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XOXO,Ginny-first year by xoxoginny

Format: Novella
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 6,374
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Humor
Characters: Ginny, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, OC/OC

First Published: 11/02/2008
Last Chapter: 01/30/2009
Last Updated: 01/30/2009


Ginny, Aimee, Jessica and Violet are going to their first year at Hogwarts. But is it Best Mates or Worst Enimies? What's going on with Ginny? And most of all, will her friends figure it out before it's too late? AMAZING BANNER BY SLYTHERININLOVE!!!

Aimee is the flirt of the group, Jessica shy sweet and Violet the enimy... (?) 

Chapter 1: We meet the girls, and the girls meet each other.
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Dear Diary,

My name is Aimee. I am a Muggle turning into a witch. I just got a pet and I named him Hoggie. He is a minuet owl. I want to be a advice columist when I am older and I want



Dear Journal,

My name is Jessica. I am a half-blood, and I have no siblings. I do have an owl. I haven't named her yet, as I just got her. She is beautiful, though.



Dear Book,

Well, here I am. Violet Smith. Going to HOGWARTS! Whoa. Finally, finally, I get AWAY from my freaking brother! Woo-hoo! Ya know, being a pureblood isn't all that it's cracked up to be. I want to be in Gryffindore!




Dear Harry JR,

OMG! I, Ginevra (Bleh!) Weasley, am starting Hogwarts! I am so exited. And nervous. What is I don't make any friends? What if I don't get sorted into Gryffindore? What if I.... have to go...




Ginny Weasley made her way through the mist of Platform 9 ¾. Her legs shook and her stomach squirmed. Maybe it was because Harry was next to her, or maybe because she was about to start Hogwarts. Platform 9 ¾ was buzzing with chatter.


“Bye, Mom.” smiled Ginny as she handed her her corned beef sandwich. Her mother sniffled.


“My little girl is finally going to Hogwarts!” she pulled Ginny towards her chest, sobbing.


“Mum, I love you but I've got to go. And people are watching and it's kind of embarrassing,”


“Right. Of course, dear. Love you, to.”


Ginny hurried onto the train.




Ginny whirled around


“Have you seen Harry and Ron?”


“No!” said Ginny, frowning at Hermione. “Where could they be?”


A loud whistle told them the train was about to leave. Ginny looked around, horrified


“C'mon, Gin, you can sit with me.”


The only nearly empty compartment was occupied by one browned haired, brown eyed girl. She wore jeans and a nervous expression.


“Hi,” she whispered.


“Hi,” said Ginny quietly


“Can we sit here?” asked Hermione


The girl nodded. Hermione sat next to her, Ginny across from


“I'm Ginny.”


“I'm Jessica.” they said at the same time. Then they grinned at each other. Hermione could already tell that these two would become best friends. But where were her own?





Aimee Kaufman glanced around that station. Her mother (ever reluctant to let her come: “But what about your friends? And Hebrew school?”) kissed her and looked around nervously.


“Is it me or are there a lot of red haired wizards?”


Aimee shrugged nervously, pulling the hem of her v-neck sweater-shirt down.


“Bye, Mom.”


“Bye, hon.”


Aimee glanced around the station. Her father was standing on the opposite side, playing double-o-7 with Spencer. She glared at her mother.


“You two couldn't stand next to each other for 5 seconds?”


Her mother glared at her.


Aimee broke into a run, trying to get to her father.




Aimee had bumped into a girl around her own age. She had long, honey colored hair and blue-brown eyes.


“Watch where you're going!” she cried, sounding annoyed.


“Sorry.” Aimee mumbled, running for her father.


“Bye,” she said to him as he beat poor Spencer.


“Bye. BEAT YA!”




Aimee glared at her father for make Spencer upset


“Bye, Spence.”


he nodded


“I'll miss you. Will you write me?”


“All the time.” said Aimee, holding back her tears.


“Go.” said her father. So she took a deep breath and did



Violet was upset. She was nervous about Hogwarts, and when she was nervous she was mean. Too mean. She snapped at everyone, like that girl she had just bumped into. She was probably perfectly nice. Or maybe not. She did dress really stylish. And she was pretty. Snob.


“Goodbye, Vi!” said my brother, flicking my head. I glared at him.


“Have a good time in Hufflepuff!” said my mother.


I groaned.


“I don't want to be in Hufflepuff!”


“Yes, you do! We've all been in Hufflepuff, an I'm sure my darling son will be also.”


