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Time Flies by bellas

Format: Novella
Chapters: 13
Word Count: 31,136
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James
Pairings: James/Lily, Harry/Ginny, Remus/OC, Ron/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 08/11/2008
Last Chapter: 01/25/2009
Last Updated: 01/25/2009


Banner made by me. James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black have gotten into some big messes before, but nothing ever like this. It's their seventh year, 1974, when James messes with something he shouldn't - and accidently send them and Lily Evans into the future. 1998, to be exact. Or Harry Potter's 7th year of school.

Chapter 1: Time Flies
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“It was an improvement, really!” said Sirius Black, as Lily Evans dragged him, and his two best friends Remus Lupin and James Potter, down to Dumbledore’s office. He was referring to the charm that had caused Snivellus’s toenails to grow at an alarmingly fast rate, much to the amusement of the crowd that had formed around them. And the reason they were headed towards the headmaster now - for a little ‘talk’ Lily called it.

“Lily? Will you go out with me?” Asked James hopefully. It was only the third time this week, he thought, she might have changed her mind by now. He had been asking her just about weekly, or even more often, ever since third year. Lily Evans - she was just so perfect, and amazing, even when she was telling him off. Actually, he never heard what she was saying then anyways, because, really, it was just an excuse to look at her.

“Lemon Drop.” Lily said as way of an answer, watching the stone gargoyles jump away to let them pass through. “Go up. Stay up. I’m leaving now.” She instructed them, pointing up the stairs, then spinning on her heel, back to the Great Hall for dinner.

The boys obediently waited in the four armchairs in front of Dumbledore’s large desk. The fourth chair on the end, usually reserved for Peter, was empty. He had mysteriously turned orange walking to Charms, and Madame Pomfrey was sorting him out in the hospital wing. Waiting for Professor Dumbledore turned out to be rather dull, and after five minutes or so, James and Sirius had gotten up to check he place out. Dumbledore had all sorts of dangerous things for them to mess with. “Hey Moony, come look!” Called James to his best friend, Remus. “What the heck is this supposed to be?” He held up a small, golden hourglass on a necklace.

“It’s a time turner, Prongs.” Remus said, looking over to him. “Don’t touch it, McGonagall’s going to kill us as it is.” But James was already spinning the hourglass, faster and faster as the grains of sand flew aimlessly. It went on for quite a while, until it stopped without notice.

“That’s weird...why’d it stop?” James asked, putting it up to his ear and shaking it.

There wasn’t any more time for questioning, as the door to the large office flew open, and all three boys jumped, sliding the time turner behind James’s back.

“We didn’t do anything, we swear by it!” Sirius said loudly, and foolishly. He was experienced enough now to know better than that but he’s an idiot. Albeit a gorgeous, popular one, who - this surprises everyone - gets pretty decent grades. Acceptable and Exceeds Expectations anyways.

“Padfoot,” Remus said, a reminder that he really was a git, in the friendly tone of a warning.

“Your not Dumbledore...” said Lily Evans suspiciously. “And what’s that behind your back Potter? Give it up!”

“A Time Turner.” Said James, holding it out to her.

“Can’t refuse her anything.” Sirius muttered. “Shameless.”

“And was it broken when you got it?” Lily asked, eyebrow raised, and ignoring Sirius. But there was no time for replies, because the four of them - Sirius, James, Remus, and Lily - were no longer there.

For a moment they hung in non-existence. Then they were back in Dumbledore’s office, same positions as before. “Blimey, Prongs, what did you do?” Sirius asked, flabbergasted.

“Y-you didn’t spin it did you?” Lily asked, apprehensive and whispering. James’s horrified look was all the answer she needed, before she added, in an even lower voice: “I don’t think it’s 1974 anymore.”

“No, its not, Lily.” said Dumbledore, before the boys could utter girlish screams. The quartet spun around, but there was no one there. No one - except a portrait of Dumbledore, along the wall with all the other deceased headmasters. Deceased...?

“Your not...dead?” Asked Remus, a panicked look frozen on his face. Dumbledore gave him a small half smile in response. Then they all really did scream, in shock and sadness.

“That’s a side effect of skipping twenty-four years.” Dumbledore said kindly. “Things change.”

“But we couldn’t travel through time. It’s impossible! Doesn’t happen! Nope, this is just some sick joke Snape thought of. Yup, that’s it. Snivellus better watch his back.” James was muttering, refusing to accept it. Remus, meanwhile, was curled into the fetal position, rocking back and forth. Sirius hadn’t moved an inch. Lily, who was still capable of thought, was matching the years up in her head.

“Professor Dumbledore, explain.” She whispered, eyes closed, with her hand on her head like it was hurting her. “Quickly?”


A few hours later, the four of them were sent out of the room, up to date on the real world, and clutching their new schedule like a lifeline. James had had Lily dye his hair brown, in hopes of diminishing his look-a-likeness to his...his...son. Lily had changed the color of her eyes, and was quietly contemplating how she could possibly gotten married to the toe rag Potter. Much to her annoyance, she totally understood it, and had to put on a completely fake expression of anger that Lily. was sure everyone could see through. Meanwhile, Sirius was feeling very alive for a dead person and Lupin decided it was high time to speak allowed.

“We bloody messed up.” He told them all solemnly.

“Hell yeah we did.” Agreed Sirius wholeheartedly.

The only thing that really made it ten times worse is that Dumbledore didn’t know how to get them back. Apparently, Harry and his friends had managed to ruin every single one of the Ministries time-turners (Takes after his father, Dumbledore had said), and no one Dumbledore knew of owned one of their own. The teachers would be notified of who they really were, and Dumbledore would try his best to find them a way home.

"So what next?” Asked Lily. The four of them had been walking, immersed in their own thoughts, for almost twenty minutes. Her stomach growled in response before any of the boys had said anything. They had just about come to acceptance with the fact that it was now 1988, because, after all - the marauders have gotten in some pretty crazy messes before. With a best friend that’s a werewolf, the ability to turn into animals at will, and a cloak that makes them invisible its hard not to. At least, its hard if your as crazy-obsessed as the marauders.

“We eat.” Announced Sirius. “What better way to connect to the world of the future?”

“Hear, hear!” James called in response.

“Now, remember.” Lily lectured to them, reciting Dumbledore’s words. “My name’s going to be Lillian Eriks, Lil for short - same as always. Sirius Barnes- you’ll just keep your name. And James - you’ll be Jamie Poole. Remus - Ryan Louis. Easy enough? Try not to slip up and NO using the ‘marauder’ nicknames. We tried to keep them similar so you don’t mess up.” The boys had stopped paying attention toward the end of that, as they had caught sight of the Great Hall and had a whiff of the smells inside.

“Time travel sure does take it out of you” Sirius announced, heading down the Gryffindor table, making room for himself at the end with the oldest looking students.

“Who are you?” Asked Ronald Weasley through mouthful of french bread.

“Ron!” Hermione Granger scolded

“Sirius Barnes.” Said Sirius, filling his plate to the breaking point with all the pasta and bread the house-elves had prepared. “And that’s my mates Jamie, Re-Ryan, and Lillian.” He took a break from shoveling the food in his mouth to point to each of them.

“We’re exchange students from America.” Lily, now Lillian said smoothly, sliding in the bench alongside Hermione. “I’m sure the headmaster will introduce us at the end of the meal. Who are you?”

“I’m Hermione Granger.” Hermione told her, then pointed to each of her fellow students in turn, “And that’s Ron Weasley, Lavender Brown, Seamus Finnigan, Neville Longbottom, Dean Thomas, Parvati Patil, and Harry Potter. We’re the 7th years.”

“Potter?” James, now Jamie asked, shaking his head as if it wasn’t working right. He looked exactly like him.

“That’s the one.” Harry replied, used to people watching him. But still...the intensity of Lillian and Jamie’s eyes on him was disconcerting.

I had a kid with her? Was ringing through James mind over and over. He couldn’t wrap his mind around it, Evans had said no again and again, but now? And Harry is practically identical to me, except...

I had a kid with him? The words were screaming in Lily’s mind, but she couldn’t wrap her head around it. And those eyes...they were HER green eyes. Now, more than ever, Lily was glad that Dumbledore had warned them to change some of their features slightly. But would the obvious differences be enough? Or would it show through...?

Hermione was watching the new students with interest. It wasn’t often that students switched schools, and almost never in their last two years of schooling. “That’s interesting, why’d you come all the way from America?” She asked them.

Lily started to answer but was interrupted by Remus, “No we just thought we’d see the world. New York wasn’t big enough for us anymore. It’s so amazing here though, and this is from a half-blood who grew up without magic.”

“Really?” Asked Hermione eagerly, “Me too, I never even knew magic existed until I got my letter from Hogwarts when I turned 11. I can’t imagine a place better than Hogwarts. Right Harry?”

But Harry wasn’t paying much attention to the conversation, rather, he was watching Sirius with an undying interest. He’d never heard of the name until he met his godfather, and now he knew two black-haired men who shared it? But Sirius was dead. Dead. And, as Harry knew well, couldn’t come back, it was just coincidence. “What an odd name, Sirius. I used to know someone name that, but he...he died.”

“It’s a small world.” Was all the reply Harry got, because Sirius really had no idea what to say, since those words, more than anything, were concrete proof. It’s official - Sirius Black had died. was dead. “Dammit.” He added under his breath.

“Sorry?” Asked Hermione, hoping she had misunderstood. She didn’t know about Sirius, but she certainly liked Ryan. He was just so...nice. And smart too, Hermione could tell.

“Er, nothing.” Sirius replied, brushing her comment away. “Want to find out where our beds are Pr-uh, Jamie?”

“Let’s.” James replied, gulping down his pumpkin juice, then getting up with some cookies to go.

“I’ll join you!” Said Remus, getting up and following them out the large double doors of the Great Hall. As soon as they were out of hearing range of the other 7th years, he spoke. “Is this surreal or what?”

“It’s crazy, Moony.” Sirius told him wholeheartedly. He was still contemplating his deadness, not bothering to take into account that James and Lily were too. How? How did he die? The sadistic question was bothering him, and he hoped he died doing something right.

James didn’t even care that he was dead, because he wasn’t really, not right now. But he was married! And not just married to anyone - but to Lily Evans, love of his life. How much better could life get? She would have to give him a chance now. “So how long are we going to have to keep up the pretenses?” He asked to no one in particular, even though he knew Moony would be the one who answered.

“Till we leave. Or until they find us out,” remus replied. “You have to admit, our disguises are so transparent that they’ll figure out sooner or later. That Hermione Granger looked pretty smart if you asked me.”

“Ooh la la, does Moony have a little crush?” Asked Sirius in a joking tone, taking a bit of edge from the situation.

“Of course not!” Cried out Remus, a bit too quickly. “We can’t have intimate relationships with people who are the age of our CHILDREN! We’ll be leaving soon, anyway, if all goes good.”

“Let’s see if he still says that in a week.” Sirius said, nudging James.

“One galleon says he sticks to his word.” Replied James.

“Your on.” Sirius shook on it.

“I give up!” Remus said, heading to the Gryffindor common room to find his bed.

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Chapter 2: To Ride a Tilt-a-Whirl
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The dormitories look exactly the same as they did yesterday, Remus noticed, except that there was eight beds inside. And, inexplicably, his trunk was even at the foot of one of the scarlet and gold four-poster beds. Gratefully he pulled off his robe and shirt, then climbed under the warm covers, not bothering to change his pants. He was just ready for a nice night of sleeping, leaving him rejuvenated and in control.

“Remus!” Cried out Sirius Black, bursting into the dormitory, “There’s some really hot girls in the future you have to come meet!” Completely oblivious to the conversation they had not too long ago, Sirius waited expectantly. Remus wasn’t the third hottest guy in the school for nothing. But all Sirius got in reply was a groan as he turned in bed, and snores moments later.

Shrugging, Sirius turned tail and headed back to the common room with James. He was flirting with a brown haired, giggling girl. There wasn’t much there, they’d probably end up in a broom closet by the end of the night. Ignoring them, Sirius gave all the girls in the room a once-over, seeing but not really looking.

There were plenty of pretty girls, sure. Sirius thought to himself, but no one his type, no one that was still interesting without his buddies remus and Remus. He asked one of them for the password in (One who answered with plenty of silly giggles and blushing, much to Sirius’s annoyance) and then strode out through the portrait hole.

He wandered the empty and familiar hallways randomly, finding peace in their similarity to the time he’d left for quite a while, not running into a soul, or evan worse - Peeves. Well, He hadn’t until he found himself face-to-face with a beautiful black-haired asian girl. Her deep brown eyes were wide, and she was biting her bottom lip like she was concentrating on something important. She was, however, wearing the blue Ravenclaw insignia on her robes.

“Hello.” Sirius said, giving the new arrival his signature heart-stopping grin. She was just what he was looking for back in the common room - beautiful and different than anyone back home.

“Hi,” She replied, with a shy smile and a rise of color on her cheeks. “Your not supposed to be up.” The girl added teasingly, nodding to the Prefect badge on her robes.

“And neither are you.” Sirius reminded her.

“Oh, and I’m Cho by the way. Cho Chang, Ravenclaw.”

“Sirius. Sirius Black, Gryffindor.” Sirius replied, taking her hand and leading her in the opposite direction.


As could be expected, the three boys fell asleep easily that night, unlike their fellow timer-traveler, Lily, who spent the night tossing and turning, not getting an ounce of sleep. Lily considered a sleeping draught, but decided against it because it was too late to brew one herself and too late to get one from Madame Pence (Or was she even the healer anymore?).

Remus was the first to wake up that morning, and stumbled down the stairs to breakfast, pulling his shirt on as he went. He had just pulled it down over his head when he ran right into a very solid person. Remus was still fixing his shirt absentmindedly, when he checked to see who it was - assuming that it was just James or Sirius. But it wasn’t. It was Hermione Granger again, looking very flushed and on the verge of running away.

“Oops! Sorry! I’ll just be going now...” She ran away before he could say a word to her, leaving Remus to his thoughts.

They happened to be a whirlwind as he exited the common room, and headed to breakfast. He had woken up in the illusion that he was still safe at home, in his own time, that it was all a dream. Then pretty, smart, Hermione Granger had to waltz in and pop his bubble - remind him that all was NOT well. It wouldn’t be long before Lily was all over him, Remus sighed, giving in to the hell that would be the next few weeks. But there’s no reason not to do it on a full stomach.

Meanwhile, Lily’s own thoughts were spinning to their own tune. She had analyzed each and every bit of what Dumbledore had told him - but had kept this part of it to herself. What was it that made it seem so dangerous? Perhaps it was because she was raised as a muggle, and still had no idea of just how far magic could go. It didn’t help that she was now armed with the knowledge that she would die in less than four years. But forget that! Lily reminded herself, concentrating to the task at hand, pushing those thoughts into a drawer in the depths of her mind. The important thing is what Dumbledore said:

“The problem is...that time turner you used? It was dysfunctional - we don’t know what side affects it has. It’s long since been destroyed now, and you dear son, James, has destroyed any time turners we would have had...”

He had gone on, but that was the worst. The boys had long since stopped paying attention by then and were simply picking at their nails and trying to look guilty. Lily, on the other hand, was listening with rapt attention - she knew this information wouldn’t come any other time, nor would Dumbledore again be so open with her.

Lily had been left alone in a crowded room, figuring out the puzzles he had laid out before her. He said that the time turner didn’t work right...there goes her stomach, left behind on a roller coaster, riding too fast for screaming. But what would that mean? Would it have side affects? The next bit reassured her that the ride wasn’t over yet - someone had destroyed their only means of getting home. Not just any someone - her, her, her...


Harry Potter. Potter.

The worst of it was - there was nothing Lily could do about it. Lily hated being powerless, not having any control, watching things spin out of control on the Tilt-a-Whirl that was becoming her life. But there was no reason to do it on an empty stomach. With that, Lily Evans headed through the portrait hole to breakfast.

She meet Remus down at the 7th year side of the Gryffindor table, and slid to sit beside him. “Sleep well, Rem-Ryan?”

“These pretenses won’t last long.” He replied in a low monotone, eating his bacon and eggs methodically. “But I’ll try.”

“That’s all we can ask for.” Replied Lily in the same hushed tones, knowing that several students were looking on. The wild brown-haired girl, Hermione had a suspicious smirk on her face already.

“We?” Remus questioned.

“At risk of sounding incredibly cheesy - we’re all in this together.” She told him. It was the truth they’d all have to live through - for better or worse.

“James’ll like that.” Grinned Remus, lightening their spirits a bit. The only response he got was a rather immature stuck-out tongue from Lily. Neither of them noticed the slip-up in names, but the previously mentioned brunette did - she was, as Ron often put it, much to smart for her own good.

“Do any of you guys play Quidditch?” Asked Ron, actually
managing to swallow his food before speaking.

“Not me.” Remus was still grinning, “But Jamie you’d better watch out for - he’s chaser.”

“Perfect.” Ron was grinning now too. “We need one of those.”


Sirius Black woke up wishing he could sleep for another year or two, even if the empty dormitory told him otherwise. His night with Cho had been amazing For a Ravenclaw girl from the future and a opponent seeker to boot, she was great. But what really got to him, was that it meant more to him somehow. Their relationship wasn’t all physical lets-slip-into-a-broom-closet... and that was great with him. Cho was just...real.

He found himself cheesily (And embarrassingly) grinning as he pulled on his shirt and robes. He wiped it off with a more blase cocky look. The common room was also empty - which wasn’t a good sign. Sirius sped up a step or two in hurry for the food. It didn’t help that he didn’t know shit without Lily and Remus to tell him what to do. Dumbledore’s serious looks had gotten old and his sentences had started to run together. He had known that Remus would listen to it - so why should he?

“Bring me up to speed?” He asked Remus, sliding onto the

“Errr...” He looked just as blank as Sirius thought he did. There
wasn’t any information coming from him. Come to think of it, he also looked just a tad love struck. He hadn’t seen that look on Remus since 6th year, when he discovered Sylvia Sipe, Ravenclaw. Cho was a Ravenclaw too...maybe they did have a certain charm.

“Lil?” He leaned into her, over Remus’s bacon and eggs. She rolled her eyes at his new nick name, but motioned for him to follow her out of the Great Hall. Grabbing a poppyseed muffin and a handful of bacon, Sirius followed her out.

“You American’s sure are tight-knit, huh?” Asked the James look-a-like, Harry.

“It certainly is foreign here.” Replied Remus vaguely.


