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Fatal Mistakes by real_life_sucks

Format: Novella
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 11,309
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language

Genres: Romance, Angst, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M)
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 07/28/2008
Last Chapter: 08/08/2008
Last Updated: 08/08/2008


Effing amazing banner by discern. Response to my own challenge at The Dark Mark forums. Pre 6th and 7th books.
Everybody is bound to find themselves snarled in a mistake that they work so hard to get out of. Most walk away from those incidents without a second thought, except to curse themselves the next time they make the same mistake. But what happens when two people, in a whirlwind of events, find themselves making a mistake together that could cost them their very lives?

Chapter 1: One Last Time
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Fatal Mistakes
Chapter One – One Last Time

By real_life_sucks
Beta’d by the amazing dramione12. <3

Response to a challenge issued by me on The Dark Mark forums.

Author’s Note: I know, woe to me for starting yet another story. But the idea for this one was just screaming to be written, so I couldn’t deny my mind its pleasure in writing this. I really have a plan for this one, and I’m going to enjoy taking this on =) The challenge was issued by me and is called the ‘Cliché Love Story’ which means I have to take a situation that is overly clichéd and attempt to write it into a believable form of story that people actually enjoy. I hope I manage to captivate your attention with this story and please leave a review!!

Disclaimer: I own nothing….except…the words. I actually don’t really own the plot; it’s been done so many times. But I’m taking that plot and making it better =) So…chapter and story title are mine!

Brushing the hair behind her ear, the young brown haired girl quickly placed a few more books in the large trunk placed in the middle of her bedroom. She had spent the previous day cleaning all of her clothing items to take with her and the other part of the day was spent attempting to arrange everything so that it would fit in the lone trunk. In the end, she had to take a few books out of the drunk, but had them with her parents to be owled to her later on when she sent her parents a letter.

Sitting on her bed, the seventeen year old girl looked around her room for one last time. This was it – after this school year, her life would start on her own. No more being babied by the adults and her parents. She would be an official adult with the training and knowledge of everything. The idea thrilled the girl to no end; finally able to control her own life and make her own decisions, but at the same time, she was scared to death. The world she knew was already in turmoil because of an evil one, and to live in that alone? The times were so uncertain, so there was always that chance she wouldn’t even make it to the end of her year.

And that scared her to death.

Shaking her head to rid such dark and depressing thoughts, she stood up from her bed before smoothing out her comforter, old habits dying hard. Taking a few steps into her attached bathroom, she worked on gathering all her bathroom supplies to take with her to school, glad she had bought all the extra items to take with her. Looking at the watch on her wrist, she smiled as she saw it was already ten in the morning; only a few more minutes before she would be on her way to board the Hogwarts Express for the last time.

Taking her bathroom items back into her bedroom, she went to her trunk and stared down into it for a long period of time, trying to figure out a good place to shove the bag, without worrying about her few make up items being smashed. Finally unpacking the top layer of items, she kneeled down on her knees and placed the bag in the bottom before placing the other items on top. Closing the trunk lid, she snapped the lock on and sat back on her heels before walking over to her dresser.

Taking a seat on the stool that sat there, she quietly studied her reflection in the mirror. Though she still wasn’t beautiful compared to any standards, she liked to think her looks had improved a little since her first year at Hogwarts. The large, beaver teeth no longer existing, thanks to an accidental spell in her early years, and the once bushy growth no longer seemed to do just that, but had settled into smoother locks that framed her face. Having spent a lot of time outside that summer, volunteering at the local public pool to help teach younger kids how to swim, an effective way to take her mind off the troubles of the wizarding world, the girl’s hair no longer was just a dull brown, highlighted with blond streaks. Her features, though tanned compared to her normal skin tone, was still pale compared to a normal standard and her auburn eyes stared at her curiously from the mirror.

For several long moments, the girl sat and stared at her reflection, picking out every single little freckle that dotted her nose and cheeks. Staring at the slight scar on her neck, she grimaced at the memory of when it had happened. It had been one of the stupidest moments of her life, it wasn’t even related to the danger she was constantly surrounded by. No, she had obtained that scar when she tripped over her a potted plant and landed on the little fence that surrounded her parent’s miniature garden. It had been one of the stupidest events of her life, but it had also been one of the most painful.

And now her neck carried the long scar as a reminder of that moment. If her parents had allowed her to go to the wizarding hospital, she wouldn’t have had to bother with the scar, but they had insisted taking her to a muggle hospital, because it made them feel more comfortable. Hearing a noise from downstairs, the girl smiled eagerly at her reflection before grabbing the journal that sat on her dresser and shoved it in her school bag. Reaching in that same bag to find her wand, she shouldered her bag and used it to levitate her trunk. Reaching the doorway, she quickly dropped the trunk before jumping over it.

Reaching her bed, she grabbed a bracelet that was sitting on her bedside table. Also grabbing the badge that sat beside it, the girl smiled with pride as she pinned it to the inside of her bag. The day she had received her letter and badge had been a proud moment. She’d always aimed to be Head Girl, and she had finally gotten in. Though she still did not know who the Head Boy was, she had decided not to think about it too much, deciding to let herself be surprised instead of snooping. She never knew when her life would be over and she didn’t want to miss all the surprises life could through at her. Fastening the bracelet she still held to her wrist, she heard a voice yelling at her from downstairs. “What?” She hollered, stepping back over her trunk into the hallway, where she levitated it once again.

“Hermione! We have to go if you’re going to make the train on time!” Her father’s voice echoed up to her and Hermione smiled. The last time she would get in trouble for running late before she had to catch that train. Eagerly hopping down the stairs, she ducked as her drunk flew over her head, gaining too much momentum on the flight of stairs. Seeing her father’s surprised expression as he also ducked, Hermione giggled quietly before heading out into the garage where she placed the trunk in the rear of the car.

Climbing into the back seat, she waited as her parents also made their way into the car. Looking at her watch as her father began to back out of the drive way, she smiled when she saw it was 10:31. Every year they had left at the same time, always saying they were running late, but they were always on time. Looking back at her house as the car drove down the road, Hermione was overtaken by depressing thoughts as she realized it could quite possibly be her last time to see her house ever again. With those thoughts, the house disappeared from view as Hermione had her face pressed against the glass.