Violet groaned again.


“Bye.” she said as she stepped onto the train.


There were no compartments left, just one with an extremely bushy haired girl, a brown haired girl, a red haired girl and the snob. This was going to be an interesting ride.


The ride to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry passed well enough for Jessica Stone. She talked happily to Hermione and Ginny, and could tell that they would be good friends and that they had a lot to learn from each other. Still, they had much in common so it was easy to talk and they didn't run out of conversation once. Up until a few years ago, Jessica had been and only child. She had been stuck with hanging out with Grown-Ups more often then not, matured more quickly than most children do. The best at muggle school, she was easily the most mature child in her grade.

Then, a few years ago, her parents had taken in a foster child. Her name was Mela and she was German. Even when she was 16 and Jessica 11, Mela treated her like an equal. Now, Jessica was even more grateful to have Mela, because it was good conversation with Hermione, who was very energetic when talking about anything relating to studies. Still, the whole time Ginny was laughing, rolling her eyes and shooting meaningful glances at Hermione.


“She has a reputation for being a know-it-all.” she teased.


“Yes, I surmised that much.” Jessica laughed.


“Bye. I'll see you guys after the sorting. Best of luck!”

Aimee did what everyone else did: she followed a huge, scary man who was bellowing "Firs Years over here! Firs years over here!" and got into a boat with 2 of the girls from her compartment and also a cute boy.

"Hi." she said shyly.

"Hey." he grinned back "I'm Simon."


The brunett and red head chatted while she and Simon talked as well.
"Alight, everyone? You'll have yehr firs veiw of Hogwarts in a mo." said the man, who had by then intoruduced himself as Hagrid.

They went around a bend and.... wow. It was amazing. A giant castle, towers and all. How cool it would be to live in one of those towers!

"They must have a job hiding the school from muggles"

Simon shrugged.

"We're magic, remember?"

They stepped out of the boats, and a severe looking teacher came out.

"Get in line. Freshen up."

She said, looking hurrassed.

Aimee had no idea how she was going to be sorted. But watching 'Adams, Andy' (Ravenclaw) be sorted, she figured it out. You put a gross hat on and it shouted the name of the house you were in. Okay. She could do that.

"Kaufman, Aimee"

With shaking knees, Aimee slowly walke torwards the stool.

"Hmmmmm." said the hat, "We have quite a little party animal. Not Slytherin, your too good. Not Ravenclaw, you went to a school that only teaches English, so they would all be good at math and you wouldn't. Well, you're fairly obvious. GRYFFINDORE!" Aimee hurried over to the table that was stomping and cheering for her.

Jessica was nervous. She obviously wanted to be in Gryffindore. But what if she wasn't? Oh god, the thought was scary. She knew she just couldn't be in Slytherin, and she hoped she wasn't a Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw wasn't that bad though. But Gryffindore was the best.

"Stone, Jessica."

"Hello." she said to the hat when she and her trembling knees got to it.

"Hmmmm. Not Slytherin." said the hat before she'd even put it on.

"Maybe Ravenclaw? You look like a smart girl. Ah, but you're very untidy. You would drive any Ravenclaw up-the-wall. Maybe Hufflepuff? But, ahhhh, you aren't very brave now, but you will be. Better be GRYFFINDORE!"

Hufflepuff! That had been her mother's parting word. Hufflepuff. Violet did NOT want to be in Hufflepuff. She wanted to be in Ravenclaw or Gyrffindore, but NOT HUFFLEPUFF.

"Smith, Violet."

Oh, god.

"May I asked you why you're so opposed to hufflepuff?" asked the hat.

"Oh. Alright. Well, why're you so opposed to Slytherin? And you're too sarcastic to be a Hufflepuff. I think it'd better be GRYFFINDRE!"

Ginny was not good at waiting. She had waited her whole life for Hogwarts and she had to be last in line, now? Sheesh! Finally, finally a half hour later, or maybe it was several minutes or several darkened days...

"Weasley, Ginevra."

"Ohhhhh gooood god! Not another Weasley! I'm getting sick of you people!"

"Sorry. I'm the last one for a while."

"Oh, well. Obviously, GRYFFINDORE!"

