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It's Funny, It's Drama, It's Steamy, It's...Sirius? by TwoWayMirror

Format: Short story
Chapters: 19
Word Count: 51,642

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC

First Published: 10/19/2008
Last Chapter: 02/19/2009
Last Updated: 02/19/2009


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Hi! I'm Tori Mitchell! Welcome to my seventh year!!

Tori Mitchell is best friends with the Marauders. Join her in her seventh year as she deals with love, friendships, betrayals, and pretty much what goes on high school. 

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Chapter 1: Love Potions, Suicides, and Sports Bras
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Chapter 1: Love Potions, Suicides, and Sports Bras

   Potions was boring as per usual. Professor Slughorn was telling us about the love potion we would be making our next Potions class. I sighed, who the hell would want to make a love potion? 

   “Bored?” My lab partner, and best friend, James Potter asked. 

    “Very,” I answered. 

     James Potter, also known as Prongs, has been my best friend since we were born. We grew up next door to each other. James’ raven black hair stuck up at random spots and looked like it had never seen a comb before in its life. His hazel eyes were covered by round glasses that only made the girls think he’s hotter. His toned body from endless Quidditch and his tall height makes every girl swoon. He’s the Quidditch captain this year; he’s one of the best seekers I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how he managed it, but he also made Head Boy. I know, personally, that James is smart he just doesn’t do his homework. But it was still a shock when the Head Boy badge fell out of his envelope when his letter came.


“Come on Bushytail, we’re making a love potion!” James exclaimed. “What could be more amazing than that?”


“You know we can’t use the love potion on anyone right?” I asked.


He looked down depressed. “We can’t?” He asked me. I shook my head. “Oh poop,” I giggled.


Back when I was five my parents were killed in a large fire. James’ parents took me in.


My name is Victoria Mitchell, everyone calls me Tori or Bushytail. I have light honey brown hair that is all wavy but it’s always in a pony-tail. I have green eyes that always sparkle with mischief. I don’t think of myself as hot, I think I’m more cute than anything. I’m on the Quidditch team also; I’m the best keeper ever! Just kidding, I know I’m not that great. But I have to be somewhat good to be the only girl on the Quidditch team and start every game.


“Hey Bushytail?”


Being best friends with James, means I’m best friends with Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew; also known as the Marauders. James is practically the leader.


Sirius Black, also known as Padfoot, has black shaggy hair that falls all around his face. His smoky gray eyes make every girl in the entire school swoon. Well almost every, I don’t swoon over Sirius. He’s the playboy of the school, he can get any girl he wants, and he can get them to do whatever he wants them to do. He’s one of our Quidditch beaters. He’s usually watching out for me, but sometimes he misses and I get wailed in the stomach by a bludger.


Remus Lupin, also known as Mooney, has honey blonde hair that falls just to his eyes. His light blue eyes are beautiful. Remus is the brains behind the pranks we pull on helpless first years and unsuspecting Slytherins. He’s just smart enough to be off in the distance so as to not get a detention when we get caught by one of the professors. He’s not on the Quidditch team but he’s always there supporting us.


Peter Pettigrew, also known as Wormtail has short blonde hair that sticks to his head like he’s always sweating. His glazed blue eyes are always distant. He’s short and pudgy the exact opposite of the other three Marauders. We helped him out in our first year when he was being harassed by some Slytherin third years. He followed us around everywhere, and we didn’t want to kick him out because we would feel bad so we just kept him in. He’s not on the Quidditch team and he hardly ever comes to the games. But that’s okay.


Just like the rest of them, I am an Animagus. I’m a fox, hence my nickname Bushytail. I know about Remus’ “Furry Little Problem”.


“Hey Bushytail,”


“What Padfoot?” I asked annoyed that he was tugging on my ponytail.




I glared at him as he leaned back. Remus began laughing. James watched with an amused expression on his face.


“Alright guys, we have practice tonight right after dinner.” James said.


“Thanks Prongs, for telling us for the umpteenth time,” I said going back to trying to take notes.


“Hey, I’ve got a plan.” James said.


“Oh no,” I groaned putting my head on my desk.


“What?” James asked.


“Not another, ‘Get Lily to Fall Hopelessly in Love with me’ plan.” I groaned.


“You know me so well,” James mused. “Well, I know that you, Lily and Alice have been hanging out a lot.”


“What’s your point?” I asked.


“Well, tell them that Mooney would like some company while he waits for us to finish practice.” James said.


“James that’s so stup- that might actually work.” I said staring at James. “But how would she fall hopelessly in love with you?”


“She’ll see what a great leader I am,” James said. “Plus, we’re doing suicides today.”


Sirius and I both groaned.


Remus laughed.


“Shut up Remus,” I said. “You don’t have run suicides,”


“You’re right,” Remus began. “And I also don’t have to take my shirt off.”


My eyes widened. “James do I have to take my shirt off?”


“Everyone else does so yes,” James said.


“Ah,” I said defeated. Like I said earlier, I’m the only girl on the Quidditch team. “Can I wear a cami?”


“What the hell is a cami?” Sirius asked.


I rolled my eyes at him. “It’s a tank-top with a built in bra.”


“Let me discuss it with the rest of the team at lunch.” James said.


I groaned again.


“Oh come on Bushytail,” Sirius said. “It’s not that bad,”


“Not that bad?” I asked. “I have to take my shirt off in front of a bunch of guys.”


“Okay, when you put it like that it sounds bad.” Sirius said.


“It sounds bad however you say it,” I stated. Remus chuckled.


“Let’s just continue with our notes,” Sirius said. I stared at him.


“You’re just going to copy off of me later,” I said.


“Exactly, so get to taking notes,” Sirius said waving his hand and leaning back. He put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.


I glared at him but went back to my notes. Slughorn went on about how love potions can be very dangerous. And the person who makes the best love potion may keep a bottle. I looked over at James who had a very happy expression on his face.


I groaned. Why did Slughorn have to say that?




Later, at lunch.


I went to go sit with Lily; Alice usually sat with her. The Marauders went to go sit with the Quidditch team to talk about practice.


I sighed and sat down.


“Hey Lily, Alice,” I said


They both said hi.


Lily Evans, also known as Lilyflower to James, has fiery red hair that’s thick and flows to her mid back. She has two large emeralds for eyes. They’re so gorgeous. She has a temper that matches her hair. She is the only girl (besides me) who is immune to James’ charms. James has been after her since the beginning of our first year. I think maybe this year James will finally get her. Lily became Head Girl, obviously, and since Lily and James have to hang all the time now maybe Lily will see what a great guy James can be. He actually deflated his head over the summer.


Alice Prewitt is in Ravenclaw. She’s really nice and sweet, and Frank Longbottom is absolutely in love with her. I know these things. Alice has dark brown hair, almost black, that is usually tied into a bun. She has brown eyes that are simply gorgeous. She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and I think she likes Frank back.


“How was Potions?” Lily asked as I piled food onto my plate.


“Boring,” I said.


Alice laughed. “What made it so boring?”


“We’re making a love potion,” I said. “Who wants to make a love potion?”


Lily laughed. “I would,”


“Well that’s you, not me,” I said taking a bite of my sandwich.


“Do you have Quidditch practice tonight?” Alice asked looking over towards the Quidditch team.


“Yeah,” I groaned.


“What’s up?” Lily asked.


“We’re doing suicides,” I groaned again.


“Oh, I’m sorry,” Lily said patting my back.


“Oh, speaking of Quidditch, can you two come to practice tonight?” I asked.


“Why?” Alice asked.


“Remus is going to be alone during practice since Peter got a detention.” I said.


“How’d Peter get a detention?” Lily asked.


“Don’t ask,” I said. “But anyway, can you please come and keep Remus company?”


“Sure,” Lily and Alice said.


“Thanks you guys,” I said.


“Hey Bushytail!” James was calling me over.


“Excuse me, I’m being beckoned,” I said while standing. Lily and Alice laughed.


“Yes captain?” I asked as I walked over to them. I sat down in between Sirius and James.


“We were discussing the suicides at practice,” James began. “And the boys want to know if you have a sports bra.”


“Do you guys want to get a look at my body?” I asked disgusted. All the guys turned beat red. “You guys are disgusting,”


“We’re sorry, but the last time we did suicides you kept your shirt on,” One of the chasers, Oliver Astor, said. “It’s time we saw our favorite Keeper’s body.”


“You guys are still disgusting,” I said.


“Oh come on Tori!” The other beater, David Crane, said.


“Guys, if she doesn’t want to strip in front of us she doesn’t have too.” Another of the chasers, Xavier Kane, said. “Even though I would love to see it.”


Xavier Kane was one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen. He was the third hottest guy in Hogwarts after Sirius and James. I thought he was the most gorgeous thing in the universe. He has piercing blue eyes and black hair that fell into his eyes. He was a towering six foot four and the sweetest guy in the universe.


“So, come on Tori, are you going to take your shirt off?” Frank Longbottom asked.


I lost the ability to speak. I was too busy swimming in Xavier’s gorgeous blue eyes. I just nodded.


The entire team cheered and I broke out of my trance. I turned beat red and got up.


“Where you going Bushytail?” Sirius asked.


“Where the sane people are,” I said sitting down next to Lily.


“What happened over there?” Lily asked.


“I have to take my shirt off at practice today,” I said putting my head in my hands.


“What?” Lily and Alice asked.


“And it has to be a sports bra,” I groaned. “Anyone got a sports bra?”


“I got one you can borrow,” Alice said.


“Thanks Alice,” I said. “For once, I’m not looking forward to practice.”




The Quidditch team was all standing on the Quidditch field waiting for our Captain to give us orders. What was the point we already knew that we were going to suicides. We had just finished running plays, James got so angry. He said that every time I missed a save we had to add another suicide to the ten we were already doing. Only two got passed me, so now we have to do twelve.


“Alright line up!” James yelled.


We went to one end of the field. The guys started taking off their shirts. My eyes strayed from one awesome body to the other.


A wolf whistle emitted from the stands. I looked up and saw Lily and Alice practically hanging off the side of the stands. “Take it all off!” Lily yelled.


James turned beat red because he was the only one (besides me) who had yet to take his shirt off. I died of laughter; I fell to the floor and began rolling around as James took off his shirt.


Another wolf whistle emitted from the stands. I began laughing harder.


“What are you laughing at?” James asked as he towered over me.


I couldn’t answer him I was laughing too hard.


“You still have to take your shirt off,” James said. That stopped me from laughing.


“Come on Bushytail!” James began clapping. “Take it off,”


The whole Quidditch team began chanting. I looked up at Lily, Alice, and Remus. They were chanting and clapping along with them. I groaned and stood up. With my face turning beat red I took off my long sleeve shirt revealing Alice’s blue and black sports bra.


Many wolf whistles emitted from the Quidditch team. I heard a wolf whistle come from the stands.


“Girl you look sexy!” Lily yelled. I began laughing.


“You are one sexy bitch!” Alice yelled. I began laughing harder.


“Wow, even the girls want you,” Xavier said. I blushed crimson red.


“Alright, let’s get started,” James said standing next to me.


James blew a whistle and we all began running.




After practice I didn’t bother putting my shirt back on. I was way too hot.


I walked into the girl’s locker room to get changed. Lily and Alice ran in.


“Oh my god, girl, you have the hottest body I have ever seen!” Alice yelled.


I have long muscular legs, no hips, and I have abs, not a six pack but I do have abs.


“Thanks,” I said putting my sweats back on.


When we had done five suicides and we took a 5 second break for water. I took my sweats off revealing a very short pair of black shorts. More wolf whistles had come from the stands and from the Quidditch team.


“Here take this,” I said throwing the long sleeve shirt at Alice. I put my broom in my locker and grabbed my bag that had my school uniform in it.


I grabbed the shirt from Alice and stuffed it into the bag.


“Aren’t you going to put your shirt on?” Alice asked.


“I’m too damn hot,” I said.


“Yes, you are,” Lily said. I laughed slightly and we left the locker room.


“And there she is one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen.” Oliver said. I blushed crimson.


“Come on,” I said walking back to the castle.


Lily and Alice followed behind.


“Hey Tori, Alice and I are having a sleepover in the Heads Dorm.” Lily said. “Want to come?”


James pushed me in the back so I almost fell over. I glared at him. He gave me a look saying take the offer. I sighed.


“Sure,” I said.


“Awesome,” Lily said. “I’m going with Alice to get her stuff; you can get in with James.”


“Alright,” I said smiling. “I just really need to take a shower right now.”


Alice and Lily laughed.


We climbed back into the castle. I had to get something to eat form the Great Hall. So instead of being a baby about not wearing an actual shirt I walked in a grabbed a bread roll from one of the gold platters on the Gryffindor table. I got many wolf whistles and angry looks from girlfriends


I left the Great Hall the Marauders trailing behind me.


“Sirius, stop staring at my ass,” I said without turning around.


“I wasn’t…I…ah…” Sirius stammered.


“Exactly,” I said climbing up the steps to the Gryffindor common room. 

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Chapter 2: Sleepovers, Butterbeer, and Angry Glares
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Chapter 2
Sleepovers, Butterbeers, and Angry Glares

I climbed up the girls’ dormitory steps; skipping two each time. James would wait until I’m done getting ready in the Commons. I pushed the door, labeled seventh years, open. The dorm was completely empty. Considering it was Friday and practically all of the Gryffindor girls had boyfriends. And they usually did something on Friday nights.


The only other girl besides me who didn’t have a boyfriend was Terri Pick. She was sitting on top of her bed reading a book. We didn’t talk that much because we hardly ever saw each other. I was usually with the Marauders and she was usually in the Library. Don’t get my wrong, I love the library, I just never have time to go in there. But whenever Terri and I did talk it was always interesting. We talked about everything in the short amount of time we had. She was a very fascinating person to talk to.


Terri has dark coco brown hair that is cut just above her shoulders. It curls at the ends, she’s told me about her feeble attempts to straighten it but not even magic can keep her hair straight. We joked about that for a week. She has coco brown eyes that are always zoned out. Thinking about something, kinda like me, when I zone out it’s almost like watching TV in my head.


“Hey Terri,” I said as I threw my bag onto my bed which was next to Terri’s.


“Hey Tori,” Terri said looking up from her book.


“What’cha reading?” I asked pulling my uniform out of the bag and placing it in my pile of dirty clothes.


“It’s a book I got from the library,” Terri said excitedly. “It’s about werewolves.”


I stared at her for a few minutes. “Are you a werewolf?”


“Me? No,” She said. “I just think they’re really fascinating.”


“Oh, that’s cool,” I said.


I grabbed a towel from a folded pile next to the door to the bathroom.


“Taking a shower?” Terri asked.


“Yeah, I’m all sweaty and disgusting,” I said.


“Yes, and I love your outfit,” Terri said with a smirk.


I looked down at my sweats and sports bra and laughed slightly.


“Thanks,” I said walking into the bathroom.


I walked into the closest shower and turned on the water. I quickly stripped down and stepped into the warm water. It slithered down my back and into the drain.


Five minutes later and I left the now steaming shower. Terri was sleeping now. I quietly tip toed past her and grabbed my pajamas. I quickly put them on. My black sweats and white tank-top were boring but oh so comfortable.


I grabbed my pillow and quietly left the dorm. I closed the door as quietly as possible and than bolted down the steps. James was laying on the couch now staring up at the ceiling. I coughed.


James shot up and looked at me.


“Ready to go?” I asked.


“Let’s go Bushytail,” James said and we left the Gryffindor common room and headed to the Head’s Dorms.




James and I walked up to a large portrait of a knight.


“Hello James,” The knight said.


“Hello Sir Benjamin,” James said.


“Please give me the password,” Sir Benjamin said.


“Pumpkin Pastries,” James said.


“Are you serious? That’s the password?” I asked as the portrait swung open.


“What? I was hungry when we were choosing a password.” James said as he climbed through the portrait whole.


I followed behind him.


The Head’s Common Room was absolutely amazing. There was a large fire place, two large red comfy couches, two red chairs, a couple of tables, and a large window seat.


“Wow,” I said.


“Yeah, it’s pretty amazing,” James said. “Now, you’re going to go in there.” James said pointing to the room on the right; most likely Lily’s room.


“Okay,” I said walking towards Lily’s room. James gripped my arm and spun me around.


“At four in the morning,” James began; I gave him a weird look. “Oh don’t give me that look I know you’ll be up.” I smiled at how well James knew me.


“Anyway, at four come over to my room, do the secret knock please,” James said. “We’ll all be waiting,”


I gave him a raised eyebrow. “Just go,”


James pushed me towards Lily’s room. I pushed the door open, Lily and Alice were sitting on Lily’s humongous bed giggling and laughing about something.


“Hey Tori,” Lily said slightly laughing still from whatever they were laughing about earlier.


“Hey guys,” I said throwing my pillow on the floor by the bed.


“Come join us,” Alice said patting a spot on the bed.


Alice and Lily looked so cute in their pajamas. Lily was wearing pink shorts and with red hearts on them and a matching pink tank-top. Alice was wearing purple shorts with lollipops on them with a matching purple tank-top.


I sat down on the bed next to Alice and Lily.


“Okay Alice, ask her.” Lily said. I stared at Alice expectantly.


“Is Frank Longbottom dating anybody?” Alice asked. I gave her a raise eyebrow, a talent I realized I had when I met Sirius.


“Why?” I asked.


“Well isn’t it obvious?” Lily asked. “Alice is completely head over heels for Frank,”


Lily laughed as Alice playfully slapped her on the shoulder.


“I don’t believe he is,” I said thoughtfully. “He’s waiting for someone,”


“Oh,” Alice said looking depressed.


“It’s you, you dummy,” I said pushing Alice. She beamed at me.


“Really?” She asked.


“Yes,” I said.


“Oh my god!” Alice said jumping up and down on Lily’s large bed.


I laughed at her and Lily pulled her back down to earth.


“Now, to get him to ask you to Hogsmede this weekend.” I said putting my fingers to my lips like I was thinking really hard.


Lily and Alice watched me with worried expressions.


“It looks like I have to talk to Frank tomorrow,” I said.


“How do you know he’ll listen to you?” Alice asked.


“I’m the only person on the Quidditch team who can beat up all of the other guys.” I said. “He’ll listen to me,”


Alice and Lily started laughing.


The rest of the night we stayed up talking about nonsense. Lily had gotten some Butterbeers from the House Elves. I sipped mine gratefully; god knows I had Butterbeers and chocolate sweets waiting for me in James’ room.


We were all laying in some weird way. I was laying on the floor, my pillow was propping up my feet. Lily was laying on her bed; her head was hanging off the edge while the rest of her body was the bed. Alice was sitting on a chair with her feet hanging over the sides.


“Hey Lily?” I asked. This was the perfect moment to ask her questions about James.


“Yeah?” Lily asked looking at me from her bed. Her hair fell in front of her face.


“What do you really think of James?” I asked.


Alice and Lily stared at me for a few seconds. I continued staring at the ceiling sipping my Butterbeer every now and than. Out of no where Alice began laughing hysterically.


“What?” I asked looking at Alice.


“Why don’t you tell her Lily?” Alice asked between laughs.


Lily looked at Alice and than turned back to me. She climbed off of the bed and crawled over to me. Alice removed herself from the chair and crawled over to me too.


Lily laid down next to me and Alice laid on the other side.


“I think I’m starting to like him,” Lily said. I sat up and stared out of the window sitting right in front of me.


“When did this happen?” I asked.


“About two weeks ago,” Lily said sitting up.


“She’s been talking my ear off about it,” Alice said sitting up. “She’s been trying to convince herself that she doesn’t like him.”


“Why?” I asked.


“Because, if I’ve hated him for six years I can’t just start liking him!” Lily yelled. She was standing now and pacing around the room.


“Lily,” I said standing and placing my hands on her shoulders. “Trust me; just go with him to Hogsmede this weekend.”


“What?” Lily asked. She was half glaring and half excited.


“You need to let James show that he’s changed and deflated his head,” I said.


“His head does seem smaller,” Alice standing next to me. I laughed.


“But what if he doesn’t ask me?” Lily asked. “What if he doesn’t want to ask me because he doesn’t want to take being rejected anymore?”


She was pacing again. I grabbed her by the arm and stared into her deep green eyes.


“Lily, you’re looking at one of James’ best friends.” I said. “Trust me; he’s going to ask you to Hogsmede,”


“But don’t tell him that I’m going to say yes,” Lily said.


I groaned and looked down at my feet. “You just can’t make this easy can you?”


“No,” Lily said shaking her head. I sighed. Alice yawned and looked at the little watch on her wrist.


“Oh wow, it’s three ‘o’ clock,” Alice said.


“Really?” I asked astounded that it was already three in the morning. It didn’t feel like it. I wasn’t tired at all.


“Alright let’s go to bed,” Lily said climbing into her bed. Alice climbed in with her.


“Oh, Tori, there’s no room for you,” Alice said.


“It’s okay, I usually sleep on the floor,” I said.


“Are you sure?” Lily asked.


“Yeah, it’s fine,” I said. Plus it would make it easier for me to get out of here in an hour.


I fluffed my pillow and Lily threw an extra blanket down at me. I thanked her and threw the blanket over my body. I didn’t go to sleep I ended up making pictures in the cracks of the ceiling. Small snores emitted from the bed, I couldn’t tell if it was from Alice or Lily.


The digital clock sitting on Lily’s bedside table blinked three fifty-seven. I sighed and stood up, grabbing my pillow as I did. I looked back at Lily and Alice. Lily was sleeping with her mouth slightly open, I wanted to laugh at how perfect she was for James.


I grabbed the blanket that Lily gave me and draped it over the both of them. I sighed and left Lily’s room and headed next door to James’. I did the secret knock which just knocking three times, pausing, and knocking two more times.


James quietly opened the door. When he saw it was me he pulled me by my forearm into his room. Sirius, Remus, and Peter were all sitting on James’ huge bed.


“Sit, sit, sit,” James said urgently pushing me toward the bed.


“Okay, okay,” I said dropping my pillow onto the floor and climbing onto the bed.


“So how was hanging out with girls?” Sirius asked.


“Quite entertaining,” I said. James threw a butterbeer into my lap. I smiled happily and popped it open. I gulped most of it down and then removed it from my lips.


“So, what’d you learn?” James asked.


“Alice likes Frank,” I said taking a piece of chocolate that Remus offered. I bit down into it, caramel oozed out of the chocolate and into my mouth. It was delicious.


“Not about Alice, about Lily!” James yelled.


“Remus, what kind of chocolate is this?” I asked.


“It’s a new kind; my parents sent some for my birthday.” Remus said. 


I handed the remaining bits of the chocolate back to Remus.


“What are you doing?” Remus asked looking repulsed at the chocolate.


“This is your birthday chocolate,” I said. “I can’t eat this,”


“Don’t worry, I have some left over, I saved this piece for you.” Remus said.


“Thanks,” I said stuffing the last bit of chocolate into my mouth.


“Tori!” James yelled.


I flung off of the bed and onto the floor. I heard Sirius’ bark like laughter.


“What Prongs?” I asked getting on my knees.


“What have you learned about Lily?” James asked.


“Not much,” I said. “She didn’t talk that often, we talked more about classes and how…a certain chaser…is hot.” I said referring to Xavier.


“Certain chaser?” Sirius asked.


“What house is he in?” Remus asked.


“Why do you guys care?” I asked.


“No reason,” They both said at the same time. I stared at them suspiciously.


“Come on Bushytail! I need to know if I should ask Lily to Hogsmede next weekend!” James yelled.


“Than just ask her!” I yelled back.


“I can’t!” James yelled. “I’m finally friends with her! I don’t want to risk her hating me because I asked her out!”


“Prongs, shut up,” I said.


He was pacing and he suddenly stopped.


“Trust me,” I said. “I’m your best friend, don’t protest Sirius, you must trust me!”


“Tori, I don’t want to risk this,” James said. “I’d rather have her as a friend than not in my life at all.”


James slumped down into the chair across from the bed. I walked over to the seat and sat down on the arm. I wrapped my arms around him in a hug.


“Trust me Prongs,” I whispered in his ear.


He looked up at me with a worried expression on his face. He looked back down at his bare feet.


“Alright,” James said. “I’ll ask her out…when should I ask her out?”


“Hm…Wednesday, that’s the middle of the week.” I said.


James took in a deep breath and nodded. “Alright, I’m trusting you Bushytail,”


“You should do that more often.” I said. “Maybe if you did you would’ve gotten Lily sooner.”


I walked back over to the bed and sat down at the edge. James came to the bed and sat down next to me.


“Yeah, I know,” He said rubbing my head.


“Hey, stop that!” I said batting his hands away.


Even though James and I aren’t related we still treated each other like we were siblings. Everyone saw that connection between James and Sirius but it was until later that everyone saw the sibling connection between James and me.


“Alright, now how about another round of butterbeers!” Sirius said pulling five bottles of butterbeer out from under James’ bed. Sirius handed each one of us a butterbeer and I chugged it down. Everyone else chugged down theirs and we all lay down.


“I think it’s time for bed,” I said.


“Yeah,” Sirius said laying on the bed; taking up most of the space.


I laughed at him and grabbed my pillow. I walked over to the door and gripped the door knob.


“Where you going Bushytail?” Remus asked.


“To one of the very comfy couches in the common room.” I said opening the door and closing it quietly.


The fire crackled and sent a warm glow all around the common room. Once upon a time I was scared of fires ever since the fire. Thanks to James and Sirius I was no longer afraid of fires but found them very comforting.


I threw my pillow onto the couch and laid down on the impossibly comfortable couch. I turned my body so my head was burrowing into the couch. I curled my knees slightly into my body. I closed my eyes and yawned slightly.




The next morning I woke-up with a blanket covering my body. I looked at it and almost thought that Lily did it when she woke-up this morning. But it was a different from the blanket Lily gave me early this morning when she was going to sleep.


I yawned and sat up and turned my head to the other impossibly comfortable couch across the way and saw Sirius sleeping. He had the same blanket I had covering his body. I smiled at him. He was such a great guy when he wanted to be. I could be a real pain in the butt when I wanted to be.


I grabbed my pillow and chucked it at Sirius. He jolted up right and looked at me.


“What was that for?” Sirius asked.


“Did you give me the blanket?” I asked him.


“Yeah, you looked a little cold at six this morning.” Sirius said rubbing his eyes.


“Thanks Sirius,” I said. I looked at the clock on the fire place mantel. It read nine thirty three. “Hey, I’m going to get some breakfast.”


“That’s exactly what I was thinking,” Sirius said. “May I accompany you to the Great Hall?”


“In our pajamas? You don’t even have a shirt on!” I said.


“Well you can go in what you got,” Sirius said. “I’ll just take one of James’ shirts.” Sirius waved his wand and a dark blue tank-top appeared on his body. It matched his black and white plaid pants nicely.


I laughed at him as he posed awkwardly.


“Are you ready my lady?” Sirius asked holding his arm out for me. I linked my arm through his.


“Why yes good sir I am ready,” I said.


We walked over to the portrait hole. Sirius paused and opened the door. “Ladies first,” I smiled at him and exited the portrait hole. Sirius followed behind me.


“And you say I can’t be polite,” Sirius said offering his arm once again. I linked my arm through it.


“Silly me to think that chewing your food with your mouth open isn’t polite.” I said.


“I knew you’d understand,” Sirius said.


We walked down to the Great Hall together.


The Great Hall was bustling with laughter and loud chatter. Some of the chattering seemed to stop when Sirius and I walked into the Great Hall. I was getting a lot of glares from a lot of girls.


“What’s everybody staring at?” Sirius asked. “Can’t I have breakfast with one of my best friends?”


I smiled at him. He could be such a loser but he always knew how to make an awkward situation less awkward. We sat down at the usual Marauder spot and began eating breakfast. Five minutes later James and Remus walked in with a very tired Peter following behind.


“Good-morning sunshine,” James said sitting down next to me.


Some of the girls sitting around us glared at me again.


“Is it me or are the girls glaring at me a lot?” I asked.


“It’s probably because of your little show yesterday in the Great Hall.” Remus said.


“Yeah, you’re the only thing that a lot of the guys can talk about.” James said. “Even the ones who have girlfriends.”


“Really?” I asked.


“Yeah, and probably also because you’re sitting with some of the hottest guys in the entire school.” Sirius said.


“I never used to get dirty looks,” I said piling some pancakes on to my plate.


“Yeah, but I guess because of yesterday and since every girl wants us…” James trailed off.


“Thanks for reassuring me you guys.” I said pouring massive amounts of syrup onto my pancakes.


“That’s what we’re here for,” James and Sirius said hugging me close. Earning me even more angry glares. 

Chapter 3: What The Hell? I'm Confused!
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Chapter 3
What the Hell? I'm Confused!

I woke up in James’ dorm. Yesterday was a full moon, we all left to the Shrieking Shack with Remus so he could transform. Today was Wednesday, the day Frank and James are going to ask Alice and Lily to Hogsmede.


I stood up from the floor and gripped my pillow. Mooney was on the bed, he didn’t look so good. We should take him to the Infirmary. Sirius was on the floor sprawled out in front of the door. James was in the chair and I’m not sure where Peter was. He wasn’t in the room.


I chucked my pillow and James, he then chucked it at Sirius, who than chucked at Remus. Remus was about to chuck it at Peter when he noticed he wasn’t there.


“Where’s Wormtail?” Remus asked.


“I don’t know,” I said. “Maybe he’s in the common room,”


“Maybe,” Remus said. He groaned in pain.


“You okay?” I asked going over to him.


“Yeah, my side really hurts,” Remus said gripping his side.


“Come on guys, lets get him to the Infirmary,” I said snaking my arm around his waist while he put his arm over my shoulders.


James and Sirius stood up and we left the Heads’ Dorm. Lily was in the commons reading a book.


“Hey Lily,” I said.


“Hey Tori, oh my god, what happened to Remus?” Lily asked when she saw Remus’ pained expression.


“He’s fine, just a little soar,” I lied.


“What’d you guys do last night?” Lily asked.


“Don’t ask,” James said opening the portrait hole.


I carefully maneuvered Remus through the hole and we headed to the Infirmary.




“So how’s he going to be Madam Promfy?” I asked as Madam Promfy looked at Remus’ bruises.


“Just a few cuts and bruises, nothing out of the ordinary,” Madam Promfy said. James, Sirius, and I all sighed with relief.  “But I want him to rest here; you three can go to breakfast.”


“Yes Madam Promfy,” We said.


“We’ll see you later Mooney,” Sirius said.


“Yeah, we’ll bring you some chocolate,” James said.


“I’ll tell you if Lily says yes,” I said winking at Remus so only he could see. He winked back; he had already figured out that Lily was going to say yes because he knows how to get me to talk. Bribing me with chocolate, evil little monkey.


“Come on Bushytail!” James called from the doors.


I ran over to him and Sirius. We all linked arms and headed back upstairs to change into our uniforms.




We walked into the Great Hall. We had yet to find Peter, he would turn up eventually.


I was adjusting my skirt because it was starting to bug me. Sirius was buttoning the last few buttons of his shirt and straightening his tie. I looked up and saw every girl in the entire Great Hall glaring at me.


“What is everyone staring at?!” I yelled annoyed by the glares.


Everyone looked away and continued eating.


“I’m really starting to hate these people,” I said sitting down at the Gryffindor table. Sirius and James sat on either side of me.


“Hey, you’re the one who walked in looking like she just had sex with Sirius,” James said scooping eggs onto his plate.


“What?!” I asked.