Sitting at the long and deserted table, the boy ate his breakfast silently, used to the absence of his parents. Most meals were much the same; the only difference being which elf would bring his food or what he would be eating. None were ever broken up by interesting activity unless he was required to attend a dinner when guests were over. Often when guests were over, his parents would have his dinner sent up to his room. The few times dinner was eaten as a collective family, the boy had often wished for his solitary meals once again. They gave him a chance to dwell on thoughts, instead of forcing polite conversation that required his full attention unless he were to miss something.

Having finished his light breakfast of toast and cereal, the platinum haired boy dabbed at his lips before pushing back his chair. Lazily snapping his fingers twice, he watched with his nose twisted up in the air as two elves appeared and begin to take away his plates, including the tray of toast. Losing interest, the boy stalked out of the dining room, covering the distance of the long room in a few strides, his long legs carrying him far. Exiting that particular room, he silently walked up the stairs to the upper floors, the mansion being so silent he could have heard a pin drop from the other end of the museum like building.

After an eternity of stairs and portraits staring down at him, watching for any stray hair to be out of place or for him to step wrong, the boy finally reached the top floor of the house. Opening the door that led into his wing, he entered what was considered his section of the house, which was more like a penthouse. He walked into the sitting area, where his trunk currently sat open. Pulling his wand from a sleeve under his shirt sleeve, the boy pointed his wand at objects in the room and shrank them before levitating them into the trunk. With a flick of his wrist, the trunk snapped close and locked.

Entering a side room, the boy quickly showered and did other required items, taking all the time in the world as he prepared for the train journey where he would be forced to ride with the baboons all the way to the place they called Hogwarts. Exiting the shower and dressing quickly, the house was chilly enough to keep meat out; the boy looked at himself in the mirror briefly. His platinum hair fell across his eyes, which he casually swept back and left down. In his younger years, he had bothered to gel it back, but as he got older, other things became more important so he abandoned that morning chore. His face was as pale as ever, though there were a faint dabble of freckles on his cheeks from his adventures outside with a particular…group. His eyes were still as stormy grey as ever, and at that moment in time they were rock hard.

Smiling slightly at his reflection, the boy exited the bathroom and made his way into the bedroom part of his suite. Standing next to the window, he stared out across the great distance of land, the mountains in the distance appearing hazy even though it was a clear day. Eventually looking down at the watch on his wrist, he turned around a gathered a few books that he placed in the bag he used for school. Slinging that over his shoulder, he went into the sitting room to place it on top of his trunk.

Standing in thought for a few moments as he went through a mental check list, he quickly ambled back into his bedroom and grabbed the envelope that had been sitting beside his bed. Reaching under the mattress at the same time, he grabbed a ring that he hastily shoved on his finger before he tore open the letter, walking as he did so. Knowing the contents of the letter itself, the boy threw it aside after finding the time for the meeting that would take place on the train. Looking at the shiny badge that was then in his hand, he dropped it into his bag before he slug the bag back over his shoulder. About to snap his fingers, the boy started slightly as the house elf appeared before him.

“Master Draco, your mother left a package for you.” The elf handed over the package quickly, wanting to leave the room of his harsh master as quickly as possible. Draco then took the package and waved the creature off. Shoving the package into his bag with everything else, he used his wand to levitate his trunk. Traversing the stairs downward, the boy let his mind sit blank, not bothering to look at any of the portraits on the wall. If he had his say, he would never be coming back to the mansion when he completed school, but his father wasn’t one to argue with, and he was insisting that Draco come back. He had his duties to the Lord, even if the Lord had become completely crazy, and he was expected to uphold those duties along with his father.

Scoffing, at the foot of the stairs, Draco closed the distance between him and the door in record amount of time. Slamming the door behind him, he looked out in front of him and took a deep breath. Beginning his journey to the apparation point, the boy thought of the year to come. He had made Head Boy, as was expected by his father, and could almost guarantee who the Head Girl would be. The coming school year promised to be interesting, and the thought alone of all the havoc he could create left the boy with a wolfish smile as he exited the protected zone around his house.

Looking back on the mansion that had been a pretense for a home his whole life, he sighed dejectedly. Another year would go by just for him to end up back here, a place he had always dreamed of inheriting as a young boy, but now just a place he wished to escape. For several moments, he stood with a stare at the mansion, remembering all the good moments, which he could count on both of his hands. Seventeen years old and less than ten moments in his life he truly categorized as a good memory.

Tiring of those thoughts, Draco looked at his watch and saw that it was 10:31. Same time every year, it had become a sort of tradition that he leave at that exact moment. Looking back at the house one last time, he scowled angrily as he wished with all his heart that he would never have to return to the place he was forced to come home. And with a pop, he disappeared from view of the house.

Chapter 2: The Beginning of the End
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Fatal Mistakes
Chapter Two – The Beginning of the End

By real_life_sucks
Beta’d by dramione 12. Don’t we all love her <3

Dedicated to Michelle =)

Author’s Note: So I got this chapter out fairly fast =) The little plot bunnies for this story attacked my brain all last night to the point I had no freedom so I was forced to write this double time! That means I wrote one and a half chapters today, so I wrote over 3000 words! Go me =) I hope you guys enjoy this, and if you know of someone who betas or you do, please let me know! I have a topic set up over at the HPFF forums also, so yes =) I would like to thank Michelle for helping me and also Hong for helping me decide how to end this chapter. I love you guys both to no end.

Disclaimer: I still own nothing but my semi-original plot. Stupid clichés XD

Jumping out of the car as soon as it was parked, Hermione quickly pulled her trunk out and placed it on the trolley her father had brought her. Looking at the empty cage in the back of the car, Hermione placed it on top of her suitcase. Over the summer, Crookshanks had gotten himself run over by a car, never being used to muggle appliances. She had plans to buy a new cat, but after talking to her parents more, they decided that it would be more useful if she were to buy an owl the next time she was in Hogsmeade.

The family of three quickly walked across the parking lot, almost running by the time they reached King’s Cross Station. Walking down the familiar pathway that led to Platform 9 ¾, Hermione looked around her, still not wanting to admit that it would be the last time she would be coming through here with the intent of going to school. Aggravated at her thoughts, Hermione shook them out of her head as her family neared the wall that was needed. Her father looked around them briefly before motioning for Hermione to go through. Seconds later, her parents followed her through the wall, and the family walked farther onto the platform.

