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Format: Novel
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 72,566
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Bellatrix, Pettigrew, Regulus, Voldemort, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 10/12/2008
Last Chapter: 12/21/2014
Last Updated: 12/21/2014


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Chapter 1: The One stuck with James
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Chapter One
The One Stuck with James

Disclaimer: I write HP fanfiction. So obviously I don’t own it. If I was J.K. I would be busy working on a HP. Prequel... if only...

I'm just chasing time again,
Thought I would die a lonely man, in endless night.
But now I'm high; running wild among all the stars above,
Sometimes it's hard to believe you remember me.
- High; James Blunt. 


School - that one thing that everyone must face. Although this was James Potter’s seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he was dreading it. It had finally hit him that this was the last year he had a chance with Lily Evans. 

The love of his life.

James wandered carelessly about his back garden. The ancient, roman statues were heavily contrasted with the muggle garden gnomes his father had picked out. The cool breeze whipped through his jet, black hair. He had an air of arrogance about the way he hastily moved about. His tall, built body and sparkling, hazel eyes made him the centre of attention for many Hogwarts’ girls.

“James!” Remus snapped, “Stop brooding and come inside...Did you get Hayley a present?” 

Remus did not hold the same arrogant sense as him. He had a slight nervous stance as if someone was about to attack him. Eyes darting from one side to the other, he kept an eye on everyone around him and fiddled nervously with his fingers. His smooth face, soft yellow-brown eyes and velvet-like hair that fluttered in the soft breeze, overcame his shabby clothes. Two long scars ran from his ear to the middle of his left cheek giving him a sense of a heroic warrior.

Remus attended Hogwarts with James, and he too dreaded going back to school.

James nodded turning his back to Remus, “I feel so old Moonstar – my last year!”

“Stop calling me that! People think we’re in love!” Remus exclaimed; his voice, although shrieking, had a ringing softness to it. Many girls called it melodic; James liked to call it girly.

A bark-like laughter rang from behind Remus.


Sirius Black. His black hair fell elegantly onto his face, framing his penetrating, grey eyes. He had the same, if not more arrogant nature as James. He flashed a cheeky grin at James and ran his hand through his hair. Sirius had picked up the last trait from him. They both were practically inseparable. For everywhere one of them was, the other was sure to be found.

“I’m sure red will go out with you this year.”

James gave out an ape-like grunt as Sirius came to stand beside him, “Did you get Hayley something?”

“She’s not my sister,” Sirius said, roughly kicking the grass, uprooting a patch of it.

“I’m not your sister, you still gave me present,” Remus said, furrowing his eyebrows.

James and Sirius turned around to face a scowling Remus, “He gave you a hug,” James sniggered, “That doesn’t count - it has to cost something.”

“It costed me a date!” Sirius growled, “She thought I had a thing for Remus.”

“It still doesn’t count,” said James, a grin now plastered on his face.

“Can we go down to breakfast now?” Sirius snapped, “I’m starving.”

“You already ate,” Remus grinned.

“Only a little,” Sirius replied, defending his humungous appetite.

“It’s only eight and you’re having your second meal?” Remus said, amusingly, “Hey! Where’d Prongs go?”

Sirius gasped pushing past Remus to enter the house, “He’s going to finish the maple syrup!” Remus gave him the I-think-you’re-losing-it look. Sirius was well known for his love for maple syrup. It had to be on everything; even the mashed potatoes.

“That’s my syrup!” Sirius squealed, lunging at James from across the table. He grabbed the bottle out of James’ hands, giving him a fierce look. James scowled at him. Sirius took a seat opposite him and piled his own plate with pancakes.

“Hey, where’s Peter?” James asked, looking around. Peter was a fellow student at Hogwarts with James, Sirius and Remus. Together they made up the infamous Marauders. Peter was considerably shorter than the rest, and even though he didn’t possess the most handsomely, good looks of the others, he still had his fair share of girls. His mousy brown hair and soft brown eyes gave him an adorable, chipmunk- look that most girls fancied.

“For the last time James, he’s with his family in France!” Sirius snapped, “He’s meeting us on the bloody train!”

“I was just askin’, no need to get all moo – Happy birthday!” James exclaimed, as Hayley walked into the dining room.

Hayley was James’ younger sister. With only eleven months apart, they couldn’t be more different. The only viable things they had in common was their surname, their hair colour and both played on the Gryffindor Quidditch team (although Hayley played seeker and James, a chaser). James had a protective streak when it came to Hayley; he saw it as his duty to “protect” - such as protecting her from boys, harmful situations, boys, Sirius, having fun and boys.

Her silky, black hair swayed down her back as she walked towards the table. Her deep, blue eyes scanned the table pausing at Remus and smiling. James stood up, like the perfect gentleman and kissed her on the cheek, she took a seat beside him.

“Did you like my present?” James asked excitedly.

Hayley nodded gleefully, “I can’t imagine Slytherin faces when half the team walk out with Nimbus 1500s; catching the snitch shouldn’t take long.”

“Happy Birthday Hay-Lee,” Sirius grinned, throwing her a wink.

“My name is one word,” Hayley grunted.

“I know,” said Sirius, giving her the obvious, forced smile, “But I said it slowly so you could catch it.”

“Was that some dumb innuendo that I’m slow?” Hayley said, putting on the same forced smile as Sirius.

“I’m glad you caught on,” Sirius grinned, “I thought it would take you longer.”

“Unlike you -”

“That’s enough,” James said cutting across Hayley.

It wasn’t as if Sirius and Hayley didn’t like each other; they did. However, they enjoyed snapping at each other more –like a sport. But beside the snapping they were pretty close.

“Gosh,” Sirius muttered, as he reached over and took a piece of toast off her plate, “I was just trying to be helpful -”

“Don’t be an idiot, Sirius,” Hayley sharply replied, as she snatched the syrup out of Sirius’ other hand, she turned to face James, “James, Terry’s-”

“I know he’s having a stupid party, you can’t go, you know what Terry’s like right?” James said, “Exactly like Sirius, except he’s in Ravenclaw.”

Sirius gasped and opened his mouth ready to retort, but Hayley cut across him, “Terry is not an idiot.”

“Hey!” Sirius shrieked, flicking a chunk of pancake at Hayley with his fork.

“Not an idiot,” James said, throwing Sirius an apologetic smile, “A playboy,” he muttered the last word as if it were venom.

“How do you know?” Hayley asked, pursing her lips.

“Look – I- wait – No – look – I’m not going to convince mum for you!” James snapped as he shoved the last pancake into this already, overfilled mouth.

“Thanks for getting dressed,” Mrs. Potter said sarcastically to Hayley, as she walked through the door. Hayley wore her pyjama shorts and a tank top which may have revealed a bit too much skin. Mrs. Potter was a short woman with frizzy, auburn hair. Her smile could warm anyone’s day.

“They’re not dressed!” Hayley said, referring to James and Sirius who were just wearing their pyjama bottoms.

“Yes, but ministry officials walking in and out of this house aren’t going to gawk at them,” Mrs. Potter said buttering a piece of bread.

James choked on his cereal, while Sirius, grinning, thumped him on the back.

“I don’t know why you’re laughing,” Hayley snapped, “It was an insult to you.”

James stuck out his tongue at her.

“Terry’s having a party,” Hayley said, “Tomorrow night.”

“I’m proud of him,” Mrs. Potter smiled, and continued to look through the prophet.

“And?” Hayley asked, “Can I go?”

James laughed, “Terry’s a lunatic, mum; and he jumps on every girl he sees.”

“Quite like somebody else we know,” Hayley said, eyeing Sirius.

“Hayley!” Mrs. Potter snapped, “You can’t go now; and apologise to Sirius.”

“How did you know I was talking about Sirius? And why should i apologise?” Hayley said, “You always side with James -”

“It’s not about taking sides!” Mrs. Potter said, “Your father wouldn’t think twice about it anyway, you ask him and if he says yes…”

Hayley glared at her before she stormed off to Mr. Potter’s office, James called after her, “Hayley! Wait, I want to see the show,” He grinned.

“Daddy!” Hayley chirped, as she knocked on his door, with James grinning manically behind her.

Hayley was quite the ‘Daddy’s little girl’. Both she and James were spoilt rotten, but it was obvious that Mr. Potter spoilt Hayley and Mrs. Potter with James.

He looked up at her, and dismissed the two men he was speaking to immediately, “Yes, darling,” he said.

“You know Terry Price?” Hayley asked him, taking a seat on his desk.

“Price? Unspeakables aren’t they?”

“Yeah,” Hayley nodded, “Well, he’s having his seventeenth party tomorrow, and he’s invited me to come along.”

“Well I thought his parents were in France doing ministry business,” he frowned.

“I’m not sure,” Hayley said quickly, “But it’s just a few of his friends, a small get together,” she added a smile at the end; James snorted at her tactics.

“I’ll get someone to drop you off,” he smiled at her. She grinned, jumped off the table and kissed him on the cheek as she made her way to the door, when James caught her by the arm.

“Wait a minute Hayley,” James said, “Isn’t Terry Price the guy who got suspended for setting his ex-girlfriend on fire? Or was he the guy who tried to smuggle alcohol to the Christmas Ball? Or wait, did he do both of those?”

“What?” Hayley hissed to James, pulling her arm back.

“Yes, James, what was that?” Mr. Potter said getting out of his chair.

“Yeah, and I think he got caught naked with another ex-girlfriend in a broom closet, boy-”

“Hayley, maybe you should just spend the day with James,” he said sitting back down.

“I don’t want to spend the day with him!” Hayley snapped, her cheek growing red and her eyes welling up. James' grin grew wider at her crying tactic.

“Don’t talk to me in that tone,” Mr. Potter said sternly before returning to his papers, “And anyway, I don’t like the idea of you partying with this hooligan.”

Hayley took a deep breath; she glanced over to James who was grinning like a madman. But it was easy to make her upset. Hell, she would even get upset at James’ messy room. 


Hayley’s POV

Around noon, there was a light knock on my door.

“Come in,” I grunted.

“Mum said to get ready for Diagon Alley,” James announced, like it was the most important news of the day. He puffed out his chest resembling Tarzan.

“I’m not going.”

“Well, I’ll just have to get you robes in my size then,” he sighed, “Imagine walking around Hogwarts, with your robes trailing around on the floor.”

“I’m not that short.”

“You’re barely five feet.”


“Yes buttercup?”

I tried to give him a death glare but it was too damn hard not to laugh at his foolish grin. I pushed him out, and closed the door behind him.

James could be the biggest pain at times. No..more like all the time. Not only would he not leave me alone; he wouldn’t leave the guys I liked, alone. He would either knock them out or stalk and then knock them out. It was my seventh year and I had not been in a relationship that had lasted longer than a week (that James knew about). So my mission this year was to meet the perfect boy. Someone smart, kind, caring, funny and definitely had to be bigger than James. I got ready in ten minutes and waited down stairs for James and Sirius. I was wearing denim shorts and a white top. James came bounding down the stairs, and took a glance at me.

“MUM!” he shouted, “Hayley’s going to Diagon Alley with only her underwear on.”

“Shut-up,” I snapped, grabbing an apple and throwing it at him.

He caught the apple with ease and threw back, only at the window.

“MUM!” he yelled again, “Hayley threw an apple out the window!”

“Mummy’s boy,” I muttered under my breath. I walked into the next room, to find Sirius lying on the floor. I walked over and stood over him.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Well, now I’m looking up your shorts-”

“Sirius!” I jumped away and helped him up.

“Beautiful thighs, I must say,” he grinned, “Before I was waiting for you to come and stand over me, hoping you were wearing a skirt-” I hit him playfully on the arm, “Just because I looked up your shorts doesn’t give you the right to hit me,” He said, rubbing the spot where I hit him.

I grinned.

I got along better with Sirius. He wasn’t trying to ruin my life.

Sirius said, wiggling his eyebrows at me, “Did you hear Terry made Quidditch captain?”

I could always talk to Sirius. Usually. He typically let it slip to James, but he was good if I just wanted to talk or have a pointless conversation...Although he sometimes did get protective – but I knew he was only being sweet.

“Yeah, he owled me, and he wasn’t surprised James made captain either,” I replied.

“He owled you?” Sirius said surprised, “I didn’t know you guys were owling?”

I smiled, leaned in towards him and whispered, “We’re more than just owling.”

“Better not let James hear that,” Sirius grinned.

“I can only imagine what would happen,” I sighed.


James’ POV

We arrived at Diagon Alley ten minutes later. I was glad that Hayley wasn’t angry at me anymore. I watched her walking a few steps ahead, making comments about this and that, occasionally throwing an insult at me and then complaining about me following her.

“James, look!” she squealed suddenly, jumping up and down.

“What?” I asked as she pointed to the crowd.

“It’s Lily!” She exclaimed.

My head snapped up as I squinted, trying to catch a glimpse of that auburn hair, “Where?” I turned back to look at Hayley, only to find she had taken off in the other direction, running off into the crowd, “Hayley!” I yelled after her, “Sirius!” I snapped as I saw him chatting up a blonde girl, he looked around to me, annoyed. I beckoned him to follow me as I raced after Hayley.

“I’LL OWL YOU!” I heard him yell back to the blonde.

I caught up with her as she stopped to chat with one of her school friends. She waved goodbye, while I waited, un-noticed, behind her. She swivelled around and jumped to see me standing there.

“What the hell were you thinking?” I hissed.

“Getting away from you,” She snapped, “You’re like a damn magnet, Potter!”

“There could be death eaters, anywhere!” I reasoned, trying not to attract attention.

“I can protect myself, believe it or not,” She said.

“I know you can, but if anything happened to you, do you think I’d ever see light again? Dad would bury me alive!”

“He won’t, because I’ll be fine!” She replied, trying to escape from me again.

“Hayley!” I called after her, “Why don’t I go pick up the books, and I’ll meet Sirius and you in Madam Malkins.”

“I can go alone.”

“I know, but Sirius can’t.”

“I can too!” Sirius squealed, “Gringotts is that-a-way.”

“That’s great Sirius,” I grinned; I bet he was still thinking about the blonde, “I’ll meet you there in fifteen minutes.”

I heard her grunt as I walked away. I could tell that something had changed with Hayley; maybe I had said or done something to make her angry. Sure, I mean, I annoy her and order her around a bit, but – oh I don’t know, she’s just changed. I paid for the books and walked out, I was a little late in meeting them, but it should be fine. I walked into Madam Malkins. I found Hayley and Sirius squabbling about something near the counter.

“What’s going on?” I asked as I walked over to them.

“Sirius won’t let me pay!” Hayley snapped.

“Hayley won’t let me pay!” Sirius snarled.

I handed some money over to the lady, who was quite amused by the situation.

“I paid; did you get my robes Hayley?” I asked her, as I pulled her and Sirius out of the store. Hayley nodded, aiming a kick at Sirius.

“No!” I shrieked, I pulled her towards me as Sirius laughed, “Stop – Sirius...Shut up!”

“Do you want to eat lunch and head home?” I asked her, still holding her arm tightly. She and Sirius nodded.

“HAYLEY!” came a rough voice from behind us. She swirled around, dragging me with her.

A guy with a blonde hair came running towards Hayley, and hugged her. I immediately, pulled her out of the embrace.

“Terry?” I snapped, “Don’t you have a party tonight.”

“Tomorrow,” He shrugged, grinning at Hayley, “You’re coming right?” he asked, “I’m not going to celebrate my birthday without my girlfriend,” as he winked at her.

“Oy!” I yelled, “Don’t make eyes at her, you quaterwit – haha get it? It’s usually half-wit but -”

“James, please, don’t embarrass yourself; let’s just go to lunch,” Hayley said, pulling me away from Terry.

“Don’t you dare come near her,” I growled, as I looked down at him; he barely reached my chin.

She managed to pull me away from him, with Sirius’ help, “Come over for dinner tonight,” Hayley said, as she pecked with him on the lips, “Around seven.” He nodded and walked off.

“You didn’t tell me you two were going out!” I hissed as we walked into the Leaky Cauldron.

“I don’t have to tell you everything James,” She snapped, as she took a seat beside Sirius, “I told Sirius.”

“What?” I snarled, looking over to Sirius, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“She only told me this morning,” He shrugged as he threw Hayley a glance, “I would have told you tonight.”

Bless Sirius. He tries so hard not to make me angry.

“Let’s have lunch at home,” I said, walking out.

“See what you did?” I heard Hayley snap at Sirius, she followed me out of the Leaky Cauldron.

“I don’t understand what just happened here,” Sirius muttered from behind us.



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Chapter 2: The One Over for Dinner
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Chapter Two
The One over for Dinner



I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. I was sitting opposite to Terry, James beside him and Sirius beside me, and with mum and dad sitting at either ends of the table.

“So Terry, what are your intentions with my daughter?” Dad asked. I looked at him angrily; so typical.

“I love her very much, sir,” he said proudly, throwing James a smirk. James snorted.

“So how long have you and Hayley been going out?” Mum asked.

“Around a week before the exams,” He said. I cringed knowing what was coming next.

“So you decided to screw her around before exams?” James asked, smirking.

“No!” I defended him, I kicked James under the table and hissed to him, “Leave him alone.”

“What are you thinking of doing after school?” Dad asked. I knew Dad hoped that he would be an auror or minister.

“Something in the Quidditch area,” Terry smiled. I cringed again.

“Not that bright?” James leered.

“Mum!” I cried, as James grinned at me.

“James, stop,” Mum snapped.

“How’s your sister? Does she still have the black eye from when you punched her?” James asked.

“James!” Mum snapped again, “That’s enough.”

“It’s alright, Mrs Potter,” coughed Terry, “It’s getting late though, I must head off. Dinner was lovely, thank you.”

“I’ll walk you out,” I said, standing up, and throwing James another death stare.

We walked out of the room, and I held the front door, “Sorry about that, you know James…” Terry smiled, he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me lightly on the lips.

I smiled up at him, “You could stay over...”

“And get you in trouble?” He grinned and kissed me again on the lips.

“I thought you had to get home?” James snapped, as he walked into the room.

“Yeah,” he nodded, “And I’m having the party tomorrow night, if you guys wanna come along...”

“Yeah, sure,” James said, his voice dripping a tone of sarcasm. He pushed Terry out into the front lawn, and closed the door. He smiled at me innocently, and sighed, “What an idiot.”

I walked back into the dining room, “Terry’s having his party tomorrow; can I go? Please Daddy?”

“He seems like a nice boy, Hayley, but is this really the time for a boyfriend?” Dad asked, “N.E.W.T.s is just around the corner.”

I sighed, “Fine, you never care about what I want,” and pushed my plate away.

“Hayley,” Dad said sternly, “I do care-”

“James and Sirius have like fifty girlfriends a year, you don’t say anything to them!”  

“Hey!” James squealed, “I do not!”

Dad threw a look at James before glancing back at me, “I’ll allow you to go to Terry’s party tomorrow, but if you don’t keep up your marks…” He trailed off, “Of course James will have to go with you-”

“I might as well stay at home,” I grunted, “Can’t I take Sirius?”

“Oh... okay, I guess it’ll give me time to talk to James,” Dad said, getting out of his seat. I grinned at James, who looked as if he was about to drop dead.


Sirius thumped loudly on the door. Terry opened it. He had a mop of blonde hair and dull, green-bluish eyes. He was well built and slightly shorter than Sirius.

“Hayley! I was wondering when you’d arrive,” Terry said, “Oh, I see you brought a body guard.”

“It was Daddy,” Hayley grinned as they stepped into the full house, “Don’t your parents work for the ministry?” She said looking around. The house was full of drunk, Hogwarts’ students.

“They’re on holidays,” Terry grinned, “You look hot, by the way.”

Hayley smiled.

“You wanna go upstairs, to my room?” Terry asked, sliding his hand around her waist.

“Get away from her, you idiot,” Sirius barked.

“Sirius, would you mind getting me a drink?” Hayley asked, “Don’t worry, I’ll be right here when you come back, trust me.” Sirius nodded, and headed off into the crowd.

“Red?” Sirius called out as he approached the drinks table.

The redhead swiftly turned around, “Black!” she gasped, “Stop calling me that!”

“Only if you stop calling me Black,” Sirius replied, grinning at his own joke.



“What you are doing here?” he asked, “This doesn’t look like your kind of party.”

“Anne wanted to come,” Lily sighed. Anne and Lily were best friends since the beginning of their Hogwarts education. Although they were both really quite different.

“Is James here?” Lily asked.

“No, Hayley wouldn’t let him come- you know how he gets,” Sirius said, “I heard you’re head girl.”

“Yeah, mum and dad are so happy, is Remus head boy?” Lily asked hopefully.

“You haven’t heard? It came as a shock to’s James,” Sirius said.

“What?!” Lily exclaimed, choking on her drink, “Potter? Head boy?”

“He’s not as bad as he seems Evans, the stupid idiot has grown up a lot during these holidays, he says he doesn’t want to annoy Slytherins or pull pranks anymore,” Sirius laughed.


“Yeah,” Sirius nodded, “But we did egg cars today.”

“That was you guys!” Lily gasped, “My parents were so angry; it was a new car!”

Sirius grinned foolishly, “Sorry, about that.”

“There wasn’t any damage,” Lily smiled, “So Potter’s grown up eh?”

“Yeah, why so interested?” Sirius grinned.

“I have to work with him all year,” Lily said shaking her head.

“Give him a chance this year when he asks you out, consider it please?”  

Lily laughed, “So on our date he can tell me how great he is.”

“He is pretty cool, not better than me though,” Sirius smirked.

“Oh boy,” Lily muttered.

“Just consider him, for me?” Sirius pouted.

“Yeah, out of all people -you,” Lily grinned, “You wanna go outside, you can tell me all about the wonder that is James. The smell in here is killing me.”

They walked out onto the front porch together.

“Where’s Anne, anyway?” Sirius asked.

Lily shrugged, “Probably with some guy, making out.”

“Ah, making out, how I miss it,” Sirius sighed.

Lily laughed at his expression, “How you got half the girls in the school to go out with you, I’ll never know.”

“Well, it’s not really going out, just a lot of making out and sex,” he said casually.

“James actually trusted you to come with Hayley here... wow,” Lily whispered, “That’s something you don’t see every day.”

“So you watch us every day?” Sirius grinned.

“Oh yes, I just can’t get enough,” she said sarcastically.

“James will be happy to know that,” Sirius laughed.

Lily sighed.

“He’s a good guy you know Red?” Sirius said, taking a sip of Firewhisky.

“Yeah, I know,” Lily said, ignoring that last bit.

Sirius gasped, “Oh my god, Lily Evans admitting James Potter is a good guy- the Daily Prophet would want this story.”

“Shut-up!” Lily snapped, “He’s just so irritating and so are you.”

“Thanks, I’ll let him know.”

“How were your holidays?” Lily asked.

Sirius shrugged.

“So where’s Hayley, aren’t you supposed to be watching her?”  

But Lily’s question didn’t need answering, as Hayley came running the out the door.

“Hayley!” Sirius yelled after her.

“Sirius! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I want to go home!”

“What happened?” Sirius jumped out of his seat, and grabbed Hayley by the upper arm to stop her from walking away.

“I want to go home!” She hissed, her eyes welling up.

“Did Terry do anything-” Sirius began.

“No, can we please go home?” Hayley muttered, now aware Lily was listening to their conversation. 

“Okay, okay, wait up,” Sirius sighed, he turned to Lily, “You wanna come over and have dinner tonight? Dinner isn’t served ‘till seven.”

“Um- yeah, okay, sure,” Lily smiled.

They apparated at the front door, Lily looked up at the house and gasped, “Wow, the Potter Potter does tell the truth.” Sirius grinned and knocked on the door.

The door opened almost immediately, “Lily! What are you doing here?” Remus asked, shocked.

“I invited her over for dinner, can we come inside?” Sirius said impatiently.

“Yeah sure, James’ will be so happy to know, he’s in the kitchen-”

“Great story, Remus,” Hayley snapped, “Move!”

Remus jumped out of the way, “What did you do?” Remus hissed at Sirius, as Hayley’s thundering footsteps faded away.

“Nothing,” Sirius yelped, “I was talking to Lily, and she just – I really don’t know.”

“You left her alone?” he grinned, “James’ll be mad…”

“Why is James so protective of her – she’s not a baby,” Lily muttered, as Remus led them to the kitchen.

Remus smiled at Lily’s indistinct comment, “Imagine you have a little sister that most of the Hogwarts population wants to shag – and the fact that she rejects most of them and James pranks the others – makes her kind of like a challenge to all the boys-”
“She has to have a boyfriend sometime - would James be alright if one of you guys went out with her?” Lily suggested.

Remus grew a shade of light pink, “That would be worse – I rather not think about it.” They waited at the kitchen door watching the commotion inside.

“-But mommy, you promised you’d have dinner with us today,” James pouted as he sat on the kitchen counter.

She ruffled his hair, “I know Jamesie, but they want me to follow up on a lead, and the sooner we catch this Voldomort, the better.”

“It’s Voldemort.”

“Jamesie darling, I really got to go, but look you have guests – was that Hayley thundering up the stairs before?” Mrs. Potter asked, she kissed James on the cheek and ruffled his hair like he was a four year old. James turned around, facing them.

“Oh-” James stuttered collapsing down.

Sirius laughed, picking James’ off the floor, “Lily’s staying for dinner, is that okay Jamesie?”

“Oh so this is the girl that’s been driving my Jamesie loopy,” Mrs Potter said smiling, she kissed James on the cheek again, “She’s pretty James,” Mrs. Potter muttered to him. Lily grew a deep red matching James’ face.

“I have to go, you kids look after yourselves,” Mrs. Potter said, eyeing James’ pout, “Remus make sure James and Sirius have their dinner before they touch any of the candy – and remember only two pieces of candy each; it was nice to meet you Lily.”

Lily smiled at Mrs. Potter, as she apparated out.

“Mommy? Seriously? Mr. Macho and Mommy?” Lily muttered to Remus.

“Yes, the biggest mommy’s boy, siriusly,” Sirius laughed, ruffling James’ hair.

”That joke is getting old Padfoot,” James muttered, “So what happened with Hayley?”

“I don’t know – I was talking to red – ” Sirius shrugged

“Don’t call me that – how would you like it if I called you by your hair colour?” Lily snapped.

“You mean, how would I like it if you called me Black? – well judging by how that’s already my name – I wouldn’t really care,” Sirius grinned.

“Wait-” James said cutting across Lily who was just about to retort to Sirius’ statement, as he turned to Sirius, “I thought you were going to watch her.”

“You know what, James, look! It’s Lily, doesn’t she look pretty?” Remus quirked, “I’ll sort out Hayley.” He left the kitchen swiftly.

James for the first time acknowledged Lily’s presence in his kitchen, “Hey Evans,” James said coolly, taking a seat next to her.

“You can’t act macho now Prongs, she’s seen the real you - mommy’s boy,” Sirius smirked.

“Shut up,” James snapped, throwing a grape at him, “So how you been?”

“Great, you look really old Jamesie,” Sirius said, mimicking Lily’s voice.

“Shut up,” this time it was Lily who spoke up.

“I’ll leave you two lovebirds a-lonnee,” Sirius said making kissing noises, as he left the room. He bumped into Remus and Hayley on his way, who gave him weird glances.

“What are you doing?” Remus asked, looking at Sirius as if he were some monkey.

“Nothing,” Sirius said brushing off their glances, “What happened to you?” He asked Hayley.

“Nothing,” she croaked, wiping her eyes.

“What happened? Was it Terry?” James asked hopping off his seat, “He won’t know what’s coming to him.”

“It- it wasn’t,” Hayley sniffled.

“Want some spinach?” James asked her grinning. Spinach always made her happy.

“Not really,” she smiled. It wasn’t the food that made her smile, but the word. Spinach. SPIN-ACH.

“Well, I’m forcing you, and you’ll do what I say,” James smiled.

Sirius coughed, “No wonder Lily rejects you all the time, with lines like that mate-”

“Padfoot, just –” James whipped his wand out and Sirius was whipped upside down, hanging in midair by his ankle.

“POTTER!” Sirius yelled, reminding Lily of herself, “PUT ME DOWN, MOMMY’S BOY!”

“I see you don’t like the spell put on you, eh?” Lily grinned.

“JAMES POTTER- YOU MOMMY’S BOY, PUT ME DOWN!” Sirius yelled again.

“Keep calling me that,” James snapped.

“James, put him down,” Remus grinned.

James put his wand back in his pocket, as Sirius landed with a crash on the floor.

“You’re going to be sorry for doing that!” Sirius shouted, leaping towards James.

“Stop!” Hayley yelled, “You know what, you guys go out to eat-” She eyed James, and then left the room.

“Hayley!” James yelled after her, he turned to Remus, “What is up with her?”

“I don’t know, but I’m starving, can we eat dinner then figure this out?” Remus asked.

“Yeah,” James muttered, running his hand through his hair.

About a half an hour later they sat around the table, with empty plates and full stomachs.

“I should get going, mum and dad will be wondering where I am,” Lily said.

“I’ll walk you out,” Remus smiled, they walked out of the room.

James stared after them angrily, “I should go talk to Hayley about what happened.”

“Yeah, you know what, I’ll talk to her, I don’t feel like cleaning all this up,” Sirius said, and ran off before James could stop him.


Sirius’ POV

I knocked lightly on Hayley’s door. It was painted a pale pin; which looked very odd compared to the other mahogany doors.

“Come in!” Hayley called, from inside, “What do you want – oh.” Her face fell slightly as she saw me. She lay on her perfectly made bed with her pyjamas on and a magazine on her lap.

“You okay?” I asked, leaning against her doorframe. Her room was spotless. The timber floors gleamed; her pink walls seemed as if there were diamonds stuck to them. The schoolbooks were stacked neatly on her tall white bookshelf and her washing was neatly piled in the washing basket.

She didn’t answer my question, but went back to reading her magazine.

“What happened at the party?” I asked, taking a seat on her bed.

“Why don’t you just ask Remus, I was assuming he told you,” Hayley said, flipping pages of her magazine rapidly.

I took the magazine out of her hands and threw it onto the floor.

“Sirius!” Hayley cried. I sighed, and stretched out on the bed beside her, throwing my arm around her shoulder.

Hayley pouted, resting her head on my shoulder, “Everybody thinks I’m a skank, willing to shag any old guy.”

I didn’t quite know how to react to this, I opened and closed my mouth a few times, “How old?”

“Sirius!” she snapped, playfully hitting me on the chest.

“Did Terry say that?” I asked.

Hayley sighed, “He wanted to get into my pants, but I said no - I mean - we hardly know each other – we haven’t even been on a proper date, he asked me out before exams and then invited me to his party – I mean I liked him, but it doesn’t mean I want to sleep with him-”

“You’re rambling,” I laughed, it was a common trait of hers. When she didn’t want to say or do something she would ramble until she would get her wanted. I had picked up on her tricks, “What happened after you said no?” I pressed.

“He got angry – kind of mental – funny really... he said I would go around shagging anyone, so why not him?” said Hayley, her voicing growing shaky. I could tell now, even without looking at what I suspected would be a hurt expression on her face, that she was upset. Hayley was very emotional. Anything could set her off. I guessed that this was why James had such a weak spot for her; she was a very soft person. She wouldn’t get angry when James did or said stupid things to her, she would get upset. Her dark, blue eyes would well up, her cheeks would turn a light red and her lips form into a pout. And it was genuine. Not some ploy she had stole off James when things didn’t go his way.

“I don’t even know why I’m upset,” Hayley sobbed suddenly, her body shaking, “I guess-”

I tightened my grip on her, “Have you?” I asked. I had to admit I was curious.

“What?” she croaked.

“Shagged anyone,” I muttered. I didn’t know why, but I suddenly felt embarrassed asking her.

“No – don’t laugh!”

“I’m not laughing!” I smiled at her, “You think because you haven’t shagged anyone I’m going to laugh at you?”

“I’m waiting for the right person,” she muttered, “You haven’t…” I smiled at her innocence. I kissed her lightly on the cheek and stood up.

I grinned her, “Oh I have- and not to the right girls either,” I looked at her.

She blushed, “Oh – I didn’t – I mean-”

“I don’t regret it,” I shrugged. “I’ll see you in the morning, okay – yes, I’ll pick up the magazine, I can see how much the mess is killing you.”

“Thanks,” she smiled at me, I stood up and picked up the magazine from the floor and handed it to her, “You know, Terry thought that we had something going on,” she added suddenly, as I was about to turn away.

Her statement caught me off guard.

“We- us- me and you?” I laughed nervously, “I- you… us – what?”







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Chapter 3: The One with the Problem
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Chapter Three
The One with the Problem




 “HAYLEY! WAKE UP!” Mum yelled from downstairs, for the second time. I frowned, and heaved myself out of bed.  I walked over to the mirror, checking to see if my appearance was still the same. It was an old habit; I had gotten used to waking up and finding my hair in weird colours or having one eye missing or a mushroom growing out of my head. I still had my black hair, which reached half way down my back; I looked at my eyes closely making sure they were still a deep blue.


“Hayley- don’t worry, we didn’t do anything,” James said, leaning against my doorframe. He was fully dressed in his muggle clothes. He had half a waffle in one hand and a piece of bacon in the other. I looked at him in disgust, as he shoved the waffle into his already full mouth.


He swallowed the waffle and continued, “It’s nearly time to leave; get dressed.” He stared at me for a second longer then walked off.


I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out something to wear. I glanced at the large photo frame beside it that Remus had given to me for my last birthday. It was crammed with several photos. The first one was of James and I. We were eight and I was twice the size of him. I smiled at the thought of me beating him in an arm wrestle. The photo next to it was one of me and Jason (my totally cute neighbour). Underneath it was a photo of Sirius pulling my pigtails. The next one was of Kate (my best friend) and me. She had blonde hair, and blue eyes. We wore matching clothing- denim miniskirts, tight tops and four-inch heels. I tore myself away from the photos and quickly got changed before Mom or James had the chance to yell at me. I managed to fit a few more needless things into my trunk, I tapped it with my wand to zip it up and hauled it downstairs to the kitchen.


James grinned at me as I came down the stairs, my trunk rattling behind me, “What?” I snapped at him.


“You are a witch you know?” He grinned.




Nobody’s POV



The compartment door swung open.


“Hey Kate,” Sirius grinned, as she came and took a seat beside him. Kate and Hayley had been best friends since first year. They were practically inseparable. Kate was like a princess, with long swishing, golden hair, rosy lips and bright, blue eyes. Except she didn’t wear the long beautiful gowns - even though she could afford them - instead replaced the gowns with short, tight skirts and little, stretchy tops. Not that was a bad thing, many boys seemed to appreciate it.


“Hey Sirius, where’s everyone else?” She asked, looking around at the empty compartment.


“Prefect meetings,” Sirius shrugged, “Where’s Hayley?”


“Hanging out with Carlos,” she replied casually, she got up and sat opposite Sirius. She flicked her legs up and rested them beside him. Sirius ignored her. The compartment door swung open again.


“Hey Padfoot!” Peter squeaked as he took a seat beside Sirius.


“Hey Wormtail. Where have you been?” Sirius asked, not looking at Peter.


“Oh… you know me, got lost,” Peter said nervously, “What do you wanna do?”


“Nothing,” Sirius snapped.


“Oh,” he shrugged.


“I didn’t know they were going out?” Sirius asked curiously.


"He wants her… I dunno… it’s very confusing… they’re probably just having a make out session…” Kate drifted off.


“I might go check on her-“ Sirius stopped as the compartment door swung open again. Remus, James, Lily and Anne stepped inside.


“Who are you checking on Padfoot?” James said taking a seat next to Remus, he grinned as Lily took a seat next to him.


“No one, no one… just you know…my elbow,” Sirius said quickly.


 James scowled, “Has it got that pus bubble thing you had last year?”


“No!” Sirius defended himself, as Kate edged away from him, “That was a mosquito bite!”


James examined Sirius’ elbow, “It looks fine to me.”


“Remember the last time you said it looked fine?” Sirius asked, James thought for a moment and then shook his head, “Well, I’ll go check it up, just in case.”


James smiled, “Padfoot, seriously, who are you checking up on?”


“Hayley,” Kate answered before Sirius could.


“Why, what happened?” James asked.


“Nothing, I told you… something’s up with my elbow,” Sirius said before Kate could cut in.


“But you shouldn’t interrupt Sirius, they could be busy,” Kate giggled.


Sirius’ eyes narrowed at Kate.


“They?” James squeaked, sounding like Peter, “I think I’ll check on her.”


“There’s no need…” Sirius said, following James out of the compartment, “It’s just my elbow.”


James opened every door which had the blinds pulled down. It was the third door that he opened where he finally found her. She was pressed up against the window, with Carlos’ hands underneath her shirt.


James grabbed Carlos by the back of his shirt, yanking him away from Hayley.


“JAMES!” Hayley yelled. She freed Carlos’ shirt from James’ grip. James gripped Hayley by the upper arm and pulled her back into their compartment, “JAMES! You’re so embarrassing!”


“What happened?” Remus asked, tearing himself away from his book.


“He was forcing himself on her!” James yelled at Hayley, he looked around the compartment,


“Where’s Pete? And everyone else?”


Remus shrugged, “They headed off; but seriously what happened, Hayley?”


“Pete headed off? Where?” James asked curiously.


“He said he had to meet someone,” Remus shrugged.


“Like a boyfriend?” James smirked.


“No,” Remus snapped, “Just because he doesn’t have his head so far up his arse, doesn’t mean he can’t get a girlfriend, “ Sirius stayed quiet, Remus continued, “Now, What happened Hayley?”


“Nothing,” she shrugged.


“Nothing?!” James spat, “If I hadn’t been there, he could have- you know what he could have done!”


“If you hadn't been there I wouldn't be so embrassed!” Hayley yelled, “Why can't you leave me alone!"


“Okay, wait, I’m confused,” Remus sighed, “James what did you do?”


“HE WAS EATING HER FACE OFF!” James yelled at Remus. He sat down next to him, before immediately standing back up, “Hayley, you know better than to make out with some pathetic idiot, who is just trying to get into your pants.”


“Oh, that’s right,” Hayley said, her eyes growing wider, “I’m sorry that I’m so stupid that you have to jump to my rescue every time, I WAS FINE!”




“I WANTED HIM TO TAKE OFF MY SHIRT!” Hayley shouted, before walking out and slamming the compartment door behind her.


“James - leave her alone and stop blaming everything on her…” Remus said


“I’m not,” James mumbled.


“Damn right you are!” Remus said, his voice rising, “It’s not her fault that nearly every guy in the school wants to shag her – and you telling her that she can’t do this and that, doesn’t help!”


“Who wants to shag her?”


“See? Always chasing around “protecting” her, isn’t doing her any good – sooner or later she’s going to want to rebel and then what?” Remus snapped.


“What?” James grunted.


“She’ll hate you, won’t want to see you – “


“I get the point Moony,” James said, “So what should I do? Watch her roam around with sleazebags?”


“No, just don’t say anything. I’m not saying you have to like the guys, let her know you don’t like them – but just let her learn from her mistakes – and when it turns ugly then beat the crap out of the guy.”


“Fine,” James snapped.


James seemed to have calmed down by the time the lunch trolley came around. He bought each of everything and paid the lady two galleons and seven sickles. James threw Sirius a chocolate frog.


“I don’t want it,” Sirius mumbled.


“You wanna play exploding snap?” he asked.


“No,” Sirius snapped.


“Wizard Chess?”




“What’s gotten into you?” James asked annoyed.


“Nothing,” he replied looking out the window.


“Gobstones?” Remus asked.




“Hayley said that-“ Remus started.


“Hayley? Where?” Sirius jumped.


“I was just telling James what Hayley told me,” Remus said, “Are you alright? You seem a bit dazed.”


“I’m fine!”


Sirius drifted off from their conversation, feeling slightly disoriented and confused.


It’s just because of Hayley... You just didn’t like her kissing Carlos because he’s competition for Quidditch… maybe I like her? … HA... nice try… It’s just because she’s James sister… geez… talk about over dramatic.



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Chapter 4: The One with the Dare
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Chapter Four 

The One with the Dare 
Every year after the feast, the Marauders would sit around the fireplace and talk about anything and everything. It was an old tradition ever since first year when James and Sirius conversed about the many pranks they could pull on Snape, as Remus looked at them disapprovingly. This year James plotted how he could win over Lily, Sirius nodded whilst Remus gave James tips. Sirius watched, as the other two debated on when James were to ask her out. James said tomorrow morning, but Remus argued that he should wait- deflate his head- and ask Lily out when she stopped hating him. After an intense dispute, they finally agreed. They stopped talking as they heard giggles coming from the staircase. The giggling stopped abruptly before turning into intense whispering. Hayley bounded down the stairs with a trail of giggling girls behind her; stopped at the bottom of the stairs. She was wearing short, satin shorts and one of James’ old, oversized t-shirts.

“Hey,” James said, as she came running up to Sirius and taking a place on his lap, “What’s going on?”

James and Hayley had made up at the feast when he apologised profusely. James had never been able to stay angry at Hayley for long and couldn’t stand it when she gave him the cold shoulder. He offered to eat the whole turkey if Hayley would forgive him. She forgave him after he finished his first bite. She had never been known to hold grudges and was very quick to forgive.

“Oh nothing, me and girls were just bored,” Hayley grinned, leaning back on Sirius’ chest. He wrapped his arms around her.

“So you decided to give Sirius a lap dance?” James asked.

“Does it look like I’m giving a lap dance, dear brother?” her grin growing a little wider.

James stayed quiet, “Get off him- you’re making him horny, I can see it in his face.”

 “Okay, okay,” She jumped off Sirius but before she ran back up the stairs she gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

James gasped, “WHAT WAS THAT?” fuming as he jumped up.

Hayley smiled, “You see James,” she said, “We’re playing truth or dare,”

“Oh,” James said sitting back down, ignoring Sirius’ expression of slight euphoria, “Don’t do that.”

She nodded gleefully and began to leave.

“Wait a moment,” Sirius stopped them, “We want to play as well.”

The girls looked at each other with doubt; “Okay.” said one of them, nodding. They joined the boys around the fire.

“Okay my turn!” Hayley said, “Corrine.” The girl began giggling; Sirius thought she was choking, “Truth or Dare?”

Corrine was one of those girls who wouldn’t stop giggling if someone hit her over the head with a beaters bat. Sirius and Remus exchanged glances. Remus looked like he was about die if he held onto his laughter any longer. Sirius grinned and mouthed to him, “I know you like her.” Remus looked like he was going to be sick. Everyone knew that Remus liked the smart girls from Ravenclaw, the ones that didn’t giggle so much as theydidn’t have time for much else. He had broken up with his last girlfriend- Brooke Ashton- as she wouldn’t stop gossiping and sniggering of anything and the fact that she was in Ravenclaw.

Corrine looked around at everyone, “Dare,” She started giggling again, as some other girls joined her.

Hayley thought for a while, “I dare you to walk into the boys dorm asking – wait no – yelling for them to give back your clothes.”

“My clothes?” She asked confused.

“Did I mention you have to do this naked?” Hayley said tilting her head.

“Hayley Potter, you’re a genius,” Sirius beamed, he turned to face Corrine, “Well, come on!”

Corrine sighed, she climbed up the stairs and into the seventh year boys’ dorm, pulled her nightgown over her head and slipped off her underwear, handing them over to Hayley. She flicked on the lights, and yelled, “OY! WHICH ONE OF YOU THOUGHT IT’D BE FUNNY TO TAKE MY CLOTHES? DON’T PRETEND YOU’RE SLEEPING!” Slowly the boys one by one, woke from their sleep, to find Corrine standing at the door, tapping her foot impatiently - nude.

