then neither of them thought of each other in any way but friends; this was before all the craving companionship, broken hearts, and tears.

Hermione continued to stare at the door as images flooded back. She and Ginny were walking down the very same hallway, late Christmas Eve. They were holding hands, innocent as children, talking about the night’s events. At the door, they turned to face each other. Ginny’s voice echoed around: “Do you want to come in; I’m sure Harry is back already. He keeps saying he needs to catch up with you.”

Staring blankly at Ginny, Hermione shook her head. “It’s alright. I’m really tired. Maybe I’ll come around for Christmas lunch tomorrow.”
Ginny leaned in and brushed her lips over Hermione’s cheek. Hermione’s head moved slightly as she felt Ginny’s lips connect with her ruby cheeks. “Good night, Hermione.”

Hermione snapped her head away from the ghosts of her memory; she knew what had happened next. They had both been a little bit drunk, not knowing what they were doing. As Ginny leaned forward to open the door, Hermione had grabbed her by the hand. Ginny had eyed her suspiciously, her eyes glazed over. Hermione had pushed Ginny up against the wall and had kissed her tenderly; Ginny had responded, her lips moving on their own accord. Their bodies moved in a rhythm, Hermione grinding her hips against Ginny’s.

Every touch was remembered as Hermione tried to block it out; she had been with someone else when this had happened. From that night, Hermione had craved to be near other women. She had craved for their companionship. Although the kiss had been childish, Hermione still felt something missing. She had felt nothing for Ginny except friendship before that.

Her golden, untamed tresses cascaded down her back. Ginny had one hand on her bum, while the other wove through Hermione’s hair.

Suddenly, the door opened across the hall, breaking Hermione out of her memory. Ginny stuck her head out, her eyes shining in delight as she noticed Hermione. She wrapped her arms around Hermione’s neck and placed a kiss upon her cheek. Hermione placed her hands on Ginny’s hips, bringing the young woman closer to her. Ginny stared at Hermione uncomfortably, before stepping back a couple of feet. “Thanks for coming, ‘Mione. I really need your help looking for a dress. Come in.”

Ginny stepped away from the door, signalling for Hermione to come in. Hermione walked slowly into the hallway of Harry and Ginny’s large penthouse. Her eyes automatically went to the photos on the wall. Staring back at her was herself and Ginny, arms around each other and smiling at the camera. The photo-Hermione kept glancing at the photo-Ginny. Ginny kept placing kisses upon her cheek, while continuing to smile at the photographer. It had been taken mere months after Harry and Ginny had become a couple. Next to the photo was another, this time of herself and Ron. Ron was tickling her on the waist, while planting a kiss on her lips every couple of seconds. Looking at the picture Hermione wondered when everything had changed, when she had become so distant from everyone.

Following behind her, with her eyes also darting to the photos, Ginny entwined her fingers with Hermione, giving her a reassuring squeeze. “I love these photos. They tell of our past and also our future. Come further in, ‘Mione; Harry wants to say hello before he heads off to work.”

Hermione, with her hand still in Ginny’s, followed the younger girl into the lounge room. Her feet dragged along the floorboards, regretting her decision to come. When Harry had owled her earlier that day, he said he wouldn’t be there; he was going to be away on a mission. Sitting in the far corner of the room, Harry was looking through some folders on his desk. Ginny wrapped her arms around Harry, before giving him a kiss on the lips. She whispered something into his ear. Harry looked up and smiled at Hermione. He closed the large gap between them and wrapped his arms around Hermione, pulling her into a brotherly hug. “It is so good to see you, Hermione. I haven’t seen you in ages.”

“Thanks, Harry.”

Harry let go of Hermione. He headed back to Ginny and gave her a tender kiss on the lips, before picking up his briefcase and bidding them goodbye. Ginny stared after him, a sad smile on her face.

Once the front door closed, Ginny looked up at Hermione. She gave her a half smile. “I am so glad you came. I thought that...well that after what happened between us you wouldn’t want to see me. I’m not going to leave Harry, Hermione. I love him too much to do that to him.”

Hermione tried to smile. She knew all along that nothing could happen between them; Harry wasn’t the sort of person you let go of unless you had to.

“Hermione,” asked Ginny, as Hermione drifted into her thoughts. “That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our time together. Maybe we could teach each other something, maybe have a bit of fun. You're my best friend; I just hope that hasn’t changed since that night we nearly had sex. I know I said it didn’t mean anything, but I was confused at the time. It happened and we can move on.”

“I can’t do that, Ginny. I...I love you so much. Much more than I should. And feelings like these just don’t go away. They have and always will be there.” Hermione slowly made her way towards the door, completely forgetting about the shopping.

“Hermione, wait!” Ginny quickly grabbed her friend and pushed her up against the wall. She brought her lips fiercely upon Hermione’s, enjoying once again the sensation it gave her. Hermione responded by placing her hands upon Ginny’s waist. “That doesn’t mean I don’t want you, ‘Mione,” purred Ginny, as she nipped at Hermione’s earlobe, while also placing her hand firmly on Hermione’s bottom.

Suddenly, Ginny stepped away and grabbed Hermione’s hand. She stroked it lovingly, before picking up her bag on her way to the front door.

Harry walked briskly through the familiar hallway towards his office. He was late after his meeting had run overtime. He still had reports to look over, before attending another two meetings and interviewing a potential Auror. While passing his assistant, he shot her a small smile, before entering his office.

Sitting down at his desk, he pulled a couple of pages towards him. He sighed before beginning to read. There was a soft knock at his office door. Harry sighed again, before getting up and heading towards the door. He opened the door attentively, wondering who would be bothering him when they knew he had work. As soon as the door was opened, he smiled. He pulled her inside by the hand, almost seductively.

As soon as his office door was closed, a pair of lips crashed upon his own. Harry responded by picking up his companion and carrying her over to his large, wooden desk. Long, slender legs wrapped themselves around his waist, drawing him into their open thighs.
Harry broke the kiss to play with his her neck. She pushed Harry’s wizard robes off his shoulders, while he did the same to her. He moved his hand under her blouse, rubbing his hand higher over her naked skin. With each stroke, as he rose higher, he pulled her blouse out of her designer skirt. After this, one of Harry’s hands stoked their thigh, while the other took hold of his companion’s bottom, pulling her more into his crotch. She moaned out his name, while Harry pulled down her panties, discarding them onto the floor. His companion had already unbuckled his belt and had pulled down his pants. Harry pulled her closer to him, while kissing her semi-exposed shoulder.

Kissing her neck lovingly, Harry hovered over her. As he pulled away, she whimpered slightly, wanting to have more. Harry stared down at her unclothed body, licking his lips. He smiled as he noticed all her features. The black hair and the tall, slender figure, curved in all the right places. She was unlike Ginny in every way. He closed the gap between them, continuing to kiss her neck.

Slowly, Harry entered her, earning a gasp of pleasure. He curled his fingers through her long, black hair. His companion leaned back onto the desk, leaving Harry standing alone, slightly distressed. She seductively opened her legs for him, her head resting on her hand. She shot him a seductive smile. Harry quickly crawled on top of them (her), kissing his way over her body. With each kiss he moaned out her name. As he hovered over her, he kissed her on the lips tenderly. “I love you, Evelyn.”

The now-known woman bucked up her hips, causing Harry to enter her again. She moaned loudly, sweat pearls appearing on her forehead. She dragged her nails down Harry’s back, before bucking her hips again, causing him to enter deeper.

She caught Harry’s lips, forcing them to open for her. Her hands wove through Harry’s mess of black hair, pulling him closer. He slid his tongue into her mouth, dancing around with hers. Slowly, he dismounted her. He pulled on his clothes and robes, before looking at her. She sat on the desk, one leg crossed over the other watching him. She wore only her blouse, which was opened to reveal a bit of breast. Once Harry was dressed, she shot him a smile. He walked over and stood in front of her.

Harry stared at her again, both his hands on her thighs. He had met her just over three months ago, when she came to his office for a job. It had been a hard day, and he was thinking about going out to get a drink after he had finished looking over reports. She had walked into his office, quietly and shyly. Her head had been bowed, embarrassed about meeting the famous Harry Potter. As soon as the interview started, Harry knew she had the job. He let her talk, wanting to watch her closely for some reason. Throughout the interview, she grew more confident and sure of herself. Harry continued to stare until the interview was over. Once he told her she had the job, she screamed and flung herself into his arms, pressing her body into his.

Once realising what she had done, she unwrapped her arms from around Harry. Harry felt slightly empty as they un-wrapped from around his neck. As she walked backwards, red in the face, towards her bag, she tripped. Harry caught hold of her arm as she fell to steady her. Once their hands made contact, Harry felt chills go up his spine.

Harry soon asked her to go out to a dance club with him, to celebrate her new appointment. They had left work together, the reports lying forgotten on the desk. They dropped their bags off at a table, before heading to the dance floor. They had been forced to dance close. Although Harry was unsure of where to place his hands, he decided to place them on Evelyn’s waist. He drew her nearer to him, saying it was too crowded and they could get separated. Together they moved in rhythm, until someone pushed Evelyn into Harry, capturing him in a kiss. She quickly pulled away, uncertain about what happened. Harry touched his lips with one hand while Evelyn continued to dance with Harry still having a firm hold on her waist. Slowly, Harry pulled her closer, resting one of his legs in-between hers. He put one hand behind her head and drew her head to his. He caught her lips in a passionate kiss, his hand on her waist moving down to her bottom.

