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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass by ClearCutDiamonds

Format: Novel
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 36,232
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Humor
Characters: Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing, Rose/Scorpius, James/OC

First Published: 10/18/2008
Last Chapter: 04/08/2011
Last Updated: 04/08/2011


Adhara Greengrass has problems. Her supposed best mate, Eleanor, (who isn't the brightest crayon in the coloring box) told Albus Potter that she is obsessed with him. And she turned him into a peacock. And pushed him into the Black Lake. And she may have whacked the bludger that sent him flying into a tree. But, boys like spontaneous girls, right?

Chapter 1: Confessions of genius best mates, blond-haired cousins and peacocks
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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of genius best mates, blond-haired cousins and peacocks

    There are three things very wrong with my life:
    (1) I am in love with Albus Severus Potter.
    (2) I cannot be near him without doing or saying something stupid. Like, for example, the time I turned him into a peacock. (I was actually aiming for my lovely cousin Scorpius Malfoy). And for some odd reason he turned a violent shade of red, I still have no idea why… perhaps he’s allergic to peacock feathers?
    (3) And, oh yeah, my supposed best pal, Eleanor just accidentally announced my love for him. I may kill her.

    You know when something really, really and I mean really bad happens? My very best pal, Eleanor, who is the most genius person to ever walk the face of the earth (cue sarcastic smile) in all her ingeniousness has officially ruined my life. I have been hiding in my dormitory for the past three hundred and seven years. Well, only an hour and twenty-three minutes… but, we’ll just pretend I’ve been here a really long time.

    Anyway, back to brilliant Eleanor, ah yes, the very best secret keeper in the history of friendship. I am of course kidding. The girl can’t keep her gob shut, and it isn’t even that big! She should seriously have her own radio station. She’s absolutely and most indefinitely the most mentally incompetent person I have ever met in my life. And, I have been living on this earth for roughly fifteen years and six months.

    You know how when you tell someone a secret and make them swear not to tell? Well… that doesn’t really work out for me and Eleanor. You see, Eleanor keeps a secret for what, five and a half minutes (I think that’s her record so far, she’s been trying to get to six minutes) before it's spread to everyone she can reach. Ah, good old Eleanor. Anyways, the only secret and I mean only secret that she has ever kept utterly to herself was about me having the hugest most obsessive crush on Albus Severus Potter. She’s kept that since we were in first year, when I first confessed my love for him.

    And about two hours ago she just had to go and say it. I think his reaction was sort of confused at first. But after Eleanor repeated it for the second time, I think it make things quite clear. Of course my prat cousin, Scorpius just had to go and make a huge scene.

    “Is this a joke? Ha! Adhara, you like… Albie? Wait, wait, Al, d’you hear? Adhara likes you! Ha! D’you remember the time she…”

    Of course he bloody heard, the whole bloody school heard thanks to Radio Eleanor. Dear Voldemort, I hate my life. I will never be able to leave this dormitory… I could live on my stash of Honeyduke’s sweets and ask Eleanor to go buy me more when I run out… and we could just tell everyone I had died. But, sadly, Eleanor would probably ruin the whole thing… once again. You see, the only thing Eleanor can’t do besides keeping a secret is lying. She just turns all red and stutters. Why doesn’t she just have a growing nose like Pinocchio? Merlin.

    Believe me, my sad excuse of a life just gets worse: I have Quidditch practice tomorrow and guess who is captain? Yes, the one and only. Stupid Albus Severus Potter. Why does he have to be so beautiful? 

    I’ll probably end up saying something really stupid – or worse… end up doing something really stupid. With my luck, he’ll probably end up in some nearby tree because I whacked a bludger at him or something. I really don’t do well under pressure. Maybe, I could just skip it? Yes, great idea, Adhara. Yes, I’ll fake sick, and maybe I could miss classes too? I’ll have to take one of the Weasley Wizard Wheezes and then…

    My thoughts are interrupted when the genius herself walks in.

    “Albus says there’s Quidditch practice tomorrow at six,” she says, walking towards my bed.

    I am still ignoring her, so I pick up this month's Witch Weekly from my bedside table and began to flip through it while ignoring Ingenious Eleanor.

    “Are you still ignoring me?”


    “Is that a yes?”


    “Oh, Adhara! I’m so glad you’re okay about it now,” she says happily. She then comes forward to pull me into a death grip, otherwise known as a hug.

    Yes, she really is brilliant this one.

    “So, I saw James and we were talking and… he’s soooo fit… I mean have you seen his eyes?”

    Honestly, she has the attention span of a goldfish. Since my ignoring tactics clearly aren't working, I decide to switch to full-out rude mode. “No, sorry, I can’t see behind his thick glasses.”

    Eleanor furrows her brow in confusion. “Well, then how do you see Albus’? I mean he has got quite thick glasses as well.”

    She makes a good point. Damnit. I just glare at her in return. Sweet Salazar, why are none of my tactics working?

    Eleanor just stares confusedly back at my full-on glare. I think she still thinks I’m okay with her… which I am so not. But, won’t tell that to Ingenious Eleanor.

    “Ooh, by the way... Oh my gosh... You will not believe the gossip going on about Albus,” continues Eleanor.

    “What kind of gossip, Eleanor?” I ask annoyed.

    “Erm, hold on… I forgot.”

    Merlin, even a goldfish would remember something so important.

    “Well, what is it?”

    “Oh! He’s just asked out Gemma Longbottom,” says Eleanor enthusiastically.

    “What did she say?” I ask slowly.

    “Well, yes. She said yes.”

    My jaw drops. “When was this?”

    “Erm, before dinner,” replies Eleanor.

    “Oh my Voldemort.”

    “What?” asks Eleanor, looking up from her nails.

    “I may just kill you.”


    Albus looks downright uncomfortable as Scorpius retells the happenings of dinner in the Great Hall yesterday. I will put it on my list of things to do to kill him as soon as possible. The boy just has to embarrass me more.

    “And then Eleanor said, ‘Oh! You know too?’ And I said, ‘Know what?’ and she said, ‘That Adhara has liked Albus since first year.’ And I thought, is this a joke?” says Scorpius, laughing. Merlin, I swear I will turn him into a turtle.

    “All right,” says Albus, clearing his throat somewhat uncomfortably. “We’ll start by doing laps around the pitch.”

    Everyone follows Albus' lead. I mount my broom, just trying not to make a fool of myself. I fly slowly behind everyone else and spot my target. Stupid blond-haired git. His hair is so blond, it could be white. Bloody wanker. I pull my wand from my robes and thought of that spell that we had learnt in Transfiguration. The one where you turn the victim into a peacock for twenty-four hours. What was it again? Perfectos Plueacock? Hmm… sounds about right. I point my wand at his stupid blond head and mutter Perfectos Plueacock.

    Then, out of nowhere Albus pops up right behind Scorpius. I watch in horror as the spell hits him square in the back. Oh sweet baby Voldemort, why? Then, his body begins to turn blue and feathers of all colors come popping out of his robes. I stop myself on my broom and watch as Albus falls off his broom because peacocks don't have legs, just those short little bird legs, which of course caused him to fall. Oh, mother of Dumbledore. By the time everyone spots what has happened and rushes down to help, I'm the only one left hovering mid-air. Albus has turned into a colorful peacock. Scorpius' jaw drops upon seeing me still levitated in the air with my wand. I will kill him.

    Since I'm still hovering in the air like some idiot, I fly down as inconspicously as possible to where everyone else is surrounding Albus.

    “Adhara! What happened?” asks Scorpius, fidgeting nervously. He has become quite serious and deciding to play best friend to Albus, is now trying to find a counter-curse to put Albus back to his normal, non-peacock self. 

    “I - I uhm… triedtohityouwithPerfectosPlueacockandthenhitAblusbyaccident,” I mutter quickly.

    “Wait,” says Scorpius in disbelief. “The one that turns you into a peacock for twenty-four hours?”

    I nod meekly. Everyone looked towards Albus, or rather the peacock who is turning a violent shade of red. Hmm... red? Aren't they supposed to be blue? Had I not performed the right spell? No, I was pretty sure I had... perhaps he's allergic to peacock feathers?

    “So, Al’s gonna be a peacock for the next twenty-four hours?” asks Scorpius in shock.

    Again, I nod. Everyone stares at me in horror. The peacock twitches violently.

    Sweet Voldemort, could life get any worse?

    No, It really couldn't...


Disclaimer No, I am not JK Rowling. I do not own Albus Potter or Scorpius Malfoy, but Adhara and Eleanor are my OCs.

    Author's Note This story is kind of a spin-off of the Georgia Nicolson series. Thankyous for reading, review please (:

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Chapter 2: Confessions of sarcasm, confusion and nearby bushes
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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of sarcasm, confusion and nearby bushes

    Let me recount the current events:
(1) Eleanor, my supposed best pal, tells Albus, well, announces to the entire Slytherin table that I have been in love with him since first year.
(2) The bloody genius repeats herself, with fear of not being understood properly by my genius cousin, the blond-haired git.
(3) I find out he just asked out that Hufflepuff, Gemma Longbottom, hours before Eleanor’s… revelation.
(4) I turned him into a peacock. Yes, a peacock.
(5) He turned red, due to his allergy of peacock feathers. Oh, the irony.
(6) He is still in peacock form. And it’s been… forty-nine and a half hours. The spell was supposed to work for twenty-four hours. So, either I am a very powerful witch or a very bad excuse for one.
(7) Needless to say, but I will say it anyway; life really, could not get any worse.

    “I don’t understand it, she’s… she looks horrible in yellow!” I say to my best pal, the ever best of all best friends, Eleanor.

    “Well, I mean, it clashes a bit with her hair and all, but it doesn’t look that bad…” she says and trails off upon seeing the death glare I am giving her. Yes, she is the very best of all best friends. “I mean, yes, she looks positively ghastly in yellow,” she says, nodding her head vigorously.

    I groan and roll over on my bed and… promptly fall off.

    “Merlin’s red jodhpurs, are you alright?” asks Eleanor tentatively.

    “Fantastic,” I reply, getting up off the floor.

    We sit in silence. “Well, what do you suppose we do now?” I ask gloomily.

    “We could… play exploding snap or go watch James play Quidditch or…”

    “I meant about Albus!”

    “Oh, right. Well… I’ll have to think about that,” she says, puzzled.

    “Then, by all means, think away, Einstein,” I say sarcastically.

    “Are you mocking me?” she asks, somewhat hurt.

    “No, of course not.” I reply quickly.

    "All right, then. Well… I did have an idea,” she says slowly.

    “Yes, what is it Eleanor?” I ask impatiently.

    “Well, even though Gemma is quite nice and a Hufflepuff prefect and all,” she begins.


    “Did you just grr... at me?” she asks, shocked.

    “No,” I reply.

    “Right, well… even though he does seem to like her very much…” she continues obliviously.

    “Eleanor, shut up,” I say bluntly.

    “I was just saying that he has liked her for a while… and she has certain qualities that he likes…” she continues, trying to prove her point.

    “That’s not shutting up, Eleanor. That’s continuing talking rubbish,” I reply.

    “It’s not talking rubbish, I was simply stating facts,” she replies indignantly.

    “I honestly don’t know why I call you my best mate.”


    “Dearest cousin, Adhara, may I ask you if...” begins Scorpius.

    “No,” I say, cutting him off.

    “But I really need to -” he begins again.

    “No,” I repeat, monotonously.

    “What’s got your knickers in a twist?!” he exclaims.

    “I’m pregnant,” I state bluntly.

    Scorpius drops his fork and stares at me open-mouthed. Clearly he isn't familiar with the concept of sarcasm.

    I roll my eyes at him and returned to my food. There is a long silence where Scorpius is opening and closing his mouth like a fish.


    Golly gee.


    Let me recount the past hour to you all. Eleanor had gone off to the Quidditch pitch to ogle James from the bleachers, leaving me to fend for myself. I tried to sleep, but I was rudely awaken by my owl, Quincifer, who had gone straight through the window and hit my bedpost. Stupid owl. I managed to trip down a flight of stairs on my way to the kitchens. Bloody stairs. So, that left me here. I, Adhara Greengrass, was going to the library. I know you’re laughing.

    Well, I haven’t encountered anyone on my journey yet. How odd. Wait a minute, didn’t I already pass that stone gargoyle? All right, I’m clearly delusional. Must have hit my head on that banister harder than I thought… stupid banister. I continued my trek to the library, it can’t be too far now… I turn yet another corner and promptly bumped into… a stone gargoyle! I look up at the gargoyle.

    “Stupid, bloody gargoyle!” I shout at it. 

    The stone gargoyle just stands there smugly. “I hate you, you gargoyle!” Still no response.

    “Adhara, what is it exactly that you’re trying to do?”

    I turned around quickly, nearly tripping over my feet as I do. Oh, if there really ever was a God, he really must hate me. There, in front of me is a very confused Albus Potter.

    “Just, uhm… trying to ─ trying to… I was walking to the library!” I say smartly, blowing a lock of blonde hair out of my face.

    “You do know that the library is on the fifth floor, right?” asks Albus, a smile tugging at his lips.

    “Of course I knew that!” I say indignantly, “I was walking there.”

    Albus raises an eyebrow.

    Wait a minute… Albus is supposed to be a peacock! He’s human! I must be delusional!

    “Why aren’t you a peacock?!” I exclaim.

    “Well, because, you know… my parents are humans… which would make me a human, because, well, you know,” he says.

    “I’m not stupid,” I snap, “I meant, I turned you into a peacock… and you’re not a peacock anymore.”

    Albus grins. “I knew what you meant; Poppy just figured out the counter-curse and… here I am, human.”

    I nodded sceptically. “Well, I’m off the library,” I say, walking away to avoid further embarrassment.

    “Uhm, Adhara?” Albus asks, smirking now.

    “Yes, Albus?”

    “The library’s the other way…”


    I stab my treacle tart with my fork while glaring daggers at the couple in front of me.

    Albus has his arm around Gemma’s waist and the two are smiling at each other and whispering.


    Four pairs of eyes settled on me. Bullocks, I had said that out loud. The four pairs of eyes are still staring at me confusedly.

    “Is how lions roar…” I say stupidly. “I’m just gonna go do…” Charms Homework, right! “Flitwick.”

    The four burst out laughing. “That’s not what I meant!” I say, my voice raising. “I didn’t mean I was going to do Flitwick! I meant…”

    The whole hall goes silent.

    Slowly and painfully I turned around to meet the gaze of every Hogwarts student. “I meant charms homework!” I yell.

    The whole hall looks at me like I've sprouted three heads. Lovely. Now they all think I’m some deranged psycho... who's doing Filtwick.




    “Adhara,” says Eleanor, rolling her eyes, “You’re overreacting.”

    “OVERREACTING?” I shout, my voice cracking. “I just told the whole bloody school that I went to go do Flitwick!”

    Eleanor just rolls her eyes again, “Well, if you hadn’t growled in the first place…”

    “Growling is an involuntary act! Do you think lions really want to growl?”

    Einstein thinks about this for a moment. “Yes.”


    “Honestly, Adhara, you have much better qualities than her, you have nothing to be jealous of,” says Eleanor calmly.

    I look at her disbelievingly. “Albus likes her!”

    “So, he could like you!”

    “He didn’t ask me out!”

    “Well, that's just... besides the point,” she replies.

    “What do you mean its besides the point? It is the point!”

    “Look, Adhara. You just have to use your good qualities.”

    “And they are?”

    “Uhm… hold on.”

    And this is what best friends are for...

    “You’re… you’re amazing at Quidditch! Albus likes Quidditch, you’re good at Quidditch, don’t you see the comparison?”

    “No,” I reply bluntly.

    “Albus likes that you like Quidditch so you should…”

    “Go to practice more often?”

    “No…” she says, gesturing wildly with her arms.

    “Oh, just spit it out, Eleanor!”

    “You should use your amazing Quidditch skills to amaze him!”

    “Eleanor, that’s the first smart thing you’ve said all day.”


    “Do you think I should leave my hair up or down?” I ask, while appraising myself in the vanity mirror.

    “Hmm…” says Eleanor, tapping her index finger against her chin, “Definitely down.”

    I brush through my thick blonde hair quickly. “Okay, I think we should run through the plan once more.” I say, nervously.

    “No, now is the time or my pep talk.”

    I raise an eyebrow. Eleanor was going to give me a pep talk?

    “You’re better than Gemma…”

    I smiled contently, I liked this pep talk so far.

    “Because you possess qualities Gemma could only dream of. You’re an amazing beater, you like running like Albus does…”

    “But, I hate running.” I state bluntly.

    “But, you will pretend you love it,” she says, doing that creepy eye thing.

    “I think this pep talk is…”

    “Shut up, Adhara.”

    “That’s my line!” I shout in shock.

    “That’s not shutting up, Adhara, that’s continuing talking rubbish,” she says smugly.

    I just gape at her.

    “Now, hurry up, you’ll be late for Albus!”


    I spot Albus’s figure near the Quidditch pitch. I smooth my hair and walk confidently towards him. Okay, Adhara, stay cool. Cool and surprised.

    “Albus? What a surprise to see you here!” I say, feigning surprise.

    Albus turns around, “Oh, hey, Adhara. I was just going for a run. Want to join me?”

    You are better than Gemma, you have better qualities… “That would be…lovely!”

    Albus grins. “Great. Well, come on then, keep up if you can,” He calls over his shoulder, already running.

    Oh, Merlin. Perhaps I haven’t mentioned this before but… I am probably the most uncoordinated person to ever walk the face of the earth. Quidditch doesn’t count because I don’t use my legs. Running, however…

    I push myself forward, trying to keep up with him. One foot after the other, Adhara. That’s it. I smile to myself. I was running! I could run! Before I knew what was happening, I was stumbling over a rock and… flat on my face. Oh, how attractive.

    “Adhara, are you alright?” asks Albus, bending over me.

    “Marvelous, thanks,” I reply, brightly.

    Albus smiles and holds out his hand. “Do you want to continue?” he asks me.

    His startling green eyes are searching my face, his raven-colored hair is swept across his forehead. The biceps in his arms are flexing as he holds out his arm.

    Oh, right. I take his hand and he hoists me up easily.

    I just nod, not trusting myself to say anything.

    “All right, you sure you’re okay to go?”

    “Mhm,” I reply, dazed.

    “All right, then. Let’s go,” he says, a smile tugging at his lips.

    We run together, side by side, not saying anything until he breaks the silence.

    “So…” he starts, running a hand through his hair.

    “So?” I reply uncertainly.

    “What’s your favourite color?” he asks randomly.

    “Green,” I said quickly, thinking of his bright green eyes…

    He nods. “Uh…”

    I sneak a look at him.

    “Is there something you needed to say?” I ask.

    “Yeah, actually,” he says uneasily.

    “Well... shoot,” I say.

    “This isn’t easy to ask, but… uhm, well… do you - uhm… is what Eleanor said true?” he asks, looking straight at me.

    I look back at nervously, “Uh, yeah,” I say, averting my eyes.

    He sighs. “First year, that’s a long time, Adhara.”

    He turns fully to me now, his eyes searching mine.

    “What are you trying to say?” I ask defensively.

    I huff and puff through the silence, pushing myself to keep running. The silence was painful, the seconds felt like hours.

    “Well, Adhara - ” he started to say, but I didn’t hear the rest.

    Because, just as he was about to continue his sentence, I promptly collapsed… and rolled into a nearby bush.


Author's Note Thanks for reading!

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Chapter 3: Confessions of explosions, maneaters and lake-pushing
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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of explosions, maneaters and lake-pushing

    I didn't think I looked that horrible as I walked into the Great Hall after my run with Albus. I ran up the hill to the Great Hall to tell Eleanor what had happened. Well, I didn't really run, more like propelled myself forward because I became exhausted after running for five seconds. God, I really am in horrible shape. Anyways, back to the present: I really didn't think I looked that horrible. That is until Eleanor caught sight of my and promptly spit out her pumpkin juice and started sputtering. What. A. Drama. Queen.

    "Merlin's baggy blue kilt, what on earth happened to you?"

    Merlin's baggy blue kilt? Where on earth does she get these sayings from?

    "Running... falling, sprinting... uphill." I say, shrugging.

    I suddenly felt something moist spilling down past my hairline. I hesitantly reached up to touch my forehead. Mud. Hmph. Well, I must have landed headfirst into that puddle...

    "Adhara," says Eleanor. "Let's go clean you up before anyone else sees you, I think you're scaring the first years. And then, you're telling me exactly what happened..."

    Upon reaching the dormitory, Eleanor rushes me to the bathroom and I see my reflection. I look horrible. There are leaves in my hair which is stained brown from the mud. My previously white tee shirt has grass stains covering it and my knees are scratched. Eleanor pulls me toward the sink and begins scrubbing various shampoos through my hair.

    "Honestly, Adhara, I said go running with him, not make a right mess of yourself." says Ele.

    "What do you think I was trying to do?!"

    "Well, I don't know, you look like some sort of wild beast."

    Say, what?

    "Ow! What was that for?"

    "Sorry, my leg slipped."

    "Honestly, I should be reprimanding you for not following my instructions." says Eleanor.

    "Pardon me, Professor McGonagall. It's you're fault I look like this!"

    Eleanor huffs, "I said go running with him. Not fall into puddles and trip into bushes."

    "You knew I couldn't run! What did you expect?"

    "For you to run." she says snottily.

    Wow, she really is thick this one.

    "Well, what happened?" she demands, while yanking at my hair. Gosh, touchy, touchy.

    "Well, I tried to act all subtle going up to him and all... Then he asked if I wanted to go for a run with him. And I thought everything was going perfectly... until we started running. Well, he ran. I just sort of propelled myself forward by sheer force of energy. And then, I tripped and got back up. Then, we were running again, and he was asking me about what you said was true or not, and I said yes."

    "You said yes?!"

    "Well, there was no point trying to hide it anymore."

    "So, was he surprised?"

    "Uh, no?"

    "What do you mean no? Why not?!"

    "Well, he kinda already knew because someone told him."

    "Well," she answers stiffly, "Go on."

    "So, I said yes and he was about to answer so I twisted around to see his reaction, and then... and then, I stumbled into a bush. And he was going to help me up but, I don't know, I went crazy and started running back up the hill, and then, I slipped into a puddle of mud. And then, I tripped over a rock and bumped into that tree..."

    "Wait, so he didn't come after you?"


    "Why not?"

    "I don't know," I say.


    I honestly can't concentrate, Albus and Scorpius are at the table infront of us. And Albus still hasn't said anything to me. Scorpius is avoiding me, I was sure of it. He hasn't even made fun of me all day. Albus had probablly told him. Git. I just stare at the back of his stupid black head. His hair isn't even that nice. Git.

    "Do you reckon we did something wrong?" asks Eleanor, stirring our now yellow potion.

    "Erm, possibly. What color's it supposed to be?"


    "Well, were not too far off then."

    The potion suddenly started bubbling violently.

    "Uhm, Ele? Why's our potion bubbling?"

    "It's supposed to... I think."

    The yellow potion suddenly stopped bubbling and exploded, cauldron and all.

    "You still think its supposed to bubble?"

    Eleanor just huffs.

    "Miss Greengrass!" shouts Professor Slughorn.

    Oh, well, joy unbounded. And, of course I get blamed for Eleanor's potion expolsion.

    "Yes, Professor?"

    "What on earth happened here?" inquires Professor Slughorn, while all the sixth year Slytherin and Gryffindors stare on.

    "Uhm, the potion exploded..."

    "Yes, Miss Greengrass, I hadn't realized."

    Well, golly gee, now he's getting all sarcastic while Ele just sits there staring innocently. That's what best friends are for.



    I hear a snicker, coming from Scorpius's direction. I will kill him.


    I really did hate him. Stupid git. And his stupid girlfriend. Honestly, who would want to go out with a narcissistic boy like him? Uhm, you. Shut up, brain.

    "James spoke to me today," says Ele, dreamily.

    I just stare blankly at my soup.

    "And he said..."

    I tune her out. There is only so much of Ele I could take in one day.

    I turn instead towards the stupid couple. I mean, wasn't she going out with Davies last week?

    "Hey, Ele, wasn't Gemma seeing Davies last week?"

    "Honestly, Adhara, it was two months ago."

    "Whatever. She's still a maneater."

    "Don't be stupid, Adhara, no one eats men."

    Genius girl, that one, she is.


    I, Adhara Greengrass, was on mission. I was going to find that Albus Potter and tell him... tell him - oh, bullocks, I had no idea what I was going to say. Oh, well, it would come to me when I needed it.

    My first task: find him. I had no idea where to start. Eleanor had gotten herself stuck in a window up on the fourth floor while looking out the window for James who was flying around the Quidditch pitch. I left her there.