A/N: Okay, here it is! The first chapter! YAY! So, just to tell you, there are going to be SEVEN books in the XOXO,Ginny series, plus a sequal and a sequal to the sequal. Although the sequal to the sequal is only a maybe.                             
               I wrote the sequal, in which Ginny had 3 BFF's. I read it to my cousen and she was like "Wow. This is great, but I want to know more about Ginny's besties." They were based on people, so I contacted who I needed to contact and made this account, which is now owned by 3 people. Now, you get to know WAY more about Ginny's best mates. But the other stories ar P.O.V's. I thought we shuld get to know them all in this first one. Cheers and keep on R+R! Thx, Jessica, Aimee and Violet



Chapter 2: Breakfast and a Dare
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"Good morning!"

Jessica rolled over. Ginny was hovering over her.

"Hi!" she smiled.

"Listen," said Ginny as they got dressed, "See that girl? Her name is Aimee, and I saw her crying last night. I also saw this letter from her to her mum.."

Dear Jordan,
                       Hey! loving my new school. How's 5th grade? What's it like being one of the oldest and mature kids in the class with no one to call 'bitch'. Ha ha, I hope my mum doesn't see this letter, or else she'll think you mean that in a nasty way! Does  Dan the flirt still LIKE LIKE you?  I miss my music, cuz I have no BFF's like you!
                                                                                         love from your bitch,

"So why don't we invite her to sit with us?" asked Jessica

"That's just what I was thinking!"

"No! She did NOT say that!" Jessica hooted.

Aimee laughed.

"She did."

"Wow. That'sa classic." grinned Ginny

"Gin, didja hear?"

Ginny looked up.

"Aimee, Jessica, my two mischevious..."

"And dashing!" put in Fred

"Yes, very dashing, indeed." said Aimee, eyeing George.

".... Brothers Fred and George."

"Ah, no, Ginny, you've got us mixed up." said Fred.

"I'm Gred and he's Forge." said George.

"Oh, shut up." said Ginny happily.

"What's your news?" asked Jessica

"Harry and Ron stole Dad's car and crashed into the whoomping willow." said Fred

Ginny felt her heart crash.

"Is Harry alright?" she asked breathlessly.

"Nice of you to care about your brother, Gin." teased Jessica

"They're fine." George assured Ginny. She let out a breath.

"They're over there, see?" said Aimee.

"How'd you know?"

"You're all red-head, aren't you?"

"True." agreed Ginny.

"It's too cloudy to be my first day at Hogwarts!" Jessica complained.

"Ohhhhh, owls!" said Aimee, shocked.

"That's mine!" Ginny said, pointed.

"Oh, dear." Percy had joined them. "That's a howler!"

The little red envalope headed strait for Harry and Ron. And the howler howled.

"Those were the worst moments of my life!"

 "Well, maybe Defense Against Dark Arts will cheer you up." suggested Jessica

"I hear Lockheart is quite good looking." commented Aimee as they walked along.

Jessica nodded.

"But to be frank, I think he's corny."

"Same." agreed Ginny.

"You think a teacher is a fake?" asked a voice behind them.  


“No. Yes. Maybe.”


“Ohhhhh, Aimee. Didn't notice you there. You're not brave enough to even stand strait!”


“Yes, I am!”


“Yes, she is!”


“uh hu!”


“Well then you'll just have to prove it!”




Lockheart whizzed by, thinking he was late for his next class, but in reality a student had switched his watch. As he passed, he heard 'Smith, Violet' say:


“I dare you!”


He almost back tracked, but didn't feel it important.





“No. We'll do our own dare. Without you!” Ginny said


“Fine. Have fun!”


“You too.” said Jessica


“See you on your way to detention.”

“We won't get caught.” Jessica spat


“We'll see about that.”


The next week during dinner Aimee, Jessica and Violet sat talking about their favorite classes.

"Transfiguration." said Jessica

"Charms." said Aimee, winking at George.

"What about you, Ginny?" Jessica asked after rolling her eyes at Ginny.

"My favorite class was supposed to be DADA, but nooooo. Lockheart HAD to come along and ruin it!" Ginny sighed, looked down, and made another note in her diary. Then she looked up.

"We need to work on that dare!" she exclaimed

"ERRRR!" sighed Hermione as she dropped into the seat next to Ginny.

"What?" asked Aimee.

"It's that STUPID Pansy Parkinson!" Hermione groaned. "She's driving me CRAZY! Always flirting with Malfoy and kissing up to Snape!"

 It all happened at once. Ginny looked at Jessica. Jessica looked at Ginny. Aimee gave Hermione a kiss on the cheek.

"Brilliant!" she exclaimed.