As Harry pulled himself out of the memory, he caught sight of Evelyn on the desk. She let a tear drop from her eye. She tried to hide it, but Harry noticed.

He walked briskly towards her and wrapped his arms around her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, crying into his shoulder. “I know it doesn’t mean anything to you, Harry. I love you, but I can’t have you,” she cried, allowing her barrier to fall around her heart. Harry continued to stroke her hair, guilt washing over him. For two months he had been sleeping with his assistant Evelyn, while also sleeping with Ginny. He felt terrible for leading Evelyn on; she deserved to have someone that would love her completely. He brought her closer into his larger frame, rubbing her back. She suddenly lifted her head and caught his lips in a kiss. Harry pulled away, before placing a kiss on her forehead. “I’m sorry, Evelyn. I must continue with my work. Are you still coming to the meeting tonight?”

Evelyn got off the desk, grabbing her panties off the floor. She nodded her head, indicating that they would still be going out. She put her pencil skirt on, before running a hand through her hair to smooth it down. As she headed towards the door, Harry chased after her. He pushed her up against the door, placing his hands on either side of her head. He kissed her lovingly on the lips. “You do mean something to me; you always will. I’ll see you tonight.”

Once Evelyn was out of the room, Harry placed his head in his hands, groaning slightly. “Damn it!” he shouted, as he kicked the chair by the door. He walked quickly over to his desk and knocked off all the attendants. One of his hands hit the photo of himself and Ginny. Falling to the ground, he picked up the shattered frame. He looked down upon the photo, one single tear falling from his eyes as he looked at the moving photo. He and Ginny were happy. He hadn’t been unfaithful. He hadn’t told a lie. “Why the hell did I start this?!”
There was a knock on his door. It opened slightly, to reveal the face of Edgar Bloonbottle, a shy, young man that had joined the training group to become an Auror. “Is everything alright sir? I heard a crash in here.”

He stopped suddenly as he noticed Harry sitting on the floor, holding a photo frame. Harry stood up quickly, one hand brushing away the tears. “Everything is alright, Edgar. Shouldn’t you be at training?”
“I’m on my way, sir.”

As Edgar left the room, Harry sighed and sat down behind his desk. Grabbing his red pen, he pulled the reports towards him. Already he was behind, so that meant another night of working late. Not to mention the major meeting he was having tonight. “No wonder Ginny hates me. I’m always working late. I never have any time for her anymore.”

Ginny pulled Hermione in through the front door of Hermione’s apartment, laughing. As soon as they were in the door, their lips met, tugging at each other. They dropped their bags by the door, their hands busily groping at each other to hold other things. Ginny pulled away, looking into Hermione’s eyes. “I didn’t mean what I said. I mean today, before we went out. I’m so sorry.”

Hermione kissed her, murmuring a quick okay, before walking them towards her bedroom, never breaking the kiss. They fell upon the bed, Ginny landing on top. Hermione moaned against her mouth. “No fair, you’re always on top.”

Ginny giggled as she straddled Hermione’s hips and roamed her hand up Hermione’s thigh. Ginny moved completely on top of her, removing the clothing separating them. Suddenly, she stopped. “Do you really love me, ‘Mione,” moaned Ginny, her lips close to Hermione’s ear.
Smiling, Hermione turned her head and captured Ginny’s lips with her own. “I will always love you, Gin; forever and always.”

Ginny moaned as the words fell from Hermione’s lips. She smiled, before kissing her way down Hermione’s body and disappearing under the bed sheet, causing Hermione to cry out in pleasure.

Harry made his way towards a table at the far side of the restaurant. He smiled as Evelyn came into view, sitting at the very table he had been looking for. Restraining himself from kissing her, he sat down next to her in the booth.

Ten minutes passed with both shooting quick glances at each other, before turning away, slightly red in the face. After another five minutes, a tall man in an expensive suit walked over to their table. Harry stood up and shook his hand, introducing Evelyn while he did. The man acknowledged Evelyn, before taking a seat across from Harry and Evelyn. Never once did he smile.

“Arnold, there was something you wanted to discuss with me?” asked Harry to the other man. The man nodded his head before opening his brief case and pulling out some papers. He handed them to Harry, before placing the brief case back by his chair.

“Mr Potter, this is all the information we have on the remaining suspects. As you know, Wizard World Security has been looking into anything suspicious for the last few years. It’s all in there; everything we know.”

Harry quickly scanned over the first page. His mouth opened slightly, before he closed it. Evelyn looked over his shoulder, a look of shock etched upon her face. As Harry began to shake, she placed a delicate hand on his knee, rubbing it slightly. Harry jumped at the sudden touch, but ignored it. He placed the papers on the desk before looking back at the other man. “Are you sure that’s all, Arnold? There isn’t much there. We all expected them to continue with their ways. I expected there to be something more.”

Arnold nodded his head. “I’m sorry, Mr. Potter; we wish we could have been of more service. I can assure you, sir, that we will continue to look.” Arnold got quickly off his chair, grabbing his brief case as he went. He acknowledged Evelyn again, before shaking Harry’s hand.

Evelyn squeezed Harry’s knee again, making him look at her. Her green eyes, so like his, told him it would be okay. “I’m sorry, Evelyn. I really thought he could help.”

“I never expected there to be much evidence, although, I did let myself get my hopes up. I thought that maybe this time they would be caught. They didn’t only hurt me, they hurt you too, Harry. They helped to kill many of your friends.”

Harry shifted closer to her, pulling her into his arms. Slowly, he pulled her away from the table and held her hand as they walked out the front door. Together they headed towards the night club down the road. This was their usual routine after meeting with people of the wizardry community. Once inside, Harry led them to the dance floor. He hooked his arms around her waist, drawing her nearer. Evelyn placed her hands around Harry’s neck. They danced in time with each other, their bodies grinding against each other.

After a couple of songs, they headed towards a table not far from the dance floor. A young waitress appeared, asking for their order. While Evelyn ordered water, Harry ordered a Firewhiskey. Harry pulled Evelyn into his lap, not caring about anyone noticing them. They looked out onto the dance floor, taking in the couples. Two girls were dancing not far away, causing a great disturbance among the crowd. The taller one of the two, with wavy red hair and wearing a short cut dress, was swimming her bottom against the other girl behind her. The other girl was brunette, with medium curly hair and was wearing a mini skirt with a short, skimpy top. Her hands were moving up and down the girl’s body in front of her.

The brunette swung the red head around to face her. The taller smiled seductively at the smaller, intertwining their hands as she did. She leaned her forehead against the brunette, her thighs resting between the other’s legs.

Many of the men on the side of the dance floor wolf-whistled, calling out names to the two. They smacked each other behind the back and hooted. “Get it on!”

“Take her down, sister!”

The two girls danced move vivid and intense, before the red head grabbed the shorter girl’s bum, pulling her into a kiss. She smirked against her partner’s lips, teasing the audience as she roamed up the other girl’s inner thigh. The shorter girl had a firm hold on the taller girl’s butt, drawing her nearer to her.

Evelyn pulled Harry out of the action with an insult. “That is gross. You think the two of them could get a room.”

Harry smiled before kissing Evelyn’s neck, causing her to turn into Harry. “That’s an idea isn’t it. Care to join me?”

Evelyn turned her head completely, smashing her lips against Harry’s. Harry turned her around so that her legs were straddling him. He smiled before feeling the sensation of being pulled through a tube. When Evelyn opened her eyes, she smiled against Harry’s lips. She was pushed up against a door, Harry’s hands searching in her bag for the keys to her apartment.

Chapter 6: The Unknown Factor
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The Unknown Factor

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Evelyn’s breathing became more even as she stirred. The silk satin sheets shifted with her, exposing some of her leg. Her eyes opened slightly, revealing the emerald behind them. Her small frame rolled over so that she was facing her lover beside her. “Harry? Are you awake?”

She moved her head so that it was resting on Harry’s chest. With one hand she drew lazing circles around his shoulder. Harry turned his head away, hiding the guilt. He ran a slender hand along her exposed leg, while kissing her on the forehead. He pulled her closer, resting his head on top of hers. The sweet aroma of daisies and roses filled his nostrils as he took in her scent.

He pulled her even closer, slipping his arms around her waist. He turned slightly to face her, taking in her delicate details. She leaned her forehead against his, her nose running against Harry’s. “What is it, Harry?”

Harry tried to smile, but it slipped from his face. He kept going over it again and again in his mind. The night before, like so many before, had made him feel complete. It had been amazing, so unlike the rare nights he and Ginny spent together. It was lustful and so full of life, like there would be no tomorrow. But with Ginny, it was heat and sometimes passion. The two women were so alike, yet so different. Evelyn didn’t behave like a child and acted far more mature than was required at her young age. She was five years younger than him, having only just graduated six months previously. Harry kissed his way along her jaw line, before resting on the curve of her mouth.

She turned her head into the kiss, imagining that her fate hadn’t been decided. She knew Harry would return to Ginny, just like he did every night. He would never stay. He would hold her until midnight, before saying sorry and leaving. On the rare nights that he stayed a bit longer, he was distant. She straddled Harry’s legs, while kissing his sensitive part under his neck.

