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Format: Novella
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 17,811
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Draco/Pansy, Harry/Ginny, Draco/OC

First Published: 05/29/2008
Last Chapter: 06/04/2009
Last Updated: 06/04/2009

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Hermione's world is turned upside down as she's told to believe in something she hates, love someone she despises, and change her opinions of the people she's hated the most. 

Hermione was always used to being right, now Cassy might be able to show her that she doesn't have to be right all the time, especially when it involves Draco Malfoy and L O V E.

Chapter 1: The Past, Present and Future
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I closed my eyes and let my thoughts flood and overtake my brain. I, Hermione Granger was going to become a person that stood for everything I was against.

Why me? When will I be me again? Where will I stay? Who will I be friends with? Will my old friends take me back?
Every possible question ran through my mind at a hundred miles per second.

I opened my eyes to feel a stinging sensation creep upon the two round, brown orbs. I looked around the room to see at least two dozen stone, cold faces, all looking at me, waiting for my decision. 

I turned my head away from them, away from the over whelming pressure that was put on my tiny, fragile shoulders. I didn’t want them to see the fear and anger in my eyes. I lifted one trembling hand up and wiped the only hot tear that had managed to escape my hard, brown eyes.

I quickly controlled my breathing and turned back to the people who were awaiting my reply. It was up to me. It was up to me to get the information needed.  It was up to me to put so many Death Eaters in their rightful place. It was up to me to help save the wizarding world, and it was up to me to help save my friends, and family and worst of all, it was up to me to help save my enemies from their inevitable fate.

I nodded my head in agreement and watched as each terrified face suddenly turned into extremely pleased one. All except for one, mine. 

I understood what I was getting into, I understood the risks to it, and most importantly I understood that if I failed, it would my own fault. There was immediate chatter amongst the members of the meeting.

Everyone seemed to be thrilled with the idea of doing this. I suddenly stood and slowly made my way out of the over-crowded room, only to await a dark hallway calling my name, desperately wanting me to fall into its clutches. I allowed it to, I also allowed them to. As I drifted down the damp, deserted hallway I noticed the many pictures that lined the walls of this ancient building.

Never before had I seen the pictures in this perspective. I was already starting to become another person, my new identity. I looked up at a picture which stuck out from the rest. The plump woman merrily smiled as I mumbled the new password. I slowly ascended up the staircase and opened my dormitory door, only to collapse within its depths. 

I smelled the sweet fragrance of my boyfriend, the aroma still lingered in the air as I inhaled it. I never wanted to let that scent go, but I was going to have to. If I wanted to save the people I cared about I was going to have to do the unthinkable, and leave the unthinkable behind.

I willingly let my tears of sadness and regret fall delicately down my youthful, tanned skin. The hot salty tears tasted sweet and bitter at the same time as they fell down my face, some stopping to drip off the end of my sharp nose, and some to continue further down, only to dribble into my opened heaving mouth.

My morals were going to be replaced with new ones, my sophisticated, no-nonsense, clever way of living would be no longer there, erased from my ever expanding mind. I hugged my pillow tight. 

I didn’t want to go through this transformation. Yes, I would be able to eventually change back into what I am now, but only after finishing my task.  I longed to be truly loved, and now leaving who I really was was just another setback. 

Ever since I watched my parents run around the inside of our magically locked house, trying to escape the flames licking at their feet I wanted to avenge them. The horrible men who had brutally murdered my family will pay for the atrocious deeds they committed.

The wizards and witches that did this to them would pay, and now was my chance to grasp the rare opportunity. I let more hot tears shed, only this time they were for my deceased mother, father, and baby sister. I fell asleep that night crying endlessly and dreaming about the past, the present and the future. I knew that tomorrow, I would start a whole new life, whether I wanted to or not.


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Chapter 2: Extreme Changes, and Rude Remarks
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Chapter 2


I sat there, terrified of what they would do to me.  I looked up for reassurance but received little, the only reassurance I received was from the twinkling eyes of my headmaster. I was about to plunge into uncharted territory. 

Never before had someone of my status do what I was about to. I Hermione Jane Granger, a preppy muggle born was about to become Cassiopeia Genevieve Achird, a pureblood sex-goddess.

I watched as many people started to crowd around me asking me many questions, some not even related to what they were about to do to me. I looked up and saw only one comforting face that of which belonged to Tonks.

I smiled weakly as she stepped forward and pushed everyone away from me, telling them to do as they were told and stay out of my business. I was extremely grateful for the support I was receiving, even if it was only from a select few.

For the past two days I had hid in my room, not letting anyone near me. I will never be able to tell Harry, Ron and Ginny who I was going to be or where I was going. Earlier this morning I had said my farewells, and best of wishes before apparating to the Order’s head quarters. Harry and Ron believed I was on a mission to go to the America’s and find some of my family to bring back, they were outraged at first. 

They couldn’t know what was going on as they could ruin the entire plan. After an hour of coaxing and reassuring them that I would return as soon as possible I was finally able to leave. I felt an overwhelming guilt for not telling my best friends where or what I was actually going to do.

As I sat on the plush, comfortable chair I almost knew that this physical change would also spark a different change, an emotional change.

“We’re ready when you are” I heard an unfamiliar voice announce. I nodded and closed my eyes tight, not wanting to witness the changes that were about to happen. A sudden rush of cold air was descending down my frigid spine. I opened my eyes hoping was the worst.

“Now that we have changed your personality we need to change your appearance. You have some say in the what you will look like, but you will have to have silver eyes and a tall slim figure.” Hermione nodded and was extremely pleased that she would have a slim figure. 

Hermione held her breath and mustered her well-known Gryffindor before mumbling “I would love to have long, blonde, silky straight hair and I love the slim figure, but I am not too crazy about the silver eyes.” I paused; I was never this straight forward with things. My eyes widened as I realized what I had just said.

Tonks laughed before stating “Yes, you will notice the affects immediately. You will no longer act like Hermione Granger.” I just nodded in response; I was too numb to speak.

“So you wanted long blonde straight hair? And any other requests?” I shook my head and waited for the transformation to begin. I felt my lips start to bubble and slowly my face started too as well. It felt like I had just drank the polyjuice potion. I felt my legs and waist start to tingle, and then I felt hair reaching my mid waist. Just as suddenly as the transformations had started they stopped and I opened my eyes.

I looked down to see long blonde hair resting peacefully on my slim figure, I looked at my legs to find that they were tanned, very long and lean. 

I stood and carefully made my way over to the mirror that had been placed nearby for my benefit. The reflection I saw was not my own but that of another woman.


“You are now Cassiopeia Genevieve Archid.” I heard a voice say. I nodded my head and stared at my reflection with astonishment. My piercing silver eyes stood out amongst the mass of long, straight blonde hair. My chest had seemed to grow at least two cup sizes, moving me from a 34B to at least a 34D. My long, tanned, toned legs looked amazing with the short skirt.

My narrow waist,high cheekbones and glamorous legs would look amazing even in sweatpants. I had also grown at least three inches making my height around 5 ‘8’. I turned around to face several faces nodding their approval.

“I will place memories in your head, about your past and family, so when you are questioned you will automatically know the answer without even having to think about it. I sat back down in the plush chair and waited for that to happen. I heard Tonks mutter something in Latin before I felt my head spin. I slumped in the chair. All of the energy I had before now seemed non-existent.


I carefully placed one foot in front of the other as I walked into the crowed Great Hall. I have always known that first impressions are everything so I spent extra time getting ready. As I walked between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw table I felt at least a hundred beady eyes on my tanned skin. 

I looked over and saw a depressed Ron and Harry, my heart ached to be near them but at the same time I wanted to be here and have a new fresh start...well almost.

I flicked my long blonde hair behind me in a seductive way as I scanned the Slytherin Table looking for my prey. I saw that greasy, bleached blonde ferret in the arms of the school slut. Pansy Parkinson. 

He seemed to be in a malevolence trance, the moment I stepped into the room I knew I would have his attention. He kept his deep blue eyes on me as I walked toward the front of the Great Hall. 

I did something extremely un-Hermione like and winked seductively at him as I flicked my hair in a motion Hermione Granger would never achieve. I turned my head towards Professor Dumbledore to find he was also staring at me with his blue eyes twinkling with either mischief or delight.

“Ahem...” Dumbledore declared accomplishing his goal of getting the students attention. “I would like to introduce a new student joining us this year, Cassiopeia Archid who will be joining Slytherin and will no doubt have a very successful year here at Hogwarts.” He nodded towards me letting me know that I was able to take my seat now. 

I walked down the aisle swaying my hips slightly between the Gryffindor and Slytherin Table, as I made my way to sit next to the ugly ferret who still hadn’t taken his beady little eyes off me I heard something that I will never forget.

“They didn’t even sort her, she was just assigned to slytherin, that has to be a sign.” Harry preached to Ron.

“Yeah, no doubt, and it looks like she’s a slut just like Parkinson too.” Ron gossiped. Harry nodded in response and went back to wolfing dowin his food like a savage beast. I was shocked at my friends, of course I didn’t look like myself but I thought that they would at least recognize me a little. I sat down and plastered a fake grin on my fake, smooth face.

“My name is Cassy” I announced to anyone who would listen. Draco nodded his head furiously while looking down at his plate. I raised one eye brow and looked around the table to see everyone staring at me intently.  

“take a picture, it will last longer.” I spat as I turned my attention back to Draco.

Draco just snorted into his food before lifting his head. “My name is Draco Malfoy” He paused to look me up and down. “I have never heard of you before, you can’t be in Slytherin if you aren’t a pureblood!” he stated smugly in a way that sounded like he was so repulsed he might regurgitate his food.