"Perfect!' Ginny cried happily.

"Astounding!" Jessica sang.

"You're a genious, Hermione!" they all said at the same time. Then they laughed and ran off, leaving poor Hermione looking utterly confused.


Midnight the next night, Ginny crept out of the dormroom and into the 2nd year boys' room. She made sure they were all peacfully sleeping before sneaking in and opening Harry's trunk, Ah, here it was. She extracted the cloak (which Ron had accidently blabbed about the summer before) and hurried out of the room.

"I've got it!" she grinned.

"Good job." Jessica told her.

Aimee grabbed the cloak and wrapped it around her. "Ohhh la laaaaa!" she said as she dissapeared. Ginny grinned at her as she pushed the portrait hole open.

"Who's there?" asked a voice.

"Us!" said Ginny.

"What? Are you first years? Well, there's a bunch like you every year. Go on, just come back before sunrise or I'm in trouble."

"Cool!" said Jessica as she lept out of the hole.

"Cool? I think NOT missy. Do you want me to be fired?"

"Mmmmmmm." said Aimee as the made a run down the hall.

"First years!" sighed the fat lady.

When they got the the Male teachers' bathroom, Ginny knocked.

"Password?" asked the door in a honey like musical voice.

"Ummmmmm." Ginny replied.

Footsteps echoed down the hall.

"Flitwick!" whispered Jessica, turning plale. Ginny secured the cloak around them.

"Password?" the door asked.

"Molten liquid!" Flitwick squeaked.

the door opened.

When Flitwick had done his buisness, Ginny once again reached out and knocked.

"PASSWORD!" the door asked, starting to sound seriously annoyed.

"Molten Liquid!" said a cold, sneering voice.

Jessica turned paler then before.

"Snape!" she whispered, horrified.

"Uh, guys?" said Aimee in a normal voice. "That was me."

"Oh." Ginny giggled nervously. "Oh."

"I thought it would be better if we sounded more like a male..."

"Are you going in or NOT?" the door barked, the sweet musical voice gone.

"Yes, yes, yes!" said Aimee.

Once they were in the bathroom, Ginny whipped out her wand and said:

"This one is from Fred and George!"

"Yummy!" said Aimee.

Ginny looked discusted.

"They're too old for you!"

"Guys, is now really the time?" Jessica sighed.

"Right." Ginny cleared her throught.

"Engravio!" she said. Her wand glowed purple


                                          Snape           Malfoy

                                               A love triangle

Aimee and Jessica giggled at the words as they crept out of the bathroom and fast-walked to the portrait of the fat lady.

"Password?" she asked. They gave it.

"Oh, it's you again! What've you been up to, may I ask."

"Nope." said Aimee happily.

"Well!" the fat lady huffed. "First years!"

Chapter 3: Is her new BFF a diary?
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.
Ginny, Aimee and Jessica were down near the bathroom early the next morning. The sun was poring through the open windows in the hall, so they prayed that Snape wouldn't see them. On the other side of the hall, they could see Violet. She was looking shocked that they had completed her dare, and a little sad, though the 3 friends didn't know why. But none of them lingered on the thought for long. Lockheart and Snape were zooming down the hall, coming from opposite sides, and Ginny, Jessica and Aimee had to jump behind a nearby statue. They watched the encounter with open mouths.


“Good Morning, Severus.” Lockheart chirped as they reached the door at the same time.


Snape's lip curled.


“Would you like to go first?” Lockheart asked politely, no doubt expecting Snape to refuse.


“Yes.” Snape answered.

“Oh.” Lockheart said, obviously annoyed but too afraid of Snape to do anything about it. Then he seemed to gather his courage.


“Well, hurry up, dear friend!”


Snape looked disgusted as he went into the bathroom.


“WHAT IN THE...” as few seconds later, Snape swore.


Aimee, Jessica and Ginny giggled. Violet looked annoyed that their plan was working so well. Snape hurried out of the bathroom.


“Who did this?” he asked, his voice dead quiet. His shout had gathered a small crowd.


“Did what?” Lockheart asked.


Snape beckoned him into the bathroom. Girls and boys hooted. Snape glared at them. A second later a shout of laughter was heard from the bathroom. As the students strained their ears to listen, they figured out it was covered up with a cough.


“This is dreadful!” Lockheart exclaimed. The crowd could tell from his voice that he was almost splitting 2 ribs, trying to stop himself from laughing.


“Get me Filch!” Snape said quietly.