“Yeah, the way you two walked in it looked like you just got finished snogging in a broom closet.” James said.


I stared wide eyed at my plate. When we did walk in it looked like Sirius and I had just gotten out of a broom closet. This day can’t get any worse can it?


“Look there’s Lily,” James said nudging me in the side. He pointed towards one end of the table where Lily was eating with Alice. “Should I go ask her?” James began standing.


“No, no, no,” I said pulling him back down to his seat. “Wait until lunch,”


“Yeah, you don’t want to rush into it,” Sirius said.


“For once Padfoot is right,” I said.


“Hey!” Sirius said with a mouthful of eggs.


“Anyway, wait until lunch and than take her down to the lake,” I said. “Okay?”


“I don’t think I can wait till lunch,” James said.


“James, you can wait,” I said. I began piling pancakes onto my plate.


I poured syrup all over my pancakes and began eating. I was only half way done with my pancakes when the bell chimed. I groaned but took a sip of my water to wash down the pancakes in my mouth.


“Come on Bushytail, we got Transfiguration to go to.” Sirius said pulling on my arm.


“Okay, okay,” I said. “I’m coming,” I wiped my mouth on my sleeve and Sirius began pulling me out of the Great Hall.




“Alright class, take your seats!” McGonagall yelled as the final bell rang.


Sirius and I were partners in Transfiguration so we sat all the way in the back. Sirius leaned his chair back on the back legs and put his hands behind his head.


“Alright, today we will be turning a feather into a flower.” McGonagall began.


A flick of her wand and a piece of chalk began writing the steps onto the blackboard. The class copied down the steps as feathers began floating to our desks. A white one landed in front of me while a red one landed in front of Sirius.


“Alright Padfoot,” I said standing from my seat. “Do you think you can handle this?”


“I can handle anything Bushytail,” Sirius said taking his wand out.


He flicked his wand and said the spell. His feather turned into a beautiful red rose.


“Wow, very good Sirius,” I said clapping.


“Alright, change yours,” Sirius said sitting back down. He was sniffing his flower.


I waved my wand and said the spell. The white feather turned into a white rose.


“Tada,” I said sitting down in my chair.


McGonagall walked by.


“Very good,” She said.


“Professor?” I asked. She turned and faced me. “Why are we doing basic Transfiguration?”


“I thought the students could use a break from studying for the N.E.W.T.S.” McGonagall said. She walked back down the aisle.


“See, her knickers aren’t always in a twist,” I said to Sirius. He laughed his bark like laugh again.


I yawned and stretched out like Sirius.


“Tired?” Sirius asked.


“Only a lot,” I said closing my eyes. Sirius laughed again.


“Stop laughing at me!” I said.


“I’m sorry, but it’s almost like you forgot.” Sirius said.


“What?” I said opening one of my eyes to stare at him. He laughed again.


“Usually you start reminding us two weeks before, but you haven’t said a peep about it.” Sirius said.


“Sirius, what are you talking about?!” I asked sitting up now.


“Don’t you know what’s coming up in a week and a half?” Sirius asked.


I pondered. A week and a half. It had just turned December, there was a beautiful coating of snow.


“Winter Holidays?” I asked bewildered about what on earth Sirius could be talking about.


“You seriously forgot,” Sirius said laughing again. “You’re turning seventeen.”


I stared at him with wide eyes. He was right I was turning seventeen. I can’t believe I forgot my own birthday, and Sirius remembered! What is the world coming too?! Sirius was laughing again.


“I can’t believe you forgot?” Sirius said laughing.


“I can’t believe you remembered.” I said.


Sirius stopped laughing and looked at me like he was hurt. “I remember some things,”


“Yeah, some,” I said under my breath.


“That’s not funny,” Sirius said crossing his arms.


“Yes it is!” I said as I started laughing at the expression on Sirius’ face. He looked like a little kid who didn’t want to go take a bath.


Sirius and I argued about what was funny and what wasn’t for the rest of the period. The bell chimed and Sirius and I left for Defense against the Dark Arts.




The day dragged on slowly, it felt like lunch took forever to get here. After a boring and drawling Divinitation class I was grateful for the bell that chimed through out the school.


I bolted out of the class and was the first to climb down the ladder. I usually had Divinitation with Remus but he was still in the Infirmary. He should be at lunch right now though.


I walked into the Great Hall; Remus was sitting at the table reading the Daily Prophet. I slumped down next to him.


“Thanks for leaving me in Divinitation,” I said as I scooped some macaroni and cheese onto my plate.


“Sorry about that Tori,” Remus said putting the Prophet down.


“Any interesting stories today?” I asked eating some of the macaroni.


“Not really,” Remus said as he fixed himself a sandwich.


“Hello lady and gentleman,” Sirius said sitting across from me.


“Hello moron,” Remus said. I almost choked on my macaroni.


Sirius looked astounded at Remus. “Pretty tough words coming from a guy who just got out of the Infirmary.”


“What’s your point, I can still take you,” Remus said. They were both trying, and failing, to cover up the goofy smiles on their faces.


“Okay both of you stop,” I said after successfully swallowing the macaroni. “We need to have a happy face for James when he comes back from the lake.”


“Hey guys!” James said sitting down next to Sirius. Speak of the devil.


“So, how’d it go,” I asked already knowing the answer. The beam on James’ face alone could tell anyone the answer.


“Yeah Prongs, how’d it go?” Sirius asked elbowing James in the side.


“Shesaidyes!!!” James said so fast that I could barely understand a single word that came out of his mouth.


“What?” We all asked.


“She said yes,” James said quieter so as not to make a scene. But of course Sirius was going to make a scene.


Sirius stood up on the bench grabbing his golden goblet and a butter knife as he did.


“Excuse me! Everyone! Please listen up!” Sirius yelled while tapping the goblet. I laughed slightly. “I have very big news!”


Every watched Sirius with excited eyes. I laughed again, but Remus motioned for me to stop.


“Lily Evans has finally said yes to James Potter!” Sirius yelled.


Everyone began clapping; even Remus and I. James had turned a very red color. I looked over at Lily who was sitting with Alice; she was the same color as her hair. Alice was clapping and cheering like everyone else.


Sirius sat back down and put the goblet and butter knife back on the table.


“You always have to make a scene, don’t you?” James asked.


“Of course, Jamesie poo,” Sirius said. Remus and I started laughing. “If you’re not gonna make a scene than I have too.”


Skinny, pale arms wrapped around my shoulders.


“Thank you so much!” Alice said in my ear. Apparently Frank had just asked her to Hogsmede.


“No problem Alice,” I said.


She released the hug and walked back to her seat with Lily.


“What was that about?” Sirius asked.


“Nothing, just playing cupid,” I said with a smile while eating more of my macaroni.


Another pair of arms hugged my shoulders. Bits of fiery red hair fell in front of my face.


“You’re the best,” Lily said.


“I do try,” I said with a slight laugh.


She laughed and went back to sitting with Alice.


“You’re the greatest,” James said eating some of his grilled cheese sandwich.


“Thank you,” I said.


“Now, you’re getting something extra special for your birthday.” James said.


“Yay,” I said happily. I smiled a wide smile.


“Oh, did I tell you?” Sirius asked. “Bushytail forgot her own birthday.”


“What?” Remus asked surprised.


“Well, it’s been kind of hectic lately.” I said. “I haven’t had that much time to think about myself.”


“True,” James said.


“Thank you for understanding,” I said. “Unlike someone I know,” I glared at Sirius.


“What, it was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard,” Sirius said. He looked off into the distance as if he was remembering what happened today in Transfiguration.


“You’re a loser,” I said finishing my macaroni.


I grabbed my messenger bag and headed to where Alice and Lily were sitting.


“Hey,” I said sitting down.


“Hey,” Lily and Alice said at the same time.


“So, how are things,” I said smiling.


“You’re about as dorky as the rest of them.” Lily said.


“It kind of rubs off on you,” I said. Lily and Alice began laughing.


The bell chimed once again. I grabbed my bag and waited for the Marauders to catch up with me.


“Off to Herbology!” Sirius said loudly.


He linked his arm with mine and we skipped to the greenhouses. As we passed Lily and Alice I waved and they started laughing.




The day drawled on slowly but surely. It was finally dinner and my legs were slowly giving out beneath me. I wanted to go to sleep really badly but I had to get through dinner first. Remus and James were already there. I slumped down next to James and leaned my head on my empty golden plate.


“Oh, is someone tired?” James asked as he rubbed my back.


“Yes,” I groaned.


“What’s wrong with her?” Sirius asked as he sat down next to me.


“She’s tired,” James said.


I felt Sirius lean down next to my ear. I could feel his hot breath, it tickled. “Come on Tori, wake-up!” Sirius yelled.


“You’re a pain in the ass!” I yelled throwing a bread roll at him.


He laughed and caught it easily. He took a bite out of it.


“Hey guys,” Peter squeaked.


“Where have you been all day?” I asked.


“I had some things to do for Professor Slughorn,” Peter said.


“Yeah, I don’t want to know.” I said.


I began scooping spaghetti noodles onto my plate when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and my green eyes met with the icy blue eyes that I love.


“Hey Tori,” Xavier said.


“Hey Xavier,” It was very difficult to speak.


“Can I talk to you for a second?” Xavier asked.


I felt a hand grip my shoulder. I looked over at James; he had his over-protective brother look on his face.


“Sure,” I said standing. James glared at me, I just smiled. James went back to glaring at Xavier.


“What’s his deal?” Xavier asked.


“Don’t worry about it,” I said.


We walked up the rows of tables. I passed Lily on the way. She looked at me with a confused look on her face. I just shrugged my shoulders.


Xavier stopped a few feet away from Lily, just enough so she could still hear if she listened hard enough. There was no one else sitting at these ends of the table.


“I was wondering if you wanted to go to Hogsmede with me,” Xavier said slowly.


I stared at him for a moment of shock. Xavier Kane was asking me out! What the hell?

Chapter 4: I Hate You! I Hate All Of You!
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Chapter 4
             I Hate You! I Hate All Of You!

I felt my breath get caught in my throat. I stared at him my eyes wide. I swallowed and took in a deep breath. His icy blue eyes looked hopeful. I felt something kick at the back of my leg. I almost fell over but I managed to keep my balance.


I looked behind me; the bench was at an angle, part of it right behind my knees. I looked over at Lily, she glared at me and we had a silent conversation with our eyes.


“So,” Xavier asked. I turned back to face him.


I couldn’t speak again, his eyes always managed to take my breath away. I nodded. He smiled, flashing his brilliant white teeth.


“Thanks, I’ll be waiting in the commons on Saturday at around four.” Xavier said excitedly. He gave me a peck on the cheek and left the Great Hall.


I stared off towards the windows behind the Hufflepuff table. I felt myself go red as Lily jumped up and gave me a hug.


“I can’t believe it!!” Lily yelled.


“You can’t believe it?” I asked.


“What happened?” James asked as he rushed over to Lily and me. He had an angry look on his face.


“Tori got a date this weekend!” Lily said excitedly. I sighed and put my head in my hands. “What?” Lily asked me.


“You got a ‘what’ this weekend?” James asked. He looked absolutely furious, if it was possible, steam would probably be coming out of his ears.


“Come on James, aren’t you happy for her?” Lily asked.


“No, he’s not,” I said. Lily looked at me confused. “He’s like the over-protective brother I don’t want.”


Lily laughed but coughed it off when she saw James’ face.


“Come on James,” I pleaded. “This is the first date I’ve had since you made that announcement fourth year.”


Back in fourth year, I started… “Maturing”…if you know what I mean. And a lot of guys were taking notice, and a lot of them started asking me out.


James took it upon himself to announce to everyone during dinner that I was single and would stay such until the day I die. And if any guy had the balls enough to ask me out would not have balls anymore.


James glared at me through squinted eyes. It was hard to keep his gaze but if I wanted this date to continue I would have to hold it until he looked away.


It felt like hours of just staring. I only blinked four times, I think. James finally sighed and looked away.


“Yes!” I yelled. I could still go on the date. I could actually have a date with Xavier Kane.


“What’s going on?” Lily asked.


“I get to go on the date!” I yelled.


Alice joined in with Lily and me who were now jumping up and down.


“Oh my god!” Lily said as she stopped jumping. “We have to have a sleepover on Friday.”


“Oh yes,” Alice said.


“Okay, I have to discuss it with my boys though.” I said.


“Don’t worry; we’ll make sure they say its okay.” Lily said.


“For once I’m acting like a girl,” I said quietly.


“Isn’t it fun?” Alice asked.


“Sometimes,” I said quietly.


“Alright, well James is telling the boys what happened.” I said peering over Lily’s shoulder. “I better go soften the blow.”


Lily and Alice looked at me with confused looks. I just smiled and headed back to the table. I sat down in between Sirius and James.


“You have a date?” Remus asked. He looked furious. I looked at the rest of the Marauders. Peter wasn’t at the table anymore, he probably left while I was jumping up and down with Lily and Alice. Sirius was furious also. James looked like a very angry tomato.


“How can you have a date?” Sirius asked.


“It’s not possible!” Remus yelled.


“Especially after I yelled at everyone Fourth Year!” James yelled.


“You’re not going to do this!” Sirius yelled.


“You’re defiantly not going to do this!” Remus yelled.


I wanted to speak to yell. But every time I got a chance to open my mouth someone else would speak.


“This is ridiculous!” James yelled.


“Xavier is going to be speaking with a very high pitched voice from now on!” Sirius said squeezing something; I’m not sure what it was because it was just a pile of crumbs now.


Remus was so furious he couldn’t say words anymore. He just started growling. They just kept yelling it was just piling on and on. I lifted my hands to my ears to try and block the noise. But no matter how hard I pushed my hands to my ears, their yelling just kept piercing through.


“Shut up!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.


The chatter of the Great Hall ceased. The Marauders’ yelling had stopped. I felt all eyes on me. I felt my face get really warm from the building anger and embarrassment. I also felt tears form in my eyes.


“I’m not a ten year old!” I yelled at the Marauders. “I can take care of myself!”


I stood up and ran out of the Great Hall. Pushing my feet into the ground. I was the fastest runner in all of Gryffindor; there was no way they were going to catch up with me.


“Tori!” Lily and Alice were chasing me. What was the point? They weren’t going to catch me.


I climbed up the many stairs, knowing every way through the school. I felt tears stinging my eyes as I ran.


The portrait of the Fat Lady neared.


“Password,” She said in her regal and noble voice.


“Licorice Wand!” I screamed at her.


“You don’t have to be so rude,” The Fat Lady said calmly.


“Just let me in the fucking common room!” I yelled.


“Tori!” I turned towards the stairs. The Marauders were practically climbing over each other trying to get to me.


The portrait swung open and I burst in. Sirius managed to get to me, somehow. He gripped my arm and turned me around.


“Tori, stop!” Sirius said obvious concern in his voice.


“You’re an asshole,” I said spitting in his face.


I know it was uncalled for but it was the only way for me to get free from his grasp.


“Tori!” Remus and James yelled as they burst the portrait hole. Alice and Lily were probably gasping for air somewhere.


“Go away you assholes! Just leave me alone!” I screamed. “I hate you! All of you!”


I saw the hurt and pained expressions on their faces, but I didn’t care. They hurt me and they deserved to be hurt also.


I bolted up the steps and burst through the door to the seventh year’s girl’s dorm.


I slammed the door shut with a bang. I stood in front of the door for a few seconds. I felt the pools of tears flow down my cheeks.




I whipped around, wiping tears as I did. Terri was sitting on top of her bed, she looked at me confused.


“Are you okay?” Terri asked.


“No,” I said simply dropping to my knees. I cried into my hands.


I heard Terri climb off of her bed and walk over to me. She didn’t say anything she just wrapped her arms around me.


“It’s okay,” She said quietly. I breathed in heavily.


“No, it’s not,” I said. “I just told my best friends that I hated them.”


“Sh…” She quieted me. “Get some sleep,”


She helped me up off of the stone floor and walked me over to my bed.


“Just sleep,” She said taking my long Gryffindor robe off and laying it down on my trunk.


I kicked off my shoes and crawled underneath my covers. I cried more as Terri went back to her bed.


There was no way that the guys would forgive me for this. It would be a miracle if they did; an even bigger miracle if they ever talked to me again.


I felt more tears pool down my cheeks as a knock erupted from the door. It was the secret knock.


Terri got up and opened the door.


“Where’s Tori?’ I heard James’ voice, it sounded so pained which only made me cry harder.


“She doesn’t want to see anyone,” Terri said.


“Please,” James pleaded.


“How’d you even get up here?” Terri asked trying to change the subject, but James is as stubborn as a donkey.


“I know a charm,” James said quickly. “Just please let me see her,”


“No,” Terri said. “You need to leave; you can see her in the morning.”


I knew James would accept that. Terri closed the door and walked back to her bed.


I felt my body weaken from the massive amounts of tears I cried. I took in a deep breath and felt my body slowly shut down. 

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Chapter 5: Forgiveness and Friendships
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Chapter 5
Forgiveness and Friendships

The sun flowed into the dorm. The window was right across from my bed so it poured directly onto me. I never needed an alarm clock; the sun always woke me up.


I yawned and sat up stretching my arms out above my head. I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.


“Good-morning,” Terri said from her bed. Her legs were hanging over the side of her bed.


“Hey Terri,” I said. I yawned again.


I was still in my school uniform. I should have another one somewhere in my trunk. I rolled off of my bed and onto the floor, my knees scraped on the stone. I opened my trunk and pulled out a black skirt, a white blouse, a gray sweater, and my socks.


I stood up and wiped the dust off of my skirt. I dropped the clean uniform onto my bed.


“Were you waiting up for me?” I asked looking around the empty dormitory.


“I thought I should,” Terri said. “I didn’t know if you wanted to sit with the guys today or not.”


I was slowly unbuttoning the blouse I was wearing. I stopped abruptly. Everything that happened last night at dinner washed over me. It felt like a huge wave that kept crashing into me.


Terri noticed my reaction to whatever she said. “Tori, I’m sorry,”


I shook my head. “No it’s okay,” I continued removing my uniform and than put on the clean one. I sat down on the bed and pulled my socks on.


Terri got up off of her bed and came and sat down next to me.


“You can sit with me at breakfast,” Terri said.


“It’s not mealtime that I’m worried about,” I said putting my head into my hands. “It’s classes.”


I had Double Charms with James and Sirius and History of Magic with Remus. The worse part was, now, I couldn’t pass notes with Remus in History of Magic. We both agreed that Professor Binns was the most boring man…dead.


“You’ll make it through the day,” Terri promised.


“How do you know?” I asked. “Are you psychic?”


“No,” Terri stated. “I just know you guys.”


I gave her a raised eyebrow. “It’s just…” She began.


I gestured for her to continue.


“I don’t have a lot of friends,” She said. “You’re like my only friend, literally.”


I patted her on the back, she just smiled. “And when I see you and The Marauders…” She stared off into space like she was looking at a memory. “You guys are really close; a stupid fight like this isn’t going to ruin your friendship.”


“Terri, you don’t understand,” I said. “I said I hated them,”


“So? They deserved it,” Terri said. “It’ll make them realize how important you are to them. And the fact that they were being stupid gits.” I laughed a little.


“I don’t know if I can face them,” I said.


“Well, let them talk to you,” Terri said. “It’s their fault that this happened.”


I smiled at Terri. She was a great friend even though we didn’t get to talk that often. We need to change that.


“Come on,” Terri said. “I’m hungry,” I laughed. I slipped on my shoes and grabbed my messenger bag.




Terri and I walked into the Great Hall. The chatter was limited, not many people were talking.


I looked over at my usual spot; the Marauders spot; right smack dab in the middle of the Gryffindor table. Peter wasn’t there, he was hardly ever at breakfast; not sure why.


The rest of them looked so depressed. I wanted so badly to walk over there and hug James close. He looked so sad, his glasses were off, his plate was empty, and his head was buried into his hands.  


Sirius was looking down at his empty golden plate. He wasn’t eating, Sirius was really depressed. His hair was messy and all over the place. I felt so bad now.


Remus’ plate had food on it but he wasn’t eating. He was just staring at the three pancakes covered in maple syrup. The pancakes even had chocolate chips in them; Remus could never resist chocolate. I wanted to cry on the spot.


“I know it’s hard to see,” Terri said.


She gestured over to an empty spot at the table. The very far end closest to the door; the spot where no one sat.


“Eat something; a solider fights better with a full stomach.” Terri said.  I laughed slightly at the saying. “My mom use to say that all the time,”


“Why?” I asked absent mindly piling pancakes onto my plate.


“Just like here I don’t have that many friends at home.” Terri said piling eggs and bacon onto her plate. “I get picked on a lot at home,”


“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said.


“Nah, it’s okay,” Terri said taking a bite out of her bacon. “My mum always said to be tough and fight.”


I laughed. “That’s amazing,”


“Yeah,” Terri said.


“Is she a witch?” I asked.


“Yeah,” Terri said. “My dad was a wizard but he walked out on my mum and me when I was really little.”


“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said.


“Its okay, my mom always says that he was a wiener.” I laughed, almost choking on the chocolate chip pancake. “Are you okay?”


I coughed and swallowed the pancake. “Yeah,” I said.


“What about your parents,” Terri asked.


I looked down at the syrup covered pancakes. “My mom was a witch and my dad was a muggle.”


“Oh, so you’re a half-blood,” Terri said mostly to herself. I nodded. “How’d you meet James?”


“We grew up next door to each other,” I said. “And than his parents took me in after the fire.”


“Fire?” Terri asked.


“My parents died in this huge fire when I was five,” I said.


“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Terri said.


“Don’t worry, it’s in the past, and that’s behind me.” I said eating the rest of my pancakes.


The bell chimed and Terri and I walked until we had to split up. She was going to Potions and was making the love potion. I headed off to Charms; I had to face the sad faces of the Marauders eventually.




I walked into Charms, only a few of the students had come in. James and Sirius being two of them. I took in a deep breath and went over to my seat in between Sirius and James. They left it open which made my heart swell with hope.


I slowly made my way to the spot. Not looking around, just staring at my shoes. I grabbed the back of the chair and pulled it away from the desk. I placed my messenger bag down on the ground and sat down.


Avoiding their faces at all costs, I took out a piece of parchment and a quill from my bag.


“So Padfoot, how are you?” James asked Sirius.


“I’m good Prongs, how are you?” Sirius asked James.


I looked down at the blank piece of parchment, wishing I could just vanish.


“I’m a little hurt,” James said. I don’t know if it was intended for me to hear, like he wanted me to apologize or something.


I wanted to make myself smaller, make myself completely disappear.


“I’m sorry to hear that Prongs,” Sirius said.


All of a sudden I was angry. I was angry that Sirius and James were ignoring me like this. Last night James would have given a left nut to see me.


I wanted to cry again. I would give anything to be alone right now.


The bell chimed again and Professor Flitwick stood on top of a stack of books.


“Good-morning class,” He squeaked.


“Good-morning Professor,” The class mumbled.


“Oh come on class,” Professor Flitwick said. “Tomorrow’s Friday!”


I laughed slightly. I stopped as Professor Flitwick began the lesson.




It was almost the end of class; I almost stood up and left when the bell rang the first time. Than I remember I had Double Charms. I wanted to say something to Sirius and James but I could barely speak to say the spell for today’s lesson. How could I possibly speak to them?


A piece of parchment that was crumpled into a ball rolled in front of me. It came from James’ side.


I slowly reached for it and slowly opened it.


Go to the lake at lunch today.


I looked at James and nodded. I didn’t know what he was up to. Was he going to apologize? Or was he going to yell at me to apologize?


The bell chimed signifying Lunch. I stood up and left the classroom. I had to have something to eat before I went to the lake. Like Terri said “a soldier fights better with a full stomach.”


I walked into the Great Hall and sat down at a spot at the door. Terri walked in shortly after and sat down across from me.


“Hey,” She said. I scooped a few spoonfuls of macaroni and cheese onto my plate. I began shoveling the food into my mouth.


“Are you in a rush?” She asked. I didn’t say anything I just threw the crumpled up piece of parchment at Terri.


“Who was this from?” Terri asked.


“James,” I said with a mouth full of macaroni. It didn’t sound like I said James; but Terri still knew who I was talking about.


“Maybe he’s going to apologize!” Terri said.


I nodded. I wasn’t even half way done when I saw the Marauders walk into the Great Hall; grab a bread roll from the table, and left. They were wearing their scarves and winter robes.


I shoveled the rest of my food into my mouth, drinking some water to help me get it all down. I stood up from the bench. “I’ll see you later Terri,”


“Bye Tori,” Terri said.


I bolted through the front door leading outside. I didn’t care that I didn’t have my scarf or my winter robes. I bolted through the snow towards the lake.


I could see four little black dots by the lake. Apparently Peter was there even though he left before the fight happened.


I neared closer to them. My socks getting soaked from the snow. They were probably going to yell at me for not dressing properly for the cold outside. I didn’t care, I couldn’t last another minute without my boys.


I finally made it to the lake. The guys were standing around the large tree.


“Tori!” James scolded.


“I know, I know,” I said. “I’m not properly dressed for the outside.” I breathed.


I took in a few breaths. “So, what did you want?”


“We wanted to say that…” James began.


“We’re sorry,” Sirius said.


“For yelling and stuff,” Remus said.


Peter stared absently around the lake.


I took in a deep breath. They said they were sorry, just like Terri said they would. She was right; a stupid fight like this couldn’t break up our friendship.


I felt a warm tear trickle down my cheek.


“Tori? Why are you crying?” James asked.


I didn’t say anything. I went up to James and wrapped my arms around his middle. He was so much taller than me. He hugged me back laying his head on mine.


“I’m so sorry Tori,” James said. I cried into his robe. “Please don’t cry Tori.”


“I missed you so much James,” I said into his robe.


He just held me tighter. I felt two more pairs of arms wrap around me.


Remus and Sirius were hugging me too.


“Group hug,” Sirius said. I couldn’t help but laugh. Remus and James joined in with my laughing. Peter stood awkwardly around us laughing.


Sirius began laughing, I was trying to get out from the hug but I ended up tripping over either, James’, Sirius’, or Remus’, humongous feet. It went all down hill from there.


I fell into Peter, dragged down Sirius, who dragged down James, who dragged down Remus.


We sat there in the snow, freezing our asses off, just laughing.


“Come on, the bell will be ringing soon,” Remus said standing. He helped me up and everyone else stood.


“Mooney, can we just skip History of Magic?” I asked leaning my head on his shoulder.


“That is a very tempting offer Bushytail,” Remus said. “But we have to go,”


I groaned.


“Hey, I’d take History of Magic over Divinitation any day.” Sirius said.


“Yeah, but you have Prongs,” I said. “I was left alone yesterday.” I glared at Remus.


“Hey don’t blame me,” Remus said raising his hands up as if surrendering. “Blame the moon,”


I rolled my eyes at him. We trudged through the snow back to the castle.




We walked back into the Great Hall. Terri stood from her seat.


“Are you guys talking again?” She asked. I beamed.


“Yes!” She said hugging me close.


“Who is she?” James whispered in my ear. I elbowed him in the gut. He toppled over, I just kept smiling.


“What’s up with him?” Terri asked.


“He’s got cramps,” I said. Terri began laughing.


“That was not funny,” James said.


“I thought it was funny,” Sirius said. I began laughing.


The bell chimed. Remus and I headed to History of Magic.


Remus and I took our seats in the back. The bell chimed again. Professor Binns began drawling on.


I took out a piece of parchment and began writing on it.


I’m exceedingly bored


Class hasn’t even started yet!


Remus’ clean writing came into view on the parchment.


I’m still bored


He shook his head and laughed slightly.


Don’t laugh at me mister! And you can’t deny that you aren’t bored either.


No, I’m pretty bored.


Our little notes went on and on through the entire period. Every now and than we looked up like we were paying attention but than we went back to writing the little notes.




“It’s over! It’s finally over!” I cheered as Remus and I walked out of the classroom.


He laughed at me.


“Come on Mooney be happy! Next week is the last week of school and than its Winter Holidays!” I cheered.


He laughed at me some more.


“Where’s Padfoot, he’ll cheer with me!” I said.


Remus and I walked into the Great Hall for dinner. Remus and I plopped down at the table. Sirius ran down through the Great Hall. He sat down next to me.


“Divinitation is OVER!” He cheered. I laughed.


“See Mooney, I told you he would,” Remus began laughing.


“What are we talking about?” Sirius asked. 


“Nothing,” I said scooping spaghetti noodles onto my plate. James plopped down next to me.


“Tomorrow is Friday!” James cheered.


“Yeah!” Sirius cheered.


“You guys know we’re making that love potion tomorrow in Potions…right?” Remus asked.


I groaned. James just smiled.


“I don’t need it,” James beamed.


“I could use it,” Sirius said. I stared at him in shock.


“What girl do you need to use a love potion on?” I asked.


“Oh, you’d be surprised,” Sirius said. He smiled at me.


“You shouldn’t use a love potion on anyone,” Remus said. “You should date someone who actually loves you,”


“See Mooney gets it! How come you two can’t?!” I asked.


“Hey, I get it now,” James said.


“I’m just stupid,” Sirius said.


“Yes, yes you are,” I said. Remus and James began laughing. I laughed with them.


I looked down at the end of the table. Terri was sitting by herself. I stood up.


“Where you going Bushytail?” James asked.


“Don’t worry, I’ll be right back,” I said.


I walked over to Terri and sat down next to her.


“Hey Terri,” I said.


“Hey Tori, why aren’t you sitting with the Marauders?” She asked.


“Because I saw you sitting all by yourself,” I said.


“Oh, don’t let my loneliness keep you from your friends,” Terri said.


“But you are one of my friends,” I said. “So you’re going to sit with the Marauders and me.”


Terri looked at me with wide eyes. I could tell she was about to protest.


“Don’t say anything, just come with me,” I said.


I walked back to my seat and plopped down in between Sirius and James. Terri sat in the space between Remus and Peter.


“Guys, this is Terri,” I said.


“Hey Terri,” The guys said.


“She’ll be sitting with us from now on,” I said.


“Tori, you really don’t have,”


“I know I don’t have too,” I said cutting off Terri. “I want too,”


“Alright, we’re going to need a nickname for her,” Sirius said stroking his chin like he had a beard.


“Hm…” I said pondering also.


“How ‘bout Bookworm?” Terri asked.


I nodded. “Do you want it to be Bookworm?” She nodded.


“It suits me, don’t you think?” Terri asked.


“I don’t know, if we’re like calling her to come over to us, it might sound like an insult.” Remus said.


“True,” James said.


“Alright, until we can figure out a nickname for her…” I said. “We’ll call her Terri.”


“Alright,” Everyone agreed.


“Welcome to the group,” I said to Terri. She beamed at me.


I took in another deep breath as Sirius started asking Terri random questions as they popped into his head. She laughed as she answered. Everything was starting to look up. 

Chapter 6: Good Days Can Go Bad
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Chapter 6
Good Days Can Go Bad

Potions the next day started like every Potions class starts. Professor Slughorn talked about the Slug Club meeting that happened the earlier Tuesday.


I sighed and James laughed. I hit him on the arm. He pretended like it hurt so I just gave him a hug.


“Alright, now you all will follow the directions exactly,” Slughorn said. “Or the potion will not work,”


With a flick of his wand, a piece of chalk wrote the steps on the blackboard.


“And remember, whoever does the best, will get to keep a bottle of the potion.” Slughorn said.


I stood up and went over to the cupboard where all the materials were.