Hayley pulled Corrine out of the room and flicked the lights off, she handed back her clothes, shaking with laughter. James and Sirius still hadn’t finished laughing when they reached the bottom of the stairs.

Corrine looked around thoughtfully, she pointed her finger to James, “James, in nothing but your boxers – climb into bed with Lily Evans.”

James’ obsession with Lily Evans was obvious to everyone except for perhaps Lily, herself. All the girls knew this, but that didn’t stop them from asking him out. One girl was so desperate she dyed her hair red and changed her eye colour to green so that James would say yes. She bugged him for weeks to ask her out, when he finally said yes, she somehow mysteriously forgot to turn up to their ‘date’.

James grinned at Corrine, “I will, but how do I get in?”

“Your head boy, you have access to any dorm,” she replied.

James slipped out of his pyjama pants and shirt and wandered upstairs.

He crept into the dorm and spotted Lily sleeping soundlessly at her bed. He climbed in beside – shaking her awake.

The rest of them waited in the common room, until James came bounding down the stairs with Lily’s yells after him, “JAMES POTTER! YOU CREEP!”

James grinned, “Lily looks so hot in her nightgown,” He sighed, “My turn, Audrey, truth or dare?”

Audrey thought for awhile, “Truth.”

“I truth you to what is the dirtiest thing you’ve done and with who?”

She thought for a while, “I had sex in the Quidditch shower room, with Sirius.” She blushed while Sirius grinned wildly. He glanced over to see Hayley’s reaction who had a smile playing on her face as Kate mouthed something.

“Ew! That’s where I have my showers after practice!” James yelped.

“Good for you James,” Sirius grinned, ignoring his perplexed reaction.

Audrey looked around at everyone and her eye landed on Sirius, “Truth or dare?”


“I dare you to make out with either Remus, James or Hayley for five whole minutes.”

“That’s not funny,” Sirius, said, “I can’t make out with James or Remus!”

“Then Hayley it is,” she shrugged casually.

Sirius grinned at Hayley who bit her lip nervously, “Sorry babe, a dare is a dare.” 

Sirius’ POV

It was the first morning of the seventh year. I piled pancakes onto my plate and drowned them with maple syrup.

“Surely you don’t need that much syrup?” Hayley smiled, as James snatched the bottle out of my hands.

“Looks better than what you’re eating,” I replied playfully, pointing my fork at her porridge. The kiss we shared last night was still lingering on my lips, I could suddenly feel my cheeks burning up. When did I become such a girl? Next I’d be complaining about blisters from wearing high heels. Before she had a chance to reply to my comment or my dazed expression, a loud screech came from behind me.

“Potter!” I turned around to find Lily standing behind James. She whacked him with the morning paper, he grinned, she whacked him a few more times, “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING LAST NIGHT?”

“Making myself comfortable in your arms!” James said looking abashed.

“Potter you better hope-” Lily began.

“Mr. Potter and Miss Evans just the couple I need to speak to,” Mcgonagall said, she looked over the top of her glasses at them. Lily tucked the paper under her arm.

“Couple!” I snorted, Lily gave me a glare before whacking me with the paper as well.

“OW!” I yelped. Mcgonagall gave me a death stare.

“Are we done?” Mcgonagall asked stiffly, “The Heads are in charge of organising the annual Christmas ball, you two need to get straight on that, of course anything you decide will need to go through Dumbledore, so you two will need to meet up and organise that.”

Lily nodded dutifully, whilst James gave a casual shrug. Mcgonagall continued, “You’ll also have monthly meetings with Dumbledore, I believe every first Sunday of each month,” She paused, “Potter I hope you do take this seriously, I was certainly surprised when Dumbledore gave you this responsibility please don’t –“

“Embarrass me,” James finished off for her, “I know, I won’t.”

I exchanged glances with Remus, we both grinned. All of James’ conversations with Mcgonagall ended the same way. Mcgonagall gave him a long lecture and James always said, “I know, I won’t.”

Mcgonagall tapped on the blank piece of paper and handed James his timetable, she gave out identical timetables to me, Remus, Hayley and Peter.

“Potter, Black - behave yourselves in classes, I don’t want to hear complaints from other teachers that you set something on fire,” Mcgonagall said, she tapped her wand on another blank piece of paper and handed it over to Lily.

“We know, we won’t,” James and I said at once, she smiled and walked away.

“Hey Lily we’re doing all the same classes!” James exclaimed, “You wanna become an Auror too?”

“No!” She snapped, “A healer.”

“My mum was a healer,” Remus said casually, “Too stressful.”

“Oh, well I’ll see you in class Remus,” Lily said and walked off.

I grinned at James’ expression. I know he hoped that Lily would say bye to him as well. I sighed, I finished off the last of my pancakes and looked up at Remus who was sitting opposite me.
“All done!” I said, pushing my plate (which was still covered in maple syrup) away.

“That’s going to make you sick,” Remus said, as he finished his cereal.

I looked over towards Hayley, she was immersed in her magazine and only half way through her porridge. She looked up at me and smiled. I responded with a lopsided grin. She went back to reading her magazine. I mentally hit myself. Stupid, stupid. I went back to just staring at her as she continued to read her magazine. She’s hot. NO. NO. NO. She’s fine looking for James’ younger sister who I had no feelings for. Maybe she has feelings for me? Maybeee… should I ask her? NOT NOW!!! I corner her before lunch? Yeahh… she’s totally hot… maybe James won’t mind us going out… yeah right… he’d punch me out… meh… why the hell am I suddenly attracted to her? Maybe because the first couple of buttons on her shirt were undone and I could see her bra? Or maybe because her skirt is -

“Sirius!” Hayley said, shaking my shoulder, “You alright?”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said and smiled at her. She smiled back, giving me butterflies… butterflies? Never had them before… GET A GRIP.

“Hey Hayley,” It was the Quidditch Captain for Hufflepuff, he smirked at her – he looked like a turkey for all I knew.

“Hey Sheldon, what’s up?” Hayley asked him, smiling back at him.

“I was wondering if you’d like to come with me to Hogsmead?” 

Yeah right… she’s not gonna go out with a prat like you… hahaha..

“Yeah, I’d like that,” she smiled.

“Okay, cool,” he grinned and walked off.

“SERIOUSLY? SHELDON MONK?” James exclaimed, “He’s competition!”

“Oh shut-up,” Hayley snapped.

Sheldon Monk! I’m better than him! Stupid. Blonde. Chaser. Stupid turkey -looking human. WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?  

Preview for next chapter:

"You just want something you can’t have,” She smiled and patted me on the shoulder.
“I can’t have?” I mocked, “I could have you if I wanted to!”

“Oh yeah? Come and get it!” She grinned, “No! I was joking! Please, Sirius, you value your relationship too much with James to give it up – and I don’t want you.”

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Chapter 5: The One with the New Boyfriend
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Chapter Five

The One with the New Boyfriend

The One with the New Boyfriend


“YOU’RE LATE!” a booming voice broke through from the back of the change room. I walked into the change rooms to see four half naked boys staring back at me, one of them being my brother.

“Geez, James put on some clothes,” I grinned, “I just came to pick up my new uniform; you said you ordered me one?”

“Yes, you were supposed to come early,” he scolded, “Where have you been?”

“I was-” I started, my breath hitched as I saw Sirius coming out of the store room, with just his pants on, my eyes gazed at his perfectly toned, upper body.

“It’s rude to stare, Potter,” Sirius grinned, he set down the trunk he was carrying on the floor, “And you’re drooling.”

“Am not,” I defended, finally finding my voice, I turned back to face James who was also frowning at me, “What?”

“Stop checking him out,” James ordered, he picked up my new uniform from the bench and threw it over to me. I was still too astounded by Sirius’ body to do anything productive; I had forgotten to extend my hands to catch the uniform. It hit my chest and fell on the floor.

“Oh,” I stuttered, before I had the chance to pick it up, Sirius walked over to me and picked up my uniform, and handed it over.

“Here,” he smiled. My eyes wandered again down his body, I could feel myself going red. His body was barely an inch away from mine –

James grabbed me roughly by the shoulder and pulled me away from him, “Get that close to her again, and I’ll knock you out,” he snapped at Sirius. Sirius grinned and walked away, James looked at me, “Are you okay?”

“Uh – yeah,” I nodded, “I’ll meet you out on the field,” I said quickly. I ran out of the boys change room and headed into the girls, “Hey,” I said to Aggie, a fourth year chaser. She smiled at me and continued to get changed. I quickly changed into my Quidditch robes and headed out onto the field. James stood there waiting for me. I ran over and stood next to Fabian. I felt someone come and brush up against me.

“So why were you late?” Sirius whispered, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I ignored him, and pulled my hair into a ponytail, “Oh, you can’t be angry at me, I wasn’t the one staring.”

“I wasn’t staring,” I hissed, stepping on his foot.

 “That didn’t hurt,” he chuckled, I could feel his warm breath against my cheek, I was scarcely aware of how close he was to me. I turned to face him, my face brushed against his chest. Yeah, I wasn’t that tall. He looked down at me with a smile playing on his face.

 “BLACK!” James yelled, as the entire team turned to face us, “ARE YOU LISTENING?”

 “James, would you calm down- we’re going to win,” Sirius said, ignoring his death stare, “We always win.”

 “Well, this year I’m captain-” James started angrily.

 “You were captain last year,” Sirius reminded him, the team chuckled, with James looking more infuriated by the minute, “And we won last year.”

 “By the skin of our teeth,” James snapped, he was growing red.

 “By six hundred points!” Sirius grinned, he let go of me. James seemed to have calmed down a bit. Sirius walked over next to him, “Team,” he said trying to keep a straight face, “Our captain… James Potter… has clearly lost his mind-”

 “Sirius!” James growled, Sirius laughed and mounted his broom, and soared off. The rest of the team followed, leaving James on the ground. I could see the scowl on James’ face as I lifted off. James released the balls and then mounted his own broom.

By the end of the practice, with dinnertime approaching, James’ face had turned completely red from all the yelling. Everyone landed on the ground and huffed as they entered the change rooms. I stayed behind to help James pack up the balls.

He looked at me, his face turning sour, “You pull any more of those dives again-”

 “I wasn’t hurt,” I reasoned, “I caught the snitch.”

He sighed. “I’ve noticed you don’t hang around Kate anymore, something happen?” he asked, closing the trunk.

 “Nothing you should know about,” I shrugged, “If you don’t like me doing the dives, how about I jump off the broom-”

James gave me a death stare; I smiled sweetly at him, “What’s going on between you and Sirius?” he asked.

 “Nothing,” I shrugged, “Nothing.”

ames seemed to have believed me, “Good, make sure it stays that way.” He picked up the trunk and walked away.


It was Friday. The end of the first week. Sheldon and I had already been out a couple of times. James made a huge fuss about it, how I was moving too fast. I was moving fine. We sat at breakfast and I watched as James and Sirius were in a sulky mood. Lovers’ quarrel, probably. I sat across from them and Sheldon sat beside me. He whispered into my ear, I laughed and ruffled his blonde hair.

James exchanged glances with Remus, who smiled.

 “I’m ready puke,” Sirius said, looking over at me and Sheldon.

I stuck my tongue out at him and continued eating my breakfast.

 “That’s not very lady-like,” Sirius scolded.

 “Well maybe I’ll tell everyone what you did last night – that wasn’t very lady-like either?” I snapped at him. I didn’t know why, but he was really starting to get on my nerves lately.

have to be lady-like,” Sirius burped, “I’m not a lady.”

“You’re not a man either are you?” I said, looking disgusted.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he replied, narrowing his eyes at me.

 “That you’re an animal, doofus,” I grinned.

“That’s not what you said when we slept together,” Sirius smirked playfully.

“What?!” James exclaimed.

 “I’m joking,” Sirius, said looking alarmed at the response.

Sheldon grinned, “I have to go to the library to return some books; see you in Charms,” He kissed me lightly on the lips and left.

 “I don’t like him,” James said.

 Remus cleared his throat, “But you’re not going out with him Prongs,” he said.

 “He wishes he was, I told you he was gay,” Sirius sniggered. James whacked him on the head, “Ow!” he shrieked, rubbing the back of his head.

 “He’s in Hufflepuff – “

 “So?” Hayley asked.

 “They’re all pansies!” James shrieked, “They’re not brave or smart or even cunning!”

 “Would you rather me go out with Sheldon or Snape?”

  “Sheldon,” James muttered under his breath.

 “How about Sheldon or me?” Sirius asked, “Adding the fact that I’m all mature and into commitment.”

 “I suppose Sirius,” James shrugged.

Sirius grinned proudly.

 “Me or Sirius?” Remus asked, rounding up on James.

 “Remus,” James said without even thinking.

 “What?” Sirius cried, “Why him?”

James shrugged, “Because he wouldn’t be sleeping with someone else.”




Remus nodded in agreement.

 “Neither would I!” Sirius said, slightly hurt by the comments.

James tried to keep a straight face, “By me saying on the very slightest that you can sleep with my baby sister doesn’t mean you can, Padfoot; plus you know the rules.

 “Not very good ones,” Sirius muttered under his breath.

 “What was that Padfoot?” he asked.

Sirius shook his head.

James eyed Sirius, “We better head off to class, or it’ll look like we were late on purpose.”

 “Yeah cause we never do that…” Remus muttered.


Sirius’ POV

We walked nosily into Charms. James and Lily were arguing about goblins, with Remus telling them to be quiet, and me yelling at the top my lungs about my thumb.

 “Just shush!” Remus yelled.

 “We weren’t that loud,” James scoffed.

 “Not that loud? My ear drums just dropped out of my butt,” Remus snapped, he took a seat between me and James.

 “Really?” Hayley said in mock excitement. She sat in the table in front of us with Sheldon on one side and Kate on the other. Sheldon scowled at me. The guy was so jealous of me.

Remus stuck his tongue out at Hayley, “Yes, with these two with me all day anything could happen.”

 “Hi Sheldon,” I said batting my eyelashes at him.

He gave me a death stare; Hayley pulled him around to face the front, holding his hand tightly under the table.

 “Pssst,” I hissed, “Pssst… Hayley…”

She spun around to face me, “WHAT?” she hissed back.

 “I think your boyfriend’s cute,” I grinned, “But kind of a pansy.”

Sheldon spun around, “What’s your problem?”

 “I just like you too much,” I said giggling, I could see Remus and James holding back their laughs.

 “Well, just leave us alone,” he hissed venomously, “Black.”

 “Monk,” I snapped back.

 “Sirius,” Remus nudged me, “Leave them alone.”

I stuck my tongue out at him.

It was a Saturday morning; I had no work, no dates and best of all it was sunny outside. A perfect Hogwarts day. I sat up on my bed, dreaming about breakfast, to find Hayley sitting at my feet. I jumped a little.

She giggled, “Morning, sleepy head,” she grinned, she was already fully dressed, “Up so early?”

I grinned nervously, pulling my covers up to me chin, “You know? Saturdays…”

Hayley smiled and then looked back over at James who was trying to brush his hair, “I don’t know why you bother, it looks fine messy.”

 “Thanks,” James muttered throwing his comb onto the floor, he turned to me, “Get up, we’re going to Hogsmead, and guess who’s coming?”

“Me?” I guessed dully, he shook his head, “Hayley?” he shook his head again, “Remus-“

“No, you idiot, Evans!” he screeched.

I was slightly alarmed by James’ voice, “Alright, but why do I have to tag along?”

 “Because, it’s not really a date, they need to discuss the Christmas Ball,” Hayley said, chuckling.

“But it’s the next best thing,” James grinned.

Hayley rolled her eyes; she got off my bed and extended her hand out to me, I stared at it blankly. I noticed what she was wearing, a miniskirt which revealed her legs beautifully. I looked back at her face, my eyes lingering a bit too long on her chest, she grinned at me, I suppose she had gotten used to me checking her out, “Sirius? Are you okay?” I didn’t hear her or had pretended not to, “Sirius! You want me to help you up or not?”

 “Huh?” I said dumbfounded, I was to hold her hand as she was trying to pull me up, “Oh yeah.” I got up too quickly and bumped into her.

 “OW! Sirius!” She yelped, holding her toe and hopping around on the spot.

 “I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed. I’m so stupid!

 “It’s okay,” She said, “I’ll wait for you guys in downstairs- hurry up.”

I watched her leave. I reminisced back to the other night, the playful grin on her face as I pulled her closer to me. And then I remember James’ angry face behind her. Oh how I loved truth or dare.

Around half an hour later James and me were all set to go, we raced each other down the stairs, and I had won, as James hadn’t realised we were racing until I yelled “I win!”

 “Finally,” Lily huffed, “Can we get going now?”

James shrugged; I suppose he was trying to act cool. She rolled her eyes. We walked out of the common room, with James and Hayley in front and Lily, Remus and me tagging along behind them.

 “Which way are we going?” Remus asked. James shrugged again.

 “Maybe I should have asked Sheldon to come along,” Hayley said, a bit to herself than to anybody else. I bit back the urge to say something about Sheldon or to find him and punch him. But- wow, she looked nice today. Her black hair flowed down her back, she wore a light green top with a denim skirt. I looked dreamily at her legs as she walked alongside James, annoying him and occasionally getting him worked up. She barely reached his shoulders and had to walk a little faster to keep up with him. I chuckled when I heard James complaining she was too skinny and then hearing her complain that James was just too big.

 “I am perfectly fine,” James snapped as we entered the Three Broomsticks.

 “You’re head’s a bit big though,” Lily whispered. James pretended he hadn’t heard that. He did that to a lot of the things Lily said about him.

 “I don’t know why I’m here; I’m not a prefect or a head,” I said, deciding whether or not I were to take a seat, “I might go look around, I’ll meet you guys here in a hour?”

“Yeah, I might as well annoy Sirius for the day,” Hayley said.

 “If you can keep up,” I muttered.

 “I can too,” she said sticking out her tongue at me; she pushed me out of the store.

 “Where to?” I asked her.

 “I don’t know. What would you usually be doing now?” She asked.

 “Making out with some girl at school,” I replied casually. Stupid!

Hayley scrunched her nose in disgust, “Well since we’re not gonna make out – “

 “I want to ask you about something-”


I’m so stupid! She’s going out with someone!

 “Don’t worry,” I said. Probably wouldn’t be interested anyway.

 “Awww, c’mon Sirius, what is it?” Hayley begged.

Now what? God! Me and my stupid, big mouth! No, no - me and my stupid, beautiful big mouth.

 “It’s nothing,” I shrugged off.

 “I know it’s something! You can tell me, c’mon!” She smiled.

Stop being a wimp. Just do it!

I sighed, “I think I have feelings for you.”

She didn’t say anything for awhile, “Very funny Sirius – haha.”

“I’m being serious,” I said slightly annoyed.

“No, you’re being ridiculous, Sirius- trust me,” She snapped, “James would kill you.”

“If I like the girl, a lot, he would understand,” I said.

 “James doesn’t understand anything when it comes to me, if James didn’t mind I would love to go out with y– “ She stopped short, slightly panicked.

 “Really? You’d go out with me?” I asked, surprised, slightly relieved.

“Sirius, please, don’t make this any harder than it already is,” She said, “I can’t do this, I really can’t.”

I looked at her for a while, her hazel eyes bore into mine, before she could look away, I took a chance. I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. She didn’t move, after I few seconds - although it felt like hours - she pulled away. Her face was inches away from mine, our noses almost touching; I could feel her breathe on my cheek. Her hand suddenly whipped me across the face. I was startled, I stumbled backwards a few steps. I was sure that my face had betrayed me, and she could see my shock. I couldn’t tell if it was my eyes blurring or hers.

“Don’t you dare-” She whispered, her voice broke, “Don’t.”

 “I’m sorry,” I apologised, I reached for her hand.

 “Don’t touch me!” She snapped, snatching her hand away from me.

“Hayley, please!” I begged, she gave me one last look, and walked off, “HAYLEY!” I followed her down the street.

 “Don’t Sirius! Don’t follow me, don’t come near me,” She croaked, “Just… don’t.”



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Chapter 6: The One with the Date
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Chapter Six
The One with the “Date”


I munched on my dry toast and read the same line of my book for a tenth time. Sheldon sat next to me like he did every other breakfast. I didn’t speak to him and he didn’t bother to make conversation knowing I wouldn’t respond. I sighed, I stole a glance at him, he was in deep conversation with Remus about a Charms essay. I glanced up at James, he saw me looking at him. Great.

“Do you know what’s up with Sirius?” He asked me, “Did something happen the two of you?” I shook my head and continued reading my book.

“Are you alright?” James pressed, “Did you and Sirius have a fight? What did he say?” I shook my head and shrugged. James dropped it, slightly annoyed. Sirius came and took a seat at the table.

“Morning guys,” Sirius said, I stood dutifully from the table –

“Hayley,” James said, he looked at me from over his glasses, “Sit.” He ordered. He reminded me of Dad when he had that face on.

“I’m not your pet,” I snapped at him, he kept his eye contact with me, still as fiery as before, I scowled and sat back down. Sheldon excused himself, kissed me lightly on the cheek and returned back to his house table. He had only asked once about what happened between me Sirius, I told him Sirius was being a prat. Sheldon didn’t see the need to press on the situation any further, but seemed happy I wasn’t talking to Sirius. Remus and James thought Sirius had made some rude joke and I had got offended. I nodded along with their theory. James complained about how I should forgive Sirius because he was clearly upset. Yeah right.

I still refused to talk to or look at Sirius. The nerve he had, to go around kissing people. But the shock on his face after I slapped him still kind of haunted me. I felt a little guilty for hitting him so hard, and had to stop the urge to forgive him. What if he did it again? But I did miss hanging out with him…

“Now, you two are going to work this out,” James said, “Sirius, what did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything,” Sirius muttered, throwing a glance at me.

“Yeah right,” I scoffed, “I’m not going to sit here with this pathetic liar.” I spat. I don’t know where all this viciousness came from. All of a sudden I wanted to grab something and hit him with it. I didn’t know why. Maybe because he had acted like nothing had happen. But I didn’t want him to act like anything had happened. Right? No. I wanted him to care. I wanted him to annoy me, make me angry at him. I got up again, and this time James didn’t stop me as I left.

I was walking to transfiguration, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Hoping it was Sirius coming to stop me, I turned around. Oh great.

“Potter,” Rosier snarled. It was a seventh year Slytherin, “I need your help.” I looked at him incredulously. I before I could respond, he froze. Sirius came running up behind him and pushed him onto the floor, carelessly.


“Are you okay?” Sirius huffed.

“Yeah, we were just talking,” I said, smiling that he had come to my rescue, even though I was fine.

“About?” Sirius said, his eyes widening in shock. I didn’t know what would be worse; if I had told him that I was making out with Rosier or talking with him.

“He didn’t get to finish,” I said, my smile fading, as we walked away from Rosier, “You stunned him.”

“Oh,” he grinned, “I didn’t mean to.”

I chuckled at his lie, “About Hogsmead-” I started.

“No, don’t mention it, I’m a crazy old fool,” Sirius said forcing a smiling, “Okay, not old – maybe a insanely gorgeous fool falling for a insanely gorgeous girl, my fault entirely.” He kissed me lightly on the cheek and walked away.

I stared longingly after him. I had to stop kidding myself. I was insanely, head over heels in love with Sirius. I love Sirius Black. Wait – what?

Sirius’ had that reputation and there was no way I was going to let him break my heart just like he had done to all those other girls. I had to let him go or suffer the consequences. Why did everything have to be so difficult? Why couldn’t I feel this way about Sheldon? He’s so sweet. He wouldn’t sleep with me and forget my name the next day. Love is hard. Duh. Falling in love with the school playboy is even harder.

James was another big issue. He would never agree to me going out with Sirius. I think his reasons were the same reasons I didn’t want to go out with Sirius. I can’t imagine what would happen if we snuck around behind James’ back. He’d definitely find out and kill Sirius. Or at least knock him out.

I didn’t know what I was more scared off Sirius breaking my heart or James breaking Sirius’ face. I had to admit James was terrifying when he’s angry and Sirius breaking the not-going-out-with-sisters-or-cousins rule would definitely make him angry. Angry beyond belief. I wish Sirius wasn’t so difficult. Why did he have to be a playboy? Maybe he’s changed? He said he had “feelings” for me. He definitely didn’t have feelings for all the other girls or he would have treated them better. I sighed. He didn’t love me. Or at least like I did.

I wonder how James would react if he found out about my big drunken mistaken with –

“Hayley!” Sheldon snapped, he had appeared out of nowhere.

“Huh?” I asked, finally coming out of my trail of thought, “Sorry, daydreaming.”

He smiled, “About me?”

“Who else?” I smiled, kissing him on the lips.

Not as good as Sirius. I mentally kicked myself.

Nobody’s POV

“Hey Lily,” James called out as she came towards them at the table.

“Hi James,” she smiled.

“Why don’t you sit with us, it ‘s kind of quiet, you know with…” he jerked his thumb towards Remus. Remus gave James a look.

“Oh, okay, sure,” Lily took a seat opposite James.

“I got all the plans done like you said, and I got them approved by Dumbledore, he said we needed to make a list of everything we need to purchase and he can get some to do it,” James said quickly.

“Wow, when did you get all this done?” Lily asked.

“Just the past week,” James smiled, “I didn’t want to bother you.”

“Oh thanks, James, but I’m supposed to help you,” Lily grinned.

“I just thought that if I got it done for you, we’d have the weekend free,” James shrugged.

“That’s thoughtful, thanks James,” Lily said.

“Since you have the weekend free and all, I thought maybe we could hang out, you know just us?” James asked nervously.

Lily laughed, “This is why you did all work? So I’d have the weekend free for dates?”

“Yeah…” James said running his hand through his hair.

“Is that a habit?” Lily asked, “Running your hand through your hair?”

“Yeah…” James stuttered, “So you wanna just you know hang out?”

“Potter,” Lily began her voice rising and her face growing red, “If you think for one-”

“No!” James started, “You know as friends – you can bring Anne and Mary… I’ll bring people as well.”

“Yeah, sure…” Lily agreed, “I have to go, I’ll see you later?” She got up and left. James stared dreamily after her.

“People?” Remus snapped at James once Lily was out of earshot, “What did you forget our names?”

“Maybe,” James said turning red, and sticking his tongue out at Remus.

“When you told Lily that it was quiet because of me, what is supposed to be wrong with me?” Remus asked, taking a sip of pumpkin juice, “Just encase she asks.”

“Furry little problem?” James shrugged, he turned around to see a first year boy staring at him, “What are you looking at punk?” he snapped at the kid. His scowl turned into a smiled after a while.

“What so funny?” Remus asked as he got up.

“I have a date with Evans!” James screeched.

“Prongs, it’s not a da-” But before Remus could finish James had already started to walk off in the wrong direction, “We’ve got transfiguration!” Remus called after him.


I watched her get up and leave. Boy, I really messed up with Hayley. Maybe if I had a different approach? Waited a while. Told her how I felt? … Why bother?

“I forgot something in the dorm,” I told James, his face sunk slightly.

Hayley had managed to avoid me most of the time after our encounter before transfiguration. She raced out of classes, and got changed after Quidditch practice before I even had time to step into the change room. She was always with someone. ALWAYS. It’s like she knew when I was coming and started talking to the person standing nearest to her.

I ignored Remus and James. They keep asking what happened between me and Hayley. They think I said some rude joke to her or something. They keep telling me to apologise. I already did. And I would keep trying if she gave me the chance.

She said she’d love to go out with me. So what was the problem? James? She’s scared of his reaction? Maybe I could convince James? Yeah right. James wouldn’t want me to go out with Hayley. He probably thinks I’d break her heart or something. I can’t convince him I’ve changed, he wouldn’t believe me.

I could tell him how madly I love her. And not as a sister. She doesn’t love me back. I could tell. They way she slapped me. And looked at me afterwards. No love there. Damn, the one girl I decide to fall for doesn’t have the time of day for me. I always make the wrong choices. I’m supposed to be smart.

“Hey Sirius!” came a voice from the far end of the common room.

“Oh, hey Kate,” I said, I could get any girl I want and I pick Hayley, the one that’s out of bounds. She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around me.

“So, you wanna hang out tonight?” She said fluttering her eyelashes.

“Huh?” I said, she kissed me lightly on the lips, not as good as Hayley, “Oh, you mean…” She hooked her thumbs on my belt loops and kissed me again.

“Yeah, sure,” I agreed, “Room of Requirement at nine?” She smiled and walked away. I had to get over Hayley one way or another.


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“How girls do you sleep with to get over some one?” Sirius asked bluntly.
“Boy, I really don’t mate know, depends how much you like this ‘some one’,” Remus said.“A lot, I think I’m in love with her and I don’t know why!” Sirius exclaimed, “I have go finish my essay, I’ll see you at dinner.”
“He likes Anne!” James squealed, just as Sirius left, “We have to set them up!”
“No! Don’t you dare! This is Sirius’ business,” Remus said.
“Yeah, you’re right,” James lied. 

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Chapter 7: The One with the Big Mouth
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Chapter Seven

The one with the Big Mouth

“Okay, so that’s four butterbeers,” Rosemerta said as she placed the drinks down on the table, “Three whiskies, and a pumpkin juice.”

“Pumpkin juice,” I snorted, as Rosemerta placed the drink in front of Hayley.
We were all seated together at Three Broomsticks. It was James’ “date” with Lily. I sat beside Remus and Hayley, and James sat on the other side of Hayley. Opposite James was Peter, and much to James’ disappointment next to Peter sat Lily. Opposite Remus sat Mary and opposite me sat Anne. I smiled at her grimly, before turning back to Hayley.

Hayley looked at James and murmured something to him. James gave me a death stare, “Stop touching her!”

“You know the girl who had sex with Slughorn?” Sirius exclaimed loudly, “Hayley Potter!” Everyone went quiet. It was probably the first time in history, the three broomsticks had silence. Hayley blushed a deep red.

“What?” James hissed at me, he had his arm protectively wrapped around Hayley’s shoulder. I shrugged.

“So James,” Anne asked, “You want to be a Auror?” I rolled my eyes at the question, everyone in school and probably outside the school knew that he wanted to be an Auror.

“Yeah,” James said nodding, even though Anne had asked the question James was looking at Lily, “Ever since I was little.”

“Sweet,” Lily said awkwardly, “I only wanted to be a healer ever since fifth year.”

“Being a healer, such a fulfilling job,” James sighed.

For some reason Lily giggled, “Same with being an auror.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I snapped, “We get it, you both save lives…” James gave me another death stare.

“Sirius,” Remus nudged. James returned to his conversation with Lily. Hayley looked up to me and gave me a death stare matching James’.

“Forget it Sirius!” she said loudly, all of a sudden, “ I don’t care how much you want it I’m not having sex with you in the store room!”

“Sirius!” Remus snapped, before James could get there, “What is the matter with you?”

I grinned at Hayley, I turned around and kissed a bald man on the head. I wasn’t quite sure who he was until he, peered over into our booth.

“Hayley!” I exclaimed, in mock shock, “I’m sorry, Professor Slughorn, she must really like you.” He grunted something and sat back down. Hayley face grew a deeper red, she reached for her pumpkin juice as everyone went back to their conversations she poured it onto my pants.

“Sirius!” she exclaimed, “That’s vile!”

“What?” James asked her, “Padfoot, what did you do?”

“Apparently,” I hissed at Hayley, who was having a hard time keeping a straight face, “I peed pumpkin juice!” I pushed Remus out of the booth so I could stand up and show James. James took out his wand and my pants became dry instantly.

I sat back down, and turned to face James, “Hayley sold our quidditch secrets to Monk for a quick shag in the transfiguration room.”

“Sirius!” everyone cried out, except for James who cried out, “Hayley!”

“Sirius, you’re such an arse,” she snapped at me, she pushed past me out of the booth, “I’ll see you at dinner,” she told James.

“You started it!” I called after her, as she left.

“What is wrong with you?” Remus growled at me.

Nobody’s POV~~

“So you and Sirius still not talking?” James asked Hayley from across the table, “I wonder where he keeps disappearing off to…”

James was in an extremely chipper mood. Chipper. His hanging out with Lily and gone flawlessly after Hayley had left. They just talked and he had made her laugh a couple of times. Even though James was a bit disappointed about there being no kiss, he got over it when Lily had accepted another invitation to hang out, however, it was just them two. So he was extremely chipper.

“Probably making out with someone,” Peter shrugged. Peter had a habit of disappearing too these days, but James was sure it wasn’t for some girl.

Maybe a guy? James didn’t mind so much with Peter’s disappearances because he always managed to show when they were making trouble. Sirius seemed more aloof; coming in for classes and some meals. He hadn’t slept in the dorm since Monday, and it was now Thursday.

“During meal times?” Remus asked, and he shook his head answering his own questions, “Something’s up with him.”

“I’ll track him down on the map,” James said, not looking up from his essay, “It doesn’t seem like him to be spending so much time with a girl.”

“Would you stop talking about Sirius?” Hayley snapped, “There are more important people in the world - wait no – more interesting people to talk about! Jeez!” She got up from her seat, stuffed her books into her bag and stormed off.

“Wow,” Peter exclaimed, “Padfoot must have said one rude joke.”

James shrugged, “I’m done, you wanna go track down Padfoot?”

Remus and Peter nodded. They packed up their books and walked out of the library. They walked in the dorm to already find Sirius there. He was rummaging through his belongings.

“Where were you for lunch?” James asked as he walked into the room. He dumped his bag on his bed and turned to face Sirius.

“I was with some girl,” Sirius shrugged, he continued to rummage through his trunk.

“And here I thought you were going to be difficult,” Remus shrugged, “Are you going to Hogsmead tonight?”

“I can’t,” Sirius replied stiffly.

“You and Hayley really need to get over whatever you’re fighting about,” Remus snapped.

“Me and Hayley aren’t fighting and she’s the one avoiding me!” Sirius snapped back, “.....I can’t find my stupid potions book!”

“It’s on your bedside table,” James said, “You could have just summoned it... are you alright?”

“What’s with the questions?” Sirius asked.

“What’s with the secrets?” James snapped.

“What’s with the stupidity?” Sirius retorted.

“Yours? I dunno, you tell me,” James said rasing his voice.

“Sirius, what’s going on?” Remus asked calmly, “We’re just concerned, that’s all.

Sirius groaned, he threw his books against the wall before flopping down on his bed, “How many girls do you have to sleep with, to get over some one?” Sirius asked bluntly.

“Hmmm, I really don’t know mate, depends how much you like this ‘some one’,” Remus said, he picked Sirius’ potions book and placed it beside Sirius.

“A lot, I think I’m in love with her and I don’t know why!” Sirius exclaimed.

“Well, when Lily refused to go out with me, I was desperate to get over her, but no matter how many girls I slept with, I couldn’t get over her,” James shrugged, he took a seat on Remus’ bed, next to Sirius’.

“Great,” Sirius groaned, he got back and started to clean up his mess, “She’s a really good friend and I don’t know if I should make a move or not…”

“Who is this girl that’s got you all hung up?” Remus said curiously.

“No one,” Sirius grunted.

“The girl your in love with is a no one?” James smirked.

“Yes,” Sirius said bluntly, “I have to go finish my essay, I’ll see you at dinner.” He grabbed his bag from the floor, shoved his potions textbook in and walked out.

James made sure Sirius’ footsteps faded before he started talking again, “I can’t believe he’s in love!”

“He’s not in love! He said he likes someone… he likes a friend…” Remus said, more to himself than to James.

“He likes Anne!” James squealed, “We have to set them up!”

“No! James! How do you know he likes her?” Remus snapped.

“It’s so obvious!” James said, “We have to tell her!”

“No! Don’t you dare! This is Sirius’ business,” Remus said.

“Yeah, you’re right,” James lied.

It was well known amongst the Marauders that James couldn’t keep a secret. He had to meddle in other people’s businesses and make a fool of himself. And this situation ended in the same way.

Hayley’s POV

I don’t know what brought it on. But I had decided, I was going to tell Sirius how I had felt. I didn’t care what consequences were, but being vile to him wasn’t doing me any good. I packed my things in the library and headed out. I saw Kate walking not to far ahead of me. I didn’t bother to call out to her, we hadn’t spoken properly in ages, something was just different about us this year. But I didn’t care, I was going to tell Sirius I loved him.

Nobody’s POV

“Really? He likes me?” Anne squealed, “So what should I do?”

“Just flirt with him, he’ll get the message – look there he comes!” James grinned.

James, Remus, Lily and Hayley all were sitting around the fireplace putting last minute touches on their essay. James, however, got a little distracted.

“Just go for itoo!” James urged Anne. She giggled at James; he gave her the thumbs up. She walked to Sirius.

“Hey,” Anne whispered. Hayley, Remus and Lily turned to watch. Remus threw James a death stare, which James chose to ignore.

“Hey,” Sirius grinned, “What’s up?”

“It’s okay, I know,” Anne said, she brought her hand up to his cheek and stroked it.

“Know what?” Sirius asked a little dumbfound.

“Don’t worry, I KNOW!” Anne giggled.

“Let me know as well!” Sirius snapped, edging away from her.

“I know that you love me!” Anne smiled, fluttering her eyelashes, “I have feelings for you too.”

Sirius glared at James, who shrugged, “You told her I had feelings for her!”

“So you do?” James yelped, jumping up.

“NO!” Sirius yelled.

“What?” croaked Anne, she turned to face James.

“I thought he was talking about you!” James cried.

Anne huffed, and walked closer to James, “How would you like it if I told you that somebody liked you when they really didn’t?” she asked, jabbing her finger into her chest.

“Like who?” James said, trying to be casual.

“Err… Slughorn!” Anne spat.

“Honestly? I wouldn’t care,” James grinned.

Anne looked a bit shocked, “Really? Slughorn’s cute!”

James looked like he was about to puke, “Anyway, Sirius if it’s not Anne then who is it?”

“Kate!” Sirius exclaimed just as Kate climbed through the portrait hole, “I’m in love with Kate.”

And just behind Kate, Hayley climbed through the portrait hole, she glanced at Sirius, “What?” she croaked.

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“Hey,” Sheldon said, as I walked up to him, “You know what? Getting this place for the tryouts made me realise something – I love you.”

“Oh… that’s nice,” I said, trying to force a smile, “Thanks.”

“What? That’s it?” he snapped, “No I love you too back?”

“I’m just not ready,” I shrugged.

“Not ready or you like Black?” he asked.

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Chapter 8: The One in Denial
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Chapter Eight

The One in Denial

Everyone knew they were in a relationship, why do they have to flaunt it? We get it. You’re extremely happy! Jeez. I knew Sirius couldn’t have liked me that much, he was already sleeping with my best friend. So he didn’t like me? Or maybe he was just trying to get to her by telling me that he liked me? I dunno, but Sirius is a jerk. I looked over at Sirius and Kate again, oh god. He still had his tongue down her throat. Get a room idiot. Seriously.

“Can you guys stop?” James snapped, “You’re making me and everyone else on the table sick.”

James had taken Sirius’ and Kate’s “relationship” pretty well, considering the fact they were always making out. I asked James if this had bothered him – he merely shrugged. I could see James cracking now – maybe it was the fact that he and Lily were not making out?

“Sorry,” Sirius apologised, breaking away from Kate. They both had huge grins on their faces.

He wasn’t sorry. Stupid liar. Stupid jerk. WHY THE HELL DID I LIKE HIM? Because he’s Sirius. Yeah. Great reasoning. Well I decided, I don’t like him anymore. Starting now.

“Hayley!” I heard Sheldon cry, “OH MY GOD! GUESS WHAT?”

I groaned, I put down my fork, and got up, “What?” I said, putting on a smile. He grabbed me and swung me around, he put me down and kissed me several times on the lips, cheek, lips and lips.

“I got in! I got in!” He squealed, flapping around a piece of parchment, “Can you believe it?”

“No way! Really?” I exclaimed, “Wow, that’s amazing, I’m so proud of you!” I gave him a light kiss on the lips.

I grinned at me, “Well, I’m gonna let the rest of the team know, I’ll see you in class.” And he ran off. I sat back down, and continued eating my lunch.

“Are you going to tell us what that was about?” James quirked, after a while, “Or make us guess?”

I smiled, “Oh, he got into tryouts for the Waspers.”

"You mean the Wasps?" Sirius grinned at me. I ignored him. Just like James dreamed of becoming an Auror, Sheldon dreamed of becoming a star Quidditch player. He had gone on and on about his application for tryouts for days now. I was glad he would now shut up about it. I mean, I was happy for him, extremely, but I’m in love with Sirius. Wait, no, scratch that, I’m extremely happy for him. That’s all.

“He’s going to get no where in life,” James smirked, “I’m telling you he’s no good for you.”

“Who would you rather I go out with?” I asked him.

“Errr… Sirius! He’s a fine young man! And he wants to be an auror,” James said casually.

“Really?” Sirius asked, he let go of Kate.

“Well… no, not really,” James laughed, “I was just saying – so no.”

“What if I still did?” Sirius pressed, eyeing me. I ignored him and went back to my spaghetti. James didn’t say anything. I looked up at him to see him giving Sirius a death stare. Enough said.

We headed off the Herbology after a while. Sheldon met me at the front of the greenhouse; he still had a grin on his face.

“Hey,” he said, as I walked up to him, “You know what? Getting this place for the tryouts made me realise something – I love you.”

Really? Oh god. WE’VE ONLY BEEN GOING OUT FOR TWO WEEKS! This was going to end badly, I could tell.

“Oh… that’s nice,” I said, trying to force a smile, “Thanks.”

“What? That’s it?” he snapped, “No I love you too back?”

“I’m just not ready,” I shrugged; I eyed Sirius who was standing over by the other greenhouse.

“Not ready or you like Black?” he asked.

Oh great.

“No!” I snapped, I was starting to get annoyed, which was very unlike me. It would take a couple of hours of accusing me of something to get me annoyed, “Look, I can’t take all this crap about me liking other people, I’ve had enough, it’s over.”

“No, wait!” Sheldon said, grabbing my arm, “I’m sorry, ” I shook my arm out of his grasp, and walked over to James, “Hayley, wait! Don’t be silly!” I ignored him.

“Is there a problem?” James asked him, as he kept tugging at arm, “I think you better go.”

Sheldon ignored him, “Hayley, don’t be silly, you know I was just checking – please?”

“Leave me alone,” I snapped at him.

“Sheldon, just go,” Remus said calmly to him.

“Fine!” Sheldon shrugged, “FINE!” he yelled at me, he reminded me of a ten year old James when he didn’t get the flavour of ice-cream he wanted, “If that’s how you wanna play it, FINE!” He let go of my arm and pushed me into Sirius. James grabbed him by the collar and pushed him against the greenhouse door.

“James just leave him,” I said, “Sprout is coming, James!” I tried to wedge myself between James and Sheldon. James gave Sheldon a death stare and released him roughly, making him fall to the ground, “James!” I went to help Sheldon up, when James grabbed me by the upper arm and pulled me away.

“I told you not to got with crazy people like Monk,” James snapped at me as we walked into the greenhouse, “He tried to kill you.”

“James,” I retorted, “You tried to kill him, he didn’t do anything – it was more my fault, I broke up with him.”

“He nearly killed you when he pushed you into Sirius,” Remus said from behind us, mocking James’ tone, “Oh the horror.”

“You want me to take points off?” James growled at Remus.

“You’re not going to take points of Gryffindor,” Remus laughed. I looked over at Sirius, he talking intently to Kate about something.

James turned back around to face me, “He tried to murder you!”

I laughed, “James, he shoved me.”

“Why did you break up anyway?” Sirius said leaning over to me.

“That’s none of your business,” I snapped at him.