“What?” Lockheart said


“GET ME FILCH!” Snape bellowed.


“But I don't know where he is!” Lockheart stuttered. “He could be anywhere in the school.”

“GET ME FILCH, NOW!” Snape yelled.

“Uh, uh, uh... accio Flich!”


Snape took a few deep breaths. Lockheart looked at the ceiling. A few minutes later, a pantless Filch came whizzing over to Lockheart, screaming. Lockheart caught him before he could smash into a wall.

Once he had stopped shaking, Snape rounded on him.


“Do you see this?” he asked.


“Yes, sir.” Filch nodded, cowering under Snape's anger.


“Well, I want it gone!”


Filch took a deep breath.


“I can't get rid of it! It's engraved into the wall!”


“Then get a new wall!”


“The wall is stone, sir! I can't very well knock it down in a few days!”


“Get those words off of the wall, Filch. I don't give a damn how you do it, just get them off. And find out who did this! Any ideas, Lockheart?”


Snape and Lockheart exited the bathroom.


“Well, I did hear these first years plotting something...” he said doubtfully.


“Who?” Snape asked, fast as lightning.


“Ginny Weasley, Jessica Stone, Aimee Kaufman...” Violet smirked with satisfaction, “And Violet Smith.”


Her smile disappeared.


“Yippee!” said Aimee.


Jessica and Ginny glared at her.


“What's so good about this?”


“Violet got in trouble!” Aimee said happily.


“But we got in trouble, too!” Jessica hissed.


Aimee's happy expression left her face. Then she brightened.


“But it's soooo worth it!”


Ginny sighed.

“I think I must be turning into Fred and George!” she said. “Detention at the first week!”


“Ah, there you are!” said a cheerful voice.


“All 3 of you have detention. Unless you'd like to plead your case?”


“Nope.” Aimee said, doing a little spin that showed her figure off to Lockheart. “We are bad!”


Ginny gaped at her and Jessica let out a nervous giggle. Lockheart looked uneasy.


“Er, yes. Well, you'll be in the trophy room shining trophys 8:00 on tonight.”


“Okay.” said Ginny.


“Will Violet Smith be with us?” Jessica asked.

“Yes.” Lockheart said.


Jessica groaned.


“Fantastic!” she said sarcastically.


Lockheart frowned.


“I thought you all were friends- oh, never mind. If you'll excuse me. I have to take a, er, potty break.”


And he hurried off down the hall.


“Wow.” said Aimee.

Ginny shuddered.


“I've had enough with anything that has to do with male bathrooms for a life time!” she said fervently.


Aimee giggled.


“Until you're married, that is.”


“That's right.” said Ginny, grinning. “I'll be Mrs. Potter to you, lowly servants.”


Jessica scoffed.


“In your dreams, honey.” she grinned, copying an America ascent.


They walked to the great hall, joking and laughing, not really caring about the detention.


“You 3!” a voice stopped them as they entered the hall.


“You got me detention! Do you know how upset my parents will be?” Ginny touched the worried girl on the arm.


“My parents will be angry at me as well.” she told Violet.


“Oh, they won't be angry like mine. Mine will be worried I've ruined the family honor!”


Ginny gaped at her.


“Oh.” she said. Violet gave them all a rude look and hurried into the hall.


“I've lost my appetite.” said Aimee.


“I know.” Ginny sighed. “I feel bad, too.”


Aimee gave her an incredulus look.


“Feel bad? No way in hell do I feel bad (get over it, Jess)! I lost my appetite because I had to LOOK AT HER UGLY FACE!”


“What a loss!” Jessica scoffed.


“Yeah!” said a boy named Adam, who was in Gryffindor and in their year, as he passed. “She's a babe!”


“Ewww!” said Aimee, punching him on the arm and flipping her hair. “You should be more like Simon!”


Simon was Adams best friend, who Aimee thought was remarkably cute.


“No way!” Adam said.


Ginny turned to Jessica and gave her a look


“I would never know that a group of 11 year olds could be so flirtatious.” she grinned.


“I know. But Violet didn't take my appetite away, so let's eat.”





“What're we gonna do today?” Jessica asked.


“Well, I was thinking...” Aimee started.


“Oh, boy.” said Ginny.


“Here we go....” grinned Jessica.


“That we might want to do a girl's day to get ready for our detention tonight.”


“Why do we need to look good for a detention?” Ginny asked.


“You always need to look good, girl friend!” Aimee said, skipping along the hall.