I think the worst part about Potions was we shared it with the Slytherins. The entire Slytherin Quidditch team was in this class, and boy did they hate me. I was an amazing keeper and they hated it.


Lucious Malfoy, Zacharias Dames, Hector Phils, Ian Crate, Aaron Hills, Daniel Tray, and Richard Samson. The Slytherin Quidditch team.


They were all huddled around the cabinet. I decided to be patient and wait but after ten minutes of hearing them laugh about something stupid Aaron said I got annoyed.


“Hey! Some other people need to get supplies!” I yelled. Bad idea.


They all turned around. The Quidditch captain, Zacharias Dames, was so close to me that his nose was practically touching my forehead; since he was taller than me.


“What did you say Mitchell?” Zacharias asked.


“Oh right, you can’t understand too many words put together,” I said. “I’ll put it simpler. Move!”


Zacharias glared at me.


“You’re talking big talk,” Zacharias said.


“Would you like me to talk smaller?” I asked. “Maybe you’ll understand better,”


All seven of them inched closer towards me.


“Hey, hey, hey,” James said as he stood in front of me.


“Potter,” Zacharias said.


“Dames,” James said.


“Why don’t you let your little pet fight her own battles?” Zacharias asked.


“Hey! I’m not his pet!” I said trying to jump over James to get to Zacharias.


“Well honestly, I don’t think it’s a fair battle.” James said. “I mean seven against one, that’s not fair at all.”


“Don’t you mean one against seven?” Lucious said snootily.


“No, I meant what I said. I’m worried about you guys.” James said. “One hex and all seven of you guys are on the ground with bruises on your faces.”


I smiled at James. “Thanks Prongs,”


“No problem Bushytail,” James said.


I looked back at the Slytherins. They all looked furious.


“Alright Potter,” Zacharias said. “We’ll have a Quidditch match right after dinner!”


“James, someone can get hurt,” I said quietly so only he could hear. “It’s too cold outside.”


“So, how ‘bout it?” Zacharias said.


James looked at me and turned back to Zacharias. James was a little taller than him. “You’re on,”


James turned and went back to his seat. I glared at him but went to the cabinet to grab the supplies and headed back to my seat.


“Are you crazy?!” I asked. “It’s like two degrees outside!”


“I know, but it’s time we put Zacharias Dames in his place.” James said. His arms were crossed over his chest and he was looking straight ahead at the board.


I huffed and sat down. James was going to get me killed.


“Come on, let’s do this stupid potion,” James said standing.


He grabbed some supplies and began the potion. I did the same. The potion was to be a light pink color at the end if it was done correctly.


My potion came out the right shade of pink. I sighed in relief; I needed a passing grade on this potion. I already had a P in this class, an A or above would raise my grade to a passing grade.


I looked over at James’ cauldron. His potion was a sickly green color.


“I don’t think you did it right,” I said.


“You think?” James asked.


“Sorry,” I said.


“It’s okay,” James said. He bottled up some of his potion and put it on Slughorn’s desk.


He came back to our desk and sat down.


“Are you okay?” I asked sitting down.


“I can’t believe I accepted that challenge!” James said putting his head into his hands. “I should’ve listened to you.”


“You know what, I’m glad you took it!” I said. “Cause now, we can put those Slytherins in their place.”


He smiled at me. “Thanks Bushytail,”


“That’s what I’m here for,” I said smiling. I bottled some of my potion and put it on Slughorn’s desk.


“Miss. Mitchell?” Slughorn asked.


“Yes Professor?” I said turning to face him.


“Are you the one who made this potion?” Slughorn asked holding up my bottle of love potion; which had my name on it. You know sometimes I worry about Professor Slughorn.


“Yes Professor,” I said. I heard Sirius snicker. And I know it was for the same reasons on why I worry about Professor Slughorn.


“Fill up another bottle, this love potion has been perfectly made.” Slughorn said.


“Really?” I asked.


“Yes, not even I can get this potion to the proper shade of pink.” Slughorn said. “It’s usually a few tones darker. 25 points for Gryffindor.”


I felt a swell of pride flow through me. I walked back to my desk and fill up another bottle of potion.


“Way to go Bushytail,” Sirius said pushing me slightly.


“Thanks Padfoot,” I said capping the bottle and placing it in one of the side pockets of my messenger bag.


“It looks like you’re getting an O for today.” James said.


“That means I pass for the semester!” I said excitedly.


“Woo hoo!” Sirius cheered.


“Mr. Black, will you please restrain yourself!” Professor Slughorn yelled.


“Yeah, Padfoot, restrain yourself.” Remus said.


“Mooney why don’t you restrain yourself?!” Sirius asked.


“From what?” I asked.


“Um…” Sirius said thinking.


“Yeah, while you think about that, why don’t you remove that parchment from in the fire?!” I screamed. Sirius’ parchment, with the directions on them, had been pushed underneath the cauldron. Probably when Sirius cheered. But now the corner of the paper was on fire.


“Oh my god!” Sirius yelled grabbing a bit of the paper. He began waving it around.


“You idiot! Don’t wave it around!” Remus yelled.


The sink at the front of the room, which was used to clean cauldrons after they were used, was running.


I grabbed Sirius by the arm and pushed him towards the sink. When we got there I pushed his hand, with the parchment, underneath the running water.  


“Mr. Black, for your carelessness, 15 points from Gryffindor.” Slughorn said. “But, Miss. Mitchell, for your quick thinking, 50 points for Gryffindor.”


“Really?” I asked.


“You saved the students and the classroom with your quick thinking.” Slughorn said.


“Thank you Professor,” I said.


“Wow, 75 points in one class,” Sirius said. “You’re going to have a good day.”


“Sirius you can count?” I asked.


He gave me an annoyed look and pushed my slightly. I laughed at him and he laughed back.


I walked back to my seat. Sirius was right; I am going to have a good day today.




It was just after dinner; the Slytherin and Gryffindor Quidditch teams were on the Quidditch field.


Someone had done a spell that caused all the snow on the field to melt.


Both of the houses were sitting up in the stands. We weren’t in our Quidditch uniforms but we were wearing our house colors.


I was wearing a pair of jeans with two pairs of Lily’s black leggings on underneath. I had on three pairs of socks, white, yellow, and red. I had on two long sleeve shirts one was yellow the other red. And an old hoodie that was red. I was very toasty.


“Alright, first team to catch the snitch wins,” Zacharias said. “Doesn’t matter the score,”


“Alright,” James said. “Go to your spots!”


I mounted my broom that I got for Christmas last year and flew up in the air. I went in front of the three goal posts on one end of the field.


Aaron Hills went to the other side. Before he flew to his spot, Ian Crate flew over to me; he was one of the Chasers.


“Watch out Victoria,” He said. “I’m going to be flying all over you.”


I rolled my eyes at him. “See you soon, sweetie,” He winked and than flew off. I felt my gag reflex act up.


“Hey, what he want?” Sirius asked as he flew toward me.


“I don’t know,” I said. “I think he tried to make me up-chuck, and so far it’s working.”


Sirius laughed. “Just make sure you can block the goals.”


“Will do,” I said. “You just make sure I don’t get wailed in the head by a bludger,”


“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Sirius said. “I got you covered.”


He flew off to his post. I sighed.




The game went on and on. It seemed like it would never end. We had scored three goals and the Slytherins had yet to score any. It was getting harder to see as the night drawled on. All James had to do was find the snitch before Hector Phils.


“Sirius, we need light!” I yelled at Sirius who was only a few feet away.


“What do you want me to do?” Sirius asked.


“Tell me if any Slytherins are coming with a quaffle,” I said.


“Will do,” Sirius said.


I flew closer to the Gryffindor stands. But still close to the rings.


“Hey Lily!” I could see Lily easily. She was in the front of everyone else and she was easy to spot because of her fiery red hair.


“Tori? What are you doing?” Lily asked.


“I need you to get more light on the field,” I said. “James can’t find the snitch, and I don’t know about you but I wanna get out here.”


“Alright,” Lily said.


“Tori! Heads up!” Sirius yelled.


Zacharias was flying towards the goals. I quickly flew to my spot just as Zacharias threw the quaffle. I just managed to block it. I breathed a sigh of relief.


“Nice save Tori!” Sirius said giving me a high five.


“Thanks Sirius,” I said. All of sudden the field was lit up and bright.


Everyone on the Gryffindor side had their wands pointed up as light emitted from the wands.


I looked over at Lily who was smiling brilliantly.


“Lily you’re a genius!” I yelled.


“I know!” She yelled back.


The field was so bright. I could see every inch of the field.


“Tori!” Sirius yelled.


He was swinging at a bludger but he missed. I flew up as the bludger flew below me. I sighed.


“Tori!” David yelled.


Ian was just in front of the goals. He smiled at me and with a wink threw the quaffle.


Using my amazing quick thinking, I flipped upside down with my knees linked around my broom. I grabbed the quaffle just barely but I managed to block the goal.


Ian huffed and flew back. I threw the quaffle at Xavier.


“Nice save,” He said and flew off towards the other goal posts. I blushed crimson.


“And what an amazing save by Tori Mitchell!” Sam Greene had found his commentary box. “Now if only James could find that snitch!”


The game went on and on; blocking goal after goal. I was starting to get tired, and so were a lot of the kids in the stands.


“James Potter has spotted the snitch!” Sam Greene yelled.


James began flying off down the field.


“Go James!” I yelled.


“It seems like Hector Phils has finally caught on!” Sam said.


“Come on James!” I yelled louder.


“Go James!” I heard Lily yell.


That put James into gear. He flew faster towards the snitch. His arm out stretched towards the little golden ball.


The whole Gryffindor side was chanting James’ name. It was amazing, every time they said his name their wands glowed brighter.


“James Potter has done it! He has caught the snitch!” Sam Greene cheered.


James’ hand was gripped around something.


“Yeah James!” I cheered as loud as possible.


The entire team flew down to the ground to cheer him on. I flew to the stands towards Lily.


“Climb on Lily,” I said.


“What?” She asked.


“Come on, I know you want to go down there just as much as everyone else.” I said. “Now get on,”


“I’m…terrified of flying,” Lily said.


“I’ll go slow,” I said.


She slowly climbed onto my broom behind me.


“Hang on tight,” I said.


“Wha…” Lily asked as I zoomed off. She gripped my middle as tight as possible.


I flew to the ground. Lily’s head was buried into my back.


“Lily you can let go now,” I said as I put a foot on the ground.


“I hate you,” She said; her head still buried into my back and her arms still tightly wrapped around my middle. I laughed at her.


“Lily,” James said shocked.


“Help me,” Lily said.


“Help her Prongs, I think she’s going to start crying,” I said laughing slightly.


“Here, I got you Lily,” James wrapped his arms around Lily and lifted her easily off of my broom.


She frantically wrapped her arms around James neck. He laughed at her. “Are you okay?”


She nodded.


I got off of my broom and Sirius and I leaned in. “Romantic moment,” We said. “Ooo,”


We laughed. James glared at us.


“Are you sure you’re okay?” James asked.


Lily nodded. “Yeah, I think I’m okay,”


Lily let go of James’ neck and tried to stand on her own. She ended falling back onto James.


“I don’t like flying,” Lily groaned into James’ chest.


“It’s okay,” James said.


“Alright, guys let’s give the two love birds some privacy,” I said to the Quidditch team.


The Slytherin team and fans had left and the Gryffindor fans were heading to the castle.


James glared at me but than smiled thankfully.


“You owe me,” I said as I walked with the guys to the locker room.


The guys went into their locker room, and I stayed behind to watch Lily and James.


They were talking now and just walked around the field. I wish I could hear what they were saying, but I don’t have amazing hearing just quick thinking.


That’s when it happened. James leaned down and gave Lily a peck on the lips. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs but I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t ruin this moment for James and Lily.


“What’s going on?” I jumped at the sound of Xavier’s voice. He was so close; I could feel the heat from his body.


“James and Lily just kissed,” I whispered.


“Really?” Xavier asked.


“Yeah,” I said. “But be quiet,” I said putting a finger over my lips. He nodded but smiled.


Lily and James continued talking. It started to get very boring. I sighed and leaned on the wall that was behind me.


“Nothing happening?” Xavier asked. I shook my head. “Well, then…” He leaned down and gave me a peck on the lips. I stared at him in shock. It was just a peck but it was absolutely amazing.


“I’m sorry if that was uncalled for,” Xavier said.


“No, no, no, no, no,” I said no at least a million times before Xavier cut me off again by his lips.


This kiss was much deeper and passionate. His hands hugged me close and went down to my hips. My hands went up to around his neck and than tangled into his messy black hair.


He bit down on my bottom lip and than licked it. I felt my body shut down. His tongue roamed into my mouth and I had no objections. I felt like I should though, like I should say stop but I couldn’t release myself from the kiss.


“Tori?” I released from the kiss and saw Sirius standing watching us.


“Sirius,” I said trying to get away from Xavier but there was a wall behind me.


“What are you doing?” He asked. He looked so hurt, so sad, so depressed. But why?


“What does she look like she’s doing Sirius,” Xavier asked. “You do it with ever girl in the school.”


Xavier seemed so angry? Why was this happening? Why was Xavier being mean to Sirius? And why did Sirius look so sad?


“Xavier, back off!” Sirius yelled. “I was talking to Tori!”


“Well, I don’t think you need to ask to know what’s going on.” Xavier snapped back.


“Shut up both of you!” I yelled.


“Tori? What’s going on?” Lily asked as she rounded the corner. James was trailing just behind her.


I looked at them, at how much they didn’t know.


“Xavier here was kissing Tori,” Sirius said.


“She kissed back,” Xavier said. “And she sure as hell didn’t object,”


I wanted to scream that I wanted to I just couldn’t. I couldn’t find the ability to move or speak or anything.


“Sirius is just jealous,” Xavier said.


Sirius jealous? Of what? Of Xavier kissing me? What? That doesn’t make sense! Please deny it Sirius, please.


I watched him intently. He didn’t say anything he just looked down at his shoes. It was true he was jealous. But, I’m so confused.


“Sirius?” Lily asked. “Are you okay?”


“Leave him be Lily,” James said. “He’s been having these feelings for a long time.”


A long time? How long is a long time? And James knew and he didn’t tell me?! James tells me everything no matter what it is!


I couldn’t take it anymore. My head hurt and I was cold. I bolted out of the locker room area. I didn’t even bother worrying about my broom. It was still leaning up against one of the walls.


“Tori?” Sirius called. “Tori come back!”


I just kept running. I don’t know where I would go but I didn’t want to stop. I didn’t want to deal with this. Was Sirius really jealous? I cried as I ran. Tomorrow was my date with Xavier; I don’t think I could handle that. I had to end the date after I went through so much to have it.


I stopped running and plopped down in the snow. What was happening? Why did this have to happen now? Seventh year was supposed to be amazing. And so far it just sucked.


“Are you alright?”


I looked up and saw the giant who lived on the grounds.


“Hagrid?” I asked.


“Tori?” He asked. “I haven’t seen ya since you’re third year.”


A long time ago the Marauders and I would visit Hagrid all the time. But everything changed our fourth year and we never had time to visit Hagrid.


“What are you doing in the snow?” Hagrid asked. “And dressed improperly?”


I laughed slightly. “I just don’t want to go to the castle.”


“Well than, come inside,” Hagrid said helping me up. We walked to his hut where he made me a cup of tea.


I guess Sirius was wrong; I didn’t have a good day today. It all ended horribly. 

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Chapter 7: Everything Is Topsy Turvey
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Chapter 7
Everything Is Topsy Turvy

After a very large cup of tea with Hagrid, I headed back to the castle. I had to face them sooner or later; I just wish it was later. It was a long quiet trudge back up to the castle but I finally made it to the large doors. I pushed one open and slid in and closed it as I continued walking.


It was way past curfew, hopefully I wouldn’t get caught. If only I had the invisibility cloak or the map; it would make getting to the commons so much easier.


“Well, well, well,” I rounded the corner and came face to face with Slytherin robes. “What are you doing out in the wee hours of night?”

Ian Crate had always been a weird one. He actually talked to Halfbloods and Muggle borns. His snow white blond hair fell around his face and his amber eyes were captivating.


“I could ask you the same thing, Ian,” I said walking past him.


I passed the fat lady as I did, I wanted to go in, but I couldn’t! Ian was right there he would hear the password and he could get in on his own. I sighed, I just wanted to go to sleep.


“Where you going Victoria?” Ian asked stretching an arm out. He grabbed my arm and spun me around. “Don’t run away, I just want to talk,”


He pushed me up against a wall, his arms on either side of me. I didn’t say anything, I just watched him with careful eyes. He looked into my eyes; I guess waiting for me to speak; waiting for me to say some smart remark. But I wasn’t going to; I was tired, and didn’t want to deal with this.


He sighed and looked down at his shoes. He let his arms fall from around me. “You hate me don’t you?” He finally asked.


I was stunned by the question. I opened my mouth to say something but I was still in too much shock to speak. He had always teased me; ever since first year. I had a strong dislike for him but I didn’t hate him.


“I’m sorry,” Ian finally said. I looked at him questioningly. “For all the teasing and everything,”


What? I was confused. This was just too much for one day.


“I didn’t get to choose where I wanted to be,” Ian said. He slid down the wall and put his head into his knees. I slid down next to him. “If I could I would choose Gryffindor; in a heartbeat. I always wanted to be a Gryffindor,”


“Why’d the hat choose Slytherin then?” I asked finally able to speak.


“He probably saw that I’m very sly and sneaky,” Ian said. “I come from a long line of witches and wizards.”


I listened, waiting.


“All of them were from different houses.” Ian said. “It didn’t matter to them.”


I wish the rest of the Slytherins families were like that. Maybe than would the wizarding world be at peace.


“I wanted to be like my grandfather, he was the best!” Ian said all of a sudden excited. “He was in Gryffindor, and the best chaser.” I smiled at him. He was acting like a normal person; not a Slytherin lackie. 


“What happened?” I asked.


“He died, and I was miserable,” Ian said. “I didn’t care anymore; I became depressed and mad at everyone.”


I felt for him. Wait! I was feeling for him? No! No! No! This is bad! I can’t feel for Ian! What hell hole will this spin me into? I stiffened my back.


“Are you okay,” He asked looking me sincerely in my eyes. I nodded, than gestured for him to continue.


“Well, I joined the Quidditch team and Zacharias kind of took me under his wing,” Ian said. Boy did that explain a lot. “He’s a twisted kid,”


I laughed slightly and nodded. Zacharias was demented and weird and just plain evil.


“And than I met you,” I stared at him for a moment. Not saying anything, my face expressionless.  “You were so different from other girls.”


This was true; I wasn’t exactly parading around talking about clothes and boys. I liked to have fun and play pranks on people. I didn’t even notice that I was blushing.


“I wanted to talk to you,” Ian said. “But every time I got the chance Zacharias was there and I had to be a jerk.”


I looked down at my shoes. Wondering what I could possibly say to him.


“I just feel like I have to tell you this,” Ian said.


“Tell me what?” I asked.


“I like you Tori,” Ian said. “A lot,”


That was the first time he has ever called me Tori. It was always Victoria or Vicky.


“And I know you don’t feel the same towards me,” Ian said. “It would seem so wrong,”


I lifted my gaze from my shoes and stared across the hall at the many moving pictures. I stood up, Ian followed after me. I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. I closed my eyes for just a moment. I turned towards Ian; my eyes still closed. I wanted to say so much to him; to say that I could be his friend but there was no way we could be anything more.


Before I could speak a word; Ian’s lips crashed down on mine. I opened my eyes in shock; but I slowly closed them as I melted into the kiss. It was so different from Xavier’s kiss. Xavier’s was sweet and gentle, but Ian’s was harsh yet somehow sweet. Like the sweetness within him wanted so badly to be free. His arms wrapped around me; lifting me off the ground. I wrapped my arms around his neck as my feet touched the ground.


He released from the kiss. “I just wanted to see what would happen.” He said caressing my cheek. I unwillingly moved into it. He gave me a quick peck on the cheek and than ran off.


I felt tears stain my cheeks. I just kissed Ian Crate. I was horrified and happy all at the same time. I put my head into my hands and kneeled down to the cold stone floor. Why was this happening? Why must things like this happen to me? Especially now, when it’s so close to my birthday.




I quickly wiped away my tears and turned around to see Terri exiting the portrait hole.


“Terri, what are you doing?” I asked.


“Never mind me,” Terri said. “Come on,” She helped me up off the ground and we walked into the common room.


The Marauders were sitting on the couches. Lily was with them. Remus was playing Wizard’s Chess with Peter, James and Lily were sitting on one of the couches while Lily tried to explain the story of Cinderella to James. I’m not sure why though. And in the far corner sitting on the window bench, Sirius was sitting, looking absently out the window.


“Guys, look who I found in the hallway,” Terri said.


Lily was the first to move. She hugged me close.


“Oh my god Tori, where have you been?” Lily asked.


“Out and about,” I said quietly. She sniffed me and gave me a weird look.


“You smell like cologne,” Lily said.


“It was probably from Xavier,” I lied. It would’ve gone away by now. The cologne was most defiantly from Ian.


“Are you okay?” James asked as he hugged me.


“Yeah,” I said quietly. “Is Xavier upstairs?” I asked. James seemed shocked by the question.


“Yeah,” He said reluctantly.  I nodded.


I slowly walked up the steps passing Sirius as I did. I debated weather I wanted to tap him on the shoulder or give him a hug. But I shook off the feeling and went up the stairs. He didn’t even look at me he just kept looking out the window.


I pulled my arm up to the door, it was slightly open. I could hear some of the guys. I defiantly heard Xavier, David and Oliver. But those were the only ones.


“Yeah, she totally kissed me back,” That was Xavier.


“What was it like?” David defiantly.


“Let’s just say, it was pretty hot,”


“And…are you going to get anywhere else with her?” Oliver for sure.


“After our date at Hogsmede, I’m pretty sure I’ll have more than just her heart.”


The guys all cheered. I stared horrified at the door. I pushed it open, my horrified face changed to anger.


“Tori?” Xavier asked.


“More than just my heart?” I asked disgusted. “You’re a disgusting pig, and our date is over.”


I turned to leave but Xavier pulled me back. I stared into those bright blue eyes but they seemed to have lost their effect on me.


“Tori, you have to understand…I was just…” Xavier stammered.


“No you understand,” I said stepping closer to him. I poked him in the chest with my finger. “I’m not like other girls! I’m not some girl who can have sex with and than just throw away like a piece of trash!”


I was yelling louder than I intended but he deserved to hear it.


“And you’re lucky that I don’t hex you into oblivion,” I yelled. “I have things I need to do and things I need to fix and I don’t have time for trash like you!”


I whipped around and took one foot forward. I took in a deep breath and turned back around.


“Even a piece of trash like you deserves this!” I yelled as I brought my fist up and punched him in the face. I felt his nose crack underneath my hand. Blood spluttered out of his nose.


He toppled over his hands covering his mouth.


“Tori, what did you do?” David asked as he went over to Xavier.


“Oh, shut up you disgusting pervert,” I said. “You’re about as disgusting as him. Be glad I don’t do the same to you!”


Oliver gulped but helped Xavier up. I stomped back down the stairs.


“What happened up there?” Remus asked.


“I don’t have a date for Hogsmede anymore,” I said as I slumped down onto the couch.


“Really?” Remus asked. I nodded. He seemed a bit too excited for that.


“Where is she?”


Xavier flew down the stares. The biggest glare on his face. I stood up and walked over to him.


“You little bitch!” He yelled. He lifted his fist, I didn’t flinch away; I didn’t move I just stood there.


Suddenly a hand reached up and grabbed his wrist and pulled down behind his back. Than in a swift movement, Xavier was on the floor.


“The last time I checked it’s not nice to hit girls.” Sirius said as he moved in front of me.


I stared at him in shock, but than my expression turned to a smile.


“Now, get your nasty ass off the ground and carry yourself back upstairs.” Sirius said. “And be glad us Marauders don’t kick your ass out of the Gryffindor common room.”


Xavier stood up. He climbed back up the steps, glaring at me the whole time.


“Way to go Padfoot,” James said clapping Sirius on the back.


“Yeah, you sure showed him,” Remus said.


“Did you do that to his nose, Tori?” Lily asked. I smiled and nodded.


“Nicely done,” James said. I smiled and turned to Sirius, he had his little smirk; the smirk that got every girl to swoon.


“Thanks Padfoot,” I said.


“No problem Bushytail,” Sirius said ruffling my hair. I smiled and hugged him. He hugged me back. He leaned his head into my hair.


I almost didn’t feel like moving; like I didn’t want to leave Sirius’ arms. I shot my eyes open at that thought, I couldn’t be falling for Sirius, he was my best friend; it’s just not possible.


“Prongs, are you crying?” Remus asked.


James faked crying, “We’re just one big happy family,”


I laughed. Sirius laughed too, I heard his chuckle through his chest.


I released from the hug and faced Lily.


“Don’t we have a sleepover planned for tonight?” I asked.


Lily squealed with excitement. She hugged me close. “But you don’t have a date,” She stated.


“So, who needs to have a date to have an awesome sleepover?” I asked.


“True,” Lily said.


“I say we have a huge sleepover in the Heads Commons Room,” James offered.


“That’s actually not a bad idea,” I said.


“Tori, are you sure that’s a good idea?” Lily asked. “I mean a sleepover with a bunch of guys?”


“Hey, I’ve had many sleepovers with these boys.” I said. “You just got to put them in their place.”


Lily laughed.


“Alright, we’re going to get ready, meet down here in ten minutes.” I said.


“Ten minutes?” Lily asked.


“What? It’s not like you’re getting dressed,” I said.


“Not me,” Lily said. “I’m talking about Sirius,”


I laughed so hard I started turning blue.


“It wasn’t that funny,” Sirius huffed.


“I beg to differ,” James snickered.


I regained my composure. “Alright, ten minutes,”


I turned to go up the stairs; Lily following right behind me. I stopped; Lily almost ran into me.


“What are you doing?” Lily asked.


I turned around and saw Terri sitting on one of the couches.


“Terri, aren’t you coming?” I asked.


She looked at me. “Are you sure you want me to come?”


“Will you get your butt over here,” Lily said.


Terri smiled and than came towards Lily and me. When she was close enough, Lily gripped her arm and dragged her up the stairs.


“Wait for me!” I yelled as I bolted up the stairs. I heard the guys laughing.




Ten minutes later and we girls were waiting downstairs. The guys had yet to come down. I sighed.


“What is taking them so long?” I asked. I was laying on the couch, my feet hanging over the arm rest.


“Who knows,” Terri said she was lying on the ground.


“And they say we take forever,” Lily said. She was also laying on the floor.


When Lily had gotten upstairs she said that our pajamas could use some work.


She took one look at Terri’s green sweat pants and black t-shirt and shuddered. Lily went through every girl’s trunk on the search for the right pajamas.


Terri got a pair of black tight sweats and a forest green tank-top.


I got the joy of getting a pair of gray sweat pants that were tight against my body and a dark blue tank-top.


I groaned and rolled off of the couch. My face was in the comfortable carpet.


“Nice landing,” Terri laughed.


“Thank you, thank you,” I said, my voice muffled by the carpet. Lily started laughing.


They both rolled over so their faces were in the carpets.


“You know if someone were to come downstairs right now,” I said. “We’d look sleeping, dead, or drunk,”


Lily and Terri laughed.


“You know you guys look like you’re drunk,” Sirius said, he had finally come downstairs.


Lily, Terri, and I began laughing hysterically.


“What, was it something I said?” Sirius asked.


“Yes,” I breathed.


“Right,” Sirius said. He moved to the couch and sat down.


“What happened to them?” Remus asked.


“We’re drunk,” Terri and I said at the same time as we rolled over. We laughed even harder.


“Wow,” Remus said.


“Shut up Mooney,” I said kicking my pillow at him.


Terri’s and my pillow were sitting at the bottom of the stairs.


“Where are James and Peter?” Lily asked.


“James is on his way,” Sirius said.


“And I don’t think Peter is coming,” Remus said.


“Why not?” I asked sitting up.


“Yeah, you don’t want to know,” Remus said. I shrugged it off and stood up. I went a little light headed and swayed around the common room. I finally steadied myself. “Whoa,”


“Tori, help me up,” Lily said. I didn’t notice but I had stopped right by her.


She lifted her hands up towards me. I grabbed them and began to pull. I was still a little dizzy and I ended up pulling Lily’s ass off the ground and ended up falling back down.


Lily and I began laughing.


“Terri, want to give us assistance?” I asked.


Terri groaned but crawled over to us.


“Alright, how we going to do this?” Terri asked.


“Alright,” I said sitting. “Push your feet together.”


“What?” Lily asked.


“Just do it!” I yelled.


Lily and Terri jumped but obliged. We made a makeshift triangle and than stuck our feet out pushing them against each other.


“Now, give me your hands,” I said.


I took Terri’s and Lily’s hands and Terri and Lily joined hands.


“Now push and pull,” I said.


“What?” Terri asked.


“Just do it,” I yelled again.


I pulled on Terri’s and Lily’s hands but pushed on their feet. Lily and Terri did the same. We were slowly starting to rise up off the ground.


“It’s working,” Lily said astounded.


“Tori, you’re a genius,” Terri said.


“What are you guys doing?” James asked as he came downstairs. He had to do that. He broke our concentration and all three of us fell to the ground.


“We were so close!” Terri said lying down.


I groaned and lay down too. Lily sighed.


“Oh I got another idea!” I yelled.


“Oh no,” Terri and Lily groaned.


“Hey! This one’s full proof!” I said.


“Alright let’s hear it,” Lily said.


“Yo, guys, want to help us out here?” I asked. “Instead of watching,”


The guys laughed and came over to us. James picked up Lily, Remus picked up Terri, and Sirius picked up me.


“See, I told you it was full proof,” I said.


“Very nice, Tori,” Terri said clapping.


“Yes, it was absolutely brilliant,” Lily said joining Terri.


“Oh, thank you, thank you,” I said bowing.


Everyone started laughing. Terri and I grabbed our pillows and we headed to the Heads’ Dorm.




We were all sitting around in the Heads’ Dorm’s common room. We played many muggle card games that we had to teach to James and Sirius.


Lily and I began singing random muggle pop songs, while everyone else stared at us awkwardly. Terri actually knew one so she joined in with us.


After singing we sat back down. The guys were all clapping.


“Tori, I didn’t know you could sing,” Lily said.


“Oh, you should hear in the morning when she’s singing in the shower.” Sirius complained. “It’s impossible to get some sleep.”


“He can hear you through the shower?” Terri asked.


“We have a joined bathroom,” I explained. “Sirius and I share a bathroom.”


“Guess who takes the longest?” James asked.


“Sirius,” I said covering it with a cough.


“I do not,” Sirius said.


“You do too,” I said.


Sirius huffed and crossed his arms. He looked a little kid who couldn’t get the toy he wanted.


“Remus, are you okay?” I heard Terri ask.


“Yeah, I’m fine,” Remus said.


I turned around to face him. Terri was right he didn’t look too good.


“Are you sure Mooney?” I asked.


“I’ll get the chocolate,” James said going into his room. I laughed slightly.


Terri watched Remus, like she was really, really concerned for him. I watched her with a puzzling expression. Did Terri like Remus? I think she does. I yawned and looked at the clock on top of the fire place. Just as I did it chimed four times. It was four in the morning.


“Wow, its four AM,” I said.


“Maybe that’s why Remus looks so sickly,” Lily said.


