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Fear Factor: A Ginny Potter Story by ginnyfan4life

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,635

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Fluff, General, Humor
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 10/07/2008
Last Chapter: 10/08/2008
Last Updated: 10/08/2008


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***This is my response to the 'phobia' challenge set by Hermione_clone.***

Harry is starting to worry about Ginny. She is acting so strange of late...

Chapter 1: Gerascophobia
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Ginny Potter sat in her living room. She was waiting for her husband Harry to come home from work so that she could tell him the news. She did not have to wait long, no sooner had she picked up her copy of The Quibbler than a middle-aged, dark haired, handsome man appeared with a loud 'pop' in front of the fireplace.
“Hello dear, good day?” Harry asked as he sat down in what Ginny new was his favorite armchair across from her.
“Oh yes, and I have some news. Lily has found an apartment in South London. She’ll be moving out sometime next week at the latest.”
Harry looked as shocked as Ginny had felt when she had heard this from Lily herself. However, when he spoke his voice was cheerful.
“Well she is eightteen now, I think this will do her the world of good not to have us watching over her all the time. And think, it will be just us again.”
Harry gave her one of his cheeky grins and though she did not feel happy she could not help but return it with a playful grin of her own.
“Come sit with me,” Harry requested.
The armchair was old and sagging Ginny thought sadly, she remembered a time when it was gleaming and new, sturdy, strong. Now when she sat down on Harry’s lap she felt the chair sag lower still and she imagined it groaning under their weight.
He kissed her and all thoughts of the chair and its displeasure at her vanished. Harry’s lips left hers and traveled down her neck in a way that made her shiver with pleasure, she tilted the head up to the ceiling to give him better access. She thought of their first kiss in the Gryffindor common room. Rather abruptly he stopped.
“Bloody hell Ginny, it’s the sixth today, your birthday is in three days!” Harry exclaimed and Ginny came crashing back to reality with brutal force.
“So what do you want to do Gin? We could have a huge party if you like. I bet your mum would love to set something up. I’ll send her an owl shall I?”
“Oh god no please don’t, I don’t want a fuss really.”
“But Gin, It’s your 45th. You had a big doo for me on mine.”

Harry smiled but Ginny did not return it this time.
“Really love, I’d rather not have a party. A quite dinner in with you would do just fine, I insist.”
“Well if your sure,” Harry said still smiling, “Now, were we….” and he made to resume kissing and even started to lift her out of the armchair but Ginny turned her cheek to his lips and pushed him gently back down.
“I’m not in the mood Harry”
Later that night Ginny stood at her bedroom mirror examining her reflection closely. With a sigh she took a big swig of  ‘Madame Flexton’s Famous Anti-wrinkle’ potion and replaced it in the drawer.


“Do you like the place mum?” Lily asked tentatively.
“Err… well it definitely needs some work,” Ginny replied looking around at the shabby apartment. It looked like Grimmauld Place once had long ago, for this place too, though on a much smaller scale, bore the unmistakable signs of housing dark wizards at one point or another.
“There is a boggart upstairs in the laundry cupboard I am sure of it, do you think you could ask Dad to come and get rid of it Mum? Please, you know I hate the wretched things"

“I’ll deal with it dear, it’s no problem at all. Your father isn’t the only one that’s good with a wand you know"
“Oh Mum…” Lily began but Ginny was already trooping up the dark stairwell.
“Wait down there Lil’ this should only take a minute”, Ginny called.
Lily had never much been one for taking orders from her mother and was just about to head up when there was a knock at the front door.
“Dad!” she exclaimed when she opened it, “why the hell are you using the front door?”.
“This is your new home, you don’t want me or anyone else just barging in unexpected and unannounced. Be sure to tell your Uncle Ron that rule too or you will never get a minutes peace, trust me” Harry grinned.
A terrified scream from upstairs made them both jump.
“GIN, I’M COMING, HOLD ON” Harry yelled and ran through the entrance way and up the narrow stairs.

Ginny was sitting on the landing floor, hands over her face apparently attempting to shield herself from Mrs. Weasley.

“Molly, I didn’t know you were here!” Harry stepped forward to greet his mother-in-law but as he held out his hand Mrs. Weasley dissolved and a huge dementor appeared.