“Please, Harry. Don’t leave.” She had said it so quietly that Harry barely heard it, but he did. He considered the fact in his mind; Ginny wouldn’t be there. She and Hermione probably went out and would be sleeping off the alcohol at Hermione’s place. Shifting slightly, so that Evelyn was straddling his hips, he kissed her lightly on the lips. The sheet rolled off her shoulders, as she leaned into Harry’s kiss. Perhaps, just this once, she would win.

“I won’t,” he purred as he deepened the kiss.

Ginny sat in front of the toilet, a wave of nausea reaching her again. Hermione sat behind her naked friend, holding her around the waist. Ginny sat between Hermione’s legs, resting her head against her best friends shoulder. “I just don’t know what is wrong with me,” she moaned as Hermione kissed her cheek lovingly.

Hermione handed her a towel to wipe her mouth. Ginny rolled against Hermione’s body, wishing that they could be back in bed. Slowly, Hermione let go of Ginny. She handed her a tooth brush before exiting the room. She closed the door behind her, before heading back to the bed. She climbed into the bed, waiting for Ginny to return. Behind the closed door, she could hear Ginny moaning as nausea hit her again. It was torturing to not be able to help Ginny overcome the sudden sickness.

Before long, Ginny exited the bathroom. She was still green and looked a little pale. She climbed in next to Hermione, wrapping her arms around her lover’s back. Hermione shifted to face Ginny. She cupped the younger girl’s face, before pulling her into a blissful kiss. She wrapped her arms around Ginny’s naked form, pulling her closer to her body. Ginny began to deepen the kiss as another wave of nausea washed over her.

As she fled the room, Hermione looked around her bedroom. It was a mess, with clothes thrown all over the place. A smile appeared on her lips as the night's events replayed in her mind. After shopping, Ginny and Hermione had gone to a dance club. With a bit of alcohol in them, they had began to dance. The heat from the surrounding couples and the mix of alcohol had them dancing different than two friends would normally do. One thing had led to another, and before they knew it, they had made love to each other in Hermione’s apartment. After a couple of days of dancing around each other, the thing they had wanted most of all had finally happened.

A pair of warm hands rubbed her stomach un-expectantly. Hermione moved into the embrace as the hands touched her in a more private place. She rolled her head back against Ginny’s breasts, before turning around and kissing Ginny again. Ginny’s busy hands still slid up and down her thigh, as Hermione began to straddle the younger girl’s hips.

Pulling away, Hermione looked into Ginny’s eyes. “Are you feeling better?”

Ginny kissed Hermione along the jaw line before reaching her lips. “Much, but only if you make me feel the wonder I felt last night, ‘Mione. My sweet, sweet Hermione.”

Hermione pulled Ginny closer, before experiencing the amazing feeling she wanted to feel for the rest of her life.

Slowly, Ginny un-wrapped her arm from around Hermione’s sleeping form. It was hard to not wake her lover, but she knew she needed to do this herself. She quietly crept out of Hermione’s room, taking her clothes with her. Once out, she disapparated to the one place she knew could end her relationship. Which one, she didn’t know.

She walked out of the alley, before looking at the sign hanging in the window of the shop she wanted. Yes, this is the right place, thought Ginny as she entered the shop.

A young man, around her age, was waiting behind the counter. With a tired smile he greeted her. “Good morning, ma’am. Is there anything I could help you with?”

Ginny looked around the shop before approaching the counter. With an awkward pause and a look up and down the shop, she opened her mouth. “Do you have t-tests?”

The pharmacist smiled with a knowing look. He pointed to aisle two, before looking back at the broomstick magazine on the front counter.

Ginny walked quickly down the aisle. It was a couple of moments before you saw the shelves holding the Muggle pregnancy tests. She grabbed three before heading back to the counter. The young man looked up, still with the same smile. After scanning the barcode and taking the money, he handed them over. “I hope the result is the one you want,” he said as she left the shop.

"Yeah, me too," grumbled Ginny.

As she made her way across the street, towards the building of hers and Harry’s apartment, she failed to look before crossing the road. There was a sudden screech of tires and a loud thump. The pharmacist, after hearing the tires screech, ran out of the shop. The driver of the car was kneeling down beside Ginny, blood seeping out of her mouth. The drive quickly yelled for the pharmacist to get an ambulance...

Harry was kissing Evelyn, when his mobile phone began to ring. He continued to ignore it, knowing it would only be Ginny, wondering why he wasn’t home yet. Evelyn smiled against Harry’s lips, as she bucked her hips, causing Harry to moan against her lips. He started to kiss down her body, before ending at her belly bottom.

He moved his tongue over the sensitive skin, Evelyn pushing his head to move down further.

As he was about to move, his phone went off again. Evelyn looked at it, before grabbing it. Unknown Number flashed up on the screen. She showed it to Harry, who indicated for her to answer it, as he moved his lips to her right breast.

Evelyn pressed talk and placed it by her ear. “Hello,” she gasped as Harry continued his work.

“Is Mr. Potter there?” asked a voice on the other side.

“Ummm...yeah, ummm. Who’s asking?”

“This is Dr. Hilary Magort from London Memorial Hospital. This call is in regards to Ginerva Weasley.”

Evelyn looked towards Harry, who was lying next to her, kissing her neck. “Harry,” she whispered, not wanting him to stop. “A doctor from Memorial hospital wants to talk to you. Something about Ginny.”

Harry quickly pulled away and tugged the phone out of Evelyn’s hand. Evelyn crawled down further, until she was hidden under the sheet.


“Is this Mr. Potter?”

“Speaking.” His voice was strained, trying to resist Evelyn. He was, to put, under a lot of pressure.

“Your fiancé has been in an accident. Can you come down immediately?”

Harry quickly sat up, saying he would. After hanging up his phone, he crawled off the bed. Evelyn sat there, with the sheet around her chest. Harry looked around for his boxer shorts. Once found, he pulled them on. It was then that he looked over Evelyn, crying in the bed. He made his way over to, wrapping his arms around her shaking form. “I’m never going to be completely yours. I will always be the other woman Harry.”

“I’m sorry. I love her, and I know I can’t leave her. You deserve so much better than me. I love you, just as much as I love Ginny.”

“Then leave with me Harry; I’m going to need you.”

Harry looked at her, slightly confused. “What do you mean?” he asked as he continued to move around the room, looking for his remaining clothes.

Evelyn still sat on the bed, her head bowed. Harry was going to hate her. She had done it on purpose, forgetting to take the potion. She loved Harry and wanted him to be there for her. Not Ginny. She knew Ginny was having an affair, just like Harry. She knew it had been Ginny and the other woman on the dance floor the night before. She also knew the person Ginny was having an affair with was Harry’s best friend, Hermione Granger.

She knew the only way Harry would leave Ginny was if he found out he was going to be a father. But as she looked on at Harry pulling on his clothes, she knew she couldn’t do it yet. She and Harry still had time; it was months before his wedding. If it hadn’t worked the night before, it was sure to work over the next couple of months.

One way or another, she would have the love of her life for herself. After all, only children never shared.

Harry ran down the hallway of London’s Memorial Hospital in search of Ginny’s room. Guilt washed over him, picturing Ginny laying in the bed, machines beeping around her. If he had been home, if he had stayed with her that night, this may not have happened.

He burst through the door of Ginny’s room. Doctors were walking around, looking at charts and taking notes. The elder of them all looked up at Harry. She walked over towards him, a frown on her face. “I’m sorry, sir, you can’t be in here.”

“What do you mean? I’m going to be her husband. We’re engaged.”

The woman formed a slight ‘O’ with her mouth. “Are you Mr. Potter?”

Harry nodded, proceeding further into the room. “I’m Miss Weasley’s doctor. We spoke on the phone.”

Harry nodded again, trying to reach Ginny. A couple of doctors blocked his path, both shaking their heads. One held something to Ginny’s stomach, while the other looked on the computer screen. They both looked up at Dr. Magort, shaking their heads. “What’s wrong?!” yelled Harry, once again trying to reach Ginny’s unconscious body. It was at that moment that he noticed blood soaking the sheets by her thighs.

Dr. Magort pulled Harry out of the room. She smiled sadly, resting her hand on Harry’s arm. “I’m very sorry, Mr. Potter. We did all that we could, but we were unable to save the baby...”

Harry quickly looked up. “Baby! What baby...?”

Chapter 7: Destiny Decides
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Destiny Decides

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Tears slid down Harry’s face as he held it in his hands. His back was rested against a white hospital wall, aching slightly from sitting for too long. The fiery red head clan sat opposite him, talking quietly. None knew what had happened to Ginny, or what she and Harry had lost. They had tried asking, but Harry hadn’t said a word.

It was still trying to sink in. He would have been a father…he knew he would have been a great father. Yet, how could he have been a great father if he hadn’t even known; if he had been stuck in his own world, living a lie with another woman. It was too hard to speak – to acknowledge the fact that he had lost his child. If he hadn’t, would he have returned to Ginny, as if nothing had happened? He knew he would have, not because it was the right thing to do, but because he did truly love her. No matter how much Evelyn meant to him, Ginny would always mean more. After spending some of the night with his assistant, he would always, always, return to Ginny.