“No, we’ve stayed up later,” I said.


“Oh,” Lily said. “Why do you guys stay up so early?”


“Reasons, that we can’t tell you,” Sirius said. He’s such an idiot sometimes.


“Oh, okay, sure,” Terri said with a smug smile. They were going to beat it out of me later. I know them; they’re going to do it.


James came back with an orange Honeydukes bag in his hand. He threw chocolate into the middle of the circle we had made with our pillows.


Remus and Terri dove for the chocolate. When they reached for the same chocolate their hands brushed. I saw Terri go completely red.


“You can have it,” She said stuttering. I smiled. Yep, she defiantly liked him.


“No, its okay, you can have it,” Remus said. They continued arguing about who should have the chocolate.


I got annoyed and grabbed the piece of chocolate. “Since you two can’t agree who gets the chocolate,” I said unwrapping the chocolate. “I’ll eat it.”


Remus laughed and sat back up. Terri was still blushing crimson.


“Alright, let’s go to bed,” James said crawling underneath his covers. He was sleeping next to Lily; she had no objections.


“Yeah, I agree,” I said crawling underneath my covers.


Terri and Remus were still eating chocolate but slid underneath their covers. Sirius crawled underneath his.


With a flick of his wand, James had turned the lights off.


“Good-night Padfoot,” James said.


“Good-night Bushytail,” Sirius said.


“Good-night Mooney,” I said.


“Good-night you goofballs,” Remus said.


Sirius, James and I began laughing.


“Good-night Lily and Terri,” I said.


“Good-night Tori,” They both said at the same time.


I closed my eyes and a few seconds later small snores emitted from James. I smiled and kept in a laugh. I yawned and than finally rolled over. I saw the back of Sirius’ head; or at least I thought it was. I swear I saw Sirius’ gray eyes looking at me; but it was four AM and I was probably seeing things.


With that final thought my body slowly welcomed the calm and quiet surroundings. Well as quiet as it could get with Sir Snores-A-Lot over there. But eventually I was at peace, even with all the drama that happened today.

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Chapter 8: End Of Term
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Chapter 8
End Of Term

The next morning I was woken up by the soft whispers of James and Lily. I knew their voices so well; James especially. I had only known Lily for a few weeks but I already knew her so well.


“So, what exactly are we going to do today?” I heard Lily asked.


“Well, the first thing we have to do is shopping for Tori’s birthday.” James said.


“When is Tori’s birthday?” Lily asked.


“Let’s see, Friday is our last day of school, than its Winter Holidays,” James said. “So, Tori’s birthday is…Thursday,”


“Really?” Lily asked.


“Yeah, she’s finally turning seventeen,” James said. “But after I get her, her present we can do whatever you want to do.”


“Whatever I want to do?” Lily asked. “I don’t think you can handle that,”


“Are you being sexual or not,” James asked. “Cause I got to know,”


Lily laughed. “You’ll see,”


I yawned and stretched, accidently hitting Sirius in the face.


“No I don’t want to play that game,” Sirius said absently. I sat up and looked at him with a confused look. James and Lily had the same look on their faces.


“Sirius, what game?” I asked trying to not laugh. James laughed lightly.


“The game with the long stick,” I looked stunned at Sirius. James looked stunned too.


“What long stick?” James asked.


“Alright, I’m awake,” Sirius said sitting up.


“What long stick?” James and I asked at the same time.


“I don’t know, I was just rolling with it,” Sirius said.


“Okay,” I said not believing a word of it but just let it go.


“Come on, let’s wake Mooney,” Sirius said excitedly. He crawled out from underneath his covers and over to Mooney.


“I’m already awake,” Remus said.


Sirius looked down unhappily. He whined and went back to his spot.


“Oh poor Sirius,” I said scratching him behind his ears. He closed his eyes. That was his spot; he had to use all self-control to not tap his leg happily.


He jerked away. “Stop that,” He said. “It’s not fair,” He looked down depressed.


“Aw, poor Snuffles,” I said.


“Snuffles?” Lily asked.


“Don’t ask,” I said.


“Will do,” Lily said.




In the next hour and a half we had cleaned up the Heads’ Common Room and went back to the Gryffindor Common room. Lily brought a whole bunch of clothes in a gym bag with her to the Common room. She was going to make sure that Terri and I were the hottest things at Hogsmede. I didn’t understand why but she wanted to.


Before we went in we waited for Alice outside the portrait. She showed up not long after we got there. We said the password and went in and straight up to the common room. Lily did Alice, Terri, herself, and than finally me.


Alice had on a pair of black leggings, a pair of gray flat boots, a dark blue denim mini, and a purple long sleeve shirt. Her dark brown, practically black, hair was curled and put into a pony tail. Her brown eyes looked gorgeous thanks to Lily’s awesomeness.


Lily had on a pair of white leggings, light brown boots, a light brown skirt that flared out, and a light pink long sleeve shirt. Her fiery red hair was down and curled around her face. Her green eyes popped with excitement.


Terri got a pair of black jeans, a green long sleeve shirt and her usual shoes. Her coco brown hair was down and around her face. Her coco brown eyes had just eyeliner around them.


I had a pair of dark blue jeans and my usual black converse. A light blue long sleeve shirt that was very comfortable. My light honey brown hair was down and framing my face. Lily insisted on putting make-up on me so I agreed to eyeliner and mascara. That was it, but I had to promise that the next time I have to dress-up; Lily could do whatever she wanted.


“Come on, let’s go!” Lily said.


I pulled on my black jacket that Sirius got for me last Christmas. I grabbed my favorite black hat and slipped it on over my hair.


We headed out of the dorms and down to the commons. The guys were all waiting downstairs. We walked down one at a time. I being my clumsy self tripped on the way down.


I managed to stay on my two feet; which is a shock. “Woo! And she sticks the landing!” I said raising my arms above my head.


Everyone in the Common Room clapped and cheered. I took my hat off my head and bowed. When I went back up, I put my hat back on.


“Nicely done,” Sirius said.


“Oh why thank you Sirius,” I said.


“Alright, anyone who doesn’t have a date, grab a partner,” James said.


“Why, milady, may I accompany you to Hogsmede?” Sirius asked as he bowed before me.


“Why yes good sir,” I said.


He offered his arm to me and linked mine with his.


“Who am I going to go with?” Remus asked.


“You can go with Terri,” I offered. Terri blushed crimson red.


“May I accompany you to Hogsmede?” Remus asked. Terri just nodded. “Alright,”


“Let’s go milady,” Sirius said.


“Alright good sir,” I said.


We skipped the few feet to the portrait hole and Sirius opened it. He gestured for me to go first and I did. We skipped the rest of the way to the carriages.


It was weird how I could act this way around him even though he might actually like me. I guess…I don’t know.




“Alright Tori I have to get your birthday present,” Sirius said. I smiled.


“Can I come with?” I asked. He glared at me and than shook his head. I sighed. “Fine, I’ll be at Zonko’s,”


Sirius smiled and ran off. I walked down the snow covered cobble streets to Zonko’s. A lot of guys were in there each one getting in the way of where I wanted to go.


“Hey, guys move,” I said.


“Hey Tori,”


“Zacharias,” I said turning around.


Zacharias was standing with Ian and Aaron. I looked over at Ian; he smiled quickly but than it went back to his weird cocky smirk.


“Where are you friends?” Zacharias asked.


“Out and about,” I said.


“Good, because we need to have a little talk,” Zacharias said inching towards me.


“Ooo, sorry no time,” I said tapping my wrist like I had a watch on. “I can schedule you in for…never,” I smiled and walked past him and out of Zonko’s.


I headed up the street to Honeydukes, where I know I would find peace. I walked into the candy shop and the sweet aroma of chocolates wafted into my nose.


“Hello Tori,” The shop owner, Benny Penn, said.


“Hey Benny,” I said walking over to him. “You got my stuff?”


“Here you go,” He handed me an orange Honeydukes bag. I opened it; many assortments of chocolate were inside. I dug in my pocket for my money but Benny stopped me.


“This one’s free,” Benny said. “Think of it as an early birthday present,”


“You rock Benny,” I said. I gave him a hug over the counter and left the shop.


“Bushytail!” Sirius called. He was walking back from Zonko’s. “Where’d you go? You said you’d be at Zonko’s”


“Yeah, well I ran into a couple of pests,” I said. “So I went to Honeydukes and got a birthday present from Benny,” I held up the bag of chocolate.


“Very nice,” Sirius said.


“So, did you get my present?” I asked.


“I did,” Sirius said holding up a small bag.


“Sweet, what is it?” I asked. He smirked and shook his head.


“It’s a surprise,” Sirius said. I grunted and crossed my arms.


He chuckled. “That’s my face,” He said all of suddenly offended.


“Well, I just stole your face,” I said. He chuckled and offered his arm. I took it.


“Where we off to now?” I asked.


“Well, I think it’s time for Butterbeers,” Sirius said.


“I agree,” I said.


We headed to The Three Broomsticks and he opened the door for me. I walked in and we went to a small table by one of the windows.


Two Butterbeers appeared on the table.


“Ah, sweet, sweet, Butterbeer,” I said drinking some of the Butterbeer.


Sirius chuckled and took a sip of his own Butterbeer. Later on Lily and James joined us after they had a wonderful time looking for my presents and going for a walk around the town. Terri and Remus joined in shortly after; they spent most of their time in Honeydukes; after getting my presents. I felt special.


We joked around and had Butterbeer after Butterbeer.




It was finally Thursday; my birthday! Right after dinner we were having a party in the Heads’ Dorm. The day couldn’t have gone any slower! It felt like the day went way to slow! But it was finally dinner. I busted through the Great Hall doors; the Marauders trailing behind me.


“Free at last!” I yelled. The guys chuckled behind me.


We all sat down at our spots and we began piling food onto our plates.


“So Tori, you excited, huh, huh, you excited?” Sirius asked. “You should be excited! If you’re not excited than I’ll be excited for you!”


“Sirius, stop it,” I yelled covering my ears. “You’re making me very, very anxious,”


“Oh really?” James asked. Oh no.


Both Sirius and James began asking me if I was excited. I pouted and begged, with my eyes, for Remus to help.


“Alright guys stop,” Remus said. “She’s had a long enough day as it is,”


“Thank you Remus,” I said. “At least you understand,”


“I always understand,” Remus said eating some chicken wings.


I began shoveling spaghetti in my mouth as fast as possible.


“Geez Bushytail, don’t choke,” James said.


“Shut up James,” I said with a mouthful of spaghetti noodles. Sirius chuckled from next to me. I slapped him playfully on the arm.




Later after dinner, we were all in the Heads’ Dorm; even Frank and Alice came. I felt so loved.


“Alright Tori, are you ready for presents?” Lily asked.


“Yes!” I said excitedly. They had sat me down in one of the armchairs. And James and Sirius insisted that they decorated the Heads’ Dorm; just to piss me off and make me wait.


They had made a sign that said ‘Happy Birthday Bushytail’ that was hanging over my chair. Different colored balloons surrounded the entire Common Room.


“Alright mine first,” Lily said.


She handed me a bag that was brightly colored. I threw the many tissue papers from the bag and pulled out a scarf that had dark blue and light blue strings. I stared at in awe.


Alice got me two new shirts; both were black and had something from my favorite musical Wicked on it. One said ‘Defying Gravity’ and the other said “Wicked” in bright green letters. Frank didn’t know about my birthday so Alice said that Frank got the one that said “Wicked” on it.


Terri got me a silver bracelet that had a few gems plucked in it. It shined in the lights from the fire. It was gorgeous.


Peter didn’t get me anything because he didn’t have any money. Peter has never gotten me anything for any of my birthdays.


Remus got chocolate; like always. He said this chocolate was the same chocolate he got from his parents. The one with the caramel on the inside. I put the pieces of chocolate into the Honeydukes bag from Benny.


James got me a book of blank paper and a bright red quill. It was absolutely gorgeous. James knew I loved to write all kinds of things.


“And last but not least,” Sirius said handing me the small little bag he had from Hogsmede.


I reached my hand in the bag and pulled out a little white box. I lifted the lid off of the box. Lying on fluffy white material was a silver necklace with two little diamonds on either side of a little snowflake. It was gorgeous and matched the silver bracelet I got from Terri.


“Oh,” Terri said.


“My,” Lily said.


“God,” Alice said.


All three of them leaned in over the chair to look closer at the necklace.


“I take it they all like it,” Remus said. They guys chuckled.


“It’s absolutely gorgeous,” Lily said.


I couldn’t speak. I had no idea that Sirius could pick out something so beautiful. I was in so much shock.


“Can I have it?” Alice asked.


“No,” I snapped pulling the necklace closer to myself and leaning away from Alice. She laughed.


“I take it she likes it too,” James said.


“Do you? Do you like it?” Sirius asked.


“How can she not like it?” Terri asked.


I looked over at Sirius; the ability to speak had left me again. I nodded and smiled. Sirius beamed.


Later we had a balloon fight where we kept throwing balloons at each other. We made a huge pile of balloons and knocked people into the pile. Sirius and I were the only ones willing to fall into the balloons.


It was a blast. Even though we had classes the next day we didn’t care. We just partied all night, being stupid and eating chocolate. It was so much fun.




It was the end of term and everyone was going home for the Holidays. The Potter’s were having their annual Christmas ball; like they always do. And for once Lily agreed to come. Terri was coming also and the usual people were showing like always.


The train ride was the same as always. Sirius and I slept, James and Lily were at the Heads’ Meeting, Remus read, and Peter did whatever he does. We all invited Terri to sit with us in our compartment. She read just like Remus.


When the train jerked to a stop at Platform Nine and Three Quarters, I fell off the couch. Sirius was already sprawled out on the floor. I fell on top of him.


“Ow,” I said quietly.


“Well hello there,” Sirius said from beneath me.


“How was your nap,” I asked smiling.

“Pretty good,” Sirius said smiling.


“Alright,” I stood up and helped Sirius up off the floor.


We piled off of the train and were on the hunt for James’ parents. Julianne and Shawn Potter. Aunt Julie and Uncle Shawn to Sirius and me.


“James, Sirius, Tori!”


I saw the messy black hair of Uncle Shawn. Aunt Julie was right next to him.


“Aunt Julie! Uncle Shawn!” I called as I waved my arm over my head.


“Mum, dad!” James yelled.


Sirius, James, and I walked over to them.


“Oh, I’ve missed you,” Aunt Julie said pulling all three of us into a hug.


“Mum,” James said embarrassed. Lily was standing right behind us.


“What?” Aunt Julie asked she released us from the hug. I nodded my head towards Lily. “Oh, who’s this?”


“This is Lily,” James said.


“Oh, you’re Lily,” Uncle Shawn said. Lily’s face turned the same shade as her hair.


Sirius and I chuckled.


“She’s actually coming to the Christmas Ball this year,” I said.


“She is?” Uncle Shawn said. Sirius and I chuckled again.


“Alright, we’ll see you in two weeks,” I said hugging Lily. James gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek.


“Ooo,” Sirius and I said. James glared at us.


“Sorry,” We said.


“Let’s go both of you,” Uncle Shawn said.


“Bye Lily,” I called. I was walking backward and waving. She waved back and than headed off.


Boy, have things changed. Lily was falling for James, Sirius was possibly falling for me, and the weirder part; I think I’m starting to fall for him. 

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Chapter 9: The Potter Mansion
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After we left King’s Cross Station; Julie and Shawn apparated us back to the Potter mansion. We landed in the living room, right in front of the two large double doors.


“Mansion, sweet mansion,” Sirius said hugging the wall next to the door.


“Padfoot, what are you doing?” James asked.


“I’m hugging the house,” Sirius said. “Tori come hug the house with me,”


I laughed but went over next to Sirius. I hugged the house.


“Doesn’t this feel nice,” Sirius asked in a whisper.


“Yes, Sirius, this feels amazing,” I said. I walked away from the wall. “But I’m going to go upstairs to my room; where my bed is; because I’m tired.”


“We will accompany you,” James said pulling Sirius off of the wall.


“Yes, we shall,” Sirius said. They linked arms with me and we skipped up the stairs.


“We worry about you three sometimes!” Uncle Shawn said from downstairs.


“As you should Uncle Shawn!” I called back.


We laughed as we ran the rest of the way up the steps.




On the third floor of the Potter Mansion was our hallway. Our hallway had our rooms plus two rooms for Remus and Peter when they came. And five other guest rooms.


James’ room was across the hall from mine and Sirius’. Sirius’s and mine were right next to each other. Like Sirius said at school we have a conjoined bathroom.


“I will see you two at dinner,” I said walking into my room.


“You’ll probably see me before than,” Sirius said.


He was right; we were probably going to bump into each other when we both would go into the bathroom at the same time. Those were always fun moments.


I walked into my room and kicked the door closed. My room was the perfect size for me and all my random stuff.


The walls were a light blue color and the carpet was a crème color. All of the furniture was a light brown color that was only a few shades darker than the carpet.


The bed was a full sized four poster bed. Light, slightly transparent, blue material was tied to the four posts. The comforter was light blue with polka dots all over it. The sheets were a light brown color.


One door on the left side from my door was the bathroom that I shared with Sirius. Opposite of that wall was my wardrobe, filled will with all the jeans and t-shirts I ever wanted.


The wall that my bed was up against had three windows, one hanging above my bed and two window seats next to it.


The wall opposite the window wall was the wall I was standing in front of. The door leading to the hallway was there, as was my desk that had many pieces of parchments and quills on top of it.


Sirius’s room looked almost exactly like mine; only his was a darker blue and his furniture was a darker color. We argued about that room; because I wanted it. So instead the Potter’s made me this one. So now all the rooms with conjoined bathrooms would the same color only different somehow.


James’ room was red, and the room next to his was pink. I thought that was funny. Most likely Lily will be staying there.


Remus’ room was green and the one next to his was a lighter shade. Peter’s room was orange and the room next to his was yellow. It was a very fun day decorating the rooms. 


I walked over to my bed and slumped down onto it. I laid down my feet dangling off the edge.


“I’ve missed you bed,” I said. True the beds in the dorms were very comfortable; but I only slept in my bed on rare occasions. I was usually with the guys somewhere.


There was a knock at the door. I groaned but got up and opened the door. Standing in the doorway was a little house elf and my trunk floating a few feet behind him.


“Your trunk Miss. Tori,” He said.


“Thank you,” I said taking the trunk. The house elf walked off down the hallway and back down the stairs.


I opened my trunk and began throwing everything where it had to go. Books and papers were thrown onto my desk; clothes were thrown either in the hamper next to the bathroom door or the wardrobe; I grabbed my stuff for the bathroom. I knocked on the door twice; when there was no answer I walked in.


The bathroom was blue and white; a large bathtub and shower were at the far end. At the wall right next to the doors was a mirror that took up the entire width of the wall; and a counter with two sinks.


I put my stuff next to the sink closest to my door; just as I did Sirius walked in.


“Hello there Tori,” Sirius said.


“Sirius,” I said with a smile. He had already changed into a pair of pajamas. Pretty much a pair of dark blue plaid sweats.


“Good-bye Sirius,” I said walking back into my room.


“See you at dinner,” He said as he waved. I laughed and closed the door.


I grabbed a pair of gray sweats that Lily gave me for the sleepover we had before Hogsmede weekend. I’m not sure whose they were, but they’re mine now. I grabbed a black tank-top from my wardrobe and threw them onto the bed. I slipped out of my jeans and t-shirt and pulled on the pajamas.


I yawned and crawled underneath the covers. The digital clock sitting on my bedside blinked in bright red colors; 4:23. I sighed and rolled over anyway, I need sleep.




I awoke to a loud banging on my door and James’ and Sirius’ yelling voices. I rolled over onto the floor; landing on my ass. I crawled over to the door and slowly stood up.


“Tori! Wake-up Tori!” Sirius yelled.


“Yeah! Come on Tori wake-up!” James yelled.


“I’m up, I’m up,” I said opening the door.


“Come on Tori, it’s time for dinner,” Sirius said.


“Let’s skip, like we always do,” James said.


“Guys, I can’t skip, I can barely walk,” I said leaning against the door frame. Sirius and James looked down with sad faces.


“But we always skip to dinner,” James said.


“Yeah, and breakfast and lunch too,” Sirius said. One look with those puppy dog eyes and I was sold.


“Alright,” I said.


James and Sirius beamed; we linked arms and skipped down the three flights of stairs and into the dining room.


“Hello you three,” Uncle Shawn said. He was sitting at the head of the table; Aunt Julie sitting next to him.


“Hello mum, dad,” James said sitting across from his mom.


Sirius took the seat next to James and I took the seat next to Aunt Julie.


“How did you three sleep?” Aunt Julie asked.


“Magnificently,” Sirius said. We laughed at him. “What? I did,” We continued laughing even as a few House Elves brought out our food.


“Thank you,” Aunt Julie said as one of the house elves put a plate in front of her. We were having pork chops with mashed potatoes.


“This looks delicious,” I said as I grabbed my fork and plunged it into the mashed potatoes.


“So how have classes been?” Shawn asked.


“Great,” We all said at the same time.


“How are you doing in Potions Tori?” Julie asked.


“I passed for the term, thanks to making a perfect love potion,” I said with a smile.


“You perfectly made a love potion?” Shawn asked. I nodded so did the guys.


“Nicely done,” Julie said. I smiled.


“So, what are the theme choices for the ball?” James asked.


“Well we narrowed it down to two choices,” Julie said. “Regular Christmas or Masquerade,”


“We want you three to choose,” Shawn said.


“I like the Masquerade idea,” I said.


“Yeah, me too,” James said.


“Masquerade it is,” Sirius said.


We laughed as Sirius and James told about the year. Dinner was over too soon and we headed back upstairs. I crawled back underneath my covers and buried my head into the soft pillows.


“Good-night Tori,” Sirius said through the bathroom door.


I shook my head while I laughed. The night drew on and my dreams drifted.




I woke-up as the sun poured in through my windows. Remus had come over two days ago. It was only a week until Christmas. Terri and Lily would be coming over today.


“Tori! Wake-up Tori!” There was banging on my bathroom door.


“Shut up Sirius,” I said covering my head with my pillow.


“Fine, than I’ll take the shower first,” Sirius said. “And you’ll have to wait forever to get into the shower.”


I sat up; throwing my blanket off of my bare legs. I had worn shorts and a tank-top to bed that night.


“Sirius, don’t you dare!” I yelled.


I bolted into the bathroom. Sirius was in the shower getting ready to turn it on.


“Out!” I yelled pointing at his door.


“Will do milady,” Sirius said bowing. He walked out of his door closing it, but he popped his head back in. “By the way, nice legs,” He smirked and closed his door.


I quickly locked it before he could pop in and say anything else. I turned the knob in for the shower and hot water poured from the spout. I undressed and stepped into the steaming water.


Instantly I began singing; it was a force of habit now. Whenever I got into the shower I would sing. No matter where I was.


“WOO!! I love this song!” Sirius yelled from his room. I laughed.


“Yeah! Let’s dance!” James yelled.


“You guys are morons,” Remus laughed. I laughed too.


“Come on keep singing!” Sirius said banging on the door. I turned off the water and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body. Grabbing another towel and dried my hair real quick.


I opened Sirius’s door slightly and peeked just my head around.


“You guys are weird,” I said.


“Tori are you wearing any clothes,” Remus asked.


“Just a towel,” I said. “I think you guys are big boys,”


“I am,” Remus said. “I’m worried about them,” Remus pointed to James and Sirius.


I rolled my eyes and closed the door. I walked back into my room and changed into a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt.


I walked back into the bathroom and brushed my hair and pulled it into a ponytail.


“Tori are you dressed?” Sirius asked as he knocked on the door.


“Yes, Sirius,” I said.


“Good,” Sirius said and walked into the bathroom; James and Remus followed behind.


“Hey, just a quick question, is Peter coming over for the summer?” I asked.


“No, he has family things,” James said. “He didn’t clarify,”


I nodded and brushed my teeth.


“Come on!” I said excitedly after I put my toothbrush away. “Lily and Terri are coming over!”


James beamed. He was beyond excited that Lily was finally going to spend the winter holidays with him. Just as the thought raced through my head; the doorbell rang.


“They’re here!” We all yelled.


James, Sirius, and Remus rammed themselves through Sirius’ door. I stared at them puzzled; than I turned around and went through mine.


“You guys are idiots!” I yelled from the hall.


I sprinted down the stairs and was the first at the door. The House Elves had already let Terri and Lily in.


“Tori!” They yelled when they saw me.


“Terri! Lily!” I yelled.


We all embraced in a hug.


“I can’t believe you guys were allowed to spend Christmas with us!” I said excitedly.


“My parents are working all Christmas,” Terri said. “They’re going to be gone for Christmas,”


“And my sister is getting married to her whale of boyfriend Vernon,” Lily said. Terri and I laughed at her face.


James, Sirius, and Remus finally made it down stairs.


“What took you guys so long?” Lily asked giving James a hug.


“They were having issues getting out of the bathroom,” I said with a smile.


“What do you mean?” Terri asked in a whisper.


“They were trying to get ready as fast as possible,” I said. “And when the doorbell rang they didn’t realize there were two doors,” I held up two fingers. Terri laughed.


“Ah, welcome to the Potter Mansion,” Uncle Shawn said as he came from his Study.


“You’re house is amazing,” Terri said.


“You must be Terri,” Shawn said shaking her hand. “And of course Lily,”


“Hi,” Lily and Terri said.


“I’m Shawn Potter, but you can call me Uncle Shawn,” Shawn said.


“Or us,” Sirius said.


“Us?” I asked.


“Us,” Sirius said. I shook my head.


“Julie is decorating the Christmas tree,” Uncle Shawn said. “Tori, show them to their rooms,”


I smiled and grabbed Lily and Terri by the arms. “You guys got the bags right? Right. Okay.”


I pulled Lily and Terri up the stairs. They were laughing and giggling as we ran.


“Where are our rooms?” Lily asked.


“Yours is next to James’ and yours is next to Remus’.” I said.


“Really?” Lily asked.


“Yes, and no sneaking around in the middle of the night,” I said. Lily blushed.


We came to Terri’s room and I opened the door for her, than I went to Lily’s room and opened the door for her.


“Take a look,” I said standing in between the two rooms. Pretty much at my door.


“I love my room!” Lily yelled. Somehow I knew she would.


“Alright…why…do girls…pack…so much…stuff?” James asked as he threw Lily’s trunk onto the top of the stairs. He laid over it breathing heavily.


“Why didn’t you just use magic?” I asked. James huffed.


“Because he’s an idiot,” Remus said who was holding his wand up; Terri’s trunk trailing behind him.


“He wanted to impress Lily didn’t he?” I asked crossing my arms. Remus nodded as he led the trunk into Terri’s room.


James flicked his wand and led the trunk into Lily’s room. When James came back out he looked down all sad.


“Aw, poor Prongsie,” I said.  


“Aw, it’s okay,” Lily said giving him a hug and a peck on the cheek.


“Aw,” Terri and I cooed.


James glared at us but than turned a bright shade of red. Lily was already completely red.


“Come on let’s go help Aunt Julie,” I said excitedly.


We all bolted down the stairs and into a sitting room area. It was a large room with three couches a fireplace and right now a gigantic Christmas tree.


“Wow, that’s the biggest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen,” Terri said. “Other than the one at Hogwarts.”


“Actually, that’s smaller compared to our last ones,” I said looking at the tree.


“Yeah, it does seem a bit smaller,” James said. We both tilted our heads and looked up at the tree. “What do you think Sirius?”

“Who cares? Let’s decorate it!” Sirius cheered.


“Good, I’ll go make some hot coco and cookies,” Julie said. She gave James a kiss on the top of the head and left the sitting room.


“I like your mom,” Terri said to James.


“Yeah, she’s cool,” James said. “And even though we have House Elves, she still helps out around the house.”


“Yeah, the Potter’s have house elves because Julie is one person and this is a big house.” I said. “And Sirius is here,” Everyone laughed.


“Ha, ha, ha,” Sirius said sarcastically. “You’re so funny,”


“Oh, thank you Padfoot,” I said smiling. He glared at me but than smirked. “Come on let’s decorate!”


We grabbed lights, tinsel, and ornaments and began placing them on the tree. We took a break in the middle because Aunt Julie brought us the hot coco and cookies.


We sat around the fire drinking the hot coco and eating the delicious Christmas cookies.


“Your mom makes delicious cookies,” Terri said biting into one. “This one has chocolate on the inside!”


“I think we’ve found someone who loves chocolate as much as Mooney does!” Sirius said.


“Is that even possible?” James asked.


“I thought I loved chocolate as much as Mooney,” I said. “But this is ridiculous!”


“What? I love chocolate,” Terri said.


“We’ve noticed,” Lily said. “Save some cookies for the rest of us!”


“Sorry,” Terri said nibbling on another cookie.


We laughed and joked around. Sirius did his best impression of Zacharias. James pretended to be me.


“Well, well, well,” Sirius said sounding exactly like Zacharias. “If it isn’t Victoria,”


“Zacharias,” James said sounding like me.


“We need to talk,” Sirius said. I laughed hysterically; he sounded just like Zacharias.


“Sorry, can’t talk, I’m going to hang out with my guy friends and make every girl in the entire universe jealous.” James said. He walked away from Sirius. Sirius gave a sad look and than looked away with an angry one.


We all clapped. James and Sirius bowed.


“Let’s finish the tree,” Lily said standing.


We finished decorating the tree just in time for lunch. We had grilled cheese sandwiches that were absolutely delicious.




“Alright, everyone up to bed,” Julie said when she came into the sitting room. We had had dinner and were sitting around the sitting room; enjoying the Christmas tree; and Sirius’ stupidness.


We slowly left the sitting room and by time we got upstairs to our rooms we were beat. We piled into our rooms; I quickly changed into a pair of pajamas and went into the bathroom.


Sirius was already there brushing his teeth and making sure his skin was pimple free. I brushed my teeth and washed my face.


“Night Sirius,” I said going back into my room.


“Night Tori,” Sirius said.


I closed the door and sat down on my bed. I unclasped the necklace Sirius got me got me from around my neck. I had been very good at hiding it underneath my shirts. No one knew that I was wearing this necklace practically all the time.


I put the necklace in a little box on one of my nightstands. I crawled underneath my covers and stared up at the white ceiling. It was almost Christmas, what surprises would await me than? What would happen before Christmas? And what about the ball?


I rolled over thinking about what was going to happen. I yawned and realized it was later than I thought. With another yawn I was already drifting off to my dreams that have all been the same.


I was standing in a large circular room. Lights were everywhere sending off a magnificent glow. Three people walked into the circle from the shadows surrounding it.


They were wearing nice dress robes and masks over their faces. The one on the left had sandy blonde hair and blue eyes I knew who he was; Remus.


The one on my right had snow white blonde hair and amber eyes. That was Ian for sure.


But the one in the middle confused me. The black shaggy hair made me think of Sirius at first; but his eyes told me differently. They weren’t smoky gray like Sirius’ eyes were; they were dark brown almost black.


Remus stepped forward and bowed before me. I smiled and curtsied and Remus put one hand on my waist and the other one took my hand. We danced around the entire room.


After Remus was done he bowed and walked back into the shadows. Ian stepped forward and bowed just like Remus. He took me in his arms just like Remus and we danced around the room.


Ian finished, bowed, and went into the shadows just like Remus. The mystery man stepped foreword and bowed. He took me in his arms and I felt so safe in his arms. Like nothing could hurt me; nothing at all.


