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Format: Novel
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 7,653
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence

Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Remus/OC, James/Lily, OC/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/28/2008
Last Chapter: 09/23/2008
Last Updated: 09/23/2008


Dan Jazz here, Hogwarts caretaker of 1978,oh, you want to hear about the Lashers? Ugh, fine, they’re a group of troublemakers, but also in a band, called Whip-Lash, see, really good, actually. A Black kid is a guitarist, talented, she is, but they always cause trouble with those what do they call themselves? Oh, Marauders. And God knows they’re as famous as Britney Spears, maybe even more, before she cut her hair.
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Chapter 1: If The Who Could Prank
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READ THIS BEFORE YOU START STORY! Okay, you all need to know that this isn't really a song fic, it is a novel with some songs thrown in, in some chapters, there isn't a song in every chapter. And please review.

Rena Black was definitely, without a doubt, one of the most popular people in Hogwarts. Now a days, actually, anyone lucky enough to share the last name of Black, was popular. Rena and Regulus, the twins of the Black family, were very popular. Regulus had a reputation not that much unlike his brother’s, he had a different girl every week, and anyone would go out with him. He was good looking, tall, muscular, with midnight black hair that went without a trim for almost a year, that fell into his onyx eyes, he was the pride of the Slytherin house at only sixteen. Rena, on the other hand, was skinny, but curvy, and her stick straight hair had been cut to just below her jaw, with bangs so long and straight, they touched her eyelashes. A thick strand of blood red had been dyed next to a smaller strand of white, just above her right eye. Her eyes were as dark as the night sky, and her skin as pale as the moon. Not to mention, she was the most popular Ravenclaw, and in one of the greatest rock n’ roll bands ever, Whip-Lash, that already was stirring up attention. Sirius, was known for being a troublemaker, and having three of the greatest people in Hogwarts as friends. There wasn’t a girl in Hogwarts, save for Rena and Lily Evans, who didn’t want him. A different girl was on his arm every week, and he was smart, when he put the effort in. At seventeen, the years of Quidditch with James on the Gryffindor team had given him an incredible body, like his siblings, he shared the dark hair and eyes, his hair long and straight, like Rena’s but more wild. There wasn’t a person in Hogwarts, who didn’t wish to share the last name of Black.

Rena’s thoughts covered everything from her popularity, to the new electric guitar that Gibson unveiled. She had spent the summer, just like always, lounging in a lawn chair under the sun, her acoustic guitar in her hands, practicing chord after chord, and writing the actual music to the lyrics that her best friend and band mate, Ian Taylor, sent over via owl. In just three months time, Whip-Lash had three different songs completed, and two in the works. Her thoughts moved on to her brothers, Regulus didn’t mind all that much that she loved her music, but Sirius did. He despised her career choice, which was strange, because Walburga Black always made her hatred for Rena’s band well known. But Rena, being the smart Ravenclaw in the family, told her mother that wealthy, pureblood boys loved her music, and would give anything to date her because of it. That kept Walburga’s rants to only one every month, which was much more tolerable than the two a week Rena used to have to endure.

Her thoughts were interrupted by two boys entering the compartment only she inhabited. She recognized both of them, the first as Jared Mercury, one of her friends, and band mate. He played bass guitar, but could play regular guitar if needed, Jared and Rena’s relationship was like that of brother and sister, God knows Rena considered Jared as more of a brother than Sirius. The second was Remus Lupin. Rena smiled at the two boys, though Sirius hated it, Rena was friends with almost everyone at Hogwarts, save for Lily Evans, Sirius, and a few second years and Hufflepuffs she really didn’t know.

A blush crept upon Rena’s cheeks when her eyes met Remus’ chocolate brown, Remus smiled, heaved his trunk onto the shelf in the compartment, then sat down next to her in one fluid motion, putting his arm around her shoulders. Jared sat down across from them, allowing Rena to inspect the damage he probably did to himself trying to perfect some ridiculous trick with a guitar. Surprisingly, he didn’t have many bruises, but some of his fingers were crooked from being broken, but he did let his hair grow out. The mess of black now almost covered his sapphire eyes, and he had definitely grown a few inches, and he was as skinny as ever. He wasn’t as pale as he used to be, but the summer sun does that to people. Jared’s smile was as crooked as ever, and he was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, black High-Tops, and his uniform white oxford shirt and his green and silver tie.

Yes, Jared was a Slytherin, but he was the nicest out of them all, and he was only a half-blood, which he kept to himself. He was eye candy to every girl, and Rena often had to stop herself from checking him out. But he was going steady with a pretty Ravenclaw girl in their year, named Elizabeth Connor. Elizabeth was a cool girl, and one of Rena’s closest friends. Jared dressed and looked like the perfect stereotype of a hot bassist for an equally hot band whose songs are a little too loud, and whose guitar and bass solos could wipe the smiles and eyebrows off old-fashioned parents everywhere.