“Hogwarts hasn’t changed much.” Lily noted dryly to Remus during a Charms lesson that they had already taken, back home. The class was on nonverbal cheering charms, a charm they had learned in second year - but out loud.

The girl Remus had seen with James the other night was now sitting in front of him, hiking her skirt up just so, and emitting loud giggles every so often. She even went so far as too drop her pencil on the floor, and stick her butt right in his face, doing something remus dimly remembered as being the bend and pop. It was something from those muggle videos his little sister had become infatuated with over the last summer, anyways.

Remus bit his lip and tried to ignore her antics, concentrating on winning some points for his ‘new’ house. Surprisingly, it was neither him nor Lily, who both had experience with it, who succeeded in the spell first. It was the brunette, Hermione, from the Great Hall at breakfast.

She really was pretty... His thoughts were drifting off as the class wore on in the same fashion as they had last week. No - it was over twenty years ago now, Remus had to remind himself. Who knew how long they would stay here? Would never coming back ruin the course of time? Did he want to go back? He knew the only way he’d every get sleep to night was if he checked out some books on it, and organized his thoughts.

He might as well start now, he decided with an involuntary shrug, conjuring up a piece of parchment.

Who knew how long they would stay here? Nobody did, but with Dumbledore dead and the new headmistress - Professor Mcgonagall - in charge, it could take quite a while. A portrait wasn’t quite the same.

Would never coming back ruin the course of time? This is what he needed to spend quite a few well-earned hours in the library with Evans for: he didn’t know nearly as much as he should about time turners and time traveling.

Did he want to go back? Of course he did! Right...?

Remus slid the parchment over to Lily, who sat next to him. Deftly, Lily put it in her lap, and read it. Or she seemed to, because even Lily couldn’t read that fast. It was only a few moments later when the parchment was back in his own lap. In large, dark inky writing, Lily had written four words. Four words they had not wanted to hear, not now, not ever. Not until they were long gone in the own safe time.

I think she knows

Chapter 3: Skiving Potions
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Chapter Three: Skiving Potions

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“No, no! She couldn’t! I mean how? How could she find out? TELL ME EVANS!” Remus scribbled back to her furiously, balling up the parchment to throw it back into her lap.

‘Look at her Remus, Hermione’s not an idiot! It doesn’t help that she’s best friends with Harry Potter - MY son. The brown contacts, James’s hair, and slight name changes weren’t enough! The slip-ups we keep making and british words we keep using are giving us away! Almost like...’ Lily couldn’t finish writing the sentence. It was too horrible to think about. Still, it bounced around in her head, echoing Dumbledore’s words. It was almost Dumbledore wanted the others (Hermione, Ron, Harry) to figure it out.

“What is so interesting on you paper, Ryan, Lillian? Would you like to show the class? If not, put it away now.” Professor Flitwick reprimanded them.

“Flitwick wasn’t so demanding before either, we should have used ‘Muffliato’.” Remus said to Lily, sliding the parchment into his bag. The rest of the class went on without anything out of the ordinary, and before they knew it, Professor Flitwick had sent them off to their next class - Potions. They had Professor Slughorn, the same teacher as they had had in their own time. Luckily, he was getting old and he didn’t seem to recognize them.

“Eriks, you said?” Slughorn asked Lily when they walked in the door, a tad late. “You partner off with him - Janie?” He pointed towards James, who looked rather gleeful as he reminded Slughorn that it was Jamie.

The two of them sat down at one of the tables, with new secondhand books and cauldrons. Behind them, Sirius was laughing loudly with remus over some prank they had just planned, while a few girls looked on with lust in their eyes.

A little while after they had become comfortable in the class room, the door opened and a timid Hufflepuff first year poked her head into the room. “W-will Mr. Harry P-p-potter, Miss Hermione Granger, and R-Ronald We-Weasley please come and see P-pr-professor Dumbledore’s portrait immediately.” The poor girl managed to stutter out.

The three of them rose from their seats, Ron angrily muttering to himself, “What about me? Aren’t I important enough to be a Mr? Hmmm? HMMM?”

“I’m sure it’s nothing too horrible.” Hermione said to Harry, ignoring Ron's inraged mutterings. “There shouldn’t be anything wrong, not really.”

“Well we'll see.” Was all Harry said in return. Together, the three of them walked the now-familiar path towards the Headmaster’s office. “Lemon Drop.” He added to the gargoyles, who moved for him to pass.

The office was filled as it usually was, with whirling sneakascopes and flashing lights. The only thing that looked out of place in the room was a smashed time turner, lying on a large ornate mahogany desk. Professor McGonagall who was now headmistress, was nowhere to be seen and Harry wondered for the hundredth time what Professor Dumbledore had sent them here for.

“Ahhh, you came.” Professor Dumbledore’s portrait said.

“And it’s like you never died.” Added Ron under his breath.

“Perhaps Ronald, but you must remember that that isn’t so. I am dead, and there’s nothing any of us can do about that.” Professor Dumbledore gently reminded them. “Conjure up a seat for yourselves if you will.” He added, gesturing in front of him. The three of them did so, Ron’s a hard-backed folding chair, and Hermione’s a soft leather recliner.

Ron looked on at her spellwork in envy, for he was never very good at these transfiguration spells. “How’d you do that? Mine ended up like this.” He pointed towards his seat.

“Oh, alright, here.” Hermione said, retrieving her wand and charming his chair into an identical of her own (Except his happened to be a rather bright pink), all nonverbally. “Better?” She asked expectantly.


“Now, if I could ask you to please listen to what I have to say, that would be wonderful...” Professor Dumbledore prodded them for silence, then continued on. “I trust that you have met the new exchange students? Is that all going well?”

Harry, Ron, and Hermione all nodded and spit out routine words of encouragement and compliments.

“But there is just one thing...” Hermione started to say, biting her bottom lip. ‘But I don’t doesn’t make sense.’ She wanted to add, but she had a feeling she shouldn’t.

“It’s not high time yet Hermione.” Professor Dumbledore added, as if reading her mind. “You need some basis for a hunch.” The headmaster’s cozy office was silent for a while, Hermione fuming slightly at Dumbledore’s portrait’s remarks, Harry pondering important things (Such as the meaning of life and what was going on), and Ron simply wondering what the hell was going on.

“Should we go?” Hermione asked tentatively, hoping that they could go back to class - the NEWT levels were excruciating and she just couldn’t stand to miss a minute of any other teachers lectures.

“You may.” Dumbledore nodded through the canvas, his blue eyes twinkling like he was a toddler with a ‘secrud’ you didn’t know. “But be nice to the new students, who knows? You could make some new friends...”

The three of them were al out the door before Dumbledore could say any more, half jogging down the spiral stairs that already turned for them anyway.

“It’s horrible in there!” Ron cried out the second they were out of earshot of the gargoyles that guarded Dumbledore’s office. “It always reminds me of those nights in fifth year...Dad and the snake...Voldemort...the war! I just can’t stand it.”

“Ron, it’s okay now. Really!” Hermione awkwardly patted him on the shoulder, and Ron looked droopy - like he had wanted something more. A handhold? A kiss on the cheek? And excuse to go drag her into the broom closet...?

“We have tryouts tonight, Ron.” Harry said suddenly, after they had been walking for quite some time in silence. “I guess we’ll see if this Jamie’s any good.”

The discussion quickly turned to the team, and the upcoming tryouts that night. This year they only needed a new chaser, since Katie Bell had graduated last year. They talked animatedly about all the students who showed any promise for the sport, while Hermione stayed silent, watching the two of them talk.


“So you’re going to try out?” Sirius asked James as they walked to Defense Against the Dark Arts.

“Yeah, Dumbledore sent me a Firebolt. Padfoot, it could fly circles around the Comet without even trying. It’s like its responding to what your THINKING. No shaking when you get too high, no unexpected turns - it’s amazing.” James didn’t mention that he had never actually *tried* the Firebolt out yet, this was all gathered information from Ron - he wasn’t quite comfortable having conversations like that with his son yet. His and Lily’s son. Just the thought of it made him grin. And since Harry’s still here...

It’s still gonna happen. Hell yes!

“That’s freaking awesome.” Sirius replied. He couldn’t quite share the volume of James’s excitement. He was a good beater, but there was a pair of phenomenal ones in his own year, so he played with James over the summer at his mansion.

“Wanna just skive off and try it out?” James asked, grinning in
anticipation. “We’ll have time to practice for tryouts.”

They changed directions, heading down the hallways and Hogwarts’ many staircases, towards the Quidditch pitch. They stopped in the Gryffindor common room as well, ignoring the Fat Lady’s protests and questions about them skipping class with a broomstick. “Do you think we should go tell Moony?” Sirius asked James as they headed out to the large double doors towards the frigid grounds.

James didn’t answer.

Sirius looked up, and James was, indeed, flying circles around his head, grinning and letting out maniacal whoops as he swooped and soared. The broom flew faster than Sirius could watch, and it seemed as though James was apparating from one to a hundred feet in the air.

“God, Padfoot you have got to try this.” James said breathlessly, landing beside Sirius. He handed over the firebolt - laughing in between his quick, uneven breathing. James watched as Sirius tried out the broom, screaming from impossible heights, flying around the pitch in a just matter of a few seconds. After a few minutes James left Sirius there, heading towards the Quidditch shed to nick a quaffle to play with.

“Catch!” He shouted, straddling a Nimbus 1000 that he had brought with him from the Quidditch shed. He hurtled the quaffle in Sirius’s direction and flew over to the Keeper’s goal posts to guard.

They lost track of time, playing one on one. They had switched broomsticks after a little while in and by the time they had snapped out of it and landed, it was getting dark. “Woot woot!” Called a feminine voice from the stands.

Cho Chang walked up to them, holding her own Nimbus 2000. “But I bet I could beat you.” Cho added with a grin. The boys stuttered their replies, taken by surprise by her sudden intrusion. Cho explained that she had been coming down to the pitch for practice before her own Quidditch practice and tryouts that week.

The three of them played two on one for another hour, Cho switching teams with each point, until it got to dark to see their hands in front of their face - let alone the quaffle or posts.

“That was really fun.” Said Cho as they walked back to their respective common rooms, her flushed face illuminated in the light of the fires in the hallways.

“Yeah, it was.” Sirius replied, slipping his arm around Cho’s shoulders and giving her an irresistible grin.

“And I’ll just be going now...” James said, edging away from the two of them - gesturing over down the other hallway. He hurried down it, not bothering to wait for an answer that was never going to come anyways from Sirius and Cho.


That morning at breakfast, all the boys were piling up their plates with the house-elves cooking. Bacon, pancakes, waffles, eggs, and sausage were piled at disgusting heights. Meanwhile, Lily and Hermione sat off to the side, discussing a possible thirteenth use of dragons blood that they had discovered.

“Ermm, Lillian?” Hermione asked, interrupting Lily’s long winded explanation of why she thought Dumbledore hadn’t thought of it earlier. “Can I ask you something...”

“Uh, yeah, sure.” Lily replied, slightly tentatively. She didn’t like that tone of voice too much.

“Shoot, Hermione.” Sirius said, getting into the conversation.


“Alright then.” Lily said, getting up from the Gryffindor tables, heading out of the Great Hall with Hermione. She didn’t like the way this conversation was going at all. Not very good at all, that’s how.

“So...” Hermione started, when they were safely in a deserted hallway, where no one would over hear. “Lily...can I call you that?” Lily nodded mutely, begging in her head for Hermione to just get it over with. “Can I ask you something...?”

“Yes.” Lily whispered.

Chapter 4: Missing Something?
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“Do you think Ryan likes me?” Hermione blurted out, this was so unlike her. She didn’t tell people things like this. She waited it out and kept them to herself. But still...

Lily, on the other hand, was speechless. She was so, so sure that it would be something else, something a whole lot worse. But no - it was just a crush. Lily grinned slightly and visibly slid down the wall she was leaning against in relief. Hermione watched her expectantly for a few minutes, and Lily realized she needed to answer.

“Well... I-I’m not really tell you the truth I’ve had my hands full with the rest of the Mar-boys.” She told Hermione honestly. She hadn’t even had time to notice things like that with her head in a whirlwind like it had been. But if she thought about it... Hermione did seem Remus’s type. Hermione was Gryffindor, beautiful, smart, O+ student...Everything he needed was there. Too bad they would never even have a chance at it.

“But I hope so.” Lily added with a smile, afraid she had hurt Hermione’s feelings. “I guess...I guess we’ll just have to see, Ryan’s not usually very open with these kinds of things.”

“But did he have a girlfriend?” Hermione bluntly asked again, then half covered her mouth in surprise. I never act like this! Hermione thought to herself. Never, never, ever! Still - she was dying to know. So Hermione added, “I mean, back in America...?”

“No.” Lily said, slightly surprised by her own answer. She knew it was true, but the Marauder’s we so - so in demand that it seemed like they never had to go without a girlfriend. Or a snog, she added to herself annoyedly. They could all be so self-obsorbed sometimes. No, scratch that, most the time. “He broke up with her before she left...they never were all that good for each other.”

“Oh.” Hermione said quietly. “Well I have just loads of homework - better hop to it!” Hermione added loudly, or rather exclaimed. In a kind of fake cheery sort of way too...A way Lily didn’t trust for a minute. She was obviously trying to cover it up - and wasn’t very practiced in it.

“Hop to it?” Lily questioned, but too late decided it would just have been better not to ask about the expression. “Well... I have to go do the same homework you do anyways, so why don’t we do it together?”

After they had gotten all their books, quills, parchment and other things from the Gryffindor common room, and settled down in some cozy chairs by a table in the library, hidden between the bookshelves that threatened to topple, Hermione and Lily found that they were really quite good together. They both shared their smarts, interests in Arithmacy, theories on many, many things that no one else understood (Other than Remus, but he was often too busy with his Marauder pranks), and fabulous looks.

They were in the middle of a heated discussion over whether or not Briana Hokenburgerson should have been prosecuted for using stolen galleons to feed the young children in the orphanage. It had been a subject only briefly touched apon in one of their History of Magic classes, but the girls had more of an opinion then their ghost of a teacher probably did.

“But the orphanage wasn’t getting the money they needed, Briana was desperate - the Ministry wasn’t fulfilling their job correctly!” Argued Lily, right in Hermione’s face.

“It doesn’t matter, Lillian!” Hermione shot back. “Briana was breaking the law, and she should have gone straight to the source - the Ministry itself - if this was becoming such a problem!”

“SSSHHHH!” Madame Pince hissed at them, glaring daggers at the two girls. Their books were lying open and their parchment was lying forgotten on top of the table, while their double free period was already half way over.

“No, Hermione, there was no other way for her! When Briana’s wand snapped in half, how was she supposed to get to the Ministry? By car? Airplane? There wasn’t enough time for that! Briana had no idea what else to do. She didn’t have anything else to do! I tell you Hermione - it was the only way!” Lily’s fiery voice returned, ignoring Madame Pince’s remarks. She was determined to win this argument.

“Girls, girls, is there really such a need for such remarks as those?” James asked, moseying up to their table. How he had found them was anyone’s guess. Without the Marauder’s map, there was plenty of places they could be, in a castle that could fit millions.

“Why would it matter to you? And what are you doing in here anyways, Potter?” Lily snapped. She didn’t have time for his antics right now - she was in the middle of a discussion. Hermione raised her eyebrows at the mention of the name Potter, but said nothing; Dumbledore’s warning still echoed in her (very full) head.

“Just wondering if you knew what this was.” James said, dangling a pair of lime green knickers from his hand. Apon closer look, Hermione could tell that this particular pair didn’t happen to have much substance to them at all. James was grinning, for he knew exactly what they were and who’s they were and, even more, he knew that Lily knew it too.

“POTTER!” Lily roared, jumping out of her chair and taking off after him lickety-split, chasing him through the twisting isles of the Hogwarts library. “Hand that over, right NOW!”

Lily was gaining on him, 5 feet to go...three feet and she’d have him...two feet...not far now...She was almost there when a voice rang through the air, scaring Lily into stopping. “What do you think your doing!?!” The librarian asked, shocked that anyone ever would try this in her library.

“Ali?” Lily whispered, rounding off on the librarian. She started to ask ‘Is that you?’ before she caught herself - she couldn’t realize who she, Lily was.

“Another Weasley, is it?” Asked Alison, now Madame Pince the librarian. “Well this is not okay. OUT! OUT, OUT!” She shoed them away, swishing her broom around wildly.

Lily didn’t waste a moment following her directions - this was just too surreal. The Alison she knew was boy-crazy and easily one of the most popular girls in her year. She’d dated more guys then there was on a serial number, and wasn’t even widely hated for it. She was not a - not a librarian at all. No, no, she was just not the material.

When her and James were safely out in the hallway, she resumed glaring at him, resolving to put the Alison matter behind her until she had time to think about it. Which, she could see, might not be for a while (But there wasn’t anything she could do with the situation anyways.)

“Was that...Alison?” James asked tentatively, shell-shocked. He didn’t even seem to notice that he was still holding Lily’s knickers, which was quite unlike James. After all, it was probably his sole goal in life to see her without them. Shuttering, Lily put that thought out of her mind. It was not a time to be distracted. Not when Potter was armed with such a highly dangerous, well sought after, and potentially life-ruining object.

“Now give them back, Potter.” She said, threateningly pointing her want toward him. “If you ever want to see your mummy again.” That may have been a bit much, but Lily was in a rage. Knickers can be with Lily. Knickers cannot be with James.

James focused on the task at hand. He thought about it. He had Lily’s lime-green, polka-dotted underwear - but he didn’t have his wand. Lily was shaking with fury, and was armed with seven year’s worth of spells. So he made the best decision he could’ve in that situation:

He ran.

Lily chased after him, both of them tearing up carpet in their wake. She even sent a few well-aimed spells in his direction (Bat-Bogey hex, Bubble-head charm, and an Engorgement Charm) but James ducked and dodged them all. “GIVE THEM BACK!” She screamed futilely, stuffing her wand in the bottom of the pocket of her robes after she (accidentally!) blew a hole in one of the ancient tapestries.


Meanwhile, Hermione was left in the library, looking quite intrigued. Homework forgotten, she settled down to do her favorite thing: study the facts.

Twenty minutes later, Hermione looked back at her completed list:

1. ‘Lillian’ has now called Jamie ‘Potter’ countless times.

2. All four newcomers bear a strong resemblance (In both name, actions and looks.) to Harry’s parents and their friends: James, Lily, Remus, & Sirius.