    My first place to look was the library. Then the owlery. Then the broom shed. Then... I was stuck. I had no idea where to look next. I walked idly towards the school grounds and then I spotted a black head. His black head. Stupid black head. I walked quickly towards him and accidently bumped smack into him. Only it wasn't him. It was James. The Gryffindors surrounding him should of been a hint. Golly gee, Eleanor's been rubbing off on me.

    Shit. He was looking at me. Like I was crazy. Quick mind, think of something smart to say. "Uhm, I like red?"

    "Uhh.." he says, raising an eyebrow, "Adhara isn't it?"

    "James," I reply wittily.


    "Uhm... I was just... saying your name?" Great, now all the Gryffindors are staring at me.

    "Right," he replies, frowning at me like I'm mentally incompetent.

    I hear my name being called in the distance and turn towards the sound. Holy mother of Merlin, how did Eleanor get herself out from that window? She was now running, quite fast I might add in my direction. Like a mad woman. "Adhara!" she shouts, quickly approaching. When did she learn to run?

    "Oh, hello, Eleanor. What brings you here on this fine Scottish afternoon?" I say, cheerily.

    She just glares at me. I was in for it this time. Then, upon realizing I was standing next to her Prince Charming she suddenly straightens up and smiles. "Hello, James," she says.

    "Hello, Eleanor, you look lovely as always." replies James. Ugh, these two make me sick.

    Eleanor giggles annoyingly and I roll my eyes. "Thank you, James, you're too kind."

    "So, what brings you two here?" asks James.

    "Oh, well, Adhara was just stalking your brother and I was being a faithful friend and I came along."

    I will kill her. Does she not think about things in her head before saying them? God. I swear, people that say blondes are dumb... they should seriously meet Eleanor.

    James looks uncomfortable. But, Genuis Eleanor just continues on.

    "As his brother, would you say he likes her?"

    "Eleanor, shut up." I say, a fake smiled plastered to my face.

    "Oh, Adhara, everyone knows already. So, James? Do you think your brother likes her? Is Gemma just his way of making Adhara jealous?" asks Eleanor.

    "Eleanor, Eleanor, shut up!"

    James coughs uncomfortably.

    "Eleanor," he says, switching the subject. "Would you like to go out with me sometime?"

    Good God, Eleanor looks like she is going to burst with joy.

    Oh God, she is doing the batting-the-eyelashes thing. Except all the mascara she has on is making it hard for her to open them now. Oh lord. Her eyes were now shut and she is twitching her face violently trying in vain to open her eyes again. Good thing she doesn't have boy entrancers on. That would have have been a right mess.

    James is looking at Eleanor curiously now.

    "You all right, Eleanor?" asks James hesitantly.

    "Just... dandy." she replies, eyes still closed.

    Quick mind, think of something smart to say to get Eleanor out of this situation. Normally, I would of just left her there. And laughed. But, I needed her help to find Albus.

    "Actually, James," I say, pulling Eleanor along. "We have to go... uhm," think of something convincing to say. "to the owls."

    "Right," he says, looking unconvinced.. or maybe he was just confused. "Well, have fun."

    We couldn't get out of there fast enough.


    All right, I've officially checked everywhere. He's nowhere to be found. I think I should just stay here on this rock. If only the Whomping Willow would stop trying to reach me with its creepy branches...

    I begin walking down to the Black Lake. And then, I see him. At first, I thought it was some sort of hallucination. But, no. He was there. I jumped on him. Bad idea.

    "You!" I scream at him.

    He jumped quite startledly because I had just come out from behind a bush.

    "What are you doing, Adhara?" he asks, looking behind him, probably to see if any other girls were planning on jumping out of bushes.

    "What's it look like?" I ask defensively. "I've been looking for you since 2:18."

    Okay, a bit too creepy stalker-ish.

    He looks confused. Or scared. One or either. Or both. Boys are a mystery to me.

    "Point is," I say, hastily, "I need to tell you something."

    He nods, as if telling me to go on.

    Oh, right. I hadn't figred out what I was going to say yet. I thought it would have come to me by now.

    Oh, well. Here goes nothing.

    I clear my throat awkwardly. Then, again. Then, again, for good measure.

    "I have come to say something important." Oh, I sound all official and everything.

    Albus raises an eyebrow and smirks a little. "Always difficult to find out how to start a conversation with you. But, you always seem to know what to say."

    I couldn't tell if he was complimenting me or making fun of me. I push the thought aside and focus on what I was going to say.

    "What I have to say is... that, I like you. Really like you. You already now. So, I'm just putting it out there, " I say quickly.

    He doesn't say anthing. Okay... this silence is awkward. Really awkward. I don't do awkward.

    I was counting seconds. I was at sixty-seven. Sixty-seven seconds and still no answer from him. He looks like he is trying to say something, but stops himself everytime he is about to get some words out.

    "Adhara, I..."

    And then, I didn't know why. But, I couldn't face rejection. And something about his tone told me I wouldn't like his response.

    And then, I still don't know why I did it. It was the only thing I could do.

    I did the only thing that I could think to do.

    I pushed him with all my force... into the Black Lake.

    And then…

    And then, I ran for it.

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Chapter 4: Confessions of thickos, stalkers and lesbians
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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of thickos, stalkers and lesbians

    Deep breaths. Deep breaths. And running - lots of running. Just keep running, just keep running, just keep running... And, wait a second - when did I learn to run?! That's it, a devil's possessed me. I'm sure of it now. First, pushing Albus into the Black Lake, and now - now, I can run? I need to find Eleanor.

    All right, Adhara. Stay calm. Let's just go by the WWED code of conduct. What Would Eleanor Do. Okay - I'm not that possessed. Let's switch to the WWEB. Where Would Eleanor Be. Sweet Merlin, this will require some major thinking. Must remember to breath deeply to avoid lack of oxygen to the head which will cause a headache. Library? Hahaha... Owlery? Eleanor doesn't have an owl, not since poor Lucifer went missing... which was not at all my fault. Sodding owl, I should have known you can't feed animals Weasley Wizard Wheezes... at least, I do now. Quidditch Pitch?

    ... Hmm, that required less thinking than I thought it would.

    And, I was off to the Quidditch Pitch. And, upon reaching my destination I found the Gryffindors flying through the air and, like presumed: Eleanor, crouched under the bleachers looking up to the sky, at her Prince Charming. Lord, if I didn't know Moaning Myrtle I'd say she was the most stalker-ish, creepy being ever. Including me. Because, I can safely say, I have never crouched down on all fours under bleachers to watch my dearly beloved fly around yelling at his fellow teammates. Well, only that one time, Eleanor forced me.

    I walk up to Eleanor and kick her. She jumps and upon realizing it's me and not some weirded-out Gryffindor she visibly relaxes.

    "Oh, Ads, how'd you know where to find me?" she asks, confused. "I didn't tell you where I was going..."

    "Well, I just thought to myself: Where would my stalker best mate be and the Quidditch Pitch sounded like your headquarters."

    Eleanor huffs, "I'm not that predictable."

    I roll my eyes. "Eleanor, if you were anymore bloody predictable, you'd be male."

    The Creeper huffs again. "I am not a man. What'd you want?"

    "I need your help. I'm stuck in a pickle..." I say.

    "No, you're not." She says, bluntly.

    "Yes, I am, I didn't even tell you the story." I say, confused.

    "I don't see you encased in a pickle!" she shouts, quite loudly, I might add.

    "It's a metaphor, you thicko."

    "I'm not thick!"

    "Sure you're not..."

    She throws a quill at me. "Shit, what was that for?" I shout, "Your an abusive friend!"

    "And you've become quite the potty mouth," she says, defensively.

    The Abusive-Creepy-Stalker that I call my best mate begins to collect her things - at a glacial pace, I might add. I tap my foot impatiently and she hoists her book bag over her shoulder. And stops dead. Because, there, behind me is a confused looking James Potter and a Gryffindor Quidditch team whose expressions roughly translated say: "What the hell is wrong with these two Slytherin stalkers?" And behind them, a still dripping wet Albus Potter. Oh, Lord.

    "Why hello, there. Fancy seeing you all here!"

    They just stare back at me. I laugh nervously and look to my right at Eleanor... who is not there... I look quickly to my left to see... that Eleanor is not there! I will kill her. I search around wildly for her, probably looking like a demented, stalker, freak Slytherin, to see her running away... Oh, what a faithful friend! Does she know she looks like a sugar high penguin when she runs? Probably not.

    They are all still staring at me. Sweet Salazar.

    "I, uhm - have... erm." Oh, sweet Jesus, of all the possible circumstances. "I lost an earring!" Brilliant! I am not dumb! I am the Queen at handling awkward situations.

    "But, you're wearing both earrings..." points out James.

    Oh, bloody hell. Just wonderful. I didn't think he would actually look! "It was another one?"

    "Right..." says James, running a hand through his messy hair... that so resembles his brother's. Stupid Potter boys. Come to think of it... I turn to look at Albus... who was still wet! Merlin, did he not know a drying charm? Or... maybe, he did, and he was trying to show off how much of a psycho I was by pushing him into a lake. And stayed wet to prove it. Honestly. His expression was less than pleased.

    Sodding Gryffindors! Why are they all still staring?

    James seemed to sense my discomfort and called the Quidditch team to the changing rooms.

    That left me with... Albus.

    Life really is a bitch sometimes.

    "Adhara - "

    "You're unbelievable!"

    "What?" he asks, confused.

    "Are you just trying to shout out to everyone that that Slytherin psycho pushed you into a lake?!"

    "What?" he asks, running a hand through his wet hair.

    "You couldn't have dried yourself?!" Oh my god, I do sound like a complete psycho.
    “I don't have my wand..."


    "Besides, Adhara, what is wrong with you? You're so random!" shouts Albus, effectively ending my crazy ranting.

    "What?" I ask, confused now.

    "You know," he said, running a hand through his hair (argh! would he stop doing that already?!) and looking towards the ground to avoid eye contact. "You're the most unpredictable girl I have ever met. You're beyond psycho," he says, smiling up at me now.

    "I am not a psycho!" I say, defensively.

    He just smirks in return. "Pushing people into lakes, turning them into peacocks, stalking people under bleachers... you don't think that's just a little weird?"

    "No. You should see Eleanor."

    "Right... well, we never really had a chance to talk about... the thing."

    "What thing?" I ask, feigning ignorance.

    "Uhm..." he says, running a hand through his hair, which was drying sticking up on all ends. "When -"

    "Will you quit that?!"

    He looks surprised at my outburst, "What?"

    "Your hand in the hair thing… running your hand through your hair thing, stop it."

    Okay, now he looked scared. "O-kay."

    "Sorry," I say quietly.

    "It's okay. But, about the thing... you know you liking me and all... I get it's awkward, with Gemma and all..."

    "What? I don't like you... Eleanor's off her rocker."

    "But, you told me as well..."

    Shit, I had forgotten about that. "It was a joke?"

    "Are you sure?"


    "Well, because, I sort of wanted to say something about that..."

    "Well, I don't like you... Albus. Because, I'm a... because, I'm a lesbian."

    Oh, holy fuck.

    I did not just say that.

    He looks quite surprised.

    Oh, Sweet Jesus.


    “Eleanor Eustacia Erwina Ermintrude Nott! Stop right there!” Yes, that really is her full name. What can I say? Her parents must have really liked the letter E.

    Eleanor turns around in horror. “You did not just go there!”

    “Oh, yes, I did. You traitor!”

    “I am not a traitor,” she shouts defensively.

    “Yes, you are!” I shout back.

    “Am not!”

    “Are too!”

    “Am not!”

    “Shut up!”

    She looks quite taken aback.

    A long silence ensues.

    “You’re a bad excuse for a best mate.”

    She opens her mouth in horror. Opening and closing it, no words escaping.

    “You look like a dying fish,” I say.

    “I beg your pardon?”

    “You heard me.”

    “Well, you are a psycho.”

    “Oh, no, you didn’t!”

    We just glared at each other. Eleanor’s face started to twitch.

    “You have huge ears,” she says finally.

    “You have a huge head and it bobbles. You’re like a bobble head.”

    Eleanor’s eyes widen in shock. “Well, you’re really white.”

    “Eleanor, of course I am, I am white.”

    “But, you’re pale.”

    “We live in the United Kingdom! How do expect me to get a tan with it raining everyday? Besides, what are you taking about you pale carrot top?”

    “I am a redhead. What’s your excuse?”

    “I’m blonde. And, you have an annoying fringe.”

    “Yeah? Well, at least I don’t have short legs.”

    “Sorry I’m not a giraffe.”

    “I’m not a giraffe! You’re a… gazelle!”

    “Eleanor… gazelle’s do have long legs.”

    “Whatever you hippopotamus.”

    “Are you calling me fat?!”

    That’s it. I launch myself at Eleanor, pushing her to the ground.

    “You psycho!” she shouts at me.


    And here I find myself running. Again! If I weren't in such a crap situation, I'd be proud of myself.

    Damn stairs, I'm panting like it's a freaking marathon. Wizards should really have P.E. I'm surprised we don't normally die of health problems.

    All right, down one more flight of stairs to get to the dormitory.

    I think I've made a major accomplishment, I haven't tripped once. So, here I am, running with the biggest grin on my face, when I bump into... Oh, my god, Life hates me. Couldn't the higher power have chosen someone else for me to bump into?!

    But, no.

    It just has to be him.

    Stupid Git.

    My dearly beloved.

    Scorpius Malfoy.

    "Oh, Adhara. There you are! Was meaning to talk to you..."

    Lord Jesus, why?

    I just stare blankly at him.

    "All right, Adhara. I know this mustn’t be easy for you..."

    What in Merlin's name is he going on about now?

    "But, I've come to say that I will be your number one supporter through this endeavor."

    Holy Merlin, why don't you just kill me already?

    "I know you'll face much prejudice, but I know you'll be able to get through it."

    Oh, my God, why? And since when did Scorpius get so nice?

    "As your cousin, I should have see the earlier signs of this and tried to help you."

    What earlier signs?!

    Now he's stopped. He's looking at me expectantly.

    "I hate my life."

    "Are you feeling suicidal as well?" asks Scorpius concerned.

    "Never mind." I say, hastily.

    This is a nightmare. I hate my life.

    Things could not possibly get worse.

    And I turn around.

    And, promptly trip over my shoe... and down the staircase.


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Chapter 5: Confessions of mental lists, awkward silences and screaming
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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of mental lists, awkward silences and screaming

    Current location: bottom of the first floor staircase.

    I can’t believe I rolled down the whole flight of stairs.

    Scorpius is running down the stairs after me.

    “Are you all right now?” he asks me, panting slightly.

    Of course, I’m all right! I’m perfectly dandy! I just fell down a flight of stairs and before that I told Albus Potter that I’m a lesbian!

    Silence. I’m contemplating throwing my shoe at my idiot cousin.

    “What happened to your eye?” he continues, concerned.

    “A wild beast attacked me.”

    He gasps, in a very feminine way, I might add. “Where is it?” he asks, a little scared now.

    “Probably in the common room… or the dormitory.” I say.

    Scorpius looks around frantically. “Should we alert Slughorn?” he asks me, nervously.

    “I don’t think he’ll understand how Eleanor is a wild beast.”

    Silence. Again.

    I really do hate these awkward silences. Some Muggles even say that everytime a there’s awkward silence a gay baby is born.

    I think I should make a mental list of things I hate to organize my thoughts.

    Good idea, Adhara.

    Adhara Greengrass’s list of things she hates:

(1) Awkward silences.
(2) Eleanor, or as I will now refer to her as, the wild beast.
(3) Staircases.
(4) A stupid boy with messy black hair. And green eyes. And a girlfriend called Gemma. I can’t even say his name.
(5) Blemishes.
(6) Gemma. And her stupid blonde hair and her stupid yellow prefect’s badge and her stupid boyfriend who I will no longer address or acknowledge as a person and —

    What on earth is Scorpius going on about now?

    “Look, all I was trying to say was that I think its fine that your door swings the wrong way. You didn’t need to try and kill yourself, Adhara. Being a lesbian is no reason to be suicidal. There are plenty of — girl fish in the sea…”

    I think I’ll just make a mental list of the reasons why I may kill myself.

    Eight reasons why I may kill* myself:

(1) I pushed my infatuation into the Black Lake.
(2) I told him I was a lesbian, even though I am not. I am in love with a boy for Merlin’s sake! Unless Albus turns out to be a girl... I would be very surprised by that, though.
(3) He thinks I’m serious.
(4) My very daft cousin thinks I’m seriously a lesbian. And he’s also concerned that I’m suicidal. Honestly.
(5) I think I may have broken my leg when I tripped down the stairs.
(6) I have a black eye from my row with Eleanor. She’s a beast.
(7) I have a lurker lurking on my previously spot-free skin. It must be due to stress.
(8) It’s on my nose.

    *I am not suicidal. I may just move to Iceland and never show my face ever again. I’m sure the puffins in Iceland will be better friends than Eleanor. At least they won’t punch me. Or tell my secrets.

    … Are there even puffins in Iceland?

    I take my mind off of my mental lists to tune into what Scorpius is saying…

    “Its fine, I’ll stand by your decision to — erm… like girls. Now we even have something in common! We both like girls,” continued Scorpius, cheerfully.

    Oh, Bloody Hell.

    “Scorpius, I am not a lesbian!”

    “Adhara, you can trust me. Your secret is safe with me.” He mimes zipping his mouth and throwing away the key. How queer this boy is, really. “Don’t lie to me. You just can’t keep yourself all bottled up… you have to let your true self… come out!” he says, gaily.


    “Scorpius, shut up.”

    “No, Adhara. I will be supportive through this… endeavor.”

    “Scorpius, I am not a lesbian!”

    “Yes… you are. Albus told me! Are you suggesting that my best mate lied to me, Adhara?”

    “No, Scorpius. I am not. I am saying that I lied to him. Because, he’s knows that I like him... and it’s awkward and… argh!”

    “Have you considered seeing a therapist?”

    …And the award for the dumbest idiot goes to… Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy!

    No surprise there, folks.

    I get up and face Scorpius. “You’re an idiot.”

    “What? Me? I was trying to be nice… and supportive!”

    “There’s nothing to support!”

    “All right!”



    “Shut up!”

    “All right… I was just making sure —”

    “Scorpius… if you know what’s good for you, you will not speak.”

    “I wasn’t…”

    “I have battled wild beasts, don’t test me.”

    “Eleanor’s not wild… or a beast.”

    “You just keep talking there, buddy…”

    “Shutting up now.”


    And now I find myself doing the inevitable.

    Going to dinner. Where Gemma and Albus will be. And no doubt Eleanor, wild beasts do need proper nourishment after all.

    Upon entering the Great Hall, I head for the Slytherin table. There is no sign of the wild beast. No sign of Ken and Barbie either. Fantastic. I smile cheerily at my fellow Slytherins who look at me oddly because I normally never interact with any of them. I really do need to be more social. Goal: be more social. Okay.

    I sit down at my usual spot.

    I begin helping myself to some food. As I begin eating, the boy who I will not name and ugly blonde Barbie walk in, ugh. And they just have to sit right in front of me.

    Joy to the world, Merlin must hate Adhara.

    I smile my big phony smile and Gemma smiles back. Lord, she is weird. Well, so are her parents. That must explain it. I avoid the boy-who-must-not-be-named’s stare and look down.

    All right, If I could just find a way to subtlety leave the table…

    “Hello, Adhara, where’s Eleanor?” asks Gemma, in an ugh, nice way.

    Stupid nice badger.

    I hate stupid Hufflepuffs, with their yellow robes and loyal qualities.

    I wonder why I wasn’t put in Hufflepuff…

    I could be loyal, except for the time I pushed Eleanor into a ditch and then ran away and left her there.

    I could be modest, if I wasn’t so good-looking.

    I’m honest, I always tell Eleanor when she wears ugly clothes or puts her hair up… okay, maybe that’s being blunt.

    I’m friendly, except to Scorpius… and Moaning Myrtle, but, come on! She's a bathroom stalker and she doesn't let anyone use her toilet.

    I’m kind, when I need to be, otherwise I’m just a complete cow.

    I’m hard-working… sometimes, when I’m not with Eleanor and I need to work with someone else or by myself.

    I’m pleasant, oh, right, no, I’m not.

    All right, shut up, brain! We get the point! I could never be a Hufflepuffian… although, I don’t know who would ever want to wear yellow everyday.

    Oh, well. At least I’m sly, crafty, cunning, clever, funny, ambitious and quick-witted. And I do look good in green and silver.

    Okay. Better answer her question.

    “You mean the wild beast?” I say.

    “I beg your pardon?” she asks, confused. She's so dumb and yellow, like a duck. I don't like ducks. But, I guess its not her fault, dumbness is hereditary. Professor Longbottom is quite... how do put this delicately? Oh, right, weird.

    “What beast?” asks Albus.

    “The one who’s name is Eleanor.” I say. They both look confused. Maybe I should just stop talking about the wild beast. Good plan.

    “Well, have you seen the igloos in Canada?” I ask to no one in particular.

    “Yes,” answers Scorpius, sliding onto the bench across from me next to Albus. “Mum said they were made entirely of real ice!” he says excitedly.

    Well done, Einstein.

    We sit in awkward silence. I should stop coming to meals. Albus is looking at me confusedly. Scorpius is the only one speaking gaily about some bizarre muggle contraptions called iPods. What an odd boy, really. His whole family are pureblood obsessed, yet he’s obsessed about all weird muggle inventions. I bet he even bought one and keeps it hidden from his parents. Loser. Gemma is pretending to listen intently and is nodding her head ever now and then, smiling falsely.

    And then in walks the wild beast. Oh, lovely.

    She better not come sit here. Please don’t sit here. Please don’t sit here. I cross my fingers.

    And she sits down. Right next to me. I really need to learn how to repel people.

    The wild beast doesn’t say anything to me. She just turns to the others and begins talking animatedly.

    I need to get out of here. Now.

    Scorpius is talking, “I’ve started a club,” he says.

    What a strange individual.

    “It’s to fight prejudice.”

    Oh… I don’t like where this is going.

    “It’s called the Anti-prejudice club.”

    Oh, how original.

    “What started this idea?” asks Eleanor.

    “Seeing prejudice,” answers Scorpius, “Affecting the people I care about.”

    Oh my god. He can’t be serious. Albus looks uncomfortable.Git, he shouldn't of told my genius cousin.

    “Who do you know that’s facing prejudice?” asks Eleanor, curiously.

    “Well… my cousin.”

    Well, I’m practically his only cousin. Besides my brother, Auburn, who is an idiot (it runs in the family) and who no longer attends Hogwarts.

    Everyone turns to me.

    My life sucks.

    Eleanor is getting all huffy. She looks like she’s trying to speak but no words are coming out. “What prejudice are you facing? You never tell me anything.”

    “That’s because you can’t keep your gob shut.”

    “I can!” she shouts defensively.

    Oh, god. Well, why doesn’t she just scream louder? She’s only gotten the attention of the entire Great Hall. This is like déjà vu.

    “And what are you being prejudiced against anyway?” she shouts.

    Oh, my. All the pairs of eyes in the Great Hall are staring at us now. Lord, haven’t they ever heard of minding their own business? Nosy Hogwartians.


    “It is something, you can’t keep it bottled up,” says Scorpius.

    Oh, please don’t talk.

    “What have you been keeping from me?” Eleanor asks crossly. “I tell you everything!”

    Uh-oh. I can’t even answer her. Because, Scorpius is about to speak. I don’t like where this is going. I pick up the pie covered in whipped cream from the table and prepare myself.

    “She’s a… she’s a lesbian, Eleanor.”

    I grasp the pie in my hands and aim it at Scorpius’s face. There is a soundly noise as the pie hits Scorpius’s face and every one just stares in shock. The pie covers his face and some of the jam lands in Gemma’s hair.

    Silence. The whole hall is silent. Everyone hears the crash of the pie plate hitting the floor.

    Eleanor’s mouth has formed an o-shape, she looks too shocked to speak. Albus looks down at his lap. Gemma looks confused and the jam trickles down her hair.

    Silence, still.

    Scorpius is wiping the pie from his face, smearing it all over as he does.

    “You’re a… lesbian?” asks Eleanor.

    Everyone in the hall is murmuring or looking shocked at me.

    “NO I AM NOT!” I scream at her. And I turn to everyone in the Great Hall.

    “Just so you all know… I’m not a lesbian,” I say calmly, pushing a lock of my hair back in my ponytail. I walk out of the Great Hall with all of the dignity I have left. Which is nothing.