“Expecto- Patronum” bellowed Harry, totally bewildered. A stag irrupted from his wand and launched itself at the hooded black figure that immediately turned and glided into the laundry cupboard hastily closing the door behind it.  Now even Harry’s patronus looked confused. It stood at the door apparently wondering if it should pursue or not.

Harry turned his attention to his wife who was till sobbing on the floor.

“What the hell?” he demanded.

“It- it- it’s a Boggart”
Harry took Ginny home shortly after that but all night long she refused to talk about the incident that had occurred at Lily’s. Harry just did not understand why Ginny would be afraid of her mother. Sure when they were children Mrs. Weasley had inspired fear from time to time but Ginny had not really been afraid of her even then, and much less now, or so Harry thought.


At dinner the following day Harry’s young assistant, Lana apparated in to give him an emergency message. Lana apologized profusely for the intrusion and then, taking Harry’s hand led him into the living room so that they could talk privately. Ginny eyed the girl suspiciously, they had never met before and Ginny had had no idea Harry had such a stunningly attractive secretary.

 A faint pop from the other room told her Lana had disapparated and when Harry returned she rounded on him.
“Is that what you call ‘working late’ Harry? Is she what you’ve been doing three nights a week when I haven’t seen you until gone midnight” emotion flooded her.

“You what?’” spluttered Harry, unsure as to what exactly he was being accused of, “Lana is my personal assistant that’s all, and she always leaves at half-five for your information”
“Yes well you would say that”

Ginny left the table, her hippogryph casserole uneaten, and stormed up to her bedroom. Locking the door behind her she began her usual pre-bed ointment application and climbed into bed.

Her dreams were a mass of young, attractive girls leaning provocatively over her husband’s desk at the ministry saying things like, “Is there anything else I can do for you Mr. Potter?”


Ron Weasley took another puff of his velvet jacket cigar and eyed his best friend curiously.

“What’s up mate? You’ve got a face like a wet weekend”

Harry took a few more drags of his cigar before looking at Ron.

“Well actually, since you asked, its your bloody sister! She’s off her rocker. Damn near accused me of cheating on her with Lana last night”.

“Lana!? That stick insect from our office? Good god. What brought this on?”

“I dunno”, sighed Harry, “God knows I love her but all this week she’s been a bit off and she won’t talk to me about it”

He then relayed the sorry of the boggart to Ron who was just as baffled.

“What are you doing now?”, Harry asked Ron who had extinguished his cigar and stood up so abruptly that he knocked over a glass or fire whiskey.

“I know how to get to the bottom of this, Hermione” Ron beamed.


“Honestly you two are as clueless about women as you were back in Hogwarts”, Hermione said viewing Harry and Ron with a pitying look, “You say Ginny has been feeling insecure about you working with young women Harry, and locking herself in the bathroom for hours! And you can’t think what this all means? The boggart does not completely spell it  out for you?!”
“Jesus Harry she turns forty-five tomorrow”

“So she is afraid of her mother because….”

Hermione cut him off, “The boggart didn’t turn into Mrs. Weasley it turned into an older version of Ginny”
“Ginny looks nowhere near as old as Mum”, Ron chimed in, “She’s only turning forty-five tomorrow not seventy!”
“Oh Ronald it’s called Gerascophobia” Hermione said this as though it explained everything.
 Harry and Ron exchanged confused glances.
“It means Ginny is afraid of getting old. She is afraid you won’t love her anymore, probably she is afraid of loosing her looks too”
And now it made sense. 

“I love you Hermione” Harry said giving her a hug.


Ginny awoke next day to the smell of bacon and coffee. Harry was standing over her with a breakfast tray, smiling as always.
“Cheers”, Ginny said unenthusiastically and put the tray on the bedside table. Harry sat down next to her.
“I love you Mrs. Potter and you are sill the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on. I will never want anyone else. One day we will both be so old and shriveled we’ll just be two prunes sitting here with our teeth in a glass beside us and I will still think you are gorgeous”.
“Oh Harry”, Ginny said tearfully, “I love you so much”
Her tears were that of joy for she was finally not afraid of what the future might bring, as long as Harry was beside her she knew she would be just fine, wrinkles or no wrinkles.