“And where are we going to get these amazing products?”


“I have them!” Aimee said.


“Oh, boy!” Ginny said.


“Looks like we're about to get a makeover from Aimee.” Jessica said.


“HELP!” Ginny screamed, running up the sunlit hall.




“Okay, girls!” Aimee said, sitting them on the bed. “First, I'll do...”


there was a yell.


“Oh, no!” Ginny said. “I forgot to write in my diary!”


Jessica and Aimee exchanged glances. Ginny was becoming increasingly obsessed with her diary. She wrote in it as much as she could, and was becoming sort of bad company because she was always engrossed in the book.


“What does she see in that dumb journal anyways?” Aimee muttered to Jessica.


“I have no idea!” an annoyed Jessica whispered back. “But now we have to figure out how to pass time until the detention without Ginny!”


“Come on!” Aimee said, getting her nail polish out. “Purple, red or turquoise?”


“That's all you have?” Jessica cried, gaping at the box.

“Oh, no.” Aimee announced. “Not even half of it.”




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Rach, Court and Amanda

Chapter 4: The Way We Were
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Chapter 4



DISCLAMER: I do not own Harry Potter.


Aimee Kaufman applied one last coat of lip-gloss before looking herself up and down and deciding she was perfect. She had replaced her school robes with dark jeans and a lilac cable-knit sweater over a white tank top with lilac wedges.

She glanced over at Jessica. Jessy was wearing a turquoise shirt that she had taken all of the buttons off of except one over a white tank over light flares. Ginny was wearing a red tee shirt and dark skinny jeans that Aimee had let her borrow. However, none of her best friends had bothered with mascara, blush and eyeliner as she had. But then, her mother did always tell her she grew up rather fast.


“Are we ready to go?” she asked, glancing at Ginny's un-manicured finger scribbling madly across the page. From the corner of her eye she could see Violet Smith staring out the window, a small tear in her eye. She had received a howler that afternoon, and her parents had been horrible.



You filthy Gryffindor.


Aimee couldn't understand why anyone would call a brave Gryffindor filthy. And Violet had been brave. She had taken the howler with grit teeth and had calmly left the common room. But as soon as she got into the dorm, everybody in the room could hear her burst into tears.


“Should we go help her? Make her feel better?” Jessica had asked. Ginny had scribbled more frantically.


“No.” Aimee had shaken her head. “Let her be alone.”


And she remembered one of the most horrible days of her life.


Aim? Hey! So, wazzup?”


Hi, Jordan. Oh, not a lot. It's quiet at the mansion... for once. I'm just listening to my i-pod and stuff like that.”


Wait, I hear shouting. What's up with that?”


Oh, my parents are yelling at each other down in the kitchen. But it will pass. It always does.”


I should have known. They've been going on for years. What's it about?”

I have no idea. I don't really care, either.” Aimee said, trying to say it in a 'I don't really give a piece of crap' sort of voice.

“Whoa! Bitch!”


Ha ha, yeah. And pah-roud of it.”

Jordan laughed. All of the sudden, the fighting stopped. For the first time in years the house was completely silent.


Uh-oh!” Jordan said. “What the heck?”


Aimee shrugged, then, remembering Jordan couldn't see her, said:


I dunno.” silence. “This is kinda weird.”



Aimee heard hushed voices downstairs. Then quick footsteps down the hall. In a few seconds her younger brother, Spencer, burst into the room.


Aimee, what's going on?” Spencer said in a confused voice. Aimee wondered how her brother could look so different from her. He had blond hair, white skin, her brown eyes, and was a bit chubby. She was thin with brown-black hair, dark, cinnamon like skin, and the same eyes as Spencer. Besides their DNA, it really was the only thing they had in common.


I don't know, Spence. Jordey, I'll call you back, okay?”

Bye bye, bitch.” Jordan giggled, and Aimee closed her cell phone.


Spencer and Aimee chatted for a while. Then, they heard footsteps echoing down the hall. A second later, Aimee's mother, looking like a woman version of Spencer, minus the chubbiness. Which she was. Her face was even tear stained, like poor Spencer's, who always got upset at the fighting.

Right after her came Aimee's father. He looked like a guy version of her. Unlike her mothers, however, his face wasn't tear stained, but it was full of remorse.


Hi. Glad to find you both together.”

“Hi.” Aimee said, hugging Spencer closer to her. She was his guard, his caretaker.