“Excuse me!” I shrieked.  “Of course I am pureblood; my family is one of the richest in all of France and anyone who isn’t a pureblood doesn’t deserve to live...” I paused for effect. “and that includes blood traitors.” I finished before glancing over to look at each and everyone one of the Weasleys’. 

O-mi-god, I cannot believe I just said that, they are my friends...Why can’t I even control what I am saying!!
I thought to myself.

At the mention of pureblood and blood traitors Draco immediately seemed almost...thrilled. “So you hate those filthy mudbloods too?” he question me as he sat up a little straighter.

“Did I not just say that?” I snapped back. I couldn’t control the words coming out of my mouth. The tingling sensations felt like someone else was controlling my brain and body. I shook the atrocious thought off by literally shaking my head.

“Yes, you did, I was just checking.” He began “See my family is one of the richest in England as well so we should get together sometime to talk about our lives, considering they are both so very similar.” He continued as he scootched closer to my petite body. I looked him up and down while raising my well groomed eyebrows.

“Or not” I began while Draco shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “I want to focus on my studies this year, so maybe instead of your great idea we could have a study date” I finished looking over to see several shocked faces. I shrugged my shoulders in response and turned back to Draco. “So?” I questioned “You up for it?” 

Draco Malfoy looked positively stunned. I laughed and just advised. “I will take that as a no then then.” An evil smirk crawled across my angelic face “Any other takers?” I broadcasted looking around the Slytherin table seeing at least two dozen hands in the air. 

“Wait, wait, I never said no!” Draco snapped causing several others to look in our direction.

“Well, seeing as you didn’t reply to my question I thought that anyone one of these gorgeous guys would love to study with me” I gloated before winking at a few sitting nearby. I turned my attention back to Draco who just glared sharp, pointy daggers into each one before also turning back to me.

“I think you should have the privilege of working with someone as intelligent and good looking as me.” Draco specified before his signature smirk slid across his pale, distinguished face.

“Wow!” I gasped “I have the privilege of working with the one and only Draco Malfoy?” I questioned as I lifted my hands over my heart and looked around the table to see many amused faces.

“Right you do” Draco replied obviously not catching the sarcasm in my high voice. I rolled my eyes and stood up puffing my already large chest out.

“I am exhausted, anyone care to show me the common rooms?” I asked amused at Draco’s reaction. He immediately stood and glared at anyone who would dare protest.

“Of course my love” He smirked as he stood and grabbed my delicate hand. We made our way out of the Great Hall with almost all eyes on us, all except for three pairs, all of which were in a heated discussion about their missing friend.


“I swear guys, there is something about that new girl” Ginny protested. The freckles on her face were highlighted as she squinted at the two boys sitting in front of her. 

“No way Gin, she is just another Pansy, did you see how her skirt was at least three inches shorter than yours?” Ron replied before rubbing some leftover food off the corner of his mouth.

“No she just as a sort of presence that reminds me of Hermione.” Ginny mumbled before looking to Harry for support.

“Sorry Gin, but I have to agree with Ron. She is the very opposite of Hermione.” Harry shrugged before finishing his pumpkin juice and running his hands through his already messy midnight black hair.

“Just promise me you won’t go looking for her, she looks like trouble so I don’t want you getting involved with her.” Ron advised his younger sister.

“No way Ronald! You cannot tell me who I can sit with! Nor can you tell me who to date or who not to date! I am not a little girl anymore! You always treat like I am six years old! And I know I am right about this too!” Ginny screeched. Her vermilion hair seemed to match her sanguine cheeks. Anger seeped from her pores as she stood and made her way out of the Great Hall.


“Draco why are we in the dungeons?” I asked as he continued to lead me further down the deserted corridor. I had known where the Slytherin dormitories were since Harry, Ron and I’s adventure in second year.

“Because that is where our Dormitories are” He disclosed before taking a sharp right. I looked around the corridor to notice many suits of armour among the dark, damp corridors. 

He stopped in front of an old portrait of Two men dressed in full armour ready for battle.

“Cockroaches” Draco stated. I watched as the men in armour bowed and the portrait swung open revealing a dark common room. I looked around and shuddered as the green and silver couches looked like they would eat you. 

The atmosphere was cold and damp. The air smelt strongly of an odour I could only assume was some type of mint. I turned and circled the room staring intently at everything my silver eyes landed on.

“Nice, huh?” Draco smirked as I turned towards the area where the noise came from.

“uhh...yep, definitely” I replied. Still curious as to where exactly the actual sleeping quarters were.

“Nothing but the best for us Purebloods” he stated causally before plopping his greasy little arse down on the hard sofa.

“Couldn’t agree more.” I replied. “Where do I sleep?” I questioned him. “I am particularly tired.”

“Of course, the Boys dormitories are there to the left.” He replied pointing to the portrait of a man with his wand drawn.

“Yes and where are the Girl’s dormitories, you know, considering I am a female.” I snapped.

“Over there to the right” Draco replied a bit too harshly for my liking before pointing to a portrait of a young women dressed in a ball gown and mask. “You are not in need of a password to get in” he finished before pulling his wand out and muttering a few spells to himself.

I raised my eyebrow before heading to the portrait of the young lady. As I approached the portrait opened and I ascended up the winding staircase stopping at the door labelled “Seventh Year Girls” I opened the heavy door only to be drawn into the room like a bug and a light.


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Chapter 3: Purpose
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Chapter 3- Purpose

I paused to look at my reflection in the mirror hanging by the door. My long blonde hair was pulled back into a loose bun, my silver eyes stood out against the blue eyeliner. My long, toned legs appeared amazing in the short school skirt and high socks. Happy with my appearance I headed downstairs into the empty common room. For 6 am. I knew I would be the only one here. I pulled out a book and made myself comfortable in one of the many leather chairs.

After 20 minutes of reading the leather started to stick to my legs which were resting peacefully beside me. I groaned as pulled them off the sticky leather. This common room was definitely not as comforting as the Gryffindor one. I was already missing my old life. I sighed as I sat up and stretched my long legs not even noticing the pale blonde boy staring intently at from the bottom of the staircase. I stood grabbing my book bag and made my way to the portrait hole singing one of my favourite muggle songs.

“Don't tell me you're sorry cause you're not, Baby when I know you're only sorry you got caught, But you put on quite a show, You really had me goin'...” I stopped when I heard quiet snickering behind me. Rolling my silver eyes I boldly stated “What do you want fe...Malfoy?”

“Nothing...just wondering why you were singing muggle lyrics?” He paused catching up to me, “You know, considering you hate muggles.”

My eyes unwillingly widened as I tried to stay relatively calm; I took a deep breath before answering, “How do you know about Muggle songs,” I paused, “You know, considering you hate muggles as well” I felt like flying! I turned his question around to him!

“I asked you first.” Was Draco’s lame retort to that.

“Yes, well that means you have to answer first.” I turned when we entered the Great Hall. I started making my way towards the Gryffindor table before I could realize what I was doing.

“Hey Archid! Wrong table!” Malfoy yelled towards me. I gaped realizing I was standing right in front of Harry and Ron. I blushed as they stared up at me strangely. I turned around hugging my books against my chest and made my way over to the snickering Slytherin table.

“Thanks for restraining me Malfoy.” I stated calmly before piling eggs onto my small plate.


“Well, if you wouldn’t have reminded me that there are Professors everywhere I probably would have hexed Saint Potter into obliviation.”

“Wha...” he sat there, unresponsive for a few seconds. Regaining his ‘cool’ he continued, “So you hate Potter too?”

“Did I just not make myself clear?” I shook my head as I winked at a nearby boy who was probably only in fourth year. I turned my attention back to Malfoy and saw him glare daggers into the little boy sitting down the table.

“Now, now Draco.” I paused to see him look back at me. “he hasn’t even hit puberty yet and you already feel like you have competition. Tsk. Tsk. You know that I’m all yours... if you try hard enough.” I stood wiping the corners of my mouth with my index finger and thumb before strutting towards the Great Hall entrance. 

I smirked knowing that I had just left the Slytherin Prince flabbergasted. I pulled out my schedule and made my way to the Dungeons. Double Potions first, at least I will be early to get a seat at the back. I inwardly groaned at the thought. I knew that Snape wouldn’t know who I am so I had at least a slight chance of maintaining my perfect O grades.

I rounded the corner only to run into Ginny. I smiled but instantly turned that smile into a smirk. “Hello Weaslette.” I turned ready to go around her but she grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

“My name is Ginny,” She paused to look me in the eye. “but of course you already know that.”

I stared at her surprised, she can’t know who I am. Can she? No

“Why would I know that!” I spat in her face before yanking my arm out of her grasp and continuing down towards the dungeons.

“I have only known one girl who always went to class early.” Ginny stated before turning around and continuing towards her destination. I stood there, mouth gaping.

Nooooo, she couldn’t have, no, no, she doesn’t, noooo!
I assured myself that Ginny Weasely did not know who I really was.

“What’s wrong love?” I heard a too familiar voice state from behind me. I turned around to be standing a mere three inches away from Malfoy.

“Nothing, just thinking.” I replied before continuing my journey down to the Dungeons. “and I am not your love, I am no one’s love, nor with I ever be anyone’s love.” I continued mad at the way he thought that I was all his.

“Of course.” He agreed, “why would you be anyone’s love. I mean love is such a stupid thing.” Draco smugly finished knowing he was picking a nerve.

“Love is not stupid!” I exclaimed, “Love is something that you Draco Malfoy will never feel or understand!” I abruptly turned around and headed towards Professor Dumbledore’s office.

“Cassy!” Draco called after me, “Where are you going? The dungeons are this way!” He finished chuckling to himself.

“I’m not going to class as you can clearly see!” I yelled back as I rounded the corner only to collide with the school slut. Mother....not with the corner things again! I mean come on! I thought to myself as I stared into Pansy’s cold, hard black eyes.