3. Even if Lillian’s eyes eyes were brown, her Weasley-reminiscent bright red hair was impossible to miss.

4. The name ‘Sirius’ was extremely unusual...and both of them coincidentally have shaggy black hair and (Or at leas the older one was supposed to when he was younger) were unmistakably gorgeous.

5. Then there was all the name ‘mistakes.’ The foreign exchange students would continually start called each other what reminded Hermione of “Pad” or “Prongs” or even “Rem” before hastily switching to their real names

6. Even with his brown hair, Jamie looked uncannily like Harry.

Hermione still remembered Dumbledore’s warning, and she wasn’t planning on breaking his trust just yet. She was shocked that Dumbledore could have let this happen, questioning how they could have done it themselves, and wondering where Peter was. But where ever that was - it was better than here. Hermione shuttered to think of what Harry would say. Finally, she whispered to herself, in a shell-shocked sort of voice, ”I suppose that settles it.”

“Settles what?” Asked Remus curiously, started to look over her shoulder to see what she was writing down.

Hermione’s eyes grew wide, and fast as she could, she slipped the incriminating piece of parchment other a book. “Err, umm, this!” She exclaimed a tad to loudly, pointing towards Standard Book of Spells: Year Seven. “That I really have discovered a thirteenth use of dragon blood! and Lillian did.”

“Really?” He asked, seating himself in the seat that Lily herself had just vacated. “Tell me about it.” Remus couldn’t even explain to himself the slight tingly feeling he got in his stomach when he leaned over closer to her - I mean, uhhh, the book, that had nothing to do with school.

Hermione easily launched into an in depth explanation of her many reasons why. After a while, she didn’t even notice Remus’s close proximity to her, too engrossed in her explanation to notice anything.
But when she finished her rant, it was a whole different story. Slightly gasping for breath, she turned her head towards him to see that he was barely two inches away - close enough to touch, to kiss.

Hermione pushed these thoughts out of her mind. She couldn’t like him anymore - he was her TEACHER. That these things were just not acceptable.

Even if he was seventeen now.

Hermione shook her head around for a minute, and Remus pulled away, confused. For a moment there he had thought Hermione was going to kiss him. But then the moment was gone, and he remembered that he was not allowed to do that. He had instructed the other Marauders himself - no infatuations allowed. They are leaving ASAP and it doesn’t make any since to romantically involve yourself with someone young enough to be your kid (Or is your kid!) so just forget about it.

Forget about it!

This tactic didn’t seem to be working so well...Remus supposed that it would work better if he wasn’t so close to Hermione, so he hastily made up an excuse. “Need to go find sirius...Jamie...Lils. Bye...” He told her vaguely, practically jumping out of his seat in eagerness to clear his head.

“What was that all about?” He asked himself, once he was safely out of Hermione’s range.

“Quiet in the library!” Screeched someone whom Remus took to be the librarian, who also sounded oddly like Ali...His Ali... Remus took a double take, turning around to make sure. Because - obviously - it couldn’t be her. He just had to reassure himself of that. That at least he could be right about one small thing in his life, if just that.

Apparently he couldn’t, because standing right in behind him, in dull-looking librarians robes, was his Ali, looking very annoyed. But it couldn’t be right - his girlfriend (Ex-girlfriend, Remus reminded himself sternly) was crazy and hyper, not a...librarian. If either of them were to become a librarian of all things, it would most definitely be him. Wait - that didn’t happen either did it? He asked himself, shooting a few panicked glances around the room. to his relief, Ali was the only one.

He then decided to copy Hermione, and shook his head back and forth a bit, and resolved to forget about it until it might be relevant. He would certainly have enough on his mind without that extra little bit.


Just a few hallways over, Sirius was searching for them all, worried that Lily might have finally succeeded in killing James, and then they’d never get back to their regular time. He also had a growing hunch that he might be missing out on something important. So there he was, searching the hallways of Hogwarts for him mates, very annoyed that none did not happened to have the Marauders Map on them when they came here.

Almost every time he passed a doorway he saw a student who looked ‘just like’ someone he knew, and it gave him a big jolt in his stomach to realize he didn’t know them - he didn’t know anyone. Then there was the girls who would stop in their tracks, just to stare at him. He was used to it, and anyone could and would say that made him a ‘tad’ cocky, but really this just gave him a big reason to want to find James and Lily, at least he would recognize someone for real that time. That *knew* him.

Instead, however, Sirius was pulled straight out of his reverie to see Cho Chang, on the floor next to him. He must have ran straight into her without even realizing it.

“Oh, oops, sorry!” Cho said, gathering up her large stack of books that had been scattered all over the floor. Sirius picked up one that had fallen near him and handed it to her. Soon she was finished, and on the verge of hurrying away to her next class, obviously (Although not to Sirius, he was rather oblivious) worried that things would be very weird between them. They had only met twice, after all.

“Uh, Cho?” Sirius asked, slightly confused with himself. He had no idea why he wanted to ask her this...he just did. It was like an instinct, as if this would ward away some of the bad things that could happen. It didn’t make any sense to him. But it didn’t *need* to either. It just...was.

Author's Note: This part is incredibly lame, it's only there as I needed to answer some questions people had about Cho.

“How old are you?” The question didn’t make much sense either...she was a seventh year - she’d obviously be seventeen - just like everyone else. But still, Sirius asked her.

“Nineteen.” Cho said quietly, as if ashamed of herself. “...And a half?” She added.

“Wait - what?” Sirius said, taken aback. That didn’t make much sense...unless she had failed her exams, and had to repeat them, or, or something.

“My mom took me out of school last year. Wouldn’t let me take my seventh year. She was afraid of Voldemort, you see.” Cho said, still whispering so quietly that Sirius had to lean towards closer to her in order to understand what she was saying.

“Oh.” Sirius replied - fear of Voldemort he could understand. There was plenty of it in his own time, with Voldemort’s first rise to power coming up stronger each day. Witches and wizards were afraid to linger in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade, instead they just hurried along - minding their own business and not stopping for lively chit-chat.

Cho wasn’t done talking quite yet, so Sirius turned his attention back to her. “-Have to repeat it...If I want to get good grades, and I still have to take the NEWTS. I’m stuck with the younger year Ravenclaws - they all laugh at me. It’s horrible really...I guess that’s part of why I like you so much. You have no idea...” Cho turned bright pink, afraid she might have said too much, and hurried off down the hall before Sirius could say a word in response.

So he was left there, dumbstruck. It didn’t usually mean so much...a girl admitting that. Back home, as he was starting to refer to his time as, girls did it on a regular basis. The three of them Marauders (Peter was more of something to cringe at, in the girls’ opinion) even had a crowd of fangirls, ranging from Gryffindors to Hufflepuffs.

But Cho...her confession was something that was so much more to him. This didn’t make any sense...what was with him today? But did. Now Sirius was just confusing himself. He might as well just leave it as bare facts and stats: Cho liked him. This meant something. Therefore, Sirius must like Cho. Oh yes, this was getting Sirius.


It had been over a week since everything had happened, and things were starting to settle in quite nicely when Hermione cornered James in the hallway after Charms, stating ‘we need to talk’. Note to readers: If you ever hear a girl utter those words, go running as fast as you can in the opposite direction. It shall never (Ever, ever) be good news.

“Ermm, Jamie?” Hermione asked, squirming slightly under pressure. She had spent the past nine days working up the guts (And ransacking her salvation, the library, to make sure it was possible) to confirm her suspicions with one of the exchange students. As unlikely as it may sound, Hermione had become convinced that the four of them must be time-travelers. She had picked Jamie, because Lillian was still slightly intimidating, Ryan just held to many mysteries, and Sirius...well, she had known the old Sirius to well.

“Yeah?” Replied James. He had an uneasy feeling about this conversation, and he was perfectly justified in that. Actually, it was probably better that he did. “What?”

“Your name isn’t Jamie is it?” Hermione said in a rush, she might as well get it out now. There’d be plenty of time for him to tease her later if she was wrong. “Isn’t it..” She trailed off for a moment, then speeded up once more.

“Isn’t it...James Potter?”

Bum, bum, bummmm. Sorry for the rather lame ending, there wasn't much I could think of to make it a little bit less...lame. The next chapter will be better though! Also, thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

Chapter 5: Shan't Tell Nothing
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James’s face went blank, but it didn’t stay that way. Hermione watched as he went through the standard emotions (She had done a bit of light reading before confronting James, of all people) - shock annoyance, anger, looking-for-an-excuse, and back to a fake calm - denial. He even managed to go through them all in a time span of forty-five seconds...Hermione was impressed.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m Jamie” James paused for a moment, trying to remember the alibi last name his Lilyflower had assigned him. “Jamie Porter!”

No, it was Poole. Hermione was tempted to say, but figured it was better to keep this to herself, she limited herself a an exaggerated eye roll instead. Even in this tense situation, Jamie’s hopeful, innocent, angel face was absolutely classic - and completely identical to Harry’s whenever she (Or Professor McGonagall) caught him doing something he shouldn’t be.

“Hear that little boysies and girlies?” Peeves voice catcalled, mocking them without dignity.

“Hear what, Peeves?’ James asked the poltergeist, glad for the change of subject - even it it was a futile hope that Hermione would forget - Moony had even said so, she was smart.

“Shan’t say nothing if you don’t say ‘please’!” Sing-Songed Peeves, still cackling merrily to himself. He was unscrewing a crystal (Possibly diamond.) chandelier as he spoke, and both Hermione and James knew that they would be blamed for it by Flitch if they didn’t get out of Mrs Norris’s range - fast.

“What is it, then Peeves?” James asked, exasperated. “Please?”

“Nothing!” Guffawed the disruptive poltergeist, as the crystal chandelier fell to the floor with a crash. Peeves zoomed away, leaving them to deal with the evidence.


“Did you hear?” Gossiped Lavender Brown to her best friend, Parvati Patil while fellow seventh year, Grace Bowlers, listened in eagerly. “The new students, you know - them?” She pointed to the three gorgeous foreign boys and their little friend, red-haired What’s-her-name.

“Yes!” Cried out Parvati with glee, eagerly contributing her own bit of anecdote she had heard in the girl’s bathroom. “I heard that they transfered here after some 7th year girls at their own school tried to rape them in the common rooms!”

"I would." Said Grace, but no one paid her any attention.

“No, no, no!” Lavender told her friend. “I heard it from a very trustworthy source - the four of them started their own modeling company at the school - but one of their photographers ratted them out! Really, they were calling themselves ‘Gorgeous and More’!” Their onlooker, Grace, was starting to look skeptical, but listened on anyways.

“They are model material.” Parvati agreed, coveting them like they were a delicious desert with whipped cream on top. Thinking of her ‘top-spot’ boyfriend, Dean Thomas, she realized that he had just been bumped down three notches. Maybe it was time for another break-up...

“Then there’s Ronnie...” Lav-Lav sighed, settling in to a pool of bliss, content knowing that she had once dated him - much to the envy of her friends - for several months.

“He’s mine now!” Parvati cried out - initiating yet another one of their cat fights over men - of all things. I know. Shocking isn’t it?

“NEVER!” Lavender replied, shooting back a nasty comment.


Sirius and Remus were walking down the hallway to their History of Magic class, which they still had to take - thanks to failing the exams for it in their 6th year. Sirius was fixing his hair with a comb, then rumpling it up again as girls looked on, completely in lust with them (They had to do some work to look so gorgeous - it wasn’t as easy as it looked.), almost a week after Hermione had confronted James. Apparently, during the short time that they had been running from Filch’s ‘sweetie’ the two of them had figured everything else. And then some. It hadn’t taken long for Hermione to pass the news on to Harry and Hermione, and of course James wouldn’t dare think of not informing his brothers or his Lily-flower of Hermione’s knowing.

“Hello, boys.” Sneered Draco Malfoy, coming down the hall looking very full of himself. “Are you hoping to snag a bit of Potter’s fame, Poole? Maybe make a name for your mud-blood family?” Malfoy smirked, assuming he had gotten to James.

“Watch your tongue Malfoy.” James glared at the Slytherin, this pompous boy must be Lucius’s son - apparently idiocy runs in the family. “It just might end up somewhere else...say, on the ceiling?”

Malfoy only glared, and after he had walked a decent amount away, Remus spoke up. “Errmm, Sirius?”

“Yeah?” Sirius said, preoccupied with finding a clean pair of boxers. All of the ones in his trunk were a disaster, and he was contemplating which one was the worst.

“My furry little problem.” He told him, and judging by the look on his face - Sirius had completely forgotten. Not that anyone could blame him, even if it was completely unlike any of the Marauders to forget such an important date.

“Oh...” James said, his face going slightly red in embarrassment for being to caught up in himself to remember his best friend. No wonder Remus hadn’t been in the mood for anything today...the full moon always put him in a short temper. “We better make some plans.”

The two of them searched down Sirius, which surprisingly, didn’t take that long. Soon, they were plotting their night from the hidden room of the common room - also known as “The Room of Usefulness”, dubbed so by the Marauders. They had found this just recently, and hadn’t had time to add it to the Marauders Map - it was rather embarrassing really. Since it was only hidden by a large marble bust of Wincer the Watchful.


Meanwhile, Lily was being a good girl and going to her Charms class, even if she had already perfected the Concealment Charm that they were practicing. It was rather difficult to concentrate, regardless, with a familiar head of messy black hair sitting in front of her, doodling aimlessly.

Lily felt an overwhelming surge of what was a mix of annoyance, a hint of her heart rushing out to him for no apparent reason, compulsion to tell him off, and an urge to let him off their time. Some people might call it...motherly love?

She shuttered. She didn’t even know Harry yet! For a moment, she hoped her relationship with her father was only a fling, but she knew herself better than that...Somehow...somehow...

Lily couldn’t bring herself to say it, and shuttered a bit more.
Lucky she sat by Remus in this class, and he wasn’t even here...Speak of Remus - where is he? Lily thought about it, but she only need a moment - it was a full moon, and he was sure to be getting ready for that.

“Concentrate, Lillian!” Squeaked Professor Flitwick, causing Harry and his partner Ron to turn back and look at her.

“Err....Lillian?” Harry asked, feeling extremely awkward, and his voice was coming out of his throat funny. Dumbledore had said to try and make friends with the newcomers, but that...that was before he knew. “Lily?”

“Lily.” Lily whispered quietly, hoping to be able to pass it off as trying to be incognito - not being scared. Lily didn’t like it when people knew she was frightened...she wanted everyone to believe she was brave - even when she wasn’t quite so.

“Right.” Harry said, and tried to say more, but his voice only came out in stutters. He had waited for so long, hoping to see his parents - even hoping to hear their screaming voices from the dementors in his third year, finally he had come to accept that they wouldn’t come back...then they did.

“Maybe...Maybe we should have this conversation somewhere else?” Lily whispered back, her stomach seemed to have taken a vacation to America - along with all her excuses and wit.

“But-” Harry started to say, then shut his mouth, thinking better of it. “I’m glad I met you.” He added truthfully.

“Me too.” Lily whispered, then delved herself into her charms work, not paying anyone any more attention for the rest of the period. Flitwick even awarded 10 points to Gryffindor for her successful charm at the end of the period.


She must hate me...Remus was going over the many reasons that Hermione just wasn’t for him over and over in his head. Just to prove it to himself, he made a list. (In case you haven’t noticed, Remus rather likes lists.)

1. She was from the future.

2. Which made him old enough to be her dad.

3. He was even her old teacher. And that’s just...not right. Dumbledore will not approve

4. He’s not supposed to be making ties! These were most definitely ties that would hurt to be broken, and, in the end, it’ll hurt.

5. Even if none of this applies - there’s still the two most obvious arguments. I’m a werewolf. I don’t think were supposed to breed, and I know that I don’t think it’s right for her if we do.

6. I’m not worthy of her.

Then Remus remembered the one reason that overruled all of his objections, no matter how well researched, and well reasoned those objections were. No matter what anyone said - this one still came out on top. I don’t care.

“Remus? Remmmmus...?” James said, waving his hand in front of his friend’s face. It wasn’t usual for him to go completely blank like this, when Remus was - as he put it - ‘thinking.’. James and Sirius secretly hoped that Remus wasn’t really doing all this deep thinking as he made out, because that could give him a permanent headache. And with that, how was Remus supposed to help plan out their pranks on the Slytherins?

Tonight wasn’t about the Slytherins though - this was much more important than that (Really). They were in the middle of the discussion of what they would do during tonight’s midnight excursion, and it wasn’t going to be as elaborate as usual, seeing how the circumstances were so different then they usually were.

“We’ll go out in the Forbidden forest - not on school grounds.” Sirius argued with Remus, who was fiercely sticking to the Stay-in-the-Shrieking-Shack-Rule.

“No!” Remus replied, a bit louder than he had intended. Quieter now, he added, “We don’t know the grounds here as well - who knows what could have changed in the last 30 or so years? Besides, I’m a prefect.

“And I’m a Head Boy, but I don’t care.” James reminded him with a laugh. “But I’m with Remus on this one, sorry Sirius.”

Sirius recognized defeat when he saw it, and continued planning with his fellow Marauders - no one would even guess that there was supposed to be a fourth boy with them.

Time flew quickly after that, and before the three of them knew it, it was time for Madame Valetudo to bring Remus to the Wamping Willow - which was the Marauder’s cue to sneak onto the grounds and wait to for Remus in the Shrieking Shack.


It was well past one in the morning, and Hermione was still lingering in the Gryffindor common room, finishing up her four-foot essay on the dwarf rebellions of the thirteen hundreds. Professor Binns had only asked for two and a half feet, but she had found so much information in the library that the paper was ending up quite a bit longer. Just as she added fresh ink to her quill, the Fat Lady opened up to let two scruffy looking boys in.

Harry and Sirius were covered in dirt and what had looked like bite marks, covered in both dry and fresh blood, on their arms. Sirius was panting slightly, and looking about ready to faint at any moment, while Harry looked much more alert and wary.

“What happened, Harry?” Hermione asked shrilly, hurrying over to the two boys, examining their wounds.

“Harr-?” The black-haired boy started to ask, then caught on with a look over understanding. “It’s James, remember?” They had recently given up the code names - it was too late now anyways, people now knew on a need-to-know basis.