Listen,” Aimee's mother sat down on the bed. Her father didn't take his usual stance, his hands on her shoulder, which Aimee thought was odd.


We have tried everything,” Aimee's mother said, starting over. “But we can't work it out. And this last spat... well, it will be... the last spat.”

Spencer lept up and dance around the room.

You're going to promise to stop fighting!” he sang. But Aimee shook her head. She glared at both their parents, knowing the words that would soon come out of one of their mouths.


Your mother and I are getting a divorce.” her father said.


It was like a snake coiling through her veins. Hot anger flew through her. She felt like her heart had been ripped in two. She wasn't angry for herself. She was angry for Spencer. How could they tear his life apart like that?


Get. Out.” she said, her teeth clenched.


What?” her mother said, frowning. Spencer just stood there, frozen in shock.


GET OUT OF MY ROOM!” Aimee belted.


Aimee Kaufman...!” her father started.


Aimee didn't care.


GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM!” she knew this would be a long, tedious divorce, full of fighting. And if it would have to happen, she wanted to be the root of it. It was the first time she ever swore in a non-teasing manner. It felt great.


Aimee! How dare you talk to us like...!”


GET OUT!” Aimee ran over to her shelf and started throwing the china dolls at her parents, smashing all of them but one. They left quickly.


She hurried over to Spencer, who had been frozen in shock.


It's okay. It's gonna be okay.” she soothed as he sobbed into her chest. A few tears slid down her face as well.



Aimee looked over to her bed, where Maddy, a doll given to her by Mommy and Daddy, sat, looking worn out, but serene.




“Huh? Oh.”


“Let's go.” Jessica said.


Ginny put her book down, took a deep breath, and they headed over to the door, leading the way to the trophy room.




“Okay, so, get polishing.” Filch said, grinning happily as he left the room. Violet felt an overwhelming sense of gloom settle in her stomach. She was fed up with the word and with her parents. She had no friends at this stupid school. She wanted to stop existing and that was that.


“Violet, are you okay?”

it was Jessica's voice. She sounded slightly worried.


“Uh, yeah. Fine. Why?”


“You're clutching that trophy like you think you can squeeze it to death.” Aimee said rudely.


“I'm pretending it's my mother.” Violet said moodily.


Ginny stifled a giggle.


“I did that with my stress ball when my parents got a divorce. I broke 5 different ones 5 times.” Aimee said, grinning at the memory.


Violet laughed, and Jessica started humming a song she liked:


“The sun'll come out tomorrow, so you've gotta hang on till tomorrow...There'll be sun.”


Violet sighed sadly and joined in.


“Just thinking about tomorrow clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow. Till. There's. None.” she sang softly, slowly, her voice catching at the end. Her mother used to think it to her when she was small. Then she had said:


“I can't wait until you're old enough to sing it to your own child, my little Hufflepuff.” and had left the room, giving Violet a soft kiss of the cheek.


“Do you like to sing?” Ginny asked softly.


“Of course she doesn't!” said Aimee incredulously.


“Actually, I love to sing.” Violet said. And then she started to cry.

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Chapter 5: The Detention- Too Be friends or Not Too Be
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“What?” said all three girls in unison, Aimee being the loudest with a high pitched scream?

“Why is that such a big deal Aimee?” asked Ginny looking genuinely concerned about Violet who was now sobbing.

“I didn’t scream because of that.” Aimee lied.

“It’s just that…this trophy…uh…there’s this like, red stain on it or something…I think it might be blood. Oh well I’ll just get some extra cleaner.”

 Aimee sauntered away, completely bewildered. She probably just screams like hard rock or something. Like slipknot, that band all about death and gruesome depressing stuff. There’s just one problem, why the hell was she crying?

   As Aimee started to aimlessly walk around; not actually needing the cleaner. As she contemplated why Violet had such mixed emotions and why her friends were actually converting her, Aimee tripped on one trophy, the trophy was small but dangerous looking. The trophy knocked over about 10 more trophies as Aimee fell face first into them and the last trophy to fall was a huge goblet that knocked a shelf down of about 20 smaller trophies. Of course this sort of thing had to happen to Aimee, the total klutz, right now. This was a crucial time to act cool and not caring. Well this stunt was bound to give her another, longer, harder detention with that bitch. And Violet would probably still be laughing about it 20 years later. Aimee blew a stray curl away from her face, waiting for her so-called friends to help her up. To her surprise, a puffy faced, tear stained, Violet was the first at her side.