“But I love you,” Sirius whispered, only loud enough for me to hear.

“Oh, shut-up Sirius,” I spat at him, turned back around to James, “No! James!” I watched as James hurled a pot full of soil at Sheldon. Sheldon ducked the pot but the soil came tumbling out of the out landing all over him and students around him.

“POTTER!” Madam Sprout yelled as James’ smiled feebly.

And that was my Friday: Breaking up with Sheldon, and James constantly trying to bump into him or hit him. I knew he was right. I did like Sirius. No. I was in love with him. But James had made it clear; again, at dinner he’s feelings about me and Sirius getting together.

“Why do two keep sniping at each other?” James said looking up from his steak.

“Nothing,” I shrugged, “Can’t we talk?” I turned back to Sirius and stepping on his foot hard.

“Still doesn’t hurt,” he muttered, as his eyes wandered up my skirt.

“Eh… Padfoot?” Remus said, “Why are you rubbing your foot against my leg?”

I tried not to grin, as Sirius turned beet red and removed his hand from my thigh. He apologized to Remus and continued to eat his dinner.

“There’s a true rumour going around that Sirius kissed you,” James hissed to me. I saw Kate’s eyes pop wide.

“It’s not true, that’s why it’s called a rumour,” I hissed back at him, I felt Sirius’ shift around a bit, probably checking for his wand.

“Yeah we did,” Sirius sighed, slinging his arm around me, “What are you going to Potter?”

“Well… I – I well…” James stuttered he was turning just as red as Sirius had turned a few minutes ago, James lunged across the table trying to grab Sirius. The food on the table between James and Sirius splattered everywhere.

“James!” Remus and I yelled at the same time. Remus managed to pull James of Sirius as I tried to protect Sirius. I didn’t know why, I should have let him got what he deserved.

“He was joking!” I yelled at my brother.

“That wasn’t funny!” James roared at Sirius, “I’ll take you off the quidditch team, if you ever do anything like that!”

“Oh, please,” Sirius said in a girly manner, “I’m your best player, you wouldn’t knock me off the team even if I knocked her up.” Sirius said nudging me.

James’ hazel eyes narrowed at Sirius, “Don’t touch her.” James snarled. He magiced the food of his shirt. I excused myself from the table and left.

I found another reason me and Sirius could be together. It would put a strain on James’ and his friendship. We weren’t even together and I could see how James would react. I couldn’t get in the way of their friendship. I couldn’t. So there, my three ironclad reasons I couldn’t be with Sirius; he’d break my heart, James and James.

I was walking back from the library when Sirius finally caught up with me. The halls were deserted and there was nowhere to make a detour. He had finally cornered me.

“Hayley! Wait!” he called behind me. I turned around to face him, he would catch up to me anyway, “Hey.”

“Hey,” I said moving back as he stepped closer to me. I finally hit the wall, he pressed up against me. I could feel my cheeks turn red, I tried to sound casual, “What’s up?” It came out as a whisper.

“I talked to James,” Sirius said, his hands rested on my hips, “He’s okay with it.”

I stared at him. I was shocked. James? Say it was okay? Yeah right.

“No he didn’t,” I said, finding my voice again.

“Okay, fine I didn’t talk to him,” he grinned, “How did you guess?”

“You don’t have any bruises,” I smiled. He laughed. I could feel his heart beat against my chest, I sighed.

“I miss you,” he said. He brought up his hand and gently stroked my cheek.

“Me too,” I mumbled. What was I doing? I should just kick him and make a run for it. I tried. But my legs just wouldn’t move.

“I don’t understand your way of thinking,” He said, “I know you like me – but you deny it.”

“Sirius, I can’t do this, please,” I said, I tried to push him away, he would budge, “You’re with Kate.”

“I’ll break it off,” He said indifferently, “I don’t love her, only you,” he added in a much softer voice.

“What if we start going out and you break it of with me… after a day?” I asked said.

“I love you too much,” he said. Yeah right. Such cheesy lines. But still, I was at loss of words.

“I just can’t,” I said, I could feel his heart sinking.

“I love you,” he said. I didn’t respond, afraid of what I might say, “Do you love me?” He looked me straight in the eye. Didn’t blink.

I took a deep breath, I had to do this. I couldn’t be selfish, he was James’ best friend, this would tear them apart, I knew James and I knew Sirius. But I did love him. I was selfish. But I couldn’t. I would break my own heart, I wouldn’t give him a chance, “No.” I didn’t think he even heard me. He pushed away from me about to say something – I couldn’t risk giving him the chance. I ran. I knew he wouldn’t follow. I knew Sirius.

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“Marlene Mckinnon?” Hayley suggest.

“Wait, did anyone actually tell you that they like Moony? Or are you trying to be a bitch to him as well,” I snarled.

“Sirius,” Remus said astounded, “What is with your mood swings?”

Hayley didn’t give me a chance to retort, she kept on talking to Remus, “Anne?”

“Too loose,” Remus said, “I think I want someone-”

“Are you setting him up?” I laughed at Hayley, “You want to kill his heart too? Haven’t you had enough?” I stood up and walked off haughtily. Yeah, I could be a jerk.

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Chapter 9: The one with Iacovosphobia
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Chapter Nine

The one with Iacovosphobia

A/N: Iacovos is Greek for James.

It hadn’t gone as I had planned. Not one bit. I imagined me telling her I loved her and she’d say it back. Not rip my heart out. I knew she liked me, I could tell – I can always tell. But something’s holding her back. James? No… me breaking her heart? Maybe?

“I was looking for you, why aren’t you guys at breakfast?” Hayley said, as she sat down next to Remus, she didn’t wait for an answer but kept on talking, “I just found out, you have an admirer.”

“Are you sure?” I said, I knew she was speaking to Remus, I felt the need to be mean to her, and “Maybe she just wants to rip my heart out.”

She ignored me, and turned to speak to Remus, “Mary Mcdonald!”

“Oh,” Remus shrugged, “I don’t really like her, she and Sirius had a thing.”

“Marlene Mckinnon?” Hayley suggest.

“Wait, did anyone actually tell you that they like Moony? Or are you trying to be a bitch to him as well,” I snarled.

“Sirius,” Remus said, slightly astounded. It was as if he had never seen me be a jerk to anyone. “What is with your mood swings?”

Hayley didn’t give me a chance to retort, she kept on talking to Remus, “Anne?”

“Too loose,” Remus said, “I think I want someone-”

“Are you setting him up?” I laughed at Hayley, “You kill someone’s heart and you want to kill his too?” I stood up and walked off haughtily. Yeah, I could be a jerk.

I walked down to the great hall to meet James for dinner. I sat down next to him and pulled his plate up in front of me and began eating.

“Hey!” James scowled,, he pulled up a new plate and began loading food again onto the plate.

“Sirius!” Remus said, “What’s wrong with you?” He was dragging Hayley along with him, he pushed her down beside me, “You have to work out whatever you have going on.” I stood up as soon as she sat down. I gave her a glance and walked off.

~ Hayley’s POV~~~

Now it was Sirius ignoring me and being a total arse. I sat on my bed, my curtains pulled around my bed and my eyes pouring. I hated the way I acted with Sirius. I hated lying to him. I hated hurting him. I wanted to run into his arms and tell him how much I love him. I wanted James not to care. James. JAMES. I wanted to stop being so selfish. I wanted to stop thinking about myself and think about what it’d do to James’ and Sirius’ friendship. Arghhhh. This was a mess.

“Hayley?” called out a voice from the other side of the curtain. I tried to make out who it was, it was too muffled. Kate? It couldn’t be – she had a date or make-out session. James’ was on his second date with Lily.

“Yeah?” I called back, I wiped the tears from my cheek.

“It’s me, Remus,” he paused, I could here if shuffling around, “We’re going down to Hogsmead to meet James, you wanna come?”

“Er… no, thanks,” I said.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Fine,” I said, “Have fun.”

“Okay, bye,” He muttered, I heard the door click close. At least I could go downstairs now, Sirius wouldn’t be there. I pulled back the curtains. The light hit my eyes, I groaned. I walked over to the mirror. Ugh. My hair a mess, I patted it down and tucked my fringe behind my ears. I wondered if I should get changed… I couldn’t be bothered, my shorts and singlet would have to do. My eyes were red and puffy like I was sick. I walked out of the dorm and climbed down the stairs slowly. I just passed the boys dorm when I heard Remus call out.

“Bye Sirius!” he yelled.

“Bye Moony,” Sirius called out, I heard his door open and then he’s footsteps, they were getting closer. Crap. I turned back around to run back to the dorm. I turned around too quickly, I bumped into Sirius and stumbled back a few steps. He caught me around the upper arm before I fell.

“Thanks,” I mumbled, as he pulled me up, I could feel my arms shaking. Actually, my whole body was shaking.

“You okay?” He asked, letting go of my arm.

I stood still for a while and just stared at him, “Yeah,” I croaked, as soon as I found my voice. He stared at me for at me. I stayed still unsure of what to do.

“Just for closure, I know you like me,” Sirius said, “But what stopped you?”

“James,” I said bluntly, I didn’t know wether to continue or not, “I don’t think he’d like it.”

“But, this isn’t about James,” Sirius said.

“It’ll put a strain on your friendship, I don’t want to be selfish,” I mumbled. He stepped down towards me, edging closer. We were barely inches away.

Sirius grinned, “You wouldn’t be being selfish, James saying he doesn’t want us together would be selfish.”

“I am selfish,” I mumbled, I could feel my cheeks burning up and my eyes welling up.

“You’re not,” Sirius hushed, he rested his hands on my hip and pushed me against the wall.

“James just wouldn’t agree,” I said shaking my head, “I’m scared of what he’ll do.”

Sirius laughed, “You’re adorable, James won’t do anything to you, I know him.”

“No, I know James won’t do anything to me, I’m scared for you,” I smiled, “Terrified.”

“Don’t be, please,” He begged. One of his hands gently caressed my cheek whilist the other rested lightly on my hip.

“I’m scared of James,” I admitted, I didn’t know what to do or say next and neither did Sirius as it seemed. We just stood. Seemed liked for hours. Suddenly I could feel my eyes tearing up. I was in this situation too often. What was I doing? Why was I- “I do love you,” I blurted out. I could feel tears rolling down my cheek. I didn’t know what had made me do it. Maybe it was where Sirius’ hands where roaming or just a sudden moment of weakness.

“You do love me?” Sirius said, a smile breaking out on his face; I tilted my head up to look at him, “ “Hey, hey, hey, what’s wrong?”

“I’m selfish,” I mumbled, “Sirius-”

“I can handled James,” Sirius shrugged, “We don’t have to tell James,” Sirius suggested, I nodded.

“Hayley Potter, will you be my girlfriend?” Sirius asked me.

“I’d love to.” And for the first time that day, I didn’t feel like a horrible person, I didn’t feel selfish and I didn’t feel guilty.


“James!” Remus snapped at me, “You did this on purpose!”

“Why would I do this on purpose? I just got lost!” James shrugged, trying to hide his grin.

“You know Hogwarts like the shape of your wand!” Remus cried out, “You wouldn’t get lost here even if your dinner depended on it!”

“Do you think I like picking on Slytherins?” James asked, as he climbed out of the dungeons back into the main castle.


“POTTER!” James whipped to see who it was. Carrow and Rosier, seventh year Slytherins. “Looking forward to the game?” Carrow spat from the end of corridor.

“I always looking forward to kicking Slytherin ass,” James replied haughtily, Remus nudged him.

“Don’t start a fight,” Remus hissed. James waved him off, taking out his wand.

“Wanna bet?” Rosier taunted, “50 galleons.”

“You’re on,” James grinned put his wand away. He walked away with Remus.

Carrow turned to Rosier, and grabbed him by the collar and pushed him roughly against the wall, “We don’t have fifty galleons you fool! We’re supposed to be making money not losing it! ”

“Don’t worry, without their seeker, they won’t win,” Rosier smirked, pushing Carrow off him.

Carrow brushed off Rosier’s rough behaviour, “How do you plan on getting rid of the girl?”

“By killing her,” Rosier replied.

“That’s not what he asked,” Carrow said warily, “He doesn’t want her, he wants-”

“I know what he wants!” Rosier spat, giving Carrow a irritated look, “I need the girl to get to them.”

“Why her? Why not the mud blood?” Carrow snapped not fully grasping Rosier’s excitement.

“The mudblood is too resilient, I’ve been watching them, the other one is naïve and forgiving – and she and Black are going behind’s Potter’s back – a perfect blackmail,” Rosier grinned.

“Are you sure they’re together?” Carrow asked.

“I saw them kissing in the hallway last week and then arguing about Potter,” Rosier said.

Carrow seemed to have finally believed in Rosier’s plan, “What are you going to do after you get her?” Carrow snapped, slightly annoyed.

“I’ll get her to doing some off the tasks the he wants done,” Rosier snarled, “When I don’t need her anymore, I’ll kill her.”

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Preview for nxt chapter:

“Is it done?” came a dark voice from behind the trees.

“Yes,” Rosier replied.

“Are you sure this will work Rosier?” said the cold voice.

“Definite, the girl is weak and naïve,” Rosier replied, “She will not tell anyone – she will not risk their lives.”

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Chapter 10: The One with the Inappropriateness
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Chapter Ten

The One with the Inappropriateness

She opened and closed her mouth a few times, about to say. I pressed her harder against the wall until I could feel her hipbones grind into mine. I felt her breath hitch as I gave her a light kiss on the nape of her neck. She wrapped her arms around me neck, hopped up on her toes and lightly brushed her lips against mine. And as quickly as she had kissed me, she pushed me away. She quickly pulled on my shirt, patted her hair and walked out of the closet

“Wait, somebody could be out-” I whispered after her, but she was in too much of a hurry.

“Oh my god!” I heard a sudden girlish shriek, one that I had heard so many times. I looked up to see where it came from. It was Lily, with James by her side.

“WHAT IN MERLIN’S SPOTTED TROUSER’S ARE YOU DOING!?” James roared in surprise, his face going red, as we emerged, half naked, from the broom closest.

And to think this could have all been avoided if James and Lily hadn’t gone to Hogsmeade leaving Hayley and me alone, if Hayley hadn’t suggested going to Hogsmeade and if I hadn’t been so perverted. Wait no, if Remus’ girlfriend had smaller boobs.



Ten Hours Ago:

It was the beginning of October. Hayley and me had been going out for two weeks now and all was well. We snuck out after dinner; usually we went to Hogsmeade and just walked around or hung out at the Three Broomsticks. We talked. She was surprised; she had expected that all I would want to do was get into her pants. Best of all, James or anybody else was suspicious. Although Hayley, was still panic ridden.

It was the perfect Sunday morning. I was stretched out on my bed with Hayley beside me. I had my arm wrapped around her and she rested on my bare chest. She played lazily with my fingers with one hand and the other hand she had rested on my leg. As I read my Play witch magazine, I occasionally checked the marauders map to see if James was back from his outing with Lily or Remus had come out of the library. Hayley shifted around beside me, she glanced at my magazine and scowled.

“They’re not really like that you know?” she muttered, dropping my hand and looking up at me.

I grinned, “You’re cute when you’re jealous,” I said, without taking my eyes of the magazine.

She huffed, “It doesn’t hurt to wear a shirt you know?” She said, her eyes now focused on my stomach.

“Yes, but with my shirt off, I know I’ve got your full attention,” I said still pretending to be focused on my magazine. I wasn’t even concentrating on the magazine; I was distracted with the placement of her hands. I was certain she was doing it unconsciously, but one her hands rested on my inner thigh, caressing it gently.

“You know, Sirius, I was thinking…” she trailed off, I looked up from my magazine and started intently at her, “What?” she said startled at my attention.

“I’m not going to do it,” I said, “I won’t.”

“Won’t do what?” she asked, confused.

“Have sex with you-” I started.

“Why would you think that’s what I wanted?” she asked her eyes narrowing at me.

“By the way you’re rubbing my leg,” I grinned. It took her awhile to comprehend what I was saying

“Oh!” she yelped, snatching her hand away. She turned a deep shade of red, “I didn-”

“You’re also cute when you’re embarrassed,” I laughed, she looked away from me, “Don’t worry, I enjoyed it.” I kissed her lightly on the cheek, and watched her grow crimson.

“My feet are cold,” she mumbled, “I’m going to go put on some socks-”

“Just wear mine,” I suggested, as she stood up.

“No!” Hayley snapped, “I’m not wearing your socks!”

“Why not?” I exclaimed, slightly shocked at her reaction, “They’re perfectly fine.” I picked up a pair from the floor and threw them at her.

She caught them with ease, “It’s gross,” she said, her nose scrunching up.

“You wear my jacket,” I said sitting up.

She sighed, “Okay fine,” She frowned as he pulled on my socks. It came up to her knees, she let them go and they slipped down to her ankles.

“They’re too big,” she grinned, pulling them off.

“No, you’re too tiny,” I laughed.

“No, they’re just too big,” She snapped, she opened my trunk to put in the socks she had just neatly folded, “Sirius, you trunk is a mess!”

“No, your’s is just too clean,” I grinned, as she tried to neaten it up.

“Oh, this reminds me, I need to go to Hogsmeade to buy some clothes,” Hayley said, finally closing my trunk, “I’ll see you at dinner?”

“No, I’ll go with you!” I said jumping up and pulling on a shirt.

“Oh, you don’t have to,” Hayley said quickly, gesturing me to sit back down, “That shirt is way to small for you.”

I looked down at the shirt, it barely reached my belly button, “Oh, it must be Pete’s, smells like it,” I took it off and threw it down on the floor and picked up the dark blue one next to it, “I want to come, it’ll be fun.”



Hayley’s POV

“You look beautiful,” Sirius exclaimed as I came out of the change rooms.

“It’s not to short?” I asked, trying to pull the dress down a bit. It was a black tube dress, I had picked out.

“I like it short,” Sirius grinned, he winked at me. I scowled at him, and went back into the change room; I heard Sirius let out a sigh.

“I told you not to come,” I called out from inside the change room; I pulled on a red halter neck dress.

“I wanted to,” I heard him mumbled; I came out of the change room and twirled around for him.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“Does it matter?” he huffed.

“Of course,” I replied, smiling.

Something sparked in his eyes, he grinned, “MERLIN’S BEARD!” he exclaimed, “YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! STUNNING! AMAZING! DAZZLING! BUY IT! BUY IT NOW! LET’S TAKE IT TO THE REGISTER! C’MON! NOW! NOW! NOW!” I tried to give him a death glare, forcing myself not to smile. I went back into the change room and quickly got changed.

“Sorry,” Sirius apologized as I came out, I handed the dresses to the sales assistant, “You’re not buying any?” He asked, I could sense a slight irritation in this voice.

I shook my head, smiling slightly at the scowl on his face.

“Where to now?” I asked him.

“Lunch please,” Sirius, said grinning (probably at the thought of food).

“Okay, okay – but no maple syrup,” I said, turning to give him the Mcgonagall look.

“Deal,” he smirked, pulling me into the closest restaurant, “My treat.”

The restaurant was very grand, probably the best one in Hogsmeade, “Oh Sirius, you don’t have to, I’m fine eating at the Three Broomsticks.” I stood outside the restaurant as he held the door open for me.

“This is our first “real” date – not including the hanging out at the broomsticks for drinks,” he smiled, air quoting himself

“Sirius – ” I began, I could a Sirius-rant coming if I didn’t step inside, “I’m paying.” I said as I stepped into the restaurant.

“That’s what you think,” Sirius muttered under his breath. Sometimes he reminded me of a child.

“Sirius-” I began.

“What?” he said edgily.

“Thanks,” I said, forcing a smile. Letting him win all the arguments wasn’t going to be fun. He handed me over a menu, grinning, “What?”

“Thanks,” he said simply. My smile grew wider. I watched intently, as he flipped through the menu his handsome face smiling or frowning at the available foods.

He looked up at me, before I had chance to look away, “What?” I smiled at him, as it occurred to me the past few minutes all we had said to each other was ‘what’ and ‘thanks’.

Sirius clicked his fingers and a waiter with quick-quotes quill in hand came running out from the back door.

“Hi, my name is Sorry, I’ll be your waiter for today, what can I help you with,” Sorry, the waiter asked politely.

“Sorry?” Sirius grinned. I kicked him under the table, “Oh yes… er…” Sirius thought, “I would like the chicken mignon, but is it possible to swap the side of steamed vegetables for… the ten pound lobster?”

I covered my chuckle with a violent cough.

The waiter thought for a while before nodding.

“And is it possible to get some maple syrup with that?” Sirius asked politely ignoring the waiter’s look of confusion.

I didn’t wait for the waiter to reply, “I’ll have to same as him, but just the steamed vegetables for me and no maple syrup – actually he was kidding about the maple syrup so none on his either.” I smiled politely at the waiter and watch him walk away.

“Maple syrup adds taste,” Sirius snapped.

“Yes, you’re right it adds taste to your pancakes not your ten-pound lobster,” I snapped playfully back at him.

He ignored me, and then added randomly, “I really think you should have bought the dresses.”

I shrugged, “It doesn’t matter, I don’t have any pocket money left for this month anyway!”
“Why didn’t you ask me?” he cried out.

“You’re my boyfriend Sirius not my bank,” I said grinning. He obviously didn’t find this conversation funny.

“I have money you know?” he snapped suddenly. And it wasn’t in a playful manner either.

“I know,” I shrugged.

“So is there a reason why you didn’t ask me for money?” he said his voice growing.

“Because!” I sighed, “Sirius, I know you have enough money to have a daily shower with but I don’t want you to buy me things hoping that’ll you’ll impress me, because believe it or not, I love you – and I’m already impressed.”

He looked back down at his menu and threw it aside. He gave out a grunt indicating he had heard me and then slumped down on his chair.

“Oh, now I’ve upset you-”

“I’m not upset,” he pouted, “Is that Remus?” he said squinting at something behind me.

I turned around to see what he was looking, “Oh my god! He’s coming in here – Sirius!” I turned back around to see a stunned expression on his face.

“That’s Allison Tony! She’s like one of the hottest girls-” he stopped suddenly, reading the unamused expression on my face, “Well- well we can just pretend we’re just out for lunch – like as friends.”

“Is that so you can check out his girlfriend?” I smirked at him.

He gave out an awkward laugh, “I love- y-you.” I scowled at him.

“Hey Remus,” Sirius said getting out of his seat, “What are you doing here?”

Remus and Allision walked over to us. Allision was the same height as Remus and her blonde hair flowed past her denim miniskirt. I followed Sirius’s eye line over to Allison’s low cut top.

“I just brought Allison out to eat,” Remus said, he’s eyes went wide as he saw me, “What are you doing here?” 

“Oh, Hayley wanted to come shopping – so I came with her… as friends,” he said, stressing the last bit.

“Oh god,” I muttered, just loud enough for Sirius to hear, “Jeez Sirius, don’t make it obvious,” I added sarcastically, under my breath.

“Does James know?” he said, “He’s going to freak out if he can’t find her on the map.”

“Don’t worry, Sirius was just going to take me back,” I snapped, standing up. I just reached her shoulders

“I was? But Alli-” he stopped suddenly, “Yeah, okay.” I waved goodbye to Remus and walked out of the restaurant with Sirius at my heels.

“Hayley,” he called after me, “Wait up - We didn’t even stay for the lobster!” Sirius cried out.

“I didn’t think you wanted to stay for the lobster, more like Allison,” I snapped.

“Are you jealous?” Sirius laughed, wrapping his arm around my waist.

“I- You- I- I – you!” I snarled, hitting him on the chest.

“Yes, me,” Sirius laughed.

“You couldn’t stop staring at her breasts!”

“They were big!”




“I’m sorry,” Sirius shrugged, “I promise from now on I won’t look at anyone’s boobs but yours, forgive me?”

“No,” I snapped, “You’re not understanding the problem-”

“I understand, really I do,” Sirius sighed, “I shouldn’t have checked her out while I’m with you –”

“While you were with me? So it’s okay to check her out while you’re not with me?”

“With you meaning – like when I have you – not have – while we’re going out – no wait-” Sirius said, tripping over his own words, “I’m sorry, it was totally inappropriate for me and an absolute disrespect to you, forgive me please?”

“No,” I snapped, “Not ‘til you’ve had a little taste of your own medicine.”


Sirius P.O.V.

“Maybe we should just staying in the shrieking-”

“No I think we should go down to Hogsmeade,” James said, I nodded along with him.

“Yeah, that sounds cool,” Peter muttered.

“What if they are people there?” Remus snapped at us.

“We’ll handle it,” James shrugged, “I have to go patrol with Lily, I really think Hogsmeade would be fun.” James grinned and walked off.

“We’ll handle it?” Remus snapped again, “No way in hell I’m going to Hogsmeade-”

“What’s wrong with Hogsmeade Remus?” Hayley said as she entered the dorm. My mouth dropped as I saw her. She was wearing the shortest pair of shorts that clung to her legs – they were like underwear no wait they were underwear and a white shirt. She had tied the just above her belly button and left all the buttons undone revealing her black bra.

“What are you doing?” I grinned, as she took seat next to Remus on his bed.

She ignored me, “What’s wrong with Hogsmeade?” she repeated.

“Oh nothing,” Remus said, going red at Hayley’s attire and his. He got up quickly and walked over to his trunk.

“Oh, you don’t have to put on a shirt cause I’m here,” she giggled, “You look better this way, jeez Remus, I didn’t know you worked out.”

Remus gave a girlish giggle crossed with a frightened shriek.

“Okay, that’s enough,” I said standing between them, “Remus stop staring at her.”

“It’s okay, I’m going to down into the common room anyway, bye Remus,” she waved, as she exited the room.

“You can’t go down there like that!” I called after her, “You wait here,” I muttered to Remus. I went after Hayley. I quickly raced down the stairs and found her lying on the couch with at least five boys surrounding her.

“What are you doing?” I snapped at her. I pulled her up by the arm and into the Gryffindor Broom Closest.


“That’s not funny, I was checking her out not flaunting naked- it’s totally inappropriate!”

“So you learnt your lesson?” She asked me gleefully.

“Yes!” I snapped, “You - never do that again!”

“I think I made one of the sixth years out there go hard-”


“I’m just saying,” She laughed, “Don’t worry I’m not going shag him,” I nodded, “Now, take off your shirt.”

“What?” I snapped, pushing her hands away as she attempted to unbutton my shirt.

“I’m not going to go back out like this,” she said, gesturing at her attire.

“Oh, I thought you wanted to-” I said grinning.

“Yeah, yeah, I know what you thought,” Hayley smiled.

“I still need your shirt,” Hayley smiled. I leaned back on the bare stonewall as she unbuttoned my shirt. I smiled to myself as I saw her cheeks turn crimson. Hayley ran her fingers along my chest and down to my stomach, stopping just above my pants. I felt her hold her breath as I slowly took off my shirt and handed it to her.

“We should go,” Hayley whispered.

“I gave you my shirt, you have to give me something,” I grinned; I rested my hands on her waist and pushed her back against the opposite wall.

“You want my shirt?” she suggested playfully.

“Nope,” I said, shaking my head. The knot in her shirt untied itself gracefully, revealing her bra.

She opened and closed her mouth, about to say something a few times. I pressed her harder against the wall until I could feel her hipbones grind into mine. I felt her breath hitch as I gave her a light kiss on the nape of her neck. She wrapped her arms around me neck, hopped up on her toes and lightly brushed her lips against mine. And as quickly as she had kissed me, she pushed me away. She quickly pulled on my shirt, patted her hair and walked out of the closet

“Wait, somebody could be out-” I whispered after her, but she was in too much of a hurry.

“Oh my god!” I heard a sudden girlish shriek, one that I had heard so many times. I looked up to see where it came from. It was Lily, with James by her side.

“WHAT IN MERLIN’S SPOTTED TROUSER’S ARE YOU DOING!” James roared in surprise, he’s face going red, as we emerged, half naked, from the broom closest.

“Oh crap.”


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“Oh,” Remus muttered to himself, “Are you seeing Hayley?”


 I shook my head, refusing to look at him in the eye.

“Do you like her?” Remus asked after awhile.

I snapped my head up, “Remus, I don’t like her – she’s like a sister to me, but it sounds like you do, I’m sure James wouldn’t mind.”
Remus snorted (which was very unlike him), “Yeah right, I rather go the whole school about my furry little problem,” he said, mimicking James.

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Chapter 11: The One with the Masterplan
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Chapter Eleven 

The One with the Master plan

“Wait, somebody could be out-” I whispered after her, but she was in too much of a hurry.

“Oh my god!” I heard a sudden girlish shriek, one that I had heard so many times. I looked up to see where it came from. It was Lily, with James by her side.

“WHAT IN MERLIN’S SPOTTED TROUSER’S ARE YOU DOING!” James roared in surprise, he’s face going red, as we emerged, half naked, from the broom closest.

“Oh crap,” Hayley and I muttered at the same time.

“I knew it!” Peter gasped from behind us.

“Okay,” I sighed, “This is not what it looks like.”

“Looks pretty bad Padfoot,” Peter laughed.

I could have hit him them. I gave him a death glare wiping that smirk right of his face.

“Oh, James,” Hayley waved off, “I was doing a dare – and Sirius stopped me.”


“James!” Lily said in outrage. James threw her an annoyed look.

“I rather you not know,” Hayley smirked, “But I promise – I was not making out with him.”

“What was the dare?” James pressed.

“I have to take of Sirius’ shirt to show you -“ Hayley said, starting to open up the buttons.

“No!” James snapped, “I believe you – just don’t scare me like that again.” He sighed, and turned to face me, “AND YOU!” he snapped suddenly, I jumped.

‘What? You should thank me – if you knew what the dare was-”


“I was doing her a favour!” I snapped at him, “She had half the guys in here ready to jump on her-”

“Sirius!” Hayley gasped at me, hitting me on chest.

“You weren’t naked were you?” James said, his eyes narrowing in on Hayley.

“No!” Hayley yelped, feigning innocence, “James!”

James shrugged, sheepishly, “I had to go with the odds.”

And that’s how that ended. Phew. Even though I had explained what happened to James, Remus was still snooping around.

“So why were with Hayley in the broom closet?” Remus pressed.

“Can’t remember,” I shrugged, pretending to be concentrating on my potions essay.

“Oh,” Remus muttered to himself, “Are you seeing Hayley?”

I shook my head, refusing to look at him in the eye.

“Do you like her?” Remus asked after awhile.

I snapped my head up, “Remus, I don’t like her – she’s like a sister to me, but it sounds like you do, I’m sure James wouldn’t mind.”

Remus snorted (which was very unlike him), “Yeah right, I rather go the whole school about my furry little problem,” he said, mimicking James.

“No you wouldn’t,” I scoffed, returning to my essay.

“You’re right,” Remus laughed, “But James would kill me, he’s practically stalking her now since the broom closet episode and since Sheldon has been bothering her.”

“Sheldon’s been bothering her?” I said, my voice suddenly had become squeaky.

“James didn’t tell you?” Remus said indifferently, “Yeah, he wants her back – Hayley told James to give him a scare – he apparently doesn’t scare as easy as James thought.”

“Oh,” I nodded, “We better get down to potions,” I said packing up my things, “I’ll meet you there, I have to return these library books – Smith is going to kill me.”

“The librarian’s name is Beckett, Sirius,” Remus corrected, getting out of his seat as well.

Hayley’s POV

I hurried along the corridor; I was late for meeting Sirius. We said we would meet right after breakfast – but I was running late.

“Hey beautiful,” Sirius greeted, he kissed me on the cheek.

“Hey,” I grinned, I wrapped my arms around his neck, I jumped up on my toes and kissed him passionately on the lips. I pulled away and read Sirius’ amused expression, “What? You try going day with a peck on the cheek,” I snapped at him.

He laughed, “We can’t go into Potions together – Rem- people might get suspicious.”

I nodded, “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” he said with an edge to his voice, “I’m not the one hiding things.”

“What?” I asked slightly confused, “Did you have the whole bottle of maple syrup again?”

“No!” Sirius snapped.

Gosh, what was his problem now?

“What happened?” I asked, slightly concerned now, “Holy Hippogriff! Don’t tell me there was no maple syrup!” I added sarcastically.

“There was plenty,” Sirius scowled, “I’m fine,” He added, putting on a smiling.

“Okay, I need to go back to the dorm to pick up my potions book anyway, I’ll see you in potions,” I smiled at him and walked off.

“Don’t be late!” he called out after me, as I turned the corner, “Slughorn gets crabby!”

“I miss you!” I heard him yell, as I climbed up the stairs. I grinned to myself.


I turned around, “Yeah?” I sighed, it was only Rosier, a seventh year student in Slytherin, “I’m late for class, what do you want?”

“Would you help me with something?” Rosier asked, smiling, “I dropped a box of lemon drops for Dumbledore.”

“What!?” I spat, “You are a wizard you know?”

“I misplaced my wand, somewhere,” he said shyly.

I growled, “Oh! – Okay, hurry up,” I sighed, I was already late, nothing I could do now, “This better not be some dumb trick!”

“Oh, it’s just round the corner,” He said still smiling. I shook my head; not knowing why was doing this. I turned the corner with Rosier a few inches behind me.

“There’s no lemon drops here, what are you talking about? Rosier-” I said, turning around to face him. He looked at me and smirked, I was so stupid. He raised his hand, balling it into a fist, and before I could reach for my wand, it made a sharp contact with my cheek. I stumbled backwards, hitting the stonewall. I looked around blindly, one hand out in front of me trying to push him away and the other hand fumbling around for my wand. I slowly got my vision back and I whipped out my wand. He jumped forward; he held one arm firmly against the wall and the other he twisted behind my back, causing me to drop my wand.

“Of course they are no lemon drops!” He squealed, into my ear.

“Rosier,” I cried out, “Tell me what you want and let me go!”

“I want you out of the quidditch team,” He said.

“What?” I spat, “You punched me for that?”

“I needed to make my point,” Rosier snarled, “Now listen, you go up to that prissy brother of yours and you tell him you want out, TODAY!”

“No! Just because the Slytherin seeker can’t see for-”

“You don’t want to finish that sentence,” he hissed, “You tell your brother or your dirty little secret with Black might just slip from my lips.”

“Go and tell him,” I gasped, as he pressed his body against mine, crushing it against the wall. He seemed lost for words.

He sighed, a smirk appearing on his face, “The Dark Lord, he’s recruiting, once I tell him about Black and Potter he won’t be to happy when they refuse to join him,” He whispered into my neck, he tilted his head back slightly reading the expression on my face, he laughed

“I thought so, by dinner I want to hear everybody gossiping about your dropout,” he said. He twisted my hand round a bit more, I screamed out in pain. He rolled my wand from underneath me picked it up and pocketed, “Just for a safety measure, and make sure nobody hears about this.”

I stood in shock, my face still numb from the pain and I was sure my hand was broken. I couldn’t go to class like this and without my wand, I headed back for the dorm.

The bell rang. Shit. What had I done to deserve this?

You lied to James.

Shut-up you.

“Hayley!” came yell from behind me, I glanced around to see who it was.


“Hey James,” I said, turning my head the other way.

“You weren’t in potions…” James trailed, trying to get a glimpse of my face as I hid it under my arm.

“I noticed,” I said sarcastically, as the pain in my arm started to get worse.

“Why aren’t you showing me your face – is everything alright,” James asked.


“Hayley – what’s going on?” James snapped, pulling my hand away from my face, “Holy Fu-”

“I’m fine,” I cut across him.

“What happened?” he asked eyeing my swollen face, “Was it Sheldon?”

“Was what Sheldon?” came another voice from behind us.

I snapped my head around… maybe a bit too quickly.

“Holy Fu-” Sirius started.

“Sheldon did this?” Remus yelled.

“NO!” I snapped, they all looked a bit taken back, “I was heading to Potions and I passed by the broom cupboard-”

“He took you in there and beat you up?”

“No – the brooms had just been polished-”

“He beat you with the polished broom?”

“No – let me finish James – and you know when you get that whiff a polished broom.”

James and Sirius both nodded in agreement, whilst Remus scowled.

“He hit you because you smelt the bro-”

“Sirius! Let me finish – well I decided to go for a ride and I tried a new-”

James gasped, “You didn’t pull another stupid dive!?”

“I thought it would work!” I said, trying to grin. I took I deep breath. I had to tell him about dropping out of the team –

“YOU’RE OUT OF THE TEAM!” James yelled.

“WHAT!?” Sirius and I yelled at the same time.

Wow. That was easier than I thought.


And I can’t believe he believed that. I am the worst liar in the world, and I just fooled one of the best. Score.

But I was a coward. I couldn’t believe I was scared of Rosier, I should told James the truth. I shook my head. Just leave it. Rosier wouldn’t bother me anymore right? I jumped onto my bed, and hid my face under my pillow. And my arm still hurt.

It was dinnertime when I finally decided to withdraw the hangings of my four-poster bed and head down to the great hall for dinner. The dorm was empty, so was the common room. I headed down to the great hall. I descended down the stairs, all eyes were on me. I gulped. My eyes searched the hall, Gryffindors, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs scowled as I eyed them. The Slytherins looked delighted. My eyes were locked on Rosier who smirked, and whispered something to Snape.

I looked around to find Kate’s face. She wasn’t there. I saw Lily and Anne sitting together. Lily smiled and waved me over. I took one last look at Rosier before I sat down. I looked over to James, he scowled.

“Just ignore them, look Sirius is coming over now...” Lily muttered to me.

Oh crap.

“I’m not hungry, I’ll see you guys up in the dorm okay?” I said standing up as quick as I sat down. I glanced over at Rosier, he saw me getting up, and he followed. I walked quickly up the stairs, hoping to avoid him. I looked around, he wasn’t anywhere insight. I turned the corner and shrieked to see him standing there, smiling.

“Thought you could avoid me?” he grinned.

“I did what you want, so give me my wand,” I said firmly.

“I’m not finished,” Rosier said, he grabbed my arm like before twisting it around my back, “Make sure nobody finds out,” he hissed.

“I’ll do what I want,” I hissed back, trying to free my aching arm.

“Really?” He pulled it back a bit more.

I could feel my bones being pulled a part, “I’ll k- oh fuck, here comes Evans.”

“Hayley!” I turned around to see Lily running towards me. He gave me final smirk and walked off.

“Rosier!?” she yelled after him, he disappeared around the corner, “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” I nodded, I was sure my arm of broken this time, “I’m fine, and he was just fooling around – James was being an jerk to him.” I stole a quick glance at my arm, he was turning a purple colour, and I shook my sleeve down before anyone took notice.

“Hayley, wait up!” Sirius called after us, he caught up with us at ease, “Are you okay?” he asked me. I nodded.

“I’m fine,” I said nodding.

“Are you sure?” Lily asked again, I nodded, “Well, I should go – I’m meeting James, boy that’s gonna be fun,” Lily groaned, she waved goodbye and walked back into the Great Hall.

“Are you going to tell me about the bruise?” Sirius asked, as we walked back to the common room.

“I already did…” I trailed off.

“You were lying,” Sirius grinned.

“No I wasn’t!”

“Hayley, I’ve seen you pull the most bizarre dives – and come out without a scratch – no way you lost control of the damn broom and-”

“Alright! … Me and Kate got into a fight – she saw the thing in the broom closet and got jealous,” I lied.

A grin spread over Sirius’ face, “Sorry.”

“You should be,” I smiled at him, “Well now I can spend more time with you.”

“Boy, don’t tell James you chose me over Quidditch,” Sirius grinned, “I’ll see you in the morning.” He took a quick look around to see if anyone was around and pecked me on the lips. He entered his dorm, Remus was already there. I sighed and continued my way the stairs and into my dorm. It was empty. I pulled up my sleeve. My hand had turned a blue-purple colour. I groaned. Rosier had a plan. A big one. And he also had my wand. How the hell was I going to explain this to the teachers?

Sirius and me had only been going out for two weeks and already the lies were being told. Webs being spun, and before too along, I would get caught.

“Is it done?” came a dark voice from behind the trees.

“Yes,” Rosier replied, “She’ll be ours before long… and they’ll come after her.”

“Are you sure this will work Rosier?” said the cold voice.

“Definite, the girl is weak and naïve,” Rosier replied, “She will not tell anyone – she will not risk their lives.”

“Good,” said the man, “You have done well so far, Rosier, do not fail me, I need them.” 

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Chapter 12: The One with the Warning
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Chapter Twelve
The One with the Warning

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“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Hayley squealed, as I dragged her along the empty corridor.

“Oh, it’s only eleven,” I brushed off.

“Exactly,” Hayley scoffed, “James and Lily are still on the patrol – if we get caught-”

“We’ll just fly around for a couple of minutes,” I said, wrapping my arm around her waist as I pulled her outside.

“But it’s raining,” she whined.

“I’ll race you,” I suggested, as I mounted my broom.

A smile appeared on her face as she took off.

“Wait-” I called after her.

Within minutes on the pitch we were both soaked down to our undergarments.

“SIRIUS!” Hayley beckoned me; she was about another thirty feet higher than me.

“NO WAY!” I yelled back, shaking my head in disbelief, “You come here! Does it look I want to die?”

“WE CAN HAVE PIE LATER!” She snapped, her voice getting lost amongst the wind.

“Just get down here!” I yelled looking up at her, as she circled above me.

“There’s a fawn there?” She yelled in excitement, pulling a dive, and stopping short next to me, “Where is it?”

“I said down! Get down here!” I repeated.

She sighed, “You wanna go get pie now?”

“NO!” I yelled, “I SAID I DON’T WANT TO DIE!”

“Alright,” she exclaimed, “No need to yell, I’m not deaf – c’mon lets race.”

I groaned, “You’ll beat me anyway.”

“Oh don’t be such a party pooper, Sirius – you didn’t haul me out here in the pouring as so we could make out,” she scoffed, before pulling back up. I groaned. She had gotten the competitive streak like James.

“I just wanted to make out in the rain!” I yelled at her as she flew away, “Hayley - that’s way too high! You’ll never be able to pull up!”

But she didn’t hear me.

“No!” I yelled as she soared downwards. I pulled my broom into a dive as well; she caught up with me within a few seconds, “Are you crazy?” I yelled trying to keep up with her, but her broom had gained too much momentum. She gave me a panic stricken look; we were about 30ft from the ground, “Pull up! PULL UP!” I yelled at her.

“I can’t!” she yelled back. We were about 20ft of the ground, if she didn’t pull up soon she would crash, she looked back at me and grinned, “Catch me.” I didn’t know what she meant for a second, but I suddenly realised, she let go of her broom and it fell out from underneath her, I swooped down and caught her around the waist just as her broom hit the ground shattering into pieces. I hauled her onto my broom. I could feel her shaking slightly as I landed softly onto the ground.

“What the hell happened?” I yelled at her as we got of the broom, “Are you crazy pulling a 100ft dive?”

“I lost control of the broom!” She said shaking, “I tried to pull up around 30ft but it wouldn’t budge!” I was not sure if I believed her, but I knew I was just panicked as she was.

“Oy! Who’s there!?” came a sudden yell from the inside the castle

“Merlin’s beard! I think its James,” Hayley cried, “Go into the forest!” She tried to push me with all her might.

“What? Why?” I snapped, not moving as she thumped her fists on my chest.

“He’s coming! Go!” she roared through the rain, she pushed me towards to the forest. I ran into the forest, from behind I could see James and what I assumed was Lily running up to her. Even through the dark and rain I could see James’ face grow red, as he started a yelling match.

I watched as James dragged a confused Hayley and her broken broom back into the castle. I followed quietly after them. The rain had stopped now; the castle had taken on an eerie silence. The only sound was the soft taps of my shoes.

“Sirius! Sirius!”