It seemed like we danced for hours but it was only around the room. After we were done dancing he went to go back in the shadows; I wanted him to stay.


He leaned and looked at me with those black eyes. My green eyes stared deeply into those onyx ones. He slowly closed his eyes and I slowly closed mine; we both leaned closer.


“Tori! Wake-up! We’re going shopping!” Lily yelled as she banged on my door.


I groaned and rolled over. Every time; I would get so close to kissing this amazing mystery man and someone would bang on the door.


“Come on Tori, we’re shopping for our dresses!” Terri yelled as she banged on my door with Lily.


“I don’t wanna go,” I said covering my head with my pillow.


“We’re coming in!” Lily yelled.


Terri and Lily burst into my room and jumped onto my bed.


“Come on Tori!” Lily yelled as she and Terri jumped up and down. Maybe if I was lucky they’d hit their heads on the ceiling and I could go back to my dreams.


Instead Sirius came bursting through the bathroom door and began jumping with them.


“Tori wake-up! Come on Tori we’re going shopping!” Sirius said in a high girly voice.


“Alright I’m up!” I yelled sitting up. “Now get off of my bed!”


They all stopped jumping and got off of my bed.


“We’ll be waiting downstairs.” Lily said as they left my room. Sirius went back into the bathroom.


I groaned and rolled out of bed and grabbed a pair of jeans and black long sleeve shirt. I knocked on my closed bathroom door; no answer. I walked in and turned on the shower. It’s going to be a very long day. 

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Chapter 10: The Calm Before The Storm
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Chapter 10
   The Calm Before The Storm

After I had gotten dressed; I went downstairs into the dining room. Lily, Terri, and Aunt Julie were sitting at the dining table eating breakfast.


“Good-morning Tori,” Aunt Julie said as I sat down.


“Hi, everybody,” I said lazily. A house elf came out of the kitchen and put a plate of pancakes in front of me. “Sweet pancakes!” I dug my fork into the pancakes.


Terri and Lily laughed as I stuffed the pancakes into my mouth.


“Alright, so where are we going for dresses?” Lily asked excitedly.


“Well there’s this absolutely amazing dress shop in town.” Aunt Julie said.


“Awesome,” Terri said.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s great,” I said. I wasn’t really looking forward to shopping especially dress shopping.


“Come on Tori, be excited!” Lily said. “Its two weeks till Christmas and Saturday is the ball!”


“I’m excited,” I said. “Just not for the shopping part,”


Lily sighed and rolled her eyes. I laughed and ate the last bit of my pancakes.


“When are we leaving?” Terri asked.


“Whenever you three want to go,” Aunt Julie said.


Lily and Terri looked at me; they had already finished breakfast and I was on my second plate of pancakes. They glared at me.


“What?” I asked. “I need fuel; I’m going to need all the energy to make it through this day.”


Lily rolled her eyes again and I put more pancakes into my mouth.


“Good-morning mum,” James said as he came into the dining room. He gave his mom a kiss on the cheek. Than gave Lily a kiss on the cheek.


“Aw…” Terri and I said. James and Lily both shot us a glare. I went back to eating while Terri stared off into space.


James sat down and a house elf brought out a plate of food for him.


“Thank you,” James said and the house elf went back to the kitchen.


“Tori? Can you eat any slower?” Lily asked.


“I could try,” I said as I moved my fork very slowly towards my mouth. Lily groaned. “Okay, okay,” I stuffed the rest of the pancakes into my mouth.


I drank some of my orange juice to wash down the pancakes and wiped my mouth on my sleeve.


“Alright let’s go!” Lily yelled standing.


“Alright, get your coats,” Aunt Julie said.


Terri, Lily, and I headed towards the large front door. There was a coat rack next to the door with our coats hanging on the hooks.


I grabbed my black coat and slipped my arms through the sleeves. I grabbed a black hat and slipped it on over my braided pig-tailed hair. I grabbed a dark blue scarf and wrapped it once around my neck.


“Let’s go,” Lily pulled me by my forearm out of the house. I grabbed Terri and she yelped as I pulled her with me.


Aunt Julie came outside five minutes after Lily pulled us out.


“Let’s go girls,” Aunt Julie said as she began walking down the street.


Terri, Lily, and I quickly followed behind her. Her steps were long and fast and ours were well not as long and not as fast.


“How long till we get to town?” Terri asked.


“It’s only a few blocks away from the mansion,” I said.


Terri and Lily nodded. Soon the town was in our view. The town was a wizard town. Only wizards and witches could see it.


“Wow,” Terri and Lily said as we stepped onto the snow covered cobble streets.


“It’s like a bigger version of Hogsmede,” Lily said.


“Yeah, with a candy shop and everything.” I said.


“Candy shop?” Terri asked. Lily and I laughed.


“Come on girls,” Aunt Julie said. She was already half way down the streets.


We ran and caught up with her. Many witches and wizards were walking around the streets in colorful robes. Every now and than there was someone in muggle clothes like us.


“Here it is,” Aunt Julie said opening a large white door. Lily and Terri walked in.


I looked up at the large sign above the door. ‘Dress Shop’; wow that’s original.


“Tori!” Lily called.


I walked into the store and stood in between Lily and Terri.


“Ah, Julianne!” A short woman with ice blonde hair and light brown eyes said as she came from the backroom.


“Katie,” Aunt Julie said hugging the woman.


“I’m so excited for the ball Saturday,” The woman, Katie, said.


“Yes, that’s why I brought these girls,” Aunt Julie said gesturing to Terri, Lily, and me.


“Oh, they need dresses for the ball?” Katie asked. Aunt Julie nodded. “Exciting.”


Katie walked over to Lily. She touched Lily’s hair and circled around her.


“I got it!” She exclaimed; scaring Lily slightly; I snickered. “With your milky skin tone a light pink would be perfect.”


Lily smiled at that.


“And I have the perfect dress!” Katie said excitedly. She went back into the back room. Her grunts could be heard from where we stood. Terri and I laughed.


Katie came back out of the back room. She had a light pink fabric in her hands.


“Here try this on,” Katie said pushing the cloth into Lily’s arms and than pushing Lily towards a dressing booth.


A few minutes later Lily had emerged from the dressing booth. The soft, light pink cloth clung to Lily’s curves nicely. It had spaghetti straps and flowed down to the floor.


“Wow,” I said.


“James is going to love it,” Terri said. We both laughed.


“What do you think Lily?” Aunt Julie asked.


“I absolutely adore it!” Lily said.


“Alright you change out of that,” Katie said. She moved towards Terri. “And it’s your turn,”


Katie walked around Terri looking her up and down. “You have beautiful brown eyes,” Terri blushed. “Hm…” Katie said continuing to circle Terri.


Lily walked out of the dressing room with the dress in her arms. She stood next to me.


“Green!” Katie yelled and went into the backroom. Lily and I snickered.


Katie returned with a dark green dress in her hands. She pushed it into Terri’s hands and pushed Terri towards the dressing booth.


Terri walked out of the dressing room wearing a dark green dress that came a few inches past her knees. The top of the dress was very sparkly and it halter straps.


“Ooo, me likey,” I said


“Me too,” Lily said.


Terri smiled and went back into the dressing room.


“And last but not least,” Katie said walking over to me. She was just a few inches shorter than me. “You’re Tori?”


“Yes, this is Tori,” Aunt Julie said wrapping her arms around me.


“You look so much like Alexi,” Katie said referring to my mom. I smiled. “And I know exactly what dress you need!”


Katie went into the backroom again. She came back into the main room a lot quicker. A dark blue dress was in her hands.


“Here,” Katie said handing it to me. I walked into the dressing room and hung the dress up on a hook.


I took off my jeans and shirt and slipped the dress on. It went down to the floor and flared out only slightly. The top was strapless with sparkles everywhere. My hand went up the necklace around my neck. I quickly took it off and put it in my jeans pocket.


“Come on Tori,” Lily said. “Let’s see you,”


“Yeah, come on out Tori,” Terri said.


I took in a deep breath and walked out of the dressing room. Terri and Lily stared wide eyed at me.


“What?” I asked.


“You look gorgeous!” Lily said. I blushed.


“Is that…?” Aunt Julie asked.


“Alexi’s dress?” Katie finished. “Yes, it is,”


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“Back when I was dating Shawn; your mother and I went to one of the Christmas balls.” Aunt Julie explained. “And Alexi rented this dress; that’s when she met your father Oliver.”


“Oh, that’s so romantic,” Lily said.


“Maybe you’ll find your future husband in that dress.” Terri said.


I laughed. “Yeah, that’s unlikely,” I said. Lily and Terri laughed and shook their heads.


“Alright, Tori get dressed.” Aunt Julie said. “I’ll pay for the dresses,”


I walked back into the dressing room and changed back into my jeans and shirt. I put the necklace back on and than walked out of the dressing room.


“We need shoes,” Lily said.


“I have that taken care of,” Katie said. She asked for our sizes and than she got three pairs of shoes. White, black, and silver.


She put the white ones on Lily’s dress, the black ones on Terri’s dress and the silver ones on my dress.


Aunt Julie paid and we left the dress shop and headed to a little café. We sat down by a window and ordered hot coco.


“All we need are masks, and we have our entire outfit,” Lily said excitedly.


“And my friend, Heather, has the greatest little accessory shop.” Aunt Julie said.


“You have like the most amazing hook-ups,” Terri said.


“I need to have the most amazing hook-ups,” Aunt Julie said. “It’s me,” We all laughed.


The hot coco came and we all sipped it gratefully. We talked more about the ball and Christmas as we sipped our coco. We finally left the little café and headed to a small accessory shop. The large sign said ‘Accessories’. This town is so uncreative.


“Heather?” Aunt Julie called.


“Julianne!” Heather said as she walked through a doorway that had beads hanging from it. Heather had thick black hair that fell to her waist and into her dark blue eyes.


“We need masks,” Aunt Julie said.


“Of course,” Heather said. She gestured for us to follow her. We went through the beaded doorway


She led us to a large dark brown cabinet. She opened it; and many masks were sitting inside.


“Pick the one you would like,” Heather said.


Lily walked foreword and grabbed a white one with pick lace on it. Terri grabbed a black one with emerald jewels on it. I grabbed a dark blue one that matched the color of my dress perfectly and it had sparkles on it like the dress. Aunt Julie grabbed a black one with diamonds surrounding the eye holes.


“Do you already have your dress?” Lily asked.


“Of course darling,” Aunt Julie said. We giggled. We paid for the masks and headed back to the mansion.




As we neared the house my feet began pounding. It had been a long day of walking and shopping; I just wanted to go sit in the library and relax.


“Lily!” James yelled excitedly as he ran from the front yard to Lily.


“Hi James,” Lily said smiling.


“Come on, I have something I want to show you.” James said excitedly.


“Tori, can you take my bags?” Lily asked.


I grabbed her bags and she ran off with James. I continued walking with Terri back to the house.


“I wonder where he’s taking her,” Terri said.


“Probably to ‘the View’.” I said.


“What’s the View,” Terri asked.


“It’s this little area overlooking the lake,” Aunt Julie said. “It’s absolutely gorgeous in winter,”


“Yeah,” I said.


We walked back into the house. Terri and I took our things upstairs and I went back down.


“Hey Tori!?” Terri yelled as she came down the stairs. “Is there a library in here?”


“Yeah, I’m on my way there now,” I said.


“Oh sweet,” Terri said.


We headed through the house; we past the sitting room and around a corner and there was a large door at the end of the hall. I opened it and Terri stood in awe.


The library was covered with books from floor to ceiling. There were two desks at either side of the library and four chairs making a square around a small coffee table.


Remus was sitting in one of the chairs; his feet propped on the coffee table and a book in his lap.


The chair across from Remus was occupied; but only Terri and I could see were two pairs of bare feet hanging over the top.


“Mooney, how can you sit here all day?” The person opposite Remus asked. Sirius you weirdo.


“If you don’t like the library than why’d you come in here?” Remus asked.


“Because James is waiting for Lily and Tori isn’t back yet!” Sirius complained.


“Why don’t you go amuse yourself?” Remus asked.


“I tried that already; useless attempts,” Sirius said.


“Hey guys,” I said. Sirius flipped off of the chair. He crawled back on and looked over the back of it.


“Tori! You’re back!” Sirius yelled he ran over to me and gave me a hug.


“I missed you too Sirius,” I said patting him on the back.


“Yeah, I’m just gonna get a book,” Terri said. She began looking around the room.


“Come on Tori!” Sirius said pulling me away from the library.


“I, wait, I wanted, I want to read!” I yelled.


“No!” Sirius yelled as he pushed me against the wall. I stared at him with wide eyes. “You’re going to hang out with me. James is doing something with Lily and Remus is with his books!”


“But, but, but,” I said.


“No!” He said. “You’re coming with me!”


I whimpered in fear. He smiled and than went back to being angry again. I laughed. “Stop laughing!” He yelled; which only made me laugh harder.


“Oh, oh, you think I’m funny?” Sirius asked. “Do you think I’m funny?”


I was laughing so hard I could only nod.


“Yeah, well want to know what else is funny?” Sirius asked. “Tickle fight!” I stared wide eyed as his fingers began tickling my sides.


I yelped and started laughing. I slowly slid to the floor while trying to push Sirius off of me.


“Haha!” Sirius yelled as he I tried to crawl away. He gripped my ankle and pulled me back and began tickling me again.


“Stop! Stop! Stop!” I kept saying as he kept tickling me. I pushed him over and straddled his hips. “Stop!” I regained my composure.


“Oh, Tori, I never knew you were this kind of girl,” Sirius said. I rolled my eyes.


“You want to know something about tickle fights,” I said.


“What?” Sirius asked.


“You shouldn’t start them when you’re ticklish also.” I said. I began tickling Sirius.


“You fiend!” Sirius yelled in between laughs. I laughed manically. “That’s it, no more mister nice guy.” He flipped me off of him and I crawled as fast as possible.


“Where are you going?” Sirius asked. I looked back; he was standing. I got to my feet and ran upstairs as fast as possible.


We passed Aunt Julie on the way.


“Don’t break anything,” She said.


“Will do,” I said.


I bolted to my room and jumped on my bed. Sirius jumped up too.


“I don’t think you want to have this fight, Mitchell,” Sirius said.


“Bring it on Black,” I said.


He grabbed me by the waist and slammed me down. Using my feet I pushed him off of the bed. He pulled me down and I rolled away. He rolled after me; he grabbed my wrist and began tickling my sides again.


“Ah!” I yelled as loud as possible. I rolled over and straddled his hips yet again. “How is it that we always end up in this position?”


“I’m not sure, but does it ever last long?” Sirius asked.


“No, not really,” I said. With that he flipped me over; I yelped. I climbed back onto my bed and went to flip onto the floor but Sirius sat on me. My head was hanging off of the side of the bed.


“Tori,” Sirius said.


“What Sirius?” I asked looking up at him.


“We have company,” Sirius said. He was looking over at my door. Terri and Remus stood in the doorway. Terri was turning red from her building laughter and Remus watched amused.


“Hey guys,” I said.


“Padfoot, why are you sitting on Bushytail?” Remus asked.


“Because she wouldn’t stop moving,” Sirius said. I laughed.


“Padfoot, get off of Bushytail,” Remus said.


Sirius pouted but stood up onto my bed. With a yelp I fell onto the floor. And that was all Terri could take. She took one look at my awkward position and began laughing. She was laughing so hard she had to use the door frame to keep herself from falling to the floor.


“Are you going to be okay?” Sirius asked as he hopped off of my bed.


Terri shook her head and fell to the floor. I looked at the position I was in. My back and head were on the floor and my legs were on top of the bed. I started laughing.


“Oh no,” Sirius said. “They’re both laughing; this can’t be good.”


“What do you mean?” Remus asked.


“They could end up laughing so hard that their entire body shuts down and they will never be able to move; ever again.” Sirius said. That only made Terri and I laugh harder.


“Well than we must stop them from laughing,” Remus said. “But how?”


“I have no idea,” Sirius said. Terri and I laughed harder.


“Tori, we need…to stop…laughing,” Terri said in between laughs.


“I can’t…stop…” I said laughing.


“Me…neither…” Terri said.


“Alright, I’ll get Tori, you get Terri,” Sirius said. I hadn’t noticed but Remus and Sirius were whispering about something.


Sirius walked over to me and picked me up by my waist. “Sirius…what are you doing,” I asked still laughing.


“Curing your laughing fit,” Sirius said. He lifted me over his shoulder and Remus did the same to Terri.


“Tori, do you have any idea what’s going on?” Terri said still laughing.


“No…” I said laughing.


Terri and I began laughing again. We headed down the many stairs and onto the first floor. We went the opposite direction of the dining room. It was than that I knew where we were going.


“No! Padfoot, Mooney, NO!!” I yelled; but still laughing. What the hell was wrong with me?


“What’s going on?” Terri asked laughing.


“They’re taking us,” I said.


“To the pool,” Remus finished as he opened the few doors leading to the indoor pool.


“Oh no,” Terri said as she giggled.


“Oh yes,” Sirius said. “Have a nice swim,”


Sirius ripped me from off his shoulder and threw me into the freezing pool water. Remus did the same to Terri.


I surfaced and Remus and Sirius were laughing.


“Oh, I hate you,” I said climbing out of the pool. Sirius pushed me back in. I grabbed his arm and pulled him in. He yelped as he splashed into the water.


Remus began laughing; Terri was already reaching for Remus. She gripped his wrist and pulled him into the water. Terri and I began laughing. Our laughs echoed off of the walls.


Remus and Sirius surfaced and glared at us. Terri and I laughed some more and climbed out of the water.


“That was fun,” I said sitting at the edge. My feet were still in the water.


“Yeah,” Terri said doing the same as me.


“Yeah, that was so much fun,” Remus said sarcastically as he climbed out of the water. Terri and I giggled. “Sirius, get out of the water,” Remus sat next to Terri.


Sirius was standing in the middle of the pool. Looking up at the ceiling.


“Sirius, what are you doing?” I asked.


“I don’t know,” Sirius said. I giggled.


The glow from the water reflected over Sirius. He looked absolutely amazing. His white tank-top was soaking through so you could see his amazing body underneath.


I shook the thoughts out of my head and stood up.


“Where are you going?” Terri asked.


“I’m covered in chlorine water; I need to take a shower,” I said.


I walked out of the pool area and headed back upstairs to my room.


I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and wrapped my hair into it. I took off my clothes and stuffed them into the hamper. I walked into the bathroom; locking both my door and Sirius’ door. I turned on the shower and unwrapped my hair from the towel. I stepped into the warm water.


A knock came from Sirius’ door. “Tori? You in there?”


“Yes Padfoot, I’m in here,” I called.


“Okay,” Sirius said.


I laughed and shook my head. I squeezed some of my vanilla shampoo into my hand and rubbed it through my hair. I finished my shower and turned the water off. I wrapped a towel around my body and my hair. I unlocked Sirius’ door and walked back into my room.


I grabbed a pair of sweats and a blue t-shirt that hugged my curves. I walked back into the bathroom just as Sirius walked in. I brushed my hair and pulled it up into a ponytail. Sirius turned on the shower and waited for me to leave.


I smiled at the look on his face and than left the bathroom. I grabbed the snowflake necklace and clasped it around my neck. I headed back downstairs and into the kitchens. Laughing uncontrollably really makes you hungry.


“Hello Miss. Tori,” One of the hose elves said.


“Hello,” I said. “May I please have a grilled cheese sandwich?”


“Right away Miss. Tori,” The little house elf said.


I sat down at the round kitchen table. The little house elf put a plate with a grilled cheese sandwich on it in front of me.


“Thank you,” I said. The house elf nodded and went back to making dinner. I took a bite out of the grilled cheese and the cheese melted into my mouth. It was delicious.


I finished the sandwich just as James and Lily got back from “The View”.


“Tori, come on,” Lily said gripping my arm and pulling me upstairs. “Where’s Terri?”

“She’s probably in her room,” I said.


Lily ran faster up the steps. She burst through the Terri’s room. Terri was sitting on her bed reading a book. She had just taken a shower.


“Terri, come on,” Lily said. Terri closed her book and got up off of her bed. She went into my room and sat down on my bed. “I have to tell you what happened.”


Terri and I sat on my bed and Lily began the story. Apparently James had taken Lily to “The View” to ask her to be his girlfriend. Because they weren’t official; and now they are.


“What did you guys do while I was away?” Lily asked. Terri and I looked at each other and than started laughing hysterically. “What?”


“It was weird,” I said. “There were tickle fights and…pool water.” Lily started laughing.


“Never mind, I don’t want to know anymore,” Lily said.


“Good, because we don’t want to explain it,” Terri said. “I don’t think we can really explain it,”


“No not really,” I said with a smile.


“Yeah, I still don’t want to know,” Lily said. All three of us laughed.


All of sudden the door to the bathroom shot open. Sirius, James, and Remus were in a conga line; Sirius in the front. We watched them as they paraded around my room. They went back into the bathroom; it was a few moments of silence then we all started laughing.


They could be so stupid sometimes; but it was always entertaining. “Alright everyone; it’s time for dinner!” Aunt Julie yelled.


“Come on; we’re having spaghetti!” I yelled.


I jumped off of the bed and ran to the door. I opened it and the guys were standing around my door.


“May we help you?” I asked as Lily and Terri walked up behind me.


“Let’s go to dinner,” James said.


“Can we skip?!” Sirius asked excitedly.


“No, Padfoot, we’re not going to skip,” Remus said.


“But we always skip to dinner,” I said.


“You, James, and Sirius,” Remus said. “Not us,”


“Fine, then we’ll skip to dinner,” I said gesturing to James, Sirius, and myself.


We linked arms and began skipping down the hallway and downstairs.


We walked into the dining room and sat down at our spots; waiting for the rest of the household to come. Aunt Julie came from the kitchens and sat down; Uncle Shawn showed up shortly after. Lily, Remus, and Terri finally made it downstairs and sat down. The House Elves came from the kitchens and put plates in front of us. I smelled the plate of spaghetti and meat balls. It smelt delicious.


I dug my fork in and spun the noodles and put it into my mouth. I watched as everyone ate.


It was almost Saturday, today was Thursday. Even though today was crazy and all over the place; Saturday was going to be so much crazier. I know it; I can feel it. Today was just the calm before the storm. 

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Chapter 11: The Storm
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Chapter 11
The Storm

“Hurry up Sirius!” I yelled banging on the bathroom door. “Other people need to get ready!”


“Well maybe you should’ve gotten into the shower before me!” Sirius yelled. I groaned and slammed my back into the door. I slid down to the floor.


I stared angrily at the ceiling; he had to be a pain, didn’t he? I was about to go in the shower when Sirius had pushed me out. I groaned again as Sirius started singing. It actually sounded good; Sirius can sing?


I turned my head and pressed my ear against the door; straining to hear more. The shower turned off but Sirius was still singing. I’m not sure what song he was singing; but it sounded really good.


With that the door to the bathroom opened and I fell. I looked up and saw Sirius with an amused look on his face. He was wearing just a towel and his black hair was wet but still in his face.


“Hello Bushytail,” Sirius said.


“Padfoot,” I said.


“What are you doing,” Sirius asked.


“Oh, you know,” I said. “Just lying around,” He smirked and left the bathroom.


I stood up from the wet tiled floor and walked over to the shower and turned it on. I walked back into my room; the clock on my nightstand read five forty seven. Everyone was going to start arriving in less than fifteen minutes. I groaned and quickly got undressed and jumped into the shower.


A few minutes later and there was a knock at the door. “Come on Tori; I got to do your make-up!”


I turned the water off and wrapped a towel around my body. I opened my door; Lily and Terri were sitting on my bed. Both of them had make-up on and their hair done.


“Geez, cutting it a little close aren’t we?” Terri asked.


“Don’t blame me,” I said. “Blame the asshole Sirius,” I said.


“Alright well get some clothes on; I need to get you ready.” Lily said.


I grabbed a pair of shorts and a tank-top and quickly got dressed in the bathroom.


Lily sat me down on the bed and began brushing my hair.


“I think I’m going to leave it down,” Lily said. “You look really good with it down.”


“You’re the expert,” I said.


She smiled. “Exactly,”


She began working on my face; I had already put my vanilla lotion on so she didn’t have to lotion anything. Something about the smell of vanilla; I love it. She said that even though it didn’t match my dress she liked green eye shadow on me. She applied it, then eye liner and mascara. She applied a very light pink lip gloss on to my lips.


“Okay, I think you can get in your dress yourself.” Lily said. Terri had already left to get dressed. Lily left back to her room.


I looked at myself in the small mirror Lily left in here. I looked surprisingly good.


I sighed and grabbed the dark blue dress hanging on the back of my door. I pulled off my shorts and tank-top and pulled on the dress. I grabbed my silver shoes and strapped them to my feet. Last night; Lily had given Terri, me, and herself pedicures. My toes were a plain with a white tip.


I grabbed Sirius’ necklace from my night stand and clasped it around my neck. I grabbed my mask and placed it over my eyes.


I took in another deep breath. I could hear music from downstairs through the floor. I looked at the clock; six forty three; getting ready took longer than I thought it would.


I gripped the door knob and headed down the hallway and down the stairs.


The ball room was near the pool area; just a little further back. There were six very large steps leading to it. I saw them in view. Everyone had already showed up; I was alone. I couldn’t slip in unnoticed and go find Terri.


I stood; my back up against the wall next to the stairs. I was nervous, why was I nervous? I shouldn’t be nervous; it’s just a little ball. The Potter’s throw one every year; and I go every year; and yet I’m nervous.


I took in another deep breath and let it out slowly. I turned the corner and walked down the six marble steps; each step seeming to echo louder as the heels of my shoes stepped on them.


I felt all eyes on me; I wasn’t concentrating on that; I was concentrating on not tripping on the stairs and making a complete fool of myself.


I made it to the bottom of the stairs. Now where was Terri? I looked around the entire ballroom; but I couldn’t see her. There were way too many people.


Music was still going and people were dancing. It was an upbeat song, I wanted nothing more but to just find Terri so we could drink punch and laugh at nothing.


The song suddenly changed to a slow song. I groaned but tried to keep my face smiling.


Many couples moved to the floor; I saw Lily’s fiery red hair. James was with her, and he looked like he really didn’t want to dance. Lily smiled and laughed at the look on his face.


Aunt Julie and Uncle Shawn moved to the dance floor. That’s when I caught sight of Terri; sitting at one of the tables surrounding the dance floor.


I made my move towards her; sticking to the edge of the dance floor.


“Hey Tori,” I looked around for whoever called me. Remus walked over; very nice dress robes and a dark green masked covering his blue eyes.


“Hey Remus,” I said. “You look good,”


“You look amazing,” I blushed crimson. “Would you like to dance?” He asked.


“Sure,” I said smiling.


Remus led me to the dance floor; he bowed and I curtsied; like you’re supposed to; what a stupid rule. Remus put his hand on my waist and the other in my hand. I moved my hand up to his shoulder. We moved around the dance floor; gracefully; which is an accomplishment coming from me.


The song seemed to end so quickly. I smiled at Remus; he smiled back. I left the dance floor and headed towards Terri again. The next song was fast; thank god.


I made it to the table and sat down next to Terri.


“Nice entrance,” She said smiling.


“Oh, well, thank you,” I said. A house elf brought me a cup of red punch. I thanked him and sipped it gratefully.


“Have a nice dance?” She asked.


“Yeah, it was with Remus so it wasn’t awkward or anything.” I sipped.


“Hey, do you like Remus?” Terri asked.


“No,” I said staring at Terri through squinted eyes. “He’s more of a brother.”


“Oh,” She said happily. Yeah, she defiantly liked Remus. “He doesn’t date that much.”


“He chooses not to,” I said.


“Why?” She asked. It was hard to hear over the loud music.


“Um…” I said. “He…has yet to find a girl who understands him.”


“What do you mean?” Terri asked.


“I can’t tell you,” I said.


“Oh,” Terri said looking down.


“It’s okay, hang out with us long enough; and you’ll learn.” I said patting her on the back. She laughed.


As the fast song ended a slow one began. Terri and I both groaned; than laughed at how alike we are.


“Excuse me,” Terri and I both stopped laughing as someone approached our table.


Snow white blonde hair and amber eyes. “Ian?”


“Hey Tori,” He said. He looked handsome with spiffy dress robes and a red mask around his eyes.


“Oh my god, Ian,” I stood and wrapped my arms around him in a hug. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, the Potter’s and the Crate’s go way back.” Ian said. “My mum owns the dress shop in town.”


“Your mom’s Katie?” I asked. He nodded. “She is nothing like you,”


“I get that a lot,” He laughed, I laughed with him. “Would you like to dance?”

I looked over at Terri; not wanting to leave her alone. “Go ahead,” She said. “I’m used to being alone,”


“I’m going to find you a dance partner when I get done with him.” I said pointing to Ian. She smiled and laughed.


“Come on,” Ian said.


He led me to the dance floor and did the same thing that Remus did. Bowed and took me in his arms.


“You look gorgeous,” Ian said slowly.


“You know I’ve been getting that a lot lately.” I said with a smile. He chuckled.


“I’m glad I got to see you again,” Ian said. “Without Zacharias near by.”


“Yeah, I like you when Zacharias isn’t around.” I said. “It’s a nice change from rude comments and sassy remarks.” I smiled.


“Yeah, sorry about those,” Ian said sheepishly. “It’s just when Zacharias is…”


“Yeah, I know,” I said cutting him off. “You told me the day you kissed me.”


“Yeah, sorry about that too,” He said looking down at his feet.


“It’s okay,” I said laughing. “It wasn’t the worst kiss I’ve ever gotten.”


Ian looked back up at me.


“But than again I’ve only had like three kisses that aren’t family related.” I said looking down; and than smiled at him.


“So I’m the best so far?” Ian asked.


“So far yeah,” I said smiling.


“Well now I have something to be proud of that I can never tell my friends.” Ian said. I laughed.  


The song ended and Ian bowed. “Well it’s been nice seeing you again.”


“Yeah, I’ll see you around,” I said.


“See you,” Ian said.


I moved back to the table and sat down next to Terri. “How are things?”


Terri laughed, “Pretty good,”


“That’s cool,” I said. She laughed as another upbeat song started. “Now to find you a dance partner.”


I looked around the ball room looking from one family to the other. Every now and than I spotted some of the families I knew.


“Hm…” I said looking around. Another slow song started up; we both groaned. “Can they play two fast songs in a row, please?”




I looked around the dance floor; knowing that voice anywhere. A little six year old boy with blonde hair and a light blue mask framing his vivid brown eyes was running through the middle of the dance floor, a tall boy being dragged along with him.


“Sammy,” I said happily as the little boy made it to the table. I looked up at the tall boy following behind. “Ian?”


“Hi Tori,” Ian said.


“You’re…Sammy’s,” I asked. “Wow, why did I not see that coming,”


“Come on Tori, we have to dance!” Sammy said pulling at my arm.


“Okay, okay,” I said. “Ian, can you dance with Terri please? So she’s not alone again.”


“Sure,” Ian said. He offered his hand to Terri. Terri looked at it like it was the evilest thing in the universe; but she took his hand and smiled.


“Come on Sammy,” I said leading Sammy to the dance floor.


I picked him up and he wrapped his legs around my waist.


“Oh, is this our song?” I asked as the music went on. Sammy nodded excitedly. Ever since Sammy had been able to walk he always danced with me at least once during the ball. It was always during the same song; so we dubbed it our song.