    Behind me I hear Scorpius say. “The Anti-prejudice club will meet on Thursdays at 7:00 in the…”

    Scorpius will be first on my list to kill.

    I walk quickly towards the staircases and try to breathe normally.

    I reach the first floor where I meet a most terrible fate: Peeves. He’s smiling gleefully. I’ve heard people talk about their nasty encounters with Peeves. The fates have really dealt me a crappy hand.

    “Hello, young Slytherin, are you in the mood for a little splash?” asks Peeves.

    I see a hovering bucket, water splashing out of its sides.

    No way in hell.


    Why, yes, I am insane, thank you for asking.

    He looks scared. Good. His eyes are wide. He floats away quickly.

    I sigh and all I can think about is locking myself in my dormitory forever.

    And I turn around and who else is standing there? Albus Severus Potter.

    I close my eyes and exhale. It just keeps getting worse and worse.

    “Please, just don’t say anything.” I say.

    “Okay,” he says.

    He walks closer. What is he doing? And he wraps his arms around me and hugs me.

    Okay, maybe my life isn’t all that bad.

    Uh-oh. I feel a sneeze coming on. He’s holding me so tight and I don’t get the feeling he’s going to let go anytime soon…

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ps. I have nothing against lesbians whatsoever. Please don’t be offended by this chapter and the previous one. It’s just because Adhara telling Albus that she was a lesbian was a major bad thing for her situation. And she’s freaking out, she’s not a homophobe.

Okay, I'm done.

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Chapter 6: Confessions of makeovers, idiocy and Quidditch practice
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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Conessions of makeovers, idiocy and Quidditch practice

    Adhara Greengrass’s reasons as to why her life is on the extremity of being... oh, I don't know:

    In the past 24 hours, I have:
(1) Screamed at a ghost.
(2) Screamed at the wild beast in front of the entire Great Hall who are all also under the impression that I am a lesbian.
(3) Threw pie at Scorpius’s face.
(4) Hugged Albus. Then sneezed on him.
(5) And… I’m pretty sure that that green substance that shot out of my nose landed on his shoulder and neck.

    I have just realized something. My life sucks. Well, I haven’t just realized it; in fact, I think I’m destined to be miserable. Really, though. Who else turns their infatuation into a peacock, throws him into the Black Lake, and now sneezes on him — yes, including snot. I think I’m veering towards insanity. The only insane person I’ve ever know is my aunt Daphne. Well, she’s not really insane, just a psycho. Either way, she scares me. What if I become like her? I remember at a family party when we were ten; she threw a goblet at Scorpius. Mind you, he is an idiot, so she had a good excuse for it. But, I don’t want to grow up to become like her! Throwing inanimate objects at people! You already do. Oh, sweet Merlin, I am insane.

    When I woke up this morning I decided that today I would become a new person. Well, not literally. I mean I’m not going to go all Michael Jackson and get face-bleaching and plastic surgery. Yes, I do know who Michael Jackson is, my muggle-loving cousin Scorpius bought one of his records once and brought me to his room then proceeded to blast it and do the moon walk. Yes, we’ve already established that he is a strange individual.

    But, I, Adhara Greengrass am going to give myself a makeover.

    I’ve stolen some of Eleanor’s makeup and because it’s Saturday, she’s out ogling James by the Quidditch Pitch. I have practice at 6, so that gives me ample time to become a new person.

    First step: conceal blemishes.

    I take out the concealer from Eleanor’s enormous cosmetic bag and apply it to the only spot on my face. The back of it says it can conceal anything! Fantastic. The bright red lurker is currently mocking me. And is on my nose. The instructions say to apply then blend. What does blend mean? Oh well. I apply a blob. It’s dripping down my face. Okay, blend. I grab a tissue and begin to wipe up the liquid. This stuff is gross. It smells like chemicals. And it says it’s fragrance-free… I don’t want to know what the version with fragrance smells like. Okay, I’ve decided to forgo concealer. The lurker is still lurking. Stupid lurker.

    Next step: boy entrancers. I grab the set of two and search for the adhesive. The package says it will give me my desired length and volume. I didn’t know eyelashes had volume. Apply adhesive to roots of eyelashes, stick to base of eyelid. Wonderful. And blink. I can’t blink. The adhesive is sticking my eyelid back. All right. This is clearly not working. I think I’ll just forgo boy entrancers as well. I rip of the boy entrancers and… off come my eyelashes from my left eye.

    Oh Merlin. I’m a horrible excuse for a girl. Isn’t this sort of knowledge supposed to come naturally?

    Okay, stay calm.

    They’re just eyelashes. I could just cover my eye with my fringe until they grow back. Yes, perfect.

    Except I have no fringe. I could just cut my own. Yes, people do it all the time.

    I grab the scissors off the counter and brush my hair in place. I snip the hair so it falls just above my eyebrows. Okay. There’s only one problem: my new fringe is crooked. Oh, I hate my life. I decide to even it out. Oh, Merlin. I’ve cut it too short. I look like an idiot. Maybe I’ll just put a headband on so no one will notice. Great idea, Adhara. I congratulate myself for a minute before I realize I still have the problem of the bright red lurker and one eyelash-free eye.

    Oh well, onto the next step: bronzer. To get that California sun-kissed glow. I search for the brush and pop open the compact. I apply it liberally to my whole face and step back to assess myself.

    I look like I have a touch of foreign in me. Which is sadly not the case. The closet thing I have to exotic influence in my family is my aunt Irina. Who can sing in Arabic. But only after a couple of pints of Firewhiskey.

    I look like I’m of African descent. Either that or I’ve just come back from a long vacation in the South. Sadly, neither are valid excuses.

    I try not to be discouraged by my failed attempts at a makeover.

    Next step: eyeliner. Liquid or Kohl? I decide on liquid and apply liberally to the tops and bottoms of my eyes. Oh dear God, I look like I’m channeling my inner Cleopatra.

    My makeover has become a Halloween disguise. And it’s December. I’m three months late.

    From the open bathroom door there is a high-pitched scream. I turn in fright towards the door and see Eleanor standing there in shock.

    “What have you done to yourself?” she screeches at me.

    Lord. Someone is quite dramatic.

    “I’ve given myself a makeover,” I say, as if it was obvious in the first place. She just stares in shock. I look back at my reflection in the mirror. Okay, she does have reason to be scared.

    “You’ve ripped off your eyelashes on your left eye, your face is brown and you’ve your eyeliner is dripping down you chin,” she says.

    “Yes, I know! I was kind of there when it all happened.” I say huffily, crossing my arms over my chest.

    “Well…” she says.

    Is she serious? She can’t start a sentence then stop.

    “Yes?” I ask annoyed.

    “James and I are seeing eachother tonight.”

    “To do what?” I ask rudely.

    “To go on a date,” she says confusedly.

    “Yes, Genius Eleanor, I sort of got that. I meant… what are you going to do on said date?”

    “How am I supposed to know?” she asks huffily.


    “Well… normally one asks where they are being taken.” I say smartly.

    “Well, dates are supposed to be spontaneous. I wasn’t going to ruin the spontaneity of it all.”

    Spontaneous? I wonder if she thinks kidnapping is spontaneous as well.

    “I’m sure.”

    “Why are you being so stroppy?”

    I gasp at her. “I am not being stroppy!”

    “Well…” she says. “I think we’d better do something about your makeover catastrophe.”

    “Who said I needed your help?” I asked rudely.

    “Well, are you going to go to Quidditch practice like that?”



    After two hours, Eleanor had managed to use spells to grow back my hair and eyelashes and had applied make up properly leaving the lurker hidden. I smile contently at my reflection in the glass window and walk towards the Quidditch Pitch.

    My idiot cousin comes barreling over.

    “What happened to your face?”

    Oh, whoever said that he wasn’t simply lovely.

    I ignore him.

    Albus is calling everyone over. Scorpius is still staring at me weirdly. We make our way to the pitch in silence and I try to remember what Eleanor said about walking with swinging your hips. I think I’ve gotten the gist of it.

    “Something wrong, Ads?” Scorpius asks me.


    “You’re walking sort of funny.”

    Okay, maybe less emphasis on sticking out my hips would work.

    This is incredibly difficult. I wonder how Marilyn Monroe did it.

    As I am walking and trying to do the whole hip thing and Scorpius is talking about some topic to do with spaceships…? Sometimes I really do wonder about him. Suddenly I am flat on my face. I must have fallen over that rock. Stupid bloody rock. How graceful I am, really.

    “You all right, then?” asks Scorpius, extending a hand to hoist me up.

    “Just peachy.”

    When Scorpius and I arrive at the center of the Quidditch Pitch the Slytherin team is already gathered and Albus is giving us our play for the next game.

    Scorpius is still rambling about some stupid muggle invention.

    “And, so it basically blasts you to the moon!” he is saying excitedly into my ear.

    You see, Scorpius is one of those people who has never really grasped the art of whispering. He just lowers his voice a few octaves, to which he thinks is a whisper, but what is really how normal people talk.

    Something is seriously wrong with the boy. If he wasn’t my cousin I’d probably hex him into oblivion.

    Now everyone is mounting their brooms and flying off to their positions. Crap. Stupid Scorpius for being queer that I had to think about him and tune out of what Albus was saying.

    “Argh!” I scream at him.

    He stops mid-sentence. “Do you not like blue spaceships?” he asks confusedly.

    I huff at him and walk off. Mounting my broom, I fly off to the side of the pitch. The team is divided into two teams. I look to my left and see Scorpius flying at me full force. I seriously did not think he would be as stupid as to crash into me. I was wrong. He hit me full force and knocked me off my broom. Luckily, I wasn’t that high in the air but, I landed heavily on my bottom. I look up groggily to see Scorpius’ concerned face staring down at me.

    “Oh, thank God, I thought you had hurt yourself!” said Scorpius quickly.

    His comment was so pitiful that I couldn’t even find a response.

    The whole Quidditch team is coming around to see if I’m alright, with Albus walking in front of everyone at a hurried pace. I hate Scorpius.

    “I’m fine,” I say quickly, jumping up and whacking Scorpius in the face, by accident, of course.

    “All right, then,” says Albus raising an eyebrow. His eyes trailing on my face a little longer. He turns to address the rest of the Quidditch team, “back to your places, I think we should try the second play…”

    I grab my broom hastily and mount it flying off towards the corner of the pitch. I turn around to see Scorpius behind me again. Thank Merlin he’s actually controlling his broom this time around.

    “Are you sure you’re all right, Ads? You seem a bit weird today,” he says approaching me.

    “No, I’m just superb,” I retort sarcastically.

    “Oh, well good,” he replies.

    “Yeah,” I say drily. “Because getting catapulted of my broom and onto wet grass is just peachy.”

    “Really, wouldn’t that hurt?” he asks confusedly.

    I really do wonder how many times he was dropped on the head as a child. I think I’ll ask Aunt Astoria next time I see her.

    “Aren’t you excited?” he asks me suddenly excited.

    Uhm, no? “For what?” I ask boredly.

    “For Christmas hols!”

    Oh, yes. Two weeks of parties, tight dresses, disgusting food, mingling with weirdos, my crazy family, whatever my darling brother has decided to do to me as this years’ welcoming home prank (last year was the year when Auburn decided to pants me in front of the party at the Ministry, I wonder what this years’ “funny” will be), absurd gifts (monogrammed towels? I don’t understand why I would ever need to have my full name on my towels.) Anyways, you get the gist.

    “Scorpius, why on earth would I be excited to see Aunt Daphne throw her goblets at people, get whatever gift Auburn will give me, see your grandfather have a total nervy b spaz over my etiquette, see our darling cousin Siobhan and my mad cousin Briony? Not to mention the pile of frills my mother will make me wear, hear Grandmother tell me I should find a proper pureblood boy because soon I’ll get too old and go to frivolous parties full of weird people with bad food?”

    “Well, I’ve always liked Christmas,” he says defensively.

    That’s because you’re an idiot.

    “Honestly, Adhara—”

    Scorpius didn’t finish his sentence because at that moment a bludger hit him smack in the face. He fell off his broom and flew through the air to the ground. I stared in horror at my fallen cousin, no matter how much of and idiot he was. I turned to see the bludger circling and coming back around to hit me, I grabbed my bat and whacked it with all my force. I sighed in relief until I heard the gasp of everyone on the Quidditch team. Well, besides Scorpius because he was knocked out. I turned towards what everyone was looking at: Albus flying through the air and falling into a tree.

    My bludger had sent him flying into a tree! Oh dear Merlin.

    Everyone turned in horror towards me, the psycho bludger-hitter who sent Albus Potter flying into a tree. Inwardly, I begin to hyperventilate.

    What if he was knocked out? Or worse, he’d been hit so hard he’d forgotten his memories and become a loony. Oh. My. God. I’m going to pass out. He’s still not moving. Is he dead? I killed Albus Severus Potter. Blessed be Merlin, I’m a killer.

    Oh. My. God.

    I am going to hell.

    I’m frozen in shock as the Quidditch team surrounds him trying to prod him awake. I look beneath me, poor Scorpius, everyone has forgotten about him. He’s just lying there complaining about hallucinating.

    Meanwhile, Albus is still in the tree. A few Quidditch players have gone to go get the nurse, Madame Pomphrey IV. But, we just call her Poppy. It’s actually quite sad that all the nurses in the past 50 or so years have been called Madame Pomphrey.

    I’ve decided to actually stop hovering in the air like an idiot. I look way to much like the crime suspect.

    Now that I’m on the ground awkwardly holding my broom, I look next to me to see Scorpius still rolling around holding his head.

    I bend down so that I’m eye level with him.

    “Do you think you have brain damage?” I ask.

    “I don’t know,” he says.

    I hold up three fingers. “How many fingers am I holding up?” I ask him.

    “Uhm… three?” he asks.

    And then an idea pops into my head. “No, Scorpius,” I say worriedly. “I was holding up one finger, I think that bludger hit you really hard to the head.”

    Now, he’s panicking. “Oh my God,” he says. “I’m a loony.”

    Not like you weren’t one before but, sure.

    Poppy has arrived and is running towards Albus, who still isn’t moving. The blood drains from my face and I remember that I killed Albus Severus Potter. Oh, my God. Scorpius sits up. “What’s wrong with Albie?” he asks.

    “I killed him,” I whisper.

    “What?” says Scorpius, freaking out, “Albie is dead?”

    “Yes,” I say quietly.

    “Are you taking the piss?” he asks angrily.

    “No, I am not taking the piss!” I shout at him, standing up. “He’s not moving! He—”

    “Has been knocked out,” says Poppy, cutting me off, mid-rant.

    “Knocked out!” I cry, turning to face her. “Praise Merlin!”

    She looks at me like I’ve sprouted three heads.

    Well, he’s alive!

    “Poppy,” says Scorpius frantically, “I’ve gone mad!”

Author’s Note Thankyous for reading! :)

chapter image by Ande @ TDA.

Chapter 7: Confessions of potions, juice boxes and more revelations
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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of potions, juice boxes and more revelations

    I think I have really bad luck. I have come to the conclusion that Merlin hates me. I’ve sent two people to the Hospital Wing in one day. I think that’s a record. No, seriously. The side effect of it is that now I’m slightly paranoid, because well, I’ve heard karma is a bitch.

    We’re sitting in Potions, where I usually get my best brainstorming done. Usually while Eleanor blows up our cauldron, well, only sometimes. Oh, well, you’ve gotta love that fresh explosion sometimes.

    “Hey, Eleanor?” I ask, turning towards my bestest pal in the world who has her head currently inside our cauldron. I’m pretty sure that’s not safe…

    She takes her head out of the cauldron. “Yeah?” she asks.

    “Why on earth have you got your head in our cauldron?”

    “I was checking to make sure that it was clean,” she says defensively. Yes, you’ve discovered it now: Eleanor is a germaphobe. There’s no hiding it now.

    I roll my eyes at her and plough on with my original question, “Do you really think karma’s a bitch?”

    Eleanor stops what she’s currently doing: pouring various colorful liquids into our cauldron with what looks to be dead beetles. Erlack, a reminder of why I really do hate Potions. But, I’m pretty sure Eleanor shouldn’t be trusted in Potions with anything at all.

    “Who’s karma?” she asks confusedly.

    Well, Eleanor is obviously not the brightest star in the sky…

    “Never mind,” I say hastily.

    Her brow is still furrowed in confusion. She continues with our Potion. “So, I really think James likes me… Hey, is the Potion supposed to be pink? … No, really, I don’t think it’s supposed to be pink, the textbook says it’s supposed to be green…” Eleanor sticks her head in the cauldron and it promptly explodes. Yes, while her head was inside. Is that a health hazard?

    I scream dramatically and Eleanor’s head pops out of the cauldron, her expression dazed.

    You know in those cartoons where something happens to the cartoon and the stars spin around their heads? That’s what Eleanor’s face looks like. That can’t be good. The Slug comes barreling over.

    “Miss Greengrass! What have you done to Miss Nott?” he reprimands.

    What me? The innocent bystander?

    The whole class is turning around to look at us. Cor, Eleanor’s really done it this time.

    I stutter something and look back towards Eleanor, who has turned green and who is babbling uncontrollably. Uh-oh.

    “Take her to the Hospital Wing at once!” Professor Slughorn barks at me.

    Blimey, someone needs anger management.

    I just nod and pull Eleanor along.

    She’s babbling incoherently now. “James… Phwoar! ... Karma… I like treacle tart…”

    Oh, my. I have a feeling that inhaling the Potion has its side effects... thank Merlin I wasn't near it...

    Now she turns to me, “Oh, my bestest pally!” she says hugging me and pushing me into the wall.

    “Ow, Eleanor!” I say, annoyed. I try to no avail to push her off of me. “Eleanor, geroff!”

    The only difficult thing about Eleanor latching onto me is that I can’t see where we’re going.

    And then it happens: we trip over a stair and roll down.

    We roll down twenty-three steps and land oh-so-gracefully on the carpet leading to the third floor.

    “I hate you,” I mutter at her. Oh, well. At least she’s not latching onto me anymore.

    “Mais pourquoi, ma meilleure amie?” She asks in a horrible French accent… wait a minute! When did she learn French?

    I ignore her question and drag her along the corridor. The whole time Eleanor is rambling on about red sparkly shoes and yellow brick roads.

    We enter the Hospital Wing oh-so-gracefully, with me dragging Eleanor and her sliding along the floor. I pull her into the Hospital Wing and she bangs her head on the door.

    “Oh,” she says, turning towards the door. “Hello there, door. A hug? Well, I guess I could…” She then proceeds to hug the door. Oh, my God, she’s mental. Poppy comes running to the door.

    “What’s happened to her?” she asks.

    “Stuck her head in the cauldron, it exploded,” I say monotonously.

    “Oh, my! What potion were you brewing?” she asks nervously, trying to pry Eleanor from the door.

    “Uhm…” Shit. “A green one?” I say hopefully.

    She looks at me annoyed. Then she pulls Eleanor along to a spare cot.

    I follow awkwardly. Poppy pulls back the curtains and I follow through. To my horror I see her bedmates. Albus and Scorpius. Oh, double crap. The two people I sent to the Hospital Wing in one Quidditch practice. God, I’m like the psycho beater. Well, technically Scorpius isn’t a loony. That makes me feel a tiny bit better. But, the reason why he thinks he is my fault. I don’t feel better anymore. Stupid brain, making me feel bad. Shut up, brain.

    Albus is sleeping but is bandaged on ever part of his body that I can see. Oh, lord. I see a Skele-gro bottle on his bedside table. God, why me?

    Scorpius is awake and happily waving me over. Oh. My. God. I walk over slowly. Scorpius isn’t bandaged up at all. He’s happily holding some rectangle contraption with a hole at the top and a straw poking out of its top. He sucks on the straw and is happily already chattering.

    “I’ve eaten five chocolate frogs and three licorice wands and five boxes of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans and—”

    I look towards the end of his bed and see the evidence. All piled up and forming a little hill.

    Scorpius face pops up in front of mine when I look up. I jump back. “I made Hogwarts with all the boxes!” He shouts excitedly.

    I look back towards ‘Hogwarts.’ Merlin that is the worst Hogwarts I’ve ever seen. And that includes the Scamander twins’ Nargle Hogwarts… which no one could actually see.

    Scorpius is holding his rectangle box contraption to his mouth and is silent. “What is that?” I ask.

    “Oh, this?” he says, thrusting the rectangle box at me. I take it hesitantly. “It’s a juice box!”

    “A what?” I ask.

    “It’s a muggle way of drinking juice. You stick the straw in the hole and the juice comes out. I have apple juice!”

    What the hell is up with Scorpius and his fascination with all things muggle? His Grandfather would have a nervy b spaz if he ever in saw Scorpius with one.

    I smile slightly and hand the juice back to Scorpius.

    “That’s lovely,” I say fake-brightly, when I see Poppy sending me a death glare. Although, I can’t understand why… I gave her three extra patients, she should be thanking me! Now she has something to do.

    “Try it!” he says, pushing the juice pox into my hands.

    “Erm…” I say. Quick, brain, think of something to not drink the juice box. “I have a cold. I’m sorry; I don’t want to give it to you.”

    “Don’t worry!” says Scorpius brightly. “You can have the rest!”

    “I’m…uhm— I don’t want your cooties!” I say.

    Scorpius looks quite offended.

    “Adhara!” screams Eleanor from the other side of the ward. She’s sitting on the cot beside Albus and Scorpius is sitting on Albus’ other side. Albus stirs and I stiffen. Shit.
    “Shut up, Eleanor!” I whisper harshly.

    “Why?” she yells back.

    Albus is opening his eyes and looking around. Oh, motherf—

    “Oh!” screams ingenious Eleanor, “Because Albus is awake, right?”

    Sweet Salazar.

    Thank Merlin Poppy comes bustling in. “Mister Potter! You’re awake. How are you feeling, dear?”

    Albus looks quite disoriented. “Just fine,” he answers politely.

    I pick up a copy of Witch Weekly that’s lying on Scorpius’ bedside table. I knew he was secretly a girl. I raise an eyebrow at him.

    “It’s not mine!” he says quickly.

    “Whatever, Siobhan,” I say. I cover my face with it and turn around while Scorpius is stuttering about how it just appeared there.

    “Mister Malfoy, would you come to my office so that I can get your release papers ready?” asks Poppy.

    Release papers? He’s a loony!

    Scorpius waddles along out of the ward, trying to grab his entire Hogwarts castle with him. Idiot. He walks like penguin, really. Sometimes I think he's half-girl, half-turnip.

    Meanwhile, the magazine is still covering my face as I try to walk out of the ward unnoticed. I’m halfway there. Just need to pass Eleanor’s bed.

    “Adhara?” asks Eleanor, quite loudly, I might add. “Where are you going? Read me a story, bestest pally!”

    Oh, fantastic. She just has to go and ruin my cover. Crap best mate.

    I peek over the magazine to see if Albus is awake. My worst fears are confirmed: He is awake. Drat.

    I look away quickly and shuffle along to Eleanor’s bedside.

    “It’s okay,” she says loudly. “Albus already knows you like him, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

    Thanks, Radio Eleanor. God, I'm really starting to hate these Potion side effects.

    Anyway, the genius herself ploughs on, whispering loudly, “At least he doesn’t know you have a voodoo doll of Gemma that you stick pins in.”

    That’s top secret! And, it was only once! “Shut up, Eleanor!”

    She waves a hand. “Don’t worry, it’s not like Albus is an eavesdropper,” she says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

    I sneak a look at Albus. He looks scared.

    “Eleanor, Eleanor, shut up!” I say. I can’t even look at Albus anymore.

    “Miss Nott?” asks Poppy, popping her head out from her office. “Come along, I’ll have a look at you.”

    Eleanor skips out of the ward.

    Oh, my God.

    I’m alone with Albus.

    I can feel him staring at me.

    Merlin, why do you hate me so much? It’s because I’m blonde, isn’t it?!

    I drop the Witch Weekly on Eleanor’s bed. And stand there awkwardly. Okay, now, walk out. Subtlety. And don’t trip over anything, I tell my feet.

    “Adhara?” asks Albus.


    I turn around quickly. “No, I do not have a voodoo doll of Gemma! Eleanor is a liar!” I yell at him.

    Oh, he looks quite surprised at my outburst.

    Cor, I’ve really done it this time.

    And I do the first thing that comes to mind. I run out of there. And trip over my shoe.


Author’s Note Thankyous for reading! :)

chapter image by Ande @ TDA!

Chapter 8: Confessions of top secrets, confusion and broom closets
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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of top secrets, confusion and broom closets

    Merlin, I’m such a loner.