I squinted around in the dark trying to find out which direction the voice was coming from.


“Oh! Come out where I can see you,” I huffed. The last person I wanted to see came out from behind a statue, “Regulus? What do you want? What are you doing out so late?”

“Is Hayley okay?” he hissed. I could barely make out his face. I hadn’t seen him this closely since a year ago or had a proper conversation with him.

“She’s fine,” I said cautiously, “Why?”

“Her broom didn’t crash?” he asked, his voice had turned squeaky.

“Ye - How do you know about that?” I was definite no one could see us out there with the pouring rain and the dark skies.


“Regulus?” I quickly ignited my wand, but he had disappeared, “Regulus!” I called out again.

I checked my watch it was 6:30 on a Saturday. Usually I didn’t wake up until eleven on Saturday but I was meeting Hayley for an extremely early breakfast. The things you do for love. I got dressed as quietly as possible; the rest of the dorm was still snoring. I ran down the stairs to find Hayley already waiting for me.

“Morning beautiful,” I flashed her a smile before wrapping my arms around her. I gave her a soft kiss on the cheek, ‘So what happened with James last night and why did I have to hide?” i asked her as we headed down to the great hall.

She threw me a murderous glance before shaking me away.

“What-” I started.

“Sirius Black! If you ever take me out in the middle of the night when it’s raining – I swear I will murder you!” she spat at me.

I laughed, “What did James say?”

“He completely bit my bloody head off! I’ve got a BLOODY DETENTION because of you!” she hissed.

“He gave you detention?” I said laughing even harder.

“Stop laughing – it wasn’t funny!” Hayley snapped.

“I’m sorry,” I choked, “You’re an idiot.”

“What Black?” she hissed at me.

I grinned, “I was there with you, I could have stopped you from detention.”

“I didn’t want you to get in trouble!”

“That’s awfully sweet love, but I like getting in trouble,” I said, as we took our seats at the Gryffindor table.

“I don’t want James to think you’re getting me in trouble,” She muttered under her breathe.

Oh. So this was what it all this was about. Making sure I’m on James’ good side, so when we told him we were going out he would like me?

I don’t know. I shouldn’t analyse things.

“I can handle James,” I said giving her assuring smile. I probably couldn’t handle James. He’s a bit of a hot head.

“No you can’t, nobody can,” she snapped at me.

I guess she was still angry.

“Believe me, I can,” I told her, as we took our seats at the Gryffindor table.

“Nobody can,” she repeated firmly, giving me a death stare. The death stare would have worked, if – IF I wasn’t Sirius Black.

“I body can.”

“I body?” she grinned, “The hardest thing I’m having to believe out of all this is that you go to school.

“Ha ha.”

“Sirius, why are you giving me your plate,” Hayley asked suddenly.

I grinned, “That’s your plate, mine is here,” I piled my plate with twice the amount of food on hers.

“I can’t finish all this,” she frowned, as she began to cut her waffles, “I only have one stomach.”

“Don’t worry, just give it to James,” I shrugged, she smiled. I looked past her to see my brother coming down the stairs with a couple of his friends, he sneered at me, “Oh great.”

“What?” Hayley said, “Not enough syrup?” She eyed my plate which was a pool of syrup.

“No,” I scowled, “My brother.” She looked up and caught Regulus’ eye, he smirked at her.

“Do you think he knows?” Hayley panicked.

“No – no... Of course he doesn’t,” I said, “Don’t worry, no one is going to find out, I mean how he can?”

Of course I knew how. But I wasn’t stupid you know? I couldn’t tell her about Regulus seeing us last night, she would just panic more. We had been going out for over three weeks now, and no one had found out. Although Remus was being extremely nosy... but she didn’t need to worry about that...

He recently got into the habit of checking up on me with the map and always spotted me with Hayley, and when he couldn’t find me on castle grounds he couldn’t find Hayley as well. Yesterday he asked me why this was and suggested that if I was going out with her I should tell him. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. After that I stole the map from him and hid it James’ trunk. I knew I couldn’t tell Hayley about Remus and his questions. She would start to panic. And I hoped that Remus wouldn’t ask her about where she’d been wondering off too and I hoped her wouldn’t tell James what he knew or what he thought. I hoped.

She nodded, I reached for the maple syrup “Sirius!” she snapped at me all of a sudden.

“What?” I shrugged, putting down bottle.

“If you put anymore syrup on that plate of yours-” She begun, and then stopped pointing to my chin, “You’ve got a little here.” I tried to wipe it off with my hands, causing it to spread more.

“Lick it off for me?’ I grinned at her.

She frowned, “I would, if James and Lily weren’t coming over.”

“Hey, what are you two doing up so early,” James asked as he and Lily took a seat opposite us, “We thought we were going to be alone for breakfast.”

“Alone for breakfast, eh? Well, trust me mate, I didn’t have the same thing on my mind,” I grinned, as Hayley nudged me.

“HEY BLACK!” yelled someone from the staircase; I looked up to see a group of Slytherins climbing the stairs, smirking.

“Oh great,” Hayley muttered beside me.

“HOW’S YOUR GIRLFRIEND?” yelled a dark-haired one, Rockwood, I could feel Hayley tense up immediately. (Could she make it any more obvious?) A big bulky guy, Rosier, next to Rockwood snarled at him and muttered something. Rockwood’s face turned dark and he scowled at Rosier.

“What girlfriend?” James asked, his eyes wandered to me and then Hayley, “There’s something fishy going on here and I don’t like it...”

“There’s nothing going on Prongs,” I snapped.

“Why are you so defensive?” James snapped immediately.

“Because you’re accusing me of being a fish!” I snapped back.

“Sirius, he didn’t accuse you of being a fish,” Lily started, “He said fishy, it just a muggle term of suspicious-”

“I know what it means Red,” I said rolling my eyes, “To tell you the truth I’m getting really fed up with constant accusations!”

“What accusations?” Hayley chirped.

Oops. I guess I hadn’t told Hayley about James being nosy as well.

“Nothing,” James said, before I had a chance, “Nothing.”

“Yeah, nothing,” I said repeating James. I ignored Hayley’s glance.

“What’s going on?” Hayley asked, pushing away her breakfast. Her eyes darted from James and then to me.

“Nothing!” James snapped at her, “Geez...”

I felt Hayley stiffen next to me, James usually didn’t snap at her.

“Let’s go Sirius,” she huffed, standing up.

“Where?” I said, bits of pancakes flying out of my mouth.

“Away from here,” she snapped, tugging on my shirt, “Bring the maple syrup.”

“Wheryougoin’?” James asked his mouth full of food as well.

Hayley ignored him, as she tugged on my shirt until I stood up.

I shrugged at James, “I’m coming, stop pullin’ – wait! Maple syrup!”

She pulled me out of the hall, before I could grab the bottle of syrup.

“James is getting on my nerves!” Hayley growled, as soon as we were out of the hall.

“Well-” But before I had a chance to share my insight into the situation with her, she pushed me roughly against the wall and her lips came crashing down onto mine. Her hands wondered up my shirt, pulling me closer to her –

“Wait-” I hissed, pulling away, “Where is this coming from? James is on the other side of this wall...”

“Well, I don’t care!” she said fiercely, it was rather adorably.

I grinned; I grabbed her hand and dragged down the hall.

“Where are we go- oh...” she answered her own question as I pulled her into the broom closet. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist; I pushed her against a bare wall. I brushed my lips against hers. I ran my tongue along her bottom lip while my hands played with her hair. She moaned. Our kiss became deeper; she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. I pushed her harder against the wall. I pulled away slowly, grinning. Her breathe was unsteady and her lips red matching her cheeks. She unwrapped her legs from my waist.

“Not bad,” She shrugged. I laughed, “I love you.” I shrugged; she grinned and hit me playfully on the chest.

“I love you too,” I smiled, she nudged me, “What- oh...” I let go of her. She straightened up her clothes and hair and went to open the door.

“Wait! What if somebody’s outside?” Hayley looked nervously at me, bitting her lip, “I’ll go out first, and I’ll cough if it’s alright to come out,” I suggested.

I walked out of the broom closet, I check down the hallway. I coughed, she open the door and came out. She jumped up on her toes and kissed me quickly on the lips.

“SIRIUS!” came a roar from down the corridor.



I examined Hayley’s panic stricken face as she quickly let go of my hand.

“Remus, don’t jump to conclusions,” I said, as he came closer.

“I KNEW IT!” he yelped again. We were now inches away.

“Keep it down!” I snapped, “I can explain.”

“Go ahead!” Remus said.

“I had syrup on my face.”

“Oh Sirius!” Remus snapped, whacking me on the arm.


“I can’t believe you lied to me! You look me straight in the eyes and lied!” Remus growled.

“You can’t tell anyone, especially James.”

“Give me one reason why?”

“Because Hayley – Hayley?” I looked around she was no longer next to me. She was sitting against the wall, behind me, her hands covering her face.

“Hayley...” I whispered, crouching down next to her.

“This is my entire fault, my stupid idea to go into the broom closet!” she muttered to me.

“No, it’s not... It’s going to be okay, Remus isn’t going to tell anyone,” I said, giving Remus a death stare.

“Yeah, it’s not my secret to tell,” Remus nodded quickly.

Hayley stood up, a worried look playing on her face. She pulled me closer to her and muttered, “I told you Sirius it was a bad idea! I told we shouldn’t do this.”

“Hayley, I’m not going to tell anyone – but Sirius I want to talk to about this,” Remus said, “Alone.”

“Later,” I said brushing him off, I turned back to Hayley, “Everything is going to-”

“I know he won’t,” she snapped, her composure changing completely. She didn’t seem to be paying attention to me anymore.

“No - I was saying... everything is going to be fine,” I repeated.

“Sure,” she said shaking her head. I followed her eyes to where she was staring.

“Hayley,” I snapped, her eyes immediately jumped back to me, “Why are you staring the Slytherins.”

“No – I – Ros – I’ll see you in the common room – later – yeah – no, wait – okay, bye,” she muttered, walking away from me.

“Hayley!” I called after her, I turned back to Remus “See what you did? Why do you have to be so nosy!?”

“Sirius!” Remus growled, “What would you do if it was James that walked down this corridor? If you’re going to fool around with Hayley, at least hide it properly!”

“I’m not fooling around with her,” I said, as we walked towards the lake, “I love her.”

“Oh c’mon! We both know you don’t love her,” Remus snapped.

“I do Remus, she means everything to me,” I muttered.

“Sirius, you have never ever had feelings for a girl,” Remus said, as we both sat down on the grass, “I don’t believe you really do – maybe it’s just a phase.”

“Last night, we went on a broom ride-” I started.

“Wasn’t there a storm?” Remus interjected.

I nodded, “And we were practicing our dives – and she pulled a 150ft dive-”


I cut across him, “But she couldn’t pull up – I swear on Merlin’s wonky wand, my heart has never pounded that hard – just the ten second thought that she was going to get hurt...”


“I know you’re not going to believe me, I don’t blame you, I haven’t treated girls the best in the past,” I shrugged, “But I love her and-”

“You don’t have to prove yourself to me,” Remus said finally, “I believe you.”

“Thanks,” I grinned, “You don’t happen to have any maple syrup, do you?”

Hayley’s POV

I looked past Sirius, to Regulus. He was staring at me intently completely ignoring his group of friends.

“I know he won’t,” I snapped at Sirius, who was saying something about Remus.

Regulus smiled at me and beckoned me over. I shook my head, “Sure,” I muttered to Sirius.

“Hayley!” Sirius snapped. My eyes darted back to him, “Why are you staring the Slytherins,” he asked.

I muttered something back to him and walked off.

“Hayley!” I heard him call.

I saw Regulus waiting for me, he sneered at me. Actually I couldn’t work out if it was a sneer or a smile. No, it was a smile. It was quite similar to Sirius. Except Sirius was cuter. Regulus looked like a younger version of Sirius. He was a little shorter, lankier and not as good looking.

“What do you want?” I snapped.

“Rosier wants you to him at nine, entrance hall,” Regulus said, no longer smiling.

“I have detention - and I’m going to need my wand back!” I growled.

“Don’t curse the messenger,” Regulus said, “You should be glad Rosier sent me, and not Rockwood...”

“So I should be glad that he sent you?” I snarled at him.

“I know about you and Sirius, I don’t want Sirius mixed up in all this,” Regulus muttered, “It was Rosier who cursed your broom.”

“Don’t worry I won’t get Sirius mixed up in this,” I stated firmly. I already knew it was Rosier who had cursed the broom. He had told me that I should take it as a type of warning.

“I have to warn you though, Rosier isn’t playing around,” Regulus said, resting his hands on my shoulders, “And you should get your arm mended...”

My arm twitched at the mention of it. It was still bruised and it hurt to move it, but I knew if I went to Madam Pomfrey, James would find out – he was in there at least twice a day.

“Why are you being so – so unlike yourself?” I muttered, confused. After all the Sirius had told me about his brother, I didn’t expect him to be this... caring?

“Why am I being so nice?” he grinned, Regulus gave me a final look, “You can trust me, I’m probably the only way you’ll get out of this alive – remember at

He gave me at smile and walked away. Alive? What the hell was Rosier planning? I went over several situations in my head as I walked back to the Gryffindor common. Did he really plan on killing me? I didn’t know what to think... he was just a kid – well, teenager... how could a teenager use an unforgivable curse? Was he full of empty threats? Wait - why was I listening to him again?... Oh yeah, he said he’d sell James and Sirius out to Voldemort? That was it... It seems so long, since he told me – threatened me. I didn’t know what he had planned, I didn’t know how this was going to turn out... but I knew one thing for sure – I was going to let anything to James or Sirius. And I’m going to do everything in power... or not in my power to make sure they don’t get hurt...

“I saw you!” James yelled at me, as I entered the common room. He, Lily, Sirius, Remus and Peter were crowded around the fireplace. Everybody threw a confused look at James and then me.

I quickly exchanged glances Sirius, who shrugged.

“I saw you talking to Regulus!” James said jumping up, “What did he do to you?”

“What? When did you see me?” I asked, trying to act frustrated.

“Lily told me! And I checked the map...” James trailed off.

“James!” Lily cried, slapping James on the arm.

“Why would you tell him something like that?” I snapped at Lily, she looked a bit taken back my attitude. Normally – I stress the normally... if I hadn’t just found I was going die... I would never speak to Lily like that... but if I had to be rude and alienate everyone around me to keep them safe – that’s exactly what I was going to do.

“Don’t get snappy at her! What we’re doing with him?” James said, defending Lily.

“What I do, and who I speak to is none of your business Evans! And why do you have to be a tattle tale and go tell James?” I snapped at Lily again.

She looked as if she were about to retaliate but James cut across her, “Leave her alone! What were you doing with him?”

“WHAT TALK ABOUT WITH OTHER PEOPLE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSSINESS?” I yelled. It was frustrating enough him telling me who I could or could not but even more so when questioned who I talked with, ‘And I’ll have you know, we were just passing by and WE TALKED ABOUT QUIDDITCH!”

“Oh – I thought he was-”

“Yes, I know what you thought, I wish, that just for once YOU WOULD LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!”

James looked taken back by my sudden rage, “Something’s happened to you, you’re not the same person you were two weeks ago.”

“Oh okay, and I bet Regulus has something to do with that!” I snapped, starting to calm down a bit.

“I didn’t say that – but I know, a few weeks ago you would never talk to me like that,” I muttered. He sounded slightly hurt. Maybe.

“Well you know what?” I growled at him. I walked towards with until we were a few inches apart, “A few weeks ago you would have never treated me like how you treated this morning,” I spat poking his chest with ever word.

“What-” James started, but I cut across him.

“C’mon Sirius, let’s go!” I said, walking out of the common. I could hear Sirius mutter something to James and then follow me out.

“Are you okay?” Sirius asked.

“Fine,” I muttered, as we walked outside, into the open air.

“What we’re you doing with Regulus, you know he’s a jerk,” He said, his voice growing slightly tense as we walked down to the lake.

“Sirius, you’re just angry at him,” I sighed, dropping onto the grass.

“I’m not angry!” he snapped at me, not joining me on the grass, “He’s bad news – and you shouldn’t hang out with him!” I scoffed at him as he gave me an all knowing stare.

“Sirius, what’s this really about?” I grumbled, standing back up from my comfortable space on the grass.

“Do you like him? Because if the only reason you’re going out with me is to get it him – it won’t work,” Sirius said, folding his arms and tapping his foot impatiently, like a six year old.

The shock of what he had just accused me off took me a while to comprehend. I stared at him bewildered for a few seconds, unsure of what to say. Frustration boiled inside me, thinking back to the past couple of days and what I had gone through to protect his stupid life.

“Well c’mon!” Sirius growled, “You can’t blame me for thinking you’re cheating, you cheated on Sheldon!”

I could suddenly feel my heart stop, did he just accuse me of cheating? It was like my heart jumped out of my chest and he just stomped on it, “Sirius – are trying to be funny?” I asked, my voice shaking.

“Are you screwing my brother?”

How was this happening? What had I done to make him think like this? I was having trouble forming proper words to say back to him, it was like my mind was having mini seizures. The confusion and hurt of his word wore of and the anger came. In a few seconds my emotions of pain turned into anger. I looked up at him. He tapped his foot impatiently at him and before I could stop myself, my hand reached up and cracked him across the face.

“If you don’t fucking trust me, after everything, you can go to hell.”

I walked away from him, as he stared in shock after me. It was the second time this year I had slapped him, and it didn’t feel any better than I first time. 

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Chapter 13: The One with the Nightmares
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Chapter Thirteen
The One with the nightmares

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My heart was beating fast; it felt like it had gone mad. My hand was sweating so badly I could hardly grasp the wand I had stolen.

“Hand over the wand,” Rosier snarled to me, as I approached him. Even through the dark I could see his teeth. Rotten and yellow. Why did Slytherins have such poor hygiene?

“Why?” I asked, “I’m outnumbered, I’m not going to attack.”

Rosier grinned, bearing his yellow teeth, I cringed, “But you know Gryffindors… the wand.” I extended his hand out to me, “Don’t make me hurt you, now…” I stayed still, ready to whip out the wand and attack, but Rosier’s wand was already raised, “Crucio!”

The spell hit me on the chest. The pain was so severe, so fervent. It was as if I was being stabbed with white-hot knives. I screamed. I screamed louder than I had ever screamed before. And the pain stopped. I rolled over to my side and stood up, shaking uncontrollably.

“The wand,” Rosier said simply with a sneer on his face, “Cru-” I thrusted the wand out to him. He took it gleefully. He grabbed my upper arm and dragged me out of the potions room.

“Where are we going?” I asked, stilling shaking. Rosier didn’t answer; he looked back at me and pointed his wand, threateningly. I didn’t ask again. I glimpsed behind me. Two of the hooded men followed us. I was sure they were students here, but couldn’t be sure, Rosier referred to them in codenames. He pulled me into the Great Hall.

“Burn them,” he snarled into my ear and shoving the wand back into my hand. He pointed at the four empty house tables, ““Just do it!”

“Why can’t you?” I snapped, I would have thought he took pleasure in doing it himself.

“Because I want you to do it,” he snarled, “Or I’ll give your boyfriend the same treat I gave you before… Crucio!” The curse hit me again, this time on the back. I crumpled onto the floor feeling the knives digging into me; I wanted to yell to him to stop. But I was incapable of forming words. It stopped. He grabbed my arm and pulled me up, “I’ll make sure Black gets the same tomorrow.”

“Incendio!” I croaked, pointing my wand at the Slytherin table.

“Good,” Rosier smirked, “Now the others.”

The other three house tables jumped up into flames as well. Rosier snatched the wand off me and threw it into the fire.

“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Rosier sneered.

“You could have done it yourself, why do you need me?” I asked.

“I like the control,” Rosier hissed, “Beside, you’re just the bait.”

“But why the fire?” I asked.

“I like the panic,” Rosier shrugged, “Tomorrow at midnight, meet me in front of the library.”

“What if I forget?” I taunted.

“Don’t taunt me,” Rosier snarled, “Remember what I can do, make sure no-on-”

“Mcgonagall’s coming!” hissed one of the hooded students from the top of the staircase. I watched as panic swept over Rosier, he my upper arm and dragged me back up the staircase. We hid near the staircase leading down to the dungeons. I heard Mcgonagall shriek and then a huge splash.

“Get the headmaster, and wake the heads of houses!” she yelled at someone. I was guessing a ghost or a portrait.

Rosier swore under his breath, “You’ll have to stay in the Slytherin dorms.”

“No way!” I snapped.

“You wanna get caught?” Rosier said, for a second I thought he actually cared if I got in trouble, “You’re not going to ruin this for me? I can-”

“I don’t care, I’ll stay here,” I hissed, “I’m not going anywhere near your dorm.”

“Shut up,” he spat at me. I heard shuffling.

“What happened,” came a wheezing voice; Flitwick.

“The house tables were set on fire!” McGonagall said, her composure returning, “I found this wand amongst the rubble!”

I was forced to stop listening from then. Rosier turned to me, his face full with rage, “You idiot!”

“It wasn’t my fault; it was you’re idea to throw the wand there!” I cried.

“Crucio!” he yelled, his wand pressing against my neck. He pressed his hand over my mouth, as the knives burned into me. This time the pain lasted longer. It stopped. I lay curled on the floor. Rosier stood up towering over me; he kicked me in the stomach.

“Incendio!” Rosier hissed, pointing his wand at my arm.

“No!” I yelled, but my arm was already burning. I cried out in pain.

“Stop! Do want them to hear us?” hissed one the hooded students, “C’mon Rosier, leave her here – let’s go!” I could tell who it was. Regulus.

 “It wasn’t my fault,” I cried out.

“No, but I wanted to,” Rosier spat, as he walked away, “And now you can’t go to Pomfrey.” He was right about that. They’d know I had caused the fire.

I was still crying with pain. I looked down at my arm. It was red, just as my other arm was purple and bruised. It felt like it was on fire. I got up from my helpless state, and walked into the nearest girls lavatory. I heard the muggle way to treat burns was with ice – well I didn’t have ice but I had water. I put my arm under the running water. Big mistake. As soon as my arm hit the water, the pain multiplied. Now, my arm was burning even more. I bit my lip to keep myself from screaming. Why’d I have to do that? Like it wasn’t enough...

I waited for awhile, before using the secret tunnel to the Gryffindor Tower. I wonder how James would react, now that I had missed the detention he had given me. I would to explain it to him. I didn’t know what to say?

But that wasn’t my biggest concern. Rosier had shown his true colours. I would have never thought it possible for him to use an unforgivable – he was only a teenager. But he had, and now I was in a more hopeless situation. But I knew I had to do whatever to protect James and Sirius.

Oh boy, Sirius. What was I going to do about that?  We hadn’t spoken since I slapped him – it was only a few hours ago though. Everything was going to work. Everything was going to be fine. Going to be fine. I just had to apologise to him – I did hit him a bit hard.

The dorm was dark, everyone had gone to sleep. Thank Merlin, I didn’t have time to explain to people why I was coming in at this hour. I quickly grabbed a wand from someone’s beside table and tapped my burnt arm. Instantly white bandages wrapped my arm. I would have to go down the library to find a spell to fix my arms.

I’ll just lie down for a bit. Then I can go get change. I rolled over on my side and fell asleep instantly.

I ran through the forest. It was different than I had remembered. It was darker, colder.

“Hayley!” came a yell from somewhere amongst the tree.

I could recognise that voice anywhere, “Sirius!” I cried out. I ran deeper into the forest. He stood next to Rosier. Rosier gave me an evil sneer, before looking away at something on the ground. I followed his eyes.


“How could you do this?” Sirius spat at me, “How could you be this selfish – you killed James!”

“No Sirius!” I pleaded, “It was Rosier...”

“You sold us out!” Sirius snarled, “We’re going to die because of you!”

“No!” I said shaking my head, “Rosier! You can’t do this!”

“You didn’t listen to me! I told you this would happen!” Rosier laughed. His cold laughter echoing through the forest, “Avada Kedavra!” And with a flash of green light, Sirius was lifeless.


Sirius’ P.O.V.

“Hayley?” I said, shaking her.

“No...” she muttered, pushing me away, “... You can’t...”

“Wake up! It’s noon,” I said, “Hayley!”

“Huh?” she muttered, her eyes fluttering open, “Sirius?”

“We’re all going to Hogsmeade,” I said, moving away from her.

“Oh, let me just get ready,” she said sitting up, “I’ll meet you down stairs.”

I gave her smile, and exited the room. She didn’t seem angry. Maybe she had forgotten. I doubted it. Why did I have such a big mouth?

Cause you’re an idiot.

Oh, you’re back again?

Yeah, miss me?

Stupid voice. That was great, Sirius Black hears voices. What would people say?

“Is she coming?” Remus asked interrupting my train of thoughts, as I came down the stairs.

“Yeah, she’s going to take a shower – you three go head – I’ll wait for her,” I said, taking a seat on the couch. James shrugged and walked out with Lily. Probably for a quick make-out session. I still didn’t know if they were going out or not. James said they were friends moving slowly. Like a Hufflepuff trying to catch the snitch slowly.

“Is everything okay?” Remus asked, ready to follow James out, “With you and Hayley?”

“Yeah, everything is fine,” I said, waving him off, “We just got into a bit of a fight...”

“About me?” Remus said, cautiously, before taking a seat.

“No...” I mumbled, he looked at me persistently. I knew I would have to tell him of my stupidity, “I accused her of cheating with Regulus.” And for the second time in twenty-four hours a sharp pain cracked me across the face, “Hey!” I cried out.

“You’re the biggest jerk to have walked this planet Padfoot!” Remus growled, ignoring my sour expression of my face.

“Don’t worry – she slapped me too – and told me I can go to hell!” I snapped at him, stilling rubbing my cheek, “What should I do?”

“Grovel!” Remus said standing up, “I think I hear her coming down – apologise!’ Remus walked out of the common room.

“Hey!” I said quickly, as I noticed Hayley coming down the stairs.

 “Hey...” she said, pulling her jet black hair into a bun. I my eyes travelled along her body, noticing how perfect she was. I met her dark blue eyes, she instantly looked away, “Where’s everyone else?”

“They left,” I croaked, as noticed how fitted her dress was, “Are you sure you need the cardigan? It’s going to pretty hot in three broomsticks...” Oh great, why’d I sat that? Now she’s gonna think I just want her to take her clothes off.

“Oh, I get cold easily,” she smiled.

The trip down to Honeydukes was a quiet one. Neither of us made a sound. And I was pretty sure if there was a conversation it would be very awkward. I heard Hayley stumbled, quickly grabbing onto my arm for support. As quickly as she grabbed me she let go.

“Sorry,” she mumbled.

I grunted in response. I couldn’t think of anything to say – her touch scared me. Her hands for rough and cold, she did get cold quickly. Maybe I should apologise now it was the perfect opportunity – we were alone... she was cold... I could offer my cloak...

“Hay-” I began, but was interrupted, as I heard her give out a sudden loud sob. As I turned around to face her, I heard a sudden thump and someone grab my legs.

“Hayley! What are you doing?” I asked perplexed.

“I’m sorry!” I sobbed her breathing loud and unsteady. She hugged my legs tightly, hitting her head against them, “I’m sorry...”

“Merlin’s beard!” I cried out, pulling her up by the arms, “What are you doing?”

“I shouldn’t have slapped you!” she said. I could hardly make out what she was saying, she was sobbing so loudly.

“I deserved it – babe, please stop crying,” I said, shocked by her sudden outburst. I wrapped her tightly in my arms, trying to control her incessant shaking, “Where is this coming from?”

“I just kept thinking... what if something happened to you ... or me... and the last thing you remember of me was me being a complete bitch and hitting you...” She sobbed. I felt her arms wrapping around me, pulling me closer to her, “I’m sorry...”

“Babe, it’s not your fault – I said stupid things – I was being irrational and my hate for my brother took control of me and I accused you of horrible things... I’m surprised you didn’t slap me harder,” I said chuckling.

“What if I never saw you again?” she repeated.

“What’s going on?” I asked, “Is everything okay? Did somebody say something to you?” I felt her shake her head against my chest, “I am never, never, going to let anything happen to you... let alone leave you...”


“No, nothing is going to happen,” I ensured her, “Please... please, stop crying – or I’m going to hate myself more than do for saying those things to you...”

“It’s not your fault,” she whispered, her sobs dying down.

“It is, I trust you enough to know that you would never cheat on me or lie to me but still... I hurt you and made you upset,” I said gently stroking her hair. We seemed to stand like that on stairs for hours. I waited til her sobs had completely died down and her breathing became steady.

“Oh, I made us late... we better get going...” Hayley murmured against my chest.

“You’re okay now?” I asked her.

She looked up at and smiled, “Yeah, I love you.”

“I love you too,” I smiled, “Are you sure you’re okay? Can I tell you something?”

“I’m fine,” she smiled, planting a soft kiss on my lips, “Yeah, tell me.”

“What the hell was that about?” I growled at her, “And I know it wasn’t the about the slap – some bastard said something to you, AND I WANT TO KNOW WHO!”

Hayley grinned, “You’re cute.”

“Hey! You can’t get away that easy,” I snapped, “I was fucking worried – well I’m still worried – what the fuck is going on?”

“Stop cursing at me!” She frowned, beginning to descend down that stairs again.

“Sorry! But you freaked me, and don’t you ever beg me for forgiveness like that ever again – I don’t care if you murder my cat!”

“Sorry,” she mumbled, “And you don’t have a cat.”

“And that’s another thing! Don’t apologise! I’ve noticed you do that a lot! Stop it,” I said.

“Sorr- I mean ... okay, sorr- no, oh Sirius!” she snapped, “I’m fine, and stop with the yelling.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.


“I’m sorry then.”

“What for now?”

“For accusing you of cheating, cursing at you, and then yelling at you,” I grinned, “You can slap me again if you like – you know what? I think this aggressive side of you is turning me on...”

“Shut up.”

“No really, join me in my bed into with it,” I grinned, giving her a light squeeze around the waist. I waited for to reply but she stayed quiet, “What? No – you’re a jerk Sirius or go away Sirius... I was kidding...”

“Yeah, yeah... I know,” Hayley mumbled, not looking up at me.

I laughed. Did she suddenly get shy because I mentioned sex? Whatever, at least our fight was over. But her grovelling at my feet instead, of me at hers. It was definitely weird. No crazy.

I helped her through the broken tile at honey dukes, even though she insisted I don’t.

“Merlin! It’s dark in here,” I exclaimed as I heaved myself through the tile, “Can you ignite your wand?”

“Wand?” she mumbled, “I didn’t bring my wand...”

“What?!” I gasped, finally making it through the hole, I fumbled around and took out my own one and ignited it, “Why not? What if we’re attack?”

“You think someone we’ll attack us?” she muttered, her voice was shaky again, “I’m sorry-”

“It’s okay!” I stopped her. I was afraid that she’s start crying again, “You don’t need it.” I wrapped my arms around her waist as we walked out of Honeydukes. We met a slightly flustered James and Remus at the Three Broomstick. I took a seat next to Remus as Hayley went to order us some drinks.

“What took you so long?” James snapped at me.

“Hayley-” I began, but noticed we were missing someone, “Where Red go?” 

“Well I and she aren’t going out... so we don’t have to hang out all the time, do we?” James growled.

“Lily didn’t want to come,” Remus filled me in, “She’s hanging out with Charles – but why’d you take so long?”

“No reason – oh James, Hayley lost her wand...” I informed him.

“WHAT?” James exclaimed, spraying his butterbeer all over Remus, “How did you come here?”

“The secret tunnel – I think you’re losing it Prongs...” I said, looking at closely, “But don’t mention it – I think she’s PMSing so she all like ... ARRRGGGGHHH ... and emotional...”

“Wait, is she like ARGHHHHH or ARRRRGGGHHH?” James asked shrewdly, “Oh look, she’ll calling me over.” He got up and left the table.

“So? What happened?” Remus nudged me, still trying to wipe the butterbeer of his clothes, “Did you grovel?”

“It was weird – she grovelled at my feet, literally,” I said, I watched an expression of shock wash over on Remus’ face, “That’s what I was like, she grabbed my legs and begged me to forgive her – she thought something bad was going to happen...”

“Maybe she was shaken by the fire?” Remus suggested.

“I don’t think she even knows about that... she missed breakfast,” I said, “I worried about her Remus, she’s acting weird – she’s yelling at James, late for classes, missing detentions-”

“Oh about detention James, can you move it to Sunday?” Hayley said, placing drink on the table and sitting down next to James, “I want to go to Halloween party.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” James said, wrapping his arm around her shoulders, “Oh by the way, Sheldon took her wand – I’m going beat the crap out of that guy... he’s getting on my nerves.”

“It was Sheldon!” I said jumping, as Hayley groaned, “Was he the one who threa-” I stopped at Hayley wide-eyed death stare.

“What?” James spat, spraying Remus with whisky this time, “He threatened!”

“Sirius forcibly kissed me,” Hayley said. I gave her the ‘what-the-hell’ look and she returned it with the ‘that’s what you get’ look.

“You kissed her!” James growled, jumping up and splattering his drink on Remus.

Remus jumped up too, grabbing my drink and throwing at James’ face, “That was for spitting on me for the past seven years and sit down – she’s messing around.”

“That was uncalled for,” James said over my laughter.

“Obliviously, Sirius or Hayley would tell you if they were doing something behind your back,” Remus said, now sipping on his juice, “That’s what I’d call smart... smart.”


Hayley’s P.O.V.

I jumped over the fallen trees and tried to make it over the fence with the barbed wire entanglements.

 “Wait,” I cried out, “Don’t! My hand is stuck.” I didn’t know how it got stuck in the barbed wire but it was.

“You already killed your boyfriend, I just have to finish you off,” Rosier growled, pulling me. I felt my arm scrape against the –

And I woke.

I looked around the dorm, everyone was still sleeping – I checked my watch – it was only two. My breath was unsteady and sweat covered my body.  I looked down at my bruised arm; it felt like it was actually stuck in the barbed wire. I looked over to the other hand, I had bandaged it. Looking at my burnt flesh made me sick. I took up my top and pulled on a long sleeved t-shirt. I couldn’t sleep in this bed now...

I wandered, out of the room and down to the boy dorms. I peeped into the room, lights where glowing from under through the curtains of several beds. I walked over to Sirius’ and withdrew the hangings of his bed. Sirius sat on his bed, with his legs stretched out with a bag of candy in his lap.

He jumped as he saw me throwing candy everywhere.

“Sorry!” I apologised, taking a seat next to Sirius.

“What’s going on? Is everything okay?” Sirius asked quickly, “What happened?”

“Oh, nothing...” I said forcing a smile, I reached over the gave him a light kiss on the cheek,

“Is this about the hall? The Fire? Did you have a bad dream about it?” Sirius asked, wrapping his arm around me.

I tried to act cool but my voice betrayed me, “No, it wasn’t about that...”

“Tell me what’s going on,” Sirius said, giving me a light squeeze.

I seemed to melt at this touch, his smile, his words. I just melted at him. Make sense?

“Everything is fine...” I sighed. I couldn’t tell you how hard it was for me to keep lying to him. I just wanted to reach out, kiss him passionately, and tell him everything. Tell him about Rosier, tell him how about my bruised arm, and tell him about my burnt arm. Tell him it was I who stole Lily’s wand and caused the fire. Tell him I was trying to save his life.

“You had bad dream didn’t you?” Sirius said, raising one of his eyebrows at me.


“You want me to go?” I asked, maybe a bit too harshly. Oh, great, now I felt bad.

“No!” Sirius said quickly, “Stay... was the dream about me?”

MERLINE HELP ME. This boy is going to drive me crazy.

“Sirius!” I snapped, pushing him away.

“Okay! Okay!” He said putting up his hands in defeat, “I’m sorry, I just worry...”

“Don’t I can take care of myself, I’m a Gryffindor!” I said, maybe a bit too loudly. But I kind of wanted him to take care of me. I wanted him to wrap his arms around me and never let go.

“You say that now, but wait ‘til you get attack by a giant marshmallow, and then you won’t all who-lee-do-da,” Sirius muttered under his breath.

“What? Really? Do you actually go to school?” I chuckled.

He grinned at me, before giving me a death stare, “As a matter of fact I do, and I do not like these constant accusations of me being stupid...”

He rambled on for an hour or maybe more. I couldn’t tell, I had drifted away in his arms, exactly where I wanted to be. But all good things must come to an end, and they came to a halting end the next day over lunch. 

“James! Please!” I begged him. He had rescheduled my detention to the night of the Halloween Party and I had been planning to come for weeks. Me and Sirius had it all worked out. I would tell everyone, I was sick and couldn’t come, and then later get dressed and meet Sirius there. It was a masquerade, so James wouldn’t even know.

“No, you skipped detention last night!” James growled at me, “And I’m not making excuses for you for the teachers – you didn’t even give me a damn reason!”

I had no choice but to skip it. Rosier had told me to meet at nine, when I started detention. Why was James being so unreasonable? He’d always let me off or change the day at least! I blame Sirius; he just had to drag me unto the Quidditch pitch. And here I am lighting the hall on fire, to save his life. But I had to say Rosier’s plans did not make a lot of sense... he wanted me to do things he could do himself... and he knew how to use unforgivable curses! When did we ever learn that in Defence?

I looked up at James, I saw Lily give him a little smile. Oh. So he was only giving me detention to impress Lily.

“Well I’m not going!” I snapped. I rather get ten more detentions, then not spend the night with Sirius. Not that we had anything in plan.

“What has gotten into you?” James asked surprised, finally finishing his soup, “You’re going to that detention, or you can triple it.”


“WHAT!?” Remus said, spraying his potatoes all over James, “You want to come to the Halloween party that bad?”

 “James, just move it!” Sirius said, speaking up finally. He had been a little quite through this whole conservation. I hope he still wants to go with me.


I turned around to see who had called my name. Regulus. Fantastic.

“Regulus?” I hissed, I gave Sirius a death stare, telling him to stay quiet, “What are you doing?”

“Can I talk to you?” he asked.

“No, you can’t,” James snarled, as I got up, “Go back – you’re going?” I ignored James. Idiot.

Regulus grabbed my arm; I let out a loud yelp as pain vibrated through my body, everyone behind me turned to look. James, Sirius and Remus sprang out of their seats – with James and Sirius brandishing wands.

“He stepped on my toe,” I grinned back at them. They all sat back down hesitantly, “I’m fine,” I added.

But that really hurt. I really should get it looked at, but anybody would tell James.

“What the hell were you thinking?” I growled at Regulus as soon as we were out of the hall.

“You should thank me, Rosier said we’re meeting before the feast – if you have plans cancel,” Regulus said.

Oh great, now I couldn’t go to detention or the party with Sirius.

 “That’s fine,” I snapped at Regulus, he looked a bit taken back by my reaction, I quickly apologised, “Sorry... yeah, I’ll be there, thanks.” I forced a smile at him.

“I guess you didn’t get your arm fixed?” Regulus said. It was an awkward conversation, and he kept forcing it. Was he waiting for something?

“Pomfrey would tell James... I’m sure of it...” I grimaced.

“Would you like me to fix Pomfrey up?” Regulus grinned, almost matching Sirius’. It could never be as good as Sirius’.

“What? No!” I snapped, outraged at his suggestion, “Look, thanks a lot but just don’t do anything...”

He nodded. I waited a few more seconds for him to walk away.

“Oh – okay... I better go...” I said awkwardly as he continued to stare. He didn’t say anything. It was like that awkward eye contact you get with someone on a bus; you’re both looking at each other waiting for the other to look away.

And before I knew it my day and gone from bad to worse. He leaned forward and kissed me.

“Hayley...” came a soft mutter from behind me. Sirius Black. The man with the worst timing.


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Chapter 14: The One with the Left over Feelings
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Chapter Fourteen
The One with the Left over Feelings

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

-William Congreve

“Hayley...” came a soft mutter from behind me. Sirius Black. The man with the worst timing.

I turned around slowly.

Please, let it not be Sirius. Please. Let me be wrong.

Shit. Let me drop dead.

“Oh hey, Sirius,” I said, trying to act casual. I don’t think it worked because his face had just turned as red as James’ does.

“What’s going on?” he said hissed, more at Regulus than at me. Well, at least he wasn’t angry at me. That was a plus, right?

“Hayley and I like each other,” Regulus smirked. Did he plan this, or does he make it up as he goes along? But, oh boy, I could have hit him then. Lucky for me, Sirius did it. In the split second I had turned to look at Regulus, Sirius lunged at his brother and punched him causing him to stumbled and fall.

“Sirius!” I cried out in shock, as he took another leap towards Regulus. I quickly grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back towards me. Sometimes, my own strength surprised me.

“I was kidding you son of a bitch!” Regulus growled, standing up and brushing himself off. I squealed at the blood pouring from his nose, I opened my mouth to say something to him but he had already started to walk away.


“Muggle fighting?” I snapped at Sirius, “Really?” I had got into the habit of saying ‘really’ instead of ‘seriously’ because he always made a joke out of it. And to tell you the truth the joke wasn’t very funny.

Sirius snorted at my comment, “Kissing my brother, really?” He said mocking my tone.

How dare he?! I didn’t sound like that! It sounded more like – no, focus. I quickly pulled him into the nearest classroom.

“One; he kissed me,” I said, ticking it off my fingers, and then I lied, “And two; it was on the cheek!”

“IT SO WAS NOT! ... At least not from where I was standing!” Sirius said, pulling that face which I always thought he had learned from McGonagall.

“Unless, you were me – that is standing in front of Ros-gulas while he kissed me, then you really can’t tell,” I said. I was thinking way too much about Rosier. Maybe I had a thing for him – haha. No.

“Well – well – you see – no,” Sirius mumbled. I waited for him to organize his thoughts, no sorry, thought. Just one.

"I wish you would just tell me what’s going on,” he said, finally. He raised his hand and gently stroked my cheek. His fingers were rough and jagged, probably from all those years of Quidditch. But still they were warm. He cupped my face with his hands, and brushed his lips against mine. I could melt at his touch. And I knew for everything to be alright, I had to tell him.

“I love you,” he muttered, pulling away from me, “And I want to know that you love me too...”

“I do – and that kiss meant nothing – okay it was on the lips, but he kissed me!” I said. I wrapped my arms around his neck, “I love you – and I’ll do whatever it takes for you believe that...”

“Stop talking to Regulus.” The words seemed to roll of his tongue, like he had them ready at the beginning of this conversation.

“Done,” I said. He didn’t seemed shocked by my answer, more like he knew it was coming.

See, he was cheeky; he knew I didn’t kiss Regulus and knew I wasn’t cheating on him but he used this opportunity to make sure I wouldn’t talk to Regulus. He was smarter than I thought.

“But wait, I have to tell you something,” I sighed. This non-sense had to stop. I was a merlin-damn Gryffindor. Not some pathetic idiot who cowered when a Slytherin spoke. I wasn’t a Hufflepuffs … It’s true, I’m not being housist. I would tell him everything. Everything about Rosier, Regulus and why all this was happening.

“No, it’s okay,” Sirius said, he pecked me on the cheek, and then added, “I trust you.”

"No – but – just listen-”

“Sirius – there you are! James is asking for you,” Remus said, bursting through the door, “Oh, am I interrupting?” I swear on Merlin, boys have the worst timing.

“No,” Sirius said, letting go of me, “Did he say what for?”

“Something with McGonagall – but he’s annoyed that you don’t have your mirror on you,” Remus shrugged.

“Okay, I better go.”

“No – Sirius, I need to tell you something,” I said, almost begging him.

“I think this about the match – why don’t we talk after classes?” he asked me.