Nodding her head at the people she knew, Hermione crossed her eye brows as she saw neither Harry nor Ronald. She knew that neither had wanted to come to school that year, they’d felt it was more important to focus on the struggle in front of them. She felt that it was important to finish her schooling though, and had opted to return to school, no matter the choice of her two best friends. She had heard nothing from them all summer, even though she had sent a letter every week. Telling herself that she would see them at school though, she hadn’t fretted over it too much, but now that they were absent from the platform, she was beginning to feel the onset of worry.

Scanning the platform one last time, Hermione saw Ginny boarding the train and decided she would interrogate her friend when she got on the train herself. Placing her back towards the train though, she was about to talk to her parents when she saw Draco Malfoy walk through the barrier. Wrinkling her nose, she hoped with all she had that he had not received the position of Head Boy, though deep down she had to admit that it was very likely that he had, being one of the only other students who could even rival her own intelligence. His blond head was as arrogant as ever though, and as Hermione caught him raising an eyebrow at her staring, she shot him a death glare before turning back to her parents.

“Mum, I promise everything will be okay. I can’t just skip this year. It would be more dangerous for me at home.” She replied, answering the question her mother had been asking her just as she had turned her attention to her parents. Smiling to reassure her parents, she hugged them one last time before she boarded the train, Hermione exchanged words with them, promising that she would write at least a letter a week to let them know how she was doing and how the war effort was going. On the way to the train depot, she had finally told her parents more of what was going on, and how the Order might decide it was better to relocate her parents so they wouldn’t be targeted. In the mean time, she would tell what she could to help them, but she didn’t dare tell too much in fear of the letter being intercepted.

As the train whistle blew one last time behind her, Hermione waved briefly at her parents before she ran across the platform and jumped in between the doors that were already being closed. Dusting off her uniform slightly, Hermione grabbed one end of her trunk and began to drag it down the aisle, looking into the compartments in an attempt to find one that was empty or contained her friends. Almost at the end of the train, she was becoming desperate when she heard someone yell at her from behind. Turning around, Hermione smiled as she saw Ginny walking towards her.

“Hey, come join me. I have to tell you some information.” Ginny smiled lightly, but Hermione still caught the dark bags that were under her crystal blue eyes. Watching as the red head picked up one end of her trunk; the two backtracked down the path Hermione had already taken before turning into a compartment that also had Neville and Luna in it. Smiling at her two other friends, Hermione quickly put her trunk up above their heads before she sat down on the seat next to Ginny. Placing her bag at her feet, the brown headed girl checked her watch before looking at her friend. “As you can obviously tell…Harry and Ron aren’t coming to school this year. They left one week after school got out and…” Here Ginny trailed off, looking at the other two in the cabin as they motioned for her to continue. “We haven’t heard from them since the middle of July though.”

For several long moments, Hermione stared straight ahead outside of the window as the countryside blurred past. The reason for her friend having the bags under her eyes was painfully apparent now, and Hermione couldn’t decide if she should be angry or worried. Angry because the Weasley family had thought it was not important enough to tell her that her two best friends had disappeared. Worried for the obvious reason; her two best friends were missing and hadn’t been heard from for a month and a half and were out there…alone. She had told them she’d rather finish her schooling, she’d be their inside man to help them along.

And now they were gone.

Feeling Ginny grasp her arm, Hermione looked up confused as to why her friend looked so frantic. “Promise me Hermione that you won’t do anything rash. That’s the only reason mum didn’t want to tell you that they were missing. She was afraid you would uproot yourself and go out there on your own and get yourself lost or killed. They have to be alright though, mum’s clock doesn’t show Ron as dead yet. Just…lost,” Ginny pleaded with Hermione a few more minutes before Hermione finally lifted her hand.

“I promise I won’t do anything rash. I have my own duties now – I made Head Girl….” Trailing off, Hermione smiled and accepted her friends praise with a calm outlook. Inside, her brain was on turmoil over where her friends could be. After a while, everyone became quite and stared off to think about whatever they wanted to think about. When Hermione did look at her watch, she saw that it was 1:53. Time had passed quickly while she was thinking, and she had seven to get to the correct compartment for her Head’s meeting.

Standing up and grabbing her bag, Hermione muttered to her friends where she was going before exiting the compartment and making her way down the hallway. Her cloak clutched tightly in her hand, Hermione fought the tears that were beginning to be shed as she practically ran down the hallway, nodding briefly at people who tried to talk to her. After what seemed like ten miles of the aisle, Hermione came to a stop outside the door to the Heads’ compartment. Leaning her head against the glass, she breathed in deeply a couple of times in an attempt to gain control of her feelings. Looking down at her watch, Hermione saw it was 1:58. Two minutes to go.

Standing up straight and releasing her death hold on her cloak slightly, Hermione promptly opened the door to the compartment and walked in, closing it behind her. Turning to see who the Head Boy was, Hermione refused to let her disgust show as she saw who she was to live with for the next school year.

Looking at his clock one last time, Draco muttered under his breath as he saw it was already 1:58. He’d quite enjoyed all the free time to himself he’d had. As soon as he had boarded the train, he had made a beeline for the compartment in order to avoid the goons he was forced to converse with, though Blaise was the only one who didn’t make him want to blow his brains out with his wand. So for the last three hours, he had holed himself up in the Heads’ compartment, socializing with no one. The only interaction he’d had with any student had been the glare he’d received from the Granger girl after he caught her staring at him.

Looking up as the door to the small room opened, Draco sat still, cursing whatever God had decided to curse him that day. The girl who had entered the room was none other than the same Granger girl who he had caught staring at him earlier. Waiting for her to turn around from shutting the door, Draco leaned back against the seat and crossed his arms across his chest, his eyebrows raised. He had to give the muggle born girl some credit – he knew how much she was despising this very moment, coming face to face with her roommate for the next year, but not one ounce of that disgust and frustration showed on her face.