“We, were, just...uhhh...” Sirius said, no one had ever still been up when they had returned from their little nighttime outings. “Well, you see...we were just strolling along, when-”

Hermione didn’t let him finish, she had caught on by now. After all, it had only taken her a month to figure it out in her third year, and with all the facts she had now (Not to mention Remus had been looking a little worse for wear this past few days) she considered it rather sad she hadn’t already realized this.

“It’s a full moon isn’t it?” She said, looking out the window behind the two boys. “Well I better clean you two up, best not let anyone else figure it out now.” The boys looked extremely grateful to her - usually they tried to mend themselves the best they could, but household and healing spells were not their specialty.

As she busied herself to healing their cuts and bruises, she asked interestedly, “Why didn’t you just use a simple Wolfsbane potion? Snape brewed up several for Professor Lupin when he worked here.”

“Wolfsbane? Professor?” Sirius asked blankly, he didn’t seem to remember any of this.

While he said this James was talking fast and incomprehensibly. It sounded rather like “Missing Potent...Dumbledore said...Stupid old Snivellus...” Hermione couldn’t catch much, but she stopped trying once she started hearing words that would usually make her snap ‘Harry!’.

“Off to bed, now you!” Hermione said as she siphoned off the last bit of dried blood off of Sirius’s arm. “You shouldn’t have been there with him, regardless!” She added as they boys thundered up the stairs to their common room - they had been falling asleep on her feet, despite the injuries.

“Boys.” She said exasperatedly to herself, walking up to her own soft bed with the other Gryffindor 7th year girls.

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He made his way up to the teachers desk, introducing himself as he went. “Hello, I’m Professor Lupin - I expect you remember me from your third year?” Today I’ll be substituting for your Pro-” Professor Lupin broke off, watching a particular student in the far back row with an even more particular expression on his face.

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Chapter 6: And POP Went the Potion
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“So...Harry?” Lily asked, feeling extremely awkward trying to talk to him. She had tried, but after a few attempts, she had just given up trying to consider him her ‘son’ and was hoping to think of Harry as just another student. Needless to say, it wasn’t working out. Harry wasn’t just another student. He had her EYES. Still - she was attempting the impossible - meeting Harry in the Marauder’s “Room of Usefulness” during one of their free periods the day after their little talk in class.

“Hi Lily.” Was all Harry said, he was feeling quite jittery as well. “If you don’t mind me’d you get here?” He had decided to go with a non-maternal question to start...or maybe it would always go this way between them, Harry didn’t know. Actually, Harry found that didn’t even know if he wanted this Lily and James to even be here, interrupting the first Voldemort-free year of his life.

Lily visibly sighed, at least he started with an easy question. In hope to ease the tention, she dived into a complex explanation of their (Her, Remus, James, and Sirius’s) unorthodox arrival to the future, but even after she finished, she could feel the anxiety in the air.

“Oh...” Harry said after Lily had finished. Then, he single-handedly managed to create a very awkward moment, filling in the blanks with only errr’s, and ummm’s, and well’s. But once he found another question to ask, their conversations started flowing relatively freely, reminding Harry of his own time with Cho in his fifth year.

They had even been talking fairly animatedly for almost twenty minutes when a shrill bell sounded - signaling the beginning of their next class.

“Oh, dammit, we're going to be late!” Cursed Lily, horrified. Reminding Harry of Hermione, she hurried ut of the alcove, and out under the thick woolen tapestry in effort to grab her bags and get to her Potions class.

“Potter, Eriks.” Slughorn said rather fondly, allowing his two prized students slip into the Dungeon classroom’s door just after the second bell rang; much to Malfoy’s distaste - the rest of the class was already seated with their ingredients out in front of them.

The pair of them took their respective seats at the back of the classroom; Harry with Ron and Hermione, Lily sitting by James. While Slughorn wrote the ingredients to the Draught Of Peace, which they would be working on that day with their partners.

“Five...Four...three...” Sirius whispered, leaning back in his chair to talk to James, who was sitting behind him.

“Two...ONE!” James finished, eagerly watching the table of Slytherins on the other side of the room. James didn’t have to wait long, because with a BANG Goyle’s potion exploded all over his face and the rest of their table. On the other side of the room the Gryffindors exploded with laughter while Slughorn busied himself with cleaning it up.

“Dear, dear, you used a tad to much Dittany.” Slughorn said, vacuuming up the potion with his wand. “You’ll be receiving a zero on this, I’m sorry to say.”

James and Sirius high-five each other, Remus even turned towards them to grin. “Didn’t see that one coming!” James said gleefully.

“Pass the powdered spider, please Hermione?” Lily asked, pointedly ignoring the Marauders. The Draught was a immensely difficult one, and hers didn’t seem to be the precise shade of orange that the book showed.

Hermione handed her the vial, and stopped for a moment to admire Lily’s potion. “Your really quite good at this, look - mine’s more tangerine than orange, don’t you think?” Hermione’s potion, of course, was the exact shade as the book described, but still, Lily gave her advice.

“Try adding a clockwise stir for every seven counter-clockwise ones, see if that helps.” She advised her, turning back to her own potion.

“I’m sorry, were you talking to me?” James asked sweetly, turning to Lily, ignoring Sirius in the process.

“No.” She said, not bothering to look at him. The potion needed to be stirred fourteen times clockwise, then add a pinch...

“Then please start.” James replied, grinning cheerfully.


After Potions was over, they made their way up to the first floor for their Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Harry, Hermione, and Ron made their way in, discussing Ginny’s availability (Of all things.)

 Harry, whom had long since given in to the monster in side his head, was hoping to go out with her again, but Hermione was proving things otherwise. “Harry, you’ve got to understand how she feels!” She lectured. “You know that you were the one that broke up with her, not the other way around! What if she’s moved on? She was quite upset you know.”

“It’s true mate.” Ron said, somewhat reluctantly, but Hermione’s fierce nudges encouraged him on. “A-and I’ve heard...” He trailed off.

“Heard what?” Harry asked rather sharply, the monster reawakening, urging him on to pummel whoever would do something to Ginny.

“She might’ve...she could’ve...found someone else, Harry.” Hermione said very timidly, this conversation wasn’t going on at all as well as she had hoped. Harry would have continued this conversation on, but at that moment, a teacher walked through the Defense Against the Dark Arts’ classroom’s arched door.

He made his way up to the teachers desk, introducing himself as he went. “Hello, I’m Professor Lupin - I expect you remember me from your third year?” Anyways, I’ll be substituting for your Pro-” Professor Lupin broke off, watching a particular student in the far back row with an even more particular expression on his face.

The student in question, better known to us as Remus John Lupin, was staring open-mouthed back at him. Neither of the Remus Lupin’s uttered a word as they watched each other with shocked faces; the rest of the class looked back and forth between the two of them, taking in all of their similarities.

“Will you excuse me please, class?” Professor Lupin said faintly, dragging himself out the door. A white-faced Remus followed him out. The second that arched door closed, the entire class erupted in loud, urgent whispered, drowning out what they might’ve had a chance of overhearing of the two Lupin’s conversation.

“Who do you think they are?” A gossiping Parvati asked her best friend, Lavender.

“They’re identical! Do you think-” Another student whispered to their neighbor.

“I can’t wait to tell-”

“What about-” Another pupil pointed out.

Before long, the entire class was positive that Ryan was really Professor Lupin’s secret love child from Canada, whom he had known nothing about. Everyone was shocked to find out that their beloved Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher had done such a thing, but hey, it was true (And wait until their best friend found out!).


There was a loud commotion coming from the Great Hall as the seventh year Gryffindors came for dinner.

“What was that?” Ron asked nervously as he peeked around Hermione’s shoulder towards the now-menasing large oak doors. Living with Fred and George for seventeen years can do this to a person, you know.

“It’s nothing, Ron.” Hermione said to his Charms essay, crossing out the mistakes and doing everything short of writing it for him. “Go eat.”

Ron looked between Hermione and the dark doors, then sniffed the air. The odor of the house-elves’ delicious food was too much to resist, and he gingerly stepped down the long marble stairway, entranced by the smell of roast beef. Hermione took her eyes away from her homework for a moment to roll them in annoyance.

“Is that Professor Mcgonagall giving a speech?” Harry asked, bounding down the stairs towards them.

“Is it?” Hermione replied curiously not bothering to correct him, but craning her head to look through those oft-mentioned oak doors.

“-note I’d like to say that today I have the honor to introduce our brand new student, Miss Miranda Listing. She’s been home schooled before now, but Hogwarts is delighted to have her, aren’t we?” There was a chorus or yes' and absent-minded ‘mm-hmm’s’. She didn’t seem to notice as three of her (Although she would never admit it) favorite students slipped through the doors, and into an empty spot at the Gryffindor table.

“Miss Listing, if you would - ?” Professor McGonagall was speaking from Dumbledore’s old podium up at the staff table, dictating to the school. A bright red cheeked brunette slowly made her way towards Professor McGonagall, laughing nervously.

“Er, hi.” The new girl, Manda Listing said inaudibly to the crowd of Hogwartians. “I’m, er, Man-” Professor McGonagall silenced Manda, waved her wand towards Manda’s throat, and motioned her to start speaking again. “Er, hi.” Manda repeated, her voice magnifyed by twenty so it boomed throughout the Great Hall. “I’m, well, Manda Listing, as you probably know. So, um, yeah...” She turned even redder (If possible.) and backed away from Professor McGonagall.

“So we got the sorting hat out, just for the occasion, and we’ll now begin - please act as you would if I were still talking, and keep your mouths shut. And no, their will not be a song this year.” With the soundtrack of Hogwarts’ collective groan, she picked out a dirty patched old wizards hat out from under her podium.

“If you would, Miss Listing.” Professor McGonagall asked, gesturing for her to place it apon her head. Manda eyed it like it was filled with lice (It probably was...) but subordinately placed it on her head.

“Nevous, eh?” A quiet voice asked her from inside her head. “Not Slytherin then...not Gryfindoor either, I suppose.”

“Ravenclaw?” Manda whispered hopefully - she didn’t know how to talk to this..thing, but she knew it had been her mothers house.

“You do have a good set of brains on you, and if its not going to be Hufflepuff...” The hat agreed, then shouted out its decision for the school to hear. “RAVENCLAW!”

The Ravenclaw politely clapped (Even though they had no idea what to make of this situation - more new students? What next, dragons? Wait, never mind, they’ve already had those) as Manda stumbled and tripped her way over to their table, sitting down at the first empty seat she saw. Across the hall, someone was screaming ‘Peter’...maybe it was a school ritual...or something of the sort.

“Hello,” A long-haired blonde said, not bothering to look up from her sideways magazine, where the pages she was staring at were pitch black. “I’m Luna Lovegood.” Luna looked up at Manda, so she could get a full view of the bright orange goggles she was wearing; Manda guessed it was what she was using to see the black page.

“Manda.” She replied, her voice still a little shaky, but still she was courious to what the other girl was doing. “Can I see that when your done?”


Meanwhile, at the Gryfindoor table the seventh years were deep in conversation, with only Hermione bothering to listen to anything that Professor McGonagall was saying.

“You WERE a great teacher though.” Ron was adding, trying to be helpful. The thought was cute...but it wasn’t helping trainwreck Remus.

“What Peter would say...” Sirius was saying, shaking his shaggy hair mournfully, thinking of his poor friend that was left behind on this particular escapade. The five minutes of fame he would get when everyone was wondering where their beloved Marauders went (Peter wasn’t one of the ‘revered’ Marauders) simply wasn’t enough. But then again, Peter on this might not quite work.

“...If he heard that talk.” Remus was finishing, lost in his own thoughts. Everyone was quiet for a moment - perhaps paying the Headmistress some attention? Or is that too much to ask?

Then Harry broke the silence with a gasp and the sudden exclaimation of “Peter!”

“What about him?” James asked, concentrating on looking at Sirius. Not that he didn’t like Harry - it was just to disconcerting to look at him. Maybe because it was that same gorgeous face he saw in the mirror every day...or maybe because it was that same gorgeous eyes he coveted each day that looked back at him.

“Oh...” Hermione said, tearing herself away from the teacher’s table. “Peter...”

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Chapter 7: Skele-Grow Can Do Wonders
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A VERY HAPPY AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yayyyyy! I'm so happyyyyy! You wanna know why I'm happy? Cuz I'm not a TRUSTED AUTHOR! Yayyyyyy! This means that your chapters will now be coming faster than ever and that the next chapter is also going to be light and fluffy in light of my happyyyy-ness! Now, to the important part, your story

“What’s wrong with Peter?!?” James demanded, turning on Harry as soon as they were out of the Great Hall - the whole lot of them had left rather hurriedly after their last little outburst. “Hmm, hmm?” James forgot that Harry was his son, he only knew that someone was threatening his friends - and the threatening of James’s friends is strictly prohibited.

“Nothing!” Harry lied through his teeth, glaring at Hermione, who was in a better position then he was at the moment, to explain the whole story. And a moment later, that was what she did.

“He betrayed you. Peter sold himself to Voldemort, fearing for his own life. When you switched him to the secret keeper at the last minute, that was the last step - all he had to do was waltz in the door to defeat what he assumed to be the last obstacle in his way of becoming all-powerful. It was all Snape’s fault, really - so I guess you were right about him really being evil. But when he found out that the boy Voldemort was hell-bent on killing was Lily’s son, he rued the day he ever told Voldemort and went back to Dumbledore’s side, working as a double-agent...but this is all irrelevant. So - in the end Peter betrayed you guys and now...and now he’s still out there. Somewhere...” Hermione ranted in lecture mode, speaking fast and clearly to her crowd of listeners.

The expression on James, Remus, and Sirius’s face was absolutely priceless, but Harry and Hermione were too tense to notice that - they were waiting for their verbal reaction; Hermione, the smart one, was also remembering that with Sirius and James around, there’d probably be a painful one too.

“I don’t believe you. I don’t, I don’t!” Sirius chanted stubbornly, with an amazing likeness of Peeves.

“I knew it would happen eventually.” Lily said under her breath - but James still heard. She was lucky that he was head over arse in love with her, or Lily wouldn’t have gotten such a lovely treatment for the next decade or so - not that they’d live that long.

James didn’t say anything, only scrutinized Hermione, making her feel rather like a germ under a microscope.

“Are you sure?” He asked tentatively after a moment or two, not willing to believe one of the Marauder's - who were practically his brothers, would do something so horrible to them.

“You guys are a bunch of idiots for believing these pricks. What the hell do they know?” Sirius stubbornly held fast to the noble idea that the Marauder’s would never (Intentionally) do anything to hurt a fellow Marauder. What a lovely world that would be, don’t you think?

He would have stayed in that glaring position for quite some time if Cho hadn’t chosen that moment to walk over and ask him quite innocently, “You do know that your hands are over your head, don’t you?”

Sirius said nothing, but fixed his hands so they were leisurely running through his silky raven hair instead. “You up for a walk?” If he didn’t think about it, it might as well not have happened. There. Easy.


“Let’s.” Cho agreed, taking Sirius’s mammoth hand in her own small and dainty ones. Making small talk, she led him away from the Great Hall; glad she had a free period after this and that Sirius was always so eager to skip.

“Sirius...?” Cho asked quietly after they had been wandering aimlessly up and down the corridors for about ten minutes. Now, they were passing by a solid gold phoenix plaque and treading apon a priceless Arabian carpet.


“Have you ever heard about...Cedric?” She asked, looking up at him with water collecting in the corners of her caramel eyes (Already? She must be feeling sentimental today...)

“Yes?” Sirius asked guardedly, the last time this topic had come up, it had not gone down well.

“I...I’ve, I’ve ju..just...” She trailed off, now spilling tears with an uncanny relevance to a water hose. And last time Sirius had an encounter with a hose he had ended up soaking wet with James laughing hysterically from behind him. By the end of the day, everyone was wet and covered in mud, even Remus had managed to look up from his book.

Sirius had a feeling that this encounter would not be quite so fun.

“It’s...going to be okay?” He tried, but to no avail.

“I’ve just been thinking about Cedric so much lately! I just can’t seem to stop! Oh, Sirius!” Cho exploded with alarming force. She latched on to Sirius and her tears soon soaked straight through his robes. A rather scared Sirius patted her on the back.

“Calm down?” Was his last hope. Then, he actually had a chance to hear what Cho was saying - thinking about Cedric so much? Backtrack here, girls don’t think about other boys when Sirius Black is around. Girls obsess about Sirius Black when Sirius Black is around, and boys glare jealously on.

“Oh, you wouldn’t understand.” Cho bawled into his jacket. Or at least thats what he heard - it could have been Soup Couldn’t Blunder And...he wasn’t exactly sure, it was rather muffled.

“No I don’t think I would.” Sirius muttered darkly under his breath, then crossed his fingers in hope she hadn’t heard. No luck.

“Well it was just my mistake - coming to you wasn’t it!” She said, pulling herself away from him to glare at him murderously. And with bloodshot red eyes like those, it was a frightening prospect. “I won’t tell you next time I dream of him!”

‘Dream of him?’ Sirius wondered. ‘This girl is too much trouble for her own good. Might as well give up while your on top.’

But some boys never learn....


“POOF!” Cried out James merrily, jumping in front of Lily, obstructing her view of the notes she was jotting down for Transfiguration.

“What the hell are you talking about this time, James?” Lily asked, looking over his shoulder to continue copying the notes, ignoring the manic grin on his face. By the time she noticed it, it was already too late anyways.

“I’m here!” He trilled happily, enjoying every moment Lily was spending on him.

“So?” She didn’t get the point of these little games.

“So...what are your other two wishes?” James asked, grinning.

Lily rolled her eyes.

“Move Potter. I have notes to copy, and we still have to take our N.E.W.T.s you know. I would suggest to get out a pen and do it yourself, but that’s probably a little much for your miniscule mind to handle, isn’t it?” Or, at least thats what Lily meant to say - it came out more like “Move, Potter...” *Insert gobbledygook here*

“Smooth, Lily. Smooth.” James stuck his tongue out at the red-haired beauty, imagining it touching her own.

“Shut up.”

“Excuse me, Professor.” The new girl, Manda had her hand raised and looked rather surprised at hearing her voice out loud.

“Yes, Miss...” Professor McGonagall scanned the list on her desk in what she thought was a furtive manner.

“Diggory.” She reminded her with a light laugh.

“Yes.” Professor McGonagall said, peering at her above her spectacles.

“Wouldn’t the existence of Soft-Shelled Tottlebacks overrule everything that your saying here? With the special properties of their liver, everything here would be changed. It’s only because their such shy creatures that the author of this book has acknowledged them, isn’t that correct?”