“So how have you been Sammy?” I asked.


“Good,” Sammy said. “I heard my brother kissed you,”


“Yes,” I said nodded.


“I was supposed to kiss you first!” Sammy said. “You like me better.”


I laughed, “That is true,” Sammy laughed. “Here I’ll give you a kiss,” I gave Sammy a peck on the cheek. He turned a very bright shade of red; I laughed.


The song ended and I put Sammy down. He ran back to his parents saying something along the lines of ‘a pretty girl just kissed me’.


I walked back to Terri’s and mine’s table; Terri was already back.


“How was your dance?” I asked.


“Quite entertaining,” Terri said.


“Really?” I asked.


“Yeah,” Terri said. “Ian’s very different from most Slytherin guys.”


“Yeah,” I said.


A fast song began playing; Lily came bustling through a crowd.


“Hey guys,” She said as she sat down.


“Hi Lily, how are you?” I asked as she drank the rest of my punch gratefully.


“Oh my god, James is a great dancer,” She said.


“I’ve taught him well,” I said. We laughed.


“Have you guys seen Sirius?” Lily asked. We shook our heads. “James and I have been looking everywhere for him; we can’t find him.”


“Oh, he’ll turn up eventually,” Terri said.


“Oh he better show up,” I said. “He did not spend forty thousand hours in the shower to not show up.” Terri and Lily laughed again.


A slow song began playing; Terri and I groaned again.


“What?” Lily asked.


“Another slow song?” Terri asked.


“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I said. Lily laughed. She stood up and headed back through the crowd of people. I shook my head at her.


“Hello ladies,” Someone said as they sat down across form Terri and I.


“Why hello there stranger,” Terri said. I laughed.


“What are two pretty girls like yourselves doing sitting here during such a wonderful song like this?” The mystery man asked.


“Waiting for someone to come ask us to dance.” Terri said.


The mystery man had black shaggy hair that reminded me of Sirius but his eyes threw me off. Those black eyes that were so cold yet so warm at the same time. Was he the man from my dreams? The man that confused me so?


“Well I can’t dance with both of you,” He said. His eyes crinkled from underneath his dark blue mask. “So who wants to dance?”


“Tori you go I’m going to get some of that chocolate cake over there.” Terri said eyeing the dessert table. I laughed but stood from the table; as I did the mystery man did also.


He offered his arm and I linked mine through his. He led me to the dance floor, bowed, and took me in his arms. The feeling of comfort and safety washed over me.


“So, who are you?” I asked.


“Oh, you don’t know who I am?” He asked.


“Not really,” I said. He smiled. “But you seem oddly familiar,”


“I get that a lot,” He said. I laughed. “But you do know me; a lot more than you think.”


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“Hello, I can do magic, I can change my appearance.” He said. “But not drastically; I’m not that good.” I laughed.


“So what did you change?” I asked.


“I can’t tell you,” He said spinning me; he brought me back closer to him. “Or else you’ll figure out it’s me,”


“Well what’s wrong with me knowing who you are?” I asked.


“I think it’ll compromise our relationship,” He said.


“What’s our relationship?” I asked.


“I can’t tell you,” He said. “You’ll figure it out too easily; you’re a very smart girl.”


“Aw, thank you,” I said blushing. He chuckled.


“You look amazing by the way,” He said. I blushed a deeper red. “You always looked good; to me at least; but today you’re just…wow.” I looked down at my little toes trying to stop from blushing.


He hooked his finger under my chin and lifted my head up. I looked into those black eyes. “You have beautiful eyes,” I blushed again; I wanted to look away but his hands kept me in place.


He leaned closer towards me; I felt my breath get caught in my throat. His eyes closed slightly; I moved closer to him my eyes closing too.


His lips met mine in a blissful kiss. It was so different so full of passion even though it was a simple kiss. When he released the kiss I stood in awe; my eyes still closed. When I opened them he was gone.


Terri and Lily came over to me; both had shocked expressions on their faces.


“Who was that?” Lily asked.


“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.” I said.


This mystery man was Sirius, I know he is. Sirius is the only person who can make me feel comfortable in an awkward situation. Sirius Black is my mystery man I just know it!


“Tori?” Terri asked waving a hand in my face.


I looked at her and than walked swiftly back to my seat.


“Tori? What are you doing?” Lily asked.


“Be ready, because tomorrow, we’re doing detective work.” I said.


They smiled and sat down and we all drank some punch.  

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Chapter 12: Investigations and Backstabbing
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After everyone had finally left the ball I made the slow climb back up the stairs. Sirius had showed up at the ball mere moments after my mystery man left. Coincidence? I think not.


Terri and I climbed up the steps side by side; our shoes gripped in our hands.


“I think I’m going to soak in the bathtub,” I said as I leaned my head on Terri’s shoulder. We were walking down our hallway now.


“Oh great she’s going to take forever in the bathroom.” Sirius said.


“Well, it’s payback for taking the longest shower in the universe.” I said.


Sirius chuckled and rubbed my head. I swatted him away.


When Sirius showed up at the ball he was wearing a black mask. But I still believed that he was my mystery man; I just knew he was.


Tomorrow he was going with James and Remus into town to have a guy’s night. Who knows what they’re going to do, but it was the perfect time to do our investigating.


“Good-night everyone,” I said as I walked into my room. I chucked my shoes towards the wardrobe. I quickly changed out of the dress and walked into the bathroom.


I locked Sirius’ door and turned the knobs on the large bathtub. I walked back into my room and grabbed a tank-top and slipped it over my strapless bra. I unclasped the necklace and put it on the nightstand.


I walked back into the bathroom and turned the running water off. I got undressed and stepped into the warm water. It felt so good; I can’t remember the last time that I took a bath but I should take some more often.


After my very long bath I got dressed into a tank-top and sweats and crawled into my bed.


The moment my head hit the pillow I was asleep. No dreams came to me that night; none at all.




The next morning I was awaked by Lily and Terri pounding on my door.


“Tori! Wake-up!” Terri yelled.


“What?” I asked as I rolled over.


“The guys left three hours ago!” Lily yelled. “They could be back who knows when.”


“What?” I asked.


I sat up just as Lily and Terri walked into my room.


“We can’t investigate as much as we wanted to,” Lily said. “Since someone decided to sleep in.”


“Okay sorry,” I said. “Alright you guys ask Aunt Julie and Uncle Shawn about the mystery man.”


“What are you going to do?” Terri asked.


“I’m going into Sirius’ room.” I said.


“But you don’t know what could be festering in there.” Lily said.


“That’s exactly why I need to go in.” I said.


Terri put a hand on my shoulder and looked me deep in the eyes. “Good-luck,” She said. I smiled.


“Thanks,” I said.


Lily and Terri left my room. I bolted out of my bed grabbing the snowflake necklace as I did. I clasped it around my neck as I walked into the bathroom.


I had only been in Sirius’ room once and that was when we were six. I had no idea what could be behind this door.


I breathed deeply and put my hand on the door knob. I turned it and pulled the door open.


I was amazed at what I saw; a clean room. I stood in shock, everything was in its place; no dirty clothes no random pumpkin pastries or chocolate frogs. Nothing.


I stepped in and began looking around starting with his desk. Random pieces of parchment and books, but nothing that could tell me that he was the mystery man.


I moved to the wardrobe and began digging around in there. I saw a couple of shirts that were ripped, probably from Remus’ transformation; or Sirius does some weird stuff in his free time.


I closed the wardrobe doors and moved to underneath the bed. I ran my hand frantically around underneath the bed. I didn’t find evidence but I think I found pudding, maybe, it was cold and gooey, that’s all I got.


I stood up and sat down on Sirius’ bed. Maybe Sirius wasn’t my mystery man.


I looked up at the bathroom door; his dress robes were hanging up on the door.


I stood up and walked over to them. I passed my hand over the front and quickly flipped open the coat. The inside pocket! I moved my hand around inside the coat searching for the inside pocket. I found it and dug my hand inside.


I gripped around something and pulled it out. It was the dark blue mask that my mystery man had been wearing. I stared at it in my hands. The small material looked back at me; I could almost see the black eyes.




I whipped around, not bothering to hide the mask. Sirius stood in the doorway looking at me confused. Realization washed over him as he saw the mask in my hands.


“Tori, I…” He began.


“Why didn’t you just tell me?” I asked.


“I just…I don’t know,” He said looking down at his feet.


I threw the mask down onto the floor. He looked up at me and I shook my head; holding back tears. I wretched the bathroom door open and stormed back into my room.


“Tori?” Sirius said as he followed after me.


We were in my room now. I turned to face him. “Why couldn’t you just tell me? Instead of doing this?” I asked yelling.


“Because…” Sirius said.


“Because what? Because you didn’t want me to be just another girl?” I asked.


Sirius looked down.


“That’s it…isn’t it?” I asked. “You thought that by pretending to be someone else I wouldn’t be just another girl?”


Sirius shook his head.


“No?” I asked. “Than what is it?”


“I’m not the only one who likes you!” He yelled. I was taken aback by his sudden rage. “There are other people out there who you love and care about who are having the same feelings I am.”


“Like who?” I asked.


“You’re so smart and yet you can’t figure this out?” Sirius asked.


I thought back to all the people. Everyone I danced with at the ball. My eyes widened.


“Mooney?” I asked. I stood back horrified.


“Yeah, Mooney,” Sirius said.


I wanted to cry and just yell and scream but I couldn’t speak; I couldn’t move.


“Tori?” Sirius asked.


I moved back hitting my back up against the wall.


“Tori? Are you okay?” Sirius asked as he walked over to me.


I pushed him away trying to get away. I had to leave this place. I made my way for the door.


Sirius gripped my arm and turned me around. I went to push him out of the way but his lips crashed into mine.


Just like the kiss at the ball it was so full of passion. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around my back pulling me closer to him. He bit my lip and slowly let his tongue into my mouth.


The kiss got more passionate and hotter as he leaned me onto my bed. Pressing his body against mine.


He tugged at my shirt as I tugged on his; the only few pieces of fabric in the way of our skin making contact. He broke the kiss but moved down to my neck kissing and licking; tickling me slightly.


I stifled a moan as he found my sweet spot; but he knew that he found it. He kissed it again and again.


“Sirius…” I said softly my voice just barely a whisper.


“What Tori?” He asked looking at me his voice was ragged and uneven.


“I don’t know if we should…” I began; he cut me off with his lips. I was going to kick him in the ass for that later.


“Don’t worry,” He said as he moved to my neck. “We won’t,”


I breathed in and out trying to make it as even as possible. I was both relieved and disappointed.


In the next instant my tank-top was off. I don’t know when it happened or how it happened but it was now on the floor and I was just in my blue and white polka-dot bra.


“Love the bra,” Sirius said as he kissed my collar bone. I laughed. “Have I ever told you that I loved your laugh?”


“No,” I said. He kissed me full on the lips.


“Well I do,” He said breaking the kiss.


I pulled him back in for another kiss. I flipped him over and was now straddling him.


“So you are this kind of girl?” Sirius asked.


“Shut up,” I said kissing him.


He chuckled into the kiss. I tugged at the black t-shirt and I broke the kiss. He practically ripped his shirt off as if he was the incredible hulk. I laughed.


“What are you laughing at?” He asked.


“Nothing,” I said. He chuckled and flipped me over. I grunted as my head hit the pillow. “What’s the point in this? It’s just going to be a battle of us flipping each other over.”


He chuckled and kissed me again; pulling me closer to him. His rock hard abs burned against my skin.


He moved his hand down my side and down my leg to my knee. He squeeze my knee; which he knew was one of my tickle spots. I yelped and pulled away from the kiss.


“Jerk,” I said hitting him on the arm.


“Ow, that hurt,” He whined.


“Aw,” I kissed his arm where I hit him and moved up to his shoulder to his neck and to his jaw line. I moved back to his lips he pushed his body against mine.






Sirius broke away and flung himself off of the bed. Terri, James, Lily, and Remus were at my door.


Lily and Terri looked somewhat happy, James was torn between emotions, and Remus looked so hurt.


“Mooney!” Sirius said from the floor.


Remus looked from Sirius to me. He looked at me disgusted. He ran from the door.


I bolted from the bed and chased after him.


“Remus!” I yelled just before he went down the stairs. “Stop!”


“What?” He asked he sounded so angry.


“I’m sorry,” I said.


“Sorry?” He asked walking over to me. “For what?”


“For hurting you,” I said. He looked at me.


“Hurting me, you’re not hurting me,” He said.


“I know…Remus…I know how you feel.” I said.


“He told you huh?” He asked. I nodded. “And yet you were doing whatever it was you were doing with him.”


“It got…carried away.” I said. “We weren’t going to do anything,”


“You weren’t going to do anything?” Remus asked. “What the hell were you doing in there?”


“That’s not what I meant,” I said yelling, tears began to sting my eyes.


“Mooney, it wasn’t…” Sirius said as he stepped out of my room.


“Shut the hell up you backstabbing asshole!” Remus yelled. “And as for you…”


He looked at me; those cold blue eyes staring me down; and me without a shirt on.


“Your not even worthy to be called a backstabbing bitch.” He said. “You’re so much lower than that, you’re not even worthy of Snivellus.”


I felt like somebody had just ripped my heart out. Remus turned and jogged downstairs; James followed.


I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I dropped to my knees; tears stinging my eyes. I felt like someone had stabbed me repeatedly, and I cried into my knees.


I felt arms wrap around me.


“It’s okay Tori,” Lily said.


“Yeah, you’re going to be okay.” Terri said. “James is going to make sure he doesn’t leave.”


I cried harder; staining my sweats. What just happened? I screamed as loud as possible. I covered my ears; just screaming. After I was out of breath; I rolled over and pulled my legs into my chest. I closed my eyes; wishing everything was back to normal.


Lily hated James, Ian hated me, and Remus and Sirius were just my friends. Nothing more, nothing less. But it wouldn’t. I felt someone pick me up and take me back to my room.


I looked up at Sirius; he looked hurt too. He laid me down in my bed. He kissed my forehead and left.


I cried into my pillow. Wanting nothing more but to have things back to normal. Nothing could be back to normal, everything had changed, nothing could be normal again. 

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Chapter 13: Surprise, Surprise
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Chapter 13
Surprise, Surprise

The next morning was quiet. There was no banging on my doors or yelling for me to get up; nothing. It was just quiet. I rolled over stuffing my head into my pillow. I rolled back over and stared up at the ceiling. I took in a deep breath and rolled out of bed. My face was dry and stiff from the dried tears.


I walked into the bathroom and turned the faucet on. I splashed water onto my face and dried it off with a small white towel.


I looked at myself in the mirror; I was still in my bra. I bolted back into my room and grabbed my tank-top; which was still on the floor; and slipped it on.


I walked back into the bathroom and brushed my hair. I looked over at Sirius’ door; it was so quiet. I wanted to see him; but I didn’t know if I should go see him.


I wish he would walk into the bathroom and do the normal thing. Say hello to me and than get ready to take a shower; but today was different.


I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. I put my hand on the door knob and turned it slowly. I pushed the door open and stood where I was.


Sirius was sitting at the edge of the bed. His head was buried in his hands. I closed my eyes; holding back more tears.


“What are you doing here Tori?” He asked.


I walked over to him; standing in front of him I kneeled down. I hugged him around the waist; resting my head on his shoulder. He returned the hug and rested his head on mine.


“I’m sorry but I don’t think…” I started. “I don’t think we should…”


“I know,” Sirius said. He looked me in the eyes. Those beautiful gray ones staring back at me. He caressed my cheek and I let a few tears leave my eyes.


He gave me a kiss on the lips and pulled away, I wish it could’ve lasted longer. Sirius looked away from me as I stood. I walked back to my room and sat down on my bed.


I had to talk to Remus. I just had to; I stood up quickly and walked the entire length of my room in four steps. I pulled the door open and walked across the hall and banged on James’ door.


“James!” I yelled.


“What?” He asked lazily.


I pushed the door open and walked in. James was lying on his bed half asleep.


“Where’s Remus?” I asked.


“I don’t think he wants to talk to you yet.” James said as he sat up.


“I don’t care,” I said. “Where is he?”


“Downstairs, in the white room,” James said looking down.


I whipped around and headed down the hallway and down the stairs.


We hardly ever went down to the second floor; it was just more guest rooms and Aunt Julie’s and Uncle Shawn’s room.


The white room was Remus’ room during monthly visits. That’s where we went during the full moon. It was a large room with no windows and a barred door.


It was at the far end of the hallway. I stood in front of the large brown door; my hand rose getting ready to knock on the door. I did the secret knock; maybe he would answer if he thought it was James.


“Yes?” Remus asked. He sounded tired.


I gripped the door knob and turned it; taking a deep breath I pushed the door open slightly and squeezed in.


“What do you want?” He asked when he saw it was me.


“We need to talk,” I said; my back up against the door. Remus was lying in the plain bed in the far corner.


The white room was dark and quiet; I flipped the switch and the lights turned on.


“About what?” Remus asked. He looked so calm while he lay on the bed.


“About last night,” I said.


“Oh, really,” Remus said.


I moved from my spot by the door and moved towards the bed. I was reluctant to sit on the edge of the bed but I did. I pushed my back up against the wall.


“You have to understand,” I said.


“Understand what?” Remus asked. “That even though you knew I had feelings for you and yet you were practically having sex with Sirius? I think I understand!” Remus was yelling now. I closed my eyes and looked down at the white comforter.


“You just don’t get it,” I said. “There are other people who like you!”


I sounded like Sirius when we were talking last night. I couldn’t be with Remus because of Terri.


“Yeah, well none of them understand!” Remus yelled. “You’re the only girl who knows about ‘my furry little problem.’”


“So? I know, I got that, but what does that have to do with anything?” I asked.


“You’re the only girl who accepts me,” Remus said. “Every other girl would run away,” He crawled over so he was now sitting in front of me.


“How do you know that?” I asked. “How do you know?”


He didn’t have anything to say to that. He just stared at the white comforter.


“Because I know somebody who one; likes you,” I said. “And two; thinks werewolves are interesting.”


“Who?” Remus asked.


“You’re such an idiot sometimes!” I yelled.


“Tori,” Remus said offended.


“Think about it you weirdo!” I said. His face creased as he thought about it. “Come on,”


I gripped his arm and pulled him with me out of the room and upstairs. I made my way to Terri’s room.


“Where are you taking me?” Remus asked from behind me.


I knocked on Terri’s door, “Terri?”


“Tori?” Terri asked as she opened the door. “What is it?”


“Terri, I have a question for you,” I said.


She looked from Remus to me and than nodded. “What do you think of werewolves?” I asked.


“Why are you asking? You already know,” Terri said smiling.


“Well Remus here wants proof that not just me is interested in werewolves.” I said.


“You’re interesting in werewolves?” Terri said.


“Sort of,” I said. “It’s a love hate relationship,” I glared at Remus.


“So what’s your answer?” Remus asked.


“They’re fascinating,” Terri said. “It’s said to believe that the ghost in the Shrieking Shack is a werewolf.”


“You have no idea,” I said. “Thank you Terri,” She smiled and closed the door.


I dragged Remus back downstairs and into the White Room.


“See?!” I yelled.


“But…does she like me?” Remus asked shocked.


“Oh my god! You’re such an idiot!” I said. “Duh!”


“But…but…what?” Remus asked. I rolled my eyes.


“Seriously, what would you guys do without me,” I asked.


Remus hugged me and I hugged back. “I’m sorry I called you…you know,”


“Yeah,” I said.


“Come with me,” Remus said dragging me out of the room. We ran downstairs and into the sitting room.


“What are you doing?” I asked.


Remus grabbed two presents that were underneath the tree. They were both plain white boxes; one said ‘To Terri’ the other ‘To Tori’. He lifted the lid of the one saying ‘To Tori’. He pulled out a silver necklace with a moon charm on it.


“Remus,” I said shocked.


“Would it be okay if I switched your presents?” Remus asked.


“It depends,” I said. “What’d you get Terri?”


“Chocolate,” Remus said simply.


“Okay,” I said with a smile.


“Tori, you’re the greatest,” Remus said.


“I know,” I said smiling. He laughed as he switched the lids on the two boxes. He put them back underneath the tree. “So, are you saying you like Terri now?”


“I think I’ve always liked her,” Remus said. “It’s just…I was stupid,”


“Yes you were,” I said. “And now you have to do one more thing.”


“What?” Remus asked.


“Seriously, you’re an idiot,” I said. “You need to go talk to Sirius,”


“I was hoping you could do that for me,” Remus said.


I shook my head. “I can be in the room, but I can’t do anything for you.” Remus nodded and headed back up the three flights of stairs. I stood with Remus in front of Sirius’ door. Remus stared at the door like it was going to eat him if he touched it.


“Come on Remus,” I said. “I’m right here,”


Remus took in a deep breath and let it out as slow as possible. Remus knocked and than opened the door slowly. He walked in and I followed behind him.


Sirius was sitting on his bed in the same position he was in when I had left. His head was in his hands and he looked depressed. Did he move at all?


“Padfoot,” Remus said quietly. I closed the door and leaned back onto the door.


“Mooney,” Sirius said looking up. He stood up quickly; he walked over to Remus. “I’m so sorry Mooney,”


“Sirius, shut up,” Remus said. “I’m the one who’s sorry,”


“What are you talking about?” Sirius asked.


“I knew that you liked Tori too.” He said. “But I still made it seem like I was the only one who liked her.”


“I shouldn’t have done anything with Tori in the first place.” Sirius said. I looked down at my bare feet.


“No, Sirius,” Remus said. “Let’s just let it go.”


Sirius didn’t know weather to accept it.


“Besides, Tori helped me move on,” Remus said smiling back at me. I smiled.


“Really?” Sirius asked. “To who?”


“You’ll learn eventually,” Remus said. Remus and Sirius hugged and Remus left the room.


Sirius smiled at me.


“What?” I asked smiling back.

“You…are absolutely amazing,” Sirius said. I blushed while still smiling.


He walked over to me and put his hands on my waist. He kissed me on the lips and this time he didn’t pull away.


He kissed me deeper as I wrapped my arms around his neck; my fingers tangled into his messy black hair.


He broke the kiss and moved down to my neck; instantly finding my sweet spot. I stifled a moan.


“Tori,” Sirius asked in my neck; his voice was uneven.


“What?” I asked.


“We’re not going to go too far,” Sirius said. It wasn’t a question it was a statement. I was slightly shocked at this; Sirius didn’t want to have sex; sex was Sirius’ religion.


“Okay,” I said not really caring.


“It’s not that I don’t want to; I really do.” He said. “It’s just…”


“I understand,” I said kissing him on the lips. “I’m having the same argument in my head.”


He kissed me again; pushing me against the door. We were still in our pajamas so the only piece of fabric between us was my shirt. Sirius obviously didn’t like that.


He broke the kiss for just a second to take my shirt my off. He flung the shirt somewhere as he went back to kissing me. He wrapped his arms around me closing any space between our bodies. Our skin burned as they touched.


He lifted me up and laid me down on his bed. He kissed all down my neck my fingers still tangled in his hair.


“Tori,” He said looking up at me. He was laying on me; his chin rested on my somewhat abs.


“Yes,” I said looking at him.


“I’m tired,” He said. I laughed. He looked so cute when he said that. “I’m serious,”


“I know you’re Sirius,” I said. He rolled his eyes.


“That’s my joke,” He said. I laughed. “I stayed up all night; thinking,”


“Sirius, you were thinking?” I asked. He rolled his eyes again.


“I’m just tired,” He said. He turned his head and pressed it onto my stomach. I stroked his hair.


I was surprised I got as much sleep as I did. I had spent most of the night tossing and turning; and Sirius did look tired. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily. I yawned; I was tired too.


I continued stroking his hair as I closed my eyes and turned my head so my face was somewhat in the pillows; they smelt like Sirius. Before I knew it I was sleeping too.




“Aw, don’t they look so cute?”


I slowly opened my eyes and saw everyone standing in Sirius’ doorway. Sirius was still sleeping. I shook him slightly.


“What?” He asked groggily.


“We have company,” I said.


He looked at me confused but than turned around and saw everyone. “Oh, hey guys,”


I laughed slightly.


“What were you two doing?” James asked.


“Sleeping,” I said quickly.


“Just sleeping?” Lily asked.


“Yes Lily, just sleeping,” I said.


“Are you sure?” Terri asked.


I rolled my eyes. “Can you guys please leave,” I asked.


“Why?” Remus asked.


“Because, there’s nothing to see.” I said. “I’m going to take a shower,”


“Okay,” James said. He closed Sirius’ door and Sirius looked up at me.


“Are you really going to take a shower?” Sirius asked.


I kissed him, “Yes,”


He whined and moved his arms underneath me. He hugged me and began kissing my stomach; which tickled. I giggled.


“Sirius, I have to take a shower,” I said laughing.


“Okay,” He said disappointed.


I smiled and gave him a kiss, “I’ll be back,”


He rolled off of me and I rolled out of the bed. I stood up and looked around the room. “Where’s my tank-top?” I asked.


“I don’t know,” Sirius said. I laughed.


I looked around the room and finally found the tank-top on top of the wardrobe.


“How did it get up there?” I asked looking up at it.


“I’m not sure,” He said. I laughed and shook my head. I reached for the shirt but I was way to short for it.


“Sirius…” I said looking over at Sirius. He was lying on the bed watching with an amused expression. “Can you help me please?”


He got out of the bed and walked over to me. He was so much taller than me. He was looking down at me as he reached up and grabbed my tank-top. He handed it to me.


“Thank you,” I said. “Tall-person,” He laughed and gave me a peck on the lips.


I walked into the bathroom and locked his door so he wouldn’t do anything stupid. I locked my door also and turned on the shower.


The warm water let steam off and covered the bathroom. I undressed and stepped into the water. I took in a deep breath; wow. Everything went from bad to worse to amazing. Things change so quickly; with that I began singing some muggle song. 




I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. I unlocked Sirius’ door and walked into my room. I grabbed a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt and got dressed.


I dried my hair and walked back into the bathroom; I brushed my hair and just as I finished Sirius walked in.


“Hello there,” He said


“Hi Sirius,” I said. I put my brush back on the counter.


He walked over to the shower and turned it back on. He crossed his arms and waited for me leave; he was starting to get annoyed because I was taking forever to put my lotion on my face.


“Alright, I’m going,” I said as I opened my door.


I closed my door and left my room. I went downstairs to kitchens to go get some breakfast.


I walked in the kitchens; everyone else was there enjoying some fruit loops.


“Hey guys,” I said.


“Hello there,” Terri said. I rolled my eyes.


“Tori, I’m finding it hard to believe that you and Sirius did nothing in that bed.” James said. “I mean its Sirius,”


“Trust me; I know what you mean,” I said as a house elf brought me a bowl of fruit loops. I said thank you and dropped my spoon into the colorful O’s.


“What do you mean?” Lily asked.


“Sirius didn’t want to go too far,” I said. I put the spoon in my mouth and than brought it back out.


“What?” Remus and James asked.


“Yeah, I know, that was my first thought,” I said.


“That’s so sweet,” Lily said. “Sirius doesn’t want you to be just another girl; so he’s waiting for you.”


I smiled at the thought.


“The fun has arrived!” Sirius yelled as he slid into the kitchens. He lost control and crashed into a pile of pots. We all laughed.


“Nice landing,” Remus said as Sirius sat down at the table.


“Yeah, it was so graceful,” I sad putting more fruit loops into my mouth.


“Yeah, I’m just that graceful.” Sirius said. A house elf put a bowl of fruit loops in front of Sirius and than went back to helping pick up the pots.


We all finished our fruit loops and went to the sitting room to sit around and just hang out. It was nice; Aunt Julie made hot coco and the chocolate filled cookies. Terri was really excited for that.


Terri and I were being stupid most of the night; we were hyper off of chocolate. We ended up laughing at nothing; but stopped when Remus and Sirius threatened to throw us in the pool again.




“Tori! Wake-up! It’s Christmas!”


It’s Christmas? What?


“Tori!” There was banging on my bathroom door and my regular door.


“Alright!” I yelled. “I’ll be down in a few minutes!”


The banging and yelling ceased. I took in a deep breath and let it out.


I got out of bed and walked over to the bathroom. I knocked twice; no answer, I opened the door and brushed my teeth and hair.


Sirius walked in and gave me hug.


“Hello to you too,” I said after he kissed me.


“Come on Tori! Be excited!” Sirius said. “It’s Christmas,”


“I’ll be excited after I get my presents,” I said smiling.


“Okay than,” Sirius said. He kissed me once more and pulled me out of the bathroom into his room and out his door.


We bolted down the stairs and into the sitting room where everyone was waiting.


“Happy Christmas!” Aunt Julie said.


“Happy Christmas Aunt Julie,” I said as I sat down next to Terri.


“Alright, let’s open presents!” James yelled going around the Christmas tree. James handed presents to the proper person and than sat down next to Lily.


When he finished we all began ripping open presents. I got one thing from each person; which I was perfectly happy with.


I got the chocolate from Remus, I loved the look on Terri’s face when she opened the box with the necklace. It was priceless.


I got a book on Quidditch from Terri, an awesome looking black hat from Lily, a wizards chess board from James; I was wicked good at wizards chess, and a silver bracelet from Sirius. It was just a silver chain but it was still pretty.


“So what did you two get me?” I asked Aunt Julie and Uncle Shawn.


They both smiled at each other than Uncle Shawn left. I watched him confusingly. I looked over at Aunt Julie; she was just smiling. I looked at everyone else; they too had confused looks on their faces.


Uncle Shawn came back with a long circular package. He handed it to me; I stared at him as he sat back down next to Aunt Julie.


I shrugged and opened the package. I pulled out a dark brown broom. I stared at it in awe.


“That’s your initials on the handle,” Aunt Julie said.


Carved in the dark brown wood at the top of the handle was a neatly written V. D. M.


“Lucky,” James said.


“Duck,” Sirius said.


Everyone laughed.


“How come I didn’t get a broom?” James asked.


“You already have a perfectly good broom.” Uncle Shawn said. “I’ve seen Tori’s, it’s getting pretty beat up.”


“Fine,’ James said glumly. Lily gave him a peck on the cheek and he was all of a sudden happy again.


We spent the rest of the day eating cookies and drinking hot coco; it was nice. Lily and James cuddled together in a chair by the fire. Uncle Shawn and Aunt Julie were in the kitchen helping the house elves.


Terri and Remus talked animatedly about who knows what. Sirius was playing around with a small quaffle that he got from Lily. He may be a beater but he was still enjoying throwing the ball up and down.


I was sitting awkwardly in my chair; upside down. My feet were hanging over the back and my neck and head were hanging upside down.


“Hey Tori,” Sirius asked. “Can I talk to you?”


“Yeah,” I said.


Sirius got up off of the couch; I flipped off and Terri clapped; I bowed. I followed Sirius out.


He was putting on his shoes and his coat. I did the same; when I was done he led me outside.


“Sirius, where are we going?” I asked.


“It’s a surprise,” Sirius said.


I laughed at him as he covered my eyes with his hands. He walked behind me the whole time. Where was he taking me?

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Chapter 14: Approval
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Chapter 14

“Sirius, where are you taking me?” I asked again.


“How many times do I have to tell you?” Sirius asked. “It’s a surprise,” I groaned.


He laughed and kept leading me; wherever it was we were going.


“Alright, we’re almost there,” Sirius said.


“Good,” I said. He laughed again and stopped walking.


“Are you ready?” He asked.