It hadn’t been his plan to start a family yet; he had wanted to wait until after they were married for a couple of years. It also hadn’t been his plan to start an affair with his assistant. Destiny had a strange way of working, and after all, you can’t fight destiny, but destiny can fight you.

Groaning, Harry lifted his head from his hands. Tears swelled in his eyes as he looked at each member of his adoptive family. He had not only betrayed Ginny, but them as well. He didn’t know how he could have done it…why it had seemed so easy at the time. Truly, he hadn’t wanted to hurt anyone, especially Ginny. Yet, Evelyn made Harry feel they way he use to feel back in sixth year, when he had dated Ginny. She made it seem so daring…so exciting.

The dark door, shielding Ginny from her family, opened slightly. Harry was able to catch a glimpse of Ginny’s body, lying so lifeless in the white sheets. It pained Harry to look, to watch the woman he loved, in such a state. The doctor approached Harry, her face full of concern.

Harry jumped up, his voice cracking as he spoke for the first time in three hours. “Is she alright?”

The doctor pulled Harry away from Ginny’s family. She tried to keep her voice calm and professional, although it was hard. She had, of course, seen still born babies and miscarriages all the time, but for some reason this one touched her the most. “We are unsure. Medically, she seems to be fine. But mentally, it seems as if she doesn’t want to get better. We think she may be losing the will to live.”

Harry pulled back, as if he had been slapped across the face. He ran past the doctor and into Ginny’s room. Mrs. Weasley attempted to follow, but was stopped by a nurse. Harry could hear her screaming through the closed door as he took a seat next to Ginny. He gave her a peck on the lips, before grabbing one of her still hands. Harry gasped as he felt Ginny’s cold hands touch his warm ones. Using his other hand, he pushed back the red hair from his fiancé. Sweat drops formed on her brow, as she lay motionless. “Please baby…please wake up,” he begged her, his voice cracking again.

Mrs. Weasley’s protests could still be heard from inside. She was becoming more and more frantic, trying to reach her only daughter. Turning his head slightly, Harry could see Bill and Mr. Weasley trying to pull her back to her seat.

New tears formed in Harry’s eyes as he turned his attention back to Ginny. All the guilt he had stored away deep within him finally came flooding out. He told her lifeless form everything, never caring if she heard or not. “Ginny, I am so, so, so sorry. I never meant for any of it to happen. I never wanted to have an affair; it just happened. You make me complete, but it didn’t seem like it when we slowly drifted apart. You headed in a different direction than me…I had work and you had Quidditch. I would work late, and when I didn’t, you were never there. You always had a tournament and never had time for me anymore. We drifted apart and I blame myself. Perhaps if I hadn’t become an Auror, I could have gone with you. I chose work and someone else over us. But I won’t make that same mistake again…I love you, Ginerva Molly Weasley. I always have.”

Ginny’s hand shifted in his without him noticing it. Her eyes had opened halfway through his confession, growing wide with everything he revealed. As soon as he was finished, Ginny snatched her hand out of his. Her eyes were ablaze with a new found fire. She didn’t care about anything, except what Harry told her.

Harry’s head snapped up at her sudden movement. His eyes filled with new tears and jumped up to press his lips against her. He was near her, when she pushed him away. “Leave me alone! I know everything you did! You betrayed me!”

All thoughts of her own affair went out of her mind. Hers had only just happened and was usually just after a nasty mix of alcohol. Tears fell upon the white cotton sheets. Harry tried to calm her down, but she continued to cry. She felt a sharp pain in her chest, right where her heart was. It wasn’t because of the betrayal, or of the months of lies, it was because she realized, not only did she not love Harry anymore, but she felt nothing for him. They had drifted so far apart.

She curled up into a ball, bringing her knees to her chest. Harry attempted to hug her, but she pushed him away. “No…You have no right, Harry. You destroyed that right when you slept with that tramp. You knew when you hired her how I felt. I saw how she looked at you, but obviously, I missed the way you looked at her. Just leave. I don’t want to see you again.”

“Ginny…please you have to understand….”

“No, Harry. I don’t,” she cried from inside her shell. “Just leave, please.”

Harry stood up and reluctantly left the room.

Ginny cried into her pillow. Her own guilt mixed with Harry’s confession. She shouldn’t have yelled at him, or asked him to leave. He hadn’t been the only one to be unfaithful, yet he would never know of hers. Soft arms curled around Ginny, making her face them. Ginny smiled up at her father, before slipping into his embrace. “Tell me what’s happened, baby girl. Why did Harry leave so quickly?”

Ginny sniffed. “I asked him to. Oh, daddy. I’ve been such a fool and so has Harry. It’s gone too far to repair; I just don’t love him anymore. We drifted too far apart over the last few months to be able to waltz back into each other’s arms. I am so confused. Daddy, why is destiny so screwed up? Why can’t everything seem as simple as it did only a couple of days ago, when Harry asked me to marry him? Why can’t I rewind to that day, before everything started to fall apart?”

Arthur pulled away. “Ginny, do you mean to tell me that you have been engaged to Harry, and you never told us?”

“I’m so sorry, daddy…I wanted to wait. Harry wanted to wait. We decided that Ron should have his day.”

“Then why can’t the damaged be repaired, baby girl.? I know you love him, but because of the separation, you drifted. He stopped telling you and you started to believe that he didn’t love you anymore. I’ve seen him look at you; he loves you.”

Ginny pulled out of her father’s embrace. She curled herself into a ball again, resting her head on her pillow. Tears fell gracefully from her chocolate eyes. “It can’t be repaired, daddy…it’s gone too far for that. Didn’t Harry tell you? When I was hit by that car, it didn’t just affect me. I had a miscarriage, daddy. I was two months pregnant, and when that car hit me, the impact killed the baby. The doctors don’t think I will ever be able to have kids…there is only a slight chance that I might be able to.”

Arthur sat quietly throughout the entire confession. “Is that why you told him to go…to protect him?”

Ginny nodded slightly. It was partly the truth. “He wanted a family so badly, daddy. He never had one growing up, and I wanted to give him one. But there was also other factors involved… he had an affair, daddy. He confessed while he thought I was unconscious. It hurt so badly to hear him say it. Yet I’ve been such a fool too.”

Arthur turned red. Harry Potter had an affair? He hurt his baby daughter. He stood up quickly and was about to leave the room when Ginny tugged on his hand. “Don’t, daddy. I was unfaithful too. Yet mine was worse! Because mine wasn’t with another man. It was with a woman. With Hermione.”

“You and Hermione?” asked Arthur, as he sat down quickly. He could see new tears forming in his daughters eyes as the confession of what she had done also spilled from her lips. “For how long?”

“A couple of days. She wasn’t the reason I stopped loving Harry…it just happened. I see now that it was a mistake, just like I saw yesterday. But I let all those feelings of abandonment from Harry pour into those feelings I felt for Hermione. I didn’t love her, but I knew she loved me. And it felt so right to be loved. Oh daddy…I don’t know what to do. Please don’t be mad at me.”

“Ginny… , I could never be mad at you. You should tell Hermione what you just told me; she has a right to know. If you really are the person I know you to be, you’ll follow your heart. Destiny is a pain, but it does know what it is doing. Trust me, baby girl, it will hurt a lot less afterwards.”

Ginny flung her arms around her father’s neck. She opened her eyes and gasped in shock. Hermione was in the doorway, a layer of tears running down her cheeks. “Hermione, listen.”

“I understand now. I should have realized it. But I tried to block it out, to pretend that perhaps you would come to me. I was a fool…but I don’t hate you, Ginny. I could never hate you; you are and always will be my best friend.”

Ginny released herself from her father’s neck and walked over to Hermione. She gave her a hug and a shoulder to cry on. “I am so sorry, ‘Mione. I never meant to hurt you like I did.”

“I know. I’m sorry too, for making everything so confusing.”

They two former lovers held onto each other, each being a life support. Arthur sat on Ginny’s bed, watching the women crying. He held tears in his own eyes. It was true what he had said: he wasn’t mad at her. She made a mistake…which she now saw was a stupid one. He still felt anger towards Harry, but he wouldn’t act on it. Harry hadn’t been the only one at fault. Slowly, he rose from his thoughts and walked past the two women. He smiled softly before exiting the room.

As soon as he was gone, Ginny let go of Hermione. Tears still flowed slowly down her face, falling gracefully to the hospital floor. Hermione helped Ginny to her bed and tucked her in. As soon as her head hit the pillow, Ginny eyes snapped shut. Sighing, Hermione turned to leave, but Ginny caught hold of her friend’s hand. “No, please stay. I want you to stay.”

Ginny tried to smile, but the emotional strain of the past few hours were overwhelming. Even if she finally ended the affair for good, she was still going to have Hermione as her friend. Her eyes slowly drifted shut and she fell into unconsciousness. Hermione brushed the hair out of the younger girl’s face, showing the some affection Harry showed earlier. Closing her eyes to prevent the tears escaping, Hermione pressed her lips upon Ginny’s, savoring the last kiss she would ever have with Ginny. Quietly, she left the room with one last glance at Ginny. It was killing her to leave, but it had to be done.

