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Harry Potter and the life of his parents by the killer

Format: Short story
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 1,814
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Violence

Genres: Drama, Romance
Characters: Harry, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 06/29/2008
Last Chapter: 08/14/2008
Last Updated: 08/14/2008

Fifteen-year-old Harry Potter was fleeing from the death eaters in the Department of Mysteries when he was suddenly taken back in time to his parents seventh year! How will James and Lily react?

Chapter 1: The time travel accident
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“No! Run! I'll hold them off!”

“Neville they'll tear you to shreds lets just get out of here!”

“Hermione's right Neville! You can't take all of them! They want the prophecy! Hurry and follow me, the door's this way!”

Harry was running faster than he ever had in his life. He didn't care that beads of sweat were slowly trickling down his face. All he could think about was the faintly glowing orb in his hand and the death eaters behind him.

He ran inside and slammed the door to the time room shut, saying the charm that locked it.

“Guys, they're gunna be here soon so get ready! As soon as that door bursts open-”


The door swung open so violently it almost come off it's hinges. Out of the darkness sprouted Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange, and two other death eaters they hadn't had the time to knock he masks off of.

“There they are! Get them!” Roared Malfoy, firing hexes everywhere.

STUPEFY!” bellowed Harry pointing his wand at one of the masked death eaters. The death eater just blocked it and snarled and shot a expelliarmus at Harry. He quickly dodged it and was quickly locked in a furious duel with the death eater.

Impedimenta!” he heard Hermione yell. The death eater hit with it fell with a cry of defeat and Hermione immediately stunned him.

“I must say it was a pleasure torturing your parents.” Purred Bellatrix halfway across the room dueling Neville.”Did you know that your oh-so-brave father cried like a baby when he was forced to witness your filthy wife be tortured?”

“THEN YOU'RE NEXT!!!” screamed Neville, his wand slicing through the are with unbelievable vigor. It was as though he didn't have an arm at all, just a blur of violent motion, he wand slashing trough the air like he was sword fighting Bellatrix, not dueling her. “RELASHIO!! REDUCTO!! STUPEFY!!”

Bellatrix's mouth opened up in shock for a few seconds, but was quickly closed in a growl as she matched Neville's speed.

Harry's death eater took advantage of his momentary distraction and tried to kill him with a certain green curse but Harry quickly dived out of the way as it hit the wall beside him and blew a hole in it, causing rubble to rain down upon the floor. “Ruducto!” shot Harry, missing the death eater's ear by a centimeter.

“ARG!” The death eater bellowed, trying to stun Harry who was to quick for him and dodged all of his spells nimbly. Soon the death eater was actually enjoying himself.

“Dance Potter dance!” he cackled, throwing curse after curse at Harry's feet. Harry retaliated by charming a table to fly at him. He immediately rolled under it as it was coming at him and shot another killing curse at Harry.

We're only kids! Thought Harry. We need Ron, Luna, And Ginny here also if were going to take on two of the best eaters in Voldemort's inner circle!

Hex after hex after hex was thrown everywhere in that little room, everybody jumping and sliding to dodge them. They just had to hold them off a little bit longer, Ron, Ginny and Luna should get there soon...


Harry was jerked back to his battle with the unpleasant sensation of the torture curse skimming his head. “STUPEFY!” Harry roared, pointing his wand at the death eater. The red spell collided with his face and sent him into the air for a few seconds before crumpling into the ground in a heap.

Bellatrix and Lucius Malfoy looked on with murderous faces and Bellatrix started fighting with even more skill. Lucius Malfoy's anger was only increased when Hermione challenged him to a duel by shooting a curse at him.

“Foolish mudblood you think you can defeat me? A Malfoy pure-blood? I'll have your filthy blood splattered all over the walls!” Spat Lucius Malfoy.

Hermione was dueling Lucius Malfoy by now and was not doing very good.

“Harry I can't hold him off much longer-AHHH!” yelled Hermione, getting hit with a yellow curse and dropped to the ground.

“NOO! HERMIONE!” both he and Neville screamed. While his back was turned Bellatrix managed to hit him with a purple curse and he flew back twenty feet to the end of the room where his head hit the wall with a gigantic CRACK! And he slid down, knocked out cold.

Harry looked at both his helpless allies in horror, now it was only him.

“Well well well Potter, looks like it's two versus one, we've finally got you!”

And with a bang like a gunshot he was launched backward and into the time turner shelf where all the time turners for some reason exploded and all the sand cascaded down upon him.

Suddenly all his surroundings blurred until he couldn't see anymore they were spinning so fast. Or was that him? Then he got the mixed feeling of using a portkey and participating in side-along apparition. This was not a good feeling. He was choking, he could hardly breathe, surly he was going to die-

But as suddenly as it started, it stopped and he was awoken to the odd sound of giggling.