In truth, the girl actually looked quite tired, in the figurative sense. Confused as to that fact, Draco refused to dwell on the fact and waited for Hermione to sit down across from him. Eventually the brown haired girl did so, and the two sat there for quite some time staring at each other. As they did so, Draco quickly took quick inventory of the girl. As much as he hated to admit it, the girl had become more attractive over the years. That once bushy head of hair, that he would have sworn was a live, had sleeked down into soft curls that framed her face just so. The once sickly skin had gained some color, reminding him of how he still glowed in the dark. Her chocolate eyes bored into his own slate eyes so intensely, that if Draco had been anyone else, he would have looked away after a few seconds.

But he did not. And for the next five minutes or so, the two continued to have the glaring contest, until the compartment door opened once again. Immediately, both of the students snapped their eyes to see who the intruder was, and upon seeing it was Professor Dumbledore, Draco leaned back on his seat with a smirk. The time had come, once again, for him to listen to yet another speech from the Headmaster that only resided in his memories as a drone of words. Peeking over at the Gryffindor girl across from him, Draco snorted softly as he noticed her rapt attention to the old loon.

As both of them turned their attention towards him, Draco raised his hand up apologetically. “I am apologetic for that. I was reminded of a scene much less serious than this that was very amusing. Continue.” Flapping his hand, Draco smiled slightly at the older man, knowing that neither of them would believe his excuse, but would continue onward without a second thought.

Much as he knew they would, the conversation continued and Draco decided it wouldn’t kill him to at least attempt and hear what the man was saying. “As I was saying before, this coming year will bring new challenges to the school. Our ties will be tested once again to see if the wizarding world will be able to survive the inevitable battle that is coming. As our two Heads, I request that you guys work harder than ever in ensuring house unity in our school. I know it will be hard, Gryffindors,” Dumbledore nodded at Hermione, “and Slytherins,” and here he nodded at Draco, who sniffed, “will never want to put aside their pride and long rivalry to get along for the better of our school. If students continue to fight much like they have the last year or so, I do have a plan that will be put in place in order to force a sort of peace.”

Coughing into his hand, Dumbledore smiled at Hermione, who was in rapt attention yet again of the Professor, while Draco leaned against the wall, barely paying attention. “The idea would be to take people from each house and force them to live together, much like you two will be this year as Heads. As I said before, this would only be last resort, and it would require some powerful magic in order to arrange the castle to do so. I am going to give you two the mission of discovering a way to do it with as little magic as possible, because I would like you two to make the announcement when the time comes and set up the plan and get it rolling. It would show the students that such a plan is indeed possible, and that it won’t result in half of the school dying.”

Draco watched across the small compartment as Hermione nodded in time with the Professor, having no idea of the stare she was receiving. Turning his own head to look at the Professor, Draco gave some sort of nod that acknowledged he had heard at least half of the conversation the Professor had tried to include them in. “May I inquire what our dorm password will be and where it will be located?” Draco drawled, thinking about the nap he would love to take upon reaching the castle.

“The entrance is the portrait of the first Head Boy and Head Girl of Hogwarts; I’m assuming you both know where that is?” Pausing as he looked at each student for a nod, Dumbledore continued on. “The password this year is rapport. Share the password with no one.” Standing up from the position he’d taken beside Hermione, Dumbledore nodded to the two students before disappearing with a pop.

Reaching his hand up to scratch his nose, Draco watched Hermione across from him. He wasn’t sure if they were supposed to be working together now on the project, but he really had no desire to stay in the same room with the girl across from him. About to stand up and leave the room, Hermione’s voice interrupted his process and caused him to stay where he was. “Did you have a pleasant summer vacation?” Attempting to hold back the sarcastic bark, Draco stared at the girl across him for several moments before he gained his power to speak.

“Oh yes. The summer was filled with invigorating conversations with the house elves as I ate my meals alone and rarely saw any of my family.” His voice laced with poisonous sarcasm, Draco smirked at the girl in front of him. What did she expect, a summer full of family picnics in the garden out back where his father told him over and over how proud he was of his son?

Not likely.

Watching as the mud-blood began to blush slightly, Draco stood up from his seat and grabbed his school bag and was about to leave the compartment when he turned back around to Hermione. “I noticed your partners in crime seemed to be missing. Finally grow old of hanging with someone as dirty as you?” Watching as Hermione’s face turned a dangerous red, Draco chortled as her temper grew to dangerous heights. It had been so long since he had been able to pick on someone, and how he had missed it.

“Unlike you ferret, they have more important things to take care of than picking on someone.” Hermione also rose from her seat, his height dwarfing her to the point of amusement. Attempting to choke back a laugh, Draco looked down at the Gryffindor girl.

“"The mission that they have embarked on will not be successful, and they are stupid to believe that. If they carry a normal life forgot this then they would have a far better chance. Those two together can only end disastrously.” Draco snarled at the girl below him, and was waiting for her rebuke when the train slammed to a stop and the two were thrown to the seat. Untangling himself, Draco quickly snarled at the girl again before rushing from the room, cursing his folly at getting so caught up in the argument to forget his assignment.

Chapter 3: Duties and Missions
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Fatal Mistakes
Chapter Three – Duties and Missions

By real_life_sucks
beta'd by dramione12. big thanks to her =)
Dedicated to Hong

Author’s Note: So I hope everyone enjoys this chapter and doesn’t find it too boring. I promise that the story will pick up speed; there are just a few things to add in and everything. The story won’t even cover the entire school year, just up until Christmas break. So it only covers four months. But anyway, if you feel there is something I need to improve within the story, just leave a review telling me what and I’ll try to keep it in mind when I work on the next chapter. And as always, rate and review my dears.

Disclaimer: I still own nothing but the plot, and only the original ideas of the plot. Still waiting for Tom or Draco to go on sale, though new images from the sixth movie would indeed make me happy.

Watching Draco leave the room, Hermione gaped for a few minutes before reaching into her robe to get out her wand. Placing her hand out onto the compartment doorframe, Hermione entered the hallway slowly. Seeing all the other students in the hallway also, many with their wands lit up, Hermione quickly pushed her way through them in an attempt to get back to Ginny. Seeing the flash of red hair, Hermione hollered at her friend.

“Ginny, come back!” Shoving through a few more bodies, she’d almost gotten to the point where she’d seen Ginny, before she heard the students behind her screaming.