The door closed with a snap, and turning her back on the Weasley’s, she headed off in the opposite directions. With each step, her body ached to turn around and run back into Ginny’s room. Yet, her will was strong, and she didn’t turn around until she was at the other end of the corridor. The Weasley’s were all entering Ginny’s room, only one knowing the whole story. Arthur looked back at Hermione and nodded his head. Hermione tried to smile, but found she couldn’t. With one last glance at Mr. Weasley, she continued on her way through the hospital.

Hermione closed the door to her apartment with a slight snap. She rested her head against the wood, the tears finally falling from her eyes. She raised her hand and held it against her heart. The pain was unbearable. It was like she was drowning on land, the air escaping from her lungs.

She felt light-headed, almost as if she was floating. It felt as if she wasn’t there, but was also there at the same time. Nothing seemed to make sense as she slid down the door. Her apartment seemed to spin, making her dizzy. She tried to push herself up, but found she couldn’t. Her other hand wove into her tangled curls. Her breathing began to become shallower as she felt the world spinning to black. Everything she built up inside her for years came to the surface. The relationship with Cho, all the hidden feelings for Ron during the first six years of Hogwarts, guilt over her parent’s death in the war, and finally ending with the affair with Ginny.

It became too much, and Hermione found herself leaning against the wall, the tears still flowing freely. She brought her knees to her chest and cried into them. The wall she built up around her heart after losing her parents finally fell with Ginny…but the rubble caused damaged. Her heart was damaged, and the one person, who could have fixed it, didn’t want to.

Chapter 8: What Happened Next...
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What Happened Next...

Ginny packed her suitcase silently, glancing around the empty room every now and then. What once stood as a room of love, it stood us a room of remembrance. Harry’s ghostly form hovered around the room, silently sending waves of guilt over towards her.

She hadn’t really wanted to end it, but it had given her a reason to leave Hermione as well. Deciding her fate had been the hardest decision she had ever had to make. She couldn’t stay in the apartment, it reminded her too much of the life she could have had with Harry. Hermione’s apartment wasn’t an option, the temptation was too great. She felt unwelcome at the Burrow ever since she saw her mother’s disappointed look when she told her that she and Harry were no longer together. Ron’s also wasn’t an option; Cho and Ron had gone on their honeymoon and she knew that when they got back, it would be too horrifying to see the newlyweds together, with their touching and kissing.

The only place left was the Muggle world. No-one would look for her there. It was the only choice.

Ginny picked up her suitcase and closed the door to her bedroom. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as some of the realization began to sink in. This would be the last time she might ever step foot into the wizarding world. She pulled out her wand and sighed. She touched it to her hair. “Change meus saeta.”

Her long, red hair slowly began to change until she pulled away her wand. Instead of red, Ginny saw blond. She sighed and pointed her wand at her eyes. “Eyes ut puteulanus.”

Ginny’s brown eyes turned whiter as they changed into a light blue. Again she sighed, before pointed the wand at her cheeks. “Evanui freckles.”

Her trade-mark freckles, the last remaining inheritance from the Weasley line, disappeared and were replaced with clear skin. Looking in a mirror by the bedroom door, she smiled. Her looked different and was unrecognizable.

Slowly, she walked towards the front door, her breathing uneven. Her shaking hand clasped the handle and pulled it open with a slight creek. With another breath she walked out of the empty apartment. Quickly she pulled the door closed, knowing that if she didn’t do it now, she would never do it.

She took off slowly down the hallway, never stopping to have one last glance at her life.


The sound of small feet echoed through the small cottage on 16 Alsmoth Street. A young blond haired girl came running into the room, her plats bouncing on her small shoulders. She ran with a smile on her face and jumped on the bed. The two figures in the bed grumbled and rose slightly. A woman with blond hair, much like the young girl, smiled at her daughter, before falling back onto the bed. The man beside her tried to smile, but it came off as a yawn. “Lily, please go back to bed,” begged the man.

The blond head beside him laughed and pulled Lily into her body. “Come on Lily-pilly, I’ll go get you some breakfast.”
The little girl escaped from her mum’s arms and bounced out of the room. The man grabbed the woman’s hand. “No don’t go Ginny, I want more of you.”

Ginny’s husband wrapped his arms tightly around her stomach, pulling her back into his body. He kissed her along the neck, while tickling her. Ginny pulled away, laughing. “Get off me Thomas. Lily could come in.”

Thomas let go of her reluctantly and watched as his wife left the room, mumbling about their early waking daughter.
Ginny entered the kitchen and saw her daughter bouncing up and down on the chair by the kitchen table, her excitement still bubbling over. Smiling, the Ginny headed over to the pantry and started calling out cereals to her five year old daughter. With everything she said, the young girl would shout back no with a giggle. Coming out of the pantry Ginny looked at her daughter with a stern face. “Then Lily Molly Wright, what would you like?”

“Toast mummy. With peanut butter.”

“What do you say Lily?” asked Ginny with a slight laugh, although she kept a stern graze on her daughter. Lily was always forgetting her manners; it was a habit Ginny was trying to break her out of.

“Please mummy…”

The little girl looked up at her mum with her green eyes, a smile on her face. Ginny placed the bread in the toaster and went and sat next to her daughter.

“What do you want to do today Lils?”

Lily looked up in excitement. “Can we go to the park mummy? We haven’t been in ages.”

Ginny smiled at her daughter’s response. She got off of the chair, promising to take her to the park later. Her hand was close to the toaster when a larger hand appeared and took the toast. Thomas smiled cheekily at his wife. He had already taken a shower and was dressed in his suit for work. With one hand he held a brief case and with the other he took his daughter’s breakfast. The little girl squealed and pointed a finger at her father. “You took my toast daddy. How could you?!” She stood up from her chair and put her hands on her hips, mimicking what she saw her mother do the other day.

Ginny laughed and smiled as she gave her husband a kiss on the cheek. Her daughter reminded her of her own mother. “Lily! Your father needs to get to work.”

Her husband swopped down on his daughter and pulled her into a hug. He still held a bit of toast in his hand and he waved it in front of her face. The little girl tried to snatch it, but her father placed it in his own mouth. He placed a kiss on her forehead before picking his briefcase up again.

“I’ll see you later tonight Gin. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He left the room and the front door closed with a soft click as he left the house. Lily ran to the window and watched her father get into their silver Mazda6. She giggled as she waved to him, a routine she loved to do every morning. When her father was down the street, she returned to her seat.

Ginny placed a plate of newly made toast and a glass of orange juice in front of her. “Eat up Lily-pilly.”

She left her daughter eating and went back into her room. Ginny looked at the photos on her bedside table, before quickly dressing. She walked over to a drawer on the other side of the room. She opened one of the draws. Inside was a box of memories of Ginny’s past. She pulled it out and took it over to her bed. With shaking hands she pulled out the top photo; it was moving as if a motion picture. Nine redheads waved up at her, all smiling and hugging each other. She smiled at her old life before turning to the next photo. This one moved like the other, but it was different. A red head woman had her arms around a black haired man’s neck. The man held the woman close with his hands on her waist. They were looking into each other’s eyes, smiling and kissing each other every now and then. It was painful to look at the photo. The man had green eyes… eyes that haunted her every day when she looked at her daughter Lily. With shaking hands she placed the photo down beside the other picture.

She turned her attention to a long stick of wood; the last factor of her old life. She didn’t dare pick it up, knowing she would never be able to put it back down. It had been seven years since she had left the world of magic behind and became a Muggle. Both her husband and daughter didn’t know about a different world.

When she had left, she had vowed never to return. She had made too many mistakes and she didn’t want to remember them, but she knew her daughter would soon be coming into her powers. She left the wand in the box and turned back to the photo of herself and the black-haired man. He had turned his attention from the woman beside him in the photo and was now focusing on her real life self. His green eyes taunted her, reminding her of the mistake she made six years ago.


Harry pulled Ginny in close to him, tears of joy falling from his green eyes. Ginny wrapped her arms around his neck, placing kisses along his jaw line. “I’ve missed you so much Ginny,” he moaned against her touch.

Ginny pulled him closer into her body, one of his legs fitting perfectly in between hers. It had been over a year since she had ended things with Harry and Hermione; a year since she had thrown away her legacy. It had hurt her too much to be in a world filled with pre-determined destinies. After only two months of dating a Muggle named Thomas, she had fallen in love. Three months after meeting they were happily married. They completed each other, just like Harry was completed her. Yet, un-like Harry, he showed her love every day, never making her feel incomplete. Harry had been the same too. After losing a child with Ginny, and their break-up, he had returned to Evelyn, vowing that he would never leave her again. Five months later they had been married in front of family and friends.

But, when Ginny ran into Harry at the supermarket, her lost feelings drew her closer to Harry. They agreed to meet for dinner that night, while Evelyn and Thomas were both away on a trip. Everything Ginny thought she didn’t feel for Harry, all came back. After a year of separation, without her knowing, her love for him had returned.

Harry captured Ginny’s lips in a kiss. His hands snaked under her white blouse and began to unbutton it. Ginny moaned against his lips, forgetting the thoughts of her husband. Harry pushed her down onto the hotel bed and crawled on top of her. Ginny pulled him closer into her, her breathing shallow as he removed her top. She felt him unclasp her bra and slide it off her arms. Harry kissed her neck, while she purred out his name. “Take me Harry; one last time.”

And Harry made love to her, like he had dreamed of doing for a whole year.