Professor McGonagall was flabbergasted. She had had no idea that she had another Loony Lovegood on her hands when she announced the girl this morning. Yes, even in the staff the nicknames circulated. Actually, Professor Flitwick had penned an absolutely brilliant one for the young boy Colin Creevy, just this morning.

'The-Boy-Who-Stalked,' Flitwick had announced. Oh, it was brilliant...if only he could grow a few more inches. Maybe slip a bottle of Skele-Gro into his butter beer? Oh, the possibilities are endless. But I mustn’t think about this now - my student has a question! Professor McGonagall reminded herself sternly, in a way reminiscent of her Auntie Marion.

She must stop this.

Forcing a smile on the thin line of her face, Professor McGonagall told her student “Perhaps my dear, but one is yet to bring us definite proof that this, um, Soft-Bellied Tortlehack exists.”

“Soft-Shelled Tottleback. And not according to The Quibbler!” Manda argued back, “In just his last issue, Mr Lovegood found some ‘definite proof’ that they do exist - just off the cost of Africa in fact! Perhaps if you just had a more open mind, Professor...”

Luna looked very surprised to hear both her dad’s name, her dad’s magazine’s, and the Soft-Shelled Tottleback all in regular conversation. After all, it was all true - most people just hadn’t discovered that yet. “That’s my dad, Manda!” She announced across the classroom uncharacteristically.

“Really now?” Manda asked her, her face mirroring Luna’s surprise. “He’s my idol, actually.”

“Ten points from Ravenclaw, and next time could you please keep your conversations to the hallways in between classes, not here? Thank you. Now, as I was saying...” Professor McGonagall announced, turning her attention away from Filius Flitwick and towards her class.

I am not obsessed! She added frantically to the neat spreadsheet that was Minerva McGonagall’s mind.

“There’s a Hogsmeade trip on Saturday.” Remus said rather loudly to no one in particular moments later, sitting up straighter in his seat.

“So?” James asked, still melancholy from his encounter with Lily.

“So...” Remus announced with a frightening grin that dragged up mental images of a wolf ripping into it’s prey. “So...Hermione will be going.” Too bad Remus had forgotten one thing - he was still in Transfiguration.

And one more thing:

He didn’t sit by James Potter - he sat quite a few rows over.

But he did sit straight behind a certain bushy-haired teen whom we all know and love.

Then the said bushy-haired brunette did exactly what was expected of her: she turned around with frantic honey eyes and screamed “WHAT?


Meanwhile, Professor McGonagall was just about ready to give up on this class and concentrate on her day dreams of Filius Flitwick and Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. It’s not like anyone, save Hermione Granger, had a chance of passing the N.E.W.T.s anyhow. “And so the Imp ate the sperm and had sex with a unicorn?” She imagined herself saying, smiling at the thought of those words actually coming out of her mouth.

“NO!” Screamed a tiny 4th year who was only in there thanks to skipping three grades. His face was a mask of horror, and Minerva guessed that he had never actually heard those words before, save during his mother’s ‘sex talk’ when he had turned 11 - and got ready to face the world ‘out there’.

You had to pity the poor boy, really.

But Professor McGonagall? She just laughed, and laughed. Minerva couldn’t even remember ever laughing so much in the past year, decade - her whole life practically. Always being a strict, uptight woman, she had never imagined her class being reduced to this.

The sad thing is, that that student, called Nathaniel Ryback by his parents (The only ones who really knew his name) was the only person who heard this monumental phrase in Hogwart’s history. To this day, if you go up to him and ask about the event, he simply curls into a fetal position and cries.

Poor kid.

Anyways, while Professor McGonagall was making these interesting illations Hermione was still watching Remus with a funny expression on her face, forgetting to close her mouth after she was done screaming.

Remus stared into Hermione’s amazingly honey-colored eyes for a moment, managing to pull off an intense burning in his eyes that practically screamed ‘I love you, you idiot, now you better love me too and...oh just shut up and kiss me already! And did I tell you you look absolutely sexy today?’ in the time space of two seconds with ease, before it go too heated and he turned to glare even more heatedly at Prongs for much, much longer.

James was wondering if this is how bugs usually feel.

Right before someone’s dirty heel comes down and squishes them into their yucky, squishy, bug-y death. It’s something to think about at night, anyhow.

“Just kill me now.” Remus muttered darkly, glaring at James all the time.

“Erm...” Was all Hermione could utter, this was going much to fast for her liking. She would much rather someone explain to her, at length, everything that had been happening in the past minute, and even - if their feeling particularly nice, what Professor McGonagall had been saying, because if it had been important, it had been completely lost on her.

“Right.” Remus said, taking a big breath and attempting to live up to his Marauder status. “Hermione, will you go to Hogsmeade with me on Saturday?” He was tempted to add in all the lovely things they could do, like stock up on his favorite chocolate bars from Hogsmeade, sip steaming butter beer in The Three Broomsticks, be annoyingly PDA-ish in Madame Puddifoot’s, and argue over books in Flume’s Books for hours on end - but he somehow managed to refrain himself.

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Chapter 8: A Quidditch Star or Something
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A/N: Here, my friends, is my very first chapter that I've written as a trusted author - I hope you guys like it (Even if I don't much)! Also, sorry I took so long to get it up, I wrote it all in one day after I chapter 7 came up but then I didn't like it so much so I sent it to my friend who only just wrote back now. Anywhoodle, here's the story:

   Quite to Remus's disappointment, Hermione did not jump into his arms screaming 'Oh, oh Remus - I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE MY TEACHER IN TEENAGE FORM - JUST MARRY ME NOW!' No, no, the real-life scenario did not quite match upwith this lovely little fantasy.

    See, in Rematopia the whole shebang went down rather along the lines of this...

    "Right. Hermione, will you go to Hogsmeade with me on Saturday."Remus asked her meaningfully, not once struggling with a word, or stuttering, or looking anything other than perfectly confident that any girl would kill to jump into his arms and then agree immediately. Followed up by a trip to Hogsmeade with him in four days.

    After that, Hermione would have to pinch herself so hard that tears would come to her eyes, and consequently Remus would have to wrap his arms around her and whisper sweet nothings in her ear to make her feel better - still wondering why the hell she was doing this, and hoping that she would (In time) explain herself.

    "Sorry." Hermione would say in her silky-smooth voice, looking up at her with her fantabulous eyes. "I just had to make sure that my dreams did really come true." Then Hermione would close her eyes, and lean slightly into him, waiting for Remus to do the rest.

    "I love you." Remus would utter in a deep and amazingly manly voice, then tie the whole thing up by swooping in to plant a movie-worthy kiss on her lips, all the while ignoring the hooting and hollering of the class as it disappeared behind them. For good measure, he might just add in McGonagall fainting in surprise.

    But apparently the owl with that information had gotten lost in transit, because Hermione wasn't catching on.

    "Excuse me?" Hermione asked politely, leaning in in a way that was completely out of order. She isn't around to skip around with his daydreams like that! Life is supposed to either go completely according to plan, or completely off the track.

    "WillyougotoHogsmeadewithme?" Remus repeated breathlessly - breathing wasn't a priority when his heart (It took predominance to his lungs at the moment) was hanging on the line.

    "What?" Hermione asked just as politely, now much to close to his face for Remus to be okay with. She shouldn't be allowed to spin his emotions like this, turning him into a hormonal boy, rather than a level-headed student.

    So what else could he do?

    She was much, much, to close to his face.

    He kissed her.

    And, damn, was that girl a god kisser - quite phenomenal actually. Who had she been hanging out with? Must have been a celebrity or a Quidditch star or SOMETHING, because it was just overwhelming.


    Then - typical Hermione - she just pulled away as Remus was about to deepen it, trying to tease open her lips. "We're in class." She said breathlessly, alluringly.

    "So?" Remus asked just as breathlessly as she, leaning in to start it all over again.

    "McGonagall's watching. Harry's watching. James's watching. Ron's wa-DAMMIT!" Hermione was continuing like he hadn't even said a word, she may be book-y like him, but she was no Marauder either.

    Oh bollocks. That's never a good time with Hermione, and...Remus had just realized something very influential on his single-ness for the Hogsmeade trip that weekend - Hermione still hadn't agreed! He had interrupted her with the kiss a bit too soon..Remus’ said it once, he's going to say it again. Bollocks.

    "Wait - Hermione..." He said, reaching up for her in a slightly whiney voice. But after all that hard thinking it was too late, she was already out of her seat, going after Ron. If he had known what had happened just the year before with Lavender Brown, maybe he would have approached this a little differently; it was too late now.

    "RO-ON!" Hermione was saying, just catching the edge of Ron's shoulder as he stomped off to who-knows-where (Boys don't go off to have a good cry in the bathroom do they? Not like us girlies.)

    "What?" Ron replied haughtily, turning around to face her, face redder than it usually was. "What? Have you been forgetting me too Hermione? It's not like you're the only one these days! I can't handle it anymore, just LOOK at yourself!" (I think you'll find this is strike one for Ronald)

    A/N: Sorry. The other person he's referencing to is myself. I felt rather bad for my Ron disappearing act so hopefully he'll be seen in this chapter.

    "Ron." Hermione said, only one moment away from rolling her eyes at his immaturity. "What's Lavender then? A distant memory? Because I happen to have one of you two trashing around like eels all over the place..." Ron wouldn't let her finish, and interrupted rudely. (Uh-oh! That has 'taboo' written all over that, Ron shouldn't have interrupted her. Strike two for Ronnie)

    "Oh, that's hot, coming from you - I seem to remember a certain bushy-haired girl setting a pack of wild, revenging song birds on me!" He replied heatedly, getting almost as close to her as Remus had been just moments ago - yet in yet another completely different way.

    And that, my friend, was strike number three for our dear boy. And do you know what that means? You are ouuuutttttttt!

    "Oh wow, is that the best you can come up with? And I believe the word is avenging, not revenging dear Ronald." Hermione said as politely as she could, controlling her temper while she slowly slid her wand out of her over-stuffed bag.

    "Well, WELL, we-" Was all our red-head-tempered friend managed to get out before he was silenced by sudden loss of feeling in his tongue, then a rather odd extra amount of it. Yes, Hermione had taken a page out of Fred and George's book and set a tongue lengthening spell apon it - and it was coming along quite nicely.

    "Did I do that?" She asked in a sickly sweet voice, slipping the wand back into her bag and turning round on her heel, heading back to the oft-forgotten Transfiguration class to the soundtrack of Ron's desperate attempts at getting her attention.


    "Right, well, class is dismissed." Professor McGonagall said over the sounds of her classes hooting and jeering, completely giving up at getting their attention back to their lesson. ‘It's not like they'd remember it in a week anyhow’ was the Professor’s only consolation - but it really wasn't much at all.

    "I wonder if this is how Umbridge feels." She added half to herself, half to the only boy who was still watching her with rapt attention, little Nathaniel Ryback.

    "Is class always like this?" Manda asked Luna with rapt interest as they picked up their bags and walked back towards the Ravenclaw Tower, ignoring the chaos that they were leaving in their wake.

    "Wouldn't that be lovely." Luna said dreamily, already having planted her nose in front of the latest Quibbler, a preview copy for the following month from her father.

    "Did you hear the news? Apparently Voldemort not - in fact, voted Most-Likely-To-Became-Crazed-Mass-Murder-Who-Takes-Over-The-World when he was in school...he was actually told that he was going to become the next Minister, whatever the Daily Prophet says." Manda told her, trying to make conversation with who seemed to be her only friend so far in this school. Luna was probably the only one who hadn't put two and two together and realized that Cedric was her brother, now that Manda thought about it.

    "Hmmm? Oh, everybody knows that, don't they?" Said Luna distractedly, still engrossed in her magazine.

    Manda sighed, giving up hope on her for the moment. Looking around, all she saw was a rather pudgy-faced brown-haired boy who seemed to be frantically searching the floor for something. There's nothing to lose, she sighed, heading over to help him out.

    "I've lost my frog, Trevor!" The boy said, not bothering to look up at her.

    "Do you need some help?" She asked kindly, getting down on her knees to look alongside him.

    "That would be..." Neville started to say, but Manda interrupted him.

    "Is that him? In your pocket, I mean? Or do you have two frogs?" Manda asked, watching Neville with a funny expression on her face. She hadn't thought that people still brought frogs, of all things, to school. Her mother had assured her many times over that it the fad was quite dated now, and if Manda had known, maybe she would have brought her own frog, Frank, to school that year.


    "Aren't they gorgeous?" Lavender Brown asked, staring glassy-eyed at the three Marauders sauntering down the hallway the next day, Wednesday. James's wiry figure was in the middle, robe flowing royally behind him, flanked on either side by muscular Sirius and wiry Remus. Whether it was the messy-haired boy with the glasses that Grace had taken a liking for, or the book-y boy with the sexily side swept hair that Parvati had taken a stalking to, or the shaggy haired, swaggering Black that charmed girls out of their skirts with nothing but a wink.

She, really, really needed to break up with Dean.

    "Toe-tall-e." Parvati agreed, eyeing them like they were something delicious, topped with whipped cream. And in her mind, that was only a trip to the kitchen away from becoming reality...

    "I love my life." Grace was whispering dreamily, still watching them with awe and wishing she had the confidence of Lavender and the exotic beauty of Parvati to do something about Lily Evans - that girl who was constantly getting in the way.

    "Do you know anywhere to get racy photos?" Grace added as an after thought hoping to look cool, and smiling as she imagined it...

    "Racy photos?" You have got to be messing with me." Lavender stopped walking to put her hands on her hips and survey the small teenybopper. "We need to get them for ourselves and share them with the elite girls of Hogwarts."

    "Ermmm..." Grace had been hoping that after she told them the first thing she wouldn't have to say any more, because the whole thing wouldn't go anywhere at all, just be a lovely shot in the breeze that could help her get in the girls' good books. Not so much luck.

    "I heart it." Parvati said, making a tacky little heart with her hands just to prove how much she did. Thinking of all the things they could do, the things they could sent shivers up her spine. "What'll be do first?" She asked their leader, Lavender.

    "First of all - don't do that. Second...the only two girls who are truly worth of this is us." Lavender proclaimed, secretly wondering if they'd go for calling her 'Queen of the Universe' or QOTU for short. Maybe not now, but in time they should. "...And Grace." Lavender added as an afterthought, reminding herself that the girl could come in handy sometimes.

    "Yes!" Grace squealed, she was IN. And whether or not this included being part of a crazy Marauder fan club or not, it still meant that she was popular, and that was all that mattered for now. Everything else, Grace could deal with later.

    Meanwhile, the boys in question were planning their first prank set in the future. "It has to be huge." Sirius was saying, grilling the other two boys for ideas because he was out of them.

    "Bigger than your ego? This might get difficult." James replied to his best friend, then added in a girly voice. "Oh, no, Hogwarts! There's big scary boys on the loose, with lots of bigger, scarier plans!"

    "Is that the best you've got?" Sirius asked with raised eyebrows - frankly, he was disappointed in his friend. He had expected better than this from James.

    In a rather desperate response, James turned to the approaching Slytherin and Posse for a snide remark that would go down well. "'Ello there, Poppy." He said in his best British Pirate accent. Which wasn't saying much, if you know what I mean.

    "Excuse me?" Draco said, pushing his way in front of his two cronies of choice: Crabbe and Goyle to get a better aim at the Marauders. "If my father hears you've be-"

    "Sorry?" Asked Sirius with mock interest, "Would you like some ice for that burn?" At least, thats how Sirius hoped it went, he had seen it on a muggle sitcom when he was crashing and James' over their last summer together.

    "Here, let me help." Remus cut in, smoothly making his entrance into the conversation. "Iccello," He grinned, flicking his wand to incase Malfoy in ice.

    Now, the most Malfoy could try to do was glare at them, but all he managed was a frightened widening of the eyes. The two gangster wannabes flanking him just stood by and cracked their knuckles threateningly - they'd left their wands in their beds, along with their security blankets. And no, you are definitely not in a position to judge them for that when the two of them are working up a punch, so consider yourself warned.

    "Punch him, not us. Then you'll break the ice and he'll be free." James suggested. (Were the thugs were seriously thick enough to go for this one? If they were, well, all the more pleasure for James)

    "No, wait - this will be the best part." Sirius muttered to Remus, eyeing Slytherin and Posse carefully.

    Yes, that is their new name - Slytherin and Posse. Very macho, no?

    Well, their little fan club thought so, anyways. Back to the story:

    "Five...four...three...two...ONE!" Remus counted down, not sparing a glance to Sirius as he watched the two Slytherin thugs ball their arms up and look at each other with frightened glance while Malfoy tried his hardest to shake his head 'no!', but all to no avail.

    They took a swinging karate punch at the thin blonde, and the rest that happened was what only could be expected:

    All hell broke loose.

A/N: I hope you liked it! I know the Luna/Manda part wasn't very good, but now there's a huge prank and a fan club to look forward to right? There will be more action/suspense/stuff in the next chapter so just stick with it. I haven't started the next chapter yet but I know pretty much what's going into it, so...Also, sorry that the Marauders aren't very in character yet - I'm working on it though! Sirius isn't very playboy/popular-boy-like at all at the moment. But he will be more in the next few chapter, and then there's the Hogsmeade trip to look forward to (You didn't really think it could go according to plan, did you?) Anyhow, you'd probably rather me start on the next chapter than continue this rambling author's note, wouldn't you? So please give Hewitt (The review box, thanks thebakerwhowouldntcook) some company and REVIEW!

Chapter 9: Kudos To That
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A/N: In the beginning I posted what was originally some brainstorming I was using to try and figure out The Prank To End All Pranks (Some people use spider webs for brainstorming, some people use lists, and I use random babbling until it starts to make sense - hoping something will come to me as I go along. It usually does) but then it became so awesome that I couldn't bear not to share it. (I can't do something, then not get someone's opinion on it. This is where Allie comes in but we won't go there now...) And so in the beginning there is some babbling that DOES NOT affect the actual story. If you would like to read it, it's right here. If you don't, then just scroll on down to the - * - * 's. Oh, and aren't you guys proud of me for this quick update? Three days!

“Wait!” Yelled Remus, pulling the Marauders to a stop. “What the hell ARE we going to do for out Monumental-Going-Down-In-History-First-Marauder-Prank-In-The-Future?!?!?”

“Errrr....” Announced the narrator, looking extremely out of place; trying to edge slowly out of the spotlight.