“ Have a good summer?” Remus asked the two of them. Jared shrugged and leaned back in his seat, waiting for Rena to brake into a tale of the pranks Sirius tried to pull on her or the annoying things Regulus did.

“ As good as it can get with Sirius and mum up my arse for playing in a band, and Regulus writing love letters to girls he’ll likely never see again.” Jared and Remus smiled, out of both amusement and sympathy.

The compartment door opened again, and this time three boys walked in. All of them were recognized as Ian Taylor, James Potter, and Sirius Black. Rena scowled as her brother walked in and sat next to Jared. James sat next to him, but Ian picked a spot on the floor in front of Rena, he leaned against her legs, his head above her knees.

“ Hey, d’you guys get that letter I sent you, that had the lyrics for ‘One Week’, that I sent you?” Ian asked. Jared nodded, a smile creeping across his face, and Rena couldn’t stop a smile spreading across her face either.

“ Yeah, and what the hell’s ‘Chickity China’?” Jared asked. A laugh escaped Rena’s lips, and Remus smiled. Remus caught James’s lips upturn out of the corner of his eye, though he was engaged in a conversation with Sirius.

“ I dunno, but the whole thing about that song is that it’s stupid and pointless, and ‘Chickity China’ fits that description. Trust me, it’ll be a hit,” Ian explained. Rena used the time to see what changes Ian underwent.

He cut his black hair, but purposely uneven in the front. It was now more of a longer Caesar cut. His face was more chiseled, his jaw line more expressed. His lips were still thin and pink, and his eyes were a perfect storm grey. Ian was still the most muscular of the group(he used to play Quidditch, before a Bludger got him in the head and he had to quit). And he was the biggest. Really he looked like the spawn of a emo musician, and a Quidditch player. Ian, like Jared, was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, black dress shoes, a black oxford shirt, and a black tie. Ian was the main vocalist of Whip-Lash, but did play guitar for many of the songs.

The train gave a lurch forward, and started to move. Not long after, the compartment door opened again, and two more boys entered. One was Peter Pettigrew, the short and stubby boy who was also a Marauder, and the other was Steven Staal, the drummer for Whip-Lash, and another of Rena’s friends.


“ Hey, guys,” the dusty blonde grinned, instead of taking a seat, Steven moved to the small piece of wall in between the window and the end on the bench. He leaned against it, put one foot on the wall and crossed his arms across his chest. Steven was the only one of Whip-Lash who was not wearing black. Rena herself had worn a pair of white pants, tucked into black leather riding boots, a blood red T-shirt with a complicated decoration of a fallen angel, and a sleeveless black and white pinstripe vest over that. But Steven was wearing normal jeans, and a tight fitting sky-blue T-shirt. The shirt revealed the muscles he had most likely worked on over the summer.

Steven was the shortest boy of the group, but he was well built. He had medium length dusty blonde hair, golden tan skin, and light green eyes. Over the summer, he had obviously started getting facial hair, because now he had five o’clock shadow, which was laughable, because none of the seventh years in the compartment had facial hair yet. For a sixth year to beat them out, Rena had to hold in her chuckle. Steven still hadn’t grown into his nose though, it looked fine from the front, but profile-wise, eek! It was huge!

James cracked his knuckles and leaned forward, and so did everyone else. They knew what he had to say. He grinned at his friends, and pulled out the Marauders Map from his back pocket. After activating it, he turned his attention to the pranksters on the edge of their seats.

“ Alright, let’s get down to business, for some of us here today, this will be our last ‘start of term’ prank. So it’s gotta be big. Ideas?”

The compartment was quiet for a few minutes. Steven snapped his fingers. “ I got it! Why don’t we charm the fireplaces in the Great Hall to spew out mashed potatoes everywhere-”

“ YEAH!,” Rena interrupted, “ until it reaches our knees-”

“ -And then we start a MONSTROUS food fight-” Sirius added. For a moment, he and Rena smiled at each other, but only for the briefest moment, then they remembered they hated each other and went back to glaring.

“ By throwing pumpkin juice we’ve jinxed to turn everyone’s hair green-” Remus added.

“-With that stuff we used back in fifth year, the stuff only we know how to get out-” Peter supplied.

“-But this time make it hot pink-” Ian said.

“-Yeah, but we’ll have to charm the juice right before the food fight starts-” James said.

“-That’s okay. Just have someone sneak down to the kitchens, pour it in the juice. Nothing happens if you drink it. I mistook it for real pumpkin juice once. It has to actually make contact with hair to change colors,” Jared explained.