That night, Ginny had changed from her blond hair and blue eyes back into her old self. Harry had recognized her, even if she had looked different. He had asked her to change, just so he could see her for one last time.

Ginny let the tears fall from her eyes. It had been one night, a stupid mistake that had brought her the most amazing gift in the world. That night gave her Lily. After the accident, she had been told she might never be able to have kids and she had given up. Yet, that night gave her the one thing she dreamed of.

Thomas never knew of that night; there hadn’t been any reason to up until Lily had been born. It came as a shock to her when she saw her baby daughter open her eyes. Green stared back at her. Ginny knew immediately that the blue eyed man smiling at her was not the father. Thomas, although noticing the eyes, didn’t pay much attention. He was overjoyed to be a father.

For just under six years, Ginny had kept the secret of that night. She was lying to her husband, as well as her own daughter. Not even Harry knew.

The next photo was Lily in her crib at just a couple of months old, her eyes smiling up at Ginny. It was a still Muggle photo.


Lily rocked back and forth in her crib, a smile upon her lips. Her fluffy strands of blond hair were pushed back as Thomas bent down to pick her up. Ginny watched the both of them, trying to smile. Lily was looking at her with those eyes, showing memories of her past life.
Thomas was rubbing Lily’s back while singing softly to her. His voice was pure and sweet, making Ginny choke on her own sob. It caught in her throat, the guilt over what had happened a year ago still fresh in her mind. Those eyes, she knew, were to torment her for her mistake. Thomas continued to sing and Lily’s eyes slowly drifting shut. Ginny smiled this time, watching her baby girl drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Once she was asleep, Thomas placed her back in the crib. He grabbed hold of Ginny’s hand and pulled her out of the nursery and into their bedroom. He pulled Ginny in close to his body and rested his head upon hers. “I love you so much Ginny.”

Ginny smiled softly. “I love you too Thomas.”

She raised her head and kissed Thomas. He wrapped his arms around her and drew her closer into his embrace.


With shaky hands, Ginny placed the picture on top of the others. The next photo lying beneath it was of Ginny, the day she found out she was pregnant. Although, she hadn’t actually found out yet, she had been feeling sick all day. It was Thomas’ 28th birthday party and his family was there. It was in the middle of singing happy birthday that Ginny suddenly felt like she was going to vomit. Before the song was done, she had left to find the bathroom in the strange home of her in-laws.


Ginny sat in front of the toilet, waves of nausea washing over her. She knew what it meant; she’d experienced it once before. Picking herself up and ignoring the questions from those outside, she headed towards the tap. She washed her mouth and left the room. Thomas looked at her, his mouth forming a line. She shook her head and walked down the hallway. Her in-laws were shouting at her, but she ignored them.

She walked out the front door and headed to the car. Thomas quickly grabbed her hand and spun her around. “Ginny, what is it?”

“I’m not sure, but if it is what I think it is, we’ll be happy. I’ll be back soon; I just have to do something quickly.”

Thomas let her go reluctantly, but he had learned long ago that when Ginny needed to do something by herself, she would do it by herself. He watched Ginny get into the car, check behind her and pull out of the driveway. His hand was raised slightly to wave goodbye, but she never saw.

Ginny drove carefully, not wanting to get into another accident. She pulled up outside the pharmacy, nervously gripping the steering wheel harder than she normally would. “Okay, Ginny. You can handle this; it’s just a simple test, not hard at all. The result could be great….”
She slowly got out of the car and pushed the door open to enter.
Shelves lined the walls, as well as posters. She ignored them and headed towards aisle 4. With a shaking hand she grabbed a pregnancy test.

She paid for it at the register and got back into her car. Checking behind her, she pulled out. Her grip on the steering wheel was still more firm than it should be, but she didn’t notice.

Her heart was pounding against her rib cage with each kilometer she drove. Her eyes stung with unshed tears at what was happening. She wanted a baby, more than anything. As she got closer to the house she shared with Thomas, the tears flowed freely down her cheeks and over her chin.

She pulled up in the driveway and turned the ignition off. Her hands shook as she grabbed the plastic bag containing the test. As she approached the door, another car pulled up. Thomas quickly got out of it, thanking his brother Edward for taking him home. He grabbed Ginny and wrapped his arms around her. She cried against his chest and held up the bag.

Through the plastic, Thomas could see the test. “Are you…”

“I don’t know.”

Thomas pulled her closer, telling her it would be okay. He wove his hands through her blond hair. If he knew it, or just ignored it, Ginny’s tears soaked through his shirt. Slowly, he drew Ginny away from his chest and used the pad of his thumb to brush the tears away from her face. He smiled and pushed the hair out of her face lovingly.
He took her hand and with the other he opened their front door. The room spun around as Ginny lost her footing. Thomas noticed just in time and was able to catch her before she fell to the floor. He led her towards the bathroom door. “Do you want me to come in with you… when you know…”

Ginny nodded her head, unable to speak. She took the test out of the packet and placed it between her legs over the toilet seat, hoping she could generate enough pee to be able to.

Three agonizing minutes past, in which Thomas held Ginny close to his body, for fear that she would faint. The timer on his watch beeped, causing the two adults to break out of their thoughts. “Do you want me to look?” he asked, his voice shaking slightly. Again Ginny nodded, burying her head further into his chest. Taking a deep breath, he picked up the test.

A pink circle smiled up at him, causing him to laugh. He picked confused Ginny up and spun her around, before placing her on the ground. “We’re gonna be parents Gin!”

Ginny laughed and jumped into her husband’s embrace.



The voice broke Ginny out of her memory. Lily was standing in the doorway, a smile on her face. “Can we go to the park now Mummy?”
Ginny smiled and nodded. She picked up the photos beside her and placed them in the box, before returning it to its home in the dresser. She placed a hand on the box, before turning her attention back to her five year old. “Let’s go then.”

She grabbed her daughters hand with one hand and with the other she grabbed her keys and wallet. Lily grabbed their jackets off the hook by the door and ran out of the house. Ginny locked the door, before taking her jacket from her daughter. She put her jacket on before helping a protesting Lily with hers. Again she took her daughters hand and followed her out of their garden. Lily wanted to walk to the park instead of driving; she said it was more fun this way.
As they entered the gate of the park, not very far from their house, Ginny’s attention was caught by a mob of red hair on the playground. There were three red head children, around Lily’s age, playing together by the swings. A black haired man, with green eyes, was pushing one of them.

Ginny gasped, her hand letting go of Lily’s. Lily took the chance and raced off to the swings, her favourite part of the playground. She approached the black haired man and the three red haired children. She giggled at them, before smiling. “Can I play here with you? I really want a go on the swings.”

Again she smiled. Her eyes shone in the sun, making them brighter than usual. The black haired man noticed them and gasped. His attention then caught Ginny walking over towards them. He gasped again. He remembered her; her with her fake blond hair and fake blue eyes. Instead of seeing her, he saw her red hair and brown eyes. She smiled at him, unsure, before looking down at the little girl in front of him.

The little girl still smiled at him with her green eyes. They were the same shade as his, almost identical. He bent down, so that he was eye to eye with the little girl. “What’s your name?” he asked with a smile.

“Lily Molly Wright.”

He winced at the name Lily. He looked over at the fidgeting blond watching them. Her hands shook as she looked up at him with a sad smile. “And, Lily, how old are you?”

“I am…” she paused and counted on her fingers. The man smiled. “I am five and two months old.”

Again the man winced. Five years and two months old. If he was correct that was the last time he saw the blond haired woman watching them. Suddenly, as if he had been hit by a bus, it dawned on him. Five years and two months old… five years and two months old!

Suddenly he felt angry as he walked past the little girl. He walked straight to the woman, his green eyes blazing with anger. “Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t I know I had a daughter?” he hissed at her.
Ginny looked away from the man, tears burning her eyes. “Harry, please…. I can explain…”

AUTHOR NOTE: Yes, another chapter is out… finally. This one took a bit longer than expected, but only because I was away for four days with various things. Hopefully I might be able to get another chapter out by the end of the week, seeing as I have another week of holidays. Meaning of the spells Ginny used to disguise herself:
eyes ut puteulanus – eyes to blue
change meus saeta – change my hair
evanui freckles – disappear freckles (I know that isn’t proper English)

Chapter 9: The Truth Always Comes Out
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The Truth Always Comes Out

AUTHOR NOTE: Be warned, there is a slightly abusive scene at the end.

Ginny closed her eyes as the words escaped her lips. She couldn’t explain it, because the moment she did, everything would come out. She would no longer be able to keep the secret from Thomas, or even Lily. The life she had worked hard to build would crumble down in an instant once he knew the complete truth. She knew she still loved Harry, even after her affair with Hermione, and her departure from the wizarding world.

She felt a hand being placed on her arm, dragging her to a seat. Opening her eyes, she tried to free her arm from Harry’s grasp. She cast a glance at Lily, who was happily playing with the red head children. Frowning, she turned back to Harry. “Who are those other children Harry?” she asked, trying to avoid revealing her secret.

“You’ve been gone so long you don’t even know your own nephew and niece.”

Ginny gasped. “Who’s?”