Stilling her hand from shaking, Hermione turned around to see what had caused the screaming and commotion behind her. Internally knowing what she was about to see, Hermione had no change in her facial features as she saw the Death Eaters swarming the cabins, terrorizing students in the process. With the Death Eaters almost on her, Hermione still hadn’t moved until a hand whipped out grabbed her arm, pulling her into a compartment.

About to scream, the girl breathed a sigh of relaxation when she saw it was just Ginny. Ginny motioned for her to remain silent and pushed her into a door that had appeared in the compartment. Squeezing herself in, Hermione felt a body beside her, but had no idea who it belonged to. Seconds later she felt Ginny step in and shut the door, leaving the group in complete darkness, not even cracks showing from the door. Standing very still, and combating the slight feelings of claustrophobia she had, Hermione listened as she heard the Death Eaters enter the compartment.

“I don’t see anyone in here, do you?” A voice asked in hush tones, a sly and fast paced voice Hermione had never heard before. Leaning her ear against the wall, she listened a little harder to see if she could tell what they were doing. By the sounds of it, she presumed they were going through the trunks and bags that were in the room. A hissing noise startled Hermione into jamming back, where she hit her head on the wall behind her.

“Damned to hell, stop bumping into stuff man.” The same voice hissed, and Hermione breathed out in relief as the Death Eater attributed the noise to his partner. Several long and boring moments passed by with no one talking before Hermione heard a voice she recognized.

Closing her eyes tightly as the silky voice spoke, Hermione almost felt like crying. “If you don’t at least endeavor to execute your job correctly, you’ll get all of us killed.” The voice lashed out, and Hermione could almost imagine it wrapping itself around the other Death Eater and squeezing him to death. In the confines of her space though, Hermione’s only thought was how she had been in the same room as a voice that had sounded exactly like that less than ten minutes earlier.

Eventually the two Death Eaters left the compartment, but the group still waited in the hiding space for several more long minutes, wanting to be sure that they wouldn’t come back through and find them. Finally Ginny opened the door back into the compartment, and the group filed out. Seeing Neville and Luna come out behind her, Hermione smiled partially at them. “I’m going to go check the other compartments. I need to make sure students are okay.” With a brief wave, Hermione clutched her wand as she entered the hallway.

Stealthily looking into compartments before entering them, Hermione went into each compartment, checking that students were okay. Most of the students she talked to said that they hadn’t noticed the Death Eaters do much but search the contents of the compartment, but she finally reached one where the girl was crying hysterically. Asking what was wrong, the girls’ voice cracked as she sobbed to Hermione. “T-t-they took m-my brot-brother.” Pulling the girl in close to her, Hermione stroked the girl’s hair, noticing that it must be the girls first year since her robes had no house colors. Cursing the Death Eaters mentally, Hermione eventually detached the girl from her body before taking her to the compartment Ginny was in, and giving the girl to her friends to take care of.

Heading back towards the front of the train, specifically the Heads’ compartment, Hermione froze in her tracks as she heard talking and a muffled chortle from inside the room. Shrinking into the shadows to watch, fear overtook her body causing it to shake to no end as she saw two Death Eaters leaving the very room she was about to enter. Thanking whoever was looking down on her that day that no one had bothered to look back into the shadows and see her. Waiting a few mere minutes, that seemed to be hours, the brunette stepped cautiously into the compartment, looking behind her the whole time.

Turning around slowly in the dark, in an attempt to make no noise, Hermione froze on the spot as she came face to face with one of the masked Death Eaters. Several long moments passed by as the two stared at each, and it was unclear which one was more shocked at the appearance of the other. Finally pulling up her wand feebly, Hermione gulped deeply. “W-why are you here?” She whispered, her voice barely making an impact in the silent cabin. The Death Eater silently snaked out a pale hand out and grabbed her wrist, using little effort to lower it down so the wand was no longer pointed at him.

The two stood like that for several seconds before the voice slithered out from the mask. “You never saw me here. If you breathe this to anyone, we’re both dead.” The silky voice filled the small compartment as the two tangoed around in a circle, so that the Death Eaters’ back was to the door.
Gulping as she recognized the voice from earlier, Hermione stared dumbly at him as he reached his hand back to grab the door handle. After several moments, Hermione finally realized he was waiting on her.

“I give you my promise.” She whispered staring at her hand as his fingers unwound. About to say something else to the masked figure, Hermione stared as she looked up and saw that he’d already left and closed the door without making a noise. Shaking to no end, Hermione sat down on the bench in the compartment, breathing deeply to calm herself. “I won’t tell a soul.” She whispered quietly to the already gone Death Eater.

Breathing in under the mask, Draco leaned against the wall outside the Heads’ compartment. If anyone were to find out what he just did, letting go of the one person they’d been trying to get a hold of, everything as he knew it would fall apart. Listening to the girl inside, he pushed off the wall to make his way stealthy down the aisle to a designated meeting place for the students who had participated in the raid. At least he knew Hermione wouldn’t tell anyone, in fear of her own life. He could see the fear in her eyes as he talked to her. And it scared him that he held that much power over someone as strong as her. Shaking the ridiculous thoughts, Draco quickened his pace, his footsteps echoing off the walls in the silent train.

The changing rooms located at the very front of the train finally came into sight and small echoes off the wall became more frequent Draco’s speed quickened. The door opened right as he was about to put his hand out, and Draco obediently entered the room. Seeing the boy bound on the floor, Draco pulled off his mask in frustration, facing the one he knew was his father. “We only came for the girl.” Snarling at his father, Draco’s thoughts churned in his mind.

He was the one who had been put in charge of this operation, him and no one else. The reason there were even adults to accompany the raid was to take away the girl when they’d gotten her. Voldemort had given strict orders that the mission was to be the younger Malfoy’s, not the older Malfoy’s. The mask slowly came off his father’s face, and the long pale hair fell in cascades. Glaring as his father merely rubbed his nose, he waited for him to answer him. As the minutes ticked by, and still no answer from the elder Death Eater, Draco snapped out his question. “Why is the boy here?” Each word came out crisp and sharp, and he saw the other Death Eaters in the cabin flinch back from the tone of his voice.