“So, you’re the slut who’s trying to steal my Draco.” Pansy declared as she rose, wiping her robes gracefully...snort...yeah right.

“No, I do believe you’re wrong. I am the beautiful woman who has rightfully claimed what is hers while knocking your fat arse of its high horse.” I sneered taking several intimidating steps closer. If you looked up violent bitch in the dictionary you find Pansy Parkinson’s name, picture and full description. The only problem with Pansy was that she was irrational and therefore I believed she could easily be defeated in any duel.

“Why you little bitch!” Pansy shrieked pulling her wand out of her pocket. I was one step ahead of her and by the time she had managed to pull her wand out I already had my wand on her neck.

“Care to take your words back?” I questioned her as I pushed my wand a little harder into her neck in result causing her to whimper slightly.

Instead of replying Pansy opened her mouth and spit on my robes. I shook my blonde head in response. My silver eyes pierced through hers as I grabbed the front of her robes and threw her several feet away from me. Tucking my wand back into my pocket I announced, “We are done here”

I picked up my books and continued in the direction I was headed before I ran into Pansy. They don’t call her a violent bitch for nothing.

“Cru...” I heard Pansy start to scream. Pansy’s shrill screams were muffled as the silencing charm was cast upon her. I turned around to see Draco holding a red Pansy by the throat against the wall. Surprised I stumbled backwards a few steps as I watched Draco whisper something into her ear that made Pansy’s’ little black orbs widen with fright. I gazed on completely out of it; and as I was about to start breathing again Draco let go of Pansy and she simply walked away...what is going on?... Draco looked over to me and gave me a smug smirk.

“That’s a good way to ruin the whole saving ‘the damsel in distress’ thing.” I spat and turned around making my way to Dumbledores’ office...again.

“Hey Archid! I do believe you owe me a thank-you and maybe a thank-you kiss as well.” Draco caught up to me and easily fell in step with me.

“Thank-you and when pigs fly!” I spat as I turned the corner, this time eyeing what was on the other side.

“Wait Cassy! I think you should see this.” Malfoy yelled after me. I sighed and hesitantly turned around to see a pig hovering in the air and a smug Malfoy pointing his wand at the pig.

I sighed again before snorting, “I said fly, not hover, but nice try ferret.” His smug smirk was immediately replaced with an evil frown, if that was possible for him. His eyes narrowed into slits and I ignored his many comments as I mumbled the password in front of the gargoyle.

“Why hello Ms. Achrid, I have been expecting you for quite some time, even though dinner is about to start.” Dumbledore announced from behind his desk. I nodded my head and dropped into the chair in front of him.

“I have no new information. Sorry but he still...hasn’t...” I stuttered unsure of which words to choose. 

“Well, you know...” Professor Dumbledore smiled and nodded his head.“I was not expecting any information for at least two months. Malfoy isn’t one to trust lightly. It will take time and patience to achieve the information necessary.” I slowly nodded my head realizing I was going to have the game from a different angle.

“Thank-you professor, I must be going now” I raised my petite body out of the overly large chair waiting for the professor to dismiss me. He nodded his head once and I left the room practically flying down the staircase. I was going to have to dig deeper into a world I barely knew. I was going to have to uncover information from both sides that I had never dreamed of knowing.

The thought of my parents at Voldemorts’ feet begging for death made me clench my hands tightly while I let my jaw tighten and loosen to calm my sense of being. Over the past two days I had almost completely forgotten my purpose. I had got so caught up in the hate and archive that I had forgotten why I was currently heading to the Slytherin common room instead of the Gryffindor common room. I abruptly stopped in the middle of the corridor having to catch my breath and control my anger. I was angry at myself for letting petty problems blur my main focus. Suddenly feeling constricted and claustrophobic I loosened the tie around my neck and undid a few of the top buttons letting my breathing slowly decrease.

I continued my way through the corridors towards the dungeons. I absolutely hated living in the bottom of the school under the lake. There was constantly a cool draft and changing my mind mid step I abruptly turned around and headed outside for the lake.

The weather had been pitiable and shabby all day; I picked up the pace of my brisk walk to a near jog. I could feel the heat rise in my pale cheeks and I felt the burning sensation slowly creep up into my silver orbs, blurring my vision as I walked straight outside into the rain. Not wanting anyone to see me; the all mighty, pureblood bitch, Cassiopeia Genevieve Achird crying I started to sprint towards the jagged cliffs that lay beyond the grassy patches in front of the lake. I felt the hot tears slid down my tantalizing face. I wanted them to mean nothing, I wanted the tears to be insignificant; but in reality I knew that they meant much more than nothing.

As much as I wanted them to be a blimp on my radar I knew the salty tears were for my parents, friends, old life and new life. I had forgotten my old, comfortable ways and tried to become something I am clearly not. I heaved in a sigh as I reached the edge of the cliff. I dropped my bags and despite the rain I ripped my robe off, leaving them discarded in a heap behind myself.

Letting the rain soak up my hot, salty tears, I carefully slid to the edge to the cliff. I didn’t or couldn’t let anyone know that I showed weakness. As I kept inching closer to the edge the darkness eventually engulfed me whole. I stood next to a rocky cliff and listened as the waves of the lake hit the edges of the sharp shore. I wished I could go back in time, go back to where I was just Hermione Granger, an intelligent, quiet Gryffindor who loved to read and have fun with her close friends.

I felt the wind flap my hair around my delicate face, the blonde strands flew backwards and the bitter wind was thrust upwards. I held my bare arms out and let out a loud, hard sob.  I cried and let the unwanted tears cascade down my elusive face wishing I was living my own life. 

The trees whispered in the violent wind and beyond the cliff and the waves roughly hitting the cliff threatening to spill over and soak my trembling body I could clearly hear the slow, heavy breathing pattern of a distinctive blonde, young man behind me. I kept my stance and let him wrap his muscular arms around my vacillating body pulling me away from the edge. I sobbed even harder into his chest while he slowly rubbed my now soaked back in small, comforting circles. 


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Chapter 4: Free Fallin'
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Chapter 4 ~ Free Fallin'


I whimpered slightly as Draco carried me inside the castle. He held me close to his chest; not talking, whispering or laughing. He was just breathing. I wanted to die. My parents had given up their lives for me and this is how I repay them? I mean, I was strutting around this castle like I owned the place, pretending nothing was wrong, and forgetting everything and anything that had happened. I was ashamed of myself and who I had become. I tried desperately to control my breathing but as we reached the seventh floor I gave up. Sighing and sputtering I managed only to wipe more tears onto Draco’s soaked shirt. I coughed and gasped as I clung to his warm body. He had always seemed like the type of person who would naturally have a cold body temperature. I was once again proven wrong. I grasped his shirt and felt his chest tighten underneath.

He adjusted me in his arms as he paced in front of a wall three times. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my tear-stained face in his drenched chest. He walked calmly through the door. Without asking me any questions he walked straight to the couch and was about to put me down. I whimpered and grabbed the back of his shirt not wanting to let go. I heard him sigh and nod his head; I was thankful that he was here, with me. He sat down on the plush couch; a couch so different from the ones in the Slytherin dormitories.

A million questions ran through my head as I sat on Draco’s lap and cried my broken and bleeding heart out. Why was he doing this? Was he using me? Was he planning on using me? Was it for sex later on? Am I doing the right thing? Should I stop who I am? What should I do?

I decided to sit there with Draco until my tears were cried away. He rubbed my back in slow, small circles while he quietly sang a muggle song I knew by heart.

“She’s a good girl, loves her mama, loves Jesus...”

My sobs quieted as he continued to quietly sing,

“for breakin her heart
And I'm free, free fallin'...”

By the time he finished the song I was breathing heavily and half asleep. He shushed me while rocking me back and forth after he finished singing. The last thing I heard was “You don’t even know” before drifting into unconsciousness.



Draco’s POV

“You don’t even know” I whispered as Cassie finally drifted off into a sleep. I watched Cassie’s chest slowly rise and fall with each breath she inhaled. Even when she was sleeping she was still as beautiful as ever. I thought to myself as I conjured a blanket to cover Cassie’s shivering body.

I studied Cassie’s face while she slept peacefully. Her eyes were puffy from crying but I looked past the mascara stains running down her rosy checks and saw that she was beautiful even without the all the make up. I noticed a piece Cassie’s wet, blonde, tangled hair fall into her pale, angelic face. I shifted in my seat as I reached over to tuck the stray piece of hair behind her ear. I shuddered at the memory of seeing her standing on the edge of the cliff; I was so scared; so scared that I would lose her.

I have seen her before, but where?
I was puzzled as I recognized this girl but couldn’t place where I saw her. I shrugged the thought off as I tried to slide off the couch and leave the peaceful girl sleeping behind me. As I reached for the door handle on his my out I heard a whimper followed by a pleading voice. I stopped dead in my tracks. She was dreaming, she was having a bad dream no doubt. Hesitantly changing my mind I turned around to walk swiftly back to the sleeping girl.

As I watched her sleep I noticed her twitch every now and then. I pulled the lounge sitting across the couch closer to her before sitting down and watching her sleep unsure of whether or not to wake her from her dream...or nightmare. Deciding against it I watched her struggle in her sleep.

“No! Not Draco! Please! Stop it!” Cassie begged in her sleep as she shifted uncomfortably on the couch. I was taken back, she was dreaming about me. I shook my head and tried to prevent the thoughts that were entering my overcrowded mind. I had never felt this way before and my heart wasn’t agreeing with my head. I felt as though I was either losing myself, or giving myself away. My head pounded every time Cassie laughed or spoke to my; even if it was a comment directed to hurt me.