Harry lowered her down onto the bench, before taking a seat beside her. He bowed his head, wringing his hands. “They are Ron’s. A couple of months after you left, Cho found out she was pregnant with twins. It was the happiest time for your family. Of course there was Victoire and it had just been announced that Fleur was pregnant with another girl. Yet, the happiness was short lived. The twins were delivered two months too early. Cho died in Ron’s arms shortly after she gave birth. I help out every now and then, just so Ron can have a break. He struggles a lot. He gave up his job as an Auror, saying it was too dangerous. Instead he took a desk job as a Wizarding Lawyer. It wasn’t until the twins were two that he finally accepted my help. Even now, Ron is sometimes reluctant to let them go. Your mother wants him to move back into the Burrow, so she can help look after the twins.”

Tears were falling freely from Ginny’s eyes. She had missed so much, been to absorb in her own ’perfect’ life to realize her family meant need her. “Oh My God…” she sobbed out. Harry wrapped his arms around her, letting her head fall onto his shoulder.

“He and Cho were so happy when they found out she was pregnant. Just after this they had a huge fight. They had fights, which weren’t uncommon, but this was pretty brutal. When I bought a new apartment, Ron would often stay with me. Then, on Christmas Eve, Cho told Ron she didn’t love him anymore; she said that they had drifted too far apart to be together. Ron had been spending the last few months away on missions, trying to find the last two Death Eaters, to help her out. There was a heated agreement in front of your whole family and suddenly Cho said she couldn’t do it anymore. She disapparated and the next day Ron received a letter. Inside were divorce papers. Apparently she had been planning it for a while, but never could quite decide to leave Ron.”

Ginny held her head in her hands, looking up at her daughter every now and then to make sure she was fine.

“It took five months for them to get back together and by this time Cho was six months pregnant. Ron had moved in with me and was struggling in everyday life. He started to experience nightmares from the war. He wouldn’t eat and it wasn’t till he finally collapsed that were able to get him to the hospital. Ron was diagnosed with acute depression. It was severe, but it would most likely plague his life until he died. He was released into the care of your mother and father. A month later, just after we were able to get Ron to sign the divorce papers, he started to pick up. It had been three months since their split. Cho was living in Australia for that time and had no knowledge of what she had put Ron through. Soon after Ron started to pick up, we were out on a mission, when we were ambushed. I was able to get out with a couple of scratches, but Ron was severely injured. One of the rogue Death Eaters used an unknown spell on him, causing Ron to fall into a coma. There were severe burns and deep cuts all over his body…”

Harry stopped suddenly, his voice catching in his throat. He always found it hard to speak of that event. He felt a hand on his arm, squeezing it tightly, to reassure him. Ginny was staring at him, tears rolling down her cheeks. Harry used the pad of his thumb to brush them away. “Please go on Harry.”

He nodded, before taking a deep breathe and continuing. “We killed the remaining Death Eaters. There was rubble everywhere and Ron was missing. I search for hours, screaming out his name. My fellow Aurors pleaded me to leave, but I wouldn’t listen to them. After hours of searching, I found him, unconscious and close to death. There was blood soaking through a wound in the stomach and also from his head. The only way to get him out of the rubble was to do it manually, with no magic. It took three hours, by then he was finding it hard to breathe.”

Ginny let her hand dropped from Harry’s arm. She stood up and wrapped her arms around her waist, trying to stop herself from crying. Her breathes were uneven and Harry could see her distress in the way she walked. The only thing he wanted to do was wrapped his arms around her and kiss her to the day they died. Cautiously, he walked over to her. His feet pounded against the pavement, as his heart thumped against his ribcage. He wrapped his arms around Ginny, pulling her into his chest.

“Ginny. Gin look at me.” He pulled her chin up, so that their eyes connected. “We got him out. It took a while, but we did get him out. Once the rubble was removed, the damage to his body was horrifying. We got him out and he was taken away. Once he was in a hospital bed, the Healers worked tirelessly to heal him. After three hour, they came out, shaking their heads and mumbling about there was no hope. I was able to sneak in, although I wished I hadn’t. Machines were connected to every part of Ron’s body; a machine was all that was keeping him breathing. He was relying on magic and Muggle inventions. No-one was allowed to see him for days and your mother was becoming frantic. Your family was there for every second of the day, refusing to leave until they received some information. Cho arrived a couple of days later, her eyes filled with tears. The mission had been all over the paper, one of my Aurors let it slip what happened. Reporters were filling the hospital, making it impossible for us to move anywhere without one pouncing on us. Cho had read what had happened in the Aurgust, a wizarding paper in Australia. She was frantic and collapsed from exhaustion.”

Harry shot a quick glance over at the twins, his eyes full of concern. They were happily sitting on the ground by the swings, probably doing something mischievous. Lily was sitting with them, giggling at something. Harry smiled, completely forgetting about the woman in his arms. Her sniffling brought him back to their talk.

“Ginny, he was ok. Trust me. It was two weeks after he had arrived at the hospital that he started to improve. Magic still supported him most of the time, but not as much as before. Two days after he started to improve, he woke up. He and Cho reconstituted their relationship and were so happy together. When Ron was let out of the hospital two weeks later, he and Cho moved into my apartment. However, when Cho was walking up to the apartment, she tripped on the stairs. She rolled down two flights of stairs, before finally stopping. Ron found her a couple of minutes later, with blood soaking her pants. He took her to St Mungo, where she was admitted and the Healer’s had to perform an emergency C-Section. Cho died shortly afterwards from the loss of too much blood.”

With one hand he brushed the blond hair out of Ginny’s eyes. He titled her chin so she could look at him. They stared at each other, before Harry drew Ginny closer to him. His lips descended upon hers, soaking in her sweet scent. Harry began to work his lips over hers, before the realization of what was happening dawned on him. He pulled away slowly, his body urging to draw her nearer again. “I’m sorry Gin. I don’t…”

Ginny cut him off. “Harry, it’s alright.”

He nodded slowly, the monster inside him growling for more.

“Have I missed anything else?”

Harry closed his eyes.”I married Evelyn, Gin. She told me something I couldn’t ignore, and from the urge of her grandparents, we married. I wasn’t completely truthful that night we met again Ginny…”

Harry paced up and down his study, trying to rack his brain over what was happening. They hadn’t seen each other in years and suddenly, she was all he could think about. Two years. Two years without her and yet, now she was his kryptonite.

Everything he had bottled up was now un-corked. The anger, pain and the tears. He was angry at what he had done to her, of his unfaithfulness. No matter what everyone said, he had caused the death of his unborn child. He drove Ginny away; so far away he hadn’t seen any difference in her. The late nights in his office, at Evelyn’s, even out drinking, had taken a toll on her, making her deal with it alone.

He had driven her away, forced her to leave her life behind. She had gone missing; no-one knew where she was. Yet, she somehow found a way back into his life.

She haunted his dreams, even his everyday life. Every red-headed woman he saw he thought it was her. The guilt of what he had done was slowly driving him crazy. He was happy in a way, had almost everything he wanted.

But there was still her.

No letters, no goodbye. Just an empty presence.


A young, timid voice broke Harry out of his thoughts. He turned around to see Evelyn, her belly bulging, staring at him with wide eyes. She had tears cascading her face, the light casting a haunting look. Harry’s heart missed a beat. He knew he had caused those tears.
For the past few months he had been spending less and less time with her. The very thought of her carrying a child – his child - made him sick. He hadn’t wanted to have children with her, it was only meant to be a fling, something to ease the pain he had created with Ginny. But he had promised her, although reluctantly, to wed and look after her. After all, it was his fault.

“Come back to bed Harry.”

She placed a hand on her stomach, her eyes pleading with his.
He hadn’t slept very well lately. He hadn’t wrapped his arms around his wife’s body, making her feel loved. Nor had he said those very words to her. I love you. They always caught in his throat. He couldn’t say them, not when he knew they were no longer true. A long time ago he had been able to say them with ease.

Harry stared into the fire. He didn’t dare to look at Evelyn, to see the hurt behind her eyes. No matter how much he tried to tell himself he hadn’t, he knew he had made a mistake. He knew he should never have had an affair with her.

“Please Harry.”

Her voice broke through him. His heart ached for the pain to end.
He turned his head away from her. His voice broke as he shook his head. “I’m not tired.”

“Please come anyway. I need you. We need you.”

“I said I’m not tired Evelyn.”

“Does it matter? Can’t you just come to bed and lay there?”

Harry felt a pulse of anger surge through him. He had only ever felt this type of anger when Voldemort had been alive. He turned around and glared at her. “Damn it Evelyn! I said I wasn’t tired!”

Evelyn sank back up against the wall. She placed a protective hand on her stomach. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes. She stared at him blankly, shaking slightly. Immediately, Harry regretted yelling at her.

It wasn’t her fault his life had ended up so screwy. He hadn’t forced her to take part in his affair, yet he knew she still couldn’t be blamed. He hadn’t stopped her either.

He attempted to reach out to Evelyn, but she pulled away. No emotion filled her grey eyes. “Don’t Harry. Just don’t. I’m sick of your coldness and distance. I can’t deal with it at the moment.” Her voice was cold and distant. Without another word, she left the room, leaving a cold silence in her wake.

Harry slumped down into his armchair. Her words had stung, but he knew them to be true. He knew he had been distant, but had he really been that distant from her? Were her words true, or just out of spite? If it was Ginny, would he have been so cold towards her? Would his words have stung her as badly? Harry didn’t know anything anymore. So many questions pounded against his brain.