The stand-off between father and son continued with no interference from the observers until the lights on the train flickered back on. The next series of events was a blur as Malfoy senior and two others quickly grabbed the boy and ran out of the compartment, to flee from the train before it began to move too fast. The rest of them stripped off their masks and pointed their wands at their cloaks to turn them back into the school cloaks. Shoving the masks into a bag Draco held out, a quick spell was muttered and the bag disappeared with a faint pop to be stored safely. In pairs, the groups began to leave the changing room until only Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini remained.

“Your father is going to get us all killed.” The soft spoken boy grabbed Draco’s arm as he had tried to leave the compartment. “Our Lord doesn’t like to be disobeyed. Does your father forget the last time?” As his friend raised his eyebrows, Draco hissed as he was reminded of the last time his father disobeyed orders – the entire Malfoy clan had been punished for his father’s folly.

Turning on his friend in a flash, Draco twisted Zabini’s arm into a painful position. “Of course I remember, but what do you propose that I do? My father is nonsensical about everything he does. Even if the instructions required getting a solitary piece of pie, my father would fuck up the plans.” The once grey eyes had turned black in his anger as Draco glared at his friend, who in turned pried off the pale fingers from his dark skin. Snatching his fingers away, in fear that his friend would in turn exhort his own strength by breaking his fingers, the platinum haired boy ran his hand through his hair. The last couple of missions had all turned out sourly, just because his father had determined that he needed to gain the glory for the mission and that his own son could not usurp him.

The train jolted to a stop once more, and the two left the compartment to join the stream of students filling off into the station In Hogsmeade, blending in as if nothing had happened. “I only wanted to warn you. If the rest of us get in trouble for your father’s foolishness, there will be many disgruntled Death Eaters.” With those words, Blaise walked off into a group of Slytherin’s who greeted him, where he was assaulted by Pansy.

Sneering as the boy walked off, Draco stalked onward on his. Towards the end of his sixth year, Pansy had decided that it wasn’t worth the misplaced affections on the Malfoy heir and had instead turned her interests to one just as wealthy, the Zabini heir. It was a relief to have the pestering girl around him at all times, but it also meant that many of the others he had hung around had transferred their friendship along with the girl, leaving the Malfoy boy to have quite a solitary life, though he hardly had a complaint about it.

Moving his way towards the front of the crowd, Malfoy reached into his bag and pulled out the pin that declared him Head Boy. Pinning it to his robes as he hurried along, he jumped inside the first carriage, barely glancing at the thestrals, and had just taken a seat beside some terrified second year as the carriage jolted off. Not even bothering to smile reassuringly at the younger student, though he was sure his counterpart in the job would have, Draco looked out the window as the carriage made the long trek up from Hogsmeade to the castle. As soon as the carriage stopped moving, he once again bounded out of the carriage, slowly making his way in with the rest of the students that had gotten off the following carriages.

Eyes alert for a professor, the Head Boy turned down a separate hallway from the rest of the students, intent on heading straight up to his room to sort out a few things. Taking the stairs, impatient as they continued to change on him, the boy rushed through the hallways, ignoring the clatter of his feet, finally reaching the portrait of the first Head Boy and Girl. Standing in front of it, the boy’s eyebrows knit together as he racked his brain to remember the password. “Password?” The boy asked; his nose rose into the air as if he was better. Glancing briefly at the robes the Head Boy wore, Draco scoffed as he saw they were also Slytherin robes.

“Rapport,” He finally said, the password coming to him after several seconds of the two in the portrait staring at him. Jumping as the portrait slid past him, barely missing him, Draco jumped inside the common room, not bothering to pay attention to the directions, but to instead rush up the stairs he saw. Opening the first door he came upon, he let out a disgusted noise as he saw the room dressed in red, obviously meant for Hermione. Shutting the door quickly and opening the door across the hallway, Draco entered the room and shut the door behind him quietly, unaware of the Head Girl that stood at the bottom of the stairs, glaring up at him.

Chapter 4: Deceitful Attempts
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Fatal Mistakes
Chapter Four – Deceitful Attempts
By real_life_sucks
Beta’d by dramione12. Thanks ^_^

Author’s Note:
So I hope that this chapter doesn’t disappoint anyone =) And I apologize it took me a little longer to finish, I got side tracked by reading Breaking Dawn, and other shiz in my life. I always seemed to be disappointed by the final book in series. But anyway, I want to thank Micaella so much for giving me an idea for this chapter that would progress the speed of the story. And I would also like to thank Hong for helping me in small spots with Draco. And I would like to dedicate to this to Michelle, once again, and I hope that everyone will pray that a family friend of hers that was recently in an accident will get well soon =) And as always, rate and review the story!

Still own nothing but the plot twists and what not….let me know if the rights to the story ever go up for sell XD

Hermione glared at the slamming door, wishing she had been just that much faster to confront him, though she had no idea what she would say to him. Hey, thanks for letting me live, but I’m going to turn you in for being a Death Eater? It seemed hardly to be fair after all that he risked in order to keep her from being like the missing boy. Turning around and walking back out the portrait, Hermione ignored the talking of the two as she scurried down the hallway, her small feet making not a noise as she did so. Coming back in front of the entrance to the dining hall, she joined the flow of students, looking for the fiery red head that would be the one friend she had at the school.

Spotting her friend nowhere, Hermione twirled a piece of hair around her finger as she pushed through the crowd in order to reach the Gryffindor table. Quietly muttering to herself about how the crowd seemed to grow worse each year, she sat down in an empty space on the bench, ignoring the jostling all around her as she thought about what had happened earlier on the train.

The fact that the Death Eaters had gotten so bold as to actually stop the school train and search through the compartments meant that the times were becoming more dangerous than ever. Those minutes hiding in the compartment had been terrifying, but nothing compared with her encounter with the Death Eater inside the Head compartment. And the fact that she could let no one know about that particular encounter? It could only mean one thing – the purpose of the Death Eaters embarking the train had been to find a certain person, and that certain person was her. It made sense the more she thought about it. Best friend to Harry Potter, she was a piece they could use to blackmail him and Ron to do anything.

But it wouldn’t do any good when the two were missing, unless the Death Eaters had gotten a hold of them…but why they would need her then made no sense, unless they planned on torturing her before their very eyes. The trio had conversed about it before though; no matter how much one of them was tortured the others could not and would not squeal. It would ruin everything that they had been working for since the beginning of their sixth year.