“Okay,” I sighed, he gave me a smile before following Remus out.

He just couldn’t wait ten seconds. That’s all it would have taken me to tell him what was going on. Why couldn’t he wait?! Everything was so close to being over. All this stupidity and non-sense. I guess I could wait another two hours. But sooner or later I would have to explain what had happened to my wand and why I screamed when somebody touched my arm.

I picked up my bag about to leave the empty classroom, when someone else walked in.

“What do you need to tell him?” Rosier snarled.

My skipped a thousand beats, I fumbled around for my wand then remembering that I didn’t have one.

"I need to get to class Rosier,” I croaked, my voice didn’t seed to be working properly and neither did my legs.

“I won’t keep you,” he said, fiddling with his wand, “But be careful; my wand may just slip and do something I’d know you’d regret.”

“Enough with these empty threats, Rosier,” I spat, “Stop playing around and just tell me what you want.”

“I don’t want anything,” he sighed, “It’s He-who-must-not-be-named-”

“Voldemort is a coward,” I spat.

“Tut tut, before careful what you say,” Rosier said slyly, a small grin playing on his face, “You have a choice Hayley, you can kill your brother and your blood traitor boyfriend or you can do what I tell you.”

“What your telling me to do doesn’t make anything sense!” I snapped at him, “You could do it yourself!”

“I’m training you,” He said simply, “To become a death eater.” He gave me his disgusting crooked smile before exiting the room.

“Rosier – wait!” I said following him. I looked down the empty corridor, but he had already disappeared into his classroom.

So this was his plan. Can I just add that it’s a very stupid plan? No way in hell I was becoming a death eater. Rosier was mental. I am a bloody Gryffindor, why did I cower at his feet with every threat he made. It was time for all these secrets to end.

But within the next few hours, I would regret ever thinking this, because his threats weren’t as empty as they seemed.

“Hayley!” came a familiar voice from down the corridor.

I turned around, for the first time today it was a face I was actually glad to see, “Kat!” I sighed, “Aren’t you supposed to be in class?”

“I could say the same for you,” she grinned. I had spent six years with her grin and I terribly missed them, “You wanna go down to Hogsmeade – I need a break.”

I laughed, “We just had lunch.” That was Kate. Whenever she was fed up with something, she would run. Take a break.

We quietly made our way down to Hogsmeade and picked a comfy seat at the back of three broomsticks.

“So, what’s going on with you?” I asked her, sipping on my Butterbeer.

“Phillip is finally getting married,” Kate sighed. Phillip was Kate’s older brother and he wanted to get married to his girlfriend for three years, “But to Carol.”

This Carol was new, I had never heard of this Carol, “But I thought you’re brother was going to marry Jane?” I said to Kate.

"No, it didn’t work out,” Kate said, shaking her heading, “It seems like ages since I talked to you,” she sighed.

I nodded. I can’t believe I didn’t know about Carol. But I guess I was busy with Rosier – who was going to be expelled. Because I’m a Gryffindor and I’m not going to take his crap.

“You always seem to hang out with James now,” she continued, twirling her wispy blonde hair between her fingers, “And I always see you hanging out with Rosier and Regulus – is something going on?”

I shook my head. Well, I couldn’t tell her. It was Kate.

“Are you sure?” she asked, “Have they been bothering you again? Like they used to in first year?”

I shook my head again, pretending to be interested in my Butterbeer. It was quite foamy. Like seafoam. Foamy. That’s nice.

“I can rough them up for you,” Kate grinned, tearing me away from my foamy thoughts.

I looked up at her and smiled. She wouldn’t hurt a fly unless she really had to. Of course I could her tell. I knew her since first year. If there was one person I could tell who would know what to do it would be Kate.

I sighed and rolled back my sleeves, it seemed a perfect way to start. Kat reacted exactly how I thought she would, she gasped and gave me that disgusted look.

“Oh my Merlin!” She squealed, “What happened?”

“Rosier,” I said.

And I told her everything. I watched her has her emotions ran over shock, to anger and then finally to confusion.

“Why is he threatening you with Sirius?” she asked finally.

Well, I guess, she was my best friend. If I had told her everything, I could tell her about Sirius.

“I love him,” I sighed dreamily, “We’ve been going out for a few weeks and Kat, I love him so much...”

“You and Black are dating?” She spat at me.

Maybe I mis-read her tone, but was she angry at me? After all that I had told her.

“How could you do this – you knew I liked him!” she growled.

“Kat – that was in second year!” I grinned, “I didn’t know you were still hung up on him!”

“Yeah...” she muttered, calming down. Wow, that was quick. I was good. But really, that was a twelve-year old crush. I mean I had a crush on Profess- no, wait. Never mind.

“I’m going to tell James and Sirius about this, you’re right it’s stupid keeping this from them,” I said smiling.

“Are you sure you should tell Sirius?” Kat asked, “Maybe you should break up with him.”

I laughed at her, “You’re so silly sometimes Kat, I love him – oh and now I’m late for meeting him.”


I stood up from my seat and placed a few galleons on the table, “We’ll talk later okay?”

I raced out of the Three Broomsticks I was thirty minutes late for meeting Sirius. Everything was finally working out. Me and Kate were finally talking again. And I had told someone! Rosier was going to get in trouble; I would stand up to him! Everything was going to work out! I could almost jump in joy. I was so ecstatic my arms didn’t really hurt too much. Everything looked so much brighter! It felt so much better. I was being silly before, Rosier was just being a prat.

I was practically skipping down the dirt road of Hogsmeade. Everything was going to be fine.


I could recognise that voice, “Regulus! I’ve had enough of you! Just go away – I don’t care who you’re trying to help...” I smiled to myself; everything was going to be okay.

“Wait!” he said, jogging after me, he grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

“Ahh!” I yelled freeing my arm from his grip, “Would you leave me alone?!”

“Look what I did before-” Regulus started.

“I don’t care!” I growled at him, “You can kiss me a thousand times! I’ll still love Sirius, and he’ll kill you,” I said laughed.

He leaned forward and kissed me again. But this time it didn’t last as long, his lips had barely touched mine, before I pulled away.

“I was kidding, you can’t kiss me,” I spat, rubbing the feel of his lip off mine, “You can go to hell Rosier, I hate you.” I didn’t really, Ohhh. That felt good. Much better than when I had told Sirius.

“You don’t hate me because I’m evil! You hate me because I know it!” he yelled after me.

Whatever, I still hate you. Kind of.


I was ecstatic.

Everything was going to be fine.

“Hayley? Why weren’t you in class?” somebody called out, I looked around to see who it was. Boy I was just running into everybody today!

“Hey James, I just needed a break – where’s Sirius?” I asked looking around.

"He said he was waiting for you – needed to talk to you or something...” Remus trailed off.

"Is everything okay?” James asked. He must of repeated that same line to me about a million times this week.

“I think he wants to talk about Regulus – we’ll meet you here in like half an hour okay?”

James nodded. He looked upset. Sad. I wonder what was wrong.

But no, I can’t think about that. I had to keep in mind I was going to tell Sirius. Then I was going to tell James. And then we were going to kick Rosier’s ass – or just tell a teacher ... whatever works. I’m a Gryffindor, I wasn’t going to hide away in a stupid corner and let some jackass take advantage of me. And NO WAY was I going to become a death eater. It was bad enough I kissed one – well he kissed me – TWICE.

Oh yes, I was sure Regulus was a death eater. He had the manners and hygiene of one. But ... I had to admit he seemed like a good guy, all the kissing aside, he had tried to help me and of course he was trying to save Sirius’ life.

He wasn’t half bad then.

James’ P.O.V.

“Remus, I’m telling you,” I said, walking into the three broomsticks, “There’s something going between Regulus and Hayley – oh hey Kate - you okay?” Ah, the perfect person to ask.

"Fine,” she growled, empty her purse and placing a few sickles on the table.

“Hey I have a question for you-”

"James, if something was happening Hayley will tell you,” Remus sighed, trying to pull me away from Kate.

“No Remus, something is going on and she’s obviously not telling me!” I snapped, I turned back to Kate, “Ka-”

“Nothing is going on between her and the Slytherins,” Kate sneered at me, before walking away.

“No wait, what about Regul-”

“Nothing is going on between her and Regulus,” Kate snapped at me, “It’s Sirius she’s fucking, I bet that’s what she went to do now– yeah, that’s right Potter, my best friend just screwed me over!”

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Chapter 15: The One with the Biggest Regret
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Chapter Fifteen
The One with the Biggest Regret  

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 And love is not a victory march,
It’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah
- Imogen Heap

“James!” Remus called after me, “Come on! She was kidding, where are you going?”

I ignored him. He had been repeating the same thing over and over again. But it was all or nothing now. 

“James!” Remus said as we approached the common room, he stopped me just before I entered, "What are hoping to find in there?” 

I sighed, “I’m hoping to find out the truth in all this.” 

 "What do you expect to just walk in on them making out?” Remus muttered as we walked through the portrait hole.


No, I didn’t expect that. But it was exactly what I got.


I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to pinch myself to believe it. My baby sister and my best friend. I always knew he liked her, and it wasn’t surprising for him to get involved with every pretty girl’s life for a while, but this was my baby sister. She was pinned on the couch underneath him as though nothing could be better! They stopped kissing for a second and Sirius looked up and noticed me, he froze like a deer caught in the headlights. 

“Prongs...” a soft voice escaped from Sirius’ mouth. I waited from him to get up before I did anything.

“I don’t think you can call me that anymore,” I spat, I watched as Hayley slowly got up and stood in front of Sirius like a shield.


“James, just stay calm,” Remus whispered from behind me, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do...”

I laughed at Remus. That was always his reasoning. I took a deep breath. I was unsure of what to do really.


“I can explain,” Hayley muttered.

I knew what to do, I pushed past Hayley and made a lunge for Sirius. We both landed with a thud on the floor.  I grabbed his collar and held it firmly down against the floor.


“James!” Hayley cried out, “Stop – you’re hurting him!” I felt her futile attempts to pull me away. I raised my fist and hit him.


“JAMES!” came a roar from behind me. Remus lifted me off Sirius and pulled me away, “That’s enough!”


I watched as Hayley helped Sirius up, blood running from his nose.


I hope it’s broken.


“You lied to me!” I spat, “I asked you, if anything was going on, YOU LIED TO ME!”


I knew something was going with Hayley. But why then did it shock me so much? I guess... it was just a shock. OR MAYBE BECAUSE SHE LIED.


“James,” Hayley said calmly, “I was scared you were going to react like this.” She was tearing up. That was not going to get to me today. I was not going to let it affect me.


“You lied!” I repeated. It’s was the only viable thing going through my head that I could say.  


“I know,” Hayley croaked, “I know…But I can explain...”


“Oh really? Then go ahead,” I growled, taking a seat on the couch. She gave me a half smile, through her tears and sat down next to me as Sirius fixed his nose.


“I love him,” she said simply.


And that was my second shock of the day. Love? C’mon! And she had said it so dreamily. Like some pathetic fangirl of his.


“You’re bloody seventeen you don’t know anything about love!” I cried , shaking my head.


“You love Lily,” she muttered to me softly.


Boy, she had me there. I went on for years about how I loved her. And I did. But it wasn’t possible for Hayley to be in love and especially with Sirius. He was hunk of muscle with no feelings. For girls, anyway. And I don't mean that in a gay way.


“Look-” Sirius started, taking a seat on the table across from us.


“You’re pathetic,” I snarled, interrupting Sirius. I guess I would regret saying it later, but I didn’t now. Hayley stifled a little cry, whilst Sirius looked like he was about to punch me.


I quickly got up from the couch, and moved away from them, “I don’t need your wretched excuses,” I continued, “I asked you hundreds of times, over and over again, you lied to me, your own brother.”


“James, don’t be so dramatic,” Sirius snapped at me. I guess he was getting annoyed. Oh well.


And then it struck me. The perfect plan. Break them up. I was genius!


“I’m done here,” I said shrugged, “I just want you to explain one thing to me – if you and Sirius have this going on, why were you kissing Regulus at Hogsmeade today?” 


“What?”  Sirius cried out, “You said you were not going to speak to him again.”


“We ran into each other – he stopped and talked – I told him he can go to hell and he kissed me,” Hayley said through her sobs.


“Oh c’mon!” Sirius snapped, “You can’t expect me to fucking believe that! He kissed you twice in one day?” 

Haha. It was working.


Hayley looked taken back at his outburst and accusation, “If you don’t trust me-”


Oh my plan was perfect.




“Look, I can explain everything with Regulus and Rosier,” Hayley sighed.


“Well, you and your stories can go to Azkaban,” Sirius snarled, “I’ve had enough of this for today.”


“No – just listen,” Hayley called after him, but he had already exited the common room, “Dragon dung...” she muttered under her breath, she looked back up at me, “James-”


“No, I think I’ve heard enough as well,” I muttered, “Let’s go Remus...”


“James! Please, just hear me out!” she called after me, as I went up the stairs to my dorm.


Hayley’s P.O.V

I don’t know how I had managed it, but I had. I lost two of the people I care most about in a matter of seconds. And really I had no one to blame but myself. I sighed to myself, tears clouding my eyes. The common room was empty. I guess everyone was at dinner. I took myself up to my dorm. Everything that had happened sitting like a ton of bricks in my stomach, weighing me down.  But really I had no one but myself to blame. It was my decision to keep all these stupid lies. I had crashed my own life.  


I seemed to sit on my bed for hours. I was waiting. I hoped Sirius would come and find me or James would come. But who was I kidding, why in Merlin would they come to find me, I should be out looking for them.  But I was much too tired. Maybe if I slept ... just a little.


I woke up a few hours later to something pecking at me. My eyes fluttered open. I looked down to see what was pecking at me. I nearly jumped two feet in the air. A crow. A big black crow. Oh wait – no a raven. Oh much better. I took the scroll it was clutched and unrolled it.


You’re late.


Oh go away.


I’ve had enough of you.


I hauled myself out of bed. This was going to end now. I was much too tired to go frolicking around with Rosier and burn things down. It had to end. I made my way down to the common room. It was empty except for one person.


Sirius sat with a Butterbeer in his hand. Just staring into the fire.


I’ll back to him later. First I would tell McGonagall.


I didn’t know, if he noticed me or not, well if he did he hadn’t said anything.


Outside the common room, the corridor was dark and empty. I looked down at myself. I was barely dressed and I didn’t have any shoes on. Oh, I’m so smart. I didn’t have to go far, to find Mcgonagall.


In fact she found me.


“Miss Potter!” she yelled, “What do you think you’re doing?”


“I was looking for you professor,” I said quickly, before she gave me a detention, “I needed to talk to you.”


“Very well,” she said. I could have sworn she rolled her eyes at me, “Come to my office.” Her office, thank Merlin wasn’t very far and there was a nice, warm fire.


I sighed as I entered, taking a seat on one of her big leather armchairs, “I know who caused the fire.” 

Maybe I should have waited awhile before I said it because I made her choke slightly on her tea.


“What?” she coughed.


“It was me,” I said, I rolled back one of my sleeves revealing my burnt arm, “I was blackmailed by Evan Rosier.”


“Miss Potter! These are some very serious-”


“What?” I snapped, “You don’t believe me?”


“Hayley,” she said softly, almost like my mother, “Of course I do, I’m just confused – your arm... why didn’t you come to me or anyone before.”


“Rosier was blackmailing me,” I repeated, I rolled back the sleeve to my other arm. It was a dark blue and mangled. She cringed at the sight of it.


“Let’s go down to the hospital wing-”


“No, Rosier could be anywhere, I want to get this out before I leave this office,” I said. I didn’t know why but it was an eerie feeling, like he would leap out of the cupboard and kill me.


“No,” McGonagall said, returning back to her usual self, “I’m going to get you to the hospital wing first and then you’re going to start from the beginning with Dumbledore there.” She stood up and summoned me to follow her. I knew it was no good arguing with her now.


We walked in silence to the hospital wing, the only sound was the soft patter of our feet.


“Poppy!” McGonagall called out as we entered the hosiptal wing. She pointed to bed which I reluctantly sat down on. Madam Pomfrey came racing out of her office, looking a bit flustered. I bet she’s got a man in there. The hospital wing was dark, I could barely make out where thing was and that was only because of light coming out of Madam Pomfrey’s office.


“Minerva, what can I can – ah!” she cringed looking at my arms, “Oh, I’ll be right out.” She ran back into her office. I didn't know how she could see in dark, but she could. Maybe she was a owl?


“Wait here – I’ll get Dumbledore, don’t go anywhere,” McGonagall said, she looked slightly flustered as well.


“I don’t plan on it,” she said, almost snapping at her. Why couldn’t anyone let me finish talking? “I don’t even have a wand.”


“Oh Miss Potter, roaming around in these times without a wand,” she sighed, “Here, take this one, I got it off Mr. Black – he had about ten in his pocket!” She placed a thin brown wand on the bedside table and walked off without another word.


I looked around at the empty room surrounding me. The eerie silence scared me.


“Madam Pomfrey?” I called out; I could hear her shuffling around in her office. The bright yellow light was still glowing, “Madam Pomfrey?” I repeated again. The light flickered for a few seconds and then burnt out.


“Madam Pomfrey!” I yelled out. I didn’t know whether or not to get up from the bed. What if it turned out like in those old horror movies where something jumps out and grabs my legs.


The shuffling was back. There was a loud thud, and then just two footsteps I counted.


“Madam Pomfrey?” I croaked.


It wasn’t her.


“So you told McGonagall?” came a cold drawl from the shadows.


My heart stopped. My breath hitched. I felt like I was already dead. I turned to grab the wand McGonagall had left me with, but I was too late. I felt something metal strike me across the head. The force of it pushed me back and off the bed. And I was unconscious.

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Chapter 16: The One who Escaped
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Chapter Sixteen
The One who Escaped

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I watched her as she walked out of the common room without a word. It was late, maybe I should stop her?

No, just let her leave.


I turned around to see to who was, “Oh hey Remus... James,” I said nodding my head to both of them. James stood shyly behind Remus and gave me a half smile. I watched as Remus pulled (or dragged) James towards the sofa. He roughly pushed James down beside me.
“Okay,” Remus said sitting down on the armchair opposite us, “Now, you both did some hurtful things to each other and I think you know what you need to say to make this all better.” He was talking to us like we were a couple of five year olds, “Sirius, you start.”

“WHY – oh okay,” I shrugged, “I’m sorry, that you’re an asshole.”

“Sirius!” Remus snapped at me, “James – sit.”

I huffed, “I’m sorry James, that I went behind your back when I should have just aske- no told you but Hay- we were afraid that you were going to be mad and that you were going to kill me,” I said monotonically. I hope he didn’t get the last sarcasm I added, or attempted, “Oh and I’m sorry I called you an asshole, you’re not an asshole, although you may have-”

“That was very nice Sirius, well done,” Remus said cutting across me. He was gave me, what I was sure a fake smile, “James,” Remus instructed.

“I’m sorry for breaking your nose, it’s a very beautiful nose and I should not have broken it,” James sighed, “I think we should put your nose on a platter and worship-”

“That’s enough James,” Remus snapped, “Okay – good, now you’re best friends again... now hug it out.”

“I’m not hugging him,” we both said together.

“Do it.” Remus had that look in his eyes, that I though brought out his inner wolf. But I would never mention that to him – he’d have a heart attack.

James and I looked at each other, and we hugged. Okay not a hug, more like a pat on the back.

“Are we done with this now?” I growled at Remus, he nodded and this time gave a genuine smile, “You wanna go into the forbidden forest?” I asked James.

“ No!” Remus snapped at both of us, “Oh hey Pete, where have you been?” 

“Oh went to library to study for the Runes exam,” Peter said making himself comfortable on an armchair.

“I haven’t seen you in ages!” James cried out, “I’m up to the sixteenth chapter of my book and in that time I haven’t seen you once!” 

“Like you read,” Peter smirked, “I saw you with that girl, Remus...” 

I gasped. I think everyone else gasped too, including Remus.
 “Peter! You said you wouldn’t tell anyone that!” Remus snarled.
“Slipped,” Peter grinned, as I hi-fived him, “So are you going to them or shall I?” 

“I’ll only tell you if you two-” Remus said, pointing at me and James, “-Marauder promise not to fight like that again!”

We both nodded.

“I’ll tell you in the morning,” Remus chuckled.
Well it was noon, and he still hadn’t told us.

“Remus it’s lunch time,” I whined, “You still haven’t told us.”

“Hey guys,” Pete said, looking around, “Only McGonagall is in her seat – you wanna play a prank?” 
“What?” James said, looking up at the teachers table. McGonagall stood at the centre of the table, looking down at all of us, “Hmm... I wonder where the others are...”

“I bet they’re having a party,” Pete squealed, “You wanna gatecrash?”

We laughed, “No – that’s a stupid idea,” I said shaking my head.

“You wanna have a game of Quidditch? Two on two?” Remus asked, getting out of his seat.

We quickly grabbed our brooms and made our way to the Quidditch pitch. On the way, we saw about a dozen men standing outside the hospital wing. James wanted to talk to Dumbledore, so we made our way through the crowd.

“Hi Professor,” James greeted kindly, “What’s going on here? Anything I should be aware of?”

I scoffed, James as a head boy thought he should know all the in and outs of everything. Such a busy body.

“Not right now James,” Dumbledore smiled, “I’ll fill you in this afternoon if things go downhill.”

James nodded. We continued or way to the Quidditch pitch, but unfortunately it was already being used.

 “I got this,” James grinned at us, he ran his hand through his hair (idiot), “Hey boys, wanna match?”

I rolled my eyes at him, “Is that your attempt at being gay?”

“No,” James said, sticking out his tongue at me, “It’s my success at us playing Quidditch.”

“Yeah, okay,” said one the four Hufflepuffs. I recognised one of them as Sheldon and another as John Waltham, a beater, “Two chaser, a keeper and a beater.” A big blonde bloke, who I couldn’t recognise threw a beater bat at me.

“Geez thanks,” I muttered, as it nearly hit my face.

“First to three, wins,” Remus said, kicking off. Remus of course would be our keeper (he was much to nice for anything else), Peter our beater – he had the beaters gut – and me and James, chasers. We’re were practicably unstoppable. The Unstoppable duo. The De-

“Padfoot!” James yelled at me from the other end of the pitch, “Do a zig-zag, bang towards me, and then Pete’ll hit the ball, and then just follow it with a washy-wish-bang trio? Okay?”

No, not really. I had no idea what he had said. But was our brilliant plan. The Hufflepuffs will get all scared thinking we have a plan – they’ll try to interept what we were saying – interept it wrong and we’ll win.

That made a ton of sense.


James and I worked better together as chasers. It was like the third Chaser was unnecessary. Whenever the Quaffle had landed in the hands of the Hufflepuffs, Pete would send a bludger their way. It didn’t take us long to score. About twenty times.

We got back onto the grass, because Sheldon started rowing about how we were cheating and they left the field.

‘Ha!” James yelled at me, “Told you I got this-”

“What?” I said. James looked like he had just seen a ghost – okay, bad metaphor. Whatever. I followed to where he was looking somewhere amongst the trees.

“Oh my god!” Remus yelled as he ran forward, James, Pete and I at his heels.

“Hayley!” James yelled. Hayley stood about ten metres from us. Covered in blood. Her face and shirt matched the red of her Gryffindor tie. One of her arms look like it had been torn out from the socket and the other looked at it had be burnt. The wand she had grasped in he hand she, pointed it at James.

James stepped towards her, “Stupefy!” she yelled. The spell missed James by inches.

“What are you doing?” James yelled shocked, “Put the wand down!”

“Get away from me!” Hayley yelled, “GET AWAY!”

“Hayley,” James said, calmer now, “It’s me James.”

“I’LL KILL YOU!” Hayley yelled. She was out of her mind. She looked crazy. Her hair was messed and face was covered in blood which was seeping out from a wound on her head.

“James, don’t!” I warned him, as stepped closer to her. Hayley moved her wand and pointed it at me, “Pete go get a teacher!”

“Hayley, you need to calm down,” I said, slowly, “It’s just me, James and Remus.”

“I DIDN’T KILL HIM!” Hayley yelled, her wand hand shaking so badly that any spell she fired would be a complete miss.

She dropped her wand and stumbled around on spot for a few seconds, before walking towards me. She grabbed the front of my robes and shook them, “You have to help me!” she begged, her face was covered in blood. It was frightening.  

 “Hayley… it ‘s okay…” I muttered trying to hold on her, but it was too hard, she had blood everywhere and I didn’t know where the wound was. She let go my robes and slipped onto the grass.

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Chapter 17: The One with the Thriller
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Chapter Seventeen

The One with the Thriller



For two weeks we drifted in ignorance.


For days I judged on assumptions.


For hours we sat in silence.


Just waiting for this moment. I guess, this moment was inevitable.


“She’s calm now,” Madam Pomfrey said from the doorway, “You can come in.”


We were waiting outside the hospital wing for four hours. Waiting for someone to tell us what had happened. James had already had a yelling match with Poppy, McGonagall and Dumbledore. Although he was the only one yelling, it resulted in Remus receiving several bruises as he tried to calm him.


When we brought Hayley back to the hospital wing, she was totally out of it. She thought she was still in the forbidden forest. She believed James was dead or at times -that I was dead. She would think I was Rosier and then think James was Rosier, then think McGonagall was a tree. She would then remember I was Sirius and still think she was in the forest.


I didn’t even know what happened. All Dumbledore could explain to me and James was that Rosier was blackmailing her. When she finally confessed to McGonagall, Rosier had gotten wind of it and kidnapped her. It was something to do with Voldemort and his recruitment plans. I just couldn’t figure out why Voldemort would want with someone that’s a muggle loving, Dumbledore fan.


But Rosier was nowhere to be found. Aurors had been sent from the minster to provide protection for Hogwarts and investigate, but they had yet to find Rosier. They were still sweeping the forest and castle but Dumbledore said their chances of catching the death eater was bleak.


We all stood up together. Although Peter and Remus weren’t here. Peter had been kind enough to volunteer to get food from the kitchens and Remus had gone to rest as it was full moon tomorrow. So it was just me and James.


We both exchanged looks. I know he feared what was going to be inside, how Hayley was. I knew this because it’s what I feared. Although I knew she was okay. But I wanted to see the extent of what it was.


“You go in first,” I said to James. We both stood at the door, nervous as hell.


“No you,” James said, “You’re taller.”


“You’re fatter,” I said.


“It’s muscle Padfoot!” James said pouting.


“Fine, I’ll go in but only because you’re fat.”


I knew behind our petty jokes we were both terrified. And the jokes only put off finding out the reality of our stupidity that had occurred only a few seconds longer.


I took a deep breath before entering. The hospital wing was dimly lit. Hayley lay motionless on the furthest bed from the door. Two aurors paced up and down along the back wall. They stopped as James and I walked towards Hayley, but soon started to quickly pace again.


“If she wakes up call me,” Poppy said, walking back into her office.


“Dragon Dung...” I heard James mutter from behind me. I looked over at Hayley. She was tucked into the bed like it was her own; her arms lay peacefully beside her now wrapped in white bandages. Her jet, black hair was now cleaned from the dirt and blood which had stained it. She looked like she was in a serene state. The wound on her head had disappeared but there were still several cuts and bruises.


“She looks okay,” I heard James whisper. It was more to himself than to me. But I still nodded to him. We both took seats on either sides of the bed.


We sat there in silence. I didn’t know for how long, but I knew we were both waiting for her to wake up. Fortunately, our wishes seemed to be granted.


“Get Poppy,” I said to James, as her eyes fluttered. She slowly opened them and let her eyes adjust to the light.


“Sirius?” she whispered, staring at me intently.


“Yeah babe,” I grinned; I could feel my eyes tearing up. I quickly looked up to see where James was, he had gone into her office.


“I was looking for you everywhere,” she muttered, sitting up on the bed, “C’mon! What are you waiting for?”


“What?” I asked her. She got out from under the covers and slowly climbed off the bed, “Where are you going?” I asked, trying to stop her from walking away.


“Sirius, we have to go!” Hayley hissed at me, her eyes darted towards the Aurors who were now slowly walking towards us, “Sirius – they’re coming!” she cried out.


“James!” I yelled, I turned back to Hayley, “Babe, we’re in the hospital wing – those are Aurors...”


What I said to her seemed to fly over her head. She looked at me intently, trying to get past me, “Sirius! They’re going to kill you! We have to go!” Hayley squealed, as I tried to restrain her from running out of the room.


“What’s going on?” James said running into over to us, with Poppy at his feet. Both were carrying trays stacked with vials.


Hayley jumped over the bed blocking her and ran towards the door, “C’mon Sirius!” She stopped when she saw I wasn’t running with her.


“No, we’re safe here,” I said, following her slowly.


She stood at door oblivious to everything around her, “Sirius,” she cried, “Please – you have to believe me! I was just trying to save your life!”


“I know babe,” I said slowly, “But it’s all over, you’re safe now.” I walked towards her and wrapped my arms around her.


“I didn’t mean to!” she cried, tears following from her eyes, “I didn’t mean to kill James!”


I exchanged glances with James who walked towards us, “Hayley, you’re safe now, everyone is...”


“Sirius,” Hayley hissed, ignoring James, “You go back to the castle; I’ll go back to them.”


“Hayley!” I snapped, “We’re in the hospital wing! It’s over!”


“I didn’t mean to-” Hayley started, but mid-sentence she collapsed. Just crumbled to the floor.


“She’s delirious,” Poppy sighed; she put her wand away and helped me carry her to the bed. I could have done it myself...


“I don’t understand, why does she think she’s still in danger and why does she think I’m dead?” James asked, as I pulled the blanket over an unconscious Hayley.


“It seems...” Poppy sighed, “That she had been hit by the cruciatus curse... several times.”


My heart sank deeper into my stomach, which did a flip-flop. It was my fault she was in here, it was my fault that she had to suffer the cruciatus curse and it was my fault if anything happened to her hereafter. If I had just stopped and listened to her. Just stopped thinking about myself and heard her out.


I knew she wasn’t cheating on me with Regulus. She would never do that. I was scared that I could feel this strongly for a girl. That a girl could do this to me. So to find an escape route, I had taken it out on her. And look where it landed me?...and her?


“She’ll be okay, won’t she?” James asked, “I mean the cruciatus curse, that’s some heavy stuff...”


“She needs good rest,” Poppy said, smiling at us, “She just lost a lot of blood, she was dehydrated, had a couple of broken bones and is running a high fever.”


“What’s a feber?” I asked. I was pretty sure it was a muggle disease.


“Nothing to be worried about,” Poppy smiled, “She’ll be fine. Why don’t you two check on her in the morning?”


We nodded and both headed out.


 When we came back the next morning, Hayley was still asleep so we weren’t allowed in. We returned after lunch, she was still sleeping and instead were told to come back after lessons. After lessons she was still sleeping so –


“Hey lady!” James growled at Poppy, “I’m here to see my sister and I’m not leaving until I can!”


“What he means,” Peter said, giving his, what girls called adorable, smile, “We’d like to see her for a few seconds if you don’t mind.”


James rolled his eyes at Peter, but then clapped him on the back when we were allowed to go in. Hayley was still in the same position we had left her in last night. Motionless and bruised.


“For full moon tonight,” Peter whispered, as we all took seats around Hayley’s bed, “I obviously need to go – but one of you need to come as well, and the other can stay with Hayley,” He looked at me and James.


“Oh don’t be silly,” Remus waved off, “I’ll be fine by myself, you three stay with Hayley.”


“No Remus,” I said shaking my head, “You do way too much damage to yourself when you’re alone, James’ll go with you.”


“Me?” James said, finally joining the conversation, “Why me?” He sat up properly in his chair like he was being challenged.


“Remember last night - we had solved this?” I grinned at him, “You’re fat.”


“Moony,” James whined, “Tell Padfoot to stop calling me fat!”


“You’re not fat,” came a giggle. We all turned to look at Hayley, who was now awake. We waited for her to say something else, just to see if she was out of the delusion.


“How long have I been here?” Hayley said her soft voice cracking.


“A day,” I said, as James got up to get Poppy. This time he and Poppy came back a lot quicker, again bringing the tray full of vials


“Those mine?” Hayley said giving a half smile.


“Yes,” Poppy said as Hayley made a move to sit up, “No no, you can’t sit up... just lie down for me.”


She frowned and laid back down.


“Drink these for me,” Poppy said, passing Hayley vials filled with red liquid. Poppy laid out another several vials on the bedside table, “These too, I’ll be back with dinner.”


Hayley drank the first ones rather quickly but then stopped, “Did you miss me?” she asked us grinning.


We didn’t say anything.


I didn’t realise this until now, but I was actually angry at her. Maybe it was her nonchalant attitude, acting like nothing happened or just the fact she didn’t tell us anything. But I was angry.


“Oh c’mon,” She laughed, downing a few other vials, “I got hit with Crucio about a dozen times, you can’t be mad at me, don’t you wanna know what happened?”


We still stayed quiet. I locked eyes with James for a while. I could tell he was angry as well; I looked over to Pete and Remus. They seemed they were bursting to say something, however, had refrained.


“Miss Potter!” came a loud boom from the door. It was the Auror in charge of this incident. James was highly suspicious of him as he looked only twenty-five. He was a rather tall man, with a big build and reminded me of a pretty-boy version of Hagrid. Charles Newington, I think his name was. “I’m David Jackson,” he grinned.


 You can’t even remember names, so stupid Sirius.


We’re the same person, you idiot.


I tried to ignore the squeaking voice. What would people say? Sirius Black hears voices.


Jackson was followed by Dumbledore and McGonagall. Dumbledore gave us a warm smile as he walked over to us. He conjured up three bright purple armchairs around Hayley’s bed for himself, McGonagall and Jackson.

“I’m the Auror in charge, and I don’t want to waste anytime...tell us exactly what happened... well as best as you can remember it,” said the Hagrid-look alike.


“Where do you want me to start?” Hayley asked.


Jackson gave a short laugh, that sound like a cow vomiting, “From the beginning, when Evan Rosier first started the blackmailing,” he said with his quick quotes quill ready.


“It was before potions when Rosier first approached me, he said he needed help with something and I was already running late to class so I went to help. He cornered me, punched me, twisted my arm, stole my wand and told me to drop out of the Quidditch team-”


“What?” James said, jumping out of his seat, “You told me you fell off your broom!”


“Yes, James, I think we’ve established I told a lot of lies,” Hayley snapped at him, as James sat back down on his chair, “And if I-”


James gasped and jumped out of his seat again, “That’s why Rosier made the bet with us, he thought we would lose the game without Hayley, we showed him!”


“James!” Hayley snapped again, James pouted but sat back down, “If I didn’t he said he would sell James and Sirius out to Voldemort – apparently Voldemort is recruiting and they would be good death eaters and he also – no never mind-”


“Miss Potter,” Jackson interrupted, “You need to tell us everything, I’ll judge if it’s relevant to the case or not.”


Hayley sighed and gave me a sympathetic smile. I knew from the smile that it was about me, I gave her hand a light squeeze. It was my way of telling her, don’t worry James won’t kick my ass. He probably would try to. But c’mon, I’m Sirius Black.


That’s not relevant.




Hayley continued, “He also said that if I didn’t he would tell James that Sirius and I were going out behind his back.” We both ignored the death stare from James. My heart sank as she said this, I knew she did all this to protect me and James, but in the back of my mind I hoped she hadn’t. But it was true. It was because of me she was laying here.


“The next time we met up I think was a few days later at the dungeons, the day I burnt down the great hall. The time after-”


“Can you tell me specifically what happened?” Jackson said.


“Oh okay,” Hayley mumbled, “He asked me to steal Lily Evans’ wand, when I got there he asked me to hand it over – I remember taunting him before giving it to him, he then used the cruciatus curse on me and said something like if I burn down the hall he- he would do something...”


“Like what?” Jackson asked.




“Miss Potter, do I need to rem-”


“Alright!” Hayley said, rolling her eyes, “He said; Sirius would get the same tomorrow.”


Her words stung. My breath hitched again, I ignored James’ glare. I didn’t need the glare. I knew what it was saying. This is your fault. And I knew this because it was the truth.


“We burnt down the hall, we heard McGonagall’s voice; she had found the wand that Rosier asked me to throw into the fire,” Hayley continued, “He got mad and lit my arm on fire – but then R- no sorry, somebody stepped in and stopped him ... and that was the end of that night...”


“This somebody?” Jackson asked, “Do not know his name?”


“He was wearing a mask,” Hayley explained, she gave me a quick glance; “I didn’t recognise him.”


From the glance I knew she was lying. I didn’t understand why she would want to protect a death eater. They were killers. Why would she want to –


“The next time I run into Rosier was in a classroom,” Hayley said, then she added turning towards me, “It was right after I finished talking with you; I was about to tell you about Rosier but then Remus walked in and as you guys left Rosier walked in. I told him I didn’t want to run around with him anymore; I was getting tired of his games-”


“How did he react?”Jackson asked.


Hayley ignored Jackson and continued, “- but he told me that either I could become a death eater or would James and Sirius. I said I’d do whatever-”




“-Later that night, I was supposed to meet up with Rosier but I just had a fight with James and Sirius so I was late. I decided I couldn’t handle Rosier so I went to tell Professor McGonagall. I confessed to her about burning down the hall-


“Did you show her proof?” Jackson said, interrupting again


“-and show her my burnt arm in proof and I told her I did because Rosier was blackmailing me and then showed my other arm. She let me finish before taking me down to the hospital wing and then went to get Professor Dumbledore. I got scared; it was dark-”


“You got scared of the dark?” Jackson quirked.


“No I said I was scared,” Hayley said, her voice gathering anger, “And then I described that the hospital wing was dark - and Madam Pomfrey was taking an awfully long time. I can’t remember exactly what happened next but I remember being carried in the forest with horrific pain in my head.”


“This forest,” Jackson enquired, “It is the Forbidden Forest, yes?”


Hayley nodded quickly, “Anyway, I was being carried by Rosier and he didn’t know I was awake – I hit him in the eye, he fell over and I made a run for it. I could hardly make out where anything was, it was so dark and everything was a shade of red from the blood I presume-”


“Blood?” Jackson said sitting up on his chair, “You didn’t mention receiving a wound.”


“I don’t remember receiving the wound,” Hayley sighed, “I kept tripping over on the roots and then my hand got stuck in a barbed wire entanglement-”


 “Barbed wir-”


“They were used previously to separate creature territory,” Dumbledore explained before Jackson had time to finish his question, “It was removed, but some may still be there.”


“Well, Rosier caught up to me and as you can imagine was angry, he ripped my hand out from the entanglement-” the whole room winced as she describe this, “-Oh it wasn’t that bad, he hit me with Crucio right afterwards!” Hayley said, excitedly. I rolled my eyes at her; she caught me and grinned. I could tell she was over the whole-being sensitive to our minds.


“Then?” Jackson said in his annoying, cow voice. He didn’t looking pleased at her attitude.


“And then I called him an asshole, and I swore I would never give up anyone, so then he zapped me again,” Hayley continued tonelessly.


“Zapped you?” Jackson asked.


“Crucio,” Hayley replied shortly. I could tell she was getting fairly annoyed at him by now.


“How many times?” Jackson asked.


“Until I blacked out,” Hayley said, and then quickly continued before Jackson could interrupt, “Next thing I know, I’m on the dirt ground, surrounded by death eaters-”


“Can you name them?”


“Yes,” Hayley answered, “Evan Rosier.”


“Anymore?” Jackson asked.


“Maybe if you crucio me I’ll might be able to see past their masks!” Hayley growled, also sitting up straighter.


“Maybe we should stop-” I started, but Hayley interrupted me.


“No Sirius, I’m sorry,” Hayley said forcing a smile, “No, I did not see what they looked like. They were having an argument-”


“Can you tell me what it was about?”


“No,” she replied sarcastically, “About how Rosier ruined everything-”


“Everything-” Jackson started.


But Hayley cut over him, she was starting to go a bit red like James, “-that they were planning-”


“The plan-”


“Would you quit talking over me?” Hayley said, jumping up onto her knees, I had forgotten how feisty she could be, “I remember them-”


“Can I get a name?” Jackson said, looking at her intently.


“I remember them,” Hayley continued, “Talking about James and Sirius and I cannot remember anything else, next thing I knew I woke up in the hospital wing with James saying he’s fat.”


“No,” James said shaking his head in disagreement.


Jackson looked over at James, “Are you saying she’s lying? That she does remem-”


“Noooo,” James repeated, he drew out the ‘o’ sound much like how girls do when they ‘Noooo wayyyy’.


“Sirius said I was fat,” James said a matter-o-factly; reminding me of Evans, “It’s all muscle,” he told Jackson like it was a crucial fact to note.


“Prongs,” Remus muttered under his breath, “Nobody cares.”


“I’m not fa-”


“I think we’re done here!” Jackson said, springing up from the armchair. I guess he had had enough of James’ banter. “I just need to talk to Miss Potter alone.”


“Why?” James asked, jumping up from his chair as well.


“James,” Dumbledore said, slowly standing up, “It’s okay –Oh, and your parents will be here later tomorrow.” James frowned. I knew he was scared at what Mr. Potter would say.


We all stood up and left Jackson will Hayley. Dumbledore and McGonagall left for work, whilst James and I waited by the door.


“What do you think they’re talking about?” James asked contemptuously.


I shrugged. I watched them carefully. Jackson had moved over to stand beside her. His back was facing us and it shifted his composure so Hayley’s face was blocked as well. Now, I couldn’t read their lips or body language. I watched as Hayley gently placed her hand on his upper arm. She peeped her head out and beckoned us over with one finger.


“What’s going on?” I asked, walking over to them. Hayley climbed of the bed and walked over to me. She linked one of her arms around mine and pulled me over so I was about a hand away from Jackson.


“This is Sirius,” Hayley snarled, something that was very unlike her, “He’s my boyfriend.”


Jackson gave her a grin, before walking away.


“What was that about?” I asked, as I helped her get back up on the bed.


“Nothing...” Hayley grimaced, “Where’d Remus and Pete go?”


“Full moon,” James said distastefully.


We sat in silence for a while. It wasn’t a particularly gentle, serene silence – it was more of an awkward one.


“I was worried sick,” James muttered finally.


“You don’t look sick,” Hayley said, grinning, “You look great to me.”


“You didn’t even tell us what was going on?!” James continued, “And now you just sit here and talk about it like it’s some big adventure!”


Hayley snapped her head towards me, “You feel the same way?”


I was shocked at her sudden flare-up. I didn’t know what to say. Yes, I was angry at her. But I didn’t want to be.


“I- I-No,” I said stuttering over my own words, “I’m just angry because you didn’t tell us-”


“Get out,” Hayley snarled at both of us, pointing towards the door, “Get out!”


“Hayley,” James said calmly, “We’re angry because you didn’t tell us anything and after everything that has happened, you act like it’s nothing – it is something, it-”


“I laugh about it because it hurts to do anything else!” Hayley snapped, “If I’m not laughing about it, I’m reliving the fucking pain!”


James shrank at her reaction, looking away from her in guilt of what she had just said.


“I didn’t tell you because I was trying to save your life you idiot!” Hayley growled, “Anyway, you all can go out to full-”


“Dinner!” came a cheery voice. It was Poppy.


“I’m not hungry,” Hayley snapped, pulling her covers to her chin like a five year old.


“Well, I don’t really care,” she said, shrugging.


Oh that was more like her.


“Finish this up,” Poppy said sternly, “Or I'll have to force feed you, you young kids wanting to be thin – well if you get any skinner you might disappear into thin air!”


“I’m not hungry,” Hayley repeated.