“ Then it’s settled. But we’ve got to get working. Moony, I suppose you brought all of your books with and have some extras with you now? Good, then get them down, Ravenclaws, it’s your job to find the charm for the fireplaces,” James commanded. Remus jumped up onto the bench, and rummaged around his trunk until he found the right book. Everyone shifted seats so that Rena and Steven could sit next to each other, as they were the only Ravenclaws. They set to work on finding the charm in the book titled, 500 Ways to Make Your Hogwarts’ Pranks Memorable.

“ Next, Sirius, find that potion that I gave to you back in fifth year-”

“ Uh, sorry Prongs, but there’s no where near enough to give every student and possibly professor pink hair.”

“-hmm, then we’ll have to make more. Ian, grab that cauldron over your head. I’ve got the book in my trunk. Who’s got their potion supplies, maybe more than that was on the list?”

“ I do, my mum made me get more shit than I need this year,” Jared answered. Without an order, he started to rummage through his trunk for his supplies.

“ Excellent, now, if I remember correctly, a white owl’s feather is needed-” James started.

“ RACIST!” Ian shouted. Everyone let out a chuckle, and James rolled his eyes.

“ You’re right, Prongs,” Sirius said, he had grabbed The Book of Ludicrous Potions, from James’ trunk and had flipped to the correct page. “ One white owl feather.”

“ Good, Wormtail!”

“ Prongs?”

“ You’re job is to scour the train. Find someone with a white owl, and ask them for a feather. In fact, I think I saw Evans with a new white owl. Go get one from her.”

“ You’re forgetting one thing, James,” Rena looked up from her and Steven’s search for the perfect charm. “ You’ll need an excuse to get the feather. And if the prank is mentioned, you know she’ll try to stop us.” She didn’t try to mask the contempt she had in her voice. She loathed Evans.

James thought about it for a second. “ Good point. Wormtail, tell her that you need it for homework you forgot to do.” Peter nodded his head and then left compartment.

Remus and Jared had already started the potion, and the room was getting steamy. Ian was handing them ingredients they called out to him, and truthfully, James couldn’t have been more happier with his troops. They were doing everything he asked of them. A smile creeped across his lips. Sirius whacked him upside the head. “ Stop smiling to yourself, you look like a retard.”

“ Sorry,” he said, running a hand through his hair.

“ WE FOUND IT!” Steven and Rena yelled. James and Sirius moved to read the page in the book. The three working on the potion raised their heads, but then went back to working.

“ Excellent. Now, Sirius, you’ll go with Rena and Steven here to set the charm on the fireplaces. Set it to go off about, thirty minutes into the feast. That allows for the sorting and Dumbledore’s speech. You’ll have to run off of the train to get a carriage in the front. Since there are three fireplaces in the Hall, each of you take one. Memorize the spell. If the teachers are there, then sit down at the tables facing your respective fireplace and cast it quietly under the table. Good luck.”

They nodded in response. Peter had made it back with the feather, and said that it was rather easy, she seemed to believe his story. The feather was added to the potion, making it steam even more and adding humidity to the already hot-from-body-heat compartment. Remus moved to open window the same time Rena did. She ended up stuck in between the window and Remus, she was too short to open it, so Remus did it for her, raising his arms to open it and encasing her completely at the same time. Rena turned to face Remus, and saw that he was staring straight down into her eyes. She blushed and looked away, and Remus moved away silently.

The time had come. Rena, Sirius, and Steven were in the very first carriage, their wands in their front pockets for an easy reach. The spell was memorized in their minds, ‘Aperia, shootem’ then, ‘mashed potatoes, thirty minutes’. In the second carriage, the rest of the Marauders, and the “Lashers,” as James had pet named the members of Whip-Lash, waited, each with two vials of the hair-turning potion in their pockets; ready to sprint to the kitchens and add it to the pumpkin juice.

They wasted no time, as soon as the carriage started to slow, Rena, Sirius, and Steven jumped out, not waiting for a complete stop. They sprinted for the entrance of the castle, and ran into the Great Hall. No teachers were around.

“ Quick,” Rena hissed.

Aperia, shootem. Mashed potatoes, thirty minutes.” Strands of grey, green, and blue magic erupted from the tips of their wands and shot into each fireplace. The colors swirled like a tornado there for a few seconds, before they faded away into the air.

Students started to file in, and the pranksters took their seats at their respective tables. All three focused on the entrance, looking for the others to come running in to sit down, goofy grins plastered on their faces because they just pulled off the biggest prank in the history of the world. Rena watched two of her friends(though no one really knew they were friends), Barty Crouch Jr. and Severus Snape file in, flash her tiny smiles, and then sit at the Slytherin table. The crowd was thinning now, and still no sign of the other Marauders or Lashers. Teachers were starting to enter as well.

Steven whispered to Rena, “ where are they?”

“ I don’t know,” she whispered back.