There was a chance, Evelyn had admitted, that the baby wasn’t his. Shortly after his break-up with Ginny, he had neglected Evelyn. He blamed her. She had seeked refuge with another man. She admitted that they had slept together on a number of occasions.

Harry felt something tug at his night gown. He looked down to see the large, tennis-ball eyes of his house-elf Swany.

“Master, sir. Mistress is needing you up stairs in the master bedroom sir. She says it is urgent.”

“Tell her Swany, that I will be up there shortly.”

“Yes master.”

With a bow, Swany left the room. Harry turned his attention to the fire. Red danced with yellow, as light flickered over his face.

Slowly, he pulled himself out of the chair. Reluctantly he walked slowly to the master bedroom. Evelyn was sitting on the bed, tears swimming down her face. She held her head high as she looked at Harry with a look of determination among the tears. “We need to talk Harry.”

Harry stared at her. “Swany said it was urgent.”

“It is Harry.”

“Is the baby alright?” The words caught in Harry’s throat. Even though he knew the baby was a mistake, he still felt a tiny bit of love for it.

“Yes, I suppose the baby is alright. But, we aren’t Harry.”
Harry continued to stare at her. He tried to hold back laughter at the thought of the two of them not being alright. His face looked pained as he tried to contain it.

“You and I need to talk Harry.”

She pulled Harry down onto the bed, so that he sat next to her. “Why do you blame me Harry, for what you did?”

Harry looked away from her. “Blame you for what?”

“Everything. Your breakup with Ginny, this child, our marriage! You blame me for everything that has happened to you this past year!”

“I do not!”

“You do, Harry, and it hurts. You are so cold and distant from me. You don’t want this child, I know you don’t. The only reason you married me was because of the urge from my grandparents. I forced you to marry me.”

“You didn’t Evelyn. I agreed to look after you and the baby.”

“I know you did, but now…” the words caught in her throat. She looked away from Harry, wringing her hands. “Now, I’m relieving you of your promise.”

“Evelyn, what…”

“I want a divorce Harry. We’ve been married for eight months! And not once have you held me like you did before. Not once have you told me you love me. My heart can only take so much and it’s finally broken. You broke it Harry, with everything you’ve done.”


“I’ve packed everything I need Harry. I’ve been planning this for awhile, although I never knew if I had to end up doing it. I’m leaving tonight and I won’t be coming back.”

“What about the baby, you just can’t keep it from me! I have a right!”

“I know you do. I still have two months to go Harry. When the baby comes, we can decide. I do love you Harry, but I can’t deal with this anymore. Please don’t make it any harder, because no matter what you say, I’m going.”

“Then go!”



With freshly cried tears, Evelyn picked up a bag by her feet and left the room without a backwards glance at Harry.

Harry pulled himself off the bed, realization that his marriage was finally over, had lifted a large weight off his shoulders.

Ginny stared at Harry, her mouth opened. “You’re divorced?”

“Yeah, I am.”

“You have a child?”

“His name is Henry Jakes. He is about six years old and looks more like Evelyn, than me. If you were to see him, you couldn’t tell he was my kid.”

“So, is he yours?”

“As far as I know. Look, Gin, I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to betray you. I was weak and you always deserved much more than I could give you.”

“Don’t you dare Harry Potter!” Ginny looked at Harry, her eyes ablaze. “Don’t you dare say I deserved better! You were the best Harry, you were my first love! I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you; bare your children.”

“Gin, please…”

“No Harry. You weren’t the only one who was unfaithful…”

Ginny gasped as the words fell from her mouth. Harry stared at her. His mouth opened and closed, giving him the look of a goldfish. “What?”

“Harry… I was unfaithful to you.”

“You were what?”

“I slept with someone while I was with you.”

Ginny felt tears fall from her eyes. Harry didn’t look angry, more shocked.

“W…who?” The words hurt as Harry felt them leave his lips. Ginny flinched, avoiding eye-contact. She took a deep breath, before meeting his eyes.


The words hit Harry hard. Hermione?


“Yes. I’m so sorry Harry.”

“You’re a… lesbian?”

Ginny laughed, despite the situation. “No, Harry… I’m not. I thought it meant something, but it didn’t.”

She tried to smile. Harry was looking her, his eyes amused. “You’re not angry?”

“No… it hurts, but I can find the funny side of it. I just wish I could have seen it.”

Ginny laughed, while smacking Harry on the arm. “Harry….gross.”

“Sorry… but you know, you haven’t answered my question yet.”

“What question?”

“Why I didn’t know about my daughter.”

Harry cast a glance over at the playground. Lily was hanging from the monkey bars, while Ron’s two children were trying to tickle her. Ginny followed his eyes. She sighed as she watched the three children playing.

“I couldn’t face the truth… to tell you would mean I had to acknowledge the fact that I cheated on my husband. Thomas is such a sweet man and he cares about me. It was better to hide my guilt, for him.”

“That still doesn’t tell me why.”

“Oh Harry, can’t you see? I cheated on him! Lily isn’t his child, although he thinks she is. Why let the past shadow the future. Thomas loves Lily, he does everything for her. Don’t ruin it.”

“I had a right to know.” Harry’s voice had risen dangerously high.
Ginny cast another glance over at Lily. She was happily talking animatedly to her cousins. Ginny caught snippets of the conversation and tried to hide her laughter. Harry was watching her, his green eyes blazing red.

“I know you did. I don’t regret that night Harry, but I do feel the guilt over it. I suppose I thought I did regret it, but somehow I always knew, that on some level, it was meant to happen. You gave me Lily, the most caring child. By giving me Lily, you gave me something to live for. I love Thomas, with all my heart. There’s no doubt about that. I had a moment of weakness when I saw you again and I couldn’t help but un-bury those feelings I had for you. Although I don’t regret that night, it was a mistake. A mistake that gave me Lily, but at the same time, I lost the life I had.”


“Harry, please understand. To acknowledge that Lily was your daughter, I would never have been able to face him again. Please don’t make this harder.”

“Ginny…I understand.”

Ginny looked up at Harry. Tears fell from her eyes. She stared at Harry’s eyes, the exact same shape and colour as Lily’s. Harry brushed away the tears with his thumb, while drawing Ginny closer to him.

“I never stopped loving you Gin.”


Ginny was cut off as Harry’s lips clashed with her own. It was forceful, but also passionate. Ginny felt her arms snake around Harry’s shoulders, drawing him nearer. It was wrong, but it felt so right…

The door to the cottage opened with a satisfactory click. Ginny let go of Lily’s hand, allowing her to run into the house. “Daddy!”

“Lily, ssh.”

Ginny closed the door behind her. She picked Lily’s discarded coat off the floor and placed it on the hook by the door. Taking off her own, she let a sigh escape her lips. She kicked off her shoes, following Lily further into the house.

It was about six at night and normally Thomas would be home, cooking dinner. The lights were off in the house, casting dark shadows across the hallway. “Thomas, you home?”

When there was no answer, Ginny proceeded into the lounge room. She turned on the light and gasped when she saw Thomas sitting at the kitchen table, a carton of beer in front of him. His eyes were bloodshot and he swayed on his chair. Lily was standing next to him, her eyes glancing up from Ginny to Thomas. “Mummy, what’s wrong with daddy?”

Ginny bowed her head. “Nothing Lily. Why don’t you go play in your room until dinner time?”

Lily nodded her head and bounced out of the room.

Ginny walked slowly towards Thomas. He tipped the rim of the bottle to his lips, taking a deep gulp. He rested the bottle on the table, his eyes becoming droopy.

“Thomas, honey, what’s wrong?”

“I got…hic…fired today.”

“What?” Ginny stared at him, her mouth opened in shock.

“I got fired…hic….today. Are you…hic… deaf?”

“Thomas, how dare you speak to me like that!” Ginny’s eyes blazed red.

“What, can’t I…hic…speak the truth?”


“Not like you…hic…love me!”

“What are you talking about? Of course I love you!”

“I saw you with…hic…him!”

Ginny gasped. “What?”

“Don’t act innocent! I saw…hic…you!”

Thomas staggered off the stool he was sitting on. He grabbed Ginny around the wrist, drawing her close. Ginny attempted to push him away, but she was unable to. “Don’t lie to me.” His words hissed against her ear, making her squirm.

He raised his hand as a warning. “Do it, I dare you to! Hit me!”

His eyes flashed dangerously at Ginny. Her mocking voice annoyed him.

“You did this…hic…to me! I hit my…hic…boss because of you!”

Ginny remained silent, her eyes continuing to stare into his.

Everything had gone pear-shaped from that morning. Everything she knew had gone wrong. Harry knew and now, Thomas was the complete opposite of his normal self.

“What, Why?”

“I was...hic…angry!”

“Mummy? Daddy?”

Ginny turned around to face her daughter. She attempted to hide the tears. “Go back to your room honey. I’ll be in there in a moment.”

“Okay mommy.”

Thomas glared at her. “We’ll take about this later.”

He pushed Ginny away from him, not caring if he hurt her. Without another glance, he left the room. He banged the front door behind him and his car was heard leaving the driveway.

Ginny felt the tears escape from her eyes. She fell to the floor, letting a sob escape her lips.