“Miss Potter!” Poppy said rounding up on her, “You don’t eat, I can’t give you any potions... you haven’t eaten properly for what my wand can tell a week – so finish that steak!” Poppy walked off.


“Why haven’t you eaten?” James asked, sitting back down on his seat.


“Because I was held captive,” Hayley replied darkly.


“No before that.”


“Like I said,” Hayley said, grinning again, “Crucio just takes the life right out of you... Sirius will you fetch me some chicken from the kitchens?”


“No,” James said before I could, he stood up drawing himself up to full height. He grabbed Hayley and propped her up against the pillows, and placed the tray in front of her, “Finish it or I’ll hold you down and feed you.”


“Fine – but I’m not eating the steak-”


“You’ll eat everything,” James said tonelessly, “And whilst you’re eating you’ll tell me whose ass I need to kick.”


“My lips are sealed,” Hayley said, ‘I heard no names but Rosier’s.” James waited for her to say something more, but she didn’t.


“What do you mean your lips are sealed?” James snapped finally, as he took his seat.


“I dunno,” she shrugged, “It just sounded cool – anyway shouldn’t you get going? It’s almost dark...”


James frowned as he got up, “Fine, you stay,” he told me, “I’ll be back tomorrow.” And with that he left.


I stayed quiet, not making eye contact with her.


“I know you’re mad at me,” she said, picking at her steak, “But I was trying to save your life – and look it worked-you’re alive!” She laughed, finally putting a piece of steak in her mouth, “Oh I think I’m going to puke.” 


We sat in silence for a few more seconds. I didn’t know what to say. Do I start with I’m sorry, then I love you and then move onto being angry?  


“I feel bad-” I whispered just loud enough for her to hear.


“You feel bad?” Hayley scoffed, “Don’t – it was foolish of me to risk your life and tell McGonagall-”


“Why didn’t you come to me? Why didn’t you tell me something was wrong?” I asked bitterly.


She shook her head, “You would have tried to help me,” she said the last words as if it were poison, “I didn’t want you caught up in all this – I wanted to save you, doesn’t matter anyway,” Hayley muttered, “Rosier planned on killing me either way.”


“Rather me than you,” I muttered, intertwining my finger with her frail ones.


She shook her head again, “No.”


I could feel my eyes tearing up, “The pain and worry you put me through is much worse than anything Rosier could have done to me.”


“He threatened to put the cruciatus curse you on – you’re numb but you still feel the pain of the knives digging into you,” she muttered darkly, “I couldn’t let him do that to you-”


 “Don’t,” I interrupted. I didn’t need her to remind me that she had suffered all of this pain just to save my life when it was my fault that she was in here the first place.


“I was saving your life,” she repeated, finishing of the last of her steak.


“At the expense of yours.”


“It was a worthy price.”


I frowned, “It was a foolish price.”


“It was your life!” Hayley said a bit louder.


I smiled at her, “I love you.”


“I love you too.”


“And if you ever try to risk your life to save mine-”


“I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”


“I hope not,” I smiled, “If you think I’m letting you out of my sight even for a second now– you’re deeply mistaken.”


“I know you think it’s your fault,” Hayley said after awhile, “It’s not, I didn’t want anyone to know – I could risk anyone’s life, even if you knew I don’t think it would have made a difference. Rosier would have killed me sooner... Regulus is not a bad person Sirius; he saved my life out there.”


“Regulus!” I growled, “You didn’t say anything about Regulus being there- to Jackson!” So Regulus was the death eater she was protecting.


“I don’t want to keep anymore secrets from you Sirius,” Hayley sighed, “He wasn’t who I thought he was, he was trying to help me out with Rosier but I learned it was Rosier he was really helping...”


“That son-”


“Let me finish,” Hayley said calmly, “I think he regrets helping Rosier...”


“Regulus,” I snarled, “Is not a friend Hayley-”


“He’s the reason I escaped,” she said simply, “You can’t tell anyone, I don’t want him to go to Azkaban... he’s a good guy, he’s just lost.”


 I didn’t ask her anything else. Once she was better I would ask for the entire story, but for now, I could make her relive the terror again.


“I’m tired,” she said finally, pushing away the unfinished food.


 “I love you,” I whispered, placing a light kiss on her forehead.


Hayley smiled, sleepily, “Will you ever leave me?” It was like those picturesque moments, at the end of muggle films. When everything turns out okay.


“Yes, if you don’t get any rest!” I said jokingly.                                                                                                           


 “The stars are so beautiful,” Hayley muttered, looking out the window.


“Not as beautiful as you,” I grinned, leaning on the chair.




I gasped, “I have never ever told I lie in my life.”


“That itself, is a lie,” Hayley giggled. I missed her laugh. It was sweet...melodic.


I looked dreamily out the window, “Come here, I’ll show you something.” Hayley sat up and climbed out of the bed. I quickly pulled her into me lap, and held her as close as I could.


“That is my star,” I said, point out to the sky through the window.


“You own a star?” Hayley asked in a tone which told me she didn’t quite believe what I was saying.


“No, I’m named after it,” I laughed.


“Which one?”


“The biggest one.”


“You’re pointing to the moon.”


I sighed and retorted, “Maybe it is the moon.”


“So you’re saying; your name is the moon?” Hayley laughed.


“Yes, first name, the last name moon.”


Hayley laughed, “Okay then, show me what else you know about the skies.”


I had made her laugh. Everything seemed fine.


“Nothing what so ever,” I smiled. Hayley slipped off my lap, “Wait.” I pulled her back down, wrapping arms around her waist, “Let me reassure myself, I’ll never lose you.”


“You won’t.”     



I woke up the next morning, with a large fat sausage poking my face. My eyes fluttered open and I realised where I was sleeping. In the hospital wing. I looked down to see Hayley’s arms wrapped around me and her head resting on my chest.


I looked up to see James frowning at me. It wasn’t a sausage, it was his finger poking me.


“This,” James snapped at me, fluttering his hands over me and Hayley, “Can’t happen!”


“Shush!” I whispered, “You’ll wake her.” I slowly unwrapped her hands, placing them by her side and got out of the bed.


“Well I brought breakfast,” James growled, “So she’s going to have to get up.”


“No,” I shook my head, dragging him outside. I noticed Peter and Remus weren’t with him. They were probably still at the shack.

“She didn’t sleep well, even though Poppy gave her the dreamless stuff,” I told James. We took a seat on the floor outside the hospital wing. He passed me a bag of food as he continued to eat his sandwich.


“Why? What happened?” James asked, his mouth full with food.


“I think she was crying,” I said, picking out a muffin, “Is this blueberry?”


James nodded, “She okay now?”


“I can’t believe what’s happened,” I said shaking my head, “I’m so stupid, I can’t believe I let this happen...”


“It’s not your fault,” James said, “It’s mine. Dad’s going to kill me.”


“He won’t be that bad,” I shrugged. I was lying. Mr. Potter would – he would – actually I wasn’t sure what he would do. But I knew it was going to be bad.


“He’ll bury me alive when he hears her recount for the Aurors,” James muttered.

“I don’t think-”


“JAMES HARRY POTTER!” came a loud, booming voice from the stairs. Mr. Potter.


“Harry,” I heard, Mrs Potter say from behind him, “It isn’t his fault!” They were both walking down the stairs together.


“GET UP-” Mr. Potter said, causing both me and James to jump up.


“Daddy?” came a soft voice from the doorway.


“I believe that’s the second time she’s saved your ass,” I muttered under my breath to James.


“Oh my baby!” Mrs. Potter said, running down the rest of the stairs. She grabbed Hayley and her held her so tightly, it looked like she was trying to squeeze juice out of her.


“Bea,” Mr. Potter said sternly, “Let her go, it’s my turn.” I grinned, his tone reminded me of = James when he told Remus to stop me from calling him fat.

Mrs. Potter slowly let go of Hayley, tears pouring from her eyes. Mr. Potter hugged Hayley, lasting a  bit longer.


“C’mon you should be lying down,” James said, grabbing Hayley out of Mr. Potter’s arms. I could tell he was jealous, “Thanks - just saved my life again,” I heard him mutter to Hayley, as he helped her onto the bed.


“We got here as fast as we could,” Mr. Potter explained, “We were in Australia you know?”


“No, we didn’t know that Dad,” James grimaced, “But it’s always nice when you tell us you’re leaving the country after you’ve come back.”


“James,” Mr. Potter said, peering at him over his glasses, “Cheeky little bugger aren’t you?”


James grinned, “Thank you,” he said batting his eyelashes. I rolled my eyes at James and his girlish behaviour.


A few seconds later Poppy came out with breakfast, much to Hayley displeasure.


“I’m not eating steak again,” Hayley whined, as soon as Poppy was out of earshot.


“Hayley,” Mr. Potter said softly, “Eat your breakfast or you can spend the rest of your hospital stay at Mungos.”


His threat was worse than James’. Now I knew where James learned it all.


“We have to get going,” Mr. Potter said standing up.


“But you just got here,” James said. Always stating the obvious.


“I know, but we’ve got to have a talk with Dumbledore and then get back to work,” Mrs. Potter smiled. She gave us all a kiss and they both headed off.


“I better get Remus from the shack,” James said. He too got up and left.


“I should go too,” I said standing up.


“Do you have to?” Hayley frowned.


“No,” I lied, and sat back down next to her. I had a detention with McGonagall but she could wait.


“Thank you,” Hayley smiled, kissing me on the cheek, “I love you.”


“Yeah,” I smiled, “I love you too.”


“Do you think Pomfrey would let you take me to Hogsmeade?” Hayley asked.


“I’m not taking you anywhere,” I grinned.


“And why not?” Hayley pouted.


I laughed, “You’re adorable, but one; you’re not well enough, two; James would kill me.” 


She rolled her eyes at me, “Oh that reminds me, where’s the wand I had?”


I tried to remember where I had put it after, “I think it’s in the dorm – wait a minute, how do you remember you had a wand – you said you blanked out...and where did you even get the wand from...” I had so many questions whizzing around in my head suddenly. I didn’t even know where to begin!


“No no, I just remembered having a wand,” Hayley said quickly.


“You didn’t mention anything about it to Davidson-”


“-Jackson-” Hayley corrected.


“– You know, don’t you?” I asked, hoping she really didn’t.




“OH MY MERLIN!” I yelled, “You know who the other death eaters were! You remember everything – you promised you wouldn’t lie to me anymore...” 


“I didn’t promise-”


“I love you,” I told her again, “And it’s time you told me everything, I can’t keep going through all these secrets and then one day find you dead!”


“Oh Sirius, don’t-”


“I’m being serio- I’m being realistic,” I said, trying to avoid the obvious pun, “I want to know what’s going on!”

Hayley sighed, “I don’t want you to get involved in this-”


“I swear to Merlin, Hayley,” I growled, my face inches away from hers, “You don’t tell me what’s going on, I’m going to walk out that door and pound every single Slytherin until I know everything.”


“I’m just trying to keep you alive.” Hayley said, still calm.


“I’m trying to keep YOU alive!” I said, throwing my arms up in the air, “Give me a hand, won’t you?!”      


“I don’t-”


“I don’t want you to protect me!” I said finally, she looked a bit shocked if not taken back by my words, “I want to protect you, I know that you can do it yourself – nicely proven by all this – but I want to! It’s my job.”


“It’s not your job-”


I sighed, “Well I want it to be...” and then added with a grin, “Will you hire me to be your knight in shining armour?” I added, puffing out my chest. Hayley laughed.


“More like idiot in tin foil,” Hayley smiled.


I frowned, “I’ll take that as a yes, now tell me everything.”


Hayley sighed, “All you need to know is that Regulus saved my life out there,” she paused giving me a small smile, when I didn’t respond she continued, “It wouldn’t hurt you to be nice to him.”


“But that’s not what I asked you,” I said shaking my head, “I asked you to tell me everything that happened-”


“Mr. Black!” I snapped my head around to see who called me, “You were supposed to go to detention half an hour ago,” Madam Pomfrey continued, “If you don’t go right now, I’ll cancel your visitation rights.”  


“You better go,” Hayley said trying to hide her smile.


“I know your happy about this,” I scowled, “But you’re going to have to tell me soon.” I gave her a light kiss on lips before exiting the room.


“You leaving?” Jackson asked, just as I closed the door behind me, “You mind if I ask her a few more questions?”


“Er- make it quick,” I said, he gave me a dodgy smile before entering the room. I watched him close the door before I began climbing up the stairs.


“-be quiet! You have to be prepared!” came a hushed whisper.


 “There are about a dozen aurors here, we’ll be killed!” came another whisper. I swirled around trying to find where the voices where coming from.


“Rosier’s about to come out with her at any moment now – it’s too late to worry about getting killed.”


“There are guards in there; they’ll know straight away that that’s not the real auror!”


“We’ll just have to hope that Rosier’s impostering skills are as good has his blackmailing skills.”

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Chapter 18: The One with the Nakedness
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The One with the Nakedness


“HAYLEY IS MISSIN – oh, what are you doing here!?” I growled, as I walked into the common room, “I was worried sick!”


“Oh, I thought that was your natural look,” Lily said giving me a sly smile.


“And just when we were getting along so well... you had to say that,” I said, flashing my famous grin. I took a seat between her and Remus on the already crowded couch, “Well?” I said, turning to look at Sirius and Hayley, who was curled up on his lap.


“Jackson is Rosier,” Sirius said with the sternest look on his face. His eye didn’t even twitch.


I looked at him blankly, unable to formulate words to his stupidity, “Are you high?” I finally asked.


“Jackson is a death eate-”


“Are you sur-“




“Then are you drunk?” I said giving him my all-knowing nod, “Hitting the whisky this early mate?”




“Look – nothing is going to happen to Hayley, she’s fine – there are Aurors here...”


“Are you trying to convince me or yourself?” Sirius scoffed.


“She’s going to be fine!”  I growled, narrowing my eyes at him.


“James, they have Rosier...” Hayley said. Maybe it was just me, but she sounded unhappy about it.


“Where?” I said jumping out of my seat, “I have two words for him - Avad-”


“You’ll do nothing,” Remus snapped, pulling me back down by the sleeve, “He’s with dementors – he was impostering Jackson... the real Jackson is in France apparently.”


“Impostering isn’t a word-”


“What? This doesn’t make any sense- why do you look so unhappy?” I shot at Hayley, cutting across Lily.


“I’m not unhappy.”


“Then why are you frowning?”


“He’s a person too!” Hayley snapped suddenly, breaking her calm, collected exterior, “He doesn’t deserve to go to Azkaban!”


“Are you kidding?” I cried out, “After what he did?”


“So? It’s horrible in there – cold and scary...” Hayley said pouting at me, “Nobody deserves to go there...”


“He doe-”


“James, just drop it,” Lily said, giving me a small smile.


“We should get you back to the hospital wing  - Maggie asked you to return hours ago...” I said. Hayley nodded sadly before standing up again.


“Maggie?” Lily asked, confused.


“Red, you’ve been hanging out with us for almost two months and you haven’t caught onto nicknames yet?” Sirius grinned stupidly. Like a monkey. Yes, he did look like a monkey. I was much better looking.


“Mcgonagall,” Hayley said rolling her eyes at Sirius. I think the rolling of the eyes means that she too sees him as a monkey. She turned to me and pouted, “I don’t understand why I have to go back to the hospital wing – I’ve been here all day and I’m fine.”


“I’ll take you back, c’mon let’s go,” I said, wrapping my arm around her shoulders.


“I’ll talk to you in the morning!” Sirius called after us as we exited the common room.


“So what’s going on?” I said, as we climbed down the stairs.


“Dunno... got blackmailed, banged up by some death eaters, nearly died – so nothing much...” Hayley grinned.


“Nice to see you smile again, but I meant with Sirius...” I said, slowly. I didn’t want to her to be scared to talk to me about Sirius. Even though I didn’t want to hear about her and Sirius’ rendezvous, I still wanted her to tell me things like before.




“You guys are back together?”


“Yeah, but if you-”


“Look, I know Sirius’ll take care of you – but if he doesn’t he know what’s coming to him,” I said, giving her an assuring squeeze around the shoulders.


“What about you and Lily?” Hayley asked me.


I wasn’t sure how to answer. I wasn’t sure what was really going on with me and Lily. It was all very hazy. We hung out a lot, but I wasn’t sure if it was dating or ... or just hanging out. I had asked her out on a date awhile ago but it all seemed so friendly – not romantic. It’s just how Hayley and I hang out. Except I love her in raw-animal-jungle-sex kind of way …Lily, not Hayley.


“It’s getting there,” I shrugged, “I want her to come over for the Christmas Party and then again... you know for the New Year’s Eve...”


“So you can make out with her at midnight?” Hayley asked dryly, giving me the McGonagall look.


“No, no, no ... okay, maybe – yes.”


I could already imagine it, Lily and me – alone ... in the garden. The clock hits twelve and Lily takes off her all her clothes and makes –


“Stop that!” Hayley snapped at me, whacking me on the back of my head.


“What? How could you possibly know what I was thinking?”


“You’re making your picturing-girls-naked face!” she scowled at me, her eyebrows furrowing.


“No, I wasn’t,” I paused, and then added, “Not girls – just girl, Lily and her big-”




“I was just going to say bo-”

“JAMES!” Hayley yelled again, whacking me on the chest this time, “That’s ... Ew... do you talk about all girls like that?”


“Not you and mum...” I said, flashing my beautiful, charming but shy smile, “But yes we talk about all girls like this.”




“No – I mean – yes... yes, yes, yes ... yes... no... yes we- the entire hama sapiens population with the chromosomes X and Y ... yes, us...”


“You said yes seven times – and by the way Mr. Idiotic Genius – it’s homo sapiens,” Hayley said, her eyes narrowing at me, “Does this we include Sirius?”


I gave out a nervous – frog like – laugh, “Yes – but he doesn’t think about you that way – just other hot girls or just girls.” All of a sudden, my palms had gotten sweaty and my face felt like it were a million degrees as I felt Hayley’s deep blue eyes piercing into my head.


“What?!” she hissed. It felt like the venom from her jumped off, landing on me. 


“Well not when you’re there,” I said giving her a nervous smile, “No- what? Did you say something?”


“No, James, you just said my boyfriend imagines every other girl except for me – naked.”


“Oh no, I think – I think that was you,” I said quickly trying to cover up the million stupid things I just blurted.




“Yes Hayley bear, I think Rosier did some more damage than we thought – oh look the hospital WING!” I said, my face twitching with slight fear, “Madam Pomfrey!” I called out as I pushed Hayley into the hospital, “I think – I think Hayley has got armenia – she keeps forgetting-”


“Amnesia, Jam-”


“Poopy - I mean – Poppy – Hayley’s got armsia-”




“James?” Poppy said, emerging from her office.


“James, I want you talk to-” Hayley began, but I cut across her.


“Hayley caught amnesia-”


“You can’t catch-”


“I- I – I – I – I ... I ... I have to go!” I called out as I exited the hospital wing shutting the doors behind me, “Lily! What-what –what are you doing here?”


“Are you okay?” Lily said, leaning in towards me, “I just came to see Hayley quick-”


“Hayley? Hayley – what Hayley?” I asked quickly. Lily cocked one eyebrow up at me and pointed bluntly to the Hospital wing door, “Ohhhhh, that Hayleyyyyy...” I said significantly slower, “Yeah, yeah... she’s got... armensia.”




“That’s what I said!” I snapped at her, dragging her up the stairs, “Armenia!”


“Alright...” Lily said, awkwardly, “Are you okay?”


“Yes, of course Lily,” I said, calming down now that we were a significant distance away from the hospital wing, “And how are you doing this fine evening?”


“It’s barely dark James,” Lily said rolling her eyes. Her beautiful green eyes.


“Captain obvious to rescue, eh?”




Her James; she said it melodically. Like an angel. An angel floating down from heaven. Nake-


She continued, “-You’re the one who said-”


“You wanna get a drink at Gringotts?”


“No... not really...” Lily said, giving me a weird look again, “But maybe, Three Broomsticks?”


“That’s what I said Evans – why do you always have to-”




“Yes?” I sighed.


“Zip it.”



“I’ll have a Butterbeer and a whisky thanks,” I told the barmaid, I turned to Lily who gave me a stern look, “Cancel the whisky – just two Butterbeers.”


“Thanks,” Lily said in her soft voice, “I don’t want to carry you back to Hogwarts drunk.”


“You don’t drink?”


“Not on school nights,” she said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.


I smiled and nodded, like I totally agreed. We had spent most of our school nights at Hogsmeade drinking – just a bottle. Not like need-to-soak-the-sadness-up-in-my-life drinking – but one bottle – one small bottle. Not like drunk-ly drinking. More like sipping. Like the French.

Yes, we were Frenchly sippers.


“Thanks,” I said to the barmaid. I picked up the drink and sat at the far end corner of the room, Lily following me closely.


“Er- James,” Lily said, sitting down opposite me as I passed her a Butterbeer. I looked at her expectantly, waiting for her to say something, “You didn’t pay.”


“Oh, it’s okay,” I shrugged, sipping my Butterbeer. I had been here a thousand times and I knew Rosemerta, the young hot waitress, would put it on the family tab.


“It most certainly is not!” Lily said looking livid, “I never knew you for a thief James!”


“Lily,” I grinned at her righteousness, “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”


“I think I should lea-”


“It’s on the family tab Lily!” I said shaking my head.


“Oh,” Lily said, sitting back down, “Well, why didn’t you say before?”


“Because...” I mumbled, “I didn’t wanna seem like I was showing off.”  

“So you let me think you were a thief?” 

“I like your hair,” I said, quickly changing the subject.  

“I’m a tomato head.”  

“Well even if you are,” I said giving her my amazing grin, “You’re a very beautiful tomato head.”  

“Thanks James,” Lily said giving me smile, “I like your- your ... ears...” 

“Yes, thank you,” I said sarcastically, “That’s what I’m known for...  my ears.”  

Lily blushed a deep red, matching beautifully with her hair and emerald eyes. I sighed inwardly, imagining what it would be like to run my hands her through her hair and stroking her soft, pink cheeks. Her face cheeks. Not – not the other ones.  

“Excited about Quidditch?” Lily asked, I guess she was trying to get a conversation flowing. 

“No – since Quidditch season is over...”  I said. How could she not know that? “Any plans for Christmas?”  

“No, just planning on stay at Hogwarts – my sister’s fiancé is coming over to stay and he’s a complete bacon-loving, turkey-looking nightmare,” Lily frowned. 

“You can come stay at my place,” I shrugged, trying to act casual and not jumping like jelly beans on a sugar high, “Hayley, Sirius, Remus and Pete will all be there – and we’re having a party...”                                   

“Er- I dunno James... I don’t know anyone there,” Lily said uncomfortably. 

“You know me and you like me...”  

She gave a little smile, “Yes, that’s true... thanks James.” 

And then something miraculous happened.

She leaned forward. And kissed me.



“Sirius – wake up! Sirius, wake up,” I said running into the boys dorm, “SIRIUS! WAKE UP!” His head hit the bedside table as I swiftly pulled him by the legs off his bed. 

“OW!” Sirius yelled, rubbing his head, “I was sleeping!”  

“And the sky is blue, yeah nobody cares,” I said quickly, “YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED! ...By the way the sun hasn’t even set yet – what are you, like an old man?” 

“I was taking a power nap, zippy,” He grumbled, standing up, “Can you-” 

“YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!” I yelled again, as Sirius groaned. I guess my loud, beautiful voice was making him jealous. 

“You decided to get high?”  


“You found a new way to annoy me-” 


“You found a comb that can tidy your hair.”  

“Haha, no but-” 

“Oh!” Sirius said jumping up, “You lost a couple of pounds – you look fantastic, mate – good job...” 


“You’re gay and you’re in love with me.”  


“Red kissed you.”  


“You found out the reason you smell is- Wait ... what?” Sirius said grabbing me by the shoulders.

“She kissed me!” I squealed, jumping up on the bed.

“Are you sure she didn’t punch you?” he asked sceptically.

“I think I can tell the difference...” I scoffed, rolling me eyes.

“Really?” he said, raising his eyebrows up at me.

 “Hey kids,” Remus said, walking into the room with a wide smile, “What’s going on?”  

“Lily kissed me!” I squealed, jumping off Sirius’ bed and running over to him.

“Are you sure she didn’t punch you?” Remus said with the same look as Sirius.


“Wait – wait... did she kiss you on the lips?” 


“And what did you do afterwards?”

“Ran here to tell you guys...” I said coolly.

“You’re an idiot,” Sirius muttered, putting on a random shirt from the floor, “Why don’t you go ask her to come with you to the Hufflepuff party?”  

“Oh yeah,” I nodded, “We should drop by the hospital wing first – Hayley thinks you’re a perving, horrible, cheating boyfriend.”  

“WHAT?”  Sirius said, looking alarmed, “What did you say?”  

“I’ll explain it on the way,” I said, as we exited the dorm. “Oh hey Lily,” I said as I saw her entering the common room, “Hufflepuff’s are having a date, wanna be my party – no... no... there’s a party – wanna be a date – the – no... my date?” 

“Yeah sure,” Lily grinned, “I’ll meet you outside their common room in ten? I should get changed...”  

“That was so smooth...”  Remus muttered, as we walked out of the common room, “I can see why she likes you.” 

As we walked to the hospital wing, I informed Sirius about my slip-up to Hayley. Well actually, no, I didn’t tell him. BUT I intended to, so I guess that counts. I ran ahead of him so he didn’t have the opportunity to ask me.

“Prongs!” I heard Sirius continue to yell after me as I raced into the hospital wing and took a seat on Hayley’s bed.

“What the Merlin Prongs?”  Sirius huffed as he walked up to me.  Poor guy, I guess he’s not as fit as he seems. 

“You say Merlin Sirius, but the big man knows you mean fu-” 

“James!”  Hayley cut across me, she turned to Sirius and smiled, “Well, don’t you look dashing?” 

“He’s wearing a t-shirt that hasn’t been washed in five years and has the same pants on since last Hogsmeade weekend,” Remus grinned.

“And don’t get me started on his underwear...”  I said, following Remus’ line of mockery.

“Yes and you would know all about my boyfriend’s underwear because...” Hayley said raising her eyebrows up at me.

“Hey!” I snapped at her, “He’s the one that checks out other girls!”

“What!?” Sirius shrilled. His voice sounded like it went back in time to when he was twelve.

“Yes, James told me your dirty thoughts,” Hayley smirked, “And apparently none of them are about me!” 

“The girl I have thoughts about is you,” Sirius said sincerely, “And I would have thought telling James my thoughts about you would be borderline creepy.”

“You have a good point,” Hayley grinned, “So where are you guys going?”

“Hufflepuff party – wanna come?” Remus asked her.

Immediately her face lit up, “Would I ever! I’ve been stuck here for ages... I haven’t seen the outside world in too long-”

“You’re staying here until Christmas break,” Madam Pomfrey said, as she brought Hayley her tray of potions.

“What! That’s another two weeks,” I said, astounded, “There’s nothing wrong is there?” 

“No, just observation,” Madam Pomfrey said, “Now off you lot trot... to sleep.” She gave him a small smile before returning to her office.

“Oh, please let me come!” Hayley pleaded, just as if she was asking a Merlin doll.

“I think it’s best if you don’t,” Sirius said giving her a quick kiss on cheek, “I’ll see you tomorrow night...”

“You’re not gonna visit in the morning?” 

“I have a study session with a sixth year – Slughorn’s making me,” Sirius shrugged. We waved goodbye a sullen Hayley as we exited the hospital wing.



Nobody’s P.O.V

“Hayley?” came a soft voice from the door.

“Sheldon?” Hayley asked surprised, “What are you doing here? Don’t you have a party?” 

“Yeah, I saw Sirius there... I thought you might want some company...” he said with a big smile.

Hayley returned his smile, “That’s very kind of you but-”

“Before you reject me – I have Butterbeer...” he asked hopefully.

“Sure,” Hayley sighed, accepting a Butterbeer. She gave him a smile again before taking a sip, “Thanks, I really need some company.” 

"Anytime, I’m here for you,” Sheldon said softly. 

As Hayley turned away to put down her drink, a devilish smirk appeared on Sheldon’s face. He had a plan, and now it was in motion.


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Chapter 19: The One with the First Snow
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Chapter Nineteen

The One with the First Snow



She said; You don’t know me,
And you don’t even care,
You don’t wear my chains...
                - Boston, Augustana

“Look,” James hissed at me, “You take the left... and I’ll go right.”


“What about-” I started, before James interrupted me again.


 “We just have to give it everything we’ve got!”James said, “If I go down, promise me you’ll keep fighting.”



“But Prongs-”



“I know what you’re thinking - but what if were both captured?” he said shaking his head, “They’ll kill you too!”



“But Prongs-”



“Padfoot,” James said sappily, “Promise me.”






 “I love you guys,” Remus said mocking James’ sappiness.



“Calm down Buckwheat,” James scoffed, “It’s just a snowball fight.”



“Yeah, and he’s the one getting too emotional,” I snapped at James.


James ignored me, and stood up, revealing himself from behind a snow wall, “LAND HO!” He yelled.



“We’re not pirates Prongs!” Remus yelled, covering his head with his hands, “We’re already on land – we’re not landin- OW!” He yelped as James kicked him in the shins. I sniggered, poking my tongue out at Moony.



“Shiver me timbers!” James yelped ducking back down.



“What?” I hissed leaning closer to him, as Remus rolled his eyes at us.


“Yo ho ho thar she blows!” James exclaimed.



“WHAT?” Remus said getting annoyed.



“Ye walk the plank?” I said, narrowing my eyes at Remus, “You son of a biscuit eater!” It wasn’t really like Remus to play along with us but he didn’t have to ruin all the fun.



James jumped back up again, “Avast ye buccaneers!” He yelled.



“What?!” Remus cried out.



“He’s telling us to get ready,” I snapped at Remus. Trust him to drain all the fun out of the game. I pulled Remus up by the sleeve, revealing ourselves from behind the snow wall too.



“I see ye landlubber!” James said, pointing over to the other snow wall.



“I see ye Hornswaggle!” I said, pointing like James too. We both turned to look Remus who gave us a very annoyed looked.



“I see ye... seadog...” Remus said awkwardly.



“Sea dog,” I scoffed, “Think of a real one next time Moony.”






“CAN WE START NOW?!” Lily roared, peeping her head from behind their wall.



We exchanged looks with each other, before giving each other a small nod. James jumped over the wall and charged at Lily, Anne and Peter with a handful of snowballs. Remus followed close behind him, with me taking his right. We pelted snowballs as we tried to ddge the ones being thrown by the girls... and Peter. A snowball hit me on the neck causing me to stumble. I looked up at the castle entrance to see Hayley standing with her hospital wing robe on.



“James,” I called out, dropping my snowballs, “I’ll be back!” James turned to look at me as a ran towards Hayley.




“Sirius!” he called after me, “MAN OVER ABROAD! MAN OVER ABROAD! MAN OVE- OW!” I looked back to see Remus hitting James with his own snowballs.


“Having fun?” Hayley smiled, as I walked up to her.


I shrugged “How long have you been up here?”



“A while,” Hayley shrugged, not making eye contact with me but looking past me to James and Remus.



“You look frozen,” I said.



“Thanks,” she smiled, slipping her arms into my jacket. She rested her head on my chest and wrapped her arms around my body.



“Beautiful,” I said, as she lookup at me, “But frozen – let me...” I pushed her against the concrete wall and lightly brushed my lips against hers, “Better?”



“No...” she said, a small smile appearing on her face. I brushed my lips against hers again, a little more fiercely this time. My hand travelled down the side of her body and rested on her hips as I pushed her harder against the wall. I felt her hand travel down to by lower back and pull me –



“Woah! Woah! WOAH!” James said, walking up to us covering his eyes.



“I hope he trips,” Hayley muttered to me under her breathe.



“WOAH! WOAH!” James continued, “WOA-”



“James they stopped,” Lily said from beside him.



“Oh,” he smiled dorkily, uncovering his eyes. He looked at me with an expressionless face,



“Sailor, what do you have to say for yourself? You left me stranded out at sea so you can have fun with your lady friend?”




“You seemed fine without me,” I shrugged.



“I got rolled by four people, one of them was part of my crew,” he spat out the last word, looking directly at Remus.



“Rolled? That’s not pirate slang,” Hayley scoffed, resting her head on my chest again.



“You talk too much,” James snapped haughtily, “Its getting cold – I think we have a blizzard coming...”



“Yeah,” I nodded, thankful the James seemed to have returned back to normal, “Better get you back to the hospital wing.”



“Sirius,” Lily said from behind me, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”






“You and Peter have detention with Flitwick,” she said quickly, “For burning his hair.”



“It was an accident!” I cried out, I turned to Hayley and gave her a quick kiss on the lips, “I’ll come down straight after – let’s go Wormtail.”





Hayley’s POV



We entered the hospital wing, to be greeted by a very angry nurse, “It’s time you get back? How was the two minute walk you left for an hour ag- I told you not to go outside? Did you?”



“No,” I lied.



“Yes, you watched us play,” James said, shaking his stupid head at me. I gave him a death glare as Pomfrey looked livid.



“After, I specifically told you not to!” Pomfrey yelled.



“It was the first day of snow; give her a break Poppy,” James shrugged, “What’s the big deal?”




“The big deal Potter is that your sister’s-”



"Don’t you dare,” I said, interrupting her, “You can’t tell him - its private-”



“The only reason why I didn’t tell him before was because I thought you’d listen to me!” Pomfrey yelled, “She is going to die if-”



“WHAT!?” James gasped, grabbing onto Remus for support.



“IF – wait for me to finish, IF she doesn’t take her of herself,” Pomfrey said, flustered. She picked up the empty potions tray from the bed side table and bashed it against the wall. I rolled my eyes at her dramatisation as James covered his ears in fear like a little girl.



“That is what your immune system is supposed to be like,” she continued. She lightly fanned the wall with the tray, “That’s is what her immune system is doing.”



“What in Merlin’s name is an amoon system?” James asked.



“It’s protects her from getting ill,” Pomfrey deadpanned, “Without it, she’s could get really sick from a simple muggle cold – I’ve got a potion brewing, but it won’t be ready for another few days... that’s why I’d needed her to stay here for so lo-”



“Hayley!” James snapped at me, “You knew this? Why would you put yourself in danger like that?’



“Because it’s boring here! I’m stuck here all day whilst the rest of you are out playing sailors-”



“Pirates,” Remus corrected. James gave him a proud smiled and patted him on the back.



“And it was the first snow of the year!” I pouted, hoping to get James to feel sorry for me.


“So you decided you want to get really, really SICK?” James snapped. Oh, I guess it just wasn’t my day today.


“Look, I haven’t done any Christmas shopping – take me to Hogsmeade please?” I begged. He and Pomfrey both gasped at what obviously was an outrageous suggestion.



“No outside and no snow!” Pomfrey yelled furious, before storming off to her office.



I made sure Pomfrey was out of hearing distance, before I turned to James and asked, “Please James, I haven’t bought any presents!”



“I think everyone will understand,” James said sardonically.



“C’mon! I’ll wear a hundred jackets!” I begged, “Please!”



“No!” James snapped at me, “Look, I have to meet Lily to help her out with some transfiguration – I’ll talk to you later.”




Sirius’ POV


“Hey,” I greeted Hayley. She looked up at me from her magazine and gave me small smile, “I saw James – he said something’s wrong with your moon system?”



“Probably pirate slang,” Hayley laughed, “Wanna go to Hogsmeade? I need to do my Christmas shopping.”



“James said not to take you,” I shrugged, taking a seat beside her on the bed, “Anything wrong?”



“No,” Hayley said, shaking her head me, “James is just being James... thinks I’ll die from going outside.”



I grinned, “Why would he think that?” Hayley shrugged at me, she swung her legs of the bed and hopped off.



“I’m just gonna get changed,” she said, “Can you turn around?” Her cheeks turned a little red as I grinned at her, but I turned around nonetheless.



“If can have dinner at three broomsticks,” I said, peering over my back. She had her back facing me, so couldn’t see me staring. She pulled out a blue t-shirt from a plastic bag, examined it and pulled it on, covering her bra. The shirt slid down naturally covering the rest of her body.



“Sure,” she whispered back as she grabbed her jacket. She turned around to face but I snapped my head around the other way “Sirius! I saw that!” She snapped.



“Sorry,” I shrugged, “Couldn’t help it! I’m a guy!”



She frowned at me, “Okay, let’s go... Poppy’s out – don’t worry she said its fine... I’m getting released tonight anyway...”



I furrowed my eyebrows at her, but took her hand and walked out of the hospital wing. We walked through the tunnel to Honeydukes.



“It’s freezing here!” she mumbled, as we exited Honeydukes. I took off my thick black coat and wrapped it around her tiny frame, “Thanks,” she whispered, as I wrapped my arms around her, pulling as close as I could to me.



“Dymphna’s Dresses? I asked her, she nodded her head against my chest, “Are you okay?”



“Yeah,” she wheezed, as we entered the store, “Just not used the sudden walking around.”



“Want me to carry you?” I grinned, as I took for her coat in the extremely warm store, “Boy, this feels like déjà vu, promise me you’ll buy me something this time.”



“I just need a dress for the Christmas Party,” Hayley muttered as she rummaged through various dresses.



“I like this one,” I said, pulling out a red shiny one. She smiled, took it from my hand and made her way to the dressing room. She seemed troubled by something, ever since we left the hospital wing. And she was in such a hurry to get out of there. Probably had an argument with James or Poppy. She opened the door and turned her back to me. She nudged me to pull up her zip. I pulled up her zip carefully, tracing my hand  lightly up her smooth back.



She turned around to face me, “So what do you think – I think I should try the one you picked out.” And I before I knew she slipped her hands out of the blue dress and began pulling it down.



“Wait, I can’t do this,” I yelled in surprise, as she pulled her dress down to her waist revealing her bra. I turned around to look away from her. I banged my head on the wall.


“Sirius?” Hayley said slightly shocked.



“Mother, Mother, Mother, Mother, Mother, Mother,” I muttered under my breath, hopelessly trying to get Hayley’s half naked body out of my head.



“Sirius,” Hayley repeated again, in that soft yearning voice that makes my head spin and my brain freeze up, “What’s-”



“You can’t take off your clothes in front off me,” I muttered, “Even though I’m your boyfriend, I’m still a guy, and you’re still extremely hot.”



“Okay, sorry,” Hayley said nonchalantly.



A few minutes later, a slight disgruntled Hayley and I made our way over counter. I narrowed my eyes at the beady man behind the counter, looking at Hayley like she was piece of meat.



I wrapped my arms around Hayley, “Don’t you look at her like that,” I snapped at the man.



“Sirius,” Hayley muttered, she fumbled around with her galleons.



The man circle licked his lips, and blew Hayley a kiss that she missed as she was too preoccupied with placing her galleons on the counter.



“I’ll rip that tongue out of your mouth and feed it to the giants,” I growled at him, as he hastily took the money from Hayley’s hands and handed her a bag.



“What was that about?” Hayley snapped at me as we exited the store.




“He was staring at you funny,” I said righteously. I’m reaction was completely justified. It was that stupid man that was all horny.



“Probably because he had a lazy eye and I was holding the money!” Hayley grinned like it was the most obvious thing ever.



Oh what does she know, right?



“Well he looked like he wanted to eat you!” I said in a quite know-it-all Lily tone, “Well, I scared him.”



“Not as much as you got scared,” Hayley said playfully poking my chest, “You saw my bra and squealed and hid your face.”


Sirius Black? Getting scared? I think you’ve lost your mind.



“That was so I could restrain myself from jumping on you and having you right there in the dressing room,” I said modestly. Yes, I’m a very modest, brilliant, sexy person.  



“Oh, you couldn’t have me,” Hayley grinned, shaking her head



“Excuse me?” I froze at what had just come out of her mouth, “Did you just put Sirius Black and couldn’t in the same sentence? I could have you right here, right now!” I added pointing to the snow.


“No thanks,” Hayley said, pulling a disgusted face.



“Come back here!” I called out, as she broke into a run.



“We’re on a public street in broad daylight, and you want to- Sirius!” She squealed, as I easily caught up to her.



“Oh, now who’s scared?” I grinned, as I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her towards me.



“You would be too if somebody was chasing you down a street – wait no, you only get scared by girls in bras,” Hayley said playfully,



“No, no, no...  Not girls – when did I say girls – did I tell you about that dream? I mean James’ awful dream, how could he-” I quickly correct myself, trying to hide the obvious guilt on my face.



“Save it Sirius,” Hayley scowled, as she tore herself away from my arms and continued walking.



“But, I’m never scared for I am Sirius Black,” I said proudly puffing out my chest, “... you know like the Salad,” I added when she didn’t say anything.



“What?” she said, in a quite Remus like tone.



“Caesar Salad is his full name... the man who ruled Rome...” I said. Duh, everyone knows that.



You’re so smart Sirius.




Oh, I know.



“His name is Julius Caesar genius, not Caesar Salad,” Hayley said, bursting my vial of genius.



“Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

"Do you realise you make absolutely no sense?” Hayley laughed.


Oh, she just loves to burst vials, doesn’t she?


Such a vial buster.

Some girlfriend you got there.



Okay, now you’re being stupid. Shush.



“Do you realise that we spent three hours here and you bought one thing,” I retorted.  



“No actually, I didn’t realise that,” I frowned, she quickly check her watch and the let out a sigh, “Need to go one more store before it closes wait for me at the Three Broomsticks?”



“No, why would I leave you?” I said indignantly.



She’s not as smart as she seems, told you she was a bad girlfriend.



Didn’t I tell you to shush?



“I just need to do myself,” she quickly added, giving me an innocent smile. Yeah, like that was going to convince me.


“I can come with you,” I said smiling back at her, “I’m a mature person you know?” I nodded my head boastfully.



“Yes,” she said her voice dripping in sarcasm, “Given by how you squealed when you saw my bra, yelled at the store clerk and then chased me down a street.”



“Noooo,” I grinned, “Given by the fact I’m insanely handsome and you love me.”



She didn’t argue that, so that was good to see. We walked down to a little shop in between a coat store and a watchmaker. My mouth popped into a little ‘o’ as I saw where we were walking into.



“Oh this is so much fun,” I squealed, Hayley snapped her head around and gave me a death glare, “I’m not squealing...”



“Just stand here,” Hayley said, “While I look around.”



“Are you kidding? Ohhh... can pick some out?” I pleaded. I wasn’t jumping for joy. No Sir. Sirius Black does not jump. At least not for joy.



“Why do you need a bra?” Hayley said, her eyes jumping to my chest.



“Not for me silly... for you...” I grinned, as she continued to examine my chest.



“Err... “ she pondered, “Okay, when we go for dinner I’m going to tell you something and when I tell you, you have to promise not to get angry, upset, or really, really angry... yes?” I nodded eagerly.



“OH! This one!” I handed her red lace one. She looked at me shrewdly but took it nonetheless.



I watched Hayley as she picked chose other, I wondered what she was going to tell me. Maybe it was how awesome I was. But why would I get angry at that? So it was something I was going to angry and upset. I would be upset and angry if she took my dinner away from me. Yes, that would make me upset and very angry.



“Sirius?” Hayley called from the other side of the dressing room.



“Yes love?” I said, I pushed myself off against the wall and waited by the dressing room door.



She opened the door, “You like it?” she said, smiling innocently. She was wearing the one I had picked out for her. I stood in slight shock. My mouth had gone extremely dry and I was pretty sure she could really my heart pounding.



“I- I- think- think-” I croaked, trying to find the right words. Well, any words right now would be good.