Finally, the other three Marauders, and the other two Lashers, entered the Great Hall. Almost last, with grins as wide as the Great Wall of China on their faces, though they were clearly trying to control themselves, to no avail. The group separated, Jared going to the Slytherin table, and the others, James, Remus, Peter, and Ian, making their way to the Gryffindor table next to Sirius. They sent smiles and thumbs up to Steven and Rena, and then turned their attention to the first years who were filling in.

“ Now, let’s eat!” Dumbledore ended his speech at the perfect moment. Because several things happened at once:

Food appeared on the gold plates on the tables, and hair-turning-potion-spiked juice materialized in the goblets. The Marauders and Lashers let out sniggers, Lily Evans came this close to smacking James for an inappropriate comment that he let out moments before, and mashed potatoes came flying out of the fireplaces and started to rain on the students.

Several girls and first years screamed, a few started laughing hysterically, but most importantly, the older students took advantage of the hysteria to start a huge food fight. The Lashers, Remus, and Peter started pouring the potion/juice onto anyone who was unlucky enough to pass by, and James and Sirius stood up on the table and screamed at the top of their lungs, “ HEY! USE THE JUICE! IT’S HELL TO GET OUT OF HAIR! GET THE SLYTHERINS!”

Those who were in on the prank, namely, Ian, Jared, Steven, Rena, Remus, and Peter, took James and Sirius’ outburst as the cue to leave. Pulling up the hoods of their robes so their hair wouldn’t be touched, the ran to the exit.

“ Room of Requirement!” James told the group when the Great Hall doors safely closed behind them. In a mad rush, the entire group sprinted up the many stairs and corridors to the Room of Requirement.

As soon as they were safe in their sanctuary, they all jumped onto the one large sofa that had appeared and jumped for joy, laughing and chatting loudly about the monstrous prank that had just went off without a hitch in the Great Hall.

“ Did you see-”

“ She ran like shit-”

“ He screamed like a girl-”

“ They’re really ugly with pink hair-”

“ I can’t believe-”

That was about the time when they heard, rising up from the Great Hall, Albus Dumbledore’s furious voice, “ ENOUGH!”

AN: Thanks for reading! Plus I own nothing, but I would like too, and I would really apreciate reviews. How do you like their little prank? Well, it wasn't little, was it? And waddya think about Sirius hating Rena? Tell me!

Chapter 2: Boys like Girls, and Pranks and Spoons
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The pranksters had snuck their way down to their dormitories, taking extra precautions, checking every corner before turning, and looking both ways before crossing corridors. They felt sorry for Jared, who had to make his way all the way down to the dungeons safely, while the others had to go up several floors. But nonetheless, they still made it safely to their respective common rooms.

The next morning, Rena awoke to the unusual quiet of….no one in the dormitory? Dazed and confused, she glanced at the clock, nine AM? No, that wasn’t right, because that would mean that….she was late? SHE WAS LATE!

Terror swept through her, she bolted upright, until she realized, she was already late, so why try and rush? She had two options, get up and dressed and go to class, or just completely skive off class. After careful consideration, the second option seemed like the better one.

But she still had to get up and showered and changed, and after she did so, she made her way down to the Great Hall, hoping that not too many teachers were there, or that those her were didn’t suspect her as one of the students who pulled the prank the night before. She was lucky, only the Herbology teacher, Professor Johnson, was there. No one she really cared to sit by was at the Ravenclaw, but the Marauders were sitting at the Gryffindor table, so she made her way over to them and slid in between Remus and James.

“ What’re you doing?” Sirius asked when she sat down. He glared at her, and stabbed his eggs with more force than what was necessary. James and Remus noted it and eyed him warily. “ Don’t you have class? Steven just left for Transfiguration twenty minutes ago.”

Rena shrugged her shoulders, “ S’pose I do. But I slept in, no one cared to wake me, so I figure I’ll just skip it completely, rather than rush to get to Minerva’s class, which, let’s face it, is my least favorite.” Sirius glared darkly, but Remus smiled sympathetically as Rena helped herself to some eggs.

She lowered her voice before she talked, “ so, did anyone figure out yet?”

“ No one’s come to tell us we’re in trouble, so we’re just gonna let it be,” James shrugged.

“ Speaking of trouble,” Remus noted, “ you and Padfoot have Arithmancy in five minutes. Better get going, give the professors any reason to interrogate you, and you might let something slip.”

“ I guess, c’mon Prongs,” Sirius reluctantly left the table, James in tow.

“ So does Sirius still hate me?”

“ Uh, I think so.”

“ Figures.”

Remus and Rena spent the next few minutes in silence while they poked at their breakfasts. That is until, “ what’re you doing here, Black?” Lily Evans sat down across from Remus and Rena glared at her. It was no secret the two despised each other.

“ Eating,” Rena spat back.