A/N: So, what do you think? I'm going to be constantly updating 'the life and lies (to herself) of Lily Evans' so this will just be something to fall back on from time to time and write the next chapter every time I can't think of any ideas for TLALOLE (the life and lies of Lily Evans). So chapters aren't going to be up quickly. Sometimes it may take weeks! I know this chapter is short but hopefully they will get longer. Please leave a review! Am I good at action scenes or horrible? Did I mess up any of the character's personalities? Do you hate me for the cliff hanger? Please tell me!

Chapter 2: Intro to the Marauders
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A/N: Sorry, I'm not a trusted author yet so these things may take awhile to get up! It all depends on the validation times. I hope you're not angry for me taking so long! Spare me! *hides behind chair* Anyway, here's the new chapter, hope it makes it up to you!


“Did the mighty James Potter fall down?” Harry heard a voice say above him.

Wha-? James Potter?

“Here,” said the voice, helping him up.“Now, will I have to kiss your boo boos?” it giggled.

Ok, this was either a girl, or an extremely scary boy. Hopefully the first.

“Uh, no, I'm alright.” he said, getting up and brushing himself off. Whew. Girl.

“Ok, well you should probably be getting to your dormitories to meet with-erm-what do you call him...Paddedleg?”

“What, a football player?”

She sighed.

“Oh, right, I'll just...uh...go!” Harry said, sprinting up the stairs.

As soon as Harry opened the door, he thought his mind exploded.

There, sitting on their beds, were James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew.

There was a silence in the room so thick that no one seemed to be breathing. Sirius was the first to react by laughing his head off.

“Nice Prongs! You cloned yourself! Now Evans will be out of her mind! Mimico Sonorus Lily Evans.” he said, pointing his wand at his throat and imitating Lily.

“Shut up Potter!” he said pretending to look fierce.“I'd rather date the giant squid than you! You're no better Potter the second! You have just as big as an ego! I hate your guts! Go snog a banshee! ARG!!”

Remus and Peter looked amused as Sirius said the counter curse and James just glared at him.

“Sirius I do not have a clone, I don't even know who this guy is, where he came from, why he looks like me, or what he's doing here!”

Harry gulped.

“My name is Harry Potter, apparently I seem to have traveled through time, and I am your son.”

A long pause.

“ offense, but are you high?”

“NO! Look, I know it seems odd, but I am your son! I mean, look at me!” Exclaimed Harry, gesturing wildly to himself.

He looked Harry up and down.

“Point taken.” James said nodding.“But we'll need to take you to Dumbledore.”

“Good idea!” responded Harry.“He'll know what to do!”

“Ah, but not until the morning!” said Sirius.“What if he puts you in the sixth years dorm? We won't be able to hang out thats what. So I say that we have a little fun first.”

“Actually, I'm in fifth year.” Harry pointed out.

James turned to Harry.

“Just so you know that is about the deepest thing that Padfoot has ever said. Nor will he probably ever say anything deeper.”


“Just telling it as it is mate.” said James, shrugging his shoulders.

“Fine, but now I get to tell it as it is.” smirked Sirius.“You wouldn't believe the prank we pulled yesterday, not our best work but it was hilarious!”He said, turning to Harry“But then Prongs had to go and ruin it somewhat by making it not effect the teachers or Lily. I mean Seriously! You wouldn't believe how fun it is to infuriate her!”

“Yeah.” said James reminiscently.“I bet tons of people are still walking around Hogwarts with food stuck to them trying to figure out how to get the stuff off.”

“Yeah, sept Lily.” replied Sirius, throwing a glare at him.

“Yes.” said James proudly.“Couldn't hurt my beloved flower on the first day of school could I?”

Harry laughed.


“Well, yeah, I mean-”

James blinked.

He looked at Harry in the eyes and he looked like he was viewing him in a whole new light.

“Padfoot,” he said, never taking his eyes off Harry's.“Look into Harry's eyes and tell me who's eyes they are.”

Sirius did so, then gasped with realization.

“Lily Evans!”

“I KNEW IT!!!!!” exclaimed James shouting at the top of his lungs and launching himself into the air. It was quite like Scooby-Doo after being given a houseful of scooby snacks. Or crazy custards.

Harry was then forced to see the scariest thing he had ever seen, including Voldemort's face:

His own father do the happiest, and yet scariest and insanest(is that even a word?), happy dance across the boys dormitory. And to make matters even worse, he was singing.

Merlin save us all.



A/N: Okay, I know this chapter is short, pretty much has no meaning, and is extremely choppy, but I decided I wanted to make a funny intro to the marauders. Plus this is comic relief for the seriousness of the first chapter. Even though most of the humor I put in here isn't funny anyways...ah well.

Hope you liked the new chapter!

P.S.- I'm so sorry this chapter is short! The next one will be longer I promise!