    I’ve been sitting in my dormitory staring at my bedpost for two hours. Even Quincifer hasn’t banged into the window pane all day. Eleanor is still in the Hospital Wing. I can’t go see her because I risk seeing Albus, and that would just be catastrophic. I can’t even leave my dorm because Scorpius is stalking me. Because he has no one to hang out with he’s decided we should “spend some quality time together” — his words, obviously not mine. Why is he acting as though we’re not a couple? — That would be incest! Good riddance, I say. He will not leave me alone. God, I’m so bored I may even do some homework.

    26 minutes later

    God, I’m so hungry. If I go to the Great Hall for lunch I risk seeing Scorpius and who knows if I’ll be able to escape him again?

    I walk down the dormitory staircase and into the Slytherin common room. No sign of the creeper. Yes! I walk happily towards the portrait hole. Two hands cover my eyes.

    “Guess who?” asks Scorpius in a fake-girly voice. Oh, come on, really? Why, Merlin? Why? And does he think I’m that much of an idiot? Honestly.

    “Hmm… long, slender girl fingers... it must be Eleanor,” I say sarcastically.

    Scorpius removes his hands from my eyes and I turn to see him examining them. “My hands are not feminine,” he says defensively.

    I ignore him and wonder how good my chances are of leaving unnoticed. Scorpius is still talking.

    “There’s something very important I need to tell you,” begins Scorpius seriously.

    “Okay…” I reply unsurely.

    “But, it’s serious,” he says.

    No shit, Sherlock. “Okay,” I repeat, monotonously.

    “But, it’s really, really top secret,” he says gravely.

    “Oh, my god, you thicko, I got that,” I say exasperatedly.

    “Well, I …” he breaks off nervously.

    “Scorpius?” I ask.

    “Yes?” he answers, turning towards me.

    “Spit. It. Out. Before. I. Become. So. Annoyed. With. You. That. I. Accidentally. Kill. You,” I say, a fake bright smile plastered to my face.

    “You know, Adhara,” begins Scorpius all huffily, “I’m trying to tell you something important that I felt I needed to get off my chest and the one person I’m trying to tell is being a diva with me.”

    Diva? Diva?

    Isn’t that a Muggle word? Oh my God, he’s channeling Madonna. You don’t even want to know how I know who she is.

    “Scorpius, what the hell is it that you need to say?!” I yell at him.

    “Don’t speak so loud,” he says, turning around to make sure no one’s heard me, “You’re making a scene.”

    If he would bloody spit out what the hell is so important—

    “Okay,” Scorpius sighs, “The truth is… the truth is that I’m in love.”

    Sweet Salazar, some girl has it worse than me (assuming that it is in fact a girl).

    “Uhm… that’s— great,” I say brightly.

    “Yes, well, I was contemplating where or not to tell you because I was afraid you’d be jealous,” he says seriously.

    Oh my god, he’s in love with Albus. The Witch Weekly magazine was a sign.

    “You’re in love with Albus?!” I practically shout.

    “No,” he answers confusedly.

    Oh, thank Salazar. Why is there so much gender-confusion?

    “Well, then, why would I be jealous?” I ask confusedly.

    Scorpius looks uneasy, “Well, because your love life isn’t exactly very good at the moment and, uhm…” he says slowly as though he’s trying to choose his words carefully.

    “Well, I’m not jealous,” I say haughtily, tucking a stray strand of blonde hair behind my ear.

    “Oh, good,” says Scorpius, looking up relieved.

    “Just because I’m curious… you do fancy the opposite sex, right?” I ask hopefully.

    “Well, yes! I don’t fancy boys, honestly Adhara,” he says defensively.

    “Just checking,” I say.

    “If you must know… the object of my affections is a girl,” he says.

    The object of my affections??? Oh, my god, he’s like one of those lovestruck Shakespeare characters.

    I stifle a snort. “And she is?” I ask.

    “It's uhm… well, her— is… name, er…” he says, his cheeks turning a bright pink.

    I raise a questioning eyebrow at him.

    “Come,” he says pulling my arm. He pulls me toward a broom closet and I step in. After he’s checked that there are not lurkers lurking around the broom closet and placed a Silencing Charm on the broom closet, he steps inside and shuts the door.

    “You’re so bloody paranoid. Who is it?” I ask impatiently.

    “You promise you won’t tell a soul?” he asks.

    “I promise,” I say lazily. Luckily he didn’t see my crossed fingers behind my back. Loser.

    “Like, not even Eleanor,” he says.


    “Okay,” he says, visibly relaxing.

    “Its uhm— but, you can’t tell anyone!” he says hurriedly.

    “Scorpius?” I ask, mock-patiently, a tight smile playing at my lips.

    “Yes?” he asks.

    “I am going to hex you to oblivion if you don’t spit it out,” I say.

    “All right, all right,” he says, holding up his hands.

    “Its,” he lowers his voice and leans in closer. And then all I hear is mumbling.

    He steps back and looks around the broom closet worriedly.

    “Scorpius, I didn’t hear you,” I say.

    “Merlin,” he says exasperatedly. “Are you deaf? I practically screamed it aloud.”

    Yeah, okay.

    “Oh, for Merlin’s cupcakes’ sake, will you say it already?! No one can hear us in the broom closet!” I yell at him.

    “Shh!” he hushes me, “Keep your voice down.”

    Honestly, it’s like talking to a stick.

    “Scorpius? If you don’t tell me who is it right now I will personally feed you to the Giant Squid,” I say.

    “Okay, but, you can’t t—” he says, only to be interrupted by me again.

    “If you say, ‘you can’t tell anyone’ one more time, I promise you will be killed,” I say.

    “Okay, okay,” he says. He sighs. “I am in love with… Rose Weasley.”

    Oh, my God. I’m laughing so hard I nearly choked. Scorpius doesn’t look pleased. But… he’s in love with Rose Weasley! Wow, a pure humor story. Considering she hexes him everytime he speaks to her. Hahaha… that just made my day.

    “I’m going to ask her out,” he says confidently.

    “Uhm, why?” I ask.

    “Because I love her…” he says unsurely.

    “And how are you going to convince her to go out with you?” I ask.

    “I’m going to serenade her,” he says, smiling, “Do you want to hear the poem I wrote?”

    Rose Weasley will have a nervy b spaz. I fear for my dear cousin’s life.

    Oh, well, sucks to be him. Besides, it should be interesting to watch.

Author’s Note So, here’s chapter8. I’m finally done sec. 4 and I’m so glad its summer! Updates will be more frequent and longer. I’m in a really good mood because one of my favourite bands, Kings of Leon are coming September 16 and my sister got me tickets. Anyways, I hope you guys all have a great summer and expect to see more updates after the queue opens. Thanks for reading!

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Chapter 9: Confessions of pick-up lines, Scorpius' serenade and arguments
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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of pick-up lines, Scorpius' serenade and arguments

    Meanwhile, inside the mind of Scorpius Hyperion *snort* Malfoy…

    Honestly, she’s laughing at me. What’s so funny with the fact that I like Rose? I mean… I’m a fairly good-looking bloke… scratch that, I’m like, super good-looking, yeah. And, I thought it was quite romantic to write a poem. I mean, it was like, a really good idea. And, I’ve memorized it. I was so proud of myself. And, I haven’t even told Albus… I decided to tell Adhara first. And she laughed at me. She’s still laughing. Salazar, she can be so rude sometimes.

    “What’s so funny, anyway?” I snap at her.

    She’s gasping for air in between fits of laughter. “You… liking Rose! A poem!” she giggles.

    She can be so cruel. Does she know that I am very mad at her at this moment? I try and make my mad face at her to intimidate her. Which is a cross between a frown and a glare.

    She just continues laughing.

    I cross my arms over my chest. “Well, I don’t see what’s so funny,” I huff at her.

    She’s still laughing.

    Honestly, what a witch. Scorpius, my brain reprimands me, how could you think something so malicious? You’re right brain, sorry.

    She’s still laughing. She’s such a diva.

    I open the door to the broom closet after much struggle. “Just so you know,” I say to her, “I’m leaving.”

    And she just continues laughing. Ugh!

    Scorpius, my brain says to me, you’re acting like a drama king.

    Shut up, brain, I argue, I’m having a breakdown, I am fully entitled to have a nervy b.

    Are you sure you’re not homosexual? My brain asks me.

    Ugh! I huff at my brain.


    Like the good friend that I no doubt am, I have decided to go visit Albus inside the Hospital Wing. I even brought him a gift: a chocolate frog, well more like half because I got hungry on the second floor. But, it’s the thought that counts.

    I walk into the Hospital Wing and head towards Albus’ bed. And stop dead. There, leaning against the foot of the bed is Rose Weasley. Breathe. Breathe. Okay. Calm. Be suave. I walk closer and Albus spots me and smiles.

    “Hey, Scorp,” he says, cheerfully.

    “Hey, Al,” I say, my eyes glued to the back of Rose’s head.

    Rose turns around and narrows her eyes at me. I instantly feel intimidated by those clear blue eyes. I smile unsurely. She glares at me. Cor, she is so difficult to please. I walked closer and stand next to Rose. Breathe, Scorpius, breathe.

    Oh, my god, she’s right there. Quick, brain, think of something charming to say. “You have the shiniest, most silky hair I have ever seen,” I say. Albus winces. Rose narrows her eyes at me, again. What? It was a charming thing to say!

    What is it with girls and all their weird signals? I know Rose likes me. I knew it from the day she hexed me into a ferret in first year. She’s just shy about her feelings for me. Adhara says I’m delusional, but I see the look of love in her eyes when she jinxes me. It is love. But, then, when I flirt with her she glares at me. Or sneers. Or hexes me. Or my personal favourite, when she narrows her eyes at me, Cor, she is so sexy.

    I will never understand women and their tempers. Why oh, why did I have to fall in love? And with a Weasley at that. Cupid, you are so unfair.

    “How’s your head?” I ask Albus, casting a subtle sideways glance at Rose.

    “It’s all right,” says Albus, shrugging. “It doesn’t hurt as much. And Poppy said I can leave tomorrow.”

    “Wasn’t it your cousin who whacked the bludger that sent Albus into a tree?” asks Rose, raising a slim red eyebrow.

    Cor, Adhara, you’re always ruining things for me. I cough uncomfortably.

    “It wasn’t her fault,” says Albus, “she was trying to keep it from hitting the team members.”

    “By knocking out the captain?” asks Rose.

    “It was an accident, Rosie,” says Albus wearily.

    Rose sniffs. I stand there awkwardly. Albus just lies there. Merlin, this is so awkward, say something to make things less awkward, after all Adhara says every awkward silence a gay baby is born. How many babies do you reckon that is?

    Eleanor interrupts my train of thought. “Hello, Scorpius!” she shouts across the ward. Sadly, Eleanor is still feeling the side effects of the exploded Potion. And shouting profanities every now and then. Honestly, she said Adhara has a voodoo doll of Gemma. That’s bullocks. Adhara isn’t that… insane. Well, she probably is…

    “Hi, Eleanor,” I say, smiling.

    At that precise moment a very strange boy walks into the ward. He has sort of long blond stringy hair and he’s wearing ill-fitting Slytherin Quidditch robes and he has a mustache. Salazar, that mustache can rival old Sluggie’s.

    We’re all staring at the peculiar boy. And wondering how he got Slytherin Quidditch robes until Eleanor shouts, “Adhara!”

    You see, she won’t stop yelling profanities.

    We’re all still staring at the peculiar boy. Until I realize it. It’s Adhara in disguise!

    Blimey, her fake mustache looks quite real.

    “Adhara?” I ask.

    “Why do you fools keep referring to me as this ‘Adhara’ person. I do not know this person you speak of.”

    Oh my, I think we’ve embarrassed the poor boy.

    “Adhara,” says Rose, “Don’t be silly, why are you dressed up as a boy?”

    It is Adhara!

    “My name is Salazar Slytherin,” shouts the Adhara/peculiar boy, defensively. 

    No, it’s Salazar Slytherin! Wait a minute… that doesn’t make sense…He’s like a million years old. It is Adhara!

    “What on earth are you doing?” I ask her.

    She looks around self-consciously. “That is highly confidential,” she says importantly. You see what I mean? Rude.

    Eleanor takes that moment when we are all staring at Adhara in disbelief to jump on her, pulling her fake mustache off.

    “Eleanor, you stupid sushi!” Adhara screams at Eleanor.

    Eleanor looks rather confused. “What did I do?” she asks.

    Adhara clears her throat. “I came here to see you, and you blow my cover, some best mate you are,” says Adhara, crossing her arms over her chest.

    Eleanor is getting all huffy and turning red.

    Adhara pulls off the Quidditch robes and sits on the end of Eleanor’s bed while Eleanor is shouting defensively at her.

    Girls are so bonkers.

    Adhara and Eleanor are discussing in harsh whispers. I turn to Albus and Rose. Albus looks confused. Rose looks incredulous.

    “Your cousin is completely mad,” she states.

    “So I’ve noticed,” I say. Well, what? It’s true! I can’t defend Adhara at this point, it would show I was biased.

    Poppy comes into the ward. “Mister Potter? I’ll have a look at you now,” she says.

    Albus goes off after Poppy into her office.

    Adhara and Eleanor are still arguing.

    I feel so awkward. Rose is standing right there. I think now would be a good time to serenade her.

    I pull out the piece of parchment where I wrote the poem down. You know, just incase I forget out of nervousness. I swear I memorized it.

    God, she is so beautiful, with her thick dark auburn hair and her wide blue eyes and graceful eyebrows and her plump lips—

    “Scorpius,” snaps Rose, narrowing her eyes, “Stop looking at me!”

    I avert my eyes quickly. Gosh, she is so scary.

    Okay. Here goes nothing:

    I clear my throat uncomfortably and Rose looks up and stares at my nervous demeanor curiously.

    And then I begin to sing.

    “Red rose, Red Rose,
    Loving, caressing you.
    Red rose—”

    I am interrupted because Rose begins to hit me with a book.

    “You sicko pervert!” she shouts at me.

    This is what I get for being romantic. Bloody Hell, I am never copying a Muggle poem again.

    Rose stalks out of the ward her hair flying behind her.

    Adhara walks over. “What was all that about?” she asks.

    “I tried to serenade her, but she thought I was trying to get fresh with her,” I say.

    “Get fresh?” she asks, quirking an eyebrow.

    “Yes,” I say huffily, “get fresh, like, trying to hit on her.”

    Adhara nods. “I wish I had been there to see it,” she says sadly.

    Merlin, she is such a dreadful cousin!

    She eyes my appearance. “Uh, Scorpius? Why are you carrying a purse?”

    “It not a purse,” I say defensively, “It’s a satchel!”

    “Sometimes I question your sexuality,” she says gravely.

    Oh, for Salazar’s underpants, I am not gay! Wait a moment… why was it another male’s underpants that I was just thinking about?

    “I’m not gay,” I say.

    She looks at me blankly.

    “Just so you know...” I say casually.

    “Scorpius,” she says, resting a hand on my shoulder, “it’s not healthy to beat around the bush with your feelings.”

    “I’m not gay!” I shout, “I like Rose!”

    “Okay,” she says, looking at me like I’m crazy. I am totally and completely sane. I don’t talk to myself, well, only sometimes. But, that is completely not the point.

    Aha, insanity, my brain taunts me.

    Oh, my treacle tart, my brain commentary is back! Leave me alone, brain!

    Don’t worry, replies my brain, I’m not here half the time anyway.

    “You know what, Adhara?” I say, trying to contain my anger, feeling on the point of a complete nervy b spaz, “I’m getting really upset with the way you treat me.”

    She looks at me blankly. “Scorpius, for Merlin’s blue bikini, it’s all right if you’re gay.”

    “I am not gay!” I shout. She looks at me like I’ve gone mad. “Don’t look at me like that, Adhara Elvendork Greengrass!”

    She gasps audibly. There’s a moment of silence.

    Cor, I’ve really done it this time.

    Girls lose their tempers all the time with me. What is it that I’m doing wrong?

    Note to self: read Witch Weekly more often.

    Adhara is glaring at me. “You did not just go there,” she spits venomously.

    “Yes, I did,” I say, putting a hand on my hip.

    She glares at me more. “Well, at least my name isn’t Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy,” she says coolly, despite the death stare she’s giving me. “What did Uncle Draco and Aunt Astoria think you were? A hyper Scorpion?”

    Now its my turn to gasp. She did not just go there. Oh, bloody hell, why is it that I can never think of good comebacks? I glare back at her.

    “Well, at least my middle name isn’t Elvendork,” I say lamely.

    Wow, how original, Scorpius, my brain says.

    Shut up, brain!

    Adhara gasps again. She looks around self-consciously. No one is in the ward except Eleanor… who’s talking to a wall?

    “Well, at least my middle name is unisex, yours is just stupid,” she says defensively.

    “It’s not stupid, its manly,” I say indignantly.

    “Well, clearly Aunt Astoria and Uncle Draco judged you a little too fast seeing as their manly son now carries a satchel and reads Witch Weekly,” she says meanly.

    “That was only once!” I shout, instantly regretting my honesty, “And for the last time, it’s a satchel!”

    We glare at each other. I feel really sad inside. This is our first real fight.

    Adhara is biting her lip unsurely. “I’m sorry, Scorp, I didn’t mean to insult your dignity,” she says quietly.

    “It’s all right,” I say, “And your middle name isn’t all that bad, blame it on the excessive interbreeding of purebloods.”

    She shrugs. I decide to hug her. We stand there in an awkward hug. Merlin, we’re never this creepy.

    She pulls back. “When the hell are we ever serious?” she asks.

    I think about it for a moment. “Never,” I agree.

    Albus hobbles into the ward.

    Adhara's cheeks turn a deep crimson.

    "Hey, where'd Rose go?" he asks.

    Now its my turn to blush.

    I stutter something about her having to study.

    I look between Albus and Adhara, who are both very awkward.

    And then I think of it: My master plan. Involving Adhara, Albus, a broom closet and that locking spell we learnt in Charms. I am a genius.

    And then Gemma walks in.

    Oh, right. I had forgotten about her whilst planning my master plan to put Albus and Adhara locked in a broom closet together.

    Well, Gemma proposes a slight problem.

    Maybe I can get Eleanor to confound her… you know, only for a few hours…

    … I am not evil.

    And then I turn to see Eleanor jump on Gemma.

    Sweet Salazar, Eleanor really is a beast.

Author’s Note Thanks for reading! I really appreciate all the positive feedback that you readers give me for this :) 

Chapter 10: Confessions of spoons, blond stalkers and broom closets
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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of spoons, stalking and broom closets

    Professor Flitwick is such an odd man. Just leaping around on his desk squeaking crazy things. Honestly, telling us to conjure jets of water from our wands. He’s clearly mad. What if someone flooded the classroom… I can’t swim. This class is a danger, I tell you.

    … What are we supposed to be doing, anyway? Professor Flitwick keeps shrieking, “Aguamenti” and waving his wand like a mad man, sending jests of water flying around the classroom.

    Lorcan Scamander keeps glancing at me in what he thinks is a subtle way. What a queer boy. Honestly, what a creeper.

    “What?” I snap at him harshly.

    He looks startled. “You have wrackspurts in your hair,” he says quickly.

    “What in Merlin’s purple baggy y-fronts is a wrackspurt?” I ask, touching my hair self-consciously.

    “Well, they’re invisible things that float inside your ears and make your brain go fuzzy. Its odd that you’ve got them in your hair and not your ears…” he trails off, continuing to stare at my hair. He proceeds to pull out a pair of large, colorful spectacles. “Spectrespecs,” he says happily, “they help you see wrackspurts.”

    What a loony.

    I am so bored. I wish Eleanor was here, I’d have someone to throw things at to occupy my time. And where the hell is Scorpius? I could have used him too.

    I gaze around the classroom to find a new target to throw something at. I would have used Lorcan, but he’s still staring… and he may accuse me of being a Blibbering Humdinger if I hit him too hard. I continue to look around the class… maybe I could hit Gregory Creevy, he seems pretty oblivious or I could get—

    Gemma. With her ugly blonde hair… blonde hair is so ugly! Oh, right, I have blonde hair. Well, her blonde hair is ugly. Stupid, stupid, ugly badger. I search my desk for something to throw. All I have is… my quill, my ink pot, half a Honeydukes chocolate bar, some parchment and a spoon. Spoon it is.

    I throw my spoon as hard as I can towards Gemma’s head. Target acquired! The spoon hits the back of her head and falls to the floor with a ping. She turns around quickly, glaring and clutching the back of her head. Someone’s got their knickers in a twist. I look away innocently and attempt to whistle. Except I can’t whistle. Gosh. She’s glaring at me now. She picks up the spoon and raises her hand, signaling to Professor Flitwick.


    Professor Flitwick stops his attempts to be a fountain and addresses Gemma. “Yes, Miss Longbottom?”

    “Someone’s thrown a spoon at the back of my head,” she says angrily. Gosh, she’s so wet.

    Professor Flitwick looks around the classroom confusedly. “Why would anyone throw a spoon at Miss Longbottom’s head?”

    Because she’s an ugly, stupid badger. Who looks bad in yellow.

    “Who did this?” squeaks Professor Flitwick. A few people look at me. Traitors. I cough casually and frown confusedly as if it’s the most disobedient thing I’ve ever heard.

    Professor Flitwick looks around helplessly and then continues shouting Aguamenti. Like I said, odd man.

    Gemma glares at me as if she knows I did it. I smile at her. She thinks I’m crazy… I think she’s ugly.

    I am so bored. I refuse to make water. And then, it comes to me… I’ll skip class! Brilliant.

    I dump all my things into my backpack and I figure my chances of walking out of the class unnoticed are very slim. I’ll have to make an excuse.

    I raise my hand quickly and Professor Flitwick nods wearily. “Yes, Miss Greengrass?”

    Oh, probably should have thought of this before I raised my hand. Oh, well, I’ll just have to wing it. “Er… I have an eyelash in my sclera, may I be excused?” What? It’s a valid excuse.

    Professor Flitwick looks baffled. I am so clever. I point to my eye for extra effect.

    “Oh, yes, very well Miss Greengrass, you are excused.” Score!

    I skip out of the classroom happily and trip over my robes flying headfirst down the spiral staircase. Stupid robes. I lie pathetically on the last step. My arm hurts so much I feel like I’ve broken it, but I can’t be sure because I’ve only broken one bone in my entire life… and that was Scorpius’ nose. So, I don’t really now how a broken bone is supposed to feel like.

    Oh, well.

    I get up of the step and pick up my bag and continue on my trek to get to the Hospital Wing. I pass a bench with a strange blond head peaking out from behind it… wait, what? Oh, never mind, I must be delusional.

    I continue walking for a moment until I hear something crash from behind me and I spin around. A suit of armor is lying strewn about on the floor and I think I can see a boy standing behind the other one… what the snorkack?

    If that blond boy behind that suit of armor thinks I don’t see him, he’s sorely mistaken. He nearly knocked it over twice by trying to just stand behind it… what the hell is that boy doing? Stalker.

    I step onto the changing staircase and cast a glance behind me. Okay, I don’t see anything.. its possible I’m just paranoid…

    I step off the staircase and walk through the corridor, just as I turn the corner, I hear footsteps. I am being stalked! I’m not crazy!

    … Er, maybe just a little.

    I continue walking, I hastily glance behind me to make sure that the stalker still thinks I’m oblivious to him. I still hear it coming. I hide behind a stone gargoyle and when the stalker is just about to turn the corner, I launch myself at it and slug him in the face.

    Just as I suspected. It was a blond boy, said blond boy cries out in pain.

    “Holy Hippogriff, what was that for?” says the blond boy/stalker.

    Oh, crap. Said blond boy/stalker is Scorpius. I’ve just slugged him in the face. Now I’ve broken two bones… Scorpius’ nose twice. I’m surprised it isn’t crooked by now… but, you know what they say, third time’s the charm.

    “Well,” I say defensively, “you were stalking me.”

    Scorpius sighs dejectedly, “How did you know?”

    Wait, he was? “Why were you stalking me?” I ask suspiciously.

    “Because… well, er— I’m not telling you,” he says.

    “Why not?” I ask.

    “It’s all part of my master plan… my genius life plan… concerning me and you and—,” he stops his creepy talking abruptly. Like some sort of evil Merlin. Crickey.

    “All right, what does this have to do with stalking me?” I ask.

    “Everything in my genius master plan of life,” he says dramatically.

    “Er… I’m not into incest, Scorp,” I say as kindly as possible, “I know some people in our family are in favor of it and all… but, I’m just…”

    Honestly, that’s disgusting. Kissing Scorpius would be like kissing my cousin…

    … Well, he is your cousin, so technically that’s what it would be…

    Ugh, shut up, brain!