Lily scoffed, “ I’m Head Girl now, Black. And I know that the sixth year Ravenclaws have Transfiguration first thing on Mondays. Why aren’t you there?” Rena shrugged, and she felt Remus put his arm around her shoulders. Rena glared at Lily with every ounce of hate she could muster. Lily glared back, it was like a storm of black and green, no one said anything for a good few minutes, until Lily’s eyes widened like she had just remembered something important. “ Well, if you skived off class, like I think you did, I guess I’ll just have to take five points from Ravenclaw, and give you a detention, I’ll tell Flitwick when his class gets out.” And with that, she got up from the table and glided out of the Great Hall.

Rena glared at Lily’s backside, and she felt Remus’ arm squeeze her shoulders comfortingly. “ I don’t get what James sees in her.”

“ Calm down, she’s just doing her job, and you were skiving off class. Lily takes being the Head Girl more seriously than others, unlike James,” Remus explained. Neither noticed that Peter got up from the table and left for the common room, muttering something about homework.

“ Still, you know she has it out for me, ever since I was a first year she hated me. Don’t know why. Did Sirius do something to her? Or Regulus? "

“ I dunno. You’d have to ask her.”

“ That’s never going to happen. Ah, here’s Steven. I gotta ask him what’s next on our schedule,” Rena got up to meet Steven at the entrance to the hall, when they met up he handed her the schedule.

“ Flitwick gave this to me as I passed his classroom. Also said that you’ve a detention tomorrow at seven with him in his classroom. Transfiguration was boring, you didn’t miss much, but Harrison Vaughn managed to turn his eyebrows grey. I’ll help you with the essay she assigned. Before your detention,” Steven said as they sat down at the Ravenclaw table. Out of the corner of her eye, Rena witnessed Remus get up and leave the hall. She turned back to Steven.

“ So what were you doing in Transfiguration, then?”

“ A whole lotta nothing.”

“ Figures.”

Rena took the time to examine her schedule. Her heart fell when she saw potions slotted in after Transfiguration. “ Potions next, you’ve gotta be kidding me! As if I don’t hate Mondays enough!”

“ I know. But then we’ve got Charms, and Flitwick loves you. Then you’ve got Astronomy tonight. Which really, is just an excuse to go to sleep. And look at tomorrow, nothing first thing in the morning, we can sleep late at least,” Steven explained. He was eating bacon as he talked, which totally disgusted Rena.

“ I guess. And at least we have potions with the Slytherins. So Jared’ll be in there with us.”

“ Yup. OH! I meant to tell you guys. Athentica Drums unveiled a new set. It’s amazing, I bet even Jared can get a beat on these things. I’m saving up my money for it, besides, my set needs replacing anyway. There’s only so many times you can fix a broken drum with magic.”

“ I know. And if these can get Jared to give a perfect beat then it’s worth the money. But that’s the problem, Athentica’s expensive. How much will this cost?”

“ A hundred Galleons.”

“ A HUNDRED GALLEONS!” Rena screamed, “ are’ya nuts?”

“ No, just ambitious.”

Rena scoffed, but she couldn’t hide the smile that was creeping across her lips. “ C’mon, let’s get to potions.”

Herbology with the sixth year Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors was just as boring as ever. And extracting the roots of Mandrakes wasn’t that hard, it was just hard to hear over their cries.


“ WHAT’S IT GONNA DO? GUM ME TO DEATH?” he yelled back. He had done this in second year, too, when they were only repotting the stupid things. It didn’t hurt back then, and it didn’t hurt now.



Astronomy was the perfect class to pull a prank in. The teacher, Professor Samuels, was an old hag who was half deaf and half blind. Her sense of smell was off the charts, but as long as dungbombs were not used, a baby could set of a nuke in the class, and she wouldn’t notice. So, naturally, Steven, Rena, and Ian took the opportunity when it presented itself. The Ravenclaws and Gryffindors were placed together in Astronomy, which was probably one of the bigger mistakes the professors of Hogwarts made when assigning schedules. Three out of the four members of Whip-Lash were much harder to control than just two.

That’s why, Ian, Steven, and Rena were hanging over the edge of the tower, a water balloon the size of a large man’s head in Steven’s head.

“ Look!” Ian hissed, “there’s someone!” He pointed to two figures exiting the castle and entering the darkness that was the grounds at midnight. Rena squinted to get a better look at the two. Her eyes widened when she realized who it was.

“ It’s Regulus! Hit ‘em!”

Steven dropped the water balloon. Regulus and the other person weren’t paying attention. They were too busy trying to release their feat from the prison of Rigley’s Never Let Go Glue, that Ian had ingeniously pasted on the grass below, so no one could escape their fate of getting drenched.

“ AHH!”

“ Yes!”

“ Got ‘em!”

“ Bulls-eye!”

“ RENA!”

“ Oh, shit! Don’t let ‘em see us!” Rena grabbed Ian and Steven by their collars and pulled them back from the edge. The trio collapsed on the ground in a fit of laughter, unfortunately for them, Professor Samuels was making her rounds, examining her students work at that time, and had made it over to the prankster’s telescopes.