I, Draco Malfoy knew that without a doubt I was falling in love, and way too fast for my liking.


I sighed as I decided to move the uncomfortable, sleeping Cassie. When we had entered the room I hadn’t even thought of a bed and now I didn’t want to pick her up, take her out and then bring her back in. Instead, I gently picked her up my arms behind her head and under her legs and carried her out the door and down to the dungeons.

As I walked quietly and swiftly through the halls I would occasionally glance down at the sleeping beauty in my arms. Thinking about what I had gotten myself into, I mumbled the password to the portrait. I hoped that everyone was sound asleep because if they weren’t there would definitely be rumours soaring tomorrow and Cassie would probably Avada Kedavra me on the spot after she...I gulped...I didn’t even want to think about what she would do to me. I peeked my head around the corner ready to hex anyone who was still awake.

Luckily for Cassie and I, everyone was sound asleep and in their own beds. I tip-toed towards the girls dormitories, but stopped when I reached their portrait because I realized that I wasn’t able to go in there without setting off at least a dozen alarms. Cursing under my breath I looked around for another option. I adjusted the sleeping body in my arms before moving towards the boy’s dormitories knowing that there were no alarms, having brought numerous girls up to his dorm before.

Climbing the steep, concrete stairs with ease I reached the ‘Seventh Year Boys’ door and opened it with my back but not before placing my ear against the door to make sure that everyone was sleeping. I crept towards my bed and placed the sleeping Cassie underneath the green and silver covers.

I drew the curtains shut in case anyone woke up while I was changing and stripped down to my boxers and looked around in the dark for a t-shirt I could wear to bed. Finding one strewn across a nearby chair I opened the curtains around my bed and climbed in; above the sheets and below the quilt. I didn’t want to ruin our relationship by screwing things up because I had done something stupid, so I adjusted my body next to the already sleeping one. Our bodies were separated by a thin sheet; closing my eyes for a second I turned towards Cassie and gently leaned over and kissed her lightly on the forehead before turning back and quickly falling into a deep sleep.




I opened my crusted eyes to feel a warm breath against my skin and an arm wrapped around my waist protectively; liking the feeling I closed my eyes once again not wanting the feeling to stop. I waited for the sounds of my roommates hustling around the room, getting ready for the upcoming day. Not hearing the usual morning sounds and hearing a bunch of whoops and grunts I snapped my eyes open and lay there darting my wide eyes around the room.

I looked to the body that belonged to the arm and the warm, comforting breathing was the one person who, for the past six years I had hated with a homicidal passion. I jerked away from him, surprised and took in my surroundings. I gasped as I realized I was in his bed, lying next to him, and sleeping next to him!

I could feel my breathing increase as I tried to remember how I got here; no memory came. Thinking the worst I began to hyperventilate, I hesitantly glanced down at my body dreading what I would see. I released a sigh of relief that I didn’t know I was holding in as I realized that I was still fully clothed. Okay, so maybe I was in yesterday’s clothes, but they were clothes none the less.

I glanced over to sleeping figure lying peacefully next to me; completely unaware that I was awake. Lying there next to him got me thinking; was this good for the assignment?  Was this good for me? I actually like waking up next to Draco after I got over the shock; did I want to wake up next to him again?

I reached my arm over and poked him lightly in the shoulder; scared that if he woke up abruptly that he would become either angry or have a panic attack. Draco grumbled in response nodding his blonde head a few times before drifting back to sleep. I poked him again; this time, harder. He grumbled again, but this time he opened his beautiful blue eyes. I melted and lightly smiled as he realized I was awake. He rubbed his eyes and removed his arm from around me.

“So...” I whispered,

“So...” He whispered back looking me directly in the eyes.

“Does anyone know I’m here?” I asked, looking away and fiddling with my folded hands in front of me. He shook his head causing several blonde pieces to tumble over into his pale face. I nodded before continuing, “How did I get here? I can’t remember anything.” I finished the last part of the sentence quietly ashamed that I had no clue how I arrived here in his bed.

“I brought you,” He started; I raised my head and furrowed my perfectly groomed eyebrows clearly confused. “I found you outside...” He stumbled for words, “by a cliff...crying...I was were going to...” His voice dried up before he could finish the sentence. I widened my eyes as I realized that he thought that I was going to jump. Of course the thought had run through my confused mind last night but I wouldn’t actually...jump. I lowered my head and smoothed the blanket I was under.

“I didn’t want to...” His voice faded, “lose you.” I rose my head surprised that Draco Malfoy,  the Slytherin Prince was showing feelings. My throat was dry and clammy; I didn’t want to respond for fear of my voice betraying me and cracking. Instead I reached out for his hands; they were surprisingly warm. I kept my eyes diverted from his as he brought his hands around mine.

“Never” I breathed finally looking up at him. He had brought me here from the rain. He had seen me cry, he had comforted me in my time of need. Five words were stuck in my head;

and I'm free, free fallin’.

I felt him shift closer to me and whisper in my ear “I have never felt this way before; I, the Slytherin Prince, am falling in love with a girl named Cassiopeia Genevieve Achird. I stiffened as he spoke. Did I feel the same way? Did I want to feel the same way? Could I? I looked up into his deep blue eyes and nearly melted again.

“I need to go.” I whispered turning my head away from his. Disappointment could clearly be seen etched across Draco’s pale face when I glanced up one last time. He regained his ‘attitude’ and nodded throwing the quilt off him and opening the curtains to glance around the now empty Seventh Year Boy’s dormitories. He nodded once again and opened them further. I sat there stunned; he was slept on top of the sheet? Leaving a thin sheet between our sleeping bodies? This was not the Draco I had known for the last six years.

He continued his way to the door and peeked outside before closing and locking it. “Now we have to get you out of here.” He stated, plastering a fake smile across his ashen face. Draco was extremely good at hiding his emotions; but I could read his eyes. Disappointment. Regret. Sadness. I was immensely guilty that I hadn’t told him how I felt; but I couldn’t, not if I wanted to complete the task successfully.

I stood, flattening some of the wrinkles on my robes. I walked towards the door keeping my eyes locked on my feet. “Wait” He whispered as I approached the door. Draco walked towards his dresser. He opened the third drawer down and pulled out a familiar silvery cloak. I gasped. How did he get one?

“Wow” I whispered as he advanced towards me. “Where did you get this?” I asked pretending like I had never seen one before.

He smiled, weakly proud that he had impressed me, “My father gave 
this to me when I was sixteen years old. My sixteenth birthday was an extremely important one for the family.” He whispered almost regretting his words.

I knew what he was saying, that was the day he became my enemy for life. I had been sworn into the order when I turned sixteen and I was supposed to turn in or kill any death eater that I came across. Draco was no exception. “That was when...” My voice faded, I didn’t want to finish the sentence. Saying it out loud made it seem unbelievably true. “That was when you became...” my voice cracked as he nodded, I reached for his left arm. I pulled the arm in front of me and turned it face up; his long sleeve was still covering his forearm.

I looked up into his eyes, waiting for his permission. He nodded slightly; barely, but it was enough. I took a deep breath and slowly lifted his sleeve feeling electricity pass between us Just as I was about to see his mark I stopped. I looked up at his face to see confusion plastered across it.

Letting out a few breaths I controlled my quivering body. “I just want you to know,” I started motioning to his arm, “this will change nothing, even if we are separated.” He looked surprised; like no one had ever told him this before. I glanced back down at his arm and moved both my hands to the edge of his rolled up sleeve; less than a centimetre away from his mark. I lightly traced my fingers along the edge of his sleeve, contemplating whether or not I wanted to see his mark. If I did I would have to turn him in, or could I possibly see it and not turn him in?

I didn’t want to lose him, but if I didn’t look I may not get another chance. If I did see his mark then I could always block everything from my mind; like I had to do with Draco currently. “Why are you hesitating?” Draco questioned me clearly confused at my indecision.

I weakly smiled back at him, “I want to be prepared for what I already know.”

He furrowed his eyebrows at me even more confused now than before. 

“How did you know? When did you know?”

I glanced back down at his sleeve before looking back up at him and weakly smiling again, “I knew from the moment I laid my eyes on you.” Draco remained speechless; not flinching of moving his arm away from me.

I took a deep breath and siding with my conscience over what makes sense, for once I let go of his arm and watched as it fell to his side, loosely dangling beside his toned body.


“Because I know, and you know and no one else needs to know.” I paused to move my delicate hands up to his gorgeous face. I took a step closer to his body feeling the tension between us, “The time is not right for revealing secrets.” I looked right into his deep blue eyes and felt myself go weak in the knees, he filled the gap between us, and moving one of his hands to the back of my neck he gently pulled me closer to him; we were now millimetres apart. It was extremely dangerous for the both of us to be doing this right now, but I didn’t care.

I closed the gap by pressing my own plump lips against his warm ones. I felt Draco reach around my waist to pull our bodies closer than humanly possible. I pulled back slightly to open my mouth faintly and I felt his lips against mine once again as the gap was closed almost instantly. I felt his tongue slid across my trembling lips begging for entry and without thinking I obliged. My tongue entered his mouth as willingly as his entered mine. His hand that was once behind my neck was now cupping my face gently. I didn’t want this feeling to end. This feeling of warmth and security. This feeling of raw passion and most surprisingly, love. I broke away from the kiss, scared because of what I had just done. 

I had just passionately kissed the enemy. Willingly.

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L'amour ~ Chapter 5~ Knock Me Off My Feet

Two weeks after that fateful morning when Draco and Cassie had kissed something new appeared at Hogwarts.

