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Ma Petite Fleur by bookworm27

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,133

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Fluff
Characters: Arthur, Bill, Molly, Fleur, Victoire, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Bill/Fleur

First Published: 08/27/2008
Last Chapter: 05/26/2009
Last Updated: 05/26/2009


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"She is my little flower. Ma Petite Fleur." Bill finally becomes a father and who knew, got a French lesson too!

Chapter 1: My Litttle Flower
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Many miles away the chilly mist of the coast, alone stood a cottage at the end of a cliff. It was known to wizards that a couple lived there. No children, in the home which brought much comfort to many others during the time of war.


A faint pop disturbed the silence of this quite area. A muscular figure appeared out of thin air on the edge of the cliff. He hurried down the path that led to the cottage.

The male figure opened the door to find his wife sitting down on the sofa, knitting calmly. The woman, his wife, was extraordinarily beautiful in so many ways. She was smart, as known to have participated in the grueling Triwizards Tournament.

She had long, thin blond hair which came up to her waist. Her piercing blue eyes were what he liked the most. They seemed to follow her emotions, they would tell him if either she was happy or sad. But the reason he married her was because she stood by his side even when he was scared by a werewolf. She never gave hope on them being together since the day, they met in that crowded side room at the bank ran by goblins.

After the endless rant by his mother of the marriage, the red head plump woman finally gave in about their love and his wife even accepted marrying in his parent’s backyard.

Oh it was a lovely wedding which was unfortunately interrupted by the war which went on for months before the boy with the lighting bolt scar was able to defeat You-Know-Who. Such a relief was it to him, always worrying about the blue eyed woman’s safety.

"Bill" she whispered, sighing as a sign of relief.

"I came as soon as I got your owl. What’s the important news?" he asked, waiting impatiently for the news.

"I think you might want to sit for this." The woman named Fleur said sitting down on the green sofa. Her hands placed in front of her on her lap.

Bill sat down on the armchair, taking of his deep blue cloak.

"What is it? Are you ill?" He asked, he was worried of course. It had only been a month since the Final Battle had taken place and she might have been hit.

"Well, I think this is a good illness." She spoke with a faint French accent.

"What do you mean Fleur? Have you been hurt? Did you get hit?" he asked, he was tired of asking, and he wanted a straight answer. He wanted to go kill whoever had touched his blue-eyed goddess.

"Bill, I haven’t been hurt. I haven’t been hit. And what I mean this by a good illness is well, if you have morning sickness for the next 9 months it means something wonderful is coming? Doesn’t it?" she asked him, her eyes portrayed joy and happiness, yet fear.

"What do you mean, you’re-?" he whispered as if it weren’t true.

"Yes, Bill, it means I am pregnant." She exclaimed as if she would never get it out.

Bill rushed to his wife’s side kissing her passionately. A child. He was going to have a child. Maybe a boy. A boy who he could teach Quidditch to. Or maybe a girl. A girl who could be his princess.

"Wait, how far along you?" he asked.

"Two and a half months." She replied.

"What about names? Don’t babies need names?" he asked again. He was getting inpatient. He was his child now.

"Yes, Bill. But we have more than enough time to find a name for either a girl or a boy and we can go tell your family tomorrow if you would like." She told him. Sometimes he could be so daft about the simplest things.


                          Approximately six and a half months later…

"BILL!" she screamed her voice in a shrill. "I want the baby out, out, out!!!" she yelled at her husband. She had no idea it was going to be this painful.

"Mrs. Weasley, we are doing everything in our power to make it less painful for you. And your husband that is." Said Mediwizard Meriwether, looking at the pregnant woman’s hand squishing the man’s.

"Now Mrs.Weasley, I need you to push as hard as you can. Come on now. I can see the baby’s head. OOo, yes lovely, just one more push and we’ll get the head out." The professional told Fleur as she pushed. It seemed forever that they were in that room. Finally the baby had been pushed out.

"Ah, yes a beautiful baby. It seems as though it is a girl! Congratulations Mr and Mrs Weasley, you have just had a baby girl!" she told them passing the fragile, tiny body to them wrapped in a pink blanket.

"What would you like to name her?" asked Bill to his wife. He kissed her forehead and then looked admiringly at his daughter.

"OH, no Bill, we must pick a name together!" she exclaimed.

"No Fleur, I wanted you to pick a name." he told her, wrapping his hands on her left fist.

"I know the perfect name, Victiore Louise Weasley. I have loved that name for a very long time." She told him looking into his eyes. From that moment on he knew that there was no way their first child could be named anything else.

Just a few minutes later the baby’s grandparents came in with balloons and flowers.

"O congratulations Fleur! My first grandchild. And a girl too!" the grandmother beamed looking down at the first baby girl she was related to that didn’t have the famous flaming red hair but little silky silver ones.

After Bill’s parents came in to visit, the wife’s parents came in speaking very rapid French to their daughter.

"Elle est tres jolie. Come Fleur." Said the mother to her daughter.

"My wife, Appoline says she looks very much like Fleur. The Hair and the eyes are very much alike, but when she is older she will probably be just like you Bill." Bill’s father-in-law told him.

"She is like how do you say? Une Petite Fleur, with a bit of her father on the side." He said.

"A mini Fleur. Une Petite Fleur." Bill kept repeating.

"How do you say mine?" the father asked.

"Ma. Would you like to say, Ma Petite Fleur?"

"Yes she is Ma Petite Fleur." He finally got the pronunciation right.

She was his little flower. Ma Petite Fleur. And forever more did he call her that. And forever more she was that for him.

A/N: Well, this was my first one-shot, I just changed a few things. Thanks to all who read and review!