“ Would you like to let me in on your little joke?” she asked, glaring down at them. The trio stopped laughing, and instead stared up at the old woman with looks that varied from shocked, to scared, to a look that said, “ oh shit, we’re gonna get it now.”

“ Uh, we didn’t do anything, Professor, it’s just, uh, you see-” Ian started.

“ -Rena here is sooo immature, she pointed out Uranus to us, and just couldn’t stop laughing. And you know-” Steven added.

“-You know, when I start laughing, everyone starts laughing.” Rena finished.

Rena started to laugh, it sounded completely and totally fake, but she hoped that Samuels wouldn’t notice. Steven and Ian joined in, they sounded fake as well, but they would do anything to avoid getting in trouble.

“ AH-HA-HA-HA-HAHAHAHAHAHA….” Samuels threw her head back and burst out laughing, and the trio shared glances of shock with each other, while still keeping up with the fake laughing.

All of a sudden, Samuels’ head snapped back, and she glared at the trio, and their laughs died down. Samuels drew in a breath, “ no.” She said bluntly.

The pranksters blinked, “ I’m sorry, Miss Black, but I do not find your laugh contagious, and I would very much like to know what your uncontrollable giggles were about, really.”

“ I told you Professor, Rena is immature. And we were laughing at her for it,” Ian explained.

“ I highly doubt that. But I have no proof that you three pulled something. So I cannot give a detention. But I will take five points from Ravenclaw, and five from Gryffindor, for not doing your work,” Samuels checked her watch. “ Now, our time is up, for homework finish your star chart. Class dismissed.”

As the pranksters left the tower, they exchanged looks of relief, and high-fived each other.

“ D’you think that Regulus, and whoever else was with him, will be able to un-stick themselves?”

“ Oh yeah, once water hits that stuff, you’re as free as a butterfly.”

“ Bummer, I was hoping for a night free of Regulus and his girlfriends. Oh well, I s’pose if I make it back to the common room, I can get a brother-free-night.”

“ Ugh, we’ve got Herbology today,” Jared groaned. He was sitting at the Slytherin table in the Great Hall, picking at a roll with butter. “ I hate Herbology.”

Severus Snape, Barty Crouch, and Regulus, surrounded him. Severus took the schedule from him.

“ Yeah, but you’ve got it with the Ravenclaws,” he pointed out, handing back the schedule.

“ Still, even being with my friends, does not take away the fact that Johnson has it out for me. I hate Herbology.”

“ She only hates you because you destroyed the Devil’s Snare,” Barty pointed out.

“ That was in third year! I was stupid and thirteen! Three years ago! Besides, the thing did try to kill me.”

“ I heard it only tried to kill you because you kept throwing puffapods at it,” Barty replied. His reply was met with a glare from Jared. Jared was about to turn back to his bread roll, when something sharp poked him in the ear.

He turned around, knowing it was from one of his friends, Ian was smiling at him, and pointed down to the ground. Jared looked down, and picked up a paper airplane. On one of the wings, the statement, “ OPEN! OPEN ME JARED!”, was written.

Jared unfolded the airplane, and read Ian’s note, “ watch out, you’re de-rooting Mandrakes in Herbology. Tuff stuff. I got in trouble for poking my finger in its mouth. Better make sure your earmuffs are on extra tight.”

Jared grinned at the note. Then scribbled down his response, “ I’m surprised you didn’t croak, your ears are the size of my head.” After folding it back up, he charmed it to fly back to Ian.

“ Jackass!” he heard Ian call after a moment.

“ What d’you write back?” Regulus asked.

“ Told him his ears were big.”

“ Well they are the size of an elephants,” Severus noted, smirking.

“ Nah, if they were that big, he wouldn’t be with Irene McCollum, more like the size of a bear‘s ears, God knows they‘re furry enough,” Barty said. The group laughed. Just then, Lily Evans entered the Great Hall. Followed swiftly by James.

“ C’mon, Evans, I would love you and hold you, I could even sing to you if you wanted me to.”

“ Okay, boys, time to put up the bets. Who says a slap?”

“ Put me down for slap, five Sickles.”

“ I got five Sickles on Evans stomping on James’ foot.”

“ Put me down for five, says her face turns red, and steam comes out her ears. Then she proceeds to torture him with a spoon.”

The boys stared at Barty like he was a freaky green mutant with purple hair. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “ it could happen.”

“ Fine, it’s done. Now c’mon their leaving! We gotta go see what happens.”

Barty, Jared, Regulus, and Severus rushed out of the Great Hall, they didn’t have to go far, after they exited, they only had to look up towards the Entrance Hall staircase to find them.

“ James Potter, you are insufferable!”