    Scorpius looks confused. Poor boy, he’s always so lost. I guess what they say about blonds being dumb is true… well, except me, of course.

    “Why do you think that I want to do the horizontal mambo with you?” he asks, puzzled.

    What a dirty boy. Men are such animals.

    “You’re disgusting! How could you speak such profanities?” I shout at him.

    “Me? You’re the one that brought up incest!” says Scorpius, defensively.

    “Well, what the flip were you talking about ‘your genius master life plan concerning me and you’?” I ask him.

    “And Albus, of course,” he says.

    Well, golly gee.

    Scorpius claps a hand over his mouth. “Oh, no! I’ve given away part of the plan!”

    All right, then, weirdo boy. “What are you trying to do between me and Albus?” I ask.

    Scorpius turns on his heel and starts sprinting down the corridor.

    “Scorpius!” I shout, “Where are you going?”

    He just continues running until he’s out of sight. How rude.

    I continue walking until I get to the Hospital Wing’s doors. I hear Poppy reprimanding someone and a high-pitched voice shouting.

    “— no, I will never ever let you turn me into a leprechaun!—”


    Eleanor is standing on her bed while Poppy is trying to make her come down.

    “I’m not even Irish! Go ask Sarah Finnegan!” she continues shouting. Eleanor is still feeling the side effects of the potion explosion. Don’t put your head in possibly exposable cauldrons, folks. Poppy is still trying to figure out what the side effects actually are. For now we’ve just concluded that Eleanor is crazy.

    Eleanor spots me and jumps. “Adhara!” she yells, “Poppy is trying to turn me into a leprechaun!”

    Poppy huffs and walks off towards her office. “And how did you come to this conclusion, Ele?” I ask her.

    “Well, the pot of gold—” she stops abruptly and lowers her voice conspiratorially, “So, how did your trip to the broom closet go?” she asks, wiggling her eyebrows. Yes, definitely mad.

    “Okay, Eleanor,” I say, “let’s just get you some medicine…”

    “Why?” she asks loudly.

    “Er… because…” You’re mad. “It tastes like bubble gum.”

    “Oh!” says Eleanor, “I love bubble gum!”

    “Good,” I say absentmindedly.

    Poppy comes out of her office brandishing a spoon and a vial of bright pink liquid.

    “Bubble gum juice!” shouts Eleanor happily. Poor naïve girl. If an evil wizard came up to her with poison she’d probably think it was pumpkin juice.

    Eleanor grabs the vial out of Poppy’s hand, downs it and promptly passes out. Lovely.

    Poppy looks relieved and walks back to her office.

    Now I really am a loner. Wonderful.

    I walk out of the Hospital Wing and get on the changing staircase, as I’m walking down it, it rapidly changes its course. How typical of my life.

    The staircase moves violently and places itself to the entrance of the fifth floor corridor. Great.

    I pull my book bag higher up on my shoulder and walk through the deserted corridor. I hear the staircase change its course again and another take its place. I hear footsteps and turn the corner quickly. I hope to Merlin its not Filch, he’s so creepy. The man it so old I’m surprised he hasn’t dropped dead yet. And his cat. More like his lover. What do you even call people who’s sexual orientation is liking cats?

    The footsteps are approaching and I peek past the corner to see who’s there. Mother of Voldemort… it’s Albus. Honestly. I’m convinced that the higher power and all his minions really do hate me.

    I grab my bag and begin sprinting down the corridor, I pass three locked classrooms before I see my salvation. A broom closet.

    I hastily wrench open the door, launch myself inside and slam the door. Life isn’t that horrible after all.

    I hear the footsteps about to pass… except they don’t. They stop right in front of the door and the knob turns slowly. Definitely not merciful Mother of Voldemort, why me? The door opens and I come face to face with Albus. He sees me hunched over, breathing heavily, hair flying, probably red-faced and maniacal looking. Oh, how attractive. Cue awkward silence.

    “Erm…” he runs a hand through his messy hair, ruffling it, “What’re you… doing in... a… broom closet?”

    “Looking for my… chocolate,” I lie smoothly.

    He raises and eyebrow, “Uh, okay.”

    Just then Scorpius appears behind Albus. He slams Albus into me and we both topple over, him on top of me. Scorpius shuts the door and outside I hear him muttering a locking spell. Traitor!

    Oh, my god. Albus is on top of me. Albus is on top of me. His whole body is covering mine and he’s breathing heavily and his emerald green eyes are staring at me stupidly. His biceps are encircling me and his hands are right next to my face. His luscious lips are so close to mine… I want to snog his face off. Stupid teenage hormones.

    I clear my throat awkwardly and Albus snaps back into reality. He eases himself up and off me and exaggeratedly brushes himself off. As if I have cooties.

    I just lie there stupidly. My hair is messy and I try in vain to flatten it. No such luck. I get up slowly and walk to the door. I try the doorknob, which is locked. Stupid Scorpius. I will kill him. I pull out my wand and mutter Alohomora. Still locked. Since when does Scorpius know advanced locking charms? I knew paying attention in Flitwick’s class would pay off someday. FML.

    I launch myself at the door but it doesn’t budge. Bugger.

    “I reckon he must’ve put an advanced spell on it,” Albus says, rubbing the back his neck.

    “Yeah,” I say and sit myself down in the corner farthest away from him. I pull my book bag towards me and pull out my Charms textbook, holding it up to cover my face from Albus.

    I glance over the top of my Charms textbook to look at him. He clears his throat and sits down cross-legged across from me. I avert my eyes quickly and pull the book closer so my nose is grazing the page.

    “What’re you reading?” he asks conversationally.

    “Er, about… wrackspurts,” I reply, without looking up.

    “Those things that the Scamander twins are always going on about?” he asks.

    “Er, yeah,” I say.

    “Oh, I thought they were a myth,” he says. I don’t have to look at him to know he’s smirking. Bloody wanker.

    “They’re not. I’m reading all about them here,” I answer.

    “Really? And how does one read with their face a centimeter from a book?” he asks.


    His hand reaches out to lower the book so that we’re face to face. I let go of the book and he pulls it toward him and closes it. He smirks slightly, “So, can I tell you something honest?”

    I love you, Adhara Greengrass. Shut up, brain! “Sure,” I answer.

    “You’re the worst liar I have ever met,” he says, grinning.

    He laughs and I feel myself laughing as well.

    He smiles and lies down, resting his head on his arms. “So,” he says, “I think we’ve made some progress, you haven’t turned me into anything or pushed me out of the window yet.”

    I blush in return, “Don’t say that, you might jinx it.”

    He looks up at me, “Yeah, you’re right.”

    He pats the floor next to him and I lie down so that we’re beside each other. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. I’m lying next to Albus Severus Potter. I want to snog him senseless. Brain, control your hormones!

    “You really are completely mad Adhara Elvendork Greengrass,” he says, turning over on his side to face me. His face is so close… would it be too forward if I touched him?

    “Hey!” I say indignantly, “I don’t have it that bad… at least my middle name isn’t Wilburforce, like my brother’s or Hyperion or… Severus.”

    He smiles. “I’ll have you know I’m named after two of the most noble wizards of all time,” he says, poking me.

    Albus Severus Potter just poked me. He touched me. Conclusion: he wants me.

    I snort.

    “Excuse me?” he says playfully, “Do you doubt my noble name?”

    “Maybe,” I say.

    “Really?” he asks, grinning, “I think you’ll regret that.”

    “Why?” I ask, laughing.

    “Because…” he says.

    I raise an eyebrow. He’s coming closer… he’s so going to kiss me! Shut up, brain!

    His arms encircle me and he begins tickling me.

    “No!” I say, giggling helplessly.

    “Yes,” he says, “this is what you get for making fun of me.”

    Albus Potter is touching my stomach. I try to roll away from him with no luck. He pushes me down and somehow he rolls on top of me, breathing heavily and tickling me.

    He stops tickling me and I stop giggling.

    Albus Potter is on top of me!

    Albus is just looking at me. His green eyes are searching my face. I look back at him. Our eyes lock and he lowers himself so that our lips are inches apart.

    Rowdy Rowena, Albus Potter is going to kiss me.

    Albus licks his lips nervously. His luscious pink lips… Shut up, brain!!

    “Adhara,” begins Albus, “I know… but, I just… have to.”

    He looks at me one last time and just as our lips are about to meet— I hiccup. Yes, I hiccup. Why, Merlin, why??

    A smiles tugs at his lips. “Adhara Greengrass, you are the most—”

    At that exact moment the door of the broom closet swings open to reveal Scorpius. Who looks scandalized. And Gemma. Who looks livid. I wonder why…

    And then I realize its because Albus is on top of me, our clothes disheveled and our hair, messy. Oh, fuck.

    Albus doesn’t get off me right away. I think he’s too shocked. But, after a moment, he lifts himself off of me— for the second time today and stands there awkwardly.

    Gemma’s mouth is hanging open and Scorpius reaches out his hand beneath her jaw and closes it. The color returns to Gemma’s face. Her cheeks turn crimson. Wow, she’s so red, like a lobster. A human lobster. Crickey.

    “Gemma,” begins Albus, “I’m so sorry, I—”

    “I hate you, Albus Potter!” she shrieks. “You stupid arse!”

    Albus looks guilty. And I realize its all my fault.

    Tears are streaming down Gemma’s face. Albus reaches out to grab her hand but she shakes him off. “Go to hell, you manwhore!” she shrieks. She turns around and is about to stalk off but she turns back around suddenly. “And you!” she screams, pointing a finger at me, “You stupid slag! How dare you seduce my boyfriend!”

    She rushes off without another word.

    “I’ll just go…” says Scorpius quietly, following after Gemma.

    Silence ensues.

    Albus looks pained.

    “Albus,” I say, “I’m sorry—”

    “Just… don’t, please,” he says quietly. He goes back into the broom closet, grabs his bag and takes off.

    Sweet Salazar. And we didn’t even kiss.

    I sit dejectedly on the floor and stare at the ceiling. I hear footsteps and I look hopefully at the corner to see if it Albus… coming back to tell me…

    Except its Scorpius. Looking angry.

    “Why the snorkack did you do the full monty with Albus in the broom closet?” he exclaims.


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Chapter 11: Confessions of running, flirting and lying
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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of running, flirting and lying

    I honestly think I can feel my brain cells dying whenever I listen to Eleanor speak. I think Poppy must have been intoxicated when she let Eleanor leave the Hospital Wing. Honestly, it’s like letting a loony leave an asylum.

    “Adhara, I don’t understand… how in Merlin’s wet wellies could Gemma think you did the full monty with Albus when you both had all your clothes on?” asks Eleanor confusedly.

    “I don’t know, she just yelled at Albus and called me a slag,” I explain for the millionth time, tossing a cardigan into my trunk.

    Eleanor gasps in shock, “She called you the s word?”

    “Yes, Ele,” I say boredly.

    “That—that—b word!” says Eleanor indignantly.

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Eleanor cannot swear. She thinks swearing gives you frown lines. “You never miss a thing,” I say sarcastically.

    “Oh, thanks,” she says happily, turning back towards her trunk.

    Oh, yes, Eleanor is a genius, if you were wondering.

    I toss the rest of my clothing into my trunk and snap it shut. “Hey, what time is it?” I ask.

    Eleanor stares at her watch trying to read the time. Yes, this takes her awhile to figure out which hands are on which numbers. “Oh my Gobstones!” exclaims Eleanor frantically. “It’s ten forty-seven!”

    “Eleanor, are you sure you’re not checking it wrong again?” I ask.

    “Yes,” she replies defensively.

    I grab her wrist to check the time to see that it is in fact ten forty-seven. “Oh fudge squares! We’re going to miss the train!” says Eleanor hysterically.

    Eleanor and I grab our trunks and make a run for the door. I try to pull it open and Eleanor bashes into me from behind and we topple over. “Run!” I shout at her, finally managing to wrench open the door. We rush down the stairs while dragging our trunks along to see that the common room is deserted. “Shit,” I say, dragging Eleanor along through the portrait hole. We sprint up the staircase and Eleanor nearly knocks over the giant Ravenclaw hour glass filled with sapphires with her trunk. We propel ourselves forward using sheer force of energy and Eleanor pulls open one of the double oak front doors.

    “Why are legs so heavy?” asks Eleanor, gasping for breath. I suppress an eyeroll.

    We hurtle along the path to see that there is only one carriage left. “Run!” I scream at Eleanor again. We reach the carriage and pull open the door and launch ourselves inside, tugging our trunks in as well. I pull the door shut and the carriage begins to move. Eleanor nudges me and I glance at her to see that she is staring wide-eyed in front of us. I follow her gaze to see Albus and Scorpius sitting awkwardly across from us.

    FML. Honestly, why doesn’t a black hole just open to swallow me up already? Merlin. I hate my life. Or rather, life hates me.

    Scorpius coughs awkwardly and I glare at him. Albus averts his eyes and stares at something outside with great interest. Stupid attractive boy. No, I won’t even give him the satisfaction. Stupid ugly boy.

    The tension in the carriage could be cut with a knife. And, no, it is not sexual in any way, shape or form. Albus’ emerald green eyes meet mine. Rowdy Rowena. Okay, it is so sexual tension.

    “So,” begins Eleanor, obliviously. “What’re you doing for the holidays?”

    Scorpius perks up. “Well, Nana Narcissa and I are going bake and then mum and I are going Christmas shopping in Diagon Alley and maybe even—” Scorpius pauses, nearly bursting with excitement, “Muggle London!”

    All right there fairy boy.

    “What’s in Muggle London?” asks Eleanor curiously.

    “Loads of stuff,” say Scorpius excitedly. “Like, iPods and laptops and cell phones!”

    “What is all that stuff?” asks Eleanor.

    “Technology!” exclaims Scorpius.

    Sometimes I honestly wonder what happened to Scorpius as a child.

    Scorpius and Eleanor continue to talk about Muggle technology and I sneak a look at Albus, who is staring at me. I meet his gaze and he runs hand through his already disheveled hair, which irritates me to no end. “Why do you always feel the need to do that?” I blurt out.

    “Do what?” he asks confusedly.

    “You know what!” I say exasperatedly. “Running your hand through your hair all the time!”

    Albus just stares at me. I hate boys.

    Eleanor and Scorpius are staring at us in shock. I glare at them. Scorpius jumps in fright and Eleanor continues their conversation.

    “So, what type of apples do they sell at this apple store?” asks Eleanor.

    “They’re not actually apples,” says Scorpius, “they’re Apple Macs.”

    “Oh,” says Eleanor, nodding as though she understands, “And what color are Apple Macs?”

    Holy Hufflepuff.

    Albus frowns at me and I look out the window. Note to self: never follow Eleanor into a carriage without looking inside first.

    The carriage stops abruptly and we all exit with our trunks. A whistle sounds notifying passengers that the train is set to leave Hogsmeade station. I grab Eleanor’s arm and we rush to the train. Eleanor bumps smack into the train and I pull her up the steps. The train begins to move and we begin walking the corridors. We pass compartment after compartment to find that they are all full. “Bullocks,” I say annoyed.

    “Hey, Eleanor!”

    Eleanor and I spin around to see James Potter standing a few compartments down, half-waving with a grin on his face. Eleanor nearly faints. Honestly.

    “Oh, hi, James,” says Eleanor flirtatiously. Oh, Golly Godric.

    “If you and Adhara need a compartment, we have some extra space,” says James, running a hand through his hair. Argh, stupid Potter boys.

    “Oh, that would be lovely,” says Eleanor, pulling me along. James lets us in and I stumble into the compartment.

    “Easy, there,” says James, helping me up.

    “She’s really clumsy,” says Eleanor. Remind me again why I call her my best friend?

    “Hey, at least you’re not the girl that fell out of the boat in first year,” says James, smiling.

    I actually was the girl who fell into the lake in first year. What? I thought I had seen a mermaid!

    I barely pass the compartment door and I sit down in the corner. Eleanor and James sit next to each other and begin whispering and giggling. There are two other boys in the compartment who look me over appreciatively. Oh, that’s disgusting. Boys are such animals.

    One of the boys, Fred Weasley comes to sit next to me. “So, Adhara is it?” he asks, smirking slightly. He then proceeds to run his hand over my thigh.

    I think I just threw up in my mouth.

    “I’m Fred,” says ape boy. He continues to molest my thigh and I try to move away from him. He just comes closer. “Not the talker, are we? It’s okay. You know what they say, right?”

    “Uhm, no, I don’t,” I say bluntly.

    “It’s always the quiet ones,” he says. And then proceeds to wink. Oh, that’s just disgusting. I suppress a shudder.

    He wraps and arm around my shoulder and starts whispering in my ear. I feel his breath on my ear. Oh, that’s just gross. Now I’ll need to disinfect my ear.

    “So,” he whispers, “do you wanna get out of here?”

    I shift uncomfortably in his grasp. “Now should probably be the time that I tell you that I have... an oral disease of the... mouth.”

    Fred jumps and extracts his arm from my shoulder. He coughs uncomfortably. “I’ll just… go over there,” he says and goes back to where he was sitting before, looking shaken. Score.

    James and Eleanor stop giggling and whispering to each other and turn to me. “So, Adhara,” say James, “Eleanor tells me that you and Albus are quite… close.”

    I will kill her. I smile tightly. Fred nearly runs out of the compartment. What an odd boy.

    “That’s uhm… I have to go to the ladies’ room,” I say hastily, grabbing Eleanor along. She almost objects until I shoot her a glare.

    I push open the bathroom door and shut it behind Eleanor. “You idiot!” I scream at her, “why’d you tell James?”

    “He already knew,” she says defensively. “I mean James is an intelligent boy…” she trails off.

    “Doesn’t mean you have to repeat it everytime you see him!” I shout.

    “Stop getting your knickers in a knot, James won’t say anything to Albus,” says Eleanor breezily. I’m actually going to hit her. Yes, my violent tendencies are beginning to get the best of me.

    “I know you’re upset about being the other woman and all, because they’re usually quite... promiscuous,” continues Eleanor.

    Gee, thanks. “Eleanor?” I ask nonchalantly.

    “Yeah?” she answers.

    “You sound smarter when you don’t speak,” I say bluntly.

    Eleanor opens and closes her mouth a couple of times. “What is this?” she shouts, “TDTBMTE?”

    “What the bloody hell is TDTBMTE?” I ask exasperatedly.

    “The Day To Be Mean To Eleanor,” says Eleanor slowly, as though I am mentally incompetent. Honestly.

    “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” I say bluntly.

    Eleanor gasps. “It is not dumb. You’re bullying me, therefore I feel victimized,” she says as though it’s the most obvious thing in the world. Sweet Merlin.

    “Come on, let’s go,” I say, annoyed.

    “But, didn’t you have to use the loo?” she asks confusedly.

    I just ignore her pitiful comment.

    We begin walking towards the compartment and see two boys outside heads bowed, talking. One of them being Albus. Why is he everywhere?

    “Come, Ele,” I say, pulling her in the opposite direction.

    “But, the compartment is that way,” says Eleanor loudly.

    Oh, honestly.

    “Why are we not going back to the compartment?” asks Eleanor confusedly. I just ignore her. “Look at me when I’m talking to you!”

    “Shut up, invisible tango partner,” I say, looking over my shoulder to make sure that James and Albus haven’t noticed us.

    “What’s a tango?” I hear Eleanor ask.

    I roll my eyes at her.

    “Hey, Ele… Where are you going?” I hear James call from his compartment.

    I cringe and silently tell Eleanor not to say anything stupid with my eyes.

    “Oh, Adhara didn’t want to come back to your compartment because Albus was there,” says Eleanor loudly.

    Oh, lovely. An awkward silence follows. I subtly kick Eleanor. “Ow,” she says, “what was that for?”

    “What for?” I ask, feigning ignorance.

    Albus and James are whispering again now. Jerks.

    “Hey, Ele,” calls James, “I have to show you something.”

    “Okay,” says Eleanor happily walking over to him.


    Ele and James disappear into the compartment and Albus just stands there looking at me.

    I turn around and start running down the corridor of the train. I look over my shoulder to see Albus staring at me oddly. And then I trip. Oh, wonderful.

    I groan and push myself up. I straighten my clothing and look up to see Albus standing in front of me. Bullocks.

    He stands in my path and doesn’t budge. He looks quite troubled. His eyebrows are knit in confusion and he’s biting his lip.

    “What?” I ask rudely, trying to walk past him.

    “Look, I’m sorry, okay? I’m just confused. It’s my fault… everything is my fault,” he says.

    “So, you regret almost kissing me?” I ask almost angrily.

    “Well... no," he says sincerely, looking up to meet his eyes with mine. I love my life.

    Albus comes closer and is about to reach out to me when Eleanor comes running to us.

    She's gasping for air and looking hysterical. "You have to get to the compartment now."

    "What's wrong?" asks Albus.

    "It's your cousin," says Eleanor. "Both of your cousins... Rose turned Scorpius into a frog."

    Sweet Salazar.

Author's Note Does anyone even read these? It's been awhile since I wrote Adhara and this chapter was more of a filler chapter. Anyways, I can tell you guys now that the next two chapters are my all-time favourites. I'll try to update before the queue closure since I have exams 'til the 14th. So, next chapter: you'll meet Adhara's parents, her brother Auburn and the rest of her insane family. Fun stuff.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this,


Chapter 12: Confessions of frogs, punches and questions
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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of frogs, punches and questions

    Scorpius is a frog.

    Eleanor hasn’t gone mad. Rose Weasley really did turn him into a frog.

    Scorpius/frog has been placed on a trunk. Scorpius’ robes have eerily shrunk as well to fit the frog that has a small tuft of white-blond hair atop its head. Merlin.

    James is staring dumbstruck at Scorpius/frog; Fred is glancing between Scorpius/frog and me fearfully as if warts are going to erupt from my very mouth. Is he still on that? Rose Weasley is sitting defiantly with her arms crossed. Eleanor is trying to poke Scorpius/frog with her chocolate frog and Albus is staring wide-eyed between Scorpius/frog and Rose.

    “Hey, Ads?” whispers Eleanor, “Not to be rude or anything… but, I would have thought Scorpius would have been a little more attractive as a frog… I mean, he isn’t the most appealing frog I’ve seen, to put it delicately.”

    Sweet Merlin. “Ele… I’m not really thinking about whether or not Scorpius is attractive as frog, I’m still trying to get over the fact that he’s green!”

    “Oh, right,” she responds sheepishly. She glances around trying to think of something to say. “Do you think I should try feeding him again? He looks a bit peaky.”

    I just stare at her blankly. “Okay, then,” she says cheerily and goes to sit in the corner.

    The compartment door slides open to reveal the Hufflepuff prefect, Alice Longbottom. “We’ll be at Kings’ Cross in five minutes, please start gathering your things,” she says before shutting the door and moving along to the next compartment.

    “Bloody hell,” hisses Albus, raking a hand through his unruly hair. He always does that when he's nervous. It's quite sexy. Right... focus. “Rose, just turn Scorpius back!”

    “No,” says Rose stubbornly, glaring at Scorpius/frog. “He physically assaulted me.”

    Oh, sweet Merlin, what romantic thing did Scorpius try this time?

    “Look!” shouts Eleanor excitedly. “He’s trying to speak!”

    We all turn to Scorpius/frog whose throat is expanding rather dangerously.

    “Rose, come on, it’s not worth it!” pleads Albus.

    Rose just glares at him. “Traitor,” she hisses. Psycho. Right, Adhara, no malicious thoughts.

    The train slides into the tunnel at King’s Cross and a horn sounds in the train station.


    Everyone is staring at Rose. “I am not switching him back,” says psycho girl angrily before rushing out of the compartment.

    “We have to get off the train,” says James. “What are we going to do with Scorpius?”

    “Leave him outside with the other wildlife?” offers Fred helpfully.

    Eleanor gasps loudly as if he’s offended her.

    Sweet Salazar.

    “Adhara,” says James, “I guess you should just take him to his parents.”

    Uncle Draco is going to have a nervy b spaz. One of these days he’s going to just burst, I swear.

    I grab Scorpius/frog awkwardly between my two hands and we head out of the train. I step onto the platform and look for somewhere to hide.

    “Adhara!” I hear my name being called from a distance. I stop dead in my tracks. I recognize that voice. It’s my mother. Shit. I try to hide Scorpius/frog with the sleeve of my cardigan but he doesn’t properly fit. I inwardly start to panic.

   “Adhara!” Oh, holy hippogriff. Parental unit has never been that perceptive, perhaps they won't notice the frog I have in my head.

    I turn around and smile brightly. The parental unit is standing there waving excitedly like a pair of tourists. Golly Godric, why?

    “Hi, Mum. Hi, Dad,” I say brightly trying to hug them and cover Scorpius/frog at the same time.