No luck. Sirius had gone behind the curtain and turned the spot light on, training it apon her bright red cheeks. “Tell all, please, oh Queen of the Universe.”

‘He’s hot.’ Was all the narrator could think of, for she had never hoped to actually see her characters in person. And it was well worth it.

“WAIT-What?!?!” James asked, turning on his own narrator.

“Did I say that aloud?” The narrator asked, her cheeks going well beyond the red of a tomato, and heading towards a purple eggplant. “Damn me! STUPID CHARACTERS!”

“Anywhoodle.” Lily said, changing the subject and gesturing to the spreadsheet that the narrator had been working on. “Work now.”

“WAIT! WHERE THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM?!?!” The still unnamed narrator asked, glaring at the character that was, sadly, not hers, but JK Rowling’s. “I’m supposed to be in charge of this script!

“Not anymore.” Grinned James, getting ready to type on the narrator’s prized white MacBook.

‘Did I mention how hot Lily Evans is yet?’ He typed, still smiling maniacally, ‘She’ll give in to me, my Lilyflower shall, it’s only a matter of time.’

“No, I won’t!” Lily screamed back (While tying up the narrator so she couldn’t get away), as the words appeared on a large movie screen in the background.

‘Yes, she shall. MWAHAHAHH!’ James continued to type, ignoring Lily’s peals of agony (Combined with...was that laughter?!?)

“I love James Potter!” Lily robotically said, while James looked utterly content with himself at the controls. ‘SAY IT AGAIN!’ Ordered Lily’s conscious mind, forcing her to repeat the dreaded words.

“STOP IT!” Screamed the narrator, pulling against the bonds that Lily had wrapped around her. Stupid JK. Why’d you have to make annoying characters such as these?!?!?

“BACK TO THE POINT!” Screamed Remus back, frustrated that he was wasting all this time that he could’ve spent making out with his Hermione. “I want some answers here!

“DON’T MAKE ME BRING BACK PETER!” James threatened, only a moment away from doing so.

“God, you guys. Get a hold of yourselves.” Sirius told them, sipping a Pina Colada...

“WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT ONE?!?!” The narrator yelled at Sirius. “You’re not allowed making things appear out of thin air!”

“Yeah I am.” Smirked Sirius, gesturing to his wand. “I’m a wizard. And a damn good one at that.”

“Kudos to that one!” James smiled, smacking his Pina Colada against Sirius’s.

“Well, I was thinking...” The narrator said, stalling for time as she was just about out of the ropes Lily had tied around her (Fancy knots were not exactly his strongest skill). “Maybe, you guys could, you know...well....”

“Get to the point woman!” Malfoy told her, wand drawn as he appeared next to Ron (Whom had also had appeared out of nowhere. Or is it who?). “I don’t have all day, and I’ve been itching to hex someone.”

“Same here.” Snarled Ron, turning to Malfoy.

“Right.” The narrator said, successfully grabbing her precious (MacBook) out from under James’s nose. “I AM IN CHARGE NOW! MWAHAHAHAH!”

“BANG BANG SHOOT ‘EM UP!” She announced, trying to no avail to use the gun she had typed into her story - not remembering that muggle things like that don’t work in Hogwarts. And now there was five dangerous looking wizards watching her with manic smiles.

Okay you guys, sorry for that momentary break. Now to the real story...

- * - * - * - * - * -

“But you guys, where are we going to get the cameras? Preferably three of them with unlimited film and technicolor printing.” Lavender said, addressing her collective minions: Grace, Parvati, and Padma (Parvati had insisted that she come). They were holding their first meeting in the absolutely delightful Room of Requirement Hermione had pointed out to them two years ago. It provided amazing things whenever you needed them, such as top-secret meeting rooms, warm fires, comfortable chairs, and even more comfortable High-Wizard-sized beds. Great stuff, all in all. Except, apparently, three high-tech cameras with unlimited film and technicolor printing.

“Colin.” Padma replied promptly, but when the other two gave her strange looks, she elaborated, “ know, Harry’s personal stalker? You must have seen him sticking his camera where it doesn’t belong at SOME point.”

“Colin Creevy, of course,” Lavender agreed airily, trying to pretend that she hadn’t overlooked the boy herself, but was merely being prompted by Padma. “But why do you think that he’s just going to hand it over to us?”

“He’s probably very overprotective of it.” Grace ventured into the conversation, giggling nervously, her unusually tan cheeks hinting at red.

“Stop that.” Lavender’s eyes flashed, and she looked apon the girl strictly, going for a Professor McGonagall air. It must have worked, for Grace closed her mouth with an involuntary yelp. No nervous giggling is allowed - unless it is pushed into existence by Lavender Brown, obviously.

“I’ll get it from him.” Parvati volunteered, beaming evilly as the perfect way to get the camera from him for good, formed in her head. Parvati was about to announce it to the rest when she realized that it was Lavender’s job to do the evil grinning, and plan making, and all other queen-bee activities, therefore anyone else attempting it would be thrown out of the elite clique immediately.


The Marauders were calmly walking down to Charms, talking about the amazing bodies the girls of he future had, when Remus interrupted. “What the hell ARE we going to do for out Monumental-Going-Down-In-History-First-Marauder-Prank-In-The-Future?!?!?”

“It’s going to be bloody brilliant, just you wait.” Sirius grinned.

“While you were going off playing Romeo, we planned out the whole shebang.” James announced to Remus.

“Shebang?” Remus raised his eyebrows. He hadn’t heard that one from his OCD friend recently...apparently this wasn’t ‘only a phase’ like so many had assured him.

“Yes. Shebang.” James pouted while abandoning any hope of the three of them actually going to Charms. Instead he turned the group towards the Gryffindor tower to plot the deed in comfort, slouched in front of the Gryffindor Common Room’s fire. They had a free period after this, and lunch after that, so if they took a quick trip to the kitchens...the Marauders would be set for the next three hours. Lovely.

“So...?” Remus asked again impatiently as the trio walked past the library. “Are you two going to tell me about it or not?”

“I may just bask in your short temper for a little bit longer, if you don’t mind.” Smirked James, sparing a glance to his red-head friend.

“If you told a soul, I’m afraid I’d have to kill you.” Declared Sirius solemnly. Then he followed that up by tripping over his own feet, ending up sprawled across the floor.

“Very smooth.” James said sarcastically, looking down at his friend. Well, actually his friend was no longer there, and in his place was a barking black dog, rolling spastically around on the stone floor.

“Woof!” The oversized dog announced gleefully, jumping up on James and knocking him to the ground, covering him with slimy puppy slobber.

James rolled his eyes as he pushed the dog off. “Idiot.”

“Who me?” Asked Sirius, transforming back into a human right next to James, laughing hysterically (Yet still managing to pull off puppy-dog eyes that would cause anything in the vicinity with boobs to swoon).

Remus knew that Dumbledore would want him to say something stern and Prefect-like to the pair of them, but instead he found himself laughing just as hard as Sirius was, agreeing with James the whole time.

“Might want to watch where you’re doing that.” Madame Pince said sarcastically, towering over the three of them, watching them with stern and disapproving eyes.

“Ali?” Remus asked quietly, looking up at the hawk-like librarian. “What happened to you?”

“I grew up.” Madame Pince replied, not meeting his eyes. “Now get out, before I take points from Gryffindor.” The three boys scurried away to Gryffindor tower, still marveling over Ali’s ‘transformation’.


“I hate it here. I hate it, I hate it, I absolutely hate it here.” Lily was muttering furiously under her breath as she stamped her feet all the way to Charms. She had been doing absolutely nothing for the past week, thanks to having no friends here, while the Marauders had been having all sorts of adventures (Not even Remus had had time to spare with his lovely little infatuation with Hermione). Then that whole bit led to Hermione ignoring her as well, leaving her bored out of her mind with no one but Mrs Norris for company.

And it was a shocker Mrs Norris wasn’t dead yet, taking into consideration that she had been around back..then. When Lily was in her home time zone. Thirty years ago. With the Marauders back, death was inimitable for the poor cat, who really had it in for the four boys...even more than Lily herself did.

“Don’t hurt me now.” A red-head boy had popped up next to her, what was his name again? She knew he was a friend of Harry’s...Ron, wasn’t it? Yes, that was it.

“Hmm?” Lily asked him dazedly, looking up from the rigid pattern of stone floors she had been staring at as her thoughts wandered.

“You were talking to yourself.” Ron informed her, giving her a weird look, as though he was appraising her - deciding if he should call for Madame Pomfrey for sedates immediately or not.

“Well I have no one else to talk to.” Lily said darkly under her breath, then added in a slightly more cheerful tone, “Oops.”

“You have me.” Ron had obviously heard everything she had said, and he bumped into her playfully. Giggling a bit (It felt so good to giggle again), she bumped him back.

Which started a bit of a war. Ron bumped Lily with his hips, Lily playfully shoves him back, then Ron started to shove her a bit, then he remembered what Mrs Weasley had pummeled into his brain. Never hit a girl, she will hit you back - harder; but it was tad to late for that now, as Ron had now tripped into Lily (Mistakenly).

“Oops.” Lily repeated, giggling a little more, a red blush tingeing her cheeks. “Here,: let me help,” She reached down to help Ron up from the floor, but instead she got a bit of a surprise.

“Naah,” Ron told her, as he reached up to grab the offered hand, “I think you can just join me.” Tugging on the said hand, Lily plopped right down into his lap, laughing all the way.

Little did they know, that in the background of this light and fluffy scene one ominous figure watched them play, with a decidedly hostile looks on his face. Who knew that one jet haired boy could get so jealous? Well, Ron better be watching his back for the next few months or so. Because until Lily starts flirting with him like that, life is going to be ugly for the youngest Weasley boy.

Professor Trelawny’s dim predictions of death via hormonal boy aren’t always wrong.


“So...” James awkwardly tried to start a conversation with Harry over buttered biscuits and shepherd's pie during dinner that night, hoping his favorite food would give him a helpful boost. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No.’ Harry said shortly, not bothering to look at him.

“Not even a fling?” James eyes were bugging out a bit now, and if Harry would look at him long enough to notice then he would be worried about James. He didn’t, of course, so nothing stopped James from freaking out like a PMS-ridden girl.

“No.” Harry repeated.

“NO?” James shrieked, a bit loud than he had intended. No son of his should be subjected to that, that...horror. After all, James didn’t know what he would do without his ‘female company’. “I’s by choice isn’t it? Because of your N.E.W.T.s? Because you get that from Lily, right?”

“Er...” Harry said, trying to think back to the last time a girl had asked him on a date. That would probably be...the third year Hufflepuff last month? Wow. Maybe he did need a life. But between Voldemort, his obsession with Malfoy, then Ron and Hermione, there had never been enough time for girls. (Or does Harry still think sex is a little icky?)

“Well I’ve obviously got my work cut out for me, then.” James said grimly, settling his mind on the task in front of him (Instead of the graphic scenes he had been picturing with Lily). Of course, it was difficult to concentrate when a particular flaming-haired boy was sauntering past, looking very much like he was keeping a phenomenal secret from somebody. After all, James realized, his hair actually being set in flames was only a quick charm away...

“Arse.” James muttered rather loudly, sending death glares at the said innocent red-head. Scoot over, just a little, little more, scoot...there! Now James had a perfect aim at the boy, and just as he was raising his wand...

“What are you doing?” Harry asked imploringly, eyeing his father with a peculiar expression on his face.

“Practicing. Now hold on for just a moment, would you?” James told him with an annoyed air - the accursed boy was getting in the way of his spell! “Incen-”

“That’s my friend you know.” Harry interrupted a tad rudely, his ‘peculiar’ expression was now turning into a perturbed one. He was beginning to wonder if Snape’s tales of his father’s bigheadedness and ego could turn out to be partly true. Whether this even applied or not, he certainly hoped that the Potions master could be wrong this time.

“Right.” James said, not really caring anymore. Still, he resolved to hex the boy next time he got a chance - the sooner, the better. Just not have Harry or that bushy-haired girl Remus was infatuated with...what was her name? James wasn’t really sure, but Remus could be counted on to be rambling on and on about her tonight in the dormitories.

“That’s not the only thing I’ll be talking about.” Remus said, straddling the bench and sitting down next to James.

“ 'nd ‘ey nawt?” James asked, showing Remus a mouthful of chocolate cake, which he had just finished stuffing in his mouth (The house-elves had only put it on the table seconds ago). “And why not?” He repeated, swallowing the lot of it.

“Because.” Remus told him, giving him the sternest prefect look that he could muster - managing to rank somewhere in between Professors Sprout and Flitwick (He hit nowhere near McGonagall and Dumbledore). “Because you still haven’t told me the plan.”

A/N: Bum, bum, bummmm! And what exactly, is this brilliant plan? I wish I knew. So the next chapter may be slightly delayed as I try and figure something amazing out...yeah (It might be a while). If you have any brilliant ideas, of course, I'd be happy to work them in. (This is where Hewitt comes in)

Chapter 10: Look! Oh, You Missed it.
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Look! it's a fl...oh. You missed it.

“Prank?” James asked, feigning innocence as his last resort. “What prank? I don’t prank!” Lily raised her eyebrows as high as they could go, almost disappearing in her hairline. (Harry had decided that it would be better not to get involved and was calmly sipping his hot apple cider)

“You’ve given up pranking?” She asked, her voice laced tightly with sarcasm. “I wonder if there’s any flying pigs around.” She feigned looking around with a forced cheerful demeanor, exaggerating the movements for James’s benefit.

“Brilliant idea, Lils!” James grinned, making a mental note to add in flying pigs somewhere. “I mean, uhhh,” He inserted a fake cough here, “Of course not...I need to go now. Bye, love!”

“Not so fast.” Lily glared at him, holding tight to the scruff of his neck. “I think that darling Remus and I would love to here a little more about this oh, so exciting adventure of yours.”

James’s face was starting to turn a frightening shade of blue, so he figured it was time to give in to the fiery redhead. “You, you would now?” he asked nervously, even adding in awkward chuckle - the more authentic the better.

“Precisely.” She smiled to him in a way that should have been a very good warning for James, if only he could tear himself away from the rest of her to see it.

“Let’s go somewhere more private.” Remus butted in to their ‘little talk’, half relieved that he didn’t have to be part of that conversation and half annoyed that he wasn’t in the conversation. Slowly, he lead the trio down Hogwarts’ stone hallways that always somehow managed to be warm and inviting, rather than cold and dark.

“You may continue.” He informed Lily and James as soon as they were safely behind the statue of Edgar the Horrendous (The password was ‘Jabberwocky’) that was down a ways from the Great Hall - much closer than the Gryffindor tower was.

“I never knew this was here.” Commented Lily, looking around the spartanly decorated room with mild interest. The carpet was a bland brown, the walls were painted a cream-colored yellow (Not the disgustingly bright and happy yellow of a three-year-olds sun) and the only light was coming from a valiantly burning fire in the corner, working hard to keep the dampness of outside from seeping into the little room. There was only a rather hard looking couch and a deep mahogany desk with a little padded chair (Which Remus had quickly claimed) for furniture, and Lily, understandably, as rather surprised not to find a king-sized bed.

“You're giving away Marauder-patented secret rooms here, you understand?” James was whispering fiercely to his friend as Lily surveyed the room. “And to a Head Girl, no less!”

Remus was about to reply with a perfectly jealous-making comeback when redhead-tempered Lily interrupted him - again. He had to talk to this girl about getting some manners, the state of them was despicable. However, it wasn’t a time to be thinking of such trifles now - it is time. Time to grill James throughly for every last bit of information, if he wished to live through the day with full use of all his limbs. “Tell us.” She said threateningly, her already low voice going to a tone that as incomprehensible as it would be if it was a simple growl.

“Pardon?” James said to her, being polite for once. This Lily was his one true love after all, if he was rude to her all the time she would never come to her wits and realized that she was completely and irrevocably in love with a certain James Harry Potter. That would be why Lily had allowed Harry to be named Harry - it was a family tradition and she just loved James so much that she had to have a small piece of him with her at all times, James decided confidently.

“You heard me.” Lily knew she sounded rather menacing, but didn’t bother repeating what she had said, opting for the evil eye instead. Yes, the glare combined with a certain depth and a slight quirk of the lips always worked like a charm. At least for Lily, it did.

“Where should I start?” James asked, stalling for time.

“I think the beginning would work rather well, don’t you, dear Lily?”


“I wonder what that was all about...” Ron said while shoveling french toast in his gaping mouth and watching the Marauders and Lily stomp out of the Great Hall.

“I wonder.” Hermione told him sarcastically, cocking an eyebrow at him in the way she’d been practicing as he missed his mouth, and the french toast landed in his lap. For it apparently took absolute concentration, and a close watch on the slice of food in question to allow it to Ron’s mouth without the said food running away. Harry shook his head as he watched his two friends bicker, just as they did every day.

“Puhhas, if ‘elped.” Ron told her, still chewing his second slice of toast (Which had made it safely to its destination, thanks to Ron’s close lookout on it).

“Beautiful view, Ronald.” Hermione replied, still looking disdainfully on the whole matter. “But yes, I’ll tell you the 411: Lily and Remus-” She said this with a voice higher in tone than usual, and a slight blush had been triggered upon her cheeks, “-were interrogating James and Sirius about something or another.”

“411?” Ron asked blankly, having completely missed the rest of her little speech thanks to this minor confusion. “Harry?”

“It’s a muggle term.” Harry informed him, laughing, it twas still amusing for him to watch his friend struggle with muggle terms, when they were as common for him as things like ‘Cinderella’ or ‘What’s up?’ Which happened to be a recent favorite of Dudley’s among his bribed friends. “It means the lowdown. Or, er, it means like, the”

“Oh.” Ron said, feeling rather stupid. (This was becoming a rather often occurrence) “But you’d never heard of Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump, either.” He added rather darkly under his breath.

“Remember who Snow White is?” Harry teased, for he had convinced Ron to watch several ‘Disney Classics’ with him over the summer, and Ron had mumbled throughout them all how stupid all the princesses were, and why couldn’t they just grab their wands and make things perfect in the first place. Which is entirely beyond the point, if you’ve ever seen Snow White, The Little Mermaid, (That was Hermione’s personal favorite - all the fish were treated as equals) or Cinderella (Harry had always had a soft spot for that movie, but he had only seen it once as Dudley outgrew his Disney/Little Kid stage extremely quickly.

“Bloody hell, not that again.” Ron whined, taking a break from his food to glare vehemently in Harry’s direction.