A few moments pass, and the boys, minus Barty, found that their mouths could drop lower and lower than they ever imagined.

“ I don’t believe it,” Jared said, bewildered, “ but you were right, Barty. Evans did turn bright red, steam did come out of her ears, and she did torture James with a spoon. Here you go buddy, take ten Sickles, you deserve every one.”

“ Yeah, here you go, way to go man, that’s impressive,” Regulus said, handing Barty, who had a massive smile on his face, five Sickles.

“ Here, that was incredible,” Severus said, handing over the money.

“ I know, but it just must be in my genes,” Barty said, counting his winnings.

“ Ew, man, keep yourself calm. I don’t need to see what’s in your jeans,” Jared replied, and he meant every word. Needless to say, Jared Mercury was not the fastest broom in the closet. 

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Chapter 3: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Plus One AH-MAY-ZING Song
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It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining, there was a slight breeze, keeping the temperature around a comfortable 70 degrees. Under the shade of the old tree on the grounds by the lake, the members of Whip-Lash sat. Jared and Rena with guitars in their hands, Ian had a notebook and a pencil on his lap, his head bent down in concentration. Steven was actually in the tree, laying down on one of the lower and thicker branches, napping. He actually didn’t have to do anything but create the beat after the guitar music and lyrics were done.

“ There they are! I told you I’d find ’em.”

The Lashers didn’t move. They recognized the voice as James’, and knew the rest of the Marauders were with him. They weren’t surprised when they plopped themselves down on the ground. Rena was used to Remus sitting by her, and Sirius sitting as far away from her as possible. Steven didn’t wake up. Instead he let out a snore, he was the only one in the school who could find the branches of trees more comfortable than a bed.

“ Would this work-”

Rena played a few chords.

“ No, doesn’t match the lyrics.”

“ We could try-”

This time, Jared strummed a few chords on his acoustic.

“ That might work, right it down. We’ll see, I have to get through this next verse. Then there’s one more chorus, but I already wrote that, and an ending line. Then it’ll be done,” Ian explained.

“ Don’t forget a name.”

“ Gotcha.”

The Marauders usually never paid attention to the process of writing and finishing a song, they only cared about the end result. They would listen to the same song, played or sung differently each time, about twenty times in one day, just to help their friends. Some people(namely the Slytherins and Lily Evans) saw the Marauders as jokesters who didn’t care about much, that only managed to get good grades because they cheated(which wasn’t true!), and boys who wanted a million different girls at the same time. But no one saw through them, no one but the members of Whip-Lash, they knew that they had hearts, that they were smart, and that they would defend anyone if they really needed it.

Whip-Lash didn’t trust anyone, other than the Marauders, with opinions about songs. They didn’t let anyone but the Marauders listen to the rough drafts of songs, because the Marauders didn’t hold back opinions, if it sucked, they told them, if it was wonderful, they told them, if Rena or Jared’s playing needed to be tweaked, they told them. And that was why, Whip-Lash was becoming a sensation.

Witch Weekly called them, “ the hottest new band to come from Hogwarts since Marlon and the Mar-ettes.”

They already had record deals in the works with, Bobby Night, a man credited with discovering and managing famous bands like, The Who, The Beatles, and Oasis. Jared had enlisted the help of his father, Christopher Mercury, to be the bands lawyer, to make sure Night didn’t take any of their money and spend it on useless things, like hookers.

“ Hey, Jared, what do you think about this bridge?” Rena played again.

“ It’s perfect!” Jared exclaimed.

“ It is,” James said, coming into the conversation. Remus and Peter nodded, but Sirius glared darkly at his sister, which she promptly ignored. She was used to Sirius, how he hated that she was in a band, acted like she never existed, even though James, Remus, and Peter liked her, he complimented the rest of Whip-Lash on their playing, but never her. He just ignored her, and Rena returned the feelings.

“ I know just where to put it, too,” Ian said, then he started mumbling to Rena and Jared about what notes should go where, how fast or slow to play, and who would play what part on whichever guitar.

Ten minutes passed. But Jared and Rena kept throwing out ideas, some of which Ian used towards the song’s development, some of which he didn’t.

Another ten minutes passed. The ideas were starting to dry up, and Rena and Jared desperately need a break from thinking. But Ian knew what he was doing, and they trusted him fully. He was scratching away at his notebook, it was amazing, really, how about three weeks worth of work could be put into a song only three minutes long. Ian had started the song before the term started, and he was planning to have the lyrics done soon, so Rena and Jared could work on the music. They got impatient, like always, and decided to start working on the music before the song was finished. Ian hated when they did that, because the music that they came up with sounded completely different when only a fraction of the song was done, than when the whole thing was complete. And about 99% of the time, the music they came up with when the song was done sounded better than when only a fraction was finished.

“ Hey, Jared, what do you think about this bridge?” Rena played again.

