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0.37 AM by Tedia Bones

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 803

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: General
Characters: Sirius, James

First Published: 06/09/2008
Last Chapter: 06/13/2008
Last Updated: 06/13/2008

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Sirius Black is finally fed up with his family and their believes and run away from home. He seeks out James Potter's home and there more news are awaiting him. 

Chapter 1: Of course it's raining.
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Of course it would be raining on an evening like this, it was to be expected.

The huge black motorcycle was vibrating under the gangly dark young man riding it; it was growling its displeasure of the weather. His thin travelling cloak was soaked like the rest of him, so going too high could be fatal for him. He would most defiantly get a cold, but if he was lucky Mrs. Potter would have stored some potions before taking away on holiday. Merlin he hoped that James hadn’t changed his mind and decided to go with his parents anyway. Otherwise he wasn’t sure where he would go.

The lights of Godric’s Hollow were faint in the light summer evening, but it was enough for him to make a reasonably secure landing. With a small bump the heavy vehicle landed on the ground a little outside the town. He wouldn’t want to make any muggles suspicious by flying in, and drove the last part to the Potter’s house; he was an adult now but if any of the muggle inhabitants reported flying motorcycles in the area, then the Ministry would come after him for sure. They would most likely send him straight home to his parents, expecting them to find a reasonably lawyer to defend his case if he should be thrown out of Hogwarts or not. He would rather have a direct ticket to Azkaban than that.

Outside the house he jumped off of the bike, silencing the roaring motor. The house was Victorian, huge and white, with massive metal gates. James had told him what if he steered for the middle of the gate, then one would be able to walk directly through them like at Kings’ Cross. He glanced around, making sure that no muggles were out on the street, and then he walked through the gates carrying the motorcycle with him.

On the other side of the gates the house seemed bigger. The garden was alive – James had never been very into gardening, it was clear by the state of the garden – a few gnomes were having a party in one of the corners, seemingly not caring about the rain or the youth walking with a gigantic motorcycle down towards the house. As soon as he reached the front of the house he parked the vehicle outside and went over to the grand front door. It was made of dark oak and reminded of the many Hogwarts doors, and was probably just as old. Wizardring houses got passed down for generations more often than not.

‘What do you seek?’ A creaky voice said, as an elfish face in stone materialised on the door. The door-hammer apparently a large metal ring in the elf’s nose. It glared at the youth with pointy stone-eyes.

‘I seek to speak to James Charlus Potter,’ the youth said, his voice slightly deep for his juvenile handsomeness. The face vanished quickly and didn’t reappear. The rain was lessening and he watched as the gnomes were doing a victory dance around the little fire. It was no doubt better to hold a bonfire when it wasn’t pouring down – even though bonfires had been rare that summer, the rain constantly falling from the sky – even if you were a gnome. A creak signalled the oak doors were starting to open and in the small opening, a boy with jet-black hair, glasses and the most suspicious facial expression stuck out.

‘Sirius!’ James said, surprised, his eyebrows were so high up that they were being hidden by his unruly hair. ‘Don’t just stand there; it’s raining cats and dogs! Come inside!’ Sirius was grabbed by his wrist and drug inside, his trunk floating after him and barely made it inside before the oak doors were closed once again. ‘I thought you were old Bahilda, my parents have ordered her to check on me once in a while. She does it on the most foolish hours. It’s driving me bloody bonkers!’

‘It’s good to see you mate,’ Sirius grinned and shook the rain out of his shaggy hair. It was times as these when one didn’t doubt why Sirius Black’s Animagus form was a big shaggy dog. There was no need to explain why Sirius had turned up at James’ doorstep, earlier that week having noted his friend via owl that he might not be able to live with his family anymore. ‘Why are you up at this hour anyway? And why are you grinning so smugly?’

James was grinning smugly. ‘Oh, I was just writing a letter to my fellow Head,’ James said in a nonchalant tone. ‘She finally agreed to go on a date with me. Lily Evans.’ There was a brief silence where the boys just looked at each other, and then they both erupted into wild cheers.