“Yes Sirius,” I said.


He removed his hands from over my eyes. The lake was in view; it was later than I thought it was getting dark; the sun was setting. And yet we just had breakfast. Oh duh; took a nap; totally thrown off schedule.


“It’s, it’s, it’s…” I stammered.


“The View,” Sirius finished.


I had never been to the View; you usually only went here with someone who you cared about. I had never seen this place before and this place was beautiful.


There were large trees surrounding an open area by the lake.


“Wow,” I said. Sirius chuckled.


“That’s right, you’ve never been here,” Sirius said.


“No, no I have not,” I said smiling up at him. He smiled back at me. “So what did you want to talk about?”


“Yeah, um,” Sirius said moving so he was standing in front of me. “Um…I’ve never actually done this before,”


“Done what?” I asked.


“Tori, um…” He said again; he was so cute when he didn’t know what to say. I laughed at the look on his face. “Stop laughing at me! This is very difficult!”


“It’s only difficult because you’ve never done it before.” I stated.


“Well neither have you,” Sirius said.


“Well, I have no idea what we’re talking about so I can’t really say anything.” I said.


“Yeah,” Sirius said.


“Just say it Sirius,” I said.


Sirius looked down at his shoes. He kicked at some of the snow. “I was wondering…” He said slowly. I gestured for him to go on. “If you’d like to be my…um…”


“Your…?” I asked.


“My…” Sirius said. “Um…”


“Sirius, just say it!” I yelled. He jumped slightly.


“Wouldyouliketobemygirlfriend?” He asked. It was so fast and so quiet that I barely heard it.


“What?” I asked.


“Would you like to be my girlfriend?” He asked. “There I said it,” He breathed out.


I stared down at the snow; trying to comprehend the words. Sirius Black…just asked me…to be…his girlfriend. What? Huh? I’m confused.


“Well…?” Sirius asked. I was still looking down at the snow trying to comprehend what just happened.  I looked up at Sirius still confused. “I guess that’s a no,” He began to walk away.


“No, no, no, no, no,” I said pulling Sirius back. “I’m just shocked.”


“About what?” Sirius asked.


“That the Sirius Black; just asked me to be his girlfriend.” I said pointing to him and than to myself.


“Why does that surprise you?” Sirius asked.


“Because you’re Sirius Black,” I said. “You don’t have girlfriends; you have one night stands.” I said.


He gave me an offended look but than realized it was true.


“And you ask me. Me off all people to ask.” I said.


“What do you mean?” Sirius asked.


“I’m not like the other girls you snog!” I said.


“I know,” Sirius said as he placed his hands on my shoulders. “You’re different; you’re…amazing,” I felt my face getting really hot.


“But…why…” I couldn’t exactly find the right words.


“Tori, you are absolutely amazing,” Sirius said. “And, no other girl has ever made me feel the way I feel about you.”


I smiled as I blushed bright red.


“So?” Sirius asked. “Will you be my girlfriend?”


I looked up at him; into those gray eyes. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. I opened my eyes and Sirius looked at me with hopeful eyes. I nodded.


“Yes!” He yelled. He began dancing around the clearing like the silly idiot that he is. I laughed at him.


He ran over to me from where he was dancing and picked me up in a hug and spun me around. I laughed as he put me down. He kissed me full on the lips.


“Tori, you’re amazing,” Sirius said after he broke the kiss.


“I’ve been told,” I said. He kissed me again.


This time it was deeper and more passionate. I tangled my fingers into his hair as our tongues fought for dominance; he won of course.


He broke the kiss and moved down to my neck; like always. I decided to change it up a bit. I moved his head from my neck and began kissing Sirius’. I had to get on my tip-toes to reach him.


“If you’re trying to find my sweet spot, you won’t.” Sirius said. “No one has ever found my…” He was cut off as a slight moan escaped from his lips.


I looked up at him; a wide smile crossed my lips as I saw the look of shock on his face. His sweet spot was just below his Adam’s apple. It was a good thing too, because I couldn’t reach any higher.


“Wipe that smirk off of your face,” Sirius said. “I know where your sweet spot is,”


“Yeah, but unlike you, I know how to hold it in.” I said.


He glared at me but I kissed him; which was difficult because he leaned away; and I couldn’t reach that far.


I got angry and pulled Sirius down to me by his neck and kissed him. He was shocked at first; by my sudden confidence, I was too; but he soon got into the kiss.


I broke the kiss and looked around at our settings. The sun had set and it was dark.


“Sirius, let’s go home,” I said. “I’m getting a little cold,”


“Oh, well, right this way milady,” He said offering his arm. I linked mine and we walked back to the house.




We walked back into the house; I took off my coat and put it back on the coat rack. The bottoms of my sweats were soaked through.


“May I walk with you upstairs?” Sirius asked.


“Why yes,” I said.


We linked arms yet again; but when were turning to go up to the third floor; Sirius moved his hand so his fingers were intertwined with mine. I felt butterflies in my stomach and tingles soar through out my body.


When we finally made it to the third floor; we stopped in front of my door.


“I’ll see you…shortly,” Sirius said. I laughed. He kissed the top of my hand and than gave me a peck on the lips.


He went into his room and I went into mine. I closed the door and jumped at what I saw.


Lily and Terri were sitting on my bed; their arms crossed; and their eyes livid.


“Well, look who decided to come home.” Lily said.


“Where have you been?” Terri asked.


“The View,” I said.


“The View?” Lily asked. “What were you doing at The View?”


“Talking with Sirius,” I said as I quickly changed into a different pair of sweats.


“About?” Terri asked.


So I told them what happened. Their faces grew from anger to happiness as the story drew to end.


When I finished they stared at me; their eyes no longer livid and bright smiles on their faces.


“Oh my god!” Lily yelled as she began jumping on my bed. She pulled Terri and me up with her.


“Why are we jumping?” Terri asked as we jumped.


“Apparently girls jump when they’re really happy,” I said. Terri laughed.




I sat back down on my bed. “Oh shit,” I said.


“What?” Lily asked as she stopped jumping; Terri had stopped also.


In the next five seconds my bathroom door had been kicked open. James stormed in angry and Remus followed behind dragging Sirius by his hair. I wanted to laugh; but I knew that was a bad idea.


“Well, Tori, what do you have to say?” James asked.


“Nothing really,” I said. “I think Sirius explained it all.”


“Well I have one thing to say,” James said.


“And that is?” I asked.


“It’s about time!” He yelled. I looked stunned at him. He wrapped me into a hug. “Now all we have to do is find Mooney a girl.”


James released me from the hug; he slapped Mooney on the back. He blushed and I winked at him.


“Alright, let’s go to bed,” Remus said moving away from James. “Come on Terri,”


“G’night  guys,” Terri said as she and Remus left.


“Come, my precious Lilyflower,” James said as he helped Lily off of the bed.


Lily giggled and blushed; I remember a time when she hated being called Lilyflower.


“Alone at last,” Sirius said when he heard James’ door close. I laughed. “I think I’m going to sleep in here tonight.”


“Really?” I asked.


“If you’re okay with that?” Sirius asked walking over to me. I laughed.


“No, I’m fine with it, but no funny business,” I said pointing a finger at him.


“But funny business is the only business I know,” Sirius said as he kneeled in front of me. Even when he was kneeling he was a few inches taller than me; stupid tall person.


I shook my head and pushed him playfully. “You know what I mean,”


“Yeah, I do,” He said kissing me.


“Good,” I said crawling over to my bed. I slipped underneath my covers and Sirius followed along.


I moved into him and he wrapped his arms around me. I buried my head beneath his head while he breathed into my hair. I never wanted to leave this spot; this spot in his arms.

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Chapter 15: The Full Moon
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Chapter 15
The Full Moon

It had been a couple of weeks since Sirius asked me to be his girlfriend. It was just a few days until school starts up and today was a full moon. We were getting everything prepared in the white room; making sure Lily and Terri didn’t get suspicious of anything. But after taking a lot of pillows and blankets into the white room; they got suspicious.


“Why are you taking pillows and blankets in there?” Terri asked as I left the white room. I stared at them wide-eyed.


“Um…the guys and I are going to have a big sleepover.” I somewhat lied. “Like old times,”


“Oh,” Lily said.


“Do you want us to help set up?” Terri asked.


“No that’s fine; the guys can take care of it,” I said. “Come on let’s get some lunch; I’m hungry,”


“When aren’t you hungry?” Terri asked.


“Whenever you’re not hungry,” I said.


“So…never?” Terri asked.


“Precisely,” I said. We laughed as we headed downstairs into the kitchens.


The house elves made us grilled cheese; it was magnificent.


“So, what do you guys do at your sleepovers?” Lily asked.


“Oh, you know, be stupid,” I said biting into the sandwich.


“Why’d you choose now to have a sleepover?” Terri asked.


“Well; it’s almost school; and with the whole James and Lily and Sirius and me thing; we haven’t really had time.” I said. “Now seemed a good a time as any,”


They nodded; buying the somewhat lie. It was true; we didn’t have time for sleepovers over Winter Holidays; and we were going to have one eventually.


“Tori, we need your help with something,” Remus said as he came into the kitchen.


“Okay,” I said. “I’ll be back,” I stuffed the rest of the grilled cheese into my mouth and followed Remus up the stairs.


“Did they buy your lie?” Remus asked as we headed to the White Room.


I nodded; still trying to swallow the last of the grilled cheese. I managed to get it all down as we walked into the room.


James and Sirius were using their wands to lift giant blankets onto the walls. When Remus changed he would bang on the walls; we didn’t want him to get hurt. Pillows were scattered around the entire room; for again safety reasons.


“So, what did you need my help with?” I asked; it seemed they were doing fine.


“Nothing really; we just wanted to make sure you weren’t blowing it with Lily and Terri.” James said as he lifted a blanket up.


“I told them not to worry,” Sirius said; he too was lifting a blanket up. “You’re quick on your feet,” I smiled; that was true.


“So they bought it?” James asked.


“Yep,” I said.


“Good; we have two more blankets to lift up,” James said. “Go help,”


Now that I was able to do magic out of school; I could actually help. The wall behind the bed was still uncovered by blankets. I pulled my wand out and lifted a blanket up and it stuck to the wall.


“Nice job,” Sirius said as he walked over to me. He was admiring the wall. It was my first time setting up the White Room; and I think I was doing pretty well.


“Thank you,” I said putting my wand back in my pocket.


“Alright, Tori you know what you have to do right?” James asked.


“Keep Lily and Terri on the third floor,” I said. “And when they’re asleep I come down here.”


“Very good,” James said rubbing my head. I glared at him.


“Now go!” Remus said.


“I’ll see you guys later,” I said. I gave Remus and James a hug and gave Sirius a peck on the cheek. “Don’t eat each other,”


The guys laughed and I headed back to the kitchens.


“Hey guys,” I said sitting down at the table.


“Hey,” Lily and Terri said; they were laughing at something.


“Come on guys,” I said standing up. I went over to the far end of the kitchens and opened up a pantry; inside was a whole bunch of candy. “Take some candy and follow me,”


I grabbed some candy and held them in my arms. Terri and Lily did the same and we headed upstairs to my room.


“What are we doing?” Lily asked as I dumped the sweets onto my bed.


“I don’t have to go to the guys until later,” I said. “I’m going to have some girl time while I wait,”


The girls laughed but agreed and we sat on my bed eating chocolate and drinking butterbeer that I got from Sirius’ room. 


“So what time do you have to go down there?” Lily asked. We were lying on my bed. I looked up at my window; the sun was setting.


“Soon,” I said. I grabbed another Butterbeer and popped it open.


“Can we visit later?” Terri asked.


“No, I don’t think that would be wise,” I said.


“Why not?” Lily asked sitting up.


“This is kind of like our Holiday celebration,” I said. “No one else besides us are supposed to be there,”


“Wow, that’s deep,” Terri said. I laughed.


“It’s like…it’s our time,” I said.


“Okay, we won’t crash your sleepover,” Lily said.


“Thanks guys,” I said. I looked out the window again. “Alright I got to go,”


“Alright,” Lily said. They both hugged me and I headed down stairs.


Lily and Terri weren’t following so my first job was done. I made it to the white room and did the secret knock. James opened the door.


Remus was sitting on his bed waiting. James and Sirius were waiting by the door. There was meat in the corner of the room; to distract Remus when he changed.


More meat was hidden behind blankets for later. There was one little small window in the far corner; high up; Sirius couldn’t even reach it. It was our guide; so we knew when we had to go into animal form.


The darkness of night was shining through the window. Sirius, James, and I nodded to each other and we changed into our animal forms.


Remus was changing; I always had to look away; I couldn’t watch the pained expression on Remus’ face as he changed. I turned looking at the barred door.


My bushy orange tail wagged; I watched the white tip go back and forth; waiting for the howl.


Sirius nuzzled me and I turned back around; Remus wasn’t Remus anymore; he was a wolf.


I watched him look around the room; he sniffed the air and caught the scent of the meat in the corner. He ran over to it and began tearing the meat apart.


I hated transformations; all I did was watch my best friend in pain and I couldn’t do anything to help him.


Remus finished with the pile of meat and began banging around the room; he could smell the other piles of meat. I sat and watched as he beat himself up trying to find it. I wanted to cry; but I couldn’t; I had to be strong.




I groaned in pain; I was lying on the carpet floor; I had changed back to my human self.


Last night, after Mooney found another pile of meat; Sirius went to find the other pile. Remus got really mad and knocked Sirius into a wall. He was okay thanks to the blankets but he was knocked unconscious.


James and I tried to calm down Remus but that landed us in the same position as Sirius.


My head pounded as I tried to stand. James and Sirius were still lying on the floor. Remus was sitting on the bed; I could tell he was hurt.


“Mooney,” I said as I walked over to him dizzily.


“Are you okay Tori?” Remus asked as I plopped down next to him.


“Yeah, I’ll be fine,” I said. “How are you doing?”


“Tired,” Remus said. “I didn’t get much sleep; I was too worried about you guys.”


“Come on; let’s take you up to your room.” I said.


I stood up as did Remus; once he stood at full height he toppled over.


“Alright, come on,” I said leaning down. I grabbed his waist and he moved his arm over my shoulders.


I lifted him up and we walked over to the door. I pulled out my wand and unbarred the door. It opened and Remus and I stepped out.


“Are you okay,” I asked as Remus groaned again.


“I’ll be okay,” Remus said. I highly doubted that.


We climbed up the steps and turned the corner.


“Tori? What happened?”


I stopped dead in my tracks; I looked up from my feet. Terri was standing in the middle of the hallway; a look of terror on her face.


“Terri,” Remus said; he groaned in pain.


“What happened?” Terri asked.


“No time to explain; just help me,” I said. Remus was starting to fall and I couldn’t hold him up.


Terri rushed over and wrapped an arm around Remus’ waist and he put his arm around her shoulder.


We carried Remus into his room and set him down on his bed.


“Tori, what happened?” Terri asked.


“Um…” I said.


“Tori, I’ll tell her,” Remus said. “Go check on the guys,”


I looked at him skeptically but nodded. I left his room and headed back downstairs.


I turned the corner and rushed into the White Room. James and Sirius were trying and failing to stand up.


I went over to James. “Are you okay?” I asked helping him up.


“I’ll be okay?” James said. “How’s Mooney?”

“He’s upstairs in bed,” I said.


He pushed his body against the wall; I made sure he wouldn’t fall back down and went over to Sirius.


“Hey,” I said softly. “Are you okay?”


“Yeah,” Sirius said. “How are you doing?”


“I’m fine,” I said. I lifted Sirius up; he was hurt pretty bad. He leaned on me.


“How’s Mooney?” Sirius asked.


“He’s good,” I said.


I walked over to James; with some difficulty; and he leaned on me also.


“Come on guys,” I said. “You have to somewhat help,”


The guys chuckled and lifted themselves off of me. We left the White Room and we slowly made our way upstairs.


“Alright James, you going to be okay?” I asked when we came to James’ room.


“Yeah,” James said he opened his door.


“Okay,” I said. I led Sirius to his room. I opened the door.


I led him to his bed. He slumped down and his head fell back on to the pillow. I sat down next to him; pushing some hair out of his face.


“Are you okay?” I asked again.


“Yeah,” He said. He kissed my hand as it passed over his lips. He gripped my wrist and pulled me closer to him. I yelped as I fell right in front of his face.


“Hello, how are you,” I said looking into his gray eyes.


“I’m pretty good,” Sirius said. I laughed.


He pulled me into a kiss; I moved so I could be closer to him; but I accidently pushed down on his side. He groaned in pain.


“I’m sorry,” I said sitting up and covering my mouth with my hands.


He laughed at the look on his face. “It’s okay,” He said.


I kissed him again and went to stand up. He pulled me back down.


“Where are you going?” Sirius asked.


“My room,” I said like it was obvious.


“No,” He whined. I laughed; his personality fit his animagus nicely. “Don’t leave,”


I smiled, “Can I at least change?” I asked. He pouted but than nodded. “I’ll be right back,” I gave him another kiss and walked through the bathroom.


I walked into my room and jumped at the sight of Terri sitting on my bed.


“Hey Terri,” I said walking over to my wardrobe; I grabbed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.


“He told me,” Terri said. “Everything,”


I turned to face her, “And?” I asked, scared that she was going to get mad.


“Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked excitedly. I stood shocked.


“I couldn’t,” I said. “I’m sworn to secrecy,”


“I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming!” Terri said. “I mean you would think, because I’ve read so much about werewolves, I would be able to figure out if someone was one.”


“Yeah,” I said. “I can’t believe you didn’t figure it out either.”


“How are the rest of the guys?” Terri asked.


“They’re good,” I said. “Resting,”


“Yeah, you should probably get some rest,” Terri said. “I’ll see you later,”


Terri left my room and went back to hers. I sighed; I changed into the shorts and t-shirt. I noticed a large scar on my arm; probably from when Remus through me against the wall. It was bleeding pretty badly; I walked into the bathroom and washed it off.


It was still bleeding slightly; but it would be fine until Aunt Julie could heal it. She was a healer; it came in handy during transformation.


I walked back into Sirius’ room he was staring up at the ceiling. I noticed the large, now bleeding, scar on his stomach.


“Sirius, does your side hurt?” I asked.


He looked over at me, “A little yeah,” He said.


I went back into the bathroom and ran a small towel underneath the water and walked back into Sirius’ room.


I sat down on the side of Sirius’ bed and placed the wet cloth on the scar. I was gentle not to cause Sirius any pain.


“Seriously, what would I do without you Tori?” Sirius asked as I removed the cloth from the scar.


“Seriously? You’d probably be dead already,” I said. Blood no longer flowed from the scar. He laughed but groaned.


I put the cloth back into the bathroom and moved to the empty side of Sirius’ bed. I crawled in and he wrapped his arms around me. He kissed me on the lips and broke away.


“Tori, I know we’ve been going out for only a few weeks,” Sirius began. “But I’ve known for a long time, and I have something I need to tell you.”


“What?” I asked looking into those beautiful gray eyes. He looked into my green ones.


“Tori,” Sirius began. “I love you,”


Chapter 16: I Love You Too
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Chapter 16
I Love you Too

I stared into Sirius’ eyes; not sure what I should say. Sirius just said he loved me; did I love him back? I searched deep down into my heart to figure out what I should say.


“I love you too,” I said.


Sirius beamed and kissed me full on the lips. I did love Sirius; no matter what. He was the only person who could make me laugh; even when I’m in the most depressed mood.


“Sirius?” I asked. He looked at me waiting; but still smiling. “What’s going to happen when we go back to school?”


“What do you mean?” He asked. I rolled my eyes.


“What’s going to happen when every girl finds out that you’re not single anymore?” I asked.


“Well they’re just going to have to deal,” Sirius said. “I love you and no one is going to take you away from me,” He pulled me closer to his body.


I took in a deep breath and enjoyed the smell of Sirius. He kissed my forehead. He nuzzled my head so I would look up at him; I did. I was still worried about school; I tried to hide but he caught it.


“It’s going to be okay,” Sirius said. “I promise,” He pressed his lips to mine once more. He pressed his body against mine; closing any open space. He broke the kiss for air; both of us were breathing hard.


He moved so that he was lying on my chest. I wrapped my arms around him leaning my head into his hair. It smelt familiar.


“Have you been using my shampoo?” I asked.


He blushed, “Maybe,” He said.


“I was wondering why I was running out so quickly.” I said.


“Yeah…” Sirius said.


“Why…?” I asked.


“I was running out…and…it just carried on from there.” Sirius said.


“Sirius, you are a weirdo,” I said.


“I know,” He said he shifted again and looked up at me. “But I’m your weirdo,”


I smiled and gave him a kiss. He leaned back down and he started breathing heavily. I closed my eyes and was soon asleep.




The sun poured over me; no matter which way I turned I couldn’t escape the bright lights. I yawned and stretched out my fingers and toes.


“Good-morning,” Sirius said when he saw that I was awake.


I opened my eyes and saw Sirius standing in the bathroom doorway.


“Hi,” I said as I yawned again.


He smirked and walked over to the bed. He had just finished taking a shower because his hair was wet and dripping on the bed. He leaned over me causing some drops of water to drip onto my face.


I moved away and wiped the water from my face.


“Hey! Get back here!” Sirius said pulling me back. I laughed as he kissed me; he shook his hair and more water sprayed over me. I yelped.


“That’s not funny!” I said pushing him.


He fell over onto the floor and I climbed on top of him; straddling his hips.


“Now, now Bushytail,” Sirius said. “No funny business,” Sirius wagged a finger in front of my face.


I watched it annoyed; I bit it. He yelped in pain. I laughed and he pushed me over.


“You’re not funny either,” He said. I stuck my tongue out at him.


He pulled me into his body and kissed me full on the lips. His tongue pushed into my mouth and I had no objections. My fingers tangled into his wet hair as his hands went up my shirt and roamed my back.


I broke the kiss and moved down his neck and found his sweet spot; I smiled as another moan escaped his lips. He moved my head away from his neck and began kissing my neck.


He quickly found my sweet spot; just below my ear. I didn’t bother to hold back the moan that escaped my lips. Sirius smiled against my skin.


I pushed him away. “I need to take a shower,” I said. He whined and kissed me again. He pushed me to the floor and he lay on top of me.


His hands roamed my stomach and sides; he moved down to my neck again causing another moan to escape my lips. I felt tingles go through my body and butterflies in my stomach.


“Sirius,” I said; trying and failing to make my voice even.


“Tori,” He said; his voice was so ragged.


“I need to take a shower,” I said.


He whined again; he stopped kissing my neck and leaned his head into my skin.


“I promise we’ll continue when I’m done.” I said.


“You promise?” Sirius asked as he looked up at me.


“I promise,” I gave him another kiss and than wiggled out from underneath him.


I went through the bathroom and locked Sirius’ door. I turned on the shower and undressed. I stepped into the warm water and began singing.




I left the shower and went into my room. I grabbed the gray sweats and a black tight fitting long sleeve shirt. I got dressed and brushed my hair and pulled my hair up into a ponytail.


I walked over to Sirius’ door and opened it. Sirius was lying on his bed playing with the little quaffle.


“Having fun?” I asked. He turned his head and smiled.


“Yeah,” He said.


I walked over to the bed and climbed over Sirius. Before I could get to the other side Sirius pulled me into a kiss.


He flipped me over so he was on top of me again. He kissed down my jaw line and down my neck and went back up to my sweet spot. I moaned. He smiled into my skin. I started to get mad at the fact that I wore a long sleeve shirt; Sirius obviously did too.


“You choose now to where a long sleeve shirt?” Sirius asked as he sat up.


“I just grabbed a shirt,” I said.


“Well this shirt,” Sirius said tugging the bottom of it. “Has got to go,”


I laughed. He pulled the shirt up over my head and pulled it off of my arms. He flung it across the room. I was wearing a red, green, and orange striped bra.


“You have very good taste in bras,” Sirius said. I laughed. “I’m serious,”


“I know you are,” I said. He chuckled.


He bent down and kissed me again; deeper and more passionate. His tongue slipped in and I arched my back closer to him. His hands roamed my entire body; I moaned as he kissed my sweet spot.


Our skin burned as they touched. He kissed down my neck and down to my stomach. He kissed around my belly button and down to where my sweats started.


“Sirius,” I said as even as I could.


“I know,” Sirius said as he kissed back up to my mouth.


I moved my hands around his neck and pulled him closer to me; deepening the kiss. I kissed his jaw line and moved down to his neck; he moaned when I hit his sweet spot.


“Hey, you two might want to put some clothes on,” James said from Sirius’ door.


James closed the door and Sirius groaned. “Can we ever get peace?”


“I guess not,” I said. He kissed me again.


He got off of me and I went on the hunt for my shirt again. I found it on the floor by the bathroom. I slipped it back on and walked over to Sirius. He was sitting on the side of the bed watching me.


“If only we could have some alone time,” Sirius said.


“To bad we live in a house full of curious people.” I said.


He chuckled and leaned his head onto my stomach. I pulled his head back up and gave him a kiss.


“Come on,” I said pulling him up. “Let’s go check on Mooney,”


“Mooney is going to be fine,” Sirius whined as I dragged him to the door.


“Padfoot,” I said. Sirius whined. “It’s not like we can do anything; we can never have any alone time.”


He sighed and I gave him a kiss.


I pulled him out of his room and to Remus’ bedroom.


“Should we knock?” I asked.


“Do we ever?” Sirius asked. I shook my head and Sirius opened the door. “Hey Mooney, how you doing?”


“Oh my god,” I said.


“Mooney!” Sirius exclaimed.


“Terri!” I exclaimed.


Remus was lying on his bed and Terri was sitting next to him; kissing him!


Terri and Remus pulled apart and Terri turned bright red. She flung herself off of the bed and into the corner by their conjoined bathroom. Remus was still sitting on his bed turning bright red.


“I think he’s doing fine,” Sirius said.


“Yeah, I think so too,” I said.


“So, I was kissing Terri,” Remus exclaimed. “It’s not that big a deal!”


“Not that big a deal?” I yelled. “This is a huge deal!”


I walked over to Terri and pulled her through the conjoined bathroom into her own room.


“What just happened in there?” I asked as I pushed her onto her bed.


“Um…” Terri said. “Well I guess you can kind of figure it out.”


“Oh yeah,” I said. “So…?”


“What?” Terri asked.


“Why were you kissing him?” I asked.


“I was talking to him; about his ‘furry little problem’.” Terri said; I giggled. “And he just kissed me.”


“That’s it?” I asked.


“Yeah,” Terri said.


I groaned and pulled Terri back into the bedroom.


“Alright, you and you,” I said pointing to Remus and than Terri. “Need to talk, talk, talkie.” I said making my hands into puppets.


“About what?” Remus asked.


“Oh you know damn well what,” I said. Remus blushed.


“Let’s go,” I said dragging Sirius out of the bedroom.


“What are they talking about?” Sirius asked.


“You’ll learn soon enough,” I said kissing Sirius.


He pulled away and gave me a raised eye brow. I rolled my eyes and pulled him back into the kiss. He growled into the kiss and I laughed. He deepened the kiss; he picked me up and pushed into my room.


“I love you Tori,” Sirius said as he laid me down onto my bed.


“Love you too,” I said.


He kissed me again and I wrapped my fingers into his hair. He poked my sides and yelped.


“Stop that!” I yelled.


“No!” Sirius said tickling me.


“What have we said about tickle fights?” I asked.


“Never start one when you’re ticklish also?” Sirius asked.


“Exactly,” I said pushing him over and straddling him.


“I love it when you take control,” Sirius said. I rolled my eyes and gave him a kiss and than started tickling him.

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Chapter 17: Kill Tori!
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“The train is going to be leaving soon!”


“Come on! Let’s go!”


We barreled through King’s Cross Station; dodging as many muggles as possible. Because James decided to sleep in today we were late and now pushing over muggles to get to platform nine and three quarters.


We came to the barrier and Aunt Julie brought Sirius, James, and me into a hug.


“Aunt Julie we got to go,” I said.


“Right,” She said releasing us from the hug. “Have fun; and don’t kill anybody.”


“Can’t make any promises,” Sirius said.


Aunt Julie rolled her eyes as Uncle Shawn laughed.


“Come on everyone,” I said. I pushed my trolley through the barrier.


I looked up at the large clock; it was almost 11. Everyone else came through the barrier.


“Let’s go,” I said.


We climbed onto the train just as the final whistle blew. The train jerked forward and I tripped over my own two feet; because that’s just how clumsy I am.


“Hey you okay?” Someone asked as they helped me up.


“Yeah,” I said brushing dust from my jeans. I looked up and looked into amber eyes. “Hey Ian!”


I pulled him into a hug. He hugged back; but quickly pulled away as Zacharias came out of his compartment.


“Watch where you’re going,” Ian sneered; he gave me an apologetic look and went back into the compartment.


Zacharias smirked and I rolled my eyes. He closed the compartment door and I walked past.


“What was that about?” Sirius asked as we searched for an empty compartment.


“Nothing,” I said.


Sirius grabbed my hand and whipped me around. He looked at me with a confused look.


“Don’t worry about it.” I said giving him a peck on the lips.


A group gasp emitted from behind me. I turned around and saw practically every girl on the train was staring with open mouths.


“What the hell are you doing?” One girl asked slowly. She had platinum blonde hair and cold blue eyes.


“Hey Gina,” Sirius said.


“Gina?” I asked.


“Snogged her in our sixth year,” Sirius said. “She never moved on.”


I laughed. She scoffed disgusted. “You stay away from my Siri-poo,” She said stepping towards me.


“Siri-poo?” I asked. Remus and Terri snickered from behind me.


“Hey listen here Gina,” Sirius said standing in front of me. “Tori, is my girlfriend.”


More gasps emitted from the crowd of girls. “And you, all of you, need to move on.”


The girls gasped, Gina looked appalled. “Her? Her of all people?”


“Hey!” I yelled. “What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Oh, I know who you are Victoria Mitchell.” Gina said. “You’re practically one of the guys; Sirius needs someone with a little more experience.”


“Experience?” I asked. “At what? Being a slut?”


“I am not a slut,” Gina said; saying each word like it was a sentence. I looked at the outfit she was wearing; her skirt barely covered anything and her shirt cut off just above her belly button.


“Right…” I said.


I pushed past the many girls; Sirius was still holding onto my hand; so he was pulled along with me.


“Hey,” Gina called.


I stopped and turned back around. “Listen here Gina,” I said. “I’m Sirius’ girlfriend; and there’s nothing you can say, do, or wear; that can change that.”


Gina looked like she was about to cry; but she just scoffed and walked away.


“Tori,” Sirius said turning me around. “Wow,”


I smiled as he leaned and gave me a deep kiss. More gasps and ‘why Sirius’ came from the crowd of girls. I laughed into the kiss.


“Come on guys,” Sirius said. Remus and Terri plowed through the now, practically, crying girls.


“Hey move!” Remus yelled. “If you’re going to cry; cry in your compartments! People need to walk here!”


Terri laughed. “Let’s go,” Remus said when he reached us.


Sirius laughed and we continued down the corridor; trying to find a compartment that was empty. Every compartment we passed had someone glaring at us. Most were girls; even some first years were glaring at us.


“I found an open one!” Terri yelled as she slid a door open.


We piled in and I plopped down onto the sit. I leaned my head onto the window and propped my feet up. I sighed and closed my eyes.


“Tired?” Terri asked as she sat across from me.


“Yes,” I said.