Feeling hands upon her arm, Hermione’s head whipped around to see it was some stranger, by the looks a second or third year, and hearing the applause around her, she looked up quickly to Dumbledore. Seeing him waiting expectantly on her, she scrambled to stand up, jerking her foot as it caught on the bench. Smiling bashfully, a crimson blush already spread across her features, Hermione waved jerkily at all the students looking at her. Lost in her thoughts, she’d not caught a word Dumbledore had said. Taking the time to look around her, she breathed deeply as she noted nothing had changed about the Great Hall.

The great vaulted ceiling continued to change as clouds flitted across the night sky, captivating anyone’s attention who stared at it for an extended period of time. The spacious room felt homey, fires cackling in the side fire places even though it was only September. The smell of food wafted through the table, still being jostled around downstairs in the kitchen by the house elves. Feeling a smile grace her features as she took in everything, Hermione quickly sat back down, aware that the student body had turned back towards the Headmaster.

In absent thought, Hermione stared at her plate as the student body around her paid apt attention to the Headmaster. At last, the large group began to applause and Hermione joined in with no thought, waiting for the food to appear around them. As it did so, all students began to load their plates, chatter dying down to a mere mumble as the starving students ate. Moments later a loud hoot echoed through the hall as an owl swooped in, and the elder students stared at the owl confused. Never before had an owl arrived during the welcoming feast, it usually went straight to the students room to wait on them.

The owl made a direct path for the Gryffindor table, and it soon became obvious that its path was set on Hermione, causing the student body to erupt in conversation. It was common knowledge already that two thirds of the Golden Trio was missing from the school year, leaving the studious third one behind on her own. The owl landed gracefully in front of her, his golden eyes peering into the chocolate eyes of Hermione. Slowly reaching out a shaking hand, she pulled the letter off of the owl’s leg, watching as it flew away quickly from the table. Looking down at the letter in her hand, ignoring the shaking from her hand, she gulped quietly to herself.

Rising from the table, no longer aware of her surroundings as she bumped into various objects and students, Hermione rushed from the Great Hall, her eyes trained on the envelope that she still held in her hand. The writing was so familiar, she knew who it belonged to. But it seemed impossible, Ginny had told her earlier that very day that both of them were missing. So she shouldn’t be receiving a letter. It had to be a trick of some sort…but how would the writing be so well derivative, so precise to the line and dots.

Seeing a ledge beside the window, Hermione made her way over, scooting herself into the corner, knees tucked up under her chin as she opened the envelope slowly, the rattling of the paper echoing in the empty hallway. Pulling the parchment out into her fingers, unfolding it, Hermione’s eyes glazed over as the writing on the page jumped out to her.

I’m sorry we’ve not been able to reply to your previous letters, we’ve had little to no time out here. We wish you had come with us; everything would have been so much easier. But we need your help now. I know it’ll be hard for you to escape with your Head duties and everything, but a favor is in dire need.
We’ve located the sixth horcrux, but we have no idea how to get to it as it is. We need you to meet us at the Shrieking Shack as soon as you get this. It isn’t where it is hidden, but it is easier to meet you there. We’ll explain the situation to you and see if you can help us without accompanying the two of us to the actual location, we’d like to keep that a secret as long as possible.
--Harry [and Ron]

Breathing slowly to keep herself from hyperventilating, Hermione scrunched the letter up in her hands, looking out on the peaceful night. It seemed odd that the two would request her assistance in such a way, but nothing was beyond them if it was a stressful situation. As the wheels in her brain began to click together in perfect functioning order, Hermione leaped from the window seat, her small feet trotting quickly down the hallway, mind intent on her mission.

Sliding into a stop in front of the moving portrait, she breathlessly yelled the password to the two staring Heads, not taking a stop as she leaped into the common room. Tripping over a bag that had been dropped in the room, she glared ruthlessly at the bag, turning quickly only to come face to face with its owner, who was attired in nothing but black boxers with silver stripes. As the ice cold eyes met the chocolate eyes, the tension in the room increased the longer they stood there.

“What’s in your hand?” The velvet smooth voice lashed out, wrapping around her neck, suffocating her as she hastily though of something to say to him. Opting on saying nothing at all, she still feared what would happen if she opened her mouth around him, Hermione edged her way around the skimpily dressed boy, the blood rushing to her cheeks; she quickly stepped onto the stairs. Concentrated on his face as it followed her, she noticed to late the hand that reached out and gripped her wrist, forcing her hand to turn uncomfortably.

A cry escaped her lips, which was immediately cut off as she locked her lips together, determined to not let Draco see the pain that his actions were causing her. The silence continued as her wrist was turned further, causing the waded paper ball to fall from her hands. Gasping as Draco caught the letter, Hermione threw herself at him full force, determined to get the letter back. For several moments she threw kicks and punches at him, nothing affecting his solid stance in front of her.

“Give. The. Letter. Back. Malfoy.” She snarled, her expression becoming crazed as he continued to back away with the letter. Watching with her eyes narrowed as he neared the fire place, her eyebrows crossed in confusion as he threw the letter into the burning fire.

In slow motion, Draco held his hands up in the air, his eyes locked on Hermione’s. “No harm done.” His voice once again cut across the room, this time releasing Hermione from her frozen position. In an instant, she had turned and darted up the stairs into her room, disappearing from site as the door slammed shut behind her.

Seconds after the door slammed shut, Draco snapped his hand out and grabbed one of the metal spokes beside the fire place. Sticking the wadded up piece of paper on the end of the poker, he pulled out the paper, quickly smashing the embers that resided on the edge. Smiling deviously to himself, he sat down on the couch before smoothing out the letter slowly on the table in front of him. Analyzing what was written on there, Draco muttered to himself as something about the words seemed familiar.

Looking up at the balcony to ensure Hermione wasn’t there, he picked up his wand where he had set it earlier on the table. Muttering a few words under his breath, he watched as the paper glowed green, and he felt his face flush in anger. If the paper had been written by anyone else, it wouldn’t have reacted to his spell. But it did – which mean that his father had written the letter.