I furrowed my perfectly groomed eyebrows at the new girl who had just been sorted into Slytherin. I had watched as the new black haired raven toothpick placed her skinny butt right next to Draco who looked her up and down suddenly extremely glad he had decided to come to breakfast that morning. This new girl flashed her perfect teeth as well as a perfect set of...ah...hem right in front of Draco as well as several other Slytherins.

I snorted as I jabbed my fork repeatedly into my eggs, taking my anger out on the mutilated food in front of me.


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Chapter 5: Knock Me Off My Feet
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Two weeks after that fateful morning when Draco and Cassie had kissed someone new appeared at Hogwarts.

I furrowed my perfectly groomed eyebrows at the new girl who had just been sorted into Slytherin. I had watched as the new black haired raven toothpick placed her skinny butt right next to Draco who looked her up and down suddenly extremely glad he had decided to come to breakfast that morning. This new girl flashed her perfect teeth as well as a perfect set of...ah...hem right in front of Draco as well as several other Slytherins.

I snorted as I jabbed my fork repeatedly into my eggs, taking my anger out on the mutilated food in front of me. I sighed as Shelley poked me wearily. I sighed for a second time and gently placed my fork next to my plate smiling politely as Shelley gave me an appreciative/apologetic look.

 Over the past two weeks Draco and I had barely spoken two words to each other let alone actually have a full conversation together. These past two weeks I had grown quite close to the girl who I had hated a mere two months ago. Shelley and I had similar petty problems such as which shade of blush looks best? Or what should I say to get out of this homework due next class?

Simple, petty things. I pretended to care about these little things to have the appearance of the cold Slytherin Bitch I was trying to portray. I had managed to successfully avoid Draco for the first two days after our little all-nighter. But in between Defence Against the Dark Arts (DADA) and Herbology he had corned me in a secluded section in a corridor by the Great Hall forcing me to have a conversation with him.

I glared at the food sitting on my plate. Why me? I asked myself every morning; today was no different. I didn’t regret my transformation, but I wished that I could do better. The rift between Draco and I had been noticed throughout the school; we had literally went from attached at the hip to avoiding each other like the plague.

I gazed towards the staff table to notice Professor Snape; the potions master missing; and he never missed a meal. I glanced further down the table to catch Professor Dumbledore’s sparkling eye, he winked at me before turning his gaze to the babbling Professor Sprout next to him.

When Draco had corned me in the corridor I played dumb and claimed I didn’t know what he was talking about. Draco left defeated and agitated. I felt horrible for the way I have been treating him, but what if something happens between us? It can’t.

I can’t have real feelings for him! Ignoring the stab in my chest I looked between the scene of this ‘New Girl’ sitting on Draco’s lap and Ginny, Harry, and Ron sitting together laughing. I wanted to go back. I wanted to never agree to this. I wanted my family back. I wanted to be loved. I wanted something different.

A small voice popped into the back of my head, ‘we always want what we can’t have’. I cursed whoever had originally spoken those words and silently sat up to make my way to my first class. DADA. I walked out of the Great Hall with three sets of eyes focused solely on my retreating figure.





“Told you,” A smug Ginny announced to Ron and Harry who looked completely stumped. “Look at how she walked, she even talks in a Hermione kind of way.” Ginny paused to let her being right feed her ego, “And when have you last received a letter from Hermione?”

Ron looked between Harry and the entrance of the Great Hall. “Blimey Ginny, you’ve completely lost it.” Harry sat there completely stunned. What were they trying to tell him? That Hermione was really the Pure Blood bitch known as Cassie? Yeah right.

 “Ron’s right, you’ve lost your knockers, there is no way that’s Hermione.” Harry went back to concentrating on his breakfast while Ron and Ginny bickered about who was right and wrong.




I strolled down the corridors on my way to DADA alone. I paused as I 
passed the Gryffindor common room. The fat lady smiled down at me before noticing the green and silver tie I wore loosely around my neck. The snake on the chest of my robes stood out. They stood out in a negative way most of the time. I shook my head causing several assumingly blonde strands to fall into my face; I stopped walking mid-stride.

 A strand was not blonde and straight, it was a dark brown and curly. I gasped as I looked around hoping nobody would notice this small imperfection in the Slytherin Queen. I dashed down the corridor looking for the nearest rest room.
Finding the abandoned Girl’s washroom that was known to be occupied by one Moaning Myrtle, I slipped inside and gasped when I saw my reflection. My eyes were supposed to be a stunning silver but instead only one was; the other was as dark as night. My blonde, straight hair had chunks of brown curly unwanted locks.

I cursed under my breath as I tried to remember a spell that I had read a year ago. The spell would change your hair for about an hour; sort of like the poly juice potion, only less effective. I pulled my wand out of my tight pocket and paced in front of the mirror. I cannot go to class like this! My over-crowded mind screamed. I shook my head and desperately tried to remember the book I had read awhile back.

“Yes!” I shrieked a little too loud. My eyes flickered to the closed door. Mumbling the spell I waved my wand across my forehead and dragged it to the back of my neck. I stood in front of the cracked and dusty mirror to see the brown unruly curls slowly transforming back to the blonde straight locks I had grown to love.

Relief flooded my tense body and I sighed before bring my empty hand up to my face and burying my make-up plastered face in my trembling hand.

“Now for the rest.” I muttered to myself. My height had dropped at least two inches and my eyes were both a dark brown color. I noticed freckles lining my nose and cheeks and cursed realizing I didn’t know how to fix this. At least I had managed to transform my hair back to the blonde locks. Everyone was still enjoying breakfast, so maybe I can make it to Professor Dumbledore’s office before anyone would notice my looks!

I took several breaths calming my nerves before picking my books up and walking head down out of the Girl’s restroom. I could hear small groups of people chatting amongst themselves as I walked swiftly through the corridors heading straight for the Headmaster’s office. I threw my hood up over my hair so no unnecessary attention would be brought to me.

I made a swift turn and could see the gargoyle 50 yards away. Picking up my pace a small smile crept up upon my plush lips. I had made it! I thought to myself as I adjusted the uncomfortable books in my arms. I stood in front of the gargoyle about announce the password when I heard an audible gasp from behind me. I lowered my head even more and shouted the password at the stone creature.

The gargoyle opened and a staircase started to form; I ran as fast as I could while the familiar person called after me. I turned my head slightly to look down the stairs to see if they had followed, sensing no one I let out a sigh and opened the door to the Professor’s office without knocking.

“Hello Ms. Granger.” Professor Dumbledore announced, smiling at me over his half moon spectacles. “I see we are in need of another transformation?” I nodded my head in response before sitting down in a chair across from him.

“Very well, I will owl Tonks and her instructors immediately. I would think that you shouldn’t be missing long.” Dumbledore announced standing and walking towards his open window; the letter already in hand. I managed to smile when I saw Fawkes fly in through the window. Fawkes was the phoenix Dumbledore had owned for as long as I had known him.

The gorgeous crimson and gold feathers laminated a glow when Fawkes was in a room. I watched Dumbledore place the letter in Fawkes mouth; my eyes widened in delight when Fawkes stretched his wings and popped out of sight.

“Now, to more pressing matters.” Dumbledore stated as he sat back down in the plush chair. “Have you uncovered any new information?”I shook my head guiltily. It was already nearing the end of October and I still had no new information.

“I understand that you and Draco have had a little...rift between each other for the past two weeks.” Dumbledore stated intertwining his fingers while resting his elbows on his desk.  “But you need put your differences aside because we need you Hermione, we need you 100% in this.” Dumbledore stated leaning back in his over-sized chair.

I nodded in understanding just when Tonks appeared in the room grinning from ear to ear. “Another time dear?” She practically sang as she ran over to my side and started moving her wand in complicated motions. I closed my eyes and relaxed in the chair as I drifted off into a light sleep.




I opened my eyes and stared at the blankly white ceiling of the hospital wing. Adjusting my body, I reached for my wand on the bedside table and conjured myself some parchment and quills. I would write a letter to my friends. I would lie to them and tell them I was having a wonderful time with my family in America and that I missed them horribly. The last part wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t the truth either. I missed them but I could still see them every day; I just couldn’t talk to them.

Just as I was folding the three letters up and addressing them the nurse came in and told me I was free to leave whenever I felt like it. I thanked Madame Pomfrey and exited the hospital feeling refreshed. After visiting the Owlery, the library and the courtyard I decided to head back to my dormitory.

When I entered the common room I noticed that it was fairly busy for one in the afternoon. I gave everyone questioning stares as I approached a young man in my year.

“Why is everyone here?” I asked him in my ‘arrogant’ voice.

“Not that it’s any of your business but an important meeting taking place here is going on at this very moment.” He replied smugly clearly proud he knew something I did not.

I smirked before replying “Oh no! I forgot about that, I am late for it. I’ll talk to you later...Andrew.” I stumbled with his name and smirked even more when his mouth formed a large ‘O.’ I waltzed out of the common room with more than one set of eyes on my retreating figure.

Where to start, where to start? I thought to myself.

I continued my little escapade when I passed the potions classroom’s my ears perked as I heard two unfamiliar voices as well as a two familiar ones.

“We have to do it now!” A voice urged.

“No.” I heard Prof. Snape rudely reply.

“We have to!” Another commented, “Now that his Mudblood friend is gone we have the upper hand!” The way he sounded almost excited my toes curl. Harry. They were talking about my, well, Hermione’s absence. But why here, at Hogwarts? Where it was so blatantly obvious.

“I say we wait until the Mudblood gets back that way Potter will have his guard down.” I heard someone bravely announce to the room. Silence followed. I pressed my ear to the door to get a better listen.

“You don’t get to decide Draco.” I cold voice stated. Draco!? He was the one planning my friends and my death? I stumbled away from the door not wanting to listen anymore, but I needed more information for the order. I gulped and stepped closer to the door once again.