Terri laughed. Weight pressed down onto my legs; I groaned. I opened one eye; Sirius was sitting on me. I groaned again, “Sirius,”


“What,” Sirius said looking at me. I groaned and moved my legs and Sirius fell to the ground.


Remus laughed as he stepped over Sirius and sat next to Terri. I smiled at the both of them. Remus had asked Terri to be his girlfriend when they were caught kissing.


They were so cute together; they mostly spent their time in the library. They say they’re reading; but Sirius and I think other wise.


I looked down at the floor; Sirius was staring up at me with those big puppy dog eyes. I groaned but moved my legs off of the seat. He smiled and sat down next to me.


He leaned his body on the wall next to the door and put his legs up. I looked down horrified at his legs.


“What?” Sirius asked. I glared at him. “You’re skinny enough; squeeze your tiny ass over here.”


I rolled my eyes but managed to get in a comfortable position. My back was up against the back of the seat and I was lying on my side. Sirius put his arms around me.


“Aw…” Terri said.


I looked over Sirius’ shoulder and saw Remus and Terri cuddling also. “Oh, shut up over there,”


Terri blushed. “Yeah,” I said and leaned my head back into Sirius.


I soon fell asleep; like always. Remus and Terri talked the whole time.




“Hey, guys, the trolley’s here!” Terri said. She chucked her robe at us.


“Food?” Sirius asked absent mindly. He sat up; bringing me up with him. I chucked Terri’s robe back at her. She laughed.


“Anything from the trolley dears?”


I bolted out of the seat; knocking Sirius on to the floor. He gripped my ankle and pulled. I fell against the door.


“What are they doing?” Terri asked Remus.


“They have a battle going on,” Remus explained. “The first person who can get to the trolley can buy whatever they want; and the person who lost has to pay for most.”


“Nice,” Terri said.


“Its better when Tori wins,” Remus said. “She usually shares with everyone except Sirius,”


Terri laughed. I pulled open the compartment; the lady pulling the trolley looked at me awkwardly.


“I’ll have five chocolate frogs; three boxes of Bertie botts, seven pumpkin pastries, two licorice wands, and that’s it.” I said.


She looked at me confused.


“Sirius,” I said looking down at the floor. Sirius looked up at me; glaring; I smiled.


He stood up and handed the lady some money and I gave her the rest.


“Thank you,” I said walking back to my sit.


“Thanks Tori, I don’t have anymore money,” Sirius sitting down next to me.


I sighed. “I guess I can share some of my candy with you.” I said.


“Really?” He asked.


“Yeah, I got the licorice wands for you,” I said. “I don’t like licorice,”


“Duh! Why didn’t I see that one coming!?” Sirius asked. I shrugged and threw the licorice wands at him. I through a few chocolate frogs and Bertie botts at Remus and Terri and they devoured them gratefully.


“Hey guys,” Lily said as she came into the compartment. “Got enough candy?” I shook my head.


“Where’s James?” Remus asked.


“Some girls are forming a mob; James is breaking it up.” Lily said.


“A mob?” Sirius asked.


“They were chanting something like ‘destroy Tori’.” Lily said. She gave me a questioning look.


“Well this isn’t good,” I said.


“How so?” Remus asked.


“I won’t be able to sleep in my own bed without some girl trying to smother me with a pillow.” I said.


“Well than, you’re just going to have to sleep in the boys’ dorms.” Sirius said biting into a licorice wind. He winked at me; I laughed.


“No,” Lily said.


“Lily, this is a matter of life and death,” Remus said.


She rolled her eyes. “Fine, but if there’s any funny business,” Lily said. She pointed to Remus. “You best report it,”


He saluted. We jumped as a scream carried through the train. “Lily help!” James’ voice yelled.


She sighed. “I’ll be back later,” She left the compartment.


“We might want to change into our robes.” Terri said.


“I’m scared to leave this compartment.” I said.


“I would be too,” Terri said.


“Come on Padfoot, let’s go to the bathrooms; we’ll let the girls change in here.” Remus said standing.


“I can’t leave either!” Sirius said. “They’d probably tackle me to the ground.”


“You’re right it’s not safe,” Remus said. “Come on Terri,”


Terri stood and they grabbed their uniforms and left. I bit into a chocolate frog and looked over at Sirius. He was smirking.


“So…?” I said.


“Well we have to get changed,” Sirius said, he was still smirking. He stood up and grabbed his uniform from the overhead compartment. He began to take off his blue long sleeve shirt when he stopped abruptly.


“What?” I asked. He was smirking at me. “Do you want strip tease music?”


“Can you do that?” Sirius asked. I laughed but shook my head. “Oh darn,” I laughed again.


I stood up and grabbed my uniform and threw it down onto the seat.


“Come on sweetheart,” Sirius said as I jumped down from the seat. He walked up to me so he was mere inches away from me. “Get dressed.”


“I don’t know if I can,” I said.


“Are you being seductive?” Sirius asked.


“I don’t know,” I said looking down. “I’m just saying whatever’s coming to my head.”


“Well it’s working,” Sirius said kissing me.


It was hard and rough. It was a nice change from the other kisses. He pushed me up against the window. I moaned into the kiss. He smirked as he moved down to my neck.


“Sirius, we have to change,” I said; my voice totally uneven.


“I’m working on that,” Sirius said. He ripped my shirt off as I got his off. “See we’re almost there.”


I laughed as he kissed me again. He looked down at my black bra. “You want to have sex?”


I looked down at my bra. “One day yes,” I said. He smirked.


“You know that’s going to be seen through your blouse,” Sirius said snapping the bra strap. I yelped in pain and slapped him on the arm.


“It’s called a sweater,” I said.


“Oh yeah,” Sirius said looking off into space. “So now, your jeans,”


“I don’t think so,” I said. “You’ve seen everything except my underwear; and you won’t see them for a long time.”


“But how are you going to get dressed?” Sirius asked.


“So young, so naïve,” I said shaking my head.


I grabbed my black skirt and pulled it on over my jeans. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. Sirius watched with an impressed look.


“Nicely done,” Sirius said clapping. I bowed.


“I know,” I said. He kissed me again.


He pulled away and began unbuttoning his jeans. I grabbed my blouse and pulled it on. I began buttoning when Sirius began parading around. I laughed.


He was wearing blue and green plaid boxer shorts. “I’m a sexy penguin!” Sirius yelled as he jumped up onto the seats.


I laughed harder; pushing my body against the window; slowly sliding down onto the floor.


“Tori, am I a sexy penguin?” Sirius asked. I nodded still laughing. “Yay!” He began parading around again.


“Sirius, stop,” I said in between laughs. “I can’t breath,”


“Oh,” Sirius said as he stood in the middle of the compartment. He helped me up off of the ground.


I took in a few breaths; my stomach was starting to hurt a lot.


“Are you okay?” Sirius asked. I gripped my stomach and shook my head. “Well, I’ll make you feel better.”


He pulled me into another kiss. I immediately stopped laughed and wrapped my arms around his neck.


“Sirius,” I said breaking the kiss. “You might want to get some pants on.”


“That would be a good idea, wouldn’t it?” Sirius asked. I nodded.


He pulled away and grabbed his black slacks and pulled them on. I had successfully buttoned my shirt. Once he had his pants buttoned he pulled me back in for another kiss.


I pushed him away; he gave me a hurt look. “We have to get dressed,” I said half laughing.


He whined. I gave him another kiss. “It’s okay,” He pouted but I looked away; avoiding those puppy dog eyes.


He sighed. “Fine,” He said. “I’ll get dressed first.”


I grabbed my sweater and slipped it on and grabbed my socks. I pulled on my black converse; not uniformly correct; but that could wait till classes started.


“Nice shoes,” Sirius said as I laced them up.


“I know right,” I said staring at them.


He pulled on his shirt and buttoned it. He pulled on the sweater and than put on his nice black shoes.


“Now that we’re both dressed,” Sirius said. He pulled me from the seat.


We were standing like we were about to dance. He bent me down.


“You’re so corny,” I said. He chuckled and kissed me. He pulled me back up still kissing me.


He pulled away when he heard the yells of some girls walking by. They were screaming, “Kill Tori”, over and over again.


I gripped Sirius’ tie and pulled him back. He was shocked but got into the kiss. He pushed me over to the seat; I ended up tripping over the seat and falling; just missing the wall.


I stared off into space; shocked that I missed the wall.


“You okay?” Sirius asked.


“Shockingly yes,” I said.


He chuckled; he was lying on top of me. He kissed me again. It was soft and sweet; it was so…nice. He pulled away.


“That was new,” I said.


“Well, I don’t want you to get bored with me,” Sirius said.


I laughed. “You’re funny,” I said.


“I’m being serious here,” Sirius said sitting up. He pulled me up with him.


“When aren’t you Sirius?” I asked. He rolled his eyes.


“Tori,” Sirius said. He was actually being serious.


“I’m sorry,” I said looking down.


“It’s just, now that you have me,” Sirius said. “How do I know you won’t get bored with me?”


“Sirius, that is universally impossible.” I said. He chuckled.


“I just love you so much,” Sirius said nuzzling his head into the crook of my neck. I felt the butterflies soar in my stomach.


“I love you too Sirius,” I said resting my head on his.


“You promise?” Sirius asked. He looked up at me. He looked like a little kid.


“I promise,” I said; I gave him a kiss. “With all my heart.”


He smiled and leaned back into me. I moved so my back was against the wall. Sirius laid down on the seat and kept his head in the crook of my neck.


I played with his hair and felt my eyes droop. Sirius started to breath heavy. I smiled at him. I yawned and leaned my head onto Sirius’. I was oddly comfortable in this position.


Remus and Terri came back in a few minutes after I closed my eyes. They thought we were both asleep; and I didn’t want to be disturbed.


I heard them sit down on the seat across from us. I yawned again and moved my head so it was facing the seat.


I heard Terri and Remus kiss and than I fell asleep.

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Chapter 18: No Restrictions
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The returning feast was a little awkward. I was trying to pay attention to whatever Dumbledore was saying; but that was hard with my growling stomach and the glares I was getting from the girls around me.


“Are you okay?” Sirius whispered when I was practically toppling over. My stomach was growling so badly it was starting to hurt.


“I’m so hungry,” I said. Sirius chuckled; he leaned his head onto my back while watching Dumbledore. I got more glares from the girls around me.


“And with that let’s eat,” Dumbledore said. Food appeared onto the golden plates. I yelped with joy. Sirius chuckled.


I began piling mashed potatoes and a pork chop onto my plate. I started eating as much as possible. The candy from the train didn’t help much.


Alice came over and sat next to Lily. “This is weird,” She said.


“What’s weird?” Lily asked.


“Sitting with the Marauders,” Alice said.


“Than go sit with Frank,” I said stuffing more mashed potatoes into my mouth. She blushed bright red. We all laughed.


“Hey Alice, come over here,” Frank called.


“He’s beckoning you,” Terri said. We laughed more as Alice got up and went over to sit next to Frank. They apparently hooked up while we were gone.


After I finished my pork chops and mashed potatoes I began piling spaghetti onto my plate. I slurped the last bit of my noodles and began pulling chicken onto my plate.


Terri and I fought for one of the legs. “It’s mine!” I yelled.


“Back off of the chicken,” Terri said.


“You want to go Pick?” I asked as I tugged on the chicken.


“Let’s go Mitchell,” Terri said.


Sirius pulled the chicken leg from our fingers and ate all the meat off of it. Terri and I stared at him as he threw the meatless leg onto his plate.


“Stop fighting over food,” He said.


“He…he…he,” Terri said.


“How dare you!?” I yelled.


“What?” Sirius asked.


“You just ate her food Padfoot,” James said. “She’s a little angry,”


“A little?” I asked. “Little is an understatement,”


Remus chuckled. Sirius looked at me. “What are you going to do?”


I squinted my eyes at him. “Alright I’m sorry,” He said lifting up his hands in defeat.


“Sorry doesn’t give me back a chicken leg,” I said crossing my arms and turning away from him.


He hugged my waist. “I’m truly sorry, but I didn’t want you and Terri to kill each other.” He gave me a peck on the cheek.


“He was just looking out for our lives,” Terri said grabbing a chicken wing that appeared on the plate.


“Alright, I forgive you,” I said. He smiled and gave a peck on the cheek. The girls around me scoffed. “What?!”


A girl sitting a few seats away looked over me, rolled her eyes, and scoffed.


“Scoff again bitch,” I said.


“I’d listen to her if I were you,” Sirius said to her. I clenched my fists. She looked away afraid.


I turned back to my plate and ate some more chicken wings. Sirius leaned his head on my shoulder. He was obviously done eating; I was almost there.


Sirius yawned. “You can’t be serious?” Remus asked.


“But I am Sirius,” Sirius said. Terri and I laughed.


“You’ve slept practically all day,” Remus said ignoring Terri’s and mine’s laughter.


“So? What’s your point?” Sirius asked.


Remus rolled his eyes. I turned to Sirius. “I have to at least have one thing for desert.”


“Yeah,” Sirius said. “Until than,” He wrapped his arms around my waist and kept his head on my shoulder.


“You two are so cute,” Alice said as she and Frank walked by.


“Way to go Sirius,” Frank said. “You got the keeper with the rocking body.”


Sirius and Frank high fived; I rolled my eyes. Alice slapped Frank playfully on the arm.


“What?” Frank said. “I’m not going to lie to you; I think Tori has a rocking body. If I recall correctly; you think so too.”


Alice nodded. “Yeah,” She said. I laughed.


They left the Great Hall. I was so happy for them. The desserts showed up on the golden plates.


I grabbed a piece of chocolate cake and put it on my plate. I dug in and the chocolate melted in my mouth. It was so delicious. Sirius took a piece of my cake and took a bite. I was horrified at first; but I let it go.


I finished the cake and looked over at Sirius.


“Come on Padfoot,” I said pushing him slightly.


“Are we going upstairs now?” Sirius asked.


“Yeah,” I said. He yelped with joy and stood up.


“I’ll see you guys later,” I said standing. “Terri; I’ll be in the boys’ dorms.”


“I’ll tell you if the girls are plotting anything,” Terri said.


James gave Lily a perplexed look. Lily told him what we discussed in the compartment.


“Come on Bushytail,” Sirius said grabbing my hand. We walked out of the Great Hall. I got tons of glares from girls; I just smiled back.


We left the Great Hall and headed upstairs.


“So, no one is done with dinner yet.” Sirius said. “Except Frank and Alice; but they’re probably off somewhere.”


“What’s your point,” I asked. Sirius said the password as we came up the portrait of the fat lady.


“My point is,” Sirius said as we walked into the common room. “We’ll be alone,”


He sat down on the back of a couch and he wrapped his arms around my waist.


I gave him a kiss, “I have to get some pajamas,” I said leaning my forehead on his.


“Quickly,” Sirius said.


I laughed and climbed up the girls’ dormitory stairs. I pushed through the seventh year door; thankfully no one was there.


I opened my trunk and quickly got changed into some sweats and a tank-top. I brushed through my hair and put back into a pony tail.


I headed downstairs and Sirius was still sitting on the back of the couch; his arms were crossed.


“Anyone come in?” I asked.


“No, everyone is still enjoying dessert,” Sirius said standing from his spot on the couch.


“Come milady,” He said offering his arm. I linked mine with his and we headed upstairs.


Sirius pushed open the seventh year boys’ dorms. It looked exactly the same as the other boys’ dorms. I knew that Remus’, Sirius’, and Peter’s beds were right next to each other.


“May I show you to our bed?” Sirius asked.


“Sure,” I said.


He walked over to the bed right by the window. He plopped down and patted the spot next to him.


“You got the window bed?” I asked. This was the first time I’ve been in the seventh year boys’ dorms. We usually had our sleepovers at James’ room.


“Of course,” Sirius said. “Never need an alarm clock,”


I smiled. “I love your smile,” Sirius said. I blushed. “You just light up the room when you smile.”


I turned away to try and hide my blushing. He pulled me back to face him. He leaned in close to me; I closed my eyes as I connected our lips. Just like the first kiss we had on the dance floor; this kiss was so sweet and full of bliss.


He pulled away; I didn’t want him to. I whined. He laughed. “I have to get changed,” He said as he stood. I groaned and fell back onto the bed.


He chuckled and grabbed a pair of sweats from his trunk. “I’ll be right back.” He said giving me a kiss. This was so backwards. Sirius walked into the bathroom.


I stared up at the ceiling. Making pictures in the cracks; like I always do. Before I knew it Sirius was crawling on top of me.


“Hello,” I said as his face came into view.


“Hi,” He said. I laughed. “Hey, I’m trying to be seductive here!”


“Well you’re not going to get too far.” I said. His face fell.


“I know, but it’s still fun,” Sirius said. I laughed as he kissed me again.


His tongue slipped into my mouth and roamed every inch. He broke the kiss and kissed down my jaw line and down my neck. He kissed my soft spot; a moan escaped my lips. He smiled into my neck and began sucking on my sweet spot.


I shivered and moaned loudly. He chuckled. “I probably shouldn’t give you a hickey.” Sirius said. “The girls will probably kill you on the spot.”


I nodded. “I don’t want to die,” I said. My voice was ragged and uneven.


“No that would be bad,” Sirius said. I laughed.


“But,” I said flipped him over and straddling his hips. “They won’t kill you,”


I kissed him deeply and passionately. I went down to his neck kissing everywhere before I finally made it to his sweet spot. I kissed and sucked as he moaned loudly.


I laughed into his warm skin. He pulled me back up to his lips. He moaned into the kiss. I broke the kiss and plopped next to him.


“What are you doing?” Sirius whined. I put a finger to my lips and shushed him.


“Hey Padfoot,” Remus said as he walked in. “Bushytail,”


Sirius smiled at me and kissed my nose. I giggled and buried my head into the crook of his neck.


Remus grabbed some clothes from his trunk and walked into the bathroom.


“We never get enough alone time,” Sirius said.


“I know,” I said.


“Are you saying you want alone time?” Sirius asked pulling my head up so he could see my face.


“No, I’m saying that we don’t get enough alone time.” I said. “And it’s not like I hate it,”


He laughed and kissed my forehead.


“Hey guys,” Peter said as he came into the dorm.


“Hey Peter,” I said. “Long time no see,”


He jumped slightly, “Tori,”


“Yeah, we’ll tell you later,” Sirius said.


Peter got some clothes from his trunk and walked into the bathroom just as Remus left. Remus looked very nice in his sweats and close fitting tank-top. He never wore anything like that during our sleepovers; usually he wore t-shirts instead of tank-tops.


I wolf whistled. “Wow Mooney,” I said.


He posed; I laughed. He crawled into the bed on the left of Sirius’ bed.


“No funny business,” Remus said.


“Right,” Sirius said. He winked at me.


“I forgot a shirt,” Peter said as he walked out of the bathrooms. He was wearing a pair of sweats and no shirt.


He went over to grab a shirt from his trunk; I watched horrified as he walked back into the bathroom.


I looked over at Sirius and Remus; they didn’t look horrified or disgusted; just shocked. Sirius looked over at me. “Are you okay?”


“My eyes; they bleed!” I said covering my eyes with my hands and moving into Sirius’ chest.


Remus and Sirius laughed, “Come on let’s get some sleep,” Remus said.


“Yeah, we have boring classes tomorrow,” Sirius said. I groaned. He chuckled.


“Good-night guys,” Remus said as he closed his curtains. Sirius and I pulled our curtains closed and pulled the blanket over us.


Sirius wrapped his arms around me and I buried my head into his body. He smelt so good and he was so warm. I could stay like this forever if I could.




Classes went by slowly and painfully the next morning. I got wolf whistles from all the guys and daggers from every girl. Sirius got high fived by every guy on the Quidditch team; including Xavier. Even during lunch Ian said he was happy for me; even though I could see the hurt in his eyes.


It was just after dinner and Sirius and I always were the first ones to leave to get those few minutes of alone time.


It was nice. Just the two of us; it would’ve been better if we didn’t have to worry about anyone coming into the dorms.


After I had changed into my pajamas; Sirius and I climbed up the steps.


I sat down on the bed while Sirius went to get changed. I moved so I was lying down; I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. Sirius smelt so good.


I heard him chuckle; I opened my eyes and saw him leaning on the bathroom doorframe. He had a smug smirk on his face.


“What,” I asked.


“Nothing,” Sirius said walking over to me.


“Right, nothing,” I said as Sirius crawled onto the bed next to me.


He chuckled and pulled me into a hug. He gave me a sweet kiss and I leaned my head into his chest. He kissed the top of my head and kept his head buried in my hair.


“Why don’t you wear your hair down?” Sirius asked.


“It’s just easier to handle when it’s up,” I said.


“You should wear it down more often,” Sirius said pulling my hair tie out of my hair. I grabbed it and pulled it onto my wrist. He ran a hand through my hair; and closed my eyes; it felt really good. “It’s so beautiful and soft,”


I blushed crimson and Sirius chuckled. He ran his hand through my hair one more time and than moved his hand down my face. I moved and kissed the palm of his hand.


“I love you so much Tori,” Sirius said.


“I love you too,” I said and kissed him. We closed the curtains and got under the covers. I yawned as Sirius got comfortable; he was laying on his back. I moved so my head was on his chest and my arms wrapped around him. He wrapped an arm around me and I closed my eyes.


Remus walked in followed by Peter; than I fell asleep.




“Come on Tori,” Sirius said pulling my up the stairs.


“Sirius! Where are we going?” I asked.


It was Friday and I wanted to go eat dinner; but apparently Sirius had other plans.


“It’s a surprise,” Sirius said.


“Oh no, not another surprise,” I said.


“Hey, my surprises are good,” Sirius said as he stopped running. He pulled me into a hug.


“Yeah,” I said. He kissed me and began running again.


“We’re almost there,” Sirius said as we rounded another corner.


“Sirius, I’m really hungry,” I said.


He stopped abruptly. “Don’t worry,”


I looked around the corridor. Trying to figure out why it seemed so familiar.


“Have you figured out where we are?” Sirius asked.


I kept looking around and shrugged.


Sirius sighed and covered my eyes. “Think of anything you want; and not just food,” I laughed. That’s when it hit me.


“The Room of Requirement,” I said.


“Very good,” Sirius said. “Now, you can choose what the room is.”


“Why me?” I asked.


“Well, I don’t want you to get mad at me when you see what I think up.” Sirius said. “So, you can choose,”


“Why are you doing this?” I asked.


“Well; we need more alone time,” Sirius said. “And since it’s the weekend…” He trailed off.


“Okay,” I said.


Sirius uncovered my eyes as a door appeared in front of us. I’ve only been to the room of requirement once and the last time I was here it ended up being a broom closet. Good times.


“Come milady,” Sirius said. He gripped my hand and we walked through the door.


The room was very large with warm walls that had candle lights all around.


There were a few couches in front of a large fireplace; a table with two chairs and golden platters were in the middle of the room; and a large bed was in the back corner.


“Wow,” Sirius said. “You have quite an imagination,”


“Yeah, I know,” I said.


“And you got food,” Sirius said hugging me. “You think of everything,”


“No, I was just hungry,” I said. He laughed.


“What’s with the bed?” Sirius asked with a raised eye brow. I shrugged.


He laughed and led me to the small table. Candles were set and roses were in the middle. It was absolutely romantic.


“Wow, this is romantic,” Sirius said.


“I’m a hopeless romantic,” I said as I sat down.


Sirius sat down while laughing. Food appeared on the plates; steaks and mashed potatoes.


“Nice choice,” Sirius said.


I smiled and began eating. Sirius finished quickly and walked over to me. He pulled me up; even thought I wasn’t finished; and kissed me. I wanted to finish eating but didn’t care when Sirius started to take off my robe.


I pulled off his robe off as he slipped my sweater over my head. I slipped his over his head.


“We should’ve changed before we came here.” Sirius said. His voice ragged and uneven.


“You think,” I said. My voice was just as ragged.


“Are you saying we’re going to go further than just making out?” Sirius asked.


“Maybe,” I said. He gave me the smug little smile. I pushed him slightly.


He ended up tripping over his robe; that was on the ground; and fell onto the bed.


I laughed until my stomach began to hurt. “What are you laughing at?” Sirius asked. He was sitting on the edge of the bed.


“Your face! It was priceless,” I said falling to my knees; clutching my stomach.


He moved from the edge of the bed and picked me up bridal style. He carried me to the edge of the bed. He kissed me deep as he brought me down and pushed me onto the bed.


It was unnaturally comfortable. Sirius unbuttoned my shirt skillfully with his teeth. I laughed. “You have way too much experience,”


“I’m trained professionally,” He said as he brought his lips to mine. “Do not try these stunts at home.” I laughed. He kissed me again; I sat up unbuttoning Sirius’ shirt as I did. I pushed his shirt off of his shoulders and he ripped mine off.


He pushed back down and kissed me again. He moved down to my neck and kissed my sweet spot. I moaned. He kissed down my neck and went down past my chest to my belly button.


It tickled. I giggled slightly. He was at my waist line; he looked at me expectantly; weather I was going to say yes or no.


This time I didn’t stop him.




The next morning the sun woke-me up as it beamed through the window. I yawned and stretched out.


I looked up at Sirius who was still sleeping. I laughed and wrapped my arms back around him. I leaned my head onto his chest. The slow rhythmic beating of his heart was so soothing.


Sirius yawned and stretched. “Good-morning,” I said.


Sirius chuckled and kissed the top of my head. I smiled and moved my head up to see his face.


His hair was all over the place; I laughed.


“What’s so funny?” Sirius asked.


“Your hair,” I said giggling.


“How come your hair isn’t messy?” Sirius asked running a hand through my soft hair.


“Because my hair doesn’t get messy all that often,” I said. “It just falls back into place.”


“Lucky,” Sirius huffed. I giggled and pecked him on the lips.


He pulled me into a deeper one and wrapped his arms around me; pulling me closer.


He moved down to my neck and sucked on my sweet spot. I moaned loudly.


“Tori,” Sirius said in the crook of my neck.


“Yes Sirius,” I asked.


He looked up at me. “Tori, I love you,” He said. “And would you be mine?”


“What do you mean?” I asked. “I already am yours,”


He kissed me on the lips. “I mean after Hogwarts,”


“I’m not following,” I said.


Sirius sighed. “After Hogwarts; and not right after but whenever you’re ready,” He said moving up so he could see my face completely. “Will you marry me?”


I stared at him; those gray eyes seeing straight into my green ones. I think I forgot how to speak; he started to look down depressed. I pulled him back up and kissed him.


“So is that a yes?” Sirius asked after he broke the kiss. I nodded and kissed him again. “I love you Tori,”


“I love you too Sirius,” I said. 


Chapter 19: Epilogue; He Promised
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He Promised

“They’re so cute,” Lily said.


“Yeah,” I said.


We were sitting on the couch in Lily’s and James’ house in Godric’s Hollow. James and Sirius were sitting on the floor with two adorable one year old babies.


James was playing with his and Lily’s one year old son Harry; and Sirius was playing with our one year old daughter Winifred; Freddie for short.


“They grow up so fast,” I said.


“Yeah, it seems like just a few years ago we married them.” Lily said. I laughed. “And now look at them; fathers.”


Lily and I sipped our hot coco. James and Sirius made a makeshift Quidditch game. Freddie was a beater and Harry was a seeker.


Harry is the spitting image of James; only he has bright emerald green eyes.


Freddie is the spitting image of me; only she has those intense gray eyes of Sirius’.


Freddie and Harry were flying around on little brooms they got for their birthdays. Freddie was born August 2nd just two days after Harry. I yawned as the clock chimed several times. It was already nine.


“I guess it’s time for us to be getting home.” I said.


“Oh, well it was wonderful seeing you.” Lily said pulling me into a hug.


I picked up Freddie from her broom as Sirius stood up.


“Hi sweetie,” I cooed. She giggled.


Sirius pecked me on the cheek and than rubbed his nose against Freddie’s. She giggled excitedly.


“Bye guys,” Lily said holding Harry.


“Bye,” I said. “Happy Halloween,”


We apparated back to our little flat. It was a two bedroom flat; but we thought it was cozy.


Freddie yawned. “It’s time for someone to go to bed,” I said.


“Alright,” Sirius said heading towards the bedroom. I pulled him back and gave him a kiss.


“Come on Freddie,” I said throwing Freddie in the air. She giggled as she came back to my arms.


I walked into her nursery. It was green and decorated with Quidditch brooms and beaters bats. Freddie was the one who actually picked out the wallpaper when we went to a little decorating store.


I put Freddie into her crib. Her hair was already past her ears; miracle grow hair just like me.


“Good-night honey,” I said. I bent down and gave her a peck on her forehead.


A knock came from the door of our apartment. I left Freddie’s room and walked into the little living room. Dumbledore was at our door.


“Professor,” I said as I closed Freddie’s door; leaving just a small crack.


“What are you doing here?” Sirius asked.


“He found them,” He said. I put a hand over my mouth as a shot of terror coursed through my body.


“James? Lily?” Sirius asked.


Dumbledore shook his head. I toppled over crying into my knees. Sirius bent down and wrapped his arms around me.


“Harry is alive though,” Dumbledore said. “I’m heading to Privet Drive; where I will wait for Hagrid.”


“Why can’t Harry stay here?” Sirius asked.


“Sirius, I need you to go to Godric’s Hallow and make sure Hagrid gets there.” Dumbledore said.


“Who told him?” Sirius asked.


“Mr. Pettigrew,” Dumbledore said softly.


Sirius’ face grew angry. He punched the wall and Freddie began to cry. I went to go get her.


I pulled her into my arms and walked back into the living room. Dumbledore had left and Sirius was pulling on his leather jacket.


“Sirius,” I said.


“After I go to Godric’s Hallow,” Sirius said. “I’m going after Wormtail,”


“Sirius, don’t,” I said.


“I’m sorry Tori,” He said kissing me deeply. “But I have too,” I felt more tears flow down my cheeks. He kissed Freddie on the forehead, kissed me once more, and headed to the door.


“I promise I’ll be back,” With that he closed the door.


Freddie could sense I was sad. She touched my face with her little hand. I kissed her hand and brought her to the couch with me.


I sat there all night with Freddie; but he never came back. When midnight rolled around I put Freddie in her crib and crawled into my own bed. I slept on Sirius’ side of the bed that night; just so I could smell his scent.


*~*Three Months Later*~*


I had moved to America with Terri. She said she wanted to explore the world; Remus and Terri didn’t last outside of Hogwarts because Remus wanted to stay in England. They decided to take a break.


We moved to California so we could enjoy the warm summers. Freddie enjoyed it completely; she enjoyed playing on the sandy beaches and splashing in the water.


Sirius is still alive; but he’s in Azkaban. Dumbledore told me after he had dropped Harry off at the Dursley’s. I begged and pleaded for Harry to stay with me; but Dumbledore ill-advised that.


“Come on Freddie; let’s go onto the beach.” I said picking Freddie up from the floor of our apartment.


We walked out of our back door and onto the warm sandy beach. The sun was setting casting a beautiful glow in the sky.


“You know your daddy took me to see a sun set once.” I said to Freddie. She smiled off towards the sunset. Her hair was just past her chin now.


I kissed her on the nose and she giggled.


“Tori, what are you doing?” Terri asked from the backdoor.


“Just remembering,” I said.


She didn’t pester and walked back into the house.


“I miss him,” I said to Freddie. She leaned her head onto my shoulder. I moved my head into her hair and started to cry.


I know Azkaban is inescapable but Sirius could do it. If anyone can, Sirius can. He promised he’d come back; he promised.  

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