“ It’s perfect!” Jared exclaimed.

“ It is,” James said, coming into the conversation. Remus and Peter nodded, but Sirius glared darkly at his sister, which she promptly ignored. She was used to Sirius, how he hated that she was in a band, acted like she never existed, even though James, Remus, and Peter liked her, he complimented the rest of Whip-Lash on their playing, but never her. He just ignored her, and Rena returned the feelings. 

“ That’s it! I’m done!” Ian exclaimed, holding the notebook above his head like it was God.

“ Really!? Let’s hear!” a various amount of people yelled. Steven awoke from his slumber, and jumped down from the branch.

“ Yeah, read it for us. So I can get a general idea of the beat in my head,” Steven said. After Jared and Rena created the music, then they and Ian played it, lyrics and all for Steven, so he could come up with the beat. He had a knack for doing it within five seconds, sometimes less, of the song’s beginning.

“ Okay, here it goes:

“ Am I supposed to be happy?
With all I ever wanted, it comes with a price.
You said, you said that you would die for me... ,” Ian’s voice faded away.

No one spoke for a good few minutes. They were too shocked by the power of his words.

“ Who was that about? You mentioned someone in there,” Rena asked.

“ It was partly about a girlfriend I had over the summer, named Jenna Silverman, I ended up breaking up with her, but it was partly about my mum, too,” even though Ian was probably one of the toughest people around, he got a little choked up, talking about his mother. She had died the year before, some sort of heart ailment.

“ It was gold, Ian. If that song isn’t your breakthrough, I’ll pay you fifty Galleons,” Sirius said. Everyone else either nodded their heads, or mumbled something in agreement. Ian cracked a small smile, but he was still glum about the sensitive topic that was his mum’s passing. It was incredible, really, the impact one song could have on people, and Ian didn’t even sing it, he only read it. He still wasn’t sure how to sing it, with the music, it would be easier.

Finally, Rena’s head perked up. She grabbed Ian by the arm, and pulled him up, “ c’mon! I got an idea!”

She dragged him through the castle. Jared and Steven in tow, Steven had picked up the guitar she had left on the ground underneath the tree. Jared had his in his hand. Rena led them up staircase after staircase until they reached the Room of Requirement.

It opened to reveal what a music shop would look like. Three pianos, fifty guitars, four drum sets, and a section for orchestra instruments. There were plenty of comfy chairs for the Marauders to sit in while the Lashers worked.

“ What is this?” Ian asked.

“ I think this song will be better with a piano. This isn’t a hardcore song,” Rena explained. Silently, the other members of Whip-Lash agreed. And for the next hour and a half, they worked on the song, while they worked, the Marauders slowly got bored and left the room, although the Lashers didn’t notice.

At nine o’clock at night, the Lashers snuck out of their beds, dressed in the comfiest and lightest of clothing, and exited their common rooms. Jared, Ian, and Rena with two guitar cases each on their backs, holding one acoustic, and the other holding an electric, in Steven’s pockets, along with his wand, his drumsticks resided. They met each other in the entrance hall, and slipped out the front door as quiet as mice. Walking along the worn dirt path out of the grounds, was spooky, to say the least. No one dared to talk until they passed they were officially out of the grounds. The only sounds were that of the animals in the forest, and the members of Whip-Lash did not want to think about what resided in the Forbidden Forest.

Finally, they pushed past the entrance gates, and Ian dared to talk. “ We’re playing, ‘Five Minutes to Midnight’, ‘Do What You Do’, ‘Fat Lip’, ‘Viva La Vida’, and ‘This is How I Disappear.’”

“ Gotcha,” the others chorused.

“ And we’re meeting Paul at the Three Broomsticks,” Ian added.

“ Gotcha.”

Outside the Three Broomsticks, a middle-aged man that was obviously a rocker in his day, was standing. When he saw the band mates walking towards him, a huge smile creeped across his face, and he walked towards them.

“ ’Ello there! ‘Ere’s my lil’ rockers! C’mon now, we’ve a Portkey to catch!” He said to them. Right on cue, a pot he was holding started to shine blue, and everyone put their hands on it.

After they landed, the Lashers examined their concert hall. It wasn’t much. They were still in the “Underground Band” phase, but if this concert went well, they’d be out and in the limelight. All it was, was an old run down theater hall, with a small-ish stage.

“ C’mon, you lot. You’ve gotta prac’ice ‘fore you go on. Only couple hours now,” Paul told them, he herded them onstage.

“ We’ll play ‘Fat Lip’. Out of all our songs, that’s the one I’m least comfortable with,” Ian told his band-mates.

The rehearsal couldn’t have gone better, and it was the same with the show. They ended up playing three encores, and getting back to Hogwarts at three in the morning. But it was worth it, the crowd was invigorating, and they got paid a hundred Galleons each. Whip-Lash was finally getting somewhere.

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