“Siru-ah!” Hayley yelped as pushed her roughly back into the dressing room and against the wall. I brushed my lips with hers, with one hand resting on her hip pushing her harder against the wall, the other twirling through her silk-like hair. I felt one of her hands travel up to my neck pulling my lips closer to hers and the other ran down front of my shirt trailing the buttons. I tore my lips away from hers and moved down to her, letting a soft moan escape them.



“Sirius,” She breathed, barely audible, “The store cler-” I quickly moved my lips back over hers before she had a chance to continue. I took one of my hands of up her back and traced the lace-



“We’re about to close,” came a haughty voice from behind me.



“Gimme a few more seconds,” I muttered.



“Sirius!” Hayley grinned, pushing me away from her. I can only imagine how much self –control and effort that took. I grinned back her, as she swiftly shut the door. She came out a few seconds later, only this time a fully dressed, but still looking flustered and her lips red matching her flushed cheeks. She ignored me and walked to the counter to pay. I grinned to myself, as she walked quickly walked out of the store, not looking back at me.



As we step out, the wind was stronger than before and colder. Hayley stumbled back at the sudden force of it; I quickly grabbed her by the arm and steadied her.



“You okay?” I yelled, as the wind howled, “We better get inside somewhere.” She nodded. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, pulling her as I close as I could to me as we walked down to the three broomsticks. Luckily, it was only a few stores down, but unluckily when we got inside Hayley’s face was drained of colour and she looked as if she was about to pass out. We ordered Butterbeers and quickly got a table at the back corner. Hayley got into the booth first, and I sat down beside her.



“Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked her, as she sipped her Butterbeer. She nodded. After awhile a grin appeared on my face, as I thought about the happenings in the dressing room.



“What?” she asked, smiling too.


“I had my way with you,” I whispered into her ear. I flashed her a grin, and she blushed profusely.



“Hardly,” she scowled, “I seem to remember it was me being half naked and me having my way with you.”



“No, I seem to remember me pinning you,” I said, raising my eyebrows suggestively, “Aren’t I such a romantic?”



“If I wanted romance I would have gone out with Remus,” Hayley smiled, intertwining her fingers with mine, she looked up to see my unamused expression, “I was only joking.”



“That’s not funny,” I scowled. She pouted at me, “Okay, I’ll forgive you for saying that, but let’s just leave the being funny up to me, love.”



“If I wanted funny I would have dated Pete,” she said.



I burst into laughter, “Okay, well that one was funny...”



She took her hands out of mine, and for a second I thought she was angry, but she wrapped her hand around my waist and leaned her head against my chest. I smiled to myself, and wrapped my arm around her too.



We must have sat there for ages, because Hayley drifted off to sleep and the events of today circled my headed at least a million times. I was brought back to my senses by the violent shaking from Hayley. I reached into my coat that I had let her wear and took out my mirror.



“Hey Pron-”



“Where the hell are you? Is Hayley with you?” James snarled, looking completely enraged, “I’ve trying talk to for the past two hours!”



“I’m at Hogsmeade with Hayley,” I said, confused at his anger, “My mirror was with her.”



“Oh that explains it,” James growled, “Come back now!”



“If you haven’t notice there’s a blizzard and Hayley’s sleeping,” I said, still confused, “What’s going on?”



“I told you not to take her to Hogsmeade!” he hissed at me.



“Well, Hayley begged me to take and she’s get released tonight anyway-”




“I swear to Merlin Sirius,” James spat at me, “It’s your bloody fault she’s like this anyway!”



“Prongs, what is going on?” I said, getting slightly annoyed, “Poppy said we could come – well, Hayley told me Poppy said... what’s going on?”



“She’s not allowed to go outside in the cold, her immune system isn’t working properly – immune system is the-”



“I know what it is!” I snapped, “She didn’t tell me that-”



“Sirius, get her back!” James yelled, “Get her back now!” And with the he disappeared.



I looked down at Hayley; I could tell she was a wake. I could no longer feel her chest move up and down. She removed her hands from around me and gripped the edge of the table. I kept my arm around, but pulled her closer although she resisted slightly.



“I was going to tell you,” she muttered, not looking at me but her hands.



“Oh yeah? When?” I snarled, “When were you going to tell?”






“After? After what?” I said trying very hard to stop myself from yelling, “After you get sick? After I found out? When?”



“Just listen-”



“I asked you point blank what happened – and just told me James was crazy, that nothing is wrong,” I spat, “You lied to me again. How can I keep trusting you if you keep lying to me, to everyone.”



“It wasn’t like that-”



“Then what is it?” I said exasperated, “You never tell me what it is! Everybody here is trying to keep you alive!”






“I can’t do this over and over again with you Hayley,” I cried out, “You have to tell me – stop protecting me or whatever it is you do and for Merlin’s sake JUST TELL ME!”



She suddenly stood up, causing me to jump slightly, pushed the table forward, and made her way out of the booth.



I sprang up, quickly grabbed her arm before she go any further, “Hayley-” 



She snapped her head around, shook my hand off her arm, giving me a glare, “You don’t know what it’s like lying there day after day, not having anything to do-”




“Not having anything to do,” she repeated, “BUT TO RELIVE THE PAIN OVER AND OVER AGAIN!”


“Hayley!” I called after her as she exited the Three Broomsticks, I followed her outside, the chilling, roaring wind hit my face like someone was threw a bucketful of ice at it, “Love-”



“THAT DOESN’T SOUND TOO FUCKING GOOD TO HEAR DOES IT?” she roared against the wind, “WHILE YOU AND JAMES GO AND PLAY BLOODY PIRATES I’M WAITING FOR SOMEBODY TO COME AND KILL ME!” I could feel the venom in her voice as she walked back up the stairs towards me.



“Hayley,” I said softly, trying to calm her.



“LET ME GO!” she growled, pushing me as hard as she could causing me to slide backwards and hit the door of the three broomsticks, “LET ME GO! Let me go!” Her yells of fury turned into loud sobs of despair, “Let me go.” She clenched onto my shirt rested her head on my chest. I could feel her tears soaking through my shirt and her loud, rhythmic sobs shaking her whole body.



“I want to go home,” she whimpered, “I want to go back home.”




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Chapter 20: The One with the Meat-head
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Chapter Twenty-One
The One with the Meat-head

I laughed wildly, “What is that?”

“Mango juice!” Hayley grinned back, “It’s a specialty.” She looked up at me, slowly sipping her juice. I gave her small wink, she blushed profusely before holding the drink out to me. I shook my head, declining her offer. She looked so adorable, sipping her girly, kid size drink. I wrapped my arm round her, bringing her closer, protecting her from the cold.

“Maybe we should get back now, James’ll be wondering where we are and you’re really not supposed to be out,” I said quickly. She ducked her head under my arm and gave me a small smile before walking away.

“Where are you going?” I called after her, following her quickly as she walked faster, “Hayley! Don’t go there!” I yelped out as she walked into an alley way between two stores, “Hayley!” But she didn’t seem to be listening, she walked faster and faster. The alley way seemed to be getting darker and darker, “HAYLEY!” I yelled as she disappeared into the darkness. I fumbled around wildly, trying to figure out where I was walking. My feet hit something solid on the ground, I quickly withdrew my wand.

“Lumos,” I murmured. I pointed it down on to ground where my feet hit. Hayley’s pale face illuminated against the light, “Hayley?” I nudged, “HAY-”




“Siri- OW!” James yelped, rubbing the spot where the book hit him, “What was that for?”

“James. James. James. James. James. James. Ja-”

“Okay, I get it,” James growled turning away from me.

We all sat in the compartment. I was going to see Hayley after two weeks. She had left for home and didn’t send a single note or letter. I didn’t even know if we were still going out.

“Stop sulking,” Remus snapped at me, “You’re going to see her now, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” I shrugged, “I don’t know where we stand... are we still together? Are we on a break?”

“You’re still together and you’re not a break... just taking some time for yourselves...” Remus answered methodically, like I was quizzing him in class.

“No, she’s taking time away from me,” I muttered, “It wasn’t mutual.”

“You love her?” Remus asked.

Where has he been for the past two months?

“Yes,” I deadpanned.

“So you’ll give her time to work out whatever’s going on,” Remus said, like it was most obvious thing.

“But why does she need time off from me?” I pouted.

“Because you’re an ass -,” James said as Lily walked into the compartment who gave him a disproving look, “-some.”

“What?” I scowled, “I’m an assome?”

“I said awesome.”

“No, you just called him an ass and then Lily walked in and you added the some – so really, you’re an ass,” Remus grinned.

“Blah blah blah,” James frowned, sticking his tongue out at us.

The rest of the trip went like this. I zoned in and out at times. Only one thing stayed on my mind constantly. Hayley.

As soon as we jumped off the train, I pulled James away from Lily and we made our way over to his parents. There was the boring greeting. Kisses, hugs ... yeah, yeah. I was bursting to ask about Hayley. But I wanted to seem cool. I don’t need a girl to function. I’m Sirius Black. I’m cool. Cool. COOL. SUPER COOL.

Okay, that’s not cool.


As we set off in the car, I couldn’t hold my thoughts any longer.

“So, where’s Hayley,” I burst out, trying to act as nonchalant as possible. James rolled his eyes at me.

“Back at home,” Mrs. Potter said, smiling at us.

“Did she miss us?” James asked the question I was dying to ask.

Mr. Potter laughed, “Miss you? Oh no... She’s was having too much fun – I asked Jason to stay with us for awhile, he’s back from Portugal.”

“Jason’s back!” James squealed, like a fourteen year old girl who just found out their favourite boy band is touring.

Before I could ask who Jason was, Mr Potter grinned at his (stupid) son and added, “Hayley was just the same when she saw him, he’s been taking her everywhere – London-”

“London isn’t everywhere Dad,” James scoffed.

“They went to Paris-”

“Paris?” I shrieked, “The city of love.”

Mrs Potter giggled, “They make such a cute couple-”

“A COUPLE!” I spat, leaning forward into the front seats, “Excuse-”

James grabbed me by the back of the shirt and pulled my back towards him, “I’m guessing she hasn’t told them, let’s keep it that way,” he hissed.

“Of course she hasn’t, because she’s doing someone else!” I growled.

“Jason is almost fifty years older than her!” he growled back, “He’s like a grandpa to her.”

“Oh,” I shrugged, calming down, “But – oh okay... but... yeah, sure.”

As we pulled into the driveway, I saw James and Remus exchanged weird glances. I looked at James hoping we could exchange glances too, but he didn’t seem to want my glance.

“Hayley should be inside,” Mr. Potter said, “Why don’t you lot go inside and I’ll get your trunks inside?”

We muttered thanks and headed inside.

“Hayley?” I called out, as we entered into the house. I heard squeals coming from the backyard, I quickly raced out, “Hayley!” I yelled in surprise, as I saw her free herself from a tickling game.

“Sirius!” Hayley squealed, running to me, but my eyes drifted past her to the man she was “playing” with. She sprang up, wrapped her legs around my waist and brushed her lips against mine.

“I didn’t come home for this,” James said, scrunching up his nose, as Hayley let go me.

“ Who’s that?” I said pointing to the man, who was now slowly walking over to us, “A friend?”

“Oh, Sirius, that’s-”

“ Jason!” James squealed like a four-year old girl who had just received a Merlin doll.

“Hey James,” Jason smiled, he and James shook hands.

I looked at him closely, he looked like one of them wimpy fellows from the muggle fairytales – the ones that ride horses, kiss sleeping girls, use hair as rope to climb up a building, has a foot fetish or ... or just those dodgy ones. And he was shorter than me. By a hair, but still. He was a meat-head.

“He’s not your grandpa,” I muttered to Hayley.

She gave me a confused look, before introducing me, “And this is Sirius,” Hayley said, wrapping her arms around my waist.

“Hayley never mentioned you,” the Meat-head grinned, extending his hand towards me, when I looked at him and Hayley sceptically, he added, “I was kidding.”

“Wasn’t funny,” I scowled, roughly shaking his hand.

“Well I can hardly compete with you,” the Meat-head said, giving an ugly smile as he headed inside, “Hayley tells me you’re the funniest guy.”

“I try,” I said dryly, following him inside.

“Will you try to be nice?” Hayley hissed at me under her breathe.

I ignored her and turned to James, “You told me he was a grandpa!”

“He’s like twenty-five,” James hissed back to me.

“He’s actually twenty-two,” Hayley smiled, “And he’s really nice-”

“What are you his girlfriend?” I growled.

Hayley rolled her eyes at me, she pulled me aside and waited for James to go inside, “I haven’t seen you in two weeks, and this is how you want to start the holidays?”

“Well, I didn’t intend to start it like this – how was I to know, when I came home that some Prince Conditioner-Hair was going to be your new and improved boyfriend,” I snapped.

Hayley let out a sigh, she stood up on a bench, coming to full height, “One; his name is Jason, two; he’s not my boyfriend, three; you have nicer hair,” she said, running her fingers through mine, “He’s like brother to me and I really want you to like him – so please, do this for me?”

“Last time I did something for you, which was bring you back home, you got a new boyfriend who by the way your parents seem to prefer,” I said hastily, “And One; I know what his name is and I choose not to call him that, Two; How do you know I have nicer hair? Unless you’ve felt his – and that’s just like cheating on me, Three; I didn’t miss you – at all.”

Hayley frowned at me, “Well, I did miss you, but now I forget why.”

“Oh don’t pull that face – stop – oh okay... FINE,” I sighed, as a small smile appeared on her face. I leaned forward and brushed my lips against hers, she immediately pulled away.

“By the way,” She said quickly, leading me into the house, “I didn’t tell mum and dad about us.” She looked back at me and gave me another smile.

“Can I ask-”

“Shhh,” She whispered.



I narrowed my eyes at her, as she grinned at me leading into the kitchen. James and the meat-head were already there, having Butterbeers. I walked over and stood next to James who passed me a Butterbeer, Hayley stood on the other side of the counter, next to the meat head, “So, who are you anyway?” I snapped.

“He used to live next door,” James answered from him, “Moved to Drumstrang in fourth year.”

“And now he’s an Auror,” Hayley said proudly.

“Wow, they’re standards have really stooped,” I chuckled to Hayley, who gave me a disapproving look.

James sighed, ignoring me, “Well, look at you two, back together,” he grinned at them, “I guess this time Hayley isn’t begging you to play with her.”

I gave James a confused look, whilst Jason grinned at Hayley who simply blushed.

“Hayley used to have a gianormous crush on Jason – she used to chase him around – Jason, Jason, Jason, I love you Jason... Mum, I want to marry Jason,” James said mimicking Hayley, which seem to come extremely easily. Hmm, I wonder why.

“I was six, James,” Hayley said, rolling her eyes, “Anyway, shall I help you get settled in?” she turned to me and asked.

“It’s okay-” James answered before I could.

“Yeah sure,” I said cutting him off, walking away from the kitchen.

“I don’t like him,” I said, as soon as I closed the door to my bedroom.

“Why?” Hayley asked jadedly, taking a seat on my bed.

“He smells funny,” I deadpanned, tipping everything out of my trunk onto the floor, “I’m done unpacking.”

“And you don’t?” Hayley grinned.

“I’ll have you know, I smell like the first flowers of spring – meadow full of them,” I smiled, nodding my head knowingly, “Yes, that’s what it says on the back of the perfume bottle.”

“You use perfume?”

“Eau de toilette to be exact,” I said knowingly.

“So you’re the one stealing the perfume from the girl’s dorm?”

“Yes- no! Look I smell nice, stop being silly.”

“So did you miss me?” Hayley said, deciding to drop the topic of my beautiful smell and its origins.

“It was hard to miss you, since you wrote to me so much,” I said sarcastically, quickly hiding my
magazines before she saw them. I had a feeling she already did.

“Well, I needed my space and I was very busy,” she said.

“With Jason,” I asked, turning around from my dresser to face her. She nodded innocently, “Doing what exactly?”

“We were making love on your bed,” Hayley said huskily, giving me a wink.

I laughed nervously, “I’m crushed.”

“It was wild, hot, passionate sex... right on your bed-”

“LALALALALALA- I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” I said covering my ears with my hands.

“We played scrabble, you imbecile,” Hayley snapped, nudging my leg with her foot.

“On MY bed-”

“NO,” Hayley retorted, “Down stairs in the living room, on the couch-“

I gasped, “On the couch?” I pushed her down on the bed, and climbed on top of her, resting on my elbows, “Like this?”

“If James comes in he will kill you,” she whispered, our noses grazing.

“He won’t,” I grinned, giving her a soft kiss on the lips.

“Sir-AHH!” James said walking.

What are the damn chances?!

“Can’t have a moment of peace,” I grunted, pushing myself off Hayley, “What James?”

“What are you doing?” James said nervously, trying to crack a smile.

“Hayley was helping me unpack,” I said quickly looking over to Hayley who was still sitting on the bed. I picked her up by the arm and shoved her towards my trunk.

“Unpacking what he’s wearing?” James cringed, “Can I talk to you Sirius?”

“Sure,” I said, sitting down on my bed, “Shoot.”

“In private.”

“We’re in my bedroom, how much more private can it get Jamesie?” I said, winking at Hayley.

“I meant – okay fine,” James snapped, “This-” he pointed at me and Hayley, “Is not happening-”

“You were fine with it before,” Hayley said walking over to James, who towered over her.

“That because you almost died and I didn’t know you guys were doing that,” He shuddered.

“Doing what?” Hayley chirped.

“Having the – doing the – no – making – having the S – E – X,” James whispered, blushing.

“We were not having sex,” Hayley snapped, I guess she was irrated at James’ constant interruptions, “C’mon let’s go downstairs,” Hayley sighed, pulling me off the bed. She pushed past James who frowned at me. I shrugged at him, nudging him to follow.

“Finished unpacking?” the Meat-head said as we greeted him back in the kitchen. Hayley nodded at me.

“Hey!” I said, noticing a photo frame on the wall, “Is this you two?” I picked the frame off the wall and handed it to Hayley.

She frowned at me, and placed it back on the wall, “Yes,” she said casually, “Jay was my date at the Christmas party.”

“And he has your lipstick on him because...” I pressed.

“Because it was in fashion – I kissed him you fool,” Hayley grinned.

“You kissed him!” I shrieked. This situation had just gone from bad to worse.

“Yes, he was my real first kiss,” Hayley smiled.

“You kissed her?!” James shrieked, walking into the kitchen.

“Yes, James, it was Christmas 1971,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“You would have been twelve...” James said slowly, “And you were seventeen!” He finished looking livid.

“It was just a peck!” the Meat-head said quickly, before James attempted to punch him.

Hayley turned to me, noticing my sour expression, “Oh, don’t worry Sirius, you’re the first boy I loved,” she said, giving me light kiss on the lips.

“Oh – that’s not true!” James said laughing, “I remember you tailing Jason every single time he came over – I wuv you Jasie! Marry me!”

“James!” Hayley cried out, “Can you not-”

“Oh there you all are!” Mr. Potter boomed, as he too walked into the kitchen, “Jason, you want to head off to the office now?” The Meat-head nodded and jumped of his seat. And then as if it was all in slow motion – he reached over the counter and kissed her – Hayley – MY HAYLEY – MINE – on the cheek – her cheek – MY HAYLEY’S CHEEK! MY CHEEK! Wait, no.

“I’ll pick you up for dinner at seven,” He winked at her and left, followed by Mr. Potter.

“Argh! He just kissed you!” I gasped, holding on the edge of the kitchen counter.

“On the cheek – like James does...” Hayley sighed, “Siri-Sirius! Where are you going? SIRIUS!”

“Sirius!” James called after me, he caught up to me on the stairs, “What is the matter with you?”


“Well, you left a very confused and upset girl downstairs.”

“Well maybe Jason can give her a kiss,” I grumbled.

“Sirius! What is wrong with you? You haven’t seen her for two weeks and you’re acting like a complete jerk.”

“You’re a jerk,” I said sourly.

“Sirius, how you want to spend this Christmas is your choice – now you’ve got a girl upset over your idioticness downstairs or you can spend your time with Rosanne,” he pointed to the bikini clad model poster on my wall. And with that he left the room. I sighed and heaved myself of the bed. I walked downstairs again, as slowly as I could.

As I climbed down the stairs, something appeared to me. I wasn’t upset at Hayley because of Jason, I was angry at her. I was angry at her for lying to me. For ignoring me the past two weeks. For being okay without me, while I was falling apart without her.

“Hayley,” I croaked, walking into the kitchen. She wasn’t there. I noticed the garden door ajar. I peaked my head outside, and spotted her standing in the middle of the mini Quidditch field. She looked like a blurry line amongst the white snow. Again, I felt something boil up inside. I had to confront her. I had to ask her why. I marched over to her as fast as I could. I grabbed her roughly by the shoulder and swung her around. Suddenly, my anger dissipated. A small smile stretched across her face, as I looked at her unsure of what to say. I noticed her deep blue eyes were slightly glassed over, her nose a little red from the cold, her cheeks tinged pink, and her lips not as bright as usual.

I cupped her face with my hand, caressing her icy cheek with my thumb. I took my other arm, and wrapped it around her, pulling us closer.

“I love you,” I whispered.

“Me too,” she whispered back. She climbed onto her toes, draped her arms around my neck and grazed her lips against mine. I felt her hands travel down my back, she slid her hands underneath my shirt and ran her thumb around in a circular motion. I wondered if she could feel my heart beat, as it was increasingly becoming the only thing I could hear. She pulled away from me slowly, our noses still grazing.

“You’re an idiot,” She whispered, a grin spreading across her face.

“You love it,” I smiled.

“It’s hard not to,” Hayley laughed, “You want to go out for dinner?”

“Aren’t you going out with the Meat- Jason,” I said through gritted teeth.

Hayley smiled, “I’m sure he won’t mind.”




James P.O.V.

“I was wondering when you’d get here,” Remus grinned as I climbed down the stairs.

“I could say the same for you, have you seen Padfoot?” I said, as I took a seat opposite him on the couch. I rested my foot on the glass table, reaching for a magazine.

“He took Hayley out for dinner,” Remus said casually.

“What?” I spat, “He took her out?”

“Yes, for dinner – you know ‘cause they’re going out and haven’t seen each other in two weeks... and they’re going out.”

I groaned, “I-”

“Don’t say you don’t approve, I know you don’t,” Remus smiled, “But can I ask why, I think Sirius has proven himself.”

“Really?” I said sceptically, “Really? Rea-”

“Really,” Remus confirmed.

“I’ve known Sirius for a long time – and in that time he has never committed himself to any girl – why is this any different?” I frowned.

“Because this is Hayley,” Remus said simply, “He’s been pining for her every since he first met her.”

I laughed at his stupid suggestion, “I don’t think so.”

“Whatever James,” Remus sighed, “They’re going out and you should stop being so sulky.”

“I’m not being sulky, maybe they should stop going out,” I shrugged.

“Where is this coming from?” Remus said abruptly, “I thought you were okay with them going out?”

“Sirius had a fit because of Jason.”

“He’s just jealous,” Remus rolled his eyes at me.

“Or he wants a reason to end the relationship.”

“Or he’s just scared he’s going to lose her for guy who looks like Prince Charming.”


“Nevermind – he’s just scared she’ll leave him,” Remus said, nodding his head knowingly, “What are you getting Lily for Christmas?”

“A coupon for a month of James time,” I grinned at my genius idea.

“Is this coupon like a get out of James time or- ”

“Oh shush, I’m getting her jewellery too...” I snapped at him, “How’s things with Tessie?”

“Who?” Remus grunted, “You mean Mary?”

“Oh yes, that one,” I nodded. It was a small mistake could happen to anyone. I have impeccable people skills.

“We broke up two months ago,” Remus frowned. I think I upset him.

WELL. I can’t be expected to know everything about everyone. Geez. Give me a break. It’s not easy being this awesome, okay?

Remus gave me a confused look, “Are you talking to yourself?”

Oops. Was I talking out loud again?





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Chapter 21: Christmas 1977 - Part I: The One with the Doubt
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 Chapter Twenty-One

The One with the Doubt

I would like to dedicated this chapter to the validators - I always re-submitted my chapters due to editing, chapter image changes, spacing issues... anything really, would like to thank them and apologise for always having to re-read and re-re-read my chapters. 

18:30, 24th December 1977  

“Quick,” I muttered, “Jay – quick!”

“I’m going as fast as I can,” he whispered back to me.

“Go faster,” I hissed, “He’s coming!”

“Just pass me my shirt,” Jay said urgently. I quickly passed it to him and watched him pull it on, “Oh just one more thing-”

“Hayley? You out here?” I heard Sirius call out.

“Merlin Jay!” I squealed, I quickly ducked under his arms and began to help him button his shirt as he continued fiddling with some parts.

“Hayl-” Sirius stopped mid sentence. He glowered at the sight before him.

“What in the name of Merlin is going on?” Sirius spat.

08:30, 23rd December 1977

“Happy Christmas Eve-Eve!” I squealed as Hayley came down the stairs, I tapped my cheek at her. She was wearing her red silk robe which fluttered beautifully to reveal her night gown underneath. The robe hung down to her mid-thighs revealing her perfectly smooth legs.

I sat at breakfast table which was adorned with different cereals, waffles, pancakes and multiple types of juice. No one had come down to breakfast yet, seeing as it was still quite early.

She smiled at me, her deep blue eyes twinkling, “Happy Christmas Eve-Eve,” She placed a light kiss on my cheek.

“Thank you,” I said politely, pulling her into my lap before she had a chance to seat down on the chair next to me. I ran my hand up her legs and the rested them on her hips. Hayley bit her lip trying to hold her smile as she blushed profusely.

“Everyone’s at home,” she stated, looking down at my chest. I held her down firmly as she attempted to get up. “Sirius,” she whined, her voice soft.

“Hayley,” I whispered against her neck. I crept my hands inside her robe and pulled her closer to

me. I kissed her lightly on the neck before travelling up to her jaw line. With one hand, I shoved

the plate of food in front of me to one side and roughly placed Hayley on the table.  

I felt her place her hand around my neck and entwining her fingers through my hair. I roughly brushed my lips against hers, my hands rest on her hips. I trailed my hands along the seam of her underwear before moving up.

I pushed her down on the table, swiftly shoving everything off it. I heart several plates and breakfast items crash to the floor.

“Sirius,” Hayley muttered again, only this time, with what I thought, more passion. I pressed my body against her as a laced my tongue along hers. I felt her leg rub against mine-

“HAYLEY!” came a sudden boom.

“Merlin-” Hayley pushed me off with a sharp kick hitting me in the stomach.

“OW!” I cried out, as she jumped off the table, pulling her robe tightly around herself.

“HAYLEY! Oh there you are!” the meat-head beamed, “Are you okay Sirius – What happened in

here?” he said observing the food on the floor. I scowled at him, as I rubbed the spot where Hayley had kicked me.

“Sirius – err- er- punched himself,” Hayley replied promptly.

I rolled my eyes at her, “You’re the world’s worst liar,” I muttered so only Hayley could hear.

Why was it so important to her that Jason not know that we were snogging. It’s not like it was James, who would definitely flip out. In his head we did nothing but hold hands – he blocked out all the times he witnessed me and Hayley snogging. This was the major complication in our relationship. I could no longer go to James. Before we used exchanged vulgar details from breasts to underwear.

When I told this to Remus, he of course brushed it off, saying it was not mine and James’ relationship which had changed but rather I who had changed. I had become... mature. He was definitely bonkers.

“Was I interrupting something?” the meat-head deadpanned. He had a look similar to James’ whenever he would catch me and Hayley snogging. It was as if I was corrupting her innocent mind.

“No,” Hayley said quickly, her breath was jagged as she tried to overcome the recent moments. She patted down her hair and faced Jason with a smile.

Hayley had told me Jason and James were like brothers, although several years apart. Jason lived a few housed down in a tiny cottage – well tiny compared to the Potter’s mansion, with his grandparents, and James had grown up with Jason. Hayley referred to Jason as another older brother – but less annoying and not as protective. Their relationship grew distant when Jason started to go Hogwarts and then finally moved to Drumstrang to live with his aunt when his grandparents died.

Hayley made his story sound like a big sob-fest. But I knew better. I had to keep my guard up for creeps that could sway girls with their sob story. Not that I used my family’s neglect towards me as any kind of ploy to get girls. No, never.  Okay maybe once.

“If you two were-” he started, with a sort of flicker in his eyes which I could only related to anger. Maybe jealousy?

“No, Jay,” Hayley said quickly, “Sirius was just being silly, was there something that you needed?”

Okay, I was not being silly.

“Yes, I just needed to talk to you – alone,” the meat-head said, as Hayley walked towards him.

“Jason, whatever you need to say you can-” I started but Hayley cut across me, looking slightly flustered.

“Sure,” Hayley said. She quickly pushed him out the door, leaving me alone with the mess.

I sighed to myself. They had been disappearing a bit too often. Hayley always acted flustered whenever Jason and I were in same room together. Like they were keeping a secret.

“Hey Padfoot,” James said a bit too cheerfully, “How are – what happened here?”

Ever since he and Lily had started going out – he was a bit too cheerful. But I guess I couldn’t blame him. He had snatched the girl he had been pining for since forever it seemed like.

“The mea- Jason had a fit,” I lied, “I don’t know why,” I said quickly before James got a chance to ask. I wasn’t too good not lying either I guess. Well not to James at least.  We told each other everything – well used to at least.

“Actually no,” I muttered, if I wanted to get over this thing with James I would have make a step, “Me and Hayley were snogging on the table – she’s irresistible in her pyjamas you know – couldn’t keep my hands off her.”

James looked at me with shock. He seemed unsure of what just happened. It was as if I was talking about his girlfriend and not my own.

Good going genius.

“I’m kidding,” I said quickly, grinning. I guess that was not going to happen again.

I could feel James let out a sigh, before taking out his wand from his pocket, and with a flick the mess disappeared and the food was restore back on the table. He took a seat on the table, and I followed him taking a seat opposite to him.

“When is Lily coming?” I asked James, trying to diffuse the awkwardness. He had asked Lily to spend Christmas which she gratefully accepted. He also invited her sister Begonia; however, she ever rudely declined. I would too, if my name was Begonia.

“I’m picking her up at noon,” James replied, “I have to pick up her necklace from the jewellers in Diagon Alley first though... What did you decided to get Hayley?”

“Oh, jewellery too,” I lied. What I got Hayley I definitely was not going to tell James. If he couldn’t handle talk about us snogging I doubt he could handle lingerie.

Okay, now, don’t give me give me that look. I never gotten a girl anything. The fact I‘m getting her something is a gift in itself.

And I was sure if he knew he would punch me. Really hard. And being hit by one Potter was enough for today.

“Good choice,” James nodded, sipping his juice, “And you have to come with to pick up Lily,” he added quickly.

“Why do I have to go?” I sulked, “She’s your girlfriend.”

“Because you have to – and I don’t know what her parents will be like... and you’re always a good ice-breaker,” James shrugged.

So basically he was taking me more moral support. I don’t know why he needed me. He was always fantastic with parents. They loved him. I mean – look – his own parents love him. So other parents must as well.

That’s logical.

“Oh – Hayley was going to go but she’s going out with Jason-”

Those words seemed it flicker something in me. Yes, it was always Hayley and Jason. She had still refused to talk to her parents about us. I didn’t know if she afraid they would not like me or just the idea of us.

“No,” I stopped him, “She’s going out with me.”

“That’s not what I meant Padfoot,” James smiled, “She hanging out with Jason. You’ve got to get over this jealousy thing-”

He’s one to talk.

“So you’re telling me if Lily constantly hung out with a guy that looked Prince Charming and her parents adored him and had their weddings half planned out – you wouldn’t be jealous?”

“Why?” James said, narrowing his eyes at me, “What have you heard – NO - no, I wouldn’t be jealous.”

“Yeah, you’re not the jealous type,” I said sarcastically.

“Hello boys,” Mr. Potter said walking into the dining room, he took a seat at the head of the table followed Mrs Potter who took a seat adjacent to him.

James was a spitting image of Mr. Potter. They had the same unruly, jet black hair, the same height, structure – the only difference was James’ hazel eyes which he had gotten from his mother and his chaser’s build. Hayley had the same jet black hair – except hers was a bit more tame and she had Mr. Potter’s blue eyes.

“Where’s Hayley? I hardly get to see her anymore,” Mr. Potter asked, he looked around before flipping open the morning paper.

Mr. Potter seemed to overly cautious with the news around Hayley. In my opinion anyway. He got very annoyed when anything work related, like death eaters, came up. He brushed it off quickly and moved onto another topic.

“Yes,” Mrs. Potter said sadly, although she was smiling widely, “She’s always fleeting around with Jason – they’re always in the garden playing around.”

I tried to drown out their banter by thinking of quidditch. But Mr. Potter’s natural authoritative voice was almost impossible to block out.

“He’s good for her,” Mr. Potter commented, pouring himself and Mrs. Potter some juice, “Keeps her stable.”

Keeps her stable, my ass. Where was he when Hayley was in the hospital wing? Partying in Romania or Portugal – whatever.

I noticed as James cracked a smile at Mr. Potter’s comment, but quickly turned it into a frown as I gave him a death glare.

“But I don’t think anything is going on,” James said quickly, as I flicked some egg at him, “She’s seeing a boy at school.”

“What?” Mr. Potter said, he looked slightly livid, “You didn’t tell me this sooner James?”

“Well, he’s a fine man,” James smiled, he glanced over to me, catching my smile, “You both will definitely approve.”

“What do you think Sirius? You’re awfully quiet lately – are you feeling ill?” Mrs. Potter rambled, “You are looking a bit down – do you need some tea – James will you fetch Sirius some tea maybe some-”

I was caught in surprise, as suddenly everyone turned to look at me. Mr. and Mrs. Potter looked slightly worried, whilst James’ simply rolled his eyes at me.

“He’s fine mum,” James snapped, “Although I do feel a bit queasy.”

He really was a mommy’s boy.

“Then stop eating so fast – take a breath,” Mr. Potter chuckled, at his son’s jealousy, causing James to pout at his mom. She slightly heartbroken at his expression, and loaded his plate up with from food.

“I’m fine,” I said quickly, “I’m sure you’ll like him.”

“Well, I hope he’s coming to the Christmas party tomorrow,” Mrs. Potter said, piling more eggs onto our plates.

“Oh, there you two are,” Mr. Potter said quickly putting away his paper, as Jason and Hayley walked back into the room.

“Nice talk?” I said bitterly to Hayley, as she walked over to me. Jason took a seat next Mr. Potter.

She looked a bit taken back, “Marvellous.” She roughly pulled out her chair and took a seat next

to me.

“James just told us about the boy you’re seeing, young lady,” Mr. Potter said sternly to Hayley, looking over the top of his glasses. Hayley’s eyes widened as she swerved to look at me.

“Yes, it’s not Jason is it?” I snapped, resting my chin in my hand, turning to face at Hayley so my Mr. Potter could not read my expression.

“No, Sirius,” she hissed looking up at me, slightly confused at my anger.

“Is he coming to the party?” I chirped.

“No, I don’t think he’ll make it,” She smiled politely.

“Why might that be Hayley?” I said with fake pleasantry, letting bitterness seethe through my voice.

“Because I might kill him,” she hissed only loud enough for me to hear.

A man with a dark navy robes rushed into the room. He had quite a narrow build for his unusally large head, but somehow he managed to not topple over, “Mr. Potter, the minister is here.”

“The minister of what?” Mr Potter snapped.

“Of Magic.”

“I’ll be right there, let’s go Jason,” he stood up and left the room swiftly with Jason close behind him. Mrs. Potter got up and left as well, saying something about tea.

“Hello Hayley,” the man said, who was still standing at the door.

“Morning Charles,” Hayley replied politely, she turned around from her seat to look at him, “Want to join us for breakfast?”

“No, no, I must be going,” He said, looking slightly disappointed, “Just wondering, would like to be my date at the Christmas party tomorrow?”

Hayley glanced at me. I think she was expecting me to say something; I smiled at her pleasantly keeping my mouth shut.

She frowned and turned back to Charles, “Sorry, Charles, Jason’s already asked me.”

“Just as well,” shrugged Charles, before walking away. I waited until his footsteps disappeared.

Just as well? Just as well as what? People can’t just say just as well. It has to be just as well as something. It can’t just be well.

“What was that?” I spat at Hayley.

“Well, no one else asked me,” she shrugged innocently, there was a slight twinkle in her eyes. I didn’t know whether it was playful or anger.

“What is your problem?” I snapped.

“What’s yours?” she snapped back, almost immediately, her temper rising like mine.

“You’re sleeping with Jason!”

“Sirius!” Hayley cried out, “Not this again.” Her angry tone had disappeared, and it was replaced with slight despair

“Yeah, Padfoot,” James grimaced, nodding his head, “This jealousy-” I gave him a death stare, he changed his tone immediately, “Okay – I need some tea too.” He quickly got up and left the table.

“If you aren’t, why did you get so worked up about him suspecting that we were doing something?” I quizzed her.

“Because Sirius, I was slightly alarmed,” she replied back calmly, “Just-”

“Where did you two hurry off to? Have sex?” I suggested.

“No!” Hayley fumed, “Sirius, do you know how ridiculous you sound?”

“I’m being completely serious,” I deadpanned, “Why haven’t you told your parents about us? Why are you letting them think you and Jason have something going on?”

“I haven’t told them because they would freak out!” Hayley cried out jumping out of her seat, “And I’m not letting them think anything – you’re the one that suggested Jason.”

“No, I didn’t,” I said shaking my head, “They were all – Oh, Hayley and Jason sitting on a broom-”

“Sirius,” Hayley said trying to steady her voice, “It’s Christmas, I really don’t want to have to hit you with this plate,” she held up an empty, white, ceramic plate.

“Oh, no need for that, you already kicked me!” I growled, “But maybe you forgot from all the making out you and Jason just did.”

“Well maybe I wouldn’t have kicked you if you didn’t pin me down on the breakfast table,” Hayley yelled, choosing to ignore my last comment.

“Well maybe – maybe...” I trailed off, unsure of what to say, “Well maybe, you should – oh, I don’t know – spend some time with me too – there are other people in world excluding Jay,” I said mimicking her melodic voice.

“I spend plenty of time with you!” She said rolling her eyes.

“When?” I laughed, “When you were making out with my brother? When you needed time away from me? Between all the lies?”

“Sirius,” she said softly, “You’re insufferable.” And with that she left the room.

“Just walk away!” I said following her out the door, “It’s what you always do! Yes, just runaway to Jason – send me a save the date for the wedding!”

I watched her storm up at stairs, trying to make loud thuds, which sounded more like rain falling on a tin roof.

“What is the matter with you?” came a stern voice from behind me.

I jumped up slightly alarmed, “Remus,” I sighed, collapsing back on the chair, “What’s the matter with you?”

“Oh, don’t start with me,” He growled, “Why are you behaving like a monkey? What is this whole problem you have with Jason?”

I narrowed my eyes at him. Did he call me a monkey?

“What?” I hissed, sitting up on my chair.

“You’re so scared that she’s really going to hurt you or leave you that you’re trying to sabotage the relationship,” Remus deadpanned.

“What?” I repeated. Okay, now he’s just talking crazy.

“Why are you so sure that she’s sleeping with Jason?” Remus asked me, neatly serving food onto his plate.

“I – I ... I’m not.” And that was truth. I really didn’t know why I thought it. I guess... he’s a good looking bloke and she’s hot. Oh, and they kept sneaking off together.

“Then why do you keep accusing her?” he asked. Oh, I hated it when he had his shrink mode on.

“Because – because, she might be.”And that’s the truth too. She might be.


“Nothing,” I shrugged.

“There’s something else,” Remus said not looking up at me.

“There’s nothing.”

“Yes, there is.”



“There isn’t!” I growled, frustrated.

“Yes, there is,” he replied in a sing-song voice.

“Because I want her to! Then I can break up with her! And then I can stop being in love!” I spat out. I was surprised at my own words.

Remus looked up at me and smiled, “Why?”

“Because it’s better to leave than be left.”

The words streamed out of my mouth. I didn’t mean to say them. But out of all this frustration they just came natural. Remus looked at me, with a saddened expression. He opened his mouth to say something but I cut across him.

“Don’t you say anything!” I snapped, he shrugged and went back to his food, slowly cutting pieces and placing them into his mouth. “I’m scared I’m going to lose her. I’m scared how much I love her. And I don’t like feeling this way. I don’t. I don’t. I don’t.”

“Sirius,” Remus said sincerely, “No girl would put up with your dragon manure if she didn’t love you.” I scowled at him. He rolled his eyes at me and added, “She will never cheat on you or hurt you. Look the extent she went to protect you and James from Rosier – she was willing to sacrifice herself.”

“I don’t want her to protect me!” I said, slightly frustrated, “I don’t know Moony – I’ve never felt this way about anyone and I know no-one has felt this way about me.”

“Why don’t you go apologise to her?” he suggested, finishing off his eggs.



“Not this again,” snapped James as he walked into the room, “We’re all going to Diagon Alley– want

to come?”

“Who’s we?” I asked, as Remus nodded at James.

“Me, Hayley and Jason – and Remus too,” he replied, “HAYLEY!” he yelled at the top of his lungs, “Let’s go!”

“Jason, eh?” I smirked, “Yeah I’ll go.”

We headed off to Diagon Alley a little while later. There was an awkward tension as I wasn’t talking to Hayley or Jason, Jason wasn’t talking to me, Remus was trying to talk to everyone, Hayley wasn’t talking to anyone and James was talking to himself.  We roamed around for a while stopping at Wonderland’s Prank Store. I watched as Jason and Hayley whispered madly at each, immediately stopping as they caught me looking. I exchanged glances with Remus who looked unaware of everything.

We cut a short cut through an alley way to get from Wonderland’s Prank Store to the herb shop.

“Potter,” came a sneer from behind us, “POTTER!”

“We heard you the first time,” James grinned, turning and pointed his wand at Lestrange, “Congrats on the wedding? Where’s the wife?”

“Killing some muggles,” Rudolph smirked, “You still alive?” he titled his head to look past me to Hayley.

I pushed past Remus who was in front me, to Lestrange, “I swear to Merlin, Lestrange, I’m still a Black, I will kill you.”

“What’s going on here?” came a growl from behind Lestrange, “Last time I saw you, you weren’t looking so good?” I squinted my eyes past Lestrange to see who it was. Carrow.

He smirked, “Don’t worry, it won’t last for long.”

Hayley walked towards Carrow with a smirk on her face, “You don’t scare me Carrow – after all I’m the only one who knows.”

“You know nothing,” Carrow spat, grabbing her by the front of the robes. We all jumped forward towards Carrow. Hayley held out her hand signalling us to stop.

“I know her.”

“YOU KNOW NOTHING!” Carrow yelled, shaking Hayley violently, “Rosier couldn’t do it but I will.”

“Don’t!” James yelled out, cutting across, “It’s two against five, we beat you in school, we’ll beat you here.”

“Save yourself the trouble, Potter,” Carrow spat, “I know a Auror when I see one...” he smirked at Jason, with one swift movement he knocked Hayley back towards us and disappeared with a stream of black smoke. Lestrange followed.

“You couldn’t have used your wand?” the meat-head cried out, as we stumbled out of the alley way.

“I forgot to bring it!” Hayley shrugged, “It worked out okay, I think some of my flair is back,” she grinned at us.

Before this whole Rosier incident, I could hardly remember, Hayley used to be quite feisty. She had grown into a weak, fragile girl after Rosier’s repeated use of a certain unforgivable curse. She didn’t like to talk about Rosier or anything that happened and the impact it had on her.

“WHAT!” the four of us exclaimed.

“You forgot to bring your wand?” Remus cried out, “That’s like signing up for a death wish.”