   “Why, Adhara, when did you get a frog?” asks my mum. Of all the times she’s never been perceptive, she has to be now.

   “Er… I found him… on the floor?” I lie awkwardly.

   “You adopted him!” squeals my mother. Yes, she squeals. This is why I can never go out in public with her.

   “Er… sure,” I say.

    My parents beam happily at me. Oh, god.

    “Adhara,” calls someone from a distance. It’s my Aunt Astoria. “You wouldn’t have happened to have seen Scorpius, would you?”


   “Er,” I say, turning red. “No, I haven’t!”

    My Uncle Draco comes around. “Hello, Adhara,” he says politely.

    “Hi,” I say awkwardly.

    “She hasn’t seen Scorpius either,” says Aunt Astoria worriedly. Crap.

    I twist my arm so that Scorpius/frog isn’t visible, but he croaks loudly.

    “Adhara, why are you holding a frog?” asks Aunt Astoria.

    “Er… because I found him?” I say nervously.

    “Why is he wearing Scorpius’ birth necklace, then?” asks Uncle Draco skeptically.

    Shit. Stupid Malfoy birth necklace. “Er…”

    “And why are its eyes gray?” asks my Aunt Astoria.

    “He’s a rare species of… frog?” I say, backing away slightly.

    “I didn’t know frogs grew hair,” says my Mum interestedly. Honestly, what is she today, Rolf Scamander?

    The parental unit plus Uncle Draco and Aunt Astoria peer at me suspiciously.

    “Hey, Adhara!” screams Eleanor, running towards me. “Did you tell them about Scorpius?”

    Sweet Merlin’s red jodhpurs.

    I laugh nervously and the adult unit stares at me expectantly. “Whatever do you mean, Ele?” I ask, widening my eyes as if to tell her not to say anything.

    She, of course, carries on obliviously. “You know, how Rose turned him into a frog.”

    Aunt Astoria gasps and Uncle Draco flushes red. Like a very peculiar shade of tomato. Crickey.

    “Eleanor?” I ask happily.

    “Yeah?” she answers.

    “I’m going to kill you,” I say, a false smile plastered to my face.

    Eleanor looks confused. “Was it something I said?” she asks.

    Oh, Merlin’s pajamas. And I don't even think he wears pajamas.

    “Is that Scorpius?” asks Aunt Astoria fearfully. I nod hesitantly and pass him apprehensively into her open palms.

    Uncle Draco looks like he’s going to burst a blood vessel. Or go all Rocky, like the guy in those movies Scorpius likes to watch. It can get quite violent.

    Uncle Draco takes one look at Scorpius/frog and stalks off to where the crowd of redheads are standing. Oh, shit.

    I try to chase after him but he reaches them before I have time to stop him.

    He taps Ron Weasley on the shoulder and just when he turns around, Uncle Draco punches him in the face. Like some sort of raving Muggle psycho. All the Potters/Weasleys turn to stare in shock. Ron Weasley wipes his bloody nose and glares at Uncle Draco, who is nursing a sore hand. Those Malfoys never really were the strongest of men…

    “What the bloody hell was that for, Malfoy?” hisses Ron Weasley.

    “Your daughter turned my son into a frog!” shouts Uncle Draco.

    Ron Weasley stares at Uncle Draco before bursting into laughter. Even Harry Potter laughs. It is quite funny when you think about it, actually.

    “Weasley,” spits Uncle Draco angrily. “Get your daughter to turn him back!”

    “It isn’t my fault that your son is a pansy,” says Ron Weasley, fighting a smirk. Honestly, how rude.

     Uncle Draco is sputtering angrily. Merlin, he looks like he’s going to turn into The Hulk. Except red, not green. This can’t be good. He glares at Ron Weasley one final time before turning on his heel dramatically and stalking off. Quite the drama king, that one, he is. Well, those Malfoys were never exactly the most masculine of men… it must be something in their pumpkin juice…

    Now all the Potter/Weasleys are staring at me. Oh, for Merlin’s gigantic knickers. I try to smile awkwardly. James snorts. And Albus looks apologetic. FML.

    “I’ll just… go,” I say to no one in particular. I turn quickly to make a run for it and trip. Flat on my face. What did I ever do wrong, Merlin? I'm sorry I swear and hex Scorpius when he isn't looking but I don't deserve this!

    I feel two hands encircle my waist and hoist me up. I turn around to see its Albus, smiling sheepishly. I may kill myself.

    “Come on,” he says, before I can say anything.

    He pulls me along to where the parental unit and Aunt Astoria and Uncle Draco are standing. Uncle Draco is angrily telling the parental unit what happened. Crap, I am so screwed.

    “I’ll be right back,” says Albus, taking one look at Uncle Draco and walking off towards his family.

    Eleanor comes over happily to stand beside me.

    “Ele, you won’t believe what happened,” I say, looking over my shoulder to make sure Albus is nowhere near.

    “What?” asks Eleanor excitedly.

    “With You-Know-Who,” I continue.

    “Who?” asks Eleanor.

    “You-Know-Who,” I say with more emphasis.

    “Voldemort?” asks Eleanor, wide-eyed.

    Holy hippogriff. “Ele, you’re so daft!” I say, annoyed.

    Eleanor gasps loudly, “I am not daft!”

    “Well, how the bloody hell could I have met Voldemort, he’s dead!” I say.

    “Well, he was always coming back to life,” says Eleanor defensively. “Besides, how the bloody hell should I know who ‘you-know-who’ is? I don’t bloody well know who it is even if the term implies that I'm supposed to know!”

    “Eleanor, Eleanor, shut up!” I say.

    She crosses her arms over her chest angrily.

    “I meant Albus, Eleanor,” I say finally.

    She instantly brightens, “Oh! Albus!” she says loudly.

    I hear someone clear their throat loudly from behind me. I turn nervously to see Albus. Shit. Rose is standing with him looking annoyed. Bloody psycho.

    “She’s going to change Scorpius back,” says Albus after the long silence.

    “Oh.” Is all I manage to get out.

    Aunt Astoria looks like she’s going to have a breakdown and Uncle Draco is lecturing Scorpius/frog on 'how to be a man' while Mum and Dad stand there awkwardly. Yes, I know, my family is insane. I told you, it’s hereditary.

    I clear my throat awkwardly. “Er… Rose has agreed to change Scorpius back,” I say loudly.

    Aunt Astoria looks like she’s going to cry of happiness. And Uncle Draco is just glaring at Rose. Lovely.

    Rose pulls out her wand and whispers some random voodoo counter-hex. Raving psycho.

    The frog magically turns back into Scorpius. He looks all disheveled and dazed. Rose glares at him disgustedly before stalking off. Albus hovers awkwardly. And Aunt Astoria and Uncle Draco are hugging him and brushing him off. It’s quite comical, actually.

    James appears behind Albus and takes hold of Eleanor’s hand and the two walk off together. I stand there awkwardly with Albus.

    He breaks the silence, “So, I’ll see you at the Ministry Christmas party?”

    “Yeah, definitely,” I say awkwardly. I look up to see the parental unit peering at me suspiciously. Mum is looking from between me and Albus and Dad is trying his best to look like the intimidating father. Crickey.

    Albus follows my gaze and falters slightly. “See you later, Adhara,” he says before walking off towards him family.

    See you later? What does that even mean? Did he mean, like, 'see me later' or just 'see me later'? I hate my life.

    Eleanor comes over again to stand next to me. She sighs happily. Then she sighs happily again. And again.

    “Would you quit that?” I snap exasperatedly.

    “Right. Sorry,” she says, but the goofy smile never leaves her face as she stares at James.

    “You’re such a creep,” I say. She looks like she’s going to positively wet herself from excitement.

    She sighs again. “I think I’m in love with James. I can’t imagine what I would do if he didn’t like me back. It must be so hard to have someone not like you back—” she stops abruptly upon seeing the glare I’m sending her way. “Oh, right. Sorry, Ads.”

    Mr. and Mrs. Nott come over to where we’re standing. “Hello Adhara!” they say in unison. Imagine Eleanor, times two and you get her parents.

    “Hello,” I reply.

    “Eleanor, we’ve got to get going,” says Mrs. Nott, “And Adhara, we’ll see you at the Christmas ball, I presume?”

    “Yes,” I say.

    “Lovely,” says Mrs. Nott. “Well, take care dear.”

    Eleanor waves good bye before her parents apparate her away.

    Scorpius comes to sit beside me on the platform bench. “Hey,” he says.

    “Hey,” I say smirking. “How was being a frog?”

    “Really frightening,” says Scorpius defensively. Poor Scorpius has lived such a sheltered life. Hahaha.

    “What romantic thing did you do this time?” I ask.

    “She was flirting with me first!” says Scorpius defensively.

    I raise an eyebrow at him.

    “She was! I said, ‘Hello, Rose.’ And then she said, ‘Malfoy, I see no one’s killed you yet.’ See! She was flirting with me! She’s happy I’m alive! She wants me alive so that I can give her babies!” said Scorpius excitedly.

    What. An. Idiot. I’m actually not even sure what to say. It’s hard to talk with delusional people. “What did you do anyways?” I ask.

    “I only tried to waltz with her,” says Scorpius, “We’re going to be doing it at our wedding anyways.”

    Poor delusional boy. “Yes, yes, of course,” I say.

    “And then she thought that I was trying to take advantage of her!” says Scorpius.

    Don't laugh. Don't laugh, I chant to myself.

    “So, did Albus finally tell you?” asks Scorpius, changing the subject quickly.

    “Tell me what?” I ask suspiciously.

    “Er… nothing,” says Scorpius trying to cover it up.

    “What in the name of Eleanor’s commodious mouth are you talking about?” I ask, frustrated.

    “Well… Albus will tell you,” says Scorpius.

    “Adhara,” calls my mother, “Come dear, we’re leaving.”

    Scorpius and I walk over to the so-called family. Uncle Draco looks relatively calmer.
    “Scorpius, tell me,” I say forcefully.

    “No,” he says, “I can’t!”

    “I’m going to tell everyone you secretly still sleep with your wand on lumos!” I threaten.

    He gasps loudly. “You can’t do that!” He shouts before running off after his parents. Idiot.

    Bugger. What the bloody hell did  Albus want to tell me?

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Chapter 13: Confessions of family time, kisses and eavesdropping
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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of family time, kisses and eavesdropping


    “Adhara, Scorpius is here to see you!” shouts my mum as she bursts open the door to my room. I open my eyes groggily and look over at the clock on my beside table that reads 7:15. Who the bloody hell wakes up on a Saturday at 7:15?

    “Go away,” I mutter pulling my pillow over my head.

    “Adhara,” continues my mum, “Don’t be rude, Scorpius is here and I’ve made breakfast!”

    I sit up quickly. “What do you mean you made breakfast?” I ask. There are three things that my mum cannot do: be perceptive, think about something before she says it and cook. Last time she “made breakfast” Auburn turned purple and started vomiting a very green substance. Happy times.

    “Well, I made a full English Breakfast,” says my mum defensively. “I can cook, you know.”

    “Auburn nearly died last time you made a ‘full English Breakfast,’” I remind her.

    “He was just — that was just because he ate too quickly,” replies my mum. “Anyways, get downstairs so we can all eat together before your brother and father leave for work.”

    I try not to snort about said brother “going to work” and get out of bed obediently.

    “Scorpius is going to spend the day here so you two should find something to do to entertain yourselves because I have to go to Diagon Alley,” says my mum as we walk down the stairs.

    “Oh, today is going to be exciting,” I say dryly.

    “Adhara,” chastises mum. “Stop being so sarcastic, it isn’t attractive in a young lady.” I roll my eyes in return.

    We reach the kitchen to see Scorpius, Auburn and my dad sitting around the breakfast table. Crickey.

    I take a seat next to Scorpius and sip my pumpkin juice apprehensively, avoiding all the food set out on the table.

    My dad is eating tiny bites of the food and smiling at my mum but everytime she turns around he puts it into his napkin. Real stealth, father.

    I turn my attention to my mum who is taking about Auburn happily. “Assistant to the Assistant of the Senior Minister of Magic Assistant is such a great first job, Auburn,” says mum encouragingly.

    I snort into my pumpkin juice but try to cover it with a cough. “Sorry, did you just say that Auburn is the Assistant to the Assistant of the Senior Minister of Magic Assistant?”

    “Yes, Adhara,” answers mum, “What’s wrong with that? It’s a perfectly respectable job.”

    Auburn smirks smugly. He’s too thick to realize that he’s just somebody else’s bitch.

    “What is it exactly that you do?” asks Scorpius interestedly.

    Auburn sits up straighter in his chair. “Well, I get coffee and the Daily Prophet and—” Auburn pauses. It seems he doesn’t do much else. “And sometimes I answer the phone…” Auburn basically confirms the ‘blonds are dumb’ stereotype, him and Scorpius should make a club.

    “It’s a really great first job, Auburn, dear,” says mum encouragingly. She looks over at the table to see that almost all the food is still there. “Well, eat up!” She begins piling huge amounts of food onto everyone’s plates. Dad looks scared.

    “Well,” I begin, “Scorpius needs to use the loo.”

    “No, I don’t,” says Scorpius. I elbow him in the chest. “Oh, right, I do!” I grab his arm and we practically run from the table.

    “That was close,” I say, relieved.

    “Yeah, I sure do hope your dad isn’t sick with all the food he was eating,” says Scorpius.

    “Yeah,” I say idly.

    “So, what are we doing today?” asks Scorpius.

    “I don’t know,” I respond.

    “We should go outside!” says Scorpius enthusiastically.

    “Why?” I ask bluntly.

    “Because we never venture outdoors,” says Scorpius.

    Venture outdoors? Merlin.

    “Okay, I’ll get dressed then we can go outside,” I say.

    “All right! I’ll go help your mum!” says Scorpius, happily skipping out of the room.

    Honestly, that boy is so gay (in a happy way) that sometimes I think he’s just going to burst into a pink fairy.

    I assess myself in the mirror and forgo brushing my hair and hassle it into a loose bun at the nape of my neck. I dress quickly and head to the bathroom down the hall when I hear something crash downstairs and my mum shrieking. Oh, Merlin.

    I run down the stairs to see my mum shrieking and practically pulling her hair out, my dad purple-faced and choking on the floor, Auburn trying to whack my dad on the back and Scorpius jumping up and down hysterically.

    And this is why I don’t have friends over.

    I watch the scene, unsure of what to do. Scorpius starts screaming something about a bezoar and runs over to our potions cabinet and pulls out the box of what I assume are bezoars. He sprints back and stuffs the kidney-like stone into dad’s mouth.

    Dad stops choking immediately and mum stops shrieking. Everyone is silently staring at dad who’s face is returning to its natural colour.

    Scorpius does have a brain!

    The initial shock wears off pretty quickly and mum is muttering about how dad ate too fast. She’s still in denial, of course avoiding the blatant fact that she cannot in fact cook.

    Scorpius is still staring dumbfounded at dad. Auburn and I are kind of used to it by now, it’s sort of a Saturday morning ritual now.

    “Er, mum, normally bezoars are used when the person has been poisoned…” Auburn trails off, loosening the collar of his robes.

    Mum begins sputtering. “I’ve been — I’ve been cooking since before you were born! I wouldn’t poison your father!”

    Mum is still defending her cooking when the doorbell rings. Scorpius and I glance at each other and tip toe out of the room.

    I open the door to see Eleanor standing there. Oh, sweet Salazar. Her eyes are bloodshot and practically bugging out of their sockets. Crickey. She’s also shaking quite oddly.

    “Eleanor!” says Scorpius cheerfully. “Are you all right?”

    “Oh, I’m fantastic!” she says loudly, extending her arms and spilling the lime green drink that she has in the can she’s holding.

    “Eleanor… what the bloody hell are you drinking?” I ask her.

    Her eyes widen. “Oh, no time to explain, bestest pal! To the secret quarters!” She nearly knocks over Scorpius and barrels upstairs.

    “What happened to Eleanor?” asks Scorpius.

    “I’ve got no idea, but we’d better go after her before she—”


    Oh, golly Godric.

    Scorpius and I practically run upstairs to see Eleanor jumping on my bed. “What are you doing?” I ask.

    “Jumping!” she answers.

    I pass Scorpius and head towards the can Eleanor was holding that she placed on the desk. Scorpius and I stare at the can suspiciously.

    “You take it,” I say.

    “Why should I take it?” asks Scorpius.

    “Because you’re the man… or lack thereof,” I retort.

    “I am a man,” says Scorpius in a dignified manner. For a second there I thought he was going to turn into a lion. Creepy.

    “Whatever,” I say. “Just check it.”

    Scorpius in all his manliness takes the can and sniffs it. “Well?” I ask him.

    “It smells… sugary,” he says finally.

    “Oh, for Merlin’s sake,” I mutter, grabbing the can out of his hands. I pour out some of the lime green liquid.

    “It looks fluorescent,” observes Scorpius.

    “Hey! That’s mine!” screams Eleanor before falling off the bed. Lovely. She gets up quickly and walks over, plucking the can from my hand.

    “I’ve been up all night devising the plan,” she explains.

    “She said plan. This can’t be good,” Scorpius whispers in my ear.

    “I have a plan,” continues Eleanor.

    “Eleanor,” I interrupt. “Last time you had a plan, I rolled into a bush.”

    “That wasn’t part of my plan,” she says defensively. “It’s not my fault that you’re clumsy.”

    I just glare at her.

    “What’s the plan?” asks Scorpius interestedly.

    “Well, I was up all night devising a plan to get Albus and Adhara together!” shouts Eleanor excitedly. “And it’s fool-proof.”

    Oh, Merlin.

    “Eleanor, I don’t know what you’ve been drinking, but—” begins Scorpius.

    “I’ve been drinking Red Bull!” she shouts. “It’s Muggle!”

    “Eleanor,” I say, “What did I say about drinking Muggle things?”

    She mumbles something incoherent.

    I just roll my eyes at her.

    “Well, Ele, how about we just take this away?” he says, pulling the can out of Eleanor’s shaking grip.

    “No!” she screams. “I need that to function!”

    “Eleanor,” says Scorpius slowly. “Let’s use our indoor voices, all right?”

    She crosses her arms over her chest angrily. “No matter, I have more. They were 2 for 1.” She proceeds to pull out another blue and red can, cracks open the top and immediately begins to gulp it. Lord Voldemort.

    “Eleanor,” asks Scorpius fearfully. “How many of those have you had?”

    “Four!” she shouts happily.

    “Sweet Salazar,” says Scorpius.

    “Anyways,” says Eleanor. “The PTGAAAT.”

    “The what?” I ask.

    “The Plan To Get Albus And Adhara Together,” she announces proudly.

    I hate my life.

    “Er… Eleanor, I don’t think that’d be such a great idea…” says Scorpius.

    “Why not?” asks Eleanor. “Do you doubt my intelligence?”

    “No, of course not,” says Scorpius quickly. “It’s just that…”

    “Never mind,” says Eleanor. “The plan is that we’re going to… make Albus jealous!”

    I think I may kill myself.

    “No,” I say shortly.

    “What?” asks Eleanor.

    “No,” I repeat.

    “Why not?” asks Eleanor.

    “Because, if I had a knut for everytime your plans have gone wrong, I’d be richer than Harry Potter,” I say.

    “That’s just — That’s just not true!” says Eleanor defensively.

    “Yes, it is!” I reply.

    “Who wants to go outside?” interrupts Scorpius.

    Eleanor and I just stare at him.

    “Okay,” he answers cheerfully and proceeds to drag us both by the arms downstairs.

    “But — I’m… allergic to grass!” lies Eleanor.

    “Then it’s a good thing that it’s all covered by snow,” replies Scorpius.

    We reach the front door and Scorpius hands us our coats.

    “Aren’t you guys excited to build a snowman?” asks Scorpius happily.

    “No,” I answer bluntly.

    “You guys are such downers,” says Scorpius.

    We all step outside and head towards the backyard.

    “What do you guys want to do first? Make snow angels or—”

    “What was that?” asks Eleanor nervously.

    “What was what?” I ask.

    “That bush just moved,” says Eleanor, pointing a finger at the offending bush.

    We all stare at said bush.

    “Oh my Voldemort,” whispers Scorpius, “We’re all going to die.”

    “We are not going to die,” I say annoyed.

    Suddenly, the bush moves violently. Scorpius and Eleanor begin screaming and hugging each other.

    Lord Voldemort.

    “Would you two calm down?” I ask.

    They both hide behind me. Great. They even have their wands drawn and are pointing them at the bush.

    Something is behind the bush.

    “AHOMG!” screams Scorpius at the bush, pointing his wand at the bush.

    “That isn’t a spell!” shouts Eleanor.

    Happy times.

    All of the sudden, a boy steps out from behind the bush.

    Scorpius and Eleanor start shrieking and running towards the house. Which leaves me here, with bush-boy. Lovely.

    “You idiots! Come back here!” I shout after them.

    They both look back, stop and begin walking slowly towards us, wands still drawn. Holy Hufflepuff.

    I turn back towards the boy, who as his hands in his pockets and is looking weirdly at Eleanor and Scorpius.

    “Who are you?’ asks Scorpius suspiciously, his wand pointed.

    “What?” asks the boy.

    “Where did you come from?” asks Scorpius, enunciating every word clearly as if he’s speaking to a foreigner.

    “Next door,” says the boy, looking confused.

    “And why were you spying on us?” asks Eleanor, her wand pointed at the boy as well.

    “I wasn’t,” says the boy. “I was looking for my dog.”

    “Your… dog,” says Eleanor.

    “Yeah,” replies the boy, looking quizzically at Eleanor and Scorpius. “Now it’s my turn to ask a question, why are you guys holding sticks?”

    “It’s not a stick, it’s wand!” says Eleanor smartly.

    And then I realize something. The boy’s a Muggle. Shit.

    Realization dawns upon dumb and dumber and they hide their wands quickly.

    “I’ve never spoken to a Muggle before,” says Scorpius, wide-eyed.

    The boy stares blankly at Scorpius. “What’s a Muggle?”

    “Never mind,” I say, quickly.

    “What were you guys doing?” asks the boy.

    “We were about to make snow angels,” says Scorpius, annoyed.

    The boy snorts. “Are you a poof?”

    Scorpius looks offended. He’s opening and closing his mouth angrily. “No!” he shouts.

    “Relax, you don’t have to get all worked up about it, blondie,” says the boy.

    Scorpius glares at the boy, turns on his heel dramatically and stalks off.

    Now Eleanor is glaring at the boy. “What’s your name anyway?”

    “Holden,” answers the boy.

    Suddenly a black dog comes bursting out of the bush. Eleanor screams and runs toward me, tackling me over into the snow. She lands on top of me and then… her lips land on mine.

    Rowdy Rowena.

    “Merlin’s red jodhpurs, I’m so sorry, Ads!” says Eleanor, getting up quickly.

    Eleanor just kissed me. I’ve never been kissed before. My first kiss was with a girl and I don’t even swing that way!

    I hate my life.

    “Eleanor, why the bloody hell did you even start running?” I ask angrily.

    “Because that dog startled me!” she says defensively.

    “It’s a dog!” I say.

    “It could have been… Voldemort?” she counters.

    “Eleanor, Voldemort is dead!” I shout at her.

    “Sorry?” she says meekly.

    Holden is just standing there awkwardly holding his dog.

    I stalk off towards the house and Eleanor follows, apologizing the whole way there.

    We walk into the house to see Scorpius standing there still angry. “I’m not a poof!” he shouts.

    “We know,” Eleanor and I answer monotonously in unison.

    “I hate that Muggle boy!” says Scorpius.

    Eleanor and I ignore him and walk towards the kitchen.

    “What happened with you two?” asks Scorpius.

    I glare at Eleanor, silently telling her not to say anything with my eyes.

    “I kissed Adhara by accident,” says Eleanor. Honestly, she’s as perceptive as a goldfish.

    “Oh,” replies Scorpius. “But, Eleanor, I thought you liked James.”

    “It was an accident, you dolt,” I say, annoyed.

    “Oh. Oh, okay,” answers Scorpius.

    “Anyways, what do you guys want to do now?” asks Eleanor.

    “I’m not going back out there,” says Scorpius, crossing his arms over his chest. “I hate that boy.”

    I roll my eyes at Scorpius. “I don’t know, what do you guys want to do?”

    Scorpius brightens. “Let’s go visit Albus!”

    “Scorpius, I’ve never seen you so happy to see Albus,” I say.

    “Well, uh—” stutters Scorpius.

    “Is Rose going to be there?” I ask.

    “Well, why I don’t know,” lies Scorpius.

    “Scorpius, you’re a crap liar,” I say.