“So that’s it?” Lily asked, raising her eyebrows, not feeling all that impressed.

“Yes!” James replied exasperatedly, then hurried to make up for his rudeness. “We were under a lot of pressure! There’s only ONE DAY until Halloween, and, and Moony, why are you hopping up and down?”

“THERE’S ONLY ONE DAY TIL HALLOWEEN?” Was all Remus replied, which didn’t make any sense, because it was obviously only one day until Halloween, since today was the 30th of October.

“Yes...” Sirius said slowly, allowing himself to face the facts and admit it: it was time to pull out the pretty white jacket with the shiny buckles that was collecting dust in the bottom of his trunk.

“I HAVE TO GO GET READY!” Remus announced, than tore out of the classroom, much to busy for petty Marauder pranks - he had a date to ready himself for!

The other three watched him leave with a mildly interested expression on their faces, and it was several minutes before James worked up the courage to say something out loud. “You’re not impressed?” James asked Lily, the concern shown clearly across his face.

“Not exactly...” Lily said, now feeling rather guilty for her hasty outburst. “It just needs a little more...bang?”

“Bang?” Sirius asked, his expression turning from one of hurt to one of pupply-esque excitement. “James - we could try out those amazing Weasley’s Wild-Fire Whiz-Bangs that we got that one day in the Hog...” He trailed off, remembering that Lily was still a fierce Head Girl, and would not approve of them sneaking off to Hogsmeade when they were supposed to be wasting their time in Charms class, even if she couldn’t knock off points anymore. (Can you imagine - she would actually bump points from her OWN house! It twas outrageous.)

“Brilliant. And then if we just...” James pulled out a piece of parchment that had ‘The Brilliant Planning Paper Of Brilliancey’ written across it in bold ink, and began writing furiously apon it, leaving Lily to shake her head mercifully, not even bothering to correct him on his spelling of ‘Brilliancy’.

“I’ll be going now.” She told them, knowing that she had no control over the prank, and couldn’t end it even if she had wanted to. The only reason that she was interfering in the first place was because she was afraid that they might have included her in a way that must not, under any criminstanres, be encouraged.

“You do that.” James replied absent-mindedly, not lifting an eye from the grand plan, still whispering to Sirius animatedly, every once and a while announcing “YES!” or “OH!” in an annoyingly girly voice.

“Right...” Lily said, turning away from them, and heading back through the wall, sidestepping the statue as she went. Only to discover a large commotion going on the other side.

“What do you mean, they’re doing REMODELING?” Complained a tiny boy in Gryffindor robes who was probably around his second or third year at Hogwarts.

“Yeah, you’re magic!” Agreed an even smaller boy who was shouting at some adult and looked similar to the previously mentioned boy - they were probably brothers.

The adult they were talking to happened to be Professor McGonagall although it was rather hard to make her out, thanks to the mob of Gryffindors surrounding her, all complaining just as much as the two brothers had.

“I don’t get it!” A girl who Lily recognized as Lavender from her Potions and Charms classes piped in. “Doesn’t this sort of thing only take a moment or too?”

“WAIT!” Shouted one boy, who looked around fourteen, his eyes wide with apparent disbelief. “While your doing this...remodeling where are we going to stay?” This boy was the only one who was thinking sense, for when Sirius Black had broken into the school four years previous, they had stayed in the Great Hall - but that was only for a night, and this was for an incalculable amount of time. Which could be two nights...or two months.

“Yeah!” Agreed another kid, who was probably in his sixth year. “What are you gonna do, stick us in dormitories with the Slytherins?”

“Well...” Professor McGonagall said rather nervously, as if she didn’t know what to tell this crazy angry mob of students. Luckily, she didn’t have to think of anything as they all just kept on talking, and wouldn’t have heard her even if she HAD thought of something to say.

“Let the woman talk!” Lily shouted out to the rest of them exasperatedly, feeling rather bad for poor Professor McGonagall. Unless that kid was right and she was going to make them camp out with the Slytherins. In that case, Lily was set to grab her pitchfork and join the growing mob of Gryffindors.

“Thank you, Lillian.” Professor McGonagall said, offering Lily a tight smile as the crowd went silent, she had now gotten her wits together. “Now, as I was saying, there shall be some extensive remodeling in the Gryffindor tower which shall take approximately a week. During that time you shall be housed in the other house’s dormitories, which yes, includes the Slytherins, that they so kindly allowed us to use. When we are finished you shall return to your new and improved Gryffindor tower, and everything shall return to normal. Professor Dumbledore’s portrait planned this out so we can strengthen our inter-house relationships, and I hope you will hold up the Gryffindor honor throughout your stay with the other houses.”

“Back to normal? Who is she kidding?” James asked, suddenly appearing behind Lily.

"I've never seen normal either." Lily agreed.

A/N: I hope their isn't too many typos in the last part, I forced myself to write it with my eyes closed so I wouldn't keep pressing backspace and changing sentence structures, since I just wanted to get that all up now. Anyhow, in the next chapter is in Hogsmeade, and the chapter after that is the "Great Prank" and then the chapter after that the weekend shall be over and Professor McGonagall will make the big move. So get ready for some more interesting non-filler chapters! Sorry if this one wasn't too interesting...but I'll make up for it with this.

Chapter 11: Oops! He did it again.
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Oops! He did it again
Pranked with your da-a-a-te
Stole all her red ta-a-a-pe
Oh, baby, baby

“The official announcement will be made on Monday, now, I have a meeting to attend.” Professor McGonagall announced to the raging students, ignoring their questions.

Even after she left they still swapped questions and annoyances with each other, throughly enraged with the prospect of having to share a dorm with a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or even a...Slytherin.

“SHE CAN’T DO THIS TO US!” A innocent enough looking fourth year wailed to her best friend, who was looking throughly horrified as she imagined sleeping in a room next to a scheming Ravenclaw.

“They can’t...” Agreed Nathaniel Ryback, a fellow seventh year who was wearing large glasses, slicked down hair, and had a quill behind his ear. “There’s got to be a rule against this somewhere...” He pulled out a rather large list entitled Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry: The Rules out of his pocket, and began studying it throughly. “Somewhere...” He repeated to assure himself, for he wouldn’t be able to last a minute with even the tamest Hufflepuff: they would surely laugh when he peed his bed in the middle of the night after a horrifying nightmare in which he got an ‘Exceeds Expectations’ on his N.E.W.T.s.

“We’ll be gone before that happens.” Lily decided, looking back at James, who had an extremely frightening expression on his face, one that he only gets when he is plotting his next horrible prank on another house.

“No, we won’t.“ Sirius told her with a trace of sadness in his eyes, he missed having Peter praise each and every little thing he did, like he would in his own time. “Dumbledore is a PORTRAIT now - he can’t do much at all to fix it, and without him, we have next to no chance of fixing this.” Then Sirius looked at himself, surprised. That was the longest sincere speech he had ever made - perhaps even the only one.


That night in the Gryffindor boy’s dormitory Remus was rushing around, trying to make every detail perfect - going so far as to rush-order a diamond necklace (That he would be too chicken to hand over and would end up returning) for Hermione.

Ding, dong.

The old clock tower that was both larger and more ornate than Big Ben stroke eleven, and Remus was forced to acknowledge one thing: he still had to sleep, wizard or not.


He wasn’t going go without a fight, however. Remus kept on being his perfectionist self for a long time after that, as the rest of the inhabitants of the seventh boy’s dormitory snored around him - oblivious to his plight. Finally, he was forced to surrender, and fell to the comforter without bothering to pull off his shoes or shirt.

“Bloody hell,” Remus whispered when he looked in the mirror that morning: the rings under his eyes were so dark, an emo wouldn’t even dare step outside his bedroom looking like him.

Sirius spared a glance from his morning routine, bothering to look up (Only for a moment) from his makeup bag that was larger than half the girl’s in the other dorm. “Oops, he did it again.” He quoted an old wizarding band’s song (Which was reportedly stolen from a muggle, but it was lies children - all lies)

“Here, borrow some cover-up.” James said much more helpfully, handing over a small bottle filled with gooey skin tone colored stuff. Remus didn’t even WANT to know where he had gotten it, and how come it was so close at hand that morning...

“Thanks.” He muttered - taking the easy way out; opting not to judge his psychotically feminine friends. A few minutes later, he decided to risk a question: “How the hell do you use this stuff?”

Sirius and James broke into deep, more-manly-than-their-bathroom laughter for a good eight minutes; Remus waited them out as patiently as he could. “Gimme that.” Sirius finally managed to get out, still falling over himself laughing.


In the girl’s side of the Gryffindor tower, things were going mostly the same: Hermione was fumbling with mascara (For Lavender and Parvati had done it for her during the Yule Ball) and wondering what that blue powdery stuff was for. “This shit should’ve come with an instruction manual.” She glared at the shimmery substance, as if that would help much.

Lavender and Parvati had noticed Hermione’s predicament fifteen minutes ago, and were still rolling around on their beds laughing about it. Meanwhile, Grace had summoned up enough courage in herself to tell Hermione as confidently as she could, “Please, that’s easy.”

Hermione turned her fiery gaze from the shimmery bottle of crap to Grace. “Got a problem with my natural beauty?” She snapped, feeling like an absolute idiot and completely out of character.

“Just gimme that.” Grace said, feeling like Lavender and grabbing the makeup case from Hermione and sitting down on one of the pink, pouffy vanity chairs. The stuff she had was amazing - where did a nerd like her get it? It didn’t even look like the makeup had ever been used before (It hadn’t).

“Someone sent it to me years ago - threw it in the back of my trunk, never expecting to use it.” Hermione told her, but was quickly shushed by Parvati, who had joined Grace and Lavender in this hopeless ‘case of charity’, and was attempting to put lipstick on her.

“Hold on a moment, darling.” Lavender told her with an award winning smile (Her makeup had been perfected an hour ago).



When the clock finally stroke eight, which was seemingly a decade of prods and pokes later, two Gryffindors simultaneously sucked in a deep breath and headed for the common room. Remus was joined by James and Sirius, both of whom seemed extremely proud of themselves: Remus, who usually looked good, now was looking (Do they dare say it?) almost as good as them. Down the girl’s staircase Lavender and Parvati were looking much the same, grinning just as widely when they admired their work: Hermione Granger looked better than she could've dreamed at the Yule Ball.

I won’t get into the messy details now, but I can assure you that there were plenty looks of longing and desire shot across the common room when they had finally made it there (No, Remus and Hermione were not the only ones.) Lavender was eyeing James like he was the last gorgeous fifty percent off shirt at Abercrombie and Witch, and there were three other girls racing to grab it first; James was wondering if that one girl (What’s her name again?) had always looked that good, or if she had dressed up specially for him that day. Probably the latter. Still - she was no Lily Evans. And speaking of her gorgeousness, where is she?

“I hate to break up your little love-fest, but their going to leave without me.” Sirius told them with dry sarcasm, wrapping his arm around Grace’s waist. (Who was practically squealing with delight - take that, Lavender!)

“Sorry, dolls.” Grace attempted live up the image of her squished close to THE Sirius Black, attempted to be cool - didn’t work to well, but you have to give her credit. “Meet you in The Three Broomsticks?”

“They have that here?” Sirius asked, licking his lips and imagining their steaming butterbeers (And firewhisky) “Brilliant.”

“What, they didn’t where you used to live?” Grace looked up at him (It was a long way up) in confusion.

“Nah. But I’ve heard of ‘em.” Sirius replied, sending a shrug James’s way for James had been staring openmouthed at the two lovebirds for the entire time.

When the two couples (Sirius hadn’t moved his arm) and the two jealous onlookers (That would be Lavender and Parvati, for James had disappeared, presumably in search of his Lily-flower) finally reached Hogsmeade, they were becoming a little more laid back.

“Oh, Merlin - you’ve really seen the Weird Sisters? In concert?” Grace was gaping at Sirius. She was still taking every chance she could to lather Sirius with attention, and it wasn’t helping much with his already over-inflated ego.

“Sure, haven’t you? They had that big concert tour in En-America last year.” Sirius said, even though he had never even heard of the Weird Sisters (What type of name is that anyhow? The band members are all guys.) until this morning.

“No!” She giggled obnoxiously. “But don’t I WISH!” Sirius was on the verge of the most sarcastic ‘hahah’ he could muster, but refrained - there was still something else to be looking forward too. In fact, Sirius had seemed to be in an oddly cheerful mood all morning. Not to mention his eagerness to help with anything...

“Yeah.” He forced a smile.

A few paces behind, Parvati and Lavender were glaring daggers at the two, who had only learned each others names the morning. (Well, Sirius had, but Grace had had it memorized since the day he came) It was the most revolting thing, watching the two giggle and flirt together like life was just oh-so-lovely.

“Really, I’m going to hurl.” Warned Lavender, making gagging noises in her throat. “This is horrible.” Parvati nodded supportively, but was still glancing around in each direction for the missing Marauder: James. Where was that boy? Off to find that idiot Evans, no doubt.

“I know, I know.” She agreed, patting Lavender on the back. “She’s such a traitor.”


James, for once, was not in search of a certain darling red-head. Instead, he was putting fixing a few last minute details for the prelude to their ‘Grand Prank’. Sirius had gotten the easy way out: grab a girl and follow Remus as inconspicuously as he could. He grinned, remembering that he had conveniently ‘forgotten’ to mention this part to Lily when she had cornered him in the Great Hall. After all, a few surprises in life are perfectly healthy - he would dare say their ‘good for you’.

“Sonorous,” James whispered, prodding his throat with his wand. Instantly, his voice was magnified by a tenfold, so all of Hogsmeade could hear him - that was all he needed to do to get the spell to work properly. “Repuvoce.” He shouted, grinning evilly.

Sirius had forgotten one thing: the spell works on everyone, and doesn’t make exceptions, no matter how hot you think you are.

And - oopsies - James had forgotten to bring it up to him. And now, to the soundtrack of people’s horrified screams, he would go search out Lily. “Ready or not, here I come.” He grinned, setting out to find her.


Remus and Hermione had finally gotten away from the rest of the Gryffindors, and were now heading towards Honeydukes, wondering whether they should hold hands or not.

“REPUVOCE!” They heard a distinctly male voice scream, coming from just down the street.

“Oh, shit. That’s James. I hope Hermione doesn’t blame me for whatever shenanigans he cooks up...” Remus thought, feeling ashamed of himself for even THINKING the word shenanigans. “And did I just think ‘cooks up’ too? Oh Merlin, I’m going crazy and it’s all...”

“What the hell is he on?” Hermione wondered as she listened to her date babble. “And why is he saying SHENANIGANS. Oh, Merlin, I think he’s going crazy...Just my luck too - he’s only my second date, like ever.” Oh yes, Hermione was much more explicit and rude when she knew no one else could hear her.

“What is that woman going on about? I hope she doesn’t have some fricking mental disease, like the last one.” Remus thought to himself, deciding that would be too rude to say out loud. “Perhaps if I tell her that, I’ll say it in a nicer way.” He added.

“Too late for that!” Hermione snapped, glaring at Remus, “How dare he talk about her like she wasn’t even there, like she couldn’t even hear him! He is such a...”

“I didn’t say that out loud...” They both said simultaneously, putting a stopper on whatever embarrassing things were coming out of their mouths to realize the definite horror that was apon them. “Oh, shit.”

6000 READS! THANKS SO MUCH! So, can anyone guess what James has done to them? It looks like this Hogsmeade trip is going to last two chapters instead of one...I wonder what sort of thoughts Lily Evans is keeping locked up in that pretty head of hers...But, unfortunately, you won't be able to find out for a month because I am attempting NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) [Where I will have to write 50000 words, or twice this fanfiction, in a month] and will be spending all my time on that. I'll try to get a chapter in, but that will be all, if at all. Sorry! Oh, and I know that Sirius is having his little 'thing' with Cho, but this part with Grace is all part of 'The Plan' - so he has an excuse to be with Remus and Hermione when James casts the spell...unfortunately, that went wrong when Remus and Hermione cast a disillusionment spell on themselves and slipped away...but hey, it was worth a shot. But when I get back I shall quickly write another Hogsmeade chapter, a Prank chapter, a Follow-Up Prank chapter, and a Your-Moving-In-With-Fellow-Hogwartians chapter. Anyhow, very sorry for the long break, and wish me luck on NaNoWriMo!

Hey, I'm just popping in to say that I've written over fourteen thousand words for my NaNoWriMo novel, and that I probably won't have time to write anything on this story until after I'm finished with this. If I'm not too sick of writing, expect a long chapter in the first week or so of December!

Chapter 12: Boys Like Girls
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Chapter Twelve: Boys Like Girls

While Hermione and Remus were working out some of those just absolutely delightful issues that happen to come along with things like their every thought being replayed to the world, James was getting his manly strut on down Hogsmeade’s main street, searching in vain for Lily. “Lily!” He called out, then waited a moment before repeating himself. “Oh, Lilyflower - I’ve got something to tell you!” He had walked up and down the street several times by now, passing The Three Bromsticks at least five times without stopping once for a butter beer (This, folks, is a record. Take careful note, now), and he still hadn’t found her.

Not that there wasn’t a plethora of other interesting things to amuse him while he searched, of course: there was much shrieking as the female’s (Okay, the little boys were shrieking too) realized that their date was only sitting through the few hours they spent in Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop was only for the sex he might get afterwards, finding out that your boyfriend is cheating on you with the easiest girl in the school, and other fun discoveries that the inhabitants of Hogsmeade were getting today. It was practically like being on Bill Nye, really. Minus the hypnotic intro.

James attempted calling for his Lily again, and this time he was rewarded; in the small alley in between Zonko’s and the closed-for-the-cold-season ice cream parlor, came a muffled “Ugh!” that could only be from a certain stubborn green-eyed seventh year.

“I’m coming, princess!” He called, grinning widely as he ran down the alley from which he had heard the scream. Finally, curled up in a lethal ball, was the red headed girl, who’s lips were moving almost silently, repeating her own war cry:

“Don’t think anything, don’t think anything, don’t think - there he is. Err, Hi James.” She said the latter in a bit louder tone, the false cheerfulness oozing through her voice; James was so glad he had found her. “James doesn’t even need the frickin spell, he speaks his mind enough already.” Lily continued muttering to herself angrily.

“How are you on this fine, fine, day?” James questioned, squishing himself down next to her as close as he could get. Surprising, Lily didn’t flinch away, not even a millimeter.