“Oh, calm down,” Hayley said rolling her eyes, “I was fine – it was you lot that looked like you were scared out of your wits – so much for Gryffindors.”

She looked up at me a gave me a wide smile, I looked back at her sternly, displeased with her careless attitude.

“Oh c’mon Sirius,” she laughed, wrapping her arms around my waist. I frowned at her as he continued to grin at me. I wrapped my arm around her tightly, “Are you okay? Did you get scared?” she asked me.

I stayed quiet for a bit until we were inside, “No,”  I muttered to her.

“Love me?” she asked with a grin.

“You came without your wand?” I growled, as we walked into the leaky cauldron.

“I forgot it,” she shrugged, “But look at the good side – you all had yours.”

I rolled my eyes at her. We decided we would stick around for dinner and got a table at the corner of the room.

“Wait,” I whispered to Hayley, I pulled her away from the table just as she was about to sit down.

“I’m sorry,” I muttered to her, as soon as we were out of hearing distance.

“WHAT?”  Hayley said loudly, grinning.

“I’m sorry,” I deadpanned, “What I said was stupid – I’m an idiot – I know nothing is going on-”

“I know-”

“Wait,” I stopped her, she gave me a small smile as I continued, “I’m scared you’re going to dump me.”

“And why would I want to do that?” She said stepping closer to me and wrapping her arms around my waist.

“Because you know what I’m really like – I’m not that awesome as everybody thinks.”

“I’ve known the real you for a while,” She smiled, “And it’s why I love you. Now, would you stop being a jerk and have a good Christmas?” She jumped up on her toes and lightly brushed her lips against mine.

“I won’t pin you down this time,” I whispered, causing her to scowl and pull away. She grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the table.

“Oh – It’s almost noon have to go pick up Lily,” James said quickly standing up.

“It’s only eleven,” Remus said looking at his watch.

“Who knows how long it’ll take to ... get there,” James stumbled blushing.

“It’ll take half a second,” I grinned.

“Yes, but – oh will you just come!” James snapped, pulling me up by the arm.

“Wait,” I said as James dragged me out of the booth, “What about Hayley?”

“Jay will take her home,” James shrugged.

“I – wait – oh James – I – okay,” I said, I leaned down pecked Hayley lightly on the lips.

“I’ll see you at home,” Hayley smiled, “Don’t take too long.”

James rolled his eyes at us before grabbing mine and Remus’ arm.  With a sudden yank, I felt the scene before me disappear and within a second I was faced with a cream coloured suburbian house.

“This is cute,” Remus smiled, stepping up to the front door, he extended his hand out to knock.

“No – wait!” James hissed, “I’m not ready!” He ran his hand through his hair and then wiped his hands on his coat. I grinned as I noticed him run his tongue along his teeth, “How do I look?”

“Like you have for the past seven years,” Remus started politely.

“Like an idiot-”

Remus nudged me, “You look great James-”

“Just stop sweating so much – you don’t want to look like you just came out of the Pacific Ocean-“

Suddenly, the door burst open to a chirpy Lily Evans, “I thought I heard some voices,” she grinned, “Come in.”

“So this is the house of Evans,” I said stepping in behind James and Remus.

“Ah – yeah,  sure,” Lily said sending me a awkward glance, “My bags are upstairs-”

“I’ll get them,” James chirped, he ran towards the stairs.

“First door on the right!” Lily called out as James disappeared.

“Don’t mind him,” Remus smiled, “He’s a bit nervous about meeting the parents.”

“Well he doesn’t have to worry...” Lily trialled off, she walked over to the fireplace and handed me the pot of floor powder, “No one is home...”

“Was just the two trunks Lils?” James asked walking back down the stairs empty handed, “I shrunk them.” He smiled at our confused looks, patting his thigh pocket.

“Thanks James,” Lily said, giving him a small kiss, “Let’s get going.”

“Yes! Let’s!” James said quickly, he pushed me into the fireplace, snatched the floo powder out of my hands, “Potter Manor!” he yelled throwing in some powder.

“James-” I started, but before I could finish the scene before I disappeared, and came shooting out of another fireplace. Within seconds somebody else came shooting out after me, stumbling into me causing me to fall forward.

“Sorry Sirius,” Remus apologised, “James just pushed me in.”

“It’s okay,” I muttered, wiping the soot off my coat. I looked around, we were in the upstairs lounge room. I walked over to the large window looking out to the mini Quidditch pitch. I watched as Hayley and Jason emerged from the small broom shed, his arms wrapped around her tightly, both seemed in intense conversation.

“Sirius,” Remus whispered from behind me softly, “I – You – They could be talking about dragons – don’t get carried away.”

“In a broom shed?” I smirked, I sighed to myself, “No, you’re right Remus, I should give her the benefit of doubt – it’s Hayley, she would never...”

“Ohh,” came another girly voice behind me, “Who’s the cute boy?”

“He’s nobody!” Remus snapped, before I could say anything.

“Hayley has a new-” Lily started.

“No!” Remus snapped again, “He’s just a friend.”

“It’s not the way it look-”

“I beg you not to finish that sentence,” James said to Lily, peering over my shoulder too.

“It’s okay,” I muttered to them, “You’re right, I should have seen it.”


“No James, just don’t,” I muttered, “I know it, and you know it too.”


“It’s really okay,” I whispered, breaking away from the window, “I’m fine.”



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Chapter 22: Christmas 1977 - Part II: The One with the History
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I would like to dedicated this chapter to Jess. You were always the first one to read my chapters, hope you get better soon and can read them again.

 Christmas 1977 Part II

Chapter Twenty-Two

The One with the History


“Jay,” Hayley sighed, “I can’t believe your here, it feels like I haven’t seen you in ages.” She wrapped her arm around his and gave it a light squeeze.

“It has been ages,” Jason smiled back at the petite girl beside him. She had changed a lot since he last saw her. Her fierce attitude had somewhat disappeared. She seemed much more softer now. Almost weaker. She would always clock her surroundings. She would be unsure of things. She was too wary and seemed tired by life. But the one thing she hadn’t lost was her remarkable ability to believe the good in people. Although at times you could consider it naivety. Jason thought it was one for her best qualities. To forget the past and give people chances.

“So much has changed,” Jason finally muttered, freeing his arm from Hayley, and wrapping it around her shoulder. He pulled her in closer, as if protecting her from the inevitable cold, “I’ve missed you. I missed everyone.”

“We missed you too,” Hayley said, smiling at him. She moved closer into him as they walked down the muggle street.

“So who’s that boy you’re seeing?” Jason muttered softly.

“Sirius, he’s-”

“Last name?”

“Black, but-”

“A Black?” Jason said almost lividly.

Hayley cut across him, before he had a chance to say anything else, “I know what you’re thinking Jay, he’s not like them. He didn’t have anything to do with it. He probably doesn’t know anything about what happened.”

“I don’t know Hayley,” Jason said, his voice darkened, “But I’ll let it rest for now, well... at least until I meet him - will I see him this Christmas?”

Hayley nodded, “Yes, he’s staying with us.”

“Why?” Jason asked shrewdly, “Are the Blacks’ redecorating their manor - theme colours more green, more silver and more black?”

“Jay,” Hayley said, slightly disappointed with his attitude, “He ran away from home last year, he doesn’t live with them anymore.”

Jason sighed, “I’m being unfair, I know. It’s hard for me not to judge given what I do and who he is... who his family is...”

“I know Jay,” Hayley muttered softly, “But enough about him, what about you? Anyone special?”

“I came back here,” Jay said grinning Hayley, “To be with you, and I find out your with some serious bloke.”

Hayley chuckled, her laugh ringing down the street, “Well Jay, you can still be with me.”

“I meant together as a coupl-”

“Oh my god Jay!” Hayley squealed.

Jason looked down at Hayley. She seemed over excited to what he was saying. Maybe something could happen between them, the feelings they felt had last all these years, he thought.

“That’s the bike!” Hayley squealed, “That’s the bike Sirius was talking about, it’s a spitting image of the motorbike his Uncle Alphard owned - let’s have a look Jay.” She freed herself from his hold, and rushed inside, leaving him behind in the light snow.

“I meant together as a couple, me and you,” Jason finished, as he watched Hayley enter the store. He stared longingly behind her, “I’ll have you soon enough...”



12:30, 24th December 1977

But Hayley and Sirius are together. They have been since September. But Hayley and Sirius are together. They have been since September. But Hayley and Sirius are together. They have been since September. But Hayley and Sirius are together. They have been since September. But Hayley and Sirius are together. They have been sin-

“-Sirius, really, you look great,” Lily reaffirmed me, ignoring the slight gasp from James.

But Hayley and Sirius are together. They have been since September.

Those words have been ringing in my head since dinner last night. Remus had let it slip in his frustration at Hayley, that me and her were an item. Although I was no longer sure I was Hayley’s only item, it helped to know that she was relieved that Mr. And Mrs. Potter finally knew.

“It’s mum and dad, Padfoot, they love you,” James assured, “Don’t worry it’ll just be the ‘you take care of her’ talk – I get it every year – It’ll be okay.”

“Yes,” I sighed, “It’ll be okay.” And I knew it would be okay. So why was I getting this worked up? I had meet parents before. I had met tons of my ex-girlfriends’ parents... there was, wait. I had never met a girl’s parents. But it wasn’t like I was meeting the Potters for the first time.

Lily sighed at me, breaking my train of thought, she gave me small smile, she patted down my cotton pyjama top and gave me light squeeze on the shoulder.

“Alright,” James said, rolling his eyes and pulling her away, “Man up and get in there!” he hissed pushing me through the door.

“Sirius!” Mr. Potter boomed as I stepped through the door, without looking up from his desk, “Excellent, take a seat.” He pointed to a seat directly in front off him. I nervously stepped further into his predominant leather and mahogany office.

“Hayley should be here soon,” Mrs. Potter smiled.

“But while I’ve got you here,” Mr. Potter started, he paused and looked up at me, peering over his round glasses, “Don’t be so nervous Sirius,  why you two didn’t tell us before boggles me... but I know you are a fine young man and will treat Hayley right – now where is that girl?”

I smiled to myself. I didn’t know why I was doubting myself. Of course they’d be okay with it. They like me. I let out a small smile, letting my shoulders drop and unclenching my hands.

“She went out with Jason this morning – Paris I believe,” Mrs. Potter said her lips pursed.

I immediately snapped up. Hearing his name was like seeing Snape. Had to be alert. But it was okay. It’s okay. She’s not cheating. They are only friends. She loves me. I love her. She wouldn’t cheat. It’s Hayley. She wouldn’t.

“Paris!” Mr. Potter jumped, “Again?”

She wouldn’t. She couldn’t.

“Relax Harold, she’s with Jason, he wanted to visit his cousin - you know that swrany man with the motorbikes,” Mrs. Potter sighed, shuddering at the thought, “Anyway, Jason watches her like a hawk – he came all the way here from Bulgaria after he heard about Rosier – I doubt Paris will sway him.”

Oh great, now I’m competing with a guy who flew a million miles to be with her. It wasn’t enough for him to look like a freakin’ prince-oh-my-god, but he had to be this huge saviour man.

“He came for her?” I repeated.

“Oh not like that Sirius dear,” Mrs. Potter smiled, taking a seat next to me, “To work on the Rosier case – but that’s all done now after Hayley refused speak against him-”

“Liz, enough of that for today,” Mr Potter said, shaking his head in displeasure.

But yes, I already have Hayley. There is no competition. I have her – Wait. She refused speak against Rosier? What did that mean?

Mrs. Potter sighed, “Now, your daughter is over thirty minutes late!”

“Don’t look at me like that,” Mr. Potter scorned, “I didn’t even know she’d gone to Paris.”

It’s okay. Just Paris. I bet it’s cold and frozen there and she’s hating every moment. She wouldn’t cheat. And I love her, she loves me. And I have her. It’s okay.

“So, Sirius m’ boy,” Mr. Potter said, giving out a loud sigh, “What are you planning to do after you finish your N.E.W.T.S.?”

“An Auror, sir.”

Mr Potter gave out a light chuckle, “Just because you are now courting my daughter doesn’t mean you have to call me ‘sir’.”

I nodded, with a weak smile.

“An auror is an excellent choice,” Mr Potter boomed, “There is an young intership we are offering next year - you should think of applying... give James some healthy competition.”

I nodded again. I really had no idea what he was saying. I was paying no attention to it. I kept thinking of Hayley and Jason. In paris. All cozy together. In paris. Togethe-

“Sirius dear,” Mrs Potter sighed, standing back up, “Are you hungry? You’re looking a bit pale, come – I made lasagne.”

I smiled and stood up. I always looked pale to her. Or sick. Or underfed. But it didn’t matter, I like having a mother fussing over me. It makes me – as childish as it may seem – special. Yeah, that’s right, I’m special.

I took a seat at the table while she disappeared into the kitchen. James and Lily quickly joined me followed by trudging Remus. It must be full moon soon.

“So? How’d it go? Where’s Hayley?”  Lily asked, as her and James took a seat opposite me and Remus beside me.

“She didn’t show,”  I sighed, “But it’s okay – Mr. Potter-”

“Dad,” James corrected me with a small smile.

“Your Dad -”

“No, your Dad.”

I gave him confused look, “Okay, your Dad-”

“Just call him Dad!”

“I am!”

“No, your Dad!”

“I am!”

“I think, what James means,” Lily said cutting in, “Is that you see Mr. Potter as your own father, and therefore you can call him Dad, and do not have to refer to him with a pronoun, which in this case is “your”.”

James beamed at her. Remus smiled. I think James underestimated Lily’s ability to form sentences.

“Dad,” I said, forcing the words out of my lips – I had never called my own father that so it felt extremely awkward calling somebody else’s father that. I continued, “Just said I am a fine young man.”  

“She didn’t show?”  Remus frowned. He had grown more and more sceptical of Hayley – which I was wildly surprised at since he was the once standing up for her in the beginning and suddenly within seconds of seeing Hayley from the window he had changed his mind.

This made me even more doubtful of Hayley, as Remus was usually a pretty good judge of character.

“It’s okay,” I shrugged. I couldn’t handle talking about it right now. I could push this suspicion anymore. It was already tumbling over a cliff with every moment.

Before anyone could say anything more, Mrs. Potter returned back to the room holding a steaming lasagne, a floating bowl of salad and jar of pumpkin juice following her. We served ourselves in silence, exchanging small glances with each other

“Lily dear, if you could help me finish the quiches that would be wonderful,” Mrs. Potter smiled, breaking the silence.

I had almost forgotten - the Christmas Party was on today. I was pretty sure me and Hayley were going together now that her parents knew. Yes, we were.

“I would love to,” Lily replied, I noticed how James sent her a small wink making her blush profusely.

“Boys, I need you to make sure everything is in great shape and make sure you clear out the drive way,” Mrs. Potter continued, “Oh James, don’t scowl.”

James rolled his eyes and continued with his lunch.

“Hayley – where is Hayley?” Mrs. Potter said looking away from her parchment to everyone on at the table, “That girl never seems to be around.”

“Hey,” Hayley said walking into the room, she gave me a light kiss on the cheek, before sitting down next to me, “What’s going on?”

I hadn’t talked or even told Hayley about yesterday afternoon. Seeing her and Jason all snuggled up together. But I was just confused. I had been acting a lot more distant with since which got her all confused because as far as she knew we were doing okay since our talk at Leaky Cauldron.

“Young lady,” Mrs. Potter started, it seemed like it was going to be a long speech, “Where were you this morning?”

“Oh!’ Hayley exclaimed biting her bottom lip (she looked so cute when she did that), “I totally forgot! Sorry – It totally slipped my mind.” She gave me a small apologetic pout.

I smiled back at her, “It’s okay.” How could she be cheating on me? With that cute face and that smile. She couldn’t be.

“But I promise I’ll make it up to you,” she whispered so only I could hear.

“Hayley could you-” Mrs. Potter started.

“Sorry, mum I really can’t,” Hayley said, “But I’ll get ready early so I can come down and help you later, okay?”

Mrs. Potter smiled, “I guess so.”  

She shovelled another piece of lasagne in her mouth, and chirped with a full mouth, “Okay, gotta’ go,” she gave me another peck on the cheek and ran off upstairs.

She’s just getting ready. By herself.  Getting ready so we can have a good night. TOGETHER. Me and her.

We quickly finished up with lunch and headed over to the lounge room. James and Remus flicked their wands around and invisible hands began to do all the cleaning. And like that we moved from room to room.

“Are you okay?” James asked as we headed outside, “You’ve extremely quiet.”

“I’m good.”

“Sirius,” James said softly, as Remus walked down to the head of the driveway, “She’s not cheating on you.”

“I know.”

“Do you?” James smirked, “I know Hayley – she would never. I can tell how much she likes you. Everytime I want to talk to her about you two – she can’t stop blushing, let alone look me in the eye,” he paused and gave me a slight pained look, “Do you trust her?”

“After everything that happened with Regulus and Rosier... but... yes, I do, how can I not?” I sighed.

I did trust her. I did. I did.

James smiled at me, “Good-”

“Did you know that she refused to speak against Rosier – so the case was dropped?” I said changing the topic.

“WHAT?” James yelled, his eyes wide, mouth in a big ‘O’ shape, and his face growing redder by the second, “WHAT?” He said storming back inside the house. I signalled, Remus who was still cleaning the driveway with a flick of his wand, to come back inside, as I followed James back inside.

“HAYLEY!” James yelled, storming through the house, “HAYL- where are you going?”

We caught her just as she was opening the backdoor which led to the garden. She jumped in surprise, whipping a white something she was holding behind her back. She had already gotten changed in her Christmas dress which was covered over with a big black coat. The dark blue satin dress was barely visible, but a bit of it stuck out at the front. Her hair was curled, a drastic change for the straight silky hair that always swayed behind her.

“H-Hi,” she stuttered, opening the door behind her, and stepping out.

“Where are you goi-  Did you not testify against Rosier?” James growled.

Her eyes widened, “Well – you see James – I – okay, It’s a long story – and I – I really need to go- pee – I need to pee.” She quickly stepped further out, before shutting the door with a bang.

“Hayley!” James called after her, following her out.

“James!” cam another called behind us, “Why is Remus doing all the work? I saw the poor boy outside in the cold all by himself – now you two get upstairs and get dressed -”


“Now James,” Mrs. Potter snapped. She always got irritated and nervous before the Christmas Party. I gave Mrs. Potter an apologetic smile before pulling a reluctant James upstairs.

“You know how Hayley is,” I said shaking my head  at him, “She wouldn’t let you kill that cockroach once because she feared it might have children and they’d be orphaned -  even though she hates things that crawl and slither.”

“Yes, but this is about a man that almost killed her and tried to get us,” James huffed as we climbed up the stairs.

I shrugged at him. We headed down silently in our rooms to get dressed. Like every year, we were wearing muggle suits instead of dress robes. Many of the Potter’s muggle friends attended the party and Mrs. Potter thought it would be best if we tried to look as muggle as possible.

My black suit lay on my bed all ready to be worn. I noticed how the usual red tie and had been replaced by a dark blue one. I smiled to myself as I picked it up, noticing a parchment tied to it by a ribbon.

See you tonight.

I recognised the loopy handwriting and the little love heart next to it immediately. I place the note lightly on my dresser.

I quickly pulled on the suit, remembering to tuck in my shirt and pull up my – pull up my pants, yes, pants.

I emerged to find James coming out of his. He wore his usual green tie with his black suit. I grinned at him, he grinned back, tousling his hair.

We walked into the upstairs lounge room, to be greeted by a dressed Lily. James almost ran to her as she stood up and walked towards him. I walked towards the giant arched window, allowing them to have their couply moment.

It felt like déjà vu, I was in this position just yesterday. I looked out towards the small shed – I could just make out two figures moving against the light. It was like swallowing rocks. No, like swallowing boulders.

“Just go there, then you’ll be sure,” I jumped a little at Remus’ coarse voice behind me, “Go,” he said giving me a slight nudge.

I sighed to myself, I had to know. I nodded to myself, before turning around and racing down the stairs. I could feel my heart racing as I madly rushed down the stairs. I heard somebody call my name, as a dashed through the kitchen to the back door. I closed it with a solid thud before walking towards the hut.

“HAYLEY!” I roared. My voice echoed thunderously, before being carried away by the slight wind. I was certain she had heard me as within second, the light inside the shed disappeared.  I brushed off the small specks snow that fell on my black coat.

I was within a few metres of the shed, “Hayley, you out here?” I called out, my voice shaking. I heard shuffling inside. My hand rested on the door handle, unable to twist it. I could only hear my heart thumping, and then a soft voice.

“Merlin Jay!” I heard Hayley hiss.

And before I could stop myself, my hand twisted the knob, the door flew open.

I had been here too many times. Enraged by the scene before me. Enraged.

A noise escaped from my mouth, I couldn’t comprehend what it was.

Jason was half dressed in his muggle attire – his shirt half done up, his leg was propped up on the dusty object which my eyes flew past. His hands rested on something, has he leaned into Hayley. But out of everything, I only noticed one thing. Hayley. Still in the big black coat, between his arms, hands on his chest, her hair slightly dishevelled her lips a rosy pink matching her cheeks.

Her expression looked a mix between anger, shock and sadness.

I knew the expression playing on my face. Anger. How could it be? I was so sure. I trusted her. I did. I did. It was Hayley. She wouldn’t. She couldn’t. She couldn’t do this to me.

Finally, my mouth seemed to form some sort of words. They rolled out in a low growl, “What in the name of Merlin is going on?”


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Chapter 23: Christmas 1977 - Part III: The One with the Christmas Presents
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Chapter Twenty-Three

The One with the Christmas Presents

I raced quickly out of James’ room with one of his white shirts in my hand. I raced quickly down the stairs before mum could catch me to help her with the preparations.

“Hayley!”  I heard a roar. James. This couldn’t be good. I quickened my pace, I was almost at the door when I heard him again.

“HAYL- where are you going?” James growled, just as I was about to turn the door knob.

Crap. I turned around to face him, he was accompanied by Sirius. I quickly whipped the white shirt behind my back.

“H-Hi,” I mumbled, giving them both a nervous smile. I reached behind me and swung the door open, stepping out into the snow.

“Where are you goi-  Did you not testify against Rosier?” James growled, his eyes widening and his face growing red.

“Well – you see James – I – okay,” I sighed,  “It’s a long story – and I – I really need to go- pee – I need to pee,” I grinned to myself. Yes that’’ll make him uncomfortable. I quickly stepped out, as he was distracted by my words and closed the door.

“Hayley!” I heard him call out.

I ran towards the shed as quickly as I could, looking back to see James was following. I quickly stepped inside to find Jay the same as I had left him.

“Okay, next time – get your own shirt,” I muttered to him placing the shirt on a table.

“Yes,” Jay muttered, “That wouldn’t draw any suspicion.”

“Are you almost done?” I asked him. He was still hunched over the front of the motorcycle. Something had gone wrong of the fuel – or the engine – the something.

“And next time use your wand to stop the leak not your shirt,” I grimaced, as I quickly did up his white shirt once more which was now a gooey black.

He looked up at me and grinned, “You’re welcome.”

I smiled back at him, “You know I appreciate this, I just want it to be fixed up by tomorrow.”

“Might not be-”

“What?” I screeched, I had worked on getting this motorbike ready just in time for Christmas for three weeks now. It had to be ready. I knew Sirius would love it. He had told me how much he loved his Uncle’s motorbike. Flying motorbike, I should add.

Jay grinned, “Don’t worry, it’ll be done, I promise.”

“Hayley!” I heard a yell.

I gasped. I quickly ran over to the burning candle, and pressed it out with my hand.

“Oh!” I gasped, “That’s hot!”

“Well, what did you expect when you put your hand in fire!” Jay hissed at me.

“James does it all the time!” I snapped. I shook my hand trying to get rid of the pain. I could feel my face growing red from the pain and the anxiousness.

"Well James doesn't have little fairy fingers!" Jay snapped back at.

“I don't have - nevermind, just hurry up!” I muttered in frustration, “Jay – quick!”

“I’m going as fast as I can,” he whispered back to me.

“Go faster,” I hissed, “He’s coming!”

“Just pass me my shirt,” Jay said urgently. I quickly passed it to him and watched him pull it on, “Oh just one more thing-”

“Hayley? You out here?” I heard Sirius call out.

“Merlin Jay!” I squealed, I quickly ducked under his arms and began to help him button his shirt as he continued fiddling with some parts.

“Hayl-” Sirius stopped mid sentence. He glowered at the sight before him.

“What the in the name of Merlin is going on?” Sirius spat.


“Merlin Jay!” I heard Hayley hiss.

And before I could stop myself, my hand twisted the knob, the door flew open.

I had been here too many times. Enraged by the scene before me. Enraged.

A noise escaped from my mouth, I couldn’t comprehend what it was.

Jason was half dressed in his muggle attire – his shirt half done up, his leg was propped up on the dusty object which my eyes flew past. His hands rested on something, I only noticed one thing. Hayley, still in the big black coat, between his arms, hands on his chest, her hair slightly dishevelled her lips a rosy pink matching her cheeks.

Her expression looked a mix between anger, shock and sadness.

I knew the expression playing on my face. Anger. How could it be? I was so sure. I trusted her. I did. I did. It was Hayley. She wouldn’t. She couldn’t. She couldn’t do this to me.

Finally, my mouth seemed to form some sort of word. They rolled out in a low growl, “What in the name of Merlin is going on?”

It seemed like the world was frozen for a second.

The silence was broken suddenly as Hayley’s cried, “NO!” She ducked out from under the meat-head’s arm and leapt towards me, “NO! NO! NO!” She pressed her hands over my eyes and pushed me back.

“What is going on?” I growled, pushing her hands off my eyes. I had already seen everything I needed to prove that she was cheating on me, covering my eyes wasn’t going to erase that.

“What are you doing here?” Hayley cried out in despair, cupping her face with her hands.

“What are you doing?” I asked growing more frustrated, “What is he doing?” I pointed to Jason.

“Oh!” she said trying to push me further back, “Don’t look!”

“It’s a bit late for that!” I growled.

“No!” Hayley huffed, “It was supposed to be a surprise!”

“What?” I snarled, “This is – wait – what?”

“It was supposed to be a surprise!” Hayley repeated, “You’re not supposed to see it until tomorrow!”

“See what? You and him – cuddled up together?”

“No!” She growled, she looked taken back. The shock and slight despair vanished from her face and it was replaced with sudden anger, “The motorbike!”she snarled whacking me on the chest.

“What?” I said pushing her towards the shed to try and get a better look at the said motorbike.

“The motorbike!” she repeated in slight anger.

“Oh,” I mumbled, “Ohhh, the motorbike.” I had not seen it before, but it stood there – gleaming black. The front wheel was slightly turned to help the bike balance. Other than the new coat of paint it was exactly like the one my Uncle Alphard had when I was a little boy. Mother never let me ride it, but he would secretly take me around the block with it.

“Yes – what did you think? I was shagging Jay in the broom shed?” Hayley said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Yes, that’s exactly what I had thought.

I tore my eyes away from the motorbike and back to Hayley. She stood there in slight shock, her eyes slightly glassed over, her hands still resting on my chest, I could feel her heavy breaths, her chest moving up and down – waiting for my answer.

“Well, what did you expect me to think?” I snapped, “You’re in a broom shed with a half naked man.”

“But you didn’t know he was half naked until you came snooping in here – is that why you’ve been acting weird lately – because you thought I was cheating on you after I swore to you – I promised you – I wasn’t?”

“Yes!” I sighed, “What do you expect from me? I’m an insanely jealous, crazy man.”

“I expected you to trust me Sirius!” she said, her voice slightly strained.

“I know,” I said, still glancing over at the shining motorbike, “But – Can I just ask – the motorbike – is that-”

“Sirius!” Hayley growled, stomping her heels into my leather shoes.

“Okay, that,” I said looking down at my feet, “Didn’t hurt,” I smiled turning back to her, “I’m crazy jealous – I think you know that by now, so yes – I thought you were cheating on me, and every time a boy looks your way I want to curse him into next year,  and you look beautiful. But the motorbike is it - ”

She gave me a piercing stare, and pressed my lips together immediately, I knew exactly all the seething words she wanted to call me right now. She softly shook her head at me before pushing me out of the way.

I stared at the motobike, it was exactly like the one my uncle had. Exactly what I always wanted. I turned to look at Hayley, she was already half way to the house,“Oh... Hayley!” I called after her, as she trudged through the snow back to the house.

“It’s Christmas!” I exclaimed, she took of her thick black coat and hung it on the hook behind the door, “Don’t be upset at me.”

She stood in front of me, not moving.

“You’re tie is crooked,” I heard her mutter. She reached up and yanked my tie straight, jamming it into my throat. I coughed, and reached up to loosen it. She gave me a death stare, and I immediately dropped my hand and gave her sheepish grin.

I smiled down at her as she brushed the small specks of snow of my shirt, “People think you have dandruff,” I heard her mutter again. My smile broke out in a grin.

I looked down at her, admiring what she was wearing. Her deep blue dress clung tightly to her before fluttering out at the waist, stopping at her knees. Her shoes brought her just up to my shoulder. Her black hair, curled, dropped in front of her shoulders. I reached my hand to run my hands through it-

Hayley slapped my hand away, and looked up at me putting on a big smile, “We’re going to go out there and be the happiest people in the world.”

“Okay, if that’s what you want,” I said, reaching my hand around her waist.

“Yes,” Hayley nodded, “But don’t touch me,” slapping my hand away again.

She straightened herself up, and before I could say another word she turned on her heels and made her way down the hall.

“Hayley,” I called out behind her, she paused for me at the door, “Don’t be like this – I’m sorry – I-”

“Please, Sirius,” Hayley muttered as I caught up to her, “I don’t want to talk about this now.”

“Are you okay?” I asked softly, I couldn’t make out if she was teary or not.

She ignored me and linked her arm around mine. She pushed the door open, and we stepped out into a buzzing room.

“You look stunning by the way,” I whispered into her ear, as she greeted somebody. We smiled goodbye to them before walking away to the drinks table. I slipped my arm out from hers, and slipped it around her waist, pulling her closer to me. I leaned down and planted small kiss on her forehead.

“No,” Hayley hissed at me, pushing my arm away, “You don’t get to kiss me and make it go away. I hate the fact that you don’t trust me. I hate it. You’re constantly accusing me of cheating on you and-” her breath heaved as she held back a sob, “- And you don’t believe me when I tell you how much I love you.”

I ran my hand through her hair, and grabbed her shoulders, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry – please – I- ” I sighed, and pulled her through the nearest door, which happened to be the kitchen, “I’m sorry,” I whispered to her, my hands travelled down her side and grabbed her hands. I entwined my fingers around hers and brought them up to my chest.

“I’m sorry,” I repeated, “Please – don’t be sad – I know I’m a idiot – I – just don’t – don’t cry – I hate knowing – being that one that hurt you – I’m sorry – I know – I know how much you love me because I love you just as much – I love you more that you’ll believe – I do... I know I’m an idiot – and I... don’t cry because for my idiocy – I like you Hayley Potter and I’m an idiot.”  I wondered if now was right time to ask about the motorbike, but I didn’t. It could “ruin the moment”.

“Yes, you are,” Hayley pouted, “I like you too.”

“Are you two lovebirds done in here?” James said poking his head. Why is he always around?

It’s his house.

Such a smartass.

“Yes,” Hayley nodded.

I let go of her hands quickly, “No touching, I forgot,” I muttered to her.”

She smiled at me, wrapping her arms around me.

“So she’s not cheating on you?” James asked, stepping into the kitchen, “I told you so.”

I sent James a death glare, which he chose to ignore.

“What?” Hayley said, pulling her head away from my chest to look up at me, “You told James I was cheating?”

“No,” I laughed, “You’re just – sleepy,” I muttered patting her shoulder. I pressed her head back against my chest.

“Hey Sirius,” Remus said walking into kitchen too, his eyes dropped down to me and Hayley, “Oh – she’s not cheating?”

“Remus thought you were,” James said it in his pompus, know-it-all tone.

“What? Remus!” Hayley exclaimed; she lifted her head again to look at me, “Sirius.”

“I- I-” I stuttered, and turned to James and Remus, narrowing my eyes at them, “Don’t you two have other things to do?”

“I- I- yes we do,” James nodded, “I was just at the drinks table, and then I went to Lily and now I’m here – see I did things. I do things.”

“We should get back out there,” Hayley sighed letting go of me.


“Wait – now that I’ve got you here,” James exclaimed, “Why did you not testify against Rosier?”

“Nobody wants to hear this now James,” Hayley waved off.

“Actually,” I shrugged, “I would like to know.” Remus nodded thoughtfully too.

“I – He...” Hayley stuttered, she let out a sigh, “I felt bad for him!” she exclaimed, we let out a groan at her words.

“What?” she snapped at us, “He would be stuck in Azkaban for Merlin knows how long – he has family you know!”

“He tried to kill you!” James growled, looking slightly angered.

“You just don’t understand!” Hayley snapped back, “He asked me not to.”

“And you listened to a crazy man?” I cried out.

She cocked an eyebrow at me, “Yes,” she deadpanned, “I listen to crazy men.”

“No,” I shook my head, “I didn’t try and kill you – I’m not that kind of crazy.”

“Yes, Sirius,” Hayley nodded, “You just spy on me.”

“That was love,” I smiled, patting her on the shoulder, “Besides, you gave me a motorbike.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Hayley said narrowing her eyes at me, ignoring the gasps from James and Remus.

“Nothing,” I shrugged, “I just like saying – my girlfriend got me a motorbike.” Her pursed lips cracked into a smile, I smiled back at her before leaning down and brushing my lips against hers-

“Wait- what is this motorbike you speak of?” James asked in a very detective like tone.

“Oh,” I muttered, I had forgotten to tell him, “Hayley got me a motorbike.”

“YOU WHAT?” James snapped at Hayley, “A MOTORBIKE!”

“Okay,” Hayley started, “Can we please not talk about it until tomorrow?”

“WHY? A MOTORBIKE!” James snapped again.

“James,” I stepped in, “Not now,” I gave him a smile crossed with a death glare.

I turned back to Hayley, “Sorry,” I apologised. I did not want her getting teary eyed again. For some reason it was important for her that I get the present tomorrow – and I could not push it not any further.

After awhile, we filed back out into the party – much to my disappointment. I had no problem spending the rest of the party in the kitchen alone with Hayley, however according to Remus it looked rude. But after spending a few minutes out in the open party – I wished, for the first time in forever, that I had not listened to Remus.

“Good Evening, I am Nathaniel Williams,” Nathaniel said in a very pompous tone, “I believe you are Hayley Potter,” he extended his hand out to her.

He was just a few inches taller than Hayley – those few inches were achieved by his lofty, dark, brown hair that was swept to one side and screwed with what seemed like an enormous amount of hair potion. His dress robes dazzled with some kind of diamonds and velvet.

“You are most correct,” Hayley said with a smile, taking his hand.

He took her and planted a light kiss on top, he turned to look at me, “Oh – I’ll have scotch and the lady will have a...”

“Oh no,” Hayley smiled at him politely, “He’s not a waiter,” she wrapped her hand around my waist, “He’s my boyfriend – Sirius Black.”

“A  Black,” Nathaniel smirked, “Oh, never mind – he won’t last long,” he looked me up and down, “They never do,” he muttered under his breath.

“Leave it,” Hayley muttered to me, as I made a move forward. She unwrapped her arm from around me and stepped in front of me.

“Hayley,” Nathaniel said, “I’ll be frank here, I am not interested in who you are dating – I will as you wish ignore that – Obviously, as you probably have determined – I am from the famous, most noble, humble Williams line of wizards.”

“You know,” I snapped, “Saying your humble cancels out being humble.”

“Hush you commoner,” Nathaniel flustered at me, “I have researched throughout the west for a finer match for myself and cannot find a finer one than yourself.”

Commoner? Did he just call me a commoner? COMMONER? I was no commoner, I had the motorbike. Did commoner’s have motor bikes? I believe not.

“Nathan, I’m-” Hayley started.

“Oh please – call me Nathaniel,” Nathaniel deadpanned.

“Nathaniel,” Hayley smiled, “I’m sorry, I am sure you are fine young man but I have Sirius here.”

“But he is a Black – imagine your offspring – they will be the devil’s spawn-”

“Excuse me?” Hayley growled before I had a chance to, “I suggest, Nathaniel, you show yourself out of my house before I find someone that will.” She signalled him to the direction of the front door.

“Hayley – you were always feisty – come let us have some scotch,” he smiled, stressing the “tch” in scotch. He took her extended arm and folded with his. He pulled her away from me towards the drinks table. Hayley looked back at me and shook her head.

Stay calm. Stay calm. Calm. Calm. I have a motorbike. Say calm. Calm. Calm. Motorbike.

“Nathaniel,” I heard Hayley growl over the music, “I will curse you.”

“Oh, pish posh,” Nathaniel exclaimed softly, “I believe we are meant to be – I have researched you – I know everything about you, your favourite colour is white although recently you have taken a likening to softer greys, your favourite subject is Arithmancy, you love going to Epping Forest in Essex, the number of boys you fornicated with totals to -”

I didn’t get to hear the number, as the meat-head cornered in beside me.

“Hullo Sirius,” he said pleasantly.

I tore my eyes away from Hayley, and towards him, “Hey,” I said, slightly awkwardly.

We stood in silence for awhile, before I finally found soemthing to say, “I want to apologise for the way I’ve been behaving towards you...”

The meat-head shook his head, “Oh no, you had the right to be,” he said with a lop-sided grin, “If the girl I loved was shooting off with some meat-head-” he said this with a slight twinkle in his eyes, “Who consquently was in love with her too, I’d be dead-set worried.”

I continued to stand in silence. I was slightly stunned by what he had just revealed. He had referred to the word ‘meat-head’ like he knew something else. He had just told me he was in love with Hayley. I didn’t know how to react, should I be worried? Should I argue? Should I punch him?

“I had liked her for awhile, but always deemed her too young,” He sighed, “When I heard what happened, I came rushing back, I was sure I was doing it out of care and worry and not love.” He paused for a second, sipping his butterbeer, “But when I saw her, I saw her face light when she saw me, I saw her happy - I knew how I still felt.”

And then she told me about Sirius Black, a boy she was crazy in love with. But me, being as daft as I am thought I could lure her away. We were walking down this muggle street, and had decided that I would tell her how much I loved her, but that was when she spotted this motorbike. We went ages traipsing around Europe trying to put it together. I thought this would make us even closer, she would see be spend time with me, and want to be with me. But then when you came home, I saw her face really light up. And I knew I was fighting a lost match. You already had her, and she didn’t want anyone else.”

He paused again, he looked back at me. I didn’t know why he was telling me this. I didn’t know how to react or what to say.

He continued, “You’re lucky to have her Sirius. But just know if you ever screw up, I waiting.”

With a slight smile, he clinked his glass to mine, and walked away. I stared silently behind him. I didn’t quite understand him. Had he stopped going for after Hayley? Or was he still trying to win her over? Or was he simply pining for her, ready to swoop in? Well, whatever the case, I wouldn’t give him the chance.

I focused my attention back on Hayley who was still talking to Nathaniel

“Really, Nathaniel,” I heard her snap, “Let go of me.” I grinned to myself as she grabbed the plate of quiches and slammed them into his ribs.

She has a real violent streak, you know?

It’s cute.

Yeah, wait ‘til she gives us one of her death slams.

I watched as Nathaniel, straightened himself up with an ugly grin appearing on his face. He stepped towards her again, wrapping his arms around her. Okay, time to save the day. I walked over to them from where I was standing a few feet away.

I pushed Nathaniel back, tearing him away from Hayley, “I wouldn’t touch her again if I were you.”

“Well, Black, what are you going to do? Kill me?” He smirked, “It’s what you lot do, isn’t it?”

I grabbed him by his sparkly dress robes, “I could do a lot worse-”

“Sirius, Sirius, Sirius,” I heard Hayley pleaded from behind me, “My parents are here – just let him go.” I felt her hand rest on my shoulder pulling me back.

I sighed, letting him go. I turned back to Hayley and wrapped my arm around her.

She smiled up at me, “Thank you,” she muttered, wrapping both her arms around me.

“Oh, you’re the first Black I know that would walk away from a fight,” Nathaniel said from behind us, I twisted my head to see him following us.

I could hear Hayley mutter against my chest, “Ignore him, ignore him, ignore him...”

“It’s okay,” he said, “I’ll be waiting by the drinks table – a couple of swigs of brandy and you will be departing with that lovely dress of yours in no time.”

As those words reached my ears, my legs seemed to be paralysed. I felt Hayley sigh against my chest, before trying to pull me away.


I took a deep breath, “I’m sorry,” I muttered, giving out a small dry laugh. I swiftly turned out, to find Nathaniel exactly where I wanted him. I swung my arm around hitting him on square on the jaw. He stumbled backwards, before crashing into an old couple. A few people turned around to look but luckily the music was loud enough to drown out the commotion.

“Sirius!” Hayley cried out, she pulling me away towards the kitchen, “Don’t,” she whispered, pulling me by the arm.

“Sirius!” came a different voice, I turned around to see who it was. Remus who had more strength than Hayley, pulled me towards the stairs, “It’s not a party until Sirius punches someone,” I heard Remus mutter as we walked reaching the top of the stairs.

“Oh Sirius,” Hayley frowned. I collapsed onto the couch, after Remus made his way back downstairs, and pulled Hayley onto my lap. I rested my feet on the maple coffee table, letting out a sigh. Hayley stretched out her legs on the couch, wrapped her arms around my neck and rested her chest on my chest.

“I have lost count on the number of guys you hit because of me,” Hayley grimaced, she traced one hand around my neck before loosening up my tie.

“Well, it’s not my fault,” I grinned, “Maybe if you dressed down a bit – didn’t look so good – maybe dress like a nun?”

“Dress like a nun eh?” she grinned, tracing her finger around in circles on my chest.

“Well, maybe for me, you can dress in something a bit more provocative...” I grinned, as I lightly ran my fingers through her hair.

“Sounds like you have something in mind.”

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” I shrugged. I gave her a small smile, before brushing my lips against hers, “Wait-” I said quickly pulling away, “I didn’t know about this Epping Forest-”

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me,” Hayley said confused, tilting her head slightly.

“Oh, what’s that supposed to mean?” I snapped, “Comparing me to Nathaniel?”


“I’ll have you know – I know plenty – PLENTY – about you,” I smirked, “I bet Nathaniel doesn’t know-”


“- that you never wear white clothes because you’re afraid it stains, in Arthimacy - you always sit next to Peter and tilt your page slightly towards him just to make sure he can copy, you always have to sit by the third maple tree from the right by the lake and when you do always sit to its right which causes the sun to catch your eyes and it shines a blue-green colour, and the total number of boys-”

“-that I’ve ever loved is one, and he’s slightly neurotic, a little crazy, excessively jealous, the only boy I ever want to hold, kiss or be with and he’s sitting right in front of me-”

“-You forgot to mention good-looking-”

“-tremendously good-looking- and I get weak in knees every time he touches me – oh yes, and I like the Christmas presents he buys.”

“How did you-” I found lmyself suddenly stuck for what to say. She was staring at me with a blazing look that I had never seen before. I gently turned, climbing on top of her. Within seconds our lips met closing the distance between us. I felt her hands run through my hair before travelling to my chest and slowly working down my shirt.

I pressed myself onto her gently, our hips grinding. I felt her let out a slight moan, as I kissed her jawline moving down to her neck. She pushed off my shirt, letting it collapse on the floor.

I pulled away slightly from her, “Are you sure?” I asked, our faces just inches away.


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