“But we need to talk to him about it first. If we tried anything without the Dark Lord’s consent or knowledge we should just blow ourselves up.” Draco snapped.

“I do believe that this little plan of yours is doomed to fail. The only things that are ever approved by the Dark lord are the ideas he comes up with himself.” Snape’s snobbish tone could be heard clearly on the other side of the door.

“Yes, well that’s why it’s not your choice.” A voice I suddenly recognized from the battle at the Ministry. Augustus Rookwood! Why was he here? I asked myself. My eyes widened as I heard shuffling towards the door I was currently leaning against. I quickly retracted from the door and sprinted down the corridor as fast as my long legs could carry me.

against the wall as soon as I rounded a few corners I caught my breath and thought of what to do next. My silver eyes darted around the corridor expecting someone to jump out of thin air. What to do, what to do?

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Chapter 6~ Kill Me Now

She was the daughter of the famously known Death Eater, Augustus Rookwood. It should have been no surprise to me when I walked in on them only half dressed in the abandoned Girl’s room on the second floor. But unfortunately for me it was. I stood there gaping and staring like an idiot while they scrambled to find their scattered pieces of clothing.

And I wouldn’t admit this to anyone who asked, but it really hurt. Every time I saw them together it felt like a little piece of what we had shared disappeared. I furrowed my deep blonde eyebrows in frustration; Draco was never mine and I was never his. Why do I care so much? 

I frowned as I lay on my bed; why was I Cassie? I could be Hermione right now and be having fun with Harry, Ron and Ginny instead of slowly inching towards insanity. I was too stubborn for my own good.

For the past week and a half I was forced to watch them snog each other senseless in every public place possible. I didn’t know what came over me but every time he placed his lips on her neck I felt almost dead. 

We had gotten to know each other really well and now it was like he was always flaunting her in front of me. I wanted to run up to them and tear their mouths apart and kiss Draco myself. 

Wait. Where did that come from?


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Chapter 6: Satan's Spawn
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Chapter 6~Satin's Spawn

I stared into space while lying on my back in my unmade bed. This month events had made me question everything I stood for. Draco really was a nice guy, right? I still wasn’t convinced. After hearing the meeting that took place in the dungeons I still didn’t know whose side I was on.

I had watched him as he and the new girl whose name I learned from a fourth year Ravenclaw - Claire Rookwood- snog in the middle of every corridor and classroom, not caring if there were other people there. Every time I saw them together a burning desire to rip her to pieces erupted from me.

She was the daughter of the famously known Death Eater, Augustus Rookwood. That was why Augustus Rookwood was here and talking to Snape; he was “checking on his daughter.” I needed to tell Dumbledore what I heard but in reality I heard nothing useful; I needed to go deeper. I needed to find everything out about the Rookwood’s, especially Claire. Why? Because she was with Draco, therefore influencing his decisions.

At least that’s what I told myself.

It should have been no surprise to me when I walked in on them only half dressed in the abandoned Girl’s room on the second floor. But unfortunately for me it was. I stood there gaping and staring like an idiot while they scrambled to find their scattered pieces of clothing.

And I wouldn’t admit this to anyone who asked, but it really hurt. Every time I saw them together it felt like a little piece of what we had shared disappeared. I furrowed my deep blonde eyebrows in frustration; Draco was never mine and I was never his.

Why do I care so much? I frowned as I lay on my bed; why was I Cassie? I could be Hermione right now and be having fun with Harry, Ron and Ginny instead of slowly inching towards insanity. I was too stubborn for my own good.

I was constantly forced to watch them snog each other senseless in every public place possible. I didn’t know what came over me but every time he placed his lips on her neck I felt almost dead. We had gotten to know each other really well and now it was like he was always flaunting her in front of me. I wanted to run up to them and tear their mouths apart and kiss Draco myself. Wait. What? Where did that come from?

I didn’t actually like Draco...did I? This was only an assignment, not the ‘real’ thing, and he doesn’t even know the real me. No. I don’t like Draco. At all... I think.

I hadn’t given the order any new information. I had become close with Draco and then I ripped our friendship apart. The order now doubted my usefulness and had even suggested to end this assignment. I wouldn’t let that happen. To let everyone down again, I couldn’t bear to disappoint my friends.

I raised my body off the mattress. I could still prove myself. I did over hear Snape, Malfoy and Rookwood talking; I just needed to find out what they were talking about.

I widened my eyes at what I could do next.  It would be a personal invasion. But it was necessary. I could give the Order the information that they needed and I am sure that Draco would either be off with Claire in some abandoned classroom or he would be at dinner with her. I glanced at the clock. 5:27. I still had a good hour before people started to arrive from dinner.

I leapt off the bed and quickly check my reflection to notice my perfectly straight blonde hair hanging neatly off my shoulders. I grabbed my wand and ran down the steps taking two at a time. As soon as my foot landed on the hard stone floor I pivoted and sprinted up the staircase right next to the Girls. I ran up several flights of stairs before reaching a door that read “Seventh Year Boys.” I grinned evilly.

“Here we go,” I whispered to myself. I opened the door and glanced around the familiar room; the last time I’d been in here was when I fell asleep with Draco. I sighed as I remember how close we had gotten, and then stupid old me had to tear us apart.

I walked straight over to his trunk, throwing the lid open I rummaged around inside careful to put things back the way they were before closing the trunk finding nothing. I groaned loudly, I had already been searching for ten minutes and had found nothing, you’d think a guy like Draco would just leave everything lying around. Apparently I was wrong. Walking over to his closet I opened the doors and laughed at his wardrobe. Almost everything consisted of black, green and silver.

Focusing on the task at hand I knelt down and pushed aside spare pieces of parchment scattered all over the closet floor. I noticed old homework assignments, notes, but nothing useful. I stood up and noticed a wooden box sitting on the top shelf.

Grinning, I stood on my tip toes and pulled the wooden box down to the floor. I kneeled on the ground and tried to open it, I tried to open it from the top, the side and the bottom but nothing opened it. I pulled my wand out of my pocket and tried to open the box with magic. Nothing worked and getting frustrated I let out a loud groan.

Glancing at my watch I realized I’d spent over twenty minutes trying to open the stupid box. Sighing and putting the box back where I found it I looked around the room, looking for another hiding place. I only had twenty minutes before dinner ended.

I shook my head causing strands of hair to fall into my face. Brushing them away I tried to focus on the task at hand. “If I were Draco where would I hide all my important treasures and secrets?” I tried asking myself. I grinned when I looked at his perfectly made bed; walking quickly over to his bed I picked up his mattress and slide my hand in underneath it feeling around for anything unusual. I was just about to put his mattress back down and look elsewhere when I felt the hard leather cover of a book. I picked up the book and read the tattered cover.


Jackpot! I had just found the place where he kept all of his secrets, the place he went at the end of the day to put his thoughts onto paper. I waved the book above my head and did a little dance before smoothing out his bedspread. Turning to walk towards the door I heard footsteps, grunts, and voices.

I visibly paled. They were back from dinner early, only fifteen minutes early, but early. My head snapped in every direction looking for a possible hiding place.

I sighed; got down on my stomach and started to slide underneath the bed, “Dear Merlin, please oh please don’t let them do anything more than kiss.” Just as my feet slide under the door burst open and I could now hear the panting, and groaning perfectly. Rolling my eyes at the completely cliché moment I prayed that something would happen so I wouldn’t have to listen to them having sex for the next half hour.

“Draco,” Claire groaned before flinging her bra off and having the greatest luck in the world that day it landed right in front of my face. “What about your room mates? Aren’t they coming back soon?” She asked him and I felt the bed sink in from the two of them sitting on it.

“No,” he growled, “I told them that if they come up here in the next hour they wouldn’t be able to reproduce.” Claire, aka, satin’s spawn just giggled in response which caused me to roll my eyes once again, and not caring that no one could see me I made fake gagging noises when I felt the bed sink in all over.

I closed my eyes and plugged my ears, which by the way did almost nothing, and hoped that God was on my side. After hearing many ah’s and oh’s and watching as their clothing kept being flung off and landing on the floor next to the bed I heard someone walking up the steps.

My ears perked at the new comer as I really needed them to stop, I had already counted seven pieces of clothing scattered all over the floor which meant that they didn’t have much further to go. I grinned evilly when Draco and satin’s spawn didn’t realize someone was coming upstairs, they were too pre-occupied with each other. Anticipating the moment when someone marched through the doors I was on edge and I was holding my breath.

I heard Satin’s Spawn shriek and fall off of Draco onto the other side of the bed while Draco only groaned loudly. I nearly laughed out loud when a too familiar face walked into the room and nearly died.

“Drakie!” Pansy screamed, “what are you doing with this slut!?” I had to muffle my laughter with my sleeve. This situation was simply too ironic.

“Get out!” I heard Draco yell at Pansy. I could hear shuffling and the mattress shifted so that Claire fell off the bed when Draco stood up to yell at Pansy some more. I couldn’t hold the laughter in anymore.

Bursting out in fits of giggles to the point where my stomach was sore I rolled out from under the bed realizing my hiding place was blown. I had tucked the diary underneath my robes hiding the bulky book.

“What the hell!?” I heard Draco scream while in the middle of his rant on Pansy. Claire shrieked and huffed before storming out of the room yelling profanities at anyone in site.

“Cassie?” he questioned me as if he didn’t actually believe it was me who had just been caught underneath his bed.

I tried to regain my composure and when I was able to keep a sort of straight face I giggled, “What’s up?” The color his face turned was absolutely priceless. This was the only time that Draco Malfoy wouldn’t be recognized for his pale complexion because of his crimson complexion he was currently wearing.

“You’re red.” I stated trying to assess the situation. I was currently stuck in the room with two Death Eaters, one who wanted both Cassie and Hermione dead while I was in love with the other and he merely wanted Hermione dead, which is half of me.