As if reading his father’s mind, Draco could imagine what Lucius was doing. Pacing back and forth in the Shrieking Shack, pleased with the devious work he had done to lure the poor girl out so that the Death Eaters could get their paws on her, avoiding the reprimand he would receive form the Dark Lord for taking the boy from the train instead of Hermione, who had been their true goal. They needed a way to fracture the walls that certain captives had put up, and they knew she would be their best bet to do so.

Searching his thoughts to determine why he was so upset by the fact, Draco came to one conclusion. If his father were to take the glory for capturing the girl, Draco would be blamed for the earlier failure, though none would know of what occurred on the train. He had been the leader for that particular mission and it had been his duty to ensure that nothing was to happen to prevent their end cause.

Hearing the door above him close, he had barely caught the noise as obsessed in his thoughts as he was, Draco hurried to block the exit. He couldn’t let her walk so blindly into the trap that his father had set up when he had only prevented her from a similar experience hours earlier. It went against every instinct that Draco had, even if he wasn’t particularly fond of the girl. Sliding to a stop between the exit and Hermione, Draco winced as he realized that was going to have carpet burn on his feet later because of that. Shaking his head though, he focused on the girl in front of him, who seemed determined to get past him.

The two faced each other in a dead lock stare, neither willing to give up their ground. The air in the room once again became thick enough to cut with a knife as they continued to battle mentally. “What are you doing Malfoy?” She finally spat out, her eyes burning holes in Draco’s face as he maneuvered himself in front of the door better so that it would be harder for her to escape. Her light voice carried across the room, caressing his cheek in an alluring way.

“Keeping you from making a mistake.” Draco’s own voice whipped out like a whip, causing the girl across from him to narrow her eyes.

Taking a few steps so she was right in front of him, Hermione glared up at Draco. “You read the bloody letter, didn’t you?” Pulling her hand back, Hermione let it fly against Draco’s face. The sound echoed throughout the silent dorm room, Hermione staring at her hand with her mouth opened in an ‘o’. Draco placed his fingers on his cheek, his anger building as the memories from third year popped into his head.

Feeling the string on his patience beginning to stretch thin, Draco muttered through his teeth. “It didn’t take a genius to fool you that I burned it.” Seeing Hermione’s foot fly around to hit him, Draco jumped out of the way and cursed as she made a run for the exit. Grabbing his cloak that was sitting nearby, he belted it on tightly, and wand in hand, made a run after Hermione.

Following the sound of her echoing feet, and the tail of her cloak as it went around corners, Draco ran down the hallway, cursing his stupidity for not putting proper clothing on when he had the chance. Speeding past students fast enough that he recognized none of them, though he did hear some chortling, Draco was grateful when she finally ran outside. Using all the strength he had, Draco set off at a faster pace, not watching as closely as his cloak flew out behind him.

As Hermione set her path for the Whomping Willow, he cursed out loud as he realized she was heading for the tunnel that led to the Shrieking Shack, not even bothering to take the Hogsmeade route. As she neared the wallowing tree, her speed slowed down as she pulled out her wand, and Draco took the opportunity to catch up to her, spitting as a bug flew into his mouth. Seeing the delicate piece of wood in Hermione’s arm raise, Draco jumped and tackled her to the ground before any words could come out from her mouth.

Hearing something crack underneath him, he winced as he rolled off the girl, attempting to catch his breath. For several long moments, both laid on the ground before he heard the girl next to him scream. Looking over he saw her holding her wand up in the air, snapped in two from the fall to the ground. Gripping is own wand tighter, he sat up slowly, his arm snaking out and grabbing Hermione’s arm as she tried to make a run and hit the knot in the tree without her wand. “Will you stop for a bloody second?” He huffed, ducking the blows to his face.

“Why the hell should I let you stop me from helping my friends! You don’t even know the meaning of the word!” Flicking her fingers on his wrist, he yelped as she hit a nerve. Standing up quickly, he grabbed both of her arms, prying the broken wand from her grasp and putting it in his cloak pocket. Marching back towards the school like that, he avoided as many of the kicks he could, but wincing each time her shoes came into contact with his bare legs or feet.

Almost to the steps, Draco threw her on the ground, frustrated as she tried to turn around in his hold and bite her arm. “Because it isn’t your bloody friends that sent you the letter.” He hissed; his eyes narrowing as he gave the girl on the ground a death glare. He watched as her brain processed the words, but her face hardly changed expression the whole time.

Moment by moment passed by as the crickets chirped away in the night, unaware of the confrontation happening on the school lawn between the two Heads. To any student who stood a far distance away, it would have looked like two lovers where one still laid on the ground, reluctant to head back inside to meet curfew. But to any who could see the facial expressions, they would know much better. Both glared at the other relentlessly, neither wanting to give up their ground.

Pushing herself up from the ground slowly, Hermione glared at Draco as she wiped off her robes. “And how do you know whether it was my friends or not? It’s not like your familiar with their script or choice of words.” Silence engulfed them once again as Draco debated what should be said.

It was painfully obviously that she knew what he was – his voice was enough to be a dead give away to that. But what would happen if he were to tell her what he knew – how he knew the letter wasn’t from her friends. How it was a plan his father was counting on her following through with, because of the love she harbored for her friends. “You can’t leave due to Head duties.” He whispered, hearing the hollow lie to those words as soon as they left his mouth.

Hermione snorted at his words, and turned to head back towards her destination. “I believe it is my decision whether I deem this will obstruct with my duties or not, so back off.” Voice cutting through the still air, her process of storming off was hindered as a pale hand grabbed her arm once again.

Turning slowly to face Draco, she almost spat at him, but decided against it seeing how serious his face was. For several moments, neither of them moved or said anything. Finally taking a deep breath, Draco closed his eyes momentarily, now debating whether to be blunt or walk around the words he was about to say. Opening his eyes after a few moments, his grey eyes pleaded silently with her chocolate ones, pleading for her to believe his words. “Because my father sent that letter. The Death Eaters are after you.” His words carried slightly on the wind that had come up, allowing the whisper to reach her ears. Draco watched as her skin paled visibly, her freckles standing out in the dark night. He could almost hear as the wheels turned in her head, as she realized her theory from the train had been right all along.

And the clock struck twelve times to signal midnight.