“Wonderful, thanks to you.” Lily said, and James noticed that he voice didn’t sound as sarcastic as usual, almost as if...almost as if she actually meant it. James’s smile grew a little bit wider, threatening to cut his face in half, even though his hope was a feeble one.

“Mine too, Evans, mine too.”


Meanwhile, Sirius would have been scaring his not one, not two, but three female escorts if they had been bothering to listen to a word of what he was saying, thanks to the infuriated muttering that was going on, most of it directed at James.

Luckily for Parvati, Lavender, and Grace, they were not listening to Sirius, nor Sirius to them. If he had been listening, he might have heard something worth hearing: he does have fan club, after all. A fan club with a male photographer as a member. Yes, Lavender had bullied Colin Creevy to not only supply the cameras, but also as many pornographic photos that he could take. Unfortunately (In Parvati and Lavender’s opinion, anyways - Grace and Colin were secretly very glad) he hadn’t gotten any yet - Sirius kept his pants on when there were lowly fifth years around.

So as Sirius muttered to himself about the idiocy of his seperated-at-birth brother, the girls bitched to each other about every stray thought one of them had. After all, no one liked what the other one was thinking.

“I should really just get out of’s not my problem.” Grace thought to everyone in The Three Broomsticks, slowly edging out of the seat she was in. “Not my problem, not my problem...I think I can...” She started to edge away, but Lavender cut in.

“Not so fast.” Lavender’s hand snaked across Grace’s wrist, and pulled her back into the table they were sharing. “You should stay with us instead.” Lavender told her firmly. “She’s not getting about to get away from Parvati that quickly, not without me.”

“I heard that!” Parvati shrieked, turning towards Lavender. “Perhaps this would be a good time to inform her that her boyfriend, Dean’s, cheating on her...with me.” Parvati opened her mouth to say it out loud to Lavender, but then she realized tat she already had. “Oops..” She told Lavender sweetly. “Take that.” She added in a nastier tone.

“Is she serious...oh I...” Lavender remembered that everything that she was saying was being relayed to Parvati and Grace, so she changed her tone. “What makes you think I didn’t already know? WHy else would I be going out with Sirius tomorrow?” She grinned towards the muttering black-haired heart throb, and smiled wickedly.

“In case she didn’t realize,” Grace bristled with anger. “He had his arms around ME these past few hours, thank you very much?” Lavender and Parvati didn’t like being reminded of that little fact, and they all turned on Grace, tempers rising higher than they already had bee.


Meanwhile, Hermione and Remus remembered a key piece of information and were attempting to keep their thoughts strictly G rated - and there was a lot of muttering, “Don’t think about it...don’t think about it.” It may not be the best solution, but it had gotten them back to Hogwarts, which also happened to be out of the spell’s range.

“Sorry about that.” Hermione blushed scarlet as she turned to Remus the second her “Don’t think”’s were no longer audible.

Remus was blushing just as much, so she decided to drop the subject.


That night, after everyone had safely arrived home from Hogsmeade with only minor damages, rumors were flying. Even the first and second years were wishing that they were just a little bit older, if only so that they could have gone to Hogsmeade with the upperclassmen. Although their older siblings told them otherwise (“It was horrible! Absolutely, positively, disasterous!” Cho Chang assured her little sister, who was also in Ravenclaw, when she had realized exactly where Sirius had been - and they had both heard every single thought of the other) they didn’t believe a word they said about it. Even if they did, they would have rather been there for themselves. That way there would be more drama for their innocent preteen selves, after all.

Not that the end of James’s little spell was any relief - almost everyone knew about the fact that the Marauder’s (Which they had already established was their name, no one had seemed to notice the fact that the infamous Marauders hadn’t roamed Hogwarts for almost thirty years) were planning a prank on all of Hogwarts - and no one knew what it was. Remus, Sirius, and James could be rather good at keeping secrets when they wanted too, and that was no relief for the rest of Hogwarts.

As to be expected, the Great Hall was buzzing during their Halloween Eve dinner, rumors flying from House Table to House Table, no one was spared the horror.

“I heard that Sirius has a spell that will turn the professor’s hair pink - and there isn’t a countercurse!” One little Hufflepuff told a neighboring third year, who shook her head agonizingly.

“That’s much too weak for them.” She lectured the idiotic child - why else would she be in Hufflepuff? “They’re obviously doing something much more, maybe I shouldn’t tell you. It might give it away.” The Hufflepuff in question was only saying such thing because they didn’t (No, really) actually know what the Marauders were planning, and hadn’t had proper time to think up a good rumor yet. She decided to just copy off one that a Slytherin had told her, just to make it easier on her side - she could always blame it on the Slytherins later, after all.

“No I’m not!” The other Hufflepuff argued back, pouting a little because she had also missed the Hogsmeade trip that day, thanks to her lowly rank as a second year.

“Are you sure?” Her neighboring Hufflepuff stalled, trying to remember how the Slytherin had phrased it. The little second year nodded eagerly, so she spilled all: “The Marauders are going to ‘turn off’ the magic to all the proffessors and Slytherins, so that we have total power over them!” She announced, grinning widely.

“No!” Gasped the second year again, her eyes widening in horror. Then added a perfectly innocent question, “Can they do that?”

“Of course they can.” Her neighboring Hufflepuff replied smugly, glad to have won the little girl’s admiration. Across from her, on the neighboring Ravenclaw table, a sixth year boy had heard what she had said, and eagerly passed it on to his ‘posse,’ proud of himself for gathering the information. “Those new kids, right?” He addressed them, calling them to attention by banging his fist loudly against the rock-solid rock cake on his plate. Finally, all Ravenclaw male sixth years were watching him. “They’re planning a huge prank tomorrow night -” He was then interrupted by a jeer from one of his fellow Ravenclaws.

“We all know that, idiot!” A rebelling sixth year protested, for he was too bookish to use ‘real’ cuss words.

“Yeah, but I know what they’re doing.” The former Ravenclaw glared at the other one. “They’re planning on snapping all of the Slytherins and Dumbledore’s wands.” He was only satisfied once her heard the collective gasp from all of his friends. “Yup.” He said, more to reassure himself than anything else.


After dinner that night Professor McGonagall posted a notice on the Gryffindors bulletin board, with more information about the relocating of the Gryffindor first through seventh years and the remodeling of the Gryffindor common rooms, which hadn’t happened since the sixteenth century, and was in great need of it.

Everyone crowded around it for quite a while, pushing, screaming, gasping, hexing, etc, until Hermione had the good sense to use a simple duplicating charm so that there was fifty neatly piled copies of the notice for everyone to read a bit less violently.

“Slytherins.” James and Harry said at precisely the same time, grinning ever most maddeningly. If that look, the one that they’re wearing right this moment, doesn’t scare you, then nothing ever will.

“Slytherins?” Questioned the remarkably short for his age Nathaniel Ryback nervously, quivering in his royal purple slippers. He pulled out his Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry: The Rules book again, looking for the fourteenth time for a reason why it wouldn’t be okay for them to do this to him, but it was useless. He already had the entire list memorized - a feat only him and Hermione Granger had ever done, in the entire history of Hogwarts - so there was no chance of finding anything any more than there was five minutes ago.

“Slytherins?” Ginny turned to her best friend, Jennifer Hathwing, with a rather nervous look on her face. Jenny, however, didn’t look quite so nervous at all as she jumped up and down, mouthing ‘Draco Malfoy,’ over and over, squealing every once and a while. Ginny, however, was thinking on a whole different level: Harry. He’d be there, too.

“Slytherins?” Neville questioned, biting his lip hard, clearly on poor Nathaniel Ryback’s side.

“There will be no compromising.” Professor McGonagall informed them, sweeping up from behind the assorted first through seventh year Gryffindors, who were all squished tightly in the common room, and surprising them all. “It’s time to go to bed.” She added a moment later, as no one had moved nor spoken.

“Your mama’s compromising.” Whispered a first year muggleborn without thinking, who had heard the term years ago from his muggle brother. McGonagall swiftly turned to the boy, eyes flashing.

Author's Note: Sorry that this is such a lame chapter, I was extremely un-inspired and much too lazy to bother to do anything else, plus there's the fact that I couldn't think of anything else to write, so this is pretty much a very filler-y chapters of boring-ness. On a brighter note, I've written almost almost forty thousand words (Okay, maybe more like 37721 words - but we must think positive here) on my NaNoWriMo novel, which I happen to be very proud of (Not vainly, of course :) considering it's only day twenty. Ten more long days to go... *sighs* Anyways, back on topic. I want to know what the prank is just as much as you,'s just not coming to me so it's extremely doubtful that I will have another extra chapter up before December 1st. Which is when I'll start writing it, not when I'll put it up. Unless I happen to be very inspired, which is pretty doubtful...sorry for all this rambling, but you may just be subject to a little bit more, if you don't mind. *winks*

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Chapter 13: Yeah, It's Time.
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It was time.

It was the night of Halloween, and the Murders would be pranking like they’ve never pranked before.

Or, at least, they WOULD be, if they could just get that damn spell to work already. The Marauders were all sitting in the abandoned Gryffindor common room, with the Halloween feast already half way over. “What. the. hell?” Sirius questioned rhetorically for the seventeenth time, as Remus waved his wand with nothing but a few feeble sparks coming out.

“You’re not trying hard enough.” Was James’s verdict, glaring violently at Remus, although anyone could tell from the plethora of wrinkles that were appearing on his forehead that he was trying, very, very hard.

Johnny, an innocent first year that the Marauders had employed to fulfill their every need, assumed that James’s glare was aimed at him, as he was standing just behind Remus, squealed violently and hid behind one of the threadbare scarlet and gold couches.

“Let’s see YOU try it, then.” Remus shrieked frustratedly, throwing his wand over his shoulder in disgust. Johnny quickly ran to retrieve it, as it gave him a chance to shield himself from James’ glare. A moment later, Remus was throwing the small lilac ball he had been working on over to James with Quidditch precision.

“You should be a chaser, man.” Sirius admired Remus’ aim; he opened his mouth as if to say something else, but quickly shut it when he caught sight of Remus and James’ glares.

James looked away from Sirius and down at the hideously girly lilac ball. He tapped it once before throwing it much further than Remus had his wand - it was more aerodynamic AND James was a true chaser - in the direction of the girls’ staircase. Johnny barely managed to get his chubby legs over there in time to catch it before it fell. “I can’t do it NOW, I’m too busy thinking about Lily!” Was James’ only defense, which all the other Marauders classified as ‘extremely weak.’

“Girls, girls,” Sirius laughed, but he was the only one, “There’s no need to start a cat fight now.” James and Remus shot a look at him in shocking unison and all was quiet for a moment.

But only for a moment because something that perfect could ever last very long, at least not in THIS castle. The tapestry shook a bit, before issuing an almost silent, but easy to hear in the silence, “Rawr.”

For a moment no one took their eyes off Sirius (Sirius himself was fixing his mirror in the back of the lucky spoon he always kept in his pocket: Lily had charmed it so his reflection was right side up, but he never seemed to look as good as usual in the spoon) but when Sirius’ own attention was diverted from the spoon (A hard feat, let me tell you) he glanced over at the curtain. “Hold on...” He watched it for a second longer; the tapestry jiggled.

“Th-th-that curtain d-doesn’t talk, d-does it?” Johnny questioned nervously, his eyes flitting back and forth between the three Marauders. “R-right gu-guys?” He seemed to be taking a cue from Quirrell and it was, unfortunately, suiting him rather well.

“Hell no.” James was distracted from his glaring at Sirius, and he turned to the giggling tapestry.

“M-Mikey, is that y-you?” Johnny turned to the tapestry with a freakishly knowing smile on his face. “Mikey!” He whined when the tapestry didn’t say anything.

“No!” A high-pitched but oddly masculine voice shrieked. James crossed his fingers and hoped that it was a girl.

“Mikey!” Johnny squealed. “Mikey, come out.” He begged his little ‘friend’. James added his hope that the two boys weren’t more than friends to his wish list.

“Joh-nee!” Mikey complained with a loud sigh. “There you go again, giving me away.” Unfortunately for James, it didn’t look like any of his wishes came true: Mikey was definitely a guy, and his voice was certainly that high. Oh, the horror.

“They’re my friends, Mikey.” Johnny informed the puny first year. The Marauders exchanged worried glances: they can’t have this going around, maybe they need a new ‘help elf’. “I can’t just let you get away with things like that. Besides, mommy said...”

Sirius really didn’t want to know what ‘mommy said,’ so he decided it was time to calm this down. “Boys, boys.” He looked at the two of them, both of their cheeks bright red. “Let’s save the love fest for later, okay?”

“Okay, sir.” They both replied at the same time, in a way that could rival James and Remus’s ability. They didn’t seem to notice that it wasn’t a compliment.

“Where’s the da...darn ball?” Remus demanded rather awkwardly, determined to set a good enough example for the rest of the Marauders. “Dinner is...” He checked the clock up on the wall. “Going to be over in fifteen minutes. And it’s not like you bothered to come up with a backup plan.” He glared at James. They seemed to be doing a lot of that lately, and it was kind of funny how they hadn’t noticed that it wasn’t doing them any favors.

“Over there.” Sirius pointed around the room before collapsing on the threadbare carpet. He picked at the corse threads that were irritating his sensitive skin. “No wonder we’re getting this remodeled.” He muttered darkly, worrying about his skin breaking out in a rash. Not to mention all the worry lines he was going to get from this ‘epic prank.’

Which, as it is turning out, is bullshit.

Because if they keep working as sweetly as they are now, it doesn’t look like anything is going to be going down tonight, unless the Slytherins have some things of their own planned out. Not that they’re, you know, smart enough for anything like that.

The quiet moment lasted for a while - ‘silence is golden’ after all, but there’s scarlet in the Gryffindor colors for a reason - before Remus broke it in frustration. “Don’t we have a cheesing plan BEE?!?” He questioned the all knowing spirits of the Gryffindor ceiling.

“Cheesing?” Sirius couldn’t stand the gloomy atmosphere this room kept returning to, and he was eager to get on his friend’s case if it meant breaking the montonity. “Really now? Don’t you mean something more like...f-”

Remus slapped his hand over his fellow Marauder’s mouth. “We’re censoring. For the children, okay?” He gestured to some fourth dimension where he was sure that little, innocent, pure kids were watching him right that very minute, gobbling up his every word. Because everyone knows that that sounds completely sane.

“Of course.” James figured it would be better to agree because anything else would just delay the making of plan B even more. “But we need to get down to business, now.” Sirius heard the tone of James’ voice, and to make the whole situation a little less, well, sirius he flicked his wand and turned all of the Maraurder’s clothing into muggle business suits.

James and Remus looked down at their clothing - suddenly they had felt a lot stiffer - and instead of freaking out (Well, Remus did...) like a two year old who had just gotten their lollypops taken away, a broad grin came across James’s face, and he opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. “Oops,” Sirius giggled. (According to Witch Weekly, manly giggles were indearing and manly) “It’s a common side effect, here you go,” he flicked his wand again and a stream of un-appropriate-for-the-children (According to Remus, anyways) words came flowing out of James’s mouth.

When he realized he could speak again, they abruptly stopped, like a television on mute. (Yes, they were finally catching on in the wizarding world) “That’s it!” He finally screeched, a moment later. “It’s perfect!”

“What’s perfect?” Mikey and Johnny said at the same time, mid cat fight.

“McGonagall's hair? It is, isn’t it?” Mikey added on, smiling gaily.

“Snape’s shampoo? It’s pretty perfect, huh?” Johnny said at the same time, perfectly sincere. Then his eyes unfocused, and he went into a daze, either from the thought of - *shutter* - Snape’s hair - or because of the effects of whatever spell Remus had nonverbally cast at him in horror of the very statement.

“Hell, no.” James didn’t even seem to have heard the two first years. “That spell!” Here he went into a daze similar to Johnny’s, but he came out of it approximently 28 and a half seconds later (Sirius had gotten a clock to display itself on the soon-to-be-gone-thanks-to-remodeling-wall) with an explanation. “We could just, you know, switch all their clothing to the new line of garters, thongs, and backless bras, bustiers, and teddies from Minerva’s Secret! It would be perfect...” He started to drool a bit from the idea of Lily in his choice of clothes (Or, that is, the lack of them).

(Two notes: It’s a good thing James had connected the name of his favorite lingerie store to the name of one of his err, well, elder teachers, or he might have a considerably harder time sleeping at night. And if he’s very lucky, he’ll never be smart enough to find out how Minerva McGonagall spent her younger years. Number two: it’s rather disturbing that James seems to be a bit better versed in the content of the Minerva’s Secret than Sirius is. Because when Sirius’ status is challenged, well, the privateness of all of Hogwart’s female student’s ‘private parts’ is definitely in danger. Especially when Colin Creevy is hanging around)

“Um...No.” Remus rolled his eyes at James, who’s drooling was now going full force. And it used to be only during the night time... Oh well.

“Do you have a better idea?” Sirius challenged, thinking off that curvy Hufflepuff he had seen the other day. Remus looked like he was thinking hard, but he never had a chance to reply because, just then, a loud explosion came from outside the Gryffindor common room.

“It’s coming from the Great Hall.” Remus said in his typical physic way (That we most definitely not ‘seeing’ because all that shit was just over rated). That was when he led the other two (Plus those two first years, Johnny and Mikey) down to the Great Hall in a game of follow the leader.

“Does he have to be so melodramatic?” Sirius whispered to James as he followed Remus out. Remus, of course, had heard, but he didn’t say anything on account of surprise: Sirius had just used the word ‘melodramtic’.

“Well, duh.” James whispered back. “He’s Moony.”

Author's Note: I hope it wasn't too cheesy, overrated, not-worth-the-wait, unclimatic, and short. Okay, well, I know that it was all those things, but I'd like to think that I'm just being modest. Even though I'm not, because Alice is the one for modesty, and I'm the one for shoving it in your face, just-read-it. Anyhow, I haven't forgotten about you guys, not at all! Even though it has been a very long three months, I'm sure, without your Time Flies fix [: Or so I like to think...But now I'm just rambling and I'm sure it's not very interesting...and yet I keep doing it anyways. Oh, well, you should just leave a review and I'll be happy and keep the threats (Like the one where I warn you that I'll set my over-loving obsessive-liking and nose-rubbing cat on you, or the one where I threaten that I'll steal anything with sugar in it [Unless your on a diet, of course, then I'll give you other people's sugar] from your kitchens) to a minimum. So please review!

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Mikey and Johnny are based off my neighbors. They're a horror :)