Wait, rewind, love? I am not in love with Draco Malfoy, I barely know him, I think.

“ was dinner? I heard the chicken was good,” I told Draco, while standing and brushing off the dirt from my robes. Draco shook his head while Pansy suddenly had an evil look on her face.

Sensing the tension I started to move towards the open door, “I think I’ll be going now, see you later!”

“I don’t think so Slut,” Pansy told me sticking out her arm preventing me from leaving. I turned around to look at Draco only to find he had his wand drawn.

I laughed warily while eyeing the two wands that were drawn, both of which did not belong to me.

“You shouldn’t be here,” Draco said while slamming the door shut with his wand. 


Dun.Dun.Dun...what will happen next???


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Chapter 7: Irrational Hexes
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Chapter 7~~Irrational Hexes~~

I felt pansy tug my hair from behind, and drag me backwards. “Get off me!” I screamed thrashing violently while she pulled my away from the door and towards the bed. I desperately looked around the room to find that familiar comforting blonde haired boy but when my eyes landed on his cold, grey eyes I knew at that moment I was in for what could be the worse.

Pansy threw me on the bed and with the flick of her wand both of my hands were tied to the end bed post.

I shut my eyes and waited for something to happen...some Gryffindor courage. I heard a loud thump and peeked on eye open to see Draco shaking his wrist back in forth in obvious pain. Opening both eyes I stared in awe at the unconscious Pansy lying on the ground with a bloody nose.

I was speechless. What the hell was happening? With a quick flick of his wands I had my hands back. Sitting up I gently rubbed them twice before looking up into Draco’s face.

“Hurry up Archid, you need to get out of here before porky the pig wakes up.” He stated grabbing my arms and pulling me towards the door.

“What are you going to say?” I asked him, “and you shouldn’t hit women, I wouldn’t stand for it if I was on the receiving end of your fist.”

“Well, I’ll make up something, and I wouldn’t hit you, its Pansy. We use each other.” He responded opening the door waiting for me to leave.

“Eww,” I needed this moment to get back on his good side.

“Leave now!” he paused, “I’ll talk to you late to talk about why you were in my room.” He finished the sentence glaring at me.

“Wait!” I begged as he lightly shoved me closer to the door.

“What?” He asked pretending his patience was running short.

“I miss you,” I simply stated. I had no other way to say it. Both Hermione and Cassie missed him. His eyes softened and I smiled a little before I heard some groaning come from behind.

“I’ll meet you in the Room of requirements at 11:45 sharp.” Was his response before he slammed the door on my face.

I huffed, what? That was all I got? No romantic kiss...not that I wanted one. No I didn’t. I stared at the door for a few seconds before gaining the confidence to make my way back to my room. I would wait there until 11:45 because I was honestly terrified of running into Pansy or Claire.

“What’s with all these women wanting Malfoy?” I mumbled to myself as I walked up the girl’s staircase.

As soon as I reached my bed I pulled my curtains, casting a locking charm and silencing charm before pulling out Draco’s diary of my shirt. A sudden wave of guilt washed over me. I couldn’t open it, but I had to.

With a deep breath and opened it and glanced down at the first page.

 July 14th

I had a meeting with the Dark Lord today. I was branded. Ugg. I don’t want to live like my father. He sleeps around, but mother still stays with him. He cheats, lies and thinks he’s everything. I was also assigned my first task which has to be completed by this time next year. 

I either have to kill Hermione Granger, or bring her over to our side. Either way I am screwed. Maybe I’ll just run away, but no one escapes the clutches of the Dark Lord.

-Your pathetic master,


After finishing the first entry I was shocked. On a personal and business level, I knew I would never look at Draco Malfoy the same way, and I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing. For the next two hours a read every single entry finding out the little details, nooks and crannies of his life, I would soon know everything I wanted to.

I knew that he either had to kill me or bring me over to the dark side, and if I had the choice I knew which one I would choose. I found out that on December 23 he planned to run away because I had not returned to Hogwarts but the Dark Lord still didn’t care. And the most recent entry read;

November 4th

I met with Snape and Rookwood today in the dungeons. Apparently Granger did come back to school as they searched her home, and anywhere else she could have been hiding to find a letter written to her parents saying that she missed them and school was well. The letter was dated September 18th so she is still here. I know it. But Snape won’t let me act on my thoughts quite yet. 

I don’t know where she is hiding but I think it is the Headmaster’s office. That would be the only place she could be. Claire is also here. We have an arranged marriage...since well, last week. Father thought that Pansy the pug wasn’t good enough (I completely agree) so now I must be with Claire who is as boring as a piece of wood. 

I haven’t talked to Cassie in awhile. Maybe I could ask father about her. She is pureblood, and she’s in Slytherin. I think he would approve, but wouldn’t agree. Maybe I will not have to leave after all. Granger might be here.

-Your pathetic companion,



O-mi-god! That was what all of this was about. Why did they want me? I needed to see the headmaster now. I hopped off my bed hoping that it wasn’t too late to visit the Headmaster but I needed to see him before my meeting with Draco tonight. I ran through the corridors as swiftly and quietly as possible Filch was known to lurk around at this time of night.

As I approached the gargoyle I muttered the password and climbed the staircase with the diary in hand. I knocked on the door to have a tired looking Dumbledore answer.

“Sorry,” I muttered, looking down embarrassed, “it’s an emergency.”

“No problem my dear,” he happily replied before gesturing to the empty seat across from his desk. “What is it that brings you to my office this late?”

“This,” I replied tossing the book onto his desk. “It’s Draco’s diary and against my better judgement I read the whole thing.”

“That is a personal invasion, as I’m sure you are aware,” He responded, almost shocked at what I had done.

“I know! And I almost didn’t read it, but if I wouldn’t have read it I would never have found out that Draco is a Death Eater but he doesn’t want to be one, and that his mission is to either kill Hermione Granger, or bring me to the dark side-which won’t happen- and then he is talking with Snape and Claire Rookwood’s father about his mission which must be done by July. 

Oh, and he knows that Hermione Granger is in the school, he just doesn’t know where or how, and I have to meet him at 11:45 tonight in the common room because he wants to talk to me” I finished now out of breath.

“My, my, that is a lot of information.” Professor Dumbledore chuckled a bit. “I want you to meet him tonight, and over the next few months try and persuade him to come to our side, you said he doesn’t want to be a Death Eater. Make him not want to be a Death Eater even more, but don’t blow your cover. 

And give him his Diary back without him finding out you ever took it. He might like Cassie but if he found out that you were snooping through his stuff he will not like you even more, and he would be suspicious around you.”

I nodded my head understanding what he said.

“Professor,” I paused catching he attention, “what if I told him that unless I did something Death Eaters would kill me. Would that work?”

“It might,” he thought, “but he is in leagues with Death Eaters so he may confront them about it therefore, ruining the plan, and ruining your relationship with him.”

“What if I told him that Death Eaters killed my parents? That could work right, I can get him to really know me and then tell him my quote ‘darkest secret’” I smiled at the plan I had formed.

“Yes that should work but Hermione, please be careful, your safety is the most important thing.” Dumbledore sternly told me. I nodded in response and left his office working out the details of the plan already forming in my head.


At 11:00 I showered, trying not to wake my roommates, changed into a pair of jeans and a muggle t-shirt. I sprayed some perfume on, and then did my make-up and hair. I tried to remain as casual and calm as possible but it was incredibly hard to seeing as my insides were squirming and my heart was racing. I had to act perfect tonight, both for Cassie and Hermione. The Order needed this.

I plastered a fake smile on my face as I left the common room trying to be as quiet as possible. Filch was always lurking around at this time of night, and even though I was a Slytherin I didn’t want to take a chance. 

Five minutes later I arrived in front of the wall and after pacing back and forth three times I took a deep breath and entered the Room of Requirements to find that Draco was already here, sitting leisurely on the couch.

I had already formed a story in my head about why I was in his room.

“Hello Draco,” I announced my presence and walked over towards the couch and sat down next to him.

“Hey Cassie,” He replied before folding his hands and resting his elbows on his knees. “How are you?”

“I’m good. Thanks.” I replied politely. I knew that if worst came to worst I could just jump him, really. I know he’s the kind of guy who can only focus on one thing at a time.

He looked over and stared me in the eyes almost sensing I was about to lie. I gulped as he extended his arm so that his hand was caressing my face.

“I missed you,” He replied before inching closer and just as our lips were about to touch he rested his forehead against mine and whispered, “I keep secrets too, I want to know yours and maybe I’ll let you know mine. I don’t like liars.”

I smiled before placing my hand on the back of his neck, “I don’t like them either, but you don’t know what secrets I possess, and I only share if I get something in return.”

“Well let me give that to you.” He kissed my lips, then my chin, and his kisses trailed all the way to the top of my shirt.

“That’s not what I wanted,” I whispered. He looked me in the eyes questioning my words. I gently grabbed his right arm and slowly lifted his sleeve so that his dark mark was showing. “Since I know a secret of yours you should know one of mine.” I tried to look sad, and I could feel my eyes tearing up as I thought of the story I would tell. I actually tried to imagine Voldemort doing this to my family and I.

“You are going to tell me?” He questioned thinking that I was setting a trap for him, which of course, I was.

“Yes,” I smiled warmly, “I know that the Dark Lord grows stronger everyday and over the summer he wanted to recruit my parents. Unfortunately my parents didn’t want to join. They supported him but didn’t want to get involved with him. He was angry, and I just happened to return home from a friends’ house before he was about to kill them. Instead of killing them he forced them to watch as I I was...tortured.” I whispered the last word and let a tear fall from my eye.