“Aimee, are you okay?” she asked lending a hand. Aimee reluctantly took the hand. Now even more confused at why Violet was being nice to her.

“I’m fine.” Aimee replied wiping off her bum. Aimee looked down to check for any blood. Not too much, just a scrape on her shin. She looked back up, catching Violets eye. She really did look sad.

“Well are you okay?” asked Aimee. She really did feel bad for walking away while she was crying.

“Yea I’m fine now.” said violet, not really looking fine.

“You know…all my friends back home say I could be a therapist when I grow up. I’m a great listener, even If it doesn’t seem like that.”

     Violet laughed. Violet wasn’t sure if she actually trusted this girl but she was tired of being friendless. This girl could be her only chance now, and her friends.

“Well, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only klutz around here.” said violet.

       Aimee laughed and Violet started to prop up some fallen trophies.

“Well actually…” violet started to say.

    Jessica and Violet were still sitting in there original spots. Wandering what was going on with their friend. Violet and Aimee were acting very weird. Then at that moment, Jessica heard them laugh.

  “What is going on with those two?” she asked Ginny.

“I have no idea…” remarked Ginny, just as they heard them laugh again.

“Maybe…” said Jessica.

“ Oh. My. God. What if, some how, Violet and Aimee ended there feud? Then, we could all become friends. The four of us. Me, You, Aimee and Violet. It would be totally perfect! I bet by the end of detention we will be the ultimate best friends. Inseparable.” Ginny gushed.

    Jessica thought for a moment. Best friends, Violet and Aimee not fighting? That would be impossible! But it did sound good, and by the look of Aimee and Violet sharing a long, warm hug, it just might happen.

“Well, I think it’s brilliant!” whispered Jessica.

“Let’s just not disturb them, I don’t want anything to mess this up.” said Jessica.

“Who knew detention would turn out to benefit us? Hmph we should be bad more often.” laughed Ginny at the same time as Violet and Aimee thought.

“I can’t believe this!” said Jessica. “This is going way better than I thought.”




   Jessica and Violet were still sitting in there original spots. Wandering what was going on with their friend. Violet and Aimee were acting very weird. Then at that moment, Jessica heard them laugh.

"What is going on with those two?" she asked Ginny.

"I have no idea…" remarked Ginny, just as they heard them laugh again.

"Maybe…" said Jessica.

" Oh. My. God. What if, some how, Violet and Aimee ended there feud. Then, we could all become friends. The for of us. Me, You, Aimee and Violet. It would be totally perfect! I bet by the end of dentention we will be the ultimate best friends. Inseperable." Ginny gushed.

    Jessica thought for a moment. Best friends, Violet and Aimee not fighting? That would be impossible! But it did sound good, and by the look of Aimee and Violet sharing a long, warm hug, it just might happen.

"Well, I think it's brilliant!" whispered Jessica.

"Let's just not disturb them, I don't want anything to mess this up." Said Jessica.

"Who knew detention would turn out to benefit us? Hmph we should be bad more often." Laughed Ginny at the same time as Violet and Aimee thought.

"I can't believe this!" said Jessica. "This is going way better than I thought."



Aimee sat in front of Violet, almost peeing in her pance she was laughing so hard. Partly because Violet had just told Aimee that she was a great singer really because the only person that had ever heard her sing was her shower knob, and partly because she and Violet actually had things in common. Was Aimee really starting to like Violet? Maybe she was…oh well. Why not try to find out.

"So Violet," Aimee started not ready to believe what she was about to say "I think that…maybe…I'm sorry for every time I was so mean to you but, I guess it was just because of that one day you bumped into me and I was just wandering why you're so grumpy." Aimee blurted out. She looked down, not wanting to see the look on Violet's face.

"Well the thing is…I was just grumpy because I was worried about the sorting hat…" Violet said also looking down. "I'm sorry too. I guess I'm just not a people-person." Violet added.

They both laughed as Aimee recalled Violet just telling her why she had cried. Violet's parents were obsessed with Huffel Puff. If she didn't get in, her parents told her that they would probably disown her in a joking way. The thing was, Violet had gotten into Griffindor and since her parents got the news, they haven't talked to her at all. At least Aimee's parents still actually cared about her and owled her every 3 days, even if they were separated. But on top of that, her parents didn't want to hear her sing, they only wanted their child to be the head of gringotts, just like their ancestors.

"Let's be friends." Violet abruptly blurted out.