    “I’m not lying,” he says. I just roll my eyes at him again.

    “Whatever, let’s go, we can floo there,” I say and we make our way towards the foyer.

    The doorbell rings.

    “Were you expecting anyone?” asks Scorpius.

    “No,” I answer.

    “Mum says to never answer the door when she isn’t home,” says Eleanor.

    Scorpius and I ignore her and head towards the door. I open it to see Holden.

    “You!” shouts Scorpius.

    “Okay, then,” says Holden, taking a step back.

    Scorpius stalks off.

    “Hey,” I say awkwardly.

    “Hey,” he replies. “I just wanted to give you this back.” He hands me Eleanor’s wand. Shit.

    “Uh, yeah, thanks,” I say.

    “No problem, what is that thing anyways?” asks Holden.

    “Eleanor is very fond of trees… it’s a branch sample,” I lie awkwardly.

    “Oh-kay,” he says.

    “Yeah,” I reply.

    He turns to leave but looks back at the last moment. “Actually, I was wondering if you’d wanna go out sometime?”

    “Where?” I ask.

    He blushes a little. “I don’t know, I hadn’t figured that part out yet.”

    Oh, right. Shit. “Wait,” I say. “You mean like on a date?”

    “Yeah,” he says. He kind of looks down awkwardly.

    “Sure,” I say.

    He looks up and smiles. “Okay, see you later, Adhara.”

    I shut the door to see Scorpius standing there, lips pursed and Eleanor jumping up and down. “Ohmygoshheaskedyouout!” she screams.

    “Well, I won’t allow it,” says Scorpius authoritatively.

    “What?” I ask.

    “He’s Muggle,” says Scorpius.

    “Racist,” mutters Eleanor.

    “Your point is?” I ask.

    “He’s Muggle! And I hate Muggles and — I’m going to tell your parents if you go!” says Scorpius.

    Eleanor gasps.

    “Who the hell is the one with the raving Muggle obsession? You love Muggles and their Apples or whatever,” I argue.

    “Yeah, well, I’d never actually met one. Now I realize they’re jerks. Granddad was right,” says Scorpius.

    “Your granddad is a flipping psycho!” I reply.

    “Good point,” says Eleanor.

    I grab her arm and pull her into the hall closet.

    “You can’t tell anyone,” I say seriously, referring to Holden asking me out.

    “No, of course not,” she says.

    We stand there awkwardly.

    “Er… Ads,” Eleanor begins awkwardly. “I just want to make sure that you didn’t… you know… misread the kiss.”

    I can’t even think of a retort to her stupidity. I hate my life.

    “Don’t flatter yourself,” I mutter, stepping out of the closet.

    We walk back towards the fireplace to see Scorpius standing there, arms crossed, looking angry.

    “Look, Scorpius, could you just not tell anyone about Holden?” I ask politely. “Please?”

    “No,” says Scorpius angrily. “I’m protecting your dignity and I will tell your parents if you go.”

    “Oh, yeah, well, I’ll tell your dad about all the Muggle stuff you keep under the floorboard in your closet! And about your obsession with Michael Jackson!” I threaten.

    Scorpius gasps. “You did not just go there!”

    “Enough, you two!” says Eleanor. “Can we just go to the Potter’s house now?”

    Scorpius is still glaring at me.

    “Yeah, let’s go,” I say.

    We all stand in front of the fireplace. “Scorpius, you go first,” I say.

    “Fine!” says Scorpius dramatically. “I didn’t want to be around you for a second longer anyway!” He grabs a handful of Floo Powder, shouts ‘Potter Mansion’ and is enveloped in green dust.

    “I’ll go next,” says Eleanor. “How do I look?”

    “Like Ginny Weasley, now go,” I reply.

    She follows Scorpius’ lead and disappears in green dust.

    I grab a handful of Floo Powder and step inside the hearth of the fireplace. “Potter Mansion,” I say dully. Reason #4,668,575,678 of why I hate my life. Thank you, Merlin.

    I fall onto a crimson rug and look up to see Eleanor, Scorpius, Albus, Lily and James looking down on me. Oh, and Rose glaring at me. Fan-bloody-tastic.

    “Hey, Adhara,” says James, “We were just about to have lunch.”

    Albus leads the way to the kitchen and James, Eleanor, Rose and Lily follow. Scorpius is still ignoring me so he sniffs and walks off toward the kitchen after them. I roll my eyes and trail behind.

    Why the hell do I put myself in these situations?

    We all take seats around the long dining table. James and Eleanor sit next to each other while Albus and Lily take the heads of the table. That leaves me next to Rose. Great.

    We all begin eating in silence.

    This is so awkward.

    Seriously, even Scorpius can’t think of anything to say.

    Rose is glaring and Scorpius, Lily is flicking crumbs at Scorpius, Albus is glancing at James, Eleanor is staring dreamily at James and James is not-so-subtly touching Eleanor’s thigh. Fabulous.

    “Could you pass the pudding, please?” asks Rose, effectively breaking the silence.

    Scorpius nearly jumps out of his chair to pass the pudding.

    “Thank you,” says Rose.

    I roll my eyes at her.

    “I’ve never felt closer to you,” whispers Scorpius.

    Everyone is silent. And staring at Scorpius with their best ‘wtf?’ expressions. Words do not explain.

    James clears his throat awkwardly. “So, what did you guys do today?”

    Eleanor instantly perks up. “Oh, we went outside to make snow angels, but then we met this really nice boy named Holden in a bush and then he found his dog and then he upset Scorpius so Scorpius had a nervy b and went inside, then we went inside, then Holden came and asked Adhara out on a date!” says Eleanor, all in one breath. She exhales heavily.

    Silence. I will kill her. James smiles uneasily and looks at Albus who looks like a cross between confused and… jealous?

    “What do you mean he asked her out on a date?” asks James politely.

    Eleanor frowns. “Well, he asked her if she wanted to go out sometime and she said yes.”

    Scorpius coughs uncomfortably. “So, are you guys excited for… Christmas?”

    “Oh, yes,” says Lily, nodding, trying to switch the subject.

    “Excuse me,” says Albus, getting up from his chair and walking out of the room quickly. Scorpius follows him. What the bloody hell is going on?

    “The PTGAAAT is in effect,” whispers Eleanor from across the table. Real smooth, carrot top.

    Lord Voldemort, why me?

    “I’m just going to go use the loo,” says James, getting up and following Scorpius and Albus.

    Okay, now this is even more awkward. Rose is glaring at Eleanor and I and Lily is just sitting there.

    “What just happened?” asks Eleanor.

    Rose shoots Eleanor a scathing look. I swear that girl has a stick up her—

    “Does anyone want more pie?” asks Lily.

    “No, thank you,” Rose, Eleanor and I answer in unison. That was weird.

    “So,” begins Lily, “What are you two doing for the holidays?”

    “Oh,” begins Eleanor, “Well, we’re going to—”

    “Excuse me,” I ask Lily, interrupting Eleanor. “Where’s the loo?”

    “Down the hall, the second door on the left,” answers Lily.

    “Thanks,” I reply. I get up from my chair and leave the room quickly.

    I begin walking towards the loo but stop abruptly when I hear raised voices. It sounds like Albus and Scorpius.

    I cross the hall and walk over to the closed door. I really shouldn’t eavesdrop, but I can’t help it. I lean my ear against the door and listen.

    “—I can’t help it the way I feel about her, but I also couldn’t do that to Gemma… I mean, I have to do what’s right, as well.” That was Albus.

    “But, isn’t it worse lying to her?” Scorpius asks.

    “Maybe, but I did what I thought was right. I couldn’t just leave it like that. Gemma didn’t deserve that, I was being selfish,” says Albus.

    “But, what about—” begins Scorpius.

    “I can’t,” says Albus.

    “But, you still care!” argues Scorpius.

    “But, I shouldn’t,” replies Albus.

    What the hell?

    There is a pause and suddenly, the door opens and I fall into the room. Oh, FML. James is trying not to laugh. Albus is staring at me. And Scorpius looks worried. Shit.

    “We’ll just… go,” says James, pulling Scorpius out of the room with him.

    I get up awkwardly and stand there. I look up to see Albus staring at me.

    “Look,” begins Albus, “I’m sorry, but I hope that you understand.”

    “Understand what?” I ask.

    “I thought you heard,” says Albus, confused.

    “No,” I say. “Not exactly.”

    “Well, I’ve gotten back together with Gemma. It’s not that I don’t like you, Adhara, it’s just that what I did to Gemma was wrong and she didn’t deserve it. But, I can’t be selfish anymore. I’m trying to make it work with Gemma now. I’m sorry.” He finishes and his emerald eyes meet mine.

    “It’s fine,” I say.

    Albus looks like he can’t say much else. “I’ll see you later, then.”

    “Yeah,” I reply weakly.

    I actually hate my life. I’m probably going to end up a cat lady in Knockturn Alley. Except I’m allergic to cats. Lord Voldemort.

Author's Note Hello readers! I think this is the longest chapter I've ever written for Adhara. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you want to share them. I just want to say how much I really appreciate all the feedback you readers give me for this.

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Chapter 14: Confessions of depression, cousins and punches
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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of depression, cousins and punches

Current location: bedroom floor, surrounded by cartons of Muggle ice cream and chocolate. Current state: depressed. Note to self: no amount of cookie dough ice cream can fill the void of a broken heart. Must stop eating to avoid vomiting.

“Ads, do you see this? Can you see my left eye twitching? Can you?” asks Eleanor frantically.

“No.” I answer flatly. Lovely best friend is of course concerned about my depression.

“I think it was that Red Bull. They said not to drink more than two…” Eleanor is saying.

Nobody understands my feelings. I will probably end up one of those people who have to carry journals everywhere and write about their lives.

My life is so pathetic. I wonder how many times ‘I hate my life’ pops into my head in a day. Stupid Albus with his stupid, beautiful, green eyes and stupid, gorgeous, lame hair.

“Do you think James likes me?” asks Eleanor.

“Er… sure,” I answer.

“But, are you sure?” she persists.

“Well, has he kissed you yet?” I ask.

“Yes,” says Eleanor dreamily. She promptly goes off into the dreamland that she calls her brain.

Honestly, it’s like a goldfish.

“And he is a great kisser,” she’s saying now.

“How far have you gone with him?” I ask casually.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone?” she asks.

This is kind of ironic coming from Radio Eleanor. “Yes.”

“Okay,” she says. “We kissed. With tongues. And he—”

Have fleeting vision of James and Eleanor making out and for some reason a giant squid with them, as well. Yes, it was disgusting. “Okay, I didn’t want details,” I say, grimacing.

“But, you just asked!” counters Eleanor.

“Well, forget I asked,” I say hastily. “If you say anything else my mental images will scare me for life!”

We lapse into silence again and I lie down on the floor again, the ice cream carton staring me straight in the eye. Stupid cookie dough ice cream.

“Does my face look pink?” asks Eleanor.

You see what I mean? It’s like a human goldfish.

“No,” I answer without looking at her. “Why?”

“Well, because the room is red so I’m wondering if it’s reflecting on my face to make it look pink,” Eleanor answers.

The sad thing is that she’s completely serious. I don’t even know what to say anymore. I roll over on the floor and my cheek lands in a puddle of melted ice cream. I hate my life.

“Adhara,” says Eleanor. “Are you sad about what Albus said?”

Yes, she is a genius. I ignore her and bury my face in the ice cream.

“You should give him the all-tomato,” says Eleanor.

“The what?” I ask, turning over now.

“You know, the all-tomato. You make him choose between you and Gemma,” says Eleanor.

I frown at her. And then I get it. “Oh my Voldemort,” I say slowly. “You mean ultimatum?”

“Well, it sounded like all-tomato!” replies Eleanor defensively. “Stop giving me that look that says, ‘you’re-the-biggest-stupid-sushi-ever.’”

I just continue to stare at her. “You are the biggest stupid sushi ever.”

“I am not because I am not made of seaweed and rice.” says Eleanor childishly. “By the way, you’ve got ice cream on your left cheek.”

“Thank you for being so perceptive.”

“You’re welcome,” she says.

“Eleanor, be quiet,” I say, annoyed.


“Don’t start that again, I have to tell you something,” I say seriously, leaning up on one elbow.

“What? Wait, hold on what’s—”

“Eleanor, shut up!”

“Right,” she says. “Sorry, continue your story.”

“I think I’m depressed,” I say. “It’s just so—”

“Wait,” says Eleanor, holding up her hands. “Why are you depressed?”

“Oh my Voldemort.”

We sit in silence for awhile until Eleanor breaks it. “Was it something I said?” she asks, confused.

“No,” I say, sarcastically. “Of course not, you are a genius.”

Eleanor smiles. “Well, thank you, Ads.”

Yes, Eleanor does not catch sarcasm.

“Adhara, I need to talk to you about something,” Eleanor says seriously, changing the subject.

“What?” I ask flatly.

“I think we need to make a pact to stop trying so hard for boys,” she says finally.

I stare at her blankly.

“You know,” she says. “Like, I do so many things to be prettier for James and what’s the point? He still flirts with other girls. I mean, I put vaseline on my eyelashes!”

“Er,” I pause. “Why?”

“To make my eyelashes longer!” says Eleanor, as if it’s obvious.

“And how does that make you feel?” I ask slowly. Merlin, I feel like her therapist.

“Well, it hurts, you know? Like, sometimes my eyes get stuck and it hurts to open them,” says Eleanor seriously.

Lord Voldemort.

Half-of-parental-unit-that-makes-me-call-her-mother, bursts into the room. Honestly, I have no privacy. I’m sixteen! I wear a bra, for Merlin’s sake. Even though it does ride up quite a fair bit during Quidditch practice…

“Thank you for knocking, mother. I do appreciate your acknowledgment to my privacy.”

So-called mother of course ignores me. “Siobhan is here.”

My jaw drops. Siobhan is my spawn-of-Voldemort cousin. Last time she came over she lit my hair on fire. Stupid idiot. “Why?” I ask, horrified.

“It’s the holidays, Adhara,” says mum. “Honestly, that was very rude of you. We’re having dinner in ten minutes. Eleanor, you’re welcome to stay if you’d like.”

“Oh, no thank you, Ms. Greengrass. My mother is expecting me home for dinner,” explains so-called best friend.

“Mum!” I say frantically. “She’s going to set me on fire again!”

“Be sensible, Adhara,” replies mum. “She only lit your hair on fire last time by accident. She was trying to show us the new spell she’d learnt.”

“Mum, I could have died!” I say, aghast.

Mum rolls her eyes. “Adhara, stop being so dramatic, it was only your hair.”

“Sure,” I say. “Last time it was my hair — but this time it could be my hand or something!”

Mum purses her lips which only make her wrinkles more visible. Decide not to mention this to avoid mother nervy b spaz. “Put on a clean shirt and come downstairs,” replies mum, closing the door behind her.

“Eleanor,” I say. “If I die tonight, I just want you to know that you were my best mate… no matter how daft you sometimes were. And that I do love you.”

“You think Siobhan plans to murder you?” asks Eleanor, wide-eyed.

“Yes,” I answer, straight-faced. “Is there anything you want to tell me?”

Eleanor gasps then composes herself. “Well, in that case, you were my best mate, too.”

I don’t think she got the bit where I was being sarcastic. Oh, well. “Anything else?”

“Oh,” says Eleanor. “I think you should also know that I broke your broomstick.”

“I just pronounced my love for you and all you can say is that you broke my broomstick?”

“Well, what do you want me to say?” asks Eleanor.

I stare at her.

There is a pause. “I… love you?”

“Thanks, lezzie,” I say, getting up off the floor.

“What—” begins Eleanor indignantly when Auburn interrupts her by bursting into the room.

“Adhara!” he says frantically. “Briony’s here, too!”

Oh, this is bad. Briony is my cousin from my mum’s side. We think she’s crazy. Her and Siobhan together is like Voldemort and Grindelwald teaming up. “Well, go handle them!”

Me?” asks Auburn, horrified. “Last time they stupefied me and gave me a makeover!”

“Well, in that case… go hide!” I say.

He runs out of the room.

I walk to my closest and pull on nearest, cleanest shirt. I hate my life.

“Adhara,” says Eleanor. “I have to go but don’t worry… I will give your eulogy.”

Oh for Voldemort’s knickers.

“Eleanor, I was kidding… joke, you know,” I say.

“So you’re not going to die?” asks Eleanor.

“No, I’m not planning on it,” I answer. “But, you know, if it happens… you were notified.”

“Okay,” she says, nodding. “I’ll see you later.”

I breathe in heavily and open my door. I start walking down the hallway towards the staircase when I see Aunt Astoria and Scorpius.

“Hello, Adhara,” says Aunt Astoria, coming forward to kiss me. “We just saw Auburn run by. He was behaving rather oddly, screaming something about mascara. How are you, dear?”

“I’m good,” I say. “How are you?”

“Oh, wonderful,” she says, looking at Scorpius. Her gaze falls on his shirt. “Scorpius,” she stage-whispers. “Why are you wearing a skinny tie?”

“Because, mum,” explains Scorpius patiently. “I’m going for the ‘urban’ look.”

Aunt Astoria pats Scorpius’ shoulder and walks off.

I try to stifle my laughter.

Scorpius is already talking about Merlin-knows-what. “—and it’s like this huge blue thing.” He pauses to pull out a small tube from his front pocket.

I stare at him. “Scorpius, are you wearing lipstick?”

“No, I am not wearing lipstick, Adhara. It’s lip balm, gosh. My lips get chapped in this cold weather.”

Decide it’s better not to comment on Scorpius’ slightly ‘ladylike’ habits.

Scorpius and I begin to walk towards the staircase when Eleanor comes running up the stairs. “Ads, where’s your door again?” she asks, panting slightly.

Shake my head at the daft one. “Come on,” I say. Scorpius and Eleanor follow.

Scorpius and I walk Eleanor to the door. We say our goodbyes and Eleanor trips on the doorstep and makes her way down the walkway.

“Adhara!” I recognize the voice as Siobhan’s, Scorpius and I’s mutual cousin. Scorpius glances at me fearfully and we launch ourselves into the hallway closet.

“Don’t make a sound,” I warn him. We hear the footsteps coming closer, they pass the closet and Scorpius and I exhale.

Suddenly, the closet’s double doors burst open to reveal Siobhan, smiling gleefully.

Ugh, she’s such a creep. I mean, I know that’s rude and everything… but, come on – she seriously shouldn’t smile like that. She looks like the cat that got the canary or cream or whatever. Siobhan is one of those rare species of human that look like birds. I’m being serious. She has the Greengrass pale hair and green eyes but she got her dad’s genes. He’s a Lestrange — enough said.

“Hello, cousins,” she says creepily. Cue disgusted wrinkling of the nose. Maybe we can stupefy her and dump her in the closet. No… we did that last time. Must find something more original.

“Hi, Siobhan,” replies Scorpius awkwardly, pulling at his collar. “How are you?”

“Oh, I’m wonderful,” she says. She still smiling widely. Have strange vision of a piranha.

“Right, well, let’s go to the dining room,” I say.

Briony comes running to the closet. “I found him,” she says breathlessly.

“Who?” asks Scorpius confusedly.

“Auburn,” says Briony, grinning.

Oh, crap.

“We’re going to give him another makeover,” says Briony gleefully.

Oh sweet baby Voldemort.

“I’ve always wanted a living doll,” says Siobhan, her eyes glazing over for a moment. She snaps out of her reverie and turns back to us. “Do you want to help us?”

Save brother or be selfish and save self. I think I’ll go with the latter. He’ll be fine. All powdered up and rouged, but fine.

“No, I think we’ll go get some food,” I say, grabbing Scorpius’ arm.

“We’ve got glitter this time, but suit yourself,” says Briony.

Poor Auburn. Scorpius and I smile at Briony and Siobhan then back away slowly to run towards the kitchen.

“Do you think they saw where we went?” asks Scorpius fearfully.

“Adhara, Scorpius… where are Briony, Siobhan and Auburn?” asks mum as we enter the kitchen. Bullocks.

Scorpius jumps about two feet in the air then composes himself. “We… don’t, uh – yeah,” stammers Scorpius.

Mum raises an eyebrow.

“Well, go get him and your cousins because dinner’s ready,” says mum.

“Well, mum,” I say. “I don’t think they’re hungry.”

“Nonsense!” she says. “I cooked a lovely dinner!”

I raise an eyebrow at her. “You cooked?” I ask her. Scorpius looks scared.

“Well, no,” she says huffily. “The house elves did but—”

Feel mother nervy b spaz coming along. “Okay. ’Bye, mum!”

Scorpius and I head of the kitchen to search for Briony, Siobhan and Auburn. We take the stairs two at a time until we reach the top landing and head towards the bathroom, where raised voices can be heard. Scorpius and I glance at each other fearfully.

I open the door to see Briony and Siobhan and a… drag queen? …Oh, wait, that’s just Auburn.

…Wearing my bra?

Lord Voldemort.

“What are you guys doing?” asks Scorpius.

“Giving Auburn a makeover,” says Briony, as if it’s obvious. “Scorpius, Adhara… meet Aurelia.”

Oh. My. Dumbledore.

Auburn turns around with blusher staining his cheeks and boy entrancers glued to his eyelids.

Scorpius looks horrified.

“What did you do to him?” I shout at them.

“Stop having a nervy b,” says Siobhan. “He’s perfectly fine.”

How dare she accuse me of having a nervy b in my bathroom. Stupid pigeon. I glare at her in return as Scorpius helps Auburn get cleaned up.

“Don’t!” screeches Briony. “You’re ruining our doll!”

“Auburn isn’t a doll!” argues Scorpius.

“Get your hands off him, blondie. Unless you want to be our new doll,” says Siobhan menacingly. She walks closer to Scorpius. “I have the perfect gold eye shadow to bring out the blue in your eyes.”

Scorpius runs out of the room so fast Briony can’t stun him. So-called father walks into the bathroom and nearly faints upon seeing Auburn. “Auburn – what… what happened to you?”

Now he’s probably convinced Auburn is gay.

It appears Briony and Siobhan have cast a Silencing charm on him. They smile sweetly. “Don’t worry, uncle Hayden. This makeover was completely voluntary on Auburn’s part,” says Siobhan. She kicks Auburn who smiles forcedly.

Father looks at Auburn wide-eyed. “I think I need a drink.”

We all follow the so-called father out of the bathroom and to the dining room where so-called mother is serving dinner. I take a seat next to Scorpius and look up to see Scorpius’ grandpa Lucius (ugly name, as far as I’m concerned) spit out his drink. Oh, lovely. He’s staring at Auburn and slowly all the adults turn to stare.

Of course Auburn can’t defend his sexual orientation. Mother walks into the dining room from the kitchen and gasps loudly, dropping the plate she’s holding. “Auburn, what are you doing? Is that my blusher on your cheeks?”

Auburn leaves the room. Scorpius’ grandpa Lucius is going on about ‘How to be a Man.’ “—Honestly, men need to be strong and manly,” he’s saying. Has he met his grandson?

“Children,” says my mother shrilly. “Go eat in the kitchen.” Briony, Siobhan, Scorpius and I head to the kitchen.

We sit around the small round table and begin eating.

“You know,” says Siobhan. “Your brother really should be more manly.”

I could honestly punch her stupid smug face. For once Shakespeare was right. After all, it was him that said, ‘To punch or not to punch, that is the question.’ …Or something like that. How true, Bill.

“Maybe you should stop stupefying him,” argues Scorpius. “He’s not your doll.”

“Actually he is,” says Briony. “We gave him a makeover.”

“Yes, we have eyes, thank you,” I say drily. “But, he’s still not your doll.”

“Look, Adhara,” says Siobhan. “Just because you’re lacking in feminine wiles doesn’t mean we can’t makeover Auburn.”

That doesn’t even make sense! And how dare she say that I’m lacking in feminine wiles? My boobs are bigger than hers. “I am not lacking in feminine wiles!” I say indignantly.

Briony and Siobhan giggle obnoxiously.

“Yeah,” says Scorpius. “Adhara is very… womanly.”

Siobhan laughs. “Yeah, as womanly as you are, Scorpius.”

That is offensive!

“Oh, yeah? Well… you’re ugly!” I say to Siobhan childishly.

“I am not!” she argues.

“Yes, you are!” I say. “You look like a bird.”

Siobhan gasps. “I do not!” She reaches for her wand and I dig around in my pocket for mine. I grasp nothing and Siobhan points her wand at me. Damnit, where’s my wand when I need it?

And then I do the only thing that I can do.

I raise my fist and punch her in the face.

Oh, shit.

She topples over like a pancake that’s been dropped on the floor. Briony screams. Scorpius gasps. I stare at my still-clenched fist for a moment. I did not just do that.