“What?” Draco asked, “how could I not have known? I am so sorry, but no one refuses the Dark Lord, no one.”

I nodded before continuing, “after a good twenty minutes of them watching me suffer my father had finally had enough he told the Dark Lord that he would join as long as he left my mother and myself alone. It wasn’t enough for the Dark Lord, he wanted more. I tried to tell my father no, that I could handle it but it was too late...” I trailed off, leaving Draco to fill in the blanks.

“He tortured your mother didn’t he?”

I nodded.

 “And...and then he tortured your father, and then he killed them. Why didn’t he kill you?” Draco boldly asked.

I shook my head as tears fell freely now. I sniffled and I continued with the story, “I was able to give the Dark Lord information about Harry Potter. My parents worked at the Ministry and worked on the Potter case, and one day when I was home alone I found all the papers for the case. 

Everything from where they hid, to their grades, to the day they died. I told the Dark Lord everything I knew and he seemed satisfied. He asked me to join him, but I told him that I would prefer to wait until I graduated. He told me that he would grant me that, and the day after I graduate I of you!” I was sobbing by then.

Draco pulled me into a warm hug and rubbed my back trying to comfort me. The tears that I cried were honest, even if the story wasn’t. I was crying for lying to all my friends and family and for realizing that I liked the enemy.

“Cassie, I am so sorry, I didn’t know and I had nothing to do with this. ” Draco replied smiling sadly at me and I sat up straight and looked him in the eye. “It’s not too bad...being a Death Eater.” He added as an afterthought.

I managed to smile back and I grabbed his hands in my lap and replied, “I know, you’d never do anything to hurt me Draco.” I hugged him and inside I was smirking because my plan was working perfectly. He was falling into my freshly spun web.

We sat there in silence for at least fifteen minutes, I was hoping that we could just avoid the whole topic of me under his bed but of course the second I started to slip in and out of sleep he whispered into my ear, “I know why you were in my room.”

I froze, he had to be kidding, right, “You do?”

“Yeah,” I felt him smirk against my neck, “you missed me.”

“You bet I did.” I replied feeling a wave of relief overcome me. I could have blown this whole plan in that one moment. I placed both my hands on his neck and pulled him up so that our foreheads were millimetres apart. I felt his breath against my cheek and smiled as I whispered, “I missed you so much.”

Draco responded by placing his plump lips against my own, I felt the warmth of his hands on my lower back, and neck and I knew I was safe. Draco would never let anything happen to Cassie. He’d kill Hermione in a second, but I knew that he would never hurt Cassie. And on some unconscious level I wished that I could stay as Cassie forever, just to be with him.

It was wrong, I know, but I couldn’t help it. Being there in his arms, I could stay there forever and I would be content with my life. And that scared the crap out of me.


An hour later I lay there in his arms drifting in and out of sleep when I hear him whisper, “I’m falling in love with you, Cassie Archid.”

I kept my eyes closed, and my breath hitched in my throat. Draco Malfoy was falling in love with Cassie Archid who was really Hermione Granger...his arch enemy’s best friend.


I woke up to find myself wrapped in Draco’s arms with the sun shining on the carpet in front of us. I smiled and enclosed my hand around his before gently rubbing my thumb across the back of his hand slowly waking him up. I heard him groan, and sigh before I felt his breath against my neck.

“Good morning,” I stated before turning around and smiling at the half awake Draco Malfoy.

“Morning sunshine,” he replied before smiling down at me. I could wake up like this every single day for the rest of my life and be perfectly content.

“What do you want to do today? It’s a Saturday,” I grinned while I spoke. I was hoping that he would just want to stay here with me all day.

“Well, I have to meet some people at noon but then I am free after that.” He replied kissing my forehead as he spoke.

I knew who he was meeting and why. “It’s to do with this, right?” I asked as I gently placed my hand on his inner forearm.

He nodded sadly before smiling once again, “So Cassie Archid, would you like to go to dinner tonight?”

I giggled like a stupid little girl, “Are you asking me out?”

“Yeah, what do you think?”

I kissed him and replied, “I’d love to, but what about Claire?” The moment her name escaped my lips I almost regretted it. I saw the hesitation in his voice.

“She’s history. I’ll talk to father tomorrow after our meeting.” He nodded his once, almost to convince himself.

“Really?” I asked, raising my voice and sitting up. “You’d do that for me?”

Draco sat up and trailed his hand along my bare arm, “I’d do anything for you Cassie.”

I smiled uneasily at his words; that was a big, no huge statement to be saying to someone who you just asked out on your first date. “Well, I guess it’s time we face the world.” I yawned, and stood stretching briefly before placing from my hands on Draco’s shoulder’s as he sat there.

“Are we going to keep our date a secret?” I asked, unsure about how to bring up the awkward topic. I watched as Draco pondered this question. We had to weigh our options before we did anything drastic.

“I think we should until after tonight, then you can shout it to the world that you’re with the stunning and witty Draco Malfoy.” He finished his sentence with the trademark Malfoy smirk plastered across his pale face.

“Really, and what would make you think that I, the most intelligent and beautiful girl at Hogwarts would ever do something so...un-lady-like?” I asked giggling while trying to keep the smirk of my own on my shining face.

“Well,” he started getting up and wrapping his hands around my waist, “when a girl is with Draco Malfoy, they are with Draco Malfoy. You know what I’m saying?”

I laughed, “ you get girls a lot then Draco Malfoy?”

“No, but I only keep the good ones.” He smiled and started walking towards the door dragging me with him as our fingers were intertwined.

“And where do you keep these ‘good ones?'” I asked grinning, “in a secret closet somewhere?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” he smirked and opened the door pulling me out of the room. He smirked before pushing me softly against the wall next to the closing entrance of the Room of requirements. 

I had a smirk of my own when he leaned in to kiss me. We would have to part ways soon. I stood there, knee deep in lust for at least five minutes while he kissed me before a coughing sound came from behind us. Draco sighed angry that our snogging session had just ended. My eyes widened when I saw fiery red hair swept up in a ponytail glaring at Malfoy.

“What do you want Weaselette?” Draco was the first the break the silence.

“Nothing, Malfoy, I was on my way the carriages when I thought I was about to lose my breakfast from seeing you two.” She spat still glaring at Malfoy. I contorted my face into a glare of my own and whispered to Draco, “Who is she?”

Draco laughed, “She’s a blood traitor who is nothing more than dirt on the floor.” He replied before standing up straight and helping me stand up straight as well.

I looked Ginny straight in the eyes with a menacing glare before she turned, “Sorry I ruined your shagging session Malfoy,” Ginny hissed as she started to walk away.

“Bitch!” Malfoy called after her, “don’t be going near people like her Cassie, they aren’t good for your rep.”

The inner Hermione inside of this body was absolutely furious at Draco, but Cassie just nodded her head to show that she understood. It was like I was a robot, ignoring my own feelings, and letting someone else control what I did.

“I’ll meet you in the common room at 6?” Draco asked looking extremely hopeful.

“Sure,” I smiled, “I’m going to Hogsmeade to pick up a few things.”

“See you then.” And with one last kiss he was walking down the corridor with a weird, un-Malfoy strut to his walk. I shook my head and smiled while I turned the opposite direction to head to the carriages.

When I reached the front entrance a waft of fresh air hit me just as I was walking through the doors. It felt good to smell the pine trees, and feel the chilly air against my face.

I smiled to myself and hopped into the first available carriage not noticing how the door closed a minute after I was in and settled. I hummed to myself while I rested my chin on my hand and stared out the window as the carriage started to move forward.

“You!” I heard a voice shriek.

“I turned my head in fright, when I saw no one there I whispered, 


“Yes you,” came the voice. Something clicked in my head. Someone was under the invisibility cloak, and they were definitely a girl. Their high-pitched “you!” cleared up Ron and Harry. That left only one other person who knew about the cloak.

“Weaselette, come out of hiding. I don’t want to hex you and then have no one find your body.” I shrugged my shoulders and drew my wand. I still had to act like the cold hearted Slytherin bitch that they had designed me to be if I didn’t want my cover blown.

I saw her red hair the moment the cloak came off and knew my guess was right. It was indeed Ginny Weasley pointing her wand at my throat.

“Hello Weasel,” I sneered trying to maintain cool and composed.

“Oh, don’t pull that shit with me, you may be able to fool Harry and Ron, but I know better!” Ginny whispered into my ear. My eyes widened in surprise at how angry she was.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“You know what I’m talking about Hermione!” She finished with this satisfied smirk on her freckled face. I tried not to let the shock of her finding out affect my composure, she can’t find out. I was preparing myself for the words coming out my mouth and I was happy to find her face start to fall when I didn’t react.

“What?” I spat becoming “angry” at the red head in my carriage. “What the bloody hell are you talking about you filthy blood traitor?”

Ginny stuttered for a response because she was clearly unprepared for the reaction if she was “wrong” about her assumptions. “Hermione...” she tried shuffling closer.

“I have no clue what you are talking about and who the hell is Hermione, what a horrible name!” I smirked inside and how clever I thought I was, insulting my own name-which I actually love dearly.

“I know it’s you.” She stated as strongly as her voice would allow her.

“You obviously know nothing,” I spat in return.

“I know about Hermione Granger, and you are her. You go to classes early. You’ve only written to us once, meaning that you’ve seen us often so you don’t have anything to ask us. 

You have her eyes too, even though they are a different colour, they are her eyes. There is no mistake, and your birthmark on your wrist wasn’t removed when they transformed you. Cassie Archid, you are Hermione Granger.”

I froze was she kidding me? How did she find out? I did the first irrational thing that came to my mind. With two words, and the quick flick of my wand Ginny Weasley was out cold on the carriage floor. What was I going to do now?

What had I gotten myself into?

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