Mum comes into the room. “I heard screaming and—” She stops short upon seeing Siobhan unconscious on the floor. “What happened to Siobhan?”

“Uh… I,” Scorpius stutters. “She stunned herself?”

Author’s Note I know there’s no excuse as to why I took so long to update. I just felt like this was getting really repetitive and that all the chapters I wrote were the same thing over and over again. Originally, this chapter was going to be in Eleanor’s POV, but then I decided I didn’t like it and ended up writing this instead. The chapter’s sort of a filler, but I like it and I hope you guys do, too. There are probably errors ‘cause it’s 2 in the morning and my brother’s laptop doesn’t have grammar check or whatever because mine is broken. He’s now convinced that I am part of some online cult following because “the dark arts” was in his computer history. Anyways, I’m rambling… Thank you all for reading and please review ‘cause I reply to every single one of them! Thank you all for bearing with me and my terribly slow updates!


Chapter 15: Confessions of treacle tarts, dresses and parties
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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of treacle tarts, brothers and parties




“Vera, she punched Siobhan. Like a Muggle. I expect that she will be punished for this display of lunacy,” Aunt Daphne is saying.



Wow, she must be angry, she’s pulling out all her big words.



“I know, Daphne,” says mum, glaring at me. “I’m sure Adhara is very sorry and her actions were in the heat of the moment. I can assure you that she will be punished.”



Bugger. I glare at Siobhan who is sitting on the couch across from me, nursing a broken nose. Stupid bird. She still refuses to drink the Skele-gro. Wuss.


Everyone is seated in the living room while Aunt Daphne complains about how I’m a ‘shame to the Greengrass name.’



I see dad snickering to himself.



Snort. Aunt Daphne doesn’t realize that her statement rhymes.



From the other room, everyone can hear Aunt Irina singing in Arabic and all the men try to stifle their laughter while Aunt Daphne continues her speech. Aunt Irina must have gotten to that second bottle of wine.


Draco’s grandpa Lucius is glaring pointedly at me. I have a sinking suspicion that Scorpius’ grandpa Lucius is a pimp. I mean he has this elaborate cane and he’s always dressed in fur and somehow always more groomed than I am… So I’m convinced he’s either a sensitive and defensive transvestite or that he’s a pimp trying to enter me into his brothel.



Both are quite definite possibilities. Must discuss this with Eleanor.  


Out of the corner of my eye, I see Scorpius poking his head into the room. He’s gesturing wildly at me. Why are all my cousins are so weird?


“I – uh, I have to use the loo,” I say, getting up. Aunt Daphne glares at me in what she thinks is a menacing way, but really, it just makes me want to laugh in her face. I don’t, though, with fear of one of her legendary spazoid outbursts. Really, it’s part of her charm. No wonder Uncle Rawlin seems like he’s about to wet himself everytime she speaks to him. She definitely wears the jodhpurs in their relationship.



I reach Scorpius and he grabs my arm and drags me to the kitchen. “I have a problem,” he announces at the door of the kitchen.


“What now, Goldilocks?” I ask impatiently.


“I though you were through with that nickname!” says Scorpius indignantly. “My hair isn’t even gold!”


“Apparently not,” I say, observing his hair. “And, you’re right, you’ve got more of a white colour. But I thought Goldilocks had a better ring to it than Whitilocks, wouldn’t you agree?”


Scorpius glares at me. Well, not really. It’s more of a wannabe glare in which he narrows his eyes and tries to look menacing. Actually, it’s kind of more of an eye twitch/lip pursing situation he’s got going on.


“What’s the problem?” I ask, edging around him to the door of the kitchen. I’m about to open it when Scorpius pushes me and shouts “No!” dramatically.




Scorpius leans against the door. “I sort of… caused a problem,” he says slowly.


“Will you just get on with it? Or do we need to go to a broom closet this time, too?” I ask exasperatedly.


“Fine,” says Scorpius huffily. “I sort of ruined your mum’s treacle tart platter.”



“Did you try to decorate it yourself?” I ask.


“No. Not exactly,” says Scorpius, pulling at his collar nervously. “Just come look.”


Scorpius pushes open the kitchen door. I follow him inside and he shuts the door quickly. My mum’s treacle tart platter is on the floor, in a pile of custard and pastry. Tasty.


“What did you do?” I ask, wide-eyed.


Scorpius is bouncing from one foot to the other nervously. “Well, I sort of… dropped it.”


“You dropped it?”



“And then I fell on it.”



“Oh, shit.”


Scorpius gasps. “Stop using naughty words.”


“Shut up, Goldilocks. Mum is going to have a nervy b spaz!”



“Well, don’t tell her it was me!” says Scorpius shrilly.


“You idiot. Who am I going to blame, then?” I ask annoyed.


And then Auburn walks into the kitchen. He appears to have washed off his make-up and spots the platter on the floor. “What are you guys doing?”


“I – I… We’re – uh, baking?” stammers Scorpius.


Auburn raises an eyebrow. “And what did you do with mum’s treacle tarts?”


“Listen, Aurelia,” I say annoyed and Auburn wipes the smirk off his face. “Do you want me to call Briony?”


That shuts him up pretty quickly and he practically runs out of the kitchen.



“What are we going to do?” says Scorpius raking a hand through his hair. “You mum’s going to murder me.”


“Don’t be silly,” I snap at him. “She’s going to blame me. And then kill me.”



“It’s not like she even made the treacle tarts,” mutters Scorpius.


“Don’t tell anyone else that,” I warn him.



“We could try a spell?” asks Scorpius.


“Do you have your wand?” I ask.



“Yeah,” he says, pulling it out. He points his wand at the cake. “Reconstructo.” Nothing happens.


“Is that even a spell?” I ask him impatiently.


“It should be,” he replies defensively.



“Try Reparo,” I say.



Scorpius tries the spell and all that’s left of the treacle tarts and cream molds together in one lumpy mess. “That’s disgusting,” comments Scorpius. “No one’s even going to want to eat it.”



“Yeah, well you’re the one that fell on it,” I snap at him.



Scorpius opens his mouth to protest but I interrupt him quickly. “We’ll just say it melted.”



“But treacle tarts don’t melt,” argues Scorpius.


“Well, do you have a better excuse?” I ask. “Come on, I’ve been gone ten minutes, surely they’ll realize it doesn’t take that long to use the loo.”


We walk quickly back to the living room where Aunt Daphne is still talking. My mother is glaring daggers at me as Scorpius and I sit down.


“How about dessert?” says mum, interrupting Aunt Daphne. Everyone nods and begins to make their way back to the dining room.


Crap. Scorpius and I glance fearfully at each other.


Everyone is seated around the table when Scorpius and I enter the dining room. Mum has gone off in the direction of the kitchen and Scorpius and I brace ourselves for the inevitable scream from my mother upon seeing the platter.


A high-pitched scream comes from the kitchen and dad jumps a meter in fright and Scorpius’ grandpa Lucius falls out of his chair.


Mum comes into the dining room holding the platter of what was flavoured treacle tarts and cream. She barely conceals her anger as she smiles tightly. “Something happened to the dessert, but it’s still perfectly fine.” She glares pointedly at me.



I didn’t even do anything! I glare at Scorpius who shifts uncomfortably in his seat.



Everyone smiles politely and accepts a lump of treacle tart, eating it cautiously. No one speaks. I take a small bite and chew, avoiding Scorpius’ eyes. This has got to be the most awkward Christmas party ever. Worse than the year that the Christmas tree fell on Uncle Draco.


Suddenly, Scorpius’ grandpa Lucius starts coughing violently.


Everyone stops eating to look up. Uncle Draco runs over to his side. Lucius’ face is turning a violent shade of green. He drops his (pimp) cane and falls to the floor. Mum is jumping up and down nervously and Scorpius shrieks.



Uncle Draco side-long apparates Lucius to St Mungo’s. Silence fills the room again.



Happy times.





“And this one is just marvelous,” says mum, showing off another one of the dresses she’s picked out for me for the Ministry party tonight. Mum’s idea of ‘marvelous dresses’ translate to three things: lace, frills and fuchsia. Kill me.



The current ‘marvelous dress’ is bright yellow with puffy sleeves, a cinched waist, a giant bow and a full skirt. “Don’t you agree?”



“Yes, mother,” I answer.



Mum brightens. “Well, try it on then!”





Oh Voldemort, she’s completely serious.


Mum hands me the dress and I walk to the adjoining bathroom to try it on. I dress quickly and walk back into the room.


Mum gasps excitedly upon seeing me and claps her hands together. “Adhara, dear, you look simply stunning!”


I look at myself in the mirror. I look like a bloody canary. Honestly.



“Mum, I —”



I’m interrupted by a knock at the door and mum rushes to open it. Scorpius walks into the room. Why is he always here?



“Hi, Auntie Vera—” He stops short upon seeing me. “Adhara… what are you doing?”


“Mum is dressing me,” I answer boredly.


Scorpius looks horrified.


“Doesn’t she look lovely, Scorpius?” asks mum.


Scorpius forces a smile. “Yes, yes. Lovely.”


“All right,” says mum, beaming. “Your dress is settled, now you two can run along while I make breakfast.”


You make breakfast?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.



“Oh, hush now, Adhara,” says mum, flustered. “How is your grandfather, Scorpius?”



“Fine,” answers Scorpius quickly. “He’s all better and he’ll be at the party tonight.”



“Oh, lovely,” says mum awkwardly. “I’ll see you two later.”


Mum walks out of the room and shuts the door. Scorpius turns around to face me. “You can’t wear that.”



“Why not?” I answer sarcastically.



“Because,” says Scorpius seriously. “I can safely say that if you wear that… you’ll end up a spinster for sure.”








“Ohmigosh,” stage-whispers Scorpius frantically. “I think I see her on your left.”


“Stop looking at her!” I hiss at him. “And stop fidgeting so much, you look like you’re going to wet yourself.”


“Okay,” answers Scorpius. He’s about to run a hand through his hair again when he remembers what I’ve said and drops it. He picks up a glass of water and begins to sip it slowly instead.



Scorpius and I are, quite predictably, together by the drinks table at the ministry party. I swear if one more person asks if we’re a couple, I will kill myself. I pull up my dress for about the millionth time that night. Scorpius’ solution to my dress predicament was to put me into Eleanor’s tight, rose-coloured strapless dress.


“What do you think I should say to her?” asks Scorpius.


“Tell her she smells nice,” I answer absentmindedly.


“Okay,” answers Scorpius. “What if she says something mean? Like, that I’m an idiot?”



“You are an idiot,” I reply.


Scorpius huffs. “Why must you always insult my intelligence? I am smart. Mother told me so.”


“I never meant to insult your intelligence, Scorpius. I consider you a highly intellectual person, very advanced for your age. Actually, I might even say wise… but let’s not get carried away there.”


Scorpius smiles happily. “Can you see if she’s looking at me?” he whispers again as if she can here us from across the room.


I spot Rose Weasley out of my peripheral vision. She’s not-so-subtlely glaring daggers at… me? What the bloody hell did I do? Bloody psycho. I turn around to tell Scorpius just that when I see that two girls that I recognize as Ravenclaws, sisters actually, are flirting with Scorpius.



Oh, now I get it. It gets even better… they’re Rose’s cousins – Molly and Lucy. Scorpius is trying to make conversation awkwardly. I look back at Rose to see her still observing the scene. I’m afraid that I’ll burst out laughing at the hilarity of the situation, whereas Rose looks as if she’s about to burst from jealousy. I’m surprised it took me so long to put two and two together. Rose does like Scorpius. She’s just bipolar. Must tell this to Eleanor.


I see Eleanor on the dance floor dancing wildly with James. I think she’ll probably end up knocking him out before he can even put a hand on her waist.


I look over at Scorpius who still looks awkward as hell. I decide to be nice and help him out. “Scorpius, your mum told me that she was looking for you,” I say loudly.



Scorpius looks over at me, relieved. Molly and Lucy both shoot me withering glances. They smile flirtatiously at Scorpius and saunter off.



“Molly and Lucy told me that a lot people from school are meeting in the lobby to leave and go around Muggle London,” says Scorpius. “Do you want to go?”


“Sure,” I answer.



“Oh, there’s Albus,” says Scorpius, waving in Albus’ direction.


Sure enough, Albus is making his way over to us. Bullocks.



“I – I have to use the loo,” I say quickly. I turn around and make my way through the crowd, leaving Scorpius confused at the drinks table.


I push open the door to the loos and step inside. It’s deserted and I walk over to the sinks to assess myself in the mirror. 


I look halfway decent. This stupid dress is so uncomfortable. I hear a stall door open at the back and turn around quickly. Rose comes out of the stall looking a little worse for wear. She walks over to the sink and begins washing off the mascara that has fallen down her cheeks due to her crying.



“The one time I don’t wear waterproof mascara,” she says, trailing off.


Hold up. Is Rose Weasley talking to me? Civilly? I’m still kind of silently staring at her wide-eyed.


“I must look more terrible than I thought judging by your reaction,” she says lightly, wiping her mascara off.



“No, no,” I say hastily. “It’s just…” You’re always a complete bitch to me and until five seconds ago I didn’t know you even spoke nicely to anyone?


Yeah… no.


“I get it,” she answers. She pulls out an eyelash curler and begins to curl her lashes just as Eleanor comes storming in.


            “Scorpius said you were in here!” says Eleanor. She spots Rose curling her lashes and gasps. “Why are you amputating your eye?!”


            “I’m not…” begins Rose. “I’m curling my eyelashes.”


            “Aren’t they already supposed to be curly?” asks Eleanor wide-eyed.



            “Yeah… but,” begins Rose again.


            “Never mind,” I say to Rose, waving a hand at Eleanor.



            “Are you ready?” asks Eleanor. “We’re all going to Muggle London.”



            “Yeah, sure,” I say quickly.



            Eleanor walks to the door and opens it, stepping outside. I’m about to follow her but instead turn around to face Rose. Damn you, conscience.



“Do you wanna come? It’s sounds a little more fun than staying here all night.”



            Rose smiles. “Yeah, sure.”


            “Does this count as a good deed?” whispers Eleanor as we make our way down to the lobby. I hit her upside the head.


            We all walk into the elevator and Rose hits the button for the ground floor.



            “Who else is coming?” asks Rose.



            The elevator reaches the first floor and the door opens to reveal Scorpius and… pretty much all the Weasleys.



            Scorpius’ eyes nearly pop out of their sockets. He loosens his tie anxiously as Rose stands next to him.



“What’s that smell?” blurts Scorpius suddenly. Real smooth, blondie.



“My perfume,” replies Rose, crossing her arms over her chest.



“It smells like wood chips…” begins Scorpius. Oh, sweet Merlin. Rose narrows her blue eyes. “… In a rose garden with… rose petals.”



And whoever said that he didn’t have a marvelous way with words?


Rose walks off towards her cousins. Albus shakes his head at Scorpius. “What did I do?” asks Scorpius.


“Come on you lot,” says James, leading everyone out.



“I say we go to a pub,” says Fred Weasley loudly.



“But we’re underage,” objects Scorpius.



“That’s why we have these,” says James, holding up various cards.



“Really, James?” asks Albus. “Fake IDs?”


“Actually, I’m Angus Ferguson,” says James proudly holding up his fake ID.



“Of all the names to choose from, you go with Angus Ferguson?” asks Fred incredulously.


“Shut up, it has swagger,” replies James.


“What’s ‘swagger’?” asks Scorpius, confused.



“Never you mind, Farley Briggs,” says James, handing Scorpius his fake ID. Scorpius takes the card in bewilderment.



James begins to hand us all our cards. I look down at mine. It reads Bertha Bloome.


Sometimes, there are no words.


“Who’s Esmeralda Fern?” asks Eleanor, staring confusedly at her card.



Oh, this is going to be a long night.



Author's Note I'm so sorry this took so long, I was just having a lot of trouble finding inspiration for this. I'd love to know what you guys think of this. If you liked it or even if you didn't, I'd love your feedback. Thanks for reading and putting up with my incredibly slow updates!


Chapter 16: Confessions of pubs, kissing and proclamations of love
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Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of pubs, kissing and proclamations of love 


                One thing that probably should have been considered before we got ourselves into this was the fact that we’re a bunch of wizards in Muggle London. Meaning, we have no idea where we are and are currently walking around aimlessly.




            “Do you even know where we’re going, James?” asks Molly, annoyed.




            “Of course I do!” replies James indignantly.




Oh, yeah, I also forgot to mention we’re in an alley. And, no, not like Diagon Alley – this alley has dumpsters.




“Let’s just go back,” says Albus.




“No,” replies James. “Muggle London is supposed to be full of pubs.”




“That’s why we’ve passed so many,” comments Roxanne dryly.




“Oh, yeah, well you try to navigate around Muggle London!” shoots back James angrily.





“Uh, James, we aren’t in Muggle London, we’re in a freaking alley!” retorts Lucy.





We continue on our way down the alley and which leads to a street. “You see!” continues James indignantly. “I have found Muggle London!” A few people walking past us shoot James odd looks. They probably think he’s drunk. James stops directly in front of the first pub we see. The Pub. Oh, how original.





“We are not going in there,” says Molly, wrinkling her nose.




“Don’t be picky, ginger,” says Fred, grabbing her arm.





“Shut up, you have red hair, too!” shouts Molly.




James opens the door and lets us all inside. “Don’t forget, be inconspicuous.”





Has he forgotten we’re with Scorpius and Eleanor?




The pub is cloudy with cigarette smoke and we all slip into the nearest booth just as a waitress comes up to our table. “What’ll you all have?”





“A beer,” says James, trying desperately to act mature and failing miserably.




Honestly, Voldemort in a pub would be less obvious than him.




“Same,” replies Fred, winking at the waitress. Dear Voldemort.



Roxanne, Molly and Lucy order the same thing and the waitress writes all the orders down.  




“I’ll have a water, please,” says Rose politely. The waitress raises an eyebrow but says nothing.




“Ads,” whispers Eleanor. “What do I get? Beer looks disgusting.”





“I don’t know anything about Muggle drinks, look at the menu,” I whisper back.




Eleanor nods and looks at the menu. “I’ll have a whiskey,” says Eleanor.





The waitress nods. “On the rocks?”




“No, no rocks,” replies Eleanor, confused.




“Ads,” whispers Eleanor. “Why do Muggles put rocks in their drinks?” Oh, Merlin.





The waitress shakes her head and looks at Scorpius. “You probably get asked this a lot,” begins Scorpius. “But what is a rum and Coke?”





The waitress’ eyebrows knit together in confusion as if she doesn’t understand the joke. The funny part is that there is no joke, Scorpius is just an idiot. Scorpius looks at her expectantly.




“It’s a rum… and Coke,” she replies.





“Yes, but what does that entail?” asks Scorpius.




“Rum and Coke,” she answers, as if it’s obvoius, which it is. “Can I see some ID?”





James shakes his head and Scorpius pulls his fake ID out proudly. “I’m Farley Briggs.”





            “I can see that,” says the waitress. “So, the rum and Coke?”





            “Yes,” answers Scorpius.




            “All right,” she replies. She turns to me expectantly.




            “I’ll have red wine,” I say, naming the first thing on the menu.




            The waitress turns to leave as James kicks Scorpius. “Idiot, you almost blew it.”




            “I was just asking what the drink was,” replies Scorpius huffily.





            “Whatever,” says Albus. “We’re getting our drinks, she clearly believed the stupid ID.”




            “Because I confounded her,” replies Fred.




            “You can’t just confound someone, Fred!” whispers Rose harshly.





            “I just did,” answers Fred.





            “You’re an idiot,” Roxanne tells her older brother.




            The waitress comes back with our drinks and we all drink in silence. I sip my wine until the glass is empty. Eleanor takes big gulps of her drink. “Easy there, El. That’s not Butterbeer,” I say, making a grab for her drink. She ignores me and drains her glass.





            “I love you,” she says immediately after she’s done and proceeds to hug me.





            Oh, Voldemort.




            Immediately after everyone’s finished their drinks, Rose is the only one staring at us silently as if we’re idiots. I have to restrain Eleanor from getting up and dancing while James and Fred go to the bar. Albus gets up to go to the loos. Molly and Lucy are in a heated argument while Roxanne stares on with glassy eyes. And Scorpius, determined to epitomize the stereotype of tactless blonde boy, is chatting up a very offended-looking Rose.




            “Your hair is like the colour of dead leaves,” says Scorpius, playing with a lock of Rose’s hair.





            What a charmer.




            “Your eyes are like the colour of pixies,” continues Scorpius. “And you smell like…” He pauses to smell her. “Dead roses.”





            Oh, sweet Salazar.





            “What did I ever do to you?” asks Rose angrily. “Why do you always feel the need to insult me?”




            Scorpius looks confused. “But, I’m complimenting you!”





            “By saying I smell like dead roses?” retorts Rose.





            “Adhara told me to!” says Scorpius, pointing at me.





            Rose rounds on me. “Is this some sort of joke?”




            Oh, sweet baby Voldemort.




            “I told him to say you smelled nice!” I say defensively.




            “You think I smell nice?” asks Rose.





            “Like a field of roses,” answers Scorpius earnestly.





            Which, in Scorpius’ mind, is a compliment. Idiot doesn’t even know they come from bushes, not fields. Good Godric.





            “I love you,” declares Scorpius.





            Rose gasps and practically jumps Scorpius. They begin kissing feverishly. Okay, disgusting.





Eleanor has gotten away and is dancing wildly across the room. I contemplate going to get her but leave her. Her dance moves pretty much ward off any danger of pedophiles.





            I head over to James and Fred at the bar. “What’s up, blondie?” asks Fred, glassy-eyed.





            I roll my eyes at him and take the clear drink from his hand. “Thanks, I was really thirsty,” I say. Fred makes a move to grab the drink but I push him away and drink the water… that isn’t water. It tastes like nail polish remover. “What the hell did you give me?”





“I didn’t give you anything,” replies Fred. “You stole it!”





I roll my eyes at him again and head off towards the loos to rinse out my mouth.





            I turn the corner of the hallway and bump into something hard. I regain my balance and look up to see Albus standing there.




            Oh, joy unbounded.




            “Hello, Albus,” I say and suddenly realize I’m slurring my words.




            “Adhara, have you been drinking more?” asks Albus, concerned. Oh, sweet Salazar, his beautiful eyes are so green. And he looks so cute when he’s concerned.




Focus, brain, focus. Do not succumb to Albus Potter’s charm. “No,” I say quite loudly, backing away from him.





            “You have!” accuses Albus. “Come on, let’s go. I told James this was a bad idea.”




            “No,” I say stubbornly. “Leave me alone.”




            “Adhara, come on,” says Albus, pulling my arm.





            “No!” I reply angrily. “You can’t just pretend you care. You’re with Gemma and I – I don’t feel like talking to you, you… boy.” Oh, sweet Merlin.




            “Adhara —” begins Albus.





            “No,” I interrupt. “You really hurt me, Albus Potter.”





            Albus opens his mouth to speak but I interrupt him again. “Just go away.” I know I sound completely childish, but I suddenly have a feeling that I’m going to vomit and that I probably should make my way towards the loos beforehand.




            “No,” replies Albus, coming closer to me so that when I back away from him my back hits the wall and I’m cornered.




            “Why do you always have to make it worse?” I ask him quietly. “You make me think that you care then you get back together with Gemma?”





            “I do like you, Adhara,” explains Albus, raking a hand through his already ruffled dark hair.




            “But you like Gemma more,” I reply flatly.





            “You don’t understand,” says Albus, shaking his head.




            “Oh, yeah? Well, don’t try to explain it to me because I don’t want to —”





            Albus cuts me off by leaning down and pressing his lips to mine. His hands cup my face and his lips are so soft that I can’t think. He pushes against me more and suddenly his tongue is in my mouth.





Oh, Merlin. I am so not prepared for this. I should have read a book or watched a tutorial. What in the name of Voldemort am I supposed to be doing with my tongue? There’s no room in my mouth for two tongues!




Oh my Salazar, I’m going to choke on my own tongue! Breathe, breathe.




Before I can decide what to do with my tongue I feel the bile rising in my throat and push Albus away firmly before I vomit… all over the front of his shirt.




            Oh, sweet Voldemort. I have a sinking feeling that I’m going to deeply regret drinking in the morning.


Author's Note So... after 15 chapters of sexual tension, I figured they kinda had to kiss. I'd love to know everyone's thoughts on this chapter. I'll be honest, I was kind of hesitant to put this up after the response of last chapter because I don't know what I did wrong. Anyways, I'd really appreciate if you gave your opinion on this because this chapter is really important to me. Thank you all for reading! :)

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